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_; ' en 31833 01774 7491 7 warn 66-67 Rlyot 9k ' s Ak, I 867 1967 WEST WHALLEY S A L U T E S Canada ' s centennial PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE This year we are celebrating our country ' s centennial. Canada has existed as a nation for 100 years and this may seem an eternity when you are young but there are some people living today who were here when the country was formed out of a number of individual colonies. When we think about the relative youth or newness of our country we can also understand why there are many things to be done, many problems that we still haven ' t found answers for, many empty spaces to be filled in so vast a land. A country such as ours has innumerable op- portunities for young people to make their contributions, find their places, and solve the problems. We have good reasons for celebrating the conpletion of our first hundred years as a nation. Canada has survived over ad- verse difficulties, has developed and prospered. Our leader ' s opinions are respected throughout the world because our countrv has no designs on other lands or people. With your help, the help of all young people everywhere who will be the leaders in a few years, our country will continue to grow, prosper, and earn admiration and respect in the ' -;orld. a 4-4m_s ADMINISTRATION fpp i- 1 Mr. Mason Mr. Morin s, Principal Vice Principal Mrs. Stanbrook Secretary STAFF Top how : Mr. Kerr, Mr. Kupkee, Ilr. Pohn, Mr. Doddington, Mr. Van Nes Middle Row : Mr. Gutteridge, Mr. Gobis, Mr. Skonnord, Kiss Quigley, Mr. KcMath, Mr . Shalley, ilr. Doll Bottom Row : Mr. Corra, Mr. Rollins, Mr. Dow, Mrs. Kayberry, Miss Bevan Mr. Ukrainetz, Mr. Ivanisco, Mr. Paille Mi issing : Mr. Blumel, Ilr. Davies, Mr. Drury, Mr. Durham, Miss Griffiths Mrs. Holder, Mr. Hunter, Miss Lai, Mrs. Lear, Mrs. Matheson, Mrs. Nichol, Mr. Owen, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Rowley, Mrs. Shearer Mr. Yonemoto GRADUATES DIV. IO A Chris Backlund Bianco Wendy Bidgood t Bobbett ££ £ £ Tin Brown Phil Carla Henningsen Hocking Terri Lynne Larry Cutting Derbyshire Enders Cynne Husak Judy Howard Lloyd Fraser Brent Johnston Ritchie Breaks Paul Hansen Randy Kandt t.-i = .i„ an Sue .. Barney Mike Linda Kawamoto f Joan Sue Leslie McSorley Barney Magnusson Elaine Terry Linda Messerschmidt Mickelson Murdock Kichard Schroeder Roland Van Nus Janet Warns 4 Theresia ' Ranftl m Beth Williams like Jua Maguire Martin It , - Gary - Leslea Rowbothara Sedgwick ifM Sharon Funk Judy Crookall mmSSi m Z Bill Lorpn 4 DIV IO B Darryl Boyce Jim Finley John Jacobs Linda MunTe Ron Rebko Diane Weisbrod |J 4 m Ron Mary Lou Charapken Cooper Dale Craig Shirley Dyrberg Q Linda Erickson Blake Darrell Pete Handford Harnett Heidema Wendy Colleen Hodges Holob A DOUg Kilburn Louise Lane Kiteley Koster Elaine Cheryl Lyons Mooney ££ g f Jerry Elita Joy Neufeld Paeglitis Pateman f : £ s ft Ron Gae Sandra Robinson St. Marie Sowick Nancy Rabinder Pawson Rai Bob Wendy Stewart Van Aistine Diedri Darlene Debbie Wenman Wick Wike Pat Winnig Dwight Zakus ' if. Larry Zalraers y Eldon Luoma i: DIV. IO C Norman Daykin Donna Armstrong Dianne Brenda Gustafson Haley- Diane English Nancy Ewer Cheryl Friesen rrudy Paulette Louise Jamieson Kostiuk Larocque .« ' ) Terry Madlev Karen Waj ne McCulloch Menzies John Miller " A Rene Froese Donna Lee Bernerd Miner £ £ ft. S: Karl Doug Robert Bill Judy Jory Neff Nelmes Nelson Nyland Pocock Robinson J ££: £ Paulette Jerrv Berdene John Janice Barry Roe Rvland Sheeran Stead Tomko Van Oene XI Becky Krea Williams Williams Gail Brenda Lyle Winship Wolfe Zawalskv ' Randy Johnson Dave Michaleck DIV. IO 9. Jacie Burroughs Sue Foster P V, Norvel Jones g. fP ' Les Noakes t Garry Strain Jim Sutherland Elizabeth Louise Charles Thompson Trimble Va " Ditmars HOUGIE ' S CAR WASH OPEN a£ HR6 ftUTONflTtC DRIVE TV»R0UC,H DIV. IO E DOUg Ward Linda Brooks Judy Ericson £ Wayne Hanson f Paul Miller Walter Yaciw DIV. IO F fi £ £ A SL £ Ron Campbell Marvin Foss Wendy Cann Sandra Ed Childs Colpitts Ray Winquist Dick Douglas Ken Fred Al Terry Fness Giesbrecnt Goller Hamilton COURTESY SERVICE DELIVERY Super -Valu GO GO G RADS DELL SHOPPING CENTRE WHALLEY, B.C. WE TAKE PRIDE IN SERVING YOU WITH ALL YOUR FOOD NEEDS DIV. IO G Don Baskott Robert Richard George Beverley Bourgeois Colpitts Derbyshire Davies m. Linda Daneliuk Sheila Harris AWh m Clarence Kenneth Isaac Isaac Bruce Jans en Evelih Donna Kurzynski Leslie Merrill Vicharyous BEST WISHES TO THE GRADSOF 1967 FROM ouAun ) TELLERS DELL SHOPPING CENTRE NORTH SURREY. B. C. ■ 10 DIV. 27 f £ £ £ £ Roger Herbert Stanley Richard Marion Calvin Bourgeois Dorchester Evans Germain Delelah Meisner f £ A Pat ' ricia Robert Jeannette Murphy Phillips Roy DIV. 28 Monty Harold Sharon Leona Larry Ron Able Carkner Davies Dobranski Fontaine Haugrud f im £ J Rena Bonnie Willie Alan Lorraine Albert Lefebure Les.