West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN)

 - Class of 1958

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West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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f 1, YI n . - -' 'ya -5 .M bfii klZQk"4?f61' --yn. ' I ' ' 1 ' A is A W WW 5 ai-YHLM. , A - 1,5 E F B, FJ If 41 'nki M? Af"- gym EXAM, 5.1 V KMQQ' ' Ag ,.,, 375 ' 'iii fx CT Q ,gif f r . V -lg A",' XJ .I 5 .Al I, 0 535-f' ' :- I, Ai 'Uxgssff L L L ,-1,!Qf545'l1ll'1 A. jT'f :9"5' l ' :l M 7 . 55 Q? ,uf '11 ' , 1i,-'fav ,-A143 J iv 6 2 . ff Q N Q f ' JQ MJ mi BQ TA 322 P Q9 My H W , in 2, , wr i ,4 rw 1 , M' P K I I N i .lkkf ,, -if ll CQJYJ ss if '03 1 QV 2 Q . AQ 1-cv Efrgrjfffa- - K I ,ov ' f?15QffvV'CL'm ' v gf ,QJZ 3 jj JY ffm 'ZZTIVJ -ie fl?-52279 fbggpi ' o" f ff :A.f-WL- :'v'L . J -' W' N g I fi 172.241 001974 ' I n LWJig7,,Z Q D fx, 3 fb C50 .3 P 959' BN dv is M wfdf my af fo 5 Q if QM DJ N J, fu Xa QV f,fx mm W ,Y Q35 . ao 52.5 ' M ,. Q 7197? 6 ? 'ABBA , A . if L. 4 53 " r L 2 mf1jfM'q'A3fjTm:w0Qpy!QfQ5 4 ..l W 1 , Q Y -U .f-T, - .... ,,,,.-.. - . . , . Y 1.1-'GX .. ..-1 :i..ii:.1T7j:L.1-:Q-Tv. ' ' ' ' A -ff'wgjfqfgf--fnmfg:Tmq-ff-,,-P-f-.77...f,.,,.......7-.,.,,.fM.,,f,...,,,.-....,,...--,:- :,..,,,.,,.,. , ....,,,, , ,U ,, ., ,,, x W-'if' MEF? , 5WW fff w Hi Q My wif fgififf 4 ww qffkf Q , J ZHQWQ? sfliiii wifigig Qglii ?f35i wii s 5 Q 5 E55 ' WMA QJNZV7 MWWW wb j,fQfy5 Wgwg ,fail Q 'ffffwwfffffyffgi x V SQESWW W ,Kb I QSX'Wy My 1 gix My .M 1 f'w51?f ' my my " 050 V M Gif if J, ,ff ' a Q3x V fwfj, Nj, Nwsyywxgg fi ow Q89 f ky? JD JXXVW 1, A Tfuqmdypx fvkvgiww Q 'xfiqf Off ., gf W1 1 fvpv agx, wi? I Y ,f . ff' J L' , -. 'X4-J X . ,R , AME s . Q N. X . '. Q55 . ZZ? mv, xwxi ,,,m zvg'J'6k,m?f ' kxgmg Q ' A 53 ' 1 . A ' J 1 W W7 7 I C-SX V! 'gf'-"l"g-' fn ' 7-6" ' G Q QV Qs ig , L 72379275 fx A rdf" ,ff X -. ra fl ,MW Q5 A my' Mm , ' QW 1" Q Q ,-,igkj 'ISN' I , l,.- , 1 . , - 1 f 4 ,N . WWW W ' W Cliff QW K .M . Ju 7 I fa ,., cf 63 of XM sljiafff ww, , A o-""' JZ-:JL jw. ' - C,-f My M MWQSCIRLETM M W fiigiieim 4WTf97537W ES Wffwyzv T is zgjfiim, 'ULTQQJKBLQQQ IWW , 335 55 'EWWZZM 4 , . Co editor , IYIARGI REUSZER :,Y,f:f: 120YD LJ Uv sssniifwsiif T N If M-Z-f" MX' V x Q XL aj X V Q L .Jw V.. . Vw ,L Pk MW 'W' jf' A P' . f. L ACTIVITIES ........ afayette High Schwl CLASSES ............ ne, Indiana PEOPLE ........ .... , .... ,...... 4 s -69 SPORTS ........ ............... 7 0-as ADVERTISI ................... 86-104 1 xt 1 West Lafayette High School, fiifffffffee own ear West Side High Sc ool 4 MJ rais song. May the uture hear our voices praise her longg Side by side We'll stand united, loyal, tme. To the school we hold dear, I-IERE'S TO YO ! Honor to our West Side High School we will bring, :Til her halls with fame and fortune proudly ring. Forward, onward, upward, ever pledge anew To the school we hold so dear, HERE'S TO YOU! For our ovsm dear West Side High School we will stand, Honoring her dear old name throughout the land. Side by side we'll face the future, die or do. To the school we hold so dear, HERE'S TO YOU! . x X X l 4 N Q93 Marshall Howenstein A I ,rl J. Q. Q fl J iw -V V- '1 VXQVX fx. ..-ff? I xy SDP . N XV' , D W ml J 'A VSV will NM V, A ' A fx PR. If Xxx ig-y 'X XJ s-gpg pk!x, X f H fb Q Q1 ,Q 9? 2 X 59 X, Here's To You . . - 523 get .., in islet. ' Those of us who are graduating this year could not leave without expressing our heartfelt thanks to your wonderful faculty and staff. We will never forget them, nor will we ever forget their patience and hard work in helping to prepare us for the future. Your teachers never seem to tire and if they do, they try hard not to show it . . . they work endless hours after school grading papers or preparing the next day's lesson . . .they sponsor clubs and other activities, guiding these organizations toward their goals . . . they are always there when someone needs a little extra help. Some of the things they do don't always seem fair to us, but most of us come to realize that To Your Faculty And taff Who ll ' l ' -- 'if' 'TVTQQQID . .,, ,,...- M, ,,V . , "' ,Wi vw --ll. --:' i '.u'. .5 ii is. .5-an-..i. . -i' ', ' "' '--"Ja, 'A , 1 ,. i I - iw , I 1 1. .,,,. J what they do is for us, not against us. We also wish to thank your school custodians who work hard in keeping your campus one ofthe best in the state and in making your school as neat and clean as possible . . . who help so patiently when it comes to the clifficult task ol' decorating for a dance . . . and your Icitchen staff who plan and prepare good food for 21 lot ol' hungry people every day ol' school. For all that you have taught and we have learn- ed, for your principal, your administration, your teachers, and all others on the stafl' of our school, we say, HERE'S TO YOU! J DO .iw dfcivifiiilpjh liilfbgfyii W rt an i We -:"' Put Up With Us And Helped Us 1 H as-urn aa' 'v One of the most important things about you is your academic life. Behind your yellow brick walls, your shining windows, things are happening. You're full of life with your classrooms where we learn the things which will help us in our future lives . . . your bustling students, hurrying from class to class . . . your teachers always there to answer questions and give any help they can . . . your library where a student can go to study for a test, do reference work, or just read a good book . . . your convocations, sometimes informative, sometimes entertaining, but always s ,. ,..., i.i li if i 5, - 127' L9 X , X14 9. Q To Your chool Life Where We ' 1 6' f . ,Y it lt! interesting . . . your clubs and organizations that give us responsibilities and teach us to work together and to have fun together . . . your chem lab where seniors work experi- ments that usually end by making the top floor hall a place to get out of as fast as possible. Your doors, which open to wide-eyed, uncertain freshmen on the first day of school, close four years later on self-confident, young men and women. For all this and much more, we say, HERE'S TO YOU! Learn And Work Toward The Future . . . It would be impossible for us ever to forget your exciting athletic program . . . your athletes learning the rules of sportsmanship and developing both in mind and in body . . . practicing long, hard hours in order to improve . . . your crowded bleachers filled with cheering fans as your Red Devils come charging 1 onto the field raring to go . . . your gym, with the P rafters ringing as the ball swishes through the net . . . your track stars dashing over the line to victory or breaking the pole vault record . . . your cross country team beginning its first year at W.L ..... your base- ball field heavy with clust after a double play with the l -1' N u 5- - 7 A ' 4 -'- f -s fig - f .-f ""' 5 r - 'i U . , 'L A .ig 4.-. t, ffl? . Q M , N WN N, , , ,.- -,-mi " P... , ...,. ., To Your Sports Life That Taught -3- bases loaded . . . the tense moments before one of your golf stars sinks a long putt . . . your tennis team show- ing their skill by winning a close match . . . your mat- men working hard and fast to pin their opponents . . . your G.A.A. athletes learning, along with the boys, the rules of good sportsmanship . . . the strangely dressed figures enthusiastically participating in intramurals once il week in your gym . . . for your sports which teach us how to give and how to take, we say, HERE'S TO YOU! ,..- Us How To Win And How To Lose To Your Fun Times That Gave 1 i ,hi fl fling fl"-1 ., A ',.w.,7. Y-High lli V 1 - ii' im' ' '3'-ant-"l - Perhaps our fondest memories of you will be those ofthe fun we've had. We will always remember your tennis courts playing the unusual role of dance floor for our Back-to-School Dance . . . your coke machine being kept busy during study breaks . . . your cafeteria gaily decorated for an after-game mixer . . . the slumber parties where no one sleeps . . . your New Year's Eve Dance when midnight brings stream- ers and confetti cascading down on your happy cele- brators . . . your Red Devil's Den where good movies keep all devils happy . . , your Hi-Y Dance and Sham- rock Ball with their dreamy decorations and your Golcldiggerls Ball where we prove that turn-about is fair play . . . your pep sessions with their funny skits . . . and especially your unforgettable Junior Prom, another very good reason why we say, HERE'S TO YOU! Us Such Happ Memories , , . . ' Q O 5 45 5 ', S, ,.o 4 I , T 9 O 5 I ' if 4 O ' H9Y9,S To Your A lf! vt, fl I P Activities . 5 ROW 1: D. Holst, D. Kemmer, B. McClellan, J . Farris, D. Pfend- Schuhmann, J. Jacoby, A. Reisner, C. Hoag, J. Griffin, M. Reusz- ler. ROW 2: A. Weiler, B. McKenna, M. McKenna, Ivan Floyd, er, K. Craw. NOT PICTURED: J. Knoll. J. Robinson, Iran Floyd, P. Shuman. ROW 3: J. Hesselberth. M. OFFICERS: Mr. Casson, sponsor, Ivan Floyd, president, M. Mc- Kenna, vice-presidentg J. Robinson, secretary-treasurer. ? GOVERNIN GRO P Under the wise supervision of Mr. Eric Casson, our governing body, known as the Student Council, has accom- plished many things this year which have benefited the school and student body. The membership of the Student Council consists of one representative from each class, the president of the Junior and Senior Classes, the presidents of each of our school clubs, the editors of the SCARLET AND GRAY and the SCARLETTE, and head cheerleader. The agenda of the council included such things as cur- rent school problems, sponsorship of fund drives, convoca- tions, safety programs under which the new traffic court was organized, and other similar school projects. "This tardiness has got to go!" TTR ROW 1: L. Quackenbush, M. Schuhmann, D. Kemmer, J. Jaco- by, J. Robinson, M. Mayo, M. Reuszer, -l. Fontaine. ROW 2: I. H0 OR TUDENTS The National Honor Society was first organized at West Lafayette High School in 1935. For the second time, this year memberships were awarded to outstanding senior and junior students. The convocation was conducted on March 14 entirely by the seniors who were honored last year. Membership in the society is based on scholarship, leadership, character, and serviceg and the student must have an accumulative index of 5.5 or over. The total num- ber of members may not exceed 1571 of the class. The fa- culty considers the above requirements when voting on members of the society. Last year's members briefly summarized the qualifi- cations of each student elected, and presented them with pins. At this time, thirteen awards were also presented to students outstanding in different fields. Miss Ruth Sinks acted as sponsor of the society. , . Members of this year's Honor Society were: Dave Pfendler Julie Fontaine' ' David Fan Lynn Quackenbush ! Mike VanBuskirlc Diane Kemmer' Jim Jacoby e Margaret Reuszer Joan Robinson- ' Margaret Mayo, Martha Schuhmann ' .s..-Yew- Y , Y 7 . , l ii Floyd, A. Weiler, M. VanBuskirk, B. McKenna, J. Engeler, D Pfendler, J. Griffin, D. Fan, J. Felix, E. Kuonen. 'i l SALUTATORIAN: Ann Weiler. VALEDICTORIAN: Janet Felix. "Congratulations!" -15- ' ' , V , 'T' rfi ' Y 1-Ln.e. .A Rr. EDITORS, SEATED: Mr. Paloncy, Advisor, M. Reuszer, Miss Sinks, Sponsor. STANDING: P. Hollingsworth, J. Kemmer, C. Shar- velle, P. Kohnke, J. Felix, J. Sinninger, E. Kuonen, B. Bradley, I. Floyd, M. Kohlmeyer, J. Walerstein, D. Liston, R. Vickrey, P. Coh- en, D. Kemmer, C. Hoag, J. Robinson. NOT PICTURED: C. Wil- liams, B. Cable. Next Week we've GOT to get organized. BOOK BI DER The SCARLET AND GRAY of 1958 began to take shape last summer when the editors drew up the plans at Indiana University's High School Journalism Institute. Many long and late hours have been spent in converting those plans into a book of record which we will take with us through the years. We could not have done it without the help of all the hard working people on our staff. A special "thank you" goes to Miss Sinks, annual sponsor, Mr. Paloncy, annual advisor, to Bob Bradley, business manager and Jan Felix, assistant business manager, to Joan Robinson, lay-out edi- tor, Jan Walerstein and Dotty Liston, literary editors, to Carri Hoag and Di Kemmer, activities editors, Pam Cohen and Ralph Vickrey, advertising managers, To Marty Kohl- meyer and Pete Kohnke, circulation managers, Pat Hol- lingsworth and Cindy Sharvelle, feature editors, to Judy Kemmer and Connie Williams, art editors, Bill Cable and Jim Sinninger, sports editors, and finally to Ed Kuonen, our tireless student photographer, and to Mr. F. Butz, our cooperative professional photographer. To these people and to everyone who is a part of W. L., we want to say, HERE'S TO YOU! Margi and Ivan ROW 1: P. Kohnke, C. Hoag, C. Sharvelle, J. Robinson, E. Kuon- en, M. Kohlmeyer, D. Liston, Ivan Floyd, M. Reuszer, B. Brad- ley, J. Walerstein, J. Kemmer, P. Hollingsworth, R. Vickrey, P. Cohen, J. Felix. ROW 2: Iran Floyd, C. Williams, R. Sutherland, T. Buche, J. Sinninger, D. Dunn, C. Forster, T. Krywobok, M. Schuhmann, J. Wendt, K. Davidson, S. Schatz, E. Probst, W. Woerdehoff, D. Kemmer. ROW 3: P. Shurnan, J. Alex, M. Mayo, Y. Ramstad, M. McKenna, S. Seaton, J. Schick, L. Quackenbush, G. Schultz, J. Tendam, R. Shaw, C. Raab, A. Tayloe, C. Binder ROW 41 S. May, G. Hartman, C. Jenkins, M. Novak, M. Brant A. Keller, B. Risk, A. Lake, V. Abuls, J. Hadley, C. Isbell, J Chapman, C. McNear, M. Tinsley, C. Calkin. NOT PICTURED J. Buche, B. Knaus, M. Maschmeyer, B. Cable, D. Fan, S. Stout J. Tudor, B. Ayres, T. Luke, B. Lang, J. Klaiber, G. Staggs, B Bass. -16- ROW 1: C. Sharvelle, E. Kuonen, J. Schick, B. McKenna, D. Lis- ton, B. McClellan, A. Weiler, M. Maschmeyer, I. Floyd, B. Risk, J. Buche. ROW 2: J. Rheins, M. Mayo, P. Hollingsworth, M Kohlmeyer, M. Schuhmann, S. Schatz, E. Probst, W. Woerdehoff, PAPER PUBLI HER The SCARLETTE, our school newspaper, is sponsored by Mr. Howard A. Evans, and is the best source of informa- tion concerning school functions. Successfully meeting the deadlines for the 13 issues is not an easy job as co-editors Bill McClellan and Ann Weiler, and their staff discovered this year. Sub-editors and their respec- tive jobs were the following: Business manager, Jerry Buche, News, Dotty Liston and Betsey Risk: Features, Margo Masch- meyer and Cindy Sharvelleg Sports, Ivan Floyd and Bob Hur- on: Copy, Ruth Sutherland, Advertising, Jim Schick and Becky McKenna: Photography, Ed Kuonen, Jim Jacoby and Jim Rheinsg Art, Jan Walerstein and Gary Staggsg Circulation, Judy Kemmer and Pat Hollingsworth. The SCARLETTE is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association and has received a rating of first class. J. Kemmer, J. Walerstein. ROW 3: J. Jacoby, I. Floyd, M. Mc- Kenna, S. Seaton, B. Ditamore, D. Holst, B. Huron, R. Suther- land, S. Neuwelt. -rx-. . SCARLETTE HEADS: Mr. Evans, sponsor: A. Weiler, co-editor: B McClellan, co-editor. EDITORS, ROW 1: C. Sharvelle, M. Maschmeyer, D. Liston, B. Risk, J. Walerstein. ROW 2: B. McKenna, J. Buche, J. Kemmer, R. Sutherland. ROW 3: I. Floyd, E. Kuonen, S. Seaton, P. Hollingsworth, J. Schick. 