Winnsboro High School - Hi Life Yearbook (Winnsboro, LA)

 - Class of 1954

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Winnsboro High School - Hi Life Yearbook (Winnsboro, LA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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8 m,WM-M 'Jw --Wfciw. Aw f,fzfM 3'ft,Wf,.,:fi:'f.,.,. S52 QW we Z?:q5QfiwN an x aj SAW if 4 x . O? ef? 5'ffi1ffl4y 2 'Y E ,j w,,f'bj5,?!fgIi,,t if fi M Q W Qv 9' s + 5 Vyjffoxegf A fmm J , Hwfwgcfwa. '5l4e'e.O x ' . " b 'L+-j,.e,Q,Q, ' ' WEMWM W W 5 J6"p"'- ,ff piwffaff if 5253 2 W -Egfiigggfi giiiiggiiggffis 5 il x HL. 3i35fE?zg jg 33 My 4523? . 3 0 3 gfgfygiif 13553323 T 'Li fig x 33 ax 'I' -f - X :-. xx 1, HT' P ., WF. V -331,9 V V 4 ,Q vi 5. 5 - r. - .K - f'i-- -' , I -' -fff d ' ME .FQ q4gggi 5?.i- , . air- 4. 1. I yi ,- q Y' . I-vi: m QQx,'g-- xmp ji bzf -Il' 'fr rifyi , ,F M I kv- 1 -E Q. WM azwfxmfa Egg Q? M, 47601111 -La PM 46'-..f6f7L f BX ZJQQOMAQJ gm -1 J 5,421 Ciluflfdflf :Af ' PA W7 ,f724w,, MM 1 6 ggz QSM Z v v KW Aff My XY ,gp Ee? 52 'W-'-'-'-9-gg'-I-I--"'f-Mu-w -em........,......Z.,14... ml CN!-w.vwJ4.l.-.- Mwwmh - WMM ' au wffywfwafffmwfu' EW dqwwfbk hwwf' Nam .33 s 3, Q2 ' 3-253.gif lwixi QA 3' assi wvxi gg is QSEQXRQ EEK 132 52? g. HI-LIFE Published by WINNSBORO HIGH SCHOOL Winnsboro, Louisiana 1953-54 Though time will pass and we shall part, this book will be an unbreakable link in your chain of mem- ories. And if, when looking through these pages you relive the happy days of yesteryears for just a while, our efforts will not have been in vain. Thus, we present this book to youg may it bring memories that will live through the years. A -4 afy ' 'I ff, f a 0-C 3 1 x 1 WN ff I X 1. U' . ,I vi f fl .. N. 1 r I X I f 'fy jj ,f 0 xv ,Cf A 'lx r V sl .v f . f 5 .L fa 9,11 'I 'Jn' ? I Ira f K ' ,, l S -gfx ' Principal's Message Winnsboro, Louisiana Greetings to the faculty and stu- dents of the Winnsboro High School. It is a happy privilege to asso- ciate with you and to see your many noble traits of character each day. As I come in contact with you, I observe your acts of kindness which show your love and loy- alty for each other and your true spirit of sportsmanship. I am made to feel as Robert Louis Stevenson expressed it, NHeaven rewards us with glimpses of hu- man souls as we go along.H Wishing you happiness in unselfish service, I am, Sincerely, new Since 1897, the year Winnsboro High School first received official rating, hundreds of graduates have passed through these "halls of learning." The oldest living graduate is Dr. L. F. Robinson, who, in 1901 with eight of his classmates, received his diploma. In 1906, Dr. Robinson graduated from Tulane University and began his c areer as a general prac- titioner of medicine. For approximately forty-six years, "Doc" has served his community in the role of family physician. Ever faithful to his high school Alma Mater, "Doc" has been throughout a familiar figure at our athletic events, for wherever the team has been, there also has been " Doc. " So, in recognition of his loyalty to Winnsboro High School, we, the staff, dedicate the 1954 HI- LIFE to Dr. L. F. Robinson. 3 BESSIE PEARL WAT SON Editor if MARY PEARL SMITH Business Manager MYRA ANN MOORE Assistant Editor FACULTY MARY BONDURANT Mathematics 6 I 'uw FAYE BELL English Mathematics G Q ORVILLE ELKINS A ssistant Coach B. E. COTTINGHAM 3 i F 1 K .X : R .,. 