Wilson Junior High School - Reflash Yearbook (Hamilton, OH)

 - Class of 1950

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Wilson Junior High School - Reflash Yearbook (Hamilton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1950 volume:

HJMbiL1lJiSE24i'36-- 1 :.7 Y 1 "L 1:- , ggi 1 1 1 1 1 f, 117' I 6 Q .,1,q. 1,' J Lf L 1 1 , 1 1.1 ,Q VYP' 5 H QL' r. . QE 5.31-max - . vw nf. w, H w. g' 1 ef , .V- ,1 1 - "balm 11, - , MZ ' 1S'3"5-1I , ,if , 1 -15.5 . . 252222 , 1 M 1. .9 -' if V1 1' all , . , ,, , MA 14. l 1 1,1 . 413 ' Vik.. . fm 111 , ,.,. X ILSON gn JUN fll3l'l C DUI. Hamilfon Ulwio gl Div lg VIDEO ANOTHER TRIBUTE TO THE POWER OF MAN! 9 ANOTHER ONE OF NATURE'S GREAT SE- CRETS HAS FALLEN BEFORE THE SAVAGE ATTACK OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF MAN. TELEVISION TRULY HAS MADE OUR WORLD 'ONE WORLDW. THE EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS OF OUR LIFE AT WILSON DURING THE PAST THREE YEARS ARE HEREIN PORTRAYED THROUGH THE EYES OF TELEVI- SION. MR. WALTE R S. CREWSON BOARD OF EDUCATION THE BOARD OF EDUCATION REPRESENTS THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON OUR TELE- VISION STATION. OUR SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS IS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Mr. Elwell has been appointed general manager of the station with Miss Nagel as assistant manager and Miss Smith, their secretary N155 SWWHW Niss Naqcl 5 leur Top Row - Mr. Theodore Bulow Carithmeticl, Mr. Bruce Hill Kscience, visual educationi, Mr. Vernon Chaney Carithmetic, Englishl, Mr. John Nicholls fmetal shopl, Mr. Watson Kruzeski Kboys' gyml, Mr. Albert Mun- neke Kmusic, Englishl, Mr. Maurice McCall Cindustrial arts Englishl, Mr. Wayne Winkle Calgebra, business trainingl, Mr. Al Woedl fwoodshop, Eng- lishl, Mr. E.J. Steele Cgeography, historyl, Mr. Louis DuBois Chealth, basketball,coachJ. Middle Row - Mr. Andrew Bylenga Csho math, sciencel, Miss Ruth Krieg- enhofer Carithmeticl, Miss Naomi Slack ?artJ, Mrs. John Nicholls Cadjust- ment class, Englishl, Miss LaNelle Engel KEnglish, Spanishl, Mr. J.W. E1- well lprincipalb, Mrs. Earl Giles fhome economical Miss Helene Connor CEnglish, adjustment classl, Miss Ruth Speicher zlibrarianl, Mrs. Sam Carr Karithmetic, Englishl, Mr. Calvin Augspurger Carithmetic, algebral. Bottom Row - Mrs. Robert Kemp fart, Wilson Webl, Mrs. Jean Druhot CLatin, English, dramaticsl, Mrs. E.J. Steele Cadjustment class, historyl, Miss Lillian Wittman Cconservation of visionl, Mrs. Luis deGama QEnglish, geographyl, Miss Marjorie Nagel fdean of girls, Englishl, Miss Betty Det- mer Kgirls' gyml, Mrs. Robert Reinert ihome economicsl, Miss Helen Kes- sling lhistory, arithmeticl, Mrs. Winston Metcalfe fEnglishJ, Miss Louise Shotts fmusicl. THE FACULTY MEMBERS AR X AND DIVISIUNS OF WHS-TV E SUPERVISORS OF THE VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS Top Row - Mrs. Louis MacGregor Ccorresponding secretaryl, Mrs. Paul Weaver Crefreshment committeel, Mrs. E.A. Wolff Kways and means committeel, J.W. Elwell fhonorary vice residentl, Miss Ruth Speicher Chistorianl, Mrs. Brandon Marshall ghome room moth- ersl, Mrs. Ralph Vance lpublicityi. Bottom Row - Mrs. Robert Wynn lhospitalityl, Mrs. Allen Chad- wick Cvice presidenti, Mrs. J. I. Scott fpresidenti, Mrs. William Bunting lsafety and recreationl, Miss Marjorie Nagel lwelfarel, Mrs. E.E. Rice lcouncil representativesl. I It I Th PT g e . .A. acts as sponsors to a great many programs given by " our station. Those programs for which we can find- no sponsor must be provided and paid for by the owners of our station, the citizens of Hamilton. RE STA ! Top Row - Saundra Hutzelman, Frank Witt, Sandra Locke, Joyce Ellison, Winifred Joyce, Louise Parrish, Shirley Wright, Jo Ann Vornheder, Vir- ginia Bittinger. Middle Row - Todd Martin, Hyman Rosin, Christy Setzler, Carolyn Carpenter, Jean Brown, Dorothy Harker, Betty' Houck, Della Robinson, Dolores Montgomery, Cozy Collier. Bottom Row - Mrs. Robert Kemp, Patty Blossom, Virginia March, Bill Evans, Jackie Kunz, Don Purkey, John Hopkins. EDI TDQ' Bill Evans THE REFLASH STAFF MAKES UP THE CORPS OF WRITERS FOR THE PLAYS AND PROGRAMS GIVEN BY WJHS-TV Nancy Brenner Borboro Wilson S l xxlwg a Lois Bully - rl-i5 xiii 5 NSW ww-kN'ix l . . A ,,, X -X , N? X X + X 5 A X X fi' X. JoAnn SU: wav- JU-dff Plorr-I5 Shirley wymw... ......c.1 Jenna Sli ren ke wx . Q f i .f:.,' 1 S X ': 1-:fl QXNQ Q if V h 5 'Q-Km-23-N X x xx c-, .:.::. X 9 :.' X ...v ' - Z- X... ...X .,.. : Nw X. . Luci He HMI SUV"-S Phil pn Ellen Campbell Dan Pav-ltggl W N.. X It x . 5 fa" . N SS? .. il. vu.-u..eT4'.al Alb.-.-+0 cox - .. '- SS ..xQ Shiv-lzq Qoines .X .s Q X 53 Q ', ' X . . 'H Joclclt f'-.XP ,SSE N -fu 'Sw . ,sf ... IT. v ii X .x I -ggi ... bg- 'LWQEQ T' 'x Fit 1 Q I l l -x R 5, Elqw-e Conrad MGH' , sie M- cm 1 BQHY . N-4, N- 'O-f H QQQM-wi, 'C el .3 ' ' ,- . -, ff: , 'f-::.i.'?jl?.'3'23..- . WS.-Q A'IIwf,fg.-T: VA. Nxiy . .. .y P -'wg V ' W2 :Nl N 4, pd'l' Dwygr l Jud: l-lor-'l .. I Lola ML Burney CNIh+kia Vance Marilyn Viv-qlnfo Merch X. 1- .Q . ,M E Bob Hurd Bill Hurd 1?-.4-tk 'Ra x. . wx -. Della -Robinson N gig can C 1 Hen den Bef-ly 9QiNfmQgi1Q3SNaxQi 35.52, ' j Q ig !5,23i.EgXSg l ,N , X X X , ' A-Q1-fx ,fzvg .- . H xg.:fwj"5 N1 gggzs Q ,.g?xs.S'2iQ, S :5::::t:5. ' mv- A359 'ff V " Y-2.1, , .X ,. M mi e x . A kv- ati N. 'gl' fx Wax! X E N cu' Q: '.,,.. , -fig 71.3. B lly .Born Dolores l'1on'l?amery Carol our Jam 'Dana YS l','3 Slwirlul Rim N ax X X wx Xm ,xxx KQSN X Nr 1 x xxx? S w N X X X X X EN X Ll Louise 'Thr-v-is lw Caro le AH man 'Shirley Fbrlnes- X sw. Q V M.-1. 3 . Q . -.VK -, . Sandy l-oclce f . ' W: ..bl-- , 3 : . 1553 N 5 wg - 5-Wil . ...- .. .iw , .,,. i , x- .X AF! , xv P H Key I-Ionian G Y assh- ,I--E ,:.,.. . . .V 'ww . L 13 L ,L .EH 33,5 k X ' f ba. , L i . A.. A ,... 5 4.... , . ,,,. wwf. 1- g .11 ' . fx QQ -:sw-5.:eg. ., . , is . X 1. :Xiflix Ei. - ' J 'sg S X f i.. W: X-L X ww ,M .ka -Vf-1 X -11" -. 'If . gl. xx , -ffffgx 'xl 1 QQR Aloma Sghcrzinqcr ED . , K1 Jfonine l'le-Mmow: Li lllg Jqvu. Vfarrgr, xss ax A :t v m? Rsssfi Sass RSS? as Qsgsxesa . E x N fkf h gasswsnsgefb S xg Xx g E! Q sf: 3 -., -, tb , xc, 'sn' S tfrsgvia, -s. Aijjggsi QMSQRNSI is ,N..,ii,W,. ...., , 5 Q X -' sf Q ik x X X Q X as we s Y 5 x ii R S -" . T , 15 QQIQ QS L JOAN ADAMS Y-Teens 7, 8 Homeroom basketball volleyball Archer Y Honor Society Science Club Stamp Club 7, 8, 9 ORVILLE ADAMS fWiniel Homeroom basketball 7, 9 Baseball 8 Football 9 KATHLEEN ALLEN lxatieb Y-Teens 8 Homeroom volleyball 8 OAROLE ALTMAN lcookl Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 Glee Club 8, 9 Safety Council Library Assistant Mr. Winkle's Assistant Honor Society JACKIE ANDERSON fShortyl Homeroom basketball 8 Latin Club Homeroom Officer 8, 9 ETTA MAE ATYEO Web Staff Y-Teens 8, 9 ERNEST BARNES fBarneyl Homeroom soccer volleyball basketball touch tackle Hi-Y AUDREY BARTESKO fAudie7 Homeroom basketball Student Patrol LUCY BEOKETT lLul Y-Teens 7, 8 Orchestra 7 Glee Club 8, 9 Dramatics 8 Web Staff Honor Society Latin Club Mr. Winkle's Assistant FLORA BEGLEY QBabel Homeroom basketball 7 8, 9 Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Glee Club 8, 9 Student Council Mr. Winkle's Assistant Library Assistant " ROBERT BEGLEY fBobY JUDITH ANDERSON KJudyJ Y-Teens 7, 8 Glee Club 8, 9 Honor Society Latin Club Web Staff SHIRLEY ARENT Y-Teens 7, 8 Stamp Club 7, 8 Archery Club Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 Stamp Club 7, 8 Homeroom volleyball Science Club . Glee Club Movie Operator NELSON BENZING lNibbsie, Hi-Y 7, 8, 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 Honor Society Ping Pong tournament EDWARD BIEGERT CEddieJ f Homeroom basketball CARL ARNOLD lCorkyl football Homeroom volleyball basketball 7 soccer soccer 8, 9 baseball clee club a, 9 JOSEPH ARTHUR CJoel Dramatics 8, 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Cheerleader 8 Homeroom basketball 7 8 9 football 7, 5 6 PATRICIA ELOssOM fPattyl soccer 7 8, 9 Orchestra 7, 8 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Stamp Club Glee Club Science Club Web Staff Hi-Y Reflash Staff Ebiftffai ,wsfwgsi ESRRE-flfi ,,., 1 2 ENASSSR .t:2- S KEYS IAEIQQZQAI asia t R s Z A-its sbs? N s Nb X Abd as N gg X as x SXQXXN A Qs sg 3 Rx, 3 is x X N I SNS. sci fi maasaswwsigg 3 bb NX wwf A N QNNQJ, X 3 , 5 xxx S? X " 'n st Qib Kg 5 xf lg Qt X QMXX' 9 as X X N X X w ,X 3 K as X S 3. N Sk ,SXEE X Y' ix is X bx ws X R se Nl L X x 'P sv ,SX 1 WX ,g X., .At S O XX X if 1 1, gl Q. 1 x A 's .' X . 5 VOC x x Q88 21 5. x , . my rwtfssssfp A if Sis Y Awww AA A E W' 3 as Vs? A' 1? s EE N XS A A L x x . AH, N Rss, -if .ss L ,H-3 F, '-:bei , -1 .s"S:,' fi:-si? "- E'i'1:'1i' EQQNSE Naam lx: .1 Q' , N A, N L X YQ X X i we :Ns ag X N Nc x sw gfsjsax Q86 PQ Q53 A ,SA K i f sa JAMES BLOUNT cJ1mm1eD Homeroom Officer Basketball 7, 8, 9 Baseball manager Homeroom soccer basketball volleyball softball football Hi-Y 8, 9 Gym Assistant 8, 9 Web Duplicator Safety Council ROBERT BOYD fBobl Homeroom basketball baseball football Football BILL BORN CLumb Lump! Homeroom basketball volleyball Hi-Y 8, 9 Camera Club - NANCY ANN BRENNER 1NancJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Orchestra 7 Homeroom A basketball Dramatics Spanish Club DONALD BROCKMAN CDonJ Homeroom basketball . volleyball baseball football! Football CHARLES RICHARD BROWN Tumbling 7, 8, 9 CLARENCE BROWN Homeroom basketball soccer football RAY BRUNNER Homeroom basketball soccer volleyball h' football track ROBERT BROWN lBobJ Art Club 8 NOW I0 BARBARA BURTON lBabsl Girl Scouts 7 Y-Teens 8 VELMA CAIN Homeroom baseball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 basketball 8, 9 CONNETH CAMERON Honor Society Student Council 8 7 Hi-Y 9 Stage Crew Glee Club 9 BILLY CAMPBELL lSpookJ Homeroom basketball 7 8 9 football 7 6 6 soccer 7, 8, 9 Camera Club ' Football ELLEN CAMPBELL Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 Y-Teens 8 Science Club LORETTA CHADWELL fJakeD Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 8 volleyball 8 soccer 8 Science Club Camera Club Secretary Y-Teens JOHN CHAMBERS Hi-Y 7 Homeroom football 7 8, 9 soccer 7 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 as Manager Boxing Club JAMES THOMAS CLARK lTommyJ Homeroom volleyball 7 soccer 8, 9 WILLIAM CLARK KBillJ Ping Pong Champion 7 Boxing 8 Basketball 8, 9 9 Hi-Y 9 R JIM COATES Homeroom basketball 75 8 football 7, soccer 7, 8 volleyball 7 SYLVIA COCHRAN Y-Teens 7, 9 Homeroom basketball 7 volleyball 8 Student Patrol 9 DONNA COLGATE KShortyJ Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7,b8 soccer 7, 8 Stencil Cutter 7, 8, 9 Student Patrol 9 COZY COLLIER KBotsie7 Y-Teens 7 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 