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N , , SVN , I x infix Hvilb 1 5 ,. 'lf'1, .1 .1 ,, A , M' 'Vi . yr. " 7 , . 'X 1' .. If . I ul 7, , , LI 7 f 5 if y A -m , , .... 'x - V , -'rf' . 1 , , b ,. f dei V .--N--- -3-:Q...., . f U .4-.1... -' 2 . Z.. I , . , . 1 ' : I 1 rl Q w !f X 1 Pi, , , , wh vfrgq- A It N W , Eff iii' ' X -' X J A 'I' Ei ' ' f' lf? I M f ' 'JSM if K? s ',' 1' 4 " ' f l ag 1' ! . . - . . I x 1 - -, ' J' 'Ii I N W , I Q I -N . ...Wag , M r 4 .. - L ug ' 'mg i 1 ,' -- '- 1 ' ' -'4""QI,ffZ'?. . , ,..v , 1 ff M W Irv Q W JUNIUR GATE l947 - I 5 . 1 NW ,5f11zu ig! ji . , my '11, fha' I W' , gf IE! 559 M -QW? I 4 v Tlyfg 1 1 'vnu ZH 1 1 , W y, f M, Q V W VG' 3 BETTY EAULKNER Exif? , M gangs? chlf f t 1 if Z ow L HWS!! X EM -, A F- P A fvli i? Ww f " ,. ' , - . K ' ' " A -' - , ' ' ' ' ff 11xl.2.1'hQE,' .:i'U'?',.?w , WINGATE JUNIOR CULLEGE The GATE 1947 fif, is Official Yearbook of 'I WINGATE e Junior College L Volume IX H w THEME FOREWORD Before the Civil War there existed in the Sou- thern tates a civilization which we now remem- ber as the Old South. That civlllzatlon was unique In that never before its development nor slnce its destruction has thereexisted another llkerit. like any other clvlllzation, lt had Its faults as well as glorles, yet its record and Its portralture are Important parts of the develop- ment of American clvillzatlon. Among the greatest achievements of the Old South was its agregarian culture and Its doml- nance in the field of leadership. Our college was an outgrowth of this clvlllzatlon. ln th'ls connection the theme of thls book ls an attempt to make vlvld the characterlstlcs, the tradltlons and the ideals of that age. If it does this lt will have accomplished Its purpose. .NS DEDICATIO To the founders and leaders of Wingate Junior College whose hearts beat In sensitive response to the hlghest aspirations of young men and women everywhere, and whose economic wis- dom, freely expended, saw beyond the hori- zons of materlal need the longing of humanity for the llteral enrichment of life, for their mag- nanlmlty In the promotion of educatlong and for their tireless Ieadershlp toward a world of to- morrow built on the sure foundations of under- standing and brotherhood: we, the Gate Staff, dedicate thls yearbook. ff' x X ff' X 1 ff ! ,t ll, I Q so co TENTS THE COLLEGE ....,. ...... CLASSES ...... .......... CAMPUS .... ' ............ ......... L . EXTRA-CURRICULA .... '. .. .,.... .... fl ,,,..z S ff' ,X I -Z M262 X XY ik! '4- iv I f I ,.. ,.-91 1' ,' 5 'F' .K llvlj I 1' Nl P2.:--ir. If '- ' 'F - 'Ig , - U. J fmvgflagp X , ik' - A . - A, Q! .si N Q 'N -P . f 'Q - fd P E W 5 :- YQL. V 7 4' 1 . 33.5119 w ,Kg ,M ml., Y-V V ,,,, ,. .x wkcr sQ1'-w "Y ie! - IW f"Q'l?'1T' ""' f?'fFf7 "' 1?'2"K' ' We-' 546,45 ww I 5 if A P .Q as ,x '-fvwhr. 1 MW f- ' MM, ff J. , . A,. A . .1 ,,..,u , I if If-, A 1 A f ' r dl mm W vi ,N ' .fiilpifm 52 W WT" ' ff 1M"' HA. , , . E, x 'l'.!!,I-iff ff3jQ4,:f,"Qs1-Qfw . 4, ,H .'-,J,.,vN KV' ,,,,vQ,g"ff, 'F' J , Y ,zvqll ,V Ahh' Y, ' ' D ' fiyiiwaw-.'g,n, M, Q - " f ,f1..'4.,w,, g49,"'F,f-242 1, X 7' uw, av T' M .' ' ' -w ,ir ,.: M. wx, .1 '45, 'ix , ..,. ..m,vF,'k. .".-mmf. X Z3 C.C.BURRB President Wingate Junior College B.A., M.A. English He who writes his name upon the waters of ambition shall see it disappear before it be written, he who carves a record upon marble shafts, hands down a perishable monument to posterity, he who leaves a legacy only in letters is enrolled among the poets whose works are often lost or forgotteng he who delves into the unknown realms of scientific research may save a life or blot out a world with a yet undiscovered explosive, but he who stamps himself upon the hearts of men by love and service, builds for himself a monument that shall stand after the pyramids have bowed their heads beneath the sands of the East. and rivers have lost themselves in the seas of forgetfulness. Service to humanity will live on after material things are no more. Face the East and the dew-pearled dawn with the supreme optimist Browning "One who never turned his back but marched breast forward, Never doubted clouds would break, Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph, Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, Sleep to wake. No! At noonday, in the bustle of man's worktime, Greet the unseenswith a cheer! Bid him forward, breast and back as either should be, "Strive and thrive!" Cry, "Speed - fight on, fare ever There as here!" CAROLYN CALDWELL B.S. M.A. Social Science Fw i14f'7Qf1igiii2,f Ax xg-3, Her f f? Message 7 f 4 iffy! """"'7Z2--' To the Class 'of 1947: Again the time rolls around when those of the family who remain here must extend the farewell salute to those who were welcomed so gladly two short years ago. In 1945, the magic numerals '47, no doubt seemed to you an epoch away. With hastening feet and eager minds you hur- ried into that glamorous American tradition - "College". We hope the succeeecling years have seemed as short to you as to us. Our life together has been filled with manifold events, building cam- paigns, curriculum revisions, cotton picking days, and world events have mingled with political cabals, activities, intimate friendships, courses ln- spiring and dull, exiciting rumors, distressing tragedies, and all that varied kaleidoscope - aspiration and cynicism, effort and loafing, success and failure, ioy and sorrow, with infinite personality, variations -- called higher education. ' U This book preserves in part the record '- your life the impress. The happy artistry of memory will retouch the picture for you throughout the years ahead. Comradeships will grow clearer, inspirations clearer, and failures will be forgiven and forgot. Alma Mater wishes you health of body, strength of character, clearness of vision, the passion for constructive citizenship, which is its own reward and invites you to the rich and continuous telepathy of the splrit which is active loyalty. ' THE FA g, A. F. HENDRICKS W. ROMMIE PIERCE B.S., M.s., M.R.E. B.A., B.M. Mathematics, Religious Educafion English 'Wx All MRS. JACK HORTON B.S. Bursar Commerce CULTY FRED SANDUSKY DANNY R. Mlll.ER A.B., T.H.M. 8.5. Bible and Educuiion Direcior of Aihlefiu HELEN COWSERT B.A. Modern languages and librarian x p., ,J I .J Hi . LQ: I w A :"E ' , Vs! fi-fjjx, :VFP 'Q,mf.. ,diit THE FA ,A f-. In I ,Im -va 'G' MRS. ISMAEI. NEGRIN DINA DOMINGUEZ D.D. B.M. Mathematics and Hisfory Piqng and Vgige , VIRGINIA McQUEEN B.M. Piano -v- ff . H y:.1+ -N, -f - rgjifq A ,L ,Xu,w-F1 , www " aww' Vx 'N .1289 X g ggbw Jw H , wh -21- THE FA GRACE YOW JEAN CARNES Secrefary fo the President Assistant fo Bursar , '34 . -v MRS. J. B. SPITTLE Nurse, Diefician - CULT Y L, P, BECK J. B. SPITTLE B.A. Alumni Secretary Superintendent of Grounds ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE D. K. SHELTON W. A. ORMAND Pastor Doctor ROBERT LOVELACE B.S.g M.S. L M I ,. J g. 13 - I 4 ,fig ff?