-co Lorenz Morton Mould ITieboer Zric Roberta lion Grant P.odgers Uhlentterg Williams Wright JRCK UlVRUH r«o VI 795-6 Z C ZAUmcX R repHrs RRDIO - T.V. - CHMAWftX.6 DIV. 2 7 John Buckberry fm« Richard Johansen J? Chuck 3emenj.uk jary Marten Considering college or university ? Are you a candidate for assistance under the CANADA STUDENT LOANS ACT? Under this Act, each qualifying student may present a Certificate of Eligibility to the bank branch of his (or her) choice. Royal Bank, with over 1000 branches across Canada, offers you convenient service combined with practical counsel. Visit your nearest branch. ROYAL BANK C.W. Meadows CREDIT JEWELLERS LTD DELL SHOPPING, CENRE •» V- A7 «. 5EEUSF0R SCHOOL TROPHIES RND fiWRRDS IN on OWIY STORE 12 Undergraduate S Marney Dolley Peter Friedrich Sharon Fritzke Judy Frost Brian Greiner 1 § 2. Edward Bieker Stephen Bolam Arlene Caron Larry Christopherson Caroline Dvck Vivian Griffiths Shelly Grout Gordon Henderson Brenda Krutow Laura- Lynn e McBain Mary McCorkindale Richard MacDermott Stephen MacKay Joyce Maguire Lynda Martin ft $ ft A Janyce Marwood Carol Millikin Anne Munroe Patricia Murphy Robert Nikkl Wesley Pauls Shelley Paulson Cindi Popp Janet Ritchie Jan Schmidt f ft Janice Smithaniuk Valerie Toms Karen Winn Jody Whitehead Lillian Ybarra 013H " JK NQ Geozse Hw. ( YEXTiQ-the Royrl dam) " Where THt T Y5MEETT0 VQESSNEftr " Mm- line nuroffor ve LTD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SPECIRLTIES fi EW, REBUILT, PORTS 110K5 103A Avemt KORrtt SURREY, B.C. D I V. 9 B £A££ Laverne Dicus Patsy Eoell Hope Diks :lch Marilynn Dyl.es Stephen Ellis Leonard Kawamoto Dieter Kuhn Holger Lyhne Linda MacLachlan John Mcllvaney Jackie Polk Catheline Quiring Fred Richer William Roxburgh Linda Starrett Ron Amos Louise Anderson Bobbie Burrougns Lynn Corscadden John De Rooy Erich Franz Richard Gower Tom Grozier Glenda Halwas Susan Henningson Eddy Martens Sylvia Mitchell Alex Nagy Mary Niemi £i|!ll Eric Peura Kathy Vooys Gary Webber Paul Wirick Michael Wong PHONE: 581 -HOT MPIRE USED HUTO PRRTS LTD. I039S StOTT ftORO HO KTH SURREY, B.C 14 DIV 9 C Allan Allsup Louise Cook Judy Doerkson Tom Fordyce Darwin Friesen Terry Galinski Arlene Grieve Janet Groves Brian Grozell Mary-Joe Haas £ ii Heather Huntley Murray Kelse ' Marvin Koroli Al Maclntyre Alan Madley Alan Polloek Rabina Rai Wayne Robinson Sharon Santies Eric Talson Bruce Hanilton Donna Hansen Frances Hoffmann Heather Holmstrom Richard Howe Marilyn Nix " Wayne Oster Melany Palleson Irma Penner Jack Peters 1i Bonnie Tuhkala Barry Wares Ian Winn Darla Zehr FHOtSE 5%l €( 33 fCENNFDY b, DKUC, STORES lt.. )TOt . |0 M - WB X " Street A ORTH $URR£1 , B.C. For u your school 5urPLie5 IC.ff. Fooumx 5fi VD€U f P V6 FR65H ' - Qf eerier! Pr-o«fo« t)£UV£XY Seri ce ope .- 7c .ys 15 DIV. 9 D Sharon Brutin Nita Dam Shelley Davis Diane Dennv Richard Dorev H«V- ?l S f PHOTO Carol Kayser Elizabeth Kehler Peter Laitinen Edward McKenzie Gail Martin ttii Vivian Raderaski Hlenda Ritchot Rarbara Pick. Mark Sins Margaret Sluyter Linda Andersen Richard Antenenko Sandra Baldwin Maxine Becker Marianne Bol Ricky Dugdale Marleen Hansen Sue Hansen Renate Horch Alexandra Houle Laurel Ann Moth Sandra Neufeldt Darlene Oliver Brande O ' Neil Linda Paul Linda Smith Ken Swartz Catherine Teneff Duncan Willan CoiWKRTuiuvnoite Hi Low TOOL ' S LTD ON WJCRTH HD, CQNGfiFiTifLfir O VS $RRD((f}r€S » • 5 $?-g 220 DIV. 9 E £ 1L Mark Anderson John Branch Irvin Braun Helen Brockes Jim Brooks Gwen Carlson Judy demons Bob Craig Bruce Dalzell Jim Dodds Verne Frazer Bill Giesbrecht Barb Harrison Michael Hogan Bill Hrynyk A £ £ £ Alvin Dyck Kirk Dyck George English Don Fordyce Lyle Fraser .