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6101? AW Q-rl, N 2' Through the followung pages ofthe Wolfpack we present to you un pictures and story how the students of WHS learn by doing during the 54 and 55 school year The Staff I Presentlng the Q .4 'wg W' 'tp' wuasusr- -. vii? tiff, of f of Isis v-. .':: .io,g v Y Xfgft ' I' " ' 1' r " vs ,zu , ,H 5 6150! Q lx.-l' ,, r",!"a 1 ,', H' 1 '- 'was' A Q' ' -'rn - f Vans Ox 1 W Q' ax I I' ' 5 5 an a s 5 ' x:irx,g,,:'f ,M s s xr,!',u '4w'0 'fi' 'As I r ,X X J 0 f 4 n1""'tni" 'Q X J ' 4' ' , ,I r ' 1 Y " ' ,v",'l'. o lt -r, Evelyn Cameron lt ns wnth much apprecuahon and prlde that thls l955 publucatuon of the Wolfpack be deducated to Evelyn Cameron who has served the school and com mumty for I6 years as clerk ofthe school board and public llbrarlan As clerk of the school board, her purpose has always been to serve unselfushly the cause of better school opportumtues for the youth of the commum ty As lnbrarnan, she ever sought to lnstnll the love of good readmg an all of us The pre-school story hours and SSGSODCII parhes attracted us even before we could read Her assnstance and gundance has ever contm ue 4 v 4 -Q ' ' 9 ', 14 C an :IQ H f Y ' ' :. ., , 'lf I 7 W2 ' Q nf, 21 'B ':Z: ' as 'M ,, L: T"??l"SLis' !, . .,. A,.., ,. K1 nflztzsilfd.. Y' ,',L'5.'1-,-' ,J 'J' if El s'o '.,-!,.'.-I, ' 17 S- ' 32,1--fef-1 ' "' sq V- ff" .- - ' fm" 1-'Pa r l '-.V 'H - -I' . ' pi. Q. 4 Q' o ,. A X , ,. . . ,Q .IV 1 , ' I, 1 5 5. g 1' " ', ' a Q N 1 -"A can 1' T" 1. , 1 f f X f f - as s "-'IW x ' , 4 5 fx, , . W 5 1 , .',,W' X S .aiu .' 1, ,,,.x. .-,, .f , . ' 'Q 'L Ju 12.1, :x,'ax,,.x v,r,,,,,A. ,wins ,-' ,v.'-3.91 .iv 1. A ,,.X. as ' 1 1- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . d. -liq- Presenting the X X gpm. :nova Bond Govemmenl' Law Sociology "S-.....,. W2 Gerald Helbel Coach History Moth 4K lx Prunclpal R T Carruthers Scnence Trngonometry 1vvQ2"""" R- vv'-1 a-,ff Fem Rlshon Joe Thompson H Ec ' ome onomucs, Psychology English I, HI, IV, Math 7 X ,I . x N A Q I :- p ,D A . , 1 I s Ek x f r Ei V.. 5 A r 3 Howard Peterson fl c ulturo Shop Arlene loulcolarvu Clorcy Schulte l 8- 2 5 8- 6 Ray Anderson Vets Ag Froncls Cummins 3 8- 4 xl!-41 t-vp"" Cleo Chrustensen 7 G 8 W4 Mrs F Jorgenson Vice President Q Mrs A Jensen President Evelyn Cameron 1 e'5':e'?x' ,0l"4x'4 rfnnec' or - Indulge o "0 ll 'U ll 1.3, sl' F3 'Q24 . 0.4 a 9n':a ll 'll' 0' O l"'l'D .ls luglb 5 53 ' 0 Q Ill 0,05 U' 'Ill 0' ' rIlau"Pa 'lll MIS Andy Zenk Treasurer Ailes James Jurgens Clerk 'F L H Mc Kenna Andy Zenk Presentlng the 0 0 0 8 42, ""l"L-'V' DORIS CROOKS Do Amual Staff Mixed Chorus Glrls Glee Club Cllts Plays Carnival lbyalty Homecoming Royalty Hmysucal Education if JERALD CONRAD Jerry Annual Staff Paper Staff Mixed Chorus Boys Chorus Mnxed Octet lays Quartet Boys Octet So o Clcs Plays Student Councul Track Basketball Football 'W Club Md' JAMES DOSC HASfIS m Mixed Chorus 2 Boys Chorus Cltls P ay: Track hotball 2 Canlval Royalty 'W Club 34 I I V I ----------- ------- 4 ----------------- 2,3 """""' ll2l3l4 A , 1 ' ------------- --- l,2 U -f E ' ----- - ------- 2,3,4 Q 2 I """"""' 21314 N55 . ----------- ---nu, 3 'M -. li l---- ---------------- 2,3,4 l --------------- ---3,4 - ............... 3 -------------------l , 2, 3,4 ---------------I , 2,3,4 ------------------ l,3,4 " ----- - ---------- 2,3,4 QQ f 1 d ,U ei Q I 'YI 2 f if 4 ...-..-..---.----- 4 ------------- l,2,3 -- x - ........ u--1,2 ' FFA Sweetheart- --------------- 3 , FHA ----------------------- 1,2 j ' ------------------ 3,4 -----..------.... 4 V -..---------4 , - - - .. .-------.-- 1 , Q , Vi Q 'lflk ii 1 1 , E r E- ' 1 'Ji' " ' . I """""" I 1 1 1 ' - -------------- l,2 X I ---- - ------------ 3,4 ---------------------- 3,4 " """"""" I1 1314 -------------- 2 " ----- - ----------- 3,4 'Q- 19S f f P V um DOROTHY ELLINGS ON 2 Paper Staff Mnxed Chorus Glee Club HA Clcss Plays FHA Gflcer Pep Club Physical Educatlon Poll Taker 13 LLCILLE EASTMAN luc Annual Staff Paper Staff Paper Editor Mnxed Chorus Girls Glee Club Sextet Mnxed Qstet FHA Class Plays Class Gflcer Student Councll Declam FHA Offucer Pep Club Homecommg Poyalty Physlcal Education Gurls' State D A R 30155 MARLYS KIRK UP Mutts Annual Staff Mrxed Chorus Glee Club FHA Class Plays Student Councul Pep Club Physlcal Educataon Secretary to Superintendent NAOMI LARS ON Naom Annual Staff Paper Staff Ban Mlxed Chorus Gnr s Glee Club HA Class Plays C ass Officer Student Councul Pep Club Camlval Royalty Physical Education 'KWH 234 1,2 4 2 1,2, 2 f" MLRIEL KIRKUP Murt' Annual Staff Paper Staff Muxed Chorus Girls Glee Club HA Clcss Plays Student Councul Pep Club Carnival Royalty Physucal Educatuon PATRICK LYNN du 23 23 23 Annual smff ---------------- Paper Staff --------------- - Mixed Chorus ----------- Boys Chorus ---------------- Muxed Octette ------------ Boys Octette ----------------- Class Plays ---------------- - Student Council Gflcer ------ Class Officer ---------------- Track ------------------ Basketbal I -------------- I I I roofbau -------------------- 'W' Club --------------- Proiector erotor ------- I I I I Roll rqk.f--- ---------- ----- 4 I I I I X V5 -f9'k Mil new fi' f of 9 will wvsw ,J Q """tuv N GORDON OS TER LO H Gordue Mnxed Chorus A Class Plays FFA Off acer Student Counc ll Track Basketball Football W Club Carnival Royalty Physical Educatuon 55 I5 I I7 BARBARA MINDER Barb Paper Staff Mrxed Chorus Gnrls Glee Club Class Plays Pep Club Class Lrbraruan Carnlval Royalty Physical Educatnon fin K aww if--elf' GLENN PHILLIPS Phu llnps Paper Staff Muxed Chorus Boys Cworus Mlxed Octet Boys Octet Boys Quartet A Class Plays Class Offucer Basketball Football W" Club Kansas Cnty Representatuve PPM' iv MW as I' Qs U5 0 ii 5 N Annual staff Paper Staff Muxed Chorus Gurls Glee Club FHA Class Plays Pep Club Physical Edt atlo D Q0 E..