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'E 2: fl F E -i S S E E 5 al gl E 'Q -M 3' R Hi I 5 5 I 2 K, E gg i. I ff 3. Pi IE E -a .1 E ? -3 71 3 5 E 5 E m-'msgmlaa-.. rr'-'1ffw.- n -'.U,,.,.,::- .'.,1m-er- 1:.x...,.4.ua-,rf au...x.vv1n:na-.,4.:e-uuqupip-.,f1,,.'ff-,zfazpjii-:.:.,1-1 ,nf-,.L. ., - 'asm J-f::.1ew, .w ,, - f.4.m:w,.4w.:M 3 ARICKARA 1939 YAINIKTON I-HGH SCI-ICDCDL YA N KTO N SOUTH DAKOTA JQMQ, Egteltl' FOREVVGRD We, the annual staff, hope to recapture and record memories of an exciting school year .... our faculty .... Student Council doings .... a resume of Arickara Day ....exciting events in the sports calendar. . .fighting for the Little Brown Jug .... music festivals and contests .. . .high school plays.. . .trials and tribulations of edit- ing the Woksape .... club meetings and parties .... winning the district debate contest .... declam contests ....Prom festivities. . . .familiar classroom scenes.. .. in this book, the l938-39 ARICKARA. DEDICATION To Harriett A. Jenney for the inspiration she has afforded as in the library, for the zealous interest she has shown at all times in our personal advancement and in our campus activities, and for building our library to the best in the state ....... the class of '39 dedicates this book. Taiole ot Contents Administration Classes Clubs Sports Features Sponsors k DB COUNCTE Q A 9 ' I FOOIOK-D C. A. BEAVER, Superintendent Mr. Beover, superintendent of Yonkton schools since l929, formerly vvos principol of Yonkton High School for seven veors. Before coming to Yonlcton he tought in the Nebrosko schools. l-lis good-noturedness ond willingness to help hos mode him o friend of oll who know him. BOARD lLeft to rightl l-l. Nissen, C. A. Beover, H. D. Knudsen, J. A. I-lohf, E. P. Fitzgerold, I. Doniels, Mrs. l-l. P. Jacobson. Representing the tox povers of Yonkton, the School Boord spends one evening o month solving school problems ond moking finonciol decisions for the betterment of the school. rl. " . P N x ""- P ' . v f uf-'1' , X R. E. NICHOL, Principal 'X' ws.- COUNCIL, 'W Rolflf l 2 tg ight! L. Gran, D, Metz, M. l-loellworth, E. Wanke, J. l-laley, D. Joh- 'if , J. Gurney, W. Van Osdel, H. Sherman, M. Cwach, M. Peterson, J. Fieseler, " l-lauger. -R ow! 1 R,AKarolevitg, L. Bevers, J. Lubbers, M. Crowe, A. Roozen, V. Vondracek, B. Smith, D. Smith, F. Moses, D. Robbins, M. Walsh, M. Miller. Row 32 B. Bicknell, R. Boone, W. Bicknell, J. l-lalla, G. Lindeman, R. Shoemaker, E. Lanctot, R. Schlaetli, W. Livingston, B. Davidson. Since the establishment of the Student Council in l93O by Principal R. E. Nichol, Yankton High School has been governed by the students. This council, which is composed of presidents from the homerooms, discusses student problems and has undertaken several projects this year. Among these is keeping the halls clean. They also arrange for the assembly programs which are given once a week. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: President ..... ........... R OBERT SHOEMAKER President ................. GEORGE LINDEMAN Vice-president ............ ROBERT KAROLEVITZ Vice-president ............... MARJORIE MILLER Secretary-treasurer .,........ DOREEN SMITH Secretary-treasurer ........... JANICE FIESELER RZ? 17'-Og 5.5571 s2'mV1' OOZ 3-43, ofDOr'u 4723- rn sci S- 325.95 O- Q FDSOO 3'3-Sa' -'LOO1 3g5- -is-W-fa OOFD 2-D-I -SUM D013 -ws-43N2 EQQ. :DUO ragg- gB,'5'rw r'D..2' 51F5so5' fbwlvm ""XO U, -. -Q--'43 1:30 Bw-4 -1-mC 3:2133 "'Q.-7s- U7 -FDD-+ 300 -1-03 'IZIPIUC-'IV' HELEN BURGESS English "Now really" lrallyl rsessieisuraai , Latin, English B K LlJi.i.uJ-U-vwui INEZ RHOADES English, Dramotics "Talk slower and louder." JORGINE HANSEN, "Jergy" English, Music "You may not feel ambitious but look as if you were KARL GOERZ English, Music "Everybody sing!" CLEON REIDINGER, "Tubby" Public Speaking, Debate "l don't know what you think, but in my opinion... RACHEL FUNDINGSLAND Algebra "Let's have it quiet." VERENE ERICSSON Geometry, General Mathematics "Bluff your way through." ERWlN BECK I " Electrical Trades, Vocations ARCHIE BEDNER , Bookkeeping, Typing V ,, "Well, l won't argue with you. JOHN HALE "Papa" l Biology, Ge al Science, Physiology "When Char pIqw5 ." ' Dfw ROBERT E. TOCZEK, "Rev." Chemistry "There comes a time in every man's Iife." 'fouid est?" 2 -Q ' - 7 I FLORENCE JOH NSON Homemaking WENDELL JONES, "Wendy" LUCY BOWYER, "Lucybelle" . French, Social Problems, English, World History "Don't you see?" CLARENCE WELLS EDITH GAMBLE Homemaking "Now girls." if VERNA EMANUEL, 'fshorry' i i English, Music Building and Trades "Measure twice and saw once. English, Journalism "lt's your annual, not mine." LORNE ARNOLD, "Coach" General Science, Economic Geography, Athletics um txlyslu HUBERT GARDNER, "Red" Athletic Director, Basketball Coach "Now l know that these boys are going out there to win Girls Physical Education ffl ADA DE BOOS Typing, Shorthand, Office Practice "You'll have to stop talking," s MARGARET 'HlBBARD, j'Red" , I' "Oh, you girls !" J, H. PRUGH, "Prugg" Music "Just once more through and we'll stop." ARTHUR BROOKS, "Artie" American History ,. "Let me tell you the one I heard last week." MARGARET WARD, School Nurse HARRIE-I-T JENNEYI Librarian Under the advisership of Miss Jenney the Library Club originated this year, Its purpose is to help the students in finding reference moterial. Row l: tleft to rightl G, ALLEN, L MAYER, P, BROWN, G DORAN, V, STORTVEDT Row 2. N, RHEINER, A CURRY, M, NADENlCEK, L LIGON, G OLSON MILDRED MILLER, S9CV9l0VY MARGUERITE KAHLER, Secremfv R E NICHOLA Principal C A. BEAVER, Superintendent Keeping order ,... solving problems .... excusing tardy L students .... making out grades ..,. holding meetings l . . . .giving tests. . . .making assignments. . . .supporting ' our activities .... condemning booing. . .praising sports- .. nnanship...helping us keep the Little Brown Jug .... ' A A " outa FACULTY, r I0 U . - g jhjgf'-' hx c. A 6 XO l A 1' X JA nag r tulle I The Senior Class When the i939 graduating class of Yanktan l-ligh School receive their diplomas on May 26, the varied high school activities of more than IZO seniors are ended, George McCarty of South Dakota State College delivers the Commencement address. Four years ago about l5O eager freshmen invaded the high school corridors and immediately found their places in music, debate and clubs. When they were sophomores many were chosen as members of prominent high school clubs, their curriculum consisting chiefly of athletics and music. Their junior year, they provided such entertainment as mixers, novelty dances, and the prom, which proved successful. Dramatic ability was displayed in the production "The Whole Town's Talking" directed by Lucy Bowyer, As seniors, Jim Fitzgerald, Don Lippenberger, and Ed Lanctot did outstanding work in the field ot athletics. Bob Shoemaker and Norbert Vinatieri gained honors for their class in debate. Betty Lou Fishbeck and Don Lippenberger won high laurels in music. ln journalism Inez Larson and Doreen Smith gained honors A thrilling mystery play, "The Eyes of Tlaloc," was presented by a cast under the direction of Inez Rhoades. OFFICERS SENIOR OFFICERS: President .............. DONALD LIPPENBERGER Vice-president ............. NORBERT VINATIERI Secretary-treasurer ........... DOROTHY DENNIS Advisers: HELEN BURGESS and ROBERT TOCZEK Class Motto: "Within ourselves our future lies." Class Colors: Blue and Gold Class Floweri Gladiola ELIZABETH ANDERSON "A sincere girl, we wish her well," VIOLET BAADE, "Vi" "A pleasant smile for everyone," Hobby: dancing Library Club 3. AUSTIN BATTIN, "Austie" "Ah mel How innocent my childhood was!" Hobby: swimming. Student Council 3, Cheer Leader V 4, President homeroom 3, Vice- president 3, Booster Club 3, 4 President Booster Club 4. GLENN ALLEN, "Itchy" "Give him a chance and maybe he'll grow up." Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Vice-president home- room 4, Library 4 PATRICIA ARRUNDALE, "Pat" "Not what she does but how she does it." Hobby: dancing. Other schools: Utica, S. Dole. JEAN BANKS, "Jeanobelle" "Her quietness is just a cloak of modesty to hide her scholarly attainments " Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Wok- sape Stott 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President Quill and Scroll 4, Vice-president homeroom 3. WILLIAM BICKNELL, "Bill" "l love to browse around a lab- orotoryf' Hobby: mechanical gadgets. Student Council 3, 4, "The Eyes of Tlaloc" 4, 'President home- room 3, 4. rx-6 v Q. ALMA BRAU NESRIETHER "High thoughts and deeds ever onward to complete dreams," Hobby: dancing. Other schools: Utica, S, Dok. EVELYN BRUDVIG ness," 4 Hobby: rea g. ,fHer ways a mn1. 4 r FRANCES BETZ, "Frannie" "She is herself. Can one say more?" Hobby: dancing. Other schools: St. Helena, Nebr., Sioux City, la. Q ,Sf 1 t'- Wil LEROY BOE "I mink, but I do Hobby: skating, Bavs' Glee Club 4. not speak." PHYLLIS BROWN, "Phil" "Books are her hobby and her ambition," Hobby: reading. Woksape Staff 4, Arickara Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Library 4 1 ROBERT CORNER, "Stooge" "l guess l'll ga out tonight and give the girls a treat." Hobby: parking. Other schools: Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Boys' Y Club 45 Football 3, 45 Track 3, 45 "The Whole Town's Talking" 35 "Headed for Eden" 35 "The Eyes of Tlaloc" 45 Arickara Staff 4. ,rigs 5, 5 ,,,. . :'- -,f -- CLARE NCE COWMA N, "Buzz" "Hal Hal Have l a sense of humor? Whoopee"' Other schools: Mission Hill, S, Dak WILLIAM CUTTS, "Bill" "Slow and easy going, but on the way." Other schools: Mission Hill, S. Dak. Football 45 Arickara Attend- ant 4. GERALD CLABAUGH, "Gerry" "You'lI never regret it-after you have known him." Hobby: photography. Student Council 35 President homeroom 3. CATHERINE CORNWELL "ls there any typing to be done?" Woksape Staff 4, MARJORY CROWE, "Marge" "A girl whose friendship is worth Cultivating." l-lobby: dancing, Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Student Council 45 "The Whole Town's Talking" 35 "On the Bridge at Midnight" 45 Girls' Drill Team 45 President homeroom 4. RITA DECAMP "What has a hotel got that Y. H. S. hasn't?" Hobbyi bowling. Woksope Staff 3, 45 GAA. 3, 45 Girls' Y Club 3, 45 "On the Bridge at Midnight" 45 Drill Team 3, 45 Homemcking Club 3. MARJORIE GAIL DORAN, "Red" "An unusual combination-red hair and a genial disposition." Hobby: reading. Other schools: Draper, S. Dak. Woksape Staff 45 Library 4. MELVI N CWACH, "MeI" "l'd rather hug a pigskin than any girl l know." Hobby: dancing. Student Council 45 Boys' Y Club 45 Football 45 President home- room 4. DOROTHY DENNIS, "Dot" "Variety, that divine gift that makes her so charming to every- one." Hobby: dancing. Other schools: Tyndall, S. Dak. Arickara Staff 45 Woksape Staff 45 "The Whole Town's Talking" 35 "On the Bridge at Midnight" 45 Debate 35 Arick- ara Squaw 45 Class secretarv- treasurer 4, SYLVIA DUNHAM, "Shorty" "Modesty is her charm," Hobby: reading. Secretary homeroom 4. MCKIE EASTMAN, " oc "ln love again.. .." Student Courg 5 Arickora Staff 4' W ks 4' President homerao uni r'Historical Soci y . IR CLEOPHA FANSLOW, "Cla" "She's the girl who always did her own thinking " Hobby. collecting poems VIN EVANS "Silence is a great art of conversation " Hobby: collecting guns and cartridges Arickara Staff 4, Track 3, 4. MARCELLA FREIDEL, "Marco" "Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value." - Hobby: reading. JAMES FITZGERALD, "Fitz" "A man among men .... and women' Hobby: photography. Band 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Arickara Staff 4, Woksape Staff 3, 4, Boys' Y Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, "The Eyes of TlaloC" 4, Vice-president homeroom 4, President Boys' Y Club 4, Foot- ball Captain 4, Arickara Chief 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4. 4,60 DORIS FEJFAR, "Dory" ' ALVIN FUKS "A good scout and the best of "He loves to hunt, bath for friends " , ' ' .' knowledge and iackrabbitsf' Hobby: dancing. Other schools. Utica, S. Dak. BEVERLEY FENSKF, "Bev" "Vim, vigor and vitality make her popular," Hobby' driving Band 3, Arickora Staff 3, 4, Woksape Staff 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Girls' Y Club 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, Drill Team Mana- ger 4, Woksope Business Man- ager 4, Homemaking Club 3, 4, Junior Historical Society, 3, 4 JA fu BLTTY LOU FISHBICK, "Fish" "The gods gave hor more than hor rightful share, In making her brilliant as well as fair" Hobby: reading Orchestra 4, Superior piano solo, state contest, Vice-pres- ident homeroom 3 NILI t Join" one of her 4, Woksape 3, 4, President homeroom uill and Scroll 4, Junior v W BETTY GAMBLE, "Bet" "As a student, you shine, As a friend you are fine." Hobby: swimming GAA 4, Girls' Y Club 3, 4, Girls' Drill Team 4, Orchestra 3, 4, "The Eyes of Tlalac" 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4. LFROY GROSSHUESCH RUTH GRAMAN "As it should be, the eyes of men are upon her." Hobby: dancing, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Student Council 3, GAA 3, 4, Girls' Y Club 3, 4, "Headed for Eden" 3, "The Whole Town's Talk- ing" 3, "The Eyes Of TlaloC" 4, Declarnation Winner 4, Girls' Drill Team 3, 4, President homeroom 3, Vice-president homeroom 3, Girls' Sextette 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4. "He is a man, take him for all and all " Band 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Orchestra JOHN HALLA, "Johnnie" "It's not wise to be wiser than necessary." GRACE HANSEN, "Gracie" Hobby. bicycle riding Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 4 JOHN HARDERS "lt you want anything done well, ask John to do it." CELESTE HALL, "Lessy" "No one can enioy life alone." Hobby: collecting poems. Other schools: Mount Marty Academy. RUTH HALVERSON, "Ruthie" "Courteous, reserved, quiet- and retired." Hobby: drawing. Orchestra 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Woksape St , 4, Home om secre 4, me- mo ' Cl EDWARD HEUER, "Ed" "He's always in the right place at the wrong time." Hobby: studying automobiles. KATHARINE HAUGER, "Kath" "True to her word, her work, her friends." Hobby: foreign correspondence. Other schools: Irene, S. Dale. Arickara Staff 4, Junior Histor- ical Society 3, 4, Secretary homeroom 3, Secretary Junior Historical Society 4, Student Council 4, President home- room 4. CLIFFORD HICKS, "Shorty" "ln baseball he will win his fame, For he plays o clean and splen- did game!" l-lobby: getting pictures of ath- letes. Booster Club 4, Football 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Secretary homeroom 3. ELAINE HANSON, "Terry" "Eight o'clock9 .... Sure, l'll be ready." Hobby: collecting souvenirs. Other schools: Mission Hill, S. Dok, Washington, D. C. Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, GAA. 4, Basketball 4, Girls' Drill Team 4. C SHIRLEY HILL, "Toots" "Above all things enjoy life" Hobby: reading. HARLOTTE JOHNSON "Even if tomorrow is another day, accomplish all you can in this one." Hobby: stamp collecting. Orchestra 3, Secretary home- room 4, I-lomemaking Club 3. MARIAN JEPSON, "Jep" Hobby: music. Other schools: St. Adrian, Minn. Bond 4. DONALD JOH NSON, "Bud" "Brains are found even in short people." President homeroom 45 Student Council 4 R ' he nces hemw into the he oll " gf l KAUFMAN, "Toni" . I by' dancin , ixe ho 4, rl Co lee ub 5 A, 4' Girls' Tea ' eader Mir RUTH KINNEY, "Ruthie" "A cheerful heart maketh a cheerful countenance" Hobb- ' collectin handkerchiefs f Q Band 35 Girls' Drill Team 4. DOLORES JOH NSON, "Dee" "The secret to success is con- stant purpose." Hobby: scrapbooks. Other schools: Bloomfield, Nebr, Mixed Chorus 45 GAA, 3, 45 Girls' Y Club 3, 45 "On the Bridge ot Midnight" 45 Declam- ation 45 Homemaking Club 3. AYMOND KAISER, "Roy" "Please lady, you're rust wast- ing your time, I think" Hobby: hunting Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Basketball 35 Foot- ball 4. WYNN KlNGSBURY, "Budge" Other schools: Dallas, S, Dok. Woksope Staff 4. VERNON KIRSCHENMAN "Kirschie" "Some of his curls should have gone to a girl." ADELINE KRALICEK ' L, . N "The world is great to us Why 5 , not be happy?" 