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1 n ti n 75 ' ImH H ' : t)OV ?s f y J u 4 1l In Memory of Our Beloved Benefactor Samuel A, Fryer ff T A man ' s words and a man ' s deeds. . . When they match, a man is matchless. Thus it was in the lifetime of Samuel A. Fryer, Biochemist and philanthropist - a man who merged the worlds of science and religion. Consider: " Life, that superior of all mentors, taught me early that true happiness is to be found in the beneficial use of wealth, not in the mere possession of it. " Consider. " To my mind the loftiest aid anyone can offer is to help educate. . . " Consider; " Religion has not failed us, we have failed religion. The Bible has not failed, it is our failure in not teaching it " Consider: " We have not taught what our sages have emphasized. We must start from kindergarten up. We must teach them the Talmud. We must teach them the ethics of our people. " Yes, consider the words of Samuel A. Fryer. " Beneficial use of wealth. . .to help educate. . . teach them ethics. . . " Here was a practitioner of ethics preach- ing the spread of ethics through education. Here was a man who had drawn from the teachings of life in his fruitful years, who wanted to nurture those who had yet to taste of its wonders. Here was a man radiant with light, dedicated to rekindling the eternal flame, in youth from generation to generation. Yet, he told us in the last days of his life, " Do not stress Samuel A. Fryer. Stress the Fryer Ethics Foundation. Stress its role. Stress the Yavneh Academy. Stress its part in helping our children be Jews. Stress putting education and ethics to work. " Thus did Samuel A. Fryer in the last days of his being chart the course of Yavneh Academy. Thus did he tell us to go forth and teach. And matching his words with deeds, thus did he provide for us the tools with which to carry out his mandate. IN MEMORY OF OUR BELOVED DEAN, RABBI ZILBERSTEIN Vt Throughout his lifetime Riibbi Osher Zilberstein distinguislied himself by his steadfast dedication and self sacrifice for every national, Torah, and charitable endeavor in our community. In t!ie field of education, he founded the Los Angeles Jewish Academy, whicli later became our beloved Yavneh Academy. We, at Yavneh, have the honor of having had Rabbi Zilberstein as our dean for the past thirteen years. Rabbi Zilberstein also founded the Pacific Hebrew Seminary, In these undertakings, though he met witli violent opposition from the community, he remained devoted and he succeeded. Rabbi Zilberstein ' s conti ' ibution to Torali did not end here. He was also in great measure responsible for tlie founding of what is now Rambam Torah Institute. It was also Rabbi Zilberstein ' s ceaseless pleading and urging that first brought Yeshiva University to the West Coast. The deep roots struck for Yeshiva education through Rabbi Zilberstein ' s strenuous efforts lightened the task of others who followed his noble example and contributed so valiantly to Yeshiva education in Los Angeles. Dear Graduates, 1 have pondered upon the proper expression in which I could evaluate tliese feelings as I reflect upon the progress of an academy of learning in which 1 had a share in building. My only hope is that it will carry conviction to the generations to come--a love for the spirit of the Torah and its teachings. We are tlie heirs to Abraham, Moses, and the prophets and sages; a goodly doctrine has been given to us. We are the protagonists of a sacred tradition which has made a might ' contribution to the moral life of mankind. We have the capacity and the instrumentality to be an effective healing force in a sick world. We are witnesses to the eternal. Rabbi William J. Spigelman, Dean To the Graduating Class of Yavneh Hebrew Academy: Congratulations upon your graduation and upon your continuation in higher schools of Jewish learning. You have learned much in YaVTieh--much more than the material covered in class. In the course of time you might forget some of the material you learned, But we pray you will not forget the attitude Yavneh has tried to give you, and the feelings it has generated in your hearts. We pray you will always remember the love with which your teachers taught you; the Derech-eretz Yavneh has tried to emphasize; and the emotional ties to our brother Jews, to Torah, and to our G-d and faith that is the f6undation upon which Yavneh stands. I am convinced that Yavneh had been eminently successful in transmitting this feeling of love for Torah, and reverence for G-d. We have done our best. The rest is up to you. We are confident that you will continue as you have begun; and through your serene, kind, dedicated, loyal, emotionally mature personalities- -Torah personalities- -Yavneh ' s name will shine out to all Los Angeles, and wherever you go. May G-d bless you. Best Wishes, Rabbi Dr. Nisson E. Shulman Dean i Dear Graduates of 1973: As you stand here on the tiireshold of your future, let me reminisce witli you over the past years here at your alma mater, YavTieh Hebrew Academy. It has been a truly personal experience for me as a parent of your student body president David, to follow most of you as you grew up witli him from nursery to tlie climax, your Graduation today. It has been tlirough tlie great efforts of your principal and our devoted faculty that you have been able to combine all of tliis wordly knowledge and the study of Torah. As you continue your studies in liigher education at Rambam or another Jewish High School, I hope that you will strive to change the nature of man, instilling in him a new heart and a new spirit. Rededicate yourselves to tlie love of your fellow man and the observance of our Holy Torah. Then you will be truly on your way towards the fulfillment of G-d ' s great dream for man. I congratulate each and everyone of you. May G-d bless you witli success in all your endeavors now and in the future. _. , sincerely, Jack M. Nagel Chairman of the Board Dear Graduates, As a chairman of the Board of Yavneh Hebrew Academy, I feel honored to have this opportunity to extend my greetings to you, our graduates. Just as you have been a part of the building of a great and unique Hebrew Day School here in Los Angeles, I know you will become builders of a great and vital Jewish community wherever you may settle. I am confident that your education here at Yavneh has instilled within you the Torah concept of the importance of the individual as the basis of the group. May you continue to sustain your high standards of Torah living and learning. Ben Lax Chairman of the Board To the class of ' 73: This is an exciting time in your young lives. Cherish it, for tliese are tlie memories that will linger far into the future. Your graduation from Yavneh is but a milestone marking the end of one phase of your education and the beginning of another. The officers of Yavneh join with your parents in the wish tliat your education is just beginning. We are proud of the op- portunities we have been privileged to offer you and we are looking forward to your future accomplishments, knowing that the foundation forged by the precepts of TORAH is Yavneh. I know that you are leaving with mixed feelings. For years this has been your " home " and you ' re not sure what the future has to offer. Believe me, young ladies and gentlemen, it is a wonderful world. Make the most of it and remember that wherever you go and whatever you do Yavneh will be a part of it. Hy Epstein President Dear Graduates, This is a time of cheer. Looking around our beloved school, I see the radiant faces of Yavneh students, especially those of our graduating class. Your excitement and exuberance permeate the corridors. You are looking forward to new adventures, and a new school and I am proud to know that T have played a part in preparing you for the future. This is a time for sadness. It is the sadness that comes with having to let go. For years we have been a part of each other and the time has come to part. It is also the sadness of pride, the pride that comes witli accomplishment. You, the graduating class of 1973 carry with you all the dreams and hopes that are Yavneh. As P. T. A. president I merely represent tlie entire parent body in wishing you the best the world has to offer. We have done our part. Now it is your turn to take your places as Jews and do your part. Mrs. Debbie Epstein 6 P. T. A. President OUR BELOVED TEA CHERS _ Mrs. Dvorah Litenatsky 2 day Nursery Pre 1-A Hebrew Miss Aviva Spigelman 2 day Nursery Mrs. Regina Goldman 1-2 English Mrs. Leah Leshefsky 1-1 and 4 Hebrew Mrs. Anne Ellison 2-1 English Mrs. Florence Tenenbaum 2-2 English Mrs. Miriam Stosser Nursery Mrs. Joan Browner Pre 1-A