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 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1955 volume:

C Dedlcatlon We the class of 1955 are proud to ded1cate th1s annual to all former students who have been or are now so fa1thfully servmg 1n the armed serv1ces of our country We hope th1s ded1cat1on w1ll 1n part convey the apprec1at1on of our school and commumty for the1r patr1ot1c servmce to preserve our Amerlcan way of l1fe Board of Education Em1lMaass Pres1dent Earl Halgh V1ce Pres1dent John Sweeney Claus Boetel Mrs Charles Lemke W1ll1s Bogh Clerk R1chard Z.1egeldorf Treasurer THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE YALE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO l IS held 1n grateful regard by the stu dents faculty and patrons of the Yale school commumty The1r contmumg mterest and earnest endeavor to gxve the Yale com mun1ty the very best posslble 1n schools has produced that very results The Board of Educat1on has g1ven very l1berally of 1ts txme 1n planmng the pO11C1C5 and plottmg the course by wh1ch he Yale schools have secured the very h1gh regard of the people of th1s state The faculty students and patrons of thxs d1str1ct w1sh to publxcly express the1r gratltude to the Board of Educatnon for the1r splendxd 1nterest and labors m gwmg the Yale commumty the splend1d schools that lt possesses 0 0 I J ! ' D ! . I 1 1 ' . x 1 1 0 J ' , . . 0 l s . The Trojan taff Ed1tor Bus1ness Manager Ded1cat1on Faculty and Sen1ors Class Hlstory Class W1ll Class Prophecy Unde r grads ACt1V1t1eS Popularxty Poll Athlet1c s Annual Aclvlsor Marllyn Sweeney Ve ra Bosma Lloyd Delvaux Achna Hohm Vera Bosma Carl Foote Howard Re1nschm1dt and Barbara Klemsasser S1egl1nda Pullman Quentln We1dner and Tlmothy Stahl Vera Bosma T1mothy Stahl and Quent1n We1dner Mr Se1eroe Humor...... ..... ....... .... .. ............. . .... ....Billl-laigh ,U ORVILLE SEIEROE Supermtendent Murray State College Black I-hlls College Umversxty of South Dakota Faculty MISS ETHEL SPRANG Huron College B A DON ROUNDS Coach Tr1n1ty College St Ambrose College Huron College South Dakota Umversxty MRS MABEL LEE MRS GLADYS TRUSLER Huron College EmP01'13 State Northern State College H'-U00 College Seniors 'She Sings H r Way To Success M1xed Chorus G1rls' Glee Chorus Offlcer Quartet Queen Canchdate Plays Basketball Paper Staff Class Ofhcer Annual Staff VERA BOSMA Counc1l Representatlve LLOYD DELVAUX Why Worry? Yesterday Is Past And Tomorrow Is Not Here Plays 3, 4 Annual CARL Foon: Paper Staff Basketball Chorus Track I "S1lence Is Golden Band Basketball M1xed Chorus Track Paper Staff Annual Staff Plays Quartet Softball Var1ety Is The SPICE Of L1fe" Cheerleader Queen Cand1date Chorus Trojan Staff Plays Annual Staff Glrls' Glee Class Offxcer Basketball Softball WILLIAM HAIGH Vice -President ADINA HOHM SIEGLINDA PULLMAN u J Basketball Is His Delight' Basketball Softball , 2, Track King Attendant Paper Staff Annual Staff Plays Band Chorus Boys' Chorus Class Officer. 