1 Hobby: sewing, , ' Other schools' Utica, S Dgk, , ALVERA KUCHTA, "Vero" ,An- EMIL KUCHTA "He's always in the camera mood." Hobby 1 photography. EDWARD LA NCTOT, "Eddie" "Rough and tough in the box- ing ring." Hobby: boxing Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Student Council 45 Boys' Y Club 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Track 45 Presi- dent homeroom 45 Secretary- treasurer Boys' Y Club 4, Life is pure pleasure. Hobby: collecting pictures of movie stars. 'Q ELAINE KUDRLE, "Snooks" "You just wind it up and it talks." Hobby: collecting pictures. Other schools: Sioux City, la Girls' Glee Club 35 Secretary homeroom 4. JU NE LARSO N, "Junie" "A friend is worth all hazards we can own."L Hobby: hiking. Woksape Staff 4, Junior His- torical Society 3, 4, Hame- making Club 3, 4. DONALD L I PPENBERGER, "Lips" "Upon the highest cliff of fame, he will some day write his name." Hobby: stamp collecting. Other schools: Fort Morgan, Colo. Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, Booster Club 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, President homeroom 3, President Class 4. ALVIN LIST "Not afraid of work but in sympathy with it." "Unlimited energy and ability to organize bid fair to her suc- cess in journalism." Hobby: writing letters. Arickara Staff 3, 4, Woksape Staff 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Girls' Y Club 3, 4, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, "On the Bridge at Midnight" 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Girls' Drill Team 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Volleyball 4, Vice- president Quill and Scroll 4, Vice-president Girls' Y Club 4, Editor Woksape 4, Co-editor Arickaro 4, DALLAS LEADER, "Del" "Good sense and good nature are never separated." Hobby: baseball. Other schools: Constance, Nebr. LORRAINE LIGON, "Lorrie" "Not that I dislike duty, but I love fun more." Hobby: foreign correspondence. JOHN LUBBERS, "Lub" "l wasted time, now time wastes me." Hobby: collecting stones. Student Council 3. PAUL MATTERN "I squeeze a great deal of pleasure out of my dancing," Hobby: collecting coins. Band 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, "The Whole Tawn's Talking" 3, "On the Bridge at Midnight" 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4. MARCELLA Mc NEELY, "Marcy" "My nature is subdued to what it works in." Hobby: collecting pictures. Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Drill Team 4, Library 3. ANN LIVINGSTON "She mixes reason with pleas- ure and wisdom with mirth." Woksape Staff 3, 4, "The Whole Tawn's Talking" 3, "Headed for Eden" 3, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, De- bate 3. CHARLES MAHA N, "Chuck" "A bluff is as good as a miss, so he bluffs." Hobby: football. Boys' Y Club 4, Football 4, Track 3, 4. LOIS MAYER "She's quiet and nice." Hobby: collecting souvenirs, Bond 4, Arickara Staff 4, Wok- sape Staff 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Library Club 3, 4, President Library Club 4, v blk MARJ IE LLE 'Mari" "Littl t Cl It there." Hobb sewin . ,.i' Bon 3, ' Prom Pr' cess 3, C mittee N il' . , rf P' ALBERT MUELLER, "Nebraskie" "l want to be like Tarzan." Hobbv' hunting. Mixed Chorus 4, Boys' Glee Club 4. RICHARD NASH, "Dick" "Worry and I have never met." Hobby: dancing Mixed Chorus 3, 4. STEPHEN NEDVED, "Steve" "Be silent and be sate." Hobby: hunting. the RALPH NASH, "Doc" "Education, go and close the door, and leave me singing as I was before." Hobby: dancing. Mixed Chorus 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, "On the Bridge at Midnight" 4, Vice-president homeroom 4, Vice-president Boys' Glee Club 4, Boys' Quartet 4. H Al ELEN NEWELL "We thought her an angel child until we caught that twinkle in her eye." Hobby: reading. Other schools: Scotland, S. Dak. Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, Secretary home- LEEN NORRIS "A pleasant resting place for on eye." Hobby: swimming. Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Girls' Y Club 3, 4, "On the Bridge at Midnight" 4, Girls' Drill Team 3, 4, Girls' Sextette 4. ROBERTA NELSON "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Hobby: music. Orchestra 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, "The ,Eyes of Tlaloc" 4, Jun- ior Historical Society 4. WARRE N NIELSO N, "Worry" "There is authority in his speech." Hobby: reading. Band 3, 4, Student Council 3, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, "The Eyes of Tlaloc" 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Debate 4, President homeroom 3, State President Junior Historical Soci- ety 4, VLAST A NOVOT NY, "Vlast" "Why lrimn when smiling is SO easy " Hobby dOnCitig Other schools. Tabor, S Dok, President homeroom 3, Secretary homeroom 3 GERALDI NE OLSON, Gerry "Just the quiet kind whose nature never varies" Hobby: reading. Library Club 4 In MARGARET PETE RSE N, "Mugs" V "Quiet and shy until you know her." Hobby: reading. Other schools: Elk River, Minn. u...1y:..,,,x.-z.- . V -V - .1 LYLE PETERSEN, "Pete" 1, it "He'd be full of sin, if it's a lf V sin to grin." 9 f Hobby: music. - Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, . i. V Boys' Y Club 3. , f. W ,'hg if' 3 f ls sl 7f71745f iff .. ,S-ff 13 'N ' t H' iii, 'l-: . H" .L . i vp!!-1 . NORINE RHEINER "She works for work's sake." Hobby: collecting pictures of movie stars. Other schools: Lake Andes, S. Dak. Mixed Chorus 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Library Club 4, Vice-president homeroom 3. IOLET RAHN "A woman of few words does not have to take back so many of them." Hobby: dancing. Girls' Drill Team 4. ROBERT REETZ, "Bob" "Girls, here l am, but l'm bash- ful." Hobby: music Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Track 4. VERONICA PLAYANS, "Vernie" "She's nice without trying, a virtue most gratifying." Hobby: riding. Other schools: Bryant, S. Dak. VIRGINIA RENNER, Ginny "There is a daintiness about her that is attractive." Arickara Staff 4, Woksape Staff 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, GAA, 3, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, "The Eyes of Tla- loc" 4, Junior Historical Soci- ety 3, 4, State Declamation Winner 3, Social chairman Jun- ior class 3, Secretary homeroom 3, 4, Homemaking Club 3, 4, Vice-president Junior Historical Society 4, Prom Committee Chairman 3. ORDOQRICH, "aware" "Why take life seriously, you'lI never get out of it alive." Hobby: sleeping. Mixed Charu 4, Boys' Glee Club F l 3 T k 3. Wu HOWARD RASK "His road through high school is the path of common sense." Hobby: skating. MARY ELLEN RYAN "Better happy than wise." Hobby: sewing. Library Club 3, G.A.A. 3. KENNETH SCHULTE "Kenn ' , if "Common sense is very un- common." Hobby: aviation. Other schools: Irene, S. Dak. ALZADA SCHLAEFL I, "Zada" "l don't care haw you pronounce my name, it isn't right," Hobby: building miniatures. Other schools: Bremerton, Wash. Arickara Staff 4, Woksape Staff 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Basket- ball 4. PATRICIA TAMME N, "Pat" Jrfxu siriyiv, "swim" "Talk about ginger, she's the whole spite box " Hobby: collecting poetry. Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Girls Y Club 3, 4, "The Whole Town's Talking" 3, Basketbal 3, 4, Girls' Drill Team 3, 4, Vice-president homeroom 4 If If ,, . . liOl3l,lil' SIIOEMAKER, "ShOOie" "I consider the world will pro- fit by my speech" Hobby women Bond 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, Student Council 4, Arickara Staff -"I, Boys' Y Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, "The Whole Towrfs Talking" 3, "The Eyes of Tlalocl' 4, Debate 3, 4, Pres- ident closs 3, President home! room 4, President Student Coun- cil. 4, Arickara Attendant 4. i MAXINE sLowEY, "Mackie" "She's little and she's wise" Hobby skating. Other schoolsi Utica, S Dak. Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, "The Whole Town's Talking" '3, - N NATHAN STEI NBACH, "Bob" FLORENCE STARK, "Flornie" "She came from Utica and was heard to say, 'l wouldn't leave it for a lot of pay"' Hobbyi dancing Other schoolsi Utica, S Dok "Hes good all around and kind clear through." Bond 3, 4 gan ti VERNETT STORTVEDT, "Storty" "He-'s a quiet mon but quite a man." Hobby: swimming Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Glee Club 4, Library Club 4. oorerrrsi S-rlfiirigiy ' "A heod brig tlboth inside and , guru at I ' I l tuCI2yQ' Council 4, Arickaral Scrtjll 4, Pregi nf A eroo , 'Vic'e-presidoht jhom orv , Cheer iLeadef 3, 4, ecret ry j sri fi, wokqopp siiqg, "The E X? . of TIaloc" ,4,'i Quill only! WE o Student Council 4, rom C - mittee B, ArickarG"Atbendant 4. WILLIS STANAOE, "Willy" "Play fair and hit the line hard." Other schools: Mission Hill, S Dak Debate 4, Declamation 4, "On the Bridge at Midnight" 4 EARL SNYDER, "snyde" "The little boy from Kansas City" Hobby' dancing Other schools: Kansas City, Kon. Mixed Chorus 4, Boys' Glee Club 4 l "Her modest and graceful air shows her wise, good, fair." Woksape Staff 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Secretary homeroom 3, Vice-president Booster Club 4, DORIS KAY THOMPSON "Although she doesn't shock you, she is a live wire" Hobbyi stomp collecting, Girls' Glee Club 4, 5, V-. i . . Homemaking Club 3. Q I . , CQ H tk . , 'sl ' MARIAN THOMPSON "A pleasant assortment of possibilities," Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Secretary homeroom 3, Vice-president homeroom 3. if ,S L . fm-:iw ,isii 2 Ibl ,., WARD TSCHETTER, "Chet" "A fine fellow to know." Hobby: woodwork. Other schoolsi Bridgewater, S. Dak. Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. "She's right in ste comes to pep." Hobby: dancing. Band 3, Student C Woksape Staff 3, homeroom 4. President KE NNETH WALSH "One of the greatest needs of the present day is a man who can speak." Hobby: sports. Band 3, 4, Football 3, "The Eyes of Tlaloc" 4, Junior His- torical Society 4, Debate 3, 4. awww' VERA VONDRACEK, 'situ 1 !f LORENA TILLSON "She does her best with a right good will." Hobby: soap carving. Other schools: Kimball, S. Dak, Girls' Drill Team 4. NORBERT VlNATlERl, "Nobby" "Generally speaking, l'm always speaking." Hobby: building model airplanes. Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, "The Eyes of Tlaloc" 4, Debate 3, 4, Junior Historical Society 3, 4, Brass Sextette 3, 4, Secretary-treas- urer class 3, Vice-president class 4, President Junior His- torical Society 4, President homeroom 3. ALBENA VOSEK, "Bunny" "lndustry is the salve of suc- cess' Hobby: collecting poems. DORlS WATERBURY, "Dee" "Teacher, let me tell it." Hobby: hiking. Woksape Staff 4. CHARLOTTE WlLLlAMS "Music hath charms, so hath musicians," Hobby: reading. Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Mlxed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Woksape Staff 4, Arickara Staff 4, String Quartette 3, 4. CONRAD WASTLU ND "And Certainly he is fellow." ALICE WELSH "A friendly attitude attracts friends." CAMERA SHY JEROME BECKER LEONARD DUTCHER RAYMOND FEJEAR JEROME GOEDEN EDWIN GRAY GEORGE JOHNSON CLARENCE ROLFS VERNON SOUKUP JAMES STANAGE ANDREW TOBIN o good J U N I 0 R JLJ IXIIOR CLASS 0'F'CE"5 Starting with dances, mivers, the Jitterbug Jamboree and the play, "Anne of Green Gables," the tumor floss went on its way They ended with a prom that everyone will remember 1 This floss lists members in the band, orchestra, Junior Historical Society, Quill and Scroll, Booster J,-f Club, atliletirs and Student Council President ....,.r.. .......,. J Acx DAVIDSON f Vice-president ....... ..... R OBERT KAROLEVITZ K Secretary-treasurer ...., .......,............. R UTH LOTHROP Q 'W Social Chairman ,.,,. ....,............... E LIZABETH EVANS O Advisers ..... ,..,. L ucv sowyeiz and WENDELL JONES f Xl ,f 2 S O P H 0 M O R E 0FF'CE"S CDMCDRE CLASS S0 Pl-l Active in band, debate, orchestra, athletics and iournalism, the sophomores have proved their pep and vigor to the other classes At the beginning of the year they sponsored a Hobo Party ' I yllfl President .......... .r,..r,t.r,,,......r.r H now MAYER ' Vice-president ..,..... .....,..... .,..... W A YNE LIVINGSTON 1l' Secretory-treasurer . . . .......,..,....,........... RALPH BOONE NA Advisers... ,......,. ..,. A DA UE BOOS and HARRIETT JENNEY F R E S H M A N FRESHMAN CLASS OFHCERS The freshmen of this year were unusually active in all extra-curricular activities The band, debate squads, Woksape Staff, Student Council, and orchestra all boast freshmen members They more than proved their loyalty and enthusiasm at the basketball and football games In the beginning of the year the second semester freshmen gave a "Get Acquaintedn party for the new freshmen OFFICERS: President ......... EARL WANKE Vice-president. . .DALE PICKING Secretary-treasurer BILL DAVIDSON Advisers' VERNA EMANUEL and RACHEL FUNDLNGSLAND Q vm X JUIXIIGR CLASS W, JOHNSQN, R HANSON, cg HMS, L, GRAN, YER, OW ENAR, R, B HAV som, G ANDER CH, BA D, BECHEN, D HILL, D Z C V5 . Lgmx '5- EE kD: 25. I P- , Q MQI5- EDELSON NES, Zf?iE C3112 C284 SJUJ' J Q LJL.umLLf M0446 Eff 514 Bgfms SEQQH 430542 -w-'gg -DOES .I Bfzm 25555 550114 26423 ,Q cn,-L, -LfwN4fY1 3 3 3 O O O Q6 Qi M NL L- 1242- LD 5-L if 4 P LU ui LLL I O I ui EL I fi Z. O an Z 4 E QC L.A.I I LBJ ZL 4 E CZ LU P- P- an Q ML LU 3 4 co E ZL J GURNEY. Row 4 L, I-IABERMA Z LU an Z Lu P- LA CZ I LJ LLL CZ 4 .1 U LL. BLOCK, H , BREWER, R. L GIBSON, E HOEBELHEINRICH, NB, NA RD F QRIMM, FE R K L CWACH, 5 Row Z O V1 Q P 4 Q xg DC 4 .I U LJ Z. O Ln O Z I 4 LLJ P JUNICDR CLASS VAN KENYON, W. Pac M RE HAND mmn E im LD 1 gi if Q54 4 P-. ,CK LLJLLJ Ln..I Di in 12 U4 J 4 2 I2 D 4 22 rx 35 'S,.1 :O 91.1.1 Q--f 21.14 -Q .Ln -O 3 o Q1 1. uJ -I :' E ci LU. M D .1 E P- ..J D .1 J.l.I Z1 O V1 Z LU Q6 O m I fx 4 .1 U 5.4 cz LAJ 3 E .1 12 LLJ .J .I LU BC xcn I an 4 Z M mx LU .J ...J LL1 EL Z- no 4 2 Z LU I IRSC DK V LEE, 2 ROW Q1 .1 O P BC Z D 2 E Q. 1.14 E I 3 E AA PETER- E,1AEYERs, QE ri-If ,I' 5524? 9.1 Wdggz 122.4 gg my! 2 AAUELLER, L O ,. - 6225 211491.11 PADESUUE 4-2051 yrmizs 'f'I2"'E,g 535m5i 01103543 KD ' 2 22282 03,4-,ocOb -JEEKIELCQLJ u. DV,-EZ 1'-'Z-, O-' 4 P--1 1.1.1I Q. Ln Q I,-sy 401114 WDQEQJE wxgggimx 5251 Em mx 4 953mm-1 , I QD 5-J D-ZZ ,6Q.2:fXNQgg JZMEXIS xv, L34 Jr EZLLJX ,E QIPZB Z 92 F Q06 05 52 4112200 5234 23 . gofw az-W .JZ rvnQwvEJlf1EZ 3 3 3 0 O O Di 1 1 PHOMORE CLASS .JK 'Q ' ZN uf I 225 Q Z LJ ZQ- nh O E 253 3 5 Q 195 9 1 . gd! P N C Q05 5 3 Nl N Qzzgm 5 5 '200cnug Ln WOO . Q. ' O-3.1 M I mmPm E 1?5md 9 5 'Q'f5 P 1 gfcigcm A u.uZIsU U-Iuj MOLAD -P-J uf Lum-1 ZQU QNqEOm Z Q4 -LAZZ I zigll E O .DEQEPW 5 Q m ,- . x yiof'-U 'nf -EX PM-1 zyEg,oQQZ 982255535 6iOJZ925f ZZ?J5m:1:z D-wD03NwJm -D 41 z ww -' 6CE4gm4CZw-1 'E ENZ--O ., Zmv Eggfqigo O Zzggxfxoi- Z4 -1 rr gE?Sm21g9g JQCLAQLL , ,tn..J,- I-l-IZ4fZjIl- "ULU Z EWJ-5221 ffmizirxra A 5, -'Xl . 5 ZE335 P E2fMM5w11m .Qfiazspu , - -'ig-Y .. - 5.5 OHZOZMKM Kg 1-m4481315-Z,.U 3: .5 -I-CDOu.lmZ wX,1Md1d-4 :g711Lg4gQ:lCHIp CL L.I.I 4?Nsmq+ahE 3 3 3 3 3 o o o o 0 M Of CC rx DC V,-N ll, ,fi ff f R 1 , 1 u 1 1 J f N NJ xx ga J L , x Q xi six L nl S K3 xxx ,X ' 1 15: .XIV , B -sa SSPHQMQRE CLASS I 'T . N x 3' , ,,.,1 'al E H- Q ER, NA BARTOW, F, Bucs, PH Q0 in 3.