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WESTWOOD ' 76 ' ' ' " X . ' The Way We Were si j ' WV ■f CJ-JCLQ Oy JL_ vAX -»- - cP A Cy J- ' W 1 J iSi 3 1% - P -5? 5 c " ' ' : j ooan " } fiyy ' T ) A — HALF TUTJMirL r J " " N s kj rt:v Westwood Junioi High 7630 AiapahoRd. Dallas. Texas 75240 T BLEOF ID UJNfCn AnON AND fACJOV 6 OACCtC 1 4 ORj ANI? ONC 46 COPJTENie The year 1976. It holds many memories for a num- ber of Americans - memories of the founding of our j£ great nation and memories of the first two hundred years. Yet it is also certain that many memories will be produced in the course of this year. Memories of your joy, your friends, and the many things that are to form you into the person you will eventually be. May that person be as beautiful and free as you are now. r- M i if .- t THE OUlSiaNDING- STUDENTS OF 1976 B. K. Carter Picture Not Available [• Christy Rains (No photo available.) Sandy Glenn Joe Foster AD UIMfClRAnON SUFERiNTENDENTj. J. PEARCE SEATED: Mr. C. Richardson, Mrs. P. Seegers, Mr. L. Eveleth, Jr., Mr. J. Stallings. STANDING: Mr. M. Vernon, Mr. R. West, Dr. J. Pearce, Jr. J. Boley. PRJMOPAL Ui . fcCtWfirt Mr. Siamps gives a teacher a hand. ' No, I am not stealing these flags! AWIMfClRAnON MR. CAVENDER ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. LOFTIN ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MRS. FORREST SECRETARY MRS. CHRISTY ATTENDANCE CLERK COUNSELORS .AND AtDQ Mrs. Vaughan Seventh Grade Counselor I Mis. Renard Ninth Grade Counselor a I Mrs. Hughes Eighth Grade Counselor Mrs. Morgan Data Processing Mrs. Walters Secretary - Guidance Office AIDES - FRONT ROW: Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Shaw. BACK ROW: Mrs. Schlenker, Mis. Duffy, Mrs. Gilben. WESIWOOD So ihis is what they ' re putting in their lunchsacks! Life just wouldn ' t be the same without my putt putt! " Your excuse belter be good ! ' ' yycuuY iti i ' i0 ' ' Wi% Mr. Oglesby Mrs. Patterson Mr. Phillips Mrs. Provines Mr. Rainey Mrs. Sherman Mrs. Smith Mrs. Stewart Mrs. Stockton Miss Stuart Mr. Taylor Mr. Taylor Mr. Young NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Black Mrs. Burroughs Mrs. Caudell Mr. Dees Mrs. Farley Mr. Hawkins FROM LEFT It i KU-HF: Miss Lewis. Miss Bradley, Mr. Temme , Mrs. Barrett, Mr. Matthews, Mrs. Philpott, Mr. Keith, Mrs. Rankin. " I ' m sorry, but you ' ll have to stay in this class. " " It ' s the ONLY quiet place in the whole school ! ' ' " What do you mean, ' Can you snap your fingers? ' " Deep concentration: " 1 + 1 = 2! " " Don ' t tell me it ' s not nice to point! " " Roll my tongue! auDGNJQ ANDi cueRC Four years of college and I end up Gee, your hair smells terrific! You miss that key again and I ' ll . . . cleaning! Che-e-e-2-el 12 Come oui, come out, wherever you Aw, shucks! Do you really think I look are! cute in my glasses? WGRKlN lOG JU Coach Taylor demonstrates. Neyeah! You can ' t have any! " Put a tic-tac in your mouth and You ' ll let me keep the change! !? The first rule is " Don ' t blow up the school! ' Get back! Get back! I won ' t take your picture! wish I had nails like that. " . . . and my flea can jump this high. " (Some students will believe anything ! ) GRALAJ mN CLACC OP 1 979 Abies, Lisa Aday, Kim Almond, Janet Almond, Jim Ambrose, Dawn Ammer, Susan Amos, Laura Anderson, Cheryl Anderson, Sam Archer, Mark Ard, Annette Armsirong, Mary Ann Arnold, Peter Assenheimer, Kelly Aston, Alyssa Aucoin, Carolyn Ausere, Melinda Bagby, Bruce Bailey, Greg Bailey, Lauia Bailey, Tonya Barber, Steve Bearden, Alan Bedard, Bill Beeson, Mike Beiiter, Richard Bentley, Scott Bernstein, Elizabeth Berry, David Bininger, Boo Black, Christie Black, Jill Bland, Tim Boice, Kyle Bonner, Bob Boyd, Sharon Beyer, Laurie Bratton, Cheri Bredehoft, Mike Bremer, Suzanne Buigess, Caroline Butler, Brenda Butzke, Susan Bybell, Paula Bytheway, Jeff Campagna, Wendy Canterbury, Jim Canirell, Manha Capps, Cathy Carroll, Colleen Cary, Laura Castle, Cindy Ceverha, Linda Christensen, Margie 14 SR4DLWfrN ClACC OP 1 979 Christy, Jon Clark, Dede Coffee, Jim Cofman, Mitch Coleman, Kevin Coles, Audrey Collacchi, Mark Collins, Steve Cook , Lorri Cook, Nicki Cox, Peggy Crawford, John Crenshaw, Cindy Croft, Lyle Crosby, Beth 2 Crumpacker, Haydn Dagnan, Donna Dahl, Debbie Danback, Stacy Davenpon, Kim Davidsson, Jan Paul Davison, Ben Dean, Andre Deasey, Pam Degnan, J ay Dehlin, Juli Denison, Cambria Devine, Nancy Dickey, Stuart Dickson, David Doebener, Barb Doran, Jeffrey Downtain, Thomas Doyle, Matt Durham, Dana Durham, Daran Earley, Brent Eastwood , Leonard Elam, Cole Embler, Jane English, George Engvall, Judy Estes, Greg Evans, Caroline Evans, Edy Evans, Emilia Evans, Tom Evans-Lombe, David Falcon, Joel Faye , Lisa Fetherlin, Stacey Finigan, Pat Fitch, Amy Flad, Peter 15 (SRADLmN OAOQ OF 1 979 Fletcher, Valerie Foley, Bill