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V'-'- REVIST '66 4 i 1 .W J .... gi .-f-1: M"'r-r K! 41- :1 -Lf 3.5. L.-.L L . -if " " W gf. LN.. ----- .1 tap..-- . r ,?f'5fw3:+ P I"Qusx ur-ONS :. ,lr ,.-A K-XTEEV 4-. V A F-1 . I T t ,Q A i"""' In - - - .Q nb-'f 5-r"' , -Q y--qi .. , '. '- sg Q AQ A V ' ' 2 X ,,.,-J-...-f- , , "'-aV , -1 . ' 5 ' ' . A :iii -A, I ,,I,.,..-f--'df 1 wi ' ' V , 4 i.j , -' 'fu'-.'j.:q9?2'4 I .1 .fr . A 31,5-I 4,51-, -5,-,.4ag,, ,, " ' j '31, V,,,f" V ...F ' " 'Lg iff-K "5 1' ' ' H ' ' S,mQ2s142fKi1m,,zT' - 1 V ,I N "?1si?isf7-125325125i5?f?ai2Sf'3Siii''dk Wi ff A - ' ii iii' . ' I V ' Q V . Vu . f " .G ' ' ' " .4'fT:ff??YTf" ' -I '- I ' vm, ' iw., 'V ' A " I! ' ' H ' , - V - V13 :fy , " v f - I . w ' K , If , K I - Q? ar' ' , YN I ' ', , 1,-nf jg Y V . A ,,.:f', . -A .kxfv -sq, ' -- ., 1 ' - -M2924 I I fl'-' 'V '--Q, uv V- , . A Vf, Va.. ,fm W Au! f- - ' Angf 3. sv. V- w '- -A -f 4 -A -,H-'tn-A Y, ""s. 'f-A 4- ' S I 5 , ' 3 'iii-N3 5,5 QA.-xi,1..f-f 'sys , , , ' . 5 L '- ' i,Lx'. "fm vnu Sita" z , N S ,, -vt 'A -' . ,N .I 4-u-4'lU'.JK-f -'Q Q , -- - -.V-fy I-.w-., V,V - rg, I ' Iz'44e3'F,-"3:5:I ", - .,z.:'fQ "1. 'A A 253- 'Ik ' ' ' ' , sn. -'A,:-N5- XA' 'H Q 'li Pk . - -A SV W ASS . ,A Mfg! I . , . S My-:Vp '15, , I ,V.,,N I -1 fifIff?fQii3f'3?'fQ?Hw:e Table of Contents DEDICATION ..,.................. . . . 6 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION . . . , . . S ORGANIZATIONS . . . .. . . ...SA ACTIVITIES ...... ,CLUBS .I . . SS ATHLETICS I .I v f"Q A-nv f . ,gk ' ' Q., 5, Y -. ,V b ' '- ,s ki, -1, . V, , J 1' WM, - . ' In it Z - Q V v. v 1 ' I V . U J ' z X .. , ig, , , H Q 1 I k V V .4 9 N.,z5ff,rS:?-l'E5i:',iii':.'Efv'5 -- " , "5"""' . -Q '1' . . .ws3291284r'fI1vii'V'-ii"'7 "'l'14i ,.'-i,z.'N"5""'L' ,F Af--fa,-Vl.:.1,.,, - V .4 ,w v:,5 ,X .,. , ,. 3,4 ,V ' ,V 1 gf,,Qqv':'fZ5i!"iL3?WFi'mimi 2- iq , f , . :g A jr'-,Q ifcwpt-.2-'.'L10-iigfnfiiwfiiii' L' q-3 gmggfguq , I, q. 5A.:wif11-'AI'-if1L:5:fl.:4W,f'.g-:Ap,,- A P? , , .,, A Pm- is I ' n yi' PML , h, .e,.1ArfE',:4 - 2.7.1 . . ..,c . w..1...'.,y 37. 1 -V ',,,,:,,'1 v: ,.,-' ' .-wi. ...A':'.nt":' V 1' -1, E-.g me , , . .. -1.4 1 7 1' ol w 'x -u.. U . Q r 1 ,',h '12 ' x ' ,Y r"',. """' fun. . . jg, f' , - ag! ,',1 47411 ,. K nl A" , ' 4 4 , af' 1 . , ,M - 1. mf . H ., 5 ' - -'H ,A l. . ' N If .W 5' 4 ,V .4 'W-f 1 lv 2' ,Q M w 2 1? ' - Ju ! .VR- . , an , f -, 1-,kzzvfg-?,, , f . ' Q42..,f-2-mx-ry f QMS igf- if . '1221-'Ffw , . ' 7 .L'jf5f!'1 ,. 'Q' , .M--.-X -, ,.,4qfX,5M,56 ,, '-pw ., Phe' by I 4:-ya, , , V Y U -f.:'sff JA' .' 'Z 'I , r -'--"7f'2'fiff'--,:fW"'5' T : ,f f--2"- "'-.L Ti ?-7 '-'fi QA f 'AFV 1 ' N ' fc M ' 4, 3, .Ji V ,is 4,5-: 1 Q1 , fx ISBGEILISQ? for Wm years and a, feeling' of E!l3f?l0I1g'i11g" with Which they-Ente' '66 has gi. .hams hhQfmap," ,ff ' La Revista: 465 is peflhaps the elubodif ment QE the Knew spirfilf' at pages C1iVidil'1Q' the seoixiqns 01' Lhizs afllnusil 'sik'iI,1 be recfQg'11iZed as 'VQ?11l-Ulfil Cgillegfe laid: 111341155 -- 15i'LI't of the r'api,d.l. y QA3G'gLIii1L1lQ,f,iQlflg' tra,ditj011 of our czoifasnantly gr-giving 43214113 pus. We, the staff mi? Lai higlsgftihgsvt Student, he lnmlfrs i3hl'Qii3?fhV this annual, will recall Qf gdmd r,1:fnes'QLxri11g' ,E H5? Past YOU, tlw s'1yi.ri.t" wi' Vfe1'1 lfuFfaf 'I ga,13.11141ga,1-Zim, Byevifglzu. 4 W DEDICATIO Perhaps the administrator best-known to the stu- dent body is Mrs. Ada P. Burke, dean of student activ- ities. Born in Superior, Wisconsin, Mrs. Burke received her B.E. degree from Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire and M.A. degree from State University of Iowa, and did graduate work at the universities of Wisconsin and Texas. Before becoming Ventura College's dean of student gi activities, and dean of women, Mrs. Burke served as 4-3 dean of women at Boise, Idaho, Junior College for ' fifteen years. L Her experience is varied, with degrees in English I-:L-an and education, she has been a counselor and adviser to drama groups, school newspapers, and various clubs and social activities. - 112 As dean of women, her rather large job is "to care i.L1,f:' for the welfare of women studentsf' in this capacity she HH' sponsors and advises the Associated Women Students, an organization which claims as a member every E-.nil woman A.S. card holder attending VC. . As dean of student activities, she advises the As- 1-W sociated Students' Board and counsels its officers, coordinates VC social activities, and chairs the Student ,Q Activities Council. Wav During her ten years as dean of women and dean ad-:Ld of student activities at VC, Mrs. Burke has been in- valuable in her service to the school, her counsel to students, and her position as unofficial hostess for , Ventura College. 1 Her concern for the students of Ventura College and the help and understanding she has unselfishly given to them makes her a favorite with students, :L faculty, and her fellow administrators. ' ' To Mrs. Ada P. Burke, on this, the anniversary of ..., her tenth year of service to Ventura College, we dedi- -' cate La Revista '66. E 77,1 gr? 9-'ri mai: Eli! i1 nag: I-F if E315 tm 1 1 : 2 if -6- t I l ' ti h' I ' 'L 3 -as rn.. u . . . . ,mm 341:54 :r'f1:.:+ v.:m-2.1. ..ta-'stiffm-zf1'+f+ql1gFw,,+f'+"'+f1agfx,rI1'f+LfsH5'frQiri1f::1. rw . .sri nniiiliifz-ln:-12:11:31-ffifllm.1t4Taf"m2'2"-Q iiiiems FACULTY ADMINISTRATIDN . 538 ' " f?iL.i5w't'2,FI' :I ., mf, . .wi , v 1 ,gym W gig I if A L gr 'ii n, 'V' af? E if E: FE .-L1 4- as 51- sw: P3 ' IBF 3' TF H' :Z at H11 ng mx f E FI-' I 1 , gg If L12. L :ii ?,15"fi-ISIS. QL I.-:nit w"" V-144968, . COLLEGE PRESIDENT 1965-66 has been another year when a strong faculty and a quality student body have combined to produce an excellent teaching-learning climate. It is to be hoped individual students will have bene- fited personally from the resultant opportunities. The year has also been rewarding in a wide range of student activities. May the reader find in these pages of La Revista highlights which will recall both fun and friends. College life is a complex of many growth ex- periences. It is the hope and aim of college author- ities that all students may complete an academic year with clearer purpose and increased knowledge plus the motivation to make the most of both. EDWARD H. ROWINS President L . :if if! 54 ii E-Z3 P!-E J all if SLA L3 .A-I -M Isl .--. Cl" 1.2 - 11 itl- .1 1: Hi 41: 1+ i-.I 1 .GZ is .11 51.1. E --if 4'1" +55 -2 fi Q 1 Gi at 5'- F L14- gi: iv- H . .11 Ev' it fr 75: ii 411 .12 fm 4.2 iii -111 .111 -11 at ff if 1 331 -'li 211. JU. 31 'PT PLT 3. Sh il :li 3: naznsaazsxxxamti LI-II '1-.Fi ffl! :vw 15-3' - :T -"al fi IEEE-5551155 ' Wizliifizi-HG-E iii F? 4 5 i ' if-521:-imisiff-esiusfweii-Seri-:aausmnscsmawmuusaaa GOVERNING BOARD The Governing' Board is composed of five trustees, each of whom is elected to a four-year term. The Board derives its power from the state consti- tution and its principal duties are to formulate the basic policies of the col- lege and to appoint the employees necessary to execute its policies. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, the trustees are: Mrs. Janette Romney, Roger D. Moeller, Philip C. McConnell, president, Robert A. Addison, and Dr. William M. Simpson. TI-IE DEANS GEORGE B. MCNEELY Dean of Men MRS. ADA P. BURKE Dean of Women Dean of Student Activities MISS MARY GUTHRIE Dean of Admissions and Guidance DR. FRANK L. PAGE Dean of Adult Education if v , .N xi 'Smit 1' I Hllju W" 15 WILLIAM H. MEIERDING Asst. Dean of Admissions and Guidance DR. ROBERT W. PAX Dean of Business Services xg 'X 3? X 13 1 , Y 1 CARL F. KARASEK Dean of Instruction T pun: R5 I POR CHARLES F. PLUMMER Asst. Dean of Adult Education and Instruction fl J MRS. WINONA R. CASEY Business Education MRS. JOAN L, FOLLIS Business Math MISS YVON NE L. GALLEGOS Business Education MRS. LUCILLE T. MORRIS Business Education Business Business Education JOSEPH F. SEN CAY Data Processing JOLLY F. GRIGGS Business Education Education THOMAS C. RICHARDS Data Processing A , v 1 kJiJ4 MRS. ELVINA T. VON ALLMEN Business Education 1 1 MISS MARGARET HANSON DEAN MILLER Business Education Division Chairman I I 1 L.. WILLIAM V. ROLLINS Business Education kiln THOMAS R. BERTOLINO Electronics Engineering ALBERT S. CHRISTOPHER Machine Shop CHARLES C. DAHL Math, Engineering JUNIUS H. KELLAM Engineering Technology GEORGE A. BUCQUET Auto Mechanics DR. GEORGE T. BURKE Welding' Technology JOHN L. SMITHSON Division Chairman DR. RICHARD A. GLENN Engineering -' fu JOHN C. GEORGE E. MESSERSMITH VON BREYMAN Welding Electronics 4 CARLISLE C. COOPER Art A Fine MRS. ERNESTINE NYBORG Music 1 I STEWART W. WEST MUSIC ROBERT A. SMITH MRS. ILA G. Art WINTERBOURNE Art BERNARD V. DIETZ Art WILLIAM H. MCENROE MRS. HARRIETTE H. JARVIS Art Division Chairman Arts FRANK V. SARDICSO Art FRANK A. SALAZAR Instrumental Music WILLIAM B. WINTERBOURNE Art nf' 'P ' F I8 4 MISS JANET THOMAS K. EMMA JAMES M. EVANS DONOVAN English English English THOMAS F. DREW English Language MISS NINA M. MC COMB English DR. FRANCIS X. MAGGIPINTO Spanish DAVID W. KUNTZ English CARL E. J ORGEN SEN English MRS. BEVERLY J. EARL B. OWEN PEARSON English French, Spanish MRS. VENICE C. TIDWELL English MICHAEL K. SEELY DR. HOWARD SIEGEL M. WILLIAM IIIEHMAN English English Engllsh RALPH FIORENTINE DR. LE ROY D. English HABERMAN Drama., English N W PETER ALTPETER Division Chairman JOHN W. HANFT English N ... :-: -.i.. , 1 ' 'f ' 9" , 'N . . 1 i"' r 3 WALTER HASSALL li .,EE ' ii English u. r, -gg MRS. EDNAE. English MISS RUTH M. HEMMING Journalism, English PHILIP E. HOUSER FI'e1'1Ch MRS. LOIS A. WILKINSON English ROBERT Y. RITHNER English DR. ALFRED O. DAVID R. WIMMER MISS F. SUSANNE WILKINSON German WOODS Drama., English Eng H511 i N I9 - 20 . . .H- ., JJ ,lg v U, ,. .k I .la ,. 