- Q51 Q5 O . JZ o gg fi mo Hg gm ZZ SCHLE, EREN, EU CWACH, H, D BICKNELL, s. H BER, N. NE, R D. D 1 Q OIC! Zig LJ 202 .UJZY E13 ' Jim fix .la QPN3' wdx ,215 U 55 QCD: LLJ .201- 99235 ,gf-I 'Q . LU QJOXEEQGF XZCD'-U BALL Z 92 Zac ICD O ..1L1.I 0053! V 41 vfflfl-5 U-1 OZ ZZ'fC54Lu Q3 .. O duo ,D ,mx 3-2 , '23 Z Lui QCD U1 Lu JxZ'E Z0-13: ' Zqm QQQQE LLJ . O E Z P Ogom S 4155 5 O DC A ,4- I , V vi z' ? E 1 3 E C, 5 No LLJ E DL 0 'S E 2 A 2 N D Q o 5 2 DC -J u. 2 5 9 3 3 5 Z O M . - B 5 5 C3 Ifj-l Q24 If? Q52 13 ' f S mfm 1:2 I 120 ADW -'ami -l. '- M wx E25 E20 'Em -am 3 3 O O D! M I 1 io .iff-LfN..i 3 3 o o of CC 1. :gf rw," X Q3 1 J Q3 QM 1 N Q M12 gf LU 4 M86 J zzz U 31:03 . mJD O 9 Z Q 1 9 552 of 51-34 m 1 m Q 414: E 05? . Q m -n IP uf -yln' 5552? 4 1 QE!-migdb 4Qg.mg 1004 M mgQgZ5 fffgao LLIO JPNQ QQZ IEQQE AI I ON N,5NOE ZIE o5mQ5d Z-J'-:EDI P- Om PQI 6QmJgM2OQO -L-MESS I-sZE4u-JZ I O-JQIQZ OMWJ NMEOEM 4560 y? J I gmD?:uJ5U-Jn: CDLJ Mu.: O. dl Z wP4aJ mZ'ffm I Z 44 wa Ao N H D L H N .gm mga gmfy imfg Enid fu Zi 4 -4 sm,m Exam 410:94 IQQO j Q QZOZ 5 m 7 5- ID 3233 Wo DZ-gg IU-is W 3 41 X MIQQ 59m D51 E39 O QmQ .y Emi Z4 swf? p-fi-.LL BLU-HD UE Lf LLIE fxifg - I O jIByjZ QHCQUJQN EQQIE mr was -DNmmm 3 3 3 O O O DC 1 Q5 -I IEI0 -4 y IJ! wJm3 3 3 O O DC Di ZI Q22 I KDYQ' Q, FRESHMAN CLASS 1 I fx iijh in 9x5 .Lg .., Qsiy Q X X5 I ... s 2221. X QEWEN, Luxg UBBERQ LMILCH, wxm E f J W E 4 5 4 E9 2. ' N , Z 5 S2 52535K-fc Lf! ' Qownn'-IJE -, O- Em 3-lux E J 5449? U mmXIQm ' Lu ow! . Z O Nmnl-liJ I LLJ 31 3,332 . ' LLI E Gd:,ZN of! D NELUQLLQ-Z I '-I-Mn - 4: U Ew5J.gfg m Wimoi-M I ' V-1.1 'Dy Lu E Dulbmu-N N NLI7,--13: Q YMWEQQZP . . ' ,LU 3 iuf2i5L7'9gE2 -Q Dig 55 .34 .J Q SWVJAIEQ -LU K MP4 '4Z! rr u.1.1Zl-- . Z -u-I Lu ,OQJ54 wwmzzfwy fHO.vmE,Fd P-W P-2? '- 4.2P.fE5N2 nfl-L-QD.,:pa.QE8 jNNgNOo8UM NEFQQS ij. IUJSAUJZ - 45m P-lm E4-QNLL Z' - , - I- 34 2,o6'5g9155 .Q .yfIm53 Ez M4!O..JgsI Ay .2911-ZO ...utr . N N EQ' 522Hzzf4Qm zwsafiigmgz' jgmigzmz'-,ii E324 .O .E 3mI?O?8 'OJO P P 1 !mNomr+aM4 25555 MMC! mx Q FRESHMEN Row I: Ileft to rightl D. VALENTINE, I WOLVERTON, J, PRUITT, M. BAADE, L. PHILLIPS, F. MAUL. Row 2: A. OSBORN, J. STEINBACH, B, SPEAR, M. MONFORE, L. KNUDSEN, D, DE PEU, E. SCHURTZ, Row 3: M. WATERS, H. WAMPAL, R. SCHLAEFLI, H. SMITH, C. ENGELBRECHT, M. DONALDSON, F. NUSINSON. XX JI gl Familiar faces in review .... ambitious aspiring seniors .... jaunty juniors .... smiling and sophisticated sophomores .... freshmen green and tender in years and knowledge .... students fighting for the Little Brown .lug .... OUR SCHOOL. il A14 Jaw. Fish-lm --z--X ,Aux I N' . ll! i H .n--vf..'- A" f 017' 7"""","'.'-"'1- ii?" , . ?' '12 'f V - Q Q-if W ' if '-ff in ' I W , X IL is I v a " W ' I ,.A:L"'f, 4 i ' 13 ly 3 'J E 1 , V 'va WX . 1 -J H' f 'bf af' uf , 1 14 wel 5 4 .fe Cf ,2f:flRAJ-A x rfifggkalwqg. kfwegf .xl 'I eg ,ff,.. N R ' -Memes.- I J 3 GLEE CLUB OFFICERS: President' ....,,..,....,. BETTY HOHF Vice-president .,,.. ELIZABETH EVANS Secretary-treasurer ,...... JEAN SLEMP B O Y S 'FSL' 000 -02. 251 n..g '?E.-' :rs-Q EE: E, . 3. . -.5 in f I I' 3. z 2110 OS: 5:9 SEE zzi 552 ::::z DMX-Z ROW I1 Iieif to Hghii I SLEMP, M. PETERSON, R. Lusitz, R. ROONAN, LOUISE SERR Idife-Croft, M. RICH, E. EVANS, E. HOHE, O. HUBER. Row 2. J. MARGOLIN, vv. DENNIS, v MEANS, O. HANSEN, N HOLLIOAY, M, WALSH, R. MLIELLER, R. HALVERSON H. NEWELL. Row 31 M. THOMPSON, R. EROWNSON, A NORRIS, R. GRAMAN, R. HANSEN, R, RONEY, S. JONES, R. CLEMETSON, L KALJF- MAN, D. THOMPSON, The Girls' Glee Club under the direction of Louise Serr is com- posed of 27 members. With their usual finesse the Glee Club Song for testivols ond concerts this yeor ond entered the district contest. GLEE CLUB OFFICERS: Row I1 Ilett to Hgml R. JAMES, M. TIELRE, M. HOELLWORTH, E. CHRISTENSEN, H. MAER, E. OLLERMANN, R. COULSON, R. ONSTOTT, J. HOLLIDAY. ROW 21 vv. JONES IEIIEEERIEI, vv. TSCHETTER, E. DILGER, c. Six, E. WANKE, N. VINATIERI, J. BINDER, E. SNYDER, R. HALE Row 3: B. TSCHETTER, L GROSSHUESCH, R. BREWER, H. RNLID. SEN, N. KASDAN, O. LINDEMAN, R. NASH, R. NASH, L. BEVERS, J. HEATON. The dcoppello Boys' Glee Club, under the direction of Wendell Jones, with O membership of 22, entered the district music contest April 22, Korl Goerz directed the club the first semester. M 'AQ CHORUS Row I: Ileft to rightl R. HALE, K ONSTOTT, .l. McKAY, M. HOELLWORTH, H. MAYER, E. CHRISTENSEN, E. SNYDER, M RICH, L. KAUFMAN. Row 2: R. COULSON, W VANOSDEL, F. BURGI, D. JOHNSON, M. LQLONDE, R. BROWNSON, J SLEMP, M. JOHNSON, M. DON- ALDSON, R, ROGNAN, N. HOLLIDAY. Row 3: R GRAMAN, E HANSON, R. HALVERSON, G. HANSEN, M MCNEELEY, N. RHEINER, A. NORRIS, E. HERMANSON, A. LIVINGSTON, R MUELLER. Row 4: M WHITED, E HERMANSON, B. COOK, H, NEWELL, M. THOMPSON, L, LIST, N. BARTOW, W. KINGSBURY, M. JONES, L, GRAN, M MILLIKEN. Row S' E. OLLERMANN, J. BANKS, R. BREWER, H. KNUDSEN, B. BOWIVEAN, L BEVERS, G. RICH, N. STEINBACH, E GRAY, R. NA H. The Mixed Chorus under the directlon of J. H. Prugh ond com- posed Of SO members entered the district music contest here April 22 ond received high honors. They were occomponied by Mrs. Prugh. F'll'fWf'IfIYYfJ Ihr- hmrk rwf tlvr Gudrr-rwrv G9 Avwrrr- Qhrrlw, Ruth Lwthrop Took the 'Cod ur the' llllrlor V Xxx rim, IAWVII' :rf irrrfwrr Crr1NC'w,' gm'-r'rwt1'11 Nrwvmlwr V7 ' FAST OF CHIXRACTIRS Anne 'rlwrlf-y .,,,. .... . ,Ruth lnthrwp Mr, Rmry .... ......... P Hylrls Olnrwdor FNHIPIYFP R"lI1',ffH ,......... C-um! Jnrqmwssfn Dmrwo Horrrp. ..., Mory fiom' Wlmtod Mrrrmv Sworn ..,..,. ...,.. K mhrww Noah Mm Allan... ....,...... Fnyo Srwor Mm Alf-wfnwfrfr cw-vrcvr .,,.,. Lcwfwrww Mmm ,lrww Vw ........ ...flrrmiwth lmrwf- Mmhvw futhlwrt ...,.,.,,..., Jnlm Cumey Mwiy Srwurqvvn .... ...Howord Kf1UdSGH Mrlrdlu frrtlwlwrl , ., ..Mf1ry lf-ww Mrllukr-rr frrlfwrt fUr,1h-A .,..., .... W Grd Von Okdvl Mru Rmflw-I Lynd .,......,. Molwr Pwtvrfgrwrw lm Mrlfs .........,....,. Cmrgf' Lmdomorm Drrwfrrvr ............,.....,, Irwz Rhoodcs Purrcrurmq thr' vrlrcwfe srhomv, Goldm Schutt ovrd Hfwward Krmdrsom lcd the attack uw, "Orr tho PLAY Hrrclqf- ut NMf1:rrr5hT," on rwlcf-fadwrnrrmwfi rrmlodromn, qrwrw DCF:-rmlwr 13, 10352 VAST OF CWIARACTI RS Hrrrrltru Vhrrvnvvrrglrt ...,.., Hrvwmrl Krwrrriwvr Mrs Hrllmqsloy HrHmgQ ......, lrw? lnmcm Mr: VM!-ir: VVmrrwrrr1F1t ..,. .lfml Uwffnrrurv Mmlvvllr- Rrlfmg' .,..,..,.. Umlurvw luhrwsmw funn 1- Wrrrrvwrrcylmt. ...,,,,, ., lurv Lwr Urwru Hwrrw ..,.,........., Dwrufrw Dvrvws Mwfwfl CYIYKIFIVHVIY .... ...Mnrwrm Crowe Mrrrvw Porww.. ,..... VVHIIS Stonoqv llrzi-,tvmi .......,... .mpcml Matte-ru lm li Frm! ..... ...Woyfrwv Lrvmqeton Ourrr-rww Dr' lrvrmrk ,. ..., frurdm Sfhuit lm' Nmrrh, ., ...,. Nm! Knsdcm fwrrvy Hmrhvr .,.......,.,. Don thy Srmth lwrcftor ,4.,.......,,.,..... luv: Rhoodf-S A nturm thv rimnppmrrlfxrrr of Nw rnfrdr mwwr, qu Artmf qw! gmc thrfllg fry mp porfnrmcrwfc of tho Sr-rrmr ploy, 'TIM' HPS of Tlnlrvff' Mm H3 IEW VAHT GF FHXXFQAFTIRS Amfrrrdm QIFTNNL rm .. ,YQHM 'Tnrnlvlv Vrrqrrr '1 UO Bxrd .... .... D urvorx Qrwth f'.'rr1 'rrmlrL mu . VX':1rrwr Nr' 'fr " Pm YHVUH ,,.,....., ...., R ofwrtu Nvfraon Vrrfiqu- l"fW1'Y'r .., iriwbwrr Vvrfwr M'lX'V'l , . .. .,. ...., Wnllrum Urc'k1u'H Thr- Prv:fw',wr ., , .Krr'HzH1 WQNI rv'lVVllf1'V DVI Sflrrtos ,... .N0rIwr! Vrrrcllwrn fwrurrw Trrrlwr . . .fivhr-rt SJrW.7FI1TOL0l' Wvfufcl Dv! Sorwtm ..., ..,. P luflv Crromuru Num y Ihwwc,-. , ,Vlrgrrwro Rcwwrror A Rfwdrvr .,,.....,..,. Jurmw Frtiqurmld Drrcatcr . . . . Inez Rh-bodes PPCZZJP m'vbv1?sO2 STAFF Co-Editors .....4.,.,.......,.....,..............,......,............... I LARSON, D, SMITH Art editor ..,..,............,........ .........,.....,..........,.......,....... J EIESELER Staff members-el EVANS, C WILLIAMS, L MAYER, K HALJGER, V, RENNER, J FITZGERALD, W. CUTTS, P BROWN, B FENSKE, M EASTMAN, A SCHLAEFLI, D, DENNIS, B CORNER, J. LARSON, B. SHOEMAKER, Pasting, Cutting, measuring, writing, tinancing, eighteen seniors under the direction of their adviser, Verna Emanuel, shared work and fun on the I939 Arickara. The statt chose the Little Brown Jug as their theme to represent the loyalty, school spirit and devo- tian of the students of Yankton High School. STAFF Editor .......... LARSON Ass't Editor .,,.... ..... R KAROLEVITZ Business Manager. .. ,,,..... B, EENSKE Feature Editor ..... ....... J . BANKS News Editor, .... ...,....... D SMITH Sports Editor ........ ..... R , KAROLEVITZ Exchange Editor ..,.,...,,..,,....,...4.,.............,,.,.....,.,..,....,........ R DeCAMP Staff Photographer ........,.....................,......,..,......,........... J FITZGERALD Advertising Staff J LARSON, P DONALDSON, VV DENNIS,J EIESELER, R BROWNSON Reporters' L MAYER, E SPEAR, A LIVINGSTON, P TAMMEN, V RENNER, D DENNIS, A SCHLAE- ELI, D WATERBURY, A BIERLE, C VVILLIAMS, G, DORAN, L GRAN, D METZ, D BUNKER, R HALVERSON, A LYNCH, M SCHLEGELMILCH, P BROWN, C CORNVVELL, L KAUFMAN, G. BRIDE, S JONES, E KOTALIK, F KUNDE, D SMITH, W KINOSBIJRY, D PICKINO, J HALEY, B TSCHETTER, R COULSON,E OLLERMANN, Approximately thirty-tive students edit and publish the Woksaive, a bi-monthly paper. The high-.ight of the year was the State Press Convention at Brookings A bus was chartered and twenty-two students attended At this convention, Bob Karolevitz was chosen as an all-state staff reporter for the S D, E A at Mitchell AND SCROLL Rowi lleft to riqhtl J FIESELLR, VLRNA VMANLJFL lodyisvrl, R KAROLEVITZ, V RENNER, A LYNCH, I LARSON Row P L MAYIQR, P BROWN, D SMITH, F SPEAR, L C'-lQAN,J BANKS. The Mvrlill fhopter of Quill ond Scroll, on lioiworory Iouriwolistic society, wos IIWIVOCILICCCI In Yorwkton Iinqh Sfliriul III V734 ond I2 under the ddvisership of Verma Lmoriuel Members of this orqoriizoticn Corisist of students from the Wuksope ond Arickoro stofts Being affiliated with the notional sofiety, they sponsor morwy various Ioumolistic contests ond other activities, l I OFFICERS: President .....,................,.. JEAN BANKS Vice-president ....... ...... I NEZ LARSON A , Secretary-treasurer .... .,... A RLINE LYNCH LZ K I I. l .I U N I O R HISTORICAL SOCIETY Rfiwi ripri to IIQIIII A SCIIILAVVLI, P TAMAIIN, In KIINCHENMAN, Is FENSKE, I, LARSON, II r,AMrIIr,I LARSON, F BAKKVIQ, I2 NFLSON Row 7 I fiisririe, P OIANDIR, A LIVINGSTON, K IIALIGHR, y. RENNER, I2 PEDERSON, w. VAN osiwii, C IIIFKS, A Iiiirair my I It KAIIOI ryirr, C KI NYON, r micztie, w lIlll'I.SOlXl, K WALSH, I DAVIDSON, J, FITZ- cA.IIIAIo, It Iaieiwtia, M LASTMAN, R BOWYVIQ, A F IzIQooKS cefiyisefi. Witli the five cordiriol principles, rhornfter, cIrI:'e'I'.lIIp, tulture, Corwseryotion ond curiosity os its piirriose, the Junior Historical Soriety sodrr-It to new licirulitfl this year It now hos 0 membership of thirty, It has enlarged upon its museum and hos os It-1 rrwmlwi'-r, Woirom Nielson, president of the stote 50CIety Thi' rlub went to Wessirigtorw Springs in Ilw toll tor txxtw rlmn. to wcovnte liidion mounds ond dise Covered two mounds in whirh were found three lwliir- oluim with lv-rods, groin, Cloth, buckles ond vorious weapons ond homes In the spring they ottendurl the ovwuul stntw fwweritioiw ot Vermillion. OFFICERS: President .,.............,, NORBERT VINATIERI Vice-president ............... VIRGINIA RENNER Secretary-treasurer. .. .... KATHERINE HAUGER Q U L L ZO--IbZbI'0rnU 70 o 2 :T -M -.. -. o 2. to 3' -P 3 'U ITI -l FU JU U1 O NZ CONTESTANTS E. OLLERMANN, G, LINDEMAN, R. NELSON. Row 2: D. JOHNSON, V. RENNER, M, RICH, R, GRAMAN. Declamation, under the direction of Coaches Verene Ericsson, Lucy Bowyer, Rachel Fundingsland and C, Reidinger, aims to help students interpret the writing of others, lt is divided into four groups: humorous, poetry, oratory and dramatic. Virginia Renner and Goldie Schutt received excellents in the divisional meet in poetry and humo'ous, respectively, Ruth Graman, after winning superior in the divisional contest, represented Yankton in the state contest a SQUAD 5 G: fl FF Row lj lleft to rightl M, JOHNSON, Row 22 G. BRIDE, J. MARGOLIN, W, FORTH, Raw 3Z N, VINATIERI, K, WALSH, G. Led by Robert Shoemaker, George high school debaters ended a successful peting in the state meet. George Lirideman also wori first in contest. ' E. PESCHL, B, GARVEY, J. HEATON, E, DANIEL, M WALSH. NIELSON, C. REIDINGER ladviserl, A, SIMONSEN, M, DAN- LLNDEMAN, W. STANAGE, R. SHOEMAKER, Lindemari, Norbert Vinatieri, and Kenneth Walsh, the Yankton season by winning first place in the divisional contest and com- the divisional extemporaneous speaking and entered in the state Huw I IIIIII tw rIqIuJ D JOIINSON, M JOHNSON, MARGARET IIIBBARD M WI IIII IJ Ilfnw Q" A NORRIS, A IYNFII, I? CIAMIILY, R DQCAMP, J, SIIMP, G I R L S Y CLUB Iodvuserl, I LARSON, Urqumrf-II 1.1 fvmtw Ivwtvrvst III qurls' sporte, rbfrcotuom cmd hobIvmQ, Ilw Gwls' Y Club under the UfIVIHl'f',IIIll uf M:-,u IIIIaImrrI wcs r0cISIGbIIsIw0d Ibm yvor Clrls Imvmg IISDO poims IIN G A A Orc mem- IBEW' of Iln' IJIQGIIIVIIICJII .I I 1. OFFICERS: President . ,.... ............ , . . .,.. JEAN SLEMP Vice-president ...,.. .... I NEZ LARSON Secretary-treasurer . . . .... AILEEN NORRIS Y CLUB Row 1- rum ff, rIqbII Comm II v mrzrvum, B DAVIDSON, H WINTERS, M CWACH, R, SI-IOEA MAKI IQ, KOAVII L ARNOLD Raw P D FASI RUP, A BLOCK, J FITZGERALD, M LANGFELDT, W. CUTTS, Row I IQ CORNIR, G LlNDI'MAN,J I3ECKER,J DAVIDSON, E. LANCTOT. Tu IIISIIIY tho support of school otble-tics, tba Boys' Y Club, consisting of I CIc'om ',p4wrtsmor15Iup, school spurt, 0 clmm mmd and 0 I'1QoIIhy body. OFFICERS: President ,................. JAMES FITZGERALD Vice-president ........ .... J ACK DAVIDSON Secrefary-treasurer .,.. , ..... ED LANCTOT 9 members, stonds for G . I R L S I DRILL TEAM Row I: Ileft to rightl J. SEELEY, R. KINNEY, D. HUBER, A, LYNCH, B. GAMBLE, M. SCHLEGEL- MILCI-I, M. MCNEELEY, V. SCROGGIN. Row 2: G. NIELAND, M. CROWE, R, GRAMAN, I, LARSON, J. SLEMP, L. TILLSON, D WI-IATLING. Row 3: A. NORRIS, F, MUCKEY, D, BUNKER, I.. KAUFMAN, V. RAI-I, E. HANSEN. Lending color and pep, the Drill Team drilled at football and basketball games. They also marched in various parades. Captain ....................... ARLINE LYNCH Business Manager .........,.. BEVERLEY FENSKE Flag-bearer .........,.......... BETTY GAMBLE Sword-bearers .......,. MARGY SCHLEGELMILCH DELORES HUBER B O O S T E R CLUB Row I: M. I-IOELLWORTH, W. DENNIS, R. LOTHROP, V. FRIBOURGI-IOUSE, C. HICKS, A. BATTIN. K Row 2: R. SHOEMAKER, G. TAMMEN, BESSIE BURGI ladvrserl, B I-lOl-IF, R. KAROLEVITZ. Mew Row 3: V. RENNER, D. LIPPENBERGER, V. ELLINSSON, J. DAVIDSON, P. TAMMEN, E, EVANS. Q With pep as their motto and school spirit as their objective, the Booster Club has become one of my lL,y.f,4,vv the leading organizations, The membership consists of eight boys and eight girls under the leadership Miss Burgi. M The purpose of this organization is to sponsor all school activities and to provide funds for various WVX curricular activities. This year the club sent a press delegate to the S. D. E A. at Mitchell, sent the ? cheer leaders to the Sioux Falls' basketball game, helped in paying for the athletic letters, and also M. ' helped pay for five manager and cheer leader jackets. They also gave several assembly programs and presented pep rallies, President AUSTIN BATTIN Vice president BETTY HOHF VVQ l I . ' I. ' - '.'.--...L . ...4-.