Forres, Becky Foster, Joe Fuhrmeisier, Kathy Furry, Sue Gallagher, Tim Cast, Susan Gerdes, Matt German, Craig Gibson, Chris Glancy, Mary Glatz, Kristy Gleason, Greg Cleave, Stacey Goldman, Lynn Goldstein, Larry Good, Arthadale Graul, John w Greenwood, Jimmy Greer, Mary Gressett, Michelle Griffith, Todd Groom, Steve Gruble, David Habeger, Mary Hall, Andrew Hamill, Gregg Hamilton, Clay Hamilton, David Harkness, Cindy Harmeyer, Karl Haningion, Tom Hanis, Paula Hathaway, Tammi Hatridge, Alice Hayes, Jim Haynes, Bill Heard, Ken Heemann, Paul Hembree, Laura Hesser, Jan Heyer, Cindy Hinkle, Bob Hjerpe, Kim Hodges, Steve Hoffmann, Cindy Hogue, Leslie Horton, Melissa Howdeshell, Amy Hruska, Joni Huber, Russell Hudson, Allen Huggins, Tina 16 (SR «XWrTN CXAQQ OP 1 979 Hummel, Patricia Jackson, Katie Jansak, Christie Jensen, Gayle Jesson, Chris Jobin, Betsy Johnson, Kris Johnson, Pat Jones, Greg Jones, Jodi Jones, Mary Jones, Tonya Jurak, Scott Kamel, David Karlak, Judy Kastel , Bonnie Keathley, Stacy Keene, Russ Keller, Todd Kempton, Charles Kettler, Jeff Kinder, Jan King, Sue Kirby, Tim Kleinman, Kenny Knapp, John Koop, Alison Labutis , Tracie Landon, Kim Lang, Mickey Langford, Chris Lawrence, Adam Lawson, Jan Lederman, Donna LeTourneau, Ann Leverett, David Lewis, Glenn Linquist, Corey Lonborg, Kari Long, Christina Lovelace, Clay Luleff, Robert Lynch, Karen Lyons, Kevin Lysen, Laura Macaulay, Don Madden, Lorri Madison, Bill Malinowski, Andrea Manzari, Bari Margulies, Linda Marquardt, Andy Marshall, Jack Martin, Brian 17 GRADLWrTN ClACC OF 1 979 Manin, Ciiriis McClintock, Carolyn McClintock, Linda McGarriiy, David McCauley, Vince McCowen, David McCrory, Donna McDaniel, Jeff McElroy, Danny McLaren, Les McPeak, Da wan Mead, Jerry Mellen, Kristi Mercer, Brynne Methenitis, Randy Meyers, Kim Miller, James Miller, Mark Miller, Mike Millerman, Jim Minsching, Barry Mitchell, Cindy Moore, Ginger Morris, Susan Morrow, Suzanne Mosley, Chris MuUins, Katie Murphy, Paiti Murphy, Tom Murry, Dorothy Myrick, Alan Nathan, Lisa Naugle, Jim Nelson, Mike Newberry, Linda Newell, Sara Newton, Charles North, Liz Null, M ary Helen O ' Malley, John O ' Brien, Jon O ' Connor, Shawn Olson, Patricia O ' Neill, Shannon Owston, Bret Paine, Jenee Pakes, Greg Patton, Caren Paylor, Jimmie Pennington, Brad Peoples, Mary Perkins, Mike Peterson, Bill Peterson, Kelly 18 GRADLmN S OACQ OF 1 979 Pettii, Randy Phillips, Greg Phillips, Kay Pieper, Debbie Pierce, Shari Pinac, Murry Porras, Cynthia Prather, Brent Preiser, Dennis Pressly, Cristi Price, Jon Prohaska, Ted Putman, Hugh Quick, Lisa Rains, Debbie Randall, Susan Read , Margaret Regan, Monica Richard, Pam Roark, Kenny Roat, Leslie Robinson, Allan Rogers, David Rogers, David Romick, David Ross, Michele Ross, Stacy Rozmiarek, Cheryl Rush, Tim Rusnak, J. Russell, Alison Santowski, Greg Sawtelle, Cheryl Sax, Jay Scharman, Bill Schemes, Melinda Schnuir, Denise Schiaeder, Jeff Schueneman, Laurie Scogin, Joyce Scrivner, Cathy Searl, Jean Secrist, Richard Sedalnick, Jodee Sedway, Richard Self, John Seren, Jayne Sexton, Sharon Shaw, Donnie Shaw, Greg Shidler, Doug Shiller, Valerie Sides, Mark Siedell, Tod 19 SR4DLWnN ClACC OF 1 979 Skclton, Meg Skilcs, Elaine Smith, Sieve Sorrels, Joey Stark, Paul Stern, Ron Stevens, Charles Storie, Robert Strawn, Ricky Strawser, Lynda Sirecker, Karen Sumbera, Dennis Sunkle, Cindy Sunstrum, Steffi Swannie, Scott Swartz, Shari Taft, Denise Tanner, Lori Tapsak, Martha Tate, Doug Tatum, Scott Teaiom, Elizabeth Tharp, Beth Thenhaus, Tim Thompson, Ben Thomson, Mike Tidwell, Todd Tiegreen, Kristin Tischer, Brian Tucker, Laurie Tucker, Terri Turner, Ann Turner, Jim Turvey, Jim Urbach, Jackie Urey, Dianne Valdez, Dina Vardeman, Brent Vilter, Judy Vogel, Lauren Wagner, Gretchen Walben, Dave Walker, Lisa Wallace, Lori Ward, Jeff Ward , Sherri Wasson, Barry Watkins, Pam Watson, Andy Wattles, Renee Waynant, Donna Webb, Sarah Weiniraub, Julie Wharton, Karen 20 SR «xwrrN OACQ of 1 979 Whisenhuni, Jill Whiting, Brian Whitley, Candi Wilding, Lori Willcockson, Greg Willis, Scott Wintermote , Ann Wisbauer, Donna Withrow, Sheryl Wolfe, Kim Wollent, Eddie Woodbury, David Woods, Patricia Wright, James Wright, Kate Yates, Glenn Young, Phyllis Young, Bob Jif One potato , two potatoes . WHO said I put myself above others? 21 N NJU GRAD CUG£Ri£AVGRQAND PGP COUAD FRONT ROW: Kaihy Fuhimeister. Jane Embler, Margie Christensen. MIDDLE ROW: Anhadale Good, Elaine Skiles. TOP ROW: Kate Wrighi. FRONT ROW: T. Jones. L. Strawser. SECOND ROW: L. Wallace. S. Newell. T. Bailey. D. Clark. C. Bration. P. WaU ins. J. Engvall. THIRD ROW: D. Uderman. L. Amos. L. Hembree. M. Armstrong. J. Paine. J. Almond. T. Tucker. B. Manzari. FOURTH ROW: M. Jones. K. Landon. C. Capps. S. Fetherlin. J. Hruska. C. Sawielle, A. Filch. M. Gressett. D. Schnurr. FIFTH ROW: D. Wlsbauer. L. Newberry, K. Hjerpe. H. Crumpacker. T. Huggins. C. Rosmiarek. C. Young. A. Hairidge. I. Walker. BACK ROW: G. Wagner. L. Ceverha. A. Wintermote. A. Howdeshell. T. Labutis. M. Clancy, C. Sunkle. B. Jobin, B. Butler. S. Danback. 