'ug--1 'M ' 'x 4 . Kg E 'F 'L MRS. f x g :N ,Y ,.--- , ELIZABETH W. BOWKER Biology JAMES H. CASTREN Biology 9-H H r JACK M. FARRELL Biology WAYLAND L. EZELL Botan Life 'mm i 15-1- ROBERT F. GREEN Biology xF gj- f ' MRS. SHIRLEY A. TUCKER -Z . ---- -- ,Az-.A Home Economics MRS. FRANCES B. DONALD A- TROUP VILLENEUVE Biology Biology X is-f' fr: f D ORLEY A.cAsELLA Science 1,1 MRS. LYDIA J. J- ul NORTHWAY Home Economics gk DR. THOMAS B. O'NEILL Bacteriology H. O'NEIL ZIEGLER Anatomy .P PHILANDER POWERS Biology Chairman DONALD F. RODRIGUES Agriculture i' Li-.1 fl . J R. REX BRITTINGHAM Geology 4r's- DR. DUANE E. HEINZ 'Wm Chemistry DR. JOHN E, W. MCCONNELL Chemistry KARL M. PLACE Physics ARTHUR H, HEYWOOD Mathematics PAUL R BRYSON Physics CARL J. CARSON Mathematics athematics THOMAS G. HUGHES Chemistry WILLIAM H. ROBINSON Mathematics DR. DONALD S. RUSSELL Mathematics 19' XXI' U '15 , .,-, ii-.533 JOE W. COBB Chemistry ROBERT R. GIBBS HAROLD B- HOWE Physics Chairman Ph y sical SCi6IlC9 i6?'," A Si? A 4 - g y i f If U X pg NOBLE S. JOHNSON f 'fi A H i ik 'N Q Chemistry it f 1 15. ix Wi, V , V. V. t ' WILLIS C INGOLD Mathematics -- JAMES V. ILIFF - 'nv Mathematics HOWARD R, LEVEL GEORGE E. LANNING Geology Mathematics ,E 1-'if 'yt Hi wiiici I' , '4 1 . LM jf xiii WILLIAM H. TAUCK Physics ROBERT J. TUFTS EUGENE W. WALLACE Chemistry Mathematics H . O? I . fl! MRS. DONNA J. DODGE Vocational Nursing UI' sing MERHOFF MRS- CLAIRE R- Associate Degree MCWNILLIAMS Nursing' Vocational Nursing' A O MRS. CAROLE B. ly "' Kr. v MISS GEORGIA E. PATTERSON Associate Degree Nursing MISS REBECCA C. GAY Associate Degree Nursing MRS. MARGARET E. MCCANN Associate Degree Science Nursing MRS. MARGARET F. McGILLAN Chairman MISS MIRIAM I. SHOLLEY MRS, MARY B. Associate Degree WALLACE Nursing Vocational Nursing 5 ff :mg , ' ,VL 'Xi cf M N 9: xx X X Q 3 L Y. S. 1, , K has 15,7 I' xv ' s 4 W C, E1 Q, 1.- MRS. RUTH W. CARR GEORGE R. ANDERSON MRS, EDITH R. CONN Physical GEORGE F. HAILS PAUL GANNATAL JAMES L. MOORE I - vw: uf MISS PATRICIA M RAGUSE ' H Y . Xfi- 1 vi- . .. 'WS MRS. J ANICE D. COYNER F. PAUL DUNHAM ROBERT G. GOWDER Division Chairman Education ROBERT W. LONG MISS NORMA M. VEDVIK JAMES A. WHALEN , sy, PAUL R. ACKER Sociology . . ,. Qglrmg :fm . , is n it wfef-F' N xt S K W , fs-"f"7 ' fx I 1 ROBERT M. CALHOON ,gl Coordinator, , I - Police Science DR. ALBERT H. CLODIUS Philosophy Social STEPHEN M. EPLER History A Mr. Harris re- fused to have his picture taken. GRIFFIN R. MCKAY FLOYD L. SINGER Political Science 43' Law Enforcement DONALD D. PAILLETTE Political Science MRS. INA T. GABLER li- - Political Science JOHN HARRIS Psychology ,-Q3 DR, L. MILDRED STEVENS Psychology DONALD E. COOK Economics f .0152 2 Q-F52 H:-7125 lg 15. '? E my 5 , 1 lx wg lu N., " , Fil E' OTIS DRAPER - W 1 lf j DR. FRANK W. WESTFALL History Science lv.. JOSEPH D HYDE STEPHEN J. HERZOG History Political Science JOHN W. SI-IAINLINE Psychology RICHARD A. RASOR Psychology Chairman GARY E. JOHNSON Political Science MRS. MAXINE R. MAURICE C. THOMAS TALLMAN Law Enforcement Psychology 29 COUNSELORS, under the direction of the Dean of Admissions and Guidance, are responsible for guidance services to approximately 400 full-time students each. SEATED, left to right: Robert M. Martin, Carlyle C. Lovewell, Miss Lois L, Winter, Mrs. Madaline R. Braun, and Miss Martha D. Siler. STANDING: Walter W. Bellman, Robert A, Lombardi, Harry C. Meyers, and James M. Weesner. PLACEMENT DIRECTOR Marvin H. Bergstrom and his secretary, Mrs. Loretta A. Jeffryes, are responsible for publi- cizing job opportunities available to students and for help- ing them find part-time work whenever possible. -ff X -TTT:-e--lgpx' ,S I . ,K .g .4 1 ' '-ie.,-.. f' - .mf r - 1 fry! . , ..- , . , -- D 1 frwft' . . .. rf - mzf gis- mv , V, . J 5--H, 's"Hm..- fl..- l sv . 3, pd far f. gif SH -My ., SECRETARIES most closely associated with student affairs are left to right: Mrs. Dorothy M. Lind, secretary to the dean of women, Mrs. Lois B. Andrews, secretary to the college president, and Mrs. Iola Watson, secretary to the dean of men. if, A . V' ' f l CAMPUS CENTER SUPERVISOR Mrs. Mae Bell Anderson oversees activities in the coffee shop and serves as a general consultant for habitual coffee shoppers and student leaders. "'31"'E' zL . . 'bs' COLLEGE PHYSICIAN David Perlmutter, M.D., and nurse Mrs. Jeanette M. Ross maintain and operate the health office, which is responsible for meeting the health needs of students while they are on campus. COLLEGE LIBRARIAN Grant W. Heil, is responsible for seeing that the library is run smoothly and effi- ciently. f- Jw, av r g 4 Ig, i fi 1:-ay if . .X . ""i -z . W-' . 1- 7" ., -y .. sw . -1 'Jie 7'T""'I R 1 - ' 4 - . E'-fi:Qt.. 1 . Q-,' K 'gf 5 . 1 11: W' ' I il A 2 p A f l l?'1:LZ4E1 f ?"l9'QLal- - A I ., eil' W A . n it fi E' if , .iiwliv .- b - 224 MP: we r ' ' lj . mf' . n .- iff. '- jfgf ' QP" f .-ag ., . .Q - laik ,SJ V ' . .A L A - 4, A V LANGUAGE LAB TECHNICIAN Mrs, Helen Grau is re- sponsible for the operation of the language lab and as- sists foreign language instructors and students. ORGANIZATIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Slack, commissioner of athletics: Janet Van Horne, commissioner of publicity: Alice Schleiderer, commissioner of social activitiesg Peggy Reynolds, commissioner of finance, Kathy l'i'3fhLii-l:'3Lil2'Q1?fv7iiiWfii'iii 1 Thompson, secretary: Bob MacLellan, president: Virgil Roberts, Vice-president: George Schmid, AMS f-Q, IX ' . N 511 Ll N president: Chris Appel, sophomore class president, Pene I-Ierdfelder, commissioner of service, Jim .' '1 Colburn, commissioner of cultural activities, Pam Reddien, AWS president: Alan Amundsen, com- jj J We missioner of clubs. NOT PICTURED: Dennis Diefendorf, freshman class president. ff-f'i'?"??"3'T'r"4"f? T? W 'viii , :at :AT E. -3 ,fffrfl -V1 jig Q J gg .eisfiaszxai "Line-up" of I-CC Officers, 1965- 66-LEFT TO RIGHT: Rod Brook- er, vice-presidentg Jean Bean, treasurerg Bill Brown, president. NOT PICTURED: Jan Annis, sec- retary. la Q SFS-'l?'3'l?'i31 'fi iii'-143-ii??'4-1-i?E11"'4fl FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Karen Fisher, Music Club: Bill Brown, XGIg Ed McConnell, Geography and Geology: Sid Rowlett, Data Processing: Don Pollard, Delta Chi. SEC- OND ROW: Illona Lee, LDS: Donna Easley, IRCQ Peggy Reynolds, AGS, Janet Van Horne, Beta Phi Gamma, Jan Annis, Democratic Students: Wendy Sheldon, Vocational Nurses, Mimi Pegram, AWS, Joyce Lemmon, SNAC. THIRD ROW: Harold Maurer: Jean Bean, WRAQ Sheryl Rhine, Home Economics Club: Susie Rea, Newman Club: Steve Adams, AMS: Bob Lubin, Intercollegiate Knights. FOURTH ROW: Sam Downey, Baptist Student Union, Wyman Holloway, Circle Kg Rod Brooker, Republican Students: gavid Dixon, College Y: Jerry Muldoon, Young Farmers: Ken Thompson, Police cience. Purpose . . . "shall be to uphold the highest ideals of true woman- hood, courtesy of speech and man- ner, simplicity, loyalty and honor, as well as to develop among the girls such activities as well as promote the spirit of service, good fellowship and democracy." Events . . . scheduled each year are the get-acquainted week and tea, Southern California AWS con- ference, backwards dance, mother- daughter tea, father-motheri daughter banquet with AMS, beard growing contest, installa- tion luncheon. Sponsors . . . of frequent assem- blies for girls. Programs on the 1965-66 agenda include a style show and commentary by an ex- pert model, and a lecture by Madame Nehru, relative of the late prime minister of India. Innovations . . . this year's AWS board initiated the "Fireside Chatsf' informal gatherings of AWS members. 4 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mary Jane Thayer treasurer BACK ROW Linda Laird and Gayla Mathiews sophomore Mimi Pegram, 2nd vice-presidentg Pam Reddien president representatives Ann Bagley and Kathleen Hawkins fresh Mary Carney, lst vice-presidentg Barbara Nelson secretary man representatives wx "No kidding! They're going to make us change our meeting place?" AMS Purpose . . . "shall be: to render service to and otherwise further the interests of the college, to l further especially such activities as Will engender greater unity, increase friendships, inculcate civic consciousness and programs of social Welfare, of recreational, educational and social nature? Services . . . administered by the AMS Cabinet Celective officersj and the AMS Council Celective officers and appointed organizational rep- resentativesj. Activities . . . of AMS show diver- sity: blood-bank drive, scholar- ships, Southern California AMS conference each semester, Blue- l Book Ball, father-mother-son ban- quet With AWS, AMS Week, "April- in-Paris" dance, and installation luncheon. Traditions . . . include the up- keep of the VC initials on the hill northwest of the college. The famed "smokers" admit men only to an evening of discussion, a program, and smoke. sf .Jil FRONT ROW,Left toRight: David Metcalf, lst vice-president, George Schmid, president, Jerry Tracy, secretary, Bob Pettit, community services chairman, John Mehan, second vice- president. BACK ROW: Dave Glasscock, publicity, Jim Krall sophomore class representativeg Buck Steffins, men's organi: zations representative, Ben Nose, parliamentariang Richard McKay, social chairman, Steve Adams, freshman class rep- resentative. NOT PICTURED: Bill O'Connor, historian, Dick Weber, treasurer. Iliiwwl Iwi 126551 lam! 4 SPRI A. s. BO RD SEATED, left to right: Carolyn Rueb, Commissioner of Publicity, Dennis