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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1956 volume:

X X QT.: - - W 1- --xd, - -,Y, .. - ir. . TWYY ,,,v,,,g ,YYVYV -a Y ww 1 N 1 Q as . ,, ye i , x -ff w. i yniw 'V "1 V4-iw KL Q35 Q --AL f. A if ' "ff '::Ef3l-QQ, ' if i M. gk fa W Wok N vi, 5, f "if A n f an .ki ffwd "M, 'iI'f??3f2' Q1 'B 'Q ' RSM M- Fw Wx 3 ,X mg' N l ? - tri gi rw Wg F ff X 5. S' V w-Milk 1 3 -K Q , 5 K x x R , if gg' ...nf ,.-,.x,,. v M 1 .J SL-...." Q x :'. " ' I A - ' "' ' ' ' ' a g Wu4f - If-P 1941416 ,Tr'cLZQ, 3: X' . ,V --qNt- A ,gBfx7ML" A W b QWQ ai , D9 ' ', ,Q fi 2 - Vjyvw y' QQ, my ,SQ Q53 5824, BV, Wg! 5S'Yyly4fL1,WJyv X53 E53 Pirff' cg' Cf J . - gf 4, 5 fz . 6.435 V Viyjg' ' Wm Q XJJ mfwg, . N ' 'X W 1 'vw iff 6 ' W Q yn-va F 0-NQ .,C.c.wq2fg ,,fLQJ9y X 9fa""'f"'Q-'Ml-'L-1 Diff? w WM Sw WSJ W Q MK W Mfwiffwjwjff E2 .Sig L I ' wwfmmafg ' V" MX A I xi-3Q1, f lf'Lf Xe L vt Lv,: 2 ' UNM! ' If Ci' ,up F I Ax I L L' 1 if N Hb! Q. R' L t ' ,f2w0al'L,cLL I V-'L 95' 'W ' E JL vbuj lf f Vi 'LL at F MMM M f?'d"1" X' jj' Dogg' gl ,fv Q fr QT' I AJ vgufqw -' WMM? CM 9:Zfff3. AMQ M . f 4 5 , J s 4 1 i WM 'T 'Co UM Ayfikffa 0 Mr MJ X 2 . W M f0 MW 01' Ago WM 'W WWA 1956 g 'N IN. . , Q - . 4 , ' PK5PEiTy"CEf' KEXTH FERRY Z life y-.uf Sli? ' ff Nh f dll cf' 171 fa 5 fb, VW? W o owr"b 'C- haj gm -Mis njroillfi 4,5 QA!! have more Can w'3C'l'i qtofl Se? yOU J 1 AJ - 1 .' ., Q ua Ou I Sc,-ma O XF , X eff' f .'fj Q,f-QQLQQf gy 5 QQ WATERTOWN HIGH S W2 K: W YMNATERTOWLL SOUTH ILEZAIQOTA gigjag QW? qi af '72 Wei-B1 XGOQQI Zgvzpg VH Q13 Mi ' r MARY PULSQHER . LEE RAYMOND Edxtor-m-chxef Vrjttul, My usiness ana er PHIL WULFF Agx , TESKE Wk Photographer M J , ulty Advisor X vi MJLW " J 4 JV! 3 W ,climb MM iii' M , ,,. . 61 F-nfQ' if 1' n . . . . There is nothing like the silence and tranquility of the first heavy snowfall to make the world seem a. vast white blanket and to bring memories back into your mind. Memories come back of those happy times in school, important events, thrills and dis- appointments, casual locker conversations, and moments of frenzied enthusiasm. All of these and many other memories, we would like to help you recapture, for these are the things you will remember throughout your lives. With this purpose in mind, we present the 1956 ARROW .... fm' . - lg x wwgiv K ww KXLQWT, -'.- D 1 s 'EB N ' x 'NS it C , . sts:- Qu A -.. .3 . HST:-xii . AJ 1: if -4 . ' ' -:M ,,. 'L- ve' ' , ir' . MX K ' Q"QQ6F N ss, ., ,gf Q. -- S1 , ' of -. T TABLE OF CO TE TS Faculty .......................,. Representlve S enlors Seniors ......................... Juniors ..... ,... Sophomores Ki-Yi .....,............... Honor Societies Publications ...... Speech ,.,...,..... Dramadcs ,..,.. Clubs ..,.... Music ...,.., Football ..... Basketball .... Track .......,... School Life ....... . Q A . 5 . 4 :Q rv I QL . Q Y! 'mv x K , Q , if f ,AL y.. Q". ' PM WH --3 ,i9Q'-ti?f'Qf L " ' if f .,M,'W Q - . X " 9-my . K ------...:'-----..gQ..,,1,,fk""""-.....,.,,.,,, " " -'f 'I-nn..., M A" V ....,.,,,,m MM " ""' M f--. .. , 3 ' ' 1 X . Q we W pu y X A Us 9 as YN? ,A 1 's . J Xb! 54 55 .4 sf int.. 3 'V' R X . fi Q fl 4' Q ww 9 5 ' -W-,..-N. 1-Q. L, ,WN """'--Q.. Maynard Anderson, Vocal Music. Florence Bruhn, Art, College Prep. Aglin PRINCIPAL R. W. WHITE Mr. White, WHS's principal, is known for his ability to under- stand students and teachers alike. His understanding of per- gi sonal problems as well as educa- N' , " tional interests commands the Gespect of all. Dell Caldwell, Government, Business Arithmetic Elmer Carey, Orchestra. 'T J -.- .4-ss.-all . .Q I 1 LQ 9 X ,tt 'CWM- -www. A t 73' I I .,f!.k- Gene Cheever, Phy. Ed., Athletic Director. Dorothy Fosness, English II, Journalism. Frank Coffey, Student Activities Treasurer. Catharine Geenty, Stenography, Advanced Typing SUPERINTENDENT D. D. MILLER Mr. Miller, superintendent of schools, is the general manager for the school's'program throughout the year. His thoughtful understanding, gen- uine interest, and his clever humor make him well-liked throughout WHS. ,- I7 gif' wymkpd i . 1 , . L 1 X i i fx i 4 A y'k'1-lla:-ry Goose,. Drawing. - , I Alice Gray, School Nurse. x , M V 5 , . X- . L 4. f TEACHING US PURPGSE, REASONVAND IMPROVEMENT . .A Fx,rf:J x .V X 'wnf , i IJ Q .cb X Francis Grose, Ind. Arts, Trades and Industriesx' S511 Mewin Hanggn, Stenggraphy, Business Arithmetic. Clarenfle Hall, AgI'iCU1W1'9- Gary Hertz, Physics, Trigonometry, Boys Counselor. "' uu- . 4 I -If M ifgyijj H K 3 X ,Q+.:..-f-""-'ik K W Y' I L... - ' f?! 3fsv s 1 - -Z k.2..t,,.--,Mi 53. -mggw " -. Y-if ,S e fini o vw Jim Marking, American Government, Psychology Audrey McCollum, Home Economics. LEADING US TOWARD NEW RECGRDS 0F ACHIEVEMENT Q4 itchell, Biology. Naomi Moede, English III, Girls Counselor ?la wi UN SHARING OUR IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE Walter Nupen, American History, English II. Armond Pappone, Band. Mertys Olsen, American History. A Ruth Porter, Librarian. i 1 xo 's will ":8x31rQwi, .ggi , Earnest Shaha, Metal Shop, Auto Mechanics. Dorothy Spllde Geometry Advanced Algebra Harold Sampson, English II, Advanced Speech. Ruth Stlerwalt Geometry Advanced Algebra READY WITH A COUNSELING HAND Rudolph Stradinger, Advanced Speech, English II. F ww-qw......Y . x Norman Tigner, Chemistry, Psychology. l 'K 1 Leonard Timmerman, Biology. 'M Ky fn xx . A OFFICE STAFF , 'Q is xy . wx-. X-F fx! f Q Y' K ' A 1 v - , n , 4. Maxine Northcutt, Ruby Antritter, Mable Hanson. X Tir John Zimmer, Divers gaining. x Ella Kaasa, Ge. , Spanish. Nw. A K F JANITORS ' 4 X 'X "Tommy" Dulnyage and Vic Frentz. Ss U . 2' X xx , Q, x Xb -nf. uw s s 9 x il? . 35 vig? -: -.sim ' ': at H ' 'i 1 , - 3 N ,. , 7 Q 4 V I: Lrg 4! Z . . 5 y XE .wil Q 2 , J dl! SVN O f, A , I'-M 110.9 1' REPRESENTATIVE SENIORS CLASS OF 1956 STEVE SMITHVW J M MARILYN ZIMPRICH wifbfmiff fpfff! 3 wow, QL MWQ f - , 4 .MN ,KVM M ,j,9fp'M,J, A L F4 YW V 1 ,NAL L Z . Y N W? LXAW A pf 5 MARY PULSCHER LEE RAYMOND DALE KJERULFF E Q X A is ' 'YS GENE ALEXANDER-Football, Track, "W" Club, Mixed Chorus, Student Council .... JAMES ANTRIM-Choir, Boys' Octet, All-State Chorus, Band, Brass Sextet, Coronet Trio, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, One-Act Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Student Council, Ki-Yi Royal- ty, Homecoming Parade Committee, Sr. Class Pres ..... JAMES AUSTIN-Track, Cross Country, "W" Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Student Council, Bowling Club .... CANDACE AVERY-Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, P 8z G .... MARALYN BASSETT-Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks. STEVE BELATTI-Football, Intra. BB, Debate, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Bowling Club, Camera Club .... BONNIE BENTHIN--Mixed Chorus, Choir, Cecilians, Ki-Yi Kagers, P 8z G .... ALICE BEVERS-Mixed Chorus, Declam, Poetry, Jr. Class Play, Sr. lass Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Arrow, Tucks .... DAVID BOLHOUSE .... GARY BRADNRIET- Intra. BB, Debate, Declam, Projectors Club, Camera Club, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers. CLASS OF '56 PROVE ABLE LEADERS DALE BRYSON-BB Mgr., Band, Debate, Declam, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L., Boys' State, Hi-Y, Radio Speaking .... STANLEY BUSSOKOHL-F.F.A ..... RICHARD CARR-"B" BB, Football, Intra. BB, Mixed Chorus, Bi-Phi Chem Club .... LESTER CHIZEK-Jr. BB, Intra. BB, Bi-Phi-Chem Club, F.F.A ..... MELVIN COFMAN--Mixed Chorus, Choir, Radio Sgqeaking, Debate, Extemp., Declam, Poetry, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N. .L., Bowling Club Camera Club, Projectors Club . . D. . JOANNA COOLEY-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Aeolians, Cecilians, All-State Chorus, Radio Speaking, Declam, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Bowling Club, Cheering Squad, Tucks, G.A.A., F.N.A ..... CATHERINE COOPER-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks. 1 I 'T - -- if - VN LADONNA COX-Ki-Yi Kapers, Ki-Yi Princess, Tucks, G.A.A., Majorettes .... DARREL CROCKER-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers .... SANDRA CRUMP- Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Masque, Ki-Yi Kapers, Arrow, Student Council, Bowling Club, Tucks, G.A.A., Ki-Yi Royalty .... MARLYS DAHL-Girls' Glee Club, Band, Saxaphone Quartet, Declam, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, P Sa G, Bowling Club, 'Tucks, G.A.A ...., LYLE DAVID-F.F.A. LAVERNE DEBERG-F.F.A ..... CAROL DEVETTER-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Aeolians, Cecilians, All-State Chorus, Ki-Yi Kapers, Bowling Club ..,. JOHN DUGAN-Intra. BB, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Octet, All-State Chorus, Ki-Yi Kapers Master of Ceremonies, N.F.L. . . . . WESTON EDWARDS-Intra. BB, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers . . . . DONALD ELLIS-CActivities at Sioux Falls, S. Dak.J F.B.A, SENIORS SHOW TALENT IN '56 PLAY ROBERT ENDRES-F.F.A ..... BARBARA ERICKSON-Orchestra, All-State Orches- tra, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, G.A.A ..... CORRINE ERICKSON .... DOROTHY ERICKSON -Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, P 85 G, Tucks, F.T.A ..... LEONARD FISHER-Band .... MURIEL FISHER-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, G.A.A., F.T.A. Sec.