West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN)

 - Class of 1949

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West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 93 of 114
Page 93 of 114

West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 92
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West Lafayette High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 94
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Page 93 text:

Name Pet Peeve Ambition Will Bob Graham . .People who think Jeff will beat W.L. in every sport To catch for Warrior in base¬ ball when he pitches a no hit game My catcher ' s mitt to any poor fool who wants it Bill Gray . .Motorbikes that don ' t work To keep out of trouble My managing job to Bob Bloss Evelyn Guard . .People who pull off others ' head scarves To find a job with high pay and no work involved My typing book to the Shows Mary Ruth Hadley. .Being interrupted to recite while getting chem in civics class To make English 32 in Purdue My clarinet stencil for my sen¬ ior skirt to the freshman clar¬ inet players Lee Halliday . .The confusing fact that every- thing happens at the same time To go to West Point The " Yellow Rag " and its " little problems " to Dorothy Ayres Joan Harlan . .People who pass you up with empty cars on cold mornings Chocolate sundae sampler My height to anyone who likes to see parades Charles Hatke . People who say the answer is obvious Retail druggist My ability to get along with Mrs. Isaac Jacqueline Hull . .Guess who! To bowl one 300 game My naturally curly hair to Pat Hogle Alice Jackson . .Mrs. Isaac ' s tests To see Paris The back booth at Bartlett ' s to the Lamea Lowell Jackson . .Angora sweaters To grow old gracefully My nickname to Mr. Eddy George Kantz . .Women To be a track coach My will power to turn down a smoke to Leroy Allyn Dick Keilholz . .Chubby women To see a dog catch Bob Friend My letter sweater to Edith Kennedy Jack Kensinger . . ' 34 Chrysler To break 200 in bowling My " Tech " crew ability to Don Trenkle Jo Kingsolver . .The " Weed " To be seventeen for the rest of my life My note from Krieb and Torro to Edi Kennedy Ted LaBree . .Fuzzy sweaters To have some ambition My " T " shirts to Kitty Clark Jackie LaPlante . .Betty and her brainy (?) ideas To be able to do something righV once The ability to run out of gas in strange towns to any unlucky person who wants it Ann Leahy . .Blue pass slips To get an A+ in chem My ability to get the car to Nancy Henderson Margaret Lefler . .People who are never ready on time To see W.L. have a gym in the near future My nickname to anyone who wants it Jane Liengme . . " Just checkin ' " To write on wet cement My nickname, Yo-yo, to any¬ one who qualifies Joan Lister . .Being called " Joanne " To own a convertible My ability to get places on time to anyone who doesn ' t need it Jim Longster . .Hydrogen sulfide in chem lab Not to get married until I ' m 35 and have a million dollars My ability to go with two girls to any freshman who can get away with it Frances McCabe . . " Library rules " To live happily ever after All of my front seats to anyone who wants to be at the head of his class Mary Jane Messenger.. .My nickname To graduate from college My conspicuous place in the marching band to Madge Bachman John Miller . .People that say they is but they ain ' t To get 18 holes in one in one game of golf My talents of playing sharps flat and flats sharp, and get¬ ting away with it, to Jack Jor¬ don Anne Moore . .Two people in German class Breakfast To see a clear and quiet room on Tuesday night My ability to get back in school to anyone who likes Naptown Mary Ann Moore. .Breakfast To write a best seller Ted, Dean, and Wayne to Lana Turner Dave Morrison . f .Girls that smoke To be as good as the Gleek thinks he is All my witty remarks to Jackie Gaylord Poling Fred Mozley . . " Important " Thermostat meet- ings (where all we do is play cards) To go a week without an argument with My ability to sing " Hill Billy Ballads " to Fred Willis Helen Neibert . .Cars that don ' t have brakes To get the other ring for my third finger To my brother, the ability to get the car Edi Oderkirk . .Jo To beat up Tubby My big brown eyes to Linda Barrett Page 91