2, .. In T: H '24, wk' .,,V.x Nv ' k gs? . . KVAE L x as xxx 1 ' 4 . Rf 1 'Di- Q9 V REBECCA GU1cE English THERRELL HASSELL Band STEPHEN HEARN Music F JAMES LANG History L. E. MAY 'R G' Chemistry 5 i NELL MCINTYRE Librarian im, qi ? - A L L re iw 5 I sims.. L f . wf sri .ifgf xg Kfffffi Q ' Y ir -wv Q ff- ylhrrk ,, A . was UW. QS Li f ir N f Q? 35 '39 C H iff 35,1 .NJ 4' 'ii g g, '-5 '. X 4X li X' - 6 J 4 1 " if - ,. " S .,. sg? ALMA L. ROBINSON Commerce CARRICE RUSSELL Physical Education AMY LOU SMITH Home Economics E. E. SUMMERS Agriculture ELIZEBETH TILLOTSON English BEA TRICE MOORE Piano PHILLIP POOLE Coach M. A . PRICE Principal MARY PRICE Louisiana History 1 'Tw Yllll n"- ull K I-fllll CP 7a.oulZy Soenee SE NIORS A. K.. xvs 1:-ff QF ,pu President ----------------- IOHNNY COLLINS --1 vice President - - - - MICHAEL MAYER secretary ---- ---- T OMMY WOMBLE ' S' Treasurer - - - - - ELEANOR WILLIAMSON Reporter - - Sponsors - - CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver ' '--- DAN BATEY MORSE, IR. - - - MRS. ELIZABETH TILLOTSON PHILLIP POOLE CLASS FLOWER White Gladiola MOTTO "When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind." 044 COLLINS, JOHNNY President of Senior Classg President of Junior Class: Football lg Glee Club 2g Dramatics Club 3. COUGHRAN, RAY Football 3g Track 1. DAVISON, ANNETTE Pep Squad 4g FHA 3: Glee Club 1g Paper Staff 3g Dramatics Club 1: 4-H Club 1. DURR, MARY EVELYN Band 35 Pep Squad 1g Dramatics Club 49 Leadership Conference 1: Paper Staff 3g Editor lg Hi-Lites Council 1. GUIMBELLOT, CINDY Glee Club 4g FHA 4g Secretary 25 Girls' Chorus lg Ensemble 23 Leadership Conference 1. GUIMBELLOT, T. H. CARTER, BETTY LOYCE FHA lg Glee Club 3. CARTER, BOBBY JOYCE FHA 13 Glee Club 3. COBB, PHILLIP Football 43 Track 1g Basketball 4: Dramatics Club 1. COLLIER, VIVIAN FHA 3: Camera Club 3. HERLEVIC, FREDDY Glee Club 2: Auto Mechanics 3. HUFF, EARL Football 4: Baseball 4: Basketball 4: Glee Club 4: Ensemble 3: All State Chorus 2. JONES, ANNETTE Girls' Chorus 1: Pep Squad 4: Basketball 2: Softball 2: Dramatics Club 2: Paper Staff 1: Glee Club 2. LOFLIN, LOVIE Band 4: Basketball 4: Softball 4: Y-Teens 1: Glee Club 1: Girls' Chorus 1. E MARTIN, DOROTHY Library Club 3: Leadership Conference 1: FHA 1. MAYER, MICHAEL Senior Vice President: Junior Vice President: Football 3, Co-Captain 1: Dramatics Club 3: Basketball 3: Baseball 3: Boys' State 1: Band 1. McCAIN, HUBERT Glee Club 3: Ensemble 3: Dramatics Club 2. MCNEASE, CLARA Glee Club 2: FHA 3: FBLA 1. MOCK, PAT Glee Club 1. MOORE, HAROLD Football 4: Basketball 1: Glee Club 3: En- semble 2: Boys' State 1: All State Chorus 1: Paper Staff 2: Dramatics Club 4: Track 1. 1 ,M RHEIN, MARIETT A Pep Squad 4: Dranatics Club 4: Paper Staff 2: Leadership Conference 1: Y-Teens 1: Glee Club 1: Girls' Chorus 1. RITCHIE, LAMAR ROBINSON, SALLIE ANN Glee Club 2: Dramatics Club 3: Annual Staff 1: Pep Squad 2: Girls' Chorus 1. ROBINSON, SETH FFA 3. SHIPLEY, GENEVA Library Club 1: FHA 1. SMITH, MARY PEARL Pep Squad 4 : Dramatics Club 4: Glee Club 1: Basketball Manager 2: Annual Staff 2: Leadership Conference 1: 4-H Club 1. I MORSE, DAN Band 4: Glee Club 4: Football 1: Basketball 4: Baseball 4: Ensemble 3: Dramatics Club 2: Senior Class Reporter: All State Chorus 2: Paper Staff 1. NICHOLS, BETTY PAYE Glee Club 2: Pep Squad 4: Dramatics Club 2. PEOPLES, BETTY JOYCE FHA 4: Glee Club 2: Basketball 1. PIRTLE, IOELLEN Glee Club 4: Dramatics Club 4: Paper Staff 3: Ensemble 3: Pep Squad 4: Leadership Con- ference 1: All Stale Chorus 1- W A '-V! 11: A SNYDER, MARY ZOE Cheerleader 45 Dramatics Club 4: Glee Club 25 Paper Staff 45 Annual Staff 25 Ensemble 25 Girls' Chorus 15 Girls' State 1: Leadership Conference 1: Pian0 4- SULLIVAN, J. C. FFA 25 Reporter 2. THOMAS, AUDREY LEE Pep Squad 25 Girls' Chorus 15 Glee Club 2. THOMPSON, STEVE Football 3, Captain 15 Glee Club 25 Track 15 Dramatics Club 2, President 15 Ensemble 1. CZ.