8 , Science Club BILL CONLIN Cwillyl Homeroom football 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8 soccer 9 WINIFRED CONNELY fWinniel Orchestra 7 Homeroom basketball volleyball Y-Teens 8, 9 Science Club ELAINE CONRAD SANDY CORNETT fCornyJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Office Assistant 9 Science Club LAVERN CORSON Homeroom football 7 basketball 7 baseball 8 BETTY JANE CORY KPoodlel PATTY COUCH lBabe7 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 ALEAN COWAN Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 Science Club ALBERTA COX Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom soccer 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 officer 7, 8 Dramatics 9 Camera Club Office Assistant 9 Cheerleader 9 Spanish Club JANET COX CCandyl Homeroom volleyball 7 soccer 7, 8, 9 basketball 8, 9 Baton Club Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom Dramatics 8, 9 basketball Science Club DICK COOK MARTY CRAFT CCuddlesP Homeroom YaTeenS 7, 8, 9 baSketbal1 7, 8 Office Assistant Soccer 7, 8 Homeroom tOHCh tackle 7, 8 Secretary 7 volleyball 7,'8 president 7 softball 7 Dramatics 8, 9 Football Glee Club 8, 9 Basketball Cheerleader 8, 9 Student Council 8 Camera Club VERNON COPAS KVernl Red Cross Airplane Club 7 Spanish Club Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Honor Society Camera Club 8, 9 Latin Club Mr. Bylenga's Assistant DICK CRAWFORD Hi-Y 7, 8, 9 Latin Club I JEAN CRITTENDEN SHIRLEY DOYLE Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 7 Homeroom Homeroom volleyball 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 Red Cross volleyball 7, 8 TOMMY COUCHER T ' ROBERT DURHAM fBul1P Football Tumbling DORIS DEATON KDee Dee, Homeroom Homeroom basketball 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 capt. football 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Student Patrol 8, 9 Tennis RONALD DEATON lPudgyl Y Teens 7, 8, 9 PATRICIA DWYER fPattl 9 Safety Council 7 Homeroom Homeroom ' basketball 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7 8, 9 Library Assistant 8, volleyball 7 8 Science Club football 7, 8, 9 JIM DENNEY lDennyD Homeroom WILLIAM ELLIS fBil1l football capt. 7, 9 basketball capt. 7, soccer capt. 7, 9 volleyball capt. 7 Boxing ALICE JOYCE ELLISON Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 JOHN DETRICK Student Council 8, Hi-Y 7, 8, 9 Safety Council 8 Web Staff Glee Club 9 Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Latin Club Football Manager Office Assistant Band 7, 8 Library Assistant Homeroom Reflash Staff football 7, 8 soccer 8 Airplane Club 8 Editor Safety Council paper JIM DILG lButchl Hi-Y 7, 8 Homeroom basketball 7 8 9 football 7 8 9 soccer 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Glee Club 9 JOHN DOOLEY JERRY DOWNIE fCurleyJ Homeroom football 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, B - soccer 7, 8, 9 DON ELROD BILL EVANS lBootyl Stamp Club 7, 8 Web Staff Honor Society Reflash Staff Science Club Stage Crew Scoreboard Operator DONALD EVANS CDonl ALVIE EVERHART IEVIEA Homeroom. Soccer 7, 8, 9 baseball 7, 8, 9 football 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 ROBERT EVERHART KBobl Student Patrol 9 MARVIN FLYNN MELVIN FLYNN JENALEE FORE SHIRLEY FORTNER Y-Teens 7 8, 9 Science Club RUTH FOX lFoxieJ Homeroom basketball 8 SHIRLEY ANN GAINES Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 7, 8 MARY LOUISE GEORGE Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 SHIRLEY GETZ MARLENE GILLESPIE Y-Teens 7 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Baton Club 8 Red Cross 9 BARBARA GRAY fPookiel Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7 Red Cross 8 GLENNA GRAY Y-Teens 7, 8 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Cheerleader 7 Dramatics 8, 9 Science Club LORETTA HAGE Klol Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volle ball 7 8, 9 Y a Tumbling BOB HAGE KBugsl H1-Y 7, 8, 9 Safety Council 7, 8 Mr. Reflash 7 Student Council 8 Band 8, 9 Orchestra 9 Football 9 Web Duplicator ALAN HAID fBuz2Y, Hi-Y 7, 8, 9 Web staff Honor Society Latin Club REBECCA HALCOMB Kbeckl Y-Teens 7 ' Homeroom basketball 7, 8 Tumbling 7, 8, 9 President of homeroom Red Cross TOM HALL JEANNINE HAMMONS Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Baton Club 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 Red Cross 9 Science Club BERT HARBIN Basketball 7, 8, 9 Student Council 9 Camera Club 9 Gym Assistant 9 Student Patrol 9 Homeroom football 9 volleyball 9 soccer 9 BETTY JEAN HARRIS Homeroom basketball 7, 8 ' volleyball 7, 8 Miss Nagel's Assistant JACK HART Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 Student Patrol 8, 9 RICHARD HAYWARD fDick, WILLIAM HELTON QWi1lyJ Band 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8 Latin Club 9 RONALD HIGHS lRonl Gym Assistant 9 JOAN HIGGINS cHIgg1oi Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Homeroom volleyball 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 Reflash Staff LORETTA HOOKER Baton Club 7, 8 Office Assistant 7 Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom volleyball 7 ,basketball 7 president 7, 8 Glee Club 9 Science Club JOHN HOPKINS Band 7, 8, 9 Hi-Y 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 softball 7 officer 7, 8 volleyball 7, 8 soccer 8 football 8, 9 Art Club 8 Safety Council 8 Ping Pong Tournament Editor Web Science Club Orchestra 9 Reflash Staff Honor Society Web Duplicator Manager basketball Latin Club LOIS HOPKINS JUNE HORNSBY fJunieJ Homeroom basketball 7, 8 Orchestra BETTY HOUCK Aeon? Homeroom volleyball 8, 9 basketball 9 Y-Teens 8, 9 President Y-Teens 9 Reflash Staff Mr. Winkle's Assistant Web Staff KENNETH HOUSE fPreacherl Latin Club Student Patrol Science Club Glee Club Science Club Track 8 ANNE KATHERINE HOGAN lKayD BOB HURD Glee Club Band 7, 3 H0meF90m Student Council 7, 8 b8Sketb8ll 9 Hgmergom V011eYba1l 9 president 7 basketball 9 Student Patrol 8, 9 BILL HURD NANCY HOLLAND fLumJ Homeroom Homeroom ' football 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 sgccer 7 8 volleyball 8. 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Safety Council 7 officer 7, 8 Student Patrol 8, 9 Boxing Club 7 Y-Teens 8 Hi-Y 7, 3, 9 Gym Assistant 9 JESSE HURLEY SAUNDRA HUTZELMAN lHutzyl PAULETTE KAM ERON Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Red Cross 8 Glee Club 8, 9 Homeroom Representative Y-Teens Officer Latin Club Safety Council Web Staff Homeroom basketball Reflash Staff HAROLD ISAACS flkel Homeroom basketball 7, 8 baseball 7, 8, football 7, 8, soccer 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 Boxing DONALD JARVIS inanl Glee Club Football Basketball BETTY JOHNSON Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 Latin Club Tumbling GERALD KINCH Band 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, volleyball 7, 8 soccer 7, 8 football 7, 8 Orchestra 8, 9 MARK KINCH CMHXY Homeroom basketball 7, 8, soccer 7 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 baseball 7, 8, 5 football 7, 8, 9 RICHARD KREHBIEL Qnicky JAOQUELINE KUNZ tJack1aJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8 volleyball 7, 8 Web Staff Reflash Staff Spanish Club JIMMY LIPSOOMD cL1ppy 'D V Homeroom football 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 baseball 7, 8 Homeroom president 9 ALE MALLICOTE Homeroom basketball 7 Dramatics Glee Club IRGINIA MARCH KGinnyD Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Office Assistant 7,8,9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Red Cross 8 Science Club Dramatics 9 Web Staff Reflash Staff Honor Society Latin Club JACKIE MARCUM Glee Club JOHN RICQARD JOHNSON fDick, Track 9 Faaaba1i 9 JAMES LAMBERTSON 1D1ckJ RALPH MCCOWAN Homeroom Band football 7 ' Bulletin Carrier 9 ROBERT EDWARD JOHNSON fBobl NAOMI MAYSE Hi-Y 7 8 9 ELLEN LAVEN ' A Basketball 8, 9 Homeroom Mr ugspurger's Asa Glee Club 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 Homeroom Officer volleyball 7, 8, 9 KEN MCADAMS CMAC, Scorekeeper Red Cross 9 Band 7 3 9 Y-Teens 9 Hi,Y 7: 9' Student Council 8, 9 Library Assistant PEGGY LEVELINE cpegl Pres.Student Council Tumbling 7, 8, 9 President 9 Red Cross 8 Orchestra Homeroom basketball 9 MARLENE ANN JOSKEM volleyball 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 8 Homeroom volleyball 8 basketball 9 WINIFRED JOYCE Kwinnial Reflash Staff Latin Club , Homeroom basketball DOROTHY LIMERICK Y-Teens 7 8 Science Club Homeroom basketball 7, 8, volleyball 7, 8 baseball 7, 8 LOIS MCBURNEY Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7 Red Cross 9 RALPH MCCRACKEN Homeroom basketball 7, 8 football 7, 8, 9 I4 JANE MCGRAW LoIs JEANNE OWENS tnlzzyl Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Baton Club 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 7 Jr. Red Cross 8 RONNIE MCINTOSH Tumbling Team 7, e, CAROLE MERZ CShortyJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 Homeroom Officer Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7 BETTY MEYERS lC1iffD Stamp Club 8 Science Club 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 7 volleyball GEORGIA MEYERS Science Club 9 Y-Teens 9 Homeroom basketball 9 HARRY E. MISEL KSonnyl Band 8, 9 Camera Club 8, 9 EUGENE MOENCK Tumbling Club 7, 8, Gym Assistant 9 Homeroom baseball 8, 9 Glee Club 9 Homeroom vice president 9 DOLORES MONTGOMERY Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Stamp Club 8, 9 Science Club 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 8 Reflash 9 9 9 ROBERT MOORE fBabeJ Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7, 9 JUDITH MORRIS fJudyJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Jr. Red Cross 8, 9 ZScience Club 9 Web staff 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 PATTY MULLEN lPatl Y-Teens 7 Library Assistant 9 Homeroom ' basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7, 9 SHIRLEY NAPIER KShirlJ Homeroom basketball 9 volleyball 7, 9 BETTY NICKEL CBetsyl Y-Teens 7 Tumbling 7, 8 Homeroom basketball 7, 8,79 volleyball 7, 8, 9 PATRICIA O'CONNOR fPatJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Gym Assistant 8 9 Student Patrol 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 CAROL OHR Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Jr. Red Cross 8, 9 Library Assistant 9 Science Club 9 BOYD PALMER lCaseyl Hi-Y 7 8, 9 Glee Club 8, 9 Library Assistant 8 Web staff 8, 9 President Homeroom 8 Basketball 9 BURT PARKER CPedroJ Homeroom President 7 Gym Assistant 8, 9 Boxing Club 9 Student Patrol 9 Homeroom baseball 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 football 7, 8, 9 Hi-Y 9 Safety Council 9 Basketball Manager 9 LOUISE PARRISH fweezlel Y-Teens 7, 8 Dramatics 8 Glee Club 8, 9 Student Council 9 Latin Club 9 Mr. Winkle Assistant Homeroom basketball 9 v volleyball 9 RAYMOND PARSLEY fWhitey Basketball 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7 volleyball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7, 8, 9 touch tackle 7, 8 DON F. PATRICK lDutchl Swimming 7 Football 8 Basketball 9 FAYE PENNINGTON Y-Teens 7 Red Cross 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 MARLENE PFEIL Y-Teens 9 DICK OTT Science Club 9 Safety Council 8 Homeroom Glee Club 9 basketball 9 Homeroom soccer 7, 8, 9 LUCILLE PHILPOT volleyball 7, 8, 9 Y-Teens 9 gomeroom Officer SANDY LOCKE ogeffomb 8 Band 7, 8, 9 o ey all 7, , 9 Y-Teens 7. 