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. I -I !. I J 1 3EMi Texas Student Publications, Inc. Presents the 1963 GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH Editor-in- Chief KAY LYNN MORROW Associate Editor Page 2 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, AU$T Ni TEXAS CACTUS LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR. General Manager FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY Business Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN Production Manager Page 3 FOREWORD The University of Texas, 1962-63. As we glance through these pages we recall a few of the joys we shared, the disappointments we suffered, and the classes we endured. Who could forget the daily chimes from the Tower ever reminding us that time moves on, or the hours of study and endless hope that " if I could just make it through this semester, then . . . " With each passing day many saw their last year at the University fade into memories while others eagerly awaited each new day ' s exciting discoveries. The cam- pus scenes, the special events, the many organizations, are each pictured here as a lasting record of this col- lege year. For some, the years here have been a trial, a burden, as they anxiously await graduation and the opportunities ahead. But for most of us, these years have been an ad- venture, a challenge, an experience that we will carry with us forever. In the 1963 Cactus we have tried to capture for you a few of the pictures, words, ideas, that might remind you of the years spent at ole U.T. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration 25 CAMPUS LIFE Limelight 41 Features 79 Student Government and Publications 145 Dorms and Co-ops 171 ORGANIZATIONS Sororities 197 Fraternities 239 Organizations 305 Military 341 ATHLETICS Varsity , 361 Freshman 411 Intramurals 417 ACADEMIC Honoraries 437 Seniors 477 Juniors 517 Sophomores 529 Freshmen 541 Our Campus Looking SOUTH As we view these expanded 40 acres, now covering more than 240 acres, we see the many buildings as they are here in 1963. With our ever enlarging campus these views will become memories as the University continues its progress onward to meet the needs of a growing state. Looking South we see downtown Austin, the Capitol, and the buildings that line the main mall leading to our christening pool, " Littlefield Fountain. " Along the front porch of the Main Buildine On to data up the Main Mall Looking across Littlefirld Fountain to the Mutic Building Page 6 A WM V.V.VAW.W M WSWiWJ? .SS V.VJWSTO W TOSW. ' W.VAVSW?! 1 ! rrffrffrjyTrrm-rmfnWwTnTnTttfmfrrm. The controversial and often criticized statue of the BEB Building represents the family, the basic business-economic uni The wishing well and garden on the porch of the Rare Books Library on the fourth floor of the Main Building. Our Campus Looking WEST As we look west we see the drag, the university city within a city, and across from the drag is the Student Union, center of many student activities. Between the Union and the Tower is the new academic center with browsing library, study rooms, and a completely equipped auditorium. Litttefield Home music classes and practice rooms i ases NBHom . m I Bt. Palm trees of the Architecture Patio and view of the Tower from the Architecture Building second floor. Page 9 Littlefield Dormitory Short-cut to the campus through the Home Economics Patio Page 10 Our Campus Looking NORTH On to the North and we find the major interest of the male students, the Women ' s Dorms. Also to the North is the short cut through the Home Economics Patio, the moss filled Biology Pond, the various science buildings, all bring memories of a stroll across campus. Science Row Chemistry, Physics, Biology Buildings and Experimental Science Building as seen from the room of the Engineering Laboratories Building Biology Pond Health Center - : . - - . i- i : Waller Crcelc at the corner of Twenty-Fourth and San Jacinto P ge 12 Our Campus Looking EAST Turning to the East we find a large expansion pro- gram. A new East Mall is to be created leading up to the Computation Center. North of this new mall is the new Drama Building, across from Memorial Stadium is the new Art Building and Museum, behind the Engineering Laboratories Building is the new Engineering Building, and an addition is being made to Gregory Gym. The south side (upper) and the north side (lower) of the new Art Building and Museum. New iddition to Gregory Gym for men ' s P.E. and intramurals Page 13 Singing " Ave Maria, " the Tri-Delts won first place in the sorority division of 1962 Sing Song. Sunday evening Christmas program and caroling on the Page 14 TRADITIONAL U. T. EVENTS Here are only a few of the many traditional events that make the school year more enjoyable. That week- end break after a long week of hour quizzes is often quite refreshing, thus, these traditions will continue to be a vital part of the University. The cannon roars as U.T. students celebrate Texas Independence Day. Round- Up, 40-Acres Showcase Varsity Carnival contests, crowds, and concessions; skits and excitement fill Memorial Stadium. Page 15 SPIRIT ' 62- ' 63 The spirit and enthusiasm of the players and fans led the Longhorns to SWC Championships in football, basketball, and baseball this year as the Orange Tower continues to shine. That come from behind triumph, that disappointing tie. that tre- mendous year will all be memories of another great year at the University. The Longhorn Band and Flash Card Section combine for an excellent Thanksgiving Day halftime show. Triumphant jubilation as the Longhorns beat ASM 70-59 at College Station to break the Aggies ' 3-year home game winning streak. Longhorn Band and Flash Card Section at A M Thanksgiving Day game service fraternity i arrie? the world ' s largest Texas flag, and the Longhorn Band forms a block L ' .T. while the football team prepares to battle A M mokev the cannon and the Scoreboard tell the tale as Texas overcomes Arkuuu. 1.JU A big crowd of baseball fans turns out to cheer the Lonphorns at the SWC rhampionship. STUDENT INTEREST With 21.300 students, the " student interest " is quite varied, hut whether it be sports, politics, entertainment, service, religion, or parties, these activities are all an integral part of each student ' s life here at the University. One of many Chris I mas parties given by University student? for underprivileged Austin children. Students take a study break to see one of the 10 cent movies in the Union. M.i-- f students politicking carried on outside tin- B.E.B. Build in?. I ' .T. ail ministration joins school spirit a? Kay Scaly pins beat O.l " . n on Chancellor Ransom Welcoming luncheon for the Chilian Exchange An evening of fun and relaxation in the library ! ! Humanities Reading Room Page 20 STUDY HOURS Finally we come to the most important of all student activities study. The library, language labs, books, papers, all reminders of the many hours spent to try to further our understanding and knowl- edge so that we may be better equipped to meet today ' s challenges. Language Labs place of many hours of frustration Architecture and Interior Decoration majors sit on steps of Architecture Building sketching the Union. A brief review before that big ex - :.+ ' .,,.,_. There ' s nothing like having class out on the lawn Page 21 Swing Our V i REWARD After long hours and years of study comes the reward graduation. The graduation ceremonies and award presentations are symbols of the responsibility that lies ahead. Graduation CoBMnlMloolBf II II IN MEMORIAM FACULTY Malcolm Young Colby William Rust Neville Frederic Duncalf J. Anderson Fitzgerald Ralph Eldon Lane Olive R. Scarborough Oscar Leonard Thompson Walter Prescott Webb STUDENTS James Earl Duff Sandra Lee Lawrence Phillip Michael Gipson Howard Thomas Nerland Reginald Warren Grob Michael Francis Kothmann Winslow Shipman Pratt STAFF John Forrest Blincoe Marty Huntzis Myra Nolen Cawlfield Emil Liszel Joy Vestal Fountain Arthur Lee Maxwell E. A. Cell Thomas William Tallas George Washington Winn dVKV VSv nil- :i: ... " ml : !l 11 iiul ,= H 1 V ' Vi ADMINISTRATION of The University of Texas Page 25 JOHN B. CONNALLY Governor of the State of Texas I ' aj.,- I THE BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman W. W. HEATH Vice-Chairman A. G. McNEESE, JR. Secretary BETTY ANNE THEDFORD WALTER P. BRENAN, Son Antonio J. P. BRYAN, Lake Jackson Term Expired January, 1963 H. F. CONNALLY, JR., Waco THORNTON HARDIE, El Paso Term Expired January, 1963 W. W. HEATH, Austin WALES H. MADDEN, JR., Amarillo A. G. McNEESE, JR., Houston JOHN S. REDDITT, Lufkin FRENCH M. ROBERTSON, Abilene Term Expired January, 1963 NEW BOARD MEMBERS APPOINTED IN 1963 MRS. J. LEE JOHNSON, III, Fort Worth RABBI LEVI OLAN, Dallas FRANK C. ERWIN, JR., Austin MRS. J. LEE JOHNSON, III FRANK C. ERWIN, JR. RABBI LEVI OLAN Seated: Heath, Brenan, Robertson, Bryan. Standing: Madden, Redditt, Hardie, Connally, McNeese. Page 27 HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Chancellor of The University of Texas Page 28 JOSEPH ROYALL SMILEY President of The University of Texas Page 29 ADMINISTRATION OF THE MAIN UNIVERSITY I NORMAN HACKERMAN V ice-President and Provost ARTHUR MILTON CORY Assistant to the President GLENN EDWARD BARNETT Dean of Students JAMES H. COLVIN Business Manager Pg c 30 CHARLES PAUL BONNER Executive Director, Office of Government Sponsored Research ; Director, Defense Research Laboratory ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian GRADY CLARENCE STARNES Auditor DR. PAUL L. WHITE Director, Student Health Center T ' ODON CHARLES LESHIKAR Bursar F. C. McCONNELL Director, Division of Housing and Food Service W. BYRON SHIPP Registrar and Director of Admissions CARL J. ECKHARDT Director, Physical Plant JACK HOLLAND Director, Personnel Office Page 31 DEANS AND DIRECTORS ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life MARGARET PECK Dean of Women EDWIN BOOTH PRICE Director, Student Activities Assistant Dean of Student Life JOHN H. DODSON Director, Financial Aids to Students Pap- 32 WILLIAM J. HALL Director, Student Employment Bureau JOHN ALTON BURDINE Dean, College of Arts and Sciences CLYDE C. COL VERT Acting Dean, College of Education PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER Director, Schoql of Architecture R. WILLIAM DOTY Dean, College of Fine Arts ROBERT RAYMOND DOUGLASS Director, Graduate School of Library Science JAMES R. D. EDDY Dean, Division of Extension WILLIAM WALSH HAGERTY Dean, College of Engineering LEO HUGHES Associate Dean, Graduate School EARL INGERSON Associate Dean, Graduate School Page 33 W. PAGE KEETON Dean, School of Law LORRIN GARFIELD KENNAMER Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences JOE WEST NEAL Director, International Office LORA LEE PEDERSON Director, Graduate School of Social Work DeWITT CARTER REDDICK Director, School of Journalism GLENN A. WELSCH Associate Dean, College of Business Administration W. GORDON WHALEY Dean, Graduate School JOHN ARCH WHITE Dean, College of Business Administration LEE FRANK WORRELL Dean, College of Pharmacy Pate 34 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM JAMES CLAY DOLLEY Vice-Chancellor LAURENCE D. HASKEW V ice-Chancellor FRANKLIN LANIER COX V ice-Chancellor Page 35 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller GRAVES W. LANDRUM Assistant to the Chancellor WILLIAM WOODROW STEWART Endowment Officer FRANK D. GRAYDON Budget Officer 1 I WILLIAM EDWARD KEYS Director, University News and Information Service BURNELL WALDREP Land and Trust Attorney Pagt 36 DEVELOPMENT BOARD JAMES S. TRIOLO Executive Director WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK Associate Director CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN Associate Director OFFICERS Chairman DAN C. WILLIAMS Vice-Chairman EDWARD CLARK Executive Director JAMES S. TRIOLO Associate Director WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK Assistant Director . . CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN THE BOARD Hines H. Baker, Houston Charles S. Coates, Chappell Hill Ernest Cockrell, Houston L. L. Colbert, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Mrs. Charles Devall, Kilgore Wales H. Madden, Jr., Amarillo J. Francis Morgan, El Paso J. M. Odom, Austin Charles N. Prothro, Wichita Falls Harry Huntt Ransom, Austin Tom Sealy, Midland Preston Shirley, Galveston The University of Texas Development Board is the agency of The University of Texas responsible to the Chancellor and through him to the Board of Regents for all private fund development for the entire University System. The Board is composed of fifteen prominent citizens who voluntarily devote time and effort to the welfare of the University. Six are named by the Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Association, and eight by the Board of Re- gents, including one who is a member of the Board of Regents. The Chancellor of the University is an ex-officio member. Page 37 DADS ' ASSOCIATION The University of Texas Dads ' Association is composed of all fathers of University students, present or past. The Association spon- sors Dads ' Day each year during the fall last fall on November 3. On that day, hundreds of parents visited the campus and were widely entertained and given an opportunity to participate in numerous campus activities and special events. The Dads ' Association publishes the quarterly U.T. Dads ' Digest, offers a number of Dads ' Association scholarships and presents the Outstanding Boy and Outstanding Girl Awards each year. OFFICERS President .... Vice-Presidents E. G. MORRISON COL. D. HAROLD BYRD ALLEN COWDEN HOWARD T. Cox DR. HAMILTON FORD JACK S. JOSEY LlP NORVELL BISHOP BAILEY ROBERT B. SMITHER J. CLYDE TOMLINSON DR. COURTNEY M. TOWNSEND GAIL WHITCOMB ANGUS G. WYNNE, JR. Past Presidents J. BROWN CUTBIRTH HARRY C. WEBB JOHN W. HAMPTON J. LEE DITTERT J. K.. BUTLER DR. J. B. HEATH MARION A. OLSON DR. C. M. PHILLIPS HARRY W. FERGUSON STANLEY M. ERSKINE RICHARD W. BLALOCK Treasurer Secretary GEORGE H. MARSH . W. D. BLUNK Allen Bailey James A. Baker Rex G. Baker H. M. Boddy Dr. G. V. Brindley, Jr. Millard Cope Joe J. Fisher Robert D. Fletcher EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Lester Foran John D. Furrh, Jr. Homer Garrison, Jr. William A. Hudson David C. Hull Dr. E. K. Jones Homer K. Key Jack G. Lawrence Hugh Munn Robert A. Nelson J. L. Rehmet R. E. Robertson Davis Scarborough James C. Thompson Joe E. Vincent Front Row: Byrd, Smither, Morrison, Tomlinson, Marsh, Phillips. Back Row: Blunk, Josef, Townsend, Cowden, Erskine, Hail. v. Dillon, Ford, Butler, Ferguson, Heath, Olson, Cox, Whitcomb. Page 38 EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION TOMLKSO.N B.HEHH PHIUIPS FBGVSOX D. Bra JACK RUSSELL MAGUIRE Executive Secretary ERNEST SMITH President The Ex-Students ' Association is only two years younger than The University of Texas itself, having been organized in 1885. To- day it is the vehicle through which more than 190,000 former students continue their interest in, and serv ice to, the University. The Association does more than keep records on alumni, although that is one of its primary functions. It also sponsors more than 150 Texas Exes Clubs throughout the world; publishes a monthly magazine, The Alcalde; provides a number of services to mem- bers, such as the priority for the purchase of football tickets; and performs a number of functions in behalf of the University. Through the years, the Ex-Students ' Association has created more than a quarter of a million dollars in endowed funds which an- nually provide scholarships for many students. It also maintains sizable student loan funds. The Association is not a part of the University and its program in behalf of the institution is supported through the annual dues of its members. Its affairs are governed by a forty-two member Executive Council elected from throughout the state. An eighteen member paid staff is maintained at the headquarters in the Home Economics Building. Front Row: Carole Jones, Cynthia Cooper, Janet MacLean, Har ry Wise, Patricia Nulty, Gloria Allen. Second Row: Jack Maguire, Pat Maguire, Mary Reising, John Walton, Mary Welge, Loraine Jackson. Third Row: Barbara Allen, Jane Ammann, Mary Campbell, Willie Mae Edwards, Jim Moncure, Roy Vaughan. Page 39 DEAN OF WOMEN Seated : Margaret Berry, Margaret Peck, Helen Margaret Fllnn. Standing: Laurabeth Tallin, Dorothy W. Dean. DEAN OF MEN AND STUDENT LIFE Seated: Edwin Booth Price, Arno No- wotny, Donald Ray Mighell. Standing: RoIIin Albert Sininger, David Hildreth Thomas. INTERNATIONAL OFFICE Seated: Patricia L. Roberts, Joe West Neal, Mollie Walter. Standing: Gail A. Ratliff, Ben C. Engel- hardt, Dolores Silva, Edwin E. High- tower. Page 40 1 OMEN - AEN I LIFE ln V CAMPUS LIFE " He is an eloquent man who can treat humble subjects with delicacy, lofty- things impressively, and moderated things temperately. " -Cicero Bluebonnet covered Held near Austin ' : - _ , k ST. GOV.S PUBLICATIONS LIMELIGHT Beauty, Honors, and Awards Page 41 Jwiy ARM (- 42 : . iNnKHtisii " WHRB SWEETHEART RT FINALISTS AM SWEETHEART NOMINEES Jeanne Richey Amacker Kathryn Ann Bailey Genie Bracken ridge Ann Connor Brown Barbara Burt Janet M. Dahl Judye Ann Galeener Delia Henderson Helen Elizabeth Houston Barbara Katherine Hurt Karen Lee Hyman Carol Glee Ingram Jan Jopling Ann Kasman Jan Thomsen Loyce Ann Katz Jerry Ann Lee Sally Anne Lehr Eddie Rebecca Maxey Mary Jane Maxfield Linda B. McDaniel Mary Evelyn Merrill Sharon Sue Rounlree Susan Deranda Shaw Cynlhia Lee Shoplaw Maida Singer Bea Ann Smilh Palricia Anne Stephens Sue Alyce Sliles Indicates Finalist BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Arlin Ann Alexander Deanna Alleman Judith Ann Allred Patricia Ruth Aston Cecile Curlin Autrey Sally Baggett Kathryn Ann Bailey Carolie Ann Baity Bunny Ball Janis Ann Berly Dorothy Eleanor Berry Jody Blazek Genie Brackenridge Zelna Virginia Broadus Alexis Joan Brown Barbara Burt Mary Kathryn Buss Carol Lou Carlson Janice Mary Chadwell Hazel Jane Clements Frankie Marie Collier Sara Jo Curlee Carolyn Ethel Dahse Rebecca Ruth Davis Cecilia Camille Dehlinger Lynn Denman Carol Diane Douglass Suzanne Eleanore Earhart Connie Joan Eaton Sharon Dianne Edmiston Elizabeth Ellen Elkins Rita Jay Fagelman Pearl Feingold Carol Barbara Feld Sandra Kay Fitzgerald Susan Chappell Ford Susan Fowler Judye Ann Galeener Victoria Lee Gazzell Judy Gail Gillespie Mary Ella Graham Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Barbara Ann Gresham Barbara Elaine Grevsky Michelle Guillot Bobbie Ann Harper Janett Carol Hartin Mary Julette Haynes Sandra Hays Delia Mae Henderson Rae Theresa Herrera Priscilla Jane Hester Marion Diane Holbrook Helen Elizabeth Houston Barbara Katherine Hurt Joan Phyllis Hyman Karen Lee Hyman Carol Glee Ingram Paula Sue Ivey Amelia Janssen Sandra Jean Jircik Jan Jopling Loyce Ann Katz Elizabeth Ann Kendall Ida Marie Klein Elizabeth Anne Koch Mabel Joy Kokernot Mary Kathryn Kulchak Martha June Lanier Ann Mallett Lynda Schaffer Mann Eddie Rebecca Maxey Mary Jane Maxfield Linda Bragg McDaniel Susan Virginia McGee Mary Evelyn Merritt Sabra Ann Moore Zane Ann Morgan Patricia Myers Lori Ann Nichols Frances Northcutt Mary Jane Pratscher Elsie Grace Ramirez Sarah Ann Redfield Janet Louise Rink Esther Mary Roberts Sharon Gaines Robins Nancy Elizabeth Schlegel Carolyn Schroeter Martha Elizabeth Sealy Mary Katherine Sealy Carol Ann Searight Karen Lee Shannon Carolyn Marie Shaw Susan Deranda Shaw Cynthia Lee Shoptaw Molly Shulman Kay Carlton Solomon Leah Sonja Stalarow Diana Lou Stenger Patricia Ann Stephens Sue Alyce Stiles Mary Sue Strube Patricia Jeanne Swahn Nancy Lou Swift Barbara Ann Taylor Sandra Carol Thomas Jan Thomsen JoAnn Marie Walter Janet Louise Wark Judy Kathleen Wax Betsy Kay Weiner Judy Jean White Anna Leslie Wood Esperanza Linda Ximenes Semi-Finalist Finalist Page 47 BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Bwd, BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS OK BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS ane 52 + - V. ' 54 -.. v -c 41 f via . r I I 1 : V ' - . Page 58 Page 60 V " " V ' TV 3fr . - yum IK i A. 4 TEN MOST BEAUTIFUL Front Row: Bunny Ball, Sun Jane Harris, N.ncy Elizabeth Schlegel. Ru th Ann Walters Second Rou: PhyllU Vigna, Jane Louiae Rink, Penne Ann Percy, Dani Ellen Bailey. Back Rom: Cecile Curlin Autrey, Sandra Kay Fitzgerald. Pae62 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS AND GOODFELLOWS SELECTION OF OUTSTANDING STUDENTS AND GOODFELLOWS The Outstanding Students were chosen by a committee composed of the Dean of Student Life, Dean of Women, Assistant Dean of Student Life in charge of Campus Organizations, President of the Students ' Association, Daily Texan Editor, Cactus Editor and Cactus Associate Editor. In choosing these twenty-seven students the committee considered all aspects of the student ' s campus life. Scholarship and academic achievement were important considerations. Other important factors considered were service to the campus and contributions to the University, as well as leadership shown in various campus or- ganizations and activities. The Goodfellow selection was based on unselfish and continual service to the University. Personality and an active interest in campus organizations and activi- ties were also considered. The idea of a " Goodfellow " is used most accurately to describe the selection of these thirty-nine Goodfellows. Selection was made by the Cactus Editor and Associate Editor on the recommendation from the committee listed above. SELECTION OF THE BLUEBONNET BELLES The sixty Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalists were selected from one hundred and twenty nominations on the basis of their pictures and activities which were sub- mitted with their application. The semi-finalists were then interviewed and judged on the basis of poise, personality, beauty, campus orientation, and campus activ- ity. The committee felt that to be a Belle and representing The University of Texas, the nominee must not only be beautiful, but must also be interested and aware of the University and its activities. Seventeen finalists were chosen and pre- sented at Round-Up Revue. The finalists were again interviewed and the five Bluebonnet Belles were se- lected. This year ' s selection and interview committee was composed of Mrs. Laurabeth Fallin, Dean of Women ' s Office; Colonel David Thomas, Dean of Men ' s Office; Mr. Walter Barnes, an Austin Photographer; Helena Frenkil, Panhellenic President; Tony Joseph, Interfraternity Council President; Kay Morrow, Cactus Associate Editor; and George Bunch, Cactus Editor. Page 63 WAYNE FREDRIC AGUREN Beta Gamma Sigma; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Honor Roll; Silver Spurs; University Club President; CBA Council Treasurer and Projects Chairman; Society for the Advancement of Management Vice-Presi- dent; American Society of Mechanical Engineers Secretary; Fresh- man Advisory Assembly ; Student-Faculty Committee. ALAN PAUL BLOEBAUM Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Delta Reporter; Honor Roll; Order of Aesculapuis; James Rockwell Scholarship; Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile; Longhorn Band. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ANN CONNOR BROWN Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta President; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Kinsolving; Orange Jackets Vice- President; YWCA President; Mortar Board Treasurer; Upperclass Advisor; Leadership Seminar; Union Student-Faculty Committee; Freshman Council; Model United Nations; Sweetheart Nominee. RUBEN S. BROWN Tejas Club Social and House Committee; Alpha Phi Omega Presi- dent; YMCA Vice-President; Regional YMCA; National YMCA; Co-Chairman of the Legislative Commission; Texas Union Advisory Board; Election Commission Chairman; Investigating Committee; Alpha Phi Omega Distinguished Service Award. ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' Page 64 HAZEL JANE CLEMENTS Alpha Chi Omega Recording Secretary; Honor Roll; Pi Lambda Theta; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Upperclass Advisor; Texas Student Education Association State President; Education Assem- blyman; Academic Affairs Committee Chairman; Student-Faculty Cabinet; Student Government Committees; Student Education Asso- ciation President; Bluebonnet Belle Finalist; 1963 Silver Spur Award. GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH Tejas Club Inter-Club Counci l Representative; Alpha Phi Omega Vice-President of Service Projects; Alpha Epsilon Delta Vice- President; 1963 Cactus Editor-in-Chief; Texas Student Publications Board of Directors; NSA Investigating Committee; Young Repub- licans Executive Board; American Institute of Architects. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOHN ROBERT COPE Kappa Alpha; Silver Spurs; YMCA Board of Directors; Texas To-day and Tomorrow Steering Committee; Dr. Smiley ' s Committee of 33; CBA Council President; Vice-President of the Students ' Association; Texas Student Publications Board of Directors; Student Assembly; Freshman Council; Student Government Committees. I JOHN PAT CULPEPPER Silver Spurs; Friar Society; Fellowship of Christian Athletes Presi- dent; Varsity Football Co-Captain; T Association President; All Southwest Conference Selection; Earl Blaik Scholar-Athlete Award; Swede Nelson Sportsmanship Award; AlI-American and All-South- west Conference Scholastic Teams. Page 65 JESSICA ROYECE DARLING Zeta Tau Alpha Pledge Trainer; Phi Beta Kinsolving; Honor Roll; Sweetheart of The University of Texas; Varsity Cheerle ader; Upperclass Advisor; Royal Spirit Committee; Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile; Hospitality Committee; Ten Most Beautiful; Bluebonnet Belle Finalist ; Longhorn Singers. CAROLYN DRAEGER Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Delta Phi; Pi Lambda Theta Treasurer; Mortar Board Vice-President ; Cap and Gown President; Swing-Out Co- Chairman; Union Leadership Seminar; Union Advisory Board; Senior Cabinet Secretary; Challenge Committee; Round-Up Review Stage Crew; Poona Club Secretary; Upperclass Advisor; Union Commit- tees; 1963 Marjorie Darelik Memorial Award. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS HELENA REBECCA FRENKIL Alpha Epsilon Phi; Panhellenic President; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets Contact Chairman; Spooks Secretary; Leadership Seminar; Student-Faculty Cabinet; Central Round-Up Committee; Orientation Leader; YWCA Committees; Goodfellow; Bluebonnet Belle Selec- tion Committee. JUDYE ANN GALEENER Chi Omega Treasurer; Phi Beta Kinsolving; Honor Roll; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Operation Brainpower Co-Chairman; Texas To-Day and Tomorrow Steering Committee; A S Assemblyman; Campus Chest Secretary; Leadership Seminar; Union Committees; Bluebonnet Belle Finalist; Sweetheart Nominee; Cordettes Publicity Officer. rjr Page 66 CAROL GLEE INGRAM Kappa Alpha Theta Activities and Standards Chairman; Pi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kinsolving; Honor Roll; Mortar Board Historian; Orange Jackets; University Y Treasurer; Leadership Seminar; Upperclass Advisor; Challenge Committee; Model United Nations; Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart Nominee. JAN JOPLING Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor Roll; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets Secretary; Panhellenic Treasurer; University Y Board of Directors; A S Assemblyman; Leadership Seminar; Up- perclass Advisor; Symphonic Band; Bluebonnet Belle Nominee; Sweetheart Nominee. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS LAWRENCE ANTHONY JOSEPH, JR. Delta Chi President; Interfraternity Council President; Phi Delta Phi; Inns of Court; Co-Op Board of Directors Vice-Chairman ; Faculty -Student Cabinet; Union Advisory Board; Central Round-Up Committee; Goodfellow; Bluebonnet Belle Selection Committee. SAM E. KINCH, JR. Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Texan Editor-in-Chief; Silver Spurs; Texas To-Day and Tomorrow Committee; Faculty-Student Cabi- net; President ' s Advisory Cabinet; Central Round-Up Committee; Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile; Hearst Foundation Jour- nalism Award; Time, Inc., Special Journalism Project. Page 67 ALICE ANN MARSHALL 1 1) Pi Lambda Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor Roll; Cap and Gown; Texas Student Education Association President; Faculty- Student Council; National Council for Geographic Education; National Council for Social Studies; Orientation Advisor; Freshman Council. WILLIAM ELAM MABRY Theta Xi President; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Student Assembly; International Commission; Royal Spirit Commit- tee; Baptist Student Union Vice-President; Young Republicans; Rockwell Scholarship; Freshman Council Executive Board. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS SALLY ANN LEHR Chi Omega Vice-President ; Honor Roll; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets President; Leadership Seminar; Texas Union Advisory Board; Spooks Secretary; Newman Club; Upperclass Advisor; Bluebonnet Belle Nominee; Sweetheart Nominee. PHILENA JANE MORTON Delta Gamma Political Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-Presi- dent; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Delta Phi; Junior Fellow; Orange Jacket Treasurer; Mortar Board President; Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile; Upperclass Advisor; Challenge Colloquim Co- Chairman; Wesley Foundation; Goodfellow. Pigc 68 GLENN BURKE MUSGROVE Tejas Club Executive Council; Alpha Phi Omega President; Alpha Chi Sigma; Inter-Club Council President; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; AROTC, Cadet Major; Pershing Rifles; Society of American Military Engineers; Moore-Hill Hall Advisor; Intra- mural Manager; Intramural Council; T Association; Berry M. Whitaker Leadership Award; Texas Union Advisory Board. DICK WELDON SIMPSON Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Roll; University YMCA President; National Student Council; Faculty-Student Cabinet; President Ransom ' s Cabi- net; Goodfellow; Delegate to the Student Congress of USNSA; Model United Nations; Young Democrats; Selected for the Honor ' s program in the Government Department. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS i i M feflb y .-I ' - JOHN C. TREADWELL Phi Gamma Delta Corresponding Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honor Roll; Silver Spurs Executive Council; T Association; Varsity Football Team; All-American Football Teams; George (Hook) McCullough Award; All-Southwest Conference and All-American Scholastic Football Teams. MARION SANFORD, JR. Delta Tau Delta; Pi Delta Phi; President of the Students ' Associ- ation; Texas Cowboys; Interfraternity Code of Conduct Committee; Assemblyman; Leadership Seminar; Challenge; Texas Student Pub- lications Board of Directors; Social Calendar Committee Chairman; YMCA Committees; Speaker ' s Committee. Page 6 9 LEAH ANN WEAVER Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Texas Union Executive Council; Union Advisory Board; Union Leadership Award; Round-Up Com- mittee; Student Government Committees; Racket Club; Westminster Student Fellowship; Upperclass Advisor; Social Welfare Club. WILLIAM DARRELL WILLERSON, JR. Phi Gamma Delta Pledge Trainer; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Texas Cowboy Foreman; Varsity Tennis Team; T Association; Rally Advisory Committee; Union Advisory Board. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOHN FRANKLIN WEEKS Delta Chi Treasurer; Omicron Chi Epsilon; Honor Roll; Interfra- ternity Council; YMCA Cabinet; Young Democrats; A S Assembly- man; Challenge; President Smiley ' s Advisory Cabinet; Freshman Council Advisor; Faculty-Student Discipline Committee; NSA Dele- gate; Goodfellow. FORMER OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Judy Schleyer Blanton Susan Lee Campbell Ronald Dennie Cohen Michal Barry Gotten Keith Kohn Cox Bert Carl Engelhardt William Cook Fielder Susan Chappell Ford Alejandro Garcia Julius Glickman Leon Norrod Graham Dinah Kay Heiser Walter Tom Henson Lowell H. Leberman, Jr. Gregory Owen Lipscomb James Charles Noeser Maurice Samuel Olian James Irvine Perkins, Jr. Ellis Wynn Presson Patricia W. Rusch Arthur Louis Schechter JoAnn Pankratz Stiles Avis Andrea Tieber Barbara Jean Tosch Virginia Ann Walker Susan Elizabeth Whitsit Puge 70 GOODFELLOWS GENIE BRACKENRIDGE SUSAN LEE CAMPBELL TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN CAREN MAYNETT COX DAN ADOLPH FLECKMAN Page 11 MICHAEL SHANE BRENAN JERRY CUTLER COFFEY DAVID GRAY HALL - fck Iv vT GOODFELLOWS SANDRA HAYS I TOM LEE HUTCHESON HELEN ELIZABETH HOUSTON KAREN LEE HYMAN KENNETH RAY JACOB Page 72 MARION DIANE HOLBROOK LENIOR MOODY JOSEY, II ANNETTE SHARON KASMAN LINDA RUTH LOVELESS GOODFELLOWS ROBERT A. MARKOWITZ WILLIAM ALLEN MELTON SUE ELLEN McCLELLAN Page 73 DAVID ISADORE KUPERMAN i ; ] M. YVONNE CHARMAYNE MARSH EDDIE REBECCA MAXEY KAY LYNN MORROW STEVEN MICHAEL NEUSE GOODFELLOWS SHARON SUE ROUNTREE DONNA FAYE OBERPRILLER DAVID CLYDE POMEROY Page 71 MICHELLE ALICE PUZIN KAY CARLTON SOLOMON SANDRA CAROL THOMA GOODFELLOWS : ,W . BEA ANN SMITH LOU ANN WALKER FORMER GOODFELLOWS Betty Ann Aue Victoria Bush Caldwell Nathan Fred Cliett Ronald D. Cohen James Hudson Dudley Arthur Alexander Duggan Ronald David Eastman Helena Rebecca Frenkil Charles Ned Goldberg Sylvia Ann Grider Michelle Guillot Edward Robertson Hewlett Lawrence Anthony Joseph, Jr. Loyce Ann Katz Richard Page Keeton Bert Gentry Lee Jay Mayne Lewallen Gail Helen McBride Oliver Barr McClellan Mildred Rose Meile Ferdinand Charles Meyer Philena Jane Morton James Elwyn Neyland Monroe Ben Nowotny Maurice Samuel Olian George Albert Olson Sandra Lee Parker Edward Bradford Pickett Alfred Gerald Platt Ellis Wynne Presson Ramon Robert Rackley Esther May Roberts Dick Weldon Simpson Maida Singer Barbara Jean Tosch Dianne Treadaway Carolyn Anne Tull John Franklin Weeks Page 75 ALFRED EARL WHITE, JR. JUDY JEAN WHITE .GARY LYNN WOOD I DADS ' DAY AWARDS Each jear on Dads ' Day the Dads ' Association of The University of Texas presents an award to the Most Outstanding Girl and the Most Outstanding Boy of the University. Selection is based on leadership, scholarship, and service to the University. This year the awards went to Gregory 0. Lipscomb of Houston and Susan Ford of Lubbock. GREG LIPSCOMB and SUSAN FORD I ' ;.,;.- 7(, MARJORIE DARELIK MEMORIAL AWARD The award for the Most Outstanding Inde- pendent Woman Student, the Marjorie Darelik Memorial Award, was presented to Carolyn Draeger of Houston. This award, presented at Swing-Out, is given for outstanding scholarship, service, and extra- curricular activities. SILVER SPUR AWARD The award for the Most Outstanding Senior Woman Student, was presented at Swing-Out to Hazel Jane Clements of Huntsville. Silver Spurs sponsor this award given for leadership, academic achievement, and service to the University. HAZEL JANE CLEMENTS Page 77 MIKE FLYNN AWARD The Mike Flynn Citizenship Award is presented each year at Swing-Out to the male student who most nearly " fills Mike FK nn ' s shoes. " Selection is based on service and extra-curricular activities. This year the award was presented to Gregory 0. Lipscomb of Houston. The Mike Flynn Award is sponsored by Inlerfraternity Council and Inter-Co-Operative Council. GREG LIPSCOMB Pago 78 FEATURES AND CHRONOLOGY Edited by Genie Brackenridge Edited by Jan LaMaster Page 79 FALL Fall . . . time for the yearly migration back to the old Forty Acres. The campus Greeks polish their trophies, turn on their brightest smiles, and open their doors to hundreds of nervous, hopeful rushees. With would-be schedules in hand, students bake in the sun before Gregory Gym, waiting to be admitted to UT ' s own version of the Wall Street Panic Fall Registration. Clubs and organizations bom- bard all who walk the campus with a deluge of pleas to " join!, " " vote!, " " picket!, " " revolt!, " ... or just contribute a few dollars. From the " Hook ' em Horns! " of football games to the " D- ' s " of hour quizzes, Fall at UT is a mixture of hard work and countless good times. Page 81 Rush Begins the New Year (- Kappa ' s entertain rushees with Showboat skit. Rush Week, the annual " snow-the-rushees " program as staged by the campus Greeks, is one of the highlights of Fall at UT. Sororities present clever skits and try, in general,, to out-smile, out-sing, and out-talk all competition. While drinking a lifetime supply of punch, each rushee is afforded countless opportuni- ties to relate her name, her major, her home town, her name, her major . . . Fraternity rush, beginning during the summer months, is a continuous session of wine, women, and song, specializing in " beer, beer, beer that makes you wanna cheer " and pledge. Rush week comes to a close with a breathtaking whirl of parties, dates and fun. For some, however, the week ' s climax is that inevitable trip to Littlefield Fountain where they receive a damp, but exciting, introduction to life as a UT Greek. Pace I Men gather outside Gregory Gym before Rush Convocation. Left; Acacias display their trophies. Tri-Delt ' s chat with rushees in relaxed atmosphere. Delts entertain rushees with combo; Tex Gross on the drums. Pledget begin fraternity life with a splash. We made it! Fraternity men congratulate new Chi Omega ' s. Page 85 APO s show new students the campus on guided tour. The long wait swear or affirm that 1 believe in and approve of the Constitution. , . And the line continues . . . Up to the balcony TTS at eight! Registration Fall Registration. LT ' s yearly endurance test, begins in mid- September and ends whenever the last student manages to get out of Gregory Gym. Having passed the " stand-in- the-sun-for-two-hours-without-fainting " test, one is admitted to the Gym where he is faced with the decision of signing a non-communist oath or going back out in the sun. Those who make the correct choice are permitted to lounge around on the concrete stands for another two hours be- fore facing the next obstacle. Rested and invigorated, stu- dents move on to the sectionizers who check over their desired schedule, laugh, and remark that " Saturday night lab is still open ... " Class cards in hand, one travels to the stage, pays for the day ' s enjoyment, and descends to the basement. The finish line is near. Passing the final obstacle course formed by campus clubs, organizations and pamphlet distributors, registration ' s last victim dashes through the doorway never to return until Spring Regis- tration. Tuition paid it ' s almost over. lrW n Busy week for the Co-Op. Between classes, a little scoping on the Mall. Thett non-con ormistl are the Wednesday Night Folk Singers. J. Frank Dobie at Ike Delta Upiilon house. Page 88 : Parade down Congress Avenue preceding Jack Cox rally. With the exception of classes, there ' s never a dull moment on the UT campus. Whether one ' s interest lies in football, student government, folk music, politics, or, as in a few rare cases, culture, he can find others who share his enthusiasm. Senator John Toujfr speakx to the Yttung Rt During his campaign for Governor, John Connolly a Texas-Ex, has a look at Bevo. i I The March on Dallas . . OU Weekend As October rolls around, students evacuate the Forty Acres and prepare to invade Dallas for a rollicking weekend of football and general festivi- ties. Weeks of thought go into the selection of a date for OU weekend, and UT coeds spend hours cramming a week ' s supply of clothes into every available suitcase. Hour quizzes and homework are forgotten as carloads of football enthusiasts roll northward. Parties abound, and the streets of Big D echo with shouts of " Hook ' em Horns! " . OU Weekend with its atmosphere of excitement is a never-to-be-forgotten experience in the life of a UT student. Campus Chest Committee discusses removal of the Y from its annual fund raising drive. Left to Right; Glee Ingram, John Musselman, Michelle Puzin. Susan Ford and Dick Simpson discuss the Y ' s own fund raising drive. Fall Election Pace 92 for Dad ' s Pay only ORDER YOURS NOW ! On sole Oct. 22 -No v.l on the West Mall Annual Mum Sales 150 William Lederer, co-author of The Ugly American, discusses his speech. Susan Ford and Greg Lipscomb (center), outstanding students, are presented at Dads ' Day. Author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, before his lecture. Page 93 AEPi pledges escort visiting Arkansas Razorbacfcs. Spirit soars at Arkansas rally. Coach Royal disembarks at Municipal Airport. Flaming UT flows in front of Tower Football Longhorns fight on toward SWC Championship. September 22 ... The Texas Longhorns clashed with Oregon and began the long struggle toward the Southwest Conference Championship and the temporary position as the No. 1 team in the nation. Football season brought the usual round of torch- light parades, pep rallies, beer busts, and chants of " Beat the Hell outa whoever it is we ' re playing this week. " Everyone went to the games early to " beat the crowd " and met everyone else who had the same idea in the seething mass of humanity which formed within a two mile radius of Memorial Stadium. Fans sang " Texas Fight, " Texas fought, gung-ho spectators dribbled cokes down the backs of those in front of them, and Bevo watched the proceedings with his usual dignity. The Show Band of the Southwest, with several flags and even a few banners, pi ivided color and excitement for every game. Spooks preside at execution of Rice Out. Texas prepares to " Humiliate SMU. " Fans greet Bevo at SMU game. Page 95 Miss Austin Finalists: Jeanne Amaker (upper left), Miss Austin Orange Jackets Judye Galeener. Jane Morton, Helena Frenkil, Stephanie Bucanan and Sally Lehr tap Karen flyman. Jack Cox supporters watch anxiously Spooks Commie Harris and Beth Grunfield entertain at Spooks ' Foreign Student Party. Drama Department ' s presentation of " Fuente Oveiuna. SHOW BOAT Linda McDaniel, Cowboy Sweetheart. Cowboy Minstrels I The Holidays. Musical Entertainment Special Guest, Marty Robbins. Pledges of Pi Phi and Phi Delta build up bonfire. On Thanksgiving Day all work ceased on The Farm and the Aggies ventured to Austin to do battle with the Texas Longhorns. Long days of work preceded the annual invasion from Aggieland: Aggie signs were laboriously constructed, material for the bonfire was collected and piled high, and Texas fans gathered on the bank of the Colorado River to joke about farmers, cheer, and watch the " Aggie Funeral Pyre " glow against the November sky. As game time approached, football fans crowded into Memorial Stadium to watch Texas wallop A M by a score of 13-3. " . APO ' s, Spurs, and Cowboys ketp vifil. ACC ES Longhorn Band wins " Most Comical " sign contest. Phi Kappa Sigma caps " Best-All Around " prize. Page 101 " Most Unique " designed by SAE ' s. SEPTEMBER SUNDAY, 9th Rush week opens with Convocation for prospective rushees. Silence begins and girls are required to refrain from speaking to all sorority girls and to any boys. MONDAY, lOth-Friday, 14th Rush parties begin an exciting but unpredictable week. Girls ' rush is divided into three periods of formal rush with rushers and rushees showing preference by designating parties. Men ' s rush uses a new system; informal rush is held during the second period while first and third periods are devoted to formal rush in order to give the rushees an opportunity to meet more fraternities. SATURDAY, 15th Men accept their fraternity bids, and afterwards, the actives are traditionally thrown in Littlefield Fountain. SUNDAY, 16th Orientation Week officially opens with a Parent ' s Convocation. New sorority pledges receive invitations and hurry to their respective houses. An open- house with an informal pledge line follows at each sorority house. MONDAY. 