-Treas., F.N.A. Sgt. at Arms .... JUDITH FORBUSH-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Tucks. -ff 19 , , Q lf? ia ,. . t .4 JUDITH FOX-Masque, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, Cheering Squad, G.A.A ..... TOM FRANKENHOFF-Football, Track, "W" Club .... ALEX GANATSOS-Track, Sr. Class Play, P 8x G .... MARY GILBERTSON-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Cecilians, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, P 8z G, Tucks .... MARILYN GOTTSCHALK-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Melodears, Cecilians, All-State Chorus, Band, Reed Quartet, Debate, Ex- temp., Declam, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L. Pres., N.H.S., Thespian V. Pres., Arrow, Student Council Sec.-Treas., Girls' State, Tuck Pres., Ki-Yi Royalty, D.A.R. Rep., Nat. Poetry Contest. BEVERLY GRAPENTINE-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Debate, Declam, Poetry, Masque, Jr, Class Play, A.A.U.W. Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Arrow, Tucks, F.N.A ..... VELMA GROS- KREUTZ-Girls, Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Tucks .... GARY GRUNDY-Band, Bi-Phi- Chem. Club .... DENNIS HACKBART-Bi-Phi-Chem. Club, F.F.A. Sec ..... CLIFFORD HAIDER. EDWARD HANSON-Jr. Class Play .... KEITH HANSON-Football, "W" Club, Intra. BB, Mixed Chorus, Choir, All-State Chorus, Radio Speaking, Declam, Poetry, Masque, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L., Thespians, Student Council, Hi-Y Pres ..... PHYLLJS HANSON--Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, Bowling Club, Cheering Squad Captain, Tuck Bd. of Dir., Bi-Phi-Chem Club, Ki-Yi Royalty .... LYLAH HAYFORD-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Orchestra Pres., String Quartet, String Ensemble, All-State Orchestra, Masque, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Quill 8: Scroll, Arrow, P. 8: G Co-Editor, Tuck Treas ..... EDWARD HEATH- COTE-Footbal, BB, Track, "W" Club, Intra. BB, Choir, Boys' Octet, All-State Chorus, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Student Cnuncil, Hi-Y, F.F.A. Pres., Sr. Class Treas ..... DAVID HELLBUSCH-Football, BB, Intra. BB, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Projectors Club, Camera Club .... JO ANN HEMMER-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Band, Declam, Poetry, Masque, Sr. Class Play, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, Tucks, F.N.A. Sec. Q 5 -in fax was .9 , X ig iisxk 'E xi , ,gg . 1:55 ,, Q f A is ,. -2:93 SALLY KITTELSON--CActivities at Sioux Falls, S. Dak.J College Club, Y-Teens, O.L.D. . . . . DALE KJERULFF-BB, Track, "W" Club, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.A.S.S., Student Council, Boys' State, Hi-Y, Projectors Club, Ki-Yi Chieftain, Soph. Treas ..... JERRY KRANZ-Football, "W" Club, Intra. BB .... JAKE KRULL-Football, BB, "W" Club, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.A.S.S., Hi-Y, F.F.A ..... JACQUELYN KRUTHOFF- Girls' Glee Club, Band, Brass Quartet, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks. CONNIE KUTZ-Girls' Glee Club, Choir, Cecilians, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thes- pians, P 81 G Co-Editor, Tucks .... DAN LAMKE-Intra. BB, Mixed Chorus, Choir, Boys' Octet, All-State Chorus, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Quill 8: Scroll, Arrow, P 8.: G, Bowling Club, Projectors Club, Camera Club .... JANICE LANE .... JUDY LANGENFELD-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Ki-Yi Kapers, Arrow, P 8: G, Tucks .... MARY LARSON-Band, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, G.A.A. Sec. JAMES LEE-Intra. BB, Choir, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Hi-Y .... ORIE LEISURE- Football, BB, Track, "W" Club, Choir, N.A.S.S., N.H.S., Arrow, Student Council V. Pres., Boys' State, Chief of the Arrows .... JANET LEWIS-Girls' Glee Club, Choir, Jr. Class Play, A.A.U.W. Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, F.N.A ..... CORINNE MAAG-F.N.A. . . . MARIE MCCLINTIC-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Debate, Declam, Poetry, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Arrow, Girls' State, Tucks, Bi-Phi-Chem Club Pres., F.N.A. V. Pres ..... JAMES McELHANY-F.F.A., BB, Mixed Chorus, F.F.A. . . . . SHIRLEY MICHAELS-Girls' Glee Club, Band, Radio Speaking, Debate, Declam, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, N.F.L., Arrow, Tucks, G.A.A., F.N.A. aaa "ww 1 JOHN MILES-Football, Track, "W" Club, Band V. Pres., Brass Sextet, Brass Quartet, All- State Band, Ki-Yi Kapers, Hi-Y, Bi-Phi-Chem Club .... HAROLD MILLS-F.F.A., Track, Football .... DONNA MOELLER-Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Debate, Declam, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, A.A.U.W. Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L., Thespians, Arrow, Tucks Sec., F.T.A. V. Pres., State F.T.A. Pres ..... BEVERLY MOQUIST-Girls' Glee Club, Band, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Bowling Club, Tucks, F.T.A. . . . . ALAN MOSER-F.F.A. GAROLD MURPHY-Projectors Club .... JOYCE NELSON-Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Bowling Club .... RONALD NELSON-Basketball, Track, "W" Club, Student Council, Hi-Y Treas., Cross Country, Ki-Yi Royalty .... INARI NUMMINEN- iExchange student from Helsinki, Finlandb Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, String Quartet, All- State Orchestra, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Student Council, Tucks .... RICHARD PAULSON--Football, BB, Track, "W" Club, Intra. BB, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, P 8: G, N.A.S.S., Hi-Y, Sr. Class V. Pres. ROBERT PETERSON-Choir, Band .... JAMES PICKERING .... MARY PULSCHER- Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Choir, Cecilians, All-State Chorus, Orchestra, Band Pres., Flute Quartet, Radio Speaking, Declam, Oratory, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, A.A.U.W. Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians Treas., N.F.L., Quill 8: Scroll, Arrow Editor, P 8.: G Sports Editor, Tucks, Homecoming Parade Chairman, F.N.A. Sec.-Treas ..... LEE RAY- MOND-Football Mgr., "W" Club, Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, Radio Speaking, De- bate, Extemp., Declam, Oratory, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L. V. Pres.-Treas., Arrow Bus. Mgr., Arrow, Boys' State, Bi-Phi-Chem Club V. Pres., Projectors Club, Scholarship Award .... MICHAEL REDDY-Football, "W" Club, Intra. BB . . . . KENNETH ROETHLER .... NANCY ROSO-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Declam, Sr. Class Play, Arrow, G,A.A., F.N.A. wg' Q .ax I 'Y H. - --'fi MARY RUEB--Masque, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, Bowling Club, Tucks, G.A.A., F.T.A ..... TED SANDERS-Football, Track, "W" Club, lntra. BB, Mixed Chorus, N.A.S.S., Hi-Y . . . . NINA SCHMELING-Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Masque, Sr. Class Play, Arrow, P 8: G, Tucks, Bi-Phi-Chem Club, F.N.A ..... GERALD SCHWANKE-Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, One-Act Play, Student Council, Hi-Y, F.F.A. Sec.-Treas., Homecoming Commit- tee .... ROBERT SCOTT-Intra. BB, Student Council, Bowling Club, Hi-Y. MARY SHEEHAN-Mixed Chorus, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, Tucks, G.A.A., F.N.A ..... CAROL SKELLS-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Masque, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, P 8z G, Tucks .... DWIGHT SMALL-Intra. BB, Mixed Chorus, Bi- Phi-Chem Club .... JERRY SMALL-Football, "W" Club, Orchestra, Band, Sr. Class play, CLASS RECORDS PROVE OUTSTANDING MARGERY SMITH-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, P 8: G, Tucks, F.N.A ..... STEVE SMITH--Football Mgr., "W" Club, Band, Radio Speaking, Debate, Declam, Oratory, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians Scribe, N.F.L. Treas., Arrow, Boys' State, One-Act Play, Bi-Phi-Chem Club .... WAYNE SNYDER--F.F.A ..... DONALD SPLINTER-Intra. BB, Jr. Class Play . . HARLEN STEIN-Band Sec., Orchestra, Woodwind Quintet, All-State Orchestra, Debate, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L., Bi-Phi-Chem Club .... BARBARA STOLTENBURG--Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, F.N.A ..... DOUGLAS STRICHERZ- Mixed Chorus. il 1 ' Inu- we Sl " vv HAROLD SUTHERLAND-Football, BB, Track, "W" Club, Sr. Class Play, N.A.S.S., Hi-Y, Soph. Class V. Pres ..... RICHARD SUTTON-F.F.A ..... CLAYTON TAECKER-F.F.A. . . . . FAYE TAECKER--Girls' Glee Club, Choir, Band, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, Bi-Phi-Chem Club .... DELORES TEMPLE-Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Tucks, F.N.A. FERDY TESCH-F.F.A. V. Pres., Soph. Class Sec ..... MARY TESCH-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Radio Speaking, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, A.A.U.W. Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Thespians, Tucks Bd. of Dir., G.A.A. V. Pres.-Sec ..... ROBERT TRAVIS- Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, P 8z G, Projectors Club, Camera Club .... JANICE TURBAK-P 8z G, Ki-Yi Kapers, Songleader, Tucks .... SHARON VIK-Mixed Chorus, Choir, Melodears, Cecilians, All-State Chorus, Declam, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks V. Pres., G.A.A. Pres., Sr. Class Sec., F.N.A. Pres. SENIORS HEAD '56 GOVERNMENT DAY CONNIE WAGNER-Girls' Glee Club, Bowling Club, Tucks, Camera Club .... ROBERT WAGNER-Intra. BB, Radio Speaking, Debate, Etemp., Declam, Oratory, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L. V. Pres., N.H.S., Student Council, Boys' State, Jr. Class Sec ..... EDWARD WHITE-Choir, Band, Brass Sextet, Brass Quartet, All-State Band, Ki-Yi Kapers, Bi-Phi-Chem Club State Pres., Projectors Club .... CHARLES WICKS- Bowling Club .... JOANN WEITGREFE-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Declam, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Tucks, F.T.A ..... BRUCE WILLIAMS-Football, BB, Track, "W" Club, Choir, Declam, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.A.S.S., Thespians Pres., Arrow, Hi-Y .... PHYLLIS WOITTE-Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Tucks. QS' QF' LARRY WOLFF-Bowling Club .... EDDIE WRIGHT--F.F.A. . . . PHIL WULFF- Intra. BB, Mixed Chorus, Choir, Jr. Class Play, Sr, Class Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, Quill 8a Scroll, Arrow Photographer, Student Council, Bowling Club, Camera Club, Projectors Club .... KENNETH YOCUM-Intra. BB, Boys' State. EDGAR YOUNG-Choir, Ki-Yi Kapers .... MARILYN ZIMPRICH-Girls' Glee Club, Debate, Declam, Masque, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, A.A.U.W. Play, Ki-Yi Kapers, N.F.L, Thespians, P 8z G, Tucks . . . JULIUS LARSON-Mixed Chorus .... JERRY MORRIS- Football, Track, "W" Club, Bowling Club. John Dugan, Jim Lee, Jerry Jorgenson, Ed Heathcote, Gary Brandriet, DeWayne Hjermstead, and Dan Lampke proudly show off their new argylls. Beverly Grapentine, Deanna Pella, Karen Johnson, Marilyn Gottschalk, Donna Moller, Judy Fox, Sharon Benthin, Beverly Moquist, Sandi Crump, Betty Kinney, Sharon Vik, Bonnie Ben- thin, Joanne Hemmer, and Marie McClintic "dig into" their spa- ghetti at a dinner party for Deanna Pella. ' 'fn A N ,i 5 bw ' 1 x wi Rx U l' SX J Y.. W, J. Nw-.,' M, -sr 'V . guy'--QQ,,.,., h S is sf 3 s WW , 9-SW -E' JU IORS The class of '57 worked throughout the year to provide the annual prom and banquet. This year the Junior Class be- gan the selling of magazines to add to their treasury. Doug England accepted the responsibilities of president, assisted by John Reese, vice-president. Shari Jackson was elected secretary and Wayne Ellis treasurer. The Junior Class was under the direction of Mr. Walter Nupen. Our school spirit was enriched by the co-operation and energy of these future leaders. -13 4. i Beverly Anderson Darrel Arbogast Sandra Auby Lowell Bach Denise Bauer Sharon Benthln Robert Bevers Howard Blizzard Brian Booth Marlene Borns JoAnne Brage Bob Brandrelt Donald Buchholz Marlene Buelow Elaine Bunde Eleanore Bunde Miriam Burgdorf Beverlee Burke Jeff Burks Gerald Busch Joyce Busskohl Mary Ann Butter- Marlys Cohoofn Carol Collins Ruth Ann Cordell Marilyn Coyle Barbara Creaser Thomas Croot brod! JU IORS CO TRIBUTE SPIRIT T0 WHS Patricia Curtlce Marvin Czech Beverly Dally Lou Ann DeWa11 Carol Dreyer Dorothy Dugan Sharon Dunbar Delano Dunn Joyce Dunnlhoo Clifford Zlllman Mike Ellweln Douglas England Joyce Flskvlk Francis Flemming Marie Flisrand June Frantz Lois Gartzke Donna Gasper Marie Gergen James Gibson Ina Grovenburg Deanna Gustafson Mary Haarstick Carol Hagan Judy Haggar William Halllng Edythe Harper Charles Harvey JoAnn Haytord Ronald Heathcote Richard Hellbusch Mary Henning Rita Henrichs Anita Hinsch Mary Ann Hoffman Patricia l-lowson Larry l-lurlbut Shari Jackson Darlene Jacobs Richard Jensen Dixie Johnson Dorothy Johnson 27 E GLA D HEADS T OMORROW'S LEADERS , ,Q as , , B in L f' if - g if 1, if A f' , 1 A K f 1 Y , I We 5 sf af' 'nl vi Mary Ann Johnson Michael Kampen Donald Kanne Marion Keeler Gloria Kemp William Keyser Larry Kielo Patricia Klucas Donald Kluck Gene Kluck Wayne Knudsen Richard Kosier Leon Kranz Virginia Kremer Irene Krugman Coletta Kuhn Kay Lanlgen Larry Larrabee Audrey Larson Joyce Larson Jon Lien Sherwin Linton Gene Lludahl Courtney Llvlngswn Barbara Maag Marlys Madsen Marilyn Magner Patrick Mahowald Jeanette Marshall Beverly Mclnroy Audrey McRoden Alvin Meisenheimer Sylvia Miller Evelyn Mills Janice Mlschke Barbara Morgan Jane Nelson John Nordstrom Sandra Olson Georgia Painter Ramona Papke Jerry Patterson 28 JU IORS PROVE ABILITY I CLASS PLAY Jnnlce Pence Bernadine Perry Judith Peterson Karen Petersen Janis Pleschke Joan Poppen James Pulschefr Thomas Rahllly Deanna Rausch Dorothy Ries Roger Ries Shirley Roethler Doris Ronning Linda Rounbohm 'P I . ,."' David Rousseau Carol Schmellng LaDonna Loris Schroeder Marian Schurmann Wanda Shenk Rita Sher-in Kenneth Sherill Anna Shoff Schnackenberg JoAnn Skells Ruth Skells Shirley Smith Dale Snyder Florence Sikkink .an Marilyn Stanton Marjorie Steinkogler Karen Stelnocker Lyle Strain Janice Stricherz Thomas Sturm Barbara Sutton Wallace Sykora Sharon Taecker LouAnn Tesch Owen Thacker Carol Thomas Byron Thompson Morris Trandal 29 JUNIORS WORK HARD FOR PROM SUCCESS i Shlrley Trltz Sharie Turner Dennis VanTasse1 Joseph Wagner Deanna Waite Karli Jo Webber Bonita West Evellne Williams Fred Willoughby Jack Wlnjum Patsy Womble Robert Wood Jeanette Woods Robert Zeller Elaine Bunde, Loris Schroeder, June Frantz, and Barbara Creaser have a locker gab fest. Mike Kampen and Marlys Madsen work on their Christ- mas art projects. fffvtzvw, xuwiw ABOVE: Bob Brandreit and Karen Steinocker discuss United Nations day with Miss Olson. 20 Mrs. Miles discusses sew- ing projects with Home Economics students Edythe Harper, Lois Gartzke, and Wanda Shenk. Janice Pence and Karen Peterson pose with their toys on Tuck Initiation Day. Roger Ries and David Rous- seau help polish off the Bucks on Mr. Tigner's Advisory float. A typical geometry class- room scene: FIRST ROW: Roger Ries, Linda Rosenbohm. SECOND ROW: Larry Hauff, Fred Willoughby, Mike Ell- wein, Bonnie West. THIRD ROW: Bill Stofft. FOURTH ROW: Wally Sykora. 3 l SOPHOMORES . qV" I ' - 'U y B kl' zI'A x A . . .- . . E5 gags. . l 7 O 'fe EN! 55 - -. l I' F e-5 A f' . 1 Q '11 -. Vrkk ,, xglffti . 4. H L1 .-l if K 1. . . 1 fl..- ng - . ,, .. .. ,I A K , ,. W el 'K ,,.,.N E I .' ' .. E . .J K 'io 1 , K 4 'gf1- ef- KX ' 1 wr J J .. . -- lc ea- . -. , J f:.-f fl, , 4, . . ... .- ,Q . i pn. J EAN Q' U mf 1 Q V? ,X l.. X 7- 7 .. .x . 5' . .gill ,..- fl K . 1 ', A K xi 4 6 Q A - A FIRST ROW: N. Ackman, D. Adolphsen, J. Alwin, P. Anderson, A. Angelson, P. Auby, D. Bale, M. Balthazar, J. Benthln, J. Ben thin. SECOND ROW: C. Bert, J. Beskow, B. Black, P. Blizzard, V. Boeder, J. Bohle, J. Borkhuls, J. Born, T. Brandrelt. S. Bridle. THIRD ROW: D. Brown, B. Brughardt, P. Campbell, R. Carpenter, J. Collins, R. Coley, G. Coplan, M. Coplan, K. Cordell, M. Cor- dell. FOURTH ROW: M. Cordell, M. Cordell, G. Cosgrove, R. Cox, A. Creaser, W. Davey, N. Davies, L. Davis, D. Dlgman, J. Dok- ken. FIFFH ROW: A. Douglass, W. Dreyer, A. Drovdal, P. Elsenblse, P. Ellwcod, D. Endres, M. Endres, T. Englund, G. Engwer, Evans. SIXTH ROW: P. Falvey, S. Feuerstein, M. Flebelkom, J. Fiskvlk, A. Foley, M. Foley, J. Fox, J. Fox, W. Frantz, French. SEVENTH ROW: D. Fuller, M. Gamill, M. Gasper, M. Gergen, D. Glessinger, C. Gilbertson, B. Givens, R. Gould, Grant, V. Grapentine. EIGHTH ROW: D. Gray, D. Green, P. Grlbbln, C. Groth, A. Gunn, D. Haase, K. Halajian, H. Hallberl, . Halverson, L. Hammer. WFUF' 32 ., . 0 . A J :G A Q K TRANDAL HEADS SOPHO ORE CLASS Q X "' 'W , , v J ' Q Y ,. s M E. HSI' 5 . - gl mv it H5 las f, x . . ,,, Q 3, 'W V if Ky,-j Av 15 sy , 1-' FIRST ROW: M. Hanson, D. Harkin, R. Harrison, E. Hayford, M. Heathcote, T. Hemstock, S. Hendren, J. Henrichs, L. Hertz, A. Hjellmlng. SECOND ROW: C. Hubbard, M, Hubbard, W. Hunter, R. Jackson, D. Jacobson, M. Jacobson, M. Jacobson, P. James, A. Johnson, D. Johnson. THIRD ROW: G. Johnson, K. Johnson, M. Jurgenson, S. Justus, M. Kaasa, J. Keller, K. Kellogg, N. KIDD, C. Klucas, R. Klucas. FOURTH ROW: R. Knudtson, L. Koepke, G. Konrady, M. Konrady, S. Korcal, J. Kranz, D. LaFrf.m- bolse, M. Landuyt, G, Langenfeld, R. Laqua. FIFTH ROW: C. Leisure, W. Lekvold, K. Leonard, R. Lewis, D. Linder, G. Lipett, G. Luken, R. Lunde, L. Lundeen, L. Mack. SIXTH ROW: G. McClintjc, G. McDowell, R. McDowell, D, McElhany, S. McLaughlin M. Meadows, T. Meek, N. Merritt, M, Middleton, F. Miller. SEVENTH ROW: J. Miller, W, Miller, S. Miner, L. Miner, J. Mitchell J. Mitchell, R. Mitchell, K. Moes, M. Monahan, D. Momeau. EIGHTH ROW: M. Moyer, J. Murphy, P. Murphy, B. Nelson, J. Nelson K. Olson, H, Orthaus, E. Osowski, J, Ostrander, L. Padgett. 