Eng. - -. Mrs. Rachel Werba 1-2 and 3 Heb rew Mrs. Yedda Kin 2 and 4 Hebrew Mrs. Peggy Marlow Nursery Mrs. Julia Uslan 1-1 English " rv Mrs. Rose linger 2-1 and Special Hebrew Mrs. Rose Blumenthal 3 English Mrs. Nancy Rabbi Israel Miss Sharon Mrs. Chaya Lippman Singer 7 Handin Erblich 4-1 and 4-2 5 Hebrew 5 English 6, 7, 8 Hebrew English OUR BELOVED TEACHERS Rabbi Ephraim Fisher 7, 8 Grade Boys Hebrew Mi. Alan Rosen P.E. Director Mr. John Dockery Custodian Mrs. Libby Gottlieb 6, 7, 8 Grade Girls Hebrew C antor Mrs. Claire Erblich Podell Choir 6, 7, 8 Grade Director English Mrs. Celia Sieger Secretary Rabbi Joseph Rubanowitz 6, 7, 8 Grade Boys Hebrew 4 3 Mr. Oded Edan Drama Director Mrs. Evelyn Sass 6, 7, 8 Grade Math Mr. Raymond Miss Charlotte Bisio Kiwas Science Dance Director Mrs. Irene Fortess Secretary ,n3 in n(pyT oya " iqn .yap imin nwy .noiN ' oa? :id :ms " o ' jD -i3D3 DTN- ' ?D-nK " p po mm Ilan Bergman is known around school as " Draci " for his love of horror movies and artifacts, especially those of Dracula. He fits his nickname well, with his black hair and dark brown eyes. Born in Israel, Ilan enjoys playing baseball and soccer. His favorite subjects are navi and history and he plans to go back to Israel and get a medical degree. We wish him much luck. on Q tea J o ' »K ' ' aj :j ' »K nK T ' p ' s Ilan Bergman Danny can appropriately be called " The Gentle Giant of Yavneh " as he stands five feet, eleven, inches and wouldn ' t hurt a fly as the saying goes. His height has definately come in handy as he was on the school football team as a lineman and on the basketball team as whatelse but center. Danny also intends to involve himself with sports in the future as he wishes to become either a sports coach or a physical education teacher. In addition, Daimy also loves to play baseball and soccer; however, he isn ' t " all sports " as he enjoys language and Hebrew grammar. Danny plans to attend Rambam. We wish him much luck. ns ' nx iraiDH Tiaa vni ' K Daniel Blum Vn ' i Just like a real New Yorker, Jeffrey ' s determination has no end. Jeffrey is a born leader and well liked by all. Being a natural frontiersman, he enjoys such activities as horsebackriding, fisWng, camping, and hiking. Having a masculine physique, Jeffrey is accented witli brown hair and eyes. Future ambitions will bring Jeffrey to Rambam and then on to becoming a biolo gist. We think his plans fit him well. 7 ' »3aa» nDsna laaa bnaa? ' a ' js naia ij k osn 10 ■? N ' n ■» Jeffrey Bohrer y December 22, 1959, marks tlie birtlidate of our warmliearted, hard working newspaper co-editor, June Deutsch. Always Iielpful and considerate, June ' s blond hair and blue eyes could Iiave been seen wherever Iielp was needed. Enjoying basketball, baseball, math and science, June hopes to continue her studies at Rambam. She wishes to become either a teacher or a legal secretary. Much success and happiness to you, June. r y-i n J p p nj iV rfn rrnn- ' June Deutsch Robin, a good natured friend to all, has been going to Yavneh since kindergarten. Over the years, math and science have become her favorite subjects. She is an active member of the dance group and our scliool choir. Candle collecting and writing poetry are Iier favorite hobbies. Tliis pretty, blond Los Angelino plans to go to Rambam. Though the following days ahead are unplanned, we are sure that whatever she does, Robin ' s fun personality and sparkling blue eyes will help her immensely in reacliing her goals. ia3 " 7n nax Tmi pis by 2 a uu • r Robin Deutsch ma? nn ' -i Enid ' s Shirley Temple curls and baby blue eyes are just another addition to Enid ' s vivacious personality ' . There is no such thing as a gloomy day when Enid ' s around, and our class just wouldn ' t be complete witliout her. Always interested in t he latest fashions, Enid enjoys collecting candles of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Expecting to go on to Rambam and possibly on to nursing school, Enid will bring sparkle and happiness wherever she goes. n ' lpyaa nsj niria ' jaa hk: 11 Vm Wl TH ' Enid Dunkelman Putting his mind to something and getting it done is a characteristic of Joel Epstein. Extremely lielpful, he could always be seen around the office helping out. Joel ' s favorite subject is math as he is one of the best in the class. Among sports, Joel excells in football, basketball and tennis. Being very good with his hands, Joel spends his spare time making tilings. Joel has a great love for animals and would love to become a veterinary. We wish Joel tiie best of luck in his future plans. npTin n 3id ' ]m ' nssn nVi D- ' on n ] " n ••n ' biii " " Q " ' TDT na " o Joel Epstein Born in the heart of Los Angeles, Chaya ' s brown hair and matching brown eyes are just an addition to her beauty and poise. Warmth, kindness, and modesty are just a few of the reasons why Chaya is liked and admired by all. Participating and excelling in sucli activities as choir, dance, and drama, Chaya hopes to attend Rambam next year. We wish her luck and success. n3Ti,nVns,na3n iV cb? dtxh ' hwk Chaya Estersohn n ' n Penny is a mixture of warmth, kindness, and helpfulness wth a touch of humor added. Whenever there was artwork needed for the newspaper, Penny was called upon. Whenever there was something someone needed done, Penny was there. Being art editor for otu ' school newspaper and yearbook, there is no doubt that Penny is blessed with a creative Iiand, as she loves to draw, create short stories and write poetry. Penny is interested in collecting just about anything one can think of and also working with arts and crafts. She enjoys bowling and watching basketball games. Her favorite subjects include, math, science, and English. She wishes to go into designing or creative writing as a career. We know Penny will succeed at anytliing she puts her mind to. Win nanVn ' ?d mipyV i ' naDn anix K n 12 ITio; nn ns Penny Finger Monis in Iiis short time at Vavneh has sliown us his Iiumorous personality and is considered tlie five foot, two incli muscle man of Yavneh. Morris enjoys football, basketball, and baseball. His favorite subjects are science and Torah and as a Iiobby he is an avid player of cliess and checkers. As to his future, Morris intends to be a wholesale dealer as is liis fatlier. We wish him lots of success. niDT idV DTNn " 7 3 nx 71 mm t4-1 « ' 1 r ' f J 1 na??D Morris Hobb Born in Montreal, Canada, Millie came to Los Angeles at the age of eight. Her long flowing brunette hair and sparkling green eyes have brightened up our class. She added zest to our yearbook by being Hebrew editor. Millie enjoys Israeli dancing and participating in the school choir, drama, and dance groups. In addition, she engages in swimming and ice-skating. Millies ' favorite subjects are math and science. Her future plans are to be an interior decorator. Good luck, Millie. ri ' mo ns naDnnn m- ' aVnn Millie Kaplansky ■j ' pT When it comes to sports and weightlifting, Jeffrey is always first in Kne. Besides his athletic abilities, he also enjoys all of his Hebrew subjects. When he is not studying Gamorah, Humash, Navi or Dikduk, he is busy collecting coins. Jeffrey plans to finish his Hebrew studies by attending Rambam. His future ambition is to become a psychiatrist. We wish him well. nT»-inn nx inDDn miDD iht- ' k 13 mm ' ' Jeffrey Kaufma Robert can already be considered a world ti ' aveler. He was born in Romania, and lias visited such interesting places as Greece, Bulgaria, Israel, and Holland. Robert came to Yavneh in the sixth grade and made friends immediately. His favorite subject is matli, and he enjoys playing baseball. His favorite hobby is photography. Robert ' s future plan is to become a veterinarian. .a bv itm a b ' v iniK pinx Vw i " T ' a " 7na mn « ]-]r]i , y 1 Robert Klein " Extra, Extra, read all about her. " This conscientious, hard working editor of our newspaper is blessed with long flowing, dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Having been in Yavneh since kindergarten, Miriam ' s favorite subjects are Math and English. Miriam is always surrounded by friends when she engages in such activities as choir, dance, and the school newspaper. Hoping to go on to Rainbam, Miriam ' s career is undecided as yet. We wish lier the best of luck in whatever she decides upon and we are sure she will succeed. Miriam Latt D ■ " 1,-D Being one of the tallest and most humorous in our class are attributes given to Ronnie Meyerovics. He enjoys playing baseball and basketball and was captain of the football team. The hobbies which he loves best are skating, bowling and as a result of his love for photography, he is one of the yearbook photographers. Ronnie has lived in many