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M II N II M itfl II II I II IN li dSSB Pa S c f THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS CACTUS 1964 KAY LYNN MORROW Editor-in- Chief THOMAS BRADEN DALY Associate Editor LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR General Manager FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY Business Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN Production Manager PUBLISHED BY TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. VOLUME 71 AUSTIN, TEXAS Page 3 FOREWORD Life at The University of Texas may be divided into four parts: the campus life, the organizational life, the athletic life, and the intellectual life. Four aspects of an all encompassing four years in our lives. Each part of our life leads us to new found friends, new experiences, new responsibilities, and new pleasures. The days slip by quickly as we reach our junior and senior years until that day when spring has come and we are graduating seniors. In the 1964 CACTUS we have tried to catch you, the student, in action while you were at The University of Texas. We have planned the book as a reflection of the many events of this year and as a complete quarter of your University life. It may be the year you participated in Challenge or the Model United Nations; the year you heard Pierre Mendes-France and Madame Nhu; the year it snowed twice in Austin and the Mall was one big snow- b all fight; and it was the year the Longhorn football team was No. 1. Whether you are a freshman or a senior we hope you will enjoy now and relive in the future these days when you were a student at UT. P B r I TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration 25 Faculty 40 THE CAMPUS LIFE Limelight 65 Features and Chronology 101 Student Government and Publications 165 Dorms and Co-Ops 193 THE ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE Sororities 225 Fraternities 269 Organizations 333 Military 375 THE ATHLETIC LIFE Varsity 393 Freshman 443 Intramurals 449 THE INTELLECTUAL LIFE Honoraries 469 Graduates and Seniors 511 Juniors 555 Sophomores 567 Freshmen 581 STUDENTS ROM the WEST Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. Page 7 The view from the Lost Mine Trail in the Chisos Mountains. the NORTH The fountain at Six Flags Over Texas A wheat field on the north plains above Atnarillo. A beautiful garden in the Tyler Azalea Trail. . . the EAST The oil derricks in Kilgore. the SOUTH The wind blown sand patterns on Galveston beach. Brahmans on a ranch in South Texas. Fife 10 Rushing waterfalls near New Braunfels. AND CENTRAL TEXAS Page 11 :. _ Search is a phase of intellectual life search through pristine glass and gleaming metal for a means of pushing back horizons, of widening a world. Communication through songs that are the soul of our past with artists such as Joan Baez is also a part of intellectual life. ! ' to THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS for their INTELLECTUAL LIFE Tradition, coming alive from the past in Shakespeare ' s " As You Like It, " provides the heritage of intellectual life. 12 1TY The Miriam Lutcher Stark Library of the Rare Books Collection a place meant to be used by those who would seek it out. A time to pause in a busy day is sought quietly in the Under- graduate Library. Intellectual life is realization the realization in the classroom of a better way gleaned from the knowledge and experience of those who instruct. Page 13 The great snowball fight begins as two opposing teams, the orange and the white, battle flake to flake in front of the Academic Center. - ' for their CAMPUS LIFE Parodies of campus life, in this instance registration, are depicted by Round-Up Revue. The United Nations is the topic of conversation for interested students and visiting lecturer, Dr. Ralph Bunche. Aristotle makes a vigorous point for the Zetas in their winning Varsity Carnival skit " Oedipus and Liz. " JS Cowboy boots and a jail become a familiar scene as Round-Up time rolls around in April. Spring elections draw many voters on a windy March day. Page 15 . . . for their ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE I Through the work of the Student Assembly and its leaders, politics become a part of the University life. Organizational life at the University begins with a social aspect . . . for some, sororities . . . ... for gome, fraternities. 1 The faculty-student cabinet co-operates with both the student and the faculty by investigation of prob lems in areas of common interest to all. Round-Up Showcase exhibits the informative side of our University life. Page 17 Spirit runs rampant as the Longhorn Band sere- nades the football team. ' Ilir final surge to pass the baton by our relay loam in the Texas Relays during Round-Up weekend. for their ATHLETIC LIFE ! The thrill of a double header with A M ended the baseball season. Contributing his presence to the general cause of glory is Bevo, the official Longhorn of The University of Texas. ' Horns surround an Aggie in his attempt to make a shot. Page 19 I The addition to Gregory Gym symbol of a broaden- ing athletic horizon. Ll t The new Drama Building a feature of the University ' s expanding horizon of fine arts. Steps to the Art Building steps to an ever expand- ing future. ... to this BROADENING HORIZON The fountain by the Undergraduate Center a colorful new feature on the University campus. A new but now firmly established feature the Academic Center and Undergraduate Li brary. and FINALLY The ceremonial maceg used in the commencement processional are displayed in the Under graduate Library. Dr. James I. McCord, President of Princeton Theological Se minary, is the principal speaker at the annual Baccalaureate service. n H -. tHmtHtTi " T : ' ' . v iiMliBI MWf B MiBlttbSflit ' " v- ' ' ,-.-. . ' : ' . m II ' ' - IN MEMORIAM FACULTY E. Bagby Atwood George Gerald Gonyea Edward Jackson Matthews Charles Tilford McCormick Robert Kelly Ponder David Clarence Sanders Thomas Hall Shelby Robert Weldon Stayton Paul Jennings Thompson Robert Leon White Lucile de Nevers Williams STUDENTS George Louis Bacarisse, Jr. June Goldberg James K. Burroughs Charles Lewis Grimes James Terry Dulaney Claude Burton James, Jr. John Wallace Wilkinson STAFF Walter C. Conway Harward Leslie Fisher Alfred A. Lowden Edwin Werner Olle Sally Winifred Ash Fernando Cantu Cecil S. Clendennen Quince C. Clopton Marion Adele Shoquist NOVEMBER 22, 1963 DECEMBER 22, 1963 Edited by Thomas Braden Daly ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Page 25 ; JOHN B. CONNALLY Governor of the State of Texas Pge 26 THE BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman W. W. HEATH Vice-chairman A. G. McNEESE, JR. Secretary BETTY ANNE THEDFORD WALTER P. BRENAN, San Antonio MRS. J. LEE JOHNSON, III, Fort Worth H. F. CONNALLY, JR., M.D., Waco WALES H. MADDEN, JR., AmarUlo FRANK C. ERWIN, JR., Austin A. G. McNEESE, JR., Houston W. W. HEATH, Austin LEVI A. OLAN, Dallas JOHN S. REDDITT, Lufkin Left to Right: Redditt, Olan, Madden, McNeese, Heath, Brenan, Erwin, Conntlly, Johnson. THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD Chairman TOM SEALY Vice-Chairman EDWARD CLARK Assistant to the Chancellor WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK Assistant Director CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN Executive Assistant . . RICHARD NEAL ELLIOTT Hines H. Baker, Houston Charles S. Coates, Chappell Hill Ernest Cockrell, Jr., Houston L. L. Colbert, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Leroy G. Denman, Jr., San Antonio Mrs. Charles Devall, Kilgore R. A. Furbush, Galveston Wales H. Madden, Jr., Amarillo J. Mark McLaughlin, Snyder J. Francis Morgan, El Paso J. M. Odom, Austin B. D. Orgain, Beaumont Charles N. Prothro, Wichita Falls Harry Huntt Ransom, Austin Preston Shirley, Galveston John P. Thompson, Dallas Dan C. Williams, Dallas Mrs. Robert F. Windfohr, Fort Worth Gus S. Wortham, Houston The University of Texas Development Board is the agency of The University of Texas responsible to the Chancellor and through him to the Board of Regents for all private fund development for the entire Univer - sity System. The Board is composed of prominent citizens who voluntarily devote time and effort to the welfare of the University. The Board members are named by the Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Association and by the Board of Regents, including one who is a member of the Board of Regents. The Chancellor of the University is an ex-officio member. Page 27 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Chancellor of The University of Texas This year has been marked by three great attainments. There has never been more active participation by stu- dent groups and individual students in the common cause of attaining eminence for The University of Texas. The faculties and advisory councils have furthered every sound proposal for academic development: the improvement of teaching, the support of research, and the individual attainment of the scholar. All these projects have had the unani- mous support of the Board of Regents under the chairmanship of Judge W. W. Heath. These joint efforts have made 1963-64 a memorable period in the University ' s history; yet the accomplishments have been no greater than new opportunities assured for the future. HARRY RANSOM Chancellor Page 28 CHANCELLORS NORMAN HACKERMAN, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Professor of Chemistry JAMES CLAY UOLLEY Vice-Chancellor; Professor of Finance LAURENCE D. HASKEW Vice-Chancellor; Professor of Educational Administration FRANKLIN LANIER COX Vice-Chancellor; Professor of Business Law Page 29 ADMINISTRATION OF WILLIAM DAVID BLINK Assistant to the Chancellor JOHN WILLIAM MEANEY Assistant to the Chancel or; Professor of Speech GRAVES W. LANDRUM Assistant to the Chancellor WILSON S. STONE Advisor lor Graduate and Research programs, Of ice of the Chancellor CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller WILLIAM WOODROW STEWART Endowment Officer OF THE UNIVERSITY BURNELL WALDREP Land and Trust Attorney, Unii-ersit WILLIAM EDWARD KEYS Director, University News and Information Service FRANK D. GRAYDON Budget Officer, Office oj the Chancellor JACK HOLLAND Director, University Personnel Ofjice JAMES H. COLVIN Business Manager, Main University ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian , STUDENT SERVICES W. BYRON SHIPP Registrar and Director oj Admissions PAUL L. WHITE, M.D. Director and Physician, Student Health Center ARNO NOWOTNY Dean oj Student Life GORDON V. ANDERSON Director, Testing and Counseling Center JOHN HERSHEL DODSON Director of Student Financial Aids JOHN G. STEELE Director, Texas Union BUSINESS SERVICES GRADY CLARENCE STARNES Auditor F. C. McCONNELL Director, Division of Housing and Food Service CARL J. ECKHARDT Director of the Physical Plant Fife 32 DEAN OF WOMEN Left to Right . ' Helen Mar- paret Flinn, Margaret Berry, Margaret Peck, Dean of If ' omen; Dorothy W. Dean, Frances Little McMath. DEAN OF STUDENT LIFE Rollin Albert Sininger, William David Carr. David Hildrelh Thomas. Donald Ray Mighell, Edwin Booth Price INTERNATIONAL OFFICE Front Row: Patricia Ann Want, Marie Dolores Mar- tinez, Janean Garner, Jac- queline Diane Allen, Edwin Higlitowrr. Second Row: Cindy Keever, Patricia Lomasney Robert, Gail A. Ratliff, Mollie O. Walter, Third Row: Susan Mowery. E. Darlene Gavenda, Kay Baird, Joan Freeman, Norms Lou Bowman , Joe West Neal, Director. EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION ERNEST SMITH President JACK RUSSELL MAGUIRE Executive Secretary The Ex-Students ' Association is only two years younger than The University of Texas itself, having been organized in 1885. Today it is the vehicle through which more than 200,000 former students continue their interest in, and service to, the University. The Association does more than keep records on alumni, although that is one of its primary functions. It also sponsors more than 150 Texas Exes Clubs throughout the world; publishes a monthly magazine, The Alcalde; provides a number of services to members, such as the priority for the purchase of football tickets; and performs a number of functions in behalf of the University. Through the years, the Ex-Students ' Association has created more than a quarter of a million dollars in endowed funds which annually provide scholarships for many students. It also maintains sizeable student loan funds. The Association is not a part of the University and its program in behalf of the institution is supported through the annual dues of its members. Its affairs are governed by a forty-six member executive Council elected from throughout the state. A sixteen member paid staff is maintained at the headquarters in the Home Economics Building. H ' Nors ] ' f fe (ride Lrfl to Kiihl: Carol F. Joan, Judy Walker, John Kent Ulbrlchl, Pit M.guirc. John E. Walton, Mary Eliiabeth Wclff, Roy Vaufhan, Betsy Burba, Loraine M. Jackson, Roy C. Jamea, Limit Lee, Jackie McCray, Mary Ann Johnion, Harry S. Wlae, Georgia Madden. Patricia Nulty. Pane 31 DADS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President JACK S. JOSEY, Houston Honorary Vice-President COLONEL D. HAROLD BYRD, Dallas Treasurer GEORGE H. MARSH, Austin Secretary W. D. BLUNK, Austin VICE-PRESIDENTS H. Macon Boddy, Henrietta Allen Cowden, Midland Howard T. Cox, Austin Lester Foran, Corpus Christi Dr. Hamilton Ford, Galveston William A. Hudson, Fort Worth PAST PRESIDENTS Lip Norvell, Beaumont Robert B. Smither, Huntsville J. Clyde Tomlinson, Longview Dr. Courtney M. Townsend, Paris Gail Whitcomb. Houston Angus G. Wynne, Jr., Arlington Richard W. Blalock, Marshall J. K. Butler, Houston J. Brown Cutbirth, Houston Judge J. Lee Dittert, Bellville Stanley M. Erskine, Midland Harry W. Ferguson. Houston John W. Hampton, Wichita Falls Dr. J. B. Heath, Madisonville E. G. Morrison, Austin Marion A. Olson, San Antonio Dr. C. M. Phillips, Levelland Harry C. Webb, Houston Seated: Rex C. Baker, Jr., J. Lee Dittert, Robert B, Smither, Stanley M. Erskine. Jack S. Josey, Lester Foran, E. G. Morrisbn, D. Harold Byrd, George H. Marsh, William A. Hudson. Standing: Allen Cowden, Dr. J. B. Heath, J. K. Butler, W. D. Blimk, J. Clyde Tomlinson, Dr. C. M. Phillips, Dr. Hamilton Ford, Dr. Courtney M. Townsend. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Allan Bailey, LaMarque James A. Baker, Madisonville Rex G. Baker, Jr., Houston Dr. G. V. Brindley, Jr., Temple Judge Joe J. Fisher, Beaumont Robert D. Fletcher, Lubbock John D. Furrh, Jr., Marshall R. C. Cranberry, Houston Colonel Homer Garrison, Jr., Austin William A. Griffis, Jr., San Angelo David C. Hull, Longview Dr. E. K. Jones, Amarillo Senator Edward V. Long, Washington, D. C. Hugh Munn, Midland Robert A. Nelson, San Antonio Adrian I. Patton, Houston J. L. Rehmet, Sherman J. Curtis Sanford, Dallas Dr. Hugh W. Savage, Fort Worth Davis Scarborough, Abilene George E. Seay, Dallas Jack C. Staley, Wichita Falls Joe E. Vincent, Bryan The University of Texas Dads ' Association is composed of the fathers of all University students, present and past. The Association sponsors Dads ' Day each year during the fall last fall on November 9th. Hundreds of parents visited the campus on that day and were widely entertained and were given an opportunity to participate in numerous campus activities and special events. The Dads ' Association publishes the quarterly University of Texas Dads ' Digest, offers a number of Dads ' Association scholarships and awards, and presents trophies to the outstanding boy and outstanding girl each year. TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS JACQUES COLLIN, D.P.I.G., Urbaniste Assistant Professor of Architecture EUGENE H. WISSER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering FRANCES FALLON FULLER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology LORIN GARFIELD KENNAMER, Ph.D. Professor of Geography, Associate Dean, College of Arts Sciences Pice 36 ' DeWITT CARTER REDDICK, Ph.D. Professor and Director, School of Journalism DONALD L. WEISMANN, Ph.D. Professor of Art JAMES T. HOOD, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Accounting FRANKLIN LANIER COX, B.B.A., LL.B. Professor of Business Law, Vice-Chancellor Page 37 TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS EDWIN CARL LOWENBERG, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics JIM BERRY PEARSON, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences RICHARD D. BLAIR, B. Music Guest Assistant Professor of Music, Assistant to the Dean, College of Fine Arts ROBERT GRAVES BROWN, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Pharmacology JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS, B.A., LL.B. Professor of Law I EMMETTE S. BEDFORD, Ph.D. Ashbel Smith Professor of Government ROBERT WILLARD McAHREN, B.A. Teaching Assistant in History The Students ' Association of The University of Texas gives special recognition to University professors who have shown excellence in their respected teaching areas understanding that the word professors refers to instructors, assistant professors, associate professors. and full professors. The number of awards allowable in each school or college is proportioned according to the size of its faculty. This year the distribu- tion was six in the College of Arts and Sciences; two in each of the Colleges of Business Administration, Engineering, and Fine Arts; and one each from the Colleges of Education, and Pharmacy and the Schools of Architecture and Law. None are given to the Graduate School professors because of its complexity and diversity. In the colleges and school in which student governing boards function they, with the assemblymen from their respective colleges or school, select the recipients. In those colleges and school that lack such boards, the assemblymen select the recipients from those nomina- tions they obtain from the various scholastic and honorary organizations within their colleges or school. The Secretary of the Students ' Association co-ordinates the selection and this year presented the new Teaching Excellence Award certificates to the recipients at the Students ' Association Inaugural Ceremony and Banquet. Page 39 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES LORRIN GARFIELD KENNAMER Associate Dean JOHN ALTON BURDINE Dean WILFRED DUNBAR WEBB, Assistant Dean and JIM BERRY PEARSON, Assistant Dean. lot ft lei In OliEtl lav fa Thou, Mr. , W In: CUwl Left to Right: Robert Ernst Boyer, Albert Donald Sellstrom, Robert Russell Mollenauer, James Alfred Hitt, Thomas Wilton McKern, Counselors. Seated: Martha Hadden Cope, Administrative Clerk; Barbara Bredt Norwood, Administrative Secretary; Mary-Jane Hemperley, Executive Assistant. Standing: Lucia Marie Mitchell, Administrative Clerk; Eleanor Newman Fertsch, Administrative Assistant; Opal Lea Morrow, Executive Assistant; Ruth Gafford Emmcrt, Administrative Clerk. Page 40 SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM Front Row: Paul Jennings Thompson, Mary Adelaide Gardner, Afton Taylor Wynn, Sue Watkins, Emily-Mae Stafford, DeWitt Carter Reddick. Back Row: Clyde Richard King, William Richard Hazzard, Ernest Alonzo Sharpe, Norrig G. Davis, William Irvin McReynoIds, Harrell Eates Lee, Alan Scott, Olin Ethmer Hinkle. ANTHROPOLOGY Front Row: John Bilheimer Cornell, Thomas Nolan Campbell, James Gilbert McAllister. Back Row: Edward Mott Davis, Symmea Chadwick Oliver, Richard Newbold Adams, Edward Baker Jelks, William W. Newcomb, Jr., Anthony Leeds. ASTRONOMY Left to Right : Harlan Smith, Gerard Henri de Vaucouleurs, Robert G. Tull, Terence J. Deeming, Frank Norman Edmonds, Jr. Page 41 BOTANY Front Row: Constantine John Alexopoulos, Tom J. Mabry, B. L. Turner, Harold Morton Mobley, W. Gordon Whaley. Back Row: Donald Alfred Larson, Ralph Eugene Alston, Harold Charles Bold, M arshall C. Johnston, Calvin McMillan, Walter Varian Brown. CHEMISTRY Front Roto: Allen J. Bard, Norman Hackerman, Harry Louis Lochte, Michael J. S. Dewar, Lester J. Reed, Gilbert Haveo Ayres, James E. Boggs, William Shive. Second Row: David Jackson Cox, Leon O. Morgan, Lewis F. Hatch, William Albert Noyes, Jr., Robbin Colyer Anderson, Henry Rudolf Henze, Alan H. Cowley, Michael Ian Davis. Third Row: Jefferson Clark Davis, Jr., Joseph J. Lagowski, Royston M. Roberts, Pete D. Gardner, Philip S. Bailey, Thomas Vincent Van Auken, Robert E. Eakin, WUliam Cecil Gardner, Jr. CLASSICS front Rote: Elizabeth Lyding Will, Oscar William Rcinmuth. George Englert McCracken, Harry Jashua Leon. Back . ' !,.- John P. Sullivan, Jimet Richard Wiieman, Joe Park I ' .i.-. Henry Wood, Jamct Alfred Hilt, Paolo Virante, William Huie Hes . ECONOMICS Front Row: Walter C. Neale, Robert James Lawrence, Benjamin Howard Higging, Carey Carter Thompson. Back Row: Daniel Croxton Morgan, Jr., Clarence Edwin Ayres, Niles Maurice Hansen, Billy Joe Colwell, Herbert Hugo Liebhafsky, Wendell C. Cordon, Stephen Lee McDonald, Forest G. Hill, F. Ray Marshall. ENGLISH Front Row; William J. Handy, Ceorgene S. Wilson, Max Roger Westbrook, Robert William Lewis, Jr., Roy Vance Ramsey, Natalie Maines Petesch, Clarence Lee Cline, William Skelly Burford. Second Row: Willet Titus Conklin, Robert Henry Wilson, Lois P. Ware, Mody C. Boatright, Ernest Campbell Mossner, Ambrose Gordon, Jr., Robert Langford Montgomery, Jr., Dorothy Jane Battey, Arthur Milton Cory. Third Row: Daniel Morley McKeithan, Wilson Mathis Hudson, Jr., Martin Michael Crow, Ernest James Lovell, Jr., William Owen Sheppard Sutherland, Jr., Edwin Turner Bowden, Lucetta Jane Teagarden, Frank Hallam Lyell. fourth Row: John Crier Varner, F. Warren Roberta, Willis W. Pratt, Mohammad Ali Jazayery, Thomas Mabry Cranfill, Cordon H. Mills, James Paul Erickson, Ruth M. Lehmann, John Arnold Walter. Fifth Row: Edward Carland Fletcher, Thomas Bacon Whitbread, Gregory Norman Cabbard, Genevieve Stivner Hoerster, David Joseph De Laura, Eldon Stephen Branda, Marion Lynch Smith, Laurence Albert Becker. Sixth Row: Robert Y. Drake, Jr., Mary Worden Edrich, Joseph John Moldenhauer, George Richard Clark, Joseph Evans Slate, Joseph Fetler Malof, Letha Louise Sparks, Maurine D. McEIroy, Lelia B. Cardwell. Page 43 GERMANIC LANGUAGES Front Row: Richard Brinkmann, Elisabeth N. Pribic, Eugenie Skarginsky, Edda Schrader, A, Margaret Arent, Dorothy Lillian Barnard, Reinhold F. Olesch. Second Row: Walter Lehn, Don Carlos Travis, Jr., Edgard G. Polome, Wolfgang F. Michael, Winfred Philipp Lehmann, Lee Hollander, Helmut Rehder, George Schulz-Behrend, Nikola Pribic. Third Row: Mohannad AH Jazayery, Robert Thomas Harms, Emmon Werner Bach, Joseph Lawrence Conrad, Michael Shaw, Walther E. Dieckmann, Robert Russell Mollenauer, Lee Byron Jennings. GOVERNMENT Front Row: Ron.l ' d F. Bunn, Murray Clark Havens, Edward Taborsky, Oliver Douglas Weeks, H. Malcolm Macdonald, Wallace Mendelson, Wilfred Dunbar Webb, Emmette S. Redford. Buck Rom: Carl Leiden, Adolf Willibald Riederer, Stuart A. MacCorkle, James Alvin Sleinlrager, James R. Roach, Jaroe Rudolph Soukup, Joe Weat Neal, William S. Livingston, Charles J. Parrish, David M. Olson, Karl Michael Schmitt, Benjamin Fletcher Wright, Howard A. Calkins. Paje 44 HISTORY Front Row: Llerena Beaufort Friend, Nancy Barker, Archibald Ross Lewis, Roberl A. Divine, Joe Bertram Franlz, Barnes Fletcher Lathrop. Back Row: Oliver H. Radkey, John Edward Sunder, Robert Crawford Cotner, Jim Berry Pearson, John Parker Harrison, Paul Franklin Boiler, Jr., Michael Garibaldi Hall, George G. Arnakis. Norman D. Brown, J. Harry Bennett, Keilh LeBalm Nelson, R. Davis Bitton, Robert Walcott, Philip Lloyd White, James Staton Chase, Thomas Francis McGann. :: LK Byrm GEOGRAPHY Left to Right: Robert Kenneth Holz, Lorrin Garfield Kennamer, George. W. Hoffman, Donald Dilworth Brand, Paul Ward English. GEOLOGY Front Row: Peter Tyrrell Flawn, Keith Young, Earle Francis McBride, William Charles Bell, Robert Louis Folk. Second Row: Alan Johnson Scott, Daniel Stephen Barker, Fred Earl Ingerson, Sr., Leon E. Long, Robert Kendall Fahnestock. Third Row: William Rudolf Muehlberger, Ronald Kinnison DeFord, John Andrew Wilson, Samuel P. Ellison, Jr., Stephen Edmund Clabaugh. Fourth Row: William L. Mclntire, Edward Charles Jonas, Edgar Wesley Owen. Page 4f. HOME ECONOMICS M tal i We til M in MiMBHMBMMMMHMHi HMB MHHH HM viH BMiMHVMMB H Hii M H HI H HMMMBHHHNHHHmHi H M HIHHMHMMi HH H H H HB B HHHi Seated: Helen F. MrHugh, Paula Janet Chalupnik, Val Jean Dudley Heaily, Fern E. Stagga, Sallie Beth Moore, Dorothy Fehlis Aycock. Standing: Sara Chaffin Brooks, Phyllis L. Richards, Dorothy McCurdy Briley Louise W. Snider, Ann Marie Erickson, Jane Snowden Craig, Anna Marie Caswell, Charles Weldon York, Janet Berkman Howard, Lynnda Landon Thompson, Rosalie S. Godfrey, Lorene Lane Rogers, Margaret Anne Eppright, Ann Jonson Lloyd, Anna Brightman, Billie Bishop Davenport. Mary Ernestine Goldmann, Ariane Barnes. MATHEMATICS Front Roto: Renke Custar Lubbrn, Hubert Stanley Wall, Gail H. Chamberlin, Pamela G. Hodsdon, Dorothy W. Baker, Goldie Horton Porter, Anne Breese Barer . Second Row: Hyman Joseph Ettlinger, Robert Lee Moore, Homer Vincent Craig, Evelyn Pressley Jones, Dale Edouard Wall ton, Harry S. Vandiver. Third Row: Milo Wralry Weaver, Clark Milton Cleveland, Alfred Schild, Robert Todd Gregory, Roy Patrick Kerr, Robert Ewing Greenwood. Fourth Row: James Mann Hurt, Ervln J. Prouse, Jamef E. Scroggi, William T. Guy, Jr., David M. Young, Jr., Roger Cook Otborn, Allen Abbey Goldtteln. Page 46 ' ' t I. Ml,] ' h MICROBIOLOGY Front Row: Orville Wysa, Vernon T. Schuhardt, Marie Betzner Morrow, Charles Ely Lankford. Back Row: Curtis Einar Eklund, Royce Z. Lorkart, Jr., Roger Louis Storck, Jackson W. Foster, Peter Jurtshuk, Jr, PHILOSOPHY Front Row: Frederick Homer Ginascol, Charles Hartshorn e, Helen Rosina Heise, Charles William Marshall, Alexander Boyce Gibson, Karsten Harries. Back Row: David Louis Miller, Daniel Kading, Douglas N. Morgan, Irwin Chester Lieb. PHYSICS Front Row: Eugene V. Ivash, Hans Schluter, Darrell S. Hughes, Claude Wendell Horton, Alfred Wilson Nolle, Harold P. Hanson, Robert Narvaez Little, Jr., Arthur Ernst Lockenvitz, Bobby L. Crutchfield, Carl Baxter Collins, Jr. Back Rota: Russell Lewis Collins, Roger Penrose, James Clayton Browne, Rainer K. Sachs, Walter Elmer Milieu, William Woodrow Robertson, James C. Thompson, Charles W. Scherr, Emmett Leroy Hudspeth, Bernard Bruno Kinsey, Peter Julian Riley. Page 47 PSYCHOLOGY Front Row: Lloyd Alexander Jeffress, Karl M. Dallen- bach, Fillmore Hargrave Sanford, David Sumner Dust in, E. John Capaldi, Louis Joseph Moran, John Miltoa Theios, Charles S. Watson, Robert Kendall Lindsay. Back Row: Philip Worchel, George Gerald Gonyea, Don Erwin Byrne, Demetrios Papageorgis, Ira Iscoe, Joseph Stephen Thorpe. Colin Cordon McDiarmid, Ronald Keith Penney, Robert K. Young, Wayne H. Holtzman, David T. Hakes. I ROMANCE LANGUAGES I 1 t i: En 6 Mil lour Front Row: Didier T. Jaen, Pablo Max Ynsfran, Kathleen Glaze Abies, Marjon Bertha Ornstein. Dolly D. Kartell, John-Baptist Sita, Luz Avalos, Dolores A. Smith, Martha Cardwell Maisel, Edna P. Wellborn, Claude T. Chauvigne, Rita C. Burkett, Karl James Reinhardt, Mary Katherine Moore, Alberto Mario MacLean. Second Row: Cornelia Carrier, David Laurence Christiansen, Miguel Enguidanos, Enzo Amorini, Albar A. Pena, Maria Z. Wells, M. Teresa Leal de Mart inez, Cbavarche Tchalekian, Maria Angelica Lopes, E. Diana Sicdhoff, Jean S. Chitteiidcn, Marguerite Burnett Hudspeth, Josette M. Bigclow, Beverly J. Rankin, Dfnise B. Quebedeati. Third Row: Joseph Michel, Richard Lee Davis. George Gordon Wing, Evelyn V. Wilkenson, James Francis Miller Stephens, Jr., Thomas L. Lopez, Mildred Vinson Boyer, Cherry Francine McGinnis, Beverly Jean Gibbs, Caroline Corset Willard, Albert Donald Sellstrom, Dorothy Ethel Turner, Connie Claire Todd, Bess Guggolz, John Gonzalez, Jr., Gregory Couch LaGrone. Gerard Aubrey Morrow. Fourth Row: Douglass Marcel Rogers, Henry C. Schmidt, Theodore Andersson, Fred Pitt man Ellison. Luis Arocena, Joao-Francisco Ferreira, Richard Willis Tyler, Donald Lee McGrady, Donald Danelle Aynesworth, Ricardo Gullon, Delfin Leocadio Garasa, George Weston Ayer, Robert Allan White, George D. Schade, Jr., Michel Dassonville, SOCIOLOGY Front Row: Reece McGee, Ivan C. Belknap, Leonard Broom, Elmora Messer Matthew . Waller Irvine Firry, Carl Martin Rosenqulat, Charles Michael Bon jean. Back Row: Samuel Dale Mrl -more. Harley Lin wood Browning, Richard Johnson Hill, Alexander L. Clark, William Robert Arnold. ' " -I. Pate 48 SPEECH Front Row: James Paul Mahoney, Lyle J. Hendricks, John William Meaney, Robert Edward Summers, Marjorie Davisson Parker, Eva M. Tammioga, Lear Lee Ashmore, Janice Ray Courtney, Eva Garcia Currie. Back Row: Hugh A. Greene, Robert F. Schenkkan, Bernard William Crocker, Jesse James Villarreal, Thomas Hadley Nation, Beverly Grob Martin, Ora Aileen Bennett, Michael H. Pengra, Lennart Lauri Kopra, William Gene Moll, John Rex Wier, Jr., Wayne N. Thompson, Grover A. Fuchs, Bernard Charles Kissel, Joe Allen Bailey, Ernest R. Hardin. ZOOLOGY Front Row: Oscar F. Wiegand, Michael Menaker, Antone Gardner Jacobson, Bassett Maguire, Jr.. A. R. Schrank, Wilson S. Stone, Hugh Sommerville Forrest, Austin Phelps. Second Row: W. Frank Blair, Angel D. Leshikar, Lynne Ann Jefferies, Glen A. Seaholm, Carol Martin Smith, Barbara Ann Lane, Clark Hubbs, Terrell Hunter Hamilton, Osmond Philip Breland, Robert P. Wagner, Burke H. Judo " . Third Row: Walter Kaapke Long, Austen Fox Riggs, II, John Julius Biesele, Howard Cray Merriam, James L. Larimer, Harry Eldon Sutton, Clarence Paul Oliver, William R. Lee. Page 49 REQUIRED PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR MEN Front Row: Thomas Edward Barlow, Stanley Burnham, Roy Jack McLean, Jamile Ashmore, Kenneth W. Tyson. Second Row: Howard C. Cilstrap, Joe Conley Bowling, Charles W. Craven, Charles Harry Leinbach. Third Row: Karl Kermit Klein, William M. Brenner, Terence Colquitt Todd, Henry Wilson Chapman. REQUIRED PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN Front Row: Judith Beale, Waneen Wyrick, Betty Ann Thompson, Carolyn Rogers, Evelyn Patillo Low. Second Row: Carolyn Hewatt, Marcille Bradihaw, Rowena Kimmey, Shiela May O ' Gara, Dorothy Burdeaha Third Row: Patricia Ann Weil, Ethel S. Gill, Roaemarr Slack , lane Ellii Spragenf, Dorothy Jo Lovett. Fourth Rom: Louiic T. Horvalh, Penny lam. Fall. B. Maxine Cowiar Beardiley. Page SO COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JOHN ARCH WHITE Dean BURNARD H. SORD and GLENN ALBERT WELSCH Associate Deans ROBERT WARREN SMITH and RICHARD BERGEN, Assistants to the Dean JERRY C. MOORE, Administrative Assistant and DOROTHY AYRES, Executive Assistant Page 51 ACCOUNTING Front Row: Ben B. Barr, Earl Dean Bennett, Francis Bailey Williams, Sherilyne A. McCoy, Carol Lanehart, John Arch White, Thomas Howard Williams. Back Rote: Robert E. Setter, William Bernard Barrett, Charles Wallace Taylor, C. Aubrey Smilh, James T. Hood, Jim C. Ashburne, Robert Lee Grinaker, Charles Henry Griffin, Lynn Foster Anderson, Charles Theodore Zlatkovich, Raymond M. Sommerfeld. FINANCE Front Row: Alfred Edward Hofflander, Carolyn Y. Kokel, Nettie Webb, Richard Lima Norgaard. Back Row: Eugene Wasdon Lambert, Jr., Robert Burnt Williamson, Winston C. Beard, Ernest W. Walker, James Rudolph Kay, David C. Beverage, Ear! Norman Bailey. Pace 52 GENERAL BUSINESS Front Ram: Jack Wallace Ledbetter, Charlen T. Clark, James Samuel Swearingen, John R. Stockton, Leo Guy Blackstock, A. Faborn Etier, Francis Barns May. Second Row: Alfred Cameron Mitchell, Anna Marie Stengel, Marie M. Whittle, Geraldine Shook, Nelia Fox Atkins, George Harris Walker, Kaoru Takata, Orvitle Lynwood Abrahamson. Third Row: P. John Lymberopoulos, Walstein Bennett Smith, Joe Harrell Jones, Charles Ollie Bellinger, Lawrence Schkade, John H. Nabors, Jr., James Eugene Willis. MANAGEMENT Front Row: Judson Neff, Burnard H. Sord, Elizabeth Lanham, Joseph Kenneth Bailey, Wilfred H. Watson, Floyd S. BranJt. Buck Row: Charles Richard Klasson, William Robert Spriegel, Edmund Clayton Lynch, Kenneth William Olm, Donald Eugene Boa- trom. MARKETING Front Row: Irwin Allen Shapiro, William P. Dommermuth, W. T. Tucker, Robert Martin Taylor, Hampton Kent Snell, Calvin Patton Blair. Back Row: R. Clifton Andersen, Richard Allen Scott, Bob S. Hodges, III, James Ellis Stafford, Arthur T. ten Broeke, John Stephenson Ludlam. Page 53 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CLYDE C. COLVERT Dean FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Assistant Dean and JOHN ORMAND ROD- GERS, Associate Dean. BETTY S. TAYLOR, Administra- tive Secretary and WILMA ER- VIN, Administrative Secretary. CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION f .i. it Front Row: Winna Gene Nclion, Mary Franco Flournoy, Mary Bell Granger James, Cliarlrs H. Dent, Clyde Inez Martin, Joseph Michel, Clark Cyrus Gill, Carl Richard Personke. Second Row: Thomas D. Horn, James Louis Kinncavy, James Jolliff Weston, George T. Miedl, Bernice Dell Feldcr, William Brown Conroy, William Andrew Benoie, Peter Andrew " Soderbcrgh. Third Row: Mark Edison McLeod, Vesta Inez Watson, Muriel Burress, Grace E. Bishop, Jacob W. Blankrnship, Jewel Popham Raschke, Geneva Hanna, Audrey McMurray Fisher. Page 54 EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION Front Row: Henry J. Otto, Henry Fred Alves, Bascom E. Hayes, Clyde C. Colvert. Back Ron:: Clyde E. Blocker, Michael Peter Thomas, Jr., Kenneth E. Mclntyre, Lonnie Bryan Ezell. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Front Rota: Robert F. Peck, Benjamin Fruchter, James Knight, Carson McGuire, William G. Wolfe, Roval B. Embree, Jr., John Fierce-Jones, Earl Arqu Koile, Gordon V. Anderson, Jackson Brock Reid. Second Row: Eugene Britt Doughtie, Beeman Noal Phillips, H. Paul Kelley, William Cody Wilson, Willie Holdsworth, Warren David Bachelis, Franco Fallon Fuller, Benjamin Franklin Holland, Natalie Carter Barraga. Third Row: Coystal T. Stone, S. Thomas Friedman, Loyce D. McGehearty, Lonnie Ray Whites ide. Earl Jennings, Donald Veldman, Charles Carr Cleland, Theresa H. Wittliif, John Anthony Mierzwa. Fourth Row: Fay H. Starr, Alton C. Murphy, Norman Edward Wilson, John R. Peck, Charles M. Clark, Lewis Francis James. HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION Left to Right: Franklin Parker, Carlton H. Bowyer, William Earle Drake, George I. Sanchez. PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION Front Rote: Jessie Helen Haag, Carrie Lee Warren, Wancen Wyrick, Mary E. Buice Alderson, Bertha Hoick Clmmney. Buck Row: William Anthony Crenshaw, Kay Holm Petersen, Lynn Wade McCraw, Berton E. Lyle, Walter KroII. JOHN J. McKETTA, JR. Dean COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Left to Right: Billy Howard Amstead, John Arnold Focht, Clayton William Chance, John J. McKetta, Jr., Dean; Joe L. Bruns, William A. Cunningham, Harry L. Kent, Jr., Assistants to the Dean. Left to Right: Linda Gail Sargent, Administrative Assistant; Ruth C. Crawford, Admin- istrative Assistant; Joyce Marie Johnson, Senior Secretary; Mary Earp, Rosalie Vivian Cross, Senior Secretary. AERO-SPACE ENGINEERING Left to Right: Shao Wen Yuan, Milton John Thompson, Percy Hugh Miller, Janice Kikcr Moran, John Conrad Westkaemper, Sue D. Peirce, James Penning BUliofftley, Robert Wayne Courier, Byron Dean Tapley, Chintsun Hwang. Page 56 ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Left to Right: Martha Ann Meadows, Thomas Scott Dean, Lawrence Allen Wheeless, James Howard Stephens, Franklin Beaumont Johnson, Werner William Dornberger, Barton Darrell Riley, Robert Isaac Carr. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Front Row; David Mautner Himmelblau, William A. Cunningham, Matthew Van Winkle, John J. McKetta, Jr., Robert Samuel Schechter. Back Row: Eugene H. Wissler, Howard Frederick Rase, Kenneth Bruce Bischoff, William Frank Bradley. CIVIL ENGINEERING Front Row: Mary Kate Collins, Annice White Scurlock, Joe Overton Ledbetter, Al Ernest Maul, Raymond Filmore Dawson. Second Rota: William V. McCullough, Lawrence Riedling Mack, Tom Davidson Reynolds, Walter L. Moore, Douglas Bynum, Jr., John Arnold Focht. Third Row: Frank D. Masch, William Burl Ledbetter, W. Ronald Hudson, Ned Burns, Leland Barclay, Lymon Clifton Reese. fourth Row: Bonnie Long Martelli, Betsy Spencer, Rebecca McWilliams, Richard Wilson Furlong, A. Anthony Toprac, Earnest Frederick Cloyna, Carl William Morgan. Fifth Row: Terrell Lahman McCord, James Joseph Allen, Jr., Clyde Edward Lee, Hudson Matlock, Joseph Francis Malina, Jr., John Edward Breen, Phil Moss Ferguson, Robert Davis Turpin. Page 57 DRAWING Left to Right: James Dorr McFarland, Jack Lenhart, Margaret R. Baker, James Robert Holmes, Charles Elmer Rowe, Clayton William Chance, Orville Charles Word, Noel C. McGuire. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: Harold Wood Smith, Travis McNealy Hatch, Elaine Lillian Melton, Shirley Jane Coston, Rosemary Crimmet, Aneice Taylor, Harold Ray Sander, Thomas Donovan Smith, James Harvey Mitchell, Francis X. Bostick, Jr., William H. Hartwig. Second Row: Burns Newman Gafford, Sidney Eugene Donnell, Clarence Leroy Coatcs, Archie Waugh Straiton, Baxter Frank Womack, Cyrus Oscar Harbourt, Arwin Adelbert Dmigal, Herbert Lyndon Taylor, Edward John Wagner, Ralph Ratcliff. Third Row: Roy Rankin Krezdorn, William Charles Duesterhoeft, Jr., Bob Meredith Fannin, Terry John Wagner, Charles Harold Roth, Jr., Yeb Jo Seto, John Paul Craig, Robert Fonda Cribble, Grover Cleveland Wetsel, Jr. ENGINEERING MECHANICS Front Rout: Roy Rochester Craig, Beverly Cox Taylor, John William Lincoln, Harold John Plus, Jr., James R. Lloyd, Byron Dean Tapley. Stcond ROK: Wallace Fowler, William E. Baker, Hal Watson, Jr., Melvin Arnold Wilkov, Lawrence Ried- line Mack, Eugene Annan Ripperger. Third Rom: Enrico Giovanni Volterra, Jay Mayne Lewallen, Paul Monroe Kenner, Chin|-Hsie Yew, Benny Earl Jay. J. H. Gainea. Page 58 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: Jamie Parker Lamb, Jr., Jack A. Scanlan, Charles Sprague Beightler, Leonard R. Benson, Joe L. Bruns, James Eaorle Shamblin, William Harold Carter, Harry L. Kent, Jr., Howard Earl Brown. Second Row: Roscoe Lee, Glen Tolle, Henry Robert Sebesta, Louis E. Pflughaupt, Knut Oluf Reistad, Donald Gene Anderson, Marena L. Pita, Marjorie Mae Schloeman, C. Darsene Rush, Henry Grady Rylander, Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle. Third Row: Bobby B. Tomlin, Howard A. Webb, Rudolph W. Melchior, Rinaldo A. Bacon, Charles Ewing Hickox, Jr., Jack Allen Dowdy, Willis Raymond Woolrich, Yen ton Levy Doughtie, John P. Stark. Fourth Row; Oliver H. Davis, William H. Rumsey, Jr., Ralph Bernard Voft Stein, Truman Albert Stewart, John Reid Watt, Byron Elliott Short, Leonard A. Hale, Alvin David Thomas, Jr., Hugh A. Walls. METEOROLOGY Left to Right: Claude Edward Duchon, Willie Mae O ' Berry, Ronald Duane McPherson, Donald Robert Haragan, Amos Eddy, Glen Edward Willis, Kenneth Hartmeier Jehn. PETROLEUM ENGINEERING Front Row: Ben Hall Caudle, Irwin Harold Silberger, K. Tin it Earl Brown, Kenneth Eugene Gray, Frank Weldon Jessen, Ronald Louis Reed. Back Row: Sylvain J. Pirson, Robert L. Patterson, Mohan S. Seth. Page 59 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS PAULINE CAMP Director of Public Programs E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean RICHARD D. BLAIR Assistant to the Dean ART I til Front Rou-.- Robert L. Lever . Jr., Mori Baranoff, David H. Bradley, Constance Forsyth, Michael Lacktman, C. Lincoln Eddy, Vincent Mariani. Second Row: George Allen Bogart, John William Cuerin, Bill Dean Francis, Everett Spruce, Michael Gano Frary, Marian Belle Davis, Donald B. Goodall, Paul Peter Hatgil. Third Row: William Lewis Lester, Ralph Ernest White, Loren Norman Mozley, Alvin Albert Nickel, John Lednicky, Donald L. Wiesmann, Albert Buscaglia. DRAMA Front Row: John Reeae Rothgeb, Francea Goodhue Loder, E. Conkle, B. Iden Payne, Paul D. Reinhardt, Mildred Howard, Frederick J. Hunter. Back Row: Francis Richard Hodge, C. A. Jennings, Mary Margaret Lindsay, James W. Moll, F. Loren Winihip. Shirlee Dodge, Davrd Alex Nancarrow, Lclia Sheffield, James Alexander Pringle. Page 60 TS MUSIC Front Row: J. Frank Elsass, Donald M. Michel, James C. Moeser, Lita Anne Guerra, Fritz Oberdoerffer, Adolphe Frezin, Haas-Heinz Draeger, Hanns-Berlold Dietz, Dalies Ehrhardt Frantz, Robert Emmett Yokes. Second Row: Erno Valasek, John Kenneth Adams, James L. Dickie, Laurene Turnbull Heimann, Alfredo de Saint-Malo, Joe W. Bratcher, Jr., Richard D. Blair, Barbara Connally Rogers, Nelson Gray Patrick. Third Row: E. William Doty, Donald Benjamin Wright, Floyd Clifford Townsley, Charlotte Estelle DuBois, Janet Mary McGaughey, Howell Pierre Branning, Charles Edward Erookhart, Earl William Gates, Delmer Dalzell Rogers. Fourth Roto: Katherine Patricia Branfield, Lorene W. Michalopulos, Riudolph Picardi, Alexander Von Kreisler, Orville Herold White, James Pease, Morris Jay Beachy, Lothar Klein. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 511 DOROTHY JANE LIDIAK, Administrative Assistant and LUTHER RAY PARKER, Assistant to the Dean. LEE FRANK WORRELL Dean ::. ' . ,, Front Row: Robert Graves Brown, Frederick Valentine Lofgren, Carl Clarence Albers, Lee Frank Worrell, John Emerson Davis, Esther Jane Wood Hall, Alex Bermn. Second Row: Kiran J. Randeri, Man Mohan Kochhar, Eugene Ivan Isaacson, Jaime N. Delgado, Herbert Frederick Schwartz, John Autian, Luther Ray Parker, Gunnar Gjerstad. Third Row: Frank P. Cosgrove, William Johnson Sheffield, Wallace Louis Guess. Billy Burben Wylie. Page 61 Front Row: Hugh Lyon McMath, Frank Edward Wbitson, Jr., Judith Willis Wortham, Philip Douglas Creer, Shirley N. Ladusch, Martin Stephen Kermacy, R. Gommel Roessner. Back Row: Drury Blakeley Alexander, Alan Y. Taniguchi, Carl Oscar Bergquist, Jacques Collin, Hugo Leipziger-Pearce, Jonathan Avery Bowman, Luis Divino Jorge, Robert Sidney Harris, Robert Leon White, William Tamming, Richard Proctor Swallow, Thomas Whitehead Shefelman. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER Director, School of Architecture W. GORDON WHALEY Dean, Graduate School GRADUATE SCHOOL GRADUATE SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Left to Rifht: Catheryne S. Franklin, Robert Raymond Dou ( la i, Sarah Katherine Vann, Either Larerne Slallman. Lola Rien Thompton. Page 62 GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Front Row: Anne Wilkens, Josleen Lockhart, Marjorie Hamaker Kirkland. Back Row: Charles William Laughton, Joseph Irvin Hungate, Jr., Morris Kagan. SCHOOL OF LAW W. PAGE KEETON Dean, School of Law Front Row: Corwin Waggoner Johnson, Leon Green, Helen Hargrave, Werdner Page Keeton, William Orr Huie, Albert Pearson Jones, Edward Weldon Bailey. Second Row: Hubert Winston Smith, E. Ernest Goldstein, Joseph Parker WHherspoon, Millard Harrington Ruud, Keith E. Morrison, Ernest E. Smith, III. Third Row: Joseph Henry Wilkinson, Jr., Thomaa J. Gibson, HI, Pierre R. Loiseaux, Parker Clinton Fielder, Charles Alan Wright, Jerre Stockton Williams, Frank W. Elliott, Jr., Walter Eugene Oberer, Stanley Morris Johanson, E. Wayne Thode, John F. Sutton, Jr., Leon Lebowitz. Page 63 DIVISION OF EXTENSION JAMES R. EDDY Dean NORRIS ANDREWS HIETT Associate Dean DIRECTORS Front Row: John W. Woodruff, Norris Andrews Hiett, James R. Eddy, William Edward Barren, Rodney James Kidd. Second Row: Wilfred H. Watson, Rhea Hughston Williams, Lora E. McDonald, Arthur J. Edwards. Third Row: James Leland Straley, Luther Ray Parker, Lowry M. Carpenter, Roy Alton Frye. PROFESSIONAL AND TECHNICAL STAFF from Row: James H. Felts, Nuel I. Child , Nelson C. Patrick, Pauline W. Burbrink, Mary Frances Bowden, Betty W. Hudman, Mary Catherine Striblinc, Virgin! C. Paltenon, Willie Holdsworth, Fay H. Starr, James E. Conway, Spencer Guimarin. Second Raw: Walter W. Ivie, George L. Coencn, Mack C. Sutlon, Bruce R. Whalen, Albert T. Seyour, Francis A. Flynn, Dana K. Chamblieu, George E. Burl, Joe Coltharp, Reese D. Duke, Richard L. Dailey, Wilbur W. Ulmer, Charles Cyrus. Third Row: Ernest F. Tiemann. William M. Peters, Robert Sloan, Roy M. Brown, Mai R. Haddick, Paul J. Cowan, Marion S. Martin, Donald L. Chitts, Robert S. Watkins, Stanley Q. Warren, Samuel C. Johnson, Donald H. Loftin, John H. Bagnall, Jame H. Fraiier. Page (, I, THE CAMPUS LIFE Sweetheart of the University and the Bluebonnet Belles p -- LIMELIGHT Page 65 P ge66 EVELYN PHILLIS JOHNSON Sweetheart of The University of Texas A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cordettes, and a Freshman Council Advisor, Phillis is a sopho- more Plan 11 major from Galveston. She has also been a Freshman and Varsity Cheerleader. Page 67 SWEETHEART Carol Diane Douglass Mary Esther Garner NOMINEES Kathryn Ann Bailey Eleanor Bankston Beyea Genie Brackenridge Cynthia Louise Brantley Carol Ann Clewis Tyra Ann Cox Mary Jo Delk Marion Diann Holbrook Barbara Ann Gresham Mary Kathryn Kulchak Peggy Lou McCafferty FINALISTS Suzanne Sorenson Sue Alyce Stiles NOMINEES Anitha T. Mitchell Dennise Newberry Sharon Sue Rountree Mary Katherine Sealy Susan Deranda Shaw Bea Ann Smith Frances Spivy Patricia Jeanne Swahn Florence Ann Vaughan Judy Kathleen Wax Sandra Lea Wright Page 69 P.j ' 70 n CECILE CURLIN AUTREY Bluebonnet Belle One of the Ten Most Beautiful girls on campus, Cecile is a senior English major from Waxahachie and a member and past Vice-President of Pi Beta Phi. Page 71 Pi 72 MARY ESTHER GARNER Bluebonnet Belle A sophomore government-history major from Galveston, Mary Esther has been active in her sorority, Alpha Phi, in Spooks, Orange Jackets and Newman Club. She also served as a Freshman Council Ad- visor and on the Texas Today and Tomorrow Committee. Page 73 Pn 8 c 71 SALLY ANNE LEHR Bluebonnet Belle An Outstanding Student from Austin, Sally is a senior Plan 11 major who has been active as a mem- ber of Mortar Board, Spooks and Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet. She is a Chi Omega, has served as Vice-President of her sorority and as a past President of Orange Jackets. Page 75 I SUE ALYCE STILES Bluebonnet Belle Sue is from Killeen, a junior English-History major and a Delta Delta Delta. She has been an active member in YWCA Cabinet, Orange Jackets, Madrigal Singers and the Educational Council. i MARY LOVEY WOOD Bluebonnet Belle Mary Lovey, a senior Alpha Delta Pi, has served as chairman of the Texas Union Speakers Com- mittee as well as the Texas Union Council. A speech therapy major from Mission, she is also a mem- ber of Orange Jackets. Page 79 BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Tyra Ann Cox Mary Jo DeUc Judye Ann Galeener I ' .i,;.- Illl Marion Diann Holbrook BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Linda Sue Alder Sharon Lee Ashton Barbara Elaine Austin Kathryn Ann Bailey Nelda Kay Becknell Janis Ann Berly Deborah Anne Blandy Patricia Annette Bogart Barbara Gay Boggess Genie Brackenridge ' Alexis Joan Brown ' Betty Jo Ann Brundrett ' Betty Lou Butler Frances Faltin Chamberlain Carol Ann Chiles Carolyn Lee Coe Jane Gould Cornick Marylea Cowan Jane Elizabeth Darphin ' Lynn Denman Carol Diane Douglass ' Jane Maurine Duckett Sharon Ann Duecker Carol Jane Eads Karen Irene Linnie Carol Evans Pearl Feingold ' Mary Lee Freeman Helena Rebecca Frenkil Mary Ann Gleason Elizabeth Rose Greenfield ' Barbara Ann Gresham ' Sandra Hays ' Pamela Jane Heath ' Katherine Ann Hiatt ' Mary Louise Hollingsworth Carol Linda Holzapfel Barbara Katherine Hurt Trudy Hutchings Joan Phyllis Hyman Carol Glee Ingram ' Linda Lou Kellogg Ida Marie Klein Michele Kranz Charlotte Kroll Emily Ann Lamon Martha June Lanier ' Tracy Lynn Lewis Wilda Rae Lowden Lyons Evelyn Phillis Johnson Semi-Finalists Page 81 Martha Elizabeth Sealy BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Kay Carlton Solomon Suzanne Sorenson Florence Ann Vaughan BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Janie Maxfield Peggy Lou McCafferty Sue Ellen McClellan Mary Evelyn Merritt Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Philena Jane Morton Dennise Newberry Leslie Ann Oakley Elizabeth Anne Oaks Donna Faye Oberpriller Sandra Paulette Panzarella Linda Kaye Percival Virginia Ann Pippen Susan Key Pound Marcia Jean Rajnus Carol Marie Reeb Irene Louise Reeb Linda Lou Reneau Janet Louise Rink Linda Lankford Robinson Margaret Ann Savage Linda Schwartz Mary Katherine Sealy Jo Ann Serrano Ynette Sharole Siegelman Semi -Finalists Judith Ann Sims Nancy Jane Smith Mary Patricia Spence Frances Spivy Patricia Anne Stephens Sarah Lee Sturgis Patricia Jeanne Swahn Phyllis Sue S waim Patricia Sue Thigpin Karen Ann Thompson Velna Rae Thurman Carol Ann Volz Martye Voss Elizabeth Allison Walsh Leah Ann Weaver Kay Clyde Webb Ilene Marcia Weinberger Donna Gail Weintraub Ruth Susan Wernick Ann Louise Whiting Daisy Clark Whitridge Theo Nancy Wilkes Enoyse Verna Wimberley Sandra Lea Wright Mary Ann Wycoff Sandra Leigh Young Judy Kathleen Wax Page 83 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OUTSTANDING STUDENTS The Outstanding Students were chosen by a committee composed of the Dean of Student Life, Dean of Women, Assistant Dean of Stu- dent Life in charge of Campus Organizations, President of the Students ' Association, Daily Texan Editor, Cactus Editor, and Cactus Associate Editor. In choosing these twenty students the committee considered all aspects of the students ' campus life. Scholarship and academic achieve- ment were important considerations. Other important factors considered were service to the campus and contributions to the University, as well as leadership shown in various campus organizations and activities. Students are ineligible to receive the Outstanding Stu- dent Award more than once. The following students have received the award and are still attending the University: Judith Schleyer Blanton, Ann Connor Brown, George Par- due Bunch, Ronald Dennie Cohen, John R. Cope, Michal Barry Gotten, John Pat Culpepper, Jessica Royece Darling, Carolyn Draeger, William Cook Fielder, Helena Rebecca Frenkil, Judye Ann Galeener, Julius Glickman, Leon Norrod Graham, Carol Glee Ingram, Jan Jopling, Samuel E. Kinch, Jr., Sally Ann Lehr, Gregory Owen Lipscomb, Philena Jane Morton, Glenn Burke Musgrove, Donald Richard Smith, Arthur Louis Schechter, John C. Treadwell, Marion San- ford, Jr 1 ., Leah Ann Weaver, John Franklin Weeks. CLARENCE VAUGHN BRAY Port Arthur, Senior, Government Alpha Tau Omega, President, Initiations Officer; Friars; Texas Cowboys Foreman, Executive Council; Varsity Football; T Associa- tion; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; All-University Committee; Palmer Bradley Service and Scholarship Award. 00 says, ROUND- 1 CYNTHIA LOUISE BRANTLEY Port Arthur, Junior, History Delta Delta Delta Activities Vice-President, Publicity Chairman; Orange Jackets Activities Chairman; Cap and Gown Council; A S Assemblyman; YWCA Cabinet, Co-Chairman of Austin State Hospital Community Service Committee; Faculty Student Cabi- net; Committee on General Student Organizations; Delegate to Stu- dent Conference on National Affairs. P.go 84 CAROLYN SUE COKER Austin, Senior, Journalism Kappa Tau Alpha; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi Program Vice-President ; Orange Jackets; Alpha Lambda Delta; Daily Texan Feature Editor, Issue News Editor, Staff Writer; YWCA Board of Directors, Cabinet, Publicity Chairman; A S Honor Roll; Theta Sigma Phi Outstanding Beginning Girl Journalist, Outstanding Senior Girl Journalist; Cabot Educational Grant; Gail Borden Scholarship. JIM R. FLETCHER Garland, Senior, Psychology Friars; Silver Spurs Projects Chairman; Texas Union Presi- dent, Administrative Vice-President, Executive Council, Chair- man of Co-Ordinating Board, Chairman of Leadership Seminar; Chairman of Campus Leadership Laboratory; Faculty-Student Cabinet; Texas Today and Tomorrow; Orientation Procedures Committee; Freshman Council Co-Ordinating Board Chairman, Outstanding Advisor; Student Government Committees; Union Committees. TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN Del Rio, Senior, Plan 11 History Delta Kappa Epsilon Rush Captain, Interfraternity Council Representative; Inter- fraternity Council President; Texas Cowboys Strawboss; Friars Scrivener; Commit- tee on Student Organizations Maintaining Houses; Rally Advisory; Central Round- Up Committee; Texas Student Publications Special Ranger Committee; OU Dance Committee; Mike Flynn Award; Goodfellow. JOHN SINCLAIR HARTMAN Silsbee, Senior, Chemical Engineering Kappa Alpha Historian and Alumni Relations; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi, Outstand- ing Senior; Friars; Silver Spurs; Omega Chi Epsilon; Student Engineering Council President, Vice-President ; Engineering Assemblyman; Texas Union Board of Di- rectors; American Institute of Chemical Engineers Advisory Senior Cabinet; Operation Brainpower; Freshman Coun- cil Advisor; Texas Society of Professional Engineers; Chemical Engineering Student Advisory Board. Page 85 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OUTSTANDING STUDENTS CHARLES LEE JORDAN Bishop, Senior, Physics Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Men ' s Glee Club President; Longhorn Singers; Varsity Track Letter- man; T Association; A S Honor Roll; National Merit Scholar. HARIADENE JOHNSON Waco, Senior, Plan 11 Government Honors Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Delta Phi Alpha; Orange Jackets; Model United Nations Secretary- General, Assistant Secretary-General Executive Secretariat; Dele- gate to Mid-Atlantic MUN and Oklahoma MUN, Regional Sec- retary for South Central Collegiate Council United Nations; YWCA Faculty Firesides; Eulenspiegelverein Secretary-Treas- urer; International Club Newsletter Co-Editor. YVONNE CHARMAYNE MARSH Dallas, Senior, Journalism Mortar Board Quarterly Correspondent; Orange Jack- ets; Theta Sigma Phi Vice-President ; Daily Texan Editor Elect, Assistant Managing Editor, News Editor, Ten Most Issue Editor; Texas Today and Tomorrow; Student Discipline Committee; Bluebonnet Belle Semi- Finalist; Theta Sigma Phi-Sigma Delta Chi Outstand- ing Female Journalist Award; David Meyer Warren Scholarship; Dallas Press Club Scholarship; Fort Worth Star-Telegram Internship; Goodfellow. THOMAS LEE HUTCHESON Athens, Senior, Economics TLOK Co-Operative Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman; Friars; Pi Sigma Alpha; Inter Co-Operative Council President, Treasurer, Par- liamentarian, Historian; Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet; A S Assemblyman,- Parliamentarian, Campus Affairs Committee Chairman; Blanket Tax Investigation Committee Chairman; Fresh- man Council Assembly Chairman; Round-Up Publicity Chairman; CLASP Chairman for A S; Orientation Advisor; Goodfellow. DENNIS GENE KOVAR Taylor, Senior, Physics Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Phi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Challenge Co-Ordinator; Junior Fellows; Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile; YMCA; Texas Nuclear Corporation Scholarship. LOYCE ANN KATZ Amarillo, Senior, Mathematics, Journalism Sigma Delta Tau Panhellenic Representative; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Delta Pi Treasurer; Orange Jackets; Spooks President; Students ' Association Secretary; Texas Student Publica- tions Board of Directors Secretary; Central Round-Up Committee; Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Board; Texas Union Board of Di- rectors; Outstanding Freshman Council Advisor; Sweetheart Nomi- nee; Goodfellow; Silver Spur Award. MARY KATHRYN KULCHAK Alice, Junior, American Studies Halstead Co-Ordinator; Scho- larship Chairman, House Council, and Inter Co-Opera- tive Council Representative; Mortar Board; Orange Jack- ets; Inter Co-Operative Coun- cil Vice-President, Secretary ; Co-Ordinators ' Council Chair- man; Model United Nations; Newman Club; Student Or- ganizations Maintaining Houses Committee; Sweet- heart and Bluebonnet Belle Nominee; Most Outstanding Co-Op Woman. Page 87 EDGAR ALLEN MILLER Dallas, Junior, Engineering Science Delta Upsilon Vice-President, Interfraternity Council Repre- sentative; Phi Eta Sigma President, Junior Advisor; Tau Beta Pi; Silver Spurs; Varsity Carnival Co-Chairman; Interfratern- ity Council Vice-President, Judiciary Chairman, Code of Con- duct Committee; Engineering Fellow; Engineering Assembly- man; Student Engineering Council; Engineering-Science So- ciety; Operation Brainpower; Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronic Engineers; Outstanding Freshman Engineer; Good- fellow. COMER 0. PATTERSON Lawn, Senior, Plan 11 Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega President, Treasurer, Cam- pus Projects Director; Texas Union Council Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Council and Advisory Board; Texas Union Leader- ship Award; Union Committees; Election Commission Chair- man; Honor Roll; Freshman Orientation Advisor. SABRA ANN MOORE Dallas, Senior, Plan 11 English Mortar Board Vice-President; Orange Jackets; YWCA Cabinet Vice-President; Cap and Gown President; Senior Cabinet Secretary; Faculty- Student Cabinet; Student Discipline Committee; Texas Union Advisory Board; Scottish Rite Dormitory Advisory Vice-President; Marjorie Darilek Award. Page 88 ENTS AT PRESENT JOHN MACK ORR Dallas, Junior, Aero-Space Engineering Delta Upsilon President, Campus Relations Chairman, Chapter Re- lations Chairman; Friars; Phi Eta Sigma Executive Council; Silver Spurs; Students ' Association Vice-President; Engineering Assembly- man; Student Engineering Council Vice-Chairman; Texas Inter- collegiate Student Association President; Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile; Freshman Council Vice-President; Goodfellow. : : Rile Jtajme THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BEA ANN SMITH Midland, Junior, Plan 11 Pi Beta Phi Activities Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; YWCA President, Vice-President, Cabinet, Religion Ques- tions Group Chairman, Literature Workshop Chairman; A S Assem- blyman; State, Nation, International Affairs Committee Chairman; Union Advisory Board; International Club; Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile ; Goodfellow. MICHAEL DAVID SANDGARTEN Austin, Senior, Music Education Tejas Club; Phi Delta Kappa; Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer; Kappa Kappa Psi Social Chairman; Longhorn Band Pres- ident; Fourth Counselor; Silver Spurs Round-Up Committee; Symphonic Band; University Symphony Orchestra; Fine Arts Assemblyman; Student Gov- ernment Committees; Traffic and Safe- ty Panel; Newman Club; Sweetheart Selection Committee; Honor Roll. SHARON SUE ROUNTREE San Angelo, Junior, Radio-Television, History Chi Omega President, Panhellenic Representative; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Alpha Epsilon Rho National Vice-President; Orange Jackets Contact Chairman; Texas Today and Tomorrow Chairman; Panhellenic Liaison Counselling Chair- man; Operation Brainpower; Freshman Council Co-Ordinating Board; Cap and Gown Council; A S Assemblyman; Texas Union Board of Directors; Student Association President ' s Ad- visory Committee; Texas State Intercollegiate Student Associa- tion Delegate; Goodfellow. if |0! Good " ' Page 89 GOODFELLOWS The idea of a " Goodfellow " is used most accurately to describe the selection of these forty-four Goodfellows. Personality and an active interest in campus organizations and activities are considered. The selection was based also on unselfish and continual service to the Uni- versity. Selection was made by the Cactus Editor and Associate Editor on the recommendations of the Outstanding Student Committee. ELEANOR BANKSTON BEYEA Panhellenic Parliamentarian; Texas Union Co-ordinating Board LLOYD EDWARD ALLEN, JR. Campus Survey Committee Co-Chairman; Student Government ' s Most Outstanding Committee Co-Chair- GEORCE PARDUE BUNCH Tejas Club Vice-President ; 1963 Cactus Editor. ALEXIS JOAN BROWN Sing Song Co-Chairman; Delta Phi Epsilon Vice- President. Page 90 BERNIE RODNEY DAVIS Daily Texan News Editor; Sigma Delta Chi President. TYRA ANN COX Spooks Vice-President; Cordette Commander GEORGE DAVID CARLOCK Representative Party Steering Committee; A S As- semblyman. WILLIAM CHARLES COBB Phi Kappa Psi Interfraternity Council Representative; Ar- nold Air Society. JANE GOULD CORNICK Panhellenic Council Secretary; Chairman of Kinsolving Southwest Advisors. CHARLES CLAY DOYLE Tejas Club Secretary; Longhorn Band Council Secretary. Page 91 GOODFELLOWS BARBARA ANN GRESHAM Delta Gamma Pledge Trainer; Challenge Facilities Com- mittee Chairman. MARY ESTHER GARNER Outstanding Freshman Council Advisor; Orientation Pro- cedures Committee. CLIF W. DRUMMOND Alpha Phi Omega Vice-Preident ; Round-Up Co-Chairman. BARBARA CAROLYN ELLIS Orange Jackets; Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile. JAMES EDGAR GOODNIGHT Arts Science Assemblyman, Faculty-Student Cabinet. MARY TEDFORD GRIFFITH Spooks Vice-President; Orientation Procedures Com- mittee. P 92 GEORGE TUCKER LANGDON, JR. Sphinx Vice-President; Architecture Assemblyman. JOAN PHYLLIS HYMAN Outstanding Spook; Orientation Procedures Commit- tee Vice-Chairman. BRUCE ARTHUR KOWERT Kappa Kappa Psi President; Longhorn Band Executive Board and Band Council. ALICE ANN MARSHALL Challenge Registration Co-Chairman; YWCA Cabinet. RICHARD ELLSWORTH HUFFMAN Tau Beta Pi Social Chairman; Engineering Ball Committee Co-Chairman. CHARLES STEVENSON LEEPER Delta Tau Delta President; Interfraternity Council Special Fund Committee Co-Chairman. Page 93 GOODFELLOWS GEORGE JACK NACHMAN Business Assemblyman; College of Business Administration Council Memher-at-Large. JOHN MALCOLM McRAE Royal Co-Operative President ; Inter Co-Operative Council Treasurer. DAVID KNIGHT NORTHINGTON, III Varsity Head Cheerleader; Silver Spurs. NELL KATHLEEN MARTIN Challenge f!o-0rdinator; YWCA Regional Conference Chairman. JAMES LUTHER MIMS, III Alpha Phi Omega Administrative Vice-President ; Round-Up Revue Script Committee and Cast. ANITHA T. MITCHELL Orange Jackets Contact Co-Chairman; Challenge Pub- licity Co-Chairman. 91 KAREN LYNN POWELL Orange Jackets Vice-President ; Spooks Treasurer. MARTHA JEANNE PURCELL Spooks President; Chi Omega Political Chairman. FRANCES PRESTON A S Assemblyman; Texas Union Co-Ordinating Board. PATRICK CUNNINGHAM OXFORD Texas Cowboys Secretary; Phi Delta Theta President. LYNDA PAINTER Texas Union Executive Council Member-at-Large ; Student Government Activities Handbook Chairman. ROBERT FLEMING SEE, JR. Operation Brainpower Co-Chairman ; Kappa Alpha Presi- dent. Page 95 JO ANN SERRANO Newman Club Vice-President; Southern Singers President. WAYNE MAXWELL SHULL Cactus Feature Editor; American Institute of Architects President. FRANCES SPIVY Visiting Fellpw Committee; Spooks. GOODFELLOWS SUZANNE SORENSON Angel Flight Executive Commander; Student Education Association Secretary. DOUGLAS MacARTHUR SIMMONS College of Business Administration Outstanding Senior Award; Lambda Chi Alpha Vice-President. SUE ALYCE STILES YWCA Cabinet; Education Council. Pf 96 MARY LOVEY WOOD Cactus Honorary Section Co-Editor; Texas Union Speakers Committee Chairman. TIMOTHY DON VON DOHLEN Pharmacy Assemblyman; Lambda Chi Alpha President. m i CAROLYN KAY WALLS Blanton Advisory Chairman; Round-Up Talent Com- mittee Co-Chairman. RUTH MAXINE VILLARREAL Drama Department Productions, Including Cherry Orchard Cast (Charlotta Ivonava); Alpha Omicron Pi Best Senior Award. Students are ineligible to receive the Goodfellow Award more than once. These students have received the award and are still attending the University: Genie Brackenridge, Michael Shane Brenan, Tommy Drew Cauthorn, Nathan Fred Cliett, Ronald Dennie Cohen, James Hudson Dudley, Arthur Alexander Dug- gan, Dan Adolph Fleckman, Helena Rebecca Frenkil, David Gray Hall, Sandra Hays, Oliver S. Heard, Jr., Marion Diann Holbrook, Helen Elizabeth Houston, Thomas Lee Hutcheson, Karen Lee Hyman, Kenneth Ray Jacob, Lenior Moody Josey, II, Annette Sharon Kasman, Loyce Ann Katz, David Isadore Kuper- man, Jay Mayne Lewallen, Yvonne Charmayne Marsh, Oliver Barr McClellan, Sue Ellen McClellan, Eddie Rebecca Maxey, William Allen Melton, Ferdinand Charles Meyer, Edgar Allen Miller, Kay Lynn Morrow, Philena Jane Morton, Donna Faye Oberpriller, John Mack Orr, Sandra Lee Parker, Edward Brad- ford Pickett, David Clyde Pomeroy, Michelle Alice Puzin, Ramon Robert Rackley, Sharon Sue Rountree, Maida Singer, Bea Ann Smith, Kay Carlton Solomon, John Franklin Weeks, Alfred Earl White, Jr. Page 97 DADS ' DAY AWARDS Each year the Dads ' Association of The University of Texas presents an award to the Most Outstanding Girl and the Most Outstanding Boy of the University. Selection is based on leadership, scholarship, and service to the University. This year the awards went to John R. Cope of San Angelo and Philena Jane Morton of Austin. John Cope and Jane Morton. Page 98 MEMORIAL AWARDS !irf and The award for the Most Outstanding Independent Woman Student, the Marjorie Darelik Memorial Award, was presented to Sabra Ann Moore of Dallas. This award is given for outstanding scholarship, service, and extracurricular activities. The award for the Most Outstanding Senior Woman Student, was presented to Loyce Ann Katz of Amarillo. Silver Spurs sponsor this, award given for leadership, academic achievement, and service to the University. The Mike Flynn Citizenship Award is presented each year to the male student who most nearly " fills Mike Flynn ' s shoes. " Selection is based on service and extracurricular activities. This year the award was presented to Tommy Drew Cauthorn of Del Rio. The Mike Flynn Award is sponsored by Interfraternity Council, Inter Co-Operative Council and the Inter Club Council. Each of these awards was presented at the first annual Leadership Awards Convocation held on Friday, April 3, 1964, Round- Up weekend. Le t to Right: Sabra Moore, Loyce Katz and Drew Cauthorn. Page 99 THE TEN MOST BEAUTIFUL Front Row: Lynn Denman, Carolyn Grove, Louise Peal, Martha Sealy. Back Row: Olive Anne Musgrave, Suzanne Crowley, Mary Lee Freeman, Andrea Thornlon, Gloria McCuIlen, Betty Brun- drett. Page 100 Features by Wayne Shull Chronology by Marilyn Daugherty and Nancy Scott FEATURES AND CHRONOLOGY Page 101 I FALL THE EXPRESSIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY IN THE FALL . . . are anticipation for new stu- dents, new resolutions for returning students, anxiety and excitement for rushees, while confu- sion at registration in Gregory Gym faces all ... curiosity through diversification in speakers and cultural events, enthusiasm and victory in foot- ball, change as the Board of Regents integrates athletics, and sorrow as the University shares the nation ' s loss of its Presi- dent . . . Such are the ever - changing expres- sions of the University in the Fall. Page 103 FALL BEGINS IN A BIG RUSH GREEK POTENTIALS SIGN UP FOR RUSH. TO BE A GREEK . . . Involves going through that fantastic maze of parties, names, dates, and fun called Rush Week. Eager-to-please rushees and even more eager-to-snow actives try to evaluate each other in this one short week. " Who-do-you-know? " is played by Rita Rushee while worrying if she is wearing just the right thing, and trying to smile and look her freshest despite the heat, aching feet, and too much punch. A would-be fraternity man attempts to be his suavest while drinking that um-teenth can of beer ... be he an all-around athlete, a good student, or a great guy. For many the maze ends at last with the possession of that treasured prize, the pledge pin. PHI DELTS WARM UP FOR RUSH PARTY t | 104 TRI DELT LION ROARS A WELCOME TO RUSHEES. IF YOU ' RE FROM THE LAND OF OZ . .DO YOU KNOW? GREEKS SHOOT THE BULL. THE WEEK MOVES SLOWLY RUSHEES ANXIOUSLY AWAIT NEXT PARTY. ALL THIS JUST TO BE A GREEK? COUPLES TRY THEIR SKILL AT PARTY MY GOSH, WHICH GROUP? m " I MADE IT!! " 9ft " m. TOWARD A GRAND FINISH Page 107 CHEERLEADER HOPEFULS PRACTICE. BOOK BUYERS MOB CO-OP NOW WHERE DID I PUT THAT? LONGER HOURS STILL LEAVE THOSE LAST MOMENTS. SEPTEMBER RESOLUTIONS MONDAY, 16th Registration begins with 5,619 perfect schedules on the first day. Univer- sity co-eds receive new closing hours of 11:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. TUESDAY, 17th Freshmen take a battery of tests. The University adds new members to teaching staff in almost all departments. University Y holds interviews for students in- terested in the organization. WEDNESDAY, 18th Orientation program continues with style show, " Tips for Freshmen, " presented by the Texas Union Charm Committee. THURSDAY, 19th An Exhibit of pictures made by classes in photojournalism continues in the Journalism Building. Freshman Council interviews begin. Forty Acres talent show is held for new students. FRIDAY, 20th Longhorns open football season with a 21-0 win over Tulane in New Orleans. Registration ends with record enrollment of 21,952 students. Thomas Hardy exhibit is shown in the Miriam L. J. Stark Library. Texas Union has an open house for new students. SUNDAY, 22nd The Longhorn Band gives a Freshman Convocation Concert in Hogg Audi- torium. MONDAY, 23rd FALL CLASSES BEGIN. The Undergraduate Library and Academic Cen- ter, better known as " Harry ' s Place, " opens to students. 1 STUMP SPEAKERS HASH IT OUT ON WEST MALL. WEDNESDAY NIGHT FOLK SINGERS SING, " Y ' ALL COME. " Pgc 110 PAUSE THAT REFRESHES! YD ' S PROTEST TELEPHONE DEPOSITS. UT EX RELATES SPACE TRIP. FACES COMING AND GOING SEPTEMBER CONTINUED- TUESDAY, 24th Dr. Lucy T. Shoe, recorder of the Archaeological Institute of America, speaks on, " Architectural . Moldings as an Archeological Tool. " The pro- gram is sponsored by the Central Texas Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. Interviews for Texas Union committees begin. WEDNESDAY, 25th Marvin Collins, executive director of the Republican Party of Texas, speaks to Young Republicans on " The Importance of Republican Organiza- tion in Texas. " THURSDAY, 26th The Selected Film Classics series opens with Alfred Hitch- cock ' s " The 39 Steps. " " Y Day " held at the University YMCA-YWCA. Longhorn Cheerleaders are selected in Gregory Gym. Dr. Lewis Hatch, professor of chemis- try, speaks to the International Club about his travels in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. FRIDAY, 27th Southwestern Bell Telephone Company ' s flexible deposit rate is pro- tested in Austin City Council by students led by David Perry, University Young Democrats ' president. " Dr. Karl Flokers. Stanford Research Institute pr esident, speaks on the topic, " Research Progress of Coenzyme Q, " at a Department of Chemistry seminar. SATURDAY, 28th Red Raiders of Texas Tech are trampled 49-7 by Steers in foot- ball. SUNDAY, 29th John K. Adams, concert pianist and faculty member of the Depart- ment of Music, makes the first of four appearances as solo recitalist. MONDAY, 30th Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, husband and wife acting team, visit the University campus for a drama colloquy sponsored by the Department of Drama. Page 1H OCTOBER AND THE GOING GETS GOOD TUESDAY, 1st Lady Rosalie Mander. who writes literary biographies under the name R. Glynn Grylls,. lectures on, " Rossetti: Poet. Painter, and Personality. " Dr. Joe B. Frantz speaks on " The History of Austin. " at chataugua program for Andrews Dormitory resi- dents. WEDNESDAY, 2nd Carolyn Coker and Richard Cole are awarded the School of Journalism ' s Award and the Cabot Educational Grant in Honors Day ceremonies. THURSDAY, 3rd Sororities pledge forty-three new members in open rush. Young Democrats meet Young Republicans in the University Y sponsored Campus Bowl. C. C. (Jitter) Nolen. assistant director of the University Development Board, discusses APO in the Texas Union. The first student recital of the season is presented by the Department of Music with Matt Hughes appearing in a piano recital. FRIDAY, 4th William S. Burford, assistant professor of English and author of " A World, " a book of poetry, reads his poems and those of four other authors today. SATURDAY, 5th Texas Longhorns stampede the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a 34-7 win. High school band members 6,000 from 88 different bands attend the 28th annual Band Day sponsored by the University. SUNDAY, 6th Tom Sealy, a Midland attorney and chairman of the Board of Regents for four years during the last decade, is elected chairman of the University Development Board for 1963-1964. MONDAY, 7th University students discuss adjustment problems of Latin- American exchange students at the first fall meeting of the Inter-American College Forum. Dr. Reece McGee reviews David Reisman ' s book, " The Lonely Crowd, " in the Texas Union. TUESDAY. 8th Dr. Bernice Maore, assistant to the director for Community Programs at the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, speaks to freshman women on " Women, 1963. " CO-ED UNDERGOES INSPECTION. BICYCLES NOT PERMITTED WALKS FIVE BUCKS TO BORROW THAT!? YR ' S AND YD ' S MATCH INTELLECTS IN CAMPUS BOWL. SOLD OUT, CEC events, the New Christy Minstrels and Ballet Folklorico, reflect students ' acceptance. OCTOBER CONTINUED WEDNESDAY, 9th The New Christy Minstrels open the current season of the Cultural Entertainment Committee series with a sell-out crowd. THURSDAY, 10th Dr. Edwin Alcantara, visiting professor of economics from Guatemala, speaks to the International Club on " The Integration of the Central American States. " Dr. Alma Freeland, Associate Professor of Curric- ulum and Instruction, discusses her three recently published books for children at the first meeting of the Association for Childhood Education. FRIDAY, llth The " Origin of Petroleum " is the theme of a two-day Symposi- um on Organic Geochemistry sponsored by the Department of Chemistry, to honor Dr. H. L. Lochte, a member of the faculty for forty-one years. An exhibit of Southwestern Advertising Art is shown in the Art Museum. SATURDAY, 12th The TEXAS-OU WEEKEND is its traditional weekend- long-and-loud party. Texas Longhorns massacre Oklahoma ' s Big Red 28-7 to take the number one position in national football. MONDAY, 14th David Riesman, author, sociologist-philosopher, speaks to a standing-room-only crowd in the Texas Union Ballroom. TUESDAY, 15th Deendayal Upadhyaya, general secretary of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh (People ' s Party of India) speaks on " Current Development in Indian Politics. " The talk by Upadhyaya is sponsored by the Asian Concentration Subcommittee of the International Studies Program. WEDNESDAY, 16th Col. John P. Stapp, chief scientist in the aerospace medi- cal division at Bi " boks Air Force Base in San Antonio, speaks to the University student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. THURSDAY, 17th Alpha Delta Pi is defeated by Delta Upsilon while Delta Tan Delta is edged by the Young Republicans in the College Bowl. FRIDAY, 18th Exhibit of Dutch Contemporary art and of paintings by the late B. J. O. Nordfeld continues in the Art Museum. Page 113 ou . . . WHAT A PARTY WHAT A GAME OU . . . THAT MASS EXODUS TO DALLAS has just three important ingred- ients, UT-OU students, party, and football. In perfect form thousands of UT students partied with gusto until the sun came up on a beautiful football day, a day for Texas to stomp OU in a game that put the Long- horns in the No. 1 place. Saturday night UT students relished victory with, parties that led to accusations of destruction and misconduct but the guilty proved not to be University students. So, tired, victorious students returned to the 40 Acres to save- up for next year ' s OU Weekend. 111 " THIS IS ARTS AND SCIENCES ENGINEERS VOTE OVER THERE " ELECTIONS DRAMA SPEAKERS DRAW STUDENTS OCTOBER CONTINUED SATURDAY, 19th The University of Texas Varsity Debate Squad hosts the University of Houston in a group of debates on the topic, " Resolved: That the Federal Government Should Guarantee an Oppor- tunity for Higher Education to All Qualified High School Graduates. " MONDAY, 21st The Faculty Council omits Dead Week, substituting one day in the fall and two in the spring to be set aside as interims for continuous study between classes and final exams. United Na- tions Week begins with talk by Dr. Blair on the importance of the United Nations. TUESDAY, 22nd William S. White, political correspondent and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the book concerning the life of the late Sen. Robert A. Taft, Republican from Ohio, speaks today under the sponsorship of the Union Speakers Committee. WEDNESDAY, 23rd To open its 1963-1964 season, the Department of Drama presents Tennessee Wil- liams ' " Summer and Smoke. " THURSDAY, 24th Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, the controversial first lady of South Viet Nam, addresses a capacity crowd in Gregory Gym. FRIDAY, 25th Eleventh annual Taxation Conference is held at the University School of Law with the theme of the conference being " Current Taxation Problems. " SATURDAY, 26th Texas takes narrow win over Arkansas, 17-13, to hold its Number One position. MONDAY, 28th Dr. Alfred N. Martin of Purdue University is the first speaker in the seventh an- nual Pharmaceutical Sciences Lecture Series of the University College of Pharmacy. TUESDAY, 29th A series of concerts by the University Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alexander von Kreisler, continues. WEDNESDAY, 30th Fifteen new Assemblymen are elected to office in the second heaviest fall voter turn- out in University history. Dr. Irwin Leib, Professor of Philosophy, speaks at the International Hour on the topic, " The Uses of Force. " THURSDAY, 31st Dr. Amos Eddy, Assistant Professor of Meteorology, speaks on " Computers in Me- teorology " before a meeting of the Central Texas Chapter of American Meteorological Society. UNION SPEAKERS COMMITTEE PRESENTS MADAME NGO DINH NHU OF SOUTH VIET NAM WILLIAM S. WHITE DISCUSSES AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY. DRAMA BRINGS " SUMMER AND SMOKE. OCTOBER 31ST MOONLIGHT PROVIDES LIGHT FOR TEXAS STEALS THE CROWN JEWELS RAIN FAILS TO DAMPEN THE SPIRITS OF BLANKET TAXES ADMIT STUDENTS TO THE PAGEANTRY Pace 118 LONGHORNS GLIDE THROUGH THE SEASON AS " NO. 1. THE " NO. 1 " TEXAS LONGHORNS. ffittRY I AND RIVALRY OF TEXAS FOOTBALL SEASON. - ' ' Page 119 HOOK ' UM, HORNS. BEATEN PATH YIELDS TO SIDEWALK. NOVEMBER COMES JULIUS GLICKMAN, STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT, DISCUSSES POLITICS WITH STUDENTS ON THE STEPS OF THE NEW UNDERGRADUATE LIBRARY. ..: Ji Page 120 OH TOO SOON MEREDITH WILLSON, " THE MUSIC MAN. " FRIDAY, 1st Cowboys add eleven new members while Silver Spurs add fifteen. Bored Martyrs tap thirteen members. Dr. Paul C. Rosenbloom and W. T. Guy speak on pre-college curricula at a general session of Conference for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching. SATURDAY, 2nd Texas makes meat of SMU in a 17-12 win. Twenty-two drama students receive individual and organiza- tional scholarships for the fall semester from the University Drama Department. MONDAY, 4th Dr. R. Week, research director for the British Welding Research Association Laboratories in Cambridge, England, speaks on the topic, " The Fatigue Problem in Welded Structures. " TUESDAY, 5th The Amerigan Society of Civil Engineers and the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and American Associa- tion of Architectural Engineers hold a joint meeting with Professor P. M. Ferguson speaking on " Professional Aspects of En- gineering. " WEDNESDAY, 6th Dr. A. G. Frederickson speaks on " Heredity Theory of Transport Phenomena in Continuous Deforming Media. " THURSDAY, 7th Henry Mancini plays to a capacity crowd at Municipal Auditorium, pleasing UT students with his well-known music. FRIDAY, 8th Weekend-long Dads ' Day events begin. Red candles and a torchlight parade mark the " Hex Baylor " pep rally as Texas prepares to meet its rival for the SWC title. SATURDAY, 9th Texas stomps Baylor Bears in 7-0 victory. Dad ' s Association presents the Outstanding Students awards to John Cope and Jane Morton. Jacque Prodoehl is named Miss Campus Chest as climax of Campus Chest drive. SUNDAY, 10th Dr. William S. Burford, assistant professor of English, discusses the life and works of T. S. Eliot. MONDAY, llth University Regents vote unanimously to integrate athletics, the first Southwest Conference school to take this action. Regents extend participation in student activities to all students, removing previous racial barriers. TUESDAY, 12th Meredith Willson, composer of " The Music Man, " appears in the Union as the fourth in the Union Speakers series. Dr W Page Keeton, Dean of the School of Law, is the guest speaker for the Pre-Law Association. Charles R. Colbert, former dean of the Columbia University School of Architecture, tells participants in the conference on " The Press and Growth of Cities " that contemporary architecture sacrifices quality and beauty for cheap and false gadgets. ACTIVES OF ANGEL FLIGHT AND ORANGE JACKETS TAP THEIR NEW FALL PLEDGES. Page 121 I G M C H I D E R B Y D A Y 122 ABOVE: SR DANNY SHOBE AND AAH JACQUE PRODOEHL, UGLY MAN AND MISS CAMPUS CHEST. BELOW: MANCINI ' S " BABY ELEPHANT WALK. CAMPUS CHEST NOVEMBER CONTINUED WEDNESDAY, 13th Carlton Wilson, political reporter and analyst for United Press International, discusses " Implications of Recent Elections for Future Political Developments, " at a Current Events Forum. Young photographers ' exhibit is held in the Union. THURSDAY, 14th Orange Jackets, an honorary service organization com- posed of the most representative sophomore and junior women of the University campus, taps twenty-two new members. FRIDAY, 15th Jess Marvin Unruh, " Big Daddy of California, " speaks on " Politics as a Profession, " under the sponsorship of the Union Speakers Committee. SATURDAY. 16th The Longhorns end a two-year wait for revenge by defeating the TCU Frogs, 17-0. SUNDAY, 17th The University Symphony Orchestra presents a concert in the Union ballroom. Delta Sigma Theta sororit y sponsors a style show in the Junior Ballroom. PETER, PAUL, AND MARY CAPTIVATE. IT TOOK THE TEXAS RANGERS TO GET BEVO BACK FROM THE AGGIES. THANKSGIVING . . . AND FALL IS GONE NOVEMBER CONTINUED MONDAY, 18th Integrated athletics at Texas becomes a reality with the Ath- letic Council ' s adoption of the Board of Regents ' decision to remove racial restriction for student activities. Texas ' cross-countrymen turn the Tower orange and notch the second Southwest Conference championship for UT in three days with a meet victory in Fayetteville. TUESDAY, 19th William Campbell, director of Hancock Center, speaks to members and guests of Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity. WEDNESDAY, 20th Historian Constance Green, who received the 1962 Pu- litzer Prize in history, visits the University to tape a lecture in the Dr. Walter Prescott Webb series. A discussion of the novel, " Lord of the Flies " , is led by Dr. Irwin Lieb at the University Y. THURSDAY, 21st President and Mrs. Kennedy begin their tour of Texas. Life magazine photographer records scenes of stump-speaking on the campus. FRIDAY, 22nd THE NATION IS SHOCKED BY THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY IN DALLAS. The University ceases virtually all activity as students join the rest of the nation in mourning. SATURDAY, 23rd SUNDAY, 24th The hushed, respectful University pays a mute tribute to a fallen leader, President John F. Kennedy. MONDAY, 25th Classes are dismissed as President Kennedy is buried in Ar- lington National Cemetery. TUESDAY, 26th " Poetry and Non-Verbal Communication " is discussed by Dr. Leonard Wolf of San Francisco State College; the first in a series of lectures sponsored by the Department of English on " The Poet. " WEDNESDAY, 27th Dr. Taito O. Seine, Professor of Pharmacy at the Univer- sity of Minnesota, speaks to pharmacy faculty members and graduate students in the last of a series of technical lectures. THURSDAY, 28th Thanksgiving Day! Texas Longhorns complete an unbeaten- untied football season by downing the Aggies in College Station in the annual football clash. FRIDAY, 29th SATURDAY, 30th Thanksgiving holidays. Page 125 Doctor Faustus set goes up. President and Mrs. Kennedy began their I tour of Texas, stopping in San Antonio I before moving on to Houston, Fort Worth, land other Texas cities. On November 22, I the trip ended in tragedy in Dallas as I President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was I assassinated. The shocked nation went into I mourning, and on November 25 the Presi- jdent was buried in Arlington National I Cemetery. THE NATION LOSES ITS PRESIDENT d pff 4. - I , i I WINTER THE EXPRESSIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY IN THE WINTER ... are excitement over Sing Song, interest and controversy over William Buckley, U. T. ' s first Visiting Fellow ... the warmth of the Christmas Spirit in the form of caroling and charity parties . . . pride over the Number One rating after the Cotton Bowl victory, anticipation of finals, relief during the mid-term break . . . the turmoil of registration . . . friend- ship with the visiting Chilean Students . . . the enlightment of Chal- lenge . . . These are the varied expressions of the University in Winter. Page 129 SING SONG ENLIVENS DECEMBER SCOTT APPLETON, DAVID McWILLIAMS AND TOMMY FORD PRE- SENT JERRY LEE, U.T. SWEETHEART, WITH A BOUQUET OF UT NO. 1 YELLOW. ROSES, THE ROSES WILL BE SOLD AND THE PROCEEDS ARE TO GO TO CAMPUS CHEST. DECEMBER SUNDAY, 1st A faculty art exhibit was on display in the art museum. A coffee was held for T. H. Braid who spoke to the Physical Colloquium. TUESDAY, 3rd Mechanical problems of oil drilling were discussed by F. A. Smith before the mechanical engineers in Taylor Hall. Olan M. Trovik, director of the University of Oslo in Norway, arrived at the University for a three-day visit. The Union Dance Committee sponsored dance lessons in the Junior Ballroom. WEDNESDAY, 4th " Turbulent Diffusion in Shear Flows " was discussed by Jack E. Cermak, professor of engineering mechanics. A round-table forum of five Latin American students discussed " The Image of President Kennedy in Latin America and the Possible Changes in Policy Because of His Death " in a program sponsored by the Inter-American College Forum. THURSDAY, 5th " Modern Turkey " was the topic of discussion and films at the meeting of the International Hour. Dr. Harry Harlow, under the sponsorship of Psi Chi, spoke about maternal behavior. Dr. Dell Felder spoke on " Education in a Changing American Culture " at the annual banquet of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary society of education. FRIDAY, 6th Pianist Van Cliburn made a one-night appearance at the Municipal Auditorium. Dr. Robert Spiller, professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke on " Modern American Literature in Perspective. " MASSES ENSEMBLE PRESENTS BRITTEN ' S " WAR REQUIEM. " - MISS SUSAN CONINE, FOURTH FROM LEFT, IS THE NEW MISS AUSTIN. 130 Hi THE DRAMA DEPARTMENT PRESENTS, THE TRAGICAL HISTORIE OF DOCTOR QUIET AND CONCENTRATION ON THE NEXT PLAY ARE THE FAUSTUS, WITH JIM BOB McQUEEN AS DR. FAUSTUS PLEADING FOR HIS SOUL KEY WORDS AS STUDENTS PLAY AND WATCH IN THE AS LUCIFER, BOB GRAHAM, AND MEPHETROPHALES, LAIR WILLIAMS, CONDEMN TEXAS UNION POOL HALL. THE AGED PHYSICIAN TO HELL. THETA XI WINS THE FIRST PLACE TROPHY FOR INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION WITH A VERSION OF " A-ROVIN ' . " CHI OMEGA WINS THE FIRST PLACE TROPHY FOR INDi VIDUAL COMPETITION WITH " PSALM 150. " DELTA DELTA DELTA AND PI KAPPA ALPHA WIN FIRST PRIZE FOR THE COM- BINED DIVISION TROPHY WHICH WAS PRESENTED FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. THEY SANG A MEDLEY FROM THE MUSICAL HIT " CAMELOT. " Page 131 t tf ' . . . .. . Y- .fSJr- ' ... If 1- - ' - 1r: . r - ' - i ! w " i " " Jg STUDENTS GET THE CHRISTMAS MIHHBMI l HMii Hl S CATERER WALTER JETTON SHOWS A CHUNK OF TEXAS BEEF TO ORVILLE FREEMAN, LBJ, AND DEAN RUSK. SPIRIT EARLY IN AUSTIN DECEMBER CONTINUED SUNDAY, 8th The traditional green cedar tree arrived in the Union to be decorated for Christmas. William F. Buckley, editor of the National Review, began his visit to the University by having lunch at the Sigma Nu fraternity house. TUESDAY, 10th Buckley conducted a discussion of conservative philosophy. Dr. Joe L. Bruns spoke on " The Interview and Summer Employment " at a meeting of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. A film on community mental health was shown at a meeting of the Social Welfare Club. WEDNESDAY, llth The Student Court declared constitutional a bill giving the Student Assembly power to appoint members and chairmen of the standing committees of the assembly. A Bluegrass Musical, sponsored by the Texas Union Music Committee, was held in the Texas Union. THURSDAY, 12th Freshman council elections were held in the Main Ballroom of the Texas Union. Christmas carols were sung by the Longhorn Singers between the Texas Union and the Aca- demic Center. " Texas No. 1 " plates were put on sale by Alpha Phi Omega service organization. FRIDAY, 13th Thirty-two new members were named to the Uni- versity chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Semi-finals of the Freshman Beauty contest were held. The Student Assembly approved the budget for the year. Dr. Daniel Rubin de la Borbolla, Mexican anthropologist, lectured to education faculty and students. Sigma Chi and Zeta Tau Alpha sponsored a Christmas party for retarded 1 ! 1 children. ABOVE: PIERRE SALINGER RIDES WITH LBJ. BELOW: MRS. JOHNSON AND LYNDA AT BARBECUE. Page 133 WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, DR. BERNARD KISSEL AND RONNIE DUGGAR IN A FRIENDLY HEATED DISCUSSION. VISITING FELLOW C DECEMBER CONTINUED SUNDAY, 15th The annual Christmas caroling service began at 6 p.m. in front of the Main Building. The Ten Most Beautiful co-eds, selected by Perry Como, were announced. Three teams competed in College Bowl, sponsored by the Hillel Foundation. TUESDAY, 17th The American Finance Associa- tion sponsored a film and discussion on the Com- modities Market. Delta Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Kappa Gamma gave a Christmas party for chil- dren from the state school. WEDNESDAY, 18th A Student Government Griev- ance Committee met to discuss University hous- ing. The Genetic Code was discussed by Dr. Severo Ochoa from the New York University of Medicine. Dr. V. S. Lensky of Moscow gave the last in a series of three public lectures on plastic- ity and wave propagation. THURSDAY, 19th Hearings began on University housing. The Young Republicans discussed " The Political Effect of President Kennedy ' s Assassi- nation " at their meeting. Carol Ann Chiles was named Portia for 1963 by the School of Law. FRIDAY, 20th Kinsolving Dormitory was picketed in protest of the University ' s segregated housing policy. Christmas services were held at the various University-area churches as students prepared to leave the campus for Christmas vacation. WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, EDITOR OF THE NATIONAL REVIEW. Page 134 ON CAMPUS MISS GLORIA McCULLEN IS CROWNED SCHEHERAZADE QUEEN BY MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION OF ARAB STUDENTS. PICKETING AT KINSOLVING DORMITORY. CAPITOL THEATRE IS CLOSED PERMANENTLY Page 135 COLONEL DAVID THOMAS AND DEAN MARGARET PECK MEET WITH THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE TO DISCUSS PROBLEMS INVOLVING APARTMENT LIVING. TEXAS HAS A STRONG HOLD ON NAVY THROUGHOUT THE COTTON BOWL GAME IN DALLAS. JANUARY AND ANOTHER COTTON BOWL VICTORY . . . Pie M, ASSOCIA JERRY LEE, SWEETHEART OF THE COTTON BOWL. JANUARY WEDNESDAY, 1st Christmas holidays. Texas beats Navy 28-6 in Cotton Bowl to prove it is undisputedly Number 1 ! SATURDAY, 4th President Johnson announces age 18 for military service examinations to be- come effec tive July 1. TUESDAY, 7th George Bush, Republican primary candidate for the Senate, addressed the Young Republican Club. Texas Longhorns have bitter upset as they lose in basketball to Arkansas 58-53. WEDNESDAY, 8th Edward Armstrong, an engi- neer at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston explains Project Gemini to the University chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Richard Boldt is named new sports editor of The Daily Texan. THURSDAY, 9th N. T. Anderson from Chem- strand Company talks to Chemical engineers on " Industries ' Demand of New Chemical Engi- neers. " SATURDAY, llth UT ' s title hopes in basketball are dented as the Longhorns lose to Texas A M 65-60. Annual Grid Banquet is held with quarter- back Duke Carlisle, tackle Scott Appleton, center David McWilliams, halfback Tommy Ford and guard George Brucks receiving top awards. SUNDAY, 12th The third annual Mid-Winter Choral Concert is held with the A Cappella Choir, the Madrigal Singers, the Southern Singers, the Longhorn Singers and the Varsity Singers, the Men ' s Glee Club, and the new Longhorn Lassies Trio appearing. MONDAY, 13th Riata, campus literary magazine, goes on sale. Anthropology-Genetic Seminar mem- bers hear Dr. John Buettner-Janusch speak on " Taxonomy and Biochemistry: The Hemoglobins of the Primates. " . . . BUT FINAL EXAMS LIE AHEAD STUDENTS FILL THE LIBRARIES AS FINALS APPROACH. THE ANNUAL FALL GRID BANQUET SPONSORED BY THE EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION. KAY HUGHES AND BARBARA SMITH LOOK OVER THEIR FINAL SCHEDULE UPON LEAVING THE GYMNASIUM. MID-TERM BREAK ALLOWS JANUARY CONTINUED TUESDAY, 14th Dr. Leonard M. Uhr speaks on " Pattern and Symbol Learning: Dynamic Computer Models. " Dr. W. Crawford Dunlap dis- cusses " Solid State Electronics. " WEDNESDAY, 15th The many long hours of study and the many cups of coffee begin for University students as final exams settle on the University. THURSDAY, 16th EXAMS start and continue through Friday, January 24th. MONDAY, 27th Spring registration gets under way with 5,550 register- ing on opening day. TUESDAY, 28th " Stability of Initial Value Problems " is the topic of a lecture by Dr. Thomas L. Seidman who is doing research in numerical analysis, functional analysis, and control theory at the Boeing Scientific Research Laboratories. WEDNESDAY, 29th The Department of Art, School of Architecture, and the Hoblitzelle Theater Library present an exhibition of " The Ideal Theater: Eight Concepts " and " Baroque and Romantic Theater De- sign. " The Longhorns wallop the Trinity Tigers 101-59, tying the Ul basketball all-time scoring mark. THURSDAY, 30th " The Eyes of Texas " enters the public domain despite the Students ' Association efforts to retain the copyright to the Uni- versity ' s school song. Fraternity rush is opened to Negroes for the first time on UT campus. FRIDAY, 31st " Masterpieces of the Graphic Arts " from the McNay Art Institute is on exhibit at Laguna Gloria art museum. Final day of spring registration closes. THE LONG LINE OF STUDENTS FACING A HOT AFTERNOON OF REG- p., 138 ISTRATION AS THE TEMPERATURE ROSE TO 74 DEGREES. RELAXATION THE DEPARTMENT OF ART, SCHOOL OF ARCHI- TECTURE AND THE HOBLITZELLE THEATRE LI- BRARY PRESENT AN EXHIBITION OF " THE IDEAL THEATRE EIGHT CONCEPTS. " A DORMITORY ROOM STUFFED WITH PAPER. COFFEE AT THE CHUCK WAGON TO PLAN THAT PERFECT CLASS SCHEDULE. m H . 139 CONCENTRATION, THE CHESS CLOCK, PENCIL AND PAPER ARE ALL NEEDED IN THE CHESS TOURNAMENT IN THE UNION. FEBRUARY WELCOMES CHILEANS TO CAMPUS FEBRUARY SATURDAY, 1st The Daily Texan is awarded second place in world news reporting and interpretation for daily news- papers at the sixth annual College Editors Conference in New York. The Office of the Registrar announces that the student body numbers 19.388 as registration week ends. UT loses to the Texas Tech Red Raiders by 94-90 in basketball. MONDAY, 3rd Yvonne Aitken of the University of Melbourne, Australia, delivers a botany lecture on " Floral Initiation in Relation to Maturity in Plants. " TUESDAY, 4th The University of Texas has title hopes smashed in 76-74 lols to SMU. WEDNESDAY, 5th The Young Democrats hear Dr. Carey Thompson, chairman of the Department of Economics, speak on the topic, " Aspects of Deficit Spending. " THURSDAY, 6th Dr. Hoover Mackin, professor of geology, speaks on " The Erosional History of the Rocky Mountains. " Dr. Milton Davis, candidate in the Republican primary for the United States Senate speaks at the Young Republican Club ' s meeting. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, MU SIC, IS ENJOYED BY ALL. FERNANDO MUNOZ TALKS WITH DUSTY WOOD, LEE BEASTON AND BETTY BRINKLEY. CHILEAN MARIO SOKO (CENTER) SERVED AMERICAN FOOD. PI HO MRS. R. IDEN PAYNE, CHOREOGRAPHER, SHOWS BERT NEELY THE PROPER WAY TO BOW DURING REHEARSAL OF " SHAKESPEARE AT THE OPERA. " COWBOY MINSTRELS SONNY JAMES, A COUNTRY SINGER, PLAYED TO A CAPACITY CROWD IN GREGORY GYM. THIS IS A BENEFIT SHOW FOR RETARDED CHILDREN. r FEBRUARY CONTINUED FRIDAY, 7th Jose Greco, famed Spanish dancer, appears at the Municipal Auditorium. SATURDAY, 8th The annual Cowboy Minstrels benefiting the Red Cross and Austin Council for Retarded Children is held featuring Sonny James, well known country singer. Miss Carol Clewis, a member of Delta Delta Delta, is named Cowboy Sweetheart. Chilean students arrive on campus in the continuation of the Chilean Student Leader Seminar which is now in its sixth year. The Uni- versity Board of Regents clears legal obstruction enabling work to begin on new housing for married students which will be built on the Brackenridge Tract. SUNDAY, 9th The UT Opera Workshop under the direction of James Pease presents the second performance of " Shakespeare at the Opera, " which commemorates the 400th anniversary of the bard ' s birth. Page 141 CAROL CLEWIS, THE COWBOY SWEETHEART. SECOND SNOW BRINGS CAMPUS TO LIFE SPRING WAS IN THE AIR AND THEN . . . SNOW. THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET BROUGHT COOL JAZZ TO THE CAMPUS. P.gc 142 SPOOKS ENTERTAIN THE CHILEANS. OLLn_ CoT ' JtLcm. FEBRUARY CONTINUED I MONDAY, 10th The College of Engineering begins a four-week lecture series on the " Science and Technology of Polymers. " Effective at the end of this school year, the Austin School Board announces termination of its student teaching agreement with the University due to the University ' s decision to reclaim University Junior High School for needed space. TUESDAY, llth Leon Keyserling, former Chairman of President Truman ' s Council of Economic Advisers, delivers a lecture spon- sored by the Texas Union Speakers Committee. The History Department ' s and the Graduate School ' s " History of Science " lecture series begins. WEDNESDAY, 12th A discussion of " L ' Avventura, " led by Dr. Karsten Harries, visiting professor of aesthetics and existentialism in the Department of Philosophy, is held at the University " Y. " THURSDAY, 13th Law and the Free Society is the theme of the second annual lecture series being presented at the Law School. FRIDAY, 14th Dr. Bftnton J. Underwood, verbal learning theorist and experimental psychologist from Northwestern University, speaks on, " Interference and Forgetting: Some Theoretical Problems. " SATURDAY, 15th Longhorns win 78-76 over Tech to knock the Red Raider from a tie for the Southwest Conference lead. MONDAY, 17th The Program in Criticism and the Department of English present a lecture by Frederick J. Hoffman, professor of English at the University of California, on " The Language of Terror : Literature of World War II. " TUESDAY, 18th Wilber M. Krieger, managing director of the National Selected Morticians, speaks on the book, " The American Way of Death. " Dr. Dell H. Hymes, anthropologist and linguist from the University of California at Berkeley, speaks on " Direction in Ethno -Linguistic Theory. " The Longhorn Cagers lose to SMU, 82-66. Page 143 A CHALLENGE IS WHERE YOU FIND IT . . SAM D. PARKER REGISTERS JOAN McAFEE FOR CHALLENGE COLLOQUIUM. ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY PICKET A DOWNTOWN RESTAURANT. DEPARTMENT OF DRAMA PRESENTS " CHERRY ORCHARD " Fife 144 FEBRUARY CONTINUED WEDNESDAY, 19th Judson Neff, professor of management, addresses the student chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management. Dr. Americo Paredes, associate pro- fessor of English, lectures on " Poetic Aspects of Folklore. " THURSDAY, 20th Dave Brubeck and Quartet appear at Gregory Gym, sponsored by CEC. The Law School wins over the Czech Club in the first Campus Bowl of the semester. FRIDAY, 21st A lecture on " The Two Voices of Virgil ' s ' Aeneid ' " is given by Adam Parry, Yale University associate professor of classics. The University campus is covered by an un- expected four-inch snow. SATURDAY, 22nd The regional meeting of the American ' Society of International Law hears five internationally known legal experts, Jack H. Vaughn, Latin American regional direc- tor of Peace Corps; Dean Cesar Sepulvada of the Law School of the National University of Mexico; Joseph B. McDevitt, director of the international law division of the U.S. Navy; Willem-Jan Van Slobbe, a specialist from Brussels on agricultural economics; and Sergio Gutierrez-Olivos, the Ambassador of Chile to the United States. Texas gets second half basketball win over SMU, 71-70. TUESDAY. 25th The Grantland Rice Award, emblematic of the national collegiate football championship, is presented to the University by Blackie Sherrod, president of the Football Writers Association of America. WEDNESDAY, 26th The Department of Drama ' s production of " The Cherry Orchard " by Anton Chekov opens. Tracy Lewis, junior, is chosen " Best Dressed Coed at the University. " THURSDAY, 27th Dr. Douglas N. Morgan, professor of philosophy, gives the opening Chal- lenge Colloquium address. This year the Colloquium theme is " The American Character in Transition. " FRIDAY, 28th Dr. Martin Marty, associate professor of church history at the University of Chicago Divinity School, spoke to the Challenge Colloquium on " The Religious Revolt " ; Dr. Ira Reid, Negro sociologist, spoke on " Changing Attitudes the Negro in the United States. " SATURDAY, 29th Mrs. Betty Friedan, well-known author, spoke to the Challenge Col- loquium on " The Feminine Mystique. " M. Stanton Evans, editor of the Indianapolis News, spoke to the Colloquium on the subject of a conservative government. TRACY LEWIS, BEST DRESSED. TEXAN-RANGER PIE FIGHT. THE FIRST AND VERY SUCCESSFUL ALL-PURPOSE PROTEST MARCH SPONSORED BY THE RANGER STAFF. Page 145 y SPRING THE EXPRESSIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY IN THE SPRING ... are the anticipation of Easter vacation ... the inviting call of Barton Springs or the lure of a picnic at the lake . . . the easy-going atmosphere initiated by Round- Up . . . a new University Sweetheart ... the many long hours of preparation for V. C. ... the excitement of being in the midst of fast moving action in baseball and track ... the fear of never finishing term papers . . . that final cramming effort . . . those last times friends see each other . . . and finally, for some, gradu- ation . . . These are the varied expressions of the University in Spring. Page 147 PHILLIS JOHNSON NAMED ENGINEERING SWEETHEART. MARCH SUNDAY, 1st The Texas Commission on Higher Education recom- mends a 30.9 per cent salary raise for University professors. More than 400 members of University cooperative houses show off their spring house-cleaning as Co-op Week begins. The University Religious Council and the Religious Workers ' Association present a panel discussion on " Judaeo-Christian Relations in Transition. " TUESDAY, 3rd Filing of entries in the Varsity Carnival begins. The 53 candidates of Students ' Association offices meet to discuss election codes. Engineers vote to choose their sweetheart from six lovely candidates. WEDNESDAY, 4th Campaigns for Students ' Association offices get under way. University party. meets to decide upon its slate of officers. THURSDAY, 5th Tahseen M. Basheer, Arabic consul general, lec- tures on Arab-American relations. The Rules and Appropriations Committee grants the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics $8.65 of the Blanket Tax. Texas Student Publications Board meets to select the 1964-1965 editor of the Daily Texan. Mary Kulchak and John McRae are presented as Outstanding Co-op Members at the Inter-Cooperative banquet. FRIDAY, 6th Engineers welcome visitors to the fifty-fifth annual Power Show at Taylor Hall. Charmayne Marsh, senior journalism major, is named editor of the Daily Texan. The International center welcomes 10 foreign high school students who are visiting the campus. SATURDAY, 7th Phyllis Johnson is named Miss Engineer. TUESDAY, 10th Hans Richter-Haaser performs in Hogg Audi- torium in one of the Department of Music ' s Solo Artists Series. The final hearings on the Blanket Tax are held. New members of Phi Beta Kappa meet. Three lawyers speak in the second of a series of lectures, " Great Trial Lawyers. " Dr. W. Page Keeton, dean of the School of Law, speaks on " Current Trends in Products Liability. " p. f c MB ALL OUT BATTLE BETWEEN CANCER BUG AND PIPE DREAM. MENDES-FRANCE EXPLAINS DEMOCRACY. MARY KULCHAK AND JOHN McRAE ARE HONORED AS THE OUTSTANDING CO-OP MEMBERS AT THE INTER-CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL ' S BANQUET. MARCH BEGINS WITH CO-OP WEEK GIRLS CO-OPERATIVES SPONSOR THEIR OWN SING-SONG. Pee 149 WHITEHALL CO-OP MEMBERS CO-OPERATE. w ' T! f ' . f v . ELECTIONS ARE OVER AND GREG LIPSCOMB RECEIVES CONGRATULATIONS AS NEW STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT CARLOS MONTOYA, GUITARIST MARCH CONTINUED WEDNESDAY, llth Eight coeds are tapped for Angel Flight, honorary AFROTC sponsors. A reception for the Ten Most Beautiful is held in the Texas Union Star Room. One hundred freshmen are selected for Phi Eta Sigma, honorary scholastic fraternity. THURSDAY, 12th Representative party selects its spring election plat- form. Twenty-four new Spooks are tapped. Potential committee advisors for Freshman Council are interviewed in the Union. FRIDAY, 13th The University Party adopts their spring platform. Twenty-five pledges are chosen by the Spurs and Cowboys. Nomina- tions are taken for the annual Mike Flynn Citizenship Award. Kenneth Spence, behavior theorist, lectures on " The Role of Set Factors in the Extinction of the Human Eyelid Response. " " CHUI CHAI " THE DANCE OF THAILAND -v : w% -.- ' ' -, ? ' " -.,. , w - . " ' v . .. ' - -. . s ' ' ' . ' : ' : .. K KA ' S DELIVER INVITATION TO THE OLD SOUTH BALL . . . MEN ' S GLEE CLUB DONS PEACH FUZZ TO WARBLE IN THE UNION. - -.. . " . . - -., -.. -, - ' .ir r . ii - a . % " snorary . THE ENJOYABLE STUDY HOURS IN THE SPRING. MARCH CONTINUED SUNDAY, 15th The announcement is made that President Lyndon Johnson will deliver the May 30 commencement address at the University. John Orr is named new president of the Texas Inter- collegiate Student Association. The Longhorn Band gives a free public concert in the Union. The University Party meets at the Campus Guild Co-op. TUESDAY, 17th Susan McGinness, senior education major, is chosen 1964-1965 editor of the Cactus. Nominations are taken for the Marjorie Darilek Award. R. S. Milne of the University of Singapore lectures on " The New Federation of Malaysia. " Dr. Claude Wise, visiting professor of speech, speaks on " The English Dialects of the North American Continent. " The Round-Up Steer- ing Committee meets in the Union. An Apple Polishing party is held at the School of Law. Page 151 BASKETBALL SEASON COMES TO A CLOSE. ACTIVITIES SWEEP THE FORTY ACRES THE SIXTEEN CHILEANS DEPART FOR HOME. BACK TO THE GOOD OL ' DAYS AT UNION " SPEAKEASY. " KEYSTONE KOP INVITES ALL TO THE " SPEAKEASY. " THE STUDENT UNION IS MORE THAN A COFFEE BREAK MARCH CONTINUED WEDNESDAY, 18th Representative Party outscores the University Party eight to five in assembly races. Greg Lipscomb, John Orr, and Tyra Cox take top honors in Student ' s Association election. The referendum to elect the Daily Texan editor passes by a two-to-one margin. THU RSDAY, 19th The International Club meets in the Texas Union to elect officers. Dr. Terrence J. Deeming, lecturer in astronomy, speaks on " Subdwarfs. " Dr. Myles Dillon, director of the Dublin In- stitute for Advanced Studies, speaks on " Yeats and Irish Mythology. " The planning committee of the Awards Convocation meets. FRIDAY, 20th Murray Kempton, editor of the New Republic, is named the next Visiting Fellow at the University. The schedule for Texas Today and Tomorrow is announced. Nominations for Cactus Outstanding Students and Goodfellows are due. Roberto Campos, professor of money and banking at the University of Brazil, speaks on " Aid and Trade in Latin American Economic Development. " SUNDAY, 22nd Palm Sunday is celebrated at the University Open- Air Theater. " The University Student Confronts Modern Literature " is the subject of a lecture by Dr. Joseph Slate, assistant professor of English. TUESDAY, 24th Voting begins for University Sweetheart. Dr. A. 0. Craven, visiting professor of history, discusses " The South ' s Responsi- bility to Scholarship. " The Austin Ice Skating Club meets in the Austin Ice Palace. Dr. Raoul S. Naroll, associate professor of an- thropology, speaks on " Comparative Methods in Contemporary An- thropology. " WEDNESDAY, 25th A special series on the playwright Arthur Miller begins at the " Y " . THURSDAY, 26th Mike Flynn Citizenship Award nominations are due. Thirteen freshman men are elected to membership in Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary scholastic fraternity. FRIDAY, 27th-MONDAY, 30th University activities cease for the Easter holidays. FELLOWSHIP BETWEEN ORANGE JACKETS AND FOREIGN STUDENTS. On, and Ik Tie as Ink Srononv, nUic.ii side for it Cactus Ml " ty Open- teratorc iesorof lr.A.0. KAY MORROW AND LINDA ROBINSON. SPOOKLETS CHALLENGE SPOOKS TO A SOCCER GAME. WELCOME TO RALPH BUNCHE. OUTDOOR THEATER IS MOVED TO WEST OF CLARK FIELD. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS JUDY BROOKS, LYNNE STOLENBURG, GINGER BERNARD, KAY HUGHES AND MARGIE MALLETT. STUDENTS PROTEST NEW CONCRETE WITH VOLLEYBALL UNION DECORATIONS COMMITTEES EASTER RABBIT BEFRIENDS LIVE GAME. BUNNY. JERRY LEE, TEXAS RELAYS QUEEN TEXAS ELAYS APRIL STARTS WITH ROUND-UP APRIL WEDNESDAY, 1st Round-Up begins at 9 a.m. when Judge W. W. Heath and Mrs. Heath officiate at ribbon-cutting ceremonies opening Round-Up Showcase in the Texas Union. Dr. John T. Dunlop, Harvard economics professor, speaks on " Labor and Economic Development. " Joan Baez, a leading folk singer, visits Austin and sings before two capacity audiences in Municipal Auditorium. THURSDAY, 2nd Mario Salvador}, professor of civil engineering and architecture at Columbia University, discusses " Struc- ture in Architecture. " Cordettes meet in the ROTC Building. FRIDAY, 3rd Dr. James Soukup, assistant professor of government, speaks to the Model United Nations delegates. Western Day at the University finds students attired in Western duds and " city slickers " being jailed. A barbecue is sponsored by the Cowboys on the Freshman Field. The Leadership Awards Convocation is held in the Union auditorium to honor students who have excelled in extracurricular activities and service. A Western town on the Main Mall is the setting for the Western Dance. SATURDAY, 4th At the Round-Up Review Phillis Johnson is named the new 1964-65 Sweetheart of the University. TUESDAY, 7th " Inquiry, " a new program initiated by Students ' Association president Julius Glickman, begins. This program provides students with opportunities to talk informally with members of the faculty and administration. Dr. Harry Ransom, chancellor, gives the kick-off speech which begins the Texas Today and Tomorrow program. Interviews are held for chairmanships of 19 student government committees. WEDNESDAY, 8th Films and projects are shown by Mrs. Gene Nelson at an Association for Child Education meeting in the Texas Union. Student ' s Association officers and Assemblymen are officially sworn in at the Student ' s Association banquet. THURSDAY, 9th More than 500 delegates, representing 113 nations of the United Nations, register at the University " Y " for the fourth annual session of the Model United Nations. Dr. Yaacov Bentor, professor of mineralogy and petrology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem lectures on " States in the Formation of Dolomite. " FRIDAY. 10th Brian Urquhart, former United Nations representative in Katanga, Congo, addresses Model United Na- tions. Bill Moll. CBA Assemblyman, was elected to the Texas Student Publications Board. " Problems in the Teaching of Literature " is the theme of the spring conference of High School English teachers who meet on the University campus. SUNDAY, 12th A safari on the Bee Creek Nature Trail is sponsored by the Austin Natural Science Center. A Youth for Yarbrough coffee is held at the Yarbrough campaign headquarters. TUESDAY, 14th Indian novelist Raja Rao gives the first of a series of lectures on the revival of Hindu philosophy in contemporary India. C. H. Perkes, president of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association, speaks at a meeting of the Long- horn Pharmaceutical Association. pg i. -i 90WHIP ffll KUT- RADIO-TV DISPLAYS AT R.U. SHOWCASE. JP cutting CENTRAL ROUND-UP CO-CHAIRMAN ANN SUTHERLAND AND CLIF DRUMMOND. FUN FOR NO. 1 1 11 II 11 11 11 M II 11 M || oredby i honor ting for ,. i. His .Dr. MW meeting T RELAYS POLE VAULT. Ion? ' BEARD GROWING CONTEST WINNERS JEST AT WINNER OF THE PEACH FUZZ CLASS. Page 155 CAROLYN HESTER AND KNOX NUNNALLY PREPARE FOR R.U. RALLY. ROUND-UP CLIMAXES WITH A NEW SWEETHEART Pl|e PHILLIS JOHNSON CROWNED NEW SWEETHEART. FIRST PLACE SHOW WENT TO ZETA ' S " SATIRE ON CLEOPATRA TRACY LEWIS, THE NEW V.C. QUEEN. VC ROLLICKS AFTER LONG PREPARATION APRIL CONTINUED WEDNESDAY, 15th Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary fra- ternities for freshman men and women, initiate new members. Nine adminis- trators and faculty members speak to campus groups in the Texas Today and Tomorrow program. Dr. Fritz Machlup, national president of the American Association of University Professors, speaks in the Texas Union. THURSDAY, 16th The Board of Regents announces that tickets will be re- quired to participate in Commencement exercises. The International Club holds its International Hour. FRIDAY, 17th The University receives a $21,500 Ford Foundation grant for an eight-week summer seminar for a group of economics and business college teachers in the Southwest. Entries for the baby contest sponsored by the Texas Union Married Students Council are due. Dr. Jack P. Gibbs, professor of sociology, speaks on " Status Integration and Suicide. " The University Ex- Students ' Association sponsors the third " Over 22 Dance " in the Main Ball- room of the Texas Union. SUNDAY, 19th The Grievance Committee holds a special meeting to hear com- plaints concerning the scheduling of graduation exercises. Murray Kempton, editor of the New Republic, arrives on campus to participate in the Visiting Fellow program. TUESDAY, 21st James Vowel is named Texan managing editor for 1964-65. Nancy Scott is selected 1964-65 Cactus associate editor. Pi Lambda Theta, professional honorary sorority for education graduates and undergraduates, names its new members. Charles Johnson, a school superintendent of Brazilia, Brazil, speaks in the Union. WEDNESDAY, 22ftd The Student Government Grievance Committee telegraphs President Johnson to request that Commencement exercises be moved to Memorial Stadium. Visiting Fellow Murray Kempton discusses Texas and Dal- las at an informal coffee with the Orange Jackets. Sylvia Norman, authority on English Romantic poetry, speaks on " The Two Selves of Coleridge. " THURSDAY, 23rd Judge W. W. Heath, chairman of the Board of Regents, states that the Regents feel that Commencement, traditionally held on the Main Mall, should not be moved to Memorial Stadium. Dr. A. U. Landolt of the De- partment of Physics and Astronomy, lectures on Tauri stars. FRIDAY, 24th Littlefield Dormitory sponsors its traditional spring semi-formal dance in the four-dorm courtyard. Page 157 FIRST PLACE CONCESSION TO KA ' S " CASINO. 