-. gal" 'vial ffgf 1 W I ,I -. V V7 I' a-ff. X f tif' 1 v V 'D 11 P gf' I n ' y v9 A1 ff V. J 2 p S253 'I 3 ,H lla 1 i KYVFLQX f' I 1!"' -+6-1 1 I 1 ' ' A a': :ffl .. '-'IM rg U!!! ,X ff , '1'fQ ', 1 f 7 my W 1' f L". -' 'ffnfi Lf", ' L"!Aw"3N5 ff 'O ' -. Q? , ,Z ,N 'ri vita, - , ,N , ,, .5 an , 1 H' ,A JXJXQA f Fi 5 Q -.M f, -jf' 131' X J' j fig , '-V 1 f .2 .ummm ai ' x V. YF -,Jxf milrfff, , L4 L v ,uw 1 ' '.i1'G1lVwf"rf-f , of, ' " , ' , r' A MMVI f Ytgf a m . W... ,. ' -"-"'f:fT1i"" f'7'.', .f" ' Q? LA, ,K 4? I 'f r rm' Student government at Wingate Jr. College has developed through the years into one of the Finest features of student life. Since 1939, when the honor system was formally adopted, student government has grown slowly but steadily, gradually and carefully extending its scope and building a balanced system of student government. A student's whole life here isubased on the honor principle, the principle of individual honor, the idea that a student stands on his own merits. The honor system is a working formula to effect and maintain high standards of indi- vidual honor. Under this system every student is on his honor not to lie, cheat, or steal. ln cases of administering its disciplinary function the Council attempts to be constructively cor- rective rather than punitive. The Student Council attempts to guide the Student Body to a higher concept of honor and to a finer, more integrated form of student self-government resting on the active interest and cooperation of every member of the Stu- dent Body. WALLACE E. THOMPSON President NADINE CARSON V. Pres. EDITH ALLEN Sec. JERRY NORTHCUTT Rep. Senior .4 FN. ti W. G. BROOME Rep. Fresh. CHARLES HOVIS Rep. Day Stu. 0 TINE PROSSER New Dorm. BRUCE HEWIT1' Boys Dorm. RUBY DIGH Stuart ZOLA FERRELI. High School f f r, 1 , f x f 15 1 f' F?- ff f 7 , fgf R I gk , ' WL? + f . X, , I x v W? ' , f wif 'q-:Z -lx A f ff EAW! Q JZ aw' ,I 'M f A if in A + - , f , , y , " f ' ' " T qs, 4 ., Aff, , 7 44 W ,, M, W " ' will ff 4, - X , - " 0 I AX ,gfffifx-'7 5 "'Wff'f-1151 -rw .. if 'il ff :H A-g 4' 1 -I 'P - fm. ' w " 'Y , 35, SWK- '- 'E T m?""' ' 'wwis 1' f? Xl. 'Q "F: A d C 3 . ,5 WW: vu! . A. , " M, yi , . i WE-Q was K' 26 V Rmb?-M.. ., , R . I . 'lx 'N ,, f 219 543. fpglgiz ,if f 12 E 2 il f ,. ,f" ff' - 15 I V J' fc 2 N Q E F El WW 4 iw 239 M f' YM Air Wij E, .fl E5 ',fA,,,.1i f' F fx ff' if Wei? jf 4 I - K if f S xx X ll' . X 1 sk E L X ,ff h. 74 cv Q , PM Mx Mak JERRY NORTHCUTT President di! 4'-:sr JACK PRICE BEE PURVIS V. Prexidenf Secretary SENIOR CLASS OFFICU S Z ,Lf 'T' V ff! flw f Xe 1 . W -wg ilil "M-fffifi' 51311 gf - ,NW 55. V .W 1155,-In .Ep gg. -1. l-iraq. 'ffl -'WMQFHZ ,I 'L EDITH ELIZABETH ALLEN Marshville, N. C. Y. W. A. 1-25 B. T. U. 1-25 B. S. U. 25 Student Council, Secretary 25 McNeil Liferary 1-2. WILLIAM DONALD BALL Cramerton, N. C. Basketball 1-2-35 "W" Club 2-35 Philoso- phian 1-25 Glee Club 25 Volunteer Band 1-25 Veterans Club 35 Baseball 2-3. MILLS MONROE BARBER Sanford, N. C. Glee Club 1-25 Masque and Wig Club 1-25 Music Club 25 W. K. Club 1-25 "W" Club 25 Baseball 1-25 Philosophian Lit- erary Society 1-2. EDITH PRICE BIVENS Wingate, N. C. Glee Club 1-25 Sextette 25 B. T. U. 1-25 McNeil Literary Society 1-2, President 25 Music Club 25 Student Legistloture 2. - PHILIP SIDNEY BOONE Seagrove, N. C. Philosophian Literary Society 1-25 Basket- ball 15 W. K. Club 1-25 "W" Club 25 Commercial Club 25 Triangle Staff 1-25 B. T. U. 1-25 Chief Marshal 1. J. THOMAS BROOME Hartsville, S. C. Ministerial Band 1-25 Secretary 25 Philos- ophian Literary Society 1-25 B. T. U. 1-2. MINNIE ROSALIE BURCH Ruby, S. C. W. K. Club 1-25 McNeil Literary Society 1-25 B. T. U. 1-2, Secretary 25 Y. W. A. 1-25 B. S. U. 25 Triangle Staff 1-2. Ta. E7 U W YW ' l if eg 4 ' ...V , ,,,' . 'M Ax It l 3 ,mv N 2 4 J:-if--we-wriflg milfs. " hmmm I " Pav' 11.4 rs -. " 7' 1-H 5- , N . , W 111 g, .w L 'l31'n gli? il ', 'I v J.. vt: MARIANNA CALDWELL Charlotte, N. C. McNeil Literary Society I-2-3, President 3, Masque and Wig Club I-2-3, Secretary 3, Sextet 2-37 Commercial Club I-2-3. ERNEST BOOKKHARDT CARNE5 Monroe, N. C. Student Council I7 Glee Club lp Phil- osophian Litercry Society 1-2, W. K. Club lp Veterans Club 2. FRANCES NADINE CARSON Concord, N. C. MeNeil literary Society 1-2, Secretary 2: Y. W. A. I-2, President 27 Basketball 'lp Triangle Staff 27 Student Concil, Vice- President 2, B. S. U. 25 Glee Club 25 Sextette 2, Music Club 2. ANNIE RUTH CASTLEBURY Apex, N. C. Basketball 1-2, Captain I-25 Gate Staff li Commercial Club ly McNeil Literary Society I-2, Secretary I, Treasurer 25 "W" Club l-2, Y. W. A. 'l-25 B. T. U., Assoc. Director lp B. S. U. I-25 President 2: Debaters Club 1. GEORGE BAGBY COWSERT Wingate, N. C. Baylor University lg Philosophian Literary Society 27 Glee Club 2: Quartet 25 Music Club 2. CLARA RUTH DAVIS Kannapolis, N. C. McNeil Literary Society I-25 Triangle Staff 27 B. S. U. 27 Y. W. A. 'l-27 B. T. U. l-2. LOLA EVELYN DAVIS Troy, N. C. ' O'Henry Literary Society I-25 W. K. Club li B. T. U. 'I-2, Y. W. A. I-2, Triangle Staff 2. 40960: 'sv ft? :Ceann 'hd ENIO RUTH MAZELLA DISMUKES Troy, N. C. O'Henry Literary Society 1-2, President 27 Masque and Wig Club 1-2, Secretary 27 Y. W. A. 1-27 B. T. U. 1. BRYANLEEN EDWARDS Charlotte, N. C. McNeil literary Society 1-2, Vice-Presi- dent 27 Masque and Wig 1-27 Sextet 17 Glee Club 17 B. T. U. 1-27 Y. W. A. 1-2. JOHNNIE DEAN El.l.lNGTON Charlotte, N. C. Commercial Club 1-27 Glee Club 27 Mas- que and Wig T'2f Cheerleader 17 Music Club 27 McNeil literary Society 1-21 Stu- dent Legislature 27 Triangle Staff 2. ' amy Rum FAULKNER Polkton, N. C. Debaters Club 1-27 Vice-President 17 Mas- que and Wig Club 1-2, Vice-President 27 McNeil literary Society 1-27 W. K. Club 27 Gate Staff 1-2, Associate Editor 1, Editor 2. LEWIS FRANK FUNDERBURK Ruby, S. C. Gladstone Literary Society 1-2. SARAH LOUISE GLENN China Grove, N. C. O'Henry literary Society 1-2, Secretary 27 Y. W. A. 'I-27 B. S. U. 17 Masque and Wig Club 1-27 W. K. Club 1-2, Secretary 17 B. T. U. 17 Commercial Club 17 Triangle Staff 2. MARTHA MARGARET GREEN Marslwille, N. C. angle- 2. McNeil 1-27 Commercial Club 1-27 Tri- CLASS El.STER HOWEl.l. GREENE, JR. Stony Fork, N. C. Glee Club 17 Basketball 17 Gladstone lit- erary Society 1-2, Treasurer 27 Masque and Wig Club 1-21 Art Club 27 Veterans Club 27 W. K. Club 1-27 B. T. U. 17 Gate Staff 1-2, Business Manager 2. JUNIUS S. GRIMES lll Charlotte, N. C. Veterans Club 1-27 Vice-Commander 1, Adiutant 27 "W" Club 1-27 Triangle Staff 27 Basketball 17 Baseball 1-27 Cheor Leader 27 Student legislature 2. RAl.PH KLUTZ HARRIS Maiden, N. C. Glee Club 1-21 B. T. U. 1-27 W. K. Club 1-21 Ministerial Band 1-21 Philosophian Literary Society 1-27 B. S. U. 1. JAMES G. HART Wadesboro, N. C. Glee Club 1-21 Basketball 17 Baseball 17 Philosophian literary Society 1-2, Pres- ident 27 "W" Club 1-2, President 27 Conl- mercial Club 27 W. K. Club 2, Vice-Pres- ident7 Triangle Staff 27 Orator 17 Vet- erans Club 1-2. JOE CAl.VlN HEl.MS Marshville, N. C. Gladstone literary Society NELSON EARL HELMS Monroe, N. C. Veterans Club 1-2 MELVIN BRUSE HEWITT Maiden, N. C. Gladstone Literary Society 1-27 Stu'-lellf Council 2. 1 'I X IL il ' 1 2.1 we i- 1,-1 jg' aw.. fl ii bw :vi .si 'W 'XII rff'7'?lz1 I h'1ia12G'Ji' nr--:fs Riu 'ni li ? I a ll '. . , . eg as " I CHARLIE FRANKLIN HOVIS Maiden, N. C. Philosophian Literary Society I: Basket- ball Ip Baseball I-2, Veterans Club 'I-2, President 2, Student Council 2. OPHELIA LANE HUCKS Conway, S. C. McNeil Literary Society I-2, B. S. U. I, Treasurer 'lp B. T. U. I-2, Y. W. A. 