-'Y WATSON, BESSIE PEARL Annual Staff 25 FHA 45 Glee Club 25 Y-Teens 15 Pep Squad 15 Basketball 45 Softball 4. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY ANN Glee Club 25 Basketball 45 Softball 45 FHA 4, President 15 Annual Staff 2. WILLIAMSON, ELEANOR Pep Squad 45 Dramatics Club 45 Glee Club 25 Annual Staff 25 Paper Staff 25 Piano 45 Girls' Chorus 15 Senior Class Treasurerg Girls' State 1. WINDHAM, REDDOCH Band 35 Dramatics Club 35 Paper Staff 2. WOLLERSON, ALVIN FFA 2, Secretary 2. WOLLERSON, GERA LD 0 1 1 film: Of all the high school Alma Maters, Cherish ours so fairg WOMBLE, TOMMY Glee Club 2, Ensemble 2 Dramatim Club 3. Winnsboro High Schoo1's sons and daughters Long shall gather there. Winnsboro High School, we adore thee, Let our colors fly. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail, old Winnsboro High. u 34 8lY'l'OI"S ii:-is Hi fa U- 3 Q Nfc ne fro WS' fs so nmb' FUN Auwcfftn INN CARRY 4 K I Quia V - W L - K ,sixth ' Ei x 'X ' 'i"ff .1 Eleanor fllhnsuv 'gqsiewuison 1 1 -1.2-Q-gm, 3' EQ 'ef lx gif? T , .4 - L5 ., . A 4 V 3" 'f LD Olfur Hamlin wean 2 7 RW 5 ' ' 1? EQ if JUNIORS 1- .395 condom Off ' PAULINE TOWNSEND ---- ---- P resident JOHNNIE MAE HERRINGTON - - - -Vice President MYRA ANN MOORE ----- ---- S ecretary CAROLYN HOLMES - - - - - - Treasurer C. L. LEONARD - - - - - Reporter Au. fffnaeg vlgak . 9-K X X L! Q29 X L59 ' ii? il' 1' img X X I L 4 ! f 3 4? I 1 'She could be a cracke SHIRLEY ADCOCK 'Blue-eyed doll" IOE FRANK ALPE 'Tall, dark and handsome" CLA UDINE ASWELL 'We love that black hair" DONNIE BOUTWELL Dig this cool cat, chicks' MAXINE BROWDER 53 Beauty" JOANN BROWNING She has the sweetest ways!" RUBEN CARTER A "mitey" football player" C. T. CAUSEY Why teachers get gray hair" HEWLITTE CHOATE Boy with the classy vehicle" LUCIAN COWART 'Mr, Question Box" BET'I'Y CURRINGTON JOHNNY DUNCA N 'Our typing Ace' VERNETTA EARL Love that girl" SUE ELLERMAN Always talking" JAMES FOWLER The boy with the deep, he-man voice" n u n r- jack librarian" we 'EES' 31 ' ie g g? 55,1 eq . xg. 1,, 3 U!-35 A-0 5 1: 5' M ' v it S f I rd R M , 52 , wig? 12, .. X 5 Q is he 1 ,gl ,f 13 iw ,. an " s ff if 15' H 1 ii, 4 5 , 'E M is 'J male s N s t ' y . . . K ' iq ' , , i.. 1 ,..1 In POT SHOWN O ul 450 S a ' C QQ 'gf x 4 Avi' 1 ""' 2355 it ' ...ian QL Q it k t g g. :sg ik- HOLLIS FREE Never bothers anyone" ELMO GENTRY "A super scouter" JOHNNY GUICE Is his mouth ever shut?" BILLY GWINN 'Future housing constructor" JOHNNIE MAE HERRINGTON "Always blushing" LUCIAN HILL "Hill is full of wit!" JOHN. WAYNE HODGE Innocence Personified" CAROLYN HOLMES Sweet and smart" LISSA KIPER The best things come in small packages" n lu vw .TUNE LANG "Always knows what's going on" LOIS LANTRIP "Have you ever noticed her eyes? C. L. LEONARD "l-le's a willing helper' EUNICE LEONARD Florence Nightingale the Second PATSY LILES She'll always have friends" JAMES LINDER A friendly smile for everyone" lv v 1 MARY LOUISE LINDER One more good friend" MARILOU