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)f t ' - IN MEMORY OF OUR BELOVED BENEFACTOR SAMUEL A. FRYER A man ' s word and a man ' s deeds . . . When they match, a man is matchless. Thus it was in the Hfetime of Samuel A. Fryer, biochemist and philanthropist — a man who merged the worlds of science and religion. Consider: " Life, that superior of all mentors, taught me early that true happiness is to be found in the beneficial use of wealth, not in the mere possession of it. " Consider: " To my mind the loftiest aid anyone can offer is to help educate . . . " Consider: " Religion has not failed us, we have failed religion. The Bible ha s not failed, it is our failure in not teaching it. " Consider: " We have not taught what our sages have emphasized. We must start from kindergarten up. We must teach them the Talmud. We must teach them the ethics of our people. " Yes, consider the words of Samuel A. Fryer. " Beneficial use of wealth ... to help educate . . . teach them ethics ... " Here was a practitioner of ethics preaching the spread of ethics through education. Here was a man who had drawn from the teachings of life in his fruitful years, who wanted to nurture those who had yet to taste of its wonders. Here was a man radiant with light, dedicated to rekindling the eternal flame, in youth from generation to generation. Yet, he told us in the last days of his life, " Do not stress Samuel A. Fryer. Stress the Fryer Ethics Founda- tion. Stress its role. Stress the Yavneh Academy. Stress its part in helping our children be Jews. Stress put- ting education and ethics to work. " Thus did Samuel A. Fryer in the last days of his being chart the course of Yavneh Academy. Thus did he tell us to go forth and teach. And matching his words with deeds, thus did he provide for us the tools with which to carry out his mandate. DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1979, dedicate this yearbook to our esteemed Principal Rabbi Shlomo Holland, and our beloved Vice-Principal, Dr. Lorraine Fox. They came to Yavneh this year as a new administration. Together they have shown us what good teamwork can accomplish. We are proud to be the first class to have graduated with such enthusiastic and hardworking people. Their fine efforts and set of values have been an example to each and everyone of us. They make our education fun as well as exciting. We, graduates of Yavneh, consider ourselves fortunate to have Rabbi Holland and Dr. Fox as the administration of our school. Thank you for all of your devotion, THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1979 v IN MEMORY OF OUR BELOVED DEAN RABBI ZILBERSTIEN Throughout his Hfetime Rabbi Osher Zilberstien distinguished himself by his steadfast dedication and self sacrifice for every national, Torah, and charitable endeavor in our community. In the field of education, he founded the Los Angeles Jewish Academy, which later became our beloved Yavneh Academy. We, at Yavneh, have the honor of having had Rabbi Zilberstien as our dean for the past thirteen years. Rabbi Zilberstien also founded the Pacific Hebrew Seminary. In these undertakings, though he met with violent opposition from the conmiunity, he remained devoted and he succeeded. Rabbi Zilberstien ' s contribution to Torah did not end here. He was also in great measure responsible for the founding of what is now Rambam Torah Institute. It was also Rabbi Zilberstien ' s ceaseless pleading and urging that first brought Yeshiva Univer- sity to the West Coast. The deep roots struck for Yeshiva education through Rabbi Zilberstien ' s strenuous efforts lightened the task of others who followed his noble example and contributed so valiandy to Yesh- iva education in Los Angeles. Dear Graduates, I have pondered upon the proper expression in which I could evaluate these feelings as I reflect upon the progress of an Academy of learning in which I had a share in building. My only hope is that it will carry conviction to the generations to come — a love for the spirit of the Torah and its teachings. We are the heirs to Abraham, Moses, and the prophets and sages; a goodly doctrine has been give to us. We are the protagonists of a scarced tradition which has made a mighty contribution to the moral life of mankind. We have the capacity and the instrumental- ity to be an effective healing force in a sick world. We are witnesses to the eternal. Rabbi William J. Spigelman, Dean B " H Dear members of the senior class: May all the bridges you are yet to cross be the narrow but ever sturdy bridges of Torah. At each turning point in your life — whether educa- tional, personal, or occupational — you will find bridges guaranteed to keep you on the paths of Torah. Of course, I hope you have learned much at Yavneh and have also had a good time. Most of all, I hope this is just a point of transition in your Jewish education and not, G-d forbid, an end. The bridge which lies immediately in front of you should carry you on to further and more intensive Jewish studies. Even the most outstanding students among you have barely passed Aleph Bet in terms of the vast sea of Torah studies. May Hashem bless you with the wisdom to make good use of the remaining years of your youth. May he grant that your parents and all our community see from you true Yiddishe names. Sincerely, ALAN GOLDSTIEN, President Dear Graduates: On behalf of the Board of Directors, 1 would like to congratulate you upon reaching your hard sought goal of graduation. You have diligently and successfully completed courses of Jewish and secular study with conscientious devotion and well earned distinction. It is my hope that, as a result of the knowledge you have acquired at the Yavneh Hebrew Academy you may be inspired to be good Americans and to uphold with courage, pride, and dignity the ideals and Torah of our Forefathers. May G-d bless you in the graduating class of 1979, as well as your par- ents and teachers, with a peace of mind and a harmony of the soul, so that you may contribute to a better and more harmonious Jewish world. JOESEPH K. KORNWASSER Chairman of the Board f The first adult an infant knows are parents. As the child grows and its world expands to include school, the next most important adults are teachers. You, the graduating class, have passed through stages, begin- ning with the child and now presented to us as young adults. We hope that you have many fond memories of special people — parents and teachers, who have tried to guide you down the path of learning and Torah. We wish you continued success in your endeavors and may you remember your years at Yavneh, as being full of joy and hope for the future. ERICA KLIEN and ROSIE SILVERSTEIN PTA Presidents The teachings of V 3 n transmit to us the knowledge that if one imbues Torah into a child it is as if they participated in that child ' s birth. As there exists a physical birth, so, too, there exists a birth injll ' JniT spiritually. The Torah presents us with a theme for life; a guideline for all human interaction. " To love one ' s fellow man as one loves their own being. " The great Kabbalist Moshe Chaim Luz- zato comments on his Mitzvah and states " u;00 03. " Literally " as one ' s self. " That our care, interest, and concern towards our fellow man be " Exactly Equal " to our self care, interest, and con- cern. It is not simply a play on words, but rather an actuality of being. It is a state of harmony between human beings, a state where you and your chaver become one, a true blending of souls. Rav Eliyahu Dessler presents us with the key to the reality of this lifes ' theme. " nil ' 113 " the power to give. As we give of ourselves, we, too, give a part of ourself. The giver causes their personal- ity to merge and blend, to unite with his fellow man. To you, talmidin of Yavneh, I say, become D " » 3 m 3 and in doing so, you will have exercised your ability to emulate i 1 H T 1 T 3 u;i 1 n , the supreme j n 1 3 nan nn ' ?::n T3 n Ki D«L no u; n 3 3 » 7 n 3 o Dear Graduates, Your adoption of the theme for your yearbook " The World Is A Narrow Bridge " makes it manda- tory for me to point out the parallel between your years in Yavneh and a long journey. Passengers on such an occasion look forward to debarkation with the pleasures of anticipation, the certainty of nov- elty, and some element of anxiety regarding the unknown. Their recollection of parties, games and of friendships formed on route are vivid. Occasional unpleasantnesses have already receded into the remote and half-real. So you, at graduation time, find yourselves with mingled sensations of relief and incipient homes- ickness. In retrospect, there will be thousands of happy moments at Yavneh that merge into the back- ground of your memories. Associations that have been formed here will tend, in some cases, to weaken, or to lapse into vague and infrequent revivals. Others will constitute the permanent friend- ships that give adult life much of its vitality and meaning. I have had the privilege of working with you this past year and it has been a wonderful year for me. As you continue on your journey through life put forth earnest efforts on behalf of your country and your community. I hope that as you cross that narrow bridge you will carry with you a warm feeling toward your school, commensurate with our feelings and wishes for you. Sincerely, Dr. Lorraine J. Fox Vice Principal MRS. JEANNE GOLDMAN Administrative Assistant MR. YOEL LAPIDUS Comptroller MRS. JOYCE TERMEFOROOSH Secretary « • • • « « « • ••«« • « • « « ♦« • • • «•«••••• • •• EXECUTIVE BOA RD OF YA VNEH President: Alan Goldstein Executive Vice President: Gil Thompson Vice Presidents: Larry Gottlieb Joseph Kornwasser Josh Lax Itzhak Shapiro Robert Schwartz Stanley Treitel Secretary: Estelle Marshak Treasurer: Yale Harlow Associate Treas urer: Martin Bolkin Parliamentarian: Leslie Mendelsohn - OUR PTA Presidents: Rosie Silverstein Erica Klein Vice Presidents: Fran Wintner Eva Timsit Ahuva Halberstam Secretary: Ayala Naor Treasurer: Frieda Kahan mcuLjy Rabbi Moshe Amster Torah Studies Grades 3,5,8 Mrs. Frances Corn Russian Program Mrs. Mary DeTray 6th and 7th grades English Mrs. Sherrie Fisher Mrs. Jeanne Goldman Mrs. Nechama Hartman Kindergarten 6th-8th grades 3rd grade girls English English. Social Studies Torah Studies II Mrs. Shiela Hoffman Mrs. Esther Katz Rabbi Izchak Kin Science 4th-8th grades 2nd grade Grades 4-8 Torah Studies Torah Studies Mrs. Yehudith Kin 5th-8th grades Torah Studies Rabbi Marcos Kuczynski Russian Program Mrs. Devorah Litenantsky Kindergarten Torah Studies 12 Rabbi Adam Ribiat Mr. Alan Rosen Mrs. Evelyn Sass Grades 5-8 Grades nursery — 8th Grades 5-8 Torah Studies Gym Math Mrs. Lisa Siegel PrelA English Rabbi Israel Singer 6th, 7th grades Torah Studies Ms. Aviva Spigelman Aide Nursery 13 Mrs. Debbie Steinberger 2nd grade English Mrs. Chani Stern ' i day Nursery, Mrs. Miriam Stosser Full day Nursery teacher Mrs. Ellen Thompson Mrs. Barbara Treitel Mrs. Viviane Waldstein Aide ' A day Nursery, Pre lA PrelA Grade 1 Torah Studies English 14 i71 Mrs. Linda Weiner 3rd grade English Mrs. Orii Walch Grades 4-5 English Late Additions to Staff 1. Mrs. Adierstein — Music 5-8 Girls 2. Mr. MuUer — Music 5-8 Boys 3. Mr. Shrier — Art, 6th grade 4. Mr. Steinberger — Hebrew Grades 7 and 8 Mrs. Rachel Werba 1st grade Hebrew Mrs. Haya Zamel 5-8 Grades Girls Gym, 6th Grade Boys Hebrew, Aide Kindergarten Mrs. Rose Blumenthal Regular Substitute 15 (2[a±± of 1A na ' ' 3 Rutins. ii£.