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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1945 volume:

H' , A ' 1 VOLUME VII Published by the SENIOR CLASS OF WINGATE JUNIOR COLLEGE WINGATE, NORTH CAROLINA KN EULALIA SOWELL ............ Editor x CARLYLE MORRIS. . .Business Manager Vfp-V I 94g orewor- TU You . . . We, the staff of the 1945 GATE, have endeavored, herewith, to give to you something of inestimat- able value. Not money, it would be foolishly spent - not advice, it would not be accepted - but a few of the things which will live forever in your hearts as memories. Memories of a happy year which has been well-spent - a year at Win- gate. If we can help you to carry these things with you to aid you in reliving the year 1944-45 at Wingate, we shall have accomplished our purpose in publishing the 1945 GATE. Mus. JACK I-IouToN ibeckca fion Because of your unceasing interest in Wingate, on the campus and in the realm of your Work at home, and because of your interest in students, We dedicate The 1945 GATE to you, MHS. JACK HUHTUN f-xx cw , ,ff I 945 -4 .alle .14 ma Wafer In the land of Carolina 'Neath the sky so blue, Stands our noble Alma Mater Glorious to view. Far and Wide her sons and daughters Bear the gold and blue, Proudly rally 'round her banner, Hail! Wingate! to you! Chorus Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Loud the praise relate, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Hail! all hail! Wingate! I, ,gt ,g Z f f 1 'Q 1 JI I!" jr IM!!! ' , 9 - - ' 1 0, Ju ll T ' VI ZF' I ACT I ..,. ..,.. A DMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ACT II ......,,...,.........,..........,............. CLASSES SENIOR - FRESHMEN -- HIGH SCHOOL ' ACT III ............,.,...................,...,.. ACTIVITIES RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS - CLUBS AND ATHLETICS fx PUBLICATIONS ' ki ACT IV ..,.. ..4....TT,.,........ .,,T S P VONSORS SNAPSHOTS f A Q ACT V .... .,...,......., .S.. A D S , N.. fb -.51 I 945 16... .xdclminid fra fion C. C. BURRIS, Prcxirlem' B.A., Mum English "Well dost thou advise-" a . F7652 WSG? CAROLYN CALDWELL - W I i C. C. BURRIS CAROLYN CALDWELL Dean of Azhninislration B.M., M.A. Social Sciences A. F. I-IENDRICKS ILS., M.S., M.R,1E. Mallaemnfirs, Religious Eclucafion Physirx MOSELLE B? WATTS 1s.S.. M.A. Natural Scimcvs, Marlmmfzf-S Pbyxicul Erlucafion' In W. ROMMIE PIERCE B.A.. B.M., L.L.D. Englixh, Music MRS. JACK HOlK'l'ON ' B.S. Bursar MRS. FRANCIS HOOVliR A.B. Commerce' FRED SANDUSKY A.B., T.H.M. Bible, Modern Lunguagr' Phyxival E1lural'irm -1 N K 'hi S f, xi, A .-.71 I 945 .-8.- WINNIFRED THURLOW AJS., 15.5. I-Iomc Ecovzomics, Modern Language DINA DOMINGUEZ B.M. Piano GRACE Yow Sec-rotary to P'fL'SiflL'1Zf AMPARO REY Assistant to Bursar Mns. J. B.. SPITTLE N urse, Dietitian J. B. SPITTLI3 Supcrinta1za'ent of Grounds ,Y L ' f 0 Lf H Q I 945 -9- Y945' -lo- enior Cjfazia OFFICERS JOYCE HUNT , . . ........... ...., P resirlr'-nl MADGE CHANEY .... .... V ice-Prexiflent MARY ANDERSON . . . ...,, Secrc'fmiy "All the -zuorld's a sfagcf, and all fha' mm and women 'merely playcrsg They hnvc their exits and their entrances-" As You Like lf. enior Cfadd ANDERSON, MARY Southport, N. C. McNeil Literary Society 1-25 Volunteer Band Ig l1.'I'.U. 1-2g Y.W.A. 1-23 International Relations Club 23 Triangle Staff, Associate Editor 23 Secre- tary, Senior Class. ISROWN, MARY MARSHALL Charlotte, N. C. Glue Club 1-25 Sextet I-2g O'Hcnry Literary Society 1-23 Triangle Staff 25 Greater B.S.U. Council lg li.T.U. Ig Art Club 2g Trio 2: Home Economics Club 2. , CHANEY, MADGE Monroe, N. C. Y.W.A. I-24 B.T.U. 1-23 B.S.U. Council 2: Student Council 25 Vice-President, Senior Classg Triangle 2, Editor: O'Henry Literary Soeietyg Home Economics Clubg International Relations Club I. BLACKMON, LILLIE Lancaster, S. C. McNeil Literary Society I-2g Commercial Club 1-2g B.S.U. Council 29 Greater B.S.U. Council 1-23 Vol- unteer Band 1-Zg Y.W.A. 1-2, President 23 Masque Sl Wig Club 2: B.T.U. 1-2: Triangle Staff 23 Baaltctball 1-2. CARNES, JEAN Monroe, N. C. Glee Club 15 B.Ti.U. 1-25 Masque St Wig Club 1-2, Treasurer 29 McNeil Literary Society 1-2, Treasurer lg Commercial Club I-25 W. K. Club 25 Y.W.A. 1. CHURCH, LOUISE LAKE VIEW, S. C. McNeil Literary Society 1-25 Y.W.A. lg W. K. Club 2g GATE Staff 2g B.T.U. lg Greater B.S.U. Council 1. I 945 en for 6415.6 CUTHBERTSON, LILLIAN Monroe, N. C. Commercial Club 1-25 Masque 85 Wig Club lg Art Club 24 Home Economics Club 23 McNeil Literary Society 1-25 Triangle 2, EUDY, NELL Durham, N. C. Volunteer Band 1-25 Secretary 1-2g McNeil Liter- ary Society 1-2, Chaplain 13 Y.W.A. 1-25 B.T.U. 1-25 Art Club 25 B.S.U. Council 