Will Rogers Junior High School - Astronaut Yearbook (Miami, OK)

 - Class of 1968

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Will Rogers Junior High School - Astronaut Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1968 volume:

Jwwlma, Qibcwuaf X., -- -- -t 4 Y Y 7 w Tp: -3:-u J 1, , , g - .. - Q,w0vgm wfi- 15.19 855+ v mt Wff I 'M' luvi i MB '-me tjybk' gk V L W RJQQZ' JGJW' pywq -m W X 'U f CZ? 7490 41 xg C7 OC! gmac! 10f61'5n J . 9006! 15c2fffifJc146q Fffgigffx Cfwfb JE Q TXQYQSK 1 QQW ,Xmgxgw XQQQYN QVX-L, NXNNQ WXQBR' vLU'Cmx GMX WBMM,SQf'x a Qimg 'TE Wang! 1 SMP wxelw. TIJOMF we mM'lqQiw Qwzgcmf- ' C5 'wk QPU if QQ 'VWJYWOV N CXHCX? 3 GXKEGDGSVSVK OU QTL., UKKCDVXK aL5Qf"16j7lfd1'D, H5352 qgdkwf 'Wu LNG Xx QQUJ 'J.,,,fx'K. q XQQGMCXA SX ' x . Q GQBNKT 'fXQlx1ClfI 'N 'Af i KQQXA -Wxwv '15 4, .MU " i 1 A x.DMJUvQaOLM:IxQJU ZH-15QfL,6LdLLJXL. ASTRONALIT WILL ROGERS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL MIAMI, OKLAHOMA WILLIAM WINDHAM, Editor -'I A GOOD PLACE T0 LIVE wlu Romans Juulon HIGH scnool A OOOD PLACE TO lEARN MIAMI. OKLAHOMA CODE OF ETHICS I, a student of Will Rogers Junior High School, pledge myself: To respect and honor the American Flag at all times. To maintain the high principles of scholarship, citizenship and sports- manship upon Which Will Rogers Junior High is established. To participate in all phases of school activity, realizing that I will receive only as I contribute. To cultivate a spirit of honesty and fairness, scorning whatever personal success which I might achieve by taking unfair advantage of my schoolmates. To be tolerant of all racial, religious and social groups, agreeing that all stu- dents have equal rights in the activities UNITED RUBBER WORKERS' UNION of the school. To encourage the spirit of our athletic teams, and to develop a team loyalty that will be recognized by everyone with whom I come in contact. To maintain a courteous attitude toward other schools and communities. To respect all our traditions and the high ideals for which they stand. To make every effort to retain my valued privilege by active participation in our student government, and its responsibilities. To refrain from any action which may reflect unfavorable upon our school. Mrs. Hammons and 1 , ul, Ju, ' '?' M lst 2 nd 3 rd 4th 5th 6 th hour hour: hour hour hour hour OFFICE STAFF Joan Hayes, Jan Henly, Paula Reavis and Bob Crow Julie Clifton and Junelle Rendel Rena Ross and Debbie Younger Terry Johnson and Kathy Radford Teresa Harper and Kathy Blakemore Janet Miller, Susan Bradley and Liz Cameron Mrs. Lowry x fi Q F ml. ,X X ADMINISTRATICDN AND FACULTY Supermtendent of Schools Dr. Doyle Monger . Delbert Wolf . A. E, Campbell Robert McFer1'on Jim Kimbrough .' . . . Bob Paul . Joe Hankins . Max Cole Standmg Bob Paul Robert McFerron Seated Max Cole Dr Mongr Jim K1mbrough Joe Hankins 5 N w 1 V , .W av, VI H 2'f5535:.V Vs ' X Qii-znfefiifg H ' .3 ,.,, ,W , Ll, 3 31 , 5 Y 522: 'X ' ou .fm 1' L. F. George Irene Medlin Joe Malocsay Ruby Douglas Mathematics Mathematics Music Language Arts Frances Miller Science Rebecca Townsley Nurse H if at tx J' ' ffl Rufus Culver Social Studies Neldena Lowry Jean Hammons Secretary Counselor 2532 ' , Wlll ROGERS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Tony Crawford Physical Education 41? Hiram SHPD Ethel Mailath Phyllis Sanders B siness Education Social Studies Language Arts u FACULTY AND STAFF Joe Allen Language Arts 1961-1968 Vesta Taylor Language Arts Lucille Vanatta Social Studies Brenda Allen Physical Education . . .1 J. .1-1--1i:n.ex. in ,M Miriam Carter Language Arts Leslie McCord Industrial Arts Wayne Lawson Vocal Music WC?" 1 Y v Sara Eaton Patricia Heck Sarah Holmes Nancy Harney Mathematics Art Home Economics Science Kenneth Madden Pama Henley Janet Humphrey Science Language Arts Librarian Wlll ROGERS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACUlTY STUDENT TEACHERS .,1Ik,"' X ,M tv' ml' W M Q, ,i 4 I Ron Opferkuch James Burnett Dennis Foster Jim Seibolt 10 EIGHTH GRADE I ' ,-3. :f 4 f fl .jf L an I 'F ...fa WEE' " 41 P . Y M 2' ' SEN 'MffffJuu,sH',5 u'IHu,,W1f' N 1.3 5 f gzx - ,, Paula Adams Richard Adams Timothy Adkins Mary Alquist Mike Andrews Theresa Archer Bobby Baker Vicki Baker Dennie Bauer Ray Baum Karol Beauchamp George Beck Susan Berliew Elizabeth Blair Kathy Blakemore Mike Bowden Susan Bradley Mary Brady Grace Brodrick David Brown Mike Brown Linda Browning Debbie Bump Sharon Buxton Elizabeth Cameron :- Teresa Campbell Brad Cannon Jennie Capansky Ronnie Capansky Kim Carrigan 4' u ai, , fl. 