places. Having been born in Israel, he moved on to Canada and then came to the United States. He plans to continue his education at Rambam and after graduation persue liis studies in dentistry. We wish you much luck. i-i:2n Viz? inbia no yiT " dtk px 14 I ■ " J 11 Ronnie Meyerovics l-T! Co-editor of our yearbook, Marci is a well-liked, intelligent, and fun- loving girl, who enjoys the outdoors. She lias come to us from Detioit, Michigan with a personality of kindness, friendliness, understanding, and humor. Marci also lias that touch for art, as she enjoys painting and di-awing. Otlier favorite activities of hers include, dancing, skating, sockhall, and kickball, not to mention watching people play basketball, especially Gale Goodi-icli of tlie Lakers. Her favorite subjects are Matli and Social Studies. Marci intends to get involved in eitlier zoology or interior decorating, but first she plans to go on to Rambani next year. Good Luck, Marci. nn iKSD myii jOiVwi ,mnK ,nanx ,7mn ,n2fi mo? nti7o Marci Mir vis David Nagel ' W, Tlie terms warm, considerate, and intelligent match the personality of David Nagel. He is always ready to lend a helping hand. His leadership ability and personality have won for him the friendship of many and have resulted in his being elected president of oxu ' school. Enjoying stich sports as football, and basketball, David was a member of both school teams. In addition, he participated in the Yavneh school choir. His favorite subjects are math, science, and Chumash. He spends liis spare time collecting coins. David plans to continue his studies at Rambam and tlien go on to college to become a lawyer. We wish him much success in his future i ndeavors. mo 7ni27a nio ow no m pni ' Although, Ron was one of the newer students of Yavneh, he was nevertheless involved in numerous activities. He was the treasurer of the student covuy:il and linebacker on our Yavneh football team. Ron has a great personalit ' which is probably the reason why we didn ' t mind losing our games. He will probably attend either Rambam or Beverly Hills High. His future plans include attending Stanford University and becoming a la vyer. We wish him good luck for the future. .nmn nwyi oyo -nnK-yap |min ns ' y k 15 IT Ronnie Nad itch Michelle is a very well known person in our school, for she is student council president and engages in many scliool activities such as dance, drama, and choir. In her sparetime she enjoys swimming, ice skating, glass collecting, cooking, sewing, and drawing. Her favorite subjects are language and math. She has been in Yavneh since she was five and we hope that tliis turquoise -eyed, brown haired girl will have fun next year in Rambam. ji aK " ? hThVip h ' ti ' 2yb nwiE .hdd D i -1 Michelle Per it f A true Californian, Amy was born in Los Angeles and has lived here ever since. Her true friendliness and spirit is reflected in her light brown hair and brown eyes. Coin collecting is the hobby whicli she saves for a rainy day. Amy also enjoys horsebackriding and crocheting. Her future ambition is to attend Rambam and eitlier become a social worker or a teacher; both worthy professions which sliow her desire to help people. We wish her much success. in ' iQ ;n " npn nasy " 7 ' ' 3i27an Vd A Amy Ptashkin nj ' -ia One of the most humorous boys in our class is Peter Ross. His quick remarks and energetic sense of humor let you know he ' s a typical New Yorker, When it comes to sports you don ' t leave Peter out. Enjoying baseball, basketball, and football, he was a member of Yavneh ' s football team. Academically lie enjoys such subjects as math and science and last year he won first place in tlie science fair. Next year, Peter plans to go to Rambam and from there proceed to U. C. L. A, where he hopes to become a lawyer or doctor. We wish Peter the best of luck in his future plans. TVwd T ' y a in -j-inn Tin3 ' n- 16 yis Alan is well liked, as he is a friend to all. He has been going to Yavneli now for the past eight years. Alan is a sports entliusiast, loving track. He is the " speedy- Gonzales " of the school, breaking tlie old school record by running tlie fift - yard dash in 6. 8 seconds, Alan also enjoys playing baseball and football and was on botli school teams. Alan also displayed his sports- mindedness by being sports editor of tlie school newspaper. Alan ' s hobbies are collecting coins and reading personalized license plates. He wants to become a track star or sportswriter, two ambitions which fit him well. yiK i-ii oy min TiD n riD " " Dm3K Alan Stern Having attended Yavneh for ten years, Sandra Stern is another of the pride and joys of the eighth grade class. Possessing long blond hair and soft blue eyes, she is an avid nature lover. As a conscientious and intelligent person, she does well in all subjects and is editor of our yearbook. As for sports, Sandra enjoys all of them and even excells in volleyball and dodgeball. Next year, Sandra plans to attend Rambam and then hopefully persue a career in law. fiSTn ' jDi TQiyn in px Sandra Stern n 3 2; T s Brian has many activities and hobbies that he enjoys participating in. Among tliem are coin and stamp collecting. This handsome blond also takes pleasure in biking, bowling, basketball, and football. Though he , does quite well in all his subjects, his favorites are Navi, Chumash, social studies, and physical education. His deep green-blue eyes and charming personality have aided him in becoming student council vice-president. In addition, he is also captain of the school foootball and basketball teams. Brian intends to go to Rambam and then on to either the .University of California at Berkley or Stanford ' University to tudy law. We wish him the best of luck. -■:2n ir. r- " " o " ' k ' k noin ypi: n:: " pn --k 17 1T 3 Brian Treiger Josh, is a bright, dashing, and jolly young man. He is well liked and a friend to all. Josh enjoys bowling, basketball, and football as he was on the school football team. Being Hebrew editor of our year - book, Josh ' s favorite subjects are, of course, Hebrew, math, and science. Josh plans to go on to Rambam. He desires to become either a lawyer or doctor. We wish you much success. Josh. TTIP T Vl TD Joshua Weinberg ywirr STUDENT COUNCIL REPORT NEWSPAPER REPORT Making YAVNEH HEBRBV ACADEMY exciting was the goal of this year ' s Student Council. We, the execu- tive members, triedto make this year ' s S.C. the best ever by having many activities. We have had movies such as " The Man Called Flintstone " , " The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band " and many cartoons. In addition we have had candy sales every other day, and a successful Book Fair, which was held for three days in our school. An additional activity was the Sports Day, which was held for the upper grades. During this day, we played games, had many races and sold candy. Student Council, this year, organized and held the Purim Carnival. The turnout was tremendous and every- one had a fabulous time playing the many booth games and eating the delicious food. The dedicated work of all involved made it as successful as it was. Student Cards were the newest addition to our Stu- dent Body. This card gave students discount on all Stu- dent Council functions. We would like to thank Rabbi Fisher for guiding and assisting us throughout the year. Without him our pro- jects could not have happened. He has brightened up our past and our future years forever. Thank-You Rabbi Fisher. We hope that in the future years the Student Council will serve our school with as much pride and joy as we have felt serving this year. Michelle Perfit-S.C. President David Nagel- President of Student Body Brian Treiger-Vice President Roruiie Naiditch-Treasurer Judy Praw -Recording Secretary Noah Taft-Corresponding Secretary We, the Editors of YAVHEH ' S newspaper have succeeded in producing an informative and entertain- ing edition each month. We would like to thank die class representatives for a job well done. Tliey are: GRADE Moshe Goldsman 3 Caroline Walfish 3 Joshua Begin 4 Sarah Litenatsky 4 Michael Sass 4 Daniel Wachtenheim 5 Lisa Wachtenheim 5 Bonnie Fisher 6 Shari Bronstein 7 Amy Ptashkin 8 We would also like to thank all the teachers for their cooperation and patience, and the students for their contributions. Above all, we would like to thank Rabbi Fisher and Mrs, Podell for their dedicat- ed help, without which the newspaper could not have come about. We have enjoyed holding the positions of Editor and Co-Editor this past year, and we hope these po- sitions will be as enjoyable to the future editors as they have been to us. Miriam Latt-Editor June Deutsch-Co-Editor 18 Mrs. Chaya Erblich Hebrew OUR TEA CHERS AT WORK! Mr. Allan Rosen Physical Education Mrs. Evelyn Sass Math Rabbi Ephraim F. Fisher-Hebrew no f Rabbi Joseph Rubanowitz Hebrew Mrs. Claire Podell -English-Social Studies Mrs. Libby Gottlieb Hebrew Mr. Ray Bisio Science 19 Football Team " -C Chess and Checkers Club ■■ P " 1 ►. I- ' Q W r 1 ■ B Eh H i l 1 1 .,«« ' ' - " ' K " » 1 Bfc-. ' ' ' m 1 CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES Science Morning Services United Nations Day Play 20 Folk Dance Group HM- ' Qi ' Ti nn n • ' T ' oVn ' ? nra y jnV • ]is-i:j ' ran ' r m- ' Dj ' rn TnDia " n: ' ' " i noo n- 3 Vi . 