Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA)

 - Class of 1949

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'.I'H,'xl.ll 1 - 'WR' ' ' ,: VL.1i,U -vs Tam-:h.f R37 ' 1 w W ,WX , V? M135 .1 M--v u as fn., -- v ,,, mv' A ,Y ,W -1 il ,MQ mjjjywjjyjg Z , W 1 1 i , 3 I' A . 4 , W' ,M W' Mfil W ,, ' ' 3 QW Wt J 4,5f 5 l -ww' 6007 If . ,QP F F4521 Qfpawy ww may Pwfsfmf ,www aww aaa, 944444441 H9 ,mf ,jp lbw- 92,122,443 f , , ' - k ' ,, ' . "Q-5. HV. - ' . ' f - ' Y :I 5'1':5'Sf ' .' : W., , -' - , . ,A,,.f,--,r- . , . , -,g g,.3 ' 5 Y , . ,. ' .,.x,m:' ,1.,'.,,. , V , , - 4 UQ'-4. :M - , hff-1 i ff .. g , 1. Q, -I .- ' ag Y. .pf k I F V X ,, , 4 ,'. : ,xl , , . I ,.x. 5 ' L. 4 "' N , i:.1'w5F'f?1. k ,W 1 --' M y-1 ,Q - ,-,.,.', ,.,, .4.. 1 V - L:-..,,g,, ,,. f., -- ' 77u.i'J4,6,f.5,Lffwa.....4.y gpzj K v 1 J J, Q .ff ,J U , 4 'A f .n -J l!,1Cf,. I ' 112-241 2, 5, If ' 1. A J ,133 fu 'Qf W' N f -2 1 I KN Q X S X Q- fi- S, N ru 'x Q . E. x R Q uk N x Q b L .' R Fwf r ff' l r ,. . 1,1 if QNX 2 1- 'R' ,M , 1 H 'wx , Y Q Y xv rx N X X 5' 'T X F g ' TX 'S QW vw X0 DQZWMG .4m,,,JM2 My QV qbgfdb -12 M' wifi New ZW ,gf wr X! ffjyv'-fy, ,',G?"' ' K .fvfl WAS Jjgff' 4 gy- X Ukiqaosers 0-H I 'Q-li," ci., ' . n X 15' Q Q QW-6, ab? QQLQZ, 9 I do 1 ,1 M415 1 m X 1 ,-1 .' , . I V, ,A 'Q ,wg Mal- 9, f., 1:4 'M '- -,mf 1,-+. .4 ,,.:,:'f ' ' 4. . ' .f:',,j, , ft- ' ..'.s,1'5'c--.,.,',y 'ef' .JJ - - vm'-Ni-im , . -1- , 1'.-- ..g.'.e4.,9 -'--mb. 1.41. . - .US ,. . 'Mg-f . ,, , , . 1 2 WV ' z-1 " 4...-A , - A " ., - ..f My-,g.'y5" 1-. :fy 43-wk. "M an W'W ""'t':"5- ' ',w., m -f.1 -,Au ng-, L - , an ff, ,-4Xrf,,,h ,A-fl 2'9" 3 wif? -xg. Q53 ygw-"t fp wax! f 5142- 4 .35-f if 5-. .,-1 '-1-, ,, '- ,-:N Mygdc .,4, ,pw ,.41-H+-42 V ,vi -Ap, , -, ff f- .u Y , V '- r M, -,. ,T-' 4 ". 1 4 ,v Y-1 ,- - D ' Hr- 11 1 ' ' my ' 1 A , I ' ' , , ' , ,wi .,.., Q, x. l,, AM 4 .,w if . . E fHff54,f f'5wyW W W WW W i ' I WM? ' W f W X nf Q., , hi uw. 1. ZF Pi. M ,,. i. -, a ,f ii -fs ..i,. . S 1 ggwjwjj HW6Iwx i WK l ,V 3, X., . - ,ka M5 vi. 2'vffl-53,323 , ,L - -, V 1f.5ii1a,2f1,.:1Qf?ffiq1-f ,1 -' , V. ' - f . . it -i ff, .' 'if ,V ax x ' 1 -- ,' , " .' "vi . ' , . ,f . -A ' ' ., , , 'i- 15'-... .": L .X ug, w 4w,a ,,af' 1- .ug-V-. ,L ,. Jia' K. L-V., - ,v..f:!-M. --rf -:..'.wf4,-,Q , . ,. ,L - 11- ,.-...,,. Q- ,,"'N,'.fr, - sy. .P ,.f5wf.,. ,mf ,H , :Q W- -, V- 4 , .I 4 .X f'w4.T,.--,..4,g, , yyf ur, 1 , pg .f 1 ,. 1 .r . -A . 1- --If ,.i .-4, ,3..',,,, p ' .L - .. ,-. .M ., , ., , yy.-N, - M. -i hh ,. .I ,Ups Q. .. :,,,,,-V1 ,g .. -- A ,. .5.-,fwq ,VR L., , V M' xg... ,, ' 1 ' , 1 LQQ? 'F'-6 J 1 X Ya -'-Q. I -.n ",g,,.1'-'Lw 1.,iMA, fl- :fx-'f'W 1. 1 gl.. ,- , 'J' -'fn . , wp jg , -,I . -4 WS -a-,-NJ, e ' ' f .., . UL "' ' Vx - -v 9 r .1 - 4, .h .1 27 ,J .ml rg. ,.,w,xy,:,, .gr-3 - ' " , W 1- ff .Qu .- ' l f vff M f ' A -H rn---Y.-null' 4 19469 Zffalvziofz ,746 jufufze Z1 Ulpdzgi X .f , 11 5 L. 1, Published byi the Senior Class VIVIAN HIGH SCI-IOSL VIVIAN, LOUISIANA l F K v l P m l 5 i i P r v P l 5 E I Q. i I 5 l i I v 5 L DEDlEEl'IlUil To: Miss Elmira Kimmons, beloved teacher of Spanish, who, because of her scintillating wit, rare sense of humor, and friendly comraderie, has become a general favorite with us all, we, the seniors of the class of 1949, fondly dedicate this volume of our yearbook. ' ' Y .:" 1 , .3 5 six!! gf, L, is 1 QV L W A. gs ,Ai 1.:jl9,f'f,i v K -val vv Q if . ff E V " ,Z mf , ,. Mpflf ffl fw W, Q -,M 'M ' A fwvff MT ifw - ' ' A Q, gy m U ,Q f , it-: .lg- Y . ,.: :hh s:5,,,5 ,ygg . " , J ' Qu MM-ffei!:s1,g,,Qffmffw QW' VF- ' 'L f K .ah-H X , K ' Q gm: 1 , Q K., ., V. 4 W......A ,.,-.-. ...W .. ,.....-4 24975 1 fn 39" ,pvfwj ,nr ,-""" -Q4 . . 'ff' 'Le' Q?-T., .Mff ' 'N Y J i . mi F QQ ., nw F 4 2 2 . '51 has 1 3 f 553 1, 'S jar 1 A ' Y 3 'li A.M..,f,,,f "'- ' A Q A 5 H, ,Qu - ,- w si in s ,X H F 1 i J .132 I ,ww ""-7w!9wLf,-..ff:7 ':q - A faiazvlr' , ff ff 4' Jw. , , , 1 m A1,, ,, , f K " V, . 