'I-'lp W. K. Club 2. RENA M. HUNT Matthews, N. C. 0'Henry Literary Society I-2, Vice-pres- ident, President 'Ip B. T. U. I-27 Y. W. A. I-2, Commercial Club lp Gate Staff 25 Glee Club I-2. CAROLYN BYRD .IOSEY Albemarle, N. C. Catawba Ip Pioneer Staff Ip McNeil Lit- erary Society 2p Y. W. A. 2. JACK NELSON LANEY Maiden, N. C. Gladstone I-2, Glee Club 2, Music Club 2. GLORIA LOUISE LINDSAY Myrtle Beach, S. C. Glee Club 'I-2, Sextet I-21 O'Henry 1-2, President Ip Home Economics Club I, Secretary, Music Club 27 Masque and Wig Club I-2, Y. W. A. 2, Student Coun- cil 'l. EDGAR REID LOWDER Lilesville, N. C. Basketball 1-2, W. K. Club I-2, Glad- stone 'l-2p Music Club 25 Veterans Club 2, Baseball Ip Philomanthian Society 'Ii Mars Hill College I. Ag 'ram in my .JVM 3 . . ,331 , 13 1 A .m 54' ' Sw .5v"'?lA..e, iw-.-,,. if X' git- Hmwggzzt -9,4 - Je Y . ul r ws, n .Lf ve Qimrwi .riffs s9:m,.1,' w.,,,,wf ,ggi gfmiizjyfw ff' ,iff E. ,pi mW5.,.',u, JOHN W. LOWERY Wingate, N. C. Glee Club 1-2, Philosophian Society, 'I-2, Quartet 'I-2, Masque Wig 1-2, Music 2, W-Club 2, Basketball 'l, Veterans Club 2. JAMES CLARENCE MILLS Charlotte, N. C. Student Council 2, President G. I. Bar- racks, 2, Basketball 1, Gladstone So- ciety 'I-2, President 'l, Masque 8 Wig rl I-2, Commercial Club 2, Veterans Club 2, Gate Staff 'l. "W" Club 2. KENNETH R. MOORE Monroe, N. C. Veterans Club 'I-2, Adiutant 1. ETHEL JEANETTE MORGAN Monroe, N. C. McNeil Society I-2, Basketball 'I-2, Y. W. A. 1-2, Commercial Club 'I-2, "W" Club 'l-2. CATHERINE AILEEN NORTHCUTT McFarlan, N. C. McNeil Society 'I-2, Vice President 2, B. T. U. 'lp Commercial Club I-2, Presi- dent 2g Y. W. A. 'I-27 Triangle 2, Basket- ball 1-2, Co-Captain 'Ip Masque 8- Wig 2, "W" Club 'I-2. JERRY JACKSON NORTHCUTT McFarlan, N. C. Student Council 27 President of Senior Class 25 Music Club, President 25 Glad- stone Society, President 'lp Basketball lp Masque 8- Wig I-2, Glee Club lp Veterans Club 2, Commercial Club 27 Gate Staff li "W" Club 2. PHHA DAPHNE owENs Gibson, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society If Highway of Life Enrichment 'lp Prayer Bands 'lp Math. Club 1, South Carolina Club lp McNeil Society 2, Y. W. A. 2, Commercial Club 2. A wfwfwqj 5 mil ,f.f'i..if?' '41 F Sim 'wt 'gil . f5l,T.fP.1, , f -.,1 rl. guligiigw-wif. . E fb I ' ' HQ" - .f,i,,...,,,, r. vifgziiir-',f,:','f', ,- , Y V liifjirffi 1 " " Ziff '-1'QQ,:,!,'y.': if l2.5':::i'tiH29J2f 4 ,,,.3- y, .. ' W E. 732 I him 1, ,ffifi ff' Q,,5':.5w,.::yf. 3- 'A :iEg.4.pfF5 my. 'YZHS5 iii?" I E512 ip gp. -.iw ,' ix. PU, ,A .W .3 gb, .:' 5, 'i ..f Vg, V . S- gj,,-car 'cz' - '.-: .. , . , ixtpjjk Q' j j.-. f,m.fu.ff'i'a I "5J.'1Q?Si.f,' ,- 'Elf-V11-Afk milf.. 531' -' -' 'iiiflC5 id: ' .r -' AQ 1- Y--'PI f-vw ., 1.5. 'MvFi'l.' H519 iii' mf ?f'N-..'f!I1'f,i in 7? 'R 1 ig 'Dir hill., A In 'dig iii: ,f7q.i,.,jJ . 'QQ-fe Q- JL sf' -.. .QU .fm-.' " my ' ir. ' , ,W-Q, QA pm gym 7 -..-1 ., ...Mg Q2'f'l ff .. .M,,.., .,,, ,, .X ,. W, , . V 1 0 ., i"'-7 'Z' Sign 4 :1- . ' 5, M , .A Q Ki pg SE IOR 19 if MARGIE LEONA PARKER Aynor, S. C. Anderson Jr. College lp McNeil literary Society 2, B. T. U. 2, Y. W. A. 2, Triangle Staff 27 W. K. Club 2. SARAH KATHERINE PERRY Wingate, N. C. Masque 8- Wig Club I-27 McNeil literary Society 1-2, Triangle Staff 2, Y. W. A. 'l-27 B. T. U. l-2. VANN DUNCAN PRESSOR Indian Trail, N. C. Gladstone literary Society 'I-2, Basket- ball lg Music Club 27 W. K. Club 2: Baseball lp Gate Staff lp Triangle Staff 2. BRIGGS H. PRICE, Monroe, N. C. Commercial Club I-2, Gladstone Literary Society 1-2, Masque 8. Wig Club 27 Vet- erans Club 2, Adiutant 2. CHARLES JACK PRICE Monroe, N. C. Masque 8. Wig Club 'I-2, College Band l-2, Commercial Club 'I-2, Gladstone So- ciety l, Veterans Club 2, Triangle Staff l. ERNESTINE PROSSER Effingham, S. C. McNeil literary Society I-2, B. S. ll. Council 2, B. T. U. I-2, Director 2, Tri- angle Editor 2g Commercial Club 1-2, President 1, "W" Club l-27 Basketball 'I-2, Student Council 2, Y. W. A. I-2. ETHELYNE PROSSER Effingham, S. C. McNeil literary Society 1-2, President lg Y. W. A. 'I-27 B. T. U. 1-27 Triangle Staff 2, B. S. U. Council 2, Basketball l-2, "W" Club 1-2, Commercial Club I-2. CLASS MYRTLE LOUISE PURVIS Timmonsville, S. C. McNeil literary Society I-27 W. K. Club 'I-2, President 'lp Y. W. A. 'l-2, B. T. Ll. 'I-2, B. S. U. Council I-2, Sec. 2, Triangle Staff 2, Ass't Editor 2, Basketball 2. DAVID EVERETTE REDREARN Chesterfield, S. C. Gladstone Literary Society 'lg Volunteer Band 'lg Veterans Club 2. LORENE ROSS Fort Mill, S. C. McNeil Literary Society 'I-27 Commercial C'ub l-2, Vice President 2, B. T. U. 'lg Y. W. A. 'l-2. DORIS LISK RUSSELL Norwood, N. C. Basketball 1-25 McNeil Literary Society l-2, "W" Club 'l-25 Y. W. A. l-27 B. T. U. 'lg Commercial Club lp W. K. Club 1. WILLIAM EDGAR SEASE Norfolk, Va. Gladstone Society l-2, Basketball 'l-2, Baseball 'I-27 "W" Club 'I-2, W. K. Club 2. MILDRED MABEL SMALL Monroe, N. C. Basketball ly Commercial Club 2, Masque 3: Wig Club 3, Y. W. A. 'I-2-3, McNeil literary Society 'I-2-35 Art Club 'I. WALLACE EUGENE THOMPSON Lancaster, S. C. Student Council 2, President, Philosophian Literary Society l-2, Veterans Club l-2. wi' QV ,W 1 I 1 1 A417 Zin Q, RA mg. ,HW UD' Nr" new -wilt' A, -V""lZ'1 . Q'?""'f'lQtz- 'UPA' V .2 ,Fu i -K .. 35 ,M fi Fl 1 1 1 Ig ljj 3Q,'i'If,l .v V.. Q9 -. 1 1 '19 I, 'lf er-T.-Uh 'levhm 1. w we .1 99 "'3-M179 .ff 'K ff ' f ,ll Un--E A 5, ,A 1 y 1 M 1 ,di 1 . 8- my MICHAEI. WARREN THURMAN Ruby, S. C. Gladstone Literary Society 1-2, Basket- ball 1, "W" Club 1-2. AMANDA LUCILLE VAUGHT Loris, S. C. Student legislature 27 Triangle 27 B. T. U. 1, W. K. Club 17 McNeil Literary Soziety 1-27 Y. W. A. 2. JESSE B. VAUGHT loris, S. C. Spartanburg .lr. College 15 Camack lit- erary Society 15 Avis Rare Club 15 Vet- erans Club 2, Gladstone Literary So- ciety 2. ANNA LEE WADDELL Wadesboro, N. C. W. K. Club 1, B. S. U. 2, McNeil Literary Society 1-2, Y. W. A., Secretary 25 Student legislature 2. l.UlA GRAY YATES Apex, N. C. Basketball 1-2, Gate Staff 17 Commer- cial Club ly McNeil Literary Society 1-2. Secretary 2: W. K. C. Club 1-2, Secretary 2, B. T. U. 1-2, Y. W. A. 1-27 B. S. U. 27 "W" Club 1-2. A MAT Wingate, Listen Mother, To our vows of love, To thyself and to each other Faithful friends we'll prove. Faithful, loyal, firm and true Heart bound to heart will beat Year by year the ages through Until in heaven we meet. College days are swiftly fleeting Soon we'll leave thy halls Ne'er to ioin another meeting 'Neath thy hallowed walls. So, farewell, dear Alma Mater May thy name we pray, Be rev'renced ever, pure and stainless As it is today. tit QQ H f N: nf? f-Nw , X Ili' I ,-f A slff I li- if . ' li! . ' ' - ff ,711 , if :Q Z? ,f . g , X ' - 5 , C r' 'ef' F 5 ii U. I YH f - 42- 1 I7 Mlm ' s WW C L A S S .,,, ,,.,- 1 ,.. ,- Q5-ala .325-.-H 4 M H: 6-', ln, 1 ,' il. . 5 ff.. 5 , r, W Hp., . FM- 3 .. A 1 4 l F K' , 5. 45' if , .17 ,, .., S+ in 3 251 x,4 .v lf X 1'--.-,f'.'f 2, K: 04Isk...Qa.'