1 3 n ' ica D- ' n, ' D ' rn ma: ' dn , " in ' 7sn3J " j. ' :T ■■ o □ ••jijNnn D Tysn riK crr ' yi DTj- ' nm cjop .13 " ? D ' -[ 113 , - .i 3 n3T n ' ?Din3 .D ' TIJ ,n3Ti. ' mT»a3 ,yi. " 3 .nmn .D mc ' rnrm cDnyT ' " ry od3 hki ■ ' jx ' 3N j ' p3ci .ZZ1 ?iL " ' oi cyiiya iin.-D c riK tdtk Tarn .d " ?:j nK-i ' ' 3i c- ' n-n •» T " Vy lyp.Tni nyiTii n-jn, - ns . 1 3 tij " ' ; " ' pk nnjjn Vkt dd-o .ciVn Ty yinV dd " ? -ii ' E:K " ? •■id ' n- □ • ' TTn ip- ' y i .c povm .PTTicm C3 ' ' nm iiD ' m " tdpint ,nmp " r um.-dnj cna m aV tdtp. cdpk tidc ■ ' jk . lOK DDr pn3 31 -1 m-- PTS ' ' ' 7. Q PI 313 3 D " ' OCn ■ ' psy yD ' ' : 3kt iry " ?K 3 " in TpT 13 oi i3ni ' s Vy nyj " ? ii — " ' Vina dihd " japD 0TK» 113 ' nni moiK riKi " uon ttl.- " ' ' .laana Kin -ibk3 di i:cd ttd ' ' k " ? imTiyJ 1113 Tan no " ? " ? iD ' som .Dmn ' jp no ' ?d nn DD ' ' 9 rrn ' k " ? nnxsn QT»pi ,nKiinm minn linn Dfl- ' - ' p ' ? imrn is- ' n ' ? k ' pk i3d kipdVi " tuV .nanKi nnas " 77 onojin 135 " n:3 ' " idd n ' ' 33 ■ u b 03 " 7nii3 n y .CTp ' -n »i»8 n 3np ' 7 mi3j n3n. " i lyppn □3 ' ' " nar o ' lj naiai ni .nKTm minn ' 3 " i3 mpn mi3j3 " iTanV D ' np ' □■ " Tobn oD ' Vy d:dk .nK-i ' ' ' 7i minV 033 ' ? .snan n ' 3 - " nVi Vy TipeVi ,minn ■ pin3 pioyVi .13PTI n ' »B nK ' »3 ' T " y mnB3 Vku n ' n ' 3 oiir cipa , i :tii3K iVkuj? ovs ni ' ' inn3i m ' aBa3 nn ' jxn Vnncm minn 03133 amnn IS ' S CISK 3in HALF-DA Y NURSER Y .1 . " ny mo " ' D pm ' T D ' » ' 7 ' ?iy " »so " Noah Ben Shelach Dawn Erskine Nomi Hershman David Ives Moishe Kahan Evan Kurtzman Marni Meller Debbie Monty Tommy Offer Judy Spiegel Nancy Soloman Lee Standard NURSER Y il 1 i f . p A , e m Alesia Berg Ron Binke Gler. Davidson David Erblich Ryan Gavin Bruce Gersh Israel Goldstein Jeffrey Ives Sylvia Korn Lisa Kurtzman Stacy Levine Raphael Litenatsky Jeffrey Lumer Shana Mabari Gary Marks Shari Spigelman Avrom Weinfeld Tova V intner " iV na?-! " ' na ' Nti? mnn loV ' ? nnxy ipnm 22 GRADE 4-1 GRADE 4-2 Dafna Abileah Gil Anav Yakov Begin Helene Epstein Mitchell Geiger Gail Goldstein Patricia Goldstein Kelly Gordon Perla Hartman Mindy Klein Brian Kramer Jerry Lax Martin Lax Darren Lieberman Sarah Litenatsky Lori Mars Michelle Marshak Steven Mermelstein Careena Nagel Michael Sass Ronald Sieger Jeffrey Weiner Michael Wiener Joshua Begin Nathan Botan Dyna Ephrat Aaron Katz Samuel Kierzenblat Arie Lax Bruce Liebovich Gordon Miller Ronen Rahman Camera Shy! Rebecca Remer Amy Ross Neil Saada Arlene Sassoon Doron Schleien Mima Shulman Marilyn Wermut Martin Sugarman n iDp □ " •■ ' 7 ' nr nsp ' 27 nj-ia n m2 D ' yTiTn ' GRADE 5 Dan Barak M Ton Basch Maur ' Friedman Daniel Ghesser Rina Hartman Heddy Hoffman Sandra Jacoby Ella Kaplansky Michael Katz Laurie Latt Sharon Linderman Shmuel Litenatsky Roslyn Roisman Mark Ross David Sass Hanny Schames Chaim Shulman Lisa Tamier Agnes Unger Daniel Wachtenheim Lisa Wachtenlieim Lili Weinstein Eiran Zell Howard Zipperstein • Steven Wysocki Sylvia Smernoff ' m 28 GRADE 6 r My nn n -nn ' Brigitte Diller Michael Fallas Margi Finger Bonnie Fisher Marietta Flatowicz Jami Frankel Ralph Freudenberger Larry Gardner Zipora Goldsman Barry Granitz Dahlia Heller Ronnie Hobb Joyce Klein David Lax Michael Lax Larr ' Levy Linda Mandelbaum Harry Marshak Alan Moorman David Naiditch Anthony Perfit Abraham Rudy Sheryl Saada Irit Schleien Nechama Shulman Sossie Vanek Benjamin Weiner Raphael VVolkenfeld Avi Goor 3:i ±?t :ri 29 GRADE 7 Just wait till next yearl V r Hannah Baiter Michelle Frank Resa Rub Raymond Blum Judith Herskovitz Irving Schwartz Shari Bronstein Shoshana Katz Richard Sieger Richard Corn Suzanne Lax Noah Taft David DeCandia Ben Zion Litenatsky Avi Tars hi sh Alex Dimant Pammy Mirvis Ellen Thompson Zeev Ephrat Judy Praw Yaakov Vanek Diana Ferziger Helen Roisman Avi Willinger Frank Fox 711 n i bw mpiJTi ' 7in V ' ls?! n 7x n- ' - ' pna oViyn ■[• ' k ' 30 THE8TH GRADE GRADUATING CLASS a J, f Mi t Ilan Bergman Miriam Latt Danny Blum Ronnie Meyerovics Jeffrey Bolirer Marci Mirvis June Deutsch David Nagel Robin Deutsch Ronnie Naiditch Enid Dunl-;elman Michelle Perfit Joel Epstein Amy Ptashkin Chaya Estersolm Peter Ross Penny Finger Alan Stern Morris Hobb Sandra Stern Millie Kaplansky Brian Treiger Jeffrey Kaufman Josliua Weinberg Robert Klein " minnn n " 7x rr pj minn ]■ ' $ " " piay D • -m n □■ ' opi:? did " . 31 n " 3 .Vnti " 3 r.N nii ' - ' n miaa V- ' nn.-ji tdtd ido pn cia n:in anc ' ? . i3 omjo ' : ' n ' ?n nt(jn oy in ' ' I ' r ojr nn m:c ' ? k " -! k ' h mxcnc p ' jn " na ' r njtj n ' n ' r t ' Tj Sj 1 1 ■• i " ? xin ' kid " V ' in pukd r ' x tnj;: ' " jt .BTpSmiDy omuvj ' •I ' r dj; nnm i ' i:- ' ,-3 ' ' j dis- titd 1 I ■ oiTi i:i ' ' n:,:) ' r 01 " nni ' 3i?n iini " .ipn ainjj t;:di DT.DH ■ ' T311 msm min nT ' jis ' r on cnr ck .Kin -[zi ,nnn nn dk ' ?13 ' ' :i3 oTi nD on t-.x .a ' rxK cirio .i: ' ' D ' ' 11K no j nDi:m o ' nn ie;: pk d ' V ' ciji ■ ' j ' 11. ' ; pi ' ' n ' ? i3i3Pn ' ? o ' liisin o ' lyxn hk cnys .a ' lp ' cd ' ■ ' o- ' ;, cpni IKS ' D.101 n ' r.on ■ ' JIM ' ? ' ? 1N0 Tisn VxTf D3 ' ' ' ?y ' tnt ' ' ' td ' j y .i3: ' :y .n ' N i3Piio i ' n nnr. ntv c ' imn a ' T-pini .coiie ,d ' ' ti ' : .ciai in ' ' : xni 1 D ' lon n " 3 Plan ' aKVoD ipt xin niia iiipn ■ ' jsj ' t " jku " I ' a ' an " (.K ' I ' Diyj " nyi ' ?d3 .iti d ' hdik " Kii ' ; QDPiT ' T " Vy 13P3 ' ; ' ' ' : ' 1133 DPN D ■• V •• p : :: IDK .n- ' rpia mnn DjVip ' Viai .no ' ' y:ni ,i3iyn . npiK D ' IKE CDin PTIT DdV ylTI ' ' 3mD3 133 ' 01 1 ■ ' i ' ' ,:; ' ?P3 .a iyn pif:iK ikj PTia nj ' K ' jkii ' ' oy t ' 3ipp: .iTin pr, ' ;i iipoi- K ' n upe ' ksi i:pniD ' 7 " I i:a3n naso3 .rtzMpr ipnn ' ri ijKiii ' r ipi ' . ' n 1 ' i- ' ' :y ' npi lusn ia3?:3 .T-m idk:s " np,-j iin:; n ' t!! nni n3 ' 3jn I ' li " nr 3113.1 3 ' ' 3113 13 ' ' i ' Dn I ' Vaiy 3py i»n.i ' PiipM mn ' ' ' ocn P133 ' ? .13 ' ' Pi:ni3 PinpDP.i3 Piir ' ? ■•ppdii ,Q3 ' nD ' rji i3- ' Dn ' 3 1 3C ■ ' PJiypn . " n3 ' ?3 Vy P ' - ' py pki V n iiy pi33 pi3i " ii,3n izf y .IT no ' ' y3m ,i3ici d3- ' 3ii3 n " y3 is ' idpj .n pa • ' 3K ,D-iin " r TIN Til " nnp ' ? n-jip y i« tii " 30 ' ' .i ii3r .Vnii ' ' a3Pi ■ ' 3?! " r3 ' ? V IK Tin ,u ' ' nn ' r yix in .13 iy P3 ' iiD m- ' ai iprpspm im. ' : ' ? ni q ' ' 03 y " 7 - r, 131- -I ' PEil yiD llllV 11X3 " llDrV 13 ' 3 ' ' 3 OlVj ni« " J ■ ' 131 1T1P1 is ' i ' r ' rrDi i3 ' ' 3n ' 733 in ' Vxp v " " im oi ' ? " ri on n iii ' D3 .C1S1 ' ' 7K ■•3 ' ' y3 IP iNx-m .is ' ii. " :! iD ' ii.i ' r 13131 pns n? " m 31 13 1 ' 1 PI 313 id ' ?K3 3 ' ' 73ia .■? P13i 32 CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES itm J.W.V. atYavneh Physical Education Rabbi Fisher-stop playing! There ' s work to do on the yearbook Student Council at work. n " n n )oK j n 50 iH tjH ri»tin D. ' J tJ nSt 3»32?n icaa ,d»3:? .ni iw nr n3D ' iKsa D ' n d»d I3 ' ;iu i3n3K ♦d jVin ' Tid " ? Djn tjiif ♦tid ' ? unm i3 n:j »dd na ' r linst ' ? ; nTn ?! V " " ' TTT . ' ' ' m D»Tin» -n;in 13 ? a ' ni ' jjn hd o ' n- ' TiaV 133 ,r;33 ' a i3Vay 13 ' 7D? Vdd i313 rT r ' nt ,VNnB ' min »s by . " f-ikN -j-n ny nmn aic? " airiDo ann " ?! nya D 3inVn ♦p:iy3o» ' 7 m V min nn d»sti i3n3Jc nan nanxn Mna ibay m-nuni D ' lion ,D»33in VdVi v » " • i ' s Kn .IVkH D ' 3l7n VS TU7D3 Jn33»i yz? " jn» ?D ■ n n ' m Tib nr no ?a • nm 1 3 K Dxn ,a ' ' Tnno t : ! • ' o,D " ' Tm- ' a i3njx,]D .n z ' Tipn minn nx 13 7 ' v• ' , • - ' rT ' m ' nV bp xV V s . 