LIPP A whiz at almost anything" DOYLE MANNING A slow but sure boy" BEVERLY MARTIN 'The girl with the curls" ELBERT MARTIN A genius in math"g DOROTHY MCLAUGHLIN The quiet type" JARREL MERCER Man of the basketball court" JAMES MOCK Has that mysterious look' MYRA ANN MOORE A good worker in anything she does" WILLIE MORSE 'How could anyone dislike him?" IRENE NEWTON 'Just an ideal student" DOROTHY PARKER 'Cutest thing you've ever seen" CAROLYN PEOPLES A sweet little giggle-box" TERRY PHILLIPS He'd rather draw and write than study" GERTRUDE POSEY Always knows a secret" ,N 8 ,, Ev I y E A.., E 'W ' . ' V 'L' - ".f , if is il s-y U "- . ,, ',rr . A . 1 y y t w L jig! .... LL A - A 54' 31: 'ZEQLQ' Q' 2-:Zigi :fi ' tl ff . A . ii .,,,w X if ,X N pd" is K. as-sf' 1' ,, fm EQELQM ri? Y--r -I ' :XP p If Dln'N1' HAVE 'rs-nNCr TO ' WEAR 4.39" 4115 ve.. Nl! ,X 4 KN, iz ,Jn If 1, . -'v-- fb ,per 4, s.. 1 In Ji 4:32, R ,., k ff A 9 my ii! 55 E 'W' """'Nuo4 . ES: F- JOANN WINBORNE "Fun to be around" uv va n u vu v DOROTHY PRIEST Dependable and true" CHARLES RAMAGE Tennis Champ of W.H,S. JOE REMORE A good band student" JIMMY RISER Never a worry, never a care, when you look for him, he's never there! WADE ROBINSON He wades right into anything he does." DON SOUTHERN 'Just a plain old country boy" PA ULINE TOWNSAND "Our star pupil" PEGGY TRICHELL "Always has a smile for everyone" MA GGIE WEAVER "She ain't mad at nobody, and nobody's mad at her." GLADYS WIGGINS Quiet and sweet" DOROTHY WILLIAMS "Never a sad face when she's around! GENEVA WILLIAMS "W.H.S. 's star athlete of 54" SOPHOMORES . 0 x Nyfig, 16? '3 X 1 '10- . E , XX X Q 0 X Q V' P ll , 5 wwf "4 I 90 N f 6 xo v, f President Secretary-Treasurer Burk McDuff Glenda Bennett Vice President Reporter Donnie Eubanks Tim Rogers iw' , 2 X av Q . t 5 elim' f uf. , ,Jr -S 2-f ,Sax C lg. df, , 2:13 V, ?Eg.i A s K ,i " M fu' fy J , sts2lfEf1E -.73 'Q hggf! v Billie Sue Adams Aline Albritton Betty Cobb Jim Colvin H. W. Armstrong Ralph Aswell Patsy Colvin Barbara Cowart J oy Bankston Glenda Bennett Donnie Chesney Geraldine Crain Loretta Bennett June Bozeman Du Etta Cruse Regina Currington Jackie Broadway Dewey Lee Brownell Jimmy Davis Pansy Davis Charles Bruce Alice Bryant Janet Day Richard Eilerts Lillian Butcher Jackie Carpenter Vivian Ellis A line Emfinger i,,' Pham not Auilalsle --- : -' .- -a sf ii 9? U s 25 J AVLA N ., sys. I- 7 1, f?'7'r:+ - A lf . s -i',2i2yfj392si1iV Egg, f , af :P -il is 5 fix Hindi' J .t .jfag-"",' ,. , J' tillul .x .,.,. .. if s , , igigiit- C, ,I t,,W C. ,M..,,, 4 .. , f .M 0 t 4 4 ii ' et' ,Al ltr' ,QA l1l!Xk . il ,s - av in 1 ,M 41 RT? ,, X I 'Z 6 img, I . . fl .,. X i FQ an 'A fi' ir' G ,ff - M M 5 ' ,, aa- 1 f , A 'gk I Q 1 .V '13 1 2 sf if :E N Fay Buie Etheridge Don Eubanks Madge Hitt Sue Holmes Jearldine Free Joe Free Dot Humble Voncille Jackson Ralph Gill Chuck Gordy David Jones Kay Keen Thomas Griffin Elizabeth Hamacher Jean Kiper Marie Leach Charles Hatfield Floyd Hawthome Bettie Lively Guy Luno Carolyn Hendry James Henry Viola Martin Myrna Meyers Elaine Herring Katherine Herrington Mary Kat McCain Ann McCaleb Q uf' 4 X , F si X ' s 1 l 1' lr t K Y X , as sera 4 if S335 F Q -4 , is 1- N fu' I' 'I' 5 1 6 Wwe' Slazm msusys Q J UTIL J is bfi Drill . , M -A Q 3 .:, - J A- f 9 . rx .zv 'V , i 1.5 s IX Carolyn McClelland Burk McDuff Billy Pirtle Joan Posey Billy McGraw Caswell McKee Myrtis Reeves Sally Ann Roden Alice Faye McKinnon Betty McMurray 'rim Rogers Charles Robinson Elaine McNease James Newman Daniel Robinson Janice Robinson George Parker Jimmy Parker Mary Robinson Oswald Robinson Margaret Parker Thomas Parks Bertha Scott Frank Sims Jenelle Peoples Ruth Pippins A lice Smith Shirley Stephens , ' - - 1 Eg .,.f 5 f - .