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 - Class of 1974

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Whittier Union High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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AEDMAL 1 974 -) ' - CARDMAL 1974 Editor: James Lasseter Asst. Editor: Cindy Lake Business Mgr.: Thomas LaDuke Advisor: Marcello Bermudez Graphics Advisor: Dennis Guido Headings: Mike Espinoza Photo Advisor: Mr. Robert Clawson Cover Design, End Sheet: James Lasseter Publicity: Sue Copsey Artists: Dave Ramsey, Marcello Bermudez Beth Mulcahy. Thomas LaDuke Annual Staff: Tracy Bryeans Loretta Edgar Robert Hook Thomas LaDuke Cindy Lake James Lasseter Kurt Nalley Janice Nelson Catherine Pascal Jack Windley Allen Yung Brian Zeis Published by the Associated Student Body of Whittier High School in the Year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy- Four. .H ' V ' ' X ' lll ' t K.. - ■■ ii ' " CSm V ....•xx " ' . . - (TF ' ; ' I I ■, ' , I ft ' . I v.. %-, . -.. • -- • 1 ■ . ■i ' liini ' ' : hirn( - nnHW! ) r ¥) .9 v ( nr. s |b» MI »3«ftii ;. A .Ul v. v - KiU- f •! r •s 3 . vA - t " ' - 9 - ' --yi _ C r S-. w J m T ' d l IPC ' ' ' " )$ jP " ■ " -f ' f ' M J ' -- ' ■ J ' j ' " - ' _ r W Wji -- V . ' - ' ■■■ I " ME CARDINAL or over 40 years the student body of Whittier High School I bird. From the Red Birds at the pep rallies to the Sacred Cardinal seal in the foyer of the auditorium the stately looking bird has always been synonymous with Whittier High. But how many of us ever really stopped to ask " Why are we called the Cardinals? " For those who wondered but never found out this may be of interest. Unlike many other schools who pick a name for its " powerful sound " or associative popularity, Whittier ' s emblem has much significance to the Whittier area. In 1931, it was decided that Whittier should have a mascot. A committee was formed to go about acquiring one. A committee member, Mrs. Aborne, a biology teacher knew of some cardinals that inhabited the brush in the Whittier Hills. This fact was very unusual and unique for they are primarily indigenous to the warm parts of Eastern North America. The committee decided to check this out by going to the area and investigating for themselves. There was one young boy named Clifford Raney who was known to immitate the bird call perfectly. They decided to bring him along to call the birds. Clifford Raney P.O. Box 857 Fallon, Nevada 89406 Dear Mr. Nalley: Received your letter yesterday, and will tell you what I remember about the Cardinal. This would be going back about forty-two years to the Spring or late Winter of 1 93 1 . I was in the eighth grade at Mill School out on Workman Mill Road. I lived at the end of Cliota Avenue where it dead-ended at San Jose Creek. My father owned a walnut grove there, and the San Gabriel River and San Jose Creek came together just about a quarter of a mile below our house. At that time there were not many people in the area, and all along the creek there were many willows, cottonwood, pecan, Hazel nut, and wild grape vines. All the farm ground was in walnuts, so it made a wonderful habitat for cottontail rabbits, ducks, birds of all kinds and fish, mostly perch and bass in the creek. When I was not doing chores or working after school, I would go swimming or hunting, or just take a hike down in the creek or river bottom. There I would notice the red bird. Their call was a definite whistle and not just a chirp or twitter. I mastered their whistle and not whenever I would go down along the brush area that I have described I could call and in five to ten minutes, the red bird would come and answer back in the trees nearby. I always thought they were smarter and more tame than most birds. birds. They called them Cardinals, and told me that along this Creek was the only place they were found west of the Mississippi River. So I told her I could call them and did. From that time on, for about ten years, once or twice a month, some group of the Audubon Society would be out to see the Cardinals. They would phone my Mother in advance to make sure that I would be around on Saturday to call the birds for them. They would generally give me a couple of dollars and a lot of praise, both went a long ways in those days. This brings us up to the part you are interested in. This day. Miss Hillhouse. my eighth grade teacher, called me to the door where she was talking with someone in the hall. She said that this was Mr. Stauffer, principal of the High School, and that I might be excused to go with him. Out in front of the school were several cars, with about 12 or 1 5 high school students and Miss Wilson (later Mrs. Hodge.) The only one of the students I can remember was a big fellow by the name of Stanley McCaffery, but I do remember that the Student Body President and Secretary were there. Also the head of the Annual for that year was there, and a Committee chosen to go out and see the Cardinal and come up with their decision as to whether or not the Cardinal was to be the Mascot. At this point they wanted to know if I would take them down along the creek and see if I could call them a Cardinal or two. We spent a good hour down along the creek, and if I remember correctly, two males and one female came to my call. Everyone was pleased, and they drove me back to school and made a big fuss over my ability with the red birds, and said they would go easy on the initiation next year when I came to High School. I guess the Cardinal won out as the Mascot that day, for next fall, when I got to High School, the colors were Red and White, and the Mascot was the Cardinal. I am enclosing a little map showing where we went to see the birds. The only part I had to do with the Cardinal becoming the Mascot was in calling the birds for them to view. In as much as the Cardinal was so rare in the West and having become established in the Whittier Union High School District, probably had a great deal to do with it being chosen. I hope this sheds a little light on the past and helps you with your Annual Staff reporting. Sincerely yours. Clifford Raney In 1935, an art teacher Mrs. Ida Marks held an Art contest to see who could come up with the best design for the Cardinal Emblem. One fortunate girl won the contest and her work still stands today as the Insignia of Whittier High School. Now, there were several Audubon Societies in the Los Angeles area, and a Dr. Yerkee was the head of a group around Whittier. One day, probably about 1929, they were hiking in the area, looking at birds, and had not been able to see and red Written by: Cathy Pascal Researched by: Kurt Nalley Xf?-- 1 n — ■7r? r— TPT -C 9 - . 1 ■ .: : ' . 1 t ik» ■ij ' fj ' y c= - I TT ' .« i-iiS, ■ . t ' S P .jr -. 4i« : " " ' ,. i- ' S il •• fi ' %: . ' WH I TT I lKi» £j?,;,|j| sf 0l Sm y ■; ' i«,v ,,vr 17 " il ( =G •W WWHsi SP " U.J. ' Va-. ' i % -V ' S «» - -i-H ' -V; • ' ■ v Princess TRENA HARRIS HPJUi COMIMG COURT COMIMG COURT . t nil YOLANDA GUTIERREZ ■■ » ' f5?S ti -iuiai.aaim a ■- .- ' .-.-j ' .-...v::; Ji ■:--:. r A ■ r r f ?k - _■ T , ' X L B ' l» B r jr_ _ ► L g |3 1 y Z - p ■ i : f 1 V ■ t.- _. . ».A .-- f .■ " -■; iS: im ' Tu- ' W.H ' ltTl ER 1 ??■ ? . t S ' -. 9 t Ji " »: ? ' :- ,; v«» -.--.y: ' 5i f- J l£ « 3: ' i(? .V jR r,-y-7g- " ..!: SALUTE YO ' HIEH Il You were born on September 20. 1925. in Anaheim. California. It was a day of wonder and joy for your parents. While in high school you played trumpet, leading your own lazz group. Your trumpet is still lying around, but you rarely have time for it any more During World War II you were stationed as an Intelligence Observer in Germany You were discharged after winning the Bronze Star You attended Fullerton J C . where you received your A A degree and then transferred to the University of California. Berkeley, earning your A B degree You qualified for your Master s degree at Long Beach State, and further pursued your studies, with the assistance of two math fellowships, at Stanford University and Claremont Mens College. Today your friends and colleagues have this to say about He ' s a good man " " A great pers on to work with. " " He ' s always concerned with his department ' s needs and responsibilities " You are known for your splendid appearance and have established standards in color and fashion that are the envy of your colleagues. You have not only earned the respect of your co-workers, but something even more rare, the respect of your students. Congratulations Mr Don Hess, you richly deserve this recognition we extend to you now. God Bless You p2 t i ?U ,Jj ., Ps j uc Ucr yi yJ±U STimENT GO VI ■ 6 ov ),a c x i . r ' N RNMENTSTUDI w fincMhaAnAer year has gone by. We are in the posiW) now to look back at our gh school yearspnd remember smiles and frie lfhips and ' conflicts, successes and at ' ior r Weh||ye gained knowledge and erienceTh.aM 0D3 valuable in the coming years. k toward the future and plan for i s ahead. In the words of George andle to me. id torch iije o hord of for the mert fif t want to make it as brifMy as possible handing it on to futilte Ions. don ' t just stand on the banks by. Jump in and ride the you in the years to come and may ace and happiness that you search for ll o PEESIDEMT 4 Activities Chairman: Rose Olguin j i irfdb Miiiiii iiiii Finance Chairman: Kent Rasmussen Head Song Leader: Cindy Brequx C. and W. Editor: Nancy Schmickle 7 ' » J X v ,-41 ■ i ' f l-a Dick Welch. Rene Pei ' ECOND f-OW in Jin Vn. HI f ATOMS GIM k ' H i ' Trcwf ,. . i 1 ® H Hilic A . — -—..[T j i sw i tjT Pl ( flm£%J or 0 ;i , „A i R ' W " 1 J S EV. m LEAGUE hen Gulino, iim Herrick, Doug FIndtsy. Dan ' I rr. ' th Xrnirnn Aiir John r um ninnfc Don i F 4l ; . •1 H K ! " u . m MA. I - wmty 4 Piiil %? ' lim SJ ' • Jp|ij .._.,,.. fc wrm m tI k HK - ' B Finance Chairman: Kent Rasmussen FRONT ROW L-R: Maria Garcia. Eva Jane Boranian. Rozanne Grosso, EIke Fethke. Beth Fahrnsr. Elaine Alonzo SECOND ROW L-R: Mark Licht. Tom Miller, Louis Toncks. Cory Lincoln, Susie De Arco. Peggy Rui7 THIRD ROW I R: Nancy Schmickle. Terr! Blough, Tim Polder, Robert Petricko, Chuck Cunningham. AoSoBo COUMCIL FINAMCE COMMITTEE 26 Front Row L-R: Joanne Chavez. Lynn Burlingham. Sue Miller. Dave Trupe. Darren Larsen. Pat Rubio. Second Row L-R: Phyllis Prado. Laurie Paular. Nancy Ward. Shelly Gasperian, Marsha Oganesian. Third Row L-R: Pat Bates, Darren Galindo. Evelyn Oominguez. Larry Warren. Kent Rasmussen. Kirt Rasmussen. Sherman Busch. FRONT ROW L-R: Vickie Argo. Lana Wedmuller, Grecten Krugler. Olores Bell, Qathy Pascal. Janet Kistler. SECOND ROW L-R; Richard Torres. Kurt Nalley. Pam Werdmuller. Ramona Gomez. Colette Marcellin. Debbie Smith, Thora Whaeler, Jeanine Oalis. THIRD ROW L-R: Raul Valle, Gaylynn Smith, Amanda Holguin. Lorl Smith. Publicity Chairman: Hattie Golightly PUELiaXY AND ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE FRONT ROW L-R Jeanine Oallit. Debbi Smith. Lynn Wytde. Elaine Alonzo. EIke Fethke. Roxanne Grosso. SECOND ROW L-R: Peggy Ruiz. Laura Pickup. Mark Lchl. Kurt Nalley. llllHHBIUiBBiil Activities Chairman: Rose Olguin 27 WT. ASSISTANT EDITORXindy Lake ADVISOR:Mark Bermudez UAL STAFF AMMUAL STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Tom UOuke Tracy Bryeans Janice Nelson UAL STAFF AMNUAL STAFF Kuri Nalley Vincent Vanderlaan Cattiy Pascal Beth Mulcahy r FRONT ROW L-R: Nancy Schmickle. Terri Blough, Christy Mason. SECOND ROW L-R; Laurene Dupuy, Jan Galitz, Rebecca Acevedo. Don Dallis. Loren Schneiderman. Tim Foglesong. Tina Gomez. Alison Mahniten. THIRD ROW L-R: Kim Cordray, Tina Peters. Robert Brink, Braden Crow. Karen McCoy. Brian Raub. Robert Gonzales. Brad Foote. Jamie Reed, Bruce Smith, Martin Ackerman. FOURTH ROW L-R: Chuck Savage, Erin Riley C AMD W C Ann W C AMD W f - J- mm ii ■»■ V. V -. ' ■f f I S A lL. r ,: COLOR GUARD LEFT to RIGHT:D8vid Trupe, Dan Pederson. Fred MeiseJim WsnkeJoe Morreale.Leif Da WoC 1 — ' i ' t . i V •a Darren Larsen Jim Lasseter RLS ' STATE BOYS ' STATE GoAoAo FRONT ROW L-R: Amanda Holguin, Kathy Perger, Carol Bradley SECOND ROW L R Kathy Skinner, Chisty Mason, Margaret Sanchez THIRD ROW LR Donna Basham. Maryann Johnson, Kathy Hara. Sharman Busch. Joanne Ahuna. Kathy Martyn, Mansa Reyes, Josephine Blandino. Ann Garrett ? Victor Rodriguez (9th) International Cultural Exchange (from Chile) Carlos Ruiz Bahamonde (12th) Youth For Understanding (from Chile) Abdulaziz Yacoub AInafeesi (12th) Moved here frorti! Kuwait Abdulwahab Ahmad Albader (12th) Moved here form Kuw ait Fouzi Alrumaih (1 2th) Moved here from Kuwait TUDEMTS FROM AFAE 34 " Seaport Village " Carousel Edifice AMMUAL PH0T0G1RAPHEIR ALLEN YUNG 35 . . i V vvl TEACHERSTEil ' „■. : ■: .:. J-.:i.f ,. ,.1 ...- ' »■■,%. " i-. tt-ni-. ,:;. ' .LV« ' - ' ?Ji : ' C y ' iV ' i Vi HER!$TEA€HE Dr Wolstoncroft Robert Cooke ■« FEHlMCIIFALs JACK MELE miOR FAREWELL On graduation night this spring, you harvest the fruits of twelve yea ' S of hard work and you savor the taste of achievement. It IS a time for pride As your families and friends let you know how proud they are of what you have done. I want to say on behalf of all our staff that Whittier High School is proud too Jack Mete Principal 39 - f f Thelma Montgomery Robert Huttle TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHER Joaquin Hernandez : TEACH E: 44 Don Johnson Sandra Messer Richard Newton Robert Algarin noO iJ fl . a ' ft ■. ' n i Wayne Brueckner Jerome Dean INDUSTIRIAL AETS TEACHER ' •] Pat Donnelly TEACIHIEES TEACHERS Do n Kelly v TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS Tl Genevieve Lescsak Frank Poucher Patricia Gallighen Michele Platzek Erich Wittig uCIHIEES TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS James Whalen (Librarian) TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACI Maureen Sanders John Buehler Pat Borland n 4t T.ri Thomas Bonetto Robert Casjens TEACHERS SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS SQ Neil Nordquist Richard Spain SOCIAL STUDEEI TEACH AWARENE OF HUMANITY ■ ' Victoria Balkin L STUDEES TEACHEES SOCIAL STUDIES TI Robert David Wayne Werling 51 DISTRICT ADMIMISTIRATORS Al Board of Trustees: Mr Henri Pellissier member. Mr. Garman Vice President, Dr. Sarchet President, Mrs Macy Clerk. Mr. Lauritzen Member. District Administrators: D. A. Morrissey, Superintendent, Norman B. Eissen, Assistant to the Superintendent, Arthur T. Hobson, Jr., Assistant Superintendent, Earle K. Fisher, Assistant Superintendent, Eugene 0. Wineinger. Assistant Superintendent. PoToSAo PoToSAo PoToSoAo PoTJoAo FJ3A. P.T, Left - Right: Mrs. Cormaci. Mrs. Pappas, Kent Rasmussen, Mrs. Schmickle, Mrs. dalis. Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Polder, Darren Larsen (A. S. B. President) Mrs. Holtom (P. T. S. A. President) % fT " 9 V. " h! S 1 Alex Diaz. Larry Runnes, Rick Hilla. Melvin Cole Back Row L-R Harry King. Henry Maasden. Joe Rozzi Isabelle Nelson, Edmund Sanchez. Pat Brennan Front: Alice Elliott. Dons Martin. Dolores Aura, Olgq Ferrari and Jeanette Ross. n " Leonard Coutu Edward Biernetzky (Head Custodian) Isabelle Nelson Joe Trujillo JOUTHSIDE COMSPERACY Front Row L-R Gerald, Sue, Ray, John and David Row two L-R Tom, Wayne, Bill, Paul and Marc Row Three L-R Neil, Richard, Bob, Robert, Pete and Eugene Missing; Joe and Dennis 55 Now what would you like for Christmas, little girl? Good grief! he ' s poking his eyes again. 57 -4 k - c ; ' ■ j j o V 3; .4 .A v ■ 5 y u ' V A. f . )f 41, .(u ' r ' nil yyr -«=? ' . - ,« ' M 1 ' X.. w l " .it? . u If N 5 . i 1 vvv " Mv. 1!- ' ■ ---. ' -:= Mim ' ' ' .-y :g? f _— , M , s • lll i? " " ( Vf X ; li ' i : ' - s ' ; . V li " ;,v % V.A1 1 58 mmt ' - I K y Qe yO ir X ' h m. MiiC(t)MMiiii» (t)]iii[iiiM President: Rick Larson Secretary: Lisa Cantelmo, missing Vice-President: Jeff Macy SocialChairman: Denise Day CLASS COUl lOMG LEADERS FRONT ROW L-R: Carolyn Salazar, Shawn Plummer. SECOND ROW L-R: Mary Helen Fuentes. Dorene Dolan. Jane Ammann. FRONT ROW L-R: Rachel Diaz. Julie Adams, Dan Pedersen, Fred Meise, Carol Trautman, Jane Ammann, Christy Mason, Charlene Ariza. SECOND ROW L-R: Jim Lassetter, Nancy Buckingham, Debbie Bradly, Anna Davis, Kevin Comini, Rose Olguin, Sandie Cormaci, Jan Cusolito, Daren Larsen, Carina Gianetti, Kurt Rasmussen, David Fry, Jeff Macy, Nancy Wales, Lynn Rhoton. THIRD ROW L-R: John Peel, Denise Day. Janice Madrid, Marlene Rowe, Rick Larson, pebbie Arce, Carolyn Salazar, Dorene Dolan. FRONT ROW L-R: Sandie Cormaci, Rachel Diaz. SECOND ROW L-R: Debbie Arce. Janice Madrid. THIRD ROW L-R: Sandi Turtzer. Carol Trautman. Paul Abrahamian Martin Ackerman George Adams Julie Adams C W Photographer Varsity Wrestling Hi-Jinx C W Photo Editor Math Science Major Waterpolo Honor Roll Rianns Maria Ahumada Spanish Club New Horizons Hi-Jinx Mltltiimg aiinnKDinig sennnl© itir©©® pMcIk©ir®(dl lesives sitir©win siboMit Ihsiplhiaizsiir ' hj a c®inifn(dl©im4 wmd Joanne Haunani Ahuna Girls Council Banner Carrier CSF Melynda Alcantara Hi-Jinx New Horizons Senior Favorites: Anna Crawford, Richard Harabedian Susan Alexander ASB Songleader Hi-Jinx Director Frosh Soph Class Songleader Sharon Alfonso BBLA 62 Cynthia Alvarez Abdulasis AInafeesi Fouzi A-Rumaih Jane Cecile Ammann Art Major Jr. Sr. Yell Leader Bedecs Carol Anderson S elnck ©n Itlni® past amidl l®®Ik T®wsiirdl th® fialtMr© wnftlk sikimdp ®p©ini mnsndl Jose Andujo Ana Aranguren Hi-Jinx CSF Peggy ArcadI ASB Yell Leader Hi-Jinx Rianns Debbie Arce Homecoming Queen Sr. Class Song Leader Hi-Jinx Charlene Ariza Arthur Arroyo Dale Atherton Renee Bahl William Bailey Barbara Ballard Varsity Basketball Art Major • Business Major Homemaking Major Student Council 63 Most Beautiful Handsome: Dan Pederson, Janet Davies F®iui]r yesiiri m ana edimcaitnoiffiail sj§it©ffiffi hsi-we ©fdeira sapped mj wiEl to E®ainni Cnir®iriiicp isim it nit?) William Banueles Debra Barr Football GAA Activities Committee SHARE New Horizons Continuity Means Benach Girls League Board ASB Flagster Girls Council Cathi Bernal Homecoming Court Student Council Eric Bewley Waterpolo Ensemble Choir Mike Blalock Student Council Psychology Major Terri Blough Evajane Boranian German Club Valerie Bouza Hi-Jinx New Horizons Tennis W 64 Brian Brackney STOP Student Council Deborah Bradley Class Council Band Cindy Breaux ASB Head Song Leader ASB Flagster English Major Sue Brophy 5©m® soim® bj th® girsic© ®1F mamy ■fill© r®sillj ©airedl ©d the jpomlt ©f g]rai(dlMaiiti®irii Saralee Brown Girls League Board Choir Bedecs Tracy Bryeans Annual Staff Wrestling Scorekeeper Nancy Buckingham Soph. Song Leader Sr. Class Council GAA Most Likely To Succeed: Dareen Larsen. Dave Henke Lynn Burlingham ASB Song Leader ASB Flagster Rianns Sharman Busch GAA 65 Richard Byrd Math Science Major Waterpolo Zebra Club