£.n c ntrLiak Lynne An tf lick, better known to us as " Winnie, " was born in Los Angeles on Nov. 22, 1965. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and stands 5 ' 2 in. tall. In her spare time, you might find her swimming, talk- ing on the phone, or bike riding. Lynne would like to become a veterinarian. Much luck to you, Lynne. n ' »na Barbara Bastomski was born Sept. 5, 1965 in Los Angeles. Barbara stands 5 ' 1 in. tall. She has dark ' brown hair and brown eyes. In her spare time you might find her ice skating or playing tennis. Bar- bara ' s future ambition is to be a teacher. Much success to you, Barbara. 17 nx On April 6, 1965, in Moscow, Russia, Lilian Duboski was born. Lilian, a new comer to Yavneh, has brown hair, brown eyes, and stands 5 ' 4 in. tall. In her spare time she enjoys collecting stamps. Lilian hopes to become a doctor. Good luck, Lilian. •i)an LJamat J anLia JLti ' £X Tamar Fiber, or as we know her, Tammy, was born on July 7, 1965 in Haifa, Israel. She has brown hair, hazel eyes, and is 5 ' 4 in. tall. She is an enthusiastic sports fan and enjoys many different sports and activities. Tammy hopes to become a surgeon. Good luck to you. Tammy. ts nnw K, -,- J PS lp ' ..-i t i-. K ■ ' - - H y v- 4 uHL ?og [ Stella Fogel was born on April 4, 1965 in a small town in Russia. She has brown hair and blue eyes and is 5 ' 4 in. tall. Stella enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing in her spare time. She hopes to become a pediatrician or an interpreter. Much success to you, Stella. nmaT J £.uoxa : no6.nana ouxi.t£.iti Devora Goldstein or as we know her, " Devy, " was bom on Oct. 5, 1965, in Los Angeles, California. Devora has light brown hair, brown eyes, and stands 5 ' 2 in. tall. Devora enjoys piano, bike riding and swimming in her spare time. Devora hopes to become a doctor. Good luck, Devora. 9 ntt ' 0 J iane. uiuin oiitiish Diane Gottlieb or better known to us as " D, " was bom in New York on July 25, 1965. She has brown curly hair and brown eyes and is 5 ' tall. Diane enjoys roller skating and swimming in her spare time. Diane wishes to become a doctor. Much luck to you, Diane. ' : n Susan Latt or better known as Susie, was bom on Dec. 30, 1965, in Los Angeles. Susie has brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. Susie stands 5 ' 3 in. tall. Susie enjoys swimmming, playing piano, and doing needlepoint. Susie is not sure of her ambition, at this point, but whatever she chooses, we wish her the best! Good luck, Susie. 30 ar ' »9 }auE J £.boxan honili±on Faye Thompson or " Teddy " as we know her was born on Feb. 19, 1965, in Los Angeles. She enjoys sewing and listening to the radio. Faye has blue eyes and brunette hair and is 5 ' 4 in. tall. Faye ' s future ambition is to become a lawyer. We wish you the best of luck! Helen Machlovitz or " Henny, " as we call her, was born on June 4. 1965 in Los Angeles. Helen stands 5 ' 2 in. tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. Helen, as our yearbook editor has been known for her cre- ativeness in writing prose and poems, therefore, she is fit for the job. Helen ' s future ambition is to become a secretary. We wish you the best of luck, Helen. 21 nwo J ianz - uixxn ottLi£.lj Diane Gottlieb or better known to us as " D, " was bom in New York on July 25, 1965. She has brown curly hair and brown eyes and is 5 ' tall. Diane enjoys roller skating and swimming in her spare time. Diane wishes to become a doctor. Much luck to you, Diane. . . - J M ■ ' Krlm «?«■ !■ ' L J 1 ■ w - 1 i jB)inan :fiiLL7£.xLrE.xq Binah Silberberg or known as " Bini, " was bom in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 20, 1965. Binah has dark brown hair, brown eyes and stands 5 ' 6 in. tall. Binah enjoys singing or reading a good mystery. Binah hopes to go into the medical field. Good luck to you, Binah. 22 ar " »s ' au£. J £,uoxan homp.ion Faye Thompson or " Teddy " as we know her was born on Feb. 19, 1965, in Los Angeles. She enjoys sewing and listening to the radio. Faye has blue eyes and brunette hair and is 5 ' 4 in. tall. Faye ' s future ambition is to become a lawyer. We wish you the best of luck! — 7 £ xcuiuat£.i. Each year we approach a new encounter We work hard on what must be done. We are now in the eighth grade. The year that means so much to everyone. Our dreams, our wishes, our hopes They all add up to something, We take them with us on the bridge The bridge which we are crossing. by: Helen Machlovitz 23 TK 3 " S " 7 ' KV r i . ' T-M iihl . i i?3 QTO n n Vkisq s amu£, IBaL 5 ' 3, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes describes our very own Samuel Baly. Sam or " Jesmoned " as we know him was born in Los Angeles on June 16, 1965. In his spare time, he can be found playing foot- ball or jogging. Sam plans on attending Rambam after Yavneh. Sam would like to become a business man. The best of luck to you, Sam. ' IN C h-UE. JljLank On November 5, 1965 in Altadena, California, Arye Blank was born. Ayre has brown hair and brown eyes and stands S ' lVi inches tall. In Arye ' s spare time, you might find him skateboarding or playing sports activities. Arye plans on attending Rambam after Yavneh. Arye would like to become a cook or a contractor. Good luck in your future plans, Arye. 26 7 IT J a(jid j£)orn.±.t£.in. David Bornstein was bom on March 30, 1965, in Los Angeles. David or " Brauny " as we know him has brown hair and brown eyes and is standing 5 ' 6 ' 2 inches tall. David, the yearbook editor, likes playing football, basketball and collecting old rock records in his spare time. David ' s future ambition is to become independently wealthy. Good luck. David. ' •DT ' l J :fv{axc JxixsA Cnioman On June 26, 1965, in L.A. California Marc Chroman was bom. Marc stands 5 ' 7V ' 2 inches tall, and has hazel eyes and auburn hair. In his spare time, you can find Marc playing football or the guitar. Marc plans on attending U.C.L.A. later and then on to medical school. Lots of luck. Marc. 27 n n £.xaLa CxDxn Gerald Corn, " Corny, " as we know him was born on February 24, 1965, in Hollywood. California. Gerry stands 5 ' 6 inches tall and has brown hair and brown eyes. In his spare time, you might find Gerry playing the guitar or talking on the C.B. Gerry plans on attending Rambam. Gerry would like to become a veterinarian. The best of luck to you, Gerry. 15 nu " U ox to. izman Igor Glozman was born on January 29, 1965, in Kiev, Russia. Igor stands 5 ' 2 inches tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. In his spare time. Igor likes collecting things to be put under a microscope. He would like to become a doctor. Much success to you, Igor. 28 August 18, 1965, Hershel Herskowitz was born in L.A., California. Hershei or " Hershy Bar " as we know him stands 5 ' I in. tali with brown hair and brown eyes. In his spare time, you can find him col- lecting old Mad magazines. Hershel ' s future ambition is to make peace in the world. Much luck and success, Hershel. X »3T , anni p xxu mt Li. Danny or " Mugs " as we know him was born in L.A., California on November 22, 1965. Danny stands 5 ' 3 in. tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Danny ' s future ambition is to be a chazan. Much success to you, Danny. 29 n i9 az D(xo Coming all the way from Brooklyn, New York is our one and only Mark Kroh. Mark or " Sharkey " as we know him was born on March 30. 1965. Mark is 5 ' 3 in. tall, and has brown hair and brown eyes. In Mark ' s spare time, you might find him playing football or listening to the radio. He plans on attend- ing U.C.L.A. later on. Mark, good luck with your future plans. ity ' JbK Robert Lumerman, a newcomer to our class, was born on September 27, 1965, in Queens, New York. Robert or " Little Robby " as we know him has light brown hair and hazel eyes and stands 5 ' 1 in. tall. In his spare time, you may find him making car models or listening to music. Robert, good luck in your future plans. 30 v 7 JSoxii. nC)nanou±ku On November 5, 1964, in Kiev, Russia, Boris was born. Boris stands 5 ' 6 in. tall and has brown hair and hazel eyes. In his spare time, you might find him playing soccer. Boris looks forward to studying in a university in California to become a dentist. Good luck in the future, Boris. h»W am : inCmanoui.ku Sam Shimanousky was born on November 5, 1964 in Kiev, Russia. Sam stands 5 ' 3 in. tall with brown hair and brown eyes. In his spare time, you might find Sam playing soccer. Sam plans on becoming a businessman. Good luck, Sam. 31 Vklia M ' hv » p£Uz Ozen On November 16, 1965, in Czechoslavakia, Peter Trenk was born. Peter stands 5 ' 7 in. tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes. In his spare time, he can be found playing piano or tennis. Peter plans on attending U.C.L.A. later on. Peter would like to practice medicine so he can help people. Good luck, Peter. ni t) = i£.