Diefendorf, freshman class president, Peggy Reynolds, Commissioner of Finance, Kathy Buckstaff, secretary, Virgil Roberts, presi- dent, Tom Mello, vice-president, George Schmid, AMS president, Dave Cheshier, sophomore class presi- dent, Kathy Thompson, Commissioner of Service, Dave Metcalf, Commissioner of Athletics, STANDING: David Kelton, Commissioner of Cultural Activities, Caren Olsen, Commissioner of Social Activities, Pam Reddien, AWS president, Mike Belchik, Commissioner of Clubs. SPRI I-CC NOT PICTURED are representatives from Alpha Phi Lambda, AMS, Art Club, AWS, Baptist Student Union, Chi Gamma Iota, Data Processing Club, Delta Chi, Digamma Tau Alpha, Freshman Club, Inter- national Relations, Intra-Varsity Christian Fellowship, LDS Institute, Letterman's, Literary Discus- sion, Music, Police Science, Republican Students, Sophomore class, Vocational Nurses, Women's Recreation Association, Young Farmers of America. ETANDING, left to right: Linda Baglien, College Y, Carolyn Rueb, German Club' Carol Bidwell Beta Phi mm R' h a, a, ic ard Hart, Intercollegiate Knights, Lois Whittenberg, Home Economics, Bonnie Rhoades, Christian Science Club, Mike Belchik, Commissioner of Clubs, Peggy Reynolds, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Wyman Holloway, Circle Kg Tafford Oltz, Student Nurses, Jack Carr, Sports Car Club, Ed M C ll c onne , Geo Club, Jim Mitchell, Newman Club, Brian Priest, French Club. SEATED: Bill Brown, president, Jan Annis, secretary. Iwi las! 'v , 'EJ fi. '51 np... 5 , - - .,,,, I -. L 4 f-. ' - .1 .-if -- f.-5- ' - I :MQ-,, M E "1 iixnliiffq. 'SL l Y 44 Freshman Class officers-LEFT TO RIGHT: Dawn Borst, secretary-treasurer: Dennis Die- fendorf, presidentg Sandi Means, vice-president. FRESHMA CLASS 'Assisted Cultural Committee 'Canned Food Drive 'Carillon Fund 5, i ff. -4- 'fs-, SOPHOMORE CLASS 'Pop Art Show 'Campus Center Class Plaques 'Graduation Activities '-.... Sophomore Class officers-LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Amundsen, vice-presidentg Chris Appel, presidentg Bonnie Rhodes, secretary-treasurer. GS Alpha Gamma Sigma is the Ventura College chapter of the state junior college honorary society. Qualifications for tem- porary membership include not less than 12 units, and a 3.0 GPA. Permanent mem- bership requires an over-all 3.3 GPA and temporary membership of three out of four semesters, ' Honors-at-Entrance Tea ' Folk Concert ' Tutoring Program AGS officers-LEFT TO RIGHT: Lila Marberry, program chairman, Sharon Miller, secretary, Bob Lubin, vice- president, Peggy Reynolds, presidentg and Ruth Behrens, scholarship chair- man, NOT PICTURED: Ann Soozek, publicity chairmang Richard Brewer, treasurer, Mike Hendrickson, nomina- ting committee chairman. W 'K 332 ' Q?-T"'a.1-A-. Songleaders-LEFT TO RIGHT: Pam Wikle, Cheryl Smith, Grace McGuire, Mary Carney, Aseneth Lopez, Judi Witt. ns., PEP SQ A winning team, football or bas- ketball, isn't the only ingredient in making a successful recipe of "school spirit." One of the basic factors is a spirited pep squad of college cheerleaders and song- leaders. And this year, VC not only had a Winning team, but a good pep squad. Although there was no head cheerleader, the team "boosters" united and performed Well for the sports audience. The many hours they spent practicing for games and rallies were trying, but the ef- fort resulted in a good performance. Without their spark, game attend- ance and school spirit would not have been at an all time high. Cheerleaders -LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsy Ross, Mike Bell, Joan Spiett, Carolyn Smith, Russ Kloer, Valarie Stevenson. lllm -5, itil Band members-FRONT ROW, left to right: Fredric Lenk, Peter Haentzschel, Lupe Lopez, Louis Aliprandi, Bill Brotherton, Dan Rutledge, Tony Ferrero, Tom Wright, Dennis Abraham, Tim Estes. SECOND ROW: Keith Hall, Bill Braun, Tony Fernandez, David Haase, Dan Daniels, Myra Hamilton, Sherre Seniors, Pat Tracy, Robert Cross, Jean Bean, Steve Ollis. THIRD ROW: Ron Lopez, Joel Salazar, Eugene Esperanza, Bill Long, Ed Montanez, Clinton Dawley, Roger Vencill, Carol Sanders, Lyn Del Wilson, Ray Gagnon. CHOIR v The Ventura College Choir-FRONT ROW, left to right: Valarie Bogner, Sandra Foraker, Pene Herdfelder, Misty Blodgett, Marva Bell, Cathy Carpenter, Marianne Shaner, Carolina Cruz. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ernestine Nyborg, choir director, Elaine Adams, Carol Schmitt, Johanna Roberts, Andrea Burres, Margaret Mulford, Lorraine Brobisky, Diane Stafford, Linda Wilkins, Cheryl Theis. THIRD ROW: Jean Chapman, Lynda Upton, Marliss Richardson, Brenda Sullivan, Virginia McCown, Mary McSkimming, Effie Cruser, Robbie Sutherland. FOURTH ROW: Richard Walker, Linda Murphy, Patricia Tracy, Larry Halstead, Carmen Cruz, Jane Tuominen, Karen Fischer, Joan Chap- man, Mary Boggs, James Baker, Joe Kielty. FIFTH ROW: DeWayne Boccali, Steve Kohler, Steve Saxey, Doug Massey, Richard Culbertson, Peter Haentzschel, Bill Bryant, Earl Sutherland. NOT PICTURED: Don Andrews, Christine Becker, Bonnie Berg, Elizabeth Berkhemer, Bill Braun, Joyce Burnham, James Colburn, Alanna Forde, Darlene Fuller, Charles Marion, Danny Ruffin, Kristine Satnau, Joan Sharp, Sandra Sterkenburg, Tau Taitai, Drew VanHoven. PIR TE - PRESS The Winner of many awards in both na- tional and state competition, the Pi- Br? rate Press is published nearly every Fri- day of the school year by VC,s journalism classes. Advised by Miss Ruth M. Hem- ming, the PP in 1965 won a first-class ' I honor rating from the Associated Col- d X. -. legiate Press American Newspaper Criti- - 1 w , if , cal Service. ., 'K V - . nu 31. - f CAROL BIDWELL CANDY BELL EdiUOI' II, Managing' Editor I Editor I, Managing Editor II "' "M, K- M' l ,t 9 5 '49, .3 ' ' 2:1 x fni - " ' ' 'WX Q' .fV,9Y!' .1 slr, 1 N, 3 ,, V 1 XE: 'i PIRATE PRESS STAFF MEMBERS - STANDING, left to Dill, Candy Bell, editor I, Charlotte Ivy, Bud Blair, and Craig right: Kitty Dill, news editor II, David Thorp, Gary Banjamin, Wade. NOT PICTURED: Janet Van Horn, news editor I, Terry Tom Me1lo,Rosemary Rodrigues, feature editor, Rod Brooker, BI'OdiG, J0hI1 SCh19i1'I19I', SPOITS editor I, Bob Chadwick, LOT' Ray I-Ierrera,Richard Martinez, Doug Tarpley, Charlie Wilson, raine Barajas, Bob Bowlin, Virginia Slate, Linda Taylor, Pam Jeff Young, Jeff Rosser, sports editor 11, and Mary Hunter. Reddien,aI1dRaHdyB11I'11iP- SEATED: Suzanne Hopkins, Carol Bidwell, editor II, Kathy ,ji CANDY BELL Faculty Editor II QL,- .44' - V Y 1 ix 'X FRANK DELANO Layout Editor Sports Editor II LINDA TAYLOR Clubs Editor CAROL BIDWELL Editor KITTY DILL RE I Organizations Editor 11- 1' ,V-' .1,, o' -- - A kg + "riff .19 53"-, IJ' iff" tx -, .., ,mf -W 12+ LLL, iiirii V DICK MARTINEZ, RANDY BURNIP JANET VAN HORNE Photographers Faculty Editor I , Vl..,.f,' I A., . X f ,, . Q. 7 , JOHN SCHLEIMER PAM REDDIEN Sports Editor I Activities Editor ,. 4 ACTIVITIES 5 1 h 31- '5iF!"!'i1?'?'E-1f?i!!'E4f-?!Fi?'E"'?"?!!'!BF51?I'EE!!?EF4'P5f41???'?'-?1f-5445145-z: ORIE TIO 2g.LfmpfQ++fQf4FQT+ f""""mf4?Q93:L2Z1iQtf:.a:r""'1f.m.z"4-L4a':.':zu:s4rn.:1:1'i2 Mzffxx fsw "They did say they were going' to feed us didn't they?" EfHF1'?i?-1-H1?fi1'E5iT?f1'P.3F-11T'154I-iiIIlZ!i4ZEE?!iJI1TliQE5 Ml s-L4 -'E ss- ah 0 0 IE if 11,1 AZELECTIONSE5 up 11-1 rlvL1'1ii.':4f-Hi52421:2.'X4EZ1'LI-'lfiYZTLilf fiffiflfp.. LL?EIU:!r1'!fI "I don't know what they're so happy about, I've got the box stuffed!" J -HI L., ,f 2. L ily " - lc.. ij" 1 1.1 I ,, hi ,as ., J' !:4... gm, .sf if A x if ,, i 'x U I 1 1. 1 1 A ' . 1 'v', 1, Zigi' ,. 1 '.'.-5:1-'J- f .4 .-rj, , , i 1 ... f ,. .. - .1 H N21 - - 3... . ' 1. .1',2' '7 'flu nw .ij ,,.g-,gl ,Q -4- . 4 v ,Ai ., r'. .1 , .l'5..--' ' ,:'T.."r ' "mf:--. , ' ,.r.'-,- : ',.'2.fn:.' -. v .acrfg v f 'ff ,.'r,-,'.' , .. b.. . A A .'fg,-n'....'.!f" riff' -'1 ,-.v ,-"xy .- 11,'r.',.'1-1. -Zg'r1-,-',.1'- f-- gr re -.,..4-5 '..-.: n ' 'l' J -,rv." .- Q ,:,,,,,-.E-. .. . -.g . .'..- , I. .ff-:jf .',., 1 '-e . ., ."'fqf v 1 ' 7','v 125' ' Y' r..,f r , . - 1,-nn 9, .6 cu f,.,t-,uns 'H-f "icq, ' A 1 'THE DDI G MACHI ' "The Adding Machine," by Elmer Rice, Was presented by student players in May of 1965. The second major production in the VC Theater, the play was directed by Dr. LeRoy Haberman, theater arts instructor, who chose Angela Moya and Ken Kopec as the leads in this dramatiza- tion of the effects of automation and the push- button age on the common man. "My daddy said that fellas weren't supposed to cry." 'THIE ES' CARNIVA ' my "Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by . . "Thieves' Carnival," by French dramatist Jean Anouilh, was the first production of the 1965-1966 school year. Directed by Dr. Alfred O. Wilkinson, theater arts instructor, the masquerade starred Tom Hill, Dan Ohse, and Jeff Johnston as three thieves who attempt to Worm their Way into the hearts and the house- holds of a family of millionaires. "Well, dearie, let me tell you . . 'THE I PORTANCE OF BEI "Ooh, that is a. nasty one!" Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being' Earnest," was described by the author as a "trivial comedy for serious people." The three-act comedy of manners, which starred Marvin Russell, Tom Hill, Carole Watkins, and Lorraine Barajas, is a satire on life and love in England during the nineteenth century. "A Streetcar Named Desire," written by Ten- nessee Williams, is a play portraying' a young Woman who goes insane because of her brother- in-law's crude treatment. Lorraine Barajas and Mason Powell starred. 'A STREETCA w "Gimme . . . I look better in pearls than you do!" ww, L A i i r E v ' n L' x 'J J y 2 l 5, ,. l I , ,.r- A We-E ' V' ' .5- ff , "Look, a home run!l' . - 4 . r Q 0418 is si! "Smile! I think we're being Watched!" W ','.