33 SOPHS LE D VARIED TALE TS TO WHS 1. W - ""9 FIRST ROW: S. Paine, T. Patterson, K. Perry, J. Peterson, J. Peterson, M. Peterson, G. Popham, K Poulson, D. Purintun, Z. Puhl- man. SECOND ROW: M. Raderschadt, R. Ramynke, M. Raschke, L. Ratliff, R. Reddy, M. Redlin, M. Reihe, L. Rhodes, D. Ritz J. Roethler. THIRD ROW: M. Roso, A. Roush, R. Sage, S. Salchert, J. Schaack. K. Schaack, P. Schnackenberg, K. Schroeder W. Schurmann, J. Scott. FOURTH ROW: G. Shenk, L. Shepherd, A. Sigelman M. Simons B. Sleiter J. Small J. Smith. R. Smith N- Svrsen. J- Spiering. FIFTH ROW: S. Spilde, F. Spurlin, D. Stee, K. Stin, B.'Sti11lngs, A, Strege, J.,Strege, J: Strohfus, R. Stroh- fus, S. Tesch. SIXTH ROW: S. Tesch, G. Thompson, K. Thompson, S. Thompson, D. Tramlal, B. Tritz, J. Valentine, S. Vanslckle N. Venema, J. Vogt. SEVENTH ROW: J. Wagner, W. Wagner, B, Walker, F. Welch, J. Werth, H. Wheelock, C. White, D. Wlckes D. Williams, S. Williams. EIGHTH ROW: A. Wilson, B. Wilson, D. Yocom, J. Yocom, D. Young. 34 1 . L ! K 1 ' The sophomore class officers, newcomers to Watertown High School, have developed an efficient class organization. Leading the class of 236 students is David Trandal, presi- dent. Assisting him are Jim Vogt and Pudge Ellwood, vice-presidentg Margaret Hubbard, secretaryg and Peggy Schnackenberg, treas- urer. The ability and enthusiasm of the class of '58 has added much to WHS. These officers -and their classmates have proved a very valuable asset to WHS. The sophomores have alread p started lanning for financing the 1957 pm-ln. ,, , ,- -S ,ff ,, i Img f Al, I "" f Q- " X ' , lf, ffl i ,, , 'V if ' f' k""l - 'Q' , I 'I - 3. T' ,, I x -, , .P J 1 - . 1 V . , . f , , . , X. I K N L 1 ,. 1 7 jr f . - 1 f' L 1 1. f tif 2 ,1 1 .Q F " . ' 'N f -' 1 i g , f " , U ,, L 5, ' L x i ' I V li t' . X' ,Q 1 f . , 5 ' f 1 ' px V 4 ,l, I i f- , Bill Givens, John Dokken, Gretchen Lan- genfeld, Margaret Jurgenson, and Gerald Thompson work on Mr. Mitchell's advisory float. Kathleen Olson, Billie Balthazor, Janice Collins, and Sondra Mc- Laughlin scientifically dissect their biology prospects. Melvin Konrady and Lyle Ratliff paint their shop donations for the Cosmopolitan's Christmas toy drive. I X in ve . 3 ., ! XXX v 27, N, . X Z Q wsg' uf . ,gg 1-K 3' A na, W S 5' if 6 f, ,zu y S YS f 4, X if Lx. I 6 . N 1 ff Ni 'xr 3 'S S f' . I f S 4' H 11 ACTIVITIES ef CHIEFTAIN DALE KJERLUF F KI-YI DAY On a sparkling day and with radiant spirits, the 32nd Ki-Yi Day dawned. Students were whisked away as recruits to design business windows and white wash the streets. Everyone knew the preparation was worth the effort when they witnessed the splendor of the Legend presented by the Masque and Thespians. Tension rose in the auditorium as LaDonna Cox and Dale Kjerluff were chosen by the entire student body to reign as Prin- cess and Chieftain. Orie Leisure, as chief of Arrows, promised a fighting valor. The biggest parade in Ki-Yi history, with 28 floats, two bands, the Royalty, majorettes, and color-guard, strutted through the streets. A snake dance, consisting of the winning floats, the Royalty, band, and pep squad made its way to the stadium. When the rain began to fall, so did the Arrows as the Bucks slipped through with a 13-6 victory. Officially ending the festivities was the Ki-Yi Dance with music by Francis Hess. Gerald Schwanke Sandra CrumP PRINCESS LaDONNA COX l Marilyn Gott h lk onnie R N1 CHIEF OF ARROWS ORIE LIESURE Phyll' H I 39 nson Jim Ant Publications cops "most original." The gamble didn't pay off. Pep squad peps parade. Junior Class "streches" a buck. fvi' ,,. .-.fa-1. ,- . ls s ,gn vw-.4,.,,5, ,bv EUQTECUC Juniors begin work. Willing girls white wash Watertown. Committee Outlines Parade- Marchers escort LaDonna and Dale. 'nr SEATED: Sec, Bev Mclnroy, Pres. Jerry Jorgenson, V. Pres. Orie Leisure. FIRST ROW: Maxene Kemp, Shari Jackson, Jean Peterson, Deanna Waite, Lois Miner, Inari Numminen, Ann Creaser. SECOND ROW: David Trandal, Bill Givens, Mike Ellwein, Keith Hanson, Leon Kranz, Bob Scott, Gene Alexander, DeWayne Hjermsted, Bob Zeller, Jim Antrim. THIRD ROW: Kenny Schaack, Larry Lunden, Dale Kjerulff, Jim Austin, Doug England. STUDENT COUNCIL SETS FINE EXAMPLE Jerry Jorgenson held one of the schooI's most important offices this year - that of the Student Council President. As president, Jerry presided over the Council's weekly meetings and often opened convocations. This year five Council representatives journeyed to Huron on November 10 to attend the annual Student Council Convention. Student Government Day, this year held on February 16, is another Student Coun- cil project. For SG Day students are divided into wards and after three days of intense campaigning, during which WHS's halls are lined with campaign posters, the student body votes for a boy and a girl mayor, and boy and girl judge, and eight aldermen. On SG Day students get a taste of municipal government by actually taking over Water- town. .,--W-M ' ' f . A ,.4,zJL4ff Cf U - 58:13, lane' A0727 I 4 V, Y, I Aj ol. 4' ST ENT COUNCIL CONVENTION STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY OFFICIALS. SENTATIVES, SEATEDQ Jean Petergg , SI'A'I'ED:1Dick Paulson and Mary Pulschcr, co- lnroy, Judy Kay Hagger. STANDING: Lee Rhodes mivors. STANDING: Donna Moeller and Bruce and Jerry Jorgenggn, N H S SEATED: Jim Antrim, Bruce Williams, Marilyn Gottschalk, Bob Wagner, Karen Johnson, Mary Tesch. SECOND ROW: JoAnne Wietgrefe, Alice Bevers, Marie McClintic, Nina Schmeling, Maxene Kemp, Nancy Roso. THIRD ROW: Dan Lampke, Mel Cof- man, Dale Kjerulff, John Miles, Lee Raymond, Dale Bryson, Jerry Jorgenson. One of WHS's highest awards is member- ship in the National Honor Society. Five juniors are taken in each spring to form the NHS nucleus. Later in the year other de- serving seniors are given the honor. The WHS faculty is responsible for selections. Ten points and ten hours of work in Mas- que qualifies a student for membership in Thespians, the honorary dramatic society. Members of this organization sponsor the an- nual KI-YI Kapers. Bruce Williams is presi- dent, and Miss Bruhn is the adviser. THESPIANS FIRST ROW: Betty Kin- ney, Joann Hemmer, Phyllis Hanson, Mary Rueb. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Zimprich, Mar- ilyn Gottschalk, Judy Fox, Karen Johnson. THIRD ROW: Mel Cof- man, Connie Kutz, Donna Moeller, Mary Gilbert- son, Mary Pulscher. 699 SEATED: Mary Pulscher, Mrs. Fosness, Karli Jo Webber, Jane Nelson. STANDING: Dan Lampke, Lee Raymond, Sandy Auby, Judy Kay Haggar, Linda Rosenbohm, Lylah Hayford, Judy Langenfeld. Outstanding journalists are honored each year by membership in Quill and Scroll, an international society for journalists. New members are taken into the organization in March and a banquet is held in the spring. Mrs. Fosness advises this group. An experience in civic education is given each year to eight boys and three girls who are elected by the faculty to Boys' and Girls' State, which are both held in the spring. Absent from the Staters picture are Dale Bryson, Orie Leisure, and Kathy Bierne. STATERS SEATED: Marilyn Gottschalk, Dale Kjerulff, Jerry Jorgenson, Marie McClintic. STANDING: Bob Wagner, Ken Yocum, Steve Smith, Lee Raymond. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE FIRST ROW: Snowy White, Margaret Hubbard, Valerie Grapentine, Marian Middleton, Dianne Brown, Janice Collins, Phyllis Anderson, Mary Jo Raschke, Carol Collins. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Gottschalk, Lois Miner, Karen Kellogg, Karen Poulson, Carol Thomas, Marie McC1intic, Ann Foley, Bob Wagner, Bill Wagner. THIRD ROW: Mary Pulscher, Donna Moeller, LeAnn Hammer, Karen Thompson, Steve Smith, Pudge Ellwood, Lee Raymond, Mel Cofman, Ken Moes. NFL WINS STATE LEADING CHAPTER AWARD Always one of the most active organiza- tions in WHS, the National Forensic Leaguers have put in another busy year of speech ac- tivities. Highlight of NFL this year was the presen- tation of a Leading Chapter Award. The pre- sentation was made in convocation on No- vember 10 by Bruno E. Jacob, national execu- tive secretary of the NFL. Senator Karl E. Mundt of South Dakota, president of the NFL, was also on hand to speak at the cere- monies. An accumulation of 17,000 points gave the Watertown chapter the Leading Chapter Award for the second time in 12 years. Initiation of new members was held in March. In order to qualify for membership a student must have earned at least 20 points in interscholastic speech events. Ambitious NFL members entered a float in the annual Ki-Yi Day parade and sponsored a dance following the Speech Fiesta. Marilyn Gottschalk is president of the group, and Harold Sampson acts as adviser. UW99 FIRST ROW: Wally Sykora,.Bob Brandriet, Doug Kluck, Dick Paulson, Doug Kjerulff, John Miles, Mike Ellwien, Ronnie Nelson. SECOND ROW: Jerry Kranz, Joe Hemmer, Rich Koiser, Orie Leisure, Lee Raymond, Gene Kluck, Keith Hanson, Mike Kampen. WHS athletes who have maintained a "C" or better scholastic record for three consecu- tive semesters are eligible for membership in the National Athletic Scholarship Society. This, in turn, qualifies them for athletic scholarships. "Apples, apples! Buy a big red apple!" This is the call of the "W" Club boys as they sell apples at WHS athletic events. Club members are those boys who have earned a letter in football, basketball, or track during high school. N A S S SEATED: Bruce Williams, Dick Paulson, Wally Sykora. STANDING: Jeff Burks, John Miles, Steve Smith, Lee Raymond, Jake Krull, Dale KJeru1ff, Jerry J orgenson. SEATED: Lee Raymond, Judy Langenfeld. STANDING: Nancy Roso, Nina Schmeling, Alice Bevers, Bruce Williams, Steve Smith, Karen Johnson, Bev Grapentine. 