£2 £ Glen Kennedy Anita Legaree Bob Leslie Edith O ' Sullivan Dan Rhodes Guy Robbins Diane Schneider Laura Sing Mike Tomko Linda Warkentin , Wilf Whittingham Fred Winnig Les Wundele Linda Yausie Dannv Zehr SPARLING S poRnNq Qooos Outfitters of CWmpions Uou Se vihiq You Guildford (own Centre tirk€ Sparlings roun owe stop Sportinq Goods Smop 1 7 DIV 9F If Heino Einfeldt Lois Finstad Wayne Graham Linda Hansen Corrine Johnson its Wayne Menunzio Cherie Moore Laurie Mould Cynthia Nelson Irene Pawluk Leslie Baker Janet Booth Jim Caldwell Sharlene Ciiouette Shirley Carr John Kendall Cheryl Knox Ilona Louranits Laura Loveless Dennis Ludwig Ernie Peaker Doug Penner Torunn Skogrand Dave Sparrow Shirley Stefaniuk Rick Story Pete Van Dorpel Kathleen White Maureen White Tom Williams flfi l Pat Yankowsky Iwperial 0 c OTrcvmeY-te UNK OF COMMERCE 18 Diy 9G Lucille Dahl Bill Derbyshire ■ Ed Drozda Art Ducharme ™ •• Harry Fontaine j r " Sharon Porterfielc Ronald Rudsvick Christine Schon Donna Shand Jerry Sikara Debbie Augustine Gerald Raker Linda Calam Marilyn Cleven Nancy Cruickshank Darlene Halcro Leonard Jager Sandra Larsen Reid Loree Chyril Polaski PA£ © £ £ i. Aase Skreslet Ken Smith Jim Tutyko John Vanderheide Daniel Wolkusky King George i Hjorth P k 581-5181 CfJu L zjj nU _ y3 3- - ' i £ ' eut e X 5±Lcrre.- %, Oe-roe. Y«u_ jj ar " D UTIHCTIVS T5 ?K1W VALLEV RADIO AND T.V. SUPPLIES LTD. 104 5 7- Trans-Canada H uy, N.SDKREy 581-2811 eve : 581-4-576 I 9 DIV. 9 H £ Sl Cal Heinrichs Ken Kane Don Lamb Robert MoClure Jim Maertz Lynn Alford Ken Foss Jin Ginter Janet Hansen Mike Hansen fe, T ' -- A ,;,•,: ' ' ' - .•.;.• ,- Darlene Moore v ' Sharon Morin ' ' G i Sandra u ' Krane . wJ Lynn Roberts y Rop;er Rucivk Gisell Wilke Clive Williams WHY NOT . . . BE A MEMBER . . . AS A CO-OP MEMBER YOU ' LL BE PROVIDING YOURSELF WITH . . . JOIN TODAY! ' Control ' Ownership ' Savings ' Security Save on : Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer, Groceries, Meats, Hardware, Fuel Oil and Gas Surrey Co-op. Assn. LADNER - CLOVERDALE - ABBOTSFQRD 20 £ C " f f £ £ DIV. 8 A Greg Addams, Barry Aronson, Sara Ballantyne, Jim Brown. Debbie Calder Terrv v D = sum, Margaret Gerth, Gordon Gibson, Michael Hallson Robert Harker, Lester Horton, Lynn Horton, David Jackson, Karen Kennedv Dorren Liebenzeder, Bernice Leslie, Andy Loveless, Don Martin David Manning, Bonnie Meyers, Joe Palmer, Ken Penner, Bill Richot, Ken Roberts Gordon Smithman, Molly Thomas, Anita Thompson ' Ina Van Dyk, Kathy Wilde, Susan Winters, Dale ' . right, Shannon Zitka 9LW ft £$ SL M DIV 8 B Ken Barr, Denise Bergen, Maryann Blazuk, Katherine Bublitz, Margo Childs, Kathy Dodds Penny Earle, Rhys Evans, Donna Mae Foye Dianne Gibson, Dennis Gouger, Pat Henderson, Michael Johnson, Paul Kandt, Hazel Lockwood, Bruce McCorkindale, Bruce McDonald, Christine Magnusson Dennis Martens, Alan Morgan, Pat Morrow, Larry Olson, Donald Remendo, William Schober Jeanette Scriber, Patrice Shore, Donald Suteliffe Michael Tataryn, Ron Tkatch, Linda Unraw, James van Alstine, Mary Vipond, Grog Ward Debbie Watson, Cheryl White, Bob Wiffen, Debbie Winquist, Barbara Zakus 21 c $JP £££££ 1: ,f £.. ft £ JLf £ .A £ f k s? p j? p Dl V 8 C Jacqueline Allan, Casandra Banman, Keith Beauchamp, Doug Campbell, Bob Cleven, John Connor, Janice Davies, John Dellinger, Barbara DeRooy Sandra Ferguson, Michael Gallimore, Ellen Gowanlock, Bob Green, Alan Griffiths, Cheryl Hiltz, Angela Husak, Karen Ingualdson, Graham Kreklau Barbara Landon, Lesley Latta, Diane Lindstrom, Jan Lyle, Denise McDermott, Sharon Mclnnes, Karin McSorley, Jane Marrington, Dawn Moshansky Gary Neff, Denny Sampson, Randy Singer, Tom Tonko, Kerry Widsten U£02j£ . £fi£ £§9A£1££| ) JLtv. Ik ft 9 sjL £ DIV 8 D Eric Aasen, Terry Bieker, Gail Boseley, Gary Burroughs, Ken Clarkson, Keith Coleman Randy Cook, Penny Crookall, Gerald deMont i ny Allan Dibb, Dianne Dolley, Linda Erickson, Sue Finley, Glen Fordyce, Wayne Grelish Weiner Halmer, Gary Harms, Ric Karpuik Mike Kelly, Keith LaCouvee, Ken Lerner, Bruce MacDonald, Sandie Mitchell, Keith Murray, Marianne Nyland, Bill Petty, Gerald Prescott Barb Rempel, Robin Rutherford 22 £ ££ff.f£PJ! ; O t 9 $?) f i t § B f . I? £ f DIV 8 E Joan Brown Ted Anderson, Robert Arnold, Jeff Atamanchuk, Reggie Bergen, Nick Bidgo Danny Christianson, Terry Clark, Vickie Courquin Vicki Curtis, Joanne Dowicki, Marilyn Drew, Bryan Drozda , Gordon Engstrom, Brenda Ferguson, Rick Giesbrecht, Joanne Greve, Ricky Hardy Leslie Harrold, Donna Heinbecker, Kathryn Joynes, Sharon Marwood, Terry Miller, Be Nalutka, Katharine Kazar, Brenda Neufeldt, Sandra Olson Gordon Page, Michael Puchmayr, Diane Smith, Elaine Thiessen, Pamela Wolfe 6.ft$ Sv ♦. ' . 