-YV ,Q gill 5 M L 'J A "Q-,j , L' xx It ji," Lf ff Q' :",, ,M flfil Lf . V73 l ww litem :aft 1- im l l - 1 X, 1 - K " up I Y' rf ,Rl If 1 -1.13 ,L w ,N . X ,R X ' K fm: Xlgl-" mJ".-.f:Q,n:fn,L1 :,g'L,'1-,g:lli 3.1 Homecoming festivities began with the pep rally held on Friday, November 5, When the queen and her court were introduced and presented with footballs by the football team. A victory against Pierce College that night highlighted the crowning of Queen Sherron Goldizen, and princesses Caren Olson and Nancy Thurman. The homecoming dance lent a final touch to a victorious weekend. The dance had the best attendance of any VC homecoming. L. s x T Ll Y f, Lf L, I, i ,U . L, I f' .A ' " Qf?!fQgf?U lv 'hlgi' U, !-.'1."', .' , 'fffnt w ,' . Z - Q ---- - -- -f-4 "- NHL-4-H A' - -- 2:1 , O V lx 1 , n v 1 w my , nn X 1- QLD' ,f--...s CAR. , 7 M 5 iwsgwmn ? WW if 5 WS ccsnn ,Swv nn c M Mya f , gg Y 4 9 . , ' , we 1' i- " 'fff1ffl V n n, fc wa M sh n X c- Q MW s Cv ' S M HW 3 X x 1,15 ,,, n 'VWiP'5PX?'4i-' F PM , X. ' LUN ',mg,y,, na 'Q'--Vi' A - lg x, . gf gf I if , U . 4, 5 V , n -2 -. U ffivl 'L 'rf L' I 4' '5 XT! FQA , f' 4' V. L I '51 ' S-fs W we cf nn n ffnc gw5Q qciwkwwnnxn WT np+m w?Rmww K N qqiwfgy jf: WM w i .,v ' ' V., ,fx M r: X m l ' . A ,A ,MM S 5- .M MW WM, M Mf A ' ,M E Wi W ,Q 'yfxfwix QT .n A M 6553 H 52 Q3,QmMsfu i .,,,,,,, , -6 " "V 2,1 " 3? , 'fl , ' L W5 -My-M 1 -c su l M y M W w H W - w 1.4: f 'iw LZ, QUEEN SHERRON Princess Nancy Princess Caren "Yoo-Hoo, Gertrude!" CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES "If you step on my feet once more I'l1 . . . '--,za '2- ,sg T A "'"5? I ' W ...Y s .I A ...AY . i , - .."-. v ,. 11 fait" r Q -C- . , pi X . ,J 1... ,-ff . -. v - QA . . r' rl Q 5 a : Q . L I 1-e1?7'Q"-4 Z X Q, 1 Y rf 5 P, ,E 1- .if TNF 4 e ' .v 1 1 ! .. If I L K Y ' ' gm 1 i . 5 J 3 4-if W' 'Q "Tis the season to be jolly" seemed to be the theme of the Christmas season on the Ventura College campus this year. The ac- tivities began with the annual AWS Back- wards Dance, entitled "Candy Cane Fantasy," where David Metcalf was crowned the "Man of the Evening." Wreaths were made and placed on the faculty doorsg "Season's Greet- ings" was set up by Circle Kg and the Mitchell Boys Choir came to sing as they have before during the Christmas season. The A.S. spon- sored Wassail livened up the campus crowd when George Schmid, AMS president, dis- guised himself as Santa Claus. The high- light of the activities Was the Christmas Ball, "Silver Bells," held during the holidays. LE SHO The event highlighting the month of April is the annual Ventura College Talent Show, held in the Theater. Usually about a two-hour show, the program is composed of VC students who compete for the "best performern trophy. Last year's show included 18 acts ranging from a dramatic reading of "Medea" to a nimble- fingered magician. Master of ceremonies Ken Kopec presented the first-prize trophy to Caro- lina Cruz, whose vocal rendition of "Moon Riveri' Won the judges' applause. "Top hat, white tie, and tails." f "That's what you get for going to the same men's store! CO FERENCES This year's club and A.S. officers found themselves engulfed in conferences. Whether near or far, delegates found themselves piling into the district station Wagons and heading for parts unknown. fx? 1. 3' ,, ,, ' EJ. h 'KW i "I just know we could -help these underprivileged students." The Leadership Conference held March 26 on campus enabled all clubs to gather tog gether and voice their opinions of the schoo1's policies. 'Tm out here to warn other cars !" V.C.'s V.I.P.s The selection of V. C.'s "Very Impor- tant Persons" annually begins with the selection of the Homecoming Queen and her court. This year Queen Sherron Goldi- zen and Princesses Caren Olsen and Nancy Thurman reigned Csee pp. 48,491 David Metcalf was named "Man of the Evening" at the annual AWS Backwards Dance, Linda Tipton became IK Duchess at the Duchess Ball, and Terry Harris was christened Circle K Sweetheart at the SWeetheart's Ball. Honors also came to Peggy Reynolds and Mike Belchik, Who were chosen by a faculty committee to represent VC in the Bank of America "Man and Woman of the Year" contest, With scholarships as prizes. The Smiling Irishman, Joe and Jane Pirate, and the campus Man and Woman of the Year Were chosen after deadline time. .Il R yi? 4 . - p .F "si R 1- , ..'.. 1 EI' K ' r En: I A -, ii V"ii TERRY HARRIS , I S I CircleK Sweetheart 5 A 1 DAVID METCALF Man of the Evening ff s K4 3 I X ix df PEGGY REYNOLDS Woman of the Yea.r X MIKE BELCHIK Man of the Year if . v il' . ' , 1, f'ifT"i':1T' ' .fwQt1.f4:-H ia ' mgviltgggll .' it N H iw -A 'f ".-.-::: , X . XII X if 4,1 Q1 fe- fliflb' LINDA TIPTON The IK Duchess, at right, was crowned during Venturafs rainy season. She is pictured here with members of her court. From left are wa?-flyn Mortar, Lila Marberry, Nancy Thurman Cfrontj, and Nancy a ace. MISS CAROL ROSENBERGER, pianist, appeared at VC in January, just prior to her world tour. Ventura Colle-ge's Lecture-Concert Commit- tee, newly-formed this year, endeavored to achieve a balance between lecture, dramatic, and musical programs. Visitors to the campus in- cluded actor Don Keefer, folk singer Sam Hinton, lyric duo Grace Lynne Martin, soprano, and Howard Chitjian, baritone, journalist Robert S. MOHAMMAD SARFRAZ, adviser to the Pakistani delegation to the United Nations, spoke at an AWS-sponsored lecture in February. VISITI Elegant, "Death Row" chaplain Byron Eshelman, pianist Anita Shocken, and soprano Janice Wheeler. MRS. DOROTHY HEALY, Southern California dis- trict chairman of the American Communist Party, spoke to more than 2,500 students and members of the community in November. Her appearance, sponsored by Chi Gamma Iota, the ex-servicemenjs club, created a month-long controversy throughout Ventura County. 'Q LOUIS LOMAX, Negro author, tele- vision personality, and lecturer, spoke in December on "The Civil Rights Revolt Anewf' DAVID BENSON, world traveler, came to campus in October, and presented a film and commentary on his travels in Poland. IG I IT RI DON KEEFER, noted Broadway actor, appeared in February, when he presented "Anton Chekhov and the Human Comedy." Keefer portrayed char- acters from the Russian playWright's plays, letters, and short stories, DR. ALONZO BAKER, an au- thority on national and inter- national affairs, spoke in October on the topic, "Six Thousand Miles Across Siberiaf' ROBERT S. ELEGANT, journal- ist and foreign correspondent 'w--.....-.'-ff X and chief of the Hong Kong Bu- w,,.Nx.v,N reau of the Los Angeles Times, spoke in November on "The Red Dragon: Are There Ways to Tame It'P" fx xi -I A GRACE-LYNNE MARTIN and HOWARD CI-IITIJ IAN, the Lyric-Duo, appeared in a February program of popu- f lar songs and show tunes. UCCA EER AYS Highlighting any year at Ventura College is the an- nual Buccaneer Days celebration. Held late in April, the event is usually begun with an afternoon soc hop, at which Joe and Jane Pirate, the "King" and "Queen" of Buc Days, are announced. 'The Indians have nothing on us." A noon assembly has, in the past, featured some of the best-known musicians in the countryg last year's at- traction was Shelly Manne, noted jazz drummer. The next major Buc Days event is an athletic showg last year, the big drawing card was a baseball game be- tween the faculty and the students Cneither side will admit defeat yetj. A tug of war, the climbing of the greased pole, a boy- girl shotput event, a water balloon fight, a greased pig race, and a sack race are featured. Buc Days are climaxed with the annual Costume Ball, at which cash prizes are awarded for the most beautiful, comic, original, and best story-book costumes. ,dk ,- 5? COMM NCEME Graduation ceremonies change very little - from year to year. Graduates stand in line, faculty members stand in line, parents stand in line. Last June saw the largest graduating class in the history of Ventura College, with 284 stu- dents receiving diplomas at commencement ex- ercises held June 18. Commencement speaker was Lawrence T. Cooper, vice president of Pacific Telephone Company, whose topic was "The Choice is Ours." Frank Jewett, then president of the Governing Board, presented di- plomas to the class of 1965. Students maintaining grade point averages of 3.75 or over are awarded academic certificates each year. Following commencement exer- cises, a reception for the graduates and their guests is held in the campus center. "When you get in, grab your diploma and rung I saw your English prof coming around the corner " CLUBS Circle K officers are Don Hamilton, president, standing, and Wyman Holloway, secretaryg Robert Lee, vice-president, Alvin Morrison, treasurer, seated, left to right. iivi-liiiiwiliiidgaiiiEEL-5-21255-413QEfklQi4I4lvEflI?.-I-E455 L V -1 .. -1 K 1 , '11 Ll FLT! p,Wi,,,Y,fO RMU 65, Gil ii, Q .- ' , - ,N ',.., : 24. , .. :Qi anna LJMLQQJ -tally ' ..i. LJQULLMJ gf wi 1 W? an 3 ,WW J, F, . ,J - ' 1 ' ' L' gg C.S:.slLJl,l, .ness LQ 71,3 till H :n.nJy-' xia 1 -rf ll .1 E1 -2, " 1 1,24-'bfi ' 1 ' -1 if -"' " '1 ..-'fL'h "' T-.5-" -TL: fL""r 'T in,.a3?1f.t.'z,3.Ttl.'f1t,71ii,3.,igt.i ,ii .tt -..t.,t.f::.a,?Z " . . . To establish, promote, and foster college spirit, and main- tain unity in our Alma Mater, to cherish and conserve our high standards, tradition, and worthy activities, through service, sacrifice, and loy- alty . . 1' 2 'L--""'FeT-"r1'12vr1':-1 qt -rl wf1-.4-z11:,',1g-mpf-WL fig 5- ng gaifni-L-A s1.i.ze.4.Lf.l -L.