1956 ARROW REFLECTS COUNTLESS HOURS OF WORK ABOVE: Photographers Tom Sturm, Phil Wulff, and Dan Lampke are busy finishing pictures for the Arrow. RIGHT: 1957 Arrow editor Karli Jo Webber consults with this year's.editor, Mary Pulscher. Countless hours of planning and work went into the publication of the 1956 Arrow, WHS's yearbook. Using a new system this year, only seniors worked on the Arrow, with the exception of next year's editor and photographer. The Arrow staff met on Wednesday eve- nings, but much was done after school hours and on Saturdays. Mr. Teske is the adviser. Seven Arrow and Purple and Gold staff members journeyed to Chicago this summer for the National Scholastic Press Association convention which was held at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. Mrs. Dorothy Fosness accom- panied them. NEW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Hurlbut, Janice Pence, Audrey Johnson, Sharon Bridge, Joyce Fiskvik, Dan Lampke, Loris Schroeder, June Frantz, Patty Curtice, Nadine Merritt, Florence Sikkink, Helen Hallberg, DeWayne Hjermstead. P 66 G ESTABLISHES RECORD OF FINE JOURNALISM ABOVE: Co-editor Lylah Hayford, Editor-in-chief Karli Jo Webber, and Co-editor Connie Kutz. RIGHT: Page editors Mary Ann Johnson, Judy Kay Haggar, Marion Keeler, Linda Rosen- bohm, Jane Nelson, and Sandy Auby, news editor. Purple and Gold had a record year. A new type face and better makeup won WHS's monthly publication Commendation from the South Dakota High School Press Association. The paper won several first place awards in the Sigma Delta Chi writ- ing contest and Karli Jo Webber repre- sented the staff on the All-State Journal- ism Staff. The Purple and Gold also used a new system this year. The first semester the co-editor system was used, but an editor- in-chief and news editor replaced them the second semester. Mrs. Fosness is adviser. FIRST ROW: Marian Middleton, Margaret Hubbard, Snowy White, Gerda McClintic, Val Grapen- tine, LouAnn DeWall, Mary Ann Butterbrodt, Ann Foley, Pat Steinocker. SECOND ROW: 'Karli Jo Webber, Carol Thomas, Dianne Brown, Carol Collins, Lois Miner, Phyllis Anderson, Mary Jo Raschke, Sylvia Miller, Marilyn Gottschalk, Bill Wagner. THIRD ROW: Karen Kellogg, Karen Poulson, Karen Thompson, LeAnn Hammer, Mel Cofman, Pudge Ellwood, Sherwin Linton, Lee Raymond, Steve Smith, Bob Wagner, Ken Moes. DEBATERS TALK THEIR WAY TO NATIONALS WHS dbaters rolled up an impressive record in interscholastic I events- this season. Sparked by four returning varsity debaters, both experienced and inexperienced squads "came through" for Coach Harold Sampson. Prizes of the .year included the Carleton College trophy and the NFL trophy, marking the first time in eleven years that a school had won the sweepstakes in this tournament. VARSITY DEBAT ERS LEFI' TO RIGHT: Steve Smith, Marilyn Gotts- chalk, Lois Miner, Lee Raymond, Bob Wagner, Carol Collins. l 48 AM I SEATED: Karen Poulson, Marilyn Gotts- chalk, Karen Johnson, JoAnn Hemmer. STANDING: Pudge Ellwood, Lee Raymond, Steve Smith, Bob Wagner, Margaret Hubbard, Carol Collins, Ken Schroeder, Sharon Vik, Bruce Williams, Mel Cofman. WHS RECEIVES 4 SUPERIORS IN STATE MEET "It's the first time it's ever happened, as far as I know," was Coach Sampson's corn- ment on the record of four superiors in the State Meet that his declamation contestents made this year. These same four people won superiors in the district contest, qualifying them for the State. A record number of students participated in the local declam con- test this year, necessitating both an elimination and final contest at the local level. DECLAM WINNERS JoAnn Hemmer, Poetryg Bob Wagner, Oratoryg Donna Moeller, Humer- ousg Karen Johnson, Dramatic. 49 FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Meadows, Snowy White, Margaret Hubbard, Audrey Johnson, Valerie Grapentine, Gretchen Langenfeld, Billie Balthazor, Marian Middleton. SECOND ROW: Dianne Brown, Peggy Schnackenberg, Nan Davies, Janice Collins, Karen Poulson, Lois Miner, Nadine Mer- ritt. THIRD ROW: Helen Hallberg, Ann Foley, Ann Creaser, Jeanette Borkhuis, Sharon Paine, Rita Sherin, Mary Ann Butterbrodt, Phyllis Anderson. FOURTH ROW: LeAnn Hammer, Karen Thom - son, Sondra McLaughlin, Patty Au y, June Born, Florence Miller, Maggie Jurgenson, Mary yo Raschke, Linda Rosenbohm, Karli Jo Webber. WHS MASQUE MEMBERS HAVE SUCCESSFUL YEAR: A new addition to WHS's drama department this year was the One Act Play Club. Under the able direction of Rudy Stradinger , the club presented a series of six plays to both WHS students and townspeople. At left is a sad moment in the melodrama, "Sally and the Villain." Sally fGretchen Langenfeldl, center, learns that the villain has run off with her money and is being comforted by her sister, Snowy White, and Ma, Janice J Collins. ' ' A ' LEW? -li? 545 Q N? gif nf- V 'W' 5 S af sf- if if ,M SQ 4 has Ni ,M W z .. X 1 ysg-f -up ff 5 35-2 1 L is ' ' 's V S V gg! sv , X f ffzffff YQ? W fx Mix N Q ILSFSQM . . Q N NNY A wagw ps , 1 '--Q3.:.n 1 9 X 5 . ig . -.. Rx .J 4 . qx K, .QB A I Q- ' f X, x w 1, Lv q S - X K .f Eg, ' ff xi ,gk Xxx , Q M ., N A ga ,. ., , ,, ,, .fqf 'M N K 'F t fm K - ' Y ll -- . ' ' .H - ' ' . K N s Q,BvfQS5A,'E? lEg ' , xsfgi . . I "far: k S: K in sg K 'L AX ...f K 1' W ,I ' Y ' . P ' -'i A I .SK 1575, , - ia! .., S, f X u x,.' 4. ,Q YQ Q 5 QyM f ' 3 Awxfl-I SENIOR CLASS PLAY FATHER OF THE BRIDE Rollicking through the delightful comedy, "Father of the Bride," were the members of this year's Senior Class Play production. Ed Heathcote, as the father, became involved in plans for the marriage of his daughter, Marie McClintic, to "that pair of shoulders," Steve Smith. Donna Moeller, as the mother, and Bruce Williams and Bob Wagner, as the bride-to-be's brothers, added to the general confusion which rose to a crescendo as the wedding day drew near. Others in the cast were Phil Wulff, Maxene Kemp, JoAnne Wiet- grefe, Marilyn Zimprich, Shirley Michaels, JoAnn Hemmer, Jerry Schwanke, Jerry Small, Keith Hanson, and Jim Antrim. Faculty adviser, Miss Florence Bruhn, was assisted by student directors, Marilyn Gottschalk and Karen Johnson. Pictured are: UPPER LEFT: Marilyn Zimprich and Ed Heath- cote, UPPER RIGHT: Marie McClintic and Ed Heathcote, CENTER: Miss Bruhn and Marilyn Gottschalk. LOWER LEFT: Keith Hanson, Alex Ganatsos, Robin Horner, Weston Edwards, Whitey Sutherland, and Dale Bryson. LOWER RIGHT: Donna Moeller, JoAnn Hemmer, and Marie McClintic. 5 I I lyk, . Ku 5 ..iY - za W SQ 4 X i 1 1 an E S4 i. .Si-v v x , X - H P E Q FIRST ROW: Mrs. Gray, Sharon Vik, Marie McClintic, Joanne Hemmer, Janet Heuer, Phyllis Hanson, Mary Henning. SECOND ROW: Nancy Roso, Janet Hindmen, LouAnn DeWall, Loris Schroeder, Mary Ann Johnson, Nina Schmel- ing. THIRD ROW: Margery Smith, Delores Temple, Marie Flisrand, Muriel Fisher, Janet Lewis, FOURTH ROW: Catherine Cooper, Marlys Cohoon, Marion Keeler, Judy Kay Haggar, Patty Curtis, Bev- erly Anderson, Mary Haarstick. Under the direction of Mrs. Alice Gray, R.N., the Future Nurses have spent another success- ful year in preparation for their chosen careers of nursing. Touring city hospitals, and spon- soring programs featuring medical speakers are Lust two of the many projects this busy club ad undertaken. The Future Nurses were guests of the Memorial Women's Auxiliary at a Valentine Day Tea. Think you'd like to be a teacher? These girls do, and as Future Teachers, they've had actual experience teaching and observing classes in local grade schools. Spending a day at the SDEA convention in Huron was one of the club's experiences. Maxene Kemp is president of the group, and Donna Moeller is president of the state FTA. Mrs. Dorothy Spilde is ad- viser of the Watertown chapter. FUTURE TEACHERS FIRST ROW: JoAnne Wiet- grefe, Donna Moeller, Mary Rueb.