8. 9 PATRICIA PIERCE lPudgyP Safety Council 7, 8 Y-Teens 7, 8 Student Council 9 Orchestra 7 Glee Club 8, 9 :gunz Society 8, 9 . ugspur er's Asa Red Cross 88 Web Staff 9 Reflash 8, 9 Red Cross Club 7, 8 Latin Club 9 Science Club 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 9 volleyball 7 JUANITA PIERSON Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Red Cross Y-Teens 9 WALTER POPP fC1eml Orchestra 9 Camera Club 9 Hi-Y 9 JAN POINTER tJ1gsJ Homeroom volleyball 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7, 8, 9 football 7, 8, 9 DON PURKEY fPerk7 Hi-Y 7, 8 9 Homeroom Officer 7 Web Staff 8, 9 Glee Club 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 Operetta 8, 9 Student Council 8 Honor Society 8, 9 Reflash Staff 9 Stage Crew 9 Camera Club 9 Cheerleader 9 WAYNE S. RAHISER lRayl 80 Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Homeroom Officer 7 Web staff 8, 9 Hi-Y 9 Library Assistant 9 Latin Club 9 Science Club 9 Honor Society 9 RICHARD RAWLINGS cBud, Homeroom volleyball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7 8, 9 basketball 7, 8 9 football 7, 8, 5 Homeroom President JANICE REECE lBlondieD Y-Teens 7, 8 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Science Club 9 ROBERT E. REFFITT CBobl Movie Projector 9 Student Patrol 9 Homeroom soccer 9 basketball 9 DAVID REINER KDaveJ R1-I 7, 8, 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Orchestra 7, 8, 9 Homeroom Officer 7, 8 Honor Society 9 Latin Club 9 Web Staff 9 ta? viii? :" ek. 3 E X N 4-.-E : 'tg -X X bbbb GURNIE RETHERFORD Q Cross Country Champ 9 Ebifgawwiiwx Zhl xx x A Xx x NX Q tft, Riagg N x in X , I faa8 eR8M1t X X Ss, NNLIXS 8 X Studen Patrol ksyagxgyxmg VERNCN REISI lJugJ JOY REYNOLDS Y-Teens 9 Latin Club 9 JAMES RICE taiml Latin Club 9 SHIRLEY RICE f0xfordl Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 ANN RICH HENRY RICHIER inbox! Boxing Club PAUL RICHTER fJackD Glee Club 8 9 Latin Club 9 Hi-Y 9 Movie Operator 9 ' RUTH RILEY fTishl Y-Teens 7 Homeroom basketball 8, 9 volleyball 8, 9 ,Aft ,.,3?.1s,,-t::,:. 8- sl ..: :Q s ,rpms BRADLEY ROARK fBada0l R1-I 7, 8, 9 Student Council 8 Track Team 8 Honor Society 8, 9 Latin Club 9 Glee Club 9 DELLA ROBINSON CPogyJ Stamp Club 8. Reflash Staff 9 Web staff 9 Science Club 9 Jr. Red Cross 9 CARL ROEMER fPetel Basketball 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7 8, 9 volleyball 7,78 9 football 7, 8, 6 Football 9 Gym Assistant 8, 9 Homeroom President 9 Homeroom Vice Pres. HYMAN M. ROSIN lHyD Band 7, 8 Basketball 8 Football 9 Latin Club 9 Reflash Staff 9 LUCIA ROLFE KLukyJ Safety Council 7 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 soccer 9 Dramatics 9 Red Cross 9 Y-Teens 7, 8 MARY LOU SALYERS Homeroom basketball 7, 8 Hi-Y 9 Dramatics 7 BOB SAUER ROBERT PRESTON SCALF Band 7, 8,9 Orchestra 9 ALOMA SCHERZINGER Homeroom basketball 8 volleyball-8 I6 LOISQSCHOOLEY Tumbling 7 8 Glee Club 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8 RICHARD SCHORR CDickJ Stamp Club 7 Movie Operator 7, 8 Homeroom President 8 Vicepresident 9 soccer Glee Club Latin Club 9 Honor Society 9 JANNA SCHRENKER KJoD Baton Club 9 JOANN SCHWARTZ fJoel Y-Teens 8 Gym Assistant 9 KATHERINE SCHWARZ Y-teens 7, 8 Band 7, 8, 9 Tumbling 7, 8, 9 Stamp Club 7, 8, 9 Orchestra 9 Latin Club 9 FORREST SCOTT fSc0ttieJ Glee Club 8, 9 Camera Club 9 Science Club 9 Movie Operator 9 JAMES ScoTT Kscbbblal H1-Y 7, 8, 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Orchestra 7, 8 9 Honor Society 8, 9 Latin Club 9 JO ETTA SCIUTTI fJoel Y-Teens 7 Homeroom basketball 8, 9 volleyball 8 PAUL CHRISTIE SETZLER Homeroom soccer 7 Reflash Staff 8, 9 Science Club 9 Web Duplicator 9 MARILYN SHEPHERD KShep7 Red Cross 8 Glee Club 9 Homeroom basketball 8 volleyball 8 JAMES STATES fJimJ LEONA STEELE fsplbflral Tumbling 7, 8, 9 Gym Assistant 8 Hgmeroom Y-Teens 8. 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 Gym Assistant 8. 9 volleyball 7, S Library Assistant 8, 9 Mr. Winkle's Assistant 9 Camera Club 9 HUBERT STEWART Football 9 Boxing 7, 8 BARBARA SIMS THOMAS STOMPS tlbml MARLENE SMITH fSmittyJ Hcmerggm Band 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 Y-TSSHS 7, 3 9 volleyball 7, 8 Cheerleader 8, 9 Baton Club 9 Glee Club 9 Science Club 9 KATHRYN TABOR KJunior7 Camera Club 9 Red Cross Homeroom Stamp Club 8 b8Sketb8ll 9 Hgmergom volleyball 9 basketball 8, 9 volleyball 8, 9 MYRTLE MAE SMITH KFireballJ Homeroom basketball 8, 9 ANNA MARIE TEWART cJarryJ volleyball 8, 9 Y-Teens 7, 8 baseball 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 MARY SPADA tMarbD Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 JOE TOMAN IDocJ volleyball 8 H1-Y 8, 9 Band 7, 8, 9 Dramatics 8, SHARON SPENCE Honor Soqiety 8, 9 Gym Assistant 8, 9 Glee Club 9 Glee Club 9 Football 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 DICK TULEY KDickl Stamp Club 7 8, 9 JOAN SPRIGGS iSannyD swimming 7, 6, 9 Red Cross 8 Science Club 9 Student Council 9 Homeroom BARBARA TURNER KDonl basketball 7, 8, 9 Y-Teen3 8 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Stamp Club 8 Science Club 9 Homeroom BARBARA JEAN STMMPER CBabsl basketball 7, 3, 9 Homeroom volleyball 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 9 volleyball 8 PEGGY TURNER fDonnyl Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 Science Club lvl TUSSEY tulmmlol Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, 9 volle ball 8 Y 7: 0 9 president 9 Mr. Augspurger's Asa IAMES TUSSEY Homeroom basketball 7 8 football 7, 8 volleyball 7, 8 soccer 7, 8 Glee Club IAMES TUTTLE lJimJ Hi-Y 7 Stamp Club 7, 8 Ping Pong Tournament Homeroom soccer 7 8 basketball 7 volleyball 7, 8 Dramatics 8 9 Mr. Augs urger's Asa School Play 9 YNTHIA VANCE fChinchil Orchestra 7 8 Y-Toons 7, A 9 Safety Councll Homeroom officer 7, 8, 9 Glee Club 8, 9 Honor Society 8, 9 Dramatics 8, 9 Red Cross 8 Mr. Augspurger's Ass Swimming Team 8 School Play 8, 9 Ping Pong Champ 8 Ping Pong Tournament Latin Club 9 Safety Council Pres ALE WAGERS iARLES VON STEIN Homeroom soccer 7, 8 football 7, 8 basketball 7, 8, 9 EM IE WARNER fBig Jimi Homeroom basketball 7 8 9 football 7 8 9 soccer 7 8 9 volleyball 7 8 9 softball 7 8 9 Boxing Club 7, 5, 9 Track Team 8, 9 Football Team 9 Basketball Team 9 Baseball Team 9 Camera Club 9 anon WEBB lspidorl Homeroom basketball 7 8 9 football 7 8 9 soccer 7, 8, 9 Football Team 9 X X ba x x ll lball xx X XQx bb X amass 9'ystE N Ebaaz Efmiasf Wx - Egaygsgaaf , T E ERNIE WEISER ' Homeroom basketball 7 86 9 football 7 8 soccer 7 8, 9 volleyball 9 Football Team 9 JOAN WELLS CJoannieJ Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8, volleyball 7, 8, Y-Teens Vice President Office Assistant 9 Science Club FRANK WITT KStenkyJ Homeroom president 8 basketball 8 football 8, 9 soccer 8 volleyball 8 Band 8, 9 W 9 Orchestra 8, 9 Student Council 9 Hi-Y 8 9 Latin Club 9 ' German Band 9 SANDRA WITTERS Y-Teens 7, 8,9 Homeroom officer 7, 8 Office Assistant 8, 9 Gym Assistant 8, 9 JOYCE ANN WEST fshortyl Ping Pong Tournament Student Council Camera Club Latin Club SHIRLEY WHITTON CAbegaleD Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 ROBERT WOLF lBobD Homeroom Homeroom basketball 7 8, 9 Baton Club 8, 9 Office Assistant 8, 9 Science Club 9 Student Patrol 9 GWENDOLYN WILLIAMS fGwenJ Homeroom basketball 7, 8 Latin Club 9 Science Club 9 BARBARA WILSON KBobbieJ Stencil Cutter 7, 8, 9 Homeroom basketball 7, 8 volleyball 8 Baton Club 8, 9 RAYMOND DAVIS VERNON WILSON Hi-Y 7 9 Stamp Club 7 Airplane Club Homeroom soccer 8 volleyball 8 Latin Club DOUGLAS WIMMER KDougU Homeroom basketball-7 football 7, 9 soccer 8 Band Latin Club Hi-Y officer 7, 8 Bulletin Carrier 9 JOHN WOLFF CJohoanP Homeroom football 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 soccer 7, 8 Football Team 9 IVA LEE WOODS fTip, Y-Teens 7, 8,9 Orchestra 7, 8 Homeroom basketball 8, 9 Art Club 8 Glee Club 8, 9 SHIRLEY ANN WRIGHT Band 7 Y-Teens 7, 8, 9 Homeroom officer 7 president 9 Red Cross 8 Student Council Sec Y-Teens officer 8, 9 Gym Assistant 9 Ping Pong Tournament Latin Club Glee Club Reflash Staff ROBERT WYNN fBobbyl R1-Y 7, 8, 9 HOIHSPOOIII secretary 7, 8, 9 soccer 7 8 9 volleyball 7, 8, 9 basketball 7, 8, 9 Movie Operator 9 - Camera Club 9 Science Club 9 Glee Club 9 MYRTLE BOWLING IQSO IC REV DN D WHEREAS, IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS, IT BECOMES NECESSARY THAT WE NINTH CRADERS COME TO THE END OF THE ROAD AND MUST NOW PASS ON FROM OUR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS TO GREATER HEIGHTSQ AND, WHEREAS THE SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS HAVE BEEN MOST COOPERATIVE AND HELPFUL, WE, THE CLASS OF 1950, BEING OF SOUND SPIRIT, BODY, AND MIND 427, DO HEREBY BEQUEATH OUR WORLDLY HOLDINGS AND POSSESSIONS IN THE MANNER AND SUBSTANCE AS THEY SHALL BE HEREIN SET DOWN AND DESCRIBED. Bert Harbin's basketball suit to Bob Sweeten Dick Schorr's bass voice to Dave Gebhart Hyman Rosin's electric trains to Todd Martin Jackie Kunz's bottle of peroxide to Neil Motzer Betty Houck's nose to Vicki Bunting Doug Wimmer to no one but Sandra Witters Dorothy Shipley's shape to Pat Reynolds Bill Evan's sport column to Gene Lamb Jim Blount's legs to Jean Brown John Chambers detention seat to Ted Carr Alberta Cox's pep to Mary Ellen Irwin Sandra Witters' giggle to Jerry Chadwick Jim Denny's suspenders to Phil Howard Gerry Kinch's brother to Lois Foster Bob Wynn's algebra book to Betsy Baker Carol 0hr's black locks to Carole Brown Dick Hayward's Nway with womenn to Phil Phelps Kay Hogan's colorful ties to Dona Eisner Lucy Beckett's science notes to Gale Giles Joe Arthur's height to Bill Johnson - Judy Anderson's arguments with the teachers to Jim Reid Nelson Benzing's dramatic ability to Ruth Shelton Nancy Brenner's science grades to some unlucky person Joan Adams' lOO on an exam to posterity Don Brockman's football suit to George VanLieu Conneth Cameron's good citizenship to Barbara Copeland Bill Clark's wits to Bobby Gould Vernon Copas' ability to get along with Mr. Bylenga to Don Gibson Marty Craft's many, many friends to anyone who needs them Dick Crawford's English grades to Jim Winkle John Detrick's