17- , ,ll I , ROW 1: B. Hill, D. Hill, T. Davis, N. Williams, K. Rush. ROW 2: stad, B. Cable, R. Fergeson. DIRECTOR: B. Miller. PIANISTS: C. Andrews, J. Dibble, T. Ramstad, T. Luke, C. Reeck, Y. Ram- L. Finch, B. Hanks. VOCALIST: M. Reuszer. THE USIC AKER One of the outstanding musical organizations of the school is the West Lafayette Dance Band. This year it played for the Back-to-School Dance, numberous mixers, dances at other schools, television shows, the Deviltries, and the Cabaret Concert. Its sixteen members were chosen from the band and orchestra because of their excellent work in those organiza - tions. Vocalist for the group was Margi Reuszer, Bill Mil- ler was the leader, and Mr. Howenstein acted as sponsor. FOR CIE CE AKE Anyone who interest in science exceeds that covered by the science courses offered is eligible to join the Science Club. Many types of scientific projects as well as work on displays for the Science-Math Conference, and the Science Fair are part of the activities. Officers of the Science Club were Jim Jacoby, presi- dent, John Hesselberth, vice-president, Steve Mylroie, secretary, Dave Thoma, treasurer, and Mr. R. Curtice, sponsor. ROW 1: J. Engeler, P. Davis, B. Bradley, J. Jacoby, J. Hessel- Spencer, D. Lindsay, J. Stover, D. Scott, K. Rush, H. Guard, J. berth, S. Mylroie, D. Thoma. ROW 2: J. Mills, M. Neuwelt, J. Herrick. Rheins, B. Farris, R. Ferguson, A. Azpell. ROW 3: G. Phillips, L. ROW 1: J. Griffin, P. Hollingsworth, J. Livingstone, M. Schuh- mann, M. Agnew, D. Kemmer, P. Ellet, M. Kohlmeyer, P. Cohen, M. Reuszer, T. Krywobok, J. Felix, B. Risk, A. Keller, C. Wil- liams, D. Liston, A. Weiler, R. Sutherland, C. Sharvelle, ROW 2: P. Mavity, B. Knaus, J. Robinson, M. Brant, M. Mayo, J. Alex, S. May, C. Hoag, E. Probst, W. Woerdehoff, J. Chapman, C. Is- bell, B. McKenna, J. Hadley, J. Kemmer, M. Maschmeyer, J. Walerstein, M. Hayes, P. Shuman, J. Bertram, V. Abuls. ROW 3: B. Ross, T. Moser, C. Forster, J. Wendt, A. Montague, R. Shen- berger, J. Voinoff, M. Kelso, S. Butz, R. Marshall, A. Bradshaw, S. Daddio, D. Bales, S. Harshbarger, L. Quackenbush, S. Neu- welt, B. Peterman, J. Morasco, S. Withrow, S. Schatz, C. Binder, C. Andrews, C. Jenkins. ROW 4: D. Dunn, C. McCabe, J. McFad- den, A. Huron, M. DeLong, J. Moser, D. Smith, D. Teeling, S. Speer, A. Michaelis, M. Novak, V. Snyder, C. Rasmussen, B. Kos- HAPPY HOM Under the new sponsorship of Mrs. Richard Darley the capable AHEA officers and their committees provided meetings of fun and entertainment for the members of the American Home Economics Association. A variety of pro- grams were held throughout the year including a picnic supper, the Little Sister's Banquet, a fashion show, a rum- OFFICERS: D. Smith, secretary, D. Kemmer, president, B. Knaus, treasurer, R.DeLaCroix, vice-president, Mrs. Darley, SIJOHSOIZ sack, E. Janssen, M. Altemeyer, E. Darling, C. Darling, A. Eckles C. Calkin, M. Tinsley. ROW 5: J. Lett, P. Kemmer, L. Hicks, K Paradiso, A. Greene, V. VanCamp, M. McKenna, N. Taylor, J Kemmer, J. Gery, P. Drake, C. Rush, J. Jennings, K. Meyer, B Thoma, L. Marek, G. Koenig, J. Pittman, R. Shaw, A. Poor, G Hartman. ROW 6: C. Hungerford, B. Skelton, J. Cable, C. Dun- can, C. Kramer, A. Gabbard, E. Tompkins, J. Daugherty, C. Neu- man, S. Conkright, A. Reisner, P. Mooney, M. Hogg, D. Peterson K. McCarty, W. McCormick, J. Fontaine, C. McNear, A. Tayloe N. Greenlee, C. Raab, M. Bradley, G. Schultz. ROW 7: G. Palon- cy, N. Kirkpatrick, D. Ritchey, S. Williams, J. Harden, J. New- lin, M. Keller, C. VanCamp, M. Payne, M. Hunt, S. Graham, I Lokke, R. Low, J. Stewart, L. Menefee, L. Wilson, C. Straley, J Tendarn, W. Fleming. NOT PICTURED: R. DeLaCroix, G. Ba- ker, N. Forbes, C. Kuntz, G. Johnson, A. Vining. MAKER mage sale, a mixer, both the Christmas party and New Year's Eve Dance with Girls' Club and the Shamrock Ball. Last year's AHEA gift to the Home Economics De- partment was a set of candleholders and a tablecloth from Europe. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, SEATED: J. Livingstone, P. Hol- lingsworth, S. May, C. Sharvelle, T. Krywobok, J. Robinson. STANDING: C. McNear, P. Cohen, J. Chapman, C. Isbell, B. Peterman, J. Waterstein, L. Quackenbush, A. Tayloe. John .... Marsha! OFFICERS, ROW 1: J. Felix, secretary: Mr. Eddy, co-sponsor: I Floyd, co-president: M. Kohlmeyer, co-president, Mr. Bush, co-spon- sor. ROW 2: Committee Chairmen: T. Krywobok, J. Rheins, C. Beck, B Farris, J. Sinninger, S. Mylroie, M. Hughes. -20- DE DOINGS For a break in the monotony of study and home, Tuesday nights offered Den, with a good movie, food, and dancing. Beginning the evening with a good movie, such as "Rebel Without A Cause", "The Tender Trap", or "Helen of Troy" started the fun rolling. Later on the cafeteria was open for dancing, ping-pong, food or a jam session. Another attraction sponsored by the Den Board was the Annual Signing Party held at the end ofthe school year. A Den Board and officers are selected each year by the sponsors, Mr. Chester Eddy, and Mr. Kenneth Bush, and they help select the movies and recreation. ROW 1: D. Draper, I. Floyd, M. Kohlmeyer, D. Jordan, P. Co- hen, T. Krywobok, J. Rheins, J. Felix. ROW 2: G. Paloncy, C. McCabe, D. Ritchy, C. Beck, E. Prob- st, W. Woerdehoff, J. Chapman. ROW 3: S. Mylroie, B. Farris, A. Bradshaw, S. Daddio, J. Jen- nings, M. Hughes, B. Ayres. ROW 4: P. Ellet, M. Kelso, J. Voinoff, R. Marshall, D. Bales, J. Sinninger. X l i l l i OFFICERS: Mr. Breckenridge, sponsor, J. Hesselberth, presi- Which plug went where? dent, Iran Floyd, vice-president. ME , MAIDS, AND MECHANIC An efficient T.E.C. member is always in demand. Any boy and any senior girl is eligible to join. Girls that join the Technical Equipment Crew are taught how to run the movie projector and record player. The boys become skilled in working lights and sound for plays and convocations. Some other services are running the scoreboard for foot- ROW 1: Iran Floyd, D. Kemmer, J. Rheins, T. Krywobok, J. Col- vin, M. Mayo, G. Phillips, D. Liston, B. Farris. ROW 2: J. Robin- son. M. Schuhmann, A. Keller, J. Kemmer, J. Hesselberth, D. Thoma, J. Spalding, D. Jordan. ROW 3: M. Reuszer, M. Kohl- ball and basketball games, and showing the Den movie. All members serve one year apprenticeship learning the operation and maintenance of the equipment under the supervision of Mr. Fred Breckenridge, sponsor. After this they receive full membership and their T.E.C. key. meyer, J. Felix, Ivan Floyd, D. Weigle, S. Mylroie, A. Azpell, H. Guard, N. Williams, C. Taylor. ROW 4: J. Knaus, J. Tudor, A. Mayo, B. Bass, D. VanMeeter. - -21-- ROW 1: P. Mavity, B. Knaus, J. Robinson, M. Schuhmann, M. Agnew, J. Walerstein, S. May, M. Brant, C. Hoag, M. Kohlmey- er, P. Cohen, M. Mayo, B. McKenna, J. Felix, B. Risk, A. Keller, C. Williams, D. Liston, R. Sutherland, M. Maschmeyer. ROW 2: S. Schatz, C. Forster, J. Griffin, P. Hollingsworth, J. Livingstone, J. Alex, D. Kemmer, P. Ellet, E. Probst, W. Woerdehoff, J. Chap- man, C. Isbell, J. Hadley, T. Krywobok, J. Kemmer, M. Hayes, P. Shuman, J. Bertram, V. Abuls, C. Sharvelle, A. Weller. ROW 3: S. Withrow, B. Ross, T. Moser, J. Wendt, A. Montague, R. Shenberger, J. Voinoff, M. Kelso, S. Butz, R. Marshall, A. Brad- shaw, S. Daddio, D. Bales, S. Harshbarger, L. Quackenbush, S. Neuwelt, B. Peterman, J. Morasco, A. Eckles, R. Shaw, B. Perei- da, B. Miller, M. Reuszer. ROW 4: D. Dunn, C. McCabe, J. Mc- Fadden, A. Huron, M. DeLong, J. Moser, D. Smith, D. Teeling, S. Speer, A. Michaelis, V. Snyder, S. Williams, W. McCormick, J. Fontaine, C. McNear, A. Tayloe, E. Darling, C. Darling, G. Hart- GIRL GALORE This school year started for Girls' Club with the sponsor- ing of the "Back-to-School" dance and the big and little sister program. October brought a hayride, winter saw baskets of food given to needy families for the holidays. The New Year's Eve dance was jointly sponsored with AHEA. The father- daughter banquet, Easter convo and the Golddiggers Ball fil- led out the rest of the year. The crowning ceremonies for the football and basketball queens were organized and presented by the booster committee of the club. The four main commit- tees are booster, ways and means, social and service. Miss Ruth Sinks and Mrs. Betty Annarino sponsor this club. At Commencement an award will be presented to an out- standing girl graduate. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, SEATED: D. Liston, C. For- ster, J. Griffin, A. Keller. STANDING: W. McCormick, S. Harshbarger, W. Woerde- hoff, C. Jenkins. -22- man, C. Binder, C. Jenkins. ROW 5: J. Lett, P. Kemmer, L. Hicks, K. Paradiso, A. Greene, C. Kramer, A. Gabbard, V. Van- Camp, M. McKenna, J. Kemmer, J. Gery, P. Drake, C. Rush, J. Jennings, N. Fegley, J. Skinner, B. Kossack, K. Meyer, D. Sisson, C. Andrews, C. Calkin, A. Poor. ROW 6: B. Williams, D. Ritchey, C. Hungerford, J. Cable, C. Duncan, N. Kirkpatrick, B. Skelton, J. Harden, G. Paloncy, C. Neuman, S. Conkright, A. Reisner, S. Graham, M. Hogg, D. Peterson, K. McCarty, L. Marek, G. Koen- ig, J. Pittman, C. Raab, N. Greenlee, M. Bradley, G. Schultz, B. Rush. ROW 7: L. Morse, R. Himes, N. Pullen, J. Newlin, M. Kel- ler, E. Tompkins, J. Daugherty, C. VanCamp, M. Payne, M. Hunt, P. Mooney, I. Lokke, R. Low, L. Wilson, J. Stewart, C. Straley, L. Menefee, M. Livingston, J. Wright, J. Tendam, W. Fleming. NOT PICTURED: M. Novak, R. DeLaCroix, G. Baker, N. Forbes, C. Green, G. Johnson, C. Kuntz. OFFICERS: Mrs. Annarino, co-sponsor: M. Brant, secretary Miss Sinks, co-sponsor, B. McKenna, president, C. Hoag, vice president, M. Mayo, treasurer. .J Ji-J ,f if ,I ,Qs if OFFICERS: J. Knoll, secretary, D. Jordan, sergeant-at-arms: B. Oh, that initiation! Farris, chaplain, Mr. Curtice, sponsor: T. Buche, vice-president, K. Craw, president. NOT PICTURED: Mike Noble, treasurer. HI-Y,D A D HA DSOM Those boys meeting the prescribed requirements from the junior and senior classes are eligible to join Hi-Y. Service to the school and public are performed by the members of I-Ii-Y. They sell cokes, usher and hand out pro- grams at athletic events, help plan the vocational confer- ences, and the Easter Convocation with Girls' Club. and ROW 1: J. Sinninger, B. Bradley, J. Engeler, Iran Floyd, J. Rheins, J. Schick, K. Craw, B. McClellan. ROW 2: D. I-lolst, D. Jordan, J. Buclie, J. Collins, T. Buche, B. Farris, Dave Frazer, J. Hesselbertli, Don Frazer. ROW 3: B. Huron, S. Moriarty, F. carol for shut-ins at Christmas. The programs consisted of talks on the NROTC, fra- ternity life, and sports. A picnic, the annual Hi-Y dance, "Autumn Nocturne", formal and informal initiation, and the mother-son banquet were other activities held through- out the years. Dienhart, M. Noble, D. Maxwell, J. Jones, P. Kohnke, D. John- son, B. Miller, J. Jacoby. ROW 4: B. Hill, B. Ditamore, E. Kuon- en, D. Shu, J. Spalding, J. Mills, P. Davis, F. Samson, R. Vickrey Ivan Floyd, M. Neuwelt. NOT PICTURED: J. Knoll, B. Cable CHANHUO CHEERERT Pep Club, now in its third year, has proved its worth in school spirit. The block section, sponsored by the club, is assembled at every home basketball game to give its hearty support to the fighting team. The club plans all of the pep sessions, and a fan bus is sponsored for the away games. On these buses and on the team buses, large signs made by the club members are displayed. This year the block section members wore gray V-neck blouses with bright red gloves and scarves. At most of the games clever card work provided variety from straight cheer- mg. The block section has regular practice sessions on the Thursdays preceding every home basketball game. The club is under the supervision of Mrs. Betty Annarino. "So .... letls have a victory tonight .... FIGHT! 1 5 OFFICERS: D. Dunn, vice-presidentg V. Abuls, treasurer, Mrs. An narino, sponsorg J. Gery, secretaryg J. Robinson, president. I -24- ROW 1: D. Liste, D. Jordan, J. Collins, T. Buche, Dave Frazer, F. Samson, D. Maxwell, D. Hoist, P. Davis, B. McClellan, K. Craw, B. Miller. ROW 2: B. Farris, Ivan Floyd, M. Noble, J Buche, Don Frazer, F. Dienhart, D. Draper, J. Engeler, J. Hessel berth, D. Johnson. J. Sinninger. ROW 3: M. McKenna, M. Van OFFICERS: F. Samson, secretaryg D. Hoist president, Mr. Berberian, sponsorg J. Engeler treasurer: D. Maxwell, vice-president. OFFICERS: J. Walerstein, secretary, P. Cohen president, M. Kohlmeyer, scribeg Mrs. Mueller, sponsorg R. Vickrey, treasurer, I. Floyd, vice- president. buskirk, B. Lang, J. Sommer, G. Roberts, S. Elkin, S. Seaton, B. Sorenson, A. Mayo, D. Pfendler, B. Ayres, F. Clark, G. Staggs. ROW 4: S. Moriarty, Iran Floyd, B. Ditamore, P. Kohnke, J. Connelly, J. Brake, S. Sawicki, J. Farris, J. Knaus, D. Little, S. Stout, M. Hughes. NOT PICTURED: I. Ramstad. LETTER LAD To further, the school's interest in sportsmanship is the goal Lettermen's Club strives for. Besides being a morale booster at games and sponsoring a mixer, another service performed is the presentation of the award to the most improved player on the A and B basketball teams. This award is given at the basketball ' dinner. Any boy who has earned a letter sweater belongs to Lettermen's Club. THE OT BLE NIN The purpose of the Thespian Society, which is a national club, is to give re- cognition to students who have distinguished themselves in some field of drama- tics. Ten points are required to be admitted to the club. These points can be earned by working on a stage crew, taking part in a play, or engaging in other such speech and dramatic activities. This year a mixer and Thanksgiving Convocation were on the Thespians acti- ' vity list. ROW 1: M. Kohlmeyer, R. Vickrey, P. Cohen, I. Floyd, J. Walerstein. ROW 2: M. Maschmeyer, J. Griffin. J. Buche. A. Weiler. ROW 1: A. Greene, C. McCabe, S. Williams, B. Skelton, M. De- Long, P. Kemmer, S. Speer, M. Schuhmann, M. Kohlmeyer, B. Henry, J. Skinner, J. Cromwell, J. Cable. ROW 2: A. Reisner, J Newlin, V. VanCamp, A. Gabbard, C. Rush, N. Fegley, B. Miller, M. McKenna, S. Butz, M. Weing, B. Perieda, J. Kemmer, L. Hicks. ROW 3: J. Daugherty, K. McCarty, C. Neuman, M. Hunt P. Mooney, C. Hungerford, J. Jennings, J. Wendt, A. Bradshaw 52 OFFICERS: M. Kohlmeyer, vice-president: S. Daddio, treasurer, M. Schuhmann, president, J. Voinoff, secretary, Mrs. Annarino, sponsor. let N. Kirkpatrick, D. Ritchey, D. Teeling, J. Voinoff, E. Tompkins. ROW 4: J. Wright, R. Himes, E. Jantzen, M. Hogg, C. Vancamp, C. Kuntz, M. Bradley, P. Airgood, K. Meyer, D. Sisson, B. Tho- ma, C. Jenkins, S. Daddio, M. Kelso, J. Gery. NOT PICTURED: M. Tinsley, A. Poor, A. Vining, K. McCarty, G. Baker, C. Dun- can, P. Drake, A. Gabbard, K. Davidson, L. Ursala, G. Thoma, S. Williams. PIRITED sw PORTSWOME -- lolfygi oo-htlkwoetw, CviQif167p'?, MSL Urdu! " The Girls' Athletic Association, sponsored by Mrs. Betty Annarino, has been very active not only in sports but also in social activities. Just a few ofthe sports offered were golf, bas- ketball, badminton, tennis, and archery. A barbeque started oil' the year and the following months included, a mixer, ice skating and roller skating parties, and several field days. Each member accumulates points by participating in sports and wins in succession, pins, numerals, W.L. letters, and an inscribed plaque. "Our next field day will be. . " -25- l May l make a suggestion? ROW 1: J. Sinninger, P. Kohnke, J. Hesselbcrth, B. Farris, P. lillet, M. Kohlmeyer, P. Cohen, R. Vickrey, J. Griffin, J. Buche M. Reuszer, M. Maschmeyer, A. Weiler, F. Samson, J. Rheins, E Kuonen. ROW 2: IJ. Draper, H. Bradley. C. Forster, P. Mavity B. Knaus, J. Robinson, M. Schuhmann, J. Livingstone, A. Mon- tague, R. Shenberger, R. Sutherland, M. Mayo, J. Felix, B. Risk A. Keller, C. Willams, IJ. Liston, P. Shuman, C. Sharvelle, P. Hol- lingsworth. ROW Ji: K. Clanin, D. Johnson, M. Brant, J. Waler- stein, C. Hoag, li. McKenna, IJ. Dunn, J. Wendt, S. Schatz, E Prohst, W. Woermleliolf, J. Chapman, C. Isbell, J. Hadley, T. Kry- wobok, J. Kemmer, M. Hayes, J. Bertram, C. Binder. ROW 4: T Moore, B. Miller, D. Jordan, Iran Floyd, S. Withrow, B. Ross, T. Moser, J. Voinoff, M. Kelso, Butz, R. Marshall, A. Bradshaw, S. Daddio, D. Hales, A. Michaelis, L. Quackenhush, Neuwelt, B. Peterman, J. Morzisco, A. Eckles, R. Shaw. ROW 5: D. Male