-SECOND ROW: Beverly Moquist, Dorothy Erickson, Phyllis Howey. STANDING: Maxene Kemp, Mrs. Spilde. FUTURE FARMERS E5RSf?L3S2Z6eP'if2fi3ch?83ZifV?ZF5 SS3SS2n13E?nt?.,fiac1'2??52Z Lawrence Mack, Verlin Beder, Leroy Snyder. SECOND ROW: Jim Beskow, Bob Bevers, Tom Sturm 9 Leroy Laqua, John Murphy, Dewayne David, Jim Fox, Vincent Spilde. THIRD ROW: Owen Thacker, Lowell Bach, Lyle David, David Jacobson, Arlyn Strege, Merlin Hackbart, Ronald Breth, Maurice Gunder- son, Jim Laframboise, Carl Below. FOURTH ROW: LaVerne DeBerg, Stanley Busskhol, Dale Snyder, Dale McElhaney, Ed Wright, Darrell Nogelmeir, Curt Berg, Melvin Konrady, Pat Falvey, Harlan Gran, Darwin Nogelmeir, Richard Simington, Don Ritz. The Future Farmers have completed another successful year, their members taking the sweepstakes and many other top awards in the annual Agricultural Week. They celebrated FFA week with a banquet. Mr. Hall advises this group, and Ed Heathcote serves as presi- dent. LATIN CLUB FHXST ROW: Jean Peterson, Ann Hoffman, Diane Brown, Ann Foley, Beth Crawford. SECOND ROW: Bill Wagner, Patty Curtice, Connie Lovick, Mary Horning, Nancy Sive- land. THIRD ROW: Leon Kranz, Inari Nummenin, Mar- ion Keeler, Mary Larson, Lu- cille Huebner. Latin Club is a brand new activity in WHS this year. Advised by Donald Ehrlichmann, the club consists of Latin I and II students. The group has adopted a Latin name and receives a Latin newspaper. Lou Ann DeWa11 is president of this club. Judy Fox, Phyllis Hanson, Jody Cooley, LaDonna Schnack- enberg, Judy Valentine. These five peppy girls cheered the WHS Ar- Working closely with the band, the WHS rows on at both out-of-town and home football songleaders added a rousing musical touch to and basketball games. They also worked up our our athletic events at home and away. The enthusiasm to a fever-pitch at the pregame girls often wrote their own lyrics to the band's pep rallies. Their spirit knowing no bounds, pep songs. Until last year sponsored by the the cheerleaders, along with the song-leaders, Tucks, t e songleaders are now a regular part entered a float in the annual Ki-Yi parade. of the WHS cheering department. y SONG Ja H f 'ii' rr . K f J U7 LEADERS Betty Kinney, Janice Collins, saggy Schnackenberg, Bonnie ES . 56 I lggilirfiaalggaialasihgorothy Ries, Janice Yocum, LaDonna Adding sparkle to the WHS marching band were these five peppy majorettes. Advised by Miss Leonhardt, the girls erformed at football and basketball games, in tie Ki-Yi Day Parade, and in the annual Ki-Yi Kapers. The girls' spec- iality this year was an act featuring lighted batons. In addition to these things, the ma- jorettes also coach a largle class of young ma- jorettes from junior hig and from the local grade schools. G. A. A. FIRST ROW: Barbara Erick- son Georgia Painter, Audrey Mcizoden, Janet Sgiering, shir- ley Roethler. OND ROW: Kay Halajian, Sharon Wil- liams, Janet Heuer, Marlene Simons, Sharyn Hendren, Mar- ilyn Kaasa, Janice Fiskvik, Susan Corcal, Eveline Williams. THIRD ROW: Muriel Fisher, Sandra Justus, Marilyn Coyle, Marie Fiebelkorn, Marion Reihe, Barbara Nelson, Nancy Kipp, Joyce Larson. The Girls' Athletic Association, under the direction of Miss Leonhardt, has spent another successful year improving their athletic skills. The girls held volleyball and basketball tour- naments during the year, and s ent time on soft- ball, soccer, dancing and tumbling. Perfecting their skill on the tramgoline was also one of the aims of the girls in t is club. Several G.A.A. members taught volleyball in the grade schools during the year. HI-Y FIRST ROW: Charlie Haan, Ronnie Nelson, Jake Krull, Dick Paulson, Jim Lee, Doug England, Mike Ellwein. SECOND ROW: Dale Bryson, Casper Klucas, Lee Rhodes, Dale Kjerulff, Don Kluck, Robin Horner, Ronnie Halverson, Jeff Burks, Bruce Williams. THIRD ROW: Larry Lundeen, Buzz Roethler, Sherwin Linten, Jerry Jorgenson, Gene Liudahl, Bob Stofft, Wally Sykora, Gene Kluck, Keith Hanson. The inspirational Thanksgiving and Easter convocations that are presented to WHS stu- dents each year are the work of the Hi-Y club. Besides these two yearly projects, the boys enter the state intermural basketball tourna- ment in Sioux Falls. Mr. Hertz is the adviser. Have you ever wondered who runs the movie projector for that movie you had in history? Well, most likely it was a member of the projectors club, for these students learn to run the projectors, recorders, and other audiovisual equipment. Their adviser is Mr. Hertz. PROJECTORS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Brand- riet, Phil Wulff, Pat Mahowld, Dan Lamke, David Hellbusch, DeWayne Hjermsted, Mel Cof- man, Dale Kjerulff, Mr. Hertz. BI FIRST ROW Wayne Hunter John Murphy Ken Moes, Bill Wag- ner Phyllis Anderson Gerda McC11nt1c Diane Brown, Billie Bal- thazor Marvel Gamill Roger Ries John Bohle SECOND ROW Marie McC11ntic, Ed White, Pudge Ellwood Dick Reedy John Miles Dick Carr Dennis Hackbert Lester Chizeck, Robin Horner, Future scientists can work on biology WHS s shutterbugs can practice the "tricks chenustry or physics projects in B1 Phi Chem of the trade in Camera Club. Here they Club Many projects are entered in the an learn to take and develop pictures. Mr. Tim- CAMERA CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. Tim- merman, Connie Wagner, Mary Landuyt, Janet Wagner, Carolynn Groth, Morrie Trandal, Gloria Shenk, Dan Lampke, Ardys Gunn, Mary Rad- erschadt, Alan Siegel- man, Phil Wulff. SEC- OND ROW: Mel Cofman, John Grant. school except driving. Inari s oke at in- numerable civic clubs during Her stay in Watertown. Carol Collins was Inari's hostess. FIRST ROW: Linda Rosenbohm, Florence Sikkink, Lou Ann DeWall, Janice Pence, Ann Hoffmann, Bonnie West, Jeannette Marshall, Marilyn Magner, Mary Jule Haarstick, Carol Collins. SECOND ROW: Patty Curtice, Patsy Womble, Mary Ann Butterbrodt, Marjorie Steinkogler, Marlene Borns, Evelyn Mills, Loris Schroeder, Carol Thomas, Ruth Cordell, Marian Schurmann, Darlene Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Joyce Fiskvik, Karli Jo Webber, Denise Bauer, Rita Sherin, Marie Flisrand, Mary Henning, Karen Peterson, Karen Steinocker, Marion Keeler, Mary Ann Johnson, Carol Dreyer. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Auby, Judy Kay Haggar, Barbara Creaser, Ruth Skells, Doris Ronning, Joyce Larson, Beverly Dally, Elaine Bunde, Joyce Busskohl, Barbara Morgan, Deanna Gustafson, Carol Sue Hagan. TUCKS, GIRLS' PEP CLUB, HAS BIG YEARg "Babies" Karen Peterson, Janice Pence, a d Bonnie West perform in the "Baby Parade This bright- e y e d 1 i t tl e blond is Inari Numminen,our Finnish foreign exchange stu- d e n t . S pon- sored by the Tucks, Inari's a c c e n t a n d musical ability h av e b r i gh t - ened WHS all year. She was intrigued by hoopskirts and loved all of her s u b j e c t s at EIRET ROW: Betty Kinney, Mary Rueb, Maxene Kemp LaDonna Cox Beverly Grapentine Jody oo ey, Sandi Crump, Phyllis Hanson, Janet Heuer, Sharon Vik. SECOND ROW: Lylah Hayford, Marie McClintic, Janet Hindman, Judy Langenfeld, Phylis Waitte, Marilyn Bassett, Connie Wagner, Barbara Erickson, Mary Tesch, Marilyn Zimprick, Joann Hemmer, Mary Sheehan. THIRD ROW: Candace Avery, Alice Bevers, JoAnne Wietgrefe, Delores Temple, Janet Lewis, Cathy Coo er, Velma Groskreutz, Janice Turbak, Carol Skells, Muriel Fisher, Mary Pulscher. FOURTH ROJW: Caroline Kannas, Barbara Stoltenberg, Shirley Michaels, Dorothy Erickson, Nina Schmeling, Laima Jegeris, Karen Johnson, Connie Kutz, Donna Moeller, Beverly Moquist, Mary Gilbertson. INITITATE 57 "BABIES," SPONSOR FORMAL "M mrny" Maxene Kemp hurries her "babies" along past the reviewing stand. Rei in over thegr'TuEk for- - mal was Betty XE, Kinney, the 1 9 5 6 T u c k S w e e th e art. i Betty was crowned at in- termission by Marilyn Gotts- resident, after chalk Tuck Being chosen by the boys at- tending t h e dance. The theme of the formal was "Mystic Moments" and Arabian Nights d viser. orations, including a huge gold Aladdins lamp, predominated. Mrs. Moede is Tuck ad FRONT ROW: Sharon Bridge, Helen Hallberg, Sharon Paine, Janice Pence, JoAnn Hemmer, Faye Taecker, Dorothy Johnson, Jeannette Marshall, Lou Ann DeWall, Nancy Kipp, Karen Kellogg, Loris Schroeder, Phyllis Anderson, Miriam Burgdorf, Gerda McClintic, Wayne Hunter, JoAnn Hayford, Snowy White, Margaret Hubbard, Marian Middleton. SECOND ROW: Mr. Pappone, Marlene Borns, Judy Peterson, Jane Nelson, Shari Jackson, Shirley Tesch, Carol Groth, Audrey Johnson, Corinne Johnson, Barbara Morgan, Marlys Dahl, Jim Antrim, Byron Thompson, Bob Peterson, Gloria Shenk, Karen Paulson, Lois Miner, Ed White, BAND MARCHED AND PLAYED This was a red letter year for the Watertown High School band. At the first public appear-f ance on Ki-Yi Day the 75 band members were sporting snappy new purple and gold uniforms. The double breasted gold jackets and purple trousers were set off by gold K'West Point" caps with purple plumes. White bucks and gold socks added to the striking appearance of precision marching by the band. But with all the finery, the band did not rest on its laurels as musicians. In fact it might well be said that it was inspired to new heights by the new costumes. Besides playing for all home football and basketball games and pep meetings, the band lent its talents to the Hobo Day Parade at South Dakota State College in Brookings on October 31. The musicians also per- formed with the Brookings High School band at the Arrow-Bobcat football game in Brookings. The sectional basketball tournament in Webster was enlivened by the band's popular rendition of "Rock Around the Clock." Performances by the band at the Fall, Midwinter and Spring concerts were well received by the public as was the appearance at the Music Festival in Milbank. Band officers for the year were Mary Pulscher, president, John Miles, vice-president, Har- lan Stein, secretary-treasurer, and Ed White, seargeant at arms. Armond Pappone wielded his talented baton as director of the group. Several band members were selected to go to All-State Band at Sioux Falls. John Miles, baritone horn player, has been an All-State Band member for four years. 