17th Five-day Fall Semester registration begins and it sets off a chain of events in preparation for the coming year Placement examinations, distribution of the 1962 Cactus, selection of over 1,000 students for Freshman Council, and auditions for the University Band. Orchestra, Opera workshop, and Choral organiza- tions. TUESDAY, 18th Orientation in full swing. An announcement is made concerning a change in the summer session from one 9 weeks session to a combination of two 6 weeks, one 12 weeks, or one 9 weeks session. The Longhorns are rated in pre- season forecast of football as second in the nation. The University, including Women ' s Residence Halls, introduces new Centrex Telephone System of direct dialing a relief to all ! WEDNESDAY, 19th Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, continues its work of guidance during Registration Week by conducting a tour of the campus for new students. A Shorthorn Party is also held for new students in the Texas Union main ballroom. THURSDAY, 20th Union committees take active part in orientation A campus fashion show is put on by the charm committee, and a " Forty Acres Talent Show " for new students is sponsored by the talent committee. FRIDAY, 21st American Association of University Professors meets for discussion of the University ' s relation to the Forty Acres Club. (Chancellor Harry Ransom stated that the Club is a private club.) A graduate reception is given by the Graduate Group. The Texas Union holds an open house with a movie and a dance. SATURDAY, 22nd Texas downs Oregon 25-13 by coming from behind in the second half to score 22 points in 12 minutes. A new record is set at the close of Registration Week with 20,287 students enrolled. Gubernatorial candidates Jack Cox and John Connally both meet with student supporters in Austin. SUNDAY, 23rd Longhorn Band Concert at Hogg Auditorium under the direction of Vincent R. DiNino. Journalism family picnic at Barton Springs. Last free day before classes! MONDAY, 24th Fall Semester classes begin. Delta Tau Delta social fraternity defeats ' 61 champions, Kappa Sigma, by a score of 26-6 in an exhibition game to open the 1962 Men ' s Intramural Football season. P.g 102 TUESDAY, 25th Phi Beta Kinsolving begins its second annual " Academic Rush Week. " Interviews begin for the 15 Union committees. Sonny Listen knocks out Floyd Patterson in 2 minutes and 6 seconds to capture the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. WEDNESDAY, 26th Texas Student Publications Board elects Sandy Sanford as its chairman. Interviews are held for prospective pledges of the national social sorority Alpha Xi Delta which colonized on the campus this fall. Folk singers gather in Union for their regular Wednesday night singing. THURSDAY, 27th A pep rally is held at Gregory Gym where seven new cheerleaders are selected Jessica Darling, Wendy Kellogg, Becky Maxey, Jan Thomson, Bob Lowe, David Northington. and Ben Nowotny. " Wild Strawberries, " Swedish Film Classic by Ingmar Bergman, is presented in Batts Auditorium. John Cope is voted in by acclamation to the Vice-Presidency of the Student Assembly. The University Administration holds its fall reception. FRIDAY, 28th Lloyd Harris, Bass-Baritone with Lyric Opera of Chicago, opens the Music Department ' s Guest Series at the Recital Hall. SATURDAY, 29th The Texas Longhorns defeat the Texas Tech Raiders in a smash- ing 34-0 victory in Lubbock. SUNDAY, 30th Vice-President Lyndon Johnson addresses opening session of the Texas Association of School Boards. The University Tae Kwon Do (Karate) Club gives exhibition. OCTOBER MONDAY, 1st Special short course in FORTRAN programming opens at computation center. Organizational meeting is held for varsity and freshman swimming teams. James Meredith enrolls at the University of Mississippi amid rebellion led by Governor Ross Barnett. TUES DAY, 2nd A Royal Spirit Committee organizational meeting is held. Sixty-six new members are selected to A Cappella Choir. WEDNESDAY, 3rd Exhibition opens of original letters of the famed Briton T. F. Lawrence accompanied by a lecture on " Lawrence of Arabia " by Bertram Rota, London author. Angel Flight holds coffee with Arnold Air Society to kick off United Fund Drive. Freshman Council mass meeting is held with address by Dr. Irwin Spear, Professor of Biology. The University Sports Association holds fall tryouts. Astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr. orbits the earth six times. THURSDAY, 4th Dessert party is held to start the Texas Union ' s Fall Semester activity. Alex Duggan is elected CBA assemblyman to replace John Cope. Author J. Frank Dobie speaks at informal discussion at Delta Upsilon house. FRIDAY, 5th Rousing Tulane pep rally is led by head cheerleader Bill Melton. SATURDAY, 6th High school Band Day in Austin brings bands from all over the state to perform in a parade. Texas defeats Tulane by a smashing 35-8 score. Line forms for OU date tickets anxious, but tired fans ! SUNDAY, 7th The Cactus announces its selection for the ' 62- ' 63 staff. The Student Organizations Concert Series presents the University Symphonic Band, J. Frank Elsass conducting. Page 103 MONDAY, 8th UPI football rating puts Texas No. 1 in the nation. Five freshman cheerleaders are selected to support freshman football and basketball Pam Burnett, Cris Guess, Phillis Johnson, Sharon Ann Sibley. and Suzy Stein. Final tabulation records 21,390 students enrolled in the University. TUESDAY, 9th Arnold Toynbee. world renowned historian visits the University to film a series of lectures. WEDNESDAY, 10th Texas Union Speakers ' Committee presents Dr. Albert Burke, the subject being " Education For What? " . Panel discussion on Nuclear Disarma- ment sponsored by the Young Republicans. THURSDAY, llth The Baylor Cubs clips the Texas Yearlings 13-12 in the first freshman football game of the season. Film Classics series presents " Citizen Kane " in Batts Auditorium. Th e " Bored Martyrs " reorganize and select 32 new members. Pre-OU panty raid. FRIDAY, 12th OU Weekend begins! Buses and cars stage mass exodus from Austin. A party is held at the Dallas Auditorium for both Texas and Oklahoma students. Also " Carnival " is playing at the State Fair. SATURDAY, 13th The Texas Longhorns defeat the Oklahoma Sooners 9-6. The University of Texas Cross Country Track Team wins a Quadrangular Meet in Dallas. The Texas State Fair is jammed with students. SUNDAY, 14th Miss {Catherine Branfield, accomplished harpist, opens Faculty Concert Series. MONDAY, 15th Power Distribution Conference opens at Union Auditorium. TUESDAY, 16th Dean of Students Glenn Barnett speaks to the Texas Union Leader- ship Seminar. Exhibit of prints from St. George ' s Gallery of London opens. The New York Yankees win the World Series over the San Francisco Giants four games to three. WEDNESDAY, 17th The Campus Chest Committee sets goal for annual Drive and removes Y from participation. THURSDAY, 18th Hog-Calling contest begins in preparation of spirit for the Arkansas game. " Pajama Game " opens the Austin Civic Theater ' s season. Ernest Cabe, personnel director of Austin public schools, speaks to the Student Education Association. FRIDAY. 19th The Distinguished Alumni Award Banquet presents awards to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark, former Governor Allan Shivers, Judge James A. Elkins, and Gus S. Wortham. The Cultural Entertainment Committee presents " Jazz ' 62 " with the Billy Butterfield Sextet and the Charles Byrd Trio. " Orange and White " Day on the campus and 10,000 students gather for a spirited pep rally on the mall. SATURDAY, 20th The Journalism Honors Day program announces $7,300 in scholarships. Homecoming festivities culminate in the game of the year with Texas coming from behind in the final exciting minutes to down Arkansas 7-3. SUNDAY, 21st Three men are tapped for Friars, oldest men ' s honorary organization on campus John Patrick Culpepper, Arthur Lewis Schecter, and Larry Lynn Schoenbrun. John Owings, pianist, plays with University Symphony Orchestra. MONDAY, 22nd President Kennedy announced " quarantine " of Soviet offensive weapons to Cuba. The Austin Symphony opens its 25th Anniversary season. tt f e 104 TUESDAY, 23rd Clarence Manion. former Dean of Notre Dame Law School, speaks on Foreign Relations, a lecture sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom. WEDNESDAY, 24th The University of Texas Sports Association holds its semi- annual banquet with Arno Nowotny, Dean of Student Life, as principal speaker. Spooks, campus service organization for women, taps 23 new members. Film Classic Series presents " The World of Apu. " THURSDAY, 25th Conservative-Liberal debate sponsored by the Union Speakers Committee with debaters Dr. John Bagalay and Dr. C. E. Ayres. The Texas Cowboys and the Silver Spurs, men ' s campus service organizations, announce their new members. Alan Fitch, Labor Party member of British Parliament speaks on the Common Market at the International Hour. Dr. Bob Ledbetter, marriage counselor, speaks at the first meeting of Cap and Gown. FRIDAY, 26th Texas football fans load up again to follow the longhorns to Houston. The Texas Yearlings claim victory over the Rice Owlets 21-14. SATURDAY, 27th The Rice Owls extend their 10-year jinx over the Longhorns in Rice Stadium by holding them to a 14-14 tie. The Shrine Circus opens in Austin. SUNDAY, 28th Faculty Piano Recital by Emmett Yokes, guest Associate Professor of Music at the University. MONDAY, 29th Annual meeting of the Associated Bureaus of Business and Economic Research. TUESDAY, 30th Senator John G. Tower makes address under sponsorship of the Young Republicans. Angel Flight taps 15 co-eds as the new Air Force ROTC Sponsors. WEDNESDAY, 31st Student Assembly elections result in sweeping Representative Party victory. Dr. Lillian Gilbreth, Engineering and Management Consultant, whose family was made famous by the book, Cheaper By The Dozen, gives lecture, " Everyone Has a Management Problem. " NOVEMBER THURSDAY, 1st Dr. J. R. Roach of the University Government Department dis- cusses the works of William Lederer. The University hosts the Texas Personnel and Management Association Conference. FRIDAY, 2nd The SMU Colts, freshman football team, nip the Texas Yearlings at Dallas by a score of 8-7. The University Vice-Chancellor Lanier Cox is guest speaker at the Dads ' Association dinner. A party is held for the Longhorn and Freshman Bands. SATURDAY, 3rd DADS ' DAY! The Dads ' Association presents the outstanding University students, Susan Ford and Greg Lipscomb. The SMU Mustangs meet defeat here in Austin as the Longhorns claim a 6-0 victory. Texas comes in fourth in the Eighth Annual Texas Invitational Cross-Country Meet. SUNDAY, 4th The University Symphonic Band holds a concert. MONDAY, 5th Aldous Huxley, British novelist and philosopher-scientist, author of Brave New World, speaks to a Batts Hall standing-room-only audience on " Man- kind, " William J. Lederer, author of A Nation of Sheep, and co-author of The Ugly American, speaks under the sponsorship of the Union Speakers Committee. Page 105 TUESDAY, 6th Dr. Wilfred Watson discusses " Organization and Delegation " at the Leadership Seminar in the Texas Union. WEDNESDAY, 7th The Drama Department ' s Silver Anniversary presentation " Fuente Ovejuna, " which is directed by Dr. Francis Hodge, begins a three-day run. John Connally wins the Governorship of Texas over Republican Jack Cox. An exhibition of " A Portrait History of American Acting " opens in the Regents Room. Japanese Film Classic, " The Ricksha Man, " is presented in Baits Auditorium. THURSDAY, 8th The Ninth Annual Conference for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching opens with speaker Dr. D. S. Gorsline, Geology professor at the University of Southern California. Pete Seeger, controversial folksinger, presents his first program on campus amidst anti-Communist pickets. FRIDAY, 9th Texas defeats TCU in freshman football by a score of 17-7. Edward Durell Stone, famed architect, addresses the School of Architecture. Howard Nemerov, combination poet, novelist, and critic, gives lecture on " Bottom ' s Dream. " the Young Democrats hold a victory dance celebrating the gubernatorial election results. SATURDAY, 10th The Texas Longhorns blast the Baylor Bears 27-12 in Waco. The NROTC holds its Sweetheart Ball and Linda Salm is chosen as sweetheart. The Texas Union Committees hold a retreat at 7-A Ranch. SUNDAY, llth The Twenty -First Annual Fine Arts Festival opens with exhibitions of " Twentieth Century Drama in Manuscript. " Formal dedication of the new Drama Building is given by President Joseph R. Smiley. TUESDAY, 13th Dr. David De Laura of the English faculty, gives the first lecture of the English Department ' s Lecture Series. Maurice Eisenberg, internationally famous cellist, holds a concert and conducts a Cello Master Class. Orange Jackets, women ' s service organization, taps 28 new initiates. WEDNESDAY, 14th Marilyn Home, accomplished soprano, holds concert as part of the Fine Arts Festival. The Spanish Film Classic, " Albeniz, " is presented in Batts Auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Cruse are judged as the Ideal Couple by the Married Students ' Council. THURSDAY, 15th The LaSalle String Quartet, Chamber ensemble from Cincinnati ' s College-Conservatory of Music holds a concert. The Cultural Entertainment Com- mittee presents Jose Iturbi, distinguished pianist. The Campus United Fund ex- ceeds its goal of $32,500 by $900. Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity, selects new pledges. Plge 106 FRIDAY, 16th The annual Cowboy Ministrels is presented, with Marty Robbins as featured singer, and Linda McDaniel is chosen as Cowboy Sweetheart. Paul Doktor and Yaltah Menuhin, the internationally famous viola-piano duo, present a concert. A University all-student dance is held with entertainment by the Gentlemen. SATURDAY, 17th REVENGE! The Longhorns claim a 14-0 victory over TCU at Fort Worth. The La Salle String Quartet concludes the Fine Arts Festival week. SUNDAY, 18th A concert is held by acclaimed pianist Leon Fleisher. MONDAY, 19th The University of Texas places third in the Southwest Conference Cross-Country Track Meet. Dr. John Bagalay of the Philosophy Department speaks to the Technology and Mass Culture Group on the implications of the " Brave New World " society. WEDNESDAY, 21st -The Aggie Sign Contest announces winners Phi Kappa Sigma, Best All Around; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Most Original; the Longhorn Band, Most Comical. Crowd of 25,000 gathers on the bank of the Colorado River for the annual Aggie Bonfire and Pep Rally. Phi Delta Theta and Pi Beta Phi win first place in the Woodgathering Contest. The Texas Yearlings defeat the Aggie Fresh- man Football team 22-8 at College Station. THURSDAY, 22nd Thanksgiving Day! The Texas Longhorns defeat the Aggies by a score of 13-3 in Memorial Stadium. FRIDAY, 23rd-SUNDAY, 25th Thanksgiving Holidays. TUESDAY, 27th Six new Chancellors of the School of Law are named Gerald W. Benson, Buford P. Berry, G. Gary Norton, G. R. Miller, Jr., S. Tevis Grinstead, and Tom A. Connally. Kappa Sigma captures both the Class A and Class B Touch Football Intramurals Championships. WEDNESDAY, 28th Ken Jacob defeats David Cottle in contested CBA Assemblyman election. The Limelighters, a folk-singing group, perform in the Municipal Audi- torium. THURSDAY, 29th The Young Republicans sponsor a panel discussion on the recent general election. Dr. Michael J. S. Dewar, professor of chemistry, is appointed to the Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry which was established to advance basic re- search in chemistry. FRIDAY, 30th The Texas Academy of Science Conference opens. The American Studies Association of Texas Conference opens; the topic of the conference is " Individualism in Twentieth Century America. " Page 107 WINTER Winter came to UT bringing with it ice, cold winds, the Cotton Bowl, finals, and a never-ceasing whirl of campus activities. Plum- meting temperatures froze water pipes, car radiators, Littlefield Fountain, and the ears and noses of students hurrying across campus. The weather did not succeed, however, in chilling the spirit of the student body or in halting the myriad of academic, athletic, and social functions which are a vital part of life at the University. Pge 109 Kappa ' s vie with the Pi Phi s in touch football. The Gamma Phi ' s rehearse for Sing Song. Pi Kappa Alpha wins first place with " The Gate of Heaven. ' Placing first in the Sorority division the Tri Delt ' s receive applause. Winning songleaders pose triumphantly with their trophies. Page 111 Sig Ep ' s solicit contributions for Dimes Day. Rides in rickshaws furnished by Alpha Phi ' s. Campus Chest, the annual drive to raise money for chari- ties, turned the Forty Acres into a carnival and made it un- wise to cross the campus without money to contribute to groups who danced, pulled rickshaws, sold kisses (candy variety), or just begged for dimes. Ugly men, ranging from homely to revolting, frightened or repulsed students into giving. Pledge classes were auctioned off to the highest bidders, and the week was climaxed by the announcement of Pat Aston as Miss Campus Chest. Theta ' s sell candy kisses to raise money tor Dimes ' Day. KA ' s Miss Campus Chest contest draws crowd. Pat Aston, Miss Campus Chest, receives trophy and con- gratulations. Creels twist at Pledge Auction on the Mall. Page 113 New Freshman Co Dillon, president. Senator Ralph Yarborougk speaks at the Freshman Council banquet. Freshman Council Banquet njoy their banquet- 1H Phillii lohnion. Freshman Beaulf, is presented uilH roses. Greek folk dancers add color to Panhellenion. Greek Folk Festival presented by CEC. Soldiers from opera cast stand on guard. Page 115 Walter Herbert, conductor, poses with star of the opera " 11 Trovatore. ' ?i fe enjoyed by small boy. Spooks and Spurs entertain at party. Christinas on Campus -w ' V ' JT ' " !! " ' ;? ' f - v ' ' ' - ' , V ' i- i _Jf. ' .