7 ■ Ta m • nV a ■ o- -i}J i D ■ ' 77 1 y 1 J xa? no Vo .D ' ' ' ' nn nson mno , m ■ " inx r -2 7t i j " 7 te ' " ' . my ■ 3ST niw too , □ ■ a 1 D D ■ T 1 n • xV 13X DX1 .D- ' - ' li 103 13n3X , ' n3 i ■• oxn " ? D ■ ' 3 ■ ' -IS 1 : X .ij- ' o " ' ■f ' i3 ' ' TX ' ' ]yoV ,3iD nr ' n n nya? " 73 .110 n - ' xV cmn ' bi -incn moo ns- " noi i-iXjinipn .no ' iio© n 1 T " 1 ■ Dy, ' n mx oy ,n3nx ay np- ' ioo .noon ay np " " nno Imoo ns ' -im 7 ' ' x,-ini27n 7now n wiw tir o ' lno ni7o 35 REMEMBER WHEN. 0 " Sandy : V Josh Jeff B. ff ' i ' XM ■ ' ,■■ Han Robert Marci REMEMBER WHEN % •- 1 Enid Jeff K. 4 Robin ii Morris f Alan " S V- v ' Peter Amy Miriam Penny Ronnie M. THE TIME IS NOW FOR SOVIET JEWRY Jews forbidden to learn Torah, Worship as they please and leam Gemorah. Jews forbidden to go to their land, They must stay in their barren land of sand. Jewish children many subjects tliey carmot leam, The people who choose for them have no concern. Jews are forbidden to say as they please, When will all of this cease. Miriam Latt One problem poses a very big threat, Our brothers in Russia are not out yet. No freedom of speech nor religion lies. In our brothers ' tired and abused eyes. Their situation is bad as it is shown. But let it be known, That they say, that they say, in G -d their faith forever shall lay. Jeff Bohrer Chains are holding Jews tight. And they can ' t study Torah without fright. " Save them " we pray to Hashem, Because Russia does only evil to them. They can no longer live in such a nightmare, With Jews being arrested for no reason there. Just for hoping their religion won ' t end. They are sentenced to imprisonment. We need the help of all the Jews around the earth. So that the Jews in Russi a can love in peace, Being able to worship as they see fit. To go to Israel, Russia must permit. Marci Mirvis The time is now for the freedom of Soviet Jewry, For all Jews to take action and unite, To raise our voices from whispers to shouts. To let the world know We are ready to protest and ready to fight. So hear our cries and listen to our pleas, LET OUR PEOPLE GO! Chaya Estersohn There are many Jews in Russia. These people are not free to do for themselves. Their life is hampered. They can never Travel. They can never enjoy themselves. Most of the people want to live in Isreal. Now we must help them. We must get them out of Russia to be free. One day soon, we hope, Russian Jewry will have freedom. Wouldn ' t it be nice if the Soviet Jews could come back, They would see all the things which they ' ve lacked, Their freedom, their families, their friends. Oh!. 1 can ' t wait until it ends. Ronnie Meyerovics Morris Hobb Vavneh ' s T. V. and Movies Roller Games- Getting into line on luncheons. Temperatiu-es Rising- Showing your test paper to your parents. It ' s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World- YAVNEH ! I ' ve Got A Secret- My test grade. The Sound of Music- The very last bell on Friday, Split Second- Our breaks! I Spy- Peaking through a keyhole to see what the teacher is grading you. News- The weekly bulletin. The Price is Right- $6 for a locker. The Little People- The nursery kindergarten. Concentration- Learning Gemorah. The Parent Game- A P.T.A. meeting. Sports Challenge- Trying to answer Alan Rosen ' s questions. Issues G Answers- The 8th grade meeting with Rabbi Litenatsky, Treasure Island- Our tzedakah boxes. Wild Kingdom- Recess! Escape- Taking 2 Orange Drinks at lunch G getting away with it. The Adventurer- Going in Rabbi Fisher ' s office with- out permission. The Thrillseekers- Everyone who tries to run in the halls. The Golddiggers- Everyone who tries to sell an ad for the yearbook. All in the Family- Yavneh ' s staff. Kid Power- The student council. The F.B.I. - Safety patrol. n -O ? - - THE TIME IS NO W FOR PEA CE I walked out into tlie desert sands of Sinai and watched tlie battle. I heard the booming and the banging and the screams of dying men. I wondered: . . . .where had Peace gone? I walked away in search of PLACE and to my fortime I found PEACE on die patli approaching. I asked him, " Why did you leave Israel? Why are you not tliere bestowing harmony and friendship on the Arabs and Israelis? " He answered, " Those in the Arab lands and Israel do not want me, only War and Bloodshed. It makes me sad and turns my heart black to think of this. When ' they stop fighting and killing, and say " Let us live like brotliers " , then and only then will I know they want me back. " Ilan Bergman We ' d like to conquer war, And seek that quest for eternal peace. A dream of men, women, and children, A dream of sincerity and love. Whose symbol is a pure while dove. We ' d like to see some day This dream become a reality, for people like you and me. That way this world would be a better place. For every creed and every race. Peter Ross Once there was a war going on. People hating and killing each other, Families worrying about tlieir loved ones. Why, oh, why was a war going on ? The wise ones saw that it was sad and foolish, To go on killing their fellow men. So they got together and signed a treaty. Why, oh, why was a war going on? Now there is peace, no shooting and killing. The Dove of Peace flys high with pride, No more childrens ' voices shrilling. Over their loved ones that have died. Now the young and old together say: " Thank G-d there ' s peace in the world today. " " There ' s peace, there ' s peace; no war to fear, " " Nobody will shed another tear! " Ronald Naiditch In far away places. Wars are raging on, And people can prevent them, By getting something done. Peace is the answer, To all this bloodshed and mess; Else men wil 1 number. Each day, less and less. Robin Deutsch There are so many killings in Israel. Why must everyone bother and hate our sacred land. When will the killing end? How many must die before that time will come. Israel must be secure because it is the Promised Land. Josh Weinberg It ' s hard to For all day For all day For all day dying. For all day It ' s hard to find peace in this world, long we rush and hurry, long we hear loud noises, long we hear about wars and people long, for all day long, find peace in this world. Alan Stem There are so many wars, In the world today. But nobody listens, To what people say. They cry and shout, To end war and bring peace, But the peace is forgotten, and the wars seem as if never will they cease. June Deutsch 39 ' Li h %Mi SOME OF OUR ACTIVITIES TASHLICH In October, 1972, Yavneh went to Santa Monica Piei for Tashlich. Tashlich represents the throwing away of one ' s sins. The sins are supposed to be cast out to sea. We used bread crumbs to represent our sins and chanted beautiful prayers. It was a very meaningful day. Jeffrey Kaufman YAVNEH CHOIR Qui choir this year was led by Cantor Jacob Erblich. We had many performances this year such as the Yavneh banquet, the R.Z.A. banquet, tlie cantorial concert, the Jerusalem Fair, and of course, the Cantata. Every Wednesday the choir met, learned, and practiced many beautiful songs. Like every year, our choir this year was very good. Enid Dunkelman EXPOSITION PARK This year the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades went on their traditional trip to the museum at Exposition Park. First, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry where our guides discussed various body systems such as the muscular and nervous systems. We then proceeded to the Museum of Natural History where we split into groups and viewed marvelous skeletons of prehistoric animals and learned about the origin of man. One of the most breath taking exhibits was a sarcaphogus believed to be thousand of years old. The day was a full and knowledgeable one. Everyone had a great time. Jeffrey Bohrer COURT TRIP The 8th grade class met their tourguide as they arrived at the Los Angeles County Courthouse. She took us to an empty courtroom and explained about different kinds of courts, what cases may use them, and the people who work in a courtroom at the time it is used. After that we were put in the seats of lawyers, bailiffs, desk clerks, and even the judge as we put on a " fake " case against Mrs. Podell for giving us too much homework. We don ' t quite remember what the jury said about Mrs. Podell, but all we know is that she still gave us homework throughout the school year. Then we actually were taken to see a trial in progress. Our class watched and heard the goings on of a case and sometimes even saw the attorneys " steam up " a littie. About an hour passes by and then the judge called for a recess and he invited us to visit him in his chambers. We asked him what it was like to be a judge and how could one of us become one. It was a most exciting and rewarding day for us. POLICE STATION As one of our yearly trips, we went to the police station. We enjoyed being escorted by a police officer and going in a real paddywagon. When we arrived at Parker Center, we saw the memorial waterfall for the policemen who had died on duty. Then we walked down a large corridor inside the building until we entered a large auditorium. Officer Taylor, our escort, discussed with us about the questioning and the lineup which they sometimes used to identify a criminal. We followed Officer Taylor into the room where they keep the files. Of course we couldn ' t see them, but he showed us the system of filing which they used. He then took us to where they receive emergency calls and ex- plained to us how it was done. After tliat we