2, Greater B.S.U. Council lg W. K. Club 2. HANCOCK, JAMES Charlotte, N. C. Glue Club 1-2-3-4, President 4g Quartet 3-45 Masque X Wig Club 3-45 Commercial Club 3-43 B.T.U. l-2-5-4, Basketball 2-3-43 Student Council 3g Fhilosophian Literary Society I-2-3-4, President 4g B.S.U. Council 4g GATE staff 2, Triangle 3-49 Business Manager 4g Volunteer Band 23 Boys' Dormi- tory Club 3. EDWAIKDS, REBECCA Marslivillc, N. C. Meredith College lg Y.NV.A.,.International Relation Council, Astro Societyg B1T.U.g Student League of WCIITICH Votersg Wingate junior College 2, Y.W,A.g McNeil Literary Society. GWALTNEY, J. C, Kannapolis, N. C. Ministerial Band 1-25 Gladstone Literary Society I-2, Basketball 2, Coach. HEFNER, VIRGINIA DARE Wingate, N. C. Glue Club 1-2, Secretary 2g Commercial Club 1-25 Masque it XVig Club 25 O'Hcnry Literary Society 1-2, Secretary 2. en for Cfadzi HOLLAND, PEGGY DIANA Dallas, N. C. O'Hcnry Society 1-2. HULON. MYRLE Hamer, S. C. Commercial Club 1-23 Masque 81 Wig Club 2g B.S.U. Council Z5 Greater B.S.U. Council 1. HUTCHENS, ELIZABETH Newton, N. C. Scxtct lg Glee Club 1-23 McNeil Literary Society l-25 Masque 86 W'ig Club I-25 Volunteer Band I-25 Y.W.A. I-2: ll.S.U. Council I-2, President 2g Student Council 2, Prcsidcntg B.T.U. l-2, Basket- ball 2. B.T.U. I-24 Y.W.A. 1-23 W. K. Club 2g McNeil Lit- erary Society I-23 GATE Staff 23 Basketball 25 I-IUCKS, KATIE BELL Conway, S. C. B.T.U. 1-2-35 'f.W.A. 1-2-35 B.S.U. Council 2-3g Volunteer Band 1-2-39 Commercial Club 2-35 Masque 86 Wig Club 35 W. K. Club 39 McNeil Literary Society I-2-35 International Relations Club 35 GATE Staff 3. HUNT, JOYCE Durham, N. C. Glce Club I-2, Vice-President 25 Commercial Club I-2, Secretary 2g McNeil Literary Society l-23 Masque 86 Wig Club 2, Greater Council B.S.U. lg B.S.U. Council 24 Student Council 2g B.T.U. 1-2, Director 25 Y.W.A. l-2, President Senior Class 2: GATE Staff 2. MCBRIDE, HELEN Tallahassee, Fla. Glue Club I-25 Scxtet lg B.T.U. lg O'Henry Literary Society 1-2. I 945 "Ha 'I enior Cfarib PERRY, SARAH Cofield, N. C. Volunteer Band 1-23 B.T.U. 1-2g McNeil Literary Society 1-2g Glee Club 1-2g B.S.U. Council 2, Y.W.A. 1-2, Commercial Club 1. SMITH, EUGENE Monroe, N. C. Pliilosopliian Literary Society I-2. WADDELL, ANNA Durham, N. C. Appalachian State Teacher's College 1, Dynician Literary Society, Baton Twir1er's Club, Freshman Glee Club, W'hitehalI Club, Commercial Clubg Win- gate junior College 2g Commercial Clubg Glee Club, McNeil Literary Society Vice-President, Sextct. SLATON, XVAYNE Rock Hill, S. C. Glee Club I-23 B.T.U. I-24 Quartet 25 Gladstone Literary Society I-2, B.S.U. Council 1-23 Student Council lg Ministerial Band 1-2, Volunteer Band 1-25 President, High School Class lg Masque Bc wig Club 1-2. SOWELL, EULALIA . Chesterfield, S. C. Commercial Club 1-2, President 2: Masque 86 Wig Club I-2, President 25 Delta Psi Omega 2: Y.W.A. 1-2g B.T.U, I-Z, Basketball 2, Co-Manager, McNeil Literary Society I-2g International Relations Club Ig NV. K. Club 25 B.S.U. Council Z, lst Vice-Presi- dentg Student Council 2, Secretary, GATE Staff 1-2, Editor 2. YATES, RACHEL Charlotte, N. C. Mats Hill Junior College lg McNeil Literary Society 23 Trcnstlrerg Glcc Club 2g Stuclcnt Council 2, President of Stuart Dorm., Masque 86 Wig Club, Reporter X Secretary 24 Commercial Club 23 B.T.U. I-23 Greater B.S.U. Council 2, Basketball, C0- Manager 2. ma ms ., H ,,, ,, , ,, .. C sewn X-5 I9-45' ' ' ' " ' gl'05Al'l'lClI'l 3855 OFFICERS CARLOS Romano , , ...,,.,.... . ..,... President CARLY1.E MOIKRIS ....,...,. , . .Vice-President MARY CAT!-u3n1NE AUSTIN ......,,,..,..... Secretary "Gorl's brnisozz go wifly you, mm' with those Tlmf would -nmkc' good of bad and frimufs of foes!" -MACBETH I 945 1 L 1 I jl'0f5AI'l'lCLlI CERN ALEXANDER, SARA Stony Point, N. C. AUSTIN, MARY CATHERINE Kannapolis, N. C. AUSTIN, ROBERTA Wingate, N. C. V AVANT, DOROTHY Kannapolis, N. C. BALL, MARIE Stony Point, N. C. BAUCOM, VANCE Monroe, N. C. BRASWELL, JOHN RAY Wingate, N. C. BUMGARNER, A. B. Kannapolis, N. C. CARNES, ERNEST Monroe, N. C. CASTON, MARGARET Pageland, S. C. CI-IANEY, WANDA Monroe, N. C. CHURCH, CoRA LEA Lake View, S. C. .gI'Qf5Al'l'lG.l'L COOKE, PIELEN Maiden, N. C. COVINGTON, LULA Ellerbe, N. C. DIGGS, THELMA Lilcsville, N. C. Donn, C21-IARLOTTE Durham, N. C. FERRISIRA, MERCY Hzxbnnn, Cuba FITZGERALD, ALTON Waxllaw, N. C. C4155 FURR, W. T. Kannapolis, N. C. GADDY, EULA Ross Wingate, N. C. GARDNER, HELEN Jefferson, S. C. GAIKDNER, VIRGINIA Kershaw, S. C. GoRDoN, BILLY M. Concord, N. C. GRAVES, SAMUEL, JR. Pageland, S. C. I 945 -17- .gl'effLh'lal'l Gfarm GREENE, HOWELL, JR. Stony Fork, N. C. HANCOCK, EVELYN Mt. Croghan, S. C. , HENDRICRS, TED