- " Union tree is trimmed. ' Twas the week before Christmas, and all across campus students were cramming for hour quizzes, searching for mistletoe, packing suitcases, and spreading several different forms of Christinas cheer. Members of campus organizations baked cookies, wrapped gifts, donned Santa suits, and delighted Austin children with Christmas parties. Decorations for Yuletide appeared in dormitory windows, along the Drag, and wherever the Christ- mas spirit managed to overcome University decorum. Hundreds gathered on the Main Mall to sing carols in front of the decorat ed tree and star which adorned the Tower. Classes were dismissed, and UT was deserted by homeward-bound students. II II II II ii ttr Caroling program held on the Mall. Union Committee extends Season ' s Greeting Tommy Wade, No. 17, foolt the Tigers. Pig 118 Longhorns corner . Yf ' number 22. Football Season Ends Coach Darrell Royal accepts the honorary T Association Award. Pat Culpepper receives the Leadership Award. Page 119 Johnny Treadwell accepts the Georg (Hook) McCullough Most Valuable Plover Award. DECEMBER SATURDAY, 1st Texas basketball season opens with victory over Howard Payne, 77-53. Social sororities and fraternities hold the 27th annual Sing Song. Delta Delta Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha win first place. Judge Thornton Hardie resigns the chairmanship of the Board of Regents, and W. W. Heath is chosen as his successor. SUNDAY, 2nd The Reverend Francis Johnson, professor at the Episcopal Seminary, speaks to Canter- bury Club. MONDAY, 3rd CAMPUS CHEST begins with Dimes Day. Alpha Phi and Tau Delta Phi are the winners in the collection contest. Dr. Leo Falicou of the University of Chicago physics department begins his series of five lectures on solid state physics. Dr. Edward R. Garrett of the University of Florida speaks to the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Wade L. File, scientist-in-charge of the General Atomic research laboratory in La Jolla, Calif., begins a series of lectures on " Atoms, Beams, and Collisions. " TUESDAY, 4th Sorority and fraternity pledge classes are auctioned off to raise money for Campus Chest. Professor C. A. Macartney of Oxford University gives address on " Hungary Nationalism Under the Hapsburgs. " Dr. Herbert Dieckmann, chairman of the Department of Romance Languages at Harvard University gives lecture under the sponsorship of the University Sym- posium of the Eighteenth Century. Verdi ' s " II Trovatore " is presented by the Houston Grand Opera Association as a Cultural Entertainment Committee program. WEDNESDAY, 5th Freshman Council elects president, Sheriden Dillon ; vice-president Len Vaughn ; and secretary, Sharon Luck. The Longhorns defeat East Texas State 71-38. Dr. Werner Goldsmith, engineering mechanics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, speaks on " The Effects of Impact Loading " in the Engineering-Science Lecture Series. Dr. Senarat Paranavitana of the University of Ceylon gives address under the sponsorship of the University Archaeological Society. THURSDAY, 6th Frank L. Barton of the Department of Commerce is a guest lecturer of the Business College. " Computers in the Study of Human Thinking " is the topic of a discussion by Dr. Herbert H. Simon of the Carnegie Institute of Technology. The Ernest Hemingway Manuscripts arrive. FRIDAY, 7th Pat Aston named Miss Campus Chest. The Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight hold pledge initiation dinner, with Col. William C. Lindley, commandant of the Air Force ROTC, as principal speaker. SATURDAY. 8th Texas claims basketball victory over Tulane 81-72. Campus Chest closes its drive after raising $7,100. Lonnie " The Hunch " Ferrell is named winner of the Ugly Man Contest. Anne Wal- ters is chosen Scheherazade Queen by the Organization of Arab Students. The annual Army-Air Force ROTC Military Ball is held in the Municipal Auditorium. SUNDAY, 9th The University Symphonic Band holds a concert in the Union Main Ballroom. MONDAY. 10th Sister Mary Corita, internationally known artist and teacher at Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, speaks on " Art and Related Things. " The Texas Longhorns lose to L.S.U. in Baton Rouge by a score of 66-75. TUESDAY, llth Professor J. H. Silverman of the University of California, Los Angeles, gives lecture in connection with The University of Texas ' observance of the Lope de Vega quadicentennial. The Arts and Sciences Program in Criticism presents Dr. John Hollander, poet and critic, reading selections of his own verse. The Department of Physics presents Dr. Robert G. Sachs of the University of Wisconsin, the lecture being on high energy physics. WEDNESDAY, 12th The Department of Drama opens its presentation of " Separate Tables " by Terence Ratigan. AROTC Awards Day ceremonies are held on Whitaker Field. The Four Lads present a program in the Texas Union Auditorium. THURSDAY, 13th Dr. S. Richard S. Varga, mathematics professor at the Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, lectures under the auspices of the Mathematics Department and the Computation Center. The Student Education Association holds panel discussion on " What You Need to Know about Teaching. " Kappa Kappa Gamma defeats Pi Beta Phi 12-0 in the annual Powder Bowl Football game. Macey Hodges is elected Portia of Law School. FRIDAY, 14th " Panhellenion, " Greek Folk Festival, is presented at the Municipal Auditorium by the Cultural Entertainment Committee. William M. Elmer, president of the Texas Gas Transmission Corporation, speaks to the Student Landman ' s Association. The Department of Economics presents Dr. Kurt Braun, chief of the Division of Foreign Labor Conditions, U.S. Bureau of Statistics in a lecture on " Centralism in the Soviet Bloc. " SATURDAY, 15th Oklahoma State drops Texas 69-65. The Texas Yearlings defeat Wharton Junior College 80-68. The Southwest Conference Swimming Relays in Dallas result in a Longhorn second place with 106 points to SMU ' s 128 points. SUNDAY. 16th The 23rd annual Christmas Carol Program is presented by the University music or- ganizations on the south terrace of the Main Building. The Spooks have a banquet and name Vicki Hunter as outstanding member. The winners of the Ten Most Beautiful contest are announced: Phyllis Vigna, Cecile Curlin Autrey, Janet Louise Rink, Bunny Ball, Sandra Kay Fitzgerald, Penne Ann Percy, Susan Jane Harris, Nancy Elizabeth Schlegel, Dani Ellen Bailey, and Ruth Anne Walters. MONDAY. 17th Managing Editor of the Daily Texan resigns because of differences of opinion with the editor. TUESDAY, 18th Dr. Leigh White, visiting lecturer in journalism, speaks on the Cuban crisis, sponsored by the Union Speakers Committee. WEDNESDAY, 19th Freshman Council banquet held with guest speaker Senator Ralph Yarborough, and Phillis Johnson is named Freshman Beauty. French film classic, " Le Vache et le Prisonier, " is shown at Batts Auditorium. The Engineering-Science Lecture Series presents Dr. John A. Clark, professor at the University of Michigan. THURSDAY, 20th Pat Culpepper, Longhorn co-captain, is named the winner of the Swede Nelson Page 120 Award for outstanding sportsmanship during the 1962 college football season. The Broadway Theater Alliance presents " Carnival " at the Municipal Auditorium. FRIDAY, 21st Texas meets defeat at the University of California. Berkeley, in varsity basketball by a score of 62-70. SATURDAY. 22nd CHRISTMAS VACATION begins. Stanford crushes the Longhorns by a score of 72-46. FRIDAY, 28th-SATURDAY, 29th The Sun Bowl Basketball Tournament is held in El Paso. Texas defeats Denver 63-52, but submits to Texas Western 40-45. JANUARY TUESDAY, 1st The University of Texas meets Louisiana State University in the annual Cotton Bowl game at Dallas. LSU is victorious, 13-0. THURSDAY, 3rd Classes are resumed. The Longhorns again defeat the Rice Owls in varsity basket- ball by a score of 54-49. Rice lost to Texas in freshman basketball by the score Texas 57-Rice 53. FRIDAY, 4th An international dance is held in the Junior Ballroom of the Texas Union. SATURDAY, 5th The Longhorns defeat Arkansas at Fayetteville, 69-63. The Golden Spread Forensic Debating Tournament is won by the University ' s senior women ' s debate team, Jane Harrison and Pat Reagan. SUNDAY. 6th Dr. Roger Abrahams, instructor in English at the University, presents " An Evening of Folk Singing. " A veteran night club and concert singer, he has performed in both Europe and the United States. MONDAY, 7th Dr. Ernest F. Haden, linguistic scientist and Romance Language professor, addresses the Linguistics Club. The Austin Symphony holds a concert at the Municipal Auditorium. TUESDAY, 8th The Opera workshop presents Puccini ' s " Suor Angelica " and " Gianni Schicci " at Hogg Auditorium. Texas smashes Baylor by a score of 76-38. The Yearlings also met Baylor with the score Cubs 58-Yearlings 54. Dr. Archibald A. Hill, professor of English, author, and secre- tary of the Linguistic Society of America, lectures on " Literature and Linguistics " in the English Department Lecture Series. WEDNESDAY, 9th The Engineering-Service Lecture Series presents Dr. Joseph F. Shea, deputy di- rector of NASA manned space flight office in Washington, D. C., speaking on " Lunar Landing Problems. " Dr. Lucian L ' Abate, professor of psychology at Washington University School of Med- icine, speaks on " Sex, Anxiety, and Nonsense " under the sponsorship of the Department of Psy- chology. The Young Republicans sponsor a debate between Rev. Brandoch Lovely and State Repre- sentative 0. L. Harris of Dallas on the topic of the controversial House Un-American Activities Committee. Johnny Treadwell is honored by the Austin Exchange Club as the outstanding senior athlete from Austin. THURSDAY, 10th Dr. Harvey B. Willard of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory lectures at the Uni- versity under the sponsorship of the Physics Department on the topic " Polarization of Beta Rays. " The English film classic, " Kind Hearts and Coronets, " is shown in Batts Auditorium. FRIDAY, llth The Texas Ex-Students ' Association sponsors the second annual Longhorn Football Banquet. Steve Guynes, pole-vault specialist, took the only Longhorn first place in the first annual Gulf Federation Indoor Track and Field Meet. The Central Texas Board and Travel Show opens at the Municipal Auditorium. SATURDAY, 12th Texas wins the S. W. Conference Basketball Title by beating Texas Tech at Lub- bock, 78-58. SUNDAY. 13th The choral organization of the Department of Music present a mid-winter concert in Hogg Auditorium. The Texas Spokes Sports Car Club holds a new year gymkhana. Campus- wide distribution of the Sabin oral vaccine is held in the Texas Union. MONDAY, 14th Sigma Xi, graduate scientific research society holds its initiation banquet for 61 new initiates with J. H. Mackin, professor of geology as guest speaker. TUESDAY. 15th Inauguration parade and ceremonies are held for the new governor of Texas, John B. Connally. The Rev. Eldon M. Buck, a missionary in the South Sea Islands lectures here on his missionary experiences. WEDNESDAY, 16th EXAMS BEGIN ! (Need we say more? ) THURSDAY, 17th Ruth Page ' s Chicago Opera Ballet is presented by the Austin Ballet Society at the Municipal Auditorium. SUNDAY. 20th An announcement is made that playwrights Tennessee Williams and Ernest Lehman will give their manuscripts to the University Humanities Research Center. MONDAY, 21st Dr. Allan A. Goldstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology mathematician, ad- dress the Computation Center seminar at the University. WEDNESDAY, 23rd The Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway Musical Road Show " The Sound of Music " is presented at the Municipal Auditorium. SATURDAY, 26th A swimming meet at the University of Oklahoma results in victory for OU over Texas by a score of 50-45. MONDAY. 28th Registration begins for the spring semester, and the service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, helps in the orientation of new students by conducting tours of the campus. TUESDAY, 29th The Texas Longhorns claim another victory in San Antonio as they defeat Trinity by a score of 88-54. T. Earl Ferguson, noted mathematician, speaks on " Bugtran: A Source Lan- guage Debugging System " at the Computation Center. THURSDAY, 31st The Texas Union holds an open house for new students. Historian and authority on the Monroe Doctrine, Dr. Dexter Perkins completes a three-day visit to the University where he has been taping lectures for a television course which is under the direction of Dr. Walter P. Webb, professor of history. Page 121 TFE BUSTER MOM SOT u II i SPRING The warm days and abundant sunshine of Spring caused Spring Fever, in epidemic proportions, to disrupt the studious atmosphere created by campus grade point seekers. A week of campaigning was climaxed by the announcement of Julius Glickman, President; Greg Lipscomb, Vice-President, and Loyce Katz, Secretary; of the Students ' Association. Daily trips to Barton Springs and Lake Austin halted temporarily as Round-Up brought western attire, Round-Up Revue, and rain to the Forty Acres. Swarms of Greeks and Independents descended upon Memorial Stadium to take part in the festivities of Varsity Carnival. Then, only two weeks of reckless abandon remained before the student body resigned itself to the inevitability of Spring finals. Page 123 The San Francisco Ballet Company presented by the CEC. Culture on Campus TT 1 Contrary to popular opinion, culture is available to those students who are interested in the intellectual and aesthetic aspects of University life. The San Francisco Ballet Com- pany, the Opera " Tosca, " Jose Iturbi, and Panhellenion were sponsored by the Cultural Entertainment Committee. Pro- ductions of the Drama Department ran ged from Shake- speare ' s Othello to James Thurber ' s " Thirteen Clocks. " Culture was provided by the International Club in the form of an International folk dance festival featuring dances from most parts of the world. The Houston Symphony Orchestra directed by Sir John Barbirolli The International Clubs Folk Dance, (Above), The American Indian: (Lett Below) Limbo, and (Below) Thailand. Registration, again Walter Cronkitt, Texas-Ex, arrives to speak at the Interfraternity Council Banquet. 126 Challenge Colloquium Challenge Chairman Jane Morton, Sandy Parker , and Arthur Sckechter. Challenge speakers Eric Jonsson, Paul Goodman, Russell Kirk, Upton Sinclair and moderator Roger Shattuck have ' a panel discussion on " Individualism in the Twentieth Century. " Page 127 Chileans are greeted at the International Center. Honorary Texas citizenship is given to vis iting Chilean students Chilean Students Orange Jackets, Chileans and the language barrier. Cordettes and Pershing Rifles have an Easter Egg Hunt for Orpha Fine defensive is the key to the Southwest Conference Champio success. Death to NSA by 59% majority Spooks tap Lyn Reeder in the Cactus office Peter, Paul and Mary entertain. The University ' s Model United Nations. Kappa Sigs and ROTC commemorate Texas Inde- pendence with their traditional battle. Tradition . Senator Goldwater speaks under the sponsor- ship of the Young Republicans. KA ' i deliver invitations to their annual Old South Ball. University students picket the Capitol in protest to the Senate ' s rejection of Judge W. St. John Garwood as a Regent of The University of Texas. . and Protest Students picket downtown Austi The brawl of the year followed the Texas-A M basketball game played in Austin. Round-Up Students enjoy Cowboy Barbecue. Silver Spurt jail city slickers on Western Day. Pwc 132 Students look at Round-Up Showcase exhibits. Round-Up Revue presents a satire on Student Assembly. Round-Up, far superior to any rain dance for bringing showers to Austin, sent dudes scurrying through the downpour past the " No Tell Hotel " and " Fanny ' s Corset Shoppe " in an attempt to avoid the Silver Spurs ' jail for city slickers on Western Day. The Cowboy ' s annual Barbecue went on as usual in spite of the dampening effects of rain. Round-Up Revue, which satirized such aspects of campus life as apartment parties, panty raids, football games, and Student Assembly, was climaxed by the presentation of the Bluebonnet Belle finalists, visiting Sweethearts and Miss Jerry Lee, the new Sweetheart of The University of Texas. Jessica Darling, University Sweetheart for 1961-62, presents Jerry Lee, the new Sweetheart, with roses. Page 133 r Varsity Carnival The week preceding Varsity Carnival saw the UT campus undergo miraculous change: a bewildering maze of signs sprang up, informing the student body of the joys of Varsity Carnival which could be experienced for the nominal sum of seventy-five cents. Hillbillies, flapper girls, and even a giant eye which walked the campus helped build up suspense for the night of the Carnival. As the seven o ' clock hour approached on Saturday evening, Greeks frantically ham- mered a few final nails before most of the student body and a few professors invaded the area beneath the stands at Memorial Stadium to enjoy the fun and games of VC. After an evening of several skits, numerous hot dogs, countless cokes, and even a try or two at the Lambda Chi ' s Kissing Machine, everyone gathered outside for the presentation of trophies and the crowning of Miss Lynn Denman as Varsity Carnival Queen. .D Phi E ' s first place winners in Publicity advertise their Popcorn concession. Zeta ' s begin building stage for " West Berlin Story. " ATO ' l ikit " Tearas Bulbs. P ge 134 ADffi concession Old Fashioned Candy Shop and Sod Fountain. Alpha Phi ' s Inferno. DZ ' s advertise their " Old Vaudeville Theaters. ' Chi Phi ' s first place skit, " OB Scenes. " A Chi O ' s " Jane, What Ever Happened to Baby. Lynn Denman, Kappa Alpha Theta, is presented as Varsity Carnival Queen Page 135 f or 1 963 . Phyllis Vigna, best dressed co-ed on the University campus. Students calling Austinites to get Clasp contributions. Mortar Board taps Sandy Hays. Carolyn Draeger winner of the Marjorie Darelik Award for the outstanding independent woman, Greg Lipscomb recipient of the Mike Flynn Award for the outstanding man, and Jane Clements winner of the Silver Spur Award for the outstanding co-ed. Page 137 Reserve Officers Training Corps Commissioning Ceremony The Commissioning Address is given by Judge Ruel C. Walker, Associate Justice, Texas Supreme Court. Lieutenant Colonel George W . Porter, USAF, Administers the Oath of Office to all graduates. ARMY NAVY MARINE AIR FORCE Nix O ' Brien Bodden, Quartermaster Corps, receives a handshake from Colonel Her- bert E. Brown. Robert Lee Collier receives his Commission George Richard Settle receives his com- from Captain Dale C. Reed. mission from Captain Dale C. Reed. Page 138 James M. ft inkle receives his commission from Lieutenant Colonel George W. Porter. Graduation June 1, 1963 Dr. Leland J. Haworth, Director-Designate of the National Science Foundation, principal speaker for graduation exercises. Scholars lead Procession. Baccalaureate Services were held at 11:00 A.M. at Hogg Auditorium. Commencement Exercises were held at 8:00 P.M. on the Terrace of the Main Building. Page 139 FEBRUARY FRIDAY, 1st Helen Hayes and Maurice Evans present " A Program for Two Players " at the Munici- pal Auditorium. SATURDAY, 2nd Registration week closes with 19,882 registered for Spring Semester. The Uni- versity hosts the eighth annual Invitational High School Swimming Championship Meet. The Year- lings were defeated by the T.C.U. Wags in basketball with a score of 74-55, but the Varsity Team claimed a 73-56 victory over the Horn-Frogs. Spring Semester Fraternity Formal Rush Week opens with a convocation. SUNDAY, 3rd The Texas Chess Association holds the Alamo Open Tournament. MONDAY, 4th The exhibition of " A Century of Masters, 1550-1650, " paintings from the collection of Walter P. Crysler, Jr., opens in the Regents Room. Sorority Open Rush begins. Classes begin for the Spring Semester. TUESDAY, 5th A concert of woodwind music is presented by the Interlochen Arts Quintet in the Recital Hall as part of the guest artist series of the Music Department. The Austin Symphony presents a student concert at the Municipal Auditorium. The Longhorns meet Texas A M at Col- lege Station; the varsity team of Texas won with a score of 70-59, and the Yearlings lost by 4 points with a score of 62-66. WEDNESDAY, 6th The Department of Drama and Romance Languages sponsor a presentation by the Parisian Theteau de Paris of Jean Cocteau ' s " Orphee " and " L ' Apollon de Bellac " by Jean Giraudoux. " The Three Penny Opera, " film version of the German Brecht-Kirk Weill opera, is presented as a film classic at Batts Hall. Texas defeats Baylor at Austin in swimming with a score of 83-10. THURSDAY, 7th Dr. Joseph J. Jones, specialist in literature of the British Commonwealth and South Africa, speaks on " English Literature and the Vanishing Frontiers. " " After College, What, " is the topic of a lecture by Dr. Bernice Moore, assistant director of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, the lecture being sponsored by Cap and Gown. FRIDAY, 8th The Longhorn swimmers defeat Eastern New Mexico University at Portales, N. Mex., with a score of 63-32. J. Kearby Peery speaks in the first of a series of lectures by great trial lawyers. Closing sessions are held of the second annual Texas Industrial Pharmacy Seminar con- ducted by the University Pharmacy Extension Service. SATURDAY. 