-L ,CJ l6 MARTHA REN E LT Arlene Annual Staff Paper Staff Mnxed Chorus Glrls Glee Club FHA FHA GTICBI' Class Plays Student Council Offlcer Pep Club LEON SMITH Smutty Annual Staff Paper Staff Mixed Chorus Boys Chorus Boys Octet Boys Quartet So o A Class Plays Class Officer Declam Basketball Football Carmval Royalty Kanscs Cnty Representative Cheerleader Va xjfzf -s.,,,-Y QM in ui MJF' CURTIS TEMPLE 'Curt w Mnxed Chorus Boys Chorus A S Class Plays FFA Offlcer Track Basketball Carnival Royalty Homecomlng Royalty Pnysncal Education Kansas Cnty Representatuve VERNON THEILMANN 'Verme Paper Staff Mnxed Chorus Boys Chorus Mnxed Q:tet Boys Quartet Boys Octet Solo Work A Class Plays 1251-'V' FFA Offucer Track Basketball Football W Club Homecommg Royalty LM? MARLOWE VREIM Mala Paper Staff Mixed Chorus A Class Plays FFA Ufacer Student Council Track ...K Football ,,.4. W Club --l Physucal Educotuon I7 If 1 , - ........... - A P 0 FF ....... :::::j::j5::,' 2 A -if A Q ? ' . 'jjjjjjjjijiji A ,." A J ---------------- --- A V isfliss? ........... ---- sir f 9 f ' . ' Rf r 2 A I . n -.N Q -I , 4 . il P 3 """""""""' 2 Q A -. I K M L ' ----------- I ,2,3,4 A 1 Q S ' I --------------- Ili y , 5 'E I """""" 21314 A , ,- t V ' ------------------ 3 - y - ----------------- 3,4 - N, " FF --------------------- 1,2,a E t s ' ----------------- 3,4 I i Class Officer ----------------- 3 Q Q , ' ---------------- 2,3 4 f-- 1 ------------------I,2,3,4 K --------------1,2,3,4 if ---------------1,2,3,4 of i y 1, " " ----------------- 3,4 K ' ---------- 4 f A Q liqxglvhlrm vi Q 1, s 5 ,my ,s , X , 44 yi A A' - :E l im l ll ff: V' 36" 51? b --------------- .3 s, uk FF ........ :j:jj:::j::j,' ............ --- ttt A I ., "?1'.1111111'.1 A P ------------------ 1 f , ' S X . .. '1111111111111111 X ,gf A ' . . - ---- --- K " . ,f A HARRIET YOUNG Harry Annual staff Paper Staff Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Mlxed Octet HA Class Plays Declam Pep Club Physucal Educchon J OYCE WE ED EN Weedy Annual Staff Annual Ecllfor Paper Staff Bond Mnxed Chorus Glee Club Sexfet FHA o o Class Plays Class Officer Declom Pep Club Labrarnan Physical Education Z' Glenn Ph: Ilnps President l Nooml Lasan Vlco Presndenl laon Smrth Secretary 6 Treasurer Sfslrrcrtt QLRSS 'fx cottlilgl Ten years ago the senuors of T955 parted to go out unto the world and pull for themselves Now un l965, we fund them scattered un every corner of the Lhuted States Pat and Luculle Lynn are marrued and are luvung on a tumber ranch near lnternatuonal Falls Theur ranch style bungalow us equupped wuth bedrooms for the two luttle sluvers Vernon Thuelmann now an un dustrual enguneer has come to desugn Pat's dam called Lynn s Pount After Vernon s survey determuned the supplues needed, the three of us took off un Pat s Hupmobule for the cutues where we are goung to puck up Vernon s wufe for an extended vacatuon Cruusung along at 200 mules an hour, a streak pulled up be hund us Ps ut went around we duscovered ut was Glenn Phullups druvung hus atomuc powered Zupmobule Ten mules later at a garage and fullung statuon we were wauted on by Jum Doschadus and duscovered he tends theur three luttle mechanucs whule Harruet works nught un the local hosputal Whule we were there we found that Glenn had also stopped for some more atomuc fuel He told Jum that he and Barbara Munder had settled down on a farm back un Wyomung and he takes care of the cows whule Barb takes care of the kuds We move on and near the cutues we see an accudent lt tums out to be Leon Smuth wuth hus Rubbermobule whuch he purchcused because of past accudents He had run unto Mary Ann hus wufe That s what comes of having two cars un one famuly Leon tells us that the class s two bachelors, Gordon Osterloh and Curtus Temple, as partners are doung fune on a Hereford farm about T0 mules north suzed baseball team The two wuves are dropped off at Muruels Beauty Salon where they gaun unformatuon on Marlys She s now head nurse at the Swedush Hosputal where she took her traunung Before departung for the aurport we stopped for supper at the top rated restaurant un Munneapolus and were vusuted at our table by our old classmates, Naomu Larson and Joyce Weeden You can fund them there anytume as Naomu us the manager Ruchard Conrad s wufe, and Joyce plays the Hammond organ for dunner musuc At the aurport we ran unto Arlene Renelt who tells us she s bookkeeper for Unuted World Aurlunes Seems luke no one has unterferred wuth her career as yet Steppung unto the plane we are greeted by Dorus Crooks now an aurlune stewardess She s engaged to the pulot and us plannung a June weddung She leads us up to the front and surpruses us by seatung us across from Jerry Conrad who s been back home for a vusut and us on hus way to Calufornua to ludge the Atomuc Structured Queen Contest Whule home he vusrted Dorothy Ellungson Chrustuanson at her farm home She s runnung a road sude stand on the sude to help add to theur cattle herd ln L A the boys swutch planes and head for Hawauu to vusut theur old buddy Marlowe Vruem They fund hum under theshade of a palm tree, playing hus ukelele whule Arlys Schultz on a day off from her Cuvul Servuce rob there, us swayung to and fro un her grass skurt much to Marlowe s delught So ends a pleasant vusut to all the members of the senuor class of T955 I9 . . . . . . . I . - . . . , . , . , . , . . . . . - . . . I . . . . I . . , . . . , . I . . . of Wilmot. In the cities, Vernon picks up his wife, Stevie, and says hello to his family, now a good ' f' 0 O T l 0 . . I - . . . l 0 0 l I I ' I . . . . , ' I ' . . - - ' l . . I I ' . I . D 0 l Q a I U l I . . . . I . - . . - , . , . 