Yolanda Cabral Donald Calkins Track Disc Jockey Roger Calvillo Math Science Major Joan Camp Kevin Campion Math Science Club French Club Kriegspiel Society Lisa Cantelmo Hi-Jinx Math Science Major Sr. Secretary Bill Carr Pathfinders Cross Country Track Catalina Carriedo Daniel Carrillo SHARE New Horizons 66 Senior Twins: Art Cocks, Chris Cocks (not shown), Paul Clift, Tom Clift, Gloria Harris, Darlene Harris, Renee Chavez, Ed Chavez Ralph Casas David Chapman Carlos Casillas Edward Chavez Jesse Casillas Football Basketball Track Jeanine Caster Rebecca Cervantes Mark Chavez Renee Chavez Art Major Hi-Jinx Ronald Clark Paul Clift Baseball Tom Clift Basketball Baseball CSF Arthur Cocks Swimming Zebra Club Chris Cocks Cheryl Coleman Concert Committee GRADUATEOM = ®Ih, Ilii®w itihi® world a§j foMir yeairs ag® I arirkeds a w®irM=lb ®Minidl®d §® dnsftaiimft ©aiteiri, a 67 James Collins Kevin Comini Tennis Art Major Class Council Starlinda Cook Choir French Club Girls Council James Corcoran Sandra Cormaci Red Bird Sr. Songleader Girls Council Anna Crawford Girls League Cardinal Co. Frosh. and Soph. Songleader Dawn Crowe Economics Steven Cunico Football Baseball Charles Cunningham Concert Choir Finance Committee Track Terry Curcio Janice Cusolito ASB Flagster Sr. Class Council Girls Council Karl Dabritz Math Science Major Wrestling CSF Janet Davies Girls Council Girls League Board §caitit®]r feackj, a VoLFo from th® jiuiininoir high campnns the w®irMc Linda Davila Homecoming Court Hi-Jinx GAA Volleyball 68 Personality Plus: Sue Miller, Mike LaPoint Most Spirit: Peggy Arcadi, Harry Riede Anna Davis Hi-Jinx Bedecs Denise Day ASB Flagster Orchestra Jeffrey Deckner Music Christine Delgado II WOULD SIHIOW THEM A TIHIIMG ©IR TWO. aKud i did. limit graduaally I r®sdm®d I didlira ' ll kim®w k all Leslie Delong Art Club GAA Track 69 I Miidl® wr®iffig Mirims siinidl itIhiMiniii|p©dl dleadl ®ndt wli:ii®ini E idhiOMglhift I saw aim ©peimnimgc S®iHfii©itnm©§ th® lm.nght@r slkitedl to siiffig©r Margaret Dewitt Deborah Dewolf Poetry Rachel Diaz Sr. Songleader Hi-Jinx Phillip Digenova Doreen Dolan Sr. Yell Leader Hi-Jinx : New Horizons Rianns John Dominque Football Baseball Track Teresa Dow Joe Dominguez Mark Donavan Jean Donnett Charles Doyal Band Football Daniel Dura Linda Duran Robert Dow Rachel Duran Business Major New Horizons 70 aim ®lb§c®]iiie j®Ik© ®r a wasted iM®m©iniL ;Icl}5i®(dl Stephen Dvorak Mark Fleming Deb Eisenman ASB Songleader Speech Arts Honovins Cathy Ellsworth Gary Enochs Band Wrestling Jim Ermigarat Frank Esquivel Mary Fahrner Raymond Farias Thomas Fiedler Douglas Findley Football Football Swimming New Horizons Senators Waterpolo Senators Joe Floras Disc Jockey Elizabeth Fluhrer Tim Foglesong Bradley Foote Tennis 71 Biggest Mouth: Jeff Randolph, Maryhelen Fuentes Patti Frank Girls ' Glee David Fry Ensemble Concert Orchestra Stage Band Maryhelen Fuentes Steve Gale Daryl Galindo Edie Gallo Arthur Garcia Wrestling New Horizons Zebra Club ® coubM always ©©Mimit om ftfin® eloiuidla l®Mmg g® ®im Fir@slhi ©siir wsislbi daj 72 Eduardo Garcia Track Soccer Science Major Scott Glasscoe Evangelinda Garcia Leo Garcia Football New Horizons Marie Garnica Activities Committee SHARE Science Major Hattie Goiightly GAA Sports Jr. Class Council ASB Pubilicity Chairman Carina Gianetti Girls Council Cardinal Co. Frosh. Soph. Songleader Bonnie Gradich Leslynn Grandy Quietest: John Stout, Pnscilla Samuelson Aiffid fciraslhicsiims wore ©feim d® ®ndl ©f iimslhi amdl msHosidl feoHTmiiinKedl wklhi yoiuiimg lb®dln©§ 73 Carol Green Janet Gutierrez Ensemble Art Major Hi-Jinx New Horizons Most Exuberant Personality: Brian Brackney, Lisa Vacher Yolie Gutierrez Don Hacker Homecoming Court Football Hi-Jinx Swimming Honovians Dwayne Hammonds Scott Hampton Drama Jeffrey Hansen Richard Harabedian William Hardie Class Council Waterpolo Basketball Track SLimyiLlKmg ail alL 74 ,1 Darlene Harris Gloria Harris GAA Sports GAA Sports BBLA BBLA CSF CSF Trena Harris Nancy Harrison Homecoming Court Science Major Hi-Jinx Class Council Taimos Rianns Dana Hathaway Concert Choir Happiest: Linda Davila. Fred Meise Bonnie Heath New Horizons SiraftIhi©Fsill(0)iF7l, M iftairltedl aganim after a SomnKgRiKDw nit alfl looked c Barbara Heaton ASB Yell Leader Rianns steir sMmmeir went Debra Henderson Donald Henderson Football Baseball Senators 75 y David Henke Tim Herrick Ensemble Baseball Basketball CSF Glenn Higley Math Major Robert Hilgenberg Karen Hill Drama Fine Arts Major John Holtom Cynthia Hooper Patsy Hooper Karelyn Hoover Drama Ensemble Business Major Hi-Jinx Band Drill Team Cardinal Co. Senators GAA Sports GAA Sports Christy Jacobazzi Photography Major Hi-Jinx Honovians Linda Jameson Lois Jefferson Swimming Jenifer Jewett Barbara Johnson Student Council Frosh. Songleader Tlhiiiriigs Haadl cHnainigedl mo naoil illhiniags im©o S was iffi® l®img®ir miteirestedl iim gi mg frnenads Sw®M®i):ii surmfiis ®ir dealnnug Hlhieinffl sihiaitfteiredl pirid© 76 Linda Kelley Laurie Kellum Mary Kelly Robert Kenna Pamala Keyes Band Psychology Major Business Major GAA Sports SHARE I ll©(0)lk sum nimiteroslt ina th® m®w aumdl nit all §©©inni®dl irnglhiL iimdl Hlh ®n 77 yk® %h-s € 4mip( FtSLmt4i§®- w-d®m.th-thmgs,4rQmni-m.m°e Ai®it- dsi.y ira® Il(Q)img®ir mmadl© impr©ssn®iffi§) It was thmm to mo So Best Dressed: Martin Salazer, Janice Madrid Most Datable: Steve Gale. Shawn Plummer Janice Kimble Greg King Carol Kirk Girls League Board Photography Art Club • Archetecture Hi-Jinx Tom Kistler Science Major Waterpolo Swimming Linda Klein 78 Fall Hmlf Ihi®inni@ amd im®w ltlhi®ir® werd J® dskjs, aimd ®p®ini=©j© jmiglhite irffii®ir® David KleinhampI Art Major Martha Lackey Thomas LaDuke Annual Staff Waterpolo Zebra Club Cynthia Lake Annual Staff Art Major Art Club Pauline Lang GAA Sports Hi-Jinx Michael LaPoint Student Council Darren Larsen ASB President GAA Sports Girl State Rick Larson Sr. President Jr. Vice-President Natalie Law Pep Committee Choir CSF Marie LeBlanc Choir Hi-Jinx GAA Fresh. Rep. Rober t Lee Waterpolo Stage Manager Senators Sylvia Leon Simone Landry James Lasseter Annual Editor ASB Yell Leader Sandra Lidyoff 79 John Lieggi Anthony Llanes Richard Longoboardo Leonard Lopez Robert Lucero New Horizons Debra Magnuson IViath Major GAA Track CSF Barbara MacDonald ASB Yell Leader Speech Major Honovians Jeffrey Macy Yolanda Madeiros New Horizons Business Major Jane Maguire Activities Committee Guitar CLub Hi-Jinx Lawrence Mahan Cross Country Anna Mann Tiro lbles, pr®lbll®inmss, Ihias§Il©s silb®Minidl M® l®ini£®ir Ud ' tu§L JACKo REAL Hlhiiifiii Janice Madrid Sr. Song Leader Student Council Hi-Jinx George Mann m REAL w®irMc 80 Ralph Manzanares Deborah Marett Ensemble Choir Hl-JInx Peter Martinez Kathryn Martyn GAA Cabinet Archery Team CSS Christy Mason GAA Sports Francesca Massei Elizabeth Mayorga New Horizons Hi-Jinx Daniel McCamish Bridget McCoy Karen McCoy Basketball Orchestra Math Major Aiffidl H was a pi®©( B niffi nils ]piLii l®c James McDonald Tim McFarland Stop Club Back Packing Club Lisa McCluer Geraldine McKenna 81 A roMglhi Uninm© for al ©©mceimaedl hmt ftfineir© air© inm®imi®iniits f inffi®iniii©iriiitsl u n t w®irltlhi ftrsidlmg Fred Meise Color Guard Senators Student Council Larry Melnikoff Margaret Mendoza Business Major Paul Mermis Business Major Pathfinders Claudia Miller Art Major Art Club Hi-Jinx Best Musician; Dan Tyler, Beth Fahrner Most Athletic: Jesse Casillas, Sherman Busch 82 A simpl© twem gir®wiinig m ftlhi© middk ©f a IkiuiinrkainKi Jody Morales Art Major Ceramics Joe Morreale Color Guard Track Student Council Beth Mulcahy Art Major GAA Sports Hi-Jinx Ronald Munoz Kurt Nalley Annual Staff News Staff Red Bird Donna Nelson Rianns Janice Nelson Annual Staff Class Council Scott Newberry Tennis Senators Joy Nicholson ASB Songleader Hi-Jinx Taimos Mark Nielson 83 Tom Noonan Brian O ' Conner Joshua Oen Chess Club Moana Ohai Hi-Jinx Timothy Ohare Senators Basketball Track Rose Olguin Homecoming Court Activities Chairman Honovians Therese Olson Business Major Vicky Parker Business IVIajor STOP Club Laurie Parque Lee Oltjenbruns Golf Basketball Nancy Otto GAA Swimming Catherine Pascal Annual Staff Drama Hi-Jinx Dan Pedersen Football TIk® lFmsiIl®n° finantos the ©md ©ir o © ©©Mflffiimninii Ml Elizabeth Owens Business Major I- John Peel Baseball Track Industrial Arts 84 Wayne Pennington Zebra Club Annabelle Perea Hi-Jinx John Peterson Leslie Phelan STOP Math Science Major Finance Committee CSF sec Cynthia Perok ASB Flagster Drill Team Hi-Jinx Cathy Peterson Art Major Ceramics Denise Peterson Business Major Hi-Jinx Honovians Timothy Pickering Thomas Pierce Commercial Arts Senior Sweethearts: Trena Harris. Bob Herman luislhi innioiijiitllii day§ aboMiradlo Alarm cl®sk criuimlbl©§ walk siinidl (dl©§ilir®y§ MY diresimi. 85 IHOW PARE THEY MAKE SOMETIHIMG TO SMATTEE THE MPOETAMT DRIFT OF LIFE«J Shawn Plummer Sr. Yell Leader Hi-Jinx Rianns Timothy Polder Choir Donald Porter Football Graphic Arts Major Lois Poyorena Mark Poxson James Prado David Price Scott Railsback Jeff Randolph Ensemble Choir Football Concert Choir School Announcer Basketball Music Major Zebra Club Varsity Club Kurt Rasmussen Elaine Reade James Redman Cynthia Reese Kris Senators Hi-Jinx Math Major Fine Arts Major Student Government Honovians Ceramics Photo Choir Cardinal Co. 86 ir ]M®ir® aifirancii inm®ir ' ®mt Kathy Renfro Daniel Reza Lynn Rhoton Harry Riede Choir Architecture Spanish IVlajor ASB Yell Leader Hi-Jinx Math iVlajor Choir Waterpolo Rianns Sports Hi-Jinx Drama Michael Rinaldi Football ■ Theresa Roman Language Major Student Council Rianns Harriet Ritchie Art Major ianee Rochin Connie Roelle Bruce Roland ASB Songleader Orchestra Ensemble Pep Band ASB Flagster Stage Band Alice Romero Marlene Rowe Ensemble Hi-Jinx Bedecs Carolyn Salazar Jr. Sr. Yell Leader Hi-Jinx Bedecs Martin Salazar Football Track Swimming 87 Priscilla Samuelson Margaret Sanchez Banner Carrier GAA Board Drill Team Melissa Sanders Ceramics Major Hi-JInx Steve Schanafelt Ceramics Major TIrn® {Prieinidls ©f f®Mir yeairs pasH ar© ©fiteini faces iffi®Wo Tlhiere ar© ©itlriieirs to itak© Itlhi© pIac©o ffw y ' k " Jennifer Scherrey Nancy Schmickle Susan Schmickle CSF Cutest Smile: Ron Clark. Nancy Buckingham 88 Barbara Scott Honor Roll Thomas Scott Baseball Basketball Track Randall Sal Vincent Serino Fred ShahbazI Wrestling Football SEMEOE TME mm® kmd ®f Ugh kimowiinig thsit fim ad th s topc David Shanks Graphic Arts Janet Skovgard Hi-Jinx BBLA Jeri Shaver Girls Council Hi-Jinx Basketball Scorekeeper larie Shears Alan Shotwell Math Major Track Cross Country Helen Silva Kevin Smith Band Student Council Keith Stadel Science Math Major Photo Club Kenneth Stanton John Stone Basketball Industral Arts BIA 89 John Stout Margaret Sturr Linda Susoeff Ceramics iVlajor Pamela Sutton Art Club Ceramics Throwing Team Band Max Tait Shelley Taylor Stacy Thomason Linda Toncks Aurora Torres Basketball Orchestra Photo Club Math Major Band Photo Major Electronics ■ Hi-Jinx New Horizons Richard Torres Wrestling Photo Major Carol Trautman Homecoming Court Hi-Jinx Honovians Glen Trefry Football Senators Waterpolo Gary Trow Waterpolo Swimming David Trupe Color Guard Architecture Iw ilk® f ■ mm m a. fak® ©itlLniffiEo OnnH fclhi®ir® COlkp the tewim h lm.nghsM® m.nd §ca ttlkeir® w©!ffi always lb® aim ®p®ffii doors, a saimdll®§irianl© 90 William Tucker Sandra Turtzer Drill Team Sr. Songleader Bedecs Robert Danial Tyler Orchestra Band District Honor Band Lisa Vacher Paul Valle Football Baseball New Horizons Charles Vancampen Architecture English Major Susan Vannatter Hi-Jinx Bedecs Janet Vaupel Girls League Pres. ASB Flagster Hi-Jinx Anita Ventura Business Major Hi-Jinx New Horizons Victor Verdugo Psychology Major Soccer Football Michael Vidales Lucille Viesca Homemaking Major Drill Team Banner Carrier Cindy Villagranda Juanita Villalobs Math Science Major Spanish Club ©r SI wairinm radisitoir H© ftaiaddl® hj ©ira kkl© M® ®mlb@]r m®irimmg§ S Itlhimlk f m esijpailbfl® ©f ©©piimg wnftfta (tIbiaLit 91 Ef EcoiuiM clearly s©e wfciad p®®ir®dl ait m® fFir®m JMsH lb®y©irii(dl today Most Lovable; Joe Morreale, Debbie Arce Donald Wakefield Nancy Wales Band Hi-Jinx Anthony Walker Debbie Wallace William Walsh James Wanke David Ward Hi-Jinx Football Color Guard Baseball ' •_ ' Rianns Wrestling Auto Shop Science Major 92 it mnglhid cslujis® a direadlp a sihiaknimg wlmklhi im©®d®(dl ©airefiuil IhiainidlMiffigc T]k®ir© ' ' § g® m clhi ftlbiaiit mi®®di, clhsLinignini Euflft Deborah Watkins STOP Hi-Jinx BBLA Debra Watson Hi-Jinx Bedecs Tracy Weston Terri Webb Softball Ensemble Hi-Jinx Kathy White Kathryn Wiita Band Hi-Jinx Jean Williams Richard Welsh Basketball Baseball Stage Crew Ken Williams Ronald Williams Donna Willingham Band SHARE Teresa Witthoff Art Major Hi-Jinx Jerry Wright 93 I jprefeir to appirosiclhi it sM wnitlhi sl s®iffis® ©IF woiffider sumd ©©mceirinic Fd Ink® to Itlbininik itlhiait HUnk Mirmdnjiaitt© Wright Lynn Wylde Anita Ybaraza Helena Younger Allen Yung Activities Board Hi-Jinx Music Major Business Major Student Council Bedecs Orchestra Photo Club Honovians Banner Carrier Annual Photographer Brian Zeis Annual Staff Football Terry Zimmer Tennis Diane Zishka Abdulwahab Albader 11 ©©mm© ftlhiiroMglhi aumd slkap® ai plae® wlkeir® ©it]hi®]r§ caim play Ulni© gsumi® gumd soinni© ©fiF wnftlhi a slhmiriic© ©f wniminiiinig to©o E®lb HmM© Ruben Benavidez Football Grace Van Capelle 94 Alex Aldaco Jack Bantau Tony Bustamete Daniel Cantrall Helen Cendejas Tim Cerny Henritta Cruz Steven Curtis Michael Dyer CAMERA SMY Daryl Galindo Beverly Evans Helen Flores Joe Garcia Sherry Garritson Dennis Gross Robert Herman Raleigh Helguin Richard Johnson Andy Kirker Michael Knop Bob Lancaster Betty Luna Donna Lytle Martin Maytorena Jeff McLeod Jeff Melton Ralph Moat Donald Nelson Daliene Northcutt Kent Rasmussen Edwin Salatnay Richard Smith Michael Thorson Marian Vasquez Leslie Young H. Onsone REMEMBER , . - When they dropped the dress code - nothing - . . - everything . . , - getting the senior windows at the snack bar - when they put up the fence across the street and created Stalag 1 3 - Zebra Club and ail those escapades yoiid love to do . . . but wouldn ' t darei - the PSAT and SAT tests - cutting class and getting away with it - wher Miss Fitzpatrick became Mrs Tacaks - The ' 73 prom at Balboa Pavillion - ten minute break - becoming a letterman - SENIOR PRIVILEGES! - singing the alma mater - song and yell leader try-outs - Christmas and Easter vacations - thinking that you were smarter than the teachers . . . then finding out that you weren ' t - PARTIES!!!!!!! - filling out college applications - required subjects - being a T A - unofficial " ditch day " - school spirit. . rah! - ASB Installation Assemblies - not using the tunnel - John Goddard assemblies - guys sneaking into Hi Jinx dressed as girls - " controversial " assemblies - Homecoming Festivities - tiemg an under classman - when EVERYONE cheered at the football games - getting lost on your way to class as a freshman - pep rallies at lunch ■ asking a guy to Girls ' League for the first time ■ the hypnotist assembly - rotating schedule (activities class) ■ WATER POLO! - setting trash can fires - how we wore out three counselors - Mr, Spain (need we say more?) - winning an occasional football game - getting your driver ' s license ■ wondering how you ' d ever make it through 3 MORE YEARS! • when Miss Quezad a became Mrs Carreon - the initiation of " triple S " at Whituer ■ disc jockeys and their " lack of taste " " in music - the Cardinal band greeting President Nixon at Ontario International Airport - voting on your " 74 class ring - Life " s Simple Pleasures. Laughing Makes My Tummy Hurt, and I Have This Funny Feeling - voting for the first time in a school election - becoming rather fond of your frog in Biology and then Mr Zimmer says that you have to dissect it • tseing an Upper Classman AT LAST! - getting your " 74 class ring ■ Fall Plays, and Spring Plays - losing every football game in our senior year . IN MEMOMAM i-l In memory of our friend Kim Tuttle. One whose friendship we will always cherish. .3P. NPf-« " ' In memory of Jeff Judd. Whose love for nature brought him peace and inner joy. 96 I Cindy! Is that him? 99 WOMEN? . hort ' nswccL m " is It nervousness l THE FISH ' or is it congestion y P ' CHECK The forbidden fragrance. The bunch jWfe ' ve tamed the I LITTLE iWiiQiaiJi 102 103 ' - - . " . •; - i ■ ■.