'Q f- ., V km V Q Y Qfdgqy S 5 E" if xml K K x L X I me r 1 Tamara Carson B111 Carter Gary Cavin Trix Chenoweth Ruth Clark Joyce Cleaver Mike Cleveland Julee Clifton Kim Clodfelter Delilah Conner Tim Cordell Brenda Cox Roger Cox Bob Crow Ronnie Crow Ricky Crowell Greg Dale Diane Dean Bob DeLozier Kay Dickerson Jeffery Diebold Luann Dixon Melvin Dobbs Robert Dowell Jolene Downing Lance Dowty Peggy Draper Jan Dumas Terrie Dunbar Terry Durborow W f , i Qi: '--- Q f f ' 12" L fr "Q 4 X Ka Ifg ' z- ll Q xx - il '... ,f- ' T- 1 5 Kxnxx WM Us if M xl? Q s ,- .. if M-1--, Znlwgr ' '1-' + 'V an We ,.n'E?xf1.a Am"-If! - 1 , I , -4 F I Qin , Why-23? . . . ..., , f 4 8 M kd . ,Ig F5 r g 5? T il KN 3 Y Y 6 9' N1 W 'i nm.,f,,,. 121 fini .,. Z l"I' X' UT-gi? . . Q ::L 5 E554 Mg Q, l yyy vlyyvlyy S -- N fygww-, wma, , 1 5 A .lf Ignite, , X ,gi W Mi-eau Wi? 4-in if ap- 'E A . F 515' .., :Q J- ' n in - ,,'N W W- - , , llll fi . i Egg ,Q vw "' 4- 5w14'r'r LML, -1 -114 Ln ' Wg, , if iv, 21. swiss ., Q .lx X 715 Y Q ,S r' Y' dt . Y -5 Q i it with Q 4 nav.. .W , vs? A W .. . I - in A A' is" 55. at Don Edwards Denine Eisenman Sheryl Enyart Janet Fields Tedra Fields Dennis Fitzgibbon Susan Foster John Foust Patricia Friend Pamela Gailey Harry Garber Jack Garrett Kenney Gibson Bill Gifihorn Teresa Gilpin Brad Blenn Charles Goforth Kerry Gosney Steve Gower Bob Gray Steve Green Janalee Greninger Ray Grissom Ricky Grunden David Guilford Barbara Hale Vicki Hammons David Hannebohn Jeff Hansford Donna Harkins -k:.XagX. -A- n f wi eff 11363 ' X' ' Q , '.J?'3"-4-'ii' Lia! -f wee, - W1, sf-E?-,ev ,A-rsxggah-5-'.'L:.,-ff Qatar an-1 j-nth?-1,. 1 1: 1, f. - a9kf?u1l:f".1X'.' , 1'-.-2X - 1-X.-ue ip 5' 4. ' ' .1 v 25-1e3.::::i:.i21r.-'af1 , Teresa Harper Darrell Harrison Theresa Harrison John Hartman Roger Hawkins Joanne Hayes Corbin Helmick Jan Henley Rudy Herrel Eddie Hester Mike Hignite John Holt Roger Hopper Vicki Hudson Dale Huffman Karen Hulsey Debbie Hummer Kathy Hunter Ann Jackson Sarah Jackson Jackie Jennings Dennis Johnson Robert Johnson Stephen Johnson Terry Johnson Debra Johnson Gene Jones Janet Jones Martha Jordan Robin Katner ,J or or i1fLas1---Q H ' .5 . ,K 1 1 1 1 A 1111 . i 'f4iEQ,.' Sir X Q ,.,.,V..:v ,1 I -X :-:y: X . 'Y I .1XX,1XX ii as gag Wu 115111 1 ,e me ,1 me N A 1,1 1132? J1, Z 1 1 X 1 ag " T X we ,Q I 1 -sl' 411.14 2 'Gig 'SE L 'S if fi iii N. , 1' X , f f 'N' ' g m., ' zzz X EQ, 'W '55 135.1 X 5, XX XX 11 11XXXXXX 'X XXX . XX XX-': "1111 .1 A 'rt 1 11 I S f if 4. - gr, 2, it-all ' .4 ' H' 'QNX 1 wwf ' '- XJQ- 5- ' ere. 5 - Ee, " t ix 'f i- 1 i s ,I XJ j 1,3 L X . X , .1 'QTEK PT-"fb-E2 I gig-ggi iq f at Wait? A -W3 . , 4"'3,.. 1 t XXE XXXXLX X re1 . X "X Wei? X. ,.,. i ai , M X - X X.,. JXXXXX ,.,X X .X. X XX ,1,1.. er A, .. 11-"'-Q . :':':iE5:.. " 1!3g55,:X5-1.1 "11 'r 1 f 1 -1-'a wi' ' ' f gg- V or i Q wx 1 ' H 1 11? '- -'L' 1 . i , " nI'..' I ' -A ,. , if aff' if ga ge X,,, 'i:'i' I 1, 1 i Tiff, HJ, , qifgqggg . . 4 5 piggy", ,k filthy. 5' ia X QW . nn., 50-' .'g3,,x.:1::' - D-E . -L3 , R511 -. "1 1' 'gg ' 5'-in 11.53 1 HWS 5,34 4, W' .ik K A , . A ....-m 4. .f " , tiffffgiiaii--:::::1:. Q nw W illhl!I'....,:g...- Z, '1--zum... . .. it 'iii .2235 t 3-snmzgliif:.i"WSixf:,2'-at ,Hg " 145' 11. -'Amt-.55 -53, g,i,?,.,,,, :::'n::..u ..x...'1 lx' Us Q :FF X4 ,. ,M X ,mf H: wwwaq, K w tw ww wa ., 3 . 9,2 fm, K-- 3 af-'N 955: P o A var L.A,i5 L E "fb!5?22i2.1 WW'w"!"iZi1iEi?iL, "H WH it jJ'mHwv1asssz'r W H H Aleta King Marsha King Terry Kluge Carla Knight Janice Kostelecky Gary Landers Jim Lawler Charlotte Lawson Mark Lewis Sandra Lowe Ricky Lowry Stella Lynch Kim McCumber Glenda McGee Ward McGorder Shelia Macy Cheryl Mahan Mike Malocsay Maxie Mantle Kathy Marquiss Robin Mathews Delmar Mattingly Mary Mayer Carol Mays Gary Mayfield James Meadows Rickey Mercer Donna Merit Janet Miller Joy Miller ,W 1: ms i L 153 -fit sa 1 awe Sf Lv V Y' 's N RB 'fi . E 5 , 22 5 . a I f "1 - ,SL X' X S T31 . X Q 1 T :uc - .1 1, , f'-5 , - . - a ::.,. pnqjt ri -, m 4. , L Lrcc Si tm -wp-44' -L A . ' .