5 .,-may 'ww x 'W-.Y K V, MQ, r. K JY X .. aff: GWFA' fi 0n.qN?' Wit fx .E gf? ww f. K . j HUIUHHS H3H'IlUU THE PRINCIPAL VIVIAN HIGH SCHOOL C, L. MACKEY, PRINCIPAL VIVIAN. LOUISIANA January 20, l9Z,9 Congratulations are due the Class of l9A9 for being the first of the twelve-year classes of Vivian High School. All schools of Caddo Parish are now fully on the twelve- year plan. This will be the 'off year' for oth- er schools in Louisiana, and next year will be their first under the new plan. We hope and believe that you are more mature, stronger, and better able to make your way. If you have not been helped by the addition- al year' s work, then there is doubt as to its value. We believe that you have been made better by staying in school and working an extra session. It is difficult to determine what kind of world you will have to live in. Two World Wars have been fought with the hope that lasting peace would be achieved. Just now, we do not know how we stand. As to how easy you will find it to get suitable employment now or aft- er completion of a college course, it is difficult to say. We have been through a period of inflation. We are still in such a period. Inflation may end in a serious depression or in a gradual decline of wages and prices. Usually a decline means a lessening of the number of good places of employ- ment open. However, neither inflation nor depression continues indefinitely. Those of you who go to college should consider carefully what to pre- pare yourselves for. The selection of your life work is very important. You should select something that you will like, but be sure to select something at which you have a good chance of success. Do not just drift into some- thing. Think it over carefully and get all the information you can before making a final decision. Those of you who do not go to college also have the task of deciding what you will do. The choice is limited because the preparation is limit- ed, but a choice must be made. We wish to congratulate you on having completed your high school work, and to express appreciation for the cooperation we have received from the members of the class of l949. It has been pleasant working with you. We wish you abundant success. Gi 3 MRS. CATHERYN ADAMS Gifiiis 1 af!! KM7' 1 ff, M? J MRS. ELLEN BURR B.A.. M,A. English FACULTY TOLLEY BURNS B. S. Agriculture MRS. NORVIE BURR B.S., M.A. English l 3 I l s 3 Si i i i I i i i. i H I MRS. HAZEL BARRON I B.A. Mathematics i l i i l a 3 4 l MISS HELEN BURR B.A. English 4 1 Miss LOLA cooPER B.A., I..I..S. Librarian MISS OLA JOHNSON B.A. Business Education FACULTY MISS LEOLA GREER B.S. Home Economics MISS ELMIRA KIMMONS B.A. M.A. Spanish H. T. GARNER B.A. Social Studies MRS. AUDREY JONES B.A. Social Studies Richard McCluggage B. M. Band 1 K' Melvyn Riche' B. M. Choral Music 5, Miss Gloria Tabor B. S. FACULTY Coach john Rogers B. A. Boy's P. E. Mrs. Florence Hartlinc B. A. Science Secretary Math Mn Q. 1""" v lk 4 Q, . if. gf Mrs. Edna Martin B. A. Mathematics O. C. Sanders B. A. Science M of My WQQEQWW W VJf'Wyf ff fx 3Q6WdfAf MiMgyX9 wwf S9 wif fgfffij Q W VM 572552 ff 2 SW 5 I Qgavagi Rglgygg ' 1 idk N My W? Z 3jnnjQ ffTj5WU' ' , "SH 5?w 'FX Wim? MQMQW gfwafi si MAG WM Mg! gg sk Q QWW .UW 5 dwg? QWZZV' WW frawwgwj + W ' 33 mMj2gyi Z4, 5 W ff J, faggawj ,MM K J T3 13131-I 'B L,L.fls,:, fs, r f"' ' --v----f , , - , 4 Aemg: fs Q H vilgfgo, . Q l X L, lull ' , , gr i 1 f .W f +i+1r',2:zEQ r is 1 ' rz,ww,yf'1ff1r'W,,. , Mfwllef ' 0, - gg',f, mf+ ,r-1 1. sf my K F SENIORS President ..,... ..... B obby Earl Laster Vice-President ,,,,, ,,. . R oberr joe Spain Secretary ,.... ......w IV Iaylene Walton Treasurer ,,,,.,. ....... Y vorme Wfhite Reporter ....... .... M ercedese Dodge Sponsors ,,,,. .,...,,, lN Irs. Ellen Burr r IVIISS Ola johnson S ' A l 5 w l , . L , up , , 4 X K g ggfwg l We . if Qi 344 4 1 'Y Z 'G' Em V. rf ' J: E W f ,, gh J Wg fu ,M 'rl' ,r ff 2 Q, Wulf, I , F - -lf -ff" flaw W H f. ' . W- - ------Ah. ... . YQ.. -, ,M A . SENIORS Gwendolyn Bourne Papoose Staff Sales Mgr. F.H.A. Rep, and Vice President Pep Squad Glee Club jo Ann Nettie Lou Bell Bell Beautyli Freshman and Papoose Editor Sophomore Sec. Quill and Scroll jr. Att. Warrior Staff Band 5 Band Sweetheart G.A.C. Mary jean Patsy Bostic Briggs Cheerleader 2 G.A.C. Pres. G.A.C. President F.H.A. Glee Club Sec. Sophomore Rep. Warrior Sec. Glee Club Quill a n d Scroll Band 1 Sec. and Treas. Clare Caldwell Cheerleader Band 4 Papoose Ed. Warrior Staff l Quill and Scroll o 1n1ium-Y--1----unnm-'---w--nmr- ----'- --n-r--H---nrt-M -- . Dorothy Calloway G.A.C. F.H.A. 4 Q - a Q 45 -T 4 4 i if ,,,i john L. Cox Band 5 Swing Band All St a t e Member Glee Club Band X Sbodge Clleerlezlder 3 G.A.C. Vice Pres. Sr. Reporter Pupoose Stuff Glee Club Pres. and Sec. SENIORS Billy Carter Band 5 All S t a t e Member Flora Joyce Davenport F.H.A. Queen G.A.C. Merrel Collins Band Football 3 EES 'H ..... 5 55 E: 5 W ,, iggg - we .rlwezfg ..,, ff I r 6 .2. . ' Eaii: :F . 2 ' - W li ' 7 7 rr-51 .. . , ,. .,, , - , Y i :Gas E553 :Hai r ill if ' .. Hifi! ! - 225153 65 . , Eig a? Y 2? 