• v - ' v-. ' - ' - ' -ss- , S; i;S ; -;%- iiii»i)iigMiiiirj i)]BiMCijii« PRESIDENT: Rene Pellissier VICE PRESIDENT; Loren Schneiderman SECRETARY: Tammy Heard SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: Sheri Hall CLASS C0UMCIL FRONT ROW L-R: Terry Sablan. Janet Haribedian, Julie Harness. Jim Vroom. Chris Kabatski. Jackie Johnson. Denise Reynoso. SECOND ROW L-R: Sherri Hall. Sue Votaw. THIRD ROW L-R: Don Dalis. Janet Daily, Karen Burgstrom. Loren Molander. FOURTH ROW L-R: Rene Pellisier. Tina Galazeski, Marisa Reses. Loren Shinderman. Shari Loo. Karen Leggi, Tammy Heard, Lisa Licketch. FIFTH ROW L-R: Allison Mahnken. Pat Padilla.gprri Burmeister. YELL LEADER ' FRONT: Allison Mahnken. SECOND ROW L-R: Teresa Xiques, Pat Padilla, Marie Ratliff. THIRD ROW L-R: Carrie Burmeister. ' f-? - JBI ' %t i 1 r IB Chris Abbot Maria Abralamson Margory Abeyta Dick Adams IVlike Adams Valentina Ahlers Komron Kjir Nona Allen Rebecca Aivarado Gloria Alvarez Maria Alvarez Martha Alvarez Sandra Alvarez Sylvia Aivillar Cathy Anderson Tom Anthony Michael Apodaca Charles Arellanez Richard Arena Lisa Ariza Victor Aroian Hector Arreola Mary Arsenault Diane Ashto Kathy Avalos Rudy Aviles Richard Balthaser Carol Benuelos 108 ■I I Brenda Bernal Mark Biddlecombe Lillian Bonilla Deanna Borschowa Gary Boulter Constance Bowden Teresa Bowland Carol Bradley Estella Briggs Alan Brookhart Sandra Brophy Michael Brown Carrie Burmeister Tod Byers Vincent Cabailero Laree Cameron Karren Campana Shelagh Campion Lydia Cano Carmen Carillo Suzanna Casas Sandra Cervantes Gene Chappell Michael Cline Pamela Cline Stephen Conner William Cote Denise Cote Louis Cox Steven Crago Jane Crawford John Cummings Craig Cushingham Lois Cutrona Janet Daley Don Dalis 109 Toni Dangleis Tracv Dean Deborah Delarosa Kenneth Deliso Terri Depalma Mark Dettor Leif Dewolf Elizabeth Diaz Marilyn Dominguez Lisa Doyal Michael Duaite John Duffy Gerald Duke Christopher Duran Bud Dysert Bob Eades Loretta Edgar Grace Elias John Engen Sandy Enos William Eordekian John Eshilian Amie Esparza Richard Espinoza Yvonne Esquerra Joel Estrella Douglas Fairbanks Barry Fest EIke Fethke Valerie Fischbach Lily Flores Susan Flores Edward Pontes Kevin Foster Cynthia Franco John Franklin Catherine Freitag Christine Galezewsk Jan Galitz Philip Gallagher Irma Gallardo Angel Garcia 110 leatrjs Garcia rma Garcia uana Garcia Iheryl Garrett :indy Gatlin inn Garrett iVIike Gelvin Eugene Gonzales Daniel Gideon Robert Gonzales Michael Gilinson Rocky Gonzales ii Iichael Glenn Sailie Gonzales William GIdye Mark Gotts Tina Gomez Theresa Granado Michael Grantham Roxanne Grosso Erin Gray Stepheh Gulino Margaret Gray John Gutierrez David Green IMadine Gutierrez Ian Green Janet Hairabedian Kimberly Green Gail Hall Larry Hall Sherilyn Hall Thomas Hall Ian Hamilton Robin Hansen Kathleen Harabedian Kathy Harms Julie Harness Susan Harper Shawn Harris Pamela Hart Patrick Hart 111 112 Simone Haussecker Robert Hencley Richard Hobbs Jeffrey Hukkanen Jr. . Yvonne James Janet Hayes Alejandro Hernandez John Hoble Inez Hurtado Lawrence Jenkins Tammy Heard Elizabeth Hernandez Robert Hohne Gloria Huss Fred Johnson Randy Helton Letty Hernandez Leonda Holcomb John Inda Jacqueline Johnson James Herrera Madeline Holland Patrick Ingala Mary Johnson Gary Higa Diane Hollocher Lorelei Isaacs Dale Jones Gail Higheagle William Huffor Rex Jackson Lori Jones Deborah Jurcak Sandra Kaplan Elizabeth Kerr Carol Kifer Dennis Koelle Tanya Konovaloff Ralph Lake ■I Mark Landis Thomas Laney Johanna Lasseter Joel Lasseter John Lasseter Mark Lauricella Majorie Lawrence Douglas Lawson Pierre Leelanc James Lerma Mark Licht Karen Lieggi Ronald Lieggi Lisa Likich Denise Link Danny Llanes Susan Lojacono Shari Loo David Lopez Monica Lopez Ruben Lopez Yvonne Lopez Cynthia Lozano Lisa Lucero Kathleen Lucino Marvin Lujan Mary Helen Luna Ray Luque David Lynch David Maclean Betty Maclin Todd Macy Phyllis Madeiros Michael Mahaffey Alison Mahnken Sally Maldonado Linda Maloney Sherry Manley Donald Mann Carl Manzanares 113 la s .:% i Gilbert Manzanares Maurice Marascio Michael Maroney David Martinez Gilbert Martinez 114 Raymond Martinez James Maze Daniel McKenna Christopher Melton Lori Messa James Martino Joseph Mazzed Dori McMurtrey Julia Mena Donald Miller Wendy Martino Karen McAllister Richard Means Richardo Menchaca Donna Miller Brando Massei Kathleen McCoy Robert Medina Nancy Mendoza Lynn Miller John Mathews Peter McCullough Jana Meewes Kimberly Mengel Thomas Miller Andrea Matson Sandra McGuire Susan Mehan Nancy Menzimer Robert Moat i- Lauren Molander Monica Montano Rick Wlontero Colleen Mooney Mary Ann Mooradian Karen Moore Bill Morales Linda Morales Richard Morales Cynthia Moreno Richard Moreno James Morgan Julie Murillo Raymond Murrah Paul Murrieta Peter Murrieta Barbara Murrietta Gloria Marsh Mark Naaktgeboken Karen Nalley James Nance Dina Naranjo Thomas Nelson David Nicks Steven Nielsin Alfred Norman Deborah Nunez Delia Nunez Alexander Nuno Patricia Oeh Marsha Oganesian Nalani Ohai Kathleen Ohara Barbara Olguin 115 Stephen Olguin Timothy Ore James Owens Kathleen Olson William Ouellet Irene Ozuna Steven Oltjenbruns Albert Ovalle Paul Pacheco Patrick Oneal Anita Owens Patricia Paoilla Clara Palafox Cynthia Palma Kenneth Palma Cynthia Parker Eric Payne Rene Pellissier Kathleen Perger Kurt Perine Danny Peterson Forrest Phillips Suzanne Pickup William Pike Susan Plount James Pocock Judy Poyorena Marcel ina Preciado Rita Prieto Ralph Rabago 116 ' i ' 1 t W in f t - ' t- " ' ' j ' vKt. ' ( p y W0i Brian Rail Imelda Ramirez Kent Randolph Marie Ratliff Brian Raub Jamison Reed Wanda Renfroe Marisa Reyes Denise Reynoso Jesse Reynoso Miguel Reza Steven Reza Paul Rhoton Eric Richter Fred Riede Erin Riley Robert Rivera Leslyn Roberts Randi Robertson Eileen Robinson Steven Rojas Johnny Romero Cole Rosencrans Jeffrey Rospond Raul Rubalcava Virgil Ruiz Terry Sablan Lydia Salazar Robyn Saleen Arnpio Sanchez 117 Kim Sanchez Charles Savage Matthew Sand Loren Schneiderman Martin Santillana Richard Schultz Jan Sargent Theresa Schumacher Craig Sebolot James Senko Humberto Sera Stephanie Shrager Jeanne Sill Cindy Silva Mary Skaini Cynthia Slower Bruce Smith James Smith Mark Smith Julie Spiri Debbie Starts Fredrick Steiner Andrew Stone Roberta Stone Janelle Sipierre Carl Streebel George Sturr Christopher Sullivan Fred Susoeff Joseph Tait Ronald Talbott Mike Tammen Mary Tanner Crittenden Taylor Rick Tehey Kristina Tejeda 118 a Rudy Tellez Richard Tetley Julie Thompson Julie Thornton Carlton Tljley Robert Tolmasov Louis Toncks Jill Trent Jeffrey Trieulski Selma Tucker Debra Tyler Edward Urias Elsa Valdepena Stephen Valmer Debbie Vancampelle Lydia Vasquez Olivia Vasquez Karma Vela Barney Verdugo Kathrine Vivian Susan Votaw James Vroom Charles Walker Lisa Walsh Donald Ward Ronald Ward Ronda Warman Maryann Watkins Maryann Waiters Lawrence Wehus Paula Wejmar Pamela Welch Orlana Werdmuller Susan Westra Thora Wheeler Timothy Wick 119 Laurie Widick Sandra Williams Vickl Williams Francine Willson Laura Wilmoth Jeff Wilson Jerrie Wilson Jack Windley Steven Winston Frank Wright Thessa Xiques Regina Young Shelly Young Deborah Zamora Yolanda Zamora Patrick McGann Donna Basham Peter Bates Tom Batrin Mike Baugh Raul Benavidez Lani Berg Karen Bergstrom Alice Franco Theresa Granado Cathy Hernandez Christine Kubatzki Pat MacArthur Rick Marcellin Tom Mitchell Victor Ortigaza Sandra Silva Keith Tellez 3erru l j ' vToo bcx6 CL don ' , ' ' " ' % n A4 M m »« SiSiiig ' f ' O U- t,(S)a rd or f, " if ' " M ' lm r- l§ ! x ■ D SOPHOMORES l§ OPIIOMORESM FRONT ROW L-R Corle May-Secretary, Richard Plummer-Vice President, Raul Diaz de Leon-President, Anna Baeza-Social Chairman. loHHIniraiiHi HllPPl PRESIDENT: Raul DiazdeLeon VICE PRESIDENT; Richard Plummer SECRETARY: Corle May SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: Anna Baeza ■ » W 4 1 7 31 1 i o ?: OMG LEADERS CLASS COUMCSL iiiiiarjiiiiiiig FRONT ROW L-R: Laura Pickup. Alma Aceytuno. Pam McCurry. SECOND ROW L-R: Ellen Chandler, Stephanie Chapman, Janet Tranbarger. FRONT ROW L-R: Christine Mac Donald, Susan Resales, Sandra Manriquez, Janet Kiricer. SECOND ROW L-R: John McGaffey, Susan Carnpbell, Michelle Rabago, Corle May, Karen Marshall. THIRD ROW L-R: Janet Tranbarger, Ellen Chandler, Tracey Schwiermann, Dorene Loew, Anna Baeza. Marc Montano. FOURTH ROW L-R: Richard Plummer. Gail Ross. FIFTH ROW L- R: Michael Reyes, Dennis Cujak, Jim Reese. SIXTH ROW L-R: Lee Riley, Pierre Pellissier. SEVENTH ROW L- R: Alma Aceytuno, Maureen McLaughlin, Leanne Rouch, Jeanine Dallis, Kathy Jenkins, Laura Pickup, Laurine King, Laurie Lumbattis, Raul Diaz de Leon. FRONT ROW L-R: Christine McDonald. SECOND ROW L-R: Sandra Manriquez, Janet Kirker, Pierre Pellissier. Susan Rosales. : :s. sl ,-.i,.Aa.». ,:-, Aceveco, Rebecca Alverez, James Ayala, David Baugh, Steven Benavidez, Raul Blinn, Mary Buckingham, Diane Aceytuno. Alma Alvillar, Sandra Ayala, Rosa Beckman, Paul Berkeley, Karen Blough, Gerri Burford, Michael Adams, Jenny Aguicera, Alfred Ahuna, Deborah Alfonso, Alfred Ama, Elisabeth Aona, Roger Arranguren, MaryLou Arreola, Gloria Blower, Jeffrey Boulter, Donald Bowland, Nancy Bradshaw, Sheri Burgess, Peggy Burlingham, Paul Burns, Jim Byre, Kathy Alonzo, Elaine Ashton, James Baeza, Anna Beechler, Dorene Bernal, David Brant, Alan Cabral, Estela Alfonso, Rainol Askari, Nilufar Barr, Brain Bejarano, Louie Bishop, Debra Brown, Douglas Cahoon, Bradley 126 1 Q n m - . j n Calderson, Cynthia Carriedo, Ramon Chandler, Ellen Connors, Chereyl Cujak, Dennis DelaCruz, Irene Dimmick, Lawrence Camacho, Dario Carrillo, Susan Chapman, Stephanie Cordray, Kimberly Currey, Jill DelaCruz, Oscar Dixon, Marcus Campbell, Kathleen Carroll, Laurie Chavarria, Marcus Corslla, Teresa Curtise, James Deliso, Jean Dominguez, Debra Campbell, Susan Casares, Terry Chavez, Mary Covarrublas, Robert Cusolito, Alan Delvalle, Armando Donnett, Diane Campion, Andrea Caslllas, Rosaio Christman, Michael Covelli, John Dabritz, Dorthy Depuy, Laurette Dorn, Bradford Campos, Tompas Castellanus, Paul Clark, Katherine Crowe, Brain Dalis, Jeanine Derby, Kevin Dow, Linda Cantrall, Bruce Cendejas, Virginia Clay, Elizabeth Crumply, Robert Danna, Maurizio Diaz, Rosalie Downton, Donald Carr, Suzan Chacon, Gilbert Colasanti, Vaughn Crump, Stacy Desrcos, Suzanna Diazdelion, Raul Drake, Paul 127 ■ m MTt ' Farmer, Mark Faulkinbury, Michael Finclay, Patrick Fratus, James Frausto, Angelica Friecman, Gregg Garcia, Teresa Garcia, Theresa Garnica, Leticia Gomez, Vincent Gonzales, Julie Gonzalez, Anna Dunar, Deburah Eurekian, Gail Estrada, James Flores, JoAnn Gaetan, Roberto Gervais, Gregory Gonzalez, Ernest Eager, Gary Espara, Steve Esterwold, Eric Foster, Kirk Gallardo, Nivia Gideon, Richard Gonzalez, Gerald Eilar, Karl Espenel, Theresa Evans, Tomas Foterek, Chris Gallegos, Jennie Glass, Linda Goode, Charlotte Ellias, Alfred Espinoza, Arturo Ewing, Robert Francis, Debbie Garcia, Albert Gish, Drew Gordillo, Joseph.ina Elliott, Jeffrey Esquerra, Ofelia Fansl er, Claudia Franks, James Garcia, Maria Gomez, Ramona Grajeda, Henry 128 v m Groschup, Lesa Gruber, David Gulino, Diane Gutierrez, Dennis Gwynne, Donna Harms, William Harris, Deanne Harrod, Scott Hartwig, Lorraine Hauan, Brenda Heintz, Jacquelyn Hendersen, Barrbara Herbert, Lynda Herman, Susan Hernandez, Patricia Hernandez, Robert Herrera, Dolores Herrick, Sancra Higa, Gene Hill, El ise Hinderman, Bob Hohne, Mark Holguin. Amanda Hoigiun, Reginald Hollocher, Michael Hoover, Daniel Humphury, Sharon Hunt, Mitchell Hurdir, Alan Hurtaco, Anna Ibarra, Aniceto Ingala, Rosemary Jacobson, Kathy Jacobson, Mike Jacquez, William Jenkins, Kathy Johnson, Mark Johnston, Karen Jones, Mark Jud, Sandra Kagan, Susan Kaylor, Kathy Keller, Brenda Keller, Nathen Kelly, Kevin Kentie, Doris Keyes, Thomas 129 Keyes, Timothy Kikuchi, IViark Kimbrell, Terry King, Lourine Kirker, Janet Kistler, Janet Knaup, David Konovaloff, Fanniya Landry, Robin LaPoint, Gregory Larsen, Darcie Law, Irene Lee, Deborah Leon, Benjamin Leon, Linda Lerma. Delia Lincoln, Corey Lindsay, Dean Link, Cynthia Link, David Loew, Dorene Lojacono, Christopher Long, Michael Longo, Lisa Longobardo, Miclnael Lopez, Andrew Lopez, Dolores Lopez, Edward Lopez, Steve Lopez, Victor Lowry, Carolyn Lowry, Dean Lumbattis, Laurie Lunday, David Luther, Blake Luther, Kip MacDonald, Christine Macias, Alexis Macias, David Maes, Guadalupe Makk, Istvan Manriquez, David Manriquez, Sandra Marrero, Gilbert Marshall, Karen Martinez, Darlene Martinez, Jack Martinez, Richard iVIay, Corle 130 IVIattucci, IVIichelle Mayer, Mitchael Maze, William McCullough, Susan McCurry, Pam McGaffey, John McGan, Kevin i McMullem, Gary Medina, Jaime Melendez, David Melendrez, Leticia Melnikoff, Anna Merical, Mark Meza, Rommel Miller, Dennis Miller, John Miller, Kevin Miranda, Miriam Montane, Mark Montelongo, Catherine Montes, Steven Monzon, Marisela Morales, Nina Moreno, Evelina Moross, John Morua, Roberta Munoz, John Murrteta, David Myres, David Naranjo, John Newton, Sally Nichols, Deborah Nielson, Deborah Nuanes, Norma Offalten, Lonan Olson, Keven Ortiz, Mario Ortiz, Martha Ortiz, Rudolfo Ortiz, Ruby Ovalle, Ralph Palma, Rita Parker, Sandra Parra, Eneding Pascal, Cathy Pearce, Dawnella Pearson, Pamela Pederson, Dan Peel, John Peer, Pamela Pellissier, Pierre 131 Pepper, Penny Perine, Eric Perok, Cindy Perry, Theresa Puiggros, Adriana Quesaca, Michelle Rainey, Alison Rail, Herman Peterson, Timothy Phegley, Theodore Philippi, Karen Pickering, Timothy Renfroe, Peggy Reyes, Edward Reyes, Quintin Reynolds, Vickey Pickup, Laura Pitrico, Robert Plummet, Richard Plumstead, Brent Riley, Lee Rios, Bonnie Roberts, Gail Rochin, Susan Porter, Cynthia Porter, Don Posey, John Potter, Lori Roman, Anthony Rosales, Susan Ross, Gail Ross, Lori Ramsey, Alan Redfern, Tammy Redman, Connie Reese, Sherwood Reynoso, Daphine Reza, Edward Rhodes, Belinda Riede, Theo Rodriguez, Mark Rojas, Mary Rojas, Sandra Roland, Linda 132 ;3t: nders, John Savala, Michael Schlund, James Schmitt, Rodney Rouch, Leanne Rubalcava, Rhonda Rudell, Richard Rufins, Consuelo idlitz, John Sell, Tracy Seman, Duane Shepard, Gwenn Ruiz, Dante Ruiz, Peggy Salazar, David Salcido, Denise y, Daniel Smisson, Daniel Smith, Dana Smith, Deborah Samarine, Gary Sanchez, Abundio Sanchez, Jesse Sanchez, RaeLynn nith, Travis Soils, Raul Sperer, Naomi Spiegl, Heidi Schott, Deborah Schultz, Catherine Schwiermann, Tracy Scott, Patricia Shunk, Delene Sierra, Steven Skinner, Kathleen Skovgard, Kristy Smith, GayLynn Smith, James Smith, Lori Smith, Susan Spiering, Douglas Spitz, Kelly Springer, Phillip Standridge, Michael 133 Steele, Duane Stehle, Patricia Stern, Scott Stupin, Janice Sutton, Valerie Swanson, Janet Terrones, Valerie Thomas, Lorna Thompson, Johnnie Thompson, Robert Thorson, Robin Vicario, Susan Vivian, Terri Thrash, Earl Tomlinson, Valerie Torres, Kathy Tranbarger, Janet Trautman, Julie Tribulsky. Michelle Zoll, Bart Brink, Robert Tyler, James VanCapen, James Vanderlaan, Vincent Vargas. Helen Velazquez. Delia Vet-dugo, Cecil Wales, Paul Walker, Barbara Wanke, Beverly Wattie, Shirley Wehus, Steven Werdmuller, Pamela Werner, Pamela White, Gregg White, John White, Kevin Wiggins, Kimberly Wise, Jeffrey Wolff, Michael Woodard, Janet Young, Melinda Yung, Kim Zavaleta, Gonzald Zimmer, Tom Campbell, IVIarc Friedman, Gregg McLaughlin, Maureen 134 3 :J- c OOT. ) ■ " . ' " 1 ° , ¥ 1 A ill )-n M -I ' iV a o p Head xn r no 135 m !»;■:•:•:•■.• ' .•■.• ■ • v::;v::.:.;i ji W :--::x-:: lWR- " --::?S ; •: Mv:■:v:•:•x : ' • ' •v • • • CuvDOOvvvS •fri rFr vliiivi ' • • a •- A ■ • • • • • _•. ©5 - " " •■•■■•-■•■■•■• MX . , P6. ci ' iiiiHiiiiiirjiiraiis i)iiMii PRESIDENT: Nick Bakotich VICE-PRESIDENT: Donnalisa Parks SECRETARY: Debbie Alarcon SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: Cherie Courtemanche " ' " |r7-( ' " 7,VJ! mS ' m CLASS COUMCDL FRONT ROW L-R: Laura Bakotich, Valerie Harris. Nancy Ward. SECOND ROW L-R: Lori Paular. Mary Jane Esposito. Shelly Gasparian FRONT ROW L-R: Sonia Mata. Robin Henke. Bill McFarland. Cindy Hodgin. Lori Paular. Denise Trickel SECOND ROW L-R: Valerie Harris. Lionell Mayer. Angela Cheap. Tracy Osborn. Teri Christman. Cindy Edgar. THIRD ROW L-R: Deborah Alarcon. Sheri Courtemanche. Diane Pfanner. Nancy Ward. Shelly Gasparian. Lauri Bakotich. Amy Balthaser, Lei Ahuna. Phyllis Prado. Jeanie Mason. FOURTH ROW L-R: Nick Bokatich, Donna Parks. Elaine Suseoff, Marcia Chittum. Jeff Hartwig. Mike Chavez. Carlos Dominguez. Patti Ellish, Gigi Scherrey. FRONT ROW L-R: Bill McFarland. Angela Cheap. Lionel Mayer. SECOND ROW L-R: Binnie Henke. Dianne Pfanner Alberti, Bill Amaro, Debbie Bakotich, Nick Bennett, David Bonura, Kathy Alexander, Glen Arce, Robert Balthaser, Amy Beyer, Pat Brackney, David Alvardo, Annette Argo, Vickie Bantau, Susan Bishop, Greg Brandt, Gary Adams, Terry Ahuna, Martha Alvarado, Carol Arguelles, Sylvia Barber, Laurie Blake, Julie Britton, Linda Augllar, Mike Ajir, Kian Alvarado, Steve Arsenault, David Bates, Pat BlandJno, Josephine Brown, LorJ Augilar, Sarrina Alarcon, Debbie Alvarez, Maria Aure, Julie Bednar, Roxanne Bolint, Chris Brown, Greg Ahlers, Richard Alberti, Cheral Alvarez, Vince Bakotich, Laurie Bell, Dolores Bollman, Debbie 142 Buell, Helen Burnett, John Busse, Kathy Busse, Kristine Bybee, Bill Byrd, David Camden, Joy Cameron, Gayle Campana, Steve Campbell, Brian Canchola, David Carapino, Tom Cardenas, Vince Carrillo, Anna Carroll, Jeff Carroll, Richard Casas, Elaine Casey, John Castaneda, Evangelina Castillo, Pat Catt, Steve Cazares, Juan Chapman, Joseph Chavez, Dorothy Chavez, Joann Chavez, Mike Chavez, Mike R. Cheap, Angela Cheng, Art Chittum, Marcia Cho, Chris Christman, Lloyd Christman, Teri Ciaramltara, Carlo Clark, Lisa Clark, Matt Clarke, Lucinda Clay, Julia Colasanti, Vernon Coleman, Allen Collazo, Jess Conrad, Karen 143 Corning, Steve Coortemanche, Cherie Covarrubias, Corinne Crump, Laren Cruz, Charles Cutrona, Peter Davis, Gerald Dearcos, David Dent, Karen Coon, Carol Cowan, Cathy Dangleis, Kathy Diaz, Irene Dominguez, Diane Corcoran, Kathy Cronin, Mark Daughtry, Mike Diaz, Sann Dominguez, Evelyn 144 Dominguez, Tom Donahue, Susan Douglas, Mike Drummund, Debra Dyer, Teresa Edgar, Cindy Edmonds, Pat Elliot, Terry Ellish, Pat Emerson, Elizabeth Engdall, Larry Engelage, George Engelhart, Gene Erbach, Iris Espinosa, Donna Esposito, Mary Jane Esquerra, Javier Farley, Janet Faulkenberry, Russ Fierro, Albert Floras, Josefine Folkerts, David Follis, Kathy f% ?!• 145 I Ford, Albert Franco, Eliseo Fry, Don Fuentes, Larry Galindo, Darren Gallina, Renee Garcia, Agustin Garcia, Alex Garcia, Roberta Garza, Robert Gasparian, Shelly Goiightly, Dorothy Gonnez, Joseph Gonzales, Margaret Gonzales, Ralph Gonzales, Sandra Gonzales, Tony Goodall, Diana Goode, Sheila Goodman, Steven Goodwin, Jeff Gotts, Madeline Goulet, Mary Grannstad, Leslie Grant, John Green, Roger Groschup, Mike Gutierrez, Lili Gutierrez, Mary Hariabedian, Jeff Halte, John Hammett, James Harralson, Joanne Harris, Craig Harris, Valerie Hart, Pat Hartwig, Jeff Mattery, Robert Haussecker, Cora Hayden, Dawn Heckethorn, John Hemmele, Eric Hencley. Daria Henke, Robin Henley, Susan Hernandez, Hilda Herrera, John Himes, Susan Hodgin, Cindy 146 Hoelzel, Marlene Hooper, Andrea Hopkins, Monte Huff, Teri Hulsey, Rickie Hunt, Raymond Hunt, Debbie Huss, Pat Hyde, Debbie Imperial, Ron Iredale, Linda Irizarry, Manuel Isenbarger, Jeanne Ivie, Lauren Jackson, Lynette Jacobazzi, Susan Jacobs, Debbie Jacoby, Harry Jacquez, Ruben Janzen, Albert Jessup, Denise % m w | " 147 Johnson, Dan Johnson, Sheila Johnson, Teresa Jones, Alan Jones, Wayne Judkins, Russell Jurcak, Linda Kaylor, Joseph Keller, Jill Kelley, John Kellogg, Doug Kiel, Joel KleinhampI, Robert Klopping, Joyce Kowalewski, Mary Krugler, Gretchen Kruse, Kent Lajdie, Debbie Landswick, Peter Lapoint, Edward Lardue, Elizabeth Larson, Mark Larson, Melissa Lauria, Manuel Lawson, Cathy Lee, Don Lieggi, David Lodico, Joseph Longobardo, Thomas Lopez, Rosalinda Loudon, Steven Lovatt, Tim Low, Marvin Lozano, Debbie Luna, Salvador Mabry, Lisa Machuca, Aurelo Madison, Susan Madrigal, Frank Mase, Debbie Magnuson, Dorlene Magnuson, Erwin Mahaffey, Judith Mahnken, Christiana Manzanares, Rick Marcetlin, Colette Marchese, Matthew Marsh, Daniel Marta, Aurelia Martinez, Albert Martinez, Edward Martinez, Lionel Martinez, Lorraine Martinez, Rosemary Mason, Janine Masse i, Pat- Mata, Sonia Mayer, Lionel Mayorga, Frank McCullough, Glenn McCullough, Mike Mcewan, William Mcfarland, William Mckenna, James Mckinney, David Mclaren, Brian Mclaughlin, Laurie Mclaughlin, Mike Mclaughlin, Randy Mcleod, Vicent Medina, Alice Medina, Robert Medrano, Annette Meltvedt, Ray Mendoza, Arlene Millan, Clotiloe 149 Millan, David Miller, Mark IVIiltenberger, Debbie Mitchell, Louise Molander, Diane Molinari, Leslie Montelongo, Lucy Montelongo, Martha Mooradian, Jill Moore, Cheryl Mora, Elsie Ortiz, Denise Palacios, Christi Palafox, Daniel Palma, Edward Pappas, James Parker, Cheryl Parks, Donna Paular, Lorena Pegorari, Teresa Perea, Linda Perez, Irma Perez, Norma Perri, John Pfanner, Dianne Rodriguez, Gerard Rodriguez, Mario 151 Sablan, Cheryl Schultz, David Skinner, Pat Smith, Karen Talbott, Ray Tranbarger, Todd Rodriguez, Victor Rojas, Fatima Rojas, Jack Roman, Richard Rosas, Rudolph Rose, Gary Sales, Annette Salazar, Laura Sanchez, Virginia Sand, Eric Sattler, David Savala, Frank Seboldt, Jodi Shapley, Curtis Sheldon, Sherrie Shepherd, Kristan Shoemaker, Steven Silva, Steve Smissen, David Speier, Brooks Stearman, Ricky Strode!, Kirk Sturr, Kathy Suseff, Elame Sorensen, Deborah Taylor, Thomas Thompson, Rae Thompson, Richard Thompson, Ted Tiltey, Billy Tanaka, Kathy Trickel, Denise Triston, Richard Tucker, Ellen Turner, Gary Trejo, Jaun 152 Velasquez, Art Walton, Mary Willingham, Janice Yrungaray, Frank Turtzer, Kathy Valcepena, Sergio Valdovinos, Jose Valenzuela, Artene Valmer, Mitchell Ventura, Vivian Villalobos, Andrew Villalobos, Michael Villalva, Joanne Vitlanueva, Evelyn Ward, Nancy Warren, Larry Wasson, Venita Watson, Janet Whelan, Richard Wolff, Kelly Woodruff, Rodney Woolman, Bobby Wyant, Lenard Ybarra, Daniel Yung, Suann Zabala, Gloria Zamora, Annette Zavaleta, Evangelina Zendejas, Maria 153 , ?r;2i:-? - W1 K ' mmk ' mmi ' } mMlih , ' w .;v?IKk ) s I y V «F,mw. 1» " AM giM n! ARDINALSPU n ?? - ' " K t Y ' ■y:h m.i mm ITCARDIXA rJiyiiElriilwwimiiiaiiiiiiiiiii Jim Lasseter " COD. Cash On Delivery " Advisor Dennis Guido " Surfin ' Surfin " FiiiiimYjmiiiiiirisiiiiii iiiiimTiiiiwiiiiiiiiit i Peggy Arcadi Harry Reide Barbara MacDonald FJiiiiMMCiiMiiwirjiitaEa Biiiiii OMG LEAD) Lynn Burlinghann Connie Roelle Susan Alexander Joy Nicholson - ' ■ --- ' ' JrtiJ-J 15r- Maureen McLaughlin lirainl ili Hiii (AJOEETT) Lisa Ariza Cindy Perok Tom Dangleis FRONT ROW L-R: Sandy Turtzer (head) SECOND ROW L-R: Valerie Terrones, Rae Sanchez. Cynthia Hooper. Penny Pepper, Cynthia Parker. THIRD ROW L-R; Ramona Gomez. Carol Banuelos. Maryann Walter ' s. Beborah Ahuna. Sandra Alvillar. FOURTH ROW L-R: Peggy Burgess, Miriam Miranda, Sylvia Alvillar, Katherme Clark, Elisabeth Ama. FIFTH ROW L-R; Melinda Young. Dawnella Pearce. Imelda Remirez, Heidi Spiegl. Brenda Keller. SIXTH ROW L-R; Alison Rainey(Alternate), Rebecca Alvaradolalternate), Doris Kentie(alternate). W HprnTfljE Drill Team Advisor; Georgine Bonetto ' BANNER DRILL TEAM CARDINAL COMPANY " I " H anani Ahuna " T " Kathy McCoy ■4 1 MH M m :i::r: ' . ' ••-X ■•- irll-evXv M Tf . ' : i wi " ::i ; .i J B r " " " 4 1 rr -.