(j£.n n 1 iLLe.nqs.z Steven Willenger or " WILLIE " as we know him was bom on April 14, 1965, in Flushing, New York. Steven stands 5 ' 6 in. tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes. In his spare time, Steven enjoys playing tennis and listening to the radio. Steven has not yet decided what he wants to be but we are sure it will be the right decision. Good luck, Steven. . 32 U aijid Ciotzk David Wisotzki or " The Hulk " as we know him was born on Nov. 17, 1965 in Los Angeles. David stands 5 ' 6 in. tall with brown hair and blue eyes. In his spare time you might find him playing with computers or bike riding. David ' s future ambition is to become a computer programmer. Much suc- cess, David. _7 £ Jouniain of Uoutn Far away in a land unknown, lives a man by a stream. He lives for years and years He also sees the world change before his eyes, But does he change? No, why you ask? When he was young, his life was changed when he drank from a fountain of all colors. They were colors you can ' t imagine; colors that were so bright they could hypnotize you. He was able to go back in time and start all over again and correct all his mistakes. He never was to see the angel of death again. At graduation, we drink from the fountain of youth, but unlike the man we will not be able to go back in time to correct our mistakes. So we must choose wise paths and whatever paths we take will be intelligent ones. by: Hershel Herskowitz 33 The Bridge We are crossing a narrow bridge of life, Should we go to the left; Or should we go to the right? We leave the school with a very warm feeling These thoughts will remain with us with a very spe- cial meaning. These years have been the best, I am sure we will always remember. We are crossing the bridge with thoughts in mind; Dreams and wishes we will forever treasure. By: Helen Machlovitz ?n:i ' ' D ' ' 7 i3i n3KT ikq n:: nwin 3 ' 70Ka nD ' o H A: G: E: Hear O ' Israel Hashem is our g-d Hashem is one. All of B ' nai Israel are one. Give Tzedkah each and every day. Every Jew should love another Jew. S: Say brochot on every thing. H: Honor and respect parents and teachers. E: Each person should do mitzvot. R: Read and love the Torah with all your heart. By: Stella Fogel The Brook On top of the brook stands a narrow bridge Waiting for someone to cross it. It stands there above the water rushing by, Wejust think about it and sigh. " Don ' t worry little bridge. Soon we will be cross- ing. We will admire the brook below you as we are walking. " We will listen to the water rushing by. We will think about it and sigh. By: Helen Machlovitz Israel The Holy Land Israel, the land of happiness and joy surrounded by beautiful mountains and deserts. May Hashem bless Israel and his people and give them freedom and peace. By: Stella Fogel Oh, Yavneh! The time has come to say goodbye! But how can I leave? Years go by so fast, And when they ' re over, I wonder where they ' ve went. Graduation is awaiting, the moment is near. But how can I yet leave? My teachers? Well, they ' ve taught me what shall stay with me forever. I ' ll miss you Yavneh, I really will! By: Binah Silberberg Leav ing Yavneh Upon leaving Yavneh I have many a thought. The knowledge I have gained from all that I have sought. The challenges I have met and conquered, The many years unwasted and unsquandered. I will remember much of these years. The laughter, the fun, the emotional tears. The visions, ideas, and thoughts I have explored. The vast pools of knowledge securely stored. By: Barbara Bastomski 34 What can I say? It ' s graduation day. We ' re standing here tonight. Scared and shivering full of fright. After many years at this school. Secular learning is our tool. With Torah learning as a guide. In our teachers we can confide. We strive for a higher learning. To fulfill our inner yearning. Today we are crossing a bridge to a new way. We, at Yavneh learned something every day. By: Devora Goldstein DT ' on ai ■» yin nan qth -n yiin Kin wiiDi ni -i ■•ju iDT ' nriQi THK -IDT " 1013 iiu;-«; Feelings While crossing the narrow bridge, We all go our separate ways. To a new horizon. To further education. To take a step into the future. But the feelings and memories of Yavneh will always remain with us. By: Faye Thompson «£ I6WM iSiaufitkt BABY DAY FIFTIES DAY Fifties day was a lot of fun for all of us. We brought back memories to everyone. The girls wore full skirts, sweaters, and pony tails. The boys dressed as real greasers. They had black leather jackets, fluds, and chains. They even greased their hair! ! ! Diane Goltlieb RABBI AND REBBETZIN DAY BABY DAY Baby day brought back sweet childhood memories. Everyone looked cute and innocent. Squeezing our adorable stuffed animals playing with dolls, clutching rattles, and even sucking lollipops, all played an important part of our costumes. Yavneh ' s, so called, " Big Babies " dressed in short lacy dresses, short socks, Mary Janes, and much more! Laughter and enjoyment surrounded us all on that fun-filled day. Devora Goldstein FIFTIES DAY RABBI AND REBBETZIN DAY On Rabbi and Rebbetzin day, wearing wigs and hats, it was hard to tell the difference between the stu- dents and the teachers. Everyone who participated in this event, had a good time. Susie Latt CLASH DAY The eighth grade girls celebrated " Clash Day! " In January everybody dressed really well for the occa- sion. Some had balloons in their hair, four socks on one foot, and even the shoes on the wrong feet. Nobody matched. Checks, and stripes, and even prints and anything else might have been worn. Boy were they " Fashionably " dressed! Tammy Fiber 3S C UtLB Ah . . . PAY DAY! " LIVE FROM YAV- NEH " 1 . PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS . . . WHATLL IT BE HONEY? DON ' T FORGET TO BENCH, RABBI KIN! I CANT BELIEVE I ATE THE WHOLE THING! I WRITE THE SONGS . I HAVE YARD DUTY?? MAESTRO . . . WHEN- EVER YOU ' RE READY. AH. . .GIRLS!! " PLEASE . . . RUN DOWN AND GET ME A DRINK OF WATER!! " 36 " GOOD MORNING . . . ANI- MAL HOUSE!! " VOU ' RB ON CANOtD C l UBRA! PAY ATTENTION PLEASE, RABBI HOLLAND! WE ' RE OVER HERE . . . MRS. WALCH! A BUG IN THE LETTUCE ? SAY. YOU ' RE NOT IN MY CLASS! f " THE KIDS ARE ON STRIKE? " TEKIAH!!!!! " WE ' RE HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE $1.98 BEAUTY SHOW 37 WHAT YAVNEH MEANS TO ME Yavneh to me is . . .a place where true loyalty to God and to our religion is taught as the key to our life. Barbara Bastomski Yavneh has played an extremely important part in my life because I have spent the majority of my life in this school. It has set the basis for my goals of future education, and religion. As a graduate of Yavneh, I feel that I am prepared for my future challenges. Miri Shapiro To me, Yavneh was a way to get to know myself. It has taught me about my religion and secular studies. It opened up doors of the world I might never have known. Even though I am leaving, Yavneh has left many good impressions on me which I will use for the rest of my life. Tammy Fiber After attending Yavneh for ten years, I have mixed feelings about leaving. I am happy to gradu- ate and entering a new horizon — a new " Bridge " in life. I will have alot more responsibilities but I feel I can handle them. I am experiencing sadness because I am leaving the place where I have spent so many years a place that is very dear to me. Yes, we are leaving physically, but emotionally we will always be members of this school. Faye Thompson Yavneh has been a second home. Yavneh has guided me in growing up. It has implanted in me the knowledge of the Torah and Jewish American hving. Mark Kroh I have gone to Yavneh and learned to respect and study the Jewish culture. I will have good memories about Yavneh and all my friends. I ' m proud to have gone to Yavneh and I really enjoyed the past six years. I ' ll teach my children all about what I have learned and the good experiences I have gained in this great school Yavneh. Arye Blank Yavneh is one of a few places in Los Angeles that has a Jewish environment. The Rabbis help us learn Torah. All the Rabbis are very dedicated and treat us as their own children. Rabbis are people you can really trust and come for in time of need. All the teachers in the school try to help us make something of our future. And so with the help of Yavneh I hope to become a doctor when I grow up. " Igor Glozman In a world of anti-semitism and violence Yav- neh is a breath of fresh air. It is a place to learn to laugh and sing. Most of us have been here quite a while and have learned to respect the Torah. Through sometimes we may misbehave, deep inside we want to learn. Sometimes we may disa- gree with our teachers, but deep down inside we think to ourselves they are only people and they want the best for us all. In some years the school has changed, but so have we. This school is the guiding light for the future. We have matured in our Torah education. It is important for us to carry on the traditions of our forefathers. Hershel Herskowitz 38 OUR CLASSES 1979 39 (Trr HALF-DAY NURSERY ,§ : Standing (left to right) Tzippy Amster, Michell e Klein, Jonathan Levine, Debbie Zheutlin, Dov Teich- man Sitting (left to right) Meira Josephy, Ellie Ryzman, Rachel Ives, Jeffrey Simon, Judy Kaufman, Sho- shana Monderer Camera Shy Yossi Faber Rosalyn Creitenberg Naomi Rhein Shaindy Frankel 40 NURSERY Bottom Row (left to right) Michal Silverstein, Michael Ratsky, Karen Levai, Marilyn Forster, Mark Wint- ner, Alisa Mendelsohn, Merav Katz, Nurit Smedra, Emilie Dave, Danny Leichter Back Row (left to right) Elon Hekier, Sam Kamara, Carrie Bernstein, Jennifer Bolkin, Blimi Klein, Amir Friedlander, Orit Naor, Tzvi Grunfeld, Yael Wintner 4) KINDERGARTEN ■:. C jiJ ' Back Row (left to right) Moshe Hirsch, Yariv Sponko, Jerry Blugrind, David Becker, David Alpan, Leora Samuels, Sharon Bershatzki, Karen Kaufler, Ziv Termeforoosh, Sarah Maya, Erika Krayndler, Robert Mosklwitz, Rochelle Craitenberger, Michelle Blaich, Baruch Mishaan Front Row (left to right) Karen Lowy, Miryam Mishaan, Avi Elias, Zvi Shakmaroff, Dina Taller, Philip Klaparada, Nicole Friedman, Adriana Horowitz 42 PREIA Bottom Row (left to right) Shlomo Monder, Sara Kahan, Hetty Harlow, Alex Fiertag, Hindy Bastomski, David Kogan Middle Row Sitting (left to right) Chagit Fadlon, Michelle Schwartz, Gedalya Rosenthal, Tania Mamann, Liza Podolskaya, David Aaron Top Row Standing (left to right) Morris Clement, Victor Kamara, Carey Gruenbaum, Daniel Schrier, Irina Kreymer Camera Shy David Alpan, Moshe Hirsch, Michal Blaich, Alon Ben-Shalom 43 FIRST GRADE lA Standing (left to right) Albert Clement. Ory Barak. Rita Sherman. Gaby Swartz. Jan Brenman, Israel Blugrind, Josh Abraham. Ziv Mendelsohn Sitting (left to right) Peter Berlin. Suzie Treitel. Chaim Vanek. Adir Halo. Jessica Levine. Brian Levine. Israel Gowhari IB •- ' y- . ■- ' ■m; . ' ,- ' 3j tiJi?