1 " READING THE RIOT ACT- BRIAN URQUHART, MUN SPEAKER STUDENTS GAIN AWARENESS 1 APRIL CONTINUED FRIDAY, 24th Eight students and three honorary members are initiated into Kappa Tau Alpha, journalism honorary society. Dr. Robert Allen, professor of English and linguistics authority from Columbia University Teachers Coll- ege speaks on " Linguistics and Grammar. " The Newman Club holds a river- boat party and picnic at Greenshores. SUNDAY, 26th Dr. James N. Delgado, associate professor of pharmaceutical chemistry, speaks on " Recent Advances in Steroids. " Tau Beta Pi, national honorary engineering fraternity, taps 51 new members. TUESDAY, 28th " D. H. Lawrence in Pictures " is the topic of a lecture by Dr. F. Warren Roberts, director of the Humanities Research Center. A motion to establish a new Riata Advisory Committee for 1964-65 is approved by the Texas Student Publications Board of Directors. The Faculty Fireside meets at the University " Y " . WEDNESDAY, 29th Percy Foreman, who resigned after four days as chief de- fense counsel for Jack Ruby, speaks to University law students. " Vietnam Today " is discussed by Dr. James Roach, associate professor of government. Dr. Eugene Nelson, professor of business law, and Dr. Ambrose Gordon, Jr., assistant professor of English, will meet with students in the Academic Center as a part of the Inquiry program. THURSDAY, 30th " Democracy and Social Change in India " is the topic of a lecture given by " Dr. F. G. Bailey. Dr. Robert Morris, Republican primary can- didate for the United States Senate, speaks at the Young Republicans ' In- stallation and Awards Banquet. The Engineering Wives Club elects officers at a meeting held in the Texas Union. IN AUSTIN ' S HOUSE PARK TEXAS SOCCER TEAM BEATS RICE 9-1. - THROUGH MODEL UN VISITING FELLOW, MURRAY KEMPTON. CEC PRESENTS FOEK SINGER, JOAN BAEZ NAVY BEATS AIR FORCE IN DRILL TEAM COMPETITION. MAY IS ONE LAST FLING MAY FRIDAY, 1st The Ranger is chosen the best all around college humor magazine in a poll conducted among fifty national college humor magazines. Dr. David Black, professor of philosophy at Southern Methodist University, lectures on " The Quarrel between Philosophy and Poetry. " Freshman Orientation advisors attend a weekend training session at Eagle Rock Ranch in Wimberly. SUNDAY, 3rd The drive to build a student-donated room in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library in Boston begins on the University campus. The International Club sponsors an Indian dish supper. TUESDAY, 5th A team of students from the University Society of Law bring home the first place trophy in National Moot Court competition in Washington. The University Air Force ROTC holds its annual Spring awards day at Whitaker Field. WEDNESDAY, 6th The University YMCA-YWCA second-hand book sale ends as well as the Students ' Association Inquiry program. T-Nite, the annual dinner and awards program of the University of Texas Sports Association and Intramural Sports for Women, is held. Dr. Charles P. Boner, professor of Physics, speaks on " Sound Reinforcing Systems in Reverber- ant Churches. " THURSDAY, 7th Corrlpetition in the fifty-fourth annual state meet of the University In- terscholastic League, begins today. Robert F. MacLeod, Santa Monica, Calif., discusses pay television at the national honorary broadcasting fraternity banquet. The Longhorn Band holds its Spring concert. FRIDAY, 8th Patrick Horsbrugh, city planner and educator, speaks on " Enviroculture. " Aharon Megged, Israeli playwright, lectures on " Changing Morals and Ideas in Israel To- day. " P.gc 160 JG m an Fora Btvln- tort dTo. SPONSORED BY CEC, SATCHMO AND HIS ALL STARS ENTERTAIN IN GREGORY GYM H " " ft. ' J ,-. " . . ' ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS TUG-OF-WAR AT THEIR PICNIC AT PEASE PARK. 5SF tLW FIRST NEGRO PROFESSOR, ERVIN PERRY p. e e i6i CBA COUNCIL AND FACULTY SOFTBALL GAME. " mi? GRADUATION ENDS YEAR ' S ACTIVITIES SECTION EDITORS MEETING FOR THE 1965 CACTUS STAFF AT ZILKER PARK. CRAMMING FOR FINALS AT BARTON ' S LIBRARY. MAY CONTINUED TUESDAY, 12th Ervin Perry. Negro graduate student, is hired as the first Negro on the University faculty. Perry will be an assistant pro- fessor of engineering. Raja Rao speaks on " Ecstasy as a Way of Life. " Finalists in the Ed Gossett Oratorical Contest a re held. WEDNESDAY, .13th The Riata, student literary magazine, goes on sale. The University receives $17,400 to train teachers for children with serious speech or hearing defects. Ian Player, chief warden at the Umfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa speaks on wildlife in Africa. THURSDAY, 14th The University Army ROTC conducts its annual Spring Awards Day at Whitaker Field. The University Intramural Program ends 1963-64 activities with the 48th annual POW WOW Banquet. UT Spring Sports banquet is held in honor of top athletes. FRIDAY, 15th Betty Ann Parker, pianist, is presented at a senior re- cital as part of the Department of Music Student Recital Series. SATURDAY, 16th The University of Texas Board of Regents an- nounces removal of racial barriers in University Housing, completing total integration for the University. TUESDAY, 19th FINAL EXAMS BEGIN! THURSDAY, 28th FINALS END SATURDAY, 30th ROTC Commissioning exercises are held at Hogg Auditorium at 9:00 A. M. with Major General T. C. Bedwell as the principal speaker. A reception follows in the Junior Ballroom of the Texas Union. Baccalaureate serves were held at 11:00 A. M. at Hogg Auditorium with Dr. James I. McCord, President of Princeton Theo- logical Seminary, his sermon was " From a Thread Even to a Shoe Latchet. " Convocations for all colleges and schools are held through- out the afternoon hours. Commencement exercises are changed from the Main Building terraces to the Austin Municipal Auditorium be- cause of rain. President Lyndon B. Johnson, a native Texan, delivers the Commencement address. A total of 2,137 degrees are conferred in the evening services. Pge 162 . ..... ART AUCTION ON MALL. LIPSCOMB PLEADS GRADUATION RAIN MOVES GRADUATION FROM MALL TO AUDITORIUM MOVE. MAIN SPEAKER, LYNDON B. JOHNSON PREPARATIONS FOR A CAPACITY CROWD REMAINED DESERTED. Page 163 I A i V III ' Edited by Diana Haskinson STUDENT GOVERNMENT, UNION AND PUBLICATIONS STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION In the past year the Students ' Association has been engaged in a number of activities. Central to all that has been done is the notion that we as students have a valid voice in what happens at this Uni- versity. If the student can do nothing, then he should not try. On the other hand, if he can contribute ideas and correct the problems he sees, this vision should encourage him to action. It must be remembered that every change made is thought of and carried out by individuals. As a part of student government and as individuals we have had a unique opportunity to effect change and assist in the purpose of a university. To accomplish this goal, its leaders must understand what a university is trying to do. Intellectual excellence is our goal and student government with active intelligent leadership can help reach it. The following is a brief summary of some of the significant ac- tivities that have been initiated this year: INTERNATIONAL Mexico Book Exchange Chilean Literacy Program Charter Flight to Europe ACADEMIC Visiting Fellow Program Stump Speaking Curriculum Evaluation Inquiry in the Academic Center Quiz File Library Hours Extended SERVICE Three-Day Reading Period Telephone Deposit Activities Handbook Reading Room in the Academic Center Counsel in Discipline Cases Revision of Insurance Program JULIUS GLICKMAN President GREGORY OWEN LIPSCOMB V ice-President LOYCE ANN KATZ Secretary Pj 166 STUDENT ASSEMBLY Every student of The Univ ersity of Texas is automatically a member of the Students ' Association. The direction of the Association is determined by the three executive officers (President, Vice-President, and Secretary), the legislative branch (Student Assembly), and a judicial branch (Student Court). The Student Assembly meets regularly on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Among the functions of the Student Assembly are the appropriation of all monies of the Students ' Association; the allocation of the Blanket Tax; the approval of all appointments of the Students ' Association president; and the enactment of all bills and resolutions necessary and proper for the general wel- fare of the student body, including the recommending of action to the University Administration, the Texas Legislature, and the U. S. Congress. This year the Student Assembly held a student referendum on the appointment versus the election of the editor of The Daily Texan, initiated a spring supple- ment to the student directory, revised the assembly committee structure, and pre- sented the students ' opinion on matters affecting the University. ELECTED SPRING OF 1963 ELECTED FALL OF 1963 ARCHITECTURE George Langdon, Jr. ARTS AND SCIENCES George David Carlock Janet M. Dahl James Edgar Goodnight James Simpson Dyer Sharon Sue Rountree Charles Adkins Finnell, Resigned Maida Singer Joe Bill Watkins Bea Ann Smith Basil Glenn Wilkerson Ann Connor Brown, Appointed Lloyd Edward Allen, Appointed James David Fowler, Appointed Carol Glee Ingram, Appointed BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION John Everett Musselman Jerry Edmond Chiles George Jack Nachman William Leo Moll Douglas MacArthur Simmons EDUCATION Donna Oberpriller Linda Lankford Robinson Michelle Alice Puzin ENGINEERING John Mack Orr Randal Robert Craft, Jr., Resigned Donald Whitesell Hartman Edgar Allen Miller, Appointed FINE ARTS Nick M. Ingram, Resigned Michael David Sandgarten Gilbert Key Shelton, Appointed GRADUATE David Boyd Doan Samuel Everard Kinch, Jr. Noel Dee Evans Robert Archie McCulloch Walter Dean Hester, Appointed LAW Buddy Herz David Samuel Coats PHARMACY Timothy Don Von Dohlen Ronald Clinton Edwards to Bt Top Roiv: Allen, Carlock, Chiles. Second Row: Coats, Craft, Dahl. Third Row: Dyer, Edwards, Evans. Fourth Row: Finnell, Fowler, Goodnight. Fifth Row. Hartman, Herz, Kinch. Sixth Row: Langdon, Miller, Moll. Seventh Row; Nachman, Oberpriller, Orr. Eighth Row: Puzin, Robinson, Rountree. Ninth Row: Sandgarten, Simmons, Singer. Tenth Row; Smith, Van Dohlen. Eleventh Row: Watkins, Wilkerson. Page 167 STUDENT COURT FERD CHARLES MEYER, JR. Chief Justice Left to Right: James V. Carroll, Alvin A. Home, Barney Oden, Robert A. Venable. Left to Right: Marc E. Grossbeig, Richard A. Moore, John L. Murchison, Larry F. York. Pursuant to the laws of the Students ' Association, the Student Court tries all cases arising under the Constitution, and the laws made pursuant thereof, decides election disputes, and can compel or restrain some officials of student government in the functions of their office. The Chief Justice is elected in the spring by the student body and serves as an officer of the Students ' Association. The eight Justices are selected by a Judicial Selection Committee composed of the Abbot of Friars, the Editor of the Texas Law Review, the President of the Students ' Association, the President of the Student Bar of Law School and the Chief Justice. Of the eight selected, the Presi- dent of the Students ' Association designates four as Associate Jus- tices and four as Alternate Justices. The Associate Justices were Richard A. Moore, John L. Murchison, Larry F. York and Marc E. Grossberg. The Alternate Justices were James V. Carroll, Alvin A. Home, Barney Oden and Robert A. Venable. STUDENT APPOINTED POSITIONS ADVISORY COUNCIL Lynda Painter, Chairman Barrett Harrison Barker Carly Deshon Lilas Janice S. Kinch John Farris Morehead G. Burke Musgrove George Jack Nachman Sharon Sue Rountree ATHLETIC REPRESENTATIVE John Farris Morehead ATTORNEY GENERAL William Gratz Woodford UNIVERSITY CO-OP BOARD William Mitten Coats Ronald D. Earle Phyllis Marie Kazen Steven Michael Neuse PRESIDENTIAL ASSISTANTS Arnold Lewis Levey G. Burke Musgrove RANSOM ' S ADVISORY CABINET Ronnie Cohen Julius Glickman Tom Lee Hutcheson Loyce Ann Katz Sally Anne Lehr Greg Lipscomb Page 168 David Michael McNeely Philena Jane Morton SPORTSMANSHIP CHAIRMEN Myra Helene Fisher Daniel Ray Lazicki STUDENT-FACULTY CABINET Cynthia Louise Brantley Barbara Elaine Ellis Jim R. Fletcher Sabra Ann Moore UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sandra Paul Love Kenneth C. Nietenhoefer Bobby Glen Odle STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES FRESHMAN COUNCIL PRESLEY HOWARD CHALMERS, JR. ... Co-Ordinators . . . MARION DIANN HOLBROOK OFFICERS President . . . WILLIAM SHERIDEN DILLON Vice-President . . . LEONARD ALEXANDER VAUGHN, III Secretary . . . MARGIE ANN CARR CO-ORDINATING BOARD JIM R. FLETCHER Chairman Kathryn Ann Bailey Jerry Edmond Chiles Jane Gould Cornick Tyra Ann Cox Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher Jack C. Irwin Karen Lynn Powell Sharon Sue Rountree Ben Louis Aderholt Carolyn Jean Bailey Gary Eugene Barbies Eleanor Bankston Beyea Lois Ilene Bell Wayne Newsom Brown James Burk Carolyn Lee Coe Richard Lawrence Cohen Pete Conway Adrienne Lynn Courteau Patricia Flo Crady Beverly Dale Davis Judith Ann Downs Thomas M. Dunning Harvey Radnor Eanes, III Richard Arno Ford Robert Calvin Franks Richard Samet Friedman Mary Esther Gamer Herbert Richard Gentry, Jr. Diane Susan Gray Barnett Alvin Greenberg David Greenfield Joe Greenhill, Jr. Mary Tedford Griffith Jill Annette Harris Diana Dale Haskinson Dan E. Herron Mary Kathleen Hudkins Joan Phyllis Hyman Judi Kay Jackson Phillis Johnson Gil Jones ADVISORS Jerry Jones Steve Dan Kane Wendy Kellogg Terry Michele Klar Murray Alvin Klein Martha Louise Lamm Kathy Ledbetter James C. Lederer Edward Lehr Thomas Walton Leonard William Lynn Little Prudence Drew Mahaffey Betty Katherine May William Leo Moll Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Narcie Lee Moore Narcissa Lee Moore Jesse Jefferson Moorhead Abram John Nicholson Frances Marian Northcutt Elizabeth Anne Oaks Phillip Jay Paine Charlotte Gibson Peters Aubrey Lee Pettit, Jr. Larry Ewing Phillips Forrest C. Roan, Jr. Ken Roberson Rose Diane Rosenberg Joe Christopher Rude, III James Benton Rylander Sally Jane Scallorn Bruce William Schnitzer Robert Dwight Simpson Carol Ann Singer Warrie Lynn Smith Frances Spivy Carolyn Stewart Bernard Morris Stoller Nancy Kay Stroup Lucina Kay Styron James Arthur Tillinghast Raymond E. Tyra Martye Voss Lana Mae Watkins Kay Clyde Webb Edward Larry Wells Shelly Alan Wills Genevieve Meade Winterbotham Liz Wood Sandra Lea Wright FLASH CARD RICHARD DOUGLAS PERKINS Co-Chairman BARRY ALAN APPLEWHITE Co-Chairman DONALD E. ROACH Co-Ordinator Judee Alpers Sidney Anderson Judith Ann Blackburn Betty J. Brundrett Elizabeth Anne Button Donna Sue Caveness Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr. Ann Bayler Clark Bob Pickett Davis George Clayton Duve Patricia Louise Edelman Lee Evangeline Emory Gail Feeney Kay Fitzpatrick Ginger Gilbert Barnett Alvin Greenberg Patricia Dale Hammond Luralee Hodge Edward Englander Jacobs Virginia Mae Jones Patricia Frances Jordan Michael Barry Karchmer Dan D. Kubin Dudley Wayne Malone Frank Compton Malta Susan Mitchell Dwight Oliver Monteith, Jr. Narcie Lee Moore Narcissa Lee Moore Edythe Jan Musick Rebecca Alice Nelson Jim C. Norshaus Annetta Scott Norwood Joe L. Peacock Charles Morgan Pearre, III John Raymond Pipkin Tina Christine Plummer Steve Ernest Raphael Joe Christopher Rude, III Gary William Schoen Bob L. Simpson Pat Simpson Pamela Dean Spencer Terry Carroll Taylor Joan Townsend F. Louise Tracy Gail Williamson Shelly Alan Wills GET OUT THE FRESHMAN Enoyse Verna Wimberley Page 169 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES CAMPUS CHEST Co-chairmen JUDYE ANN GALEENER, MAURICE MARCUS Secretaries BETTE MAXINE BOYD, JANE OSTLER, SUZY SMITH Treasurers JERRY EDMOND CHILES, JAMES ARTHUR TILLINGHAST : PRISSY HESTER Co-Chairman JESSE JEFFERSON MOORHEAD Co-Chairman Edward Englander Jacobs AUCTION Mary Nell Jeffers Patricia Frances Jordan Sid Levine Carolyn Pence Aubrilyne Preston Ton! Frances Pyka Gail Rustin Thomas Edward Thomason Jerry Lee Weinstein FILM GENIE BRACKENRIDGE Co-Chairman DANIEL ROBERT KIRSHBAUM Co-Chairman Jerry Monroe Bolts Marcia Claire Chalk James Loron Grantham Jacob Izakson Martha Jane Klerekoper Glenda Jo Lazarus ELEANOR BANKSTON BEYEA Co-Chairman RICHARD JOSEPH BUELTEL Co-Chairman BOB L. SIMPSON Co-Chairman GEORGE DAVID CARLOCK Co-Chairman NANCY ELIZABETH CROUCH Co-Chairman STANLEY EISENBERG Co-Chairman Barry Alan Applewhite James Allen Baker Ann Bast Nelda Kay Becknell Allan Crenshaw William Crawford Farisli ANN SUTHERLAND Co-Chairman Lloyd Willis Birdwell Lois Ann Blum DANCE Delia Lou Fitzhugh Candy Virginia Green Peggy Ann Griffis Robert White Herren Mary Home PUBLICITY Ann Frances Clark Margaret Lynn Curtis Carol Delinda Edwards Diane Floca Mary Kathleen Hudkins Jerry Paul Katz Ann McGrath Dan David Mr Mahon Rusty Milstein Catherine Gessner Maryanna Rose Jesse Terry Michele Klar Sheryl Nan Kost Helen Elizabeth Richards Allan Ross Martha Neil Shaw Susan Shockley Dennis Victor Thomas Angus Gilchrist Wynne, III Michele Kranz Carol Joan Levitt Jane Page Little Constance Ann Muecke Eileen Claire Stilson Raynond E. Tyra - ' ' . - BICYCLE RACE DAN E. HERRON Chairman Herbert Jo seph Barnard, Jr. Robert L. Breckenridge, Jr. William A. Hiers, Jr. James Luther Minis, III Lon Monroe Patterson MISS CAMPUS CHEST REID GALBRETH, II Chairman Durwood Keith Dodson Gil Jones Rick Glen Miller SYMBOLS BYRON FLANARY EGAN Co-Chairman BARBARA ANN GRESHAM Co-Chairman THOMAS DAVID REYNOLDS Co-Chairman Eugene Holland Flewellen, HI Charles Ray Haworth Charles Haycraft Daniel White Shieder Charles Womack DIMES DAY CAROLYN JOSEY Co-Chairman DAVID RUPERT MURPH Co-Chairman ROCHELLE VEE STEINBERG Co-Chairman Margie Appledorf Bobbie Horvick Michael Barry Karchmer Bobelai Malick Marsha Dianne Maltz Vaughn Deleith Obenhaus Sheila Rae Reeves Meryl Lynn Siegel Sandra Gail Stern Sharyn Tuckle MUMS SUZANNE SORENSON Co-Chairman GEORGE WESLEY WORKS, III James Dan Drake Kitty Ann Eckardt Patricia Maude Fansler Judy Gail Gillespie Martha Kay Harris Ronald Thomas Henley Carol Ann James Sandra Jane Koenig Royce Charles Lamberth Louise Jan Peal James B. Reeder Forrest Roan, Jr. Jimmy Stevens Pagr 170 ' CHALLENGE Michael J. Gray CO-ORDINATORS Dennis Gene Kovar Nell Kathleen Martin CONTACT JOIE PIERCE JONES Co-Chairman DIANE WEBSTER Co-Chairman Margaret Ellen Agnew Barrett Harrison Barker Nelda Kay Becknell Carol Margaret Gaston Kathryn Nelle Haymes Mary Sue Johnson Bert V. Massey Judy McKennin Walter Strong Moseley Ann Sutherland William David Warner Beverly Jean Wright Virginia Lauriston Zeloff PUBLICITY ANITHA T. MITCHELL Co-Chairman SARA LEE SPEIGHTS Co-Chainnan Mavis Velta Belisle Barbara Gay Boggess Gloria Faye Brown Charles Michael Dickey- Alan Feinberg Jim Jacob Arnold Lewis Levey Dorothy Jean Lillard Gay Trabue Nagle Frances Marian Northcutt Dean Stanton Sechler Frank Forsythe Smith, Jr. Joyce Jane Weedman EVALUATION HAL WOMACK Chairman Caroline Susan Hughes Kathy Ledbetter Kenneth Ray Smith Tony C. Smith Diane Webster SECRETARIAT CAROLINE SUSAN HUGHES Chairman Gayle Lynn Creekmore Mary Gardner Susan Marie Jankousky Teddy Logan Jane Ostler Nanette E. Stokes Judy Marshall Ticknor Sandra Leight Young PROGRAM TIM VON DOHLEN Co-Chairman DONNA G. WEINTRAUB Co-Chairman Victor Darrell Blakeway Robert Edwin Denham Herbert Richard Gentry, Jr. Golda Sue Golub Charles Marvin Kelso, Jr. Charlotte Kroll Rochelle Gail Lazar Herbert Irwin Leiman Sally Jane Scallorn Joel Seagent Bob L. Simpson Lana Mae Watkins TREASURER Donald Whitesell Hartman Comer O. Patterson FACILITIES BARBARA ANN CRESHAM Co-Chairman LARRY G. GUILLOT Co-Chairman John Cook Glenda Jo Lazarus Steven Quincy Lee Sarah Jane Penn Elizabeth Ann Wood HOUSING DANIEL ROBERT KIRSHBAUM Co-Chairman ROSE DIANE ROSENBERG Co-Chairman Beverly Dale Davis Judith Ann Downs Aubrey Lee Pettit James Benton Rylander Bruce William Schnitzer Dr. Martin Marty, Betty Friedan, Dr. David Hayman, M. Stanton Evans, and Dr. Ernest Goldstein close Challenge with a panel discussion. HOSPITALITY ROBERT IRIS BILLINGS Co-Chairman MARCIA JANE PUTEGNAT Co-Chairman Eddie Allen Jann Eloise Arbogust Betsy Clark Jan Hollscher Pauline Lenette Lord Aubrilyne Preston Terry Jean Real Joe Christopher Rude, III Wallace Barry Van Winkle Marsha R. Wilson BARBARA K. HURT Co-Chairman LESLIE JOE PARISH Co-Chairman Jane Louise Aycock Lloyd Birdwell Ruthann Bray ORIENTATION Susan Carol Chaffe Chad Freeman Creager Sarah Gail Dezelle Sara Lee Doggett Richard Leslie Freeman Diane Susan Gray Bonnie Katrine Harman Peggy Ann Hagood Charles Wilson Lindsey, III Jim Pape Patricia Ann Powell Philip Brown Scheps Kenneth Charles Stanfield Olivia Logan Taylor RECEPTION DOROTHY REMY WEEKS Chairman Cynthia Louise Brantley Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Virginia Hull McKimmon Lucina Kay Styron RICHARD LAWRENCE COHEN Co-Chairman ALICE ANN MARSHALL Co-Chairman Tom Lee Burdett Phillip Mack Caldwell Page 171 REGISTRATION Vicki Sue Calhoun Charlyn Ellison Pamela Glass Judi Kay Jackson Richard Lawson Kateley James C. Lederer Kay Lynn Morrow Joseph Robert Munoz Szabi Sandor Nagy Sam David Parker Martha Ann Smith Clarie Thompson ROUND-UP ANN SUTHERLAND . . . Co-Chairmen . . . CLIF W. DRUMMOND JUDYE ANN GALEENER, Secretary BYRON FLANARY EGAN, Treasurer CENTRAL ROUND-UP Maurine Amis Tommy Drew Cauthorn Thomas Braden Daly Dorothy Watts Dean Mary Jo Delk Clif W. Drummond Carl J. Eckhardt Hunter Dean Ellinger J. Frank Elsass Thomas J. Gibson BARNETT ALVIN GREENBERG Co-Chairman JOHN M. LOMAX ... Co-Chairman Virginia Ann Akridge Joan Ina Alexander Margie Appledorf Joyce Frances Arlington John Powell Ash Sara Sue Atkinson Gary Eugene Barbies Julius Glickman Loraine M. Jackson Loyce Ann Katz Jack Russell Maguire David M. McNeely Jim Berry Pearson Edwin Booth Price John G. Steele Ann Sutherland Helen Tackett TALENT John Findlay Blocker Jeanne Louise Boise Linda Jane Clark David Bradfield Deniger Arlene Lynda Farbman Jacqueline S. Francis Tommy Jordan Gentry Patricia Dale Hammond Jo Beth Harrison Barbara Lee Horvich Leslie Susan Hotchkiss Gary Dane Jones Carol Lewis BAR-B-QUE DAN A. FLECKMAN Chairman The Texas Cowboys WESTERN DAY ALAN WILLIAM DREEBEN Chairman The Silver Spurs Bailey Christian Moseley Constance Ann Muecke Marilynn Neuman Robert E. Rames, Jr. Clair Lyn Reeder Joe Christopher Rude, III Sally Jane Scallorn Norman Stanley Smith William Darrell Smith Mary Jane Springer Thomas Edward Thomason Thomas Alexander Wolf DANCE This is the newest addition to Round-Up, the Rally. HOSPITALITY MYRA HELENE FISHER Co-Chairman CAROLYN JOSEY Co-Chairman Kathryn Ann Bailey Jerry Beck Celeste Carol Birnbaum Susan Fowler Sara Ann Goldberg Sue Colgin Howell Mary Kathleen Hudkins Lory Tudy Lipshitz Betty Katherine May Vaughn Deleith Obenhaus Donna Oberpriller Patricia Kay Parker Rose Diane Rosenberg Madeleine Esther Roth Louise Claire Rubenstein Janet Schuster Mary Katherine Scaly Sandra Gail Stern Mary Susan Torrey Linda Wright PROGRAM ROCHELLE VEE STEINBERG Co-Chairman JOHN MARSHALL JARRETT Co-Chairman Marsha Lynn Ashendorf Lloyd Birdwell Lee Evangeline Emory Radney Lee Fisher Kay Lynn Morrow WESTERN SIGN WALLACE BARRY VAN WINKLE Co-Chairman DIANE KATHLEEN FITTS Co-Chairman Linda Kay Beard Anne Elizabeth Blankenship Susan Carol Chaffe Dorothy Sue Dodgen Daniel Reed Garner Kenny Lynn Griffith James Noel Higdon David Carlock Hull, Jr. Linda Kay Isbell Pauline Lenette Lord Dorothy Jean Monday Douglas Reid Patterson Robert E. Ramee, Jr. Rebecca Ann Varnado Clarene Mae Walker Mary Lea Walters Marsha R. Wilson SAMUEL DAVID BRADY Co-Chairman BETH ANNE SHOCKET Co-Chairman RICHARD PENLAND SMITH Western Dance Co-Chairman MILDRED NELWYN HART Western Dance Co-Chairman PATRICIA SUE BALKMAIS Round-Up Bali Co-Chairman THOMAS OSWELL BRIGHTMAN Round-Up Ball, Co-Chairman Elizabeth Ann Adams Joann Lenora Ahlberg Patricia Sue Balkman Thomas Oswell Brightman Robert Joseph Dooling Kathryn Lee Ebert Carol Delinda Edwards Diane Floca Gloria E. Garcia Gary Quinn Giles Catherine Regina Gordon Randall Mac Hall Mildred Nelwyn Hart Diane Headrick Jerry Wayne Heare Lewis Harold Heininger, Jr. Eleanor Theresa Langfeld Bobby Joe Mann Ronald Ellis Martin Heide Roeslein Meister Joseph H. Parnell, Jr. Tommie Lee Petty Robert Charles Piz .itola Dorothy Louise Plummer David Lee Shull Richard Penland Smith Joe David Trammell Tommy Vaughn Mardi Del Webb TICKETS BETTE MAXINE BOYD Co-Chairman GEORGE DAVID CARLOCK Co-Chairman John Adams Robert Cardin Alfred Julia Ann Brown Mary Elizabeth Coats Pete Richard Coneway Philip Louis Daily Fred A. DuBose Carolyn Virginia Evans Bill Gardner Richard Earle Helmer, III Richard Charles Hinton Marty Hyman Steve Dan Kane Michael Simon Lang Richard Wilson Leong, Jr. Janet Marie Means Meredith Mitchell Ruth Ellen Nayfach Charles Albert Oliver Zaphrira Judy Panigel David Raymond Parker Joe L. Peacock Nancy Susan Pitzer Joanne Sydney Rosenberg David Bernard Schneider Daniel White Shieder Miriam Silverberg Frances Spivy Charles A. Taylor, Jr. Lowry Lunar Tims Richard Joseph Trabulsi, Jr. Joe Wicker Leonard I. Wilson SHOWCASE VIVIAN ANN BOGART Co-Chairman THOMAS BRADEN DALY Co-Chairman Mark Mundy Cleaves Clara Llewellyn Moore Bill F. Reagan PUBLICITY STANLEY EISENBERG Co-Chairman MARTHA FULTON FENSTERMAKER Co-Chairman SCOTT CHARLES FOLLETT Co-Chairman WILLIAM RONALD MAHONEY Co-Chairman Kay Lee Andrews Carolyn Jean Bailey David Edward Bird Joan Phyllis Blumberg William George Bohannon George Mitchell Boyd, II Douglas Neilson Brooke Marshall B. Brown Victoria Ann Bryant Jeff Bell Bryson Richard Joseph Bueltel Jack Thomas Cartwright Don Clayton Chapell William Foster Cockrell Becky Crouch Nancy Elizabeth Crouch Sara Lee Doggett Judith Ann Downs Harvey Radnor Eanes, III Ronald Clinton Edwards Anne Leslie Fenstermaker Amelia Betsy Geppert Henry Amos Harper, Jr. William Robert Homberg Michael Hope James Patricia Frances Jordan Karen Lynne Joseph Murray Alvin Klein Sandra Landau Warren Neilson Lipscomb, Jr. Helen Magedson Barry Howard Margolis Bert V. Massey Allie Page Mattehws Wayne Earl Miers Judy Carol Miller Brian Burnham Newberry Robert Lewis Pendergraft Martha Jeanne Purcell Linda Janice Regan Arthur Allen Reed Jeanie Louise Roeder Nancy Charlotte Roth John Anthony Santoro Bruce William Schnitzer Nina Lee Schwartz Don Paul Scott Sandra Sears Judith Lee Semeyn Rose Harriet Slipakoff Sally Lauren Stangle Sheila Delle Stewart Jack Vernon Strickland Michael L. Waldron Shelly Alan Wills Genevieve Meade Winterbotham Dana Rose Wortham . : . : pe - STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES CURRICULUM EVALUATION SUSAN KEY POUND . . . Spring Chairman Fall Chairman . . . SUSAN SHAW William Mitten Coats Mary Jane Gorham Elizabeth Ros Greenfield Beverly Gail Hill Joan Phyllis Hyman Kathy Ledbetter Reed L. Martin Jean Ann Panther Susan Key Pound Karen Lynn Powell Margaret Smith Mary Jane Walton GRIEVANCE WILLIAM LYNN LITTLE . . . Co-Chairmen . . . PATRICIA ANNE STEPHENS Eddie Allen Ann Clark Pete Richard Coneway Carolen Jeanne Draper Sharon Duecker Steven Samuel Ezon Patricia Maude Fansler Thomas Marion Hagan David Carlock Hull, Jr. Edward Englander Jacobs Harvey Lynn Jeane Michael Marion Kostiuk, Jr. Lester Herman Kuperman. ELECTION COMMISSION JAMES CROZIER BROWN Chairman Kathryn Ann Bailey Stephen William Blount Sandra Hays Janet Lee Miller James Luther Minis, III Leonard E. Mohrjnann, Jr. Sue Alyce Stiles John Frank Younger, Jr. William Gratz Woodford COMER O. PATTERSON Chairman Robert L. Breckenridge Allen Curtis Lee Janet Lee Miller James Luther Mims, III Alan Huntress Minter Martha Jeanne Purcell John Frank Younger, Jr. CAMPUS SURVEY EDDIE ALLEN ... . Co-Chairman . . . CLAIR LYN REEDER Mimi Austin James Allen Baker Max Brown, Jr. Thomas Reynolds Calhoun Janet Diane Christian Robert Alan Cooper Leigh Stephen Curry Jean Ellen Ferguson Dan Nobles Gardner Ginger Gilbert Steve Neal Haberman Stephen Miles Hackerman Jill Annette Harris Jay Holm James Everett Key, II Jill Ann Kerr Nancy Latz Kinard Julianna Margriet Lang Lynn Rickey Law G. Burke Musgrove Charles Albert Oliver Clair Lyn Reeder Raymond E. Tyra Shelly Alan Wills Judith Isabel Wright William Emmett Nichols Nancy Carra Patterson Jane Elizabeth Pfeiffer Suzanne Carolyn Smith Terry Carroll Taylor Cynthia J. West CULTURAL ENTERTAIN - MENT COMMITTEE JOHN D. HUGHES Co-Chairman MICHAEL C. STOUNE Co-Chairman Edward Baxter Howk Gl enda Margaret Hunt Lawrence Shannon Smith Lucina Kay Styron V Page 173 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION LINDA MAURI PUTNAM . . HISHAM FAWZI QUADDUMI Co-Chairmen Jane Coates Anderson Susan Davis Consuelo de Choudens Carly Deshon Joseph Aaron George Thomas Moore Gilliland Peggy Ann Griffis Franklyn Allen Harris Sigurd Wilson Hermansen Henry Horace Hill Laurence Calvin Jackson Steve Dan Kane Laura Jeanne Kassos George G. Lowrance Joseph Robert Munoz Joycelyn Stevenson Nixon Suzanne Oles Ann Elizabeth Pilkington Sharon Elizabeth Simmons Roy McLean Skipper Frances Spivy May Nell Thomas Charles Donnell Walters Russell H. Wineberg Peggy Ann Ziegler Everyone is a participant in Stump Speaking. PUBLIC RELATIONS JAMES EDDY BURK. .Co-Chairmen. .BARRY L. JAGODA Calvi Coleins Ricky Goldberg William Eugene Heath James Noel Higdon Charles Sinuard Jamison Murray Alvin Klein James C. Lederer Richard Wilson Leong, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Frances Marian Northcutt Suzanne Oles Aubrey Lee Pettit, Jr. Forrest C. Roan, Jr. Jacqulea Slay Larry Alan Wainer Charles Ward Assemblymen for 1963-64 tend to the business of Student Government. VISITING FELLOWS FRANKLIN ALLEN flARRIS PHIL DOWELL STRICKLAND Co-Chairmen Eleanor Bankston Beyea Sheila Ann Birden Barbara Anne Carroll Larry N. Davis Rosalyn Claire Gold David Michael Gregory Larry G. Guillot Bobby Jane Harrison Robert Murray Kendrick John Edward Kirchner Mark Edward Kleinman Arnold Lewis Levey Edie Lyles Ann Mallett Martha Virginia McNeil Narcie Lee Moore Elizabeth Anne Oaks Jane Ostler William Clinton Reagan Lynn Ann Roberts Patricia Sylvia Saenz Frances Spivy Mary Helen Strauss Genevieve Meade Winterbotham The Students ' Association officers and new A Pane 17 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL OFFICERS President WILLIAM LEO MOLL V ice-President WILLIAM HARRIS GARNER Secretary CAROL DIANE DOUGLASS Treasurer DOUGLAS MAC ARTHUR SIMMONS Members-al-Large ARTHUR ALEXANDER DUGGAN EUGENIA SOLKA Sweetheart JANITA PAMELA FRYE FACULTY MEMBERS R. Clifton Andersen Stanley A. Arbingast Nelia Fox Atkins William Bernard Barrett Sylvia A. Clayton Kenneth William Olm Lawrence L. Schkade Irwin Allen Shapiro Jerry Edmond Chiles William Leo Moll ASSEMBLYMEN John Everett Musselman George Jack Nachman Douglas MacArthur Simmons CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR JERRELL P. SQUYRES, President H. KEITH Nix, Vice-President JERRY R. SIMS, Secretary JUNIOR MICHAEL GEORGE MITCHELL, President ROBERT LAFAYETTE ADAIR, III, Vice-President RONALD GENE THARPE, Secretary SOPHOMORE PETE RICHARD CONEWAY, President LEE HAYNES MATHEWS, Vice-President ANNETTA SCOTT NORWOOD, Secretary FRESHMAN DOUGLAS CRAIG MILLIGAN, President MICHAEL SIMON LANG, Vice-President JAN STOCKARD, Secretary Front Row: Simmons, Moll, Garner. Second Row: Atkins, Hardy, Clayton, Stockard, Norwood, Moseley, Solka, Douglass, Sinis, Tharpe, Claude B. Jacobs. Third Row: Olm, John Arch White, Barrett, Malone, Coneway, Chiles, Nix, Monteith, Adair. Fourth Row: Arbingast, Schkade, Shapiro, Andersen, Robert Jenkins Carrett, Mathews, William Douglas Edmondson, Eisenbeck, Duggan. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION James Patrick Malone Pat Moseley BBA WIVES Ann Chambers Hardy BETA ALPHA PSI David C. Holland ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES DELTA NU ALPHA James Lynn Wells DELTA SIGMA PI Lester Ernest Eisenbeck John Mack Harmon INSURANCE SOCIETY Joe H. Bearden Page 175 PI OMEGA PI Dani Ellen Bailey SIGMA IOTA EPSILON John Randolph Curry SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Dwight Oliver Monteith, Jr. Willard Joe Sparks STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN SINCLAIR HARTMAN Chairman ROBERT RANDOLPH CADDEL DON GRIFFITH Vice-chairman JOHN MACK ORR JAMES PATRICK MOORE Recording Secretary MARVIN GAINES BLOOMQUIST H. ALBERT RICHARDSON JR Corresponding Secretary JAMES PATRICK MOORE ROBERT RANDOLPH CADDEL Treasurer F. OLIVER NICKLIN, JR. JOHN EDWARD BREEN Faculty Advisors JOHN EDWARD BREEN HARRY L. KENT HARRY L. KENT ASSEMBLYMEN Walter Lee Bradley Randal Robert Craft, Jr. Donald Whitesell Hartman John Sinclair Hartman Edgar Allen Miller John Mack Orr Front Row: Griffith, J. Hartman, Craft, Caddel. Second Row: Robert Jack Herring, Bloomquist, Wittner, Hambright, Levine, Orr, Repa. Third Row: Phillip Walter Davis, Roberts, Magee, Smith, Helms, Davenport, H. Jones. Fourth Row: Richardson, Nicklin, Breen, Kent. ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES AAAE David Sims Hill, Spring Harry Leonard Jones James Luther Tribble. Fall AIAA Eugene Ervin Kluth, Spring Conway Stone Magee. Jr. AIChE Carlton Roy Jones. Spring F. Oliver Nicklin, Jr., Fall Edward Charles Sebesta AIME Benny Alan Eaton Peyton St. Clair Yates. Jr. ASCE Howard Ernest Collier, Spring Gerald L. Roberts, Fall Willard Mac Smith, Jr. ASME Robert John Grona, Jr., Spring Robert Neil Hambright, Spring Gerardo James Hellmund, Fall Bill R. Wittner, Fall CHI EPSILON William Dean Atkins, Fall Herman G. Lehman, III, Spring IEEE Samuel James Levine Frank Douglas McMordie ETA KAPPA NU Richard Ellsworth Huffman, Spring Earl W. Tiedt, Fall OMEGA CHI EPSILON William Patrick Ferrell SAME Richard Steele Davenport Fred Adlam Helms TAU BETA PI Marvin Gaines Bloomquist, Fall James Michael Wilson, Spring TSPE Johnny Anthony Kopecky Joseph Repa Pift 176 L STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION OFFICERS President MARY KATHERINE SORDEN Vice-President SUE ANNETTE DOUGLAS Secretary MYRA ELISE STEIN ASSEMBLYMEN Donna Oberpriller Michelle Alice Puzin Linda Lankford Robinson FACULTY MEMBERS Frances Fallen Fuller Geneva Hanna Ben M. Harris Alton C. Murphy John Ormand Rodgers. Sponsor Franklin Parker STUDENT MEMBERS George Turner Bass Susan Jane Blood Sue Annette Douglas Carol Jane Eads Priscilla Jane Hester Vanna Lee Jessen Ernest Melvin Koy, Spring Donna Oberpriller Kay Clyde Webb Michelle Alice Puzin Jane Ann Real, Spring Linda Lankford Robinson Rose Harriet Slipakoff, Spring Mary Katherine Sorden Suzanne Sorenson Myra Elise Stein Sue Alyce Stiles Front Row: Stein, Fuller, Sorden, Rodgers, Douglas. Second Row: Oberpriller, Robinson, Stiles, Bass, Sorenson, Parker, Hester, Blood. Page 177 TEXAS UNION The Texas Union belongs to University students. Providing everything from a bowling alley to the 1964 Round-Up Revue to prominent speakers such as Madame Nhu, David Riesman, William S. White, Meredith Willson, Leon Keyserling, Ralph Bunche, and John Ciardi, the Union Building is an intricate part of campus activity. Always looking for ways to add something for the students, the Union began its Texas Independence Day Dis- tinguished Lecturer Series with the special speak- er, Pierre Mendes-France, and conducted many workshops this past year in the area of leadership development and recognition. With its many facilities and meeting rooms the Union has become a central gathering place on campus. Students, ex-students, faculty, and friends of the University get to know each other and feel a sense of unity because of the numberless activi- ties which the student committees of the Union provide. " The Texas Union was planned, built, and now stands dedicated to the purpose of ... promoting a program that will tend to develop the spirit of true democracy, encourage broader culture, culti- vate a deeper sense of responsibilities of citizen- ship, create a more intelligent interest in and love for the University of Texas . . . " JACK G. STEELE, Director Top Row: LUCILLE BODINE BAER, Program Assistant; JACK E. HURLEY, Games Manager; GERALD H. JONES, Arts and Crafts Supervisor; ANN KNICKERBOCKER McCULLOCH, Program Assistant. Second Row: SHIRLEY BIRD PERRY, Program Supervisor; CHRISTIE VIRGINIA SEARIGHT, Clerk; CLARENCE R. SUNDBERG, Building Crew Foreman; BRUCE LYNN TAYLOR, Assistant to Director. 1 ' W 178 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Left to right: Julius Glickman, Margaret Berry, F. C. McConnell, Clyde David Pomeroy, Jr., Jack G. Steele, Bobby Glen Odle, James Hudson Dudley, Wil- liam David Blunk, Jack Russell Maguire, Joe Bertram Frantz. Not pictured: Brad Bourland, William A. Cunningham, Loyce Ann Katz, Sandra Paul Love, Kenneth Nietenhoefer, Sharon Sue Rountree. CO-ORDINATING BOARD Nelda Kay Becknell Eleanor Bankston Beyea Jerry Edmond Chiles Clif W. Drummond Diane Kathleen Fitts Sallie L. Gordon Peggy Ann Hagood Terry Michele Klar Edward Lehr Virginia Ann Pippen Frances Preston Linda Mauri Putnam Judy Kathleen Wax EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President CLYDE DAVID POMEROY, JR. Executive Vice-President CAROLYN DRAEGER Administrative Vice-President JIM R. FLETCHER Secretary-Treasurer COMER 0. PATTERSON Members-at-Large RONYCE COLE LONGWOOD LYNDA PAINTER LEAH ANN WEAVER Top Row: Draeger, Fletcher, Longwood, Patterson. Second Row: Pomeroy, Painter, Weaver. Page 179 UNION COMMITTEES AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY . WILLIAM MAC LINGO, JR. President David Meyer Alexander Robert Michael Bartels John William Bay- Charles William Brewer, Jr. Eric N. Broline Eugene Paul Chapline William M. Coltharp Daniel Robert Cook Michael James Cracraft Loren Edward Decker, Jr. Robert William Farley Diemer Lockart Fife, Jr. Robert Jenkins Garrett Audley DeForest Gaston Howard Wesley Glueck Clinton Sylvester Hartmann Peter Rolf Jordan] Robert Thomas Kampwirth Joseph Thomas Kenny, Jr. William Roy Kirkpatrick Peter Lee Maverick Philip Stockton Morey, Jr. Alice Lucille Pelton Roy Edward Pfiester, Jr. Mary V. Powell Conrad Louis Romberg Bruce Eric Stock Donald F. Sullivan Roger Steve Vaughan Charles Donnell Walters Larry Logan Warner George Robert Weddington Philip Campbell White John Robert Yeargain CHARM DANCE DIANE DOUGLASS Chairman Joann Lenora Ahlberg Arvilla Jean Brown Courtney Alice Cheney Ann Elizabeth Choate Meredith Dede Crowell Suzanne Crowley Nancy Jean Douglas Sara Kathryn Douglas Mary Edna Gaston Marilyn Sam Gregor Peggy Ann Hagood Irene Hershorin Ronda Janice Johnson Martha Lee Kidd Jane Page Little Judith Carolyn Lloyd Ann McGeath Olive Anne Musgrave Penelope Anne Porter Linda Lou Reneau Linda Lou Ripple Gail Rustin Sandra Carol Schoenfeld Linda Schwartz Carol Ann Stubblefield Patricia Thayer Vincent Grace Alice Warren Robin Evelyn Wilson BETH ANNE SHOCKET Chairman Elizabeth Ann Adams Patricia Sue Balkman Paula Irene Bohrer Thomas Oswell Brightman Patty Lynn Burrows Dorothy Elizabeth Buttery Sam Anthony Canzoneri Nancy Rae Crowell Robert Joseph Dooling Carol Delinda Edwards Diane Floca Candy Virginia Green Peggy Gene Hailey Randall Mac Hall Mildred Nelwyn Hart Jerry Wayne Heare Camille Louise Henry Robert Erne st Henry Mariom Jimmie Holstom, Jr. William Earl Jansizen Karen Helen Javurek Phillip Ray Jordan Linda Diana Leach Guy Robert Lockhart William Willis Looney, Jr. Donald Edward Mason Lydia Gail McPherson Heide Roeslein Meister Walter Strong Moseley Gloria Ann Mulder John Jay Parmelee, Jr. Joseph H. Parnell Nancy Carra Patterson Roswell Patterson, Jr. Robert Charles Pizzitola Dorothy Louise Plummer Terry Jean Real Mary Frances Scammel Margaret Lynn Shahan Michael Shelton David Lee Shull Gwen Barclay Smith Richard Penland Smith Elizabeth Kay Strieber Joe David Trammell The Chuck Wagon ' s windows are decorated throughout the year. DECORATIONS JANE LOUISE AYCOCK Chairman Roger Murray Barber Brooke Busby Rcva Annette Byers Terry Kay Dexter Diane Elizabeth Donelson Janice Ann Elliott Rorii Rose Engelke Radney Lee Fisher Elizabeth Isabell Grafius Mary Patricia Haley Nancy Carolyn Hanks Cynthia Ann Keeney Joe Gary Martin Meredith Mitchell Laura Clegg Monkhouse Melinda Murphy Charlotte Kay Parker Carol Powers Judith Elizabeth Pugh Lucia Ann Rawson Dorothy Sue Rodgers Linn Carter Rumsey Betty Anne Sanford Gayle Ann Scott Martha Lewalling Seay Mary Madeleine Starnes Cynthia Anne Turner Martha Del Webb Hugh N. West, III Sheila Kay Wilson Beverly Jean Wright UNION COMMITTEES EXHIBITS MARILYN BEVERLY HILLEY Chairman Samuel David Brady Linda Diane Brown Hazann Chapman Peggy Ann Hagood John S. Richard Howell Janet Little Terri Beth Mann Sally June Prigg Phyllis Shay Neal Charles Small The Union presents many art exhibits and an annual campus-wide competition. FILMS DANIEL ROBERT KIRSHBAUM Chairman Jerry Monroe Bolts Marcia Claire Chalk Grafton Morton Cooper Virginia Sue Graham James Loron Grantham Donald Benjamin Hauk Jacob Izakson Andrea Kaufman Michael Kelly Kenneth James Kepke Martha Jane Klerekoper Anne Elaine Kolb Glenda Jo Laizarus Margaret Chalmers McWhorter Patty Ann Wheatley GRADUATE GROUP JOSEPH FRANCIS VANCE, President Russell Edward demons, V ice-President Mary Davis Paxton, Secretary Adrienne Constant deVergie, Treasurer Anderson Hewett Lumpkin, Membership Chairman Annette Phyllis Barsness, Activities Chairman HOSPITALITY GWENDOLYN JEAN FLETCHER Chairman Heriot Daniel Allen Kathryn Mary Austin Celia Rae Beall Linda Kay Beard Carroll Bernard Roberta Iris Billings Susan Jane Blood Linda Lee Burk Susan Diane Conine Harriett Ann Durr Charlotte Ann Florence Joanne Geyne Andrea Lee Gray Karen Elizabeth Greene Ann Eldridge Hall Joy Kay Hancock Marsha Lee Hyman Sharon Kaye Hynds Donna Jeannine Kohnert Carol Lewis Carolyn Nelle Maddox Edith Lynn McCelvey Susan Kay McGinness Laney Clare Mueller Patricia Louise Myers Carol Anne Pape Rhoda Nell Peebles Martha Jeanne Purcell Dorothy Jean Roitsch Joanna Sawyer Linda Suzanne Shelton Diane Sue Shoss Suzanne Carolyn Smith Laurits Sue Sorenson Terry Anne Steves Virginia Anne Stewart Barbara Lynn Stone Stacie Stone Patricia Sue Sullivan Ann Sutherland Kay Louise Thames Betty Joanne Wilson Marsha R. Wilson Genevieve Meade Winterbotham Nancy Clark Wood Diane Elizabeth Wroten Mardi Dean Young INTERNATIONAL CLUB YUICHI OZAWA President Roberto E. Batres Tulio Bo William B. Chenault, III Janet Louise di Rienzo Albert Eston English Judy Ellen Franklin Orelia Ruth Garcia Andrea Pritchard Hallberg L. Brooks Hickerson Herbert Scott Hughes Laura Jeanne Kassos Baldev Singh Manhas Krishna Jambu Nathan Lynne Ave Pickering Patricia Sylvia Saenz Patricia Constance Scheberle Merydith Deam Turner, Jr. Page 181 UNION COMMITTEES LEADERSHIP Patricia Sue Balkman Patricia Lorraine Beals Lloyd Willis Birdwell Beverly Anne Bowers Samuel David Brady Patricia Jane Clements Jane Gould Cornick Peggy Ann Griffis Dan E. Herron Janet Lee Miller Prudy Kay Ramsey Helen Elizabeth Richards Louise Claire Rubinstein Virginia Anne Stewart Mary Alice Swift Carolyn Kay Walls MARRIED STUDENTS COUNCIL MRS. SHELBY SHARPE, Law Wives, President Mrs. William Brownlow, Pharmacettes Mrs. Billy Goodman, C.B.A. Wives Mrs. John Jackson, C.B.A. Wives Mrs. Fred Matthews, Architecture Wives Mrs. William Oldham, Engineering Wives Mrs. Charles Sewell, Geology Wives Mrs. Keith B. Turner, Law Wives Mrs. Walter Vackar, Architecture Wives Mrs. James Williams, Co-Weds MUSIC WILLIAM B. CHENAULT, III, Chairman Marsha Lynn Ashendorf Harold Wayne Bonham Dorothy Elizabeth Buttery Mary Ann Clarke Rita Ann Cotera Freda Ruth Crawford Vade Giles Forrester James Lloyd Forney Paul Dierk Funk Fredella Anne Gibson Marybeth Kulp Julia Helen McCune Howard Richard Phillips Randy M. Reese George Edwin Samuels R. Powell St. John, Jr. Eva Kay Worrel Jane Marie Tisdale Ramsey B. Wiggins PUBLIC RELATIONS RONALD WILLIAM MASSEY, Chairman Judith Ann Baker Helen Elizabeth Baze Richard Joseph Birnholz Barbara Gay Boggess Diana Lynn Boland Pat B. Brady William Foster Cockrell Carol Diane Cooke Laura Renee Dattle Nancy Elizabeth Dean Clif W. Drummond Evelyn Olivia Dugan Lois Ann Elliott Earl C. Gaertner, Jr. John Armando Garcia Mary Elizabeth Gardner Linda Lou Hasten Dan E. Herron Jack Howison, Jr. Carolyn Hunter Cynthia Lee Lackey Justina Jane Leonard Barry Howard Margolis Bert V. Massey Cynthia Mclver Joseph Robert Munoz- John.Thurman Payne Daniel Remington Judith Ann Rosten Sharon Ann Sorenson Thomas Stanley Southwick Mary Susan Torrey Suzanne Wilkins Williams Rose Anne Woodcoff One of many leadership labs held by the Union. COSTUME TERRY W. PETERSON Chairman Susan Jean McCrone Carolyn Joyce Morris ROUND-UP REVUE Nancy Helen Muns Barbara Adelia Nelson Kathy Ruth Purcell Mardi Del Webb MAKE-UP NANCY KAY STROUP Chairman Diane Floca Sherry Ann Garling Sarah Lavonia Cause Andrea Lee Gray Paula Rae Letofsky Julia Dee Macy PROPS MARILYN BEVERLY HILLEY Chairman Linda Gayle Drain Sallie L. Gordon Mary Louise Holley Barbara Ann Mathison Linda Rae Plambeck Mary Lovey Wood SECRETARIAT TERRY MICHELE KLAR Chairman Helen Elizabeth Baze Reva Annette Byers Martha Gay Gooding Linda Louise Scott Vicki Taylor JERE MCDONALD TEED Chairman Noel Boardman Linda Brown Ann Ixirrainc Chaffin Kate Allizon Jones David Roy Lambert Stanley E. Latman Janet Little SETS Peter Lee Maverick Joe McGee Mayo, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Leighana Lyle Morris Mary Mike Oles Lynda Painter William Wayne Patterson Neal Charles Small P - 182 UNION COMMITTEES SPEAKERS MARY LOVEY WOOD Chairman John Lewis Adams Rebekah Sterling Alexander Robert Cardin Alfred Bennie Walter Bock, II Sallie S. Carroll Mary Ann Geisler Donna Lucille Gibson Mary Jane Gorham Carolyn W. Grove Pamela Jane Heath Timothy Drath Heins Pamela Holbert Billie Kay Johnson Kate Allizon Jones David Roy Lambert Julianna Margriet Lang Miriam Mazow Roger Glynn McCary Patricia Nelson Charles Albert Oliver William Wayne Patterson James Collier Randolph Karen Elise Schwanecke Catherine Shepperd Nancy Kay Stroup Phyllis Sue Swaim Gary Wilson Toothaker Raymond E. Tyra Alice Merlin Wiemers STUDENT- FACULTY LUCINA KAY STYRON Chairman Kenneth Albers Jamie Lee Andrews Mary Kay Bartlett Mavis Velta Belisle David Anthony Bomba Janice Marlene Bzura Dorothy Elizabeth Carr Nancy Jane Compere Brenda Joy Cowper Judith Kaye Duncan Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Priscilla Kay Finlay Dan Nobles Gardner Robert Jenks Garrett Carole Susan Gasaway Barnett Alvin Greenberg David Charles Heath Sharon Lee James Jo Ellen Jenkins Robert Levinthal Ann Garner Long Sherry Nona Martin Susan Jean McCrone Donald Norton McGiffin Judith Ann Meyer M. Isabelle Navar Donna Gray Norquist Susan Alice Park Helen Elizabeth Richards Janet J. Scott Sharon Elizabeth Simmons Pamela Dean Spencer Patricia Ann Spero Linda Lou Stropeni Anne Finch Taylor Katherine Radford Yates Virginia Lauriston Zeloff VIVIAN ROSE ROSALES Chairman Michael Paul Anderson Martha Sue Andrews Gail Anne Beck Yvonne Joyce Bryson Irene Claire Buske Ilameta Carr Gary Wayne Chason Ann Frances Clark Clayton Ray Crenwdge Nancy Elizabeth Crouch Shiela Kay Daniel Caroline Lee Edwards Mary Michelle Fallen Ever more popular are the informal student-faculty chats in the rooms of the Union. TALENT Sam William Gainer Gathering Gessner Lindsay Diane Grove Kathleen Happ Mina Johanna Hawkins Richard Earle Helmer Lucy Gail Holmes Martha Lonnette Hudkins Murray Alvin Klein James Keith Laake Jan Mason Lasater Stephen Rae Lindemood John M. Lomax Paula Kay Mayfield Lloyd Ray McCauley Joel Stephen Mick Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Robert Cochran Morgan Carolyn Joyce Morris Raymond Arthur Paredes Terry W. Peterson Susann Rogers Marcia Allen Roos Candelario Saenz James Edward Shannon Janis Ray Taylor Jere McDonald Teed James Arthur Tillinghast Jose Angel Villarreal Belinda Wilkinson TOURNAMENTS AUBREY LEE (MIKE) PETTIT, JR. Chairman Richard Wayne Allen M. Marie Apel Yvonne Arnold Sandra Kay Burnett Chad Freeman Craeger Martha Gay Gooding James Michael Hill Gena Frances Johnson Sherry Ann Longwood Barbara Ann Mathison Nancy Helen Muns William Joseph Neilon, Jr. Barbara Adelia Nelson Linda Rae Plambeck James Steven Ryder COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Top Row: Aycock, Chenault, Douglass, Fletcher, Hillcy, Kirshbaum. Lingo. Second Row: Massey, Ozawa. Pettit, Resales. Shocket, Styron, Wood. Page 183 T TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC BOARD OF DIRECTORS FACULTY MEMBERS STANLEY A. ARBINGAST, Professor of Resources EDWIN TURNER BOWDEN, Associate Professor of English OLIN ETHMER HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism DEWITT CARTER REDDICK, Director, School of Journalism STUDENT MEMBERS JOHN R. COPE, Assembly Representative JULIUS GLICKMAN, President of the Students ' Association IRWIN MAX HERZ, Assembly Representative LOYCE ANN KATZ, Assembly Representative GREGORY 0. LIPSCOMB, Assembly Representative EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., General Manager WILLIAM IRVIN McREYNOLDS, Editorial Manager of the Daily Texan EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Director of Student Activities KAY LYNN MORROW, Cactus Editor DAVID MICHAEL McNEELY, Daily Texan Editor RICHARD RAY COLE, Daily Texan Managing Editor LIEUEN ROGER ADKINS, Texas Ranger Editor, Fall PATRICIA ANN BROWN (II), Texas Ranger Editor, Spring Top Row: Arbingast, Bowden, Cole, Cope, Edmonds, GHckman, Herz. Second Row: Hinkle, Katz, Lipscomb, McNeely, McReynolds, Morrow, Price, Reddick. 41 J Pge 181 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr. General Manager Frankie Mae Lindsey Business Manager William Irvin McReynolds Editorial Manager, The Daily Texan Sara Allison Burroughs Assistant Editorial Manager, The Daily Texan Mary Glasscock Frazier Manager STAFF BUSINESS Barbara Ann Parr. Fall Vera Burns, Spring Office Manager Dorothy Ricks Bookkeeper EDITORIAL Marguerite Freeman Editorial Supervisor, The Cactus James Leslie Davis Proofreader ADVERTISING Ernest Oran Stark, Fall John H. Eads, Spring Classified Clerk LaVan Harris, Spring Office Assistant Michael Harold Carney Office Assistant Bernie Rodney Davis, Fall Frank McCray Denton, Spring Fair child Operator Bob R. White Clerk John Hart Amacker Kenneth Bradley Evans Prentice F. Geddie, Spring TEXAN SALESMEN Barry Jan Hruska, Spring Clifford A. Katz John Dennis Rowland, Fall Michael Bennett Smith Robert F. Spence William Lee Swail, Fall Larry Martin Wood RANGER SALESMEN Jack K. Kendrick Charles A. Lutz William Hamilton Calver Nicholas Peter Cariotes Charles Michael Davis Dell P. Dickinson, Fall Mark Adams, Spring James V. Bourland Jack H. Brightwell, Jr.. Spring Leonard Lohner, Fall Robert John Draddy CACTUS SALESMAN James P. Shaughnessy CIRCULATION Malcolm J. Fox John L. Ross Manager Assistant Manager CARRIERS Alfred Cornelius Edwards, Jr., Spring Jack Owen Herrington Beasley Taylor Livingston John Douglas Marsh MECHANICAL Shelby Sutherland White Superintendent PRINTERS Terry H. Neeley Charles Bryan Powers, Fall Arthur J. Rinn Eulalio Sanchez, Fall STUDENT DIRECTORY William Ray Bugg Curtis Bronson Schultz Route Supervisor Pat Reed Clark A. Santos Donald Eugene Smith, Spring James Dennis Smith, Fall John Taylor Guttery Apprentice William Clyde Petri Stereotyper PHOTOGRAPHY James Richard Gossett, Fall Paul Sherr, Spring John H. Moses Pressman Pat Reed Flyboy Rick Leahy Smith, Spring Left to Right: Edmonds, Lindsey, Ricks, Freeman, Parr, Burns McReynolds, Frazier, White. Page 185 THE CACTUS Editor-in-Chief KAY LYNN MORROW Associate Editor . . THOMAS BRADEN DALY STAFF ASSISTANTS Mary Elizabeth Cooper Jane Lucretia Davis Richard Edward Dunn Sabra Ann Everett Janis Mae Hughen Norma Nell Lemons Connye Victoria Miller Frank Edward Hangs. Jr. Donna Jeanne Pool Jo Sharon Roberts Judy Carolyn Speed Jack Specht KAY MORROW, Editor WAYNE SHULL BARBARA GOCHMAN MARILYN DAUGHERTY and NANCY SCOTT Plgr 16 KAY BAILEY and LYN REEDER MARIANNE ZIMMERMAN and MARY LOVEY WOOD DAVID SHULL JUDITH ROSTEN SUSAN McGINNESS and BILL CROOK SECTION EDITORS Athletic WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK SUSAN KAY MCGINNESS Chronology MARILYN SUE DAUGHERTY NANCY COLEMAN SCOTT Dormitory Co-Operative GRETTA ANN GARRETT BARBARA JOAN GOCHMAN Feature WAYNE MAXWELL SHULL Fraternity JUDITH ANN RoSTEN Honorary MARY LOVEY WOOD MARIANNE LOUISE ZIMMERMAN Layout JOHN HENRY CISSIK Military DAVID LEE SHULL Organization CAROL DIANE COOKE Sorority KATHRYN ANN BAILEY CLAIR LYN REEDER Student Government DIANA DALE HASKINSON Page 1ST TOM DALY, Associate Editor THE DAILY TEXAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . DAVID MICHAEL McNEELY Managing Editor RICHARD RAY COLE DAVE McNEELY Editor-in-Chief RICHARD COLE Managing Editor Fall Spring LAURA McNEiL BURNS Assistant Managing Editor YVONNE CHARMAYNE MARSH YVONNE CHARMAYNE MARSH A ' ews Editor BERNIE RODNEY DAVIS THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT Editorial Page Editor THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT JEFFERY LYNN MILLAR Amusements Editor MARY PATRICIA SHARPE JANE PAGANINI Feature Editor CAROLYN RUTH COKER WILLIAM LYNN LITTLE Sports Editor RICHARD D. BOLDT FRANK MCCRAY DENTON CALEB JACKSON PIRTLE JOYCE JANE WEEDMAN Panorama Editor GAY TRABUE NAGLE EMILY ANN LAMON Special Page Editor EMILY ANN LAMON Round-Up Edition Editor JANE PAGANINI Fashion Edition Editor . SHARON LEE ASHTON r ,-.. 188 I THE DAILY TEXAN NIGHT STAFF NIGHT EDITORS Richard D. Bolt Joan Brophy Gloria Faye Brown Carolyn Ruth Coker Leon Norrod Graham Emily Ann Lamon Jane Paganini Robert Nelson Rhodes Mary Patricia Sharpe DESK EDITORS J. Howard Barnett Catherine Winifred Clayton Robert Lee DuPont Fred Lee McFadden Caleb Jackson Pirtle James Edward Vowell COPY DESK CHIEFS Blandina Cardenas Wendell Eugene Fuqua Carol Graham Susan Marie Jankovsky Nancy Louise Kowert Dorothy Jean Lillard Martha Virginia McNeil Lee K. Salzberger NIGHT WIRE EDITORS Deborah Joan Druker John Houser Virgil James Johnson Nancy Kay Kreczmer Linda Suzanne Shelton Vivian Henrietta Silverstein ASSISTANT EDITORS NEWS Bernie Rodney Davis Henry Lee Ezell John Joseph De La Garza L. Erick Kanter Juan Manuel Vasquez Dave A. Wilson AMUSEMENTS BEN HAYDEN FREEMAN Chief Amusements Critic Sharon Lee Ashton Frederick G. Burns Sarge Carleton Minerva F. Gonzalez James N. Gsell SPORTS Paul Joel Burka Frank McCrary Denton William Earle Halstead, Jr. Glenda Margaret Hunt EDITORIAL Mary Jane Gorham James N. Gsell Dorothy Jean Lillard Sharon Elaine Shelton FEATURES Carolie Ann Baity Dianne Halyard Gay Trabue Nagle Katherine June Oliver LtKH Dins icon SUE tGU UJOS 101 ETON Top Row: Ashton, Baity, Boldt, Brophy, Brown, Burns, Cardenas, Clayton, Coker, David. Second Rour: De La Garza, Druker, DuPoot, Gonzalez, Gorham, Graham, Gsell, Halstead, Halyard, Hunt. Third Row: Kanter, Kowcrt, Lamon, Little, Marsh, M. McNeil, McFadden, Millar, Nagle, Northcott. Fourth Row: Paganini, Pirtle, Rhodes, Salzberger, Sharpe, L. Shelton, S. Shelton, Wecdmnn, Wilson, Page 189 THE TEXAS RANGER LIEUEN ADKINS Editor-in-Chief, Fall STAFF Fatt, Spring LIEUEN ROGER ADKINS Editor PATRICIA ANN BROWN (II) PATRICIA ANN BROWN (II) ... Associate Editor WAYNE G. JOHNSON GILBERT KEY SHELTON Art Editor GILBERT KEY SHELTON DAVID HAYNES Circulation .... Amusements ROBERT NOLAN SIMMONS BOBBY LEWIS Exchange JACK JACKSON PAT BROWN Editor-in-Chief, Spring GILBERT SHELTON Art Editor Page 190 THE TEXAS RANGER CONTRIBUTORS Ronny Baker Mary Ann Baskett Tony Bell Byron Allen Black, Jr. Joe E. Browne Laura McNeil Burns John Craig David George Crossley Robert Dennis Dick Cliff Enders Louis James Fox David Kirby Helton David Hickey Jack Jackson Shelby Leon Kennedy Bobby Lewis Roy I. Mumme Ernest Vinson Scheihagen Bob Simmons Philip Ransom Trussell Robert George Vasek Donald F. Weismann The Texas Ranger ' s Ail-Purpose Protest March. This year ' s biggest news Ranger-wise took place outside the pages of the magazine. We refer, of course, to the great Ranger-Texan Pie Fight and the First Annual Ranger All-Purpose Protest March. Finally, having had all it could take of bad Texan reviews, the disgruntled Ranger staff (who were never really gruntled to begin with) challenged the cowardly Texans to battle on the mudlot where the old Art Building used to be. Each side was supplied with thirty store-bought lemon meringue pies, and, in addition, there was an abundance of home-made missiles concocted from various bloodcurdling substances. Colorfully arrayed, the armies met at high noon before a cheering throng which saw the valiant Ranger staff, aided by superior numbers and a barrage of death-dealing grit bombs from their infernal pie- flinging machine, make mincemeat pie of the Texan staffers. The All-Purpose Protest March, from which a scene is shown here, attracted a goodly mob of students who carried signs protesting everything from motherhood to dorm food to protest marches. The caravan, with a genuine police escort, proceeded down Guadalupe to the Fountain. There prizes were awarded and many of the marchers met a watery fate. The 1963-1964 Ranger featured an emphasis on art work, displaying in its pages the ample talents of such standouts as Pat Brown, Vin Scheihagen, Philip Trussell, Shelby Kennedy, Jack Jackson, Wayne Johnson (Gowen J.), and those grand old men, Gilbert Shelton and Tony Bell. Dave Crossley and Byron Black were two mainstays of the writing staff. And there was the usual number of incidents. Already in the throes of confusion as a result of changing editors in midstream, the staff was faced with the added burden of the censorship of three whole pages of COM pictures which the TSP Board deemed too risque for student eyes. But all in all, it was a good year for the Ranger, aesthetically speaking, of course. Page 191 RIATA STAFF JANUARY ISSUE DAVID HICKEY Editor DAVID ARMSTRONG Associate Editor JOHN CRAIG Art Editor MAY ISSUE DAVID ARMSTRONG . . . DAVID HICKEY SHELBY KENNEDY DAVID HICKEY Editor, January ADVISORY COMMITTEE THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Professor of English C. RICHARD KING, Associate Professor of Journalism JOHN P. SULLIVAN, Professor of Classics LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., Ex-Officio member without vote RIATA is the literary magazine published by Texas Student Publica- tions, Inc. The first issue was published in April, 1962. This year, as in 1962-63, two issues were published. Although the major emphasis is on student work, contributions from University faculty members are published occasionally. DAVID ARMSTRONG Editor, May P.gc 192 Edited by Gretta Garrett and Barbara Gochman Page 193 ALL CAMPUS ADVISORS Chairman Vice-Chairman . Doris Ann Atkins Elizabeth Chow Carolyn Lee Coe Marylea Cowan Mildred Marie Apel Marilyn Annette Bane Mary Elizabeth Coats Cathryn Lynn Culbertson Rowena Ruth Curlee Allison Harrison Currie Carolyn Dena Anderson Benna Layne Askew Antoinette Cangelosi Ruth Carol Carmichael Geraldine Virginia Bartosh Wanda Elaine Bergen Emy Kay Core Sheila Kay Daniel Nancy Ann Edwards Cheryl Marie Dunlap Linnie Carol Evans, Chairman Linda Kay Beard Earnell Beckham Ann Helen Becklund Donna Victoria Brooks Penelope Brooks Julia Ann Brown Patsy Jeanne Byfield Jane Elizabeth Darphin Judy Gale Blackaller Elizabeth Carey Chenoweth, Chairman Louise Clarkson Connally Elizabeth Ann Druckhammer Ann Beasley Deborah Anne Blandy Jane Gould Cornick, President Patricia Flo Cady Patricia Ann Brown (I) Helen Louise David Jan is Lee Haney Kay Lee Andrews Kathryn Louise Aston Kathryn Mary Austin Barbara Gay Boggess, Chairman Patricia Jane Clements Dachiell Harding Ahlschlager Dorothy Kimbell Boettcher Karen Sue Conner Delia Lou Fitzhugh Mary Ann Hammer Carol Germaine Collins, Chairman Marilyn Johanne Finger Jane Carole Glade Patricia Ann Atkins Dorothy Elizabeth Carr Ilameta Carr Carol AnnChalick Lynette ( Vnsini Lois Diane Derouen I.oytte Ann Dillion Sue Annette Douglas, President Tina Durrett BARBARA ANN NOWLIN . CHARLOTTE ANN ZIMMERMAN Carolyn Ethel Dahse Marilynn Sue Dean Ruth Laverne DeBord Mayling Gee Wilda Lee Gentry Patricia Anne Haesly Judith Ann Hitchcock Janet Claire Hunt Martha Lee Kidd OFFICERS ANDREWS BLANTON Secretary -Treasurer . Reporter . PATRICIA FLO CRADY . JILL ANNETTE HARRIS Beverly Gail Hill Mary Roselind Johnston Rosemary Jordan Karen Lee Moerls Carol Lynne Law Mary Eloween Riebe Linda Lee Rogers Diana Rotman Sarah Lee Sturgis Jerry Lynn Greer Sandra B. Harper Evangeline Dale Martinez Mary Elizabeth Norwood CAROTHERS Joan Parker Marcia Jane Putegnat Jane R. Voight, Chairman " DEXTER HOUSE Jean Ann Faulkner, Chairman Mary Patricia Haley Carol Kay Hanchey Jan Elizabeth Haughton Gail Kathleen Noonan Darry Eileen Walker Mary Kathleen Hudkins Christiane Elizabeth Keck Rochelle Gail Lazar Patti Wade Roach Linda Schwartz GRACE HALL Janet Ann Walters Joyce Carol Walters KINSOLVING NORTH Andrea Renee DeStafano Sandra Jean Looney Carol Ann Edmondson, Sue Ann Lovinggood Chairman Sharron Elizabeth Marlow Alice Meredith Farrar Mollye Aleda McDowell Mable Ann Gunn Laura Clegg Monkhouse Toni Katherine Horn Leslie Ann Oakley Carol Joan Levitt Patricia Ann Paul KINSOLVING SOUTHEAST Carolyn Dudley Penny Lee Mood Jean Ellen Ferguson Susan Rowan Philbin Jill Annette Harris Sandy Sue Shaw Judith Johnson Warrie Lynn Smith Katherine Anne Kramer Sydney Thompson KINSOLVING SOUTHWEST Beverly Dale Davis Susan Jane Lyle Mary Esther Garner Martha Jeanne Purcell Sherry Louise Graham Carol Ann Singer Margaret Lucille Koy Suzann Smith Babette Elaine Leonard Sandra Gail Stoddard Janet Eileen McCarver Barbara Ann Nowlin Joan Marlene Sundbeck Harriett Ann Durr Martha Katherine Goode Judy Lynn Goodman Sandra Kay Haas Julianna Margriet Lang KIRBY HALL LITTLEFIELD Susan Jane Tackett Jo Lynn Tittle Laura Lea Turbiville Peggy Nell Mueller Diana Hays Reilly Carolyn Nell Stewart Patricia S. Thigpin J. Kay Thompson MADISON HOUSE Margaret Dianne Hellen, Chairman Anne Hogan Nancy Jamison Andrea M. Kaufman NEWMAN HALL Shirley Jo Lewis Carrie Lindsay Jessie Lee Mandel Diana Lee Sessions Diane Patricia Taylor Jan K. Glithero Catherine Regina Gordon Linda Anne Gould Valene Joyce Koss SCOTTISH Christie Lee Enderle Carole Dee Foster Nancy Julia Hoffman Rebecca Howard Sherri Anne Hudgens Jill Elaine James Frances Carl Lorell Patricia Ann Parrish Susan Mae Perkins Jean Ann Panther Patricia Ann Sablatura Angeline Gladys Silva Betty Ann Spampinato RITE DORMITORY Pamela Sue Roden Carolyn Ann Scogin Gayle Ann Scott Kathy Scale Yvette Sharole Siegelman Ann E. Skarda Bettye Anna Springer Jean Stanford pe 194 Christine Gay Vincent Lynnette Anna Rabel, Chairman Mary Alice Toborg Mary Jane Davis, Resident Counselor B. Rubette Talasek Olivia Logan Taylor Carolyn Kay Walls, Chairman Dorothy P. Martin, Resident Counselor Carolyn Ann Wofford Bura Van Hoove, Resident Counselor Diane Sue Shoss Nancy Elizabeth Cleave Patricia Thayer Vincent Alys Bodoin, Director Mary Tinsley, Resident Counselor Glenda Gay Phair Linda Mauri Putnam Prudy Kay Ramsey Susan Shirley Carol Ann Stubblefield Natalie Townes, Resident Counselor Theo Nancy Wilkes Dana Rose Wortham Margaret L. Brown, Resident Counselor Daisy C. Whitridge Margaret Ann Wood Helen Coffin, Resident Counselor Marilyn L. Ward, Chairman Irene Powers, Resident Counselor Carol Ann Volz Elizabeth Allison Walsh Cherry Antoinette Windnim JoAnne Boykin, Resident Counselor Gail Elizabeth Watson Maxine Ann Weynand Alys Bodoin, Director Mary Linda Stiles Sister Maria Stella, Director Janice Jane Vogel Catherine H. Weaver Jana Bette White Sandra Faith Worley Sandra Wright Mary Ann Wycoff Charlotte Ann Zimmerman Mrs. F. C. McConnell, Director D ' Maris Ann Lumpkm, Margaret Ann Janssen, Amy Lucia Goodenough, Rut averne eor, ary a ixth Row: Patricia Winifred Wood, Ricka Ann Guitar, Elizabeth Ann Oaka. eventh Row: Vernell Louise Pape, Sandra Shaw, Carol Ann Eldridce, Jeane Suzanne Hoffmann, Car Ann Smith, Carolyn Patricia Li ford, STAFF Resident Counselor MARY JANE DAVIS Student Assistant BETTY JEAN TAUB Student Assistant. . . .KATHLEEN ELIZABETH EMMER ADVISORS Doris Ann Atkins Elizabeth Chow Carolyn Lee Coe, Secretary Marylea Cowan Carolyn Ethel Dahse Marilynn Sue Dean Ruth Laverne DeBord Mayling Gee Beverly Gail Hill Mary Roselind Johnston Rosemary Jordan Karen Lee Moerls, Treasurer Lynnette Anna Rabel, Chairman Mary Alice Toborg Left to Right: Cowan, De Moerls, Gee, Jordan, Rabe], Toborg, Johnston, Chow. ANDREWS Pa e 195 BL ANTON I STAFF Resident Counselor DOROTHY P. MARTIN Student Assistant MARGARET ANN DEAN Student Assistant ' IRENE LOUISE REEB Student Assistant LEAH ANN WEAVER Student Assistant . . MARY CORENE WALLACE Front Row: Carolyn Kay Walls, Cathryn Lynn Culbertson, Martha Lee Kidd. Patricia Anne Haesly, Olivia Logan Taylor. Second Rota: Janet Claire Hunt, Sarah Lee Sturgis, Mary Elizabeth Coats, Judith Ann Hitchcock, Mildred Marie Apel, B. Rubette Talasck. Third Row: Carol Lynne Law, Diana Rotman, Wilda Lee Gentry, Mary Eloween Riebe, Marilyn Annette Bane. OFFICERS Chairman CAROLYN KAY WALLS Vice-Chairman . . MARY ELIZABETH COATS Treasurer PATRICIA ANNE HEASLY Secretary WILDA LEE GENTRY ADVISORS Mildred Marie Apel Marilyn Annette Bane Mary Elizabeth Coats Cathryn Lynn Culbertson Rowena Ruth Curlee Allison Harrison Currie Wilda Lee Gentry Patricia Anne Haesly Judith Ann Hitchcock Janet Claire Hunt Martha Lee Kidd Carol Lynne Law Mary Eloween Riebe Linda Lee Rogers Diana Rotman Sarah Lee Sturgis B. Rubette Talasek Olivia Logan Taylor Carolyn Kay Walls, Chairman Front Row: Kathryn Elaine Hagan, Valerie Marguerite Coulter, Jo Ann Hedrick, Sharon Naomi Mason, Janice Sherrer Lain, Patricia Sue Sullivan, Nancy Carolyn Hants. Second Row: Mary Corene Wallace, Yolanda Joan Gonzalez, Cameron Rose Engelke. Elizabeth Isabel! Grafius, Rita Muriel McDermott, Judy Orin Segal. Judith Ann Bc-nnett, Janice Ann Elliott. Third Row: Jean Ann Lynch, Lana Sue Frizzel, Amy Lorraine Chaffin, Marilyn Blum. Dorothy Mae Krejei, Carol Marie Reeb, Sulan Elizabeth Matthewa, Mararet Jan? Winckler, Judyth Faye Barton, Margaret Ann Dean. Fourth Row : Leslie Lee Lentz, Peggy Ann Griffis, Vivian Ann Bogart, Genie Decnia Duke. Filth Raw: Sandra Lee Sally, Paula Marie Pribyl, Brenda Sue Dean, Patricia Beth Knight, Diane Eden Sellers. Sixth Rim-: Gayle Chernosky, Carol Anne Pape, Elisa Savilla Davii, Rosalino Ann McMillan, Twila Elizabeth Cuynes, Barbara Ann Jones. Seventh Row: Mercedes Emma Shields, Kay Lynn Spruicll, Jacqueline Cay Cobb. Ruth Ann Johnson, Nell Elizabeth Stevenson, Pamela Ann Meyers. From Row: Sandra Jane Koenig, Joanne Irene Wiederhold, Janet Yvonne Haynes, Elizabeth Jane Izard, Cynthia Duval Biskelte, Laurie Davis. Harriet Cyrelle Rothkop. Second Row: Kathleen Monique Happ, Patricia Ann Powell, Michal Rose Urban, Judith Arlene Lewis, Jane Ann Real, Sharon Gayle Wheeley, Janice Kaye Lonjicre. Rote: Barbara Jean Vessels, Judy Lynn Whitaker, Melba Joan McBrayer, Patricia Ann Hart, Irene Loui.e Reeb. Linda Le Rogers. Row: Elizabeth Anne Williams, Zonia Francisra Vasquez, Rosemary Farquhar. Sarah Lee Williamson, Bertha Carmen Gonzalez. fi Row: I.vnda Norrne Shatter, Diana Louise Cohen, Carolyn Kay House, Linda Marie Daniel, Mary Jane Williamson. SiM Row: Tanna Gail MrClung, Peggy Sue Harrell, Laura Lee Williams, Alice Ruth Moore, Judith Eileen Bowera. Page : i COATS ffaSLY iDTRY Front Row: Sharon Kay Todd, Beverly J. Fortune, Francelle Crider, Antoinette Tartaglia, Anita Louise Prince. Second Roiv : Barbara Ann Mathison, Nancy June Gara, Helen Marie Graham, Judy Ann Stone, Tess Gabrielle Allred, Virginia Ann Gannaway, Evelyn Janet Feuge. Third Rom: Betty Sue Brooks, Elizabeth Kay St richer, Mary Elizabeth Doyle, Rose Elizabeth Pharr, Judith Carol Walker, Jamie Lea Giesecke, ' Trudie Kaye Smith, Jean Marilyn Gander, Nena Sandra Faulk, Dolores Ann Miller, Donna Day Reading. Fourth Row: Mary Louise Holley, Martha Jane Nichols, Kathy Joan Colcrove, Jessica Gayle Connell, Martha Ann Smith, Antoinette Marie Cangelosi, Sandra Paulette Panzarella, Katherine Louise Becker, Helen Sue Smith, Katherine C. Magee. Fifth Row: Elsie Monette Fugate, Claire Th ompson, Gloria Jean Wittig, Eileen Frances Quinn, Nancy Elaine Black, Betty Olivia Hedgepelh. Julia Katherine Ryan, Karol Susan Bruce, Gae Ann Jasman, Helen Marie Sncll, Judith Anne Jamison, Sandra Ann Marek. Sixth Row: Suzanne Watterson, Judith Kay Chapman, Linda Joyce Very, Frances Helen Seifert, Gail Rustin, Marilyn Kay Brittain, Suzanne Van Fischer, Janneau Merle Kidd, Kaylene Foerster, Barbara Louise Dougherty, Gloria Jean Schlather, A. Margaret Caraon. STAFF Resident Counselor ' . BURA VAN HOOVE Student Counselor REBECCA CAINE Student Counselor . .MARY KAY HARRISON Carolyn Dena Anderson Benna Layne Askew Antoinette Cangelosi Ruth Carol Carmichael ADVISORS Jerry Lynn Greer Mary Elizabeth Norwood Sandra B. Harper Joan Parker Evangeline Dale Martinez. Marcia Jane Putegnat Vice-Chairman Jane R. Voight, Chairman Carolyn Ann Wofford Front Row: Caine, Harrison, Van Hoove. Parker. Greer. Second Rote: Putegnat, Anderson, Askew, Martinez, Voipht, Wofford, Harper, Cangelosi, Norwood. CAROTHERS Page 197 DEXTER HOUSE Front Row: Daniel, Roach, Schwartz, Shoss, Keck, Bartosh, Vincent, Bergen, Edwards, Hanchey, Core, Hudkins. Second Rote: Van Cleave, Haley, Daly, Faulkner, Haughton, Lazar. STAFF Director ALYS BODOIN Head Resident Counselor MAUDE BALLARD Assistant Resident Counselor .... KATE HENDERSON Student Counselor DENI LYNN DALY Student Counselor . . . . SHARON ANN MEYERS Geraldine Virginia Bartosh Wanda Elaine Bergen Emy Kay Core Sheila Kay Daniel Nancy Ann Edwards ADVISORS Jean Ann Faulkner, Chairman Mary Patricia Haley Carol Kav Hanchey Mary Kathleen Hudkins Christiane Elizabeth Keck Rochelle Gail Lazar Patti Wade Roach Jan Elizabeth Haughton Linda Schwartz Diane Sue Shoss, Secretary Nancv Elizabeth Van Cleave Patricia Thayer Vincent Front Rote: Harriette Ann Clark. Maria de Lourdes Vasquez, Carolyn McClellan. Judy Cayle Brooks, Suzanne Bcaird, Edith Marlam Goldberg, Join In Aleunder. Tanna Sue Doing. Virginia Lea Weiss, Judith Ann Snyder. Srrond Row: Su.nn Diana Eagle, Vicki Myra Meiin. Martha Carol Reed. Ana Maria Vasquez, Diane Chloe Kelly, Janet Kennedy. Diane Floca, Llndi Markeen LcMay, Haven Whatley. Carols Jeanne Haralson, Mildred Ann Speneer, Annie Latirie Copeland. Third Row: Patricia Ann Berrv. Frances Constance Muller. Diana Lynn Fuste, Peggy Ruth Polston, Patricia McFadden, Jullm Carol Bohannon, Patricia Annette Kester. Frances Williamina Thompson. Christine Marie-Aletta Raaphorst, Jacqueline Suzanne Francis. Sandra Jo Adams, Theresa Antolnle Urban, Josephine Frances Harroil. Sharon Kay Prater. Touith Row: Lynne Ruth Whiting. Leyla Bilgitay. Barbara Jean Hancock, Darrellene Edith Havins, Shirley Ann Marshall, Connie Park, Barbara Sue Foreman. Geraldine Frances Hillehrenner. Dcanne Rosi Clier. Daphne Ann Hart. Sally June Prigg, Elizabeth Ann Abston, Mtry Carolyn Wlltenburu. ShelU Erld Cheaney, Toni I.vnn Bncherl. Rcnee Parzen. Cheryl Kay Grand!. Dottie Paisley Rath. filth Row: Corric Susannc Talurn, Roslyn Estellc Rabinowitz, Becky Ann Halfant, Linda Lea Handlev Jane Vivian Ingardia, Simmy Tes Welch, Kathy Loveta Thompson. Carol Kormeier, Jiidi Lee Stevens. Cheryl Jo Ralston. Barbara Dell Gronow. Donna Louise Woller. Six Ron: Susan Lyn Baker. Nancy E. Templeton. Linda Ann Frieda. Bobbie Diane Hanke. Abbie Louise Mssey, Millie Elizabeth Hughes. Victoria Elizabeth Foe, Carolyn Ann Vogel, Jeannette Adele Robinson. Mary Jane Davis, Pamela Mae Benjamin, Marsha Lynn Wheeler. Page 198 Duhart, Yolanda Dominguez, Noemi Crist ina Carrizales, Janet Renee Dearson, Gail Kathleen Noonan, Theresa Ann ADVISORS Cheryl Marie Dunlap Linnie Carol Evans, Chairman Gail Kathleen Noonan Darry Eileen Walker Janet Ann Walters Joyce Carol Walters STAFF Resident Counselor MARY TINSLEY Student Counselor HELENA R. FRENKIL Student Counselor SABRA ANN MOORE GRACE HALL Page 199 KINSOLVING STAFF Resident Counselor NATALIE TOWNES Student Counselor CAROL AKKERMAN Student Counselor RETTA CHAPMAN BAKER Student Counselor RUTHIE ANNETTE HARTMANN Student Counselor NANCY KATHLEEN HENKEL Student Counselor MARTHA ANN HETHERINGTON Student Counselor KATHRYN ALICE HUGO Student Counselor JUDITH CAROLYN LOVE Student Counselor Jo ANN SERRANO Student Counselor CAROLYN JAY STEPHENSON Line Ean km Dot Pan lift 3 ,;. m y Car Front Raw: Jo Ann Serrano. Cynthia Ann Holland. Patricia Suzanne Ellis, Judith Ann England, Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff, Cheryl Faye Schorp. Janice Ann Balthrop. Wilda Lou Campbell. Georganne Elaine Hinds. Linda Rae Plamback, Carolyn Ann Cates, Sara Kathryn Davis, Marian Suzanne Wall. Sylvia Ann Roechke. Second m: Alice Meredith Farrar, Jerolyn Sue Wilt, Claudia Kalhryan Scheske. Sandra Lee Henderson. Mary Blanche Vineyard. Janice Kay McNair. Dorothy Dianne Rohdc. Julia Helen McCune. Cynthia Ann Keeney, Elizabeth Gladys Kazen. Mable Ann G ' inn. Belly Sue Appenbrink, Carol Joan Levin, Sharron Elizabeth Marlow, Earnell Beckham. Belly Sue Castleberry, Donna Victoria Brooks. Third Row: Karen Hclene Jacobohn, Lucille Aline Elliott, Sue Ann Lovinggood. Toni Katherine Horn, Sharon Maiie Owens, Sondra Elizabeth Daniel. Marilyn Schmerbeck. Tresha May Appleton. Nancy Kay Lorlz, Jo Sharon Roberts, Jerrilee Howell Parker. Dona Sue Reno. Coral Lee Elizabeth Davis, Patricia Ann Tharp. Ann Helen Becklunrf. Kay Diane Clark, Carol Ann Edmondson. fourth Roui: Wanda Sue McDuream, Carol Joan Richardson Carmen Angela Shepherd, Judy Kay Wuesle, Patricia Sue Balkman. Carolyn Jay Stephenson. Sandra France. Mendlo- wi ' r, Harriet Cyrellc Rolhkop, Ruthie Annette Hartmann. Lynda Bird Johnson. Marie Eugenia Rodriguez, Janis Mae Hughen, Prudy Kay Ramsey. Carol Ann Wuziak. Bar- bara Adelia Nelson. Linda Elise Sherrill. Susann Goodwin, Marcia Allen Hooa. Fillh Roui: Kalhryn Lee Brown. Linda Lou Ripple. Crella Ann Carrelt Sandra Lee, Diantha Dee Dawkins, Susan Marie Ahlers, Leslie Ann Oakley, Sue Brasellon. Pamela Ann Phillip., Cayle Jean Bryant, Flora Louise Tracy, Jamie Jean Harper. Ricki Ann Mayhall. Martha Lena Sirman, Kathleen Darleen Daniel. Palmira Berta Resales, Mary Edna Gaslon. Pate 200 NORTH WING ADVISORS Linda Kay Beard Earnell Beckham Ann Helen Becklund Donna Victoria Brooks Penelope Brooks Julia Ann Brown Patsy Jeanne Byfield Jane Elizabeth Darphin Andrea Renee DeStafano Carol Ann Edmondson, Chairman Alice Meredith Farrar Mable Ann Gunn Carol Toni Katherine Horn Carol Joan Levitt Sandra Jean Looney Sue Ann Lovinggood Sharron Elizabeth Marlow Mollye Aleda McDowell Laura Clegg Monkhouse Leslie Ann Oakley Patricia Ann Paul Glenda Gay Phair Linda Mauri Putnam Prudy Kay Ramsey Susan Shirley Ann Stubblefield Front Row: Suzanne Senevey, Dorothy Caye Martin, Judy Marshall Ticknor. Sunny Gayle Langston, Dana Cay Lindsay, Suzanne Daviea, Carol Sue Case, Donna Gail Summers, Betty Quantock, Martha Ann Hetherington. Second Row: Alicia Ann Gillen, Sandera Sue Hill, Beverly Wayne Patterson, Judith Ellen McCaskill, Barbara Ann Merrill, Mary Ann Geisler, Diane Fehrenkamp, Karen Lynn Powell, Tyra Ann Cox, Retta Chapman Baker, Sheryl Gayle Taylor. Carol Akkerman. Third Row: Carolyn Marie Register, Gerry Lynn Golden, Judith Ann Aulick, Sandra Kay Hubbard, Christine Antonia Barton, Cheryl Faye Schorp, Carole Jean Last, Myrna Dean Daniel, Helen Patricia Rose, Julia Ann Brown, Marsha Ree Wilson, Barbara Ann Freeman, Sara Bethany Blanks. Fourth Row: Donna Darlene Bond, Linda Kay Beard, Andrea Renez DeStefano, Janet Renee Orts, Burnell Hargrove, Rebekah Sterling Alexander, Kathleen Ruth Purcell, Sharon Lee Planto, Helen Elizabeth Akkerman, Fredella Anne Gibson. Page 201 KINSOLVING SOUTHEAST STAFF Resident Counselor MARGARET L. BROWN Student Counselor DlNAH GRAHAM BoWEN Student Counselor RITA PATRICIA M AGEE Student Counselor MARINELLE SANDERS Student Counselor KATHRYN CAROL SCHOENFIELD Judy Gale Blackaller Elizabeth Carey Chenoweth. Chairman Louise Clarkson Connally Elizabeth Ann Druckhammer Carolyn Dudley ADVISORS Jean Ellen Ferguson Jill Annette Harris Judith Johnson Katherine Anne Kramer Penny Lee Mood Susan Rowan Philbin Sandy Sue Shaw Warrie Lynn Smith Sydney Thompson Theo Nancy Wilkes Dana Rose Wortham Front Ram: Theo Nancy Wilkes, Susan Rowan Philbin. Judy Gale Blackaller, Dana Hose Wortham, Carolyn Dudley, Elizabeth Carey Chenoweth, Sydney Thompson, Jean Ellen Ferguson, Elizabeth Ann Druckhammer, Sandra Sue Shaw, Louise Clarkson Connally, Penny Lee Mood, Judith Johnson, Jill Annette Harm. Second Kou : Carol Ruth Chapman, Sherry Ann Carling, Catherine Biedenharn Dennis, Diana Joe Davis, Carol Ruth Horsey, Mary Nell Jellers, Kathryn Mitchell, Abbyc Jayne Mobley, Susan Anne Sims, Mary Sue Marmion, Ileene Cay Roseniield, Elizabeth Anne Clark, Jo Beth Harrison, Carolyn Virginia Evans, Leslie Suzanne Hart. Cheryl Diane Meriwether. Third Rote: Margaret Brown, Lynn Martin, Vici Ann Thomson, Martha Gene Lederer, Nancy Ann Abbott, Nancy Charlotte Roth, Reesa Ellen Samuelsohn, Merry Nell Van Fleet, Jeanne Louise Boise, Dorothy Louise Taylor, Sherri Frances Clelland, Anne Elizabeth Roberson, Barbara Laurene Evans, Tina Christine Plummer, Sue Ann Elsemano. fourth Row. Linda Kay Warren, Ann Warren, Muriel Jean Sachary, Sandra Lee Reagan, Janet Susan Russak, Gail Patricia Neuman, Kristin Katharine Way, Linda Jill Larson, Marsha Dill Anthony, Susan Jae Kumbaugh, Arlene Jeanelte Ross, Sylvia Annette Milliger, Leslie Belle Currie, Andrea Lee Weir. filth Row: Penelope lie. wen, Linda Lois Loyd, Francine Eva Yaker, Glenda Jo Lazarus, Pamela Corinne Polser, Pam Nachlinger, Robin Love Soper, Kathleen Margaret Carna- nan, Carol Sue Wright, Elizabeth Ann Adams, Carobeth Reed, Sherry Andrea Irvin, Martha Small, Pamela Jo Parish, Mary Salter, Patricia Kay Parish, Margaret Keith German, Jarrie Dell Davis, Brenda Joy Cowper. ulA Row: Arlene Lynda Farbman, Belly Barenblat, Mirian Silverberg, Barbara Joan Sleinberger, Susan Anne Becker, Maureen Lubel, Mary Lea Wallers. Charlotte Traylor Ml, Barbara Ann Krppler, Sandra Jean Duckworth, Ruth Marian Nettle, Joan Marie Bohman, Belly Loa Herolz, Ann Bayler Clark, Mary Ceraldine Hugelt. Merry Beth erion. Mary Daumstark, Marinelle Sanders, Dinah Graham Bowen, Laura Kathryn Weir, Judy Leann Snavely, Kosemary Wendorl, Ellen Edith Epstein. Seventh Kou : Vickl Elizabeth Held, Carolyn Wood Grove, Carolyn Estine Blakey, Susan Bea Jungmichel, Carol Ann Houston, Allyne Sue O ' Banion, Dorothy Carol Dove. Mary Eugenia Di brell, Connye Victoria Miller. Page 202 KINSOLVING SOUTHWEST IOW its tCEE DEHS HID STAFF Resident Counselor HELEN COFFIN Student Counselor SUE JANE ISENHOWER Student Counselor LINDA CAROLE RIDGWAY Student Counselor LINDA KAY WALL Student Counselor . , MARY KATHLEEN WEAVER Jane Gould Cornick, President Ann Beasley, Secretary-Treasurer Deborah Anne Blandy Patricia Flo Crady ADVISORS Beverly Dale Davis Mary Esther Garner Sherry Louise Graham Margaret Lucille Koy Babette Elaine Leonard Susan Jane Lyle Martha Jeanne Purcell Carol Ann Singer Suzann Smith Sandra Gail Stoddard Daisy C. Whitridge Margaret Ann Wood Front Row; Gayle Eileen Norman, Dorothy Gladys Echt, Sandra Gail Stoddard, Susan Jane Lyle, Martha Jeanne Purcell, Beverly Dale Davis, Mary Esther Garner Margaret Ann Wood, Jane Gould Cornick, Patricia Flo Crady, Sherry Louise Graham, Ann Beasley, Suzann Smith, Deborah Anne Blandy, Daisy C. Whitridge, Margaret Lucile Koy Adele Ruth Fromm, Carol Ann Clark, Alice Lucille Pelton. Second Row: Rich rile Maurine Baum, Diane Angela Pontello, Melinda Murphy, Carole Susan Stallcup, Diane Elaine Lancaster, Sally Hutchings, Judith Ely one Baxter Penny McMullin, Sarah Susan Butler, Sallie Sue Skelley, Meredith Mitchell, Lynda Ethel Yaker, Judy Carol Zimmerman, Anne Elaine Kolb, Mary Sidney Turner, Betty ' Joanne Wilson, Barbara Jane Tudor, Christine Louise Valenza, Helen Coffin, Jo- Ann Oshry. Third Row: Nancy Lynne Riklin, Linda Lou Haston, Patricia Ann DeVrles, Marguertie Ann Sanders, Susan O ' Neil Calhoun, Margaret Ann Cowan, Susan Dee Russell, Susan Ruth Smolios, Jeanette Adele Adams, Patricia Dale Hammond, Terrie Linne Weinstein, Phyllus Jean Davis, Peggy Butts, Arvilla Jean Brown, Tangy Orange. Fourth Row: Marsha Helene Albert, Margaret Olivia Burnett, Ethel Lorraine Wilson, Jan Kinney, Lucille Dee Nuessle, Susan AJice Park, Linda Louise Bohls, Terry Lynn Dannels Frances Olivia Hill, Dianne Earlette Jones, Joan Carol Arrington, Sally Sue Davis, Mary Louise Nuuttila, Coila Nell Moss, Diane Alicia Stevens, Celia Rae BeaJl Claire Louise Goodnight. Fifth Row: Becky Vaunette Barth, Vicki Lee Gershner, Emily Jane Policy. Sharon Frances Wellborn, Arlcne Cailya Nixon, Julie Kathleen Davidson, Linda Beth La Baume, Peggy Ann Goldbeck, Karen Suzanne Smith, Diana Lynn Boland, Nancy Louise Kowert, Karen Lee Owen, Sharon Nell Puckett, Nancy Rebecca Porter. Joanne Vickers, Pamela Georgene Harker, Kathryn Louise Reichert. Page 203 KIRBY HALL STAFF Director IRENE POWERS Counselor . . . . NANCY SYDELL HEAD ADVISORS Patricia Ann Brown, (1) Helen Louise David Janis Lee Haney Janet Eileen McCarver Barbara Ann Nowlin Joan Marlene Sundbeck Susan Jane Tackett Jo Lynn Tittle Laura Lea Turbiville Marilyn L. Ward, Chairman Front Row: Mary Dianne Rogers, Janis Lee Haney, Carolyn Jo Espinoza, Jo Ann Cope, Linda Kathleen Hallowell, Martha Lee Beard, Paulette Mae Westheimer, Doria Faye Abel, JoLynn Tittle, Barbara Sue Stern, Nellie May Brookins, Linda Joy Bilhartz, Roxie Lynn Sikes, Terry Jcannctte Clarkson, Lana Kay Stacy, Sandra Kay Woll, P. Louise Comstock, Yvonn Joyce Bryion, Penny Lynn Hutchinson. Second Row: I.irtrla Kaye Percival, Judith Clay Handley, Edith Ann Norm, Lida Louise Wells, Ruth Ann Lasater, Emily Ann Eaton, Mary Kathalena Kennedy, Kay Lyn King, Barbara Allen Eiche, Anne Lee Aderholt, Lyneth Loraine Becker, Harriet Teresa Russell, Sandra Jean Vickers, Suzanne Paden, Sally June Paden, Vonell Lee Schkade. Karen Elise Kemper, Kay Margaret Fooshce, Mary France! McGregor. Third Row: Anna Laura Roberts, Mary Lynn Hughes, Marilyn L. Ward, Patricia Ann Finch, Cornelia Elizabeth Reaves, Helen Louise David, Virginia Earl Carter, Carolyn Ann Howell, Barbara Ann Nowlin, Theo Lynne Burton, Linda Gail Leonard, Gloria Jean KeUey, Shirley Frances Reid, Martha Jane Games, Sara Nell See, Betty Ann Wittie, Charlotte Eva Hughes, Sally Mayvi Wbiteside, Diane Zoe Johns. fourth Row: Clenda Sue Lanham, Dora Celene Lanham, Helen Rebecca Hale, Mary Lou Luedecke, Lynda Kay Redmon, Sarah Page Sulton, Sandra Travis, Judy Hanson, Son- dra Charlyne Pape, Joan Marlene Sundbeck, Susan Pamela Borg, Laura Lea Turbiville, Nancy Sydell Head, Lois Ann Reynolds, Patsy V. Riley, Barbara Kathryn Sonnenburg. Page 204 Front Row: Susan Patricia Melcalf, Julia Jane Waldby, Mary Louise Logan, Belly Ruth Carroll, Judy Marilyn Martin, Sandra Kaye Wilkie, Elizabeth Ann Littlejohn, Doris Anne Hunter, Jacquelyn Ann Hubbard, Sandra Annette Thompson, Karen Christie. Second Row; Elizabeth Susan Rockwood, Jean Elizabeth Criswell, Judith Kay Ping, Belly Jean Herma, Alice Ruth Wight, Kathryn Marie Bianchi, JanJe Sue Glimp, Jill Ann Kerr. Pally Lynn Burrows, Evelyn Jeanne Stallings, Judy Lynn Goodman. Third Row: Ann Hall, Georgia Gail McNary, Lynda Arminla Arnold, Dinah Camille Cunningham, Kathleen Karen Kelley, Charlotte Helen Hetherington, Carolyn Elaine Jenkins, Patricia Burkes Dougherty, Judith Ann Nicol, Mary Olga Tajan, Diane Davidson, Carolyn Armstrong Thompson. Fourth Row: Peggy Jean Easley, Adrianne Ann Hamillon, Emily Stallard, Phyllis Louise Dodson, Johannie Mae Bern hard. Janet Johnston, Jane Celestia Patrick, Sandra Lou Beavens. Judith Lynn Farmer, Gail Ann Corey, Kathryn Anne Dearing, Mary Jean Looney, Peggy Lynn Ames. Fifth Row: Ann Weekley, Johanna Catherine Gebhart, Elaine Marie Donaldson, Martha Lou Cunningham, Patricia Anne Hardin, Karen Stromberger, Nancy Jean Douglas, Bonnie Sue Casey, Constance Marie Wright, Janet Sue Cook, Linda Sue Smalley, Barbara Allen, Natalie Jan Royall. Front Row: Gail Revere Leverett, Jaynee Carole Guynes, Cheryl Ann Watson, Dorothy Elizabeth Buttery, Carole Susan Gasaway, Patricia Marie Dickerson, Judy Carol Littiefield, Shirley Anne Collier, Linda Jo Massey. Janice Ann Cockrell, Sandra Kay Oliver, Margaret Marie Westbrook. Second Row: Carrell Ada Morgan, Polly Ann Barnes, Judy Kay Magnus, Palricia Anne Elrod, Martha Louise Mayniar, Sharon Kaye Hynds, Nancy Sue Davis, Mary Ann Clarke, Carol Ann Ward, Nancy Jane Bowers, Penny Lee Cody, Donna Kay Smith. Third Row: Linda Ruth Bausch, Paula Elizabeth Robertson, Sarah Gail Dezelle, Sandra Kathleen Houston, Judith Louise Croom, Frances Sherrian Sandlin, Sandra llene Smith, Trudy Moore, Fay Madera, Judith Ann Michna, Nancy Kay Thomas. Fourth Row: Nancy Elaine Smith, Ardis Lynn Johnson, Francyne Forrester, Mary Jane Dodd, Helen Francille Scott, Glynda Heerensperger, Gail Marie Mitcham, Ann Dunbar, Betty Kay McWherler, Connie Ann Emmerl, Sherry Sue Johns. Fifth Row: Judy Kay Jackson, Janet Irene King, Sherry Lynn Starling, Sandra Ann Cruikshank, Susan Gayle Craig, Sharon Anne Wehner, Loraine Elenora Smilh, Sandra Kay Sitlon, Joan Edmond Stallings, Ricki Lynn Jackson. STAFF Resident Counselor JOANNE BoYKlN Student Assistant MARGARET SMITH Student Counselor ROSEMARY GORMAN Student Counselor . . ANITA PRICE HELLAMS ADVISORS Kay Lee Andrews Kathryn Louise Aston Kathryn Mary Austin Barbara Gay Boggess, Chairman Patricia Jane Clements Harriett Ann Durr Martha Katherine Goode Judy Lynn Goodman Sandra Kay Haas Julianna Margriet Lang Peggy Nell Mueller Diana Hays Reilly Carolyn Nell Stewart Patricia S. Thigpin J. Kay Thompson Carol Ann Volz Elizabeth Allison Walsh Cherry Antoinette Windrum Front Row: Andrews, Thompson, Boggess, Clements. Austin. Second Row: Stewart, Durr, Walsh, Reilly, Thigpin. Third Row: Goode, Aston, Windrum, JoAnne Boykin. Volz, Haas, Lang. LITTLEFIELD Page 205 MADISON HOUSE STAFF Director Head Resident Counselor . Counselor . . . . . ALYS BODOIN SALLY GAINER ALICE BRIGGS ADVISORS Dachiell Harding Ahlschlager Dorothy Kimbell Boettcher Karen Sue Conner Delia Lou Fitzhugh Mary Ann Hammer Margaret Dianne Hellen, Chairman Anne Hogan Nancy Jamison, Vice-Chairman Andrea M. Kaufman Shirley Jo Lewis Carrie Lindsay Jessie Lee Mandel Diana Lee Sessions, Secretary-Treasurer Diane Patricia Taylor Gail Elizabeth Watson Maxine Ann Weynand Front Row: Taylor, Hammer, Sessions, Mandel. Second Row: Conner, Gainer, Briggs, Hogan, Hellen. Third Row: Kaufman, Boettcher, Watson, Lindsay, Fitzhugh. Front Root: Alice Louise Donation, Robert Gay Presser, Donna Cail Dougherty, Loy Sherwood Dwyer, Beth Collins, Carolyn Rose Kowaliki, Jeanne Douglas Collins. Second Row: Catherine Anne Wehner, Marion Catherine Muenzenberger, Janet Forrest, Ann Elizabeth Feller, Patricia Ann Spero, Mils Finch Initian, Jean Marilyn Berk, Naedeen Ruth Elsik. Linda Mae Cuerra, Marilyn Elayne Trubenbach, Mary Ann Maxwell. Third Rote: Elizabeth Hazel Young, Marsha Cosette Searcy. Candace Elizabeth Knopf, Nancy Jan Garner, Ilona Therese Westerlage, Kathleen Anne Beckman. Penelope Anne Porter. Shirley Jeanette Crowley, Elizabeth Ann McKinney, Judy Beth Vorwerk. Fourth Row: Diane Susan Hurwitz, Naomi Jean Rosner, Karen Sue Henslee. Mae Helen Hartgrove, Peggy Sue Bobo, Barbara Ann Foley, Charmaine Marie Causey, Sylvia Sue Cole, Judith Porter. Front Rote: Sharyn Elaine Suckle, Betty Jo Mandel, Carol Janice Ablon. Michele Claire Magilow, Lynne Cordon. Lory Tudy Llpshitz, Enid Cail Rosenbaum. Linda Kay Gilbert. Barbara Ann Weidler. Second Rota: Chfryl Marcla Berman, Carol Ann Westerman, Betty Lee Brunner, Carole Anne Rogers, Carolyn Ann Halloi, Pamela Jean French, Patricia Anne Farrell. Anne Barbara Talbert, Sally Lauren Stangle. . Third Row: Marcia Ellen Freed. Cheryl Jean Tesch, Mildred Anne Knape, Martha Eloise Kuhl. Lois Jean Coleman, Linda Louise Creiswell, Joan E. Brtiyere, Michaelle Elaine Logoyda. Marilee Hughes Cans. Fourth Rote: Suzanne Kay Foster, Linda Kaye Warford, Jon Clair Janssen. Jeanne Linn Anderson, Kathryn Joan Mooney, Rebecca Harden, Sonia Diana Schwerdtfeger, Leta Ellen Worth- Ington. Barbara Anne Bescher. Carol Ann Nikkl Kincald. Page 206 Left to Right: Hill, Collins, Deathe, Cunningham, Braeuligam. STAFF Manager HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE Assistant Manager JAMES OLIVER BRAEUTIGAM Senior Secretary ELIZABETH FISCHER CUNNINGHAM Secretary JOAN HAYES COLLINS Clerical Assistant LOUISE AUSTIN HILL Sealed: Dunn, Scott, Fullilove, Barfield, Bond. Standing: Phillips, Hill, Dalian], Womack, Yogi, Darler- MOORE-HILL HALL Roger George Darley, Supervisor Larry Ewing Phillips, Assistant Supervisor Counselors Jerry Lee Ballard Danny Robert Barfield Ronald Fred Bond John L. Danner William Henry Dunn Douglas N. Fullilove Kendall Cooper Hill Charles M. Hollon George H. McCal], Jr. John Kenneth Scott, Jr. Harold S. Sparks, III, Spring William Harold Vogt Daniel Felton Waggoner, Spring Ronald Edward Womack Front Roto: Martin, Webster, Foster. Back Row: Cray, Moore, Patton. SIMKINS HALL Daniel George Webster, III, Supervisor, Fall John Frederick Gray, Supervisor, Spring Louis Kohl Brandt, Jr., Spring Charles Crawford Foster Boe W. Martin Counselors Jim A. Wade Kris K. Moore Thomas Michael Patton Joel Vaughan Roberts, Spring Seated: Leach, Crawford, Cuddehack. Standing: McDonald, Sturm, Whaley, Chrisco. SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES A-D Eugene Paul Sturm, Supervisor, Fall Ronald Fred Bon, Supervisor, Spring Counselors Philip A. Chrisco Walter Earl McDonald SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES F, G, H Kenneth Charles Leach, Supervisor Counselors Stanley Wyne Crawford Randell Keith Whaley John Earl Cuddeback Arthur E. Wilson, Spring Francis Donald Green, Spring Front Row: Clouser, Handley, Arthur. Back Row: Sallee, Mabry. BRACKENRIDGE HALL Ned Kinkier Handly, Supervisor Counselors John Joseph Arthur James Arthur Mabry Ernest Frederick Clouser Frank M. Sallee, II Front Row: Williams. Gotham. Back Row: Grimland, Dietz. PRATHER HALL Don Batchelor Williams, Supervisor Counselors Chrisian Malford Cotham David D. Grimland Louis Edwin Dietz Daniel Ray Lazicki Seated: Spitzer, Johnaoo, Anderson. Standing: Gray, Traylor. ROBERTS HALL Artie Joe Spitzer, Supervisor Counselors Ralph Hulen Anderson Henry Alton Gray James Robert Johnson William Albert Traylor MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS Page 207 NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director SISTER MARIA STELLA Housemother ZULA JACOBS Housekeeper KATE HOFFMAN President President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Upperclass Advisor . Freshman Advisor . OFFICERS NANCY SHARON CHRISTIAN Lois RITA PEKAR ELEANOR THERESA LANGFELD JUDY ANN WANGARD MARY FRANCES PAINTER ALIENE MARY TAYLOR SHIRLEY ANN DINHOBL . CATHERINE Jo VARGA ADVISORS Carol Germaine Collins, Chairman Marilyn Johanne Finger Jane Carole Glade Jan K. Glithero Catherine Regina Gordon Linda Anne Gould Valene Joyce Koss, Co-Chairman Jean Ann Panther Patricia Ann Sablatura Angeline Gladys Silva Betty Ann Spampinato Mary Linda Stiles, Co-Chairman Front Row: Marcia Nancy Fife, Patricia Ann Lednlchy, Yvonne Marie Perez. Jane Carole Glade, Carol Germaine Colltn , Valen Joyce Kota, Carol June Wilkint, Kathleen June Perrett, Cynthia Adele Overbeck. Sf nnd Row: Andrea Jeanne Klekar, Maria del Rosario Perez, Mary Ann Jerkoffky, Janice Anne Hall, Bonnie Jean Knmin-ki. Catherine Jo Varna, Marianne France! Raia, Eliia- l ih Ann Quat . Irene Fernandez, Suzanne Lackland Shieldi, Mary Lark Kaakle. Gloria Rebecca Green, Eleanor Theresa Langfeld. Third Row: Irma Leticia Guerra, Virginia Ann Vajdot, Dorothy Ann Oujezdtky, Jenny Kathleen Dove. Mary Alice Garza, Mary Linda Stilet, Nancy Sharon Chrlttian, Mary Ann Dorotik. Paula Colletti, Catherine ' Regina Cordon, Stephanie Hlllaker, Jean Ann Panther. Front Row: Kathy Scale, Christie Lee Caderle, Lois Diane Derouen. Carol Ann Chadick. Pamela Sue Roden, Sherri Anne Hudgens. Second Row: Patricia Ann Parrish, Charlotte Ann Zimmerman, Rebecca Howard, Nancy Julia Hoffman, Jana Bette White, Loyette Ann Dillion, Mary Ann Wycoff, Gayle Ann Scott. Third Roiv: Susan Mae Perkins, Frances Carl Lorell, Catherine H. Weaver, Sandra Faith Worley, Christine Gay Vincent, Jill Elaine James. Fourth Row: Ann E. Skarda, Sue Annette Douglas. Patricia Ann Atkins, Janice Jane Vogel, Dorothy Elizabeth Carr, Ilameta Carr, Carole Dee Foster, Rettye Anna Springer, Tina Durrett, Yvette Sharole Siegelman, Carolyn Ann Scogin, Mary Leutwyler. ADVISORS Patricia Ann Atkins Dorothy Elizabeth Carr Ildameta Carr Carol Amn Chalick Lynette Chionsini Lois Diane Derouen Loyette Ann Dillion Sue Annette Douglas Tina Durrett Christie Lee Enderle Carole Dee Foster Nancy Julia Hoffman Rebecca Howard Sherri Anne Hudgens Jill Elaine James Frances Carl Lorell Patricia Ann Parrish Susan Mae Perkins Pamela Sue Roden Carolyn Ann Scogin Gayle Ann Scott Kathy Scale Yvette Sharole Siegelman Ann E. Skavda Bettye Anna Springer Jean Stanford Christine Gay Vincent Janice Jane Vogel Catherine H. Weaver Jana Bette White Sandra Faith Worley Sandra Wright Mary Ann Wycoff Charlotte Ann Zimmerman OFFICERS President SUE ANNETTE DOUGLAS Vice-President NANCY JULIA HOFFMAN Secretary CHARLOTTE ANN ZIMMERMAN Parliamentarian . . . . BETTYE ANN SPRINGER STAFF Director MRS. F. C. MCDONNELL Head Resident Counselor MARY LEUTWYLER Counselor MADIE MORGAN Counselor IONE COOK Graduate Counselor GRETCHEN RAATZ Graduate Counselor C. BETH THOMAS Graduate Counselor . . . . MARY RUTH MAGRUDER SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Page 209 WHITIS HALL STAFF House Supervisor ZELMA MAE SMIZER Student Assistant. . . .EiTA JEAN MAYS OFFICERS President Jo MERTRED FRANKLIN V ice-President SHERRYL ONZELL GRIFFIN Secretary JENNABETH LOUISE WARD Treasurer . . . . NORMA RUTH ADAMS 2500 Whilis Vonl Rou: Etta Jean Mayi. Sherry! Onjelt Crltfln. Jon Beverly Combi. Beverly Ann Wilton. Second Rote: Judy Elaine Wilton, Anllhi T. Mitchell. Norm Ruth Adims. Jo Merlred Frinklin. Beverly Ann Hilcher. Third Rota: Cirolyn Brl.coe. Midelyn Wynelle Chri.lian, M.ry Juanila Drayden, Sandra Maria Martin, Joyce Judell Hubbard, Sharon Auita Hill, Mary Eliiabeth Leonard. Zelma Mae Smiier. Jennabeth Loulie Ward. Brenda Sue Hill. Ainei Sue While, Mariarelte Ann Bell. Page 210 Front Row: Hutcheson, Novoaad, Hagan, Kulchak, Clarkso Row: Haraldson, Caertner, Hilyard, Shields, Job Seventh n Malcolm McRae. OFFICERS President THOMAS LEE HUTCHESON, T.L.O.K. Vice-PTesident MARY KATHRYN KULCHAK, Halstead Secretary ADELINE A. NOVOSAD, Valhalla WOMEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES ALMETRIS Fay Dean Jackson Sarah Beatrice Penn SHANGRI-LA Cynthia Lee Lackey Ann Louise Whiting Treasurer , .... . . .ROBERT GILLESPIE CLARKSON, T.L.O.K. Parliamentarian. . . THOMAS MARION HAGAN, Campus Guild Faculty Sponsor MARGARET BERRY MEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES CAMPUS GUILD THE STAG Earl Cleveland Gaertner, Jr. James Martin Heidelberg, Jr. Andrew Daniel Beckey Thomas Michael White FELECIA Audrey Elayne Holm Rebecca Ortiz THEADORNE Jeanie Louise Roeder Elsie Louise Swendsen ED PRICE HALL William Woodson Harlow Richard Weldon Lawson THELEME James Richard Hardy Larry G. Luce HALSTEAD Nikki Gay Rylander Rose Kathryn Sims VALHALLA Judith Kay Camps Margaret Lynn Gallagher RAMSHORN Robert Scott Haraldson Edward Francis Page, Jr. T.L.O.K. Marlow B. Preston Bernard Frank Tupa PEARCE Joanne Lee Fleming Carole Jeanne Roberts WAKONDA Diana Caryl Cox Winona Frances Harmon ROYAL Douglas Wade Hilyard William H. Shields TWIN PINES Michael Dennis Flener Albert Allen Kennedy, Jr. POWELL HOUSE Carmela Andrea Garcia Mary Ruth Underbrink WHITEHALL Diana Aurora Carsey Glenda Frances Fuhrmann VARSITY Philip Robert Lerway Charles Allen March NEW UNIVERSITY CO-OP Annie Jane Brown Helen Marie Loerwald INTER-CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL Page 211 COUNCILS CO-ORDINATORS ' COUNCIL Chairman NANCY JOYCE HOPWOOD Secretary ADRIENNE LYNN COURTEAU Faculty Sponsor MARGARET BERRY REPRESENTATIVES Patsy Ann Burns, Shangri-La Judy Murraylin Cole, Whitehall Dianne Dunn. Wakonda Gloria Judene Grant, Almetris Nancy Joyce Hopwood, Felecia Laura Jeanne Kassos, New University Mary Kathryn Kulchak, Halstead Elaine Elizabeth Naiser, Theadorne Marianne Slagle, Powell House Francine Marie Springs, Valhalla Martha Jean Woma ' ck, Pearce Front Row: Womack, Courteau, Cole. Kassos. Second Row: Springs, Dunen, Kulchak, Burns. Third Row: Grant, Slagle. Naiser, Hopwood. PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Chairman JOHN D. JARRARD Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM DAVID CARR REPRESENTATIVES Lawrence Richard Anderson, Ed Price Hall Dick Barlow, Campus Guild Roberto E. Batres, The Stag Elbert Theo Dubose, Jr., Theleme Charles Lewis Grimes, T.L.O.K. Bobby Allan Grigsby, Varsity Hall John D. Jarrard, Royal James R. Lee, Ramshorn Charles Lincoln Raby, Twin Pines Left to Right: Raby. Barlow, Batret, Jarrard, Carr, Lee, Dubose, Anderson, Grizsby. Page 212 Front Row: Brightman, Stafford, Shih, Wolf, Grimmer, Wheeler, Gibson, Schoonover, C. 0. Ching, Horn. Second Row: Chang, P. Guzman, Breazeale, GHdemeister, Harloff, Lou, Dunn, Leitch, Wicks, Arnold. Third Row: Christian, Gilmore, Halstead, Kennedy, Gaertner, Tuttle, Campbell, Holman, Gilchrist, Guess. Fourth Row: Math, Flynn, Smith, Holm, Humphris, Bailey, R. Guzman, Heidelberg, Chapman, Beeler. Fifth Row: Conine, Tannahill, La Rue, Boehm, Bebb, Keynon, Lesler, Bugna, Brown. MEMBERS James Elton Arnold Donald Michael Bailey Dick Barlow Donald Edward Barton Johnny Mack Bates Chester Richard Bebb Park Lyle Beeler John Freeman Blanton Carl F. Boehm, Jr. John Richard Breazeale Bill Brewer Thomas Oswell Brightman George Stanley Brown William Stephen Bugna, Jr. John Everett Campbell Alfred David Carpenter Patricio Castro-Manje Henry Chang David Lee Chapman Chee Han Ching Chee On Ching Bertrand Edward Christian Robert Edward Clark Ernest Smith Clifton Jimmie Michael Conine Edwin Ross Conyers Glenn Eric Dunn Michael James Flynn Earl Cleveland Gaertner, Jr. John A. C. Gibson Bobby Joe Gilchrist Edward Augustus Gildemeister Sammy Michael Gilmore David Michael Gregory Richard Arthur Grimmer, III Carroll Lynn Guess Philip Guzman Reynaldo Guzman Thomas Marion Hagan Robert Edward Hall William Earle Halstead, Jr. Gary James Harloff James Martin Heidelberg, Jr. Garvin Dwayne Holman Edward John Holm John Thomas Horn Dennis Alan Humphris Joseph Daniel Kennedy Lonnie Charles Key Gary Alan Keynon Lyndon Eaves Laminack Jim Garland La Rue William A. Leitch Henry William Lester Thomas Nai-Chi Lou Shelton Eugene Mangum, Jr. Theodore Albert Math Larry Wayne Wolf OFFICERS President DICK BARLOW Vice-President REYNALDO GUZMAN Secretary FRANK SCHROEDER STAFFORD Treasurer JIM GARLAND LA RUE Reporter-Historian JESSE LUKE THOMPSON David Robert Mireles Ronnie Dubert Nelson Martin Palacios Norvin G. Parr, III Alton Glenn Beesing Ramiro Salinas David Eugene Schoonover Chia-Shun Shih Marshall Bruce Sideman Wayne Arvon Speir Richard Milton Smith, Jr. Frank Schroeder Stafford Shozo Sugiguchi Gary Keith Tannahill Jesse Luke Thompson William Kelley Tuttle, III Bosco Wong Raymond Louis Wheeler Loren Donald Wicks, II 2804 Whitis CAMPUS GUILD Page 213 ED PRICE HALL OFFICERS President LAWRENCE RICHARD ANDERSON Vice-President WILLIAM WOODSON HARLOW Secretary MICHAEL RAY ROLAN Treasurer . . . . RICHARD RAY RABY 2007 Whitis Gerardo Aguirre Lawrence Richard Anderson Gilbert Lowell Baker Harry Douglas Bray Charles Richard Brinkley Louis Edward Bryant Charles Lewis Cunningham Lawrence E. DeBault Leslie Robert Demetri William Woodson Harlow MEMBERS Paul Dean Jurecka Ronald Anthony Kosler Richard Weldon Lawson Harold Earl Lieck Jerry Lynn Matlock Ronny J. Matlock Michael Louis McAnally George B. Neff, Jr. Arnold Ott William David Patek Henry Anthony Pavliska Robert Keith Peterson Richard Ray Raby David Frank Rohde Michael Ray Rolan Toribio Julio Saucedo Richard Henry Schroeder Tom Scoffield Scott Richard Dale Wagner Wilton Martin Warnecke, Jr. From Ram: Rolan. Pattk, Baker. Bryant, Jurecka. DeBault. Stcond Row: Scott, Warnecke. McAnally. Brinkley, Ott, Schroeder, Bray, Aguirre. Thit,l Rou: Harlow. Rohde, Andenon, Pavllika, Wafner, J. Matlock, Rtby. Laoion, Cunningham, Neff, Saucedo, Lleck, Koiler. Pate 214 Front Row: Shofner, Emmert, Tracy, Cleek, Knipling, Polasek. Second Rote: McNatt, Flexner, McRae , Rawley, Hilyard. Third Row: Dorotek, Sanders. Smith, Minyard, Shields, McKinnerney. Fourth Row: Collins, Farrell, Jarrard, Powell, Yenawine, Lewis. David Scott Brenek Richard Kyle Cleek Michael Francis Collins Fleetwood Michael Courreges Robert Joseph Dorotik David Devon Emmert Raymond Clint Farrell Paul Arthur Felxner Daniel Raymond Galindo Douglas Wade Hilyard MEMBERS John D. Jarrard Samuel Edward Knipling Joseph Reid Kuykendall William Carter Lewis Peter Joseph McCormick Gayland Page McKinnerney Randy Mathews McNatt John Malcolm McRae John Stafford Minyard, II John Edgar Polasek Michael Earl William Powell Richard Rawley Jerry Dale Sanders William Henry Shields Robert Earl Shofner Walter Rogers Smith Grafton William Stull, Jr. Thomas Lee Tracy Arthur Cleve Yenawine OFFICERS President JOHN D. JARRARD V ice-President ARTHUR CLEVE YENAWINE Secretary SAMUEL EDWARD KNIPLING Treasurer DAVID DEVON EMMERT Food-Buyer RAYMOND CLINT FARRELL 1916 Speedway ROYAL Page 215 STAG 1910 Rio Grande OFFICERS President ROBERTO E. BATRES Treasurer ALBERTO MANUEL RAMON Food Buyer CRAIG BoLTON TAYLOR Secretary-Maintainer HENRY Louis GOMEZ Assistant Treasurer FRANK BEVERLY BROWN, JR. Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM D. CARR MEMBERS Roberto E. Batres Andrew Daniel Beckey Frank Leslie Branson Frank Beverly Brown Mike Brooks Calliham David Michael Evans Enrique Medellin Flores Henry Louis Gomez Joe Norman Guthrie John Robert Holcomb Kenneth R. Hunter Lester Carroll Johnson Jimmy Allen Johnston Glenn Edward Klaus David Monroe Lawson Terry Wayne Lutz Alan Leonard Mollere Gary Thomas Montgomery Gary Lee Mowrey Don Bischoff Nolan Alberto Manuel Ramon John Loftin Simpson George Robbie Sutherland Craig Bolton Taylor Raymond Chauncey Tolerton John Thomas Urban Victor Xavier Villarreal Thomas Michael White Gary Dean Winston Front Row: Ramon, Batres, Gomez. Second Rote: Nolan, White, Lawson, Beckey, Klaus, Montgomery, Evans. Third Rote: Mowrey, Winton, Holcomb, Branson, Urban, Villarreal, Johnson. Fourth Rote: Calliham, Sutherland, Hunter, Johnston, Lutz, Simpson, Brown. Page 216 Front Row: Fuller, Loayza, Burger, Smith, Watts, Kubica. Second Roto: I! viand, Steen, Janda, Cuellar. Third Row: Largacha, O ' Connor, Garrett, Robinson. Fourth Row: Engel, Luce, Malone, Hairston. Fifth Row: Dubose, Funk, Wunderlich, Stanford, Wiley. John Austin Burger Pedro Luz Cuellar Elbert Theo Dubose, Jr. Floyd Llewellyn Dunn James B. Engel Edward Oscar Fuller Paul Dierck Funk David George Garrett Ronald James Gauer Morris Don Hairston MEMBERS James Richard Hardy James Charles Janda Joseph Henry Kubica Antonio S. Largacha Roberto Arturo Loayza Larry G. Luce Elmo Malone Charles Watts McGiboney David Warren McKenzie Henry Richard Mitchell Gary Richard O ' Connor Robert Jack Robinson Robert Clarence Ryland Albert Smith, Jr. James Harlan Stanford James C. Steen Wylie Paul R. Watts Sammuel K. Wiley Kenneth Waldie Wunderlich OFFICERS President PAUL DIERK FUNK Secretary JAMES RICHARD HARDY Treasurer ELBERT THEO DUBOSE, JR. Whip JAMES B. ENGEL Food Buyer .... KENNETH WALDIE WUNDERLICH 611 West 22nd THELEME Page 217 T.L.O.K. President Food Buyer Treasurer Secretary Maintainer .... Faculty Advisor OFFICERS CHARLES LEWIS GRIMES NOEL DEE EVANS . ROBERT GILLESPIE CLARKSON HUNTER DEAN ELLINGER . . . GERALD MAXWELL WILSON EDWIN WILSON MUMMA 1903 Rio Grande Wayne Allen Carmack Michael Horace Casey Robert Gillespie Clarkson Everard Correll Davenport Emilio Gerardo Dutari Hunter Dean Ellinger Noel Dee Evans Charles Lewis Grimes Gary Warren Grizzle Robert Benton Howell MEMBERS Thomas Lee Hutcheson Jerry Cecil Jordan James Robert Kittles Ira Joe Klaus Henry Ralph Klawitter William John Macha Dennis Marshall David Philip Mindrup Jay Powell Mumma Edgar Oelkers, Jr. Thomas Alan Ohlendorf John Elrees Porche, Jr. Marlow Rodney Preston Charles Edward Riese John Terence Southwell Kenric Dalton Speed Leon Dee Stump Bernard Frank Tupa Gerald Maxwell Wilson Ryce Neal Wilson Front Kmi : Kittles, Klaui, Hutcheson, Southwell, Clarkion, Davenport, Dutiri. Second Row: Jordan, Preston, Speed, Grizzle, Carmack, Ellinfer, Casey. Third Rote: Tupa, Porche, Klawitter, R. Wilson, Mindrup, J. Mumma, Evans. Fourth Ron: Macha, Oelkers, Howell, Slump, Crimes, Riese, Ohlendorf. Fife 218 Front Rote: Raby, Kennedy, Beck, Gotten, D. Roberts, O. Roberts. Second Row: Garza-Cantu, Lavoie, Hardaway, Parks, Faulkner, Porter, Rodriguez. Third Row: Dittrich, White, Koehler, Millian, Flener, Mason, Cantrell. Richard Joe Bombace William John Bomberger Edward Lee Beck William Herold Cantrell David Michael Gotten Charles Anthony Dittrich George Duncan Echelson Tommy Hartgrove Faulkner Michael Dennis Flener MEMBERS Roberto Rogelio Garcia Jackson Monroe Garner Jose Arturo Garza-Cantu. Louis Gonzales, Jr. William Lance Hardaway Albert Allen Kennedy, Jr. Travis Aubrey Koehler Lawerance Edward Lavoie James Lowell Mason Joe David Millian Clarence Milton Parks Carrol Wayne Pilgrim John Wayne Porter Charles Lincoln Raby Durvis Alan Roberts Owen Lee Roberts Thomas Fernandez Rodriguez Frank George White OFFICERS President CHARLES LINCOLN RABY V ice-President MICHAEL DENNIS FLENER Housemanager CARROL WAYNE PILGRIM Food Buyer JOE DAVID MILLIAN Treasurer . . . . WILLIAM HEROLD CANTRELL 2800 TWIN PINES Page 219 VARSITY HALL OFFICERS President THOMAS RICKS LINDLEY Vice-P resident PHILIP ROBERT LEEWAY Secretary MICHAEL WESLEY ANDREWS Treasurer CHESTER MARK CEDARS Dietician MICHAEL MCFARLAND JOHNSON 2009 Whilis Michael Wesley Andrews Mark Nicholas Broussard, Jr. Homer D. Carmean Chester Mark Cedars Joseph David Crawford, Jr. John Stanley Fuhrmann Gary Quinn Giles Bobby Allan Grigsby MEMBERS John Travis Griffin Wenche R. Guevara Jose Antonio Hinojosa Miguel Angel Hinojosa Michael McFarland Johnson Michael Marion Kostiuk, Jr. Philip Robert Lerway Thomas Ricks Lindley Charles Allen Marsh Arthur Lorenzo Martin Alvy Daryl Pullin James Wilmore Romes Joseph Hal Roquemore William Lee Walker Gilbert A. Watkins James Morgan Wright Front Role: Andrews, Lindley, Guevara, Koitiuk, Broustlrd, Lerway, Romef. Strand Rote: Walker. Fuhrminn, Wright. Pullin. Gilri, Carmean, Minh. Third ROK: Cedan, Crawford. Johnion, Griffin, Grifiby, Wilkini. Pair 220 WOMEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES UNIVERSITY MEMBERS Karen Elizabeth Anderson Jeanette Cecelia Barger Lee Ellen Beaston Betty Jean Brinkley Annie Jane Brown Peggy Marie Burnett Danna Carlene Cody Theresa A. Comiskey Frances Lynn Foley Helen Delia Hoofard Doris Ann Janek Laura Jeanne Kassos, Co-Ordinator Helen Marie Loerwald Gloanna Martonak Joy Joanne Oster Lana Kay Phillips Linda LaRue Robinson Malinee Sagarik Guadalupe Saldivar Diana Lou Schuy Terri Ann Spearman Betty Lynne Stiles Pamela Ann Windsor Daneel Louise Wood Front Row: Barger, Sagarik, Burnett, Schuy. Second Row: Saldivar, Robinson, Kassos, Beaston, Foley, Comiskey. Third Row: Windsor, Martonak, Wood, Phillips, Loerwald, Stiles, Hoofard, Oster. Fourth Row: Cody, Janek, Brinkley, Spearman. Anderson, Brown. ALMETRIS FELECIA Patricia Jo Applewhite Charlotte Veonne Baugh Charlene Clarice Collins Johnnye Earlene Cunningham Gloria Jiidene Grant, Sandra Jauntina Freeman Co-Ordinator Nellie Fay Guyden Nancy Ruth Hatcher Jimmye Lee Hill Margaret Rissia Hopkins MEMBERS Eunice Adell Jackson Fay Dean Jackson Arlette Iras Jones Carolyn Theresa Jones Patricia Ann Aline Lee Sula Mae Lowe Joyce Evelyn Massingill Elizabeth Carolyn McAfee, Jr. Joan Marie McAfee Lois Ann McDowell Betty Joyce Moore MEMBERS Greta Mae Moore Sarah Beatrice Penn Joan Martin Perry Carolyn Arnell Radcliff Barbara Yevonne Singleton Vivian Maxine Tillman Mary Ann Vincent Gwendolyn Washington Shirley Ann Williams Willye Stene Witcher Marta Benavides Joan Ann Brehm Carole Joyce Burke Annell Costlow Sandra Jean Crosby Margaret Ann Dewey Margaret Elizabeth Diden Linda Lou Froehner Audrey Elayne Holm Nancy Joyce Hopwood Patricia Ann Jurek Judith Kay McMillan Patricia Dell Nance Rebecca Ortiz Rosemarie Ellen Penzerro Catherine Lee Reifel Jean Ellen Sammons Front Row: Hill, Hopkini, Tillman, Witcher, Lowe, Williams, Baugh. Second Row: Vincent, Cunningham, Grant, Massingill, Jackson, Apple- white, Washington, Freeman. Third Row: Moore, Hatcher, Guyden, Jones, McAfee, Duren, Moore, Peiry, Singleton, Collins, McDowell, Penn. Front Rote: Holm, Crosby Summons, Reifel, Ortiz. Second Row: Dewey, Benarldes, Jurek, Penzerro, Diden. Third Row; Nance, Froehner, Burke, Costlow, McMillan, Brehm, Hop- wood. Page 221 HALSTEAD HOUSE KATHERINE PEARCE Front Row: Poston, Gonzalez, Broussaid, Kulchak, Zurovetz. Second Row: Holding, Sims, Tate, Crawford, Adler, Bagley. Third Row: Rogers, Rylander, Wester, Fregia, LeNoir, Bennett. Front Row: L. J. Marshall, Hanney, Womack. Second Row: L. A. Marshall, Beck, Cargill, Galle, Paiasky. Third Row: Hill, Kay. Culbertson, Roberts, Fleming, Goldwire, Gerick, Jones. MEMBERS MEMBERS Lila Nell Adler Nancy Louise Bagley Mary Grace Bennett Muriel Irene Bolding Grace Belle Broussard Patricia Annette Crawford Patsy Kelly Fregia Angelita Gonzalez Mary Kathryn Kulchak, Co-Ordinator Mayrene Louise LeNoir Mary Lynn Poston Betty Elaine Rogers Nikki Gay Rylander Rose Kathryn Sims Sherri Glee Tate Janis Catherine Wester Becky Jo Beck Lou Ellen Cargill Adrienne Lynn Courteau Clare Frances Culbertson Joanna Lee Fleming Gail Harriet Galle Mary Lou Gerick Carolyn Jean Goldwire Patricia du Menil Hanney Sandra Jean Hill Carol Kay Jones Elizabeth Anne Kay Linda Ann Marshall Lu-Nita Jane Marshall Addie Kay Paiasky Carole Jeanne Roberts Dorothy Mae Zurovetz Martha Jean Womack, Co-Ordinator POWELL HOUSE SHANGRI-LA MEMBERS MEMBERS Margaret Ellen Agnew Donna Margaret Bierds Maurette Lucienne Bigley Kathleen Lee Brightman Patsy Ann Bums, Co-Ordinator Carol Virginia Burt Sharon Ann Duecker Mildred Nelwyn Hart Ann Louise Whiting Judi Kay Jackson Mary Sue Johnson Cynthia Lee Lackey Sherron Ann Lehman Phylh ' s Lee Maring Bonnie Sue Olive Carole Joy Pape Frances Beverly Vaughn Barbara Ann Burke Mary Helen Byrd Mary Earleen Casey Evelyn Ann Dietert Mary Ellen Farrar Irma Lourdes Garcia Gloria Guardiola Jane Elizabeth Hector Sharon Ann Wood Jan Jones Beulah Gay Likin Sandra Richard Mary Ann Seidensticker Marianne Slagle, Co-Ordinator Miriam Stendig Mary Ruth Underbrink Dorothy Anne Williams front Row: Brightman, Vaughn, Maring, Bjgley, Olive. Second Row: Bicrdi, Johnson, Whiting, Burns, Agneir, Lehman. Third Row: Pape, Duecker, Burt, Jackson, Hart, Lackey. front Row: Casey, Guardiola, Slagle, Dietert, Seidensticker, Burke. Second Row: Garcia, Famr, Hector, Byrd, Underbrink, Williams, Wood, Jones. Page 222 THEADORNE VALHALLA Front Row: Kellough, Phillips, Davis, Swendsen, Galloway. Second Row: Hicks, Walthei, Chance, Crawford, Koehler. Third Row: Giffin, Imle, Naiser, Roeder, Abbott, Dietz, Heckmaa. Front Row: Springs, Clyde, Gallagher, Chamberlain. Second Row: Overstreet, Camps, League, Bellamy, Clayton, Schiffer. Third Row: Novosad, Klein, McCoy, Crawford, Bradfield, Nickell. Kathryn Grace Abbott Saundra Mae Chance Freda Ruth Crawford Dorothy Marie Davis Jennie Lee Dietz Nancy Sue Galloway Linda Carol Giffin Bonnie Marie Heckman MEMBERS Helen Anne Hicks Elizabeth Imle Peggy Kellough Judith Elizabeth Koehler Elaine Elizabeth Naiser, Co-Ordinator Marsha Lynn Phillips Jeanie Louise Roeder Elsie Louise Swendsen Norma Gene Walther MEMBERS Janee Brown Bellamy Beatrice Eileen Bradfield Judith Kay Camps Frances Faltin Chamberlain Catherine Winifred Clayton Carol Grant Clyde Shary J. Crawford Margaret Lynn Gallagher J. Sue Graham Virgie Ann Klein Nancy Kay League Patricia Kathryn McCoy Nancy Lorine Nickell Adeline Novosad Gloria Jean Overstreet Judith Ann Schiffer Francine Marie Springs, Co-Ordinator WAKONDA WHITEHALL MEMBERS Barbara Delores Addicks Martha Domitila Botello Alice Cerda Cynthia Lynn Cox Diana Caryl Cox Rose Etta Dodd Dianne Dunn, Co-Ordinator Maxine Annette Gorneau Winona Frances Harmon Linda Sharyn Jackson Carolyn Ann Luke Annette Patterson Patricia Inez Patterson Patricia Carneal Penry Linda Lou Sauer Peggy Sharon Stagg Grace Louise Voges Laura June Whitworth Mary Jo Battaglia Ruth Ann Berry Diana Aurora Carsey Mary Elizabeth Crawford Judy Murraylin Cole, Co-Ordinator Claudia Jean Day Carol Lynn Doss MEMBERS Glenda Frances Fuhrmann Janice Galle Judith Anne Hershiser Elizabeth J. Labay Linda Ruth Milligan Gay Bronwyn Newell Sharon Pedrotti Penny Michele Powell Celina Frances Rios Anita Sanchez Johnette Yolanda Schelin Judy Schreck Patricia Sue Southerland Margaret Marie Tiemann Maria Aimee Verduzco Janice Willenborg Front Row: Sauer, Dodd, Voges, Whitworth. Second Row: Cox, Botello, Harmon, Cerda, Addicks. Third Row: Stagg, Fenry, Dunn, Gorneau, Cox, Jackson. Front Row: Labay, Sanchez, Crawford. Cole. Second Row: Schelin, Hershiser, Milligan, Tiemann, Newell, Day, Doss. Third Row: Rios, Berry, Verduzco, Carsey, Southerland, Fuhrmann. Fourth Row: Powell, Schreck, Galle, Pedrotti, Battaglia. Page 223 Hie eleven o ' clock break at Valhalla Co-Op. ssdSfiifeBHtttfl l J Between semesters relaxation at Ed Price Hall. First class service from the waiters at Dexter House. The boys at William K. Hall get in some football practice. An after dinner bridge game at Kinsolving Dorm. THE ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE The University of Texas Campus - . k Edited by Kay Bailey and Lyn Reeder Page 225 ALPHA CHI OMEGA i f f: OFFICERS Fall Spring SUE ELLEN MCCLELLAN President .... ADRIENNE ELIZABETH SHUPEE JOYCE KAY TURNER First V ice-President . . . HARRIET ELAINE OLDHAM SUE STOCKARD Second V ice-President SANDRA SUE TESSMER BONNIE ELIZABETH BAIRD Corresponding Secretary VICKI MARTIN SUZANNE FISH Recording Secretary MARILU GRACE PLEDGES Nancy Ann Abbott Karen Adams Judi Ann Bagley Suzanne Laura Baker Judith Elynne Baxter Susan Jane Blood Jeanne Louise Boise Jane Ellen Booth Pat Bradshaw Catherine Elizabeth Carl Elizabeth Anne Clark Susan Diane Conine Nancy Elizabeth Crouch Mary Eugenia Dibrell Raye Esther Dickson Tanna Sue Doing Patricia Jane Fagan Judy Jane Ferguson Diana Lynn Fuste Pamela Glass Glenda Lee Gorman Jaynee Carole Guynes Mary Don Hairston Judith Lynn Hanna Mina Johanna Hawkins Muriel Jean Zachary Kathryn Nelle Haymes Karen Marie Hempel Jill Langston Hodge Eugenia Frances Johnson Barbara Gail Keller Linda Jill Larson Justina Jane Leonard Lynn Martin Mary Barbara Miner Patsy Delia Moyer Phyllis Joan Nash Allyne Sue O ' Banion Charlotte Kay Parker Patricia Ruth Perryman Susan Jeanette Rogers Elizabeth Sue Sandridge Mary Frances Scammel Sandra Ilene Smith Suzanne Carolyn Smith Jan Stockard Sharron Kaye Stone Cynthia Anne Turner Judith Ann Weyerman Jerolyn Sue Witt Beverly Jean Wright Top Row: Abbott, K. Adams. S. Adams, Agnew, Alexander, Second Row: Alline, Bagley, Baird, S. L. Baker, S. Baker. Third Row: Barlow, Baxter, Beaselman, Billups, Blair. Fourth Row: Blood, Bode, Boettcher, Boggs, Bait . Fifth Row: Bondies, Booth, Botkin, Bradshaw. Brundrett. Sixth Row: Calhoun, C. Carl, M. Carl, Chism, Claassen. Seventh Row: Clark, Cotletti, Conine, Crouch, Cumtnings. Eighth Row: Dahl, Davis, Dibrell, Dickson, Doing. Ninth Row: Earhart, Fagan, Faulkner, Ferguson, File.. Tenth Row: Fish, Fox, Frick, Funda, Fuste. Eleventh Row: Glass, Gorman, Grace, Griffith, Griggs. Twelfth Row: Guynes, Hairston, Hallmark, Hanna, Hawkins. Thirteenth Row: Haymes, Hempel, Hendrix, Herb- ert, Hester, Fourteenth Row: Hodge, Holden, Hollingsworth, Howard, Howe. Page 226 MEMBERS Susan Ann Adams Margaret Ellen Agnew Martha Sue Alexander Lynda Marie Alline Bonnie Elizabeth Baird Suzanne Baker Sherry Arlene Barlow Marcy Margaret Besselman Susan Billups Lee Ann Blair Mary Louise Bode Dorothy Kimbell Boettcher Mary Alleen Boggs Catherine Elizabeth Bondies Sally Jean Botkin Betty J. Brundrett Vicki Sue Calhoun Madeline Mercy Carl Estha Willborn Chism Janet Susan Claassen Paula Colletti Janice Carol Cummings Janet M. Dahl Sandra Lois Davis Suzanne Eleanore Earhart Virginia Kay Faulkner Elizabeth Anne Files Suzanne Fish Mary Sharon Fox Patti Frick Janita Pamela Frye Marti Funda Marilu Grace Mary Tedford Griffith Anna Gretchen Griggs Dina Lynn Hallmark Carol Key Hendrix Sharon O ' Nita Herbert Priscilla Jane Hester Janet Louise Holden Jean Ivy Hollingsworth Mary Mize Howard Bonnie Virginia Howe Betty Karon Hughes Judi Kay Jackson Mary Sue Johnson Jo Karen Jurek Karolen Keane Katherine Anne Kramer Barbara Jane Lacey Beverly Jan Larson Jan Mason Lasater Frankie Ruth Lewis Barbara Kim Lyerly Marianne Martin Vicki Martin Eddie Rebecca Maxey Sue Ellen McClellan Nancy Kay McCullough Kathleen Louis McGinn Patricia Anne Moore Linda Caroline Myers Rebecca Alice Nelson Donna Fay Oberpriller Harriet Elaine Oldham Charlene Palmer Martha Jean Payne Susan Kay Petet Ann Kathryn Ragsdale Shirley Jean Sachtleben Jean Lorenz Shireman Adrienne Elizabeth Shupee Wesleynn Maryann Simons Judith Ann Sims Marilyn Sue Smith Martha Ann Smith Carol Ann Steger Sue Stockard Martha Clive Strack Gail Frances Streater Sandra Sue Tessmer Karen Ann Thompson Mary Susan Torrey Susan Carter Trimble Joyce Kay Turner Janet Louise Wark Camille Leal Watson Nancy Ann Weaver Kay Clyde Webb Karen Dodd Webber Diane Frances Webster Carole Mae Welhausen Mildred Ann Welhausen Barbara Gay Wickert Top Row: Hughes, Jackson, E. Johnson, M. Johnson, Jurek. Second Row: Keane, Keller, Kramer, B. Larson, L. Larson. Third Row: Lasater, Leonard, Lewis, Lyerly, L. Martin. Fourth Row; V. Martin, Maxey, McClehan, McCullough, McGinn. Fifth Row: Miner, Moore, Moyer, Myers, Nash. Sixth Row: Nelson, OBanion, Oberpriller, Oldham, Palmer. Seventh Row: Parker, Payne, Ferryman, Petet, Ragsdale. Eighth Row: Rogers, Sachtleben, Sandridge, Scammel, Shireman. Ninth Row: Shupee, Simons, Sims, M. S. Smith, M. A. Smith. Tenth Row: S. I. Smith, S. C. Smith, Steger, J. Stockard, Stone. Eleventh Row: Strack, Streater, Tessmer, Thompson, Torrey. Twelfth Row: Trimble, C. Turner, J. Turner, Wark, Watson. Thirteenth Row: Weaver, Webb, Webber, Webster, C. Welhausen. Fourteenth Row: M. Welhausen, Weyerman, Wickert, Witt, Wright, Zachary. AXQ Page 227 ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS Fall PATRICIA RUTH ASTON President LINDA LEE MCPHERSON .... First Vice-President . . ZANE ANN MORGAN Second V ice-President JANE ELLIS STEVENS Recording Secretary . CAROLYN RUTH COKER Treasurer Spring . DIANE KATHLEEN FITTS SARA LEE DOCCETT JANET MARJORIE DARROW LINDA JANE DAVIS . . SUSAN JANE HOLMAN FALL PLEDGES Jeanne Linn Anderson Karen Lee Anderson Martha Sue Andrews Celia Rae Beall Linda Kay Beard Anne Elizabeth Blankenship Barbara Gay Boggess Patty Lynn Burrows Susan Carol Chaffe Joyce Corin Connally Nancy Rae Crowell Mary Sue Cunningham Sarah Gail Dezelle Dorothy Sue Dodgen Sandra Evers Francyne Forrester Sara Lavonia Cause Kenny Lynn Griffith Brewster Conrad Gurney Myrle Kay Hughes Linda Kay Isbell Ricki Lynn Jackson Janet Johnston Susan Bea Jungmichel Karen Elise Kemper Beth Ann Knight Pamela Marney Susan Elizabeth Matthews Betty Kay McWherter Wanda June McCuistion Vicki Myra Melin Dorothy Jean Monday Alice Lucile Pelton Judy Lynn Pettit Betty Jean Rodgers Marcella Ruth Rowland Joann Rustamier Gail Rustin Margaret Lynn Shahan Catherine Shepperd Terry Ann Steves Amanda Felicita Struben Willadee Thomas Carolyn Sue Thompson Rebecca Ann Varnado Clarene Mae Walker Mary Lea Walters Gail Elizabeth Watson Patricia Ann Webb Katherine Radford Yates SPRING PLEDGE Janice Kay Hoelsher Top Rdw : Allen, J. Anderson, K. Anderson, Andrews, P. Aston. Second Rote: Baker, Bass, Baxter, A. Beall, C. Beall. Third Row: Beard, Blackburn, Blankenship, Boggess, Bond. Fourth Row : Bowen, Boydstun, Burrows, Byers, Chaffe. Fifth Row: Connally, Creager, Crowell, Crowley, C. Cunningham. Sixth Row: Daily, Darrow, Daugherty, Davit, DeShong. Seventh Row: Dezelle, Dletz, Di ldy, Dodgen, Essex. Eighth Row : Evers, Fills, Forrester, Fo ter, French. Ninth Row: Cause, Getsner, Gillespie, Crannis, Griffith. Tenth Row: Gurney, Halsh, Hardie, Holman. Howell. Eleventh Row: Hughe , Hurt, Isbell, Jackson, Jacobsen. Page 228 MEMBERS Judy Beth Allen Lillie Anderson Katherine Louise Aston Patricia Ruth Aston Robin Ann Austin Linda Ann Bacon Mary Martha Baker Mary Deborah Bass Janell Baxter April Beall Sue Evelyn Blackburn Bonnie Vale Bond Kristin Bowen Barbara K. Boydstun Ruthann Bray Barbara Erin Burnham Beverly Ann Byers Victoria Lee Cazzell Carolyn Ruth Coker Sue Ellen Creager Suzanne Crowley Carolyn Frances Cunningham Diane Louise Daily Janet Marjorie Darrow Marilyn Sue Daugherty Linda Jane Davis Judith Carol De Shong Sandra Dietz Kathleen Bethea Dildy Sara Lee Doggett Lynn Roszell Essex Diane Kathleen Fitts Sandra Elizabeth Foster Kathleen French Catherine Gessner Judy Gail Gillespie Billie Jan Grannis Evelyn Griffiths Grant Marilyn Bennett Haish Faye Ann Hamilton Diane Hander Alice Darthula Hardie Nancy Jo Harrison Suzanne Hartley Susan Jane Holman Virginia Del Howell Barbara Katherine Hurt Linda Lu Jacobsen Sandra Jean Jircik Linda Louise Keim Valerie Gayle Knapp Mary Katherine Knolle Virginia Frances Knolle Julianna Margriet Lang Mary Lee Lankford Jane Page Little Heather Logan Dorothy Gaye Martin Sherry Nona Martin Karen Louise Massengill Rosemary Vina McBride Judith Ellen McCaskill Janice Kay McNair Linda Lee McPherson Vicki Lu Metzler Zane Ann Morgan Patricia Ruth Nelson Linda Kay Oatman Mary Oltorf Shirley Jean Parkhurst Paula Lee Patrick Rhoda Nell Peebles, Courtney Ray Pollard Jacqueline Lee Prodoehl Sherry Louise Ripley Mary Kay Rundell Linda Jane Sager Margie T. Sanford Lyn Lee Schmidt Karen Elise Schwanecke Sandra Sue Shannon Jane Bryan Shuford Laura Ann Shuford Jennifer Eric Sims Mary Madeleine Starnes Jane Ellis Stevens Sally Kyle Stone Judith Rae Summers Ann Carlotta Terrell Shirley Ann Terry Dorothy Karen Treybig Suzanne Vaughan Paula Michele Wecker Jane Durden, Whitsit Susan Elizabeth Whitsit SuAlice Williams Karen Elaine Winchester Mary Lovey Wood Top Row: Jircik, Johnston, Jungmichel, Keim. Second Row: Kemper, Knapp, Knight, Lang, Little. Third Row: Logan, Marney, D. Martin, S. Martin, Massengill. Fourth Raw: Matthews, McCaskill, McCuiston, McWherter, Metzler. Fifth Row: Monday, Oltorf, Parkhurst, Patrick, Peebles. Sixth Row: Pollard, Rowland, Rundell, Rustamier, Rustin. Seventh Row: Sager, Sanford, Schmidt, Schwanecke, Shahan. Eighth Row: Shannon, J. Shuford, Starnes, Stevens, Steves. Ninth Row: Stone, Struben, Summers, Terrell, Thomas. Tenth Row: Thompson, Varnado, Vaughan, Walker, Watson. Eleventh Row: Webb, J. Whitsit, S. Whitsit, Williams, Winchester. A An Page 229 ALPHA EPSILON PHI L OFFICERS Fall Spring PHYLLIS ANN KLINE President ELIZABETH ROSE GREENFIELD CAROL LEE COHN First V ice-President Lois ANN BLUM KAREN LEE HYMAN Second Vice-Presldent .... JOAN PHYLLIS HYMAN ELIZABETH ROSE GREENFIELD Recording Secretary MARJORIE ANN KAY MELODY ROSE TUCHIN . . . Corresponding Secretary STEPHANIE LYNN POLLAK FALL PLEDGES Carol Janice Ablon Betty Barenblat Susan Anne Becker Susan Jane Berger Dayle Rhea Black Barbara Merrie Block Harriette Clark Esther Dziengel Patricia Louise Edelman Arlene Farbman Adele Ruth Fromm Sandra Gernsbacher Janet Rose Goren Marsha Lee Hyman Candace Elizabeth Knope Betty Jo Mandel Jessie Lee Mandel Teri Lyn Margolis Joyce Proler Audrey Riemer Nancy Riklin Mary Ann Ritzwoller Ileene Gay Rosenfield Harriet Eden Sauerbrunn Ruth Skibell Susan Ruth Smolins Laurin Paula Soble Doris Ann Solomon Patricia Ann Spero Barbara Joan Steinberger Carolyn Wolfson Rose Anne Woodcoff SPRING PLEDGES Helene B. Bormaster Margot E. Hirsch Annette Faye Zinberg Top Row: Ablon. Adelman. Alexander, Barenblat. Second Row: Becker, Berger, Black, Block. Third Row: Blum, Clark, F. Cohn, Cooper. Fourth Row: B. Davis, Dziengel, Edelman, Farb- man. Fifth Rote: Feurer, Fisherman, Fromm, Gerns- bacher. Sixth Row: Ginsburg, Golub, Goren, Gray. Seventh Row: Greenfield, Hoffer, J. Hyman, M. Hjrman. Eighth Row: Jacobs, Kalmans, Kaplan, Kasman. Mi " li Row: Kline, Knope, Letohkr. Page 230 MEMBERS Carol Sue Abrams Cathy Lee Adelman Frances Ellen Aftergut Phyllis Alexander Dana Dee Benson Lois Ann Blum Betsy Ann Bock Phyllis Gayle Braveman Carol Lee Cohn Frances Pauline Cohn Patty Ann Cooper Beverly Dale Davis Ellen Sue Davis Janice Lynn Davis Barbara Susan Dorr Barbara Elaine Ellis Ellen Kay Feuer Diana Fisherman Helena Rebecca Frenkil Lorraine Ginsburg Golda Sue Golub Diane Susan Gray Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Sydelle Herman Sharon Ann Hoffer Joan Phyllis Hyman Karen Lee Hyman Rosalind Jacobs Monte Sue Kalmans Marion Louise Kalpan Annette Sharon Kasman Marjorie Ann Kay Phyllis Ann Kline Ila Jean Labovitz Barbara Hermine Leon Paula Rae Letofsky Gerry Lee Levin Carol Joan Levitt Annette Helen Lewin Linda Gay Lichenstein Rochelle Lynn Janet Helen Masters Barbara Ann Miller Marilyn Carol Mothner Ellen Lee Paule Margaret Phillips Stephanie Lynn Pollak Sally Pomerantz Nancy Sue Pye Phyllis Susan Ravel Lynda Margo Rice Greta Mina Schoenbrun Linda Schwartz Diane Sue Shoss Leslie Diane Silberman Carol Ann Singer Jean Kay Singer Susan Marie Solomon Helen Claire Stahl Susan Szafir Susan Lou Tocker Melody Rose Tuchin Judv Lee Wohlner Top Roto: Levin, Levitt, Lewin, Lichenstein. Second Row: Lynn, B. Mandel, J. Mandel, Margolla. Third Row: Masters, Paule, Pollak, Pomerantz. Fourth Row: Proler, Pye, Riemer, Riklin. Fifth Row: RitzwoIIer, Rosenfield, Sauerbrunn, Schoenbrun. Sixth Row: Schwartz, Shoss, Silberman, C. Singer. Seventh Row: J. Singer, Skibell, Smolins, Soble. Eighth Row: D. Solomon, S. Solomon, Spero, Steinberger. Ninth Row: Szafir, Tocker, Wolfson, Woodcoff. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS Fall Spring CORRINNE ELLEN BYBEE President NELDA KAY BECKNELL LANA GAIL BARNARD First V ice-President CHERYL BALLARD NEEF MARY PATRICIA SHARPE . . . Second V ice-President LANA GAIL BARNARD RITA ANN COTERA Recording Secretary RITA ANN COTERA SUE VIRGINIA FINLEY Treasurer SHIRLEY JEAN HARRIS FALL PLEDGES Judith Ann Baker Peggy Sue Bobo Margaret Olivia Burnett Joan Lea Bybee Janet Lucretia Davis Mary Jane Davis Patricia Ann DeVries Donna Gail Dougherty Ann Elizabeth Feller Barbara Ann Foley Jessica Amber Hale Clara Llewellyn Moore Jo-Ann Oshry Barbara Elizabeth Potter Jeannette Adele Robinson Linda Lee Shaw Jacquelea Slay Maxine Ann Weynand Jaclyn Gayle Whittle Charlene May Word SPRING PLEDGES Loy Sherwood Dwyer Barbara Ann Foley Edna Diane Germer Top Roto: Aaron, Adamv, Alcff, Baker. Second Row: Barnard, Bcckncll, Bobo. Breuer. Third Row: Butke. C. Bybee, J. Bybee. Clark. Fourth A ' . ' ir: Cut.-r.i. J. Davis, M. Davii, Dougherty. Fifth Ron: Ducket!, Edmiiton, Erikaen, Fell. Sixth How: Feller, Finley, Caddii, Callo- wy. Seventh Row: Gallon, Clan, Criffil. Page 232 MEMBERS Carolyn Ann Aaron Elizabeth Anne Adams Kendra Lynn Aleff Lana Gail Barnard Nelda Kay Becknell LouEllen Elizabeth Breuer Irene Claire Buske Corinne Ellen Bybee Diana Marie Clark Rita Ann Cotera Priscilla Read Cross Jane Maurine Duckett Sharon Dianne Edmiston Louise Elizabeth Eriksen Roberta Marie Feil Sue Virginia Finley Dixie Ann Gaddis Corice Anne Galloway Carol Margaret Gaston Laura Ellen Glass Peggy Ann Griffis Shirley Jean Harris Glenda Margaret Hunt Reta Jane Ing Martha Sue Kercheville Edith Gene Lyles Lydia Ann Melcher Mary Belle Melcher Cheryl Ballard Neef Sally Ann Neef Frances Ann Norris Paula Marie Noser Mary Evelyn Potter Lynn Ann Roberts Carolyn Ann Robison Barbara Ann Roscher Susan Jane Rush Rosemary Russell Mary Patricia Sharpe Lee Anne Singleton Martina Dickson Smith Sharon Ann Sooter Glenda Stark Sharon Marie Thurmond Jane Marie Tisdale Jeraldine Theresa Walker DiAnn Williams Enoyse Verna Wimberly Peggy Jane Winckler Sandra June Wittig Top Row: Hale, Harris, Hunt, log. Second Row: Kercheville, Lyles, L. Melcher, M. Melcher. Third Row: Moore, C. Neef, S. Neef, Oshry. Fourth Row: Potter, Roberts, Robison. Roscher. Fifth Row: Russell, Sharpe, Shaw, Singleton. Sixth Row: Slay, Smith, Sooter, Stark. Seventh Row: Tisdale, Walker, Wimberly, Wittig. ATA Page 233 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS Fall Spring GLORIA JUDENE GRANT Basileus GLORIA JUDENE GRAM JOYCE EVELYN MASSINGILL Anti-Basileus ACNES SUE WHITE ETTA JEAN MAYS Grammateus ETTA JEAN MAYS ANITHA THERESA MITCHELL Tamiochos ANITHA THERESA MITCHELL ACNES SUE WHITE Dean of Pledgees . . JOYCE EVELYN MASSINCILL IVY LEAF CLUB FALL PLEDGES Carolyn Briscoe Adrian Rhae Fowler Brenda Sue Hill Jimmye Lee Hill Fay Dean Jackson Arlette Iras Jones Mary Elizabeth Leonard Janet Marie Means SPRING PLEDGES Marva La Gean Douglas Barbara Yevonne Singleton Willye Stene Witcher Top Row: Briscoe. Second Row: Fowler. Third Row: Grant. Fourth Row; B. Hill. Fifth Row: 3. Hill. Page 231 MEMBERS Gloria Judene Grant Sharon Anita Hill Joyce Evelyn Massingill Etta Jean Mays Anitha Theresa Mitchell Velmanett Montgomery Agnes Sue White Top Row: S. Hill. Second Rote: Jackson, Jones. Third Row: Leonard, Massingill. Fourth Row: Mays, Means. Fifth Rom: Mitchell, White. AKA ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS Fall Spring ALICE SANDRA FORSYTH President JUDITH ISABEL WRIGHT BEVERLY GAY BROWN Vice-President LESLIE JANE NISSEN LYNN ELLEN OWEN Treasurer ETHEL EDNA WIEST CAROLEN JEANNE DRAPER . . Recording Secretary MARGARET JEAN LAY KATHLEEN ISABEL BIVINCS Corresponding Secretary . . . CAROL ANGELA COLBY FALL PLEDGES Dana Gay Adams Dorothy Elizabeth Barnes Marilyn Lee Baughn Polly Ann Coffin Letitia Coulter Eldredge Patricia Maude Fansler Judy Carol Garrison Elizabeth Isabell Grafius Ruth Carolyn Hampton Carolyn Sue Holland Kathleen Karen Kelley Kathleen Diane May Susan Patricia Metcalf Sandra Sue Mitchell Coila Nell Moss Susan Carol Nail Karen Lee Owen Frances Sherrion Sandlin Lynda Gayle Tankersley Sharon Elizabeth Voigt SPRING PLEDGES Eleanor Sky Benson Aline Elliott Suzanne Watterson Top Row: Adair, Adtms, Banti, Barnes. Second Row: Barton. Baughn, Brace. Broman. Third Row: B. Brown, M. Brown, Carroll. Cutille. Fourth Row: Coffin, Colby, Delk, Draper. Fifth Row: Emory, Faniltr, Finlay, For- yth. Sixth Row: Freeman, Garriton. Good. Graflui. Seventh Rou: Graham, Grow. Pa| i 236 MEMBERS Diane Adair Kim May Angell Diana Banta Rebecca Bob Barton Kathleen Isabel Bivings Anna Kingsley Brace Margaret Claire Broman Beverly Gay Brown Monetta Mabeth Brown Frances Marie Carroll Virginia Louise Castille Carol Angela Colby Toni Lynn Cooney Mary Jo Delk Arlene Geneva Dietz Carolen Jeanne Draper Lee Evangeline Emory Priscilla Kay Finlay Alice Sandra Forsyth Janice Catherine Freeman Elizabeth Johnson Good Wanda Jeanne Graham Beckie Lou Gross Nita Kay Krupp Margaret Jean Lay Jeanette Elizabeth Lesikar Susan Lynne Mannan Linda Lee Mason Jacqueline Elaine Mauldin Mary Maurine McElroy Leslie Jane Nissen Lynn Ellen Owen Carol Ann Preusse Nancy Kay Robb Pamela Roberts Antoinette Tartaglia Ruth Maxine Villarreal Ethel Edna Wiest Judith Isabel Wright Top Row. Hampton, Holland. Second Row: Kelley, Krupp, Lesikar, Mannan. Third Row: Mason, Mauldin, May, Metcalf. Fourth Row: Mitchell, Moss, Nail, Nissen. Fifth Row: K. Owen, L. Owen, Preusse, Robb. Sixth Row: Roberts, Sandlin, Tankersley, Tartaglia. Seventh Row: Villarreal, Voight, Weiss, Wright. AOTT Mr ALPHA PHI OFFICERS Fall Spring IDA MARIE KLEIN President PATRICIA LUELLA PEACOCK MICHELLE ALICE PUZIN First Vice-President .... ELIZABETH ANNE OAKS KATHLEEN FENLEY MOORE . Second Vice-President . . MARTHA SUE HAMILTON JOANN YVONNE KUNZ Treasurer VIRGINIA ISABELLE HAASE ALPHA ANN MUENZENBERCER Recording Secretary KAY IDA WHITE FALL PLEDGES Elizabeth LeGrand Barnett Becky Vaunette Earth Mary Kay Bartlett Linda Louise Bohls Diana Lynn Boland Ellen Jane Bone Betty Marie Boyle Bonnie Sue Casey Carla Scarlett Cloninger Margaret Ann Cowan Linda Louise Cresswell Judith Louise Groom Diana Joe Davis Margaret Ann Derby Frances Moore Dibrell Peggy Lynn Dry Elaine Eggelihg Judith Lynn Farmer Sara Susan Fickertt Mary Elizabeth Gardner, (I) Vicki Lee Gershner Susanne Gayle Hooser Carol Ann Houston Sherry Johns Linda Eloise Luckie Patricia McFadden Mary Ann Mellenbruch Susan Mitchell Claudia Jean Morgan Marion Catherine Muenzenberger Carol Louise Neu Nancy Lee Nunnallee Suzanne Oles Teresa Eileen Pitts Diane Angela Pontello Paula Elizabeth Robertson Vicki Jean Saye Sallie Ann Shelton Sally Ellen Stubbs Barbara Jane Tudor Cheryl Ann Watson Elizabeth Ruth Wood Jane Adair Wyss SPRING PLEDGES Mary Francis Baamstark Amy Lucia Goodenough Ricka Ann Guitar Top Row: Allrcd, Asel, Austin, Baines, Barnett. Second Row: Earth, Bartlett, Bell, Bennett, Bescher. Third Ram: BohU, Bohuslav, Boland, Bone,. Boyle. Fourth Row: Casey, Cloninger, Coffman, Comis- key, Cowan. Fifth Row: Craln, Crawford, Cresswell, Croom, Sixth Rou-: Darrali. D. Davis. Derby, Devins, Dial. Seventh Rote: Dibrell, Dry, Durr, Eads, Egelhoff. Kifhlh Row: Eggeling, Farmer, Fetter, Fickerlt, Gardner. Ninth Row: Garner, Cershncr, Glithero, Haase, Hamilton. Tenth Row: Hooser, Houston, Jackson. Eleventh Row: lessen, Johns, Johnson. Page 238 Anne Elaine Kolb Jennie Webb Marquess Marguerite Ann Sanders MEMBERS Judith Ann Allred Judith Ann Asel Barbara Elaine Austin Marsha Lee Baines Charlotte Ann Bell Pamela Bennett Barbara Ann Bescher Jackie Sue Bohuslav Nancy Louise Brown Carmon Coffman Betty Catherine Comiskey H. Jan Grain Emily Josephine Crawford Jean Anne Crawford Sara Elizabeth Crow Mary Alice Darrah Carolyn Lee Davidson Lora Lynn Davis Carolyn Michael Devins Barbara Jane Dial Harriett Ann Durr Carol Jane Eads Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Sally Ann Fetter Mary Esther Garner Jan K. Glithero Virginia Isabelle Haase Martha Sue Hamilton Mary Lee Jackson Vanna Lee Jessen Ronda Janice Johnson Sharon Kennedy Ida Marie Klein Nancy Lou Koch Joann Yvonne Kunz Kay Ida White Artie Sue Lane Ann Hahn Livingston Janice Kaye Longacre Cheryl Lowery Margaret Helen McGowan Marcia Frances McRee Kathleen Fenley Moore Marilyn Jean Moore Carolyn Ramsay Moritz Alpha Ann Muenzenberger Sharon Ann Myers Elizabeth Anne Oaks Rena Joe Patterson Patricia Luella Peacock Martha Marie Pittenger Michelle Alice Puzin Dorothy Remy Virginia Kay Robertson Carol Sue Roper Wanda June Samuell Carmen Angela Shepherd Aileen Short Kathryn Louise Simons Suzanne Cory Slade Irene Smith Mary Katherine Sorden Laurits Sue Sorenson Linda Lou Stropeni Lucina Kay Styron Dorothy Thompson Pauline June Travis Carolyn Jean Van Aken Janice Jane Vogel Mimi Kay West Judy Whitaker Top Row: Kennedy, Klein, Koch. Second Row: Kunz, Lane, Livingston. Third Row: Longacr-.-, Lowery, Luckie, McFadden, McGowao. Fourth Row: McRee, Mellenbruch,. K. Moore, M. Moore, Morgan. Fifth Row: Mortiz, A. Muenzenberger, M. Muenzenberger, Myers, Neu. Sixth Row: Nunnallee, Oaks, Oles, Peacock, Pittenger. Seventh Row: Pontello, Puzin, P. Robertson, V. Robertson, Roper. Eighth Row: Samuell, Saye, Shelton, Short, Simons. Ninth Row: Slade, Sorden, Sorenson, Stropeni, Stubbs. Tenth Row: Styron, Thompson, Tudor, Vogel, Van Aken. Eleventh Row: Watson, West, Whitaker, White, Wood. Page 239 ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS Fall Spring KATIIERINE ANN HIATT President CAROLINE SUSAN HUGHES SHARON LEE ASHTON V ice-President PRUDENCE KAY RAMSEY REBECCA GENE NOBLITT . . . Recording Secretary . . ROSALIND ANN McMiLLAN PATRICIA DIANE MAREK . .Corresponding Secretary .... LINDSAY DIANE GROVE HARRIET REBECCA RODIER . . Treasurer . . . SHARRON E. POTCHERNICK FALL PLEDGES Shirley Ann Anderson Olga Yvonne Arnold Patricia Anne Bagwell Rosalie Raines Benson Sheila Ann Birden Anne Penn Born Elaine A. Brady Nancy Anne Browne Nancy Ruth Buck Sandra Sue Carrington Thais Frances Ca stellanos Terry Jeannette Clarkson Patricia Jane Clements Charlyne Catheryne Cooper Linda Marie Daniel Frances Dooley Judith Austin Karen Eloise Erwin Nancy June Gara Jimmie Lynn Harman Carol Lynne Law Marjorie Lee McNaughten Marnee Elyse Moore Gloria Ann Mulder Barbara Ann Packard Janie Rea Parcus Jan Elizabeth Patton Pamela Ann Phillips Haroletta Kay Post Dorothy Sue Rodgers Susan Elizabeth Swanson Frances Ann Waghalter Rosemary Wendorf Zatopek SPRING PLEDGES Joann Lenora Ahlberg Barbara Jean Brooks Jillann Smith Harrold Carole Marie Herndon Retha Merle Huckabee Top Row : Aldredge, Anderson, Arnold, Aahton. Second Row: Ayer, Bagwell, Beck, Birden. Third Row: Blanltenship, Borsch, Brantley, Buck. Fourth Row: Burns, Castellenos, Clarkson, Clements. Fifth Row: Daniel, Diltmar, Douglas, Elliott. Si fft Row: Ewlng, Farrar, Fehrenkamp, Geisler. Seventh Row: Gray, Grove. Harman, Hlatt. Eighth Row: Hughes, Keyter, Krmer. Kuy- kendall. Mnth Row: Law, Lebel. Page 240 Mary Ann Maxwell Robin Love Soper Diana Faye Swoboda Barbara Ruth Warne Marianne Young MEMBERS Sue Ann Aldredge Sharon Lee Ashton Suzanne Elaine Ayer Patricia Lorraine Beals Gail Anne Beck Bonnie Bethany Blankenship Paula Irene Bohrer Carol Elizabeth Borsch Barbara Sue Brantley Mary Joan Burns Lucy Cheeves Pateicia Lee Chunn Karen Ann Dittmar Sue Ann Douglas Lois Ann Elliot Linnie Carol Evans Mary Anne Ewing Mary Lou Farrar. Diane Fehrenkamp Mary Ann Geisler Barbara Ann Grace Bennie Ruth Gray Susann Goodwinn Lindsay Diane Grove Katherine Ann Hiatt Martha Ann Hudson Caroline Susan Hughes Jerrilynn June Kane Kathryn Elaine Keyser Eloise Marie Kraemer Elizabeth Lynn Kuykendall Sarah Adele Patricia Ann Leasure Sue Ann Lebel Sandra Looney Patricia Diane Marek Ellen Frances Marsh Melba Joan McBrayer Carolyn Ann McDaniel Rosalind Ann McMillan Heide Roeslein Meister Frances Lucille Miller Rebecca Gene Noblitt Laura Sue Parks Virginia Ann Pippen Sharron E. Potchernik Kathleen Ruth Purcell Linda .Mauri Putnam Prudence Kay Ramsey Jane Ann Real Nancy Reily Harriet Rebecca Rodier Evelyn Irene Scarlett Claudia Scheske Carol Jean Seaman Joan Marion Setzer Susan Shirley Judy Bess Stewart Alicia Antoinette Tieber Linda Kaye Toles Carolyn Kay Walls Judith Ann Watson Marianne Louise Zimmerman Zimmerman Tup Row: Looney, Marek. Second Row: Marsh, McBrayer, McDaniel, McMillan. Third Roiv: McNaughtcn, Miller, Mulder, Noblitt. Fourth Row: Packard, Parcus, Patton, Phillips. Fifth Row: Pippen, Post, Purcell, Putnam. Sixth Row: Ramsey, Real, Rodgers, Rodier. Seventh Row: Scheske, Seaman, Shirley, Stewart. Eighth Row: Swanson, Waghalter, Walls, Watson. Ninth Row: Wendorf, Zatopck, M. Zimmerman, S. Zimmerman. CHI OMEGA Fall MARY EVELYN MERRITT SALLY ANNE LEHR JUDYE ANN GALEENER . JOSEPHINE TODD SANDRA PAUL LOVE . . . OFFICERS Spring . . . President SHARON SUE ROUNTREE . V ice-President ANN FRANCES CLARK . . . Secretary BETTY MAXINE BOYD . . Treasurer TRUDY HUTCHINCS Pledge Trainer LUERON Yousc FALL PLEDGES Susan Alexander Sidney Anderson Joan Carol Arrington Sara Sue Atkinson Nancy Sue Barbee Nancy Bernard Nancy Elaine Black Linda Bess Blanchette Joan Marie Bohman Peggy Bolts Roxanne Boyd Donna Sue Caveness Jo Lynn Chaney Ann Bayler Clark Sally Sue Davis Sandra Jean Duckworth Carolyn Virginia Evans Donna Lucille Gibson Carolyn Grove Barbara Jean Hancock Jo Beth Harrison Linda Lou Hasten Elizabeth Head Betty Loa Herok Kathy Jane Hobbs Heriot Daniel Allan Mary Madeline Home Sally Hutchings Karen Louise Johnson Mary Claire Koeppe Charlene Mae Lown Susan Mae Marshall Elizabeth Lane McKaughan Lizetta Lynn Miller Constance Ann Muecke Patricia Evelyn Nelson Paula Ann Prewitt Elizabeth Ann Ray Sandra Lee Reagan Janan Margaret Rodger? Carol Lynne Russell Carol Anne Shirley- Nora Ann Sinclair Janis Ray Taylor Michaele Ann Thorp Charlotte Gaye Vickrey Jan Frances Waddell Grace Alice Warren Karen Elizabeth Webb Nancy Lee Webb Leslie Ann Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Jan Stratton Top Roiv: R. Alexander, S. Alexander, Allen, S. L. Anderson, S. Anderson. Second Row: J. C. Arrington, J. F. Arrington, Atkinson, D. Bailey, Barbee. ' ., ' ' .