3,4 3,4 15 Better To Be Bashful Than Bold Chorus Trojan Staff Annual Staff Plays Glrls' Glee 4 My Trouble s Float Away Lxke Fallen Leaves Basketball Softball Track Chorus Boys' Glee Kxng Attendant Plays Trojan Staff Annual Staff "What He Wants To Get Out Of School Most Is H1mself" Class Off1cer Basketball Kmg Attendant Track Softball Plays Chorus Boys Glee Trojan Staff Annual Staff I TIMOTHY STAHL MARILYN SWEENEY Secretary Treasurer QUENTIN WEIDNER Pre s1dent "Not That I Love Stu y Less But I Love Fun Best" Mzxed Chorus Band Gxrls' Glee Plays Class Off1cer Trojan Staff Annual Staff Basketball Queen Canchdate Home Ec Off1cer Band Off1cer ,Z CLASS MOTTO "Use Today, Tomorrow Never Comes" CLASS COLORS Red, White, and Blue CLASS FLOWER , White Gardenia The Senior Class In 1951 1952 BACK ROW Mr Edwin Bye Lloyd Delvaux Carl Foote Quentxn Wexdner, Lyle Stxtt, FRONT ROW Adina Hohm Delphme Hofer Jane Wxpf Vera Bosma Eumce Hofer Marxlyn Sweeney Sxeglmda Pullman Lyla Exsenbexss O O 1 I Tino Stahl, Bi11,I-Iaigh, Janice Plammer. ' Class History The hlstory of the class of 1955 was so gay and adventurous that lt resembled a thr1ll1ng basketball game The four years we spent here were l1ke the four quarters 1n wh1ch we ga1ned our vlctory The f1rst quarter opened w1th f1fteen of our players su1ted up Those who saw act1on were Vera Bosma Lloyd Delvaux Lyla E1SCHb21S Carl Foote B11l I-la1gh Jamce Hammer Delph1ne Hofer Eunlce Hofer Ad1na Hohm S1egl1nda Pullman T1mothy Stahl Lyle St1tt Manlyn Sweeney Quentm We1dner and Jane W1pf H1gh scorers class offxcers that quarter were Quentm We1dner Pres1dent Jamce Hammer VICE Presxdent Mar11yn Sweeney Secretary Treasurer and Lyle Stltt Counc11 Representatwe Our coach was Edwxn Bye and he was as s1sted by Mrs J E Schoof and Supeuntendent Donald B Hansen The buzzer sounded and we stopped for a short rest twelve weeks Our second quarter was more 1nterest1ng than the f1rst but It had 1ts m1sfortunes too near the m1ddle of the second quarter Jamce Hammer fouled out and we m1ssed her as we edged nearer v1ctory Best players that quarter were Ad1na Hohm Pres1dent , Mar1lyn Sweeney V1ce Pres1dent Delph1ne Hofer Secretary Treasurer and Lyle St1tt QCOUHCII Representat1ve We had a new coach thxs quarter Tom Prendergast ass1sted aga1n by Mrs Schoof and Supermtendent Donald B Hansen After a small rest three months vacatxon we began the last half of our game educat1on We lost Eunlce Hofer and Lyla E1senbe1ss 1n the th1rd quarter but st1l1 we edged onward our game was more thr1ll 1ng than ever Vera Bosma Presldentl T1mothy Stahl VICE Pres1 dent Jane W1pf Secretary Treasurer and Mar1lyn Sweeney Counc1l Representatwe scored hlgh and our coaches were the same as the second quarter Agam twelve weeks rest was taken and then we began play1ng aga1n The fourth quarter was the most excxtmg of all to us who yet re mamed 1n the game De1ph1ne Hofer and Jane W1pf fouled out and left our team Vera Bosma COUHC11 Representahvej Lloyd Delvaux Carl Foote B111 Ha1gh V1ce Pres1dent Ad1na Hohm S1egl1nda Pullman Mar1lyn Sweeney Secretary Treasurer and Quentln Wemdner Pres1dent remamed We had a new coach Don Rounds and two new ass1stants M1ss Ethel Sprang and Super1ntendent Orv1lle R Se1eroe Our game ended 1n a splend1d v1ctory graduatwn and we w1ll now employ our motto "Use Today Tomorrow Never Comes 1n all our future games 2 . , ' . . . ' K ' . , ' . . c . J, . - g lv I 1 ' ,I ' in . . 