William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1952

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William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 12 of 36
Page 12 of 36

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Page 12 text:

PROPHECY Cnntinued NAME Joan Muehlstedt Dave Nelson Jane Nelson Loretta Newton John Nichols Judy Nickerson Jim Nolen Nadine Noriin Norman Orton Bill Osterhoudt Joanne Palmer Anthony Palombo Norman Paul Arlene Pastorius Harold Pastorius Roland Pearman Delores Pepito Bob Petersen Jay Petersen Vernon Peterson Don Pierce June Plant Florence Posey Nancy Price Sandra Quackenbush James Rahon James Ransdell Barbara Reed Jane Roberts Joan Roberts Alda Robson Marina Rodriguez George Rose Pat Rosenbaum Melvin RossellĀ© Barbara Rowe Bob Russell Shizuko Sakamoto Richard Salchunas Ethel Seely Bob Seida Carlene Sherman Cliff Shirran Bill Shaw Mary Sherman Janice Shuman Stephen Silverman V ' elma Sinclair John Skelton Ralph Smith Sally Smith Jr Ann Smith Gayle Spencer Corrie Springer Dave Spriggs Joan Stephenson Bob Stevens Harry Stiller Robert Stile . Neta Sullivan Carol Swanson Lewis Tate Carole Taylor Lloyd Taylor Robert Taylor (iary Temple Craig Thompson Gail Thornton CANT LIVE WITHOUT A certain somenne Popular songs My sister ' s clothes Gary Crosby R. V. Licorice Girls A swimsuit Good grades Bill Osterhoudt Real friends Air Vacation Coke floats and S. G. H O Vacation A body Her! Sports Baseball Hamburgers French fries Music The Thing Jazzy music People Women Girls and money Gravity Popular music and friends Straight A ' s Don Cassingham Art Smith Filet mignon A certain person Vacation Dad ' s old gas buggy A ' s in social living Myself Money Animals Curves in short skirts A T. V. set Girls and money Carole A. Leland Leonard Dill pickles Romance Boys Girls Girls and m iney Boys with blue eyes Dick " Candy " Books, fnod, religion Girls The beach Money Girls Huntresses Judy, Jackie and boys Boys. Betty and Peggy Girls Boys Girls Food Food Me Grandma ' s pies PET PEEVE Little men in white cnats Big ears Comb borrowers Sloppy clothes People who act dumb Dishes Teachers Short boys The office Shrimp Boats " Buzz- Big noses Work Corny jokes, conceited boys Food shortage Work Report cards Having to obey Work Book reports Friday Nighters Losing something Runs in my nylons Long-haired music My hair My mirror Teachers My fleas Rainy days Being a twin Boys Boys over 5 ' 5 " Sunday papers on Saturday A certain girl Work Old songs Pink elephants Work Social living teachers School Some teachers Teachers talking all the time Teachers Zebras with red stripes Stubborn people arguing Slow people Hit-cups Spelling tests on Friday Blue ladies Teachers Stephens seagulls Steadies who live far away The eightball Baby sitting; %ash dnthes Two- tone Chevrolets Short fingernails Book reports Social living Shrimp boats with sails I ' nhep parties Deadheads Ciymnastics Truancies Living Teachers, bo iks schools Tumbling Duck-billed platypuses Old fogies ADMIRER OF Polka dotted horses Filet mignon Canasta cards The boy down the street R. V. Anyone who works algebra Caroline C. Tall boys Myself Pat Daniels Beautiful fashions Jack the Ripper Animals Certain athletic Comm. Nice Girls Frank Laine C. B.s car A short girl Eddie and Dan Algebra Beanie and Cecil Cats W. R. Hopped-up cars Cashmeres Cjoose Tatum Hopped-up cars Cute old men A certain guy Hopped-up cars Janice Morris Him! The new Cadillac People who get A ' s Frankie Laine Trumpet players Fools on April Fool ' s Day Cute guys CJirls My dog Mitzi Beautiful women Bob Beavers Hopped up Mercuries C. Alexander Ciood looking guys Tennessee Ernie B. R. Terry Z. and Darlene K. F. W. and J. R. Millionaires That would be telling All the cats at Hughes Franky Laine Nurses, handsome boys Betty Grable Glenn Ford Eddie H. playing basketball S. Williamson M.L.A. All the " cats " at Stephens R. T. Jane Russell Mr. Saparow Women Jack the Ripper Tom Fears Scarface Cashmeres GREAT AMBITION To control men To be in Comus Club To own a flock of cashmeres To be a covergirl model To move from Long Beach Short hair To marry To get A ' s in algebra To marry S. L. To be a pro ball player To be a designer To dye my hair To be a veterinarian To grow roses on Mars To be an engineer To be a man To get to Poly To have a tobacco store To grow hair on my chest To be a TA ' . cameraman To be a toothpick carver To get Harry Stiller To fly to the moon To be a housewife To have a Cadillac To be a worm trainer To be a gunman To die To be short To have naturally curly hair To be an airforce nurse To see sun in California To be a double grunibrain To travel around the world To be a man To be like my mother To be a physician To be rich To be a magician To raise horses To get rich To be a p. e. teacher To own a Mercury To wed C. A. To grow To grow up Be cheese thief on the moon To have a successful career To get out of school To be a millionaire To hit 5 ' 5 ' ' To bring Dead Sea to life To stay single To be a nurse To be a playboy To keep a pencil To swim to the mo in To get out of school Tax-free life Feed Larry Hunter w irms To be a hepcat To marry Jane Russell To be a flagpole sitter To get out of school To be a doctor To be a great football star To build a better mousetrap To stop growing tall TEN