visited tlie fingerprint department where Mrs. Podell got fingerprinted. It was then time to leave, so we filed on to the paddywagon for our journey home. It was an enjoyable and enlightening day. Marci Mirvis Alan Stem 42 c (a ll e U yrru To Rabbi Litenatsky, Whom we worked witli through the years, We will leave you witli our hearts in tears. We ' ve enjoyed school, and have learned many things, We will think about Yavneh in our hearts and dreams. To Rabbi Fisher, for better or for worse, A friend through all, we leave this verse. Filled witli love and hope for each coming year, We could never forget a man so dear! To Mrs. Podell with silky dark hair, Who gave us much homework, but still was fair. She taught us how in life to succeed. Our love to her is what we leave. To Rabbi Rubanowitz, Our teacher for two years now. We gratuitiously tell him. To take a bow. Though the 8th grade boys. Are grown and fine. Teaching them, he must have had a pretty hard time. To Mrs. Gottlieb, Our beloved teacher. When we had a problem. We could always reach her. A wreath of kind thoughts. To her we leave, For to find a friend in a teacher. Is hard to conceive. To Mr. Bisio who taught us science. We leave to him our total alliance. His spectrum was light, his teachings bright, We ' ll remember him day and night. We learned our math with love sincere, Because Mrs. Sass was our teacher this year. To her we leave a compass and ruler, ' Cause when it come to math, You sure can ' t fool her! To Alan Rosen another Jack LaLanne, We leave to him an Olympic game. He taught us to sit straight and not to slump, We will leave this school with a hop, skip, and a jump. To Mrs. Erblich who taught us all she knew. We very gratefully leave to you, TTie Hebrew language to correct and understand. For your teaching and help. Has just been grand. And to all the teachers. Who have helped us through, We leave all our love. With our hearts, THANK YOU! And to the future classes. Who ' ll soon be number one. We hope your graduating year. Is just as much fun! THE TIME IS NOW TO SAY GOOD-BYE The time is now, not was, not will be. The day is today, not later, not " we ' ll see " . You stop for a second. You try to think. You know tliat you ' re now. . . And you take a cool drink. Now, look at the water. See yourself there. The reflection is true. Would you really dare, To drop a stone And muddy the water? You do, then you leave. Stepping out of tlie gutter. Walking up to your friend. You summon your strength, " Good-by friend " , you whisper, " Hope to see you at length " . You walk towards the alley. You breath a deep sigh. You say what you must, and you must say good-by. Penny Finger Good-by Yavneh, I have to go, I ' m really going to miss you so. But time has come for me to leave, Believe me this is not an easy thing. I hate to go, I really do. But there are other experiences Out there for me and you. Saying good-by is. . . Leaving a tear of sadness and sorrow, For sometliing so dear, As your last school year. As we graduate on this day, We will always remember. What our teachers did say. Michelle Perfit After nine long years in Yavneh, We feel it will be very hard. And impossible to leave. But all good things must come to an end. And we must start a new beginning. Good-by Yavneh! We ' ll miss you! Enid Dunkelman As it is time to graduate. We remember the fun in grade eight. As we look upon the years in the past. We wish that grade eight would last and last. We remember in Yavneh the troubles and the fun. Thank goodness our yearbook is finally done. We turn around to say good-by. As we leave Yavneh we start to cry. Amy Ptashkin Robert Klein Around, around. The circle of life goes. Where it will stop. Nobody knows. The friendships, the laughter, And all the people we knew. Spinning, spinning, Yavneh we will miss you! Sandra Stem When you leave it ' s very sad. Because it makes you feel so bad. It sometimes even makes you cry. But still we have to say good-by. David Nagel ..••••»», I hate to say good-bye. Because it might make me cry. I liked this school a whole lot. And I ' ll miss the baskets I have shot. Danny Blum I stand outside beyond the door, I turn around and look once more. The big gray building which I adore. With all my heart and so much more. The time must come for everyone, To stand outside beyond the door, The big gray building which they adore, And say Good-by forever more. Joel Epstein 44 Shangri-La MORE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES .Q• ' va ■ • n nynn ipn ij-ido n •• n 1972 Tiam V 28i inowm m ' lrn • t- Vy run ' Vw min nx s ' - ' j.Tnb n ■ n twdk , d ■ d i a loixa , ditV 13dtt2 nx 1 3 ' XI . nDiiynn npn ' ? ij ' 7nnm mjop msiipV 1 3 pVnnn , db ' V ijyarnr TD -inn.TinDi msj, " 7 e ' ai oy idit i j iny i , d • " 7wn • ni? ao-nsDn " m- ' ixn -lyw " ,n " 7W D- ' D- ' WDnm , minn ■ ' ■ ' n,i3Dn • ni , piVdV h , n ' lpynn Vy n - ' ionD D- ' isin , D " - ■ 7K " i " ' Vdxq ' in mjpV riTi iwdx. m • Vkiw m ' AJD ijyn Pi n ' pTipn Vd • it!2. ns- nsnym 13 ' 7D V ' aa?! ixn T ' jyai ■» 3 1 : • n b i ■- d n ■ n nr . oVijx D 1 Vn rr " nnTi ■» pDjVsp V- ' O FOOTBALL This year we had one of the most exciting foot- ball seasons in our school ' s history. We had much interschool competition against such schools as Hillel, Emek, Westside J.C.C. With the help of our coach Alan Rosen, we were in great physical shape and played very well. Our proud parents, principal, vice -principal were there to cheer us on. We not only learned to play well, but we also learned good sportsmanship. This activity was well liked and en- joyed by all. Peter Ross JERUSALEM FAIR On November 28, 1972, the whole school went to the Jerusalem Fair. On our way there in the buses the great Yavneh art 1 was displayed as we sang our way to 5ie Los Angeles Convention Center, where the Fair was being held. When we got there, we were split up into little groups and as we walked along, we saw the beautiful " Lion ' s Gate " of Jerusalem to be walked through with great pride, emotion, respect, and honor. We then neared many differ- ent pictiu ' e displays and booths, showing and selling products from Israel on her industry, economy, people, schools, social life, jewelry, food, and more, all from Israel. There was a big Israeli market with all kinds of different groceries, products, and Israeli food and this was all accompanied by an Israeli accordionist. This was a very educational and fun experience for our entire school and also for all of Los Angeles. Millie Kaplansky DDtt ' 3 T ' D .nja ' nVnpai mp n nsiap Vinirn tko hkj ai» n ' n oawa i " o,n3wn nisinp DASm ijnisn ' ? i3 " ' n© D ' ann d ' jkh oy ijs-iDim pnio iwhjtV ijDVn ' pojVsp ' »V " a TU BISHVAT This year Tu Bishvat was a very pleasant day for Yavneh ' s choir and dance group. We went to Rancho Park and joined the many people awaiting our per- formance and the performances of other Israeli actors, dance groups, and singers. It was a very musically enjoyable and fun day for everyone. Millie Kaplansky STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS This year ' s Student Council election proved to be one of the closest races in Yavneh ' s history. For an entire week all of the candidates were putting up detailed posters and mak- ing vibrant speeches all over the school. All the students were very involved with their cheering being heard all over. At the end of that very exciting week came that important day when everyone in the school voted for the person who they felt would do the best job for them. CLASH DAY Every year in Yavneh it is a tradition for the eight grade girls to have " Clash Day " . On this day, the girls dress up in many things that don ' t match. The girls wear extra paraphernalia such as socks, necklaces, belts, etc. This year the whole eighth grade, both boys and girls really clashed. All the girls wore two different colored socks and tliere were many striped skirts worn with patterned blouses underneath clashing vests. Two of the girls really went as far out as to wear two different shoes, three socks, and even two different ribbons. It was the same with the boys. They wore shirts on their legs and shorts over pants, together with clashy tops. It was really fun and CLASHY! Millie Kaplansky David Nagel THERE ' S EVEN MORE TO YAVNEH SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS ' WEEKEND On Friday, February 19, 1973, the seventh and eighth rade girls boarded a bus for a weekend at Lake Arrowhead, ' pon arriving the girls ran off into the snow. Immediately snowball fight began where everyone, including the ;achers were soaked. Saturday and Sunday consisted of ?bagganing, ice skating, long walks, discussions and of ourse, snowball fights. On