.:ir..m'i.3 .42- , ,A .5763 . ,, H - umm-- .. .11 RESI-I Marvin Gregory Adams Heath Springs, S. C. Douglas T. Angley Gastonia, N. C. Gatha Gray Austin Stanfield, N. C. 19 John Irvin Ballard Wadesboro, N. C. Betty .lean Barbee Concord, N. C. Howard Heath Boucom Indian Trail, N. C. William Wiley Beachum Wadesboro, N. C. Walter Beaver China Grove, N. C. William Worth Britt Wadesboro, N. C. Gerald Edwin Brooks Oalcboro, N. C. James S. Brooks Marshville, N. C. Mary Ervin Broome Monroe, N. C. CLA SS William George Broome Monroe, N. C. Doris Earle Byrd Mrs. Blanche Casteen Monroe, N. C. Fred William Chapman Kannapolis, N. C. Rasa Ella Chapman Kannapolis, N. C. Oscar Gene Coleman, .lr Wadesboro, N. C. Will Frank Crawley Ruby, S. C. Wrenn Millar Creel Aberdeen, N. C. Thomas Franklin Davis Chesterfield, S. C. Marvin De Fore Wingate, N. C. Ruby Agnes Digh Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. lucy Elizabeth Campbell Ruby, S. C. Ben Ralph Efird Marshville, N. C. .,..,i ,, if .N . , yi H Jonas Houston Ervin, Jr. Charlofle, N. C. R. L. Ervin, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. 1- W-.. , ,. g -,Lx 1 I ' r- .w. Howard Lewis Faulkenborry Heath Springs, S. C. Virginia Faust Charloffe, N. C. Reba Irene Fisher Harrisburg, N. C. Shannon Crawford Forbis Maffhews, N. C. Thomas Walden Gamble Waxhaw, N. C. Yates Neil Gordon Monroe, N. C. Lila Grainger Aynor, S. C. Edward Urbano Grenel Miami, Fla. Bobby Lee Griffin Rock Hill, S. C. CLASS 47 Lottie Irene Hardee lo is S C Carolyn Ruth Hams Concord N C Beniamin David Hicks Fort Mill, S. C. Charles Everette Hilton, Jr Kershaw, S. C. Daniel Edward Hunoycutt Marshvillo, N. C. Edgar Allen Hunter Ironton, Ohio Miriam Jo Ann lngold Mt. Gilead, N. C. Edna Lillian Ingram Rockingham, N. C. John Richmond Jenkins Lancaster, 5. C. Truett Lemare Jenkins Gastonia, N. C. Connie Evelyn Jordan Mt. Croghan, S. C. wg, . Wmnue ,.,, ,ff Leonard Torrence Keever NC. Gastonia, . ESHMA 1 9 Earl Howard Kelly McBee, S. C. Charles A. Kincaid Gaslonia, N. C. '6 Colleen Knighf Charloffe, N. C. Roberl M. lampley Wadeslaoro, N. C. James Archie laney Monroe, N. C. Joseph Steele larrimore Tampa, Fla. Olin lee lillle Stanfielcl, N. C. Ned Ray McCall Denver, N. C. Frances McDowell Henderson, N. C. Jack Edward Mclendon Orlando, Fla. Virginia Ann Mclendon Orlando, Fla. il 6' ,W 5, m,,,,,g 3-.ansxgi xg HX? fn. ig! Emory Marvin Musselwhite, Jr. Monroe, N. C. Belly Jean Neal Fort Mill, S. C. James I.. Neal Fort Mill, S. C. Rodney Eugene Neal Fort Mill, S. C. Annie Jeonnehe Negrin Cruces, Cuba Carolyn Nesbil Waxhaw, N. C. William Monroe, William Gibson, Paul L. Monroe, Reid Oulen N. C. Mclean Owens N. C. Painier N. C. Ken! C. Moore Marshville, N. C. Walter Rupert Moorehead Concord, N. C. ,. W5 Kim V-.fag V L if ' I QM r-,'2'f-- " Harold lee Mickle Rock Hill, S. C. N 's W :Ali 5 ,QF 454 4 ui if vial: 1 ng Swim f -E 3-1- an-. u kj .4 prim' 31, 211- 'l"71.'.'-'. Q?,Wi qlul' ali.. ,Q Wai wg. 11 2. ,wi .HF ,ra X.. mfiwg. wwqsw Eli? ' .F . Jwfltfi' vawlz-. Pu .'l'l'5 fkllfzi' ..g5,.q3..l gfgfti ' 1,1,'19i:.+3JQ. zqfg. :Hu Mfg. WW R 3119. ST!" 2,52 fi 'lllgpiij' .jlglm if 21 .1 1: W5 .i i ,,,g, W. 4. 287.35 'Y 1 ww L li wl 3 V. rg.. A ll uiglp , QQ v w 'ft + " H5993 '4 .1 "A zu -'. pg. :li 4 nhl ,,l 'fi A.e.1,-fy,-. fifbftegag. W.. .- QM V ':f,rgSQQ.vD4 f'575.3l'l'Li 3r.f:'l'f 'Q Betty lou Patterson Kannapolis, N. C. FRESI-IMA 1 9 James Relaercls Peele Chacllaourn, N. C. Marvin H. Poole Rockingham, N. C. Mary Ella Poole Kannapolis, N. C. James Keith Polk Midland, N. C. Clayton William Pope Waclesboro, N. C. Calvin Marshall Price Gastonia, N. C. Lane Bigger: Price Monroe, N. C. Kenneth Howell Propst Charlotte, N. C. Sarah Helen Propst Charlotte, N. C. James Hubert Rosh Rock Hill, S. C. David Harold Reid Waxhaw, N. C. .ffl A- it 'Hi ,J V, . .. i x ' fl.- lg J ,gif Freeman Lain Russell Albemarle, N. C. John Herman Shannon, Jr. Waxhow, N. C. .lames Floyd Shelton Denver, N. C. Judge Arnold Simpson Marshville, N. C. Darrell Smith Princeton, N. C. Edwin Stewart Smith Marshville, N. C. John Keith Smith Marshville, N. C. Alfred E. Staley Albemarle, .N. C. Ruby Bruton Sutton Ruby, S. C. Helen Davis Sellars Chesterfield, S. C. 11 P AH, 'M gc nv' V V14- is ff W' y rlwi 14.4.3 3' 'YB my F V211 1544 G1 H 11. L 1. "rn L' Z w,.,f-Q -vfyzlpxj :raw gt. iffflzilql Q. ',-:J P,-jf: Qffmfr 3 v. J fn., 5 ' W I: W qua f r-...Q ,V Hlfggwlu' 1' SIE? MT. 'ifili W J' I 5 - U H' . xv- '. f- . ffm. ffm P Z' 1: gb:,,3i"2..1 -Il .', ff' if -xf.s5wq: 'Q' 1 ,:3L,.a:.i, ewi:saf?Q A ' 671.113 4. 'dv xi -1.2: 'Zi' '-'.a,i ,IN ii, ,, 1, ll V l F RESI-IM 1 9 Alvin Baxier Taylor Sfanfield, N. C. Jerry Broaden Teal Patrick, S. C. Thelma Thurman Ruby, S. C. Fannie Lorraine Todd Loris, S. C. Johnny M. Turner Kershaw, S. C. Mary Grace Turner ' lake View, S. C. Henery Alexander Vann Monroe, N. C. Douglas Allen Veniers Badin, S. C. Herberf James Walion Union, N. C. C ASS 47 Marion Everett Watts Mt. Greghan, S. C. Robert Denny Webster Charlotte, N. C. Archer Beniamin Whitley Charlotte, N. C. Ralph Cecil Williams Monroe, N. C. Jack Whitmore Wingate, N. C. James Lyndon Woodburn Wadeaboro, N. C. J. D. Watson Albemarle, N. C. Vinelle Watson Ruby, S. C. 'ln y n , a Benjamin P. Ward Blaclenboro, N. C. 3-gy:-rvrrrt r' 11 w' .N -mf ' .A -. ,uf rc! sw iz .,, 4. M. , C mu- . .M ., -,. N , , W wi v w?a1:.+m -Sl W. . ,-,px v:',f"L '- 5.41.- S N. 3 I 4 1 , fl, ,wgffrfig "rf H I G S C H Ho O L 7 23' W if FERREl.l. BELL CROWEIJ. Zola Ferrell ......... .............., P resident Buddy Bell .......... .......... V ice President Ann Crowell ,...... .....,,,., S ecreiqry ..., I I, . A . l 1 el,, - cf K 26 James Martin Abernathey Maiden, N. C. Pablo Arencibia, Jr. Camaguey, Cuba HIGH 19 Mary Jo Autry Camden, S. C. Raymond Burdell Avant Kannapolis, N. C. Manuel Barnet Cardenas, Cuba Carey lenwood Bell, Jr. Durham, N. C. William Layne Black Monroe, N. C. Grier Albert Bradshaw Gastonia, N. C. Hayden McKinley Cartner Kannapolis, N. C. Kathleen del Castillo New York, New York Maria del Castillo New York, New York SC 0OL 4 7 Rebecca Crowder Peachland, N. C. Sarah Anne Crowell Charlotte, N. C. Jose Roger Damera Cardenos, Cuba John Townly Davis, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Arlhur Graham Evans Charlolfe, N. C. Francisco .lose Fernandez Anlilla, Cuba Zola l. Ferrell Fort Mill, S. C. Anna Frances Fu nderburk Monroe, N. C. Foley Gales Kannapolis, N. C. Clifton Braxlon Copeland Hillsboro, N. C. Ornel Colera Havana, Cuba ' - ,j 'w y if f. -, 1-. ,p-...H aw .2 f - 1. K .f mf, falfwlflf' gk: "NET .ww -. ,W, Kfv.-y'..w'-if milf W My li- K , -rs'F'+.' ,.'-W, ,'iff'w-.5 '1i:'.',?j,1'g'.,. ' ,L "my-,... . 9 .5 ,w 1 . ,.. Q . Biff QQ sv' : 511' , 'J-11 , , Y , f , ,W x '- is la.. 'WZ 'i1Tz5,-- ef? ' 'Qi ,,.,1'g--.. - -.1 7631. ' ' lieu". inflow -..11E'- ipfiiiay-i'i ffiftlf 25135?se:Q4 ' Mi M.,1g.f.,1, vw .Q J 7. HJ., ni, L 3. f . . WW- 'Q Q.-.1 l H v , rw W4 ' L --Vfxfvl 'QWTW-m---,.. . ipaq,--af.,-an-, 1 a"TTfr344Q3"-5'-l ' '53 2:f135f'Zl'f-f +1-ga' mfg-5 xi L l,1.Z2..3l, ,10.... if 4,1 r-'W HM Q, Lg ,aw-I jvl .:MW1fi'i. 'E Li .fEL.,t.,.--, , Q 1 .'f,- 5 I ,sa U f is 1' P .ff "ill ,w..f, .: 's ,ml f 9'f'i' 1. ' 5 "l Qi1,.1'Xf... 6'-,Ag iywki z, 'G W- z' " 3 H' vw.. 5' Af ,lf 2?EQw:v.. ZF' ff ,,.b..,4-W.. 9'Wf..Y-' MH' ..,,..Lg,, W V r 'll if '10, 'W 'N l ' ' - ".,-. 