9£®ei? DIV. 8 F Georgin Buchan, Steve Colchester, Judy Davies , Diana Davie, Shixley Doerksen, Joey Estok, Margaret Fraser, Don Fleming, Harry Guttormson. Roy Graigen, Nola Hansen, Sandra Harrington, Neil Harnett, Penny Huntley, Sidney James Sail Johansen, Linda Koster, Len Legaries, Shirley Marr Terri Lynne McClure, Marilyn McCorkindale, Dale McMorris Jennifer Neily, Ramona Orr, Victor Puchmayr, Lorraine Rowbottom, Blanche Sept .Barry Sigurdson , May Schmidt, Danny Warlimont, Carolyn Wick, Virginia Wood, Gary 23 £Jl£. mk± + librVW Photo Missing DIV. 8G Rod Bonman, Gary Bawtenheimer, Jim Boyce, Elenor Braun, Axel Buger, Gail Cleverly Don Code, Judy Cook, Glenn Duncan Dale Fleming, Richard Foster, Christine Tulford, Howard Grieve, Janice Handford Kurt Henderson, Richard Hennebarry, David Hoenerop, Danny Horton Paul Jorgenson, Don Kendall, Earl Heinbicks, Glenn Lefabvre, Denise Lyons, Ron Mac Dermott, Ken MacPherson, Martin Nelson, John Nicholson Bill Parkinson, Debby Roe, Jeff Sheeran, Esther Siemens, Marcia Sims, Darhl Wood, Yvonne VJinouist f 6LEJR f 1 DIV. 8 H Bonnie Armstrong, Robin Blomfeldt, John Bonnett , Fred Chatwin, !fertin Connor, Bob Day Lesley Diack, Wendy Finlayson, Brian Fitzpatrick Carolynn Forsyth, Judy Francis, Leonard Garis, Steve Godf ree , Ben Hamm, Reitta Isaac Colleen Jackson, Kathy Kane, Richard Larmour Mary Lawson, Darlene KcLauchlin, Eric Mankis, Gary Owen, Donna Sande, Margaret Sowerby Chris Straiton, David Stroyan, Gary Swadden Dianna Tomiuk, Leslee Weiss, Pamela Werick, Sandra Oliver, Richard Loree, Terry Strong Daniel Yurick 24 DIV. 8 1 Cathy Anderson, ohari Bangs, Brad Bolton, Crystal Bell, Tom Bourque, Fae Branscombe Steve Brown, Ronald Coates, Gwillyn Draper David Elliot, Ronald Enns, Cheryl Fancy, Diane Fitchett, Joanne Friesen, Gary Gun- derson, Bud Hansen, Randy Headridge, Joan Hill Kathy Julson, Bonnie Lesage, Ken McEackern, Ronald Moore, Brenda Morris, Diane Petrie, Eddie Steptoe, Marlene Rockwell Lorna Thomas, Lester Villiams, John Voestenburg ££££ DIV. 8 J Jerry Anderson, Brenda Baldwin, Colleen Baxter, Bain Derbyshire, Linda Duerkson, Danny Mclvor, John Funk, Mona Haley, Dianne Harrington. Bruce Henderson, Bonnie Heppner, Ricky Lanfield, Anna Federough, Sandra MacDonald, Iris Lowen, Donald Hackay, Eddie Moore, Jasmine Miemi. George Osterforof, Linda Puffer, Jennifer Stelmack, Gary Sigerist, Ken Ried 25 £f lit l DIV. ££££ 8 K §5P K a G sr!sr. P r H ' n s; e ' Debby Brown - Debbie c — eii Bi w- a ii Sxe r £«3? 5SE ' ]%l0 ' Ronsld Ifeton - » ™ s Sai °™™ . ■ « Carol Yaciw 1967! A great year to Graduate. Congratulations! May your future hold the fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations, as you graduate this Centennial year! 1967, holds added significance for Woodward ' s! It marks the 75th Anniversary, and 75 years of serv- ice to the people of British Columbia. We look for- ward to the pleasure of serving you ! 26 iBtB? g§Mi«gg NOVEMBER mnJ F EBRUARY oiuwjs 10A SB R. Breaks K. Bublitz C. Backlund D. Watson T. Br own D. Gibson P. Henningson A. Morgan B. Williams W. Schober J. Warne J. Scribner B. Johnston R. Wiffen J. Martin D. Bergen T. Ranftl R. Evans G. Rowbotham J. Van Alstine 10B 8£ L. Erickson J. Allen B. Handford C. Banman D. Weisbrod B. deRoey K. Ingvaldson L. Latta 2A J. Marrington D. Moshansky M. Dolley R. MacDermott L. McBain 3D M. McCorkindale L. Ibarra D. Dolley G. Harms B. Rempel 2S_ P. Deell M G. Halwas E. Franz D. Christianson J. Greve K. Joynes m G. Carlson IE V. Wood L. Rowbotham 28 |f p4l LITERARY U | 7TT ?: ' " 7?TTT ' r-.rT7-. 7??rrr-rrrTrrTrTrrrrr TROUBLES OF aN AUTHOR When I write a paragraph I enter a world beset by- difficulties and mistakes. When I try to think of a topic, mind begins to wander. Pulling my hair, rack- ing my brain, and biting my nails, doesn ' t help and I still can ' t think of a suitable topic. Finally I think of one. I begin to write. Then my real troubles begin. As I start writing my pen runs dry. I cross out words. Sentences must be rearranged or shortened. 