fiendish ideas to Jim Bailey Joyce Ellison's southern drawl to Tom Crow Jim Dilg's pencil box to Patty French Shirley Fortner's seat in homeroom to Yvonne Evans Ruth Fox's pretty clothes to Jean Brown Joe Toman's Toni Wave to anyone with straight hair Alan Haid's jokes to someone who wants to laugh Billy Helton's love for making trouble to Don Price Saundra Hutzelman's slumber parties to Barbara Brown Don Jarvis's personality to Harold Gibbons Gene Moenck's gym ability to Ralph Saylor Judy Morris's art ability to her sister, Oma Patty Mullen's seat on the school bus to Carl Combs Bert Parker's student patrol badge to Gordon Heele Raymond Parsley's looks to Ozark Ike Don Purkey's many activities to anyone who wants to work Wayne Rahiser's violin to Dick Cooper Pete Roemer's dates with Susan Weinman lRooseveltl to no one Dave Reiner's hair net to John Holcomb Shirley Wright's innocent looks to Anne Griesmer Cynthia Vance's dancing ability to Sonia Jung Marlene Smith's cheerleader suit to Patty Marcum Dick Cook's hair tonic to Alvin Mbebus I Bob Hage's Hi-Y pin to no one Jackie Marcum's hair cuts to Sheldon Stout John Hopkin's writing ability to Joann Schurger Georgia Meyer's Spanish grades to Ray Sellers Loretta Hooker's bobbv socks to Nella Guy Dan Hurst's funny books to Eugene Puckett Bradley Roark's comical expressions to Sandy Cohen Bob Johnson's sense of humor to Rusty Bowermaster Becky Halcomb's strength to Bob Ball Dick Ott's seat in study hall to Billy Pierce NSpookW Campbell's appetite to Margie Becker Boyd Palmer's girl friends to any boy without one Dale Mallicote's weight to Howard Ringel John Dooley's manager's job to Dick Lowery Mark Kinch's notebook to Chris Geckeler Dick Johnson's tennis shoes to Tommy Caudill Marlene Joskem's notes to Carole Davidson Frank Witt's licorice stick to anyone hungry Katie Schwartz's tumbling ability to Katie Morton Jerry Downie's Wcurley hairn to Emily Beckett. Louise Parrish's beautiful handwriting to Beverly Gray Lucia Rolfe wills her job as library assistant to Lowell Strong Christie Setzler's job as duplicator to Bill Barrett Joan Higgins' algebra grade to anyone taking math I Jim States' innocent smile to Jim McNally Don Elrod's job as movie operator to Leroy Schiff Etta Mae Atyeo's ability to get Web articles in on time to Phyllis Gray Betty Harris' job as Miss Nagel's assistant to Rita Spier Loretta Chadwell's love for science to future students Bill Born's constant good behavior to some mischievious person Tom Croucher's curly locks to JoAnn Vornheder Harold Isaacs' ability to Cozy Collier's shyness to Winifred Connely's height Sandra Cornett's favorite Janet Cox's walk to Carol Bill Ellis' library books Kenneth House's preaching get into trouble to Brandon Marshall anyone with a bold complex to Carol Hurley sayings to Chris Geckeler Bradbury to anyone who likes to read ability to Brother DuBois Bill Everhart's love for homework to Glenn Stewart Alvie Everhart's seat in assembly to Wilbur Bennett Marlene Gillespie's bobby pins to Jim Grove Ellen Campbell's seat in algebra to Pieter Diehl Winifred Joyce's super-intelligent answers to Mrs. Carr Virginia March's cello to Mr. Munneke Patty Pierce's drawings of glamor girls to Jimmy King Dorothy Limerick's belief in the Easter bunny to Roger March Jack Richter's specs to anyone with 20-20 vision Mary Spada's finger nail polish to Dianne Martin Tom Stomp's quietness to Patty Whitton Gurnie Retherford's big mouth to someone who is always talking Bob Moore's industrial arts ability to Mr. Woedl Peggy Turner's dream man to no one Iva Tussey's way with Mr. Augspurger to next year's assistants Jim Tussey's homeroom teacher to his sister, WPunkyN Iva Woods art pencils to anyone who wants to draw Joan Wells' blonde hair to Ann Bard Janice Reece's freckles to Joy Thomas Shirley Rice's baby pictures to posterity Hubert Stewart's ability to box to anyone who likes to wrestle Ernie Weiser's angelic looks to heaven Jan Poynter's shot gun to the Hunt and Fish Club Della Robinson's ability to draw for the Web to Mrs. Kemp Jane McGraw's Spanish book to some Latin student - Vernon Webb's football ability to Dave Allen Bob Scalf's saxophone to Jack Blaechle 4 Bob Durham's last name to Myrtle Bow1ing's love for the tobacco manufacturers country school to all Seven Milers Ruth Riley's, Barbara Burton's and Tom Hall's thinness to Jerry Welch Bill Hurd's and Bob Hurd's ability to look alike to Wilson's future twins Glenna Gray's and Patty O'Connor's long fingernails to Louis Estridge Patty Blossom's and Pete Jones' shyness to Carl Downie Bill.Conlin's K.O. or knock-out to Mr. Kruzeski Robert Reffitt's and Peggy Leveline's skating ability to Dave Hurst Marvin and Melvin Flynn's brotherly love to Wilson faculty Flora Begley's and Shirley Gaines' neat science notebook to Anna Cohn Charles, Clarence, and Bob Brown's colorful names to Miss Slack, Wilson's colorful art teacher Doris and Ronald Deaton's seats in home room to Shirley Wimberly Gwen Williams' and Joy Reynolds' Latin grades to next year's Spanish students Jenalee Fore's last name to Wilson's future golf players Betty Nickel's and Ann Rich's last names to somebody in debt Walter Popp's nickname to Clem Boyle, Wilson's janitor Don Evan's name to Don Evans SN ZZ i S mi, X x ., ,, x N X Qs X w xx XX X FNQQ i SN PS Loretta Clair, Ralph Clair, Sandy Cohen. Anna Cohn, James Collier, Barbara Zellner, David Combs James Combs, 'Alvin Cooper, Dick Cooper, Barbara Copeland, Donald Cornette, Allene Couch, Ronald Couch, Dorothy Cox Ronald Coyle, Tom Crow, Elaine Dallie, Carole Davidson Ruth Davis, Wayne Davis, Ronny DeBord, Pieter Diehl, Helen Dooley, Carl Downie, Donna Doyle, Aneita Dunaway, Ralph Durham, Judy Ebingsr, Tom Eckeler, Dona Eisner, Delores, Emmert, Louis Estridgs, Harold Evans, Yvonne Evans Jerry Farthing, Vernon Felt- ner, Bernice Fike, Janet Fitzgerald, Ina Fogel, Bill Foreman, Randall Forsythe, Lois Foster, Nathan Fox, Joyce Frederick Janet Fryman Eu- gene Fuhrman, Denver Fultz, Viola aines, David Gebhart. I Norma Ackman, Shirley Adams, Bruce Alcorn Janice Amburgey, Gerald Amos, Gail Armstrong, Douglas Ar- nold, Patricia Ashford, James Bailey Betsy Baker Shirley Bark- er, Billy Barrett, Geraldine Bau- man, Margie Beckett, John Beckett, Gerrie Begley, Robert Bennett, Wilbur Bennett, Nancy, Betz, Vir- ginia Bittinger, Jerry Blair, Rob- ert Bohlander Mary Bowden, Rusty Bowermaster, lvan Bowling, Marie Bowling, Ronald Bowling, Stacia Bowman, Jean Bradbury, Florence Brewer, Barbara Brown, Gerald Brown, Jean Brown, Richard Brown, Edith Brunck, Charles Buell, El- vira Bundy, Vicki Bunting, Heather Burns, Alice Campbell, Roger Camp- bell, Carolyn Carpenter James Carr Shirley Carter, Paul Cash, Tom Caudill, Robert Cayse, Harriet Cearley, Jerry Chadwick, Pearl Chandler. , Doris Getz, Patty Gfroerer, Becky Gibbons Harold Gibbons Don Gibson, Gale 61163, John cuium, .menus Goller, Bobby Gould, Donna Gray, Phyllis Gray Mary Griffin, William Griffith, Nella Guy, Nancy Gwaltney, Emma Jean Hacker, Wanda Hale Leon Hamilton, John Hamilton, Donald Harbron, Laverne Harding, Dorothy Harker, Dick Hatten, Dick Hayes, Gordon Heele Jerry Hehl, Jack Heitsman, Paul Hensley, Norman His- sem, Shirley Holland, Kenny Hol- lister, Shirley Hornsby, Phillip Howard John Hudson, Richard Hula, Patty Hunley David Hurst, Lois Im- hoff, Mary Bllen Irwin Virginia Irwin, Paul Ivers, Bill Johnson, Keith Johnson Mary Johnson, Bernie Jones, Bobby Jones Jerry Jones, Ralph Jones, Drusilla Jordan, Wen- del Judd. 3 rs Sonia Jung, Carolyn Kaufzn CHP1 Keith, Bill Kendrick, Thelma Kin- ney, Helen Knapp, Darrell Lhin- hart, Gene Lamb, Catherine Lauer- James Lee, Robert Lewis, Forrest Livelsburger David Lively, Peggy Long, Bob fotz, Carol Loughead, Mayotte Lum, James Lynch, Emily MacGregor, Sue Manning, F or6nCe Marcum, Todd Martin, Antoinette Mastandria, James McCracken, Don McDaniels, Wilma McDonald, Jack Zeller. Jesse McIntosh, Jim NC Nally, Helen Meier, Marlene Miller, Nancy Miller, Roger Miller. Kel'-Th Miller, Michael Millspaugh, Bent Minor, Alvin Moebus, Don Molter, Katherine Morton, Neil Motzer, Roland Nantz, Nancy Neeley, RUPY Newberry, Butella Parrett, Dorls Parker, John Parker, Robert Pen- nington,'Annetta Phelps, Lawrenoe Phelps, Phillip Phelps. Jane Stephenson, David Stewart, Flo Stewart, Glenn Stewart Mary Stivers, Sheldon Stout, fowell Strong, Bob Sweeten, James Tabor, Ray Taylor, Faye Thomas, Jerry Tillett, Barbara Uhl, George Van Lieu, Roger Vennefron JoAnn Vorn- heder, Kenny Walker, fouls Walker, Laura Wallace, J.D. Warner, Joan Warner, Ste hen Webb, Jerry Welch, Rose Welle, Sharon Werlein, Florence Warts, June Wheeler Ray Whitaker, Janet Whitmore, Sruce Williams, Carl Williams, Lawrence Willsey, Glenda Wilson, Shirley Wimberly, Jil Winkle, Dan Wiseman, Bob Witt, Sally Witters. Judy Wrizht. Jim Yeekle, James Whit- lock, Ray Hatton, James Hickman. Mary Hudson, Sharon Snow, Boyd Winkler. Billy Pierce, Patsy Poling, Donald Price, Janet Protzman, Eugene Puckett Carol Quincy, Jean Rat- 11fr, Jim Reid Delores Reiter, Patty Reynolds, Dhester Rhinehimer Dorothy Richmond, Bob Riley, Ron- ald Riley, Ralph Rimer, Howard Ringel, Marilyn Rich, Jack Roberts Shirley Roberts, Jerome Robinette, Ronald Robinson, Vernon Robinson, Janice Rupp, James Rush, Ronald Sandlin, Ralph Saylor, John Schen- ey, Leroy Schiff, Gary Schlenk, Calvin Schmidt, Sarah Schmitz, Jo- ann Schurger, Donald Seeley Ray Sellers, JoAnne Sewell, Shirley Shelton, Winifred Shilt, Ronnie Singleton, Robert Sisson, JoAnn Smith, Mary Smith Olive Smith, Sharon Snow, Soo Sohngen Tom Sparks, Marvin Spence, Lois Sprad- ling, Jean Stephenson. 