42'i'.Tl 'li king 156- Carlos Garcia Cruces, Cuba HIGH 19 Miles Norman Gibbs Gaslonia, N. C. Hayclee Mabel Gonzalez Camaguey, Cuba Ralph Gonzalez Baracoa, Cuba Harry Allen Goodson Lincolnion, N. C. Ernesi Grenei Havana, Cuba Rubye Lois Harwood New London, N. C. Donald Heller Baltimore, Maryland Jap Buren Helms Kannapolis, N. C. Selva Caudle Herrin Albemarle, N. C. Arden lenwood Hickman Wilmingion, N. C. Winfred View Hoglen Y Charlene, N. C. SCHOCL 7 Mary Sue King Rockingham, N. C. Thomas lampley Wadesboro, N. C. Harry Roland lindsay Myrtle Beach, S. C. Betty Jo Martin Florence, S. C. Maurice S. Mclain Kannapolis, N. C. James M. McQuage Bennettsville, S. C. Robert Calvin Melton Wingate, N. C. Jean Willard Milos Concord, N. C. James Wallace Morris Monroe, N. C. Clifford C. Jenkins Gastonia, N. C. Jack Wendell Jordan Baltimore, Maryland John Richard Hudson Saxaphaw, N. C. '15- 1 'f Virgil Gaskey Newsome High Point, N. C. Georgia Dale Owen Chesterfield, S. C. Q- 15549 'f ' TY' fi?fE7f9W'374'? . ,.,. , - ., , K 41" A ,. HIGH 19 Euselaia Flores Palnero Maxim: Gomez, Cuba Virginia Dare Price Marshville, N. C. Gertie Nathaniel Peacock Lexington, N. C. Roberspierre Saco Oriente, Cuba Naomi Rodriguez Havana, Cuba Starr Shelley, Jr. Sellers, S. C. James Marshall Sigmon Newton, N. C. Jane louise Sinclair Camden, S. C. Edward M. Smith, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. SC 00L 47 Catherine Jane Elizabeth Sweeney Kannapalis, N. C. Joe Allen Trull Charlotte, N. C. Vernest Calvan Turner Waclesboro, N. C. Aaron Tyner, Jr. Monroe, N. C. Pedro del Riego Villar Cardonas, Cuba William E. Watkins, Jr. Troy, N. C. Mary Magdalene Williams Randolph, N. C. Donald L. Zinger Durham, N. C. Sarah Marguerite Stevenson Marion, S. C. Roser Kenneth Stowe Gastonia, N. C. fff"N ff ff T2 WN CiIf9uPl!IB 'Su N SNAPSHCTS H 61 1 1 X 1 Q 4 T 3" I 1 'I 'I 4 5 r K xi . 4 1 l vj I f 1 i I ? Q 'Q Y I 9 . .1 1 I 4 A v N W X An Exciting Momoni BUYS' Bask tball First row, left to right: Hudson, Grenet. Grenet, Huigler Second row, left to right: Heller, Erwin, Forbis, Sense, Gibbs Third row, left to right: Propst, McCall, Vunn, Shannon, Kincaid, Lowcler, Miller GIRLS' Bask tball First row, left to right: Prosser, Sellars, Russell, Prosser Second row, left to right: Norcutt, Neal, Faust, Byrd Third row, left to right: Miller, Castlebury, Morgan, Yates, Todd, Propst GRENET SHANNON McCAl.I. The "Basketeers" were off to a good start with Danny Miller as their coach. The 1948 club established itself as one of the hardest fighting comeback teams in W. J. C. court history. The opening game saw the Basketeers receive quite a thrill from Oakhurst man- aging a 52-9 triumph. Then wins over Charlotte All-Stars, Pheiffer College, and Stanley All-Stars for the second time. W. J. C. was defeated 37-35 by Kannap- olis Y. M. C. A. in the Y. gym at Kannap- olfs. Edward Grenet was out, who was one of W. J. C.'s forwards. Then came wins over Cramerton, and Gardner-Webb. The Campbell Club gained revenge by downing W. J. C. 34-31 in an exciting affair. Victories over Oakridge, Belmont Abbey, an exciting affair. E. M. I. was beaten by W. J. C. 65-42. Appalachian "B" team defeated W. J. C. in a thrilling game 56-47. Following that came the exciting game W. J. C. defeated by Mars Hill, 45-41. Wingate Basketeers were defeated by Brevard 47-45 one night later. Three nights later W. J. C. was defeated by Campbell 39-36. Then Mars Hill was nosed 41-39 in an exciting game, when W. J. C.'s forward Grenet sank a field goal with five seconds remaining. Both High Point "B" team and Oak Ridge lost to W. J. C., 38-27 respectively. The Eastern Conference opened with W. J. C. swamping Oak Ridge, who furnished surprisingly strong opposition, but W. J. C. eliminated them in the opening of the semi-finals. One night later Wingate de- feated Campbell 67-64 in a cage-thriller which went into an over-time period. ' Before a packed house of 1,600 fans at the Dunn Armory, the two clubs battled neck-to-neck right down to the final whis- tle. W. J. C. won the Eastern division title in the North Carolina Jr. College basket- hall playoff, taking the trophy. Perhaps the outstanding feature of the team's success was the fact that it possessed no great stars, each man coming through to do his turn when the team seemed to need him most. However, mention must be made of the sterling lead- ership exhibited by Center John Shannon, who was voted the most outstanding player in the tourna- ment. High honors went to Edward Grenet also. As a climax for the season the team won the State Jr. College championship. ERWIN LOWDER MASK CASTLEBERRY W ,av -.1 fe .Ax Q . f -l yk t , nv 1 x. 1" . , . 1 , , . wa " iw., 5' j 4 .2 Eff! " A 'ity-rf " V' PROSSER Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Basketball Scores College ...,.... College ......., College ........ College ........ College. ....... College ....... CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoUege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege College ...,.... College ,....... CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege CoHege NORTHCUTT BOYS 52 ......44 37 48 38 57 35 35 39 59 50 31 48 51 62 65 47 41 45 36 41 38 ..,,..47 GIRLS .......27 .....,,14 ,.....22 ..,....11 ......20 ....,..33 ,...,..10 .....,25 .......22 .,.,...18 ......2l .......13 28 Oak Hurst ................... Charlotte All Stars ...... Stanley All Stars ....... Pheiffer College ...... Stanley All Stars .......,., Phieffer Jr. College ...... Kannopolis Y. M. C. A Cramerton All Stars ........ Gardner Webb ,............. Buford .,,,,,, ,,,,,.. .,.......... Cramerton All Stars ...... Campbell ........,.......,.......... Kannapolis Y. M. C. A Oak Ridge M. A. ,....... ,... . Belmont Abbey ..... .,....,. Edwards Military Inst. Appalachian "B" ,..,,..,.,,,. Mars Hill Jr. College ....... Brevard ..........,............... Campbell .,..,. ...,,........... Mars Hill .lr. ColJlege ..... High Point "B" ,...,....... Oak Ridge M. A. ,..... . Oak Hurst ....,.,.,...... Stanley All Stars ....... Pheiffer Jr. College ,..... Stanley All Stars .......... Phiefer Jr. College ......... Kannapolis Y. W. C. A. Buford ...,........,,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,,. Campbell College .,...,,,,,,,,,, ,.,.,.,., Kannapolis Y. W. C. A ...,...... ......,. Sacred Heart .........,..,...... BYRD FAUST Campbell College . ,..... Brevard College ..... Sacred Heart ...... TODD X C ee Leaders Left to right: Pete Grimes, Betty Barbee, Archie Laney, Kay del Castillo, Jack Mclendon . .lub ff C""C'f A sea.. left to right, first row: Leona Parker, Edna Ingram, Mary Williams, Vinelle Watson, louise Glenn, Howard Faulkenberry, Mazela Dismukes, Ophilia Hucks, Reba Fisher, Bee Purvis, Wallace Morris, Mrs. J. B. Spittle. I Second rowzlyndon Woodburn, Evelyn Jordan, Harry lindsey, Ruby Sutton, Tom Lampley, W. R. Moorehead, Duncan Presson, Lula Gray Yates, Bill Sease. Third row: Reid lowder, Ralph Harris, Phil BOOIIB, Mills Barber, Minnie Burch. Absent when picture was taken: Hal Greene, Edward Grenet, Virginia Price, Catherine Sweeney, Ruby Harwood, Brownie Edwards. Commercial lub Left to right, first row, seated: Howard Faulkenberry, Bennie Whitley, Marvin DeFore, Keith Polk, Frank Hancock, .lim Mills, Lynwood Woodburn, Archie Laney, .lerry Northcutt, Briggs Price, Marvin Adams, Olin Little, Gather Austin. ' Second row: Manuel Barnet, Ethel Morgan, Frances Funclerburk, Virginia Price, Maria Del Castillo, Ernestine Prosser, Reba Fisher, Bee Purvis, Mrs. Jack Horton, Catherine Northcutt, Johnny Ellington, Ethylene Prosser, Vinelle Watson, Pablo Alfredo, Ruby Sutton, Ralph Gonzalez, Jose Demera. Not present when picture was made: Lorene Ross, Ruby Sutton, Danny Webster, Jack Price, Mary