22 FRE£WMANSHRn- ' 7fe Is it a history freak or a FRESHMAN? " Stroke ... 2, 3, 4 Freshman, a year of togetherness. 23 TWCICTH r i J i - € ( JO OXJ U " 0 upL v- v Wesiwood Junior High School will remember many pleasant things about this ninth grade class. These freshmen have left their mark on Westwood Junior High in many ways. Ever since their seventh grade year these students have served Westwood in various ways. They won the Spirit Week Contest in seventh grade and repeated their victory in ninth grade. They were strong participants every year in all phases of student activities, and by the time they became freshmen, they served as the guiding force in such organizations as the Student Council, the National Junior Honor Society, the Annual Staff, the Newspaper Staff, the Choir, the Band, the Orchestra, the Computer Club, the Pep Squad, the Foreign Language Club, and boys ' and girls ' athletics. Westwood Junior High School will miss this class, but we wish them continued success as they continue their high school years. (30001 ,o • ' - ' 7 (v: 24 fl jESWMAN OA OP OASCTm rWACI The Freshman Class will never forget Westwood Junior High School for many important reasons, but, according to some of the class members, there are several lighter memories that will remain high on their list. For exam- ple, who could forget . fire drills during P.E. . paying for test tubes broken in science . teachers cutting in lunch lines . cafeteria food . broken candy machines . the removal of candy machines . the carbon monoxide scare . sentence patterns . Spirit Week . Fifties Day . achievement tests . GREAT EXPECTATIONS, TALE OF TWO CITIES . eighty problems for math homework . research papers due at the same time . being told you ' re in high school now . morning announcements . suffering through exams . waiting for school pictures . dodging annual photographers . lining up for the ninth grade class picture . annual signing parties U ESIWOOD JR.. UIQU 25 GRAaJ mf i( OASS OF 1 9S0 Abbott, James Adlcr, John Allcr, Lisia Amos, Lisa Andrews, Beverly Antle. Melanie Ard, Steve Armstrong, Nick Assenheimer, Scott Atchley, Jane Atha, Tracy Axelrod, Hara Baber, Melinda Backman, Lee Barnes, Sherril Barnhart, Amy Banon, Dave Basinski, Anne Beall, Shawn Bebb, Deanna Becker, Mike Becker, Steve Beitter, John Benjamin, Doug Bergman, Steve Bernecker, Lynn Biggs, Greg Bimmerman, Judy Black, Clay Blankenship, Chris Blum , Marc Bohn, Kim Bolen, Kelly Bonfield, Chuck Bonser, David Boraz, Dede Borenstein, Steve Boston, Kelly Bove, Karen Boyce, David Boyd, Cindy Boynton, Bob Bradley, David Brandes, Phil Bratton, Cindy Bredehoft, Betsy Brender, Lisa Brey , Jimmy Briggs, Toni Brooker, Susie Broihman, David Browning, Kim Buchanan, Diane Bukaty, Peter 26 GR iJXmN OACQ OP 1 920 ( IMPM ' MAVt 1 Buichers, Glen Burdick, Ken Burg, Pam Burgess, John Burgoyne, Bill Burns, Melissa Burrier, Doug Campbell, Bill Campbell, Brenda Campbell, Chuck Campbell, John Campbell, Tom Cannon, David Canterbury, Mike Carter, B. K. Carter, Cheryl Carter, Kim Casey, Kelly Castle, Cathy Catliey, Jennifer Christensen, Byron Claik, Andi Clohessy, Bob Cole, David Cole , Dianna Combs, Lori Cook, J. B. Cook, Kevin Coomes, Terri Cox, Kelly Cramer, Andy Crance, Lori Crawley, Lisa Cutchin, Malcolm Dague, Mindy Daniels, Steve Davenpon, Michelle Davidsson, Mary Ellen Davis, Jeff Davison, Monty Day, Julie Deering, Lisa Degeeter, Rob Denison, Cambria Dennen, Sheri Detmer, Joey Dobson, Linda Doran, Sheila Dotson, Scott Drake, Susan Droese, Pam Drucker, Alayne Dubnicoff, Carey Duffy, Mike 27 GRADimN ClACC OP 1 9S0 Dupuis, Glenn Dyche, Susan Eaton, Steve Eckert, Terry Efseroff, Amy Elbert, Tracie Engvall, Jenny Enke, Barbara Erwin, Robert Evans, Evan Fantus, Ellen Fay, Bill Feichier, Nancy Fein, Scott Ferguson , Mary Lee Ficken, Chris Finnegan, Lisa Fisher, Robert Fitzgerald, Stephen Flad, Steve Flahavin, Mary Beth Floyd, Cynthia Flynn, Sheila Foley, Kevin Fergus, Joel Fox, Randy Fox, Ted Francis, Karen Francis, Penny Frederick, Gary Freeman, Scott Fryback, Allison Garber, Diane Gardner, Sharon Garman, Sharlene Gately, Bill Gay, Harriet Gessner, Earl Gibson, Tony Glazer, Buffy Gleason, Teri Glidewell, Mark Glidewell, Michael Goldberg, Andrew Goldman, Chico Groom , Stan Gupta, Ricky Hadley, Sheri Hafer, Mike Halbach, Bob Hall, Artie Hall, Kim Hall, Mark Ham, Alicia lip l iBitfiH l m h . 