515.59 Wig X 'im' " Jennie Lee Dees G.A.C. Glee Club V, , 4..'ff.sw:ST5Lw.sflsfissw isqllgxm , fgW.file-rs?'w,,,.-1gm!5.gfi.. ge, .l ff Q, gr rise' . -, t, fi 'S EQ 'fffgesv il gigillizi fs g F l K' 1 9 0 L Wig li gf? ,Lag mmf isis fe l E5 5 2 E 1,5 , K M Quia? l il ? S ,g 9 1 ig . we Q Q55 X , EE 41 Q 5 , jg 5 LE, iv is N555 5 W file s 5 fries . .pg ggi j ling in if is Eg - . K, Egfgg is. ' Q W f E -J M f W2 .JH U f r W. , gym! ,g as g Q .5113 if fg New re , 5 1.3 ski gg-nu :Ae gg ? I J 4 ,Q 1. if r El? 1 Jr H W 53, ,Q ith 45, 6 i , s l 3 1 ,, u i K te , ,EV SI Mehr gf E N , 'Sl' 1-1+ 'lf wi 4 4,3 E si Q' 'S H S5 xi' , 3-:'L,. 3 nflili 1 11-my S 'l ran ani 3 ,J- W i y ,K :e.'i-ffgizws ,f ire- i5w173i."gt2LiQ sf.,4:gggsf5?E"k3iffiiwfafgggfiiiiiffit? iiiljgl W '.egl,,31vw . 1.515 ng? sg-2 -rai,.eS.Q+'.f4.2 JY - I 5515.9'rff.3,-,Q.ef 9215 .V ,,.mQ15S.2f2m,.i..,1 .. . . 421 feggg:::,,,.g m' ' , . 1 siiiiilmi Q Q if Sq 3+ :lyme Sai. 5 ea gm Mme Qi ,sys Q1 vm mwwg, 1 S M L. L43 w Nights ,Bw some pc A 2 ge M, we 3 ri Sb, 1 .5532 S- q, Time ' 'P- Wye? fx! wa ss , v of as , . - rr:-fs... , if f..'rg2wf WE. - ,,...,,.,- ...J-,l 2 .. -,- . 'r.:wr'Q-siwfselfgwg f- ,.,,,4..- ,' -,,. lr. 5 '- is -f, :gym .i....M,-ff ,,.s , .s+1.':,.:-r:::f"..,.: 'PI -.1 :ibn-' :. . f ' a-'rL.ia. --,tQf:nwVfELf: ,vm .wafe r .W M - carats. imefgsezxw 1.,z s f ef..-M1s,m,-fi,w.lQ:,ww .4 be i.,,.s,,i1v1f- M. 1,141 fmmsis fri-fggsiziawxxz z.f:.aaQ,. fi, wr, we-, , K , 2..gffg.fw,ggQ3si4riiv1'i.f-Sr vw ear. 1.7.-f. w,g,, f.w.vi1 at . M1251-Q ,J .f,Qir.fg.m5z.e3Gf2swggsesg. ' fflmgsl w if ' ' . i E125 zisiqfseif'-is ,vi-222w'1s'fw1ww-twiki-.S ,- Egwraxt H K 28 ., ,-" M.. . .. B . 'rr S ,gg 3, z,.:',w.7r5-f,r.g33j1'3fm2 -viii" - ff ' 1 :N..:: rt' ,r mfr., ,Z-Hwfglwi, mmwiz. wear fm f, lf V V. -5.1 iw .11ww,,..,,',,.m HUW. I .V wx,-.1f:1.,'.1 fum f,.fMzAf1,5t ' -4. 3-:,e,,gz,,1.1,i 1rf,sw,-.y',..Ss,f: 9 X .2-fwz:zrrfsgsgiygrr'-wtf? ffw-Liz,-wgg: ,?12rff23fzgf2f1Q,s,sf' S 2 Mg.-2,.i:1f,.,fi.g ,f .- ,f ,S-.1 , K 5921.51 S 111iRef-rsiwiiz -v.a.wefw as .. ,-'gsfeQ,mg.r1if,1'g'12r,.3yrsezf,Q.f,:. ww:rsewwmrt--f.. S QIIES Agri?-'iZfQHrtitif4ia21L. r lw ffiiiii . 'eHQqartl,fsjw'.rgf-, 51--2?fi?Ze2gz1gi2:viz'.wigs225225 Z., " 1,2 fisielsr Qagiv.455M1S4v.f-ISV' :-'z- iq: ' ff mffalswirszv. tal .f Ia ,Q I 11:y:'e-SAASQQQE , v ,jg J , 1,5 'wif'-'If::EE' ':. i:1l:E" 'f:-'-52 'Z' .. ' .. f..r .eiffmt.s .. 1 - ' 1- 5 I, A . . 5 :gi .:s,i,, 7 -Em u L, ,-5,..2-- V' . . .wg . if r 'I IZ..-'.:5 . :: '::. EET. 1391- if .f: ,A :. Q.: YQ' , iw, L f-edt 5 i ,jf is , ' '31-' "2 2" 5i:'5I..:E4' H15 :EM '-2132 Iv.: ' V 2 U 'S s W .-"rip Hrgfggsaa-, ggegigfgyz . f ' ,, :M flj.. Oliver D. Cox, jr. Football Assistant Ed. of Warrior 215522 5 IQQWL ' EW: : Sli 1' E? X J. 2.-3, . wr. i.w 5 rw if Na Q 5 w wa r, ss of Q ffl, wr Q. rl H3 X 3 ff Bobby Gene Gilbert Football Betty Ineva Hale Senior Attendant G.A .C. sf Sadie' Lambert G.A.C. F.H.A. SENIORS Jerry Griffith Trudie Ann Football 4 Guy Quill and Scroll GAC. Pres. Warrior Staff Boys' State Betty Dees jackson Glee Club Pianist G.A.C. Sec. Band 2 ei - , PM if 51si4'5f" ' 21: f. K A V? ,:,.'-, ' ":f . 33- ti? -2 3,5 ,is 11423 Q I 11 jfmgzafr f Q if we ,.uQ,, -- -We-X are ' Y. X V ' V - we fe" '- 5 554.1 'Mx' We ' , ' ' .E-':'J"!S'2.sem"::".-"'..3:5a5:v- AV ' '5L1f1'- V-will r 1 fl! Vu..51,555-:5.z,--,g1,,h--15:55 . rag, ,Aw -K gagwg Wswegg ,S E. - af J ' 2 - QS? V.. L e nays: ' 'l ' .4 ' -'V ,Q 1 Qygagrjulsf " f fmfwfv' wigs? .a .S -ifzi .2 k?7f1E ' 'f:51"' V W: 'R' 11 , T211 if .,,,, .. , , 7!W?s:i3'7 ' 1 P.. Qi, 1 Y .T if Z -as tif' 29 S 7 i ' '. f r is Y .ff . 3 S, Q: ,. fr? f izifi f " S Ti i ,, ,iz i 5 S Q : 1 92 Madie Lambert G.A.C. F.H.A. james Hall F.F.A. Glee Club Imogene L.mtz Buml 5 C.A.C. I 1 v I .lx ? 2.1 1 4 ,l 1 '. .3 1 i MA unupgi-... --eapwqw .. .,e,,,Y,.-, , W . ,,,,-.,,., Y, qv, .v., ,-qw, ,,-vp-,,.