- Avg ,, . . ,gr is fi! 0 agp 'll 13, gif Qllll Kills na. ,511 .1 I ll ,ze--w-...'.l.,-I'.f'l--I rf? fr 5fi'E' V? fini? MG? E 4 My f . . . To develop leadership, in- itiative, and useful training. To provide experience in liv- ing and working together. To promote good fellowship and high scholarship Within the group. To serve this college and the community and state. To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life . . ." LK. officers are Richard Hart, dukeg Bob Tobias, page-master David Seyfarth, chancellor of exchequer, seated Cleft to rightjg Tom Fioren tine, earlg Art Farrar, scribe, standing. Alpha Phi Lambda " . . . to serve as a personal example of outstanding young Woman- hood, to serve with goodwill, the school and community." sa 3 STANDING, 'Left to right: Ruth Behrens, historiang Sheryl Rhine, secretary: Diana McDonald, vice-president, Barbara Hodges, treasurer. SEATED: Nancy Wallace, president. Beta Phi Gamma ". . . to recognize individual abil- ity and achievement in journalis- tic pursuits, to establish cordial relationship between the student and members of the profession? STANDING, Left to right: Ram Reddien, vice-presidentg Rosemary Rodrigues, secretary, Candy Bell, treasurer. SEATED: Janet Van Horne, president. 1 STANDING, Left to right: Janis Anis, vice-presidentg Donna. Lewis, secretary. SEATED: Torn Mello, president. Republican Students ". . . to become aware of other Re- publican organizations, to raise money for party Work, to hold discussions to keep up interest in the organization, to get out the vote at election time, to dis- tribute literature for the Repub- lican Party." Young' Democrats ". . . to promote interest in the area of politics, to develop responsible citi- zenship, to become cognitious of the political process through participa- tion." 11' f STANDING, Left to right: Rod Brooker, I-CC representative: Daryl Stewart, second vice-president, Jack Cashman, ser- geant at arms. KNEELING: Bill Sauk, first vice-president. NOT PICTURED: Gary Wolfe, president. Digamma Tau Alpha . . to stimulate interest in the teaching' profession and to pro- mote fellowship among the stu- dents of Ventura College." LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Farrar, secretary-treasurerg Lee Simon, presidentg Sheralyn Boyer, vice-president. Literary Discussion lub "We, the students inter- ested in the betterment of ourselves and Ventura Col- lege by reading and dis- cussing' literature of prov- en merit. . ." 9 if Advisors-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Michael Seely, and Mr. Earl Owen, conduct discussion sessions on maj or literary works. French Club 4 ". . . to stimulate and pro- mote an interest in the language, culture, and civ- ilization of France." LEFT TO RIGHT: Desiree Rastrome, secretaryg Brian Priest, presidentg Eilene Lefrancois, treasurer. I 'Im,1! ' 'E v l-l ' German Club . . to create and promote an interest in the German people, language and civ- ilizationf' LEFT TO RIGHT: Manuel Rivas, vice-presidentg Carolyn Rueb, presidentg Richard Brewer, treasurer. LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Rogers, treasurerg Nick Udall, presidentg Don Anderson, vice-president. Sports -Car Club . . to further motoring pleasure, to further educa- tion of drivers for motoring pleasure, to emphasize rules of the road for safety, good driving and good sportsmanship and the en- joyment of owning a sports car." usic Club . . to unify the various branches of musical activi- ties on campus, to promote and support extra musical events by music students and visiting guest artists, and to enable all students interested in music to be- come acquainted socially." LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob DeArmon, publicity chairmang Karen Fischer vice-presidentg Les McGilvery, social chairman. NOT PICTURED Pat Tracy, president. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Buchan, president, Carol Dillard, secretary, Janice Petite, treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Lori Schneider, vice-president, Charlotte Ivy, public information officer. International Relations . . to build a spirit of camaraderie and friendship among international peoples and Home Economics . . to encourage scholarship, to broaden interest of members in various fields of home economics, to inform the student body of home economics activities, and to participate in social and cultural activities of the stu- dent body." IEE .-1 ii vs- -ii to Create en1ighte?51efi understanding STANDING, left to right: Lois Whittenburg, treasurer through mutua,1a,SS0C1a,t10n," Glenna Hulse, vice-president. SEATED: Carol Gillette, sec retaryg Sheryl Rhine, president. Police Science as . . . to secure a better official and personal relationship between the students herein and the peace officers of Ventura College, to ele- vate the professional standards of police officers and cadets, to help promote interest among cadets in active police organizations." STANDING, left to right: Adella Valencia, secretary, Rodney McConnell, activities chairmang Kenneth Thompson, I-CC representative, Karen Kilbourne, treasurer SEATED: Larry Carpenter, president, Austin Burson, vice-president. Vocational urses ". . . to foster the development and growth of the student voca- tional nurse through group aotivities of a social and career nature." LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Anderson, publicity chairman: Louise Stumpt, hostess: Wendy Sheldon, presidentg Vella Gassaway, vice-president: Sandy Lucky, secretary. NOT PICTURED: Christine Alvarado, treasurer. ' Art Club . . to give the students a chance to discuss prob- lems of art and artists." LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Anderson, president: Holly Lo Celso, Vice-president. NOT PIC- TURED: Candy Sand, secretary-treasurer. LEFT TO RIGHT: Isabel Katana, treasurer: Charles Burkhardt, historian: Larry Lamson, division representative: Jean Franek, vice-president: Jerry Stanfield, recording secretary: Tafford Oltz, president. NOT PICTURED: Ellen Baldwin, corresponding secretary. Student urses' Association ". . . to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assump- tion of professional responsi- bility." 1' Q iw N hy.. X Q 3' 4 fr , ,. LJ, .E -.,-- , ,,,, .,, -. ---H 1 gif- ,,. .-'51.LE2wg,'?,f:e nf ' ' , -, - . f.-- ' -.v -3 --1:-.lf ",:,,. ,,':., --1 -.H - .-.. T: H 7'-gl... ,.vh:J:.'91.w:-in,-Q-'.a-44-if:-ti.: .. . 1 e. f. .- .- 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Muldoon, president, Charles Vanoni, vice-presidentg Ken Williams, secretaI'y-trea- surer. Young Farmers ". . . to provide an organization which will serve as an effective means of fur- thering the educational, social, and recreational activities of Ventura College students interested in agriculture." Chi Gamma Iota . . to provide for its mem- bers an organization dedi- cated primarily to their assistance toward the goal of academic fulfillment." Geo Club . . to stimulate interest in the geographical and geological sci- ences and in a program of talks, field trips, and films, and in the broad field of geology and geogra- phygi w - - F if if f J, -1, , G - w ----- W. f .l ' .:,. 'iq ,V , ,A - Q, vfgyzfg, . .. A - wi. .. Wet' - T A "V-: 5 -' :Li "' -V -lg' 'lu' -:T-5. J. 'f " ,.,, 141. ' ' 4 L, - -, sl 1.1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed McConnell, presidentg Lynn Fukasawa, vice-president. NOT PICTURED: Tony McKean, secretary-treasurer. K SEATED: Terry Osborn, vice-president. STANDING, left to right: Larry Park, trea- surer, Mike Belchik, secretaryg Bill Brown, president. -Sit LEFT TO RIGHT: Jon Moore, presidentg Sharon Tay- lor, secretary-treasurerg Bill Lattin, vice-president. Inter-Varsity hristian Fellowship . . to encourage fellowship among college stu- dents of Christian faith." hristian Science Club ". . . to give college students an opportunity to exercise their re- ligious affiliation on campus." LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Eakin, presidentg Marilyn Morter, vice-president Luana Lotspeich, secretary-treasurerg Bonnie Rhoades, I-CC representative Nj .go-I, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ross Canning, presidentg Linda Brown, vice-presidentg Ruth Smith, secretary-treasurer. Baptist Student Union . . to undergird the faith of Bap- tist students and to make the min- istry available to each member of the campus community." Latter Day Saints Institute I LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Ollis, treasurer: Sherry Senior, secretary: David Dixon, I-CC representative, Steve Marsh, president. NOT PICTURED: Virgil Roberts, vice-president. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Fisher, president, Illona Lee, e GY, Ziclrigetary. NOT PICTURED: Ernie Jones, vice-presi- " . . . to help persons to serve in the spirit of , , to make reljgigus ideals practical, to love and justice, to act for enriched human provide intellectual stimulation, to furnish living, and to confront the relevance of cultural and social opportunities for the Christian faith and other faiths.,- members of the club, and to foster the re- ligious life among members and friends on the VC campus." Newman Club . . to develop the spiritual, intel- lectual, and social interests of Catho- lic students at Ventura College. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Mitchell, president: Mary Louise Martinez, correspond- ing' secretaryg Dennis Diefendorf, vice-presidentg Rosemary Rodrigues, re- cording secretary, Cece Mendoza, treasurer. ATHLETICS HAIL PIR TES: WSC CHAMPS PIRATE "CAPTAINS"-Head coach Jim Moore, kneeling, goes over game plans with his capable staff which includes, from left, line coach Bob Long, backfield coach Paul Gannatal and assistant coach Paul Dunham. . ag 1 What else can be said about Ventura College's outstanding football season? It already is a well known fact that the Pirates turned in their best grid cam- paign since 1951 by posting an 8:2 record. Also, that the Pirates won the Western States Conference crown, the first conference title won by VC since 1937. And to cap it all off, the Pirates were invited to the 13th annual Elks Bowl in San Bernardino. But more important, a new winning tradition and more enthused spirit has been produced by the Pirates' second suc- cessful season in a row. To attract top foot- ball material, a college needs a solid foun- dation. And if this season's VC squad ac- complished anything, it was making the college's football program something to be respected instead of joke about, as had been the case in the not too distant past. For those vital reasons, this season's team will be long remembered in years to come. E"SEvf5i5.fEH1i1?1T-Hi-Fii'Ki3-HAEiiK1'liSI2i'if3 r 1: iv. 14: Ssisasfsmasisfzaesitffffiafa -iii - THE 1965 PIRATE SQUAD-Here are the members of the Western States Conference champion Pirate squad. Coaches, from left, Dunham, Long, Moore, and Gannatal. FIRST ROW, from left: Jim Krall, John Hammond, Steve Onstot, Eric Roan- haus, Dave Metcalf, Jim Strait, Kelly Gaston, Steve Hart, Brandt Jackson, Dick Walter, John Krompka, and Dave Me- grew. SECOND ROW, from left: Chuck Gerlich, Steve Erlich, Fred Clevenger, Karl Henke, Ray Seay, Bob Hassett, Rick Neufeld, Ben Nose', Garland Bell, and Terry Cooney. THIRD ROW, from left: Roger Hansen, Dave Hodges, Bob Dunn, Ken Warren, Charlie Dunn, Dick Worley, Ken Duncan, Tom Jones, Larry Capdeville, Fred Von Schrader. FOURTH ROW, from left: Curt Mulford, Sam Downey, Joe Ortiz, Bob Baxter, Jim Cuthbert, Bob Gianelli, Bill Herrera, Glenn Cook, and Roger Bendenelli. FIFTH ROW, from left: Chuck Williams, Dick Fauquier, Mike Edge, Ross Calloway, Bill OlConnor, Robert Ortega, Steve Tobias, Mike Robles, and Dick Weber. T .x. . A b IL ,a MEETING OF MINDS-Pirate halfback Jim Russell C211 lowers his shoulder in anticipation of a head-on tackle by an LACC defender after picking up a first down. It's obvious that a team does- n't compile an 8-2 record without having a reliable of- fense, and the Pirates had one of the most explosive around. In 10 games, the VC offensive unit averaged 27.6 points per game. The Pirates gained al- most twice as many yards on the ground and air combined than their opponents, chalk- ing up 3,727 yards to 1,992. The nucleus of the Ventura attack was the running game. On the ground, the Pirates gained 2,183 yards with half- back Jim Russell leading the pack with 665 yards. Full- back Mike Edge, who was snubbed on the all-conference first team, captured the WSC scoring crown with 62 points. Quarterback Chuck Williams Won the passing crown for the second straight year with VC Offense In Action OVGI' 1,400 yards Chalked up Two-TIMED-Although he is better known for his aerial antics, Bue quarterback chuck through the airways. Williams can hold his own on the ground as well. Here, Chuck is two-timed by a pair of Santa Barbara defensemen on an end sweep. FOUR AGAINST ONE-Halfback Charlie Dunn drags four Compton linemen for extra yardage before being brought down deep in Tartar territory. Pirate Scoreboard Antelope Valley Monterey Santa Barbara Glendale Compton L.A. Harbor Pierce Pasadena LA C C Santa Ana -0 h the Pirates' opposition left, Karl Henke 12253, Jim Krall 12453, John Hammond 12653, igsgrg limftsd Itiaziiijg points per game was the Robert Ortega 12603, Tom J ones 12253, and Jim Cuthbert 12153. front defensive wall. Members of the stingy bunch are, from Stingy Pirate Defensive Unit WALKING THE PLANK-The Pirate defense made many a runner walk the plank during the course of a game. Here, co-captain Dick Weber 1603, Jim Cuthbert 1533, and Kelly Gaston 1723 team up to smother a Pasadena back while Karl Henke 1753 looks on. 4.5 UP IN THE AIR-A wayward LACC pass is intercepted by Dick Weber 1603 just before it reaches two hopeful receivers. Pirate defensive halfback Gary Berthe1son11 13 lends a helping hand. Besides being blessed with a potent offense, the Pirates this season had one of the top defenses in the conference. The VC defensive unit allowed the oppositions' of- fense only 1 1 1 points in 10 contests for a stingy 1 1.1 average per game. The defense, led by Onstot, Weber, Ortega, Henke, Gaston, Clevenger, Cuthbert, Worley, Strait and many more, held the opposing offenses to under 200 yards net per game. Although the opposition gained 1,'7'71 yards on the ground, the Pirates threw the opposing runners for a loss of 492 yards. Praise is in order for line coach Bob Long as Well as the rest of the Pirate staff for their outstanding work this season. Pirates Blitz Marauders Ventura 36, AV 14 Halfback Jim Russell came off the bench to spark the Pirates both on the scoreboard and ground . . . Russell chalked up 1 1'7 yards in 10 carries . . . AV Marauders did little maraudering against Pirate cle- fense. Ventura 27, Monterey 14 The Pirates ended seven years of frustration against the Lobos with two final quarter TDs . . . Rus- sell had another big night with 101 'rards in 18 carries . . . Williams hit 11 of 21 for 150 yards . . . Acrowd of 4,5000 went home cheering from VC's home opener. CAUGHT IN ACT-Compton's O.C. Neal C421 is caught in the act of illegally grabbing the face guard of Ventura's Fred Von Schrader C227 while bringing down the speedy Pirate. Ventura 48, SBCC 6 Ventura gave Santa Barbara a "warm" welcome into the Western States Conference . . .Williams com- pleted 10 of 16 passes for 1 77 yards and two TDs . . . Dunn gained 123 yards in 16 totes . . . Curt Mulford galloped 94 yards for the final score. TELLS THE STORY-Many times a picture is definitely worth a thou- sand words and clearly tells the story as this picture does of the Santa Barbara encounter which the Pirates easily captured by a 48-6 decision. Glendale 21, Ventura 0 Glendale pinned the Pirates with their only regular season loss with three second-half touchdowns after a scoreless first half . . . The Pirates got inside the GC 30 only once . , . Vaqueros amassed 250 yards on ground against VC,s defensive line. WAITING ARMS-Pirate end Ray Seay C845 waits with open arms for a Chuck Williams pass for 14 yards and another Ventura first down against the Compton eleven. 'T' VC's Finest Hour Ventura 42, Compton 6 The Pirates didn't stand around feeling sorry for themselves follow- ing the Glendale setback, and held Compton to a net 60 yards on the ground and through the air . . . Williams completed 13 aerials out of 22 throws for 179 yards and three six-pointers . . . Dunn gained ,--if AGONY IN VICTORY-Linebacker Jim Cuthbert C533 re- ceives some verbal comfort from teammate Steve Hart C543 after suffering a painful shoulder injury in the LACC victory. Ventura 21, Pierce 0 Pierce stopped the potent Pirate offense for three quarters, but Ven- tura finally rallied for three fourth- quarter TDs . . . Williams hit 11 of 22 passes for 1'7O yards . . . Russell rolled up 108 yards in 18 carries, while Edge chalked up 97 yards in same number of totes. 122 yards in eight carries, includ- ing a '73-yard romp. Ventura 20, Harbor 17 In probably the greatest VC game of the year, the Pirates rallied in the final stanza to snap Harbor's 15- game winning string . . . Flanker Ken Duncan gathered in a 54-yard scoring toss from Williams to get VC back into the contest . . . The Pirates climbed to the No. 8 spot in the JC Grid-Wire rating. COMING THROUGH-Jim Russell C213 dash- es through a hole on the right side of the Pasa- dena line for a 18-yard pickup. The Pirate half- back wound up the leading rusher for VC with 578 yards in 96 carries. SHARP 'EDGE'-Fullback Mike Edge C333 gets a key block from center Terry Cooney C523 for enough running room for a first down in the Santa Barbara contest. Cooney's blocking was a maj or factor in the Pirates' ground attack. Ventura 33, Pasadena 15 With help from Pierce, the Pirates moved into a tie for the WSC lead With Glendale . . . Williams gave the television audience some show, hitting 19 of 34 in the airways for 191 yards and three TDs . . . The Win marked the most for any Pirate team since 1 951. 75 I NOT THIS TIME-G1endale's Dennis McAdams sparked his team- mates to a 21 - 0 shutout over the Pirates, but this time Fred Cleven- ger 1693 stopped the agile GC quarterback with a "shoe-string" tackle as Bob Ortega C773 and Tony Roberts cover the action. Buc Bowl Debut Santa Ana 18, Ventura 16 VC ended its great season on a some- what sour note as Santa Ana thwarted a last-minute Pirate comeback . . . The Pi- rates didn't play one of their better games, but almost pulled it out of the fire . . . Flanker Ken Duncan wound up with 1 1 7 yards on nine receptions. NO PROTECTION-Although the Pirates' pass protection for Williams was ample all season long, in the Elks Bowl game Santa Ana's Dons often crashed through to bring down Chuck. Here, two linemen charge over a VC blocker to hit Williams as Bill O'Connor C831 rushes forward to help out. 