-F " 'rakfgv ,Q 1 t Q, 'N . tyres - ' X .-,f 4 I new tl 4 1. fl lt on iti l Nainah Miller Becky Mirjanich Jill Moore James Morgan Karen Morris Glenn Mouser Elizabeth Neal Karen Nehring Pam Neiberger Kathy Nesbitt David Neilson Willard Nixon Bruce Norton Ben Oaks Roberta Olsen Karen Ousley Charles Owens David Parcell Doug Parcell Donna Patterson Bob Paul David Payton Davene Perry Robin Pittman Margie Philpott Gary Pickering Lynn Pickle Robert Pirkey Mike Pittman Mike Plew F. A551 : U: 1 ,fill I -fr tl 7 Irg.. F .- f ,P E r it eg T, ffj , N Al- X yr if he me 2 AQEL 31 ikl ., x -'rf 'll ,QR Na iq S E512 iff-- NA i 2 l Q: 'If H4 V -ll - W DL, L 3 Am . E l vi wr . P' EQ xg I H1 M, , ' .ff-f, X W xi ' Jin' ,H Gs ii. NJ Carolyn Pliler Diane Poe Mark Prater Stephanie Prewitt Mike Rabel Kathy Radford Leslie Read John Reavis Pauls Reavis Gay Rebish Deborah Reeves Junelle Rendell Gayle Reynard Nancy Richardson Ronald Richardson Louise Riley David Roberson Allen Roberts Rhona Romick Donald Rose Nettle Ross Rena Ross Jacqueline Rucker Sheryl Shade Phillip Shamblin David Shere B111 Showler Mike Sills Debra Smith Kevin Smith X .eff Li! YX -swgsgg Sealife 5 Pix' 5 2 I Marty Smith Pam Smith Vicki Sparkman Danny Speer Don Speer Tim Spinks David Spohn Marilyn Stacy Bob Standridge Allen Stepp Rodney Stepp Lee Stinnett Eugene Stitch Tony Stiver Chris Stoots Cheryl Stockman Shirley Strother Susan Synar Isaac Tamer Annette Taylor Leslie Teets Tony Thomas Merrill Thomas Claude Trask Byron Tunnell Marilyn Unger Tom Va.nEvery Holly Walden Richard Walker Pamela Walkup C h u C ff . L, .,.-'., ., .k ., . , A -fa-g-mm -, '- .fra-W,--,:,. M 1 V .... , ,1 ,, - 1 yn-e .,...::., z..-anfmgesf...a-mar': M. l ' ' s ,- X ,.-.,' -H ,...,. ,... . M. ., . ., ,, , .., . , Kuiigi-'5 ' 1,- , .M . . A3 - Q a n ' al J A - 3 'Q We-,g g P ' aff, 1' . ' vm' x., . Z ,.-,-,-5 .:.,, lf -f':: ', 1.:,v -. E b , , , :.: E: A ,, 1 -A , :4 - 3 1: : ,. .-1--Isfjipjf "1 . 1 , ' , 3-1-...Q:jf':.jf ' ..., .. ,X ,B K r H ..., K i R 3 A N, . , , H+.. ' , W ,,..T ,, -. ,, lf . , A M Q K 2 vn u 3' " Mia 83? Q sl ah. an at R . 5. l H W Z ' 35551 . ' -Q2 1 Q' lf 1 , . .gm 5 . 15 1 I :LM ""-A M552 Y ,f T 712: X ly 1 E Y 55-gi 3 n H Nu 4 4 R' WIMIMZN .. UE M. ax, 1, Y U, li A 'lx q um , 1 M 5 I ,,,. :f...:: - : :.. m:-51,4 . ff , I X fl. we 1 K' .Y .. . if . fi-gf 4.522151 , ,1 . x lf ,j,., QF 1 ' . , . if.: , M xiii? . .l f gk, nr , l M , 5 WT , A ' ,H+ Q " fall 1' HK" W-1 Kia -ax: H :'..m3 F, . ff'-2.-:':i..qs1:a5,' sri. j1f,r:g,"l:?y.ks 212. U - Y, , . 4 -'- I Sv: ' ' 1" s l ,' T: : E ' , 1"' J . U ' " 'A 'gf' ..,-aff,-ll -1 ' 5 . L"iF.:?1i:Q.f.: H ' 55. gf-gg., '7.-f.w+--s'?"'3:w2.T:v.:2a','a -:: -rp .- T,-.,,f. ..,1-,Ar ,,t..t,x7M4 2.3: 1-Q54 .H.Ziei:-'n- '14 ff' ,K TE- A H '. . ev'.?:5fa.',f?lvnj'.' H E 131152. - E,4x"1,.w 4--if jfg,-: 19: nf 2:: 1 tags 1 ,mm 25 - '.fag,ff."s.'1- fs'a:'X'gf,.f:-.mg-'Q'.,5gzsz'!z-fi: up -F fx rw ' as-:.,w.,.--fl.-,wswz ' we 3, 1. - Q T , W I y lllr - D ,-, .f 'N' 'N X ' ,R fr. ,, Q. 1 2 . 5 yyyi N 4 6 Wu L, ,lg X , f ll' ' W dl '. A 'W A l za uxbmxxlx K' 'Pl V J i "" N ,I A 14 4 fr X 5 ,.., x N Rx Sgr XS? ' ', ' "fi -- W" .' mn, N 'iifixaaas . 20 WILLIAMS JEWELRY WlNDHAlVl'S ROLLARENA John Watt Jerry Webber Randy White Tom White Steve Whitesell Claudia Whitworth Charles Wiley Carolyn Wilkerson Jackie Williams Sandra Williams Richard Wilson Ronald Wilson William Windham 'Terri Wood Julie Wright Debby Younger Billy Prewitt , 1, .fp A 3 .. ' gpglfgimt 4' is xl u 'ago' .ai 'N n h Q FQ' 'gg' 4""5'N'A?ifr A' e 'I ,g , Xwf-'B eta T 3' N if Q X 2 .. Q.. -E' ,, , y::x.S- . . W, . - ,-,- ..sy'23y,,f: wp. 2 nz. ff Af "Wife g fix r - X A 'V ' . 5 ,:1,-1h5:x5Q?,2,-A1,.Q.- 417 1 Mm E 3 . M :.f-M-ms-EF 'E Q we-va fe 'GR :GW 'Q--N. SEVENTH GR DE ,Eg x .ig . 