Page 92 text:

SENIOR WILL Name Pet Peeve Ambition Will Marian Arvidson. .Lee Halliday To teach Bill to jitterbug My phone and Ronnie Roberts to anyone who likes three- way conversations Jim Ash . .Losing a game of fantan to a certain thermostat To bowl a 200 average game My ability to do nothing to any underclassman Rae Asher . .People who ask how much I weigh and then want to pick me up To convince Mrs. Isaac that I don ' t mind being in her classes My love of be-bop and Sarah to Jerry Maddox Bob Baker . .Ed Dillard To raise rabbits on a bee farm My basketball skill to Bob Kriebel Bill Bauman . .Getting slammed in the face by the Girls ' Rest Room door To be more like I am not My test cramming ability to anyone who has Mrs. Isaac Mary Ellen Binney .. .Rit ' s notes in typing class To go to California All the fun of a senior year to the coming seniors, especially the Thrianns Bob Blome . .Traffic jams in the halls be- tween classes To be a radio announcer at WGN My ability in English to Ches¬ ter Sheets Sally Bolds . .Men with crew cuts To see " far away places " My ability to be absent on Monday morning to anyone who likes late dates Bruce Brown . .People who say the answer is obvious To broadcast a West Side-Jeff game The name " Mangier " to Charles Moore Barbara Bryan . .White sox that show up at night To become a commercial artist and own ten swimming pools My accomplishment of whist¬ ling through my fingers to some ambitious freshman John Bullard . .The " Billys " To give college a try My typing ability to anyone Bonnie Burns . .Gaining weight To attend an Entre Nous re¬ union in ten years My nickname, Babydoll, to Corty Pat Butz . .People who insist on mispro- nouncing my name just for a laugh To see and hear Eckstine in person My shyness to Sue McMullen Louie Carr. .Running out of gas To be first in the cafeteria line My " new " car to my brother, Harry Tom Comingore . .Insincerity To leave each of my kids $1,000,000 My 28 point record in Intra¬ mural to George Owen Doris Conkright . .People who love to tease To make good in this world My dimples to anyone who wants them Sara Jane Cox . .People who smack their gum To make good grades in Purdue My ability to gain weight to Mary Lou Daane George Cromer. ......Bill Gray in all my math classes To accomplish something at a Penguin meeting A new trombone to John Castell (maybe) Ed Dillard . .Bob Baker and Tom Thise To raise whales in California My curly golden locks to George King Bernard Dodds . .People who are always on time To be only reasonably late somewhere My ability to hold extra points to the " Duckling " Edith Edwards . .My Short lab assistant To own a " Tudiebaker " My ability to walk up the hill on cold mornings to anyone Shirley Felknor . .Lemon meringue pie To hook a neat blond with a four wheel personality My porch light to Shirley Sherman June Frager . .My bangs on a rainy day To understand chemistry My ability to sneak into the show to Edi Kennedy Bill Freel . .A certain girl with blonde hair and a white sweater Have the Moonbeams sing at Radio City My ability to make enemies to any fellow smoe Steve Freeman . .One meat ball and no salt To be a first string guard for the Boilermakers My cafeteria job to anyone who likes to carry dishes Bob Friend . .The " Duck ' s” remarks To play baseball in big league My curve ball to the " Rangier " Alexis Gilliland . .People who are proud of their stupidity To win the Nobel Peace Prize My 4000 inch cyclotron to Miss Bushong ' s science classes Paul Gilliland . .A yellow slip from Mr. Eddy when I have no excuse To write a perfect English 8 theme My ability to dry lab in chem to John Cramer Barbara Girton. .People who refuse to learn anything beneath their dignity —jitterbugging To be on time some day and shock " Leftie " All the good times and fun I ' ve had at W.L. to somebody who makes better grades Gerhard Graff . .Dark blue shirts To own a Lincoln Cosmopoli¬ tan convertible The attendance office to Mr. Eddy Page 90