-.. ' Row: Bast, Bennett, Bernard, Beyea, Billion. Fourth Rom: Black, Blanchette, M. Blount, Boh- man, Bolts. I ' ildi Row: B. Boyd, R. Boyd, Brown, C. Cain, Sixth Rom: Carr, Caveness, Chaney, Chappell, A. B. Clark. Seventh Row: A. F. Clark, Davies, Davis, Duck- worth, Dunlap. Eighth Roiv: Elick, Evans, Fincher, Fischer, Fiser. Ninth Row: Galcener, Gibson, Grove, Hancock, Harrison. Tenth Row: Hasten, Herolz, Hobbs, Hocott. Hughes. Eleventh Row: S. Hutchings, T. Hutchings, Jack- son, H. Johnson, J. Johnson. Twelfth Row: K. Johnson, Kaufman, Kincaid, Koeppe, Lanier. Thirteenth Roiv: Lehr, Lieck, Lindsay. Page 242 MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Abbott Rebekah Sterling Alexander Joan Allen Sharon Lee Anderson Joyce Frances Arrington Susan Baggett Barbara Sue Bailey Dani Ellen Bailey Ann Bast Judith Claire Bennett Eleanor Bankston Beyea Vickie Jo Billion Barbara Jean Blount Martha Ann Blount Bette Maxine Boyd Cathi Cameron Brown Carol Linda Cain Nancy Jane Cain Ilameta Carr Virginia Bevin Chappell Ann Frances Clark Mary Elizabeth Coats Frances Annette Cochran Bonnie Nancy Crenshaw Suzanne Davies Jan Dennis Cheryl Marie Dunlap Rose Mary Eidman Nancy Eleanor Elick Sandra Kay Ellington Sally Pat Fincher Barbara Bea Fischer Margaret Anne Fiser Judye Ann Galeener Patricia Gale Hackerman Margaret Ruth Hagood Lynn Elizabeth Harwood Charlotte Head Gail Hocott Suzanne Jane Hughes Trudy Hutchings Claudia Alexander Jackson Helen Jane Johnson Judith Johnson Karen Sue Kaufman Kitty Kincaid Catherine Anne Kolius Martha June Lanier Carol Mace Lee Sally Anne Lehr Jerry Ellen Lieck Dana Gay Lindsay Teddy Jean Logan Pauline Lenette Lord Sandra Paul Love Sandra Leigh Young Karen Irene Lyons Elizabeth Maret Mary Jan Marshall Jeanne Martinack Jeanne Frances Maurer Beverly Ruth Maxcy Missy Mcllheran Jane Lauchlin McNeill Carolyn Washburn Mehr Mary Evelyn Merritt Helen Marie Mitchell Martha Evelyn Mitchell Penny Lee Mood Caryl Denise Nelson Jane Anne Nelson Nelli Jane Ostler Penne Ann Percy Janet Ellen Perdue Nancy Arlene Phillips Beverly Jane Prokop Martha Jeanne Purcell Toni Frances Pyka Helen Elizabeth Richards Susan Jean Rigsby Janet Louise Rink Linda Lankford Robinson Nancy Kay Rodgers Sharon Sue Rountree Terrell Elizabeth Russell Martha Neil Shaw Cameron Smith Sharon Sue Smith Mary Sue Speed Penny Anne Speier Pamela Dean Spencer Kay Jeanette Spring Nanette Stokes Janet Elizabeth Stradinger Mary Elizabeth Stripling Susan Polk Taylor Patricia Sue Thigpin Judy Marshall Ticknor Josephine Todd Bonnie Gay Uhr Florence Ann Vaughan Martye Voss Elizabeth Allison Walsh Joan Dell Weaver Carol Ann Weber Sandra Jean Williams Carol Sue Witt Margaret Ann Wood Lueron Young Mardi Dean Young Top Row: Lopan, Lord, Love, Lown, Second Row: Lyons, Maret, M. Marshall, S. Marshall, Maxcy. Third Row: Mcllheran, McKauehan, McNeil, Mehr, Merrill. Fourth Row: Miller, H. Milchell, M. Mitchell. Mood. Mueclce. fifth Row: C. Nelson, P. Nelson, Osller, Perdue, Phillips. Sixth Row: Purcell, Pyka, .Reagan, Richards, Rigsby. Seventh Row: Rink, Robinson, J. Rodgers, Rountree, C. Russell. Eighth Row: T. Russell. Shaw, Sinclair, C. Smith, S. Smith. Ninth Row: Speed, Speier, Spencer, Spring, Stokes. Tenth Row: Stradineer, J. Taylor, Thigpin, Thorp, Ticknor. Eleventh Row: Vaughan. Vickrey, Voss, Waddell, Walsh. Twelfth Row: Warren, Weayer, K. Webb, N. Webb. Weber. Thirteenth Row: Williams, Witt, Wood, L. Young. S. Young. Wfi DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS Fall Spring JUDITH GAY BLANTON President JAMS ANN BERLY HARRIET ANN PHIEFFER . . Executive ice-President SUE HARRINGTON JANIS ANN BERLY Recording Secretary SUZANN SMITH KAREN KAY OWENS Corresponding Secretary AUBRILYNE PRESTON KATHERINE MARY BOWERS Treasurer JESSICA ELLEN EDWARDS FALL PLEDGES Billee Claire Albright Jane Lynne Amend Ginger Carroll Bernard Carolyn Blakey Beverly Bloodworth Janet Ethel Boyle Nancy Marie Carroll Gail Elizabeth Clark Claire Collins Kaylene Foerster Sherri Lynn Fort Carol Jane Freeman Gail Garland Margaret Keith German Susan Gillingham Jan Hastedt Pamela Holbert Kathy Arlene Karp Karen Kee Kitty Carolyn King Jan Kinney Patricia Beth Knight Kay Evelyn Kubecka Carolyn Anne Marsh Marilyn Kaye Miks Cherie Ann Miller Lucille Dee Nuessle Vaughn De Leith Obenhaus Judith Nan Oxford Susan Alice Park Louise Jan Peal Tina Christine Plummer Pamela Ethel Primdahl Carobeth Reed Betty Anne Sanford Tessa Louisa Slager Linda Sokolosky Helen Gail Speed Martha Lyle Spencer Jane Eloise Stephens Judy Jane Tedford Gail Allen Walter Laura Kathryn Weir Sharon Frances Wellborn Frances Maud Whittenburg Carmen Irene Wilhite Sheila Kay Wilson Ellen Wood SPRING PLEDGE Mardee Anne Schramm Top Row: Albright, Amend, Anderson, Archer, Barcus. Second Rom: Barrett, Beesley, Berly, Bernard, Blakey. Third Row: Blandy, Blanton, Bloodworth, Bonnet, Bowen. Fourth Row: Bowers, Boyle, Brantley, Bridges, Brooks. Fifth Row: Burnett, Barbara Burt, Byrd, S. Carroll, Christian. Sixth Row: Clark, Clewis, C. Collins, K. Collins, Craig. Seventh Row: Cunningham, Currie, Delph, D ' - Olivc, Dougall. Eighth Row: Dueger, Easley, Eckhardt, Finnell, Fitzpatrick. Plinth Row: Foerster, Foreman, Fort, Freeman, Garland. : l -n!h Row: German, Gillingham, Hagood, Har- rington, Hastedt. Eleventh Row: Henderson, Hodge, Holbert, Hovas, Howe. Twelfth Row: Jahnj, Jones, Karp, Kee, Kendall. Thirteenth Row: C. King, K. King. Page 244 MEMBERS Carol Ann Allen Andrea Lynn Anderson Nancy Ruth Archer Sara Mae Arnold Jeannie Barcus Suzanne Calvert Barrett Sandra Ann Beesley Janis Ann Berly Deborah Anne Blandy Judith Gay Blanton Harriet Burns Bonnet Shirley Joyce Bowen Katherine Mary Bowers Cynthia Louise Brantley Gloria Ann Bridges Penelope Brooks Priscilla Ann Brown Pamela Kay Burnett Barbara Burt Beverly Burt Karen Anne Byrd Sallie Sneed Carroll Alice Cauthorn Jerrie Teel Christian Carol Ann Clewis Kathryn Corinne Collins Paula Craig Lynn Cunningham Susanna Currie Claire Suzanne Delph Yvonne D ' Olive Janice Dougall Mary Stuart Dueger Jan Easley Kitty Ann Eckardt Jessica Ellen Edwards Mary Lynn Finnell Mary Kathryn Fitzpatrick Judith Bell Foreman Caroline Gowdey Judith Adele Hagood Sue Harrington Julia Nalle Hartman Susan Elizabeth Henderson Luralee Hodge Sandra Hovas Jane Gardner Howe Lela Ann Jahns Carol Ann James Margaret Anne Jones Linda Lou Kellogg Elizabeth Ann Kendall Kathleen Kieffer Cheryl Virginia King Priscilla Ann Kyner Babette Elaine Leonard Cheslee Jane Linnen Barbara Elaine Malick Kathleen Diane Malick Elva Lynne Mann Mary Vance McClelland Judith Kay McGee Jenny Ann Moody Narcie Lee Moore Narcissa Lee Moore Laurie Jean Morse Marsha Jane Murray Nancy Ann Neblett Karen Kay Owens Terry Jon Park Barbara Anne Peel Carolyn Pence Harriet Ann Pfeiffer Valenta Jean Pinkner Susan Key Pound Aubrilyne Preston Ann Catherine Rakestraw Judith Ellen Rea Sheila Rae Reeves Bonnie E. Rodgers Marilyn Rouse Mary Ellen Shields Suzanne Shippee Sue Steele Simmons Nancy Jane Smith Suzann Smith Suzanne Sorenson Sue Alyce Stiles Nancy Sharon Tilley Peggy Treadaway Mary Margaret Walters Suzanne Warren Emily Marshall Watson Mary Frances Whittenburg Alice Anne Wilkinson Nancy L. Wilson Susan Lynn Wilson Jamie Ann Wright Patricia Wallis Wright Linda Ann Wright Top Row: Kinney, Knight. Second Row: Leonard, Linnen, B. Malick, K. Malick, Mann. Third Row: Marsh, McClelland, McGee, Miks, Miller. Fourth Row: Moody, Narcie Moore, Narcissa Moore, Morse, Neblett. Fifth Rota: Nuessle, Obenhaus, Owens, Oxford, S. Park. Sixth Row: T. Park, Peal, Peel, Pence, Pfeiffer. Seventh Row: Pinkner, Plummer, Pound, Preston, Primdahl. Eighth Row: Rakestraw, Rea, Reed, Reeves, Rodgers. Ninth Row: Rouse, Sanford, Shields, Simmons, Slager. Tenth Row: N. Smith, S. Smith, Sorenson, Speed, Stephens. Eleventh Row: Tedford, Walters, Warren, Watson. Twelfth Row: Weir, Wellborn, Wilhite, N. Wilson. S. K. Wilson. Thirteenth Row: S. L. Wilson, Wood, J. Wright, L. Wright, P. Wright. AAA Page 245 , DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS Fall Spring FRANCES KAY COMBS President JEANNE SWAHN CAROLYN KATHRYN BENTON First Vice-President BARBARA GRESHAM ELIZABETH ANN WOOD .... Second Vice-President ELIZABETH ANN WOOD PENELOPE BURLESON Recording Secretary LAURA LYNN PRICE JANETTE HALL Treasurer GAIL SHEFFIELD FALL PLEDGES Patricia Ann Abdou Carole Helena Anderson Claudia Arrendiell Judith Ann Barber Virginia Jane Brown Marcia Chalk Kalen Childs Janet Diane Christian Linda Jane Clark Jody Marche Cramer Kay Daniel Brenda Sue Dean Margo Lynn Ehni Sue Ann Eisemann Lynda Lou Ferguson Carol Lee Gillespie Mary Frances Goggans Susan Jane Hale Becky Lee Harding Diane Headrick Marcy Howard Sharon Lee James Carol Irene Johnson Jean Kelly Carolyn Kreuz Carrie Lindsay Marsha Gay Gostecnik Mary Elizabeth Kulp Top Row: Abdou, C. Anderson, Andrews, Arm- strong, Barber. Second Row: Barnett, Baskelte. Benton, Brown. Buie. Third Row: Burleson, Burton, Chalk. Childs. Christian. Fourth Rote: Clark, Combs, Cramer, Curlee, Daniel. Fifth Row: Daniels, Darphin. Dean. Dixon. Dow- line. Sixth Row: Ehni, Eisemann, Ferguson, Gillespie. Coggans. Seventh Row: Goode, Gresham, Harkbarth, Hale, Hall. Eighth Row: Harris, Hiynes, Hays, Headrirk. loan Hill. Mnth Row: June Hill. Hodge. Holbrook. Howard. Huf faker. Tenth Row: Jamison, Johnson. Joor, Kreur Langslon. Eleventh Row: Lindsay. Lloyd. Page 246 SPRING PLEDGES Judy Carolyn Lloyd Ina Glynn Lyle Becky Maufrais Carolyn McClellan Mary Lou Melville Claudia Cora Middleton Frances Constance Muller Gayle Eileen Norman Mary Pancoast Orrison Hollace Ann Parks Sarah Jane Penn Louisa Gail Rarey Sarah Mary Ray Jeanette Celeste Romano Carol Annette Salmon Drusilla Chase Sheldon Beatrice Anne Thompson Vici Ann Thomson Cheryl Ann Throop Victoria Kay Veazey Patricia Thayer Vincent Linda Kay Warren Sharon Sue Waters Judy Watson Diane Weber Linda Edna Whiffen Donna Raye Morton Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer MEMBERS Merilee Joan Anderson Kay Lee Andrews Linda Sue Armstrong Carolyn Jean Bailey Sheila Ann Barnett Cynthia Duval Baskette Carolyn Kathryn Benton Donna Victoria Brooks Beverly Brenda Buie Penelope Burleson Susan Ann Burton Dorothy Elizabeth Carr Hazann Chapman Mary Jill Chapman Frances Kay Combs Clare Frances Culbertson Rowena Ruth Curlee Vicki Sue Cutbirth Deborah Ann Daniels Jane Elizabeth Darphin Elizabeth Ann Davis Kathy Dixon Diane E. Dowling Betty Lee Fry Sarah Ursula Goerner Marcy Katherine Goode Barbara Ann Gresham Helen Rose Hackbarth Janette Hall Jill Annette Harris Billie Kay Haynes Sandra Hays Joan Hill June Hill Paula Hodge Marion Diann Holbroox Judy Lynn Huffaker Janet Claire Hunt Pamela Jamison Nancy Ruth Joor Jere Ann Kitzmiller Nancy Ann Kleir Kathleen Adele Kohler Sunny Gayle Langston Susan Jane Lyle Betty Katherine May Carolyn Marie McDonald Judith Ann McEntee Cheri Lynn Medlin Laura Ann Moore Merrily Huey Moore Philena Jane Morton Laney Clare Mueller Patricia Louise Myers Carolyn Nance Diane Cecile Neely Shirley Ann Niehaus Mary Patricia Ollison Nancy Pohl Laura Lynn Price Mara Jo Raines Sylvia Ann Raschke Nancy Raycraft Marcia Allen Roos Glenadine Russell Marilyn Frances Schultz Paula Nelle Schwippel Fran Helen Seifert Gail Sheffield Kathey Elizabeth Stack Carolyn Nell Stewart Carol Lavon Strom Carol Ann Stubblefield Jeanne Swahn Sallie Louise Tatum Barbara Ann Taylor Betty Carolyn Templeton Peggy Ellen Underwood Janet Ward Kathryn Leroyce Westhoff Sandra Kaye Whitt Patricia Ruth Willard Suzanne Wiseman Elizabeth Ann Wood Esther Wood Sandra Faith Worley Eva Kay Worrel Judy Wynn Top Row: I. Lyle, S. Lyle. Second Row: Maufrais, May, McClellan, McDonald, McEntee. Third Row: Medlin, Melville, Middleton, M. Moore, Morton. Fourth Rote: Mueller, Muller, Myers, Nance, Norman. Fifth Row: Orrison, Parks, Pohl, Price, Rarey. Sixth Roto: Raschke, Ray, Raycraft, Russell, Salmon. Seventh Row: Schwippel, Seifert, Sheffield, Sheldon, Stack. Eighth Row: Stewart. Strom, Tatum, Templeton, Thompson. Ninth Row: Throop, Veazey, Vincent, Ward, Warren. Tenth Row: Waters, Watson, Weber, Whiffen, Whitt. Eleventh Row: Willard, E. A. Wood, E. Wood. Worrel, Wynn. DELTA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS Fall Spring BEVERLY ANN ABRAMSON President Lois ILENE BELL TERRY JOAN FEINSTEIN Vice-Presiden t ALEXIS JOAN BROWN BARBARA RUTH STERN Recording Secretary FILLIS CAROL FRAMER MAIDA SINGER Corresponding Secretary JUDY CAROL MILLER RITA KAPLAN Treasurer PHYLLIS ELAINE ROSENFIELD FALL PLEDGES Marsha Helene Albert Joan Ina Alexander Marsha Lynn Ashendorf Richelle Maurine Baum Cheryl Marcia Berman Joan Phyllis Blumberg Diana Louise Cohen Laura Renee Dattle Dorothy Gladys Echt Ellen Edith Epstein Gloria Ellen Feerer Rochelle Ellen Feffer Marcia Ellen Freed Olga Jane Click Frances Harriett Goldfinger Carol Jean Greenberg Becky Ann Halfant Martha Kay Harris Maureen Mona Hausman Irene Hershorin Leslie Susan Hotchkiss Barbara Kaye Rochelle Komisar Shirley Jo Lewis Maureen Lubel Michele Claire Magilow Mary Ellen Mermelstein Susan Anne Naman Renee Parzen Roslyn Estelle Rabinowitz Nancy Charlotte Roth Reesa Ellen Samuelsohn Frances Elaine Schwartz Miriam Silverberg Leslie Rae Snyder Terrie Linne Weinstein Susan Lynn Wells Francine Eva Yaker SPRING PLEDGE Zaphrira Panigel Top Row: Albert, Alexander, Appledorf, Ashen- dorf. Second Row: Baum, Bell, Berman, Blumberg. Third Row: Broolu, Brown, D. Cohen, H. Cohen. Fourth Rom: Dattle, Echt, B. Epstein, E. Epstein. Fifth Rotr : Feerer, Feingold, Feinatein, Franier. Sixth Rote: Freed, Click, Gold, Coldfioger. Seventh Rom: Greenberg, Halfant, Harris, Haus- man. Eighth Rou: Heller, Hershorin, Horvich, Jones. Mnth Row: Kahn. Kaplan. Tenth Row: Karrhmer, Kaye. Page 248 MEMBERS Beverly Ann Abramson Margaret Ann Appledorf Lois Ilene Bell Phyllis Anita Brooks Alexis Joan Brown Henrietta Davis Cohen Betty Lou Epstein Pearl Feingold Terry Joan Feinstein Fillis Carol Framer Rosalyn Claire Gold Lois Roberta Heller Barbara Lee Horvich Linda Nell Hyman Eva Michele Jones Pat Lorraine Kahn Rita Kaplan Kerry Ellen Karchmer Michele Suzanne Kranz Gwenda Faye Wizig Sandra Helene Landau Barbara Joyce Mayerson Judy Carol Miller Marilynn Cookie Neuman Sharon Ann Plantowsky Beth Louise Raden Joanne Sydney Rosenberg Phyllis Elaine R osenfield Diane Esther Rosenthal Judith Ann Rosten Sharon Beverly Roth Evelyn Diane Shakno Phyllis Lynn Shay Ynette Sharole Siegelman Maida Singer Charlene Joy Smith Bettye Anna Springer Barbara Ruth Stern Lois Abbey Wainer Top Row: Komrear, Kranz. Second Row: Landau. Lewis, Lubel. Third Row: Magilow, Mayerson, Mermelstein, Miller. Fourth Row: Naman, Neuman, Parzen, Plantowsky. Fifth Row: Rabinowitz, Raden, Rosenberg, Rosenfield. Sixth Row: Roeenthal, Roston, N. Roth, S. Roth. Seventh Row: Samuelsohn, Schwartz, Shakno, Shay. Eighth Row: Siegelman, Silverberg, Singer, Smith. Ninth Row: Snydcr, Springer, Stern, Wainer. Tenth Row: Weinstein, Wells, Wizig, Yaker. W j % p DELTA SIGMA THETA OFFICERS Fall Spring SHEBRYL ONZELL GRIFFIN President SHERRYL ONZELL GRIFFIN BETTY JOYCE MOORE Vice-President BETTY JOYCE MOORE LINDA DARNELL ALLEN Secretary LINDA DARNELL ALLEN BARBARA LOUISE FOSTER Treasurer BARBARA LOUISE FOSTER EDNA MAE FENNER Sergeant-at-Arms EDNA MAE FENNER FALL PLEDGES Charlotte Veonne Baugh Nellie Fay Guyden Patricia Ann Bellinger Margaret Rissia Hopkins Bonnie Earl Crockett Donna Sue King SPRING PLEDGES Sandra Jauntina Freeman Carolyn Theresa Jones Eunice Adell Jackson Vicky Saundra Kirk Sandra Faye Smith .; K " ii : Allen, Baugh. Second Ron 1 : Bellinger, Crockett. Third Row: M. Earli, Fenner. Fourth Ron: Foglr. Fifth Ron: Foitcr. P.e 250 a Moon 31 AlID sFosiB ii FESSB MEMBERS Linda Darnell Allen Delores Earls Mary Lillian Earls Edna Mae Fenner Maudie Ates Fogle Barbara Louise Foster Sherryl Onzell Griffin Sula Mae Lowe Elizabeth Carolyn McAfee Joan M. McAfee Betty Joyce Moore en Hopkins Jones Grl Top Row: Griffin. Second Row: Guyden. Third Row: Hopkins, King. Fourth Row: Lowe, E. McAfee. Fifth Row: J. McAfee, Moore. Page 251 DELTA ZETA flfeta OFFICERS Spring KAY LYNN MORROW President NANCY Jo CAMPBELL NANCY Jo CAMPBELL First Vice-President DIANA DALE HASKINSON KAY CARLTON SOLOMON . Second V ice-President BETTY Lou BUTLER JOAN ELAINE KAINER Recording Secretary PATRICIA VAN DORFY BETTY CECILE BOBB Corresponding Secretary Jo LYNNE HOPKINS FALL PLEDGES Tresha May Appleton Lyneth Loraine Becker Helen Virginia Benedict Judith Ann Blackburn Patricia Eileen Brown Elizabeth Lynne Callaway Kathleen Margaret Carnahan Judith Kay Chapman Catherine Ann Compton Patsy Carolyn Coperton Loyette Ann Dillion Susan Gayle DuBose Dianna Dudley Dunken Sabra Ann Everett Kathy Jean Ferguson Margaret Susan Foster Carole Susan Gasaway Fredella Ann Gibson Rebecca Harden Glynda Kay Heerensperger Karen Helen Javurek Joanne Jennings Ardis Lynn Johnson Janet Kennedy Carol Suzanne Youngblood SPRING PLEDGE Nancy Ann Fowler Top Row: Adams, Albers, Appleton, Atkinson, Becker. Second Row: Benedict, Bennett, Blackburn. Bobb. Bodden, Third Row: Boyle, Brewer, Brown, Buckellew. Butler. Fourth Row: Callaway, Campbell, Carnahan. Chapman, Conroy. Fifth Row: Coperton. Curtin, Dillion. Dixon. DuBose. Sixth Row: Dunken. Eaton. Everett, Fairclotb, Fallon. Seventh Row: Ferguson, Finley, Foster, Freeman. Gasaway. Eithth Row: Gibson. Gilbert, Glidden. Goodwin. Harden. Ninth Row: Haskinson, Heath. Hill. Holt. Hop- kins. Tenth Row: Heerensperger. Javurek, Jenninc . Johnson. Kainer. Eleventh Row ' : Kelly, Kin. in!. Lamm. Page 252 Nancy Latz Kinard Andrea Sharon Leach Michaelle Logoyda Cheryl Jean Lucksinger Carol Mathews Linda Ann Matte Sharon Lorraine Meacnam Marian Rebecca Pendleton Sarah Frances Phillips Pamela Corinne Polser Jeanne Richey Pamela Sue Roden Susann Rogers Joanna Sawyer Helen Francille Scott Helen White Sears Gwen Barclay Smith Karen Suzanne Smith Emily Jean Stanford Susan Carol Stephens Kathy Dean Taylor Judy Ann Thames Catherine Anne Wehner Andrea Ruth York Carol Louise Adams Cheryl Ruth Albers Patrycia Geene Atkinson Bonnie Elizabeth Bennett Betty Cecile Bobb Merilyn Kay Bodden Josephine Louise Boyle Patricia Elizabeth Brewer Bonnie Ruth Buckellew Betty Lou Butler Nancy Jo Campbell Nona Jean Conroy Penelope Jane Curtin Sandra Lee Dixon Dorothy Deann Dow Emily Jane Eaton Judith Ann England Mary Louise Everett Sandra Gwen Faircloth Mary Michelle Fallen Sharon Marie Finley Mary Lee Freeman Leanne Rheiner Gilbert Sue Lynn Glidden Sharon Lee Goodwin Susan Neal Harvick Diana Dale Haskinson Pamela Jane Heath Ann Reed Heffington Sandra Sue Hill Anita Louise Holt Jo Lynne Hopkins Carolyn House Amelia Mary Janssen Jo Ann Johnson Joan Elaine Kainer Diane Chloe Kelty Marsha Ann Kimbro Martha Louise Lamm Anne Lancaster Donna Mareen Landry MEMBERS Leslje Lee Lentz Karen E. Lovinggood Carol Ann Massengale Suzanne Mauk Nancy Ruth Maurer Marilyn May Tanna Gail McClung Shirlee Suzanne McCulley Mary Janell McEach ern Barbara Ann Merrill Nancy Ellen Miller Delores Day Monday- Georgia Lee Monroe Eva Nita Moore Kay Lynn Morrow Edythe Jan Musick Sharon Joyce Muth Sandra Kay Nichol Frances Marian Northcutt Annetta Scott Norwood Susan Pais Patricia Ann Parrish Toni Jo Powell Judith Pfardrescher Gloria Jean Reaves Carolyn Pat Riba Martha Patricia Riggs Linda Lee Rogers Sunell Rogers Sheila Jane Ross Nancy Kay Rowland Kathryn Carol Schoenfield Kay Carlton Solomon Betty Gail Sparkman Kenna Janelle Stowell Marilyn Elayne Trubenbach Patricia Van Dorfy JoAnn Marie Walter Pamela Frances Ward Marilyn Ann White Janell Sue Williams Carol Ann Winner Top Row: Lancaster, Leach, Lentz, Logoyda. Second Row: Liicksinger, Massengale, Mathews, Matte, Mauk. Third Row: MeCuIIey, Meacham, Merrill, Moore, Morrow. Fourth Row: Musick, Muth, Nichol, Northcutt, Norwood. Fifth Rota: Pais, Parrish, Pendleton, Pfardrescher, Phillips. Sixth Ron: Polser, Reaves, Riba. Richey, Rodcn. Seventh Row: L. Rogers. Sunell Rogers, Susann Rogers, Rowland, Sawyer. Eighth Row: Scott, Sears. C. Smith, K. Smith, Solomon. Ninth Roiv: Snarkman. Stanford, Stephens, Stowell. Taylor. Tenth Row: Thames, Trubenbach. Van Dorfy, Ward, Wehner. Eleventh Row: White, Williams, Winner, York, Youngblood. Page 253 GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS Fa Spring CYNTHIA LEE SHOPTAW President BEVERLY ANNE BOWERS VALARIE SCOTT first Vice-President .GWENDOLYN JEAN FLETCHER CAROLIE ANN BAITY Second yice-President CAROLYN LEE COE MARY JOANN BLAZEK Treasurer MICHAEL SHELTON ELLEN MCCAUCHAN Rush Captain MARGIE ANN CARR FALL PLEDGES Elizabeth Ann Abston Carol Lyn Armstrong Sylvia Clare Beatty Wanda Elaine Bergen Ruth Boyce Joyce Ann Boyd Nanci Ellen Bransford Betty Yarnell Brown Dorothy Elizabeth Buttery Barbara Anne Carroll Mary Ann Clarke Connie Anne Collier Shirley Anne Collier Jeanne Elizabeth Criswell Elizabeth Anne Crowley Jo Lynn Cunningham Nancy Jane Downing Cameron Rose Engelke Martha Virginia Ferguson Johanna Catherine Gebhart Linda Kay Gilbert Alice Beth Goodwin Bobbie Diane Haake Betty Jean Hardaway Nancy Lou Harris Sally Ann Harris Barbara Jane Henson Pamela Cheryl Howell Martha Lonnette Hudkins Janet Collier Igo Billie Kay Johnson Nancy Victoria Kennedy Terry Michele Klar Mildred Anne Knape Lillie Jane Lay Carol May Marshall Jo Ann Norris Carol Anne Pape Martha Ann Pennock Linda Suzanne Shelton Ann Smith Carol Louise Smith Beverly Kaye Still Sherry Dianne Tally Bobbie Diane Thomson Tanya Mauriete Williams Frances Lenieu Wood Top Row: Armstrong, Aycock, Baity, Bavouset, Beatty. Second Row: Bergen, Blazek, Bogan, Bowen, Boyce. Third Row: Boyd, Bransford, B. Brown, L. Brown, Burnett. Fourth Row: Buttery, Campbell, Carlson, Carr, Carroll. Fifth Row: Clarke, Coe, Cohen, C. Collier, S. Collier. Sixth Row: Copeland, Criswell, Crowley, Cunning- ham, C. Davis. Seventh Row: S. Davis, E. Dillard, M. Dillard. Douglass, Downing. Eighth Row: Duncan, Earl, Easley, Engelke, Fer- guson. Ninth Row: Fletcher, J. Frank, K. Frank. Freasier, Cambrell. Tenth Row: Cebhart, Gilbert, Goodwin. Gorham. Eleventh Row: Haake, Hardaway, B. Harris. N. Harris. Twelfth Row: S. Harris, A. Harlman, D. Hart- man. Page 254 Jane Louise Aycock Carolie Ann Baity Mary Luada Barnhart Jamie Ann Bavouset Gladys Joanne Blakeslee Mary Joann Blazek Brenda Jo Bogan Beverly Anne Bowers Jeanne Wray Brown Linda Diane Brown Sandra Lou Burnett Wilda Lou Campbell Carol Lou Carlson Margie Ann Carr Carolyn Lee Coe Diane Cohen Annie Laurie Copeland Coral Lee Elizabeth Davis Susan Davis Edna Carolyn Dillard Martha Anne Dillard Carol Diane Douglass Judith Kaye Duncan Carol Eugenia Earl Shelly Dean Easley Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher Jane Elizabeth Frank Karen Hill Frank Jan Carol Freasier Judy Gayle Gambrell Frances Marjory Geriach Mary Jane Gorharn Barbara Dianne Harris Ada Lou Hartman Darla Jean Hartman Nancy Ann Hartman Elizabeth Ann Harvey Sylvia Ann Haynes Mary Kathleen Hudkins Bonita Jo Johnson MEMBERS Martha Jane Klerekoper Marion Martin Sally Ann Mathis Ellen Jeanne McCaughan Mary Gail McDaniel Mary Gray McGee Kathryn Nan McLaughlin Laura Clegg Monkhouse Margaret Carter Montgomery Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Elizabeth Ann Moreland Patricia Ann Murfin Susan Zemma Murrell Patricia Ruth Nation Judith Ann O ' Keefe Joan Parker Donna Kay Partridge Jane Elizabeth Pfeiffer Anita Louise Preston Mary Purnell Merla Lew Riddle Nina Jo Roberts Janet Scott Valarie Scott Michael Shelton Sharon Elaine Shelton Linda Elise Sherrill Cynthia Lee Shoptaw Ruth Marie Sillin Carol Ann Stone Marilyn Janet Stracik Sandra Lee Swanland Jane Voight Carol Ann Volz Sharon Anne Waite Maureen Jean Walsh Laurie Alden Waters Penney Lee Walters Mary Kathleen Weaver Grace Elizabeth Zirjacks Top Row: N. Hartman, Harvey, Howel], Hudkins. Second Rom: Igo, B. Johnson, Kennedy, Klar. Third Row: Klerekoper, Lay, Mathis, McCaughan. Fourth Row: McDaniel, McGee, McLaughlin, Monkhouse, M. C. Montgomery. Filth Row: M. E. Montgomery, Moreland, Murfin, Murrell, Norris. Sixtk Row: O ' Keefe, Pape, Parker, Partridge, Pennock. Seventh Row: Pfeiffer Preston, Purnell, Riddle, Roberts. Eighth Row: J. Scott tiinth Row: Sherrill, Shoptaw, Sillin, C. Smith, Still. Tenth Row: Stone, St Eleventh Row: Voight Twelfth Row: Walters V. Scott, M. Shelton. L. Shelton, S. Shelton. acik, Swanland, Tally, Thomson. Volz, Waite, Walsh, Waters. Weaver, Williams, Wood, Zirjacks. rct B Page 255 KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS Spring ETHYL LOWDON WILEY President ELAINE SEEWALD TRACY LYNN LEWIS Vice-President SUZANNE HENDERSON PATRICIA ANNE FORD .... Corresponding Secretary SALLY TERRY NELSON JUDITH ARVIN ADAMS Recording Secretary MARY KATHLEEN HARDWICKE BARBARA EUGENIA WEDDINCTON . Treasurer MARILYN SCHMERBECK FALL PLEDGES Elizabeth Ann Adams (11) Margaret Elizabeth Bailey Catherine Johnson Beanland Beryl Blunt Patricia Bruni Margery Lee Clarkson Sharon Eileen Coursey Pamela Forbes Grain Meredith Crowell Jeanne Margaret Crusemann Nancy Elizabeth Dean Jean Bell Dullnig Barry Dorothy Flippen Mary Elizabeth Gardner Patricia Elizabeth Garnett Mary Joe Goetzke Mary Kathleen Hardwicke France? Olivia Hill Susan Lynn Hooper Susan Diane Hull Mary Ann James Mary Nell Jeffers Janet Milanne Johnson Jeanne Louise Johnson Virginia Ann Johnston Calanne Dee Koenig Carolyn Maddox Edith Lynn McCelvey Georganne Wendell McCullough Mackie Sue Mclntyre Donna Gray Norquist Martha Anne Peden Kathy Powers Linda Janice Regan Gail Rosborough Linn Carter Rumsey Pamela Ann Sibley Becky Sue Snodgrass Hilda Octavia Stockmeyer Lynne Waite Stoltenberg Dorothy Thomas Nancy Ellen Vaughan Myra Nell Ware Kristin Katherine Way Patty Ann Wheatley Nancy Nevers Williams Lyra Legare De Wees SPRING PLEDGES Gail Griffiths Janelle Alise Ligarde T o Row: E, Adam s, J. Adams. Allen, Austin, Bailey. Second Row: C. S. Baker, C. A. Baker, Bean- land, Beeley, Bell. Third Row: Bivins, Blackaller, Blair, Boddy, Bordagew. Fourth Row; Browning, Bruni, Caldwell, Campbell, Carnahan. Fifth Row; Christian, Clark, Clarkson, Conoally, Cornicle. Sixth Row: Coursey, Grain, Creveling, Crowell, Crusemann. Seventh Row: Dean, Deshon, Dudley. Dullnig, Flippen. Eighth Row: A. Floeter, J. Floeler, J. Ford, P. Ford, Francis. Ninth Row: Fuertes, Gardner, Girnctt, Goetzke, Green. TV if A Row: Hardwicke, Harrington, Harris. Hen- derson, Hill. Eleventh Row: Hooper, Hull, Ingram, J. James, Jameton. Twelfth Row: Jeffers, Jrssen. C. Johnson. J. M. Johnson, Johnston. Thirteenth Rout: Joseph, Kendall. Page 256 MEMBERS Judith Arvin Adams Betsy Allen Ethel Jane Austin Caroline Susan Baker Carroll Ann Baker Becky Beeley Mary Elizabeth Bell Betty Bivins Judy Gale Blackaller Lydia Blair Ellen Marshall Boddy Betty Adele Bordages Lisa Breath Emily Bryant Browning Clara Lou Butcher Gay Carroll Caldwell Elizabeth Campbell Juliet Gorham Carnahan Richey Christian Elizabeth S. Clark Louise Clarkson Connally Jane Gould Cornick Elizabeth Lee Creveling Lynn Denman Carolyn Jane Deshon Carolyn Dudley Patricia Wright Engleman Amelia Forman Fleeter Judith Daon Fleeter Margaret Ellen Foran Jacqueline Ann Ford Patricia Anne Ford Alatia Plowman Francis Byrd Fuertes Gretchen Ann Green Dede Carol Harrington Connie Ann Harris Suzanne Henderson Carol Glee Ingram Jill Elaine James Nancy Morgan Jameson Donna Ament Jessen Cynthia Louise Johnson Anne Joseph Susan Kendall Mabel Joy Kokernot Phyllis Jean Koonce Carolyn Diane Koontz Jeannie Gail LaFont Jenny Lou Lewis Tracy Lynn Lewis Anne Lovell Jean Bigham Lykes Mary Kathryn Lynch Lula Belle Maddox Louisa Mahone Patricia Ann Martin Coleene McCracken Jean Royce Merritt Virginia Harris Meyers Linda Mae Millspaugh Nancy Portwood Monday Susan Elizabeth Morris Sally Terry Nelson Anne Stout Newton Charlotte Jean Peay Mary Patricia Perry Heather Stanchfield Peterson Susan Rowan Philbin Janis Lee Polk Lurana Elizabeth Ritter Betsy Lucindy Roberts Ann Robinson Marilyn Schmerbeck Celia Ann Scott Elaine Seewald Nancy Ann Sharp Susan Deranda Shaw Kathryn Nell Shelton Elizabeth Shigley Carol Geraldine Smith Gerri Clark Smyser Bettye Ann Stewart Julie Ann Terry Mary Helen Thomas Mary VanDyne Thuss Jayne Virginia Tudor Bette Barton Vaughn Mary Annette Vessels Kristin VonKreisler Barbara Eugenia Weddington Daisy Clark Whitridge Alice Merlin Wiemers Ethel Lowdon Wiley Diane Ford Wommack Top Row: Koenig, Kokernol. Second Row: Koonce, Koontz, LaFont, J. Lewis, Lovell. Third Row: Lykes, C. Maddox, L. Maddox, Mahone, McCelvey. Fourth Row: MiCullough, McCracken, Mclntyre, Merritt, Meyers. Fifth Row: Millspaugh, Monday, Morris, Nelson, Newton. Sixth Row: Norquist, Peay, Peden, Perry, Philbin. Seventh Row: Polk, Powers, Regan, Ritter, Roberts. Eighth Row: Robinson, Rosborough, Rumsey, Schmerbeck, Seewald. Ninth Row: Sharp, Shaw, Sibley, Smith, Smyser. Tenth Row: Snodgrass, Stewart, Slockmeyer, Stoltenberg, Terry. Eleventh Row: M. Thomas, Thuss, Vaughn, Vaughan, Vessels. Twelfth Row: VooKreisler, Ware, Way, Weddington, Wheatley. Thirteenth Ron: Whitridge, Wiemers, Wiley, Williams, Wommack. KA0 Page 257 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS Fall Spring SUSAN CLAIRE MOORE President MARTHA LOVE BRINDLEY MARY HELEN STRAUSS .... First Vice-President PATSY LEE MCAFFERTY JANET LEE MILLER Second Vice-President BARBARA LYNN STONE EVALIE HAWES Recording Secretary JANET LEE MILLER JEAN HOUSTON DANIEL . Corresponding Secretary MARGARET BEVERLY SORIERO FALL PLEDGES Virginia Ann Akridge Elizabeth May Bachman Julia Adele Barbisch Janis Bean Betsy Ruth Brown Carolyn Burton Campbell Nancy Jane Compere Mary Compton Brenda Joy Cowper Catherine Biedenharn Dennis Sue Madeline DeSanders Diana Gail Fleming Susan Downs Fry Sarah Elizabeth Green Elizabeth Christine Hall Elizabeth Claire Herd Mary Terrell Hudson Kathie Howard Hughes Catherine Belt Jacob Michael Hope James Margery Kengla Linda Kreisle Linda Diane Leach Susan Katherine Lindslev Ann Maria Lowdon Lana Christine Lowry Lenox Dare McClendon Carla Jeanne McNamara Mary Charles Milam Ellen Robertson Miller Lynn Painter Pamela Kaye Palmer Anne Renee Paris Marion Robbins Parish Nina Lee Penny Sydney Philen Sharon Price Margaret Lynn Robinson Martha Lewalling Seay Virginia Susan Sewell Margaret Beverly Soriero Susan Stegner Paula Wynne Stephens Mary Nell Sticksel Sharon Ann Sweeney Patricia Suzanne Taylor Camilla Thompson Jane Hopkins Underwood Suzanne Wilkins Williams SPRING PLEDGE Mary Adele Hardie Top Row: Akridge, Alexander, Austin, Bachman, Barbisch. Second Row: Bean, Beck, Boroughs, Boyd, Brackenridge. Third Row: llrindley. A. Drown, B. Brown, Buchek, Butter. Fourth Row: Cage, Campbell, Chilcolc, Clark, Clarke. Filth Ron: Coffee, M. Collins, Compere, B. Cowper, J. Cowper. Sixth Row: Crarer, Crawford, Curtia, Daniel, Dennis. Seventh Row: Doss, Eichner, Fleming, Fry, Gerrard. Eighth Row: Gettier, Cleason, Graham, P. Green, S. Green. Ninth Rom: Greenlce, Harrison, Hawes, Herd, Might. Tenth Row: Holzapel, M. Hudson, Hughes, Jacob, James. Eleventh Row: Jennings, Johnson, Jordan, Keng- 1, Kincaid. Twelfth Row: Kreisle, Leach, Linn, Lawden, Thirteenth Row: Mahaffey, Marsh, Maxfield. Page 258 Maria Lee Alexander Kathryn Mary Austin Sara Bartholomew Darcus Barry Beck Rilla June Boroughs Susan Kathleen Boyd Genie Brackenridge Martha Love Brindley Ann Connor Brown Jan Moore Brown Nancy Louise Buchek Bette Lee Butter Beverly Louise Cage Edith Lynn Chilcote Terry Clark Ellen Martha Clarke Lynn Coffee Dorothy Lee Collins Margaret Eleanor Collins Dana Wingfield Connolly Jane Cowper Jean Holland Graver Alice McKallip Crawford Margaret Lynn Curtis Jean Houston Daniel Gena Dorsey Theresa Doss Peggy Eichner Charlotte Ann Florence Linda Garnett Ann Gerrard Susan Gettier Mary Ann Gleason Marian Carolyn Graham Patricia Ann Green Paula Steck Greenlee Barbara V. Haag Carol Harrison Susan Wells Hartman Mary Terry Haun Evalie Hawes Penelope Hight Carol Linda Holzapfel Louise Carr Houston Francis Hill Hudson Sara Robbie Ivins Martha Jean Jennings Evelyn Phillis Johnson Sarah Anne Jones Judy Latimer Jordan Carol Ann Kincaid Elizabeth Erin Linn Prudence Drew Mahaffey Elizabeth Swann Marsh MEMBERS Jennifer Wynn Janie Maxfield Patsy Lee McCafferty Peggy Lou McCafferty Melinda McCall Anne Dalton McClendon Virginia Shelton McCuistion Judith Ann McCullough Mollye Aleda McDowell Susan Jane McKay Janet Lee Miller Martha Louise Miller Arabella Jester Miner Marta Elizabeth Moore Susan Claire Moore Patricia Ann Munn Dennise Newberry Mary Mike Oles Mary Jay Orr Karin Elizabeth Peterson Nancy Long Presnall Jackalyn Rainosek Paula Rae Rattan Ann Read Alice McDermott Red Mollie Lucinda Rehmet Jann Elizabeth Rowley Suzanne Kay Rucker Ann Halbert Ruth Mary Austin Rutherford Penelope Schwer Elizabeth Ann Scott Nancy Coleman Scott Nancy Sealy Suzanne Senevey C. Anne Simpson Patti Gay Smyth Katharine Anne Spence Mary Patricia Spence Helen Mae Spencer Frances Spivy Patricia Anne Stephens Barbara Lynn Stone Mary Helen Strauss Lucijane Strozier Jean Barrow Talbert Mary Jane Taylor Lera Thomas Kathleen Ames Tyler Helen Elizabeth Van Wagoner Dottie M. Varner Sally Eleanor Weinert Diane Hunt Wilder Jane Wilson Suzanne Womack Top Row: Patsy McCafferty, Peggy McCafferty, McCall. Second Row: L. McClendon, McCuiston, McCullough, McKay, McNamara. Third Row: Milam, J. Miller, Miner, M. Moore, S. Moore. Fourth Row: Newberry, Oles, Orr, Painter, Palmer. Fifth Row: Paris, Pariah, Penny, Peterson, Philen. Sixth Row: Presnall, Price, Rehmet, Robinson, Rowley. Seventh Row: Rucker, Karin B. Rudburg, Ruth, Rutherford, Schwer. Eighth Row: E. Scott, N. Scott, Sealy, Seay, Senevey. Ninth Row: Simpson, Soriero, M. Spence, Spencer, Spivy. Tenth Row: P. A. Stephens, P. W. Stephens, Sticksel, Stone, Strauss. Eleventh Row: Strozier, Sweeney, M. Taylor, P. Taylor, Thomas. Twelfth Row: Thompson, Tyler, Underwood, Van Wagoner, Varner. Thirteenth Row: Weinert, Wilder, Williams, Womack, Wynn. KKP Page 259 OFFICERS Fall Spring LAURA JEAN FENNO President KAREN KAY WALTON EMILY ANN LAMON V ice-President EMILY ANN LAMON Jo VAN KURD Secretary WILDA RAE LOWDEN ALMA LOUISE ROBINSON Treasurer ALMA LOUISE ROBINSON BENNIE JEAN CLINTON Senior Panhellenic BENNIE JEAN CLINTON FALL PLEDGES Marilew Cunningham Sondra Lynne Dabe Joan April Hayn Nancy Kay Kreczmer Barbara Ann Musselman Marilyn Jeanne Orts Anita Louise Prince Judith Ann Snyder Nancy Marion Storm Patricia Winifred Wood SPRING PLEDGES Gayle Louise Aicklen Mary Ann Boyd Mary Anthony Butschek Lucille Elaine Hackard Cheryl Ann Jarrett Mary Gertrude Moore Margaret Anne Stewart Joy Alice Tarpley Top Row: Brothers, Clinton. Second Rote: Cunningham, Dabr. Third Row: Doremus, Ellis. Fourth Row: Fenno, Gowen. Filth Row: Hayn, Hunter. Sixth Rou: Hurd. Pact 260 MEMBERS Margaret Alice Brothers Bennie Jean Clinton Elizabeth Lyons Doremus Rita Jean Ellis Laura Jean Fenno Mary Carrington Gowen Victoria Lee Hunter Jo Van Kurd Susan Lynn Jones Margaret Mary Kutac Emily Ann Lamon Wilda Rae Lowden Patsy Ann Martyn Alma Louise Robinson Mary Claire Russell Carol Ann Searight Pauline Tollefson Susan Elizabeth Wagnon Elizabeth Harris Walling Karen Kay Walton Janet Joyce Zrubek Toil Row: Kreczmer, Kutac. Second Row: Lamon, Lowden, Martyn. Third Row: Musselman, Ortz, Prince. Fourth Row: Robinson, Russell, Snyder. Fifth Row: Storm, Wagnon, Walling. Sixth Row: Walton, Wood, Zrubec. Page 261 PI BETA PHI OFFICERS Fall Spring MARY JANE RILEY President SUE COLCIN HOWELL CAROL ANN CORY Vice-President MARTHA MARILLA BLACK GWYN WIMHEHLY SHOOK Recording Secretary SUSAN FOWLER RACHEL CORNELIA MERRIMAN . Corresponding Secretary Jo MARIE LILLY SUSAN ISABEL KLINE Treasurer SUSAN ISABEL KLINE FALL PLEDGES Courtney Baetz Lona Katherine Bethea Linda Carol Brack Barbara Anne Brenan Alethea Dossett Brooks Anne Bryan Judith Castleberry Courtney Alice Cheney Josephine Butler Cooper Kaysie Lynn Crombie Becky Crouch Nancy Louise Denman Jane Kemble Dunbar Paula Gay Edwards Linda Kay Emerson Pauline Washington Gillespie Marilyn Sam Gregor Lucy Gail Holmes Jean Fariss Horsley Carolyn Hunter Judith Lynn Jaegli Mary Susan Kean Karen Sue Kuper Margaret Ann Lawrence Judy Ann Lloyd Margie Jeannette Mallett Margaret Chalmers McWhorter Melinda Murphy Olive Anne Musgrave Gayle Grace Needham Mary Suzanne Newman Susan Page Mary Elizabeth Ragsdale Nancy Carol Ragsdale Elizabeth Carroll Rehmann Mary Lillian Ross Susan Martha Savage Janet Schuster Sallie Sue Skelley Donna L. Stafford Sallie Walthall Steves Anne Finch Taylor Terry Carroll Taylor Susan Marie Teeple Canda Beth Turner Jo Frances Tyng Susan Ross Weber Robin Evelyn Wilson Cynthia Taylor Wood Nancy Clark Wood Top Rom: Alexander, Autroy, Baetz, Bailey, Baker. Second Ron: Bell, Borkman, Bethea, Black, Brack. Third Row: Braselton, Brenan, Brocks, Bryan, Castleberry. Fourth Row: Cheney, Clements, Cocking, Cooper, Cory. Fifth Row: Crombie, Crouch, Denman, Doherty, Dooley. Sixth Row: Douglas, Driscoll, Edwards, Emerson, Feldt. Seventh Rote: A. Fenstermaker, M. Fenstermaker, Ferguson, K. Fisher, Fowler. Eighth Row: Graham, Gregor, Grow, Guess, Halv. Ninth Row: Hall, Holmes, Hopkins, Horsley. Houston. Tenth Rote: Howell, Hunter, Jaeglie, Jopling, Kahn. Eleventh Row: Kerr, Kline, Lawrence. Page 363 MEMBERS Dachiell Harding Ahlschlager Nancy Lila Alexander Nancy Holden Allen Mary Greenwood Anderson Melinda Ann Austin Cecile Curlin Autrey Kathryn Ann Bailey Jeannette Selman Baker Anita Louise Bell LaTrelle Berkman Linda Black Martha ' Manila Black Carolyn Clifton Braselton Patricia Brinsmade Carol Lee Buzzini Jane Lucile Chipley Nancy Clements Catherine Cocking Carol Ann Cory Patricia Florine Crady Madelyn Doherty Kathleen Doherty Catherine Jean Donovan Mary Ellen Dooley Sara Kathryn Douglas Alice Ann Driscoll Mary Nell Feldt Ann Leslie Fenstermaker Martha Fulton Fenstermaker Gay Ferguson Kathleen Ann Fisher Martha Dalrymple Fisher Susan Fowler Jane Elizabeth George Joanne Geyne Carroll Day Gilmer Virginia Sue Graham Susan Louise Grow Margaret Bellmont Gray Cristia Fay Guess Rollin Ann Guess Nancy Hale Ann Eldridge Hall Judith Ann Hitchcock Glory Hopkins Helen Elizabeth Houston Sue Colgin Howell Elizabeth Clay Johnson Betty Ann Jopling Jan Jopling Carolyn Josey Susan Jane Kahn Nona Katherine Kean Mary Ann Kerr Susan Isabel Kline Mary Lynne Lasater Jane Honey Lemon Jo Marie Lilly- Ann Garner Long Penny Lord Suzanne Frances Martin Allie Page Matthews Susan Mattka Melinda Claire Mayes Marilyn Mays Carolyn A ' nn McCall Alicia McCullough Linda Bragg McDaniel Kathryn Erin McKenna Rachel Cornelia Merriman Polly Ann Miller Martha Minter Helen Hardy Murchison Roberta Jean Nelson Virginia Nelson Patricia Kay Parker Charlotte Gibson Peters Nancy Susan Pitzer Priscilla Jane Porter Patricia JuLaine Porter Linda Marjorie Prentice Eleanor Ann Rector Mary Jane Riley Judy Robinson Anne Wright Rogers Elizabeth Anne Sauer Martha Elizabeth Sealy Marv Katherine Sealy Sandra Sears Diana Lee Sessions Gwyn Wimberly Shook Bea Ann Smith Gail Addison Smith Kathy Stephenson Dorothy Ruth Taylor Clytie Harris Thomas Josephine Vance Tucker Jeanie Tunstill Jo Ann Vincent Betty Lea Walker Linda Louise Walker Mary Jane Walton Nona Camille Webb Mary Ann Weiss Anna Frances White Margaret Dunn Whitley Judith Ann Windrow Genevieve Meade Winterbotham Dana Rose Wortham Dorothy Ann Wyatt Top Row: Lemon, Lloyd, Lord. Second Row: Matthews, Mallett, Mattiza, Mayes, Mays. Third Row: McCall, McKenna, Minter, Murphy, Musgrave. Fourth Row: Nelson, Page, Parker, Pitzer, Patricia Porter. Fifth Row: Priscilla Porter, M. Ragsdale, N. Ragsdale, Rector, Rogers. Sixth Row: Ross, Sauer, Savage, Schuster, M. E. Sealy. Seventh Row: M. K. Sealy, Sears, Sessions, Skelley, B. Smith. Eighth Row: Stafford, A. Taylor, D. Taylor, T. Taylor, Teeple. Ninth Row: Tucker, Tunstill, Turner, Tyng, Vincent. Tenth Row: Walker, Weber, Weiss, White, Wilson. Eleventh Row: Windrow, C. Wood, N. Wood, Wortham, Wyatt. SIGMA DELTA TAU OFFICERS Fall Spring ROBIN GALE PASTERNAK President ROCHFLLE VEE STEINBERG LEAH SONJA STALAROW . . . First Vice-President ROSE DIANE ROSENBERG ADRIANNE ANN KELFER . . . Second Vice-President . . . ROSE HARIETT SLIPAKOFF MYRA ELISE STEIN Recording Secretary .... DIANNE LYNNE PLOTSKY CAROLYN SANDRA HARRISON . . . .Treasurer CELIA PICARD GELLMAN FALL PLEDGES Donna Jean Adelman Karen Lynn Asher Susan Fisher Cohen Diane Carol Eisenberg Rita Bonnie Epstein Marilyn Frances Friedman Sara Ann Goldberg Lynne Gordon Marilyn Gayle Hoffman Diane Susan Hurwitz Judith Rae Karasic Karen Joy Katz Elaine Janis Kelfer Rochelle Gail Lazar Judy Linda Joy Levine Patricia Tina Levinson Lory Tudy Lipshitz Helen Magedson Gail Patricia Neuman LaDina Leigh Reinke Eve Rogoff Madeline Esther Roth Joan Lee Schwartz Mitzi Ranel Shapiro Sally Lauren Stangle Linda Sue Stein Sandra Gail Stern Sharyn Elaine Suckle Carol Zimmerman SPRING PLEDGE Janet Susan Russak Z ' ,),, Row: Adelman. Asher, Billings, Birnbaum. Second Rote: Cohen, Druker, Duval, Eisenbcrg. Third Row: Epstein. Fisher, Friedman, Cellman. Fourth Row: Goldberg, Cordon, Hoffman, Hur- wili. Fifth Row: Joseph, karasir. L. Kali, A. Keller. Sixth Row: E. Kelfer. Korn, Koit, Kulick. Seventh Rote: Levine, Levinson. Eighth Row: Lipshiu. Page 264 MEMBERS Judith Ann Bermont Roberta Iris Billings Celeste Carol Birnbaum Deborah Joan Druker Linda Beatrice Duval Ann Fridel Eisenstein Myra Helene Fisher Celia Picard Gellman Carolyn Sandra Harrison Karen Lynne Joseph Loyce Ann Katz Adrianne Ann Kelfer Natalie B. Korn Sheryl Nan Kost Frances Kulick Victoria S. Liss Marsha Dianne Maltz Carol Jean Morgenstern Paulette Dana Nebrat Robin Gale Pasternak Dianne Lynne Plotsky Tammy Aviva Prero Rose Diane Rosenberg Nina Lee Schwartz Barbara Gail Shapiro Meryl Lynn Siegel Rose Harriet Slipakoff Eugenia Solka Leah Sonja Stalarow Myra Elise Stein Rochelle Vee Steinberg Carolyn Sue Stoller Harriet Ann Susser Helaine L. Wayne Ilene Marcia Weinberger Ruth Susan Wernick Martha Jane Wizig Top Row: Liss. Second Row: Magedson, Maltz, Morgenstern. Third Row: Neuman, Pasternak, Plotsky, Prero. Fourth Row: Reinkc, Rogoff, Rosenberg, Roth. Filth Row: Schwartz, M. Shapiro, Siegel, Slipakoff. Sixth Row: Solka, Stalarow, Stangle, L. Stein. Seventh Row: M. Stein, Steinberg, Stern, Suckle. Eighth Row: Susser, Weinberper. Wernick, Zimmerman. IAT Page 265 ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS Fall Spring CYNTHIA DELL STOLZ President HENRIETTA CATHERINE WEAVER NANCY LEE CONNER Vice-President JERRY Lu TRAUCHBER CATHARINE DALLAS BAXTER .Corresponding Secretary MARY ROSHTON MARY ANN FAICKNEY Recording Secretary CINDA SUE SANDS DOROTHY JANE JANECEK Treasurer ALICE ANN RAINEY FALL PLEDGES Louise Evelyn Bailey Lynn Barnard Charlotte Traylor Bell Judith Gayle Brooks Linda Lee Burk Brooke Busby Sarah Susan Butler Betty Anne Button Charlotte Renee Chapman Ann Elizabeth Choate Dinah Camille Cunningham Rosemary Curry Diane Elizabeth Donelson Nancy Jean Douglas Patricia Anne Elrod Mary Patricia Haley Kathryn Ann Hashop Vicki Elizabeth Held Pamela Hundley Marguerite Kelly Jarrell Leiland Ann Johnson Margaret Ann Kelley Brenda Joyce Klein Dale Louise Knotts Peggy Jo Kurtz Carol Ann Kush Lynne Carol Larson Christina Lawson Martha Gene Lederer Lucy Elizabeth Leeton Carol Lewis Mary Sue Marmion Sharon Lee Matthews Claudia Ann McCarty Joan Montgomery Susan Josephine Orton Pamela Jo Parish Bobbie Lou Petty Tommie Lee Petty Carole Kathryn Preston Sharon Nell Puckett Roberta Elizabeth Richardson Nannette Rountree Susan Dee Russell Susan Shockley Susan Sikes Sandra Kay Sitton Mary Slater Andrea Leslie Thorton Merry Nell Van Fleet SPRING PLEDGE Linda Louise Deal Top Row: Alexander, Barnard, Bcarden, Beasley, Bell. Second Row; Brooks, Burchim, Burk. Brooke Busby. Butler. Third Row; Button, Calkins, Chapman, Choate, Cole. Fourth Row: Conner, Con way, Conwill, Cooper. B. Cunningham. Fifth Row: D. Cunningham, Curry, Darling, Davis, Dawion. Sixth Row: Dingle, Donelton, Douglas, Downs, Dunlap. Seventh Row: Edmondson, Elrod, Faickney, I r guson, Fiich. Eighth Row: Foreman, Futhey. Gant, Hahop, Held. Math Row: Hill, Human, Hopkins, Hundley, Janecek. I -nth Row: Jarrell, C. Johnson. Kelley. Klfventh Row: Klein, Koch. Page 266 Rosalie Alexander Carolyn Marie Archer Catharine Dallas Baxter Barbara Louise Bearden Ann Beasley Linda Louise Bocock Saundra Lois Boone Sarah Frances Burcham Blaire Busby Judith Lee Calkins Connie Sue Cole Nancy Lee Conner Sally Leigh Conway Margaret Keith Conwill Marianne Cooper Betty Rush Cunningham Jessica Royece Darling Rebecca Ruth Davis Carol Ann Dawson Patricia Dale Dillashaw Mary Marsha Dingle Malley Myrthe Dirks Judith Ann Downs Susan Dunlap Carol Ann Edmondson Mary Ann Faickney Jean Ellen Ferguson Carole Sue Fisch Judy Hull Foreman Vicki Carole Futhey Dana Gaylen Gant Sherry Louise Graham Katherine Mary Hall Cindy Ann Hebert Mary Ethelyn Hill Bonnie Ann Homan Virginia Kay Hopkins Dorothy Jane Janecek Maryanna Rose Jesse Carol Ann Johnson Lynda Bird Johnson Carolyn Cage Kellam Roberta Bernice Kent Mary Florence Koch Charolette Kroll MEMBERS Jerry Ann Lee Gail Ann Mannas Sharon Kay Martin Elizabeth Gail Mayo Rose Marie Monk Carolyn Poole Moore Jo Lynne Musselman Sharon Patricia O ' Shea Mary Carol Pickett Cynthia Jean Pierce Frances Preston Alice Ann Rainey Terry Jean Real Diana Hays Reilly Mary Roshton Cinda Sue Sands Betsy Martha Schwarz Sandy Sue Shaw Ellen Elizabeth Sikes Carol Ann Sims Mary Kathryn Smith Warrie Lynn Smith Cynthia Dell Stolz Sarah Lee Sturgis Patricia Sue Sullivan Jo Anna Swank Mary Alice Swift Vicki Jo Taylor Virginia Ann Teutsch Betty Lou Thompson Sydney Thompson Carole Tomlinson Jerry Lu Traughber Martha Jane Wade Judy Kathleen Wax Henrietta Catherine Weaver Joan Weilbacher Katherine Kennedy Weston Berta Nell Wilborn Theo Nancy Wilkes Cherry Antoinette Windrum Clelia Lisette Windrum Andrea Patton Wood Linda Ellen Wright Sandra Wright T op Row: Kroll, Kurtz. Second Row: Kush, Larson, Lederer. Third Row: Lee, Lewis, Mannas, Marmion, Martin. Fourth Row: Matthews, Monk, Montgomery, Moore, Musselman. Filth Row: Parish, B. Petty, T. Petty, Pierce, C. Preston. Sixth Row: K. Preston, Puckett, Rainey, Real, Richardson. Seventh Row: Rountree, Russell, Schwarz, Shaw, Shockley. Eighth Row: E. Sikes, S. Sikes, Sitton, Slater, M. Smith. Mnth Row: W. Smith, Sturgis, Sullivan, Swank, Swift. Tenth Row: Teutsch, Thompson, Tomlinson, Traughber, Van Fleet. Eleventh Row: Wade, Weaver, Wilborn, C. Windrum, L. Wright. ZTA Page 267 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Fall OFFICERS HELENA R. FRENKIL President . . , PATRICIA WALLIS WRIGHT V ice-President . BARBARA DIANNE HARRIS Secretary . . . JAN JOPLING Treasurer . . DOROTHY W. DEAN Faculty Sponsor Spring MARY Jo DELK MARION DIANN HOLBROOK . . . . JANE GOULD CORNICK ... MYRA HELENE FISHER . DOROTHY W. DEAN Fall MEMBERS Spring EDDIE REBECCA MAXEY Alpha Chi Omega MARY TEDFORD GRIFFITH MARY TEDFORD GRIFFITH KAY CLYDE WEBB JANE BRYAN SHUFORD Alpha Delta Pi JANE BRYAN SHUFORD PATRICIA NELSON PATRICIA NELSON- HELENA R. FRENKIL Alpha Epsilon Phi CAROL ANN SINGER CAROL ANN SINGER RUTH SKIBELL MARY EVELYN POTTER Alpha Gamma Delta MARY EVELYN POTTER CHERYL BALLARD NEEF MARY JANE DAVIS MARY Jo DELK Alpha Omicron Pi MARY Jo DELK JACKIE ELAINE MAULDIN ELIZABETH ISABELL GRAFIUS CAROL JANE EADS Alpha Phi LUCINA KAY STYRON VANNA LEE JESSEN ELIZABETH ANN EGELHOFF MARY ANNE EWING Alpha Xi Delta SUZANNE ELAINE AYER SUZANNE ELAINE AYER FRANCES ANN WAGHALTER SHARON SUE ROUNTREE Chi Omega ELEANOR BANKSTON BEYEA ELEANOR BANKSTON BEYEA NANCY BERNARD PATRICIA WALLAS WRIGHT Delta Delta Delta DEBORAH ANNE BLANDY DEBORAH ANNE BLANDY CAROLYN PENCE MARION DIANN HOLBROOK Delta Gamma MARION DIANN HOLBROOK MARCY KATHERINE GOODE MARCY KATHERINE GOODE ALEXIS JOAN BROWN Delta Phi Epsilon MARGIE APPLEDORF Lois ILENE BELL BARBARA KAYE SUZANNE MAUK Delta Zeta MARTHA LOUISE LAMM DIANA DALE HASKINSON MARIAN PENDLETON BARBARA DIANNE HARRIS Gamma Phi Beta . . . . CAROL Lou CARLSON CAROL Lou CARLSON CAROL ANN VOLZ ETHEL JANE AUSTIN Kappa Alpha Theta JANE GOULD CORNICK JANE GOULD CORNICK JEANNE MARGARET CRUSEMANN JANE COWPER Kappa Kappa Gamma DENNY NEWBERRY MARTHA LOVE BRINDLEY MICHAEL HOPE JAMES BENNIE JEAN CLINTON Phi Mu BENNIE JEAN CLINTON- MARY CLAIRE RUSSELL MARY CLAIRE RUSSELL JAN JOPLING Pi Beta Phi DANA ROSE WORTHAM SUE COLGIN HOWELL PATRICIA FLO CRADY MYRA HELENE FISHER Sigma Delta Tau MYRA HELENE FISHER ROSE DIANE ROSENBERG PATTI TINA LEVINSON CAROLYN CAGE KELLAM Zeta Tau Alpha BLAIRE BUSBY BLAIRE BUSBY . ... SHERRY LOUTSE GRAHAM Front Row: Bryra, Bushy, Fisher, Newberry, Appledorf, Styron, Griffith, Dean. Second Rota: Delk, Blandy, Clinton, Carbon, Wnrthain. Shuford, Cornick. Third Row: Waghallcr, Pence, Grafiui, Kaye, Nelson. Egelhoff, Webb. Fourth Rote: Pendleton, David, Bernard, Jameii, Crady, Crusemann, Goode, Skibrll. Pa ( e 268 Edited by Judith Rosten FRATERNITIES Page 269 n i--, ACACIA w OFFICERS Fn Spring SHELTON WYLIE BOYCE Venerable Dean SHELTON WYUE BOYCE DAVID FRANKLIN CHAPPELL .... Senior Dean ROGER LAYNE BRANDT ROGER LAYNE BRANDT Junior Dean GEORGE ALFRED RAGLE HENRY HORACE HILL Secretary ALAN BRUCE BAIRD ROBERT MAURICE CRAIG Treasurer KENNETH ALWYN ROBERSO.N SARA FRANCES TAYLOR, Housemother PATRICIA JEANNE SWAHN, Delta Gamma. Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Stephen Lawrence Armstrong James Allen Baker William Campbell Barker John William Bay David Jack Bolger James Byron Boone James Michael Bown Doyle Kenneth Brook Jefery Frank Carson Larry Oliver Clevenger James Edward Craig Lawrence Daniel Dorr William Dan Driscoll Edward Eugene Dudley Robert William Fayle Jon Lowry Gilbreath Gary David Givens Stephen Miles Hackerman Donald Benjamin Hauk Ray Thomas Head John S. R. Howell Ernest Michael Kelly Lynn Rickey Law Billy Cranville Lawson Frank Roy Mease Douglas Craig Milligan Michael John Muller Jerry Myane Richard Arden Nichols William Emmett Nichols Charles Albert Oliver John MacNeil Scott Larry Donald Stanton Larry Russell Stevens Roy Joel Swanson Charles Alexander Taylor Thomas Edward Thomason Robert Lea Trask Roger Gibson Vann Louis Pierre Wenzell Michael Paul Werner Kenneth Austin Wickett SPRING PLEDGES Alan Meyer Arsht Terry Alan Estes David Christopher Galbreath Top Row: Armstrong, Baird, Baker, B. Barker. Second Row: W. Barker, Beauchamp, Bol|er, Boone. Third Row: Bown, Boycr, Brandt, Brook. Fourth Row: Carr, Carson, Chappell, Cobb. filth Raw: I. Craig, R. Craig, Dorr, Duddleaton. Sixth Row: Eiband, Entzmingrr, Fargason, Fayle. Seventh Row: G-ivens, Griffin, Hackerman, Hall. Kighth Row: 1. Harris, R. Harris, S. Harris, Hauk. .Yin (A Row: Head, Heard. Herrington, Hill. Pajc 270 Michael Charles Candy Curtis Posey Robert David Young FACULTY HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE, Professor of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH. Professor of Psychology WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN. Professor of Psychology HARRY L. KENT, JR., Professor of Mechanical Engineering LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering ARLIE RAY McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism DAVID SHANNON PRICE, Artist, Humanities Research Center JACK A. SCANLAN. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering JOHN G. STEELE. Director, Texas Union MEMBERS James Moyes Allen Alan Bruce Baird Barrett Harrison Barker William Bryan Beauchamp Shelton Wylie Boyce Roger Layne Brandt Ronnie Guy Carr David Franklin Chappell Charles Franklin Cobb Robert Maurice Craig Hugh Anthony Crosby John William Dalton Thomas Morris Daniel James George Drawert Jerry Michael Duddlesten David Aden Dunn George Wentworth Eiband Lindell Baker Entzminger. II Corwin Ray Fargason James William Gibson James Michael Griffin Ronnie Milton Guetersloh Robert Michael Gump Walter -Martin Hall Jesse David Harris, Jr. Robert Brent Harris Steve Wilson Harris Thomas Redginald Heard Boyd Wayne Henry Jack Owen Herrington Henry Horace Hill Frank Cole Hoffer Parris Homer Holmes Larry Glen Justiss Michael R. Lawless Gregory Owen Lipscomb Lowell Edward Long Robert James Lowe Gerald Mack Machen Charles Robert McConachie Stanley Clifton McDonald William McMillan David C. Morgan Douglas Campbell Postle George Alfred Ragle Glenn Hamlink Ring Ronald Stephen Ripps Kenneth Alwyn Roberson David Edward Rupley James Owen Rush Ellis Lee Smith Frank Frosythe Smith Joseph Goodloe Sneed Charles Leslie Stewart Ronald Lee Tatham Donald Harrison Taylor. Ill James Irving Tims Lowry Lamar Tims James Madison Williams Geor,ge Edward Wolfe Top Row: Hotter, Holmes, Howell. Kelly. Second Row: Law, Lawless, Lipscomb, Long. Third Row: Lowe, McMillan, Mease, Milligan. Fourth Row: Muller, Myane, R. Nichols, W. Nichols. Fifth Row: Oliver, Ragle, Roberson, Rupley. Sixth Rota: Scott, E. Smith, F. Smith, Stanton. Seventh Row: Stevens, Stewart, Swanson, C. Taylor. Eighth Row: D. Taylor, Thomason, J. Tims, Trask. Ninth Row: Vann, Werner, Williams, Wolfe. ACACIA ALPHA EPSILON PI OFFICERS fa Spring HOWARD PAUL DREYER Master DAVID GREENFIELD DAVID MILTON TAUB . ..First Lieutenant Master . .SANDERS GUEST BECKMAN MELVIN HOFFMAN Second Lieutenant Master DAVID MILTON TAUB SANDERS GUEST BECKMAN Scribe DAVID BERNARD SCHNEIDER LAWRENCE WAYNE WORTH Exchequer BERNARD MORRIS STOLLER MRS. HELEN BAWMAN, Housemother PLEDGES Ivan Charles Beckoff Philip Alan Bresky Frank Arthur Casebier Harris S. Jacobs Barry Stephen Lewis Jay Charles Lipner Jack Marshall Markman John Harold Perel Arnold Pollon Sheldon A. Schreiber Ronald Alan Soneson Top Row: Baum, Beckman. Second Row: Beckoff, Block. Third Ron: Catebier. Fourth Row: Colton, Dreycr. Ulth Row: Epitein, Foi. Sixth Row: Goodman, Greenfield. Sri ' f nth Row: Jacobs. Pae 272 MEMBERS Stuart Frost Baum Sanders Guest Beckman Ronald Steven Block Steven Craig Chodorow Murray Fred Colton Howard Paul Dreyer David Gustav Epstein Lawrence Fischman Richard Alan Fogel Philip David Fox Kenneth Roy Glaser Jerry Kapner Goldberg Michael Norman Goodman David Greenfield Melvin Hoffman David Phillip Kapiloff Robert Lawrence Lebow James G. Lempert Alan Ronald Leonard Allen Jay Maierson Gary Steven Markewich Robert Paul Perel Henry Victor Radoff Benjamin David Rosenberg Kenneth Yale Rosenzweig David Bernard Schneider Ronald Morton Serber Gerald Robert Smith Norman Stanley Smith Irwin Harry Steinhorn Bernard Morris Stoller Stanley Sutkin Donald Harry Swango David Milton Taub Jerry Joe Taub Joe Mayor Victor Lawrence Wayne Worth Frank Jon Zuzak Top Row: Kapiloff, Lebow. Second Row: Lempert, Lewis, Lipner. Third Row: Maierson, Markewich, J. Perel. Fourth Row: Pollon, Radoff, Rosenberg. Fifth Row: Rosenzweig, Schneider, Schreiber. Sixth Row: Serber, N. Smith, Stoller. Seventh Row: D. Taub, Worth, Zuzak. Page 273 ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS Fall Spring ALONZO LEONARD LACEY Worthy Master CLARENCE VAUGHN BRAY HUBBARD SCOTT CAVEN Worthy Chaplain HUBBARD SCOTT CAVEN EMMETT EDRINCTON MOQRE . Worthy Keeper. WILLIAM THOMAS ARCHER, JR. of the Exchequer EDWIN THEODORE DAVIS, JR. . Worthy Scribe TIMOTHY HAYES SMITH JACK MARTIN Cox . . . Worthy Keeper of the Annals JACK MARTIN Cox MRS. JESSIE STYLES, Housemother KATHY KRUECER, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Kenneth Douglas Ball James Al Bannerol Gerald Browning Bennett. Jr. John Scott Bennett Wilfred James Dean, Jr. Harry Bradford Fleming James R. Galloway Harry Joseph Glauser William Kenneth Graham. Jr. Robert Charles Grosjean Charles Edwin Gross Jesse Morgan Heliums Alfred Edgar Luckett, Jr. Karl Cheatham Lybrand Jimmy Paul Maxey Joe Phillips McElhaney Sidney Allin Mitchell Maurice Edwin Moore. Jr. Forest Sage Peterson Michael Mantheo Phillips Robert Ewing Raney, Jr. Robert Miller Ratliff Royce Elisha Roberts. Jr. James Scale Robert Louis Shaw Charles Michael Smith Robert Clinton Smith Russell Thomas Smith William Clarence Smith David Franklin Stanley Bryan Taylor Stratton James Philip Towns Wallace Bond Wilkinson. Jr. SPRING PLEDGES George Mason Adkins Stephen Patrick Hudnall Shannon Swann Matthews Top Rote: Archer, Arnold, Ball, Bannerot. Second Row: Barnett, Birr, G. Bennett, J. Bennett. Third Roto: Boone, Bray, Carter, Cook. Fourth Roto: Cox, Dalton, E. Davis, Dean. filth Row: Dunham, Figari, Fleming, Clauier. Sitth Rote: Graham, Croajean, Grosa, Henneuev. Seventh Roto: Herren, Johntoo, Lacey, Luckett. Kifhth Rote: Lybrand, Martin, . Page 274 David Mitchell Dalton Dale Walton Leonard I. Wilson FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English W. PAGE KEETON, Dean, School of Law H. MALCOLM MACDONALD, Professor of Government ERNEST WINFIELD WALKER, Professor of Finance FRANK HARPER WARDLAW, Director, University Press MEMBERS Albert Donald Abbott William Thomas Archer, Jr. Jasper Henry Arnold John Bryan Barnett. Jr. Curtis Allen Barr, Jr. James Harold Bell Fredrick Joseph Boone James Albert Boorman III Lee Richard Branum Clarence Vaughn Bray Larry Bateman Briggs Carl Melvin Carter Hubbard Scott Caven Franklin Hill Comiskey Thomas Wayne Cook Jack Martin Cox Charles Randolph Curson Tolbert Marion Dalton John Lee Banner Edwin Theodore Davis. Jr. John Lee Davis Arthur Alexander Duggan William Perry Dunham Ernest Emil Figari Hugh Gail Frith William James Galbreath Peter John Hennessey Thomas Hood Herren Stephen Withrow Johnson Ernest Melvin Key Alonzo Leonard Lacey Gordon David Martin Frank Douglas McMordie Charles Wayne Melton William Robert Miller Don Marshall Mills Emmett Edrington Moore Thomas L. Morgan James Bertram Morris, Jr. Emmett Ledgh Morrisson, Jr. Norman F. Newton James Stark Ostler Joseph Stephen Penner James R. Phillips Russell Kennon Quin Edward George Reynolds, Jr. Edward Lee Roberson Henry Philip Schaefer Wiley Joe Shaw Pliny Cleland Smith Roy Bascom Smith Timothy Hayes Smith Vernard Grimes Soloman James Ronald Stovall Phillip Mike Symons William Arthur Teague Dean A. White Top Row: McElhaney, McMordie, Miller. Second Row: S. Mitchell, M. Moore, Morgan, Morrison. Third Row: Ostler, Peterson, J. Phillips, M. Phillips. Fourth Row: Quin, Raney, Ratliff, Reynolds. Fifth Row: Roberson, Roberts, Schaefer, C. Smith. Sixth Row: R. B. Smith, R. C. Smith, W. Smith, Soloman. Seventh Row: Stanley, Stovall, Stratton, Symons. EifhtH Row: Teague, Towns, White, Wilkinson. ATQ Page 275 BETA THETA PI OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN CLARK HURST President ALAN WADE PETTIS ALAN WADE PETTIS First V ice-President JAMES LAWRENCE HULL, JR. NORTON BASSETT HARGIS, ]R. Second V ice-President JAMES SIMPSON DYER JOHN FREDERICK LEFLORE . . .Third Vice-President JOHN FREDERICK LfiFLORE JOHN OLDRAHM DAVIS Treasurer MILTON PHILLIP JENKINS MRS. Zi LA LICON, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Frederick Marcus Addington Kenneth Logan Buis Michael Jonathan Clark Lawrence Gallagher Guillot Carl C. Hardin, III Charles Schreiner Labatt Steven Quincy Lee Alfred Morse Macdaniel Edward Meador Montgomery Hugh Clinton Negley James Lutcher Negley Robert Charles Prather Woodrow Wilson Scott David Stephenson Edward Kendrick Tatum Jack Wilson Tucker, Jr. Richard Sidney Van Zant Andreu Lawrence Wiltse, Jr. William Rawls Wolf Randall Bennett Woods SPRING PLEDGES David Roy Bednar Mark C. Bomba Charles Richard Buffington John Paul Burton Charles Albert Deason Dow M. Dunn Joe Douglas Hirsch Leo M. Hurley John Alexander James, III Baker Steven Lucas Ellis Frank Morgan Michael B. Phillips George Straton Polos Joseph Phil Thrash Chris W. Williams " ' Row: Addiogton, Ballard, Buis, Clark. Second Rote: Davenport, Davis, Dyer, Evans. Third Rote: Guillot. Hardin, Hargii, Hull. Fourth Row: Hurst, Inglish, Jenkins, Johnson. fifth Row: Kyger, Labatt, Lee, LeFlore. Sixth Row: Lent i, Lucas. Page 276 FACULTY CARSON McGuiRE. Professor of Educational Psychology THOMAS WHITEHEAD SHEFELMAN, Assistant Professor of Architecture JOE PARKER WITHERSPOON. JR., Professor of Lau MEMBERS Andrew George Anderson. Jr. Arthur Charls Ballard John Richard Bentley. Jr. Joel Stephen Barber Charles Henry Bintliff David Ciller Cade Joseph Alden Clarke David Thomas Davenport John Oldrahm Davis William John Disch, III James William Dodson, Jr. Richard Stafford Donoghue James Simpson Dyer Michael Thomas English Samuel Hall Evans Kenneth Wayne Ferguson Stonewall Jackson Fisher David Edwin Foster John Cochran Frampton John Funk Norton Bassett Hargis, Jr. Charles Antony Hotchkiss James Lawrence Hull, Jr. Stanley Francis Hupfeld. Ill John Clark Hurst Frank Neville Ikard, Jr. Edwin Clark Inglish, Jr. Milton Phillip Jenkins William Davis Jordan Dan Vernon Johnson William Keith Kirkgard John George Kirkman Thomas Murray Kyger John Frederick LeFlore Robert Richard Lende John Luther Lenker Leslie L. Lentz, Jr. Larry Orman Littleton Nathaniel Harris McClamroch, III James Wallace McDugald William Patrick McLean Arthur Edwin Moers Joe Ed Morris John Gordon Muir, Jr. Hal Kennedy Muldrow Edgar Covey Nash, Jr. Othell Walker Ogden George Allen Overstreet Michael Robertson Parker Michael Reynolds Pearson Alan Wade Pettis Robert Irving Pettis Ralph Ray Peterson Carl Ray Polk Hal Francis Rachal, Jr. Robert Nathan Rule, Jr. Alvord Beretta Rutherford Richard Merle Scott Lloyd Michael Shellhorn Michael William Simpson Ronnie Stephen Smith Kenneth Deen Starnes Frank Bernard Sweeney John Allen Treadwell John Damian Walz Jack Howard Wigginton. Jr. Malcolm Evans Wiltse Ralph Huntington Winton. Jr. Top Row: Macdaniel, Montgomery. Second Row: Morris, J. Negley, Overstreet, A. Pettis. Third Row: Polk, Prather, Rule, Rutherford. Fourth Row: W. Scott, Simpson, Smith, Stephenson. Fifth Row: Tatum, Treadwell, Tucker, Van Zant. Sixth Row: Williams, A. Wiltse, M. Wiltse, Wolf. CHI PHI OFFICERS Fall Spring ROBERT CLINTON SIDDONS Alpha WINSTON KEITH SETZER JIM BOB HODGE Beta JOHN HOWARD SUCRE, III WINSTON KEITH SETZER Gamma VERNON MARSHALL MABRY JOHN MARKHAM GREEN Delta JOHN MARKHAM GREEN VERNON MARSHALL MARRY Epsilon JOHN HUDSON MATLOCK PATSY ANN GARDNER WELCH, Housemother NANCY COLEMAN SCOTT, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sweetheart PLEDGES Douglas Neilson Brooke William Foster Cockrell Lynn Ray Cooper Larry Wayne Eubanks Robert Gaines Griffin Jake Bryant Jarmon John Hudson Matlock John Prentiss Moore Milburn Martin O ' Dowd John Bowman Payne Charles Arthur Ray. Ill Emmett Herman Sanders Jerry Drew Sanders Bruce Lee Shearer Maurell James Taylor William Mast Wallace Charles Louis Williams - ' If " " : Ager, R. L. Allen, Ball, Brccht. Second Row: Brooke, Campbell, Carlson. Choice. Third Row: Cole, Cooper, Diinagan, Eubanks. Fourth Row: Fagin, Gibbs, Green, Griffin. Fifth t ow: Harrell, Hilburn, Hodge, Jarmon. Sixth Row: Lostracco. Page 278 FACULTY JAMES PERRY BRYAN, Board of Regents JAMES P. BUCHANAN. Ex-Students ' Association VENTON LEVY DOUGHTIE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering HENRY P. KELLEY, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology CHARLES ELMER ROWE. Professor Emeritus of Draiving MEMBERS Robert Quentin Ager Robert Charles Allen Russell Lee Allen Maurice Angly, Jr. James Franklin Atteberry Jack Johnson Ball Granville Harold Balthrop Richard Stuart Barr Thomas Armistead Bishop Christopher Lee Bolton Robert Hunt Bowman Douglas Arrington Boyd Howard David Brecht Russell Gladwin Burwell Darryl Glenn Campbell John Leonard Carlson William Herschel Choice Colbert Nathaniel Coldwell Robert Charles Cole Butler Parnell Crittenden, III Collett Broyles Dilworth Jerry Mac Dunagan James Erwin Dunaway Michael Kyle Fagin Larry Allan Fulbright Creston Henry Funk Eugene Austin Gibbs. Jr. John Markham Green Barry Lynn Harrell William Grant Hilburn Richard Wallace Hittson Jim Bob Hodge Joseph Miller Kenworthy Joseph William Kosh Jerry Edward Long Joseph Marco Lostracco Vernon Marshall Mabry James Robert Martin Charles Edward Oltorf John Thurman Payne Lewis Forsythe Pennock Samuel Potter, Jr. Joseph Houston Rentz William Calvin Royle Stephen Lee Scheffe Michael Adsit Scott Winston Keith Setzer James Reid Sharpless Robert Clinton Siddons John Howard Sucke, III Thomas Hall Thompson William Fredrick Wallace James Walter Ward Thomas Joe Welch Herbert Armstrong Wells, III Reeves Winfield Westmoreland k - Burleson Williams, Jr. Top Row: Mabry, Martin. Second Row: Mallock, Oltorf, J. B. Payne, J. T. Payne. Third Row: Potter, Ray, Rentz, Royle. Fourth Row: E. Sanders, J. Sanders, Scheffe, Setzer. Filth Row: Siddons, Sucke, Wallace, Ward. Sixth Row: Welch, Westmoreland, B. Williams, C. Williams. Page 279 DELTA CHI OFFICERS Fall Spring FRANK LEE BALDWIN, JR A BRYAN IRVEN FUGATE, JR. ELVIN BURNETT PIPPERT, JR B DONALD C. AHNCER PAUL JOSEPH GIDDENS C PAUL JOSEPH GIDDENS CHARLES MORGAN PEARRE, III D CHARLES MORGAN PEARRE, III JOHNNY F. HARRELL, JR E JOHNNY F. HARRELL ROXIE MOORE, Housemother FALL PLEDGES William Karl Adams William Fred Akins. Jr. James Lester Barker Larry D. Froelich Warren Davis Jinks Leonard Lee Oliver Gary Pollock Thomas Neal Thompson Top Row: Adams, Ahnger. Second Row: Akiqs, Anderson. Third Row: Baldwin, Barker. fourth Row: Brrgcn, Fugate. Filth Row: Ciddenn, Holder. Page 280 A FACULTY WILLIAM ALBERT NOYES, JR., Ashbel Smith Professor of Chemistry JOHN FRANKLIN WEEKS, Teaching Assistant in Economics MEMBERS Donald C. Ahnger Robert Edwin Anderson Frank Lee Baldwin, Jr. James Kenneth Bergen James Roy Butler Richard L. Corso John Rentz Doggett Herbert E. Evans Bryan Irven Fugate, Jr. Robert Filmore Gaskins Paul Joseph Giddens Clifton Johnny F. Harrell, Jr. Larce McElroy Holder, III Augustus Chester Ludlam Gary Howard Mayer Charles Morgan Pearre. Ill Elvin Burnett Pippert, Jr. Michael Luis Rachlin John Thomas Roberts James Harry Ross Garland Ray Shelton George Buell Shepherd Ray Skipping Top Row: Jinks, Ludlam. Second Row: Mayer, Oliver. Third Row: Pearre, Pippert. Fourth Row: Pollock, Rachlin. Fifth Row: Ross, Shepherd, Thompson. Page 281 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON OFFICER DAN LEONARD McCLEAN Housemanager DAN LEONARD McCuEAN MRS. S. B. FARRIER, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Burtis Stephen Rice Dan Bernard Roach William Kimbrough Rutledge. Jr. Geoffrey Gordon Sowash David Picton Suttles Lowery Lee Thompson Clifton Harvey Tyler James Richard Whittington Mark Crawford Wilson Karl David Youens SPRING PLEDGES Winston La Rue Evans Robert L. Gresham Hudene Jimmie Joyner Evan Wayne Anderson Drew O ' Neal Bacon Harold Vaughan Coates Leslie Bruce Donnell Johnny Hauer Walter Ervin James II Dan Reib Lane. Jr. Robert Dale Manes Richard M. McWhirter Top Row: E. Anderson, Arbaugh, Ardrey, Baon. Second Row: BeIH, Boykin, Carruth, Cauthorn. Third Rote: Cook, Creekmore, Dirii, Donnell. Fourth Row: Fisher, Griggs, Hancock. Harsgsn. Filth Row: Harrison, Hauer, Hibbelli, James. Sixth Row: Kamrath. Kern. Knight. Pa t e 282 FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE, Athletic Director Emeritus Robert Lynn Anderson Charles Houston Arbaugh James Stanley Ardrey James F. Berly, III Tom R. Bevill M. Eddie Boykin Andrew J. Bratton Jeff Bell Bryson David Carruth Tommy Drew Cauthorn Ray Holton Cook George Michael Cowen Wynne L. Creekmore. Jr. Britt Talley Daniel Platt Walker Davis, III Guy Cade Fisher Wade Garney Griggs Lee Everette Hancock Pat William Haragan Charles D. Harrison Charles M. Hibbitts Byron Wilson Hodge John Robert Kamrath Robert Horace Kern, III Carl Baker King Robert Edward Knight John MEMBERS Mickey Jim Logan Charles Victor Manes Marion Embree McDaniel Dan Leonard McClean William Henry Moody Harry Hollis Oxspring John W. Pate William Bart Pate Vincent Walker Perini John Brock Pevateaux Frank Marion Putman, Jr. Dan William Ryan Charles Davis Scarbrough Andrew J. K. Smith Harrison A. Stafford Malcolm Boyd Street Dunk A. Sullivan James Owen Taylor John Edward Taylor Ronald Edwin Tigner George M. Waggoner Phil Coy Walden John Ernest Walker Lawrence Riley Williams Richard Samuel Williams J. Bruce Willis Frank Younger Top Ron:: Lane, Manes, McClean. Second Row: McWhirter, J. Pate, W. Pate, Pevateaux. Third Row: Rice, Roach, Rutledge, Ryan. Fourth Row: Sowash, Stafford, Street, Suttles. Fifth Row: J. E. Taylor, Thompson, Tigner, Tyler, Sixth Row: Whittington, L. Williams, Wilson, Youens. z d f r DELTA TAU DELTA Fall OFFICERS Spring HARVEY TEVIS HERD President JOHN HARVEY HUDSPETH CHARLES MICHAEL LUCAS V ice-President LAMAR EUGENE LAWSON JOHN HARVEY HUDSPETH Treasurer DAVID BYRON KINCREA LLOYD WILLIS BIRDWELL, JR. . Corresponding Secretary . ROY EDWARD PFIESTER JOHN QUINN ROUNSAVILLE, JR. Recording Secretary . WILLIAM DUDLEY GROSS SOPHIA DNEPROFF, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Albert Slagle Allbritton Bud E. Allredge Robert Clayton Baldwin Bill Bruce Barron Darrell Anthony Beschen, Jr. Harry James Bowden Jefferson Kearney Brim, III Michael P. Carnes Louis Stanley Casey Gareth W. Cook Charles Davis Craig Thomas Trimble Currie, Jr. Steven Edward Fry Samuel William Gainer Tom Robert Gish Thomas Allen Graves Rodney Meredith Green Robert Stephen Hillis Maurice Dean Heatly John Hardrider Hendricks James Worth Hinds George Ingram Hodges Robert Joe Hull Malcolm James Kutner, Jr. Larry W. Langley John Landrum Loftis, III Neil Hugh McLaurin Robert Davis Mosby Eli Michael Myers Charles R. Naiser, Jr. Christopher Allan Paul Ralph G. Reser Roy Lee Riddel John Stephen Schuessler Dennis Selden Bruce Monarch Smith, Jr. Leland Gale Smith Thomas Edgar Smith James C. Spillane Alfred Staehely Robert Clifton Sturdivant Diron Vester Talbert Wallace Gordon Tingley Eliot Payson Tucker John Michael Weissert Robert W. Wolters Russell Clayton York SPRING PLEDGES Robert Dean Meador Gregory Wilkins Thompson Richard Penn Williamson Top Rou: Allbrilton. H. Allen, Archer, Bandy. Barbour. Second Rou-: Barron. Bates, Beschen, Birdwell. Bowden. Third Rou-: Brim, Brown, Buchanan, Burleson, Garnet. Fburlh Roic: Caaey, Cnchran, Cook, Craig, D. Davit. Filth Row: Dillon, Elcdgc, Emerton, Fowler, Fry. Sixth Rou: Gainer, Gith, Graham, T. Graves, Green. Seventh Row: Cross, Gulledge, Hardy, Hassel- melr, Heatly. Kithth Roic: Hendrickt, Herd, Hiifint, Hindi, Hodges. Mnth Roic: Holleashead, Hudspcth, Huffman. Tenth Ron: Hull, Ingram Page 284 FACULTY KENT WHEELER KENNAN, Professor of Music MEMBERS Howard Amason Allen Richard Wayne Allen Girvice Ward Archer, Jr. Ronald Davis Bandy Carroll Stanley Barbour Kindell Wayne Bates George Madison Berry Lloyd Willis Birdwell, Jr. James Howard Bradley, Jr. Thomas Wilder Brown Richard Neal Buchanan William Dan Burleson John Robbins Bush Stephen Leroy Carter Otis Fielding Cochran Paul David Constantine Michael B. Gotten Dan Murchison Craddock Don Clifford Davis John Thomas Davis William Sheriden Dillon John Jay Driscoll, Jr. Michael Ray Eledge John Conner Emerson George Gates Fowler, Jr. Michael John Fourticq Bobby Frank Gamblin Samuel Charles Giesey, Jr. Leon Norrod Graham James Booker Graves William Dudley Gross Billy Roy Gulledge James V. Hammett Darrell Hughes Hamric Judson James Hardy Allison Gale Hasselmeier Harvey Tevis Herd Patrick 0. Higgins Bernard Ray Hollenshead John Harvey Hudspeth Richard Ellsworth Huffman John Desmond Hughes William Bade Ingram Robert Charles Ittner Ronald Gene Jackson William C. Keach Michael Edward Keasler David Byron Kingrea Ralph Edd Krieger Lamar Eugene Lawson Daniel Ray Lazicki Charles Stevenson Leeper Walter Robert Leeper Phillip Allen Leonard Peter Michael Lowry Charles Michael Lucas Donald Porter Mayborn Thomas Michael Mays Michael George McCollum James Luther Minis, III William Eugene Mitchell John LeGory Murchison, Jr. James Morris Muse David Dean Nunneley John William Odam Robert Earl Penn Richard Raymond Peterson Roy Edward Pfiester Ned Price, Jr. Keith Bernard Reed, Jr. Robert Alan Ross John Quinn Rounsaville, Jr. William Crocker St. Clair Marion Sanford, Jr. Lawrence Shannon Smith Gerry Allan Solcher David Michael South Joseph Campbell Sparks George Myron Spear Stephen Maurice Stack Stephen H. Suttle Richard Hylton Sutton, Jr. Charles Dan Talbert Michael Rayburn Thompson Courtney Mack Townsend, Jr. Robert Allen Venable Joe Bill Watkins James Richard Watts Robert Graham Watts, Jr. Ronald David Weaks William Frederick Weissert Leo Horace White, Jr. John Alexander Willoughby, III James Harbert Woolen, III Top Row: Ittner, Keasler, Kingrea. Second Row: Krieger, Kutner, Langley. Third Row: Lawson, C. Leeper, W. Leeper, Mayborn, May?. Fourth Row: McCollum, McLaurin, Mims, Mitchell, Mosby. Fifth Row: Muse, Myers, Naiser, Odam, Paul. Sixth Row: Peteison, Pfiester, Reed, Reser, Riddel. Seventh Row: St. Clair, Schuessler, Selden, L. C. Smith, T. Smith. Eighth Row: Solcher, Spear, Staehely, Sturdivant, Sutton. Ninth Row: M. Thompson, Tingley, Tucker, J. Watts, R. Watts. Tenth Row: J. Weissert, Willoughby, Welters, Wooten, York. ATA r w _ jrifci All DELTA UPSILON OFFICERS Spring JOHN MACK ORR President MELVIN WAYNE COOPER EDGAR ALLEN MILLER V ice-President BARRY SNELL JAMES WILLIAM EVANS, III Treasurer .... JAMES WILLIAM EVANS, III TIMOTHY DRATH HEINS Secretary PHILIP RAY RI;ZICKA GLENN CURTISS McAoAMS, JR. .Chapter Relations.. . HOMER ALLEN HILL, JR. MRS. J. D. BELTON, Housemother FALL PLEDGES John Young Allen. Jr. Edmund Nielson Anderson John Paul Askew Nathan Leroy Brightwell Ronald Lynn Burke Danny Michael Corley James Russell Cox Richard Stuart Flowers Tommy Ray Franks Robert McMurdo Gillespie Wallace Gerald Haney David Charles Heath Clifton Wallace Hooser Chris Edwin Johnson William Robert King Terry Lee Marlatt Samuel Bryan Moore, Jr. Gary Dean Nance Aubrey Henry Polser. Jr. Forrest Calvin Roan. Jr. Philip Ray Ruzicka Wade Helms Walker Rickey Ray Westmoreland Harry Hall Womack. Ill SPRING PLEDGES John Richardson Allen Kristinn Ingi Hansen Glen Roy Sumner James I. Sewell Randy Roy Shope Top Row: }. Y. Allen, Anderson, J. Askew, R. Askew. Second Row: Bailey. Burke, Butler, Carr. Third Row: Charlets, Cooper, Corley, J. R. Con. Fourth Row: Craft, Evans, J. Flowers. R. Flowers. Fifth Row: Franks, Cllleipie, Class, Green. Sixth Row: Haney, Haralsoo, Harwell, Haynes. Seventh Row: Heath, Heins, Hill. Eighth Row: Hoermann, Hooser. Page 286 FACULTY CHARLES T. CLARK, Associate Professor of Business Statistics KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology PARKER CLINTON FIELDER, Professor of Law BENJAMIN HOWARD HIGGINS, Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics R. GOMMEL RoESSNER. Professor of Architecture DARRELL K. ROYAL, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach MEMBERS Robert Middleton Askew Edgar Daniel Bailey David Henry Bell Richard Nye Butler Julliard Vernet Carr. Jr. Philip Calvin Cezeaux William Addis Charless, Jr. Kynn Monroe Garland Cole Melvin Wayne Cooper James Albert Cox. Jr. Randal Robert Craft. Jr. Robert Dean Earp Larry Jack Edgeman James William Evans. Ill Charles Marshall Finney John Garland Flowers. Ill Donald Michael Gerrard Henry Oren Getchell Thomas Westbrook Glass William Webster Green Bruce Stone Haggerty Donald William Haley Joe David Haralson Anthony Lee Harwell James Alan Haynes Timothy Drath Heins Homer Allen Hill, Jr. King Colville Hoermann Eugene Lewis Hunt Harold Glenn Jones, Jr. Albert Owen Killingsworth William Lee Knighton, III Gary Leland Levering James David Mann Lee Haynes Mathews Glenn Curtiss McAdams, Jr. William Houston McNary Edgar Allen Miller Michael George Mitchell John Mack Orr Norman Dean Oswald Thomas William Prescott. Jr. Van Worth Robinson Robert Thomas Ryan, Jr. Charles Robert Seaver Stanley Alton Shaw Barry Snell Sterling Norman Sorrel Jimmy Lawson Stevens Leroy Alward White. Jr. Robert Alan Williams Sidney Lynn Williams Top Row: Hunt, Johnson. Second Row: Jones, Killingsworth, King. Third Row: Knighton, Mann, Marian, Matliews. Fourth Row: McAdams, McNary, Miller, Mitchell. Filth Row: Moore, Nance, Orr, Polser. Sixth Row: Prescott, Roan, Ruzicka, Seaver. Sevtnth Row: Shaw, Snell, Stevens, Walker. Eighth Row: Westmoreland, White. R. Williams. Womack. ,-rr- Lt.tJtik.tfYj KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS Fall Spring JAMES LEEPER HAWLEY ROBERT FLEMING SEE, JR. JOE MURRAY BAILEY JERRY ROBERT REED JOHN WILLIAM HARRIS, JR JON GRANT FORD ROBERT FLEMING SEE, JR IV. JOHN WILLIAM HARRIS, JR. JAMES EDGAR GOODNIGHT, JR V. KIRK WILLIAM WEINERT DOROTHY WORRELL COMBS. Housemother FALL PLEDGES Alvin Homer Badger, III Ralph Vincent Bailey Don Clayton Chapell Malcolm Evere tt Cloyd Robert Pickett Davis Milton Martin Dusek, Jr. William Crawford Parish Henry Weldon Fielder Dee Solon Finley, Jr. Jimmy Don Gerganess Thomas Edward Giles John Allen Grace Michael H. Gulley Malcolm Allan Hargrave Richard Charles Hinton Patrick Yeager Howard James Robert Kelsey Charles Conrads Kraft Ronald Paul Landry William DeWitt Maer Dudley Wayne Malone William Harve Mangum Kenneth John Manion Rufus Sumner Manley Donald Leigh Markette Kim Edward Martin William Ernest McBroom Dan David McMahon Kit Arthur Nienhueser Earl William Paschal, III John Raymond Pipkin George Walter Sandlin Neal David Sleeper James Robert Smith Steve Charles Stringer Fred Kent Taylor Jerry Lynn Thompson Paul Lee Yates SPRING PLEDGES Grafton Tennant Austin Larry Joe Brundidge Robert Lee Gulley Top Rote: Badger, Bailey, Ballew, Beckhani. Second Roa: F. Bell, ]. Bell. Byrd, Chapell. Third Rom: Choate, Cloyd, Cook, Davis. Fourth Row: Dickson, Dodson, Edwarda, Farish. Fifth Row: Fielder, Galbreth, Gerganei), Gil es. Sixth Row: J. Grace, Gulley. J. Harrii. J. Han man. Seventh Row: Harve . J. R. Hawley. R. Hearn -, Hinton. Eighth Row: Howard, Jonet. Page 288 Donald Mack Johnson Eli Michael Myers William Andrew Short, Jr. FACULTY CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Supervisor, Track Program DANIEL A. PENICK, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages, Tennis Coach Emeritus MEMBERS Barry Alan Applewhite Clifford Atkinson, III Joe Murray Bailey Dawson Dwayne Ballew Robert Lawrence Beckham Francis Folsom Bell, Jr. John David Bell Joe Mack Bridges Clifton Byrd, Jr. Mark Wade Choate, II G. Eddie Clark Walter Louis Cook, Jr. John R. Cope Frank Herlin Cox Ronald Roy Cresswell Wilson Gordon Dickinson, II Harry David Dickson Durwood Keith Dodson Ronald Siddall Driver David Warren Dusenberry Benny Eugene Edwards Rickey Don Eschman Robert W. Fain Walter Dan Ford Jon Grant Ford William Allen French Emmett Reid Galbreth, II Don Wendel Garrett James Edgar Goodnight, Jr. Russell Randell Grace Hix Green, III Brian Peyton Hanson John William Harris, Jr. Phillip Leon Harris Donald Whitesell Hartman John Sinclair Hartman Ralph Christian Harvey James Leeper Hawley Joe Rosser Hawley James Stewart Hearne Richard Bailey Hearne Thomas Buckner Hightower David Bascomb Johnson Gilford L. Jones Norvel Killion, Jr. Robert Vance Lebkowsky Phillip Harris Mabry Don Ross Malone William Thomas McDonald, Jr. John Dee McStay William W. Merrell Joseph Michael Metschan Richard Glen Miller Donald Martin Musick Tommy Henry Nobis William John Patton Banyan Wyle Payne, III Harold Marvin Philipp Edward Bradford Pickett Gary Dennis Ragan Jerry Robert Reed John Howard Robinson Joel Henry Robuck Joe Christopher Rude, III Carl James Ryberg Robert Fleming See, Jr. Philip Cruce Shadwick Covan Rodney Shultz Bryan Cooper Simmons Todd Witherspoon Slaughter Alan L. Sleeper Robert Draper Sohn Joseph Peter Stultz Charles Newton Warren lib 4il Kirk William Weinert Top Row: Kraft, Lebkowsky. Second Row: D. W. Malone, Mangrum, Manion, Manley. Third Row: Markette, Martin, McBroom, McStay. Fourth Row: Metschan, Musick, Payne, Pickelt. Fifth Row: Pipkin, Ragan, Robinson, Robuck. Sixth Row: Rude, See, Shadwick, Simmons. Seventh Row: Slaughter, A. Sleeper, N. Sleeper, Stringer. Eighth Row: Taylor, Thompson, Weinert, Yates. Page 289 KAPPA SIGMA IT OFFICERS Fa Spring LUDOLPH WILLIAM HEILICBRODT . Grand Master ROBERT ALLEN WHITE THOMAS KYLE WARD Grand Procurator .... JOSEPH CLIFFORD GUNTER MARK LAFAYETTE HART Grand Scribe .... JAMES MOLLOY McCARROLL JOSEPH CLIFFORD GUNTER Grand Master of Ceremonies JOHN CARTER LLEWELLYN ROBERT MELBCJRN HOPSON . ... Grand Treasurer. ... ROBERT MELBURN HOPSON MRS. FRED VAUCHAN, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Parker Hartley Brown James Michael Bryant Robert Dean Burdick James Montgomery Caruth William Wolcott Collins, Jr. John Roy Grain Sam William Cruse, Jr. Fred Ray Culberson William Kenneth Davis G. W. Dickey, Jr. Charles Edgar Doyle, Jr. Joe Stanley Eppes Roy Lee Fulton Robert Kimberly Gaynor Terry Lee Hagle Anthony Gardner Harris David Blanchard Head Sanford Frank Holmesly, Jr. Robert Benton Howell Henry Rose King, Jr. Bert Haworth Kivell Richard George Kouba John Charles Kriegel Ronald Doyle Leach Raymond Ernest Lee, III Ben Lee Martin Robert Lynn McCarroll Robert Austin Moor James Carlton Parker Raymond Jaye Rimmer Richard Cartwright Rundell Alfred Young Scarborough Martin Scott Stehling David Charles Tabaracci James Ackerson Taylor Donald Hobson Thornbury, Jr. James Joseph Truchard Earl Raymond Waddell Thomas Lee Wharton John Patrick Williamson Fred Thomas Winslow Charles William Winter, Jr. Joe Ned Woodall Ross Laton Young Mike F. Hord SPRING PLEDGES Robert Terry Sabom John Madison Hughes Top Row: Baker, Bell, Boyd, Brown. Second Row: Burdick, Caruth, Connally. Third Row: Grain, K. Cropper, M. Cropper. Crusr. Fourth Row: Denny, Donnelly, Eppes, Gardner. Hfth Row: Gunter, Harrell, Hart, Head. Sixth Row: Herman. Hopion, Ibten, Kelly. Seventh Row: King, Kline, Kouba, Krai). Ei hth Knn : Kriegel. J. Lee. Page 290 FACULTY HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN, Swimming Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics ERNEST R. HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech FRANK HALLAM LYELL, Associate Professor of English STUART A. MACCORKLE, Professor of Government EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Assistant Dean of Student Life HARRY HUNTT RANSOM, Chancellor, The University of Texas MEMBERS Michael Herbert Allen Tim Allen John Franklin Austin Roger Thomas Baker David Eugene Bell William Shelton Blair George Mitchell Boyd, II Kae Louis Brockermeyer Duncan Tellef Butler Sam Cantey James Vincent Carroll, III Thomas Dabney Chambers John Robert Cochran, Jr. Herschel Frank Connally Pen Cranz Ralph Thomas Cravens Kenneth Ross Cropper Michael Dale Cropper Thomas Crumb Daniel Stone Davis Kleber Jennings Denny Herbert Eldridge Dickey George Arthur Donnelly, III Robert Farmer David DeNayelles Franklin Robert Allen Gardner Joseph Clifford Gunter Robert Lee Harrell Mark Lafayette Hart Charles Oscar Hartenstein, Jr. Ludolph William Heiligbrodt Lewis Lee Hensley, III Timothy John Herman James Edwin Hill John Scott Hoeck Robert Melburn Hopson Joseph Sharber Howell, III Robert Andrew Ibsen Jon Averill Johnson James Anthony Kelly Robert Carter Kline William Gordon Knox Nicholas Kelsey Kralj James Grider Lee John Carter Llewellvn Gary Erroll London Joe Kenneth Longley Julian K. Lyles, Jr. Thomas Durwood Manford James Nelson Manley Thomas Durwood Manford William Johnson Mangold James Molloy McCarroll Douglas McLeod Carl Moursand Meyer Richard Wesley Moncrief Dan McMillan Moody Philip Cebem Musgrave, Jr. Joseph Henry Parks James West Patterson Jack Cecil Provine Richard Edward Rainwater James E. Redding Phillip Leonard Robbing Hamilton Paul Rogers John Dickson Rogers Michael Ray Rooke G. W. Russey Walter Cayce Sands Henry Adolph Sauer, Jr. Lindsay Oliver Sharpe Robert Daniel Spellings Stephen Marshall Steen Michael Gerald Sweeney V. Lance Tarrance Jack Greer Taylor, Jr. Fred Purnell Thomas James Ivan Thornton John L. Toone Robert S. Wade Thomas Kyle Ward Charles Dean Warren Harry Brown Walters Robert Allen White Wade Hoyt Wilden Leonard I. Wilson jKl O -= r P Allen Tucker Willis Top Row: R. Lee, Llewellyn. Second Row: Manford, Mangold, Manley, J. McCarroll. Third Row: R. McCarroll, Meyer, Moncrief, Patterson. Fourth Row: Provine, Rimmer, Robbins, Roolce. Fifth Row: Rundell, Scarborough, Steen, Stehling. Sixth Row: J. G. Taylor, J. A. Taylor, Thomas, Thornbury Seventh Row: Thornton, Toone, Ward, Warren. Eighth Row: Walters, White, Wilson, Winter. Page 291 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS Fa Spring TIMOTHY DONALD VON DOHLEN . ..High Alpha.. . LAURANCE LANNEN PRIDDY JOHN BURTON KENDRICK High Beta .... ROBERT DWICHT SIMPSON ROBERT DWIGIIT SIMPSON High Gamma SAM DAVID PARKER LOREN LEE PURVINES High Delta RALPH EDWARD LEHR LAURANCE LANNEN PRIDDY High Tau LOREN LEE PURVINES MRS. ELIZABETH MAYNARD, Housemother PENELOPE BROOKS, Delta Delta Delta. Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Robert Driver Burnett John David Busiek James Louis Chapman Andrew Dennis Chute Richard Keck Cook Darroll Franklin Crawford Jr. Gaylord Gene Crick Robert Edwin Denham James Vinson Derrick Jr. James Harold Derryberry Michael Charles Devine Erwin B. Dugger Jr. William Roy Eberline Harry Carlos Ellison, II Geoffrey Ferguson Jonathan S. Fruchter William Selkirk Franklin William Edward Geeslin Stanley Peter Hidalgo, II David Paul Hooker David J. Jones Gary Dane Jones Kenneth James Kepke James Frank Key Sam Clark Kidd, Jr. Robert Steven Kriss Clyde Lawrence Logue Richard Patrick MacKenna Timothy John Marron Richard C. Parsons George Carter Purse Michael Albert Richmond James Malcolm Sherrill Stephen Jennings Stokes Stephen Douglas Van Erp Carl Scott Welton Roddy Wolper SPRING PLEDGES Glen Robert Anderson Roland Jon Armstrong John Harold Davidson Richard Gary Fratcher Charles Daniel Gerhardt Lewis Harold Heininger. Jr. Top Rou : Amarkcr, Borg, Boswell, Burnett. Busiek. Second Row: Chalmers, Chapman, Cook, Cooper, Crawford. Third Row: Crick, Damron, Denham, Derrick. Derryberry. Fourth Row: Deviue, Diggs, Dominy, Dunkin, Eanes. Fifth Ron: Eberline, Eckman, Edwards, Ellison. Ferguson. Sixth Row: Fermier, Franklin, Fruchter, Caido. Gauldin. Seventh Row: Ceeslin, Gorman, Haldane, Harris, Harrison. Kithth Row: Hogge, Hooker, D. Jonei, G. Jones. Ninth Row: J. Jones, KeUo. Page 292 Arthur Sylvan Hicks Gerald Rene Huff David Roy Lambert David Barry Lewis Robert Jay Reining William Seymour Warren CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON. and Health Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON. ROLLIN ALBERT SININGER. FACULTY Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical Professor of Chemistry Assistant Dean of Student Life MEMBERS John Hart Amacker Ben Rogers Blair, Jr. Howard Alan Borg George Timothy Boswell Glenn Carl Buchan Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr. Robert Ames Chisholm Ronald D ' Emory Coleman George Mallory Collins Grafton Morton Cooper Joe Richard Damron Pat Ward Davis Bobby Gene Diggs Kenneth W. Dominy Robert Burns Dunkin Harvey Radnor Eanes, III David Walter Eckman Ryan H. Edwards Robert P. Fermier John Milton Ferrell John Dee Forgy Fredrick James Gaido, Jr. Thomas Lloyd Gauldin Herbert Richard Gentry, Jr. Rodman Edward Gorman Douglas Alexander Haldane Robert Mark Harris, Jr. Clarence Buford Harrison, Jr. James Hubert Hogge Jerry Wayne Jones Charles Marvin Kelso, Jr. John Burton Kendrick Keith A. Leavitt Ralph Edward Lehr James Snowden Maddux, III John Hampton Marshall Richard Dixon Maxwell David Temple Mayhall William S. Mayhall Carl Barnes Mitchell John M. Moseley Richard Nawn Neal Robert Turner Norwood George P. Parker Sam David Parker John Richard Porter Claude B. Prestidge Laurance Lannen Priddy Loren Lee Purvines Norman Haden Ransleben Morris Marcus Reese, Jr. William Bennett Russ Joel Gartman Saegert Douglas Ray Schwarz John Caleb Sewell Douglas M. Simmons Robert Dwight Simpson William J. Sowers, Jr. Frank Beeler Stahl, Jr. Glen Jackson Straus Larry Duncan Thompson Charles Edgar Trapp Timothy Donald Von Dohlen Carter John Ward Edward Larry Wells William Arthur Wharton, Jr. Robert Edward Woodson David Allen Young Top Row: Kendrick, Kepke. Second Rom: Key, Kidd, Kriss, Leavitt, Lchr. Third Row: Logue, M.i.-K , nn.i. Maddux, Marron, Maxwell. Fourth Row: Mitchell, Neal, Norwood, Parker, Parsons. Fifth Row: Porter, Prestidge, Priddy, Purse, Purvines. Sixth Row: Ransleben, Reese, Richmond, Russ, Saegert. Seventh Row: Schwarz, Shcrrill, Simmons, Simpson, Stokes. Eighth Row: Straus, Trapp, Van Erp, Von Dohlen, Ward. Ninth Row: Wells, Welton, Wharton, Wolper, Young. AXA Page 293 V i !, PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS Spring CHARLES THOMAS NEWTON, JR. President PATRICK CUNNINGHAM OXFORD HOWARD PRESSLEY HALLAM .V ice-President MARVIN ROBERT BLAKENEY JAMES COLEY COWDEN . . Recording Secretary- ROBERT DENNIS FLETCHER, JR. WILLIAM MADISON FURRH . .Pledge Trainer WILLUM MADISON FURRH ALAN CARL BAUM Rush Captain ALAN CARL BAUM MRS. CHARLES EUGENE WARD, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Edwin Hugo Auler Rhodes Russell Bobbitt Robert Erie Bratton Leigh Stephen Curry George Michael DeGeurin Edwin David Edwards George Flynn Fletcher Carl Ira Fuhrman, Jr. Travis William Hammer Grady Phillmore Herold, Jr. Thomas Francis Hill, III Ned Sweeney Holmes Jack Leroy Howe, Jr. Clyde John Johnson, III Jack Studerbaker Kitchen, Jr. William Henry Marsh, III Donald Ferdinand Mayer Ben Bonnell McAndrew, III Hilmar Guenther Moore. Jr. William Morgan Pruitt. Jr. Robert Cecil Raley Browne Botts Rice Edward Clinton Small Robert Floyd Stanley Charles William Tate Stephen Harl Thomas Tim N. Throckmorton David Thomas Waggoner Harvey Watterson Wallender, III Nicholas Ord Watson Robert Hale Westerburg John Richard Wiedling SPRING PLEDGE Thomas Mings Sumners Top Row: Auler, Bain, Btrkman, Blackwell. Second Rote: Blakeney, J. Bobbin, R. Bobbitt. Campbell. Third Rout: Champion, Comegyt, Coneway, Cow- den. Fourth Row: Curry, DeGeurin, Edwarda, Eifler. filth Rote: C. Fletcher, Fuhrmann, Cay, C)le. Sink Rom: Goodwin. Hadlock, Haire, H. Hallam. Sioeitth Rom: Hammer, Hill, Holme . Page 294 FACULTY THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL. Professor of English CHARLES TILFORD McCoRMiCK, Dean Emeritus, School of Law ROBERT WELDON STAYTON, Professor of Law MEMBERS Rolland Craten Allen, III Fred Robert Armstrong Walter Mathis Bain Charles Richard Barnhill Alan Carl Baum John Lawrence Berkman, Jr. William Albert Blackwell Marvin Robert Blakeney James Ellis Bobbitt Michael Shane Brenan John Bosworth Brent James Perry Bryan, Jr. Samuel Ponders Burford, Jr. Winfield M. Campbell David Mooney Carmichael John Henry Carothers Stanton Pyburn Champion Jewell Abernathy Comegys Peter Richard Coneway Terry Jack Cooper James Coley Cowden Robert Bynum Dorrell William Henry Dwyer, III Gus Kearney Eifler. Ill Robert Henry Espey Robert Dennis Fletcher, Jr. William Madison Furrh John Duncan Gay George Shelton Gayle, III Estel Gene Gifford William Joseph Goodwin Joe Robert Greenhill, Jr. Francis Patrick Hadlock Rodney William Haire Howard Presslev Hallam Robert Gaston Hallam Alan Bennet Harp James Neal Heath, Jr. Newlin C. Herndon, Jr. David Carlock Hull, Jr. James David Jefcoat, Jr. Robert Calvin Johnson, Jr. Bartow Lee Jones, III John Robbie Jordan Peter Spencer Lammons, Jr. Robert Payne Lancaster Howard Wright Mays, Jr. Richard Tracy McCarroll Carl George McCaslin, Jr. Charles Thomas Newton, Jr. David Frank Nichols Benjamin Rush Norvell Knox Dillon Nunnally John Calvin Oliver, III Patrick Cunningham Oxford Jay Henry Park Hermes Edward Payne, Jr. Charles Benjamin Richards. Jr. James Irvin Riddle, III James Maurice Robison Douglas Harvey Rogers Daniel Godfrey Seitz Thomas Fitzhugh Soriero James William Stewart, Jr. John Webb Storms Louis Wilson Storms, III John Hall Thomas John McClelland Waid Alfred Earl White, Jr. James David Whiteside Byron Lee Willeford Top Row: R. Johnson, Kitchen, Marsh. Second Row: Mayer, Mays, McAndrew, McCaslin. Third Row: Newton, Nichols, Oxford, Payne. Fourth Row: Pruitt, Rice, Robison, Rogers. Fifth Row: Seitz, Stewart, J. Storms, Tate. Sixth Row: J. Thomas, S. Thomas, Throclcmorton, Waggoner. Seventh Row: Waid, Watson, Westerburg, White. 4 A0 i a Spring LAURENS ALLEN HALL President DAVID RUPRRT MURPH DONALD RAY RECTOR Treasurer JOHN HURSHEL YOUNG THOMAS O ' BRIEN HARBISON Recording Secretary HUNTINCTON SPANN SWANSON JOHN C. TREADWELL ... .Corresponding Secretary .... RALPH LA VON ARRELL WILLIAM HENRY FENOCLIO Historian DAVID GEORGE SHULMAN MARY PRYOR, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Robert Howell Albrecht Kenneth Richard Bains Byron Thomas Berly James Odell Burns Michael Limerick Butler Myrick Carson Ernie Harris Cockrell Jay Travis Davis Barney Glenn Graham Ronald Jack Hankamer Robert Lewis Harbison Wayne R. Harkins Frederick Earl Hopkins, Jr. William Park Hopkins Robert Wayne Jarry Thomas Bains Johnson Robert James Leach Ed Frazior Luckel, Jr. Walter Anthony Maessen, Jr. Lance Lee Mclntyre William Frederick Miller, III Jeffrey Gordon Mundy Earl Donnell Newman Robert Earl Oefinger Newton Phelps Perkins Howard Richard Phillips Jack Knight Ridley,- Jr. David Tuxworth Roark John Hudson Robertson William Seay Charles Russell Sparenberg Hall Everett Timanus, Jr. Thomas Alexander Van Zandt Charles Edward Venable Edward Charles Voss, III Robert James Wax SPRING PLEDGES Harry Denious Haun Paul Louis Lively Top Row: Albrecht, Andrem. Arrcll, Bains. Second Row: Beckworth, ll.-tly. Boxirell, Burns. ' ( , Row: Butler, Cannon, Carnahan, Carton. Fourth Row: Cockrell, F. Davis, J. Davis, De- Lorenzo. fi l It Row: Donovan, Falk, Fenoglio, Ford. 5il(A Row: Franks, Fulghara, B. Graham, H. Graham. Seventh Row: Greenwood, Hal], Hankamer, R. Harbison. t ' .ithth Row: T. Harbison, Harkins, Harris, Helm. Xmth Row: Herberfer, Holford, F. Hopkins, W. Hopkins. Tenth Row: Jenkins, Johnson, Keller, Kelley. Eleventh Row: Lowerr, Luckel. Paje 296 George Edwin Rail Darrell James Tooke FACULTY FREDERICK DUNCALF. Professor Emeritus of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP, Special Instructor in Physical Training for Men WILLIAM SAMUEL LIVINGSTON, Professor of Government DONALD RAY MIGHELL. Student Life Staff BERRY McCLURE WHITAKER, Director Emeritus, Intramural Sports for Men MEMBERS Marion Corry Adams, Jr. William Scott Adams, Jr. Maurice Leland Allred, Jr. John Chelsea Allman Michael A. Andrews Ralph Lavon Arrell Jay Currie Bechtol Lindley Gary Beckworth, Jr. Donald Clinton Bishop James Milton Black Arthur Michael Bower Michael Rodgers Boxwell Dan Aubrey Burgess Richard Charles Campbell Emmett A. Carlisle Ernest Harvey Cannon Richard Henry Carnahan, Jr. James Weldon Clark Donald Michael Dalton Frank Farrell Davis Kenneth Samuel DeLorenzo William James Donovan Ben Russell Eppright, Jr. Edward H. Esquivel Arnold Charles Falk William Henry Fenoglio, Jr. Kenneth Bowen Ford Walter Scott Fortney Lawrence T. Franks Jackson T. Fulgham Allen Randall Geiselman James Wayne Gilbert Herbert Edward Graham Dean Marshall Greenwood Laurens Allen Hall Thomas O ' Brien Harbison Ray Wayne Harris John Henry Heller Reagan Cartwright Helm Thomas M. Henderson Roy Alphonse Herberger Donald Ashlev Hillin Jack Dallas Holford Robert E. Jenkins Lenior Moody Josey, II Alfred Joseph Keller John Michael Kelley Robert Waldo Little Roy E. Lowery William Cameron McCullough James Harvel McCuistion Fain McDougal, Jr. Edward F. McFarland Jesse Jefferson Moorhead John M. Morgan, Jr. William H. Munn, II David Rupert Murph Thomas Hall Nelms John Steven Norman Thomas William Oliver Kenneth Wayne Powell L. Daniel Prescott, Jr. Shannon Harrison Ratliff Edgar Wayne Ray, Jr. Donald Ray Rector John J. Redfern Richard Woodward Riley Leo Clark Roan Robert Newton Ross Roy Eugene Rushing Rodney Wayne Satterwhite George Edward Seay John Roy Sharp David George Shulman David Patterson Smith Phillip Nolen Smith Robert Arnold Spears Robert Monroe Speed Thomas Henger Stewart Thomas Allen Stockton Huntington Spann Swanson John C. Treadwell Knox Tacquard Williams John Hurschel Young Top Row: Maessen, McDougal. Second Row: Mclntyrc, Miller, Moorhead, Murph. Third Row: Newman, Norman, Oefinger, Perkins. Fourth Sow: Phillips, Powell, Prescott, Rector. Fifth Row: Redfern, Ridley, Riley, Roan. Sixth Row: Roark, Robertson, Ross, Rushing. Seventh Row: Satterwhite, Shulman, D. Smith, P. Smith. Eighth Row: Sparenberg, Speed, Timanus, Treadwell. Ninth Row: Van Zandt, Venable, Voss, Wax. ! c Page 297 n o 7 Affc PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Fall Spring JOEL BRADY LOCKE G.P PATRICK ALLEN MOORE STEPHEN DOUGLAS BICKEL V .G.P WILLIAM ROY HADEN JAMES HERMAN KERR, III P. ... RICHARD MICHAEL CAMERON ROBERT DAVID STALLINGS A.G ROBERT DAVID STALLINCS ROBERT CHRISTOPHER VON DOENHOFF . . B.G JAMES LEE BAILEY MRS. CARL W. SHIRLEY, Housemother Michael Paul Anderson Donald David Bengston Henry Porter Boardman James Rankin Gossett George Spencer Hamblin Robert White Herren Larry Lee Hutson Robert Joseph Johnson Charles Samuel Judge Philip Nolen Langston Stephen Rae Lindemood Timothy Richard Madrigal Kenneth Richard Matthews FALL PLEDGES Robert Read Meadows Joel Stephen Mick John Mont Moore, Jr. Hugh Bennett Ruckman, III Larry Joe Simpson Willima Condon Simpson Donald Paul Smith Ried Burke Smith Thomas Stanley Southwick Jack Cameron Stevenson Gary Dean Sullivan Frank Howell White John Hathaway Winter SPRING PLEDGES Lennox Corley Bower Frank Thomas Stokes Kenneth Hall Morrill Gregg Cooper Waddill, III Top Row: Anderson, Arnrtl, Biilry, Barbies. Second Row: Bell, Boardman, Collins, Cupaioli. Third Rote: Davis, Eilcenberry, Fitch, Grardon. Fourth Ron: Cuynrs, Hamblin, Henderson, Her. ren. Fifth Rote: Hill, Hutson, Johnson, Jud|e. Siilh Rom: Kerr, Klein. Seventh Row: Ltngston, Lindemood. Pagr 298 FACULTY WILLARD HUGHES BRENTLINGER, Assistant Professor oj Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Mathematics EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor Emeritus of Economics JOSEPH LlNDSEY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education Gus M. HODGES. Professor of Law CALEB PERRY PATTERSON, Professor Emeritus of Government JAMES R. ROACH, Associate Professor of Government W. T. TUCKER, Professor of Marketing Administration OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS. Professor of Government MEMBERS William Thomas Allison, II Jerry Dale Arnett Richard Stephen Bagby James Lee Bailey Gary Eugene Barbies Michael Andy Bargainer James Keith Bell Stephen Douglas Bickel John Theodore Burdine Richard Michael Cameron Bradford Lee Cash William Charles Cobb Terry Gene Collins Chris F. Cowing John Raymond Thomas Craig, III Ian Laurence Cupaioli Field Farrar Montgomery Davis, Jr. Daniel Henry Eikenberry William Pilcher Fitch, III Geoffrey Gait Graydon Steven Joe Guynes William Roy Haden Carroll Forrest Henderson Thomas Howard Hill Arthur Thomas Hoffson Michael Eugene Holt Jack C. Irwin Kenneth Ray Jacob Don Johns, Jr. Rodney Ennis Kelly James Herman Kerr, III Richard Paul Klein William Harold LaFont Robert Bruce Langston Peter Jackson Link Edward Wilson Locheed Joel Brady Locke Thomas Gene Macrini Thomas Clifford Mankin Patrick Allen Moore Michael Dixon Neely Jarrell Bankhead Ormand Robert Lawrence Owens Geoffrey Rex Pauling Charles David Ray James Allan Reece Terry Wilson Rogers Robert Eugene Ross Gary Wade Schur Alva Ray Sims Charles Reagan Sirmons Dan Selwyn Smith James Henry Smith Paul Robertson Stabler, Jr. Robert David Stallings Roger Cecil Thornhill Gordon Edward Vaught, Jr. Robert Christopher Von Doenhoff John Lyle West Gordon Edd White Basil Glenn Wilkerson Charles Howard Wood Top Row: Locheed, Madrigal. Second Row: Meadows, Mick, J. Moore. Third Row: P. Moore, Ormand, Reece, Ruckman. Fourth Row: Simpson, Sirmons, D. S. Smith, D. P. Smith. Fifth Row: J. Smith, R. Smith, Southwick, Stabler. Sixth Row: Stallings, Stevenson, Sullivan, TliornViHl. Seventh Row: Von Doenhoff, F. White, G. White, Wilkeron. Page 299 ? J . ' " 1 PHI KAPPA SIGMA " . wA , -.,, y j ,y ' .- - , : - i ul , ' . } OFFICERS Fa Spring HAROLD DUDLEY WARD, JR Alpha ALLEN COBBLE RAY STANLEY MONROE POER Beta RONALD WILLIAM MASSEY DONALD HUBERT ELLER Pi CHARLES JOSEPH ZUBARIK, JR. WILLIAM MANLEY PARRISH, JR Tau DELBERT IVAN HAWKINS PHILIP HARLAND SHRADER, JR Jota JAMES GLENN REEVES MAURINE RUE, Housemother Lu-NiTA JANE MARSHALL, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Richard Earl Appling James Keith Laake Robert Dexter Appling Curtis Reger Brown John Edmond Davis Cecil Glenn Foster, Jr. John H. Garner John Kenneth Harrell, Jr. Michael Clay Herrmann Frank Dan King William Willis Looney. Jr. Larry Bryant Mallow Gary Frederick Messer Carroll David Mosley Abram John Nichelson Roswell Randolph Patterson, Jr. Ulon Willis Rankin, Jr. James Robert Smith SPRING PLEDGES Derwood Neal Banister Albert Rodman Searcy Top Row: Acker, R. E. Appling, R. D. Appling, Baker. Second Row: Bouchicr, Cole, Cooke, Cowell. Third Row: Croxioo, Davis, Dittfurth, Earnest. Fourth KHU : D. Flatten, C. Flatten, Floort, Funderburg. Filth Rote: Garner, Hamilton, Harrell, Hawkins. Sixth Rou: Herbster, Herrmann. Seventh Row: Knebel, Laake. Paie 300 FACULTY STANLEY A. ARBINGAST, Professor of Resources, Associate Director, Bureau of Business Research JOE ALLEN BAILEY, Assistant Professor of Speech LLOYD LORING CLICK, Dean Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER, Associate Professor of History BERNARD CHARLES KISSEL, Assistant Professor of Speech DR. HARRY L. KLOTZ, Physician, Student Health Cente r JACK WALLACE LEDBETTER, Assistant Professor of Business Lau P. JOHN LYMBEROPOULOS, Assistant Professor of Business Statistics CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN. Assistant Director, University Development Board ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Life WILLIAM GIBBS SPILLER, Lecturer in Sveech RAY HARROUN WRIGHT. II. Teaching Assistant in Mathematics MEMBERS Leslie Clark Acker James Hall Baker, III Joe Tom Bouchier Annis Winfield Clem, IV Clarence Wharton Cole Charles Edwin Cooke Maurice Edward Cowan Herbert Walker Cowell John Richard Croxson David Allan Dittfurth Thomas Michael Earnest Donald Hubert Eller Rick Peter Fisher Daniel Vincent Flatten Gerald Russell Flatten Stephen Lawrence Floore Allen Wayne Funderburg Moody Hamilton Randall Lee Hammons. Jr. Delbert Ivan Hawkins James Richard Herbster Ralph Werner Knebel Ronald William Massey John Robert Matney Paul Dana Mclnnis Michael David Mizell Hugh Gibbs Mood Laurance Coleman Mosher, Jr. Coleman Nockolds Frederick Donald Parce John Alan Parr William Manly Parrish. Jr. Stanley Monroe Poer Allen Cobble Ray James Glenn Reeves Terry Dean Rexroad Philip Harland Shrader, Jr. Jerry Mik Smith William Gibbs Spiller William Charles Spruell James Ray Sutterfield F. Theodore Terry David Alan Traynor Samuel John Trevino, III Harold Dudley Ward, Jr. Thomas Lee White, Jr. Dain Paul Whitworth Tompie Robert Whitworth Ray Harroun Wright, II Charles Joseph Zubarik. Jr. Top Rote: Looney, Mallow. Second Row: Massey, Matney, Messer. Third Row: Mizell, Mood, Mosher, Mosley. Fourth Row: Parce, Parr, Parrish, Poer. Fifth Row: Rankin, Ray, Reeves, Rexroad. Sixth Row: Searcy, Shrader, J. R. Smith, Spiller Seventh Row: Terry, Ward, White, Zubarik. titra PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS Fall Spring WILLIAM CLYDE HARRISON President CHARLES CHRISTIAN WENCK OTTO Louis HAWKINS Vice-President JOE SIDNEY FLETCHER CHARLES CHRISTIAN WENCK .... Treasurer KYLE JAMES GIDEON GUSTAV DONALD JUD Secretary ROBERT BRENTWOOD Bux ROBERT BRENTWOOD Bux E.C.M.A.L CHARLES ADKINS FINNELL MRS. BENN L. BARR, Housemother Nelson Allen. Jr. George Gilbert Angelo Tommy Lyle Baker Harper Scott Clark James David Godfrey Wray Allen Harrison Jerry Clyde Hogan Leo Lane Huckabay John Curtis Isbell FALL PLEDGES Christopher Lovell May George Edward McMackin David Stanley Neill Harlan Claude Nelson James Robert Nutt, III Samuel John Gary Pit t Larry Leon Tharp Hugh Nole West, III Patrick James Willson SPRING PLEDGES Daniel R. Galindo George S. Nalle, III " , " Row: Allen, Angclo, Baker. Second Row: Barnett, Borup, Bushell. Third Row; Bux, Clark, Cloninger. Fourth Row: Finnell, Fletcher, Fruia. Fifth Row: Gage, Gideon, G. Godfrey. Sixth Row: J. Godfrey. W. C. Harmon. W. A. Harrison. Seventh Row: Hawkins, Hogan. Page. 302 FACULTY BOBBY L. CRUTCHFIELD, Special Instructor in Physics Robert Raggio Barnett Charles H. Borup, III Gary Everett Bushell Robert Brentwood Bux Claude Robert Cloninger Charles Adkins Finnell Fred Hulen Fisher Joe Sidney Fletcher Joseph John Fruia Jack Felton Furrh Ted A. Gage Kyle James Gideon Gary C. Godfrey William Clyde Harrison Otto Louis Hawkins MEMBERS Gustav Donald Jud Robert Eugene Menger John Willard Moore Patrick Frank Moore Michael Lynn Myers James Thomas Nesbitt Robert Heino Schwenk James Pate Shearer Henry Joseph Sherrer, Jr. John Herman Sherrer Charles August Steubing, Jr. Robert Michael Swayze Charles Christian Wenck Gary Word Wilson William Ernest Winkler c ct Top Row: Huckabay, Isbell, May. Second Row: McMackin, J. Moore, P. Moore. Third Row: Myers, Neill, Nelson. Fourth Row: Neabitt, Nutt, Shearer. Fifth Row: H. Sherrer, J. Sherrer, Steubing. Sixth Row: Swayze, Tharp, Wenck. Seventh Row: West, Willson, Wilson. 4 KT Page 303 PHI KAPPA THETA OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN MARVIN YOUNG President JOHN MARVIN YOUNG SAM ADRIAN WESTERGREN, JR. . Vice-President. . SAM ADRIAN WESTERCREN, JR. JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER RANSOM ... Treasurer..-. JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER RANSOM MICHAEL KEANEY SUTHERLIN Secretary MICHAEL KEANEY SUTHERLIN JOHN EDWARD KEATING Historian JOHN EDWARD KEATING MRS. E. CRUTCHFIELD, Housemother PAT PETERS, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Robert Gregory Bill. Jr. James Preston Coleman Walter Scott Fletcher Michael James Hanlev Edgar Rogers Jeter Robert Patrick McGuill Jack Marston Turner. Jr. Michael Gordon Walsh SPRING PLEDGES James William Brink Wallace Hugh Geissler Russell Carlton Cykoski Top Row: Bill, Buchanan. Stcond If i m : Coleman, CroM. Third Row: Drago, Fletcher. Fourth Row: Callerano, Hanley. Fifth Row: Jeter, John. .Sixth Row: Krating. Seventh Rom: McGuill Page 304 MEMBERS Wilford Thomas Breen Jack Wayland Buchanan Martin Joseph Cross Joe Drago, HI Andrew John Gallerano Donald James Haase Joseph David Hanley James A. John John Edward Keating Lee Moritz Mueller Mark Alan Mueller John Ziek Pickens Raymond J. Quintero Joseph Christopher Ransom Frank Bernard Slomchinski Michael Keaney Sutherlin Thomas Raymond Watzlavick Phillip Marvin Westergren Sam Adrian Westergren. Jr. John Marvin Young Top Row: L. Mueller. Second Row: M. Mueller. Third Row: Pickens, Quintero. Fourth Row: Ransom, Sutherlin. Fifth Row: Turner, Walsh. Sixth Row: Watzlavick, P. Westergren. Seventh Roic: S. Westergren, Young. =3e, V PHI SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS Fall Spring SAUL CHARLES BELZ Master Prater STEVEN LLOYD BERCU MAURICE MARCUS Vice-Master F rater. . RICHARD Louis SIMON LAWRENCE FRANKLIN FELDMAN .Corresponding Secretary . ROBERT STAHL TOTZ ROGER LEE SHOSS Recording Secretary GARY MARK BRAVEMAN RICHARD Louis SIMON Treasurer MARK JAY BROOKNER MRS. MADALENE B. PATTON, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Richard Joseph Bueltel Stanley Jay Eisenberg Gilbert E. Fox David Greenfield, Jr. Tony Michael Kaufman Dennis Kneff Robert Levinthal Ira Franklin Levy Barry Howard Margolis Howard Roy Milstein Paul Rick Oshman Steve Ernest Raphael Martin Allen Ross Edward Stephen Shemper Robert Gordon Shoss Neal Charles Small Charles Ray Soodhalter Steve F. Spiritas Leonard Sheldon Spitzer Harold Lionel Stern. Jr. Michael Stolper Richard Barry Tenenbown Edward Stanley Topek Don Nagel Westheimer Thomas Alexander Wolf SPRING PLEDGES Marshall Bernard Brown Bennett Joe Glazer Sheldon Paikt Goren Top Row: Alp. ml. Brookner, Bueltel, Copland. Second Row: Eisenberg, Falk, Feinberg, Feldman. Third Row: Fleckman, Fox, Gray, Greenberg. Fourth Row: Greenfield, Gross, Kahn, Kaufman. I nil, ! : Kir-h!,, n,,i, H. Klein, M. Klein, Kneff. Sixth Row: I i .iff. i, Levinthal, Levy, London. Seventh Row: D. Marcus, M. Marcus. Page 306 MEMBERS Allan Joseph Alpard Bennett S. Anton Saul Charles Belz Steven Lloyd Bercu Gary Mark Braveman Mark Jay Brookner Eddie Bob Bullman Steve M. Cohn Michael Deutser Copland Alan William Dreeben Jeffrey Alan Falk Alan Feinberg Lawrence Franklin Feldman Dan A. Fleckman Michael J. Gray Barnett Alvin Greenberg Gary Neil Gross Buddy Herz Harold Henry Kahn Jerry Paul Katz Stanley Morton Kaufman Daniel Robert Kirshbaum Harvey Lynn Klein Murray Alvin Klein Jonathan Laye Marshall Allin Leaffer Melvyn Lerman Harold M. London Norman B. Loewenstern Donald Freeman Marcus Maurice Marcus Mark Lester Paull Perry Joe Radoff Steve Gerald Rapfogel Richard Ellis Rosengarten Stephen Lee Rosenthal Arthur Louis Schecter Steve F. Schwartz Roger Lee Shoss Barry Lee Silverman Richard Louis Simon Alan David Sleekier Larry Steve Steinberger Robert Stahl Totz Richard Stephen Tucker Ernest Pyle Werlin Thomas Elliot Werlin Fred Kahn Westheimer Top Row: Margolis, Milstein, Oshman. Second Row: Raphael, Rosengarten, Rosenthal, Ross. Third Row: Schwartz, Shemper, R. C. Shoss, R. L. Shoss. Fourth Row: Silverman, Simon, Small, Soodhalter. Fifth Row: Spiritas, Spitzer, Steinberger, Stern. Sixth Row: Stolper, Tenenbown, Topek, Tolz. Seventh Row: Tucke r, Werlin, Westheimer. Wolf. f-3 |, a-P W J PHI SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS Spring JAMES FRANKLIN KINCL President JAMES FRANKLIN KINCL WILLIAM DOUGLAS HOWELL ice-President RICHARD ALLAN WALSH NOLAN AUBREY MOORE, III Secretary NOLAN AUBREY MOORE, III JOE RILEY ALLEN Treasurer JAN MICHAEL KLINCK. EDWARD LLEWELLYN HUGHES Inductor EDWARD LLEWELLYN HUGHES GLADYS LEICHTY, Housemother KARAN ANN THOMPSON, Alpha Chi Omega, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES George Louis Bacarisse, Jr. David Gleason Benjamin Everett Foster Bingham. Jr. Calvin Moore Boardman Bruce Adolph Beoning Robert Sanders Bradley Comer Clarence Brassell, Jr. Bennett Franklin Brooke Dale Clay Bullough Robert Elgin Burrer Frank Randolph Burroughs Nathan Allen Chavin Robert Harris Cleveland Phillip Wayne Cox Robert Glenn Dawe Bruce Robert Dishman James Daniel Ellis Carl A. Faulkner William Harry Fisher James Robert Giddings Robert Otto Graf Gary Lee Gregg Cameron Edward Henry James Barker Lloyd Patrick Lee Martin Michael K. McKinnis Chester M. Mochel Paul Wayne Moore Gary Alan Neidenbach Robert Rae Patterson Richard E. Pehl Herbert Paul Reimann William Philip Schoenfield, Jr. Ted John Schwink James William Smith, Jr. Daniel Randolph Thomas Gregory Warren Thrower William Raymond Walsh John James Werst Jeff Brian Wholen SPRING PLEDGES John Ross Avent Walter Craig Gallaway Top Row: Allen, Anschutz, Benjamin, Bingham. Second Row: Boardman, BraMell. Bullough, Burrer. Third Row: Cleveland, Cox, Dawe, Dishman. Fourth Ron: Doggett, Faulkner, Fiieher, Gid- dingt. fifth Row: Graf, Green, Gary Gregg, Gregory Gregg. Sixth Row: Habn, Henry, Howell, Hughel. Seventh Row: Kin. 1, Klinck. Eighth Rom: Lewii. Page 306 Ralph Douglas Johnson John Douglas Parker FACULTY FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Professor of Educational Psychology, Assistant Dean, College of Education HAROLD L. BRADLEY, Head Basketball Coach FRANKLIN LANIER Cox, Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Services PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER, Director, School of Architecture KARL L. KLEIN, Associate Professor of Physical Training for Men MEMBERS Joe Riley Allen Everett Anschutz Thomas Alan Armstrong James Thomas Bergen, III Steven Justin Bradley Jon Gerry Gates Terell Marion Cookston William Michael Cox Philip Douglas Creer, Jr. Paul Randolph Doggett John Casper Drolla, Jr. Richard E. Green Gregory Louis Gregg Lawrence L. Griffin Buddie Joe Hahn James Melton Hetherington William Douglas Howell Frank August Hueter, Jr. Edward Llewellyn Hughes Timothy Clarence Johnstone Jerry Owen Jones James Franklin Kincl Jan Michael Klinck Michael Ross Lewis Robert Eugene Matlock, Jr. Gerald Nelson Matthews Nolan Aubrey Moore, III Larry Conrad Morrow Homer Wade Owens Erik Georg Peterson, Jr. William Burt Pittenger Roy K. Poth Daniel R. Shobe William Harmon Simmons, Jr. Jack Wilson Smith Joseph Edwin Strawn, Jr. Michael Thompson Richard Haney Townsend James Vernon Walden Richard Allan Walsh Neal Avery Watt Richard Nelson Winter Wayne Thomas Weber Don Clay Wilson Top Row: Lloyd, Martin. Second Row: McKinnis, Mochel. Third Row: N. Moore, P. Moore, Morrow, Neidenbach. Fourth Row: Owens, Patterson, Pehl, Peterson. Fifth Row: Poth, Schwink, Shobe, Simmons. Sixth Row: Smith, Thomas, Thompson, Thrower. Seventh Row: Walden, R. Walsh, W. Walsh, Watt. Eighth Row: Weber, Wholen, Wilson, Winter. 4 XK Jrfc jot. 1 JiJmiATk 1 i.w i r: a m PI KAPPA ALPHA Li 1 Ui GE OFFICERS Da Ca Fall Spring LLOYD HENRY BOUDLOCHE, JR SMC ROBERT DAVID NOWLIN TIMOTHY MICHAEL COFFEY IMC BEN CHANDLER CADENHEAD ROBERT DAVID NOWLIN THC. JIMMY REX GOTTEN JAMES MICHAEL WILSON Pledge Trainer. . JOHN ANDREW THOMPSON- CECIL ALBERT THOMPSON, JR Rush Captain JAMES ELDON SAVACF. OLIVE E. EADES, Housemother FALL PLEDGES John Worthy Alvis Joe Daniel Anderson James N. Bates Douglas Edwards Bell, Jr. William George Bohannan Joe L. Brewton James David Cowhig, Jr. Ronald Wayne Crockett Philip Louis Daily William Jackson Gardner Tommy Jordan Gentry David Bates Gibson Joseph Rush Grimland. Jr. Sammy Mann Hardee David Pawel Hausman Milton Ray Johnson Billy McGraw Lamkin William Allen Leach Larry Edmond Lee Brian Burnham Newberry John Haynes Ott John Eric Pressler Paul Thomas Shields Rayburn Earl Slayton, II Raymond Chauncey Tolerton. Ill Marvin Cornelius Turner Joe Pat Wicker Michael Travis Wilhite James Edwin Willingham. Jr. Dennis Harry Withers SPRING PLEDGES Vance Michael Arnold John Allen Crozier Clifford Parks Gann Ron Wayne Kasperik Top Row: Adams, Alvis, Anderson, Bailey. Second Row: Barklev. Bell, Boliannan, Bohn. Third Roto: L. Boudloche, Brewton, Brown, Cadenhcad. Fourth Row: Campsey. J. A. Chandler, J. E. Chandler, Coerver. Fifth Row: Coffey, Gotten, Crockett, Daily. Sixth Row: Foster, Gardner, Gentry, Gideon. Seventh Row: Grimland, Grubb, Hardee, Haus- Kifhlh Rou: Hudson, Jamei, leane. Kitche Ninth Row. Lake, Lamkin, Leach. Tenth Row: Lee, Lindsey. Pane 310 Stan Louis McLellan Jim Lee Overton Bill Judson Roberts John Lester Sharp FACULTY L. T. BELLMONT, Professor and Director Emeritus of Physical Training for Men LAURENCE D. HASKEW. Vice-Chancellor, The University of Texas GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Professor of Geography ROBERT HAYES RYAN. Special Instructor in Business Communications MEMBERS Robert Lawrence Adams Randal Allen Bailey Daniel Andrew Barkley Carl Henry Bohn, Jr. David Michael Boudloche Lloyd Henry Boudloche. Jr. Gary Dale Brown Kenneth Wesley Burch Ben Chandler Cadenhead Billy Jeff Campsey James Albert Chandler John Emmett Chandler Arthur John Coerver Timothy Michael Coffey Robert Lynn Cotter Jimmy Rex Gotten Thomas Nendell Crowell James Harvey Cummings Robert Donald Forrester Perry Tindall Foster George Stanley Gideon John Kramer Grubb Joe Travis Hudson, Jr. Raymond Percy James Charles Donald Jeane Charles David Kent Kenneth Wayne Kitchen Robert Stephen Lake Joseph Baggett Latting Charles Wilson Lindsey. Ill Elick Neal Maledon, Jr. Charles Grady Mangum Philip Kent Maxwell Donald Paul Meador Ronald Walter Moore Emmett Kent Morgan Douglass Finley Norman Robert David Nowlin Donald Albert Porter, Jr. Leonard Earl Reeves Louis Frank Ridings, Jr. David Michael Roan James Eldon Savage Raymond Lewis Scarbrough. Jr. John Ernest Schade Kenneth Douglas Scott James Ray Shafer Robert Michael Smith Ben Alvis Stafford Michael Duane Taylor Ralph Thomas Cecil Albert Thompson. Jr. Charles Andrew Thompson John Andrew Thompson Robert Eugene Tyler Tom Lee Waterston James Ray Williams James Michael Wilson Rabun Thomas Wilson. Ill James Marvin Windham. Jr. William Gratz Woodford Karl Anthony Wright Joseph Peyton Wyatt, Jr. Top Roic : Maledon, Mangum. Second Row: Maxwell, Moore, Morgan. Third Row: Newberry, Norman, Nowlin, Ott. Fourth Row: Porter, Pressler, Reeves, Ridings. Fifth Row: Roan, Savage, Schade, Scott. Sixth Row: Shields, Slayton, Smith, Taylor. Seventh Row: Thomas, Cecil Thompson, Charles Thompson, J. Thompson. Eighth Row: Turner, Tyler, Waterston, Wicker. Ninth Row: Wilhite, Williams, Willingham, J. Wilson. Tenth Row: R. Wilson, Wintiliam, Withers, Wvatt. TTKA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS fa Spring JOHN EVERETT MUSSELMAN .... Eminent Archon BRUCE GARLAND GAYLOR ROBERT ALEXANDER FAINTER Eminent Deputy Archon HUGO WILLIAM SCHOELLKOPF, JR. VAN EARL MCFARLAND, II . .Eminent Treasurer. . WILLIAM EDWARD PENLAND, JR. WILLIAM EDWIN DENMAN Housemanager EDWIN HOWARD LANFORD, JR. MURPHY Louis FONTENOT .... Eminent Recorder ALAN CLIFTON SCHOELLKOPF FALL PLEDGES William Pierce Anderson Truman Barry Beeson Joseph Chaffin Benson, Jr. William David Blunk, Jr. Dick Clark, III Edwin Donald Dietz Marvin Eugene Dodd James Dan Drake Lynn Rogers Eason Whitson Beasley Etheridge Max Robert Eversberg Julian Fertitta, II Rodger Dorman Gaulding Lewis Newbury Gibbons William Harrison Grant John William Hancock, Jr. Ronald Thomas Henley Thad Thomson Hutcheson, Jr. James Calhoun Langdon, Jr. Robert Leslie Lehman Daniel Griffin Moreland Ronald James Nail James Lee Norman Herbert Mills Palm William Denny Parker Adrian Ivan Patton P. Dexter Peacock James B. Reeder Jake Marcus Reese William Lee Russell, III Alvin Alexander Salge Walter Powers Scott Robert Harry Smith Carr Jack Staley William Burke Thoman, Jr. Bryan Richard Vifquain John Eugene Walsh, Jr. Bruce Lewright Weilbacher Kirk Ernest Williamson George Tobin Wommack, Jr. James Jackson Aycock Felix Robert Collard SPRING PLEDGES Andrew Carl Utay Charles Marion Holman Ray Urban Rische Top Rom: B. Baldwin, Benson, Clark, Cook. Second Row: Crittcndon, Daniel, Denman, Dilz. . ' . ' . Row; Dodd, Drake, Eason, Etheridge. Fourth Row: Eversbcrf, Ferlitla, Fontenot, Carri- son. Fifth Row: Cauldine. Graham, Grant. Hancock. Sixth Row: Henley, Johnson, Julyan, Lingdon. Seventh Row: Lehman, Longoria, McFarland. Eighth Rote; Middleton, Moreland. Page 312 FACULTY HARRELL ESTES LEE, Associate Professor oj Journalism JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS. Professor of Law MEMBERS George Louis Allen Ben A. Baldwin, Jr. Robert Basil Baldwin, III Hanes Hanby Brindley, Jr. Thomas Allen Bunkley, Jr. John R. Cook Shelby Carlton Crittenden John Walter Daniel William Edwin Denman James McQueen Easterling Melville Virgil Ehlers Michael Henry Erskine Robert Alexander Fainter Frank Feuille, IV Murphy Louis Fontenot Joseph Hardie Freeman Homer Garrison, III Bruce Garland Gaylor John Roland Gowan Hal Collins Graham William Robert Cranberry Frederick Parker Gregg Robert Charles Greve Brantley Aaron Holland Donald Gene Johnson William Claude Julyan Samuel Leslie King Edwin Howard Lanford, Jr. Joe Edward Lea, Jr. Sam Skillern Leake Samuel James Lee, II Alcide Frederico Longoria, Jr. Van Earl McFarland, II John Gregg Middleton John Everett Musselman Daniel Duncan Neblett Robert Foster Parker Warren Dennis Parker Virgil Albert Pate Clifton Marlow Patton Edwin Patton John Jacob Patton William Edward Penland Kenneth George Phillipps William Edward Pickens John Louis Pierce, II Iliff David Richardson, Jr. Alan Clifton Schoellkopf Hugo William Schoellkopf, Jr. John R. Schuehle Charles Afton Schulz, Jr. Dennis William Siebert Robert Baker Shirley David Fuller Stevens George Lee Streckmann Robert Peel Thomason James Arthur Tillinghast Jay S. Tillinghast Alfred William Uhlig Marvin York Vick Jack Douglas Waller Charles Wyatt Walters George Searcy Watson Hoy Newton Wells, Jr. Jack Starr Wetmore Terry Austin Willis William Barnett Wirtel George Wesley Works fs ,4 n fi Top Raw: Nail, Norman. Second Role: Palm, R. Parker, William Parker, A. Patton. Third Rote: C. Pat ton, Phillipps, Pierce, Recder. Fourth Row: Reese, Richardson, Russell, Salge. Fifth Row: Schuehle, Schulz, Scott, Smith. Sixth Row: Streckmann, Thoman, J. S. Tillinghast, Vick. Seventh Row: Vifquain, Walsh, Weilbacher, Wetmore. Eighth Row: Williamson, Willis, Wirtel, Wommack. IAE Page 313 SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS Fall Spring GARY ALLEN HERMAN Prior SHELLY ALAN WILLS JACK DAVID RUBIN Vice-Prior JERRY LEE WEINSTEIN STEVEN RITZWOLLER Exchequer STEVEN RITZWOLLER STEVEN JON STERLING Recorder STEVEN JON STERLING MRS. EDITH GOMPERTZ, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Kenneth Sanger Badt Robi H. Bendorf Jarrold Alan Glazer Louis Max Guzick Gary Stephen Kahn Alan David Kriss Lester Herman Kuperman Michael Simon Lang Jack Dennis Levit Joel Steven Lichtenstein David Luterman Jim C. Nordhaus Don Passman Robert B. Pincus Sheldon Richie Fred Bernard Rosenberg Richard Gorman Silan Philip Jay Simborg Richard B. Skibell Harvey Alan Weisblat SPRING PLEDGES Ben Lee Blend Stephen Franklin Toby- Jay Lee Lipshitz Top Row: AJI.T, Ahsulcr, Second Row: Bendorf, Bock, M. Cohen. third Row: Eiaenberg, Ciller, Gluer. Fourth Row: Goldman, Hendelman, Herman. filth Row: lacobi, Kalm. Krlu. Sixth Row: Kumio, Kupcrmao, Lang. Srventh Rou.-I.evit. B. Lery. Page 314 f FACULTY IRWIN SPEAR, Associate Professor of Botany MEMBERS Leonard Bruce Abrams James Steven Adler Arnold Altsuler David Edward Bird James Edward Bock Joe Chartoff Jay Edward Cohen Martin William Cohen William Ira Dittman Cal Donsky David Eaker Michael Alan Eaker Alan Lee Eisenberg Harris Estroff Max Samuel Friedman Melvyn Eugene Giller David Michael Ginsburg Alan Laurence Glast Ronald Jay Goldman Alan Hendelman Gary Allen Herman Morton Lee Herman Edward Englander Jacobs Michael Barry Karchmer Ronald David Karchmer Hillel Jeremy Kumin David Kuperman Richard Wayne Lambert Sidney Levine Ben Michael Levy Steven Arthur Levy Larry Maltz Stephen Herman Mehl George Jack Nachman Marvin Leon Nebrat Phillip Jay Paine Jerold Prager Richard Lloyd Prinz Steven Ritzwoller Jack David Rubin Harvey Jay Saiken Allen P. Schuster Jerry Donald Schwartz Steve J. Schwartz Steve Lee Segal Robert Harold Shalette John Herbert Shamblum Arthur Skibell Robert Stuart Skibell Steven Jon Sterling Larry N. Stern Jerry Lee Weinstein Michael Stephen Wilk Shelly Alan Wills Shelby Allan Wyll Charles Leslie Zelasny Top Row: S. Levy, Luterman, IS ' achman. Second Row: Nordhaus, Passman, Richie. Third Row: Ritzwoller, Rosenberg, Rubin. Fourth Row: Saikin, Shalette, Shamblum. Filth Row: Simborg, A. Skibell, R. B. Skibell. Sixth Row: R. S. Skibell, Weinstein, Weisblat. Seventh Row: Wills, Wyll, Zelazny. IAM Page 315 e tr. SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Fa Spring EDWARD DOUGLAS JOHNSON, JR Consul RUFUS ELBERT THOMPSON ROBERT MICHAEL JELINEK Pro-Consul RICHARD ALLEN LAUNEY WALTER JOHNS DENBY Quaestor LEONARD NELSON JUNCKER WILSON SOUTHWELL JAECCLI Annotator RAY MUNN FITZGERALD WILLIAM GEORGE McMiLLiAN Magister WILLIAM ANTHONY KOBY MRS. GENEVIEVE MAUZY, Housemother CAROL ANN ALLEN, Delta Delta Delta, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Michael Paul Anderson Jerry Leland Barnett David Martin Boehner Stephen Carter Branch Ernest Jewell Browne Thomas Monte Burnette Gillette Dunn Burton William Pollard Cappleman. Jr. Jack Richard Chaney Martin Winston Clark, II William Dandridge Clifford Willard Butler Cox Robert Marvin Crawford Lawrence Samuel Davidson Howard Pinkney Edmiston Robert Sterling Edwards Ray Munn Fitzgerald Michael Marten Hanna Frank Richard Gessner John Lee Grawunder Richmond Chase Harper, Jr. David Eaten Hart Jon Wayne Young Thomas Richard Hudson Joe Means Leonard, III Christopher James Ludwig Donald Joe Madden Jeff Edward Mahan, Jr. Schuyler Bailey Marshall John Edward McDonald Craig Belden Michaud Malcolm Long Milburn Robert Edward Morrow William Wayne Patterson Stephen Gray Ferine Cecil Louis Redd, Jr. John David Rhodes Thomas Jefferson Rogers, III Wilson Joe Seldon Alan Edward Sevadjian Wayne Stevens Smith Gus James Strauss, Jr. Keith Albert Tucker Richard Lake Williams Don Edward Wurth Richard R. Brown SPRING PLEDGES Jackson Lee Nash Robert Wesley Lambert Top Row; Barnebey, Barnetl, Barnhill, Block. Second Row: Bochner, Branch, Browne, Burnett.-. Third How: Bimey, Capplemati, Carr, Chancy. Fourth Row: Clark, Clifford, Cngan, Cox. Fifth Row: J. Crawford, R. Crawford, Croom, L. Davidson. Sixth Row: Edmiiton, Fitzgerald, t. Ford. Seventh Row: Frank . Cettner, Grawunder. Hanna. Eighth Row: C. Hart, D. Hart, Henderson. Ninth Row: Hudson, Jaeggli. Page 316 FACULTY STANLEY PHISTER FINCH, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering HUGH LYON McMATH, Professor of Architecture MEMBERS Benno deMenil Anderson Ephraim Alfonse Arrendondo Brook Alan Baker Lauren Robert Barneby Weldon W. Barnhill, Jr. Henry Buford Barr Matt Hall Benton James Arthur Besselman Michael Wallace Block Armin Schlick Boettcher Charles Van Winkle Brooks James Raymond Bryant Paul Ja ' mes Burch William Edward Bussey Kenneth D. Carr John Penney Cogan, Jr. John Scott Crawford Rod William Croom David A. Davidson Walter Johns Denby Marcus Robert Dussler, Jr. Dennis Ray Farley Leo Edward Faubion Doyle Edwin Flatt Richard Arno Ford Robert Calvin Franks David Robert Fransen Timothy Ray Goldman Preston Snyder Hallman, III Christopher Stephen Hart Carl Marshall Hartt Frank Fitch Henderson John Buckner Hightower James Abraham Hill Robert Melvin Howe Patric Dean Hudgens Wilson Southwell Jaeggli Robert Michael Jelinek Edward Douglas Johnson, Jr. James Holden Jondahl Leonard Nelson Juncker A. W. Knolle William Anthony Koby Richard Allen Launey Lloyd Arthur Lawrence Robert Michael Looney James Monroe Loyd, Jr. George Howell Marsh, Jr. Robert John Marshall, Jr. William George McMillian Damon Bradley Me Williams Donald Roy Meredith Edward Joseph Mooney Gary Lloyd Moore Harold Brett Morris Hubert Turner Odom, Jr. Darius Dudley Oldham William George Poole John Alton Posey, Jr. Robert Lindell Ramey John Carver Richards, II Thomas Franklin Roberts, Jr. Donald James Rooney William Bonner Rubey Walter Thomas Russell, Jr. George Henry Sauer Alan Moore Smith John Lloyd Smith James William Speights Charles Rankin Steadman James Olan Stout Edward Reagan Swift Rufus Elbert Thompson Kenneth Gregory Todar Robert Nottingham Tracy, Jr. Ronald Lee Van Meter James David Warwick William Willerson White Ralph Michael Yates William Thomas Youens Jr. Top Row: Jondahl, Juncker, Koby. Second Row: Launey, Leonard, Looney. Third Row: Ludwig, Madden, Mahan, S. Marshall. Fourth Row: McDonald, W. McMillian, Milburn, Moore. Fifth Row: Morrow, Odom, Patterson, Ferine. Sixth Row: Poole, Redd, Rhodes, Russell. Seventh Row: Seldon, SevaJjian, W " . Smith, Steadman. Eighth Row: Stout, Strauss, Swift, Thompson. Ninth Row: Tucker, Williams, Wurth, Young. Page 317 SIGMA NU OFFICERS Fall Spring MARQUIS EVERETT WHITTINCTON DAVID RAYMOND PARKER Eminent Commander ARTHUR RHEW DOOLEY, JR PERRY VERNON RUSHING Lieutenant Commander JERRY EDMOND CHILES EUGENE HOLLAND FLEWELLEN, III Recorder MIGUEL ESPINOSA ROBERT LYNN HAWKINS Treasurer BYRON FLANARY ECAN BYRON FLANARY ECAN Reporter MRS. GLADYS HUSTON, Housemother CAROL ANN CORY, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Thomas James Abell John Lewis Adams Robert Cardin Alfred George John Aubin L. Irvin Barnhart Craig Edsall Bartlett Benny Jack Chilcutt John Douglas Coburn Clayton Ray Crenwelge Richard Thomas Davis. Jr. Michael Edward Fox Don Trumon Gunnin Johnce Eugene Hall John Marshall Witherspoon Richard Earle Helmer. Ill Gaile Maurice Henry. Jr. Howard Hulen Hunt Tommy Dale Keene Thomas Michael King Stephen Craig Miller Joe Lester Peacock Nyle Dean Polis Carl Lewis Savino. Jr. Bill Knox Smartt Roland Lee Sparks Donald Scott Thomas. Jr. Gary Wilson Toothaker SPRING PLEDGES Richard Nelson Chandler Frank Raymond Dehuisch. Jr. Kenneth David Roberts Top Row: Abell, Adams, Alfred, Aubin. Second Row: Barnard, Blackwood, W. Bradlry. Carlock. Third Rom: Cater, Chilcutt, Chilei, Clancy. Fourth Row: Coburn, Cooper, Crenwrlge, R. Davis. Fifth Row: Dooley, Egan, Espinosa, Flewellen. Sixth Row: Foi, Hall, Helmer. Seventh Rou: Henry. Hillrnramp. Pa ( e 318 Ernest Edward Howerton, Jr. William Renfro FACULTY CLARENCE EDWIN AYRES, Professor of Economics JOSEPH J. LAGOWSKI, Associate Professor of Chemistry KEITH E. MORRISON, Professor of Law VERNON TRUETT SCHUHARDT, Professor of Microbiology JAMES ELLIS STAFFORD, Lecturer in Marketing Administration KEITH YOUNG, Professor of Geology MEMBERS Louis Courtney Abernathy James Whitney Aird James Lawrence Barnard, Jr. Ken Bentley Paul Michael Blackwood Charles Russell Bradley- Walter Lee Bradley Frederick Samuel Brown George Louis Brucks George David Carlock Vincent David Cater Jerry Edmond Chiles Edward Carl Clancy James Gary Cooper Jack C. Davis Richard M. DeGuerin Robert Merlee Doby, Jr. Arthur Rhew Dooley, Jr. William W. Dunlap Byron Flanary Egan Miguel Espinosa Eugene Holland Flewellen, III John Paul Gamel Frank Madison Gilstrap Robert Thomas Givens Robert Francis Gossett, Jr. Roy Matthews Grassedonio Robert Lynn Hawkins William Hewit Hawn, Jr. Kimball T. Hillencamp David C. Holland John Couper Hunter, III Michael Stephen Jarrell Joe Beaty Kercheville Marvin Christopher Kristynik William Griffith Lawhon Ross Moore Lynch Joe Byran Maund Mart E. McMillan John Spiegel Michels Robert Warren Miller, Jr. Stephen L. Moore Wallace Harper Nations R. Norman Nelson, Jr. Michael S. Gates Derrell Martin Oliver David Raymond Parker James Hoke Peacock, II Charles Talmadge Phillips Thomas David Reynolds Frank Richey James Graham Roach Dick Roberts James W. Robertson Robert Page Ross, II Perry Vernon Rushing Robert Allen Sewell James Lewis Smith, III Thad William Thomas Dan F. Travis Robert William Wachsmuth Donald 0. Walker Robert D. Walker Edward Tarry Watkins, Jr. Robert Alexander Weatherford Frank Gregory White, Jr. William James White Marquis Everett Whittington John Michael Wight Will Wills Robert Steve Wilson Charles Cowan Womack, Jr. Top Row: Holland, Hunt. Second Row: King, Lawhon, R. Miller. Third Row: S. Miller, Nelson, Gates, Parker. Fourth Ron;: Peacock, Polls, Reynolds, Rushing. Fifth Row: Savino, Stnartt, D. Thomas, Toothaker. Sixth Rote: Travis, D. Walker, Watkins, Whittington. Seventh Rote: Wight, Wilson, Witherspoon, Womack. Page 319 r-i o SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS Fa THOMAS MAYBORN DUNNING .... President.... JAMES HORACE JACKSON Vice-President ROBERT LAFAYETTE ADAIR, III . . .Comptroller. . , JAMES MICHAEL OWEN Recorder . . . Spring . THOMAS MAYBORN DUNNING . RONALD WILLIAM MAHONEY ROBERT LAFAYETTE ADAIR, III . JAMES GILMER DICKSON, JR. WALLACE BARRY VAN WINKLE ...Secretary... WALLACE BARRY VAN WINKLE ADDIE MONTGOMERY, Housemother JIDITII ELLE REA, Delta Delta Delta, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Oscar Michael Baker Robert Bennett Bibb Frederick Landrum Bush Byron Edward Cox David Bradfield Deniger Noel Joseph Dolce Thaddeus James Dorsey Donald Stewart Eden James Scott Erwin Charles P. Fain John Sydney Fleeter Daniel Reed Garner Charles Merritt Girard Gene Ray Hasha Herbert Eugene Held, II James Noel Higdon Richard Lynn Jackson John Porter Johnson Joseph Harris Kubenka Anthony Michael Lange Robert Jay Mannen Rufus Walter Miller, III Robert Allen Miltner Bailey Christian Moseley Douglas Reid Patterson Robert Lewis Pendergraft Gordon Lee Phillips John Morris Roberts Michael J. Sampson Allen Harry Scale Carl David Stautz Richard Joseph Trabulsi, Jr. Charles Richard Vermillion Michael Lewis Waldron Charles Michael Walker Larry Dwaine Wall SPRING PLEDGES Gary Richard Christman Kenneth Edwin Mash ' ..; Rote: Adair, Ash, Aston, Baker. Second Row: Bender, Burk, Bush, Cox. Third Row. Deniger, Dickson, Dolce, Doric) . Fourth Row: Dullnig, Dunning, Early, Eden. fifth Row: Erwin. Fain, Floeter, Franklin. Sixth Row: Garner, Gipion, Girard, Goldberg. Seventh Row: Hasha, Held, Higdon, J. Jackson. Eighth Row: Johnson, Kubenka. Page 320 Robert Glenn Morris Clifford Leslie Studdard FACULTY CLYDE RICHARD KING, Associate Professor of Journalism FILLMORE HARGRAVE SANFORD. Professor of Psychology BYRON DEAN TAPLEY. Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics MEMBERS Robert Lafayette Adair, III Douglas K. Anderson John Powell Ash John Richard Aston Richard Bolton Bender, II John Findlay Blocker Stephen William Blount Michael Leroy Boyd James Eddy Burk Jack Thomas Cartwright James Robert Chadderdon Edward Keith Chunn David Weldon Cook Jerry Donald Davis David Hombs Dial James Gilmer Dickson, Jr. Henry Sterling Drumwright Richard Edward Dullnig Thomas Mayborn Dunning Clarence Fielding Early- Joe Fisher, III John Mosley Franklin William Kernan Gayden Charles Roger Gipson Edwyn Irving Goldberg Jack Doneley Gray- Michael A. Hammett James Horace Jackson Philip James John Terry David Kahn Charles Arthur Knutson Thomas William Landers, III Matthew Andrew Landry William Lane David Absher Leggett Marion P. Lindsey, Jr. William Thomas Loesch John Marable Lomax Ronald William Mahoney Curtis Alfred McClurg Robert Fry McCullough John Thomas Meier Walter Ray Minter Daniel Thomas Nicholson Harvard Keith Nix Richard King Nordquist William Parr Olivier James Michael Owen William Bennett Palamountain Charles Roland Parrett Harry Douglas Pruett Robert Eggleston Ramee Charles Vincent Red Bruce William Schnitzer Lewis Hershel Sheriff William Albert Shirley- Glenn Edwin Staats Ronald Kent Stobaugh Joe Samuel Taylor Michael Emmett Thrash Bradford Tibbitts Clinton William Uhr Wallace Barry Van Winkle Jon Allen Vogler James Robert Waite Stephen Alan Wakefield Robert Kenneth Wamsley Robert Elliott Watts, Jr. Donald Lynn Whatley Glen Morris White Thomas Taylor Winn - , Q p Jrwufi Top Row: Landers, Loesch, Lomax. Second Row: Mahoney, Manncn, McCullough. Meier. Third Row: Miller, Miltner, Minter, Moseley. Fourth Row: Nix, Nordquist, Olivier, Patterson. Fifth Row: Pendergraft, Phillips, Pruett, Ramee. Sixth Row: Roberts, Sampson, Schnitzer, Seale. Seventh Row; Staats, Trabulsi, Uhr, VanWinkle. Eighth Ron-: Vermillion, Vogler, Waldron, Wall. Htfta SIGMA PI OFFICERS Fall Louis ROBERT ANDERSON . . CARL HOFMAHN MONEYHON JOHN RUSSELL MCFARLANE RICHARD MICHAEL CONNER . . RANDOLPH LEE HALL. JR. Spring Sage JOHN RUSSELL MCFARLANE First Counselor RANDOLPH LEE HALL, JR. Second Counselor GARY WILSON BOYD Third Counselor ROGERS E. GARRETT, JR. Fourth Counselor GEORGE WYATT ZEY KITTY ANN ECKARDT, Delta Delta Delta, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Marshall Lee Anderson James Ray Braswell William Frederick Drew Roger LaRue Fisher Michael William Hagee Jerald Clyne Haines Jim Lee Jones Daniel Penick Junkin. Jr. Michael Frederick Kroschel Henry Stephen Saylor Jay W. Shoemaker George Wyatt Zey SPRING PLEDGE Thomas N. Burdette Top Roif: L. Anderson, M. Anderson. Second Row: Bowers, Boyd. Third Row: Conner, Cook. fourth Row: DilUrd, Drew. Fifth Row: Farinaccl, Fisher. Sixth Rou: Carrett, Hagee. Page 322 MEMBERS Louis Robert Anderson John Wesley Bowers, Jr. Gary Wilson Boyd Richard Michael Conner Gary Bryant Cook Joseph ReDon Cudney Richard Ray Dillard Nick A. Farinacci James Turner Garner. Jr. Rogers E. Garrett, Jr. Randolph Lee Hall, Jr. Robert Victor Leslie John Russell McFarlane James Albert McKinnis Carl Hofmann Moneyhon William N. Puckett Charles Luther Segrest Top Row: Haines. Second Row: Hall. Third Row: Jones, Junkin. Fourth Row: Leslie, McFarlane. Fifth Row: McKinnis, Moneyhon. Sixth Row: Segrest, Zey. Page 323 f ) fa A ' . ) TAU DELTA PHI OFFICERS fo Spring MARK WILLIAM HERMANN President MICHAEL LEE BIRNBAUM BERNARD HAROLD LERNER V ice-President. . . NATHAN STEPHEN AXELROU JOEL HARVEY KLEIN Recording Secretary SHAWN SIECEL NATHAN STEPHEN AXELROD Treasurer STANLEY JAY BERNSTEIN STEPHEN LAWRENCE LEVINE . . . Member-at-Large DAVID SIMON HORWITZ FALL PLEDGES Phillip Arnold Aronoff Michael Allen Ozer Martin Barenblat Gary Marvin Rosenbaum Stephen Wells Edelstein Alvan Floyd Rosenthal Murray Edward Fox William Albert Scholl Jerry Herman Frank Stephen Jay Segal Richard Elliot Goldberg Jerry William Shay Ray Gary Lerner Larry Alan Wainer Arnold Lewis Levev Stephen Worchel SPRING PLEDGES James Lee Kessler Herbert Michael Lvman David Rubenstein Top Rom: Aronoff, Axelrod, Barenblat, Bell. Second Row: Berger, Bermann, H. Bernstein, S. Bernstein. Third Row: Birnbaum, Brener, Danzigcr, Fox. Fourth finii .- Frank, Friedman, Gardner, R. Gold- berg. Fifth Hmt : Henry, Herzberg, Jacobs, Jagoda. Sixth Row; Kboudi, J. KleEn. Page 324 FACULTY HYMAN JOSEPH ETTLINGER. Professor of Mathematics MEMBERS Nathan Stephen Axelrod Irving Barenblat Jack Bell Joel Stewart Berger Mark William Bermann Howard Lawrence Bernstein Stanley Jay Bernstein Michael Lee Birnbaum Michael Marc Blend Elliot Morton Bossin Marvin Leo Brener Ronald Dennis Cohen Herbert Kent Danziger Ivan Maurice Edelman Larry Alan Ellis Larry David Fallek Edward Kalb Fein Richard Samet Friedman Marion Bernard Gardner Sidney Sol Ginsberg Charles Ned Goldberg Steve Neal Haberman Lee Edward Hartman Stephen Michael Henry Donald Loren Herzberg David Simon Horwitz Kenneth Michael Jacobs Barry Lionel Jagoda Jay Kanter David Allen Kboudi Joseph Kboudi Joel Harvey Klein Larry Arnold Klein Ronald Kurtz Jerry Ramon Laufman Herbert Irwin Leiman Bernard Harold Lerner Victor Leventhal Stephen Lawrence Levine Ronnie Byron Margolis Lee Michael Mendelovitz Barry Phillip Middleman Matthew Herschel Mutnick Stuart Murry Nelkin Michael Phillip Nussenblatt Joseph Bert Olian Thomas Malcolm Roosth Arnold Mayer Rosen Marvin Rubinstein Joel Robert Sachs Louis Jay Siegel Shawn Siegel Arnold Barry Skor Jay Richard Stanley Robert Elliot Zimmerman Top Ron-: L. Klein, Levey. Second Row: Leiman, R. Lerner, Leventhal, Levine. Third Row: Margolis, Mutnick, Nelkin, Olian. Fourth Roiv : Rosenbaiim, Roostli. Rosenthal, Sacli . Filth Rm : Scholl, Segal, Shay, L. Siegel. Sixth Rote: S. Siegel, Stanley, Wainer, Worchel. TAU KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS Fall Spri ng DAVID WILSON JOHNSON Prytanis . . . EDMOND HOWARD LAWRENCE K. STEVE SULLINS Epiprytanis THOMAS MERRILL CAMP THOMAS REYNOLDS CALHOUN Hegemon LARRY JAMES WHITE CHARLES RANDALL BONER Crysophyles THOMAS RILEY HESTER EDMOND HOWARD LAWRENCE Hypophetes ALBERT FRED SCHKADE MRS. HATTIS ADAMS, Housemother BETTY BUTLER, Delta Zeta, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Munson G. Compton David Gene Conaster John Roger Cooke Earl Vernon Dragics, Jr. Thomas Shelley Duval William Lorenzo Faulkner Stephen Lee Hixon Edward Christian Jelks Gregory Eric Jensen Curtis Linwood Junge Roger Neal Kahle Joseph Milton Mills Dexter Michael Patterson Stephen Walton Shields Steve Shan Shults Clifford John Trahan, Jr. Wylie Paul Watts SPRING PLEDGES John Thomas Jones, Jr. James Herbert Reid Top Row: Bush, Calhoun. Compton. Second Row: Conaster, Cooke, D ' Aodriole. Third Row: Davii, Dragics, Duval. Fourth Row: Faulkner, Gladd, Hail. Fifth Row: Hester, Hickox, Hixon. Sixth Row: Houle, Hnlibanl. Sti ' t nlH Row: Jelks. Page 326 lilMNCE ' . HEIQ SOUK lop e 1 FACULTY RlNALDO A. BACON, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering MEMBERS Kenneth Hewes Barricklo Charles Randall Boner James William Brison Eddie George Bush Thomas Reynolds Calhoun Thomas Merrill Camp Theodore John D ' Andriole John Haven Davis Kilian Walter Fehr William Calvin Fleming Nevel Thomas Gladd David Bergan Gracy Ernest Jay Hail Thomas Riley Hester Larry William Horace Hickox III Jeffrey Rolland Houle William Lane Hubbard David Wilson Johnson Edmond Howard Lawrence Dennis Arthur Mann John Rustin McAdams William Hurst Miles Donald Foster Neblett Vaughan Brian Nowlin Harry Herbert Peel Albert Fred Schkade K. Stephen Sullins Kenneth Wolfe Trobaugh James White Top Row: Jensen, Johnson. Second Row: Junge, Kahle. Third Row: Lawrence, Mann, McAdams. Fourth Row: Miles, Mills, Neblett. Fifth Row: Patterson, Peel, Schkade. Sixth Row : Shields, Shults, Sullins. Seventh Rmr: Trahan, Trobaugh, White. TKE Page 327 THETA CHI OFFICERS Fall Spring PHILIP MAURICE ARACE President PHILIP MAURICE ARACE WILLIAM HENRY BAUER, JR. ... V ' ice-President . . . WILLIAM HENRY BAUER, JR. ELDON RAY BALL Secretary ELDON RAY BALL THOMAS NEAL TRIMBLE Treasurer THOMAS NEAL TRIMBLE THOMAS MICHAEL CASTLE Rush Captain THOMAS MICHAEL CASTLE MRS. ALMA LASITER, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Michael Hoyt Casteel Joseph Loren Jordan Thomas Michael Castle George Burton Payne. Jr. Walter Terry Hardgrave John Wayne Phelps David Wade House Johnnie Russell Stephens Thomas Neal Trimble SPRING PLEDGES William Lee Johnson William Roy Kirkpatrick Russell H. Wineberg Top Row; Arage, Bauer. Second Row: Castccl, Castle. Third Row: Haas, Hard grave. Fourth Row; Hickcrson, Hou c. Page 328 FACULTY ARTHUR HENRY MOEHLMAN, Professor of History and Philosophy of Education MEMBERS Philip Maurice Arage Eldon Ray Ball William Henry Bauer. Jr. Edwin Walter Haas Lester Brooks Hickerson David Wayne Rhodes Ramon Ruenes James William Spence Gregory Peter Wene Top Row: Jordan, Payne. Second Ron-: Rhodes, Ruenes. Third Row: Spence, Stephens. Fourth Ron-: Trimble, Wene. Page 329 n THETA XI OFFICERS Fa Spring HARRY MEADE FLAVIN President HARRY MEADE FLAVIN DAVID ARNOLD PULLEN Vice-President DAVID ARNOLD PULLEN STEVEN GARY FRUECHTENICHT Treasurer STEVEN GARY FRUECHTENICHT JOHN LESLIE ROUNSAVILLE Pledge Master JOHN LESLIE ROUNSAVILLE JbHN DENNIS ROWLAND, III Corresponding Secretary JOHN DENNIS ROWLAND, III MRS. JUNE MELROSE, Housemother SANDRA Lois DAVIS, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Craig Bierman Bickerton William Lafay ette Boyd, III Larry Lynn Caver John Drue Christner John Brian Dahl Ronald Leonard Gallerano Roger Clay Hooper Charles Alan Lodowski Randolph Clark Lusk Frank Gustav Malik. Jr. Glen Bryan McDonald John Underwood Miller Henry Grant Moller Ronald Alan Murray John David Ovard Allen Lane Pinchback Charles Daniel Remington Kevin Marson Smith Gary Robert Stephens William Scott Sneed, HI Richard Arthur Warriner Kenneth Howard Wesson Harry Felix Williams George Parker Wynne SPRING PLEDGES James McKinney Baird James Terence Butler Ernest William Genthner Joe McGee Mayo, Jr. Marvin Jim Middleton Travis Earl Ray, Jr. Wilford David Watts, Jr. Top Row: Basco, Bickerton. Bozeman, Brand. Second Rote: Caldwell, Callahan. Chrislnrr, Coil. Third Rom: Dahl, Davits, Davit, Flavin. Fourth Row: Forrester, Fruechtenicht. Gallerano, Grant. Fiflh Rom: Hamilton, ' Huff, Jones, Kirtten. Sixth Rout: Lodowtki, Lybrand. 5eveniA Row: Malik, McDonald. Page 330 FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK, Professor oj Business Law FRANKLIN BEAUMONT JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering ARCHIE WAUGH STRAITON, Ashbel Smith Professor of Electrical Engineering MEMBERS Eugene Melton Basco Robert Davis Booth Paul Preston Bozeman, III Victor Ernest Braud, III William David Caldwell Michael James Callahan. Jr. Donald Lee Caraway Vernon Lee Coil Will Sullivan Davies, Jr. Michael Lynn Davis Curtis Edward Dobbs Harry Meade Flavin Robert Arthur Forster, III Stephen Gary Fruechtenicht Edward William Grieneeks. II Joseph Fant Grant, Jr. Charles Dossie Hamilton, Jr. James Lawrence Hall John Michael Hooper Richard Lawrence Howell Louis Elmer Huff, III William Edward Jones Thomas Wayne King Richard Albert Kirsten Robert Avery Robert Henry Lampee, Jr. Edward Hill Lybrand Otho Raymond Plummer Robert Patrick Plummer David Arnold Pullen Kenneth James Rehler Herbert Kenneth Rigsbee John Leslie Rounsaville John Dennis Rowland, III Michael Franklin Shands Monty Lynn Shapland Roy McLean Skipper William Darrell Smi th Stacy Harl Smyre William Bennett Stampes, III John Carl Stromberger John Collins Trube John William Turner, Jr. Andrew Wesley Whitaker Donald Ray Wills Jerry Kay Wills Willis Raymond Woolrich, III John David Wray William Ozie Wray Young Top Row: Miller, Moller. Second Row: Murray, Ovard, Pinchback. Third Row: R. Plummer, Pullen, Remington, Rigsbee. Fourth Row: Rounsaville, Rowland, Shands, Skipper. Fifth Row: K. Smith, W. Smith, Stampes, Stephens. Sixth Roiv: Trube, Turner, Warriner, Williams. Seventh Row: D. Wills, J. Wills, Woolrich, Wynne. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN Delta Kappa Epsilon Vice-President HuBBARD SCOTT CAVEN Alpha Tau Omega Secretary MORTON LEE HERMAN Sigma Alpha Mu Treasurer GARY EVERETT B0SHELL Phi Kappa Tau Senior Fraternity- FRANK FORSYTHE SMITH, JR Acacia WALTER MARTIN HALL ROBERT PAUL PEREL Alpha Epsilon Pi HOWARD PAUL DREYER THOMAS HOOD HERREN Alpha Tau Omega EDWIN THEODORE DAVIS SAMUEL HALL EVANS Beta Theta Pi JAMES LAWRENCE HULL BARRY LYNN HARRELL Chi Phi VERNON MARSHALL MABRY FRANK LEE BALDWIN. JR Delta Chi JAMES KENNETH BERGEN MALCOLM BOYD STREET Delta Kappa Epsilon PLATT WALKER DAVIS, III SAMUEL FRANKLIN VALE Delia Sigma Phi WILLIAM BENTLEY HITCHCOCK CHARLES STEVENSON LEEPER Delta Tau Delta MICHAEL RAY ELEDGE EDGAR ALLEN MILLER. JR Delta Upsilon DONALD WILLIAM HALEY BRIAN PEYTON HANSON Kappa Alpha JAMES LEEPER HAWLEY JIMMY MALLOY MCCARROLL Kappa Sigma ROBERT ALLEN WHITE HERBERT RICHARD GENTRY Lambda Chi Alpha EDWARD LARRY WELLS CHARLES THOMAS NEWTON. JR Phi Delta Theta FRANK OWEN HADLOCK RALPH LAVON ARRELL Phi Gamma Delta HUNTMORTON SPANN SWANSON WILLIAM ROY HADEN Phi Kappa Psi WILLIAM C. COBB JAMES H. BAKER Phi Kappa Sigma JAMES GLENN REEVES GUSTAV DONALD JUD Phi Kappa Tau CHARLES ADKINS FINNELL ANDREW JOHN GALLERANO Phi Kappa Theta MICHAEL KEANEY SUTHERLIN STEVEN LLOYD BERCI Phi Sigma Delta GARY NEIL GROSS PAUL R. DOGGETT Phi Sigma Kappa RICHARD EARL GREEN EMMETT KENT MORGAN Pi Kappa Alpha ART JOHN COERVER GEORGE WESLEY WORKS. Ill Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOE EDWARD LEA, JR. HARVEY JAY SAIKIN Sigma Alpha Mu SHELDON ALAN WILLS ROBERT CALVIN FRANKS Sigma Chi ROBERT JOHN MARSHALL. JR. ROBERT WILLIAM WACHSMUTH Sigma Nu Ross MOORE LYNCH JAMES HORACE JACKSON Sigma Phi Epsilon STEVEN WILLIAM BLOUNT RICHARD RAY DILLARD Sigma Pi WILLIAM FREDERICK DREW JAY ALAN KANTER Tau Delta Phi RICKY GOLDBERG DONALD FOSTER NEBLETT Tau Kappa Epsilon THOMAS REYNOLDS CALHOUN L. BROOKS HICKERSON Theta Chi EDWIN WALTER HAAS DONALD RAY WILLS Theta Xi . THOMAS WAYNE KING HHIIjl H HHM HHH r ! r f VuMr V ' ' -Z.; - J Top Sou : Arrell, Baldwin, Bcrcu, Buihell, Caulkorn, Dill. ml. Doggctt, Evani, Frankf. Secontl Row: Callerano, Gentry, Hanion, Harrcll, Herron, l{ickerion, Kanler, Lreper, McCarroll. Third Row: Miller, Morgan, Neblett, Newton, Salkin, Smith, Street, Willi. Page 332 - Edited by Carol Cooke ORGANIZATIONS Page 333 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS The AAAE gives students in architectural engineering the opportunity to meet with prominent men in the professional field and to become better acquainted with the faculty and other students in architectural engineering. OFFICERS President JAMES HOWARD STEPHENS Vice-President DANIEL LEWIS SCHODEK Secretary JOHNNY GILBERT KUECK Treasurer JOHN JAMES REDING Publicity Chairman KNUTE LEWIS DlETZE Historian BENJAMIN HERBERT NICHOLS Sponsor ROBERT I. CARR Thomas Oswell Brightman Billy Joe Campbell Horace Lee Crawford Don Whiteman Creager John Robinson Dalton Robert Gordon Denton Knute Lewis Dietze Richard C. Donehoo Alton Ray Franklin John Franklin Greer John Harold Hiatt David Sims Hill MEMBERS H. Wayne Hill Nolan Stephens Hughes Harry Leonard Jones Adolph Joe Junek Horace Thomas Kornegay Johnny Gilbert Kueck Carroll Tim Leech Matthew Mallone John Herbert Matthys William Thomas McCIanahan Thomas June Melton Gary Joe Nelson Benjamin Herbert Nichols W. T. Northcutt Howard Lee Patschke John C. Price John James Reding Daniel Lewis Schodek James Howard Stephens Howard S. Stone Jay Denzil Tonahill James Luther Tribble Frank Cruz Urteaga Paul George Wachter. Jr. Front Row: Jones, Stone, Dietze, Donehoo. Schodek. Stephens. Second Row: Crawford, Palichke,, D. Hill, Brightman, McCIanahan. Third Row: Denton, Leech. Franklin, Komi-gay. Melton. Malthyt. Fourth Row: Creager, Kueck, Campbell. Wachter, Northcutt, Reding. Page 334 Front Row: Hildebrand, Jones, Pavelka, Brown, Batchelder, Kemp. Second Row: Lopez, Magee, Belt, Voorhees, Schkade, Simonton, R. C. White, Stapper, Graham, Cobb. Third Row: Winter, Lissauer, E. Smith, Squires, Fees, Bickle, Wagner, Salvaggio, Kirk. Fourth Row: Lequeux, Word, Whitlock, Haack, Kinney, Sutton, Mashburn, Gillette. Fifth Roto: Doyle, Rasor, Patterson, Taylor, Lurnimis, Thompson, Easterwood, R. E. White, Berzoo. Sixth Row: Fritz, J. Wray, Waddle, Pittman, Kennedy, Farish, Burton. Seventh Row: Braymen, C. Smith, Powe, Waldrop. Eighth Row: J. Sherrer, Ruiz, Craft, Roach. Ninth Row: Womack, West, H. Sherrer, Garcia, W. Wray. MEMBERS Larry Lynn Bailey James McKee Barclay Carroll Patrick Bartosh Richard Harley Batchelder James Henry Belt Michael Blackburn Berzon Larry Wayne Bickle George Gerald Bily Jeffrey Roland Blank John Freeman Blanton Charles E. Blum William Walter Braymen Franklin William Brizzolara Squire Lee Brown John Kenneth Burton William Charles Cobb Randel Robert Craft, Jr. James Allen Doyle George Clayton Duve Charles Deward Easterwood William Crawford Farish Frank Warren Fees, Jr. Victor Bowman Flatt Wallace Thomas Fowler James Edward Fritz Paul Gainer John Jacob Galik Hector Garcia, Jr. Walter Bruce Gillette Glenn Edward Goode Gerry Lee Graham Ralph Rudolph Haack William Clyde Harrison Dennis Haverlah John Clark Hcideman Claude Earl Hildebrand, Jr. James Raymond Holecek Don Kenneth Hollia Coye Mac Jones Larry Dean Kemp Maurice Graves Kennedy Larry Lynn Kinney James Patrick Kirk John H. Krueger Dan D. Kubin Thomas Edward Lane Edmond Howard Lawrence Blayne Stephen Lequeux Jay Mayne Lewallen Joel Simon Lissauer John Lopez, III James Royce Lummus, Jr. Alfred N. Lunde Conway Stone Magee, Jr. Howell Wesley Mann James Harvel Mashburn John Albert McLean, Jr. William McMillian, III Hugh Gibbs Mood Edwin Lee Moore Larry Allen Muenzler Bennie Albert Nelson Lon Monroe Patterson Edward Louis Pavelka, Jr. Richard Douglas Perkins L. Travis Pfluger Charles Raymond Pittman Richard- Eugene Powe Andres Ramos, Jr. James Owen Rasor H. Albert Richardson, Jr. William Louis Richter, Jr. Donald E. Roach Carlos Fausto Ruiz Ronald Clyde Rutherford Joseph Charles Salvaggio John Norman Sames Donald Fred Saltier Tracy Allen Scanlan Albert Fred Schkade, Jr. Bob Ewald Schutze Stanley Alton Shaw Henry Josep h Sherrer, Jr. John Herman SKerrer Harry Michael Siegel John William Sifford, Jr. Harry Chesley Simonton Charles William Smith Ellis Lee Smith Michael Lynn Smith Robert Wade Smith Ervin William Squires, Jr. James Gerald Srygley William Randolph Stapper Herbert James Sutherland Richard Hylton Sutton, Jr. Ted Jefferson Taylor Charles Keith Thompson Michael Kyle Underwood Thomas Raymond Urbanek Charles Gene Voorhees David Eugene Waddle Clinton N. Waggoner Donald Albert Wagner Robert Alfred Waldrop Michael Gordon Walsh Daniel Ellsworth Webb Richard Melville West Joseph Edward White, III Robert Campbell White Robert Earl White Bobby Gene Whiteley John Lindsey Whitesides Richard David Whitlock Frank Edward Williams Richard Nelson Winter Ronald Edward Womack Terry Mullins Word John David Wray William Ozie Wray Daniel Yanta William Joseph Yanta OFFICERS Fall Spring SQUIRE LEE BROWN Chairman CLAUDE EARL HILDEBRAND, JR. CLAUDE EARL HILDEBRAND, JR V ' ice-Chairman .- . WILLIAM RANDOLPH STAFFER COYE MAC JONES Corresponding Secretary COYE MAC JONES EDWARD LOUISE PAVELKA, JR Treasurer HARRY CHESLEY SIMONTON LARRY DEAN KEMP Recording Secretary LARRY DEAN KEMP JOHN CONRAD WESTKAEMPER Faculty Sponsor JOHN CONRAD WESTKAEMPER The purpose of the AIAA is to provide- its members an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the various aspects of the aerospace field through presentations by technical personnel. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The AIChE is dedicated to the advancement of chemical engineering in theory and in practice, and the maintenance of high professional standards among its members. OFFICERS President JERRY DENNIS SACKS V ice-President JAMES DALE STEWART Recording Secretary DRUE THOMAS TALLEY Corresponding Secretary GLENN ALEX WORK Treasurer RlCHARD PERKINS MURPHY Faculty Sponsor KENNETH BRUCE BISCHOFF Sweetheart JERRY ANN LEE MEMBERS Richard Frank Abies James Lofton Anderson Howard M. Arno Clyde Stewart Ash G. Harold Balthrop Thomas Arthur Bankston Graham Kerr Barnes Alfred Michael Barr Morris Wayne Bennett Allen Joseph Biedermann George Eugene Bones, Jr. David Calhoun Bonner Joe Tom Bouchier Franklin Watkins Brock, Jr. Harold M. Burton Gary Raymond Clifton Steve Colburn Thomas D. Cole Leonard Welclon Cooper Ronnie Jack Cottle William Lee Cox William Wheaton Curtis, Jr. Edwin Theodore Davis, Jr. Phillip Walter Davis James Clifford Dixon Robert Wayne Easley William Michael Edwards Emory Ezell Bobby Ray Farris Marcus Ben Felcman Harry Meade Flavin Frank Michael Floyd William Bertrand Freeman, Jr. Robert H. Frias David Harry Friedman John Armando Garcia Luis H. Garcia Dennis Michael Giuffre Edward Swinney Givens Camilo Gutierrez Robert Cooper Haden David Boiling Hallmark Randall Lee Hammons, Jr. Brian Peyton Hanson John Sinclair Hartman Robert Leland Hattan James Gordon Helpinstill Kenneth Arnold Hemme Charles James Hicke James Michael Hill Richard Emmctt Hixon Herman William Hoffman Patric Dean Hudgens Herbert Frederick Hueske, Jr. Bary Ben Hutsell Nathan Carpenter Jennings Carlton Roy Jones Gary Dwayne Jones Bryan Eugene Kindle Robert Lloyd King, II Darrell Andrew Kleypas Chun-Ki Kwan Wiltz McPherson Ledbetter. Jr. Robert Victor Leslie Herbert Joseph Loesch Thomas Benton Lyda Charles Kay Lynch Wiley Ray Macune Ben Lawrence Malek Alton Edward Martin R. Bruce Mazzare Gary Douglas McCain Kenneth Tildon McDonald Mitchell Edwin McDonald Thomas Earl Menn Clyde C. Meyers Heinz Erich Meyer Edward Robert Moss Charles Richard Murphy Krishna Jambu Nathan Cecil Lee Newton, Jr. Francis Oliver Nicklin, Jr. Doc Carlton Pair John Edward Panzarella John Thurman Payne Adolf Conrad Petr James Barney Phillips Robert Franklin Ping Mary Ruth Pool Robert Allen Pratt Jerry Dennis Sacks Leo Schneider Michael Nye Schwendeman George Cook Seaman Edward Charles Sebesta Douglas Maurice Selman Roger Wayne Spiller John McCuffin Steele Emory Clyde Stephens James Dale Stewart Ben Carter Still Charles Franklin Stratton Y. S. Suryanarayana Pandrangi Appala Swamy Roy Joel Swanson, Jr. Drue Thomas Talley Ramesh Thadani William Gayle Todd Michael Lucjan Turner Edward Jerald Way Ueckert H. C. Vale Glenn Thornton Van Dusen, III James Douglas Welch Robert C. William Welch Glenn August Weiss Glenn Alex Work Ronny Vonhoy Yates Front Row: Howard Frederick Rase, Nicklin, Murphy, Stewart, Jerry Ann Lee, Sidney Anderson, Sackf, Talley. Work, Kenneth Bruce Bischoff. Second Row; Steele, SebeiU, Lyda, Petr, Floyd, Pool, C. Jonc . Hill, Nathan, Suryanariyana, Turner. Third Row: Van Duscn, Kwaa, Ablet, Hartman, Farm, Malek, Bankston. Hixon. King. Meyer. Ash, Led- better. Fourth Row: Easley, Todd, Cox, MOM, Kindle, Yates, Selman, Lynch, Loesch, Seaman, Ueckert. Fifth Row; K. McDonald, Dixon, Pangalclla, Hoffman, Freeman, Birdrrmann, Vale, Bonner, P. Davis, G. Jones, Barnes, Birr. Page 336 Front Row: Malone, Jacobs, Matocha, Cendrick, Brady, McClean. Second Row: Haught, Pittman, Sullins, Dunne, Muslin, Caldwell. Third Row: Crowley, French, Francis, Shafer, Gilbreath. Fourth Row: Squyres, Bell, Shepard, McDaniel, Moseley. John Richard Aston Jay Stephen Bell Howard Lawrence Bernstein Priscilla Ann Bitter Samuel David Brady Wayne George Burnside William David Caldwell James Robert Caraway Thomas Michael Cendrick Suzanne Crowley Oliver Monroe Davis, Jr. D. H. Deen Michael Conrad Dunne Peggy Lou Fox Clifton L. Francis Kathleen French Charles Milton Garnett John Newell Gilbreath MEMBERS Nick F. Grandinetti Adolph George Hajovsky Vince Hammond Kenneth Leroy Haught, Jr. Sidney Ashton Heatly, Jr. Joe Travis Hudson, Jr. Claud Barton Jacobs Stanley E. Latman Russell Vann Lehrman John L. Lenker Walter Earl J.ilie James Patrick Malone Richard Leon Massey Lajoyce Ann Matocha Dan Leonard McClean Judith Catherine McDaniel Arturo Nicolas Meraz Jenny Ann Moody Joe Ed Morris Patricia Jo Moseley Allison Keith Muslin H. Keith Nix Ralph R. Peterson Sondra Lee Pittman Eleanor Ann Rector Arthur Allen Reed Thomas Frederick Ressel Don Roger Robinson Richard Malcolm Rosser James Ray Shafer Sarah Ann Shepard David Fuller Stevens Jerrell Porter Sfjuyres K. Stephen Sullins Ronald Lynne VanAmburgh Clinton Ray Werner OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer and Publicity . Secretary Faculty Sponsor . . JAMES PATRICK MALONE . . DAN LEONARD MCCLEAN . JOHN NEWELL GILBREATH PATICIA Jo MOSELEY . . IRWIN ALLEN SHAPIRO are The American Marketing Association is a professional student organization. The members interested in the dynamic field of marketing and are not necessarily marketing majors. The Asso- ciation strives to develop sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and defini- tion of marketing principles as well as to develop better public understanding and appreciation of mark eting problems. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION A C AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The University of Texas Student Chapter of ASCE is designed to help civil engineering students enrich their college courses by beginning those professional contacts and associations which, continued through life, are so valuable to the practicing engineer. OFFICERS President GERALD L. ROBERTS V ice-President JAMES R. McMEANS Secretary ELMON BILL STEWART Treasurer DON HOWARD BIZZELL S.E.C. Representative WILLARD MAC SMITH Faculty Advisor A. ANTHONY TOPRAC Azmi A. L. Abdul-Hadi Robert George Abel Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid Thomas Alan Armstrong Donald Elliott Arthur Thomas Benjamin Bell Don Howard Bizzell James Crozier Brown Billy Joe Campbell Donald N. Carlton Howard Ernest Collier Jesse S. Covarrubias William Thomas Crumley Allan F. Cunningham Richard Branton Daniel Kleber Jennings Denny Charles W. Dickinson James Henry Duke Clarence James Ehlers Barry Wade Ellis Robert Henry Espey MEMBERS William Dunlap Evans Jerry Lee Garnett Noe Garza Jack Howard Goodwin Phillip M. Guzman Robert Loring Hall Rufus Clarance Hamilton Floyd Arthur Haskett Larry Duff Hibler James Fred Horadam Michael David Hugh David Hustace Christian F. Icaza Glenn Terrence Johnson Abdel Rahman Katami Keith Allen Keller Charles Thomas Koch Maan Fuad Lababidi Carroll Tim Leech David Luther Legg Herman G. Lehman, III Osborne Hugo Linguist Clarence Lee Littlefield Charles Grady Mangum Shelton E. Mangum Joe Patrick Mattingly James R. McMeans Larry Quincy Mills Michael Bruce Miraglia Lawrence Munsie Anwar A. J. Omar Charles Morgan Pearre Jorge David Perez Clifford Neal Prescott Mohammed M. Rashid Curtis Daniel Reagan Joseph Repa Gerald L. Roberts Anthony James Rokas Bruce Barnett Ryan Sami Jamil Salam From Run: Arthur, Preicott. Williamson, W. Urban, Miranlia. I. i.-j Eileen Pilli, Katami. I itiMi.-M. Biiiell. Second Rom: Collier, Repa. Huilace, Covarrubiat. Abdul-Hadi. AI-Raahid. Sylvetter. Lababidi. Third Row: Tuihek. Perei. Brown. Hamilton, Bell, Milli. Duke. Roberta. Fourth Rote: Llnguiat, Haakelt. Smith. McMeanf. Lehman. Keller. Fifth Row: E. Stewart, L. L ' rban. Verner, Treybig. Pace 338 ' students Wind cSsm Front Row: Infante, Lay, Langford, Bruce, Griffith, Teller, West, Johnston, Mahdi, Huffman, Derr. Second Rote: Vogelsang, Immel, Grona, Hambright, Parish, Knebel, Canfield, Madden, Ayres, J. Johnson, Thorns Third Row: Ballard, Sward, R. Green, Gates, Glidewell, Moore, Wood. Mikeska, Bartosh, Williams. MEMBERS Joseph Bryan Adair Clifford Atkinson, III Bryan Hobson Atwood John Richard Ayers Jerry Lee Ballard William Henry Balzen Daniel Valentine Bartosh, Jr. Robert Lee Bass Jimmy Mack Biiger Eugene Blum Lawrence Terry Boatman Joe Mack Bridges Robert James Brown Robert Allen Brune, Jr. Max Allen Lee Bruce Thomas Hale Canfield William M. Collharp Douglas Connally Roger Leon Coomer L. D. Crawford William Edward Crook B. Clayton Daughtry George Arthur Derr David William Do rot ik Samuel Preston Doughty Jack Allen Dowdy Victor James Dube Wayne Edison Eades Richard Michael Eckenrod Benny Eugene Edwards Richard Joseph Fendley John Gene Forister James David Frank Arthur F. Garcia. Jr. Bernard M. Gardner Harry Clifford Geyer James Arthur Glidewell William C. Gorden, Jr. Tom Dudley Graham Francis Donald Green Roy Wesley Green Donald Scott Griffith David GrUsom Robert John Grona, Jr. German D. Guerrero Robert Neil Hambright Mellwood Thomas Hamilton Earl Lee Hardgrave Leonard Kenneth Hasten Lewis Harold Heminger, Jr. Gerardo James Hellmund Robert Jack Herring James Herbert Hinderer John M. Hirsh Frank Cole Holler Jimmy Lee Holtis Stanley Holzaepfel John Alfred Hopkins Frank A. Hueter, Jr. George Lloyd Huffman Cecil Lee Hunt, Jr. Charles Mason Immel David B. Johnson Donald Roy Johnson Justin John Johnson, Jr. Loren Truman Johnston John Thomas Jones, Jr. Jerry Max Jordan Milan M. Kadlecik Arthur Justus Kellogg James Franklin Kind Ralph Werner Knebel James Henry Land Oris Dale Langford Neil Radell Latimer Johnnie Reed Lay Roscoe Lee Sid Emmett Lindsey B. Taylor Livingston Jimmy Jack Lofland George Edward Long George Dennis Madden Mohamed Deeb Mahdi Vernon Otto Markworth Isauro Martinez-Cairo Gerald Nelson Matthews W. H. Maler. Jr. Ernest Reid McAnally Nathaniel Harris McClamroch Robert Stephen McClendon Robert Adalbert McLaughlan William Alex McNeill Charles E. McQueary Michael B. McShane Thomas Gene Mikeska James Patrick Moore John Walter Morris Thomas Alva Munnerlyn James Thomas Nesbitt, Jr. Jack Childers Gates Douglas Alan Oldfield Delbert C. Overstreet Charles Randall Parish David A. Peters Raymond Wayne Persky Apostolos Petzopoulos Louis Elliott Pflughaupt John Thomas Phillips Harald Portig John Posey Enrique G. Ramirez, Jr. Rawleigh Terrell Reagan Knut Oluf Reistad Jack Scott Daniel Roy Sebesta Henry Robert Sebesta Robert Michael Sewell Billy Douglas Smith Noel Voss Smith, Jr. Jimmy L. Stevens Willi am Richard Stockwell James D. Stuyck Carl Robert Sward Fred Kent Taylor Cecil Martin Teller Oland Dale Thompson I. Gayden Thompson Carl Wayne Thompson Clifford Lee Thomson Olin Ray Tiemann Alfonso Trujillo James Edgar Turcotte Gary Douglas Turner Robert Louis Vogelsang George Henry Waterman Thomas Warren Webb Frank Clyde Weirich Wayne W. Weiss Warner Weldon Charles Daniel West Barry Don Wheeless Frank Gregory White, Jr. David Warren Wieting Robert Kincaid Williams Claude A. Wilson Maynard Lee Wilson Robert Miles White James Bradley Whitworth Bill R. Wittner Lowell Clark Wood Jerry Chester Worden OFFICERS Chairman First V ice-Chairman . . . Second Vice-Chairman . Recording Secretary . . . Corresponding Secretary S.E.C. Representative . . Faculty Advisor DON GRIFFITH . . CECIL MARTIN TELLER . . . . CHARLES DAN WEST . MAX ALLEN LEE BRUCE . . GEORGE ARTHUR DERR . . . GERARDO HELLMUND ETTORE FERRARI INFANTE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY The purpose of the Ashbel Literary Society is to further the study of good literature, to recognize high standards of scholarship in the field of English, and to promote friendship among its members. OFFICERS President NANCY PORTWOOD MONDAY V ice-President CECILE CURLIN AUTREY Recording Secretary CAROLYN WASHBURN MEHR Corresponding Secretary ELLEN MARTHA CLARKE Treasurer ROBERTA BERNICE KENT Faculty Advisor Lois BAIRD TRICE Betsy Allen Sharon Lee Anderson Cecile Curlin Autrey LaTrelle Berkman Rilla June Boroughs Clara Lou Butcher Ellen Martha Clarke Nancy Clements Jane Carolyn Cowper Jean Holland Graver Lynn Denman Kathleen Doherty Barbara Bea Fischer Margaret Anne Fiser Amelia Forman Fleeter MEMBERS Judith Daon Fleeter Margaret Ellen Foran Carroll Day Gilmer Rollin Ann Guess Peggy Ann Hagood Phillis Johnson Roberta Bernice Kent Karen Sue Kaufman Jenny Lou Lewis Prudence Drew Mahaffey Louisa Perry Mahone Jane Lauchlin McNeill Carolyn Washburn Mehr Nancy Portwood Monday Sally Terry Nelson Virginia Alma Nelson Mary Jay Orr Nellie Jane Ostler Alice McDermott Red Nancy Sealy Elaine Seewald Gwyn Wimberly Shook Gerri Clark Smyser Mary Van Dyne Thuss Florence Ann Vaughan Barbara Eugenia Weddington Sally Eleanor Weinert Mary Ann Weiss Ethel Lowdon Wiley Front Rote: Mehr, Weinert, Orr, Weddington, J. Fleeter, Foran, A. Fleeter, Monday, Autrejr. Back Row: Seewald, Sealy, Kent, Guess, Red. V. Nelson, Clements, Clarke, Butcher, Cowper, Thu. Page 340 MOXDAT ' Aram ; ICE Km SD TRICE Retreat Learning Inspiration STAFF Director MERVIN KENNETH SAUNIER Associate Director BILL GLOVER Assistant Director DUEJEAN CLEMENTS International Director EUNICE PARKER Secretary MRS. ROBERT HOLT Daily Singsong EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Fall Spring PHIL DOWELL STRICKLAND President JOE GENE AUTRY HELEN CLAIRE ANDERSON V ice-President H. KEITH MORELAND JEANNE WRAY BROWN Secretary PAT MAUREEN WILLIAMS Treasurer SANDRA LOUISE WALTERS DONNA JEAN MABRY Enlistment Chairman BARBARA SUE MILLER PAUL ANDREW BURKWALL International Chairman Fellowship Chairman NANCY ELLEN MILLER CAROL ELAINE GUMMELT Worship and Study PATRICIA Du MENIL HANNEY JAMES RUSSELL HILDEBRAND Music Chairman PAUL ANDREW BURKWALL CHARLES EDWARD RAWLS Student Center DONNA JEAN MABRY JOE GENE AUTRY Mission Chairman RONALD EDWIN CARLYLE Service Chairman PHIL DOWELL STRICKLAND SANDRA LOUISE WALTERS Publicity Chairman JANICE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS The aim of the Baptist Student Union is Christian studentship, an attempt to furnish the student with every possible challenge to hear, answer and live God ' s call in his life on the campus. The ultimate aim is Christian citizenship, God ' s purpose lived out in all life ' s experiences. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Page 341 Chi Alpha is a national religious, social, and educational society sponsored by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The purpose of Chi Alpha is to promote the spiritual life on the College campus by providing opportunities for worship and fellowship. OFFICERS President PAUL JAMES BROYLES Vice-President PAULETTE STRINGER Secretary BILLY CLYDE SMITH Treasurer ALAN EVERETT CELL Historian JERRY WAYNE THORNELL Chaplain REVEREND ELMER WOODROW BARNES Sponsor LOWRY M. CARPENTER MEMBERS Jackson Thomas Bayless, Jr. Paul James Broyles James Albert Crowhurst Eldon Dwane Faries Alan Everett Cell Ronald Paul Johnson Franklin Elvie Miles Jimmie Lynn Pape Juanita Ann Penland Chester B. Slaughter Billy Clyde Smith Paulette Stringer Virginia Almira Stringer Leon Stump Jerry Wayne Thornell Ted Vaughan James Vernon Walden Gary Dwayne Wessels Front Rote: Cell, Broylea, P. Stringer, Smith, Thornell. Second Rote: Barnri, Slaughter, Pcnlaml, V. Stringer, Carpenter. Third Rom: Johnion, Crowhunt, Bayleu, Fariei. Walden. Page 342 Front Rote: Harper, Shennum, Rarey, Coleman, Gerdes, Hamilton. Second Row: Lentz, Mills, Osgood, Mary Josephine Weber, Munson, Hill, Lazarus, Policy. Third Row: N. Cower, J. Gower, Minter, Filbert, Eason, Walter, Andrews, Stafford. Fourth Row: Barber, Bishop, Thomas, Elwood Lawrence Munson, Hotchkiss. Mary Elaine Aiton Forrest Alex Andrews Roger Murray Barber Park E. Bishop Evelyn Earl Coleman Catherine Biedenharn Dennis Marion Holmes Doty Richard Edward Dunn William Dudley Eason, Jr. Salisbury B. B. Filbert Madelyn Helen Gerdes Vicki Lee Gershner Mary Carrington Gowen James Sterling Gower Neil Edwin Gower MEMBERS Barbara Ruth Hamilton Stanley Pat Hardage Bobbie Ann Harper Pamela Hill Charles William Hotchkiss Neil Brent Karlskind Dianne Lazarus Leslie Lee Lentz Robert Oscar Luehrmann Judith Ellen McCaskill Heide Roeslein Meister Nancy Marie Mills Norman Wesley Minter Betsy Friesner Munson Pamela Sue Osgood David Bob Person John Foster Pettit Mary Elizabeth Pettit Emily Jane Policy Louisa Gail Rarey Mary Elizabeth Savage Kristen Ann Schleeter Mary Lisa Shennum Susan E. Stegner George Neil Thomas John William Turner, Jr. Louie William Walter Mary Frances Whittenburg Clarence Le Roy Wilson, Jr. Fall CHARLES WILLIAM HOTCHKISS . NORMAN WESLEY MINTER .... BETSY FRIESNER MUNSON . . DIANNE LAZARUS MADELYN HELEN GERDES EMILY MURRAY STAFFORD . OFFICERS Spring . . . President NORMAN WESLEY MINTER . Vice-President MARY ELAINE AITON . . . Secretary MARY LISA SHENNUM . . . Treasurer WILLIAM DUDLEY EASON, JR. Member-at-Large MADELYN HELEN GERDES Advisor . .EMILY MURRAY STAFFORD The Christian Science Organization offers the college community the opportunity of learning the truth about Christian Science. Students seek to live their faith by applying their understanding of God to their daily needs. c s CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS President LEONARD ALAN McCoRMiCK Secretary SHAARON MERIE MELCHER Treasurer EDWARD BAXTER HOWK Historian ANTOINETTE TARTAGLIA Social Chairman EDWIN ALTON ECKELS Publicity GLENDA MARGARET HUNT Librarian THOMAS SEOJIN ELLZEY Director MORRIS JAY BEACHY Maria Lee Alexander Sheldon Ira Becker Charles James Birkner Carol Sue Bock Elgene Owen Box Daniel Royce Boyer Sandra Carter Ramon Edward Dasch Margaret Ellen Deacon Edwin Alton Echels Ryan H. Edwards Janie Marie Elkins John Ellzey Thomas Seojin Ellzey David Gary Evans Eldon Dwane Faries Marvin Gene Franke Gene Galbraith James Reynolds Garner Carol Ardelle George Donald Emmett Giffen MEMBERS Martha Jane Guynes Audrey Elayne Holm Bonnie Ann Roman Edward Baxter Howk John M. Hughes Glenda Margaret Hunt Mary Elizabeth Janssen John Frederick Johnson Barbara Abbott Keith Carolyn Ann Lacy Jan Mason Lasater Jacquelyn Ruth Lewis John Frederick Lubben Robert George Makela Leonard Alan McCormick Susan Jane McKay Lewis Lee McKibben, Jr. Sharon Lorraine Meacham Shaaron Merie Melcher Jan Moody Richard Perkins Murphy James Bert Neely Robert Earl Parks Jill Elaine Polhamus Charles Hardin Pollard, Jr. Dorothy Janelle Proctor Carol Annette Salmon Diana Lou Seifert Peggie A. Sharpe Magus Fulton Smith Jerry Squires Nancy Ruth Stevens Antoinette Tartaglia Sheryl Gayle Taylor Analeslie Unfried James Mark Van Hemert Victoria Kay Veazey Sharon Elizabeth Voigt John Kenneth Walters Nancy Lee Webb Robert Richard Weber MORRIS JAY BEACHY Director, Choral Organizations fa : . h : " I In b Front KOK: Moody, Sharpe. Melcher, McKay, Webb, Alexander, Homan. Tartajlia, Meachim, Veaiey, Voitl, Deacon, Keilh, Taylor. Second Rim: Sloven., Lewi., Salmon, Laiater, Seller!, Lacy. Holm, Hunt, Untried. Elkln.. Bock. Cuyne., Janwtn, Polhamu., Ceorfe. Third Rou: Van Hemert, McCormick. McKibben, Neely, Bran.. Calbraith, Park., Garner, Squire.. Becker, Waller.. Howk. Cillen. Makela. Fouith Kou: EcliHi, Hughe., Birkner, J. Eiliey, Lubben, Boi, Pollard, T. Ellley, Smith, Franke, Weber, Boyer. Edward.. Fade.. Paie 311 Everette Dwayne Alexander Kenneth G. Altvater Thomas Axel Anderson Judith Elynne Baxter Peggy Sue Bobo Jackie Sue Bohuslav Terry Lynn Bond Monetta Mabeth Brown Nancy Ruth Buck James Paul Callaway Sam Anthony Canzoneri Reynolds Newman Cate Carol Ann Chadick Marion Jeanne Chasens Gary Wayne Chason Patricia Jane Clements Cynthia Lynn Cox John Harold Davidson Shirley Ann DeSoto Shelly Dean Easley Bonnie Sue Ebest Daniel Henry Eikenberry Michael Gary Erickson Robert Paul Fermier Radney Lee Fisher Amelia Forman Floeter William Edward Caddy Margaret Lynn Gallagher Corice Anne Galloway Gary David Givena Mary Jane Glimp Carroll Lynn Guess Lucy Gail Holmes MEMBERS Herbert Scott Hughes Kathy Ann Hurst Carl Wayne Johnson Beverly Ann Jordan Dale Howard Jurgens John Kae Justice, Jr. J. Clark Kaskie Karen Kee Elaine Kennedy Kay King Carole Gene Knowle s Walton Launey Nancy Cameron Lawson Russell Vann Lehrman Richard Kent Lennington William Wade Miller Nolan Aubrey Moore Mary Isabelle Navar Zelda Beth Pealor Lana Kay Phillips Sylvia Ann Raschke Edith Anita Ray Robert Mayo Richards Michael Albert Richmond Teresa Mae Roberto Barbara Ann Roscher Samuel Coachman Russell Edward Leroy Schlief Richard David Sidelnik Roxie Lynn Sikes Paul Gilbert Spencer Cynthia Swanson Phillip Mike Symons Jerry J. Taub Terry Carroll Taylor Nancy Karen Tedford Betty Carolyn Templeton William David Warner Cassandra Louise Weathers Catherine Anne Wehner Ilene Marcia Weinberger Donna Gail Weintraub Katherine Kennedy Weston Terry Mack White Gail Williamson Robert Carter Wilson Charles Cowan Womack Danny Lee Wood Dana Rose Wortham OFFICERS CHARLES COWAN WOMACK NOLAN AUBREY MOORE CASSANDRA LOUISE WEATHERS ARNO NOWOTNY DANIEL ROYCE BOYER President V ice-President Secretary Faculty Sponsor Director DANIEL ROYCE BOYER Director Left to Right: Charlei Cowan Womack, Cassandra Louise Weathers, Nolan Aubrey Moore. Seated: Cibbs, Earnest, Panther, Darden, Immel, McCormick. Standing: Neill, Armstrong, Goss, Kerley, Echels, Tobola, Stoval], Stiles. MEMBERS Donald J. Armstrong Ann Grey Darden John David Earnest Edwin Alton Echels Barbara Lynn Gibbs Susan Goss Ralph Conrad Immel Cordelia Lorraine Kerley Leonard Alan McCormick John William Neill Jean Ann Panther Sue Alyce Stiles Francis D. Stovall Diane Denson Tobola Seated: Gibbt, Kerley, Panther. Darden. Coil. Tobola. Slandint: Storall, McCormlek, FrhrK Immrt, Sllln. Neill. Arnnlronil. Elrneit. Puf 3 6 I I Front Row : Cracey, Lanier, Williams, Rogers, Ruiz, Moore, Jurgens, Ueda, Core. Second Row: Duplisaey, White, Dixon, Anderson, Meredith, Gate, Schlech, Hines, Hughes, Kniseley, Barrera. Third Row: Wills, Ford, Middleton, Howard, Jordan, Smith, Mallow, Zarate, Matlock, Bowlin, Mabry, Fourth Row: Francis, Gray, Amoretti, Gilbert, Daly, Hill. Vasquez. Director . JAMES A. WOODLE MEMBERS James Calvin Amoretti Robert Edwin Anderson Ronald Dean Balsley Martin Barrera, III Leon Joseph Belila James H. Bowlin Reynolds Newman Gate Richard Robert Collier Jose Luis Coro Thomas Braden Daly Ronald Lee Dixon Claude Vernon Duplissey Kearney E. Edmiston, Jr. Paul Timothy Elliott John Guthrie Ford William Driver Francis Lawrence Edmond Gilbert, Jr. Leslie Lynn Gracey William D. Gray John Harold Hiatt Donald Higginbotham Wayne Hill Earl Stephen Hines Glenn Howard Herbert Scott Hughes Charles Lee Jordan Dale Howard Jurgens Robert Wade Kniseley Royce Eugene LaNier Robert Smith Mabry Larry Bryant Mallow John Hudson Matlock Paul Ray McKenzie David Lawrence Meredith Marvin Jim Middleton Nolan Aubrey Moore ' Robert Reid Rogers Ruben Moses Ruiz Barry Arthur Schlech Walter Warren Shuller Norman Stanley Smith Logic Tobola, II Keiichi Ueda Leonte Vasquez Terry Mack White Douglas Weldon Williams Jerry K. Wills Arnold T. Zarate DIANE DENSON TOBOLA Soloist LINDA ROSETT JORDAN Accompanist Page 347 Norma Ruth Adams Charlotte Veonne Baugh Martha Ellen Blair LouEllen Elizabeth Breuer Betty Jean Campbell Rita Ann Cotera Susan Ericson Mary Alice Garza Laura Ellen Glass MEMBERS Patricia DuMenil Hanney Sarah Lu Hardy Sandra Maria Martin Linda Lee Mason Joan McAfee Judith Ann McMaster Karen Kay Neff Alma Louise Robinson Susan Hubbard Sikes Anna Katharine Springfield Sharon Ann Steele Martha Dee Stone Jane Marie Tisdale Jeriann Whitcomb DiAnn Williams Brenda Wilson Joyce Wingate Genevieve Winterbotham Pup- 348 VARSITY SINGERS Left to Right: Sikes, Wood, Ebcst, Miller, Cox, Reynolds, Wilson, Navar, Altvater, Wortliam, Launey, Gallagher. Ken Altvater Cynthia Lynn Cox Bonnie Ebest Margaret Lynn Gallagher MEMBERS Walt Launey William Wade Miller Isabella Navar Thomas Barteldes Reynolds, String Bass Roxie Lynn Sikes Robert Carter Wilson Danny Lee Wood Dana Rose Wortham UNIVERSITY CHORUS Director MORRIS J. BEACHY MEMBERS Marlha Adams Gayle Louise Aicklen Karen Armstrong Marsha Lynn Ashendorf Diana L. Barker Janell Baxter Carol Leigh Belknap Margarette Ann Bell Marta Benavides Camila S. Bennett John Scott Bennett Nancy Sharon Berry Bary JoAnn Blazek Mary Louise Bode Brenda Jo Bogan Bonnie Vale Bond Rilla June Boroughs Joyce Ann Boyd Linda Carol Brack John Brooks Bradley, Jr. Patricia M. Brannan Osmond P. Breland Alethea Dossett Brooks Charles Rex Brown, II Michael David Brown Joan Bruyerc Robert Grant Burns Corinne Ellen Bybee Joe Calvillo, Jr. Carolyn Burton Campbell Bruce Scott Chapman Kathie Childs Carol Jean Clare Robert Edward Clark Judy Murraylin Cole Linda Gayle Cole Patrick Graham Cooper Daniel B. Corbin Renee Juana Covington Cheryl Darlene Cruse Herbert Kent Danziger Jessica Royece Darling John Wesley Dean, Jr. Wilfred James Dean, Jr. Margaret Elizabeth Diden Susan McCarroll Dixon James David Dodd Charles G. Dodson Yvonne D ' Olive Frances Elizabeth Dooley Mary Elizabeth Doyle James George Drawer! Susan Gayle DuBose Faye Duckett Jean Bell Dullnig Fred Allen Edwards Marvin Gene Franke Linda Lou Froehner Teodoro Garcia Elizabeth Ann Gibbs Donald Emmett Giffen David Michael Ginsburg Harry J. Glauser Mary Elizabeth Goodey Sarah Blanche Green Sandra Kathleen Gregg Ina Florence Grier Gary Dean Griffin Margaret P. Griffin Lyndell R. Groninger Robert Charles Grosjean Beckie Lou Gross Charles Edwin Gross Terril Dale Guin Sally Jo Hunter Gullette Elizabeth Christine Hall Lynn Elizabeth Harwood Beverly Anne Hatcher Nancy Ruth Hatcher Darrellene Editli Havins Allen Lee Hendelman Morton Lee Herman Betty Jean Herms Newlin C. Herndon, Jr. Irene Hershorin Oscar V. Hinojosa Daniel Ramsey Hodges Parris Homer Holmes, Jr. Mary Madeline Home Jean Farisa Horsley Margaret A. Huhbard Matt Cordell Hughes Marlha Helen Husband Eunice Adell Jackson Kenneth M. Jacobs Jill Elaine James Michael Stephen Jarrell Judith Johnson Leilani Ann Johnson Arlette Iras Jones Patricia Frances Jordan Marilynn R. Keller Diane Chloe Kelly Mary Donna Kennemer Donna Sue King Sharon Colleen King Vicky Saundra Kirk Marilyn Janice Kostka Pete S. Lammons Victor Levenlhal Barbara Gayle Lewellen Sandra Liddle Jay Lee Lipshilz Russell Lohrman Joe Kennelh Longley Susan H. Lucke Darl Cheatham Lybrand Margie Jeannette Mallett Susan Jean McCronc Marilyn Lucille McDonald Joe Phillip McElhaney James Perry McKinley James Grover McMains Judith Kay McMillan Carla Jeanne MrNamara Penelope Elizabeth McNamara Lee Michael Mendejovilz Barry Phillip Middleman Barbara Sue Miller Sherry Annelle Miller Priscilla Orpha Mojica John Allison Moody Greta Moore Thomas Lee Morgan Joanne Mary Moss Nancy Lea Muaster Melinda Murphy Matthew Herschel Mutnick Barbara Adelia Nelson Mary Suzanne Newman Joe Bert Olian Rebecca Ortiz Judith Lynn Painter Addie Kay Palasky Judith Ann Payne Edmond Joseph Peterson Karin Elizabeth Peterson Marsha Lynn Phillips Mary Elizabeth Pinkney Betty Ruth Pursley George Alfred Ragle Nancy Carol Ragsdale James Thomas Ramsey, Jr. Sheila Rae Reeves Dan Bernard Roach Anne Elizabeth Roberson Betsy Lucindy Roberts Sally C. L. Rowlette Joyce Ann Rudherg Harvey Jay Saikin Judith Camp Sauer Joy Gail Schauer Claudia Scheske Linda Louise Scott Melvin Douglas Scott James Raymond Shaw Philip Jay Simborg Sallie Sue Skelley Darrell Ess man Smith Mary Kay Smith Robert Clint Smith Linda J. Snow Linda Lee Sokolosky Evelyn J. R. States Margaret Jean Stevens Virginia Almira Stringer Thomas Mings Sumners Clyn Wayne Suttle Egon Richard Tausch Kathryn Dean Taylor Susan Polk Taylor Susan Marie Teeple Stephen Franklin Toby Ruel Omar Torres Raymond Dixon Truitt Peggy Ellen Underwood Mary Deborah Wagner Robert Norman Watson, Jr. Carmen Irene Wilhite Wallace Bond Wilkinson, Jr. Mark Crawford Wilson Mescal Wilson Patricia Winifred Wood Jane Adair Wyss Page 349 The Crow ' s Nest is a co-operative club of fifty-four midshipmen of the Naval ROTC. As such, the " Nest " provides the nucleus of leadership and the backbone of participation and support for the activities of the NROTC. The club also provides a good training ground for future naval officers as the responsi- bility of conducting the club ' s affairs are in the hands of its members. OFFICERS President DONALD ANTHONY TORTORICE Vice-President DON WALLACE BROWN Treasurer CHARLES THOMAS KEY Work Manager WAYNE EARLE MIERS Food Buyer JOHN THOMAS MONTFORD Faculty Advisor WILLIAM EL LOVELL, LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, USN William Floyd Beardsley Larry Joseph Billa George Purnell Birdsong, III Luther Richard Blayney, Jr. George Herman Blume, II Don Wallace Brown Michael James Clark Luis Adolfo de la Garza William Lynn Docekal Donald Edward Emerson, Jr. Scott Charles Follett Robert Louis Gartner Pete Scott Hamilton Robert Lee Hancock Stanley Pat Hardage Henry Amos Harper Carl Justus Hehmsoth, Jr. Randall Hempling MEMBERS Gerald Dale Hilbert John Thomas Hilton, Jr. John Daniel Hogden, Jr. John Marshall Jarratt Charles Thomas Key Robert Wade Kniseley William Frank Kopecky Ben Allen Krause Henry Warren Leopold Lee George Litzler Raymond Albert Long Steve Anthony McPhail Arthur Neal Mangham, Jr. Richard Henry Mason Thomas M. Mickelsen Wayne Earl Miers John Thomas Montford Kenneth James Moore Edward J. Polasek, Jr. Jerome Lee Powell James Stephen Quinn Allie Jack Ralston Robert N. Ray James Steven Ryder James Herrell Sanders, Jr. John Allen Santoro Gerald Warren Spinks James Arthur Spinks, III Jack Vernon Strickland John Wallace Sutherland Oland Dale Thompson Donald A. Tortorice Michael Lewis Waldron Richard Earl Wauson, Jr. Roger Lee Wharton Wiley George Woolsey Front Row: Key, Montford, Tortorice, Micrs, Brown. Second Ron: G. Spinks, McPhail, Hempling, J. Spinks, Mickelsen, Moore, Hilton, Ralston. Third Row: Blume, Powell, Gartner, Docekal, Ray, Wharton, Emerson, Kniseley, Thompson, Strickland. Fourth Row: Kopecky, Hardage, Sanders, Waldron, Hamilton, Follelt, Hilberl, Billa, Wauson, Santoro, Jarratt. Fifth Row: Quinn, Leopold, Lilzler, Hancock, Harper, Ryder, Hogden, Polasek, Clark, Mason, Krause, Long, Sutherland. Page 350 DSF ' ers assembling playground equipment at the Austin Retarded Children ' s home. This is one of the many service projects the group participates in during the semester. At an orientation banquet given each fall for freshman and transfer students, members of the University Christian church choir entertain their guests. The University Christian church is located across from the Fountain. CABINET Fall Spring WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK President AUREL EMERSON SMITH LINDA KAY HUCKABAY Vice-President PATRICIA SUZANNE ELLIS ROBERT FRANKLIN HENDERSON ZELMA LORRAINE MCMAHON Secretary SUZANNE WATTERSON BEN BANKS JUDD, JR Treasurer BEN BANKS JUDD, JR. AUREL EMERSON SMITH Program Chairman DON WALLACE BROWN DON WALLACE BROWN Worship Chairman GENEVIEVE DIANA DEMME PATRICIA SUZANNE ELLIS Fellowship Chairman MARGARET ANN SAVAGE PHYLLISS MARJORIE CRIST Service Chairman WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK MICHAEL LYNN MYERS Enlistment Chairman ROY ALEXANDER BOBO, II SPUR Editor ROY ALEXANDER BOBO, II MARGARET ANN SAVAGE Food Chairman THELMA CAROL GROVES The purpose of Disciples Student Fellowship is to offer students an opportunity of study, fellowship, service, and worship during their academic years, in order to nurture and deepen commitments made to Christ and His Church. It encourages students to share their faith and their doubts with others in a Christian community. DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Gamma Delta aims to train Lutheran students for Christian service to God and their fellow man, and to maintain and increase local and inter-campus fellowship among the students of their faith. OFFICERS President JOHNNY GILBERT KUECK Vice-President JOHN MAX HlRSCH Secretary CAROLYN GRACE DAVIS Treasurer BARBARA LOUISE DOUGHERTY Program Chairman CHARLES EDWARD KRIEGEL Pastoral Advisor . REVEREND CHARLES H. BORN MEMBERS Gene Allen Anderson Jesse Edison Best Ruth Ann Birkman Michael James Clark Carolyn Grace Davis Barbara Louise Dougherty Victor James Dube Donald D. Durflinger Michael Clinton Fay Jane Elizabeth Frank Johanna Catherine Gebhart John Max Hirsch Benjamin Jacob Horst Carl Edward Johansen Ardis Lynn Johnson Ruth Ann Johnson Travis Aubrey Koehler Charles Edward Kriegel Jeanette Elaine Kriegel Johnny Gilbert Kueck Donovan Allen Leistico Norma Jean Raab Bob Ewald Schutz David Arthur Sterner Theresa Antonie Urban Virginia Lea Weiss Henry Charles Wobus Front Row: Davis, Raab, Birkman, Urban, J. Kriegel, Dougherty, R. Johnson. A. Johnson, Gebhart. Second Row: Fay, Wobui, Koehler, C. Kriegel, Leistico, Dube, Hirach, Schutz. Third Row: Born, Anderson, Best. Clark. Kueck. Johansen, Sterner, DurflinBer. Page 352 Front Row: Prescott, Harbison, Levine, Mays, Hayncs, Castleman, Rowden, Caddel, Cook, Krezdorn, Duff, McMordie. Second Row: Scurlock, Pavlicek, Polozeck, McGonogill, Jim C. Nordhaus, Diechke, A. E. Wilson, Vaughan, Blalock, McPherson. Third Haw: Pliinkett. Herron, Leach, Huffman, Baird, Noland, Hartman, James Dorn Walker, Larry Wayne Bickle, Charles Edward Thompson, Horker, Marshall. Fourth Row: Hurton, Beran, Rohde, Spratt, Langner, Riley, Anderson, Smith. Lester Carroll Johnson, Detlefsen, Lawrence Richard Anderson, Bryant. Fifth Roto: Franks, White, Young, Samuel Roscoe Newsom, James Leon Lovell, Van Ryswyk, Lovell, Matlock, Howison, L. A. Thompson, Strandtman, Harris. Sixth Row: Jerry Dale Sanders, Collins, Dolezalek, J. R. Thompson, Gerald Edward Lowther, Garner, Canficld, Stanley Eugene Wolf, H. V. Smith, Uhr, Lindsey, Karlskind. Seventh Row: Milton Alvin Maly, Althaus, Arabian, McElroy. Lea Wayne Achby Robert Harold Althaus Thomas Axel Anderson Alan Mihran Arabian Rene J. Baeten Albert Washington Baird Gilbert Lowell Baker Gary Lynn Beran James Thomas Billings James Thomas Billups, Jr. Sammy Eston Blalock John E. Boehl Don Boyer Eric N. Broline Paul Curtis Brooks Louis Edward Bryant George Michael Bunt Jerry Don Burrow Donald Wayne Bynum Robert Randolph Caddel Joe Ralph Canfield Billy Dan Carroll Kenneth Randolph Castleman Terry B. Chapman Thomas Stephen Collins Daniel Robert Cook William Richard Cook James D. Corell Gene Arthur Cox Gary Lynn Crow Harold Dean Cubley Joe Hurley Cunningham John L. Danner Jon Michael Detlefsen Eugene Gus Dierschke Donald Robert Dolezalek William A. Dorbandt Tim Michael Duffee Steve Ezan Billy George Franklin John Eli Franks, III James Reynolds Garner Thomas James Gillis Clyde Glendell Goodnight David Grissom Arcesio Guerara Dale Ralph Harbison Frank Cresswell Harris Donald Whitesell Hartman Dale Robert Hayden Guy Walter Haynes MEMBERS John W. Hendricks Daniel Edward Herron Leonard Hial Hill Edwin James Hocker Jon Dale Horton Richard Ellsworth Huffman Carl Edward Johansen Sammy Ronald Jones Neil Brent Karlskind Louis William Klingman James Leonard Landrum Fred William Langner Jack Don Leach John Raymond Leatherbury, Jr. Samuel James Levine Charles Wilson Lindsey, III Jeff Lindsey William Mac Lingo, Jr. James Dale Lovell William John Macha Daniel G. Mackey John Clifton Magness Dan Howell Marshall, II John Hudson Matlock Christopher Lovell May David Temple Mayhall William L. Mays, Jr. John Harley McElroy Michael McFerrin Ernest Grady McGonogill Frank Douglas McMordie Travis Dean McPherson Joseph Paul Molesevicb Robert Lee Noland Wiley S. Olsen John Duncan Osburn Alois Bernard Pavlicek Samuel Reader Pearson Willis A. Pierson Davis Lynn Plunkett Jimmy Dale Polozeck Wesley Talbett Prescott Richard Lewis Pringle Robbin Douglas Riley David Frank Rohde Dale Henry Rowden, Jr. Chester Hamlin Rngeley, Jr. Edvardo Teodulo Ruiz Jach Wallis Samford David Melvin Sanders Pearce M. Schaudies John M. Scheel Bobby Joe Schramck Willard Turk Scurlock, III William Eldon Sims Horace Vernon Smith Jay Dickey Smith Louis James Smith, Jr. David Byron Spratt Albert Irwin Stancliff Zane Arnold Stigall Robin Keith Strandtman Clinton William Uhr, Jr. Carl Wayne Van Ryswyk Jim M. Swayze Joe Reedis Thompson Lewis Arnold Thompson Robert Dwayne Trowrr Robert Ho Tsai Roger Steve Vaughan Frederic Weigl Charles Clifford White Robert Alan Williams Arthur E. Wilson James Michael Wilson George Burdette Wright, Jr. Michael Lee Young OFFICERS Chairman First V ice-Chairman Second Vice-Chairman .... Recording Secretary Recorder Student Activities Chairman Faculty Advisor KENNETH RANDOLPH CASTLEMAN . . . WESTLEY TALBOTT PRESCOTT . . . . ROBERT RANDOLPH CADDEL GUY WALTER HAYNES DALE RALPH HARBISON C. 0. HARBOURT . ROY RANKIN KREZDORN The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers work to guide the professional de- velopment of its members. The University of Texas student branch strives to bring electrical engineering students into close contact with other students, the faculty, and the electrical engineering profession. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INSURANCE SOCIETY The Insurance Society strives to acquaint students with the problems -of the insurance business by providing them with the opportunity to inspect the insurance business in progress and to meet future professional colleagues. OFFICERS President JOHN LEWIS VAN OSDALL Vice-President DAVID THOMAS DAVENPORT Secretary RICHARD WOODWARD RILEY Treasurer WILLIAM SCOTT ADAMS, JR. Faculty Sponsor . JOHN STROCK BICKLEY MEMBERS Patrick Keating Abbott William Scott Adams. Jr. Bennett Stanley Anton Don Cliff Baughman Joe Henry Bearden Dana Dee Benson Matt Hall Benton Julius Louis Bergfeld, Jr. James Michael Bettis Bob Wayne Caperton John Wesley Clark James Coley Cowden Martin Joseph Cross John William Dalton Gigi Dian Daniels David Thomas Davenport James George Drawer! Charles Frederick Eckhardt Arlen G. Ferguson Eddie Wilson Gay Steve Charles Gerdes James William Gibson James Wayne Gilbert Jerry Bruce Griffin Peter John Hennessey Leonard Norman Herzfeld Alfred E. Hofflander Steve McGuire Holbrook Charles Hummel Raymond Percy James Robert Leroy Johns Bennie Lawrence Johnson Jay Alan Kanter Jim Robert Keys Robert Gail Krause John Rawlins Lewis William Arthur McCann John Dee McStay Paticia Jo Moseley Michael Robert Murray Harry Hollis Oxspring J. Baggett Pace Donald Wilson Parkyn B. W. Payne, III James Bland Pope Jerry Robert Reed Robert Charles Reinarz Edward George Reynolds, Jr. John Carver Richards. II Mary Jane Riley Richard Woodward Riley Elizabeth Travis Roberts James Denny Roberts Robert Allen Ross John David Ryder William Andrew Short, Jr. Robert Clinton Siddons Douglas MacArthur Simmons Robert Stuart Skibell Thomas Fitzhugh Soriero Kuasakdi Sukhaprayura Terence Michael Swift Donald Harrison Taylor, HI Jack Greer Taylor, Jr. Lowry Lamar Tims Frederick E. Turner John Lewis Van Osdall Christine Gay Vincent Jo Ann Vincent Michael Cogburn Walters Dan Batchelor Williams Ellis Gilbert Wolbe Front Row: Judy Ellen Franklin, Gayle Louise Aicklen, Sally Eugenia Sneed, Orelia Ruth Garcia, Sherry Gayle McArdle, Patricia Constance Scheberle, Janet Hana Slavens, Janet Louise DiRienzo, Laura Jeanne Kassos, Andrea Pritchard Hallberg. Second Row: Irma Lourdes Garcia, Carlos Alberto Colina- Vargas, Ramesh Thadani, Hassan Aly Tulbah, Saeed Hussain Buraiky, Iman Soengkowo, Fayez S. Anan, William Blewett Chenault, III, Bonnie Marie Heckman. Third Row: Krishna Jambu Nathan, Taha Mohammed Zaghmout, Lester Brooks Hickerson, Azmi Abdul-Hadi, Merydith Deam Turner, Jr., Baldev Singh Manhas, Mana Rabaya Mohammed, Peter John Dorke, Knight Philip Kendall, Jr., Moham- med Saleh Ghamedi, John Joseph Arthur. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Collegiate Council of UN LESTER BROOKS HICKERSON Hospitality WILLIAM BLEWETT CHENAULT, III JANET LOUISE DiRiENZO Membership ANDREA PRITCHARD HALLBERG Newsletter HERBERT SCOTT HUGHES LYNN AVE PICKERING Publicity BONNIE MARIE HECKMAN Social CAROLE GENE KNOWLES Dance and Social PATRICIA CONSTANCE SCHEBERLE International Supper JUDY ELLEN FRANKLIN International Dance Festival PATRICIA SYLVIA SAENZ International Hour FAYEZ ANAN Lecturing Program MAAN FUAD LABABIDI OFFICERS President AZMI ABDUL-HADI Vice-President ENRIQUE MEDELLIN FLORES Secretary ORELIA RUTH GARCIA Treasurer KRISHNA JAMBU NATHAN Directors-at-Large LAURA JEANNE KASSOS BALDEV SINGH MANHAS Sponsor MRS. LUCILLE BAER, Program Assistant, Texas Union The International Club works to encourage social and intellectual interchange and to promote mutual understanding among the students of all nationalities at the University. AZMI ABDUL-HADI President MRS. LUCILLE BAER Program Assistant, Texas Union INTERNATIONAL CLUB Page 355 The Karate Club was recently organized by Jhoon Rhee, a Korean student at the Univer- sity. It provides qualified instruction in karate, an ancient oriental form of empty-handed fighting, both as a method of self-defense and as a competitive sport. Emphasis is placed on character-building and sportsmanship. OFFICERS President MIKE DOUGLAS DROUSCHE V ice-President RANDELL KEITH WHALEY Secretary-Treasurer BRUCE FRANKLIN TURNER Instructor . CHARLES LAMBIE RITTENBERRY MEMBERS Harold Dean Blair Joe Henry Bruns Vernon Lee Colvin Joe Beth Craig Jo Beth Creager Leroy Earl Daniels Walter Cinn De Bill L. L. Dinkins Mike Douglas Drousche Thomas Lowery Easley Richard Michael Eckenrod William Allen French Mario Garza Malcolm R. Gildart William Lee Knighton Mitchell Hugh Kugle David Elton LaBauve Samuel James Lee Jack Dean Williams Joe W. Leverings John Lopez. Ill Eugene Jackson McCartt, III Bryan R. Perry Charlie Roy Powell Jack Cecil Provine Charles Lambie Rittenberry William Franklin Rose, III Bill Russell Daniel Lewis Schodek Mark Allen Schwartzman Joel C. Sherlock Kenyon Leatherwood Smith Malcom Smith William Charles Spruell Bruce Franklin Turner Terry Nathaniel Turner Randell Keith Whaley Pi i C. Ji ft Front Row: Blair, Knighton, Lopez, Lee, Whaley, B. Turner. Second Row: Drousche, Dinkins, Garza, Williams, Provine, Daniels, Creager, Schwartzman, Rittenberry. Third Row: Easley, LaBauve, Schodek, T. Turner, Eckenrod. Fourth Ron-: Smith. Pern . Spruell, Rose. French. Page 356 Front Row: Hinojosa, Shields, Gutierrez, Leyendecker, Rocha, Morales, Cavazos. Second Row: GonzaIez Davis, Benavides, B. Gonzalez, Duran, Cuellar, J. Mireles, Martinez, Vasquez. Third Row: Floren, Perez, B. Mireles, Palacios, M. Gonzalez, Varela, Criado, Vega. Gerardo Aguirre Marta Benavides Carlos G. Cardenas Guillermo Javier Cavazos Antonio Criado Margarita Raquel Cuellar Cecilia Duran Irene Fernandez Roberta Fernandez John Edward Fitzgibbon Francisco Juventino Flores Roberto Rufugio Garcia Mario Garza Mary Alice Garza Roberto Pablo Gomez MEMBERS Bertha Carmen Gonzalez Diana Gonzalez Mario Jesus Gonzalez Edmundo Gonzalez-Davis Jesus V. Guerra Lilia Gutierrez Mary Helen Henry Juan A. Herrera Nydia Estela Hinojosa Abraham Kazen Sylvia Esther Laurel Maria Estelia Leyendecker Carmen Celina Martinez Brigido Mireles Jose Roberto Mireles Richard G. Morales Carlos Oliveira Ricardo Daniel Palacios Albert Perez Andy Ramos Roger C. Rocha Wenceslao Rodriguez Anita Sanchez Mercedes Dee Shields Evelyne A. Tanous Alfredo Trevino Humberto Jose Varela Juan Manuel Vasquez Juan A. Vega Maria Aimee Verduzco Edward Michael Woodruff OFFICERS President GUILLERMO JAVIER CAVAZOS V ' ice-President ALFREDO TREVINO Recording Secretary LlLlA GUTIERREZ Corresponding Secretary CARMEN CELINA MARTINEZ Treasurer FRANCISCO JUVENTINO FLORES Faculty Sponsor GEORGE I. SANCHEZ The Laredo Club provides scholarships for two students from Laredo every year. The mem- bers work to orientate students at the University both socially and academically in the form of meetings and recreational gatherings. Page 357 LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA Little Sisters of Minerva is a national honorary or ganized to improve the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity by decorating for parties, acting as hostesses and giving ideas and criticisms that would help the fraternity. OFFICERS President LAURA ANN SHUFORD Vice-President MARTHA MINTER Secretary CAROLE BROOKS HENRY Social Chairman MARY HELEN STRAUSS Publicity Chairman JANET GAIL WALLACE Co-Ordinator ROBERT A. FAINTER Sponsor MRS. SAM R. MURPHY Faculty Sponsor MRS. J. ADOUE PARKER Ellen Marshall Boddy Margaret Keith Conwill Martha Dalrymple Fisher Susan Gay Gettier Carroll Day Gilmer Constance Ann Harris Carole Brooks Henry Susan Jane Kahn MEMBERS Amanda Katherine Kincaid Heather Logan Susan Josephine Mattiza Martha Minter Nancy Ann Sharp Laura Ann Shuford Cameron Smith Gerri Clark Smyser Bettye Ann Stewart Mary Helen Strauss Mary Sandra Sweeney Betty Lea Walker Janet Gail Wallace Joyce Carol Walters Front Row: Wallace, Slnuu, Shuford, Henry, Minter. Second Roa: Gettier, Smith, Sweeney, Conwill, Kincaid, Smyter, Fainter, Fiiher, Stewart, Harrii, Lo|an, Sharp. Pace 358 Left to Right: Galloway, Westmoreland, Crutchfield, Brizzolara. Clay Willis Allen, III Arnold Kent Altsuler Johnny Matt Bailey Charles M. Bardwell John Edmund Bartlett, III William Norman Berezovytch Franklin William Brizzolara Douglas Neilson Brooke Rex Brown John Franklin Carruthers James Coley Cowden Robert Hamilton Cuyler Robert Easton Dahlberg John William Gallon Richard M. De Geurin Wilson Gordon Dickinson, II Deanna Marye Dimmitt Bruce Dunn Dale Nick Dynis Morris Conrad Enfield Burton R. Enquist Clayton Ernest Evans Salisbury Filbert John Guthrie Ford James Kenneth Francis Charles Carey Frawley Jonathan S. Fruchter Marie Marschall Fuller Daniel Graham Galloway Daniel Reed Game Dell Taylor Gibson Thomas E. Gossett, Jr. Gary William Graham Jack Doneley Gray Robert T. Gregory Paul B. Haring J. Douglas Harrell Nancy Rose Harris Billy Wayne Hausher Leonard Norman Herzfeld John E. Hesse Carolyn Lewis Hewgley George W. Hickman James Herbert Hinderer William Morris Holbert Don Kenneth Hollis William Robert Holmbexg Larry Eugene Huckleberry John Clark Hurst Thomas Paul Jacomini John William Jones Ronald Kenneth Jones Sammy Ronald Jones Robert Carter Kline Victor A. Kormeier, Jr. Roy Krezdorn Tom Murray Kyger Royce Eugene LaNier Charles Ray Latimer William G. Lawhon MEMBERS Robert Vance Lebkowsky Donovan Allan Leistico Norris W. Lipscomb Clarence Lee Littlefield Mickey Jim Logan Waldemar De Magalhaes Lopes, Jr. John Frederick Lubben William Johnson Mangold, Jr. Gayle Partick Martin Jack Hastings Mayfield, Jr. Joe McGee Mayo, Jr. Howard Wright Mays Fain McDougal, Jr. Donald McGrady Harry Thomas McMaster Louis Scott Mehang Richard Wesley Moncrief Emmett Edrington Moore L. Reese Moyers Mimi Ann Muldrow John H. Nabors, Jr. Edwin Bewick Nettleton Samuel Reader Pearson Tom B. Pederson Rodolfo Nestar Perez, Jr. Jimmy Phillips, Jr. Michael Mantheo Phillips Jerome Sanders Pierson John Charles Pool Robert S. Poston Kenneth Hugh Price G. Grant Roane Robert Charles Lee Robertson, II Charles Chili Robinson William Bonner Rubey Jon A. Schlosser Robert Heino Schwenk Nancy Coleman Scott Alfred Lewis Shepperd James Don Snodgrass Fred Edward Sommers Paul R. Stabler, Jr. F. Theodore Terry, Jr. William Mack Terry David Maxwell Thomas Logan Victor Thomas Ralph Thomas Earl Raymon Waddell, III Robert Michael Warner Reeves W. Westmoreland John Anton Whitfield Jerry Low Williams John Greg Williams Sam Williams Robert William Wolters David Paul Woodfin Wallace Boies Woodlief John William Worthington Edward Allen Zidd OFFICERS President FRANKLIN WILLIAM BRIZZOLARA V ice-President REEVES W. WESTMORELAND Secretary DALE NICK DYNIS Treasurer DANIEL GRAHAM GALLOWAY Faculty Advisor BOBBY L. CRUTCHFIELD The Longhorn Flying Club is organized to encourage interest in aviation, to advance the knowledge of the members in aeronautical and navigational subjects, and to bring to more people the social benefits and pleasure of flying. LONGHORN FLYING CLUB Page 359 I VINCENT R. DINING, Director, Longhorn Bands STAFF Director VINCENT R. DlNlNO Assistant Director RICHARD M. PRENSHAW Secretary LlNDA KAY CULLISON BAND COUNCIL President MICHAEL DAVID SANDGARTEN First Counselor LARRY J. KENNEDY Second Counselor BILLY JACK GARNER Third Counselor CHARLES CLAY DOYLE Fourth Counselor . . WlLLIAM LOUIS HANKS t afr r mm i Jfm. I it Top Row: Aclkinson, Adcock, Atkinson, Baker, Ii.uii-i.-r. Bell, Bell, Black, Blackwell, Bode, Burnt. Second Row: Camp, Campbell, Carpenter, Champion, Clark, Cleveland, Cockrcll, Coffee, Conner, Costlow, Cowan. Third Row: Crow, Dahlstrom, Deen, Dewcese, Dillard, Dittman, Dougherty, Doyle, Dumlaco, Edwards, Ellis. Fourth Root: Enjle, Ennij, Foreman, Forest, Frazier, Fuchs, Funk, Garner, L. Carrctt, R. Garrett, Cell. filili Row: Grrmer, Cibbs, Gladd, Glass, Goates, Goldwire, Gonzalez, Goodrich, Goslin, Crimland, Grimm. Sixth Row: Grimmer, Grosse, Guy, Hail, Hanby, Hanks. Hart. Hobbs. Hoch, Hodde. Page 360 Arland Lee Actkinson James Luther Adcock Kathryn Louise Aston Gardner Davis Atkinson, Jr. Tommy Lyle Baker Derwood Neal Banister Wilfred Chapman Bell James Henry Belt Howard Black Benjamin H. Blackwell, Jr. John Warren Bode, Jr. Allen Neal Boggs Evelyn Mildred Branning Joan Ann Brehm Charles Richard Brinkley John Clinton Burns John Thomas Camp, Jr. David Campbell George Albert Carpenter, Jr. Nancy Elaine Carrington Raul Champion Donna Lou Clark Frances Anne Cleveland Janice Ann Cockrell Carol Jane Coffee John Jefferson Comp Richard Michael Conner Lynn Edward Costlow Tommy Neal Cowan Norma Jeane Crow MEMBERS Martha Lou Cunningham Joe Frank Dahlstrom Jimmy Robert Deen Richard Earle Deweese William M. Dietz Richard Allan Dillard Clarence Ditlman Patricia Burkes Dougherty Charles Clay Doyle Hernani Dumlao Thomas Haines Edwards Charles Lyman Ellis Jerri LaVerne Enderle Richard William Engle, Jr. William Lance Ennis Alan Wayne ford Barbara Sue Foreman William Franklin Forest, Jr. Edward Paul Frazier Harvey Dale Fuchs James Funderburgh Richard Neil Funk Billy Jack Garner Larry Eugene Garrett Rogers E. Garrett, Jr. Alan Everett Cell Edna Diane Germer Gary Clinton Gibbs Nevel Thomas Gladd Thomas Glass Kenneth Earl Goates Michael Rollins Goldwire Jesus Saldana Gonzalez Gary Wayne Goodrich Doris Nell Goslin Johnny Green David D. Grimland Larry Wayland Grimm Richard Arth ' ur Grimmer Larry Walter Grosse Paul William Guy Ernest Jay Hail Grady Earl Hall Militon David Hall Walter Dana Hanby William Louis Hanks Larry Neil Harrison Bobby Don Hart Charles M. Henry, Jr. John Lee Hensley, Jr. Terry Lynn Hobbs Betty Sue Hoch Charles Erwin Hodde Nancy Lou Holcomb Mary Louise Hollingsworth Darrell Edwin Hollis Willis Dandridge Holman, II Edwin Leon Holstien Dave Howard Arthur Furman Isbell, II RICHARD M. PRE NSHAW, Assistant Director, Longhorn Bands Top Row: Holcomb, Hollingsworth, Holmaa, Holstien, Howard, Isbell, A. Janssen, M. Janssen, Joy, Keane, Kendall. Second Row: G. Kennedy, L. Kennedy, King, Kirltland, Kirksey, B. Klingman, C. Klingmau, C. Kowert, N T . Kowert, LaBaume, Lauglilin. Third Row: Lawrence, Leifeste, Leonard, Lessesne, Lindahl, Lloyd, Locke, Loftis, Lohr, Magers, Marsch. Fourth Row: Mayer, Maynard, McAfee, McCauley, McLaughlin, Melcher, Mills, Mindrup, Moncivaez, Moneyhon, Montgomery. Fifth Row: Nelson, Nietenhoefer, Osborne, Oster, Parker, Parma, Patterson, Payne, Peel, Pickthorn, Pitts. Sixth Row: Plato, Rauhut, Reaves, C. Reeb, I. Reeb, A. Reed, P. Reed, Reynolds, Richey, Rider, Rodriguez. Page 361 LONGHORN BAND BOBBY DON HART, Drum Major Laurence Calvin Jackson Amelia Mary Janssen Margaret Ann Janssen Thomas Walter Jones James David Joy Karolen Kay Keane Natalie Kendall Glenn Kennedy Larry J. Kennedy Emma Lea King Clem L. Kirkland, Jr. James Preston Kirksey Terry Kivlin Betty Lucile Kingman Charles David Klingman Barry David Knight Bruce Arthur Kowert Nancy Louise Kowert Linda Beth LaBuame Sallie Elisabeth Latham David Dudley Laughlin Edmond Howard Lawrence Terry Gilbert Leifeste Thomas Walton Leonard Cherrye Carroll Lesesne Gary Lewis Lindahl David Anderson Littlefield Kaylynn Lloyd Jack Wayne Locke Cecilia Diane Loftis John Michael Lohr Joe Magee Robert Carroll Magers Alfred Joseph Marsch Fernando Martinez Woodson Robin Matthews Larry Donald Mayer Michael Leroy Maynard William McDuffie McAfee Lloyd Ray McCauley Melvin McLaughlin Lydia Ann Melcher Nancy Mills David Philip Mindrup Robert Moncivaez Carl Moneyhon Gary Thomas Montgomery Michael Tilden Motley Evelyn Duggan Muelder Gwen Murry Mary Ann Nelson Judith Ann Nicol Betty Jean Nietenhoefer John William Norris Jane Frances Osborne Jay Joanne Oster Paul Edwin Parker William John Parma, Jr. Patricia Gayle Patterson Gene Charlesworth Payne Harry Herbert Peel David Allen Pickthorn James Charles Pitts Sharon Lee Planto Glenda Rainwater John E. Rash Stanley Eugene Rauhut Kenneth Sherman Reaves Carol Marie Reeb Irene Louise Reeb Arthur Allen Reed Pat Reed Charles Wilson Reynolds Robert Mayo Richards Darnell Richey Kent Morrison Rider Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Michael Ray Rolan Dayle Roper Ben Earl Royal Claudia Louise Sanders Michael David Sandgarten Margaret Ann Savage Virlie Kay Sayers Albert Fred Schkade, Jr. David Lawrence Schmidt Michael John Schroeder Rick Steen Schwettmann Sarah Virginia Searight John Frank Seekamp Diane Sue Shrader Roland Joe Sierra Pamela Simpson James Kendall Sims Herschel Bernard Smart! Edgar Newman Smith Edwina Carol Smith Margaret Smith, (I) Juan Salinas Solis Richard Trippe Speer Charles Edward Spivak I ana Kay Stacy Peggy Sharon Stagg Charles August Steubing, Jr. Walter Strein James Cullen Stringer Leslie Wayne Sullivan Phyllis Sue Swaim Alan Roger Tanner Joy Alice Tarpley Margaret Frances Taylor Kathy Loveta Thompson Marvin Gerald Vasterling Douglas Glenn Veazey C. Gene Voorhees Gerald Michael Walker Carol Ann Walters George Haskell Ward, Jr. Wilton Martin Warnecke , Jr. W. David Watkins Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer Simmy Tess Welch Emory Clark Whipple Tom Edward Whitaker Frank Edward Williams Ronald Paul Williford John Maxwell Wilson Sandra June Wittig Bobby Lewis Wren Glen Allen Wren Geraldine Lee Zayic TOr.JlH " IT Top Rout: Rolan, Royal, Sanders, Sandgarten, Savage, Sayert, Sehkade, Schmidt, Schroeder, Schwettmann, Searighl. Second Rote: Seekamp. Shrader, Simpson, Simi, Smartt, E. N. Smith, E. C. Smith, M. Smith, SolU, Spivak, Stacy. Third Row: Slagg, Steubing, Stringer, Sullivan, Swaim, Tanner, Tarpley, Taylor, Thompaon, Vaiterling, Veazey, Voorheea. Fourth How: Waller, Ward, Warnecke. Walking. Wehmeyer, Welch, Williford, WiUon, Witlig. B. Wren, C. Wren, Zayic. Page 362 COUNCIL ft, The band council is the governing body of the band. It is made up of a president and four elected counselors. The council has many general duties, one of which is to set up the requirements for lettering. Each counselor also has a specific duty. The fourth counselor has the responsibility of checking roll at all band rehearsals and performances. He must be elected from the preceding year ' s freshman class. The third counselor known as the " water boy " has the duty of seeing that ice water is available to all bandsmen after each half-time show at football games. The pledge class of Kappa Kappa Psi assists him in carrying out this duty. The second counselor ' s duty is to supervise bus painting when, on all out of town trips, the buses are decorated with " Longhorn Band " and " Bevo " designs. He also pro- vides all the refreshments on out of town trips. The first counselor has the tremendous job of planning and organizing the annual Band Day activities. The president, in addition to presiding over all band functions and activities, serves as treasurer and social chairman. A well organized council makes it possible for members to keep the LONGHORN BAND the Show Band of the Southwest. L _, i J VT ? MICHAEL DAVID SANDGARTEN President, Longhorn Band Sealed: Mickey Sandgarten Standing: Bill Hanks. B. J. Garner, Charles Doyle, Larry Kennedy. The famous Block T formation. Page 363 TEXAS STARS Left to Right: Betty Nietenhoefer, Kay Keane, Jeanne Welimeyer, Sallie Beth Latham, Margaret Janssen. FEATURED TWIRLERS MIMI JANSSEN CAROL and IRENE REEB P.gc 364 Front Row: Dumlao, Henry, Kennedy, Lee, Kowert, Lindahl, Grosse, Camp, Sandgarten, Hodde, Adcock. Second Row: Schwcttmann, Imparato, DaMstrom, Actkinson, Brinkley, Doyle, Wren, Hart, Fagg, Belt, Strein, Reaves. Third Row: Funk, Magee, Leifeste, Nietenhoefer, Kirksey, Grimland, Sanders, Garrett, Williams, Leonard, Gibbs, Joy. OFFICERS Fall BRUCE ARTHUR KOWERT . RONNIE HUGH LEE GARY LEWIS LINDAHL LARRY WALTER GROSSE . . . VINCENT RAIRDEN DiNmo . . . .President . .V ice-President . . . Secretary . . .Treasurer- .Faculty Sponsor- Spring . . BRUCE ARTHUR KOWERT . JAMES PRESTON KIRKSEY THOMAS WALTON LEONARD , . LARRY WALTER GROSSE VINCENT RAIRDEN DiNmo Arland Lee Actkinson James Luther Adcock Charles Clay Doyle Charles William Fagg Richard Neil Funk Billy Jack Garner Rogers Elmo Garrett Lawrence Louis Germer Thomas Westbrook Glass David Dunagan Grimland MEMBERS Larry Walter Grosse Bobby Don Hart Charles Marion Henry, Jr. Edward Thomas Imparato. Jr. Anthony Hubbard Kallus Larry Joe Kennedy Terry Joseph Kivlin Bruce Arthur Kowert Ronnie Hugh Lee Terry Gilbert Leifeste Gary Lewis Lindahl James Joseph Magee Woodson Robin Matthews Travis Charkes Meitzen, Jr. Kenneth Clarence Nietenhoefer Kenneth Sherman Reaves James Allen Sanders, Jr. Michael David Sandgarten Don Grugett Skiles Glen Allen Wren James Henry Belt Charles Richard Brinkley John Thomas Camp, Jr. Joe Frank Dahlstrom Hernani Dumlao PLEDGES Gary. Clinton Gibbs Gary Wayne Goodrich Charles Erwin Hodde James David Joy James Preston Kirksey Thomas Walton Leonard Rick Steen Schwettmann Walter Ray Strein Frank Edward Williams The purpose of Kappa Kappa Psi is to promote the existence and welfare of the band, to foster closer relationships between college bands, to honor outstanding bandsmen with mem- bership, and to provide a pleasant social experience for its members. The purpose of Tau Beta Sigma is to honor outstanding women in the band, to act as a service or- ganization to the band, and to provide a pleasant social experience for all engaged in college band work. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Historian Parliamentarian Faculty Advisor MARY LOUISE HOLLINGSWORTH NORMA JEANE CROW DORIS NELL GOSLIN WELDA LA]EAN CHAFFIN JOAN ANN BREHM SUSAN JEAN McCRONE MRS. VINCENT R. DiNmo Joan Ann Brehm Welda Lajean Chaffin Frances Anne Cleveland Norma Jeane Crow Kathryn Louise Aston Nancy Elaine Carrington Donna Lou Clark Carol Jane Coffee Jerri La Verne Enderle MEMBERS Doris Nell Goslin Mary Louise Hollingsworth Amelia Mary Janssen FALL PLEDGES Nancy Lou Holcomb Cherrye Carroll Lesesne Lydia Ann Melcher Patricia Gayle Patterson Claudia Louise Sanders Margaret Ann Savage Karolen Kay Keane Susan Jean McCrone Irene Louise Reeb Betty Jean Taub Sarah Virginia Searight Diane Sue Shrader Phyllis Sue Swaim Carol Ann Walters Simmy Tess Welch Front Row: Hollingsworth, Shrader, Clark, Holcomb, Sanders. Second Row: Cotlin, Welch, Swaim, Lcsetne, Savage. Third Row: Chaffin, Melcher, Reeb, Walters, McCrone, Coffee, Crow, Brehm, Searight. Page 366 Lutheran Student Center, 22nd and San Antonio Chapel Service r .., ' . ' ; ' - . ' V I . . Noon Discussion Group Council Meeting OFFICERS President JAMES F. BUROW Vice-President WAYNE DOUGLAS WALTHER Secretary JANET LOUISE BERG Treasurer RICHARD HARRY HASCHKE Pastor REVEREND GUSTAV KOPKA, JR. Staff Associate GWEN JOHNSON The Lutheran Student Association confronts its members with the call to discipleship. Members are encouraged to bear witness in the academic community to the Gospel as confessed by the Lutheran Church and to afford means whereby students may deepen and express their faith. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The purpose of The University of Texas Newman Club is to promote Catholic culture and fellowship in the religious, intellectual and social interest of the Catholic student on campus; and to support and maintain active membership in the National Newman Club Federation and the Newman Club South Texas Province. Fall EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Spring ROBERT JAMES HUSTON Pr esident JULIO AGUILAR First Vice-President HAROLD AYERS Second Vice-President ALICE MEREDITH FARRAR Third Vice-President ROY VALERY COMEAUX Treasurer CATHERINE REGINA GORDON Secretary JOHN DENIS HAMILTON Public Relations. CYNTHIA ADELE OVERBECK Club Hostess OLEN CLIFTON BILLINGSLEY Sergeant-at-Arms BETTY ANN SPAMPINATO Social JOHN WILLIAM GROSSE Social FRED RUBEN SOTO Religious LAURENCE RANDALL JORDAN International Students. . . WILLIAM BLAINE MILLER Intellectual. . TERRY TRIMBLE Publicity MARY LINDA STILES Athletic .... ROBERT JAMES HUSTON JULIO AGUILAR HAROLD AYERS . . ALICE MEREDITH FARRAR . . . . ROY VALERY COMEAUX CATHERINE REGINA GORDON TERRY TRIMBLE MARILYN JOHANNA FINGER . . JAMES JOSEPH TRUCHARD JOHN WILLIAM GROSSE MARGARET ELAINE WILLIAMS MARY ISABELLE NAV,AR . . . WILLIAM BLAINE MILLER . . . JOSEPH WILLIAM HAYDEL MARY LINDA STILES BARBARA ANN MATHISON URC Representative BARBARA ANN MATHISON MARY ISABELLE NAVAR Membership MARY LARK KASKIE REVEREND DAVID O ' BRIEN Chaplain REVEREND DAVID O ' BRIEN REVEREND WILLIAM MCAULIFFE Chaplain REVEREND WILLIAM MCAULIFFE Front Row: Joseph Paul Cotropia, Mary Lark Kaskie, Nancy Sharon Christian, Mary Frances Painter, Sandra Elizabeth White, Marianne Frances Raia, Lois Rita Peksr. Kathleen Mary McFadyen, Donna Gail Dougherty, Marion Catherine Muenzenberger, Loy Sherwood Dwycr, Sandra Paulette Panzarella, Helen Marie Loerwald, Catherine Regina Gordon, Eleanor Theresa Langfelo, Aliene Mary Taylor, Mildred Nona Stevens, Nancy Jeanctte Stevens, Johanna Frances Bannon, Helen Marie Macha. Stcortd Row: John Harold Ayers, James Eugene Perry, Patricia Ann Athey, Margaret Elaine Williams, Diane Cayle Horn, Patricia Ann Lednicky, Mary Linda Stiles, Shirley Ann Dinhabi, Adrienne Maria Kucera, Josephine Frances Harrod, Ceraldine Frances Hillebren ner, Winnie Loraine Betancourt, Elizabeth Anne Adams, Teresa Mae Roberto, Mary Ann Vincent, Mary Isabelle Navar, Polly Ann Coffin, Marguerite Alice Duesing. Jann Eloise Arbogust, Cynthia Adele Overbeck. Alice Meredith Farrtr, Judith Ann Malik. Cayle Louise Aicklen. Third Row: Bobby Joe Cilchrist, Mary Ann Doratik, Marcia Nancy Fife, Bonnie Jean Kaminski, Eugene Cornelius Grace, Jr., Robert James Huston, Vidal Falcon, HI, Russell Carlton Cykoski, Julio Aguilar, James Ralph Bearden, William Blaine Miller, Daniel Yanta, Fred Ruben Soto, Arthur Sylvan Hicks, Leo Alexander Andron, II, William Robert Genzer. Fourth Row: Roy Valery Comeaui, Jr., Wayne Charles Wendland, Antonio Arnoldo Cantu. James Maldon Wallace, Sidney Dwight Smith, Richard Robert Hannigan, Alberto Alvino Gonzalez, James Clements Graves, Peter Lee Maverick, John Davis Fischer, Christopher Neal Commons, Lloyd Maurice Monroe, Jr., Michael Robert McCaffrey, Eugene Paul Strum. Louis Joseph Fohn, Joseph Anthony Stcrle, Allen Craig Stansbury. Filth Row: James Robert Darnell, Jr., Julio Salgado-Caballero. George Loomis Hazzard, Joseph John Holt, Alois Bernard Pavlicek, Robert Anthony Biasiolli, Diemer Lockart Fife, Douglas Michael Freeman, David Burton Keltler, Philip Joseph Rye, Eugene Gus Dierschke. Norbert Anthony Commons. Robert Leonard Nelson, Jr., Joseph Edward White, III, Robert Scott Haraldson, James Alfred Sturm. Si Row: James Dennis Miller, John William Grosse, Sean Patrick O ' Rourke, Menlon Joseph Murray, James Frank Walter. Page 368 Front Row: Anwar A. Omar, Ibrahim M. Rebdi, Saeed Hussain Buraiky, Abdulaziz I. Rashed, Mohamed Omar A. Jazzar, Faxsal A. Anber. Second Rote: Taha Mohammed Zaghmout. Mahmoud Chafig Bakri, Azmi A. I . Abdul- Had i, Mohamed Sami Abdalla Malar, Abdel-Karim Ahmad Chemmytelle, Sobhi A. Kadi, Zuheer Sam! Niliad. Third Row: Mohamed Samih Barakat, Sami Jamil Salam, Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid, Mohamed Bassam Barazi, Mahmoud A. Badre Saad, Abdul Rahman Hamad Said, Zaki Selah Murarris. Fall OFFICERS Spring MOHAMED SAMI MATAR . . ZAHIR SAMI NIHAD . MAHMOUD LABABIDI MOHAMED SAMI MATAR President ZAHIR SAMI NIHAD V ice-President ANWAR OMAR Secretary AZMI ABDEL-HADI Mother Organization Club Officer HISHAM QUADOMI Publicity Chairman HISHAM QUADOMI Social Chairman SAMI SHAMA Sports Chairman NABIL GONDI GAIL A. RATLIFF Advisor; GAIL A. RATLIFF The Organization of Arab Students is a social and cultural organization to establish good relations between the Arab students and our fellow Americans, and to maintain a home culture among the Arab students. GREATER TEXAS CHAPTER I W1E ABA tl TMK ORGANIZATION OF ARAB STUDENTS STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student Education Association provides a local education association to acquaint prospective teachers with the importance of professional association and to develop skills in co-operative action and leadership. The SEA also promotes the establishment of high school Future Teachers of America clubs. Elizabeth Anne Adams Karen Adams Margaret Ellen Agnew Rebekah Sterling Alexander Nancy Etta Andrews Betty Sue Appenbrink Margie Appledorf Carolyn Marie Archer Amber Jean Ashmun Judi Ann Bagley Bonnie Elizabeth Baircl Jeannette Baker Mary Martha Baker Sara Bartholomew Cynthia Duval Baskette Martha Elizabeth Baits Barbara Louise Bearden Katherine Louise Becker Carol Leigh Belknap Anita Louise Bell Carolyn Kathryn Benton Marcy Margaret Besselman Susan Billups Judith Ann Blackburn Lee Ann Blair Betty Cecile Bobb Vivian Ann Bogart Ellen Jane Bone Kristin Bowen Ruth Boyce Barbara Kaye Boydstun Linda Catherine Brock Dorts Marian Brooksaler Sara J. Buchanan Penelope Burleson Sandra Lou Burnett Joan Frances Burton Karen Anne Byrd Beverly Louise Cage Judith Lee Calkins Mary Evelyn Campbell Antoinette Marie Cangelosi Ana Maria Carrera Judith Castleberry Ann E. Stephens Cate Marinel Cerwinske Frances F. Chamberlain Diane Marie Clark Eugenia Sue Clark Teresa Blythe Clark Catherine Winifred Clayton Patricia Jane Clements Carla Scarlett Cloninger Henrietta Davis Cohen Carolyn Ruth Coker Judy Murraylin Cole President Membership V ice-President Program Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor OFFICERS CAROL JANE EADS DONNA FAYE OBERPRILLER . . . MARTHA JEAN WOMACK SUZANNE SORENSON VIVIAN ANN BOGART KAREN ANNE BYRD . . . BERNICE DELL FELDER FRANKLIN PARKER MEMBERS Carol Germaine Collins Jeanne Douglas Collins Betty Catherine Comiskey Larry Gene Conner Nancy Lee Conner Nona Jean Conroy Marianne Cooper Eileen Ann Copley Adrienne Lynn Courteau Carol Marie Cowan Freda Ruth Crawford Sara Elizabeth Crow Suzan Clark Cummins Susanna Currie Penelope Jane Curtin Janet M. Dahl Carolyn Ethel Dahse Carolyn Lee Davidson Carolyn Michael Devins Kathleen Bethea Dildy Edna Carolyn Dillard Dorothy Sue Dodgen Elizabeth Marie Dollahite Janice Dougall Sue Annette Douglas Meredith Kay Downer Peggy Lynn Dry Mary Stuart Dueger Genie Decma Duke Carol Jane Eads Suzanne Eleanor Earhart Emily Ann Eaton Ann Fridel Eisenstein Toni Endicott Judy Gay Estess Edna Evans Mary Anne Ewing Mary Ann Faickney Nina Sandra Faulk Vicki Faulkner Edwina R. Ferguson Jean Ellen Ferguson Charlotte Marie Fourroux Fillis Carol Framer Carolyn Patricia Frank Barbara Ann Freeman Sandra Dennis Freeman Vicki Carole Futhey Susan Anne Gallagher Jean Marilyn Gander Frieda Gee Mayling Gee Jan K. Glithero Carolyn Jean Goldwjre Anna Cretchen Griggs Irma Leticia Guerra Mable Ann Gunn Virginia Isabelle Haase Paggy Ann Hagood Marilyn Bennett Haish Hal Hall Barbara Ruth Hamilton Mary Virginia Hamilton Barbara Jean Hancock Janis Lee Haney Patricia Du Menil Hanney William Woodson Harlow Mary Kay Harrison Marian Evis Hartman Lynn Elizabeth Harwood Susan Scharlack Hasson Charlotte Head Vernagene Ruth Hebbe Lois Roberta Heller Virginia Elaine Henry Georganne Elaine Hinds Judith Ann Hitchcock Gail Hocott Jean I. Hollingsworth Anita Louise Holt Virginia Kay Hopkins Barbara Lee Horvich Rebecca Howard Martha Lonnette Hudkins Susan Hughes Suzanne Jane Hughes Kathryn Alice Hugo Sylvia Hulsey Patricia Ruth Hulme Glenda Margaret Hunt Victoria Lee Hunter Jo Van Kurd Karen Lee Hyman Linda Nell Hyman Elizabeth Jane Izard Rirki Lynn Jackson Linda Lu Jacobsen Dorothy Jane Janecek Vanna Lee Jessen Carol Ann Johnson Judith Johnson Jack D. Jolly Carol Kay Jones Jan Jones Elizabeth Ann Junek Jo Karen Jurek Jerrilynn June Kane Dorena Miyo Kenmotsy Sharon Kennedy Martha Sue Kercheville Margaret Faye Kern Jere Ann Kitzmiller Betty Jeanelle Klutts Judith Elizabeth Koehler Rita Koplan Carolyn Rose Kowalsk! Katherine Anne Kramer Joann Yvonne Kunz E. Lynn Kuykendall I. Jeanie Laboritz Suzanne LaGrone Artie Sue Lane Mary Louise Langley Linda Jill Larson Carol Mace Lee Jerry Ann Lee Judith Arlene Lewis Edna Mae Lindsey Ann Hahn Livingston Teddy Logan Barbara Kim Lyerly Edie Lyles Terri Beth Mann Gail Ann Mannas Suzanne Mauk Beverly Ruth Maxcy Becky Maxey Marilyn May Elizabeth Gail Mayo Anne Dalton McClendon Barbara Kay McDougall Missy Mcllheran Mary Belle Melcher Rachel Cornelia Merriman Joan Miller Judy Miller Martha Evelyn Mitchell Laura Clegg Monkhouse Marilyn Jean Moore Martha Ann Moreland Gloria Christine Morgan Janice Marie Morgan Zane Ann Morgan Patsy Delia Mover Carolyn Kay Munson Edythe Jan Musick Marian Marie Musselman Patricia Louise Myers Patricia Ruth Nation Jane Anne Nelson Rebecca Alice Nelson Adeline A. Novosad Elizabeth Anne Oaks Donna Faye Oberpriller Lynne Marie Offerman Georgia Ruth Oliver Katherine Jane Oliver Betty Ruth Oyervides Kay Pahasky Charlene Palmer Janie Rea Parcus Sam David Parker Shirley Jean Parkhurst Patricia Ann Parrish Patricia Luella Peacock Gayla Gwynn Peeples Ernest Perales Patricia Ruth Ferryman Judy Peardrescher Rose Elizabeth Pharr Mary Frances Phelps Martha Marie Pittenger Margaret Eleanor Polk Alice Ann Rainey Terry Jean Real Jane Anne Real Sharon Dean Reaves Mary Ann Reed Robert Nelson Rhodes Thomas Frank Rodes Sharon Kay Richey Merla Lew Riddle Mary Eloween Riebe Pamela Roberts Virginia Kay Robertson Linda Lankford Robinson Elizabeth Susan Rockwood Pamela Sue Roden Anna Wright Rogers Marcia Rae Rogers Nancy Kay Rogers Dianne Rohde Joanne Sydney Rosenberg Mary Roshton Marcella Ruth Rowland Rosemary Russell Terrell Russell Wanda June Samuell Martha Ann Sanders Arra Louise Sawyer F, Diana Schneider Cheryl Faye Schorp Janet J. Scott Sandy Sue Shaw Joy Sorg Shelton Adrienne Elizabeth Shupee Ellen Elizabeth Sikes Ruth Marie Sillin Kathryn Lou ise Simons Ann E. Skarda Barbara Lea Smith Martina Dickson Smith Nina Jurek Smith Warrie Lynn Smith Kay Sorden Suzanne Sorcnson Pamela Dean Spencer Ann Gault Spiller Kay Jeannette Spring Francine Marie Springs Myra Elise Stein Carolyn Jay Stephenson Jane Ellis Stevens Terry Anne Steves Betty Jean Stokes Nanette E. Stokes Martha C. Strack B. Georgene Stubblefield Virgiuia Ann Teutsch Karen Ann Thompson Sara Jo Thompson Carole Edyna Tomlinson Joan Townsend Jerry Lu Traughber Mary Kay Richter Travis Pauline Travis Dorothy Karen Treybig Merry Tuggle Michal Rose Urban Janice Jane Vogel Jane R. Voight Martha Jane Wade Wilma Jean Wages Agnes Harris Walker Jeraldine Theresa Walker Edward Lee Wallace Lila Ruth Walters Diane R. Wang Mary Jane Ware Janet Louise Wark Judy Kathleen Wax Cassandra Louise Weathers Nancy Nell Weaver Kay Clyde Webb Judith Ann Weyerman Judith Whitaker Eunice Alberta Whitsel Carolyn Cudd Wilkerson Ann Wikowsky Wilks Elizabeth Anne Williams Jody Williams Lyle Wayne Williams Linda Sue Wilson Nancy L. Wilson D. Kay Windham Martha Jean Womack Elizabeth Ann Wood Donna Gail Wright Jamie Ann Wright Katherine Radford Yates Charlotte Ann Zimmerman Marianne Louise Zimmerman Front Row: Sorensoo, Eads, Jessen, Womack. Second Row: Cloninger, Bogart, Byrd. Oberpriller, Sawyer. Pige 370 IE Ems FOMACK ffissos EBffl) FODEE in i In OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer Librarian Manager Conductor . . . JAMES THOMAS CAIN . . . . JOY JOANNE OSTER . . DAVID JERRY TAYLOR STEPHEN FLOYD WEGER J. FRANK ELSASS MEMBERS xt mt ilfl FLUTES Jacqueline Kay Dunn David Fessel Jan Jopling Mary Jo Parks Sarah Jane Penn Patti Lou Rogers OBOES Alfred Joseph Marsch Michael David Sandgarten James Harlan Stanford ENGLISH HORN John Howard Morris E FLAT CLARINET Judith Clay Handley BASSOONS John Coma O ' Neill Mary Lisa Shennum BASS CLARINET Eugene Evans Rheraann B FLAT CLARINETS Anna Kingsley Brace Grace Belle Broussard Joseph Harry Castellano Frederick Dudley Freeman Glenda Frances Fuhrmann Edward William Guinn, Jr. Carol Ruth Jerichow Jose Rene Menchaca Mary Ann Nelson Joy Joanne Oster Maria del Rosario Perez Clyde James Perkins, Jr. Allen W. Thrower James Southerland Upton, Jr. John Maxwell Wilson ALTO SAXOPHONES Newton Aylmer Hightower Bobby Lewis Wren TENOR SAXOPHONE Arland Lee Actkinson FRENCH HORNS Terry Lee Orr Grover Allen Pitman Robert Mitchell Renz Dayle M. Roper Lana Kay Stacy David Jerry Taylor TRUMPETS AND CORNETS James Thomas Cain Carroll Gwynn Cantrell Gordon Richard Goodwin William Louis Hanks James Dale Lovell Raul Sosa Ornelas Robert John Summers Stephen Floyd Weger TROMBONES Donald Edward Carton George Albert Carpenter, Jr. Juan Francisco Fraustro Carlos Cavazos Garcia Robert C. Tull Douglas Glenn Veazey BARITONES Elon Ferris Arnold James Elton Arnold Glen Allen Wren TUBAS Richard Allan Dillard John Joseph Lopes, Jr. Amado Rodriguez, Jr. PERCUSSION Richard Doyle Horton Kenneth Mark Jeanis George Wayne Karacostas Glenda J. Rainwater Gerald Michael Walker John Robert Wheat The Symphonic Band was organized in 1942. Under the direction of J. Frank Elsass, the band has grown to approximately 90 members. Its style obtains a rich sound while keeping its character of finesse and musicianship. Many concerts are given each year both locally and throughout the state. The band also participates in the Annual Symposium of Contemporary Musicians. TEJAS CLUB Texas Club exists for the purpose of promoting fellowship and high scholarship among its members and to encourage loyalty, leadership and service to The University of Texas. Tejas Club was formed on this basis in September, 1925; membership is extended by unanimous vote of the Club, and any male student at the University is eligible for consideration for member- ship. FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS WILLIAM M. BRENNER, Teaching Assistant in Physical Training or Men THOMAS MARLEY CAMFIELD, Teaching Assistant in History EUGENE BRITT DOUGHTIE, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology WILLIAM CHARLES DUESTERHOEFT, JR., Professor of Electrical Engineering BYRON FRANKLIN FULLERTON, Assistant Dean, School of Law JACK HOLLAND, Director, University Personnel Office ALBERT PEARSON JONES, Professor of Law W. PAGE KEETON, Dean, School of Law C. C. NOLEN, Assistant Director, University Development Board MICHAEL DEAN REIFEL, Research Engineer, Structural Mechanics Research Laboratory CHARLES IRWIN RICKEY, Teaching Assistant in Economics OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN BROOKS BRADLEY, JR Xinesi JOHN BROOKS BRADLEY, JR. TRAVIS CHARLES MEITZEN. JR V ice-President GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH GLENN BURKE MUSGROVE Secretary. CHARLES CLAY DOYLE LARRY JOE KENNEDY Business Manager LARRY JOE KENNEDY CHARLES CLAY DOYLE Trails of Tejas Editor. DAVID LEE SHULL MRS. MABEL BOLES . . .Housemother . . MRS. MABEL BOLES Eddie Allen Henry Howard Baade John Brooks Bradley, Jr. Max Brown, Jr. George Pardue Bunch Chester Mark Cedars Mark Munday Cleaves Paschel Lee Church Douglas Leigh Cone John Rowland Cook Joe Hurley Cunningham Thomas Braden Daly Charles Clay Doyle Richard Walker Dugan David French Durham Ronald Dale Earle William Frank Ermel Lawrence Louis Genner Julius Glickman Tom Will Gregg David Dunagan Grimland Herbert William Henry Anthony Charles Jung Larry Joe Kennedy MEMBERS James Everett Key Bruce Arthur Kowert Dan D. Kubin Thomas Walton Leonard Gregory Owen Lipscomb Larry Douglas Long John Daniel Marburger Travis Charles Meitzen, Jr. John David Menke Jack Hamilton Morris Glenn Burke Musgrove Kenneth C. Nietenhoefer Larry Ewing Phillips Eugene Reeder James Allen Sanders Michael David Sandgarten James Shelby Sharpe David Lee Shull Wayne Maxwell Shull Roy Taylor Stockman Richard John Van Steenkiste William Harold Vogt Jerry Wayne Whitten Perry Dwayne Whitten Top Row: Allen, Baade, Boles, Bradley, Bunch, Cedars, Cone, Cunningham, Daly. Second Row: Doyle, Dugan, Earle, Gllckman, Grimland, Germer, Henry, Jung, Kubin. Third Row: Key, Kennedy, Lipacomb, Long, Marburger, Mutzer, Menke, Morris, Muigrove, Nietenhoefer. fourth Row: Phillips, Sanders, Sandgarten, D. Shull, W. Shull, Stockman, Van Sleenkiste. Voft. J. Whitten. P. Whitten. Page 372 ACTIVE CLUBS (Not represented in this section) Amateur Radio Society Americans for Democratic Action American Finance Association American Meteorological Society Association for Childhood Education American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Association of Study and Investigation Parapsychology Athenaeum Society Campus Crusade for Christ Canterbury Association Club de Mexico Commercial Arts Student Association Co-Operative Blind Students ' Association Curtain Club Derrick Club Newman Club ground breaking is typical of the growth and expansion among campus religious groups. The Longhorn Band, after a tictorious game, prepares to serenade the team. Deseret Club Eulenspiegelverein Graduate Group Hellenic Circle Hillel Foundation, B ' nai B ' rith Home Economics Club Inter-Club Council International Folk Dance Club Law Bachelor ' s Clubbe Library School Student Organization Longhorn Christian Fellowship Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association New Frontier Club Physical Education Majors Representative Party Page 373 1963 Power Show attracts all ages . . . and all types of engi- neering displays, as the archi- _ tectural engineering design above. Organizations, like Tejas, are repre- sented in intramurals. ACTIVE CLUBS (Continued) Russian Conversation Club Social Welfare Club Society for the Advancement of Management Southwestern Rocket Society Student Art Club Student Association Graduate School Social Work Student Peace Union Texas Association of German Students Texas Association for Community Planning, Research and Education Texas Club Unitarian Club United Student Fellowship University Chess Club University Club University Czech Club University Party University Religious Council University Socialist Club University Speleological Society- University of Texas Archeological Society University of Texas Fraternal Council University of Texas Geological Society University of Texas Gymnastic Club University of Texas Parachute Club University of Texas Society for Abolition of Capital Punishment University of Texas Young Americans for Freedom University of Texas Young Democrats University of Texas Young Republicans Wesley Foundation Westminster Student Fellowship The Men ' s Glee Club entertains in the Academic Center patio with an impromptu concert. II 4 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE The Army ROTC exists to develop officers for the United States Army, to provide a corps of well-educated, well-rounded leaders for an Army that would need to expand with lightning speed in a national emergency. With this in mind, develop the qualities of Today, the dents by The Department o sity in 1947, OT the U.S. Armv rfM has been designed to Allege trained men. offered to 155.000 stu- erica. at the Univer- officers for COLONEL HERBERT EVANS BROWN Professor of Military Science A wise and prudent man shuns waft j SS rSi lhat armed conflict may cnnie j fla mq l " M7mprjiationa[ incident. This same thoughtful man prepares himself to meet the challenges of our modern day living, to become a better citizen and to face this kind of emergency through the ROTC " on campus " part of his college education. The Army ROTC gives a student a broad understanding of the functioning and problems of our national government, a knowledge of our nation ' s defenses. Upon graduation the Military Science graduate is better equipped to step forth into the world and take his rightful place among the leaders of his community. STAFF Front Row: Captain Horace Richard Jordan, Lieutenant Colonel Roger Joseph Lilly, Colonel Herbert Evans Brown, Colonel Robert Lee Huf faker. Lieutenant Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore, Captain George Donald Young. Second Row: Shirley Jean Hayden, Staff Sergeant Ernest William Harrison, Staff Sergeant Duncan Coffield Perkins, Staff Sergeant Thomas Farrow Kiger, Staff Sergeant William Reese Helm, Mary Power Freund. Third Row: Captain Robert Conrad Hock, Sergeant Jack Wildan Porter, Master Sergeant Jack Bryan Dickeraon, Sergeant First Claw Wayne Ray Lovett. Staff Ser- geant Harold Brogdon. Page 376 GROUP STAFF Left to Right: Hermes Edward Payne, John Harvey Hudspeth, Dan Nobles Gard- ner, David Arnold Pullen, Robert John Whiting, Julius L. Germane, John Fredrick Gray. DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS Front Roto: Harold Kent Hemingson, George J. Nachman, Robert Michael Warner, Adolph George Hajosky. Second Row: Claude Edward Hempel, Michael Vance Killough, Robert John Whiting, Byron David Kingrea. Third Row: David Wesley Garner, Gerald Anthony Semrod. Page 377 ENGINEERING The mission of the Engineer Corps is to iftffSaleMJ combat effetlWehfgJlflf the perform combat missions when required. BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: Carroll Stone Kirkpatrick, Michael Vance Killough, Betty J. Brandrett, Harold Kent Hemingson Larry Albert Diggers, Clifford L. Thomson, Neil Radell Latimer. General Lang visits U.T. campus. Cadet Louis Page demonstrates the silent kill using wire garrote. Cadets receive instructions in field fortifications. Pile 378 k QUARTERMASTER The Quartermaster Corps provides the individual ith the food he troleum d other equip- ' S for success in BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: John Nelson Ford, Collett B. Dilworlh, Frank Fitch Henderson, Gerhard Fritz Gruschkus, Diana Lou Schuy, Randolph G. Berry, Davy Dean Ling. Proper lift and carry method is demonstrated through expert advice. Cadets, during physical training exercise at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Page 379 TRANSPORTATION The Transportation Corps is responsible for the movement of people and materials lion aircraft jro|j|jg|ilrdMy, and trucks ice under any conditions of weather and terrain anywhere in the world. BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: Robert Michael Warner, Mary Claire Koeppe, Laurens Allen Hall, Byron David Kingrea, Wil- liam Crocker St. Claire, Adolph George Hajosky, William Dudley Eason, Jr. The Army R.O.T.C. Best Company drills at Whitaker Field. Cadet David Kingrea receives lessons in artificial respiration. Cadet Larry Hall deploys his squad for an attack on Squad Problem test. Page 380 Rife BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: John Wilfred Ellerbe, Clay Perry Drummond, Prudence Drew Mahatfey, Dan S. Smith, Nickie Lee Laird, Egon Richard Tausch, David Wesley Garner, Sterling Clinton Burke, Thomas M. Ryger. Outstanding Cadets receive awards at presentation ceremonies. ic con- MILITARY POLICE The officers and soldiers who wear the cross pistols have a great responsibility. The Military-, Police are charged vith the enforcemer trol, Uk i installations and conf ine e t fa- cilities. A summary of the duties of the branch is aptly put in their motto, " Serv- ice to the Command. " er o vice c Cadet Dan Smith briefs his platoon leaders on the field exercise. Cadets also receive training in firing the M-l rifle. Page 381 I RANGER COMPANY Front Roto: Robert Alexander Booker. Second Row: Alvin White, Jr., Roger Neal Kahle, Donald Howard Fortune, George S. Nalle, Keith Allen Maxie, James Graham Lawrence. Third Row: Michael Vance Killough, Charles B. Branch, James Danny Coffman, Robert Ralph Sonnen, Darryl Pau Greenwood, Allan Keith DuBoia. Fourth Row: Wendell Carl Baker, Rodger Lee Slaha, Dillon Heierman McDaniel, Robert Earl Parks. COLOR GUARD RIFLE TEAM I ' ll to Right: Edwin Darn, Ronald Waynr I.aiirki, Robert Eaiton Dahlberg, Charlet B. Branch. .Voi Pictured: Herbert H. Frair, III. Front Row: Manuel Ernest Gonzalez, Kathy Jean Ferguson, Jack Kenneth Dahlberg, Jr. Second Row: Philip Robb Winiborough, Robert Louia Herndon, Jack Bryan Dickenon, Tho Lee Wharton. Fredrick Arthur Stiles. Page 382 CORDETTES OFFICERS Fall SUSAN KEY POUND Commander Spring . TYRA ANN Cox JUDY KATHLEEN WAX . Executive Officer. SARAH FRANCES BURCHAM BECKY DAVIS Adjutant KAY SEALY ELIZABETH RUSE GREENFIELD . . Comptroller. . . MARY ELLEN SHIELDS LYNDA ALLINE Information LYNDA ALLINE Operations CHARLOTTE KROLL COLONEL LOWELL GIDEON MOORE . . COLONEL LOWELL GIDEON MOORE Cadre Advisor BYRON DAVID KINGREA . . Cadet Advisors . . ROBERT Louis HERNDON DAVID ARNOLD PULLEN SPONSORS Front Raw: CYNTHIA JEAN PIERCE, Society of American Military Engineer,; SUSAN KEY POUND, Group Sponsor; DIANA LOU SCHUY, Quartermaster; BETTY J. BRUNDRETT, Engineers. Second Row: PHILLIS JOHNSON, Rangers; TYRA ANN COX, Prae- torian Guard; PRUDENCE DREW MAHAFFEY, Military Police; MARY CLAIRE KOEPPE, Transportation. I, MEMBERS First Row: Becky Davis, Lynn Cunningham, Tyra Ann Cox, Carol Key Hendrix, Mary Ellen Shields. Second Row: Susan Key Pound, Genie Brackenridge, Lynda Alline. Third Row; Frances Preston, Theo Nancy Wilkes, Sally Sturgig, Charlotte Kroll. Fourth Row: Mary Claire Koeppe, Cynthia Jean Pierce, Mildred Ann Welhausen, Betty J. Brundrett. Fifth Row: Sue Colgin Howell, Judy Kathleen Wax, Prudence Mahaffey. Sixth Row: Phillis Johnson, Marian Lanier Dement, Ann L. Whiting, Sara Frances Burcham. OFFICERS Front Row: Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore, Tyra Ann Cox. Second Row: Mary Ellen Shielda, Sarah Frances Burcham, Kay Sealy. Third Row: Lynda Alline, Charlotte Kroll. Fourth Row: Susan Key Pound, Judy Kathleen Wax, Becky Davis. Fifth Row: David Arnold Pullen, Byron David Kingrea, Robert Louis Herodon. Page 383 DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE STAFF .: : Front Row: Eva V. Farley, Colonel Max Huel LaGrone, Muriel H. Plasky. Second Row: Major Alexander Salvaltore Ruggiero, Chief Joseph Leo Alfred LaCharite, Lieutenant Robert Eugene Knachel, Commander Frederic L. Bays. Third Row: Chief Willard D. Gober, Chief Robert Glenwood Smith, Sergeant William Cavanagh Rose, Lieutenant John Blount Mayo, Lieutenant Commander Eugene Albert Vanderbeck. The University of Texas is one of 53 Universities having Naval ROTC Units on campus. Since September, 1940, thousands of students have received commissions as Ensigns, United States Navy, or Second Lieutenants, United States Marine Corps. The NROTC Unit is composed of two types of students. Regular Midshipmen are selected on the basis of nationwide competitive examination and interview for entry into the Regul for the Navy and Marine Corps. Contract Midshipmen ' of local examination and interview for entry into the c officers for the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve. Midshipmen receive valuable training during the su book knowledge is supplemented with practical seamanship now ' led: designed primarily to procure career type officers ; ofessor of Naval Science at the University on a basis !ch is designed primarily to procure Reserve Type :hey embark on cruises of 6-8 weeks ' duration. Text- e gained on Naval Air Stations, Marine Corps Bases, Destroyers, Submarines, Carriers, and Cruisers located from San Diego, California, to Sasebo, Japan. SENIORS Front Row: Martin Joseph Cross, Robert N. Tracy, David Garner Wilbourne. Second Row: Henry Philip Schaefer, Richard Bennett Zey, John Allen TreadwHI. Page -IKI FALL MIDSHIPMAN STAFF SPRING Front Row: William Lynn Docekal, John Michael Mason, David Garner Wilbourne, Richard Bennett Zey, Gary William Schoen. Second Row; John Thomas Montford, David Clarence Neubauer, Martin Joseph Cross, Donald Douglas Diirflinger, Robert Louis Gartner, Robert Nottingham Tracy. Front Row: John Michael Mason, James Lewis Fulwiler, Howard Harvey Hamilton, Thomas Max Mickelsen, Donald Anthony Tortorice, Kenneth James Moore. Second Row: Gerald Conrad Lund, Henry Amos Harper, Herschel Marvin Timmons, Jr., Joel Stanley Seffel, Franklin Lafayette King, Jerry Mac Dunagan, Sam Recompense Stan- bery, John Marshall Jarratt, Scott Charles Follett, Wayne Earl Miers, Jack Vernon Strickland. ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE TEAMS Left to Right: Luis A. De La Garza, David James Spence, George Herman Blume, II, Robert N. Ray, Edward Polasek, Jr., Douglas Alan Johnson, Raymond Arthur Starrett, Lash Devous Hansborough, Richard Stuart Barr, Wayne Earl Miers, Jack Vernon Strickland, Willard D. Gober, Chief Fire Control Technician. Lett to Right: Michael Wesley Andrews, Barry Alan Applewhite, Luther Richard Blayney, Jr., Joel Gartman Saegert, Douglas Alan Oldfield, Allie Jack Ralston, James Steve Ryder, Titus Severn Sigler, Jesse Luke Thomp- son, Frank Howard Weston, Thomas M. Mickelsen, John Timothy Engstrom, John Robert Ayers, Roland Jon Armstrong. Left to Right: Jerry Edmond Chiles, Samuel Hall EvanH, John R. Justice, Jr., Robert Cipriano, Robert Lafayette Adair, III, Franklin Lafayette King, James Robert Latham, James Thomas Watts, William Leo Moll. Page 385 BUCCANEERS Front Rote: Michael L. Waldron, Forrest Richard McFall, Jerome Lee Powell, Michael Thomas English, George Purnell Birdsong, III, James Stephen Quinn, John Thomas Hilton, Jr., Robert Louis Gartner. Second Row: Richard Smith Arnold, Tom Cahill Robertson, Jr., Donald Edward Emerson, Jr., Pete Scott Hamilton, Russell Carlton Cykoski, Gerald Warren Spinks, Steve Anthony McPhail, John Daniel Hogden, Jr. Third Row: Wiley George Woolsey, Gary Wayne Miller, Philip Franklin Adams, Jr., John Allen Santoro, Michael James Clark, Michael Robert McCaffrey, Durwood Ferris Bottoms, Samuel Lorraine English. Fourth Row: Harold Neil Brown, Philip Lawrence Eiserloh, Paul Durward Parker, II, Walter Rogers Smith, William Lance Hardaway, Henry Warren Leopold Richard Henry Mason, Randall Hempling, Sam R. Stanbery. Fifth Rote: Richard Earl Wauson, Jr., Lloyd Eugene Jordan, Pat Bernard Brady, Jerry Cecil Jordan, Carl Justus Hehmsoth, Jr. ALPHA COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Duane Martin Starr, Russell Clayton York, Stephen Lee Jones, Robert Joe Davis, George Cleo Steinke, Robert Lee Hancock, Andres Ramos, Jr., Wayne Allen Carmack, Kenneth Edward Davis, Jr., Alan Keith Johnson. Second Row: Jack Howard Goodwin, III, William Floyd Beardsley, Richard Martin Reass, Timothy Joseph Large, Weston McQueen Binford, Andrew Jess Watson, James Dennis Fahrenthold, Lee George Litzler, Cecil Glenn Foster, Jr. Third Row: Roy Lee Crum, Warren Neilson Lipscomb, Jr., Keith Mac Arthur Baker, Kenneth Louis Routh, Eldon Stephen Wilson, Darrell Anthony Beschen, Jr., Timothy Wain Baker, Nels Clinton Youngstrom, Jr., Dennis Arley Peterson. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Timothy Drake Moore, Douglas Campbell Postle, Dale Robert Hayden, Michael William Habee, Glenn Edwin Staals, Frank Richard Cessner, III, Alford Marshall Stewart, Park l.ylr Heeler, Robert Gerald Ballard. Second Row: Douglas MIC Arthur Simmons, James Arthur Spinks, III, Charles Kent Bowen, James Noel Higdon, Samuel Renken Lyle, Jr., Michael Keaney Sulherlin, Sammy Michael Gilmore, John Keith Mansfield, Larry Allen McCoy. Third Rote: Jamrs William Dodson, Roger Lee Wharton, James Richard Reinauer, Kenneth Charles Godslialk, Jr., Arnold Ott, Hugh Bennett Ruckman, III, Charles Clinton Neal, James Arthur Ryan, Dale Robin Miller. Gerald Dale Hilbert. Page 386 BRAVO COMPANY SECOND PLATOON From Koto: Gerald C. Lund, John Davis Fischer, Michael McFarland Johnson, William Kurtz Perry, Richard Milton Smith, Jr., Edward Francis Page, Jr., Frank Thomas Coleman, Robert Leland Hattan, Raymond Chauncey Tolerton, III, Churchill Wiley Jones, John Douglas Raper. Second Row: Henry Amos Harper, Jr., Robert Wade Kniseley, Richard Dale Wagner, Edwin Ross Conyers, Charles Hardin Pollard, Jr., Milton Albert Tschoepe, Jr., John Robert Holcomb, Wylie Paul Watts, Jr., Grafton William Stull, Jr. Third Row: Charles Thomas Key, Raymond Albert Long, Alan Chapman Webb, John Roger Cooke, Justus Verner Price, Jr., John Edward Jolly, Richard James Glaser, Scott Charles Follelt, Larry Joe Billa. SWEETHEART NROTC SPONSORS i WENDY KELLOGG Left to Right: Margaret Lynn Robinson, Mary Ann Wycoff, Sharon Duecker, Margery Kengla, Carol Linda Holzapfel, Sharon Colleen King. Page 387 DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE STAFF LIEUTENANT COLONEL GEORGE WILLIAM PORTER Professor of Air Science Front Row: Staff Sergeant Bernard C. Knippel, Mrs. Ollie B. Arena, Mitt Nancy Jo Tiemann, Captain William T. Adams. Second Row: Major John Francis Kelly. Third Row: Technical Sergeant Harry E. Wachsmann, Staff Sergeant Billy Ray Tucker, Staff Sergeant Robert Donald Stephenson. The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps Program was established at The University of Texas in July. 1947. This program, offered by the Department of Air Science, is designed to select and prepare University students to serve their country as Commissioned Officers in the Air Force. Air Science cadets are given excellent training in leadership and Air Science. Attendance of a Summer Training Unit enables them to experience living and learning on an Air Force Base. When called to active duty, AFROTC graduates become pilots, navigators, or technicians in their specialized field of study. GROUP STAFF Front Row: Daniel Vincent Flatten. Second Rate: Bary Ben Hutiell, Charles Phillip Pclcrion, Glen Porter Don, Felix Waymon Fcrrcll, Michael Frank Trahan, Robert Dalton Baiietli. 77m, Kow: Michael Allen Chilclcri, Thomas R. Heard, Herichel Edgar Hanien, Frank M. Sallee, II, Gerald Britton Parnell, Larry Fraiier Laughrun. Fourth Row: Edward Thomas Imparato, Jr., Monard Lamar Kinman, Jr., Robert Leon Tucci, Rogers E. Garrelt, Jr., John Henry Ciasik. Page 388 AIR FORCE ORANGE WINGS R.O.T.C Front Row: David W. Seals, Charles Neil Bunce, Robert Charles Cole. Second Row: Michael B. McShane, Sylvester Grant Vaughns, Jerry Otho Cochran, James Rawls Williams, William Newton Bellamy, Louis Arthur Hembree, Jr., John C. Soncrant, Third Row: Donald pierce Wilcoi, Alfred Clyde Loya, Carlos Arturo de la Garza, James Randolph Parker, James Luther Dunn, Jr., Lewis T. Rise, Clarence Michael Anderson. Fourth Row: Curtis Linwood Junge, Larry Charles Wolfe, Charles Britton Dick, Ollie Baldwin Harris, Wayne Charles Wendland, Joseph William Haydel, Roger William Page, Jr., Mike Thomas Shofner. Fifth Row: Virgil Lee Swartz, James Robert Watkins, Jr., French Lafayette Stone, Dick Thorp Jordan, Jr., Robert Dale Manes, Mark Allen Fry, Miguel Berumen, III. Sixth Row: Allan Andrew Cole, Hilmer W. S. Swenson, Jr., Richard Conrad Swanson. R.O.T.C. BAND Front Row: Melvin Charles Landers, Nolan Charles Voig SQUADRON ONE Front Row: Charles Burnett Wood, Estel Gene Gifford, Randy Roy Shope, Donald Lee Moore. Second Row; Kenneth Ray Callaway, Chester Waldem Beyer, Joseph Scott Ellis, Jack Owen Breskin, James Joseph Alford, John Howard Gullette, Jerry Lynn Turner, Roger Edward Merschbrock, James Patrick Smith, John Kenneth Kirby, Robert Hamilton Cuyler, Jr. Third Row; Paul Joseph Giddens, Craig Dwight Brestrup, Ralph Leon Clinard, Jr., Edward Oscar Fuller, James Pate Shearer, Kenneth Elmer Eickmann, Harold Knipp Reddick, Jr., Robert Burns Dunkin. Fourth Row: Ben Rogers Blair, Jr., Richard Paul Klein, Alan Richard Holman, William C. Cobb, James Leland Webb, Nicholas B. Wilson, Lon F. Nield. Page 389 AIR FORCE SQUADRON TWO R.O.T.C. Front Row: Brian Peyton Hanson, Ben Neilon, Jr., Michael Lee Young, William Bryan Beauchamp. S ' Z " i d w " , PaUl D u " ,, ? e hn " " ' . Gre e r y Gerard Choban, Robert Terry Pribble, Larry Don Kirkpatrick, Eugene Pisarski, James David Mitchell, William Fredrick Miller, III, Robert W. Earley, Robert Earl Cherry, Tyrone L. Lewis. Third Row: Robert E. Ramee, Jr., Leo Lane Huckabay, Chris Edwin Johnson, Robert Elton Allison, Jr., Gary Lloyd Moore, Ruben E. Trevino, Sherman Ferguson Jr Robert Edward Kelly Fourth Row: Charles Victor Manes, Patrick Cahill Long, Joe Douglas Hirsh, Marvin Campbell Lewis, Thomas S. Williams, Thomas Mike Cogburn, Kenneth Travis Summers, Michael 1 Smith. . Jr. Lynn SQUADRON THREE Front Row: Bobby Lynn Braun, George Arnold Michulka, Ronald Ellis Martin, Marshal Roy Wilke, Robert Jack Robinson. Second Row: Russell Lynn DaMetz, Louis McClellan Ayers, Jr., John H. Economidy, James Emmett Damron, Robert Harold Maginel, Richard Lee Wilkison, Brian Lewis Riley, Connor H. Ludwig, Joe Allen Rice, Darrell Gail Welch, Jr. Third Row: Joseph S. Barrett, Jr., Frank Beverly Brown, Jr., Jerry Dale Sanders, Joe Pat Wicker, Maurice Edwin Moore, Jr., Albert Allen Kennedy, Jr., David Ray Virden, Fred Allen Vesperman. Fourth Roto: Robert Harrison Fowler, II, Henry Alton Gray, William Robert Ricks, Philip R. Swire, William Glen Brown. SQUADRON FOUR Front Row: Ronyce Cole Longwood, Charles Richard Reeder, James Grover McMains, John D. Fulton, Jr. Second Row: Joseph Wallace Croft, Jr., John W. Ford, Peter Malcolm Culley, Richard Allen Mallard, Gary James Harlofl, Robert Dale Jones, Philip M. Guzman, Stanley Alton Shw, John Haynes Olt, Charles Robert Meyer, Jr., Joe Melvin Payne. Third Row: Donald Buford Eaves, Thomas Lloyd Gauldin, Joseph Edward White, III, John Charles Eakins, Pasquale Gregory Falbo, William Roy Kirkpatrick, Robert Wade Smith, Ronald Gene Tharpe, James William Evani, III. Fourth Row: Glean Andrew Weltch, James Walker Carter, Andy Lee Ambrosia, Paul Lane Murphy, William Theodore Fandel, Gerald Rutsell Flatten, James H. Jackson. Jr. Pace 390 ANGEL FLIGHT Left to Right: Janis Ann Berly, Karen Lee Hyman, Liz Kendall, Suzanne Sorensoo, Kay Carlton Solomon, George William Pijrtor, Susan Fowler, Mary Pat Spence, Patricia Annette Bogart. OFFICERS Commander KAY CARLTON SOLOMON Executive Officer SUZANNE SORENSON Operations Officer KAREN LEE HYMAN Administrative Service Officer Liz KENDALL, NANCY HALE Comptroller JANIS ANN BERLY Informations Officer MARY PAT SPENCE Historian SUSAN FOWLER Liaison Officer PATRICIA ANNETTE BOGART Faculty Advisor . . LIEUTENANT COLONEL GEORGE WILLIAM PORTER mlfe. ACTIVES Front Row: Muff Singer, Nancy Hale. Second Row: Karen Lee Hyman, Mary Lee Freeman, Jo Ann Marie Walter. Third Row: Suzanne Sorenson, Jerry Ann Lee, Helen Elizabeth Houston. Fourth Row: Patricia Annette Bogart, Susan Fowler, Janis Ann Berly. Fifth Row: Mary Pat SpeDce, Kay Carlton Solomon, Liz Kendall. PLEDGES Front Row: Barbara Anne Peel, Mary Ann Gleason, Carolyn Josey. Second Rote: Alexis Joan Brown, Claire Delano Poch, Jessica Royece Darling, Carolyn Di- ane Koontz. Third Row: Marion Diann Holbrook, Betty Lou Butler, Patsy Lee McCafferty, Peggy Lou McCafferty. Page 391 THE ATHLETIC LIFE National Champions, The University of Texas Football Team Edited by Bill Crook and Susan McGinness ' . .. ' . . - ,-,-. ..;-. . . - " T A H D L M E I T N I I Left to Right: DARRELL K. ROYAL, Athletic Director; EDWIN WERNER OLLE, Assistant Athletic Director. ATHLETIC COUNCIL R A T I O N Front Row: STUART P. WRIGHT, Major General, U. S. A. F., Retired; MYRON L. BEGEMAN, Professor, of Mechanical Engineering, Chairman; R. COM- MEL ROESSNER, Professor of Architecture; WALLACE SCOTT, JR., Austin Attorney. Back Row :]. NEILS THOMPSON, Professor of Civil Engineering; JOHN B. HOLMES, Ex-Students ' Representative; WILLIAM T. GUY, JR., Professor of Mathematics: JOHN MOREHEAD, Students ' Association Representative. Not pictured: JOE B. FRANTZ, Professor of History. Ptge 394 nHHHI Left to Right: ALBERT HARRIS LUNDSTEDT, Assistant Business Manager; EDWIN WERNER OLLE, Business Manager; ALFRED R. ROCHS, Assistant Business Manager. Left to Right: BLANCHE RHODES, Administrative Secretary; RUTH ESTELLE GOLD, Executive Assistant; DOROTHY IMOGENE KEYS, Senior Secretary. LAN LEMUEL HEWLETT, Counselor, Intercollegiate Athletics, with three Texas Longhorns who were selected on the All-Sou thwest Conference Academic football team. David McWilliams, Duke Carlisle, and Charles Talbert had better than " B " averages. MRS. J. M. GRIFFITH, Food Service Supervisor. Left to Right: JONES RAMSEY, Sports News Director, ORLAND L. SIMS, Assistant Sports News Director. DR. STANLEY W. CASNER, Team Physician (second from right). p " Be M5 1963-64 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The 1963-64 Varsity Cheerleaders are Front Row. Kay Bailey, Junior Political Science Major from LaMarque; Wendy Kellogg, Sophomore Home Economics major from Cleburne; Phillis Johnson, Sophomore Plan II major from Galveston; Charlotte Chapman, Freshman Biology major from Liberty. Back Row. David Northington, Sophomore Unde- termined major from Austin; Jay Brim, Freshman Pre-Law major from Sulphur Springs; Barry Harrell, Sophomore, Pre-Med major from Houston; Ronny Mahoney, Sophomore Business major from Dallas. DAVID NORTHINGTON, Head Cheerleader 396 - - NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Texas 21 Texas 49 .... Texas 34 _. Texas 28 ... Texas 17 . Texas 10 -... Texas 17 Texas 7 Texas 17 Texas 15 Texas 28 .. Tulane Texas Tech 7 ... Oklahoma State 7 Oklahoma 7 Arkansas 13 ... Rice 6 _ SMU 12 Baylor .. TCU A M 13 Navy 6 1963 FOOTBALL fcM UTS COACHES Front ROIV: Darrell Royal, Head Football Coach; Russell Coffee, Offensive Coach ; Pat Culpepper, Freshman Coach ; Bill Ellington, Offensive Backfield Coach; Mike Campbell, End Coach. Back Row. Jim Pittman, Offensive Line Coach; Bob Schulze, Freshman Coach; Art Davis, Defensive Backfield Coach and Charley Shira, Defensive Line Specialist. THE MAKING OF A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON SUMMARY In the 1961 and 1962 seasons the key word for the year was almost. Both years were almost perfect but were marred by a loss to T.C.U. in 1961 and a tie by Rice in 1962 in the regular season play. But in 1963. the key word was perfect. Ten wins, no defeats, another Southwest Conference Championship, and finally a National Championship. The 1963 Longhorn team had all the ingredients for a perfect year, leadership, teamwork, depth, and an extensive series of plays. Team leadership was provided by all the seniors, particularly the tri-captains, Scott Appleton, David McWilliams, and Tommy Ford and also a great coaching staff. Teamwork was an obvious asset of the Longhorns. Tackle Appleton and tailback Ford were selected as All- Americans but they were also great team men. The entire Texas offensive line was often praised as the best in the Conference and the defensive line was unequaled in its pursuit and second efforts. The tremendous depth of the team was revealed when key players were injured. When Ernie Koy was injured, Harold Philipp took over the fullback duties and Kim Gaynor the kicking chores. Tommy Stockton was a capable fullback when Philipp was injured and Tommy Wade could take over Duke Carlisle ' s quarterback duties when he was needed. The Texas offense consisted mainly of ground plays but the Longhorns could pass when the occasion presented itself, as it did in the A M and Navy games. The defense could hold the opponent to low scores while the Texas offense provided the necessary points for a win. If the offense became stalled on the way, Tony Crosby, the field goal expert, was often good for three points. One of the Longhorn ' s greatest assets was the coaching staff, led by the nation ' s Coach of the Year, Darrell Royal. His seven Conference victories this year gave him a total of thirty-six Conference victories, exceeding the previous record of thirty-five set by D. X. Bible in his nine years as head coach. In addition to giving the Longhorns their fourth Conference Championship in five years, the 1963 season marked the first perfect record for the ' Horns since 1920. I FOOTBALL TRI-CAPTAINS: Center David McWilliams, Tailback Tommy Ford, and Tackle Scott Appleton. Darrell Royal was selected FWAA Coach of the Year, Texas Senior College Coach of the Year, and Southwesterner of the Year. The Board of Regents appointed Coach Royal to a full professorship. The tenure was granted in connection with his directorship of athletics, his success in administration and his general representation of the Uni- versity. DARRELL ROYAL, Head Football Coach Appleton shows what makes him an All-American by the continual hard rush he put on Don Trull of Baylor. Scott Appleton accepts the Houston Post ' s Outstanding Lineman plaque from Clark Nealon. GORDON SCOTT APPLETON Unanimous All-American honors belong to Scott Ap- pleton, senior tackle and Texas tri-captain, who also was honored by the Outland Award as the nation ' s out- standing lineman, and was named to the All-Southwest Conference team. Scott earned the Houston Post ' s dis- tinction as the Most Outstanding Southwest Conference Lineman, and his teammates chose him recipient of the D. Harold Byrd Leadership Award. Scott finished his senior year by being chosen Outstanding Lineman of the 1964 Cotton Bowl Classic and earning the right to play in the post-season Hula Bowl. Trainer Frank Medina brings Appleton out for a short rest after he had played one of his many great games. OUTSTANDING LONGHORNS TOMMY FORD Look Magazine All-American All-Southwest Conference Texas Tri-Captain Longhorn Club Sportsmanship Award Hula Bowl 4 I DUKE CARLISLE All-American Academic All-Southwest Conference Academic Second team, All-Southwest Conference Outstanding Cotton Bowl Game Back Texas ' Most Valuable Player (team vote) George (Hook) McCullough Most Valu- able Player Award (team vote) Southwest Challenge Bowl Corpus Ch risti DAVID McWILLIAMS All-Southwest Conference Academic Texas Tri-Captain Travis County Texas Exes Scholarship Award D. X. Bible Team Spirit Award (team vote) TOMMY NOBIS UPI All-Southwest Conference UPI Outstanding Southwest Conference Sophomore Lineman Fort Worth Press All-Southwest Confer ence CHARLES TALBERT All-Southwest Conference Academic GEORGE BRUCKS Longhorn Club Award of Distinction 1963 VARSITY DAVID L. McWILLIAMS Senior Center CHARLES DAN TALBERT Senior End CHARLES BEN HOUSE Senior End IE GORDON SCOTT APPLETON Senior Tackle GEORGE L. BRUCKS Senior Guard GORDON L. ROBERTS Senior Tackle CLARENCE V. BRAY Senior Center OLEN UNDERWOOD Senior Guard KENNETH EDWIN HALM Senior Guard MICHAEL EB RIGGS Senior Guard JOE MARION DIXON Junior Back JAMES CLARK HUDSON Junior Safety CLAYTON LACY Junior Tackle h CHARLES WESLEY (BO) PRICE LEWIS LEE HENSLEY Junior Guard Junior Tackle ERNEST MELVIN KOY CHARLES OTIS BUCKALEW THpMAS CLIFFORD MANKIN Junior Back Junior Back Junior Center : i GEORGE HENRY SAUER Sophomore End RICHARD DANIEL MAULDIN THOMAS TRIMBLE CURRIE, JR. MARVIN CHRISTOPHER Sophomore End Sophomore Guard KRISTYNIK Sophomore Back Pige 402 JACK LEROY HOWE, JR. Sophomore Center SITY LETTERMEN EMMETTA. (DUKE) CARLISLE Senior Back STALEY FAULKNER Senior Tackle TOMMY CLINE FORD Senior Back BOBBY FRANK GAMBLIN Senior Guard KENNETH W. FERGUSON Senior Tackle JAMES A. BESSELMAN Senior Tackle TOMMY VIRGIL WADE Senior Back HUGH ANTHONY CROSBY Senior Kicking Specialist iUCY Ut TIMOTHY MICHAEL DOERR Junior Back HAROLD PHILIPP Junior Back KNOX DILLON NUNNALLY Junior End ANTHONY KING Junior Back HIX GREEN Junior Back - kt TOM NOBIS, JR. Sophomore Guard PHILIP LEON HARRIS Sophomore Back FRANK JOHNNY BEDRICK Sophomore Guard PETE S. LAMMONS Sophomore End THOMAS ALLEN STOCKTON Sophomore Back -B ROBERT KIMBERLY GAYNOR RODNEY ENNIS KELLEY Sophomore Back Sophomore Center ROY A. JONES, II Senior Managerial Award LANE ZUNKER Junior Managerial Award WILLIAM HAROLD VOGT Sophomore Managerial Award Page 403 Duke Carlisle lilt leaves a Green Wave 120) in an upended position as be makes a large gain in the Longhorns ' season opener. Tommy Wade (17) rolls out for a nice gain against Tulane. ' HORNS DOWN TULANE 21-0 Tulane ' s defense dominated the first half of play, the only score being a 27-yard field goal by Tony Crosby. Texas ' major offensive efforts were stopped by a fumble at the Tu- lane 28 and by goal-line stands, twice at the Tulane 6 and once at the Tulane two yardline. A second-quarter touchdown by Phil Harris was called back on a penalty. A 31 -yard field goal kicked by Tony Crosby climaxed a 58- yard drive by the Longhorns in the third quarter. Early in the fourth period Jim Hudson intercepted a pass to begin a 52- yard drive. Phil Harris pushed across the goal-line from the Green Wave one for the ' Horns ' first touchdown. Harris then caught a pass from Duke Carlisle for the two-point conversion. Quarterbacked by Marvin Kristynik, Texas started a 41-yard drive which again saw Phil Harris score. Crosby then kicked the final point of the game, fixing the score at 21-0. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Tulane TEXAS 22 282 8-18 86 388 5-42.4 2 55 TULANE 8 103 4-14 35 138 8-34.5 1 37 0331521 000 Scoring: Texas Crosby, 27-yd. field goal Texas Crosby, 31-yd. field goal Texas Harris, 1-yd. run (Harris pass from Carlisle, two points) Texas Harris, 2-yd. run ' Crosby, placement) Place: Sugar Bowl, New Orleans, Louisiana Time: Saturday, September 20, 19638:00 P.M. Attendance: 18,000 est. Weather: Fair, clear and mild Ernie Koy (23) shows Texas Tech the power that helped the Longhorns win the National Championship. The Longhorns come out to their second victory. Hix Green (47) is brought down by Tech player (78) after a short gain. Carlisle (11), Brucks (66), Besselman (62), Underwood (69) were blocking. STATISTICS TEXAS 23 7 267 59 7-16 8-17 121 83 387 142 243.0 7-43.1 2 1 56 34 721147 9 70 7 First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles -Lost Yards Penalized Texas Tech Scoring: Texas Ford, 18-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Koy, 1-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Talbert, 36-yd. pass from Carlisle (Crosby, placement) Texas Koy, 2-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Ford, 1-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Stockton, 12-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Tech Lowery, 1-yd. run (Daniels, placement) Texas Wade, 4-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Place: Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas Time: Saturday, September 28, 19637:30 P.M. Attendance: 54,000 est. Weather: Fair TECH TEXAS SINKS RAIDERS BLOCKADE 49-7 The Longhorns hit paydirt for the longest scoring binge since 1949, to beat the Tech Raiders, 49-7. Scoring began in the first two and one half minutes of play when a pass intercepted by Ben House led to a touchdown by Tommy Ford and con- version by Tony Crosby. Late in the same quarter, a 23-yard pass from Duke Car- lisle to Knox Nunnally touched off a 55-yard drive ending only when Ernie Koy went in for the score. Crosby again made the conversion. Two more touchdowns, one by Charles Talbert and one by Koy. with two more extra points by Crosby, finished the first half. To open the second half, Phil Harris returned the kickoff 83 yards to the Tech 12 and set the stage for another touchdown by Ford and conversion by Crosby. The Longhorns then scored for the sixth time on a 12-yard run by Tom Stockton with, of course, the extra point by Crosby. Late in the third quarter, Tech scored on a touchdown by Leo Lowery and H. L. Daniels kicked the extra point. A fourth quarter touchdown for the Longhorns by Tommy Wade, plus Tony Crosby ' s seventh placement of the evening, made the final score Texas 49 Texas Tech 7. Tony Crosby (91) kicks one more of his 28 conversions out of 28 tries. ' HORNS WHIP COWBOYS 34-7 Tony Crosby opened the scoring for Texas with his third field goal of the year. Then the Longhorns wavered for the first time all season when Oklahoma State fullback Walt Garrison ran 48 yards for a touchdown. After the conversion, the score was OSU 7 UT 3. However, the Longhorns regained the lead 4 minutes later. A touchdown by Tommy Ford and conversion by Tony Crosby climaxed a 7-play, 24-yard drive which began with Knox Nunnally ' s recovery of the kickoff. Texas scored twice in the second quarter once on a touch- down pass from Duke Carlisle to Phil Harris with an extra point by Tony Crosby, and again on another Crosby field goal. In the second half, touchdowns by Carlisle and Hix Green, with extra points by Crosby, left the final score Texas 34 OSU 7. This one-sided victory was, however, an expensive one as fullback Ernie Koy suffered a shoulder injury and was lost to the Longhorns for the remainder of the season. Coach Royal talks things over with Har- old Philipp (35). Hix Green (471 cuts to left to outrun the on-rushing OSU player. Duke Carlisle (11) takes a ride for a few yards on Underwoods ' (69) back. Harris (25), Ferguson (78), and Lammons (87) come in to help block for the Duke. Tommy Ford (24) runs the power sweep behind the blocking of Carlisle (11), House (83), Appleton (70), and McWilliams (501 at the O.U. game. STATISTICS TEXAS OSU First Downs 21 8 Yards Rushing 266 153 Passes 7-13 4-17 Yards Passing 87 45 Total Offense 353 198 Punts 3-34.3 7-25.2 Fumbles Lost 1 3 Yards Penalized 26 10 Texas 101014034 OSU 7 00 7 Scoring: Texas Crosby, 32-yd. field goal OSU Garrison, 48-yd. run (Durkee, placement) Texas Ford, 4-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Harris, 6-yd. run (Crosby placement) Texas Crosby, 33-yd. field goal Texas Carlisle, 11-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Green, 3-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Place: Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas Time: Saturday, October 5, 1963 7:30 P.M. Attendance: 45,000 Weather: delightful i extra Duke Carlisle (11) runs the QB option behind the blocking of Ford (24), Appleton (70) and the rest of the Texas Line. STATISTICS TEXAS First Downs 16 Yards Rushing 239 Passes 1-3 Yards Passing 14 Total Offensive 253 Punts 5-30.6 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 69 Texas OU ' HORNS BUST SOONERS 28-7 From the ' Horns ' initial possession of the ball and consequent touchdown, to Jim Hudson ' s fourth quarter pass interception to end OU ' s last offensive efforts, the Longhorns domi- nated the annual UT OU game in all categories except punting. Using a ground attack and an unyielding defense led by Scott Appleton. the ' Horns exe- cuted superb ball control. They ran 67 offensive plays to 45 for the Sooners, and gained 239 yards rushing to 127 for Oklahoma. Texas scored 28 points on four touchdowns, one in each quarter of play, while holding the Sooners to 7 points. Duke Carlisle, who guided the ' Horns during most of the game, made the first touchdown. Tommy Ford, the game ' s leading ball carrier, scored the second. Phil Harris ran three yards for the third, and George Sauer caught a pas s from Marvin Kris- tynik for the final Texas touchdown. Tony Crosby kicked all four extra points. Tommy Ford (24) hits the ground the hard way after a short gain against O.U. OU 8 127 4-10 63 190 5-33.0 1 50 777728 0070 7 Scoring: Texas Carlisle, 1-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Ford, 12-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Harris, 3-yd. run (Crosby, placement) OU Hammond, 3-yd. run (Jarman, placement) Texas Sauer, 14-yd. pass from Kristynik (Crosby, placement) Place: Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas Time: Saturday, October 12, 19632:00 P.M. Attendance: 75,504 Weather: Clear and hot Duke Carlisle (11) breaks through a large hole formed by Dixon (21) and House (831. TEXAS CLEANS HOG HOLLOW 17-13 After completely dominating the first half of play, the Longhorns ' had to hold off a second half rally by the Arkansas Razorbacks to win 17-13. Texas st arted the game in typical fashion, marching 68 yards in 14 plays. Tommy Ford raced one yard over right tackle for the touchdown. The next time the ' Horns got the ball, they did it again this time covering 84 yards in 8 plays, with Ford again scoring the 6 points. On its fourth possession of the evening, Texas advanced to the Arkansas 19. where Tony Crosby, who had booted both of UT ' s extra points, kicked his fifth field goal of the season. Only 53 seconds remained in the first half after the above field goal, but the Razorbacks needed only 27 of them for their first touchdown an 89- yard kickoff return and a 12-yard pass, following an offside penalty. That touchdown and conversion, and a fourth quarter touchdown, accounted for Arkansas ' 13 points. Phil Harris (25) leads Duke Carlisle (11) around the Razorbacks left end. STATISTICS TEXAS ARKANSAS First Downs 18 Yards Rushing 247 Passes 5-7 Yards Passing 54 Total Offense 301 Punts 2-37.5 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized Texas Arkansas 10 71 9-19 91 162 4-35.8 2 11 7100017 70613 Scoring: Texas Ford, 1-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Ford, 3-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Crosby, 29-yd. field goal Arkansas, Sparks, 12-yd. pass from Brittenum (Me- Knelly, placement) Arkansas Brittenum, 1-yd. run Place: War Memorial Stadium, Little Rock, Arkansas Time: Saturday, October 19, 19637:30 P.M. Attendance: Overflow 42,000 (Stadium Record) Weather: Clear skies temperature 70 Tony Crosby (91) waits with one shoe off. TEXAS RUFFLES OWLS 10-6 The Longhorns scored early in the game, as seems to be their custom, but managed only a field goal during the rest of the game, sliding by the Rice Owls 10-6. The first time the ' Horns had the ball, they marched 73 yards in 10 plays for the touchdown, scoring on a 33-yard run by Tommy Ford. After Tony Crosby kicked the extra point, the Owls came back with a touchdown drive of their own, minus the extra point. Texas scored again in the second quarter on a 22-yard field goal by Tony Crosby, thus ending the scoring for the night. The entire second half was a series of " almosts " for Texas. Two unsuccessful field goal attempts by Texas and a goal-line stand by Rice ended the ' Horns ' major scoring threats. One Rice touchdown would have meant disaster, but the Longhorns were long on defense, too, and when Joe Dixon intercepted his second pass of the evening with 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the game was as good as over. Marvin Kristynik (12) gets past one Rice tackier. Lammons (87) is blocking for him. (Me- ,-.. Dixon (21), Nunnally (88), Appleton (70), Philipp (35), and Bray (53) stop Rice half-back for no gain. STATISTICS TEXAS First Downs 18 Yards Rushing 213 Passes 4-11 Yards Passing 45 Total Offense 258 Punts 4-36.2 Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized 5 Texas Rice RICE 14 39 13-27 216 255 4-37.2 20 730010 6000 6 Scoring: Texas Ford, 33-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Rice Kelley, 19-yd. pass from McReynolds Texas Crosby, 22-yd. field goal Place: Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas Time: Saturday, October 26 19637:30 P.M. Attendance: 65,000 {feather: Temperature 74, partly cloudy, mild Phil Harris (25) fights for that extra yard against a tough Rice line. " 1 I ' jt Phil Harris (25) cuts to try to avoid a SMU tackier. ' HORNS BRAND MUSTANGS 17-12 Appleton (70), Nunnally (88), Underwood (69), and King (20) put a Texas style tackle on a SMU back. The Longhorns scored on their first possession of the game for the sixth Saturday in a row, but managed only a narrow 17-12 victory over the S.M.U. Mustangs. The first Texas touchdown was scored by Phil Harris after a 78-yard drive which saw scampers of 50 and 18 yards by Tommy Ford. Tony Crosby kicked the extra point. Tommy Ford made another touchdown in the second quarter, following a Texas recovery of an S.M.U. fumbled punt on the Pony six. Crosby, as usual, kicked the place- ment and then added the Longhorns ' ' final three points of the game on a 34-yard field goal. S.M.U. scored its 12 points on a touchdown in the second quarter and a touchdown in the fourth quarter. g . x ' AX 8 W4l . " W. - J It Tommy Ford (24) breaks into the open for a large gain after fine blocking by the entire Texas line. players get a final word from Coach Royal before each e. STATISTICS S.M.U. TEXAS First Downs 16 Yards Rushing 10 115 Passes 181 16-37 Yards Passing 5-17 176 Total Offense 71 291 Punts 252 541.0 Fumbles Lost 8-35.7 3 Yards Penalized 1 45 32 Texas 710-0017 S.M.U. 60612 Scoring: Texas Harris, 3-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Ford, 2-yd. run (Crosby, placement) S.M.U. Gannon, 22-yd. pass from Thomas Texas Crosby, 34-yd. field goal M.U. Gannon, 22-yd. pass from Whito Place: Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas Time: Saturday, November 2, 1963 2:00 P.M. Attendance: 59,000 estimated W eather: Very favorable TEXAS TRAPS BEARS 7-0 The Longhorns, combining a third quarter touchdown and extra point with a great defensive effort, were able to defeat the Baylor Bears 7-0. The Bears started out well, offensively speaking, moving to the Texas 12 on their first possession before the Longhorn defense was able to call a halt. Texas was slower in getting its offensive moving. On their second possession, the ' Horns reached the Baylor 22 before being stop- ped, and another drive was stopped with an unsuccessful field goal attempt at the Baylor 34. But Texas ' best efforts were to come in the second half. The third quarter was all Texas. Tommy Stockton made a touchdown after a 45-yard drive, and Tony Crosby kicked the extra point. Earlier in the quarter, a Phil Harris " would-be " touchdown had been called back on a clipping penalty. In the fourth quarter both teams displayed a stubborn defense. As Baylor penetrated deep into ' Horn territory very late in the game, Texas fans feared a long Trull-to-Elkins touchdown pass. The pass was thrown, but was sidetracked by Texas quarterback Duke Carlisle. The game was over. STATISTICS TEXAS BAYLOR First Downs 17 13 Yards Rushing 242 6 ' . A Passes 5-8 19-39 M Yards Passing 60 204 $ Total Offense 302 210 Punts 4-29.7 4-45.2 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Yards Penalized 50 20 Texas 00707 Baylor Scoring: Texas Stockton, 1-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Place:- Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas Time: Saturday, November 9, 19632:00 P.M. Attendance: 64, 530 Weather: Good, partly cloudy Duke Carlisle (11) makes the play of the year as he intercepts a sure touchdown pass from Trull to Elkins in the final moments of the Texas- Baylor game. Hudson (22), King (20), House (83), Brucks (66), Faulkner (77), and Appleton (70) stop Baylor player (31) for short gain. HORNS NAIL TOADS 17-0 The Longhorns assured themselves of a trip to the Cotton Bowl and at least a tie for the Southwest Conference Cham- pionship with a 17-0 victory over the T.C.U. Horned Frogs. The Longhorns got off to a slow start and failed to score in the first quarter, but picked up speed and came up with 10 points in the second period. Phil Harris got the first 6 points for Texas after a 44-yard Texas march, and Tony Crosby picked up another with the extra point. Crosby added three more points in the same period with a 42-yard field goal, his longest for the Orange. A 4-yard touchdown run by Tommy Ford early in the third quarter was called back because of a holding penalty, but Tom Stockton powered through the left side of the line for 3 yards late in the same quarter, this time for good. Crosby added one, thus ending the scoring for the afternoon. T.C.U. 12 34 13-26 136 1 170 6-37.5 15 0107017 000 STATISTICS TEXAS First Downs 18 Yards Rushing 150 Passes 7-19 Yards Passing 91 Total Offense 2 Punts 241 Fumbles Lost 5-26.0 Yards Penalized 2 33 Texas T.C.U. Scoring: Texas Harris. 3-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Crosby, 42-yd. field goal Texas Stockton, 3-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Place: Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas Time: Saturday, November 16, 19632:00 P.M. Attendance: 58,000 Weather: Warm, humid, windy Tommy Stockton (36) sweeps the T.C.U. right end down to the 10-yard line. Some fine defensive play by Timmy Doerr (32) and Olin Underwood (69 ) stops the T.C.U. back. Charles Talbert (89) gives Hook ' em sign as Duke Carlisle (11) scores winning T.D. against the farmers of A M. HORNS PLOW AGGIES 15-13 The Texas Longhorns scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter for a 15-13 come-from-behind victory over the Texas Aggies. Texas went ahead in the first quarter with a 27-yard field goal by Tony Crosby, but A M scored 7 points in the second quarter and led at half time 7-3, despite the fact that Texas had run 44 plays to 17 for A M. A M increased its lead in the third quarter with a 29-yard touch- down pass. The extra point try failed. In the fourth quarter the Longhorns sprang back. Ford ran two yards over left tackle to conclude an 8-pIay, 35-yard drive following a fumble recovery. The two point conversion try failed and the score remained A M 13 Texas 9. Texas fans were beginning to lose hope again when reserve quarterback Tommy Wade entered the game. He engineered an 80-yard, 15-play drive, depending heavily on his specialty passing. Duke Carlisle came in and scored the winning touchdown on a one- yard quarterback sneak with 1 :19 left in the game. Tommy Ford (24) hits the Aggie line for a short gain. Coach Darrell Royal congratulates Tommy Wade (17) after his greatest performance for U.T. STATISTICS TEXAS A M 19 7 214 95 11-28 3-5 101 91 1 3 315 186 2-29.0 7-37.1 3 3 15 82 3001215 7 6 13 First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Passes Intercepted by Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas A M Scoring: Texas Crosby, 27-yd. field goal A M Reagan, 54-yd. pass from Keller (Lee, place- ment) A M Hargett, 29-yd. pass from Keller Texas Ford, 2-yd. run Texas Carlisle, 1-yd. run Place: Kyle Field, College Station, Texas Time: Saturday, November 26, 19632:00 P.M. Attendance: 38,500 Weather: Windy, some rain r- a For three nights, the tower glowed orange com- memorating the National Champions. Carlisle (11) showed the style of the 1 QB as he ran around Navy ' s ends or threw over them . . . NAVY MEETS DAVY JONES 28-6 Brilliant passing by Texas quarterback Duke Carlisle and the extraordinary success of the Texas defense in containing Navy ' s Ail- American QB Roger Stauback led the Longhorns to a crushing 28-6 victory over the Middies in the New Year ' s Cotton Bowl Classic. Finding the Navy defense well-drilled on the Longhorns ' ground plays, Carlisle took to the air and on their first possession of the ball, the ' Horns scored on a 58-yard pass and run from Carlisle to Phil Harris. In the second quarter the identical play gave Texas its second touchdown. Carlisle scored the third touchdown on a 9-yard run around his right end. Tony Crosby kicked all three extra points and at halftime the score was Texas 21 Navy 0. The fourth touchdown of the game belonged to Texas also, as Harold Philipp scored on a two-yard run off left tackle. Tony Crosby ' s extra point ended Texas ' scoring for the afternoon. Navy managed one touchdown in the fourth quarter but it was far from enough to match the mighty Texas effort. After the game Duke Carlisle was voted the outstanding back and Scott Appleton as the outstanding lineman. Texas had 18 first downs to Navy ' s 16, 168 yards rushing to 14 for Navy, and 234 yards passing to 227 for the Middies. STATISTICS TEXAS NAVY First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Passes Intercepted by Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Navy Scoring: Texas Harris, 58-yd. pass from Carlisle (Crosby, placement) Texas Harris, 63-yd. pass from Carlisle (Crosby, placement) Texas Carlisle, 9-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Texas Philipp, 2-yd. run (Crosby, placement) Navy Stauback, 2-yd. run Place: Dallas Time: 1:00 P.M., January 1, 1964 Attendance: 75,504 Weather: ideal ... to Phil Harris (25) who is catching his second touchdown pass. 18 16 168 -14 8-21 22-34 234 227 1 1 402 213 3-43.3 6-36.5 1 2 72 35 7147028 006 6 THIRD PLACE SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE NON-CONFERENCE GAMES CONFERENCE GAMES Texas 89 Texas 81 Texas 95 Texas 70 Texas 81 Texas 57 Texa Texas 71 Texas 69 Texas 103 Howard Payne 58 Texas Wesleyan 46 Tulane 63 L. S. U. 65 Oklahoma 78 _ Wichita 76 Oklahoma State 69 Princeton 84 Pennsylvania 61 Trinity 59 Texas 83 .. Texas 53 ... Texas 60 Texas 90 Texas 74 .. Texas 79 .. Texas 98 Texas 78 . Texas 66 _ Texas 71 . Texas 93 ... Texas 105 .. Texas 80 . Texas 63 .. Baylor 59 Arkansas 58 Texas A M 65 Texas Tech 94 S. M. U. ' ._ T. C. U. 6 " _ Rice 80 Texas Tech 76 .. S. M. U. 82 . T. C. U. 70 Rice 83 . Baylor 77 Arkansas 67 Texas A M 65 A it fcO 1963-64 BASKETBALL HAROLD BRADLEY, Head Coach. Left to Right: Basketball managers are Jeff Duncan, Steve Kline, Herb Evans, and Bill Danvers. Coaches are Jimmy Gilbert, Donnie Lasiter, Harold Bradley, and Jess Richardson. JOHN PAUL FULTZ (6 ' 8 " ) Center-Forward, Junior Letterman LARRY FRANKS (6 ' 6 " ) Forward, Junior Letterman PAUL OLIVIER (6 ' 3 " ) Forward-Guard, Sophomore Letterman JOHN BUSH (61 " ) Guard, Sophomore Letterman Guard, Junior Letterman. 1963-64 SEASON AT A GLANCE PLAYER G FIELD Md. GOALS Alt. Pet. FREE THROWS Md. Alt. Pet. REBOUNDS No. Avg. FOULS Md. Disq. POINTS Md. Avg. HIGH GAME Joe Fisher 24 136 222 .613 69 97 .711 257 10.7 80 6 341 14.2 28 John Paul Fultz 24 125 221 .566 70 84 .833 138 5.8 71 4 320 13.3 29 Larry Franks 24 122 250 .488 71 106 .670 143 6.0 70 3 315 13.1 24 Tommy Nelms 24 96 217 .442 10 16 .625 59 2.5 29 202 8.4 16 Jimmy Clark 24 78 194 .402 42 52 .808 48 2.0 50 198 8.3 17 Jimmy Puryear 16 44 118 .373 25 33 .758 55 3.4 32 113 7.1 14 Paul Olivier 22 35 89 .393 18 24 .750 32 1.5 33 88 4.0 11 Jim Bob Smith 22 28 58 .483 30 52 .577 28 1.3 35 86 3.9 9 John Bush 19 15 37 .405 17 18 .944 19 1.0 22 47 2.5 16 Bob Ittner 9 1 11 .091 3 6 .500 10 1.1 5 5 0.6 2 Others Team 59 124 29 47 100 140 5.8 70 5 147 Totals 24 739 1541 .480 384 535 .718 1029 42.9 497 18 1862 77.6 105 JIMMY CLARK (5 ' 9 " ) Guard, Junior Letterman JIMMY PURYEAR (6 ' 1 " ) Guard, Senior Letterman JIM BOB SMITH (6 ' 2 " ) Guard, Senior Letterman BOB ITTNER (6 ' 5% " Forward, Sophomore JOE FISHER ((, ' 7 " ) Forward, Senior Letterman Members of the 300 Club (Fultz, Fisher, and Franks) look forward to future opponents. || .: John Paul Fultz and Jimmy Puryear scramble for the rebound. Smith springs out for the ' Horns. NON-CONFERENCE GAMES The Longhorn cagers zipped into the 1963-64 sea- son packed with an 8th national rating by UPI sports writers and a highly tuned team with a great scoring potential. A fast warm-up began with the ' Horns blistering five non-conference teams in a twelve day heatwave that saw scoring edges of 30 points in each of the first three games. Word spread that Texas was loaded, causing a fierce tempo to develop that lulled the ' Horns to a three game drouth. However, three games later, Texas hit the century mark 103-59 in routing Trinity and came within two points of setting a new record that was to be theirs a month later. CONFERENCE GAMES An even tougher schedule was awaiting Longhorn mentor Harold Bradley as a hard line was being fashioned with Fisher. Franks, and Fultz with some strongarming from Nelms, Clark, and Oliver. Casualties cut a swath into the team long before it saw court action with All-SWC Mike Humphrey sustaining ankle injuries and Jim Puryear breaking his hand before the season opener. The SWC starter saw the Horns hook Baylor for an 83-59 tally. The next four games were grandstand specials that sped at a nip and tuck pace that ended with breathtaking zone and man-to-man defenses. Games with Arkansas and SMU were prime examples of tough conference play, tight defense setups, and play against the clock. Hard luck stripped the ' Horns at Arkansas when a 5 point lead withered in the closing minutes of play. SMU was bulldogged minus the help of Humphrey and Puryear into an overtime situation. Within one week, Texas slammed Rice 98-80 with Joe Fisher hitting 28 points highest output for a Longhorn since 1961. Momentum built up and sparks flew as the ' Horns hoofed Texas Tech 78-76, despite the absence of Humphrey and Fisher who fouled out in the last quarter. Texas closed the book using Longhorns Clark, Nelms, Puryear, and Smith all guards to keep Tech ruffled to the end. Texas had fought from behind in conference play to tack an even 4-4 record. Baylor set the scene two weeks later for a. 105-77 win that shattered the 103 point record of 1957 against North Texas State. Big gun Joe Fisher came out with a 300 point total in scoring here and became the 17th Longhorn in history to do so. The ' Horns tied the field goal record of 43 points that night. Fisher ' s efforts blazed the trail for two more Horns Fultz and Franks in bombing the 300 mark later in the season. Larry Franks has the upper hand in this situation, Big Joe Fisher drives swiftly around his opponent. Pint-size Jimmy Clark rips two against Texas Wesleyan. Page 419 John Bush, Paul Oliver, Joe Fisher, and Tommy Nelms play the game from the toughest spot on the court. John Paul Fultz tips in two of his 320 over-all total. LOOKING AHEAD The Longhorn basketball season entailed a fast moving competition coupled with a conference that is becoming more grueling to be King of the Hill. As it was, Texas had high marks in total points (1,862), single scoring (105 vs. Baylor), most points in SWC play (438 points) and tied the school record for most field goals in a game (43 vs. Baylor). The coming season has better prospects engaging the return of four of the five top dunk artists. This year ' s third place rating in conference play seems likely to be displaced by a revived Texas powerhouse that continues to pour on the coal in tight situations. Two members of the 300 club Franks and Fultz will spark the team again. One thing is certain for next season this year ' s Conference Champions, the Texas Aggies, are due for ulcers in 1964-65. Mike Humphrey makes it look too easy. Pjge 420 John Paul Fultz, Jimmy Puryear, and Tommy Nelms wait while Big Joe Fisher scrambles. SECOND PLACE SWC Rice. A M. Texas at College Statin Monlcr Olympics at Laredo. March West Texas Relays. March II Baylor. SMU. Texas. ACC at Corpu Sari Angelo Invitational at San AMM Slalion. l ' VI)iuarv 2 ' ) ' .hristi. March 21 March 2i! . SMU, Baylor, A M. Texas at Waco. April II.. Kansas Relays at Lawrence. April I -! Dallas Invitational at Dallas Drake Relays at Des Moines. April 2 I -25 Rice, A M, Texas at Houston. May 2 Southwest Conference Meel at LuMinck. Mav " - ( . First Plan ' . First Plan- Second Plan ' First Plan- Second Plan- . . i Lisliiiii Second Place As it was. avion, most of lie five lit to k coal in tight t 1964 TRACK JACK PATTERSON Varsity Track Coach Jack Patterson, the new Longhom track coach, brought home four first places and three second places this spring, with one of the seconds being in the Southwest Conference Track Meet. The two-mile relay team of Frawley, Gunter, Davis, and Romo set a new state and school record with a 7:21.4 posted at the Drake Relays. The Longhorns will lose five trackmen at spring graduation, but Patterson and Price can count on help next year from the freshmen who placed third in the SWC frosh division. Left to Right: Assistant Track Coach Cleburne Price, Co-Captains Loy Gunter and James Cooper and Head Coach Jack Patterson. Front Rou: Tommy Kerne. Loy Cuntrr, Larry Libby, Carter Llewellyn. Bill Strong, Chuck Frawley, Ronny Yates. Second Rota: Jimet Cowhtf, Richard Romo, Jamet Wommack, Bob Sewell, David Colley, Krn Sunderland, Mike Dallon, Mike Grajr. Third Row: Coach Price, Ernie Koy, Charlei Rarnhill, Jamei Cooper, Pretlon Davit, Keith Owen, Charln Jordan, Steve Cuynea, Steve Sanaom, Coach Pattenon. Pane 422 VARSITY LETTERMEN CHARLES RICHARD BARNHILL Junior 440, Relays DAVID LEE COLLEY Junior Sprints, Relays JAMES GARY COOPER Senior Hurdles, Relays JAMES DAVID COWHIG JR. Junior Sprints, Relays PRESTON CLARK DAVIS Sophomore 880, Relays CHARLES CAREY FRAWLEY Sophomore 880, Relays LQY MELTON GUNTER Senior 880, Relays STEVEN JOE GUYNES Senior Pole Vault CHARLES LEE JORDAN Senior Shot Put, Javelin TOMMY DALE KEENE Sophomore 440, Relays RICHARD ROMO Sophomore Mile, Two-Mile EDWARD STEPHENSON SANSOM Sophomore Hurdles, Relays RESERVE LETTERMEN Donald Michael Dalton Jess Jerl Franklin James Clark Hudson Ernest Melvin Koy Larry Leroy Libby John Carter Llewellyn Keith Quenton Owen Robert Allen Sewell William Reese Strong Ronny Vonhoy Yates MANAGERIAL AWARD Michael J. Gray KENNETH GEORGE SUNDERLAND Sophomore Mile, Two-Mile Page 423 JAMES LESLIE WOMMACK Senior Broad Jump TRACK SUMMARY DAVID COLLEY, JR. second place . . 220-yd. dash Triangular at Waco . . third place . . . 100-yd. dash Triangular at Houston JAMES COOPER second place . . 440-yd. second place . .440-yd. first place .... 440-yd. second place . . 120-yd. third place . . . 120-yd. third place . . . 440-yd. second place . . 120-yd. third place . . . 440-yd. fourth place . . 440-yd. third place . . . 120-yd. third place ...440-yd. hurdles Tri. at College Station 55.8 hurdles Border Olympics 54.3 hurdles Corpus Christi Quad 54.0 high hurdles . . . Corpus Christi Quad 14.4 high hurdles . . . San Angelo Invitational . . . 14.7 hurdles Texas Relays 52.7 high hurdles . . . Triangular at Waco 14.8 hurdles Triangular at Waco 57.9 hurdles Triangular at Houston .... 55.0 high hurdles . . . Triangular at Houston .... 14.5 inter, hurdles . . SWC Meet at Lubbock . . . 53.3 JAMES COWHIG first place 100-yd. dash Tri. at College Station 9.9 third place . . . 220-yd. dash Tri. at College Station . . . 22.2 third place . . . 220-yd. dash Triangular at Waco . ; 22.4 PRESTON DAVIS third place ...mile run Tri. at College Station .. 4:34.7 third place 880-yd. run Tri. at College Station .. 1:55.0 second place . . 880-yd. run Border Olympics 1 :52.6 second place ..three-mile run Triangular at Waco .... 15:46.7 second place . . mile run Triangular at Houston . . 4:16.5 second place . . mile run SWC Meet at Lubbock . . 4:15.6 JERL FRANKLIN third place . . . high jump Tri. at College Station 6 second (tie) . . high jump Triangular at Waco 6 % third place . . . high jump Dallas Invitational 6 CHUCK FRAWLEY second place . .880-yd. run first place 880-yd. run second place . . 880-yd. run fourth place . . 880-yd. run LOY GUNTER first place 880-yd. run Tri. at College Station .. 1:53.0 first place 880-yd. run Border Olympics 1:52.3 (new record) third place ...880-yd. run Triangular at Waco 1:55.7 second place . . mile run Triangular at Waco 4:22.0 first place ....880-yd. run Triangular at Houston .. 1:52.3 first place 880-yd. run SWC Meet at Lubbock . . 1 :50.3 STEVE GUYNES first place .... pole vault Tri. at College Station . . 14 6 second place . . pole vault Border Olympics 148 second place . . pole vault West Texas Relays 14 6 fifth place .... pole vault Drake Relays 14 7 first place .... pole vault Triangular at Houston . . 14 6 third place . . . pole vault SWC Meet at Lubbock . . 14 6 JIM HUDSON fourth place . .javelin Tri. at Houston 180 ' 5-% " fourth place ..discus Tri. at Houston 141 ' 2-% " Tri. at College Station . . 1 :54.8 Triangular at Waco 1:55.5 .Triangular at Houston .. 1:54.1 SWC Meet at Lubbock . . 1 :52.0 CHARLES JORDAN second place . . shot put Tri. at College Station . . 49 1 second place . . javelin Tri. at College Station . . 191 5 second place . . javelin Border Olympics 207 3 second place . . javelin Corpus Christi Quad. . . 194 1 first place javelin West Texas Relays . . . 200 OVa second place . . javelin San Angelo Invitational 185 3 first place .... javelin Triangular at Waco .... 205 6 second place . . javelin Dallas Invitational 189 3 third place . . . shot put Tri. at Houston 49 ' 10% " second place ..javelin Tri. at Houston 207 ' 11 " second place . . shot put Dallas Invitational 50 ' 4 " Preston Davis hands off to James Cooper in the Mile Relay. Texas placed fourth, behind Oklahoma State, Rice, and ACC. James Cooper in the 120-yard high hurdles at the Texas Relays. TOMMY KEENE third place . . . 440-yd. dash Tri. at College Station third place . . . 440-yd. dash Triangular at Waco . . . second place . . 440-yd. dash Triangular at Houston third place . . . 440-yd. dash SWC Meet at Lubbock ERNIE KOY second place . . shot put CARTER LLEWELLYN third place . . . broad jump 49.0 49.0 47.5 47.1 . Tri. at Houston 50 ' 1-% ' . Tri. at College Station 22.2 RICHARD ROMO first place .... mile run , . Tri. at College Station . , 4:30.4 second place . . three-mile run , . Tri. at College Station . . 14:32.7 first place ....mile run . Border Olympics 4:10.3 first place .... mile run , . West Texas Relays . 4:21.4 first place mile run . . Corpus Christi Quad. . . . . 4:14.1 first place mile run , . San Angelo Invitational . . 4:11.0 (new record ) second place . . 880-yd. dash , . . Triangular at Waco .... . 1:55.6 first place mile run , . Triangular at Waco .... . 4:21.4 first place mile run , , . Triangular at Houston . , 4:09.0 first place .... mile run SWC Meet at Lubbock . . 4:12.9 STEVE SANSOM second place . . 120-yd. high hurdles . . . Tri. at College Station . . . . 14.4 second place . . 120-yd. high hurdles . . . Border Olympics . . 14.7 first place 120-yd. high hurdles . , .West Texas Relays .. 14.6 first place 120-yd. high hurdles . , . Corpus Christi Quad. . . .. 14.3 third place ...javelin , . Corpus Christi Quad. . . 1930 fourth place . . 440-yd. hurdles . Corpus Christi Quad. . . . . 55.6 second place . . 120-yd. high hurdles . . . San Angelo Inv itational .. 14.3 first place 330-yd. inter, hurdles . . San Angelo Invitational .. 37.5 BOB SEWELL third place . . . 120-yd. high hurdles . . . Corpus Christi Relays ____ 14.6 third place . . . 120-yd. high hurdles . . . Triangular at Waco ...... 14.9 LARRY STEELE third place ...pole vault ............ Tri. at College Station .. 126 first place ---- pole vault ............ Triangular at Waco ....... 14 ' BILL STRONG second place ..broad jump ........... Corpus Christi Quad. .. 211% third place . . . 330-yd. inter, hurdles . . San Angelo Invitational . . 39.2 . . 440-yd. hurdles ....... Triangular at Waco ...... 55.9 . . broad jump ........... Triangular at Houston . . . 21 ' 8 " broad jump ........... Dallas Invitational ...... 22 " 4 " 330-yd. inter, hurdles . . Dallas Invitational ......... 40 second place fourth place first place fira place KEN SUNDERLAND second place . . mile run first place ---- three-mile second place . . three-mile second place . . mile run third place . . . mile run third place . . . mile run first place ---- three-mile fourth place . . three-mile first place .... three-mile third place . . . mile run Tri. at College Station .. 4:31.8 run Tri. at College Station . . 14:25.7 run Border Olympics 14:32.7 West Texas Relays .... 4:22.6 Corpus Christi Relays .... 4:17 San Angelo Invitational . . 4:16.6 run Triangular at Waco 15:01.3 run Drake Relays 14:17.8 run Triangular at Houston . . 14:31.8 SWC Meet at Lubbock .. 4:14.3 JAMES WOMACK second place . . broad jump Tri. at College Station 2Z9 first place broad jump Corpus Christi Quad. . . 22 ' 1% " first place broad jump San Angelo Inv 24 ' 194 " second place . . broad jump Triangular at Waco 23 1 RONNY YATES third place . . . three-mile run Triangular at Houston . . 15 :46.0 first place three-mile run Dallas Invitational . . 15:37.8 IV 424 ' k ' left w ' . J ' The 37th Annual 3-Divisional Texas Relays. Robin Lingle of Missouri was voted top athlete and Missouri was voted top team at this year ' s Relays. Vice-Chancelor Norman Hackerman presents Texas Relay Queen Jerry Lee with a bouquet of flowers at the opening of the relays. TEXAS RELAYS EVENT WINNER TIME Four-Mile Relay Kansas 16:57.0 Two-Mile Relay Missouri 7:22.7 One-Mile Relay Oklahoma State 3:11.5 880-Mile Relay Oklahoma 1 :25.0 440-Mile Relay Oklahoma 41.3 Distance Medley Relay Missouri 9:45.2 Sprint Medley Relay Abilene Christian 3 :22.8 100- Yard Dash Grambling (Richard Stebbins) 9.5 One-Mile Run Emporia, Kansas State (John Camien) 4:09.3 Three-Mile Run Houston (Geoff Walker) 13:59.3 120- Yard High Hurdles Arkansas (Ed Renfrow) 14.1 440- Yard Hurdles Louisiana State (Billy Hardin) 50.8 Shot Put Baylor (Jim Lancaster) 59 ' 5l 2 " Discus Throw Texas A M (Danny Roberts) 177 ' 10 " High Jump Fort Hays, Kansas State (Robert Schmidt) 6 ' 6V2 " Broad Jump Arkansas (Richard Perry) 24 ' 8 " Pole Vault Oklahoma (James Farrell) 15 ' 6 " Javelin Throw Kansas State (Bill Floerke) 224 ' 6 " OPEN DIVISION fi0 - ; | riK 3B 3 440- Yard Dash Houston (Ollen Cassell) 46.6 15:$ Page 425 ...... - " Texas ' Two Mile Relay Champs Gunter, Romo, Davis, and Frawley stand with Jerry Lee. Texas came in second behind Missouri ' s 7:22.7 but still ran the second best time ever recorded by a team from this state by clocking 7:25.1. They went on to better their mark with a 7:21.4 at Drake. Coach Jack Patterson ' s Texas Longhorns finished second to Rice in the annual Southwest Conference Meet at Lubbock. Texas produced only two winners Richard Romo (4:12.9 mile) and Loy Gunter (1:50.3 half) but took enough other places to garner 52 points in the varsity division. Rice won with 61 points. Best seasonal marks were posted by Gunter (1:50.3), Chuck Frawley (1:52), Tommy Keene (47.1) and 440 Relay (David Colley, James Cowhig, Charles Barnhill, and Keene 40.9). Coach Patterson chats with his boys during the meet. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET EVENTS WINNERS TIME Shot Put Jim Lancaster, Baylor 58 ' 5% " (new record) Broad Jump Dick Perry, Arkansas 24 ' 5y 2 " 440-Ya ' rd Relay SMU 40.1 One-Mile Run Richard Romo, Texas 4:12.9 440- Yard Dash A M 46.6 (new record) 100-Yard Dash John Roderick, SMU 9:3 (new record) 120-Yard High Hurdles Bobby May, Rice 14.0 880- Yard Run Loy Gunter, Texas 1 :50.3 220- Yard Dash John Roderick, SMU 21.0 Pole Vault Warren Brattlof, Rice 14 ' 6 " High Jump James Bane, Arkansas 6 ' 4 " Mile Relay Rice 3:11.9 Discus Danny Roberts, A M 168 ' 3 " 440-Intermediate Hurdles . . . .Bobby May, Rice 51.8 Ptfe 426 SECOND PLACE SWC Sam Houston 4 Texas 1 Rice Texas 7 Sam Houston 8 Texas 8 Rice 2 Texas 1 Texas 10 Oklahoma 3 Oklahoma 2 Texas Lutheran 1 Texas 1 Baylor 1 Baylor 5 SMU 2 Texas 1 Balor 2 Texas 2 SMU 7 Texas 1 1 Texas 2 Rice Texas A M 5 Texas 3 SMU 2 TCU 1 Texas 5 Minnesota 4 Texas 6 TCU 7 Texas 8 Minnesota 4 Texas 3 Texas A M 2 Texas 5 Texas 12 TCU 1 St. Mary ' s 5 Texas 2 Texas A M 5 X v V 1964 BASEBALL 1964 BASEBALL The Longhorn baseball team finished the 1964 season with three magnificent games, and almost won a trip to the NCAA World Series. In the last inning of the last game with two men out and three on base for A M, a double by Frank Stark forced Texas to settle for a 10-5 SWC record and a second place tie with Baylor. Texas came into the final series with A M with its back to the wall, needing to win both games. They battled the Aggies as they had never been battled before. The first game was called after 10 innings because of darkness after a Ron Bandy single in the bottom of the 9th had tied the score 5-5. Texas won the make-up of that game the next day, 3-2, scoring two runs in the bottom half of the last innings. In the second game that same day, they almost did it again, but not quite. The A M series was the climax of what had been a disappointing season for the Longhorns. The pre-season reports had called the shot good pitching, hitting a question mark. Pitchers Bob Myer and Charley Hartenstein had a fine year, winning 13 games between them. John Collier and Robert Wells pitched well in relief. Although the Longhorns extended to 160 their record breaking streak of consecu tive games without being shut-out, the hitting was sporadic. Texas lost several important games on errors in the field, also, es- pecially the 5-1 loss to Baylor and the 7-6 loss to TCU, which saw Texas make up a 6 run deficit in the 8th inning, only to lose in the bottom of the 9th. If the last three games were Texas ' best, they were not the only exciting ones. There were, for example, the two shutouts over Rice, Myer pitching one and Hartenstein the other. Charley ' s teammates supplied him with 11 runs in his game. Myer ' s win was a two-hitter, a no-hitter until the 8th inning. Myer also pitched 4-2 and 5-1 beauties over Baylor, a 5 hit 5-1 victory over TCU, and a 4 hit 5-2 victory over SMU. Hartenstein beat Rice again 8-2 and pitched a 4 hit 3-1 win over TCU. BIB FALK Baseball Coach BOB MYER All-Southwest Conference Team Player of the Year WARD SUMMERS All-Southwest Conference Team SECOND TEAM ALL-SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE Ed Denman Butch Thompson Charley Hartenstein Buddy Young LETTERMEN Ronald Davis Bandy Forrest Paul Boyd John Calvin Collier William Edwin Denman George Stanley (Joe) Gideon Charles Hartenstein Joe Clarence Hague, Jr. Edward Elois Kasper Robert Wills Myer, Jr. Robert Eugene Ross Letcher Ward Summers Michael Rayburn Thompson Robert Ellis Wells Reginald Gladish Young, Jr. Reserve Lettermen: James Weldon Clark, Raymond Robert Dulak, Lawrence Turner Franks, Jr., Robert Eugene Myers, Jr. Gordon Lee Lakey, Senior Managerial Award. Front Row: Bibb Falk, Head Coach, Ray Dulak, Ed Denman, Ed Kasper, Charley Hartenstein, Bob Myer, Jimmy Clark, Forrest Boyd, Joe Hague. Second Row: John McBride, John Collier, Ward Summers, Butch Thompson, Buddy Young, Robert Wells, Larry Franks, Harold London. Third Row: Gene Ross, Ralph Johnson, Ron Bandy, Joe Gideon, Billy Howell, Robert Myers, Gordon Lakey, Student Manager, Clint Thompson, Trainer. BATTING STATISTICS Player, Position John McBride, cf Buddy Young, Ib John Collier, p Ward Summers, rf Joe Hague, cf Ed Denman, 2b Ed Kasper, 3b Ray Dulak, Ib Forrest Boyd, ss Butch Thompson, c Bob Myer, p Ron Bendy, cf Gene Ross, ss Joe Gideon, If Jimmy Clark, cf-2b Charley Hartenstein, p Robert Myers, Ib Larry Franks, Ib Billy Howell, inf Robert Wells, p Totals Opponents PITCHING RECORDS Pitcher Bob Myer John Collier Charley Hartenstein Robert Wells Totals Opponents FULL SEASON STATISTICS 3b 2 1 1 4 7 ab r h 26 1 1 58 8 22 4 9 1 3 1 72 13 23 3 26 4 8 2 85 15 24 12 104 10 28 2 15 4 4 1 54 11 14 2 91 13 23 5 37 4 9 1 63 14 15 3 37 5 8 1 73 9 15 3 24 5 3 26 4 3 10 3 1 10 1 1 4 1 799 124 205 41 797 78 162 32 hr rbi 66 tb so s6 1 10 26 11 4 1 4 3 2 3 16 35 11 6 1 1 5 13 6 1 12 36 18 6 2 9 30 8 6 2 1 7 8 5 4 1 6 20 6 8 1 2 11 36 15 4 4 10 4 8 1 11 21 14 9 2 2 11 8 5 2 8 24 7 7 2 1 3 9 7 1 2 3 2 8 1 4 2 2 1 1 10 105 284 131 68 13 4 64 220 79 159 12 no. games 8 eg ip h r-er 66 so w-l e.r.a. std. rel. 13 7 951 3 72 31-24 25 72 1- 1 2.27 12 1 9 191 3 16 7- 5 6 21 2- 2 2.33 9 12 5 831 3 67 32-25 35 58 6- 3 2.70 11 1 5 15% 7 8- 6 13 8 1- 1 3.52 1 4 24 12 2131 3 162 78-60 79 159 16- 7 2.53 24 12 8 205 205 124-83 131 88 7-16 3.64 24 16 Page 429 Umpire looks on as pitcher Wells releases the ball. Hartenstein shows the pitching form that won him six games this year. Shortstop Ross waits for a ground ball to come his way. Kasper wails for the ball as the Baylor runner slides in safely. Thompson awaits outcome of discussion between Baylor ' s coach and Bibb Falk. ' I 23456789 K)R HE VISITORS OOO I 3O-. 461 TEXAS 000000. 022 STRIKES - BALLS OUTS OWATt COURTESY UKIV1RWTY CO O Outfielder Summers socks one of his famous blows for the ' Horns. Denman traps a grounder at second base Page 431 Boyd at shortstop takes the ball from his glove to throw the runner out at second. Young guards his position at first base against would-be Aggie runners. Centerfielder Bandy races down to first base. Pitcher Myer is on his way to another victory. Pitcher Collier pitches for the Longhorns in a losing cause. CROSS-COUNTRY FIRST PLACE SWC GOLF FIRST PLACE SWC SWIMMING SECOND PLACE SWC TENNIS THIRD PLACE SWC MINOR SPORTS I VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY ..- Left to Right: John Wheat, Billy Gilhreath. Ronnie Yates, Chuck Frawley, Mike Hennen, Larry Rhodes, Preston Davis, Richard Romo, Jack Hart. The Texas Cross Country team completed their 1963 season by winning the Southwest Con- ference meet with a low of 34 points. Arkansas placed second with 54 points. The best time was made by Texas ' Preston Davis with a 14:47.8. Coach Cleburn Price, in his first season at Texas, coached his cross country runners to two wins, one loss and one third place in practice meets, as well as his first place victory in the SWC meet. At Dallas on October 11, Texas easily ran over SMU and North Texas. Romo, Davis, Hennen, Frawley, and Yates won the top five places. In an October eighth meet at Houston, Texas lost to the University of Houston with Romo, Davis, and Hennen placing 3, 4 and 5, respectively. The Texas Aggies lost to the Texas road men in a meet October 25, at College Station. Romo took first place with Davis running second, and Frawley, Hennen, Yates, Rhodes, and Gilbreath placing in the top nine. In the Texas Invitational meet on November 2, Texas came in third behind Houston and Howard Payne. Romo placed fourth, with Davis winning eighth. Winners, All! Coach Price talks with cross country runners who placed in the Southwest Con- ference meet in Fayetteville. Pictured on the front row: Preston Davis (first place winner), Ronnie Yates (thirteenth), and Coach Price. On the back rota: Larry Rhodes (fourteenth), Chuck Frawley (ninth), Mike Hennen (eighth), Richard Romo (third), Billy Gilbreath (twenty-seventh). VARSITY LETTERMEN Richard Romo Preston Clark Davis RESERVE LETTERMEN Charles Carey Frawley Michael Hennen Ronnie Vonloy Yates CLEBURNE PRICE Coach LETTERMEN Left to Right: Allen Geiselman, James Thomp- son, Larry Roden, William Mitchell, Wil- liam Munn, Ronald Thomas, Danny Ford, Coach George Hannon. 1964 GOLF SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS The Longhorn golf team won the SWC Championship with a 28-14 record. Texas Tech took second and TCU finished third. In round-robin play, Texas played seven matches of which Geiselman won six of seven to be high man for Texas. Thompson won five of seven and Mitchell won four of seven. Because of a knee op- eration, Munn could play in only six matches, of which he won four. Thomas played for Munn in the Rice match and lost 1-up. CONFERENCE PLAY Texas . Texas . Texas . Texas . . 3 .6 .3 .5 GEORGE HANNON Coach Texas .............. 3 2 Texas .............. 2 Texas Tech 3 Baylor SMU 3 Rice 1 Arkansas 2 , TCU . . 4 Texas .............. 5V 2 Texas A M Left: Randy Geiselman sharpens his driving before match with Baylor. Right: Eugene Mitchell shows the style that helped Texas win the Champion- ship by sinking a long putt. Page 435 HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN Head Coach 1964 SWIMMING The Longhorns started the 1964 Swimming season with a close second behind SMU at the SWC Relays in Austin. From here, the ' Horns went on to take their share of the first place honors and also to set a few new records. George Spear set new pool records in the 200-yard butterfly at both the SMU and Texas A. M. meets. He then went on to sweep both the 100 and 200-yard butterfly events at the SWC Meet in Lubbock. Despite this fine showing, combined with the efforts of a strong field of experienced lettermen, Texas placed second to the swimming " King, " SMU, at the SWC Meet in Lubbock. By winning in the butterfly events at the SWC Meet, George Spear qualified to represent the SWC at the NCAA Meet at New Haven, Connecticut. Swimming for the second time in the national meet, George placed sixth and was chosen All-Ameri- can for the second consecutive year. His time was good enough to qualify him to compete for a place on the 1964 Olympic Team. Texas was also honored by having Coach Chapman named Men ' s Diving Coach for the 1964 Olympic Team. RESERVE LETTERMAN Anthony Post Eastmond MANAGERIAL AWARD Michael Byrd to m - Front Row: George Spear, Andy Smith, Dickie Chowning, Tony Eastmond, Carroll Hender- son, Mike Byrd, Manager. Back Rote: Coach Chapman, Rusty Barefield, Sam Kid, Frank Stokes, Bill Alsup, Mike McKinlay. Cordon Bearers, Assistant Coach. | fell, Tx ach Chapman talks to George Spear about their trip to ihe 1964 NCAA Swimming Meet at New Haven, Conn., whore George placed sixth in the 200-yard butterfly. ALLAMERICAN, GEORGE MURON SPEAR: 100 and 200-yard butterfly. Page 436 LETTERMEN SWC SUMMARY BILL ALSUP MIKE McKINLAY Left to Right: Ralph Michael McKinley, backstroke; George Muron Spear, butterfly; Carroll Forrest Henderson, breaststroke; Russell Morris Barefield, breaststroke. second 500-yd. freestyle second 1,650-yd. freestyle fourth 200-yd. freestyle third 100-yd. backstroke third 200-yd. backstroke RUSTY BAREFIELD fourth 100-yd. breaststroke fourth 200-yd. breaststroke ANDY SMITH third 200-yd. ind. medley third 400-yd. ind. medley fifth 100-yd. freestyle DICKIE CROWNING second three-meter dive third one-meter dive JIM GRAVES JAY SMITH third 1,650-yd. freestyle sixth 500-yd. freestyle sixth 200-yd. freestyle second 100-yd. freestyle third 200-yd. freestyle third 50-yd. freestyle CARROLL HENDERSON GEORGE SPEAR first 200-yd. butterfly first 100-yd. butterfly third 500-yd. freestyle second 200-yd. breaststroke second 100-yd. breaststroke fifth 400-yd. ind. medley PHIL KLINE FRANK STROKES third 200-yd. butterfly fourth 1,650-yd. freestyle fourth 100-yd. freestyle first one-meter dive third three-meter dive Left to Right: Jay Dickey Smith, freestyle; James Booker Graves, freestyle; Philip Sherwood Kline, diver. Carroll Henderson practices his start for the SWC Meet in Lubbock. Left to Right: William Floyd Alsup, freestyle; Richard Wofford Chown- ing, diver; Pliney Cleland Smith, freestyle; Frank Thomas Stokes, butterfly. Jay Smith plows through the water while practicing for the freestyle event at the SWC meet. 1964 TENNIS The Longhorns fini shed third in team round-robin competition with 26 wins and 10 losses. Rice placed first and Texas A M took second. Texas received strong help in its bid this year from seniors, Jerry Walters and Jack Kamrath. Jerry Walters was undefeated in singles play by winning all five matches in SWC competition. He missed one match because of an elbow injury. Jack Kamrath won four of six in singles competition. Walters and Kamrath teamed in doubles to produce nine wins and two losses over the past two years. Jerry Walters won the Southwest Conference tennis championship by beating Barker of Texas A M in a hard-fought match, 12-10, 9-7, 6-4. This was the first tennis championship for Texas since 1956. Walters takes a 16-1 three-year Conference won-lost record into the NCAA Championships at East Lansing, June 15-20. Coach Allison is taking four Texas netters to the Michigan State tourney. They are Jerry Walters, Jack Kamrath, Eddie Strayhorn, and Kenny Wickett. All four will enter the singles division. The Walters-Kamrath and Strayhorn-Wickett teams will compete in the doubles division. WILMER LAWSON ALLISON Head Coach CONFERENCE PLAY I liSanMjLjr Match 1 Texas 6. Match 2 Texas 6. Match 3 Texas 2. Match 4 Texas 6. Match 5 Texas 4 . Match 6. . . .Texas 2. TCU SMU Texas A M 4 Baylor Texas Tech 2 Rice 4 Jerry Walters works toward the downfall ofMhe University of Arizona ' s doubles team. Members of the tennis team discuss strategy with Coach Allison before an important match. Fife 438 RESERVE AWARD Frederick Albert Matsen SENIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD Richard Edward Dullnig LETTERMEN Left to Right: Eddie Joe Strayhorn, Jerry Lynn Walters, John Robert Kamrath, Charles Arthur Lutz, and Kenneth Austin Wickett. Not Pictured: Michael Rhodes Lawless. Kenny Wickett and Eddie Strayhorn take a set from University of Arizona. Jack Kamrath scores points for Texas against University of Houston. Page 439 TOMMY CLINE FORD, President MEMBERS William Floyd Alsup Gordon Scott Appleton Ronald Davis Bandy Russell Morris Barefield Charles Richard Barnhill George Turner Bass Frank Johnny Bedrick Francis Folsom Bell, Jr. James Arthur Besselman William Lamar Bethea Forrest Paul Boyd Clarence Vaughn Bray George Louis Brucks Charles Otis Buckalew David W. Burleson Emmett A. " Duke " Carlisle Gary Thornton Chisholm Richard W. Chowning James Weldon Clark David Lee Colley John Calvin Collier John Allen Cook James Gary Cooper Michal Barry Gotten James David Cowhig, Jr. John Stuart Cram Hugh Anthony Crosby John Patrick Culpepper Thomas Trimble Currie, Jr. Donald Michael Dalton Jerry Dan Davis Preston Clark Davis William Edwin Denman Joe Marion Dixon Timothy Michael Doerr Jack Raymond Dugan Raymond Robert Dulak Anthony Post Eastmond William Frank Ermel Staley Faulkner Kenneth Wayne Ferguson Joe Fisher, III Dan Adolph Fleckman Tommy Cline Ford Walter Dan Ford Jess Jerl Franklin Lawrence Turner Franks, Jr. Charles Carey Frawley John Paul Fultz Bobby Frank Gamblin Dan Nobles Gardner Robert Kimberly Gaynor Allen Randall Geiselman George Stanley Gideon Samuel Charles Giesey James Wayne Gilbert James Booker Graves Hix Green, III Loy Melton Gunter Steven Joe Guynes Joe Clarence Hague, Jr. Kenneth Edwin Halm Kristinn Ingi Hansen Philip Leon Harris Charles 0. Hartenstein, Jr. John Bruce Heath John Henry Heller Carroll Forrest Henderson Michael Hall Hennen Lewis Lee Hensley, III Morton Lee Herman Charlie Benefield House James Thomas Houston Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr. James Clark Hudson William Michael Humphrey Robert Charles Irtner Roy Alexander Jones, II Charles Lee Jordan Terry David Kahn John Robert Kamrath Edward Elois Kasper Tommy Dale Keene Rodney Ennis Kelley P o Top Row: Applelon, Bandy, Barnhill, Bass, Bedrick, Besselman, Bray, Bracks, Buckalew, Burleson. Second Row: Carlisle, Chisholm, Clark, Colley, Cook, Cooper, Cotton, Crosby, Culpepper, Currie. Third Row: Dallon, P. Davis, Dixon, Doerr, Dugan, Faulkner, Ferguson, Fisher, Fleckman. Fourth Row: T. Ford, Franks, Gamblin, Gardner, Gaynor, Geiselman, Giesey, Gilbert, Green, Gunter. fifth Row: Guynes, Halm, Harris, Heath, Henderson, Hensley, Herman, House, Houston, Howe, Hudson. Page 440 ASSOCIATION Sam Clark Kidd, Jr. Anthony Perron King Philip Sherwood Kline Ralph Werner Knebel Robert Wade Kniseley Charles Arthur Knutson Ernest Melvin Koy Marvin Christopher Kristynik Leonard Clayton Lacy Pete S. Lammons Pete Laughlin Michael Rhodes Lawless Robert Allen Ledbetter James Preston LePage Larry Leroy Libby John Carter Llewellyn Gary Erroll London Thomas Ray Lucas Charles Arthur Lutz Thomas Clifford Mankin Robert Leon Masson Frederick Albert Matsen Richard Daniel Mauldin Ralph Michael McKinley Alonzo Perry Me Williams David Lee McWilliams Thomas M. Mickelson William Eugene Mitchell Harold Bret Morris William Hugh Munn Glenn Burke Musgrove Robert Wills Myer, Jr. Tommy Hall Nelms Tommy H. Nobis Robert Patrick Nunis Knox Dillon Nunnally Derrell Martin Oliver Keith Quenton Owen Harold Marvin Philipp Charles Wesley Price James Kenneth Puryear Larry Gene Rhodes Michael E. Riggs Gordon Leigh Roberts Larry Frank Roden Richard Romo Robert Eugene Ross Walter Coyce " Sandy " Sands Edward Stephenson Sansom George Henry Sauer John Edward Schmid Robert Allen Sewell Andrew J. Smith James Robert Smith Jay Dickey Smith Pliny Cleland Smith Harold S. Sparks, III George Myron Spear Robert Daniel Spellings John McGuffin Steele Thomas Allen Stockton Frank Thomas Stokes Eddie Joe Strayhorn William Reese Strong Dunklin A. Sullivan Letcher Ward Summers Kenneth George Sunderland Charles Dan Talbert Ronald Byron Thomas James Carlyle Thompson, Jr. Michael Rayburn Thompson Terence Colquitt Todd John C. Treadwell Olen U. Underwood Tommy Virgil Wade Jerry Lynn Walters Ronald David Weaks Jerry Lee Weinstein Robert Ellis Wells Kenneth Austin Wickett Rex Gerald Wilson James Leslie Wommack Robert Paul Wyat t Ronny Vonhoy Yates Reginald Gladish Young, Jr. Top Row: Jones, Kahn, Kamrath, Kasper, Kelley, King, Knebel, Koy, Kristynik, Lacy. Second Rote: Lammons, Ledbetter, London, Mankin, Matsen, Mauldin, D. McWilliams, A. McWilliams, Morrir. Third Roto: Musgrove, Nelms, Nobis, Nunis, Nunnally, Oliver, Philipp, Price, Rhodes, Riggs. Fourth Rote: Roberts, Roden, Romo, Ross, Sands, Sauer, Sewell, J. R. Smith, J. D. Smith, Spear. Filth Row: Stockton, Sullivan, Talbert, Thomas, J. Thompson, M. Thompson, Todd, Treadwell, Underwood, Wade, Weaki. Page 441 V - Frank Medina keeps the Longhorns in shape to win the national championship. TRAINERS Frank Edwin Medina, Head Trainer Charles Doyle and Jay Ward Clinton B. Thompson Terry Hale John Wayne Phelps FOO BA] BASEBALL SWIMMING TENNIS BASKETBALL GOLF TRACK CROSS COUNTRY FRESHMAN SPORTS FRESHMAN AWARDS Kelly Lynn Baker John Wesley Barnes Hoyt Eugene Bledsoe Jr. Tommy Norman Cade William Howard Childers David Alexander Conway Jr. Melvin David Davis Phillip Dorn Derrick Darrell John Elliott John Moody Gee Ragan Douglas Gennusa James Tilman Haley Grady Fillmore Herold Jr. James Carlton Helms Charles Marion Holman Earl Dee Hudson David Wood Jefferies John Edward Jolly Michael Robert Lary Anthony Allen Longfeld Robert James Leach Henry Allen Leeper Lawrence Ray Leonard Malcolm James Lewis Teddy Gene Lilljedahl Gary Douglas Moore James Graham Moses Robert Lyle Oliver Douglas Belknap Owen Charles Ronald Owens Earl William Paschal III Jarvis Holland Porter Robert Paul Sebastian Gary Clifton Shaw Jim Ivan Slaughter Edward Clinton Small Robert Floyd Stanley William Douglas Sullivan Glyn Wayne Suttle Wayne Thomas Sva dlenak Gary Harlan Tipton John Richard Weidling Randall Dwayne Whitehead MANAGERIAL AWARD Les Palmer John Cleveland Tony Langfeld takes advantage of his 1 teammates ' timely block for long yardage in the Rice game. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The ' 63 Yearlings with a 1-4 record could possibly have produced another fine season but in each of their four losses, the Yearlings were close to that winning or that go-ahead score when they lost the ball. By snipping the SMU jinx, they gained their sole win for the 1963 season, 16-0. In their 17-21 loss to Baylor, they held the Cubs 17-7 until the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, with -Texas leading 17-14, number one rusher, Robert Leach of Jacksboro broke for a 17-yard gain to the Baylor 32 when he was tackled and lost the ball. Baylor ' s recovery allowed the Cubs to throw and complete a long touchdown pass to win the game.. In the 7-10 loss to TCU, tailback Jim He lms of San Benito, the number two rusher, fumbled as he hit the goal line with two minutes left to play. TCU recovered to save the game for themselves. In their 7-31 loss to Rice, the frosh were just trailing by 7-12 in the third quarter when Leach fumbled as he crossed the goal line. That score would have put Texas ahead and they probably wouldn ' t have had to gamble, which resulted in Rice ' s pass interceptions turning into a disastrous fourth period for the Yearlings. The Texas freshmen failed to produce a touchdown in seven bids as they bowed to the Texas A M Fish, 7-0, in the final game for both teams. Despite the losing record, which was the first for Texas since 1955, the Yearlings wound up ahead of their fine opponents in first downs, 66-65; total offense 1,104-936; rushing yardage 899-456; and punting average 40.2-37.5. Leach gained 282 yards, Helms 235, and quarterback Grady Herold was third with 109. Helms was the top scorer, with four of the six Yearl ing ' s touchdowns. He was also an out- standing punt returner, seven for 142 yards, including one for a touchdown against Rice. SCORES Texas 17 Baylor 21 Texas 7. . Rice 31 Texas 16 SMU Texas 7 TCU 10 Texas A M 7 ROBERT C. SCHULZE Coach David Conway is corraled by three Rice tacklers as John Elliot (85) and Dwayne Whitehead (70) look on. P e 444 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN AWARDS Richard Joseph Bueltel Henry Weldon Fielder Michael Eugene Gammon Larry Mack Howell Robert Wesley Lambert Jackson Lee Nash William Field Overall Donald Douglas Patteson, Jr. Stephen Purcell, Jr. Bo Rothchild Steve Van Vliet Minton Lee White William Kistler Danvers, Freshman Managerial Award Front Row: Robert Lambert, Steve Purcell, Don Patteson, Hank Fielder, Bill Overall. Back Raw: Student Coach Donnie Lasiter, Assistant Coach Jess Richardson, Mike Gammon, Bo Rothchild, Minton White, lick Nash, Steve Van Vliet, Larry Howell, Dick Bueltel, Kim Martin, Manager Bill Danvers, Student Coach Jimmy Gilbert. SCORES Texas 79 Del Mar 73 Texas 69 Victoria College 61 Texas 75 ... Wharton Junior College 71 Texas 83 Baylor 80 Texas 116 Texas A M 84 Texas 88. . . Lon Morris 101 Texas 80 TCU 94 Texas 95 Rice 85 Texas 84 TCU 86 Texas 101 Rice 92 Texas 90 Baylor 86 Texas 83. . . Texas A M 65 FRESHMAN SWIMMING FRESHMAN AWARDS John Wesley Cardwell John Ross Corzette Richard James Glaser James Frank Hughes Harold Longenette Paul Alan Mamaliga Samuel Terrence Parker Carr Staley David Michael Steiger Gregory Wilkins Thompson Gregg Cooper Waddill Richard Charles Westerlund Mich 3! C. Byrd, Freshman Managerial Award Front Row: Richard Westerlund, John Cardwell, Shad Longenette, John Rughel, Richard Claier. Back Row: Paul Mamaliga, Terry Parker, David Steiger, Gregory Thompson, Carr Staley, Manager Micha el Byrd. Page 445 FRESHMAN TRACK Fro if flow: Joe Scldon, David Webb, James Means, Doug Cockerham, Don Parkhurst, Bobby Mims. Second Ron-: Martin Ross, Gerald Segrest, Mark King, Gary Tipton, Mike Sowera, Eddie King. Third Row: Coach Price, John Elliott, Delbert Roe, Bob O ' Bryan, Toby Belt, Fred Graeber, Coach Patterson. FRESHMAN TRACK LETTERMEN Walter Edwin Belt Marlin Maurice Blake Leslie Douglas Cockerham Darrell John Elliott Fred David Graeber Mark Pryor King James Horatio Means Robert Wayne Mims James Lee Norman Gerald Wayne Segrest Wilson Joe Seldon Sidney Michael Sowers David Farnsworth Webb Frosh Don Parkhurst the Texas Relays. runs in the 100-yard Dash in Robert Keene O ' Bryan Donald Ray Parkhurst Delbert Wade Roe Byron Talmadge Sansom Freshmen Managerial Awards Eddie Lee King Martin Allen Ross 440- Yard Relay (Doug Cockerham, Bob O ' Bryan, James Means, Don Parkhurst) at SWC 41 .5n. Mile Run Bill Selden at Houston 4:31.3n. 440 Dash O ' Bryan at SWC 48.8n; Fred Graeber at Houston 51.5n. 100 Dash Parkhurst at SWC 9.7w; Cockerham at SWC 9.8nw; Means at Houston lO.On. High Hurdles Gerald Segrest at Houston 17.0n. 880 Run David Webb at SWC 1:52.9; Byron Sansom at College Station l:59.5n. 220 Dash (turn) Parkhurst at Houston 21. 8n; Cockerham at Houston 21. 9n. Medium Hurdles No entries. Mile Relay (Means, Gary Tipton, Webb, O ' Bryan) at SWC 3:20.3n. Shot Put Toby Belt at Houston 52-414. Discus Delbert Roe at Ft. Worth 138-71 4; Mike Sowers at Ft. Worth 132-8n; Belt at College Station 127-6n. Javelin Sowers at SWC 197-4i 2 . High Jump Segrest at Houston 6-4 n: John Elliott and Gene Bledsoe at Houston 6-On. Broad Jump No entries. Pole Vault Mark King at SWC 14-1%. Pige 446 FRESHMAN BASEBALL SCORES Yearlings 1 Austi n Lanier High School 2 Yearlings 7 Baylor 4 Yearlings 8 . Rice 10 Yearlings 13 Texas A M 7 Yearlings 3 Austin McCallum High School 1 Yearlings 1 Austin High School Yearlings 1 Wharton Junior College 3 Yearlings 7 Rice 1 Yearlings 4 Baylor 1 Yearlings 10 Austin Johnston High School 4 Yearlings 5 Blinn Junior College 11 Yearlings 4 Texas A M FRESHMAN AWARDS Dennis Enderlin Michael Eugene Gammon Donald Mack Johnson Gary Douglas Moore Robert Lyle Oliver Leslie Lloyd Palmer, Jr. James Robert Raup Joseph Thomas Robertson Samuel James Scheschuk William E. Slaughter William Knox Smartt Thomas M. Sumners Minton White Harold Harrison, Freshman Managerial Award FRESHMAN TENNIS FRESHMAN GOLF FRESHMAN AWARDS William Dan Driscoll Marshall Todd Ezell Theodore Paul Gorski, Jr. Leo Oscar LaBorde William Harbert Marshall David W. Nelson Harry Todd Phillips WILMER ALLISON Coach FRESHMAN AWARDS Dee Solon Finley Sanford D. Hanes James Mike Holbrook James Frank Key John Raymond Pipkin GEORGE HANNON Coach FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY FRESHMAN AWARDS Wilson Joe Seldon Kenneth Sunderland Freshman Coach Pat Clossey with Ken Sunderland. Ken came in first place in all the races he ran during the 1963 Frosh season. P.gc 448 INTRAMURALS Page 449 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS HIGH POINT TROPHY PARTICIPATION TROPHY Left to Right: Julia Ann Brown, Margaret Koy, Kinsolving, THIRD PLACE; Carol Doss, Virgie Klein (not pictured), Coopi, FIRST PLACE; Ann Akridge, Jackie Rainosek (not pictured), Kappa Kappa Camma, SECOND PLACE. Left la Right: Carol Doss, Whitehall, THIRD PLACE; Ann Akridge, Kappa Kappa Gamma, FIRST PLACE; Carol Searight, Phi Mu, SECOND PLACE. FACULTY COMMITTEE K. H. Peterson, Chairman Carolyn Hewa tt Mary Lou Anselin Shiela O ' Gara Shirley Bird Perry A. A. Rooker K. K. Klein R - A - Sininger R. H. Williams INTRAMURAL STAFF Director Shiela O ' Gara Associate Director Carolyn Hewatt Assistant Director Evelyn Low Intramural Secretary Margaret Noack SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY BEST MANAGER AWARD The Woman ' s Intramural program aims to have a sport for every girl and every girl in a sport. Through this program they strive to help girls to experience wholesome competition, to learn co-operation and self-control, to learn to use leisure time wisely, to acquire a knowl- edge of and liking for sports, to develop bodily grace and improve fitness, to learn to accept and appreciate responsibilities to an individual as well as to a group and to enlarge one ' s circle of acquaintances on campus. This year ' s intramural program offered a wide variety of team and individual sports to all University women. Trophies are awarded for winning tournaments, accumulating the largest number of points throughout the year, for the best manager, and for sportsmanship. Carol Dot . Co-opt; Kay Sprint, Chi Omega (not pictured) . Ann Akridft, Kapp Kmppt Camma. Parr 450 MANAGERS FALL SPORT-MANAGERS Alpha Chi Omega BECKY NELSON, SUSAN BLOOD Alpha Delta Pi KATHY FRENCH, ANN TERRELL Alpha Epsilon Phi -STEPHANIE POLLACK Alpha Gamma Delta LOU ELLEN BREUER Alpha Kappa Alpha ETTA JEAN MAYS Alpha Omicron Pi LINDA MASON Alpha Phi BETTY EGELHOFF, SHERYL BEHNE Alpha Xi Delta LUCILLE MILLER, BARBARA PACKARD Austin Independents SHERYL YEARY Blanton Dormitory JANICE LAIN Chi Omega PEGGY HAGOOD, KAY SPRING Co-ops VIRGIE KLEIN, CAROL DOSS Delta Delta Delta NANCY NEBLETT Delta Gamma KAY WORREL, SUNNY LANGSTON Delta Phi Epsilon YNETTE SIEGELMAN, FRANCINE YAKER Delta Zeta JAN MUSICK, REBECCA HARDEN Gamma Phi Beta SANDY BURNETT, SALLY MATHIS . House Independents MARY ROPER Kappa Alpha Theta DAISY WHITRIDGE, CAROLYN DUDLEY Kappa Kappa Gamma JACKALYN RAINOSEK, ANN AKRIDGE Kinsolving Dormitory MARGARET KOY, JULIA ANN BROWN Littlefield Dormitory KATIE ASTON Newman Club CALA SHIELDS Phi Mu CAROL SEARIGHT, PAT WOOD Pi Beta Phi CHARLIE COCKING, LINDA BLACK Scottish Rite Dormitory DOROTHY KENDALL, KAYE COSBY Sigma Delta Tau DINY PLOTSKY, ANN GOLDBERG Zeta Tau Alpha CAROL DAWSON, JUDY DOWNS TOUCH FOOTBALL ORANGE BRACKET Front Roto: Carol Dawson, Zeta Tau. Alpha; Nancy Neblett, Delta Delta Delta; Lela Smith, Independent; Peggy Winckler, Alpha Gamma Delta; Kay Walton, Phi Mu. Second Row: Sandy Burnett, Gamma Phi Beta; Virgie Klein, Co-ops; Mary Summers, Independent; Linda Mason, Alpha Omicron Pi; Margaret Koy, Kinsolving. Back Row : Janice Lain, Blanton; Kathy French, Alpha Delta Pi; Katie Aston, Littlefield; Lucille Miller, Alpha Xi Delta; Carol Doss, Co-ops; Peggy Hagood, Chi Omega; Jane Voight, Carothers. MANAGERS SPRING Front Row: Julia Ann Brown, Kinsolving; Ann Akridge, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Barbara Packard, Alpha Xi Delta. Second Row: Gala Shields, Newman; Sunny Langs ton, Delta Gamma; Kay Spring, CAi Omega. Back Row: Sheryl Behne, Alpha Phi; Virgie Klein, Co-ops; Kaye Cosby, S.R.D. ; Carolyn Hewatt, Associate Director. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: SECOND PLACE Blan ton ; Rubette Talasek, Janice Lain, Alice Moore, Zonia Vasquez, Mary Jane Williamson, Judy Bowers, Sarah Williamson, Edwina Smith. Front Rote: SECOND PLACE Delta Delta Delta; Nancy Neblett, Ginger Bernard, Ann Bridges, Terry Park, Sue Harrington, Gail Garland, Tina Plummer, Jan Kinney, Carol Clewis. Back Row: FIRST PLACE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Denny Newberry, Evalie Hawes, Ann Page 451 Back Row: FIRST PLACE Pi Beta Phi; Susie Kean, Susan Page, Betty Jopling, Marilyn Simpson, Ann Akridge, Lenox McCIendon, Suzanne Womack, Jackie Rainosek, Mollie Ramek, Gregor, Anne Taylor, Nancy Alexander, Jo Frances Tyng, Mary Lillian Ross, Sallie Skelley, Austin Rutherford, Pat Spence, Robin Parrish, Erin Linn, Julie Barbisch, Susie De Sanders, Charlie Cocking, Franna White, Jane Dunbar, Margaret McWhorter. Jan Rowley, Lynn Robinson, Peggy Soriero. SINGLES BADMINTON DOUBLES Becky Tyner, Kinsolving, FIRST PLACE. ARCHERY Alice Obenhaua, FIRST PLACE. Left to Right: Jane Pruitt, Ann Hedrick, Independent, FIRST PLACE; Sheryl Behne, Sheryl Yeary, Independent, SECOND PLACE. VOLLEYBALL ORANGE BRACKET Front Row: FIRST PLACE Wh ite hall Co-op, Johnette Schelin, Mary Beth Crawford, Liz Labay, Elaine Lindscy. Frances Lohman, Becky Muecke, Margaret Tiemann, Carol Doss, Aimee A rduzco, Judy Schreck, Pat Southerland. Back Row: SECOND PLACE Austin Independents, Diane Swoboda, Sheryl Behne, Ann Hedrick, Alice Joyce, Renee Covington, Virginia Fuentes, Sheryl Yeary, Donna Hartung. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: SECOND PLACE Alpha Comma Delia, Donna Doujherty, Linda Shaw, Sharon Sooler. Jerry Walker, Lee Erickson. LouEllen Breucr, Anne Adarot, Carol Aaron. Back Rota: FIRST PLACE Alpha Xi Delta, Lynn Harmon, Kay Poll, Lindiay Grove, Sharon Potchernick, Heidi Meiater, Linda Daniel, Ann McMillan, Mary Lou Farrar. Page 452 SINGLES TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES Left to Right: Sharon Voigt, Alpha Omicron Pi, WINNER; Eva Johnson, Independent, SECOND PLACE. BASKETBALL ORANGE BRACKET Front Roto : FIRST PLACE Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Susie De Sanders, Ann Akridge. Back Row : SECOND PLACE Kappa Alpha Theta ; Carolyn Dudley, Gigi Griffith!. POSTURE Front Row : SECOND PLACE Alpha Xi Delta ; Mary Lou Farrar, Sharon PotchernJck, Karen Dittman, Vonnie Arnold, Ann McMillan, Kay Keyser, Linda Daniel, Sarah Zimmerman. Back Row: FIRST PLA.CELittlefield; Dixie Caddis, Alice Wright, Katie Aston, Betay Word, Laura Whitworth, Sarah Williamson, Penny Cody. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: FIRST PLACE Alpha Kappa Alpha; Etta Mays, Betty Griggs, Gloria Grant, Carolyn Briscoe, Thelma Miller, Mary Leonard, Agnes Sue White, Arlette Jones. Back Row: SECOND PLACE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Nancy Scott, Ann Akridge, Jackie Rainosek, Suzanne Wommack, Jann Rowley, Catherine Dennis, Evalie Hawea, Liz Hall. Page 453 Front Row: WINNERS; Diana L. Schuy, Co-op; Marsha Phillips. Co-op; Joan Sundbeck, Independent. Second Row: Sharon Aldrich, Alpha Xi Delta; Ann Whiting, Co-op; Sharon Duecker, Co-op. Back Row: Ann Dutert, Co-op; Pamela Howell, Gamma Phi Beta; Barbara Brooke, Kinsolving; Denny Newberry, Kappa Kappa Gamma. FENCING BOWLING ORANGE BRACKET Left to Right: FIRST PLACE Eva Johnson, Independent; SECOND PLACE Pam Whitney, Gamma Phi Beta; THIRD PLACE Joyce Wingate, Independent and Claudia Jean Bay, Whitehall Co-op. SHUFFLEBOARD Front Row: FIRST PLACE- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ann Akridge, Evalie Hawes, Julie Barbisch, Jackalyn Rainosek. Back Row: SECOND PLACE Sigma Delta Tau; Celeste Birbaum, Celia Picard Gellman. WHITE BRACKET Not Pictured: Virginia Cast rile, Toni Cooney, Leslie Nissen, Carolyn Draper, Lyna Owen, Judy Wright. Front Row: SECOND PLACE Alpha Omicron Pi; Wanda Graham, Diane Adair, Bobbie Baughn, Linda Mason. Back Row: FIRST PLACE Delta Gamma; Carolyn Benton, Liz Word, Becky Harding, Penny Burleson, Becky Maufrais, Linda Clarki SWIMMING FIRST PLACE: Carrie Adanu, Kiniolving. Front Ran: SECOND PLACE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Lynn Robin.on. Ann Akridge, I.indi I.r.rh. Back Row: FIRST PLACE Kappa Alpha Theta; Kriitin Way, Ann Joieph, Suun Philbin, Becky Bccley. Cindy Beonland. Page I ' .l TENNIS SINGLES SOFTBALL ORANGE BRACKET Voiu 7?ou : SECOND PLACE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ann Akridge, Susie De Sanders, Janie Maxfield, Erin Linn, Jackalyn Rainosek, Evalie Hawes, Catherine Dennis, Lana Lowey, Jane Compere, Julie Barbisch, Jan Rowley. Back Root: FIRST PLACE Newman Club; Ellen Langfcld, Cala Shields, Pat Sablatura, Diane Horn, Shirley Dinhobl, Martha Hendricks, Linda Stiles, Lois Pckar. WHITE BRACKET n M ii ii i Left to Right: Judy Jordan, Kappa Kappa Gamma, FIRST PLACE; Joan Richardson, Kinsohing, SECOND PLACE. DOUBLES Front Row: FIRST PLACE Co-ops; Carol Roberts, Nikki Rylander, Rita McKiasack, Kaye Cosby, Irma Garcia, Judy Semeyn, Mary Ellen Farrar, Laura Kassos, Lou Ellen CargHl. Back Row: SECOND PLACE Phi Mu; Elizabeth Doremus, Patsy Martyn, Vicki Hunter, Kay Walton, Bennie Clinton, Sue Wagnon, Pat Wood, Gayle Aicklen, Janet Zrubeck, Carol Searight, Anita Prince. GOLF Left to Right: Sheryl Behne, Independent. FIRST PLACE (not pictured: Sheryl Yeary) ; Elsie English, Carol Reeb, SECOND PLACE, Independent. Left to Right: Kay Walton, Phi Mu, FIRST PLACE; Eva Johnson, Independent. SECOND PLACE. Page 455 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SPORTS ASSOCIATION RACKET ORCHESIS Front Row: Sheryl Behne, Kay Monk, Ann Akridge, Elsie English, Karen Kramer, Nancy Fowler, Dolores Garces, Conception Garces, Beverly Wright. Back Row; Joan Richardson, Rose Ann Rowlett, Dorothy Kendall, Lenox McClendon, Robin Pariah, Kay Smith, Karen Kemper, Geri Smyser, Sondra Daniels, Linda Massey, Flo Vaughn, Jean Merritt, Genie Pannell, Becky Tyner. ICE SKATING fel sra l I ' .in a f ii j car I ft we 1 i K to ! Front Row: Sheila Reeves, Yvonne Bryson, Willie Dolezal, Carol Ann Stone, Vicki Crawford. Middle Row: Belinda Wilkinson, Patti Porter, Dinah Ledbetter, Carol Sue Smith, Charlene Blackburn. Back Row: Margie Carr, Judy Stewart, Ernestine Marchant, Judy Ticknor, Sharon Wheeley. CANTER Front Row: John Walters, Bob Brasfield, Gail Williamson, Tom Billups. Middle RQW: Golda Golub, Martha Beard, Carolyn Cargile, Carol Bohannon, Barbara Heifetz. Back Row: Louise Hembree, Kaywin Carter, Roger Robison, David Durham, Elgene Box, Ralph Sternbergh. TURTLE Left to Right: Betty Quass, Timber Floyd, Anna Brace, Fred Knippel, Lorrte Deals. Judy Denton, Lynn Whitaker, Laura Stockley. Members Not Pictu red: Marion Bell, Susan Becker, Brenda Benton, Susan Hooper. STRIKE AND SPARE Front Row: Barbara Packard, Carol Scaright, Charlotte Hooper, Terry Stevens, Kay Worrel, Armandina Ruiz, DeVette Flower, Susan Rockwell. Middle Row: Alice Obenhaus, Cherry Lesesne, Bonnie Coleman, Janet Cook, Penny Schwer, Ann Mttlock, Bambi Wilson, TonI Cooney, Rosemary Slacks, Sponsor. Back Row: Patricia Carter, Betty Stiles, Jane Voight, Carol Halamicek, Judy Camps, Beth Adams, Kay Swafford, Virginia Moyers, Cheryl Jonrs. Members Not Pictured: Marcia Besselman, Letiti Cbe, Janet Slavens, Carol Ann Voli. Front Row: Jimmie Herring, Diane Baugh, John HOUSCT, Fillis Framer, Marsha Albert, Ronnie Settoon, Terrie Weinstein, Trudie K. Smith, Sally Pomerantx, Paula McElroy, Bobbie Baughn, Linda Mason, Susan Sloan, Margie Mallett, Kathy Davis, Gail Blissitte. Back Row: Terry Todd, John Krueger, Sharon Plantowsky, Ken Hunter, Tom Brown, Charles Hollas, Richard Deweese, Norm Massey, Larry A. Biggers, Tom Robertson, Bob Gerald, Larry Billa, Charles Whittey. Jim McAfee. Members Not Pictured: Bob Gartner, Terry SUdek, Carolyn Fisher, Ricky Goldberg, Cookie Neuman, Ptm Russell. Page 456 4 Mr INTRAMURAL SPORTS FOR MEN Intramural sports are intended primarily to afford an opportunity for athletic participation for the majority of the students, and further to cultivate skills which enable them to carry on not only during school but also into recreation periods of later life. Through practice, a fondness for sports is developed which carries over into life and serves as a means for escaping the monotony of vocational or professional routine. Assisted by a faculty committee, an assistant director, student supervisors, secretaries, and four senior managers, and under the general supervision of the Dean of Students and the Dean of Student Life, the Director of Intramural Sports for Men promotes an official co- curricular program in four major areas: organized competition, recreational activity program, faculty competitive and recreational pro- gram, and The University of Texas Sports Association for Men. Organized competition in twenty-seven or more spor t activities is conducted in such a manner that a sense of fair play and satisfaction will accompany the physical benefits derived. A well-rounded recreational activity program provides leisure time activity to meet individual interest, need, and cultivate skills with carry-over values for the present as well as later in life. Faculty competitive and recreational program is centered around a special faculty locker room and gymnasium privilege which provides members of the Faculty and Staff the opportunities of continued physical fitness and leisure time recreation so vital to all as we grow older. The University of Texas Sports Association for Men operates under the administration of the Department of Intramural Sports for Men and is coordinated with the Intercollegiate Athletic Council. STAFF Director Emeritus BERRY McCujRE WHITAKER Director ALBERT ALBIN ROOKER Assistant Director JACK R. BOSTON Administrative Secretary EMILY S. DuNBAR Secretary ANNE S. WINSTEAD FACULTY COMMITTEE Kay H. Petersen Mary Lou Anselin Shirley Bird Perry Carolyn Hewatt Shiela M. O ' Gara Albert A. Rooker Rollin A. Sinninger Rhea H. Williams JUNIOR MANAGERS, FALL SEMESTER SENIOR MANAGERS 1963-1964 Front Row: James Grider Lee, Kappa Sigma; Jack Vernon Strickland, Jr., Wavy; Duane M. Starr, Navy; Steven Jon Sterling, Sigma Alpha Mu. Back Row: Robert Lynn Hawkins, Sigma Nu; Robert Clinton Smith, Alpha Tau Omega; Phillip J. Paine, Sigma Alpha Mu; James Herrell Sanders, Navy; George Madison Berry, Delta Tau Delta. Not Pictured; William Harmon Simmons, Jr., Phi Sigma Kappa. JUNIOR MANAGERS, SPRING SEMESTER Left to Right: Kristinn I. Hansen, Delta Upsilon; John M. Steele, Moore-Hill; Jerry L. Weinstein, Sigma Alpha Mu; R. Wade Kniselcy, Navy. Front Row: Harvey Alan Weisblat, Sigma Alpha Mu; Jerro Alan Clazer, Sigma Alpha Mu; John J. Werst, Phi Sigma Kappa; Larry Russell Stevens, Acacia. Back Row: Michael Simon Lang, Sigma Alpha Mu; Calvin Moore Boardman, Phi Sigma Kappa; John Drue Christner, Theta Xi; Monroe Wayne Jones, Army. Page 457 TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASS A PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPION Front Rout: James H. McCuistion. Thomas H. Stewart, James Wayne Gilbert, Thomaa William Oliver. Back Row: Richard H. Carnahan, M. Leland Allred, John H. Heller, Dean M. Greenwood, David L. Steward. ur Pictured: John Roy Sharpe, Donald M. Dajton. DELTA SIGMA PI RUNNER-UP Front Row: Jeffrey C. Nesrsta, Jerry R. Sims, William H. Garner, Gary Veazey, Hugh G. Frith. Back Row: Joe H. Bearden, William T. Lambdin, James A. Wade, Richard E. Weitzel, Samuel W. Love. !::: Ul CLASS B PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPION Front Row: Edward H. Esquivel, Kenneth W. Powell, Thomas O. Harbison, M. Curry Adama, Roy A. Herberger, William H. Fenoglio. Back Row: Raymond W. Harris, Rodney W. Satterwhite, Kenneth B. Ford, Herbert E. Graham, Robert M. Speed, Allen R. Geiselman. MOORE-HILLRUNNER-UP Front Row: Robert J. Garrett, Virgil E. Finley, Leicher W. Summers, Forrest P. Boyd, Terry L. Bond. Back Row: Robert E. Wells, Reginald G. Young, Ronald- D. Ealy, Paul D. Allen, Donald W. Ealy. I " .:: ' . fell SWIMMING SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON CHAMPION . ' t to Hifht: Daniel D. Neblett, John J. Patton, Jack Crr Suley, Joe C. Benson, Jake Mark Recce. PHI DELTA THETA RUNNER-UP Lift to Rilht: Thomas F. Soriero, John Hall Thomas, Charles W. Tate. Harvey M. Wallender, Alfred Earl White. Page 458 " (till ' ' - W, Htf C. ML ftt, BASKETBALL CLASS A ARC CHAMPION From Row: R. Donild Ruggles, Arnold M. Reynolds, John A. Garcia, Tom R. Robertson. Back Row: Donald W. Creager, Bobby I. Bowen, Richard J. Bettis, Richard M. Price. DELTA TAU DELTA RUNNER-UP Front Row : Wallace C. Tingley, Careth W. Cook, Leo H. While, Richard N. Buchanan. Back Row: Charles M. Lucas, Michael R. Thompson, Joe Bill Watkinl. CLASS B . P.M. - hM if . Front Row: Back Row: Johnson. ALPHA TAU OMEGA CHAMPION Karl C. Lybrand, C. Randy Curson, Frederick J. Boone, J. Phillip Townes. Alonzo L. Lacey, Jr., Royce E. Roberts, Jr., Ernest E. Figari, Stephen W. DELTA SIGMA PI RUNNER-UP Front Row: Bill T. Lambdin, Hugh C. Frith, Don R. Wilson. Back Row: Richard E. Weitzel, James M. Bettis, Charles D. Sanders, David C. Phillips. WATER BASKETBALL DELTA TAU DELTA CHAMPION Front Row: Richard P. Williamson, Mike G. McCollum, Charles S. Leeper, Ralph G. Reser, Careth W. Cook, Richard R. Clardy, Robert Joe Hull. NAVY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Roger L. Wharton, David P. Cotellesse, Donald A. Tortorice, David C. Wilbourne, Charles S. Snell. oc Roto: John H. Hudspeth, Marion Sanlord, Jr., Joe Bill Watkins, Charles D. Craig, p.-., 45 g Back Row: Henry Amos Harper, Jr., Warren N. Lipscomb, John D. Hogden, Randall Hempling, Judson James Hardy, Bruce M. Smith, Jr., John S. Schuessler. J. Steven Ryder, Jo John D. Fischer, Frank H. Weston. VOLLEYBALL CLASS A IRAN CHAMPION Front Row: Mansour Nikkhah-Bohrami, Thomas L. Spencer, Assad Iranpanah, Ahmet ' A. Gulec. Back Row: Firooz Ghaffari, Felix P. Majul, Jim M. Pape, Ata O. Safai. THETA XI RUNNER-UP Front Row: Will S. Davies, Curtis E. Dobbs, Kenneth J. Rehler. Back Row: John L. Rounsaville, Robert P. Plummer, Robert Dennis Bailey. Not Pictured: Donald R. Wills. CLASS B PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPION Front Row: Thomas H. Stewart, Ray W. Harris, Richard H. Carnahan, Edward H. Esquirel. Back Row: John H. Young, Jeffrey G. Mundy, Kenneth B. Ford, Herbert E. Graham. ARMY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Clifford Thompson, Edgar Oelkers, Kenneth W. Wunderlick, Harry J. Masch. Phillip R. Bowers. Back Row: Kaleem Hazer, James Frank Atwell, Michael R. Bullard, Gerald A. Semrod, Randolph G. Berry. BOWLING CLASS A ACACIA CHAMPION Left to Right: Parrii H. Holmes, Shelton W. Boyce, Robert L. Track, William G. McMillian. ALPHA TAU OMEGA RUNNER-UP Left to Right: Frank D. McMordie, Joseph S. Penner, Dean A. White, Charles E. GroM. CLASS B PHI SIGMA DELTA CHAMPION VARSITY HALL-RUNNER-UP Lett to Right: Allan M. Berf, Gennet J. Glairr, Hanrey F. Klein, Store F. Splritu p Me 460 to Right: Denver C. Mareh, Jr.. Charle. A. Marsh, Wencealao Guevara. Karl R. Womack. (kneeling) . SOFTBALL SLOW PITCH CLASS A KAPPA SIGMA CHAMPION Front Roto: Nick K. Kralj, James V. Carroll, George M. Boyd, John R. Cochran, Timothy R. Herman, Joseph S. Howell. Back Ron: Alan R. Gardner, Waller C. Sands, Richard G. Kouba, Duncan T. Butler, Mark L. Mart, Lewis L. Hensley. BSU RUNNER-UP Front Row: Jimmy Doyle Wilson, Robert B. Kattness, Charles D. Lummus, Robert L.- Bradford, Dennis M. Tippit, Tommy E. Lane, Tomme R. Actkinson. Middle Rote: Robert D. Burgess, M. Gene Franke, James R. Johnson, Ernest W. Gragg, Samuel L. Ward. Back Row: Giles E. Bradford, William W. Niver. CLASS B PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPION front Kim: Knox T. Williams, F. Farrel Davis, Robert E. Oefinger, B. Glenn Graham, Robert Monroe Speed. Back Row: Winfield Hugh Looney, Howard R. Philips, Rodney W. Satterwhite, Leo C. Roan, Eb Frazior Luckel, David T. Roark. ARMY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Michael Vance Killough, Raymond Lee Johnson, Jr., Robert Easton Dahlberg, Ronald Wayne I.azicki, Michael R. Bullard, James S. Hawthorne. Back Row: Captain G. D. Young, Coach; Thomas E. Lang, Pat C. Nicholl, Monroe W. Jones, Richard S. Davenport, John F. LeFlore, John H. Young, B. David Kingrea. SOFTBALL FAST PITCH TEA SIPS CHAMPION Front Row: Kenneth R. Hendrix, Kenneth James Tschoerner, Donald H. Warren, Nicholas F. Grandinetti, Robert G. Russell. Back Row: Darrell D. Messer, Carroll W. Glaser, Samuel Russell Carter. Carroll C. Fuchs. ,. P.E.M. CLUB RUNNER-UP Front Row: James K. Puryear, Brenton L. Hughes, Kenneth E. Brooks, Augustine Castillo, Douglas N. Fullilove. Middle Row: Daniel Earl Schroeder, Michael E. King. James Lee Smith, William Paul Osborne. , Back Row: Stephen K. Sinclair, Robert A. Ledbetler, James C. Strickland, Ronald W. Page 461 Wirfmldn . INDIVIDUAL SPORTS HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS A Left to Ritht: J. R. Taylor, Delta Kappa Epsilon. RUNNER-UP; Arthur R. Landy, Unattached. CHAMPION. CLASS B CHAMPION: John B. Pevateaux, Delta Kappa Epsilon. RUNNER-UP: Lee Briggs, Moore-Hill (not pictured). DOUBLES CLASS A Left to RifHt: Kenneth N. Persenaire, Robert P. Lindsay, CHAMPIONS, ARC; Michael M. Sheppard, James A. Leo, RUNNER-UP, Newman Club. CLASS B Left to Right: William Michael Edwards, Samuel F. Narvarte, CHAMPIONS, Neicman Club; John Clark Fisher, Cuy Cade Fisher, RUNNER-UP, Delta Kappa Epsilon. GOLF SINGLES GOLF DOUBLES Left to Ki,hi. John Clyde Tomlinson, CHAMPION, Vn- attached; Charles Curtis Lau t hlin, RUNNER-UP, Vn. attached. CHAMPION I. ' t to Kifht: Darld Lee Duncan, John Clyde Tomlinion, Unattached. RUNNER-UP Left to Rifhl: Gary L. Bradshaw, Charlei Vance Parker, Unattached. TENNIS SINGLES CLASS A Left to Right: Clifton A. Brasliier, Moore Hill, CHAMPION; James Edward Craig, Acacia, RUNNER-UP. CLASS B: James C. Langdon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, CHAMPION; Robert R. Vennell, ARC, RUNNER-UP. DOUBLES CLASS A Left to Right: Morris M. Reese and Claude B. Prestidge, Lambda Chi Alpha, CHAM- PION. SINGLES Left to Right: Charles B. Middleton and Kenneth T. Summers, Unattached, RUN- NER-UP. CLASS B Left to Right: John William Warlick and Robert Lewis Pendergraft, R. E. Lee, CHAMPION. DOUBLES Left to Right: Stephen J. Stokes and William Selkirk Franklin, Lambda Chi Alpha, RUNNER-UP. Left to Right: Wayne Elroy Schulr, RUNNER-UP, Un- attached; Hillel Kumin. CHAMPION. Sigma Alpha Mu. TABLE TENNIS Left to Right: Douglas MacArtbur Simmons, David Allen Young, CHAMPION, Lambda Chi Alpha. Not Pictured: Frank L. Endres, Henry A. Cray, RUNNER- UP, Roberts. WRESTLING I I. Hi Left to Right: 123 Lb. CLASS: John P. Cogan, Sigma Chi. CHAMPION; David M. Angell, Recruits, RUNNER-UP. 130 Lb. CLASS: Richard K. Nordquist, Sigma Phi Epsilon, RUNNER-UP; Gary J. Harloff, Campus Guild, CHAMPION. 137 Lb. CLASS: Edward C. Voss, Phi Gamma Delta, CHAMPION; Darrell A. Bwchen, Delta Tau Delta, RUNNER-UP. 147 Lb. CLASS: Richard C. Phillips, Unattached, RUNNER-UP; Thomas W. Brown, Delta Tan Delta, CHAMPION. 157 Lb. CLASS: Richard C. Andrus, Unattached, CHAMPION; Robert C. Sturdivant, Delta Tau Delta, RUNNER-UP. r ij ti T V -4 ' - " Left to Right: 167 Lb. CLASS: Jerry L. Ballard, Moore Hill. CHAMPION; Lee T. Burgard, Unattached. RUNNER-UP. 177 Lb. CLASS: Richard I. Pagach. Dorm A, RUNNER-UP; Joe C. Rude, Kappa Alpha, CHAMPION. 191 Lb. CLASS: A. Mike Sandridge, Unattached, CHAMPION; Charles W. Melton, Alpha Tau Omega, RUNNER-UP. UNLIMITED: Vernon B. Krippner, Unattached, CHAMPION; James M. Williams, Acacia, RUNNER-UP. Frm, UJ TRACK IN] PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPION Front Rout: Dean Marshall Greenwood, Michael Rodger Boiwell, Thomas Hall Nelms, Julius L. Bergfeld, Jr., Robert E. Jenkins, Jr. Back Row: Earl D. Newman, Edward H. Esquivel, John Steven Norman, Harry D. Hawn. Donald Michael Dillon, Bert Edward Graham. VIPS RUNNER-UP Front Row: Joseph V. Repa, Richard B. Zey, Tom F. Rhodes, Dan D. Kubin. Back Row: C. Neil Preacott, Richard L. Massey, Billy R. Karrh, John H. Kruefer. Page 464 SQUASH BADMINTON OPEN TOURNAMENTS Left to Right: Jerry Lynn Walters, Unattached, CHAMPION; Charles B. Middlelon, Unattached, RUNNER-UP. Charles M. Holbrook, R. E. Lee, CHAMPION; Williard R. Hebbe, Unattached, RUNNER-UP (Not pictured). SOCCER HORSESHOES HUNS CHAMPION Front Row: Ralph Lee McElroy, Jonathan Neale, Ahmet All Gulec, George Vassilopoulog, Alfred H. Erler, Michael Eugene Lonsford, Marden M. Back Row: Thomas E. Caldwell, Joe C. Rude, A. Henry Fink, Emin Vangul, Walter C. Neale, Horst H. Hasiba, Hannes Boehm, Jurgen J. H. Jan Peter Wogart, Asaad Nathan. SINGLES Braga. Monty Lynn Shepland, Hanke, CHAMPION. Theta Xi, FENCING GYMNASTICS Left to Right; Alfred Joe Hernandez, Unattached, CHAM- PION; Billy Ben Butler, Unattached. RUNNER-UP. INDIVIDUAL FREE THROW CHAMPION Left to Right: Alfonso Dominguez, Unattached; Charles F. Cobb, Jr., Michael Allan McDuff, Unattached; James Reynolds, ARC; Forrest G. Simonton, VIPS; Anthony P. Roselli, Simkins; John F. Seekamp, Unattached. TEAM FREE THROW , ' v. Neil F. Kidwell, Brunette I ARVUHI - Mi PHI SIGMA KAPPA CHAMPION Front Roto: James B. Lloyd, Robert H. Cleveland. Back Rota: Billy D. Howell, Calvin M. Boardman, William R. Walsh. POW WOW ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET Under the direction of the senior managers, the intramural managerial staff presented a special awards banquet honoring those individuals and groups accumulating the most total number of points and for those who have displayed exceptional leadership and sportsmanship. ORGANIZATION ALL-YEAR TROPHY WINNERS Front Row: CHAMPIONS: Bert E. Graham, PHI GAMMA DELTA; Delbert M. Cox, RECRUITS; John M. Mason, NAVY; Jerry L. Ballard, MOORE HILL. Back Row: RUNNERS-UP: Joe B. Watkins, DELTA TAU DELTA; Gerald A. Semrod, ARMY; Kris K. Moore, SIMKINS HALL. Not Pictured: C. Eugene Mallard, ARC. NOWOTNY SPORTSMANSHIP TEXAS COWBOYS SPORTSMANSHIP -fi BEST ALL ROUND ATHLETES 1 Jerry L. Ballard, MOORE HILL Joe B. Watkins, DELTA TAU DELTA WHITAKER LEADERSHIP i ff ' fc ' Mir.- J, " M r i Left to Right: Ken B. Ford, PHI GAMMA DELTA; Billy R. Karrh. VIP; William T. Lambdin, DELTA SIGMA PI; Jerry L. Ballard, MOORE HILL. PARTICIPATION TROPHIES Curtii E. Dobbi, THETA XI Le t to Right: Gerald A. Semrod, ARMY; Benjamin D. Roienberf, ALPHA EPSILON PI; Caylud P. McKinnerner. ROYAL; Billy R. Karrh, VIP ' ,. Page 466 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR MEN UTSAM was organized for the purpose of promoting interest and participation for outstanding athletes in sports not sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics. There are many men with outstanding skills and abilities in various sports who would not otherwise be afforded an opport unity of continued participation. The Association is comprised of various sports clubs, each having its own director and faculty sponsor, is sponsored by the Depart- ment of Intramurals Sports for Men and has been approved as an official campus organization by the Dean of Student Life. The 1963-64 season was the best year for UTSAM participation since it was created in 1946. Eleven clubs were active and all groups have impressive records. The Handball Club won the National Intercollegiate Tournament in Austin. Ken Personnaire and Art Landy won the doubles in the Intercollegiate. The team also took the title in the Southwest Conference Meet in Houston. The Gymnastics team won the Southwest AAU Tournament in Dallas and the Gulf Coast A.A.U. Tournament in Houston. All nine men entered in the Houston meet won either a first or second place, thus qualifying for the Meet of Champions held in Arlington, Texas, during the summer. The Wrestling Club participated in three meets in which they lost a dual meet to Le Tourneau College, placed second, third, and fourth in the Le Tourneau Tournament, and closed the season with a 28-3 victory over Fort Polk, Louisiana. HANDBALL CLUB KEN W. TYSON, Faculty Sponsor Left to Right: Russell C. Scholl, Gary L. Greene, Ervin William Squires, Glen Vorwerk, William Mann Ollison, Jon W. Graves, Robert A. Roberta, James A. Leo, William Michael Edwards, William Moran Brenner, William D. Maxwell, Samuel F. Navarte, Thomas John Tallas. GYMNASTICS CLUB WRESTLING CLUB - JAMES N. MOWRY, Faculty Sponsor Left to Right: James B. Roberts, Gary J. Harloff, Richard C. Phillip, Richard I. Pagach, Jerry Lee Ballard, William G. Hilburn. JAMILE ASHMORE, Faculty Sponsor Left to Right: Jamile Ashmore, Gerald L. Bartogch, Robert F. L ' Roy, Milan M. Kadlecik, Henry Ray Ondrusek, George Gerald Bily, David K. Northington, Clifford S. Cone. Page 467 VOLLEYBALL CLUB BADMINTON CLUB W. WAYNE JENNINGS, Faculty Sponsor Le t to Right: Curtis E. Dobl . Ata O. Safai, Dean M. Greenwood, Robert P. Plummtr, L?o Clark Roan, Will S. Daviea. FENCING CLUB DONALD E. RYAN, Faculty Sponsor Left to Right: Donald E. Ryan, Charlie M. Holbrook, Frank B. Ray. SOFTBALL CLUB DARRELL WILLIAMS, Faculty Sponsor Lett to Right: Darrell Williams, John Douglas Bailey, Alfred Joe Hernande- Jr., John Hal Vandever, Bill Ben Butler. WEIGHT LIFTING CLUB ROY J. McLEAN, Faculty Sponsor Front Ron: Michael D. Core, Carlot Ayila, Harry F. Lundell. Danny Michael Corley, Gilbert E. Foi. Back Row: Roy J. McLean, Dickie L. Phillips, Terence C. Todd, Don Paul Smith, William L. Knlghton. Page 468 J. RAY BOSTON, Faculty Sponsor Front Rom: Carroll W. Glaser, Nicholas F. Grandinetti, Samuel R. Carter, Donald H. Warren, Kenneth J. Tschoerner, J. Allen Keaton. Back Rom: J. Ray Boston, Kenneth R. Hendrii, Thomas V. Sanders, Robert T. Russell, Carroll C. Fuchs, Darrell D. Meiser. The Volleyball Team made a good showing in the National Volley- ball Association Intercollegiate Tournament placing fifth by winning two and losing two. The Badminton Club competed in ten tournaments in which they won singles and doubles in Ponca City College Tournament, won singles in the Baylor Open Tournament, placed first and second in both the Natchitoches, Louisiana College and the Baylor Collegiate Tournament. The Fencing Team participated in two dual meets with Rice, both of which Rice won. They took second and third places in the Amateur Fencing League of America ' s Open Saber Tournament; they also placed second in a triangular meet with the Fourth Army Pentathlon Team and the San Antonio Fencing Society. The Softball Team played only one game which they lost to Baylor. The Weight Lifting Club competed in five tournaments and earned the title of the " Best Collegiate Team in the Country. " They won two first places and the team title in the Southwestern United States Collegiate Championships in Dallas. Terry Todd, an outstanding member of the team, set national and world records in both the deadlift with 681 pounds and the total power lifts with 1700 pounds. Clubs which are not pictured include the Sailing Club, Soccer Club, and the Cricket Club. The Sailing Club won the championship in the Fort Worth Boat Club Regatta by finishing first in all four races and finishing with seventeen points. The Soccer dub split a pair of matches with Rice winning 9-1 and losing 3-1. They won a round robin tournament at A M and tied with Mexico City 2-2. The Cricket Club beat Texas A M twice here and lost to them in College Station; they beat the University of Houston at Houston. THE INTELLECTUAL LIFE The Spring Commencement Exercises in Austin ' s Municipal Auditorium ....... - Edited by Mary Lovey Wood and Marianne Zimmerman HONORARY PROFESSIONAL AND SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS ALPHA CHI SIGMA Fall PROFESSIONAL CHEMISTRY FRATERNITY Founded, December 11, 1902 Texas Chapter, 1952 OFFICERS Spring DAVID CROSLEY JONES Master Alchemist CHARLES RICHARD MURPHY GLENN ALEX WORK Vice-Master Alchemist PHILIP S. BAILEY, JR. CHARLES RICHARD MURPHY Reporter JAMES TRAVIS LEE, JR. PHILIP S. BAILEY, JR Recorder BAILEY RHEA JONES CARLTON ROY JONES Treasurer CARLTON ROY JONES ROYSTON M. ROBERTS Faculty Advisor ROYSTON M. ROBERTS Bobbin Colyer Anderson Gilbert Haven Ayres Philip S. Bailey, Sr. Benno D. Anderson William Lee Anderson Philip S. Bailey, Jr. Granville Harold Balthrop Graham Kerr Barnes Alfred Michael Barr Charles David Brandle, Jr. Stephen Parker Coburn Thomas D. Cole Ronnie Jack Cottle David Alfred Copeland Michael Mayes Easter Joe Tom Bouchier Robert Pressley Bryarly, Jr. Phillip Walter Davis Joseph Micheal Davidson RonaJd Caradine Dipprey Danis Tripp Eastes James Gordon Helpinstill Arthur Furman Isbell, II FACULTY MEMBERS Kenneth Bruce Bischoff Norman D. Hackerman Lewis F. Hatch Henry Rudolf Henze David Mautner Himmelblau Rowland Petfit Thomas Vincent Van Auken MEMBERS Ramsey Wayne Farley Clarence Ben Ferguson Edwin Maurice Flint Charles Harold Freeman Robert Herrera Frias John Henry Harrison, Jr. Charles Hedgcoth, Jr. Thomas Hutton John Lee Irvine William Ray Jahn Bailey Rhea Jones Carlton Roy Jones David Crosley Jones Gary Dwayne Jones Darrell Andrew Kleypas Allen Grady Lane James Travis Lee, Jr. Thomas Benton Lyda Wiley Ray Macune Warren Miller Edward Robert Moss, Jr. Charles Richard Murphy Francis Oliver Nicklin John Edward Panzarella FALL PLEDGES James Frank Dobie James Hughes Price, Jr. Alfred John Siegmund, Jr. SPRING P LEDGES Wai Jean Janecek Gary Lynn Kott Henry William Lester Alton Edward Martin Luther Judd Morton Jefferson Meadows Patterson Thomas C. Ponder, Jr. Craig Eugene Reese Royston M. Roberts Stanley Harold Simonsen Charles Gordon Skinner Jacques Emile Pirson David Bertrand Poteet Ronald James Renz Thomas William Richardson Jerry Ellis Rosson Bobby Gene Sims Ramesh Thadani James David Theis, Jr. William Gayle Todd Benny Joe Wallace Glenn Alex Work John Michael Ziebell H. C. Vale Charles Ray Wolle Thomas Albert Wolters, Jr. Ronald Bert Reinart Walter Thomas Russell, Jr. Jay Henry Troell James Victor Woodrick ALPHA CHI SIGMA membership is composed of men intending to make some branch of chemistry their life work. Membership is by invitation. Top Row: Bailey. Barr, Cottle, Enter, Farley, Ferfuaon, Freeman. Friaa. Second Rote: Jahn, B. lonea, C. Jonea, D. Jonra, C. Jonea, Lee, I.yJi, Maeune. Third Row: Murphy, MOM, Nicklin. Panzarella, Poteel, Riehardion, Thadani, Work. Pa ( e 470 1 ' E ffi id Jr. rick stork, ALPHA DELTA SIGMA PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Missouri, 1913 Paul J. Thompson Chapter, 1928 OFFICERS c . Fall Spring JESSE ALBERT ROOT, JR President LARRY MARTIN WOOD JAMES NELSON GSELL V ice-President JOHN BURTON KENDRICK JOHN DENNIS ROWLAND, III .Secretary WENCHE ROMERO GUEVARA DICK ROBERTS Treasurer CHARLES ARTHUR LUTZ ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE Faculty Sponsor ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE FACULTY MEMBERS Alan Scott Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Paul Jennings Thompson Larry Edward Agan Gene Boemer William Ronald Gilmore James Nelson Gsell Wenche Romero Guevara George Lawrence Arnold Steve Edward Baker Roy Wade Bost Robert Joseph Caldwell Fred A. DuBose Ronald Ray Forrester Prentice Fielder Geddie Gary Everett Bushell Doyle R. Cuthbertson HONORARY MEMBERS George Green Richard Lee Harlow Louis D. Hartley, Jr. MEMBERS King C. Hoermann Warthen Royce House Ronald Kurtz William Tilghman Lambdin John Robert Matlock Don R. McCullough Jeffery Lynn Millar James W. Owens Dick Roberts Jesse Albert Root, Jr. FALL PLEDGES Charles Sanford Eskridge, Jr. Bruce Stone Haggerty Claud B. Jacobs John Burton Kendrick Charles Arthur Lutz John Blount Mayo, Jr. Fred Lee McFadden James Wilmore Romes SPRING PLEDGES William Ward Herries Barry Jan Hruska Hudene J. Joyner Luis Alberto Perez John Dennis Rowland, III Thomas Vaughan Sanders Donald Clifford Ward Larry Martin Wood Michael Bennett Smith Charles Irving Toubin John Herschel Vaughan, II Nolan Charles Voigt Jerry Mathis Weaver James Herbert Spratling ALPHA DELTA SIGMA attempts to bridge the gap between classroom theory and professional practice for those majoring in or interested in advertising as a career. Membership is awarded to those who have successfully completed a semester as a pledge. Front Row: Esltridge, McCullough, Guevara, Lutz, Kendrick, Wood, Kurtz, Gsell. Second Row: Ceddie, Joyner, Herries, Sanders, Toubin, Haggerty, Vaughan, Jacobs, Spratling. Third Row: Bost, House, Forrester, Sharpe, McFadden, Arnold, Weaver, Caldwell, Hruska, DuBose. Page 471 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY Founded, University of Alabama, 1926 Texas Chapter, 1929 OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Advisor Kenneth 0. Albers Allan Joseph Alpard James Lawrence Barnard. Jr. Alan Carl Baum Michael Shane Brenen George Pardue Bunch Robert Brentwood Bux Thomas Reynolds Calhoun . orma Jeane Crow Justin McCord Elliott. Jr. William Pilcher Fitch. Ill Wilson Van Garrett Russell Randy Grace Robert Samuel Greenwood MEMBERS Ann Reed Heffington Donald Loren Herzberg John Robbie Jordan William Ross Lawler Michael R. Lawless Melvyn Lerman St even Arthur Levy William Franklin Looney Roger Glynn McCary Frederick Albert Matsen. Ill Jack A. Mayer James Luther Mims. Ill Anitha Theresa Mitchell Philip James Montalbo . . . WILLIAM VIRGIL TILLERY, III GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH . . . ANITHA THERESA MITCHELL FREDERICK ALBERT MATSEN, III PHILIP JAMES MONTALBO . ANTONE GARDNER JACOBSON Stuart Murry Nelkin Edmund Lowe Nichols Charles Oltorf Warren D. Parker Larry Ewing Phillips John Richard Porter Philip Leonard Robbins. Jr. Jerry Wharton Rodgers Thomas Malcolm Roosth Arnold Mayer Rosen Larry Michael Speir William Virgil Tillery. Ill John C. Treadwell Shelby Allan Wyll Patricia Ann Athey Miles Gregory Clayton Kenneth Ross Cropper Helen Marie Graham FALL PLEDGES James Everett Key, II Herbert Irwin Leiman William Richard Liggett Wallace Brand Mendelson Steven F. Schwartz Richard Steen Schwettmann Hayne J. Sheffield Donald Larry Stanton William P. Taylor Everette Dwayne Alexander Jack Bridges Bankhead James Edward Bock James Eddy Burk Kathleen D. Daniel Michael Clark Graves SPRING PLEDGES Gary Neil Gross Francis Patrick Hadlock Earl Winfield Howard John Casper Leopold Jim Thomas Mayer William S. T. Mayhall William Wade Miller James Norris Neill Richard Joseph Norman Carol Joan Richardson Robert Stahl Totz Jerry W. B. Younger To be eligible for membership in ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, a student must have a personality suitable for medical work, must have maintained an average of 2.0 grade points in at least 45 hours of work, both overall and in science. Fifteen of these hours must have been taken at the University. Page- 472 ALPHA KAPPA PSI PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS FRATERNITY Founded, New York University, 1904 Texas Chapter, 1915 Fall FFICERS Spring ROBERT FRANKLIN SPENCE President MALCOLM JOSEPH WILLIAMS GEORGE JAROME ELLEDGE Vice-President LARRY MARTIN WOOD MALCOLM JOSEPH WILLIAMS Secretary OSCAR ARTHUR SHERRELL RICHARD STANLEY JOHNSON Treasurer CHARLES W. SMITHER, JR. LARRY MARTIN WOOD Master of Rituals FRED TYRA ROPER FACULTY MEMBERS Earl Norman Bailey Irwin Allen Shapiro MEMBERS Nathan Stephen Axelrod Milton Charles Barfield Kenneth Charles Bottom Richard William Cahill James Paul Callaway George Jarome Elledge Michael Dennis Flener Hisham Jamjoom Richard Stanley Johnson William Edward Melton Conrad J. Netting Sherman Chamblin Phair, Jr. John Jay Parmlee, Jr. Thomas Carter Rook Fred Tyra Roper Lon Clarence Schweers Terrell Eugene Shell Oscar Arthur Sherrell Charles W. Smither, Jr. Robert Franklin Spence Paul Gilbert Spencer Charles Sloan Teeple Braxton Hendon Thomason, Jr. Robert Stephen Thornburrow Richard C. Townsend Reynolds Waund Malcolm Joseph Williams Larry Martin Wood SPRING PLEDGES John Stuart Cram George Edward Donnelly Gary N. Espey J. E. Martindale Rufus Walter Miller III John T. Nevitt David Thomas Waggoner Ronnie J. Ward Aven Clark Williamson ALPHA KAPPA PSI requires that a student be enrolled in Business Administration with at least a 1.0 grade point average, and in good standing with the University and recommended by a member. Front Row: Melton, Wood, Callaway, Rook, Elledge, Spence, Williams, Johnson, Axelrod, Roper. Second Row: Smither, Spencer, Barfiehl. Bottom, Waund, Flener, ' Thornburrow, Parmelee, Sherrell. Third Row: Shapiro, Teeple, Shell, Thomason, Schweers, Netting, Townsend, Cahill, Pharr. Page 473 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMAN WOMEN Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1935 OFFICERS Fall Spring VICKI SUE CALHOUN President ELIZABETH CHRISTINE HALL JUDY KATHERINE BELL Vice-President JOHANNA CATHERINE GEBHART DONNA JEAN MABRY Secretary-Treasurer DONNA JEANNE POOL APRIL BEALL Historian KATHLEEN SHIVE HELEN MARGARET FLINN Faculty Sponsor HELEN MARGARET FLINN MEMBERS Diane Adair Patricia Ann Athey Cynthia Jane Baird April Beall Barbara Louise Bearden Darcus Barry Beck Mavis Velta Belisle Judy Katherine Bell Barbara Ann Bender Mollie Boggs Evelyn Mildred Branning Jonnie Elinor Breaker Mary Joan Burns Alice Letitia Cabe Vicki Sue Calhoun Carol Gene Carll Maureen Cassidy Jacqueline Gay Cobb Louise Clarkson Connally Judith Ellen Crouch Kathleen Darleen Daniel Susan Davis Margaret Ellen Deacon Judith Ann Dombrowski Elizabeth Lyons Doremus Linnie Carol Evans Kathleen Wilson Farmer Kathy Jean Ferguson Martha Katherine Goode Diane Susan Gray Gail Charlene Gross Celinda Hall Rexene Ann Hanes Shirley Jean Harris Dorothy Annette Hibler Mary Frances Hill Luralee Hodge Ruby Marquita Hooks Ann Elizabeth Howell Charlotte Huntley Lynda Bird Johnson Katherine Ann Kramer Sherry Jean Lawyer Donna Jean Mabry Barbara E. Malick Susan J. Mattiza Mary Lillian McNeely Lydia Ann Melcher Sally Adair Metcalf Judith Ann Meyer Marjorie Moore Virginia Loy Moyers Helen Hardy Murchison Nancy Ann Neblett Janie Elaine Nicewander Jean Louise Noble Myra Ann Osborn Sandr a Paulette Panzarella Vernell Louise Pape Patricia Gayle Patterson Gloria Faye Peterson Judy Ann Phillips Martha Jean Purcell Sharon Rae Elizabeth Ann Scott Sallie Vonolia Sheppard Lee Anne Singleton Emily Jean Stanford Judy Bess Stewart Gail Diane Stockman Patricia Kathryn Sulak Joan Marlene Sundbeck Charlotte Ann Thompson Laura Lea Turbiville Veneta DuAnn Turner Sandra Jean Vickers Fern Laura VonStein Carol Ann Walters Donna Gail Weintraub Janet Kaye Welsh Belinda Marion Monroe Wilkinson Naomi Ruth Wood Geraldine Lee Zayic FALL INITIATES Loyette Ann Dillion Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Sue Lynn Glidden Sherri Anne Hudgens Claudia Jean Morgan Phyllis Russell Sara Nell See Sue Steele Simmons Jeanette Adams Donna Marie Atherton Johanna Frances Bannon Pamela Mae Benjamin Jeanne Louise Boise Muriel Jan Bouck Barbara Anne Carroll Carol Jean Clare Janice Ann Cockrell Linda Kay DeLaune Sandra Lynn Dykes Carolyn Virginia Evans Marilyn Frances Friedman Lana Sue Frizzel Johanna Catherine Gebhart Judith Anne Gitlin SPRING INITIATES Mary Jane Glimp Elizabeth Christine Hall Frances Olivia Hill Margaret Ann Hinkle Carolyn Hunter Joyce Ann Ingram Barbara Kaye Peggy Kellough Betty Chris Looney Mary Jean Looney Paula Ann McMartin Dorothy Maclnerney Mary Anne Maxa Mary Lou Melville Judith Ann Michna Lizette Lynn Miller Willa Lois Pinto Donna Jeanne Pool Nancy Porter Elizabeth Susan Rockwood Mary Doyle Rogers Suzette Rothen Kathleen Shive Susan Hubbard Sikes Linda Gayle Stevens Elizabeth Kay Strieber Sharon Ruth Terwelp Carolyn Ann Tollman Penelope Warren Diane Weber Janice Eileen Willenborg Suzanne Wilkins Williams Lettie Young Membership into ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA requires that Freshman women have 2.5 grade point average in 15 hours, or a 3.0 in 12 hours during the first semester, or a 2.5 in the first 30 hours. Pjr 474 ALPHA PHI TAU PROFESSIONAL PRE-MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY Founded, The University of Texas, 1959 OFFICERS President MARGARET CLAIRE BROMAN Secretary SIMMY TESS WELCH Treasurer JANET LOUISE BERG FACULTY MEMBER Royce Z. Lockart, Jr. Charles Ely Lankford HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Charles Ely Lankford Mrs. Royce Z. Lockart, Jr. MEMBERS Evalyn Anna Adamsen Yvonne Sue Adelstein Gay Ann Akins Karen Elizabeth Anderson Susie Andrews Sylvia Clare Beatty Janet Louise Berg Ruth Ann Birkman Joan Marie Bohman Margaret Claire Broman Betty Jean Brinkley Beverly Gay Brown Paula Mae Carpenter Madelyn Clemons Coatnie Mae Coleman Jessica Gayle Connell Darlene Cox Betty Louise Crawford Helen Louise David Elaine Jefferson Davis Nancy Sue Davis Susan Jennifer Dickman Evelyn Ann Dietert Rose Etta Dodd Arlene Lynda Farbman Sara Susan Fickertt Judy Adrianne Gallagher Concepcion Garces Sarah Lavonia Cause Virginia Dell Giesecke Kathleen Anne Goodlett Alice Beth Goodwin Mary Don Hairston Walter Lane Henkhaus, Jr. Toni Katherine Horn Arlene Faye Houston William Dawson Jackson Shirley Ann Jasparson Carolyn Elaine Jenkins Martha Jean Jennings Beverly Jan Larson Nancy S. Lee Alfred Clyde Loya Ann Maria Lowdon Donna Jean Mabry Dianna Kay Mann Edith Lynn McCelvey Linda Sue McKee Marilyn Joyce McNett Sandra Frances Mendlowitz Donna Gale Mogle Barbara Ann Musselman Ruth Ellen Nayfach Mary Jane Norment Susan Pais Carolyn Curtis Parker Gloria Faye Peterson Joseph Christopher Ransom Carol Sue Roper Anita Sanchez Judith Ann Sanders Mary Ann Seidensticker Beverly Ann Shafer Mitzi Ranel Shapiro Linda Sue Smalley Carol Ann Sovocool Nell Elizabeth Stevenson Kathy Dean Taylor Nancy Hsia Twiner Daniel Ward Simmy Tess Welch Barbara Louise Widmer Sandra Faith Worley ALPHA PHI TAU fraternity provides information about technical training schools and stimulating programs con- cerning related fields. Excellent scholarship is encouraged by special awards to the outstanding member in each class. Front Row: Giesecke, Larson, Cox, Ro)cc Lockart, Broman, Berg, Wclcli, Sanchez, Farbman. Second Ron-: Musselman, Taylor, Beatty, Ward, Brinkley, Brown, Goodlett, David, Clemons, Henkhaus. Third Row: Adelstein, Stevenson, Mogle, Mabry, Peterson, Worley, McKec, Dodd, Dietert. Fourth Row: Akins, Coleman, Houston, Fickertt, Connell, Seidensticker, Smaller, Davis, Pais, McNett. Page 475 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS Founded, 1857 OFFICERS Fall THOMAS BRADEN DALY .... BILL JEROME COX, II PINNA LEE INDORF OMAR RICHARD CAMPOS RICHARD PROCTOR SWALLOW President V ice-President. , . . . Secretary . . . . . . Treasurer . . , . Faculty Advisor , Spring WAYNE MAXWELL SHULL . . . JAMES KENNETH WATSON ... JEANNE KEITH WILLIAMS EDWARD LLEWELLYN HUGHES . RICHARD PROCTOR SWALLOW Ray Bedford Bailey Reuben Edward Bohnert Omar Richard Campos Homer Garth Collier Bill Jerome Cox, II Thomas Braden Daly Gerald W. Daniels Larry Walter Grosse James Davenport Hall Edward Llewellyn Hughes MEMBERS Pina Lee Indorf John D. Jarrard George Tucker Langdon, Jr. Royce Eugene LaNier Dennis Brooks Linam Charles James McCameron David Smith Minter Dave E. Newman Benito Xavier Noyola Donald Wayne Roberts Ata Safai Humberto J. Saldana, Jr. Wayne Maxwell Shull John Frederick Skelton, III James Arthur Smith, Jr. Jeri Lynn Snyder Kendal Kirk Steffa Michael Dale Utsey James Kenneth Watson Clarence Aubrey Welsh, Jr. James Frederick Williams Garland Sadler Anderson, Jr. Robert Eugene Ayers Ernest Richard Breig Harold Gehard Carlson Antonio Cisneros, III Edwin Allan Cook William Gerrard Cook John Marvin Davis, Jr. Jerral Walter Derryberry Jerry Woodrow Duval Lisimahos John Govates Darla Jean Hartman SPRING PLEDGES Norman Perry Hatfield, Jr. Carroll Forrest Henderson Robert Arthur Herolz, Jr. Thomas Charles Hilker Elmer Terrell Hodges, Jr. Curtis Lee Inglis, Jr. Keith Karl Klein Joseph Walter Levering Robert Smith Mabry Raymond H. Martin Anthony F. Mayer John Malcolm McRae Davis Smith Minter David Lee Money John Peveto II John Milton Powell Clark Raymond Rutledge Malinee Sagarik Artie Joe Spitzer James Harold Stewart, Jr. Gerald Paul Stuyck Don Lee Tew Guy Leroy Wigington Jeanne Keith Williams The student chapter of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS requires that members be sophomores or above in the School of Architecture, and have approval of the dean of the school to become a member. Front Row: Smith, J. F. Williams, Steffa, LaNier, Walton, Daniels, Newman, Langdon, Bohnert. Srctmd Rote: Swallow, Croue. Welah, Skelton, Indorf, Snyder, Shull, Bailer, Noyola, Philip Douglas Creer. Third Row: Daly, Minter, Utiey, Hall, Jarrard, Saldana, Hugh, Con. Pate 476 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS National Founding, 1931 Local Founding, 1957 OFFICERS President ALICE ANN DRISCOLL Vice-president MARY EVELYN MERRITT Recording Secretary KARAL KAY HOWARD Corresponding Secretary ELIZABETH F. BLACK Treasurer . . WARREN WILLIAM MARTIN Anna Brightman FACULTY MEMBERS Ann Marie Erickson Charles Weldon York MEMBERS Caroline Susan Baker Elizabeth F. Black Gladys Joanne Blakeslee Judy Burks Barbara Hurt Alice Beryl Carss Sandra Lois Davis Alice Ann Driscoll Judye Anne Fernandez Patricia Gale Hackerman Judith Adele Hagood Karal Kay Howard Paula Sue Ivey Cynthia Ann Keeney Warren William Martin Mary Evelyn Merritt Bonnie Merle Messer Margaret Carter Montgomery Marcia Jane Putegnat Mildred Anne Redd Ann Robinson Virginia Bailey Schutze William Dale Schutze Barbara Jean Vessels Benna Layne Askew Nancy Louise Brown Linda Jane Davis Bobbie Jo Ezer Forrest Charles Garling, Jr. Andrea Lynn Anderson Mary Elizabeth Bell Mary Marguerite Carter Suzanne Davies Elsie English FALL PLEDGES Dianne Hander Carol Jean Lucas Lula Belle Maddox Manning Alden Mann Janice Kay McNair SPRING PLEDGES Elizabeth Marie Gill Sharon Lee James Jeanie Beth Johnson Donna Kennamer Heide Roselein Meister Donna Jean McNeil Marvin Jim Middleton Gene Edward Mikeska Carl Barnes Mitchell Katheryne Martin Terry Leslie Jane Nissen Aubrilyne Preston Elizabeth Eugenia Richards Suzanne Senevy Barbara Lynn Stone Members of A.I.D. have shown an expression of professional interest through declaration of their major field of study as interior design. Sophomore members are required to have a 2.0 grade point average; juniors and seniors, 1.6. Front Row: Driscoll, Burt, Baker, Maddox, McNair, Ezer. Second Row: Putegnat, Lucas, Ivey, L. Davis, Redd, W. Schutze, Brown. Third Row: McNeil, Hander, Howard, Askew. Keeney, Vessels, Merritt, S. Davis. W. Schutze. Fourth Row: Fernandez, Terry, MiddletOD, Mitchell, Martin, Brightman, Mikeska, Garling. Page 477 BETA ALPHA PSI HONORARY ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 Texas Chapter, 1913 OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer Faculty Advisor GARY L. THURMAN DAVID C. HOLLAND . . . JUDITH ELLEN GALLAHER ROBERTO E. BATRES MATTHEW ANDREW LANDREY . WILLIAM BERNARD BARRETT Lynn Foster Anderson Dale Ellsworth Armstrong Jim G. Ashburne Ben B. Barr William Bernard Barrett Virginia L. Bean Earl Dean Bennett Rex B. Cruse, Jr. Frank D. Graydon Charles Henry Griffin FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Lee Grinaker James T. Hood George Hillis Newlove Gordon L.. Nielsen Bruce W. Roberson Wilbur Ray Ross Allan H. Savage Robert E. Seiler William G. Shenkir C. Aubrey Smith Ray M. Sommerfeld John William Stevenson Charles W. Taylor Junius H. Terrell F. Corine Thompson Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Thomas Howard Williams James Marvin Wilson James Walker Woolley Charles T. Zlatkovich Edwin W. Adams, Jr. Roberto E. Batres Jody Blazek Joe Chartoff Robert Lee Chrane Clarence Wharton Cole Diane Louise Daily James W. Deskins David Hombs Dail Charles Eckert Jacqueline Adele Franz J. Stanley Fuhrmann Judith Ellen Gallaher Richard S. Glassett STUDENT MEMBERS Bobby Allan Grigsby Rufus F. Harris David C. Holland John Martin Hoover Robert M. Hopson John Paul Johnson Ronald David Karchmer James Cearley Kinard Joe R. King Roger Neil Knight Matthew Andrew Landry, Jr. John Paul Lawson Byron Arthur Lax Philip W. Ljungdahl James Royce Miller William Henry Moody Jimmy Lee Mueller Hal Francis Rachal William F. Schupp John Rudolph Seibold Garland Ray Shelton Alan Leslie Sleeper Teddy Layne Sparks Edward Lee Summers Gary L. Thurman Dan VonRosenberg James Ewing Williams, Jr. John Edmund Bartlett, III Judyth Faye Barton William Renshaw Biggs Peggy Ellen Brooks Max Brown, Jr. Millard Don Cannon Jack Chandler Clark Helen Louise Dennis David Michael Dorn David Devon Emmert Samir Bibawy Fahmy Berniece Ann Featherston SPRING PLEDGES Stonewall Jackson Fisher Bobby Don Hart John William Hitchcock Timothy Clarence Johnstone Leonard N. Juncker John Michael Kilgore Albert Brady Lum Dianne Jean McGowen Arthur N. Moore Jimmy Edward Nix Charles G. Peterson, III Richard W. Phillips John Elrees Porche Mitchell H. Raiborn Jack Clark Robertson Douglas M. Simmons Terry L. Sladek Harold S. Sparks, III J. Peter Stultz Richard F. Verinder Don Walter Westfall James Madison Williams, Jr. Daniel R. Wipff Joseph S. Yardas, Jr. Students who have completed six semester hours of advanced accounting with at least a 2.0 grade point average in advanced accounting and all other courses completed at The University of Texas are eligible for member- ship in BETA ALPHA PSI. Fife 478 BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS FRATERNITY Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1907 Texas Chapter, 1922 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer R. CLIFTON ANDERSEN DOROTHY AYRES EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH R. Clifton Anderson Jim G. Ashburne Earl Norman Bailey William B. Barrett Virginia L. Bean Winston C. Beard John S. Bickley Richard H. Brien Jack W. Cashin A. H. Chute Alonzo B. Cox Franklin Lanier Cox Rex B. Cruse Edward W. Cundiff James C. Dolley FACULTY MEMBERS Charles H. Griffin Roger Caldwell Henderson James R. Kay Charles R. Klasson Eugene W. Lambert Elizabeth Lanham Edmund Clayton Lynch Francis Barns May George H. Newlove Gordon L. Nielsen Charles L. Prather Bruce W. Roberson Lawrence L. Schkade Robert Dale Schooler Richard A. Scott Robert E. Seller Irwin A. Shapiro C. Aubrey Smith Everett Grant Smith Ray M. Sommerfeld Burnard H. Sord William R. Spriegel Alfred E. Steiert John E. Stockton James A. Swearingen Charles Wallace Taylor Junius H. Terrell Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Charles T. Zlatkovich HONORARY MEMBERS Lester Lum Colvert Henry H. Dewar S. Marcus Greer A. G. McNeese, Jr. H. J. Stark Jack G. Taylor Carl Thomsen Gus Wortham MEMBERS Philip Rene Cateora William Frank Comiskey Charles Michael Eckert Kenneth Malcolm Kidd Manfred G. J. Koermer Phillip Lee Mann William Thrift Newell, Jr. Seward Eliot Robb Charles Cecil Roper, Jr. Henry Adolph Sauer, Jr. Suzanne Marie Stein Franklin Haley Sweet Ernest William Wehman, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Judyth Faye Barton Robert Lee Chrane Merlin Chapman Findlay, III Robert Randle Gilbert, III Thomas Joseph Halbouty David Chaison Holland John Paul Johnson Paul Garland Keese James Cearley Kinard Matthew Andrew Landry Eugene Pierce Miller Kathleen Fenley Moore Phyllis LeRoy Morgan Jimmy Lee Mueller Charles Thomas Newton John Allen Raphael Jack Moore Scott, Jr. Alan Leslie Sleeper Teddy Layne Sparks Edward Lee Summers Bowman Lee Wilbanks James Madison Williams BETA GAMMA SIGMA requires that potential members be in the upper 4 per cent of the junioV class, upper 10 per cent of the graduating class, or outstanding candidates for the Master and Doctor of Philosophy degree in busi- ness. Page 479 CHI EPSILON HONORARY CIVIL AND ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois Texas Chapter, 1936 OFFICERS Fall Spring CHARLES THOMAS KOCH President JAMES THOMAS HOUSTON JAMES THOMAS HOUSTON Vice-P resident DANIEL LEWIS SCHODEK DANIEL LEWIS SCHODEK Secretary FLOYD ARTHUR HASKETT, JR. THOMAS BENJAMIN BELL Treasurer ELMON BILL STEWART WILLIAM DEAN ATKINS Associate Editor of Transit HERMAN GERHARD LEHMAN, III Leland Barclay Ned Burns Raymond Filmore Dawson Werner William Dornberger Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht FACULTY MEMBERS Earnest Frederick Gloyna Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Clyde Lee Frank D. Masch Hudson Matlock Walter L. Moore Carl William Morgan Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac Robert Davis Turpin HONORARY MEMBER David F. Smallhorst GRADUATE MEMBERS Maurice Irving Ashland William Dean Atkins William Emmett Bolch, Jr. George Max Carter Robert Isaac Carr, Jr. Larry Earl Farmer Osman Ismail Ghazzaly James Thomas Houston Wess Hall Wayne Byron Ingram William Burl Ledbetter Joe Overton Ledbetter Charles Albert Machemehl Kishor Mehta Thomas Oran Neely Michael Wayne O ' Neill Ervin Sewell Perry William Chris Shilling William Lee Young Yousef Aziz Yousef UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Nassar Ibrahim Al-Rashid Thomas Benjamin Bell Kynn Monroe Cole Howard Ernest Collier James Robert Darnell, Jr. Kleber Jennings Denny Robert Henry Espey Floyd Arthur Haskett, Jr. Charles Thomas Koch Daniel Lewis Schodek Elmon William Stewart Peter Christian Williams FALL PLEDGES Jaime Brito Arlie Nelson Evans Tracey Allan Haliburton John Young Keane Herman Gerhard Lehman, III John Herbert Matthys Wilbur Leroy Meier, Jr. James Howard Stephens Harry Michael Coyle William Ronald Hudson SPRING PLEDGES Larry Douglas Long Andrew Delaney Jones John James Reding The purpose of CHI EPSILON is to place a mark of distinction on the Architectural and Civil Engineers who have distinguished themselves by high scholastic records and personal leadership. Membership is limited to those senior and junior students who have maintained high scholastic averages. Pa ( e 480 DELTA SIGMA PI HONORARY BUSINESS FRATERNITY Founded, 1907 Texas Chapter, 1930 Fall OFFICERS Spring JOHN PAUL LAWSON . .President DONALD ROY WILSON HERSCHEL EUGENE BAIN Chancellor WILLIAM TILGHMAN LAMBDIN WILLIAM E. YOUNG Senior Vice-F ' resident JOE H. BEARDEN JERRELL P. SQUYRES Junior Vice-President JON FORREST DULLNIG JIM A. WADE Treasurer WALTER C. LONG WILLIAM HARRIS GARNER Secretary DAVID C. PHILLIPS FACULTY MEMBERS Bobby Curtis Hamm Orville Jeff Harris, Jr. James Rudolph Kay Jack Wallace Ledbetter John Stephenson Ludlam F. John Lymberopoulos HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Jerry C. Moore MEMBERS Clifton Lang Francis Pete M. Folks Hugh G. Frith William Harris Garner Ben L. Gebhardt, Jr. David M. Gilbreath John Newell Gilbreath Vernon Albert Hargrave John Mack Harmon Henry Murry Jones Robert William Kriet William Tilghman Lambdin FALL PLEDGES Ben Allen Krause Don Charles Looney Gerald C. Lund William Arthur McCann, Jr. Larry C. Morrow Bobby Gene Nelson Donald Oliver Nelson SPRING PLEDGES George Curtis Holland, Jr. Kenneth Lynn Jensen James Allen Keaton Jay Phillip Keeter Gary James Knostman Matthias Kramer James Lynn McMurtry Paul Wayne Moore DELTA SIGMA PI selects their members from those male students tration and pursuing pre-commerce and business administration subjects college credit with a " C " average is required for initiation. Stanley A. Arbingast Jim G. Ashburne Joseph Kenneth Bailey Charles Ollie Bellinger William Paxton Boyd William McLane Brown Aaron Hamilton Chute Joe Robbins Ayres Herschel Eugene Bain Joe H. Bearden Michael Holden Berwick James Michael Bettis Bennie Walter Bock, II Charles R. Bones James Albert Boorman M. Eddie Boykin Thomas Michael Boyle David George Chandler Curtis Dale Adrian Jerry Eugene Allgood Cecil William Bain Don Cliff Baughman Thomas Michael Boyle Sterling C. Burke Edward Hudson Baird Jay Stephen Bell Michael Stanley Boswell Charles Rex Brown, II Winfield M. Campbell David Carruth David Orel Cavner William Herschel Choice Charles T. Clark Edward William Cundiff James Clay Dolley William P. Dommermuth A. Faborn Etier Robert Lee Grinaker Harold R. Crutsinger John Randolph Curry Ben De La Rosa Paul R. Doggett John T. Dorbandt James Peden Dowis Arthur Alexander Duggan Jon Forrest Dullnig David Leon Dyer Lester E. Eisenbeck E. Hill Enochs, II Thomas Michael Cendrick David Thomas Davenport Guy C. Fisher Eloy Pilar Garcia Kenneth E. Garrett Ronald Bradford Kinabrew Jerry L. Clowe James Coley Cowden Bertrand A. Dionne Jerry Mac Dunagan Fred Earhart Arlen Ferguson John Kramer Grubb David M. Harrison Francis Barns May Edwin Wilson Mumma Eugene W. Nelson Kenneth William Olm Hampton Kent Snell Burnard H. Sord Robert Martin Taylor W. T. Tucker Harry Vine, III Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Charles Theodore Zlatkovich John Paul Lawson David Dean Ling Walter C. Long Sam W. Love, Jr. Albert Scott Morris Jeffery Charles Nesrsta Anthony I. Petrick Samuel Inman Pittman Charles David Saunders Douglas MacArthur Simmons Jerry Randall Sims Francis Dee Sorrel Jerrell P. Squyres William V. Stephenson Ronald Gene Tharpe Wayne Freddie Turner John Lewis Van Osdall Gary James Veazey Jim A. Wade Eilert Richard Weitsel, II Donald Roy Wilson William E. Young Paul Ray Passmore David C. Phillips John Douglas Raper Jay Milton Reeves Douglas Ray Schwarz James Ray Shafer Jimmy Harold Mosteller Jay K. Gates Billy F. Peel Ryan Lee Reese Tommy C. Sassman James Schlegal Steven Walter Sheaffer Harold Lee Sides Robert Clinton Siddons Willard Joe Sparks Tom Willingham White Jack Howard Wigginton, Jr. Gerald Maxwell Wilson William Joseph Wood William Harmon Simmons, Jr. Roland Kerby Smith K. Steve Sullins Richard Sidney Van Zant Richard Clinton Vilven Tom M. Vincent Clinton Ray Werner Victor Franklin Wratten enrolled in the College of Business Adminis- . A minimum of two semesters or 28 hours of Front Row: Beltis, Davenport, Sims, D. Wilion, Bock, Frilh, Bones, Garner, H. Bain, Lawson, Ludlam, Young, Wade, Squyrea, Pittman, Doggett. Second Rote: Raper, Carrett, I.ooncy, Sparks, Morris, Morrow, Lore, De La Rose, Dyer, Dorbandt, Lambdin, Nesrsta, Simmons, Allgood, Tharpe, Saunders. Third Row: Cendrick, Long, Van Osdall, Lund, Berwick, Dowis, Wood, Crutsinger, Kinabrew, J. Cillbreath, Adrian, Hargrave, White, Garcia. Fourth Row: Schwarz, Bearden, Petrick, Francis, McCann, Eisenbeck, Boyle, Wigginton. Ling, Passmore, D. Nelson, Enochs, Kriet. Fifth Row: Duggan. Baughman, Weitzel, Reeves, D. Gilbreath, Dullnig, C. Bain, C. Wilson, Stephenson, Phillips. Sorrel, Fisher, Shafer, Siddons. ETA KAPPA NU HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1904 Texas Chapter, 1928 Fall OFFICERS Spring WILLIAM ERVEN SAYLE, II MICHAEL KEITH MASTEN President WILLIAM ERVEN SAYLE, II Vice-President ROBERT WARREN HANKS JAMES HOWARD NATION Recording Secretary JAMES JOSEPH MAGEE JAMES JOSEPH MAGEE Corresponding Secretary GUY WALTER HAYNES ALBERT WASHINGTON BAIRD, III Treasurer JOHN E. BOEHL EDWIN CARL LOWENBERG Faculty Advisor EDWIN CARL LOWENBERG Francis X. Bostick, Jr. Clarence L. Coates Arwin Adelbert Dougal William Charles Duesterhoft Burns Newman Gafford FACULTY MEMBERS William H. Hartwig Elmer L. Hixson Roy Rankin Krezdorn Alfred Hall LaGrone Edwin Carl Lowenberg Charles Harold Roth, Jr. Harold Wood Smith Archie Waugh Straiten Herbert Lyndon Taylor Grover Cleveland Wetsel, Jr. Raymond Best Allen George Dickey Arndt Albert Washington Baird. Ill David Anthony Biedermann Marvin Gaines Bloomquist Raymond William Bohls, Jr. Oran Brigham, Jr. Milton Thomas Buchanan George Lafayette Cardwell, III William Harold Carter Carroll Winston Chapman John Paul Craig Otto M. Friedrich, Jr. Daniel Graham Galloway GRADUATE MEMBERS Robert Fonda Gribble Charles Lewis Grimes David Grissom Clovis Roland Haden Charles A. Harlow Christian Otto Hemmi Jimmie McRae Horton John M. Hughes Magne Kristiansen Parker Mixson Loeffler Gayle Patrick Martin Michael Keith Masten Frederick William Patrick UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Jack Allen Rawls, Jr. Howard Nixon Roberts William Erven Sayle, II Allan Burnham Schmitt Yeb Jo Seto Jackie Lee Stone Ben Garland Streetman Alex R. Thomas, Jr. William Roy Tooley Joe Mayor Victor Joseph Tee Watt, Jr. Gerald Wayne Whatley James Wesley Whiteley Darrell Roy Word John E. Boehl Leighton Baugh Brown Joseph Cardaro Billy Dan Carroll Billy George Franklin Mario Jesus Gonzales, Jr. Robert -Warren Hanks Guy Walter Haynes Richard Ellsworth Huffman James Joseph Magee David Temple Mayhall James Howard Nation Donald Ray Taylor EarlW. Tiedt Robert Wallace Young Robert Randolph Caddel Carroll Thomas Dawson Eugene Gus Dierschke Tim Michael Duffee Frank C. Harris Jon Dale Horton FALL PLEDGES Fred William Langner William John Macha Wesley Talbott Prescott James Edsel Risinger Morris Smith Ruggles SPRING PLEDGES Jack Wallis Samford Otto H. Schroeder Joe Frank Sexton Robert Alan Williams Arthur E. Wilson, Jr. James Michael Wilson Paul Curtis Brooks Kenneth Randolph Castleman David Michael Darsey William Lynn Docekal Claude Herbert Feistel Dale Ralph Harbison Wayne Lamar Heintschel Gary Lynn Hunt Charles Elbert Laird, Jr. Charles Wilson Lindsey, III Anton James Matula Gary York Robinson Joe Reedis Thompson Bernard Frank Tupa John Alvin Voltin Frederic Weigl Travis Gordon White Edward Yablonski ETA KAPPA NU elects its members from those male students in their junior or senior year who meet the re- quirements of good character and high scholarship. Pf 82 FRIAR SOCIETY HONOR SOCIETY FOR MEN Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 Fall MICHAL BARRY GOTTEN . . LARRY LYNN SCHOENBRUN JOHN R. COPE OFFICERS Spring . Abbot LARRY LYNN SCHOENBRUN Scrivener TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN .Almoner. . . JOHN SINCLAIR HARTMAN, III _- Charles T. Clark John Connally William A. Cunningham H. C. Englehardt FACULTY MEMBERS Gus M. Hodges Ettore H! F. Infante Albert P. Jones Wales H. Madden, Jr. Calvin Cleave Nolen Arno Nowotny Edwin Werner Olle John G. Steele Benjamin Fletcher Wright Jack Bethel Brown John R. Cope Michal Barry Gotten John Patrick Culpepper James Hudson Dudley MEMBERS William Cook Fielder Julius Glickman Leon Norrod Graham William Neal Kocurek Magne Kristiansen Gregory Owen Lipscomb Bobby Glen Odle Shannon Harrison Ratliff Arthur Louis Schechter Larry Lynn Schoenbrun Tommy Drew Cauthorn Charles Samuel Giesey, Jr. FALL INITIATES John Sinclair Hartman. Ill Thomas Lee Hutcheson Edward Bradford Pickett Howard Nixon Roberts Clarence Vaughn Bray Jim Ray Fletcher SPRING INITIATES James Edgar Goodnight Ferdinand Charles Meyer. Jr. John Mack Orr Donald Richard Smith The FRIAR SOCIETY confers the honor of membership upon the twelve or less most eligible men chosen from each senior class or higher. Page 483 GAMMA ALPHA CHI PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Missouri, 1920 Texas Chapter, 1960 OFFICERS Fall MILDRED MARIE APEL President . . . JUDITH ANN ASEL V ice-President . LINDA LOU RENEAU Secretary . . . LINDA LOU RENEAU Treasurer . . . PATSY ANN MARTYN . . Social Chairman Spring .... LINDA LOU RENEAU PATRICIA LEE MIDYETT . . . PATSY ANN MARTYN JOAN BROPHY GLENDA MARGARET HUNT ALAN SCOTT Faculty Sponsor ALAN SCOTT HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Lynn Faulk Mrs. Otto Mauke Mildred Marie Apel Judith Ann Asel Bennie Jean Clinton Virginia Beth Dagerath Elisa Savilla Davis Linda Sue Alder Carolie Ann Baity Bonnie Elizabeth Bennett Sarah Kay Henry Phyllis Kline Ellen Frances Marsh MEMBERS Ellen Kay Feuer Sherrill Lou Goodwin Glenda Margaret Hunt Mary Jane Lawson Patricia Jean Lawson Patsy Ann Martyn FALL PLEDGES Marilyn Blum Joan Brophy Mary Lee Jackson Rita Muriel McDermott SPRING PLEDGES Mary Ann Middleton Mary Mike Oles Nancy Lynn Parker Patri cia Lee Midyett Jane Irene Paganini Linda Lou Reneau Karen Lee Shannon Susan Marie Solomon Martha Hill Miller Velna Rae Thurman Melicent Marie Tlucek Lrene Marie Poston Mercedes Dee Shields Claudia Scheske Members in GAMMA ALPHA CHI are required to have passing grades and an interest in the field of advertising. mm.n i . Front Row: Scott, Midyett, Mirtyn, Reneau, Goodwin. Apel, Hunt, Paganlni. Sfcond Row: Dagerath, Brophy, Shannon, Alder, Baity, Feuer, Davis, McDermott. Third Raw: Tlucek, Clinton, Thurman, Blum. Pate 484 KAPPA EPSILON HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, University of Iowa, 1921 Texas Chapter, 1943 OFFICERS President V ice-President Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Sponsor . LILLIE MAE THOMPSON GLENDA NOAH BALTZER . . . ROSEMARY GORMAN BARBARA ANN NOWLIN . . . LESLIE ANN OAKLEY . CELIA DELGADO Mrs. Henry Matthew Burlage Mrs. Gunnar Gjerstad Susan Marie Ahlers Glenda Noah Baltzer Jacqueline Hammer Caldcleugh Rosemary Gorman Deanna Marye Dimmitt Sue Virginia Finley Gloria Elma Garcia Marie Diane Brunson Cathryn Lynn Culbertson Johnnye Earlene Cunningham Jane Reed Dillard Carol Ann Edmondson Nina McConnell Bates Judith Kaye Duncan FACULTY MEMBER Esther Jane Wood Hall ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Dorothy Jane Lidiak MEMBERS Mary Louise Grose Sharon O ' Nita Herbert Janet Claire Hunt Sylvia Esther Laurel Peggy Joyce Nelson Barbara Ann Nowlin FALL PLEDGES Barbara Ann Golden Donna Kay Light Jo Nell Luce George Ann Mueller Paula Marie Noser Pierson SPRING PLEDGES Carol Ann Halamicek Cynthia Ann Holland Marie Betzner Morrow Martha Rodriquez Leslie Ann Oakley Queva Carmella Palmo Maria Josefa Perez Beth Anne Shocket Lillie Mae Thompson Rosa Omelia Trevino Lillian Jeannine Watson Margaret Elizabeth Reader Gloria Marie Townsend Betty Carol Ward Myrtle Yvonne Willingham Mary Louise Wranitzky Aileen Short Emily Jean Stanford Members are selected from those having a passing grade in every subject and a B average in pharmacy. Membership is by invitation. Front Row: Ahlers, Perez, Trevino, Shocket, Nelson, Culbertson, Thompson, Luce. Second Row: Laurel, Light, Nowlin, Gorman, Watson, Townsend, Noser. Third Row: Golden, Baltzer, Willingham, Oakley, Brunson, Reader. Fourth Row: Caldcleugh, Dillard, Cunningham, Ward, Palmo. KAPPA PSI PROFESSIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY Founded, Russell Military Academy, 1879 Texas Chapter, 1934 Fall OFFICERS Spring RONALD CLINTON EDWARDS President OTIS KEITH DUNAVANT JOHN RUSSELL CARSON ice-President KENNETH DUANE ELLIS ROBERT LINDSEY TYSON Secretary DON HALLMARK JOSEPH HALEY HALL Treasurer JOSEPH HALEY HALL OTIS KEITH DUNAVANT . ..Historian.. . STERLIN EOFF BARTON Carl Clarence Alters Glenn David Appelt Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage John Charles Anderson Joe Gene Autry Darrell Monroe Ballard Sterlin Eoff Barton James Herbert Bates George Rogers Bean William Clyde Brownlow John Russell Carson John Paul Collier Robert Leslie Appling David MacKey Daniels William Sumpter Frazier John Garland Gibbs William Dwight Bartlett Douglas Ernest Coursey Allen Godfrey Daehne FACULTY MEMBERS Frank P. Cosgrove John Emerson Davis Jaime N. Delgado Er Hung Djao Paul Frank Geiger Gunnar Gjerstad Wallace Louis Guess Frederick Valentine Lofgren HONORARY MEMBER Henry Rudolf Henze MEMBERS Adolph Ernest Crixell Otis Keith Dunavant Bernay Franklyn Dusek James Wesley Easley, Jr. Ronald Clinton Edwards Kenneth Duane Ellis James Randall Galloway Jose Galvan James Beall Gamer Joseph Haley Hall Don Hallmark Michael Eugene Kennemer Charles David Lock Herbert E. McDougall, Jr. George John Poutra, III Jimmy Dave Riggins Robert Wayne Saunders Michael William Simpson FALL PLEDGES Joseph Radford Kiowski Alfred Bennie Klaus Robert Thomas Martin O. Walker Ogden Gary Alan Pauer Gordon Neil Saunders Lewis Kenneth Smith Jerry Ted Vavra SPRING PLEDGES Billy B. Daniel Walter Ford Hoke Robert Lira, Jr. Victor W. Mokry Luther Ray Parker Herbert Frederick Schwartz Billy B. Wiley Lee Frank Worrell Jimmy Ray Smith Robert Lee SozS Joe Mac Tarpley Samuel J. Trevino, III Robert Lindsey Tyson Gary Mack Weaver Jim W. White Rowland Lawrence Winn Ira Leland Young, Jr. Ray Douglas Westerlage Walter Miller White, Jr. Lee M. Wolchansky Charles Partain George Robert Stone Roger Dale West Members of KAPPA PSI are required to have a first professional year standing in the College of Pharmacy and a 1.0 grade point average. n Top Rov: Autry, BlUard, Barton. Bates, Bean, Carton, Collier, DuaaYaot, Duaek. Second Ron: Edwlrda, Ellia, Frailer, Calvan, Garm-r. Hall, Hallmark, Krnnrmi-r, Klaui. Third Roa! McDouiall, Pauer, Rl|(ina, C. Saundrra, R. Saunden. Simpaon. I. Smith. L. Smith, Sola. Fourth Row: Tarple;, Trion, VTr, Wetitr, J. While, W. White, Winn, Wolchanakf, fount. Pagr 486 OMICRON NU HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS FRATERNITY Founded, Michigan State University, 1912 Texas Chapter, 1924 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor Faculty Sponsor Dorothy Fehlis Aycock Anna Brightman Paula Janet Chalupnik KATHLEEN DIANE MALICK MARILYN ROUSE ROSE MARIE BALAGIA . . VIRGINIA DIETZ BROWN CAROL LAVON STROM . ANN MARIE ERICKSON FACULTY MEMBERS Billie Bishop Davenport Margaret Anne Eppright Ann Marie Erickson Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Rose Marie Balagia Sharon Jane Boothe Virginia Dietz Brown Maxine Lamkin Enquist Betty Afton Garrett Dina Lynn Hallmark MEMBERS Alice Ann Driscoll Ann Lloyd Kathleen Diane Malick FALL INITIATES Linda Lu Jacobsen Cynthia Ann Keeney Mary Evelyn Merritt Marilyn Rouse Carol Lavon Strom Adeline Novosad Robyn Burns Rorschach Sandra Sue Smith Kendra Lynn Aleff Helen Marianne Ashmore Barbara Kaye Boydstun SPRING INITIATES Bonnie Merle Messer Georgia Ruth Oliver Mildred Anne Redd Lata Thirumurthi Glenda Sue Young Women invited to join OMICRON NU are those who have completed 75 hours of work with a minimum of 2.0 average and who are in the top 20 per cent of the senior class or the top 10 per cent of the junior class. Seated: Malick, Ronehach, Brown, Rouse, Balagla, Strom, Garrett, Ariane Barnes, Erickson. Standing: Smith, Driscoll, Boothe, Lloyd, Keeney, Lynndu Landon Thompson, Novosad, Enquist, Jacobsen, Phyllis L. Richards, Davenport, Hall- mark. PHI BETA KAPPA ARTS AND SCIENCES HONORARY Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Texas Chapter, 1904 OFFICERS President MARTIN MICHAEL CROW V ice-President MARGARET ANNE EPPRIGHT Secretary ' ROBERT E. GREENWOOD HONORARY MEMBER James Iley McCord Gretchen Elizabeth Blackmon Richard Timothy Eakin Carole Jean Gorham James Horace Justice Esther Ritz Lipshy Irene Frances Meyer CLASSES OF 1963 James Royce Miller Roy Edward Morey John Purdy Mosher Don Baxter Nelson Charles Augustus Newding, III Anthony Voss Pfannkuche Allen Lee Pullen Annadine Davis Repass William Roger Schucany Jerry Christopher Smith Giro Valent Sumaya Constance Claire Todd Carol Louise Adams Robert Brockett Anderson James Anthony Arno Muriel Irene Bolding Ann Connor Brown Sara Lee Barbeck Cecil Marinel Cerwinski Welda Lajean Chaffin George Edwin Cooke Jo Ann Cope Mary Marsha Dingle Charles Clay Doyle David James Dunlap Richard Leslie Freeman Noble Gilpin Fortson Janice Galle William Preston Geren John Davenport Glenn Herbert William Henry CLASSES OF 1964 Amelia Mary Janssen Hariadene Johnson Stephen Lester Jones Jan Jopling Charles Lee Jordan Bruce Arthur Kowert Lana Claude Lancaster Gregory Owen Lipscomb Jack Calhoun Scott Long Luther Jackson Lord Sandra Paul Love Robert Cully Mers Edward Godfrey Miller, Jr. Jon Patterson Miller Raymond Dee Mosteller Colin Dale Neal George Frank Oatman, Jr. Dorothy Ann Oujezdsky Comer 0. Patterson Robert Patrick Plummer Richard Cook Rockwell Philip Low Russell Robert Traylor Russell Alvin Bernard Schubert Frank Forsythe Smith Jr. Rosser Jefferson Smith. Ill Janice LaMaster Soriero Kenneth Charles Stanfield Jane Ellis Stevens Saul Generoso Trevino James Joseph Truchard Jane Ramsey Voight Earl Raymon Waddell, III James Willard Walker William David Walter Dorothy Miriam Wilson Peggy Anne Ziegler Virgil Leroy Zoth Robert Earl Black David Windsor Brubaker JUNIOR MEMBERS George Allen Lock Martina Dickson Smith Mary Alice Toborg Billy Hoyt Warren PHI BETA KAPPA is the leading honorary society of America in the field of Arts and Sciences. Members are taken from the highest ten per cent of the candidates for a Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelor of Science de- gree in chemistry, geology, and physics from any graduating class. I ' ap- 488 PHI BETA KINSOLVING KINSOLVING SCHOLASTIC HONORARY SOCIETY Local Founding, 1961 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . . . , Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . Sponsor .... JULIA ANN BROWN . . . . PATSY JEANNE BYFIELD LOUISE CLARKSON CONNALLY . . MARTHA JEANNE PURCELL DONNA G. WEINTRAUB . NATALIE TOWNES Nancy Jeanne Anderson Patricia Sue Balkman Janice Ann Balthrop Barbara Louise Bearden Earnell Beckham Mollie Boggs Julia Ann Brown Patsy Jeanne Byfield Carolyn Ann Gates Kay Dianne Clark Louise Clarkson Connally Carol Marie Cowan Kathleen Darken Daniel Kathy Davis Carol Ann Edmondson Gloria Elma Garcia MEMBERS Diane Susan Gray Diane Virginia Grobe Luralee Hodge Cynthia Ann Holland Sue ' Jane Isenhower Lynda Bird Johnson Katherine Anne Kramer Bobelai Malick Sandra Lee Maser Susan Mattiza Kenny Sue Mills Laura Clegg Monkhouse Leslie Ann Oakley Susan Jane Oppenheim Janet Renee Orts Jerrilee Howell Parker Linda Rae Plambeck Karen Lynn Powell Martha Jeanne Purcell Linda Mauri Putnam Prudy Kay Ramsey Linda Carole Ridgway Jo Sharon Roberts Elisa Delis Salinas Elizabeth Ann Scott Jo Ann Serrano Linda Elise Sherrill Carolyn Jay Stephenson Patricia Ann Tharp Rebecca Tyner Donna G. Weintraub Susan Marie Ahlers Patricia Ann Cooper Diantha Davis Susan Davis FALL INITIATES Mary Louise DeWalt Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Karen Marie Hempel Ann Elizabeth Howell Sandra Jean Looney Phyllis Claire Russell Marilyn Schermbeck Jeanette Adele Adams Jeanne Louise Boise Linda Jane Clark Tyra Ann Cox Carolyn Virginia Evans Marilyn Frances Friedman Lana Sue Frizzel Gerry Lynn Golden Carol Ann Halamicek SPRING PLEDGES Elizabeth Christine Hall Jill Annette Harris Frances Olivia Hill Lucy Gail Holmes Barbara Kaye Mary Blake Lamar Anne Elaine Kelb Carolyn Anne Marsh Mary Lou Melville Meredith Mitchell Carol Joan Richardson Reesa Ellen Samuelsohn Lynda Norene Shaffer Susan Hubbard Sikes Eileen Claire Stilson Sharon Ruth Terwelp Suzanne Wilkins Williams To be a member of PHI BETA KINSOLVING a girl must be a resident of Kinsolving dormitory, and be on any Dean ' s List or have membership in a recognized scholastic honorary. Page 489 PHI DELTA CHI PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY FRATERNITY Founded, University of Michigan, 1883 Texas Chapter, 1905 OFFICERS Fall Spring JAMES CHARLES TEMPLIN Faculty Advisor RICHARD ALLISON TIMMONS RICHARD ALLISON TIMMONS Correspondent L. DUDLEY BARNES LOUIS J. WERNET Treasurer LOUIS J. WERNET JAMES MALCOLM BERRY Secretary ALFRED GUS WENDLAND JACK DUFF LUSK Vice-President JACK DUFF LUSK WILLIAM JOHNSON SHEFFIELD . President . . WILLIAM JOHNSON SHEFFIELD Carl Clarence Albers FACULTY MEMBERS John Autian Reginald William Lowe Lee Frank Worrell MEMBERS Jimmy A. Anderson Lyngle Dudley Barnes James Malcolm Berry Jimmie Caleb Brown Joe Edd Callaway Fred Andrew Ebel Kearney E. Edminston, Jr. Ben Mike Ethridge Jarrell M. Bridges, Jr. Willis Lemuel Bugg James Alan Gate Rodney Michael Gate Jimmy Bert Coleman Marvin Dickey Cousins Julian Cook Durst Phillip Carol Abel John Brooks Bradley James Alan Gate Jimmy Bert Coleman Robert Harold Gunn William Weaver Harris Louis Chris Heinemeyer Everett Allen Hodge Larry Wayne Huseman James A. Johnson Jack Duff Lusk Louis L. Martinez Timothy Haskell McCoy Jack R. Neely James Bascomb Ross Al Sander Jan N. Schmidt Bob Lawrence Simpson FALLPLEDGES David Thomas Fox Lynn Randall Jones Byron Keith Korges Paul Ray McKinzie M. Dwaine McRorey Micheal Ermon Miller Guy Ira Moore Horace Griffin Pickard Loyd Douglas Rowe, Jr. Bobby Gene Scarbrough Rodney Dale Seitz Wiley Joe Shaw SPRING PLEDGES Tim Ray Covington Julian Cook Durst John W. Ford James Gary Johnson Guy Ira Moore Robert Lee Patterson Griffin Pickard Rodney Seitz James Charles Templin Richard Allison Timmons Max Dwayne Tully David L. Wasicek Alfred Gus Wendland Louis J. Wernet Jess W. West James Puttnam Yeates Jim O. Smith Mike Stewart Tisdale Jimmy Alvin Weikel Douglas C. Whatley Jimmy Lee Whisenhunt Ray Gilbert White John Richard Wilhelm Wiley Joe Shaw Glen Hilton Smith Douglas Whatley Richard Wilhelm Members of PHI DELTA CHI are selected from men in the College of Pharmacy who are in their first profes- sional year and have an adequate grade point average. Front Row: Wesl, Heinemeyer, Ethridfe, Callaway, Simpson, Wasicek, Wendlanil. Second Row: Anderson, Sander, Timmons, McCoy, Tully, Johnson, Wernet. Third Row: Berry. Templin, Hodge, Lusk, Cunn, Yeates, Edmiston. Fourth Rou: Sheffield, Harris, Huseman, Brown, Ebel, Ross. Page 490 PHI ETA SIGMA FRESHMAN HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 OFFICERS President GARY NEIL GROSS Vice-President , RICHARD WELDON LAWSON Secretary- Treasurer RONNY VONHOY YATES Historian GARY WAYNE GOODRICH Faculty Advisor ARNO NOWOTNY HONORARY MEMBERS James Pinkney Hart Lvndon Baines Johnson Arno Nowotny Theophilus Shickel Painter Robert Lee Sutherland John Powell Ash Henry David Barton Richard Earl Batson Richard Joseph Birnholz James Roy Butler Herbert Kent Danziger John Conner Emerson FALL INITIATES Raymond Marques Fuentez Gordon Richard Goodwin Norton Bassett Hargis, Jr. Lee Meyer Kohlenberg, Jr. William Anderson Leitch, Jr. John Frederick Lucas, Jr. Asaad Yamen Nathan Rov Edward Pfiester, Jr. Robert Mitchell Renz Michael August Reveley Joe Christopher Rude, III Bobby Neal Turman Wilford David Watts, Jr. Jimmy Doyle Wilson William Ozie Wray Gerardo Aguirre David Harlan Ammons Ray Clark Antone Alexander Georgiades Arnakis Kim Tung Au Ralph Vincent Bailey Bill Bass, Jr. John Lincecum Bass Nick Herbert Baxter Barry James Boecker Jerry Ward Breeze Craig Dwight Brestrup Thomas Franklin Britton Dale Clay Bullough James David Burroughs David Chi So Chan Larry Oliver Clevenger Ernest Harris Cockrell David Gene Conatser Gareth Wren Cook Melvin David Davis William Allan Dement Robert Edwin Denham Jim Harold Derryberry Richard Allan Dillard Ronald Caradine Dipprey James Alan Donaho Laurence Timothy Doty William Dan Driscoll Thomas Haines Edwards Philip Lawrence Eiserloh George Lee Flint, Jr. Jonathan Sewell Fruchter Tommy Jordan Gentry John Andrew Goth Samuel Ray Gray Darryl Paul Greenwood David Levan Griffis SPRING INITIATES Paul William Guy Stephen Miles Hackerman Jack Chandler Halter Richard Louis Harper Clinton Sylvester Hartmann Robert Sanderson Hemmick Richard Charles Hinton Wilfiam King Holloman Thomas Richard Hudson Alton Keith Hughes Robert Joe Hull Jon Paul Hundley David George Johnson Thomas Walter Jones Patrick Jay Kavanaugh Ronald Grigsby Kirchem Charles David Klingman Alan Tim Laverty John Robert Logsdon David Lynn Luterman John Edward McClure Harold Finley McFarlane Robert George Makela William Harbert Marshall John Hudson Matlock Michael Lee Meriwether Charles Arthur Minis William Jack Morton Robert Kecne O ' Bryan Julian Wilson O ' Bryant, Jr. Gary Richard O ' Connor John Stephen Odell Edgar Oelkers, Jr. Charles Walter Osgood Donald Shaw Passman John Vernon Peet Robert Lewis Pendergraft Paul Marquis Quinton Stephen Wayne Rawlings Dan Douglas Rice Darnell Richey Carlos Fausto Ruiz William Kimbrough Rutledge, Jr. Jerry Dale Sanders Eugene Howard Scott, III Ilh. m Sener Randolph Cochrane Seybold Christopher Michael Shaughnessy Clyde Wilton Simmons, Jr. George Houston Simmons Leland Gayle Smith Rick Leahy Smith John Paul Sommers Garland Wayne Spretz Philip Kerr Stephens, Jr. Neal Gearreald Sutherland Roy Joel Swanson, Jr. Edward Kendrick Tatum Donald Scott Thomas, Jr. Jerry Lynn Thompson Guray Tosun Lloyd Garland Turner George Barton Underwood Herbert Arthur Underwood, Jr. Steven Eric VanVliet Richard Arthur Warriner David Farnsworth Webb John Warren Webb Raymond Louis Wheeler, Jr. James Rawls Williams John Lawrence Williams Dennis Harry Withers Daniel Arthur Woods Milton Desmond Wyrick Gay Marion Ziller, jr. Charles Philip Zlatkovich PHI ETA SIGMA is the national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men who, in the first semester or the equivalent of that, maintain a scholastic average of at least 2.5 points per semester hour in at least twelve hours of work. Those failing to qualify their first semester may become eligible at the completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours if they maintain a 2.5 average. Page 491 PHI MU ALPHA HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY Founded, New England Conservatory of Music, 1898 Texas Chapter, 1924 OFFICERS President GROVER ALLEN PITMAN Vice-president JAMES BERT NEELY Secretary-Treasurer EDWARD BAXTER HOWK Treasurer, Spring CHARLES LYMAN ELLIS Historian-Warden ROBERT CHARLES TULL Faculty Advisor CHARLES EDWARD BROOKHART Charles Edward Brookhart E. William Doty FACULTY MEMBERS J. Frank Elsass Kent Wheeler Kennan Nelson Gray Patrick Paul Amadeus Pisk James Clifton Williams Elon Ferris Arnold Bruce Gerald Brewer, Jr. James Thomas Cain Joe Frank Dahlstrom Edwin Alton Echels Charles Lyman Ellis Eldon Dwane Faries Richard Neil Funk Elton Eugene Calbraith Carlos Cavazos Garcia Teodoro Ted Garcia MEMBERS Gordon Richard Goodwin Edward I. Green John Reed Heard Edward Baxter Howk Matt Cordell Hughes Glendal Berton Laminack Leonard Alan McCormick Alfred Joseph Marsch Griffith Lea Miller James Bert Neely John William Neill John Coma O ' Neill John Colwell Owings David Edgar Parker Grover Allen Pitman Thomas Barteldes Reynolds Michael David Sandgarten Robert John Summers David Jerry Taylor Robert Charles Tull Kelly Mac Ward Norman S. Wood Robert Edward Davis Richard Alan Dillard John Charles Ellzey SPRING INITIATES David Fessel Jack Wayne Locke Lewis Lee McKibben John Howard Morris James Thomas Ramsey, Jr. Robert Mitchell Renz Membership in PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA is limited to those who have a 2.0 grade average or better in music courses and a 1.0 average in all other courses. Seated: McCormick. Standing: Parker. Firin. Dthlitrom, Ellii, Greco, Neelr. C. Cirri., Summers, Wood, Rejrooldi, Howk, Wird, Goodwin, Pitman. Pa t r 492 RHO CHI HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY Founded, University of Michigan, 1922 Texas Chapter, 1929 OFFICERS Fall Spring DANIEL CURTIS President DANIEL CURTIS MARIO ALBERTO GONZALEZ V ice-President GEORGE ROGERS BEAN ROBERT GRAVES BROWN Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT GRAVES BROWN ALEX BERMAN Sergeant-at-Arms ALEX BERMAN ROBERT GRAVES BROWN . Faculty Sponsor ROBERT GRAVES BROWN Carl Clarence Albers Glenn David Appelt John Autian Alex Berman Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage Frank Peter Cosgrove FACULTY MEMBERS John Emerson Davis Jaime N. Delgado Paul Frank Geiger William Francis Gidley Gunnar Gjerstad Wallace Lewis Guess Eugene Ivan Isaacson Esther Jane Wood Hall Robert Lester Lantos Frederick Valentine Lofgren Reginald William Lowe Joseph Ruben Moreno Herbert Frederick Schwartz. II William Johnson Sheffield Lee Frank Worrell Elizabeth Ann Barth Thomas Franklin Burks Daniel Curtis MEMBERS Mario Alberto Gonzalez Man Mohan Kochhar Kiran Jaswantlal Randeri Michael Byron Rodell Sidney Alan Rosenbluth Leighton Selman Whitsitt George Rogers Bean James Malcolm Berry FALL INITIATES Bernay Franklyn Dusek Sherman Charles Kennedy Timoteo Rodriguez Robert Wayne Saunders Diane Marie Altwein Charles Don DeShazo Gloria Elma Garcia Richard Gary Hendrick SPRING INITIATES Sharon 0. Herbert Robert Gillett Holland Dale Dwayne Maness Leslie H. Muenzler Charles David Ross Arnold Barry Skor Jimmy Ray Smith RHO CHI has for its objective the promotion of scholarship, friendship, and the recognition of high attain- ments in the pharmaceutical sciences. Undergraduate students of pharmacy who are in the upper twenty per cent of their class and have maintained an average of 2.0 are eligible, if they have also completed sixty per cent of their curriculum. Page 493 SIGMA ALPHA ETA PROFESSIONAL SPEECH AND HEARING THERAPY FRATERNITY OFFICERS Fall SUZANNE HINDMAN President RONALD CHARLES BAKER V ice-President .... BETTYE ANNA SPRINGER Recording Secretary . . JOAN COCKRELL Corresponding Secretary MARY LOVEY WOOD Treasurer LEAR LEE ASHMORE Faculty Advisor . . . Spring SUZANNE HINDMAN . SHARON LEE ANDERSON BETTYE ANNA SPRINGER . . . MOLLY JEAN ENQUIST . . . . MARY LOVEY WOOD . LEAR LEE ASHMORE Lear Lee Ashmore FACULTY MEMBERS Lennart Laurie Kopra Grace Haen Hanson Jesse James Villarreal Sharon Lee Anderson Ronald Charles Baker Pamela Majewski Bass Sandra Lou Burnett James Darwin Burney Joan Cockrell Molly Jean Enquist Mary Ann Ewing MEMBERS Cathryn Lyndell Fenly Barbara Ann Freeman Lois Ann Godfrey Katheryn Ann Grant Lawrence Wain Higdon Suzanne Hindman Nancy Jamison Jerrilynn June Kane Laura R. Love Charlotte Duncan Nielson Cynthia Lee Shoptaw Suzanne Sorenson Bettye Anna Springer Michal Rose Urban Clelia Lisette Windrum Marjorie Sue Wise Mary Lovey Wood Mary Alleen Boggs Janice Brinkley Lila Beth Coughran Jean Vicki Crawford Rebecca Davis Patricia Donaldson SPRING INITIATES Peggy Lynn Dry- Patricia Engleman Joan Phillis Hyman Ilene Brenner Kahn Andrea M. Kaufman Sheryl Nan Kost Elizabeth Imle Sandra Ann Marek Frances Preston Virginia Atrelle Phillips Paul Karel Strauss Sally Ann Taylor Janet Louise Wark SIGMA ALPHA ETA shall consist of those working toward a degree in speech and or hearing therapy. Members shall rank in the upper 35 per cent of their class, or have a minimum of 2.0 in speech and hearing therapy courses. Front Row: Kopra, Ashmore, Hindman, Springer, Wood, VIllrrel. Second Row: Boggl, Darii, Phillip . Burnett, Taylor, llry. ; ,;,, Rou: Enquiit, Crawford, Freetnu, Urban, Mirek, Preiton. Fourth Rou: Anderion, Bin, Imle, Higdon, Strauii. 494 SIGMA DELTA CHI PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded, DePauw University, 1909 Texas Chapter, 1913 Fall BERNIE RODNEY DAVIS . . . ROGERS JAMES SEYMOUR . BILLY MARVIN PUMPHREY LEE ROY SALZBERGER . . . CLYDE RICHARD KING . OFFICERS . . . President . . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . . . . Treasurer . . . Faculty Sponsor . Spring . . BERNIE RODNEY DAVIS ROGERS JAMES SEYMOUR . . BEN HAYDEN FREEMAN LEE ROY. SALZBERGER . CLYDE RICHARD KING Norris G. Davis Joe Bertram Frantz Olin Ethmer Hinkle Thomas Patrick Barry, III Richard Ray Cole Bernie Rodney Davis James Leslie Davis William Dudley Eason, Jr. Charles Sanford Eskridge, Jr. Henry Lee Ezell Ben Hayden Freeman Richard D. Boldt James Nelson Gsell Robert Neil Hinkle John Joseph De La Garza, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Clyde Richard King William Irwin McReynolds Harry Estill Moore MEMBERS Leon Norrod Graham Roy Alexander Jones, II L. Erick Kanter William Lynn Little Gary Howard Mayer David Michael McNeely Billy Marvin Pumphrey FALL PLEDGES Jeffery Lynn Millar Caleb Jackson Pirtle, III SPRING PLEDGES Fred Lee McFadden Forest William Reece, Jr. DeWitt Carter Reddick Alan Scott Paul Jennings Thompson Robert Nelson Rhodes Jesse Albert Root, Jr. Lee Roy Salzberger Rogers James Seymour Roddy Frank Stinson Richard John Van Steenkiste Juan Manuel Vasquez Bill Douglas White James Edward Vowell Charles Lowell Ward, Jr. David Archer Wilson John Patrick Seawell Those persons considered for membership in SIGMA DELTA CHI must be at least a second semester sopho- more, intend to make the field of journalism their career, have demonstrated proficient work in journalism and have a " C " average in other courses. Front Roto: Eskridge, Ezell, Pirtle, B. Davii, Salzberger, Cole. Back Row: Csell, Seymour, McNeely, Graham. Page 495 SPHINX HONORARY PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY Founded, The University of Texas, 1930 OFFICERS Fall Spring ATA OLLAH SAFAI President EDWIN ALLAN COOK WILLIAM ARIEN GERRARD COOK Vice-president GEORGE TUCKER LANGDON, JR. WALTER A. VACKAR Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT SMITH MABRY JAMES DAVENPORT HALL Historian ROYCE EUGENE LANIER JON A. BOWMAN Faculty Sponsor JON A. BOWMAN FACULTY MEMBER Thomas Whitehead Shefelman Jacques Abbo Homer Garth Collier Edwin Allan Cook William Arien Gerrard Cook Thomas Braden Daly MEMBERS James Davenport Hall E. Terrell Hodges, Jr. Ernest Albert Knippa George Tucker Langdon. Jr. Royce Eugene LaNier Robejt Smith Mabry Benito Xavier Noyola William Edward Pickens Ata Ollah Safai Walter A. Vackar Anthony F. Mayer Ray Bedford Bailey Robert Arthur Herolz, Jr. FALL INITIATES Jerry Mike Smith Dale Morley Taylor SPRING INITIATES Edward Llewellyn Hughes Ted Igor Naos James Kenneth Watson Humberto Saldana, Jr. George Villalva, Jr. To be eligible for membership in SPHINX one must have demonstrated excellence in architectural design ability, fellowship, scholarship, and interest in the profession of architecture. Seated: Langdon, E. Cook, Bowman, Mabry, LaNier. Standini: Nao , Bailer, Vackar, Taylor, Watson, Hughes, Hall, Hodjet, Saldana, W. Cook, Villahra, Daly, Hrrolx. Smith, Safai, Picked., Collier. Page 496 TAU BETA PI HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Texas Chapter, 1916 OFFICERS President HOWARD NIXON ROBERTS V ice-President, Fall CHARLES LEWIS GRIMES Vice-president, Spring JAMES JOSEPH MAGEE Corresponding Secretary JACKIE L. STONE Recording Secretary LOUIS E. PFLUGHAUPT Treasurer ALLAN B. SCHMITT Cataloger JAMES HERBERT HINDERER Kermit Earl Brown FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Ettore F. Infante Edwin Carl Lowenberg Percy Hugh Miller, Chairman William Dean Atkins Albert Washington Baird, III David Anthony Biedermann Marvin Gaines Bloomquist Raymond William Bohls, Jr. Oran Brigham, Jr. Squire Lee Brown Milton Thomas Buchanan George Lafayette Cardwell, III George Max Carter William Harold Carter Carroll Winston Chapman Martin Chenevert Larry Earl Farmer Edwin Maurice Flint Howard Michael Arno Richard Harley Batchelder Jimmy Mack Bilger Charles Etheridge Blum John Elmo Boehl George Eugene Bones, Jr. Leighton Baugh Brown Harold Maynard Burton Billy Dan Carroll James Robert Darnell, Jr. John W. Bedenbender Robert James Brown Clovis Roland Haden Nasser Ibrahim Alrashid Alfred Michael Barr Thomas Benjamin Bell Robert Randolph Caddel Thomas Hale Canfield Roy Frank Cannon Kynn Monroe Cole Thomas Denver Cole Howard Ernest Collier Joseph Thomas Cordaro, Jr. Kleber Jennings Denny Eugene Gus Dierschke William Patrick Ferrell Marion Jesus Gonzalez, Jr. F. Jorge Acosta-Gonzalez Donald G. Anderson Saud A. D. Ashgar James Daniel Bargainer, Jr. Surinder K. Bhagat Walter Lee Bradley James Peter Brill Kenneth Randolph Castleman William Doswell Conine Harry Michael Coyle David Michael Darsey Carroll Thomas Dawson Tim Michael Duffee GRADUATE MEMBERS Wallace Thomas Fowler Otto Friedrich, Jr. William Lash Garrard, Jr. Charles Lewis Grimes David Grissom Charles Alton Harlow Charles Ewing Hickox, Jr. Jimmie McRae Horton John Mark Hughes David Bascomb Johnson Magne Kristiansen Roscoe Lee Parker Mixson Loeffler Thomas Benton Lyda Gayle Patrick Martin Michael K. Masten Nathaniel Harris McClamroch, III Roy Travis McLamore Charles Everette McQueary Charles Arthur Morgan Michael Wayne O ' Neill Frederick William Patrick Ervin Sewell Perry James Barney Phillips Robert Seeling Poston Knut Oluf Reistad Van Worth Robinson Don Richard Sanders William Erven Sayle, II Ronald Franklin Scholl UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Wayne Edison Eades Billy George Franklin Dennis Michael Giuffre Robert Warren Hanks Robert Jack Herring James Herbert Hinderer Richard Neill Hollenshead Richard Ellsworth Huffman Larry Dean Kemp Charles Thomas Koch William John Macha James Joseph Magee William Alex McNeill James Howard Nation Raymond Wayne Persky Harry Albert Richardson James Edsel Risinger Daniel Lewis Schodek FALL GRADUATE INITIATES James Thomas Houston Charles Albert Machemehl Joseph Malina Randolph Clair Matson John David Patterson Jack Allen Rawls, Jr. ALUMNUS MEMBER D. F. Smallhorst Henry Robert Sebesta Ruell Floyd Solberg, Jr. Y. S. Suryanarayana Ramesh Thadani Joe Mayer Victor John Hill Watts, III Olin Eric Weiss Robert Charles William Welch James Whiteley David Warren Wieting Darrell Roy Word William Joseph Yanta Frank Lev! Young William Lee Young James Gerald Srygley Elmon Bill Stewart Iverson Gayden Thompson Earl Westine Tiedt Bernard Frank Tupa Thomas Raymond Urbanek George Henry Waterman Peter Christian Williams Robert Alan Williams St. Clair Peyton Yates, Jr. Bob Ewald Schutz Gerald Wayne Whatley FALL UNDERGRADUATE INITIATES Frank Creswell Harris John Sinclair Hartman Floyd Arthur Haskett, Jr. Guy Walter Haynes Claude Earl Hildebrand, Jr. Jon Dale Horton Ralph Werner Knebel Samuel Edward Knipling Daniel Delano Kubin Jack Fergerson Lands, Jr. Fred William Langner John Herbert Matthys David James Temple Mayhall Ronnald Edward McElvogue Kenneth Gerald McEntire Robert Adalbert McLaughlan William Graham Mondshine Francis Oliver Nicklin, Jr. Charles Randall Parish Richard Douglas Perkins Harald Portig Wesley Talbott Prescott William Louis Richter, Jr. Gary York Robinson Morris Smith Ruggles Jack Wallis Samford John Maurice Scheel Otto Hannes Schroeder SPRING INITIATES Timothy John Fowler Marion Bernard Gardner Osman I. Ghazzaly Walter Bruce Gillette Randall Lee Hammons Dale Ralph Harbison David Hawkins Wayne Lamar Heintschel James Gordon Helpinstill James Bryan Hicks W. R. Hudson Gary Lynn Hunt Bary Ben Hutsell David W. Johnson Andrew D. Jones Robin Boyce LeBleu Herman G. Lehman, III Ti-Shu Li Charles Wilson Lindsey, III Howell Wesley Mann Alton E. Martin Wilbur Leroy Meier Edgar Allen Miller Edward Robert Moss Richard E. Ober William Kaye Oldham Daniel Roy Sebesta Joe Frank Sexton Henry Joseph Sherrer, Jr. John Sherman Sherrer William Eldon Sims William Randolph Stapper Michael Gail Stevenson Donald Ray Taylor Cecil Martin Teller, II James Robert Thompson Tommy Cecil Thurlkill William Gayle Todd James Michael Wilson Robert Wallace Young John David Patterson Edward Charles Sebesta Yeb Jo Seto Sam R. Stanbery James Howard Stephens Horace Vernon Smith Joe Reedis Thompson John Alvin Voltin Travis Gordon White John Lindsey Whitesides, Jr. Arthur E. Wilson, Jr. Edward Anthony Yablonski TAU BETA PI considers only those junior and senior men in engineering who have been recommended by at least two of the faculty members and one student member and who have the necessary grade point average. First semester juniors need a 3.00, second semester juniors must have between a 2.30 and a 2.50, while seniors need a 2.00. TAU SIGMA DELTA HONORARY ARCHITECTURE FRATERNITY Founded, University of Michigan, 1916 Texas Chapter, 1931 OFFICERS Chapter Master WILLIAM ARIEN GERRARD COOK Chapter Scribe and Recorder JAMES DAVENPORT HALL Faculty Sponsor DRURY B. ALEXANDER Drury B. Alexander Martin S. Kermacy FACULTY MEMBERS Hugh Lyon McMath Thomas Whitehead Shefelman HONORARY MEMBER Alan Y. Taniguchi MEMBERS Edward Abraham Kynn Monroe Cole Edwin Allan Cook William Arien Gerrard Cook Thomas Braden Daly Alice Ann Driscoll James Davenport Hall Elmer Terrell ' Hodges. Jr. Cynthia Ann Keeney George T. Langdon, Jr. Robert Smith Mabry John Herbert Matthys Anthony F. Mayer Charles James McCameron Mary Evelyn Merrill Daniel Lewis Schodek Wayne Maxwell Shull James Howard Stephens Arthur Ellis Stone James Kenneth Watson James Arthur Smith, Jr. SPRING INITIATES David Smith Minter OUTSTANDING JUNIOR MEMBER Michael Allan Shelton To be considered for membership in TAU SIGMA DELTA, a student musl be in ihe lop 20 per cenl of the fourth and fifth years of school, musl have a 1.8 overall average and a 2.0 average in his major. Pace 498 THETA SIGMA PHI HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Texas Chapter, 1919 OFFICERS President ELISA SAVILLA DAVIS First Vice-president CAROLYN SUE COKER Second Vice-Presideni YVONNE CHARMAYNE MARSH Secretary THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT Treasurer SHARON ELAINE SHELTON Faculty Advisor NORRIS G. DAVIS Fraternity Advisor EMILY-MAE STAFFORD Marye Durrum Benjamin Jessamon Dawe Marie M. Fuller Mary Adelaide Gardner Mary Margaret Frazier FACULTY MEMBERS Frankie Mae Welborn Lindsey Amy Jo Long Carolyn Jane Malone Jo Caldwell Meyer Marian Pendergrass Michael Leigh Peck Emily-Mae Stafford Bert Kruger Smith Helen Tackett Wanda Sue Watkins Afton Taylor Wynn Sharon Lee Ashton Laura McNeil Burns Carolyn Sue Coker Elisa Savilla Davis MEMBERS Patricia Irene Eddishaw Mary Jane Gorham Loyce Ann Katz Emily Ann Lamon Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Theresa Kaye Northcott Katherine Jane Oliver Carolie Ann Baity Jane Irene Paganini FALL INITIATES Sharon Ruth Pedrotti Glenadine Russell Sharon Elaine Shelton Joyce Jane Weedman Cynthia Eugenie Wilson Linda Sue Alder JoAnn Bennett Bardin Camila S. Bennett Joan Brophy Deborah Joan Druker Ellen Kay Feuer Jerry Lynn Greer SPRING INITIATES Sherryl Onzell Griffin Sarah Kay Henry Glenda Margaret Hunt Jo Beth Janke Mary Van Velzer Mabry Patricia Lee Midyett Gay Trabue Nagle Mary Mike Oles Nancy Lynn Parker Linda Lou Reneau Mary Patricia Sharpe Mercedes Dee Shields Bonnie Bennett Siddons Susan Marie Solomon Osie B. Wilson Members of THETA SIGMA PHI must have a 2.0 in journalism and a 1.5 overall plus being active and enthusiastic in college journalism and having high moral standards. Page 4M ALPHA PHI OMEGA Founded, Lafayette College, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1935 OFFICERS Fall Spring JAMES CROZIER BROWN President COMER 0. PATTERSON JAMES LUTHER MIMS, III First V ice-President LAWRENCE HAMILTON MANIRE LEONARD EDWARD MOHRMANN, JR. Second Vice-President . LEONARD EDWARD MOHRMANN, JR. GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH Third Vice-President LARRY MICHAEL SPEIR COMER 0. PATTERSON Treasurer KEITH ORIEL REEVES JAMES THERON FERGUS, JR Secretary LOYD GEORGE BROOKS WILLIAM WALLACE MANNING Reporter JAMES LUTHER MIMS, III ADVISORY COUNCIL Bert Engelhardt, Alumni Gerhard J. Fonken, Faculty H. L. Gaskin, Scouting Lloyd Edward Allen, Jr. Cecil William Bain, Jr. James Charles Barbour Dan Edward Beckelman Paul Henry Bianchi Ronald Fred Bond Eddie Bradford James Howard Bradley Samuel David Brady Robert L. Breckenridge, Jr. Loyd George Brooks James Crozier Brown George Pardue Bunch James Darwin Burney Billy Errol Buxton Gary Vernon Cain Phillip Mack Caldwell Chester Mark Cedars James Roy Chaka Philip Abbott Chrisco Paschel Lee Church Robert G. Clarkson Eugene Richard Crowell Chad Freeman Creager Frank Hilton, Scouting C. C. Nolen, Faculty Arno Nowotny, Faculty Colonel George William Porter, Faculty HONORARY MEMBERS R. Elwyn Burns Logan Wilson MEMBERS William Edward Crook Archie Melton Croom Robert Hamilton Cuyler, Jr. Gerald Lee Daugherty Fred Edward Davis Steven Harold Davis Daniel Baldwin Dodson Samuel Pierce Doerr Clif W. Drummond James Theron Fergus, Jr. John Armando Garcia Dan Nobles Gardner James Franklin Gladson, Jr. William Dennis Gray Donald Scott Griffith Raymond Henry Haggard, Jr. Fred Adlam Helms Daniel Edward Herron William A. Hiers, Jr. Harold Wayne Hill Laurence Calvin Jackson Monroe Wayne Jones Lloyd Eugene Jordan James Robert Kamrath James Everett Key, II Allison Clay Kistler, II Thomas Dale Knight Paxton K. Littlepage Lawrence Hamilton Manire Dan Howell Marshall, II William Wallace Manning Gerald Ralph McLelland James Luther Mims, III James David Mitchell Leonard Edward Mohrmann, Jr. Carl Hofmann Moneyhon James Wynn Moyers Glenn Burke Musgrove Robert James Naas Jack Childers Dates, Jr. James Gilbert Parish Comer 0. Patterson Thomas Calvin Patton James Arlen Pyle Baltazar Ramos, Jr. Sidifey Clarence Ramsey, III Keith Oriel Reeves Thomas Frank Rhodes El wood J. Preiss, Faculty Brian Schenk, Alumni John G. Steele, Alumni John Kenneth Scott, Jr. Alan Yale Schaevitz David William Seals David Lee Shull Wayne Maxwell Shull Aurel Emerson Smith Charles Thomas Snowdon, Jn Larry Michael Speir Fred Edward Sommers, II John McGuffin Steele James Harold Stewart, Jr. Ted Jefferson Taylor Daniel Louis Trevino Jerry Lynn Turner Robert Lindsey Tyson Kenneth Ray Vestal Gayle Charles Wald Edward Lee Wallace Kenneth Howard Wanamaker Samuel Lynn Ward Kenneth Allan Weda James Ewing Williams, Jr. Olan Dale Williams Clark Phillips Wright Election Hi rk (or APO. soo FALL PLEDGES William Kelly Allen Clyde Stewart Ash Herbert Joseph Barnard, Jr. Park E. Bishop Roy Alexander Bobo, II Charles B. Branch Thomas Albert Bray Eric N. Broline Stephen Michael Burke George Lowell Clayton Robert Earl Dawson Michael William Dean Loren Edward Decker, Jr. James Churchwell Dettman Robert Eugene Eickmann Steven Samuel Ezon John Eli Franks, III Charles Daniel Gerhardt Clyde Glendell Goodnight Homer Columbus Harper Roger Howard Robert Everett Jackson Charles Sinuard Jamison Johnny Arthur Leaton Charles Allen Marsh Malcolm Maxwell, Jr. Richard Simmons McCown Dwight Scott Miller John Joseph Mireur Larry Allen Muenzler Kenneth Michael Nugent John Stephen Odell Don Passman Lon Monroe Patterson Jack Russell Phillips Robert Glenn Reeves Jerry Lamar Robinson John Paul Sommers William James Staffa Wilbur Stanton Strong Gary Lynn Swenson Charles Donnell Walters Michael Lee Young SPRING PLEDGES Arland Lee Actkinson Miles Hartman Appleberry Alan Mihran Arabian Robert Lee Bradford Elmo Everitt Brock Forrest Clair Child, Jr. John Joseph De La Garza, Jr. Charles Michael Dickey Malcolm Henr y Floumoy Thomas Wilson Fogwell Charles Robert Gallia Sam Gentry Gary Quinn Giles Allyn Kay Hale Robert Franklin Henderson James Charles Isham Robert Wayne Jones Patrick Lawrence Lee Ronnie Edward Leifeste Paul Richard Lundquist Jimmy Joe McAfee William Jack Morton Richard Arden Nichols Ross Charles Portmann Alvy Daryl Pullin William Edmond Rollins Joe Alan Shull Charles Philip Zlatkovich An APO service project ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national service fraternity with membership open to ex-scouts registered in the University. To become members, the pledges of APO must pass through a period of pledgeship during which a certain measure of service must be rendered. The fraternity ' s guiding principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service are daily put into action projects of service to the campus, to the community, and to the nation. in front Rou: Musgrove. Prle, Brady, Brown, Ramsey, C. Patterson, Herron, Brooks, Reeves, Mohrmann, Speir, Maoire, Crowell, Wild. Second Row: Crook, Maxwell, Lundquist, Miller, Hale, L. Jackson, Wanamaker, Dettmann, Swenson, Strong, Franks, F. Davis, Dodson, Chrisco. Third Row: Gardner, Williams, Marshall, Mireur, Bradford, J. Shull, Caldwell, Bray, Dawson, Hiers, L. Patterson, Young, Bradford, Church, Bunch. Fourth Row: McAfee. Isham, Griffith, Barbour, Muenzler, Bobo, Portmann, De La Garza, Burke, Reeves, Jamison, Robinson, Arabian. Fiftk Row: Giles, Dates. Barnard, Ash. Walters, Marsh, Stewart, Eickmann, Zlatkovich, Gallia, Bishop, Goodnight. Sixth Row: Dean, Henderson, McCown, Breckenridge, Fergus, D. Shull, Brock, Bond, Lee, Wright. J. Summers, Hill. Page 501 I ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded, University of Cincinnati, 1947 Texas Chapter, 1950 OFFICERS Commander BARY BEN HUTSELL Executive Officer MAX M. MAROSKO, JR. .Opera ions Officer ROBERT DALTON BASSETTI Administrative Officer WILLIAM WALLACE NORRIS, III Comptroller THOMAS SAMUEL WILLIAMS Information Officer MICHAEL BOONE LOVELACE Advisor LIEUTENANT COLONEL GEORGE WILLIAM PORTER Advisor MAJOR JOHN FRANCIS KELLY Robert Dalton Bassetti Robert E. Boswell Bobby Lynn Braun William Glen Brown Charles Neil Bunce Jobn Henry Cissik Tbomas Michael Cogburn Robert Hamilton Cuyler, Jr. Glen Porter Doss William Charles Cobb Charles Edward Cramer, Jr. Cecil B. Ellis MEMBERS Daniel Vincent Flatten Estel Gene Gifford Thomas Reginald Heard Bary Ben Hutsell Edward Thomas Imparato, Jr. -Michael Boone Lovelace Max M. Marosko. Jr. William Wallace Morris, III FALL PLEDGES James H. Jackson Charles Victor Manes Lone E. Neid Gerald Britton Parnell Charles Phillip Peterson Charles Richard Reeder Frank Mackinder Sallee, II Richard Conrad Swanson Hilmer W. S. Swenson, Jr. Michael Frank Trahan Thomas Samuel Williams George Burdette Wright, Jr. Michael Lynn Smith Robert Leon Tucci Nolan Charles Voight Robert Burns Dunkin William Theodore Fandel John Howard Gullette Dick Thorp Jordan SPRING PLEDGES Paul Lane Murphy William Robert Ricks Randy Roy Shope Fred Allen Vesperman Donald Pierce Wilcox Richard Lee Wilkinson Nicholas B. Wilson Members in the ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY must have outstanding records, interest, ability, and AFROTC plus a 2.0 grade point average in air science classes and a 1.3 grade point average in classes. achievement in civilian academic Front Row: Hutiel), Marotko. Bassetl!, Morris. Williams, Lovelace. Stcond Row: Imparato, Don, Heard, Peterson. Brown, Sallee. Parnell, Reeder, Tuccl, Cobb. Voijt. Third Row; Trahan, Swenson, Swaoton, Boswell. Cuyter. Flatten, Cltiik, Smith, Jackson, Cramer. Papr 502 MORTAR BOARD HONORARY ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded, Cornell University, 1918 Texas Chapter, 1923 OFFICERS President PHILENA JANE MORTON Vice-president SABRA ANN MOORE Secretary SANDRA PAUL LOVE Treasurer ANN CONNOR BROWN Historian . . CAROL GLEE INGRAM Margaret Berry Helen Hargrave Sue Correll James Judith Gay Blanton Ann Connor Brown Carolyn Sue Coker Helena Rebecca Frenkil Judye Ann Galeener Pamela Jane Heath Barbara K. Hurt Carol Glee Ingram FACULTY MEMBERS Thelma Lockwood Etelka S. Lynn Margaret Peck MEMBERS Jan Jopling Laura Jeanne Kassos Loyce Ann Katz Lilas Janice Kinch Ida Marie Klein Emily Ann Lamon Sally Anne Lehr Sandra Paul Love Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Lucy Rathbone Joanne M. Ravel Helen Tackett Mary Evelyn Merritt Sabra Ann Moore Philena Jane Morton Theresa Kaye Northcott Jo Ann Serrano Ruth Ann Short Maida Singer Leah Ann Weaver Genie Brackenridge Cynthia Louise Brantley Kay Breckenridge Julia Ann Brown Patsy Jeanne Byfield Barbara Carolyn Ellis Myra Helene Fisher Diane Kathleen Fitts SPRING INITIATES Beverly Gail Hill Mary Kathryn Kulchak Alice Ann Marshall Nell Kathleen Martin Anitha Theresa Mitchell Georgia Ruth Oliver Janie Ostler Susan Key Pound Karen Lynn Powell Frances Preston Sharon Sue Rountree Mary Patricia Sharpe Susan Deranda Shaw Kay Vinson S heldon Bea Ann Smith Lucina Kay Styron No less than five and no more than twenty-five women are selected for MORTAR BOARD each spring by unani- mous vote of the members on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. A grade point average of 2.00 is required. Front Row: Serrano, Love, Kinch, Brown, Moore. Second Row; Merritt, Galeener, Northcott, Frenkil, Kassos, Heath. Third Row; Hurt, Ingram, Marsh, Jopling, Katz, Klein, Wearer, Blanton. Page 503 ORANGE JACKETS WOMEN ' S SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded, The University of Texas, 1924 OFFICERS President BEA ANN SMITH Vice-president KAREN LYNN POWELL Secretary SUSAN DERANDA SHAW Treasurer NELL KATHLEEN MARTIN Contact Chairmen SHARON SUE ROUNTREE ANITHA THERESA MITCHELL FACULTY MEMBERS Shirley Bird Perry Jo Anne Boykin Bette Maxine Boyd Genie Brackenridge Cynthia Louise Brantley Julia Ann Brown Barbara Carolyn Ellis Elizabeth Anne Files Mary Jane Gorham Elizabeth Ros e Greenfield Sandra Hays Joan Ann Brehm Wilda Lou Campbell Jane Gould Comick Tyra Ann Cox Janet Dahl Janet Louise DiRienzo Myra Helene Fisher April Beall Eleanor Bankston Beyea Patsy Jeanne Byfield Gloria Judene Grant Mary Tedford Griffith Jill Annette Harris MEMBERS Beverly Gail Hill Marion Diann Holbrook Reta Jane Ing Hariadene Johnson Mary Kathryn Kulchak Nell Kathleen Martin Matie Belle Medlin Janet Lee Miller Anitha Theresa Mitchell FALL PLEDGES Mary Esther Garner Catherine Regina Gordon Diana Dale Haskinson Joan Phyllis Hyman Terry Michele Klar Alice Ann Marshall Gay Trabue Nagle Georgia Ruth Oliver SPRING PLEDGES Caroline Susan Hughes Carolyn Josey Susan McGinness Jane Ostler Marcia Putegnat Martha Jeanne Purcell Kay Lynn Morrow Susan Key Pound Karen Lynn Powell Dorothy Caroline Remy Sharon Sue Rountree Susan Deranda Shaw Bea Ann Smith Jane R. Voight Mary Lovey Wood Frances Preston Mary Patricia Sharpe Kay Vinson Sheldon Carol Ann Singer Sue Alyce Stiles Carolyn Kay Wells Judy Kathleen Wax Sara Lee Speights Frances Spivy Lucina Kay Styron Carol Ann Walters Diane Webster Dana Rose Wortham ORANGE JACKETS are selected for outstanding service to the University in the area of leadership and must have at least a 1.5 grade point average. Front Row: Rountree, Powell, Smith, Mitchell. Front Rote: Rountree, Powell, Smith, Mitchell. Second Rote: WalU, Wood, Sharpe, Hyman, Col, Holbrook, FUher, DiRienzo, Garner, Gorhim. Campbell, Johnion, Oliver, Third Rota: Files, Voight, Sheldon, Haikinion, Brantler, Ellia, Brackenridge, Kulchak, Morrow, Singer. Fourth Rote: Wai, Greenfield, Haya, Preaton, Miller. Fifth Rote: Klar, Nagle, Hill, Brehm, Manhall, Pound. Boyd, Ing, Cornick, Boykin, Perry. Rrmy. Dahl, Stile PRAETORIAN GUARD OFFICERS Fall Spring MICHAEL VANCE KILLOUGH Commanding Officer ROBERT LOUIS HERNDON BERT NATHANIEL WISELEY Executive Officer JAMES FRANKLIN GLADSON, JR. DON H. MCELHONE S-l OSCAR NFWELL GOODE. JR. ANTHONY CHARLES JUNG 5-2 JACK KENNETH DAHLBERG ROBERT LOUIS HERNDON S-3 HAYDEN EDWARD BOLAND CAPTAIN ROBERT CONRAD HOCK . . Faculty Sponsor . . . CAPTAIN ROBERT CONRAD HOCK TYRA ANN COX Sponsor TYRA ANN COX John R. Allen Randolph G. Berry Robert T. Binder Hayden Edward Boland Thomas Oswell Brightman Michael Jan Brown Jack Kenneth Dahlberg Herb Evans James Franklin Gladson. Jr. Oscar Newell Goode, Jr. Howard Hillman Hasting Robert Louis Herndon Raymond Lee Johnson, Jr. Dick Thorpe Jordan Anthony Charles Jung Michael Vance Killough MEMBERS Daniel Ray Lazicki Richard Manuel Martinez Don H. McElhone Phillip Lloyd Medellin John Miller Robert Warren Miller Waldo Wilburn Montgomery, Jr. Paul Wayne Moore Conrad Netting Cayetano Olivarez John Duncan Osburn Joseph H. Parnell Charles M. Pearre, III William Olan Stevenson James Perry Weiler Thomas Richard Wheeler Bert Nathaniel Wiseley FALL PLEDGES Earl Joseph Bergeron Robert Easton Dahlberg Fred Adlam Helms Monroe Wayne Jones Robert Murdock, III Thomas Lee Wharton SPRING PLEDGES Robert Alexander Booker Gerald Monroe Bolts Gregory Gerard Choban Kenneth Elmer Eickmann Philip M. Guzman Keith Allen Maxie George Sampson Nalle, III Lawrence Charles Wolfe Page 505 ROYAL SPIRIT COMMITTEE Chairman DAVID KNIGHT NORTHINGTON Tresha May Appleton Kathryn Ann Bailey Barrett Harrison Barker Stephen William Blount Jefferson Kearney Brim, II Judy Gayle Brooks Margie Ann Carr Thomas Michael Castle Charlotte Renee Chapman Joe Chartoff Toni Lynn Cooney Byron Edward Cox Kenneth W. Dominy Philip Louis Daily David Atticus Eaker Byron Flanary Egan Patricia Anne Elrod Charles Adkins Finnell John Sydney Floeter MEMBERS Dan Reed Garner Dan Nobles Gardner Janet Rose Goren Jaynee Carole Guynes Henry Amos Harper, Jr. Barry Lynn Harrel l Herbert Eugene Held James Noel Higdon Myrle Kay Hughes E. Phillis Johnson Joe Loren Jordan Wendy Kellogg Mary Claire Koeppe Richard Wayne Lambert Artie Sue Lane Daniel Ray Lazicki John M. Lomax Michele Claire Magilow William Ronald Mahoney Margie Jeannette Mallett William Wallace Manning Bailey Christian Moseley David Knight Northingham Douglas Reid Patterson Robert N. Ray Ken A. Roberson Bruce William Schnitzer Robert Harold Shalette Jan Stockard Charlotte Gaye Vickrey Wallace Barry Van Winkle Michael L. Waldron Judy Kathleen Wax Theo Nancy Wilkes Marsha R. Wilson Genevieve Meade Winterbotham Sandra Lea Wright The ROYAL SPIRIT COMMITTEE functions mainly to promote, build, and prompt school spirit through the joint work of the various campus organizations and groups. Representatives are chosen from fraternities, soror- ities, co-ops, service organizations, and other groups interested in increasing school spirit. Front Row: Bailer, Bitter, Gardner, Plttenon, Guyn, Mallett, Eaker, Appleton, Majilow, Moleley, Domlny, Chapman, Hnrell. Second Row; Northington, Robenon, Wllion, Cooney, Lomax, Shalette, Lambert, Coren, Wright, Wilket, Vickrey, Brooki, Hughei, Elrod, Mahoney, Johnson, Brim. Third Rows Flnnell, Slockard, Manning, Fleeter, Egan, Catr, Lane, Wai, Koeppe, Winterbotham, Jordan, Higdon, Laalckl. Fourth Row: Garner, Cox, Van Winkle, Schnitier, Held, Cutle, Harper, Charto0, Ray, Dally, Waldron, Blonnt. Page 906 SCABBARD AND BLADE HONORARY RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS SOCIETY Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1904 Texas Chapter, 1949 OFFICERS Fatt Spring THOMAS REGINALD HEARD Captain VICTOR A. KORMEIER, JR. VICTOR A. KORMEIER, JR First Lieutenant KENNETH JAMES MOORE DONALD A. TORTORICE Second Lieutenant DONALD A. TORTORICE GLEN PORTER DOSS First Sergeant GARY WILLIAM SCHOEN KENNETH J. MOORE Pledge Trainer SAMUEL JEROME DEALEY FACULTY MEMBERS Captain William T. Adams, USAF Lieutenant Robert, Eugene Knachel, USN Colonel Herbert E. Brown, USA Lieutenant Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore, USA MEMBERS ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE Richard Chew John Frederick Gray Frank Fitch Henderson Victor A. Kormeier, Jr. Robert Michael Warner Nickie Lee Laird George Jack Nachman Michael Lawner Patton Don Fredrick Vaccaro ARMY Samuel Jerome Dealey David Peter Cotellesse William George McMillian Kenneth James Moore Gary William Schoen Mansel Monroe Wood FALL PLEDGES Donald Wallace Brown Scott Charles Follett Robert Louis Gartner Charles Samuel Snell Samuel R. Stanbery Donald A. Tortorice David Garner Wilbourne Glen Porter Doss Daniel Vincent Flatten Thomas Reginald Heard Bary Ben Hutsell Michael Frank Trahan NAVY John Marshall Jarratt Gerald C. Lund Wayne Earl Miers John Thomas Montford ARMY Owen Bludau Alan B. Chu David Dale Grain Jack Kenneth Dahlberg Dean Marshall Greenwood Daniel R. Lazicki John Calvin Oliver John Patrick Seawell Bryan Taylor Stratton Harvey Watterson Wallender SPRING PLEDGES NAVY Clifford Coneway Henry Amos Harper Alan Keith Johnson Warren Neilson Lipscomb Jack Vernon Strickland AIR FORCE John Henry Cissik Edward Thomas Imparato Michael Lynn Smith SCABBARD AND BLADE is the national honor society for outstanding, cadets and midshipmen from the Army, Navy and Air Force Officers Training Corps of junior and senior rank. Nominees are selected by active members on the basis of their leadership potential, academic standing, and interest in their respective programs. Front Row: Dealey, Gray, Schoeo, Kormeier, Moore, Chew. Back Row: Lund, D. Brown, Gartner, Jarratt, Miers, Tortorice. Page 507 SILVER SPURS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded, The University of Texas, 1938 OFFICERS Fall Spring EDWARD BRADFORD PICKETT President JOHN R. COPE JOHN R. COPE Vice-president MAURICE MARCUS DAVID RUPERT MURPH Secretary KNOX DILLON NUNNALLY MAURICE MARCUS Treasurer MICHAEL JACOB GRAY CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN Faculty Sponsor CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN George David Carlock EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Alan William Dreeben James Edgar Goodnight, Jr. Leon Norrod Graham MEMBERS Gary D. Aguren Michael Shane Brenan George David Carlock Joe Chartoff John R. Cope Donald Michael Dalton William Edwin Denman Alan William Dreeben James Simpson Dyer Michael Ray Eledge Lawrence Turner Franks, Jr. Bobby Frank Gamblin Julius Glickman Charles 0. Buckalew Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr. Thomas Mayborn Dunning Jim Ray Fletcher James Edgar Goodnight, Jr. John Roland Gowan Leon Norrod Graham Michael Jacob Gray Hix Green, III Robert Charles Greve David Gray Hall John Sinclair Hartman Mike Austin Hatchell Oliver Samuel Heard Harvey Tevis Herd Thomas Buckner Hightower James Clark Hudson Peter Christian William Carroll Keach Samuel Everard Kinch, Jr. David Isadore Kuperman Marshall Allin Leaffer Melvyn Lermans Gregory O. Lipscomb Maurice Marcus William Leo Moll David Rupert Murph John Everett Musselman George Jack Nachman Edgar Covey Nash, Jr. Knox Dillon Nunnally Williams FALL ROWELS Daniel Robert Kirshbaum Charles Stevenson Leeper David Michael McNeely Edgar Allen Miller William Hugh Munn, II Menton Jo.seph Murray, Jr. John Mack Orr James Owen Rush James Hoke Peacock, II Edward Bradford Pickett Clyde David Pomeroy, Jr. Walter Cayce Sands Arthur Lewis Schechter Larry L. Schoenbrun Robert Fleming See, Jr. Michael William Simpson Charles Dan Talbert Ronald Lee Tatham John C. Treadwell Thomas Virgil Wade Marquis Everett Whittington Michael David Sandgarten Juan Manuel Vasquez Timothy Don Von Dohlen SPRING ROWELS Walter Lee Bradley James Eddy Burk Donald Whitesell Hartman Robert James Huston Harold Henry Kahn Jesse Jefferson Moorhead David Knight Northington Joe Christopher Rude, III George Henry Sauer Courtney Mack Townsend Those considered for membership in SILVER SPURS must be at least second semester sophomores, have a 1.0 or better grade point average and must not be on scholastic probation. Front Row: Chalmers, Gray, Dalton, Lerman, Denman, Eledge, Hall, Sandgarten, Kinhbaura, Heard, J. Hartman, Kahn. Hufton. Second Rote: Kuperman, Leeper, Carlock, Murph, Leaffer, Miller, See, Dreeben, Rude, Dunning, Keafh, Moorhead, Townjend. Third Rou: Orr, Bradley, Burk. D. Hartman, McNeely, Cope, Hud on, Camblln, Nunnally, Marcui. Von Dohlen, Fletcher, Norlhington, Nachman. Page 508 ORA AILEEN BENNETT Faculty Sponsor SPOOKS WOMEN ' S SERVICE ORGANIZATION Fall OFFICERS Spriag SANDRA HAYS President MARTHA JEANNE PURCELL TYRA ANN COX V ice-President MARY TEDFORD GRIFFITH MARY KATHERINE SEALY Service JILL ANNETTE HARRIS JULIA ANN BROWN Spirit MARGARET LUCILE KOY ELIZABETH ROSE GREENFIELD Secretary SUSAN ELIZABETH WAGNON KAREN LYNN POWELL ' . Treasurer CLAIR LYN REEDER ORA AILEEN BENNETT . . Faculty Sponsor ORA AILEEN BENNETT MEMBERS Jamie Lee Andrews Nelda Kay Becknell Roberta Iris Billings Barbara Gay Boggess Genie Brackenridge Julia Ann Brown Patsy Jeanne Byfield Margie Ann Carr Patricia Jane Clements Tyra Ann Cox Sara Elizabeth Crow Lois Diane Derouen Sara Lee Doggett Carol Eugenia Earl Sidney Anderson Tresha May Appleton Margaret Olivia Burnett Susan Carol Chaffe Nancy Jane Compere Mary Jane Davis Elizabeth Lyons Doremus Catherine Johnson Beanland Nancy Bernard Barbara Anne Brenan Carolyn Briscoe Linda Lee Burk Patricia Burkes Dougherty Marva LaGean Douglas Barbara Carolyn Ellis Sandra Gwen Faircloth Mary Esther Garner Amy Lucia Goodenough Virginia Sue Graham Gloria Judene Grant Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Mary Tedford Griffith Jill Annette Harris Sandra Hays Nancy Carol Holman Margaret Rissia Hopkins Donna Ament Jessen Margaret Lucile Koy Charlotte Kroll Elizabeth Carolyn McAfee Carolyn McDaniel Barbara Ann Merrill Judy Carol Miller Anitha Theresa Mitchell Helen Hardy Murchison Gay Trabue Nagle Karen Lynn Powell Martha Jeanne Purcell Clair Lyn Reeder Jo Sharon Roberts FALL PLEDGES Janet Rose Goren Elizabeth Isabell Grafius Elizabeth Christine Hall Sue Holland Susanne Hooser Justina Jane Leonard Michele Claire Magilow Janet Marie Means Sarah Mary Ray Betty Anne Sanford Peggy Sharon Stagg Jan Stockard SPRING PLEDGES Carole Dee Foster Marilyn Frances Friedman Johanna Catherine Gebhart Claire Louise Goodnight Marilyn Gayle Hoffman Carolyn Hunter Carolyn Theresa Jones Nancy Victoria Kennedy Vicky Saundra Kirk Elizabeth Ann Littlejohn Paula Ann McMartin Karen Lee Owen Rose Diane Rosenberg Phyllis Elaine Rosenfield Greta Schoenbrun Mary Katherine Sealy Frances Spivy Carolyn Nell Stewart Susan Elizabeth Wagnon Karen Kay Walton Emily Marshall Watson Judy Kathleen Wax Ilene Marcia Weinberger Ann Louise Whiting Theo Nancy Wilkes Judith Isabel Wright Dorothy Thomas Susan Kathleen Turpisch Frances Ann Waghalter Gail Allen Walter Grace Alice Warren Donna Weintraub Carolyn Marie Reeb Audrey Paige Riemir Julia Shaw Linda Suzanne Shelton Sandra Gail Staddard Teresa L. Wang Mary Ann Wycoff SPOOKS is an honorary service organization composed of three girls from each sorority and ten girls from the in- dependent section of campus. Members are chosen in the fall and spring from the girls in the freshman and sophomore classes that show great leadership potential for campus affairs. Front Row: Derouen, Ellin, Grant, Brown, Hays, Sealy, Powell, Greenfield, Earl, Cox. Second Rote: Miller, Clementt, Rosenberg, Garner, Ray, Weinttaub, Waghalter, McDaniel, Holland, Hopkins, Crafius, Magilow, Coren, Means, Reeder, Goodenough, Becknell. Third Rote: Whiting, Walter, Appleton, Harris, Chaffe, Warren, Spivy, Crow, Rosenfield, Schoenbrun, Wilkes, Brackenridge, Jessen, Anderson, Sanford. Boggess, Stockard. Fourth Row: Stewart, Koy, Kroll, Leoanrd, Davis, Burnett, Walton, Wagnon, Doremus, Byfield, Andrews, Graham, Murchison, Griffith, Faircloth, Purcell, Turpisch, McAfee, Hooser. Page 509 TEXAS COWBOYS MEN ' S SERVICE ORGANIZATION Local Founding, 1922 OFFICERS Fall Spring CHARLES GIESEY Foreman CLARENCE VAUGHN BRAY TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN Strawboss NED PRICE, JR. ROBERT ALLEN SEWELL Horsewrangler PATRICK CUNNINGHAM OXFORD DARIUS DUDLEY OLDHAM Shotgun KLEBER JENNINGS DENNY ROBERT BYNUM DORRELL Camp Cook JOE BILL WATKINS CAROL ANN CLEWIS . . Sweetheart . . CAROL ANN CLEWIS MEMBERS Marion Corry Adams, Jr. Andrew George Anderson, Jr. Gordon Scott Appleton Charles Richard Barnhill Steven Lloyd Bercu Jack B. Boone , Lloyd Henry Boudloche, Jr. Clarence Vaughn Bray Jack Bethel Brown Emmett A. Carlisle Tommy Drew Cauthorn Hubbard Scott Caven James Gary Cooper .Michal Barry Gotten Ronald Davis Bandy Edwin Thoedore Davis, Jr. Timothy Michael Doerr James Harold Bell William Charles Cobbs Pete Richard Coneway Phillip Leon Harris Kleber Jennings Denny Robert Bynum Dorrell Howard Paul Dreyer Michael Henry Erskine Miguel Espinosa Dan Adolph Fleckman Richard Alan Fogel Scott Charles Follett Tommy Cline Ford William James Galbreath Lawrence Louis Germer Charles Giesey Larry Hall Brian Peyton Hanson John Bruce Heath Gary Allen Herman Morton Lee Herman John Hurst Lenoir Moody Josey Edward Elois Kasper Charles Arthur Knutson Ernest Melvin Koy Don G. Lasiter Robert Richard Lende Robert James Lowe Curtis Alfred McClurg FALL PLEDGES James Leeper Hawley, Jr. Ludolph William Heiligbrodt Edward Dougals Johnson, Jr. Marvin Christopher Kristynik Travis Charles Meitzen, Jr. Charles Thomas Newton, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Bary Ben Hutsell Thomas Dale Keene Joe Edward Lea, Jr. William Ronald Mahoney William Eugene Mitchell Tommy H. Nobis Luther Daniel Prescott Donald Ray Rector Alonzo Perry McWilliams William Alien Melton John Middleton Frank A very Mitchell, III Kenneth Nietenhoefer Benjamin Rush Norvell Darius Dudley Oldham Patrick Cunningham Oxford Ned Price, Jr. Marion Sanford, Jr. Robert Allen Sewell Joe Bill Watkins Alfred Earl White, Jr. John Brock Pevateaux, Jr. Larry Steve Steinberger Richard Donald Ruggles Malcolm Boyd Street James Michael Wilson Members are selected for COWBOYS on the basis of leadership, ability, campus accomplishments, and scholastic standing. To be eligible a student must have completed at least his first year in the University. -T- W.t vf5lff tef tf j r -r -T + X .. ,t . . QnVBHMlHMIi HMMHBMMHMMBHH PB BMi BiVHVHV VBV BIVHHMMHBMMH H MBB HHHHlH MHi B MMMH B MBB BBi Front Row: Fogel, Esplnosi, Orris, Bercu, Hanson, Hawley, Ford, Fleckman, Hall, M. Herman, Cavrn, Lowe, Cauthorn, Melton, Price, Mahoney. Second Row: Bray, Watklns, Steinberger, Calbreath, Boudloche, Germer, Gotten, Middlrton, Dorrell, Clewii, Hurst, Oldham, Pevateaux, Bandy, Johnson, Heiligbrodt, Cobb, Coneway, Prescott, Ruggles. Third Row: Denny, Anderson, Meitzen, Hutsell, Mitchell, Heath, Street, Wilson, Koy, Boone, Nobls, Appleton, Laalter, Cooper, Sewell, Sanford, Nietenhoefer, Keene, Krlstynlk, Doerr, Newton, Bell, Lea. Page 510 v GRADUATES AND SENIORS Page 511 GRADUATES ARNDT, GEORGE DICKEY, Ocean Springs, Miss. Electrical Engineering AVILA, CARLOS, Dallas Physics, 2OS BIGGS, WILLIAM RENSHAW, Fort Worth Accounting, K2 BIZZELL, BOBBY GENE, Frankston Industrial Management, 2IE, Union Committees, Intramurals BORN, GEORGE H., Edna Aero-Space Engineering, TBII BRIDGES, WILLIAM CARLTON, Tyler Mathematics, Teaching Assistant BROWN, SQUIRE LEE, San Angelo Aero-Space Engineering, TBII, 2FT, 2S, AIAA BUGG, WILLIAM BRADFORD, Troup English, Journalism, AA2, Canterbury Association CERNOSEK, STANLEY FRANK, JR., San Antonio Chemistry CH ' IU, JULIE M. H., Taiwan, China Linguistics COLE, CLARENCE WHARTON, Houston Accounting, t KE, A2II, BA , Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Cactus Staff COLINA-VARGAS, CARLOS, Barranquilla, Colombia Architecture, International Club, Inter-American College Forum COWLES, RICHARD THOMAS, San Antonio Finance DENNY, KLEBER JENNINGS, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, K2, XE, Texas Cowboys, Co-op Board of Di- rectors, Interfraternity Council, Intramurals DORKE, PETER JOHN, Glamorgan, Wales Spanish, International Club DROLLA, JOHN CASPER DOYT, JR., Fort Worth Law, t 2K, Varsity Track, T Association, Operation Brainpower, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Discipline Committee DRUMMOND, DONALD R., Midland Library Science EL-EMARY, MAHMOUD MOHAMED, Cairo, Egypt Chemistry, Organization of Arab Students ELLZEY, MARION LAWRENCE, JR., Perryton Physics ESPINOSA, MIGUEL W., Cuernavaca, Mexico Industrial Management, 2N, Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Texas Cowboys, Discipline Committee, Newman Club, Club De Mexico FAHMY, SAMIR BIBAWY, Cairo, Egypt Accounting FALCONER, DAVID ROSS, Austin Mathematics FARIES, ELDON DWANE, Brownwood Art Education, XA, I MA, Art Students Association, University Chorus, A Cappella Choir FARLEY, RAMSEY W., Temple Chemical Engineering, TBII, I2XE, AX2, +H2, t AT, AIChE, University Fellowship FINDLING, JOHN ELLIS, Palm Beach, Fla. History FREEMAN, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, San Antonio Chemistry GALLOWAY, DANIEL GRAHAM, Stamps, Ark. Electrical Engineering GRAY, FRED J., Carthage History, +A9, Graduate Group GRISHAM, KENNETH LEWIS, Fort Worth Linguistics, German CJjri?7 Linguistics Club M., Austin tAROLYN ANN, Baton Rouge, La. Page 512 LJTA GRADUATES HIZLILAI, JULIDE S., Istanbul, Turkey Linguistics JENSEN, MARTIN HANS, San Antonio Government, I12A JOHNSON, DAVID B., Garland Mechanical Engineering, KA, TITS, H2, TBII, ASME, Engineering Fellow JONES, JOIE PIERCE, Abilene Mathematics, H2, I BK, Challenge, Junior Fellows, Wesley Foundation, Student Government and Union Committees KAUPP, HENRY JOSEPH GEORGE, JR., New Orleans, La. Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN LEGSOMBURANA, UDOM, Bangkok, Thailand Micro-Biology LEMN, DOMINGO F., JR., Lima Peru Civil Engineering, ASCE, International Club, Rotary International Scholar, Organization of American States Scholar LIPPINCOTT, CHARLES RONALD, Wichita Falls Mathematics, Physics, i HS LOU, THOMAS NAI-CHI, Taiwan, China Civil Engineering LUTTRELL, WILLIAM LEON, JR., Benton, La. Economics MAGEE, NITA LOUISE, Austin Sociology, AEP, Union Hospitality Committee, Wesley Foundation MANGUM, CHARLES GRADY, San Antonio Civil Engineering, IIKA, ASCE MAYER, GARY HOWARD, Houston Journalism, AX, SAX, Daily Texan, Journalism and Public Relations Scholarships MCDONALD, ROBERT BAYARD, Lytie General Business McDOUGALL, BARBARA KAY, San Antonio Foreign Language Teaching, IIA6, nA " J , n ' AIT, SEA, Pharmacettes " . f " 3 ' fl f s -? o tf% McFARLAND, MELVA SUE, Grand Prairie Accounting McMANUS, PORTIA ANN, Iowa Park English MILLER, EDWARD GODFREY, JR., Houston Chemistry MONTEITH, DWIGHT OLIVER, JR., Amarillo Electrical Engineering, TSPE, IEEE, Society for Advancement of Management, CBA Student Council, Flash Card Committee MOORE, MARY KATHERINE, Ruston, La. French, International Club NABORS, JOHN H., JR., Winnsboro Mathematics NEWELL, LARRY EDWARD, Maitland, Fla. History NIETENHOEFER, KENNETH C, Hondo Management, KK , Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, Texas Cowboys, Union Board of Directors OH, YONG KYU, Seoul, Korea Bio-Chemistry PANICHAPAT, CHACKCHAI, Bangkok, Thailand Electrical Engineering PERRY, JERRY WAYNE, Lewisville, Ark. Government POINDEXTER, MARY ANN, Shreveport, La. Linguistics POSEY, CLYDE LEE, El Paso Accounting POTTS, HOWARD TAFT, Gushing, Okla. Zoology, NSF Academic Year Institute REAMS, GAIL JACOBY, Houston Physics, H2, ZIIZ, BK RIEK, PATRICIA ANN, Corpus Christi Educational Psychology, Newman Club Page 513 ( T J- GRADUATES ROSETE, EDUARD TONG, Manila, Philippines Chemical Engineering SAGARIK, MALINEE, Bangkok, Thailand Architecture, AIA, AAAE, International Club SALGADO, JULIO CABALLERO, Mexico, D.F. Chemical Engineering, 6X, Newman Club, International Club, Inter- American Forum SCHAUER, CLARENCE HERBERT, Austin Educational Administration SEIFERT, DIANA LOU, Dayton, Ohio English, A Cappella Choir SHALABY, MOSTAFA EL-SAYED, Cairo, Egypt Architecture, Teaching Assistant, Organization of Arab Students SHANBLUM, JOHN HERBERT, El Paso Finance, 2AM, American Finance Association, Lecturer in Finance SHAVOR, KENNETH M., Paducah Mathematics SMITH, AUGUST WILLIAM, JR., Austin Production Management, 2IE, AROTC SONE, DAVID, Fort Worth General Business STILL, CHARLES RICHARD, Austin Educational Psychology STILWELL, RICHARD BURL, Houston Law, BA f H2, Freshman Council Advisor, Union House Decora- tions Committee, Intramurals STONE, JACKIE LEE, Taylor Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, KS, Radio dub STUDEBAKER, I. JOHN, Belmond, Iowa Architecture SUJ ARITTANONTA, SUTHIPUNTHA, Bangkok, Thailand Architecture SUKHAPRAYURA, KUASAKDI, Bangkok, Thailand Insurance SUPORNPAIBUL, VATANA, Bangkok, Thailand Electrical Engineering TAKEUCHI, YURIKO YASUGI, Tokyo, Japan English TAYLOR, LETA EVELYN, Garland Linguistics, J BK THADANI, RAMESH, New Delhi, India Chemical Engineering, AX2, TBII, JJXE, AT, H2, A n, AIChE, International Club THIRli.MlJRTHI, DHANDAPANI, Madras, India Civil Engineering THIRU.MURTHI, HEMALATHA, Madras, India Nutrition, American Home Economics Association International Scholar- ship, Kappa Kappa Gamma International Scholarship, Ima Hogg Scholar- ship TOMLINSON, JOHN CLYDE, JR., Longview General Business, Intramurals URBINA, MANUEL, JR., Houston Latin-American Studies VAN STEENKISTE, RICHARD JOHN, La Feria Geography, AX, Tejas Club, Y, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Parking and Traffic Committee WARD, RICHARD DEAN, San Antonio Marketing WELBORNE, SUE ADELE, Grand Prairie Accounting WELCH, ROBERT CHARLES WILLIAM, Lake Charles, La. Chemical Engineering, H2, AT, J)XE, TBII, Engineering Fellow, NSF Fellow, Intramurals WILSON, CYNTHIA EUGENIE, Syracuse, N.Y. Journalism, B t , KTA, Journalism Graduate Group WINEBERG, RUSSELL HENRY, Murrumbeena, Australia Law, 8X, AA, Moot Court Team, International Law Society, Hos- pitality Committee, Round-Up, International Commission WATNE, Prairie Village, Kans. ng Assistant AZEL HENDERSON, Omaha Psychology P ic 514 SENIORS ABDUL-HADI, AZMI A., Dammam, Saudi Arabia Civil Engineering, ASCE, Y, International Club, Organization of Arab Students ADAMS, CAROL LOUISE, Dallas Mathematics, AZ, t BK, AAA, All Campus Advisors, Upperclass Ad- visors, Royal Spirit Committee ADAMS, EDWIN WILLIAM, JR., Buckholts Accounting, BASF ADAMS, ELIZABETH ANNE, Galveston English, AFA, Newman Club, University Religious Council, Royal Spirit Committee ADAMS, VILLIE FISHER, Austin Finance ADELMAN, CATHY LEE, San Antonio History, AE4 , AAA ADERHOLT, BEN LOUIS, Corpus Christi History, Government, Pre-Law, K2, NSA, Model United Nations, Freshman Council Advisor ACER, ROGER QUENTIN, Liberty English, X ALBRECHT, EDGAR GAYLE, Goliad Petroleum Land Management, Lutheran Student Association, Petroleum Landman ' s Association ALBRECHT, SHELTON ERVIN, Cuero Biology ALDER, LINDA SUE, Marshall Journalism, TAX, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ALDRICH, FRANK T., Houston Geography, T6T, Longhorn Flying Club ALDRICH, SUSAN ANNETTE LYON, Wadsworth, Ohio Geography, F9T, Orchesis ALEFF, KENDRA LYNN, El Paso Home Economics, ATA, ON, Home Economics Club ALLEN, ROGER WILLIAM, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, San Antonio ALLWRIGHT, JUDITH ELAINE, Rosenberg Mathematics, TBS, Longhorn Band ALPARD, ALLAN JOSEPH, Wharton History, 1 SA, AEA, Varsity Carnival, Campus Chest ALTMAN, STEPHEN MONROE, Houston Electrical Engineering ALTSULER, ARNOLD K., Omaha, Nebr. Pre-Law, SAM, Varsity Swimming, T Association, Longhorn Flying Club ALVOID, DENNIS E., Dallas Government, A M2 ANDERSON, JAMES VINCENT, Austin Mathematics ANDERSON, LAMAR G., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for Advancement of Management ANDERSON, LAWRENCE RICHARD, Rockdale Electrical Engineering, IEEE, NROTC, Ed Price Hall ANSCHUTZ, ROBERT EARL, Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association, Intramurals ANSLEY, WILLIAM FRED, Mineral Wells Industrial Management, AROTC, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, Union Dance Committee, Wesley Foundation ANZ, REGINALD DEAN, Fort Worth Architecture APEL, MILDRED MARIE, Panhandle Clothing, Textiles, TAX, ON, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Club, Union Committees APPENBRINK, BETTY SUE, Galveston Mathematics, Union Dance Committee, Round-Up, Racket Club ARNOLD, JAMES ROLAND, Dallas Accounting ASEL, JUDITH ANN, Austin Journalism, A , TAX, 62 , Honors Day, Da% Texan ASTON, PATRICIA RUTH, Houston Micro-Biology, AAH,, A T, Texas Stars, Longhorn Ba ATKINS, DORIS ANNE, Corpus Christi Interior Design, Newman Club, Upperclass Advisor Pgc 515 SENIORS BALDWIN, ROLAND CHRIS, Odessa Mathematics BALL, JACK JOHNSON, JR., Fort Worth Pre-Law, X BALLARD, ARTHUR CHARLS, Temple Personnel Management, B8II BALLARD, JO NITA, Austin Elementary Education, SEA BALLINGER, ROYCE EUGENE, San Angelo Zoology BARBER, HOWARD GENE, Bay City Accounting BARKER, BARRETT HARRISON, Abilene Pre-Law, Acacia, Freshman Council Advisor, Orientation, Y, Round- Up, Royal Spirit Committee, Discipline Committee, Union Dance Committee, Campus Chest BARKER, CAMPBELL BROOKS, II, Pettus Zoology BARNARD, LARRY GORDON, Garland Finance BARNETT, JOHN BRYAN, JR., Marlin Pre-Medical, ATJ1 BARR, ALFRED MICHAEL, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AXE, fiXE, TBII, AIChE BARTON, STERLIN EOFF, JR., Longview Pharmacy, K BATTS, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Abilene Elementary Education, SEA BAUGHMAN, DON CLIFF, Houston ir- JARI FROST, San Antonio KI[, ' I ' lli, Business Administration Honors Program HEARD, BILLY BROOKS, Taft Industri Ranagement, Society for Advancement of Management P, f , 516 ATWOOD, BRYAN HOBSON, Frankston Mechanical Engineering, ASME AUTREY, CECILS CURLIN, Waxahachie English, IIB , Ashbel, Ten Most Beautiful, Bluebonnet Belle, Union Charm and Hospitality Committees AYCOCK, JANE LOUISE, Texarkana English, r B BAADE, HENRY H., Boling Mechanical Engineering, A t n, Tejas Club, ASME BAER, JANICE L., Dallas Elementary Education BAETEN, RENE J., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AROTC, TSPE, IEEE, Newman Club BAILEY, EDGAR DANIEL, Rusk Engineering Science, AT, ASME, SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Union and Student Government Committees, Orientation BAILEY, JOE MURRAY, Austin Zoology, Pre-Dental, KA, Freshman Council BAILEY, PHILIP S., JR., Austin Chemistry, AX2, H2, t AT BAINES, ROBERT ROY, JR., San Antonio Mathematics, AROTC, SAME, Ranger Drill Team, Wesley Foundation BAIRD, BONNIE ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education, AXIJ, 62 J , SEA, Freshman Council, Union Committee BAITY, CAROLIE ANN, Garland English, Journalism, r B, 62 , TAX, Daily Texan BAKER, MARY MARTHA, Madisonville History, Government, AAII, SEA, Reagan, Union Committees, Freshman Council BAKER, REVENOR CORNELIUS, Tyler Mathematics BAKER, SUSAN LYN, Houston Psychology, International Club, Speleological Society BALDWIN, FRANK LEE, JR., Ingleside Government, AX, Y, Interfraternity Council, Model UN, Freshman Council, Student Government Committees CLASS OF 1964 BEARD, MARVIN F., Austin Accounting BEAUCHAMP, WILLIAM BRYAN, Albany, Ga. Government, Acacia, AFROTC, Freshman Council BECKER, KATHERINE LOUISE, New Braunfels Elementary Education BECKHAM, ROBERT SIDNEY, Denison Mathematics BELL, CHARLOTTE ANN, Beaumont Micro-Biology A j BELL, THOMAS BENJAMIN, Dallas Civil Engineering, XE, TBTI, HZ, ASCE, TSPE BELT, JUDITH LANIER, Austin Elementary Education BELT, MORRIS EDWARD, JR., Austin Government, Latin-American Studies, Y, Wesley Foundation, UTSAM Soccer BENNETT, BONNIE ELIZABETH, Austin Journalism, AZ, TAX Cactus Staff BENTON, CAROLYN KATHRYN, Fort Worth Mathematics, AF, AAA, Longhorn Singers, Freshman Council BERG, CAROLYN ANN, Houston Office Administration, Lutheran Student Association BERKMAN, LA TRELLE, Austin English, IIB f , AAA, Ashbel BERMANN, MARK WILLIAM, Houston Accounting, TAf , Business Administration Honors Program, CBA Council BERMONT, JUDITH ANN, Coral Gables, Fla. History, English, SAT, Reagan, Freshman Council BEYNON, FRANK PRIOUR, Corpus Christ! Government, Freshman Council Advisor, Intramurals BIEDERMANN, ALLEN JOSEPH, Waco Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Newman Club I V BIERBOWER, AMY ELIZABETH, Austin French BIGGERS, LARRY ALBERT, San Antonio Mathematics, AROTC, SAME, Strike and Spare, Lutheran Student Association BIRDWELL, LLOYD WILLIS, JR., Dallas English, ATA, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Student- Faculty Committee, Campus Chest, Model UN, Challenge, Orientation, Union Film and Leadership Committees BISHOP, PARK E., El Paso General Business, A f fi, University Religious Council, Christian Science Organization BLACK, ROBERT EARL, Sulphur Springs Government, BK, II2A, i A9, I H2 BLAKE, GEORGE DAVID, Corpus Christi Mathematics BLAKENEY, MARVIN ROBERT, Dallas Economics, I Afl BLANTON, JUDITH GAY, Port Arthur Plan II, AAA, Mortar Board BLAZEK, MARY JOANN, Liberty Accounting, r J B, BA , Spooks, Freshman Council Advisor, Campus Chest, Union Committees BOBB, BETTY CECILE, Houston Elementary Education, AZ, NEA, TSTA, Freshman Council BOCK, BENNIE WALTER, II, New Braunfels General Business, A2H, American Marketing Association, Los Charros, Union Speakers and Publicity Committees BOEHL, JOHN ELMO, Dallas Electrical Engineering, IIKM, TBII, IEEE, Engineering Fellow BOEHM, TELVA JOSEPH, Shiner Electrical Engineering BOHAC, GLADYS JEAN, Weimar Business Education, nnn, JTA6, SEA, Dean ' s List, Tullie Oderbolz Memorial Scholarship BOHLS, CARL E., San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration BOHNERT, REUBEN EDWARD, Comfort Architecture, AIA, Architecture Student Council Page 517 SENIORS BOLDING, MURIEL IRENE, Dallas Spanish, AAA, 2AII, J BK, Farband Labor-Zionist Award in Hebrew BOLDT, RICHARD D., San Antonio Sociology, 2AX, Freshman Council, Flash Card Committee, Daily Texan BONES, GEORGE EUGENE, JR., Houston Chemical Engineering BONINE, MICHAEL EDWARD, Abilene Plan II, Ae, A M2, TflT, Handball Club, Speleological Society, German Club BORUP, CHARLEY H., Ill, San Francisco, Calif. Personnel Management, t KT, American Marketing Association, Society for Advancement of Management, Insurance Society, Strike and Spare BOUDLOCHE, LLOYD HENRY, JR., Baytown Pharmacy, I1KA, LPhA, Assembly, Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Freshman Pharmacy Class President BOWEN, JUDITH ANN, LaMarque Accounting, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Council BOYKIN, M. EDDIE, Abilene General Business, Pre-Law, ARE, A2II BRAASTAD, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Houston Pre-Medical, Campus Crusade for Christ BRADFUTE, DAVID LEE, Austin Sociology BRADFUTE, JAMES MAURICE, Austin General Business BRADFUTE, JANE ELLEN, Lampasas Home Economics BRANDON, DENNIS FOSTER, Seguin Government, NROTC, Buccaneer Drill Team BRANDON, WILLIAM PAUL, Austin Composite Science BRANDT, ROGER LAYNE, Pasadena Government, Acacia, Pre-Law Society, Freshman Council, Young Americans for Freedom BRAUER, KARL HENRY, Austin Management, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Ret. BRAUN, CARL ARTHUR, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IEEE BRAY, CLARENCE VAUGHN, Port Arthur Government, ATfi, Texas Cowboys, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Varsity Football, T Association, Friars, Outstanding Student ' BRECHT, HOWARD DAVID, Dallas Accounting, X , Union Newsletter Committee, Business Administration Honors Program, Dean ' s List BRISON, FRED ROBERT, College Station Economics BROCK, FRANKLIN WATKINS, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE BROCK, LINDA CATHERINE, Austin English, NEA BRONAUGH, DAVID EDWARD, Tyler Mechanical Engineering, ASME BROOKS, PAUL CURTIS, Houston Electrical Engineering BROOKS, PHYLLIS A., Corpus Christi Statistics, A E BROOKSALER, DORIS MARIAN, Dallas Mathematics, SEA, German Club, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Union Committees BROPHY, MARY JOAN, Dallas Journalism, 62 , TAX, Newman Club, Daily Texan BROWN, BEVERLY GAY, Dallas Medical Technology, AOI1, A T BROWN, JAMES CROZIER, Waco Civil Engineering, A+IJ, ASCE, Election Commission, Royal Spirit Com- mittee, Union Advisory Board, Sweetheart Election Commission, AFROTC, Leadership Seminar, Discipline Committee BROWN, LEIGHTON BAUGH, San Angelo Electrical Engineering, THE, HKN BRUBAKEJt- DAViaWINDSOR, Houston __ _ K, Junior Fellow, Alliance Francaise BRUCE, MAX ALLEN LEE, Austin Engineering rhanicnl 518 A? - .Jrfc CLASS OF 1964 BRYANT, GAYLIA JEAN, Plainview Elementary Education BUCHANAN, SARA JO, Georgetown English, TSTA, SEA BUCHEK, NANCY LOUISE, San Antonio Home Economics, KKF, Home Economics Club, Freshman Council BUCKELLEW, BONNIE RUTH, Temple Radio-Television, AZ, AEP, Round-Up, Sing-Song, Varsity Carnival, Aggie Sign Committee BUITRON, LOUIS JAKE, JR., San Antonio Economics BULLS, PAMELA ELIZABETH, El Paso Elementary Education, ACE, Wesley Foundation BUNCH, GEORGE PARDUE, Artesia, N. Mex. Zoology, Pre-Medical, A n, AEA, Tejas Club, AIA, 1963 Cactus Editor Discipline Committee, Round-Up, TSP Board of Directors, Freshman Council, Inter-Club Council, Goodfellow, Outstanding Stu- dent BUNT, GEORGE MICHAEL, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, IEEE BURKE, BARBARA ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education BURKS, JUDITH ANITA, Dallas Interior Design, AID BURLESON, PENELOPE, Austin Mathematics, AF, Y BURLESON, WILLIAM DANIEL, Killeen Government, ATA BURNS, CARLA A., Austin English, French BURNSIDE, WAYNE GEORGE, Fayetteville Marketing, American Market Association BUSH, HENRY ALAN, Houston Pharmacy BUSHELL, GARY EVERETT, Austin Economics, t KT, Interfraternity Council Jf J V u - r v io h f fc BUSSEY, WILLIAM EDWARD, Longview Pre-Dental, ZX BUTCHER, FRANK BENNIS, Baytown Chemistry BYBEE, CORINNE ELLEN, Houston Mathematics, AFA, SEA, Presidents ' Council BYRD, CLIFTON, JR., Houston General Business, KA, Freshman Council, Flash Card Committee, Public Relations Committee BYRD, WELDON CHAPMAN, Austin Finance CAFFEY, JEAN ELIZABETH, Abilene English, 92 , Wesley Foundation, A Cappella Choir CALDWELL, PHILLIP MACK, El Paso Mathematics, A Mi CALDWELL, WILLIAM DAVID, San Antonio Marketing, 63, American Marketing Association, Praetorian Guard CALVERT, CHARLENE KAY, San Antonio Office Administration, nnn CALVERT, KENNETH MITCHELL, Winnsboro Petroleum Land Management, AIME, Landman ' s Association CAMARGO, ERNEST FLORES, Brady Electrical Engineering, Newman Club CAMERON, PAUL DAVID, Breckenridge English, Newman Club, Stag Co-op CAMPBELL, BILLY JOE, Canton Architectural Engineering, ASCE, AAAE, TSPE CAMPBELL, DARRYL GLENN, Austin Engineering Management, X J CAMPBELL, HENRY VILLARD, Lamp History CAMPBELL, JIMMIE CLARENCE, Italy History, Philosophy Page 519 SENIORS CANFIELD, THOMAS HALE, George West Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITZ, ASME, TSPE, Intramurals CANGELOSI, ANTOINETTE, Stafford Social Studies, SEA, Newman Club, Upperclass Advisor CANTERBURY, FAYE MAXINE, Waco History CANTU, ANTONIO, Laredo Micro-Biology, Newman Club, Laredo Club, Inter-American Forum CAPERTON, BOBBY WAYNE, Marlin Insurance, Insurance Society CAPLINGER, DON VAN DERVORT, Dallas Psychology, International Club, Y, Longhorn Christian Fellowship CARDENAS, BLANDINA, Del Rio Journalism, Y, Daily Texan, International Club, Texas Union Com- mittees CARLSON, JOHN L., Fort Worth Architecture, X CARLYLE, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio Physics, Union Public Relations Committee CARRERA, ANA MARIA, Rio Grande City Government, NEA, Rio Grande Valley Club CARROLL, BILLY DAN, Gatesville Electrical Engineering, TBIT, HKN, IEEE, Dean ' s List CARSON, JOHN RUSSELL, Cuero Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Pharmacy Senior Class Vice-President CASTILLO, GILBERT V., San Antonio Micro-Biology, A f T CASTLE, JOHN RAYMOND, JR., Mount Pleasant Government CASTLEMAN, KENNETH RANDOLPH, Bogota Electrical Engineering, A l n, IEEE CAUTHORN, TOMMY DREW, Del Rio Plan II, History, ARE, Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student Q ft CAVANAUGH, RACHEL ANN, Lufkin English, Longhorn Christian Fellowship CENDRICK, THOMAS MICHAEL, Houston Marketing, A2II, American Marketing Association CERVENKA, ROBERT LEE, Granger Marketing CERWINSKE, MARINEL, Houston Mathematics, BK CHADWICK, CAROL ANN, Quitman Mathematics, Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers, All-Campus Advisors CHAFFIN, WEL DA LAJEAN, Austin Chemistry, TB2, AAA, I2II, BK, Longhorn Band CHALKER, JOHN MICHAEL, Breckenridge General Business CHAMBERLAIN, FRANCES FALTIN, Comfort Natural Sciences, IIA6, SEA CHAMBLISS, GLENN H., Jasper Zoology CHAPMAN, CHARLES DONALD, Tyler Petroleum Land Management, Landman ' s Association, CBA Council CHAPPELL, DAVID F., Fort Worth Government, Acacia, Y, CEC CHEATHAM, KENNETH ROY, Conroe Accounting CHENAULT, WILLIAM B., Ill, Houston Psychology, Government, A fi, Varsity Debate, Oratorical Association, Union Council, Radio Club, International Club, Freshman Council, Athen- eaum, Orientation, Texas Collegiate Forum CHERNOSKY, LILLIAN CAROL, Dallas Plan II, History, FrencbJIA , Westminster Fellowship . CHERBUARRE rHARRISON, Austin _ Bent, Society for Advancement of Management 1G MICHAEL, Midland Pige 520 ; ' CLASS OF 1964 CHILDERS, MICHAEL ALLEN, Corpus Christi Finance, AFROTC CHOVANEC, JUDITH MARIE, Fayetteville Home Economics CHOW, ELIZABETH, Houston Home Economics, Upperclass Advisor CHRISTIE, MARGARET ANNE, Austin Geology, Geological Society, Wesley Foundation CIRILO, ROSA LEE, Houston Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, Freshman Council, International Club CISNEROS, ANTONIO, III, Fort Worth Architecture, AIA CLARK, DIANA MARIE, San Antonio Government, ArA, SEA, Union Music Committee, Campus Chest, Dimes Day Committee CLARK, ELAINE MILLER, Lackland AFB Zoology CLARK, JACK CHANDLER, Austin Accounting, AX, BA CLARK, SUSAN LEE, Austin Spanish, 2AII CLARKE, ELLEN MARTHA, Lufkin English, KKT, Ashbel, Union Newsletter and Student-Faculty Com- mittees, Upperclass Advisor CLARKSON, ROBERT GILLESPIE, Austin Physics, A n, TLOK, Inter-Co-Operative Council CLAYTON, CATHERINE WINIFRED, Arlington English CLEAVINGER, MARVIN L, Austin Architecture CLEMENTS, NANCY, Dallas English, HB , Ashbel f I [J COCHRAN, HOWARD COMER, JR., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for Advancement of Management COCKRELL, LAURA LEE, Austin Business Education, SEA, National Business Education Association COE, PATSY ANN, Austin Elementary Education, Cordettes COHEN, HENRIETTA DAVIS, Cleburne Elementary Education, A i E, SEA, ACE, CEC COKER, CAROLYN SUE, Austin Journalism, AAA, 92 , KTA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Y, Daily Texan, Outstanding Student COLE, KYNN MONROE, Garland Architectural Engineering, AT, H2, TEH, XE, T2A, AAAE, SAME, Engineering Fellow, Ranger Drill Team, Distinguished Military Student, Interfraternity Council, Dean ' s List COLE, RICHARD RAY, Forney Journalism, SAX, KTA, Carl Stone Benedict Award, Cabot Educational Grant, Dallas Press Club Scholarship, Daily Texan Managing Editor, Challenge, Y, Longhorn Band, TSP Board of Directors, 2AX-02 Outstanding Male Journalist 1962-63, Texas Union COLLIER, HOWARD ERNEST, Georgetown Civil Engineering, H2, XE, TBII, ASCE, Engineering Fellow COLLIER, JOHN PAUL, Navarro Pharmacy, K COLLINS, CAROL GERMAINE, Houston Elementary Education, SEA, Newman Club, Upperclass Advisor COLLINS, THOMAS STEPHEN, Nacogdoches Electrical Engineering, IEEE COLLUM, CHARLES RAY, New Braunfels General Business, KAM, Daily Texan COLVIN, JOE CHESTER, JR., Austin Economics, Canterbury Association COMBEST, ROBIN, Fort Worth Commercial Art, Art Students Association, Commercial Art Students League COMEAUX, ROY VALERY, JR., Baytown Accounting, Orange Wings Drill Team, Newman CONROY, NONA JEAN, Dallas History, AZ Page 521 SENIORS COWAN, MAURICE EDWARD, Austin English, HCi, Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council, Election Commission COWPER, JANE C., Big Spring Plan II, KKT, Ashbel, Panhellenic, Orange Jackets COX, BILLY JEROME, Denton Architecture, AIA COX, DAVIS GRIFFITH, Terrell Applied Arts COX, WILLIAM LEE, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE CRAFT, RANDAL ROBERT, JR., Jackson, Miss. Aero-Space Engineering, AT, 4 HZ, AIEE, Assembly, Texas Leaders Seminar in Chile, Varsity Debate, Engineering Council, Oratorical Association, Discipline Committee, Faculty-Student Cabinet, Operation Brainpower CRAIG, ROBERT M., Houston Accounting, Acacia CRAWFORD, FREDA RUTH, Austin English, French, Theodorne Co-Op, Westminster Student Fellow- ship, Union Dance and Music Committees CRAWFORD, ISAAC LYLE, Austin Zoology CREEL, JAMES HEATON, JR., Odessa Zoology CREWS, ALBERT DOYLE, JR., Clairette Pharmacy CREWS, PAUL C, JR., Austin Architecture, AIA CRIDER, FRANCELLE, Mexia Elementary Education, AAA, Navy Sweetheart Club CRISWELL, VICTOR IRA, Eastland Finance CROSBY, SANDRA JEAN, Fort Worth Elementary Education, NEA CROSNOE, OLIVIA SUE YOUNG, Texarkana History CROSS, MARTIN JOSEPH, Austin Mathematics, l Kf , NROTC, Newman Club CROWE, JON PACE, Austin Fine Arts CRQJHLEATALJjrNELSON, Austin ER, HAROLD RAY, Wichita Falls g Route to Business Administration, AZII, A-M2 Pile 522 CONWAY, SALLY LEIGH, San Antonio English, ZTA, Ashbel COOK, CHARLES DE VERE, Waco Accounting COOK, DANIEL ROBERT, Von Ormy Electrical Engineering COOK, JENNINGS BRYAN, JR., Flatonia Accounting COOK, WILLIAM ARIEN GERHARD, Arlington Architecture, T2A, Sphinx COOK, WILLIAM RICHARD, McNary Electrical Engineering, IEEE COOPER, GRAFTON MORTON, Amarillo English, AXA, Union Film Committee COOPER, JAMES GARY, Port Neches Engineering Route to Business Administration, 2X, Varsity Track, T Association, Texas Cowboys COPE, JO ANN, Dallas English, AAA, t BK, HA , Junior Fellow COPE, JOHN R., San Angelo General Business, KA, Friars, Dads ' Association Most Outstanding Boy Award, Students Association Vice-President, Silver Spurs, Assembly, CBA Council, TSP Board of Directors, Freshman Council, Outstanding Student, Union Advisory Council CORNELIUS, EVELYN MAY, Sweetwater Home Economics CORRY, ROBERT ERNEST, Austin Pre-Medical CORY, CAROL ANN, San Antonio English, IIB t , ZAII, Sigma Nu Sweetheart, Ten Most Beautiful Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor COTELLESSE, DAVID PETER, Alexandria, Va. Government, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade COULTER, VALERIE MARGUERITE, Houston History COVARRUBIAS, JESSE S., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE CLASS OF 1964 CRUZ, JOSEFINO ESPIRITU, El Paso Chemistry, Newman Club, International Club CUELLAR, ORLANDO, San Antonio Zoology CUMMINGS, JANICE CAROL, Austin Mathematics, AXfi, AAA, SEA, Freshman Council CUNNINGHAM, JOE HURLEY, III, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, A I n, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band CURTIS, DANIEL, New Boston Pharmacy CUTHRELL, JACK DIES, Austin General Business DAHSE, CAROLYN ETHEL, Weimar Special and Elementary Education, SEA, ACE, Upperclass Advisor DAILY, DIANE LOUISE, Galveston Accounting, AAII, BA , Freshman Council, Union Dance and Student-Faculty Committees DALTON, DONALD MICHAEL, Houston Finance, FA, Varsity Track, T Association, Silver Spurs DALTON, JOHN ROBINSON, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE DALY, THOMAS BRADEN, Galveston Architecture, A n, t HZ, AIA, 1964 Cactus Associate Editor, New- man Club, Sphinx, Round-Up DANIEL, BILLY BASS, Fairfield Pharmacy DANIEL, JEAN H., Liberty Elementary Education, KKF, ACE, SEA DANIEL, TED ALAN, Dallas General Business DANIELS, DEBORAH ANN, San Antonio French, International Studies, AP, Model UN DANIELS, LEROY EARL, Kilgore Accounting, Karate Club ! DARLING, JESSICA ROYECE, Houston Music Education, ZTA, UT Sweetheart 1962-63, 1963 Cotton Bowl Queen, Cheerleader, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Ten Most Beautiful, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Upperclass Advisor, Texas Leaders Seminar in Chile, Dean ' s List, Outstanding Student DAUGHERTY, GERALD LEE, Bartlett Engineering Route to Business Administration, A J n DAVENPORT, DAVID THOMAS, Dallas Insurance, B0IT, A2IT, Insurance Society, Royal Spirit Committee, Freshman Council DAVIES, WILL SULLIVAN, JR., Dallas Finance, 62, American Finance Association, Freshman Council, University Championship Volleyball Team, Interfraternity Council, American Institute of Banking DAVIS, BERNIE RODNEY, Paducah Journalism, A2 t , 1AX. Royal Spirit Committee, Challenge, Daily Texan, Goodfellow DAVIS, ELISA SAVILLA, Wichita Falls Journalism, 62 t , TAX, Marjorie Darilek Memorial Scholarship, Daily Texan, Student Assistant, Public Affair Reporting Program, Union Committees, Cap and Gown DAVIS, JOHN MARVIN, Austin Architecture, KK , AIA, Longhorn Band DAVIS, JOHN OLDRAHM, Lufkin Accounting, B8II DAVIS, OLIVER MONROE, JR., Palestine Marketing, Business Administration Honors Program, American Market- ing Association DAVIS, PHILLIP WALTER, Dallas Chemical Engineering, AXZ, AIChE DAVIS, REBECCA R., Ballinger Speech Therapy, ZTA, 2AH, Cordettes, Southern Singers DAVIS, WALTER RAGLAND, II, Irving Zoology, Speleological Society DEAL, BEN L, Weatherford Electrical Engineering DEBAULT, LAWRENCE EDWARD, Point Comfort Education, Longhorn Band DE LA PENA, AUGUSTIN MATEO, Brownsville Psychology, X, Longhorn Band DEMENT, WILLETTA, Austin General Business DERBES, HAROLD JOSEPH, JR., Corpus Christi Pharmacy DE SHAZO, CHARLES DON, Sheridan Pharmacy DE SHONG, JUDITH CAROL, San AntonV Studio Art, AAII, Art Students Association, Commercial Art Students League DE SOLA, PEGGY VANDERGRIFF, Dallas Biology Page 523 SENIORS DORNAK, GEORGIA ANN, El Campo Elementary Education DOUGLAS, SUE ANNETTE, Dallas Elementary Education, ASA, ACE, SEA, Y, All Campus Advisors, Education Council DOWIS, JAMES P., Childress Accounting, AZII DOYLE, CHARLES CLAY, Weimar English, KK , I BK, A J2, 1 HZ, Y, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, Goodfellow DOYLE, MARY ELIZABETH, Weimar Piano Pedagogy, 2AI, AAA, University Chorus, Upperclass Advisor DRISCOLL, ALICE ANN, Austin Interior Design, IIB , T2A, ON, AID, Reagan, Y, Campus Chest, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Union Committees DRUMWRIGHT, HENRY STERLING, Cisco Finance, S ' frE, MI2, American Finance Association DUGAN, RICHARD WALKER, Edinburg Government, Tejas Club DULLNIG, GEORGE R., San Antonio Retailing, A TO DUNAGAN, JERRY MAC, Wichita Falls Engineering Route to Business Administration, X , ASII, Navy Drill Team, Freshman Council DUNLAP, CAROLYN SUE, Azle Art DUNLAP, SUSAN, Dallas General Business, ZTA, Unio n Committees DUNN, JACK LESLIE, Nixon Pharmacy, Pharmacy Junior Class Vice-President DUNN, WILLIAM HENRY, Austin Accounting, Intramurals, Moore-Hill Hall Counselor DURAN, CECILIA, Laredo English, Laredo Club DURFLINGER, DONALD DOUGLAS, Corpus Christi Mathematics, FA, NROTC, Buccaneer Drill Team DUSSLER, MARCUS ROBERT, JR., Houston Mathematics, 2X DUVALL, DAVID CURTIS, Dallas Architectural Engineering, AAAE DYER, DAVID LEOlOUistin Personnel Management, A2II FAGLE, SUSAN DIANA, Dallas English, AAA Pje 524 DICKERSON. JAMES ROBERT, Mineola Government, Government Honors Program, Pre-Law Association DICKERSON, DIANA MARY, Houston Secretarial Studies DIERSCHKE, EUGENE GUS, Rowena Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, IEEE, TSPE, Engineering Fellow, Newman Club, Dean ' s List DIETZ, SANDRA M., Fredericksburg Government, AAII, Freshman Council, Union Charm and Hospitality Committees DIETZ, VIRGINIA LEE, Fort Worth Nutrition, OX, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship DILDY, KATHLEEN BETHEA, Austin Art Education, AAn, NEA, Freshman Council, Art Club, Union Secre- tariat Committee DILLARD, EDNA CAROLYN, Borger Elementary Education, r l B DIMMITT, JOHN WESLEY, San Antonio History DINGLE, MARY MARSHA, Freeport Mathematics, ZTA, BK DIXON, RONALD LEE, San Antonio Radio-Television, AEP, Best Dramatic Script, Broadcasting 1963, Men ' s Glee Club, Men ' s Glee Club Quartet DOBKINS, JAMES EDWARD, Monahans Linguistics DOCEKAL, WILLIAM LYNN, La Grange Electrical Engineering, NROTC, Crow ' s Nest Club DOLEZALEK, DONALD ROBERT, Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE DONAGHEY, JOHN EARL, West Columbia Architecture DONNELL, STANLEY J., Austin Pharmacy DORBANDT, WILLIAM M., San Antonio Electrical Engineering lift . CLASS OF 1964 EARHART, SUZANNE ELEANORE, Longview Elementary Education, AXSJ, Cordettes, All Campus Advisors, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, International Club, Union Student-Faculty Committee, Orientation EARLE, RONALD D., Fort Worth Government, Tejas Club, Daily Texan, NSA Delegate, Prather Hall Counselor, Union Student-Faculty Committee EARNEST, THOMAS MICHAEL, Austin Government, t KS EASLEY, ROBERT WAYNE, Victoria Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Newman Club EASON, WILLIAM DUDLEY, JR., Greenville Marketing, SAX, ROTC, Christian Science Organization EASTBURN, WALTER LEROY, JR., Austin Accounting, Southwest Conference Bowling League, UTSAM Bowling Club EASTER, MICHAEL M., Sealy Chemistry, AXS EDRINGTON, JACK BROWN, Midland Zoology EDWARDS, BENNY EUGENE, Big Spring Mechanical Engineering, KA, ASME EDWARDS, RYAN H., Fort Worth Music, AXA, J MA EIDSON, MERRILL LAMAR, Temple Engineering Route to Business Administration, SX ELLIS, CLYDE WRIGHT, San Antonio English ELLIS, RITA JEAN, San Antonio Marketing, t M, American Marketing Association ELLZEY, THOMAS SCOGIN, Perryton Anthropology, A Cappella Choir, Anthropology Club EMMER, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, Wink Mathematics, TBS, Longhorn Band, Newman Club EMMERT, DAVID DEVON, Ennis Accounting EMMETT, JOSEPH CHARLES, Dallas General Business ENDICOTT, TONI, Texas City Elementary Education, SEA, ACE ENGELHARDT, RAYMOND R., Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE ENGELKE, BENNIE LEE, Austin Accounting ESTROFF, HARRIS I., Lakeland, Fla, Marketing, SAM ETHEREDGE, CARL EUGENE, Houston Architectural Engineering ETHRIDGE, BEN MIKE, Midland Pharmacy, J AX EUBANK, MARIA ELANA, Sherman Physical Education EVANS, EDNA, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Elementary Education, SEA EWELL, JAMES JOHN, JR., Crosby Physics EWING, MARY ANNE, Phillips Deaf Education, AHA, SAH, SEA, Challenge, Panhellenic, Sing-Song FAGG, CHARLES FREDERICK, Dallas Zoology FAICKNEY, MARY ANN, Angleton Government, ZTA, CCUN, International Club, Union Committees FANNIN, SHIRLE ANN, Austin English FARINACCI, NICK A., San Antonio Chemistry, SII FARRAR, ALICE MEREDITH, Alice Elementary Education, Southern Singers, Union Dance Committee, Newman Club, Upperclass Advisor FAULK, NENA SANDRA, Hawkins English, SEA, Union Committees FEINSTEIN, TERRY JOAN, Houston Retail Marketing, A t E, American Marketing Association, Freshman Council, Union Charm Committee FELDMAN, LAWRENCE FRANKLIN, Houston Accounting, J A FERGUS, JAMES T., JR., Abilene Plan II, Page 525 SENIORS %j; FLETCHER, BENNY ROY, Slocum Biology FLETCHER, JIM RAY, Garland Psychology, Friars, Silver Spurs, Freshman Council, Orientation, Fac- ulty-Student Cabinet, Student Government and Union Committees, Outstanding Student FLINN, MICHAEL LOUISE, Corpus Christi Government FORSYTH, A. SANDRA, Longview Office Administration, AOIT, Delta Sigma Pi Rose Nominee FOSTER, BETTY JO, Dallas Art Education FOSTER, EDWARD LANIER, Austin General Business FOSTER, ROWLAND BRUCE, Austin American Studies, IIZA, A4 fi FOWLER, JERRY G., Big Spring Marketing FRANK, CAROLYN PATRICIA, Floresville English, SEA FRANKLAND, ANDY EDWIN, Anahuac Accounting FRANKLIN, BILLY GEORGE, San Saba Electrical Engineering FRANKLIN, BILLY JOE, Briggs Sociology, 1 HZ FRANKLIN, SARAH K. MAYFIELD, San Angelo History FREEMAN, BARBARA ANN, Corpus Christi Elementary Education, Speech Therapy, ZAH, NEA FREEMAN, CHARLES HAROLD, Grand Prairie Chemistry FREEMAN, DOUGLAS MICHAEL, Refugio Mechanical Engineering, Newman Club FREEMAN, MARY LEE, Seminole Elementary Education, AZ, Angel Flight, Freshman Council, Ten Most Beautiful, Union Student-Faculty Committee FREEMAN, RICHARD LESLIE, LaMarque Physics, BK FREEMAN, SANDRA JEAN DENNIS, Dallas Elementary Education FREEMAN, WILLIAM BERTRAND, JR., Houston Chemical Engineering, AIChE Page S26 FERGUSON, EDWINA R., Harrison, Ark. English, SEA, Freshman Council FERGUSON, GAY, Dallas Plan II, JTB , Y, Challenge, Spooks, Ashbel, Daily Texan FERGUSON, KENNETH WAYNE, Waco General Business, B6II, Varsity Football, T Association FERMIER, ROBERT P., Houston Statistics, AXA, Longhorn Singers FERNANDEZ, JUDYE ANNE, Houston Interior Design, AID FEUER, ELLEN KAY, Havre, Montana Advertising, AE f , TAX, Freshman Council FILES, ELIZABETH ANNE, Houston Plan II, AXJ), AAA, Y, Challenge, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Westminster Student Fellowship FINLEY, SHARON MARIE, Corpus Christ! Clothing, Fashion Design and Textiles, AZ FINLEY, SUE VIRGINIA, Uvalde Pharmacy, AFA, KE FISCHER, JOHN HENRY, Rosenberg Geology, Geolo.gical Society, Newman Club FISH, SUZANNE, Electra Elementary Education, AXS), SEA, Freshman Council FISHER, HARLEY MAX, Andrews History, English FITCH, BOB LAKEY, Carthage Mathematics FITCH, WILLIAM PHILCHER, III, San Antonio Zoology, K , I HZ, AEA, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Union Dance Committee FITZPATRICK, JOHN BURNETT, Marshall Architecture FLATT, DOYLE EDWIN, Longview Accounting, ZX CLASS OF 1964 FREESE, ROBERTA GAIL, Concrete, Wash. Pharmacy FRIAS, ROBERT H., Austin Chemical Engineering, AX2, AIChE FRICK, PATRICIA L, Kingsville General Business, AXS2, Cordettes, All Campus Advisors, Freshman Council, International Committee FRITH, HUGH GAYLE, Childers Industrial Management, ATO, A2II FUCHS, CARROLL GENE, Rogers Accounting FULGHAM, JACKSON THORNTON, San Angelo Economics, J rA FULTON, FRANCES SATYRA, Dayton Micro-Biology, A J T, Union Newsletter Committee, Strike and Spare FULWILER, JAMES L., Mexia Mathematics, NROTC, Dean ' s List FUTSCHIK, WILLIAM LEE, La Grange Marketing GALEENER, JUDYE ANN, Houston Mathematics, XJ2, TTT, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Assembly, Campus Chest, Round-Up, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Operation Brainpower, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Outstanding Student GALLAGHER, MARGARET LYNN, San Antonio English, History, Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers, Orchesis, New- man Club, Curtain Club, Blind Student Reading Program GALLAGHER, SUSAN ANNE, San Antonio English, SEA GALLERANO, ANDREW JOHN, Houston History, t K8, NROTC, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Carnival, Newman Club GAMBRELL, JUDY GAYLE, Greenville Speech, T B GARCIA, CARLOS CAVAZOS, Corpus Christi Music Education, f MA, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band GARCIA, GEORGE G., Austin Pre-Law, Newman Club L GARCIA, GLORIA E., Kingsville Phamlacy, KE, 1 B Kinsolving, Newman Club, Model UN, Laredo Club, Rio Grande Valley Club GARCIA, HECTOR, JR., McAllen Aero-Space Engineering, AIAA GARCIA, JOE HECTOR, Corpus Christi Spanish GARCIA, TEODORO, Corpus Christi Music Education, JIA, Symphonic Band, University Chorus GARNER, BILLY JACK, Crockett Pharmacy, KK , BSU, Longhorn Band GARNER, DAVID WESLEY, San Antonio Marketing Research, American Marketing Association, AROTC, Prae- torian Guard, Dean ' s List GARNER, JAMES BEALL, Crockett Pharmacy, K , LPhA GARNER, JAMES REYNOLDS, Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE, A Cappella Choir GARNER, WILLIAM HARRIS, Belton Accounting, AZIT, CBA Council GARNETT, CHARLES MILTON, Rome, Ga. Marketing, X t , American Marketing Association GARRETT, BETTY AFTON, Itasca Home Economics Education, Home Economics Club GARRETT, ROGERS E., JR., Waller Music, 2IT, KK , A J n, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band GARRETT, WILSON VAN, New Boston Zoology, Pre-Medical, HS, AEA, Honors Day GARZA, MARY ALICE, San Antonio English, Newman Club, Laredo Club, Southern Singers, Student Assistant in Education GASKIN, MARTHA LOUISE, Austin Drama Education, 4 B Kinsolving, Los Charros, Canter dub, Curtain Club, Round-Up GAYLE, WALTER CHARLES, Dallas Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE GEE, FRIEDA, Houston Elementary Education, NEA GEE, MAYLING, Houston Elementary Education, SEA, ACE, BSU, Upperclass Advisor GEREN, WILLIAM PRESTON, Groesbeck Physics, ZITZ, BK, Dean ' s List GIFFORD, TROY A., Abilene Physics Page 527 SENIORS GOODWIN, SHERRILL LOU, El Paso Advertising, TAX GORE, WILLIAM, Port Arthur Pharmacy GORHAM, MARY JANE, Bloomington Journalism, T t B, B2 , Orange Jackets, Daily Texan, Union Publicity and Speakers Committees, Curriculum Evaluation Committee, TISA, Challenge, Model UN GRAGG, ERNEST WILLIAM, San Antonio Physics GRAHAM, CAROLYN MARIE, Waco Journalism, Daily Texan, Canter Club GRAHAM, GERRY LEE, Plainview Aero-Space Engineering, AIAA, TSPE GRAHAM, MARILYN CAROLYN, Chicago, 111. Latin, KKF, 112 GRAVES, GLENN RICHARD, Dallas Zoology GRAY, BILLIEMAE, Perryton Music and Art GRAY, JOHN FREDERICK, Dallas Plan II, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, KUT-FM Staff GREEN, EUGENE D., Austin History GREEN, PATRICIA ANN, Beaumont English, KKF, Freshman Council, Texas Association for English Teachers GREEN, ROY WESLEY, JR., Longview Mechanical Engineering, ASME GREEN, SANDRA V., Dallas Mathematics, AAA, Campus Chest, Union Dance and Decorations Com- mittees GREEN, SARAH BLANCHE, Victoria Music, University Chorus GREENE, WALTER DILLON, JR., Austin International Business GREENHILL, JOE ROBERT, Austin Economics, A0, A Cappella Choir, Discipline Committee, Freshman Council Advisor, Dean ' s List GREENWALD, KAY, Richmond Business Education, ZTA, Campus Chest GRIER, INA FLORENCE, Lockney History, SEA, University Chorus, Westminster Student Fellowship dill 1I.N. I1KKHYL ONZELL, Houston F.nglish, Campus Inter-racial Committee p Page 528 GILCHRIST, JAMES LEE, Houston Physics, Freshman Council, University Religious Council GIPSON, DON CARLOS, Mason Mathematics GLASS, LAURA ELLEN, Austin Psychology, AFA, Social Welfare Club, Southern Singers, Union Music Committee GLAZEBROOK, EDGAR P., Alice Commercial Art, Round-Up, Flash Card Committee, Curtain Club, Union Committees GLENN, JOHN DAVENPORT, JR., Canadian Philosophy, Plan II, H, BK, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Junior Fellow GOCHMAN, BARBARA JOAN, Austin Special Education, i)AT, SEA, Orchesis, Cactus Staff GODFREY GARY CRAWFORD, Jacksonville Marketing, KT, Society for Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association, AROTC, Distinguished Military Student GOLDBERG, EDWYN IRVING, Marshall Pharmacy, 2 E GOLDBERG, RONALD STEPHEN, Quincy, Mass. Mathematics GOLDEN, GERRY LYNN, Dallas Elementary Education, B Kinsolving, SEA, Freshman Council, Dean ' s List GOLLY, KATHERINE, San Antonio Home Economics, SEA, Home Economics Club, Union Committees GONZALES, BERTHA CARMEN, Laredo Elementary Education, Laredo Club, Newman Club GONZALEZ, MARY CARMEN, San Antonio Medical Technician GONZALEZ, MINERVA F., Harlingen Journalism, HZ , Rio Grande Valley Club, Riata Staff, Daily Texan, Council of Housechairmen GOODMAN, MICHAEL NORMAN, Houston Zoology, AEIT, Union Newsletter Committee GOODWIN, BETSY SARA, Austin Economics, OAE CLASS OF 1964 GRIFFITH, DONALD SCOTT, Richmond, Va. Mechanical Engineering, A M2, TSPE, ASME, Engineering Council, Union Film and Talent Committee, Orientation GRONA, ROBERT JOHN, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE GROSS, BECKIE LOU, Galena Park Home Economics, AOIT, Spooks, FHA, University Chorus, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee GRUBBS, GLENDA GAIL, Fort Worth Mathematics, IIH ' h GRUSCHKUS, GERHARD FRITZ, Dallas Chemistry, AROTC GSELL, JAMES NELSON, Houston Journalism, AA2, AX, Daily Texan, Curtain Club, Round-Up, Long- horn Singers GUERRA, ALICIA, Mission Elementary Education GUERRA, SUZANNE, Austin Elementary Education, Rio Grande Valley Club, International Club GUEVARA, WENCESLAO R., Benavides Advertising, AAi), Royal Spirit Committee, Curtain Club, Intramurals GUINAN, RICHARD CHARLES, JR., Dallas General Business GULEC, AHMET ALI, Bergama, Turkey Linguistics GUNN, MABLE ANN, Corpus Christi English, History, SEA, Upperclass Advisor GUSTAFSON, KAREN LUCILLE, Galveston Child Development, Home Economics Club, Orchesis, Upperclass Advisor GUYNES, STEVEN JOE, Grand Prairie Art, " tK , Varsity Track, T Association HAESLY, PATRICIA ANNE, Tyler History, " 1 AB, Upperclass Advisor, Union Decorations Committee HAINES, MICHAEL PATRICK, Houston Management ' " = f vatmar - HAJOVSKY, ADOLPH GEORGE, Caldwell Marketing, AROTC, Distinguished Military Student, Newman Club, American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List, Intramurals HALL, JOSEPH HALEY, Wharton Pharmacy, K HALLMARK, DAVID ROLLING, Waelder Chemical Engineering, AIChE HALLMARK, DON, Breckenridge Pharmacy, K HALSTEAD, BETTE LYNN, Ocean Springs, Miss. Zoology HAMBRIGHT, ROBERT NEIL, Victoria Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE, Southwestern Rocket Society HAMILTON, HENRY KENDALL, Houston Zoology, Newman Club HAMILTON, MOODY, Midland Pre-Law, f K2 HANEY, JANIS LEE, Corpus Christi Elementary Education HANEY, LUCIE RENEE, Dallas History, Union Talent Committee HANKS, ROBERT WARREN, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII, IIKN, Prize Winner HANNIGAN, RICHARD ROBERT, Galveston English, Newman Club Z, IEEE, Zeitlin-Ver Brugge HANSLIK, EDWARD JAMES, Moulton Accounting HARAGAN, PAT WILLIAM, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, AKE HARBISON, DALE RALPH, Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE HARDY, JUDSON JAMES, Galena Park Finance, ATA HARGROVE, BURRELL, Rotan Mathematics HARMON, JEAN KING, Childress Elementary Education HARPER, SANDRA B., Munday English, Upperclass Advisor HARRELL, MILVERN RICHARD, San Pharmacy iitomo Page 529 I v life SENIORS HAWLEY, JOE ROSSER, Dallas General Business, KA HAYDEN, CHARLES EDWARD, Corsicana History HAYES, HARGIS REED, San Antonio General Business HAYNES, GUY WALTER, Belton Electrical Engineering, MI2, HKX, TEH, IEEE, Engineering Fellow HAYS, MARY FRANCES, Dallas Psychology, AAII HEAD, BOYCE PAUL, Longview General Business HEAD, NANCY SYDELL, Corpus Christi Office Administration HEALEY, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, Port Arthur Art History, AAII HEARD, THOMAS REDGINALD, Snyder History, Acacia, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade HEATH, PAMELA JANE, Dallas Mathematics, AZ, Mortar Board, TISA, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Dean ' s List, Challenge, Model UN, Orientation, Y, Grievance Committee, Union Speakers Committ ee, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist HEBERT, JOHN RUSSELL, Houston Psychology HEDGES, ALAN CHARLES, Hico Zoology, 4 AR HEDRICK, JO ANN, Houston Elementary Education HEFFINGTON, ANN REED, Austin Zoology, Pre-Medical, AZ, AEA, BK, AAA, Freshman Council, Astron- omy Club HEIDER, KENNETH LYNN, Corpus Christi Accounting HEIRONIMUS, SHARON BECKLEY, Austin Sociology, AZ HELLEN, MARGARET DIANNE, Hebbronville Home Economics Education, Home Economics Club HELLMAN, HERMAN LEWIS, JR., Alvin Aero-Space Engineering HELPINSTILL, JAMES CORDON, Freeport ChemicalEngineering fJ, AIChE 1EMINGSON, HAROLD KENT, Austin Engineering Hnute to Business Administration S30 HARRELL, ROBERT LEE, Fort Worth Marketing, KS HARRIS, HENRY JEREMIAH, JR., Austin Architecture, AIA HARRIS, J. WILLIAM, San Antonio General Business, KA, Freshman Council, Intramurals HARRIS, RUFUS FRED, Pettus Accounting, BA HARRISON, BENNETT HORACE, McGregor Insurance HARRISON, JAMES RENEAU, Golden Aero-Space Engineering HARRISON, NANCY JO, San Antonio Elementary Education, AAIT, IIA0, SEA, Cordettes, International Club HARRISON, PATRICIA SPENCER, Houston Business Education, ffilll HART, BOBBY DON, Leander Accounting, KK , Longhorn Band, Freshman Council HARTENSTEIN, JOYCE ELAINE, Seguin Elementary Education HARTMAN, ADA LOU, Corpus Christi Home Economics, r f B, Home Economics Club, Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor, Union Charm and Hospitality Committees, Union Co-ordinating Board HARTMAN, JOHN SINCLAIR, Silsbee Chemical Engineering, KA, Engineering Council, Assembly, Union Board of Directors, Silver Spurs, Outstanding Student HARTMAN, MARIAN EVIS, Kilgore Mathematics, SEA HAUGHT, KENNETH L, JR., Midland Marketing, American Marketing Association, Freshman Council, Society for Advancement of Management, Dean ' s List HAUSMANN, SHIRLEY ELAINE, Corpus Christi Elementary Education HAVERLAH, DENNIS WAYNE, San Antonio Aero-Space Engineering, AIAA life at CLASS OF 1964 HEMPEL, CLAUDE EDWARD, Austin Finance, AROTC, American Finance Association, Praetorian Guard HENDERSON, CARROLL FORREST, Tyler Architecture, t K , AIA, Varsity Swimming, T Association, All-Ameri- can Swimmer, 1962 Most Valuable Swimmer Award HENDERSON, FRANK FRITCH, San Antonio Accounting, ZX, AROTC, Freshman Council, Scabbard and Blade HENDERSON, ROBERT LEE, Austin Accounting, A2 f , Assistant Director, Men ' s Intramurals HENKEL, NANCY KATHLEEN, Victoria Biology, Union Committees, Upperclass Advisor HENRY, LYNDON, Dallas History HENSELL, RONALD DEAN, Richardson General Business HERMANN, JOYCE LYNETTE, Brenham Mathematics HERNANDEZ, ALFRED JOE, JR., Houston Zoology, Fencing Team, Fencing Club, Newman Club HERRERA, HENRY HARRISON, San Antonio Pharmacy HERRING, JIMMIE FLOYD, Temple Finance HERRING, ROBERT JACK, San Marcos Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITZ, Engineering Council, ASME HERZFELD, LEONARD NORMAN, Wichita Falls General Business, AFROTC, Orange Wings Drill Team, Insurance Society, Longhorn Flying Club HIBBS, EDWIN BULIAN, JR., Bay City Mathematics HICKERSON, LESTER BROOKS, Austin Mathematics, 6X, CCUN, Model UN, International Club, Parachute Club HICKS, JUDITH KATHALYN, Austin Elementary Education HILKER, THOMAS CHARLES, Dallas Architecture HILL, JAMES MICHAEL, Mineola Chemical Engineering, AIChE, TSPE, Union Committees, Intramurals HILL, LEONARD HIAL, San Antonio Electrical Engineering HILLEY, MARILYN BEVERLY, Dallas History, +A, Y, SEA, KUT-FM Staff, Challenge, Round-Up, Ranger Staff, Union Exhibits Committee, Grievance Committee, Dean ' s List HINDERER, JAMES HERBERT, Athens Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITZ, ASME, Longhorn Flying Club HINDS, GEORGANNE ELAINE, Houston English, SEA, Southern Singers, Strike and Spare HIXON, RICHARD EMMETT, Bellaire Chemical Engineering, AIChE HIXSON, JERRY M., Austin Accounting, AROTC HODGE, JIM BOB; Amarillo Sociology, X t HODGES, STEPHEN BRUCE, Monahans General Business HOERMANN, KING C., Seguin Advertising, AT, AA2, TDNA Intern HOESE, DOUGLASS FIELDING, San Antonio Zoology, A t f2 HOGAN, ANNE, Lubbock Government, Spanish HOGGE, JAMES HUBERT, Amarillo Psychology, AXA HOLLAND, DAVID C., Beaumont Accounting, SN, BA , Br , I HZ, Business Administration Honors Program, Freshman Council HOLLAND, ROBERT GILLETT, Uvalde Pharmacy, PX, Dean ' s List HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY LOUISE, Austin Music Education, TBZ, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band HOLLYFIELD, JOAN PEARL, Houston Sociology HOLMES, ROBERT EDWARD, Fort Worth Industrial Relations, Society for Advancement of Management HOLSOMBACK, THOMAS NEWTON, Baytown Chemistry, Pre-Medical, BSU Page 531 r SENIORS HUBBARD, SANDRA KAY, Dallas History HUDSPETH, JOHN HARVEY, Atlanta Finance, ATA, AROTC HUFFMAN. RICHARD ELLSWORTH, Austin Electrical Engineering, ATA, TBII, IIKN " , IRE, AIEE, IEEE, TSPE, Engineering Fellow, Engineering Honors Program, Engineering Coun- cil, Goodfellow, Student Government Committee? HL ' GHES, BETTY KARON, Houston Secretarial Studies, AXfi, A Cappella Choir, Longhorn Singers HUGHES, HERBERT SCOTT, Brenham Latin-American Studies. International Club, Longhorn Singers, Men ' s Glee Club HUGHES, PATRICIA DONNALLY, San Marcos Psychology, AT HUGHES. SUZANNE JANE. Brownsville History, Xf , AB, Challenge, Y, Orientation HULME. PATRICIA RUTH. Houston History, SEA, Model UN HULSEY, SYLIRA, Abilene Elementary Education, BSU. SEA HUNGER. RUDOLF EUGEN, McAllen Marketing. A II. TA HUNT. GLENDA MARGARET, Austin Journalism. ATA, TAX, SEA, A Cappella Choir, Daily Texan HUNTER. ELIZABETH, Washington, D.C. Spanish. Upperclass Advisor HURT, BARBARA K.. Seguin Elementary Education, AAII, AAA, ITA6, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Y, Challenge, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist HUSSEY. JAMES HULON. Baytown Zoology HUSTACE, DAVID. Corpus Christi Civil Engineering, ASCE HUTCHESON. THOMAS LEE, Athens Economics, Y, Friars, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student, Assembly, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet, Government and Economics Honors Program. Round-Up, Inter-Co-Operative Council HUTSELL, BARY BEN. Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering. fiXE, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade HYMAN, KAREN LEE, Austin Education, Social Studies, AE f , Orange Jackets, Assembly, Bluebonnet Belle, Sweetheart Finalist. Angel Flight, Goodfellow I ' ANSON. JAMES EDWARD, Austin Physics Mathematic - IMPAKATO. EI WARD THOMAS, JR., Denison Radio-TelevWon. KK , Arnold Air Society, Longhorn Band HOLT, ANITA LOUISE, Spearman Geography, AZ, TB2, SEA, Longhorn Band, Geography Club HOPKINS, JOHN ALFRED, Austin Mechanical Engineering, AFROTC, ASME, Twin Pines Co-Op, Intra- murals HOPKINS, SHARON LINNETTE, Dripping Springs English HOPSON, ROBERT DALE, Galveston Psychology HOPWOOD, NANCY JOYCE, Giddings Zoology, Felicia Co-Op, Inter-Co-Operative Council HORTON, BARBARA VERONICA, Austin English HORTON, CAROL KELLY, Baytown Geology HORTON, JON DALE. Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKX, IEEE HOUSE, WORTHER ROYCE, Houston Marketing, Advertising HOUSTON, HELEN ELIZABETH, Kilgore English, IlB t , Orange Jackets, Angel Flight, Goodfellow, Ashbel, Upper- class Advisor. Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist HOUSTON, JAMES DUNN, Goliad Finance, AXA HOWARD, ARTHUR REYNOLDS, Dallas Mathematics HOWARD, GLENN THOMPSON, JR. Alice Pharmacy HOWARD, RITA VALJEAN, Uvalde Business Education, IIJJH, SEA HOWARD, WALTER LEE, III, San Antonio History, Government, SEA HOWELL, CAROLYN ANN, Colorado City- Elementary Education, SEA CLASS OF 1964 ING, RETA JANE, Dallas Speech, ATA, Y, Model UN, Orange Jackets, International Commission INGLIS, CURTIS LEE, JR., Fort Worth Architecture IRWIN, CHARLOTTE ANN, Marlin History JACKSON, JUDY CLARE, Austin Home Economics, Nutrition, Home Economics Club JACOBS, CLAUD B., Yoakum Marketing, AA2, CBA Senior Class President, CBA Council, Newman Club, American Marketing Association JACOBSEN, LINDA LU, Houston Home Economics, AAII, OX, SEA, Home Economics Club JACOBSON, WILLIAM ELLIOT, Texas City Finance, American Finance Association JAMES, CARLTON THOMAS, Houston Psychology, X JAMES LETHA KAY, Austin Elementary Education, HAH, AAA JAMES, MICHAEL A., Austin Pre-Law, Inns of Court, Intramural? JANECEK, DORTHY JANE, San Antonio Elementary Education, ZTA, SEA, Spooks, Freshman Council, Union Committees JANEK, DORIS ANN, West Nutrition, Felicia Co-Op, Home Economics Club, Intramurals JANKE, JO BETH, Houston Journalism JANSSEN, AMELIA MARY, La Grange English, AZ, TK-, AAA, Longhorn Band, Featured Twirler, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees, Bluebonnet Belle Semi- Finalist JARRETT, LINDA JEAN, Waco Radio-Television, AEP JENKINS, JUDITH GERALDINE, Tyler History, t AB, Union Decorations Committee JENNINGS, CYNTHIA ANN, San Antonio Micro-Biology JENNINGS, GOLDIE ANNETTE, Wharton History, Spanish, Wesley Foundation JENNINGS, MARION WAYNE, Austin JIRCIK, SANDRA JEAN. Alvin Government, A All, Reagan. Campus Chest, Education Council, Union Hospitality Committee JOHN, JAMES A., Brownsville Marketing, ' I KH, Newman Club. American Marketing Association JOHNSON, HARIADENE, Waco Plan II, A ' I ' A, ' Mils, Orange Jackets, Model UN, Eulenspiegelverein, International Club, International Commission, Outstanding Student JOHNSON, JOHN PAUL, Garland Accounting, -Mli), HA , Hl ' 2 JOHNSON, JUSTIN JOHN, JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering JOHNSON, LARRY LEE, Dallas Government, A I ' S2 JOHNSTON. LOREN TRUMAN, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME JONES, ARLETTE IRAS, Houston Elementary Education, AKA, University Chorus JONES, COYE MAC, Wichita Falls Aero-Space Engineering, AIAA, Intramurals JONES, EVA MICHELE, Houston Mathematics, A K, Hillel, Union Speakers Committee JONES, GARY DWAYNE, Wichita Falls Chemical Engineering, AX2, AIChE JONES, MARIAN GAYLE, Van Court Social Studies JONES, ROY ALEXANDER, II, Paducah Journalism, AX, Daily Texan, Jesse H. Jones Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Varsity Football Senior Manager, T Association JONES, VIRGINIA MAE, San Antonio Government, Union Public Relations Committee JOPLING, BETTY ANN, Paris Russian, 1IH I , Y, Russian Club JOPLING, JAN, Paris German, IIB I , AAA, A4 A, I BK, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Outstanding Students JORDAN, JERRY MAX, Austin Mechanical Engineering I vfct SENIORS JORDAN, JUDY LATIMJCR, Palestine Marketing, TCKT, f B Kinsolving, Racket Club, Intramurals, Upperclass Advisor, Student-Faculty Committee, Hospitality Committee, Dean ' s List JORDAN, ROSEMARY, Gladewater Mathematics, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees, Russian Club JUNEK, ELIZABETH ANN, Temple Elementary Education, IIA6, SEA KADLECIK, MILAN M., Binghamton, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering, ASME, University Gymnastic Team KAINER, JOAN ELAINE, El Campo Economics, Government, AZ, NEA, TSTA, Freshman Council KAMEN, SAM ABRAM, Dallas Mathematics, TAf KANTER, JAY ALAN, San Antonio Insurance, TA t , Interfraternity Council, Insurance Society KAPLAN, MARION LOUISE, Houston History, AE J KASMAN, ANNETTE SHARON, Bay City Commercial Art, AE4 , CEC, Assembly, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle, Sweetheart Finalist, Student Government and Union Committees KASPER, EDWARD E., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, I SK, Texas Cowboys, Varsity Baseball T Association KASSOS, LAURA JEANNE, El Dorado, Ark. Linguistics, AAA, 1AI I. II.Vt , Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Inter- national Club, International Commission, Inter-Co-Operative Council KATZ, CLIFFORD A., San Antonio Pre-Dental KATZ, LOYCE ANN, Amarillo Mathematics, Journalism, 2AT, 02 J , KAII, Students Association Secre tary, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, TSP Board, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Board, Spooks, Assembly KAUACHI, JOSE EDUARDO, Mexico, D.F. Engineering Route to Business Administration, B6II, Intramurals, Club De Mexico, Canter Club, Gymnastics Team KAUFMAN, KAREN SUE, Beaumont History ,XS2 KEASLER, MICHAEL EDWARD, Grand Prairie English, ATA, Freshman Council Advisor, Longhorn Singers KEASLER, RAYMOND LAWRENCE, Jefferson Chemistry KEENEY, CYNTHIA ANN, San Angelo Interior Design, OX, TZA, AID, BSU, Union Decorations Committee KEESE, PAUL GARLAND, Houston Finance KELLY, LAURENCE V., Austin Finance KELM, HAROLD MERTEN, Burton Industrial Management KENDALL, ALGER HUGH, Karnes City Bachelor of Arts, First-Year Law KENDRICK, THOMAS WARREN, Austin General Business, Pre-Law KENMOTSU, DORENE MIYO, Rio Grande City Elementary Education KEOWN, PATRICIA DEAN, Corpus Christi Office Administration, A , Freshman Council KERCHEVILLE, MARTHA SUE, Del Rio Elementary Education, AFA, SEA, Disciples Student Fellowship, Union Film Committee KERN, MARGARET FAYE, Houston Elementary Education, IIA6, SEA, ACE, Ten Most Beautiful, Fresh- man Council KERNS, BOBBIE E., Grapevine Drama, Curtain Club KERR, MARY ANN, Fort Worth Mathematics, IIB , ZAII KIDWELL, KAREN BETH, Tahoka Social Studies KIMBROW, JOHNNY MACK, Midland General Business, SAM KINARD, JAMES CEARLEY, Abilene Accounting, 2N, EPS, BA , Business Administration Honors Program KINCAID, JERRY RONALD, Big Spring Mathematics KINCL, JAMES FRANKLIN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, 2K KING, FRANKLIN LAFAYETTE, Austin Georgrajihy, I ' HK, NKOTC KING, FREDRICK MERL, Austin Industrial Management, 2AM S34 4 ( I I t i I CLASS OF 1964 KIRK, MARY JOANNA, Odessa Art Education KISSELBURGH, ALEXANDER JAMES, III, El Paso Transportation, ANA KLEIN, DAYTON CHARLES, Austin Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management KLEIN, IDA MARIE, Tomball Business Education, A , nnn, Mortar Board, Panhellenic, Upper- class Advisor, Freshman Council, Royal Spirit Committee, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee KLEMMEDSON, RICHARD GUNNAR, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Disciples Student Fellowship KLINE, PHYLLIS ANN, San Antonio Journalism, AEJ KLINGMAN, LOUIS WILLIAM, Dallas Electrical Engineering, SAME, IEEE KLOSTER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Dublin Engineering Route to Business Administration, IRE, Dean ' s List KLUTTS, BETTYE JEANELLE, Rockwall Elementary Education, NEA, TSTA KNAPE, BENNIE WILSON, JR., Sherman Economics KNAPP, VALERIE GAYLE, Alamo Government, History, AAII KNEBEL, RALPH W., Austin Mechanical Engineering, J K2;, HS, TBH, IITZ, ASME, Baseball Senior Manager, T Association KNIGHT, ROGER NEIL, San Angelo Accounting, BA KNIPPEL, FREDERIC DREW, Acton, Mass. History, Speological Society, Canter Club KOCH, CHARLES THOMAS, Floresville Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, ASCE, Engineering Fellow, Dean ' s List KOEHLER, TRAVIS AUBREY, La Pryor English, TA KOKEL, KENNETH ARNOLD, Temple Accounting KOOPMANN, GARY ALEX, La Grange Mathematics, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Ed Price Hall KORNEGAY, HORACE THOMAS, JR., Elgin Architectural Engineering, AAAE KOSH, LILLIAN ELIZABETH, Hempstead Home Economics, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Strike and Spare KOVAR, DENNIS GENE, Taylor Physics, H2, BK, ZIIZ, Junior Fellow, Y, Challenge, Outstanding Student, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Texas Nuclear Scholar- ship KOWALSKI, CAROLYN ROSE, Houston English, 2AII, SEA KOWERT, BRUCE ARTHUR, Fredericksburg Chemistry, KK , Hi:, AT, A MJ, 6BK, Tejas dub, Longhorn Band, Goodfellow KRANZ, MICHELE, Dallas Government, A J E, Freshman Council Advisor, Challenge, Campus Chest, Ranger Staff, Leadership Committee KRIEGEL, CHARLES EDWARD, Houston Sociology, FA, University Religious Council KRIET, ROBERT WILLIAM, San Antonio General Business, A2TI, Society for Advancement of Management, Landman ' s Association KUBIN, DANIEL D., Houston Aero-Space Engineering, H2, 2FT, TBII, Tejas Club, Freshman Council, Flash Card Committee, Engineering Fellow KUECK, JOHNNY GILBERT, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, FA, AAAE, TSPE KUHN, WOODROW ROBERT, JR., Houston Aero-Space Engineering KUNZ, JO-ANN YVONNE, Galveston English, A , 4 A0, Union Hospitality Committee, Newman Club, SEA, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Dean ' s List KUTAC, MARGARET MARY, Schulenberg History Education, !, Newman Club, Czech dub KWAN, CHUN KI, Hong Kong, China Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Chinese Association LA BAUVE, ARNOLD ARTHUR, JR., Houston Mechanical Engineering LAIRD, NICKIE LEE, Fort Worth General Business, Pre-Law, A n, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Prae- torian Guard, Dean ' s List LALONDE, ROBERT FRANKLIN, El Electrical Engineering, IEEE LAMMERT, LOIS NELL, Meridian Home Economics Education, SEA, Lutheran Student Association, Home Economics Club, Poona, Union Music Commii Page 535 " SENIORS _ LAWLESS, MICHAEL RHODES, Baytown Zoology, Acacia, AEA, BSU, Varsity Tennis, T Association LAWRENCE, JOE CARROL, Edna Engineering Route to Business Administration, KK , TLOK, Longhorn Band LAWSON, DAVID MONROE, Garland Linguistics LAY, JOHNNIE R., Lockhart Mechanical Engineering, ASME LEACH, JACK DON, Austin Electrical Engineering, IRE, IEEEE LEATHERBURY, JOHN RAYMOND, JR., Fort Worth Electrical Engineering LEBEL, SUE ANN, Dallas Secondary Education, ASA, SEA, Y, University Religious Council, Upperclass Advisor LEE, JAMES TRAVIS, JR., Munday Chemistry, AX2, AIChE, TSPE, American Chemical Society, Radio Club, Dean ' s List LEEPER, CHARLES STEVENSON, Midland Plan II, ATA, Freshman Council, Goodfellow, Interfraternity Council LEHR, SALLY ANNE, Austin Plan II, XJ2, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Upperclass Advisor, Newman Club, Freshman Council, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Coun- cil, Outstanding Student, Dean ' s List, Bluebonnet Belle LENKER, JOHN LUTHER, JR., Houston Marketing, BHII, American Marketing Association, Freshman Council, Skin Diving Club LE NOIR, MAYRENE LOUISE, Dallas Government, International Commission, Model UN, Blind Students Reading Program, Halstead Co-Op, Inter-Co-Operative Council LEONARD, LARRY WOOD, Houston Accounting LEVERIDGE, ROBERT WILLIAM, Cisco History LEVINE, BEVERLY PEARL, Clute Sociology LEVINE, STEPHEN LAWRENCE, Dallas International Business, TA 1 LEVY, STEVEN ARTHUR, Dallas Zoology, 2AM, AEA LEWIS, BETTY ZAZVORKA, Corpus Christi General Business, Ar LICHENSTEIN, LINDA GAY, Austin Elementary Education-AE , SEA LINDSEY, CHARLES WILSON, III, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, IIKA, IEEE, Campus Cheat Pace 536 LAMON, EMILY ANN, San Antonio Journalism, t.M, OS , TAX, Daily Texan, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Freshman Council Advisor LAMPKIN, ROGER NEAL, Austin Sociology LANCASTER, LANA C., Hamlin Psychology, M, BK LANDERS, JAMES RAYBURN, Longview Mathematics, Strike and Spare, Union Committees, Intramurals LANDERS, MELVIN CHARLES, Abilene Physics, Mathematics, Union Music Committee, CEC, AROTC, Symphony Orchestra LANGDON, GEORGE TUCKER, JR., Port Arthur Architecture, TZA, Assembly, AIA, Sphinx, Architecture Student Coun- cil, Dean ' s List, Freshman Council, Student Government Committees, Goodfellow LANGFORD, ORIS DALE, Pittsburg Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE LANGNER, FRED WILLIAM, Seguin Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, IEEE, Lutheran Student Asso- ciation, Union Dance Committee, Round-Up, Intramurals LANIER, MARTHA JUNE, Houston English, Xfi, Cordettes, Challenge, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist LANIER, ROYCE EUGENE, Dallas Architecture, AIA, BSU, Sphinx, Glee Club, Scandanavian Seminar LANSFORD, BENNIE DALE, Houston Journalism LAST, CAROLE JEAN, Beaumont Accounting, Freshman Council Advisor, Union Dance Committee, Government Committees LAUGHLIN, DAVID DUDLEY, Houston Civil Engineering, TSPE, Longhorn Band LAUGHLIN, RICHARD LEE, Eagle Lake Biology, Chess Club LAUREL, SYLVIA ESTHER, Laredo Pharmacy, KE, L onghorn Pharmaceutical Association LAWHON, WILLIAM G., Houston History, ZN CLASS OF 1964 LING, DAVY DEAN, Comfort Accounting, A2II, AROTC LIPSCOMB, GREGORY OWEN, Houston Economics, Acacia, OXE, H2, BK, A I , A , Tejas Club, Stu- dents Association Vice-President, Friars, Silver Spurs, Dads ' Associa- tion Outstanding Male Student Award, Mike Flynn Award, Assembly, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Distinguished Military Stu- dent, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Committee, Outstanding Student LISS, VICTORIA S., Houston Zoology, 2AT, Varsity Debate LISTON, PHILIP WOLZ, Houston History, 2N LITTLE, WILLIAM LYNN, Winters Journalism, liAX, Daily Texan, Freshman Council Advisor, Orientation, Royal Spirit Committee, Union Committees LITTLEFIELD, CLARENCE LEE, Shiner Civil Engineering LLOYD, LESLIE ALLEN, Austin General Business LLOYD, SANDRA ANN SANDERS, Austin English, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees LOEFFLER, REUBEN RILEY, Mason Electrical Engineering, IEEE LOGAN, CLAUDIA NANNETTE, Fort Worth Elementary Education LOGAN, SUSAN MARIE, Sweeny- Home Economics Education, SEA, Home Economics Club LONG, WALTER C., Houston Accounting, A2IT, American Marketing Association, Society for Advancement of Management, University Chorus LONGWOOD, RONYCE COLE, Austin Finance, AFROTC, Royal Spirit Committee, Freshman Council Advisor, Round-Up, Union Executive Council and Coordinating Board LOONEY, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, New Boston Zoology, Pre-Medical, AEA, 4 HE LOPEZ, JOHN, III, Corpus Christi Engineering Science, AIAA LOVE, JUDITH CAROLYN, Austin English, Upperclass Advisor LOVE, SANDRA PAUL, Dallas English; XI2, BK LOVELL, FRANCES CART, McAllen Plan II, Upperclass Advisor LOVETT, JAMES ROBERT, Olney Accounting, Longhorn Flying Club LOWE, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio German, English LOWE, ROBERT JAMES, Houston Zoology, Acacia, Varsity Cheerleader, Royal Spirit Committee, Texas Cowboys LOWERY, PEYTON JEROME, Texas City Government, English LUCE, JO NELL, Rocksprings Pharmacy, KE, LPhA LYLES, EDITH GENE, Graham English, AFA, SEA, Reagan, Turtle Club, Orientation, Alliance Francaise, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Academic Excellence Committee, Union Tournament Committee LYNCH, JEAN ANN, Bryan Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, Upperclass Advisor MABRY, JAMES ARTHUR, Fort Worth Accounting MACUNE, WILEY RAY, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, AXi, AIChE MAGEE, CONWAY STONE, Claremont, Calif. Engineering Science, AIAA, Longhorn Flying Club, Engineering Council MAGEE, KATHERINE CINDERELLA, Dilley Micro-Biology, A i T, AAA, Union Committees MAGEE, MARLENE ELIZABETH, AUSTIN Spanish, AAA, AII, IIA t MAGRILL, CHARLES DAVID, Humble Government, A M2 MAIERSON, ALLAN JAY, Houston Accounting, AEIT, AEA MALICK, KATHLEEN DIANE, Houston Clothing and Textiles, AAA, OX, Spooks, Upperclass Advisor MALONE, JAMES PATRICK, Houston Marketing, CBA Council, American Marketing Association MANGUM, SHELTON EUGENE, Kerrville Civil Engineering, ASCE MANIRE, LAWRENCE HAMILTON, Tstt Worth Finance, A t 2 Page 537 cv SENIORS MATTHEWS, ALLIE PAGE, Houston Government, llli t MATTHEWS, PAUL EDWARD, JR., San Antonio Linguistics, 1 HK, SEA, International Club, Linguistic Group MATTHYS, JOHN HERBERT, Wharton Architectural Engineering, XE, TBII, AAAE, TSPE MAUK, SUZANNE, Houston Elementary Education, AZ, SEA, ACE, Panhellenic MAUND, JOE BYRAN, Dallas Marketing, X, American Marketing Association MAVERICK, PETER LEE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, Newman Club, Union Amateur Radio Society MAXWELL, WALTER JOHN, McAllen Architecture MAY, DAVID WESLEY, Midland Economics MAYS, ETTA JEAN, Houston Mathematics, AKA, Student Assistant, Whitis Dormitory McCARVER, JANET EILEEN, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM Club McCARY, ROGER CLYNN, Freeport Pre-Medical, AKA, Union Speakers Committee McCLEAN, DAN LEONARD, Houston Marketing, AKK, American Marketing Association McCLELLAN, SUE ELLEN, San Antonio History, AXJ2, Spooks, Goodfellow MCCLELLAND, MARY VANCE, s an Antonio English, AAA McCLENDON, ROBERT STEPHEN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME McCLURG, CURTIS ALFRED, Austin Zoology, D ' I E, Texas Cowboys, Interlraternity Council McCRIGHT, MANLEY DOYLE, New Boston Mechanical Engineering McCULLOUGH, DON R., Austin Advertising, AA-, J. H. Butler Advertising Scholarship McCULLOUGH, ROBERT FRY, Midland Accounting, I tCUNE, IJfLIA HELEN, Bryan dl, BSU, Union Music Committee 538 MANN, MANNING ALDEN, Austin Interior Design, AID MARBURGER, JOE BEN, Burlington Physics MARGOLIS, RONALD B., Kansas City, Mo. Finance, TA t , American Finance Association, American Marketing Association MARKHAM, JOHN W., Deer Park Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Society for Advance- ment of Management MARLOW, SHARRON ELIZABETH, San Antonio Office Administration, Upperclass Advisor MARSH, ELLEN FRANCES, Port Arthur Speech, Mathematics, Journalism, AEA, Turtle Club MARSH, YVONNE CHARMAYNE, Dallas Journalism, 82 , TTT, Daily Texan Assistant Managing Editor, Discipline Committee, Challenge, Orange Jackets, Outstanding Stu- dent, Goodfellow, Mortar Board, Y, Royal Spirit Committee, TDNA Internship, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist MARTIN, BENNETT FRANKLIN, Dallas Industrial Management, Speleological Society MARTIN, JOE GARY, Hooks History, Union House Decorations Committee MASON, DONALD EDWARD, Odessa Government, t KT, Union Dance Committee MASON, KEITH CARNETT, Midland Zoology MASSEY, RICHARD LEON, Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association MASSINGILL, JOYCE EVELYN, Houston Mathematics, AKA, A4 A, Y MATLOCK, JOHN ROBERT, Houston Advertising, AA2, Men ' s Glee Club MATSEN, FREDERICK ALBERT, III, Austin Chemistry, J1A , AEA, l Hi:, Junior Fellow, Alliance Francaise, Tennis Team MATOCHA, LAJOYCE ANN, Victoria Marketing o I CLASS OF 1964 McDANIEL, COY EARL, Austin Chemical Engineering McDERMOTT, RITA MURIEL, Winnie Journalism, TAX MCDONALD, MILES E., McCamey Mathematics McDOUGALL, HERBERT E., JR., San Antonio Pharmacy, K , LPhA McELROY, RALPH LEE, Corpus Christi German, History, International Club McENTIRE, KENNETH GERALD, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering McFADDEN, FRED LEE, III, Dallas Journalism, AA2, 2AX, Athenaeum, Daily Texan, Young Americans For Freedom McFARLAND, VAN EARL, Houston Commercial Art, ZAE McGAHEN, WARREN WILLIAM, Midland Mathematics McGEE, KATHRYN, Mineola Elementary Education McINNIS, PAUL DANA, May Marketing, 1 KZ, American Marketing Association McLAUCHLAN, ROBERT ADALBERT, Beaumont Mechanical Engineering, H2, IITZ, TBII, ASME, AIME, Fresh- man Council, Newman Club McLEAN, DANNY RAY, Waskom Marketing, American Marketing Association McLEMORE, ETHELYN JONELLE, Valley Mills Psychology McMILLIAN, WILLIAM G., Marble Falls Accounting, 2X, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade Society McMORDIE, FRANK DOUGLAS, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, ATfl, " J HS, IEEE, Engineering Council (I McNA.MARA, PENELOPE ELIZABETH, Houston Elementary Education, ZTA, SEA, Upperclass Advisor, University Chorus McPHERSON, TRAVIS DEAN, Dublin Electrical Engineering, IEEE McRAE, JOHN MALCOLM, Vicksburg, Miss. Architecture, Y, Architecture Student Council, Art Students Asso- ciation, Dean ' s List, Royal Co-Op, Goodfellow, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Union Committees McWHIRTER, RICHARD M., Dallas Psychology, AKE MEAD, LINDA NELL, Mineola Sociology MEADOWS, THOMAS OLIVER, Midland Economics MEISSNER, WAYNE DAVID, Victoria Government, Newman Club, Pre-Law Society MELCHER, MARY BELLE, Port Lavaca Elementary Education, ATA, SEA MELTON LYNDA GAYLE, Austin Elementary and Special Education, ACE, SEA, Orchesis MELTON, THOMAS JUNE, Midland Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Student Government Committees MELTON, WILLIAM EDWARD, Austin Personnel Management, AK , Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, Longhorn Band MENKE, JOHN DAVID, Amarillo Pre-Law, ETS, AKI, Tejas Club, Y, Dean ' s List MERAZ, ARTURO NICOLAS, Laredo Retailing, American Marketing Association, Laredo Club MEREDITH, DAVID LAWRENCE, Kerrville Finance, Men ' s Glee Club MERRITT, MARY EVELYN, Dallas Interior Design, XSJ, ON, AID, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee, Orientation MERS, ROBERT CULLY, Beaumont Mathematics, I H2, BK, Junior Fellows, Westminster Student Fellowship MEYER, BRUCE G., JR., Austin History MEYERS, PAMELA ANN, McAllen Government, Union House Decorations Committee MICKELSEN, THOMAS MAX, Seattle, Wash. Government, NROTC, Freshman Council Advisor, Royal Spirit Com- mittee, Intramurals MIDDLETON, MARVIN JIM, AmarilioX. Interior Design, AID, Men ' s Glee Club, Freshman Council, Union Committees Page 539 SENIORS MOERLS, KAREN LEE, Mineral Wells Physical Education, TA, PEM Club, Orchesis, Upperclass Advisor MOGLE, DONNA GALE, Midland Medical Technology MONDAY, NANCY PORTWOOD, Houston Elementary Education, KAB, Y, Ashbel, Southern Singers, Union Hospitality Committee MONK, ROSE MARIE, Abilene Office Administration, ZTA, Ashbel, Cordettes, All Campus Ad- visors, Freshman Council, Union Committees MOODY, JENNY ANN, Del Rio Marketing, AAA MOODY, LISKA JANELL, Austin Elementary Education, AAA, A Cappella Choir, Union Dance Com- mittee MOORE, BETTY JOYCE, Houston Micro-Biology, AS 6, Spooks MOORE, JAMES PATRICK, JR., Dallas Mechanical Engineering, ATfi, ASME, Engineering Council MOORE, KATHLEEN FENLEY, New Providence, N. J. Office Administration, A , BrZ, Reagan, Spooks, Freshman Council, Canterbury Association, Student Government and Union Committees MOORE, KENNETH JAMES, Dorchester, Mass. Mathematics, NROTC, Intramurals MOORE, KRIS K., Frost Mathematics, Intramurals MOORE, MARILYN JEAN, Texarkana History, A , SEA, Cap and Gown, Student Government and Union Committees MOORE, NOLAN AUBREY, Wichita Falls Radio-Television, 2K, AEP, IIKA, A f2, Longhorn Singers, Men ' s Glee Club MOORE, ROBERT MILLARD, Liberty Zoology, KA MOORE, SABRA ANN, Dallas Plan II, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Marjorie Darilek Award, Y, Senior Cabinet, Discipline Committee, Outstanding Student, Cap and Gown, Student-Faculty Cabinet, Upperclass Advisor MORELAND, MARTHA ANN, Houston Elementary Education MORELL, RICHARD LOUIS, McAllen Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Newman Club, Intramurals MOREMAN, DOUGLAS HOOD, Auburn, Ala. Psychology MORGAN, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, Lewisville Zoology MORRIS, JACK HAMILTON, Fort Worth Pre-Medical. Tcjas Club 540 MIKESKA, GENE EDWARD, Rogers Interior Design, AID, Round-Up, Union Dance and House Decorations Committees, Czech Club MIKESKA, THOMAS GENE, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE MILES, WILLIAM HURST, Bogata, Columbia Psychology, TKE, Interfraternity Council MILLER, CAROL DEAN, Corpus Christi Art Education MILLER, EUGENE PIERCE, Ozona Finance, HZ, Br% BK, American Finance Society MILLER, MARTHA HILL, Austin Fashion Design, M, TAX, Spooks, Newman Club, Union Entertain- ment Committee MILLER, MICHAEL ERMON, Temple Pharmacy, t AX MILLER, TANA MAE, Baytown Biology, Lutheran Student Association, Longhorn Singers MIMS, HARRIET MARILYN, Dallas Psychology, AAII MIMS, JAMES LUTHER, III, San Antonio Zoology, ATA, A 2, AEA, t H:2, Y, Royal Spirit Committee, Election Commission, Junior Fellow, Round-Up, Goodfellow MINTER, MARTHA, Abilene Home Economics, TIB , Little Sisters of Minerva, Round-Up, Fresh- man Council Advisor MINTER, WALTER RAY, Freeport Accounting, 24 E MINTZ, PHILIP WARREN, Houston Zoology, Hillel MIRAGLIA, MICHAEL BRUCE, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE, AFROTC Rifle Team, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Square and Compass Club, Orange Wings Drill Team MIZELL, MICHAEL ALLISON, Texarkana Russian, r B, Freshman Council, Flash Card Committee, Russian Club, Geology Club MOE, HELEN ELIZABETH, El Paso Government, KKF CLASS OF 1964 MORRIS, JOE ED, Jacksonville Marketing, B0FI, American Marketing Association MORROW, KAY LYNN, Houston Mathematics, AZ, 1964 Cactus Editor, 1963 Cactus Associate Editor, Challenge, Round-Up, Freshman Council, Goodfellow, Intramurals MORROW, RONNIE KEITH, Garland Industrial Management MORTON, PHILENA JANE, Austin Plan II, AF, BK, AAA, HA , Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Junior Fellow, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Challenge, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet, Wesley Foundation MOSS, EDWARD ROBERT, La Grange Chemical Engineering, AX2, S2XE, 1 AT MOSS, GARY ROBERT, Texarkana Mathematics MOTT, CHARLES FRANCIS, Mart Chemistry MOUNT, JOHN H., Ill, Rumson, N. J. Latin-American Studies MUENZENBERGER, ALPHA ANN, Corpus Christi English, A MUNNS, ROBERT EDWARD, Little Rock, Ark. Economics MUNSON, CAROLYN KAY, Austin Elementary Education, SEA MURRELL, GERALD BOYD, Tyler Petroleum Land Management, Landman ' s Association MUSE, JAMES MORRIS, Paris Pre-Medical, ATA, AEA, j HZ, Y, Orientation MUSGROVE, GLENN BURKE, Breckenridge Chemical Engineering, Pre-Law, A MJ, Tejas Club, Outstanding Student, T Association, Intramural Council, Union Advisory Board, Inter-Club Council, Whittaker Award, AROTC, AIChE, SAME, Dean ' s List MUSSELMAN, JO LYNNE, San Antonio Micro-Biology, Medical Technician, ZTA, A T, B Kinsolving MYERS, CHARLES EDWARD, Pasadena Marketing, American Marketing Association MYERS, PATRICIA LOUISE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Ar, Freshman Council, Royal Spirit Committee, AIME Sweetheart, KA Southern Belle, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Ten Most Beautiful Semi-Finalist, Hospitality Committee MYLER, THOMAS ROE, Austin Engineering Science NAAS, ROBERT JAMES, Austin Petroleum Engineering, Mathematics, 9X, A fi, AIME NABORS, MARY MARTHA BRADLEY, Austin Elementary Education NACHMAN, GEORGE JACK, Dallas Accounting, 2AM, CBA Council, Goodfellow, Silver Spurs, Scabbard and Blade, Assembly, Distinguished Military Student, Operation Brainpower, Seni or Cabinet NAOS, THEODORE IGOR, Athens, Greece Architecture, AIA NAPIER, JACK RAYMOND, II, Angleton General Business, First-Year Law NEAL, COLIN DALE, Longview Government, II- A, I BK, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship NEEF, SALLY ANN, Houston Art, AFA NEILL, CAROLYN CLIFT, Austin English NEILL, CHRISTY PAYNE, Austin Industrial Management NEITSCH, NANCY JUNE, Gonzales Elementary Education NELSON, BOBBY GENE, McGregor Engineering Route to Business Administration, A2IT NELSON, F. ALAN, Houston Zoology NELSON, SAMUEL CHARLES, Bonham History NESRSTA, JEFFREY CHARLES, San Antonio Marketing, A2II, American Marketing Association, Freshman Base- ball and Football, Varsity Baseball NEU, YVONNE, Corpus Christi Spanish, 2AII NEUBAUER, DAVID C., Tucson, Ariz. Physics, NROTC NEWELL, L. FRANCES, Piano Accounting NEWMAN, DAVE E., Houston Architecture, AIA Page 541 SENIORS NEWTON, CHARLES THOMAS, JR., Austin General Business, Pre-Law, 1 AO, BF2, Interfraternity Council NICHOLS, CRANZ LARRY, Burnet Secondary Science NIX, H. KEITH, Richardson Accounting, Marketing, 2 J E, Round-Up, CBA Senior Class Vice- President NIXON, DENNIS EDWARD, Ketchikan, Alaska Finance NOACK, HERBERT ERWIN, JR., Del Rio Accounting NORRIS, FRANCES ANN, Houston English, AFA, Turtle Club NORTHCUTT, W. T., Pasadena Architectural Engineering, AAAE NORWOOD, MARY ELIZABETH, Tyler General Business, Upperclass Advisor NORWOOD, NELL, Rosenberg Spanish, CCUN, International Club, Upperclass Advisor NOVASAD, ADELINE A., Richmond Home Economics, OX, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, Blind Students Reading Program, Inter-Co-Operative Council NOYOLA, BENITO XAVIER, Mexico, D. F. Architecture, Sphinx, Assembly, Architecture Council NYFELER, JAMES DWIGHT, Austin History OBERPRILLER, DONNA F., Houston Elementary Education, AXO, SEA, Assembly, Senior Cabinet, Challenge, Spooks, Freshman Council Advisor, Goodfellow, Education Council, Orientation OBERST, VELDA JEAN, Canyon English, German Club OLIVER, DERRELL MARTIN, Muleshoe General Business, 2X, Varsity Football, T Association OLIVIER, WILLIAM PARR, Dallas Psychology, 2 E OLTORF, CHARLES, Marlin Pre-Medical, X t , H2, AEA ORCHARD, WILLIAM DONALD, Austin General Business ORTS, JANET RENEE, Hearne English, TAX, i B Kinsolving OVERSTREET, DELBERT C, JR., Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, KK , ASME, Longhorn Band OWENS, KAREN KAY, Austin Art, AAA, Commercial Art Students League, Freshman Beauty Finalist, Acacia Sweetheart, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Orchesis OXFORD, PATRICK C., Beaumont Engineering Route to Business Administration, tA6, Texas Cowboys, Round-Up, Challenge, Model UN, Discipline Committee, Goodfellow OXSPRING, HARRY HOLLIS, Austin Actuarial Science, AKE, Insurance Society OXSPRING, MARTHA DIANE, Austin Elementary Education PAGANINI, JANE IRENE, Austin Journalism, FAX, 82 , Daily Texan, TDNA Internship, Student Govern- ment and Union Committees PAINTER, LYNDA, Fort Worth Mathematics, Sociology, Orange Jackets, Orientation, Freshman Council Advisor, Union Executive Council, Election Commission, Goodfellow, Student Government and Union Committees PALASKY, ADDIE KAY, San Antonio Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, CCC, University Chorus PARCE, FREDERICK DONALD, Harlingen Finance, I KZ, Longhorn Flying Club PARK, TERRY J., Houston History, AAA, Spooks, Freshman Council, Campus Chest, Union Leader- ship Seminar PARISH, CHARLES RANDALL, Weslaco Mechanical Engineering, TBII, PITS, ASME, Intramurals PARKER, BILLY DEAN, Lewisville Engineering Route to Business Administration, AIEE PARKER, DELORES, Austin Elementary Education PARKER, JOHN WILLIAM, Nacogdoches Economics, A l n, Union Talent Committee PARKER, KENNETH WAYNE, Belton Anthropology PARKS, ELIZABETHJdOBLEY, Houston EnglishjtKF f PARKS, JOSEPH 1IKNRY, Houston Accountinfj. Pile 542 J b CLASS OF 1964 PARRISH, PATRICIA ANN, Goliad Elementary Education, AZ, SEA, Upperclass Advisor PATTERSON, COMER O., Lawn Plan II, A n, I BK, Challenge, Texas Union, Outstanding Student PATTERSON, DONALD ROSS, Overton Law, 1 A f , BSU PATTERSON, HARRY RAY, Longview Accounting PATTERSON, NANCY CARRA, Taylor Elementary Education, Campus Survey Committee PATTON, EDWARD NASH, JR., Rotan Petroleum Engineering, AIME PAUL, NOLAN C., Richardson Accounting, 2 1 E PAYNE, BANYAN WYLE, Houston Insurance, KA, Insurance Society PAYNE, HERMES EDWARD, JR., Elgin General Business, J A8 PEAY, CHARLOTTE JEAN, Midland Elementary Education, KA0, Freshman Council PELS, GERALD FRANCIS, Muenster Physics, Y, Intramurals PENNINGTON, JOHN EDWARD, Palacios Accounting PEREZ, BEATRICE HERMINIA, Ben Bolt Spanish, Newman Club PEREZ, LORETO, Itasca General Business PEREZ, MARIA DEL ROSARIO, Laredo Music Education, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Longhorn Band PERRY, JAMES BRUCE, Plainview Architecture o n r!7 " V PESCHKA, LANA JO ANN, Austin Micro-Biology PETERSON, ANNE MARIE, Houston Mathematics PETERSON, EDWARD SIMON, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE, Engineering Council PETERSON, RALPH R., Houston Marketing, B0IT, American Marketing Association PETTIS, ALAN WADE, Waco Government, BBII, Handball Team PFENNIG, JON CHARLES, Baytown Government PHARR, ROSE ELIZABETH, Houston English, French, IIA , SEA, All Campus Advisors, Alliance Francaise, University Chorus PHELPS, MARY FRANCES, Laredo Elementary Education PHILLIPS, ROSINA RAE, Pasadena English PICKETT, CAROLYN HELEN, San Angelo English PICKETT, MARY CAROL, Fort Worth Elementary Education PIERCE, GEORGE BOYD, San Antonio Government PIRTLE, CALEB JACKSON, III, Kilgore Journalism, ZAX, Daily Texan PITTMAN, SAMUEL INMAN, Corpus Christi General Business, A2IT, American Marketing Association, Insurance Society PITTMAN, SONDRA LEE, Corpus Christi Marketing Resources, American Marketing Association PLAMBECK, LINDA RAE, Houston Mathematics, B Kinsolving, Union Tournament Committee PLUMMER, ROBERT PATRICK, Beaumont Mathematics, BS, H2, BK POLK, CARL RAY, Lufkin General Business, B6II POLK, MARGARET ELEANOR, Bay City Elementary Education, NEA, SEA POMEROY, CLYDE DAVID, Pasadena- Government, A l fi, Silver Spurs, Texas (faion, Ato fellow, International Club, Challenge, Union Committees Page 543 SENIORS PONFICK, RALPH WAYNE, Giddings Geology, Geology Society, Lutheran Student Association POOLE, JERRY BOB, Amarillo History, A6, II2A POPE, ARCHIE WILSON, JR., Georgetown Pharmacy POPELKA, THOMAS, III, Temple Marketing PORTER, MARY ERIN, Mathis Speech, Model UN, International Club, Speech Association of America, Upperclass Advisor POUNCEY, SARAH HELEN, Austin Physical Education, PEM Club PRESCOTT, THOMAS WILLIAM, JR., Anahuac Accounting, AT PRESCOTT, WESLEY TALBOTT, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, J H2, IEEE PRESTON, ANITA LOUISE, San Antonio Elementary Education; F B, SEA, ACE, Union House Decorations Com- mittee PRICE, AUBREY LESLEY, Gladewater Industrial Management, AROTC PRICE, HARRY TOM, Pampa Finance, American Finance Association PRICE, NED, JR., Austin Government, ATA, Assembly, Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Freshman Council Scholarship PRINGLE, RICHARD LEWIS, LaMarque Electrical Engineering, t H2, A l n, IEEE, Buccaneer Drill Team, Dean ' s List, Power Show, Amateur Radio Society, Intramurals PUMPHREY, BILLY MARVIN, Winters Journalism, 2AX, Union Public Relations Committee PURNELL, MARY L., Richardson Pre-Medical, F ' frB, Union Committees PURVINES, LOREN L., Panhandle Personnel Management, AXA PUTNAM, JOSEPH CARROL, Albany Economics PUZIN, MICHELLE ALICE, Houston History, Government, A , Y, SEA, Assembly, Education Council, Orange Jackets, Goodfellow RABEL, NEAL LESLIE, Weimar Zoology RAGAIN, TOLBERT HUGH, Houston Finance, American Finance Association RAGAN, GARY DENNIS, Dallas Chemical Engineering, KA, AIChE RAJNUS, MARCIA JEAN, Midland English RALSTON, ALLIE JACK, Wichita Falls Mathematics RAMON, ALBERTO MANUEL, Eagle Pass Sociology, Stag Co-Op, Newman Club RAMSTAD, RUTH EVELYN, Guymon, Okla. English RANSLEBEN, NORMAN HADEN, Corpus Christi Accounting, AXA RATH, DOROTHY PAISLEY, San Antonio Sociology, FA, Social Welfare Club, Round-Up, Union Charm Com- mittee RAY, ALEXIS MAYO, Houston Psychology RAY, EDITH ANITA, LaMarque English, Longhorn Singers READER, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Jackson, Miss. Pharmacy, KE, LPhA REAL, TERRY JEAN, Kerrville Elementary Education, ZTA, SEA, Challenge, Union Dance Committee REEB, IRENE LOUISE, Corpus Christi Mathematics, TBS, Texas Stars, Longhorn Band Featured Twirler, Freshman Council Advisor, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist REED, ARTHUR ALLEN, San Antonio Marketing, Longhorn Band, American Marketing Association, Round-Up REEDER, CHARLES RICHARD, San Angelo Engineering Route to Business Administration, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society REEDY, JERRY WAYNE, Pasadena Mathematics , DOROTHY ANN, Quinlin Page CLASS OF 1964 RENTZ, JOE H., JR., Houston Television, X f , Royal Spirit Committee RESSEL, THOMAS FREDERICK, Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association REYNA, J. R., Mercedes Government, History, A J n, Newman Club, Pre-Law Society REYNOLDS, ARNOLD M., Austin General Business REYNOLDS, JOSEPH, Dallas Mathematics REYNOLDS, THOMAS DAVID, Wichita Falls General Business, 2N, Newman Club, Insurance Society, Campus Chest RICHARDSON, H. ALBERT, JR., Austin Aero-Space Engineering, TBII, ZIT, HZ, AIAAA, Engineering Council RICKEY, SHARON KAY, Nederland Art, SEA RICHTER, WILLIAM HERMAN, Industry History RIEBE, MARY ELOWEEN, San Antonio Mathematics, SEA, All Campus Advisors, Upperclass Advisor RINARD, STEPHEN MEADE, Breckenridge General Business, American Marketing Association RIOS, DELIA JUDITH, Brownsville English, TSTA, NEA, Newman Club RIVERS, DIANNE FRANCES, Dallas French, AAA, Alliance Francaise ROBERTS, JEFFREY WARREN, Austin Physics, BK, K t , t H2, Junior Fellows ROBERTS, JOHN DENNIS, Kountze Mathematics ROBERTSON, JO ANN, Houston Home Economics, A " I T ajp % " lu .li ROBERTSON, RICHARD LEWIS, III, Houston English ROBINSON, ALMA LOUISE, Beaumont Music Education, til, BSU, Southern Singers, International Club ROBINSON, CHARLES A., Austin Mathematics, Longhorn Flying Club ROBINSON, LINDA LANKFORD, McKinney English, Xfi, Assembly, Freshman Beauty Finalist, Education Council, Freshman Council Advisor, Spooks, Royal Spirit Commit- tee, Operation Brainpower, Orientation ROBINSON, ROBERT JACK, Red Oak Industrial Relations, Personnel Management, AFROTC, Society for Ad- vancement of Management ROBINSON, TERRY LOMAR, Austin General Business ROCKWELL, RICHARD C, Tyler Zoology, Sociology, AEA, t BK RODNITE, VINCENT JOSEPH, San Antonio Accounting, Cactus Staff RODRIGUEZ, FRANK XAVIER, II, Brownsville Government RODRIGUEZ, TIM, Corpus Christi Pharmacy ROE, DONNA JO, Rocksprings Personnel Management, Los Charros, Society for Advancement of Management, Dean ' s List ROGERS, ALFRED ELLIS, Ranger English ROHDE, DAVID FRANK, Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE ROMBERG, THOMAS JONATHON, Austin Mathematics ROOK, THOMAS CARTER, Dallas Finance, AK , American Finance Association, Business Administra- tion Honors Program ROPER, MARY DONELLE, St. Louis, Mo. English RORSCHACH, ROBYN BURNS, Vinita, Okla. Home Economics, OX, Home Economics Club, Married Students Council ROSCHER, BARBARA ANN, Austin Music Education, APA, Lutheran Student Association, Longhorn Sing- ers, Southern Singers ROSE, TOMMY SHERMAN, Wharton Accounting ROSENBAUM, DONALD GENE, Rosenberg Chemistry Page 545 SENIORS ROSENTHAL, STEPHEN LEE, Dallas General Business, 1 2A ROSENZWEIG, JACKLYN LOIS, Terrell Drama, Curtain Club ROSS, DANIEL L, Carthage Commercial Art, Commercial Art Students League ROSS. SHEILA JANE, Lake Jackson Micro-Biology, AZ, A f T, University Chorus, Cactus Staff, Union Committees ROTH, SHARON BEVERLY, Houston Elementary Education, A t E, Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor ROWDEN, DALE HENRY, JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering ROWLAND, JOHN DENNIS, III, Uvalde Advertising, HS, AA2, TDNA Internship, American Marketing Associa- tion ROWLAND, NANCY KAY, De Leon Latin-American Studies, AZ ROWLEY, JANN ELIZABETH, Dallas Sociology, KKF, House Chairmen ' s Council ROYCE, GERALD A., Tyler Physics, Varsity Swimming Team ROYLE, WILLIAM CALVIN, Lufkin Business Administration, X RUBIN, JACK DAVID, Fort Worth History, 2AM RUCKEL, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Chevy Chase, Md. Government, Racket Club RUGGLES, MARTHA LUCILLE LAIRD, Austin Art, XS2, Art Students Association, Engineering Wives Club RUGGLES, MORRIS SMITH, Austin Electrical Engineering, HKX, TB1I, IEEE, Intramurals RUSH, SUSAN JANE, Pasadena Secretarial Studies, ATA, Student Government Committees RUSSELL, GLENADINE, Kilgore Journalism, AT, H24 , Panhellenic, Spooks, Cactus Staff, Upperclass Advisor RUSSELL, ROBERT TRAYLOR, Mount Pleasant Russian, t HZ, f ' I5K. Longhorn Band, Freshman Council SACKS, JERRY DENNIS, Round Top Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Lutheran Student Association SAENZ, CANDELARIO, San Diego Philosophy, International Club, Y, Union Talent Committee, New- man Club, Pre-Law Society, Campus Survey Committee ST. CLAIR, WILLIAM CROCKER, Midland Government, ATA SALDANA, ALFONZO, JR., San Antonio History SALDANA, HUMBERTO, San Antonio Architecture SALLEE, FRANK M.. II, Houston General Business, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society SALZBERGER, LEE ROY, Dallas Journalism, 2AM, 2AX, Daily Texan, KUT-FM Staff SANCHEZ, JEANINE MARIE, Brownsville History, AXfi, Cordettes, Orientation, Union Hospitality Committee SANDERS, JAMES ALLEN, JR., Fort Worth Pre-Medical, A " t n, KK , Tejas Club, Longhorn Band SANDERS, MARTHA ANN, Brownsville English, SEA, Freshman Council, Union Committees SANDERS, THOMAS VAUCHAN, Cameron Advertising, AA2 SANDERS, WILLIAM ROBERT, Corpus Chrisli Pre-Medical, AEA SANDGARTEN, MICHAEL DAVID, Austin Music, AK, I JIA, KK , Tejas Club, Outstanding Student, Long- horn Band, Silver Spurs, Symphonic Band, Assembly, Symphony Orchestra, Newman Club, Student Government and Union Committees SCALLAN, CAROL ANN, Houston Accounting SCHEIHACEN, ERNEST VINSON, El Paso Commercial Art, Commercial Art Students League, Ranger Staff SCHENCK, DALE HENRY, Austin Architecture SCHMIDT, LYN LEE, Harlingen English, AAII, 4 B KinWving, Reagan A, BeUaire Special Education Page 546 r. n t I 4 CLASS OF 1964 SCHNEIDER, F. DIANA, Oden English SCHODEK, DANIEL LEWIS, Rosenberg Architectural Engineering, TBO, XE, AAAE, Engineering Fellows, Karate Club SCHOEN, GARY WILLIAM, Austin Electrical Engineering, NROTC, Flash Card Committee, Scabbard and Blade SCHROEDER, OTTO H., Brenham Electrical Engineering, TBI1, HKN SCHUBERT, ALVIN BERNARD, Woodsboro M athematics, f H2, BK SCHULTZ, VERLE LESLIE, JR., LaMarque Accounting, Intramurals SCHUTZE, VIRGINIA BAILEY, Freeport Interior Design, Ar, AID, Freshman Council SCHWARZ, DOUGLAS RAY, Fort Worth Engineering Route to Business Administration AXA SCOGIN, CAROLYN ANN, Alleyton Office Administration, Business Education, Upperclass Advisor, Student- Faculty Committee, Lutheran Student Association SCOTT, JANET J., Houston Elementary Education, T4 B, KAIT, HA6, ACE, TSTA, NEA, Home Economics Club SCOTT, VALARIE, San Francisco Calif. History, T B, Y, Reagan, Model UN, Freshman Council SCURLOCK, WILLARD TURK, III, Rockdale Electrical Engineering, X t , IEEE SEALE, JAYNE DENISE, Beaumont English SEAY, MORRIS DELON, Burkburnett Personnel Management SEE, ROBERT FLEMING, JR., Dallas Plan II, KA, J H2, TTT, Operation Brainpower, Silver Spurs, Good- fellow, Freshman Council Advisor, Challenge, Union Advisory Board, Student Government and Union Committees SEFFEL, JOEL STANLEY, New Braunfels History, German, NROTC, Buccaneers, Freshman Council, Naw Pistol Team SENKEVITCH, ANATOLE, JR., Brownsville Architecture SERRANO, JO ANN, Galveston Mathematics, B Kinsolving, Cordettes, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Newman Club, Goodfellow, Upperclass Advisor, Southern Singers, Union Dance Committee SETZER, WINSTON KEITH, Nederland Statistics, X SEYMOUR, ROGERS JAMES, Galveston Journalism, 2AX, Longhom Band, Daily Texan SHAFER, JAMES RAY, Austin Marketing, IIKA, ASH, American Marketing Association SHANNON, KAREN LEE, La Feria Public Relations, TAX, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SHAW, JOE WILLIAM, Mertzon Mathematics SHEFFIELD, JAMES DONALD, Fort Worth Zoology, Freshman Council, Union Committees SHIEDER, DANIEL WHITE, Dallas History, Round-Up, Campus Chest SHOBE, DANIEL ROBERT, Corpus Christi Management, f ZK SHOCKET, BETH ANNE, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, Cap and Gown, Challenge, Orchesis, Campus Chest, Union Dance and Decorations Committees SHOPTAW, CYNTHIA LEE, Dallas Speech Therapy, T B, ZAH, Spooks, Orientation, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Union Committees SHRADER, VIRGINIA ANN, Austin Mathematics SIDDONS, ROBERT CLINTON, Austin Insurance, X , A2II, Insurance Society SIKES, ELLEN ELIZABETH, San Angelo Elementary Education, ZTA, AAA, ACE, Union Decorations Commit- tee, Upperclass Advisor SILLIN, RUTH MARIE, Pasadena Elementary Education, r B, SEA SILVA, FELIPE, JR., San Benito Pharmacy SIMANK, CHARLES BURNETT, Georgetown Zoology SIMMONS, DOUGLAS M., Austin Accounting, AXA, A2H, CBA Council, NROTC, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Singers, Assembly, Insurance Society, Business Administra- tion Honors Program, Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Student Government and Union Committees, Goodfellow SIMON, RICHARD LOUIS, Houston Accounting, Page 547 SENIORS SMITH, BARBARA SHARON, Dallas Zoology. A l T, University Chorus, Russian Club SMITH, CAROLYN ANN, Houston Sociology SMITH, CECIL SIDNEY, San Antonio Architecture SMITH, DAN S., Iraan Finance, 4 K , AROTC SMITH, FRANK FORSYTHE, JR., Crystal City Economics, Acacia, I1 , OAE, 4 BK, Texas Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Carnival, Model UN SMITH, GERALDINE CALETA, Marshall General Business, ZTA SMITH, HORACE VERNON, Houston Engineering Science, IEEE SMITH, JAMES DENNIS, Dallas Mathematics SMITH. JAMES LEWIS, HI, Austin Accounting, 2X SMITH, JAY DICKEY, Baytown Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Varsity Swimming Team SMITH, JIMMY RAY, El Paso Pharmacy, K , LPhA SMITH, JOHN LLOYD, Houston Marketing, Z!X SMITH. LEWIS KENNETH, LaMarque Pharmacy, K , LPhA SMITH, MARTINA DICKSON, Lubbock Plan II, Biology, AI ' A SMITH. MARY KAY, Houston Music, ZTA, Spooks, Upperclass Advisor, Round-Up, Student-Faculty Committee SMITH, NANCY JANE, Austin Spanish, AAA, Bored Martyrs, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist SMITH, NOEL VOSS, JR., Lockhart Mechanical Engineering, ASME SMITH, ROBERTA, Dallas Interior Design. X52 SMITH, SANDRA SUE, Godley Home Economics, OX,J3ome Economics Club SMITH. STEPHJffLAWRENCE, Lincoln, Nebr. rals SIMONTON, HARRY CHESLEY, Houston Aero-Space Engineering, AIAA SIMPSON, JAN ANN, San Angelo English SIMPSON, MICHAEL WILLIAM, Tyler Pharmacy, Ben, K , LPhA, Assembly SIMS, JERRY R., Waco Marketing, Transportation, AZIT, ANA SIMS. WILLIAM ELDON, Pharr Electrical Engineering, TBIT, IEEE, Intramurals SIRMONS, CHARLES REAGAN, Baytown Economics, 4 K , Intramurals SKARVELLIS, MARLENE VIRGINIA, Port Lavaca English, Hellenic SKELTON, JOHN FREDERICK, Irving Architecture, AIA SKIBELL, ARTHUR, Lubbock Law, 2AM SKIPPER, ROY McLEAN, Crockett Finance, 63, Freshman Council, International Commission, Cactus Staff SKOR, ARNOLD BARRY, Dallas Pharmacy, TA SLADEK, TERRY LAWRENCE, Corpus Christi Accounting, 4 HZ, A J n, BA , Intramurals SLAVENS, JANET HANA, San Antonio Spanish, ZAH, Curtain Club, Turtle Club, International Club, Union Dance Committee SLEEPER, ALAN L., Dallas Accounting, KA, BA , BF2, American Marketing Association SLITER, CAROLYN A., Dallas Government SMITH, ANNA FAE, Dallas German I CLASS OF 1 964 SMITH, WILLARD MAC, JR., Dallas Civil Engineering, TSPE, Engineering Council SMOCK, STEVEN OLIVER, Austin English, Lutheran Student Association SNEED, SUSAN JOAN, Houston Spanish, AF, University Chorus SOLOMON, KAY CARLTON, Marshall General Business, AZ, Angel Flight, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Goodfellow, Union Hospitality Committee, Freshman Council Ad- visor, Orientation SOLOMON, SUSAN MARIE, Dallas Advertising, AE J , TAX, 82 , Daily Texan SOMMER, WALTER FRANK, Eagle Lake Mechanical Engineering, ASME SOOTER, SHARON ANN, Mission Home Economics, APA SORIERO, JAN LAMASTER, Houston Mathematics, KKT, BK, Cactus Staff SOZA, ROBERT LEE, Presidio Pharmacy, K , LPhA SPANEL, MARY VIRGINIA, Houston Mathematics SPARKS, JAMES ELLIOTT, Victoria Mathematics, American Meteorology Society SPARKS, TEDDY LAYNE, Spearman Accounting, BA , BFS SPAULDING, STANLEY LEE, Marion, Ind. Mathematics, Alliance Francaise SPILLER, ANN GAULT, Austin Elementary Education, SEA, Engineering Wives Club SPILLER, ROGER WAYNE, Austin Chemical Engineeirng, AIChE SPRAGUE, RAY LYMAN, Midland Mathematics, Union Amateur Radio Society, Eulenspiegelverein SPRINGS, FRANCINE MARIE, Seguin Latin, NEA SQUYRES, JERRY, Austin Transportation, Ai)H, ANA, American Marketing Association, A Cap- pella Choir STANLEY, JAY RICHARD, Dallas General Business, TA 1 STARK, GLENDA, Garland Mathematics, ATA, SEA, Union Exhibits Committee STARRETT, HUGH JONATHAN, Irving Mathematics, Chemistry, Strike and Spare, Intramurals STEELE, SHARON ANN, Houston History, Freshman Council, University Summer Chorus, Southern Singers STEEN, STEPHEN MARSHALL, El Paso Finance, K2 STEIN, MYRA ELISE, Birmingham, Ala. Government, i)AT, Freshman Council Advisor, Education Council, Orientation, Round-Up, Challenge STEPHENSON, CAROLYN JAY, Galveston English, t B Kinsolving, SEA, All Campus Advisors STERN, BARBARA SUE, San Antonio Elementary Education STEVENS, JANE ELLIS, Lake Jackson Mathematics, AAn, AAA, i BK, t B Kinsolving, SEA, Y, Freshman Council, Panhellenic STEVENS, JIMMY LAWSON, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, AT, IIT2, AIA, ASME, Student Govern- ment Committees STEWART, ELMON BILL, Llano Civil Engineering, XE, TBII, ASCE STEWART, JERRY WALTER, Dallas Architecture, I1KA, AIA STOKES, NANETTE E., Sonora Special Education, Xfi, SEA, Council Wesley Foundation STONE, ARTHUR ELLIS, Richardson Architecture, T A, AIA STONE, HOWARD SWANSON, JR., Houston Architectural Engineering, AAAE STONE, SALLY KYLE, Houston English, AAII, Y, Canterbury Association STOUT, JAMES OLAN, Houston General Business, 2X, American Finance Association, Intramurals STOWELL, KENNA JANELLE, Mathematics, AZ for Exceptional Children, Pago 549 J SENIORS SYKES, MARY ELLEN, Angleton Elementary Education SYLVESTER, VIRON DALE, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE, Longhorn Singers TANNER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Temple English, University Orchestra TANT, ROBERT LEE, JR., Cranfills Gap Pre-Law, Pre-Law Society, Longhorn Flying Club, Lutheran Student Association TATUM, SALLIE LOUISE, San Antonio Elementary Education, AF TAUB, BETTY JEAN, Waco Psychology, TBZ, Longhorn Band, Upperclass Advisor TAYLOR, JAMES LARRY, Dallas History TAYLOR, MARGARET FRANCES, Corpus Christi Music Education, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra TAYLOR, TED JEFFERSON, Austin Aero-Space Engineering, A f J2, AIAA, TSPE TEDFORD, CHARLES JEFFREY, San Antonio Business Administration, First-Year Law TEED, JERE McDONALD, Pampa Anthropology, Pre-Dental, l rA, Union Talent Committee, Round-Up TELLER, CECIL MARTIN, Houston Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IIT2, NSPE, TSPE, ASME TEMPLIN, JAMES CHARLES, Ennis Pharmacy, i AX, IIPE THAMES, CHESTER ALLEN, JR., Kenedy Finance, International Club, American Finance Association THOMAS, BRUCE C., Corpus Christi Accounting THOMAS, LERA, Houston Sociology, KKP THOMPSON, JAMES ROBERT, Beaumont Engineering Science, 4 H2, TBII, Engineering Fellow, Chess Club THOMPSON, JOE REEDIS, Powderly Electrical Engineering, IEEE THOMPSON, LILLIE MAE, Austin Pharmacy, KB, LPhA feip and Gown XN, WILLIAM JOHN, Tyler nlogy, X, Psychology Honors Program Pig 550 STREATER, GAIL FRANCES, Beaumont Mathematics, AX1J, Dean ' s List STRECKMANN, GEORGE LEE, Dallas Electrical Engineering, 2AE STRICKLAND, ORVILLE RAY, Bridgeport Engineering Management, -IEEE, Society for Advancement of Man- agement STRINGER, VIRGINIA ALMIRA, Lufkin Music Education, AAA, SAI, XA, Music Educators National Coun- cil STROM, CAROL LAVON, Menard Nutrition, AI OX, Reagan, Home Economics Club, Cactus Staff STROPENI, LINDA LOU, Texarkana Mathematics, A , Newman Club, Student-Faculty Committee STUBBLEFIELD, BARBARA GEORGENE, Palacios Elementary Education, SEA STURDIVANT, VIRGINIA JO, DeKalb Russian SULLINS, K. STEPHEN, Littlefield Marketing, TKE, American Marketing Association SULLIVAN, JUDITH LYNN, Ennis History, English SULLIVAN, PATRICIA SUE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, ZTA, Union Hospitality Committee SUPULVER, SIDNEY RICHARD, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering SUTHERLAND, ROBERT WARREN, Houston Government SVOBODA, PARLENE jo, victoria Office Administration, Business Education, 111211, Westminster Student Fellowship SWARD, CARL ROBERT, Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, ASME SWITZER, WAYNE VIRGIL, Houston General Business f t T W l CLASS OF 1964 TILLERY, WILLIAM VIRGIL, III, Carthage Pre-Medical, AEA, Longhorn Singers TIMMONS, HERSCHEL MARVIN, JR., Austin Economics, KA, International Commission TOBOLA, DIANE DENSON, Houston Music, Madrigal Singers, Men ' s Glee Club Soloist TOBOLA, LOGIC, II, Houston Architecture, Men ' s Glee Club TOMLINSON, CAROLE EDYNA, Houston Elementary Education, ZTA, SEA, Union Exhibits Committee TORRES PALACIOS, JULIO IVAN, Quayaquil, Ecuador Aero-Space Engineering TORTORICE, DONALD A., New Orleans, La. Government TOVAR, PAUL, Austin Pharmacy, 1 ' AX, LPhA, Intramurals, Dean ' s List, Newman Club TOWNSEND, CRAIG ARNOLD, Baytown Engineering Route to Business Administration, Mathematics TRACY, ROBERT N., Encino, Calif. Government, Russian, 2X, NROTC, Freshman Council, Moore-Hill Hall Counselor, Union Film Committee TRAYNHAM, EUGENE DOUGLAS, Austin Management TREADWELL, JOHN ALLEN, San Angelo Government, B6II, NROTC, Union Committees TREADWELL, JOHN C., Austin Zoology, WA, 4 H2, AEA, Silver Spurs, Dean ' s List, Outstanding Student, Varsity Football, All-American Football Teams, All-American Scholastic Football Team TREVINO, DANIEL LOUIS, Edinburg Pharmacy, AiMJ TREVINO, ROSA OMELIA, Elsa Pharmacy, KE TRIBBLE, JAMES LUTHER, Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering, 2X, AAAE, TSPE, Engineering Council h -) O TRIMBLE, SUSAN CARTER, Orange Office ' Administration, AXfl, Freshman Council, Union Committees TRUBENBACH, MARILYN ELAYNE, Dallas Clothing, Textiles, Costume Design, AZ, American Marketing Associa- tion, Home Economics Club TURNER, MICHAEL LUCIAN, Groves Chemical Engineering, AIChE TURNER, MICHAEL WAYNE, Dallas Economics, 1 KT, OAE TYSON, ELIZABETH, Alvin Mathematics, Pearce Co-Op TYSON, ROBERT LINDSEY, Coleman Pharmacy, K , A M2, AROTC, Disciple Student Fellowship URBAN, MICHAL ROSE, Orange Speech and Hearing Therapy, 2AH, SEA URBAN, WALTER ADOLPH, Houston Civil Engineering, ASCE VAN AMBURGH, RONALD LYNNE, Houston Marketing Administration, K2, American Marketing Association, Intra- murals VANDERVOORT, MARGARET MARIE, San Antonio Mathematics, English VANDEVER, JOHN H., Brownsville English, Fencing Team VAN SLYKE, PAUL, Dallas Electrical Engineering, Y, IEEE, Union Publicity Committee, Freshman Council VAUGHAN, SUZANNE, Houston Mental Retardation, AAII. SEA, Panhellenic, Round-Up, Union Dance Committee VERY, LINDA JOYCE, Richardson Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club, Orchesis VESSELS, BARBARA JEAN, Richardson Interior Design, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Challenge, Upperclass Advisor VESSELS, MARY ANNETTE, Denver, Colo. Latin-American Studies, KA6, Ashbel, Foreign Commissions Com- mittee VILLARREAL, BERTHA IRMA, Robstown Social Welfare VILLARREAL, JOSE ANGEL, Laredo French, Spanish, IIA I , Union Talent Committee, Laredo Club VILLARREAL, VICTOR XAVIER, Eagle Pass Spanish VILVEN, RICHARD CLINTON, Austin General Business Page 551 SENIORS VINCENT, JO ANN, Bryan Latin-American Studies, IIB j , ZAJI, Y, Insurance Society VOGT, GENE EDWARD, Schulenburg Economics VOIGHT, JANE RAMSEY, Houston Mathematics, r B, BK, ' Orange Jackets, Turtle Club, Upperclass Advisor VOIGT, NOLAN CHARLES, New Braunfels Radio-Television, AAZ, AEP, Arnold Air Society VOIGT, ROBERT THOMAS, Houston Mathematics VOLTIN, JOHN ALVIN, Temple Electrical Engineering, Newman Club VORDENBAUMEN, TIMOTHY LEE, San Antonio Pharmacy WAGNER, SHELBY LOREN, Victoria Statistics WALD, GAYLE CHARLES, Brenham Electrical Engineering, A t 2, XFI WALKER, DONALD 0., Whitewright Zoology, 2N WALKER, JAMES WILLARD, JR., Austin Plan II, Botany, t H2, f BK, Junior Fellows, National Science Foun- dation Undergraduate Research Participation Program WALKER, JERALDINE THERESA, Denison Elementary Education, AFA, Newman Club, Orchesis WALLACE, MARY CORENE, Kingsville Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, Council for Exceptional Children, Upperclass Advisor WALSER, PAUL HANKINS, JR., Temple Architecture, AIA WALSH, LAURA ANN, Houston Government, History WANG, DIANE R., Austin Elementary Education n ;.; 1 I n III in i WARD, MARILYN LEE, Del Rio Business Education, Upperclass Advisor WARD, SAMUEL LYNN, Galveston Physics, A i n, t H2, Engineering Fellow, Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Union Committees WARE, MARY JANE, Fort Worth English, KAB, SEA WARK, JANET LOUISE, Houston Elementary Education, AXH, 2AH, SEA WARNER, ROBERT MICHAEL, Dallas Mathematics, Longhorn Flying Club, Scabbard and Blade, Insurance Society WARNER, WILLIAM DAVID, San Angelo Economics, Longhorn Singers, Challenge WARREN, BILLY HOYT, Andrews Pre-Medical WARREN, CHARLES DEAN, Pampa General Business, K2 WARREN, DONALD HOLMAN, Bellaire Engineering Route to Business Administration WATERMAN, GEORGE HENRY, Austin Mechanical Engineering, HT2, TBII, ASME WATERS, LAURIE ALDEN, Houston Home Economics, r J B, Home Economics Club, FTA, Union Commit- tees WATT, NEAL AVERY, Austin Finance, J 2K, American Finance Association, Insurance Society WATTERS, PENNEY LEE, Houston History, I " I B, Freshman Council, Cactus Staff, Union Committees WATTS, ROBERT GRAHAM, JR., San Antonio Mathematics, ATA, J H2, Engineering Fellow WAYNE, HELAINE L., Bellaire History, English, 2AT, Freshman Council, Union Hospitality Com- mittee WEATHERS, CASSANDRA LOUISE, Houston Elementary Education, Ar, Longhorn Singers, Southern Singers, Cactus Staff, Flash Card Committee, Union Hospitality Committee, Upperclass Advisor WEAVER, CHARLES EDWARD, Dickinson Finance WEAVER, LEAH ANN, Orange Sociology, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Outstanding Student, Union Executive Council, Westminster Student Fellowship, Round-Up, Upper- Class Advisor WEAVER, MARY KATHLEEN, Mobile, Ala. English, r t B, SpooWT " Union Music Committee, Round-Up, Upper- Class Advisor, Leadership Seminar WEBB, RITA KAY, Catesville English P 552 . 4 .r CLASS OF 1964 WEDA, KENNETH ALLAN, Austin Industrial Management, A l i, Orientation WEISS, MARY ANN, San Antonio English, IIB I , Ashbel, Newman Club WEITZEL, EILERT RICHARD, Victoria Actuarial Science, ASIT, Insurance Society, Intramurals WELBORNE, GERALD HOWARD, Arlington Architecture WELCH, THOMAS JOE, Dallas Mathematics, X i , American Society of Ceramic Engineers, University Chorus WELHAUSEN, MILDRED ANN, Shiner Mathematics, AXJ2, Cordettes WELLS, JAMES LYNN, Austin Transportation, AXA WELSH, CLARENCE AUBREY, Houston Architecture, AIA WEST, CHARLES DAN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, BSU WESTERLAGE, JUANITA RAY, LaMarque Pharmacy, A , Upperclass Advisor WESTMORELAND, REEVES W., East Greenwich, R. I. Engineering Management, X , Longhorn Flying Club WESTON, KATHERINE KENNEDY, Beaumont Mathematics, ZTA, Longhorn Singers, CCUN, Varsity Singers, All Campus Advisors, Upperclass Advisor WEYNAND, MAXINE ANN, San Antonio Drama Education, Dean ' s List, Upperclass Advisor WHITE, BILL DOUGLAS, Dallas Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan WHITE, GORDON E., Cleveland Law, f K , AA WHITE, JAMES WILLIAM, San Antonio Pharmacy, K J 9 - WHITE, ROBERT ALLEN, Fort Worth Finance; KZ, Interfraternity Council WHITE, ROBERT CAMPBELL, Taft Aero-Space Engineering WHITE, WALTER MILLER, JR., Dallas Pharmacy, K , LPhA WHITIS, ROBERT, Belton Finance WHITSEL, EUNICE ALBERTA, Dime Box Elementary Education, SEA WHITSIT, SUSAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Mathematics, Special Education, AAIT, Outstanding Student, Orange Jackets, Round-Up, Freshman Council, Union Executive Council, Union Charm Committee, Leadership Seminar, Orientation WHITT, JERRY ALLEN, Houston Mathematics WHITTEN, JERRY WAYNE, Dallas Aero-Space Engineering, Tejas Club WHITTEN, PERRY DWAYNE, Dallas Aero-Space Engineering, Tejas Club WICKEL, DONALD RAY, Brenham Personnel Management, FA, Society for Advancement of Management WILBOURNE, DAVID GARNER, Richardson Government, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade WILDER, DIANE HUNT, Austin Elementary Education, KKF WILEY, ETHEL LOWDON, Fort Worth Marketing, KA9, Spooks, International Club, Freshman Council, Pan- hellenic, American Marketing Association, Union Committees WILEY, PAUL LEE, San Benito Accounting WILKINS, PENELOPE, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association WILKINSON, JOHN WALLACE, Fort Worth Economics, ! H2 WILLIAMS, DAN BATCHELOR, Fort Worth Finance, American Finance Association, Insurance Society WILLIAMS, EDWARD THEODORE, La Grange Plan IV WILLIAMS, FRANCIS LYNN, Nederland Pharmacy WILLIAMS, JEANNE KEITH, Dallas Architecture, AIA Page 553 SENIORS WOGSTAD, ROBERT VICTOR, San Antonio Mathematics WOMACK, MARTHA JEAN, Denison Speech, English, SEA, Debate Squad WOMMACK, JAMES LESLIE, Douglasville Electrical Engineering, Track Team WOOD, ANNA LESLIE, San Augustine Elementary Education WOOD, LOWELL CLARK, Orange Mechanical Engineering WOOD, MANSEL MONROE, Abilene Government, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Freshman Council WOOD " , MARY LOVEY, Mission Speech Therapy, AAII, 2AH, Cap and Gown Council, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle, Orange Jackets, Round-Up, Cactus Staff, Union Committees WOOD, ROBERT EUGENE, Wichita Falls Mathematics, Statistics WRIGHT, CLARK PHILLIPS, Beaumont Mathematics, A t iJ WYCKOFF, HARRY ELWOOD, Austin History YANTIS, ROBERT LOCKWOOD, San Antonio Finance, American Finance Association YEATES, JAMES PUTTNAM, Jasper Pharmacy, AX YOUNG, JOHN HENRY, Austin Psychology, Y ZARATE, ARNOLDO T., Rio Grande City Radio-Television, Men ' s Glee Club ZEY, RICHARD BENNETT, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, A J IJ, NROTC, IEEE, Intramurals ZIEGLER, PEGGY ANN, Weatherford Plan II, AAA, I BK, Junior Fellow, International Club, International Commission ZIMMERMAN, CHARLOTTE ANN, Cuero Mathematics, All Campus Advisors, Spooks, SEA, Upperclass Advisor ZIMMERMAN, MARIANNE LOUISE, Greensboro, N. C. English, ASA, Cactus Staff ZOTH, VIRGIL LEROY, Houston Physics, Mathematics, H2, 2H2, BK, Newman Club ZRUBEK, JANETJOYCE, Granger ulhcmatics, ' I ' M, Round-Up, Newman Club, Dean ' s List, Union I ilm Committee P.,e 554 WILLIAMS, JO CAROLE, Corpus Christi Art Education, BSU, Art Students Association, Union Publicity Com- mittee WILLIAMS, MARION GLENN, JR., LaMarque Chemistry, A t !2 WILLIAMS, PATRICIA MAUREEN, Austin Office Administration, BSU WILLIAMS, PETER CHRISTIAN, Houston Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, 4 HS, Silver Spurs, Se nior Cabinet, Engineering Council, ASCE, TSPE, Assembly, Engineering Fellow, Union Advisory Board WILLIAMS, ROBERT KINCAID, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILLIS, CHARLES RICHARD, Angleton Physics WILMER, ANN LOUISE, Dallas Mathematics, AAA WILSON, ARTHUR LEE, Austin Accounting WILSON, JAMES MARVIN, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, IIKA, IEEE WILSON, MAYNARD LEE, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILSON, STEVEN FRANKLIN, Amarillo History WINBORN, JOHN H., Dallas General Business, Freshman Council WINCHESTER, KAREN ELAINE, Galveston Art, AAII, Freshman Council, International Club WINDROW, JUDITH ANN, San Antonio English, IIB WITTNER, BILLY ROY, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Engineering Council WOFFORD, CAROLYN ANN, Temple General Business, Upperclass Advisor - Balthrop, Janice Ann, Dickenson Bankhead, Jack Bridges, Paris Barbour, James Charles, Cotulla Barclay, James McKee, Marshall Barkley, Daniel Andrew, Graver Barnhart, L. Irvin, Houston Barnhill, Charles Richard, Highlands Barr, Gary Joe, San Antonio Baskette, Cynthia Duval, Dallas Bass, Willard Randolph, Ingram Bast, Ann, Sweetwater Bates, Kindell Wayne, Knox City Batts, Caselene Yalander, Wharton Bauer, William Henry, Jr., Port Lavaca Baumann, Judy Lynn, San Antonio Bean, Janis, Kilgore Bearden, James Ralph, Dallas Beck, Gail Anne, Duncanville Beckham, Earnell, Wink Becldund, Ann Helen, Dallas Becknell, Nelda Kay, Idalou Bell, Donald Barton, Odessa Bell, James Allen, Corpus Christi Bell, Lois Ilene. Waco Belt, James Henry, Weimar Berger, Joel S., San Antonio Berly, Janis Ann, Houston Bernstein, Howard Lawrence, San Antonio Berwick, Michael H., Houston Bescher, Barbara Anne, Houston Bevea, Eleanor Bankston, Dallas Beyer, Stanley Charles, Taft Bianchi, Paul Henry, Houston Biftley, Mauretta Lucienne, San Antonio Bills, Rodney Mac, Odessa Birchfield, Richard Henry. Amarillo Bimbaum, Celeste Carol, San Antonio Bixler, Martha Elizabeth, Dallas Blackburn, Judith Ann, Dallas Blackwell, James Lee, Overton Blackwell, William Albert, Cuero Blankenship, Bonnie Bethany, Mexia Blanton, Winfred McCoy. Granbury Block, Ronald Steven. San Antonio Boardmajj Woel, Rideewood, N. J. .oy A., II, Houston ddy, Ellen Marshall, Henrietta Bogart, Patricia Annette, Houston Bohls, Rodney Joe, Austin Pge 556 JUNIORS SECOND- YEAR LAW Priddy, Laurance Lannen, Fort Worth FIRST-YEAR LAW Knippa, Larry Don, San Antonio Middleton, John Gregg, Liberty Sucke, John H., Ill, Austin Tindall, Harry Lee, Corpus Christi JUNIORS Abbott, Ffank Winchester, San Angelo Abston, Elizabeth Ann, Daingerfield Adock, James Luther, Crane Adler, Jim Steven, Dallas Ahlers, Susan Marie, Seguin Alexander, Phyllis, Waco Al Hossainy, Hidayat, Baghdad, Iraq Allen, Lloyd Edward, Jr., Harlingen Allred, Tess Gabrielle, Brownsville Alpers, Judith Ann, Irving Amoretti, James Calvin, Bay town Anderson, Joe Daniel, Silverton Anderson, Judith Rose, San Antonio Anderson, Louis R., Denison Anderson, Sharon Lee, Dallas Anderson, Thomas Axel, LaMarque Anschutz, Everette L., Jr., Austin Appleberry, Miles Hartman, San Antonio Arbaugh, Charles Houston, Sweetwater Armstrong, Linda Sue, Dallas Arnold, Elon Ferris, Corpus Christi Arlington, Joyce Frances, Houston Ashmore, Helen Marianne, Austin Askew, Benna Layne, O ' Donnell Askew, John Paul, Amarillo Atkinson, Patrycia Geene, Angleton Baese, Kermit Raymond, New Braunfels Bailey, Kay A., LaMarque Bailey, Margaret Elizabeth, Houston Bailey, Randal Allen, Huntsville Bain, Walter Mathis, San Antonio Baker, Caroline Susan, Corpus Christi Baker, 0. N., San Antonio Baldwin, Ben A., Jr., Houstoh Balkman, Patricia Sue, Alexandria, Va. Ballard, Darrell M., Perryton Ballard, Mark Evan, Hearne CLASS OF 1965 Bolton, Ann Ervin, Jacksonville Bond, Donna Darlene, Baytown Bond, Ronald Fred, Texas City Boone, Bobby Lynn, Hico Boothe, Sandra Nell, Araarillo Boring, Joseph Lee, Longview Boutwell, John Clayton, Jr., Weslaco Bowers, John Wesley, Jr., Houston Bowers, Katherine Mary, Tucson, Ariz. Bowman, Gary Wayne, Houston Bowman, Lynda Kay, Austin Boyce, Shelton Wylie, Houston Boyd, Gary Wilson, Austin Boydstun, Barbara Kaye, Houston Brace, Anna Kingsley, Austin Brackenridge, Genie, Taylor Bradford, Giles Edward, Sweetwater Bradshaw, Gary L., Ranger Brannan, Patricia M., Crystal City Brantley, Cynthia Louise, Port Arthur Braswell, James Ray , Texarkana Bray, Thomas Albert, Midland Braymen, William Walter, San Antonio Brehm, Joan Ann, Cibolo Bridges, Charles Walter, Tyler Brightwell, Nathan Leroy, Henderson Brindley, Martha Love, Temple Brito, Marta Cecilia, Riobamba, Ecuador Brooks, Eva Marie, Austin Brooks, Jerry Glenn, San Antonio Brooks, Penelope, Hillsboro Brown, Alexis Joan, San Antonio Brown, Garry Dale, Mertens Brown, Julia Ann, Fort Worth Brown, Monetta Mabeth, Austin Brown, Thomas Wilder, Galveston Brown, Tom Albert, Jr., Tyler Browne, Nancy Anne, Houston Brundrett, Betty J., Wichita Falls Bryant, Louis Edward, Jr., Iraan Buckner, Richard Lee, Dallas Buckstaff, Sherwood, Jr., Houston I Burdett, Tom Lee, KerrvilJe Burkwall, Paul Andrew, Beaumont Burns, Beverly Jane, San Antonio Burns, Charlotte Legene, Crane Burton, Joan Frances, Katy Burton, John Kenneth, Sinton Butler, James Terence, New York, N. Y, Cain, Gary Vernon, Fort Worth Calhoun, Thomas Reynolds, Midland Cannon, Millard Don, Temple Canzoneri, Sam Anthony, Houston Capps, Damon Richard, Pontotoc Cardenas, Henry Ernest, San Antonio Carlisle, Nancy Ruth, Baytown Carlton, Donald Neatherlin, San Angelo Carmichael, Ruth Carol, Kerrville Carpenter, George Albert, Jr., Cotulla Carr, Ilameta, Coahoma Carroll, Frances Marie, Midland Carss, Alice Beryl, Annandale, Va. Carter, Jack Ellison, Clarksville Carter, James William, III, San Antonio Casey, Mary Earleen, San Antonio Castellanos, Thais Frances, Houston Castle, Thomas Michael, San Augustine Castleberry, Judith, Albany Gate, Reynolds Newman, San Antonio Gates, Carolyn Ann, Monahans Chaffin, Tommy Louis, Wharton Chaka, James Roy, Newgulf Chalfont, Alan Charles, Waco Chalmers, Presley Howard, Jr., Houston Cherry, Thomas Davies, College Station Chiles, Jerry Edmond, Fort Worth Choice, Susan Harkins, Austin Choice, William Herschel, Houston Christner. John Drue, Oklahoma City, Okla. Cissik, John Henry, McGregor Clark, Ann Frances. Sweetwater Clark, James Weldon. Dallas Clark, Kay Diane, Dallas Cleveland, Chevis Randle, Granbury Cleveland, Frances Anne, San Antonio Coates, Harold Vaughan, Houston Cobb, William C., Austin Codina, Joaquin. III. Mission Cody, James M., Wake Village Coe, Carolyn Lee, Grand Prairie Collier, Jennie M., Georgetown Page 557 ft fT. ft r? JUNIORS Colyer, Edward Scott, Corpus Christ! Commons, Christopher Neal, Corpus Christ! Commons, Norbert Anthony, Corpus Christi Conine, Susan Diane, Dallas Connell, Jimmy 0., Amarillo Connell, John A., Amarillo Conwill, Margaret Keith, Handera Cook, Gary Bryant, Austin Cook, Charles Clayton, Wichita Falls Cook, Kenneth Gerald, Baytown Cook, Richard Keck, Cotulla Cooper, Melvin Wayne, Lockney Cossey, Thomas William, Wharton Costlow, Annell, Dallas Cetera, Rita Ann, Alta Lama Gotham, William Robert, Austin Cowan, Phil Ray, Houston Coward, Alwin Charles, San Antonio Cowden, James Coley, Midland Cox, Tyra Ann, Fredericksburg Craik, David Dale, Abilene Crawford, Darroll Franklin, Jr., Brenham Crawford, Kenneth C., Cleburne Crawford, Stanley Wyne, Corpus Christi Creager, Chad Freeman, Huntsville Creekmore, Gayle Lynn, Baytown Crenwelge, Clayton Ray, Overton Crews, Ronald Milton, Texarkana Crook, William Edward, Houston Crosby, John Edwin, III, Midland Crumley, Geron Bryant, Paris Cuellar, Margarita Raquel, Brownsville Culbertson, Cathryn Lynn, Corpus Christi Cummings, Karen Lynne, Dilley Cunningham, Carolyn Frances, San Antonio Curlee, Billy Dumas, Mathis Curlee, Rowena Ruth, Sour Lake Curry, James Regnald, Memphis Daehne, Allen Godfrey, Jr., Portland Dahl, Janet M., Austin Damron, Joe Richard, Amarillo Davenport, John Barksdale, Jacksonville Davis, Chester McClean, Jr., Houston Davis, Fred Edward, Center Davis, Joe Louis, Bandera Davis, Michal Clay, Atlanta Davis, Sara Kathryn, Fairfield Dawkins, Diantha Dee, McCamey Dawson, Carol Ann, Dallas de la Garza, Adolfo, Jr., Mission De la Garza, John Joseph, Jr., Houston de la Garza, Luis A., Mission Delk, Elwyn Anthony, Longview Denman, William Edwin, Richmond, Va. Derouen, Lois Diane, Galena Park Dewees, Ronald H. Austin Dierschke, Norman Joseph, Jr., San Angelo Dietz, Louis Edwin, Fort Worth Dippel, Carey Charles, Baytown DiRienzo, Janet Louise, Dallas Dittmar, Karen Ann, Harper Dodd, Philip Max, Baytown Dodson, Marion Lester, Jr., Jacksboro Doggett, Paul R., Houston Donehoo, Richard Clark, Dallas Dougall, Janice, Houston Dougherty, Barbara Louise, Groves Douglass, Carol Diane, Dallas Drake, James Dan, Las Cruces, N. Mex. Duddlesten, Jerry Michael, Jackson, Miss. Dunavant, Otis Keith, Portland Duncan, Charles Arthur, San Angelo Dunn, Winford Lee, Jr., Texarkana Durham, David Reginald, Fort Worth Dyer, Donald Dexter, Grand Prairie Dyer, James Simpson, Fort Worth Easley, B. Janelle, Corpus Christi Edgar, Sanford Michael, Houston Edmiston, Sharon Dianne, Floydada Edmondson, Carol Ann, Mathis Edwards, Ronald Clinton, Fort Worth Egan, Byron Flanary, Dallas Elpdge, Michael Ray, Austin El-Lababidi, Mahmoud Mohamed, Cairo, Egypt Elledge, George Jarome, Corpus Christi Elliott, Janice Ann, Breckenridge Elliott, Justin McCord. Jr., Bellaire Elliott. Ixii- Ann. Houston Elliott, fsul Timothy, Burleson _eberry, Mark Andrew, Richardson Enderle, Christie Lee, Houston Page 558 CLASS OF 1965 Entzminger, Lindell B., II, Houston Epperson,Woodrow, Kerrville Eppes, Joe Stanley, Arlington Erickson, David E., Austin Erickson, Peggy Evelyn, Dallas Espey, Gary Neil, Corpus Christi Faetche, James Bruno, Wharton Farrar, Judy, Irving Farrell, Patricia Anne, Fort Sam Houston Fehrenkamp, Diane, Houston Feistel, Claude Herbert, Austin Felder, Frederick Eugene, Palestine Fensch, Pamela Jean, Bellaire Fenton, Mary Virginia, Midland Ferguson, Clarence Ben, Austin Fernandez, Joe, San Antonio Ferris, Susan Ruth, Corpus Christi Finnell, Charles Adkins, Holliday Finnell, Mary Lynn, Orange Fisch, Carole Sue, Crowell Fisher, Myra Helene, Rosenberg Fisher, Radney Lee, Sudan Fitzhugh, Delia Lou, San Antonio Flatt, Victor Bowman, Waco Fleming, James Elmer, III, Lindale Flowers, John M., Ill, Austin Ford, Richard Arno, El Paso Foreman, Barbara Sue, Arlington Foreman, Judy Hall, Houston Forister, John Gene, Austin Forrest, Randi Lee, South Houston Forster, Robert Arthur, III, Beaumont Foster, Barbara Louise, Austin Foster, Bettye Sue, Austin Fourroux, Charlotte Marie, Texas City Fourticq, Michael John, Houston Fowler, Robert Harrison, II, Ballinger Fowler, Susan, Houston Framer, Fillis Carol, Galveston Free, David Robert, Alvin Freeman, Frederick Dudley, Lufkin Freeman, Jerry Tom, Wichita Falls 3Q Fregia, Glenn W., Highlands Freytag, Carolyn Norma, La Grange Fuhrmann, Carl Ira, San Antonio Gaddis, Dixie Ann, Cotulla Gage, Ted A., Austin Galle, Gail Harriet, Corpus Christi Galloway, Nancy Sue, Wharton Galvan, Jose, Mercedes Ganc, Betty Draper, Corpus Christi Gander, Jean Marilyn, San Antonio Gannaway.Virginia Ann, San Antonio Garcia, Michael A., Jr., San Antonio Gardner, Dan Nobles, Austin Garling, Forrest Charles, Harlingen Garnett, Patricia Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Gavia, Paul Richard, San Antonio Gentry, Wilda Lee, Killeen Gibbs, Eugene Austin, Lufkin Gibson, George David, Grand Prairie Gilbert, Leanne R., Austin Gill, Mary Ann, Dallas Gips, Brian H., Houston Gladson, James Franklin, San Antonio Gleason, Mary Ann, Dallas Glidden, Judith Diane, Houston Glover, Rankin Dee, Gonzales Goldman, Timothy Ray, Temple Gonzales, Lazarus, San Antonio Goodnight, Claire Louise, San Antonio Goodwin, Sharon Lee, Abilene Gorneau, Maxine Annette, San Antonio Goslin, Doris Nell, Austin Graham, Bert Ed ward, Houston Granger, Robert Eugene, Austin Grant, Gloria Judene, Houston Giant, William Harrison, Dallas Gray, Michael J., Orange Green, John Markham, Dallas Greene. Gary Loren, Houston Greenwade, Bryan Palmer, Brenham Greer, Jerry Lynn, Houston Gresham, Barbara Ann, Baytown Griffin, Susan, Wharton Grobe, Diane Virginia, Houston Gronow, Barbara Dell, Gainesville Gross, William Dudley, Austin Groves, Thelma Carol, Spearman Grubbs, James Lee, San Antonio Guillot, Larry G., Dallas Page 559 JUNIORS Gunter, Donnis Ray, Austin Gurney, Brewster Conrad, Beaumont Guynes.Twila Elizabeth, Borger Guyton, Berl Paul, Midland Haase, Virginia Isabelle, Nixon Hackebeil, E. L, Jr., Rutersville Hagood, Peggy Ann, Bellaire Hall, Janette, Kaufman Hall, Johnce Eugene, Corpus Christi Hall, Randolph Lee, Jr., San Antonio Hallam, Howard Pressley, Dallas Hamilton, Charles Dossie, Lake Jackson Hamilton, Mellwood Thomas, II, Houston Hamlett, Edward Philip, Corpus Christi Hamrick, David Conrad, San Antonio Haney, Bernadette Theresa, Temple Hanna, Daryl Kirk, Houston Hansen, Kristinn Ingi, Austin Hansen, Richard Norman, Laredo Hardy, Roland J., San Antonio Harmon, Jerry H., Childress Harper, Jamie Jean, Longview Harris, Dudley H., Austin Harris, Robert Mark, Jr., Austin Harrison, Bruce Alan, Corpus Christi Harrod, Josephine Frances, Corpus Christi Hart, Christopher S., Austin Hart, Patricia Ann, Rockdale Hartman, Darla Jean, Corpus Christi Hartman, Nancy Ann, Victoria Hatfield, Norman Perry, Jr., San Antonio Haughton, Jan Elizabeth, Fort Worth Hawkins, Otto Lewis, jr., Livingston Haynes, Jim Tom, Eagle Pass Haynes, Sherry Lynn, Anahuac Hays, Sandra, Dallas Hazer, Kaleem, Jr., San Antonio Hearne, Richard Bailey, Dallas Held, Herbert Eugene, Fort Worth Helgeson, William Theodore, Clute Hermann, Nancy Jean, Taylor Herndon, Robert Louis, Fort Worth Herron, Daniel Edward, Houston Hester, Priscilla Jane, Houston Hicks, Marilyn Ruth, Nashville, Tenn. Hill, Jimmye Lee, San Antonio Hill, Sandra Jean, Fort Worth Hill, Sharon Anita, Gladewater Hill, Walter David, Austin Hines, Earl Stephen, Burkeville Hitchcock, John William, Houston Hobbs, David Morris, San Antonio Hocker, Edwin James, Jr., Kingsville Hodges, Merron Alton, Llano Hodges, Tony Lee, Amarillo Hohertz, Darlene, Austin Holbrook, Steven McGuire, San Antonio Holland, Walter Edward, LaMarque Hollingsworth, Jean I., Port Arthur Holzapfel, Carol Linda, Azores, Portugal Hopkins, Glory, Richmond florst, Benjamin Jacob, Wichita Falls House, Carolyn Kay, Three Rivers Howard, Rebecca, Uvalde Howell, Gary Frank, Houston Howie, Susan Lee, San Antonio Hubbard, Donna Suzanne, Austin Hudson, Sylvia Mari, San Antonio Hughes. Caroline Susan, Dallas Hunt, Eugene Lewis, Dallas Hutchens, John Clark, Corpus Christi Hutto, Mickey Clements. Austin Igo, Janet Collier, Plainview Imle, Elizabeth, El Paso Ing, Rebecca, Corpus Christi Irelan, Cvnthia Ann, Yuma, Ariz. Tzard, Elizabeth Jane, Dallas Jackson, Fay Dean, LaMarque Jackson, Mary Ann, Houston Jackson, Mary Lee, Raymondville Jackson. Thomas Harold, Angleton Jacobson, Ronald Lawrence, Galveston Jamison. Judith Anne. Houston Jamison, Pamela, Houston Jessen, Vanna Lee, Austin Jessup. Marearet Ann, Dallas Johnson, Carol Ann, Abilene n, Rebecca J., Austin Jones, Bailey Rhea, Sweeny Jones, Barbara Ann, Tacoma, Wash. Jones, Carl Marvin, Abilene Page 560 ' CLASS OF 1965 Jones, Cheryl Lee, Dallas Jones, Churchill Wiley, Marlin Jones, Ileta Katherine, Houston Jones, Jan, Fort Worth Jones, Jim Lee, Dallas Jones, Margaret Anne, Dallas Jones, Mona Lisa, Corpus Christ! Joor, Nancy Ruth, Houston Jordan, Frank Michael, Liberty Jordan, Lloyd Eugene, Austin Juncker, Leonard Nelson, Beaumont Jung, Anthony Charles, Fredericksburg Jurek, Patricia Ann, Pasadena Justice, John R., Jr., Fort Worth Kalmans, Monte Sue, Houston Kamrath, James R., Houston Kanter, Lawrence Erick, New Ulm Kay, Elizabeth Anne, Nederland Keating, John Edward, Guatamala City, Guatamala Keaton, James Allen, Temple Kelfer, Adrianne Ann, San Antonio Kellar, James Noel, Pharr Kelley, Mary Katherine, Arlington Kelley, Maurice Ray, Jr., Port Lavaca Kelly, William Lewis, Rockport Kelty, Diane Chloe, San Antonio Kennedy, Larry Joe, Austin Kennedy, Sharon L., Galveston Kidwell, Neil Franklin, Mineral Wells Kilgore, John Michael, Baytown Kincaid, Carol Ann, Fort Stockton Kindle, Bryan Eugene, Kilgore King, Sharon Colleen, Dallas Kinman, Monard Lamar, Jr., Charleston Heights, S. C. Kiper, Bette Jean, Old Ocean Kirby, Linda Sue, Longview Kirchner, Gloria Ann, Junction Kistler, A. Clay, II, Kilgore Klein, Joel H., San Antonio Kline, Robert Carter, Fort Worth Kluth, Eugene Ervin, Gonzales Knerr, Donna Lynn, Houston wT Knight, Gary Wayne, Grand Saline Knight, Thomas Dale, Gruver Knostman, Gary James, Bellaire Kohnert, Donna Jeannine, Houston Kost, Sheryl Nan, Houston Kott, Alfred Tyrrell, San Antonio Kovac, Karl Bernard, Austin Krejci, Dorothy Mae, Baytown Krueger, Nelva Lee, Victoria Kulchak, Mary Kathryn, Alice Kurtz, Peggy Jo, Pasadena Laake, James Keith, Cuero LaGrone, Suzanne, Dallas Laird, John Thomas, Austin Laird, Laura Sego, Austin Lake, Jeanne Ann, Marshall Lamberth, Royce Charles, San Antonio Lamm, Martha Louise, Krum Landers, Eldon Ray, Jr., Abilene Landin, Melchor Ray, Brownsville Lane, Artie Sue, San Antonio Langley, Larry Wilson, San Marcos Lanham, Dora Celene, Silverton Law, Carol Lynne, Belton Lawler, William Ross, Austin Lawrence, Dorothy Ann, El Paso Lebkowsky, Robert Vance, Big Spring Le Bleu, Robin Boyce, Ingleside Lee, Jerry Ann, Greenville Lee, Tipton Brewer, Ballinger LeFlore, John F., San Antonio Lehr, Ralph Edward, Austin Lehrman, Russell Vann, Houston LeMay, Linda Markeen, Irving Lenehan, George W., San Antonio Levene, Michael Robert, El Paso Leventhal, Victor, Dallas Levitt, Carol Joan, Midland Levy, Ben Michael, Dallas Lewis, James William. Jr., Dallas Lieck, Jerry Ellen, San Antonio Liford, Carolyn Patricia, Victoria Liggett, William Richard, Irving Lindahl, Gary Lewis, Austin Lindgren. Pentti Kay, Austin _ Lloyd, Judith Carolyn, Houston Lobpries, Frederick Michael, La Grange Long, Larry Howard, Lockhart Long, Norman L, Houston Page 561 JUNIORS Longwood, Sherry Ann, Austin Looney, Sandra Jean, Houston Lostracco, Joseph Marco, Angleton LoughmiLler, Max Eugene, Austin Lovelace, Michael Boone, San Antonio Lowery, Cheryl, Corpus Christi Lumpkin, D ' Maris Anne, Highlands Lybrand, Karl Cheatham, Wills Point Lynch, Vernon Eugene, Jr., Martindale Macha, Helen Marie, Bomarton MacKie, Frederick James, III, Houston MacQuigg, Robert Abbott, Dallas Maddox, Lula Belle, Palacios Madison, Cinderella Ann, Houston Magee, Donald Ray, Linden Magliolo, Andrew John, Jr., Dickinson Majewski, George F., Tenafly, N. J. Malcom, Patricia Ann, Austin Malcom, William Charles, Austin Mallett, Thomas Charles, Austin Manferd, Elliott, Houston Mann, Bobby Joe, Mineral Wells Mann, Dennis Arthur, Ramsey, N. J. Mann, Howell Wesley, Pasadena Mann, James Truman, Edgewood Mannan, Susan Lynne, San Antonio Mannas, Gail Ann, Houston Marek, Sandra Ann, Waco Marsh, Suzann Porter, Deer Park Marshall, Alice Ann, Austin Marshall, Dan Howell, II, Holliday Marshall, Linda Ann, San Antonio Martin, Elois Gerene, Austin Martin, James Clyde, Baytown Martin, Sandra Maria, Kendleton Martinez, Catharine Margaret, Rotan Martinez, Edmundo Manuel, San Antonio Martinez, Richard Manuel, Del Rio Martyn, Patsy Ann, San Antonio Maser, Sandra Lee, Galveston Massengill, Karen Louise, Fort Worth Massey, Bert V., II, Brownwood L Mauthe, William Louis, Uncertain Maxwell, Lawrence Wayne, West Columbia Maxwell, Philip Kent, Dallas Mayer, Donald F., Grand Prairie Mayes, Melinda Claire, Denison McAnally, Robert Nix, Center McAnulty, William Noel, Jr., Lake Jackson McBrayer, Melba Joan, Pasadena McBride, George Ellis, Sherman McCafferty, Peggy Lou, Houston McCall, George H., Jr., Harlingen McCarty, Pat Duckworth, Vernon McClintock, Martha Zoe, Austin McClung, Tanna Gail, Vernon McClure, Raymond Boyd, Hico McCrone, Susan Jean, Arlington, Va. McCullough, Georganne Wendell, Pharr McDonald, Carolyn Marie, Waco McDonald, Donna Gail, Uvalde McDonald, Kenneth Tildon, Victoria McElroy, Willis Mack, Overton McFarlane, John R., Brownwood McGinness, Susan, Alvin Mcllheran, Melissa, Weslaco Mclntyre, Mackie Sue, Falfurrias McMahan, Janet Susan, Houston McMillan, Rosalind Ann, Yorktown McMillan, William, III, Houston McNair, Janice Kay, Lufkin McPherson, Allen Keith, Midland McSpadden, Carol, Blooming Grove Mehaffey. Wilmer Lee, Jr., Odessa Mehr, Carolvn Washburn, Houston Meitzen, Travis Charles, Jr., Refugio Metschan, J. Michael, Austin Mick, Joel Stephen, Odessa Miller, Edgar Allen, Dallas Miller, Janet Lee, Houston Mitchell, Anitha T., Dallas Mitchell, Carl Barnes, Bellaire Mobley, Nancy Virginia, Texas City Monkhouse. Laura Clege, Houston Monroe, Lloyd Maurice, Jr., Corpus Christi Montgomery, Margaret Carter, Angleton Montgomery, Velmanett, Houston Moore,Grlos William, Frost Moore. Francis Russell, Houston Moore, Guy Ira. Gonzales Moore, Merrily Huey, Irving Pje 562 CLASS OF 1965 Moore, Robert Allen, Rankin Morgan, Robert Cochran, Longview Morgenstern, Carol Jean, Houston Morris, Helen Jenice, Moody Morris, John Howard, Houston Morris, William Jourdan, Moody Murray, Don Nolan, II, Freeport Musick, Donald Martin, Houston Musselman, Marian Marie, Inez Mutscher, Kenneth Wayne, Brenham Nagle, Gay Trabue, Houston Napoli, Leon Joseph, Jr., Galveston Nelson, Rebecca Alice, Beaumont Nelson, Sally Terry, Wichita Falls Nicholson, Doyle Allen, Dickinson Nicholson, Jerry Wayne, Plainview Nigliazzo, Marc Anthony, Hearne Nixon, Charles William, Houston Noonan, Gail Kathleen, San Antonio Norman, Douglass F., Houston Norrid, Henry Gail, Amarillo Norris, Gary Michael, Corsicana Norwood, Robert Turner, Mineral Wells Nunnally, Knox Dillon, Midland Oakley, Leslie Ann, Texas City Odom, Donald P., Jr., Houston Ohmes, Mary Cathryn, San Antonio Old, John Marland, Texarkana Oles, Mary Mike, Amarillo Oliveira, Isabelle, Harlingen Ormand, Jarrell B., Odessa Ormand, Terry Lynn Hughes, Odessa Ornelas, Raul Sosa, Corpus Christi Orr, John Mack, Dallas Orts, Marilyn Jeanne, Little Rock, Ark. Osburn, Robert Howard, Tyler Ostler, Nellie Jane, Dallas Owen, Keith, San Antonio Owings, Donald H., Houston Page, Patricia J., Dallas Palm, Herbert Mills, El Paso Palmer, Catherine Anders, Brownsville Pape, James M., Caldwell Pape, Vernell Louise, San Antonio Parker, Carolyn Curtis, Austin Parker, Robert F., Houston Parker, Sam David, Orange Parkhurst, Shirley Jean, Orange Parks, Walter Lee, San Angelo Parmelly, Donald F., Odessa Parsons, Mary Glen, Gilmer Partida, Elva Alice, Dallas Patterson, Dexter Michael, Port Arthur Patterson, Robert Rae, Snyder Patterson , Wendell Allen, Sweetwater Patterson, William Wayne, Overton Pearce, Charles Morgan, III, Weslaco Penalver Manuel R., San Antonio Perez, Maria Josefa, San Diego Perry, Malcom Conley, Mertens Peterson, Erik Georg, Jr., Houston Phair, Glenda Gay, Houston Phillips, David C., La Porte Phillips, Larry Ewing, Harlingen Phillips, Marsha Lynn, Dallas Phillips, Nancy Arlene, Tyler Pickering, Lynne Ave, San Antonio Pillsbury, Ruth Ann, Fort Worth Pippen, Virginia Ann, Tallahassee, Fla Pippert, Elvin Burnett, Houston Pitzer, Nancy Susan, Breckenridge Platts, Vernell Fay, Phillips Plotsky, Dianne Lynne, Austin Poch, Claire De Lano, Houston Pohl, Nancy, Austin Polasek, Edward J., Jr., St. Louis Mo. Polis, Nyle Dean, McAllen Polk, Janis Lee, Abilene Pollak, Stephanie Lynn, Houston Polser, Aubrey Henry, Jr., Lewisville Pool, Garland Cleburne, Jr., Athens Pope, Walter Allen, San Antonio Porter, Judith Ann, San Antonio Porter, Priscilla Jane, Bryan Porterfield, William Reeder. Fort Worth Post, Haroletta Kay, Dallas Powell, Karen Lynn, Lake Jackson Powell, Kenneth Wayne, Austin Preston, Marlow Rodney, Whart Preusse, Carol Ann, Rosebud Pribyl, Paula Marie, Victoria Page 563 JUNIORS Price, Richard Murray, Austin Pridgen, Sally M., San Antonio Provine, Jack Cecil, Houston Pugh, Judith Elizabeth, Seagoville Putnam, Linda Mauri, Midland Quinn, Eileen Frances, Houston Rabel, Lynnette Anna, Weimar Radoff, Henry Victor, Houston Raesener, Patricia Mae, Llano Rakestraw, Ann Catherine, Bay City Ramirez, Enrique G., Jr., Realitos Randall, Donald Wade, Victoria Ransom, Joseph Christopher, San Antonio Reagan, Rawleigh Terrell, Waco Reagan, William Roney, Jacksboro Reddick, Harold Knipp, Jr., Arlington Reed, Pat, Dallas Reese, Morris Marcus, Jr., Cotulla Reeves, Edgar Boaz, Jr., Raymondville Reeves, James Glenn, Houston Reneau, Linda Lou, Springfield, Va. Rexroad, Terry Dean, Pampa Riba, Carolyn P., Austin Rice, Burtis Stephen, Curtis Richardson, Thomas William, Houston Ricks, Clyde Weaver, Orange Ricks, William Robert, Brady Riewe, Roy Dale, Houston Rigsbee, H. Kenneth, Austin Ritter, Jerry Lynn, Wichita Falls Roach, Patti Wade, Austin Roark, Woodrow Milton, Gilmer Roberto, Teresa Mae, Austin Roberts, Durvis Alan, San Angelo Roberts, Jo Sharon, Lyford Robinson, Michael Grant, Imperial Beach, Calif. Robinson, Richard Lee, Mineral Wells Rodriguez, Jon Anthony, San Antonio Rodriguez, Victor D., Eagle Pass Roeder, Jeanie Louise, Las Vegas, Nev. Rogers, Karen Deane, Baytown Rogers, Milton A., Austin Rogers, Sunell, Sulphur Springs Roos, Marcia Allen, San Antonio Roper, Freddy Tyra, Henrietta Ross, Ralph Doyle, Jr., Lamesa Rothbauer, James Robert, Victoria Runnels, Pollard Rhode, III, Terrell Rusche, Sylvia Lorraine, Fredericksburg Rushing, Diana Sue, Austin Rushing, Roy Eugene, Alice Russell, Pamela Ann, Corpus Christi Sames, John Norman, Hutchinson, Kans. Sample, Donna Sue, Lewisville Sanders, Clarence Hoover, Jr., Tyler Sanders, Jerry Drew, Tyler Santa Ana, Raul, McAllen Savage, Susan Martha, Forth Worth Scheffe, Stephen Lee, Houston Schkade, Albert Fred, Jr., Giddings Schlenk, Pamela Anne, Corpus Christi Schorp, Cheryl Faye, San Antonio Scott, Linda Louise, Dallas Scott, Nancy Coleman, Midland Sects, Lynn Dale, Haskell Sellars, Ronald Kay, Houston Sellers, Diane Eden, Orange Serold, Arno Clarence, San Antonio Sharpe, Mary Patricia, Austin Shepard, Larry Norman, San Antonio Shepard, Sarah Ann, Hale Center Shepherd, George Buell, Austin Sherman, Caroll Lee Roy, Atlanta Sherrill, Linda Elise, Dallas Shields, Mercedes Emma, Laredo Shirley, Donald James, Austin Shirley, Susan, Houston Short, William Andrew, Jr., Tyler Shuler, Lewis David, Amarillo Shulman, David George, Austin Shults, Steve Shan, Killeen Shurtleff, Leslie Dan, Rankin Sibley, Pamela Ann, Houston Siegmund, Alfred John, Jr., Orange Siegel, Louis J., Dallas Silvus, Susan Ruth, Houston Simmons, Sharon Elizabeth, Huntsville artha Lena, Corrigan Donnie G., Austin Slade, Suzanne Cory, Dallas Smith, Bea Ann, Midland P., ' 564 CLASS OF 1965 Smith, Benton G., Ill, Houston Smith, Charles William, San Anotnio Smith, Edgar Newman, Jr., Dallas Smith, Gail Addison, Lubbock Smith, Glen Hilton, McAllen Smith, James Henry, Houston Smith, James Jerry, Longview Smith, James Robert, Houston Smith, James William, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Kent H., Dallas Smith, Philip Thomas, Austin Smith, Sheron Sue, Bryan Snell, Helen Marie, Lampasas Sorenson, Suzanne, College Station Southerland, Patricia Sue, Longview Sparks, Thomas Albert, Austin Speed, Robert M., Midland Spence, James William, Houston Spencer, Pamela Dean, Brownood Stansbury, Thomas O ' Dell, Houston Starr, Duane Martin, Wake Village Stephens, Jonnie Russell, San Antonio Stewart, Mary Leila, Tyler Stockman, Roy Taylor, Sweeny Stradinger, Janet Elizabeth, Bellaire Stratton, Charles Franklin, Mont Belvieu Street, Malcolm Boyd, Graham Strickland, James Michael, San Antonio Stringer, Joe Frank, Henderson Stromberg, Carole Cecelia, Hutto Stroup, Nancy Kay, Irving Stubbs, Sally E., Galveston Styron, Lucina Kay, Stamford, Conn. Sullivan, John Fredrick, Woodville Sullivan, Patrick Timothy, Dallas Summers, Kenneth Travis, Denison Sutherland, Ann, San Antonio Swepston, Carola, Rosebud Tannich, John David, Houston Tartaglia, Antoinette, Houston Taylor, Fred Kent, Houston Taylor, Jack Greer, Jr., Houston Taylor, John Edward, Juno Taylor, Karen Gean, Eastland Taylor, Michael Duane, Bellaire Taylor, Sally Ann, Austin Terrell, Cholly, Austin Thames, Kay Louise, Port Arthur Thaxton, Leta Ann, Cherokee Thompson, Cecil Albert, Jr., Houston Thompson, Michael Rayburn, Aurora, Colo. Thurman, Velna Rae, San Antonio Timmons, Richard Allison, Odessa Tisdale, Jane Marie, Austin Tomlinson, Kent Cresens, Amarillo Toothaker, Gary Wilson, McAllen Torres, Alejandro, Harlingen Toubassi, Tewfic Hanna, Olney Townsend, Joan, Woodville Townsend, Larry Bruce, Holland Travis, Dan Francis, Denton Treadaway, Peggy C., El Campo Trickey, Timothy Miller, Denton Trotter, Carl Wilson, Texas City Trower, Robert Dwayne, Austin Truitt, Bryant David, Houston Tubb, Gary Wayne, Bellaire Tunstill, Jeanie, Fort Worth Turner, Jerry Lynn, Dallas Twiner, Nancy Hsia, San Antonio Tyra, Raymond E., Midland Ullrich, Julie Margaret, Houston Underbrink, Mary Ruth, Goliad Urban, John Thomas, Waco Urban, Theresa Antonie, Brenham Utsey, Michael Dale, Tyler Vanelli. James Charles, Victoria Van Zant, Richard Sidney. San Antonio Vargas, Martha Elizabeth, Eagle Pass Vavra, Jerry Ted, Schulenburg Vestal, Kenneth Ray, Hughes Springs Vogelsang, Robert Louis. Brownsville Voges, Grace Louise, San Antonio Vogle, Sheryll Diane, Corpus Christ! Von Dohlen, Timothy D., Goliad Vorndam, A. Vance, Jr., Corpus Christ! Voss, Martye, Waco - Waggoner, Clinton Norman, Hoi Waite, Sharon Anne, McAllen Walden, James Vernon, Austin Page 565 JUNIORS Walker, Darral Gene, ' La Pryor Walker, Judith Carol, Kerrville Walker, Michael Webb, Pasadena Wallace, William Frederick, Houston Walther, Wayne Douglas, Rowena Ward, Betty Carol, Devine Ward, George Haskell, Jr., Plainview Ward, Richard Everett, San Antonio Wascher, Richard Louis, San Antonio Waterston, Tom Lee, Dallas Watson, Bonnie Lee, Houston Watson, Robert Norman, Jr., Dallas Watts, James Thomas, Fort Worth Weaks, Thomas William, Dallas Weatherly, Jimmy Cecil, Austin Weaver, H. Catherine, Donna Webb, David Lewis, Odessa Webb, James Claude, Austin Webb, Mary Lee K., Austin Weber, Wayne Thomas, Fredericksburg Webster, Diane F., Houston Welch, Simmy Tess, San Antonio Wells, Janna Louise, Kosse Welsh, Beth Barton, Texas City Welton, Carl Scott, Dallas Wenck, Charles Christian, Houston Werner, Clinton Ray, San Antonio Wesson, John Henry, Jr., Belton Westerlage, Ray Douglas, LaMarque Wharton, William Arthur, Jr., Fort Worth White, Agnes Sue, Longview White, Bob R., Dallas White, Larry James, Baytown White, Marilyn Ann, San Angelo White, Robert Miles, Fort Wortli Whitney, Gail Yvonne, San Antonio Whitworth, Laura June, Rocksprings Whorton, Mary Katharine, Rule Wier, Leighton Arthur, San Antonio Wiest, Ethel Edna, Houston Wilkerson, Basil Glenn, Odessa Wilkerson, James Neill, Austin " Williams, Dorothy Anne, San Angelo Williams, Frederick Llewellyn, Warland, Wyo. Williams, Harold Floyd, Hamilton Williams, James Madison, Jr., Fort Worth Williams, Janice Elizabeth,- Fort Worth Williams, Olan Dale, Gilmer Williamson, Gail, Dallas Wills, Sheldon Alan, Dallas Wilson, Arthur Eugene, San Antonio Wilson, Donald Grady, Paris Wilson, Ralph Ellis, San Angelo Winfree, Luther Jerald, Orange Winton, Pamela Kay, Richardson Witt, Carol Sue, Beaumont Wittig, Gloria Jean, Pierce Wittig, Sandra June, Austin Wolchansky, Lee M., Fort Worth Wolfe, George Edward, Houston Wolfe, John Colwell, Groves Wolk, Marsha Carol, Navasota Womack, Charles C., Jr., Houston Womack, Ronald Edward, Texarkana Wood, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Wood, Larry Martin, Richards Wood, Patricia Winifred, Fort Worth Woodward, Susan Helen, Dallas Woolen, James Harbert, III, Columbus Wright, Onie Elizabeth, Alpine Wright, Linda Ann, Abilene Wright, Nancy Suzanne, McCamey Wyatt, Joseph Peyton, Jr., Bloomington Wynn, Judy G., Austin Yates, William Arthur, La Grange Yawn, Larry M., Austin York, Andrea Ruth, San Antonio York, Joel Jonathan, Waco Young, Albert Wayne, Baytown Young, David Haywood, San Antonio Zey peorge Wyatt, Mission Immermann, Ulf, San Antonio Zirjacks, Grace Elizabeth, Victoria Zunker, Lane Arvid, Seguin I ' tf 566 I SOPHOMORES I SOPHOMORES Abel, Robert George, Dallas Acker, Leslie Clark, Post Adams, John Lewis, Overton Adams, Karen, Dallas Adcock, Cecil Edward, Fort Worth Ainsworth, William David, Kennard Alexander, Connie Jean, Austin Alexander, Gerald Wayne, Big Spring Alexander, Joan Ina, San Antonio Alexander, Rebekah Sterling, Fort Worth Alexander, Rosalie, Corpus Christi Alford, James Joseph, Caldwell Allen, Russell Lee, Dallas Allison, Robert Elton, Jr., Woodville Allred, Patricia Ellen, Houston Altis, John Edward, Austin Anawaty, Peggy Bahia, Bellaire Anderson, Richard Leslie, Baytown Anderson, Robert Edwin, Bryan Andrews, Forrest Alex, Garland Andrews, Jamie Lee, Freeport Andrews, Michael Allen, Fort Worth Andron, Leo Alexander, II, Longview Angell, Kim May, Dallas Arms, Henry Lee, San Antonio Arnold, Betsy, Houston Arnold, O. Yvonne, Menard Arnold, Vance Michael, Gilmer Arthur, John Joseph, Pampa Ash, John Powell, Bastrop Athey, Patricia Ann, Austin Aulds, Darlene, Borger Austin, Kathryn Mary, San Antonio Austin, Robin Ann, Houston Ayers, Louis McClellan, Jr., Houston Babin, Tamara Stageberg, Beaumont Bachman, Elizabeth May, Beaumont Badgley, Carol Ann, Baytown Bagley, Judi Ann, Lake Jackson Baker, Gilbert Lowell, Dallas Baker, Judith Anne, San Antonio Baker, Mary Morgan, Comstock Ball, John Charles, Grand Prairie Barbies, Gary Eugene, Houston Barbour, Carroll Stanley, Cotulla Barcus, Jeannie, Austin Barker, Jimmy Lester, Robstown Barnett, Elizabeth LeGrand, Houston Barnett, Jerry Leland, Dallas Barnett, Linda Dell, Fremont Barnett, Robbie Raggio, LaMarque Barnhill, Weldon W., Jr., Houston Barr, Richard Dennis, Bay City Bartels, Robert Michael, Temple Bass, Mary Deborah, San Antonio Baxter, Janell, Weslaco Beal], April, Austin Bean, Richard Ellis, Houston Beard, Linda Kay, Rosenberg Bearden, Barbara Louise, Dallas Bearden, Bobbie Ann, Palestine Beasley, Ann, Houston Beatty, Sylvia C., Corpus Christi Beck, Darcus Barry, Amarillo Beck, David Drew, Wharton Beckman, Kathleen Anne, Houston Beeley, Rebecca, Houston Belisle, Mavis Velta, Dallas Bell, Jack, Dallas Bell, Mary Elizabeth, Victoria Bell, Wilfred Chapman, San Antonio Bender, Richard Bolton, II, Fort Worth Benedict, Helen Virginia, Austin Benjamin, Ludy Thompson, Jr., League City Bergen, Wanda Elaine, Houston Berk, Joan Marilyn, Dallas Bethea, Lona Katherine, Houston Bexley, Bill Jack, Jr., Temple Beyer, Chester Waldemar, Jr., San Antonio Biegert, Eugene Austin, San Antonio Billion, Vickie Jo, Dallas Blair, Lee Ann, Lake Jackson Blandy, Deborah Anne, Austin Blankenship, Robert Norwood, Dallas Blanks, Sara Bethany, Houston Blndeau, Adrian Louis. San Antonio Blum, Marilyn, Bay City urton, Jerry Halbert, McKinney Boardman, Calvin Moore, Big Spring Bode, Mary Louise, Austin iinYWil CLASS OF 1966 Boedeker, Paulette Lillian, Taylor Boehm, Carl Ferdinand, Jr., Goliad Bogart, Vivian Ann, Midlothian Boggess, Barbara Gay, Eagle Lake Boggus, Dennis Lynn, Houston Bohannon, Julia Carol, Mesquite Bohn, Carl Henry, Jr., Houston Bohuslav, Jackie Sue, Austin Boland, Hayden Edward, San Antonio Bond, Bonnie Vale, Baytown Bond, Terry Lynn, Freeport Book, Michael Felix, San Angelo Boone, Fred J., Houston Botkin, Sally Jean, Baytown Botts, Jerry Monroe, San Antonio Bouchier, Joe Tom, Post Bowden, Barry Lynn, San Antonio Bowen, Janne W., Alexandria, Va. Bowman, John Denton, Houston Boyd, George Mitchell, II, Corsicana Bozeman, Paul Preston, III, Groves Bradley, James Dunbar, Jr., Dallas Bradshaw, Patsy N., Weslaco Brady, Patrick Bernard, Houston Brantley, Barbara Sue, Dallas Braselton, Sue, Nacogdoches Brashier, Clifton Armon, Jr., Wichita Falls Braswell, Don Merton, New Boston Brightman, Thomas Oswell, Comanche Brinkley, Charles Richard, Kermit Brook, Doyle Kenneth, Morton Brooks, Melody Ann, LaFeria Brown, Bernard Eugene, Lake Jackson Brown, John Stanley, Rotan Brown, Kathryn Lee, Galveston Brown, Linda Diane, Henrietta Brown, Ursula Alfreda, Austin Bryan, Sherry Lynn, Graham Bryarly, Robert Pressly, Tulsa, Okla. Buchanan, Faye Elayne, Tahoka Buie, Brenda Beverly, Stamford Burford, Raymond Wallace, Dallas a Burgess, Robert Doil, McGregor Burk, James Eddy, San Antonio Burns, Mary Joan, Amarillo Bush, Eddie George, Fort Worth Buske, Irene Claire, Shiner Byrd, Michael C., Baron, Calif. Bzura, Janice Marlene, Fargo, N. D. Calk, Pamela Vanette, Eldorado Callahan, Michael James, Jr., Orange Campbell, Carol Ann, Dallas Campbell, Wilda Lou, Houston Campsey, Billy Jeff, Fort Worth Cantrell, William Herold, Dalhart Carll. Carol Gene, Waco Carlyle, Ronald Edwin, San Antonio Carnes, Michael P., Hobbs, N. Mex. Carr, Ronald Guy, Crystal City Carruth, David, Dallas Case, Carol Sue, Houston Cass, Marilee H.. Dallas Catreet, Fred Dewey, III, Beaumont Caven, Mary Gay, Austin Cedars, Chester Mark, Stephenville Chapell, Don Clayton, Dallas Chenoweth, Elizabeth Carey, Houston Cherry, R. Darrell, Houston Chitty, Carol Lee, Austin Choate, Mark Wade, Richardson Church, Paschel Lee, Houston Clark, Connie Emilie, Freeport Clark, John Wilburn, Jr., Austin Clark, Robert Edward, Crystal City Clavton, Miles Gregory, Corpus Christi Clements, Patricia Jane, Brownwood Cloninger, Claude Robert, Austin Cobb, Jacaueline Gav. Dallas Cockrell, William Foster. Corpus Christi Colby, Carol Angela. Austin Cole, Robert Charles, San Antonio Coleman, Lula Mae, Wharton Collier. Richard Robert. Dallas Collins, Beth. Newton Condron, Martha Susan. Elgin Cone, Fred Lee, III, Wichita Falls Coneway. Pete Richard, Harlineen Connolly, Louise Clarkson, Houston Conner, Richard Michael, Roseb ' Cook, Donald Allen, Waco Page 569 J ' SOPHOMORES Cook, Donna Eileen, Austin Cook, Forest Dale, Austin Cook, Ray Holton, Baytown Cook, Walter Louis, Atlanta Cooke, Carol Diane, Dallas Cooke, Charles Edwin, Fort Worth Cooper, Herbert Braxton, Baytown Cornick, Jane Gould, Austin Cortes, Ronald, San Antonio Cotropia, Joseph Paul, Hearne Couch, Karen Kay, Houston Courteau, Adrienne Lynn, Galveston Covey, James, Jr., Plainview Covington, Renee Juana, Midland Cowan, James Edward, Jr., MineralWells Cowan, Marylea, Dallas Cowart, John Lawhon, Dallas Cox, Byron Edward, Victoria Grain, Pamela Forbes, Victoria Crawford, Robert Marvin, Mineral Wells Criner, James Philip, Houston Crockett, Bonnie Earl, Austin Croisant, John K., Humboldt, Kans. Crouch, Nancy Elizabeth, Lockhart Crow, Sandra K., San Antonio Crowell, Nancy Rae, Abilene Crumley, Charles Gene, Paris Cupaioli, Ian Laurence, Dallas Currie, Susanna, Mart Curtin, Penelope Jane.Baytown Dahlstrom, Joe Frank, Edna Daniel, Sondra Elizabeth, Gladewater Dann, Michael Wayne, Garland Darwin, Shirley LaVonne, San Francisco, Calif. Davies, Suzanne, Dallas Davis, Beverly Dale, San Antonio Davis, Darrell Lynn, Elgin Davis, Don Clifford, Amarillo Davis, Jay Travis, Corpus Christi Davis, Jim Joe, Luling Davis, John Haven, Killeen Davis, Laurie, Houston Davis, Louise Adelle, Bryan Davis, Susan, Houston Dawe, Roberf Glenn, Irving Dean, Marilynn Sue, Houston Dean, Michael William, Argyle Dean, Nancy Elizabeth, Pecos Deen, James Robert, Dallas de la Garza, Carlos Arturo, San Antonio De Stefano, Andrea Renee, Hearne De Walt, Mary Louise, Pasadena Diamond, Roger Allen, Pasadena Diaz, Victor Alberto Monterrey, Mexico Dibrell, Frances Moore, Galveston Dick, Charles Britton, Rockport Dickerson, Charles Wayne, Austin Diden, Margaret Elizabeth, Dallas Dillard, Richard Ray, Odessa Dillion, Loyette Ann, Richardson Dillon, William Sheriden, Kilgore Doan, Edward Leroy, Fort Worth Dolezal, Donald Creech, Graham Dolezal, Wilma, San Antonio Donnell, Leslie Bruce, Graham Doremus, Elizabeth Lyons, Houston Dorotik, Mary Ann, Rowena Douglas, Wesley Michael, Austin Dove, Jenny K., Panhandle Doyle, Charles Edgar, III, San Antonio Drago, Sam Parigi. Port Arthur Drosche, Nelda Joan, Austin DuBose, Susan Gayle, Gonzales Dudley, Mary Deon, San Angelo Duke, Genie Decma, Texarkana Dullnig, Richard Edward, San Antonio Dunkin, Robert Burns, Harlingen Dunn, Richard Martin, Waco duPerier, Joseph Reagan, Beaumont Duval, Linda Beatrice, Houston Dwyer, William H. Ill, Houston Dyer, Wallace Edgar, Austin Eanes, Harvey Radnor, III, Beaumont Eaves, Donald Buford, Goldsboro, N. C. Eckardt, Kitty Ann, Fort Worth Economidy, John Harilaus, Wichita Falls Eden, Donald Stewart, Houston T Alfred Cornelius, Jr., Austin wards, William Michael, Dallas Kill. iml. George W., Crystal City Pge 570 CLASS OF 1966 Eiche, Barbara Allen, Tyler Elliott, Lucille Aline, Baytown Ellis, Patricia Suzanne, Midland Ellison, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Emerson, John Conner, Austin Emory, Lee Evangeline, Austin Engelke, Cameron Rose, San Antonio Fain, Charles Perry, Fort Worth Faircloth, Sandra Gwen, Dallas Falcon, Vidal, III, Corpus Christi Falconer, Martha Myers, Houston Fannin, William Paul, Big Spring Fansler, Patricia Maude, Port Lavaca Fargason, Corwin Ray, Plainview Farquhar, Rosemary, Burnet Farrar, Mary Louise, Dallas Faulkner, Carl Allen, McAllen Feerer, Gloria Ellen, Corpus Christi Feinberg, Alan, Texarkana Fenstermaker, Anne Leslie, San Antonio Ferrier, Douglas Mack, Mesquite Fertitla, Julian, II, Beaumont " Knlay, Priscilla Kay, Austin Fisher, Guy Cade, Jasper Flake, Martha Helen, Houston Fleming, Harry Bradford, Houston Floeter, John Sydney, Houston Floore, Stephen Lawrence, Fort Worth Flynn, Michael James, Dallas Foerster, Kaylene, San Antonio Foreman, Judith Bell, Beaumont Forrest, Janet, Waxahachie Forrester, Ronald Ray, Houston Fortune, Beverly Joyce, San Antonio Foster, Deanna Louise, Houston Fowler, Nancy Ann, Temple Fox, Peggy Lou, Decatur Fraley, Thomas Jefferson, Houston Frank, Jane Elizabeth, Austin Franke, Marvin Gene, Abilene Fratcher, Richard Gary, Houston Frizzel, Lana Sue, Dallas I Funderburg, Allen Wayne, Brownwood Gaertner, Earl C., Jr., San Antonio Galbreth, Reid, II, Sherman Galloway, Corice Anne, Austin Garcia, John Armando, Houston Garcia, Mauro Ralph, Jr., Falfurrias Garcia, Orelia Ruth, Houston Garner, Daniel Reed, Victoria Garnett, Gretta Ann, McGregor Gaston, Virginia Mae, Dallas Gauldin, Thomas Lloyd, Honey Grove Gay, Gary Charles, Crane Gayle, George Shelton, III, Houston Geisler, Mary Ann, Beeville Cell, Alan Everett, Dallas Genzer, J. Frank, Houston George, Joseph Aaron, Houston Geyer, Harry Clifford, San Antonio Gibbs, Gary Clinton, Odessa Giddens, Paul Joseph, Shaker Heights, Ohio Giddings, James Robert, Austin Gideon, Kyle James, Coleman Gilbert, James Audrey, Fort Worth Gilbert, Linda Kay, Corpus Christi Gilbert, Michelle Virginia, Harlingen Gilbreath, Billy Stan, Muleshoe Gill, Elizabeth Marie, Bogata Gillen, Alicia Ann, Lampasas Gipson, Charles Roger, Lake Jackson Gish, Terry Edwin, Fort Worth Gladd, Nevel Thomas, Fort Worth Glass, Sharon Rose, Waco Goetsch, Anne Dietz, Riviera Goldberg, Sara Ann, Houston Golub, Golda Sue, Houston Gomez, Patricia Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Goode, Charlotte Margaret, Dallas Goodenough, Amy Lucia, Houston Gooding, Martha Gay, Fort Worth Goodman, Judy Lynn, Dallas Goodson, William Michael, Texarkana Goyen, Kathryn Elouise, Houston Grabbe, Mary Janette, Dallas Graf, Robert Otto, Houston Grafius, Elizabeth Isabell. Bellair Graham, Hal Collins, Wichita Graham, Virginia Sue, Celina Graham, Wanda Jeanne, Texas City Page 571 1 SOPHOMORES Green, Charles Lloyd, Austin Green, Richard Earl, Sweetwater Greenberg, Carol Jean, San Antonio Gregg, Gary Lee, Wichita Falls Gregg, Gregory Louis, Wichita Falls Griffith, Mary Tedford, Austin Grisham, Michael Ann, Irving Grizzle, Gary Warren, Roaring Springs Grogan, Helen Stanley, Bellaire Grubb, John Kramer, Houston Gueldner, Walter John, III, Neosho, Mo. Guest, Henry Grady, Houston Gullette, Sally Jo, Lincoln Park, N. J. Hackbarth, Helen Rose, Waco Hadlock, Francis Patrick, Marshall Hagan, Thomas Marion, Denton Hahn, Buddie Joe, Sanderson Hail, Ernest Jay, Abilene Haines, Jerald Clyne, Abilene Hall, Walter Martin, Fort Worth Halle, Robert Lee, Dallas Hamilton, Faye Ann, San Antonio Hammonds, James Leon, Houston Hampton, Ruth Carolyn, Naples Hanchey, Carol Kay, Kerrville Hancock, Barbara Jean, Longview Hancock, Joy Kay, Ovala Hanes, Rexene Ann, Revenna Hargis, Norton Bassett, Jr., San Antonio Harrell, Barry Lynn, Houston Harris, Jill Annette, Amarillo Harris, Philip Leon, San Antonio Harris, Ralph Ed, Odessa Harrison, Clarence Buford, Jr., Tyler Hasting, Howard Hillman, Jr., San Antonio Hauer, Johnny, Dallas Hauk, Donald Benjamin, Longview Head, Linda Ann, Rosenberg Heald, Judy Beth, Weslaco Healey, Dennis James, San Antonio Hearne, William Milbra, Jr., Dallas Heininger, Lewis Harold, Jr., Kingsville Helms, Fred Adlam, Clark Field, Philippines Henderson, Sandra Lee, San Antonio Henley, Ronald Thomas, Gainesville Hennen, Michael Hall, Dallas Henslee, Carol Ruth, Houston Herrington, Lue Ellen, Clarksville Herrmann, Michael Clay, Gilmer Herron, Phillip Byron, Dallas Hester, Thomas Riley, Haskell Hicks, James Richard, Jr., Orange Hight, Penelope, San Antonio Hilburn, Sam Edward, Jr., Midland Hilburn, William Grant, Jr., Austin Hill, Judith Lynne, Yoakum Hill, Thomas Howard, Austin Hirsch, John Max, Channelview Hixon, Stephen Lee, Bellaire Hixson, Judythe Loraine, Austin Hixson, Lyla June, Austin Hoffer, Frank Cole, Dallas Holland, Cynthia Ann, Jacksonville Hollis, Jim Lee, Center Holmans, Suzanne, Dallas Holston, Marion Jimmie, Jr., Borger Homan, Bonnie Ann, El Paso Honig, Lillie Mae, Llano Horton, Virginia Ann, San Antonio Houston, Samuel Sykes, Jr., Austin Howell, Ann Elizabeth, Texarkana Howell, Helen Patricia, Austin Howell. Robert Benton, Midland Hubbell, James Thomas, Austin Hudgens, Sherri Anne, Corsicana Hudson. David Carroll, Cameron Huff. Louis E.. Beaumont Hughes, Millie Elizabeth, Mineral Wells Hughes, Robert William, Silverton Hull, James Lawrence, Jr., Wichita Falls Hunke. Judith Ann, Waco Husband, Martha Helen, Henderson Inglish, Edwin Clark, Jr., Dallas Ingram, William Bade, Midland Inman, Norma Sue, Houston Israel. Steven Ross, Dallas Jarkson, Claudia Alexander, Dallas :kson, J. Paul, Houston Jacobsohn, Karen Helene, Waco Janssen, Margaret Ann, La Grange P.B.- 572 CLASS OF 1966 Javurek, Karen Helen, Austin Jenkins, Milton Phillip, Palestine Jenkins, Robert E., Bastrop Jennings, Harriett Lynn, Dallas Jennings, Martha Jean, Houston Johnson, Clyde John, III, San Antonio Johnson, Donald G., Houston Johnson, E. Phillis, Galveston Johnson, Gena F., San Antonio Johnson, Jeanie Beth, Austin Johnson, Judith, Houston Johnson, Molly Jane, Panhandle Johnson, Ronda Janice, Muleshoe Johnson, Ruth Ann, Houston Johnston, Mary Roselind, Houston Johnston, Robert Wilson, Coleman Johnston, Virginia Ann, Austin Johnston, William Ronnal, Brownsville Jones, Carol Kay, Houston Jones, Dianne Earlette, LaMarque Jones, Earl Wayne, San Antonio Jones, JohnThomas, Jr., Wharton Jones, John William, Jr., San Angelo Jones, William Penn, III, Midlothian Jones, Willie Thomas, Dallas Jordan, Janice, El Paso Jordan, Patricia Frances, Dallas Joseph, Karen Lynne, San Antonio Junge, Curtis Linwood, Baytown Kaskie, Mary Lark, LaMarque Kavoussi, Rostam Mehraban, Yazd, Iran Keel, William Ben, Jr., Midland Keim, Linda Louise, Dallas Kellogg, Wendy, Cleburne Kelly, Ernest Michael, Borger Kelsey, James Robert, Alice Kemp, Ralph Gene, Jr., Tyler Kendrick, Jo Ann, Mineral Wells Kepke, Kenneth James, Dallas Key, James Everett, II, Lake Jackson Kidd, Sam Clark, Jr., Tyler King, Carey Gray, II, Dallas King, Donna Sue, Austin King, Frank Dan, Amarillo King, Robert Reeves, Houston Kirschner, Charles Wesley, Munday Kirsten, Richard Albert, LaMarque Klar, Terry Michele, Lake Jackson Klein, Murray Alvin, Houston Klinck, Jan Michael, McAllen Klutz, Stacy Charlotte, Van Ormy Koby, William Anthony, Houston Koch, Kathryn Ann, Galveston Koch, Mary Florence, Dallas Koenig, Sandra Jane, Rosenberg Koonce, Phyllis Jean, Bowie Koy, Margaret Lurile, Bellville Kress, Betty Anne. Austin Kress, Craig Allan, Austin Kroll, Charlotte, Lake Jackson Krupp, Nita Kay, Amarillo Kubena, Glenn Thomas, Fayetteville Kuehler, Gerald Paul, Baytown Kuykendall, Lynn E., Grand Saline Labatt, Charles S., San Antonio Land, James Henry, Brady Landau, Sandra Helene, Colorado City Landers, Thomas William, III, Longview Lane, Dan Reib, Jr., Dallas Lane, Patricia Louise, Salado Larson, Cherry Eileen, Austin Launey, Richard Allen, Corpus Christ! Lawrence, Margaret Ann, Bryan Leach, Andrea Sharon, Dallas Lederer, James C., San Antonio Lee, Mary Carolyn, Anahuac Lemons, Norma Nell, Booker Lennington, Richard Kent, Arlington Lentz, Leslie Lawrence, San Antonio Lentz, Leslie Lee, Austin Leonard, Babette Elaine, San Antonio Lesesne, Cherrye Carroll, Austin Lesikar, Jeanette Elizabeth, Austin Lewis, Barbara Blanche, Beaumont Lewis, Judith Arlene, Port Arthur Lindberg, Larry Martin, Crane Lindley, Gary Lynn, Waco Lindley, Thomas Ricks, Nixon Lindsay, Dana Gay, Houston Lissauer, Joel Simon, Dallas Page 573 SOPHOMORES Little, Jane Page, Longview Little, Robert Warren, Waco Lloyd, James Barker, Garland Lomax, John M., Houston London, Harold M., Houston Long, George Edward, Houston Longacre, Janice Kaye, San Antonio Looney, Robert Michael, Houston Lord, Pauline Lenette, Houston Lortz, Nancy Kay, Sweeny Lowe, Gwenna Sue, Corpus Christi Lowden, Wilda Rae, Austin Lowry, Carolyn Elaine, Austin Ludlam, Augustus Chester, Wichita Falls Lummus, James Royce, Jr., Corpus Christi Lyle, Susan Jane, Dallas Lynge, Stephany, Piano Mahaffey, Prudence Drew, Texarkana Mahone, Louisa P., Austin Mahoney, William Ronald, Dallas Mallow, Larry Bryant, Brownwood Malone, Dudley Wayne, Muleshoe Manion, Kenneth John, Jr., Midland Mann, Mary Gleith, Austin Manning, William Wallace, Houston Manuel, Nancy Ann, Baytown Markette, Don Leigh, San Antonio Markewich, Gary Steven, Houston Marney, Pamela, San Marcos Marsh, Ronald Alton, Charlotte Marshall, Lu-Nita Jane, Nederland Martin, Dorothy Gaye, Sweetwater Martin, Ronald Ellis, Rocksprings Martin, Sharon Kay, El Paso Martin, Sherry Nona, Austin Martinez, Fernando, Harlingen Mason, Linda Lee, Austin Mason, Mary Virginia, Kerrville Mathews, Lee Haynes, Lufkin Mathis, Sally Ann, Winnsboro Matthews, Susan Elizabeth, San Antonio Matthys, Marjorie Ann, Austin Mattingly, Joe Patrick, Dallas Maulding, Jackie Elaine, Austin Mayborn, Don P., Dallas Mayes, Kenneth Wayne, San Antonio Mayes, Linda Beth, Austin Mayhall, Ricki Ann, Houston Mays, Marilyn, Austin Mazow, Miriam B., Houston McAfee, William McDuffie, Oakmont, Penn. McBride, John Earl, San Marcos McBroom, William Ernest, Vernon McCaskill, Judith Ellen, Houston McCasland, Kenneth George, Rotan McColIum, Mike, Dallas McCord, Judith Ann, Dallas McCulley, Shirlee Suzanne, Houston McCullough, Nancy Kay, Austin McDowell,William Campbell, Bay City McDuream, Wanda Sue, Galveston McEntee, Judith Ann, West Port, Conn. McGalliard, John Douglas, Spur McGavock, Martha Maxine, Dallas McGee, Mary Gray, Houston McGilvray, Floyd Wayne, Fort Worth McGough, Ronny Loyd, Piano McGraw, Larry Mitchell, McKinney Mclnnis, James Howard, Dallas McLaughlin, Kathryn Nan, Pharr McLean, John Albert, Jr., Laredo McMahon, Robert David, Jr., Cleveland McMillen, John Allen, Dallas Meacham, Sharon Lorraine, San Antonio Medlin, Cheri Lynn, Lamesa Meier, John Thomas, San Angelo Meisner, Kenneth Lowell, Fort Worth Melcher, Lydia Ann, Port Lavaca Merrill, Barbara Ann, Houston Meyer, Judith Ann, Dallas Middleton, Mary Ann, Denison T, Dale Robin, Houston Miller, John U., Dallas 574 CLASS OF 1966 Miller, Rufus Walter, III, Houston Miller, Sherry Annelle, Eastland Miller, Vivian, Elizabeth, Ozona Miller, William Frederick, III, Beaumont Mills, Nancy Marie, Houston Mitchell, Helen Marie, Houston Mitchell, Sandra Sue, Dallas Mitchon, Carol Elizabeth, Austin Moneyhon, Carl Hofmann, Mason Monk, Elizabeth Kaye, Dallas Montemayor, Maria Elena, Galveston Montgomery, Edward Meador, Palestine Montgomery, Mary Elizabeth, West Mood, Penny Lee, Cuero Moore, Clara Llewellyn, Lake Jackson Moore, Gary Lloyd, Houston Moore, Mamee Elyse, Baytown Moore, Maurice Edwin, Jr., Carrollton Moore, Narcissa Lee, Marshall Moore, Patricia Anne, Houston Moore, Patrick F., El Paso Moore, Paul Wayne, Dallas Moore, Susan, Waco Moore, Virgil Wesley, Brady Moore, Watson Lee, San Antonio Moorhead, Jesse Jefferson, Randolph AFB Moreland, H. Keith, Snyder Morgan, Exeen Marie, Victoria Morin, Raymond, San Antonio Morris, Carolyn Joyce, Dallas Morris, Robert Glenn, Houston Moyer, Patsy Delia, San Antonio Muecke, Constance Ann, San Antonio Mueller, Laney Clare, Hempstead Mueller, Peggy Nell, Flatonia Muery, Charles Louis, Washington, D. C. Musgrave, Olive Anne, San Antonio Musick, Edythe Jan, Baytown Myers, Michael Lynn, Fort Worth Mynar, Donald Lee, El Campo Nagel, Don Allen, Fredericksburg Nail, John Hill, Tyler Napier, Warren S., Austin Neblett, Nancy Ann, Houston Nelson, Joe Allen, II, Longview Nemec, Charles George, III, Dallas Netting, Conrad John, San Antonio Neuman, Marilynn, San Antonio Nicewander, Janie Elaine, Naples Nichols, David Frank, Atlanta Nickell, Nancy Lorine, Seguin Nisbet, Asa Ross, Austin Noack. Kathryn Marie, Austin Noah. Larry Wayne. Austin Nowotny, Joyce Elaine. Needville Oaks, Eli .al)clb Anne. Houston O ' Bryant. Nancy H.. Gjlona Park Offenium. l.ynnr Marie. Commerce Oldfiold, Douglas Alan. Houston Olian. Joe Bert, Bryan Oliver. Floyd Louis, Jr., San Antonio Olinstcad. Mary Ann, Houston insca. ary nn, ouso Ortiz, Rebecca, Galveston Owens, Homer Wade. Austin Packard, Barbara Ann, Kerrville Paden, Suzanne, Pampa Page, Susan, Austin Panzarella, Sandra Paulette, Humble Parcus, Janie Rea, Marlin Pariso, Timothy Michael, Galveston Parker, Charlotte Kay, Houston Parker, Jerrilee Howell, Huntsville, Ala. Parks, Mary Jo, Kerrville Parma, William John, Jr., Belton Parrish, Donald Maltby, Jr., Dallas Patterson, James Ronald, Seminole Patteson, Pamela Elizabeth, San Antonio Patton, Clifton Marlow, Jr., Fort Worth Patton, Jan Elizabeth, Dallas Patton, Thomas David, Rotan Payne, John Thurman, Housto: Peel, Harry Herbert, Pleasanfo 1 Pence, Carolyn, Fulshear Page 575 SOPHOMORES Penland, Juanita Ann, Channelview Perkins, Newton Phelps, Weatherford Perkins, Susan Mae, Piano Perry, Alden Taylor, Bellaire Peterson, Edmond Joseph, Temple Pfardrescher, Judy, El Campo Pfeiffer, Jane Elizabeth, Houston Pfiester, Roy Edward, Jr., Fort Stockton Phillips, Pamela Ann, Houston Pierce, Cynthia Jean, Midland Pitts, James Charles, Austin Pitts, Teresa Eileen, San Antonio Polhamus, Jill Elaine, San Antonio Ponder, Thomas C., Jr., Austin Porter, Penelope Anne, Atlanta Poston, Lrene Marie, Austin Potter, Mary Evelyn, Tyler Potter, Samuel, Jr., Dallas Potts, Sharon Lee, Houston Powell, Patricia Ann, Corpus Christi Powers, Carol Ann, Dallas Prero, Tammy Aviva, San Antonio Prince, Anita Louise, Bellaire Purcell, Martha Jeane, Houston Raerzsch, Edna Vernette, Corpus Christi Ragan, Peggy Ann, Dallas Ragle, George Alfred, Plainview Ragsdale, Ann Kathryn, Austin Raley, Danny Keith, Mount Vernon Ramsey, Sidney Clarence, III, Houston Ranzau, Aura Nell, San Antonio Ratliff, Judith, San Antonio Rauhut, Stanley Eugene, Comanche Real, Jane Ann, San Antonio Reeb, Carol Marie, Corpus Christi Reece, James Allan, Dallas Reed, Robert Thomas, Longview Reeder, Clair Lyn, Austin Reeder, James B.. Midland Reese, Marta Rosalia, Austin Reeves, Keith Oriel, Pasadena Reeves, Sheila Rae, Houston Renfro, Bill, Selman City Renger, Paul, III, Hallettsville Renker, Pamela, Austin Reynolds, Lois Ann, Corpus Christi Rhodes, David Wayne, Rosenberg Richardson, Carol Joan, San Angelo Riley, Patsy Valentine, Jefferson Ripple, Linda Lou, El Campo Rische, Rita Susan, Houston Roach, Georgina Lela, Austin Roan, Forrest C., Jr., Austin Roberson, Ken A., Petersburg Roberts, Lynn Ann, Austin Roberts, William Johnson, Gilmer Robinson, John Howard, Grafton, W. Va. Roden, Pamela Sue, Friona Rodriguez, Alejandro. Rio Grande City Rodriguez, Marie Eugenia, Dallas Rogers, Richard Kenneth, Monahans Rogers, Robert Reid, Burleson Roitsch, Dorothy J., La Grange Resales, Palmira Berta, San Antonio Rose, Barry A., Houston Rosner, Naomi Jean, Fort Worth Rosten, Judith Ann, El Paso Ruble, Karen Judith, Fort Worth Rudberg, Joyce Ann, Dallas Rude, Joe Christopher, III, Austin Ruggles, Richard Donald, Longview Ruiz, Ruben Moses, Austin Rummel, Joan Ann, Austin Rupley, David Edward, Fort Worth Russ, William Bennett, Austin Russell, Mary Claire, Austin Russell, Samuel Coachman, Recife, Brazil Russell, Walter Thomas, Jr., Wills Point Rutland, Carolyn, Houston Saathoff, Elaine Loo, San Antonio Sablatura J ' atricia Ann, East Bernard Sahoin. Robert Terry, Houston aVhs, Joel Robert, Houston Pigr 576 CLASS OF 1966 Sadberry, Jackson Wesley, De Leon Saegert, Joel Gartman, Austin Saenz, Patricia Sylvia, San Antonio Salge, Alvin Alexander, Karnes City Sally, Sandra Lee, Childress Samuelson, Robert John, Mineral Wells San Martin, Anthony Alex, San Antonio Savage, Margaret Ann, Austin Scallorn, Sally Jane, Austin Scamell, Richard William, Houston Scheske, Claudia, Gonzales Schneider, Pamela, Lake Dallas Schnitzer, Bruce William, Fort Worth Schulte, Peggy Ann, Austin Schulz, Dwight Winston, Austin Schulze, David Paul, Wells Schwettmann, Rick Steen, Dallas Schwink, Ted John, Dallas Scott, Elizabeth Ann, San Antonio Seale, Allen Harry, Lamesa Seale, Kathy, Centerville Seaman, Carol J., Midland Searight, Sarah Virginia, Austin Sears, Helen White, Hereford Segal, Judy Orin, Coral Gables, Fla. Seifert, Frances Helen, Weimer Selden, Dennis, Houston Sembera, Arthur York, Houston Senevey, Suzanne, Fort Worth Shaffer, Lynda Norene, Fort Rocker, Ala. Shahan, Margaret Lynn, Abilene Shaw, Martha Neil, Brownwood Shearer, James Pate, Booker Sherrill, James Malcolm, Austin Shields, William Henry, III, Pasadena Shrader, Diane Sue, Austin Shull, David Lee, Houston Siegel, Meryl Lynn, San Antonio Sierra, Roland Joe, San Antonio Simmons, Bryan Cooper, Shreveport, La. Simmons, Sylvia Elaine, Keller Simons, Kathryn Louise, Austin JlLKul t I Simpson, Dennis Dwayne, Seminole Simpson, Edith Ann, Dallas Simpson, James Wesley, Bonham Simpson, Patricia P., San Antonio Sinclair, Nora Ann, Houston Skinner, David Warren, Dinimitt Sloboda, Steven Kenneth, Phoenix, Ariz. Smith, Aurel Emerson, Dallas Smith, Barbara Lee, Coleman Smith, Donald Eugene, Dallas Smith, Ellis Lee, Baytown Smith, Helen Sue, Karnes City Smith, M. Sue. Houston Smith, Martha Ann, Port Arthur Smith, Richard Penland, Houston Smith, Robert Clint. Dallas Smith, Robert Michael, Houston Smith, Suzann, Corpus Christi Smith, Thomas Edgar, Dallas Smith, Trudie Kaye, Dallas Smither, Charles Waller, Jr., Huntsville Smyth, William Reginald, Dallas Snodgrass, James Don, Idalou Snodgrass, Rebecca Sue. Amarillo Speights, Sara Lee, Houston Speir, Wayne Arvon, Gladewater Spence, Judith Janet, Houston Spinks, Horace Lee, Houston Spivy, Frances, Texarkana Springer, Mary Jane, Waco Stack, Kathey Elizabeth, Dallas Stanley, Lynda Irene, Austin Starkey, Mary Louise, College Station Starnes, Mary Madeleine, Austin Starrett, Raymond Arthur, Irving Steadman, Charles R., Houston Stein, Edward Bernard, San Antonio Stevens, Larry Russell, Houston Steward, Donna Eileen, Houston Stewart, Carolyn, Corpus Christi Stewart, Carolyn Nell, Dallas Page 577 SOPHOMORES Stewart, Jerry Lee, Jacksboro Stewart, Judy Bess, Houston Stewart, Virginia Anne, South Houston Stokes, Mary Lynn, El Paso Stone, Barbara Lynn, Fort Worth Stone, Martha Dee, Linden Strauss, Gus James, Jr., Hallettsville Stringer, James Cullen, Mount Vemon Stringer, Paulette, Lufkin Struhall, Janet Carolyn, Austin Summers, Letcher Ward, Longview Sundbeck, Joan Marlene, San Antonio Sutherland, Herbert James, San Antonio Swaim, Phyllis Sue, Austin Swanson, Cynthia, Austin Swift, Mary Alice, Houston Swoboda, Diana Faye, Victoria Tarr, John Arthur, Harper Taylor, Dorothy Ruth, Irving Taylor, Patricia Suzanne, Tyler Taylor, Sheryl Gayle, Houston Templeton, Betty Carolyn, Cooper Terrell, Ann Carlotta, Eagle Lake Terry, John Palmer, Houston Teutsch, Virginia Ann, Dumas Thiher, Gary Lynn, Lubbock Thomas, Fred Purnell, Houston Thomas, Ralph, Houston Thomason, Braxton Hendon, Jr., Webster Thompson, Carl Wayne, Irving Thompson, Charles Keith, Gainesville Thompson, Karen Ann, Houston Threadgill, James Randall, Denison Ticknor, Judy Marshall, Fort Worth Tiemann, Olin Ray, Taylor Tigner, Ronald Edwin, Houston Tims, James Irving, Cleveland, Miss. Titerle, Robert Charles, San Antonio Todd, Robert Wayne, Richardson Tomerlin, Barbara Ann, Austin Tomerlin, Howard Douglas, Austin Torrey, Mary Susan, El Paso Towns, James Philip, Gonzales Trail, Carolyn, Kaufman Traweek, James William, Dallas Troell, Jay Henry, Pleasanton Tucker, Jack Wilson, Jr., Lufkin Tuggle, Terry P., Austin Turbiville, Laura Lea, Marble Falls Turner, Jess Newton, III, Palo Pinto Turner, Katherine Louise, Groves Van Winkle, Wallace Barry, Orange Verduzco, Maria Aimee, Laredo Vick, Martin York, Madisonville Vifquain, Bryan Richard, Dallas Vincent, Patricia Thayer, San Antonio Vineyard, Mary Blanche, Galveston Vittetoe, Robert Glenn, San Benito Vogler, Jon Allen, Midland Vogt, William Harold, Seguin Volz, Carol Ann, Waco Voorhees, Charles Gene, Dallas Voss, Edward Charles, III, Phoenix, Ariz. Waddle, David Eugene, Jefferson Waggoner, David Thomas, Dallas Wagner, Judith May, Corpus Christi Walker, James Terrell, Temple Walker, Mary Kathleen, Bryan Wall, Larry Dwaine, Houston Wall, M. Suzanne, Fort Worth Walls, Carolyn Kay, Brownwood Walsh, Elizabeth Allison, Baytown Walsh, Michael Gordon, Austin Walters, Mary Margaret, Edinburg Walton, Karen Kay, Austin Wangard, Judith Ann, Harlingen Ward, Janet, Del Rio Ward, Pamela Frances, Austin Warman.Charles Preston, Wichita Falls Warren, Grace Alice, Belton Warrea Jomer Clay, Waco ' atkins, Edward Tarry, Houston Watkins, Lana Mae, Denison Ptft 578 CLASS OF 1966 Watkins, Sharon Loy, San Antonio Watson, Andrew Jess, Austin Watson, Gail Elizabeth, Austin Watson, Gary Eugene, Midland Watts, James Richard, San Antonio Watzlavick, Thomas Raymond, Schulenburg Wax, Robert James, Houston Weathersbee, William Worth, McAllen Weaver, Joan Dell, Kerrville Webb, Martha Del, San Antonio Webb, Thomas Warren, Dallas Wehner, Herman Henry, III, Houston Weidler, Barbara Ann, Amuay, Venezuela Weintraub, Donna Gail, Sherman Weiss, Wayne Louis, Sugar Land Welhausen, Carole Mae, Shiner Wells, Edward Larry, Houston Wells, Robert Ellis, Dallas Wells, William Frank, Monahans Welsh, Janet Kaye, Midland Wessels, Gary Dwayne, Corpus Christi West, Cynthia J., Jacksboro West, Richard Melville, Lufkin West, Robert George, Austin Wharton, Thomas Lee, San Antonio Wheatley, Patty A., Trinidad Wheeler, Patricia Ann, Coleman Wheeley, Sharon Gayle, White Deer Whitaker, Judy L., Brownsville White, Anna Frances, Houston White, Charles Clifford, Jr., Austin White, Dean A., Houston White, Robert Thomas, Galveston White, Thomas Lee, Monahans Whitridge, Daisy Clark, Houston Whitsit, Jane Durden, San Antonio Wicker, Joe Pat, Roswell, N. Mex. Wiemers, Alice Merlin, Dallas Wilburn, Carolyn Jean, Big Lake Wilcox, Donald Pierce, Waco Wiley, Gareth W., Jr., Austin Wiley, Kelly Lyn, Houston Wilkes, Theo Nancy, Austin Wilkinson, Belinda Marion, Dallas Williams, Burleson, Jr., Smithville Williams, Charles L., Menard Williams, Elizabeth Anne, LaMarque Williams, Laura Lee, Freeport Williams, Lawrence Riley, Graham Williams, Nancy Nelson, Ector Williamson, Harry Beauchamp, Houston Williamson, Mary Jane, Poteet Williamson, Sarah Lee, Menard Willingham, James Edwin, Jr., Houston Willis, Karen Elaine, Dallas Willis, Terry Austin, Gilmer Wilson, Jackie Lynn, Pasadena Wilson, Jimmy Doyle, McGregor Wilson, Kenneth Grey, Sweeny Wilson, Patricia Ann, Austin Wimberly, Enoyse Verna, Amarillo Winter, Richard Nelson, San Antonio Witherspoon, John Marshall, San Antonio Wolfe, Stephen James, Groves Wolters, Robert William, Columbus Womack, Harry Hall, III, Fort Worth Wood, Andrea Patton, San Antonio Wood, Danny Lee, Killeen Wood, Frances Lenieu, Big Spring Word, Charles Reagan, Fort Worth Wortham, Dana Rose, Bryan Wright, Donna Gail, Woodville Wright, James Morgan, Odessa Wright, Jay Orville, Arlington Wynn, Jennifer, Houston Yates, Ronny Vonhoy, Austin Young, David Allen, Austin Young, Michael Lee, Natalia Young, Reginald Gladish, Jr., Houston Young, Sandra Leigh, Freeport Zayic, Geraldine Lee, Killeen Zimmerman, Sarah Adele, Houston Zimmermann, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Page 579 er Lreek FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Abdou, Patricia Ann, El Paso Adams, Dana Gay, Harlingen Adams, Elizabeth Ann (I), Houston Adams, Elizabeth Ann (II), Beaumont Adams, James Ennis, Midland Adams, Sandra Jo, Pleasanton Adams, William Karl, Dallas Adelman, Donna Jean, San Antonio Ahlberg, Joann Lenora, Fort Worth Aicklen, Gayle Louise, Austin Akins, Gay Ann, Fort Worth Akins, William Fred, Dallas Albert, Marsha Helene, McAllen Albrecht, Robert Howell, Houston Aldrete, Augustin Ralph, San Antonio Aldrich, Sharon Elaine, San Angelo Alexander, Gerald Morris, Harlingen Alexander, Susan, Houston Allbritton, Albert Slagle, Jr., Groves Allen, Barbara, Dallas Allen, Sue Ellen, Port Arthur Allison, Glen Edward, Paris Alvis, Carolyn Ann, Houston Amend, Jane Lynne, Richardson Ames, Peggy Lynn, College Station Anderson, James Wilson, El Paso Anderson, Jeanne Linn, Bay City Anderson, Karen Lee, Odessa Angelo, George Gilbert, Beaumont Antone, Ray Clark, Kerrville Antony, Ingrid Elaine, New Braunfels Appleton, Tresha May, Brady Arce, Joyce Elizabeth, Coral Gables, Fla. Armstrong, Stephen Lawrence, Pasadena Arnakis, Alexander Georgiades, Austin Arnold, Lynda Arminta, Crockett Arnold, Richard Smith, San Antonio Arnold, Walter DeWitt, III, Fort Worth Arlington, Joan Carol, Houston Ash, Clyde Stewart, Bishop Ashendorf, Marsha Lynn, Corsicana Asher, Karen Lynn, Oak Park, 111. Aycock, Karen Beth, El Paso Bacon, Drew O ' Neal, Jr., Newton Badeaux, Mary Elaine, Houston Badger, Alvin Homer, III, Dallas Bagwell, Patricia Anne, Austin Bailey, Louise E., Houston Bailey, Ralph Vincent, Austin Baker, James Allen, Rosenberg Baker, Judith Ann, Dallas Baker, Nancy Jane, San Saba Baker, Paul Lester, Snyder Baker, Suzanne Laura, Houston Baker, Thomas Lyle, Dallas Baker, Timothy Wain, Rockport, Mass. Balko, Donald James, Llano Ball, Jacqueline Diana, Fort Worth Banister, Derwood Neal, Mount Vernon Bannerol, James A., Houston Bannon, Johanna Frances, Fort Worth Barbee, Nancy Sue, Midland Barbisch, Julia Adele, Houston Barenblat, Martin, San Antonio Barnard, Herbert Joseph, Jr., Austin Barnard, Lynn E., Corpus Christi Barnes, Dorothy Elizabeth, Shreveport, La. Barras, Roger Edward, Houston Barren, William Bruce, Austin Ban-on, William Edward, II, Austin Barrows, Sarah Elizabeth, Austin Barth, Becky Vaunette, San Angelo Barthmaier, Joseph Francis, Pasadena Bartlett, Mary Kay, Austin Barton, Christine Antonia, Bellaire Bartram, Raymond A., New Braunfels Bass, John lancecum, Jackson, Miss. Bassett, Anne Louise, Austin Battersby, Sandra Kay, Harlingen Baugh, Betty Diane, San Antonio Baughn, Marilyn Lee, Austin Bauimtark, Mary F., Houston fSler, Judith Elynne, Houston Beall, Celia Rae, Fort Worth Pg 582 CLASS OF 1967 Beavens, Sandra Lou, Port Arthur Beckoff, Ivan Charles, Fort Worth Beddoe, Susan F., Dallas Beeler, Park Lyle, Rantoul, 111. Belila, Leon Joseph, San Antonio Bell, Charlotte Traylor, Point Comfort Benjamin, Pamela Mae, Cleburne Bennett, John Scott, Pearsall Benton, Brenda Sue, Rosenberg Berly, Byron Thomas, Houston Berman, Cheryl Marcia, Dallas Berman, Janis Emily, Houston Bernard, Nancy, Lubbock Bernardoni, Stephen Louis, Galveston Bernhard, Johnnie Mae, San Antonio Berry, Barbara Jill, Universal City Bevill, Nancy Jo, Monahans Bewley, Kimble Morrow, McKinney Beyer, Daniel Philip, Austin Bixby, Alison Gail, Houston Black, Nancy Elaine, Dallas Blacklock, Carroll DeWitt, Brownwood Blair, Joe Stuart, Longview Blake, Marlin Maurice, DeSoto Blakey,Carolyn E., Lubbock Blanchette, Linda Bess, Dallas Blood, Susan Jane, Austin Blumberg, Joan Phyllis, Houston Boardman, Henry Porter, Dallas Bobo, Jerry Lynn, Pasadena Bobo, Peggy S., Houston Bode, Charles William, Jr., Goliad Bode, John Warren, Jr., Austin Boenig, Gilbert Edwin, Jr., Woodsboro Boggs, Allen Neal, Dallas Bohannon, William George, Austin Boise, Jeanne Louise, Houston Boland, Diana Lynn, Dallas Bonner, David Calhoun, Weybridge, England Boone, James Byron. Pasadena Bottoms, Durwood Ferris, Groves Bowden, Harry James, Brady " Bowers, Nancy Jane, Lockhart Bown, JamesMichael, Austin Box, Elgene Owen, Bartlesville, Okla. Boyd, John Ronald, Austin Boyd, Roxanne. Fort Worth Boyle, Betty Marie, Dallas Boyle, Janet Ethel, Houston Bozarth, Kenneth Dale, Austin Bradford, Donald Ray, Big Spring Bradford, Robert Lee, Sweetwater Branch. Charles B., Houston Branch, Stephen Carter, Waco Brdecka, Eugene Franklin, Rosenberg Briggs, Diane Virginia, Austin Briggs, Glenna Virginia, Lubbock Briggs, Melton Lee, Jr., Austin Brim, Jefferson Kearney, III, Sulphur Springs Brittain, Marilyn Kay, El Paso Brooke, Bennett Franklin, Big Spring Brooke, Douglas Neilson, San Antonio Brooks, Alethea Dossett, Waco Brooks, Barbara Jean, Houston Brooks, Betty Sue, Thornton Brooks, Judy Gayle, Fort Worth Brotherton, James Douglass, Baltimore, Md. Brown, Arvilla Jean, Fort Worth Brown, Betty Yarnell, Longview Brown, Bruce Milton, Dallas Brown, Fred Lewis, III. Corpus Christi Brown, Gloria Faye, Lubbock Brown, Patricia Eileen, Texarkana Brown, Virginia Jane, Houston Browne, Ernest Jewell, Beaumont Bruni, Patricia, I aredo Brunner, Betty Lee, Dallas Bruyere, Joan, Dallas Bryan, Anne, Miami, Fla. Buchanan, Samuel Paul, Florence Bueltel, Richard Joseph. EL Campo Bullough, Dale Clay, Big Spring Bunnell, Bryan Alton, W Burdette, Thomas NormanT Page 583 FRESHMEN Burger, John Austin, Houston Burges, Elisabeth Lee, Castroville Burgin, Elizabeth Hyer, Houston Burk, Linda Lee, Austin Burke, Stephen Michael, Dallas Burnett, Margaret Olivia, Dallas Burnette, Thomas Monte, Austin Burns, David Leiter, San Antonio Burns, John Clinton, Austin Burrer, Robert Elgin, Austin Burrows, Patty Lynn, Nacogdoches Busby, Brooke, San Antonio Bush, Dennis Craig, Houston Busiek, John David, San Angelo Butler, Mike L., Austin Butler, Sarah Susan, Houston Butler, Stephen Joe, Freer Buttery, Dorothy Elizabeth, San Antonio Button, Elizabeth Anne, Fort Worth Bybee, Joan Lea, Houston Byers, Frances Diane, Waxahachie Byers, Reva Annette, McLean, Va. Byington, James Daniel, San Antonio Campbell, David Buxton, Galveston Cannon, Jack Winfield, Dallas Cantwell, Susan Frances, South Houston Cargill, Lou Ellen, Houston Carl, Catherine Elizabeth, Austin Carmichael, Shari Jo, Hereford Carnahan, Kathleen Margaret, Dallas Carpenter, Paula Mae, Houston Carr, Robert Charles, Lewisville Carrington, Sandra Sue, Dallas Carrizales, Noemi Cristina, Mission Carroll, Barbara Anne, Austin Carroll, Betty Ruth, Lampasas Carsey, Diana Aurora, Dallas Carson, Jefery Frank, Houston Casebier, Frank Arthur, San Antonio Casey, Bonnie Sue, Washington D. C. Casey, Louis Stanley, Beltpn Chandler, Patricia Elaine, Fort Worth Chapman, Charlotte Renee, Liberty Chapman, David Lee, Dallas Chapman, James Louis, Sulphur Springs Chasens, Marion Jeanne, Dallas Choate, William Lee, Corpus Christi Chrisman, Dale Lynn, Austin Christie, Karen, Sherman Christman, Gary Richard, Seabrook Clark, Ann Bayler, Fort Worth Clark, Edith Lanier, Beaumont Clark, Elizabeth Anne, Dallas Clark, Gail Elizabeth, Abilene Clark, Harper Scott, Lake Charles, La. Clark, Michael Jonathan, Houston Clark, William Allen, Houston Clark, William Robert, Austin Clarke, Mary Ann, San Antonio Clarkson, Terry Jeannette, Austin Clelland, Lanny Maurice, El Paso Clelland, Sherrie Frances, El Paso Cleveland, Robert Harris, Dallas Clock, John Wilkie, Grand Prairie Coalson, Robert Lewis, Fort Worth Cobb, John Emile, Bridge City Cockrell, Ernest Harris, Houston Coffin, Polly Ann, Austin Cohen, Diana Louise, Houston Cole, Betty Sue, Dallas Coleman, Lois Jean, Galena Park Colgrove, Kathleen Joan, Midland Collier, Shirley Anne, Ennis Compere, Nancy Jane, Fort Worth Comstock, Pearl Louise, El Paso Connally, Joyce Corin, Baytown Connell, Jessica Gayle, Trinity Cook, Janet Sue, Syosset, N. Y. Cooke, John Rogers, Austin Coooper, Robert Alan, Dallas Corbin, Keith Marcus, Jr., Richardson Corder, Maida Mildred, Hondo Tley, Danny Michael, Dallas Cornish, Peggy Jo, Pasadena CLASS OF 1967 Cosby, Brenda Kaye, San Antonio Cowan, Margaret Ann, Arlington Cox, Charles Wayne, Belton Cox, Darlene, Austin Cox, Phillip Wayne, Bryan Cox, Willard Butler, Morton Craig, Charles Davis, Austin Craig, James Edward, Dallas Craig, Susan Gayle, San Antonio Grain, John Roy, Robstown Crainer, Betty Eileen, Alvin Creigh, Margaret Lynn, Alpine Crenshaw, Alfred James, Fort Worth Cresswell, Linda Louise, Dallas Crick, Gaylord Gene, Kerrville Criswell, Jeanne Elizabeth, San Antonio Crockett, Ronald Wayne, Ballinger Groom, Judith Louise, Houston Crouch, Berky, Fredericksburg Crow, Richard Lee, Houston Cruikshank, Sandra Ann, Houston Gulp, Jack Hays, Jr., Austin Cunningham, Jo Lynn, Juncton Cupp, Vera Lee, Angleton Curry, Diana Pearl, Houston Curry, Leigh Stephen, Sweetwater Dahl, J. Brian, Orange Daily, Philip Louis, Houston Dalio, Carl Joseph, Houston Dalonas, Harry George, Dallas Damron, James Emmett, San Antonio Daniel, Elnora, Dallas Darling, J. Bennett, Smithville Dattle, Laura Renee, Houston Davenport, James Timothy, Gainesville Davidson, Diane, Farmington, Mich. Davidson, Jack William, Terrell Davidson, John Harold, Corsicana Davidson, Lawrence Samuel, Houston Davis, Alfred. IV, Austin Davis, C. W. Buster, Houston Davis, Harold Winston, Corpus Christi Davis, James Bryant, Freeport Davis, Janet Lucretia, Houston Davis, Jarrie Dell, Humble Davis, Mary Jane, Chillicothe Davis, Melvin David, Florence Davis, Phyllus Jean, Whitesboro Davis, Robert Edward, Fort Worth Davis, Vivian Elizabe th, Augusta, Ga. Dawson, Robert Earl, Frisco Deal, Linda Louise, Longview Dean, Brenda Sue, Dallas Dearing, Kathryn Anne, Jacksboro Dearson, Jacqulyn Renee, Yoakum Decker, Loren Edward, Jr., Waco DeFore. John David, Midland Delk, Stephen Ray, Longview Denham, Robert Edwin, Abilene Derryberry, Jim Harold, McKinney Devine, Michael Charles, Dallas Deweese, Richard Earle, Richardson Dexter, Terry Kay, Houston Dezelle, Sarah Gail, Groves Dickerson, Nanry Elizabeth, Arlington Dietz, Edwin Donald, Fredericksburg Dillard, Richard Alan. San Antonio Dinklage, Barbara Jane, Texas City Dipprey, Ronald Caradine, Austin Dishman, Bruce R., Dallas Dittrich, Charles Anthony, Sweeney Dixon, Marcus Michael, Giddings Dodgen, Dorothy Sue, Austin Dodson, Jerry Wayne, Miami Dodson, Phyllis Louise, San Antonio Doell, Thomas Charles, Odem Doing, Tanna Sue, Wichita Falls Dolce, Noel Joseph, Port Arthur Dolezal. Gary Ray, Graham Donelson, Diane Elizabeth, Houston Dorsey, Thaddeus James, Jr., San Antonio Dougherty, Patricia Burkes, Austin Douglas, Marva LaGean, Fwl Worth Downing, Nancy Jane, Wichita Falls Page 585 j Evans, Barbara Laurene, LaMarque Evers, Sandra, Houston Eversberg, Max Robert, Albany Fagan, Patricia Jane, Austin Fahrenthold, James Dennis, San Antonio Farish, William Crawford, Dallas Farmer, Judith Lynn, Galveston Fayle, Robert William, Baytown Feffer, Rochelle Ellen, Dallas Felder, Michael Stephen, Odessa Feller, Ann Elizabeth, Edna Ferguson, Lynda Lou, Nome Fickertt, Sara Susan, Richardson Fish, Edd Thomas, Electra Fisher, Johnnie Gaylord, Austin Fitts, Michael Mac, Midland Fitzgerald, Ray Munn, Houston Flanagan, Carol Gail, Port Arthur Fleming, Joanna Lee, Nederland Fletcher, George Flynn, Lubbock Fletcher, Walter Scott, Houston Flexner, Paul Arthur, Oklahoma City, Okla. Flippen, Barry Dorothy, Dallas Floca, Diane, Temple Flournoy, C. Richard, Austin Flowers, Richard Stuart, Austin Foe, Victoria Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Forrester, Francyne, Pampa Fort, Sherri Lynn, Garland Foster, Guy Larry, Austin Fox, Gilbert E., Dallas Fox, Michael Edward, Corpus Christi Fox, Murray Edward, Dallas Francis, James Kenneth, Midland Frank, Jerry Herman, Austin Franklin, Donna Ann, Dallas Franklin, William Selkirk, Baytown Franks, John Eli, III, Port Lavaca Franks, Tommy Ray, Midland Freed, Marcia Ellen, El Paso st, Holloway Halstead, Jr., Dallas Fruchter, Jonathan S., Austin Pge 586 FRESHMEN Draper, Nita Bert, Bay City Dreiseszun, Trudy Lynn, Redlands, Calif. Drew, William Frederick, Houston Driscoll, William Dan, Austin Dugan, Evelyn Olivia, Fort Worth Dullnig, Jean Bell, Carrizo Springs Dunken, Dianna Dudley, Fort Worth Dunn, Richard Edward, Garland Dunn, William Earl, Odessa Durham, David Lee, San Angelo Dwyer, Loy Sherwood, San Antonio Dykes, Sandra Lynn, Jacksonville Dziengel, Esther, Houston Easley, Peggy Jean, Orange Bastes, Gary Dean, Roswell, N. Mex. Edelman, Patricia Louise, San Antonio Edmiston, Howard Pinkney, Crockett Edmondson, Jack Eugene, Odessa Edmondson, James Anthony, Odessa Edwards, Carol Delinda, Austin Fxlwards, Jon Hope, Ballinger Eickmann, Robert Eugene, Austin Eisemann, Sue Ann, Houston Eisenberg, Diane Carol, San Antonio Eisenberg, Stanley Jay, San Anotnio Eiserloh, Philip Lawrence, San Antonio Ekholm, Francine Elizabeth, Fort Worth Eldridge, Carol Ann, Midlothian Ellermann, Carole Jean, Dallas Ellison, Harry Carlos, II, Pasadena Ellison, John Robert, Austin Ellzey, John Charles, Perryton Elrod, Patricia Anne, Houston Emerson, Donald Edward, Jr., Dallas Emerson, Linda Kay, Austin Ennis, William Lance, Alvin Eplen, Donald Mack, Abilene Epley, James Fillmore, Midland Erickson, Michael Gary, Falls Church, Va. Espinoza, Carolyn Jo, Del Rio Estes, Billy Dean, San Benito Eubanks, Reba Kathryn, Houston CLASS OF 1967 Fry, Mark Allen, San Antonio Fry, Sara Diane, Houston Fry, Steven Edward, Harlingen Fuchs, Harvey Dale, Austin Fuller, John William, Boyd Fulton, John David, Jr., Dayton Furlan, James Thomas, Houston Fuste, Diana Lynn, Galveston Gabbert, Lonnie Jay, Del Rio Gable, Chalmers Duke, Hearne Gainer, Sam William, Austin Gallerano, Ronald Leonard, Houston Galvan, Jose Luz, Weslaco Garcia, Irma, Harlingen Gardner, Mary Elizabeth (I), Waco Gardner, Mary Elizabeth (II), Houston Gardner, William Jackson, Coleman Garland, Gail, Kingsville Garling, Sherry Ann, Harlingen Garner, Jack Monroe, Abilene Garner, John H., Brownwood Garrett, Robert Jenkins, Itasca Gasaway, Carole Susan, Houston Cause, Sarah Lauonia, Kilgore Gaut, Ella Correll, Houston Gebhart, Johanna Catherine, Port Arthur Geeslin, William Edward, Brady Geissler, Wallace Hugh, San Antonio Genett, Louis Eugene, Jr, San Antonio Genthner, Ernest William, Dallas Gentry, Tommy Jordan, Big Spring German, Margaret Keith, Bryan Germer, Edna Diane, Edna Gershner, Vickie Lee, Dallas Giesecke, Jamie Lea, Angleton Giffin, James Wesley, Waco Gilbreath, Jerry Francis, Muleshoe Giles, Thomas Edward, Fort Worth Gillespie, Carol Lee, Seattle, Wash. Gillespie, Robert McMurdo, Sherman Gillingham, Susan, Houston Girard, Charles Merritt, Dallas youu Gish, Stanley Keith, Fort Worth Gish, Tommy Robert, San Antonio Givens, Gary David, Baytown Glass, Pamela, San Antonio Glauser, Harry J., Houston Glimp, Janie Sue, Lometa Goates, Kenneth Earl, Gilmer Godfrey, Cullen Michael, Decatur Godfrey, James David, Jacksonville Godshalk, Kenneth Charles, Jr., Mobile, Ala. Goldberg, Edith Mariam, Dallas Goldfinger, Frances Harriett, Farmersville Goldwire, Carolyn Jean, Irving Gonzales, Ray, San Antonio Gonzalez, Alberto Alvino, Alice Goodman, Raymond Ernest, New York, N. Y. Goodwin, Alice Beth, Austin Gordon, Lynue, Fort Worth Gordon, Roxy Lee, Talpa Goren, Janet Rose, Houston Gossett, James Richard, Austin Gostecnik, Marsha Gay, Houston Grace, John Allen, Fort Worth Graeber, Fred David, Houston Graeff, Herman Paul, Houston Graham, Barney Glenn, Houston Grantham, James Loron, Miami Graves, Thomas A., Corpus Christi Gray, Alma Janie, Levelland Gray, Andrea Lee, Dallas Green, Robert Charles, Moran Green, Sandra Elaine, Odessa Green, Sarah Elizabeth, Beaumont Greene, Karen Elizabeth, Fort Worth Greenwood, Darryl Paul, Dallas Gregor, Marilyn, Houston Gregory, David Michael, Denton Griffin, Robert Gaines, Dallas Grigsby, Richard Allen, Malvern, Ark. Grimm, Larry Wayland, Stamford Grimmer, Richard Arthur, III, Dallas Grosjean, Robert Charles, Houston P.fie 587 Hartmann, Clinton Sylvester, Fredericksburg Hartung, Donna Joy, Austin Hasha, Gene Ray, Houston Hastedt, Jan, Columbus flavins, Darrellene Edith, White Oak Hawkins, Mina Johanna, Austin Hayden, Nolen Michael, Austin Haymes, Kathryn Nelle, Houston flayn, Joan April, Dallas Haynes, Janet Yvonne, Houston fleatly, Maurice Dean, San Marcos Hedrick, Ann Ruth, Austin Heerensperger, Glynda Kay, Houston Held, Vicki Elizabeth, Fort Worth Helmer, Richard Earle, III, Houston Hemme, Kenneth Arnold, Corpus Christi Hemmick, Robert Sanderson, San Antonio Henderson, Robert Franklin, Jr., Frost Hendricks, James Nelson, Dallas Henry, Cameron Edward, Corpus Christi Henry, Gaile Maurice, Beaumont Henry, Johnny Lee, Fort Worth Henslee, Karen Sue, Brenham Henson, Barbara June, Weslaco Henzler, Carolyn Jean, Bryan Herren, Robert White, Haskell Hilburn, Don Edward, Houston Hill, Frances Olivia, Wellington Hillaker, Stephanie, Fort Worth Hinkle, Donald Wilbur, Cleburna Hinton, Richard Charles, Dallas Hobbs, Kathleen Jane, San Antonio Hoch, Betty Sue, Austin Hodges, George Ingram, Harris Hoelscher, Janis Kay, Houston Hoffman, Jeane Suzanne, Austin Hoffman, Marilyn Gayle, Waco Hoffpauer, Barbara Jinx, Dalla s Hogan, Jerry Clyde, Houston Holbert, Pamela, Terrell Jden, Thomas William, Haskell Holley, Mary Louise, Taft Pie 588 FRESHMEN Gross, Charles Edwin, Dallas Guerra, Irma Leticia San Antonio Guitar, Ricka Ann, Colorado City Gulley, Michael H., San Antonio Gunnin, Don Trumon, Cedar Hills Gutierrez, Maria Cecilia, Rio Grande City Guynes, Jaynee Carole, Grand Prairie Haake, Bobbie Diane, Sherman Hackerman, Stephen Miles, Austin Hadder, Joe Edwin, Garland Hagee, Michael William, Fredericksburg Hairston, Mary Don, Kingsville Hairston, Morris Don, Colorado City Hale, Jessica Amber, El Paso Hale, Robert James, Talpa Halfant, Becky Ann, San Antonio Hall, Ann, Galveston Hallmark, Karylon Ann, Llano Halstead, William Earle, Jr., Dallas Hamilton, Adrianne Ann, Abilene Hamm, George Morris, Odessa Hammond, Patricia Dale, Dallas Hancock, John William, Jr., El Campo Haney, Otto Lynn, Houston Hangs, Frank Edward, Jr., Houston Hankamer, Ronald Jack, Houston Hanley, Michael James, Dallas Hanna, Judith Lynn, Breckenridge Hanna, Michael Marten, Houston Haraldson, Robert Scott, Houston Haralson, Carole Jeanne, Big Spring Hardgrave, Walter Terry, Garland Hardin, Carl C,. Ill, Austin Harker, Pamela Georgene, Denton Harp, Jean Fay, Yorktown Harrell, Ronald Joe, Abilene Harrington, Patricia Ann, Sherman Harris, Fitzhugh Lee, Nacogdoches Harrison, Harold Edwin, Iowa Park Harrison, Jo Beth, Houston Harrison, Wray Allan, Dallas Hart, Leslie Suzanne, Bay City " I- Alfe r n ' -. tu AJ 111 ft s CLASS OF 1967 Hollingsworth, Pamela J., Houston Hollis, Don Kenneth, Leonard Holman, Willis Dandridge, II, Hutto Holmberg, William Robert, Lake Jackson Holmes, Lucy Gail, Houston Holstien, Edwin Leon, Orange Hooser, Susanne Gayle, Dallas Hopkins, Fredrick Earl, Jr., Fort Worth Hoppens, Don Wayne, Brenham Horsley, Jean Fariss, Dallas House, David Wade, Silverton Houston, Carol Ann, Portland Houston, Sandra Kathleen, Houston Howard, Marcy G., Austin Howell, John Richard, Midland Howell, Pamela Cheryl, San Antonio Howison, Jack, Jr., Austin Hubbard, Jacquelyn Ann, Palestine Hubbard, Joyce Judell, Angleton Huckabay, Leo Lane, Lubbock Huckabee, Retha Merle, Houston Hudgins, Thomas Clifford, Houston Huey, Charles Marshall, Jr., San Antonio Hughen, Janis Mae, Houston Hughes, Myrle Kay, Jasper Hull, Robert Joe, Hempstead Hull, Susan Diane, Wichita Falls Hundley, Pamela, Austin Hunter, Carolyn, Abilene Hurd, David Lawrence, Henrietta Hurst, Kathy Ann, Spur Hutchings, Sally, Dallas Hutson, Larry Lee, Houston Hyman, Marsha Lee, San Antonio Irvin, Donald Kelly, Irving Isbell, James Van, Florence Isbell, John Curtis, Jr., Silsbee Isbell, Linda Kay, Austin Isom, Roy Wayne, Jasper Jackson, Judy Kay, Lake Jackson Jackson, Richard Lynn, Duncanville Jacobs, Larry Don, Magnolia I Jameson, Jan, Houston Jamison, Garrett Harry, Bartlett Jarmon, Jake Bryant, III, Corpus Christ! Jaros, Oliver Joseph, College Station Jarrell, Marguerite Kelly, Austin Jasman, Gae Ann, Edinburg Jeane, Harvey Lynn, Port Arthur Jeffers, Mary Nell, Houston Jelks, Edward Christian, Austin Jenkins, Carolyn Elaine, San Antonio Jerichow, Carol Ruth, Marlin Jeter, Edgar Rogers, Refugio Jinks, Warren Davis, Dallas Johns, Diane Zoe, San Antonio Johnson, Ardis Lynn, Houston Johnson, Billie Kay, Annandale, Va. Johnson, Chris Edwin, Sherman Johnson, Curtis Dwayne, Orange Johnson, Dan Vernon, Houston Johnson, Janet Milanne, Brenham Johnson, Jay Lynn, Jr., Austin Johnson, Michael Ray, Austin Johnson, Robert Joseph, Austin Johnson, William Lee, San Augustine Johnston, Janet, Hull Joiner, John Wylie, Jr., Dallas Jones, Gary Dane, Longview Jones, Linnea Elizabeth, Dallas Jordan, John William, Corpus Christi Jordan, Phillip Ray, McCamey Jurecka, Paul Dean, Houston Kahle, Roger N., Houston Kaminski, Bonnie Jean, Houston Kee, Karen, Big Spring Keith, Barbara Abbott, Brownwood Kelfer, Elaine Janis, San Antonio Kelley, Kathleen Karen, Fort Worth Kelley, Margaret Ann, El Paso Kemp, Ann Sherlyne, Goldthwaite Kemper, Karen Elise, Houston Kendall, Dorothy Irene, Karnes City Kennon, Eleanor Ann, Cleburne Page 589 FRESHMEN Keppler, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Kerr, Jill Ann, El Campo Kersey, Jim Wesley, Austin Kester, Patricia Annette, Houston Kettler, David Burton, Rowena Key, James Frank, Midland Kimble, John Dale, Uvalde Kinard, Nancy Latz, El Campo King, Henry Rose, Jr., Houston King, Janet Irene, Houston King, Kitty Carolyn, Freeport King, William Robert, Sherman Kinney, Jan, Houston Kirby, Patrick Lee, Austin Kirkpatrick, William Roy, Taylor Klein, Brenda Joyce, Austin Kleinschmidt, Dorothy Elmire, Orange Klingman, Betty Lucile, Amarillo Klingman, Charles David, Austin Knapp, Margaret Elaine, Marshall Knight, Patricia Beth, Wichita Falls Knight, Ronny Lynn, Austin Knotts, Dale Louise, Dallas Kolb, Anne Elaine, LaMarque Kostiuk, Michael Marion, Jr., Dallas Kovar, Robert Ray, Taylor Kowert, Nancy Louise, Fredericksburg Kreuz, Carolyn, Austin Kuenstler, Rulena Ann, Bellaire Kulp, Marybeth, Houston Kuperman, Lester Herman, Breckenridge La Baume, Linda Beth, Pecos Lambert, Robert Wesley, Midland Lamson, Donald William, Dallas Lancaster, Diane Elaine, Beaumont Langenkamp, Ronald Lowell, Lake Jackson Lanham, Clenda Sue, Silverton Larson, Linda Jill, Seymour Larson, Lvnne Carol, Mineral Wells Law, Lynn Rickey, Houston Laws, Margaret Christine, Buda Lawson, Samuel Anthony, Louisville, Ky. Lazarus, Glenda Jo, Tyler Leach, Linda Diana, Houston Leaton, Johnny Arthur, Dallas Lederer, Martha Gene, Houston Lee, Jack Philip, San Antonio Lee, Steven Quincy, San Antonio Leeper, Walter Robert, Midland Legge, William Dean, Freer Lehman, Robert L., Houston Leonard, Justina Jane, Houston Lequeux, Blayne Stephen, Port Arthur Levey, Arnold Lewis, San Antonio Levine, Linda Joy, Dallas Levinson, Patricia Tina, Houston Levinthal, Robert, Wharton Levit, Jack Dennis, Houston Lewellen, Barbara Gayle, Temple Lewis, Barry Stephen, Dallas Lewis, Carolyn F., Houston Lewis, Glen Earl, Jr., Austin Lightfoot, Robert Allen, Jr., Sweetwater Lillie, John Arthur, Austin Lipner, Jay Charles, Corpus Christi Littlefield, Judy Carol, Shiner Littlejohn, Elizabeth Ann, Orange Loayza, Roberto Arturo, La Paz, Bolivia Locke, Jack Wayne, De Leon Lodowski, Charles Alan, Dallas Loftis, Cecilia Diane, Mount Vernon Logan, Mary Louise, Sweeny Logoyda, Michaelle Elaine, El Paso Looney, William Willis, Jr., Cameron Lovell, James Dale, Austin Lovett, Sandra Ann, Olney Lowdon, Ann Maria, Fort Worth Lowdon, Lynne Maureen, Dallas Lowry, Lana Christine, Fort Worth Loya, Alfred Clyde, San Antonio Lucas, Baker Steven, III, Tyler Lucas, Linda Eileen, Austin idwig. Christopher J., Fort Worth Lundquist, Paul Richard, Chicago, 111. P.gc 590 CLASS OF 1967 Lyle, Ina Glynn, Dallas Lynch, Mary Jo, Mercedes Lyons, James Harry, Houston MacGregor, Robert, III, LaMarque Maddison, Nancy Carol, Houston Maddox, Carolyn Nelle, Palacios Maddox, Milton Thomas, Austin Madera, Mary Fay, Louise Madrigal, Tim Richard, Dallas Maessen, Walter Anthony, Jr., San Antonio Magers, Robert Carroll, Breckenridge Magilow, Michele Claire, Dallas Magnus, Judy Kay, Port Arthur Mahan, Jeff Edward, Jr., Houston Maldonado, Hilbert Roland, San Antonio Malik, Frank Gustav, Jr., Beaumont Mallard, Richard Allen, Fort Worth Manley, Rufus Sumner, Port Arthur Mannen, Robert Jay, Corpus Christi Margolis, Barry Howard, Houston Margolis, Teri Lyn, Shawnee Mission, Kans. Marlatt, Carolyn Gail, Pasadena Marlatt, Terry Lee, Austin Marmion, Mary Sue, San Antonio Marshall, Carol May, Dallas Marshall, Schuyler Bailey, IV, El Paso Marshall, Shirley Ann, Gainesville Martin, Judy Marilyn, Jacksonville Martin, M. Lynn, Houston Massey, Abbie Louise, Dumas Matlock, John Hudson, Austin Matocha, Ignac Rudolph, Jr., Freeport Matte, Linda Ann, San Antonio Matthews, Sharon Lee, Dallas Maufrais, Becky, Austin Maxham, Robert Charles, San Antonio Maxwell, Malcolm, Jr., Houston Maxwell, Mary Ann, Refugio May, Christopher Lovell, Dallas May, Kathleen Diane, San Antonio Mayer, Larry Donald, La Grange Maynard, Michael Leroy, Houston Mayo, Joe McGee, Jr., Henrietta McCauley, Joanne, Houston McCauley, Lloyd Ray, Bomarton McClellan, Carolyn, Gatesville McCombs, Michael Lee, Waco McCormick, Stanley Erwin, Houston McCoy, Patricia Kathryn, Alice McCrea, Llewellyn Wentworth, II, Odessa McCuistion, Wanda June, Wheelock McDaniel, Robert Eugene, Austin McDonald, Glen Bryan, Midland McDowell, Lois Ann, Italy McFall, Forrest Richard, Bountiful, Utah McGehee, Jo Carol, Dallas McKinney, William Lane, Dallas McKinnis, Michael Kalani, Edcouch McLane, Mark Dowling, Richardson McMackin, George Eddie, Wichita Falls McNsmara, Carla Jeanne, Dallas McNary, Georgia Gail, Midland McNeil, Martha Virginia, Houston McPherson, Lydia Gail, Waco McSpadden, Jeff Rae, Jr., Odessa McWherter, Betty Ray, Irving Meador, Robert Dean, Jr., Dallas Meeker, Robert Edward, Port Arthur Mellenbruch, Mary Ann, Austin Melville, Mary Lou, Dallas Mermelstein, Mary Ellen, Tyler Metcalf, Susan Patricia, Belton Mikeska, Judy Ann, Houston Miks, Marilyn Kay, Wichita Falls Milburn, Malcolm Long, Austin Miller, Cherie Ann, Dallas Miller, Cherry, Austin Miller, Connye Victoria, Graham Miller, Gary. Wayne, Taylor Miller, Judith Ann, McCamey Miller, Lizetta Lynn, Baytown Milligan, Douglas Craig, Fort Worth Milliger, Sylvia A., Houston Mills, Joseph Milton, Jr., Dallas Pace 591 FRESHMEN Milstein, Howard Roy, Longview Miltner, Robert Allen, Dallas Mims, Robert Wayne, Houston Mindrup, David Philip, Dallas Miner, Mary Barbara, Corpus Christi Mitchell, Glenn Austin, Dallas Mitchell, Meredith, Corsicana Mitchell, Sidney Allin, Houston Mitchell, Susan, Houston Mojica, Priscilla Orpha, Austin Moller, Henry Grant, Orange Monaghan, Jerry Wayne, Fort Worth Moncivaez, Robert, Robstown Monday, Dorothy Jean, Bishop Montgomery, Joan Elizabeth, San Antonio Montgomery, Nancy Anne, Weimar Moore, Christine Elizabeth, Blanco Moore, John Howard, Midland Moore, John Mont, Jr., Fort Stockton Moore, Mary Gertrude, Houston Moore, Ronald Edward, Beeville Moore, Samuel Bryan, Jr., McAllen Moore, Susan Kathleen, Corpus Christi Morales, Richard G., Laredo Morgan, Carrell Ada, Dallas Morton, Charles Francis, Austin Moseley, Wendell Gantt, Prosper Mosley, Carroll David, Buna Moss, Coila Nell, Llano Moss, Roy Lee, Monahans Mosty, Belinda Lee, Center Point Mueller, Shirley Ann, Austin Muenzenberger, Marion C., Corpus Christi Muller, Frances Constance, Arlington, Va. Muller, Michael John, Dallas Mumme, Michael Edward, George West Muncrief, Errol Vance, Edna Murdock, Robert, III. Prairie Village, Kans. Murphy, Melinda, Houston Nabours, Larry Allen, Bridge City Machlinger, Pam, Freeport Nail, Ronald James, Albany Naiser, Charles Richard, Jr., East Bernard Naman, Susan Anne, Houston Neal, Charles Clinton, San Antonio Neely, Warren F., Bellville Neff, George B., Jr.. New Braunfels Negley, James Lutcher, San Antonio Neidenbach, Gary Alan, Dallas Neill, David Stanley, Tyler Neill, Max Gregory, Fort Worth Neilon, William Joseph, Jr., Dallas Nelson, Harlan Claude, Dalhart Nelson, Kristen Kay, Austin Nelson, Mary Ann, Andrews Neu, Carol Louise, Port Arthur Neuman, Gail Patricia, Belton Newell, James Lester. Robstown Newton, Carl Davidson, San Antonio Nicholas. Richard Alan, Austin Nichols. Martha Jane, Fort Worth Nichols, William Emmett, Bellaire Nietenhoefer, Betty Jean, Hondo Nixon, Arlene Gailya, Big Spring Nixon. Nelzane, Austin Nordhaus, Jim C.. San Antonio Novy, Bernard Ivan, San Antonio Nuessle, Lucille Dee. Midland Nuuttila, Mary Louise, Dallas O ' Banion, Allyne Sue, San Antonio Obenhaus, Vaughn Deleith, Austin O ' Byrne. Joyce Ann, Fort Worth Odell. John Stephen, San Antonio O ' Dell, Paul Ray, McKinney Ogas . Elisabeth Kay, Dallas Oles. Suzanne, Amarillo Oliver, Charles Albert, Fort Worth Oliver, Sandra Kay, Belton Orton, Susan Josephine, Bowie Oshman. Paul Rick, Rosenberg Oshry, Jo-Ann, Houston Owen, Karen Lee, San Antonio Owens, Bonnie Sue, Denison Owens. Charles Ronald, Orange CLASS OF 1967 Oxford, Judith Nan, Beaumont Ozer, Michael Allen, San Antonio Palmer, Pamela Kaye, McAllen Pape, Carol Anne, Caldwell Parish, Patricia Kay, Menard Parker, James Randolph, Austin Parker, John Matt, Dallas Parker, Paul Durward, II, Austin Parker, Paul Edwin, Dallas Parker, Samuel Terrence, Austin Parker, William Denny, Houston Parks, Clarence Milton, La Porte Parks, Hollace Ann, Houston Parmelee, John Jay, Jr., Rockdale Parsons, Richard Charles, Garland Parzen, Renee, Atlanta, Ga. Passman, Don S., Dallas Patrick, Jane Celestia, Cleburne Patterson, Douglas Reid, Port Arthur Patterson, Roswell Randolph, Jr., Dallas Paul, Christopher Allan, Victoria Paul, James Douglas, Conroe Payne, George Burton, Jr., Houston Payne, Joe Melvin, Dallas Payne, John Bowman, Midland Payne, Sherry Lynn, Austin Peden, Martha Anne, Houston Peet, John Vernon, Houston Pendergraft, Robert Lewis, Dallas Penick, Michael Randolph, Fredericksburg Penn, Sarah Jane, Austin Pennock, Martha Ann, Austin Perel, John Harold, Victoria Perez, Yvonne Marie, McLean, Va. Perry, William Kurtz, Jr., Dallas Peterson, Forest Sage, Houston Peterson, Merry Beth, Houston Pettit, Mary Elizabeth, Del Rio Petty, Bobbie Lou, Lufkin Petty, Tommie Lee, Lufkin Philen, Sydney, Lufkin Phillips, Howard Richard, Houston Phillips, James Douglas, Houston Phillips, Michael Bolton, Fort Worth Phillips, Sarah Frances, Longview Pickthorn, David Allen, Odessa Pihlgren, Ray W., Austin Pilkington, Ann Elizabeth, Houston Ping, Judith Kay, Dallas Pipes, Vivian Suzann, Grandview Pipkin, John Raymond, San Angelo Pizzitola, Robert Charles. La Porte Plunily, Virginia Faye, San Antonio Plummer, Christine C., Kerrville Plummer, Dorothy Louise, Austin Polome, Monique H. L., Austin Polos, George Straton, Houston Polser, Pamela Corinne, tewisville Pomeroy, James Calwell, Great Falls, Mont. Pontello, Diane Angela, Houston Pool, Donna Jeanne, Dallas Pool-Ramirez, Percy Ernest, Lima, Peru Powell, Pamela Kate, Houston Prather, Robert Charles, Dallas Pressler, John Eric, Houston Price, Harold Lanier. Eden Price, Justus Verner, Jr., Tripoli, Libya Price, Sharon, Amarillo Primdahl, Pamela Ethel, Dallas Pritchett, Evelyn Pauline, Austin Pruitt, Shirley Ann, Dallas Puckett, Sharon Nell, Dallas Raaphorst, Christine Marie Aletta, Houston Rabinowitz, Roslyn Estelle, Galveston Rae, David Stewart, Houston Raia, Marianne Frances, Charlotte, N. C. Ralston, Cheryl Jo, Houston Ramirez, Jafet Monserrate, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Raney, Robert Ewing, San Antonio Rankin, Ulon Willis, Amarillo Raphael, Steve Ernest, Dallas Rathert, Rhonwyn Kay, Del Rio Ratliff, Billy Carrol, Llarm. Ray, Charles Arthur. Ill, Phillips Page 593 FRESHMEN Ray, Durwood Barber, Houston Rayburn, Henry Howard, Alvaredo Reagan, Sandra Lee, Houston Reagan, William Clinton, Harlingen Reames, Robert Joseph, Dallas Redman, Michael Warren, Burton Redmon, Lynda Kay, Denison Reed, Clinton Phillip, III, San Antonio Reed, Martha Carol, Vernon Reeves, Robert Glenn, Jr., Dallas Regan, Linda Janice, Port Lavaca Reichert, Kathryn Louise, New Baden Reid, James Hubert, Palestine Reimann, Herbert Paul, Houston Reinke, La Dina Leigh, Richmond Renfro, Patricia Lou, Fort Worth Reser, Ralph Guleke, San Antonio Ressmann, Ronald Jay, San Antonio Reynolds, Charles Wilson, Linden Rhodes, John David, Austin Rice, Browne Bolts, Houston Richardson, Aaron Michael, Sanderson Richardson, Roberta Elizabeth, Sweetwater Richeson, Donald Ellis, Dallas Richey, Darnell, Nederland Richie, Sheldon Donnie, Houston Riddel, Roy Lee, Lubbock Ridley, Jack Knight, Jr., Abilene Riefler, Dorothy Louise, San Antonio Riley, Edwin Price, San Antonio Rimmer, Raymond Jaye, Jr., Fort Worth Ritchie, Joyce K., Austin Rittiman, Karen Renell, Sinton Roan, John Anthony, Weatherford Robert, Martha Ann, Houston Roberto, Frances Jeanne, Austin Roberts, Carole Jeanne, St. Louis, Mo. Roberts, Dan Newby, Ovalo Roberts, Russell De Bord, San Antonio Robertson, John Hudson, Burnet Robertson, Linda Janice, Dallas Robinson, Jeannette Adele, Fort Worth Robitaille, Richard Talbot, Decatur Rodgers, Dorothy Sue, Galena Park Rodgers, Elizabeth, Houston Rodgers, Michael Anthony, Longview Roe, Delbert Wade. Grand Prairie Roesler, Alvin Willard, Jr.. San Antonio Rogers, Alfred Calvin, Dallas Rogers, Patti Lou. LaMarque Rogers, Susan Jeannette. Wichita Falls Rogoff, Eve Joyce, Dallas Rollins, William Edmond. Terrell Rosenbaum, Enid Gail, Houston Rosenfield, Ileene Gay, El Campo Ross, Joe Clay, Seymour Ross, Martin Allen, Greenville Ross, Marjorie Louise, Austin Roth, Madeline Esther, Dallas Roth, Sondra Joyce, Houston Rothchild. Francis Edward, Austin Rothen, Suzette G., Austin Rountree. Nannette Frances, Waco Routh, Kenneth Louis, Fort Worth Rowden, Lonny, Terrell Rowland, Marcella Ruth, Del Rio Royall, Natalie Jan, Dallas Royer, Ronald Wayne, Houston Ruckmna, Hugh Bennett, III, Karnes City Rumbaugh. Susan Jae, San Antonio Runnels. Henry Leon. Ill, Kilgore Rush, Michael Raymond, Talpa Russak, Janet Susan, Tyler Russell. Carol Lvnne. Dallas Rustin, Gail, San Antonio Ryan, James Curtiss, Pecos Ryan, Julia Katherine, San Antonio Samuelsohn, Reesa Ellen, Dallas Sanchez, Marjorie Lee. Rio Grande City Sanders, Jerry Dale, Fort Worth Sanders, Marguerite Ann, Harlingen Sanderson. Paul Hodson, Dallas lin, Frances Sherrion, San Antonio Sandridge, Elizabeth Sue, Longview 591 CLASS OF 1967 Sanford, Betty Anne, Dallas San Martin, Roberto, San Antonio Sargent, Eddie Don, Eastland Sassman, Donna Kay, Austin Savino, Carl Lewis, Jr., Beaumont Sawyer, Joanna, Dallas Sawyer, Ralph Edward, Jr., Palestine Scammel, Mary Frances, Dallas Schoen, Robert Edward, Austin Scholl, William Albert, Crowley, La. Schoonover, David Eugene, Abilene Schuessler, John Stephen, Seguin Schwartz, Frances Elaine, Fort Worth Scott, Helen Francille, Dallas Scott, John MacNeil, Dallas Scurlock, Joe Ray, Stamford Seale, William Martin, Houston Searcy, Albert Rodman, Junction Seay, Martha Lewalling, Fort Worth Seekamp, John Frank, Yoakum Segrest, Gerald Wayne, Port Arthur Semeyn, Judith Lee, Houston Sewell, Jimmy I., Nocona Sharp, John Lester, Houston Shaw, Linda Lee, Pasadena Shaw, Sandra, Seguin Shea, Margaret Ruth, Irving Shelton, Sallie Ann, Dallas Shemper, Edward Stephen, Hattiesburg, Miss. Sherrill, Yowell Michael, Odessa Shields, Paul T., Fort Worth Shields, Stephen Walton, Randolph A.F.B. Shockley, Susan, Fort Worth Shoss, Robert Gordon, Wharton Shull. Joe Alan, Houston Simmons, Clyde Wilton, Jr., Ballinger Simmons, Jackie Ross, Perryton Simpson, John Raymond, Lamesa Simpson, Pamela, Rankin Singleton, Barbara Yevonne, Houston Sitton, Sandra Kay, Nacogdoches Skibell, Richard B., Lubbock a $ig iifek r %L i -jfiL r Q fUn 9|5Q 1 , gfiili i i k4 A Ufefr I f, r - I ' 14 rara " . f fe wr 4 - K !