Page 11 text:

PROPHECY Continued NAME Judy Fadt ' i Rcnet Faubert Linda Fluegel Lawrence Frey Dick Fryer Sue Gaden Daryl Gibson Kent Gibson Dick Goforth Sandy Goodrich Loyd Goolsby Johnnie Gould Carol Gray Jenie Ciregson Norman Gregson Luther Gresham Joyce Griffith Larry Haas Ronald Halloran Anita Harper June Harper Jack Harris Bette Harrison George Harmon Nina Hash Curt Hayes Bill Heller Lois Hendrix Richard Hendrix Bob Hesse Carole Hevvett Kenny Hisamoto Jim Huffman Richard Hughes Larry Hunter Bill Ippolito John Janzeii Beth Jones Linda Jones Robert Jordan Diana Joseph Elaine Julian Barbara Kelly Joyce Kenyon Darlene Kiefer Jerry Kimball Jerry Kin Darlene Kirkland Roberta Kobata Ralph Kortz David Lytle Patsy Mastaw Hatsume Masutaka Enrique Matta Jackie McAuliffe Johnny McCarthy Frank McKeon Ruth McHenry Norma McConnell JoAnn McKenzie Teddy McOsker John Mercer Oldon Mitchell Jean Monchen Danny Moreno Janice Morris John Morrison Terry Moses CAN ' T LIVE WITHOUT Neta, Jackie and linys Fishermen Mr. Darling Terry Zimmerman Money and food Air (that stuff ynu breathe) Dancing Chocolate milk Women Carol. Joanii A: jnan Brain Baseball Music Talking Motion pictures Women Telling stories Basbetball Food, water, air Carol. Joann and Jackie School H O English teachers (ha!) Girls Friday nights Air Myself That would be telling Chocolate malts Cecil and Beanie That shy guy Good friends Money Dogs Her! Me Shoes Joan McKenzie ' s laugh Air Teachers yelling at me L. G. and J. F. Ballet and acting Horses Bashful boys Money Barbara Toth Food and water A record player A heart Red silk stockings Dancing Music Vacations Girls or money Johnny G. Marge H. Females and air Music Fun Beth Jones ' s little head Girls Myself Women Vacations Money Television Oxygen A bottle PET PEEVE Dragged -out parties Calories Boys with flattops A certain boy S(juare circles Readmission slips Two certain boys My alarm clock English School CJrammar books Girls Some teachers Big feet Ambulance drivers (jirls with red hair Jokes on me Work Social living Spanish Boys at the gas station Mathematics Pat Devantier ' s dog School My little sister English My sister Little men in white coats Raw eggs School ADMIRER OF Larry Hunter Boh P. Mr. Cannon Food Joan Kipling Miss Deatherage A girl from New Mexico Millionaires Truman Johnny Ray Mr. Saparow Ralph Kiner Navy jets Long fingernails Anne Francis Blondes with brown eyes A certain lively dancer Eddie H. Boy Scouts E. M. Skinny people History Baby sitting K. W. and B. R. Janice Goodman Money B. R. That certain guy Johnny Ray Women Shy boys Teachers and school Anybody who is bad to me Father Mechanical drawing Ping pong Shoes with holes Beany Cats J. F. Records at Friday Nighters John McCarthy ' s girl frien Broken shoelaces The curfew Jrnen bus drivers Teachers using wrong stairs Washing dishes Mc My knee Brit, movies ( Ah you theah ?) Friday night shows Homework A certain person Teachers and school Barbara Toth My sister Automobiles Those things you call brothers Top hit songs Deadheads Flagpole sitters People who step on suedes The Thing Harry James Jack Fulmer Napoleon The man in the moon L. G. Anna Pavlova Bathing suits and horses Dishwashing Some people Certain people Work Arguing Three certain girls English and algebra Dull pencils Short phone conversations People Teachers Homework Holey socks Homework Girls Boys A certain teacher People calling me " Creep " Blondes Johnny Ray " Hardells " Sports Johnny G. Bill Ippolito ' s cooking J. Mc. Johnny Ray I know who Ray D. Kay Nelson Food W ild Red Berry " Patches " Girls Alda Robson " Timmy O ' Tool " Big noses GREAT AMBITION To marry a psychiatrist To be a galley girl To be like Miss Turner I have none To be somebody To be a p. e. teacher To be called Gib To be a civil engineer To join the F.B.L To reach high school Naval Air Force To be a baseball player To be in the Navy To give teachers a drop drill To be a movie actor To raise a large family To carve up white rats To pass ninth grade U. S. Army Air Force To learn Spanish Straight A ' s in algebra To l e a lawyer To be a juvenile officer To get into the Navy To get married To join Merchant Marines President of Pharmacy Assn. To always get A ' s Professional basketball To be a playboy To be an old maid To be a good businessman To live on Devils ' Island To be a zoo keeper To raise a football team dA ' s in algebra To be a dance band director To be a juvenile officer To he in the roller derby Professional pretzel bender To be a stenographer Be an actress or a ballerina To raise and train horses To own fifty old cashmeres To be a stenographer To be strong like Kent To be a T.V. cameraman To work around food To jump over the moon To swing on doors Women and money To be a secretary To be myself forever To leave Stephens To help Bromley eat beans Be an architectural engineer To be a baseball player To have long hair To teach Jill tennis To be a gunmoll To be a p. e. teacher Be a knight of the open road To lie a millionaire To get out of Stephens To be a millionaire To be an air force nurse Not to be tardy To get a farm NINE