Sunday, our Englisli teacher, Irs. Podell, surprised us by coming up to visit us. We also ot another treat ... it started to snow. All the girls ran utside and tried to catch tlie snow in their hands. Even lOUgh it snowed for only five minutes, it was great fun. matter how wet and tired we were, we were very sorry hen our weekend ended, but we have many fond memo- es of our exciting times. Amy Ptashkin BOYS ' WEEKEND The seventh and eighth grade boys ' weekend at Timber- md Lodge, Lake Arrowhead, was the first for the boys in ver t vo years. All the boys were excited and raring to get oing. After arriving and unpacking we indulged in a igantic snowball fight, which I ' m sure Rabbis Litenatsky, Lsher, and Rubanowitz will remember for a long, long time. rev Shabbos was a night of spiritually moving davening, nirot, learning, and good food. Shabbos morning, a cold, liny day, we went out for a long hike. We ascended one f the largest hills in Lake Arrowhead, everyone racing to be le fiist to the top. Then it was time to head back, but lere was one problem. We were lost! After being drenched 1 the freezing rain for an hour and a half, we finally found ur way back to the lodge. That night, the boys had a very olorful and humorous costume and skit party, in which the oys dressed up in everything from a ventriloquist and ummy to a doctor and ill patient. After having a traditional illow fight, it was time for bed. Speeding down hills, tobogganing, and playing a little ool rounded out a very enjoyable and fun weekend. Brain Treiger THE MOVIE It seemed like it was going to be an ordinary run-of- the-mill day until " They " walked in. " They " were a group of Universal Studio ' s staff members looking for some talented actors and actresses for their T.V. movie, " A Man Called John " . Many Yavneh students were chosen, nine of which were eighth graders. At seven o ' clock in the morning a school bus drove seventy -seven sleepy boys and girls to a rusty old boat docked at San Pedro Harbor. Dressed in the ragged attire of Turkish Jews during 1942, the students boarded and commenced with our great acting careers. In between takes, they had some interesting chats with Raymond Burr, Elisa Gur, Don Galloway, and other important people. They were very nice as tons of children hoarded them for autographs. All in all, we shall never forget this exciting event throughout our entire celebrated lives. Penny Finger BASKETBALL We really had a great basketball season in Yavneh this year. We all worked hard and had a lot of fun, thanks to our coach, Mr. Rosen. He helped us greatly and taught us things we didn ' t know, for example, how to play as a team unit. We hope that next year ' s basketball team will be just as good as ours was. WEBELOS The Webelos scouts had an interesting program with their leader, Bill Ross. They worked on numerous activities during tlie year and earned their atliletic badge, citizenship badge, and naturalist badge. They planned an overnight trip to Malibu and an all day hike. They planted terrariums and made Hanukah gifts for their dads. In addition, they worked on a service project for the old age home at Purim time. Peter Ross GIRL SCOUTS The girl scouts under the leadership of Bemice Ross had a varied program of activities this year. They worked on a service project for the earthquake victims of Nicaragua, celebrated a thinking day event and had an overnight camping experience. They also made many craft items which represented Israel. They had a tasting bee and sold foods from Israel. In addition, the girls sold girl scout calendars and cookies in order to earn money for the troop. Peter Ross Ronnie Meyerovics t vi - :t ;. ,j8SSf r " V rT " r ie Teachers of Yavneh Bid You a " Fond Farewell " and Wish You Good Luck Rabbi E. Zev Litenatsky Mr. Ray Bisio Mrs. Rose Blumenthal Mrs. Joan Browner Mr. Oded Edan Mrs. Anne Ellison Mrs. Cecilia Click Mrs. Regina Goldman Mrs. Libby Gottlieb Mrs. Helen Cranitz Miss Sharon Handin Mrs. Judith Kin Mrs. Charlotte Kiwas Mrs. Leah Leshefsky Mrs. Nancy Lippman Rabbi Ephraim F. Fisher Mrs. Devorah Litenatsky Mrs. Peggy Marlow Mrs. Claire Podell Mr. Alan Rosen Rabbi Joseph Rubanowitz Mrs. Evelyn Sass Mrs. Celia Sieger Rabbi Israel Singer Miss Aviva Spigelman Mrs. Miriam Stosser Mrs. Florence Tenenbaum Mrs. Rose Ungar Mrs. Julia Uslan Mrs. Rachel Werba 48 To the Graduating Class Yavneh 73 Each and Every One of You Is a Part oj All of Us Good Luck G-D Bless You PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Mrs. Debbie Epstein, President Mrs. Dorothy Diller, Executive Vice President Mrs. Helen Mars, Vice President Mrs. Pearl Marshak, Vice President Mrs. Debbie Litenatsky, Vice President Mrs. Hannah Wolkenfeld, Vice President Mrs. Estelle Marshak, Treasurer Mrs. Elsie Frank, Secretary .• Mrs. Diana Kurtzman, Chairman of Commitees Mrs. Sheila Sevilla, Coordinator Mrs. Frida Monty, Co-Chairman Luncheon Committee Mis. Raquel Gersh, Co-Chairman Luncheon Committee 49 dVtd i:i3D n-iin Tio ' n r ;e Teachings and Learning of the Torah Is Above All. Our Brother, Father, and Cousin, Always Ad heard to This Lofty Principle. Therefore He Loved All the Pupils ofYavneh As His Own Students and Children. Our Deepest Appreciation to the Graduating Class oj ' 73. Cantor Samuel Klemer Rabbi Yehuda Klemer Rabbi Yisroel Klemer Mr. Mrs. Mechel Guttman Mr. Mrs. David Mersel Mr. Mrs. Ben Rogers 50 iiu iV njpi 31 -] " ? nu7y We congratulate the Graduates their parents, relatives and friends, as well as the Board of Directors and ALL Affdiates of the Samuel A. Fryer Yavneh Academy Maze I Tov RABBI Mrs.E.Zev Litenatsky and Family RABBI Mrs. Ephraim F. Fisher and Dov David OUR JEWELS Adka, Zachary Barak, Amit Basch, Michelle Basch, Myron Bastomski, Barbara Bastomski, Libby Bastomski, Sonia Blugrind, Michelle TTie Blum Children Colman, Joel Philip Com, Gerald Com, Richard Davidson, Glen Dimant, Alexandra Dimant, Debbie Dimant, Kimberly Ephrat, Dyna Ephiat, Zeev Epstein, Helene Epstein, Joel Epstein, Nancy Erblich, David Erblich, Simon Erskine, Laura Farran, Avner Fisher, Dov David Flatowicz, Nt arietta Goor, Avi Granitz, Barry Granitz, Steven Hananel, Tammy Heifetz, Daniel Herskovitz, Judith Himes, Mark Ives, David Jacoby, Sandra Jaimovich, Mordechai Jaimovich, Tzur Kaplansky, David Kaplansky, Ella Kaplansky, Millie Katz, Bernard Katz, Michael Katz, Rosemary Kaufman, Jeffrey Kierzenblat, Haviva Kierzenblat, Samuel Kolsky, David Kolsky, Jeffrey Kom, Sylvia Kurtzman, Evan David Kurtzman, Lisa Lax, Jerry Lax, Michael Lax, Susie Levine, Abraham Levine, Jay Levine, Joseph Levy, Miry Leiberman, Alan Litenatsky, Ben-Zion Litenatsky, Menachem Litenatsky, Raphael Litenatsky, Sarah Litenatsky, Shmuel Lobel, Ephrat Lumer, Jeffrey Lumer, Sylvia Mabari, Deborah Mabari, Shana Marshak, Glen Marshak, Harry Marshak, Michelle Meller, David Meller, Marni Mizrachi, Gary Monty, Ruth Niv, Ronnie Pinkus, Steven Praw, Henry Praw, Judy Riechman, Atjrienne Rosenthal, Andrea Ross, Amy Ross, Mark Ross, Peter Rozenberg, Bruce Rozenberg, Wa ' Tie Sass, Daniel Sass, David Sass, Joel Sass, Michael Segal, Leonard Sieger, Jay Sieger, Richard Sieger, Ronnie Shrem, Jean Shulman, Chaim Shulman, Nechama Spiegel, Judy Solomon, Nancy Stern, Sandra Tarsish, Avi Tyger, Gilla Tyger, Ronit Unger, Agnes Vanek, Chaim Vanek, Sarah Vanek, Sossie Vanek, Yaakov Wachtenheim, Daniel VVachtenheim, David Weinfeld, Avrum Weinfeld, Rifl a Weinstein, Perry Weinstein, Lilly Weinstein, Todd Willinger, AW Willinger, Steven Wintner, Tova Wokenfeld, Steven Wysocki, Jeffrey Wysocki, Steven Zell, Eiran Zipperstein, Howie Larry 51 R SON DAVID NAG EL IPON HIS GRADUATION MAY YOU HAVE , SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FROM YOUR LOVING PARENTS. SISTERS, AND BROTHER wi nmjjtzicmimKmi M. NAG EL AND FAMILY ROBIN AND JUNE ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS MAY YOU SUCCEED IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAvMs MR. AND MRS. SAN FORD DEUTSCH AND MARK Mazeltov 54 Julie Shiomo Margi Grandma Grandpa Claire Eddye Jenipher Bill Andy Richard John Erich Ron Rick Lisa Nancy nnv 55 JEFFREY BOHRER On to Greater Successes! MOTHER, DAD AND CHET 56 JUNE AND MARTIN PERFIT WISH MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER MICHELLE SUZANNE WHO HAS BEEN A SOURCE OF CONSTANT PRIDE AND JOY TO US. WE WISH HER AND THE GRADUATING CLASS A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL FUTURE MOTHER DAD ANTHONY, VALERIE 57 Congratulations I and Best Wishes Miriam Latt NIAZEL TOV TO JOEL EPSTEIN AND THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM THE ERA NKS SAM. ELSIE, DAVID. AND MICHELLE CONG R ATULATION S " DAVID NAGEL ' UPON HIS GRADUATION HADAR MEAT MARKET. _MENDAL