Monroe, N. C. HOLBROOK, JULIAN Charlotte, N. C. HONEYCUTT, OREN Indian Trail, N. C. HOUSTON, PORTER Pageland, S. C. JARVIS, GEORGE, JR ' C Pollocksvlllc, N. JOHNSON, RUTH Hartsvillc, S. C. KIMBRELL, JACK Waxhaw, N. C. LINDSAY, GLOIKIA Myrtle Beach, S. MARTIN, BYRDIE Conway, S. C. MATHIS, JEAN Cycle, N. C. I945'i"i'l"' ' -18- C gl'61fA.l'l'lall Cfaffif M1L1.1aR, EUGENIA Lake View, S. C. Mooxm, PAULINE Wadesboro, N. C. Moxuus, CARLYLE Albemarle, N. C. MORRIS, CLARICE Knnnapolis, N. C. PARTIN, MARY LEE Durham, N. C. PIERCY, OLLIE Maiden, N. C. POLK, KEITH Midland, N. C. READLTNG, RUTH Concord, N. C. CARLOS, ROMERO New York, N. STATON, KAY Monroe, N. C. TERRY, BETTY Pageland, S. C. TRULL, HASKELL Wingate, N. C. Y. I 945 -19- TRULL, NEIL Monroe, N. C. SPITTLE, MILDRED Monroe, N. C. WEST, PAYE Kershaw, S. C. WILLIAMS, ANNA - Rusk, N. C. WILLIAMS, DORIS Maiden, N. C. fS1'ltllJSb0fJ 1945+ - - - jfedhhlall FAYE 5, Cf... WILLIAMS, LEWIS Indian Trail, N. WILLIAMS, RALPH Monroe, N. C. WILLIAMS, RAY Monroe, N. C. WITCHER, DUDLEY Gretna, Va. WOLF, ANDREW Van Wyck, S. C. fSmzpsbotJ 364002 GAIM OFFICERS GLIFF COLE ALLEN ...,........ ..,.. P resident TOMMY GALES ...,. ...,... V ice-President CONLEY JAMES .. ..,.. Secretary-Treasurer "The iimc' ajzproachcfs, Thai will 'zuiib clue decision -make us know What -we slmll my we have ami what we owe." -MACBETH. N i ., i f if are , 7 945 SCAOOI H0155 Top Row, L. to R. ALEXANDER, MILLICENT Charlotte, N. C. ALLEN, CLIFF COLE Rockingham, N. C. BROOKS, MARTHA Wingate, N. C. CALDWELL, MARIANNA Charlotte, N. C. CARPENTER, AUSTIN Durham, N. C. DEFORE, MARVIN Wingate, N. C. CLARK, FOGLE Southern Pines, N. C. Hollow Row, L. In R. CLARK, LILLIAN Greensboro, N. C. EMBREE, BRAINERD Newell, N. C. FERRO, MANUEL Antilla, Ore., Cuba CALES, TOMMY Knnnapolis, N. C. GOMEZ, GLAIWS Ciego cle Avila, Cuba GONZALEZ, RAIIEL Baracoa, Ote., Cuba HAMILTON, SEvA Conway, S. C. 44,4 5.4...f cf... T011 Row, L. fo R. HEI.MS, FLOYD Kannapolis, N. C. HIATT, H. B., Jn. Knrmapolis, N. C. I-I1A1'T,' PAUL Kannapolis, N. C. HOLTON, ROY Cash Corner, N. C. IRIZARRY, .IENNIE Cicgo dc Avila, Cuba JAMES, ALVIN Charlotte, N. C. JONES, NANCY High Point, N. cz. Higb School Siurlents Whose Pi CONLEY JAMES Knnnapolis, N. C. , Bottom Row, L. to R. MCCALL, BOYCE Charlotte, N. C. MARTINEZ, ARISTIDES Antilla, Ote., Cuba MIRANDA, ISELA DE Camaguey, Cuba MONTANE, OSCAR Antilla, Ote., Cuba MOOREHEAD, W. R. Concord, N. C. MULLINIX, HOWARD E., Severna P. O., Md. PALMA, LUIS Niquero, Cuba ctznes are not shown: COPELAND SKINNER JR Lumberton, N. C. .1 945 SCA00! Top Row, L. lo R. PINO, MARIO Habana, Cuba PLANAS, RAUL Antilla, Ote., Cuba REY, LYDIA Ciego de Avila, Cuba SANCHEZ, JUDITI-I Banes, Ote., Cuba SCHOENEMAN, KITTY L Durham, N. C. SIMMONS, C. W. Jonesville, N. C. SIMPSON, DOT Myrtle Beach, S. C. SMALL, MILDIKED Monroe, N. C. EE gfariri 1301111111 Row, L. In R. SMITH, TI-IOMAS Charlotte, N. C. STATON, EARL Monroe, N. C. THOMPSON, SADII5 Albemarle, N. C. WA'DDELL, IDA RAINES DLl1'l1llITl, N. C. WEBB, JACK Kannupolis, N. C. XVHITLEY, BENNIE Charlotte, N. C. WHITLEY, RUTH ANN Charlotte, N. C. X Wi Z 4, . ,. g' T" " :Z-. '-. ,ff 1 V A L vi N I 945 Clique 617161 First Row-Cseated L. to RJ: Gloria Lindsay, Virginia Dare Hefner, Sadie Thompson, Katie Bell Hucks, Marianna Caldwell, Rachel Yates, Eulalia Sowell, Mary Catherine Austin. Second Row-fseated L. to RJ: Elizabeth Hutchcns, Marie Ball, Joyce Hunt, Lillian Cuthbertson, Charlotte Doak, Betty Terry, Claricc Morris, Myrle Hulon. Thin! Row-Cstanding L. to RJ: Cliff Cole Allen, Wayne Slaton, Porter Houston, Carlyle Morris, James Hancock, Ralph Williams, Lillie Blackman. Members whose pictures do not ajnpear-Eula Ross Gaddy, Ruth Readling, Mildred Spittle, Dorothy Avant, Dudley Wircher. Miss CAROLYN CALDWELL .... .,.Faculty Arluisor SCENES FROM DICKENS, CHRISTMAS CAROL X! if Q 67 ' 2 'X -27- K X K 1 I 945 -za . I SCENE FROM PLAY f' U A l"6f,l'YlC-l, lcd bl Dframa is important in that it is prevalent in the everyday lives of meng in that it affords entertainmentg and that many of our greatest writers are noted for their great dramas. ,ll Because of its importance and its relation to mankind, we have chosen 'V the dramatic theme to be carried out in this book. I I ,f - - - ommerciaf Firxl Row--fscated L. to RJ: Mercy Ferreira, Charlotte Doak, Kitty Lee Sehoeneman, Rachel Yates, Martha Brooks, Isela de Miranda, Thelma Diggs. SC'C011ll Row-Qseated L. to R.J: Eulalia Sowell, Ruth Ann Whitley, Ida Raines Waddell, Katie Bell Hucks, Pauline Moore, Sara Alexander, Joyce Hunt. Third Row-fstanding L. to R.J: Aristicles Martinez, Mario Pino, Gladys Gomez, Judith Sanchez, Dot Simpson, Betty Terry, Marie Ball, Jennie Irizarry, Lillian Cuthbertson, Virginia Dare Hefner, Lillie Blackmon, Myrlc Hulon, Carlos Romero, Keith Polk. Fourfla Row-Qstanding, L. to RJ: Grace Yow, Lydia Rey, Luis Palma, James Hancock, Cliff Cole Allen, Austin Carpenter. Mc'mbc'rr -wborr 1Jfl'f1H'C'X do not apjwar'-Ted Hendricks, Mary Lee Partin, Al James, Amparo Rey, 'Raul Planas, Jean Carnes Mus. Fiumcis Hooven ..., . . .Faculty Advisor .f,-- - :wwf 1 uw-mia V' "' --va." -.'