2 4, 3 if" f ' 3 n , 'I 'Q ,qi gg- La ei' it ll 4, an A a . . yi -G .4 l 1 fm,-i' 1 I 1-H -.H .',",'1'v-Jirfgzlyafh . - '1'l Q ' in Q lrv x i N Fm ,Wil , N gk? lk 22 'ifhg-'1' , ,. ,. T" ::" gig? A T' , fx' ' ,Q Dx A "' PI rx W YI yy gm Q JW .gg 1 A A 1 , ' ':" 9 '-55 fm 4 iz ' ' x , M ai I, W , 1 f X E, S 4 kv A F g s . "- 7 lon-I Ulm K ,-?c H. ,- A, .... ,.. , 92- ,.'k he Q P - ' : fffjg "H asv fff " 1 --,- - -5 f f A" . I . 1 x ff at 9 ..l X E X- awfte . ,, I f , 1 A 0 if . jljgil ig? X 12- ' " - ug , .Q . k l ' 4 ' ,, ' w F551 ,fa wil Q ' Vx if e' 1" ' J ' f , M I 3 4 H if 4 f x, ' Ar ',. ff X 'X ' if x ,ft A M5 ., if M 53 .p k x N .VL . , wi-rap, FLA 1 . f nw! ,Qqiivia -S w 1 ef.. -in . -l . . 17' 1 J 5. K fi 4 f ai A ,f 4. I, . KI! 35 f r r, . N ny' 1- 5 if' -2:1 5 . ,in -in H "'L:,: . I Qi v, 'W i l . , aa fe T A v lg, r . , . 'Riu K , dia? Jane Adams Vicki Arnmerman Vicki Angel Ricky Akers Carl Archdale Linda Baldridge Elizabeth Barnes John Beard Dayrl Beehler Mary Belcher Christina Birch Margaret Bowden Robert Boyd Debra Bradley Marilyn Bradley Mark Brant Randy Brashers Mary Brixey Bertha Brown Debbie Brown Kathy Brown Ronald Brown Toni Brown Paula Buffington Chris Bull Danny Butler Charles Catt Cheryl Chastain Joyce Childers Sue Childers Sue Christensen John Chenoweth James Clark Sandra Clark Catherine Cleveland Jacqulyn Cline Kenneth Cline Patricia Cline Joe Collier Judy Colvard Phyllis Conner Priscilla Conrad A' Z.:- , 1-.IM 1 V r .,.- f 'ii' I r X 1 . 1 V E1 0 . s 75' F5 4' if fn 3 A F5 QQ U fn S t ff I 1 A.. xg. W 1 4 YW 1 , :xnxx ,VX ,, kxx'x,L! , ,WC nm at L f our n Anita Coonts Ann Cordell Eddie Cravens Gary Crosby Everett Culvey Martha Cunningham Deborah Daniel Ronald DaVee Mike DeLozier David Dembinski Tom Dodson Glenn Dowell James Dumas Jerilea Dunbar Tim Durborow Pam East James Edwards Herbie Elbert John Ellis Danny Ensten Breeze Erwin Danny Evans Robert Flaming Brenda Freeman Cathy Freeman Cheryl Froman Aleta Friess Charles Garner Jamie George Vance Gilmore Tom Gilpin Karen Ginn Edgar Goodman Scottie Gosvener David Green Don Green Demaris Guilford Joe Hale Douglas Hall Torn Hammons Debra Hankins Barbara Harney .f r w irar eumwfi A .' Y- ug. , . in 5 1 be H L Y J' ':':':' 552.3 .,.,.,.,. ' 1 5 'F ,..K 1 J A . ' u 5 .1 . 4 ,C- .f. - Q. ri r we , .., 1. - ,x V 1 N 1 , , H. A 1 , H, H ff" 21:-zT"i -"' it C A- ,M m eq 'ht W, 5.1311 - , 4 gl. ' "" 9 W -P in 'A " gf cw fn" 1 :Vg x .1 2 .ir -:ff N I 2- 1 ZFX , a . I' 1 - 355: ' M f ie 1 ? : ., gt.: :.L.:,:::::.:. J. .Q sr-N ? 3 'WWW 5. F , t S JH ' :uf V, ?'F'e-bm f f tt f ...,:.: ..,-4, -M- t khr ' L ' ' 'Nl 1 X 5 if 5 an W' .IWK I if ff I iq , ji' -J we eff PL r tt 5-' it .- ..., W V 16. 'L t ' 1 , , ki? : C W 1' T maze.. .. . .L,r?'Adw, '. rf '.",T v ui eine '51"'Ti ': xl L- F I g F, Q is A i nf H F 9 QQ' .,,. ,Mu 'Q In We 5' .r W M K, . ",'5:155iI:51i"':" :- .:"fe1'W if t 52 9i -, fag-gfrzxzzn if ,U 1 r E is- 2 F K ,..e,, , ,. umm Q, ut gmtxgx v Jw 23 X 'ss M C ,X . L ,y , '. 3 N A ,4 x N I -A K S y-WU. N Q I h Qi van. . r agen, af he V if T -M W , I1 : !j :..iS .Li5Eg'Z li ,Q 1 '11 Qs Vs ,- :I ,if 'f' Ha , Y 9 . . a nd ' b , .M J. ' Zi'-.' N ff. Gayle Harris Bernard Hawkins Vicki Hawkins Richard Hecksher Billy Henry Jennefer Herrin Charles Heywood John Hicks Steve Highberger J enneffer Higgins Vicki Hildebrand Kenneth Hodges Cynthia Hollis Jacqueline Holloway Gary Hoos Jerry Housman Tom Howard James Hudspeth Jim Huffman Carol Hutchins Garrett Huxall Valerie Jackson Danny Jenkins Cheryl Johnson Danny Johnson Donna Johnson Roy Johnson Rebecca Jones Rose Karleskint Dennis Kay Patty Keeton Kevin Kerley Bobby Key Robbie Kimbrough Pam King William King Teresa Kinkead Ruth Kirk Leland Kordis John Landers Melissa Landers Mary Ledbetter gil I J 5 s:.: ,, ' ui , ....:, Q: -31 , , , ,I7f"!' . .,. , 3. , ., .,..,, , M ip as ,Az- wh - 5 345:- ' 59 1 ,- 'L' ,, x . "EN 145 egg? E - -if .ral Cf'-' '97 s n'J1'.' Ta-1-4 :balk -'.'d',' .. J-- 4:5 P- l'lg,: va , , .. TY . ,I 5 w Tuul: X . -l .