28 K O ADU mNG CXACC OP i 9S0 Hammons, Greg Haney, Sandra Marker, Joe Harmon, Miriam Harris, Craig Harris, Joel Hauss, Gregg Haxton, Mike Haynes, Suzanne Healy, Kim Hemphill, David Herbsi, Michele Hernandez, Ronald Hicks, Julie Hoener, Scon Hoeper, Paul Hokanson, Todd Holcolmb, Debbie Hole, Chris HoUeman, Byron Holmes, Kurt Holwerda, John Home, Gretchen Houston, Doug Howard, Mike Howard, Robert Hoye , Robin Hswe, Pat Huber, Carolyn Humphries, Lauren Hunsaker, Kerry Hutsell, Jane Hutzell, Holly Ingrum, David Irving, Christy Jenkins, Steve Jensen, Russell Jester, Gill Jester, Jill Jobin, Tim Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Beth Johnson, Lori Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mark Jones, Ann Jones, Donna Jones, Tammy Jones, Tim Joyce , Jim Kaplan, Scott Kapp, Karen Kanalis, Elaine Katz , Don 29 (SRADU N CLACC OF 1 9S0 Keefer, Noelle Keller. Cheryl Kellerhouse, Sharon Kellcy, John Kern, Kay Kculer, Mike Kirkham, Matt Klaczynski, Janei Knapp, Jim Kramer, Cheryl Kramer, Kaihy Krati, Jill Lair, Lee Ann Lamar, Steve Lane , Beth Laningham, Ron Lawley, Kirsten Lee, Tim Lehmusvina, Laura Leonard, Bob Leslie, Mike Leverette, Scott Lewars, Mike Lewis, Jeff Lichtenberger, Lee Liles, Jeff Little, Bobby Lorenz, Bill Louallen, Marcia Lowry, Tamar Lucksinger, Gregg Lummis, Cathy Lynch, Kathy Maloney, Katie Manes, Liz Mannerberg, Mike Mansfield, Melanie Markham, Kim Marks, Mindy Marquardt, Wall Marquette, Mike Marshall, John Manin, John Mataya, Tony Matlock, Craig Matthews, Sheri McDowell, Bryan McGann, Mike McNeill, Lori Mc Adams, Katey McCasland, Lee McClintock, Molly McCowen, Dean McDonald, Jon 30 SR4Dq N( OAQ OF 1 9S0 BS2 McKeand, Kevin McKee, Margaret McNamara, Rod McNaught, Kevan McWilliams, Elizabeth Meador, Julie Menard, Paula Mentgen, Tim Millerman, Melayne Misner, Greg Mitchell, Jan Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Stephanie Mobley, Scott Moore, Mike Moore, Mike Moore, Susan Morgan, Sharey Mosher, Melanie Moss, Denise Mueller, Jon Mullen, Barbara Mullins, Kimberly Mundell , Karen Murphy, Dee Dee Murphy, Rosemary Murray, Cameron Neuman, Paul Newfeiser, Ron Norman, Billy Bob Nonh, Amy Nysirum, Eric Olson, Charlie Oneill, Steven Opdyke, Terry Oubre, Larridale Owen, Cathie Park , Hee Sook Parker, Kevin Pamell, Susie Pederson, Leif Pefaur, Stephanie Peterson, Ted Phillips, Randy Piepenbrok, Scott Pinkus, David Plunk, Donna Poner, Brett Poner, Pat Powell. Heidi Price, Susie Proebsting, Todd Pullen, Jill Putman, Chris 31 GRADLmN OAQ OP 1 9S0 Raizes. Bryan Ramsey, Bruce Randall, Brion Ranta, Susan Ray, Chris Reamy, Manin Reed, Jean Rehkemper, Mike Reinecker, Mike Reinhartsen, Scoii Renneker, Nick Reyes, Kevin Richards, Jody Richmond. Kelly Rist, Janet Roach, Melanie Roberts. Kristi Robertson, Jeff Robinson, Terri Roman, David Romans, Kim Roth, Lisa Rowland, Ken Rudo f, Staci Russell, Steve Rutherford, Sterling Sailor, Sally Sample, Karen Samson, Phil Santowski , Mark Schiller, Joan Schimelman, Dan Schlenker, David Schmidt, Colette Schnitman, Kim Schopmeyer, Doug Schott , Laura Schraeder, Darren Schultz, Carmen Scott, Chris Scott, Steve Scowcrofi, Mary Seale. Susan Searcy, Greg Seloff, Bobby Selvidge, Kim Sewell, Kadena Sexton, John Sharpe, Scott Shaw, Sandra Shepherd, Stephanie Sherman, Patty Sheiler, David Shipman, Kim 32 (SRA[X| N CLACC OP 1 9S0 Sikora, Mitch Silco, Elizabeth Simms, Ken Skelton, Glen Skibell, Barry Sklaver, Barry Slay, Doug Smith, Cheri Smith, Gregg Smith, Laurel Smith, Shannon Sonnamaker, Chris Sonnamaker, Steve Sonels, Bob St. John, Becky Stark, Patty Starnes, Ed Stauch, Anne Stiles, Dianne Stone, Erin Stone, Kyle Stout, Kyle Strom, Scott Struthers, Holly Stucky, Elizabeth Swanson, Kristin Tater, Lisa Taylor, Mark Teatom, James Thomas, Mike Thompson, Amie Thornton, Traci Thorpe, Sarah ToUe, Bruce Townsend, Lyiine Trent, Scott Triece, Maureen Turner, Randy Turner, Sue Uphoff, Greg Uriah, Greg Vanmeter, Blake Wagner, Mike Wagner, Laura Waldrop, Greg Walton, Andy Warmbrodt, Randy Watson, Kathy Watson, Kelly Wayrynen, Lori Weedon, Lyle Welch, Susan Wenzel, Jim West, Lee 33 (SR4DLWfTN CIAC OF 1 9S0 While, David White, Suzanne Wiencek, Jim Wilding, Pali Williams, Roger Willis, Kay Wilson, Larry Winkle, Stephen Wiihrow, Kelly Wixson, Cindy Wolfe, Wendy Wolff, Shawn Wolkensiein, Jon WoUeni, Danny Wood , Kerry Wood, Mike Woodbury, Mark Wright, Ramona Yes, even eighth graders do work! (Could have fooled their teachers ! ) Movin ' and groovin ' at the Halloween dance! ! I 34 " Did you hear what he just said? ' " Let ' s face it. I ' m irresistible! " [WfflwaraBfcJtfWi Ef(£MT (SRAD CHEERI ADERg AND PEP SQUAD FRONT ROW: Susie Brooker, Elaine Kanalis, Sherril Barnes. MIDDLE ROW: Karen Mundell, Stephanie Pefaur. TOP ROW: Lori McNeill. FRONT ROW: B. Si. John, ]. Meador, M. Mansfield. SECOND ROW: S. Dyche , B. .Andrews, T. Jones. C. Wixson, S. Matthews, C. Owen, B. Campbell, D. Murphy. J. Klaczynski. THIRD ROW: C. Kramer. K. Watson. S. Gardner, S. Haney. P. Francis, M. Baber. B. Johnson, L. Johnson, S. Wolff, L. Crance, B. K. Caner, J. Engvall. FOURTH ROW: J. Atchley, K. Willis, K. Watson, S. Carman. B. Lane. D. Bebb. M. Millerman. S. Price. C. Dubnicoff, L. Smith. T. Coomes. A. Stauch. FIFTH ROW: S. Smith. K. Selvidge. K. Sample. R. Hoye, M. Scowcroft. T. Lowry. C. Huber. J. Rist. C. Bratton, A. Drucker. L. Lehmusvirta. J. Schiller. SIXTH ROW: A. Thompson. Kf Romans, T. Atha. H. Powell. P. Menard, D. Plunk, C. Keller, L. Oubre. C. Schmidt, M. Triece. C. Floyd, K. Wood. TOP ROW: A. Bamhart, E. Stucky, C. Irving, W. Wolfe, K. Hall, B. Johnson. M. Flahavin, S. Mitchell, L. Brender, D. Garber, B. Mullen. 