-...T-. u.,.,,Y.. SENIGRS Bobby Earl Laster Senior Pres. Band 5 Basketball All State Band Ann Liverman Beauty-2 Pep Squad G.C. Reporter CLC. Queen 2 Janice Liverman Band 4 Beauty G.A.C. . C urtis Clcn O'Pry O'Pry Band fi Band 3 B.1sketb.1ll Maxine Mitchell F.H.A. 4-H Club G.A.C. Pfsgy O'Pry Warrior Staff Art Manager Glee Club Quill and Scroll F.H.A. Coy Poston F.F.A. Bill Schoolfield Football 4-H Club Glee Club Sec. F.H.A. Tommy Nell Terry 4-H Club F.H.A. Glee Club SENIORS Pauline Rainey Betty Jean Papoose Staff Robinson G.A.C. Glee Club 4-H Club G.A.C. Sec. F.H.A. I Robert joe Spain Football Basketball Band 'Senior Vice Pres. rm, AA,,, V is .L ,V , mr' 'I 7- ixzwfff' 'life-:Lg,33w',,'w'3'--txt'Y 1- i vr., i,.,,-M, Sl H1-'ff y,Qf'FlY Y W ,K ,,.,1,. mf:.zfgw,-L1.:it1i,', f - A 6?LLw5i?tf ,S I V , .,-U, , .N A- ffxfmf " E-,fmt . N' ,rn .5g'l5',5q.'gpi,f, I km .1 , , 15 lim , m ,Wm Mlgggwi -sfflff ewrffs-H142-flu it :wir f . Louise Stanfield F.H.A. G.A.C. Q-rwevmix-W mi -sfaW:z51Z?,iff5': mi lf-S.s, wi +Jll51?15gl,: tllgigf file rf. ,i,,,r., If ., -V VL 'fLgf'Q1fli-!15E ,,.f -..1ww"' f 315 yi Q 1+ W .f ., it wa Lv Jie 1 -' fggtfiwff- 1, w aw, Mm. mms, 5 f'.,fsf,:W,r. ,iw ., -fr' Mr it wifi, vt: -,,i up f ., If-fM..,i-,,, , 7- . .k,, , ,U A 47, w WE U fi: L-fu .sts ,, w3yt's,:-Q, LVM igfifffw, lax , it qgu .M . 4 fivxftxv rf. Z i K Il ffl my ggi , z f 2 S, ,id l r 3, .wg ts f r ' f w 3 Elm 3 iw? X Q rf' llallxgxll in 'w ss 1 HHN 'gi i iw ' 44, NM 'K A , tm -il-if K 'lt S lf' W H Qi 4 ftp ,jx ,Q W z X Y? Q if- A ' is 1 KT 3' 1 V is i w J 1 155' 5 A f'fVFli.- f we fm M. - A - - --Qjgylfwqzp' tg. ,- - ffl " - 25? , , L 3: -lik - 1 f l, " L Q f M fwf W Betty jo Scoggins F.H.A. G.A.C. 4-H 'Club Ralph Tompkins Boys' State jurists Band 4 All State Band I 5 ,ff . TQ A l r A Y Mx itchell il J. if Glee Club 2 Band 1 Mary Alice Webber G.A.C. ,U .4- R ..Q,.r,fia' .,. .. C -w Billie Ann SENIORS Traylor Bette Turner Warrior Ed. Papoose Ass't. Ed. F.H.A- All S tate Band G.A.C. Member Maylene Walton junior Sec. Senior Sec. Band 3 G.A.C. Virginia Walton Glee Club G.A.C. Billie Ruth Walker G.A.C. Attendant F .H.A. Glee Club Yvonne White Warrior Sec. Sr. Treasurer Homecoming Queen Quill and Scroll Vice President G.A.C. Queen Ted Willis F.F.A. Ur.. ,, , ,, -V. ... ..,,. ,,,. SENICDRS Catheryn Williams Glee Club 4 F .H . A. Attendant Hicks Williams Band 4 junior Pres. Outstanding Band Member 5 jimmy Wilson Band Basketball 1 Bobby Willoughby -..., . -. ,, ...-,...,.m..i4-I ii.. . ...- s JUMORSS i-111 -i-l-n il-11-1 -g -u n CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS President ........,. Vice-President ,.,,.... Secretary ....A,.,.. Treasurer ...... Reporters ...... Sponsors ....... .....,BiA11y 'Bob Daugherty ,....,,.YHorace Richards .,,,i.i,,....Barbara Gray ,r..,,....Gera1dine Spain Louise Vick Miss Gloria Dawn Tabor Mr. Melvyn Riche JUNIOR CLASS Almond, Bill Andrews, Roy If Bickham, Allen Blizzard, Thelma Bruce, Ellace Bruce, Mary Lee Burney, Yvonne .- Carrol, Dick Carter, Ollie Mae Clements, Billy Ann Clements, joan Cowgill, Marinel ' Daugherty, Billy Bob Denison, Bill Dickson, Patsy Dunlap, Mary Francis Finley, Vera Fletcher, jimmy Fowler, Bryant Freeman, Gene French, W. Giddens, Aubrey Gilbert, Ruth Gray, Barbara Harper, Clyde ff Harris, Virginia Hatcher, Helen Hatton, Richard Herring, Emma Jean Holbrook, johnnie johnson, Lanell jordan, Hattie Kavanaugh, Richard Kelly, Dolph Lay, joan Leach, Imogene Lewis, james Vernon Light, Gloria Little, Eugene McGraw, Harry, McKeever, Elizabethlf McLendon, William McLeod, Henritta Mitchell, Leroy Morris, Nina Lou Mills, Lois Parker, jack Parker, Nell Richards, Horace Roach, Dwanwf Rogers, Mike Sanders, Betty Spain, Geraldine Stewart, Ann Taylor, Charles Terry, Leon Terry, Billy Thomas, Joel 'ter ' Tompkins, Dell Thurman, Patsy Vick, Louise Washington, 'Charles XVest, Vernie Wortman, Gay If Wall, Curtis 4 1 l i l l l 1 l 1 SGW QNNGRES CLASS OFFICERS A Vice-President ......... ...., Secretary ,,.... .... ...,.... I Treasurer ......,. ......... Presldent .,............ ..... Reporter ...... .............,.. l Sponsors ....... .,..,,. ND SPONSORS .,..Al1en Thurman A.Danny Kendrick eannette Eaton Sara Beth Jones Pet Hobbs ,Mrs. Audrey jones Mrs. Edna Martin Ki Vi 4 OQPHOMCDRE CLASS 1 .' 1 b, A Angel, Eugene, Armstrong, 'Martha Ann Brumley, Virginia Buclcliew, Mary Ruth Carter, Bobby Collins, Manuel ' Coon, Glenn A Cross, Melvin Dempsey, Estelle Doss, Clarice Douglas, jack Dupree, A. Eaton, Jeanette Fields, Doris Gholson, Reba Goodwin, Katherine Gryder, Billy Ray Gryder, Evelyn Hammock, Beverly Hill, Virginia' A Hobbs, Pet Holt, Ava Nell Vlflilin, Bettye jones, Sara Beth :ff jordan, Russell Kendrick, Danny Lawrence, Rodney LeGrande, Anna Belle MrDuft, Margaret Ann McEat'hern, Conrad McLeod, Martha Nell Magaw, Edith " "'v1..,,.f Mason, Elvis Moore, Bettye Ruth Mills, john M., jr. Moore, Harold L. 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Garner EIGHT!