lett, T. Buche, N. Taylor, C. McCabe, K. Paradiso, J. McFadden, A. Huron, A. Greene, J. Moser, A. Gabbard, D. Teeling, V. Van- OFFICERS: M. Hogg, freshman representative, L. Hicks, sop- homore representative, R. Vickrey, treasurer, J. Griffin, presi- dent, Mrs. Mueller, sponsor, J. Buche, vice-president, L. Quackenbush, secretary, C. Isbell, junior representative. The only requirement for joining Speech Arts is an inter- est in speech and speech activities. There is a wide variety of activities to participate in such as actual participation in a play, stage crews, debates, radio plays, or speech contests. Meetings were held once a month and a program of a speaker or student presentation was featured. The parents' banquet, which new this year, was held in December. The an- nual Speech Arts play was given in March. The club sponsor, Mrs. Harriett Mueller assists the stu- dents in planning programs, gives advice on directing the dra- matic presentations, and contributes much toward making the club the active, interesting one that it is. Camp, S. Speer, S. Harshbarger, W. McCormick, J. Fontaine, C McNear, A. Tayloe, C. Raab, C. Jenkins, M. Tinsley, B. Pereida ROW 6: C. Reeck, B. Williams, M. Ewing, J. Cable, J. Lett, P Kemmer, C. Duncan, N. Kirkpatrick, G. Paloncy, M. McKenna B. Skelton, J. Kemmer, J. Gery, P. Drake, C. Rush, B. Miller, Bi Kossack, K. Meyer, G. Schultz, K. Davidson, M. Wolverton. ROW 7: J. Freehafer, A. Mayo, D. Shu, L. Morse, D. Ritchey, L Hicks, E. Tompkins, J. Newlin, M. Keller, M. Hogg, A. Reisner K. McCarty, L. Marek, G. Koenig, J. Pittman, C. Calkin, C. An- drews, L. Wilson, L. Menefee, C. Straley. ROW 8: P. Katter, S. Mylroie, A. Azpell, D. Little, S. Stout, D. Fan, P. Morosoff, R. Himes, J. Daugherty, S. Graham, C. VanCamp, M. Payne, M. Hunt, C. Neuman, P. Mooney, I. Lokke, R. Low, J. Stewart, J. Crain, C. Beck, S. Sawicki, J. Gillman, S. Watts, Dave Frazer. NOT PICTURED: M. Novak, J. Remmers, J. Sommer, P. Ull- strup, R. DeLaCroix, G. Baker, I. Floyd, N. Forbes, C. Greene, G. Hartman, G. Johnson, D. Kemmer, C. Kuntz, J. Knoll. . Maria, the maid. . Dr. Austin Sloper Lavinia Penniman .... Catherine Sloper . Elizabeth Almond Arthur Townsend .. h i ..... A Marian Almond . . Morris Townsend. . . . . . Mrs. Montgomery "No pianoforte, Morris?" THE HEIRESS THE CAST . . . . . .Merrily Hogg . . . Ralph Vickrey . . . . .Julie Griffin . . . . .Ann Weiler . . , .Beverly Knaus ..Chris Beck Ruth Ann Marshall . . . . .Jerry Buche . , .Diane Ritchey Man .......... .... . .. Student Directors ........, . . . Student Technical Directors .... . . . . . . .Jim Rheins Pat Hollingsworth Allen Mayo .Wynne McCormick Joan Hadley Mary Ann Kelso Director ............ . . .Mrs. Harriett Mueller Technical Directors .... . . .Mrs. Elizabeth Leer Mrs. Carolyn Estes I love you, Catherine. .SSS Dim WHICH lights WHEN??? MR. BACH ........... DEAN OF WOMEN .... "Arthur, darling, say it doesn't matter." I' TARDU T" ........DaVidFan . . . . .Wayne McCormick PRUDENCE MASON ....... ......... C ecily Isbell CLAIRE CARTER .......... .. . . . . .Johanna Wendt GERALDINE FLANAGAN ..... . ..Karen Davidson ARTHUR SCOTT JR. ..... , JANET ROSS.. ....... . .. PHIL FORD .......... MARION PHIPPS ..... JOAN REDMAN ..,. CYNTHIA KEENE .... RAE BROWN ............ MAVIS MORIARITY ..... . . . .Mike McKenna Lynn Quackenbush .........AllenMayo . .Jeanne Chapman .. .. . .Joan Hadley . . . .Elaine Probst . . . .Julie Fontaine . . .Carole McNear MISS FREEMAN ...... ......... D aphne Dunn MISS ROBINSON .... ..... S uzie Harshbarger MISS JONES ....... ...... S andy Neuwelt TAD VOORHIS ......... ........ J ohn Remmers STELLA BRAHMS .............. ...... S ally Schatz DIRECTOR .................... Mrs. Harriett Mueller TECHNICAL DIRECTORS ........ Mrs Elizabeth Leer Mrs. Carolyn Estes STUDENT REHEARSAL ASST. .......... Julie Griffin STUDENT TECHNICAL ASST. ........ Rosemary Shaw CHOREOGRAPHER ........... ..... J oan Hadley PROMPTERS ...... , ....... Carol Calkin Connie Andrews Oh? Crew Crop L xl 1 ?Qn,?,,.g-,ffw '7 .A I ,A un x 1 A, A NY, H I 2, . 54.55351 4 9 ' ' df 'ffisf' . , 1 if ,SP W a 9' x as V Q 2 N av y , - , 3 V W N A . : EX . 1 5' W ,212 3. , Fi' 4 -, , 2 ' ' , - EW" """74jf rw- 'f 'W' 1 Y -'li ' Rslafrt r , ' r , , . in ! -'- 1 P . .L . ' " ' -1-1 P M , ., 1 , EX - if' Jw' I v .Lf , 1 I 1 ,,,. ! I 1 I 'nl if x X 1 hiwif x H, X HRM. P' I f MW' . 5 ' wpgx -. 5 o - KL . - , A- .,, , ,T e' '-' ' .:s N, .FLY - 1 4 1 W 1 i TY l '. ,LQXEW fl .- L.. .L 1 , nz' I., .l. 5 i E Yr x ! L I E I V rv--s f ffli-if f -xv. 7. . ' - V . ag'-iff-"' ' -. 4 K 'Q b ,, Y. , , N v 1 I s F Di-.t I Y A -A --V - - , , ':. ' 1 -fr: :":,-1r- -':T"vf".-:ET-1' :Vw '- 5,-ji.T'i"?', , r-3,55 1.4 l , - LTL Vg- v-lf Y 'lf L1 L ,. VTf'f',.gY:-1Vi!1l,.e,'n:9 A n ' 2 . 'Q 's ? ,W --,.,i!,- gy .. ..,lV.', ull: IOP Classes Miss Fites "sshhh" ROOMS FOR THOUGHT Whether looking for an interesting book, reference material for reports, or just a quiet place to study during the noon hour or after school, we immediately think ofthe library as the place to go. Miss Bernice Fites, in charge of the library, is always ready to help us find the right book, or dig into the stacks of old magazines and periodicals to find the information we need. Students studying library science gain practical experience helping out in the library. This year, also, the cafeteria is being used several hours a day as a study hall in addition to the regularly used classrooms. "SSSHHH" "QUIET!!" -32- Miss Sinks Mrs. Rapp tg X, "And here's Stratford on Avon." E GLI H INSIGHT As we progess from the study of Great Expectations to Macbeth, and from parts of speech ,to senior themes, we are building a firm foundation for future communication. The book reports and the compositions, all contribute to a confident and good usage of our Eng- lish language. In the English classes of Mrs. Caroline Estes, Miss Ruth Sinks, and Mrs. Myrna Rapp, sentence construction and spelling, as well as literature and vocabulary are covered each year. For seniors planning to go on to college, a preparatory course, taught by Miss Sinks, is offered. "Two, too, or to?' Mrs. Estes - 33 - Mrs. Mueller Mrs. Leer E ul fi .iT LKT CTIC Does memorizing orations sound familiar? Research work in the library for debates, job in- terviews, persuasive speeches, and even panto- mimes? Sure, if you take speech under Mrs. Har- riett Mueller when you are a junior or a senior. The poise and self-confidence we gain from this course helps us both in other classes and out of school. "We spend so much of our time talkingg why not krlow how to do it well?" says Mrs. Muell'rQjJunior English cl ws fall undi r Mrs. Muell 's category too.! X QV ji WMK 5 l WW fpl yi spoinroforderv' QM M lil N1 I ' hgnfigvgglfgnglf PEED DE "We will have a Witty reading test today." This is what we heard regularly as jun- iors. The purpose of these tests is to tell the improvement we have made in developemental reading. We meet two days a week for this class which is under the direction of Mrs. Eliza- beth Leer and Mrs. Caroline Estes. The improvement in our reading speed shows up in all our assignments and will help us in college. This class also gives us extra time to read books We enjoy. Mrs. Leer and Mrs. Estes also teach freshman English. Does the little light drive you mad? . , 2' -34- ,n-m-r-if- -M - emi, -,Q---W N i . . 1 - :E ,Vvee il leaf' - - , e ,+L ,,:,.-,M . .,., , -ie .. He. - . ,,,.--- Y. ,... .., l FIVE W S AND I-I "Clean up time in the valley!" This warning is heard from Mr. Howard Evans on scrapbook days in journalism. Besides looking for Yeman datelines and society columns, we learn how to write different types of news and feature stories. Trips to the "Ex- ponent", "Indianapolis Star" and "News" offices are class activities. It follows that Mr. Evans is the SCARLETTE sponsor, and junior history teacher t0O. A nose for news! "WE THE PECPLE .... 'i "Where, oh where did those last two "American Observers" go? Tomorrow is the test?" These words have often been spoken by the seniors of Mr. William Berberian's civics classes. While one day a week is devoted to these papers, the other four are spent learning about the structure and function of our state and national government. As coach of West Lafayette's basketball and baseball teams and as assistant coach on our football team, he is quite busy. Teaching boys' physical education and drivers training are also his jobs. Article 5 section 3 ti ,- Mr. Evans Mr. Berberian 1' 1 -Z-35- "Inky-dinkyl parlez-vous" L , rg .. lMAH3OUI What are French classes made of? Projects and grammar and long translations. Under the guidance of Mrs. Rolande ErSelcuk, the classes, composed of a wide assortment of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, cover more than just the study of the French language. We also become acquainted with French culture and cus- toms. Records of music by French composers help us to appreciate one of the many art forms of the country we are studying. Also obtained is a know- ledge of the different geographic sections of France and how the social customs vary from section to section. l I T' 1. m . . 4 ' .-. .1 ' 'A ' . I :1 .J ', '.f i ' ' i l A lt - i ll' - Mrs. ErSelcuk LATI LOVERS Centuries come and centuries go, but Latin goes on forever. For more than two thousand years, students of all nationalities, colors, and sizes have been pouring over their conjugations and declensions. Here, too, in West Lafayette High School, this age-old process of learning goes on under the instruction of Mr. Oliver Oesch. It is probably pretty safe to say that students will still be studying this lan- guage a thousand years from now because, as much as we sometimes complain, Latin is an important part of any ed- ucation. Most of our modern languages, including English, are partly derived from Latin, so it provides a good back- ground for the study of other languages. i Q is l li 3 Mr. Oesch "All Gaul is divided into three parts" '7ww-fcaf 196141-4-Ali, - n , J ,.-I- .17 J. "'-" ' ' o - rg! -ffrvif X "" 's Yr'-9'Y'F4'fl'rF1l Q. -,A .l I ,Z- ff' "Gute!': DEUTCH DEL ER Goethe once said, "He who does not know a foreign language, does not know his own." It is with this quotation' in mind that Mr. Chester Eddy teaches German. With the help of phonograph records, charts, and German movies, we learn to speak and read German fluently. Learning to appreciate masterpieces of German literature is also a part of the interesting and worthwhile course. Completing two years of German provides a good background for later courses in philosophy and science since many of our words are German derivatives. "Tradusca usted" F .l, .ig Co QU1 TADORE After we have completed our two-year Spanish course under the capable instruction of Mrs. Gladys Isaac, dreams of old Mexico and Spanish legends often enter our minds, and we are eager to try our new tongues in the old country. Besides helping us to understand our Spanish-speaking friends, this course also gives us a speaking and reading know- ledge of our friends below the border. Songs, movies, and a study of Spanish customs further add to our knowledge of this modern romance language and country. Il' 'JC i 'X 'lf E l Na . .rl-1 Mr. Eddy Mrs. Isaac - f - , , 7-ff ALGEBRA ANTIC Our first step into the field of higher mathematics, upon entrance to high school, was taken under the guidance of Mr. John DeYoung. Stumbling momentarily over equations, graphs, and square roots, only to recover and go on, we gained a firm background for future engineering, science, medicine, or virtually any field of endeavor. Proceeding on to our junior year we ran into more factor- ing and simultaneous equations in advanced algebra, and pro- babilities and logarithms in college algebra, all taught capably by Mr. Fred McMillen, in his first year at West Lafayette. i M- gm Mr. DeYoung If x: 0, and y: 3, then we: us! GEO ETRY GYMNASTICS Struggling over geometry constructions for Friday's assignment was one of our most vivid memories of Mr. Donald Fites' plane geometry class. Little did we realize, as we work- ed our first slide rule problems, how much of a secure basis for our future math courses it would be. Chords, triangles, arcs, and polygons gave way, in our senior year, to the cylinders, planes, and spherical triangles of solid geometry. All were duly explained by Mr. Fred Mc- Millen. Trigonometry occupied our last math course in high school, except for those in the accelerated math course, who took analytic geometry. Angle, angle, ang .... sideg hyp .... !!! L , f Q x xi l A , , 'Q gf- fix tariffs is N Mr. Fites -33- Mr. McMillan I PGOF ...... PHEW! Braving the wilds of lab day sapped most of the courage of the students taking physics class- es, although a few were able to get out alive, only to face the onslaught of a new horror, lab day in chemistry class. Some of the more puzzling problems of phy- sics: specific heat, calories, and Bernoulli's prin- ciple, were matched in chemistry by valence, compounds, and oxidation. These problems were soon overcome by the explanations of Mr. Rus- sell Curtice. Many a new scientist was started on his way by these courses taken in our junior and senior years at West Side. ANIMAL OR VEGETABLE? Remembering the toils of catching bugs ourselves, and watching each new class repeat the same process, is usually the most vivid memory we have of Mr. Kenneth Bush's biology classes. But thoughts of taking bird hikes, dissecting frogs, writing essay tests, visiting the biological gardens, and, of course, seeing what we could discover on the shelves of the biol- ogy room, are still etched clearly in our minds. During our first course in a separate major science we got a taste of what a career in medicine, biology, or science would be. fl ,. . ,Q lb at 'W My "These are extinct--don't they." fi f 'Vg yt ffl ,Jawa 'Q-.1 . s . " Mr. Breckenridge TI KERER All boys and girls who are interested in gaining technical skills will find the shop course taught by Mr. Fred Brecken- ridge valuable. The students use some of the finest and most modern equipment consisting of three drill presses, three lathes, and an arc Welder. Mr. Breckenridge encourages stu- dents to take on projects involving metals. Boys highly inter- ested in mechanics have the opportunity to work on their cars during class time. The shop classes often construct scenery and sets for our school plays. A circle from a square LI MN "Steady, steady, I wish my hand would stop shaking." Many mechanical drawing stu- dents wish this would come true. In this class, students may prepare themselves for an im- portant role in the industrial world of tomorrow. Each one has the opportunity to work on drawings in the field in which he is most interested. In perfecting these drawings they en- counter such problems as line density, sectioning, and hidden lines. This class is under the supervision of Mr. Fred Breckenridge, who is also our track coach. "Hide the hidden line showing." f I 1 -40 ' T'f 1 ""S'1" l - .ww-::- , to EXPRESSIO U lf. ' ' f' " -' .ft ' 1 , 76 A ' The W.L. art classes are the scene of continual i w . ., , 2. ' bustling activity. While one student paints in oils, '- i others may be engaged in clay work or copper enamel- ing. It is this wide variety of fields from which to .. .. ., , choose, along with the freedom of originality, which However, there is also a spirit of co-operation. The . art students are always willing to drop their own pro- . A ' i - 1 ffntegyimz , Wy,-fffwikgxi' 4 gives the art room such a pleasant atmosphere. -Ymlmmthwl N If-luihgpbvl,-N,.!