- r- ■ ' -- ■ 1 ■ i H In ■1 iH r 7 FBr ' W - m T L. K ' E 1 ' ' i E B r Ik j m pi flSfl m V;; ' , ' . ' A jP S?:?S 1 ;;;;;; : ' 1 ■ -..l v. .». ChHs Tejefia; Diane ' f. .- IRO R-QW tR:- - ■ VI-ft.-Lone- - ' -;5:Ti MMR DRILL TEAM CARDINAL COMPAff " T ' Donna Miller " I " Donna Gwyne " E ' Debbie Watson " R " Lucille Viesca EECTOEs ALLAH TEEFMY DRUM MAJOEs JOHM EMGEM PEMMAMT CAEEEEE Cynthia Perok. Tom Dangleis, Lisa Ariza, Sherri Hall, Jan Cusolito. Connie Bowden, Denise Day Kathy Follis Bobby Woolman Don Boulter Larry Dimmick Karl Eilar Peter Rail Greg McKenna Arlene Valenzuela Kevin Miller Jeff Elliott Lisa Doyai Marcia Chittum Nancy Wales Ana Aranguren Debbie DeLaRosa James Farley Donna Basham Larry Jenkins Keith Tellez Sam Diaz Susan Madison Grace Elias Kathy Jenkins George Mann Steve Rojas John Heckethorn Janine Mason Donnalisa Parks Bill Gloye Kathy Skinner Suzanne Casas Mike Tammen Luke Patty Susan Vasquez Stacy Thomason m I Russ Faulkenberry Anna Baeza Lionel Martinez Dorlene Magnuson Gary McMullen Paul Wales Lei Ahuna Pat Skinner Glen Trefry Steve Lopez Janet Farley Gayle Cameron Jim Owens Amy Balthaser Donna Willingham Ralph Casas Tom Mitchell Jim Estrada Alex Garcia Duane Semans Ted Vinatieri Gilbert Martinez Tom Miller Mark Gotts Dan Tyler Jan Willingham Marylou Aranguren Bill Hardie Kelly Spitz Jeanine Palis Bruce Roland Kathy Wiita Debbie Bradley Mary Ann Johnson Margaret Sturr » 5 ■ . • ' X X N 1 V - (y V 1 , % ' m l| l. Wvi o ip D ' ' J y .0- Front row l-r: Cindy Hooper, Terri Webb. Marlene Rowe Second row l-r: Naaktgeboren. Mary Beth Fahrner. Eric Bewley. Connie Roelle- Fourth row l-r Dave Henke. Peter Bates. Lee Riley. Dave Fry Third row l-r: Carol Green. Mark Joe Mazzeo, Steve Gothold. NalaniOhai, Debbie Marrett. Dave Price, FRONT ROW L-R: Estella Cabral. Karen Philipi, Sandra Manriquez. Tracy Weston. Donna Gwynne. Diane Buckingham. Sally Newton. Diane Gulino. Lon Potter. Debbie Smith SECOND ROW L-R: Janet Woodard. Beverly Wanke. Sandra Parker. Denise Salcido. Sue McCullough. Tracy Sell, Daren Larsen, Lorraine Hartwig. Pam Peer THIRD ROW L-R: Janet Tranbarger. Hattie Golightly. Terri Wright. Joan Camp. Nona Allen, Terry Blough, Linda Morales, Melinda Young, Gail Eordekian, Julie Spiri. m m C= l m i O C=3 W Zf- Q I ° X , - CD QJ C , 03 2 " t o c £ ) cc " = £ Ji! - - [fl (a aj - ■ D tj " 3 OJ S g «) " 5 -■ « £ y = S § 2 I " ° " ' 5 -O t (0 " D CQ £ 0) cn lis (0 - -Q -£, - S « £ o . J Q c s °f « ■-■ § Q c „■ O LU -J i_ c " " - ° S ■r rt, (1) - 0) ■ii S E £°- -c t; 5|5 c ui S 3) ■o JJ S Z 0) « — - (D • " , O 0) oc = U 03 ro ' c o " O o E o E Q OKIO c U - . _■ (D rci y -D ro Q ( ) OJ (i ro - . M . C (U ro — (U n S c -g o 0 2 ° 03- 3 1 ■ c — aJ ! u. O I DC 5 - 17) tk FRONT ROW L-R: Kathy Corcoran. Jill Keller, Shelley Gasparian, BInnie Henke. Julie Clay. Dede Molander, Tern Burbank, Debby Hyde, Lori Paulsen. SECOND ROW L-R: Jini Pappas, Nick Bakotich, Steve Shoemaker. Jesus Alvarez. Grant Jacoby. Greg Gervais. Joe Kaylor. Greg Brown, Manuel Morales THIRD ROW L-R Joanne Harralson. Lisa Clark. Kathy Rister. Christie Mahaken. Cathy Cowan. Denise Robinson. Anna Carrillo. Anglea Cheap. Debbie Bollman. 1 . .-i i ., " i " ' ' -•. FRONT ROW L-R: Maria Guttierez. Brenda Curtis. Pat Edmunds. Helena Onsoe. Aurelia Marta. Margaret Dewitt. Vicki Williams SECOND ROW L-R Elaine Casa. Laurie McLaughlin. Thora Wheeler. Karen Dent. Gloria Manos. Suzie Pickup. Jill Currey. THIRD ROW L-R: Kay Tucker. Jodi Sebolt. Pam Oeswein. Carol Bradley, Joy Camden, Susan Bantau, Debbie Sorensen, Julie Aure. Choral Director: Steve Gothold Front Row L-R: Gary McMullen Mike Tammen Alex Garcia Tom Miller Steve Lopez Keith Tellez Donna Basham BillGloye Paul Wales Second Row L-R: Susan Vasquez Lisa Doyal Kathy Skinner Don Boulter Debbie Bradley Nancy Wales Ana Aranguren Debbie De La Rosa Sue Cases Kelly Spitz Pat Skinner Third Row L-R Sam Dias John Heckethorn Peter Rail Buss Fallkenberry Ralph Casas Mark Gotts Dan Tyler Lionel Martinez Jeff Elliott Bobby Wolman Band Director: Allen Trefry Front row l-r Karen McCoy Helene Younger Denise Day Marvin Lujan Second row l-r Francine Willson Sally Maldonado Robert Potter Nivea Gallardo John Miller Third row l-r: Mary Jane Esposito Susan Madison Robert Gaetan Dan Kovalchuch Steve Goodman Fourth row l-r Dorlene Magnuson Kathy Jenkins Nancy Wales Ana Aranguren Kevin Miller Fifth row l-r Glen Trefry Anna Baeza Tom Miller Kathy Skinner Sixth row l-r Russ Faulkenberry Tom Mitchell Larry Dimmick Jeff Elliott Seventh row l-r: Dan Tyler Karl Eilar Janine Mason Eighth row l-r Ralph Casas Peter Rail BillHardie Ninth row l-r: Mr. Allan Trefry Keith Tellez Donna Basham Paul Wales Mark Gotts 173 4STH, ANNUAL HI4IMX (5 !T 1 HAVE THIS FUMMY FEELEMG GIRLS LEAGUE PRESIDENT: Janet Vaupel DIRECTOR: llleana Benach MANAGER: Dolores Herrera ADVISOR: Mrs Sawyer . II tL I In CONTINUITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Barr. Beth Mulcahy. Bonnie Gradich. Corle May. Kim Cordray. Janet Kistler, Debbie Marrett. 174 SPIRIT AWARD WINNERS CAMP WAWONA BLUES FRONT ROW L-R: Darren Larsen, Rose Olguin. Elaine Reade. Debbie Arce. Carol Trautman. Susan Salazar. Yolanda Gutierrez, Linda Morales, Christine MacDoanId, Monica Montano, Joanna Lassetter, Nadine Gutierrez, Lynn Miller, Les Grande SECOND ROW L-R: Jeanny Silk. Barb Olguin. Christy Jacobazzi, Maryann Morridian, Lynn Wylde, Sue Miller Jackie Johnson, Sue Plount, Cindy Slover, Lisa Vacher, Denise Peterson, HEAVEN KNOWS FRONT ROW L-R: Sally Newton, Marlene Rowe SECOND ROW L-R Pattie Oeh, Rita Palma, Mansa Reyes, Cathy Fritag, Tammy Heard, Eron Riley, Moana Ohai, Carolyn Salazar, Anna Davis, Margaret Sanchez, Anita Ybarra, LouAnn Arsenault, Pat Padilla FIRST PLACE WINNERS, HELLO NEW YORK FRONT ROW L-R Patsy Hooper, Ann Garret, Barb MacDonald, Trena Hams, Joy Nicolson, Suzy Alexander, Janet Davies, Leanne Rouche SECOND ROW L-R Susan Herman. Laurie Lumbattis. Betty Maclin. Laurie Widick, Sharri Loo, Anna Crawford, Lisa Ariza, Connie Bowden. Michelle Rabango, Karen Marshall 175 BILLION DOLLAR BABIES FRONT ROW L-R: Maria Ahumada, Ofelia Esquerra. Susan Rochin, Susan Resales. Lisa Sanders, Mary Helen Fuentes, Lani Berg. Debbie Nunez. Yvonne Esquerra. Irma Garcia. Maria Garcia. SECOND ROW L- R: Renee Chavez. Val Bouza. Pam Peer. Janet Gutierrez. Gen Rochin. Brenda Bernal. Marcella Monzon. Rachel Diaz. Liz Mayorga. Elaine Alonzo. Pauline Lang. " WE ' VE ONLY JUST BEGUN " FRONT ROW I -R [g7j WilliarYJJ Cindy Parker. Marjorie Lawrence. SECOND ROW L-R; Terri De Palma. Roxanne Grosso. Sheryl Parker. Kathy Harms. Lisa Thorton. THIRD ROW L-R: Debbie Barr. Lorraine Hartwig. Lisa Lucero. Sheryl Bradshaw. " MONSTER BASH " Stagecrew Award FRONT ROW L-R: Kris Tejada. Karen Bergstrom. Carrie Burmeister. Tom Danglies SECOND ROW L-R: Debbie Shot. Joanne Foglesong. Cindy Perok. Tina Gonnez. Terri Shaver, THIRD ROW L-R: Robyn Salleen. Randi Robertson. Connie Roelle. Kini Wiggins. Erin Gray. Coleen Mooney. Ana Anagueren. Helene Younger. Jana Meewees. Linda Maloney, Tina Galezewski, FOURTH ROW L-R: Lynn Rhoton, Claudia Miller, Denise Day, " NAVY BLUES " FRONT ROW L-R: Linda Roland. Annabell Perea. Kris Skovgard. Nina Morales. Vivian Villanueva. Janet Skovgard. Sue McCullough. Jackie Heintz. Laurie Issacs. Margaret DeWitt. Vicky Parker. Shirley Wattie. Janie Maguire, SECOND ROW L-R: Tammy. Debbie Watkins. Regina Young, THEY CALL IT PUPPY LOVE Sweepstakes FRONT ROW L-R Barbara Heaton, Naloni Ohai, SECOND ROW L-R: Julie Adams, Gail Eordecian, Ellen Chandler, Gail Ross, Peggy Arcadi. Terry Roman. Lori Potter. Jeanine Dallis. Susan Campbell, THIRD ROW L- R: Doreen Dolan. Shawn Plummer. Janet Daley. Lauren Molander. Diane Gulino. Sue Westra. Kathy Renfro. Donna Nelson. Cindy Villigrana. Debbie Wallace. Kathy Olson. Kim Mengel. V ' -V. . ' I } LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Doles, Shen Hall, Mike CIme. Ten Wright, Mike Wolff. Ron Williams, Tern Blough. Marge Lawrence, Cathy Pascal, Sue Kagen. Nancy Menzimer. LEFT TO RIGHT; Tom Miller, Marge Lawrence, Peter Bates, Dwayna Hammonds, Dave Price, Jan Galitz, 178 BECl olLM. 7« §, 19?: PEODUCTHOIM Director David McKibben Script Director Dwayna Hammonds Master of Ceremonies Mike Wolff Publicity Kent Rasmussen Tom Miller Properties Terri Blough Costumes Marjorie Lawrence Jan Galitz Technical Crew Jack Bantau Bob Lee Ed Salatney Posters Sue Copsey Programs Pioneer Print Shop Tickets Whittier Print Shop Head Waitress Dwayna Hammonds Assistant Waitresses Tammy Redfern Sue Smith Vicki Parker Michele Wagoner Karen Hill Sheri Manley Waiters Russ Myers Joe Dominguez FALL PLAY ' TUE CURSE OF AM ACMMG ' TRAPPED W THE SPEDERS WEEE ' by Herbert E. Swayne A little bit of the past came to Whittier High in the form of eleven thespians and an old-fashioned melodrama called " The Curse of an Aching Heart: or Trapped in the Spider ' s Web " by Herbert E, Swayne The melodrama was this years fall play, and was presented on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Dec. 6, 7 8 in the cafeteria The atmosphere of the show was enlivened by rin-tin old piano music provided by Dave Price and Peter Bates, cue cards encouraging the audience to Bool Hiss! Cheer! etc. which were held up by the Master of Ceremonies Mike Wolfe, and his assistant Dwaynne Hammonds, and refreshments consisting of rootbeer, pretzels, and popcorn. The story began when Aurelia Abernathy (Marjorie Lawrence) brought Miss Melody Lane (Terri Blough), the heroine, home to the None-Such Ranch to stay with her and her parents, Hiram and Sarah (Jeff Respond and Cathy Pascal). However, also staying on the ranch is the villian, Windermere Hightower (Mike Cline), and the hero, Lucius Goodenough (Ron Williams). There is also an Indian girl named Red Wing (Sue Kagan) who works there, and seldom says more than Ugh! The plot now forms as Hightower blackmails Melody to prevent her marriage to Lucius, The two had fallen in love at their first meeting, but were unable to marry, because Melody was cursed with an aching heart. She believes she is wed to Hightower However, through the efforts of Sheriff Battle-Axe Anne (Sheri Hall), the town talker Nellie BIythe (Nancy Menzimere), the Unexpected Male Arrival (Phil Doles), and the misdeeds of female villian Murial Atkins (Ten Wright), goodness and justice prevails, and all is set right Hightower has been uncovered as the masked bandit who has been terrorizing the countryside, the mortgage on the ranch is paid off, Lucius and Melody are able to be married and the show ends happily ever after. 179 Front row left to right: Don Mann. Ron Williams, Back Row left to right: Jan Galitz, Mike Cline, Tern Blough. Marjorie Lawrence, Randi Robertson. Marvin Lujan, i 180 Left to Right: Tern Blough. Marjone Lawrence. Jan Galitz. John Morose. Allison Mahnken. Roxanne Grosso Drama Advisor Mr. McKibben SPEMG PLAY THE WMITE SMEEIP OF THE FAMILY LIDY GARDE FEACM HAM MAY IL 1974 THE WHITE SHEEP OF THE FAMILY was performed on May 9, 10, 11 in the auditorium. It was staged in-the-round, with the audience sitting on the stage on all four sides with the show going on in the center. Said drama director Mr, David McKibben, " When we were deciding on what to do, this one came up, and it was immediately picked up by all of us. We ' ve done this play once before, and it was one of the most successful things we have shown. " It took eight long weeks of hard work and dedication It took nine actors, a director, various other backstage workers, including a stagecrew, and the will to put together a good show. But they did it, and the final result was this year ' s spring play, THE WHITE SHEEP OF THE FAMILY, by L du Garde Peach and Ian Hay. The story concerns a rich family named Winter, who earned all their wealth from their occupation-they are professional crooks. The father, James (Mike Cline) is a burglar, his wife Alice (Marjorie Lawrence), and daughter Pat (Randi Robertson) have a habit of picking up things like brooches, watches, bracelets and such. The son, Peter (Phil Doles), is the best forger around There is also Janet, the maid (Jan Galitz), whom the family is training. This profession has been in their family for the past three generations, and they are very proud of it. But then something happens that puts the family in an uproar Peter decides to go straight because he has fallen in love with Angela Preston (Terri Blough), who just happens to be the daughter of the Assistant Commissioner of the Boston Police (Don Mann). Through the fiasco that follows with the family trying to win Peter back, there comes into the picture an absent-minded clergyman (Marvin Lujan) and a close family friend and co-worker, Sam Jackson (Ron Williams) In keeping with the " happy ending " theme, the Winter ' s discover that Angela is an expert safecracker, and is " one of them, " and so she is happily welcomed into the family. Peter returns to his " profession, " and the Free Enterprise is upheld to the end. 181 Excuse me, but you ' ib or | feet lELS LEAGUE DAMCI MIMTH MOON liaiMlliaii»»lE)FiB-! DIAMOMD BAE COUNTRY CLUE , ■ y Blah, Blah! » i ?- • %, 7., . .... -iL ...;V ' Front row l-r: Shawn Plummerl (Princess), Bridget McCoy, Joe Moreale (Most Handsome Escort), Marlene Rowe. Second row l-r: Jeff Macy, Robert Lee, Tom Fielder, Janice Madrid. JUNIOR Front row l-r; Marilyn Dominguez, Diana Calderon, Jennie Silk Princess, Denise Reynoso. Second row l-r; Angel Garcia. Barney Verdugo, Braden Crow (Most Handsome Escort), Ricky Renfro. 1974 MEIMMOMECOMMG COURT ;;:Xvo • • • 1 " • • • ;•t■ x•x• 5 . ' .V.V.V. ' . ' .V . »: i« x : : XS ; mm I : i- ' V . • S ■■.■OJ " . V ' ' 1 Front row l-r: Daphine Reynoso, Robin Owen, Diane Baca, Ofelia Esquerra (Princess). Second row l-r: Dennise Gutierrez, Fritz Brown, Robert Covarrubias, Richard Plummer (Most Handsome Escort). inniiiiaMi i Front row l-r: John Perri. Valerie Harris, Manuel Morales (Most Handsome Escort), Jill Mooradian (Princess). Second row l-r: Pat Bates, Donna Parks, Vince Meleod, Debbie Rice. Eo MELT EOIRG Milton Borg, our Sterling Science Departnnent Chairman, is a man of many talents and interests Foremost he is a master teacher in the true sense of the word His unfailing perseverance and faith in his students coupled with humor, in depth knowledge, and a folksy-story-telling approach produce remarkable results A Master Sergeant in the US Army. Mr. Borg returned to civilian life to teach in San Diego, Fresno and finally in the Whittier Union High School District He is a graduate of La Sierra College and US C where he earned a Master ' s Degree A family man, Mr Borg is the father of one son who has made a career in the US. Navy Rockhounding, flying, camping and farming are his principal interests away from Whittier High School His interest in Hydro-Ponics has led to an early retirement in Arroyo Grande, California. Having assumed a professional leadership role in our teachers organizations and in our community, we will all miss the wise guidance and inspiration of " Uncle Milt " R. GERALD JAEVEf Gerald Jarvis. father of tfiree charming Whittier High School graduates, all girls, has given our school, community, and his family a life of dedicated service. A former instructor in a military academy, Jerry, came to Cardinalville from Guirado Elementary School where he was the Principal His illustrious career includes coaching, classroom instruction m day and adult school, and many years working in a media he knows best, wood Having fallen into the sawdust bin in 1 956, Jerry recovered to teach Occupational Carpentry, Wood I, II. and III. He may be best known for his kind and patient manner in the shop where our students have created everything from a squared block to surfboards and cedar chests. Mr. Jarvis ' s life as a total person is truly fine for he is a superior individual in all respects and is a living example for young people to follow As one of his former students so aptly put it. " If the world were full of Jerry Jarvis ' s. it would be a Utopia. " R. JOSEFn nOETOl Joseph Horton is a man of many talents While known for many years as the mainstay of the metal program, his talent in art has recently been discovered While versatile in all areas, oil painting and landscapes are his favorite fields Not only is he an artisl. but did you know that he is an excellent musician as well? His playing is primarily for his own enjoyment-but those of us who have heard him will attest to his ability Highlight of his school career was the year that he and his students built the locomotive which was a working scale model. Tracks were laid on the south side campus and the students cherished this unique ride Another contribution to Whittier from Mr Horton was four Whittier High students Two boys and two girls claim Whittier High as their Alma Mater Joe Horton will be greatly missed around our campus-m art. m math and in the shops However, we wish him best w ' shes in the coming years and know that he will enjoy them with his many talents and interests. EMETY YEAR; EDUCATOESo Ahuna. Joanne Casas. Ralph Harris, Darlene Harris. Gloria Henke, David Merrick, Tim Larsen, Darren Magnuson, Debra Martyn, Kathryn Meise, Fred O ' Hare, Tim Phelan, Leslie Trupe, David Tyler, Robert Schmickle, Nancy Schmickle. Susan Stone, John Villalobes. Juanita iHS! First Row l-r; Juanita Lopez, Leslie Phelan, Nancy Schimikle, Christy Mason. Darren Larsen, Teri Blough, Second Row l-r: Geri Shaver, Carol Green, Barbara Scott. Patsy Hooper. Third Row l-r: Dan Tyler. John Stone, Tim O ' Hare, Missing: James Lasseter. 