-I GRADE Allen, Robert Reeves Atkinson, Charles W. Bentley, Vera Mae Blair, Cecil Boyter, Barbara Boyter, Eugene Brice, Betty jean if Briggs, Shirley Jean Brown, Dorothy Brumley, Charles Caldwell, Charles Henry Castello, Don Coon, Mattie Vx Copeland, joan Cox, Bonnie Croft, Arthur Dewain Crow, Martha Lou ' 1 Collins, Buddy Leon Dees, Shirley Ann Douglas, Robert Adrian Duhon, Margaret Virginia Dupree, jesse Eugene Durmon, johnny Doyle Eaton, Geraldine Edwards, Malcolm Festervand, Mary Jo Finley, Garland Fish, Dorothy Elaine French, Patsy Fultz, David Gibson, Marilyn eff' Gordon, Kathleen Gregory, Knight X Guy, Burleigh Hammock, Martha Harper, Harold Harris, joe Hartzo, Pauline Hildt, Chrysteil Hildt, Lucille Herring, L. 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Walker, Francis Sandra Washington, George Washington, Martha Anne Wendell, Beverly Ann Whatlcy, -loanne XVhite, Lael Lynn' Wilkins, Viola Wren Walters, Wm. Dale Wilson, David Wortman, Donnalf Wisinger, Bobby SEVENTH GRADE Miss Campbells Room Andrews, john Earl Belcher, Numan Burney, Dean Butler, D. L, Cowgill, -lames Dempsey, Robert Flarity, Frank Frazier, Dolly Hill, Peggy Ann Hurdle, Barbara jackson, Emmett johnson, Barbara johnson, Thomas Kibler, Shirley Mc Donald, Sammy Oxford, jeannettee Oxford, Lynette Paulette, Eugene Pease, Minnie Ida Shores, Bobby Smith, Addie Belle Smith, Marilyn Tffffix leffl' Terry, Robert Terry, Peggy joyce Tirpitz, Carl Upchurch, Gaylord Vfall, Joe art. 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' 922224 Cx I -' If ' it Qgsfi H nf' Mary Jean BOSHC so ,ff 0 ? n BCH XVAR RIOR SPONSOR mmm ZUZZZ2 HOMECOMING QUEEN Patsy French Betty Idom Bonita Lee YVONNE WHITE Ineva Hale Patsy Dickinson .J Z' X ga! 7g.???eff Most Popular 14 Hgg, omfyp Mffm BEST PERSON ALITY V fg, ii , 1 "'A" ' 58' ' 2203, Zgfzgmw 1244 fme gem!! Z fgcff Most Outstanding Most Intelligent ffvjie ifcafizfl Ffwe Jzmeceg Qfzfa 265 jfwvgeff QMMW Mest Likely To Succeed Best All Round Z27252, gnc? Wwfmcf ...X WMME 777556265 gfviigl. Wifdzgiig Friendliest Best Dancer Hawk if FZMZW fxfpfweff Ziggy, 0 We? 7216424 jrdmfghg' Most Talented Nea X Qwvfaq Hawaii 5545 WMM Best Dressc ICSI ffeif Wdffleff Wye fgwy d 1 Wittiest Wwzgmfa ZW? 4665424 QMW X WM? 36914 WMM? Q0 ,QQMW 'v A A , ,, BEST ATHLETE UBBH H lZ.H'Il DHS THE PA JZ. VOLUME xn NUMBER 3 - Junior lass to Present SEIIU ll FUIITI7 we eg B, Banqu T' la J anua' ng school iS Viviai in Coact 'Se es leade. ts Eight re. The T9 US ry of the N Walker, Mazur, Sports, and s, . E . TPIIRT 1 I kits Twelfth Annual Winter Con- I 1 l s l18,A BA Il PRESE TED PERSU TWELFTH ANNUAL From th a cute lit WI TER E0 CERT 0' ' five inche pounds. Sh The V. H. S. Band presented eyes. She she is ea cert January 28 in the Highcake- For School Auditorium under the dir- ection of 'Sir Richard 'VI U Chooses t A ' Q A CC111:-sms subj gage' a member The newly organized Vivian Jive Cmb' Men's Chorus, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Wilcox, sang several 1'm gurg numbers. Miss Velma Norris waskheerful 1 their accompanist. The soloists from the band were 14 years Jimmie Cowgill, saxophone: inches' ti " :Inn-.A rr-..s.... 'green Cyl thai she she ask Officer for city ' A TI' shei Others introduced by tfr- rrnnich we C2 Mrs. were: Secretary audi 'l're2slH'f'1' 1--'.--1. M .-.A are has orsports Club, "Coq EDITOR ,mug is in Coaches of the Eigh N . likes Parker Wilson. Ca Q0 MZ Jerry Griffith, Q11 i W Dvmg l No doul White. Mrs. "Country" Griffith and Mrs. John Rogers for II.. preparation of the food, and Mrs, 0. C. Sanders, Mrs. Shivley. Revj Sweeney and Mrs. Sweeney, .SIX WARRIURS HIINQESABLE M their choice of oral reports. At thatg tht to be very difficult. Historians! Sensintaffar, and Dr. Paul Leathl Outstanding in the events of the evening was the presentation of the jackets and minature fnofhalls to the football players! The six cheerleaders received! football jackets, also. Four Eighty Grade boys were irecognized and! A L the others given letters for theiri l Six first string football play1 on the Warrior eleven receiv good sports and interest, Special awards were givento Jack Wilk-4 ins, and Tob Wall, Outstanding linesman and backman, respec-I Louisiana teams, The Sports tively. Coaches John Rogersnandkn Writers Association of this area honorable mention on the N01 N .EHR 'Qs iW throl years 4 hai a secre mediun are She Chl ASSISTANT EDITOR ers are ' Barron. I From th Bobby Car POOSE WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9. 