24 Peggy Cameron Charles Campbell, Gene Campbell, Gloria Campbell, Lovell Campbell, Jean Carberry, Ted Carr, Rose Carter, Earl Chandler, Gail Chapen, John Clark, Victor Cohen, Car Combs Douglas Combs, Norma Combs, Myrtle Cornette, Ken- neth Coreon, Mary Cowan, Doris Cox, Pamela Cox, Robert Crist, Ellen Crittenden Marg Crittenden, Donna Dailey, Eileen eaton, Lloyd Deaton Doris Deck, Robert Doench, Jerry Doughman, Arleen Duckett, Mary Jo Duf icy, William Dunham, Robert Durham, Walter Elrod, Donna Enbry, Judy Epley, Helen Everhart, Lucille Fanter, Betty Farthing, Patricia Fassett, Lynn Ferguson, Shirley Fielder, Richard Fille,Billie Fink, Cecil Foister, Harry Fox, Emery Frazier, Mary French, Patricia French, Norma Frost. lar Phillip Acton, Burton Adele, Janes Adams, Patricia Alexander, David Allen Gladys Allen, Hester Allen Faye Anderson, Janet Antes Richard Antee Heil Arent Joseph Armstrong, Boyd Arnold, Jimmie Arnold, Bonnie Ashcraft, John Auraden Sherry Bake Ellen Baker, Ronald 5.10: Janice Ballerino, Gwendolyn Ballinger, Anne Bard, Kenneth Barger, Norbert Barnes, David Zinn. , Earlgng Bates Emily Beckett,Patty Beckett, Anna Becraft, Ella Benson, Patricia Benning, John Bsrcsv,Mery Betecher, Ronald Binegar Gene Bi pus, John Blaechle, Tom Blakely, Rogert Bob- bitt James Botner Dolores Bovker, nov16 Bowling, nloi Boyd B111 von Brauchitec , Fred Brooks, Donald Bryant, Cyrus Bullock Phillip Burns, Janes Burton, William Caf- ferty, Gerald Cameron. Patricia F barger Joan Fults Jer- ry Furginson, Ronald Gardner, Chris Geckeler, Doris Geiger, June Geitt- man, Anna George Calvin Getz, Bar- bara Gibson, Darla Gibson, Beverly Gray, Anne Griesmer, James Grove, Saul Hacker, Hilda Halcomb, Nelson Halcomb, James Hamilton, Kenneth Hammock, Lillian Hammons RoB9r Hammons, Opal Hampton, 5hirr0U0 Hargett, Carl Harrison, Jane Hart, snoilan Hnun, James HAY"6 Laffy Hazelwood, Janie Henderson, arbara Hershner, John Holcomb Harold Hol- lingsworth, Charlene Hopkins, Ola Hopkins, Marilyn Hosk ns, Helen Hudson, Jane Humbach, Carol HUF19Yp Barbara Iglehart, Barbara Isaacs, Eva Isaacs, Janice Isaacs, Janice Isaacs, Patty Isaacs, Phyll s Jack- son Charles Jarvis Carol Johnson, William Johnson Carlton Jones, Helen Jones, Ronald Jones, Freda Jordan, Mary Keith, David Keller,Ercie Kendrick Frank Kinch, James King, Mary kirby, Marvin Lainhart, Ronald Lakes, Janice Laney, Joe Langdon Barbara Law- rence, Ralph Lee, Peter Leffler, Patty Leifheit Alan Leshner, Yvonne Lillard, Roberta Livelsburg- er, Maryrose Long, Roger March, Charles Marcum, Patty Marcum, Ruby Marcum Sammy Marcum, Brandon Marshall Diane Martin, Joyce Martin, Robert Masiero, Mark Metre, James Maugin Frances McDaniel, James Mc ulln, Eldon McQueen Gracie Melton, Elaine Melvin, Paul Metcalfe, Kenneth Metzler, Earl Meyer, Bryce Mobley, Barbara Morgan, Betty Morgan, Oma Morris, John Mott, Patricia Motzer Peggy Motzer, Edna Mount, Mary Mullin, Shelby Murphy, :gchard Moraine, Tom Morgan,Leonora ers. Robert Smith, Sandra Smith Vernon Smith nite Spier, Laura Stivers, Elizabeth Stomgs, Sandra Stoope, Alvin Strong, Bo by Sweet, Shirley Sweeten Patty Sword, Joan Theies, Vernon fheiss, James Thomas, Rich- ard Thomas, Marilyn Topmiller, Audley Turner Darlene Tussey, Frances von Seelen, Caroline Wank- miller, Charles Weaver, Janet Weaver, Phyllis Weinman Clyde Wells, Raymond Welle, Shirley Welch, Freda Whitt Patty Whitton Mar- garet Williams, atty Williams, len Willie Donald Wilson, James wilson, Janice w11eon, Jack Zellner, Constance Nastoe Richard Newberry, Charles Nichols, David Oder, Charles Parker, Nancy Parmenter, Sue Paul, Wilma Pelfrey, Ferris Pendergrass, Guy Pennington, Dar- rell Perry Betty Phelps, Norman Phelps, Alvin Pollard, John Pond Betty Po p, Irvin Pyles, Cecil Quackenbusg, Haril Rader, Jesse Rader, Marilyn Hamseyer, Richard Reffitt, Henry Reiter, Gerald Reth- erford Alvin Rhodus, Gail Rice, Rita nichmond, Orville Roach, Wil- liam Roden, Billy Rogers, Buddy Rogers, Ralph Rogers, Ruby Rogers, Marilyn Rowland, Nancy Ruh man, Benny Rupert, John Sandlin, Patty Sauer, Terry Saylor, Arlene Schaeble, Carol Schooley Mary Lynn Setzler, Norman Sewell, Barbara Singleton, Jimmie Sims, Margaret Sizemore, John Smallwood, Bonnie Smith, Dixie Smith. .3 gwgegsg zgq X S VK X X? 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J , X SNR X BNN X -K XLQ-,X XEQwe.Xa fQ5SSNW ,,X3YagX :,: W ' 'X QS X: XX X X X x x NN XXX X X:X X5 N ir A X -X f m Q2 X ...:. X.. X xx X X X X QXXS QQ X JK X 5 X X 1 X Q XX X Q EESEXSS asia . Q illll 1 ar "' X gy X X X X N X X S X X X X XY IX :X K5 XX. S X. 'NN Q N aa X ' X N6 X X X X + S Xa X 1-X S Jerry Batdorf, Brack Spencer, Edward Hurst, Evert Allen, Kenneth Reed, Charles Sparks, Anna Nash, Carl Jones, Lena Lamb, George Maupin, Kenneth Hensley, Sammy Murph. X .SQ Q x W X .X XX , z-Q X X , X I, X Q. .. ., 5, -Nab ' SX. .5 fglfa X Nw Y N X XXQ M QX Xe XX XXX as X XX X X ,:r,k,,. ,:,:e2 . .N X52 X X SNS is X ESL R New 'Q3E -1. ul ' - rx .- X -S XI XXXXM, 1 ,, S .XX we raw- fu X X Qxb N SQW vesggi ,X X XXX., XXX - ':-.XE 2, - .-r X , X .. XX.. .,x5,:?XNk. :ga A+ - aw Age eww . H ai:S'1:X:X.X. 4 X, az.:-WQXS. ---au X SSX X Xu suxfgyxx A sf - X.lX-.-ga--ag M ni! .46 5.,XfXiefg:.g...K .. ge N 25,55 bw S "X avvyM2.,X SQSXN ii? fl ,m.MwM Km X . F3435 .X XX R? 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SPORTS ACTI ITI S AT WILSON PROVIDE GOOD VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT THE VIEWERS O WJHS-TV ff Qaskewlball foojrball Girls Gym Boys Gym Track 'Top Row Hyman Rosin, Alvin Moebus, Robert Ball, Jerry Wagner, Orville Adams, Lawrence Willsey, Hubert Stewart, Coach Al Woedl, Dick Johnson, George VanLieu, Robert Durham, Bill Campbell, John Wolff, Sheldon Stout, Russell Bowermaster, Tom Crow Middle Row John Detrick, Robert Lotz, Don Brockman, Jimmy Blount, Ernie Weiser, Joe Toman, Jim Warner, Jackie Marcum, Pete Roemer, Don Jarvis, Dick Cook, Vernon Webb, Bill Clark, Bill Hurd, David Gebhart Bottom Row Jim McCracken, Phil Burns, Dave Allen, Roger Hammons, Ph1l Howard, Ron De Bord, Charles Weaver, Bert Parker, Dick Fille, Bill Johnson, Bob Hage Todd Martin '- --..- McKinley Wilson Roosevelt Wilson -A i ,if 1' ' . """""" ,fffL.', J' . ff'-'-5 4 5 ' ..-..- , o E f ? 'J 0000032 000007 8 A canola 000006 I ,xXNa,, McKinley.....37 Wilson.....0 , X, ' .....-.:." X It 11x ff' i-, , 9 1 ' X X X X f- ,I 7 f' J Ai -,,.,-- Coach Al Woedl ,gi 5: FUUTB LL X 5 5 S R I 2 I 3 5 mv A E, Bcrf H0f 'n Bill Clark IZ ,ff Rqql Pars S ,Don Jarvis S wnniu Pe'l'e R Incl' Top Row - Coach Louis DuBois, Lawrence Willsey, Jim Blount, Alan Haid, Jim Warner, Dick Cook, Jackie Marcum, Bob Johnson. Middle Rowe- Bill Clark, Don Jarvis, Bert Harbin, Ray Parsley, Pete Roemer, Botton Row - John Dooley, Bert Parker. Wilson finished in second place in the Little Miami Valley League with seven wins and six losses averaging L0 points to their opponents 37 points. During the year Wilson committed 157 personal fouls to their opponents 205. s T' I hu , ' 'YY 3Q::sgA.vr if f Q' I , .K I8 5, Q' 'v Y b8 Wilson - Middletown Roosevelt - 58 35 Wilson - Lanier High School - L6 W 36 Wilson - Monroe Jr. High - L3 30 Wilson - Morgan High School - 3h Y L0 Wilson - Hamilton Roosevelt - 30 4 35 Wilson - Middletown McKinley - 32 33 Wilson - Wayne High School - 29 30 Wilson - Oxford Stewart High - 1 A6 Wilson - Monroe Jr. High - 2h W 55 Wilson - Hamilton Roosevelt - Ll vggg Wilson - Middletown McKinley - 2b Wilson Total - Opponents Total-E79 Y denotes league games W 36 Wilson - Middletown Roosevelt - 3A 37 Wilson - Trenton High School - 39 5 Total Points Harbin T55 Clark 110 Roemer 109 Jarvis 62 Parsley 55 Johnson 26 Haid 16 Top Row - David Gebhart, John Holcomb, Charles Weaver, Robert Crist, Roger Hammons, Alvin Moebus. Third Row - John Bercaw, Jack Roberts, Glenn Stewart, Joe Langdon, Dave Bowling, Doug Combs, Lowell Campbell. Second Row - Leroy Schiff, Ronald Robinson, Ron DeBord, Robert Gould, Harold Gibbons, Jim Bailey, Dave Allen. Bottom Row - Ronald Riley, Bernie Jones, Bob Sweeten, Bill John- son, Phillip Phelps, Gene Lamb, Coach Louis DuBois. David Hurst - Manager X w 5, 34 WTJ LERS Top Row - Bob Ball, Eugene Moenck, Ron McIntosh, Jerri' Wagner Gene Campbell, B111 Griffith, Jerry Hehi. Middle Row - Carl Downie, Darrell Lain- hart Marvin Lainhart, Mr. Kruzeski, Charles Campbell, Bill Barrett, Terry Saylor, Phil Howard. Bottom Row - Kenneth Metzler, John Mott, Jerry Farthing, Alvin Armstrong, Don Wilson, Emery Frazier, Chester Rhinehimer. BOYS Top Row - Bill Campbell, Bob Johnson, Pete Roemer, Bert Harbin, Jim Warner, Alan Haid, Bill Hurd, Robert Pennington. Middle Row - Don Jarvis, Bill Clark, Jim Blount, Jackie Marcum, Mr. Watson Kruzeski, Burt Parker, Jack Richter, Bob Sweeten, Ron Hicks. Bottom Row - Bob Sisson, Melvin Flynn, Bob Gould, Ron McIntosh, Gene Moenck, Glenn Stewart, Ralph Saylor, Kenneth Walker. fs' .H 0 MR. KR IIESIKI CY IS DIET HQ 5 !i ' ASSI T CIR 35 l3lEl2S Top Row - Ellen Crittenden, Sh irlsy Sweeten, Jean Hacker, Pauletta Kameron, Lilliam Hammonds, Lois Hopkins, Rebecca Halcomb, Mary Crittenden. Second Row - Leona Steele, Kath Schwartz, Peggy Leveline, Miss Detmer, Janet Whitmore, Loretta Lois Foster. Bottom Row - Patty Alexander, Morton, Laura Stivers, Sherry Carol Hurley, Charlene Hopkins. erine Betty Hage, Katie Bake, GIRLS Top Row - Norma Ackman, Ruth Miller, Shirley Arent, Sandra Witters, Lucia Rolfe, Sharon Spence, Dorothy Shipley. Second Row - Sue Manning, Shirley Carter, Emily MacGregor, Miss Betty Det- mer, Margie Becker, Becky Gibbons, o'Connor. Pat Bottom Row - Shirley Wright, Yvonne Evans, Sandy Locke, Joann Schwartz. 36 GRADE 7 ZID 207 Champs Top Row - Betty Morgan, Barbara Mor- gan, Patty Marcum, Jean Murphy, Patty Motzer. Bottom Row - Diane Marcum, Ruby Mar- cum, Miss Betty Detmer, Joyce Martin, Joy McDaniel. ASIK TI3 HA PS Cl? DE Top Row Katherine Schwartz, Sharon Spence, Mary Spada, Jo Etta Sciutti Bottom Row Dorothy Shipley, Lucia Rolfe, Miss Betty Detmer, Marlene Smith Lois Schooley I2 DE Top Row Marlene Miller Helen Meier Carol Loughead, Ruth Miller, Florence Marcum Bottom Row Carolyn Kautz, Sue Man n1ng Miss Betty Detmer Mayette Lum, Helen Knapp DI 5 an - Left to Right Don Purkey, Marlene Smith, Marty Craft, Mary Ellen Irwin berta Cox, Patty Reynolds, Patty Marcum Allen Leshner ACK Top Row Kenneth Walker, Bob Johnson, Don Jarvis, Bradley Roark, Bill Hurd, Dick Johnson Middle Row Sheldon Stout, Bob Sweet en, Jim Warner, Mr Watson Kruzeski, Jack1e Marcum, Kenneth House, Tom Crouch- Bottom Row Alv1n Moebus, Bernie Jones, Glenn Stewart, Ralph Saylor HEERlEADERS HKIIIIIIIIIIII h0iMO HMM ID4 Top Row - Jerry Wagner, Jim Denny, Tom Croucher, Jerry Downie, Dick Cook. Middle Row - John Chambers, Don Elrod, Mr. Andrew Bylenga, Jim Dilg, Dick Craw- ord. Bottom Row - John Dooley, Ron Deaton, Bill Conlin, Bill Clark. 38 Slxlrlesl DWI Qqqv Level Dar-o'Hnl skip '21 Jima Sw TR I3 WNNE S CTI TIES DRAM TICS McCoy Bob Everhart Gibson, Bill Campbell, John Wertz Second Row - Kenneth House, John Beckett, Louis Estridge, Audrey Bartesko, Sylvia Cochran, Faye Thomas, Allene Couch, Shirley Barker, Jack Hart First Row - Mr. Wayne Winkle, Bob Hurd, Darrel Lainhart, Doris Deaton, Lois Hopkins gi 2 32?