Sue King, Earl Kelly, Frank Feruandez, Paul Grencileia, Martha Green, Jean Carnes, Norman Gibbs, Edward Grenet, Jo Ann Ingold, Bill Owens, Phila Ownes. A Vin- - V '- ff I W 1s.v- yn w , 'fy 5552,-rf rc? f ff LITERARY SOCIETIES Left Oo right, first row: Tommy Brown, James McQuage, John Davis, Phil Boone, Ralph Harris, Bill Rivers. Second row: W. R. Morehead, Folly Gales, Frank Crawley, Ernest Carnes, Douglas Venlers, Joe Abernaihy, Robert Mellon. Third row: Marvin DeFore, Jack Mclendon, Mills Barber, Raymond Avanl, Frank Hancock, Fred Johnson, Edgar Hunter, John Lowery. No! present when piclure was made: Manuel Barnet, Wallace Thompson, C. W. Pope, James Rash, James Sigmund, Bobby Griffon, Floyd Watkins, George Cowserl, Billy Brilf, Harold Mickle, Hayden Carfner, Denny Websler, Ben Coley, Jerry Teal, Charlie Hovis, Clifton Copeland, Thomas Davis, Wrenn Creel. leff to right, firsl row: Gloria lindsey, Mazella Dusmukes, Miss Morrison, Edna Ingram. Second row: louise Glenn, Rena Hum, Evelyn Davis, C.,-,Ilene Knight, Left to right, first row: Archie Laney, Jerry Northcutt, Marion Watts, John Hudson, Michael Thurmond, Duncan Presson, Benn'e Whitley, Miss Morrison, Virgil Newsome, Lyndon Woodburn, Marvin Adams, Ralph Williams, Howard Faulkenberry, Briggs Price. Second row. Lynwood Hickman, Wallace Morris, Shannon Forbis, Frank Funderburk, Keith Polk, lane Price, Pablo Alfredo, Rafael Gonzalcz, Ben Ward, Manuel Barnet, Jose Damera. Third row: Hugh Ervin, Ned McCall, John Shannon, Jim Mills, Reid lowder, Tom Lampley, Bob Lampley, Norman Gibbs, Joe Larrimore, Don Zinger, Olan Little, Bill Sease. Absent when picture was taken: Heath Baucom, Bill Ownes, Vernest Turner, View Hoglen, Jack Adams, Kenneth Propst, Frank Fernandez, Jesse Vaught, Darrell Smith, Alvin Taylor, Jack Jordan, Harry lindsey, Ornel Catera, Bruce Hewitt, Buddy Bell, Carlos Garcia, Hal Greene, Edward Grenet. left to right, first row: Mary Williams, Carolyn Josey, Betty Jo Martin, Brownie Edwards, Phila Owens, Clara Davis, Jimmie Faust, Catherine Northcutt, Johnny Ellington, Mickey Small. ' Second row: Betty Barbee, Anne Castlebury, Nadine Carson, Bee Purvis, Carolyn Harris, Virginia Price, Frances Funderburk, Carolyn Nesbit, Evelyn Jordon, Anna Lee Waddell, Edith Bivens, Virginia Mclendon. Third row: Doris Byrd, Reba Fisher, Jane Sinclair, Marguerite Stevens, Edith Allen, Dale Owen, lor- raine Todd, Mary Grace Turner, Helen Sellars, Vinelle Watson, Watson, Ethel Morgan, Ruby Sutton. Fourth row: Ernestine Prosser, Ethylene Urosser, Peggy Propst, Rena Ross, Jo Ann Ingold, Minnie Burch, lula Gray Yates, Doris Russell, Ruby Digh, Ophelia Hucks, Becky Crowder. Fifth row: Lqttie Hardy, Ruby Harwood, Betty Jean Neal, Leona Parker, Lila Granger, Catherine Sweeney, Maria del Castillo, Betty Faulkner. Absent when picture was taken: Elizabeth Campbell, Kay del Castillo, Martha Greene, Jean Miles, Ann Negrin, Sarah Catherine Perry, Mary Ella Poole, Thelma Thurman, Lucille Vaught, Mary Sue King, Haydee Gonzalez, Eusebia Flores, Neomi Vega, Doris Mclntyre. B.T. . Left to right, first row: Virginia Mclendon, Clara Davis, Ernestine Prosser, Ethylene Presses, lula Gray Yates. Second row: Edith Bivens, Anne Castlebury, Bee Purvis, Revo Fisher. Third row: Joe Larrimore, Edna Ingram, Brownie Edwards, Ophelia Hucks, Edith Allen, Jack Mclendon. Fourth row: Mary Grace' Turner, Lila Granger, Ruby Digh, Manuel Barnet. Fifth row: Collene Knight, Minnie Burch, Rena Hunt, Betty Jean Neal, Leona Parker. B. S. U. Seated: Bea Purvis, Anne Castlebury. left to right, first row: Clara Davis, Anna Lee Waddell, Miss Cowserf, Nadine Carson, Minnie Burch lula Gray Yales, Ernesline Prosser, Ethylene Prosses, Edith Allen. Second row: W. R. Morehead, Jack Mclendon, Billy Rivers, Hank Crawley. C ee Club left to right, first row: Jack l.aney, Wal- lace Morris, George Cowsert, Clifford Jenkins, Mills Barber, John Lowery, Ruby Digh, Nadine Carson, June Sinclair, Glo- ria lindsey, Mary Ella Poole, Jimmie Faust. Second row: Joe larrimore, Olin Little, Ralph Harris, Buddy Bell, Grier Brad- shaw, Carolyn Harris, Rena Hunt, Betty Jean Neal, Doris Byrd, Johnny Ellington, Edith Bivens, Reba Fisher. XM DINA DOMINGUEZ Accompanist 'W. ROMMIE PIERCE Director Boys Quartet Left to right: Wallace Morris, George Cowsert, Grier Bradshaw, John Lowery. G ' l 't left to right: Gloria lindsey, Nadine Carson, Jane Sinclair, Jimmie Faust, Reba Fisher, Mary Ella Poole, Doris Byrd, Eclilh Bivens, Margueriie Stevens, Belly Jean Neal. Debating Teams 4-wwuwv.. . 5 WW.. HARol.D REID rommv GAMBLE BILL BROOME BETTY FAULKNER The purpose of debating at Wingate ls to give students training in public speaking with a view to their participation in public affairs and to help them to a better understanding of important and per- sistent problems. Courtesy and good manners are stressed: a viola- tion is almost unforgivable. No ungenerous eplthets, no mimicing of the opponents' mannerisms, no un- friendly sarcasm is tolerated. The debate group, composed of any students who are interested, meets twice a week to analyze and discuss questions. M W 'ia ,M .. . ml '. 7 V G ' 9 wi W .0 ix I Stuart and Second Floor, left to right: Gloria lindsay, Edna Ingram, Mary Grace Turner, Ernestine Prosser, Nadine Carson, Mickey Small, Johnny Ellington, Virginia Mclendon. Second row: Mazella Dismukes, Ruby Sutton, Reba Fisher, .lone Sinclair, Catherine Northcutt, Ethelyne Prosser, Mary Williams. ' Third row: Dale Owen, Brownie Edwards, Bee Purvis, Ethel Morgan, Louise Glenn, Marguerite Stevens. Fourth row: Carolyn Harris, Peggy Probst, Lila Granger, Miss Shelor. Fifth row: Colone Knight, Betty Jean Neal, Ruby Digh, Evelyn Davis. 'T T' 1' 'i"' rv mf wi"-I 14? E Third Floor Circle, left to right: Phila Owens, Carolyn Josey, Betty .lo Martin, Helen Sellars, Clara Davis, Anna lee Waddell. Second row: Ophelia Hucks, Edith Allen, Evelyn Jordan, Doris Russell, Lula Gray Yates. Third row: Minnie Burch, Rena Hunt, leona Parker, Vinele Watson. Fourth row: Virginia Price, Frances Funderburk, Miss Shelor, Anne Castlebury. VETE AN Arm left to right, first row: Marvin Poole, Wallace Thompson, Ken- neth Moore, James McQuage, John Lowery, Pete Grimes, Kenneth Propst, Tommy Gamble, Donald Ball. n Second row: Floyd Watkins, How- ard Bacum, Jessie Vaught, Lane Price, Yates Gordon, Harold Reid, James Neal, Hugh Ervin, Paul Paynter. PREAMBLE .xllrjfa .v-N. . ' Y Third row: James Sigmon, H. B. Griggs, John Shannon, Frank Hancock, Zola Ferrell, .lerry Northcutt, Earnest Carnes, Mar- shall Price, Fred Randall. To the Constitution of the Veterans' Club For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, to uphold and preserve the principles and customs of Wingate Junior College, to promote better relations amongst veterans and between veterans, faculty, and students, to ln- culcate a sense of individual obligation to the Nation, State, community, and the college, and to, consecrate and sanctify - our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness. C Navy left to right, first row: Johnny Turner, Ben Ward, Gene Watkins, Joe Trull, Gather Austin, Folly Gales, Charlie Hovis, .lack Whit- more, Raymond Avant, Archie Laney, Wrenn Creel, .lack Mc- Lendon, Keith Polk. Second row: Briggs Price, Harry May, Harvey Matherson, Freeman Russell, Selva Herring, Gerald Brooks, Bill Broome, Tom Lamp- ley, Ralph Williams, Jim Mills, Joe Mills, Joe larrimore, James Har- ris, Al Taylor, Darrel Smith. Third row: Emory Musselwhite, Ed Smith, Neel McCall, Alec Vann, J. D. Watson, Coach Miller, Reid Lowder, Charles Kincaide, Ray- mond Wicker, lane Black, Allenn Goodson, David Redfearn, Doug- las Angley. 