1949 VIVIAN HIGH SCHOOL Plau e we '- who five weigh: Ihair Ab HDD? erry loie loud nost boy little ite te Irs. fun Ark. 35 W-J piano us have re saw the sy Roche 19 lls. She 'ls is 5 feet 5 eighs 120 le eyes and Jitlon is to :refers boys fer favorite and swim-' army when . For her .e chooses write teach- and Mrs. He we have Between Chris if-'d-terrn week, was not the san Burr, our beloved er, was absent tended illness. E week in the sani weeks at home w During her stay made ten garme eluded some iteu robe for her am law, Miss Helen While me was home, she receivi ment 'of reddish-p from the Ninth gn Sponsor hhlu .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,. M iss JOllIlSOI'l Editor ,..,,, ,..., ,,,, . . ,lo Ann Bell Assistant Editor ....,,, H ,l-0L1iSC Vifk Sports Editors l,..., , Hurry MtGraw Conrad McEuthern Business Managers. ,,.. , Mary lf. Dunlap Estelle Crow 511165 Smff .-,,,,,, ,,,,,lll, A ,, ,,.,, Clare Caldwell Gwendolyn Bourne Reporters -Q---,--.-,,..,4A,.,.,A,, ,,,,4,,,,e P 3.UllI1C Rillllfiy, lvlile Carter, Bobby Carter, Mercedese Dodge, Betty Sanders, Ann Cox, Leota Bruce, joan Clements, james Bruce, Mar- inel Cowgill, Paxton Thomas, Billy Ray Guinn, Eloise Wilkins, Jeanette Holbrook, Bill Almand, Patsy Leach, Bobbie jo Luce, Diana Bertrand and Billie Ann Traylor. s from Miss Camp r students for the :er are Shirley Kibler tndrews. Shirley looks u a secretarial job res the use. of a fore- e. John plans to en- t. 8: 'M. after gradua- high school and eil- Agricultural school. Wilson has the high- in band in this class. s not yet said anything ng a lady band director. 5 blue eyes pink and yellow carnations tied Last MOHGBI WGS the deadline Other hdnm' Students include D - , ,,,g,-, W., .,. -.,. ,,. , , . - , . ,,..,, , ,,. ,,,, . , ,, .AL , , ,.L..-,J- .,14,, - -Y L- , 4 A 11 T , nilllnil fllvrkiuv , ffannualll Yng-AL, ZUWUZZOZ Qfgtg' Q2-Xlxoi Blldd if A Exo? ri fisszlvranfr Cox SW' ggke Qjxko lfdlkor BUSINESS MANAGERS .lr Jo Ann Bell Clare Caldwell Jerry Griffith Mary jean Bostic Yvonne White Peggy Opry Secretary Secretary Aft Editor is wil im U hire Yvonne wa t ' n . -P 1651 e V we jerry Griffith President Mar Sec Y lean Bostic ret arY'Trea5Urer Elntrmalinual Zinnnmrp Shrimp filly-Smh Srhnul Elnurnalims G 1 QUIL L . A9 C QDLL Clare so Ann Beii Caldwell Peggy O'Pry Billie Ann Traylor GLEE CLUB President Bill Schoolfield Vice-President Dick Carroll Secretary M ercedese Dodge Treasurer je nny Lee Dees Reporter Betty Sanders Pianist Betty Dees jackson ,gl I, .5-K5 .:' Lk' x 1 EIGI-ITI-I GRADE CHORUS 707. Wiefvfw fgtfe CHORAI. DIRECTOR . f 4 , 5 ,SL XZ 'Q , I , J- H 3-'A ,I n . T' . V , ,, 4 ,. I If ...i F? .I rv VA 'E' 'ro Band Sweetheart jo Arm Bell Q 4 3 BAND Director Mr. Richard McCluggage 42" a Outstanding Band Members Hicks Williams Billy McLendon BAND -:A N., rt . f A Xi.. 1 ' ' M., rf-J-V. m ' 1' .2 .1 M:-Y gmiiigplg -www Almond, Bill Bell, JO Ann Bell, Nettie Lou Bertrand, Diane Boyter, Eugene Bruce, Leota Burney, Yvonne Caldwell, Charles Carroll, Dick Carter, Billy Carter, Bobby Carter, Ollie Mae Castello, Don Clements, Billie Ann Clements, joan Coil, Sandra Cowgill, Marinel Davis, Roger Dunlap, Mary l7. lfletther, jimmy Ifowler, Bryant Freeman, Gene lirenth, Patsy Gibson, Marilyn Griffin, Barbara Griffith, Jerry Guinn, Billy Ray Harrell, Bobby Hammock. Beverly Hatton, Dick Holbrook, Johnnie Holbrook, Jeannette Howell, Barbara A. Hudson, Larry ilatkson, Betty D. jones, Sara Beth jordan, Russell Kelly, Dolph Kendricks, Danny Lawrence, Nan Lawton, Clyde Lee, Raymond Liles, Sidney Little, Eugene Liverman, Janice McEat'hern, Conrad McLendon, Billy Mitchell, jules O'Pry, Curtis O'Pry, Gayle Parker, Billie lf. Poindexter, Gerald Raines, Margaret A. Roach, Dwan Sanders, Betty Sanders, jimmy Shelton, Ted Simmons, Patsy Smith, Tommy G. Spain, Robert Spearman, Addie ja Spiva, Yvonne Swilley, jan Thurman, Alan Thurman, Patsy Tompkins, Ralph Taylor, Charles Terry, Billy C. Thomas, Paxton Traylor, Billie A. Twitchell, Norma Vick, Louise XVashington, Charles Wfashington, Martha Wiggins, Claude Vlfilliams, Hicks Wfilliamson, jean Wilson, David Wilson, jimmy Wilson, Peggy jordan, Hattie Clements, Carolyn Kelly DicksonfMascot Gary Kendrick-Mascot S 'xg' 5 F. F. A. Sweetheart O T'0N fx Betty Idom A 7 'X 21,4-A ye , -fee X-.53-,N , aff 0 'ff' ff, I l f xl I OF "5 76 ? v Q h N 'I . 1 ' F. F. A. President .......t..., Vice-Presidents Secretary .... Treasurer .....,. Reporter .... J. W. French ,..........,....Tob Wall jack Wilkins james Lewis Aubrey Giddens jack Parker A me H 3,537 ..--Y ,a va!!- O, V OW NZ' f 'Y . 