-"'.t.fw"-- " - -'. ' - , '1 - 'wi' Q .. ,ls ,,,,,,, ., 4' Yyreq- W M, 4. -f V ,Ma . -, . f, c,,m,t.,,, ,M if mna,...- Ml f . , H - 1 -1 f ff-Meal, ., f,,,2g.jfj'? , M ,L f fs' - , 'Qfkf 'M '1f?,., ., ,- ,', ' A was W a , M ., L., ,.,....-,-........, L ,M not-ld., J.,-.....--A.ig....a22L...L.....L.........A.a,...m,Ln, ,,,.g.......4.........,.--..,........ . -t . 1945 La CM Fran! Row--QL. to RJ: Paul Hiatt, Ralph Williams, Carlyle Morris, Boyce McCall, James Hancock, Howell Greene, Mary Catherine Austin, Charlotte Doak, Kitty Lee Schoeneman, Anna Waddell, Sara Alexander, Kay Staton, Mary Marshall Brown, Gloria Lindsay. Second Row-QL. to RJ: Jack Kimbrell, Ted Hendrick, Cliff Cole Allen, Porter Houston, Virginia Dare Hefner, Rachel Yates, Lillian Clark, Mary Lee Pnrtin, Helen McBride, Joyce Hunt, Martha Brooks, Elizabeth Hutchens, Sadie Thompson. Members whose pictures do not appear--Ernest Carnes, Austin Carpenter, Sarah Perry, Thomas Smith, Ollie Piercy. W. ROMMIE PIERCE ....., Director DINA DOMINGUEZ .,.,., Acromjmnixf -30- X W .gzxfef ana! Quarfef y SEXTET-QL. to RJ: Mary Catherine Austin, Mary Lee Partin, Anna Waddell, Kitty Lee Schocneman, Sara Alexander, Mary Marshall Brown. DINA DOMINGUEZ ....,............. Director QUARTET-QL. to RJ: Carlyle Morris, Paul Hiatt, Wayne Slaton, James Hancock. W. ROMMIE PIERCE .... ,.., D ircctor l l ome conomicd CM i'MlJ. i CM l HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-QL. to RJ: Maelge Chaney, Margaret Gaston, Lillian Cnthbertson, Eula Ross Gaddy, Gloria Lindsay. i , ' i W. K. CLUB-First Row CL. to RJ: Isela de Miranda, Eulalia Sowell, Gladys Gomez, Ruth Ann Whitley, Myrle Hulon, Evelyn Hancock, Helen Gardner, Pauline Moore, Thelma Diggs, Katie Bell Hucks. Seconrl Row-fseated L. to RJ: Dudley Wizelier, Tommy Gales, Mrs. Spittlc, Ralph Williams, Howell Greene. Third Row-Qstrmding L. to RJ: H. B. Hiatt, Jr., Clnrice Morris, Louise Church, Lula Coving- ton, jenn Mathis, Virginia Gardner, Carlyle Morris, Doris Williams, Bennie Whitley, Faye West, Ollie Piercy, W. R. Moorehcad, Aristides Martinez, Jennie Irizarry. Members 'whose picluvrvx :Io :ml ulijrcur -A. B. Bumgarner, Jean Carnes, Seva Hamilton, Paul Hiatt, Mr. Spircle, jack Webb, Helen Cooke, Nell Eucly, Billy Gordon, Sarah Perry, Cliff Cole Allen. MRS. J. B. SPITTLE. . . ..,,. Club Sjnmsm' i f 945 l -aa- r-1... Qia- -ag:-qnwwm Firxl Ron'-Qscated L. to RJ: Paul Hiatt, Marie Ball, Betty Terry, Howell Greene, Brainerd Embree. Surmul Row--Qscated L. to RJ: Ralph Williaiiis, jack Kimbrell, Nell Eudy, Mary Lee Partin, Mary Marshall Brown, Ruth Johnson. Tlnirrl Row- Qscatecl I.. to RJ: Kay Staton, Doris Willialns, Nancy Jones, Charlotte Doak, Lillian Cuthbertson, Eula Ross Gacldy, Margaret Caston. Fourth Row-Qstanding L. to RJ: '-N Austin Carpenter, Ted Hendrick, Ruth Ann Wliitley, Kitty Lee Sclaoeneman, Ida ' Raines Wzlcldcll, Jack XVebb, Anna Waddell, Carlos Romero, Mario Pino. Mas. W1NN1r'nnim Tnuntow ................ Faculfy Advisor X fb -33 O'l-IENRY LITERARY SOCIETY-Firsi Row-fseated, L. to RQ: Pauline Moore, Mercy Ferreira, Thelma Diggs, Gladys Gomez, Peggy Holland, Madge Chaney, Virginia Dare Hefner, Helen Gardner, Margaret Caston, Helen McBride. Secomf Row-fseated L. to RJ: Judith Sanchez, Dot Simpson, Cora Lea Church, Jean Mathis, Virginia Gardner. Third Row-CL. to R.j: Gloria Lindsay, Nancy Jones, Wanda Chaney, Mary Marshall Brown. MRS. FRANCIS Hoovlan ..........,........, Farnlfy Advisor PHILOSOPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY-First Row-fseated L. to RJ: Samuel Graves, Alton Fitzgerald. Second Row-fstanding L. to RJ: Eugene Smith, james Hancock, W. R. Moorehead, Oren Honeycutt, Andrew Wolfe, A. B. Bumgarner. Members whose pictures do not ajzpeav'-C. W. Simmons, Haskell Trull, Neil Trull, W. T. Furr, Conley James, Ray Williams. W. ROMMIE PIERCE ..,,..... . . .Faculty Advisor 34- O iJL1len,r-y ogferarg Sociefg l9AiAJ:5ol9Aian olifer-arg Lgizciefg We Wei! gfefafg Sociefy Qyaofafone oliferary ociefg McNliIl. l.I'I'liRARY SOClli'I"Y-Firsl Run' CL. to RJ: Louise Church, Eugenia Miller, Lillie Blackmon, Seva Hamilton, Anna Waddell, Kitty Lee Schoencman, lsela dc Miranda, Martha Brooks, Jennie Irizarry. Sccoml Row-Nell Eucly, Mrs. Moselle