-,af4"t--.,,df-'Q-Qsff' . .. ,,-1 1 an :Lf Hx Q X fi 'XML h x 'M E -ai'Cj 1,?,, :pg algal ,- 'iii l "" 'U i- 4 1 'X j I 4 fr : I I Mike Lemons Kenneth Londo Brenda Longan Tricia Long Teresa Lowry Mark Malcom Terry McCullum Rhonda McCurley Ronnie McGinty Clark McQuigg Curtis McVay Billy Mahan Michael Manders Ronnie Marker Douglas Marshall Rusty Martin Judy Mathia Bonny Matthews Richard Matthews Charles Maxson Mary Meadows Connie Miller Deborah Miller Randy Miller Beverly Montgomery Marva Moore. Vlcki Moore Cathy Mountford David Moyer Joey Mullins Susan Myers Deborah Neel William Newton Richard Nichols Bill Nicholson Cathy Nickels Mark Nixon Roberta Nidiffer Brenda Neece David Noel Marcella O'Banion Gail Painter "Q if 4l L rw' 1 AL, 5 .:.:.:.:.:, fe 5 -r 5. 4 . , .g, nd' X ef' 'I S r ' ,,,,, ,W ...,. 4- W"f N , , 1 Nl. Y' l , , . xi , f . ff' ,, if I -. . 4 ll . i .,.. , -.- , , , elf 1' X R a K J r? s ' If ' 05 ! H my Z' ., ...L s .ff-'S . 5' -, . ,cp '-.ka 1 . , is xx 4. . ELM: Y 'ESL 25 M. S ..., .4 six -- ' .,. 'T 1' , .... -3515. . I ,513 E I , W if, .fi ja... X . L .gi at i' 5 , .-.:,:.,. af K x .. 315. f My ..,,A ' i R as , f 3, P ' v fi 5 x B Q Hfag X 1 X.- . L. l :li ' ,-Ely " r Q ,. . ,fjE5.1. :,,' 4' ' Q, "jf,,N - '?'1'-ai. -fl-F E: Mf,,'w". 1 , +-2 i . my .5 , xcrpziv Hell" l in -' '-if l, .7f?M"1,!'-H 35313 . l m'HlV . L M M M N I' Robert Peterson Martin Pierce Larry Pirkey Linda Poe Susan Poe Ronald Pollock Bill Powell Shelby Powderly Jack Pryor Mike Ramsey Mike Ramsey Nadine Read Gary Reading Charlene Reno William Rentfrow Vicki Rice Bobby Rickman Cathy Roark John Roblyer Leonard Rogers Reed Rohmiller Steve Rucker Laura Saenz Keith Schumacher Becky Searle Ira Shade Earnest Shamblin Loretta Sharbutt B111 Sharp Jim Shoultz Teresa Shouse David Smoot Curtis Sommer David Sprinkle Kathy Spurgeon David Stackable Steve Stines Cliff Stoner Dan Stratton Randy Swango Steve Swogger David Tam ,Ko W Mi! an plus' M v y 1 'M s -5 .. 'E ' 47 K LN ' s Hin it 1 iii I '1' ' at-Y L- ., , . F - wil A 'F' at A . ' L in Brenda Taylor Catherine Taylor Zachary Taylor John Thomas Mike Tolbert Tim Torbert Doug Tunnell Lana Turner Lora Vandry Gary Vaughan Thomas Vaughine Jim Wade Becky Walker Kathy Walker John Wallace Marilyn Wallace Clay Walls Kenneth Walser Karen Walters Bill Ward Terry Warren Beverly Watts Robin Weaver Connie Webber Karen Weber Karen White Marica White Terry Whitecotton Terry Wilhoit Steve Wilkins Ivan Wilkinson Betty Williams Isabel Williams Paula Williams Carrie Wilson Len Windle John Witham Delores Womack Dean Woods Susie Wood Debra Woods Kathy Younger u: .rf ,, '4 :L ,, I 1' ,MQEQZ WH Wil:- .z V "uw V w r H: 1 X H EY.. y' Y' fic be E . J 51 .Bn X7 3-fn M. .H , , Y c 55 A ,QV W. - 1 A if F 1, as f we A xr is use r iz' rx f Q Jw . Tai.. a"'i HN "Vid '. .5 . 1 aikdim E1 ,' - .hfmgf fzrgrf ink? ii l l qi, 71 ill: 'z Q.. " 1-"f 1 a Q , 1 if ,,w..,.. Qs i A gl' Elm 1 -' A. t . " 5" R11 Z , ,- xx if 'S Q Q nf' E Q Z 'X m ,It 3 ,. Q.-1 , -' A-,:v I, 5' l " f:a...i' ' A KY S ,822 gk i if Vg: x a-5 ':.::IiI2Z'i:ikYFEf .f2i'f' ff .f Lf in vii, , NN , W it k X 3.5 a,- , 1 r f we . 3 ,T Ll ,. Y -- I iz - . 'A ., , as A x ff 2' 1- if T' H1 L ite 2 sw' 4 Igim . fvi' , ,X I ,gf 'i'ff" ' I' ' an X: M, H VIEW .. ' 28 I Chris Yust Chuck Zordel Jim Warner Roger Russell Y ig 9 if mIx'Q VIRGINIA LEE AND TOM WILSON DANCE STUDIO I I WESTERN AUTO THE FAMILY STORE--CATALOGUE CENTER L If 0- 9, 'im M: .3 DEP RTMENTS SECURITY BANK AND TRUST CO. LANGUAGE ARTS mg .gigs LANGUAGE ARTS I RUTH ANN 8a DON'S BEAUTY SALON 3 E, S,W. PHONE KI-2.-8807 S TUBBL.EF'lEL,D'S CANDY SHOP Q' Wk... 31 LANGUAGE ARTS DRIVE-IN PRESCRIPTION SHOP Two-WAY DISCOUNTS NEHRlNG'S SUPPLY LIBRARY . Law Q22 fseigs sw M, w MLM ' ii fp X K Exgw, , . 9:5 2 v:fszsgf19:W Eg ,r me K 1 s , f . . E-. 'fi 'J' - ,. I :. : - W ,. ali ,H gg fl. A 5 ' M1 1 2 '35, -: : f-.. , 22 . 53,5511 ww .X 1 .1 MATHEMATICS PII! as 1 C F SCIENCE RAIVISAYS DIXON PRINTING CO. Q . QF SCIENCE II PDT II F'AULKENBERRY'S JACK ELLIS, GULF SERVICE GIBSON'S DISCOUNT STORE MIAMI LAUNDRY-DRY CLEANING SOCIAL STUDIES N, I 3 I J .Q 71 ,NX ww- we ae In - . ,Y A J NM Y- SOCIAL STUDIES 2 Q: 'aff' gy ' If f. f af-f, 'Wi' .ZMJ - '-Q ii!-v ', I .' if 5? S I . 