% -Ts -f " ! 4 Skibell, Ruth, Lubbock Slager, Tessa Louise, Dickinson Slater, Mary, Lufkin Small, Neal Charles, Dallas Smith, Don Paul, Dallas Smith, Donna Kay, Lockhart Saiith, Frances Ann, Houston Smith, James " Robert, Houston Smith, Karen Suzanne, Plainview Smith, Kevin Marsen, Houston Smith, Margaret, Austin Smith, Marshall Leroy. Jr., Hamlin Smith, Rick Leahy, Belton Smith, Sandra Ilene, Houston Smith, Suzanne Carolyn, Bellaire Smock, Sherman Owen, Austin Smyers, Michael Lee, Austin Snavely, Judy Leann, Pine Bluff, Ark. finyder, Judith Ann, Austin Soble, Laurin Paula. San Antonio Sokolosky, Linda Lee, Houston Solomon, Doris Ann, Monroe, La. Soncrant, John C., San Antonio Sonnenburg, Barbara Kathryn, Malone Soper, Robin Love, Lufkyi Sorenson, Sharon Ann, Groves Southwick, Thomas Stanley, Bellaire Sparling, George Bryant, Grand Prairie Spellmann, Richard McKean. Beeville Spencer, Mildred Ann, Teague Spiritas, Steve F., Dallas Spradley, Garey Britton, Aqua Dulce Staehely, AI, Austin Stallings, Evelyn Jeanne, Nacogdoches Stallings, Joan Edmond, Nacogdoches Starkey, Danna Michael, Madisonville Starling, Sherry Lynn, Monahans Steiger, David Michael, Bartlesville, Okla. Stelzer, Gary Urban. Celina Stendig, Miriam, San Antonio Stenger, Frank William, Sat Antonio Stephens, Gary Robert, Da Page 595 . J v Zt KM K o 9 H " - V pL . ' ' life Itflrfftl tJ MH ' k S ' - ' - r 4M _ Aik " C O =. Thames, Judy Ann, Kenedy Thomas, Donald Cornelius, El Paso Thomas, Donald Scott, Jr., Austin Thomas, Marsha Lenore, El Paso Thomas, Sylvia Ann, Houston Thomas, Willedee, Pasadena Thomason, Thomas Edward, Dallas Thompson, Gregory Wilkins, Houston Thompson, Jerry Lynn, Houston Thompson, Kathy Loveta, Fort Worth Thompson, Lewis Arnold, Austin Thompson, Lowery Lee, Abilene Thomson, Bobbie Diane, Dallas Thorp, Michaele Ann, Abiline Throop, Cheryl Ann, Austin Thrower, Gergory Warren, Houston Tingley, Wallace Gordon, Jr., Midland Tobey, David Neilson, Jr., Dallas Topek, Edward Stanley, Houston Totah, Kenneth Brian, Victoria Townsend, John Victor, Pasadena Travis, Robert Carlton, San Antonio Trow, Richard Freeman, Port Arthur Tucker, Eliot Payson, Eagle Pass Tucker, Keith Albert, Dallas Tudor, Barbara Jane. Midland Tumlinson, Kenneth Wayne, Bedford Turner, Jack Marston, Jr., Houston Turner, Marvin Cornelius, Austin Turner, Tommy Stephen, Robstown Tyler, Clifton Harvey. Altair Ulmer, Katherine Virginia, Houston Urbanovsky, Donnie Ray, Caldwell Van Dusen, Glenn Thornton, III, Lake Jackson Van Erp, Stephen Douglas, Houston Van Fleet, Merry Nell, San Antonio Van Hemert, James Mark, Houston Vann, Roger Gibson, Huntsville Van Vliet, Steven Eric, Amarillo FRESHMEN Stern, Harold Lionel, Jr., Houston Stern, Sandra Gail, Fort Worth Sternberg, Ralph Leslie, Dallas Stevens, John Earl, Jr., Dayton Stevens, Shyrrel Lee, Houston Stevenson, Jack Cameron, Dallas Sticksel, Mary Nell, Amarillo Still, Beverly Kaye, Amarillo Stockard, Jan, Houston Stockmeyer, Hilda Octavia, El Paso Stolper, Michael, Ponca City, Okla. Stoltenberg, Lynne Waite, Midland Stone, Judy Ann, Hereford Stork, Michael Earl, Austin Stratton, Jan, Waco Strong, Wilbur Stanton, Hearne Struben, Amanda Felicita, Houston Studdard, Clifford Leslie, II, Dallas Stuppi, Francis Norman, Jr., Amarillo Sturdivant, Robert Clifton, San Antonio Suckle, Sharyn Elaine, Dallas Summers, Gaye Bourdon, Longview Sutton, James Edgar, Arlington Sutton, Sarah Page, Palestine Swafford, Charlotte Kay, Austin Swanson, Patricia Lee, Arlington, Va. Swanson, Roy Joel, Jr., South Houston Tally, Sherry Dianne, Abilene Tankersley, Lynda Gayle, San Antonio Tanner, Glenda Sue, Fort Worth Tarpley, Joy Alice, Austin Tate, Charles William, San Antonio Tatum, Edward Kendrick, San Antonio Taylor, Charles A., Jr., Austin Taylor, Dorothy Louise, Pearland Taylor, James Ackerson. Houston Tedford, Judy Jane, Garland Teel, Harold Loy, Jr.. Robstown Teeple, Susan Marie, Dallas Templeton, Nancy E., Brady Tenenbown, Richard Barry, Houston Tesch, Cheryl Jean, Bellaire N 2 H fe Van ZanduJhomas Alexander, Dallas a C R ebecca Ann, Austin Vatighan, Michael Anthony, Dallas I ' .RC 596 CLASS OF 1967 Vaughan, Nancy Ellen, Houston Veazey, Victoria Kay, Terrell Venable, Charles Edward, Abilene Vermillion, Charles Richard, Dallas Vickrey, Charlotte Gaye, Fort Davis Vincent, Mary Ann, LaMarque Vining, Joseph Lee, Dallas Volcik, Leona Marie, Hewitt Vorwerk, Judy Beth, Dallas Wade, Robert Louis, Big Spring Waldby, Julia Jane, Sweeny Walden, Mary Ann, Austin Walker, Charles Michael, Corpus Christi Walker, Clarene Mae, Austin Walker, Joe Ben, Fort Stockton Walker, S. Thomas, Houston Wall, Billy Farrell, Austin Wall, Wilburn Clyde, Marble Falls Waller, Judith Lynn, Houston Walsh, William Raymond, McAllen Walter, Gail Allen, Abilene Ward, Carol Ann, Dallas Ward, McKinley Matthew, Jr., Dallas Waring, H. Suzanne, LaMarque Warne, Barbara Ruth, Baytown Warren, Linda Kay, Houston Warren, William Seymour, Austin Warriner, Richard Arthur, Midland Waters, Sharon Sue, Dallas Watson, Cheryl Ann, Dallas Watson, Gilbert Steve, San Antonio Watson, James Erskine, Katy Watson, Nicholas Ord, Dallas Watterson,. Suzanne, Bastrop Watts, Thomas Edwin, Floydada Watts, Wylie Paul, Jr., Carlsbad, Calif. Way, Kristin Katharine, Houston Weaver, Lola Jeanette, Austin Weaver, Oram Houston, Jr., Hamlin Webb, Darryl J., Odessa Webb, Janis Kay, Temple Webb, Patricia Ann, Breckenridge Webbon, William Larkin, Bridge City Weber, Susan Ross, Dallas Wehmeyer, Eva Jeanne, Mathis Wehner, Catherine Anne, Dallas Wehner, Sharon Anne, Houston Weinstein, Terrie Linne, Longview Weir, Laura Kathryn, Georgetown Weisfeld, Irvin Sheldon, Pharr Weissert, John Michael. Dallas Welch, Ronald Jay, Dallas- Wellborn, Sharon, Frances, Alvin Wells, Cone J., Winona Wells, Susan Lynn, El Paso Wendland, Wayne Charles, Hondo Wendorf, Rosemary, Corsicana Werner, Michael Paul. Houston Werst, John James, Big Lake West, Beth Inez, San Antonio West, Hugh N., Ill, Amarillo Westbrook, Margaret Marie, Annandale, Va. Westerburg, Robert Hale, Lubbock Westerman, Carol Ann, Bellaire Westheimer. Don Nagel, Houston Whatley, Haven, Waco Wheeler, Raymond Louis, Denton Whelton, Patrick Joseph, Galveston White, Linda Carol. Mineral Wells White, Sandra Elizabeth, Channelview Whiteside, Sally Mayvi, Dumas Whitley, Charles Monroe, Austin Whitney, George Foster, Del Rio Whittemore, Marcia Ann, Forney Whittington, James Richard, Fort Worth Wiederhold, Joanne Irene, Houston Wight, Alice Ruth, Carthage Wilbeck, Sue Marie. El Campo Wiley, Lorenzo William, Jr., Vernon Wilkie, Sandra Kaye, Baytown Wilkins, Carol June, Mesquite Williams, Barbara Lynne, Clinton-Sherman AFB, Okla. Williams, James Rawls, Groesbeck Williams, Joe Ed, Waco " Page 597 FRESHMEN Williams, Nancy Nevers, Austin Williams, Suzanne Wilkins, Dallas Williams, Tanya Mauriete, Austin Williams, Virginia Gail, Houston Willingham, Marian Ann, Abilene Willis, Nita Ann, Pasadena Willson, Patrick James, Austin Wilson, Bambi Lou, Austin Wilson, Betty Joanne, LaMarque Wilson, Ethel Lorraine, Brazoria Wilson, Karen DeAnn, Port Arthur Wilson, Leonard I., Weslaco Wilson, Lynda Lee, Wharton Wilson, Shelia Kay, Houston Wiltse, Andreu Lawrence, Jr., Henderson Wissner, Gloria Rose, Alvin Witcher, Willye Steven, Henderson Withers, Dennis Harry, Fort Worth Witt, Jerolyn Sue, San Antonio Wittie, Betty Ann, Tyler Wolff, Ray Allan, D ' Hanis Wolper, Roddy, Amarillo Wommack, George Tobin, Lake Jackson Wood, Cynthia Taylor, Dallas Wood, Ellen, Del Rio Woodlock, Jerry Wayne, Fort Worth Woods, Daniel Arthur, Gainesville Word, Elizabeth, Conroe Wright, Beverly Jean, Austin Wroten, Daine Elizabeth, Weslaco Wruck, Antionette, Needville Wurth, Don Edward, Fort Rucker, Ala. Wynne, George Parker, III, Beaumont Yaker, Francine Eva, El Paso Yaker, Lynda Ethel, El Paso Yates, Paul Lee, Waco York, Robert Alan, Dallas Youens, Karl David, Columbus Young, Jon Wayne, Beaumont Young, Robert David, Houston Zachary, Muriel Jean, Houston Zars, Keith Murray, San Antonio Zatopek, Judith Austin, Weimar Zenkner, Shirley Gayle, Austin Zimmerman, Judy Carol, San Antonio Zlatkovich, Charles Phillip, Austin Zrubek, Mary Alice, Bartlett FRESHMAN BEAUTY FINALISTS Seated: Claudia McCarty, Andrea Thornton (winner). Margie Mallett, Jean Coleman. Standing: Nancy Webb, Judy Speed. P.gc 598 INDEX Name Page Aaron, Carolyn Ann ............. 233 Abbo, Jacques .................. 496 Abbott, Albert Donald ........ 275 Abbott, Frank Winchester ........ 556 Abbott, Kathryn Grace .......... 223 Abbott, Mary Elizabeth .......... 213 Abbott, Nancy Ann ........ 202, 226 Abbott, Patrick Keating ......... 351 Abdou, Patricia Ann ........ 246, 582 Abdul-Hadi, Azmi A. L. . . 338. 355. 369. 515 Abel, Doris Faye ................ 204 Abel, Philip Carol ............. 490 Abel, Robert George ....... 338, 568 Abell, Thomas James ............ 318 Abernathy, Louis Courtney ...... 319 Abies, Kathleen Glaze ............ 48 Abies, Richard Frank .......... 336 Ablon, Carol Janice ........ 206, 230 Abraham, Edward ................ 498 Abrahamson, Royce Lynnwood .... 53 Abrams, Carol Sue .............. 231 Abrams, Leonard Bruce ........ 315 Abramson, Beverly Ann .... 248, 249 Abston, Elizabeth Ann . . 198, 254, 556 Acacia .................... 270, 271 A Cappella Choir .............. 344 Achby, Lea Wayne ............ 353 Acker, Leslie Clark ........ 301, 568 Actkinson. Arland Lee . . 361, 365, 371. 501 Adair, Diane .............. 237, 474 Adair, Joseph Bryan ............ 339 Adair, Robert LaFayette, III ____ 175. 320, 321, 385 Adams, Carol Louise . . 253, 488, 515 Adams, Dana Gay .......... 236, 582 Adams, Edwin William, Jr. . . 478, 515 Adams, Elizabeth Ann (I) Adams, Elizabeth Ann (II) 582 ...... 172. 180, 202, 256, 582 , , , Adams, Elizabeth Anne . . 233, 368, 370, 515 Adams, Frederick Joseph .... 54, 309 Adams, Mrs. Hatlis ............ 326 Adams, James Ennis ............ 582 Adams, Jeanctte Adele . . 203, 474, 489 Adams, John Kenneth ............ 61 Adams, John Lewis . . 172, 183, 318, 568 Adams, Judith Arvin ...... 256, 257 Adams, Karen .... 195, 226, 370, 568 Adams, Marion Corry, Jr. . . 297, 510 Adams, Mark .................... 185 Adams, Martha .............. 349 Adams, Norma Ruth .... 210, 348 Adams, Philip Franklin, Jr ....... 386 Adams, Richard Newbold ........ 41 Adams, Robert Lawrence ........ 311 Adams, Sandra Jo .......... 198, 582 Adams, Susan Ann .............. 227 Adams, Villie Fisher .............. 515 Adams, William Karl ...... 280, 582 Adams, William Scott, Jr. . . 297, 354 Adams, Captain William T. . . 388, 507 Adamsen, Evelyn Anna .......... 475 Adcock, Cecil Edward .......... 568 Adcock, James Luther . 361, 365, 556 Addicks, Barbara Delores ...... 223 Addington, Frederick Marcus .... 276 Adelman, Cathy Lee ........ 231, 515 Adelman, Donna Jean ....... 264, 582 Adelstein, Yvonne Sue .......... 475 Aderholt, Anne Lee ............ 204 Aderholt, Ben Louis ...... 169, 515 Adkins, George Mason .......... 274 Adkins, Lieuen Roger ...... 184, 190 Adler, James Steven ...... 315, 556 Adler, Lila Nell ............ ____ 222 Adler, Linda Sue ........ " ..... 484 Administration of the University .................. 25-64 Adrian, Curtis Dale, ............ 481 Adsani, Ahmad M. S ............. 369 Aflergut, Frances Ellen .......... 231 Agan, Larry Edward .......... 471 Ager, Roger Quentin ...... 279, 515 Agnew, Margaret Ellen . . 171, 222, 227, 370 Aguilar, Julio .................. 368 Aguirre, Cerardo ........ 214, 357, 491 Aguren, Gary D ................... 508 Name Page Ahlbrrg, Joan Lenora . . 172, 180, 582 Ahlers, Susan Marie . . 300. 485, 489. 5.% Ahlschlager, Dachiell Harding .... 191. 206. 263 Ahnger. Donald C 280. 281 Aicklen, Gayle Louise .... 260, 349. 355, 368, 582 Ainsworth. William David 568 Aird, James Whitney 319 Air Force ROTC 388-391 Aiton,- Mary Elaine 343 Akins, Cay Ann 475, 582 Akins, William Fred, Jr 280, 582 Akkcrman, Carol 200, 201 Akkerman, Helen Elizabeth 201 Abridge, Virginia Ann .... 172, 258, 450, 451 Albers. Carl Clarence .. 61, 486, 490, 493 Albers. Cheryl Ruth 253 Albers, Kenneth 183, 472 Albert, Marsha Helen . . 203, 248, 582 Albrccht, Edgar Cayle 515 Albrecht. Robert Howell 296, 582 Albrccht, Shelton Ervin 515 Albright, Billec Claire 241 Alder, Linda Sue 81, 499, 515 Alderson, Curtis Jackson 293 Alderson, Mary E. Buice 55 Aldredge, Sue Ann 241 Aldrete, Augustin Ralph 582 Aldrich, Frank T 515 Aldrich, Sharon Elaine 582 Aldrich, Susan Annette Lyon . . 515 Aleff, Kendra Lynn 233, 487, 515 Alexander, Connie Jean , 568 Alexander, David Meyer 180 Alexander, Drury Blakelcy 62, 498 Alexander, Everette Dwayne .... 345, 472 Alexander, Gerald Morris 582 Alexander, Gerald Wayne 568 Alexander, Joan Ina . . 172, 198, 248. 568 Alexander, Maria Lee 259, 344 Alexander, Martha Sue 226 Alexander, Nancy Lila .... 263, 451 Alexander. Phyllis 231, 556 Alexander, Rebekah Sterling 183, 201, 243, 370, 568 Alexander, Rosalie 267, 568 Alexander, Susan 242, 582 Alexopoulos, Constantine John .... 42 Allord, James Joseph 289, 568 Alfred, Robert Cardin .. 172, 183, 318 A] Hossainy, Hidayat 556 Allbritton, Albert Slagle . . 284, 582 All Campus Advisors 194 Allen, Barbara 205, 582 Allen, Betsy 257, 340 Allen, Carol Ann 245, 316 Allen, Clay Willis, III 359 Allen, George Louis 313 Allen, Hcriot Daniel 181, 242 Allen, Howard Amason 285 Allen, Jacqueline Diane 33 Allen, James Joseph, Jr 57 Allen, James Moves 271 Allen, Joan 243 Allen, Joe Riley 308, 309 Allen, John Richardson . . 286, 505 Allen, John Young, Jr 286 Allen, Judy Beth 229 Allen, Linda Darnell 251 Allen, Lloyd Edward . . 90, 161, 171, 173, 372, 500, 556 Allen, Michael Herbert 291 Allen, Nancy Holden 263 Allen, Nelson, Jr 302 Allen, Raymond Best 482 Allen, Richard Wayne 183, 285 Allen, Robert Charles 279 Allen, Roger William 515 Allen, Holland Craten, III 295 Allen, Russell Lee 279, 568 Allen, Sue Ellen 582 Allen, Tim 291 Allen, William Kelly 501 Allgood, Jerry Eugene 481 Alline, Lynda Marie 227, 383 Allison, Glen Edward 582 Allison, Robert Elton, Jr. .. 390, 568 Allison, William Thomas, II 299 Allison, Wilmer Lawson 438 Allman, John Chelsea 297 Allred, Judith Ann 239 Allred, Maurice Leland, Jr 297 Name Pages Allred, Patricia Ellen 568 Allred, Tess Gabrielle 197, 556 Allredge, Bud E 281 Almetris Co-op 221 Allwright, Judith Elaine 515 Alpard, Allan Joseph . . 72, 307. 515 Alpers, Judith Ann . . . ' 169. 556 Alpha Chi Omega 226-227 Alpha Chi Sigma 470 Alpha Delta Pi 228-229 Alpha Delta Sigma 471 Alpha Epsilon Delta 472 Alpha Epsilon Phi 230-231 Alpha Epsilon Pi 272-273 Alpha Gamma Delta 232-233 Alpha Kappa Alpha 234-235 Alpha Kappa Psi 473 Alpha Lambda Delta 474 Alpha Omicron Pi 235-237 Alpha Phi 238-239 Alpha Phi Omega 500-501 Alpha Phi Tau 475 Alpha Tau Omega 274-275 Alpha XI Delta 240-241 AI-Rashld, Nasser Ibrahim . . 338, 369, 480, 497 Al-Rawi, Othman A. B 369 Alston, Ralph Eugene 42 Alsup, William Floyd . . 436, 437, 440 Allhaus, Robert Harold 353 Altis, John Edward 568 Altman, Stephen Monroe 515 Altsuler, Arnold Kent . . 315, 359, 515 Altvater, Kenneth G 345, 349 Altwein, Diane Marie 493 Alvea, Henry Fred 55 Alvis, CaTolyn Ann 582 Alvis, John Worthy 310 Alvoid, Dennis E 515 Amacker, John Hart 185, 293 Amateur Radio Society 180 Amend, Jane Lynne 244, 582 American Association of Architectural Engineers 334 American Institute of Aeronautics, and Astronauts 335 American Institute of Architects . . 476 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 336 American Institute of Interior Designers 477 American Marketing Association . . 337 American Society of Civil Engineers 338 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 339 Ames, Peggy Lynn 205, 582 Amis, Maurine 172 Ammons, David Harlan 491 Amoretti, James Calvin 347, 556 Amorini, Enzo 48 Amstead, Billy Howard 56 Anan, Fayez S 355 Anawaty, Peggy Bahia 568 Anber, Faxsal A 369 Andersen, R. Clif ton . . 53, 175, 479 Anderson, Andrea Lynn .... 245, 477 Anderson, Andrew George, Jr. - . 277, 510 Anderson, Benno deMenil . . 317, 470 Anderson, Carole Helena 246 Anderson, Carolyn Dena .... 194, 197 Anderson, Clarence Michael 389 Anderson, Donald Gene 59, 497 Anderson, Douglas K 321 Anderson, Edmund Nielson 286 Anderson, Evan Wayne 282 Anderson, Garland Sadler, Jr 476 Anderson, Gene Allen 352 Anderson, Glen Robert 292 Anderson, Gordon V 32, 55 Anderson, Helen Claire 341 Anderson, James Lofton 336 Anderson, James Vincent 515 Anderson, James Wilson 582 Anderson, Jane Coates 174 Anderson, Jeanne Linn 206, 228, 582 Anderson, Jimmy A 490 Anderson, Joe Daniel 310, 556 Anderson, John Charles 486 Anderson, Judith Rose 556 Anderson, Karen Elizabeth . . 221, 475 Anderson, Karen Lee 582 Anderson, Lamar G 515 Anderson, Lawrence Richard .... 212, 214, 515 Name Anderson, Lillie Anderson, Louis Robert Amlerson, Lynn Foster . . . Anderson, Marshall Lee . . Anderson. Mary Greenwood Anderson, Merile Joan Anderson, Michael Paul Anderson, Nancy Jeanne . . . Anderson, Ralph Hulen . Anderson, Richard Leslie . .. Anderson, Bobbin Colycr . . Anderson, Robert Brockett Anderson, Robert Edwin . . Anderson, Robert Lynn .... Anderson, Sharon Lr Page ... 229 322. 32.1. 55ft 52. 478 . . . . 322 263 217 18.1. 298 489 ... 207 568 12. 293. 470 488 281. 317. 568 283 213, 340, 191. 556 Anderson, Shirley Ann 210 Anderson, Sidney . . 169. 212. 336. 509 Anderson. Thomas Axel 345. 353. 556 Anderson, William Lee 470 Anderson, William Pierce 312 Anderson. Theodore 48 Andrews Dormitory 195 Andrews, Forrest Alex 343, 568 Andrews. Jamie Lee . . . 183, 509, 568 Andrews, Karrn Lee 228 Andrews, Kay Lee . . . 172. 191, 205. 217 Andrews, Michael Allen ... 297, 568 Andrews, Michael Wesley . . . 220, 385 Andrews, Martha Sue 183, 228 Andrews, Nancy Etta 370 Andrews, Susie 475 Andron, Leo Alexander, II 568 Angel Flight 391 Angell, Kim May 237, 568 Angelo, George Gilbert 302, 582 Angly, Maurice 279 Anschutz, Everelte L., Jr. 309. 556 Anschutz, Robert Earl 515 Anselin, Mary Lou 450. 457 Ansley, William Fred 515 Anthropology . 41 Anton, Bennett S 307, 354 Antone, Ray Clark 491, 582 Anthony, Marsha Dell 202 Antony, Ingrid Elaine 582 Anz, Reginald Dean 515 Apel, Mildred Marie . . 183, 194. 196. 484, 515 Appelt, Glenn David 486, 493 Appenbrink, Betty Sue . . 200, 370, 515 Appleberry, Miles Hartman . . 501, 556 Appledorf, Margie . . 170, 172, 249, 268. 370 Appleton, Gordon Scott . . . 399, 400, 402, 440, 510 Appleton, Tresha May . . 200, 252. 506. 509. 582 Applewhite, Barry Alan .... 169, 170, 289, 385 Applewhite, Patricia Jo 221 Appling, Richard Earl 300 Appling, Robert Dexter 300 Appling, Robert Leslie 486 Arabian, Alan Mihran 353, 501 Arage, Philip Maurice 328, 329 Arbaugh, Charles Houston .... 283, 556 Arbingast, Stanley A. . . 175, 181, 301, 481 Arbogust, Jann Eloise 171, 368 Arce, Joyce Elizabeth 582 Archer, Carolyn Marie t . 267, 370 Archer, Girvice Ward, Jr 285 Archer, Nancy Ruth 245 Archer, William Thomas, Jr. . . 274, 275 Architecture, School of 62 Ardrey, James Stanley 283 Arena, Mrs. Ollie B 388 Arent, A. Margaret 44 Arms, Henry Lee 568 Armstrong, Carol Lyn 254 Armstrong, Dale Ellsworth 478 Armstrong, David 192 Armstrong, Donald J 346 Armstrong, Fred Robert 295 Armstrong, Karen 349 Armstrong, Linda Sue 247, 556 Armstrong, Patricia Gayle 199 Armstrong, Roland Jon 292, 385 Armstrong, Stephen Lawrnece . . 270, 582 Armstrong, Thomas Alan . . . 309, 338 Army ROTC 376-383 Page 599 J Arnakis. Alexander Gror s rnakis. Georpe G Arnclt. Coorpe Dickey Arnelt. J.-rry Dale Arno, Howard Michael Arno, James Anthony Arnold Air Society Arnold. Jirtsy Arnold. Elon Ferris ... Arnold, Georpe Lawrence Arnold. James Elton Arnold, James Rnlanil Arnold, Jasper Henry ... Arnold, Lynda Arminla Arnold, Olpa Yvonne . Arnold. Richard Smith Arnold. Sara Mae Arnold. Vance Michael Arnold, Walter DeWitt, Arnold, William Robert Aroccna, Luis Aronoff, Phillip Arnold Arrell, Ralph Lavon . . Arrendiell, Claudia Pages . 191. 182. 336. 371, III 512 299 197 488 502 568 492. 556 471 231, 371 515 . 275 205, 532 240. 568 386. 582 215 568 582 18 48 324 296, 297. 332 216 183, 310. Arrendondo. Ephraim Alfonso . 317 Arrinpton, Joan Carol . . 203, 212, 582 Arrinton. Joyce Frances ..... 172, 243. 556 270 338 207, 355. 568 of . . . 40-49 340 Arsht. Alan Meyer Arthur, Donald Elliott Arthur, John Joseph .... An anil Sciences, School Ashbel Literary Society Ascl, Judith Ann Ash, Clyde Stewart Ash, John Powell . . Ash, Sally , Winifred Ashburnr, Jim C. . . . Ashendorf, Marsha L Asher. Karen Lynn Ashpar, Saud A. D Ashland, Maurice Irving Ashmore, Helen Marianne Ashmore, Jamile Ashmore, Lear Lee Ashnuin, Amber Jean Athlon. Sharon Le 239, 484, 515 336, 501, 582 172, 321, 491, 568 .............. 24 52, 478, 479, 481 nn . . . 172, 182, 248, 349, 582 264, 582 487, 50, 49, Aske Benna Layne 497 480 556 467 494 ............ 370 81. 188. 240, 241. 199 . . 194, 197, 477, 556 286, 556 287 195 321 205, 194, Askew, John Paul Askew, Robert Middlcton Askey, Jo Estelle Aston, John Richard Aston, Kathcrine Louise 229, 361, 366, 451 Aston, Patricia Ruth . . 228, 229, 515 Astronomy, Department of ........ 41 Atherton, Donna Marie ........... 474 Athey, Patricia Ann . . 368, 472, 474, 568 Athletics .................... 393-468 Atkins, Doris Ann ... 194, 195, 515 Atkins, .Nelia Fox .............. 53, 175 Atkins, William Dean . . Atkinson, Clifford, HI Atkinson, Gardner Davis, Atkinson, Patrycia Geene Atkinson, Sara Sue Atteberry, James Franklin Atwood, Bryan Hobson Atwood, E. Bapby Ail, Kim Tunp Aubin, George John Aulds, Darlene Auler, Edwin Hugo Aulick, Judith Ann Austin, Barbara Elaine Austin, Ethel Jane Austin, Grafton Tennanl Austin, John Franklin Austin, Kathryn Mary . . Jr Austin, Melinda Ann Austin, Robin Ann Aulian, John Autrev, Cecile Curlin Aulry, Joe Gene Avalos. Luz ............ Avenl, John ROM Avila, Carlos Awards Axelrod, Nathan Stephen Aycock, Dorothy Fehlis Ayeock, James Jackson Aycock, Jane Louise . . Aycock, Karen Beth 176, 480, 497 289, 339 361 253, 556 172, 242 279 339, 51u 24 491 318 568 294 201 81, 239 257, 268 .......... 288 291 181, 194, 205, 259, 568 173, 263 229, 568 61, 490, 493 71, 263, 340, 516 341, 466 48 308 468, 512 98, 99 324, 325, 473 46, 487 312 180, 255, 516 582 A ' nme Aver, Georpe Weston Ayer, Suzanne Elaine Avers, Harold Avers. John Richard Avers, John Robert Avers, Louis McClellan. Jr. Ayers, Robert Eupene .... Aynesworth, Donald Danelle Ayres, Clarence Edwin Ayres, Dorothy Ayres, Gilbert Haven Ayres, Joe Robbins Pat " 48 241, 268 ... 368 .... 339 .... 385 390, 568 .... 476 48 . 43, 319 51 . 42, 470 481 B 372, 24, 258, 282, 59, 288, 353, 226, 370, 240, Baade, Henry Howard . Baamstark. Mary Francis . Babin. Tamara Stapeberg Bacarisse, Georpe Louis, Jr. Baeh, Emmon Werner Bachelis, Warren David Bachman, Elizabeth May .. Bacon, Drew O ' Neal, Jr Bacon, Linda Ann ...... Bacon, Rinaldo A Badeaux, Mary Elaine Badger, Alvin Homer, III Badpley. Carol Ann . Badt, Kenneth Sanper Baer, Janice L Baer, Mrs. Lucille Bodine Baese, Kcrmit Raymond Bacten, Rene J Baetz, Courtney Bapby, Richard Stephen Bagby, Susan Marguerite . . Bappctt, Susan Bagley, Juui Ann Bagley, Nancy Louise Bapnall, John H Bagwell, Patricia Anne Bailey, Allan Bailey, Barbara Sue Bailey, Carolyn Jean .. Bailey, Dani Ellen Bailey, Donald Michael Bailey, Earl Norman Bailey Edpar Daniel Bailey, Edward Weldon Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey, James Lee Bailey, Joe Allen Bailey, Joe Murray ... Bailey, John Douglas Bailey, Johnny Matt Bailey, Joseph Kenneth Bailey, Kathryn Ann 172, 173, 187, 263, 396, 506, Bailey, Louise Evelyn ...... 266, Bailey, Margaret Elizabeth ........ Bailey, Philip S., Sr ....... 42, Bailey, Philip S., Jr .......... 470, Bailey. Ralph Vincent . 288, 491, Bailey, Randal Allen Bailey, Ray Bedford Bailey, Shirley Margaret Bailey, Larry Lynn Bain, Cecil William, Jr Bain, Herschel Eugene Bain, Walter Malhis . . ' Baines, Marsha Lee ......... Baines, Robert Roy, Jr ........... Bains, Kenneth Richard ....... Baird, Alan Bruce ............. Baird, Albert Washington, III ... 482, Baird, Bonnie Elizabeth . . 226, 370, Baird, Cynthia Jane 199, Baird, Edward Hudson ........ Baird, James McKinney .......... Baird, K.y 52, 473, 287, 298, 49, 288, 289, 53, 68, 81. 311, 476, 481, 295, Baity, Carolie Ann . . Baker, Brook Alan BaVer, Caroline, Susan Baker, Carroll Ann Baker, Dorothy W B.ker, Gilbert Lowell Baker, Hines H. . Baker, James A. Baker, James Allen 254, 255, 499, 257, 477, 214, 353, 170, 173, 171, Baker, Jarne. Hall, III ..... 301, Baker, Jcanncllc Selman 263, Baker, Judith Ann ---- 182, 232, 516 568 308 44 55 568 582 327 582 582 568 314 516 556 516 262 199 243 568 222 582 217 243 213 479 516 63 256 299 301 516 468 481 169. 556 582 556 470 516 582 556 496 199 500 481 556 239 516 296 271 353, 497 227, , 516 474 481 330 33 484, , 516 556 257 46 568 270, 332 370 582 Name Baker, Judith Anne Pages .... 568 . . 386 444 Baker, Margaret R Baker, Mary Martha . 229, Baker, Mary Molly Baker, Mary Morgan 58 370. 516 . . 195 . . . . 568 . .. 582 Baker, 0. N. Baker, Paul Lester Baker, Betta Chapman , Baker, Revenor Cornelius Baker, Rex G., Jr Baker, Roger Thomas Baker, Ronald Charles Baker, Steve Edward ... 556 582 200, 201 ... 516 ... 35 . . . . 291 191, 494 . . . . 471 198, 516 Baker, Suzanne Baker, Suzanne Laura Baker, Timothy Wain Baker, Thomas Lyle . . . 302, . . . 227 226, 582 386, 582 361, 582 58 Baker, Wendell Carl Bakri, Mahmoud C ... 382 . . 369 487 Baldwin, Ben A., Jr Baldwin, Frank Lee, Jr Baldwin, Robert Basil, III Baldwin, Robert Clayton Baldwin, Roland Chris Balkman, Patricia Sue , 172, 200 313, 556 280, 281. 332. 516 .... 313 284 516 180 182, , 489, 556 582 328, 329 Ball, Jack Johnson, Jr Ball, Jacqueline Diana Ball, John Charles Ball, Kenneth Douglas Ballard, Arthur Charts Ballard, Darrell Monroe Ballard, Jerry Lee . . . 207, Ballard, Jo Nita 279, 516 .... 582 ... 568 .... 274 277, 516 486, 556 339, 466. 467 . 516 556 ... 386 Ballew, Dawson Dwayne ... 289 516 Balsely, Ronald Dean Balthrop, Granville Harold . . Balthrop, Janice Ann . 200, Baltzer, Glenda Noah Balzen, William Henry Bandy, Ronald Davis . . 285, Bane, Marilyn Annette Banister, Derrtod Neal Bankhead, Jack Bridges . . . Bankston, Thomas Arthur . . . Bannerol, James Al Bannon, Johanna Frances . . 347, 387 279, 336. 470 489, 556 485 .... 339 428, 440, 510 194, 196 300, 361. 582 472, 556 336 274, 582 368, 474, 582 237 Baptist Student Union H, Mohamad Samih . . 341 .... 369 60 Barazi, Mohamed Bassam Barbee, Nancy Sue . . . . 369 242, 582 516 Barber, Joel Stephen Barber, Judith Ann Barber, Roger Murray Barbisch, Julia Adele . . 258, Barbies, Gary Eugene . 169, Barbour, Carroll Stanley Barbour, James Charles .... Barclay, James McKee Barclay, Leland 277 246 180, 343 451, 582 172, 299. 568 285, 568 500, 556 335, 556 57, 480 245, 568 42 . 499 Ttnrdwell Charles M. . . 359 Barefield, Russell Morris . . 436, 437, 440 Barenblat, Belly 202, 230 Barenblat, Irvine 325 Barenblat, Martin 324, 582 Barfield, Danny Robert 207 Barfield, Milton Charles 473 Bargainer, James Daniel, Jr 497 Bargainer, Michael Andy 299 Barger, Jeanette Cecelia 221 Barker, Barrel! Harrison . . . 168, 171, 271, 506, 516 Barker, Campbell Brooks, II .. . . 516 Barker, Daniel Stephen ... Barker, Dim. L 349 Barker, Jimmy Lesler 568 Barker, N.ney Barker, William Campbell 270 Name Pafes Barkley, Daniel Andrew ...... 311, 556 Barlow, Dick ............ 212, 213 Barlow, Sherry Arlene ........... 227 Barlow, Thomas Edward .......... 50 Barnard. Dorothy Lillian Barnard. Herbert Joseph, Jr Barnard. Jam 41 170. 501, 582 . . 319. 472 232, 233 516 582 317 266, Barnard. La Barnard, Larry Gordon Barnard, Lynn E Barneby, Lauren Robert Barnes, Anne Breese .......... 46 Barnes, Ariane .................... 46 Barnes, Dorothy Elizabeth .... 236, 582 Barnes, Graham Kerr ...... 336, 470 Barnes, John Wesley ............. 444 Barnes, Lyngle Dudley ........... 490 Barnes, Polly Ann .............. 205 Barnett, Elizabeth LeGrand 238. 568 Barnett, Jerry Leland ....... 316. 568 Barnetl, John Bryan, Jr ..... 275, 516 Barnett, Robert Rapgio ...... 303, 568 Barnett, Sheila Ann ............... 247 Barnhart, L. Irvin .......... 318, 556 Barnhart, Mary Luada ........... 255 Barnhill, Charles Richard . . 295, 422. 423, 440, 510, 556 Barnhill, Weldon W., Jr ..... 317, 568 Barr, Alfred Michael . 336, 470, 497. 516 Barr, Ben B ................. 52. 478 Barr, Mrs. Benn L ....... 302 Barr, Curtis Allen, Jr ............ 275 Barr, Gary Joe .................. 556 Barr, Henry Buford ............. 317 Barr, Richard Dennis ............ 568 Barr, Richard Stuart ....... 279, 385 Barraga, Natalie Carter ........... 55 Barras, Roper Edward ....... 582 Barrera, Martin, III ............. 347 Barrett, Joseph S., Jr ............. 390 Barrett, Suzanne Calverl Barrett, William Bernard 245 52, 175. 478. 479 327 582 64 582 582 284, Barricklo. Kenneth Hewes Ban-on, William Bruce Barron, William Edward Barron, William Edward, II Barrows, Sarah Elizabeth Barry, Thomas Patrick, HI . 95 Barsness, Annette Phyllis ......... ' 181 Bartels, Robert Michael ..... 180, 568 Barth, Earth Vaunette . 203, 238, 582 Barth, Elizabeth Ann ............ 493 Barlhmaier, Joseph Francis ....... 582 Bartholomew, Sara .......... 259, 370 Bartlctl, Craig Edsall .............. 318 Bartlett, John Edmund, III . . 359, 478 Barllell, Mary K.y .... 183, 238. 582 Bartlett, William Dwighl .... ..... 486 Barton, Christine Antonia . ... 201, 582 Barton, Donald Edward ........... 213 Barton, Henry David ........... 491 Barton, Judylh Faye ... 196. 478, 479 Barton, Rebecca Bob .......... 237 Barton, Sterlin Eoff, Jr. 486, 516 Barlosch, Gerald L ..... .467 Barlosh, Carroll Patrick ..... 335 Bartosh, Daniel Valentine, Jr. . 339 Barlosh, Ccraldiue Virginia 194, 198 Bartram, Raymond A ........ Basco, Eugene Melton ........... 331 Basket!, Mary Ann Davis ...... 191 Baskette, Cynthia Duval ... 196, 247. 370, SS6 Bass, Bill, Jr ................... 491 Bass, George Turner ...... 177, 440 Bass, John Lincecum ........... 582 Bass, Marr Deborah ....... 229, 568 Bass, Pamela Majewski ........... 494 Bass, Robert Lee ............... 339 Bass, Willard Randolph ..... 556 Basselt, Anne Louise ..... ....... 582 Bassetti, Robert D.lton ---- 388. 502 B.SI. Ann ............ 170, 243, 556 B.lchelder, Richard Harley 335, 497 Bates, James Herbert ..... . ..... 486 Bates, James N .................. 310 Bates, Johnny Mark ............. 213 B.tes, Kindell Wayne ...... 285, 556 B.les, Nin. MeConnell ........... 485 Balres, Roberto E. ... 181, 212. 216. 478 Batson, Richard E.rl ............. 491 Ballaclia, Mary Jo .............. 223 Batlersby. Sandra K.y ........... 582 B.ttey, Dorothy Jane .......... 43 Balls, C.selene Y.lander .556 Balls, Mirth . Elitahelh ...... 370, 516 Page 600 SCARBROUGHS Congress Avenue and Sixth Street, Austin DOWNTOWN serving the University and its community for over eighty years Page 601 ' :nir Page Bauer. William Henry, Jr. . . 328. 329. 556 Bauph. Belly Diane 582 Baush, Charlotte Veonne .... 221, 250, 348 Bauphman. Don Cliff 354, 516 Baughn, Marilyn Lee 236, 582 Baum, Alan Carl 291, 295, 472 Baum, ' Richelle Maurinr . . . 203. 2)8 Baum, Stuart Frost 273, 516 Baitmann, Judy Lynn 556 Baunistark, Mary F 202, 582 Bausch, Linda Ruth 205 Bavmiset, Jamie Ann 255 Bawman, Mrs. Helen 272 Baxter, Catharine Dallas 267 Baxler, Janell 229, 349, 568 Baxter. Judith Elynne . . 203, 226, 345. 582 Baxler, Nick Herbert 491 Bay, John William 180, 270 Bayless. Jackson Thomas, Jr 342 Bays, Commander Frederic L 381 Baze, Helen Elizabeth 182 Beaehy. Morris Jay 61. 344 Beaird, Suzanne 198 Beale. Judith 50 Beall, April 229, 474, 501. 568 Beall. Celia Rae ... 181, 203, 228. 582 Btals. Patrieia Lorraine 182. 241 Bean, George Rogers 486. 493 Bean, Janis 258, 556 Bean, Richard Ellis 568 Bean, Virginia 1 478, 479 Beanland, Catherine Johnson .... 256. 509 Beard, Billy Brooks 516 Beard. Lhda Kav 172. 181, 194, 201. 228, 568 Beard, Martha Lee 204 Beard, Marvin F 517 Beard, Winston C 52, 479 Beanlen, Barbara Louise . . . 267, 370, 474, 489, 568 Bearden, Bobbie Ann 568 Bearden, James Ralph 556 Bearden, Jne Henry . . . 175, 354, 481 Beardsley. B. Maxine Cowsar 50 Beardsley, William Floyd . . 350, 386 Beare, H. William, Jr 369 Beasley, Ann 194, 203, 267, 568 Beaslon, Lee Ellen 221 Beam, Sylvia Clare 254, 475, 568 Beaurhamp, William Bryan 271. 390, 517 Beavens, Sandra Lou 205, 583 Beavers. Gordon 436 Bebb, Chester Richard 213 Bechtol, Jay Currie 297 Beck, Becky Jo 222 Beck, Darcus Barry .... 259. 474. 568 Beck. David Drew 568 Beck, Edward Lee 219 Beck. Gail Anne 183, 241, 556 Beck, Jerry 172 Beckelman. Dan Edward 500 Becker, Katherine Louise . . 197, 370, 517 Becker, Laurence Albert 43 Becker, Lyneth Loraine 204, 252 Becker, Sheldon Ira 344 Becker, Susan Anne 202, 230 Beckey, Andrew Daniel .... 211, 216 Beckham, Earnell 194, 200, 201, 489, 556 Beckham, Robert Lawrence 289 Beckham, Robert Sidney 517 Beckluncl, Ann Helen . . 194, 200, 201, 556 Beckman, Kathleen Anne . . 206, 568 Beckman, Sanders Guest . . . 272, 273 Becknell, Nelda Kay . . 81, 170, 171, 179, 232, 233, 509, 556 Beckoff, Ivan Charles 272, 583 Beckworth, Lindley Gary, Jr 297 Beddoe, Susan F 583 Bcdenbender, Johji William 497 Bednar, David Roy 276 Bedrick, Frank Johnny 403, 440 Beeler, Park Lyle 213, 386. 583 Beeley, Rebecca 257, 568 Beesley, Sandra Ann 245 Becsing, Alton Glenn 213 Beeson, Truman Barry 312 Bepeman, Myron Louis 394 Behne, Sheryl K.y 451 Bcightler, Charlei Spracm- 59 Belila, Leon Joseph 347, 583 Belisle, Mavis Velta . . 171, 183, 474, 568 Belknaj,. Carol Leigh 349, 370 Belknap, Ivan C 48 Name Pages Bell. Anita Louise 263. 370 Bell. Charlotte Ann 239, 517 Bell, Charlotte Traylor . . 202, 266, 58.1 Bell, David Eugene 291 Bell, David Henry 28T Bell, Donald Barton 556 Bell, Douglas Edwards, Jr 310 Bell, Francis Folsom, Jr. ... 289, 440 Bell, Jack 325, 568 Bell. James Allen 556 Bell. James Harold 275, 510 Bell, James Keith 299 Bell, Jay Stephen 337, 481 Bell, John David 289 Bell, Judy Katherine 474 Bell, Lois Ilene 169, 218, 249, 268. 556 Bell, Margarette Ann 210. 349 Bell, Mary Elizabeth . . . 257, 477, 568 Bell, Thomas Benjamin . 338. 480, 497, 517 Bell, Tony 191 Bell, Wilfred Chapman 361, 568 Bell, William Charles 45 Bellamy, Janee Brown ' 223 Bellamy, William Newton 389 Bellinger, Patricia Ann 250 Bellmont, L. T 311 Bolt, James Henry . . . 335, 361, 389, 556 Belt, Judith Lanier 517 Belt, Morris Edward, Jr 517 Belt, Walter Edwin 416 Belton, Mrs. J. D 286 Belz, Saul Charles 307 Benavides, Maria 221, 349, 357 Bender, Barbara Ann 474 Bender, Richard Bollon, II 321, 568 Bendorf, Robi H 314 Benedict, Helen Virginia .... 252, 568 Bengston, Donald David 298 Benjamin, David Gleason 308 Benjamin, Ludy Thompson, Jr. ... 568 Benjamin, Marye Durrum 499 Benjamin, Pamela Mae .... 198, 474, 583 Bennett, Bonnie Elizabeth . . 253, 484. 517 Bennett, Camila S 319, 499 Bennett, Earl Dean 52, 478 Bennelt, Gerald Browning, Jr. ... 274 Bennett, J. Harry 45 Bennett, John Scott . . . 274, 349, 583 Bennett, Judith Ann 1% Bennett, Judith Claire 243 Bennett, Mary Grace 222 Bennett, Morris Wayne 336 Bennett, Ora Alien 49, 509 Bennett, Pamela 239 Bennett, Patricia Ann 199 Bennie, William Andrew 54 Benson, Dana Dee 231, 351 Benson, Eleanor Sky 236 Benson, Joseph Chaffin, Jr 312 Benson, Leonard R 59 Benson, Rosalie Raines 240 Bentley, John Richard, Jr 277 Benlley, Ken 319 Benton, Brenda Sue 583 Benton, Carolyn Kathryn . . . 246, 247, 370, 517 Benlon, Matt Hall 317, 354 Beoning, Bruce Adolph 308 Bcran, Gary Lynn 353 Bercu, Steven Lloyd,. . 307, 332, 510 Berezovytch, William Norman .... 359 Berg, Carolyn Ann 517 Berg, Janet Louise 367, 475 Bergen, James Kenneth .... 281, 332 Bergen, James Thomas, III 309 Bergen, Richard 51 Bergen, Wanda Elaine . 194, 198, 254, 568 Berger, Joel Stewart 325, 556 Berger, Susan Jane 230 Bergeron, Earl Joseph 505 Bergfeld, Julius Louis, Jr 354 Bergquist, Carl Oscar 62 Berk, Joan Marilyn 206, 568 Berkman, John Lawrence, Jr 295 Berkman, La Trellc . . . 263, 340, 517 Berly, Byron Thomas 296, 583 Berly, James F., Ill 283 Berly, Janis Ann .. 81, 244, 245, 391, 556 Berman, Alex 61, 493 Berman, Cheryl Marcia 206, 248, 583 Berman, Janit Emily 195, 583 Bcrmann. Mark William 324, 325, 517 Bermonl, Judith Ann 265, 517 Name Pages Bernard, Ginger Carroll .... 181, 244. 451 Bernard, Nancy .... 242, 268, 509, 583 Bernardoni, Stephen Louis 583 Bernhard, Johnnie Mae .... 205, 583 Bernstein, Howard Lawrence . . 325, 337, 556 Bernstein, Stanley Jay 324, 325 Berry, Barbara Jill 583 Berry, George Madison 285, 457 Berry, James Malcolm, 490, 493 Berry, Margaret ... ' ..... 33, 179, 503 Berry, Nancy Sharon 349 Berry, Patricia Ann 198 Berry, Randolph C 379, 505 Berry, Ruth Ann 223 Bcrumen, Miguel, III 389 Berwick, Michael Holden .... 481, 556 Berzon, Michael Blackburn 335 Beschen, Darrell Anthony, Jr 284, 386 Bescher, Barbara Anne 206, 239, 556 Besselman, James Arthur . . . 317, 403. 440 Besselman, Marcy Margaret .... 227, 370 Best, Jesse Edison, Jr 352 Beta Alpha Psi 478 Beta Gamma Sigma 479 Betancourt, Winnie Loraine 368 Beta Theta Pi 276, 277 Bethea, Lona Katherine .... 262, 568 Bethea, William Lamar 440 Bellinger, Charles Ollie, III . . S3, 481 Beltis, James Michael 354, 481 Beverage, David G 52 Bevill, Nancy Jo 583 Bevill, Tom R 283 Bewley, Kimblc Morrow 583 Bexley, Bill Jack, Jr 568 Beyea, Eleanor Bankston ..68, 90, 169, 170, 174, 179, 243, 268, 504, 556 Beyer, Chester Waldem 389 Beyer, Chester Waldemar, Jr 568 Beyer, Daniel Philip 583 Beyer, Stanley Charles 556 Beynon, Frank Priour 517 Bhagat, Surinder K 497 Bianchi, Kathryn Marie 205 Bianchi, Paul Henry 500, 556 Bibb, Robert Bennett 320 Bible, Dana Xenophon 283 Bickel, Stephen Douglas ... 298, 299 Bickerton, Craig Bierman 330 Bickle, Larry Wayne 335 Bickley, John Strock 354, 479 Biedermann, Allen Joseph . . 336, 517 Biedermann, David Anthony . 482, 497 Biegert, Eugene Austin 568 Bierbower, Amy Elizabeth 517 Bierds, Donna Margaret 222 Biesele, John Julius 49 Bigelow, Joselte M 48 Biggers, Larry Albert 378, 517 Biggs, William Renshaw 478, 512 Bigley, Mauretta Lucienne . . 222, 556 Bil ger, Jimmy Mack 339, 497 Bilgitay, Leyla 198 Bilhartz, Linda Joy 204 Bill, Robert Gregory, Jr 304 Billa, Larry Joseph 350, 387 Billings, James Thomas 353 Billings, Robert Iris . . 171, 181, 265, 509 Billingsley, James Pershing 56 Billingsley, Olen Clifton, III 368 Billion, Vickie Jo 243, 568 Bills, Rodney Mac 556 Billups, James Thomas, Jr 353 Billups, Susan 227, 370 Bily, George Gerald 335, 467 Binder, Robert T 505 Binford, Weslon McQueen 386 Btngham, Everett Foster, Jr 308 Bintliff, Charles Henry 277 Birchfield, Richard Henry 556 Bird, David Edward 172, 315 Birden, Sheila Ann 174, 240 Birdsong, George Purnell, III .... 350, 386 Birdwell, Lloyd Willis, Jr. . . 170, 171, 172, 182, 284, 285, 517 Birkman, Ruth Ann 352, 475 Birkner, Charles James 344 Birnbaum, Celeste Carol .... 172, 265, 556 Birnbaum, Michael Lee .... 324, 325 Birnholz, Richard Joseph . . . 182 , 491 Bischoff, Kenneth Bruce .... 57, 336, 470 Biihop, Donald Clintn 297 Bishop, Cruce E 54 Name Pages Bishop, Park E 343, 501, 517 Bishop, Thomas Armistead 279 Bitter, Priscilla Ann 337 Billon, R. Davis 45 Bivings. Kathleen Isabel .... 236, 237 Bivins, Betty 257 Bixby, Alison Gail 583 Bixler, Martha Elizabeth . ' 556 Bizzell, Bobby Gene 512 Bizzell, Don Howard 338 Black, Byron Allen, Jr 191 Blaek, Dayle Rhea Black, Elizabeth F. . . Black, Howard Black, James Milton . Black, Linda Black, Martha Marilla Black, Nancy Elaine . Black, Robert Earl Blackaller, Judy Gale . Blackburn, Judith Ann 230 477 361 297 ... 263, 451 262, 263 197, 242, 583 488, 517 194, 202, 257 ... 169, 252, 370, 556 Blackburn, Sue Evelyn 229 Blacklock, Carroll DeWitt 583 Blackmon, Gretchen Elizabeth .... 488 Blackslock, Leo Guy 53, 331 Blackwell, Benjami n H., Jr 361 Blackwell, James Lee 556 Blackwell, William Albert . . 295, 556 Blackwood, Paul Michael 319 Blair, Ben Rogers, Jr 293, 389 Blair, Calvin Patton 53 Blair, Harold Dean 356 Blair, Joe Stuart 583 Blair, Lee Ann 227, 370, 568 Blair, Lydia 257 Blair, Martha Ellen 348 Blair, Richard D 38, 60, 61 Blair, W. Frank 49 Blair, William Shellon 291 Blake, George David 517 Blake, Marlin Maurice . . Blakeney, Marvin Robert Blakeslee, Gladys Joanne Blakeway, Victor Darrell Blaklcy, Carolyn Estine . Blalock, Richard W. ... Blalock, Sammy Eston . Blanchette, Linda Bess . Blandy, Deborah Anne . . Blank, Jeffrey Roland . Blankenship, Anne Elizabeth Blankenship, Bonnie Bethany 446, 583 . . . 294, 295, 517 . . . 255, 477 171 . . . 202, 244, 583 35 353 . . . 242, 583 81, 194, 203, 245, 268, 568 335 172, 228 241, 556 Blankenship, Jacob W 54 Blankenship, Robert Norwood .... 568 Blanks, Sara Bethany 201, 568 Blanton Dormitory 196 Blanton, John Freeman 213, 335 Blanton, Judith Cay . . 244, 245, 503. 517 Blanton, Judith -Schleyer 84 Blanton, Winfred McCoy 556 Blayney, Luther Richard, Jr 350, 385 Blazek, Man JoAnn 254, 255, 349, 517 Bledsoe, Hoyt Eugene, Jr 444 Blend, Ben Lee 314 Blend, Michael Marc 325 Block, Barbara Merrie 230 Block, Michael Wallace .... Block, Ronald Steven Blocker, Clyde E Blocker, John Findlay Blood, Susan Jane . . . 177, Bloodworlh, Beverly Bloomquist, Marvin Gaines .... 317 273, 556 55 172, 321 181. 226. 451, 583 244 176, 482, 497 . 243 Blount, Barbara Jean III. mm. Martha Ann 243 Blount, Stephen William . 173, 321. 332. 506 Bludau, Owen William 507 Bludeau, Adrian Louii . 568 Blum, Charles Etheridge 497, 335 Blum, Eugene 339 Blum, Lois Ann 170. 230, 231 Blum, Marilyn 196, 484, 568 Blumberg, Joan Phyllii 172, 248. 583 Blumc, George Herman. II . . 350, 385 Blunk. William David . . 27, 30, 35, 179 Blunk, Willi.m David, Jr 312 Blunt, Beryl Eliiibeth 256 Blurton, Jerry Holbert v 568 Bo, Tulio 181 Page 602 Name Boardman, Calvin Moore Boardman, Henry Porter . . . . Boardman, Noel Board of Regents Boatman, Lawrence Terry . . Boatright, Mody C Bobb, Betty Cecile . . . 252, Bobbin, James Ellis Bobbitt, Rhodes Russell Bobo, Jerry Lynn Bobo, Peggy Sue 206, Bobo, Roy Alexander, II Bock, Bennie Walter, II Bock, Betsy Ann . . . Bock, Carol Sue Bock, James Edward Bocock, Linda Louise Bodden, Merilyn Kay Boddy, Ellen Marshall Boddy, H. Macon Bode, Charles William, Jr. Bode, John Warren, Jr. . . 257, Bode, Mary Louise .... 227, Bodoin, Alys 194, Boecker, Barry James Boedeker, Paulette Lillian . . Boehl, John Elmo .... 353, Boehm, Carl Ferdinand, Jr. Boehm, Telva Joseph Boehner, David Martin Boemer, Gene Boenig, Gilbert Edwin, Jr. . Boettcher, Armin Schlick . . . Boettcher, Dorothy Kimbell Bogan, Brenda Jo .... Bogart, George Allen . Bogart, Patricia Annette . . 81 Bogart, Vivian Ann . . . 172, Pages 308, 457, 568 298, 583 182, 556 27 339 43 253, 370. 617 295 294 583 , 232, 345, 583 351, 501, 556 183, 481, 517 .... 231 .... 344 315, 472 ... 267 .... 253 358, 556 35 583 361, 389. 583 349, 568 198, 206 491 569 482, 497, 517 213, 569 517 316 471 583 317 194, 206, 227 255, 349 60 , 391, 556 196, 370. S69 Name Pages Boggess, Barbara Gay . 81, 171, 182. 194, 205, 228, 509, 569 Boggs, Allen Neal 361, 583 Boggs, James E 42 Boggs, Mary Alleen . . 227, 474, 489, 494 569 517 198, 569 172, 310, 583 517 203, 238 .... 482, 497 Bohls, Rodney Joe 556 Bohman, Joan Marie . . . 202, 242, 475 Bohn, Carl Henry, Jr 311, 569 Bohnert, Reuben Edward . . . 476, 517 Bohrer, Paula Irene 180, 241 Bohuslav, Jackie Sue . . . 239, 345, 569 Boise, Jeanne Louise 172, 202, 222, 474, 489, 583 Boland, Diana Lynn . 182, 203, 238, 583 Boland. Hayden Edward . . 505, 569 Bolch, William Emmett, Jr 480 Boggus, Dennis Lynn Bobac, Gladys Jean Bohannon, Julia Carol Bohannon, William George . . Bohls, Carl E Bohls, Linda Louise Bohls, Raymond William, Jr. .. 42 222, 488, 518 188, 495, 518 372 270 45 557 279 183 276 219 219 207 Bond, Bonnie Vale 229, 349, 569 Bond, Donna Darlene 201, 557 Bond, Ronald Fred .... 207, 500, 557 Bond, Terry Lynn 345, 569 Bondies, Catherine Elizabeth 227 Bone, Ellen Jane 238, 370 Bold, Harold Charles Bolding, Muriel Irene . . Boldt, Richard D Boles, Mrs. Mabel Bolger, David Jack Boiler, Paul Franklin, Jr. Bollon, Ann Ervin Bolton, Christopher Lee Bomba, David Anthony . . Bomba, Mark C Bombace, Richard Joe . Bomberger, William John Bon, Ronald Fred Name Boner, Charles Randall Bones. Charles H Bones, George Eugene, Jr. . . Bonhani. Harold Wayne Bonine, Michael Edward . Bonjcan, Charles Michael . . . Bonner, Bryce Eugene Bonner, David Calhoun Bonnet, Harriet Burns Book, Michael Felix Booker, Robert Alexander . . . Boone, Bobby Lynn Boone, Fredrick Joseph .... Boone, Jack B Boone, James Byron Boone, Saundra Lois Boorman, James Albert, III . Booth, Jane Ellen Booth, Robert David Boothe, Sandra Nell Boothe, Sharon Jane Bordages, Betty Adele Borg, Howard Alan Borg, Susan Pamela Boring, Joseph Lee Bormaster, Helene B Born, Anne Penn Born, Rev. Charles Henry . . . Boroughs, Rilla June . . 259, Borsch, Carol Elizabeth Borup, Charles H.. Ill Bossin, Elliot Morton Bost, Roy Wade Bostick, Francis X., Jr Boston, Jack Ray Bostrom, Donald Eugene Boswell, George Timothy Boswell, Michael Stanley . . . Boswell, Robert E Botello, Martha Domitila Bolkin, Sally Jean Bottom, Kenneth Charles . . . . Bottoms, Durwood Ferris . . . . Bolts. Jerry Monroe . . . 170. toga 326. 327 481 336, 197. 518 . 182 518 48 . . 389 336, 583 .... 245 569 382, 505 .... 557 275, 569 510 270, 583 267 275, 481 226 331 577 .... 487 .... 257 .... 293 .... 201 557 230 .... 240 352, 512 340, 349 241 303, 518 325 471 . 58, 482 457, 468 53 293 ... 481 . . . 502 .... 223 227, 569 473 386, 583 181, 505. 569 Bolts, Peggy Bouchier, Joe Tom 301, Bouck, Muriel Jan Boudloche, David Michael . . Boudloche, Lloyd Henry, Jr. . Bourland, Brad Bourland, James V Boutwell, John Clayton, Jr. . Bowden, Barry Lynn Bowden, Edwin Turner Bowden, Harry James Bowden, Mary Frances Bowen, Charles Kent Bowen, Dinah Graham Bowen, Janne W Bowen, Judith Ann Bowen, Kristin Bowen, Penelope Bowen, Shirley Joyce Bower, Lennox Corley Bower, Arthur Michel Bowers, Beverly Anne . . 182 Bowers, John Wesley, Jr. . . Bowers, Judith Eileen Bowers, Katherine Mary . . . Bowers, Nancy Jane Bowlin, James H Bowling, Joe Conley Bowman, Gary Wayne Bowman, John Denton Bowman, Jonathan Avery . . . Bowman, Louie James, Jr. . . Bowman, Lynda Kay Bowman, Norma Lou Bowman, Robert Hunt Bown, James Michael Bowyer, Carlton H Box, Elgene Owen Boxwell, Michael Rodgers . . . Boyce, Ruth Boyce, Shelton Wylie Boyd, Bette Maxine . . . 170, Pages 203, 242 336, 470. 569 474 311 310, 311, 510, 518 179 185 557 569 . 43, 18 284, 583 64 386 202 195, 569 518 229, 370 202 245 298 297 254, 255 323, 557 196, 451 244, 245. 557 205, 583 347 50 557 569 . 62, 496 387 557 33 279 270, 583 55 344, 583 297 254, 370 271, 557 172, 242, 243, 504 Bob Spence, his wife, Jan, and daughter, Andrea, shown shopping for their daily grocery needs at one of the friendly KASH-KARRY stores near the University Campus. KASH-KARRY GROCERY 3035 GUADALUPE 2401 SAN GABRIEL Page 603 Pages Boyd, Douglas Arrington 279 Boyd, Forrest Paul 428, 440 Boyd, Gary Wilson 322, 323, 557 Boyd, George Mitchell, II . . 172, 291, 569 Boyd, John Ronald 583 Boyd, Joyce Ann 254, 349 Boyd, Mary Ann 260 Boyd, Michael Leroy 321 Boyd, IJoxanne 242, 583 Boyd, Susan Kathleen 259 Boyd, William Lafayette, III 330 Boyd, William Paxton 481 Boydstun, Barbara Kaye 229, 370. 487, 557 Boyer, Daniel Royce 344 Boyer, Don 353 Boyer, Mildred Vinson 48 Boyer, Robert Ernst 40 Boykin, Jo Anne 194, 205, 504 Boykin, M. Eddie 283, 481, 518 Boyle, Betty Marie 238, 583 Boyle, Janet Ethel 244, 583 Boyle, Josephine Louise 253 Boyle, Thomas Michael 481 Bozarth, Kenneth Dale 583 Bozeman, Paul Preston, III 331, 569 Braastad, Frederick William 518 Brace. Anna Kingsley . . 237, 371, 557 Brack, Linda Carol 262, 349 Brackenridge, Genie . . 68, 81, 170, 259, 383, 503, 504, 509, 557 Bradfield, Beatrice Eileen 223 Bradford, Donald Ray 583 Bradford, Eddie 500 Bradford, Giles Edward 557 Bradford, Robert Lee 501, 58J Bradfute, David Lee 518 Bradfute, James Maurice 518 Bradfute, Jane Ellen 518 Bradley, Charles Russell 319 Bradley, David H 60 Bradley, Harold L 309, 416 Bradley, James Dunbar, Jr 569 Bradley, James Howard 500 Bradley, John Brooks, Jr. ... 349, 372, 490 Bradley, Robert Sanders 308 Bradley, Steven Justin 309 Bradley, Walter Lee . . 176. 319, 497, 508 Bradley, William Frank 57 Bradshaw, Gary L 557 Bradshaw, Marcille 50 Bradshaw, Patsy N 226, 569 Brady, Elaine A 240 Brady, Patrick Bernard 182, 386, 569 Brady, Samuel David .... 172, 181, 182, 337, 500 Braeutigam, James Oliver 207 Branch, Charles B 382, 501, 583 Branch, Stephen Carter ... 316, 583 Brand, Donald Dilworth 45 Branda, Eldon Stephen 43 Brandle, Charles David, Jr 470 Brandon, Dennis Foster 518 Brandon. William Paul S18 Brandt, Floyd S 53 Brandt, Louis Kohl, Jr 207 Brandt, Roger Layne 271, 518 Branfield, Katherine Patricia 61 Brannan, Patricia M 349, 557 Branning, Evelyn Mildred . . 361, 474 Branning, Howell Pierre 61 Bransford, Nanci Ellen 254 Branson, Frank Leslie, III 216 Brantley, Barbara Sue 241, 569 Brantley, Cynthia Louise . 68, 84, 168, 171, 245, 503, 504, 557 Branum, Lee Richard 275 Braselton, Carolyn Clifton 263 Braselton, Sue 200, 569 Brashier, Clifton Armon, Jr 569 Brassell, Comer Clarence, Jr 308 Braswell, Don Merton 569 Braswell, James Ray 322, 557 Bratcher, Joe W., Jr 61 Bratton, Andrew J 283 Bratton, Robert Erie 294 Braud, Victor Ernest, III 331 Brauer, Karl Henry 518 lira, in, Bobby Lynn 390, 502 Braun, Carl Arthur 518 Braveman, Gary Mark 307 Braveman, Phyllis Carle 231 Bray, Clarence Vaughn . . 84, 274, 275, 402, 440, 483, 510, 518 Bray, Harry Douglas 214 Bray, Ruthann 171, 229 Bray, Thomas Albert 501, 557 Braymen. William Walter . . 335, 557 Brdecka, F.ugenr Franklin 583 Name Breaker, Jonnie Elinor . Breath, Lisa Breazeale, John Richard Breckenridge, Kay Page] . 474 . 257 213 503 Breckenridge, Robert L. Jr. 170, 173. 500 Breen, John Edward 57 Breen. Wilford Thomas 305 Breeze, Jerry Ward . 491 Brehm, Joan Ann 221, 361, 366, 504. 557 Breig, Ernest Richard 476 Breland, Osmond Philip 49, 349 Brenan, Barbara Anne 262, 509 Brenan, Michael Shane . . . 295, 472, 508 Brenan, Walter P 27 Brenek. David Scott 215 Brener, Marvin Leo 325 Brenner, William M 50, 372, 467 Brent, John Bosworth 295 Brentlinger, Willard Hughes 299 Breskin, Jack Owen 389 Brcsky, Philip Alan 272 Brestrup, Craig Dwight 389, 491 Breuer, Lou Ellen Elizabeth . 233, 348, 451 Brewer, Bill 213 Brewer, Bruce Gerald, Jr 492 Brewer, Charles William, Jr 180 Brewer, Patricia Elizabeth 253 Brewton, Joe L 310 Bridges, Charles Walter 557 Bridges, Gloria Ann 245, 451 Bridges, Jarrell M., Jr 490 Bridges, Joe Mack 289, 339 Bridges, William Carlton 512 Brien, Richard Herman 479 Briggs, Alice 206 Briggs, Diane Virginia 583 Briggs, Glenna Virginia 583 Briggs, Larry Bateman 275 Briggs, Melton Lee, Jr 583 Brigham, Oran, Jr 482, 497 Brightman, Anna 46, 487 Brightman, Kathleen Lee 222 Brightman, Thomas Oswell . . 172, 180. 213, 334, 505, 569 Brightwell, Jack H., Jr 185 Brightwell. Nathan Leroy 286, 557 Briley, Dorothy McCurdy 46 Brill, James Peter 497 Brim, Jefferson Kearney, III .... 284, 396, 506, 583 Brindley, Dr. C. V., Jr 35 Brindley, Hanes Hanby, Jr 313 Brindley. Martha Love .... 258, 259, 268, 557 Brink, James William 304 Brinkley, Betty Jean 221, 475 Brinkley, Charles Richard . . . 214, 361, 365, 569 Brinkley, Janice 494 Brinkmann, Richard 44 Brinsmade, Patricia 263 Briscoe, Carolyn 210, 234, 509 Brison, Fred Robert 518 Brison, James William 327 Brito, Jaime Fernando 480 Brito, Maria Cecilia 557 Briltain, Marilyn Kay 197, 583 Britton, Thomas Franklin 491 Brizzolara, Franklin William 335, 359 Brock, Elmo Everitt 501 Brock, Linda Catherine 370, 518 Brock, Franklin Watkins. Jr. . 336, 518 Brockermeyer, Kae Louis 291 Brogdon, Staff Sgt. Harold 376 Broline, Eric N 180, 353, 501 Broman, Margaret Claire . . . 237, 475 Bronaugh, David Edward 518 Brook, Doyle Kenneth 270, 569 Brooke, Bennett Franklin 308, 583 Brooke, Douglas Neilson . . . 172, 278, 359, 387, 583 Brookhart, Charles Edward . . 61 , 492 Brookins, Nellie May 204 Brookner, Mark Jay 307 Brooks, Alethea Dossett . . . 262, 349, 583 Brooks, Barbara Jean 583 Brooks, Betty Sue 197, 583 Brooks, Charles Van Winkle 317 Brooks, Donna Victoria 194, 200, 201, 247 Brooks, Eva Marie 557 Brooks, Jerry Glenn 557 Brooks, Judith Cayle . . 266, 506, 583 Brooks, Loyd George 500 Brooks, Melody Ann 569 Brooks, Paul Curtis . . . 353, 482, 518 Name p aft , Brooks, Peggy Ellen 478 Brooks, Penelope . 194. 201. 245, 557 Brooks, Phyllis Anita 249, 518 Brooks, Sara Chaffin 45 Brooksal er, Doris Marian 370, 518 Broom, Leonard 43 Brophy, Mary Joan . . . 484, 499, 518 Brothers, Margaret Alice 261 Brotherton, James Douglass . . 387, 583 Broussard, Grace Belle 222, 371 Broussard, Mark Nicholas, Jr. ... 220 Brown, Alexis Joan . . 81, 90, 249, 268. 391. 557 Brown, Ann Connor . . 81, 167, 259. 488, 503 Brown, Annie Jane 211, 221 Brown, Arvilla Jean . . . 180, 203, 583 Brown, Bernard Eugene 569 Brown, Betsy Ruth 258 Brown, Betty Yarnell 254, 5a3 Brown. Beverly Gay . . . 236. 237, 475, 518 Brown, Bruce Milton 583 Brown, Cathi Cameron 243 Brown, Charles Rex, II 349, 359. 481. Brown, Curtis Reger 300 Brown. Donald Wallace .... 350, 351. 507 Brown. Fillis Carol 248 Brown, Frank Beverly, Jr 216, 390 Brown, Fred Lewis, III 583 Brown, Frederick Samuel 319 Brown, Cary L. Dale 311, 557 Brown, George Stanley 213 Brown, Gloria Faye 171, 583 Brown, Harold Neil 386 Brown, Colonel Herbert Evans . 376, 507 Brown, Howard Earl 59 Brown, Jack Bethel 483, 510 Brown, James Crozier . . 173, 338, 500. 518 Brown, Jan Moore 259 Brown, Jeanne Wray 255, 341 Brown, Jimmie Caleb 490 Brown, John Stanley 569 Brooks, Judy Gayle 198 Brown, Julia Ann 172, 194, 201. 450, 451, 489, 503, 504, 509, 557 Brown, Kathryn Lee 200, 569 Brown, Kermit Earl 59, 497 Brown, Leighton Baugh .... 482, 497, 518 Brown, Linda Diane . . . 181, 182, 2S5, 569 Brown, Margaret L 194, 202 Brown, Marshall Bernard .... 172, 306 Brown, Max, Jr 173, 372, 478 Brown, Michael David 349 Brown, Michael Jan 505 Brown, Monetta Mabeth . . . 237, 345, 557 Brown, Nancy Louise 239, 477 Brown, Norman D 45 Brown, Parker Hartley 290 Brown, Patricia Ann, (I) .... 1 94, 204 Brown, Patricia Ann, (II) . . 184, 190 Brown, Patricia Eileen 252, 583 Brown, Priscilla Ann 245 Brown, Richard R 3l o Brown, Robert Craves . . 39, 61, 486, 493 Brown, Robert James 339, 497 Brown, Roy M 64 Brown, Squire Lee .... 335, 497, 512 Brown, Tom Albert, Jr 557 Brown, Thomas Wilder 285, 557 Brown, Ursula Alfreda 569 Brown, Virginia Dietz 487 Brown, Virginia Jane 246, 583 Brown, Walter Varian ' . . . 42 Brown, Wayne Newsom 169 Brown, William Glen 390, 502 Brown, William McLane 481 Browne, Ernest Jewell 316, 583 Browne, James Clayton 47 Browne, Joe E 19] Browne, Nancy Anne 240, 557 Browning, Emily Bryant 257 Browning, Harley Linwood 48 Brownlow, Mrs. William 182 Brownlow, William Clyde 486 Broyles, Paul James 342 Brubaker, David Windsor .... 488, 518 Bruce, Karol Susan 197 Bruce, Max Allen Lee 339, 518 Brucks, George Louis . . 319, 401, 402, 440 Brundidge, Larry Joe 288 Brundrett, Betty Jo Ann . . 81, 100, 169, 227, 378, 383, 557 Brune, Robert Allen, Jr 339 Brun!, Patricia 256, 583 Name Pages Brunner, Betty Lee 206. 583 Bruns. Joe Henry 356 Bruns, Joe L 56, 59 Brunson, Marie Diane . . . 485 Bruyere, Joan E 206, 349, 583 Bryan, Anne ... 262, 583 Bryan, James Perry . . . 279 Bryan, James Perry, Jr. 295 Bryan, Sherry Lynn . ' 569 Bryant, Gaylia Jean . 200. 519 Bryant, James Michael 290 Bryant, James Raymond 317 Bryant, Louis Edward . . 214, 353, 557 Bryant, Victoria Ann . . 172 Bryalry, Robert Pressley, Jr. . 470, 569 Bryon, Frank Harold . . . 387 Bryson, Jeff Bell . 172 283 Bryson, Yvonne Joyce . 183, 204 Buchan, Glenn Carl . 293 Buchanan, Faye Elayne 559 Buchanan. Jack Wayland 305 Buchanan, James P. 279 Buchanan, Milton Thomas 482, 497 Buchanan, Richard Neal 285 Buchanan, Samuel Paul 583 Buchanan, Sara Jo 370 519 Buchek, Nancy Louise . . 259, 519 Buchert, Toni Lynn 198 Buck, Nancy Ruth 240, 345 Buckalew, Charles Otis . . . 402, 440, 508 Buckellew, Bonnie Ruth 253, 519 Buckner, Richard Lee . . . 557 Buckstaff, Sherwood, Jr. 557 Buelte], Richard Joseph 170, 172, 306, 445, 583 Buffington, Charles Richa rd 276 Bugg, William Bradford 512 Bugg, William Ray 185 Bugg, Willis Lemuel . 490 Bugna, William Stephen, Jr 213 Buie, Brenda Beverly . . . .... 247, 569 Buis, Kenneth Logan . . . 276 Buitron, Louis Jake, Jr. 519 Bullman, Eddie Bob 307 Bullough, Dale Clay . . 308, 491, 583 Bulls, Pamela Elizabeth . 519 Bunce, Charles Neil . 389, 502 Bunch, George Pardue . . 84, 90. 372, 472, 500, 519 Bunkley, Thomas Allen, Jr 313 Bunn, Ronald F 44 Bunnell, Bryan Alton 583 Bunt, George Michael 353,1 519 Buraiky, Saeed Hussain 355, 369 Burba, Betsy 34 Burbrink, Pauline W 64 Burch, Kenneth Wesley 311 Burrh, Paul James 317 Burcham, Sarah Frances .... 267, 383 Burdeshaw, Dorothy 50 Burdett, Tom Lee 171, 557 Burdette, Thomas Norman .... 322, 583 Burdick, Robert Dean 290 Burdine, John Alton 40 Burdine, John Theodore 299 Burford, Raymond Wallace 569 Burford, Samuel Ponders, Jr 295 Burford, William Skelly 43 Burger, John Austin 217, 584 Surges, Elisabeth Lee 584 Burgess, Dan Aubrey 297 Burgess, Robert Doil 569 Burgin, Elizabeth Hyer 584 Burk. James Eddy ... 169, 174, 321, 472, 508, 569 Burk. Linda Lee 181, 266, 509, 584 Burke, Barbara Ann 222, 519 Burke, Carole Joyce 221 Burke, Ronald Lynn 286 Burke, Stephen Michael 501, 584 Burke, Sterling Clinton .... 381, 481 Burkelt, Rita C 48 Burks, Judith Anita 477, 519 Burks, Thomas Franklin 493 Burkwall, Paul Andrew 341, 557 Burlagc, Henry Matthew .... 486, 493 Burlage, Mrs. Henry Matthew .... 485 Burleson, David W 440 Burleson, Penelope .... 246, 247, 370. 519 Burleson. Will.,,, Daniel . . . 285, 519 Burnett, Iris Lynn 199 Burnett, Margaret Olivia . . 203, 232, 509, 584 Burnett, Pamela Kay 245 Burnett, Pe||y Marie 221 Burnett, Robert Driver 292 Page 604 Name J ' age, Burnett, Sandra Lou . 183, 255, 370. 451 , 494 Burnette, Thomas Monte . . . . 316, 581 Burney, James Darwin 494, 500 Burnham, Barbara Erin 229 Burnham, Stanley 50 Burns Beverlv lane 557 ' r 1 A 519 Burns, Charlotte Legene .... 557 Burns, David Leiter 581 Burns, James Arthur 387 Burns, James Ode.ll 296 Burns, John Clinton . 361, 581 Burns, Laura McNeil . . 188, 191, 499 Burns, Mary Joan 241, 474, 569 Burns Ned 57, 480 Burns, Patsy Ann 212, 222 Burns, Bobert Grant 349 Burns, Vera 185 Burnside, Wayne Geocge . . . . 337, 519 Burow, James F 367 Burrer, Robert Elgin 308, 584 Burress, Muriel 54 Burroughs, Frank Randolph . 308 Burroughs, James David . . . 491 Burroughs, James Kay . . 24 Burroughs, Sara Allison 185 353 Burrows, Patty Lynn . . 180, 205, 228. 584 Burson, Theo Lynne 20 Burt Barbara 245 Burt, Beverly 245 Burt, Carol Virginia 222 Burt, George E 61 Burton, Gillette Dunn 316 Burton, Harold Maynard ... 336, 497 Burton, Joan Frances 370, 557 Burton, John Kenneth 335, 557 Burton, John Paul 276 Burton, Susan Ann 247 Burwell, Russell Gladwin 279 Bushv Blaire 267, 268 Buscaglia, Albert 60 Busby, Brooke 180, 266, 584 Bush, Dennis Craig 584 Bush, Eddie George 327, 569 Bush, Frederick Landrum . . . 320 Bush, Henry Alan 519 Bush, John Bobbins 285, 416 Bushell, Gary Everett . 303, 332, 471, 519 Busiek, John David 292, 584 Buske, Irene Claire . 183, 233, 569 Bussey, William Edward . . . 317, 519 Butcher, Clara Lou 257, 340 Butcher, Frank Bennis 519 Butcher. Madalvn Ruth 195 Butler, Betty Lou . 81, 252, 253, 326, 391 Butler, Bill Ben Butler, Duncan Tellef . . . Butler, J. K Butler, James Roy Butler, James Terence . . Butler, Michael Limerick Butler, Richard Nye Butler, Sarah Susan .... Butler, Stephen Joe Butschek, Mary Anthony Butter, Bette Lee Buttery, Dorothy Elizabeth 205, 254, 584 Button, Elizabeth Anne . . . 169, 266, 584 Bux, Robert Brentwood .... 302, 303, 472 Buxton, Billy Errol Buzzini, Carol Lee Bybee, Corinne Ellen 468 291 35 281, 491 . . 330, 557 296, 584 287 203, 266. 58 1 584 260 259 180, 182, 500 263 232, 233, 349, 519 Bybee, Joan Lea 232, 584 Byers, Beverly Ann 229 Byers, Frances Diane 584 Byers, Reva Annette . . . 180, 182, 584 Byfield, Patsy Jeanne . 194, 201, 489. 503. 504. 509 Byington, James Daniel 584 Bynum, Donald Wayne 353 Bynum, Douglas, Jr 57 Byrd, Clifton, Jr 289, 519 Byrd, Colonel D. Harold 35 Byrd, Karen Anne 245, 370 Byrd, Mary Helen 222 Byrd, Michael C 436, 445, 569 Byrd, Weldon Chapman 519 Byrne, Donn Erwin 48 Bzura, Janice Marlene 183, 569 Name Cabe, Alice Letitia . Cactus, The Caddel, Robert Randolpl Cade, David Ciller Cade, Tommy Norman Cadenhrad, Ben Chanel). Caffey, Jean Elizabeth . Cage, Beverly Louise Cahill, Richard William Cain. Carol Linda ... Cain, Gary Vernon . . . Cain. James Thomas . . Cain, Nancy Jane Caine, Rebecca . Caldcleugh, Jacqueline Hammer Caldwell, Gay Carroll Caldwell. Phillip Mack Caldwell, Robert Joseph Caldwrll, William David Calhoun, Susan O ' Neil Calhoun. Thomas Reynolds . 173. 326. 327, 332, 472, 557 Calhoun, Vicki Sue ... 171, 227, 472 Calk, Pamela Vanette 569 Calkins, Howard A 44 Calkins, Judith Lee . 267, Callahan, Michael James, Jr. 1 ' 474 186, 187 i . . . 353. 482. 497 277 414 ?r . . 310, 311 519 259, 270 473 243 500, 557 371, 492 243 197 Jammer . . 485 257 .... 171, 500. 519 471 331, 337. 519 203 Callaway. Elizabeth Lynne Callaway, James Paul Callaway, Joe Edd Callaway, Kenneth Ray . . . Calliham, Mike Brooks . . . Gallon, John William .... Calver, William Hamilton Calvert, Charlene Kay . . . Calvert, Kenneth Mitchell Calvillo, Joe, Jr . Camargo, Ernest Flore . . Cameron, Paul David Cameron, Richard Michael 345, 370 331. 569 252 473 490 389 216, 387 359 .... 185 519 .... 519 349 519 519 298, 299 Camfield, Thomas Marley 372 Camp, John Thomas 361, 365 Camp, Pauline 60 Camp, Thomas Merrill . . 326, 327 Campbell, Betty Jean 348 Campbell, Billy Joe ... 334, 338, 519 Campbell, Carol Ann 569 Campbell, Carolyn Burton . . 258, 349 Campbell, Darryl Glenn 279, 519 Campbell, David Buxton ... 361, 584 Campbell, Elizabeth 257 Campbell, Henry Villard Campbell, Jimmie Clarence Campbell, John Everett . Campbell, Mary Evelyn Campbell, Mike Campbell, Nancy Jo .... Campbell, Richard Charles Campbell, Thomas Nolan Campbell, Wilda Lou . Campbell, Winfield M. Campos, Omar Richard Camps, Judith Kay . . . Campsey, Billy Jeff . . . Campus Guild Canfield, Joe Ralph . . . Canfield, Thomas Hale . .... 519 519 . . 213 .... 370 398 252, 253 297 41 200, 255, 504, 569 . . . 295, 481 476 223 569 213 353 339, 497, 520 211, 311, Canpelosi, Antoinette Cannon, Ernest Harvey . Cannon, Jack Winfield Cannon, Millard Don . . Cannon, Roy Frank .... Canterbury, Faye Maxine Cantey, Sam Cantrell, Carroll Gwynn Cantrell, William Herold Cantu, Antonio Cantu, Fernando Cantwell, Susan Frances Canzoneri, Sam Anthony Marie 194, 197, 370, 520 297 584 . 478, 557 497 195, 520 Capaldi, E. John Caperton, Bob Wayne .... Caplinger, Don Van Dervort . . . Cappleman, William Pollard, Jr. 291 371 219, 569 520 24 584 180. 345, 557 354, 520 520 316 Capps, Damon Richard 557 Caraway, Donald Lee 331 Caraway, James Robert 337 Cardaro, Joseph 482 Cardenas, Blandina 195, 520 Cardenas, Carlos G 357 A graduate Engineering student at the University takes a look at a theodolite a surveying instru- ment. Mr. Robert L. Miller of Miller ' s displays the transit. Engineering Architecture Supplies Photostats Drawing Reproductions MILLER BLUE PRINT COMPANY 108 E. 10th Page 605 Name Pages Cardenas. Henry Ernest 557 Cardwell. George Lafayette, III . . . 482. 497 Cardwell, John Wesley 445 Cardwell. Lelia B. 43 Cargill, Lou Ellen 222. 584 Cariotes, Nicholas Peter 185 Carl, Catherine Elizabeth . . 226. 584 Carl, Madeline Mercy 227 Carlisle, Emmett A. " Duke " 297. 401, 403, 410, 510 Carlisle, Nancy Ruth 557 Carll, Carol Gene 474, 569 Carlock, George David . . 91, 167, 170, 172, 319. 508 Carlson, Carol Lou 255, 268 Carlson. Harold Gehard 476 Carlson, John Leonard 279, 520 Carlton, Donald Neatherlin . 338, 557 Carlyle, David Charles 520 Carlyle, Konald Edwin 341, 569 Carmack, Wayne Allen 218, 386 Carmean, Homer D 220 Carmichael, David Mooney 295 Carmicliael, Ruth Carol 194, 197. 557 Carmichael, Shari Jo 584 Carnahan, Juliet Gorhani 257 Carnahan, Kathleen Margaret 202, 252, 584 Carnahan, Richard Henry, Jr 297 Carnrs, Martha Jane 204 Carnes, Michael P 284, 569 Carney, Michael Harold 185 Carothers Dormitory 197 Carothers, John Henry 295 Carpenter, Alfred David 213 Carpenter, George Albert, Jr 361, 371, 557 Carpenter, Lowry M 64 Carpenter, Paula Mae 475, 584 Carr, Dorothy Elizabeth .... 183, 194, 209, 247 Carr, Ilameta 183, 194, 209, 243, 557 Carr, Julliard Vernet, Jr 287 Carr, Kenneth D 317 Carr, Margie Ann .... 169, 254, 255, 506, 509 Carr, Robert Charles 584 Carr, Robert Isaac 57, 480 Carr, Ronald Guy 271, 569 Carr, William David 33, 216 Carrera, Ana Maria 195, 370, 520 Carrier, Cornelia 48 Carrington, Nancy Elaine .... 361, 366 Carrington, Sandra Sue 240, 584 Carrizales, Noemi Cristina . . 199, 584 Carrol], Barbara Anne . 174, 254, 474, 584 Carroll, Betty Ruth 205, 584 Carroll, Billy Dan . . . . 353, 482, 497, 520 Carroll, Frances Marie 237, 557 Carroll, James Vincent, III 168, 291 Carroll, Nancy Marie 244 Carroll, Sallie Sneed 183, 245 Carruth, David 283, 481, 569 Carruthers, John Franklin 359 Carsey, Diana Aurora . . 211, 22S, 584 Carson, A. Margaret 197 Carson, Jefery Frank 270, 584 Carson, John Russell 486, 520 Carson, Myrick 296 Carss, Alice Beryl 477, 557 Carter, Carl Melvin 275 Carter, George Max 480, 497 Carter, Jack Ellison 557 Carter, James William, HI 557 Carter, Mary Marguerite . . . 199, 477 Carter, Samuel R 468 Carter, Sandra 344 Carter, Stephen Leroy 285 Carter, Virginia Earl 204 Carter, William Harold . . 59, 482, 497 Cartwright, Jack Thomas 172, 321 Caruth, James Montgomery 290 Case, Carol Sue 201, 569 Casebier, Frank Arthur 272, 584 Casey, Bonnie Sue 205, 238, 584 Casey, Louis Stanley 284, 584 Casey, Mary Earleen 222, 557 Casey, Michael Horace 218 Cash, Bradford Lee 299 Cashin, Jack W 479 Casner, Dr. Stanley W 395 Cass, Marilee Hughes 206, 569 Cassidy, Maureen 474 Cuteel. Michael Hoyt 328 Castellano, Joseph Harry 371 Castellanos, Thais Frances . . 240, 557 Ca ti]|e, Virginia Louise 237 Name Pages Castillo, Gilbert V 520 Castle, John Raymond, Jr 520 Castle, Thomas Michael 328, 506. 557 Castleberry, Betty Sue 200 Castleberry, Judith .... 262, 370, 557 Castleman, Kenneth Randolph . . 353. 482, 497, 520 Caslro-Manjo, Patricio 213 Caswell, Anna Marie 46 Cate, Ann E. Stephens 370 Cate, James Alan 490 Cate, Reynolds Newman .... 345, 347, 557 Cate, Rodney Michael 490 Cateora, Philip Rene 497 Cater, Vincent David 319 Gates, Carolyn Ann 200, 489, 557 Cates, Jon Gerry 309 Catreet, Fred Dewey, III 569 Caudle, Ben Hall 59 Causey, Charmaine Marie 206 Cauthorn, Alice 245 Cauthorn, Tommy Drew . . 85, 99, 172, 283, 332, 483, 510, 520 Cavanaugh, Rachel Ann 520 Cavazos, Guillermo Javier 357 Caven, Hubbard Scott . . 274, 275, 332, 510 569 . . 169, 242 330 481 229 Caven, Mary Gay Caveness, Donna Sue . . . Caver, Larry Lynn .... Cavner, David Orel Cazzell, Victoria Lee . . Cecil, Sara Lee Barbeck Cedars, Chester Mark . . 220, 372, 500. 569 Cendrick, Thomas Michael . . 337, 481, 620 Cernosek, Stanley Frank, Jr. . 512 Cervenka, Robert Lee 520 Cerwinski, Marinel .... 370, 488, 520 Cezeaux, Philip Calvin 287 Chadderdon, James Robert . 321 Chadick, Carol Ann . . . 209, 345, 520 Chadwell, Connie Paige .... 199 Chaffe, Susan Carol . . . 171, 172, 228, 509 Chaffin, Amy Lorraine 182, 196 Chaffin, Tommy Louis 557 Chaffin, Welda La Jean . . 366, 488, (520 Chaka, James Roy 500, 557 Chalfont, Alan Charles 557 Chalick, Carol Ann 194 Chalk, Marcia Claire ... 170 , 181, 246 Chalker, John Michael 520 Chalmers, Presley Howard, Jr 169, 293, 508, 557 Chalupnik, Paula Janet Chamberlain, Frances Faltin 46, 487 81, 223, 370, 520 Chambcrlin, Gail H 46 Chambliess, Dan a K 64 Chambliss, Glenn H 520 Champion, Raul 361 Champion, Stanton Pyburn 295 Chan, David C ' hi So 491 Chance, Clayton William 56, 58 Chance, Saundra Mae 223 Chandler, David George 481 Chandler, James Albert 311 Chandler, John Emmett 311 Chandler, Patricia Elaine . . . 195, 584 Chandler, Richard Nelson 318 Chancy, Jack Richard 316 Chancy, Jo Lynn 242 Chang, Henry 213 Chapell, Don Clayton . . . 172, 288, 569 Chapline, Eugene Paul 180 Chapman, Bruce Scott 349 Chapman, Carol Ruth 202 Chapman, Carroll Winston . . 482, 497 Chapman, Charles Donald 520 Chapman, Charlotte Renee . . . 266, 396, 506, 584 Chapman, David Lee . . 213, 389, 584 Chapman, Hazann 181, 247 Chapman, Henry Wilson . . 50, 291, 436 Chapman, James Louis 292, 584 Chapman, Judith Kay 197, 252 Chapman, Mary Jill 247 Chapman, Terry B 353 Chappell, David Franklin . . . 271, 520 Chappell, Virginia Bevin 243 Charless, William Addis, Jr 287 Chartoff, Joe 315, 478, 506, 508 Chase, James Staton 45 Chasens, Marion Jeanne .... 345, 584 Chason, Gary Wayne 183, 345 Chauvigne, Claude T 48 Chavin, N.lhan Allen 308 Name Pages Cheaney, Shelia Erid 198 Cheatham, Kenneth Roy 520 Cheeves, Lucy 241 Chemical Engineering, Dept. of . . 57 Chemmytelle, Abdel-Karim Ahmad . 369 Chenault, William Blewett, III ... 181, 182, 335, 520 Chenevert, Martin 497 Cheney, Courtney Alice 180, 262 Chenoweth, Elizabeth Carey . 194, 202. 569 Chernosky, Cayle 196 Chernosky, Lillian Carol 520 Cherry, Harrell Harrison 520 Cherry, R. Darrell 569 Cherry, Robert Earl 390 Cherry, Thomas Davies 557 Chew, Richard 407 Chi Alpha 342 Chi Epsiion 480 Chi Omega 242, 243 Chi Phi 278, 279 Chichakli, Moutaz 369 Chilcote, Edith Lynn 259 Chilcutt, Benny Jack 318 Child, Craig Michael 520 Child, Forrest Clair, Jr 501 Childers, Michael Allen .... 388, 521 Childers, William Howard 444 Childs, Donald L 64 Childs, Kalen 246 Childs, Kathie 349 Childs, Nuel 1 64 Chiles, Carol Ann 81 Chiles, Jerry Edmond . . 167, 169, 170, 175, 179, 318, 319, 385, 557 Ching, Chee Han Ching, Chee On Chionsini, Lynette Chipley, Jane Lucile .... Chisholm, Gary Thornton Chisholm, Robert Ames 194, 213 213 209 263 440 293 Chism, Estha Willborn 227 Chittenden, Jean S Chitty, Carol Lee Ch ' iu, Julie M. H Choate, Ann Elizabeth . . . Choate, Mark Wade, II . Choate, William Lee . . . Choban, Gregory Gerard Chodorow, Steven Craig Choice, Susan Harkins . . Choice, William Herschel Choral Organizations Chovanec, Judith Marie Chow, Elizabeth Chowning, Richard Wofford 48 569 512 . 180, 266 289, 569 584 390, 505 273 557 279, 481, 557 . 344-349 521 194, 521 436, 437, 440 Chrane, Robert Lee 478, 479 Chrisco, Philip Abbott 207, 500 Chrisman, Dale Lynn 584 Christian, Bertrand Edward 213 Christian, Janet Diane 173, 246 Christian, Jerrie Teel 245 Christian, Madelyn Wynelle 210 Christian, Nancy Sharon .... 208, 368 Christian, Richey 257 Christian Science Organization .... 343 Christiansen, David Laurence 48 Christie, Karen 205, 584 Christie, Margaret Anne 521 Christman, Gary Richard . . . 320, 584 Christner, John Drue . . 330, 457, 557 Chu, Alan B 507 Chumney, Bertha Hoick 55 Chunn, Edward Keith 321 Chunn, Patricia Lee 241 Church, Paschel Lee . . . 372, 500, 569 Chute, Aaron Hamilton .... 479, 481 Chute, Andrew Dennis 292 Cialone, Joseph Angus 387 Cipriano, Robert 385 Cirilo, Rosa Lee 195, 521 Cisneros, Antonio, III 476, 521 Cissik, John Henry .... 187, 388, 502. 507, 557 Civil Engineering 57 Claassen, Janet Susan 227 Clabaugh, Stephen Edmund 45 Clancy, Edward Carl Jl Clare, Carol Jean 349, 474 Clark, Alexander L 48 Clark, Ann Bayler . Clark, Ann Frances 169, 202, 242. 584 170. 183, 242. 243, 557 Clark, Carol Ann 203 Clark, Charles M 55 Clark, Charles T 53, 287, 481, 483 Clark, Connie Emilie 569 Name Pages Clark, Diana Marie 233, 370, 521 Clark, Dick, HI 312 Clark, Donna Lou 361, 366 Clark, Edith Lanier 584 Clark, Edward 27 Clark, Elaine Miller 521 Clark, Elizabeth Anne . . 171, 202, 22, 584 Clark, Elizabeth S 257 Clark, Eugenia Sue 370 Clark, C. Eddie 289 Clark, Gail Elizabeth 244, 584 Clark, George Richard 43 Clark, Harper Scott 302, 584 Clark, Harriette Ann 198, 230 Clark, Jack Chandler 478, 521 Clark, James Weldon . . 297, 417, 428, 440, 557 Clark, John Wesley 354 Clark, John Wilburn, Jr 569 Clark, Kay Diane 200, 489, 557 Clark, Linda Jane .... 172, 246, 489 Clark, Martin Winston, II Clark, Michael James . . Clark, Michael Jonathan Clark, Robert Edward .. 350, Clark, Susan Lee Clark, Teresa Blythe . Clark, William Allen . Clark, William Robert Clarke, Ellen Martha . Clarke, Joseph Alden Clarke, Mary Ann .... Clarkson, Margery Lee .... Clarkson, Robert Gillespie . Clarkson, Terry Jeannette . . Clayton, Catherine Winifred . . 259, 316 352 386 276, 584 213, 349. 569 521 370 584 584 259, 340, 521 277 182, 205, 254, 584 256 218, 500, ' 521 204, 240, 584 . . . 223, 370, 521 501 472, 194, Clayton, George Lowell . Clayton, Miles Gregory Clayton, Sylvia A Cleave, Nancy Elizabeth Cleaves, Mark Mundy . . . Cleavinger, Marvin L. . . Cleek, Richard Kyle Cleland, Charles Carr .... Clelland, Lanny Maurice Clelland, Sherrie Frances Clem, Annis Winfield, IV Clements, Duejean 341 Clements, Nancy 263, 340, 521 Clements, Patricia Jane .... 182, 194, 205, 240, 345, 370, 509, 569 demons, Madelyn 475 demons, Russell Edward 181 Clendennen, Cecil S 24 Cleveland, Chevis Randle 557 Cleveland, Clark Milton Cleveland, Frances Anne . . 361, 569 175 198 172 ... 521 . ... 215 55 ... 584 202, 584 ... 301 Cleveland, John Cleveland, Robert Harris . . . Clevenger, Larry Oliver Clewis, Carol Ann ... 68, Click, Lloyd Loring Clifford, William Dandridge Clifton, Ernest Smith Clifton, Gary Raymond Clinard, Ralph Leon, Jr. ... Cline, Clarence Lee Clinton, Bennie Jean . . 260, 46 366, 557 444 308, 58 4 270, 491 451, 510 301 316 213 336 389 43 245, 261, 268, 238, 303, Clock, John Wilkie Cloninger, Carla Scarlett CloningiT, Claude Robert Clopton, Quince C Clossey, Pat .................... Clouser, Ernest Frederick ........ Clowe, Jerry L .................. Cloyd, Malcolm Everett .......... Clyde, Corel Grant .............. Coalson, Robert Lewi .......... Cones, Charle. S Coatea, Clarence Leror ...... 58, Coatea, Harold Vaujhan ... 282. Coats, David Samuel ............ Coatt. Mary Elizabeth .. 172, 194, Coats, William Mitten ..... 168, Cobb. Chailei Franklin ........... Cobb, Jacqueline Gay . . 196, 474, Cobb, John Emile ............... Cobb, William Charlea .. 91, 299, 335, 389, 502, 510, Coburn, John Douflaa ............ Coburn, Stephen Parker .......... Coehran, Frances Annette ....... 584 370 569 24 448 207 481 288 223 584 27 482 557 167 196, 243 173 271 569 584 332. , 557 318 470 243 Page 606 . :.. .. . ' ; The UNIVERSITY COi 1897 1898 1906 1910 1912 1916 1920 1 Through the years the Co-op has kept pace with the growing needs of an expanding student body. From paper clips and brief cases to pocket combs and hair curlers, the Co-op has it. Even after students graduate from the University many things are ordered thru mail by ex-students. We welcome your orders and assure prompt service on orders received. 1934 1939 1940 1943 1946 1948 1950 THE UNIVERSITY CO-OP THE TOGGERY 1959 1960 1963 1964 PROVIDING BETTER, FASTER SERVICE FOR THE STUDENT Page 607 Mime Page Cochran, Howard Comer, Jr 521 Cochran, Jerry Olho .189 Cochran, John Robert, Jr 291 Cnchran, Otis Fielding 285 Cockerham, Leslie Douglas 146 Cocking, Catherine 263, 451 Cockrell, Ernest, Jr 27 Cockrell. Ernest Harris 296, 491, 581 Cockrell, Janice Ann .. 205, 361. 17V Cockrell, Joan 491 Cockrell, Laura Lee 521 Cockrell, William Foster . 172, 182. 278. 569 Codina, Joaquin, III 557 Cody, Danna Carlene 221 Cody, James M 557 Cody, Penny Lee 205 Coe, Carolyn Lee 81, 169, 194. 195, 254, 255, 557 Coe, Patsy Ann 521 Cocnen, George L 61 Coerver, Arthur John 311, 332 Coffee, Carol Jane 361, 366 Coffee, Lynn 259 Coffee, Russell 398 Coffcy, Timothy Michael 310. 311 Coffin. Helen 194. 20.1 Coffin, Polly Ann 236. 368. 581 Coffman, Cannon 239 Coffman, James Danny 382 Copan, John Penney, Jr 317 Cogburn, Thomas Michael . . . . 390, 502 Cohen, Diana Louise . . 196. 248, 255. sai Cohen, Henrietta Davis . 219. 370. 521 Cohen, Jay Edward 315 Cohen, Martin William 315 Cohen, Richard Lawrence 169, 171 Cohen, Ronald Dennis . . 84, 168, 325 Cohen, Susan Fisher 264 Cohn, Carol Lee 230. 231 Cohn, Frances Pauline 231 Cohn, Steve M 307 Coil, Vernon Lee 331 Coker, Carolyn Ann 229 Coker, Carolyn Ruth . . 188, 228, 370 Coker, Carolyn Sue . 84, 199. 503. 521 Colbert, L. L 27 Colburn, Steve .1.16 Colby, Carol Angela 236, 237, 569 Coldwell, Colbert Nathaniel 279 Cole, Allan Andrew 389 Cole, Betty Sue 584 Cole, Clarence Wharton . . 301. 478. 512 Cole, Connie Sue 267 Cole. Judy Murraylin 212. 223, 349, 370 Cole, Kynn Monroe . . 287, 480. 497. 498, 521 Cole, Linda Gayle 349 Cole, Richard Ray ... 181, 188, 495. 521 Cole, Robert Charles . 279, 389, 569 Cole, Sylvia Sue 206 Cole, Thomas Denver . . 336. 470. 497 Coleins, Calvi 174 Coleman, Coalnie Mae 475 Coleman, Evelyn Earl 343 Coleman, Frank Thomas 387 Coleman, James Preston 301 Coleman, Jimmy Bert 490 Coleman, Lois Jean 206, 584 Coleman, Lula Mae 569 Coleman, Ronald D ' Emory 293 Colgrove. Kathleen Joan . . 197, 584 Colina- Vargas, Carlos Alberto . . . 355, 512 Collard, Felix Robert 312 College of Arts and Sciences 40 College of Business Administration : . . . . 51-5.1 College of Business Administration Council 175 College of Education 54 College of Engineering 59 College of Fine Arts 60 College of Pharmacy Colletli. Paula 208. 227 Colley, David Lee 422. 423. 440 Collier. Connie Anne 254 Collier. Homer Garth 476. 496 Collier, Howard Ernest . 176, 338. 480. 497, 521 Collier, Jennie M 557 Collier, John Calvin 428, 440 Collier, John Paul 486, 521 Collier, Richard Robert ... 347, 569 Collier, Shirley Anne . . 205. 254. 584 Collin. Jacques 36. 62 Nume Page Collins. Beth 206. 569 Collins, Carl Baxter, Jr 47 Collins, Carol Grrmaine . 191, 208. 370, 521 Collins, Charlcne Clarice 221 Collins, Claire 244 Collins, Dorothy Lee 259 Collins, George Mallory 29.) Collins, Jeanne Douglas 206, 370 Collins, Joan Hayes 207 Collins, Kathryn Corinne 24.i Collins, Margaret Eleanor 25y Collins, Mary Kate 57 Collins, Michael Francis 215 Collins, Russell Lewis 47 Collins, Terry Gene 299 Collins, Thomas Stephen 35.1 Collins, William Wolcott, Jr 290 Collum, Charles Ray 521, 619 Coltharp, Joe 64 Coltharp, William M 180, 339 Cotton, Murray Fred 27,1 Colvert, Clyde C 54. 55 Colvcrt, Lester Lum 479 Colvin, James H 31 Colvin, Joe Chester, Jr 521 Colvin, Vernon Lee 356 Colwell, Billy Joe 43 Colyer, Edward Scott 558 Combest, Robin 521 Combs, Dorothy Worrell 283 Combs, Frances Kay 246, 247 Combs, Joan Beverly 210 Comcauz, Hoy Valery, Jr. 368, 521 Comegys, Jewell Abernathy 295 Comiskey, Betty Catherine . . 239, 370 Comiskey, Franklin Hill 275 Comiskey, Theresa A 221 Comiskey, William Frank 479 Commons, Christopher Neal 558 Commons, Norberi Anthony 558 Comp, John Jefferson 361 Compton, Catherine Ann 252 Compton, Mary 258 Compton, Munson G 326 Compere, Nancy Jane . 183, 258, 509. 584 Comstock, Pearl Louise ... 204, 584 Conatser, Charlie Cameron 387 Conalser, David Gene 326, 491 Condron, Martha Susan 569 Cone, Clifford S 467 Cone, Douglas Leigh 372 Cone, Fred Lee, HI 569 Coneway, Clifford 507 Coneway, Pete Richard 169, 172. 173, 175, 295, 510, 569 Conine, Jimmie Michael 213 Conine, Susan Diane . 181, 226, 558 Conine, William Doswell 497 Conkle, E. P 6C Conklin, Willet Titus 43 Connally, Douglas 339 Connally, H. F., Jr 27 Connally, Herschel Frank 291 Connally. John 483 Connally, Joyce Corin 228, 584 Connally, Louise Clarkson . . 194, 202, 257, 474, 489, 569 Connell, Jessica Gayle 197, 475, 584 Connell, Jimmy 558 Connell, John A 558 Conner, Karen Sue 194, 206 Conner, Larry Gene 370 Conner, Nancy Lee 267, 370 Conner, Richard Michael 322, 323 361, 569 Connolly, Dana Wingfield 259 Conrad, Joseph Lawrence 44 Conroy, Nona Jean .... 253, 370, 521 Conroy, William Brown 54 Constantine, Paul David 285 Conway, David Alexander, Jr 444 Conway, James E 64 Conway, Sally Leigh 267, 522 Conway, Walter C 24 Conwill, Margaret Keith . ... 267, 358, 558 Conyers, Edwin Ross 213. 387 Cook, Gary Bryant 323, 558 Cook, Charles Clayton 558 Cook, Charles De Vere 522 Cook, Daniel Robert 180, 353, 522 Cook, David Weldon 321 Cook, Donald Allen S69 Cook, Donna Eileen 570 Cook, Edwin Allan 476, 4%, 498 Cook, Forest Dale S70 Cook, Careth Wren 284, 491 Cook, lone 209 Cook. Janet Sue 205. 581 Name Page Cook, Jennings Brvan, Jr 522 Cook, John Allen 410 Cook, John R 313 Cook, John Rowland 372 Cook, Kenneth Gerald 558 Cook, Ray Holton 283, 570 Cook, Richard Keck 292, 558 Cook, Thomas Wayne 275 Cook, Walter Louis, Jr 289, 570 Cook, William Arien Cerrard . . . 476, 4%, 498, 522 Cook, William Richard 353, 522 Cooke, Carol Diane . . 182, 186, 187, 570 Cooke, Charles Edwin 301, 570 Cooke, George Edwin 488 Cooke, John Roger .. .326, 387, 584 Cookston, Tcrell Marion 309 Coomer, Roger Leon 339 Cooney, Toni Lynn 237, 506 Cooper, Charlyne Catheryne 240 Cooper, Grafton Morton . . 181, 293. 522 Cooper, Herbert Braxton 570 Cooper, James Gary 319, 422, 423, 440. 510, 522 Cooper, Josephine Butler 262 Cooper, Leonard Weldon 336 Cooper, Lynn Ray 278 Cooper, Marianne 267, 370 Cooper, Mary Elizabeth 186 Cooper, Melvin Wayne . . . . 286, 287, 558 Cooper, Patricia Ann 231, 489 Cooper, Patrick Graham 349 Cooper, Robert Alan 173, 584 Cooper, Terry Jack 295 Co-operatives 222 Coordinating Board 179 Cope, Jo Ann 204, 488. 522 Cope, John Robert . . 84, 98, 184, 289. 483, 508, 522 Cope, Martha Hadden 40 Copeland, Annie Laurie ... 198, 255 Copeland, David Alfred 470 Coperton, Patsy Carolyn 252 Copland, Michael Deutser 307 Copley, Eileen Ann 370 Corbin, Daniel B 349 Corbin, Keith Marcus, Jr 584 Cordaro, Joseph Thomas, Jr 497 Corder, Maida Mildred 584 Core, Emy Kay 194, 198 Corell, James D 353 Corey, Gail Ann 205 Corley, Danny Michael 286, 468. 584 Gorman, Rosemary 205, 485 Cornelius, Carolyn 195 Cornelius, Evelyn May 522 Cornell, John Bilheimer 41 Cornick, Jane Could .... 81, 91, 169. 182, 194, 203, 257, 268, 504, 570 Cornish, Peggy Jo 584 Coro, Jose Luis 347 Corry, Robert Ernest 522 Corso, Richard L 281 Cortes, Ronald 570 Cory, Carol Ann . . 262, 263, 318, 522 Cory, Arthur Milton 43 Corzette, John Ross 445 Cosby, Brenda Kaye 451, 585 Cosgrove, Frank Peter . . 61, 486. 493 Cossey, Thomas William 558 Cosllow, Annell 221, 558 Cosllow, Lynn Edward 361 Coslon, Shirley Jane 58 Cotellesse, David Peter 507, 522 Cotera, Rita Ann . 182, 232, 233, 348. 558 i ...Hum. Chrisian Malford 207 I... Hum. William Robert 558 Coiner, Robert Crawford . 45, 301 Cotropia, Joseph Paul 368, 570 Collcn, David Michael 219 Gotten, Jimmy Rex 310, 311 Gotten, Michal Barry . . 81. 285, 440. 483. 510 Cotter, Robert Lynn 311 Cottle, Ronnie Jack 336, 470 Couch, Karen Kay 570 Coughran, I i!., Beth 494 Coulter, Valerie Marguerite . . 196, 522 Courreges, Fleetwood Michael . 215 Couraey, Douglas Ernest 486 Coursey, Sharon Eileen 256 Courteau, Adrienne Lynn . . 169, 222, 370. 570 Courier, Robert Wayne 56 Courtney, Janice Raye 49 Cousins, Marvin Dickey . . ' 490 Covarrubias, Jesse S 338, 522 Name Covey, James, Jr Covington, Renee Juana . . Covington, Tim Ray Cowan, Carol Marie Cowan, James Edward, Jr. Cowan, Margaret Ann . . Cowan, Marylea . 81, Cowan, Maurice Edward Cowan, Paul J Cowan, Phil Ray Cowan, Tommy Neal . . . Coward, Alvin Charles . Cowart, John Lawhon . . Cowden, Allen Cowden, James Coley Pages 570 349, 570 490 . 370, 489 570 203, 238, 585 194, 195, 570 . ... 301, 522 64 558 361 558 570 35 294, 295. 351. 359, 481, 558 301 283 310, 422. 423. 440 Cowing, Chris F 299 Cowles, Richard Thomas 512 Cowell, Herbert Walker . Cowen, George Michael . Cowhig, James David, Jr. Cowley. Alan H. Cowper, Brcnda Joy . Cowper, Jane Carolyn Cox, Alonzo B Cox, Bill Jerome, II . Cox, Byron Edward Cox, Charles Wayne . Cox, Cynthia Lynn . . Cox, Darlene David Jackson . Davis Griffith . . Delbert M Diana Caryl . . . 223, 345, 475, Co Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Frank Herlin . . Cox, Franklin Lanier 42 183, 202, 258 259, 268, 340. 522 479 476. 522 320, 506, 570 585 349 585 42 522 466 223 289 309, 479 353 35 275 287 29, 37, 274, Cox, Gene Arthur .... Cox, Howard T Cox, Jack Martin Cox, James Albert, Jr. Cox, James Russell 286 Cox, Phillip Wayne 308, 585 Cox, Tyra Ann . . 68, 80, 91, 169, 201, 383, 489, 504, 505, 509. 558 Cox, Willard Butler 316, 585 Cox, William Lee 336, 522 Cox, William Michael 309 Coyle, Harry Michael 480, 497 Cracraft, Michael James 180 Craddock, Dan Murchison 285 Crady, Patricia Florine 169, 194. 203, 268 . . 167, 176, 287, 335, 522 . . 284, 585 38, 46, . . 270, Craft, Randal Robert, Jr. Craig, Charles Davis . . . Craig, Homer Vincent .... 38, 46, 299 Craig. James Edward 270, 585 Craig, Jane Snowden 46 Craig, Joe Beth 356 Craig, John 191. 192 Craig, John Paul 58, 482 Craig, John Raymond Thomas, III 299 Craig, Paula 245 Craig, Robert Maurice 271, 522 Craig, Roy Rochester 58 Craig, Susan Gayle 205, 585 Craik, David Dale 507, 558 Grain, H. Jan 239 Crain, John Roy 290, 585 Crain, Pamela Forbes 256, 570 Crainer, Betty Eileen 585 Cram, John Stuart 440, 473 Cramer, Charles Edward, Jr 502 Cramer, Jody Marche 246 Cranfill, Thomas Mabry .. 43, 192, 295 Cranz, Pen 291 Craven, Charles W 50 Cravens, Ralph Thomas 291 Craver, Jean Holland 259, 340 Crawford, Alice McKallip 259 Crawford, Betty Louise 475 Crawford, Dsrroll Franklin, Jr 292. 658 Crawford. Emily Josephine 239 Crawford, Freda Ruth . . 182, 223. 370 522 Crawford, Horace Lee 334 Crawford, Isaac Lyle 522 Crawford, Jean Anne 239 Crawford, Jean Vickl 494 Crawford, John Scott S17 Crawford, Joseph David, Jr. .220 Crawford, Kenneth C 558 Crawford, L. D S39 Crawford, Mary Elizabeth . 223 Crawford. Patricia Annette 222 Crawford, Robert Marvin . . . 316, 570 Crawford, Ruth C S6 Page 608 EL MAT 504 East Ave. EL CHARRO 912 Red River EL TORO 1601 Guadalupe MONROE ' S " Mexican Food to Take Home " Austin ' s BIG FOUR In Authentic Mexican Food THIS IS HOW 41 MILLION HOMES ARE USING 6AS TODAY COOKING REFRIGERATION HEATING AIR CONDITIONING CLOTHES DRYING WATER HEATING INCINERATION OUTDOOR LIGHTING YES . . . Gas puts modern living at your fingertips! A SOUTHERN UNION COMPANY Page 609 Name Pages Crawford, Shary J 223 Crawford, Stanley Wyne .... 207. 558 Crrager, Chad Freeman . . . 171, 183. 500. 558 Creagcr, Don Whileman 331 Creager, Jo Beth 356 Creager, Sue Ellen 229 Creekmore, Gayle Lynn 171, 558 Creekmore, Wynne L., Jr 283 Creel, James Heaton, Jr 522 Creer, Philip Douglas ... 62, 309. 476 Creigh, Margaret Lynn 585 Crenshaw, Alfred James 585 Crcnshaw, Allan 170 Crenshaw, Bonnie Nancy 243 Crcnshaw. William Anthony 55 Crenwelge, Clayton Ray 183. 318, 558 Cresswell, Linda Louise . 206, 238, 585 Cresswell, Ronald Roy 289 Creveling, Elizabeth Lee 257 Crews, Albert Doyle. Jr 522 Crews, Paul C., Jr 522 Crews, Ronald Milton 558 Criado, Antonio 357 Crick, Caylord Gene 292, 585 Crider, Francelle 197, 522 Criner, James Philip 570 Crist, Phylliss Marjoric 351 Criswell, Jeanne Elizabeth . . 205, 254, .585 Criswell, Victor Ira 522 Critlendcn, Butler Parnell, HI 279 Crittendcn, Shelby Carlton 313 Crixell, Adolph Ernest 486 Crocker, Bernard William 49 Crockett, Bonnie Earl 250, 570 Crockett, Ronald Wayne 310, 585 Croisant, John K 570 Crombie, Kaysie Lynn 262 Crook, William Edward . 187, 339, 351, 500, 558 Croom, Archie Melton 500 Croom, Judith Louise . . 205, 238, 585 Croom, Rod William 317 Cropper, Kenneth Ross 291, 472 Cropper. Michael Dale 291 Crosby, Hugh Anthony . . 271, 403, 440 Crosby, John Edwin, III 558 Crosby, Sandra Jean 221, 522 Crosby, Yolande Ruth 195 Crosnoe, Olivia Sue Young 522 Cross, Martin Joseph . . . 305, 354, 384, 385, 522 Cross, Priscilla Read 233 Cross, Rosalie Vivian 56 Crosslcy, David George 191 Crouch, Becky 172, 262, 585 Crouch, Judith Ellen 474 Crouch, Nancy Elizabeth ... 170, 172, 183, 226, 570 Crow, Gary Lynn 353 Crow, Martin Michael 43 Crow, Norma Jeane .... 361, 366, 472 Crow, Richard Lee 585 Crow, Sandra K 570 Crow, Sara Elizabeth . 239, 370, 509 Crowe, Jon Page 522 Crowe, Natalie Nelson 522 Crowell, Eugene Richard 500 Crowell, Meredith Dede 180, 256 Crowell, Nancy Rae ... 180, 228, 570 Crowell, Thomas Nendell 311 Crowhurnt, James Albert 342 Crowley. Elizabeth Ann 254 Crowley, Shirley Jeanette 206 Crowley, Suzanne . . 100, 180, 229, 337 Crow ' s JVejl 350 Croxson, John Richard 301 Crozier, John Allen 310 Cruikshank, Sandra Ann .... 205, 585 Crum, Roy Lee 386 Crumb, Thomas 291 Crumley, Charles Gene 570 Crumley, Ceron Bryant 558 Crumley, William Thomas 338 Crue, Cheryl Darlene 349 Cruse, Rex B., Jr 478, 479 Cruse, Sam William, Jr 290 Crusemann, Jeanne Margaret .... 256, 268 Crulchfield, Bobby L 47 Crutchfield, Mrs. E 304 Crutsinger. Harold Ray 481. 522 Cruz, I ' , . -fin I Espiritu 523 Cubley, Harold Dean 353 Cuddeback, John Earl 207 Cudney, Joseph ReDon 323 Cuellar, Margarita Riquel . . 357, 558 Cucllar, Orlando 523 CuelUr, Pedro Luz 217 Name Pafei Culberson, Fred Ray 290 Culbertson, Cathryn Lynn . . 194, 196, 485, 558 Culbertson, Clare Frances . . 222, 247 Culp, Jack Hays, Jr 585 Culpepper. John Patrick . . 81, 398. 440. 48:t Cummings, James Harvey 311 Cummings, Janice Carol .... 227, 523 Cummings, Karen Lynne 558 Cummins, Suzan Clark 370 Cundiff, Edward William . . 479, 481 Cunningham, Allan F 338 Cunningham, Betty Rush 267 Cunningham, Carolyn Frances . . . 229, Cunningham, Charles Lewis Cunningham, Dinah Camille 558 214 205, 266 Cunningham, Elizabeth Fischer ... 207 Cunningham, Jo Lynn 254, 585 Cunningham, Joe Hurley . 353, 372, 523 Cunningham, Johnnye Earlene . . . 221, 485 Cunningham, Lynn 245, 383 Cunningham, Marilew 260 Cunningham, Martha Lou . . . 205, 361 Cunningham, Mary Sue 228 Cunningham, William A. . . 56, 57, 179, 483 Cupaioli, Ian Laurence 299, 570 Cupp, Vera Lee 195, 585 Curlee, Billy Dumas 558 Curlee, Rowena Ruth . . 194, 196, 247. 558 Curriculum and Instruction 54 Currie, Allison Harrison 19-4, 196 Currie, Eva Garcia 49 Currie, Leslie Belle 202 Currie, Susanna 245, 370, 570 Currie, Thomas Trimble, Jr. . . 284, 402, 440 Curry, Diana Pearl 585 Curry, James Regnald 558 Curry, John Randolph 175, 481 Curry, Leigh Stephen . . 173, 294, 585 Curry, Rosemary 266 Curson, Charles Randolph 275 Curtin, Penelope Jane . . 253, 370, 570 Curtis, Daniel 493, 523 Curtis, Margaret Lynn 170, 259 Curtis, William Wheaton, Jr 336 Cutbirth, J. Brown 35 Cutbirth, Vicki Sue 247 Cuthbertson, Doyle R 471 Cuthrell, Jack Dies 523 Cuyler, Robert Hamilton, Jr 359, 389, 500, 502 Cykoski, Russell Carlton . . . 304, 386 Cyrus, Charles 64 D Dabe, Sondra Lynne 260 Dad ' s Association 35 Daehne, Allen Godfrey ... 486, 558 Dagerath, Virginia Beth 484 Dahl, Janet M. . . 167, 227, 370, 504, 558 Dahl, John Brian 330, 585 Dahlberg, Jack Kenneth, Jr 382, 505, 507 Dahlberg, Robert Eaaton . . 359, 382, 505 Dahlstrom, Joe Frank . . 361, 365, 492, 570 Dahse, Carolyn Ethel . . 194, 195, 370, .523 Dailey, Richard L 64 Daily, Diane Louise . . . 229, 478, 523 Daily, Philip Louis 172, 310, 506, 585 Daily Texan Stall 188 Dakhil, Fahd H 369 Dalio, Carl Joseph 585 Dallenbach, Karl M 48, 287 Dalonas, Harry George 585 Dalton, Donald Michael ... 297, 422, 423, 440, 508. 523 Dalton, John Robinson 334, 523 Dull,. ii, John William 271, 354 Dalton, Tolbcrt Marion 275 Daly, Deni Lynn 198 Daly, Thomaa Braden . . 3, 172, 186, 187, 347, 372, 476, 496, 498, 523 DaMetz, Ruisell Lynn 390 Damron, James Emmclt .... 390, 585 Name Pages Damron, Joe Richard 293, 558 D ' Andriole, Theodore John 327 Daniel, Billy Bass 486, 523 Daniel, Britt Talley 283 Daniel, Elnora 195, 585 Daniel, Jean Houston . . 258, 259, 523 Daniel, John Walter 313 Daniel, Kathleen Darlene .... 200, 472, 474, 489 Daniel, Linda Marie 196, 240 Daniel, Myrna Dean 201 Daniel, Richard Branton 338 Daniel, Shiela Kay .... 183, 194, 198, 246 Daniel, Sondra Elizabeth 200, 570 Daniel, Ted Alan 523 Daniel, Thomas Morris 271 Daniels, David MacKey 486 Daniels, Deborah Ann 247, 523 Daniels, Gerald W 476 Daniels, Gigi Dian 354 Daniels, Leroy Earl 356, 523 Dann, Michael Wayne 570 Dannels, Terry Lynn 203 Danner, John Lee .... 207, 275, 353 Danvers, William Kistler 416, 445 Danziger, Herbert Kent .... 325, 349, 491 Darden, Ann Grey 346 Darley, Roger George 207 Darling, J. Bennett 585 Darling, Jessica Royece . . 84, 267, 349, 391, 523 Darnell, James Robert, Jr 480, 497 Darphin, Jane Elizabeth . . 81, 194, 201, 247 Darrah, Mary Alice 239 Darrow, Janet Marjorie .... 228, 229 Darsey, David Michael 482, 497 Darwin, Shirley LaVonne 570 Dasch, Ramon Edward 344 Dassonville, Michel 48 Dattle, Laura Renee . . . 182, 248, 585 Daugherty, Gerald Lee 500, 523 Daugherty, Marilyn Sue .... 186, 187, 229 Daughtry, B. Clayton 339 Davenport, Billie Bishop .... 46, 487 Davenport, David Thomas . . . 277, 354, 481, 523 Davenport, Everard Correll 218 Davenport, James Timothy 585 Davenport, John Barksdale 558 Davenport, Richard Steele 176 David, Helen Louise . . . 194, 204, 475 Davidson, Carolyn Lee 239, 370 Davidson, David A 317 Davidson, Diane 205, 585 Davidson, Jack William 585 Davidson, John Harold 292, 345, 585 Davidson, Joseph Michael 470 Davidson, Julia Kathleen 203 Davidson, Lawrence Samuel . 316, 585 Davics, Suzanne . . 201, 243, 477, 570 Davies, Will Sullivan, Jr. . . 331, 468, 523 585 398 383 91, 185, 188, 495, 523 Davis, Beverly Dale 169, 171, 194, 203, 231, 570 Davis, Blaine Jefferson 475 Davis, Bob Pickett 169 Davis, C. W. Buster 585 Davis, Carolyn Grace 352 Davis, Charles Michael 185 Davis, Chester McClean, Jr 558 Davis, Coral Lee Elizabeth . 200, 255 Davis, Daniel Stone 291 Davis, Darrell Lynn 570 Davis, Diana Joe 202, 238 Davis, Diantha 489 Davis, Don Clifford 285, 570 Davis, Dorothy Marie 223 Davis, Edward Molt 41 Davis, Edwin Theodore, Jr. . 274, 275, 332, 336, 510 Davis, Elisa Savilla 196, 484, 499, 523 Davil. Elizabeth Ann 247 Davis, Ellen Sue 231 Davis, Field Farrar Montgomery . . 299 Dvii, Frank Farrell 297 Dtvli, Fred Edward 500, 558 Davis, Harold Winston 585 Dmb. Jack C 319 Davis, James Bryant 585 Davis, Jamen Leslie 185, 495 Davis, Janet Lueretia . . 186, 232, 585 Davis, Janice Lynn 231 m f Davis, Alfred, IV . . . Davis, Art Davis, Becky Davis, Bernie Rodney Name Pages Davis, Jarrie Dell 202, 585 Davis, Jay Travis 2%, 570 Davis, Jefferson Clark, Jr 42 Davis, Jerry Dan 440 Davis, Jerry Donald 321 Davis, Jim Joe 570 Davis, Joe Louis 558 Davis, John Edmond 300 Davis, John Emerson ... 61, 486, 493 Davis, John Haven 327, 570 Davis, John Lee 275 Davis, John Marvin, Jr 476, 523 Davis, John Oldrahm . . . 276, 277, 523 Davis, John Thomas 285 Davis, Kathy 489 Davis, Kenneth Edward, Jr 386 Davis, Larry N 174 Davis, Laurie 196, 570 Davis, Linda Jane ... 228, 229, 477 Davis, Lora Lynn 239 Davis, Louise Adelle 195, 570 Davis, Marian Belle 60 Davis, Mary Jane 194, 195, 198, 232, 268, 509, 585 Davis, Melvin David . . 444, 491, 585 Davis, Michael Ian 42 Davis, Michael Lynn 331 Davis, Michal Clay 558 Davis, Nancy Sue 205, 475 Davis, Norris G 41, 495, 499 Davis, Oliver H 59 Davis, Oliver Monroe, Jr. ... 337, 523 Davis, Pat Ward 293 Davis, Phillip Walter . . 336, 470. 523 Davis, Phyllus Jean 203, 585 Davis, Platt Walker, III 283, 332 Davis, Preston Clark . . 422, 423, 434, 440 Davis. Rebecca Ruth . . . 267, 494, 523 Davis, Richard Lee 48 Davis, Rirhard Thomas, Jr 318 Davis, Robert Edward 492, 585 Davis, Robert Joe 386 Davis, Robert Pickett 288 Davis, Sally Sue 203, 242 Davis, Sandra Lois 227, 330, 477 Davis. Sara Kathryn 200, 558 Davis, Steven Harold 500 IJavis, Susan 174, 255, 474, 489, Davis, Vivian Elizabeth . . . Davis, Walter Ragland, II Davis, William Kenneth . . Dawe, Jessamon 1570 585 523 290 499 Dawe, Robert Glenn 308, 570 Dawkins, Diantha Dee 200, 558 Dawson, Carol Ann . . . 267, 451, 558 Dawson, Carroll Thomas .... 482, 497 Dawson, Raymond Filmore . . 57, 480 Dawson. Robert Earl 501, 585 Day, Claudia Jean 223 Deacon, Margaret Ellen 344, 474 Deal, Ben L 523 Deal, Linda Louise 266, 585 Dealey, Samuel Jerome 507 Dean, Brenda Sue 196, 246, 585 Dean, Dorothy Watts ... 33, 172, 268 Dean, John Wesley, Jr 349 Dean, Margaret Ann 196 Dean, Marilynn Sue ... 194, 195, 570 Dean, Michael William 501, 570 Dean, Nancy Elizabeth . 182, 256, 570 Dean of Student Life 33 Dean, ThontM Scott 57 Dean, Wilfred James 274, 349 Dean of If omen 33 Dearing, Kathryn Anne ... 205, 585 Dearson, Jacqulyn Renee .... 199, 585 Deason. Charles Albert 276 Deathe, Helen Norwood 207 DeBault, Lawrence Edward . . 214, 523 DeBill, Walter Cinn 356 DeBord, Ruth Laverne .... 194, 195 deChoudens, Consuelo 174 Decker, Loren Edward, Jr. 180, 389. 501. 585 Deeming, Terence J 41 Deen, D. H 337 Deen, James Robert 361, 570 DeGeurin, George Michael 294 DeGuerin. Richard M 319, 359 DeFord, Ronald Kinnison 45 DeFore. John David 585 Dehuisch, Frank Raymond, Jr 318 dr la Cana, Adolfo, Jr 558 de la Garza, Cirlos Arturo .... 389, 570 De La Garza, John Joseph, Jr. . . 495. 501. 558 de la Garza, Luis Adolfo . . . 350, 385. 558 De L Pens, Aujruitin Matro .... 533 De La Rosa, Ben 481 Page 610 Name Pagfs DeLaune, Linda Kay 474 DeLaura, David Joseph 43 Delgado, Celia 485 Delgado, Jaime N 61, 486, 493 Delk, Elwyn Anthony 558 Delk, Mary Jo . . 68, 80, 172, 237, 268 Delk, Stephen Ray 585 DeLorenzo, Kenneth Samuel 297 Delph, Claire Suzanne 245 Delta Chi 280-281 Delta Delia Delta 244-245 Delta Gamma 247 Delta Kappa Epsilon 282 Delta Phi Epsilon 248-249 Delta Sigma Pi 481 Delta Sigma Theta 250-251 Delta Tau Delta , 284 Mime Derouen, Loia Diane . . . 194, Derr, George Arthur Derrick, James Vinson, Jr. Derrick, Phillip Dom Derryberry, James Harold . Delta Vpsilon Delta Zeta de Martinez, M. Teresa Dement, Marian Lanier . Dement, Willetta Dement, William Allan Demetri, Leslie Robert . Demme, Genevieve Diana Denby, Walter Johns . . Denham, Robert Edwin .... 286, 287 252-253 Leal 48 383 523 491 214 351 317 171, 292, 491, 585 Deniger, David Bradfield 172, 320 Denman, Leroy G., Jr 27 Denman, Lynn .... 81, 100, 257, 340 Denman, Nancy Louise 262 Denman, William Edwin . . . 312, 313, 428, 440, 508, 558 Dennis, Catherine Biedenharn . . . 202, 258, 343 Dennis, Helen Louise 478 Dennis, Jan 243 Denny, Kleber Jennings . . . 291, 338, 480, 497, 510, 512 Dent, Charles H 54 Denton, Frank McCray 185, 188 Denton, Robert Gordon 334 Derbes, Harold Joseph, Jr 523 Derby, Margaret Ann 238 Derryberry, Jerral Walter . . . de Saint-Malo, Alfredo ..... DcSanders, Sue Madeline Deshazo, Charles Don ....... Deshon, Carly .............. DeShong, Judith Carol ...... Deskins, James W .......... De Sola, Peggy Vandergriff . DeSoto, Shirley Ann ....... DeStafano, Andrea Renee . . Detlefsen, Jon Michael ...... Dettmann, James Churchwell Devall, Mrs. Charles ........ de Vaucouleurs, Gerard Henri deVergie, Adrienne Constant . Devine, Michael Charles .... Devins, Carolyn Michael .... DeVries, Patricia Ann ..... DeWalt, Mary Louise ....... Dewar, Henry H ............ Dewar, Michael 1. S ......... De Wees, Lyra Legare ....... Dewees, Ronald H ........... Deweese, Richard Earle ...... Dewey, Margaret Ann ....... Dexter House ............... Dexter, Terry Kay ......... Dezelle, Sarah Gail .... 171, Dial, Barbara Jane ........... Dial, David Hombs ........ Diamond, Roger Allen ...... Diaz, Victor Alberto ........ Dibrell, Frances Moore ...... Dibrell, Mary Eugenia ..... Dick, Charles Britton ...... Dick, Robert Dennis ........ Dickerson, Charles Wayne . . . Pages 209, 509, 5158 339 292 444 292, 491, 585 476 61 258, 451 493, 523 168, 257 229, 523 478 523 345 194, 201, 570 353 .... 501 27 .... 41 ... 181 292, 585 239, 370 203, 232 489, 570 479 42 .... 256 558 361, 585 .... 221 198 180, 585 205, 228, 585 239 321, 478 . . . . 570 . . . . 570 238, 570 202, 226 389, 570 . . . . 191 570 Name J ' age, Dickerson, Master Sgt. Jack Bryan 376, 382 Dickerson, James Robert .... 521 Dickerson, Nancy Elizabeth . 585 Dickerson, Patricia Marie . . . 205 Dickey, Charles Michael . . . 171, 501 Dickey, G. W., Jr 290 Dickey, Herbert Eldridge 291 Dickie, James L 61 Dickinson, Charles W 338 Dickinson, Dell P 185 Dickinson Diana Mary 524 Dickinson, Wilson Cordon, II 289, 359 Dickman, Susan Jennifer . . . 475 Dickson Harry David 289 Dickson, James Gilmer, Jr, . . 320, 321 Dickson, Raye Esther 226 Diden, Margaret Elizabeth . . 221, 349, 570 Dieckmann, Walther E 44 Dierschke, Eugene Gus .... 353, 482, 497 524 Dierschke, Norman Joseph, Jr, 558 Dietert, Evelyn Ann 222, 475 Dietz Arlenc Geneva 237 Dietz, Edwin Donald 312, 585 Dietz, Hanns-Bertold 61 Dietz, Jennie Lee 223 Dietz, Louis Edwin 207, 558 Dietz, Sandra 229, 524 Dietz, Virginia Lee 524 Dietz William M. 361 Dietze Knute Lewis 334 Diggs, Bobby Gene 293 Dildy, Kathleen Bethea .... 229, 370. 524 Dillard, Edna Carolyn . . 255, 370, 524 Dillard, Jane Reed 485 Dillard, Martha Anne 255 Dillard, Richard Allan .... 361, 371, 491 . 492, 585 Dillard, Richard Ray . . 323, 332, 570 Dillashaw, Patricia Dale 267 Dillion, Loyette Ann .. 194, 209, 252, 474, 570 Name Dillon. William Sheriden . Dilworth, Collett Broyles Dimmitt, Deanna Marye . Dimmitt, John Wesley . . Dingle, Mary Marsha Di Nino, Vincent R Di Nino, Mrs. Vincent R. Dinkinj, L. L Dinklage, Barbara Jane . . Dionne, Bertrand A Dippel, Carey Charles . . . Dipprey, Ronald Caradine diRienzo, Janet Louise Pages 169, 285, 570 279, 379 359, 485 524 267, 488, 524 360, 365 366 356 585 481 558 470, 491. 585 181, 355, 504, 558 Dirks, Malley Myrthe 267 Disch, William John, III 277 Disciples Student Fellowship 351 Dishman, Bruce Robert 308, 585 Dittert, Judge J. Lee 35 Dittlurth, David Allan 301 Dittman, Clarence 361 Dittman, William Ira 315 Dittmar, Karen Ann 241, 558 Dittrich, Charles Anthony . . 219, 585 Divine, Robert A 45 Dixon, James Clifford 336 Dixon, Joe Marion 402, 440 Dixon, Kathy 247 Dixon, Marcus Michael 585 Dixon, Ronald Lee 524, 347 Dixon, Sandra Lee 253 Dixon, Susan McCarrolI 349 Djao, Er Hung 486 Dneproff, Sophia 284 Doan, David Boyd 167 Doan, Edward Leroy 570 Dobbs, Curtis Edward . . 331, 466, 468 Dobie, James Frank 470 Dobkins, James Edward 524 Doby, Robert Merlee, Jr 319 Docekal, William Lynn .... 350, 385, 482, 524 Dodd, James David 349 Dodd, Marvin Eugene 312 WOOTEN BARBER SHOP U.T. ' s Most Modern Barber Shop 2106 Guadalupe 511 West 19th 6R 2-3131 Branch Office 5026 Fairview Drive 45th and Lamar HEMPHILLS the student ' s FRIENDLY BOOK STORES at The University of Texas featuring Hemphill ' s Ever-Ready Rebate Page 611 Dodd, Mary Jane . Dodd, Philip Max Dodd, Rose Ella Dodge, Shirlee Dodgen, Dorothy Sue Dodson, Charles G Dodson, Daniel Baldwin Dodson Durwood Keith . . . Dodson, James William Dodson, Jerry Wayne Dodson, John Hershel Dodson, Marion Lester, Jr. Dodson, Phyllis Louise Doell, Thomas Charles Doerr, Samuel Pierce . ... Doerr, Timothy Michael . . . . Doppell, Joyn Rentz Dogpett, Paul Randolph Dopgctt, Sara Lee .... 171 Pages 205 558 223, 475 60 172. 228, 370, 585 349 500 170, 277 309. 481 172, 263. 289 386 585 32 5S8 585 585 500 440, 510 281 332. 558 229. 509 340 Doherty, Kathleen . Doherly, Madelyn 263 Doing, Tanna Sue . . 198, 226, 585 Dolce, Noel Joseph 320, 585 Dolezal. Donald Creech 570 Dolezal, Gary Ray Dolezal, Wilma Dolezalek, Donald Robert D ' Olive. Yvonne Dollahite, Elizabeth Marie Dolley, James Clay Dombrowski, Judith Ann Dominguez, Yolanda ... Dominy, Kenneth W. . . Dommermuth, William P. Donaghey, John Earl . . Donaho, James Alan . . . Donaldson, Elaine Marie Donaldson, Patricia .... Donalson, Alice Louise . . Donehoo, Richard Clark Donelson, Diane Elizabeth 293, . 53, 331, Donnell, Leslie Bruce Donnell, Sidney Eugene Donnell. Stanley J Donnelly, George Arthur, III Donnelly, George Edward . . Donoghue, Richard Stafford Donovan, Catherine Jean . . . Donovan, William James . . . Donsky, Cal Dooley, Arthur Rhew, Jr. Dooley, Frances Elizabeth . . . Dooley, Mary Ellen Dooling, Robert Joseph . . . . Dorbandt, John T Dorbandt, William M Doremus, Elizabeth Lyons . . Dorke, Peter John Dorn, David Michael Dorn, Edwin Dornak, Georgia Ann Dornberger, Werner William Dorotik, David Williams . . . Dorotik, Mary Ann Dorotik, Robert Joseph .... Dorr, Barbara Susan Dorr, Lawrence Daniel .... Dorrell, Robert Bynum Dorsey, Gena Dorsey, Thaddeus James . . Doss, Carol Lynn Doss, Glen Porter Doss, Theresa Doty, E. William Doty, Laurence Timothy Doty, Marion Holmes . . . Dougal, Arwin Adelbert Dougall, Janice Dougherty, Barbara Loui 585 570 .. . 353, 521 . . 245, 349 370 29, 479, 481 474 199 506 481 524 491 205 494 206 558 180, 266, 585 282, 570 58 ... 524 ... 291 .... 473 277 263 .... 297 315 318, 319 240, 349 263 172, 180 481 353, 524 261, 474, 509, 570 355, 512 ... 478 382 .... 524 57, 480 339 ... 208, 570 215 231 270 . . . 295, 510 259 . . . 320, 585 223, 450, 451 388, 502, 507 259 . . 60, 61, 492 491 343 58, 482 245, 370, 558 : . . 197, 352 558 Dougherty, Donna Gail . 206, 232, 368 Dougherty, Patricia Burkes 205, 361, 509, 585 55, 372 59. 279 339 . . . 234, 509, S85 180, 205, 266 180, 263 177. 194, 209, 241. 370. 524 570 68. 81, 175, Dou B htie, Eugene Brill Doughtie, Venlon Levy Doughty, Samul Preston Douglas, Marva LaGean Douglas, Nancy Jean . . Douglas, Sara Kathryn Douglas, Sue Annette . . Douglas, Wesley Michae Douglass, Carol Diane flume Dove, Dorothy Carol . . Dove, Jenny Kathleen Dow, Dorothy Deann . Dowdy, Jack Allen . . Dowis, James Peden Dowling, Diane E. . . . Downer, Meredith Kay Downing, Nancy Jane Downs, Judith Ann . . 169, Doylr, Charles Clay .... 91, 363, 365, 372 Doyle, Charles Edgar, Jr. 197, Doyle, James AJlen Doyle, Mary Elizabeth Draddy, Robert John Draeger, Carolyn Draeger, Hans-Heinz Dragics, Earl Vernon, Jr Drago, Joe, III Drago, Sam Parigi Drain, Linda Gaylc Drake, James Dan 170 Drake, Robert Y., Jr Drake, William Earle Draper, Carolen Jeanne .... Draper, Nita Bert Drawer!, James George .... Drayden, Mary Juanita Dreeben, Alan William . 172, Dreiseszun, Trudy Lynn .... Drew, William Frederick Dreyer, Howard Paul 272, Driscoll, Alice Ann 263, Driscoll, John Jay, Jr Driscoll, William Dan 270, Driver, Ronald Siddall Drolla, John Casper, Jr Drosche, Nelda Joan Drousche, Mike Douglas .... Druker, Deborah Joan Drummond, Clay Perry Drummond. Clif W 92, Drummond, Donald R Drumwright, Henry Sterling . . Dry, Peggy Lynn 238, Dube, Viclor James DuBois, Allan Keith DuBois, Charlotte Eslelle . . Dubose, Elbert Theo DuBose, Fred A DuBose, Susan Gayle . . . 252. Duchon, Claude Edward .... Duckett, Faye Duckett, Jane Maurine Duckworth, Sandra Jean Duddlesten, Jerry Michael . . Dudley, Carolyn . . . 194, 202, Dudley, Edward Eugene Dudley, James Hudson Dudley, Mary Deon Duecker, Sharon Ann ... 81, Dueger, Mary Stuart Duesing, Marguerite Alice . Duesterhoeft, William Charles, Duffee, Tim Michael . . 353 Dugan, Evelyn Olivia Dugan, Jack Raymond Dugan, Richard Walker Duggan, Arthur Alexander . . . Duggar, Erwin B., Jr Duhart, Theresa Ann Duke, Genie Decma ... 196, Duke, James Henry Duke, Reese D Dulak, Raymond Robert . . . . Dulaney, James Terry Dullnig, George R Dullnig, Jean Bell . . 256, Dullnig, Jon Forrest Dullnig, Richard Edward ... Dumlao, Hernani Dunagan, Jerry Mac 279, Douglass, Robert Raymond 180. 255. 558 62 Dunavant, Otis Keith ..... Dunaway, Jarne Erwin .... Dunbar, Ann .............. Dunbar, Emily S ........... Dunbar, Jane Kemble ..... Duncalf, Frederick ......... Duncan, Charles Arthur ..... Duncan, Jeff .............. Pages 202 208. 570 .... 253 59, 339 481, 524 247 370 254, 585 171, 172. 267, 451 360, 361. !, 488, 524 290, 442. 570 335 349, 524 .... 185 . 84, 179 61 326 305 .... 570 .... 182 312, 558 43 55 173, 236, 237 586 271, 349, 354 210 307, 508 586 322, 586 273, 332. 510 477, 487, 498, 524 285 448, 491, 586 289 309, 512 570 356 265, 499 381 172, 179. 182, 500 512 321, 524 370, 494 339, 352 382 61 212. 217 172, 471 349, 570 59 349 81, 233 . 202, 242 271, 558 257, 451 270 179, 483 570 173, 222, 387 245, 370 368 Jr. . 58, 372, 482 482, 497 182, 586 440 372, 524 175, 275, 481 292 199 370, 570 338 64 428, 440 24 524 349, 586 481 321, 439, 570 361, 365 385, 481, 524 486, 558 279 205 457 262, 451 297 558 . 416 flame Duncan, Judith Kaye . . Dunham, William Perry Dunken, Dianna Dudley Dunkin, Robert Burns . Pages 183, 255, 485 275 252, 586 293, 389, 502. 570 ' . 524 194, 199, 213 488 267 Dunlap, Carolyn Sue Dunlap, Cheryl Marie Dunlap, David James Dunlap, Susan Dunlap, William W 319 Dunn, Bruce 359 Dunn, David Aden 271 Dunn. Dianne 212, 223 Dunn, Dow M 276 Dunn, Floyd Llewellyn 217 Dunn, Glenn Eric 213 Dunn, Jack Leslie 524 Dunn, Jacqueline Kay 371 Dunn, James Luther, Jr. Dunn, Richard Edward 389 186, 343. 586, 619 Dunn, Richard Martin 570 Dunn, William Earl 586 Dunn, William Henry 207, 524 Dunn, Winford Lee, Jr 558 Dunne, Michael Conrad 337 Dunning, Thomas M. . . 169, 320, 321, 508 DuPerier, Joseph Reagan 570 Duplissey, Claude Vernon 347 Duran, Cecilia 195, 357, 524 Durflinger, Donald Douglas Durham, David French . . . Durham, David Lee Durham, David Reginald Durr, Harriett Ann .... Durrett, Tina Durst, Julian Cook Dusek, Bernay Franklyn . . Dusek, Milton Martin, Jr. . Dusenberry, David Warren Dussler, Marcus Robert, Jr. Dustin. David Sumner 48 Dutari, Emilio Gerardo 218 Duval, Jerry Woodrow 476 Duval, Linda Beatrice 570 Duval, Linda Joan 265 352, 385. 387, 524 372 586 558 181, 194, 205. 239 . . . . 194, 209 490 486. 493 .... 288 .... 289 317, 524 326 524 169, 335 . 206, 232, 368, 586 III . 295, 570 481, 524 558 . 167, 276, 277. 508, 558 Dyer, Wallace Edgar 570 Dykes, Sandra Lynn 474, 586 Dynis, Dale Nick 359 Dziengel, Esther 230, 586 Duva], Thomas Shelley Duvall, David Curtis . Duve, George Clayton Dwyer, Loy Sherwood Dwyer, William Henry, Dyer, David Leon Dyer, Donald Dexter . Dyer, James Simpson . Eades, Olive E 310 Eades, Wavne Edison 339. 497 Eads, Carol Jane . 81, 177, 239, 268. 370 Eads, John H 185 Eagle, Susan Diana 198, 524 Eaker, David Atticus 315. 506 Eaker, Michael Alan 315 Eakin, Richard Timothy 488 Eakin Robert E 42 Eanes, Harvey Radnor, HI . . 169, 172. 293 , 570 Earhart, Fred 481 Earhart, Suzanne Eleanore . . . 227, 370. 525 Earl Carol Eugenia 255, 509 Earle, Ronald Dale .... 168, 372, 525 Earley, Robert W 390 Earls Delores 251 Earls, Mary Lillian 251 Early, Clarence Fielding 321 , , t}AVld 346 Earnest, Thomas Michael . . 301. 525 Earn Marv . 56 R Dean 287 " I W 1 1 486 Easley, Janette 245, 558 Easley, Peggy Jean 205, 586 Easley, Robert Wayne 336, 525 Eaaley, Shelly Dean 255, 345 Eaaley, Thomas Lowery 356 Name Eason, Lynn Rogers Eaion, William Dudley, Jr. Eastburn, Walter Leroy, Jr. Easter, Evelyn Easter, Michael Mayes . . . . Easterling, James McQueen Easterwood, Charles Deward Eastes, Danis Tripp Eastes, Gary Dean Eastmond, Anthony Post . . . Eaton, Benny Alan Eaton, Emily Ann Eaton, Emily Jane Pages 312 343. 380. 495. 525 ... 525 . . 198 470, 525 313 335 470 586 436. 440 176 204, 370 . 253 Eaves, Donald Buford 570 Ebel, Fred Andrew 490 Eberline, William Roy 292 Ebert, Kathryn Lee 172 Ebest, Bonnie Sue 345, 349 Echels. Edwin Alton . . . 344, 346, 492 Echelson, George Duncan 219 Echt, Dorothy Gladys 203, 248 Eckardt, Kitly Ann 170, 245, 322, 570 Eckenrod, Richard Michael . . 339, 356 Eckert, Charles Michael 478, 479 Eckhardl, Carl J 32, 172 Eckhardt, Charles Frederick 354 Eckman, David Walter 293 Economidy, John Harilaus . . 390, 570 Eddishaw, Patricia Irene 499 Eddy, Amos 59 Eddy, C. Lincoln 60 E ddy, James R 64 Edelman, Ivan Maurice 325 Edelman, Patricia Louise . . . 169, 230, 586 324 320, 570 287 . . 558 316, 586 347, 490 233, 558 41 3, 184, 185, 192 i . 194, 200, 201, 267, 485, 489, 558 Edmondson, Jack Eugene 586 Edmondson, James Anthony 586 Ed Price Hall 214 Edrich, Mary Worden 43 Edrington, Jack Brown 525 Education, College of 54, 55 Education Council 177 Edwards, Alfred Cornelius, Jr. ... 185. 570 64 289, 339. 525 170. 172, 180, 586 Edwards, Caroline Lee 183 Edwards, Edwin David 294 Edwards, Fred Allen 349 Edelstein, Stephen Wells . . . Eden, Donald Stewart Edgeman, Larry Jack Edgar, Sanford, Michael Edmiston, Howard Pinkney . . Edmiston, Kearney E., Jr. . . Edmiston, Sharon Dianne . . . Edmonds, Frank Norman, Jr. Edmonds, Lester Loyd, Jr. Edmondson, Carol An Edwards, Arthur J Edwards, Benny Eugene Edwards, Carol Delinda Edwards, Jessica Ellen . Edwards, Jon Hope Edwards, Nancy Ann . . . Edwards, Paula Gay .... Edwards, Robert Sterling Edwards, Ronald Clinton Edwards, Ryan H. Edwards, Thomas Haines Edwards, William Michael Egan, Byron Flanary 244. 245 586 194, 198 262 316 167, 172. 486. 558 293, 344, 525 361, 491 336. 467. 570 170, 172, 318, 319, 506, 558 Egelhoff, Betty 451 Egelhoff, Eliiabeth Ann 183, 200, 239. 268, 474, 489 Eggeling, Elaine 238 Ehlers, Clarence James Ehlers, Melville Virgil Ehni, Margo Lynn 246 Eiband, George Wentworth . 271, 570 Eiche, Barbara Allen 204, 571 Eichmann, Kenneth Elmer 389, 505 Eichner, Peggy Eickmann, Robert Eugene . . 501, 586 Eidman, Roae Mary 243 Eidson, Merrill Lamar 525 Eifler, Cu Kearney, III 29S Eikenberry, Daniel Henry 299, 345 Eisemann, Sue Ann Eiienbeck, Lester E Eisenberg, Alan Lee Eisenberg. Diane Carol Eisenbtrc, Stanley Jay Eisenstein, Ann Fridel 299, 202, 246, 586 175, 481 315 264, 586 170, 172, 306. 586 265. 370 Page 612 TEXAS STATE AUSTIN. TEXAS " One Block off the Campus " FINER FOODS FOR LESS " 2 Fine Stores to Serve You " Compliments of DACY ' S SHOE STORES AUSTIN 610 Congress Avenue Downtown 2348 Guadalupe St. On the University " Drag " GOOD ELECTRIC SERVICE A Partner in Area Growth Serving homes, business and industry in OF TEXAS TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Page 613 .Vame Pages Eiaerloli, Philip Lawrence . 386. 191. 586 Ekholm, Francine Elizabeth . . . 586 Eklund, Curtis Einar 47 Eldredge, Letitia Coulter .... 236 Eldridge, Carol Ann 195. 586 Electrical Engineering 58 Eledge, Michael Ray . . 285, 332, 508. 558 El-Emary, Mahmoud Mohamed . 512 Elick, Nancy Eleanor 243 Elkins, Janie Marie 344 EI-Lababidi, Mahmoud M 1 1 558 El-Lababidi, Mahmoud Rafik . ... 369 Elledge, George Jarome .... 473, 558 Eller, Donald Hubert .300. 301 Ellerbe, John Wilfred . 381 Ellermann, Carole Jean .... 586 Ellinger, Hunter Dean 172, 218 Elling