Watts, Evelyn Hancock, Kay Stalon, lcla Raines Waddell, Ruth Ann Whitley, Lillian Clark, Ruth Johnson, Mary Anderson. Tbiril Row-Elizabeth Hutchens ,Ioyce Hunt, Lula Covington, liyrdic Martin, Doris Williams, Katie Bell Hunks, Betty Terry, Mary Lee Partin, Marie Ball, Charlotte Doak, Roberta Austin, Mildred Small, Marianna Caldwell, Ollie Piercy, Clarice Morris, Sadie Thompson, Mary Catherine Austin, Myrle Hulon. Foizrtla Row-Faye West, Rebecca litlwards, Lydia Rey, liula Ross Gaddy, Sarah Perry, Sara Alexander, Eulalia Sowell, Lillian Cuthbcrtson, Rachel Yates. Mvrnbrrs lrbrm' fIil'flH'l'S do not njzjumr'-Milliceiit Alexander, jean Carnes, Ruth Readling. Mrs. Moseile Watts, Fucwlly Advisor. GI.ADS'l'ONli LITIERARY SOCIIETY-I"ir.vl Rum CL. to RJ: Carlyle Morris, Ralph Williams, Howell Greene, Carlos Romero, J. C. Gwalt- ney, Bugle Clark, H. B. Hiatt, jr., Bennie NWhirley, Keith Polk, Paul Hiatt. Sevonrl Raw-Jack Webb, julian Holbrook, Cliff Cole Allen, Dud- ley Witchcr, Ted Hendricks, Mario Pino, Roy Holton Tbiril Row-Jack Kimbrell, Tommy Gales, Porter Houston, Boyce McCall, Alvin james, 'l'homas Smith, Vance Baucom, Wfayne Slaton, Brainerd Embrce, Austin Carpenter, George Jarvis, Jr. Ilffcfrzberx -whose lliviures do :ml ujzjuwr-1Billy Gordon, Raul Planas, Oscar Montana, Aristides Martinez, Howard E. Mullinix, Jr., Rafael Gonzalez, Manuel Ferro, Ernest Carnes. Mrs. Moselle Watts, liurully Azlrxisor. I 945 ' -36. 4. ELIZABETH I-IUTCHENS EULALIA SOXVELL ..,.. CLARICE MORRIS ..... KATIE BELLE HUCKS OLLIE PIERCY ....... SARAH PERRY ,... CARLYLE MORRIS . . . MADGE CI-IANEY ,....,, REV. D. K. SHELTON Collvgc' Pnsfor, Secoml Scvamxicr' ZZ Kounci JAMES HANCOCK LILLIE BLACKMON JOYCE HUNT .,.... LULA COVINGTON MYRLE HULON NELLE EUDY ..... WAYNE SLATON ,......,.... Miss CAROLYN CALDWELL .. REV. D. K. SHELTON .,.., REV. W. C. LINK, JR. If ', ! - L :.. ........,..Prcsirlcnf . . , . .First Vive-Prvsizlclxl . . . . ,Scrolld ViL'c'-Prxrsirlwzf . . , .Tbirrl Viz'e-Prz'xirl1'nI .. .,..,.,,,S1.'L'YUfdYj' . . , .Trvulsurrr . . , ,Clwirslvr ..,...,.,.....Rep0rlvr . . .Dwlomiuufiomll Rz'l7rz'scnlalil'c . . . . . .Y. W. A. Rcprz-sc'l1h1li1w . . . . .B. T. U. RL'1m'xz'ufaliz'c' , . . . Axmrialc B. T. U. Dirucfor . . . .Gfwvrul Sf'1'l'l'fllf,j' of B. T. U. ..,Sr1l1r1zl3' Sfbrmf RL'l1rz'.u'1lluliW . , .Volullluvr Baml Rv11r4'xer1!ativc ...,............,Fam1fy Advisor College Paslur, Svroml Semcsfcr . . . .Callegff Pnslor, Firsl Scrrmxlcr oun 9 7 om an ri Ll,l'i a ry l I'l fGC?l' YOUNG WOMAN'S AUXILIARY-Firxl Ro1z.+fL. to RJ: Lillian Clark, Helen Gardner, Evelyn Hancock, Marianna Caldwell, Mildred Small, Martha Brooks, Betty Terry, Lillic Blackmon. Svmml Row- Mrs. Mosclle NVatts, Eulaliu Sowell, Eugenia Miller, Claricc Morris, Mary Anderson, Katie Bell Hucks, Marie Ball. Tbirll Row-Ollie Piercy, Margaret Caston, Nell Eudy, Sara Alexander. Fourfb Row-Virginia Gardner, Lula Covinglon, Sarah Perry. Fiflb Row-Rutlx Ann Whitley, Joyce Hunt, Elizabeth 1-lurcliens. lVll'll1bl'l'S zvhusr jvirlnrvs do nu! ajrfzcar-Roberta Austin, Eula Ross Gaddy, Madge Chaney, Myrle Hulon, Rebecca Edwards. Mrs. Moselle Watts, Faculty Arluisor. VOLUNTEER BAND-Ifirxl Row-CL. to RJ: Andrew Wolfe, Dudley Wirclier, Katie Bell Hucks, Nell liudy, Elizabeth Hntchens, Lillian Clark. Scroml Row-Clmrlotre Doak, Clarice Morris, W. R. Moorclicad, Oren Honeycutr, Lula Covington, Mildred Small, Ollie Piercy, Tommy Gales. Third Raw- A. li. Bumgarner, Sarah Perry, Wayne Slaton. Mrwzbcrs whose pirlurex do rm! rnlljlvul'-Lillie Blackman, XV. T. Furr, Billy Gordon, james Hancock, Floyd Helms, Conley James, C. W. Simmons. l I 945 -3,- v , . I 945 BAPTIST TRAINING UNION-Frou! Row--QL. to RJ: Mildred Small, Lillian Clark, Martha Brooks, Margaret Caston, Joyce Hunt, Elizabeth Hutchens, Helen Gardner, Myrle Hulon, Katie Bell Hucks, Mary Anderson, Nell Eudy. Semml Row--KL. to RJ: Madge Chaney, Sarah Perry, Eulalia Sowell, Charlotte Doak, Rachel Yates, Sara Alexander, Marianna Caldwell, Lula Covington, Clarice Morris, Lillie Blackmon, Ollie Piercy, Virginia Gardner, jean Mathis. Tbirrl R010-QL. to RJ: Dudley Witcl1ex', James Hancock, Wfayne Slaton, Carlyle Morris, Howell Greene, Jr., Ralph Williams. Members 'whose pirlures do no! afpcnr-Cliff Cole Allen, Mary Catherine Austin, Keith Polk, Brainerd Embree, Jean Carnes, Betty Terry, Ernest Carnes, Ruth Ann Whitley, Helen Cooke, Dorothy Avant, Mildred Spittlc, Jack Kimbrell. MINISTERIAI. BAND-Firsl Raw-QL. to RJ: W. R. Moorehead, Dudley Wfitchcr, Andrew Wolfe, Billy Gordon, Alton Fitzgerald, Floyd Helms, C. W. Simmons. Srraml Row-fl.. to RJ: Oren Honey- cutt, Wayne Slaton, Tommy Gales, A. B. Bumgarner, J. C. Gwaltney. Member: wboxc jzirfurvx do noi appear-Conley James, XV. T. Furr, Lewis Williams. HSM in idferia ZZ... .