62 ? il Q -s RV . 1 l.l I , S9 1 5. ff Y if if xr r if 3 V A i fn 1 5 Q, is x f 'gg 'Q' 1' ' 3 Q 7 K A ,. ' QS gif if gg, -S5 "X 2 Q E : ff X A ! v 5 . 1 2' : li .Ad N -X ' ' f fy 4 . P"' , fu. 1 YY Q 'F ' Q Q " N 'iff E 'A if K p ,f 1 B ff 4 is . W wx 1 - fy ff' f ' IQIN ii QKA 1 2 S.. 5 E O M r , , ,,. ,,,.. X 2, ,Ei 3 1 .- N 'ix Q X 'W .min K L4?!:,fP D flu FRONT ROW: Lylah Hayford, Marilyn Magner, Inari Numminen, Joanne Nelson, Shirley Tesch, Dorothy Johnsor? Harlan Stein, Gayle Popham Carol Sue Hagan. SECOND ROW:.Shari Turner, Evangeline Hay ord, Glenda Harris, Darrell Bale, Phyllis An erson, Gerda McClintic, Dick Reedy, ORCHESTRA ADDS CULTURAL Elmer Carey has led the Senior High Orchestra through another successful season of musical performances. Starting with the orchestra's first appearance at the Fall Concert and continuing through a school convocation, the Midwinter Concert, and the final Spring Concert, the "Little Symphony" added a cultural touch to the lives of both WHS students and towns- people. The group provided an orchestral background for both the Junior and Senior Class Play. It also lent its harmonies to the Music Festival in Milbank. The string ensemble added a unique touch to the Christmas concert when they accompanied the Mixed Chorus. Members of the ensemble include Lylah Hayford, Mar- ilyn Magner, Inari Numminen, and Florence Sikkink, violinsg Darrell Bale and Joanne Nelson, violasg Linda Hertz, cellog and Carol Sue Hagen, piano. Sixteen members of the orchestra contributed their talents to the annual All-State Chorus and Orchestra which was held in Aberdeen. But the Orchestra's big moment came when, with the strains of "March Militaire," it ushered the class of '56 to its Commencement. Lylah Hayford was selected president of the group by orchestra members. Inari Numminen was elected to the vice-presidency. Marilyn Magner is secretary and Phyllis Anderson serves as treasurer. 64 f 'Q N S S .nf ' lk M EQ.-W, 1 f. gg 5' L 5 I, A i YS . ' S x'--' ib s , Q wi' E ' g 'X f 25 . x if X Q r f .9 uf! fl 5' ji! ,IX Ek x - f f Q f il S 11" ,A+ N , W Q e xg AY, S R. .sf F Q A Y XL' 3 Sl J -5 M' x at . Y .ir FRENCH HORN QUARTET: Jeannette Marshall, Jackie Kruthoff, Keith Perry, Janice Keller. TROMBONE QUARTET: Bob Wood, Byron Thompson, Ed White, Wayne Hunter. Yi? DRUM DUET: Snowy White, Karen Peterson. TRIPLE TRIO: Barbara Sutton, Karen Johnson, Carol Collins, Sharon Vik. SECOND ROW: Bev- erly McInroy, Marilyn Gottschalk, Sandra Olson, Carol Thomas, Lou Arm DeWall. SAXOPHONE QUARTET: Marilyn Gottschalk, Janice Pence. SECOND ROW: Marlys Dahl, Sharon Paine. 1 R TRUMPET TRIO: Doug England, Jim Antrim, Morrie Lunberg. AEOLIANS: Mary Coplan, Marilyn Magner, Sandy Auby, Florence Sikkink. SECOND ROW: Sharon Benthin, Marcia Gergen, Ramona Papka, Marion Keeler, Deanna Gustafson. - BRASS DUET: John White. Miles, Ed Zi' BRASS SEXTET: Lois Miner, Ed White, Jeanette Marshall. SECOND ROW: Jim Antrim, John Miles, Doug England. FLUTE QUARTET: Mary Pulscher, Karen Poul- son. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Johnson, Jane Huff. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Benthin, Jody Cooley, Mary Butterbrodt, Kay Leonard, Snowy White Sharon Ben- thin, Karen Johnson, Beverly Sleiter, Jeanette Marshall, Carol Thomas, Deanna Waite, Karen Paulson, Sandra Auby, LeAnn Hammer, Faye Taecker, Karen Peterson. SECOND ROW: Sharon Bridge, Joyce Hinsch, Janice Collins, Carol Collins, Barbara Sutton, Judy Haggar, Barbara Creaser, Marilyn Gottschalk, Carl De- Vetter, Romona Pagka, Muriel Fisher, Lois Miner, Janet Lewis, LouAnn DeWal1, Loris Schroeder, Sharon Vik, Margaret Hub ard, Sylvia Miller. THIRD ROW: Joann Hemmer, Beverly Mclnroy, Phil Wulff, Lee Rhodes, Melvin Cofman, Keith Hanson, Kenneth Schroeder, DeWayne Hjermstead, Daniel Lampke, Bob CHORAL GROUPS WERE Again drawing rave notices for its brilliant performances, was the A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Maynard Anderson. The Choir's appearances at the Fall, Midwinter, and Spring Concerts were applauded by appreciative audiences. At the Hi-Y sponsored Thanksgiving and Christmas convocations, A Cappe1la's music added the necessary reverent touch. A Cap- pella members represented WHS at All-State Chorus, and the entire 70 voice group was in attendance at the Music Festival in Milbank. Mixed Chorus, also under the direction of Mr. Anderson, sang at all four annual concerts and competed at the Music Festival. The 82 voice chorus was accompanied at the Christmas Concert by the string ensemble. The members also performed at the annual Ki-Yi Kapers student vaude- ville show. Eighty-two voices were lifted in song twice a week when the Girls' Glee Club rehearsed under the direction of Maynard Anderson. Singing for the Fall, Christmas, Midwinter, and Spring Concerts and appearing at the Music Festival were among the many activities of the organization. A new small group ensemble joined the Boy's Octet, Aeolians, and Cecilians, this year. This nine voice girls' group is call the Melodears. They, along with the other small groups, per- formed at a school convocations, service clubs, and at the Music Contest. 68 x S . A is gi '50, 5, S3 V mlm 7' 3 0, .. M w Q ' nm' E 5 SN!! ill!! Krabi, 8 . 1 kk' M. ':, ifr2w:' l . ' Q3 -fzdff, as -Q 'Q' 1 J 5 s-Q Q "S?S?,E Q 4. assiE2fQ++ f" at A MIXED CHORUS 5 4 ss If Q . L ' , X QT Q Q Q 14 Q' 5 35 5 if SE "' ,g,,,, y 4- ef A Q ,J ' f LQ I A N? 4 -- l fXW ' I Ni it S .L.W A' 4 'A X 3 P s ' X ,f W a 3 QM! HE I R 1, an Q -W, f v, Pl if M" ' 1 "Sail 1 9 l ' 5 V 1. A fm mg. f 41 Rpt f , 5 Q ' ' ,. I' . :Q " 'L 'R 6 is 1 - ,Egg If K fi -'ff 63' I Q Y :if ui, g V z H vw N' H 1 A. I 1- ' 4, I E' f 1 1-QQ 5' QM 9 ' . 'T ' git! ' ws 3 , 3 ... K' , ' E fqi K Y f x f' sr S Q? 9, 3 Q - Q A Q X K - 'as if X 1 yu S . X 4 K ' " , . ,L - . ' f ' W y N " 1, Q 6 ' 5 Xt 4 Q 9 X' Q V 'X 'gf .f R 4' ' . Q A X f W K. M . I. Qs. Q 331 W' es. 4' x Q '13 A Q W V "2:ff,,qg' ' . . E , K 4... wxyg xff,Q H- ,J,.' ' I I m 4 'nm . if 3 , 'xx gnwwx L is A: ' WV 'i iff 2"'. Eli. f yy E 5 1 , 1, ' 1 Mi . I I 5 5 X 433 9 35 Q fwf ff T554 . A ,V , if ,Z -f 1 1 Q if QE, ., YF an Q ne' as FIRST ROW: Lee Raymond, Gene Alexander, Jake Krull, Ed Heathcote, Ted Sanders, Bruce Williams, Mike Reddy, Keith Hanson. SECOND ROW: Steve Smith, Joe Hemmer, John Miles, Jerry Jorgenson, Dick Paulson, Jerry Small, Jerry Kranz, Tom Frankenhoff, Harold Sutherland. THIRD ROW: Rich Kosier, Lee Rhodes, Mike Ellwein, Jim Vogt, Bob Lewis, Jeff Burks, Gene Kluck, Morrie Trandal. FOURTH ROW: Yalgya Sfykcglaf, Bill Lekvold, Don Kluck, Darrel Arbogast, Morrie Hanson, Tom Rahilly, Charley Haan, era oe er. ARROWS FINISH SEASON WITH 6-3 RECORD Watertown's 1955 football season opened with a four-day camp at Pickeral Lake, sixty miles north of Watertown. Spirit, team co-operation, and desire were woven into the minds of the boys attending this "boot training." A long trip to Sioux City resulted in defeating the powerful East team 7-6. This was the game the Arrows had trained so hard for. The following week Huron was handed a 33-7 loss by a determined Watertown ball club. The Golden Eagles of Aberdeen received the same treatment with a 22-7 defeat. A well-organized Ki-Yi day brought with it the usual street painting and captivating floats, but was saddened by a 13-6 loss to the Yankton bucks. The fancy running of Cathedral High's backfield accounted for Watertown's second de- feat, 26-18. Mitche1l's defeat over Watertown, 27-26 provided the most thrilling entertainment of the year. Bouncing back from a three-game losing streak, the Arrows conquered Brookings 26-13. Watertown High ended its E.S.D. competition by defeating the Madison bulldogs 33-19 and thus tied for second place in the conference with Aberdeen and Yankton. The Arrows closed their football year by trouncing the Flandreau Indians 33-0. Gene Alexander, the Arrow's hard-charging fullback, was the top scorer in the E.S.D. with 60 points. The Arrows had no real outstanding players this year. The ability and potential was balanced throughout the whole team and it was by combining these two factors that the Arrows accomplished what they did. 74 VOGT FIGHTS FOR YARDAGE AS HEATHCOTE 1813 CO-CAPTAIN S GENE ALEXANDER AN DICK PAULSON 'Q 75 DICK PA ULSON tw!! fpffff 1 MM 1701 yew' pmol MW if qfdfb QW 18 i H L p JAKE KRULL JOHN MILES JERRY KRANZ TOM FRANKENHOFF KEITH HANSON GENE ALEXANDER GOES DOWN FIGHTING AGAINST MITCHELL BRUCE WILLIAMS HAROLD SUTHERLAND x E.. Ted Saunders Mike Reddy Rich Koiser Kenny Sherrill MADISON BULLDOGS BRING TRANDAL DOWN WHILE HEMMER 1843 LOOKS ON Morrie Trandal Bob Lewis Joe Henuner Mike Ellwein -,-1.