--- 5 ' H aw.: lssif' M I 2. if 1, Eg, X H- N -sm S C , l.. J A sr 1' 7.2 K Vi '81 E x J, ti'-Tl' :gf I W s P J gy Z . af , I is + gl , fa' . .- V w , j , 31 . .fy A I f. 'fi Til l l .3 f : fl ow 'il V 1 'nr' V Q5 N , I xr nl!" 1' Q V Q Ay L ' . 4 9 .. I - 4 il 1 K ., '4' Billy Ray Temple Tommy Thompson ' Lillie Ruth Townsend Walton Toney Malcom Traxler Charles Vaughn Joan Vines Ruth Ellen Vines Bill Warbington Faye Wiggins Jean Wiggins Dorothy Winborne FRESHMEN - ZZ?-- 4 N It MW Uffkm wfduimfwf . , ,, , ., ' ' Jiiiflf' """'W President - - - - Carol Lynn Smith Vice President - - - - - -John Mercer Secretary-Treasurer - - - - Marilyn Eilerts Reporter - - - - - Donald Bryant 1-if 'br :LL -1. Q Xa. ,Q , fix: f I C' K 1 . ' 'J ,, me D,-vm ,-5: X 9 Carolyn Albritton Harlon Albritton Nelda Ashley Martha Barefield ,Q Q -'+ ww fi Q tes if XX? . ,r.. ,aaf ,af 1-if -vw ' l -1 ay .,, I .4 Belvie Barfield y L y' t wif' Donald Bryant y A Ai ,Q eg J Barbara Butcher 'NW ' y i vi!! ' .M Robert Byargeon 7' B gi : if wt ff if Patsy Ruth Carter f M' i lr1l N Cecil Chapman M ii ,gl he 4, Don Cheek a M yyyy A 'A y I Frank Collier W A 5 . f' 7,5 i x f I 4 fl! fix. , B '2"i ' Benton Collins Q "5" 1 a at Frances Collins Z- B as V' if lir ,. Charles Cowart " Vi y 1 " Carl Crawford Pham not If K .lavailalb f 3 ' le PHOTOGRAPH N07 AVA!! ABLE ,f fi? K K rf IH. Q? 'A irvyf, Kenneth Crawford Edna Faye Croke Barbara Joe Davis Bonnie Sue Davis Judy Du.rr Marilyn Eilerts Joann Ellerman Raymond Ellerman l -96-" 'lf' l . 5 4: ,.,, - , l B is-ff' . 'Z 'I I ff' ,M ,rg--,in-Q inks? gil nn ' F Nunn---.A IIVY' 42. F Bobby Jo Everett Mary Alice Ford Huey Garcin Alfred Gates Joe Edward Givens C: I 1 ', ,, I' George Gowan Q - 'i , Fil l VK? Eugene Griffin 'G ll y Peggy Hatton be , g LX M u u f M -' f, Q 4 ,.r A Betty Howington yy lg G f ' Beatrice Hudgins rua' . 'N ' HQ,- v-ef 'S' y Jeanette Iverson L it -a L Beverly Jones I I ' B tvt rl. , l W N0T pH0'27valQzJ4 Denon Jones y 4,3 ,awe , Lillian Jenkins X4 T Cecil Kaufman .GL x Bobby Keene G A ,oy'n B L , ,2 A 'HM kg Thomas Kincaid Ethel Leach Abrzine Lilly Donnie Mae Linder Leo Lowentritt Louis Lowentritt Sylvester McClelland Bunny McMurray X .fi ,,l as M, 7, ,Xa 5 13" , V in AUSQNY Will! FKYURYS KKMADE -,E 1 K , rf? A ' '- , Nj' li ii, ,Jr A 3 ii 5 .B ,wwe 'fl X 2 Q K L ., N Lf. z 'K' 'Y Y Y "' . Lx K .V V A.,.g A A Efriijf- L -' M , is lf X "--.T-' " ' ' A , ,Q ' if A all ffriu-5 J.- xx 4 C X James McNeese John C. Mercer Peggy Meredith Ward Miller Don Parker Duncan Parker Eugene Parker Shirley Peoples June Phillips Hugh Priest Billy Ray Ritchie Carolyn Ritchie J 4- g if f VSV X .3 7 Q C Q, 2 tr It X' 4' il? N a in fn :I L f XA' it gi EF, .Zi Q I X Q .fs pf i . in Ya - s..,,..w Ai? pg!-'Y T + Phoin not AVAILABLE 1- K t Z fs-+ 'il All 1' 1 4- 41 ' -, g ,, R k..,2sfifiC R i P 44. P " T - -'W -f J kwfyff ,R y r, c V J V g, PRJCC vs - -Q ' J ' ,i 5 QE N f sf? X si 4st QQ U Q X' fr X f' ,,,M'iZf",.1:.4 J , r' I ' . I , S . ' J '17 Marvin Ritchie Clyde Robinson James Ryan Loretta Ryan x ' 4 f-fi' , R Q 1 -fm-3 4 X I Q 5 K X Vik Decile Shivers Newt Slaughter in E vga, f S mi, X, ,ner -- Mew Q. iw is f.1- -f' 2: ,?t.L5ili, ' Tig. Q , .X' C Alison Smith Carol Lynn Smith Richard Stokes Billy Sullivan Glendale Sullivan James Sullivan ' 1 xii Z i , ., 145 if Q . 