«rwyW-V uw; ' ' ,w :f ■ . r ' ' f : Standing (left to right) Mayer Bick, Jonah Mishaan. Sima Lowy. Shari Kolsky. Shiah Grabie. Sharone Goldman. Efrat Blaich Sitting (left to right) Tamara Rhein. Michael Bolkin. Brian Zheutlin. Elena Kremina. Ari Zaidoff. Lisa Zheutlin. Chayale Halberstam SECOND GRADE G I R Top Row Oeft to right) Natasha Smiller, Gaby Neuman, Lisa Amster, Natalie Ives, Batya Grunfeld, Benjamina Hick, Drazie Klein, Lori Kivas, Erit Meitlis, Shula Lax, Adrianne Levi, Daphne Leslie, Anne Thompson Bottom Row (left to right) Judith Schwartz, Elsa Horowitz, Angle Virag, Rochelle Baim, Eva Becker, Shelly Ryzman, Hymiet Dweck, Miriam Bairn, Shari Friedman, Linda Moritz Top Row (left to right) Andy Ratsky, Andy Fox, Ricky Benattar, Ofer Naor, Ronnie Hekier Bottom Row (left to right) Aron Ksendzovsky, Steven Lax, Zachary Goldman, Yaakov Frankel, Joel Sass, Loren Spigelman Camera Shy Laiser Kornwasser 43 THIRD GRADE Bottom Row (left to right) Sharon Moritz. Rachel Muscatel. Sari Harlow, Hava Kierzenblat. Alissa Marshak, Bracha Herskovitz. Julie Gruenbaum, Ofira Katz, Wendy Alpan Center (left to right) Barbara Thumin. Esther Safronowitz, Limor Halo, Mindi Wernick, Shuli Hartman, Dorit Cohen, Gloria Antfiick. Michelle Shapiro. Rande Levine Top Row (left to right) Alona Bahat. Bethany Schrier. Debbie Monty. Ruthy Levy. Julie Vad. Irit Gottschalk. Lebe Belgrade, Deena Cohen B 46 Bottom Row (left to right) Haim Hirsch. Danny Anav. Sammy Rhein. Jonathan Fiertag, Eric Muscatel. David Bolkin Top Row (left to right) Itzchack Shifres, Scott Keough, Eli Treitel, Jay Brenman, Moshe Azari, Pinchas Wintner, Clifford Timsit Camera Shy Doron Ben-Shalom Eric Poltorak Norbert Faerstain FOURTH GRADE t ♦ Bottom Row (left to right) Elana Mamann, Gabriela Horowitz, Devora Bastomski, Miriam Lobel, Tina Amster, Rachel Blank, Orit Schwartz, Taaly Barak, Bethany Schrier IVGddle Row (left to right) Boaz Hopenstand, Kevin Chroman, Ron Hekier, Elon Schoenholz, Brian Virag, Mark Kahan, Micky Hartman, Danny Gottschalk. Top Row (left to right) Stanley Scharber, Sasha Vaisman, Vadim Kira, Vadim Vaiser, Israel Dubinsky, Abraham Price 47 G I R L S FIFTH GRADE B O Y jfi A no Back Row (left to right) Leora Gruenbaum, Annette Fiber, Levana Azari, Stacy Levine, Deborah Statland, Linda Perl, Natella Sokolovskaya Front Row (left to right) Reset Fadlon, Miriam Kogan, Karen Geiger, Shari Spigelman, Tova Wintner, Enna Chernitsky, Lisa Kurtzman, Denise Berger f (5 - i Back Row (left to right) . Yehuda Cohen, " ' David GottUeb, Israel Goldstein, Jason Cohen, Danny Hoisman, Ziv Bahat, Erez Dweck Front Row (left to right) Donald Urlick, Jack Levy, Jeffrey Lumer, Jeffrey Ives, Bruce Gersh, Stephan Lax, Alfie Gottschalk 4« SIXTH GRADE Back Row (left to right) Aliza Abraham. Leeba Hoisman. Cherie Fiber. Eleanor Lax. Selena Morris, Michelle Blugrind. Tina Frankel Front Row (left to right) Rjvka Katz. Sonia Bastomski. Sarah Vanek. Penina Schoenholz. Hadassah Reichman. Wendy Binder. Farrah Herskowitz G I R L S Back Row (left to right) Valeri Polin. Alex Vaysar. Jeff Kolsky. Jonathan Wernick. Michael Machlovilz. Steven Chroman Front Row (left to right) Roni Schwartz. Stefan Wolkenfeld. Evan Townsley. Harry Marshak. Harvey Deutsch. 49 G I R L S SEVENTH GRADE tmkii Standing (left to right) Laura Marder, Miry Levy, Barbara Pollak, Haviva Kierzenblat Sitting (left to right) Ubby Bastomski, Devon Kaiser, Anna Blum, Eva Bakalinsky Camera Shy Sigalit Ben-Shalom 50 Back Row (left to right) Eban Cohen, Ezra Dweck, Mark Perl, David Wachtenheim, David Kolsky, Jeff Remer First Row (left to right) Jack Brezbrozh, David Spigelman, Michael Lax, Illya Zak, David Marshak, Glenn Marshak RUSSIAN PROGRAM GIRLS Miriam Amchislovskaya Lilian Dubosarky Luba Khaimovich Miriam Kogen Shura Mantelzak Laura Marder Inna Nuzlang Mela Shchegolevskaya Natella Sokolvskaya Rifka Spivak Eva Bakalonsky GRADES 8 8 6 5 6 7 6 3 5 8 7 A few short years ago Jewish Families were given their freedom in Russia and allowed to migrate to the United States. Many founded their way to the Pacific shores. Though they had been granted freedom to move, the freedom of spirit, the freedom of yiddishkeit, it had long been denied and still remained elusive. The Jewish community of Los Angeles opened their doors and hearts to their brethrens, providing them with food and shelter. ' Standing in the forefront of the community was Yavneh. Yavneh opened its heart to many children who had never received any kind of Jewish education previously. The children knew neither the Torah nor Hashem, just that they were Jewish. Yavneh soon became the center for Russian Immigrant children. Today Russian children are learning Torah, observing Mitvot and finally coming to know Hashem as best exemplified by the quote of young Russian girl in Yavneh " I have learned to love Hashem and the Torah. " BOYS Jack Bezborozh Igor Dubinsky Boris Shimanousky Sam Shimanousky Aron Ksendzovsky Stan Scharber Lenard Torgan Vadim Vayser Alex Vayser Vadim Kira Valeri Polin Ilya Zak 51 AVNBNQVD MCArWOWCANDAmA 52 STUDENT COUNCIL REPORTS This year the Boys ' Student Council participated in many activities. Some of the more outstanding ones were: Dodger games, Go-carting, and a cook out. For fundraisers, we had a movie and a car wash. Our main activity was, of course, our Shabbaton. We went swimming and ice skating. Great assistance from our advisors Rabbi Amster, Mrs. Sass, Rabbi Holland was appreciated. The cooking was great, but we couldn ' t get the plumbing and heating to work! Even though the camp was in sham- bles the teachers instilled so much spirit in us that we made cleaning up just another fun activity! The Boys ' Student Council Mark Kroh, President Marc Chroman, Vice President Gerry Corn, Secretary Steven Willinger, Treasurer " ■teffi ISe " k This year has been a successful year for the Girls ' Student Council. We have had a lot of activities such as our Succah party. Mother and Daughter Tea, Purim Masquerade party, rummage sale, and a cook out at the beach for Lag ' Baomer. This year we tried something new at Yavneh! COLOR WAR!! It brought a lot of ruach out of everybody on the third floor! This year has been a lot of fun and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves!! The Girls ' Student Council Faye Thompson, President Miri Shapiro, Vice President Sylvia Lumer, Secretary Diane Gottlieb, Treasurer 53 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES SUMMARIES MISHMAR A new learning program began at Yavneh, this year. This program was especially created for the boys of grades fifth through eighth. The learning was great. We learned with Rabbi Amster or Rabbi Ribiat. Some of the subjects we studied were Gemorah, Denim, or The stories of the Jew- ish People (Jewish History.) One of the best parts is the " Refreshments. " We get a snack, consisting of: Cookies, or potato chips, and drinks. Arye Blank Martyr ' s Memorial The seventh and eighth grade classes visited the Jewish Federation Building to see the Martyr ' s Memorial. It was really an experience. We saw a real outfit worn by Concentration Camp laborers. We all wondered why the memorial sanctuary was bright but our guide explained that the man who made it saw a glimmer of hope for us throughout the war. There were pictures, diagrams and real artifacts from the war. One thing I ' m sure we ' ll all remember is the saying we saw. " Those who can- not remember the past are destined to repeat it! " Tammy Fiber The Courthouse On Feb. 7, 9:30 A.M. the seventh and eighth grade, left Yavneh on a bus to go to the Criminal Courts Building. Finally after a while we arrived at our desti- nation. We were taken into a courtroom which was not in session. There, a woman gave us a short but precise briefing on what it would be like in the court- room. We found that the way the courtroom worked was much more different than we expected. Then we were split up in groups and went to different trials in the building. Around lunch time we took a walk and ate at a park near Olvera St. Afterwards, we decided to look around the little shops. From there we walked to Parker Center, the Police Department Complex. We were taken on a tour with a policeman guiding us. The trip to the Courthouse and Parker Center was very interesting and educational for all of us. This will always remain to us an educational memory in the years to come. Barbara Bastomski Yom Rishon Program Every Sunday through the efforts of Rabbi Hol- land, Rabbi Amster and Rabbi Ribiat the fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth boys met for our Yom Rishon Program. We all enjoyed approximately two and one half hours of activities. These activities have included davening, breakfast, meeting with Alan Rosen for gym, studying and movies. Each week we studied a