-4 . xg H, 2 ,H Q jects and help in making decorations, backdrops, or posters for school affairs. Despite the fact that all the art classes are quite large, our art teacher, Mr. Robert Reed, finds time to help each student. "Zis ees une artiste!" E TIC, TAP, TYPE Mr. Paloncy Almost everyone has been in one of Mr. Henry Paloncy's classes by the end of his senior year because, in addition to typing, he also teaches bookkeep- ' t E ing, office practice, and shorthand. These courses help us to get a basic background for work as a secretary or business executive in an office, and those planning to go into the commercial field. To be able to type themes and reports through college will be a useful skill. Thi qyick broqn gox junpef .... TbW142!?J "V -41- l -.ff Mrs. Annarino Mr. Straley GYM JANES "Oh, my legs ache, " says a groaning under- classman. To our sympathetic questions are re- plies that Mrs. Betty Annarino's gym classes this year are studying modern dance. This was the field that the freshman and sophomore girls, who are required to take this course, elected to con- centrate on. Other sports which have been a part of the program during the year are soccer, fencing, bad- minton, volleyball, basketball, and archery. Health and safety rather than home nursing on alternate days. Trees BODY BUILDER Throughout the year all freshman boys and those sophomore boys who were not par- ticipating in a sport, received further training in many sports from Mr. Bill Berberian, Mr. Bob Mangus, or Mr. Gordon Straley. - During the fall they spent time outdoors with soccer and touch football. When the weather turned colder, they were busy with basketball, wrestling, tumbling, or volleyball in the gym. Track. softball, and golf instruction lured the boys back outside this spring to complete an active year. On alternating days when gym was not held, health and safety was taught to the sopho- more boys. "Up ..., down ...... up. .down ...... uupp. ." -42- BUMPER BASHER Perhaps the most exciting class in school is also one of the most useful. Here we learn how to operate a shift car and also gain practical experience driving under nor- mal driving conditions, both of which are working to- ward the day we will take our driver's test. Under the supervision of Mr. Bob Mangus, we took the wheel of the dual-controlled car for 15 minutes twice a week, driving in town and out on the highway, learning to park and back up, and attempting to under- stand the mechanical parts ofa car. Observing others' reactions and mistakes during the time we are not driv- ing also helps us. "What curb?" ' I ,li ' l 'T' , iQ , i NIMBLE THI BLE or Mrs. Darley A V ' 1 I: -- ,....?--1-' -,U r " - vfggf lc f ""' Mr. Mangus Those of us domestically inclined or interested in home economics came into contact with Mrs. Norma Darley, our new home economics teacher this year. In our sewing classes we learned the process of making a garment from choosing the pattern to sewing on the last button. Foods and cooking class covered everything from the basic seven, to preparing a corn- plete meal for ourselves and our mothers. "You keep me in stitches!" gn -4- E92 I I WQAW! Enthralledl! I J hd ' . f J Mr. Howenstein YMPHO IC oUN s Beethoven, Tschaikowsky, Wagner are composers with whom we aren't all familiar, but the members of the high school orchestra have the opportunity to play famous pieces by these people. The orchestra, which rehearses every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, is under the di- -rection of Mr.'Marshall Howenstein. Davis! Fan is the con- VIOLINS: D. Fan, J. Remrners, C. Calkin, J. Thomas, B. Rush, T. Moser, S. Schatz, A. Vining, J. Low, R. Bates, A. Foster, G Koenig, I. Lokke. OBOES: B. Miller, J. Goffman. FLUTES: M Bradley, L. Marek, G. Schultz. CLARINETS: M. Schuhmann K. Rush. B. Miller, C. Jonah, A. Tinkle. TRUMPETS: J. Dibble 1 cert master of the forty-five piece orchestra. This year the orchestra took part in the Christmas convo, the cabaret concert, and it made an overnight trip to Martinsville in the spring for a six-city festival. The orchestra climaxes its year by playing for Commencement. T. Ramstad, J. Chastain. TROMBONES: B. Cable, Y. Ramstad. HORNS: R. Shaw, T. Luke. PERCUSSION: J. Hoag, R. Fergu- son, J. Wilson. BASSES: L Finch, T. Krywobok, C. Andrews. CELLOS: D. Ritchey, R. Low, E. Jensen, M. Walterstein, T. Morse. VIOLAS: L. Thomas, W. McCormick. PIANIST: M. Hunt. W 1 -44- COLOR GUARD: J. Bonewits, D. Bookwalter, S. Garner. NOT PICTURED: B. Cromwell. LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Snyder, L. Wilson, B. Cable, L. Menefee, L. Finch. NOT PICTURED: C. Greene. BA D BUGS The West Lafayette Marching Band under the di- rection of Marshall 1-lowenstein, played faithfully for all home football and basketball games, and traveled to one away game. They livened up half times with their many formations and antics. Some of the formations included a trumpet, and a shield, and the firing of Sputnik. Many miles were covered marching in various parades and participating in Band Day at Purdue. The band also competed in the Spring Band Contest. MAJORETTES: L. Wilson, L. Finch, V. Snyder, L. Menefee. ROW 1: D. Jordan, M. Schuhrnann, K. Rush, L. Thomas, D. Parker, S. Kinnison, J. Thomas, M. Bradley, L. Marek, J. Jen- nings, B. Miller, C. Jonah, B. Cable, Drum Major. ROW 2: B. Miller, B. Hill, A. Tinkle, J. Luzader, P. Marek, S. Data, J. Taut- fest, A. Anderson, J. Goffman, J. Rhodes, D. Hill, L. Morse, C. Brown. ROW 3: D. Guillom, T. Hardin, D. Reitz, J. Felix, J. The Pep Band added spirit and humor to all pep ses- sions, some half-time shows, and out-of-town games. Lead- ing the pep band was Bill Cable, who was also an able Drum Major to the marching band. Majorettes this year were Carol Greene, Vanice Sny- der, Linda Wilson, Linda Menefee, and Lexy Finch, who also added colorful performances between halves of the basketball games. Lischlce, J. Newlin, S. Greenlee, J. Herrick, K. Elston, R. Shaw, N. Williams. ROW 4: J. Dibble, B. Bass, J. Chastaine, B. Laugh- lin, I. Ramstad, C. Reeck, K. Clanin, J. Dammon, L. lsaacson, C. Kossack, T. Morse. ROW 5: T. Ramstad, J. Wilson, R. Ferguson, T. Luke, H. Hagen, J. Spalding, S. Yaw. NOT PICTURED: C. Greene, majoretteg G. Hitchings, B. Hanks, Butz, T. Davis. l X Luka Q W Y Q Y M V. 1 - 77... . ,, -. . ..,K.-..- fi... '. .-...g-... -,,. .V -MM..- Y..YY -.4 , Awj -.,,.,.. ,.,. .. ,. 'Eff--,,,-.. 1 - if - -t A ROW 1: P. Kemmer, D. Mallet, S. Amsler, J. Bonewits, J .. Lisch- ke, T. Moore, C. Williamson. ROW 2: J. Farris, H. Steele, K. Taylor, C. Beck, D. Lindsey, D. Williams, J. Nelson, S. Elkin, P. Hoxie. ROW 3: D. Jordan, C. Kimbell, B. Cable, D. VanMeter, 1: ,. -. D. Holst, J. Jacoby, B. Bradley, D. Johnson, Ivan Floyd, C. Reek ROW 4: J. Hesselberth, A. Azpel, J. Tompkins, T. Buche, J Buche, P. Davis, D. Weigle, B. Farris, J. Knoll. NOT PICTUR ED: Iran Floyd, B. Laughlin. ACCOMPANIST: J. Fontaine. "E ERYBODY SI 'l Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs looked forward to and real- ized one of its most successful seasons. Each student who wished to try out for positions in these organizations was given short vocal tests and then placed in a section best suited to their voices. ROW 1: R. Marshall, M. Hunt, R. Shenberger, S. May, B. Rush, C. Neuman, D. Kemmer, J. Stewart, S. Schatz, R. Shaw, A. Poor, S. Harshbarger. ROW 2: M. Kelso, N. Taylor, C. McNear, C. Straley, R. Sutherland, J. Felix, B. Pereida, A. Greene, C. Hun- gerford, K. Duncan, L. Menefee, J. Lett, M. DeLong, J. Waler- stein, A. Montague, P. Ellet. ROW 3: M. Hogg, C. Raab, R. De- LaCroix, B. Ross, J. Cromwell, P. Shruman, B. Knaus, J. Robin- son, A. Keller, M. Brant, P. Cohen, A. Tayloe, C. Kuntz, C. For- Under the skilled direction of Miss Marcelene Dillon with Julie Fontaine at the piano, the Glee Clubs helped to present an impressive Christmas program. The combined Glee Clubs consisted of 115 voices and sang a variety of novelty and religious numbers. ster, M. Keller, C. VanCamp, T. Krywobok, S. Speer, P. Kem- mer. ROW 4: A. Michaelis, A. Gabbard, C. Calkin, M. Tinsley, M. Schuhmann, K. Davidson, C. McCabe, W. McCormick, C. Is- bell, V. Abuls, C. Jenkins, A. Eckles, D. Ritchey, M. Payne, J. Daugherty, M. Agnew, M. Reuszer, J. Griffin, S. Graham, J. Newlin, R. Himes, J. Wendt, C. Andrews. NOT PICTURED: M. Novak, J. McFadden, C. Rasmusson, J. Voinoff, B. Thoma, E. Tompkins. ACCOMPANIST: J. Fontaine. Q 7 K , ' ' f , 4. P., 5: i Q. ' , J.. ' -l , .1 I .:,,.F...1-.rr-,-...-..-W j-- - .Y- 5?ffv...,?Q , a.lT,,...,. ,.. T .,,s., :,, I ,. ,N,..' I r is tw, ,-,. .N 11- v,, . F.-ag-a .- Q.,L, -2- '.- h 1-1 .,, if -, -+:.r-f-wf',,,.,,.' L if,..llI'-- ' 1 I," "L.f-lf'-"f' I ' w ...- ? . l ROW 1: Miss M. Dillon, R. Shenberger, C. Williamson, P. Kem- mer, C. McNear. ROW 2: M. Kelso, N. Taylor, J. Voinoff, C Beck, J. Farris, I. Floyd, R. Sutherland, D. Kemmer, R. Shaw. ROW 3: S. Harshbarger, C. Andrews, C. Isbell, C. McCabe, B Bradley, J. Jacoby, B. Farris, I. Floyd, J. Walerstein, T. Krywo- bok, J. Robinson. ROW 4: M. Tinsley, M. Schuhmann, W. Mc- Cormick, J. Hesselberth, J. Knoll, P. Davis, D, Weigle, D. Jordan J. Griffin, M. Reuszer, M. Agnew, A. Keller. ACCOMPANIST J. Fontaine. NOT PICTURED: P. Ellet, B. Cable, J. Buche. "SING, SIN , SINGH If you ever walked down the high school corridor on Thursday afternoon, you invariably heard the unmistak- able order: "Now, breathe with me!" These words were often said by our director, Miss Marcelene Dillon, who has finished her third year of directing vocal music at West Side. - This season, the choir presented a formal Christmas Concert, sang for the Easter Convocation, and were hosts for the Indiana District Choral Festival with Mr. G. F. Krueger as guest director. For the first time this year, the choir elected a presi- dent. Don Jordan received this honor and has the-assist- ance of an executive committee. J. Knoll, M. Reuszer, B. Bradley, Miss M. Dillon, C. McNear, J. Farris, I: Floyd D. Kemmer, J. Griffin. Manager: D. Jordan. , Miss Dillon IT X 4 ?2p?fL-152523151-f""Pr2 ifffii 5"297??"iE7f'a4wf'wW.: Tlx: - iz .-'-,fr-'f-'z 'Q':5"1Wf'2:vg5J . 1111: -35" -'L ' am" -J i'1:"' . N sn .l " " -551 ' -A - " QB' 'L W- - .5 - ' .W-4' q"L' '- - 'H tw uh 'i ,J 1-. .-f,.-,,g- , 'H ,I r,.A:X g- -,T . . .al-3.-Nag. , . '- Q-X14 X XX., ,Jn F - wg.. Lv- X ., A .if I .X, , -, und.. 3-.'.X. ,Ml X XX, "m.:lf.gQ!f 'A ""1, . ' fig- . 15 Tp? -4- --2 X GH '-I "-'.' 1 53 s,l,f'fW' .A .-'Yr-. xtj I' . ef J.-2 N -4 'WSJ' -'GV-il fr- , -XM' '-', 3 5 1 -'Q-X-H314 Ji" - jf- , -fix L' -Q -f':v M -Wy X-"lf , 1- 1 ' 4-H sd-.-1' s, Ag'f.gQ,Qi?,g A,-3,--,,,. ,. ggigh, - - , -X ,M ,- 4- . X yn ,gg-.gxgxk-1 'X -3- , .Lv . -- - .X- g!.f'f -Hi5:g:- ICQ ,Q-. - "M -J gdhsml,-1 ' . Q. - gX,, -. WS' if mp- -.-.-4" --" ' . ,--H'.- -- +. 11, ,- ' ' 1' HH'--. '-'.- '1 .' .. -f .Q .'.. -I." ' 1 LINES. 5' ' I '-,ui KT? '51Qf",,S- 'J- li 'fl ' I.. ' 1 1'-Lf 53 1 , .TM 'Q L'-'91-1 I A N f ' f .-H1 '- - , . . XA 'X' qff-lv fig! z .Jmy Q.:--'4 '- - n-:I Q' I J' ' -Sv " .x,, . 1 -31.-1, --4 . " ' w2f?.X1g5-.Xg5,j3X33,,m23 - A RQAQ' , 'X :1'i'f:QQ"11k-Q, lu--PQ ,rf .px X , Q, x' 1, - L: fav Xnfg-4.23: 5gXL3A,X1,1,Q fm: ,j-1 ,. 4.5 39.5. Rv- X. . wg 5, .X ZX! X 4 ,fy-' ' , N ' '- mi .X ,- y., J,L,.r,,,,-7 H.-N,-,BX,.,, - . ,.,,. - ,I N, --,Q-,X X -' X- - wX XX,:f5g', -.---if -, . - ,u 11 J 1 , . 3- - T - - - , I n - . xx . . ii ,g.45?X53-.ig QIX2- f -. jwrff ,-5 , , lg' 1 . x , , ' XXX, , X :-X. Im X X 'P-v fv 45' f, 'iq .- "fX.-M 1 - - ' . .. ,r X' , . - Q ' 'af '. -,A g-' 1 1 -- X ' -..Yz-,XM XX . - , X- X , H X- . X XX-53 --4 :'1.'1'-- .:'-, f' , '-X-'XL ' sg gsm . - - ,H ..: ', Q ' - -. ' -I ,z yn -- ' 4 ' P .H -- - wh vqf-, -- f.: A 1-"1 my X I, . X .2- X X Xi- , IX ,XHEXQ N X QVX X 1 , -XX X X1 N .N X .X X 'LX 1 X ' ' ' aA'."'o' .. - -iz .- - W '-N 1 1 ff 3 XXL 1'- . ' .4 XX-.x,fgX.XiX Kr. XX X X , ' X . -X Y 5 1 - X X-JXX-fX:X.-X w . - - ,,X X- X ,gf ,yn - N--L q X Z! xi- X , B' .X , -x.,-...I ' Ll QQX .. ..- ..X. A -f 1-A ' H? X ,X,X , Y-E-iw -H XX . - X wsu L f'R"XX :. X TX X ,X - ' A " f aq - E-if - ,XXXXEXXX XigXXi,XX XX agp .,- X 4251- -15 ff diff . "'g"1 -M. - -X -':1LkfK3i?f,w'Z5JQnw'hyf -asf? 3 -, an ., , ww. -:sf '-u,L:'.::-, Webs-, --5, - , ,-gf! ,.-v,.,f-,3f,,,.f-,n f-, , .1- 3---'zw ' jp-F '- -5.-g. -.,- , 'v -.-534-Q'-sf," , 'PW-'LI-' " -f'ffff'5ff:1sja4wf,:3'1'T-- A 121-5155!--. -,ir-21 - ' ' f'C 'xzilcgff-'lpn Qin,-1-Z, 'lgyli , -,.,f3aX:d7:, gf?-ff:-1gg,,5X'g:X3X,. ,-fXg:L?XX 1? jg-7, XX . - - ig? 1 2 if ,J ,.3 'W ., .- ' Q- ,Z -1 .v -'XESX---TXXX X,,XX 3 . - - -f,1,- ., , K- Q-N -, ,.. , -- 152 15.3 ' ,. -- -4+ ,. A fx S M' ...1',-ff Q.. 'YAZSUFW' 1 ..- ,XX X . , ,X.mXX wah X., -eh., ,,, V .3 S J. , A 1 2 A lg, - A. , 'XX' v X5 LJ-Q: Q' --X 'Mix-Q. , X X .fm-XX --X LEX ,- ,fx "- X- 1,17 X 'X - XX ,- X'-,IX X if-X f ' X .XX X ', ' Xfufv - ' X' X.-, 'Xfk ZX I X 5, .X X A - X, ,,M.,j. A , - m4f",Wc?:'rf-m.ff--,- , - A, -Q., '- f fh- if ,ggi hX , ..'1,.XJf. ,LX :'!a,'3"1-',,,.,i '-v- , Q r X X . ,,.X,- u 4 X . -X - -3 1,1-'59, KL- ' 'fix ' ' , , gfiivlj 4, 5, 7 , ,-X3 ' ,gff'L-- ,J ',,,ggX,,'gf',.z.: , ' , ,XM I ,. 545. - V ,. -,WX-1 ?. '1'Xg.X.X-X , js' J-my 1+ - xg - - 35:--.1 szgf.v .N Y 1 fu ,Q , I pp- -1-rw 4-as -- " W juli.. X E 235- if, XX X X X?-1X XXXXJX , XX XX XXX X .w. ,f.,X -:XXXXX X . X, -Xavaf. X!,XX,,,-X 12 - - ,- "Q, ' u':jf1f'.T,.g. ' '- - 4 5 - H -Q Q L ' f . , - - , - f - --S -- . -- ,,f, 1. 