188 OF AMERICA ART DRAMA MUSIC ENGLISH FOREIGN LANGUAGES SOCIAL STUDIES LABORATORY SCIENCE MATHEMATICS BUSINESS HOME ECONOMICS TRADES AND INDUSTRIAL FINE ARTS LIBERAL ARTS SCIENCE MATHEMATICS VOCATIONAL ARTS JAMES PAUL LASSETER TERRI ANN BLOUGH CAROL ANNE GREEN NANCY JO SCHMICKLE JUANAVILLAOBOS TIMOTHY JAMES O ' HARE LESLIE EVE PHELAN JERI LOUJEAN SHAVER PATSY ANN HOOPER LUCILLE VIESCA JOHN WILLIAM STONE ROBERT DANIELTYLER CHRISTY LEE MASON DARREN MARIE LARSEN BARBARA RUTH SCOTT = -S ) ■ cn O OJ — _ « ' - O V -— ■— DroC rod) D 55Q_occcircoi-H - itisl- iQ m ■:■■ 00 a C7) y) t: yi O fa (o ra - o i in nj F CD — - ' ii: « " J (u H c Q 5 E 03 tD (1) D R] U £ IQ-OcnCCQIC lOOtOWC ) . .- i " e:£ CO S N LL CD ■- — - c £ 55 _ u TO - nj I di o _■ m m to = !i; I S ' 5 - c-g £ 5 O -■. o , D -o E Ddroditg Eos;— °-SE .oo -:j«jSnj(D i5Da 5E ■ i ) cDaimoouuoQQQ O uj E c c x o t " J aj U) ■ " - in cc ■ i fD QJ en ' ' h " 5 «- ' 0) J2 «■ ' ' ' y ;i; s n o " oiD(i,roa)3J=E2om _i_i55zOQ-crQ:Q:coc )c ) i a .i- dj (0 - E ? E I X .J Q m (J O UJ ■D " J — „ - - - .- £ 2 S ! o 5? ' S o 2 m O . li. d. O O O X I (rt u ui 55 55 t -S ? S o » " i! O r, S -a 00 -9 2 ■ -• S c -! ' . C O D 0) - " § 2 t )CQa3CDQLi_ox_i55ixa:to -)i SPORTSSPQBT ' yisL %xf 3 y SPORTSI POR ■rtcw. ' K ' T -?! ' asa I L- na»« 7i0ah»c(»; ' 3]Kj i;T- :: ' •«£? -■PA ' i ' ■ FALL SFOET 0 ' " " a ' J1 i in j? FOOTBALL HIGHIJ .HT; ' gh hopes and great expectations were held by the pluvo stason. The Cardin lf jilwe fielding a young team, consisting of man They had-priije in the Red and White, determination, fai ' ' and a wilJ ' to win The prospects for a winning team to once again grace the h High w re very promising. The team had a great thrist fo ' though this thirsjLmight at last be quenched when the Cardi the first game of jIp season. ' % Then events occoi d which seemed to cast shadows u pon t Injuries! ' ' " " ■ Cardinals, hitting at key pc ' ' ' thfl is ' il finally Whittier ' s depth inj s moral began to suffe Moe fr: tatted to fade. littii ' ' igthai As the gun sou and dl$appointmei they iiad never ingredients for a; fo end the final game of eir hearts, but all retail p. never succumbed am had been there, bi Raul Valle (FBI Richard Arena (T) Don Henderson (G) 196 v:: ;: v..--;.. ' -.V v :aig iai Dan Gideon (E) John Franklin (FB) 197 i l« T - j HT r S Jesse Casillas(HB) S c: David Lopez (E) Dennis Gutierrez (HB) .i«iHlB iX X Eric Payne (HB) Rxk Marcellin(HB) Larry Jenkins (C) Steve Cunico (T) ■ ■ ■ oi JlH H w |r«iT0 H M l h HH Spm hhhIH Ken Williams IE) William Banualos (HB) . . ixQ. Glenn Tralry (E) Fred Shahbazi (T) c if o-ttj ,A ■- j ' 199 - (; Fritz Brown (C) Chuck Savage (QB) Joe Tait (T) II II illllfMlllWIMBMBjpBBMWMiaWMWMMM MiBM MWi 19T3 ' VARSITY BE ' .j9 y Btrll-fti ' B 1 r ft 9m . H l c l l 1 HHHHKaV ' ' . ' m ' H IIIBH Arnie Sanchez (HB) Eric Ferine (QB) Jim Vroom (SE) 200 --- ,f ( ' ' ' ' T Raul Rubacava IHB) John Cummings (TE) Hector Arreola (El Raul Boneavidez (SE) ■m m v, fmvt- l. S ! V r • :tf 1 e? o ui o 6 = 1 . £ Ji £ 2 " J5|g| isgc = £ - n 9 iJ . o • 5 o " 5 . fll ;43i, ' ■• ; 1 l? v ys I 4V-» at isiste. r 202 JL ' ' 203 Danny Sly POLO POWER ' " l ;- -sf»- fc? - Harry Riede (Halfcourt Harry) I Tommy Kistler Billy Hardie V Bob (Gar) Lee t: ' . ■ i!Xi : .i ' SJit:r.i ' ..r ' - ' Oh Nol Sudden death again A ATEE POL WATER POL ATEE POL Jeff Grant Captain Dennis Cujak Captain Managers: Bob Hensley. Larry Seidlitz ! 207 «l U-K FRONT ROW L-R; Bill Cote, Eddie Fontez. Ralph Uke. SECOND ROW L ' R: Dennis Cujak. Brad Cahoon. Brad Dorn, Mike Duarte. THIRD ROW L-R; Fred Riede. Fred Susoff. Duane Semans. J.Vo WATER POL© J.Vo WATER POL© L¥. aauBu ■sMjupiinir ' vr ' iniJ .1!?-i- I Y - ' 6. First Row L-R: Brian Barr. Theo Riede, Chris Roderick, Greg Freedman. Row Two John IVIiller, John Pern, George Engelage. Pat Findley Third Row Jim Schlund Mike Daughtry, Bill McFarland, Doug Kellogg, Bill Mcewan, Fourth Row: Bob Robinson and Geoff Grant ATEEPOLO FEOSH, SOPH 209 CROSS COUMTRY FRONT ROW L-R: David Green, Rudy Tellez. Mark Gotts, Jeff Wise. SECOND ROW L-R: Tim Peterson, Don Wakefield, Bob Hohne, Bruce Smith. ■ " OIOIO ••!••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••• ••• • •••«.• •_•!• • ••• •_•.•_•_•_•• » • • • •_• ••••••••••• • • • ■ ■ • ■ ■ m ' » ••••••••••••• ■ •_•••.•_»_•• «_• • • » • • j « • • • • c • • • • • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • • ••••••»••••• « ■ • • Oi_ ••• ••«••• • • • -______■ • •••• •••• ••••• «•« ••• ■ " Va • • • • • • %_•_»_•_• • •_•_• •_•_• ••••••• B . • • • • • • " • • • . • • • • ' •••«•••• • B ■ ■ ■ ■TB MnB •••aaBBa B «jb • » .•■_■_■« M- •-• • a • B » • • a • • I a_a B a - - - _ - - _ a B a a • I a a B • • ••••••• • ••••• :.%V a a • - a • •_• • a • • tjTmm ••«a aa»aaaaa _•_■_ !•.• •» • » • • mmjCM a • a a a • b • • • a a a ■ _•••.•••• •-(Or • • 0_« " .a a_a_a ■.B •«aaaa •aaaai • ■ _a a •_AjC« O • a a a a a an|_B ••a aaa «aaaa • • • •r w« • ■ " »• • • • ira a a a a a a mjT • ' • a • • • a a a • • a a a a a a » • • bb b b b b b b M a • «% • « . . a a a a a ' •.••.•••_• • •_• • • a a a b b b B a a a B . •jr» • » . b a a a • •_•_•«••.•_• • •J » • • •aaaaaaaaaBB B • • • « a a a a a ' •_••••■_• • ■!•_• • •aaaaaaaaaaBa • ji a • •_b_b a a a a • •.•_•.•.•_•_• • • •«• • • •aaaaaaaaa aa a J_m • • bb a a a a a .•_••_•_• " a ' .B.a • •aaaaaaaaa a a • B a • a a a a a a a ■ COUNTRY w ; FRONT ROW L-R; Tom Mitchell, Martin Santillana. SECOND ROW L-R: Larry Mahan, John Peel, Dan Reza. CROSS C0UMTIRY FRONT ROW L-R: Mark Hohne. Bill Harms. Brian Mathews. SECOND ROW L-R: Jeff Wise, Robert Ewing, Tim Peterson. FRONT ROW L-R: Debby Alarcon, Amy Balthser. Donnalisa Parks, Marcia Chittum. Donna Basham, Ann Garrett. Shari Loo, Kathy Aralos, SECOND ROW L-R; Robin Owen, Carol Bradley, Sharman Busch, Kathy O ' Hara, Darren Larsen, Christy Mason. Charlene Ariza, GAAT ■§ ■■— — — ■BBaaw iminnraim i gaat: wsxaf in z ::spai££i:aa :i » xrjma I; FRONT ROW L-R: Debbie Alarcon, Kathy Perger, Debbie Hyde, Andrea Hooper, Dorothy Dabritz. Joanne Harralson, Leslie Gramstad. Phyllis Prado. SECOND ROW L-R Ins Erback, Bonnie Gradich, Janet Kistler, Jan Sargent, Beth Mulcahy. Linda Iredale, Colette Marcellin, Lori Barber V--? ' M POET VARSHTY LLEYEALL Front Row, L-R Cindy Hooper, Irene Ozuna. Barbara Heaton, Kitty Franek. Second Row, L-R Linda Davila. Dana Smith, Mary Helen Fuentes, Maria Alvarez, Mrs Donnelly, Debbie Lopez Top. Patsy Hooper. Not pictured, Nona Allen and Jeanne Silk, VOLLEYBALL Front Row L R: Janece Stupin, Doreen Lowe, Barbara Olguin, Hellen Davila, Susie Resales, Debbie Nunez. Chris MacDonald. Row two. L-R Marlene Hoelzel. Patty Oeh. Lori Smith. Gaylynn Smith. Lois Poyorena Row three. L-R: Janine Mason, Hattie Golightly, Janet Gutierrez. Debbie Tyler. Judy Poyorena. Gail Ross, and Miss Gallighen, Not pictured Susan Flores. 220 Bill Hardie George Kaylor Dan Peterson Bill Morales Steve Crago Dick Welsh VARSITY BASKETBALL Top right - Front L-R Darren Larsen. Jen Shaver. Janet Vaupel. Back L-R Anani Ahuna. Charlene Ariza. Ann Garret (Statisticians) Tom Noonan Coach Art Zimmer 221 iiyjiiiiiiiiigfJlM ml w rfr ilM iM VARSITY FRONT ROW L-R: Tim OHare. Steve Reza, Keith Tellez. Brando Massei, John Stone, SECOND ROW L-R; George Kaylor, Mark Miricle. Mark Johnson. Chuck Savage Joe Tait, Lee Riley, John McGaffey, Mark Jones, Loren Schneiderman, Ralph Rabago, (Coach) Mr Bob David. FRONT ROW L-R; Richard Plummer. Dave Knopp. Mike Long, Mike Fammen, Dennis Gutierrez, Mario Deana, Abundio Sanchez. Scott Martino. SECOND ROW L-R: (coach) Mr, Werling, Dan Smisson, Phil Springer. Bob Covarrubias, Dan Hoover. Steve Sierra, Rich Rudell, Mitch Hunt, David Ayala. John Moross, ' ( ?iUtt l i ' Whitti k, 0i m r ' j fvr P i l l; p. 25 A ; t . I riipii i . iMiBn t. ■ff y Ji -J( . i f ' Hiiepf Front row L-R: Juan Cazares. Richard Triston. Darren Galindo. David Dearos. Michael Augilar. Rodney Woodruff, Pete Cutrona, Row Two; Mike Rives. Eric Hoover, Vincent McLeod, Michael Chavez, Patric Bates. Daniel Marsh, Robert Namer, and Coach Brueckner, Row 1 L-R: John Halte, Jim Pappas, Mike Longobardo, Joe Kaylor, Brian Matthews. Peter Raul, Row 2 L-R Rex Jackson. Gerald Duke. Alan Shotwell, Mike Apodaca, Doug Spire, and Coach Bob Dankert : 1 ' VV f v a .- . p cr,A f ( -S ' e ' « " L- - ' . ' » irt ' V: « :;.;% , Cb • ' ' t m TT j ■ ■ • « « ' : 1 m » ■ ■,- i 1 " r ; ( liflij ' . . i N . J a , : 0) •- o O O O 0) , 0, Q 0) o = : CD (O _ o Q) £ (D o -5 £.e; " - d " E (D N t: (O OC CO » " • T3E Fred Shabazzi Alex Nuno Richard Torres John Eschihan AESHTY WEESTLHMG VARSITY Wi 227 JUMIOE VAESETY WRESTLIMG Front row l-r Mark Kikuchi, Mike Adams, Bill Harms, Pat Ingala Second row l-r Ted Thompson, Manuel Morales, Eddie Martinez Bob Toma Tim Polder Victor Ortegaza 229 Front Row L-R Tom Kistler Diane Gulmo, Beth Mulcahy, Sue Westra, Kelly Wolff, Cora Haussecker, Joyce Klopping, Bonnie Gradich, Marcia Cfiittum, Julie Adams Diane Nunez, Amy Balthaser, Eric Bewley Second Row L-R: Richard Byrd, Bob Lee, Terry Huff. Julie Clay, Lei Ahuna, Patti Ellish, Carol Murphy, Nancy Ward, Beth Emerson, Terry Christman, Jeanny Dalis, Janet Kistler, Chen Courtemarch, Gary Trow. GAAo WATEE POL Front Row, L-R Donna Basham. Penny Pepper, Brenda Hauan, Kathy OHare. Ann Garrett, Row two, L-R: Karen McCoy, Kristy Mason, Sharman Bush Charelen An Cath Fritag, Hattie Golightly and Darren Larsen GAAo BASKETBALL A aed B Row 1 : Amarida Holguin Corla May. SuAnn Yung, Lei Ahuna, Patti Elhsh Row 2 Cindy Hodgin, Cora Haussecker. Grethen Kruegler, Cheryl Moore. Janme Mason Am, Balthaser. Helen Dauila Row 3 Miss Sanders, Kris Bosse, Linda Iredale, Donna Lisa Parks. Sandy Brofre. Marsha Chittum, Gigi Scherrey, Kelly Wolf 231 ■: s •• •.•. ■■•. •.•«•■•■•■ • •••••••••••••••••■ . _ , • •••••••••••••••••••• •.■_ ' J " " , • •••••••••••••••••••• •-•— ■ • " ■■■ ' IHHiM Row 1 In water L-R: Gary Trow, Dan Sly, Eric Bewley, Tod Byers, Chris Cocks, Row two, L-R: Richard Byrd, Doug Findley, Tom Kistler, Bob Lee, Brad Dorn, Row three, L-R; Don Hacker, Dennis Cujak, Duane Semans, Tom La Duke, and Jim Lasseter. fxt . «SS«- ! S» BWEMMMG SWIMMEMG SWEMMMG ' 15 Row 1, L-R: John Lasseter, Ed Pontes, William Cote, Krzysztof Foterek, Brad Cahoon. Row two, L- R: Don Downton, Bud Dysert, Charlie Arellarez, and Jim Schlund. ■ V J - ■ I ) ¥ a: ' ' . ap ' r-::js: ■m-mi FROSH SOPIHI MMHMG SWMMIMG SWIMMING SWIl f « aas« ' ik.- ' Row 1: Greg Freedman, Theo Riede. Pat Findley, Bob Robinson, George Engelace. Lionel Mayer. Row 2: Jeoff Grant, Brian Barr, John Miller, Jim Vancampan, John Perri, Alan Cusolito. Paul Burlingham, Kevin Miller. Joe Morreale Richard Torres Jesse Casillas Max Tait Don Wakefield Terry Zimmer Harry Riede Tom Zimmer Keith Tellez Pat Hart 240 1 id Y 1 1 Hi f J ' I miB (, ' ■ ' . y «■■■ ' V = ; « 4«»., : J fc ' v: ' tA%1§ ' Plplil H ' ' ' .41 MH ' » «k «!« k m -■ r W ' i I i ■■ m m r S ■ |;H nez. Back Row: i J iw yk ] 1 HI . - ' - ¥?- S i- ' g t 5 O o O 243 GAA, mm G AAo TRACK ABOVE Bottom Row Left to Right: Jana Meewes, Andrea Mattson, Raylynn Sanchez, Valene Torrnes, Kathy Lawson, Janet Kistler, Patty Oeh, Nancy Ward, Diane Nunez, Lei Ahuna, Debbie Aruig. Top Row Left to Right: Karen MarshaM. Lori Potter, Ellen Chandler, Joyce Clopping, Kristine Busse, Dana Smith, Beth Mulcahy, Marela Ann Chittum, Annette Sales, Toni Dangleis. Corle May, Patty Ellish. Lisa Longo. BELOW- Bottom left to right: Diane Molander, SueAnn Yung, Cindy Hooper, Lori Smith, Gaylynn Smith, Miss Malone. Middle left to right: Shelly Gasparian, Jill Mooradian, Kathy Perger, Denise Robinson, Lori Barber. Back left to right: Miss Matkovich, Amanda Holguin, Lisa Mabery, Sandy Brophy, Janlne Mason. B E 5 ( E re o ii « 1- E 2 " E g £ = E ra ji .ff o o O D U ;; o i° u S X ( ) 0) O _Q) CC 2 « C O CD Q) -= T o (0 II " 0) ir u) T 2 = N £ = aii . o oj -• n .i5 £ s5 i3 O t OC . -I TO S 01 o £ o ii n a • " ». - Q • )■ S £ 5 C=3 C= I c=:i=a o o " E 5 S y ? £ E c 2 U - 5 E IE E o -a ™ S 2 5 n " (J OJ - o n C OJ D " Si (D CD (?5 f 01 a — 0) CE U O o CE -= - ' - 5? O " dJ tr S s 248 r f Uffic i Forrest Phillips Don Henderson Tonn Scott Dave Ayala Uiuejiu Arnie Sanchez Tim Herrick Dick Welch YAESETY BASEBALL ¥M Coach: Tom Bonetto Managers: Peter Raul, Kevin Derby »ma • •• iW I • » tMJ, Scorekeepers: Lisa Ariza, Maureen McLaughlin Fritz Brown Steve Craigo Steve Cunico Dennis Guiterrez Mark Chavez John Peel iHTY BASEBALL YAESITY BASEBAL ' 249 . » m . » t - « Y ' ' Af r ■ ' Row I Left to Right: Luis Dominguez, Al Norman. Steve Lopez, David Murrieta, Mark Rodriguez. Alfred Elias, IVIike Long. Bill Huffor. Row II. Left to Right: Bob Thompson. Natham Keller. Mike Mahaffey. John Gsvchell. Dennis Koelle. Daniel Hoover, Dan Rodriguez. Tom Evans. Mitchell Hunt. Mr. Joyce (Coach) Jo¥o AND F 250 Front Row: Jeff Carroll. Dave Dearcos. Jess Callazo. Joe Gomez. Carlos Dominquez. Augie Gacia. Alex Esquerra. Mark Low. Tom Dominguez 2nd Row: Coach Dankert, Frank Yrungary, Gary Brant, Dave Sattler, Todd Whidick. Ray Hunt. Arti Cheng. Tony Garcia. •ll --: ' ifcri : Front Row, Left to Right: Russ Judkin, David Mannguez. Raymond Wleltvedt. David Brackney Row II. Left to Right. Coach: Mr. Moore. Al Reynoso. John Herrera. Monty Hopkins. Andy Lopez. Gene Rodriguez. mmm BALL FAR 251 .POETS SCOREBOARD Varsity Water Polo w 4 M Vista 6 w 9 El Rancho 8 w 12 Sierra 3 w 18 Pioneer 4 w 4 Santa Fe 3 w 11 La Habra 10 w 7 La Serna 8 w 9 Fullerton 10 w 2 CalHi 3 w 9 Warren 8 Cross Country W 23 El Monte 34 w 22 Montebello 33 w 21 M Vista 39 w 15 Sierra 48 w 19 Pioneer 44 w 34 Santa Fe 21 w 23 La Serna 34 w 27 Cal Hi 28 w 34 Dominguez Low Score Wins 22 Football W Monte Vista 29 W 9 Sierra W10 Pioneer 20 W Santa Fe 42 W La Serna 40 W20 California 27 W 14 Dominquez 34 Varsity Wrestling W 50 Downey 11 W 36 Los Altos 24 W Dominquez 3rd La Serna tourn W La Serna W 29 Montebello 21 W 22 Santa Fe 24 W 26 Cal Hi 20 W 36 Sierra 27 W 31 Pioneer 15 W Monte Vista 1 St. place San Gabriel tourn, 2nd. place Marina tourn. U ' ' Hgil Soccer W 4 Azusa 6 W 1 Paramount 3 W 3 Artesia 2 W 3 Azusa 8 W Glendale 3 W 3 Excelsior 1 W 2 Excelsior 3 W 1 Glendale 6 W 2 Arcadia 4 r f iw , . »f; G.A A Soft Ball W 7 Sierra 8 W Santa Fe 22 W 5 M. Vista 9 W 2 Cal Hi 18 W 3 La Serna 9 W 6 Pioneer W 6 El Rancho 3 I m p - ,jCx- G.A.A. Water Polo W 7 Santa Fe 6 W 4 Sierra 5 W 9 Santa Fe 8 W 6 Sierra 2 k m G A, A. Tennis W 3 Sierra 4 W 6 El Rancho 1 W 2 La Serna 5 W 2 Santa Fe 5 W 3 Cal Hi 4 W 3 M Vista 4 W 4 Pioneer 3 V c ' W Golf W vs Schurr W vs Schurr W vs La Serna W vs Santa Fe W vs Sierra W vs Pioneer W vs CalHi W vs Pioneer W vs Monte Vista W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serna W vs Sierra W vs Monte Vista W vs CalHi Swimming W 73 Los Altos 81 W 102 Monte Vista 64 W 109 Sierra 52 W 76 La Habra 94 W 105 Pioneer 60 W 88 Santa Fe 84 W 103 El Rancho 65 W 76 La Serna 96 W 110 Montebello 35 W 96 Cal Hi 77 G.A.A. Basketball WHS Invitational Tourny. W vs Pioneer W vs Sierra W vs La Serna W vs Monte Vista W vs Santa Fe W vs California Basketball w 72 Arroyo 80 w 57 Alfiambra 63 w 74 Keppel 64 w 62 El Rancho 82 w 69 Crescenta Valley 72 w 80 Franklin 66 w 65 Riverside Poly 64 w 62 Los Angeles 70 w 63 El Rancho 64 w 87 Montebello 64 w 57 Schurr 58 w 70 La Serna 75 w 74 Monte Vista 77 w 68 Santa Fe 51 w 75 Dominguez 9 5 w 80 California 61 w 63 Sierra 74 w 64 Pioneer 76 w 64 La Serna 78 w 57 Monte Vista 61 w 76 Santa Fe 67 w 75 Dominguez 91 w 57 Pioneer 67 w 88 California 72 w 91 Sierra 103 G A A Volleyball w 1 5 La Serna w 16 15 Sierra w 8 -17 Cal Hi w 15 15 Pioneer w 15 15 M Vista w 1 Santa Fe 15-15 14-7 15-19 0-6 11-9 15-15 1 G A A Swimming | w vs CalHi w vs Santa Fe w vs Bye w vs El Rancho w vs Pioneer w vs Monte Vista w vs La Serna Track W vs El Rancho W vs Alhambra W vs Shorty Smith Relays W vs Monte Vista W vs Sierra W vs Southern Conties W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs Hawthorne Distance | W vs La Serna W vs Arroyo Invitational W vs California W vs Dominguez W vs Mt. San Antonio Re ays W vs Whitmont League Pre lims 1 W vs Whitmont League Finals W vs C IF Prelims W vs CI F, AAA Finals W vs C IF Masters W vs California State Meet W vs 56th Annual BaseBall W 7 Alhambra 3 W 5 Arroyo 1 W 3 Crescenta W 5 Montebello 3 W 11 Mark Keppel 5 W 3 San Gabriel 1 W 10 El Monte 6 Tennis W vs Monte Vista W vs Sierra W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serne W vs Cal W vs Dominguez W vs Monte Viste W vs Sierra W vs 0|ai W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serna W vs Cal W vs Dominguez JV Football W 26 Monte V JV Football W 26 Monte V. W 13 Sierra 19 W 19 Pioneer 6 W Santa Fe 25 W 6 La Serna W 20 California 6 W Dommguez 2 Sophomore Footba W Monte V. W 3 Sierra 7 W 6 Pioneer 10 W 12 Santa Fe 28 W 21 La Serna 21 W 13 California 21 W W Dominguez L Fresfinnan Footbal W 6 Monte V. 7 W 6 Sierra 30 W 12 Pioneer 14 W 7 Santa Fe 14 W 13 La Serna 12 W 7 California W L Dominguez W J V. Water Polo W 6 Monte v. 1 W 12 El Rancho 3 W 14 Sierra 2 W 25 Pioneer 2 W 4 Santa Fe 3 W 8 La Habra W 7 La Serna 1 1 W 6 Fullerton 2 W 1 Gal Hi W 8 Warren 5 Frosh-Soph Water Polo W 8 Monte V. 6 W 14 El Rancho 4 W 9 Sierra 4 W 7 Pioneer 3 W 1 5 Santa Fe W 9 La Habra 8 W 2 La Serna 1 W 9 Fullerton 2 W 1 Cal Hi 8 W 9 Warren 5 JV Cross Country W 16 Monte V 37 W 15 Pioneer 50 W 46 Sierra 16 W 48 Santa Fe 15 W 23 La Serna 34 W 26 CalJHi 30 W 26 Dominquez 29 Frosh-Soph Cross-Country W 39 Sierra 22 W 25 Pioneer 30 W 55 Santa Fe 19 W 30 La Serna 29 W 40 Cal Hi 20 W W Dominquez L GA.A.JV. Tennis W 6 Sierra 1 W 4 El Rancho 3 W La Serna 6 W 5 Santa Fe 2 W 1 Cal Hi 6 W Monte V, 6 W 3 Pioneer 4 i H JV Wrestling