35 (SR4DU N OASS OF 1921 Abcrnathy, Jay Adamson, Larkin Adkins, Stan AUcnsworth, Kelly Allin, Mark Almond, Jeff Alvarez, Mike Anderson, Lance Anderson, Pam Andres, Karrie Andrews, Karen Anselmi, Celeste Archer, Leslie Arciniega, Mark Armstrong, Lisa Armsuong, Penny Auld, David Avara, Pam Ayers, Wayne Bailey, Janice Bailey, Joey Baraket, Vince Barber, Connie Banon, Dan Bates, Jay Baumert, Michele Bean, Alison Beasley, Brian Beason, Cissy Becker, Mike Beeson, Rick Behne, Diane Bellows, Angle Bemis, Todd Benjamin, Tom Berg, Jeff Bemecker, Laurie Bernstein, Neal Berry, Elise Billmyre, Shawn Bland, Amy Blanion, Brent Bolton, Beth Bonds, Steve Boorman, Chuck Braziel, John Brisiow, Kelly Browne, Alan Burden, Kim Burgoyne, Shelly Burnette, Dent Butler, Jan Buxton, Rex Calabrese, Ricky 36 SRADLWrtM ClACS OP 19S1 Gallagher, Christine Calo, Vinnie Carper, John CanoU, Molly Carroll, Pressy Carter, Dee Castleberry, Craig Ceverha , Paul Chen, Jean Chilton, Kaiherine Christensen, Jeff Clayton, Casi Coe, Dwight Coe, Suzanne Cogdell, Greg Cook, Allison Gopeland, Patricia Cornwall, Michele Crayton, Amy Crowell, Kathy Cummings, Steve Dahl, Scott Daiton, Kaye Damico, Robert Danback, Kathleen Daniels, David Davies, Nelson Davis, Anne Davis, Torre Day, Janet Dean, Tanya Degnan, Michelle Derham, Chris Devletoglou, Hany Dickerson, Linda Dickson, Rob Doran, Mary Douglas, J. Dover, Jeff Duffy, Mike Eberle, Mary Beth Edmondson, Dan Elam, Dawna Ellis, Jenny Elste , Jim Etheredge, Greg Evans, David Ewing, Mark Famen, Paula Fanar, Wendell Faye , Patrick Fickert, Merrily Fink, Kristen Fluhr, Marian 37 GRADL| N OASS OF 19S1 Forrest, Bob Forrest, Kim Fortescue, Jean Fox, Gaye Fox, Tom Frame, Jennifer Fry, Karen Galland, Kevin Garrett, Jana Gentle, Deanna Gerbel, Tim Gerdes, Aric Gessley, Michael Gibbons, Sheila Gleason, Monica Glenn, Sandra Goedecke , Lisa Goodman, Debbie Graham , Scott Grantland, Jana Graul, Jeff Gray, Jeri Gray, Scott Griffith, Gary Grunberger, Jenny Guion, Amy Guelo, Jeff Hairston, Susan Halbach, John Hall, Judy Hall, Keith Halpern, Andrea Hamilton, Bryan Hamilton, Harriet Hardie , Missy Harmeyer, Kristie Harmon, Alison Harrod, Terri Hart, Julie Hatridge, Jennifer Hauser, Terri Hawkins, Glenn Heard, Don Heemanns, Patty Hemmer, Sandra Henseler, Alan Hickman, David Hicks, Brad Hjerpe, Kent Hobgood, Amy Hofmann, Doug Hogue, Johanna Holben, Les Holder, Eva 38 ($R «xmM OASS OP 1 9g 1 W " ► •• n " L vT t X 4 is K f Holinski, Jill Holmes, Laura Honaker, Allen Houchin, Wes House, Marilyn Hughes, Jim Ivanovskis, Paul Jamison, Sara Jaye, David Jecker, Rebekah Jenson, Mark Jobe , Brian Johnson , Barby Johnson, Lori JoJmson, Norah Jones, Brad Jones, Jeff Jones, William Kalmbach, Doug Kane , Robert Kaplan, Sheri Kaplan, Sloan Karp, Hal Kanalis, Liz Kearns, Peter Keathley, Diane Kelley, Kimberly Kelly, Mark Kempton, Kathleen Keng, Melissa Kennedy, David Kerr, George Klappenbach, Doug Klein, Cheryl Klein, Eric Koegl, Roxy Kramer, Mitch Kranzov , Kenny Krause, Rusty Lederman, Joaime Lewis, Kayleen Lewis, Yvonne Lichtemberger, Julie Liles, Laura Lindsay, Virginia Linquist, Heather Logan, Vance Loucks, Bob Lovelace, Suzanne Lxjwery, Tanya Lutkus, Laurie Lysen, Ed Macatee , Mary MacDonald, Stu 39 SRADLWnN OASS OF 19S1 Madison, Line Malinowski , Chris Manzari , Tony Martiuan , Corinnc Mariin, Judy Martin, Lisa Matson, Scou Matthews, Greg Mayfield, John McAdams, Niki McConnell, Ronald McDonald, Jana McDougal, Dianne McKinley, Tim McMasters, Nancy McMichael, Patty McMillin, Bruce McWhorter, Kay McWilliams, Leslie Medina, Mark Menges, Pam Mersbach, Sally Meyer, Marsi Migdol. Helene Miller, Suzanne Milligan, Teni Mitlyng, Nancy Moore, David Moore, Kirkmichael Moore, Lana Morris, Jodi Moy, Jeff Mullins, Sam Murphy, Brendon Murry, Debbie Nail, Keith Nathan, Mike Neary, Fred Nelson, Karon Nix, Phil Noble, Sandy Norman, Carol O ' Dell, Lisa O ' Brien, Mike O ' Conner, Cara Ogier, Scott Oliver, Lance Olsen, Cherlyn Olson, Nancy Osiling, Ronny Owens, Jeff Padgett, Beth Parks, Paige Parrish, Kelly 40 GR iDimN( OLACQ a 19S1 Parsons, Man Paschall, David Pation, Jeff Peavler, Sandy Penland, Bob Penin, Vicki Peterson, Beth Peterson, Brad Phifer, Scarlet Phillips, Dana Phillips, Jeff Piotet, Marguerit Plinario, Darryl Policy, Kelly Powell , Lisa Powers, D. J. Pratt, Jeff Preiser, John Price, Andy Rains, Christy