5. . . , - . . I. c . .D- , . Q . , . . 4- ' A JI D 1 ' Jn 4 ' J . . , 4 . ' ,. c. - .- D, ' 6 - l, ' 4 ' ' Q , ' , . . Q . . , , , . . - . ,I . ' . . , ' 4 - J, ' 1 of. ' 1. T - 1 .J . . . . 4 . L H. . Class Wall I Vera Bosma g1Ve and bequeath my earr1ngs to Sharon Stahl my art1st1c ab1l1ty to Sharon G1lbert, my ab1l1ty to flu-t Wlth B1ll Ha1gh to Faye Foote, my s1ng1ng ab1l1ty to Earl Ford, my ab1l1ty to get a d1a mond to Deanna We1dner, and my f1gure to De Etta E1senbe1ss I Lloyd Delvaux g1ve and bequeath my th1ck curly ha1r to Harold Foote, my bent up glasses to Herman Husen, my ab1l1ty to stay away from g1rls to Howard Re1nschm1dt my old black basketball bag to Jerry Dav1s my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the Super1ntendent to John K1elty and my drumm1ng ab1l1ty to Rose W1pf I Carl Foote g1ve and bequeath my crew cut to Jerry Dav1s, my tall slender f1gure to Bernard Tyrrell, my cowboy boots to Judy Ke1lty my ab1l1ty to get a g1r1 to Larry Maass, my love for phys1cs to Larry We1dner and my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the sher1ff to John K1e1ty I B111 Ha1gh g1ve and bequeath my red ha1r to Faye Foote my guard pos1t1on 1n basketball to Howard Re1nschm1dt, my g1rl fr1ends to whoever has some already my Ford to Howard B1ch, my Ipana sm1le to Harold Foote and my cheerful d1spos1t1on to Teddy W1pf I Ad1na Hohm g1ve and bequeath my cheerlead1ng ab1l1ty to Rose W1pf my beloved Internat1onal RC1at1OnS book to LaDonna Hofer my boy fr1ends to Lmda R1chmond my dark r1mmed glasses to Deanna We1dner my short name to De Etta E1senbe1s my Black H1115 gold necklace to Larry We1dner I S1egl1nda Pullman g1Ve and bequeath my long dark ha1r to Lmda R1chmond my chewed up penc1ls to L1la Delvaux my wh1te gold watch to Sh1rley Decker my Chevy to Larry Mousey" Maass my rh1nestone set to Sharon Stahl and my love for Internat1onal Relat1ons to Teddy W1pf I T1m Stahl g1ve and bequeath my guard pos1t1on 1n basketball to Larry Waldner my crew cut to Earl Ford my ab1l1ty to behave m school to Danny Stahl my love for speech to Jerry Dav1s my ab1l1ty not to throw erasers to Larry We1dner, my grades to Herman Husen, and least of all my ab1l1ty to get acqua1nted w1th g1rls to Ted W1pf I Mar1lyn Sweeney g1ve and bequeath my ed1tor1al ab1l1ty to Herman Husen my black r1mmed glasses to Dorothy Hofer, my stud1ous hab1ts to Teddy W1pf my lost penc1ls to whoever found them my huge vocabu lary to Jerry Dav1s and my Internat1onal Relat1ons notes to De Etta E1senbe1s I Quent1n We1dner g1ve and bequeath my black curly ha1r to Larry Waldner, my forward pos1t1on 1n basketball to Danny Stahl my ab1l1ty to go w1th the same g1rl all four years of h1gh school to my brother Shorty my many sh1rts to Harold Foote my tall f1gure to whoever needs xt my ab1l1ty to get k1cked out of school to Larry Maass adm C I 3 I . 