01- - ' 'R V2 ' if , ' Y. 4 12'--, , - 4 , ' , '.3'77!r,, ' .iv lg. , ,iw . it ,-3 R MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY IVIARTIN MUSIC STORE FINE ARTS ASTRO-BAND FLUTES Debbie Smith Trix Chenoweth Terri Wood Kathy Nesbitt Betsy Blair Claudia Whitworth Carol Mays Vicki Hammons Karen Morris ALTO CLARINETS Janet Jones Kathy Walker BASS CLARINETS Joy Miller DeMaris Guilford HUB CLOTHING CO. CLARINETS Leslie Teets James Meadows Theresa Archer Marcia White Pam Smith Carla Knight Karen Waiters Vicki Rice Marsha King John Chenoweth Mary Meadows Breeze Erwin Jeanie Wood Jackie Cline James Warner OBOES Randy White Vicki Baker HARALSON CONSTRUCTION CO. ff II CORNETS Jeff Hansford Ricky Adams Carrie Wilson Len Windle David Tam Jimmy Edwards Mark Nixon Tracy Thomas Jerry Housman Stephen Johnson PERCUSSION Mark Brant Karen Nehring Terrie Dunbar Kenney Gibson Elizabeth Neal FINE ARTS ASTRO-BAND SAXOPHONES Steve Whitesell Robin Katner Danny Johnson Bill Nicholson David Guilford FRENCH HORNS Donna Patterson Terry Kluge Terry Warren Robert Johnson Billy Newton Dennis Bauer BARITONES Brenda Longan Deborah Miller TROMBONES John Watt Tom Cordell Claude Trask David Stackable Tim Torbert Darrell Harrison BASSES Roger Cox Gary Hoos B111 Rentfrow MIAMI BRICK AND STONE MANUFACTURING CO. COLEMAN THEATER Joe Malocsay v!, II, f fair' ' Z Instructor -I I e' - Q.. f E ...-i ,ii 35, 2 E iv' - Y in .X if . v J' E . .QQ X. My W G fm? X Iii MQ, It f , f fy-I Q 1 2 -.ux In 'X Q rw af B1 5 " ai! ' A. X . , 2 ffm V5 V, If M . x N' it V 3751 F. Ig: nn.. 1 la , ffjl I 2 I 4- pm L , ii Eiga MXN ly X N I, 1:25, 4,5 .Jj,1,4,n I fg,,, ' Q , 5 -'., ' 3 'T' j x H N7 55 M F NE ARTS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS lst row: Cleft to rightj James Hudspeth, Joe Collier, Laura Saenz, Bonnie Matthews, Kathy Hunter, Vicky Sparkman, Randy Brashers, Marty Pierce, Vicky Moore, Charlotte Lawson, Jackie Jennings, Melissa Landers. 2nd row: Jimmy Hodges, Roy Johnson, Ruth Clark, Denine Eisenman, Beverly Watts, Jamie George, Susan Foster, Stella Lynch, Bertha Brown, Rebecca Jones, Roberta Nidiffer, Lana Turner. 3rd row: Diane Dean, Shelby Powderly, Martha Cunningham, Diane Poe, Carolyn Wilkerson, Jennie Capansky, Judy Mathia, Robert Peterson, C. E, Archdale, Chris Yust. Instructor, Wayne Lawson .lx X w w w ,-Z, sw' ,, K, , , . .1 t, xx s , J! 5. 1,2 .I-If I FINE ARTS MUSIC CLASSES MIAMI COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. FINE ARTS VETERANS DAY A program presented by the Music and Speech Departments FINE ARTS ART lNDUSTRlAl ARTS WOODWORKING 8. CRAFTS ES fx HOME ECONOMICS BUSINESS EDUCATION PHYSlCAl EDUCATION GIRLS ,X PHYSICAL EDUCATION BOYS T623 Q 15655 5 1- w. swim Y N fwmm 1st row: Kenneth Madden, Gary Landers, Danny Jenkins, Billy Mahan, Danny Stratton, Robbie Kimbrough, Steve Rucker, Student-Manager, Alan Roberts 2nd row: Mark Prater, Marty Smith, Tony Stivers, Hank Hecksher, Ricky Grunden, Richard Walker. 3rd row: Mike Malocsay, Kevin Kerley, Ronnie Pollock, Chris Bull, Randy Miller, Gene Jones, Clay Walls, Robert Standridge. 4th row: David Dembinski, John Holt, Bob Paul, David Brown, Eddie Cravens, David Sprinkle and Roger Hawkins. PHYSICAL EDUCATION WRESTLING -,Q SPGRTS Dale Huffman Brad Cannon SPORTS FO0TBAll Max Mantle Don Speer Coach--Glenn Reding A sir' ' K M X Q M K I in LS .' I S' 3, ' A Q , M M ,S X W iq" 1, J U , K Mike Brown Allen Roberts Kim Carrigan Tony Thomas SPORTS 1961 'iv Bob Paul David Sprinkle Glenn Mouser David Brown Ricky Lowry Eddie Hester Lee Stinnett Mike Rabel Coach--Max Buzzard . I L I . w . ' "" A ,, 1 ' ' - ' if Aj M ,Tw and , d , FF 93 o . 5 of of ' ' , F 1 , ' . y" , Wnmlsi' 1-' ia, , if ' .2 1 .121 n 55 TNT ,1 if Ewgie' SPORTS BASKETBAll Brad Cannon Tim' Spinks fi- ' Rez- , ef , . . X" A. MN' " kiss wie v .,, ft? , ,." H , X, 5 H X .I QW, ,F mfs D X . fm 7 .rf S U X Manager Mike Brown Kenney Gibson Eddie Hester Tinker Owens N Tom Cordell Max Mantle 5 . 6' CKL7 B111 Giffhorn Rick Lowry QCKE mags Don Speer Rick Adams , V-if ll, :Ly . L my ww . u A , -5 f' 551 :lj Mlm ' Y 1 M , . H ' s W X 0 ?M , if , is E ai E 7 .HL 'R S WEB' top row, Cleft to rightj Pam Neiberger, Cathy Radford, Rhona Romick, Martha Jordan, Debbie Smith, Elizabeth Neal, Karen Hulsey, Tammy Carson. 5th row: Davene Perry, Joy Miller, Robin Pittman, Sharon Buxton, Cheryl Enyart, Theresa Harrison, Junelle Rendel, Mary Brady, Stephanie Prewitt. 