Ranck, Laurel Randall, Scott Read, Donald Reinhartsen, Kari Reiter, Mark Renfro, Brian Richard , Geoffrey Richie, Talman Ring, Karen Roark, Lisa Roberts, Kelly Roberts, Scott Roberts, Stu Robertson, Chip Robinson, Mike Robinson, Susan Roe, Barbara Rogers, Julie Roland, Chris Ross, Chris Rucker, Marilyn Rush, Suzette Rust, Shanon Sallinger, Mark Samson, Tim Sanders, Catherine Sawtelle, Stacy Schlenker, Kathy Schnitman, Miki Schopmeyer, Mary Schiamek, Jack Schroeder, Steve Schueneman, Scott Schwab, Stephanie 41 (SRADUAnN CLASS OF 1 9S 1 Schwartz, Kathy Schwartz, Liz Schwiitcrs, Elisabeth Scott, Mike Seledio, Dan Shapiro, Susan Shapley, David Shaw, Greichcn Shefferly, Debbie Shepherd, Steel Sherman, Mike Sherman, Patty Shipley, Kara Shoemaker, Scott Short, Lori Sikes, Casey Simcoe, Tracey Simms, Stacey Skierski, Kathleen Skooglund, Marty Sloan, Jill Smart, Gary Smith, Anne Smith, Carlton Smith, Grant Smith, Jill Smith, Kathy Smith, Linda Smith, Lori Smith, Taylor Smith, Tony Snead, Karen Snyder, Matt Soha, Tom Spelhaug, Lorrie Spillman, Jody Stafford, Dean Starks, Tom Stern, Stacey Stevens, Andy St. John, Michelle Strawn, Susan Stricter, Nancy Sullivan, Shannon Sunkle, Stacey Sureck, Brian Swannie, Peter Swanson, Carl Swanstrom, Bill Swearingen, Willie Swigart, Philip Taack, Wes Tanner, Lucy Tate, Diane m.J?M % 42 SR4DLWrTN OASS OF 1 9S 1 Taiom, Buzz Taub, Larry Taylor, Brenda Taylor, Karen Terrell. Charlie Thomas, Mark Thompson, Tal Thomson, Susan Thrash, Laneiie Todd, Susan Todd, Tracy Toledo, Victor ToUe, John Torpie, Jane Trager, Evelyn Trimpe, Steve Trotter, Hookie Tucker, Dana Tumell, Jim Vaughn, Ben Vehslage, Shelly Vilter, Bob Vogel, Nancy Voss, Michael Wachholz, Bobby Waddell, Jay Waddell, Karen Wagner, Eric Wagner, Leslie Walker, Marge Walla, Lee Warmbrodt, Gay Wasson, Laura Webb, Eric Weinberg, Lisa Weiner, David Wells, Colleen Wells, Mark Wesson, Scott West, John Widener, Steve Wilkins, Amy Williamson, Kelli Willis, Stuart Wilson, Barbie Wilson, Becky Wiltshire, Janine Winningham, Tom Wisbauer, Karen Witte, Scott Wixon, Terri Wolf, Heidi Wollent, Jeanne Wollent, Judy Yates, Rusty 43 GRADUAnN OASS OP 19S1 Young, Carol Young, Edin Youngs, Randy Zamecnik, Pam Zubic, Jackie PMOIO WOI AVAIIAIU Concentration ! hope I NEVER have another day like this one! THE seventh grade Pep Rally hich gym outfit was waslicd in Tidi. 44 SB ENTR GRADE CWEERI- ADERSAfJO PEP ccmoD FRONT ROW: Susan Todd. Jill Smith, Sally Mersbach. MIDDLE ROW: Missy Hardie. Dee Caner. TOP ROW: Sandy Glenn. FRONT ROW: M. Keng, K. PoUey, L. Adamson. K. Burden, K. Fry, K. Schlenker. S. Stem, S. Sullivan, M. St. John. SECOND ROW: H. Hamilton, A. Bean, L. Archer, J. Hatridge, K. Andrews, L. Holmes, P. Avara. V. Perrin, L. Wasson, K. Wisbauer, P. Zamecnik, J. Lederman. THIRD ROW: C. Beason, D. Behne, A. Cook, L. Dickerson, J. Han, C. San- ders, J. Gray, D. Phillips, N. Strieter, J. Torpie, J. Wiltshire, M. Schnitman, K. McWhoner. FOURTH ROW- B. Bolton L. Bernecker, J. Garrett, M. Eberle, D. Elam, ]. McDonald, S. Phifer, H. Linquist, S. Simms, T. Wixon, P. Copeland. FIFTH ROW: L. Armstrong, C. Clayton, J. Fortescue, R. Koegl, J. Grantland, N. Johnson, B. Johnson, C. O ' Connor, C. Rains, E. Trager, M. Schopmeyer, C. Anselmi. SIXTH ROW: C. Barber, P. Carroll. J. Rodgers, C. Danback, M. Corn- wall, K. Chilton, P. McMichael. H. Migdol, S. Noble, D. Tucker. K. Smith, A. Wilkins. TOP ROW- K. Crowell V Lindsay, K. Fink. S. Hemmer, D. Shefferly. J. Sloan. L. Spelhaug. L. Weinberg. L. Tanner. D. Keathley, K. Aliens- worth . ' 45 N OIMAL JUNIOR. WONOR- GOOEIY FIRST ROW: ]. Hruska, C. Langford, C. Harkness, D. Bebb. K. McAdams, S. Moore. L. Hembree. SECOND ROW: E. Teatom, C. Burgess, E. Famus, M. Tapsack, B. Johnston. THIRD ROW: L. Zaxson. A. Jones. L. Combes. L. Roih, A. Ard. C. Huber. FOURTH ROW; T. MurpJiy. C. Long. K. Kem. K. Schnitman. C. Lummis. FIFTH ROW: M. Gressett, S. Newell. K. Langdon. S. Withiow. G. Wagner. SIXTH ROW: L. Margulies. L. Tucker. A. Hairidge. L. Sirauser, S. Keathley. SEVENTH ROW: L. Vogel. P. Flad. C. Linquist. M. Beeson. K. Heard. EIGHTH ROW: G. Waldrop. R. Meihenilis. R. Huber. J. Greenwood. NINTH ROW: J. Crawford. N.J.H.S. initiates new members Dance sponored by N.J.H.S. 46 Whai do you mean you don ' t approve the minutes from the last meeting? OFFICERS - Maryann Armstrong, Meg Skelton, Cindy Harkness, Laura Bai- ley. FRONT ROW: ]. Smith, K. Shipley, C. ixon. S. Dickey, K. Uatson . S. Haynes. SECOND ROW: C. Kramer, D. Caner, V. Calo, P. Parks, L. McNeil, M. Hardie, L. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. Metheniiis, L. Hembree. M. Pinac, C. Braiton, B. Haynes, R. Huber. S. Eaton, L. Strauser, L. Wallace, T. Hokanson. FOURTH ROW: G. Wagner, S. Barnes, B. Johnson, C. O ' Conner, K. Forrest, M. Beeson, M. Armsuong, L. Bailey, C. Harkness, M. Skelton, K. Assenhiemer, K. Glatz. 