'TH6 IDNIGNT S Q N 90 The lnghts In the audltornum dnmmed the curtams parted and the grlnmng face of The Mud mght Son smuled out ot a large auduence Due to the anhcs of their frnends played by Arlys Schultz Muriel Knrkup Dorls Crooks Naomu Larson Harruet Young Pat Lynn and Curtis Temple Kathy s lDorothy Ellmg sonl and Barty s Nernon Thlel mannl cousun Penny Uoyce Wee en keep everyone runnmg nn clr cles A young bandit who rauds the neaghborhood us believed to be Butch Mallory fleon Smuthl Mrs Mason lGlenn Phnllnpsl md Arlene Reneltl the truth comes to lnght Penny turns out to be a good lookmg and tal ented young lady and the Mlcl mght Son IS revealed to be Butch s foster brother The play was under the dl rectlon of Mr Carruthers wnth lucnlle Eastman GSSISTIDQ 20 JV. L I H . l . - d , D . . . . At a party given by and 'c I V kr l n I n I-bile li ll l " , LFS5 ff if XISTQBH 59 045' o,9Q,, Twenty two eager freshmen started out to Learn by Doung un September, 1951 Pat Lynn acted as the leader wuth Lucu Ile Eastman to assust hum The secretary treasurer was Dorus Crooks and student councul representatuves were Muruel Kurkup and Luculle Eastman Curtus Temple and Dorus Crooks were freshmen delegates at the annual school carnuval for kung and queen Naomu Larson louned us durung the furst semester whule Ross Temple left The maun feature of the year was the .lunuor Senuor Banquet when Glenn Phullups Jum Doschadus Vernon Thuelmann, Jerry Conrad Betty Davus Harruet Young Marlys Kurkup and Naomu Larson served as wauters and wautresses respectuvely Mr Weagle took on the task of advus ung the class In the fall of 1952, the sophomores met a luttle closer to the assembly door wuth the absence of Ronald Van Cleve who grew weary of studues and Betty Davus who moved to Oregon durung the summer How ever Barbara Munder louned the crowd, leavung the total at twenty one Thus year Glenn Phullups served cs the maun leader wuth Joyce Weeden helpung along Secretary treasurer was Pat Lynn Marlys Kurkup and Naomu Larson vouced our opunuon at the student councul meetungs Jum Doschadus and Muruel Kurkup were guven the honor seats as sophomore royalty at the School Carnuval Mr Carruthers durected the class through the year September of 53 found twenty-one of us as uunuors Vernon Thuelmann acted as speaker wuth Joyce Weeden assustung Leon Smuth controlled the funances Pat Lynn became vuce presudent of the student councul wuth Jerry Conrad and Naomu Larson as representatuves from the class We started the year off wuth Leon Smuth and Naomu Larson as Carnuval kung and queen nomunees Dorus Crooks was quven the honor of FFA sweetheart There were two hughlughts that year The furst came un November when we presented the lunuor class play Anybody s Mulluons and the second un May when we acted as hosts to the Junuor Senuor Banquet, carryung out the theme, Moonlught and Roses Representatuve to Gurls State was Luculle Eastman and to Boys' State was Vernon Thuelmann Muss McCullum was advuser the furst semester wuth Muss Rushou takung over the second Twenty-one dugnufued senuors louned together agaun un the fall of 54 for the last sessuon Glenn Phul lups served as the head of the class wuth Naomu Larson traulung behund Leon Smuth was agaun trusted wuth the secretary treasury post Mr Joachum acted as clcss advuser Pat Lynn rose to the offuce of student councul oresudent whule Arlene Renelt became secretary treasurer Vernon Thuelmann and Luculle East man reugned as Homecomung Kung and Queen, crowned by student councul presudent, Pat Lynn The Mudnught Son was presented un November beung durected by Mr Carruthers Skup day the class enloyed the Ice Follues un Munneapolus as the maun feature Luculle Eastman was selected as DAR Candudate Our hugh school days came to an end wuth Baccalaureate on Nlay 22 and Commencement on May 25 21 ro Q ' if 926 o 4? '- Tp oqp '16 C256 K eu -5 0 ", . 'J' 'F x O 0 QQ 4. o 56 ,QQ io G lp Q0 , 0 J sf' 0 G1 3. '22 - ll ' ll' . . I . . I . I .I . I . I I . . . . - i . I . . , . . . . - - 0 ll u ' - ll I - I I . - . . ,, . ,, . . , .l . I . - . . . - . . . , , ,, , , ,, . . . . . , . . Presentlng the 0 0 0 .l -. ,fv-'f . Q . -.J I 4 1 f C. Aoslond Chrlshanson is K Hanes S Maack Plerce f""U E Sorbel ,,. 4. ' - ff. ,, A. 1, Sf 2' 'W Q-I-3 I R N, ' 15 Qx I' L. Ammonn R. Bakker P. Bcrlund Frahman Frenchs R Gruener J:-K "N 'Q 3 Hlppen M Jarman R ng if Ns' azz. E McKenna S Mueller B Overby TQ 27 3-:rf R Rhenke Remund Schoon be is Tempel R Vreurn Zenk 24 X 'QI Qrw' rf., r 2 G. C hris tenson '53 J Hecht 'T"l D Larsen 2... G Pierce I f C Snmensen nv V 0- A 2 " L, G A -b '3 A , '05 3, -I Q r '-fx ' t Q ' fy, I e lrrr 'QA We f i . ' ' S. A. ' . ' . I Q.. 7 V H VX ik I Ive C A 4? C Q Xb Cr ' N R 4 re. R X Q V R f Q . . ' G. ' . . Ki . I 'Q 3 sp M are 'V " , 55' -1 -5 -W Q e. H- 635... 