-1li--1-i----- Jeff Burks Wally Sykora Lee Rhodes Steve Smith 51 Darrel Arbogast JIM VOGT GOES FOR A WATERTOWN TOUCHDOWN Jim Vogt Don Kluck Gene Kluck Morrie Hanson Lee Raymond X P FIRST ROW: Rich Koiser, Bill Lekvold, John Dokken, Gene Liudahl, Orie Leisure, Ronnie Nelson. SECOND ROW: Coach Jim Marking, Morrie Hanson, Dale Kjerulff, Jeff Burks, Gene Kluck, Jake Krull, Mgr. Dale Bryson, Assistant Coach Tom McGhee. ARROWS FINISH IN E S D CELLAR When Jim Marking took over the reins of head basketball coach at WHS, he was confronted with only four returning lettermen and a promising crop of underclassmen. Despite this lack of experience, the Arrows got off to a whirlwind start defeating Sioux Falls Cathedral 52-50 and Brookings 64-59. But Yankton upset the applecart with a heart- breaking thriller squeezing by the Arrows 53-50. Watertown returned to the warpath by soundly trouncing Webster 72-60. With the Christmas holidays at hand, the Arrows trailed off into a dismaying slump losing decisively to Aberdeen 43-29 and to Huron 79-59. In the holiday tournament at Sioux Falls the Arrows lost to Belle Fourche and Lead. With the return to school a fired-up Arrow team came from a ten point deficit to upset Mitchell. This proved to be the last win of the regular season for the young inexper- ienced Watertown team as they dropped their next game to Madison 59-47 and then went on to lose to Sioux Falls Washington 59-50, Brookings 50-46, Yankton 67-62, and Aberdeen 66-46. The Arrows, scrapping fiercely to the final gun, dropped a close one to a topnotch Huron team by the score of 48-45. After losing to Mitchell 57-51, the team came within two points of downing the ESD king, Madison, being defeated 52-51 in the final ten sec- onds of play. Completing the regular season with a loss to Sioux Falls, the Arrows went to the sectional with high hopes. In the first game, they breezed by Milbank, soundly thrashing them 76-51. In the championship game, however, Sisseton's phenomenal shoot- ing ended the Arrows season, as the Redmen scored a 68-57 victory. Although the team's season record does not show it, the whole season was not a failure. The young Arrows gained valuable experience and know-how which will enable Coach Marking's crew to give the Watertown fans plenty of thrills in future years. 79 n Orie Leisure Morrie Hanson i293 and Jake Krull C27J' cage a Huron Tiger. Dale Kjerulff Jake Krull Ronnie Nelson 80 Jeff Burks Rich Koiser Jake Krull C273 tussels with the Mitchell Kernals. 81 John Dokken Morrie Hanson Gene Liudahl Gene Kluck Bill Lekvold Dale Kjerulff lays one up for Watertown. Jeff Burks, Ronnie Nelson, and Jake Krull chal lenge Sioux Falls Irish for rebound. FIRST ROW: Chuck Haan, Leon Kranz, Mike Ellwein, Morrie Trandal, Doug England, Jim Gibson. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Ed Wright, Bob Stofft, Wally Sykora, Larry Larrabee, Dick Jensen, Howard Johnson, Coach Dell Caldwell. B AD FIRST ROW: Dale McE1hany, David Trandal, Kenny Schaack, Lee Rhodes, Casper Klucas. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Dale Snyder, Jirn Vogt, Larry Lundeen, Jerald Roethler, Kenny Schroeder, Ronnie Nelson, Raymond Strohfus, Coach Norman Tigner. 83 KNEELING: Joe Hemmer, Jerry Johnson, Dave Rousseau, Ted Saunders, Mike Kampen, Morrie Trandal, Ronnie Nelson, Jerry Morris. SECOND ROW: Jerry Jorgensen, Tom Brandreit, Bob Brandreit, Jim Vogt, Chuck Harvey, Bruce Burshardt, Bob Knudtson, John Scott. THIRD ROW: Wayne Knudson, Gene Alexander, Chuck Haan, d Heathcote, LeRoy Padgett. DeWlTT IS NEW HEAD OF WHS TRACKSTERS With the event of spring also comes the call of the outdoors for the tried and true track men of WHS. Headed by a new coach, John DeWitt, the cindermen took to the field officially on March 12. Spearheaded by eleven returning lettermen, the Arrows had a good season. Track is of such a nature that you can find a niche for yourself no matter what your physical endowments may be. Even though track is considered a minor sport in the field of athletics, it still remains one of the leading sports in the training and develop- ing of young men. LOWER Returning '55 lettermen are: FRONT ROW: Ted Saunders, Joe Hemmer, Ronnie Nelson, Mike Kamggm. SECOND ROW: Bob Brandriet, Gene Alexander, Jim Vogt, Ed Heathcote, Jerry Morris. RIG : Morrie Hanson throws the discus. H L51 Displaying excellent form, "Little J oe" Hemmer sai s over the hurdle in early season warmup. Bob Brandriet, Ed Heathcote, and Jerry Johnson wait excitedly for the crack of the starter's gun. Bob Branriet, Ed Heathcote and Jerry Johnson display the form which makes them three of the top middle distance men on the WHS track squad. Ed Heathcote and Bob Brandriet grimace wearily as they finish the race in a dead heat. 1' , . ,Q ,.l..-f ',-Z -1-,..,-.4-If bfifff 5 I ,.,,--ff .ui ,l . . 2 - N 'n --M 's ,SL--I JUN OR HIGH Ay - W MQW Ziiiiihwz B FIRST ROW: Wayne Stein, Carol Hemstock, Susan Woodword, Judy Johnson, Linda Koen- ders, Donna Mae Michaels, Marly Gay Fortin, Judy Gilman, Jane Gillis, Marlene Dahl, Phyllis Olson, Marlene Sakarison, Vivian Veldhuizen, Lynn Porsou, Judy Turner, Rebecca Loboitz, Judy Bisgard, Nancy Lee Turner. SECOND ROW: Roger Parks, Richard Duus, Philip Vandrey, Jane Miner, Janice Steinkogler, Carol Jutting, Carol Markve, Betty Gillis, Loretta Karbo, Diane Aolfs, Ellen Rosenbohm, Jo- Ann Peterson, Barbara Rasmussen, Prescilla Olsen, Kent York, Robert Ratliff. THIRD ROW: Bob Butter- orodt, Jim Bard, Jerry Bong, Daryle Rindels, Jim Miner, Kathy Willes, Barbara Giaves, Janet Po ham, Carol Olmanson, Caroline Hagna, Connie Harman, Ruth Ann Grott, Richard Haase, Jack Erickson, Tarty Boyer, David Gibson, Dennis Magner. JUNIOR BAND IS LARGEST IN HISTORY ORCHESTRA SHOWS PROMISE FOR FUTURE FIRST ROW: Joan Stofft, John Radershadt, Janice Smith, Kathi Gamill, Joyce Barber, Mary Lein. SECOND ROW: Nancy Seveland, Roger Sc uesner, Dennis Magner, Ora Batien, Eldora Keyser, Susan Woodward, Judy Turner, Judy Gilman, Carol Markve, Judy Thompson, Heather Paterson, Barbara McGuran. THIRD ROW: Donna Schroder, Mary Ann Forbush, Janice Brooks, Dianne Gross, Dick Blek, DeOrville Pur1num,.Donna Mae Michaels, Margery Dahl, Nancy Tumer, Carol Jutting, Dawn Ellwood. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Ching, Stanley Bransrud, David Moore. I- 'Q F-Sf. Q , su v RQ :vu fl. Q' Q .A R u ' - ,V ' ,B sv E xv sf Q4 K I 5 X! DL v I 'U"j"y'H' W7 u,,, .. 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EIGHTH FIRST ROW: Irwin Wietgrafe, Joel Nowell, Steve Ohlsen, Sher- win Williams, Murray Jacobson, Pete Foley, Mike Cutler. SEC- OND ROW: Jerry Miller, Barry Williams, Richard Lunden, Har- old Peterson, Terry Hanson, John Hubbard, David Beynon. THIRD ROW: Bob Sigelman, Bob Allwen, David Marquadt, Doug Peterson, Roger Fox, Ronnie Wicks, Bill Huljulbus. FOURTH ROW: Ken- neth Nielson, Jack Bohls, Jim Haney, John Ostergren, John Deblin, Tom Rosum, Jerry Alex- ander. SEVENTH FIRST ROW: Robert Eisenbise, Dave Belatti, Bob Carpenter, Bob Michaels, Terry Williams, Keith Knudeson. SECOND ROW: Steven Mahwould, Larry Steven- son, Jerry Creaser, Nick Kass, Mike Fralinger, Tim Shiel. THIRD ROW: Don Pinholt, Day- ton Dunn, Mike Dunnihoo, Mike Brown, Keith Kleinsasser, Don Lausing. FOURTH ROW: Wa ner Dehnert, Merlyn Strum, gene Johnson, Bob Fleming, Mike Philips, Dick Wright. FIF'I'H ROW: Jerry Bong, Gary Good- road, Rodney Sivelsen, Ronald James, Larry Schaeffer, Mickey Dander. SIXTH ROW: Bruce Loessen, Lyle Larson. L7 Q J 1 f , 4, "L9'7'f!j v7 .FVL43 ,bw-nyfzyztl ZW '!7!771f7! Uffif 'yas 4 ' 4 X f I , 1 "m' -, 7261A ' u f V M -f rCX1A'Zff?Aq Z. ZJQM4 7297 of' fffjfdrfffr, K 1147 ,ff ., . ' 1 " , ,f"'- f ' ' 1 ' " V w,f'f' wE:Qv . .:"':f,1':-Efifffglf? ,II ff, A P Q - " I ' V " ' ' ' R. XJ' "' , -. -,f x . T' ' ,js WQJUWG ' fb Ay y M ,Wff W 47' M Www 'A V Lf Pj f' , OX MX Jfgfivw M ffm? I ?' wvgzfzf QS 'fbf5Fi3iff?,iQW'SP EEN 5355, Q3f,5Qf",2MjX f- fwQ2Ql,,fZ2z, ,gi'f'ff,fv lE1?fQyQ wydffj wifi S5,f,izgi bzjivk Qwafiv 447 Qi-zzfaf - L ' ww, Aix V, , ef , ,ff 5436. - Q..- d ' .14 - v A , 5 4 ,gi - fvs - ' A 1' 55.4. H wx y 1? s- x A '23, . C ' l " 5, v' .R x xx , ii , ix c ,.k . . , -Q .A I 4 ","-' ... J , .sv V 5 qw J -in-nu-L-n x I , .T .fik N Q , I Kg, si Q R, L lg Ertfiifz. ,, ,, gg A ' A w k V AS, Y f W. . 5 'Sf i QA' L 41 li-n fs W gk...

Suggestions in the Watertown High School - Arrow Yearbook (Watertown, SD) collection:

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