'Crowning' Touch Ventura 33, LACC 7 After walking over the Cubs, the Pirates went home and watched Pasa- dena knock off Glendale on TV to give VC its first conference crown since 1937 . . . The Pirates moved up to the No. 6 slot in the JC Grid-Wire poll . . . The Elks Bowl selected Ven- tura to meet Santa Ana in San Bernar- dino. EXTRA EFFORT-Flanker Ken Duncan lunges for extra yardage against Harbor after snagging a pass from Chuck Williams. Halfback Charlie Dunn Watches the play. j , BRAN DT JACKSON OFFENSIVE TACKLE BOB ORTEGA DEFENSIVE GUARD 'hw STEVE ONSTOT LINEBACKER TERRY COONEY CENTER CO-CAPTAIN CHUCK VVILLIAMS QUARTERBACK Pirate Honor List Western States Conference First Team Offense Pos. Name Yr. Ht. T Brandt Jackson Fr 6-O C Terry Cooney Fr 6-O QB Chuck Williams So 5-8 FL Ken Duncan So 6-1 First Team Defense G Bob Ortega So 6-O Second Team Offense B Mike Edge So 6-2 Second Team Defense E Dick Weber So 5-1 1 LB Steve Onstot So 6-1 Honorable Mention Offense HB Jim Russell Fr 6-O Honorable Mention Defense HB Dick Worley So 6-O Wt. 235 203 165 188 270 228 200 220 170 175 JC Grid-Wire All-American Honorable Mention C Terry Cooney QB Chuck Williams G Bob Ortega KEN DUNCAN FLANKER MIKE EDGE FULLB ACK lm DICK WEBER DEFENSIVE END CO-CAPTAIN Q fam M -NM, 1 ,mfaissiisszff ffgm.. rfb v " Y , g,:g5g2f5,U --1 f- l M. sszseszlasz 'M W ? .H V M, , Y 'fffsasilasg " 'l' 4452555 lv-'-'l"M"1'1 1lW"iI??fL, M T' K A 5vf.?a l list ,l -ti !sgl'Vli"ll W W' 'M , miie it www H "W L 1 ,1 Mes - l , -X A' , XS , , TO THE VICTORS-Pirate co-captains Dick Weber, left, and Chuck Williams, and starting center Steve Onstot, enjoyeld a campus visit from Miss Elks Bowl prior to the San Bernardino encounter with Santa. Ana.. MVP-Pirate cross-country MVP George Gibbs practices on Venturafs home course at Arroyo Verde Park. Aw Harriers Finish Best Year In the words of Ventura cross-country coach George Anderson, "In my fourteen years at Ven- tura College, this was the best one for cross- countryf' During the course of the season the Pirate harriers compiled a 5-1 record and fin- ished second to WSC champ Glendale. The out- standing runner during the season was fresh- man George Gibbs, Who was voted the Most Valu- able Player. Team captain Dave Ayers set the track record for the Compton course, While the course mark for Venturafs tortuous Arroyo Verde field was set by Steve Curtis with a clocking of 20:12. f.3. '-'nf 1 ,333 ,.. THE 1965 PIRATE CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD- KNEELING, from left: Dave Carlson. MVP George Gibbs. STANDING: Coacn George Anderson, Joe But- ters, Rodney McCay, Bob Rasmussen, David Ayers and ' LAWN Perry Coy. 1 966 BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW from left Jeff Hant Terry Osborne Jerry Tracy, Bob Jones, John VanEvery, assis- gin Rocky H111 Roger Crump Troy Verrett Don Fly SEC tant coach Jim Whalen. Starting off slowly, gaining' momentum, and then trailing off with the loss of key players, the VC hoopmen concluded the season with a 9-17 overall mark and a 3-18 record in the Western State Conference. This 9-17 overall record duplicated that of the 1964-65 Pirate roundballers. VC wound up with a 6-5 record against pre-conference opponents. They defeated L.A. Metropolitan, Citrus, Fuller- ton, Palomar, Santa Monica, and Antelope Valley While los- ing' to El Camino, L.A. Valley, Hancock, Mesa, Ariz. and L.A. Trade Tech. Conference play saw the Pi- rates open up with a loss to '6- F Z: ' 'Q' 1' Jr, D. 4 -1 .I Western State Conference champion, Pierce. The Pirates came back with a decision over L.A.C.C., but they then lost to Compton. It was after this game that Pirate coach George Hails sus- pended seven Pirates for breaking training rules. The Bucs fought back and Won their next two games, but this was all they Won. Glen- dale, Pasadena, L. A. Harbor, L.A.C.C., Pierce, Compton, Santa Barbara, and L.A. Trade Tech combined to hand VC a 12 game losing streak. Jerry Tracy brightened things up a little as he was named on the WSC second team. HOOPSTERS E D PLAY WITH 9-17 RECORD xl,. . rf I ......,,, ,,-, , : ' ' ,.: f ?72k'5- X 1 " 'z , 5' 'ks ..i.1..-. ! r KX x J ff ...i 1, -Q .1 s I xl T f 1 U-'SVI , -.e.,., k"-wr-, 4' " fr r- 4 xr , w, ' 411 V Roger Crump ,, - ny., " A? 5 -f' f'i1...:, ff Ron Garland Jeff Hantgin CAN'T CATCH ME-Guard Troy Verrett C221 maneuvers around L.A. City College man. Bob Williams T- I '- 111'A : life !-'E ir ,r,, J. if -1.- . - UP AND IN-Center Terry Osborne 1253 fires a running jump shot as center Bob Jones C425 keeps alert eye on the action. I W un U 5 1 WAITING HANDS-Center Bob Jones C413 joins in rebound scramble with L.A. City College man. Terry Osborne NON-CONTACT SPORT-This scramble took place during the Buc- Compton rematch, Pirate Bob Williams C521 is upended as Troy Ver- rett C225 and Jerry Tracy C355 close in on the loose ball. f -2-as ll w ' r , 'fy' 4,-I7 A If -. C 1 N . , . 'lf - EASY TWO POINTS - Center Jerry Tracy C2 21 fires mn jump shot against Compton man. Rocky Hill WHAT NOW?-Center Jerry Tracy C351 is frozen in play during Trade Tech game. , . -Xi ,-.--I' I CAN'T STOP ME NOW-Center Jerry Tracy C353 hooks WATCH THE FOULING, FELLOWS-Compton defenders are over Compton defender for two-point play. unable to cover center Terry Osborne 1253 as he breaks loose for a possible two-point play. BATTLING FOR POSSESSION-Center Terry Osborne C253 fights Trade Tech defender for loose ball. Don Fly IT'S MINE-Guard Rocky Hill C313 battles Trade Tech defender to retain possession of ball. .3347 ww E 1 L v, ff-1 ' ' T' '-"' S ,fn , ,f , . :.:.... 1 gg. A-Jjgx ,ig -V John Van Every Jerry Tracy WHAT A SMASH!-Right fielder Roger Meade displays follow-through that helped propel drive for two-base hit. WHING!-Hot shot pitcher Russ Farrell sends an ace over the plate. Ji STRIKE ONE! -Second baseman Bill Garvin takes hefty swing at ball in Harbor game. VC glovemen started the season off slowly, but were coming into their own as the middle of the season rolled around. Coach Paul Ganna- tal lost a few lettermen via ineligibility and the service, but the lettermen who did come out helped a great deal. Catcher Kelly Gaston and infielder Bill Bigham were two of the returning letter- men. Freshman prospects Don Pearce, Russ Farrell, and Glen Nichols led the pitching corps. Top hitters proved to be Gaston, Gary Coltrin, Brandt Jackson, Roger Meade, George Pera- za, Chuck McComas, and Ernie Lewis. Tom Smith, Tom Kamp, Don Johnson, Bill Garvin, and Sam Guerra were also present in Coach Gannatal's plans. Coach Paul Gannatal. DIAMO D-DUSTERS KEEP UP VE TURA TR DITIO ,I I 1966 BASEBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW, from left: Thomas Kamp, Chuck McComas, Roger Meade, Bill Bigham, George Peraza, Bill Garvin, Glen Nichols. SECOND ROW: Sam Guerra, ? SURE HANDED JACKSON-First baseman Brandt Jackson makes off-balance catch of pop-fly. ' WHAT FIENDISH THING CAN WE DO NEXT?- Coach Gannatal and Kelly Gaston ponder plight of Pirates in strategic manner. Don Johnson, Tom Smith, Gary Coltrin, Don Pearce, Russ Farrell, Brandt Jackson, Kelly Gaston. -In . " E mil. ' E 14' i' . 1 . .5 .ii,.. 1.43 -F1 I 1. 3 H, A u a 4 -z'Ir H V :iii : f Lf- .. .1 gc , A A . .E+ - Wiki? wig. r I , I 1 V! ,fa .A fiiig -. N A 1 4 ' -Q ' 1 :iff 3:5 , 1. -""' 4 A t in 1 X- fr . y , W.. l ...M -...X f Q., ' " ' Y' 4' If-if ' '.-.Qi ""'A ' .,- J' L' .j . fkff 'fm , -.....- f "v-f ' . E4 F. F,,f. -, , V I 912.147 -,Q,,. NX " ' xv 4 A - 1 "'...,'l - 1 ,,' ' I : 4 , A W ,Y I 4 1 , Y 4' X. A ' . K- I , R 1- 2' ,J f" E lsse ' W N . - A fl lfzifi .. 7 - - "' ' .1 - 1 E-'xjxwgu .144.'If1.!f'1 5 ' E. I ' -. 3 xv . '.'-- ' , 1. , 4 7 .x X. ff-if!" V N , xx A X 4 '. . 'Exe ., x 1 "' I f . -1 ' of 4- ' 4:2 M, .3 A ,m-- A, . . X- ,V A . " A ,-"W, ' ,lm-4--' V .X H A lj - 15-JA, 4 , 4 F' -..- ' . 'J 1. '-'1' L L., .' , -:.:.1::. ww' ' '-fa ' 'r' . . - '- V. ' " 2. - T 1 ' ' i A Q V fix .aff I '- - X 4 , an -Ek' .4 T' - --lxf rr' ' 'nff-A 4-,g-fffg ,ff 1 v .4 'V+ , , 21.1, :fu - . fx ,- .-153.. ' A A' ' 'xr - A lx - ' .- . .1117 f gi., J. - r 1' in 4. ,QW , . PM Wie i E ve: E Iliff' L A lx- 4 N fi A -4 ' fl' "H ' K " ff,.,g. "ll " 'W 'lf' --.Q - , .51 will 'f'E .- l I "L A. '-1 x A . -A . :Q E' , W r N ' ' IH? ---1 E . 121 iff-B - A' K -4 ' 4 1 fl I 171 ' 1 L ffihtf LZ r .V :,. Y . .ly f M.?G,.ell 43.5 ii "? In . I I, i ' if , .Q N 'i " - . .,..,i.M. 4 in gl! 4 -. M 7 A as I ' '- TAG, YOU'RE OUT! -First baseman Brandt Jackson tags a Santa Monica player out as right fielder Roger Meade backs him up behind the base. rl! - fnrlii-W I I I, I I F ' .l 1 2 ' TTER' FOUL BALL! - First baseman Sam Guerra swings for the fences. ':s'f2,se1mean! HUSTLER SMITH-A near collision occurs between short stop George Peraza and left fielder Tom Smith as Smith makes the catch. SLINGER FARRELL-Pirate pitcher Russ Farrell Winds up another strike against Hancock Junior College. ff Q-,. ff' GOLFERS SHO CHAMPIONSHIP FORM Ventura College s golf ers, heading for the top spot in the Western State Conference, polished off Compton 50-4, LA Trade Tech 53-1, and dead- locked with Pierce and Pasadena, 27-27, in the first two weeks of WSC competition. Leading' Coach Jim Moore's linksmen this year were Glen Babula, Mark Conant, Chris De- Vito, Skip Fowkes, Jim Hartman, Rick Kittrell, Gary Leiper, Jerry Lock, and Mike Samaha. "We should be one of the top three finishers in the conference," proph- esied Coach Moore. "Pierce and Pasadena will probably be the other top contenders for the crown." .-, Y, PIRATE NO. 1 - Gary Hitch tees off during' prac F i A 1966 GOLF TEAM FROM LEFT Mark Conant, Rick Kittrell, Ervin Fowkes, Chris DeVito Gary Le1per Gary Hitch Jim Hartman Glen Babula, Coach Jim Moore. HOLE IN ONE?-Glen Babula, practices his putting before match. ALL 1 6 POUNDS OF IT - Dennis Cooper gets off shot during practice session. - M: f. ., L .- O P 1 1 I v I sl . we Nw. . ss, . , . 4. i, 5- ,, V :v.up,1iv- . - 'f 1-,w. -Mm '- , :. ,,,W,,,RgNMgawwg.QM.. nr:.w.