1 1 1 , 1 - 1 1 ' 1 , - 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . H . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 0 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 s:, , ' 1 ' 1 Class Prophecy In the year 1970 a fortune telhng booth attracts my attent1on and wonder1ng what my former schoolmates the class of 1955 are do1ng I enter to fmd a l1ttle gypsy lady named Estelhta I s1t down and she gazes 1nto the past F1ISt she tells me she sees a beaut1ful blonde lady who resembles Vera Bosma standmg bes1de a p1ano Vera IS under contract w1th Metropol1tan Opera Company and every Saturday she performs hold1ng up one corner of the p1ano as the leg 15 broken Look1ng deeper 1nto the crystal ball she sees Lloyd Delvaux con cert drummer He plays only sentlmental songs such as 'Old Black Joe and Who Drank The Dehydrated Water Lloyd has played 1n every major c1ty 1n the world Gazmg further she sees the Ind1anapol1s Speedway A throng of thousands surrounds a car and a drxver Upon 1nvest1gat1on she fmds that xt IS none other than Carl Foote He drove half the race on two wheels and rested the other two In the second half lt was v1ce versa Gaz1ng deeper, she sees a red headed boy 1n an aud1tor1um called Mad1son Square Garden He has been a fam1l1ar face 1n the garden for years He 1S the mascot for the nat1onally known women's basketball team The Red Heads Lookmg on she comes across the famous Adma Hohm She was voted 'Pm up Curl of the Year ' She has made many mov1es, her latest be1ng "Duel In The Moon " She has been marr1ed f1ve t1mes her last husband was John Rockefeller Lookmg on she sees S1egl1nda Pullman, d1st1ngu1shed botan1st and hubr1d1zer She has developed many revolutmonary plants such as Self P1ckl1ng Cucumbers and Lettuce w1th 1ts own dress1ng She IS also work1ng on a new flower called 'Perhaps ' Perhaps mt w1ll snow and perhaps lt won t Gazmg further, she comes upon T1m Stahl teacher and 1nventor of many mgexuous art1cles H1s latest mventlon IS a robot that auto mat1cally d1agrams sentences T1m needs It because he has been a professor of Enghsh at Yale College Yale South Dakota for the last four years He recently publ1shed an Enghsh textbook wzth Mex1can Jumpmg Beans between pages Th1s makes the pages turn by them selves Lookmg on she f1nds Marllyn Sweeney professor of pol1t1cs at the world famous academy for D1sab1ed Watermelons She has run for Pres1dent four t1mes on the Watermelon t1cket but lost because of the Watermelons not putt1ng the x s 1n the r1ght place on the ballot Her next look shows a tall black halred man standxng bes1de a basketball team He 15 Just rece1v1ng a trophy for wmmng the Cavour Inv1tat1onal Tournament The coach Quentm We1dner has been the basketball coach of almost every team 1n the country Cheenng hap pxly 1n the crowd IS h1s w1fe and row of k1dd1es I . ' I 9 I 5 - 9 , . , - - I . ll ll ll ' . - . . . . . O . ' 0 . . .. . . . . , . . , . . , . - . , . . . . , . I Q . . . . . . . . , , . . , . - I . I . - . . I . . l I . . - . l l . I . ' . . . I . ' I . - " enior Humof' Curly Deame Swanzxe Wxllxe Sxegy Foote 'Marllyn Tummy W1gg1BS Adxna Sweeney f 5 A ' Spude 'ma cf HIP' v'l U .bv Vera B111 Bozzxe Scoop E .fr S1xth Grade Farsi Grade Tam and S15 I ,L ei .' e f 3 f e e .