different subject including Mishnah, Tal- mud, and Dinim. This program was so successful that Rabbi Holand initiated an additional program for the second, third, and fourth graders. They too davened, had breakfast together, learned Mishnah and enjoyed discussion about such topics as Shabbat. These lower grade boys also made their own Tzitzits. A program for the second and third grade girls in hebrew drama also under the direction of Mrs. Amster has been well received. Marc Chroman The Shabbaton We had a great time on the Shabbatton. We had a lot of snowball fights. Many times the opposite team was com- plaining that ice was thrown. We were so used to throwing snow balls that on Shabbat we had a hard time keeping our hands off the snow. We also had to sleep with the lights on because the light was accidently turned on just before Shabbat. We had great meals prepared by Mrs. Sass and the wives of Rabbi Holland and Rabbi Amster, who also had done a great deal for the success of the Shabbaton. Even though some people complained about shoveling the paths, most of them really liked it a lot. Sometimes the guys wouldn ' t do anything all night but listen to loud music and raiding the lower grades to liven things up. There were other activities, of course, such as bowling, ice skating and swimming. The Shabbaton was enjoyed by all. Most important, it brought about a feeling of Achdut among the boys. Igor Glozman The Duo Reim Concert The fifth through eighth grades of Yavneh went to Beth Jacob Congregation of Los Angeles, to see two talented men who had arrived from Israel to perform for us. They are called the Duo Reim. We all had a wonderful time, clapping and singing along with them. There were three different schools at Beth Jacob. It was a very nice experience meeting them and listening to all the voices joined in song. Stella Fogel S5 SPORTS 56 SPORTS SUMMARIES OUR PH YSICA L ED UCA TION PROGRA M P.E. at Yavneh can also stand for personal equation, an equation whose oneness is both complex and simplicity itself. Many factors combine for each human beings equation including our individual differ- ences, preferences, abilities and mind spaces. Yet we share a common denominator . . . our willingness to communicate and work on solutions together. Our games, activities, and sports challenge us and ask us to risk, attempt, participate, discover dream and accomplish. We are our own " experiment of one. " Experi- ence and trial and error are amongst our methods. Awareness leads to conscious and intentional inspection. We learn to see by not doing as well as doing. We use our programs to work on our own equation. Each personal equation is beautiful like you. By: Alan Rosen SPORTS SEASONS It ' s all a continuing unending process, where we involve ourselves, work, practice and play with aware- ness, unity, passion, and intensity. It doesn ' t matter what sport it is. We get to look at who we think we are and what is seen is not always satisfactory, but it is honest and real and we go on. We face our own fears, expectations, and performances and learn. If we go behind the surface, we can listen to a deeper place from within — we listen for our own unfolding seasons. We can use sports as a tool for beginning to see our own inner spaces. Sport provides us with the opportunity to express ourselves and to be here now. By: Alan Rosen Football is a game which every- one contributes to! This year we came in 1st. place. We called the right plays at the right time. Our whole team played with much enthusiasm against our opponents. When we lost we didn ' t mind that much because we knew that there is always another game to look for- ward to. We would like to thank our coach and friend Mr. Alan Rosen. By: Sam Baly This year in basketball we started our season tremendously well. We won our first three games. Our key to the season was that we executed our plays with precision, and got alot of rebounds. We had tough compe- tition from Hillel and Torat Emeth. Our team consists of Marc Chroman, David Bomstein, Arye Blank, Mark Kroh, Sam Baly, Gerry Corn, and Peter Trenk. The seventh grade team is: David Wachtenheim, Michael Lax, Ilya Zack, Glenn Marshak, and Jeff Remer. BY: SAM BALY 57 jLa±t WlLL and £.6,tam£,nt To Rabbi Holland, we leave the teachers, With all their great, fantastic features. Now it ' s summer and he must rest, For all the year round, he was the best! To Rabbi Amster, who is so tall. We know his knowledge is not so small. We really think that he was great. Leaving him will be a fate! To Rabbi Ribiat, who taught us all he knew. We very gratefully leave to you, A Chumash test to correct and understand. For your teaching and help, has been just grand. We hope Mrs. Katz will never go. She knows her business like a pro! We leave her memories of all our fun. Because to us, she ' s number one! To Mrs. Kin, a friend indeed. Because without her we could not succeed. She taught us Chumash and Parsha too. Every lesson was something new! To Alan Rosen, a fantastic guy, We dread the thought of saying goodbye. We leave him a pair of new tennis shoes. To win the games that he plays and does not lose. To Chaya Zamel, we leave her a pair of shorts. Because she has helped us in all sorts of sports! She was new to us this year. Our feelings towards her are very dear. To IVlrs. Hoffman, we leave to you, with thought- ful wishes. Our bunsen burners and Petri dishes. When next you need an A. Einstein, Remember your class of ' 79! To Mrs. Goldman, who is really great. We hate to say our tests came back late. But seriously, she was one of the best. Now please Mrs. Goldman, can we have back our test?! To Mrs. Sass, our math teacher. We were always happy and glad to see her. We leave to her a 10-question surprise math quiz. It should be very easy for her because she ' s the math whiz! And to all the teachers who have helped us through. From the bottom of our hearts, we ' d like to say THANK YOU!!! 58 Dear Graduates of ' 79 During the past two years, we have related to each other in so many ways! You have been my Enghsh and Social Studies stu- dents, my C.I.T. ' s at Camp Simcha and my lunchroom helpers when we were between cooks. You have developed a deep sense of responsibility which will serve you as you work towards your future goals. I hope I have instilled in you the desire to seek knowledge from all of life ' s various experiences. My hopes for your future also include a continued commit- ment, on your parts, towards attaining a comprehensive Jewish education. The seed of your Torah education has been planted at Yavneh. I hope you will nurture this seed by furthering your Torah education in the years to come. I wish you much success and happiness in the future. Fondly, Mrs. Jeanne Litvin Goldman Instead of writing some fancy farewell words, I have decided to use this space to review some mathematics instead! At the beginning of the school year we learned to recognize the absolute value symbol. We said that the symbol had a non-nega- tivizing effect on the number within. For example if the number was -18, its absolute value would be 18, and if the number was 18, its absolute value would also be 18. In other words, regardless of what our input, the output can never be negative. Permit me to diverge from our lesson. Attitude in life is so important. When we think positive we usually get positive results. If we want to succeed in hfe and our attitude is " non-neg- ative, " we will. And this brings us back to our lesson again. Always have the absolute value symbol in mind. This is to make certain your out- put in life will always be positive! The very best in life to all of you, Evelyn Sass 59 To the Eighth Grade, Learning science can become The Bridge to a happier and more productive life. I sincerely hope that many of you will continue to study science not only in high school, but for the rest of your lives. Whether you enter one of the fields of basic sci- ence or medicine, the rewards you will discover will be tremendous in terms of human improve- ment. All my best for this graduating class of 1979. May you be successful in whatever you choose as your field of endeavor. Sheila Hoffman Dear Graduates, It is said that a human being ' s personality is well formed by the age of five. Afterwards, there fol- lows a period and process of continous discovery, exploration, modification, and refinement . . . and all of this happens by simply living your life and working on yourself. We also understand that certain things enrich or enhance our living, how- ever the tools we use to discover this enrichment is left up to each of us. Education awakens you to some of these tools. All life is a learning experi- ence. Learn to use everything to work on yourself ... for working on yourself will allow you to value the things you do. If you don ' t value the things you do, you may wind up doing the things you don ' t value . . . which means that you waste time, which is the way some of us must learn how to do it right. . . Love and Freedom, Alan Rosen 60 n " 3 jC np " ;! mToVi ' n d ' to ' ?:! noi ' 7n,D3n n•t ' ii,- aM . noittqh ■»jm3 iD ' nun nnVxm dto Vto iT u- 7 ' " ooo mwy ' ? nio Vy TOiVn " " mu Vi mou ' ? nQ " 7Vi mo ' ? ' ? ,ann ' ' OJ ' ?y a- ' -iJin hn nyn ' ? ' td tot ' 7n noKn ■ ' 3 ' ?y i oxy hk iinj " ?! nu yo " ? n3 ' 7n ,m wyVi mou; ' ? to " ? " ?! no ' ? ' ? n ' 3 D ' ' i7 ' »D00 ttk .nwyon ' ? ' 733 ' ?3na; Ton □3nK m ' ? ' ' n " " ».i;nu ■»n ' ?3m ■•m n .m©y ' ?T " IIQU ' ? T0 ' ? ' ?1 TlO ' ? ' ? D3T3 i7 ' »30n n3nK Dn3 ww a ' n wduh i li " 033 ? m Ku o k ' ?o ' ' i d ' ' Ou; niXT ! mi n .n3T o ' ? ,310 ' ?3 n3n33 i3 ' 7in Vkidu; hdVu 3in jD ' li? ' CD • ' • ' DO XT ' 33 a3 ' T;07 i?n UK j nu;n u30i ' ' o ay ' ?Tii3 yn30 dVwd nny dhk D- ' K:i03 n33 ' » laon .■ ' Di3 ' »nn Q3T»ny ' • 11 in " ? ' 11 c " 130 iT ' 33 nn ' ? ' ' n ■•o- ' o T3yon D3 ' ' ' »n3 Diu ni • ' ?