CLUCK, SIMON ZELIG T«D3 3K noa? Djn p With tremendous satisfaction and pleasure we trace today the footsteps of our beloved and wise son Joshua, co-editor of the Hebrew section of W , as proudly he is graduated from Yavneh Hebrew Academy and cautiously begins the all- important walk down the Traditional Jewish highway- of-life, earring with him the spiritually-valuable luggage of as he looks forward to the tomorrow, when ' hH T i he will reach liisdestination, the heights of Sinai, there to dwell il " ' ' is PI 7C7 DT vBQever among the adherents of Torah-true Judaism. With love, Your grandmothers, Mrs. Bertha Weisel G Mrs. Etta Weinberg Your parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Philip Weinberg Your brother-in-law and sister, Mr, and Mrs. Michael Wolfson WITH GREAT PRIDE WE CONGRATULATE OUR NEPHEW PETER ON HIS GRADUATION AUNT MIRIAM AND UNCLE NORMAN UNCLE GEORGE AND UNCLE ART MAZEL TOV TO THE GRADUATES OF YAVNEH BE PROUD AND STRONG JEWS AND ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR HERITAGE JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE 5887 PICO BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES 937-8878 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM RUDY HAD DA WHO HAS ENTERTAINED US WITH MUSIC AND MAGIC 60 COMPLIMENTS OF Loan Association WEST LOS ANGELES SAN GABRIEL VALLEY DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES WEST SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SAN MARINO HUNTINGTON BEACH FAIRFAX LONG BEACH PICO-ROBERTSON First Federal Savings Rosewood Fairfax 655-4450 Highest Interest Paid On Insured Savings First Federal Savings Loan Association of Santa Monica Home Office: 401 Wilshire Blvd. 1 onaraiuaiions Congratulations to the graduating CLASS GWr GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS ASSETS OVER 4 BILLION GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ■ MEMBER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SHALOM HOTEL 61 CONGRATULATIONS and CONTINUED SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE TO CHAYA ESTERSOHN AND HER CLASSMATES UPON THEIR GRADUATION FROM YAVNEH. THE ESTERSOHN FAMILY PROUDLY: MOTHER, FATHER, GARY, and GRANDMOTHER CONGRATULATIONS TO TO OUR BELOVED GRANDAUGHTER MICHELLE P ERF IT PENNY FINGER ALL OUR LOVE and BEST WISHES WE WISH HER WELL IN HER FUTURE : LIFE MAY YOUR FUTURE BE 1 LOVE FILLED WITH MUCH HAPPINESS AND ABRAHAM and LIZZIE SUCCESS HELEN, DAVID. LORI AND CARI 62 » MAZEL TOV and BEST WISHES TO ROBIN andJUNE UPON THEIR GRADUATION. MR. and MRS. SALAMON FRANK EL WITH DEEP LOVE MAZEL TOV TO OUR DARLING AND GREAT PRIDE DAUGHTER and SISTER WE CONGRATULATE OUR DAUGHTER SANDRA AMY FTASHKIN AND HER CLASS IN HONOR OF THEIR AND HER CLASSMATES UPON THEIR GRADUATION GRADUATION FROM YAVNEH MAY G-D BESTOW ON YOU MR. and MRS. FRANK FTASHKIN A HAPPY SUCCESSFUL LIFE AND SONS MR. and MRS. N STERN and H ELLEN 63 Congratulations Best Wishes to MIRIAM LATT FROM PAUL HOWARD PAUL DORE FERNANDO Congratulations and Best Wishes To Our Wonderful Son Brother PETER You Have Made Us Proud Of You Your Loving Family, MOM DAD MARK AMY IN HONOR OF RONNIE MEYEROVICS BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK ALWAYS UNCLE SOL AND AUNT CHAN A Mazel Tov Best Wishes " Prescription Specialist " SYD ' S PHARMACY 7385 BEVERLY BLVD. WE 3-8571 Los Angeles, Calif. WE 4-8207 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR BELOVED DAUGHTER, SISTER, AND GRAND DAUGHTER MILLIE UPON HER GRADUATION. MR. MRS. JACK KAPLANSKY, ELLA i . DAVID MR. MRS. GOLDSCHMIDT Greeting 1 o The 8th Grade Compliments From A Friend I 66 Congratulations to Congratulations to our son and brother Penny Joel Mark Epstein upon her graduation on his graduation Her Loving family Mr. and Mrs. Hy Epstein Nancy and Helene THE A BR ASK IS UNCLE ROSS. AUNT RAY SAM, DEBBY, DANNY In honor of Ronnie Meyerovics To Ronnie M. upon his graduation Mazel Tov and G and M Kosher Meat Market Best Wishes now 501 N. Fairfax and always. Aunt Rose and Uncle Jacob ' » Congratulations to a real doll Michelle Perfit upon her graduation 67 The Robert Lax Family The Bernard Meller Familv Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to oxii graadson Joel Epstein his Bar-Mitzvah and graduation From your loving grandparents MAZEL TOV TO: GERTRUDE FACTOR ' S KIDDUSH COMMITTEE June Oeutsch Robin Deutsch Enid Dvmkelman Hedy Latt Laurie Latt Miriam Latt Susie Latt Francine Wintner Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Epstein Mazel Tov to our Son Ronnie Meyerovics upon his graduation, and Good Luck in the fut-jre. From Your Loving Parents and Sister 68 Congratulations to Yavneh ' s Graduating Class Elliot B. F eld man Congratulations to our daughter Enid Dunkelman on her graduation from yom loving parents and sister Nathan and Shirley Dunkelman Congratulations to Peter Ross Paiill ' s Furniture 42 N. Western Ave. Congratulations to Sandy and her graduating class from Ellen Thompson Eaye Thompson Anne Thompson 69 CONG RATULATIONS AND CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES AND FOR A HAPPY FUTURE OUR VERY BEST WISHES TO OUR SON AND BROTHER TO I LAN JOEL EPSTEIN MR. AND MRS. MOSHE ON BERGMAN - AND YOUR GRADUATION HANNAH FROM THE MARS CONGR J ON TO THE GRADUATING CLASS ■ ESPECIALLY :ONGRATULATIONS TO THE ™ JOEL EPSTEIN FROM SUSIE . s GRADUATING CLASS m ■ RABBI MRS. SHULMAN M. MIC HEAL K AND K JERRY 1 LAX ■ , H Congratulations and Best wishes to David Nagel and the whole graduating class " upon their graduation Mr. and Mrs. Frank Horny Joshua Weinberg and the eighth grade upon their graduation Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Diller .rthur, Michael, Cheryl, Brigette Congratulations to Penny Finger Irwin and Bernice Braun Congratulations to all the Graduates Mr. and Mrs. William Bernstein 71 PERSIMMONS TO POMEGRANATES SOL ' S RANCH MARKET 465 N. Fairfax SERVICE WITH A SMILE We Wish Mazel Tov to MICHELLE PEREIT PENNY FINGER and her graduating class upon her graduation. a bright and enlightening future Best of Luck DEAN BETTY CHRISTY MEL GROSSMAN 74 COLOR-GRAPHICS LXECUriVE GIFTS •■ • _ .- ' ' , ' . [ ' ' ' - ,..,_ JEWELRY fl2 " |L| i.f;J;fJf f1e_ APyUAXCES .:-: , , PRI7FS C fv ' . P A N Y 815 1 BEVERLY BOULEVARD EARL S :nukom.oiLuz cRe-baiz 1 GO J uhxLcation eSexuics. VBBt BEVERLY BuVO. PHONE 038-5353 HAPPY BAR MITVAH! TODAY MORRIS IS A MAN! LOVE MOM AND DAD YEHUDA ISK The Man vVith Electric Hands Helps Headaches, Dizziness, Various Sicknesses And Blood Circulation Tel. (213) 931-0867 iVIAZEL TOV AND CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 73 " move it well ... " GARIDELLE ' S VAN AND STORAGE CO. 655-0535 7656 Melrose Ave. Mazel Tov Ron Naiditch Rabbi Cain Sue and Eddie Bevonshire Motel Tel Aviv Restaurant New York Appetizing Store Clinton Art Supplier O. K. Strickly Kosher Meat Market A La Card Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schwartz and Sons Pegg - Shafer KING DAVID BAKERY FAIRFAX AVENUE Gilda Siedelman Best V isneb to Amy From Josh to Michelle Sojacher ' s Book Store Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mizrahi Claire G Iz Karzen MAZEL TOV TO RONNIE MEYROVICS UPON HIS GRADUATION MR. AND MRS. HARRY ROTH AND FAMILY Congratulations to my Brother Brian upon his graduation HAROLD TREIGER BEST OF LUCK ALWAYS MR. AND MRS. TABOR Congratulations To ENID upon her graduation Lois Edwards CONGRATULATIONS TO DAVID NAG EL MR. AND MRS. JULIUS COLLINGS Congratulations To JOEL 75 IKE ' S BODY SHOP MAZEL TOV TO DA VI D MR and MRS. MAX FRIEND ' tS PJ Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter MIRIAM upon her graduation MR. MRS. MORRIS LA TT AND DAUGHTERS IN HONOR OF PETER ROSS JOSH LAX ADAN KOSHER FOODS Catering for all occassions STRICTLY KOSHER We Would Like to Thank Rabbi E. Fisher for all his time and effort. For without him, the yearbook would not have been completed. We would also like to thank Mrs. Fodell for all her help. Sincerely, The 8th Grade Class oj ' 73 OUR EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Sandra Stem . Assistant Editor: Marci Mirvis Hebrew Editor: Millie Kaplansky Assistant Hebrew Editor: Joshua Weinberg Art Editor Penny Finger Last Will: Amy Ptashkin, Ronnie Naiditch Baby Pictures: Michelle Perfit, David Nagel T. V. and Songs: Joel Epstein, Alan Stem, Jeffrey Bohrer, Morris Hobb, Jeffrey Kaufman. Danny Blum, Ulan Bergman Photographers: Brian Treiger, Ronnie Meyerovics. Peter Ross Biographers: June Deutsch, Miriam Latt, Robert Klein Treasurer: Robin Deutsch Ad Managers: Chaya Estersohn, Enid Dunkelman Advisors: Rabbi Fisher, Mrs. Podell % t s ■■■■■ • ' ■ " ■ ■s? ' ;v ij, .. ■ ' m m :■ ' :• •,:» . " . ' ;.- • ■ ■?iikii,SA

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