- KA Q . , Ay A , 1 , vii Q, ' 'A ' ' S? ,I , . g , ' ,' v. 'W A' "r 5 5 g - .. ' .- A ' 1, .1 1 -is , ', If s Y . i 1 " 8 , x 'IJ 1 e ' P V , , , A . Ji.Z." Q 1 N I..-. 1 - A . ,Sl I I . '91 A . . . v 4 xy, UINIUIEIRGRAUQ Z1 44 1-f,.i' 1. Q l,l 4 'A- .I V! I V Il' 4 xx ,L X ff", fl. 5.- ' u Junior BACK ROW Mr Rounds G Hofer D Stahl J Davxs H Remschmxdt P Hofer FRONT ROW D Hofer S Gxlbert J Kxelty Y Klexnsasser B Boetel B Klemsasser NOT PICTURED H Husen S Decker R Hofer Class Officers Rexnschrrxdt Presxdent D Hofer Vxce Presxdent H Husen Treasurer S Gxlbert Councxl Represematne NOT PICTLRED B Klemsasser Secretary 1-,. .. .. .. . I. ,. ,. . I ,z . H- -. 1. , - 1. . Q. A 2. ', '. Sophomore BACK ROW J Kzelty D Boetel H Foote L Wexdner T Wxpf Mxss Spx-ang FRONT ROW L Maass R Wxpf B Hofer S Stahl L Waldner 239, ,nm W no my "" C 'Q ' --1 I' Q C. 0. H Foote P1-e5,demD Boetel Treasurer J Kxelty Counczllfiepresenlatxve NOT PICTURED B Hofnr Vxce Presxdent Sharon Stahl Secretary : . ' . . , . , . ' . . ' , ' : . , . ' , - , . , . . V U , , A. 'moii 3 V ' ,SL-'3f3,,f ' ff"'1,i 1 1,3 ,Ll V 943343, ' A ' ,if bf iij ' . Ein? ,Liv-LJ ' of n , 3 ff-3 Mi. ,,,,f,i, ., , ,,.,,,Q,. , . '3:1:f2JL5",'f,1 , . nltfif ' ' ':,-9,1 ' f 3?4"'145iJ'5L'zL "" 7 3' V 1' 4 'V f" ' ,L I ' . f, . , , ,, . . f ' . 354 ' , , ' O o , . ,V u Q . 55,1 , at . V H ?K A SA Q . s A 1' . . 3 . . A 9 - S - ' : . ' . ' 3 ' ' Fre hmen me sa K -sv-. Y' m .lex 1 M A-. BACK ROW H Blch D Maass L Delvaux D Wexdner L Rlchrnond R Fexcke E Ford B Tyrrell Mr Sexeroe FRONT ROW Husen D Exsenbels F Foote M Stahl M Kxelty 1. l-lofer J' xeltx ewwer Ce reslfie I- Foote Srfrelarx Treas r r L Holer O Q 131 : . ' . . , . , . ' ' , . ' . . . . - . . , . . ' : K, , . ' ' . . , . . . , - - 1, ' 1" qv Q- fx, M. 4 . . I ,Q-gun I .J . , J' 'Q A Fl WY I if r, l Y: .- gfiiiilg .if 44- ,gL1Q '-Pix , ff 1:-f - K A 'z f fi ,F - ' J' 4 M. K ' j, lJre'Qzfiem3 D. 'A' Q. , V1 -P f ful: '. , ' j- u e , . C rL:iC1lRQgJr sei zve. Through the Da THIS IS THE ASSEMBLY? fs GENERAL SCIENCE CLASS ENGLISH IV CLASS PHYSICS CLASS TYPING I CLASS h. I P is ..... F, ,, . 'v Z . A ,, . 1. Q-I 5 5 Upper Grade BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: NOT PICTURED' Mrs. Lee, A. Tyrrell, J. Maass, R. Tyrrell, S. Maass, R. Bogh, M. Eisenbeis. D. Ford, D. Boetel, L. Bich, S. Entz, E. Stahl, M. Boetel. R. Ford, T. Anderson, M. Boetel, R. Ziegeldorf. Arbieter E. Arbieter B. Boetel D. Elsenbeis. lower Grade BACK ROW FRONT ROW NOT PICTL RED us B oetel ,I u hl Bo D Tyrre K Ford B Maass Koch P Holer Tyrrell Instructor Mrs Truhler Zxegeldort L Schultz D Haeder C Anderbon R Tschetter Z Vlrlpx Maass M Maass Amdahl J Amdahl T Ford C Rcxmer .O. , , , : M. Da' , . B , . K e , R. etel, . ' ll, . , . , C. , . . MIDDLE ROW: M. Kuehl, V. Maass, D. Koch, C. Ford, G. Maass, M. Tyrrell, R. Zzegeldorl R. ' . -- . ' . . 