9th S.M.U. meets defeat in Austin as the Texas varsity basketball team wins by a score of 77-62. A swimming meet at Lubbock results in Texas Tech defeat by the Longhorns by a score of 56-38. A Panhellenic Council Workshop is held at the Union, the theme being " The Group at Its Best, " with Dr. Bernice Moore as principal speaker. SUNDAY, 10th Fifteen Chilean students arrive for a few weeks visit under a student exchange pro- gram sponsored by the U.S. State Department. MONDAY, llth Althenaeum Society sponsors a debate between the Young Republicans and the] Young Democrats on " Kennedy ' s Domestic Policy. " TUESDAY, 12th The Cultural Entertainment Committee presents the San Francisco Ballet Com- pany at the Municipal Auditorium. A varsity basketball game results in victory for Texas over Texas Tech 90-76. The Texas Yearlings win over Victoria College 77-70. The Exhibits Committee of the Union sponsors a lecture on " Modern Painting " by Terence Grieder, assistant professor of art. WEDNESDAY, 13th A dance and jazz band, a part of the Longhorn Band under the direction of Phil Manning, begins a series of weekly laboratories in the Union Junior Ballroom. Civil War photography goes on display in the Texas Union Gallery. THURSDAY, 14th Valentine ' s Day! Thirty -two redcoats of the U.S. Army Air Defense Command Choral Group presents a concert under the sponsorship of the Union Music Committee. The Stu- dents ' Co-operative association, serving 60 campus housing units, holds buffet display and open house. Mortar Board, two-time winner in Campus Bowl competition at the Y, loses to the Bronze Bullets, an " unofficial " honorary organization. FRIDAY, 15th The Texas Longhorns defeat T.C.U. at Fort Worth 75-59. The Yearlings lose by a point against T.C.U. with the score 63-62. SATURDAY, 16th Longhorn swimmers defeat Texas A M 64-30. The University Debate Squad took the sweepstakes award at Stephen F. Austin College Debate Tournament. SUNDAY, 17th A " pops " Concert is the special presentation of the University Symphonic Band under the direction of J. Frank Elsass. Phyllis Vigna is named the " best dressed co-ed of the University, " and will go on to New York for the Glamour Magazine 10 Best-Dressed Contest. TUESDAY, 19th Roger M. Blough, Chairman of the Board of U.S. Steel, speaks under the spon- sorship of the Union Speakers Committee on " Management: An Open Society. " The Texas Long- horn swimmers again defeat Baylor at Waco with a score of 49-24. Hostilities were great as Texas encountered Texas A M with a basketball and a fist: Texas claims victory with a score of 83-73. The Texas Yearlings meet defeat by the A M freshman team with a score of 61-59. WEDNESDAY, 20th Peter, Paul, and Mary, the urbanized folksingers with two best-selling albums, perform at the Municipal Auditorium. The Department of Drama opens its production of Ketti Frings ' " Look Homeward Angel " at Hogg Auditorium. THURSDAY, 21st The 1963 Challenge Colloquium with the topic " Individualism in the 20th Cen- tury " opens at the Y with Dr. Paul Goodman, associated with Columbia University, as keynote speaker. Official registration begins for the annual beard-growing contest for Round-Up Weekend. Five University students leave to attend the 1963 Mid-Atlantic Model U.N. General Assembly. FRIDAY, 22nd Houston Hootenanny, a presentation of folksongs in relation to living, is presented under the sponsorship of the Union Folk Song Group. Upton Sinclair, author, addresses Challenge Colloquium. " Shakespeare in Contemporary Germany " is the topic of a lecture by Professor Gerhard Mueller-Schwefe of the University of Tuebingen. Annual spring retreat of the Texas Union Committees is held at the 7 Acres Ranch. SATURDAY, 23rd Climax of the Southwestern AAU Meet at S.M.U. results in Texas swimmers capturing 6 ' first places. Walter Cronkite, CBS newsman, is guest speaker at the IFC Banquet climaxing the Interfraternity Council workshop. In Dallas the Texas basketball team defeats S.M.U. with a score of 92-76. MONDAY, 25th International Week opens for a week with a series of exhibits, dances, and dis- cussions, all sponsored by the International Club. Marian Anderson, noted singer, presents a recital at the Municipal Auditorium. TUESDAY, 26th Longhorns defeat Rice 77-59 in Houston, but the Owlets defeat the Yearlings 63- 57. Dr. Joseph Smiley, president of the University, opens the Texas, Today, and Tomorrow lec- tures. WEDNESDAY, 27th A panel investigates the advantages and disadvantages of N.S.A. and the Uni- versity as part of it in the Y. THURSDAY, 28th Mexican film classic, " Marcario " is shown in Batts Auditorium. The Bronze Bullets defeat the Ranger Staffers in Campus Bowl competition. MARCH FRIDAY, 1st The fifth annual International Dance Festival is presented in Hogg Auditorium. The Longhorn basketball team defeats Arkansas, 99-86, to claim a 13-game winning streak. SATURDAY, 2nd The Longhorns enter Track Meet in Houston, with the results Texas A M 68, Texas 59, and Rice 43. Pan-American College whips Texas 6-0 in tennis. Kappa Sigma fraternity, acting as the Mexican Army, fires down University Avenue on ROTC cannons in celebration of Texas Independence Day. SUNDAY, 3rd Four Russian clergymen arrive amid welcome and protestation, to visit Austin as part of an exchange of delegations between the National Council of Churches and the churches of the USSR. The San Antonio Youth Symphony holds concert in the Union Main Ballroom. MONDAY, 4th State Bar Examinations begin. After 10 innings, Sam Houston State baseball team finally claims a 5-2 victory over Texas. TUESDAY, 5th " The Next Necessary Thing in Literature " is the topic of National Book Award novelist Saul Bellow in a lecture sponsored by the University Program in Criticism. Baylor robs Texas of an undefeated SW Conference basketball season by a score of 55-48, and the Baylor Cubs defeat the Yearlings 50-48. WEDNESDAY, 6th James Thurber ' s " The Thirteen Clocks " is presented by the Drama Department in the Laboratory Theater. Wilma Dell Council and Tom Lee Hutchinson are selected the out- standing co-op residents at the annual ICC banquet. The Folk Sing Group presents Mance Lips- comb, traditional blues singer, at the Union. THURSDAY, 7th The annual University Interscholastic League Boys ' State Basketball Tournament opens today at Gregory Gym. Dave McNeely is appointed 1963-64 editor of The Daily Texan. FRIDAY. 8th Texas downs Oklahoma 4-0 in the first of a two-game baseball series. John L. Hill, winner of the Law Science Academy Gold Medal for achievement in scientific advoca cy, and W. James Kronzer, both of Houston, give the third lecture in the " Great Trial Lawyers " Series. SATURDAY, 9th Texas downs Oklahoma again by a score of 6-2. In basketball, Texas claims a 65- 47 victory over Texas Western at Lubbock to give Texas a spot in the regional tournament. The Longhorn track team participates in the Border Olympics at Laredo. Los Charros hold a Quarter Horse Show at Sheriff ' s Posse Arena. MONDAY, llth Texas meets defeat in tennis as the Trinity Tigers win a 6-0 victory. The Texas Student Interest Party organizes in opposition to the Representative party. TUESDAY, 12th Texas defeats Texas Lutheran 12-5 in varsity baseball. WEDNESDAY, 13th " A Leonard Bernstein Gala " is presented by Robert Rounseville and Claire Alexander with the American Ballet Theater under the sponsorship of the Cultural Entertainment Committee. University students vote 59% against membership in the National Students ' Associ- ation in a referendum. In freshman baseball, McCallum High defeats the Yearlings 6-5. Texas de- feats St. Edward ' s 6-0 in tennis. THURSDAY, 14th Interscholastic League Girls ' Basketball Tournament begins. Drew Pearson, noted American journalist, gives lecture under the sponsorship of the Union Speakers Committee. Film classic, " The Young Have No Time, " is shown in Batts Hall. The University Oratorical Association holds its annual debate between the candidates for President of the Students ' Association, Littlefield Dorm wins championship in girl ' s intramural basketball. FRIDAY, 15th The Longhorns meet slim defeat, 68-73, in the basketball battle against Cincinnati, the No. 1 team in the nation, in the NCAA Mid-West Regional Playoffs at Lawrence, Kansas. SATURDAY, 16th At the Odessa West Texas Track Relays, Abilene Christian College defeats Texas to win championship trophy. Texas finishes second to S.M.U. in the thirty-second annual South- west Conference Swimming meet here. After 11 innings, Texas and Texas A M end in 5-5 tie, as the game is called on account of darkness. Texas defeats Oklahoma City 90-83 to win third place in the NCAA Mid-West Regional Basketball Tournament. The Univer sity of Corpus Christi defeats Texas 6-0 in tennis. SUNDAY, 17th St. Patrick ' s Day. The Houston All-City Youth Symphony Orchestra with Harry Lantz conducting, gives a special performance in the Union. TUESDAY, 19th Dr. Lester Houck of the Central Intelligence Agency speaks on " The Intelligence Career " under the sponsorship of the International Studies Program. Texas defeats SMU 7-3 in varsity baseball. Page 141 r A WEDNESDAY, 20th Students ' Association elections result in Julius Glickman as President; Greg Lipscomb, Vice-President ; and Loyce Katz, Secretary. THURSDAY. 21st " Peter Pan, " a water pageant, is presented by the Turtle Club. U.T. tennis play- ers attend Rice ' s fifth annual Invitational Tennis Tournament. FRIDAY, 22nd George Pletcher, Joe Jamail, Tom Alexander, and Richard Miller, Houston trial attorneys, discuss pre-trial evidence in personal injury cases as part of the " Great Trial Lawyers " lecture series. Engineers hold their Sweetheart Ball and Jerry Lee is named sweetheart for 1963. Pharmacists and medical services representatives attend the fifteenth annual Hospital Pharmacy Seminar. Frank C. Erwin, Jr., an Austin attorney, is named to the Board of Regents. SATURDAY, 23rd T.C.U. downs Texas 3-1 in varsity baseball. However, the Texas freshmen de- feat Wharton Junior College 6-0. Texas finishes third behind ACC and Baylor at the Quadrangu- lar Track Meet in Corpus Christi. Tommy Ford, David McWilliams, and Scott Appleton are se- lected tri-captains of the 1963 football team. MONDAY. 25th Minnesota whips Texas 15-6 in baseball. Opera Workshop presents Puccini ' s " Tos- ca " at Hogg Auditorium, Won-Kyung Cho, Korean dancer, gives illustrated lecture at the labora- tory theater. TUESDAY, 26th Texas comes back to claim victory, defeating Minnesota 6-5 in the second of the two-game series. Michael Schneider, recognized organ master of Germany, holds a concert in the recital hall. WEDNESDAY. 27th Dr. C. P. Ulman, director of theater productions at Reed College, presents the Japanese play " Kyogen " in the Union. Stanley Brothers present " Blue Grass " country music at the Union under the sponsorship of the folk singing group. THURSDAY. 28th Thirty universities having sent delegates, sessions of the Model United Nations open for a three-day run. Student Assembly votes 20-7 to withdraw from NSA. FRIDAY, 29th Senator Barry Goldwater, Republican from Arizona, speaks on Conservatism, under the sponsorship of the Union Speakers ' Committee. Percy Foreman, Houston trial lawyer, discusses the defense of criminal cases in the School of Law ' s " Great Trial Lawyers " lecture series. Texas defeats LSU 6-0 in tennis. SATURDAY, 30th The Longhorn swimmers participate in the NCAA meet at Raleigh, N. C. Bay- lor defeats Texas 3-2 in varsity baseball. Texas finishes third in the San Angelo Invitational Track meet behind ACC and A M. Baylor downs Texas 7-5 in freshman baseball. The annual Orange and White spring football game is played, signifying the end of spring training. The Law Review Ban- quet is held and new editors are announced, Shannon H. Ratliff being named editor-in-chief. Dr. James R. Soukup, assistant professor of government, speaks on the danger of extremism in the United Nations to Model UN participants. Texas meets defeat in tennis as Tulane wins 6-0. SUNDAY, 31st Birgit Nilsson, international opera star, presents a concert under the sponsorship of the Cultural Entertainment Committee. Ann C. Brown and Steve Neuse are announced as presi- dents of the University Y for 1963-64. PRIL MONDAY, 1st More than fifty books published by University faculty and staff members in the last twelve months go on display in the Main Building. TUESDAY. 2nd The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra performs at Gregory Gym with Aaron Cop- land, acclaimed " Dean of American Composers " as guest conductor. The Longhorns down the Rice Owls 3-2 in varsity baseball at Houston. The Texas golf team opens Southwest Conference play with a defeat by Baylor 5-1 at Waco. WEDNESDAY. 3rd The fifth annual Forty Acres Showcase is opened by Mrs. John Connally, Texas ' First Lady, with more than fifty displays exemplifying the theme " Today is the Future. " The an- nual Spring Recital of Sigma Alpha Iota is presented under the sponsorship of the Music Depart- ment Recital Series. THURSDAY. 4th " Draussen von der Tuer " (In Front of the Door), the annual German play, opens in Batts for two-day run. The Union Charm and Hospitality Committee holds reception for par- ticipants in the Texas Relays. The Student Assembly votes Athletic Council its Blanket Tax ap- propriation after extensive debate over the objection to supporting segregated athletics. Robert Lowell, Pulitzer prize-winning poet and Boylston Professor at Harvard University, gives reading of his poetry. FRIDAY, 5th ROUND-UP! The Law School excuses classes for Law Day. The Teaching Excellence Award goes to Edward Weldon Bailey. The Cowboy Barbecue is held in spite of rain, and Dave McNeely wins first place in the beard-growing contest. The Texas Relays open with 1,387 track and field athletes participating. SATURDAY, 6th The Dads ' Association Round-Up Breakfast is held at the Driskill Hotel. The annual Honors Day Convocation is held with Dr. Rosemary Park, President of Barnard College as speaker. Round-Up Revue presents a skit satirizing campus life, and names Jerry Lee as the new Sweetheart of the University. Ground-breaking ceremonies are held for the new $300,000 Alumni Center. Texas defeats T.C.U. 5-1 in tennis at Fort Worth. SUNDAY. 7th Seven new members, George Richard Beetle, John Robert Cope, Gregory Owen Lips- comb, Fred Faylor Lyle, Jr., Shannon Harrison Ratliff, Dick Weldon Simpson, and Ronald Glen Steinhart, are named to the Friar Society. MONDAY, 8th The 1963 Follies Fantastique, the annual benefit extravaganza of the Music De- partment, is presented to raise money for the department ' s scholarship fund. TUESDAY, 9th Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson is guest speaker at the joint initiation banquet of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary organizations. Texas defeats Bay- lor by a score of 6-0 in varsity tennis. The Longhorn baseball team defeats visitors from Illinois 6-1. Pafe 142 MAY WEDNESDAY, 10 th The University golf team goes to Houston to play in the Ail-American Intercol- legiate Golf Tournament. Ray Charles, famed blues singer, performs at the Municipal Auditorium. Greek film classic, " Never on Sunday, " is shown in Batts Hall. Robert W. Hanks, Edward Ban Roy, and Stephen Jones are announced winners of the student book collecting contest sponsored by the Humanities Research Center. THURSDAY, llth The Department of Geography hosts the conference for Texas and Southwestern Geographers. Texas defeats North Dakota 15-11 in non-conference baseball. FRIDAY, 12th EASTER HOLIDAYS! The Longhorn tracksters go to Dallas for the annual Dallas Invitational Track and Field Meet. SATURDAY, 13th The University freshman track and field team, composed of eighteen men, set three records in the Eighth International track and field meet in Mexico City. SUNDAY, 14th The University A Cappella Choir is featured at the annual Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado, climaxing a ten-concert tour during a period of eight days. TUESDAY, 16th The wives of the ten American astronauts visit Austin and receive a warm UT welcome. Texas defeats Rice 6-0 in a Southwest Conference golf match at Houston. WEDNESDAY, 17th The Cultural Entertainment Committee presents the George Shearing Quintet, internationally renowned jazz-classic concert group. Sixteen professors are presented Teaching Ex- cellence Awards at the Students ' Association inaugural banquet. The College of Business Adminis- tration sponsors CBA Week with the highlight, the awards banquet in which Janita Frye was named sweetheart of the Business School. Dr. Eduardo Augusto Garcia, lawyer-diplomat from Ar- gentina, speaks on " The European Common Market and Latin America. " THURSDAY, 18th Russian film classic, " Ballad of a Soldier, " is shown in Batts Hall. The 1963 College Loyalty Alumni Support Program (CLASP) holds kickoff dinner with Governor John Connally as keynote speaker. FRIDAY, 19th The Austin Ballet Society hosts the first annual Southwestern Regional Ballet festival of six companies at the Municipal Auditorium. Texas defeats T.C.U. 5-4 in baseball game at Austin. SATURDAY. 20th The Romance Languages Department presents the French contemporary comedy, " Chateau en Suede, " staged in Batts Auditorium. Texas ' tennis team defeats Texas A M 6-0. The final score of the golf match between Texas and A M is Texas % A M S 1 . SUNDAY, 21st The annual Rush Rules Retreat, sponsored by Panhellenic Council, is held at the Fiji Lake House. MONDAY, 22nd The Department of Drama opens its production of Shakespeare ' s " Othello. " Texas defeats Arkansas 4-2 in Texas ' fourth Southwest Conference golf match. TUESDAY, 23rd Winning entries in the Campus Art Competition are displayed in the Union Art Gallery. The Naval ROTC Annual Awards Day Ceremony is held honoring outstanding mid- shipmen. WEDNESDAY, 24th Chester Bowles, United States Ambassador to India, speaks on " U.S. Foreign Aid, " as part of the Union Speakers Program. THURSDAY, 25th Lambert, Hendricks, and Bavan, jazz trio, are presented as a bonus event by the Culture Entertainment Committee. The Orchesis Club presents the annual spring modern dance program. The Student Assembly rejects all amendments concerning re-allocation of Blanket Tax appropriations and passes the $17.82 Blanket Tax bill. Richard Cole is named the managing editor to The Daily Texan. FRIDAY, 26th Thirty top representatives of the United Nations are guests of the University under the sponsorship of the President ' s Office, the International Office, and the International Hospitality Committee of Austin. The Art Department holds an auction of more than 400 works by students and faculty. Raymond Kerr is elected president of the Student Bar Association by the School of Law. Texas defeats Texas Tech at Lubbock in a golf match with a score of 5-1. Texas defeats S.M.U. 8-1 in varsity baseball. The University track team goes to Des Moines, Iowa, for the Drake Relays. SATURDAY, 27th VARSITY CARNIVAL. The carnival is presented by the campus social sororities and fraternities and Lynn Denman, Kappa Alpha Theta, is chosen Varsity Carnival queen. Texas again defeats S.M.U. in baseball, this time by a score of 8-5. Mary Gray McGee is awarded first place in the spring Intramural Poetry Contest sponsored by the Oratorical Association. It is an- nounced that Dr. Joseph R. Smiley, University President, has accepted the presidency of the University of Colorado. SUNDAY, 28th The University Symphony Orchestra. Alexander von Kreisler, conductor, appears in the final concert of the Symposium of Contemporary Music. MONDAY, 29th Texas defeats Texas Tech 6-0 in the sixth Southwest Conference tennis match. Kappa Psi, pharmacy, sponsors the University and city-wide blood donation drive. TUESDAY, 30th The Longhorn Singers Spring Concert is presented in the Texas Union Auditorium. James Dick, graduating concert pianist, appears in recital under the sponsorship of. the Music Department Student Recital Series. The University Law School Chancellors taps as new members Gaynell C. Methvin, John Curtis, Lynn Coleman, Bill Woodford, Bruce Knapp, and Fred Sanders. S.M.U. defeats Texas in golf match 3V 2 -2y 2 . WEDNESDAY, 1st Students ' Association, with the help of Orange Jackets and Silver Spurs, begins the drive to collect $1,500 through rebate slips for th e Chilean Literacy Program. An exhibition of American and foreign editions by John Steinbeck, 1962 Nobel Prize winner for literature, goes on display in the Humanities Research Center. Mortar Board taps 25 new members. Dr. A. G. Jacob- son, professor of zoology, is presented the Teacher of the Year Award by Alpha Epsilon Delta, pre- medical and pre-dental honorary fraternity. Page 143 THURSDAY, 2nd The University Interscholastic League meet opens for a three-day run. The Student Engineering Council presents the fifty-fourth annual Power Show, with this year ' s theme being " A Better Life Through Engineering. " The annual ROTC spring Awards Day ceremony is held on Whitaker Field. The Triangular Track meet is held at Austin with Texas winning over Rice and Texas A M. Longhorns edge Rice 5 to 4 in baseball. Tennis meet held at Houston ended with the score Texas 3, Rice 3. " My Fair Lady " musical comedy, opens at Municipal Auditorium for three- day run. FRIDAY, 3rd The first of two special concerts honoring Paul A. Pisk, professor of music, is held. The University ' s chapter of the Student Peace Union sponsors a three-day statewide Peace Conference. Bob Wright and his experimental music group presents jazz concert at the Union. Texas downs Rice 9 to 5 in baseball. Golf team brings home win with score Texas 5 l 2 , T.C.U. %. SATURDAY, 4th " A Night in Mexico " dance is given by the Laredo Club with music by the Embaja- dores of Mexico. SUNDAY. 