1 run out of space on the end of lines. My fingers are cramped from writing and sweat forms on my brow. The paragraph must be finished and a good closing sentence must be chosen. Think Thinklt I ' ve finally got one! Wri- ting furiously, I get it put down. Then I relax. The paragraph is finished and I now have to rewrite it. Tim Brown Division 10-A THE C5HTEMNIAL A hundred years has gone and passed Since the day of Confederation, When Canada became at last A proud and leading nation. This hundred years has not been lon , Not for us at any rate. We won ' t be around for another one, So this year let ' s all celebrate. Annonymous 29 Canadian pride Cana.-a is a new wonderful country but many do not understand why we should be proud of Canada. We as Can- adians have many things to be proud of especially during 1967, and should realize that this is a very special ye.tr for all Canadians for we will probably never see another Centennial. Many do not realize or understand how much ingenuity, imagination, and planning in addition to time, money and effort of thousands of men and women, has gone into the making of Canada. This is something to be very proud of. Canada is now a hundred years old and quite young when compared to the United States or Britain, but this does not mean that Canadians should be any less proud of Canada. We as Canadians should be proud and grateful for having such a wonderful country to live in, for Canada is one of the richest countries in the world. Also, there are not many countries in the world like most parts of Canada where citizens live to- gether in peace and harmony regardless of race, colour, cree d, or birth. As Canadians we have many things to be proud of and I think that many are inclined to forget the Canadian Centennial because they do not know Canada and so think that we have nothing to be proud of. But Canadian cit- izens should be the proudest people in the world; proud of their country, her birthday, and proud of their fellow citizens. Shelly Paulson Division 9-A " MOD " We live in the age of modern things, Where kids go wild with clothes and rings. The clothes we wear are really neat, But knock our folks right off their feet. We ' re going in for checks and stripes, And please, parents, no more gripes! You tell us that it ' s just not right To wear our pants so very tight. You argue ' bout our skirts so high, However, they only reach our thigh. I think you ' re jealous of our taste, When you think of the years that went to waste Wearing those skirts that button so low, And topping it off with a great big bow. But then you find you just can ' t win, And finally, at last you must give in. Now you agree with just a nod, Our clothes, we know, are really MODI Karen Winn Division 9-A 30 STUDENTS COUNCIL Top Row: Angus Isaac, Robert Nickol, Jin Sinter, Doug Bobbet, Edward McKenzie , Richard Gower, Robert Green, Lyle Zawalsky, Robert Fardyce, Darryl Lyons, Wayne Grelish Middle Row: Mr. Hunter, Mr. Paille, Gary Sigerist, Marilyn eleven, Heather Brooks, Irma Penner, Sandra Olson, Bonnie Heppner, Shannon Litka, Mr. Gobis Bottom Row: Charlene Couette, Pat i ' urphy, Pat Mugs, Gordon Dyrerin, Mary-lou Cooper, Gary Rowbotham, Terrilyne MoLure , Carolyn Forsythe, Gail McKinley, Faye Branscrombe Secretary Kary-Lou Cooper Vice-President Gordon leperen President ' s Message This year ' s students ' council has tried especially hard to ; pleasureable activites to the students of V. ' est ' .halley School, and they have succeeded. bring pleasures 31 ANNUAL STAFF Top Row: Mr. Van Nes, Nolla Hansen, Elita Palglitis, Blake Handford, Ritchie Breaks, Trudie Jamieson, Wendy Van Alstine, Sharlene Caouette Bottom Row: Maureen White, Giselle Wilkie, Penny Hienbecker, linda Ericson, Kathy White, Jacouie Polk STANDING COMMITTEE Back Row: Phil Henningson, Irma Penner, Gary Robotham, Ritchie Breaks, Elaine Messerschmidt , Mr. Mason Front Row: Becky Williams, Judie Martin, Mary-Lou Cooper, Elita Paeglitis Missing: Trudy Jamieson, Gordon Iepren 3Z NEWSPAPER CLUB Top Row: Ritchie Breaks, Phil Henningson, Bill Foren, Peter Heidema, Norville