'M R' 4 ,,. L fgwm, .k r 2 V' V. Vx 41.-, '21 R E! if .M EQ 52 . , ' ' AI' R. ' . N. D. . ' R .Wm Gt ,p. a. ' u an sn? : X 'A T ' W' K 'Y X Q i . , 1 x K HX - X K 44: 'ff . L. . ' R. If 'QV Ammonn S Bdab M Beaver i Cummins Elcman G Ell IYTQSOU 'S' G Hlppen D Howell G Jqrmm 36" S Berkner bv R Frenchs M Jarman Q' 'Y Johnson Larson G Madsen B Meyer I K, if 4"" 1' Nu les Oster lon J Osferloh C Paabe 5 w AQ M Cardwell Hemle G T7 M Johonnsen S Neilson "1 f"" R Tempel R. Trupe L Wilkie B Zenk L-6. 9 -. wiv ' L 6"' S' 1 I l 'S -.ff T ? Q l . -A :Al Q G ..... 4 E B AXA ll M Q my , are J' " , 1" ' " 'wr-rx -, -L V. ,IL B B I ,, A ' X ,,,. N X l V fy A A B 56 x In M :X -1 -" ' 7 'v - R 1 thx.. , . 7 G. ' .l. - l . - ' L. ' ' .A 3 l .. Q S 3 X , 5 4 f ' G -13' B, B ,, TW: 5-:Aw , ml -New f T X V ,K ' 'N--' - ' V 1 A X . af' -an 4 Bay A' 4 " ,Q Qu v I w ' -QE. 0-' sf ....- -"4 -- 1 N Nr. 1 X . l N B 1 , x I x ,x I' j B G. J .... ' iv X WB Y - 'I . 0 f 4 " 3 'x W ' -B 5' N ., -- Y ' " - Y ' T' X s A t, 'W I 7 . f' l' Q R. ' B .... B 1 ' ,V F1 ff.,j l N ,' .. ' Q' 55 , up , . -, A V ,':' Y fs! -B1 V .., v 9, K -- I5 . ' I s- lv. ve-1' V ...rm inn! gr .Q x sb sh Cl? '17 wwf R Almder G Ammonn K Bassett Cameron M Ellsworth ir-4 'V Evans D Foster B C Gremer M Hill wr' '.?.. Mlkfi N313 Hanes F Hopklm G Hopkms G Howell 'PY -if va-4' B Kung Larsen D Larson lason R. McKenna Wu -...,, 1 w 'X 4-, Y H .lurgons nw if 3 M Mander Oho B Ranelf S Sclloon L Smlth '46 3 ,J S Temple S Thorpe M Tnetlen D VonClevc C Vrlem J Vrelm w J' Q, 1 . , . ' . . l.. . S- V " Y R, . "TAD , N il, mix 'L wkhhrf, 5 gr A K GV J V 'N 1 ' Q ' 4 D. . . Fryer . ' . M D -'S ,A L A ,ff ' ',,!7liT1,1, Mflff H ' 1 ' Q 4: L 1, V .L 2,5 3 V L S Q f, , j - ,I , J.. ag Q , M ' '.l" ' 7 j ' 2 1 A J 4 w 5' ui Y 1 ww, V , ,lx f, .. l,- -W - K. ' ' 4. .- . ' 4 , 5 .ms .5 ,m tl . ' L. . G. M '7 Q -, -L L9 "" Z 12. ' A '-:lf ,M -5' - 'I w ,v 1 4, V ' pg j ' Y' L f ' X . ' L .... ' , f Q In r ift . D ,, 'Nl v X - ' 'WF' Presenting the R XM BACK ROW Jack Hlppen Jack Huff Marnlyn Weeden Angela Jarman Joanne Hill Martha Moack Carol Jean Johnson SECOND ROW Gerald Jorgenson Carol Remberger Lonny Remund San dra Overby Ronald Chrnstlanson Kenneth Fryer Davld Alnnder Mass Cummins FRONT ROW Verdean Ruedebusch lhlph Foster Carol Berkner Larry Marko Timothy jurgens Geraldme Ellsworth Georgnc Huff si W ND f X BACK ROW Carol Wuseman Pamela Marko Bully Bogenruef John Maaclc Mark Hnppen scott Brenner Harlan Chrnstuanson Betty Crocker SECOND ROW Tommy Raeder Cynthra Jorgensen Jon Burns Bobby Howell Muchoel Peterson Cheryl Ammann Carol Anderson Mass Loulcolarvn FRONT ROW Dennus Johnson Kathy Munro Pat Patnoe Janet Remund Rae Hxppen Norman Pierce Charles Jurgens ' vs I 5 1, , , A . ' -Brill 1- - I , f 0. , ' , - - M , 21 ' ' ' ' 1 - ' V, 'V W ' 'S A . , A v,. ,f 3 - J S - ,- . X 1 :. , - - cr , Q 'N , 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : 1 1 1 ' I I I I : 1 1 1 I 1 1 - i Q' ,'- M 3 , - , ,Y . , A M L L l .f 1, . li' .C 4 Q2 -" ' ,A . ,. Y' ' Q T '- , l -' ' ' . 1 ds W fr r 2 f 4 Q C - ' V, i . ll - 7 . ' D v " X Q 1 3 'W .A 5 V.- f , - 'sr 5 . 1 1 1 1 I I I T Z I I I I I I I ' 1 I I I I 1 1 - it 1 .ladle 'X gulf BACK ROW Glorua Beaver Larry Fredernck Euleen Weeden Johanna Maack Gene Babb Wayne Pnerce Betty Jurgens SECOND ROW Ardelle Ammann Delores Jarman Donna Frey Donald Con rad Jnll Conrad Donald Frey Glen Fryer Mrs Christensen FRONT ROW Janlce lentz Betty Lou Remund Ronald Frederuck Maxine Chrnstnanson Grace Evans James Huff Patrncna Overby ND PQ X N53 BACK ROW Arlene Fryer, Mervlys Thorpe, Dorothy Frey, Muriel Amrnclnn, Suzanne Brenner, Nell Cummnns, Sherla Jorgensen, Kenneth Van Cleve, Joanne Huff SECOND ROW Jerry Remund, Gladys Weeden, Franlclun Kung, Donald Ren elt, Rlchard Happen, Harold Renelt, Ruchard Renelt, DeMer:f Gust, Mnss Schulte FRONT ROW Allyn Ammann, Donald Fryer, Noel Cummuns, Connue Nelson lu m .y Q. +1 5, .. 4 , - ' .V l 4' , ' y H ' I N ' f ' ' ' ' ' ' 6 , -.. Y X ll if ' J. fi? .. N -N I ' K' . 'a f 0 . - f ' I 1 : S ' , . - , f if , 11 I. we ,. X . x . 9 ' J 'A I' xv fl X If ' . .vii Z . I I I ' I I I U I ' 3 1 I I ' I . I I I ' . ' : . I I . I . . . I I I . . l 0 19. I jg 2 1 4. T, -C . V hx' A,f' I . z tx- W .. ' kv' ' .5 A L V , ' z - n Q ' . 'X J. .0 H , gl Hg Q X J Z ' ' 'T .31 3' s ,, Q I 1 , 1. A 7 -I X ' v Pri sentmg the., 0 0 S gi Bruce Overby Vernon Thlelmann Gnles Chrnshonson 5 Rodney Zenk Car Glenn Phnlhps Racbe Gordon Hippen 32 Bruce Zenk Jerry Conrad Put Ly . If W 1 ,tv ' - X f 31 1 Ha 21' F27 I V .1 fi Q5 1 D 5 ' ' n n 3 . d dnnn ,nd Jr 4 A: j f 5 ,Z x V, 5 S INESH i I . . , A 14 I Z' A Q Y 1 - lx X Y n ,X ei ft Q ' . . J nn Wilmot Wilmot Wllmdt Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot W1 lmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wa lmot Wilmot Wu lmot Special recognition was given to the Wilmot basket ball team this year The team brought the Dlstrlct Championship Crown to Wilmot for the first time un 23 years Wilmot saved their 3 outstanding games of the season for the tourney In the first game Wilmot glided over Peever 69 50 The second game the Conference Champs and favorite team Veblen met the rampagang Wolves and went down under their attack 64 60 The Championship game the Wolves soundly defeated the New Effmgton Tigers 64 43 Veb len Hol loway Corona Waubay Rosholt Beards ley Corona Summit Summit Bug Stone Peever Waubay Peever Corona Summit Veblen Rosholt Bug Stone New Effmgton 33 ' ..... . . .... 