-...... . . I KU Me Secretary-treasurer ..... PATRICIA TAMMEN QCA CL 4 Zt- IVIUOIK., LI NIOEIVIDLEO STRING SEXTETTE men to nghn M JOHNSON, R, Lus- nrz, B OAMBLE, R. LOTHROP, R. MUELLER, R. HALVERSON, sovs' QuAnTme fL0ft to rlqhII R HALE, E OLLERMANN E CHRISTENSEN, R, NASH, - BRASS SEXTETTE men to ngmu R. BOONE, I, EAKIN, E OLLERMANN, P, OMNOER, L. GROSSHUESCH, C. KE NYON. ll .ifmi iQwIvI J J - 1 cg-444. ff 1,1 YN I M' 5 - STRING QUARTEI IE ILeft ro fagmm RHEDELSON, R, LUBITZ M WHITEO, C. KENYON. GIRLS' SEXTEIIE lLeft ro nqhrb R. GRAMAN, M. MILLI- KEN, E EVANS, E. HOHF, M, RICH, N. HOLLIDAY. wooowmo QUARTEITE wen to nghn G. TAMMEN, J. BANKS, R ROGNAN, R. SHOEMAKER, O, LIPPENBERGER. N HGMEMAKING CLUB HOMEMAKI NG CLUB 2 E E o S O 4- 'U C U Ui 3 E E .S 4- All an .. an 4. .E E .. on C an or cu .C i-' C an .C .- .. : 3-0- o .. 'U cv .C .Lf B CJ 4. U7 on 8 3 .Q 2 u .T .C .- KO m UN C 4' SE .Q E O1 .'!.' S EU :FSE E 575 .5 4' c .E c E o C GJ .C of .C +- 5 5 O S 2 cs. 4-1 U o Q o o tu. U c cz 'U o 'o Uv C93 'Z .Q ls: -4- 42 'd I o 3 E u o V1 'U C O U7 U7 cu .E VT 3 .D ev .C 4. .E VD C an .c .- o .C .41 3 an .- U C CU O. O O U o V! 5 U7 .Q 3 u fi' .C .- L. 0 an :- as .C ... Cn C 'C 3 D .C V1 .C u ur .E 5. C O -.- O .9 .C WS 'UO .Q E ru E if 'U T 225 :ig u.1U 24 GBE Ny 8 5 . I-if O . 593 zglz duj-5 E Lu-ze ID 522 5-3 mfui Ev- r-IE' U .35 3322 'Y .ui fin: .Jw - UEEQ CEE if . :IQ ' DME -'C we Lf! C DEE .qw r- +- KD 555 .1Z - ..J4f.J 'fo mlhzs .4 21,9 A555 E -Z .SPIQ 92 .uma vt? . -Qi .. NO -EQ Bu.-J OLLI . ac.J.l EJ: is 32' di 'D Q29 u,l.l 1 - 'MEG LIJ Q.: LLI U7 dei EQ if D3 if ,z "Q Z5 , 9-45 41 -up z go! Fifw 1:28 295 L+-11 Sw V1 4 E22 594 42? II . .OI Q17 D55 5 8 -I-I LLJUO if ' Em H-ge .U-IE EEZ LLIP ZU . OWU EEZ. E NI.l.I -59 fi NEI si . acLDD 3 o Z. .EN Qw- QE? V533 z!"-i d - :EE 1.1 4222 Ugg 'Ido ESP'-F no-' 555 dfiu zfzs QCUCD Q5 b-E UJ .Z . Zzg O-o 'QW- 1045: QM? ciiz Q ZN bf: LLJ O in LIJLLJ sz -gg LU LLJ LIJ U1 P:.I xx 37.71 S15 SHI U ui Luigi Sie 50 an W- ual ugh .. Z .fe mia N I- D5 D I U an ui .I .I 44.1 EQ zz if 455' -S E1 Ea gg . 02' UI gui 2E 92 5. Q . ZH 4,-,j AO Pi Nm E155 3 .5 DZU-' .192 -2 EOLLJN O,-Eg Q .Lf SIG: ZuJ"i a. X Mmm ,QE Em? 2 of INQZ ere age JQZN .gil-JJ EQ EMM Eel mw- -II ,.LU.J sz-EU-' ar? 6252.1 -iz' 53... -111 LL! . QE 32' 2- -S E522 if 2.5 OES Pm -E3 Po :JI O . IZ go U1 CZ Ss 5-4 WE SIN E5 if Z. , 51,5 ZS WU 2620. 125 si of .Z LLJLL1 IEE U35 354- I 5Iu.l: .1 Z3 Q29 :Ii LU CD 25:6 si O MJD- --A his u.J.l Legg' SEE 4 scarf E . contests . initiotions. ngs. After school meeti ui .9- n. +- . .memorable Ions. P ond discussions SSC Fef g condy . In . sell S . Om progr tivols . Lfi mg 2.1 LJ U 33 EO -QY 5F 6"6" 6 E T5 J. FITZGERALD - Forward H. WI NTERS -- Guard R. PEDERSON - Guard J DAVIDSON Center X Under the direction of Coach H. V. Gardner and Coach L. Arnold, the Yank- ton Bucks completed a very successful season, landing in second place in the Eastern South Dakota Conference. According to tradition Yankton drew Sioux Falls in the first round game in the Eastern South Dakota tournament, Sioux Falls' uncanny shooting throughout the entire game caused the Bucks to be eliminated. D LIPPENBERGER - Forward E, DRIER - Guard R KAROLEVITZ - Guard YANKTON BUCKS TOURNAMENT TEAM A D. POTTER - Fonward H. KNUDSEN - Center W. VAN OSDEL - Forward . My Q I 1 A I I 1 5 'Y 'W +7776 f , W , , f" I. -, ,A f , ff Q ZA SQUAD BASKETBALL Row l: Ileft to rightl J. JACOBS, M. HOELLWORTH, J. STANAGE, W. VAN OSDEL. Row 2: H WINTERS. D. POTTER, E. DRIER, J. DAVIDSON, J. FITZGERALD, D. LIPPENBERGER R. PEDERSON. Row 3: COACH H. V. GARDNER, R. KAROLEVITZ, W. CUTTS, H. KNUDSE N, V. ELLI NGSON, A. BATTIN, COACH L. ARNOLD. BUCKS A SQUAD SCHEDULE Yankton 30 ..,................ Wakonda 22 Yankton 27 .......,. ............ P ierce I7 Yankton 24 ........., Sioux Cnty Central 28 Yankton 5 , .................... Alumni 28 Yankton 20 ..... ..,.,,........ H uron IB Yunkton I8 . .... ........,. M itchell I4 Yonkton Z3 ..... ....... S ioux Falls 28 Yonkton 24 ...... ...,... W atertown 22 Yankton 2l ..... ....... S ioux Falls 24 . Yankton 29 ..... ....., B roolungs 20 Yankton 8 ..... ...... V ermillion I3 Yankton 32 ..... ......, M Itthell 28 Yankton I9 ..... ...... V ermillion I7 Yankton 30 ,,... ...... B rookings I7 Yanbton 30 ..... ,........ A berdeen I9 I Yankton 23 ... .... ,. ..,... Madison 22 I I Yankton I9 ...........,, S. F. Cathedral 25 Conference Tournament ' I Yanktcn E .........,....,... Sioux Falls 35 L I T T L E BUCKS BASKETBALL Row I1 Ileft to fagmi o. CLARK, c six, D. PICKING, A. BLOCK, w. LIVINGSTON, I. BINDER, w. os PUY, Ic. BRIMMER. RW 21 COACH J..E. HALL If. VINATIERI, A. HASKER, H. WELCHERT, R. BOONE, L. FYLER, W. ANDACHTER, A. MET2.', R. GLEICH. Coach J. E. Hale's i939 basketball squad completed o satisfactory season with six wins and five losses This year the Little Bucks gained the Tri-Valley conference and finished in fifth place in the Stan ings. ... :QI . - -. l A SQUAD FOOTBALL Row I 1 gleggmmggfl M. LANGFELDT, A. BLOCK, R. KAISER, L. OSHEA, J. STANACE, vv. DAVIDSON, R. H Ic R. Row 21 E. IFAHCQOT, R. SCROOCIN, v. SOUKUP, M. CWACH, C. MAHAN, D. FASTRUP, C. HICKS, H. BR M E . Row 3. COACH L. ARNOLD, H. WINTERS, w. Currs, C. LINDEMAN, J. BECKER, J. TRIERWEILER, J. DAVIDSON, J. FITZGERALD, R. CORNER, R. SHOEMAKER, COACH H. v. GARDNER, Coach L. Arnold and Coach H. V. Gardner built up a scrappy squad this season, centering it around the seven returning veterans. Although finishing with but three wins, these included the traditional games with Vermillion and Mitchell and the Homecoming battle with Le Mars. BUCKS A SQUAD SCHEDULE Yankton 0 .............. Sioux City East 48 Yonkton 0 ................... ...Huron 20 Yankton 6 . . ....... Brookings 7 Yankton 7 .. ..... Vermillion 6 Yankton I5 ....... Le Mars 7 Yonkton 0 ..... Sioux Falls 20 Yankton l8 .. ...... Mitchell 6 BUCKS FOOTBALL Row l: lleft to rightl M. HOELLWORTH, D. SUMMERS, S. CORNER, R. JOHNSON, H. GAGNON, J. HALEY, J. HOLLIDAY, N. ENGLE. Row 2: R. BOWYER, D. CLARK, G. ROGET, L. KNAPP, J. MAHAN, C. HAAS, H. BAHR, W, HOLBROOK. Row 3: COACH D. WALKER, R. NIELSON, J. GROSSHUESCH, J. CORNWELL, J. RAY, H. WELCHERT, A. NELSON, R. MOHNE, H. SHERMAN, T. LINDEMAN, D. GURNEY, COACH A. BROOKS. Co-Coaches D. Walker and A. Brooks turned a determined squad of freshmen and sophomores into a successful football team. Despite the fact that they lost three out of four games, the players turned out hard-fought battles. iw f .Q Z! fff G. A. A. ,Wx MMM , ., wx . L, ,.:1T5'? WN' .I K 2 . ,vs SCF' fl-I-H10 , , x2C'1Ci, A k ' f f',,..i, Top Left: The Bucks foke out the Aberdeen quintet to ring up 'two more points, Top Middlei Dovidson drops one through the loop. Top Right: Fitzgerald goes into the oir for o long pass, Middlei Yonk- ton and Mitchell in oction. Bottomi Mitchell is stopped for very little yordoge 3 l 5 s 9 1 f 4 K ' ROP!-I SQUAD Row izglefrrlfo rightl D. FASTRUP, P. REMPP, J. PROUTY, M. SCHULTE, M. KRALICEK, N. ENGLE J. UR EY. Row 2: J. STANAGE, C. SIX, M. CWACH, C. MAHAN, E. LANCTOT, W. LIVINGSTON, F. VINATIERI Row 3: A. BATTIN, J. BANKS, W. DE PUY, T. LINDEMAN, K, KJELDSETH, S. SORENSON, R. ROSS- MAN, R. CORNER, B. DAVIDSON. Row 4i COACH D, WALKER, M. HOELLWORTH lmanagerl, W, CUTTS, E, DRIER, R. BOONE E. GRAY, J. FITZGERALD, D. LIPPENBERGER, V. ELLINGSON, H. RASK, COACH H. V. GARDNER Row 5: H, SMITH, D. GURNEY, B, TSCHETTER, I. EVANS, R. PEDERSON, R, MIELENZ, N. STEIN- BACH, W. VAN OSDEL, MANAGERS : Football-B. KAROLEVITZ and R. PEDERSON Basketball-C. HICKS and R. CORNER Goalposts .... pigskins and jerseys .... sportsmanship . . . .basketball and pre-game warmups. . . .tournaments .kept the Little Brown Jug. . . .the cinder track . . . .endurance and speed. . . .muscular control and swift decisions .... victory and defeat .... pride in our school . . . .THE RED AND THE BLACK. IWJMQRE 2 Ani ARICKARA DAY CHIEF JAMES FITZGERALD SQUAW DOROTHY DENNIS ARICKARA DAY lBy Janice Fieselerl Goerz waved his arms and the glee club sang, Inspired the kids 'til their voices rang, They um-pa-pa'd and lizzied the Ford, 'Til their pep burst forth and fairly rocked the floor. That night they trooped to old Garfield park, 'Twas the eve of their fourteenth Arickara lark, The air was bright with the bonfire light, As "Tubby" started the program out right. He passed the meg to Toczek and Coates, Soon to Bob, and then Arnold, the coach, Bob yelled out slowly that Dorothy as queen And Jim Fitzgerald os king, were to reign, Three cheers for the king, and some for the squaw, And then, os the fire died lower, "Ugh," said the chief, "Mak'um heap happy our squaw. We beotum Le Mars, huh? on the grid tomorrow." And did the Bucks rneet Le Mars? They took them for a loopl Wasn't the parade rated up to por? "It certainly wasl" business men declare- Wasn't our queen charming? And the king quite alarming? Was Arickara Day a success? Well- it's up to you to guess. AMERICANISM FOR Y, H. S THE ATTENDANTS THE WINNING FLOAT Ni U 1 ' xxx. ' C 9 y , sas? -:-' 'W J F- IB W -.K 'Egg 5 if Q 'M M l 'A - I ' . 