- x i3n " ' Tio ' ' ' ?y nii::oi min ■»-iqi u; a»T»o " ?n3. ••31 3 ■• nn a3 " ' ' ?y nx3n n ' ?ni nm ' m- ' nnK .nnn- ' ni mi nn Voo nx " 73 ■ ' 33 ' ? D ' »nn ' 7 T3y33 T ' ny3 djl ' •3 m 701 m 03 " ' 3K mo ' ? ' ? Dn ' »3Ta ni3Tn ' 7y wnx ' n: nT ' iK3 n33 " » T3on IT ' 33 cVno n ' ?! Tio ' ' n ' ?yi Q ' ' ou; riKmi mi n Vi n ' ' 3nn □ ' •• ' ? ' ?3 D ' mo ' ?3 im min3 jn Dn ' 737 ' i; nni ' m- ' n " ? n " ' ' N 33 ? miy tu;k n " ?!)!! ■ ' 3K.a ' ' ' n3 a33 " ii 33 w-y mao -iu;k u;33i Tia mK ' -i33 n d33-i3 ' ' ••3 mxan ' ?oo ni n ' ? Q3mny V33 nn ' ? m . ' ?K-Hi; " » ay ?! ' n ' ? 0N ' »3 " ' n DTK 3Tn 61 . . . nj;in nyiiKoi D ' sVin myTiiXO,QmTn i 3d on c-nn -n y? i3 ' 7y nm a a iwa n nn nan Vyoi.a KD a- ' n33 Mnii Vnan Vd m kVt . mi7nn nno Vy inK aVu Q m Tan o Vy miDiy jdk u ,n(z ' aDn no Vy ynx m3X3 yoin irnxDi td ' - ' md T V HDnQ 13 0Q HK nu; n«;a,unn nu;a ' ?a non ' ?y .Try n u .-(• ' jnyi n-ir. " ' n ' Dm y ynDnnnrn jn ' a? ?D3-n nK •]- n;]) ' TD QiiD w ' u D ' Dny.mirin 171 OKI nj ' nan iwt: ' ?-jj 7Dni TTin " ?! nnoDD Tin ' ? nnVsn uni .i3u;onu n nm nn ' Pirm YD nnoK 7 3nno i V nVniXQ niD- ' - ' Qun nnp ' ii ' ' in-|- a ' ?n Vk TO y jriK nnoiy jdk " »d yoKn ' ? •» ' ? nu i? Vd. jD- ' Ti Q ' ? i7ii riK niQ " ' ' ' QQ m " » H " ? j mQ ' pnu;.! maVin n a " nao jt»d ' " prnD j ' d ' cuninw m 3 u; m ' Tmo jiT ' - ' n " ptddk k ' d ■•3Dm, ' »3 ' ' y ti3 ' ? THiN TiD y nny nyi tkd. ' d nnaD janK ••mo ' ? riy jD ' no ' ; Tiou 1 myi::ii7Qn " ?3a jamrinanm jDTyis m ' on 2 ' 7w ' ? my ID yaniKT ' ? " ' in mu iKO n " ai m3QK3 ' ?KTu; " ' n-i3DD ni ' . ' ' ' 73DT n3i o ma ' - ' oisni t Vn n2ii7i nwi7n - " j l ' DHl:i ■ ii(. mi70,m j ' am iw nTiiT ' 2 noi u nn ?di ixD ' - ' i? " p i twd T ' on ' ? ■pu o- ' i3 ' »3 ' ' 3 n ' nu; rmn ' ? Tiyn " ?! yau;.-! " ? T»nTOn T Tny? Tif n ' nn j ' y ' nyau n m i7on •»nu; na ni7n i3nnn,a ' ' ' ' n q ' Q tkdd jnDK i; no Vd dk a " »K3n miivn ■•niT ' Q ' pn 7a? " phk " ? tikj ' d? ■• lyoyo. 1 3mi an 1 t3tu;k? ni ' nv 1-.3L; Vkiw " " rnT::i nnri ' ? a- iui i cnj iii3aV ijTni jix " ) ' •n ' ? " 7Qi ?iX " ia ' ' Dy?i I anna wo ' ; niKan ?o j naiiKa jaimo 1 ,i- I? n- ' -I I ii ' 11 nna ni j j? . na ' iwn ii rno 07 " »i3K 01 " pa j a ni " n n3 jii KTn TivnOii ■ 7 jdk rn nv -10113 {]• n, ' ?ii j}- uiiiao i7i m j7irn " .■•ny nai-Tn ' pi m i?y " .7ariK it n3 i; m a7i ,■•3 310. 11 3 ' n " ? iTno.i j i a n " 11 ri ti VOT iTn 62 YAVNEH FAVORITES T.V. SHOWS l.Mork Mindy 2. Taxi 3. Saturday Night Live 4. Three ' s Company 5. Delta House 6. Soap 7.M A S H 8. Tom Jerry 9. Love Boat 10. W.K.R.P. in Cincinnati J HOBBIES 1 . Listening to Music 2. Swimming 3. Tennis 4. Playing Baseball 5. Playing Basketball 6. Playing Football 7. Playing Guitar, Piano 8. Going to Movies 9. Watching T.V. 10. Bike Riding BOOK 1 . Beatles Forever 2. The Secret Garden 3. Nancy Drew 4. Hardy Boys 5. Diary of Ann Frank 6. Benji 7. Jaws 8. Roots 9. Bobbsey Twins 10. Lord Of The Rings MOVIES 1 . Animal House 2. California Suite 3. Heaven Can Wait 4. Midnight Express 5. Superman 6. The Turning Point 7. North Ave. Irregulars 8. Grease 9. Rocky 10. Let It Be TOP TEN SONGS OF THE BO YS A ND GIRLS BOYS ' TOP TEN GIRLS ' TOP TEN 1 . Surrender 1. Tragedy 2. Used To Be My Girl 2. Too Much Heaven 3. Who Are You 3. Macho Man 4. Miss You 4. Copa Cabana 5. Just What I Needed 5. Y.M.C.A. 6. Stairway To Heaven 6. La Freak 7. Hey Jude 7. Last Dance 8. Back In The New York Groove . 8. Shame 9. Brandy 0 ' " 9. Boogie Oogie 10. Ain ' t That A Shame 10. Mahogany 63 c:4ry B. annyJJ. " JL m szs. oLziJ!. Uyox . p -tioxCi. . and ajn S. 2 a 7U W. - £7rj C £.zi.naL i::: Suu£n n y. UL n ay±l I J {Cxi S. 66 NAME CLASS TITLE GOAL Lynne Antflick Barbara Bastomski Tammy Fiber Stella Fogel Devora Goldstein Diane Gottlieb Susie Latt Sylvia Lumer Helen Machlovitz Miri Shapiro Binah Silberberg Faye Thompson Gum Supplier Ms. Clean Class Computer Class Singer Rich Little 2 Class Cookie Monster Class Camel Class Pessimist Class Nosher Class Beauty Queen Class Mama Class soap opera Addic To keep her gum chewing a secret from her orthodontist. To invent a permanent press lunch bag. Never to make any errors, errors, errors. To sing " Angelo " in Carnegy Hall. To grow a long neck. To own Stella Doro cookies. To become a fast drinker. To be able to wear " Hi There " Famolares. To go to Ork with Mork. To be on the $1.98 Beauty Show. To make sure that Bandaids Stick. To get an apology from the Devil and the Demon. ..»»..»«•...»»»»»»»»»•»»••»•»»•• •»»«••»••••»••♦• •••♦••• •♦ •♦••••♦••♦ • •• •• •• • ••♦•• •••♦••»••••••»»•••••••» Sam Baly Arye Blank David Bornstein Marc Chroman Gerry Corn Hershel Herskowitz Danny litis Robert Lumerman Mark Kroh Igor Glozman Boris Shimanousky Sam Shimanousky Peter Trenk Steven Willinger David Witzoski Mr. Demerit Class Daredevil Class Artist Class M.D. Class Comic Class Clown Class Greaser Class Goof-Off Class Commentator Class Genius Class Warrior Class Soccer Fan Class Composer Class Rock Expert Class " Hulk " To cut down to 10 demerits a day. To own every locker on the 3rd floor. To have " Nuclear Waste " play at the Yavneh banquet. To take a picture that will satisfy everyone. To appear on Monty Python ' s. To sit on nine chairs. Owning ShaNaNa and Arco Graphite. To get an " A " To see Ms. Goldman without ajacket. To become a fighter pilot. To ditto off an 8th grade test. To play on the Aztecs. To learn the words of his favorite songs. To own a swapmeet. To become green. 67 nrn abas, 70 ...TP- ' il " 17-»K iT ' 3 nriK T»K ay 3 ' ?3i .1 nnno m " ' n im ' TO " • N . na " ? T riK -lOi " ' TK ■• . i7nQ ny a ■•IKT Dm ■»3K jnsy T4 ' ' " »n dk •» • ! ' ' y HDnn oroi o q iTi ' t ' pc Q- ' iDnn Vd -IDK T ' m DDn ID Vd TO |T i3y »■? cr y; Wii miiyD •» " ? TTiy Kin ■? nxii • ' rT ' ' »n kV ■ ' ik " 7 nTi " K a ■•3 " py ik Tin ■» T 1 K D ' -l inD DK IK |71 TT " Kim . m DK 1 nDc; TDn n ii -1 tt ' n D .m K- ' a i, ' n ' jin no ' " ' ■» az " ? -pris ' i " ' i7nQn Vd m ■» u; axi 1 • ' D ' ••n k 1 ini K D- ' T ' l ' Vk KD ' K k " ? • ' 3kg; D- ' -iDin " PD .m OK 7ni7 K- ' DD ••n " ' ' ' n ,u;du7 " •it ' TI tv ' K D ' ' ?T3 ' ' ' T D ' OnKm _t3 ' 7iy ' 7 niK V i7n:T ' in ' 7i m iVnn riK mna ' ? m-i3l m i7-i ' jD-inma a- ' man yxTX uViy " ? m TyV n2£Ti aa • ik .cVma K ' ' Dn ' ? cnoon D ' On n i3 nK m U5 ' ' ' i □ " •UnKH mi:3 ' 7 HK K JQVt D ' ' 33 ' 7 1 1 • H .• w ' i n3 ' ?in ozouTn n ' ? 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' ■ ' 3K1 n:3un3 mim iiaKi .■;jou;n riK hdoo •• 3 k ,nnrO Di , ' 71 li u y 1 " 7117 7m3 aynni . -) ■• 1 fO 1 H J ilK □ ■» IS n P ■• U;3 uil D ' HOi?,! a- ' i ' 7 ' ».i D- ' oyg .i ini D ' ' 3a D ' :ny D ' , u. 1 ■• n T " ii ji • ' n- j • ' :iKi .D- ' 2i]iy .nVni my 03 i7Tn nu i n?iTi nw u; ' di ' ' 3 myon • ' inK ,D ' ' Qun o ' ' 3 " ' cyn j HDin - " i , " 1110 3 aM " i3 y; D ' ' 3 3y .uvi y ■» 3 k tiw oViy.i V iV 700 HTi .n3n3 .ays ny n na myo i . 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' Vu; a " » ' ' nn Vu; ,D ' 3U .133,1 ■ ' inx .mi3 ' 7 TiVnnni j-iniK 3t 3i7y m7K3i ,m nn. • ' 1131 • ' 3Ki ,• ' ' ? 3K3(2; " -a " py ik ■ ' n ' ' 33 x ' 7 ,nion7D 1 ' n ia;K3 .yuTiii ' ay ' k i K3 o ' liii- ' n " 73 ni .r? • m K in3 ' n iu K3 • ' n " ' 33a; 13 ' ?3 ■ nriuw . aiiw yii ? iny ' iii ; ■ ' nyi ' ' ■» d Tii. i3 ' ' in,n a-iyi D ' ' j;3i ik3u; i c j ' 73N .iVu; n ' ' 3.i dk .13 3- ' ki.i .i3u; yiK.i 133 0.1 ' 73K .a ' ' 3i:iy i ■ .1 ni a ' ' n.i .i .ikq 3i xy ■•rT ' ' ' n .laiu; ani7Q.i ii ' 3 iif i 3itin ' n n»3 nx i3- ' inn 3i vy ■ ' 3 707 n3in " 7 kV 73k .-•nnDu; 3 1 .aya ny ' pik ' jy n- ' ii.-nn .kid ' n- ' oran laKa in- ' 3 hk .133- ' laiiyj ki.iu; • ' 7 idik ' n .■ ' rT»33 • ' 3K i ' ' u;3y .7 13 ' ' nn nn? la ' « • ' 3K , ' .1 ■ ' 3113 a- ' 371,1 k " ? a,i m;K3 Vjk 3io .mVu .l K13 ' ' niO 11 OU; m 1 i7Q i71 ID ' S iQn YEARBOOK STAFF OF ' 79 Editor: Helen Machlovitz Co-Editor: Susie Latt Hebrew Editor: Barbara Bastomski Opening Editor: Lynne Antflick 8th. Grade Editor: Binah Silberberg 8th. Grade Co-Editor: Faye Thompson Classes Editor: Miri Shapiro Activities Editor: Devora Goldstein Activities Co-Editor: Diane Gottlieb Literature Editor: Stella Fogel Ad Editor: Tammy Fiber Ad Co-Editor: Sylvia Lumer Editor: David Bornstein Co-Editor: Sam Baly Sports Editor: Gerry Corn Photography Editors: Mark Kroh Danny litis Ad Editor: Peter Trenk Photographers: Arye Blank Marc Chroman Hershel Herskowitz Upon leaving Yavneh, we remember all of the treasured times we have had. It is all behind us now, but will never be forgotten. We have shared times together which will always be cherished. We, the yearbook staff, have worked together, as one, to accomplish this yearbook which has expressed all of those cherished times that will linger on. We would like to thank Rabbi Holland for helping us with the ads; Mrs. Katz, for all her fine efforts and help for the Hebrew section; and Mrs. Goldman, our yearbook advisor, for all of her time and devotion into making this yearbook a success! Sincerely, The Yearbook Staff 74 im. All .ikw J liMtl IMTi I pi ' saa m |C nli|-Uifcap 1 IM fccioretsivt ••aii 5 g i,»10O SL ' 3 M UNITED COLLEGE OF BUSINESS nS Sumet 11.1 Monictl SOUTHLAND COLLEGE -WEDICAL SECRETARY -MEDICAL ASSISTANT -DENTAL ASSISTANT -LEGAL SECRETARY PARALEGAL ■-RESPIRATORY THERAPY ' •J -COURT REPORTING " -ENTAL LAB TECH - M -WARD CLERK |pSro%n= !|-OPERATWG ROOM TECH ELECTRONIC Technicians luted by WIA service Co. whicli is I pendinc its operation needs I pified teciu to service teleplionel iwerlm, Diet Equip, t elec. ctlcu-l Srs. $a1 rv_+ benefits. Cell Now • ELECTRONIC TESTER imlne merchandise whtch Isl Idled to be defective (radios, tape! irers, modular stereo snlemi.r ill TVs). Some exper. pret. or in aECTRONIC SERVICE MGR. I TV wort in fast (row. Electronics Co.! iMwId have 3 rs. of exp. on tl |T(Ct 4ench In addition to 3 yrs oil as I Svc. M|r. Salarv wW bef neiwirate w eip. Send Hewrne I V-»rL.». Times, LX Calif Sfe LECTRONICS INSTRUCTOR basic di|ital electronics class.] dionally accredited trade school. I ' ■ for further info. Practical! «ls. 714 634-4565; eves wknd.