5th The University Symphonic Band, J. Frank Elsass conducting, presents final concert of the season, featuring trumpet soloist Stephen Weger. MONDAY, 6th Tennis meet held at Dallas with score Texas 6, S.M.U. 0. Texas wins tennis team championship of Southwest Conference by one point over second place Rice. TUESDAY, 7th The staff of the women ' s residence halls holds honor banquet for graduating women, student counselors, and honor students. More than 60 cadets receive awards at the annual Air Force ROTC spring Awards Day ceremony at Whitaker Field. Texas 12, Texas A M 2, in baseball game played today. WEDNESDAY. 8th Frances DeShong, violin graduate student, appears in recital as part of the program in observance of National Music Week. Sphinx, professional architecture fraternity, sponsors the first of series of faculty exhibits, this exhibit consisting of the works of Carol 0. Bergquist, assistant professor of architecture. T-Night, the final awards banquet for the University Sports Association, Intramural Sports for Women, and Co-Recreational Activities, is held with Dr. C. J. Alderson, associate professor emeritus of physical and health education as principal speaker. Film classic, " Vittelloni " is shown in Batts Hall. Bill Moll is elected president of CBA Council for next year. THURSDAY, 9th Two manuscript collections, the McKamey Collection, and the Sanders Diaries, relating to the history of the Coastal Bend Area, are presented to the University Archives. Dr. Harry C. Avery, University assistant professor of classical languages, lectures on " U.S. Greeks ' Feelings to the Hellenic Circle, " a club for students of Greek descent. FRIDAY. 10th Annual Swing-Out is dedicated to the late Dr. Walter Prescott Webb. Jane Clements is recipient of the Silver Spur Award as outstanding co-ed; Greg Lipscomb, Mike Flynn Award as outstanding male student, and Carolyn Draeger, recipient of the Marjorie Darilek Award as the outstanding woman student not affiliated with a sorority. Texas A M upsets Texas 10 to 5 in base- ball game played at College Station. SATURDAY, llth The Air Force Orange Wings win the annual Interservice Drill Competition on the Main Mall. Southwest Conference Baseball score, Texas 4, Texas A M, 2. Southwest Conference Track Meet at Fayetteville, Arkansas-Texas ranked fifth with Baylor taking the title. SUNDAY, 12th The University Symphonic Orchestra presents the final event in the program of the National Music Week. The John H. Payne Squadron of the Arnold Air Society of the University Air Force ROTC receives the Maryland Cup, an award by the University of Maryland to the most outstanding Arnold Air Society in the nation. MONDAY, 13th Eudora Welty, author and critic, lectures on " Words Into Fiction. " Student Recital Series presents Ann Wyss Hawker, flute, assisted by Helmut Bielfield, viola, Katherine Branfield, harp, and Mary Elizabeth Hardin, piano and harpsicord. Texas wins both games of a doubleheader with Baylor by scores of 5 to 1 and 8 to 2. TUESDAY, 14th DEAD WEEK BEGINS. The three branches of the ROTC combine for the annual Presidental Review as a salute to President Joseph R. Smiley. Julius Glickman is chosen head of the newly organized University Party. WEDNESDAY, 15th The University ' s annual Spring Sports Banquet, honoring Longhorn coaches and athletes in all sports but football is held under the sponsorship of the Ex-Students ' Association. THURSDAY, 16th Astronaut Gordon Cooper returns from his 34-hour flight in orbit. Announcement is given of eleven University students who have been selected to participate in the traineeship pro- gram of the International Association of Students of Economics and Commerce in Europe. Men ' s Intramurals holds its 1963 awards banquet, the Intramural Pow Wow Alpha Tau Omega takes the first place trophy. The Cactus staff holds awards banquet and the Bluebonnet Belles (Prissy Hester, Karen Hyman, Linda McDaniel, Zane Ann Morgan, and Mary Jane Pratscher) are an- nounced; editor and associate editor for 1964, Kay Morrow and Glenadine Russell, are presented. FRIDAY, 17th John William Neill, tenor, makes his appearance in the Student Recital Series. SATURDAY, 18th School of Architecture holds annual banquet with awards presented to outstanding students. SUNDAY, 19th -Five Longhorn baseballers, Butch Thompson, Bill Bethea, Chuck Knutson, Bob Myer, and Gary London make the All-Southwest Conference baseball team. TUESDAY, 21st FINAL EXAMS BEGIN! JUNE SATURDAY, 1st Commencement ceremonies held for graduating seniors of all colleges of the Uni- versity. Dr. Leland J. Haworth of the Atomic Energy Commission gives commencement address. Pice 144 JOURNALISM VIKCIT OMKi. VERITAS STUDENT GOVERNMENT, UNION, PUBLICATIONS Edited by Sheila Ross Page 145 r STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION MARION SANFORD, JR. President Every student of The University of Texas is automatically a member of the Students ' Association. Its function is to pro- vide a medium through which student opinion and concern can be interpreted to the faculty, staff, and administration. Most of this interpretation is done through student and faculty committees, the Student Assembly, Student Court, and personal con- tact by the executive officers of the Students ' Association. The direction of the Students ' Association is determined by the three executive officers (President, Vice-President, and Secre- tary), legislative branch (Student Assembly), and a judicial branch (Student Court). The campus-wide elected officers, the President in most cases, represent the student body on the Student Advisory Cabinet, Faculty-Student Cabinet. Union Board of Directors, Athletic Council, Board of Directors of Texas Student Publication, Inc., Social Calendar Committee, Central Round-Up Committee, Parking, Traffic, and Safety Policy Committee, an d many other com- mittees related to student activities. The responsibility of administering the committee system and working for the student welfare is delegated to the President. JOHN R. COPE Vice-President P.gc 146 BARBARA JEAN TOSCH Secretary STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly, the legislative branch of the Students ' Association, meets regularly on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, and is at all times subject to call by the President of the Students ' Association. Among the functions of the Student Assembly are the appropriation of all monies of the Students ' Association; the allocation of the Blanket Tax, the approval of all appointments of the Students ' Association president; and the enactment of all bills and resolutions necessary and proper for the general welfare of the student body, including the recommending of action to the University administration, the Texas legislature, and the United States Congress. Through its legislative Commission, the Assembly acts as a pressure group putting the students ' viewpoint before the public and governmental officials. Elected from the Assembly are students to serve on various important University governing boards and committees, including Texas Student Publications Board, Social Calendar Committee, Faculty-Student Relations Commission, and the Co-Op Board of Directors. Supervision of Opera- tion Brainpower, Summer and Fall Freshman Orientation, campus elections, and Challenge Colliquim is a function of the group. The Student Assembly during 1962-63 held an investigation of segregated ac- tivities supported by the Blanket Tax, voted to withdraw from the National Students ' Association following a student referendum, approved an enlarged budget for and expanded Challenge Colliquim program, took action in the area of academic freedom in Mississippi, opposed a tuition increase by the Texas Legislature, and presented the students ' opinion in matters affecting the University. ELECTED SPRING OF 1962 ELECTED FALL OF 1962 ARTS AND SCIENCES Tom Lee Hutchenson Charles Finell Ronnie Cohe, Resigned William Elam Mabry George Terry Timmons, Appointed Loyce Katz Jay Lawrence Westbrook, Resigned Judye Galeener Jan Jopling, Appointed Oliver Heard Greg Lipscomb, Resigned Judy Jean White, Appointed Vicke Caldwell Timmons BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION John R. Cope, Resigned William L. Moll Alex Duggan, Appointed Ken Ray Jacob Bette Jane Azadian, Resigned Phillip Allen Leonard, Appointed EDUCATION Lori Ann Nichols Karen Hyman Hazel Jane Clements ENGINEERING Peter Christian Williams, Resigned Randal Robert Craft, Jr. John Mack Orr, Appointed John Sinclair Hartman FINE ARTS Susan Frederica Amster, Resigned Pearl Feingold James Elwyn Neyland, Appointed and Resigned Nick M. Ingram, Appointed GRADUATE David Doan Joe Mayer Victor Doris Morton John Terry Weeks ARCHITECTURE Douglas Cardinal, Resigned Benito Mayala, Appointed LAW Irwin Max Herz Joe T. Hood, Resigned Robert Harry Akin, Appointed PHARMACY Roy Guerra Michael William Simpson Kw Top Row; Finnell, Cardinal, Clements. Second Row: Craft, Duggan, Feingold. Third Row: Galeener, Hartman, Herz. Fourth Row: Hutcheson, Hyman, Jacob. Fifth Row: Jopling, Katz, Leonard. -V Sixth Row; Lipscomb, Mabry, Morton. Seventh Row: Neyland, Nichols, Orr. Eighth Row: Price, Simpson, V. Timmons. Ninth Row: Victor, White. Page 147 STUDENTGOVERNMENT COMMITTEES ROUND-UP Co-Chairmen . . JAMES HOKE PEACOCK, II PATRICIA JEAN McCLURE Secretary PAT WALLACE WRIGHT DANCE COMMITTEE Jan Durant Costilow, Co-Chairman Virginia Ann Pippen, Co-Chairman WESTERN DANCE CHAIRMEN Prudene Kay Ramsey Harry Douglas Reese ROUND-UP BALL CHAIRMEN Danny Herron Sandra Ann McManners Marlene Adams Betty Sue Appenbrink Mary Ann Bankston Patricia Sue Balkman Gail Anne Beck Barbara Ann Bender Paula Irene Bohrer Fredda Bonifield Barbara Sue Brantley Thomas Oswell Brightman Judy Burks Freddie D. Capps Ilameta Carr Faye Nell Chapman Myra Elisa Stein, Co-Chairman Mary Evelyn Merritt, Co-Chairman Karen Lee Hyman, Co-Chairman Marilynn Sue Dean Susan Gayle DuBose John Elton Dudley Christi Lee Enderle Alice Meredith Farrar Catherine Regina Gordon John Darby Grammling Robert James Greenwood Lindsay Diane Grove Alice Darthula Hardie Dan Harvin Robert Ernest Henry Nick M. Ingram Mary Lark Kaskie Ann Hahn Livingston Carolyn Ann Luke Melba Joan McBrayer Marilyn Lucille McDonald Heide Roeslein Meister Francis Marian Northcutt Nancy Lynn Parker Joseph Howard Parnell Jeanette Pittard Kathleen Ruth Purcell Elsie Grace Ramirez Terry Jean Real HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Kathryn Ann Bailey Genie Breckenridge Ann Francis Clark Carol Ann Edmonson Myra Helene Fisher Susan Fowler Elizabeth Clay Johnson Carolyn Josey Mary Ann Kerr Margaret Helen McGowan Harriet Rebecca Rodier Claudia Scheske Janet Slavens Dick Smith Terence Swift Dorothy Jean Weige Maxine Ann Weynard Ann Louise Whiting Kenneth Duane Williams Ron G. K. Wong Susan Kay Wright Marianne Louise Zimmerman Sarah Adele Zimmerman Janet Joyce Zrubeck Martha Minter Jeff Jefferson Moorehead Gerard Herbert Neumann Linda Lankford Robinson Martha Elizabeth Sealy Rochelle Vee Steinberg Scott Charles Follett, Co-Chairman Loyce Ann Katz, Co-Chairman PROGRAM COMMITTEE Deberah Joan Druker John Randolph Heinen John Marshall Jarratt PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Patricia Luella Peacock Nancy Ann Rosenberg Rose Diane Rosenberg Lucina Kay Styron Thomas Ludlow Hutcheson, Jr., Co-Chairman Lou Ann Walker, Co-Chairman Jamie Ann Bavouset Bobby Joe Bowen Louellen Elizabeth Breuer Bonnie Crenshaw Lora Lynn Davis Myra Helene Fisher John Edward Kirchner Gwenna Sue Lowe Sally Otis Lyman Wayne Earle Miers George Musky Gerand Herbert Neumann Richard Henry Streder Jack Vernon Strickland, Jr. Ann Sutherland Bryan David Truitt William F. Weissent Judith Jeannine Capps, Co-Chairman Don Eskew Cowley, Co-Chairman SHOWCASE COMMITTEE Vivian Ann Bogart James Edward Dobkins Stephen Bruce Hodges TALENT COMMITTEE Wayne Earle Miers Clara Llewellyn Moore Roy Taylor Stockman Jack Vernon Strickland Samuel Dave Brady, Co-Chairman Carolyn Kay Walls, Co-Chairman Karen Anne Byrd Carol Ann Campbell Charles Hinson Combs, III Kristine Clair Dykema Lucie Renee Haney Carol Gene Knowles David I. Kuperman, Co-Chairman Mary Manson Pulver, Co-Chairman Cynthia Lee Lackey TICKET COMMITTEE Martin William Cohen Max Samuel Friedman WESTERN SIGN COMMITTEE Carolyn Joyce Morris Jean Louise Noble Suzanne Allain Stein Patricia Ann Stockert Michael Barry Karchmer Nina Lee Schwartz Sheldon Alan Wills Michael J. Gray, Co-Chairman John Mack Orr, Co-Chairman Jeanette S. Baker Dana Wingfield Conolly Barnett Alvin Greenberg Nancy Hale Carol Sue Hunter Ben Michael Levy Elizabeth Ann Moreland Anne Wright Rogers Barbara M. Sandy Jean Lorenz Shireman Sharon Ann Sibley Bea Ann Smith Ernest Pyle Werlin Pige 148 STUDENTGOVERNMENT COMMITTEES CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Ben Hayden Freeman, Co-Chairman, Fall John M. Hughes. Co-Chairman Robert David Armstrong Kathryn Ann Daily Ann Kasman James Charles Moeser John Leslie Rounsaville, Jr. Michael Carl Sioune Allan Joseph Alpard Sue Braselton Joe Mack Bridges Hubbard Scott Caven Linda Jo Dublin CAMPUS CHEST STEERING COMMITTEE James Simpson Dyer Judye Ann Galeener Judy Gail Gillespie Maurice Marcus James Luther Minis, III John Everett Musselman, Jr. Charles Thomas Newton Linda Lankford Robinson Robert Arnold Spears Jim A. Tillinghast Betty Walker Lou Ann Walker Angus Gilchrist Wynne, III CAMPUS CHEST COMMITTEE John Everett Musselman, Co-Chairman Lou Ann Walker. Co-Chairman Phyllis Alexander Carroll Ann Baker Barbara Broesche Richard Cole John Lowell Conway Carolyn Michael Devins Alice Ann Driscoll Bonnie Ebest Samuel Hall Evans Martha Dalrymple Fisher Ann Eldridge Hall Diana Kay Goleman Diane Imogene Homiston Sue Colgin Howell Barry Jan Hruska Makkie Hruska Sandra Lee Johnson Carolyn Josey Phillip H. Mabry Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Margaret Helen McGowan Zane Ann Morgan Sharon Ann Myers Linda Kay Oatman Patricia Luella Peacock Jacqueline Lee Prodoehl Nancy Ann Rosenberg Margie T. Sanford Mary Katherine Sealy Dennis William Seibert Suzanne Sorenson Mary Madeleine Starnes David Randall Summerlin Janet Louise Wark Theo Nancy Wilkes George Wesley Works, III G. Burke Musgrove, Chairman ELECTION COMMISSION Diane M. Dodson Helen Elizabeth Houston James Luther Minis Lawrence Shannon Smith Rochelle Vee Steinberg FLASH CARD COMMITTEE Jerry Cutler Coffey, Co-Chairman Alan William Dreeben, Co-Chairman Richard Douglas Perkins, Co-Ordinator Bob Anderson Lillian Cecilia Anderson Barry Alan Applewhite James Balser Mary Alleen Boggs LouEllen Elizabeth Breuer Vernon Roger Bruce William B. Chenault, III Carmon Luell Coffman Yvonne Coleman Paula Colletti Clyde Carlton Copeland, Jr. Chad Freeman Creager Linda Valois Crosby Patricia Kay Dolch Henry Dove E. Jane Eaton Kearney E. Edmiston, Jr. Sandy Gwen Faircloth Kay Fitzpatrick Wilda Lee Gentry Leanne Rheiner Gilbert Edgar P. Glazbrook Barnett Alvin Greenberg John Allen Hall, Jr. John Baskin Harper Sue Harper Gerald Wayne Hayes William M. Hearne Joan Hill June Hill Sue Colgin Howell Jo Karen Jurek Ina Rae Klein Murray Alvin Klein Julia Ann Kunze Martha Louise Lamm Fred Robert Lentz Karen E. Lovinggood Sharon Ann Luck Lynda S. Mann Linda Lee Mason William Hawley McCown Susan Kay McGinness Heide Roselein Meister David Lawrence Meredith Dwight Oliver Monteith Robert Cochran Morgan Ann Elizabeth Moseley Donald Martin Musick Rebecca Alice Nelson Nancy Lorine Nickell Kit Arthur Nienhueser Sharon Marie Owens Donald M. Parrish Walter Rast, Jr. Nancy Camille Raycraft Martha Ann Sanders Gary William Schoen Deanna Schroeter Freda Janet Simmons Dick Smith Sue Smith Jack Vernon Strickland, Jr. F. Louise Tracy Jo Ann Vincent Charles Daniel West Sharon Lynn Wilson Judy G. Wynn Arlen Ray Zander LEGISLATIVE COMMISSION Michael Ray Eledge, Co-Chairman David Gray Hall, Co-Chairman Stephen William Blount C. Mike Brennan Robert Calvin Franks Leon Norrod Graham Barry Jay William Carroll Reach Richard Page Keeton Sam E. Kinch, Jr. Kathy Ledbetter Greg Lipscomb Maurice Marcus Jeff Jefferson Moorhead Keith Bernard Reed Arthur Louis Schechter Courtney Mack Townsend, Jr. Page 149 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION Youssef Khatoun, Co-Chairman Lilas Janice Shelby, Co-Chairman Reagan F. Bradshaw Cindy Louise Brantley John Penney Cogan Charlotte Montgomery Compton Peggie Marie Cooke Deni Lynn Daly Everard CorreD Davenport Micheal Lynn Davis Robert Carl Demler, Jr. Brenda Joyce Devers Jean Ann Faulkner Hunter Dean Ellinger Joanne Geyne Susann Goodwin Mary Hardy Pamela Jane Heath Lester Brooks Hickerson Hugh Frank Hinton Sue Colgin Howell Reta Jane Ing Hariadene Johnson Martha Lynne Jones Nancy Barbara Kennedy Mahmoud El Lebabidi William Elam Mabry Lynda S. Mann William Houston McNary Linda Mae Millspaugh Sabra Ann Moore Robin Navarro Montgomery James Gus Nixon Joycelyn Stevenson Nixon Linda Mauri Putman Louise Claire Rubinstein Carol Jean Seaman Elaine Seewald Susan Deranda Shaw Roy McLean Skipper Carolyn Soffar Sue Alyce Stiles Evelyne A. Tanous Claire Janet Timmons Kamel I. Totah John William Turner, Jr. Gary Jay Vincent Jo Ann Vincent Linda Louise Walker Diane Frances Webster FRESHMAN COUNCIL ADVISOR ASSEMBLY Deanna Alleman Lynda Marie Alline Sharon Lee Anderson Edgar Daniel Bailey Charles Richard Barnhill Patricia Diann Benningfield Bette Maxine Boyd Genie Brackenridge James Benjamin Bynum Jerry Edmond Chiles William Cobb Cobb Tyra Ann Cox John Almon Craig Janet Dahl Ted Gaines Davis Davi Dubrot Alex Duggan Carol Ann Edmondson Gary Edwards Michael Ray Eledge Terry Feinstein Neal Finer Myra Helene Fisher William Fitch Jimmy Ray Fletcher John Garland Flowers, III Paul Gainer Rosalyn Claire Gold Barbara Ann Gresham Frank Bosworth Hagler Susan Harkins Lee Edward Hartman Sandra Hays Pricilla Jane Hester Mary Kathleen Hudkins Eugene Lewis Hunt Joan Phyllis Hyman Karen Lee Hyman Ann S. Kasman Daniel Robert Kirshbaum Mary Karhryn Kulchak Mary Lee Lankford Carole Last Bert Gentry Lee EdLehr William Sterling Little Norman Lowenstern Sandra Paul Love Maurice Marcus Betsy Mason Patricia Meyers Tom M. Michelsen Charles B. Middleton William Moll John Morehead John Marshall Mosely Denny Newberry Francis Marian Northcutt Lynda Painter John Raymond Patrick Richard Raymond Peterson Karen Lynn Powell Frances Preston Lynne Marie Raschke Sissy Richards Sharon Sue Rountree James Owen Rush Karen Sue Scheider Kay Carlton Soloman Myra Elise Stein James Ronald Stovall Nancy Kay Stroup Jan Thomsen Charles Trent Thurn Jim Tillinghast Vicke Caldwell Timmons James Donald Tortorice Bryant David Truitt Raymond E. Tyra Jay Lawerence Westbrook Judy Ann White Basil Glenn Wilkerson, Jr. Muriel Ruth Yaffe CHALLENGE Philena Jane Morton CO-ORDINATORS Sandra Lee Parker Arthur Louis Schecter TREASURERS Michael Ray Eledge James Benjamin Bynum CONTACT COMMITTEE Raymond Lewis Johnson, Co-Chairman Susan Deranda Shaw, Co-Chairman William B. Chenault, HI Diane Lois Derouen Deborah Joan Drucker Clif W. Drummond Jane Maurine Duckett Mary Jane Gorham Ann Eldridge Hall Michele Kranz Kathy Ledbetter Judith Ann Sims Jack Vernon Strickland, Jr. Diane Frances Webster CORRESPONDING SECRETARIAT Diane Imogene Homiston, Co-Chairman Suzanne Jane Hughes, Co-Chairman Teddy Jean Logan Nellie Jane Ostler Elizabeth Allison Walsh Elaine Gail Peck Beth Anne Shocket Plge 150 STUDENTGOVERNMENT COMMITTEES Steven Wood Moore, Co-Chairman Clyde David Pomeroy, Co-Chairman CHALLENGE FACILITIES COMMITTEE Howard Chalmers Carolyn Draeger Michael John Fourticq Susan Jane Rush Robert Dwight Simpson James Madison Williams, Jr. Deanna Alleman, Co-Chairman Karen Lee Hyman, Co-Chairman Jane Louise Aycock HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Kathryn Ann Bailey Betty Sue Bird Janet M. Dahl Diana Dale Haskinson Pamela Jane Heath Kathleen Fenley Moore Carolyn Joyce Morris Frances Marian Northcutt Diane Sue Shoss Kay Carlton Solomon Suzanne Sorenson Rochelle Vee Steinberg Janet Louise Wark Judy Wish Michael J. Gray, Co-Chairman Joan Phyllis Hyman, Co-Chaiiman