48 ..... . . ' ..... .... 6 7 .... . ' ..... ..... 36 ..... . . ' ..... . .... 44 ' ..... ' .... 64 ...... . ' .... . ' ...60 Wilmot .... 56 BeardsIey.... ' .... ...76 ' .... ' ' .... ...68 ' . ...53 ' .... . . ...64 ' .... ...59 . ' .... ...60 . ' .... ...50 ' .... ...52 ' .... ....75 ' ' ...53 ' 5 2 A 5 .3 331 Giles Clwrlstlarson Vernon Thlelmann Jerry Conrad Carl Rnabe Glenn HIIIIIPS Bruce Overby Bruce Zenk Gordon Hlppen Rochey Zenk Pat Lynn Coach Henbel and siudenf manager Derald Schoon f?7Ef2 Eleanor Sorbel Leon Smlfh Mary Ann Jarman and Mascot Bally Bogenrlef 34 LEFT TO RIGHT Dole E ons Gary Ho ell Rodney Zenk Go don Jarman Robert Mc Kenna Gary Cumm ns Donald Larsen Keith Bassett Carl Roche Lyn Wlke ond Coach Gerald Heubel Pb tub X-Qzzu BEAM 35 XVII' MZ 'nf 1 in BACK ROW Coach Helbel FOURTH ROW L Ammann R Niles P Lynn THIRD ROW K Bassett M Beaver D Larsen R Rehnlce D Evans K Hines SECOND ROW R McKenna C Roabe L Smith B Qrerby G Osferloh G Chrlshanson L lusen FRONT ROW J Doschadns J Conrad M Vnem G Phillips D Schoon G Huppen B Zenk V Thiel fTlG'Il'1 F TBRLL The Wilmot Wolves had a very successful season this year. Final scores of the football games were as follows: 23, 2l Holloway Big Stone Waubay... . Veblen. . Rosholt. . Effington .... . . . .8, 56, 45, 20, 14, Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot Wilmot 36 .-...n-.-Q..-an .....l2 6 0 7 .....39 gswdvi' MQ Jerry Conrad end Glenn Phillips holfbuck Donald Larsen quarterback James Doschades center Russel Pehnke halfbcck and Derald ochoon end Fcwrzfz z, 1. Bruce Zenlc, endg Giles Christiansen, halfbockg Gordon Hippen, quarterbockg Vernon Thielmonn, centerg Gor don Osterloh, holfbockg and Marlowe Vriem, end. 37 Delores Jarman .ll Il Conrad STANDING Gene Bcbb Donald Conrad and Rvchard Huppen KNEELING Donald Fry Donald Renelf and Richard Renelt SITTING Harold Renelf Jerry Remund larry Frederick Nenl Cummrns and Pat Lynn coach Giambi S 38 Berry .Iurgens Max: ne Chrlshanson 391015 IMI. EDucA1'1a1r I-P S CLOCKWISE Eleanor Sorbel Pat Barlund Sharley Mueller Barbara Mander Naoma Larson Mary Mander Janace Vraem Bertha Fryer Mary Lou Hall Helen Jurgens Dianne Foster Jharon Thorpe Bernadane Renelt Rosa Lynn Hanes Sharon Berkner Grace Larson Harraet Young Joyce Weeden Sharley Schoon Ruth Ann Alander Josephane Larson Janace Ekman Stephanae Maack Mary Ann Jarman Jansce Chrastaanson Dor othy Ellangson Margaret Taetlen Sharley Frahman Elanor McKenna Gayle Happen and an the center as the physacal educataon anstructor Mass Rashoa 'Hman The Wilmot track team had a very memorable record last year They started off the season wath a track meet at Bag Stone Three boys lettered at thas meet Vernon Thaelmann an the 440 yard dash Donald larsen an the broad lump, James Smath an the 440 yard dash The next track meet was at Webster where Vernon Thaelmann captured 5th an the 440 yard dash The thard meet was the Regaonal meet at Aberdeen where Vernon Thaelmann agaan placed an the 440 yard dash The last track meet at Sasseton everyone on the team placed an thas meet James Smath and Gordon Osterloh an the T40 yard hagh hurdles Gales Chrastaanson an T80 yard low hurdles, Vernon Thaelmann an 440 yard dash, Marlowe Vraem an the discus throw, James Doschadss an shot put, Pat Lynn, Jerry Conrad James Smath and Gales Chrastaanson an 880 yard relay' Vernon Thaelmann, Rodney Zenk, Derald Schoon, Donald Larsen an the male relay and Russel Rehnke captured farst an the male run and half male run Thus as the best record ever set by Nilmot an track 39 'C "7?9?""1' President Donald Larsen Vace Presldenf Rodney Bakker and Secretary Trecsurer Eleanor Sorbel '14' Prasrbnt Gordon Happen Vuce Pres dent Gordon Jcrmon and Secretory Tromurer Dorothy Howell A 91 'wr . 1 5 5' Pl'8Slhf'lf Robert McKenna, Vlce President Gary Howell, and Secretary Trecsurer Ruth Ann Alinder e 7 A2 r r 4 f .l"L . ' f' L e X ' 2 ei 1 . i . - . I - i l. Y li i Q I 'V iff . . P . - 5 P KL gy SL' V 7 Presentlng the BACK ROW J Conrad A Ammann B Zenlc L Wllkle D Evans S Maack I. Fredernclc andJ lentz SECOND ROW A Freruchs R Nnles J Maack M Jarman E McKenna G Jarman A Schultz J Wooden D Jarman and N Larson THIRD ROW D Gust R McKenna C Aaslund C Slmensen K Bassett R Hines W Pnerce H Jurgens R Frederlck P Overby and Vlr Joachim director FRONT ROW R Alnnder Nngorette S Berkner E Sorbel G Hnppen P Barlund M Hull S Thorpe B Jurgens G Beaver M Chrnstlanson S Jorgenson R Freruchs not pictured Bn ND lhder the derectlon of A E Joachim Wnlmot s 40-piece band as fast gaming a reputation Durung the past year, wlth the and of numerous clvlc and community groups the band has been decked out sn smart new umforms The group has a busy schedule of publnc performances throu out the school season and unto the summer months Thus Includes playnng for all home foot ball and basketball games, dustrnct tournament, community programs, con certs, outdoor concerts and memonal day servlces In the fall the group was drelled Into a fast and outstandmg marchmg umt, and the marchmg season was hnghlnghted by partvcipatuon sn the homecoming parade and the huge Gypsy Day Festivnties at Aberdeen. - 42 D BNXV 3' -nm WHS 'Fv-IU' -sf' fe' no 'IW' ijgff ug' yy TWIRL ,ERS C Rensberger J Hlll M Macck C Jorgensen S Remund S J0rger1SeI'1 Ruth Ann Almder C Johnson G Ellsworth M Thorpe D Gust lnsfrucfor C Berkner 7.