1 R. , . . . , . ' . . . . ' ', C. ' , . '. ' 1 : J. , . , . , . . ACTIIVUTIIIES Mixed Chorus OUR DIRECTOR OUR BAND M K 3.-uv oil" Nik Y Boys' Glee I-! 3 l . , 'fis- BACK ROW T Stahl L Delvaux D Stahl I.. Neldner H Foote Q Weidner B Haxgh D Boetel FRONT ROW Accompanxst S Gllbert L Maass B Tyrrell H Remschmxdt D Maass L Waldner G Hofer NOT PICTURED R Hofer H Husen Glrl Glee Bosma B Boetel A Hohm D Nezdner R Wzpf B I-lofer Pullman D Exsenbexs K Husen L. Delvaux L Rxchmond L Hofer Fexcke F Foote M Stahl M Kxelty S Stahl NOT PICTURED Decker FRONT ROW ' 7 BACK ROW: M. Sweeney, D. Hofer, J. Kielty, B. Kleinsasser, S. Gilbert, Y. Kleinsasser, V. . . , . . . ' ' , . ' , . . l ': S. . . ' ' , . . . . . , . . R. ' , . . . , . ' , . . 2 S. . tudent Council I NIOT PILTLRED H H Trojan Staff I X. l M L. Holcr, V. Bosma, S. Culbert, J. Kxel y, Mr. Sexeroe. . ' ' 1 . usen. 0 x.. : v " :L-ea I - Our Homecommg Royalty vi Queen Dorathy Hofer and Kung Howard Rexnschmxdt Semor Candxdates Sophomore Candxdates Freshman Candxdazes The Chri tma Pageant MARY AND JOSEPH ADORING CHRIST THE SN l5E NH-IN PHE ANGEJ 5 OUR BAND GETTING INFORMATION ' YOU TELL 'EM Vera B Adlna H Dorathy Hofer Barbara Kle1nsasser Marjorme K1elty LaDonna Hofer Shlrley Decker Rose W1pf Sharon Stahl Rose Wxpf Mar1lyn Sweeney Marllyn Sweeney Sharon Stahl Judy K1elty De Etta E1senbe1s Judy K1elty Ad1na Hohm Marllyn Sweeney Mar1lyn S Marjorle K LaDonna Hofer Judy K1e1ty Mar11yn Sweeney Vera Bosma Barbara Klemsasser M1ldred Stahl Deanna We1dner Shxrley Decker S1eg11nda Pullman Vera Bosma Betty Boetel Judy Kxelty Sh1r1ey Decker Barbara K Dorathy H Vera Bosma Mar11yn Sweeney Ad1na Hohm Shxrley Decker Marxlyn Sweeney Sharon G1lbert Mar1lyn Sweeney Shxrley Decker Lmda R1chmond Popularity Poll Most Popular Best Lookmg Most D1gn1f1ed Prett1est Ha1r Prett1est Teeth B1ggest Flxrt W1tt16St Most Bashful B1ggest Loafer Most L1kely To Succeed Most Dependable Best F1gure Best Dancer B1ggest Grumbler Most Cheerful Best Athlete Best Mus1c1an Best Student Puppy Lovers Best Sport Most Stud1ous Prett1e st Eyes Neatest Prettlest L1ps Best Complex1on S11l1e st B1ggeSt Blusher Most Art1St1C B1ggest Feet Best Personahty Most Talkat1ve Best Dressed Most L1kely To Get I-htched B1ggest Vocabulary B1ggest Pr1mper Pepp1est Most Versat11e Best Apple Pol1shers B1ggest Asset To School B1ggest Tease Blgge st Tattletale Quent1n We1dner Quent1n We1dner Howard Re1nschm1dt Quentm We1dner Dan Stahl John K1elty John K1elty Larry Maass Ted Wxpf Howard Re1nschm1dt Howard Relnschrrudt Quent1n We1dner Herman Husen Ted W1pf Larry We1dner Quentxn We1dner Howard Relnschmldt Howard Re1nschm1dt Larry We1dner B111 Ha1gh Howard Re1nschm1dt Quent1n We1dner Ray Hofer Quent1n We1dner Howard Re1nschm1dt Larry We1dner B111 Ha1gh Bernard Tyrrell Carl Foote Ray H Herman H Johnny Krelty Ray Hofer Jerry Davls Howard Re1nschm1dt Quentln We1dner Larry We1dner Howard Re1nschm1dt Herman Husen Howard Re1nschm1dt John K1elty Ted W1pf 0 a ' u n ' Q 0 ' u . - I ' n ' n , . . ATHLEFUCS I C6 99 BACK ROW H Rexnschmxdt T Stahl L Afexdner O Weidner B Haxgh D Stahl FRONT ROW Ord H 1 h B Davx L waldner P Hofer NOT PICTURED R I-lofer Coach Don Rounds BSqd yrcll vaux W1 NOT PICTLRLD G Hofer C Poole P Rmrschmmdl Coack Don ROIPTB It E: F , . B2 ,.D. odtel-, J. Q, '. 