HOUSING COMMITTEE Charles Richard Barnhill Alan William Dreeben Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Daniel Robert Kirshbaum Maurice Marcus Laura Sue Parks Rose Diane Rosenberg Courtney Mack Townsend, Jr. Timotny Don Von Dohlen Donna Gail Weintraub Carolyn Lee Coe, Chairman Catherine Winifred Clayton NEWS COORDINATION COMMITTEE Diane Cohen Richard Ray Cole Bernie Rodney Davis Mary Ann Geisler Harmon Howze Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Martye Voss Edward Godfrey Miller Forest William Reece, Jr. Sharon Elaine Shelton ORIENTATION COMMITTEE Barbara Ann Gresham, Co-Chairman Dennis Gene Kovar, Co-Chairman Josef John Barton James Ray Bass Susan Lee Campbell Carolen Jeanne Draper Jill Annette Harris Joie Pierce Jones Nancy Ruth Joor Ann Alpha McHale Melinda Claire Mayes Dorothy Caroline Remy Barbara M. Sandy Barbara Jean Scharlack Patricia Jeanne Swahn Kay Clyde Webb Judith Isabel Wright Donald Paul Meador, Co-Chairman Dianne P. Ryan, Co-Chairman PROGRAM COMMITTEE Jan Durant Costilow Chad Freeman Creager Diane Kathleen Fitts Sandra Kay Foster Donald Jones Laura Jeanne Kassos Loyce Ann Katz Martha Louise Lamm Lucina Kay Styron Benny Oliver Lawrence Siri Madhayomchandra Emmett Kent Morgan Katherine Roberta Stewart Carol Eugenia Earl, Co-Chairman PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Barbara Jean Vessels, Co-Chairman Roberta Iris Billings Donald Whitesell Hartman Harriet Ann Susser John Robert Prince, Jr. Nina Lee Schwartz Caroline Susan Hughes, Co-Chairman RECORDING SECRETARIAT Elizabeth Ann Wood, Co-Chairman Kathy A. Dixon Elizabeth Anne Files Kathy Jean Yousko Amy Betsy Geppert Sara Elizabeth Rix Nell Kathleen Martin, Co-Chairman Robert Fleming See, Jr., Co-Chairman REGISTRATION COMMITTEE Barry Alan Applewhite Eleanor Bankston Beyea Alexis Joan Brown Sandra Kay Burnett Phillip H. Mabry Alice Ann Marshall Sue Ellen McClellan Carolyn Rosemary Moritz Donna Faye Oberpiller John Orr Mack Patrick C. Oxford James Owen Rush Page 151 STUDENT COURT RICHARD PAGE KEETON Chief Justice The Chief Justice, elected at large by the student body in the spring, and eight Associate Justices selected by a Judicial Selection Commission composed of the Abbot of Friars, the Editor of the Texas Law Review, the President of the Students ' As- sociation, the President of Mortar Board, and the Grand Chancellor, form the judicial branch of the Students ' Association, the Student Court. After the commission makes its choices, the President of the Students ' Association then designates four of the selections as regular Associate Justices, and usually, four as Alternate Justices to sit in the absence of one of the regulars. The Court operates under a Judicial Code, promulgated through the efforts of the Judicial Code Revision Commission, and enacted by the Student Assembly in the fall of 1960. The Code provides procedure and other necessary rules of practice before the Student Court, and also provides for appeal to an Appellate Court, composed of three law professors, appointed by the Dean of Law School. Pursuant to the constitution of the Students ' Association, the Court tries all cases arising under the constitution, and the laws made in pursuant thereof, decides election disputes, and can compel or restrain some officials of student government in the functions of their offices. The Student Court is represented on President Smiley ' s Advisory Cabinet, the Faculty-Student Cabinet, the Faculty-Student Discipline Committee, and the Parking, Traffic and Safety policy and Panel Committees. The Court is also available to students and student organizations for interpretation or advisory judgments concerning the consti- tution or legislation of the Assembly. Members of the Associate Justice contingent of the Court must be of at least junior standing, and the Chief Justice must be a mid or senior law student. Associate Justices this year were Larry Kent Montgomery, Shannon Harrison Ratliff, Larry Blair Gibbs and Joseph Patrick Kelly. Alternates were Frank Tribble Crews, Harry Gee, Edward Bradford Pickett and Robert Allen Venable. Top Roto: Frank Tribble Crews, Jr., Harry Gee, Joseph Patrick Kelly. Second Roto: Larry Kent Montgomery, Edward Bradford Pickett, Shannon Har- rison Ratliff, Robert Allen Venable. Page 152 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL OFFICERS President JOHN R. COPE V ice-President ARTHUR ALEXANDER DUGGAN Secretary, Fall SCHERRIE LEE WATSON Secretary, Spring EUGENIA SOLKA Treasurer WAYNE FREDRIC AGUREN Members-at-Large GARRY STANLEY CREATH GEORGE JACK NACHMAN Sweetheart . MARY ELLA GRAHAM CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR HERSCHEL EUGENE BAIN, President EARNEST LEON KNIGHT, JR., V ice-President BARBARA GRENSKY ZEIGLER, Secretary JUNIOR SAM LOVE, JR., President DOUGLAS MACARTHUR SIMMONS, V ice-President EUGENIA SOLKA, Secretary KAY CARLTON SOLOMON, Secretary SOPHOMORE MICHAEL GEORGE MITCHELL, President JOHN ALLEN CARMICHAEL, Vice-President CAROL SUE WITT, Secretary CAROL DIANE DOUGLASS, Secretary FRESHMAN ROBERT EARL LUNA, President JAY TELLINGHAST, Vice-President SALLY ANN MATHIS, Secretary R. Clifton Andersen Stanley A. Arbingast Bette Jane Azadian Arthur Alexander Duggan FACULTY MEMBERS Ben B. Barr Nelia Fox ASSEMBLYMEN Ken Ray Jacob Phillip Allen Leonard James W. Giese Kornelis J. Walraven William Leo Moll Ned Price, Jr. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Phillip Valdor Putsche AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION Joe Acker Laughlin Turner Nichols Newton AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Pat Moseley William Edgar Young, Jr. BBA WIVES Mary Gibson ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES BETA ALPHA PSI Charles Eckert DELTA NU ALPHA John Thomas Dean DELTA SIGMA PI Garry Stanley Creath William Harris Garner INSURANCE SOCIETY Joe H. Bearden PI OMEGA PI Scheme Lee Watson Barbara Grensky Zeigler SIGMA IOTA EPSILON John Copley Donavan James Ellis Stafford SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Dwight Oliver Monteith, Jr. STUDENT LANDSMAN ' S ASSOCIATION Charles Donald Chapman Terry Neal Stover Front Row: Fox, Barr, Walraven, Cope, Solka, Moseley, Mathis, Gibson, Nachman. Second Row: Arbingast, Luna, Carmichael, Love, Bearden, Aguren, Jacobs, Garner, Simmons, Monteith. Third Row: Andersen, Moll, Bain, Creath, Mitchell, Leonard, Duggan, Eckert, Dean. Page 153 STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . DONNA FAYE OBERPRILLER JUDY ANN WHITE ALICE ANN MARSHALL (1) FACULTY MEMBERS William Andrew Bennie Clark Cyrus Gill Eugene Clifton Lee Kay Holm Petersen John Ormand Rodgers David Clarence Sanders STUDENT MEMBERS Nancy Etta Andrews Janice Mary Chadwell Hazel Jane Clements Karen Ann Cushman Roxanna Dutton Karen Sue Ellingson Priscilla Jane Hester Karen Lee Hyman Kay Ann Johnson Jere Ann Kitzmiller Alice Ann Marshall (1) Patsy Martin Ann Nichols Donna Faye Oberpriller Michelle Alice Puzin Linda Lankford Robinson Judy Ann White Front Row: Martin, Cushman, White, Oberpriller, Marshall, Hester, Chadwell. Second Row: Ellington, Clements, Hyman, Nichols, Dutton, Andrews, Kitzmiller, Gill. Third Row: Bennie, Petersen, Lee, Sanders, Rodgert. Page 154 STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL Fall OFFICERS GRAEME DOUGLAS WEAVER Chairman MAKE MCDERMOTT, JR V ice-Chairman GERRY LEE Fox Recording Secretary EDGAR V. LEYENDECKER Corresponding Secretary DON GRIFFITH JOE MAYER VICTOR Treasurer EDWARD NORBERTO TINOCO BYRON DEAN TAPLEY Faculty Advisors HARRY L. KENT, JR. BYRON DEAN TAPLEY Spring PETER CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS . . JOHN SINCLAIR HARTMAN . RILEY MILES TOLER AAAE James Ray Cruz Daniel Lewis Schodek AIAA Albert Richardson, Spring Edward Norberto Tinoco, Fall Randolph Wood, Fall AIChE Stephen Parker Coburn, Spring Thomas Benton Lyda, Fall Ray McCune, Spring Riley Miles Toler, Fall AIME Marian Romane Thompson Robert Lee Meyer ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES ASCE Gerald Lynn Roberts James B. Itostetler, Fall Benjamin Morrison Naugler, Spring ASME Don Griffith, Fall Eddie A. Halter, Fall Gerardo James Hellmund, Spring James Patrick Moore, Spring CHI EPSILON Charles Dewey McMullen, Spring Peter Christian Williams, Fall IEEE Robert R. Caddel J. B. Johnson, Fall Samuel James Levine, Spring ETA KAPPA NU Robert George Hajovsky. Spring John M. Hughes, Fall ASSEMBLYMEN OMEGA CHI EPSILON Dennis Fred Ripple, Fall Robert John Steppe. Spring PI TAU SIGMA Jimmy Mack Bilger, Fall Nathaniel Harris McClamroch. Spring SAME Fred Helms SIGMA GAMMA TAU Squire Lee Brown, Fall TAU BETA PI Charles F. Huff TSPE Joe Tom Bouchier, Spring Samuel David Ellison, Fall Randal Robert Craft John Sinclair Hartman John Mack Orr Peter Christian Williams, Fall Front Row: Orr, Tinoco, Wood, Thompson, Caddel, Toler, Schodek. Second Roa: Lyda, Robert Ranoos Blanker!, Huff, Victor, Weaver, Roberts, Johnson, Bilger, Hughes. Third Row: McDermott, Halter, Fox, Craft, Williams, Meyer, Cruz, Ripple, Leyendecker. Page 155 TEXAS UNION JACK G. STEELE, Director The Texas Union belongs to University students. Providing everything from a bowling alley to the 1963 Round-Up Revue to promi- nent speakers such as Barry Goldwater. Chester Bowles, and Roger Blough, the huge stone building keys campus activity. Much of what students learn they learn from each other and from the faculty in informal association outside the classrooms the Union is the epitome of that postulate. With student committees supervising leadership, hospitality, tournaments, music, dance lessons, and countless extracurricular activities, the Union is a gathering place the nutshell in which students, ex-students, faculty, and friends of the University get to know each other and feel a sense of unity. " The Texas Union was planned, built, and now stands dedicated to the purpose of coordinating existing beneficial extracurricular activities . . . ; of furnishing a social, recreational, and cultural center . . . ; of promoting a program that will tend to develop the spirit of true democracy, encourage broader culture, cultivate a deeper sense of responsibilities of citizenship, create a more intelligent interest in and love for The University of Texas ... " BOARD OF DIRECTORS Seated: Davi.l William Blunk, Chappell Ford, William A. Cunningham, Jeuie Adele Cilmer, John C. Steele, Margaret Berry. Lou Ann Walker. Standing: John Sinclair Hartmao, Joe Bertram Franz, F. C. McConnell, Arthur Louii Schcter, Maunie Marquis. Page 156 UNION STAFF Top Rote: LUCILE BODINE BAER, Program Assistant, SHIRLEY ANN BIRD, Program Supervisor; MARY KATHRYN CASEY, Program Assistant; JACK E. HURLEY, Gamer Manager. Second Row: GERALD H. JONES, Arts and Crafts Supervisor; CHRISTIE VIRGINIA SEARIGHT, Clerk; CLARENCE R. SUNDBERG, Building C.reu Foreman; BRUCE LYNN TAYLOR, Assistant to the Director. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President JESSIE ADELE GILMER Executive Vice-President .... ARTHUR ALEXANDER DUGGAN Financial V ice-President .... SYLVIA ANN GRIDER Secretary LEAH ANN WEAVER MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Betty Jean Gill Clyde David Pomeroy James Eugene Sanders Top Row: Duggan, Gill, Gilmer. Second Row: Grider, Pomeroy, Sanders. Page 157 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES CHARM COMMITTEE Stephanie Jane Buchanon, Chairman, Fall Carol Diane Douglass, Chairman, Spring Mary Elizabeth Bell Martha Marilla Black Susan Virginia Bleakney Lois Ann Blum Shirley Joyce Bowen Martha Love Brindley Madeline Mercy Carl Carolyn Lee Coe Debrah Ann Daniels Gigi Dian Daniels Martha Anne Dillard Judith Ann Dombrowski Terry Joan Feinstein Alatia Plowman Francis Marilee A. Funda Mary Edna Caston Betty George Glynda Marian Harrell Susan Wells Hartman Cherie Sandra Hesse Judith Ann Hitchcock Monte Sue Kalmans Paky Kyner Donna Jean Marry Lynda S. Mann Susan J. Mattiza Katherine Dorothy McGuire Harriet Elaine Oldham Lynne Marie Rashcke Dorothy Paisley Rath Rita Susan Rische Georgia Anne Rose Joan Marie Schilo Linda Schwartz Carole Elaine Sing Suzanne Cory Slade Carol Geraldine Smith Barbara Ann Vernon Martye Voss PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE John Edward Kirchner, Chairman Barbara Louise Bearden Stephen William Blount Eugene Frank Boemer Penny Brooks Donna Katherine Byrom David Charles Carlyle Carolyn Sue Dunlap Lvnne Stuart Elmdahl Thomas Samuel Gaggan Mary Jane Gorham Mike J. Gray Joe Robert Greenhill Furman Haddix Cheryl Kay Hilbun Judi Kay Jackson Murry Alvin Klein Margie Jane Lifflander Sally Otis Lyman Pamela Amelia Majewski Pam Ann Martin Ronnie William Massey Jack Mayer Melinda Claire Mayes Neil Hugh McLaurin Ann Morgan Laurie Jean Morse Billy Marvin Pumphrey Marcia Jean Rajuns Sheila J. Ross Linda Jane Sager Linda Ellen Schnatterer Bernard Morris Stoller Paul Van Slyke Juan Manuel Vasquez Basil Glenn Wilkerson mm SPEAKERS COMMITTEE Karl Hanner, Chairman Rebekah Sterling Alexander Bunny Ball Charles Richard Barnhill Vivian Ann Bogart Yvonne Joyce Bryson Judy Camp Sallie Sneed Carroll Sandra Kay Foster Mary Ester Garner Mary Ann Geisler Katherine Mary Hall Sylvia Ann Haynes Pamela Jane Heath Timothy Drath Heins Stanley Charles Hutka Lynda Bird Johnson Donald Lee Jones Nona Katherine Kean Carolyn Cage Kellam Nancy Barbara Kennedy Marsha Ann Kimbro Mary Gray McGee Janet Lee Miller Sabra Ann Moore Theresa Kaye Northcott Linda Kay Precival Mary Jane Pratscher Dianna Sue Rushing Sara Ann Sanborn Sara Virginia Searight Sharon Elizabeth Simmons Frank Lewis Spring Suzanne Allain Stein Barbara Lynn Stone Nancy Kay Stroup Sarah Ann Swanson Lucy Elaine Toland Judith Louise Taiber Mary Lovey Wood Pamela Wright STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Deanna Alleman, Chairman Lillian Cecilia Andersor Jane Louise Aycock Nelda Kay Becknell Lloyd Willis Birdwell William Leroy Blakey David Anthony Bomba Carol Elizabeth Borsch Janne Warren Bowen Barbara Erin Burnham Beverly Ann Byers Robert R. Caddel Vicki Sue Calhoun Nona Jean Conroy Diane Louise Daily Clif W. Drummond Carol Jane Eads Suzanne Eleanore Earhart Donna Lee Faust Mary Lee Freeman Patti Frick Georgia Ellen Gillis Diana Dale Haskinson John Ernest Hede Sandra Johnston Joie Pierce Jones Mickey Kinney Martha Louise Lamm Sherry Nona Martin Kathleen Fenley Moore Mary Isabelle Navar Zane Ann Morgan Jack Rife Mary Katherine Sealy Patricia Gay Smyth Ann Carlotta Terrell Carole Frances Tice Elizabeth Ann Wood Sue Alyce Stiles Barbara Lynn Stone Nancy Kay Stroup Sarah Ann Swanson Bobbie Joyce Tale Lucy Elaine Toland Judith Louise Traiber Mary Lovey Wood Pamela Wright Dancing lessons are a project of the Dance Committee. Pgc 158 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES Jerome Sanders Pierson, President Joe Tee Watt, Vice-President GRADUATE GROUP B. K. Cooper, Treasurer Annette Phyllis Barsness, Activities Chairman Cynthia Eugenia Wilson, Publicity Chairman CENTRAL CO-ORDINATING BOARD Carolyn Draeger Roger C. Edmonds Diane Kathleen Fitts Eddie D. Pierce Ron Cole Longwood John Bingham Martin Lynda Painter Jan Durant Costilow, Chairman Leslie Clark Acker Betty Sue Appenbrink Barbara Ann Bender Fredda Pauline Bonifield Thomas Oswell Brightman Michael Horace Casey Marilynn Sue Dean John Eltos Dudley Alice Meredith Farrar Karen Lee Hyman, Chairman Judith Ann Allred Sharon Lucille Anderson Sally Baggett Kathryn Ann Bailey Dorothy Eleanor Berry Harriett Berstein Tyra Ann Cox Deborah Joan Druker Carol Eugania Earl Sally Ann Fetter Myra Helena Fisher Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher Frances Preston, Chairman Patricia Lorraine Beals Patricia Diann Benningfield Eleanor Bankston Beyea Jerry Edmond Chiles Mable Alicia Edwards Apple Polishing Party, sponsored by Student-Faculty Committee. DANCE COMMITTEE Catherine Regina Gordon Robert Samuel Greenwood Anne Margaret Hanzel Robert Ernest Henry Danny E. Herron Christina Anne Homer W. L. Janszen Cathy Jenkins Mary Lark Kaskie Mary Donna Kennemer Fred William Langner Ann Hahn Livingston Sandra Ann McManners Donald Edward Mason Frances Marian Northcutt Joseph Howard Parnel], Jr. Carl Perkins Virginia Ann Pippen Elsie Grace Ramirez Prudy Kay Ramsey Harry Douglas Reese Terry Jean Real HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Janita Pamela Frye Helen Stanley Grogan Patricia Gale Hackerman Delia Henderson Sydelle Herman Pricilla Jane Hester Sharon Ann Hoffer Carol Linda Hozapfel Ginger del Howell Sandra Jean Jircik Rosemary Jordan Margorie Ann Kay Elizabeth Anne Koch Yvonne Joann Kunz Jerry Ann Lee Jerry Ellen Lieck Lula Bella Maddox Alicia McCullough Kathryn Erin McKenna Cynthia Ann Moss Laney Clare Mueller Helen Hardy Murchison Kay Darlene Pannell Alice Rainey Linda Lankford Robinson Jean Worth Rogers LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE Jimmy Rae Fletcher Don Wendell Garrett Margaret Ruth Hagood Richard Larry Jordon Michele Kranz Royce Charles Lambert Ed Lehr Carol Joan Levitt Donald Lee Moore Robert B. Moses Linda Mauri Putman Robert Aaron Rashti Jo Ann Serrano Beth Anne Shocket Janet Slavens Richard Smith Jeraldine Theresa Walker Dorthy Jean Weige Jane Durden Whitsit Kenneth Duane Williams Kenneth Lee Wise Ron Wong Susan Kay Wright Karen Judith Ruble Marcia Jean Simms Kay Carlton Soloman Virginia Anna Stewart Charlotte Delhaye Voorhies Helaine L. Wayne Bette Kay Weiner Donna Gail Weintraub Mirian Wilson Patricia Ann Wilson Judy Wish Linda Ellen Wright Kathey Jean Yousko Dennis Edgar Reaves Dianne Ryan Karen Sue Schneider Robert Bruce Stuart Bonnie Gay Uhr Judy Kathleen Wax Henrietta Catherine Weaver Beth Anne Shocket, Chairman Mildred Marie Apel James Thomas Boone DECORATIONS COMMITTEE Wayne Allen Carmack Paul Timothy Elliot Candy Green Patricia Anne Haesly Page 159 Jo Ann Hendrick Judith Geraldine Jenkins James Rose Keefe Betty Ann Kestenbaum Louise Claire Rubinstein Ellen Elizabeth Sikes Kathleen Ames Tyler Gary Word Wilson r TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES TALENT COMMITTEE Samuel David Brady, Chairman Lynda Marie Alline Judith Rose Anderson Ann Beasley Lee Ann Blair Jackie Sue Bohuslav Loyd George Brooks Carol Ann Campbell Patricia Jane Clements Charles Henson Combs, III Richard Felipe Cortez Lora Lynn Davis Kristine Clair Dykema Cathryn Lyndell Fenly Don Griffi ' th Curtis Robert Hale, III Lucie Renee Haney Mildred Nelwyn Hart Larry Lee Johnson Micky Kinney Carol Gene Knowles Marialice Martin Carolyn Joyce Morris Jean Louise Noble Martha Jane Nugent Sharon Ann O ' Crowley John Alan Parr Bill Manly Parrish Mary Purnell Vivian Rose Resales Mary Helen Scoates Theresa Anne Smith Patricia Ann Stockert Mary Alice Swift Kareen Anne Waddell Carolyn Kay Walls Belinda Marion Wilkinson INTERNATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Siri Mahayomehandra, President Kenneth Larry Anderson Tulio Bo Lasca Butler Margaret Anne Christie Bernard Ortiz de Montellano Mary Ann Faickney Enrique Medellin Flores Beverly Gail Hill Julia Ann Hill Youssef Khatoun Mary Lee Lankford Judith Ann McArdle Hong Lan Oei Elisie Grace Ramirez Gail Ratliff Mary Ada Rosson Nairn Nagib Serhan Arthur Thomas Spohn Van Collier Tipton, Jr. Gustavo Oscar Vergara Banda Susan Ward Carol Ann Wilson TOURNAMENTS COMMITTEE Carol Ann Edmondson, Chairman Cynthia Duval Baskette Michael C. Byrd Janice M. Bzura Douglas E. Coursey William David Coursey Peggy Ann Griffis Richard Lawrence Howell Sue Colgin Howell Leonard Nelson Jancker Phyllis Ann Kirtley William Lee Knighton John Lomax Rachel Cornelia Merriman Barbara Adelia Nelson Betsy Martha Schwarz Arthur York Semhera Arthur Skibell Cherry Antoninette Windrum Charles Joseph Zubarik TEXAS UNION AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY William Mac Lingo, President Robert Michael Bartels Chester Mark Cedars Eugene Paul Chapline Daniel Robert Cook Roy Harle Deen Diemer Lockart Fife, Jr. Thomas R. Fredericks Carl Mary Ann Harris Kenneth Ray Hessel Peter Lee Maverick Roy Edward Pfiester, Jr. Charlie Roy Powell Mary Vance Powell Conrad Louis Romberg Roger Dewey White Evan Dedrick Yoes, Jr. Krisch Zettner Bowling downstairs in the Texas Union MUSIC COMMITTEE Mary Julette Haynes, Chairman Jonnie Elinor Breaker Lewis Edward Cade Bill Chenault Stephanie Chernikowski Freda Ruth Crawford Chad Freeman Creager James Benjamin Bynum, Chairman Jane Coates Anderson Sarah Ann Beinhorn George Madison Berry Bonnie Blankenship Kristin Bowen Jodi Boyle Alan Charles Chalfont Howard Chalmers Darrell Jeri Edwards Louise Elizabeth Erikson Vade Giles Forrester Gretchen Ann Green Barbara Elaine Grevsky Bertie Mae Gullick John Randolph Heinen Francis Martha Hudson Monroe Wayne Jones Jeanette Elizabeth Lesikar Eberett Alexander Luckenbach Robert Earl McCleary Julia Helen McCune Mary Maurine McElroy FILM COMMITTEE John Drue Christner Frances Pauline Cohn Janet Dahl Margaret Jane Davis Yvonne D ' Olive Oliver John Finney Lawrence Ray Geddie Caroline Susan Hughes Lela Ann Jahns Linda Lou