-EQ . 1 HJSVN 'DE MDCSID BACK ROW G Hopkms R Frernchs G Pierce A Freruchs J Doschodls K Bassof? D Larsen THIRD ROW Mrs Henbel D Evans P Lynn L Smith G Jarman C Raabe B Overby G Plullnps L Cameron SECOND ROW M Teltlen S Berkner H Young F Hopklns D Fosfer S Mueller D Ellmgson FRONT ROW R Hines J Chrlshanson J Larson L Eastman L Larson E Sor bel G Happen BACK ROW M' Joachim anrecror rx van Cleve J Vrlem D Van Clove G Larson E Weeden R Frederack FRONT ROW M Ammann S Brenner M Mander M Tlworpe S Beaver I . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . C . , . , . , . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . . 'Wil I , ' ' 4 7 V I 4 . , ff 1 f , 1. 1 1 . - , U. mcluuuu, . , . , . 1 - , . , . . . . , . , . , . . . . Ezmnus X! 09 1 1 BACK ROW V Thoelmann R Rehnke K Hnnes R Bakker G Cummlrs R Mc Kenna L Ammann THIRD ROW B Zenlc L Temple G Hnppen L Wrlkne R Pxerce J Conrad Vriem SECOND ROW C Slmensen A Schultz D Howell J Ekman M Klrkup M Jarman S Maack FRONT ROW J Hecht J Vrlem M Mnnder J Weeden R Alunder M Ells worlh G Elllngon --..."'v"b QQ w 1 -' LIQ BACK ROW J Larson S Maack S Mueller M Cardwell E Sorbel G Larson M Jarman N Larson M Kurkup M Jarman THIRD ROW J Ekman J Hecht C Slmensen A Schultz D Howell P Barlund E McKenna C Aasland G Hnppen L Eastman SECOND ROW Mrs Helbel umfrucfor M Tlellen M Ellsworth S Berlcner D Ellmgon D Huff B Fryer J Chrlsfenson D Foster H Young FRONT ROW: R. Hines M. Minder J. Vriem J. Weeden F. Hopkins R. Alinder G. Ellingson D. Van Cleve M. Kirlcup ff? Mrs Herbal lnsfrucior C Slmensen L Eastman E Sor bel J Weeden S Maack M Jarman Q- Z 44 is' iuce Zenk, Charlotte Aasland, Carol Snmensen, accom pamsf, Eleanor Sorbel, Mary Ann Jarman, Sfephame Maack, Helen Jurgens BACK ROW V Thlelmann J Conrad G Phillips D Larsen SECOND ROW M Jarman S Maack J Hecht D Van Cleve R Allnder FRONT ROW G Jarman Mrs Helbel nnsfrucfor C Raabe S Berkner Irs-fa, V+ 15" 5'2- 4. v ' 4'- 2' QL ! .7 51. L13 Xe- BACK ROW Larry Ammonn Gordon Qterlolw Marlowe Vrlem Bruce Overlay Glenn Phulllps Jerry Conrad Russel Relmkke GnlesCl'1r1shansen SITTING Donald Larsen Pat Lynn Gordon Hlppen Mr Hevbel coach Bruce Zenlc Vernon Tlwlelmann JlmDoscl'1adls andDeraIdScl1oon L IBRAR IR N5 Q.- Lawrence Temple, George Ammonn, Mr. Thompson, Jose- phine Larson, and Gerald Ammonn. 47 Svunaw Ummm. '5- The student councll guudes the students In all school actlvrtres Under the leadershnp of Pat Lynn presldent, and Donald Larsen, vlce president the c lass representatuves transact our busmess Representatlves are as follows freshmen Rosa Lynn Hmes and Keith Bassett, sophomores Mary Ann Jarman and Maurlce Beaver, lunuors Kelly Hmes and Derald Schoon sensors Gordon Osterloh and Marlowe Vrelm Arlene Renelt as secretary treasurer and Prun Carruthers and Supt Joachim are the councul ad vlsers The Student Councnl purchased a new publnc address system Aside from thus, the student body also conduct royalty elections, parties plc nlcs, S D Day and supervnse other student actnvutues 48 xo! A -.--FCZ gm ., as S -4651 IYIVLUIL TRFF Dutues of this staff are to prepare rn word and plcture a story of the past year s actlvntues Edntor Assnstant Edntor Business Manager Snapshot Edltor Sensor Editors .lunuor Editor Sophomore Edntor Freshman Editor Grade Edntors Sports Edntor sslstant Activity Editor Assistants Typlsts Artist Advlsers Joyce Weeden Pat Barlund Arlene Renelt Naomr Larson Lucille Eastman Marlys Ku-kup Elmor McKenna Dorothy Howell Bernadlne Renelt Murlel Krrkup Dorus Crooks Pat Lynn Robert Pnerce Leon smith Joan Hecht Morulyn .larman Arlys Schultz Harriet Young Jerry Conrad Murlel Ellsworth Mlss Rnshou Mr Joachim The offrcers are Donald Larsen president Derald Schoon reporter Curtrs Temple treasurer Gary Prerce sentrnel Gordon Osterloh secretary Glenn Phrllrps substrtu tang for Norman Remund the offrcrol vrce president wrth Mr Peterson at the advisory post as leadrng the FFA through another successful year of agrrculture Shlrley Mueller was chosen FFA sweetheart is-ln BACK ROW R Nlles G Johnson L Larsen K Bassett R Trupe J Osterloh M Vrrem R Vrlem R Bakker A Frerrchs S Nerlson M Beaver THIRD ROW M Peterson-adviser R Pie e L Wlk L Smrth R Temple G Jarmm L Cameron L Temple R Kung C Raabe R Greuner L Smrth P Lynn SECOND ROW D Larsen D Schoon C Temple S Mueller-sweetheart G Pierce G Osterloh G Phrllnps FRONT ROW G Ammann D Larson G Ammann L Oto G Madsen R Fre rnchs G Hopkrns 50 l us dv I "' la 'N-lull r' M-,.., .M ,4"" L Ecsfmcn1ongleoder P Barlund hustorlcn C Aoslcnd reporter E McKenna president C Snmensen-secretory L Hemge-vlce president P Sorbel treasurer P1 'S-.f 10 '41 BACK ROW R. Hanes M Cardwell G Elllngson M Mmder R Allnder C Vrcem F Hopkms J Vrlem D Elllngson S Thorpe B Renelf S Schoon THIRD ROW H .lurgers D Huff S Moack C Greuner G Hlppen D Howell B Kung S Frahmon M Jarman J Ekman B Osferloh S Mueller M Johunnsen SECOND ROW MlssR1shol-adviser L Ecstmon A Renelt L Helnle E McKenna C Samensen E Sorbel C Aaslond P Barlund FRONT ROW B Meyers S Berliner M Ellswodh S Temple D Ftsfer H Young 51 f-CD BACK ROW S Frohman A Schultz G Ammann G Pierce R Pnerce L Tem ple M Vrrem G Jarman J Weeden N Larson SECOND ROW D Elllngson E Sorbel D Howell B Renelf J Hecht M Jar man S Moack C Slmensen M Jarman S Mueller S Thorpe FRONT ROW S Berliner H Young L Helnle B Qferloh G Hlppen J Chrlsflomon I 'rl' N, XQ- P Lynn L Smuih E McKenna C Acsland P Barlund H Jurgens M Thomp son L. Emfman 52 Emvflvm. 