W 22 vs Downey 27 W 20 vs Los Altos 42 w 44 vs Dominguez 22 w 42 vs La Serna 21 w 32 vs Monte belle 26 w 15 vs Santa Fe 42 w 35 vs Cal Hi 18 w 37 vs Sierra 24 w 35 vs Pioneer 24 w 48 vs Monte V 22 GAA Water Polo J V. W 10 Santa Fe 4 W 8 Sierra 5 W 7 Santa Fe 4 W 6 Sierra 1 f t JV Swimming w 113 Los Altos 34 w 1 Monte Vista w 1 Sierra w 83 La Habra 55 w 114 Pioneer 16 w 100 Santa Fe 37 w 118 El Rancho 15 w 95 La Serna 49 w 113 Montebello 24 w 117 Cal Hi 25 Frosh-Soph Swimm ng W 84 Los Altos 54 W 116 Monte Vista 40 W 96 Sierra 33 W 73 La Habra 65 W 101 Pioneer 36 W 95 Santa Fe 39 W 103 El Rancho 29 W 100 La Serna 24 W 103 Montebello 31 W 106 Cal Hi 20 JV. Tennis W vs Monte Vista W vs Sierra W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serne W vs Cal. W vs Dominguez W vs Monte Vista W vs Sierra W vs Ojai W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serne W vs Cal. W vs Dominguez Frosh-Soph Tennis W vs Monte Vista W vs Sierra W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serne W vs Cal. W vs Dominguez W vs Monte Vista W vs Sierra W vs Ojai W vs Pioneer W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serna W vs Cal. W vs Dominguez J.V. Golf W vs Schurr W vs Santa Fe W vs La Serna W vs Pioneer W vs Sierra W vs Cal Hi W vs Monte Vista W vs Pioneer W vs La Serna W vs Santa Fe W vs Sierra W vs Cal Hi GAA JV Swimming W CalHI W Santa Fe W Bye W El Rancho W Pioneer W Monte Vista W La Serna GAA Softball J. V W 24 Sierra 7 W Santa Fe 23 W 3 Monte Vista 11 W 1 Cal Hi 22 W 8 La Serna 17 W 14 Pioneer 13 GAA JV Volleyball W 16 La Serna 18 3 15 W 15 Sierra 13 15 11 W 16 Cal Hi 14 15 6 W 15 Pioneer 6 17 15 W 8 Monte Vista 15 9 15 W 15 Santa Fe 10 15 8 JV. Baseball W 2 vs Montebello 2 W 8 vs Mark Keppel 6 w 5 vs San Gabriel 6 w 2 vs Arroyo 11 w 5 vs El Monte 3 54 ► J W 42 W 68 W 40 W 40 W 56 W 54 W 46 W 60 W 61 W 59 W 32 W 65 W 49 W 58 W 66 W 78 W 70 W 54 W 61 W 60 W 91 V Basketba La Serna Santa Fe El Rancho Alhambra El Rancho Monte V Schurr La Serna Monte V- Santa Fe Dominquez Cal Hi Sierra Pioneer La Serna Monte V Santa Fe Dominquez Pioneer Cal HI Sierra 55 52 46 57 39 55 56 46 44 44 55 60 55 55 64 51 59 59 62 67 76 Frosh Basketball W 35 vs Arroyo 32 W 41 vs Cal Hi 45 W 60 vs Pioneer 30 W 41 vs Santa Fe 36 W 79 vs Alhambra 56 W 42 vs El Rancho 50 W 57 vs Schurr 42 W 46 vs Montebell d31 W 56 vs La Serna 35 W 39 vs Monte V, 41 W 51 vs Santa Fe 50 W 39 vs Cal Hi 36 W 43 vs Sierra 69 W 47 vs Pioneer 34 W 47 vs La Serna 44 W 51 vs Monte V 46 W 32 vs Santa Fe 45 W 60 vs Pioneer 40 W 55 vs Cal Hi 41 W 44 vs Sierra 47 2 Forfeit wins over Dominguez Soph omore Basketball | W 57 Arroyo 49 W 71 Bonita 27 W 40 Sa nta Fe 44 W 57 Pioneer 64 W 68 All- ambra 63 W 67 El Rancho 40 W 79 Schurr 38 W 67 Montebello 43 W 65 La Serna 39 W 74 Monte Vista 46 W 46 Sa nta Fe 45 W 61 Dominguez 65 W 71 Cal Hi 25 W 72 Sierra 48 W 48 Pioneer 50 W 76 La Serna 45 W 84 Monte Vista 60 W 41 Santa Fe 42 W 50 Dominguez 79 W 47 Pioneer 57 W 55 Cal Hi 52 W 46 Sierra 52 r ) Farm Baseball w Monte Vista w Sierra w Pioneer w Santa Fe w La Serna w California w Dominguez w Monte Vista w Sierra ¥ I ' ' a ' f€2A y .. f c ' X. VL ' ClAo C X l .. A.! T)v)0 An.- PS The Kriegspiel (wargaming) Society is mad up of those who enjoy reliving the pa; through historically accurate war game with scientifically precise rules. In thes games the armchair general may pit himse against General Robert E Lee i " Gettysburg " , roll over Rommel ' s panzers ir " Afrika Korps " , and charge along wit George S. Patton ' s counter attack at th " Battle of the Bulge " As long as only th German General Staff played these game; German armies stomped their opponent badly. Once Americans learned to play thes games, they have been the stompers rathe than the stompees which is the mor comfortable role of the two. I FRONT row L-R; Mike Knap, Chuck Cunningham. Mr. Sapin. Roy Diehold, IVlarvin Lujan. SECOND ROW L-R: Richard Whalen, Tom Miller, Leif DeWolfe, Kevin Derby. Larry Mahan, Dan Johnson. KEIEGSPIEL SOCIETY CEEAMIC TEAl FRONT ROW L-R; John Cummings, David Maclean, Jim Fratus. Dennis Miller, Aurelio Machuca. Dennis Gutierrez, Theo Riede, Jim Vroom, John Moble. SECOND ROW L-R: Mrs, Copsey. Steve Maelsen, David Murrieta, Ed Salatnay, Mark Chavez, Don Ward. Gary Goulter, DanPederson, Len Coutu. THIRD ROW L-R: Bob Lee. Dick Welsh, Jack Welsh. FRONT: Dick Welsh SECOND ROW L-R: Bob Lee, Mrs. S Copsey. Jack Bantau. STAGE CEI AET CLUE FRONT ROW L-R: Kevin Comini. Sandi Cormaci. Jim Lasseter. Carolyn Salazar, James Lasseter, Cindy Lake. Nadelme Gotts, Travis Smith. SECOND ROW L-R Claudia Miller, Madeline Holland. Renee Gallina, Carol Murphy Mark Licht. Dianne Pfanner, Debbie Drummond. Cheryl Sablan. Debbie Smith THIRD ROW L-R Raymond Meltvedt. John Pern, Tom Longobardo. Steve Wehus, Don Lee, John Morales. p-r ' .. f t l| Vj , - ■ Maria Ahumada Melynda Alcantara Elaine Alonzo Steve Alvardo Blanc Alvarez Vince Alvarez Debbie Amaro Sylvia Arguellas Rose Ayala Carol Banuelos Louie Bejarano Brenda Bernal Kathy Bonura Lori Brown Kathy Byrd Anna Carrillo Carmen Carrillo Carlos Casillas Patsy Castillo Virginia Cendejas Sandy Cervantes Dorothy Chavez JoAnn Chavez Mary Chavez Terry Corella Rachel Diaz Sam Diaz Carlos Dominguez Pat Dorado Donna Espinoza Frank Esquivel Albert Fierro Gilbert Fierro JoAnn Flores Josie Flores Alice Franco Angle Frausto Larry Fuentes Mary Helen Fuentes Albert Garcia Arthur Garcia Beatris Garcia Leo Garcia Terri Garcia Robert Garza Joe Gomez Anna Gonzalez Sallie Gonzalez Dennis Gutierrez Janet Gutierrez Dawn Hayden Bob Hernandez Elizabeth Hernandez Hilda Hernandez Pat Hernandez Reggie Holguin Inez Hurtado Lynette Jackson Dan Johnson Mary Kowalewski Liz Laroue Linda Leon Andy Lopez Steve Lopez Monica Lopez Thomas Lorna Debbie Lozano Robert Lucero Sal Luna Annette Madrano Debbie Maes Sally Maldonado Darlene Martinez Lorraine Martinez RoseMary Martinez Sonia Mata Frank Mayo rga Liz Mayorga Clotilda Millan Sara Molina Marisela Monzon Robert Mora Frank Moreno David Murrieta Peter Murrieta Dina Naranjo Jimmy Nuanes Norma Nuanes Alex Nuno Martha Ortiz Ruby Ortiz Vivian Azuna Clara Palafox Danny Palafox Edward Palma Pam Peer Adrianne Puiggros Jesse Reynoso Donna Rivera Richard Roman Pat Rubio Rhonda Rubalcava Peggy Ruiz « f ' 1 • • • • - 1 •-• • J Hii-v ... H Advisor: Dave McKibben FRONT ROW L-R Kent Rasmussen, Teresa Wright, Marjorie Lawrence, Jack Windley, Cathy Pascal, Jeffrey Rospond, Randi Robertson, Ruben Lopiz, Ron Williams, Robert Hook, SECOND ROW L-R Tern Blough, Gerri Blough, THESPIAMS AMD GEEMAM CLUE FRONT ROW L-R Marvin Lujan, Richard Ouesada, Tom Zimmer, Cristy Mahnken, Cindy Edgar, Cora Haussecker, Janine Mason, Tonia Risher. SECOND ROW L-R Dan Johnson, Kristan Shephard, Jim Pappas, Keith Staddle, Ray Meltuedt, Michael Quesada. Ian Greene, Karen Smith, Larry Dimmick THIRD ROW L-R Kevin Derby, Roy Diebold, Mike Weston. Steve Winston, Brian Barr, David Byrd, Duane Semans, Kent Rasmussen. FRONT ROW L-R: Mark Licht, Alan Ramsey. Jeff Grant SECOND ROW L-R, Ed Palma, John Peel, Bill Cote, Bill McEwan, Mr, Manifor, Matt Marchese, Pat Findlay, Mike Gilinson, Mike Daughtry, Peter Rouch. Advisor: Jonh Manifor PUSTMAL ARTS AMD CHESS CLUE INDUSTRIALARTS An extraordinarily new innovated club this year filled with students primarily majoring in Industrial Arts. These specific fields include Architecture, Woodshop, Industrial Crafts, Radio, Auto, Machine and printing. The Chess Club This year ' s chess club lacks the quantity that it has had in other years, but what it lacks in this area it makes up in quality. The two brilliant chess scholars pictured would like to have others join, as playing each other all the time does get quite a bit boring. Left; Tom Miller and Mark Licht L-R Eric Bewley. Jim Lasseter. Harry Reide. Dave Henke, Chuck Cunningham. Tom LaDuke. Aleen Yung. Kurt Rassmussen. Bob Lee. Ed Mitchell, Wayne Rennington, Dave Ward. Bill Hardie. Dough Findley. Scott Railsback. George Mann. George Adams. Richard Byrd, Brad Fotte. Gary Trow. Jeff Deckner. David Chapman. Dave Trupe. Art Cocks. Dan Tyler. Fred Meise. Lee Oltjenbruns Advisor Marina Scholl lEEA CLUE AMD THE A ' iIAM LEAGUj The Amenian League The members of the Amenian League have created a world of their own. Members are granted Titles of Nobility, and rule their own countries Manufacturing, mining agriculture, and trading are controlled by the rulers of a country. as each tries to make their country a dominant one of the world of Amenius Tom Miller FRONT ROW L-R Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Vucetich SECOND ROW L-R Keith Stadel. Marv Luian. Rick Sterner. Crit Taylor, Barry Fest, Tom Miller FRONT ROW L-R; Pam Keyes, Nina Morales. Becky Acevedo. SECOND ROW L-R: Elizabeth Ama, Lydia Vasquez. Dian Goodall. THIRD ROW L-R: Mike Wolff, Margret Lawrence, FOURTH ROW L- R: Mary Goulet, Jill Curry, Sue Kagen, FIFTH ROW L-R: Kent Rasmussen, Ron Talbott, Debbie Hyde. SIXTH ROW L-R: Rickie Hulsey. Laurie Carroll. i € JOCKEY ' 1 i Photo Advisor: Mr Clawson FRONT ROW L-R: Art Arroyo. Linda Davila SECOND ROW L- R: Joe Flores THIRD ROW L-R: Ed Chavez, Teresa Wright, Ralph Casas, Don Calkins, Advisor: Mrs. Takacs FRONT ROW L-R Mary Jane Esposito, Laree Cameron. Jack Martinez, Jim Reese, Karen Hill, Sue Brophy, David Brackney, SECOND ROW L-R, Debbie Alarcon, Debbie Smith, Corle May, Janet Hairabedian, Denise Trickle, Roger Ahuna THIRD ROW L-R: Kathy Corcoran, Roxanne Bednar, Lori Bell, Colette Marcellin Bill Eordekian. Robin Owen, FOURTH ROW L-R Lorn Barber. Phil Doles. Bill McFarland FIFTH ROW L-R: Gigi Scherrey. Steve Cat. Teri Christman, Tonia Risher, Sue Smith, Mrs. Takacs(advisor), Barbara MacDonald. DEBATE AMD SPEAKERS FOTOMETEE OTOMETERS FRONT ROW L-R Bill Carr. Charlie Walker. Ed Pontes, Irma Gallardo, Terri Garcia. Debbie Ruiz, Cathy Perger, Craig Sieboldt, Jack Windley. ob Hook SECOND ROW L-R: Ed LaPoint, Frank MoTeno, Mane Shears, Kathy Vivian, Pam Sutton, Brroks Speier, Mario Rodfiquez, Mark Light, Jill lodradian. Mart Clark. Pete Landswick, Kent Kruse, Manual Lauria THIRD ROW L-R Jane Crawford, Sherry Hall, Sal Luna, Bud Dysert, Greg King, Ruben opez, David Ayala, David Manriquez, Jim Curtiss, Philip Springer, Lesa Groschup, Keith Stadel. John Casey. Len Wyana. Dorthy Golightly. Richard Triston. 1r. Clawson-Advisor 265 266 f ' f T p e- 3 FRONT ROW L-R: Jeff Randolph, Richard Torres. Kenneth Williams. SECOND ROW L-R: Tmtithy PgMson. James Pocok. JoT n NWe. John Eshilian. Alex Aldaco. Gilbert Martinez. Loren Schnedrman. Don Dalis THIRD ROW L-R Daniel Sly. Kevin Derby. Ruid Shabazi. Keith Tellez FOURTH ROW Or Dennis Gross, Bruce Smith. Marie Dots. Alan Shotwell. Richard Byrd. Doug Findley. John Peel. Don Henderson. Glenn Trefry. Dan Padersen VAESITY CLUE VARSITY CLUE 267 FRONT ROW L-R: John Stone, Yvonne Lopez. Kurt Nalley SECOND ROW L-R: Rick Steiner. Tom Miller, Mark Licht, Tom LaDuke, Advisor; Mr Manifor FRONT ROW L-R: Tom Miller, Keith Stadel, Mark Licht, Carolyn Salazar, Harry Riede, Cindy Lake, John Lasseter. SECOND ROW L-R: Chuck Cunningham, Brian Raub, Shern Hall, Rick Steiner, Kathy Skinner, Tom Dangelis. THIRD ROW L-R: Lief DeWolfe, Ron Talbot, Larry Mahan. Robert Hook. m H Es3 m 268 H o 1 J H FRONT ROW L-R Allen Yung. Brian Zeis, Cathy Pascal, Carolyn Salazar, Cindy Lake SECOND ROW L R Mr Ramsey. Wayne Pennington. Sheri Hall, Mark Licht. Harry Riede, James Lasseter , Marc Bermudez THIRD ROW L-R Steve Sierra. Janice Nelson, FOURTH ROW L-R: Vince Vanderlann. Tom Dangleis. Tom LaDuke. Connie Bowden. Ton Longobardo. Loretta Edgar FIFTH ROW L-R John Lasseter. Robert Hook. 269 FRONT ROW L-R: Kim Cordray, Anna Baeza, Lisa Longo, Louise Mitchell, Christine Cho, Kathy Jenkins, Irma Gallardo. NIvIa Gallardo. SECOND ROW L-R: Dana Smith. Jeanme Dallis, Claudia Fansler, Lon Smith, Gaylynn Smith. Carol Coon, Colette Marcellan, Cindy Hodgin. THIRD ROW L-R; Rick Marcellin, Leanne Rouch. Mike RIvas, Dean Lowry. FEEMCH UNION ©F THE KAEASSOU; 270 FRONT ROW L-R: Yolanda Gutierrez, SherrI Hall, SECOND ROW L-R: Joe Marreale, Mark LIcht, Chuck Cunningham, Wayne Pennington, 4 " I knew I shouldn ' t Have had lunch in the cafeteria. " ' ■Xi ,.WfiK !i! ' « «(iiK F ' " :JiP iii ' i ' ifii ii III ii i ii i ii i i i iiinT ni i Ill III Oh! Fudgel 273 CARDINALCA .v. " . . . . " .v.- .v.v.-. ' .-.s-.- .V. " . ' . " . ' . ' .V. ' •Xv::-::vX ' i ■ • ■ • • v.v.v v.v.-. V. ' .-.-. « • • ■ •• " .•.v. , rtReynotds , : j Eajieufifc se Toutt f . 4 ' ' 1 r ' Wmm •1 2 «H%? " j B££aAii.i H i ' • j r • 1 r ■• ■ • •• • y t ' - :: , • yes. N Collins, I am Our group had 50% fewer cavities. Come on and get us, if you dare. Yeah! Whittier! STAY Away! You Need SCOPE! I knew I shouldn ' t of hit him Hey neat! When did you learn to write? Tip toe thru the tulips . 282 1 ' And we did it all by ourselves You devil you! vs jre ' s a can . . . quick, get me a freshman. Don ' t turn around, Your ' re on T V. Boy! do you need a deodorant Don ' t they taste good, huh? Oh, IS that what were doing here 283 OK .Who ' s next? Kish me you fool. Good grief! I just found out I ' m 284 My girdle is killing me. V o 1 W K m ' QH e m By gHRTj V jP 1 Wr f 1 SAnat ft_ ■•! i " (1 y " think I ' m going to be sicl . Whew! what an itch 285 brget it! Look Mom! see how easy it is. Whew! How long do I have to hold this million dollar smacker? 287 Coming down Eat your hearts out! Nice and easy . Cookie Boy Hurry! I need a ciggy That Tickled I Olympic Streaking Team This IS where Sweet Riding Hood meets the wolf Choo-Choo Charley wjBiimiiiiiiaM«Bifciiii8liili iaM •? The June Taylor Dancers?. Look Ma, No hands 299 AND NOW FOR THE FINALTOUCH BIG NOSE! ME? WERE COOL 301 J0MES CHEVROLET i; HETTIEE EL¥Do WHETT5EE. CALIFOEMSA FHOMEs 94S=34SS 305 ; iP- immmmmmmmmmmmm BAKERY ilBilliiiilil 12913 Philadelphia St. Whittier, California Phone: 696-7337 6757 S. Greenleaf St. Whittier, California Phone: 697-2727 mi H m 0=3 H H m M t=3 1=0 H ■IS fed YEr 6557 Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, California Phone: 689-0471 Photographer ALLEN YUNG • llVSe E. HADLEY STREET WHITTIER. CALIF. 90601 (213) 699 -8S87 EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC BINOCULARS W Qkhk k SHOP 3 Greenleaf Avenue whittier, california ALLEN YUNG OXBOW 6-8842 u 308 BEOSE FEZZEI 6717 Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, California Phone: 696-1093 CHEVROLET Qormier Chevrolet San Diego Freeway at Wilmington Off Ramp I WRECKS AUTO FAET 7355 S. Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, California Phone: 698-2221 DAVIS PHARMACY 13028 E. Philadelphia St. Whittier, California Phone: 698-0594 If ■ ' y .1 -A vnjy 310 . ■..., :::;: ' --.««!»«« ' ;,,,,,..i J- ML. «i " ,1 V ' .r:L.,iuml ' ' .. ' i».A j. ' ii ' ' ' ir Si lS :i.y . ■..:.-. ... OUR SPECIAL APPRECIATION TO SANFORD STUDIO FOR ALL THEIR SPLENDID HELP IN MAKING THIS 1974 YEARBOOK OUTSTANDING. MOMTE CAMERA SMOF 6533 S. Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, California Phone: 696-8842 MFOED STUDSO Color Photography 14214-16 E. Whittier Blvd. Whittier, California Phone: 698-6753 311 K Hi - 6743 S. Greenleaf St. Whittier, California OLD MULL FLORIST 1111 S. Workman Mill Road Whittier, California Phone: 336-1181 OOEE LEVEMGSTO BiiiMliMl 6542 S. Greenleaf Street Whittier, California Phone: 698-0251 MMiMlMiikWMi)M 13310 Whittier Blvd. Whittier, California Phone: 696-1719 :rf0ed construction COMPAN " 11 H H " P " • ny_ _iL? n. nsTi II InliSRiSa FIhi®im®°o 424=??0? CUETE T cOo mc. 6523 S. MAGNOLIA AVE. WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA PHONE: 695-6214 DOM STEVES CMEYEOLET 314 1001 E. WHITTIER ' BLVD. LAHABRA, CALIFORNIA PHONE: 691-6704 audii - xicl(jv aAJjj SENIORS: JUNIORS: SOPHMORES: Debbie Arce, Debbie Elsenman, Les Grandy, Yolanda Gutierrez, Christy Jacobazzi, Darren Larsen, Lisa McC Barbara MacDonald, Susan Miller, Rose Olguin, Denise Peterson, Elaine Reade, Carol Trautman, Lisa Vatche: Lynn Wylde. ; " ■■■ u)fi ' liit Nadene Gutierrez, Julie Harness, Jackie Johnson, Johanna Lasseter, Lynn Miller, Mary Anne Mooradian, Monica Montano, Barbara Olguin, Susie Plount, Terri Sablan, Jeanine Silk, Cindy Slover, Ree Ratliff, Kathy Vivian. Alma Aceytuno, Gerri Blough, Diane Buckingham, Lorene King, Janet Kirker, Darci Larsen, Debbie Lopez, Dorei Lowe, Christine McDonald, Robin Owen, Lora Pick-up, Susan Saiazar, Tracy Schiermann, Janet Tranbarger, Julie Trautman, Terri Vivian. ;| Jli S-i 316 £WLEY MAMTEKJAMC) THE FSMEST 21M COEM OF CAR WASMES 621? So Hill A Wo FIhi®im®g 6S)S=30SS WIhiSMi©r„ Ca • " . • A FRIENDLY REMINDER ... IF YOU ' RE INTO CERAMICS, WESTWOOD IS WHERE YOU GET YOUR MATERIALS. .. WESTWOOD CERAMEC SUPPLY COo 114400 LOMSTAS AVEo CITY OF MDUSTEY, CALEF0IRM2A 319 ElO HONDO VALLEY IPUELSSHEIMG CO. 12220 Rivera Road Whittier, California Phone: 693-2781 320 Cool is the game I play. La De Dah. Time out. Maidens Think you got away, huh? Brushes aren ' t for eating Kev Had a bad day? 321 » u . i f 4 t " it a v ' Tf W uAnecti ' s ; 25 " - - ' . Vy T p»S: ' .tf V ' - iy ■A ' - ' i;? 