| wuiy ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN Kiefleed with reptir of tapt tk-I jfs. LO.E. Apply in person. ' TEAC CORK OF AMERICA TOTejetrM li. MontebeHo «6W ISlCS TECH. See our ; today under Maintenance, rethnician. CENTRALAB. CTRMCCtMMCArASSEMBIiRS j;TROMCAS$EMBUflS iNO PACKERS See our larie ad Sunday. C n 2f3 MM5a8l I lit Betty Shea • El Repair — _ ...jnt Researcfi 213 S2M61SI astli Street, Santi Monica 90404 1 -Eleetro Mech ' l Assem-I See our larie ad Sun. l 2 orl rnmtmt I mn HC oriepte p t rw H tfrtytrL , ElicTMMc calculator raMk , ' ISms ' Ml ItUcTMNIti-Fltld itivlce tech.l I iC ierican Sjn t Intfct , SanU Ana.| ENERGY MANABENENT • tM. D)» of an OakWid Con tail -, Reiiilred IS a wdrtmt hww- of IMC HiMBnc t •hctncpll lEMtMEM-MiiSB -INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER I Appropriate dafrn " WJ- . ' J " ' ! pSienra ndufini ability to «Mte,L develop aitdimMurc cost rc ictlo«l I pniianis. ntl Krowth oppor L We o%r cicel-l J incMnf prom slurinfj I and optical. I Please apply in person or rniil re-l sume indudlni ttltfy histoty and re-l guiremeflts. SHILEYSC«NTIFIC,WC. irvtM, CA. a FOUND II 1213 751-510! wmrmim ,(0 between » 4 pw • BELOVED DOG Mitsinf from car parked at IMon Stition njKjXCIty HeiC moyed namedrlliclii, mete 50 lbs. WMte fliitty fur t oirM 0, „ WARD fl3 38Ma21 or Bwm I Oobefman Mm Vie Nmnct t boberhin tUe tmLM vc Nmnct t Donnm wt, 2 10 213 3a indoci;2 ll . °as-cg{HU. ' iu i _e, blonJrSrIi Answers to niel ASKED! iW ' ■ lost-5kdiam6nd ■ Believe to be lost In cab caiifM byl I the Blltmore Hotel. il00a. NIO I 40 7aM605| _ LOST bik carry-on | lln till. 2 10, lAX ' Ihu(T Monten. C Ipenonal effects 1 1 i? 13(1 I; owIt 4 tail. ' iifKlw. MfbM tic , Mrs. R. Adierstein Rabbi M. Amster Mrs. F. Corn Mrs. M. Detray Ms. S. Fisher Dr. L. Fox Ms. J. Goldman Mrs. N. Hartman Mrs. S. Hoffman Rabbi S. Holland Mrs. E. Katz Rabbi I. Kin Mrs. J. Kin Rabbi M. Kuczynski Mrs. D. Litenatsky Mr. I. Muller Rabbi A. Rabiat Mr. A. Rosen Mrs. E. Sass Ms. L. Siegel Rabbi I. Singer Ms. A. Spigelman Best Wishes in the Future to the Graduates of ' 79 iWrs. D. Steinberger Mr. M. Steinberger Mrs. C. Stern Mrs. M. Stosser Ms. E. Thompson Mrs. B. Treitel Mrs. O. Walch Mrs. V. Waldstein Mrs. L. Weiner Mrs. R. Werba Mrs. C. Zamel 75 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To Our Dear Daughter and Sister Lynne Eileen Antflick Who Has Been a Source of Constant Pride and Joy to Us. We Wish Her and the Graduating Class a Happy and Successful Future. Dad and Mom Cousin Ricky Ronald, Gloria Velvet and Fonzie. 76 Mazel Toy to Our Dear Son Marc Jared and to the Entire 1979 Graduating Class, i With Much Love Mother and Dad Steven and Kevin 77 To Our Lovely and Dear Daughter and Sister Tamar Dahlia Fiber Mazel Tov and Congra tula tions On Your Graduation, Dad, Mom, Cherie and Annette! 78 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Pride and Joy Also Known as Devora Goldstein Upon Your Graduation at Yavneh Hebrew Academy on a Day Which Marks the Beginning of Your Higher Education. Love Grandparents: Rabbi and Mrs. Benj. Bairn Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goldstein Uncles and Aunts: Rabbi and Mrs. Sherwin Baini Mr. and Mrs. David Goldstein Rabbi and Mrs. Berel Goldstein Sister: Gitel Goldstein Brother: Israel Joseph Goldstein Cousins: Leah Goldstein Rochelle Leah Bairn Avi Goldstein Miriam Sarah Baim Steven Goldstein Aaron David Baim 79- Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha to Our Dear Daughter Devora Goldstein A Source of Joy and Happiness to Us. May She Find Grace in the Sight of God and Man. We Wish Her and the Graduating Class " Chazak Chazak V ' Nishchazek ' ' Be Strong and Courageous and Bring to Our People Yiddush Nachus. Love Mom Dad Gitel and Joey 80 Congra tula tions and Best Wishes to Our Daughter and Sister Diane Upon Her Graduation, All Our Love Ruth, Larry, and David Gottlieb «i To Our Dearest Grandda ugh ter and Niece Diane Gottlieb Mazel Tov on Your Graduation and Best Wishes for the Future, Love, Grandma Pauline, Uncle Moish, Aunt Sheila, Seymour, and Feige •2 I In Honor of Two Wonderful Graduates Diane Gottlieb and Miri Shapiro May Your Great Education at Yavneh Academy Be the Foundation of Every Rewarding Future with Continuel Nachas. To Your Lovely Parents. Joseph and Hana Kornwasser 83 Congratulations to Our Dear Daughter and Sister Susie Upon Her Graduation We Hope that You Will Be a Constant Source of Joy to Us. Mom, Dad, Hedy, Miriam and Laurie Latt Sherry, Allen and Steven Lowy 84 i TO OUR DEAR SISTER AND AUNT SUSIE TO OUR DEAR NIECE AND COUSIN MIRI MAY YOUR FUTURE ROAD BE PAVED WITH FRAN, YAACOV, MARK, PHILLIP, AND DANIEL WINTNER 85 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Dear Daughter and Sister Helen May Your Future Be Filled With Success and Happiness and May We Be Proud of You Always Mom, Dad, and Michael 96 Dear Miri, We Are Very Proud of Your Achievements While a Student at Yavneh and We Hope and Wish You the Best of Eveiy thing in Your Future Years. With All Our Love, Ira, Rachel, and Nurit Smedra VT Congra tula tions and Best Wishes to Our Wonderful Miri May God Grant You the Strength to Continue to Be Our Source of Happiness and Inspiration, Your Loving Parents and Sister, Mom, Dad, and Mishi u Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Our Granddaughter Miri Who Has Been a Source of Constant Pride and Joy to Us. May You Succeed in All Your Endeavors. Your Loving Grandparents Gary and Henie Wintner 89 Best Wishes to Faye Deborah Thompson and the 1979 Graduating Class. May You Enjoy the Beauty of a Torah True Life. Eliot B. Feldman 90 Complimen ts of Chromodern + Continental Designs of California + S S Designs 4920 South Soto Street Street Los Angeles, CA 90058 Irving Scott Robert Scott President Vice-President 91 Mazel Food Distributers 11573 Vanowen Street No. Hoolywood, Calif. 91605 (213) 875-0334 Vineland Kosher Chickens Glatt Kosher Meat and Delicatessen Kosher Chalav Israel Cheeses and Products from New York and Israel 92 Compliments of CHROMODERN CONTINENTAL DESIGNS OF CALIFORNIA S and S DESIGNS 4920 South Soto Street Los Angeles, Calif. 90058 INGSCOn ROBERT scon idenl Vice-President ?3 Congratulations to our dear daughter and sister SYLVIA On her graduation tor 1979 May your future be tilled with health and success Much Love from your loving parents and brother Arlette and Harry Lumer and Jeff 94 In honor otMiri Shapiro our dear cousin. May she go forward to greater Jewish learning in a world of peace. Congratulations and Hatzlacha Rabbah upon her graduation from Yavneh Zvikah Betty Shelly Elie and Avi Ryzman L »s MAZELTOVTO ARYE MAY THE ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1979 HAVE A FUTURE FILLED WITH HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. TODAHRABAH TO YAVNEH ' S TEACHERS AND STAFF. JEER Y AND EMMA BLANK FREDDIE, GILL AND RACHEL 96 CONGRA TULA TIONS TO OUR SON HERSHEL ON HIS GRADUATION MUCH SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE! MAZEL TOY! FROM: DAD, MOM, NATHAN ETA and BILL, BIEDA and FAMILY OZZIE and SHEILA HERSKOWITZ and FAMILY 97 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To Our Dear Son Peter Upon His Graduation Love Mom and Dad Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To Our Dear Son Steven Upon His Graduation Love Mom Dad and Avi Congra tula tions and Ck}od Luck To Our Niece and Cousin Barbara Upon Her Graduation Mr, and Mrs, Itzchak Bastomski and Family Congratula tions and Best Wishes To the Graduating Class Wishing You Much Luck in the Future. Love Always Your Friends Helen, Sylvia and Lynne To My Best Friends and Graduating Class Sam, Mark, Hershel, Igor, Da vid and Jeff From Your Friend, Arye Blank 98 Congratulations to our granddaughter SYLVIA We wish you good success in the future Good health to you Love your Grandparents Tyla and Joe MAZEL TOV TO ALL 22nd year of Service In This Community Homes — Income — Commercial There is no substitute tor experience FROM SOUND REAL ESTA TE AND INVESTMENT COMPANY 1104 South Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90035 LOURAPOPORT realtor BUS. 878-1960 275-5663 res. 556-2965 99 Our best wishes tor a successful future TO Devora Goldstein a most charming and observing graduate. Mazel Tov to all the 1979 graduates! Mr and Mrs. Jac Goldenberg and children • 0 £f f f 1 1 f f t £ « « « « C« E f £« «£« «ltf £« «1« «£« £« »{ f« «£« JV J» 0J 0f» 0j% 0J 01% 0J% 0j tfj% 1 J P « 0 fi fifi ifi 0 Pfi 0j i Congra tula tions and Best Wishes to Diane Gottlieb Yossie and Frieda Kahan and children 100 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Our Daughter Binah Silberberg Upon Her Graduation. May The Almighty Bless You and All Graduates With Happiness and Success From Your Loving Parents Rabbi and Mrs. Soloman Silberberg. Rabbi Ezra Schochet Rabbi Dovid Thaler Rabbi Levi Bukiet Rosh Yeshiva M ' Nachel Ruchni Director Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr Elchonan Chabad 101 Congra tula tions To Our Grandson Marc Chroman and The 8th Grade Upon Their Graduation Love Mr. and Mrs. David Chroman With Best Wishes To All Students Your Lives Will Be Enriched By Your Devotion To the State of Israel And the Jewish National Fund 102 To Faye Thompson Our Congratulations and Best Wishes That You Continue to Be A Source of Jewish Pride To Our Family and Our People Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cummins Congra tula lions To the 8th Grade ■ ' On Their Graduation From, Congratulations and Sarah, Eleanor, Tina, Best Wishes Cherie, To Susie, Michelle, Penina, Sonia, Wendy, Leeba, Selena, Hadassah, Lucky Knits, Maurice Driz and Rivka, ■ - 103 To Our Dear Daughter and Sister Faye Deborah And Her Friends in the Class of ' 79 Our Best Wishes For Success in Every Respect May the Desires of Your Heart Be Fulfilled Sandy and Gil Thompson Ellen and Anne 104 Mazol Toy and Best Wishes To Diane Gottlieb and Devora Goldstein We Would Like to Extend Our Hearty Congratulations to • 00 Miri Shapiro MarkKroh Gerry Corn David Bornstein Hershel Herskovitz Peter Trenk And All the Graduates of 1979 Josh and Reuvena Lax and Family 105 Mazol Tov to Faye Thompson and the Members of the Yavneh Class of ' 79 Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Nagel and Family 106 Congratulations to In Honor of Sylvia Lumer Susie Our Dear Niece and Cousin With All Our Love and Best Wishes Best Wishes and Much Success Upon Her Graduation ' 79 All Our Love Matchmaster Molly and Jack Rimok Dyeing and Finishing Jason and Michael Inc. Congratulations to Susie Mazel Tov and Upon Her Graduation Best Wishes West Coast Dyeing and Finishing Inc. 2253 E. Washington Blvd. to Susie Mr. Los Angeles, Calif. 