-rwg. H Uv V . , , . - W - H "f-"tgpj5.r1,M.1w,.lllw 'M I 1 ' 1'-"TwWuV'iL.ia1'.'l.Q'f4i'f?g""' ' 1' '- 2- 5 , 'ggi ,Q'Q5gf,,."'f.'1jQX'In+'J ,- '. ' ' " FLYING PIRATE-Tom Dullam easily clears bar to capture pole vault honors. He was a returning letterman. DOES IT AGAIN-Fred Von Schrader brings home another first for Ventura. , X A . '!. ' ' 'FL-3 :E FL . ,A , ' x 7 X 3ql.:, "x , I L: : ' .V - sa -2 T L- -, ' 1 . J, . - - F J '- I ' . ' .ifllllf , .. Q, ' , . Y 4 ,M . , V-q ,A4...ff M., . fe.: 2 1 ' . 1 ' NL A 1-2 if 1 -- ,'-1 - 2 -gg, 'ffsg,'if-:iwgif ' c ' ,, ' V - - X +1 ' -' .4., -.4 ,ll 'Ui' , lr- , Q.. 5mG:f,,q 'T "-" - A - . -5 - '-A3 ,I - :Q '41 -ff - -, ti.-J ig .v-Q-I-' Y 5-L. "'?'1a .---""'-7.15 -fi:Ef1f'.f-..T BATMAN AND ROBIN-A fast start is taken by A - , Bob Dunn after receiving the baton from Bud Eigfikod -, f ' iq- Blair. .- f- - 1 . f - . A- A ,whiff -1 1 eg1s3:5fe!X3:!55'fL'fi,T A J -vg,1g i g,c, i ,, HOPPING TRIPLE JUMPER BLAIR-Bud Blair fq.-LKQQ-WINAQ ':,'-.1-if-fi" 'QT ' 5 .'-! gf, ffl-Trl! goes through motions of perfecting form during 4 ji - 1 5:1-.-g4'!,p:.i,g Lmlncez .Af 1.'l...L5Q'1i'.Kf spikers' practice- 'C TRACK TE OPENS 1966 SEASON WITH HIGH HOPES At the beginning of this year's track season, coaches, players, and fans alike were predicting a year for record-breaking. George Gibbs, who held the mile mark, was expected to break it himself, along with his two-mile mark. , Y Others who were expected to better individ- ual marks included Fred Von Schrader in the 440 and Tom Dullarn in the pole Vault. In the relay division, the best time in the 440 was ex- pected to change more than once, and the spring medley mark was also destined to fall. Spikers Dullam, Gibbs, and Von Schrader appeared destined for the state final, and the team should finish the season high in the league standings, with a good win-loss record. Coach George Anderson ' flag? 'E-'Of 'X .:gl"'44 5 V -- k '5 3, p I 'Situ 1966 TRACK TEAM-FIRST ROW, from left: Herbie Davis, Larry Brown, Vic Nelson, Bob Dunn, Jim Joslyn, Jim Ziebell, Ronald Clement, George Gibbs, George Watson. SECOND ROW: Bernie Miller, Ed Coffee, Joe Buttars, Rod McCay, Dale Bennett, Jim Burnham, Art Shrope, Tom Dullam, Chris Davis, Fred Von Schrader, Assistant Coach Bob Gowder. THIRD ROW: Coach George Anderson, Ray Seay, Bob Hardy, Gary Hails, Gerald Denny, Bud Blair, Bob Rasmussen, Cal Eckels. 91 1 ETTERS AIM FOR J LE GUE TITLE fi : tv. Q. is '1 ft Q f if H ff' -4 'f ' " PM 'X . ' ' I 79?-1 , -M ' Ny Pi, an . f .1 ' I L V 1 I lx 4 ' .. ': ' -- P ' , '4 ,,,.,.,' ,Q life'-lLJ,,5g'q, Q1 A f' r ' ' . 'far' '.----" -11-r'3f?': 'sid-'En-, . , 'A 7 Hin F' 1 "ZF fi?E'i:W:?3PZ!.-QA l if , ,315 I -mai -ss. 4 ' I LMA " ' V E' --- ' r Q!! . pk! ll Hil ti , I 44,f " ,E 5 I 1 -.2 'X ' if F ii , .2-. , -sq , ,,. l, - -- P - k'r" ' 7- 1,4-1, .Z n " -.. 'ff' " Ventura College's tennis team, coached by Bob Long, T, started off in fabulous fashion, Winning their first five , ' Western State Conference matches by 9-O scores. I t E'-K Their sixth league encounter was an early season crucial match as the host Pirates were defeated by the I J, E 4 ,lpn I Pasadena Lancers, 5-4, and toppled into second place in L. I I, the WSC with a 5-1 record, trailing front-running Pasa- ltts'.i :fzigz?1 . .s .:ii 1? ,.if::fn1m-it Q tri dem- , , , , Ei-g:f!jzffIii!illlI',, L ' !" '5f -55Qi,M g The Pirate tennis team consisted of the following f,Qf 55:,,5,. ' ' is a , ggyq 1 5- A, '1--- players: Dave Plagemann, Bruce Ingram, Jim Naylor, Jim ',Qi!?l?L!"E', P it Webber, John Pruitt, John Hawes, and Fritz Sproul. "" 2fgmxai'g-' 351 55553 ' iii iifiitil ,,v,,,, , ff. 2 .It R L w 4 f, . l 231221, I ,e ,. , L- i, !"'Q"7:':"-'i3'?5 Y -r, 2!:l2'TQL+'l2:l-Tl' ,G-Y P'-iris-12111.riffs-QV. '. . . . ' 'Aid' ,--k. r'-4-:' 9.155 FW -'S ." ' s 1 'sfflfiz-fl'-wfis.1-zagfsasses-Siif VC's BEST-At, top, Dave Plagemann shows his winning backhand in an early match. GREAT RETURN-Above, Jim Webber Coach Bob Long, center. returns ball to Santa Monica netter with tremendous power. . .J V- rf' ' , Fl ' I 'iw , 1 -fe gig! -. X , 'tiff' 3 43-" ' ' - " 'f X--ICQ .-:Elf f' ".1.n:. ' '- ' ,f-xx, -ff' -v ff-N--ri if-" - -- , - 1 I c. M - Q I I Luk! 1 m sn f , I .I A- ' 0 E gh A- I E --gg, Sao- ,. ll L+ -.2435 ' ., K Avi i ,741 5,15 Q N f" X zz, f P 3 K-AJ V , , , ' -v ,i N X, ..,...,.'v , lf, , l ' I . I :Ck ' '-'- ? ' - ' 'I ' " - .. . .. . 1 gi-1 ' ' . ' f ' ' 3 , CSN? " - T. , ' Y ' ' ' 'VJ . , 1 ,, , . . I I V, 1- ,.y ,ul f 4 ' ' Q. , 44 ' , , , - - " .,. , ' -. Q 1 1 -. YY - , .,,, ' ' I - If G t ' Z 5, ,.,,x. .., x . 1 f' A Y 52' A , w az. wi I- jf" "'-.lijciv ,, ' l f , 3:1 J ' ' f 9 ,gf A , 4- : A.-5- ' 1 ' P' A ' I , b U I1 ' 1 ' A ff. . rim? Y ff 1' , - 1 ulg f., , , ,i 51, l ,tr - ' ' A, 'r ,,,':!:g I ,K : - . I gif-1 I ar ," ."'w F .Higgs . 1 - :-,r,:L'E?,t, f ,, , L f 'V I P-ff"' ,'1 tml-, 5 'if' , .-L ' , " li: EEL ,ri'fSf2?"" l 1, .' 5 ' ' V w .P W- P. I - M wtf - .ms..-., 1966 TENNIS TEAM-KNEELING, from left: Fredric Sproul, Steven Marsh, James.Naylor, Joseph Ramieri, John Hawes. STANDING: Coach Bob Long, Bruce Ingram, John Pruitt, Dave Plagernan, Jim Webber. -N4-F I TRAMURALS OFFER VARIETY FOR ME The intramural program offers touch foot- ball, basketball, softball, and tennis for men students, providing a competitive program which is designed to build fellowship among the participants. The Intramural Football championship was copped by Team 3 in the fall, team members were Gary Coltrin, Gary Kelly, Gary Lewis, Dan Creech, Jim Stitch, Charlie Hewitt, Dan Beck- man, Charlie Wilson, and John Daly. A team composed of Jack Oliver, Ron Cow- den, Reuben Pardo, Jim Stover, Dan Creech, Scotti Wells, Paul Davis, Gary Coltrin, and John Van Every walked off with the first basketball league prize, and a second league began in the spring semester as a result of popular demand. William Rollins is intramural director. Q' 4 f I I ' 333 ,fglff-sr ,fir TW 1' :A ' if I 7' "-1 ef at V Q "-'F LG RA ffers Sports pportunities For VC Women The Ventura College Women's Recreation Association sponsors five sports for its members throughout the school year. They include vol- leyball, basketball, softball, tennis, and bad- minton. The Women play teams from other junior colleges and participate in a Southern California Junior College tournament in each activity. WRA sponsors several fund-raising' proj- ects, and the money is donated to the heart fund. The largest annual project is the awards ban- quet in the spring. Advisers to the club are Mrs. Ruth Carr and Miss Norma Vedvik. WRA OFFICERS-KNEELING: Lyn-Del Wilson, presi- dent. STANDING: Carol Sanders, vice-presidentg Sandle Markel, secretary. 4, j his . ' 'Ji'- WRA COMMISSIONERS-KNEELING: Ronni Bur dick, softball. STANDING: Judy Walker, volleyball Elaine Allrnen, basketballg Sherry Posey, badmin ton. SO SWING! -Barbara Humphries looks ready to belt the ball a coun- try mile. Backing' up the plate are Sandi Miller, catching, and referee- ing' is Linda Howell. a tw: Ee -A '1- Qk nj ," 'e.. lfiLf,lYf SMASH IT!-Sherry Posey executes a. smash in WRA badminton competition. TOP FORM -Executing' a. serve in the prescribed style is.Ma.ry Brooks, one of WRA's top-ranking women players. 1 Tqi?-'T COME AND GET IT-Lyn-Del Wilson, with ball, and Pam Aker prac- tice dribbling and defense techniques, The WRA teams compete in several inter-school games. E it 1' EW STUDE T CE TER Ventura Co11eg'e's new student center was the main building' project on campus this year. The S212-5,800 building, located opposite the present student center, houses a bookstore, student lounge, A.S. board room, and the offices of the deans of men and the dean of Women, club offices and poster room, and offices for the A.S. president and secretary. Construction began on June 22, 1965. The center was scheduled to be completed in time for an April 12, 1 966, open house. ,.."" --. r- 1 ,f" . y XZ! Y ' , ! ,fff I Nffgvlt 'v GC' Alf. Q.. . ff A?"--"'H,:Ti'1,": 'Pai gifs", 1.1 x ,4,f1- X I 5,13 X- , x ,Y l 1 , X . ,.,,v.Q.7'.D .72 . ,, ,V ,.' .A 519' . ,-f-f f -.. f . -f lair- - . t: """ "4 ' ' . ' f i:.b,4,?TZ5'5""Afff:TJvq5f5"",3s.:-'J4" Y. :,:,-f'f,!f2i, ff ,J -. , ,,- Y ,L . .4 Y . ,V V , , -, .Y h,..J-v , ,ki--f'-:fin-, ' ,wr-"1'I.,,,. ',.-",,.' ' e:"Q , 2' .cf AM,1,a,-- I ,,- ' A, .f , fe' , , P f . --H ---f i " " Wg ff. - -f-, gnfeyff, A A x.. 4-ff-,Jar ,..4:1?ff.,l.+-fre' - A..:',-,fan-r--1: --4:-ffigtggvrs-245 F .nv v "1 si v Q I. .. . I' . . I 1 -V . -4 2' -f . X S 4NN ixwb C.. r 'fy N tv K' A-IN, N , , Q X vm " ' N R 7 'VT 1,5 I r X 1 4 A ' 4 . -2 R N n .5 I . A Vg, .QQ gl .' 1, .' K 'ts A ' nt- X-X51 R x' V X x 'K I I "N rl ', ,J ' ra 'fini A "1 '. Pm' M' I , 1 If .' 7 'xx "ffl v ' 'A -V 'J xt ' T. --:jf ' Q HK Q -- -re' Q- KU 1 H-J ' '- 1.51 'fi 1 -. . W sg ' '- -' .. ' -'Hx'-ix L1 - aff " Sign QM A f - 1 ,'-gy S. 1 . ' " i 1 .,-fri W A f X L 4 A ,wx gmt Aix! xigtlr V E,-fir , gtg h ...xg y. . vu 'Ny bf . in ,,,l,?j3r .3J EQ, ' - "" w. :'r.w3.- f M. X M- Q xg-.:' ,. x mf 4' " 4 4 0.5-1. X .' j, Ax J", " ,---fi fix ' A Lx' i ' Q u qg'1.,.YX l if -LA .Xl 4 Z JN, , J ,B .tix . ' .' ' . 4: Q ,?9 f1s'rw wYf A ' X Xe 5 X ' X X. 1 A R Af 1.-mx' 1f,xfMQ5x , .1 t 1'- ' L.l ' H 1 '. 4 A. mx I Qt ' is hu.: Af. J 5- Fl . ,I V wax - v xv qi 'K N '.1 ,I I , uri, X Y V .5 .W us sq' N 4 NX' 5 ix . -. ' ' ' x X -lx Y -.-0 -' 1. vw ., - - -. Q v. . '. 'V-N xy- A ",'?.' .' N A s 1 gk N ' A ., . Y, yy , , : Q 1 1 V .-K rx X s I . N1 - ,N fx., , -X 's , ,Lf V Q. ' I N, V- ,, v - ,' 4 K l, - Xb . -I X 4 ' - is - Q ' 5 Y, 5 '..' ' ' 5- 'll ' 5559" x H x 'fi s v -1.-fi, -. . f-1 ff. IH 'll rn. . . .n A' .5551 v- N 'v ' s. 4 3 A gn. AM vXf,x 'I S -s.,-.4 . ..- .lm .-. . ,171 . Y , .. N WG A x Rf. 5,4 Y iky, 'js 1 V X., ' n

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