-3 3- .gguclenf gounci ELIZABETH I-IUTCI-1ENs ..... Presiclent EULALIA SOXVELL ..... JOYCE HUNT . .. CARLOS ROMEIKO . CLIFF COLE ALLEN MADGE CI-IANEY .. RACHEL YATES . . . ERNEST CARNES .. GLORIA LINDSAY . . .,........Sec'retary Rep. Senior Class Rep. Freshman Class . . . .,...,... Rep. High School Class . ..., Rep. Girls, fNc'w Dormiioryj . . . .Rep. Girls' QSf11arf Dormiioryj . .,.4..., Rep. Boys' Dornzifory . ..... Rep. Day Szfudmtx I 945 li'T BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row-CL. to RJ: Raul Planas, Alvin James, Fogle Clark, james Hancock, Tommy Gales. Buck Row-H. B. Hiatt, Jr., Keith Polk, Howell Greene, Jr., Waylxe Slaton, Oscar Montana, Boyce McCall, Aristides Martinez, Luis Palma, J. C. Gwaltney. ,I. C. GWALTNEY ,... ......... ,.... C 0 atb H. B. HIATT, JR. , ..,.........,... Manager FOGLE CLARK and ALVIN JAMES , ..... ....,,.........,.,..,. C 0-Calzluius GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM QL. to RJ: Eulalia Sowell, Margaret Caston, Helen Gardner, Virginia Gardner, Evelyn Hancock, Thelma Diggs, Mrs. Mosclle Watts, Clarice Morris, Myrle Hulon, Betty Terry, Lillie Blackman, Elizabeth Hutclmens, Rachel Yates. MRS. MOSELLE WATTS .....,.....,.. Coach THELMA DIGGS . . . .............. Capluiu EULALIA SOWELL and RACHEL YATES .............. ..,., M fulagerx Y LFS EULALIA SOWELL , . . ,....... ..... E rfiiol CARLYLIE MORRIS .,..,.... .... B uxirlcxx MUIIHACP ISUGENIA MILLER ..,,,..,,, ....,.... Ctrrfarj MISS CAROLYN CALDWELL ...,. .... ,,..... ....... 1 ' ' ncully Advisor EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF .lack Kimbrell ..............., Asmviafrr Editor fm? cgi Alien xiedlrlif-iidlficks 1 .. I y I I . ' .ouxse urc yre uon Lllzlabctlx Hutchun . ..,... I, ..Arl Lrlffm Charlotte Doak Jack Kimbreu Kntlc Bell Hucks ,. ,..Rl'llgl0IlS Ezlltor Howell Greene Kitty Lee Schocncman Joyce Hum .,,. 4.... A rlivifirx Eflilor ' Ralph Wlilliams I 945 -4 2... jde jeiang e MADGE CHANEY .... , . . ...,....4... Editor JAMES HANCOCK .... .... B usiness Manager MARY ANDERSON . . .,...,. Associate Editor PAULINE MOORE ........... ,,..., . ...,...... C irculation Manager REPORTERS-Lillie Blackmon, Mary Marshall Brown, Wanda Chaney, Lillian Cuthbertson, Kitty Lee Schoeneman, Wayne Slaton, Ida Raines Waddell. BUSINESS STAFF-Cliff Cole Allen, Roy Holton, Keith Polk. X' ,Z 1,-. W X X '73 5' c Y J, 'lv- I 945 Miss Lillie Blackman The Triangle Miss Mary Marshall Brown Thilosopfoian Qfiferary Society Miss Madge Chaney O'Hefzry .Literary Society .-, if Miss Ehsrlutts Dusk The Gate ,M 5- I 945 -ss-nm ..m. an um Miss Elizabeth Huicheiis The Sfzcclezzzf Council Miss Eulaiia Suwell Conzmeircial Club .gms M E -'mmqxw 5 Miss Anna Waddell Gladstone .lfitevfary Society -ij-H314-H yi Miss Ida Haines Waddell Q7Z1cNei1 Liferary Society lc eil X. -Qgf I 945 Miss Uaris Williams W. K. Club Miss llaslial Yates Cflee Club IN lx A ,, J NE 24 F 1 - My .I 945 ITLIQM6 Scenea 611161 I'l'll0l,L6 360005 GHC! .SJLOB I 945 I'lll0M:5 Scened dnb! amlaud cenea anal 5406 1 945 .911 .fdlapreciafion To ALL those who have assisted in making the 1945 GATE possibleg those who contributed pictures, advice, or assisted in numerous other waysg and those Whose advertisements appear herein - We express our deepest appreciation. GK . , Q iff' f o K ,B X '55- WINBATE JUNIIQIH IIULLEEE The fcbool of Ideally amd Tboifoucgkneff Small Enough To Be Intensive . . . Large Enough To Be Fully Recognized Offers Two Years Standard High School Worlc and Two Years Standard College Work Special Courses in Home Economics, Piano, Voice, Commercial Science, Expression and Art EXPENSES REASONABLE Christian Environment ik For Further Information Address C. C. BURRIS, President Wingate, N. C. HENDERSON ROLLER MILLS CG. Established 1901 Monroe, N. C. Quality: Flours, Meal, Grits, Feeds Our Guarantee of Quality Has Protected Users of Our Products For More Than 40 Years. Buy Our Guaranteed Products From Your Merchants See Us WbC'l7 You Have Wheat or Com to Sell Compliments of . . 0, 1 rail- 41 Q, M ' P' is Air. I Zi: A H322 El 33: 12 --, FE :Ei EEE EEF 32 DU 1 .ag I DSE 3 3 1 325 ,1 L.-, ln P f A - il 32 T S f lo Qwiof jf .H ill ijmee M Ou UD: N, -H: i Elli s iii ana Ei me , E' Telephone and Mail Orders You Can Always Order by Mail or Telephone From Efird's. Orders Filled Promptly. -11 A---- 4. - .dm .. y A"'1x7i5i--..:'l1 -l ' ff-1 " TJ-I.. fl-,,., . fr: 1 -1 H ' , Q 1 I ' I " 1' lf, fri! r 'fbiig- - H u i --,I V QWYZW mein 2g5f'if44,faf.f IJ! M ' .f.- V-. l ' ' "1 17' 1, ff"'5 f - I -'fd-I1 A.