Jones, Randy Kandt, Ron Branco Middle Row: Rhys Evans, Dennis Marten, Paul Kandt, Will Schober, Greg Ward, Allan Morgan, Jim Van Alstine, Mr. Jupkee Bottom Row: Barb Zkkus, Jeanne Scribner, Theresa Ranftl, Hazel Lockwood, Patrice Shore, Jacque Polke Missing: Paul Hansen, Dianne Schneider CANTEEN Leslea Sedgewic c, Cheryl Tormof , Karen Winn Linda Smith, 33 Crudy Jameison, Cathy LIBRARY CLUB Top Row: Mr. Rollins, Tommy Barque, Lane Koster, Brain Sreiner, Jan Shmidt Middle Row: Ramona Orr, Cathy Wilde, Jackie Polke, Dianne Gibson, Bunny Leslie Bottom Row: Dianna Tomiuk, Penny Earle, Shelley Paulson, Casandra Bananan, Dale McMorris, Denise Bergan, Gail Johanson Missing: Rene Froese, Josie Sckora, Maj Schmidt, Angel?. Husak BADMINTON CLUB Standing: Seated: Mr. Rollins, Blake Handford, Ken McKay, John Jacobs, Terrv Mckelson, Norm Dayken Jacque Polke, Denise Lyons, Maureen White, Kathleen White, Mary-Lou Cooper, Jania Handford, Pancis Hoffman, Romana Orr Missing: Elaine Lyons, Chris Backland 3 CHESS CLUB Top Row: Middle Row: Bottom Row: Jody Whithead, Ron Beanco, Ken Barr, Barry Van Oene, Bill Nyland, Ritchie Breaks, Blake Handford Mr. Mason, Jone Marington, Vic Puchman, Randy Johnson, Brian Greiner, Will Schober, Jan Schmidt, John Dellinger, Danny Warlimont Harry Gut-orason, Bobby Wiffen, Don Flemning, Rhys Evans, Denis Gouger, Greg Adams, Roy Craigen NURSES CLUB Standing: Mrs. Matheson, Darlene Wick, Maureen McKaque , .bynne Derbyshire, Edith 0 ' Sullivan, Sae Charpentier Seated: Judy Pococks, BenniBe Quaiffe, Judy Howard, Debbie Wike, Penny Heinbecker Missing: Linda Erickson 35 BAND Top How: Paul Hanson, Bill Petty, Bruce Dalzell, Fred Giesbrecht, Ron Champken, Les Baker, Bob McClure, Ron Bianco, Wayne Robinson, Mr. Dodington Middle Row: Heather Huntley,. Glenda Halws, Gerry de Montigny, Ken Lerner, Gary Harms, Lane Koster, Leonard Kawamoto, Brian Grozell, Randy Cook, Allan Dibb Bottom Row: Gail Harris, Barb Rempel, Helen Brookes, Linda Eriekson, Diane Gustofson, Penny Crookall, Beth Williams, Mary Anne Nyland, Laua Sing, Richard Karpiuk Missing: Linda MacLachlan, Barry Aronson, Diane Dolley, Barry Wares Kirk Dyck Back Row: Mr. Kupkee, R. Gildreich, G. Ward, D. Fordyce, P. Arnold, W Schober M. Tomko. Front Row: A. Morgan, L. Oleen, M. Kelly, B. McDonald. 36 GIRLS HOCKEY Believe it or not West Whalley had one. It consisted of a group of twelve girls who arose with the sun on Thur- sday mornings to play this (eh-hum) wonderful game. Mr. Shalley, our brave coach along with Mr. Kupkee showed us how we ' re supoosed to play hockey (though we hardly ever succeeded) . All the girls seemed to enjoy the sport and very much proved it at the first game. With Mr. Shalley yelling on the benches we came up with a 2-0 score. But unfortunately (for our side) Shannon got two goals plus the winning goal in the last minutes of the game. All in all we had fun (in- spite of the money for ice rental, six bruises on each knee, a couple of bumps on the head and minor loss of sleep) incl- uding Mr. Shalley and Mr. Kupkee. We hope that our school hockey team will carry on through the years and have as much fun as we did. Team Members: Arlene Antonenko, Sandra Landy, Heather Brooks, Linda Kawamoto, Donna Armstrong, Jaeie Burroughs, Heather Huntley, Penny Heinbecker, Donna Lee, Trudy Jamieson, Joy Pateman, Dianne Guetafson, Linda Tausie, Barbara Harrison, Dianne Lyric. GIRLS BASKETBALL THE SCORE BOARD Home Visitors West Whalley vs. Johnson Heights 18 24 Horth Belta 14 54 William Beagle 8 49 Mary Jane Shannon 17 23 Although our team got off to a slow start this year, they pulled their share of the load and had practices every morning at 7:30. This year the team, sponsored by Miss Quigley, showed exceptionally good sportsman ship, even though they lost all their games. This was mainly due to the disagreement between the P.E. teachers and the School Board regarding transportation. The teachers won and interschool sports, which was stopped at the time, started once more. This gave the girls three weeks grace to put together a basketball team. Other schools however, took a chance and started training in September. West Whalley waited untill the all clear sign and then put together a basketball team which prowd to be much better than expected. expected. Team Members: Linda Kawamoto, Mary Lou Cooper, Elita Paeglites, Marion Roi ' Sandra Landy, Lavern Discus, Jackie Polk, Eobina Rai, Sue Hansen, Glenda Richot, Eancy Cruikshank, Linda Smith, Cathy Toneff, Denise Quaif e . 