47 BEWNiDTRtCCENEC OFTWt ANNUAL KYLE BOICE. our editor, was always " mon- keying around! ! ! " " Anyone want a banana ' " SANDRA SHAW really learned the A- B-C ' s of doing a lay- out! " Shucks! It was nothing! " FRED NEARY kept com- ing up with surprises for LARKIN ADAMSON came up with some ideas that were a " knock out! " " I hope I didn ' t hurt the poor thing! " Of course , an annual staff needs pictures to work with. So, we ' d like to thank GLENN YATES for his terrific pictures! %. LISA WEINBERG experimented with many ideas for the annual! " I never thought I ' d have to do THIS for the annual! " And our advi- sor: MRS. BISHOP " After work- ing on THIS annual, NEED a vaca- ■ion! " 48 These iwo groups, ihe after-school annual staff and the photographers, also contributed! NBA SP flPER Ozy FRONT ROW: S. Lamar, J. Davis, K. Suecker, L. Vogel, L. Marguilles, V. Lindsey. BACK ROW: D. Dickson, T. Murphy, B. Madison, R. Sechrisi, P. Arnold, M. Regan, S. Morrow. Some of the staff look in papers from other schools for ideas on those great articles ! " 1 still don ' t see what was so bad about my article on saliva! ! ! " Here we have the " War- riors ' World " famous emblem! ! ! " WOW! ! ! Did you see this article in here on Nixon?!? I bet we couldn ' t write that about Mrs. Gary! . The newspaper staff ' s working hard to meet the deadline I . . . And this is what happens if you don ' t make the dead- line! ! ! 49 rqANCt, OFFfCE, AND UBRARy l-fELP GUIDANCE OFFICE HELP - FRONT ROW: ]. Hruska. MIDDLE ROW: S. Ii jn iil-r.k. K. Nelson. BACK ROW: A. Ard. L. Finnigan, S. Sullivan. OFFICE HELP - FRONT ROW: L. Cevera. B. Caner, J. Meador, J. Morris. B. McWilliams. MIDDLE ROW: T. Atha, K. Willis, J. Engvall, L. Wayrynen. BACK ROW: P. Arnold, K. Boston, G. Biggs. LIBRARY HELP - FRONT ROW: B. Johnson. B. Christcnson. M. Ross, G. Waldrop. L. Oubrc. HAi.K ROW: Mrs. Duffy. C. Mitchell. N. McAdams, Mrs. Rankin. SO Illlll»—ll II— Mllllllt lHII tSEIUEMBER Remember the yells the cheerleaders led ' ? Remember hearing a " concert " in PE coming from the Band Hall? Remember Spirit Week sponsored by the Student Council? Remember getting out of class for career educa- tion? FOREIGN tAN SLjA(SE CUJB OFFICERS - FRONT ROW; A. Hatridge. SECOND ROW: L. Siraw- ser, ]. Seren. BACK: K. Lonborg, S. Keathley, A. Fitch. FRONT ROW: L. Zackson, E. Teatom, A. Fitch. SEC- OND ROW: M. Jones, B. Madison. K. Lonborg, D. Schnurr, L. Vogel. BACK ROW: R. Methenitis, S. Keathley, A. Hatridge, C. I ng, L. Stiawsei. 51 MAIUIBAH IMNNERS T. Probsiing, M . Bceson (coach), T. Murphy (coach,), L. Madison. This great group won first place at Saint Mark ' s Regional Math Tournament. Thanks for representing Westwood. CC MFUrER.OUB FRONT ROW: W. Farrar. C. Sikes, G. Griffith. B. I-.... _ , 1. l,:,.,.i,, M. Duffy, M. Blum. T. Samson. 2nd ROW: T. Murphy, M. Scott. S. Hocncr. R. Sccrist. BACK ROW: M. Wagner, R. Williams. P. Arnold. CBOUB FRONT ROW: K. Rowland. K. McKcand, M. Rider, M. Nathan, E. Nystnim. T. Camp- bell. BACK ROW: Mr. Young, R. Williams, R. Sccrist, B. Wasson, K. Reyes. 52 WESFWOOD CROfRfi EIGHTH AND NINTH GRADE CHOIR - FRONT ROW: E. Evans, N. Keefer. S. Sailor. A. Howdeshell, M. Skelton, K. Hall. BACK ROW: P. Bybell. S. Bremer. C. Pation. A. Letourneau. G. Wagner, J. Lawson. S. Danback, S. Morgan. NOT PICTURED: Dawn Ambrose. SEVENTH GRADE CHOIR - FRONT ROW: S. Gibbons. T. Hauser. S. Rush. L. Goedecke, L. Wagner. K. Reinhartsen. K. Wishaver. K. Nilsson. BACK ROW: S. Coe. J. Garrett. K. Waddell. C. Norman, K. Ring, L. Martin, M. Baumert, M. Piotet. NOT PICTURED: S. MuUins. SEVENTH, EIGHTH. AND NINTH GRADE CHOIR - FRONT ROW: J. Mitchell. C. Floyd. S. Seale. S. Price. L. Dobson. C. Lummis. H. Parke. BACK ROW: C. Irving. D. Fowler. V. Lindsay. K. Francis, S. Smith, M. Marks. P. Heeman, K. Sewell. NOT PIC- TURED: S. Parnell. and Jill Krati. 53 THE UIGWV CONCEETB IND 54 SVfUPt-fOMfCBAND UJARJ IOR RAMX ORjCWESn filL-J2£aON e ND STROKE. . . two, three, four, . . .!!! 55 9tfi , S , NJD likVaiB OLL 56 9ik, Sik, ANJD 7ik aC£m iLL 57 (SviuNAsnce 58 Can ' t you give mc jusi a liulc carnation? ' Oh NO! No make up! (SfRtS ' TENMfCT " What do you think you ' re doing? " ' Frankly, my dear, I don ' t give a darn! " " Timeout! I need to be excused! ' " She better not fall because I can ' t hold her up! " WESIWOOD W lRRJORfi 9tk A FRONT ROW: M. Miller, S. Swannie , ]. Zamecnik, D. McElroy, J. Graul. B. Prather. SECOND ROW: B. Bonner. D. Walben, G. Jones, T. Keller, D. Shidler, S. Groom, B. Vardeman, J. Foster. THIRD ROW: S. Dickey, K. Coleman, T. Siedell, B. Peterson, ]. Sonels, D. Tate, S. Tatum. BACK ROW: ( Mch Keith, T. Gallagher, A. Marquardt, D. Rogers, Coach Matthews. FRONT ROW: R. Turner, C. Hanis, M. Taylor, M. Becker, J. Dcuncr, M. Mitchell, G. Hauss, M. Reamy, S. Groom, D. Benjamin. SECOND ROW: M. Cutchin, C. Campbell, T. Fox, K. Burdick, D. Boyce, D. Cole, S. Flad, B. Gaicly, S. Jenkins, B. Randall. THIRD ROW: M. Moore, S. Scott, J. Robertson, C. Matlock, R. Laningham, B. Boynton, B. Fay, R. Warmbrodt, T. Mataya. FOURTH ROW; A. Walton, J. Harris, M. Davison, L. McCasland, M. Thomas, R. Degcctcr, R. Howard, A. Hall. TOP ROW: Coach Armon. T. Gibson, B. Chrlstensen, R. O ' Neill, J. Knapp, B. Sorrels, Coach Taylor. 