1. ' M Q fn , Mm -ii-5 N b I, ,ij 4 , 922. i AWE? JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM With Walt Disney's screen sensations "Snow White" and "Ferdinand, the Bull" sweeping the nation, the junior class took advantage and used the scenes of the life of Ferdinand as the theme for the annual junior-senior prom. Banqueting under the shade of picturesque cork trees planted in canay, the promenoders heard short talks by Mr, R. E. Nichol, Mrs, H. P. Jacobson and the class presidents, Don Lippenberger and Jack Davidson. Forsaking the pastoral atmosphere of the banquet hall, the group shifted the scene and completed the evening with dancing in the auditorium, decorated to represent a Spanish arena. Miss Bowyer and Mr. Jones were faculty advisers of the prom committee. Row lt lleft to rightl L. STONE, A. LYNCH, A. KAISER, E. EVANS, E. HOHF, R, BREWER. Rowg: SASRAN, F. BARKER, M. JOHNSON, J. GURNEY, J, MAHAN, S. CORNER, R. LOTHROP . H. J. DAVIDSON and R, KAROLEVITZ were also members of the committee. Look at me, Fred ,,-, A sweet little headache "Gumshoe" Knudsen Toni Senior class president "Rough-house" "Sherry" Corner Mr. Bedner "Bunk" The child Austin Bud Johnson Lucy, our bassoonist Strong man, Melvin "Kirshie" Margy "Whitey" Drier "Doodle" "Ginioris" Senior adviser Little Liney Play adviser Froggy and Wilma Seeing double Ut MY, WHAT EARS LABOR DAY ELM, DOC, GOUT TWO SLEEPY PEOPLE AILEEN OUR PRIDE AND JOY AlN'T WE HAVING FUN? IBELOWJ THE WINNING COUPLES OUR BOY REETZ "LUCIFER" IABOVEI AN EVERYDAY OCCURRENCE IBELOWI A TENSE MOMENT "ANNE OF GREEN G-ABLESH Y.H.S. RAH, RAH, RAH K we r 'Q ARlCKARA ATTENDANTS GUESS WHOSE? "OINY" Us Qi' 'l E x ,L ff- ,- 651 TIE enm' ba'luv Arickara day .... parades .... floats .... squaws .... bucks ..,. bulldogs .... games ..,. dances .... Little Brown Jug .... cheerleaders .... faces .... co-ed ball... DFOTEI .... bulls .... banquet .... music .... OUR SOCIAL LIF . STEPPI NG HIGH OUR SPONSORS Without the aid of the following it would have been impossible for the senior class to publish this annual, Of cmirse, subscriptions help pay for a part of the book, but the business men by their liberal oatrona e an im rtant amount. Q PGY D0 This year as in years past the business firms have been more than willing to cooperate with us in making this book possible. The class of '39 is grateful for this help and will keep in mind their patronage. Please accept our thanks. ATTORNEYS BAKERIES J. LEONARD FELDMAN ,IQT-TN50N'5 BAKERY LEE H. COPE ERICSONS BAKERY VV. VV. FRENCH BANKS JOHN E. WALSH H A. DOYLE FIRST DAKOTA NATIONAL BANK FRANK BIEGELMEIER AMERICAN STATE BANK ERNEST A- CROCKEIT BOOK AND GIFT SHOPS ELPPN W' CLARK GRANGER BOOK STORE YANKTON GIFT SHOP AUTO SERVICE AND EQUIPMENT BARBER SHOPS R' D- HILL Oil- COMPANY HOTEL YANKTON BARBER SHOP LEWIS TIRE SHOP YANKTON AUTO SALVAGE E7 SUPPLY FAIR PRICE OIL COMPANY MARBACH'S TEXACO STATION GREYHOUND BARBER SHOP DE LUXE BARBER SHOP RED'S BARBER SHOP GORDON TIRE SERVICE BEAUTY PARLORS ACME AUTO SUPPLY HOTEL YANKTON BEAUTY SHOP L. G L. MOTOR COMPANY BEAUTY NQQK KNEELAND SERVICE ELITE BEAUTY ST-10p STANDARD SERVICE CHRIS ANN BEAUTY SHOPPE WALDNER BATTERY AND ELECTRIC SERVICE LIT-LIAN'5 BEAUTY SHOP TED'S SERVICE STATION MQDERN BEAUTY ST-10p VVAKEEIELDS WHITE EAGLE SERVICE STATION MERIDIAN GARAGE CAEE5 OBR'S SERVICE STATION PRESTO CAPE TONY'S SERVICE STATION COLLEGE CAFE BARNSDALL SERVICE STATION 20th CENTURY LUNCH RHIAN OIL COMPANY QUEEN CAFE ROSY'S COFFEE SHOP AUTOMOBILE DEALERS GI-jRNEY'S CAFE JOHN E. WALSH COMPANY BALFANY'S LUNCH FORD GARAGE COFFEE SHOP BUICK GARAGE SCHULTZ CAFE AND BAKERY CHEVROLET GARAGE BE'I'TY'S LUNCH CHRISTOPHERSON MOTOR COMPANY LEGION LUNCH DAVIDSONS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS DEPOT CAFE LARSON MOTOR COMPANY DAKOTA CAFE CHIROPRACT ORS DR. ROY E. MEDECK DR. G. STENSON CLEANERS AND TAILORS VALLET CLEANERS LUBITZ, TAILOR AND CLEANER BOOTH CLEANERS YANKTON SUITATORIUM CONFECTIONERY STORES JULIAN'S POPCORN INN KARMELKORN SHOP SWEET SHOP CREAMERIES DRIER CREAMERY COMPANY KEATING CREAMERY COMPANY DENTISTS DR. W. F. LUCAS DR. G. G. ARDERY DR. O. H. WILLIAMS DR. G. G. BICKNELL DR. B. F. LOCKWOOD DEPARTMENT STORES FANTLE BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE J. C. PENNEY COMPANY DOCTORS DR. G. E. JOHNSON DR. E. M, MOREHOUSE DR. ARTHUR J. SMITH DR. B. B. LEONARD DR. F. J. ABTS DR. J, A. HOHF DR. V. I. LACEY DR. J, E. TRIERWEILER DR. W. J. KRALL, OPTOMETRIST DR. T. D. BOWMAN, OSTEOPATHIST DR. L. SJOSTOM, PHYSIOTHERAPIST DR. H. D. 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YANKTON PRODUCE COMPANY GROSS HATCHERY PUBLISHERS YANKTON PUBLIC OPINION PRESS 6 DAKOTAN REMINDER RADIO SERVICE AND EQUIPMENT W N A X BROADCASTING COMPANY BRACKENBURY RADIO SERVICE ED GURNEY RADIO SERVICE SHOE STORES HOGAN'S BROWNBILT SHOE STORE JIM'S BOOTERY YANKTON SHOE SHOP BOSTON SHOE SHOP HALL'S SHOE SHOP TAILOR MADE SHOP STUDIOS JANOUSEK'S STUDIO RICHARD'S STUDIO TH EATRES DAKOTA THEATRE MOON THEATRE TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES INTER-CITY BUS LINE FLAMMING MOTOR EXPRESS ' YELLOW CAB DeLUXE CAB. TUFFY BREWER TRUCK LINE BEN'S BUS LINE VAN TRANSFER AND STORAGE H. O. KNUDSEN, AGENT GREAT NORTHERN RAILROAD UTILITIES NORTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE YANKTON GAS COMPANY 1-I' TMS: fire: iyxjgljrg-?""-., Qfsiyyx As the seniors go out of these doors for the lost time, they Ieove behind them their four yeors of high school octivities. To insure thot the memories of these yeors are not forgotten we hove incorporoted them in our l938-39 ARICKARA. We hope thot eoch reader will derive odditionol pleas- ure from this book with eoch succeeding yeor. THE STAFF END OF THE LITTLE BROWN JUG JE is Q0 F Q it it illi- Q, A if .lf x . Xe. if size W glllwd Qmiffwmgf, Sgt jg? 4' ll ISZQWZRWQ N1 5,5 W ifefw A xW f?Ji 2QQPf 35155 MV f . 4, wig E33 QQQFWQ llfgf EW .T +3 ' Q35 Tk 5 2 Q-Q Q50 . me nivia,-w'QZ,.,.? . -if wa: fmff 8 1,1 wifi! -W W4--'J ' ,Knew 750 -ff Mf A,-0 ' 2Z,4,1 - ,,,..u 1 "iff wwf-.'f ' W? f34MW Qb,-ALJ Q! . r' 6LQ4,,. 1 "Vw"""-'L' -"M ' X"""""f1"'.L1Qf-'25""'-' 4-.A p L 6Q,4..4,N-L, ',. :Wig , v , 44714 Q,.L.fnfLz,,,-,Q 4 Z, f , ' If-"7LA.. Aa JCZL Q4,.1, 21121 335, ,QQ ,-W-M24 if .Q . -1 Y XZL-1'-Ai'.Lf4J.-OC G' aff, WAWAJ.-L. P 535' '?""'f" Mf' "' 7 41 2 ,I ,,,,,,.,L, N- , ' Jf QA, aff- 5 QZL' ,M JM M250 w,e.?f'fi',Li', X7 - ,A,. L9 A 'Vy"' '4H'Wf-f'-J 'KW Q.4 ,,..,,,,CL-z..g' , , ,421 ,fzv ' Q Ctll, 1, clkklehz 6? "L4"'f'f ff--If .,'fZ,Afvrl4-f ,I AJ f if fl ' V 0 'fini L! . 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Suggestions in the Yankton High School - Arickara Yearbook (Yankton, SD) collection:

Yankton High School - Arickara Yearbook (Yankton, SD) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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