-li 3 i STUDE T P ' I SAFETY CO NC Top Row - Laura Wallace, Mary Warner, Gale Giles, Gene Lamb, Margaret Williams, Bernie Jones, Burton Parker. Middle Row - Joe Langdon, Roger March, Bentley Hopper Leroy Schiff, John Dooley, Walter Elrod, Jimmy Simms, Robert Stewart. Bottom Row - Harriet Cearley,Cynthia Vance Mr. Louis DuBois, Saundra Hutzelman, Betsy Baker. ACTIVITIES ARE A VER! POPULAR PHASE IN THE PROGRAMS BROADCAST Brauchitsch, Phil Phelps, Bert Harbin, Marvin Spence, Buddy Rogers, Bob Ball Third Row Mark Metre, Jim Grove, Flora Bagley, Louise Parrish, Arlene Schaible, Norma Frost, Rusty Bowermaster, Jim Winkle Second Row Lois Foster Phyllis Jackson, Florence Frazier, Joyce E11 son, Mayotte Lum, Joan Spriggs, Darlene Tusse , Edna Nelson Bottom Row Mary Ellen rwin, Ken McAdams Mr Theodore Bulow, Sandy Locke, Emily Beckett S UDE T COUNCll BT WJHS-TV AND ARE PARTICULARLY ENJOIED B! THE FOLLOWERS OF MUSIC. THE Dam, mn 'rms mrs. Top Row - Dona Eisner Marty Craft Eddie Bie rt Mr J Druhot, Jim Tutt1e,,Jean'Brown, Neil otzer ge ' B een Bottom Row - Jim Bailey, Ruth Shelton, Don Purkey, Nelson Benning, Nancy Brenner, Cynthia Vance Third How-Bob Reffitt, Henry Richter, Jim Warner, Bob Second Row-Donna Colgate, Petty Wilson, Patty O'Cor nor, Gurnnie Retherford, Mr Watson Kruzeski George First Row-Bradley Roark Marlene Smith Bert H bi Shirley Whitton Burt Parker, Bill Clark ' ar n ia QR Soclrir V Top Row - Kay Hogan, Louise Parrish, Bradley Roark, Dick Schorr, Eddie Biegert, Shirley Wright, Saundra Hutzelman. Bottom Row - Judy Anderson, Boyd Palmer, Joyce El- giszn, Joe Toman, Sandy Locke, Jack Richter, Lucy ec ett. RBERS O Top Row - Joe Toman, Frank Witt, Bob Scalf, Dick Schorr, Vernon Copas, Don Purkey, Bill Evans, Dave Reiner, Wayne Rahiser, Bernie Jones, Todd Martin. Third Row - Howard Ringel, Jim Winkle, Jerry Chadwick, Jim Scott, John Detrick, Jim Blount, Alan Haid, Cameron, Jim Rice, Hopkins, Jackie Kunz. Second Row - Mrs. Hutzelman, Betty Houck, Dorothy Shipley, Marty Craft, Sandra Cornett, Virginia March, Sandy Locke, Carole Altman, Harriet Cearley, Margie Becker, Barbara Copeland, Joann Bradley Roark, Conneth Nelson Benzing, John Jean Druhot, Saundra Schurger. Dorothy Limerick, Joan Adams, Elaine Dallis, Betsy Baker, Dorothy Harker, Lucia Rolfe, Winifred Joyce, Cynthia Vance. Top Row - Bob Riley, Bobby Wynn, Lowell Strong, Wayne Rahiser, Robert Brown, Christie Setzler. , Middle Row - Carole Altman, Flora Begley, Dorothy Shipley, Carol Ohr, Joyce Ellison, Laura Wallace, Patty Mullen. Bottom Row - Shirley Wimberly, Ruth Shel- ton, Lucia Rolfe, Marlene Joskem, Patricia Dwyer, June Hornsby, Gwen Williams. Bottom Row - Patty Blossom, Lucy Beckett, Ellen Campbell, Vicki Bunting Judy Anderson, IBR ASSISTA TS AS S S TANTS MISS NAGELS OFFICE Barbara Copeland, Jean Brown, Miss Nagel. Dorothy Harker, Betty Harris Miss Beulah Smith Sandra witters Sandy Cornet, Virgini March D D I I Ina Fogel, Marlene Smith, Marty Craft, Margaret Willigns, Marilyn Ramseyer, Joyce Ellison, Alberta Cox, Shirley Whitton, Peggy Long, Joan Wells xv STAGE Top Row Boyd Arnold, Gerald Brown Sandy Cohen, Don Elrod, Dick Schorr, Ralgh McGowan. iddle Row - Phillip Phelps, Norman Phelps, Leroy Schiff, Bobby Wynn, David Don Purkey, Conneth Cameron, Bill Evans, Doug Wimmer 1 S MR. AUGSPURGERS MR' WINKLES , N 1 Ma s Ka Hogan Loretta Hooker william Helffcfl Top Row - Lucy Beckett Betty Houck Louise Parrish Carole Altman Mr Auppurser' mm Y 6' y ' ' Front. Row - Dorothy Shipley, Mr. wifmo, Flora Bagley 42 EC ESTIQ Top Row - Jim Schorr, Carolyn Carpenter, Doris Getz, Judy Ebinger, Harriet Cearley, Ken MCAd8mS.Vernon COPHS, John Hopkins, Dave Reiner, John Detrick, Wayne Rahiser. Third Row - Carol Bradbury, Jerry Kinch, Bob Hage, Gene Puckett, Robert Scalf, Frank Witt, Walter Popp, John Parker, Joan Higgins, Katherine Schwartz. Second Row - Edith Brunck, Marilyn Rich, Glenda Wilson, Elizabeth Stomps, Shirley Hornsby, Lois Owens,JuneHornsby Joyce Martin, Nella Guy Doris Deck, Nancy Ruhlman. , ' Front Row - Eldon McQueen, Jack Heitsman, Dick Cook, Carol Hurley, Patty Reynolds,Virginia March,Carol Loughead Paul Metcalfe, Sonia Jung, Leonora Meyers. J BA Top Row - Doug Wimmer, Jimmy Lee, Roger Venefron, John Hopkins, Dave Reiner, Bill Helton, Harry Misel, Jerry Kinch, Ralph McGowan. ' Fourth Row - Joe Toman, Ken McAdams, Marg Becker, Marlene Joskem, John Bercaw, Don Bryant, Florence Wertz, Cyrus Bullock, Gene Puckett,Dave Keller. Third Row - Alvin Rhodus, Nelson Benzing, Gale Giles, Jim Winkle,Pete Leffler, Robert Scalf, Jackie Blakely, Vicki Bunting, Janice Rupp, Betsy Baker. - Second Row - Margaret Williams, Patty Whitton, Jerry Welch, Frank Witt, Elaine Dallis, Katherine Schwartz, Bob Hageg Mayette Lum Lois Foster. Louis Estridge. Arthugttgznggwcghggndy dgocke, Gail Rice, Joan Higgins, Stephen Webb, Marlene Smith, Bill Cafferty, Jim Scott, Joe D . O ' Top Row - Iva Woods. Flora Begley, Marty Craft, Sharon Spence, Kay ogan Judy Anderson Shirley Wright, Patty Blossom, Sandy Cornett, Louise Parrish, Vicki Bunting. ' Third Row - Sonia Jung, Emily MacGregor, Carole Altman, Saundra Hutzelman, Ruthshelton, Shirley Wimberly, Dona Eisner, Janet Fitzgerald, Dorothy Harker, Harriet Cearley, Betsy Baker. Second Row - Cynthia Vance, Ruth Miller, Joyce Ellison, Lucy Beckett. Jean Brown,Jackie Kunz, ,Loretta Hooker, Anna Cohn, Geraldine Bauman, Marilyn Miller, Doris Getz, Barbara Brown. Bottom Row - Patty Reynolds, Marlene Smith, Donna Gray, Joann Smith, Katie Morton,'Yvonne Evans, Joann Sewell, Lois Schooley, Phyllis Gray, Mary Ellen Irwin, Sandy Locke. Pl CO5 G I' Top Row - Kenneth ,House, Eddie Biegert, Lowell Strong, Dave Gebhart, Conneth Cameron, Don Purkey, Bradley Roark, Dick Schorr, George VanLieu. Third Row 7 Bob Wynn, Jack Richter, Gene Moenck, Joe Toman, Dave Stewart, BoydPalmer, Bob Begley, Howard Ringel, Gale Giles, Tom Crow, Jerry Chadwick. Second Row - Michael Millspaugh, Vernon Feltner, Neil Motzer, Carl Keith, Marvin Spence, Jim Dilg, Bob Johnson, Joe Arthur, Dan Wiseman, Ray Sellers. Bottom Row - Douglas Arnold, Jim Tussey, Dale Mallicote, Alvin Moebus, Bob Riley, LeonHamblin. 44 X1 ai ,... T L STENCIL CUTTERS Top Row - Katie Morton, Della Robinson, Donna Col- gate, Saundra Hutzelman, Judy Morris. Seated - Barbara Wilson, Etta Mae Atyeo, Pat Reynolds, Lois Spradling. wnmfns 6 Top Row - Dave Reiner, Lucy Beckett, Sandy Locke, Etta Mae Atyeo, Boyd Palmer. Second Row - John Detrick, Cynthia Vance, Saundra Hutzelman, Virginia March, Joan Hig- gins, Judy Anderson. Bottom Row - Mrs. Kemp, Patty Blossom, Alan Haid, Bill Evans, Jackie Kunz, Don Purkey, John Hopkins, editor. DUPLICATOR S Lewis, Wayne Rahiser Palmer, Jimmie Blount Hopkins, Christy zler. CLUBS PROVIDE THE ENTERTAINMENT GAINED FROM HOBBIES LITERARY WORK RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL STUDY REQUESTED BY OUR VIEWERS is "mv, E?-5" a xii K 59 35 GJ XING Top Row - James States, John Chambers, Henry Richter, Jerry Downie, Carl Arnold, Alvie Everhart. Bottom Row - Darrell Lainhart, Hubert Stewart, M . Andrew By- lenga, James Denney, Bob Everhart. ' pc, Top Row - Dick Schorr Bert Harbin, Conneth Cameron, Walter Po Do J 1 R ' YE, n arv s, Eddie iogert, Vernon Wilson, Wayne Rahiser, Bi Born y . Third Row - Bobby Johnson, Bradley Roark, Dick Crawford, Doug Wimmer, John Hopkins, Don Purkey, B111 Clark, Ken McAdamsw Second Row - Bob Hage, Jack Richter, Boyd Palmer Jimmie Blount Nelson Benning, Joe Toman Frank Witt, Bob y Wynn, fart Parker. Bottom Row - John Detrick, David Reiner, Alan Haid, Jim Scott. S AM Top Row - Jimmy Maupin, Chris Ceckeler, James Adams, Dick Thomas, Gale Giles, Tom Morgan, Katherine Schwartz, Phyllis Weinman, Elaine Melvin. Bottom Row - Miss Helen Kessling, Dolores Montgomery, Della Robinson, Dick Hayes, Pat Fryharger, Joan Adams. We H -Y Top Row - Tom Crow, Paul Hensley, George VanLieu, David Geb- hart, Jerry Chadwick. Middle Row - Todd Martin, Gene Puckett, Ron Robinson, Ggle Giles, Ronny DeBord. Bottom Row - Rusty Bowermaster, Sheldon Stout, Mr. Vernon Chaney, Phillip Phelps, Jim Reid. -TEENS Top Row - Jeannine Hammons, rlora Begley, Carole Altman, Louise Parrish, Winifred Joyce, Winifred Connely, Lucia Rolfe, Say Eagan, Patty Blossom, Jackie Kunz, Sandra Witters, Shirley r g t. Third Row - Nancy Brenner, Joan Higgins, Virginia March, Etta Mae Atyeo, Marlene Smith, Janet Cox, Jean Crittenden, Judy Morris Dorothy Shipley, Sandy Connett. Second Row - Cynthia Va S 3 - A G or e Nancy Parmenter Gail Rice patfgp gg:nch':a2:12::t'scE2ib12, Elisa critnenden, Norma Frost: Ma ti . Annfhiggieggarl gigggy Bike? Mary Crittenden, Elizabeth Stomps, Sandra Sgoops, Patty Benzing, Doris Deck, Sheilah Haun, Mary Lynn 1 J G ittman. Segiiszninigx ?PJgnet Asses? Patty Whitton, Faye Anderson. PHY1' lis Weinman, Jane Henderson, Janet Weaver, Pat Frybarger- Bottom Row - Nancy Ruhlman, Emily Beckett, Patty Leifheit. Ann Bard. Top Row - Jack Richter, Frank Witt, Dick Crawford, Vernon Copas, John Hopkins, Vernon' Wilson Dave Reiner Wa e R hi , , yn a ser, M Ad . KenThirdaggw - Mrs. Jean' ,Druhot, Paulette Kammeron, Katherine Schwartz, Patty Pierce, Gwen Williams, Virginia March, Sandra Witters, Joan Higgins, Cynthia Vance, Saundra Hutzelman, Winifred J J d A d J R nolds Joyce Ellison. oyggcong gown-eggggleyogoagi, Doug Wimmer, Dick Schorr, Shirley Wright, Louise Parrish, Alan Haid, Lucy Beckett. Bottom Row - Walter Popp, Jim Rice, Jack Anderson, Christie Setzler, Jim Scott, Hyman Rosin. nce, aundra Hutzelman, Shirley Fortner, Joyce Ellison, Shirley Whitton, Carole Merz, Loretta Hooker, glenna Gray, Carol Ohr, Lois McBurney, Joy Reynolds, Marlene e e Bottom Row - Sandy Locke, Betty Houck, Mrs. Luis deGama, Georgia Meyers, Loretta Chadwell. Top Row - Joann Schurger, Mary Bowden, Betsy Baker, Doris Getz, Virginia Bittinger, Becky Gibbons, Helen Meyers, Alice Campbell, Katherine Lauer, Shirley Wimberly, Lois Spradling, Shirley Carter, Judy Ebinger, Ruth Miller, Barbara Uhl. Third Row - Carolyn Carpenter, Nancy Miller, Nancy Neeley, Mary Irwin, Harriet Cearley, Mayette Lum, Lois Imhoff, Sally Wit ters, Dona Eisner Dor th Ri , o y chmond, June Wheeler, Elaine Dallis: Barbara Brown. Second Row - Lois Foster, Yvonne Evans Peggy Lon J B Patt R , g, een rown y eynolds, Sonia Jung, Emily MacGregor Ph lli , y s Gray, Margie, Becker, Janet Whitmore, Vicki Bunting Ja t Fi , ne tzgerald, Edith Brunck, Nancy Betz, Marie Bowling. Bottom How - Dorothy Harker, Ina Fogel, Miss Betty Detmer, Carolyn Kautz, Jean Bradbury. CA MER Top Row - Cyrus Bullock, Bill Campbell, Bert Harbin, Don Jar- vis, Don Purkey, Jim Warner, Harry Misel, Gene Puckett, Vernon Feltner. Second Row --Sandra Witters, Dorothy Shipley, Alberta Cox, Mr. Maurice McCall, Marty Craft, Shirley Whitton, Loretta Chadwell. Bottom Row - Janice Rupp, Brandon Marshall, Roger March, Todd Martin, Marlene Smith. ED CROSS Top Row - Phyllis Gray, Juanita Pierson, Judy Morris, Shirley Arent, Shirley Fortner, Carol Ohr, Winifred Connely, Jeannine gammons, Della Robinson, Dolores Montgomery, June Wheeler, Ellen even. Middle Row - Lois McBurney, Patty French, Anne Griesmer, Carol Loughead, Sandy Cornett, Helen Meyers, Shirley Roberts, Faye Pen- nington, Peggy Long, Jean Ratliff. Bottom Row'- Lucia Rolfe, Dorothy Harker, Carolyn Kautz, Jean Crittenden, Anne Bard, Mrs. Earl Giles. UNTA DEI H To Row - Todd Martin Jim Winkle Howard Ringel, Pieter Diehl, Elaing Dallis, Barbagi ghla gaierne Harding, Ruth Davis, Richard Ha es Dan Wiseman c ar u S- yBottom Row - Mr: Vernon Chaney, Jimmy Yeakle, Dolores Emmeff 1 Keith Johnson, Rusty Bowermaster. SCIENCE Top Row - Kenneth House, Joan Higgins, Cozy Collier, Peggy Turner, Pat Dwyer, Loretta Hooker, Shirley Fortner, Sandy Cornett, Judy Morris, Glenna Gray, Virginia March. Third Row - Bob Begley, Winifred Connely, JoEtta Sciutti, gene? 0gox,DMarlene Smith, Dolores Montgomery, Della Robinson, aro r, orothy Limerick, Ellen Campbell, Joan Adams, Alean Cowan. Second Row - Mr. Bruce Hill, Bobby Wynn, Jeannine Hammons, Loretta Chadwell, Marlene Pfeil, Janice Reece. Bottom Row - Betty Meyers, Carole Merz, Shirley Whitton, Georgia Meyers, Joan Spriggs, Barbara Turner. B Top Row - Gerald Brown, Marilyn Topmiller, Doris Geiger, Edith Brunck, Elaine Conrad, Shirley Roberts, Nancy Neeley, Faye Ander- son, JoAnn Vornheder, Patty Benzing, Jane Hart, Nancy Ruhlman, Dean Campbell, Doris Deck, Patty Beckett. Bottom Row - Anna George, Barbara Wilson, Sue Manning, Janna Schrenker, Harriet Cearley, Shirley Carter, Judy Ebbinger, Janet Whitmore, Sharon Werlein, Sheilah Haun, Nella Jean Guy. X Ring!!! , 'I'll get it, Dick,W exclaims Shirley Schorr picking up the telephone. 