5 VJ Y - -'V' ". a " I - r I I. ' x u 'x' -. p Your People 'E' ,ya -- .Si , -1 3 l, CHGOL BO RD The far-sighted building program for the public school system of West Lafayette is the result of careful planning by the Board of Education. The new junior high wing will be completed by next fall. Planning the building program and solving many problems confronting a fast-growing school sys- tem is the job of the board. The officers are: Mr. Emory Bunnell, Presidentg Mrs. A. J. Ullstrup, Treasurerg and Mr. J. Henry Law, Secretary. Ad- ditional members are Mr. S. E. Keller and Mr. John Moriarty. Mr. Lowell Martin is the school attorney. R. FLGYD As superintendent of West Lafayette's schools, Mr. Wil- liam Floyd has done a fine job. Although his responsibilities are numberous, he always finds time to stop for a friendly chat with students he meets. With the building of a new junior high addition in pro- gress, Mr. Floyd's duties are ever increasing. We are sure the high standards of our schools will continue as long as he's with us. MR. CASS N As principal, Mr. Eric Casson has been doing a very effi- cient job for the past two years. He has willingly discussed schedule matters, credits, and colleges with us. Besides this, he is extremely interested in the school clubs and activities, being present at all the home games, and chaperoning the Fan Bus to many out-of-town games. The class of '58 wishes to express its thanks for his gener- ous help. x-P4 iRSIRhMXCREECH Mrs. Irma Creech has found the routine office work far from routine during her first year as Mr. Casson's secretary. The tasks of mailing report cards, arranging schedules, and mimeographing tests are constantly in- terrupted by questions, telephone calls, requests for var- ious keys, tickets to out-of-town games, forgotten locker combinations, and supervision of announcements. NISSPEARL ADANE3 Along with being secretary to the superintendent of schools, Miss Pearl Adams pays all the bills of the school organizations and keeps the accounts of the money in the class treasuries. Many students see her about requisitions for club and class demands. If not in her office you've surely seen her as cashier in the cafeteria at noon. lMRSjREBECCA ACKETT V For the past few years, because of enlargement of the school system, additional help has been used in the office of the superintendent of schools. Holding this position this year was Mrs. Rebecca Sackett, replacing Mrs. Evelyn Finney. Having previously worked for National Homes, Mrs. Sackett is employed at West Lafayette while her husband attends Purdue University. , n . . SALIE T SENIOR X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS B. Knaus ..... . . .Secretary J. Knoll .....,. .... P resident Mr. H. Evans .... ..... S ponsor P. Hollingsworth. . . Vice-President K. Craw ......... .... T reasurer As we walked down the aisle to the sweet strains of "Pomp and Circumstanceu, we realized that high school career was at a close. In the years to come, as we all go in different directions, we will still recall the wonderful times we had during our school years together. Looking back, we see that some of us started together in kindergarten and have been together ever since. Included in this group are Dotty Liston, Jan Walerstein, Marty Kohlmeyer, Mike Noble, Ivan and Iran Floyd, Bill Miller, Betsey Risk, Ken Craw, Bob Huron, and Di Kemmer. Re- member that all day trip to Thorntown that year? Musical water bottles, reading circles, and full days of school were the highlights of our first year. In second grade we practiced writing and spelling, and played our hearts out on the jungle gym. Trying our best to keep off the nags and on the race- horses in spelling helped to make third grade a busy year. Julie Griffin made her debut as an actress with a lead in a play and Bob Bradley joined the junior orchestra, quite an honor for a third grader. How can anyone ever forget the fourth gradewhen we became the first class ever to take a three day camping trip to Versailles State Park! Boy, did we feel big! Some of us began taking those Spanish lessons that year. Remember?? Those of us who did not get to go to Versailles pre- viously took the trip in the fifth grade. Do you remember all the excitement over those old fossils we found there? Then, in 'the sixth grade, we entered Junior High. This is where those Spanish lessons paid off because we got to be on a radio program three times a week. Can we ever forget those Don Winslow movies and the inter-class track meets, or what about that nature trip to Jasper Pulaski State Game Preserve? In the seventh grade we had the great new experience of having separate classes every hour! This, along with the mixers, those Arthur Murray dance lessons, and Council Capers, helped to make that year a memorable one. Eighth grade brought us those never-to-'be-forgotten night dances. Remember, too, how the boys always volunteered for duty at the bottoms of the fire escapes? And what about Miss Fites' lovely shower stalls? High school at last! We started our freshman year feeling a little cocky, but we were soon put in our lowly places after a few rides to Blackbird Pond. We will never forget Mr. Bush's "bugology" class and the beautiful f'?J biological gardens. As sophomores we went through the terrors of driver's training along with the teachers. And, girls, do you remember the time we painted the water tow - er at 3 a.m. in our pajamas! Oh, for the good old days! Pa- per, coat hangers, and a play helped keep us busy our jun- ior year, and all for what? Money, of course! Then we spent it all on our wonderful prom, "Gaite' Parisienne". Remem- ber the Eiffel Tower!!!! Those years went by fast and now our senior year has also passed. We worked hard on our play, "Sabrina Fair"g we lived it up at parties! We had fun, we worked, and now it has all become a memory of four terrific high school years. BUSY BODIE What would graduation be, without the traditional cap and gown? Peggy Shuman was chairman of this com- mittee. Assisting were Judy Alex, Dotty Liston, Pat Ellet, Larry Babb, Jim Jacoby, Jim Schick and Ivan Floyd. The grand finale of our high school career was Gala Week one glorious week of parties, picnics, dances and graduation. Chairmen were Beverly Knaus and Pat Hol- lingsworth, vice president of the senior class. Gala Week committee was Jim Collins, Marty Brant, Diana Kemmer and Ivan Floyd. "A penny saved is a penny earned," could Well be the motto of the Ways and Means Committee. This year the seniors worked harder than ever to reinforce the class trea- sury. Don Jordan and Tom Buche were co-chairmen. Bob Bradley, Bill Farris, Marian Hayes, Anne Keller, Connie Williams, Art Lake, John Mills, John Hesselberth, Dick Maxwell, Jed Engeler, Jim Sinninger, Cindy Sharvelle, Don Frazer, Phil Davis and Pete Kohnke were on the commit- tee. Judy Kemmer and Janet Felix did a fine job selecting and ordering our impressive invitations and name cards. The committee included Connie Forster, Jayne Livingstone, Jim Rheins, Marilyn Novak and Ruth Sutherland. Many hours were spent reading and selecting just the right play for our senior class. Ann Weiler and her com- mittee, Pam Cohen, Julie Griffen, Margo Maschmeyer, Margi Reuszer, Jan Walerstein, Jerry Buche, Betsy Risk and Ralph Vickrey accepted this job whole-heartedly. l l 1 tr A j A 4 3.21- C7 .cg 'Ka' . In ,D -it-V 1, irq'-., in 1 11-gr.-31-4.31.1-5-5' V. -'r-L: . 3.3.,.f.. ,, - -1, .ff"ll'Z'lJ- 'C'-I ,L --:-4-1 "4 JANET BERTRAM Girls' Club 2-43 Ahea 2-43 Glee Club 1-31 Deviltries 13 Speech Arts 1-43 G.A.A. lg Pep Club 2-43 SCARLETTE 3. BOB BRADLEY Football 1, 23 Tennis 3, 43 Track 23 Intramurals 1-43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Speech Arts 1-43 Glee Club 1-43 Chorus 1-4, Steering Committee 43 Orchestra 1, 23 "Annie Get Your Gun" 33 Deviltries 1-43 Ways and Means Committee 43 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Business Manager 4. MARTHA BRANT ' Girls' Club 1-4, Secretary 43 Ahea 1-4, Secretary 2, Exe- cutive Committee 33 Speech Arts 1-43 Senior Gala Week Committee 43 SCARLET AND GRAY 43 Den Board 2, 33 Pep Club 2-43 Glee Club 1-43 SCARLETTE 1-3. JERRY BUCHE Football 1-33 Intramuralsl-33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Speech Arts 1-4, Vice-President 4g Glee Club 43 Chorus 43 "Annie Get Your Gun" 33 Deviltries 1, 23 Play Reading Committee 4g SCAR- LETTE Business Manager 4. VELTA ABULS Glee Club 43 Ahea 43 Girls' Club 1-43 Pep Club 3, 43 Trea- surer'43 SCARLET AND GRAY 4. MARTI AGNEW Libertyville, Illinois, Fremont High School 1, 2g Girls' Club 43 Ahea 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Chorus 43 Triple Trio 43 De- viltries 3, 43 Pep Club 4. JUDY ALEX Girls, Club 1-43 Ahea 1-43 Pep Club 2, 3g Cap and Gown Committee 4. LARRY BABB Football 1, 33 Intramurals 23 Science Club 3. -Q! iv'-f -54- A :rbi 3 A-f.--.:. Alf Efiiiflil . JH ...p N3 inf 'EI' KEN CRAW Football 1-45 Traffic Commission Chairman 45 Senior Gala Week Committee 45 Wrestling 1-45 Hi-Y 3, 4, President 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Student Council 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 4. PHIL DAVIS Football 1-45 Basketball 1-35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Intramurals 45 Den Board 35 Science Club 45 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 2-45 De- viltries 3, 4. FRITZ DIENHART Basketball 1-45 Intramurals 1-35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 4. BOB DITAMORE Basketball 1-4, Captain 45 Track 1-45 Baseball 1-45 Foot- ball 2-45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4. -55 TOM BUCHE Speech Arts 3, 45 Deviltries 1-45 Boys' Glee Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Class Vice-President 35 Football 1- 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Ways and Means Committee 45 Prom Chairman 35 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 45 Intra- murals 1, 2. BILL CABLE Hi-Y 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 45 Boys' State 35 Orchestra 1-45 Dance Band 1-45 Pep Band 2-45 Glee Club 45 Chorus 45 Deviltries 1-45 Band 1-45 Captain 3, Drum Major 4. PAM COHEN ' Girls, Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Glee Club 1-45 Thespian 2-4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Pep Club 2-45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Advertising Editor 45 Deviltries 1-45 SCARLETTE 1-35 Den Board 3, 4, Secretary 35 Basketball Court 35 Senior Gala Week Committee 4. JIM COLLINS Hi-Y 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Deviltries 25 Football 15 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Golf 3, 45 Intramurals 3. Ss 'N NQJ Xt?" M fr-.J .fri Z JANET FELIX Girls' Club 1-43 Executive Committee 3g Ahea 1-43 Speech Arts 33 Den Board 2-4, Treasurer 2g Deviltries 13 Band 1-43 Glee Club 43 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Assistant Busi- ness Manager 43 Class Treasurer 33 Invitations and Name Cards 43 T.E.C. 43 D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4g B.P.W. Commercial Award 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 "Annie Get Your Gun" 3. IRAN FLOYD Football 1-43 Track 1-43 Baseball 1-43 Basketball 1, Man- ager 2-43 Lettermenls Club 2-45 Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 1-43 Hi-Y 3, 43 SCARLET AND GRAY 43 Senior Gala Week Committee 43 T.E.C. 1-4, Vice-President 43 Deviltries 1-43 Student Council 4g Den Board 1-4, President 43 Band lg Intramurals 2-4. IVAN FLOYD A Football 1-33 Basketball 1-43 Baseball 1-43 Track 1-43 T.E. C. 1-33 Speech Arts 1-43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Lettermen's Club 2-45 Glee Club 1-43 Chorus 2-4, Steering Committee 43 Class President 3g Student Council 3, 4, President 43 SCAR- LETTE 3, 4, Sports Editor 43 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Co-Editor 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. CONNIE FORSTER Jefferson High School, Lafayette, Indiana 1, 23 Girls' Club 3, 4, Executive Committee 43 Ahea 3, 43 Speech Arts 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Glee Club 43 SCARLET AND GRAY 4. -56 DON DRAPER Den Board 43 Speech Arts 43 Band 1, 23 Football 33 Bas-. ketball 3, 43 Track 1. PATSY ELLET Girls' Club 1-43 Ahea 1-43 Pep Club 2, 33 Speech Arts 1-43 Deviltries 33 Glee Club 1-43 Chorus 3, 43 Den Board 13 Cap and Gown Committee 4. J ED ENGELER Hi-Y 3, 43 Science Club 3, 4, Secretary 33 Deviltries 2, 43 Football 1-43 Basketball 1-43 Golf 1-43 Lettermen's Club 2-4, Treasurer 43 Ways and Means Committee 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Boys' State 3. BILL FARRIS Football 3, 43 Basketball 1-33 Baseball 1-4g Track l-43 In- tramurals 1-43 Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 4g Den Board 1, 2g Glee Club 1-4, Chorus 2-43 T.E.C. 2-43 Speech Arts 1-33 Devil- tries 1-4. '1 ', mf-,1. 3 3, 9' ,a v . " pl .f"' 'gl l ' " 3 -wi? I 3 I if QU hs! QI 'Qtr ?" w-of z N! 'G' JOHN HESSELBERTH Speech Arts 1-43 T.E.C. 1-4, President 43 Science Club 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Senior Ways and Means Committee 43 Hi-Y 3, 4g Intramurals 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Lettermen's Club 3, 43 Wrestling 1, Manager 2-43 Chorus 43 Student Coun- cil 43 Boys' State 33 Co-Technical Director of Deviltries 4. BILL HILL Hi-Y 3, 4g Basketball 1-43 Track 13 Dance Band 1-43 Band 1-43 Orchestra 1-43 Deviltries 1-4. CAROLINE HOAG Girls' Club 1-4, Vice-President 43 Ahea 1-4, Executive Com- mittee 33 Pep Club 2-43 Speech Arts 1-43 Glee Club 1, 23 Deviltries 1, 2, 43 SCARLETTE 1-3g SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Co-Activities Editor 43 Senior Gala Week Com- mittee 43 Student Council 43 Football Court 2, 43 Cheer- leader, B-Team 2, A-Team 3, 4, Head 4. PAT HOLLINGSWORTH Starkville High School, Starkville, Mississippi 1, 23 Ahea 3, 4, Executive Committee 3, 43 Speech Arts 3, 4g Pep Club 3, 43 Senior Class Vice-President 43 Girls' Club 3, 43 Devil- tries 3, 4. ' DAVE FRAZER Speech Arts 13 Deviltries 1, 23 Letterrnen's Club 3. 43 Foot- ball 1-43 Track 1-43 Gala Week Committee 4. DON FRAZER Hi-Y 3, 43 Lettermen's Club 3, 43 Football 1-43 Track 1-33 Intramurals 1-43 Senior Ways and Means Committee 4. JULIE GRIFFIN Girls' Club 1-4, Executive Committee 43 Ahea 1-43 Pep Club 3, 43 Speech Arts 1-4, Vice President 3, President 4g Thespian 43 Student Council 4g Deviltries 1-43 "The Cur- ious Savage" 23 "Annie Get Your Gun" 33 "A Man Called Peter" 3. MARIAN HAYES Girls' Club 1-43 Ahea 1-43 ,Speech Arts 1-43 Glee Club 13 Pep Club 2-43 Senior Ways and Means Committee. .21 -57- 'W '--.-,- 'x ' ' 2rdi"1"- A :Wu-. -.-.. R .ui -rv-V' hav J -ui xlf... ' if 4 'H l , mi i I 1 ,, f" , la-, ,.u..1,,, , DICK JOHNSON Hi-Y 3, 45 Football 1-35 Glee Club 1-45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Deviltries 3. JIM JONES Baseball 15 Football 35 Intramurals 1-45 Hi-Y 3, 4. DON JORDAN Speech Arts 2-45 Deviltries 1-45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Sergeant-at Arms 45 Ways and Means Co-Chairman'45 Glee Club 2-45 Chorus 3, 4, Manager 45 Den Board 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Football 1-45 T.E.C. 1-4. ANNE KELLER Girls' Club 1-4, Executive Committee 45 Ahea 1-45 Pep Club 2-4, Representative 45 T.E.C. 45 Glee Club 1-45 Cho- rus 3, 4, Historian 45 Triple Trio 45 Ways and Means Com- mittee 45 Deviltries 1-45 SCARLET AND GRAY 4. -58 DICK HOLST Football 1-45 Basketball 1-4, Co-Captain 45 Track 1-45 Baseball 1-45 Glee Club 45 Lettermen's 2-4, President 45 Den Board 1-35 SCARLETTE 45 Student Council 45 Senior Gala Week Committee 4. DICK I-ISIAO Taipei Taiwen High School, Formosa BOB HURON Football Manager 1, 25 Basketball 15 Baseball 1, 25 Intra- murals 2-45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Speech Arts 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 SCARLETTE 3, 4, Sports Editor 4. JIM JACOBY Hi-Y 3, 45 Science Club 3, 4, President 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Chorus 45 Intramurals 2-45 Basketball 15 Football 35 Golf 3, 45 Student Council 45 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 45 SCARLETTE Photographer 4. 4, -, gf., 'Wi I ie' , ii Nad MARTI-IA KOHLMEYER Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-45 Speech Arts 1-45 Thespian 3, 4, Scribe 45 Pep Club 2-45 G.A.A. 1-4, Vice-President 4, State Award 35 Den Board 1-4, Treasurer 3, Co-President 45 Gala Week Committee 45 "A Man Called Peter" 35 Deviltries 1-45 SCARLETTE 35 SCARLET AND GRAY 3,4 Circu- lation Co-Manager 4. PETE KOHNKE Football Manager 1-45 f'Wrestling 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Ways and Means Committee 45 Deviltries 15 "Annie Get Your Gun" 3. NATALIE KRYWOBOK Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 3, 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Den Board 1-45 Pep Club 2-45 Chorus 45 SCARLETTE 1-35 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 45 Glee Club 1-45 Orchestra 1-45 T.E.C. 45 Deviltries 1-45 Senior Gala Week Committee 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 3. ED KUONEN Darlington High School, Darlington, Indiana 1-35 National Honor Society 35 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 Hi-Y 45 Speech Arts 45 Senior Gala Week Committee 45 SCARLETTE 4, Photographer 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 4, Photographer 4. 