Page 94 text:

Name Pet Peeve Ambition Will Nancy loan Parker.. Jo saying, " I must have mis- calculated " after being set five tricks in bridge To be able to return to the lake with the Entre-Nous My sarcastic remarks to any¬ one who has the nerve to say them Richard Patch . .Typewriters that don ' t always space correctly To tell President Truman that the answer is " Obvious " My density concerning certain so-called jokes to Jim Keating Bob Phillips .. . " Got the Wheels " To see an hour movie in Mrs. Isaac s class My musical talents to Jim Keating Paul Risk . .Dailie s in any class To become perfect in Math Pity to all people who have sixth hour classes Jim Ritenour . .Four-wheel personalities To have a date with Pat Butz I will my will to Will if he will allow me Paul Ross ... .Kibitzers, in all sizes, shapes, colors and creeds To graduate My wit and ability to get into trouble to Bob Bloss Peggy Sammons . .When the windows on the Crosley stick To see Betty and Jackie de¬ velop their tinkling laughs My ability to own a car and never drive it Betty Satter . .People who think they are what they aren ' t To see all the Entre-Nous get their Mrs. Degree within the next five years My ability to unearth and cir¬ culate gossip to Elaine Fites Betty Schroyer .. .People who tease me about my long walk to school To be as " sincere " as Tom Comingore My big, baggy cheer-leader sweater to Mr. Hammer Jean Selby . . " Doc " Graham in Civics Class To get my gold-fish from Tom Comingore My ability to blow up experi¬ ments in Chemistry to some Junior that will have chem next year Margaret Shaw . .Homework To see the world My ability to consume candy bars to someone who needs them Luke Short . .My Chem lab assistant To own a Marina My chubbiness to " Runt " Cason Clinton Smith . .Billy practice teachers To blow up chem lab with my experiments My manly Physique to George King Mickey Statton . ...Marshmallow roasts without matches To understand Southern men My famous moods to Art Koenig Bob Straszheim . .People who stop the juke box in the middle of a record To beat the one-armed- bandits My ability to spill acid on my clothes to a scientifically- minded Junior Martha Sturm . .Little brothers See W.L. get a gym After mixer brawls to Sporty Howard W. Sylvester. .Girls in long skirts and levies To own my own motorcycle and airplane I, Howard W. Sylvester, being duly sane and sober, will my mug and stool at the Wooden Shu to H. A. Evans, Sr. Suzanne Tetrault .. .Late comers at a basketball game who insist upon the mid¬ dle seat To go out to Shawnee-on- Delaware this summer Maryann to " Monty " Clift Tom Thise . .My dad ' s car! To graduate from Notre Dame My dad ' s car to anyone who can operate it Betty Townsend . .Jackie and her remarks To develop a tinkling laugh One of my detentions to Mari¬ lyn Moss for past activities Howard Trenkle . .German class To be anything but a " Billy " A straight jacket to " Sporty " Cora Lu Ulrich . People who make remarks about my silver spoon pin To see all the places of inter¬ est in the United States My way with men to Nancy Henderson Jim VanPelt. .Girls that smoke To be some sort of a skilled operator My whiskers to George Owen Dick VerWiebe . .People who sleep at slumber parties To be the first man on the moon My use of the English to little Herman Gene Volk . .People who are consistently slow or late To be a toxicologist My ability to stay out of de¬ tention to any freshman who needs it Bill Whicker . . " Billys " To live in Texas My grades to anyone Edna Wilkison . .My many nicknames To bowl a 250 game My muscles to Richard Lind Don Wommack . .Conceited people To be six feet tall Ability to be teased to anyone who wants it Janice Woods . .People who ask, " Is there going to be a Pep Session today? " To take a rocket to the moon My white sweater with the gray and scarlet letter to any¬ one who wants it John Yost. Page 92 .Empty gas tanks To own a Tucker Third hour German class to anyone who wants it

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