1' ', .. ,. ' 66 9? B. T' , L.. Del' , T. 'pf. H. room, J. Daw, J. Kxehy, E. Ford, L- Wfildrwr- WIQFLES WILLIE tartlng HEZZY SHURTY DUKE Our Five EIVSTEINY BODLER RHINO BICH WALDO X "BOONE" i DEANIY -E- Our Cheerleader Adxna Hohm Barbara Hofer Judy Kxelty NOT PICTURED Shxrley Decker BARR JLDY SHIRL P0 nters For B111 Restmg In The Dressmg Room Coach 'JL-fb, mk e Ray' Bonus Throw Wmg gles Barb and Judy Shxrl and Adxna x "Jump Jerry" "Y, A, L., E, Fight!" 9 . 1 ' 9 Q .. - ' ' HS- 'Yr' 'H wa v' 1. ,, . . HUMOR K' .sl 'li N"Y A 's 4.0- 3 X E . M Uri g, 1 1. vi-' May c ese 54 J fha "Y N 1, O I-rosh O Parade He m Ray Cold? Am t We Cute? appy Stars 'P He zy KXQ' pb Www v gf 4 Q5-nv If I f N, Good Old Days ' ,- .f" O Other se? Moto cycle Broke'7 Sn pe H nt Al ays On The G0 -1 ,fl I"WQ. -5 Q44 6 'SQ ug 'Boone' 'Shorty' 'Rosze" "Harm" "Radley-" "Lefty" f X Xa 7fx'jN N ! fy IE gif Ji aff rx ,X J 4 ii hRh hmyr yomwhp X H, 5 f, Th WINNER Y-f-is S 38 f x KV .X JW f, T c f"-A-Nw T xg X 74 Q xx f L U fl k L nwafffs sf X f' 'X s A f ' K. ' ' I ' X 2 I i S XX X X l Q fx K Xl X s f u N , 1 1 Q' sf. X . vi R F s" I Th 1' F q o 3 5 Our M . A h ' "Mr. Pau1ieHoppert s ' b -:X ,L ,S . N, Z x N 7 xg I W W V , YR ,X ,VKX V VN K Z XX j I x 'IL M I f , N fx 'j x X L7 5 1 ,f Q "And NOW 0 ' "Just Having Fun" " e !" k I I ,s n, If f ' s. , fl is J 7' ' , r X A ,J f n sf' ff W x ,YJJQ y ,H Jssx xx Q F x A A - S G f d "Mr, Sandman" "Going Swimming?" "Miss Un' ' f 40 ww' fx JY . 1 if .f at X N ..i4LLfOi.! Lufvfzf f' 'Wx Z' YH. Q c CQJLQ 5-1 -Pals" 4- f ... V WALSWORTN .1-n,..,,-.4 A L, 4 5, vuuwonfn lnofxnu nuff.: M u u s 46 1115 49. QQ? ix T226 Qf V X 1 ,Af N, 'lf'YI' C J 1 r I 3. - R' rl tl' if .fi garb IV, , ,iwflgf-Y I., K. A l I4 K 'X fb.. -' . I Ky " L' J ' . ' Y .J.4'L V' Q- ', , V- ' , X U! , lv .P , X I lg V , faijf A wk Y 1 L A - f f'L 1 A ' ' 1 ," f"I' ." X 1' J-fffz' L0 N ' L ' nw A 1 , X x 4 A, T U1 A L , v jk x C ." . 75" 1 W Q . Ut' 'J L aA' 5' I ,Lu I . Stir f ' E-4, v fl , V Y- , 1 I ' J4- 'D s f rd' is . QA , J ' ,A mf ' ' 53 u . . 'Q . v . 1 Q 1 'V . 4 J . xi ,A 0 X Hx, . I ' r'-DLA I Q fi IP . AL Lp.- , .. . N y' ,,, I nf 'lj V' W 9 f --. 1 -,f X! If fry X -- ,111 K' , xp I 'ft' LY if K . . x I X LTI 'J 'Jw I 7-.. 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Hkah-Y Huron S D South Dakota South Dakota Huron S D South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota . .W. .. . EIL S A. 8: M. RADIO H ICH S A D W E S

Suggestions in the Yale High School - Trojan Yearbook (Yale, SD) collection:

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1955, pg 22

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