327 MDEX Abbott, Chris 11,108 Abeyta, Margie 11,108 Abrahamson, Maria 11,108 Abrahamian, Paul 12,62 Acevedo, Rebecca 10,126 Aceytuno, Aima 10,126 Aci ernnan, Martin 12,62 Adams, Dicl 11,108 Adams, George 12,62 Adams, Jenny 10,126 Adams, Julie 12,62 Adams, Mik e 11,108 Adams, Terry 9,142 Aguilar, Mike 9,142 Aguilar, Sarrina 9,142 Aguilera, Alfred 10,126 Ahlers, Richard 9,142 Ahlers, Valentina 11,108 Ahuna, Deborah 10,126 Ahuna, Joanne 12,62 Ahuna, Martha 9,142 Ajir, Kian 9,142 Ajir, Komron 11,108 Alarcon, Deborah 9,142 Alberti, Cheral 9,142 Alberti, William 9,142 Alcantara, Melynda 12,62 Aldaco, Alex 12,62 Alexander, Glen 9,142 Alexander, Susan 12,62 Alfonso, Albert 10,126 Alfonso, Sharon 12,62 Allen, Nona 11,108 Alonzo, Elaine 10,126 Alvarado, Annette 9,142 Alvarado, Carol 9,142 Alvarado, Rebecca 11,108 Alvarado, Steve 9,142 Alvarez, Blanca 11 Alvarez, Cynthia 12,63 Alvarez, Gloria 1 1,108 Alvarez, James 10,126 Alvarez, Jesus 9 Alvarez, Maria 1 1,108 Alvarez, Maria 9,142 Alvarez, Martha 11,108 Alvarez, Sandra 1 1,108 Alvarez, Vincent 9,142 Alvillar, Sandra 10,126 Alvillar, Sylvia 11,108 Ama, Elisabeth 10,126 Amaro, Debbie 9,142 Ammann, Jane 1 2,63 Anderson, Carol 12,63 Anderson, Cathy 11,108 Andujo, Jose 12,63 Anthony, Thomas 1 1 ,1 08 Aona, Roger 10,126 Apodaca, Mike 11,108 Aranguen, Ana 12,63 Aranguren, Marylou 10,126 Arcadi, Margaet 12,63 Arce, Debbie 12,63 Arce, Robert 9,142 Arellanez, Charles 11,108 Arena, Richard 11,108 Arena, Roseanne M. 1 1,108 Argo, Vickie L. 9,142 Arguelles, Sylvia M. 9, 142 Ariza, Charlene L. 12,63 Ariza, Lisa T. 11,108 Aroian, Victor V. 11,108 Arreola, Gloria T. 10,126 Arreola, Hector 11,108 Arroyo, Arthur 12,63 Arsenault, David P. 9,142 Aresnault, Mary L. 11,108 Ashton, Diane M. 1 1,108 Ashton, James A, 10,126 Askari, Nilufar 10,126 Atherton, Dale 12,63 Aure, Julie 9,142 Avalos, Kathy 11,108 Aviles, Rudy 11,108 Ayala, David 10,126 Ayala, Rosa 10,126 Baeza, Anna 10,126 Bahl, Renee 12,63 Bailey, William 12,63 Bakotich, Laura 9,142 Bakotich, Nicholas 9,142 Ballard, Barbara 12,63 Ballesteros, Mary 11,108 Balthaser, Amy 9,142 Balthaser, Richard 11,108 Bantau, Jack 12 Bantau, Susan 9,142 Banuelos, Carol 1 1,108 Banuelos, William 12,64 Barber, Lorrie 9,142 Barker, Monie 10 Barr, Brian 10,126 Barr, Debra 12,64 Basham, Donna 1 1,120 Baskin, Edwin 12 Bates, Patrick 9,142 Bates, Peter 11,120 Batrin, Thomas 11,120 Baugh, Michael 11,120 Baugh, Steven 10,126 Bazurto, Philip 10 Beaugrano, Colores 9 Beckman, Paul 10,126 Bednar, Andrew 1 1 Bednar, Roxanne 9,142 Beechler, Dorene 10,126 Bejarano, Louie 10,126 Bell, Dolores 9,142 Benach, lleana 12,64 Benavides, Mitchell 10 Benavidez, Raul 10,126 Bennett, David 9,142 Berg, Lani 11,120 Berg, Martin 10 Bergstrom, Karen 11,120 Berkeley, Karen 10,126 Bernal, Brenda 11,109 Bernal, Catherine 12,64 Bernal, David 10,126 Bewley, Eric 12,64 Beyer, Patricia 9,142 Biddlecombe, Stephen 11,109 Bishop, Debra 10,126 Bishop, Gregory 9,142 Blake, Julie 9,142 Blake, Randall 11 Blalock, Michael 12,64 Blancino, Josephine 9,142 Blinn, Mary 10,126 Blough, Gerri 10,126 Blough, Terri 12,64 Blower, Jeffrey 10,126 Bolint, Christine 9,142 Bollman, Debrah 9,142 Bonilla, Lillian 11,109 Bonura, Kathleen 9,142 Boranian, EvaJane 12,64 Borschowa, Deanna 11,109 Boulter, Donald 10,126 Boulter, Gary 11,109 Bouza, Valerie 12,64 Bowden, Constance 11,109 Bowland, Nancy 10,126 Bowland, Teresa 11,109 Brackney, Brian 12,65 Brackney, David 9,142 Bradley, Carol 11,109 Bradley, Deborah 12,65 Bradshaw, Sheri 10,126 Brandt, Gary 9,142 Bant, Alan 10,126 Breaux, Cynthia 12 Briggs, Estelle 11,109 Brink, Robert 10,126 Britton, Linda 9,142 Brookhart, Alan 11,109 Brophy, Sandra 11,109 Brophy, Susan 12,65 Brown, Douglas 10,126 Brown, l.ori 9,142 Brown, Michael 11,109 Brown, Sarahlee 12,65 Brown, William 12,94 Browne, Gregory 9,142 Bryeans, Tracy 12,65 Buckingham, Diane 10,126 Buckingham, Nancy 12,65 Buell, Helen 9,1 45 Burbank, Terry 9 Burford, Michael 10,126 Burgess, Peggy 10,126 Burlingham, Lynn 12,65 Burlingham, Paul 10,126 Burmeister, Carrie 11,109 Burnett, John 9,143 Burns, Tim 10,126 Busch, Sharman 12,65 Busse, Kathleen 9,143 Busse, Kristine 9,143 Bustamante, Tony 12,94 Bybee, Bill 9,143 Byers, Tod 11,109 Byrd, David 9,143 Byrd, Kathy 10,126 Byrd, Richard 12,66 Caballero, Vincent 11,109 Cabral, Estella 10,126 Cabral, Yolanda 12,66 Cahoon, Bradley 10,126 Calderon, Cynthia 10,127 Calderon, Dianna 1 1 Calkins, Donald 12,66 Calvillo, Roger 12,66 Camacho, Dario 10,127 Camden, Joy 9,143 Cameron, Gayle 9,143 Cameron, Laree 11,109 Camp, Joan 12,66 Campana, Karren 11,109 Campana, Stephen 9,143 Campbell, Brian 9,143 Campbell, Kathleen 10,127 Campbell, Marc 10 Campbell, Susan 10,127 Campion, Andrea 10,127 Campion, Kevin 12,66 Campion, Shelagh 11,109 Campos, Thomas 10,127 Canchola, David 9,143 Cano, Lydia 11,109 Cantelmo, Lisa 12,66 Cantrall, Bruce 10,127 Carapino, Thomas 9,143 Cardemas, Vincent 9,143 Carlos, Estella 1 1 Carr, Billy 12,66 Carr, Suzan 10,127 Carriedo, Catalina 12,66 Carrido, Ramon 10,127 Carrillo, Anna 9,143 Carrillo, Carmen 1 1,109 Carrillo, Daniel 12,66 Carrillo, Susan 10,127 Carroll, Jeffrey 9,143 Carroll, Laurie 10,127 Carroll, Richard 9,143 Casares, Terry 10,127 Casas, Elaine 9,143 Casas, Ralph 12,67 Casas, Suzanne 11,109 Casey, John 9,143 Casillas, Carlos 12,67 Casillas, Jesse 12,67 Casillas, Rosario 10,127 Castaneda, Evangelina 9,143 Castellanos, Paul 10,127 Caster, Jeanine 12,67 Castillo, Patricia 9,143 Catt, Steven 9,143 Cazares, Juan 9,143 Cendejas, Virginia 10,127 Cerny, Timothy 12,94 Cervantes, Rebecca 12,67 Cervantes, Sandra 11,109 Chacon, Gilbert 10,127 Chandler, Ellen 10,127 Chapman, David 12,67 Chapman, Joseph 9,143 Chapman, Stephanie 10,127 Chappell, Gene 11,109 Chavarria, Marcos 10,127 Chavez, Dorothy 9,143 Chavez, Edward 12,67 Chavez, Gilbert 9 Chavez, Joann 9,143 Chavez, Mark 12,67 Chavez, Mary 10,127 Chavez, Michael 9,143 Chavez, Michael 9,143 Chavez, Renee 12,67 Cheap, Angela 9,143 Cheng, Arturo 9,143 Chittum, Marcia 9,143 Cho, Christine 9,143 Chrisman, Lloyd 9,143 Chrisman, Michael 10,127 Christman, Teri 9,143 Ciaramitara, Carlo 9,143 Clark, Katherine 10,127 Clark, Lisa 9,143 Clark, Matthew 9,143 Clark, Ronald 12,67 Clarke, Lucinda 9,143 Clay, Elizabeth 10,127 Clay, Julia 9,143 Clift, Paul 12,67 Gift, Thomas 12,67 Cline, Michael 11,109 Cline, Pamela 11,109 Cocks, Arthur 12,67 Cocks, Chirstopher 12,67 Colasanti, Vaughn 10,127 Colasanti, Vernon 9,143 Coleman, Allen 9,143 Coleman, Cheryl 12,67 Collazo, Jess 9,143 Collins, James 12,68 Comini, John 12,68 Conner, Stephen 1 1 ,109 Connors, Cheryl 10,127 Conrad, Karen 9,143 Cook, Starlinda 12,68 Coon, Carol 9,144 Corcoran, James 12,68 Corcoran, Kathleen 9,144 Cordova, Andrea 9,144 Cordray, Kimberly 10,127 Corella, Teresa 10,127 Cormaci, Sandra 12,68 Corning, Steven 9,144 Cote, Laura 11,109 Cote, William 11,109 Courtemanche, Cherie 9,144 Covarrubias, Corinne 9,144 Covarrubias, Robert 10,127 Covelli, John 10,127 Cowam, Catherine 9,144 Cox, Louis 11,109 Crago, Steven 11,109 Crawford, Anna 12,68 Crawford, Jane 11,109 Croft, David 12,94 Cronin, Mark 9,144 Crook, Kathryn 12,94 Cross, Gary 9,144 Crowe, Brian 10,127 Crowe, Dawn 12,68 Crowe, Lawrence 1 1 Crumly, Robert 10,127 330 Crump, Lauren 9,144 Crump, Stacy 10,127 Cruz, Charles 9,1 44 Cruz, Henrietta 12,94 Cujak, Dennis 10,127 Cummings, John 11,109 Cunico, Steven 12,68 Cunningham, Charles 12,68 Curcio, Terry 12,68 Currey, Jill 10,127 Curtis, Brenda 9 Curtiss, James 10,127 Cushingham, Craig 1 1,109 Cusolito, Alan 10,127 Cusolito, Janice 12,68 Cutrona, Lois 11,109 Cutrona, Peter 9,144 Dabritz, Dorothy 10,127 Dabritz, Karl 12,68 Daley, Janet 11,109 Dalis, Don 11,109 Dalis, Jeanine 10,127 Dangleis, Katherine 9,144 Danna, Maurizio 10,127 Daughtry, Michael 9,144 Davies, Janet 12,68 Davila, Helen 9,144 Davila, Lindajo 12,68 Davis, Anna 12,69 Davis, Gerald 9,144 Day, Denise 12,69 Dean, Tracy 11,110 Dearcos, David 9,144 Dearcos, Suzanna 10,127 Deckner, Jeffery 12,69 Delacruz, Irene 10,127 Delacruz, Oscar 10,127 Delarosa, Deborah 11,110 Deliso, Jean 10,127 Deliso, Kenneth 11,110 Delong, Leslie 12,69 Delvalle, Armando 10,127 Dent, Karen 9,144 Depalma, Terri 11,1 10 Depuy, Laurette 10,127 Derby, Kevin 10,127 Dettor, Mark 11,110 Dewitt, Margaret 12,70 Dewolf, Deborah 12,70 Dewolf, Leif 11,110 Diaz, Elizabeth 11,110 Diaz, Irene 9,144 Diaz, Rachel 12,70 Diaz, Rosalie 10,127 Diaz, Samuel 9,144 Diazdeleon, Raul 10,127 Diebold, Roy 9,144 Digenova, Philip 12,70 Dimmick, Lawrence 10,127 Dizon, Marcus 10,127 Dobbs, Darcy 9,144 Dolan, Doreen 12,70 Doles, Philip9,144 Domingue, John 12,70 Dominguez, Carlos 9,144 Dominguez, Debra 10,127 Dominguez, Diane 9,144 Dominguez, Evelyn 9,144 Dominguez, Joe 12,70 Dominguez, Luis9,144 Dominguez, Marilyn 11,110 Dominguez, Thomas 9,1 45 Donahue, Susan 9,145 Donavan, Mark 12,70 Donnett, Diane 10,127 Donnett, Jean 12,70 Dorado, Patricia 10 Dorn, Bradford 10,127 Douglas, Michael 9,145 Dow, Linda 10,127 Dow, Robert 12,70 Dow, Teresa 12,70 Downton, Donald 10,127 Doyal, Charles 12,70 Doyal, Lisa 11,110 Drake, Carey 10 Drake, Paul 10,127 Drummond, Debra 9,145 Duarte, Michael 11,110 Duchi, Cliff 11 Duffy, John 11,110 Duke, Gerald 1 1 ,1 10 -2 ' - 2- ? Dunar, Deborah 10,128 Durall, Daniel 12,70 Duran, Christopher 11,110 Duran, Linda 12,70 Duran, Rachel 12,70 Dvorak, Stephen 12,71 Dyer, Michael 12,84 Dyer, Teresa 9,145 Dysert, Bud 11,110 Eades, Bob 11,110 Eager, Gary 10,128 Edgar, Loretta 11,110 Edmonston, Tracy 9,145 Edmunds, Patricia 9,145 Eilar, Karl 10,128 Eiseman, Deborah 12,71 Elias, Alfred 10,128 Elias, Grace 11,110 Elliot, Terry 9,145 Elliott, Jeffrey 10,128 Ellish, Patricia 9,145 Ellsworth, Kathleen 12,71 Emerson, Elizabeth 9,145 Engdall, Larry 9,145 Engelage, George 9,145 Engelhart, Gene 9,145 Engen, John 11,110 Enochs, Gary 12,71 Enos, Sandy 11,110 Eordekian, Gail 10,128 Eordekian, William 11,110 Erbach, Iris 9,1 45 Ermigarat, Jim 12,71 Escamilla, Edward 10 Eshilian, John 11,110 Espara, Steve 10,128 Espenel, Teresa 10,128 Espinosa, Arturo 10,128 Espinosa, Donna 9,145 Espinoza, Michael 1 1,1 10 Esposito, MaryJane 9,145 Esquerra, Javier 9,1 45 Esquerra, Ofelia 10,128 Esquerra, Yvonne 11,110 Esquivel, Frank 12,71 Estrada, James 10,128 Estrella, Joel 11,110 Esterwold, Eric 10,128 Evans, Thomas 10,128 Everhart, Brett 10 Ewing, Robert 10,128 Fahrner, Mary 12,71 Fairbanks, Douglas 11,110 Fansler, Claudia 10,128 Farias, Raymond 12,71 Farley, James 9 Farley, Janet 9,145 Farmer, Mark 10,128 Faulkenberry, Russell 9,145 Faulkinbury, Nancie 11 Fest, Barry 11,110 Fethke, EIke 11,110 Fiedler, Thomas 12,71 Fierro, Albert 9,145 Fierro, Gilbert 10,128 Findlay, Douglas 12,71 Findlay, Patrick 10,128 Fischbach, Valerie 11,110 Fleming, James 12,71 Fleming, Mark 12,94 Flores, David 10 Flores, Heliodoro 12,71 Flores, Joann 10,128 Flores, Josefina 9,145 Flores, Susan 11,110 Flores, Yolanda 9 Fluhrer, Elizabeth 12,71 Foglesong, Joanne 10 Foglesong, Timothy 12,71 Folkerts, David 9,145 Follis, Kathy 9,145 Fontes, Edward 1 1,1 10 Foote, Bradley 12,71 Ford, Albert 9,146 Foss, Stanley 12,94 Foster, Kevin 11,1 10 Foster, Kirk 10.128 Foterek, Chris 10,128 Francis, Debbie 10,128 Franco, Alice 11,120 Franco, Cynthia 11,1 10 Franco, Eliseo 9,146 Franco, Martha 12,72 Franek, Catherine 12,72 Frank, Patti 12,72 Franklin, John 11,110 Franks, James 10,128 Fratus, James 10,128 Frausto, Angelica 10,128 Freitag, Catherine 11,110 Friedman, Gregg 10,128 Fry, David 12,72 Fry, Donald 9,146 Fuentes, Benjamin 11 Fuentes, Larry 9,146 Fuentes, MaryHelen 12,72 Gaetan, Roberto 10,128 Gale, Steven 12,72 Galezewski, Christine 11,110 Galindo, Darren 9,146 Galindp, Daryl 12,72 Galitz, Jan 11,110 Gallagher, Philip 11,110 Gallardo, Irma 11,110 Gallardo, Nivia 10,128 Gallegos, Jennie 10,128 Gallina, Renee 9,146 Gallo, Edie 12,72 Garcia, Agustine 9,146 Garcia, Albert 10,128 Garcia, Alex 9,146 Garcia, Angel 11,111 Garcia, Arthur 12,72 Garcia, Beatris 11,111 Garcia, Eduardo 12,73 Garcia, Evangelina 12,73 Garcia, Irma 11,111 Garcia, Juana 11,111 Garcia, Leo 12,73 Garcia, Maria 10,128 Garcia, Roberta 9,146 Garcia, Teresa 10,128 Garcia, Theresa 10,128 Garnica, Leticia 10,128 Garnica, Marie 12,94 Garrett, Ann 11,111 Garza, Robert 9,146 Gaskell, Cheryl 11 Gasparian, Shelly 9,146 Gatchell, Jon 10 Gatlin, Cindy 11,111 Gerritsen, Robert 10,128 Gerritsen, Sherry 12,94 Gervais, Gregory 10,128 Gianetti, Carina 12,73 Gideon, Daniel 11,111 Gideon, Richard 10,128 Gilinson, Michael 11,111 Gish, Drew 10,128 Glassco, Scott 12,73 Glenn, Michael 11,111 Glove, William 11,111 Golightly, Dorothy 9,146 Golightly, Hattie 12,73 Gomez, Joseph 9,146 Gomez, Ramona 10,128 Gomez, Tina 11,1 11 Gomez, Vincent 10,128 Gonzales, Eugene 11.111 Gonzales, Julie 10,128 Gonzales, Margaret 9,146 Gonzales. Ralph 9,146 Gonzales, Sandra 9,146 Gonzales, Tony 9,146 Gonzalez, Anna 10,128 Gonzalez, Ernest 10,128 Gonzalez, Gerald 10,128 Gonzalez, Robert 1 1,111 Gonzalez, Rocky 11,111 Gonzalez, Sallie 11,111 Goodall, Diana 9,146 Goode, Charlotte 10,128 Goode, Sheila 9,146 Goodman, Steven 9,146 Goodwin, Jeffrey 9,146 Gordillo, Josephina 10,128 Gotts, Madeline 9,146 Gotts, Mark 11,111 Goulet, Mary 9,146 Gradich, Bonnie 12,73 Grajeda, Henry 10,128 Gramstad, Leslie 9,146 Granado, Theresa 11,120 Grandy, LesLynn 12,73 Grant, John 9,146 Grantham, Michael 11,111 Gray, Erin 11,111 Gray, Margaret 11,1 11 Green, Carol 12,74 Green, David 11,11 1 Green, Kimberly 1 1 Green, Roger 9,146 Groschup, Lesa 10,129 Groschup, Michael 9,146 Gross, Dennis 12,94 Grosso, Roxanne 11,111 Gruber, David 10,129 Gulino, Diane 10,129 Gulino, Stephen 11,111 Gutierrez, Dennis 10,129 Gutierrez, Janet 12,74 Gutierrez, John 11,1 11 Gutierrez, Lili 9,146 Gutierrez, Mary Elena 9,146 Gutierrez, Nadine 11,111 Gutierrez, Stephen 12,94 Gutierrez, Yolanda 12,74 Guzman, Marisela 1 1 Gwynne, Donna 10,129 Hacker, Don 12,74 Hairabedian, Janet 11,111 Hairabedian, Jeffery 9,146 Hall, Curtis 9 Hall, Gail 11,111 Hall,Sherilyn 11,111 Hall, Thomas 11,111 Halte, John 9,146 Hamilton, Ian 11,111 Hammett, James 9,146 Hammonds, Dwayna 12,74 Hampton, Trent 12,74 Hansen, Jeffrey 12,74 Hansen, Robin 11,111 Harabedian, Kathlenn 11,111 Harabedian, Richard 12,74 Hardie, William 12.74 Harms. Kathy 11.111 Harms. William 10,129 Harness, Julie 11,1 1 1 Harper, Susan 11,111 Harralson, Joanne 9.146 Harris. Craig 9.146 Harris. Darlene 12.75 Harris. Deanne 10,129 331 iea Harris, Gloria 12,75 Harris, Shawn 11,111 Harris, Trena 12,75 Harris, Valerie 9,146 Harrison, Nancie 12,75 Harrod, Scott 10,129 Hart, Pamela 11,111 Hart, Patricia 9,146 Hart, Patrick 11,111 Hartwig, Jeff 9,146 Hartwig, Lorraine 10,129 Harvey, Ricl v 9 Hathaway, Dana 12,75 Hattery, Robert 9,146 Hauan, Brenda 10,129 Haussecker, Cora 9,146 Haussecker, Simone 11,112 Hayden, Dawn 9,146 Hayes, Janet 11,112 Heard, Tammy 11,112 Heath, Bonnie 12,75 Heaton, Barbara 12,75 Heckethorn, John 9,146 Heintz, Jacquelyn 10,129 Helton, Randy 11,112 Hemmele, Eric 9,146 Hencley, Daria 9,146 Hencley, Robert 11,112 Henderson, Barbara 10,129 Henderson, Debra 12,75 Henderson, Donald 12,75 Henke, David 12,76 Henke, Robin 9,146 Henley, Susan 9,146 Herbert, Lynda 10,129 Herman, Robert 12,94 Herman, Susan 10,129 Hernandez, Alejandro 11,1 12 Hernandez, Elizabeth 11,112 Hernandez, Hilda 9,146 Hernandez, Kathy 11,120 Hernandez, Letty 11,112 Hernandez, Patricia 10,129 Hernandez, Robert 10,129 Herrera, Dolores 10,129 Herrera, James 1 1,112 Herrera, John 9,146 Herrick, Sandra 10,129 Herrick, Timothy 12,76 Higa, Gary 11,112 Higa, Gene 10,129 Higheagle, Gail 11,112 Higley, Glenn 12,76 Hilgenberg, Robert 12,76 Hill, Elisa 10,129 Hill, Karen 12,76 Himes, Susan 9,146 Hinderman, Bob 10,129 Hobbs, Richard 11,112 Hoble, John 11,112 Hodgin, Cynthia 9,146 Hoelzel, Marlene 9,147 Hohne, Mark 10,129 Hohne, Robert 11,112 Holcomb, Leonda 11,112 Holguin, Amanda 10,129 Holguin, Raleigh 12,94 Holguin, Reginald 10,129 Holland, Madeline 11,112 Hollocher, Diana 11,112 Hollocher, Michael 10,129 Hook, Robert 1 1 Hooper, Andrea 9,147 Hooper, Cynthia 12,76 Hooper, Patsy 12,76 Hoover, Daniel 10,128 Hoover, Karelyn 12,76 Hopkins, Monte 9,147 Huff, Teri 9,147 Huffor, William 11,112 Hukkanen, Jeffrey 11,112 Hulsey, Rickie 9,147 Hummell, Jo 1 1 Humphrey, Sharon 10,129 Hunt, Mitchell 10,129 Hunt, Raymond 9,147 Hunter, Deborah 9,147 Hurdle, Alan 10,129 Hurtado, Anna 10,129 Hurtado, Inez 11,1 12 Huss, Gloria 11,112 Huss, Patricia 9,147 Hyde, Deborah 9,147 Ibarra, Aniceto 10,129 Imperial, Ronald 9,147 Inda, John 11,112 Ingala, Patrick 11,112 Ingala, RoseMary 10,129 Iredale, Linda 9,147 Irizarry, Manuel 9,147 Isaacs, Lorelei 11,112 Isenbarger, Jeanne 9,147 Ivie, Lauren 9,147 Jackson, Dean 12,94 Jackson, Lynette 9,147 Jackson, Rex 11,112 Jacobazzi, Christy 12,77 Jacobazzi, Susan 9,147 Jacobs, Deborah 9,147 Jacobson, Kathy 10,129 Jacobson, Mike 10,129 Jacoby, Harry 9,147 Jacquez, Ruben 9,147 Jacquez, William 10,129 James, Yvonne 11,112 Janzen, Albert 9,147 Jefferson, Lois 12,77 Jenkins, Kathryn 10,129 Jenkins, Lawrence 11,112 Jessup, Denise 9,147 Jewett, Jenifer 12,77 Johnson, Barbara 12,77 Johnson, Daniel 9,148 Johnson, Donna 12,77 Johnson, Fred 11,1 12 Johnson, Jacqueline 11,112 Johnson, James 12,77 Johnson, Mark 10,129 Johnson, Mary 11,1 12 Johnson, Richard 12,94 Johnson, Sheila 9,148 Johnson, Teresa 9,148 Johnston, Karen 10,129 Jones, Alan 9,148 Jones, Alton 1 1 Jones, Dale 11,112 Jones, Lori 1 1,1 12 Jones, Mark 10,129 Jones, Sandra 10 Jones, Wayne 9,148 Jud, Sandra 10,129 Judkins, Russell 9,148 Jurcak, Deborali 11,112 Jurcak, Lydia 9,148 ■|f ■Szi: ' Kagan, Susan 10,129 Kaplan, Sandra 11,112 Kaylor, George 12,77 Kay lor, Joseph 9,148 Kaylor, Kathi 10,129 Keeney, John 12,77 Keller, Brenda 10,129 Keller, Jill 9,148 Keller, Nathan 10,129 Kelley, John 9,148 Kelley, Kevin 10,129 Kelley, Linda 12,77 Kellogg, Douglas 9,148 Kellum, Laurie 12,78 Kelly, Mary 12,78 Kenna, Robert 12,78 Kentie, Doris 10,129 Kerr, Elizabeth 11,112 Keyes, Pamela 12,78 Keyes, Thomas 10,129 Keyes, Timothy 10,130 Kiel, Joel 9,148 Kifer, Carol 11,112 Kikochi, Mark 10,130 Kimble, Janice 12,78 Kimbrell, Terry 10,130 King, Gregory 12,78 King, Lourine 10,130 Kirk, Carol 12,78 Kirker, Janet 10,130 Kistler, Janet 10,130 Kistler, Tom 12,78 Klein, Linda 12,78 KleinhampI, David 12,78 KleinhampI, Robert 9,148 Klopping, Joyce 9,1 48 Knaup, David 10,130 Knop, Michael 12,78 Koelle, Dennis 11,112 Konovaloff, Fanniya 10,130 Konovaloff , Tanya 11,112 Kovalchuck, Daniel 10 Kowalewski, Mary 9,148 Krugler, Gretchen 9,148 Kruse, Kent 9,148 Kubatzki, Christine 1 1,120 Lackey, Martha 12,78 LaDuke, Thomas 12,78 Lajoie, Debbie 9,148 Lake, Cynthia 12,78 Lake, Ralph 11,112 Lampkins, Malinda 10 Lancaster, Robert 12,94 Landis, Mark 11,113 Landry, Robin 10,129 Landry, Simone 12,79 Landswick, Peter 9,148 Lane, Debra 1 1 Laney, Thomas 11,114 Lang, Pauline 12,79 Lapoint, Edward 9,148 Lapoint, Gregory 10,130 Lapoint, Michael 12,79 Lardue, Elizabeth 9,148 Larsen, Darci 10,130 Larsen, Darren 12,79 Larsen, Mark 9,148 Larson, Melissa 9,148 Larson, Rick 12,79 Lasseter, James 12,79 Lasseter, Johanna 11,114 Lasseter, John 1 1,1 14 Lauria, Manuel 9,148 Lauricella, Mark 1 1,114 Law, Irene 10,130 Law, Natalie 12,79 Lawrence, Majorie 11,114 Lawson, Cathy 9,148 Lawson, Douglas 11,1 14 Lebtanc, Marie 12,80 Leblanc, Pierre 1 1,1 14 Leblanc, Sheila 10 Lee, Deborah 10,130 Lee, Donald 9,148 Lee, Robert 12,80 Leon, Benjamin 10,130 Leon, Linda 10,130 Leon, Sylvia 12,80 Lerma,nDslla 10,130 Lerma, James 11,114 Licht, Mark 11,114 Lidyoff, Sandra 12,80 Lieggi, David 9,148 Lieggi, John 12,80 Lieggi, Karen 1 1,1 14 Lieggi, Ronald 11,114 Likich, Lisa 11,114 Lincoln, Corey 10,130 Lindsay, Dean 10,130 Link, Cynthia 10,130 Link, David 10,130 Link, Denise 1 1,114 Llanes, Anthony 12,80 Llanes, 11,114 Lodico, Joseph 9,148 Loew, Dorene 10,130 Lojacono, Christopher 10,130 Lojacono, Susan 1 1,114 Long, Michael 10,130 Longo, Lisa 10,130 Longobardo, Michael 10,130 Longobardo, Richard 12,80 Longobardo, Thomas 9,148 Loo, Shari 11,114 Lopez, Andrew 10,130 Lopez, David 11,113 Lopez, Dolores 10,130 Lopez, Edward 10,130 Lopez, Loenard 12,80 Lopez, Monica 1 1,113 Lopez, Rosalinda 9,148 Lopez, Ruben 11,113 Lopez, Steven 10,130 Lopez, Victor 10,130 Lopez, Yvonne 1 1,113 Lorens, Lisa 10 Loudon, Steven 9,148 Lovatt, Tim 9,148 Low, Marvin 9,148 Lowry, Carolyn 10,130 Lowry, Dean 10,130 Lozano, Cynthia 11,113 Lozano, Deborah 9,148 Lua, Caesar 12,84 Lucero, Lisa 11,113 Lucero, Robert 12,80 Luciano, Kathleen 11,113 Lujan, Marvin 1 1,113 Lumbattis, Laurie 10,130 Luna, Betty 12,94 Luna, Mary Helen 11,113 Luna, Salvador 9,148 Lunday, David 10,130 Luque, Ray 11,113 Luther, Blake 10,130 Luther, Kip 10,130 Lynch, David 11,113 Lytle, Donna 12,94 Mabry, Lisa 9,148 MacArthar, Patrick 