'F 5 1 'i 0 Q- -he - 4 jf .1 ' as 1 1 V1 'J' 03 3 Q5 , LU :A 'uw ' 4.-f .-.Q . M h 'Q W' .J in ew 5 if f as 'Q ,gN1 , 1, ,,.s K ff L Jacqueline Wilson Skipper Wollerson R. L. Wright by . 4 , M z D Q 7 :K yi' . wo imma 'Ms John L. Sullivan Billy Thompson Barbara Valentine Newman Vaughn Jessie Walker Elbie Weaver Peggy Ann Webb Ralph Wheelus Janet Williams Martha Williams Nancy Williams Bennon Wilson .....f' .4 fm Z. is uf -W 4 sf 4 Q W 5? 4 U 'K hw i al l ft Z rf A C Juman HIGH H Tb'-'BUSY A H- Qnleluuhlll J' n 3- , , -5 FM 1. A ' B- IWFAEETS4 A ,SMWN0 :moto P d I Sammy Carriere Ioan Choate Kenneth Comeaux Shelby Crawford George Cruse Katherine Davis Shelby Davis Linda Davidson Charles Day Mary Fred Day Tucson Dunn I. E. Emfinger Joan Ezell James Fife Jewl Ray Free Clara Freeland Richard Gates Mackie Gaulden Ierrie Gill Edward Givins V t.. , f 3 i f l t - 74' H025 Avmuart 5 J' ff il X X Lucy Jean Albritton Ollie Mae Allen Don Armstrong George Baird Sandra Beach Elizabeth Berry Maxine Boyle Allie Brady Thomas Bryant George Busby Lena Butcher Luther Butcher Annie Canady Betty Canady Elia Cantu AVAILABLE f w x , ' V If -0- Q-'L ,Q M if 1 ' f 3 Ginffi ' s rr le -it as rl .xv Hvr' B Mary Ann Givins James Grant Marileon Gravelle Charlie Gwin William Hassell Drew Hatfield Betty Hawthome Mary Hilburn Robert Hill Arviel Hitt Annie Howington Bobbie Hudgins Leslie Jackson Betty Jenkins Joann Jenkins M H025 Hammett... J Q rl A S iff' .g-Wifi, l B ' .B 3' N -- " . R 'T .. .,. r , 'ff I il ' ' i f- . ,.. , - .Q it gf 4 V 2 ' A 3 r f x ft, r? L f ry , at , t',, 0' fwii L4 , U " ' 2' Y' was 1 1 i 'X V. .. s :JH 5. A I I J R' if s S g tv no Q ' ' x . ' f l Q Delmis Johns J. T. Johnson Jerry Johnston Merrilyn Johnston Jerry Jones Dixie Keen Randall Kemp Beaulah LaBorde Maebelle Lilly Quitman Lively Ralph Lofton Billy Jo Manning J. C. Martin Linda McCain Bobby McMurray James Mercer Rozzie Moore Donald Newton Charles Parker Jerry Parker ix Us , A 4 '...P4-a jk .R if jiffl. , '4 Rowena Smith Sherman Smith Sidney Smith Ruthie Spears Mary Southern Frederick Swift James Talbert Vera Thornhill Carolyn Townsend Marlin Valentine Geraldine Vines Margie Wallace Betty Waller Johnnie Watson Yvonne Weems Virginia Wiggins Nola Williams Sharie Winborne z V c."'-.JS - - r-n Q Nike Poulas Hollis Rayborn Linda Remore ' ,f A- N ,K A, gym James Renfrow V Haag, flfi Jerry Renfrow 'li' QAEJEXS S ie if v Y :HWY Carl Rider gg, A-QV E W awkr Eddie Robertson f- S Barbara Robinson . '.-a V M James Robinson " Q? w f , IV Edward Rodgers X . , S ' I Lannie Russell H, H: , -,Q .,-,, g James Singer C ' , ' ,M 5 Homer Sivils 4 'A S' ,dn if Carolyn Smith ' A Loretta Smith Q, P2 5, - W n, . if Q ' .Q Y 04, x if , J? -- K A J., pnfgiiige if i?f',.fi r Y E Q J ET V fl 'W 5 S , g , X M I we -' 6 0 . 5 QL X Q H 5""YNo vnoro , if ' l QQ: be V S I 4 Zyg ,1 Ii' ' 6 I J A A xv 4 f X --.Q . YA xg? 'W ll W ii W 'l la r X H2 A 'af ' qi 6 A -XA L 1' -3 I S S . f I, y Q y Y if r A - S+ ' A' S -V Ti Jiri FA VORITES 775445 gecwz' Qld .4 .wggqqgy ' , . vc. . zmw fr 'A 'Y M I .,- .fr . 1,361 ! n -yr-v WH as 4, 4 owe on 'V .gf M15 ' Nl F7333 lrgq 1 .4 H W 'gig .iw V5.1 . 'H ' A,-,5-4,65 0 . -V A 'Wm 1 . .fhwg-Q-A45 ' x srzjiurf 1 - 1 , 9- ,. W ,EJQA3 It , V L, 211.552 LEf ::ng':jg at" 24 S ya? 1 W, 1 f 775445 Zfmwlcome Zag Dax M0356 mb 3 9' P 'rn WW' 11+h 1 Jenyfgffe If gas X M - , 4+ QA -3' 13641 mallet +L. 