60 fOGtmLim FRONT ROW: D. Moore, R. Wachholz, T. Fox. C. Malinowski, ]. Carper, D. Kalmbach, W. Swearingen, C. Ross, K. Nail, B. Vilter. SECOND ROW: W. Taack, T. Soha, D. Hofmann, S. Robens, B. Tatom, ]. Pratt, B. Vaughn, ]. Jones, M. Becker, S. Shoemaker. THIRD ROW: S. Billmyre, P. Swannie, R. Dickson, S. Willis, B. Loucks, C. Robertson, B. Beasley, R. Beeson, J.Hughes. FOURTH ROW: C. Boorman, D. Heard, K. Kranzow, J. Graul, C. Tenell, D. Stafford, A. Henseler, M. Thomas. TOP ROW: Coach Oglesby , B. Jones, K. Hjerpe, G. Etheredge, Coach Rainey. ' How do you like my new wig? " A football player :olJ iiK Double-X!! ! " I need new Arrid ( FOOTBALL RECORDS 9th Grade: 5-1-1 (Norih Zone Champions ' ) 8th Grade: 4-2-2 - ' 7ih Grade: 7-0-2 (North Zone Champions) X A So their mothers finally get to kiss them! WESTWOOD WflRJRJOJ 9ik GRADt FRONT ROW: D. Rogers, S. OConner. S. Swannie, J. Rusnak, K. Coleman. MIDDLE ROW: D. McElroy, G. Jones, R. Luleff , J. Ward, S. Dickey, B. Vardeman, G. English. BACK ROW: Coach Keith, G. Hammill, T. Gallagher, B. Peterson, C. Hamilton, A. Hudson, ]. Sorrels, D. Shidler, W. Marquardl. FRONT ROW: D. Bonser. T. Ptoebsiing, R. Turner, B. Randall, C. Scon. 1. Kelly. MIDDLE ROW: J. Dcimer, S. Jenkins, S. Windell. M. Mannerburg, K. Withrow, J. Robertson, S. Scott, M. Mitchell. BACK ROW: Coach Rainey, M. Davidson, J. Forgus. M. Thomas, A. Hall. L. McCasland, R. Degceier, K. Stout, T. Gibson. 62 RASkSRALLT V 7ik FRONT ROW: G. Eiheredge , C. Ross, R. Kane, S. Bonds, B. Vilter. MIDDLE ROW: D. Kalmbach, S. Schoeder, R. Beeson, B. Tatom, B. Vaughn, ]. Berg, M. Parsons, W. Swearingen, L. Taub. BACK ROW: S. Roberts, K. Hjerpe, J. Prait, B. Louks, A. Henseler, C. Terrell, C. Robertson, ]. Christensen, R. Krause, K. Kranzow. BASKETBALL RECORDS 7th Grade: 17-0 (North Zone and City Champs) 8th Grade: 11-7 (North Zone Champions) 9th Grade: 4-10 I And who ' ll remember the victories we ' ve won? ' . . . And take that! Hi-ya!!! ' " . . . This isn ' t volleyball I You don ' t hit the ball, And the mighty Warriors get ready to make another you CATCH it! " fantastic rebound ! 63 F.C.A. - FRONT ROW: R. Beeson, D. Kalmbach, A. Buig, R. Kane. B. Taiom, D. Moore. BACK ROW: R. Krause. M. Cutchin. M. Moore, R. Turner, G. Hauss. C. Robertson. lOl? Boys ' Tennis Team 64 uouth Ljea on thSc. QkLU- Q- t qeao " Coach, I don ' : think a double-yum-irip cross-patch up the middle will work! " The F.C.A. made us " disappear " from class again! ii u :ji L Football players show spirit! ' 1 don ' t see what ' s so funny . ' • r ' . Student Council was really pushing those carnation sales! lACnNG ROURES Well, ii looks bener from a distance. What are you hiding, Kim? SURE I believe you! v ' - %i ifti lU . . fl K B Now, that ' s what I call keeping eye contact with your audience! 66 What makes you think we ' re up to something? May I have that when you finish? OP PASSf N TIMES This must be D Lunch. I haven ' t done this since kinderganen ! . ixim ! - ■■■ S F 1 K % , 1 TO ftU p,, TO ftU . A U.-OOD IV P ' k — -7- ' ! The winning entry. Election Time Hey , what is this stuff? I am NOT raising my voice! UJORRIORejIVE UKBIN ' SS OVUPJS CflNDfDS h must have been tunny! Coach Armon is so cute! QOMB. uyESlWOOD WAJ JRIORC At least SOMEONE has spirit! What has Margie got that I haven ' t got? 71 Lou , jotj, peace ; {iAf)(3i iess. ' Tkcui tfie » ie Hfw fiS. " 2 v - :. ' ; • ' 9 yf c x ife nuj Be you . vDt ' jd [yu -n dhpJ bti r Q i wiyrirW J. -r rh fA mpcTs M rf ■ ■y i 0 JlJu}OAJrJtMm)-r} u qkjo JUDoct Imyi vSn.x: V )ct: vy J jUc u n (du-pcLV yjooei . Qy Ql CU2i g O WVJV J : V ) y . u fn f- iJkVO . .5. X ij - XLv. ; c- r.. y , Lo- c bi JLw ii;ri ' ' x " " V . n - 5L W ' » P.S . -LA- -r r oU 32,. x z. C Ui ( © T J.exX ' VX-ff.tc ' J -tJw wJt -tiKcd U Cma yyjL.JlLA X -aM i (M -v jjJW - M - OAj!- ' ?f ' " -- r H -$ • -ftp . — Si u r L c c P !G ; ( 37Vr ' C .fVV X-

Suggestions in the Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 49

1976, pg 49

Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 52

1976, pg 52

Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 42

1976, pg 42

Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 80

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Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 21

1976, pg 21

Westwood Junior High School - Warriors Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 35

1976, pg 35

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