4th row: Joanne Hayes, Vicki Hudson, Carla Knight, Carol Beauchamp, Ann Jackson, Tedra Fields, Teresa Archer, Cathy Ross. 3rd row: Kathy ROCKETTES Jones, Treasurer, Terri Dunbar. Blakemore, Jolene Downing, Kem Marquiss, Julie Clifton, Donna Patterson, Paula Adams, Diane Dean, Rebecca Mirjanich, Carolyn Pliler. 2nd row: Mrs. Allen, Liz Cameron, Barbara Hale, Julie Wright, Lynn Pickle, Kay Dickerson, Peggy Draper, Kathy Nesbitt, Susan Synar, Mrs. Henley. lst row: Janet Jones, Terry Johnson, Marsha King, Sarah Jackson, Terri Dunbar. Left to right: Rockette Officers, President Sarah Jackson, Vice-president, Terry Johnson, Sec retary, Marsha King, Assistant-secretary, Janet paw he , N Q 2 S59 RFP ROCKETTES 4 l W Rockette sponsors: Mrs. Henley and Mrs. Allen. Cleft out of main picturej Anita Coonts, Kathy Younger Pat Cline, Cheryl Froman, Pam East. Top row: Cleft to rightj Susie Woods, Margaret Bowden, Teresa Lowry, Barbara Harney, Cathy Roark, Debbie Miller, Brenda Longan, Demaris Guilford 5th row: Pamela King, Charlene Reno, Becky Walker, Cheryl Johnson, Toni Brown, Betty Williams, Karen Weber, Tricia Long, Jackie Cline. 4th row: Debbie Bradley, Debbie Hankins, Karen Walters, Carol Hutchins, Becky Searle, Debbie Neal, Cathy Mountford, Teresa Kinkead, Kathy Nichols, Connie Webber. 3rd row: Ann Cordell, Brenda Taylor, Delores Womack, Jeri Dunbar, Brenda Freeman, Karen Ginn, Laura Saenz, Loretta Sharbutt, Cheryl Chastain, Shelby Powderly. 2nd row: Cathy Freeman, Beverly Watt, Debbie Woods, Luann Belcher, Vicki Angel, Sandra Clark, Phyllis Conner, Linda Baldridge, Rose Marie Karleskint, Robin Weaver. lst row: Janie Adams, Kathy Spurgeon, Renee Barnes, Jill Herrin, Teresa Shouse, Gayle Harris, Melissa Landers, Aleta Friess, Valerie Jackson, Karen White. Wing! L1 Wj3uWg,,.... W 1.12-V fi: ,Eg Kay Dickerson mf ,wi A ' l Kathy Nesbitt Peggy Draper Rik 1 MQ m m -W mm 1 H , wt, , 1, -. . V Julie Wright ix 1 ww uv e1.,. W Lynn Pickle Susan Synar WW, L"'z 5 'MP' 55 CHEERUEADERS FAVCDRITES FOOTBALL QUEENS ATTENDANTS The f 0 o tb all and basketball queens are chosen from the ninth grade students and squads. Eighth grade attendants are chosen from the eighth grade. BASKETBALL QUEENS ATTENDANTS C3rd.D Brad Cannon, Terry Johns Rick Lowry, Tammy Carson Kathy Nesbitt, Richard Wilson John Holt, Margie Philpott 8th GRADE FAVORITES FRIENDLIEST Kevin Smith and Debbie Younger BIGGEST FLIRTS Bob Paul and Jan Henley A1- Jackie William s, Ricky Adams We M Steve whiteseu, Sarah Jackson Kay Dickerson and Mark Cordell Susan Synar, Tinker Owens MOST SCH00l SPIRIT Brad Cannon and Lynn Pickle Kenney Gibson, Sarah Alquist Barbara Hale, Eddie Hester e 1 M Karen Nehring, Claud Trask Julee Clifton, Steve Green Rick Crowell, Paula Adams A me Wm - . amz: fri 31525 "Z 'E"fF!"': Rena Ross, John Hartman Max Mantle and Pam Neiberger MOST PERSONAUTY MOST COURTEOUS Z 2 Elizabeth Neel and Mark Prater -., William Windham and Leslie-Teets Julie Wright, Marty Smith Z5 Bra P in a 1' 3, , - ish W wlmfsr a 'l we :ay V - 1 ff y 9 552 ' i n OUIETEST Susan Bradley, Mike Hignite Cheryl Stockman, David Payton , 1 01 uw. Diane Dean and George Beck Carolyn Pliler, Lee Stinnett Q vi 5' X 4:- RCYALTY ROYAL ATTENDANTS DEBBIE SMITH AND GREG DIEBOlD PEGGY DRAPER AND TONY THOMAS x n A AAA A ,iQ. A ,, A A 5151 ,,w55"2! Qu HA igfggglfg N A ii3iSiAif . xx. 35 sf LIZ CAMERON AND DON SPEER ASTRONAUT KING AND QUEEN Y YY A X H w Q ' R F , , w 1 1 E 1 y, ., A M is H- I L' It , V4 5,9 am - 1, Q .- X3 .5 X mv, ,wwf - I 4 V we E f- ww.. J. SCHCOL LIFE ASTRONAUT STAFF Top Row: Mary Brady, Julie Clifton, John Ellis, Diane Dean, Paula Adams, Janalee Greninger Row 2: Carla Knight, Mary Ann Alquist, Debbie Younger, David Parcell, Jeff Diebold, David Stackable, Hank Hecksher Row 3: Bill Gifforn, Kevin Smith, Ricky Lowry, Ralph Hartman, Rickey Crowell, Robin Katner, David Tam, Bob Top Row: Marsha King, Jeff Hansford, Mike Hignite, Kenney Gibson Row 2: Elizabeth Neal, William Windham, John Watt, Tom Cordell, Mark Prater, Marty Smith Row 3: Carolyn Pliler, Stephanie Prewitt, Leslie Teets, Trix Wallace Row 4: Melissa Landers, Rebecca Mirjanich, Kathy Nesbitt, Rhona Romick, Loretta