-'-. ,,,,.,. , ff! 9 . Efircl's, Your Fa- vorite Shopping Fiued Center, ' is as near to you M EN T S RE as Your Telephone d Mail Box. We PA ?:vite you to use fgi 7 EQNGCO these convenient servlces. "The Friendly Store in a Friendly City" BUY U. S. WAR SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS Crmzpliments of FUNDERBURK FURNITURE COMPANY Q Home Furnishings 4 Phone l68 Monroe, N. C. "The Ffmnclaytiofrz. of Om" Business Is Quality cmd Right Prices" LET'S WIN THE WAR- Aml Make It A Wm' Worth W'inni1zg.' In the lifetime of the Class of '45, electric service in the Piedmont Carolinas has greatly modified Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and the home. Business enterprise and scientific farming give prom- ise of even greater opportunities in the production years ahead. May each of you find a worthy place in the enterprising world of tomorrow. DUKE POWER COMPANY Marshville, N. C. Quality, Variety, Intelligent Service and Low Price All Pull Together To Help You Save Af . . T h e MONROE HARDWARE CO. "If It's Ha1'clwcw'e - We Hcwe It" Retail Phone ll Wholesale Phone 45l MONROE, N. C. C omgulifments of McEwen Funeral l-lornes and McEwen Mutual Burial Association, Inc. Monroe, N. C. Mint Hill, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. H UNTLEY TIRE COMPANY Comp lifmevzts of V'I Reccnpping mm ""' . J. J. NEWBERRY COMPANY R6t7"GCL6IZ'l'Lg Tires and Tubes 56, 100, 250 56 31-00 Phone 232 Monroe, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Cmnpliments of MONROE HOTEL Monroe, N. C. Compliments of MARSHVILLE ICE Cr FUEL Marshville, N. C. FARMERS' FEED Cr SEED COMPANY U. S. Approved Hatchery-Seed Cleaning McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery Spartan Feeds Phone 93 Main Street Chesterfield, S. C. THE CHESTERFIELD ADVERTISER Commercial Printing and Publishers of "The AcZve1't'ise1"' Chesterfield, S. C. LOUISE BEAUTY SHOP Welcome . . . Wingate Junior College Students To LOUISE BEAUTY SHOP Next. to the Bus Station Monroe, N. C. D rink Q CQWHZZ In Boflles IVIONROE COC0-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Monroe, N. C. RED STAR SERVICE STATION Firestone Tires and Accessories Texaco Gas :Sz Oil J. B. Keziah-fWith U. S. Navy? J. C. Winchester Monroe, N. C. COKER COLLEGE A College of Distinction Hartsville, S. C. MARION DAVIS COMPANY Recicly-To-Weow' Foo' Men, Women and Chilclfren 204 N. Main St. Monroe, N. C. H. W. LITTLE COMPANY Feeds and Seeds-Farm Equipment Hardware Wadesboro, N. C. Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK 8' COMPANY Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of R. P. STEGALL, INC. Producers of SUPERIOR QUALITY SEEDS and LEGUMES Marshville, N. C. H. E. COPPLE It Costs Less At Furniture STERCHI'S Stoves and Ranges - Floor Covering Phone 218 Monroe, N. C To Furnish Your Home Hallum Furniture Co. Everything in Furniture 'ik l2l South Lee St. Rockingham, N. C. The J. Howard Williams Co. dir Diamonds, Jewelry, Books and Office Supplies Sf? Monroe, N. C. Ka' T Smart Shop Where Quality Is Higher Them Price" he Stuclent's Best Place To Shop Phone 414-R Monroe, N. C. Perry Mill Co. Lumber Manufacturers Wholesale and Retail Ginning - '- Milling Phone 53 Wingate, N. C. T. R. Helms C7 Son Jenkins it -- JEWELERS -- Rockingharn, N. C. C0'I'I'LQJl'i77'LG'l'LllS of U The State Bank ot Wingate Wingate, N. C. Member' of Fecleml Deposit Insm'a'rLce Corp. Compliments of I-larris Furniture Co. Compliments of Harris-Wells Funeral Directors Complete Home Furnishers and Harris Mutual Burial Phone 561 Association Monroe, N. C. Phone 624 Monroe, N. C. Belk Brothers, lnc. Monroe, N. C. The Mother of 226 Department Stores in the Following States: North Carolina - South Carolina Virginia - Tennessee Georgia - Florida - Alabama Visit Bellds Wherevev- You Are Compliments of Geo. A. Hormel 6' Co. GOOD FOODS Charlotte, N. C. -65- E. Compliments of Motor Ports 6' Geor Co. Complete Automotive Parts Sevnrlee Franklin St. Monroe, N. C. Phone 613 National Automotive Parts Association Woke Forest College Wake Forest, N. C. A fully accredited senior col- lege, offering courses in arts and sciences, religion, teacher training, business administra- tion, law and medicine, also a new major in religious edu- cation, designed to fit stu- dents to serve our churches as educational and music direc- tors. Wingate College Gmclnates Are Corclially Welcomecl THURMAN KITCHIN, Pres. Congratulations From Rober'r's Jewelers 111 E. Franklin St. Monroe, N. C. Diamonds -- Watches SGP Peanut Butter Sandwiches Salted Peanuts, Potato Chips and Candies Q 'C A M 1, ,qv ff Fooo Pnonuc I s Q QQQQGQQGQGDQ Charlotte, N. C. Always Ask For Lite White Flour . . . Then You Get The Finest Flour Mode In The South's Largest