9 S? y' F, E, El, fig? Mia? fn , 4' 'PX NEW O President ....,,..,,,. Pauline Rainey Vice-President ,.,....... Betty ldom Secretary ....,e Flora j. Davenport Treasurer r...,,,,,, Sybil Blizzard Reporter .,,r..,, Gwendolyn Bourne Sponsor ......,..... Miss Leola Greer 13 s 4-H CLUB ,Ax f x X President ,...,.,.,,. .,.... I ack Parker X Vice-President ......,. ..,.,. ames V. Lewis .X Secretary .......,..., ...,,. F lora Davenport 5 r pall' ef 'Z av" K J .1 . 3 IETJBB ..I FOOTBALL OUTSTANDING WARRIORS Tob Wall Jack Wilkins Back Linesman 0441, FOOTBALL SCORES OF 1949 Many ........................ O11 City ..... ..... Rodessa .,.,. De Ridder ,.,.. ..... Natchitoches Mansfleld .,... ..... Minden ,,... ..... Leesville Springhill ...... Vivian VIVIHU ....,..., ........ Vivian Vivian V1v1an ......... ........ Vivian Vivian .......... ,,.,,... Vivian ........,, .,..... Vivian ..,...... ..... FooTBALL COACHES O. C. Sanders john Rogers BASKETBALL fc? D-9 xx ..B,, TEAM ..A,, TEAM ,, CZHEER LEADERS Mary jean Bostic W. French Mercedese Dodge Mickey Brasher Clare Caldwell - Mike Rogers ull! W WMMWW m i. b , ,,,,, , UA, ,K . W. ., . 1 1 i 1 1 1 4 1 1 - 1 """"-"1'1'r 1 1 l1ni 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 l PEP SQUAD Armstrong, Martha Ann Bain, Dianne Boyter, Barbara Briggs, Shirley Cox, Ann Dees, jenny Lee Duhon,'Margaret Gascon, Gloria Goodwin, Katherine Gordon, Kathleen Gregory, Knight! Hammock, Martha Hartzo, Pauline Lee, Bonita Luce, Betty jo Magaw, Edith Marcom, Beverly Mcliachern, Camille McDuff, Margaret McLaurin, Jennie Ruth Roan, Doris Ann Shaw, Betty Spain, Geraldine Spain, Ollie Lee Stein, Maxine Walkei, Bennie Walker, Billie Ruth Wendell, Beverly Whately, joan White, Lael Williams, Katherine . ....-....--..-... President ...,,..................... Patsy Briggs Vice-Presrdent ......Y........... Sara Beth jones Secretary .............,............ Mary jean Bostic Treasurer .......................... Mercedese Dodge Regorter ......,................... Betty Dees jackson Sponsor .........,.,................ Mrs. Catherine Adams GIRLS' V' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . .,.....W.-0...-..-.....,. m4 MN ,N if A ?"N!sW" as K' -E TTI My ,, fs, f' ' iii' T, K at rf- fm V 7,--Q n ,ff-:f Lv. M, 5352 ang l , COMPLIMENTS OF HALEY'S CAFE Operaied By: Compliments of BUDDY lDoM'S GROCERY MF. and Mrs. Sam Phgne Vivian' La, Vivian, La. Compliments of HANNER MYRTIS SERVICE STATION FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Myriis, La. Phone IO7 Vivian, La. C07lZPli7l267ZiS of CONGRATULATIONS Jack Toombs SINCOX MOTQR CQMPANY Grocery and Markei' Phone 29I Vivian, La. Phone 53 Vivian. La Com plimeuts of WHITEWAY CAFE Vivian, La. GERALD PONTIAC CO. "We Specialize in Wreck and Collision Work" Vivian, La. "lt Pays To Play" EVANS SPORTING GOODS CO. Complete Outfitters For All Sports Texas Street Shreveport, La. Eat More Ice Cream lt's Healthtul ancl Delicious At your Foremost Dealers Compliments of LAWTON'S FURNITU RE CO Shreveport, La. Vivian La Best Wishes To Seniors BANK OF VIVIAN MEMBER F. D. I. C. Vivian, La. Compliments of O. R. LlVERMAN'S GROCERY 8: MARKET Vivian, La. Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS Arble H. Mayner Prop. Jesse Ramey Route Mgr. Roclessa, La. THE HEARNE DRY GOODS CO. An insl'i+ufion selling only dependable merchandise, and mainlaining a repu+a+ion for absolu+e fairness and unqueslioned reliabilily. Shreveporr, La. Comphmenls of Compliments of MAGNOLIA GROCERY AND MKT. WILLIAMSON MOTORS Highway 8 Your Chevrolel Dealer C' W' Roy Vivian-, La. Chances are, We Furnished Your Grandmother's Home! , A - 'VU 7Hfu.'rf lll3lQ , 1' 'Q '-1,1 N H EhAENVVAY'JOHN5ON FURNITURE co., mc.. Compliments To Senior Class GIBSON MOTOR CO. Ford Par+s Services +o all makes Vivian, La. N,,Tm9!'Nwgn.gwf. ., , C Omplimezzts of SHAFFETT'S GROCERY Delivery Service Vivian, La. COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON 8: KEOUN Your General Elecfric Dealer Vivian, La. Pho. 325 COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned Tires - Radios - Bicycles Vivian, La. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS W. T. Bell Oil Operafor Vivian, La. Phone 903 ., 'lx , - ' 5 -of Tooling His Own Horn Abour Efficienr And Low Cos+ Elecfric Service 11'--11-I--1... N . . 