Sharbutt, Cheryl Chastain, Cathy Nickels, Bruce Norton Row 5: Susan Bradley, Kay Dickerson, Liz Cameron, Barbara Hale, Janlienley, Debbie Bradley, Ann Cordell, Tammy Carson, Mrs. Eaton Chenoweth, Janet Jones, Mary Mayer Row 4: Mrs. Mailath, Sarah Jackson, Martha Jordan, Susan Synar, Terri Dunbar, Kim McCumber James Meadows not shown STUDENT COUNCIL Cfront rowj Mrs. Hammons, Kathy Younger, Tom Cordell, Kay Dickerson, Becky Searle, Steve Whitesell, Chery1Chastain, Mr.Crawford. Row 2: Cheryl Froman, Melissa Landers, Ray Grissom, Ed Hester, Max Mantle, Jeff Diebold, Willard Nixon, Doug Rose, Eugene Stich. Row 3: Liz Cameron, Debbie Bradley, Cathy Nickels, Beverly Watts, Theresa Archer, Steve Stines, t ,'-?U.I'Bs Billy Mahan, Hank Hecksher. Row 4: Vicki Ammerman, Susan Synar, Peggy Draper, Lynn Pickle, Sarah Jackson, Barbara Hale, Robin Matthews, Junelle Rendel, Debbie Younger. Row 5: Karen Walters, Len Windle, Billy Carter, Rusty Martin, Robbie Kimbrough, Don Green, Reed Rohmiller, Robert Peterson. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Becky Searle, Sec- retaryg Tom Cordell, President, Steve Whitesell, Treasurer, Kay Dickerson, Vice-president. SCIENCE ClUB Row 1: Mr. Madden, Mrs. Holmes, Susan Synar, Kathy Nesbitt, Day Dickerson, Barbara Hale, Mary Ann Alquist, Sarah Jackson, Rebecca Mirjanich, Tammy Carson, Mrs. Miller. Row 2: Junelle Rendel, Trix Chenoweth, Stephanie Prewitt, Kim McCumber, Mary Mayer, Julee Clifton, Susan Bradley, Mary Brady, Diane Dean, Carolyn Pliler Row 3: Elizabeth Neal, Marsha King, Leslie Teets, Marty Smith, Rick Lowry, Raymond Grissom, Danny Speer, Eugene Stich, John Foust Row 4: George Beck, William Windham, John Watt, Bill Giffhorn, Tom Cordell, Kenney Gibson, Jeff Hansford, Ricky Crowell, Robin Katner, John Hartman Row 5: Bob Johnson, Randy White, Kim Carrigan, Robert Standridge, David Hannebohn, Karen Nehring, Pam Neiberger, Robin Matthews Row 6: Donna Patterson, Cheryl Stockman, Jill Moore, Vicky Sparkman, Theresa Harrison, Sharon Buxton, Theresa Archer, Kathy Hunter Row 7: Terrie Dunbar, Martha Jordan, Debbie Smith, Julie Wright, Janet Jones, Karen Hulsey Stockman, reporter. Officers--Susan Synar, president B111 Giffhorn, secretary, Kenney Gibson, vice president, Cheryl HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Karen Nehring, Susan Bradley, Stephanie Prewitt, Junelle Rendel, Trix Chenoweth, Marsha King Row 2: Julie Wright, Marty Smith, Mark Prater, Kim Carrigan, Donna Patterson, Barbara Hale Row 3: John Watt, HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Elizabeth Neal, secretary, Rickey Crowell, vice-president, Mrs. Sanders, sponsor, Jeff Hansford, president , lt ' .J?Ui5ilii1, . 2. , eases, Susan Synar, Tom Cordell, Ralph Hartman, William Windham, Leslie Teets, George Beck Row 4: Kay Dickerson, Sarah Jackson, Jeff Hansford, Rickey Crowell, Elizabeth Neal, Mrs. Sanders.James Meadows not shown s ,.w as U ,artist V ,,, ,S real y 'T "I xi Q 2 ,5 QE ie 1 el V l S ff' it A aa. Mtie .za 2 U' J, N W , Q ,. , ,mega satan 1 - ik at " X H 1 , . saatutl N, Mrs. McDougal, headcook, and assistant, Mrs. Maples. COOKS w sw w Assistant cook, M Mrs. Jones. M in N F MM MM M M W as H. -eff' 1 ' 1 .3 ,Z Y x . . it M 1. ' CUSTODIANS Mr. Mays and Mr. Fields SCENES Miss Bachman, who took Mrs. Carter's place explains the lesson. What is it? Poetry?! We caught you-- Lazy people ,J.,,,... ..--""' ., Happy people HAPPENINGS The line does get shorter A big tangle! Lunch line Surrounded by knowledge Mr. C1ayton's prize class , 155 ?wZQ"'j E 3-' ' 73k-mug . . CANDID SHOTS Snack bar brigade At the game The bench sitters Music Makers Pay Attention Let's go home. What Now? SCHOOL DAYS 'ares -32 . Art? No journalism this time! Cool Clear Water. G-o-o-o-d food. "91N lwgfill 1 Wi? , if f 1 if Hard Work? Look at the birdie, boys! SCHOOL DAYS 5 sen6r Williams i E Q Everyone is inside-- Keep those books straight! 1 Du This looks too easy-- What are those things? V I l N AT SCHOOL Lost anything lately? M54 Rm Bnmfq Christmas window decorators Don't break the jar! TESTS, TESTS, TESTS Everjyone working! WMSWORTH Hamline, Mm. U.S.A

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