'He1lo, oh, yes, Joyce, that will be all right. Yes, oh, no. Well, I'm going to wear my pink sweater, no my blue one goes better with my red skirt.' Q As we look in on the small bungalow at 1353 Cameron Lane Cnamed for Senator Con- neth Cameron! we find the Richard Schorrs Cformerly Shirley Wright! getting ready for their evening guests, Mr. and Mrs. James Blount Knee Joyce Ellisonl. The Blounts are coming over for an evening of canasta, television, and food. VThat was Joyce. She said they would be a little late tonight.' WShirley, have you got the cards and food ready? You know how those Blounts eat.' WJoyce is trying the new Shipley, Shapely Slenderizing pills for the hard-to-get thin type so I don't think she will eat too much. Dear, did you have a nice time at the club meeting last night?n questioned Shirley. I was talking to our new neighbors, Charles and Clarence Brown, and they said that they enjoyed it.' Dwell, I didn't like it. They had a speaker from Trenton, New Jersey, David Reiner his name was. All he talked about was the manufacture of sousaphones. What a bore! He brought along a John Hopkins. He played a solo on the bass. That wasn't so bad but that speaker, wow!V WDidn't they have a quartet or something like that?V, 'Oh, yes, it was Forrest Scott, Joe Toman, Eddie Biegert, and Bobby Johnson. They sang the Beckett Blues and the Blossom Son . "Dick," suggests Shirley, "let 's eat out ior a change so I won't have to cook." N0kay, honey grab your coat and let's go.' . As Dick backs his Chamber's Chariot out of the driveway he sees Vernon Copas com- ing up the street in his Rosin roadster. Seeing Dick, Vernon pulled up to the curb. WCopas, of all people. What are you doing these days?W 'Oh, I'm on television right now. I'll be on tonight in my program, Vernon's Virtues. Pretty good, you should see it. I have some people you know on the program, JoAnn Schrenker, Bonnie Wilson, and Shirley Rice.N Q VWell, I'll be seeing you tonight. 'byeln - Our friends are planning to eat in the fashionable Anderson Gourmet Room in the Detrick Hotel. When they reach Anderson's they are greeted by Jack and Judy them- selves. They are shown to a cozy table in the corner. The waiter approaches and asks what they would like to eat. Wwell, if it isn't our old friend, Jerry Downie! How are you, Jerry?' WI'm just fine, folks. And what would you all like to eat tonight?W VMashed potatoes, filet mignon, shrimp salad, and champaign,W says Shirley. 'In- cidentally, Dick is trying to cut down on the food bill.W ' 'I'll take a cheeseburger on rye and water,' says Dick gloomily. VWould you people mind if we sit here?V VHey, Shirley, it's Shirley Whitton and Ernie Weiser and here's Pete Roemer and Alberta Cox. Isn't this a surprise? Sit down and join us everybody.W Shirley talks, Wwe have been wondering where all of our school friends have been keeping themselves. By the way, how long have you two been going together, Shirley and Ernie?N nAlmost eight years now and we're still going steady.W As our friends start eating, the orchestra and soloists appear. Jack and Judy Anderson introduce Doug Wimmer, the conductor and his right hand man, Frank Witt. The first soloist of the evening is Marty Craft singing Born's Boogie Woogie, a favorite on the hit parade. A round of applause follows as Jim Tuttle, at the drums, and Charles VonStein, at the organ play on. WDick, don't you think we should stop at Parsley's Candy Parlor on Lambertson Lane and get some Chadwell chocolates for this evening?V I just love them.' nDear, you talk in riddlesg don't you think I know where to get Chad's choco- lates,V says Dick. I'll drive around the block while you go in and buy them. Better get a pound and a half.' . As Shirley walks into the store she is met by Janice Reece, the head clerk. A staff of fine young ladies, Barbara Sims, Lucille Philpot, Betty Nickel, Loretta Haege and Gwen Williams, are working for her. Shirley makes her purchase and, as she leaves, meets Bill Ellis in the doorway. Bill is selling carpet sweepers for the Salyer Sweeper Company. Dick is waiting at the curb. WGuess who I saw,n says Dick. Doris Deaton and you can't imagine what she is do- ing. She is a basketball player on the Arent Athletics Team. Doris said that Myrtle Smith, Patty Pierce, Iva Tussey, June Hornsby, Jenalee Fore, Audrey Bartesko, and Mary rev 4 50 George are on the team.' nSay, isn't that Jim Warner pushing that perambulator down the street?N exclaims Dick. nl wonder who he hitched up with. I'll stop the car. Say, Jim, what do you have there?W 'This is my boy, and he's a future football star,W says Jim proudly. As Shirley and Dick reach home they find someone knocking on their door. NHow do you do? I am Carole Merz representing the Sharon Spence Beauty Salon in New York.W WCarole Merz!W says Shirley surprised. Do come in. I need some Black Mask Face Cream and I'll see what else you have.U As Carole leaves the phone rings. It is Robert Hage, the carpenter, calling about that repair job. Dick puts up the card tables and Shirley fixes sandwiches. The Copas program is announced on the television and Dick and Shirley sit down to await the Blounts. Following Vernon's program the announcer speaks, WAnd now we have Dick Hayward begging you to buy McCracken's Crackles or I'll lose my job. On with the Walter Popp Peppy Amateur Show. Take it away, Walt.W W0ur next contestants for the 3300 jackpot are Becky Halcomb and Barbara Gray, the well known acrobatic stars of the Robert Wolff Movies, Inc. Good Luck, Becky and Barb.n At this point the doorbell rings and Joyce and Jim come in. WWhat a lovely coat you have, Joyce! Where did you get it?W Joyce answers, WI got it at Houck's Ready-To-Wear. You aught to go down thereg they have some good bargains. I was over there last Friday and saw Kay Hogan. She's clerking there.W WDoesn't Kathy Tabor work there, too? I was talking to Peggy Turner just the other day and she said that Kathy had gone to work at Houck's.n Joyce and Shirley go out to the kitchen to fix refreshments and the men watch Bar- bara and Becky on the television. p Shirley says, nLet's have some Pierson's Pretzels. They're really good. Joyce, you can start on the drinks.n Meanwhile Dick and Jim turn to nThe Mystery Housen. The announcer, Jack Hart is speaking. WTonight our mystery, taken from the Marilyn Doan classics is Thg Corpse lg the Sgg. The characters are Laverne Corson as Michael Fitzgerald, Bill Evans as arry 'S5son, and Betty Meyers as Marilyn Ziegfield. So, on with the play." Jim speaks, NAh, don't let's get involved in a mystery. I'll turn to channel L3 I think that Radley Boark iBradley Roarkl T.V. Television Show is on.W ' WGood evening, ladies and gentlemen,n master of ceremonies, Radley Boark, an nounces. WThis is the T.V. Talent Show featuring such celebrated stars as Della Robin- son with her magnificent artistic ability, Leona Steele and her steel guitar, Dan Hurst whose jokes will keep you awake at night, and many other nationally known cele- brities. Before we start, here is our announcer, Dale Wagers.W WAs most of you know, T.V. Talent is sponsored by those wonderful soap flakes, Scherzinger Crystallized Egg Shells. Here is an unrehearsed, authentic letter from Mr. Ralph McGowan, 6L3 Richter Boulevard fadapted from Henry Richter, the wealthy hotel magnetl, Myers, Georgia. Mr. McGowan says, 'My wife is the fussy kind who uses only choice soaps which are kind to her hands and that is why she prefers Scherzinger Crystallized Egg Shells.' Thank you very much, Ralph. You are just one of many thou- sands who write such letters every day. I shall mention some of the writers of today's fan mail: Miss Joy Reynolds, Mr. Dale Mallicote, Miss Marlene Joskem, Miss Ellen Camp- bell, Mr. William Helton, and Mrs. William Hurd. Now back to T.V. Talent with Radley N Boark:0kay, Dale, and I'm sure all you listeners will try Scherzinger's Crystallized Egg Shells on your next wash. Compliment cupfuls go to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd, Miss Glenna Gray, Mrs. Melvin Flynn, and Mrs. Don Patrick. Our first contestant for the 375,000 jackpot is Miss Elaine Conrad with her ukulele playing I Got Those Harbin Hic- coughs. All right, Elaine, do your best. Meanwhile our television operators offstage are calling people all over the United States to see if anybody can answer the jackpot question, 'What is the exact volume of the earth?f If it is answered on this program, we shall tell our audience. Our operators are calling Miss Katherine Schwartz, Mr. Har- ry Misel, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Adams, Miss Faye Pennington, and Miss Joan Spriggs. Our Elrod applause meter reads 850 on Elaine's solo number. Our next contestant is Jerry Kinch, trumpet player for Jim Scott's Swing Band of the famous Beancacasa Club. l Dick speaks, 0I'm going to turn to another channel. I'm getting tired of that Stl-lffen . WBirdlegs, the new exciting and different perfume, brings you Vernon Wilson, outa standing television commentator, with the news from the five edges of the world. But, first, a word from Birdlegs.W nln the exclusive Marlene Pfeil Salon in New York, beautiful models such as Louise Parrish, Cynthia Vance, Jean Crittenden, Lois Hopkins, Joan Adams, Donna Colgate, and Betty Harris keep themselves fresh and sparkling. Thet's why these models and many more choose Birdlegs. And now here is Mr. Wilson.W ' 'The coal strike today shows no sign of tapering off but John Dooley, head of the Mine Workers' Union, is still holding a firm stand on national coal affairs. WAbroad, Ken McAdams when he conferred with Robert Scalf, United States treasurer, says he will reduce the pound to Bd sometime this week. Hold our' a 'In Minnesota, Ellen Laven, Ruth Riley, Joan Wells, and Lgis Oxeng egllyggglstered nurses, saved the lives of three marooned hikers when they were caught in an unexpected blizzard. The rescued were Nelson Benzing, prosperous Eastern businessman Dick Cook fullback on the Notre Dame football team, and Vernon Webb, director of athletics at the University of Iowa. Webb is a nephew of the actress, Saundra Hutzelman. 