5 DIANE KEMMER Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Speech Arts 1-85 Pep Club 2-4, Secretary 25 Den Board 1, 25 T.E.C. 45 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 2-4, Steering Commit- tee 45 Triple Trio 3, 45 Cheerleader, B-Team 15 Student Council 1, 45 Devlltries 1-45 Football Court 3, 4, Queen 45 Gala Week Committee 45 SCARLETTE 15 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Activities Co-Editor 45 Girls' State Al- ternate 3. JUDY KEMMER Battle Ground High School 15 Girls' Club 3, 45 Ahea 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Band 25 Speech Arts 45 T.E.C. 45 Deviltries 35 Class Secretary 35 SCARLETTE Circulation Editor 3, 45 SCARLET AND GRAY Art Editor 45 Name Cards and Invitations Chairman 4. BEVERLY KNAUS Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea Club 1-4, Executive Committee 3, Treasurer 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Class Secretary 45 Gala Week Co-Chairman 45 Deviltries 1, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 3, 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 SCARLET AND GRAY 45 Bas- ketball Court 4. JOHN KNOLL Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 45 Senior Class President 45 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 2-4, Steering Committee 45 Cross Country 45 Speech Arts 45 Deviltries 2, 35 Student Council 45 Intra- murals 1-4. "Annie Get Your Gun" 3. V23- -59.. MARGO MASCHMEYER Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 35 Speech Arts 1-45 Thespian 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Deviltries 1-45 Play Reading Committee 45 SCAR- LETTE 2, 3, Feature Editor 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 35 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 Football Court 35 Track Court 35 Basketball Court 2, 4. PAT MAVITY Ahea 1-45 Girls' Club 1-45 Speech Arts 1, 25 SCARLETTE 2. SARAH MAVITY Girls' Club 1-35 Ahea 1-35 Speech Arts 1, 25 Pep Club 2-4. DICK MAXWELL Football 1-4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball 1-45 Basketball 1, 25 Wrestling 35 Track 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. ARTHUR LAKE Speech Arts 1-45 Ways and Means Committee 45 Devil- tries 2-45 SCARLET AND GRAY 4. DAVE LISTE Track 2-45 Cross Country 45 Football 2-45 Intramurals 1- 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 4. DOROTHY LISTON Girls' Club 1-4, Executive Committee 45 Ahea 1-45 Speech Arts 1-45 Pep Club 2-45 T.E.C. 45 Den Board 25 Deviltries 1-45 Glee Club 1-35 Prom Co-Chairman 35 Cap and Gown Committee 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 SCARLETTE 1-4, News Editor 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Literary Edi- tor 4. JAYNE LIVINGSTONE Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 35 Pep Club 2-45 Glee Club 1, 3, 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Deviltries 1-45 Invitations and Name Cards 4. "'v ,,,., ' . f "i4 '7' A W, . , -Q gum f 5 'J ' M. df I' if A 1' Q.-9 -E' -6U- 'V X NL-' N MURRAY MILLER "Annie Get Your Gun" 3, Glee Club 2. BILL MILLER Football 1-43 Wrestling 1-4, Captain 45 Track 1-4, Dance Band 1-4, Leader 43 Hi-Y 3, 4, Speech Arts 3, 4, Letter- men's Club 3, 45 Band 1-49 Orchestra 3, 4g Boys' State 33 Deviltries 1-4, Senior Gala Week Committee 4. JOHN MILLS Central High School, London England, Heights High School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 33 Track 1, 2, 4, Cross Country 4g Wrestling 23 Hi-Y 4, Speech Arts lg Intramur- als 1, 2, Deviltries 1, 25 Ways and Means Committee 4. STEVE MORIARTY Den Vice-President 4g Football 1-45 Wrestling 1-45 Track 1-4, Hi-Y 3, 43 Lettermerfs Club 2-4. -61 1 . SHARON MAY Girls: Club 1-4g Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 45 Glee Club 1-45 Deviltries 1-4, Pep Club 2-4. MARGARET MAYO Girls' Club 1-4, Treasurer 4, Den Board 35 T.E.C. 45 Speech Arts 1-49 Ahea 1-45 Pep Club 2-4, SCARLETTE 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4: Deviltries 1-43 'KCurious Savage", Senior Gala Week Committee 4. BILL MCCLELLAN Lettermerfs Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 33 Chorus 2, Speech Arts 1, Deviltries 1-43 Band 15 Basketball 1-45 Golf 2-4, Student .Council 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, SCARLETTE 3, 4, Co-Edi- tor 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 3. r , Fly ,.-- .x ,u BECAIQY McKENNA Girls' Club 1-4, President 4, Ahea 1-4, Executive Commit- tee 35 Glee Club lg G.A.A. 4, SCARLETTE 4, Co-Adver- tising Editor 4, Deviltries 1-3, Student Director 4, Student Council 4s Pep Club 2-4, National Honor Society 3, 49 Girls' State 3, Speech Arts 1-49 SCARLET AND GRAY 3. l , 'X 1 I, X -E 1 l t X ' ' ' l DICK REITZ Klondike High School 15 Golf 25 Intramurals 3, 45 Science Club 35 Band 3, 4. I MARGI REUSZER Girl' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 35 Speech Art 1-4, Representative 3: Pep Club 2-4, Vice-President 3: T.E.C. 45 Student Council 45 Den Board 2, 35 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 2-4, Steering Committee 45 Triple Trio 3, 45 Dance Band Vocalist 45 Deviltries 1-45 Senior Play Read- ing Committee 45 SCARLETTE 1-35 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Co-Editor 4. JIM RHEINS Hi-Y 3, 45 Speech Arts 2-45 T.E.C. 2-45 Science Club 35 Den Board 2, 45 Deviltries 2, 3, Co-Technical Director 45 Senior Name Cards and Invitations 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 3. BETSEY RISK Girls' Club 1-4, Executive Committee 35 Ahea 1-45 SCAR- LET AND GRAY 3, 4, SCARLETTE 1-4, News Editor 45 Basketball Court 35 Football Court 45 Den Board 1-45 Speech Arts 1-45 Pep Club 2-45 Deviltries 1-45 Cheerleader B-Team 1, 2, A-Team 45 Play Reading Committee 4. MARTIN NEUWELT Jefferson, Lafayette, Indiana 15 Morgan Park Military, Chicago, Illinois 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 45 Hi-Y 45 Tennis 4. MIKE NOBLE Football 35 Baseball 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Trea- surer 45 Student Council 25 Lettermen's Club 2-4. MARILYN NOVAK Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 35 Speech Arts 3, 45 Name Cards and Invitations 4. CAROLYN RASMUSSON Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Pep Club 1, 25 Ahea 1, 2, 35 Girls' Club 1, 2, 35 Deviltries 2. C+- -52- . CINDY SHARVELLE Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Pep Club 2-35 Glee Club 15 Den Board 35 Devil- tries 1-45 Senior Ways and Means Committee 45 SCAR- LETTE 1-4, Feature Editor 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4. DAVE SHU Hyde Park High School, Chicago, Illinois 15 Hi-Y 45 Speech Arts 4. MARGARET SHUMAN Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-45 Pep Club 2, 35 Glee Club 1-45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 45 Senior Cap and Gown Com- mittee 45 Deviltries 1-45 Student Council Representative 4. JIM SINNINGER Hi-Y 3, 45 Den Board 45 Speech Arts 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Baseball Manager 2, 45 Ways and Means Committee 4. JOAN ROBINSON Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive 'Committee 3, 45 Pep Club 2-4, President 45 Student Council 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 45 Speech Arts 1-45 T.E.C. 45 SCARLETTE 1, 25 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Layout Editor 45 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 4, Newspaper Editor 45 Senior Gala Week Committee 4. FRED SAMSON Football 1-4, Co-Captain 45 Basketball Manager 45 Intra- murals 3, 45 Speech Arts 1-45 Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Secre- tary 4. ' JIM SCHICK Wrestling 25 Intramurals 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Orchestra 15 SCARLETTE 3, 4, Advertising Editor 45 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 45 "Annie Get Your Gun." MARTHA SCHUHMANN Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-45 G.A.A. 1-4, Secretary 2, Vice- President 3, President 45 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 3, 45 Band 1-45 Orchestra 3, 45 Speech Arts 1-45 T.E.C. 45 Pep Club 25 Den Board 25 Deviltries 35 Gala Week Committee 45 SCARLETTE 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4. -63- ' , 4 ANN WEILER Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea I-45 Deviltries 1-45 Den Board 2, 35 Speech Arts 1-4, Representative 15 SCARLET AND GRAY 35 SCARLETTE 1-4, Co-Editor 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Thespian 2-45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Coun- cil 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 "The Curious Savage" 25 Chairman Play Reading Committee 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Bas- ketball Court 4. CONNIE WILLIAMS Leavenworth High School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 15 Girls' Club 2-45 Ahea 2-45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Speech Arts 2, 35 Deviltries 2-45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 Ways and Means Committee 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 4. JIM SPALDING Hi-Y 3, 45 T.E.C. 35 Deviltries 35 Band 35 Pep Band 3, 4. RUTH ANN SUTHERLAND Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-45 Speech Arts 3, 45 Pep Club 2-45 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 45 Triple Trio 45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 Invitations and Name Cards 45 Deviltries 35 SCARLETTE Copy Editor 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 4. RALPH VICKREY Football 1, 25 Basketball 15 Track 1, 25 Intramurals 2, 45 Speech Arts 1-4, Treasurer 45 Thespian 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Prom Co-Chairman 35 Glee Club 15 Band 15 Play Reading Committee 45 Deviltries 1-45 "Annie Get Your Gun" 35 "A Man Called Peter" 35 SCARLETTE 1- 35 SCARLET AND GRAY 1-45 Advertising Manager 4. JANET WALERSTEIN Girls' Club 1-45 Ahea 1-4, Executive Committee 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Orchestra 1-35 Glee Club 1-45 Chorus 2-45 Senior Play Reading Committee 45 Deviltries 1-45 Thespian So- ciety 4, Secretary 45 Speech Arts 1-4, Secretary 35 SCAR- LETTE 1, 4, Art Editor 45 SCARLET AND GRAY 3, 4, Co-Literary Editor 45 "Annie Get Your Gun." You knocked? 7.. 7 Y..,.. , . .YW .-ii ,.. , A. ,nw , l, 1 , Q., l ' lwqfl f' u l I DK 2 ,l,,Jl'1i" , ,-ll i 7:-V ,' H ' 'Y . . ., "f ww . 1 M ,h -J 5 ' 1:'1':1.l:' T1. l 'l T . ,L l 'I V- . 'IL' l K 1 1 1 JA: . M ! I il- -N ,nf l N may sm ll afljlwlffzfllff Q 'fi .l we .. W - ' if I- -.L x ,V ll' f' ' N ltr.:-Il J L l ,T - '41 Our Own Private Brew Well, hello there whatever you are' The Raid You don't say? MMMmmman like . . .WOW'??? CAP , L , lx, ' ' 'F if Hz- r OB if -65- Wall now!!! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Y. Ramstad ................................ Treasurer D. Pferldiel' ..... ,.,.,, P regident Mr. D. Fites ....,. ...,.... S ponsor W. McCormick ..... ..., V ice-President J. Chapman ...... ....... S ecretary JOLLY JU IOR Filling the shoes left vacant by the departing seniors will not be an easy job for the class of '59, but if our senior year is as successful as our junior year has been, the task will be accomplished. Ably led by otiicers, Dave Pfendler, president, Wynne McCormick, vice-president, Jeanne Chapman, secretaryg Yngve Ramstad, treasurerg and our sponsor, Mr. Donald Fites, the junior class began to conduct money making projects early in the fall by producing the play "Stardust" Paper drives followed to provide funds for our elaborate junior senior prom. Many students held positions of responsibility in var- ious clubs and organizations. Ruthie DeLaCroix served as Ahea's vice-president, while others were members of the Girls' Club and Ahea's executive committees. Daphne Dunn and Ruthie Shenberger served Pep Club as vice-president and sergeant-at-arms respectively, Contributing to the suc- cess of Speech Arts were Lynn Quackenbush, secretary, IN MEMORY OF DICK BROOKSHIER 1940-1957 and Cecily Isbell, junior representative, and Mike McKen- na was chosen vice-president of the Student Council. Dave Hill, Yngve Ramstad, Jerry Dibble, Tom Luke, and Connie Andrews were in the dance band, while Julie Fontaine and Sue Harshbarger sang with the Triple Trio. Outstanding athletic ability was demonstrated by jun - iors: Mike VanBuskirk, Mike McKenna, John Connelly, Gordon Roberts, Jon Sommer, Steve Elkin, Bill Lang, Dave Pfendler, Keith Clanin, Dave Thoma, Dave Hill, Yngve Ramstad, Tom Luke, Jim Tudor, Dick Peyton, Gary Staggs, Jerry Dibble, and Allen Mayo. Backing W.L. teams as varsity yell leader was Sue Harshbarger, while Cecily Isbell, Anne Montague, Anne Tayloe, and Terri Moser lent their beauty to the football and basketball queen's courts. Joan Hadley and Sandy Seaton were associate editors ofthe SCARLETTE. Others in the class worked whole- heartedly on play, various clubs, and the Prom. ..,,.. - Y,,- -jr T, W T, C. Andrews , Z3 Z7 I i 0 L H , 4 B Ayres , .lv , ' ' ,' 1 ' e B. Bass 'f ' ' F I ' Q, . , I C. Binder l I , VN, 1 x -.J' I , 1 1 N .. X f' Y, t:LiZi77'f me - 'rn - T: ef - f ,. ' , f N 1 ' C. Calkin l Q 6, i X l r If J. Chapman Q, le 'di ' . A' ' 4 K. Clanin , -X . ' ' , Q . 'F F. Clark " ,I . A 2 I1 66- l on 'fl' 7""T.,VlV . H - ' Tl Va l 1 Q ll V . ..V V? . 1 V! W . ll fs. I ',-A ., i Ill VV . , I, VL ,V iw' i T V Q A ' V l J. Connelly ' V - . l' " V g. .-V3 Iii? ,V ff I C. Darling . V 'f ' Ll, V VV? .lf - ' V .Vg -' Vl... K. Davidson . f 1" ' Vl '- ' ...J EL W X QV 'I' R. DeLaCroix 1- --T -Q' V " l ii K' 1 -Dlj '-Elm' -3 .F V f' l i Ring .1.Dlllble . , 1 -- .2 g fi - f of ff G. Dietrich eg ' V ' V A ' N N I , 4 ..- , . D. Dunn ' L DD Y ' V J ' . 'V' V.V1 l. 'V' A. Eckles - 1 " H, V my Q- l S. Elkln V V V V ' , gl. ' VV, . D. Fan D - A l V f .ei 5 --r ll 5- ge. - R. Ferguson - -- l- -- ji- All f' 'A -:gfig.5,Q- ?'-N'-LQ., " if '-' W. Fleming - I f ' -F: Af . J. Fontaine l l V 'l V V - S. Greene ' 6' l - 'f -a' VV "i 1 , f- '- f V N. Greenlee 9 l ' . i' " ' .V -2 ' . 5 ff - 5 ' . J. Hadley 'ffl , V ' . V . ' V , ll l . ' Q S. l'lHl'Sl'lb3I'gGl' V A - V V T .- - VV G. Hartman ,. Q V V ..-ff..-X. lVV'l - 'MVV'Vf"i2. gf V .f VV D. Hill -511 -r ' "'f'T'1 f ww p n f ' - - ' 'W Vg V M. Hughes ' N ' ' a , l 'N C. Isbell -LV l . Am l V, - V ' e . ' V. V R. -.V V C.Jenkins ll V V f ' 4' 'N ., V. il w V V ' . 'E' J. Klaiber 6 V ' V ix - V , l L' ' -- ' B. Lang V. - V - N 'X V " V D. Little W V V KVIVVVVV - rr. Luke -, K V -4 ' TA V ,T V ,V-A .il , V -V-V - JL! ll .sg--V - 1 ,V .eL.g.gV'.TV?-jg'.:.,J J. Marasco -" Q! V l ' 'V f VV 5 "V, l-'V A. Mayo , V' - V l . .M W. McCormick "7 "" 'A ' 'f '. V V V V- il' 1 ' D f 'J M. McKenna V W V . Hell E Li ' '-, Q 95' - V" V C. MCNEBI' QV J - V ' ' " f V 6 ' A. Montague V ' .. W " VV - 'F' V . . 1' ' V I T. Moser V ' V l V -L-E 'I . . Q . L J S. Neuwelt ' V V al TJ NIH' ' G 1V J. Pence 1 ' 'A ' 1 l .J A . lg. geterman 9' Hp. 1 ,E l, 'EV " . . . eyton A A ' ' ' - wx 5 'lf V- uh D. Plendler ' - - -V l V.-V A. Poor . ' , J' -. . 1 ' D. Potter' Y I if ll l J . ,N - f E. Probst 'D mi 'Q , , r ' 1' 7 - 'T'7T"T' l 'ef - -K. - V D ' ' L. Quackenbush , I ' ' V. 'V V T , C. mall V . Sl 1 ' V V l Y. Ramstad 'V 1 NV K ' .A "TWA QI, if f gf: J. Rawles 'V ' 5 Vkgj- - lg J. Remmers V ' ff V D' .- ' L. Ridgeway Q ' f . . . . K" A ' G. Roberts V 3 I'--I V V -V -4 '!-- V1 4 7 V V , -,Q B. Ross ' bf-1 Fl . Vl . .. 1 S. Schatz X 'l l V . I " ' - 5. V lv G. Schultz fi V V. V . V- , VV avg -V . .5 l 1 -- S. Seaton "' L-J . fb Vj' 5 V lbw' '. ' fgf, ll. Shaw 'gl . V V. V42 Vg V ' . -. R. Shenberger A " ' , . elif , D l f.fV.'f. D ' J. Sommer ' , - HEL .DL-2 - , . . D B. Sorensen f 1 l ' A-f , ' 1 ' T' ' 'T ' -l' ' 'Lf jl V ' ' ..gV:' ,V? E ' "N G. Staggs ' V L' T' ' - f S. Smut . .J .2 V ' ' V 'R-f D. Straszlleim C. V, Q, will ll ga.. V, V, , V l ' 1 lf A. Tayloe l ' -1, 'l l-VV :Eff VT'-e. A ' ff?-". '- D. Thoma ' N V ' if 1 1- ' V V. M. Tinsley ' K 2 V-f' ' V: A , . f . J. Tudor zu., , ' . V . . ,v.,. -,. A A - . - '. ' 'Ui M. Van Buskirk 'gl ' " " " V - V . D. VanMeeter V .1 V V - S. Walls 315 , V- - - I . V V, ' V V . N J. Wendt . V '-f .' 