4+-1 'U Wilmot held its annual carnival in the Wilmot auditorium Novem ber 7 The purpose of this fun filled evening was to support school extra curricular actlv ties Gross proceeds for the camuval were S1032 84 and net proceeds were S846 88 The most spectacular event of the evening was the Coronation of the Carnival Royalty The choosing of the Kung and Queen is based on the amount of tickets sold by the classes Senior class candidates Barbara Mmder and Gordon Osterloh received the crowns Junior candidates were eanor Sorbel and Derald Schoon sophomores Mary Ann Jarman and Gordon Jarman freshmen Ruth Ann Almder and Robert McKenna The crowns were presented by Student Council president Pat Lynn Deamvf Joyce Weeden s poetry en- try took her to the Regional Speech Contest. Two years pre- vious to this she had taken hum- orous. The local winners were: Joyce Weeden, poetryp Sharon Berkner, dramaticsp Diane Fas- ter, oratory and Leon Smith in humorous. Other participants in the local contest were: Helen Jur- gens, Donna Van Cleve, dra- maticsp Harriet Young and Ruth Ann Alinder, humorous. All participants were coached and directed by Mr. Joe Thomp- son. X Ai .,. 'Q kv, 1 r V' ,, - ' 1 , . " , lg , Ag P Vin 4 zzz, 'S if Y 3 '6 6459 'X' 4, 4 I rc bentlng the S I1r17'ff277wf gfI'RXlVflL Naxaemmg Loren Smuth and Jamce Vresm Q9 .gfyvmp wma Babies Robert McKenna Gary Hop hu 5' kms Mrrgaet Uetlen Loretta Heunge and Florence Hopkins Snake Dance Y eilgff may 'P ,Tm Fmhlon Parade AJ 5 Carmval Chorus Camlval Royalty If Mary lou Hill and Helen Jurgens Dale Evcns Rua Lynne Hines Loren Smith WM' Carnnval Chorus Football Game Wg? Rm FFA nom ff W AQQ Bemadlne knelt Queen Barbara Mlndgr Kung Gordon Osterloh 56 Garfnld 03 Float Z' Band 1 S-runyvm L 57 W 4' Mess Gficer The spy Seecls???? mm: ff? Love what???? 1 Mamma's little darlings--Brick Russ Vernon Leon. Rear view in How tender Nice? Doggie Sl Sl Amigo That tender aqe Baby Joyce leon or luckues f,f' Lune swupers Slaughter House levi Kid A hkely story 58 1 'W 4VA'YM W' V ' M'M' 'M l We f K r 1 1 'z 2 E? W 7 EAI' gin' s , ,V , 'f,V fy f ,iff trrf :gm a , 1 lliwqj s 'gn Q A l. Open for Business Out on the town ,Q , Mommg after 'tho nught -Hsqv Clrummy 7 'P ? Mermaids '???? 19N Perfect portrant I wmt 5' xg my mamma ill And then l soys to hum Clasnfued news Honestly! ll .ik Y Good Gosh Glrllll What s Manlyn goo that I haven t got? Bale Baby ??? Duh Idontknow -4' 4 Ml! Gung Ho Floldlng bluel ll Hugh point mmll 3 Stooges n ' ' . ., K X 1 M y v E- Q In I Lk kb- " 3 s' VM' ' iglgfrl ,f 'V 'A .,. i g ' 3352 wif, w. -M t 5 5 f ,f1f,j't 'I g - - X t - 'F 9. , . .fr 1 1 W vi I D I :e f N: V . ' -I pl ' Fw kk 1 Egizixgm W I , N K . , . A n ' X W3 1, ' ' l Q 1 Y fa Y L . 9 11 5 V ' 1 . , u MQ -fl t H of on n 'wa - , kXf.,,,,x ' 'V W . Q XML ' fnwl J V. Raft is . . A + 5 I f - if e v ' , W 3 ,Q-,Ni Q A in . t k . , Q s I - -. L, . F yay, p . ef gg f- 0 - , I 1 , 1 , ,y b -Algb' . 4 1 ' l V f' A-'nf-5133.5-,, Q . T .' 'Fw - G Pri' Duncan Hanes A WHS WCTU meehng Prom last years fp late hours Arlene 'P 'P Star Str k I ll ,- 1 Arlstofle UC ,gi ff W IQ? N W fs' What have we hare? was fha? c hot one The Mombo???? Unmmm See The blrdlel lac somefhlng Gaul E 'P Whof IS lt? 60 I X 4? Q I Mi- Aw come on lust one hftle tcsie Hornet you two timer Aw Len Y '4 'Vid'-' ,-A -..,. -Wi Sym EEK ll Somebody goofed Mmors don't nndulge IO O c oc I prefer sresm Luckues J K TIMBERI myself 5 WANTED FOR Beafrnce Gaul E Barb K 'E ilu-1 il.. L00 Q5 0 AHHYITIS Glreddy? 6 Thlnkdf Yours? Before ond After Wg: , y . 4 ,H , is E G. . .xiii , .L H ' f . .. if i ' -' Y , ... a', 2 'sas 'V f ' Q V 1 vs ZW rx I E E e P V ' if' ' my sl A 1 . .,.. ' . . wx. ,, A' ,E ' -- ' -5 ., I ... A Wg Y of ,al , 5' 4, - 'A .., 1 'io y I ' of kg Q, x -T-2 . .1 v 1- 2' 5 L' - 0 0? ' A E ll k ' 5 , . ,W . , y 1 " 'E ' E 45' an .A .W-r .. V . A E f , y L ? - 'E' A 5 - L, ' 'E' . 1 N V '7 .I Th . ..- H wu pwsmm Avril- - 4' 5 2 I . M1 X Q Presenting the X Pre-be-ntlng the BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FINER FAIRWAY FOODS 65 PHONE 2161 WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA 'F ,Q L PORTERS CHEVROLET MINNEAAPOLIS-HERE-I uv K MODERN MACHINERY SALES AND SERVICE ALLIS CHALMERS MACHINERY MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE MACHINERY PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS COMP LE TE AUTOMOBILE AND IMPLEMENT SERVICE PHONE 2661 WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA FARMERS CO-OP CREAMERY PRODUCE AND LOCKER 51 WILMOT BRAND WE SELL FEEDS CREAMERY BUTTER BUY EGGS POULTRY PRIDE OF WHETSTONE VALLEY HIDES 81 WOOL GEORGE OSTERLOH MGR WESLEY THORPE MGR PHONE 2271 PHONE 2181 WILMOT SOU TH DAKOTA I I X ff .s-'fww ' X .' "1 S ':'T T ,Q 4 ,K I was ----' I I1 Il , . , - MILBANK VALLEY QUEEN CHEESE FACTORY MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY CHEESE AND BUTTER F Q I 'Mg 5, CREAM OF THE CROP PHONE 36 SOUTH DAKOTA .B H 7 f I X' g ift f A K , I T - 5' A 4 1 -,'g1F.F:'L-:E W1 STEVEN'S RED OWL GPOCEPIES MEATS CLIFF STEVENS, PROP. PHONE 2081 WILMOT SOUTH DAKGTA WILMOT STATE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA Ac1sIc1ncI 8x Bbehmke INSURANCE 8. REAL ESTATE Ffq WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA A0063 ueovlr QufN,..,.,,. X l,f:.