'The president of the United States, Wayne Rahiser, talked behind locked doors to the secretary of state, Boyd Palmer, on what to do with our recently acquired posses- sion, Russia. The discussion will be in the newspapers tomorrow. 'Actress Sandy Cornett and sugar millionaire, Robert Wynn, will be married in the William Campbell Hotel on June 30. Also, Joe Arthur, who wrote Mr. Elwell Goes To School will marry Shirley Getz tomorrow. She is the director at G.M.0. I 'API S 'Alan Haid, nationally-known comedian, who broke an arm and leg in a car accident on Monday will undergo treatment in the James Lipscomb Medical Clinic at Yorkshire. 'Flora Begley, head of the Women's Federated Teachers' Association and her com- mittee members, Sandy Locke, Shirley Gaines, Virginia March, and Jeannine Hammons a- dopted a resolution to raise all teachers pay from 85,000 a year to S6,050. 'This is your favorite television correspondent signing off for tonight and wish- ing you all good night.' Dick pops up. 'Say, I believe I'll try to find a quiz program. Shirley and I usually answer the questions. Here's one on channel 6.' 'How do you do, audience. This is Marlene Smith, your mistress of ceremonies with more questions and answers. But first our announcer, Bob Reffit.' 'When William Spears invented his famous cough medicine, he not only made a remedy for coughs but also one which will cure rheumatic fever, tonsilitis, appendicitis athletes feet, and many other mild distrubances. If pain persists, see your doctor.' , 'Thank you, Bob, and our first contestant is Mrs. Robert Sauer of Washington, D.C. How do you do, Mrs. Sauer? What does your husband do?' A 'He's an electrician. I wonder if I could say 'Hello' to some friends?' 'Sure, go ahead.' 'Hi mom and pop. Hello kiddies.' 'Okay, what is your first name, Mrs. Sauer?' 'Minnie Lou.' 'Here is your question for that charming Sandra Witters tailored tweed suit. 'Who was the fourth president of the United States?' You have l0 seconds to answer. Think Minnie, that suit sure is a humdinger.' 'I think it was Madison.' 'Right, congratulations, Mrs. Sauer, and who is our next contestant, Bob?' 'Miss Shirley Doyle, a stenographer from Miami, Florida.' 'And what brings you to Hollywood, Shirley?' 'I'm here on business for my boss.' 'Shirley, your question is, 'Who is the Secretary of Agriculture?" 'James Denney.' 'That's right and you win the new and exciting Marvin Flynn one-passenger air- plane. Boy, you can really go places, Shirley. Our next contestant is the man who wrote the best seller, The Hilarious Adventures of Tommy Croucher. The author is Dick Crawford and we are greatly'honored to have him on our show. 'At this time we would like to take off our hats to the people who make this show possible. First, our sponsor, Spear Mentholated Cough Drops: our script writers, Don Purkey and his assistants, Jim Tussey and Jackie Marcumg then our stage crew of Dick Tuley, Harold Isaacs, Pete Jones, and Jan Poynter. Last, but not least, our camera- men, Tom Stomps, Vernon Heist, Don Evans, Carl Arnold, and Ron Hicks. Now, back to our contestant, Mr. Crawford. Dick, your question, 'Who is the new editor of Popular Science?' For a Tom Hall golf set you should be able to answer that.' ' 'I'll say Burt Parker.' '0h, I'm so sorry. He was the last editor. The new one is Christy Setzler. And now our announcer for Carole Altman Face Creams.' 'Carole Altman Face Creams are used by many of New York's famous models. Here is an unbiased statement written by Miss Ruth Fox. She says, 'I used Carole's Face Cream exclusively for sixty days and found my skin to be softer and more alluring.' And here is another statement from Loretta Hooker, fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar. Miss Hooker writes, 'I tried Carole's Face Cream and my face became less oily and had more color.' And now for more prize seekers. Marlene, your next contestant for a Shirley Napier handbag is Miss Judy Morris from Albany, N.Y.' 'What is your occupation, Miss Morris?' 'I am a governess in the home of Lady Lucia Rolfe in Hamshire, England.' 'Then you're from England?' 'No, I went over about five years ago.' 'Miss Morris, your question is, 'What famous actor and actress were recently married?" . 'I don't think I know because I haven't been following the news over here.' '0h, I'm sorry and as a consolation prize we are offering you a very exclusive arrangement of the Deisel Song by Joan Higgins. The two stars are Winnie Joyce and Jim Rice. We haven't time for another so here's our announcer, Bob.' '0kay, Marlene, and I'm going to talk .about another of our sponsors, the Carole Ohr Travel Service. Miss Ohr can direct you to any place in the world. And now we sign off until next week at this same time. Here's Marlene.' 'Goodby, everybody, and I'll be seeing you next week.' The Blounts and the Schorrs turn off the television and play canasta until 1:00 a.m. The Blounts leave. - Next morning as Dick reads the newspaper at the breakfast table, he says, 'Listen to this. Mayor Robert Hurd is planning a parade in honor of the alumnae of Wilson. Let's go, Shirley. All participants in the parade are asked to disguise themselves. Following the parade there will be a luncheon at Jim States' country home on route 167. All alumnae are invited.' When the big day arrives Dick and Shirley dress as a policeman and a policewoman. Down town they get mixed with the crowd, dressed in gold costumes. These are the guards from Ft. Knox. Ernest Barnes, Hubert Stewart, Dick Krehbiel, and Gurnie Reth- erford make up this group. Jane McGraw and Mary Spada are dressed to represent the comedy team, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Richter CLois McBurneyl. Janice Reece and Dick Raw- lings appear as the King and Queen of England. On down the street the Cosmopolitan Club from Chicago, Shirley Fortner, Jim Dilg, Don Jarvis, and Ann Rich, move through the crowd. ' Bob Moore and Dorothy Limerick are the first to arrive at the luncheon where Bill Conlin offers to park their car. Ray Brunner, the butler, greets the guests at the door. Mr. Richard Ott, Mr. States' private secretary, accompanies them to the main drawing room. Shirley and Dick enter and are followed by Lois Schooley, Anna Tewart, Barbara Wilson, Peggy Leveline, and Naomi Mayse, all typists for the Kenneth House Publishing Company. ' Jimmy Coates, chef, announces dinner. The dinner is served by Bob Everhart,cater- er, and his staff, Betty Cory, Kathleen Allen, Alean Cowan, Eugene Moenck, and Jesse Hurley. The apetizer, Alvie's Delight, was concocted by Alvie Everhart, the head cook. His assistants are Tom Clark, Patty Wilson, Marilyn Shepherd, Betty Johnson, and BfgYg'3g9gig? the program, Ann Schwarz read a history of Wilson. Each person was asked to give an account of himself since his days at Wilson. Letters from those alumnae who were unable to attend were read. JoEtta Sciutti from Los Angeles, Paul- etta Kammeron of Dallas, Dolores Montgomery, who has a dude ranch atv Phoenix, and Nancy Holland, who was in Europe, have sent their regrets. Music provided by Iva Woods and Patty 0'Connor was a feature. Joyce West and Etta Mae Atyeo played a duet on the piano. In the most unusual careers contest, Ronald Deaton took first place. Ronald is the father of ll children, all present Wilson students. Barbara Stamper and Velma Cain, airplane hostesses, and Bill Clark, track star of the University of Illinois, were awarded second and third prizes. For the most unusual occupation, Barbara Turner, who manages a traveling circus, Don Brockman and Bob Durham, jet flyers in Alaska, Barbara Burton, Sylvia Cochran, and Cozy Collier operators of a local laundry, and Winifred Connely, Marlene Gillespie, Pat Dwyer, and Patty Couch, co-owners of a drug store, took special awards. So ends the happy reunion and another day in the lives of Shirley and Dick Schorr. CDA ETERI Peggy Leveline, Stacia Bowman, Helen Dooley, Shirley Holland, Gail Armstrong, Wilma McDonald, Elvira Bundy. IELPERS Pearl Chandler, Aneita Dunaway, Shirley Getz, Jenalee Fore, Mary George, Janet Whitmore, Flo Stewart, Donna Doyle, Patty Gfroerer, Olive Smith, Myrtle Smith, David Lively, Bill Griffith, Bill Ellis, Jerry Robinette, Ray Brunner. 53 ITI IIT wilson Bona Co-fairer-i o Assembly Library Asbscmblv SC O Cdrdferiq Movie Nlidl Sho'-a f1u8if. Q 205 204 Luvxdn Qooki hd, Dr-o'fN'l'i se Q M ,O Sm 7 Jb T 2 f. ' u 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 3:33, , df,-r--ply, gf QL? t ' an . Q. A. sf-'I ' sh Q X 'aka 'x Rf' K' H- xv mx 60 I, ,- t . 1- P- g I1 fy -.r . . 3 .. 2' J' f' xx 3 ' X ..., :' if km . . , x I' " 5 . mf in 3 ff" "3 ff E' 5 I ff' ' ' . ,fx xr' 1 lv. W ,, L, ,."', s. M.-' 2 J' J , 45k ryyfwf V j . - M -.r ffl . Y-,D Q1 , V Ok "Knox, r Wfsb ' 1 NN"g 3 .- JJ E 9 D X xx A A ,... A M ff -f ..: 'L X , , .1... L, 5' il 1 af , N M3 awci' ' . ' ' , . frail:-w ik' In 3 L J' , I , ' -A - , , f X fs X ,A W.....W, gg X if , .f f ,ggi Q X X 1 bf K kg, lk, "M--n-,..,,,, ,.,. h,-,,.Xu....f-,-,.-,,.,,, I ' f,-"N A " , I ,J ff If X I I 2 Q G! ,I -"-- fl' VFX " X 4 5 Q J QQ! Y ix y f ,f :fi f R W7 qi ' U ' 9 if Lf - - 2 Qi-" HU X .N M! Qlxff wxwggif f ' ff? : ! Q V. F A I lfsxwmud . Y g . E-'1 IV i,'L".5'.Af' 5492 I . ' 4,5 A ML . ff' -' Q. 4 ' ,QA ' 5 is O wi: 4-5' 'V 1' F ? "" U' S V' 2515 A93 A55 vi YLJV ESV ogy A B U N 'At' I., ' ' .I r X ' f . . I A f H " Aqpk A ff V Q K fi? "Q Q x X- "jg 3 2 M V, 3 Xjfx' f , ,f 1 " n., F., uf" 5 5 f- , 'gfjpwv Q4 ,ww A .q Q , U xv ' ' ' Q" 4 L' 55' JU JF W N xx P uf! iw 'RX .gE 'gujf 4, Ng h L as 6 i,9.f1Zfff I 1 3 N ' 5 dWegg"'w' g 4 . '3M' ' 'LBJ I wQMf "" if W- ' . L , 4-' 59 1 , s' 5 rw Y, M 4 ,Q ,X . ., ,,11,i,':. If, A .., . .. gf? Q" -"3-+i'. ' . .f"'2-" 1 ,gin W ,: , - .Q f f wg- 'J-1231-rw r ,, , W-,..L 1 f- M 3.11 - -:y 1 wifi' , Q, - A 1. . , , 4, , f ,f V, , ff' . ..'aJ1 -I 1' ,W J., -, x ., l, 1, N , f' L5..,1-3, f. 'vig , J , ' v ' 5 f ' 1 ' nf 'IJ f , in ., 4 I X ' ,-'W' , XMI 5 K JU ' lr ,Y 5, f X ff" .U 1 ' ,',ff '4 1

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