37 Club Comments Chess Club The Chess Club met at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Naturally members came to play chess and watch chess games. There was usually quite a good turn out of members and sometimes spectators popped in. Players increased their skill and widened their knowledge of move combinations. A special thank-you to Mr. Mason who organized and sponsored this club. Library Club This year the twenty members of the library club have been working vigorously to get the new books on the shelf for the benefit of the other students. Of the twenty members, sixteen of these are girls and the rest are our " helpful " boys. The library club wishes to offer special thanks to Mr. Rollins for his instructions. The Future Nurses Club For the first time in West Whalley ' s school history, a Future Nurses Club has been formed. The club started function- ing in late January. The purpose of the club is to give the girls who are interested in the nursing profession a chance to see what the work is really like. The girls plan to visit more clinics and hospitals and to raise money for children ' s hospitals. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Matheson and Miss Luellan, school nurse, who helped to arrange the outings. The Canteen Club The Canteen Club wishes to thank Mr. Cora for sponsoring the club this year. We hope that through the year the students have been happy with our service. We try not to let the soup curdle or the potato chips get stale, and the way the kids buy them, there isn ' t much chance of it. We ' d like to also thank the students for their help in making the Canteen Club a success. Badminton Club This club is sponsored by Mr. Hollins and Mr. Skonnard . We meet Thursday mornings in the gym to play badminton and pick up pointers on the game. The Newpaper Club Sponsored by Mr. Kupkee, it is the first time in a few years since there was a newspaper in the school. This year ' s newspaper - The Mighty Mouth (named so by one of our inspirated grade eights) is dedicated to bring to view the happenings around the school, and to create an award for the most scholastic boy and girl in the school, and for those who stand out in some class as being exceptionally talented in one class. Annual Staff The Annual Staff had no set meeting hours, but assembled and worked at noon and after school until six or seven o ' clock, as often as possible. Our task was m0 re extensive than it first appeared, and, if I may speak for all other members, the task was good experience. It is only too bad that we did not, at the first meeting, know the easiest, neatest, and fastest methods to use to complete this Annual on time. However, we have survived the work and finished the book and are now hoping it is a success. I would like to extend a hearty thani-you to all members who edited parts of the Annual and to all who worked as the layout staff. Enjoy your Annuals II! Editor 38 INDUSTRY ON PARADE J fc - ' mm— 1 I 7 i s was a. Grca.-£ y eetr for- £? -ama. •an A B of M Career spells Cshallenge dvancement irr esponsibility ixpenence iducation irnjjewards Looking for an interesting career after high school 7 Find out now what the Bank of Montreal can offer you if you are willing to work and learn. Our inter- esting booklet " Career Opportunities " outlines the absorbing jobs and better opportunities in a career in banking. Pick up your free copy at any BofM. Or write Personnel Administration Depart- ment, Bank of Montreal, P.O. Box 6002, Montreal. There is no obligation, ex- cept to yourself. QJjjj Bank of Montreal =%o -7e -• 79Z-ZZSS- ANNES FABRICS y xr d G-oo ds — Notions - Trim Crochet Cottons -Petit Po nt £■ S rect BECK MOTOR CO. 1 8 £S$Sg£B8 j«£3 Visit Tour Favorite Men ' s Shop Young Men ' s Hipsters " " Casuals " " Sport Shirts " " Socks and Shoes " " Kress Slacks " " Dress Shirts Jewelry, Belts, Wallets, Etc. ED ENDERS MEN ' S WEAR Dell Shopping Centre North Surrey - AND sans TORONTO-DOMINION THE BANK THAT LOOKS AHEAD BANK CONGRATULATIONS to the 1967 Graduating Class from The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Whalley Branch, North Surrey, The Bank Where People Make the Difference. Co " F h Om SC i m e n is J BOOKS P.O. Boi 7 I0433 KING GEORGE HWY (ot Hjorth Rd.