7a ' THE GL n Since time immemorial, the human mind has found strength and wisdom for the future in remembering the greatness of the past. The question is not whether we shall remember the great truths which bitter war has taught us. Rather: how shall we remember? One thing is sure, you do not dance on a grave. There, laughter is stilled and voices quiet. Parks and playing fields, memorial bridges and airports may well be a part of commemoration plans. But somewhere, either as the focussing point of these plans or standing separately, let there be a shrine of timeless, indescructible beauty where the inspiration of our heroic war dead may be deeply and quietly felt. 1 T R ANGL TRIANGLE STAFF Ernestine Prosser ....., ...........,.,........,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,I,I...4.., 5 d ifo,,i,,,Chg,f w- R- M?9'9ll9Ud ----- ....... B usiness Manager B99 .PWVU -------------- ....,...... A ssociate Editor NCd"'9 C0500 '------ ..........,. R eligious Editor Martha Greene . ......., Circulation Editor REPORTERS Bob lampley, Clara Davis, Mar- erine Sweeney, Tom lampley, guerite Stevens, Jim Hart, Pete Minnie Burch, Doris Russell, Jane Grimes, Ralph Williams, Jack Mc- ' Sinclair, Phil Boone, Reba Fisher, Landon, Jae larrimore, lucille Louise Glenn, Evelyn Davis. Vaught, Johnnie Ellington, Cath- Any review of the past year's activities on the Triangle re-emphasizes one feature particularly-the untiring, un- selfish work of the Staff members. Nothing has'given greater satisfaction or been a source of more undeserving praise than the consistent plugging of these students who have worked faithfully to produce a good, aggressive campus newspaper. The GATE 5 s THE GATE STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Pllol99"9PhY "-A------'-A-------. --.-.............,. ,.., B o b Lampley, Edifg, ,4,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, B etty Faulkner ' Clwrles Kincaid, lynn Hickman TYP"l -'-A-'-------'--'--'-'-A-'4- V -.----.1...,.........,.., Jane Sinclair Business Manager ..., ,...,... . ,.... H al Greene Literary Editor ,.,... .... .,.,.....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,., R 9 n g Hung . . An Edllof '-'-'-----f-'-' .............. H erbert Walton Agggglqfg Ecllfor ,. ,.,..,..., . ,.,..... Herbert Walton spar' Edhor William. Advisor ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,, Miss Carolyn Caldwell Treasure' """"'-"-'----"--'-'-'- -4-'-A4--"------.1-- .4-..-. -l 0 AUlI'Y Advertisement Solicitors,..Ralph Williams, Joe Trull The editorial work on the year book can be divided into two categories. The first of these is gathering a collection of data that will accurately portray the organization of activities during the school year. The other is to develop a theme or art motif and a system of lay-outs that will give the year book a per- sonality not found in a catalog or directory. In thls book an attempt has been made to arrange data so as to present it in a pleasing manner, and at the same time to carry out a theme that will give the book depth and sincerity. Without the unselflsh help of the entire staff, collectively and individually, this book would not have been possible. que 8a Wig Club Left to right, first row: Catherine Northcutt, Marguerite Stevens, Virginia Mclendon, Johnny Elling- ton, Mickey Small, Archie Laney, Gloris lindsey, Miss Morrison, Louise Glenn, Mazela Dismukes, Betty Faulkner, Ralph Willioms. Second row: Brownie Edwards, Jack Mclendon, Mills Barber, Jerry Northcutt, Jim Mills, John Lowery, Bob Lampley, Marvin DeFore, Briggs Price, Jane Sinclair. M sic l b - -, - v . I-. . ..-.r .ex ""l .zfnzfvu .' , '.:' an 1- left to right, first row: Johnny Ellington, Mary Williams, Vinelle Watson, Gloria lindsey, Nadine Carson, Virginia Mclendon, Doris Byrd, Marguerite Stevens. ... , J.. . . ...H ..... - ,..- Second row: Mills Barber, Olin little, Don Zinger, Joe larrimore, Joe Trull, Grier Bradshaw, Howard Faulkonberry, Jerry Northcutt, John Lowery, Marvin Adams, Wal- lace Morris. Absent when picture was made Jane Sinclair, Reba Fisher. if ', I 159 m,j'Sl"'-ug! ' 5 li' 'M J' fi- il ' 2 if M i " lm gil if we we., ,M P Left to right, first row: Ernestine Second row: John Lowery, Pate Prosser, Catherine Northcutt, Ethe- Grimes, Jerry Northcutt, .lim Mills, Iyne Prosser, Ethel Mofgan, Anne Phil Boone, Bob Lampley, Millg Castlebury, Lula Gray Yates, Doris Barber, Bill Sease, Keith Polk. Russell, Nadine Carson. Members absent when picture was taken: Donald Boll, Charlie Hovis, Michael Thurman. Fi' Cv ., , 9 ' terla i Band left to right, first row: Joe Aber- Second row: .Iolm Davis, Ralph nalhy, Frank Crawley, W. R. Moore- Harris, Folly Gales, James Sig- head, Fred Johnson, Bill Rivers, mon, Douglas Venlers, Joe larri- Tommy Brown, Reber! Melton. more. SPONSURS , ' 1 Commercial Club: Bee Purvis Boys' Basketball: Belly Barbee SPONSORS The Guia: Betty Faulkner Masque and Wig Club: Mickey Small ..3....-...... SPONSORS Philosophion liierary Sociefy Gloria lindsey Veterans Club: Peggy Props! SPUNSORS eil Literary Society: Elhelyne Pro SPUNSORS Triangle: Virginia Mclendon X W. K. Club: louise Glenn SPUNSORS Gladstone literary Socioiy: J I F Q 'L 5 ,U. '. Mary Williams SPUNSORS HW W H 0 t00- Q-, y .xt .wwf ggi -qv I ,S E4 R' Ai, 1 9 3 fa . . ,, M. W Q Q t Best all-round: Girl: Nadine Carson Boy: Pete Grimes Best Athlete: Girl: Ernestlne Prosser Boy: Reid lowder SUPERLATIVES Most Versatile: Glrl: Bee Purvls Boy: Jerry Northcutt Prettlesh Glrl: Louise Glenn Boy: Wallace Thompson SENIO Most Studlous: Glrl: Lucille Vaughf Boy: Hal Greene Best Sport: Glrl: Catherine Northcutt Boy: David Redfearn SUPERL TIVES Best Personality: Glrl: Rena Ross Boy: Jack Prlce Cutesl: Glrl: Mickey Small Boy: Ernest Carnes ff '- rl lk. . , . 'eu ' 1 r . . :QE U. ET' Friendllest: Girl: Minnie Burch Boy: Bill Sease l Most Popular: 1.1 ,if Hlmgml 1Hff:7',f"f.,4"v f A 'KID ': "2 I' fl, V' idhed.. QL In Girl: Ethelyne Prosser Boy: Jack Laney lNo picture! ' ' Most Likely to Succeed: ,Q Girl: Rena Hunt ,ul Boy: Jim Hurt lNo Plcturel OUR CHURCH V D. K. SHETON, Pastor M LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE Hickory, N. C. iCo-Educational! 0 A Senior College 'Fully Areeredited by National, State and Regional Associations. 0 Approved by tre Government to receive Foreign Students. 0 Grants Bnehelor pf Atrts and Bachelor of' Science Degrees with majors in the usunl academic fields. 0 Offers specially designed eurricula for students who intend to enter professional schools of medi- cine. nursiny.f, dentistry, engineering, etc. O Provides the necessary courses to enable the gzrzulu- ates to secure "A" irrzule teachers' certificates. O Gives the students interested in business or office worlozi nracticul, common sense business ndnun- istration course. 0 Directs its full attention to the best in,tcrests.of the returning veteran in regard to liousmg, guid- nnce. and courses adanted to his needs. 