and Most Modern Mill Distributed by ALLEN BENNETT EIJNIPANY lWholesole Grocersl Wclclesboro, N. C. Complzmenif Of Sun ,gown Manufacturing Company ASHEBORO N C H H I F F I N IMPLEMENT, AND MILLINE EU. INCORPORATED Phone 70 -'-- Monroe, N. C. McCormick-Derring Interncitionoi Form Equipment Trucks We Service Everything We Sell Monufocrurers Grain Deolers C. I.C. Feed We Pay The Highest Pmces Foo' C'o1'1z., Wheat, and Oats -69- O.. SEEHESTIHHHESTUHE The Rexall Store Whitman's Candy Prescription Specialist Phones 44 and 45 - Monroe, N. C. SEEHEST FEED ANU SEED EU. Wholesale Growers of and Dealers in Quality Feeds and Seeds Coker Agents for Union County Phone 4l8 Monroe, N. C. A. M. SECREST, President VANN V. SECREST, Sec.-Treas. Enjoy Peanut Butter Sanclwiches From HOUSE Charlofie Covering 22 States Compliments of Compliments of Aus'rir1's Store "EUC7"Qlthi7I,g To Fit Your Needs" Groceries Dry Goods Cotton Buyers Phone 54 - Wingate, N. C. Thomas C1 Howard Wholesale Distributors of Groceries Charlotte, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS! Electric service within your life- time has greatly modified industry, commerce, farm- ing and home life here in the Carolinas. Busi- ness initiative and scientific progress is opening doors to even greater opportunities. ' I 0 - ' X .. Q N 6 REDDY KILOWATT ,yvurllrrtnhl Jbmurf nm mu au. un uf ur May you find a worthy place in the enterprising world of tomorrow! DUKE POWER COMPANY Charlotte, N. C. B. C. Mo-ore Cv Sons if Underwear and Hosiery Dry Goods and Nations "Buy From Moore 5: Save More" Ma rshvi I Ie, N. G. Cmnyrlime-nts of The Alumni Association of Wingate Junior College Alumni Banquet, January 26, l945 With Wishes For A Bigger and Better Wingate Classes From l896 to l944 Photog raphs of Excel lence- Advertising Koclachromes Commercial Aerials News Portraits Phone 3-8230 . ' LDLLLQ lgfzofo 404 W. Trade St. Charlotte, N. C. "Assignments Anywhere" SHOES FOR EVERYBODY For Every Occasion LEE'S BROWNBILT SHOE STORE Monroe, N. C. Pepsi-Colo Hits The Spot! Franchised Bottler! PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING C0 Charlotte, N. C. SOUTHERN FRUIT CO. The Biggest Fruit House Where Quality Counts Phones 3-6181 - 3-6182 - 3-6183 Charlotte, N. C. J. T. GARLAND G' CO. General Clothing For The Family Marshville, N. C. SMITH-WADSWORTH CO. Hardware Sporting Goods Serving the South. and Wingate Charlotte, N. C. DAVIS-WILLIAMS CO. Clothes for the Family Monroe, N. C. Com79li'me'n.ts of WADE CLOTHING CO. Better Clothing Wadesboro, N. C. I : i We've been your friend for years. Make our store your headquarters whenever you're in town. We appre- ciate your visits. EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE Rockingham, N. C. 4. Goodyear Service Automobile Accessories Tires, Tubes Sz Batteries Bicycle Accessories and Repair Parts Kitchen Parts Phone 104 203 E. Franklin St. Monroe, N. C. VISIT Wm. R. Barringer Hotel Charlotte's Newest AIR CONDITIONED Every Facility For Comfort and Enjoyment North Tryon at Eighth Charlotte, N. C. M 0 NTAL D O 9 S Ladies' Ready-To-Wear "Where Quality Is Higher Them Price" Phone 2-2141 220 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of PALMERSI OPTOMETRISTS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Otiice Hours-Tuesday Ck Saturday 10-5 Monroe, N. C. Rockingham, N- C- Compliments of Compliments of MRS. D. C. SOWELL IRA'S DEPARTMENT STORE Chesterfield, S. C. Rockingham, N. C. LENUIH HHYNE EULLEHE Summer Session Standard Four Year College for Men and Women Competent, Experienced Faculty . . Emphasizes Development of Christian Character Maintains High Educational Standards . . . Liberal Arts, Science, Music, Teaching and Commercial Courses . . . Expenses Very Low, Considering Advantages Offered . . . First Session of Summer School Begins June 6, 1945 For Catalogue and Other I1zfo1'm-afion Wr'ite To P. E. MONROE, D.D., President LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE Hickory, N. C. J. O. JONES, INC. Come To See Us For Your Clothing Needs Charlotte, N. C. MORSE-GOODMAN CO. Complete Line of Clothing Furniture and Shoes Phone 81 South Lee Rockingham, N. C. K A Y ' s FW Belief Refuflf "Clothes of Charm" ,SEEK Rockingham, N. C. Our Advertiser! ongrafufafionfi - 5 T A F F U F I 1945 Quia You hove done o good job ond hove o book you moy well be proud ot. We hove enjoyed our port in its production. 0 NEWS PRINTING HUUSE HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS PUBLICATIONS - COMMERCIAL PRINTING Church Street ot Fourth Chorlotte, N. C. AUTOGRAPHS AUTGGRAPI-IS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 1 l 1 1

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