| NORTH SURREY, 8 C CONGRATULATIONS HI -LOW FOODS LTD. ON HJORTH RD. OFF TRANS -CANADA HWY. WHALLEY Piping " Hot " Home Delivery Family Dinners . Banque ■ Catering Hours Week Days — 4:30 p.m. to t a.m. 10522 King George VI Hghwy WO BUM STF£ -Wtf£A you shop HERE. CENTRAL MEATS Ia h OLE SALE »o TEr f L 3 30 - 08 fA 4l E , ASO fTH St WEy Phone- S - 6+6 Pes. SSV-6997 43 J. K. COOPER LTD. OS 07 K ng George A ujy. A or A Surrey Te e A one . 5S -33£J s¥c6 " ' S« you.r parents o ? a euttA a oca. }rfn ux A resident, L alley CycLzs Xing Cr Gorge. a.i rijorzn F ' Aone : 8 - 3 St (-f uafs y 7Xepa-ir-s an. J M AND M Qrfi?OCE R.y Store jg J! 728 J 7 O J yc e R oac J LOCKS Pre rescrt st o . PAarmacy Ltc . Jx CAt Au a.cA: AfeJtca. — Denial Centre CA i ja-c e 3. C. Phone: 79S-94-S8 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES Of WEST WHA11EY JR. fflSCOHDAEY School the Bay extends a sincere wish for your future happiness We trust you will enjoy success and satisfaction in your chosen fields. " " $ « GEORGIA AT GRANVILLE 4-4 F, Bo f?AZ£P UU LO NG Si UPPLIES L TO. o 3Z K. G ffftjf- Aforfh. Surrey a. C. FOR SERVICE AND SADSfACr ON FOR - LOWEST PRICES - BETTER SERVICE - HIGHEST QUALITY - FREE ESTIMATES » " Check Your IRLY BIRD MALER C, ar e s and r oor ng Te efAone : S» - 3366 U tiALLEy fi and TV. S HALLEy liAP o and UPPS. ' £S 04S7 fang George f u y. A o -£A Surrey C. S8 -2.811 £r»s. £8 ' - +576 y Qmmov, 4 y 1J5S5 KING GEORGE HIGHWAY lA a ey (JrTe Hour K leant Of-JSJ rY nc Geor-ge r t Auiay U Aa ey , A or + 6 Surrey B. C lllialkj Florist Ltd. Bus: 5 4-04H Res. 581-WW OLD yALE Store 304-g Oi-O } £.£ ROAO PA one SB - 733 Voxr Su ft?£y SI e y ' s oAe dery ' c o ea - Z8 ' St. Yor tf A S u. rrey do-i y Good Pb.rrY ng G ooc Serv tee Pea sonabie r3- e s JM -a O PAf PAone S8 -62.9Z THE DELL HOTEL WALLEY B.C. JOSeZ K,nf George H vy. 581 1171 BEST WISHES KWANTLEN SERVICE ( NORM BIEKER) 3ZI6 - O-r ' +Zlfe. Phone ■ S 4-J933 ( 7 jorf , - Po zt " .ck)S orfA Surrey 4-5T CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES of 1966- G7 FROM ROBINSON STORES GUILDFORD TOWN CENTRE goo - Zd, Just say charge it with a Mt- ersified Charge Service system offering a 30 day credit free of carrying charges or a rev- olving credit account on which you pay 1 3 49 on balnace owing from previous month. Ask for details. THE TERRACE Meet your friends here for coffee or lunch. A. cafeteria style lunch room featuring fime food and the best 100 cup of coffee in town. FAMILY ALLOWANCE DRAW Just cash your cheque at Rob- inson Stores- Fill out a Free Merchandise Award- A- draw is made every month- The winner, after answering a question will recieve the amount of the cheque in Merchandise - Free. HOME FURNISHINGS Select from lamps, bedding, towels and faoe cloths, small pieces of furniture, rugs, assorted ashtray stands, foot- stools,, pictures, luggage, curtains, drapes and accesories t WAXfTEDJ YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN TO ENTER THE PROFESSION OF PHARMACY THE EXPANDING POPULATION AND ECONOMY OF OUR PROVINCE HAS CREATED A DEMAND FOR MORE AND MORE PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED PEOPLE TO MEET THE HEALTH SERVICE NEEDS OF THE PUBLIC OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. Embark now on a satisfying and rewarding professional career as a PHARMACIST PHARMACY IS A RECOGNIZED DEGREE COURSE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, OPEN TO BOTH YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN. BURSARIES, SCHOLARSHIPS AND STUDENT LOANS ARE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU WHILE IN TRAINING. For further information apply tot ' PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT _ CUNNINGHAM DRUG STORES LTD. P. O. Box 2017 Vancouver 3, B. C. 4-7 ■ € ■■ ♦ Heckman APRIL 04 N. MANCHESTER, INDIANA 46962

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West Whalley Junior Secondary School - Kwantlen Yearbook (Surrey, British Columbia) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 11

1967, pg 11

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