0 ov ' 1 F A -5.00771 WISIIRN If All llfflfflzfflff C. G. STYRON Complete Graduation Service "My Work A PIeasure" Trophies 2225 Creswell S+ree'r Choir Robes Phone 2-433 I Shreveport La. FLOURNOY 8: HARRIS Jewelers 5I9 Marshall Slreef Shreveport La. COMPLIMENTS OF P E Y T O N ' S Ladies Ready To Wear "NEW LOCATlON" CrockeH a+ Marshall Shreveport La. Congra'I'ula+ions To The Class of '49 S E A R S ROEBUCK and CO. 624 Texas Sireel' Shreveport La. Shoes - Hosiery - Bags P H E L P S SHOE COMPANY, LTD. Nexl' +0 Posf Office 4I2 Texas Sireei' Shreveport Louisiana For Your Boy or Boys From HTOTS TO TEENS" For over 9I years we have carried fhe highes'r quali+y clolhes for boys and young men. Shop in our boys clepar+men+ your nexl lime in +own . . . M. L E V Y C O . You Can Get It At LEMAN'S "Come ln and Brouse" Shreveport Louisiana Compliments of DAVIS JEWELERS . Phone 6' Vivian' La. I.ll ENFIELD MIC Compliments of Seniors, you finally made if! T R E E 5 vlvlAN ou. MERCANTILE CO. and Phone II9 Vivian, La. GASOLINE CO- CGMPLIMENTS OF "Exper1' Hair S+yling" ORCHID BEAUTY SHOP 9- F- W A C K E R 5 V- - I L . 5c To 55.00 Phone I96 :vlan a VARIETY STORE Phone 249 Vivian, La. fx K D b X .' hA fr , Q09 CD CJ U "Shreveport's Fashion Corner" Quali+y Apparel for Men, Women, and Children. Compliments of It Pleases Us To Please You Mcoowm 8. cooii K O T T L E 5 WELLSERVICE DEPARTMENT STORE Phone Io Vivian La Phone I78 Vivian, La. Compliments of I Vlsll LAMBERT'S LANDSCAPING CO. TILLEY'S SERVICE STATION First Vivian. Ld- Claiborne at St. Vincent Phone 7-276I Shreveport, La. Congratulations To The Senior Class Dr. D. P. Thomas OPTOMETRIST Compliments of FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. O. K. Adcoclc Agent Vivian, La. X -we f vii i ,N U e-ar.. 1 3 - ' 5 Q- . -5 1 I 3 i if Mx " f S ? R Q T vs r' wg 'K K if iwilfw ,,a :gig '- 5, J yi Thin VETERANS - CIVILIANS - ENROLL NOW Posi+ions-Posifions-Posilions-More Posifions Than School Can Fill DAY 81 NIGHT SCHOOL The School of Individual Training for Booklceepers, Accounfanfs, Office Machine Operaiors, Secrefaries, Agen+s, Telegrapher courses NORTON BUSINESS COLLEGE "The School of Individual Teaching" Fully Accrediied by American Associaiion of Commercial Colleges approved 'for G. I. Training 4'rh Floor Levy Bldg. Shreveporf Phone 2-8739 Congralulalions To The Seniors of '49 DIXIE MERCANTILE CO., LTD. Vivian, La. Esialolished I900 Phone 2-5778 MEADOWS-DRAUGHON COLLEGE Day and Nighl' School Bookkeeping, Sfenographic, Secrelarial and Higher Accounfing Courses En'l'er Any Time Approved For Advance Individually G. I. Training GEORGE AIMEADOWS Shreveporf, Louisiana P'eSfde""Mf1"f'9e' ,SUPPORT THE PAPOOSE Vivian High School Paper Besl' Wishes +o lhe Seniors CALDWELL'S GROCERY CASTELLO CLEANERS 81 MARKET "Sui+s made +o measure" "We Deliver" Phone 70-J Vivian, La Vivian, La. Phone 46 Besi' Wishes 'lo 'I'he COMPUMENTS OF Semors REEVES AND FERGUSON COOPER'S LUMBER COMPANY GROCERY and MARKET Vlvlan' La' Phone I59 Vivian,.L STELLE ROWE'S DRESS SHOP 222 Alabama Vivian, La. Compliments of PHlLLlP'S Vivian, La. COMPLIMENTS OF JITNEY JUNGLE Self Service Food Slore A. H. Wilcox W. F. Almancl , owners Phone bl Vivian, La. SMITH MOTOR CO. DODGE 8: PLYMOUTH Sales 8: Service Vivian, La. Compliments of VIVIAN LUMBER CO., INC. Vivian, La. Compliments of BAUER HARDWARE CO. Phone I6 Vivian, La Compliments of HALL'S MEN 8: BOYS SHOP Vivian, La. Phone 204-W Compliments of DAVIS MACHINE WORKS Rodessa, La. Phone 95 Congra+uIa'I'ions Seniors RICHARDSON GROCERY 8: MARKET Vivian, La. Compliments of ROLAND'S GROCERY 8: MKT. We Deliver Phone 367 Vivian, La. COMPLIMENTS OF DIXIE DRUG CO. Rexall Nyall Phones I I 8: 47 Vivian, Louisiana Complinzevzts of Member of TDS TINIE'S FLOWER SHOP Chrysler - Plymoulh Sales and Service DUKE HARRELL MOTOR CO Vivian, La. Phone 3ll Vivian, La. THE I-OFT COMPLIMENTS OF Vivian's Dry Goods Slore Upslairs DEL'S DINER Phone 465 Vivian, La. Vivian, La. COMPLIMENTS OF JERSEY GOLD CREAMERIES Milk - Butter - Ice Cream I769 Claiborne Ave. Shreveporf, La. COMPLIMENTS OF EAST SIDE GROCERY Phone 76 Vivian, La. SELF'S SERVICE STATION Magnolia Proclucls Phone 205 :ga MlLBURNE'S STUDIO Telephone 6678 Giddens-Lane Bldg Shreveport La. Continuous Quality ls Quality You Trust 5 yard? QWBWWWW ' I X V Since a qw :. :. 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Suggestions in the Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA) collection:

Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 93

1949, pg 93

Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 8

1949, pg 8

Vivian High School - Warrior Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 10

1949, pg 10

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