4.1 ,lv V A , -' Aa. J. Wilson .rj N' g 'lf' i' V S. Withrow '- Q. ,-.Q A V l. ' W. Wocrdelloff , V 3V Q' VVVV WYNQ. -V V- E. Mmji' , l " J. Woods 1"- bgg. 3:6 Q-a I NOT PICTURED: J. Losey "7 A -67- ROW 1: J. Gery, M. Kelso, P. Kemner, J. Kemmer, R. Marshall, M. DeLong, C. Kramer, J. Moser, D. Teeling, P. Ullstrup, J. Crain, S. Sawicki, J. Brake, P. Hoxsie, J. Tompkins, H. Guard ROW 2: J. Cable, D. Bales, J. McFadden, A. Huron, C. Rush, B Pereida, N. Taylor, D. Ritchey, V. Snyder, S. Williams, A. Azpell, J. Leaman, Joe Wettschurack, J. Gillman, P. Eisinger, D. Lind- say, D. Miles. ROW 3: J. Skinner, K. Paradiso, J. Lett, V. Van- Camp, A. Gabbard, C. Hungerford, C. McCabe, J. Harden, A Michaelis, B. Hanks, H. Hagen, C. Beck, B. Hutchings, L. Spen- cer, T. Davis, M. Shoaf, G. Hitchings. ROW 4: N. Pollen, P Drake, D. Smith, C. Duncan, A. Greene, B. Miller, S. Marks, D Scott, W. Taylor, G. Fabian, C. Everly, F'. Shu, S. Mylroie, J. Nel- son, J. Gunderson, C. Kimball. ROW 5: G. Paloncy, M. Altmeyer, M. McKenna, S. Butz, J. Cromwell, M. Ewing, N. Kirkpatrick A. Bradshaw, G. Jones, G. Phillips, J. Speck, P. Katter, J. Her- rick, J. Dienhart, J. Farris, J. Knaus, B. Clark, P. Brant, D. Fra- zer, R. Haug. ROW 6: L. Hicks, S. Speer, B. Skelton, B. Henry, J. Jennings, N. Fegley, M. Wolverton, L. Finch, L. Thomas, S. Daddio, J. Voinoff, T. Tudor, D. Cosper, J. Stover, Jan Wett- schurack, J. Hester, D. Hadley, K. Rush, N. Williams, J. Web- ster. NOT PICTURED: M. Andrews, G. Baker, C. Greene, T. Davis, N. Forbes. 1 SAUCY SOPHOMORE This year the class of '60 outgrew the term "lowly" freshmen. We graduated into driver's training, geometry problems, health and safety, and more responsibility. Executively speaking, Ahea and Pep Club had sopho - more secretaries, Debbie Smith and Janice Gery, respec- tively. John Farris represented his class in student govern- ment by being on the Student Council. Budding actors and actresses in the sophomore class include Diane Ritchey, Chris Beck, and Ruth Ann Mar- shall, all of whom had parts in the Speech Arts play, "The Heiress". Lana Hicks was sophomore representative to the club. Leading the B-team to an undefeated season were the B-team cheerleaders, all from the sophomore class. They were Ann Huron, Ruth Marshall, Debbie Smith, and Jos- Ann Moser. On the royal courts, Carol Kramer and Ruth Marshall were on the football and basketball courts, respectively. Walter Taylor and Pete Ullstrup also served on royal hon- ors be being up for New Year's Eve Dance King. Musically minded from the class were many. Besides those in choir, Nancy Taylor had the honor of being the only sophomore in Triple Trio. In the instrumental field, Ted Davis and Lexie Finch played in the dance band. Rising athletes include Jerry Knaus, Jack Brake, Jim Crain, Paul Hoxie, John Stover, John Webster, Pete Ull- strup, Jan and Joe Wettschurack, John Farris, and Walt Taylor. Congratulations go to letter winners, John Farris, Walter Taylor, and Stan Sawicki. On the verge of being upperclassmen, but not quite there, the sophomores held their own very well as far as honors and talent go. Many participated in Deviltries of 1958, while Vanice Snyder, Carol Green, and Lexy Finch proved their ability as baton twirlers. It was a busy year for this class, but a happy one. -63- ROW l: C. Neuman, P. Kinnison, J. Daugherty, M. Payne, M. Hunt, S. Conkright, S. Greenlee, M. Livingston, S. Graham, E Tompkins, J. Stewart, L. Menefee, L. Wilson, L. Morse. ROW 2 C. VanCamp, l. Lokke, R. Low, L. Marek, G. Koenig, B. Wil- liams, M. Bradley, J. Wright, J. Pittman, M. Hogg, M. Keller, J Newlin, D. DuVall, A. Reisner, K. McCarty, C. Straley. ROW 3: D. Peterson, C. Williamson, L. Anderson, J. Miller, N. Woods, D Williams, S. Amsler, E. Darling, M. Altemeyer, P. Airgood, K Meye1', D. Sisson, B. Thoma, J. Goffmun, C. Kuntz. ROW 4: P Mooney, P. Pfendler, K. Taylor, J. Spencer, J. Bonewits, T. Ax- ton, B. Dienhart, D. Weigle, H. Steele, D. Mallett, C. Reeck, J. Foster, M. Cooper, B. Rush, E. Janssen. ROW 5: C. Brown, J. Rhodes, D. Tendarn, R. Clark, J. Freehafer, P. Kemmer, H. Montgomery, D. Dietrich, B. Chapman, B. Hang, J. Lischke, L. Croxall, J. Chastain, B. Laughlin, P. Morosoff, B. Kossack, R. Himes. ROW 6: D. Bates, D. Bookwalter, B. Fairman, D. Bart - lett, D. Wilke, J. Colvin, T. Ramstad, J. Hadley, A. Belinfante, B. Brelstord, L. Isaacson, S. Mickley, J. Dammon, T. Moore, C. Jonah, J. Bertram, S. Garner. NOT PICTURED: B. Butz, B. Cromwell, G. Johnson, A. Vining, D. Wilson. FRENZIED FRE HME Busy was the first year in high school for the Class of 1961. We became members of all the clubs, Girls, Club, Ahea, and Pep Club for the girls, and Speech Arts for both boys and girls. Marrily Hogg was freshman representative and took part in "The Heiress", while many oi' us learned the back-stage workings ofa play by serving on crews for this play. Boys mechanically minded, began learning about lighting, projectors, and amplifiers in T.E.C. Ann Reisner represented her class on the Student Council. Susie Graham won high rating in the National Art Scholastic Competition. Royally speaking, Nick Woods, was on the court ofthe New Year's Eve Dance. Tore Ram- stad and Chuck Reeck, both promising wrestlers, also play- ed trumpet and trombone respectively in the dance band, Karl Taylor was a Student Traflic Commissioner. In the sports department, freshmen coaches were well pleased. Starting the gridiron season Don Williams, Chuck Reeck, Harold Montgomery, Don Mallett, Karl Taylor, and Ted Axton stood out. Soon the calendar and season chang- ed to 'll-Ioosier Madness", basketball. Del Bartlett, Dick Clark, Nick Woods, John Freehafer, and John Mill pound- ed the hardwood. Familiar with the cinder track, Karl Tay- lor and John Freehafer proved their worth. Carol Straley displayed her literary ability by placing first in the SCARLETTE Christmas contest. Many of us also participated in the Deviltries of 1958. Among the fourteen new members to join our class this year 'were Diana Duvall, Jerilyn Henry, Pete Plendler, and Dick Bates. VVe've come a long way since that first day of high school last September, and we intend to go much farther in the next three years. -59- X u WP fr 4 0 . xwyqtaff U. sf: .l f . Q vt 0 03 s TEAM HEADS The West Lafayette football season turned out to be a very successful one after getting off to a slow start. The record was 6 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie at the completion of a very fine season. Under the leadership of co-captain Fred Samson and Dick Maxwell, Gordon St1'aley's grid squad proved to be well balanced both offensively and defensively. Dick Holst received the most valuable player award and showed time and time and again that he deserved the co- veted honor. ' f ,Aj 5. -4- My WW L iff' SAM 1, My JM W VL' ' aff a-arte-ef W , of Ja Q DMZ, Janie U M34 PIG KI ANoRA1vlflX ELWOOD: The first game of the season found the Red Devils on the road. Facing a heavy Elwood squad, the W.L. gridders were scored upon just before the half, but sparked by the running of Co-captain Dick Maxwell, and a touchdown pass from Bob Ditamore to Iran Floyd, the team came back to gain a 6 to 6 tie. , LOGANSPORT: The second gridiron battle found an overpowering Logansport eleven facing the home team at Leslie Field. The Logan Berries proved to be too much for the West Lafayette squad by scoring three touchdowns to the one for West Side. The final score was 20-6. LEBANON: The Scarlets still eager to get their first win, played a much improved game against the Lebanon Tigers. Jed Engeler and Steve Moriarty did a terrific job at their positions. However, the West Lafayette eleven went down fighting when several bad breaks led to two touchdowns for the opponents. The West Siders scored once making the score 12 to 7. CRAWFORDSVILLEQ A six game winning streak of the Red Devils got under way when the Devils met C-ville head on in a brilliant clash, holding them scoreless while scoring a total of 20. Dave Frazer played a fine defensive game helping to win this homecoming tilt. MONTICELLO: A favored Monticello eleven went down in bitter defeat before a fired up W.L. squad. The flu bug had taken hold, but the undaunted Red Devils came out victorious with a 28 to 7 victory. RENSSELAER: The Rensselaer Panthers bowed to West Lafayette by losing a rugged game 20-13. The Red Devils spoiled the Panthers' homecoming by using magnifi- cent teamwork. Phil Davis and Don Frazer helped tremen- dously in defeating the highly rated opponents. DELPHI: Chalking up their fourth straight win of the season, the W.L. gridders thumped the Delphi Oracles for a 20 to 6 loss. Bill Farris and Bill Miller both contri- buted greatly to the victory. SACRED HEART: In an outstanding exhibition put on by the West Lafayette squad, the Devils played right up to par by defeating the Sacred Heart gridders by a score of 34 to 0. One of the outstanding plays of the season was a 93 yard run by Dick Holst for a touchdown. Help- ing on that scoring play was the terrific blocking of Ken Craw, Iran Floyd, and Fred Samson, co-captain. I U- E YI - Q xyldiawd f-1 L-2 .f B A M XI?" I " , F y Q11 I 71 A ' A' A, W- A r' T- ' . .,,V' -1, ,L A ei , 'FMA-ll vp, l 5:2 UT B ' fy g 4 'Q 'YV l , ' 'lt ' . lg .ll Lil nf? Y: l 1 lx I, J ' J Y 5 x , .. Q 4 -V ' i 4 I l . . l ,I i . - f K Jil, -e jrgfk - Pi' li lr-2 q.., GE x kv."fr fi FI ,Ni 15531 'ROW 1: I. Floyd, D. Jordan, P. Davis, B. Miller, D. Maxwell, F. Samson, K. Craw, B. Farris, B. Ditamore, J. Engeler, S. Moriarty, D. Holst. ROW 2: Mr. F. Breckenridge, S. Seaton, J. Sommer, M. McKenna, G. Roberts, G. Staggs, B. Lang, J. Connelly, M. Van Buskirk, S. Elkin, Don Frazer, Dave Frazer, T. Buche, Mr. G. FRANKFORT: After a postponement because of the flu bug, West Lafayette and Frankfort tangled once more on the gridiron in one of the roughest and worst trying games of the season. Both teams worked hard for the wing how- ever the Red Devils came out on top by a score of 33 to 19. The season ended on a triumphant note for the school, but especially for the seniors,when the team won its sixth straight game. Chaos Straley. ROW 3: Mr. W. Berberian, D. Pfendler, B Ayles S Greene, J. Knaus, J. Brake, S. Sawicki, B. Hutchings W Taylor J. Farris, A. Mayo, F. Clark, J. Tudor, B. Sorensen, M1 B Man gus. W.L W.L W.L W.L W.L W.L W.L W.L W.L A-TEAM .. .. . .Elwood . . .Logansport . .. . .Lebanon .Crawfordsville ......Monticello . . . . .... Rensselaer . ..... Delphi . . . . . . . . .Frankfort .Sacred Heart And then the roof caved in. "Faster, fleet feet, faster' 9 ella' 'i ROW 1: J. Colvin, T. Axton, K. Taylor, J. Brake, J. Spencer, R. Haug, G. Fabian, D. Mallett, J. Foster. ROW 2: H. Hagen, P. Ull- strup, J. Hadley, D. Frazer, T. Tudor, Joe Wettschurack, Jan Wettschurack, D. Cosper, D. Scott, S. Mylroie, J. Stover. ROW 3: R. Bates, J. Chastain, B. Chapman, B. Hutchings, S. Sawicki, MANAGERS: ROW 1, M. Hughes, D. Little, P. Kohnke. ROW 2: B. Brelsford, S. Stout. J. Knaus, J. Farris, W. Taylor, B. Cromwell, J. Speck, G. Phil- lips, J. Dienhart, S. Marks. ROW 4: Mr. J. Mihalko, L. Croxall D. Williams, C. Reeck, J. Bonewits, P. Pfendler, H. Montgom- ery, J. Hadley, P. Hoxsie, G. Jones, Mr. K. Bush. W.L 12 .. .. ..... Southwestern W.L. 31 .... .... C rawfordsville W.L 7. . .. ....... Lebanon W.L 19 .... . ..... '. Delphi W.L 13. . .. . .. . .Monticello W.L 19. . .. .. ..Crawfordsville W.L. 30 .... ........ . Delphl fr dll DIANE KEMMER ,gi 3.1, COURT SEATED: Carri Hoag, Betsey Risk. STANDING: Cecily Isbell, Car- ol Kramer, Ann Montague. 5 kr. .Q : M?-me ,.-age , 12, , 1""Q, :UN ich F PIG KI PRIDE Excitement filled the air the night of the West Side-Crawforksville game, for that was the night West Side's Football Queen was crowned. Half-time came and the candidates entered the field in six beautiful conve1'tibles. The court and their escorts were Diane Kemmer, Ivan Floydg Bet- sey Risk, Jerry Bucheg Carri Hoag, Jim Jacobyg An- ne Montague, Dave Hillg Cecily Isbell, Don Strasz- heimg and Carol Kramer, Joe Wettschurack. Anne Keller, chairman of Girls' Club Booster committee, stepped to the microphone and in the silence that followed she said, "The 1957-58 foot- ball Queen is. . . Diane Kemmerf' Loud clapping and cheering came from the stands as Bill Cable, W.L.'s drum major, crowned the queen. .-5 U'- rix 1'-. A -E'-F' I i 'E , inc .f-41.5, X , W1 Q3-Y' B-BALL BEAUTIE With a spotlight and roll of drums, the 1957 58 basketball court was escorted on white car- peting to the wintery decorated risers for the crowning oi' the queen. Then the most exciting moment came---lJe- tween halves ol' the Monticello game, Margo Maschmeyer was crowned queen by Hi-Y presi- dent, Ken Craw. Margo was presented with a tiara and a bouquet of red roses. Her court, con- sisting oli Bev Knaus, Ann Weiler, Terri Moser, Anne Tayloe, and Ruth Ann Marshall, received gifts of Fabrege perfume. Bill Hill escorted Mar - go, while Dave Frazer, Fred Samson, Mike Van- Buskirk, Mike McKenna, and Walter Taylor, respectively, escorted the members ol' the court. Freshmen, Carol Straley and Ginny John- son, acted as pages. Crowning arrangements were made by Ann Keller, chairmang Wendi Woerde- hoff, co-chairmang and the members of the Girl's Club 'Booster committee. MARGO MASCHMEYER COURT SEATED Ann Weiler Bev Knaus STANDING Anne Tayloe Ruth Ann Marshall Terri Moser COLLABORATI CAPTAIN S Under the coaching staff of Bill Berberian and Fred Breckin- ridge, the roundballers toiled to turn out a successful team. Co- Captains Bob Ditamore and Dick Hoist led the team through many hard fought battles. The team closed the season with 9 wins and 12 losesg how- ever, they tacked on 2 additional wins by defeating Southwestern and Buck Creek in the Lafayette Sectionals. In the championship game with Lafayette Jefferson they once more played an excellent game, but lost it by a score of 50-46. Iran Floyd did a fine job managing the roundballers. Up and in! Out of reach -78- ' W T1 'vw Quclfllfifl 'iilmlffl A' J - . .l fu I i' li' '59 l R' -3, if. . I A-TEAM, ROW 1: D. Holst, J. Sommer, Ivan Floyd, M. Noble, lins, B. Lang, J. Engeler, D. Draper, B. McClellan, B. Sorenson Y. Ramstad, B. Ditamore. ROW 2: Mr. Be1'berian, coachg J. Col- Iran Floyd, manager. VIBRA T VARSITY SOUTHWESTERN: This year's roundballers opened the season with an impressive win of 75-40 over the Southwest- ern Wild Cats. A new gym scoring record was established with ten players breaking into the scoring column. COVINGTON: A well-balanced attack with a strong bench led the home team to victory over a determined quintet from Covington. i ZIONSVILLE: The first loss of the year came at the hands of a skillful Zionsville squad. A late comeback staged by the Red Devils didn't quite jell, and the time ran out with the score at 58-55. FRANKFORT: F'rankfort's Hotdogs proved too much for the Scarlets and gave us our second defeat. FLORA: The third loss was a hard one to take when Flora edged West Lafayette out by one point 56-55. LEBANON: One of the most thrilling games of the season was won by Lebanon in the last second of play by a score of 51-49. West Lafayette came out on the short end of the next two games by losing first to Rossville by a score of 52-43 and then bowing to Crawfordsville 53-48. WHITING TOURNEY: With the return of co-captain Bob Ditamore, the fired up Red Devils defeated Ham- mond Clark and Whiting in the four way Whiting Holiday Tourney. Jed Engeler, Ivan Floyd, and Dick Holst were mainstays that did outstanding jobs in bringing home the fine trophy for West Lafayette. DELPHI: The Delphi Oracles couldn't withstand the attack of the spirited Scarlets led by Bob Ditamore and Ivan Floyd with 15 and 13 points respectively. The game ended in a victorious score of 63-47 in favor of West Side. JEFF: On Jan. 14th the West Lafayette squad did a magnificent job against the highly-favored Jefferson Bronc- hos. They led the opponents all through the first half and fought hard all the way to the finish. Jeff won by a score of 50:47. MONTICELLO: West Lafayette dropped the next game to Monticello by a score of 45-36. WINAMAC: A monotonous parade to the free throw line by Winamac proved enough to defeat the Red Devils in their fourth conference tilt. PERU: Hitting 24 free throws helped the Devils shake off a determined Peru offense and win 56-50. THORNTOWN: An alert Thorntown five cashed in on numerous Red Devil errors and forged ahead to win. SHERIDAN: Coach Berberian's Scarlets moved past their conference foe, Sheridan, and soundly defeated the Black Hawks making their record 2-3 in conference play. ATTICA: The Attica team proved too much for West Side and handed the Red Devils a 54-59 defeat. RENSSELAER: The home team rolled over Rens- selaer by a score of 67-52. KENTLAND: West Lafayette finished its basketball schedule by routing the Kentland invaders and setting a new school scoring record. The score was a tremendous 91-44. ' B19 l QR xx 13. EA N 1 fl B-TEAM, ROW 1: Mr. Breckenridge, coach, T. Luke, J. Knaus, ROW 2: J. Brake, P. Eisinger, P. Ullstrup, D. Pfendler, D. Hill, F. Clark, J. Crain, J. Farris, B. Clark, Mr. Berberian, coach. J. Freehafer, J. Tudor. NOT PICTURED: J. Webster. A-TEAM SCHEDULE OPP. W.L OPP Southwestern 40 Monticello 36 45 Covington 45 Winamac 59 70 Zionsville 58 Peru 56 50 Frankfort 61 Thorntown 49 61 Flora 56 Sheridan 60 53 Lebanon 51 Attica 49 54 Rossville 52 Rensselaer 67 52 Crawfordsville 53 Kentland 91 44 Hammond Clark 58 Central Catholic 67 28 Whiting 55 Buck Creek 83 54 Delphi 47 Jefferson 46 50 Jefferson 50 AOAM , MANAGERS -81- I. Floyd C. Beck .I'!'1'11'l 177841. 