- I I I 1 -Q ' ,, ,,. -' A1 '-s A A ' : Sf ee ' 9 af , WILMOT COMPLIMENTS OF L H MCKE N NA DRUGGIST 513, I SOUTH DAKOTA WILMOT Na+ CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 55 COMPLIME NTS OF Friends SOUTH DAKOTA . . M - A 2 A E 1195"-3-v':4i'-,if . J' 1 '--l 1 I .-:Q .131 . ' 7 T Y 6' 5 L mL . KX ' I 'IQ 1 0 v JURGENS 8- SONS INC JOHN DEERE TRACTORS a. FARM IMPLEMENTS wuum., HOTPOINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 1 B' """2 WILMOT SUPERIOR HYDRAULIC FARMHAND LOADERS DE LAVAL CREAM SEPARATORS 81 MILKERS FAIRBANKS WATER SYSTEMS DUO THERM PARLOR STOVES PHONE 2551 SOUTH DAKOTA WILMOT FOOD GUILD GROCERIES MEATS FROZEN FOODS RALPH E. CHRISTIANSON PHONE 21-41 SOUTH DAKOTA I 0 0 , QUALIYV FARM ounuvv umm f9U"N'f"' KQUIPMENT LUNDEEN'S SHEET METAL PLUMBING HEATING 222 SECONDAVE PHO NE 375 MILBANK SOUTH DAKOTA J H DREWELOW INC funn SALES AND SERVICE g PHONE 68 MILBANK SOUTH DAKOTA . E. O . I . I I , Q E MCGOWAN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL FUEL 'I IIEI ..Qx WE WANT YOUR TRADE WE GIVE SATISFACTION ARNOLD LARSEN PHONE 2331 W LMOT SOUTH DAKOTA SALES AND SERVICE "m"'I"I" CHRISTIANSON INC 'I fzruoyf, OVER 50 YEARS OF SERVICE lx 13 IN THIS COMMUNITY MOBILGAS MOBILOIL WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA Co 0 BUILDING HARDWARE I II I 0 23:5 ij. ' m O K RUBBER WELDERS FOR TIRES JOHN BLOCK PHONE 3I8 MILBANK SOUTH DAKOTA GUNDERSON MCCARTHY LUMBER CO LUMBER 8. BUILDING SUPPLIES MILBANK SOUTH DAKOTA STAVIG BROS. INC DEPARTMENT STORE SISSETON SOUTH DAKOTA O O WORLD'S FINEST RECAPPING 1 O O BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS PHONE 6821 MR 8- MRS ANDY JENSEN WILMOT CLEANERS IF YOUR CLOTHES AREN T BECOMING TO YOU THEY SHOULD BE COMING TO US PHONE 257I WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA WI LMOT HARDWARE GENERAL HARDWARE CROSLEY APPLIANCES SPEED QUEEN WASHERS FRANK R. MAACK OWNER PHONE 2471 WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA WILMOT scum DAKOTA BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS F L BROWN YOUR JEWELER SINCE I906 EXPERT REPAIRING PHONE 462 ORTONVILLE MINNESOTA SHOE N' S FURNITURE ORTONVILLE MINNESOTA MILBANK MUTUAL INSURANCE CO OF MILBANK SOUTH DAKOTA SERVING THE GREAT NORTHWEST SINCE I892 . o I I MEATS GROCERIES SUPER VALUE V1 WILMOT FOSTER S PHONE 2481 VEGETABLES SOUTH DA KOTA SPEED QUEEN WASHERS MILBANK HANCE S OUR OWN HARDWARE EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HARDWARE PHONE 54 MONARC RANGES EEDS SOUTH D H KOTA A FAIRMONT FOODS AND CO MILK, ICE CREAM, AND FROZEN FOODS BUD SANDMAN, MGR. PHONE 405 SISSETON SOUTH DAKOTA I 12 If - r 1 I f I Wllmot Congratulatnons Grads EQUITY CO OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Feeds Fertulnzer Twme Coal And Salt Be Farr To Yourself Patromze Your Own Phone 2561 South Dakota WI Imot No Susbtltute For Eclucatnon CUMMI NS FU NE RAL HOME South Dakota Milbank MERCANTILE COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Charles Denby Cngars Whute Owl Crgars Lafendrlch Cigars Robert Burns Cigars Schrafftls Candles South Dakota Wu Imot Best Wishes To Class Of '55 SMITHY S LIVESTOCK MARKET Top Prlces For Hogs And Cattle Delbert Smith Prop Phone 2051 South Dakota I . . I . I . I . Distributors Of I I . I I 7 UP BOTTLI NG CO Fresh Up You Luke It With 7 Up It Likes You Ortonville Minnesota Wilmot FARMERS UNION CO OPERATIVE Tank Wagon Service Al Houde Manager Phone 299l South Dakota Wilmot Goosl Luck To Class Of 55 OSBORNE MCMILLAN ELEVATOR CO Feeds Of All Kinds Phone 252l South Dakota Wilmot Best Wishes To Class OF 55 WILMOT TEXACO SERVICE Sales And Service Leonard Ammann Phone 453l South Dakota Gas - Tires - Hardware Goods - Lubrication Service I F I ' I W1 lmot For Good Home Cooked Meals Eat ELLINGSON S CAFE Meals Lunches Short Orders Phone 2091 South Dakota THE WILMOT ENTERPRIS E Community Newspaper Flne Pruntung W1 lmot South Dakota CITY CAFE Kerth And Eunice Chamley It May Be Good And Not Be Ours But lt Can t Be Ours And Not Be Good Phone 2261 WI lmot South Dakota Wulmot Best WIShes To Class Of 55 EARL S BARBER SHOP Ut Pays To Look Well Mr And Mrs Earl Gust South Dakota At: J. V. Brenner, Publisher l PHILLIPS TRUCKS LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING OWNER, WALT PHILLIPS PHONE 4241 WILMOT SOUTH DAKOTA HAROLD HORTNESS IMPLEMENTS MCCORMICK DEERING SALES AND SERVICE PHONE III PEEVER SOUTH DAKOTA BOOSTERS PLYMOUTH CLOTHING STORE Mllbank South Dakota SPEIRS DRUG STORE Phone 67 Mllbank South Dakota MILLESTEADS Phone 85 Mllbank South Dakota BRITE SPOT CAFE Mllbank South Dakota TORNESS FURNITURE Mllbank South Dakota FISCHER PICTURE STUDIO Phowe 415 MlIbank South Dakota JENSEN 81 CHRISTENSEN JEWELERS Mllbank South Dakota SORENSON S MEN S 81 BOY S CLOTHING Milbank South Dakota WHAT NOT SHOP Milbank South Dakota THE BOOTERY Milbank South Dakota R E Mnlbank South Dakota MADSEN S PRODUCE Phone ZOOI Wnlmot South Dakota MUNDWILER'S - Phone 78 - Milbank, South Dakolta . . A. - ' , I

Suggestions in the Wilmot High School - Wolfpack Yearbook (Wilmot, SD) collection:

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1955, pg 80

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