Page 13 text:

PROPHECY Cantinud 4 NAME Kent Timboe George Tong Steve Toth Kenny Towne Alberta Triggs Carole Thompson Patti TurnbuII Russtll Tweddell Sherrill Umharger JoAnn Vandette Marjorie Vidmar Nancy Lou Walters Eiji Wakamiya Dale Walker Pat Wanamaker Jack Warren Nora Webster Donna Weston Judy Wheeler Art White Joyce Whitener Frances Wiggins Sheila Wilhehn Ellen Williams Jerry Wills Doris Wilkey Billy Wilkinson Elouise Wilson Virginia Wilson Winona Wilson Hachiro Yasumura Sandra Zeaser Terry Zimmerman M CAN ' T LIVE WITHOUT A girl? Food Money Women and girls A certain someone Bob Food Carol Swanson Television A heart Hamburgers Humphrey Air Air and B.J.C. Cecil and Beany Summertime Frank Larragoitiy Jazzy music Money Blondes and brunettes That certain person Talking Money Water Nothing Boyfriends Air Ray Robinson Books Radios Sports Chuck G. His laugh PET PEEVE Blue babes Homework Taking orders School Boys who play basketball Lazy people Teachers Temper Homework Bad luck Drop drills Giggling girls Oral reports My sister Hats with big feathers Taxes Party lines To be called " Red " Losing money Dishwater redheads Conceited girls Boys School Lectures English and social My Dad ' s jokes Work Cats Bananas Black Cats Girls Married men That guy ADMIRER OF Guess who ? ? Red Berry Women Ditchers who are not caught That would be telling Crazy cars Tony Anderson J. Nolen k J. K. Pumphrey People Luck Clothes Humphrey ' s offspring Tall men Money Long curly eyelashes Sports Good-looking guys Boys with dark curly hair Darlene Kiefer Women People with brains Alberta Triggs Farley Granger Millionaires Nobody A certain someone Girls John Derek R. K. Cocker spaniels Basketball and swimming Globe-trotters That would be telling GREAT AMBITION To play baseball To marry a rich widow To be President of the U. S. To be a teacher killer To get that man of mine To be a car mechanic Nurse To own a Cadillac To be a millionaire Keep fingernails unbroken To be a secretary To be a bubble dancer To finish college To join the Navy To be a W.A.F. A successful dear hunt To fly To travel around the world To be a stenographer To be a millionaire Twelfth grade graduation To stay single To be a tightrope walker To be a journalist To be a gravedigger To be a brunette To be a man To get A ' s in math. To be a nurse To become a missionary To be a technician To have curly hair To be a p. e. teacher ELEVEN

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