1.. 7 'v- lie H an mu 'msg Wil-I ' V ' nm A - If ' 'C-I x. x 'WV Htl' -.I--.il lQl'1 ROW 1: M. VanBuskirk, J. Sommer, B. Ayres. ROW 2: D. Liste, B. Ditamore, D. I-Iolst, B. Miller, Iran Floyd. ROAD RUNNER TRACK: Under Coach Fred Breckenridge, this year's track team did a fine job. Although they had lost half their lettermen, depth was added by juniors and sophomores. Returning with letters were seniors Bob Ditarnore, Dick Holst, Dave Liste, Ivan Floyd, Bill Miller, and Iran Floyd. Junior lettermen were Jon Sommer, Bill Ayres, and Mike VanBuskirk. The track team participated in the Delphi, Logans- port, and Frankfort Relays as well as the Hoosier Confer- ence and Sectional meets. CROSS COUNTRY: A new sport was introduced at W.L. this year coached by James Tatlock. This was the Cross Country team led by Dave Liste, who did an out - standing job running for the Red Devils. Sophomore Pete Eisinger also made a nice showing. ROW 1: K. Rush, H. Guard, P. Eisinger. ROW 2: J. Tompkins, J. Knoll, J. Mills, D. Liste I -82. .,. , ,A-.. . Y. ..l.a V I, ... READY RACKET The West Lafayette tennis team opened the season with good experience behind it. Those members returning to action were Steve Elkin, Bill Cable, Bob Bradley, Jon Gillman, and Keith Clanin. Joining the ranks of the Scarlets for the first time were senior, Marty Neuwelt, junior, Frank Clark, and sophomores, Bill Clark and Norm Williams. Phil Kemmer and Jim Bonewits also saw action with the team. A few of the matches scheduled were with Jefferson, Frank - fort, Peru, Logansport, and Crawfordsville. ROW 1: S. Elkin, J. Gillman, B. Cable. ROW 2: B. Bradley, M. Neuwelt. Following the track season, West Lafayette's baseball Relying on senior lettermen, Dick Holst, Mike Noble, players began limbering up for the coming season at the Iran Floyd, Ivan Floyd, Bob Ditamore, Bill Farris, and Bob Friend Field. Coach Bill Berberian's Red Devils will Dick Maxwell plus juniors, Steve Elkin and Gordon Ro- play during the summer, participating in the Summer berts, West Lafayette should be well represented by the League. baseballers. ROW 1: D. Maxwell, J. Sinninger, manager, Iran Floyd, D. Hoist, B. Ditamore, B. Farris, Ivan Floyd, S. Elkin. Rough toughs T M E The Devil matmen, under the coaching of Bob Mangus, faced a tough schedule this season and wrapped it up by winning 6 of their 13 meets. Captain Bill Miller, Steve Moriarty, and Ken Craw returned to action as lettermen. The most outstanding meet of the season came when W.L. pulled off an upset, defeating powerful C'ville. Wins also came over Logansport, Crispus At- tucks, Decatur Central, Culver Academy, and Law- rence Central. 31. 2 -H 1. ar, A.-' ' .,: r I ' 'l'1 nl"! '-111' J , - .. . -Mar is .f ii? . el Li 'if' ROW 1: S. Sawicki, J. Dibble, K. Craw, B. Ayres, B. Miller, M. McKenna, W. Taylor, G. Roberts, K. Clanin. ROW 2: J. Hessel- berth, manager, F. Shu,T. Ramstad, S. Mylroie. D. Frazer, S. Moriarty, J. Connelly, B. Chapman, G. Jones, G. Phillips. ROW 3: G. Hitchings, manager, N. Williams, manager, T. Moore, S. El- ROW 1: T. Luke, D. Straszheim, Y. Ramstad. ROW 2: J. Col- lins, B. McClellan, J. Jacoby. -34- kin, S. Greene, J. Dammon, C. Jonah, G. Fabian, H. Montgomery K. Taylor, Mr. B. Mangus, coach. NOT PICTURED: H. Hagen R. Haug, L. Isaacson, D. Mallett, D. Peyton, J. Rawles, C. Reeck D. Thoma. WOOD WINNER Under Coach Bob Mangus, the golf team started prac- ticing on the Purdue Golf Course at the end of March. The team was built around Bill McClellan, Jim Collins, Jed Engeler, and Jim Jacoby. Juniors contributing to a suc - cessful season were Yngve Ramstad, Tom Luke, and Don Straszheim. The team's schedule included ten matches and the LaPorte Invitational Tourney. VARSITY: M. Maschmeyer, B. Risk, B. Huron, S. Harshbar- PEP PRO l W.L.'s spirit during the basketball and football games was well supported by the enthusiastic cheerleaders. Head cheer- leader, Carri Hoag, Betsy Risk, Margo Maschmeyer, Susie Harshbarger, and for the first time in many years a male lead- er, Bob Huron, helped the block section boost the teams with the needed pep. The cheerleaders also helped the Pep Club organize the pep sessions. The B-team cheerleaders, Debby Smith, Ann Huron, Josie Moser, and Ruth Ann Marshall led the B-team fans with much spirit. Josie also acted as A-team alternate cheerleader. ger, C. H oag. MAJOR MINGR Little noticed, but quite important are the managers for the minor sports, wrestling, track, and baseball. Their varied jobs include assisting the coaches when needed, administering first aid, issuing clean uniforms, rub- downs, taping, and general care of all equipment. B-TEAM: D. Smith, A. Huron, J. Moser, R. Marshall. MANAGERS: J. Sinninger, N. Williams, J. Hesselberth, M. Hughes -85- gg.: h . w -1.- ,vi J' X511 ," v-S7 4. 'Z' ., X. - -'lx '--P -:.,.. .-A. A-.TJ vv-qi, , Af,--, ,W ff 'l ..,J.9x 1 M" 4,.,g '15 'L QQ.. ff" ' , ' ..-A .- 1., ' .. 'f "X:-rf - ', . . 7, ' , ' 3 .-... ' - ' -'fp , " 155- ' ,-, . f 5 "1Zifa,'g' -wig. H, , '- - 1 -w,,-qp15- 'i5J,,-"ggi--' .M is yF5w',,1lf-q,.'.-," "LLM A - - ,im 1 ,,.,A '- " Y. 2 ily: AT. ., 1 -fx' -4 ' A 'n. ' , ,.. - . ,, A I. . P-I, xl .N J., , .- f ' - .af --f-1-,g fwfr-111: ' . - W ' -"A ' .L .rgfug Lp-Q4:f,,'F' "3i"1.j-Q,4j'gQgeggE9j,:23: -' I 1' X -gg ' V nl..." ,,,- 5. - , Y 4 1 ff-r.,'+1A f'.11-"':,:-few-1?21f,f'2-5.-U. 44- .. L- .. .. ,,. V-.,-F-,. 7 ,L,,iL.,f,.fy,,--u!,-,,,q.,p.3.,,.iA.,.fawL-,1 , 6- 'V - Q-zg, , - f"g-f'-,HQ . ggi? 5' fE.f,v-yQ'1'L" Jiri' f- ' ' "5 "DT 1 . J - -3--4- -.P Q,-...,. fl-.-.4 ., -L!-' '- -. we . .. .1 - . - - A V .. -' :"'x " -' ' ",1--+'-qm.aH-.1-411' 'Gm-. fr - V ' 'vvfgff'-5 fu ' '- . - Jw - 5:1 ,-.4 'mn .w.- .5-,P - .,, Ugg., A, - V , If - .ff -.fzq--fgqggg v ...- J? . -4-. -- ' , - 2 1'-"Mfr---1--1-':ff"' - .. -. -vi. - 75"-'C 'L-" 1f:?:Li ' Y. -fs - -,: . 'ffl ' ' gl." -:'T.::.1l,3inHE5i?At'M7ijf'Qff, ff. rif,v,,J1F' , , ,,. L2.,.7-'g'.rf , . ' :DQ-4.L Y- ,533-5+,3,LA,,. ,ix .5 Ygjgwfffu.. If f-5 , A-wif? .5-:"3,, ' ' 2 .!.7g, V' " """ Q '.57f'g'SPf!5gjNwfF'f:4+7 .--rj :..qlZjl62H9.r',:' r x .Eur .4 .1'.5'1 ,Wi ,?'5,-:---- , -, -fgv-.QW , - - '--N. ,- ' " -' -f-, 5 '. fn- .G--.1.?-wa. -vwfswyl. -.-,4 .. s -V-.5115-zagffg ,a-3+-gif?-9f4fe?.N3f:N-N.-fi-7111 ,,. , If-.3--,-L I :gf ,.-- .N ..f,,.m:.n,--'11, 6211, ,,,Qf2g1,-1.1 :.,,,gg3g1,q:m.-,f:,:g ., . - - .ff-' va- - 11-.. -X. rf-, , ' ' .rw Jfff1f.11 -Qw- K- f 1 Q- 4' "' ML ,ff.':'::--,- rin'--.w . " ,A . , . .. - . H Q.--,,. .1 , -5 N I Q N 25 mi SSX Eff 'WS PATRONS' PAGE Superior Launderette Co. Public Service Company of Indiana Tippecanoe Meat Supply Co. State Street Barber Shop Lafayette Typesetting Co. Chupp Jewelers Buck's Texaco Service Station Sears Roebuck 5 Co. Mahara Music Center Smith Shoes Marquess Flowers Smitty's Donut H Sandwich Shop A1 Mann Standard Service West Side Food Market Graves Quality Bakery Red's Barber Shop The Sportsman Lafayette Motor Parts Co. Skelton's Grocery Renee's Schnaible Drug Co. Stuart Jewelry Co., Inc. Wells Yeager Best Co. Ford Hopkins Drug Agency Gerry Mohlman 8 Son Jewelers Inc Moore H Kemple Hardware H Janitor Supply Co., Inc. -88- Jayne and Patti say, "Fashion doesn't cost a fortune at. . . Peg, Jan, and Joan are pleased with the quality of silver from. . . LODDES 419 Main Street THE BEST IN JEWELRY SINCE I884 Maggie and John take time out for a tasty snack at the . . . BIG WHEEL Drive-In Restaurant On the Levee Curb Service -g9- H ix.. ,, , , . ,. -, , V , - . .' r, 1' ' , 1 ' 1 1 K ' ' I- ' , J -it-Lg' 1.5 '55 Pam and Connie pick sportswear from... , ig.. Maln at Fourth rum 2-3895 P. Lafaye!te's Finest Specialty Shop 'if Sherry and Ed stop parking fuss by riding the bus. Greater Lafayette Bus Company, Inc. - Safe - Convenient - Fast - Ready to Transport Your Group Anywhere in Indiana For Complete Information Dial 2-3475 920 Ferry Street Lafayette Bob looks at sportcoats while Bob prefers sweaters. mrs 416 Main St. Wm dpi,-CEJH L AFAY M 90- Marian, Connie, and Julie have an eye toward the future with a pennant from .... WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED At DEAC'S H. G. REISNER BOOK STORE 325 State Street V Jerry and Bill would like to abate the rabbit population with a gun from... DILLON'S HARDWARE 32I State Street ---- Phone 3-1770 "Complete Line of Hardware" Bill, Judy, and Jim find every photographic need and interest fulfilled at... Photographic Supplies Finest Quality PHOTOFINISHING "Your Photo Friends Since 1902. " FIISTEII FILM SERVICE A. L. Breitwieser-Owner 411 State Street Phone 3-2561 Opposite the Union -91- ,-HQS Fred says, "Save money, feed two for the price of one at. . . ARTH REXALL DRUGS Corner Stadium and Northwestern Phone 3-2145 Janet and Velta say, 'Anytime is the right time for...- The WRIGHT FLOWERS Across From The Fieldhouse WEST LAFAYETTE PHONES 3-2177 and 3-2178 Telegraph and Delivery Service Bev and Dave are interested in a notebook from... 7 ORE 308-10 Sfafe Street THE STUDENTS DEPARTMENT STORE 92- Doc gives Bob a. lesson in self-defense. Spalding Rawlings "Athletic Outfitters of Champions" 5 l 4-520 Lafayette Dial Main St. Indiana 2-5036 Di, Carrie, and Margi relax with music and a coke at... NANCY'S DRIVE-IN Welcome West Side 52 By-Pass and N. Salisbury Closed Mondays Are those your shoulders, Ivan? Sf KS 529 Main Street Lafayette, Indiana -93- If ' ,dl lj.. Q. - . I use If ,' l I E QJL, flu, F 1 - l H I YI .. H. I . J , 51 i QQ., I' If I Iran and Ken find clothes for every occasion in the selection from.. . THE RAPF' CCI. 309 Columbia Sfreef Apparel and Shoes for the Entire Fclmily Bill, Art, and Jim receive the best of service at .... TIRES TUBES W. E. DAVIS Standard Service Phone 3-2772 State and Grant Sts. BATTERIES ACCESSORIES John and Pat agree that Marty has reached his V- second childhood. I I I5 0 Mom At Ninth I AT THE SIGN OF THE RocKlNo 1. .2 CHAIR Dave and Dick agree on old Chinese proverb, HSmart man shop at... BRI11 BRGS. ,f 12 North Salisbury West Lafayette, Indiana PHONES 3-1582 3-1674 Ooohhhf Sinc6::I87I p tt.1,. or Sportswear Shop-Second Floor 323 Columbia Street Phone 20111 Pete and Jim look over some fine equipment from... "One of Indic1no's Finest Photo Supply S'rores" Berry's CAMERA Shop Ferry cn' 4th Sf. Phone 2-4820 - 95 - mW5'f5vfi2FFiiIiA2' --J k Ng as ,,.4 You mean that prints a paper? fafayette PRINTING COMPANY 511-517 Ferry Street Phone 2-7828 Insurance or bust! BUNDY-MCNEAR INS. AGENCY INC. .BZOFERRYSTREET PAFAYETTEJND. I - I1 - TELEPHONES 28913 a d 25402 All Forms of General Insurance as. 'li' Marti and Betsey pick out materials from. . . "HoW about a Frozen Daquiri, Jug?" SARGE BILTZ, Inc. 2-0088 Parhes Banquets Highway 25 8K 52 Wegisxszifsyur Lafayette, Ind. Tom and Jim think that for the latest styles the best place to shop is. .. I f'Y4f. USG' Iqeieilers Lafayette f W. Lafayette Now a new and complete Boys' Department Wrong button, Dotty, wrong button! CHARLES L. SNYDER INC. Kossufh St. At 52 By-Pass ml L'? A C HRYSLERS M5330 PLYMOUTHS ,z MOTOR PARTS FACTORY PARTS TIP TOP USED CARS -97- ?fg- Love those contemps. THE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 360 State Street West Lafayette, Indiana Ruthie and Margo say if you want to look sharp buy modern at WWW H1 North Fourth Street Lafayette, Indiana The looks on their faces prove that the food is good at Park Sz Eat 252 E. State Street West Lafayette, Indiana Your Choice of Many Sandwiches 98- X--., ,N . , Rf sw Q '?++ lr ,, Yu! A iii ., , - - ,, W tw.. 5 , Y T1 -i n -if H I .n- ,ZF ...Ik ' -. - f .-bf 3. A Qi 1:2431 Service with a smile Kmnmm? Construction Co., Inc 208 Brown Street Lafayette, Indiana Business for Borden's THE BORDEN CO. Complete Line of Dairy Products Ice Cream for All Occasions UNI SCHUYLER AVENUE LAFAYETTE,lNDLANA A little capital, please! Main Office-Columbia at Fourth West Lafayette Branch Northwestern at Dodge Pizza party CARRY OUT ORDERS NO DEUVERY GQHBIQNIQDUS Free Parking 205 E. -STATE VI. L. Sitting pretty FAUBAER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. "General Contractor" North Ninth Street - Phone 2-3459 Lafayette Ruth and Don say, "Have a coke Drink In Bottles 100- Jim, Marilyn, and Dick all agree with Janie ..... there's nothing quite like 'burgers from the Tri Chi! ! I TRIPLE XXX WC, ferry New wa mt W' Wwe' can Us i f?Mf,Q.w5i!j6j1wOdw' 'MWC WM' MMS Ngamgmy sf. we' f Phone 3-1581 M6 , Www e dm, Smpuu 514,149 g ,- Ann and Becky give a word to the wise .... if it's quality and style wrapped in one you're looking shop at. . . for WI QUALITY AND STYLE 318 State Street - Phone 3-1617 - 101 - 1 1 Bob says, "Wear clean clothes, so'x,h.ave th 1 d t r so if em C 63,119 3. . . . ssrcs , s Q s r ss li Y in-it 5 222 North sf. w.L. x, 314 N. 4th sf. 8. MAR-JEAN VILLAGE DRIVE IN THE , X ay O ffii., ",: CUMPANY 271 S. RIVER RD., W1 Indiana's largest Collection ot Good Design In Modern Furniture and Accessories Phone 3-1394 102 - Bill and Dick agree if it's Ralph thinks Dick looks style you're looking for really sharp in his shop at... 1 chapeaux. mp I cl , JIU ,vi V - M , fm U K FJ U , 1 , .0 Wim JV' WMX J ji V 'V YF l " A I ,fue R E gli U, HJ or sry e go fo A I I 'J XJ X 'W' ,M f'X , La: V jwwyiw W ffl Til if AM U O me 1+ X li Q , Q nlclc HE uw se :ij 'V N if iuf 'Q V L ' ' U :Nfxrlm H23 7 XF K3 W CJ frlhfxi vt fix Ex X X WORN Nw X 19 ' ' H UIX A X XX, J U fl! 'KX 2' Af 'VN K My 'M W X MQ XD X A Wiyfl "l', if V 220 South Sheet J gxhm 7 U NxUL,mu l Q, 40'1jfWV-if is N3 e k K' X V M H Y L West Lafo effe 'XI X WJ fs Y 3 ,i 'M , fif KUJ, Phone 3-2578 1 if -103- izxx Q v'r ,A S YW W a ur 1958 Scarlet 315 Gray P gilfjgiw Photographer FRED BUTZ 4470? 121 N th 6th 2 2774 5 SQA W 7 3 WMV A 13, JW M Xyrdx. X - . 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Suggestions in the West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) collection:

West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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