0 Emnhasizes :icademie standards but provides in- struction to fit the many types of students en- rolled. O Proviiles an adequate faculty to instruct the limit- ed enrolment. 0 Tnlces. great pride in one of the best college dining' halls in the state. Q Stresses living: :ind learning in a Christian at- niosiibere. SUMMER SESSION 1947 For Catalogue and other information write to The President Lenoir Rhyme College Hickory, N. C. SMART SHOP rrWb61'6 Quality lil' HZLQIQE7' than Price" The Students Best Place to Shop Phone 414-R - Monroe, N. C. Complimennf of . . . EDWAED'S SERVICE STATION Wingate, - . C. Cm'n,lJli111enLr if . . . CHANEY MOTOR CO. -if Used Cars General Repairing 'k Phone 88 -:- Wingate, N.C Cllilllljllillilfllff of . . Murshville ice 8 Fuel MARSHVILLE, N. C. B. C. MOORE 818 S ' Underwear and Hosiery ' Dry Goods and Notions 'Buyfi'o111 Mrlznre and .Skwe Mlfdl, Marshville, . . I GATE Junior ISUIIEQE The School of Ideals and Thoroughncss F0 SMALL ENOUGH TO BE INTENSIVE LARGE ENOUGH TO BE FULLY RECOGNIZED KU Omrr- Two Years Standard Higlu Sclnool Work and Two Years Standard College Work .SlDKClkll Cornfrar 111- ' HOME ECONOMICS ' VOICE ' PIANO I ' COMMERCIAL SCIENCE ' EXPRESSION AND ART Expemef Remonalale - Clorzktian .EI7flVZ'1"01'l7lfLL'1l1f .fd , For Further Information Address C. C. BURRIS, Presidenr WINGATE, N. C. PERRYNHLLCO. L ll llllllil' fl4'6I11IlfZIL'llI1'61il' Wl1oles.1le and Retail J. Howard Williams lin Diamonds, Iewelry, Books, and Office Supplies ir Underwood 'l'ypewriters GINNING-MILLING M and Sunstrund Adding Mz1cl1i11es Phone 53 WINGATE, N. C. MIJNHIJE, N. II. C01lllJl1'1lll?l1fJ of FUNDEHBUHK Furniture Enmpany ,Nome jurniddingd Phone 153 Mnnrne, N. lf Q "Thr Fozfmlnlion rj 011 1' Bllflllll as Iif Qlmligf 617161 Right Priau"' Complinzwltr rj Motor Parts 81 Gear Co. COMPlETE AUTOMOTIVE PART SERVICE Phone 613 MONROE, N. C. DAVIS-WILLIAMS C0. Clotlow for the Fmnibf Monroe, N. C. .Woof for Everybody for Every Occasion ir LEE'S BRIIWNRILT SHOE STORE Monroe, N. C. BELH BHUTHEH5, INII. Mnnrne, N. E. The Mother of 226 Department .Worar in the following .Slater ' N01'fl7 Carolina H ' South Carolina ' Virginia C ' Rn nom-c ' Georgia ' Florida ' Alabama VISIT BElK'S WHEREVER YOU ARE HARRIS FURNITURE CO. gompgffe .Jqome j4rni.4Ael'5 Phone 561 MONROE, N. C. Stegall Milling C0 4 GRAINR 4 FLOUR. + FEED + MEAL Greene Tire Service I vurcnulzms-necnvpmc 13110116 22 mrs Ann runes . , Marshvdle, N. C. Marshville, N. C. Complimwnf of Wholesale Puull Prnnessurs McEwen Funeral Homes UNIIJN IIIQIUN TY and EDM Smmqg En. McEwen Mutual Burial Association, Inc. f -fc? MONROE, N .C. Owned and Operated by MINT HILL, N .C. WHITE ACRES, INC. 215 Depot St. -:- Monroe, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N ,C Compliments of . . . R E L I A N C E Fruit 8. Produce CO. l FRUIT Concord, N. C. ' PRODUCE ' EGGS Wbolera le Orzb Office Tel. 4-4735 Shipping Dept. Tel. 2-2117 4I4 S. Brevard St. CHARLOTTE, N .C. Kale-Lawing Co. iskllllllllldlii Ufficzf Uuyittmtf PI'1ilIfl?71l' and Engrmiwir 227-229 S. Tryon St. Phone 6185 CHARLOTTE, N. C. HALLUM Furniture Company 4 Everything in Furniture 0 121 South Lee Street ROCKINGHAM, N. C. J. O. Jones, Inc. COME T0 SEE US FOR YOUR 'CLOTHING NEEDS Charlotte, N. C. A L LE N ' S Department Store Ready-to-Wear for Men, Women, and Children Vliflif Our Bzraury Salon lllllllllNlllllllVl, N .ll. GRIFFIN Implement and Milling Co. f INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER in Farm Machinery, Tractors, Motor Trucks, Refrigeration Equipment and Parts and Service f Manufacturers of G I C Poultry and livestock Feeds PHONES: OFFICE 70 Mlll 459 PARTS 92 A.: e W. mf " UUEEN IIITY THAILWAY5 417 West Fifth Street Ehafrlnttn, N. II. Clllllflllllllflllf of . . . GEO. A. HQRMEL X1 C0 4 Good Foods Co111pl1'11o1w1Lr lj . . . . Q PALMETTO YARN MILLS Pagcland, S. C. Charlotte, N. C. HENIJEHSUN llnller Mills lin. Mnnrne, N. E. MHll'lIfdCflll'671l' rj ' Quality Flours ' Mystic Plain ' Mystic Selirising ' Monoca Plain ' Hi Tide Selfrising alfa Morning Glory Corn Meal and Grits Big H Poultry and Animal Feeds ,QD I Our Guarantee of Quality has Complimwm' cj . . . SHIP AHOY Charlotte, N. C. WHDE CLOTHING C0 Better Clothing Wudeshoro, N. C. Compliment! of . . . Protected Users of Our Products for More than 40 Years at U f Bzry Um' Glmmntecd P1'0a'ucLf from Wlgojgfalg D,3t,.i1,,,t,,,1f ,J Hun' fllercbmm' G R 0 C E R I S FO f We Pay Highest Market Prices for Wheat, Corn and Oats Charlotte, N. C. 60l'Yl,9AI'Yl2l'lf6 0!. . . ' 9 DEPARTMENT STORE CHARLOTTE, N C you Can .xdfwaya Oreler Ay Waifor jeApAone Am 54,43 Q . :if .L ln '!'l",'sall" -J MAJ ll ll l il L ull! lfrfl-!,fll'- WA . E ' -' 1 ,F - -' E' Telephone and Mail E 'pw o a ru a "The Friendly Store r ers I e in a Friendlly City" Compliments of . . . AUSTIN'S STORE 'F11e1ytlJ1'11g to Fit Your NecdJ" Phone 54 Wingate, N. C. outhern Fruit Co. + Wholefu le Fruit and Produce + Charlotte, N. C. S T E E A L L and Eumpany, Inc. "Largest Seed Producing Plant in the South" ' All VH1'lflI'lii' lezzsjufdvzcl .stfllff ' .Shed Graim' and C ation .S2wlr 1 ' .Sked Cyllfdillnllg, G1'HLiI.llg and Skparntirzg Marshville, N. ll. Enjoy Peanut Butter Sumlwzkbef from X it it rt nous: or-X r. M. MORGAN Lumen: co. y,ANCf ' I an Lumbar and M1'll TfV0rle TC! 'Q 1 Phone 58 -:- Marshville, N. C. COVERING 22 STATES ClIlll!Jll.lIlt'lllfl' lj . . . PRESLER'S Iewelry Store Concord, N. C. H. W. LITTLE C0lVlPANY FEEDS and SEEDS Farm Eqrnjmzmt - Ifnm'mmf Wadesboro, N. C. . . . COMPLIMENTS OF . . . C H ll N E Y ' S Esso Service Station Wingate, N. C. Marion Davis Company LADIES READY-T0-WEAR ,7Jll.t'l7I'0ll.l' of D1il'fl.lIl7fI.llllKf GENTS FINE QUAUTY GOODS Monroe, N. C. The Huh Dept. Store 0Ilm.lf6I'J'f01' the Entire Fmnibf Phone 585 -:- Rockingham, N. C. Compliments of monroe .Hofef W.,,.,..., 77 C SSP Peanut Products, Potato Chips and Candies ,X-Q S' 9 ,, -Y ,., 'e2' f11 51 M Eiga? rfooo Pncoggglsi Q,-,sg-3 cocoa A Charlotte, N. C. Monroe Wholesale Co. STAPLE Gnocemes Monroe, N. C. Allen Bennett Co. A lwayf Ark for LITE WHITE FLOUR Plain or Sclfrising, fBOLl1 Enrichcclj The Finest Flour Made in the South's Largest and Most Modern Mill -jJlll'f1'l-bllfdlll Ivy- Allen Bennett Co. fWl1CJlCS1llC Grocersj Wzldesbol'0, North Carolina Dickerson Company GENERAL CONTRACTORS Monroe, N. C. 4 SEE OUR BUILDING SUPPLY DEPARTMENT FOR YOUR BUILDING MATERTALS I Quality Variety Irttelligertt Service and Low Price etllpull together to begylyou Save ell The Nlemoe llurdwuqre Co. Secrest Drug Stare -The Rlfxdlll Store- WHITMAN'S CANDY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Phnnes 44 and 45 Iflnnme, N. E. 9 SEEHEST EEEII AND SEED EU. Wholesale Growers ol and Dealers in Quality Feeds and Seeds ' Phnne 418 Nlnnrne, N. E. A. M. SECREST, P7'lil'l.lI1t'llf VANN V. SECREST, .5211-Tr CllllIl7l1'llIl'lIl.l' rj . . . HELMS CLEANERS Wingate, N. C. F B. Iblmy Complinzwitr rj . . . The KLONDIKE The LSTIldt?1Ill' Ixhfadqzlartzmf wbilc' at Wz'11Kqat4f L L. Hel1nf Clllllfllfllltfllll' rj . . . Wingate Sandwich Shop ,hone 9008 -:- Wilmgzltc, N. C. s B818 APPLIANCE CO. Philco and RCA Radios Wingate, N. C. if Your Annual Printen' News PRINTING HOUSE School Publications 'IT4 W. Blond Street - Box 3155 CHARLOTTE 3, N. C. ClI77lllDll7lIlf11lf rj . . . J. J. Newberry C0 5-I0-25: Store I Monroe, N. C.

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