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Amy Lou Smith Advisor - Carolyn Peoples - - Maxine Browder - - Maggie Weaver I1 Us Maxine Browder Sweethe art President - - - Vice President - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - F OFFICERS Reuben Carter Thomas Parks Jimmy Parker - - Guy Luno ' 'f 4 W ii A, sv ' gs Mr. Estes Summers Advisor Reporter - - - - - George Parker Sentinel ---- - - George Gowan Parliamentarian - - - - James Linder OFFICERS Editor ---------------- BESSIE PEARL WATSON Assistant Editor - - -------- MYRA ANN MOORE Business Manager - - - - MARY PEARL SMITH SW!! Sponsors MR. BARNEY COTTINGHAM MRS. FAYE BELL OFFICERS Editor ------ --------- M ary Evelyn Durr Associate Editor - - ---- Johnny Guice Girls' Sport Editor - - - - -Joellen Pirtle Boys' Sport Editor - - - ---- Harold Moore Society Editor - - - - - Eleanor Williamson 77cz,aez S aff Miss Rebecca Guice Mary Evelyn Durr Sponsor Editor v Q Q me Ham ACTIVITIES X N" 70, 21,5 7761 70.'2f,S I X 4,4 was ev O fix j 5? ,H 1 Q J Ill 3 I. I 14" -99' 4 O 4900? L. 4' 0+ Oy-Ax R .it wk 1' Peo . JK. 'J 4- lli I 67634 LOVIE LOFLIN JOHNNY COLLINS IOELLEN PIRTLE CHUCK GORDY ""ar' M . 'W '11 . , , zu. J ,.... ,, ,,, Q., .:,,,E,. ,,,. , Y .. , if , . H" .W 11 :w2'i41., M1 ww we H -fm-fn ' I I " at . AUDREY LEE THOMAS TOMMY WOMBLE Wim' '7 dmzmf SHIRLEY ANN WILLIAMS MICHAEL MAYER ig . f ,-4:44222 BESSIE PEARL WATSON EARL HUFF ,436-14 DONNIE BOUTWELL GLENDA BENNETT Whewl Those chemistry equations! Now, Eleanor -- she eats 'em up! Taking notes on Washington Jn, Q, Ni I' Shoot ! Algebra is easyl Anybody knows that x + y: zl Some like scienceg others it lulls to sleep! "Mr. May, what does H20 stand for?" Adverb clauses 1 aren't THAT t interesting! Quiet! Look who's studying! ff v-N o- 5 xx K -v Oh, why CAN'T I hit the right keyl " - y,.4 Don't everybody answer at once. . Mrs. Tillorson can make it SO interesting! 'W- yuan-f -1-1 .rx ,Q '11 4 T YL, 4 M b x E L ,I my Q I V .WQL -A -A ' 1 71 ew ' 1 C, if ' I I :W 1:1 I. If 'DI 'I I ."' King JACKIE CARPENTER , r 4.9 " n , J 1 4' X 1, ra. ig Q '. .-' ai Entertaining Their Majesties L Queen PEGGY HATTON Their Ma jesties Courts 0 A THLETICS DMEE CTDEER Iqfla DMINE E3 VIVIAN ELLIS JOHNNY COLLIN S CINDY GUIMBELLOT PHILLIP COBB ELEANOR WILLIAMSON STEVE THOMPSON LISSA KIPER MICHAEL MAYER ANNETTE JONES HAROLD MOORE MARY FRED DAY EARL HUFF I ST EVE THOMPSON MICHAEL MA HAROLD MOORE Captain--Halfback Co-Captain--Guard Center BILLY MCGRAW RALPH GILL DAVID JONES JIMMY PARKER A- Agklebn A Center Fullback End A PHILLIP COBB JOHNNY COLLINS EARL HUFF End ll! Guard Tackle JAMES LINDER JOHNNY GUICE ALVIN MACHEN Guard Quargegback Guard JIMMY RISER DONNIE BOUTWELL JAMES EDWARD MOCK ul phd rx.....---L -L au- 4 Il -- -n - 1 if 1:36 SENIORS Kneeling: James Linder, Harold Moore, Johnny Collins. Standing: Earl Huff Michael Mayer, Steve Thompson, Phillip Cobb. VARSITY TEAM First row: Tim Rogers, Hugh Priest, Alvin Machen, James Henry, David Jones, Ralph Gill, Jim Colvin, Don Cheek. Second row: Jimmy Parker, Jimmy Riser, James Mock, Donnie Boutwell, Johnny Guice, Reuben Carter, Chuck Gordy, Billy Pirtle. Third row: Jesse Walker, James Linder, Harold Moore, Earl Huff, Billy McGraw, Michael Mayer, Steve Thompson, Phillip Cobb, Johnny Collins. Theirs Ours Theirs Lake Providence ---- 0 13 Crowville - - - - - 0 Ferriday ------- 19 O Neville - - - - 6 Winnfield ------- 13 12 Ls Oak Grove - - - - 6 Rayville - - - - -14' 14 Tallulah - - - - 6 Jena - - - ---- 13 0 Delhi ------ - - 12 The 1953 football season was a successful one. The Wildcats won 5 games, tied 2 games, and lost 3. The team did exceptionally well, as there were no serious injuries. Each player went into the game with the desire to play their best and to win. The teachers and students wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire 1953 football team and the coaches. They also appreciate the sportsmanship and the ex- cellent team work portrayed by such a fine team. 'Q OUIS 27 6 49 21 32 na J 's4'3TATE CHAMPIDNSW j 34446465456 All-Sim, 0.8. B.,..M.:G: ,Zim-A KALLLLM 694414 UQIQZ.. gaWG.'?g52 w U'-, an 35 W? SHIRLEY WILLIAMS--Forward BESSIE WATSON--Guard LOVE LOFI-f1N"F0IW3l'd DOROTHY WILLIAMS- -Guard GLENDA BENNETT --Forward GENEVA WILLIAMS- -Guard 1 Owns-' it LOVIE WILLIAMS BES SIE WAT SON Sm 4 O WINNSBORO vs . BASKIN Way to shoot, Shirley. "' "JV-HUP! Glenda" n X ! ,. 5. aj 4 1 "Way I0 h00k, Earl! " "Your walking, whites ball outside f' gmletfafl 7mm Coach, ORVILLE ELKIN H 11 mmm,. Q , A -X '- Q 2 .. I A V 1"4m if . X1 mule 'mafia MICHAEL MAYER EARL HUFF DAN MORSE Guard Center Guard HMMY RISER Forward CHUCK GORDY JARRELL MERCER BILLY PIKTLE Guard Forward BILLY TEMPLE DAVID JONES BURK MCDUFF FOl'VIl1'd Gllald Forward DON CHEEK IESSE WALKER JACKIE CARPENTER Center Forward, 1-1276- YTQVQ 3- N Tr 'Gu Soft e,,a Standing in back, left to right: Coach Russell, Beatrice Hudgins Lovie Loflin, Edna Croke, Bessie Watson, Johnnie Watson, Jo- ann Browning, Jo Ann Ellerman, Betty Cobb, Geneva Williams. Seated on bench, left to right:Dorothy Williams, Lois Lantrip, Shirley Williams, Glenda Bennett, Janice Robinson, Billie Adams, Gene Wiggins. Seated on floor, left to right: Bobbie Hudgins, Carolyn Henry, Loretta Bennet, Ruth Ellen Vines, Deceille Shivers. ADVERTISERS FROIVI A FRIEND SCOTT TRUCK 8. 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Xxoo' A WUI fa 1 9 I i -123, fmxgf ,,.""-ws f1ff""LfH'1-QQ' we A' f 2 5 XM , f K .' f Xxx! X I N 'A v. 0 dz Swan-OOOLOOOU 0 QRUQO OQUQONUOOLOWFQQ 'JUDO U 000' Uv Wav QQQQOODQW sf ouoo 4 L o no GOQL4 ODE, 00151992 00 fiffofpvvbld JUL, Q 0,0 .uglfnfcif uXw-k O00 O 539' ZH. 30053 3200? 11" '12 UFCY X zniov .SQYVICC 40-O . :Goo X '7 Q h J ,fy vfwf 3:0 lfmLLxf--Cg4X,"K9"-J WW emi WMM T QWKWn?b.,.aw,Qyc+,Am QQ' 1 M-1mXM+-A R-f-A Wiiwmf' MM Swv .fy 'N - ' qi ' Tvlifxgve, ,. 1 . q,,,..J, 'um OW A,u,.,g,1,L, Gail, 4- 'Li' vwe I I va I V . A UT fxkrgx ' x " 'W Q Wig 'wx 'E rg M " ifffif , ., Z, ,..T,,.., .,..... .,., -. F i 's ml M I 4 1 AQ, fQ aff wxfivg ' wwdfggffkywif M 1535 fy fify' ' JW' j5,2f'Hq'!dx7 J S' X ' fY"V,Q1,,nwjj'jF,,,f1Uf'U' , 0337? iqhjggjiw im? Wiffggif, U MW , QWWW -NJN-Ja"-f" s! s2siy-M QQLJQQQ-,, EAQQI L QQLMQ O"Q'L'U"o"'vJ 6 Wat, u4-uu:h,,Q,a.. 4,-uMso-4-M 'RG-f'tn0.A,.u.,xg4.J.n.u-koi! WW?-ufwm' ,V Q'-V'-'C'-Q--1-.-f,u.:.1,,wg., Mfwww mcwfwxx Q -filfgfffkf Q "'Mx'm+"b""'1f V""'vw-Jw uma-va.Ll-f XQ A-'5'3"CzG.-L,s,.g,j Af-'N-' ll' "fC7tCa.fW-P-"0'k.L.4,, lx WW 9 x - J Y !O -S 2 1 I 101 'X np. P M 1, A FV QW? Xof QQ? 35,9 ff:eiff7fl",Q4.4'!-J XXX 33 WfMo'Z?LfP fglbx ZXMVA 3 GQMQTT 3 3 iw? "Mft:fzv5w'xUm.f1If7 f US? 3135 Zfff

Suggestions in the Winnsboro High School - Hi Life Yearbook (Winnsboro, LA) collection:

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