11,120 MacDonald, Barbara 12,80 MacDonald, Christine 10,130 Machua, Aurelio 9,148 Macias, Alexis 10,130 Macias, David 10,130 Maclean, DAvid 11,113 Maclin, Betty 11,113 Macy, Jeffrey 12,80 Macy, Todd 11,113 Madeiros, Phyllis 11,113 Madeiros, Yolanda 12,80 Madison, Susan 9,148 Madrid, Janice 12,80 Madrigal, Frank 9,149 Maes, Debbie 9,149 Maes, Guadalupe 10,130 Magnuson, Debra 12,80 Magnuson, Dorlene 9,149 Magnuson, Erwin 9,149 Maguire, Jane 12,81 Mahaffey, Judith 9,149 Mahaffey, Michael 11,113 Mahan, Lawerence 12,81 Mahnken, Alison 11,1 13 Mahnken, Christiana 9,149 Makk, Istvan 10,130 Malconado, Sally 11,113 Maloney, Linda 11,113 Malvitz, Linda 10 Manley, Sherry 11,113 Mann, Anna 12,81 Mann, Donald 11,113 Mann, George 12,81 332 u Manriquez, David 10,130 Manriquez, Sandra 10,130 Manus, Gloria 1 1 Manzanares, Carl 11,113 Manzanares, Gilbert 11,114 Manzanares, Ralph 12,81 Manzanares, Rickie 9,149 Marascio, Maurice 11,114 Marcellin, Colette 9,149 Marcellin, Richard 11,120 Marchese, Matthew 9,149 Marett, Deborah 12,81 Maroney, Michael 11,114 Marrero, Gilbert 10,130 Marsh, Daniel 9,149 Marsh Gloria 1 1 Marstiall, Karen 10,130 Marta, Aurelia 9,149 Martinez, Albert 9,149 Martinez, Darlene 10,130 Martinez, David 11,114 Martinez, Edward 9,149 Martinez, Esequiel 9 Martinez, Gilbert 1 1,114 Martinez, Gilbert 1 1,1 14 Martinez, Jack 10,130 Martinez, Lionel 9,149 Martinez, Lorraine 9,149 Martinez, Raymond 11,114 Martinez, Richard 10,130 Martinez, RoseMary 9,149 Martino, James 1 1,1 14 Martino, Wendy 11,114 Martyn, Kathryn 12,81 Marynick, Kevin 10 Mason, Christy 12,81 Mason, Janine 9,149 Mason, Tammy 10 Massei, Brando 1 1,1 14 Massei, Francesca 12,81 Massei, Patricia 9,149 Mata.Sonia 9,149 Mathews, Brian 10 Mathews, John 11,1 14 Matson, Andrea 11,1 14 May, Corle 10,130 Mayer, Lionell 9,149 Mayer, Mitchell 10,130 Mayorga, Elizabeth 12,81 Mayorga, Frank 9,149 Maytorena, Martin 12,94 Maze, James 1 1,114 Maze, William 10,130 Mazzeo, Joseph 11,114 McCamish, Daniel 12,81 McCluer, Lisa 12,81 McCoy, Bridgett 12,81 McCoy, Karen 12,81 McCoy, Kathleen 11,114 McCullough, Glenn 9,149 McCullough, Michael 9,149 McCullough, Peter 11,114 McCullough, Susan 10,130 McCurry, Pamela 10,130 McDonald, James 12,82 McEwan, Willian 9,149 McFarland, Robert 10 McFarland, Timothy 12,82 McFarland, William 9,149 McGaffey, John 10,130 McGann, Kevin 10,130 McGann, Patrick 11 ,120 McGuire, Sandra 11,114 McKenna, Daniel 1 1 McKenna, David 10 McKenna, Geraldine 12,81 McKenna, Gregory 9 McKenna, James 9,1 49 McKinney, David 9,149 McLaren, Brian 9,149 McLaughlin, Laurie 9,1 49 McLaughlin, Maureen 10 McLaughlin, Michael 9,149 McLaughlin, Randall 9,149 McLeod, Jeff 12,94 McLeod, Vincent 9,149 McMullen, Gary 10,131 McMurirey, Dori 11 Means, Richard 11,1 14 Medina, Alice 9,149 Medina, Jaime 10,131 Medina, Robert 11,114 Medina, Robert 9,149 Medina, Ruben 10 Medrano, Annette 9,149 Meewes, Jana 11,114 Mehan, Susan 1 1,1 14 Meise, Fredric 12,81 Melendez, David 10,131 Melendez, Leticia 10,131 Melnikoff, Anna 10,131 Melnikoff, Christine 9 Melnikoff, Larry 12,83 Melton, Christopher 11,114 Melton, Jeffrey 12,84 Meltvedt, Raymond 9,149 Mena, Julia 11,114 Menchaca, Ricardo 11,114 Mendoza, Arlene 9,149 Mendoza, Margaret 12,83 Mendoza, Nancy 11,114 Mendoza, Vivian 10 Mengel, Kimberly 11,114 Menzimer, Nancy 11,114 Mericle, Mark 10,131 Mermis, Paul 12,83 Messa, Lori 1 1,1 14 Meza, Rommel 10,131 Miles, Patrick 9 Millan, Clotilde 9,149 Millan, David 9,150 Miller, Claudia 12,83 Miller, Dennis 10,131 Miller, Donald 11,114 Miller, Donna 11,114 Miller, John 10,131 Miller, Kevin 10,131 Miller, Lynn 11,114 Miller, Mark 9,150 Miller, Nancy 10 Miller, Susan 12,83 Miller, Thomas 11,114 Miltenberger, Debbie 9,150 Minson, Cynthia 12,83 Miranda, Miriam 10,131 Mitchell, Edwin 12,83 Mitchell, Louise 9,150 Mitchell, Thomas 11,120 Moat, Ralph 12,83 Moat, Robert 11,114 Molander, Diana 9,150 Molander, Lauren 11,115 Molina, Sara 9 Molinari, Leslie 9,1 50 Montano, Marc 10,131 Montano, Monica 11,115 Montelongo, Catherine 10,131 Montelongo, Lucy 9,150 Montelongo, Martha 9,150 Montes, Steven 10,131 Monzon, Marisela 10,131 Mooney, Colleen 11,115 Mooradian, Jill 9,150 Mooradian, Mary 11,115 Moore, Cheryl 9,150 Moore, Karen 1 1,1 15 Moore, Ronald 12,83 Mora, Elsie 9,150 Mora, Robert 12,83 Morales, Billy 11,115 Moales, Jody 12,83 Morales, John 9,150 Morales, Linda 1 1,1 15 Morales, Loretta 11,115 Morales, Manuel 9,150 Morales, Nina 10,131 Moales, Richard 11,115 Moreno, Cynthia 11,115 Moreno, Evelina 10,131 Moreno, Frank 9,150 Moreno, Richard 11,115 Morgan, James 11,115 Morgan, Sandra 10 Moross, John 10,131 Morreale, Joe 12,83 Morua, Roberta 10,131 Mulcahy, Beth 12,83 Munoz, John 10,131 Munoz, Ronald 12,83 Munoz, Tammy 9,150 Murphy, Carol 9,150 Murrah, Raymond 11,115 Murrieta, David 10,131 Murrieta, Paul 11,115 Murrieta, Peter 11,115 Murrieta, Barbara 11,115 Myers, David 10,131 Naaktgeboren, Mark 11,115 Naley, Cindy 9,150 Nalley, Karen 11,115 Nalley, Kurt 12,83 Namer, Robert 9,150 Nance, James 11,115 Naranjo, Dina 11,115 Naranjo, John 10,131 Naranjo, Victor 9,150 Nelson, Donald 12,94 Nelson, Donna 12,83 Nelson, Janice 12,84 Nelson, Thomas 11,115 Nemetz, Mike 9,1 50 Nevarez, Annamaria 9,1 50 Newbury, Scott 12,84 Newton, Sally 10,131 Nichols, Deborah 10,131 Nicholson, Joy 12,84 Nicks, David 11,115 Nielsen, Deborah 10,131 Nielsen, Steven 11,115 Nielson, Cynthia 9,150 Nielson, Mark 12,84 Noble, John 11 Noonan, Tom 12,84 Norman, Alfred 11,115 Northcutt, Marshall 10 Nuanes, James 9,1 50 Nuanes, Norma 10,131 Nunez, Deborah 11,115 Nunez, Delia 11,1 15 Nunez, Diane 9,150 Nuno, Alexander 11,115 Ochoa, Lissa 9,150 OConnor, Brian 12,84 Oeh, Patricia 11,115 Oen, Joshua 12,84 Oeswein, Pamela 9,1 50 Offalten, Loran 10,131 Oganesian, Marsha 11,115 Ohai, Moana 12,84 Ohai, Nalani 11,115 Oahi, Reynolds 9,150 Ohara, Kathleen 1 1,1 15 OHare, Timothy 12,84 Ohrtman, Paul 9,150 Olguin, Barbara 11,115 Olguin, Rose 12,84 Olguin, Stephen 11,116 Olson, Kathleen 11,116 Olson, Kevin 10,131 Olson, Therese 12,84 Olthenbruns, Lee 12,84 Oltjenbruns, Steven 11,116 O ' Neal, Patrick 11,116 Onsoe, Helena 12,94 Ore, Timothy 1 1,1 16 Orr, James 9,150 Ortega, Diane 9,150 Ortega, Nora 9,150 Ortigaza, Victor 1 1,120 Ortiz, Denise9,150 Ortiz, Mario 10,131 Ortiz, Martha 10,131 Ortiz, Rodolfo 10,131 Ortiz, Ruby 10,131 Otteman, Paul 9,150 Otto, Nancy 12,84 Ouellet, William 11,116 Ousley, Janice 9,150 Ovalle, Albert 11,116 Ovalle, Ralph 10,131 Owen, Michael 9,150 Owen, Rubin 10 Owens, Anita 1 1,116 Owens, Elizabeth 12,84 Owens, James 11,116 Ozuna, Irene 11 ,1 16 Ozuna, Vivian 10 Pacheco, Paul 11,116 Padilla, Patricia 11,116 Palacios, Christina 9,150 Palafox, Clara 11,116 Palafox, Daniel 9,151 Palma, Angela 9 Palma, Cynthia 11,116 Palma, Edward 9,151 Palma, Kenneth 11,116 Palma, Rita 10,131 Pappas, James 9,1 51 Parker, Cheryl 9,151 Parker, Cynthia 11,116 Parker, Sandra 10,131 Parker, Vicky 12,84 Parks, Donna 9,1 51 Parque, Laurie 12,85 Parra, Eneding 10,131 Pascal, Catherine 12,84 Patricks, Virginia 12,94 Patty, Luke 9 Paular, Lorena 9,151 Paxson, Mark 12,94 Payne, Eric 1 1,1 16 Pearce, Dawnelia 10,131 Pearson, Pamela 10,131 Pedersen, Dan 12,84 Peel, John 12,84 Peer, Pamela 10,131 Pegorari, Teresa 9,151 Pellissier, Pierre 10,131 Pellissier, Rene 1 1,1 16 Pennington, Wayne 12,85 Pepper, Penny 10,131 Perea, Annabelle 12,85 Perea, Linda 9,151 Perez, David 10 Perez, Irma 9,1 51 Perez, Norma 9,151 Perger, Kathleen 11,116 Ferine, Eric 10,132 Ferine, Kurt 11,116 Perok, Cynthia 12,85 Perri, John 9,151 Perry, Theresa 10,132 Peters, Tina 10 Petersen, Denise 12,85 Peterson, Catherine 12,85 Peterson, John 12,86 Peterson, Timothy 10 Petricko, Robert 10,132 Pfanner, Dianne 9,151 Phegley, Theodore 10,132 Phelan, Leslie 12,86 Philippi, Karen 10,132 Phillips, Forrest 11,116 Pickering, Timothy 12,86 Pickup, Laura 10,132 Pickup, Suzanne 11,116 Pierce, Thomas 12,86 Pike, William 11,116 Pitts, Debra 9,151 Plount, Susan 11,116 Plummer, Richard 10,132 Plummer, Shawn 12,86 333 Plumstead, Brent 10,132 Pocock, James 1 1,1 16 Polder, Timothy 12,86 Porter, Cynthia 10,132 Porter, Donald 12,86 Posey, John 10,132 Posey, Sheila 9,151 Potter, Lori 10,132 Potter, Robert 9,151 Poyorena, Judy 11,116 Poyorena, Lois 12,86 Poyorena, Lorraine 9,151 Prado, James 12,86 Prado, Phyllis 9,151 Preciado, Marcelina 11,116 Preciado, Paul 9,151 Price, David 12,86 Puiggros, Adriana 10,132 Quesada, Michael 10,132 Quesada, Richard 9,151 Rabago, Michelle 10,132 Rabago, Ralph 11,116 Railsback, Scott 12,86 Rainey, Alison 10,132 Rail, Brian 11,117 Rail, Herman 10,132 Ramirez, Imelda 11,117 Ramsey, Alan 10,132 Randolph Jeff 12,86 Rasmussen, Kent 12,94 Rasmussen, Kurt 12,86 Ratliff, Marie 11,117 Rauber, Brian 11,117 Reade, Elaine 12,87 Redfern, Tammy 10,132 Redman, Connie 10,132 Redman, James 1 2,87 Reed, Jamison, 1 1,1 17 Reese, Cynthia 12,87 Reese, Sherwood 10,132 Rekers, Kris 12,87 Renfro, Kathy 12,87 Renfroe, Peggy 10,132 Renfroe, Wanda 11,117 Retana, David 9,151 Reyes, Edward 10,132 Reyes, Marisa 11,1 17 Reyes, Quintin 10,132 Reynolds, Vickey 10,132 Reynoso, Alfonso 9,151 Reynoso, Daphine 10,132 Reynoso, Denise 11,117 Reynoso, Jesse 1 1 ,1 17 Reza, Daniel 12,87 Reza, Edward 10,132 Reza, Miguel 11,117 Reza, Steven 11,117 Rhodes, Belinda 10,132 Rhoton, Lynn 12,87 Rhoton, Paul 11,117 Rice, Debra 9,151 Richter, Eric 11,117 Riede, Fred 11,117 Riede, Harry 12,87 Riede, Theo 10,132 Riley, Erin 11,117 Riley, Lee 10,132 Rinaldi, Michael 12,87 Rios, Bonnie 10,132 Risher, Tonia 9,151 Rister, Kathleen 9,151 Ritchie, Harriett 12,87 Rivas, Mike9,151 Rivera, Donna 9,151 Rivera, Robert 11,117 Roberts, Gail 10,132 Roberts, Leslyn 11 ,1 17 Robertson, Randi 11,117 Robertson, Tina 9,151 Robinson, Denise 9,1 51 Robinson, Eileen 1 1 ,1 17 Robinson, Robert 9,151 Rochin, Gerianne 12,87 Rochin, Susan 10,132 Rodriguez, Daniel 10 Rodriguez, David 10 Rodriguez, Gene 9,151 Rodriguez, Gerard 9,151 Rodriguez, Mario 9,151 Rodriguez, Mark 10,132 Rodriguez, Victor 9,152 Roelle, Connie 12,87 Rojas, Fatima9,152 Rojas, Jack 9,152 Rojas, Mary 10,132 Rojas, Sandra 10,132 Rojas, Steven 11,1 17 Roland, Bruce 12,87 Roland, Linda 10,132 Roman, Anthony 10,132 Roman, Richard 9,152 Roman, Theresa 12,87 Romer o, Alice 12,88 Romero, Johnny 1 1 ,1 17 Rosales, Susan 10,132 Rosas, Rudolph 9,152 Rose, Gary 9,152 Rosencrans, Cole 11,117 Rospond, Jeffrey 11,117 Ross, Gail 10,132 Ross, Lori 10,132 Rouch, Leanne 10,133 Rouch, Peter 9,152 Rowe, Marlene 12,88 Rubalcava, Raul 11,117 Rubalcava, Rhonda 10,133 Rubio, Patricia 9 Rudell, Richard 10,133 Rufins, Consuelo 10,133 Ruiz, Dante 10,133 Ruiz, Margaret 10,133 Ruiz, Virgil 11,117 Sablan, Cheryl 9,152 Sablan, Terry 11,117 Salas, Annette 9,152 Salatnay, Edwin 12,94 Salazar, Carolyn 12,88 Salazar, David 10,133 Salazar, Laura 9,152 Salazar, Lydia 11,117 Salazar, Martin 12,88 Salazar, Susan 10,133 Salcido, Denise 10,133 Saleen, Robyn 11,117 Samarin, Gary 10,133 Samuelson, Priscilla 12,88 Sanchez, Abundio 10,133 Sanchez, Arnold 1 1,1 17 Sanchez, Edward 12,94 Sanchez, Jesse 10,133 Sanchez, Jose 9 Sanchez, Kim 11,118 Sanchez, Margaret 12,88 Sanchez, Rae 10,133 Sanchez, Virginia 9,152 Sand, Eric 9,152 Sand, Matthew 11,118 Sanders, Melissa 12,88 Sandoval, Edward 10,133 Sandoval, Shirley 10,133 Santillana, Martin 1 1,1 18 Santoyo, Joseph 10,133 Sargent, Jan 1 1,1 18 Saroyan, Paranzem 10,133 Sattler, David 9,152 Savage, Charles 11,118 Savala, Frank 9,152 Savala, Michael 10,133 Savarino, Gino 12,94 Schanafelt, Steven 12,88 Scherrey, Georgiana 9,152 Scherrey, Jennifer 12,88 Scheuermann, Jan 12,89 Schlener, Janet 12,89 Schlund, James 10,133 Schmickle, Nancy 12,89 Schmickle, Susan 12,89 Schmitt, Rodney 10,133 Schneiderman, Loren 11,118 Schott, Deborah 10,133 Schultz, Catherine 10,133 Schultz, David 9,152 Schultz, Richard 11,118 Schumacher, Theresa 11,118 Schwiermann, Tracy 10,133 Scott, Barbara 12,89 Scott, Patricia 10,133 Scott, Thomas 12,89 Seboldt, Craig 11,118 Seboldt, Jodi 9,152 Seidlitz, John 10,133 Sell, Randall 12,89 Sell,Tracey 10,133 Semans, Duane 10,133 Senko, James 1 1,118 Senko, John 1 1 Sera, Humberto 1 1,1 18 Serino, Vincent 12,89 Shahbazi, Fred 12,89 Shanks, David 12,89 Shapley, Curtis 9,1 52 Shaver, Jeri 12,89 Shears, Marie 12,89 Sheldon, Sherrie9,152 Shepherd, Gwenn 10,133 Shepherd, Kristan 9,152 Shoemaker, Steven 9,152 Shotwell, Alan 12,89 Shrager, Stephanie 1 1,1 18 Shunk, Delene 10,133 Sierra, Steven 10,133 Silk, Jeanne 11,118 Silva, Cindy 11,118 Silva, Helen 12,94 Silva, Sandra 11,120 Silva, Steve 9,1 52 Skaim, Apryl 9,152 Skaim, Cindy 11 Skaim, Mary 11,118 Skinner, Kathleen 10,133 Skinner, Patricia 9,152 Skovgard, Janet 12,89 Skovgard, Kristy 10,133 Slover, Cynthia 11,118 Sly, Daniel 10,133 Smissen, Daniel 10,133 Smissen, David 9,152 Smith, Bruce 11,118 Smith, Dana 10,133 Smith, Deborah 10,133 Smith, Gaylynn 10,133 Smith, James 10,133 Smith, James 1 1,118 Smith, Jeffrey 9,152 Smith, Karen 9,152 Smith, Kevin 12,89 Smith, Lori 10,133 Smith, Mark 11,118 Smith, Susan 10,133 Smith, Travis 10,133 Soils, Raul 10,133 Sorensen, Deborah 9,152 Sorensen, Randall 10 Speier, Brooks 9,152 Speier, Naomi 10,133 Spiegl, Heidi 10,133 Spiering, Douglas 10,133 Spiri, Julie 11,118 Spitz, Kelly 10,133 Springer, Phillip 10,133 Stadel, Keith 12,90 Standridge, Michael 10,133 Stanton, Kenneth 12,90 Starts, Debbie 1 1,118 Stearman, Ricky 9,152 Steele, Duane 10,134 Stehle, Patricia 10,134 Sterner, Fredrick 1 1,1 18 Stern, Scott 10,134 Stone, Andrew 11,118 Stone, John 12,90 Stone, Roberta 11,118 Stout, John 12,90 Stpierre, Janelle 11,118 Streebel, Carl 11,118 Strich, Darren 10 Strodel, Kirk 9,152 Stupin, Janece 10,134 Sturr, George 1 1,1 18 Sturr, Kathryn 9,152 Sturr, Margaret 12,90 Sullivan, Christopher 11,1 18 Susoeff, Elaine 9,1 52 Susoeff, Fred 11,118 Susoeff, Linda 12,90 Sutton, Pamela 12,90 Sutton, Valerie 10,134 Swanson, Janet 10,134 Tait, Diane 9,152 Tait, Joseph 1 1,1 18 Tait, Max 12,90 Talbott, Raymond 9,152 Talbott, Ronald 11,118 Tammen, Michael 1 1 ,1 18 Tanaka, Katherine 9,152 Tanner, Mary 11,1 18 Taylor, Crittenden 11,118 Taylor, Shelly 12,90 Taylor, Thomas 9,152 Tehey, Rick 11,118 Tejeda, Kristina 11,118 Tellez, Keith 11,118 Tellez, Rudy 11,118 Terrones, Valerie 10,134 Tetley, Richard 11,118 Thomas, Lorna 10,134 Thomason, Stacy 12,90 Thompson, Daniel 11 Thompson, Johnnie 10,134 Thompson, Julie 1 1 ,1 18 Thompson, Rae 9,152 Thompson, Richard 9,152 Thompson, Robert 10,134 Thompson, Tedmund 9,152 Thornton, Lisa 1 1,119 Thorson, Michael 12,94 Thorson, Robin 10,134 Thrash, Earl 10,134 Tilley, Billy 9,152 Tilley, Carlton 11,119 Tolmasov, Robert 11,119 Tomlinson, Valerie 10,134 Toncks, Linda 12,90 Toncks, Louis 1 1,119 Torres, Aurora 12,90 Tores, Richard 12,90 Tovar, Edmond 9,1 52 Tranbarger, Bruce 11 Tranbarger, Janet 10,134 Tranbarger, Todd 9,1 52 Trautmann, Carol 12,90 Trautmann, Julie 10,134 Trefry, Glen 12,91 Trejo, Juan 9,152 Trent, Jill 11,119 Tribulski, Jeffrey 11,119 Tribulski, Michelle 10,134 Trickel, Denise 9,152 Triston, Richard 9,152 Trow, Gary 12,91 Trupe, David 12,91 Tucker, Ellen 9,152 Tucker, Selma 11,119 Tucker, William 12,91 Turner, Gary 9,152 Turtzer, Kathleen 9,153 Turtzer, Sandra 12,91 Tyler, Debra 11,119 Tyler, Douglas 10,134 Tyler, Robert 12,91 334 Urias, Edward 11,119 Vacher, Lisa 12,91 Valdepena, Elsa 11,119 Valdepena, Sergio 9,153 Valdovinos, Jose 9,1 53 Valenzuela, Arlene 9,153 Valle, Raul 12,91 Valmer, IVlitchell 9,153 Valmer, Stephen 11,119 Vancampen, Charles 12,91 Vancampen, James 10,134 VanCapelle, Debbie 11,119 VanCapelle, Grace 12,94 Vanderlaan, Vincent 10,134 Vannatter, Susan 12,91 Vargas, Helen 10,134 Vasquez, Lydia 11,119 Vasquez, Marina 12,91 Vasquez, Olivia 1 1,119 Vaupel, Janet 12,91 Vazuqez, Susana 9,153 Vega, Gilbert 9,153 Vela, Karma 11,119 Velasquez, Arthur 9,153 Velazguez, Delia 10,134 Ventura, Anita 12,91 Ventura, Vivian 9,153 Verdugo, Barney 11,119 Verdugo, Cecil 10,134 Verdugo, Victor 12,91 Vicario, Susan 10,134 Vidales, Michael 12,91 Viesca, Lucille 12,92 Villagrana, Cindy 12,92 Villalobos, Andrew 9,153 Villalobos, Juanita 12,92 Villalobos, Michael 9,153 Villalva, Joanne 9,153 Villanueva, Evelyn 9,153 Villanueva, Vivian 12,92 Villegas, Robert 9,153 Vinatieri, Ted 12,92 Vivian, Kathrine 11,119 Vivian, Terri 10,134 Votaw, Susan 11,119 Vowell, Brenda 12,94 Vroom, James 1 1,1 19 Waits, Patrick 1 1 Wakefield, Donald 12,92 Wales, Nancy 12,92 Wales, Paul 10,134 Walker, Anthony 12,92 Walker, Barbara 10,134 Walker, Charles 11,119 Walker, Russell 9,153 Wallace, Debbie 12,92 Walsh, Lisa 11,119 Walsh, William 12,93 Walton, Mary 9,153 Wanke, Beverly 10,134 Wanke, James 12,93 Ward, David 12,93 Ward, Donald 11,119 Ward, Nancy 9,153 Ward, Ronald 11,119 Warren, Larry 9,153 Wasson, Venita 9,153 Watkins, Deborah 12,93 Watkins, Maryann 11,119 Watson, Debra 12,93 Watson, Janet 9,153 Walters, Maryann 11,119 Wattle, Shirley 10,134 Webb, Terri 12,93 Wehus, Lawrence 1 1,1 19 Wehus, Steven 10,134 Wejmar, Paula 11,119 Wejmar, Valerie 12,93 Welch, Pamela 11,119 Welsh, Richard 12,93 Werdmuller, Orlana 11,119 Werdmuller, Pamela 10,134 Werner, Pamela 10,134 Weston, Tracy 12,93 Westra, Susan 11,119 Wheeler, Thora 11,119 Whelan, Richard 9,153 White, Gregg 10,134 White, John 10,134 White, Kathy 12,93 Wick, Timothy 11,119 Widick, Laurie 11,120 Widick,Todd 9,153 Wiggins, Kimberly 10,134 Wiita, Kathryn 12,93 Wilkinson, Brian 9,153 Williams, Jean 12,93 Williams, Kenneth 12,93 Williams, Ronald 12,93 Williams, Sandra 11,120 Williams, Vicki 11,120 Willingham, Donna 12,94 Willingham, Janice 9,153 Willson, Francine 11,120 Wilmoth, Laura 11,120 Wilson, Jeff 11,120 Wilson, Jerrie 11,120 Windley, Jack 11,120 Winston, Steve 11,120 Wise, Jeffrey 10,134 Witthoff, Teresa 12,94 Wolff, Kelly 9,153 Wolff, Michael 10 Woodard, Janet 10,134 Woodruff, Rodney 9,153 Woolman, Bobby 9,153 Wright, Frank 11,120 Wright, Jerryeann 12,94 Wright, Teresa 12,94 Wyant, Lenard 9,153 Wylde, Lynn 12,94 Xiques, Theresa 11,120 Ybarra, Anita 12,94 Ybarra, Daniel 9,153 Young, Melinda 10,134 Young, Regina 1 1,120 Young, Robert 1 1 Young, Shelly 11,120 Younger, Beverly 9,153 Younger, Helene 12,94 Yovane, Silvana9,153 Yrungaray, Frank 9,153 Yung, Allen 12,94 Yung, Kim 10,134 Yung, Suann 9,153 Zabala, Gloria 9,153 Zabala, Joseph 1 1 Zamora, Annette 9,153 Zamora, Deborah 11,120 Zamora, Yolanda 11,120 Zavaleta, Evangelina 9,1 53 Zaveleta, Gonzalo 10,134 Zeis, Brian 12,94 Zendejas, Maria 9,153 Zimmer, Terry 12,94 Zimmer, Tom 10,134 Zishka, Diane 12,94 Zoll, Bart 10,134 Farewell to these days that will soon be memories. Memories Of crowded halls, of fam- iliar faces, of good times and bad. These memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives. As we go through the years, we may catch ourselves remembering these days with a smile. These days to which we may never return. ;n PISCMEL YEARBOOKS. INC ,1 -tV " ' r,- s ' ' ■ ' ■ v • --v ' - V? r-- . v . ; ,,V •»:J

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