90021 and Mrs. Philip Fineman 583-0841 Mario Driz 107 Wishing Susan continued success in the life ahead of you. Ming Fabrics Best Wishes to Diane Gottlieb From Dr. and Mrs. Stanely Josephs In Honor of Diane Gottlieb Richard and Phyllis Schuster and Children Dear Susan, The best of luck. May you succeed in all your endeavors. Mr. and Mrs. S. Flaster W L Textile Company loe Mazol Tov To Diane Gottlieb on Her Graduation The Spigelmans In Honor of Our Darling Grandda ugh ter Diane Gottlieb Upon Her Graduation With Love Grandma and Grandpa Livingston Mazol Tov and Best Wishes To My Grandson Marc Chroman Upon His Graduation Love Grandma Wisotsky Congra tula tions To ' ' Stella " ' and The 8th Grade The Fogel Family 109 Love and In Honor of Congratulations to ' Tynne ' ' One of My Three Favorite Nieces Miri Shapiro From, Love, Esther and Shimon Charlie and Lori Halpern Congratulations to Our Dear Grandchild Lynne On Your Graduation Good Luck To You and Much Success May Your Future Be Filled With Much A W Nachas and Happiness Ahe and Love, Hazel Grandpa and Silberberg Grandma 110 Congratulations to Lynne Eileen Antflick and the Entire Graduating Class From AlUState School Supply 177 So. Vista St. L.A., CA 90036 213 931-1244 Free Delivery Distributors for Hi-Speed Duplications Cassettes All Expendable Office Supplies Whole Sale to Schools and Offices In Honor of Our Beloved Granddaughter Helen Heart Filled Wishes for Success in All Your Undertaking Through Life With All Our Love Grandma Sophie and Grandpa Sidney Congra tula tions To Our Dear Neice Helen We Wish You Good Luck and Happiness In the Future With All Our Love, Uncle Bernie and Aunt Sheila Sincere Congratulations Helen and the Graduating Class May You Have All the Best Wishes for the Future Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hermann 111 Mazol Tov to Devora Goldstein Upon Her Graduation the Spigelmans Congra tula tions and Best Wishes to Sylvia Lumer and the Class of 1979! Mr, and Mrs. David Amiel and Michael Best Wishes to Devora Goldstein From Rick Rosenberg and Family Congratulations to Diane Gottlieb and the Graduates Wishing You Much Continued Success! Leslie and Elana Mendelsohn Ziv Alisa and Daniela 112 Congratulations Congra tula tions to My Dear Faye and On Your Graduation Best Wishes to May Your Future Bring Diane And All of the 8th Graders You Success. Yale, Michele, Sari, Hetty, and Brett Grandma Lil Harlow To My Dearest Friends, Davidf Steven, Mark, Sam, and Arye. May Our Friendships Tjtst A Lifetime. From, Super Yarn Mart! Hershey To My Friends: Arye, Mark, Jeff, Igor, and Hershel. I Hope You Will Have Much Success in the Future. From, Sam H3 Maze! Tov To the Eighth Grade From Mike and Eds Auto mi? ' ,! ni ' -j " ? . T T ' ' jy 3 3 m D w Oi 310 J •» K • ' J ■ ' iiy-j T .133310 " Ton ' ii3 noi 3-r[ , il3iu 3 Congratulations to Diane Gottlieb On Her Graduation From Leon and Harriet Katz Jeffrey and Diane Congra tula tions and Best Wishes to Our Favorite Sister Binah Marshall and Debbie Mazel Tov Diane Upon Your Graduation We Wish You Much Luckf Success, and Happiness Today and Always. Your Friends, Marilyn, Max Saul, Jonathan and Benjamin Kessler. Congra tula tions To Our Dear Sister Binah Silberberg Upon Her Graduation Helene and Jean Zauderer Congratulations to Diane With Love, Vicky, Marty, Mark, Lisa, and David Binder Mazel Tov to Diane Gottlieb On Her Graduation Ed, and Dolly Ives u Congratulations to Congra tula tions Sylvia C7 Binah and Other Graduates and the Graduating Class of ' 79 Mottle, Miriam and Upon Their Graduation Yanke Schulman H R Jewelry Manufacturing Company Congratulations to Faye and the entire graduating class. Much Shaklee Manufacturers Fine Products From Nature success In the years to come. 1. Organic biodegradable household cleaners. From, 2. Unexcelled food supplements. Leaders Beauty Salon 3. Skin Care — for a fresh new 344 No. Fairfax Ave. you, naturally! 938-3683 CaU: Cella Feder for More Infor- Open Sunday mation In Honor of Congratulations Rabbi and Mrs. Sllberberg to Faye Thompson Best Wishes From The Shelly and Ell ■w-% Rottenberg nyzman Family B H , ■» T» D ■? Best Wishes to D ' iiu ■ ' n ' ' " ?:in Devora Goldstein mT-Q ' Vy May All the Graduates Grow KDJwl i 30Q In Torah and Ylras Shomaylm Fondly, H. Ellnson 115 CongM ' a tula tions Congra tula tions to Sam Baly to Lynne Ant flick Upon Her Graduation Much Success in the From His Uncle Aunt, and Cousin Jimmy, Julie and Ida Future From Your Uncle, Aunt and Cousins Fred, Ellen, Jason and Nili Jacob Congratulations to Saiu Baly and the Eighth Grade Class on Their Graduation. From His Loving Parents and Brother A Iberto Bert ha 9 and Isi Baly 116 A Gift to Miri Anonymous Greetings From Hataklit Records Carmella ' s Hataklit International 436 ISo. Fairfax Ave. L.A. Calif. 90036 ( 213) 655-1242 High Class Fish At Below Poverty Ijevel Prices " Sax Fish Ave. ' ' 370 No. Fairfax Ave. 936-3445 Mazel Tov to Lynne Upon Her Graduation. Much Luck in the Future. The Vanek Family. Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Tammy May All Your Dreams Come True. From Your Friend, Tina Mazel Tov to Devora Goldstein On Her Graduation Jeffrey, Natalie, and Stephanie Ives To Our Granddaughter Helen Much Success in the Years to Come. Grandma and Grandpa Machlovitz Congratulations to Our Dear Granddaughter " Lynne ' ' Upon Graduating Love, Bubby and Zeidy Mazel Tov to Helen and the Class of ' 79 The Ski Room Mazel Tov to Sylvia On Your Graduation Uncle Saul and Aunt Miray Mazel Tov to Tammy Upon Your Graduation. We Wish You a Bright and Happy Future. Love, Jack and Martha Frankel and Jamie. Mazel Tov to Helen Upon Her Graduation Much Love, Frieda Ickovitz Congratulations to Marc Chroman On His Graduation Carmel Strictly Orthodox Kosher Meat Market Also Kosher Products 8194 W. Pico Blvd. L.A. Calif. 90035 278-6347 To All the Graduates Congra tula tions " J " Market 8253 W. 3rd St. 651-5007 Graduation Time Is Here and We Are All So Proud Of You Sylvia Dear Love, Uncle Stan, Aunt Ronni, Brent and Heather 117 Congratulations and Best Wishes To Our Dear Daughter and Sister Barbara Upon Her Graduation Wishing You Much Success in the Future Your Loving Parents and Sisters Julius and Esther Bastomski Libby, Sonia, Devora, and Hindy Mazel Toy and Best Wishes to Miri Shapiro May Success Be Your Path to the Future. Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Majer To My Friends: Arye, Mark, Jeff, Igor, and Hershel. I Hope You Will Have Much Success in the Future. From Sam Mazel Toy and Best Wishes to Miri Shapiro Upon Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lichtig Best Wishes To Our Dear Cousin Binah May She Bring a Soarse of Nachus To Her Family and May She Continue In the Ways of the Torah Larry and Wendy Piatt Best Wishes to The Graduating Class Yavneh Hebrew Academy Edmund D, Edelman Los Angeles County Supervisor lis Congratulations to Miri Shapiro From Mr. and Mrs. I. Leichter To Tammy and Lynne Congratulations — Reliable Carpet Co. Inc. Good Luck Lynne on Your Graduation, Selma and Sam Karlin Congratulations to Diane Gottlieb, From the Belinfante ' s To Lynne and Tammy Congratulations — X Lynne — Wishing You Happiness and Self-Fulfillment in Your Life, Dr. Gorlick Congratulations Barbara, the Greenbergs Triton Plastic Designs — (213) 651-2887 Mazel Tov Best Wishes and Congra tula tions To My Dear and Best Friends Barbara and Lynne And All of the Graduates Of 1 9791 Much Luck in the Future. Love Always Sasa! ( Sylvia) Mazol Tov Best Wishes and Congra tula tions To My Dear and Best Friends Barbara and Sylvia And All of the Graduates of 1 9791 Much Luck in the Future. Love Always, Winnie! (Lynne) Jewels Gloria Antflick Lynne Antflick Ron Antflick The Bairn Children Benjamina Elija Bick Mayer Benjamin Bick Yossi Faber Shaindy Frankel Sharone Goldman Zachary Goldman Devora Goldstein Gitel Goldstein Joey Goldstein David Gottlieb Leora Gruenbaum Julie Gruenbaum Adrianna Horowitz Elsa Horowitz Gabriella Horowitz Stephen Leon Kane Rifka Katz Judy Kaufman Philip Klaparda Karen Beth Klein Michelle Naomi Klein Adrianne Levai Karen Levai Helen Machlovitz Michael Machlovitz Linda Perl Mark Perl Candace Presser Robert M. Presser The Rhein Children Lori Rivas Elly Ryzman Shelly Ryzman Jeffrey Simen Dov Teichman Sasha Teichman Anne Thompson Faye Thompson Brian Zheitlin Debbie Zheitlin Lisa Zheitlin 11? Young Israel Employment Bureau Stanley Treitel — Executive Director We invite those in need of jobs to inquire about tlie many on-tiie-job training programs Innovative Russian Program Handyman Program 936-8278 Los Angeles 985-3731 Valley 450-87 1 1 Santa Monica roR inroRMATion conTACT Main Office 1 28 So. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (213)936-8148 Valley Office 12011 Victory Blvd. no. Hollywood, CA 91 606 (213)985-7801 or877-0293 Santa Monica Office 1801 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405 (2 13) 450- 18 18 or 870-4707 Funded by LACETA and HCDA funds 120

Suggestions in the Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 47

1979, pg 47

Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 87

1979, pg 87

Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 84

1979, pg 84

Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 14

1979, pg 14

Yavneh Hebrew Academy - Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 36

1979, pg 36

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