Kellogg Terr) ' Michele Klar Charles Leeper Gwenna Sue Lowe Roger Glynn McCary Judith Ellen McCaskiU Donald Norton McGiffin Carl Barnes Mitchell Carol Ann Peterson Janice Marie Morgan Patricia Ann Munn James Glenn Reeves Barbara Gail Stone Mary Sue Strube Jane Marie Tisdale Tudith Ann Watson Ramsey Beulving Wiggins Karen Lynn Powell Beth Roden Douglas MacArthur Simmons Jim Stein Lucina Kay Styron Patricia Sue Thigpin Jan Thomsen Robert N. Tracy William Ross Trigg Patricia Maureen Williams Pago 160 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES MARRIED STUDENTS COUNCIL Engineering Wives .... MRS. CARROLL W. CHAPMAN, President CM. A. Wives MRS. NORMAN HERZFELD, Secretary Architecture Wives MRS. FRED MATTHEWS Co-Weds MRS. JAMES HALL Geology Wives MRS. GERALD WEBER Law Wives MRS. WILLIAM MARTIN Pharmacettes . . MRS. DARRELL M. BALLARD The Arts and Crafts Center provides the equipment for student hobbies. C. 0. Patterson, Chairman Donald Earl Adams Mary Carrington Gowen EXHIBITS COMMITTEE Marilyn Beverly Hilley Rebecca Johnson Carmen Lydia De Quevedo James Collier Randolph Janice Schumann Carole Edyna Tomlinson II ROUND-UP REVUE Stephanie Jane Buchanan, Chairman Fern Laura Von Stein Sharon Gayle Wheeley Enoyse Verna Wimberly Eva Kay Worrel COSTUME COMMITTEE Deanna Alleman, Chairman Jamie Lee Andrews Diane Louise Daily Mary Michelle Fallon Sandra Sue Hill Kathleen Fenley Moore Zane Ann Morgan Toni Jo Powell Kathleen Ruth Purcell Mary Katherine Sealy MAKE-UP COMMITTEE Sandra Kay Foster, Chairman Helen Claire Anderson Linda Diane Brown Yvonne Joyce Bryson Allison Harrison Currie Amelia Mary Janssen Linda Sue Schulze Kathie Jean Yousko PRESENTATION COMMITTEE Martye Voss, Chairman Eleanor Bankston Beyea Sharon Dee Brown Dorothy Paisley Rath Lois Ann Blum PROPS COMMITTEE C. 0. Patterson, Chairman Marilyn Beverly Hilley Martha Louise Lamm Clinton Lenoir PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Sally Otis Lyman, Chairman SET COMMITTEE Lamar Tims, Jr., Chairman George Wentworth Eiband Frank Cole Haffer Jill EJaine James David Lynn Jones Dee Mimard Karen Kay Owens Enoyse Verna Wimberly STAGE CREW Ron Cole Longwood, Chairman Carolyn Draeger Robert B. Moses Benjamin Morrison Naugler Betty Nelle Michael Pallet Page 161 I TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC BOARD OF DIRECTORS FACULTY MEMBERS STANLEY A. ARBINGAST, Professor of Resources EDWIN TURNER BOWDEN, Associate Professor of English OLIN ETHMER HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism DeWITT CARTER REDDICK, Director, School of Journalism STUDENT MEMBERS JOHN R. COPE, Assembly Representative KEITH KOHN COX, Assembly Representative LEON NORROD GRAHAM, Assembly Representative MARION SANFORD, JR., President of the Students ' Association BARBARA JEAN TOSCH, Assembly Representative EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., General Manager HARRELL ESTES LEE, Editorial Manager of The Daily Texan EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Director of Student Activities GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH, Cactus Editor SAM KINCH, JR., Daily Texan Editor LAWRENCE R. LEE, Daily Texan Managing Editor, Fall DAVID KIRBY HELTON, Daily Texan Managing Editor, Spring GILBERT KEY SHELTON, Texas Ranger Editor Top Row: Arbingast, Bowden, Bunch, Cope, Cox, Edmonds, Graham. Second Rote: Helton, Hinkle, Kinch, H. Lee, Price, Reddick, Sanford, Tosch. 1 Page 162 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr., General Manager Frankie Mae Lindsey, Business Manager Harrell Estes Lee, Editorial Manager of The Daily Texan William Irvin McReynolds, Assistant Editorial Manager of The Daily Texan Richard Venne, Supervisor Arthur Burt Rutledge, Clerk STAFF BUSINESS Barbara Ann Parr, Office Manager Dorothy Ricks, Bookkeeper EDITORIAL Marguerite Freeman, Editorial Supervisor, The Cactus James Gordon Gibson, Proofreader Emily-Mae Stafford, Proofreader PHOTOGRAPHY Robert John Draddy Ann Lambdin Cooper, Office Assistant Michael Harold Carney, Office Assistant Carole Gustine, Proofreader Bernie Rodney Davis, Fairchild Operator Dale Owens CIRCULATION Omar J. Holguin, Route Supervisor, Fall Malcolm J. Fox, Route Supervisor, Spring Texan Carriers Marlon Eugene Bounds James Ervin Dunaway Miguel Espinosa Malcolm J. Fox Daniel Edward Houston William Taylor Lee, Jr. Beasley Taylor Livingston Charles Talmadge Phillips Pat Reed Clark A. Santos Curtis Bronson Schultz Herbert Armstrong Wells Mary Glasscock Frazier, Manager ADVERTISING Ernest Oran Stark, Classified Clerk Michael Phillip Teter, Clerk John Knox Bowling, Jr. John Randal Brown Robert Carl Demler, Jr. Texan Salesmen William Jackson Douglas Clifford Avrom Katz Burtis Franklin Floyd Michael Vogtel Smith Berry Jan Hruska Marion David Standridge Ranger Salesmen William Lee Swail John Charles Wheeler Larry Martin Wood Rodman Gorman : . 7 ' John Burton Kendrick Cactus Salesman Bob R. White William J. Sowers, Jr. Shelby Sutherland White, Superintendent James V. Bourland, Printer Jesse Candelas, Apprentice Printer MECHANICAL Truman B. Guttery, Jr., Printer Maybelle Knox, Printer Arthur J. Rinn, Jr., Printer Eulalio Sanchez, Printer William Clyde PetrL Stereotyper John H. Moses, Pressman Malcolm J. Fox, Flyboy, Fall Pat Reed, Flyboy, Spring Top Row: Edmonds, Lindsey, Ricks, Freeman, Parr. Second Row: Cooper, Lee, White, Venne, Frazier. Page 163 GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH Editor-in-Chief THE CACTUS Editor-in-Chief GEORGE PARDUE BUNCH Associate Editor . . KAY LYNN MORROW STAFF ASSISTANTS Carol Diane Cooke Marilyn Sue Daugherty Gretta Ann Garrett Barbara Joan Gochman Diana Dale Haskinson Barbara Ann Jones Susan Kay McGinness Clair Lyn Reeder Judith Ann Rosten Ann Halbert Ruth Nancy C. Scott David Lee Shull Mary Lovey Wood Arlen Ray Zander Marianne Louise Zimmerman Left to Right: Sheila Ross, Kay Bailey, Glenadine Ruuell. KAY LYNN MORROW Associate Editor Pate 164 THE CACTUS SECTION EDITORS Athletics WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK NAN STANDISH WERNER Chronology JAN MARIE LAMASTER Dormitories and Co-Operatives CHRISTINE ANN HATCH Features GENIE BRACKENRIDGE Fraternity CLARENCE WHARTON COLE Honorary ZANE ANN MORGAN Layout JOHN HENRY CISSIK Military WAYNE MAXWELL SHULL Organizations THOMAS BRADEN DALY Sorority KATHRYN ANN BAILEY GLENADINE RUSSELL Student Government SHEILA J. ROSS CHARLES JAMES McCAMERON, Art Work for Division Pages Left to Right: Genie Brackenridge and John Cissik. Left to Right; Bill Crook, Nan Werner and Zanc Ann Morgan. Left to Right: Christine Hatch, Wayne Shull and Jan Lamaster. Page 165 THE DAILY TEX AN Editor-in-Chiej SAMUEL E. KINCH, JR. Managing Editor LAWRENCE R. LEE (Fall) Managing Editor DAVID KIRBY HELTON (Spring) SAMUEL E. KINCH, J.R. Editor-in-Chief LAWRENCE R. LEE Managing Editor (Fall) DAVID KIRBY HELTON Managing Editor (Spring) Puge 166 THE DAILY TEXAN STAFF Fall Spring DAVID KIRBY HELTON Assistant Managing Editor BARBARA JEAN TOSCH Lou ANN WALKER , News Editor Lou ANN WALKER WILLIAM LYNN LITTLE Sports Editor WILLIAM LYNN LITTLE MARTHA TIPPS Feature Editoi YVONNE CHARMAYNE MARSH JOYCE JANE WEEDMAN Editorial Page Editor THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT HAYDEN FREEMAN Amusements Editor HAYDEN FREEMAN ROBERT LEE DuPoNT Intramural Sports Co-Ordinato. BARRY JAN HRUSKA RICHARD JOHN VANSTEENKISTE Panorama Editor LAURA ELIZABETH MCNEIL CAROL JANE GUSTINE Wire Editor HUEY McNEALY DAVID MICHAEL McNEELY Legislative Reporter DAVID MICHAEL McNEELY Round-Up Editor RICHARD RAY COLE NIGHT EDITORS James Leslie Davis Charles Sanford Eskridge Thomas Edward Foster Dorothy Louise Laves Laura Elizabeth McNeil Jane Irene Paganini Victoria Caldwell Timmons Barbara Jean Tosch James Edward Vowell DESK EDITORS John Chelsea Allman Sharon Le Ashton Everett Hullum Marty Patricia Sharpe Judith Ann Webb Joyce Jane Weedman COPY DESK CHIEFS Judith Jeannine Capps Robert Hinkle Emily Ann Lamon Kinchen Pier Robert Hurst Thaxton George Terry Timmons Juan Manuel Vasquez ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITORS Richard Ray Cole Bernie Rodney Davis Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Laura Elizabeth McNeil Robert Nelson Rhodes George Terry Timmons Juan Manual Vasquez ASSISTANT EDITORIAL PAGE EDITORS Carolyn Lee Coe Robert Nathan Fain Mary Jane Gorham Mary Cornelia Spinks Robert Lee DuPont Wesley H. Hocker Everett Hullum Carlton Eugene Stowers ASSISTANT FEATURE EDITORS Carolie Ann Baity Joan Elaine James Sandra Lee Lawrence ASSISTANT AMUSEMENTS EDITORS Sharon Lee Ashton James Edward Gray Nancy Lynne McDonald Jeffery Lynn Millar ASSISTANT PANORAMA EDITOR Joyce Jane Weedman Top Row: Allman, Ashton, Baity, Capps, Coe, Cole, B. R. Davis, DuPont, Eskridge, Fain, Foster, Gorham. Second Row: Gustine, Hocker, Hruska, James, Lamon, Laves, Lawrence, Little, Marsh, McDonald, McNeely, McNeil, Millar. Third Row: Northcott, Paganini, Rhodes, Sharpe, Stowers, Thaxton, V. Timmons, Tipps, Tosch, VanSteenkiste, Vowell, Walker, Weedman. Page 167 Left to Right: Tony Bell, Tami Dean, Tary Owens, unidentified sweet thing, Gilbert Shelton, another unidentified sweet thing, Hal Normand, Vin Scheihagen, Pat Brown, Lieuen Adkins. THE TEXAS RANGER This has indeed been an unusual year for the Ranger, we went the entire year with the same editors. This is not to say the staff and the censors worked to- gether in peace and harmony all year; it ' s just that they didn ' t catch us. Certainly, there were no scandals this year to match some of past years. As a result, we sold only 23 copies all year. A good time was had by all, how- ever, with such issues as the Fine Arts Issue, the How-to- Throw-a-Party Issue, and, in what may very well set a, precedent for years to come, the Food Issue. The highlight of the year, of course, was the greatly acclaimed, never-to-be- equalled Playboy Parody Issue, which was acknowledged by many to be the best Ranger in years. The year 1962-63 marked the rise of Wonder Wart Hog, which soon became probably the most popular regular feature in the magazine. The Hog of Steel was also featured several times in Help! Magazine, a national publication. In addition to the regular staff, the mainstays of the mag were Joe Brown, Byron Black, Vin Scheihagen, Jim Newton, and staffer emeritus Dave Crossley. With the help of these people and a host of others, the Ranger was able to rise phoenix- like from the ashes of the Great Purge of 1961 to regain its former glory. It just goes to show you can ' t keep a good mag down. Pigo 168 LIEUEN ADKINS, Circulation Manager THE TEXAS RANGER Editor-in-Chief .... Associate Editor . . Art Director Circulation Manager GILBERT SHELTON TONY BELL . . HAL NORMAND . LIEUEN ADKINS STAFF Byron Allen Black, Jr. Robert Earl Black Joe E. Brown Pat Brown Bob Burns John Withers Clay John Moore Cleveland David George Crossley Tami Dean Robert Dennis Dick Phyllis Robert Eckhardt Budock Charles Erickson James Frasier Jim Gibson Jack Jackson Joe Loren Jordan Lawrence R. Lee Huey McNealy Jeffery Lynn Millar Roy I. Mumme James Boswell Newton James Ralph Olson Gerald Wayne Peacock Dick Polk Rob Robertson Dan Rosenthal R. Powell St. John, Jr. Ernest Vinson Scheihagen Lynn Dale Sects Winston Smith Christopher Lane Teele Robert George Vasek GILBERT SHELTON Editor-in-Chief TONY BELL Associate Editor Page 169 RIATA STAFF JANUARY ISSUE DAVID ARMSTRONG Editor DAVID HICKEY . .Associate Editor MAY ISSUE . . . . DAVID HICKEY . DAVID ARMSTRONG TONY PFANNKUCHE Associate Editor JOHN MATLOCK TONY BELL . .Art Editor . . TONY BELL ADVISORY COMMITTEE THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Professor of English C. RICHARD KING, Assistant Professor of Journalism JOHN P. SULLIVAN, Associate Professor of Classical Languages LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., Ex-Officio member without vote Riata, literary magazine published by Texas Student Publica- tions. Inc.. is the newest of the publications. The first issue was published in April. 1962. This year an issue was published in January and the third issue of the magazine appeared in May. DAVID ARMSTRONG Editor, January Issue DAVID HICKEY Editor, May Issue Pgc 170 DORMS AND CO-OPS Edited by Christine Hatch Page 171 ALL CAMPUS ADVISORS OFFICERS Chairman BETH THOMAS Secretary-Treasurer TYRA ANN Cox Assistant Chairman CAROL LOUISE ADAMS Reporter BARBARA GRESHAM Advisor HELEN MARGARET FLINN Carolyn Ethel Dahse, Chairman R. Kay Davis Margaret Ann Dean Connie Joan Eaton Carol Louise Adams, Chairman Helen Claire Anderson Blaire Busby Shirley Marian Clark Suzanne Eleanore Earhart Linda Lee Burke Antoinette Cangelosi Jeanne Marie Golly Jane Louise Aycock Katherine Dexter Hackley, Co-Chairman Cheryl Reid Hilton Betty Sue Appenbrink Betty Lynn Archer Carolyn Jean Brady Ann Frances Clark Catherine Elizabeth Dove Judith Daon Fleeter Marcia Ann Goren Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Janis Ann Berly Paula Craig Marilyn Cunningham Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher Amelia Fleeter Bette Maxine Boyd Martha Love Brindley Alexis Joan Brown Tyra Ann Cox Carolen Jeanne Draper Marilyn June Adams, Chairman Judith Ann Lanier Arlin Ann Alexander Cynthia Louise Brantley, Chairman Karen Anne Byrd Alice Ann Eichenroht Margaret Beaulieu Carol Germaine Collins, Head Advisor Myrtis Anne Fraser Judith Ann Bowen Dorothy Elizabeth Can Lois Diane Derouen Sue Annette Douglas Tina Durrett Christie Lee Enderle Jean Melton Flint Carole Dee Foster Frances Marjory Gerlach Barbara Lynn Gibbs, Chairman ANDREWS DORMITORY Mayling Gee Beverly Gail Hill Amy Lynn Mclnnis Frances Ruth Miller Karen Lee Moerls Sara Ann Ross Katherine Roberta Stewart Betty Jean Taub BLANTON DORMITORY Judy Jane Evetts Kaybeth Fisher Patti L. Frick Glynda Marian Harrell Janet Hunt Nancy Barbara Kennedy Mary Glen Maxwell Irene Louise Reeb Sandra Ann Sanders Sandra Jo Ward CAROTHERS DORMITORY Betty Ruth Hagemann, Chairman Sandra B. Harper Amelia Mary Janssen Mary Elizabeth Norwood Katherine Jane Oliver Rose Elizabeth Pharr Kathleen Louise Quinn GRACE HALL Patricia Louise Jeffrey, Co-Chairman Martha Lynn Mitchell Lynne Ave Pickering Margaret Elizabeth Pilgrim Ann Burnett Scott KINSOLVING NORTH Karen Lucille Gustafson Nancy Kathleen Henkel Kathryn Alice Hugo Elizabeth Hunter Judy Latimer Jordan Mary Ann Matranga Penelope Elizabeth McNamara Kenny Sue Mills Nell Norwood Joleen Pearson Glenda Gay Phair Linda Carole Ridgway Jo Ann Serrano Patricia Anne Stephens Carolyn Jay Stephenson, Chairman KINSOLVING SOUTHEAST Mabel Joy Kokernot Elizabeth Mason Margaret Carter Montgomery Dennise Newberry Martha Jo Phillips Nancy Sealy Mary Ellen Shields Janet Stradinger Bonnie Gay Uhr, Chairman KINSOLVING SOUTHWEST Sandra Hays Jane Gardner Howe Margaret Anne Jones Carolyn Josey Adrianne Ann Kelfer Barbara Ann Nowlin Linda Kay Percival Janet Lee Miller, Chairman Karen Lynn Powell Helen Elizabeth Richards Claire Elizabeth Richmond KIRBY HALL Rosaura Arteaga Sanchez Francis Eugenia Turbiville LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Mary Margaret Eikel Barbara Carolyn Ellis Margaret Ellen Foran Dixie Ann Gaddis Annette Hardin Jean Ivy Hollingsworth Gay Trabue Nagle Suzanne Sorenson Tacey Susa Tajan Janet Louise Wark NEWMAN HALL Mary Ann Havlak Valene Joy Koss Mary Ann O ' Connell Elsie Raminez Ann Louise Spacek Diana Stenger SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Barbara Ann Gresham Sharon O ' Nita Herbert Nancy Julia Hoffman Jane Johnson Sue Ann Lebel Elva Lynne Mann Marilyn Bess Mauldin Sandra Lee Meadows Sabra Ann Moore Cecil Ann Mullins Charlene Palmer Patricia Ann Parrish B. Carolyn Porter Carolyn Ann Scogin Jayne Denise Seale Susan Deranda Shaw Bea Ann Smith Pigc 172 Penny Ann Terrell Mary Alice Toborg Mary Jane Davis, Resident Counselor Patsy Ruth Warfield Leah Ann Weaver Sue Ann Wheelis Dorothy Martin, Resident Counselor Mary Cornelia Varvel Jane R. Voight Bura Van Hoove, Resident Counselor Ellen Janice Webb Karin Harlin Wulf Martha Cavin, Director Nancy Jean Sterner Sandra Marie von Werssowetz Lila Ruth Walters Katherine Kennedy Weston Anna Leslie Wood Natalie Townes, Resident Counselor Esperanza Linda Ximenes Lueron Young Margaret Louise Brown, Resident Counselor Judy Kathleen Wax Judith Isabel Wright Helen Coffin, Resident Counselor Marilyn Lee Ward Irene Powers, Sponsor SuSu Wilson Elizabeth Ann Wood Jo Anne Boykin, Resident Counselor Mary Linda Stiles, Assistant Head Advisor Oscarine Ayland, Sponsor Bettye Anna Springer Sue Alyce Stiles Charlene Elizabeth Strader Patricia Jeanne Swahn Ellin Carol Swanson Carolyn Beth Thomas Harriett Kincaid Thompson Jean Louise Wait Charlotte Ann Zimmerman Mary Leutwyler, Resident Counselor ANDREWS DORMITORY STAFF Resident Counselor Student Counselor Student Counselor . . . MARY JANE DAVIS . . FAYE DELL FARMER JANETT CAROL HARTIN ADVISORS Carolyn Ethel Dahse, Chairman R. Kay Davis Margaret Ann Dean Connie Joan Eaton Mayling Gee Beverly Gail Hill Amy Lynn Mclnnis Frances Ruth Miller Kare n Lee Moerls Sara Ann Ross Katherine Roberta Stewart Betty Jean Taub Penny Ann Terrell Mary Alice Toborg Front Row: Dean, Gee. Second Row: Taub, M. Davis, Dahse, Ross. Third Row: Eaton. Stewart, Terrell, Moerls, Miller, K. Davis, Toborg, Mclnnis. Front Rote: Sara Ann Ross, Maria Del Carmen Saenz, Carolyn Sue Manuel, Patricia Ann Keller, Merle LaDell Winkelmann, Mary Rosclind Johnston, Frances Anne Cleveland, Margaret Ann Dean, Rosa Lee Cirilo, Carolyn Lee Coe, Sharon Dee Brown. Second Row: Mary Morgan Baker, Sharon Anita Risinger, Mary Ann Ceisler, Alice Ann Alsup, Marylea Cowan, Catherine Louise Woolsey, Marlena Kay Nelson, Mary Louise DeWalt, Lynette Suzanne Wehmeyer, Alice Sue While, Amy Lynn Mclnnis, Penny Ann Terrell, Kathleen Elizabeth Emmer. Third Row: Marilyn Ann Hyatt, Mary Helen Henry, Mary Alice Toborg, Janne Warren Bowen, Betty Anne Brannon, Kay Davis, Mary Kathryn Dodd, Martha Ann Sanders, Karen Kay Adams, Dorothy Jean Weige, Mayling Gee, Teri Lynn Lovell, Betty Elaine Rogers, Janett Ca rol Hartin, Carolyn Ethel Dahse, Faye Dell Farmer, Katherine Sue Fredricks. Fourth Rote: Dee Ann Deisher, Elizabeth Ann Smallwood, Donna Jo McConnell, Jane Covington Neagle, Carolyn Eileen Rubin, Faye Maxine Canterbury, Margaret Angela Wallace, Katherine Roberta Stewart, Elizabeth Chow, Connie Joan Eaton. " ? R " W: Maril " la Sue D " n. Judy Dianne Gunn, Clynis Sue Land, Susanna Currie, Jo Nell Luce, Martha Ellen Evans, Virginia Lou Moyers, Catherine Deborah Shoemaker, Caroline Lee Edwards, Rosemary Jordan, Marlene Gay Meigs, Carolyn Ann Smith, Kathryn Sue Knudson, Karen Lee Moerls, Frances Ruth Millers, Catherine Louise Weaver, Mary Wayne Huston, Karen Sue Evans, Karen Kay Adams, Betty Jean Taub, Janet Joyce Zrubek, Rita Jean Ellis, Mary Jane Davis. Page 173 r BLANTON DORMITORY Front Row: Maxwell, Steed, Reno, Busby, Burgheimer, Kilgore. Second Row: Fisher, Frick, Earhart, Harrell, Kennedy, Reeb. Third Row: Adams, Warfield, Weaver, Sanders, Evetts. Fourth Row: Clark, Anderson, Ward, Wheelis. STAFF Resident Counselor . . . DOROTHY PRYOR MARTIN Student Assistant . . . CARLENE RAE BURGHEIMER Student Assistant LINDA ELAINE KILGORE Student Assistant LINDA JAMENE RENO Student Assistant JULIA ANN STEED ADVISORS Carol Louise Adams, Chairman Helen Claire Anderson Blaire Busby Shirley Marian Clark Suzanne Eleanore Earhart Judy Jane Evetts Kaybeth Fisher Patti L. Frick Glynda Marian Harrell Janet Hunt Nancy Barbara Kennedy Mary Glen Maxwell Irene Louise Reeb Sandra Ann Sanders Sandra Jo Ward Patsy Ruth Warfield Leah Ann Weaver Sue Ann Wheelis Front Row: Sandra Yvonne Fontenote, Sharon Naomi Mason, Carol Ann Preusse, Judith Jeannine Capps, Clara Llewellyn Moore, Ruth Lyone Youngblood. Second Rout: Carolyn Marie McDonald, Roaario Gomez, Diana Rotman, Patricia Anne Haesly, Sharon Ann Van Amburg, Janice Ann Elliott. Third Row: Christina Ann Werner, Fredda Pauline Bonifield, Jo Antoinette Williamson, Jonnie Elinor Breaker, Melba Joan McBrayer, Charlotte Delhaye Voorhies. Fourth Row: Judith Eileen Bowers, Anne Woodward, Gay Gallagher, Lois Ann Roberson, Vivian Ann Bogart, Cynthia Duval Baskette. Filth Row: Valerie Marguerite Coulter, Susan Blank, Edwina R. Ferguson, Jerry Dee Evans, Elisa Savilla Davis, Mary Jo Hendrii. Sixth Row: Pamela Wright, Margaret Annell Todd. Elizabeth Jane Izard, Bunny Ball, Pamela Ann Meyers. Front Row: Sharon Gayle Wheeley, Patricia Murray Robertson, Susan Ruth Silvus, Nancy Carolyn Hanks, Sylvia Esther Laurel, Beth Anne Shocket, Celinda Hall. Helen Stanley Grogan. Second Row: Jan Ann Simpson, Juaneva Kay Farris, Marianne Louise Zimmerman, Gail Frances Strlater, Donna Fay Vance, Carol Ross Haggart, Edna Evans. Third Row: Mary Eloween Riebe, Henriette Rose Macha, Marcelle R. Miller, Patricia Sue Sullivan, Terry Jean Real, Lillian Elizabeth Kosh, Georgia Lee Monroe. Fourth Row: Marilyn Schmerbeck. Sandra Lee Burns, Yolanda Joan Gonzalez, Jan Kathleen Adrian, Rosalind Ann McMillan. Fifth Rote: Suzanne LaCrone, Mary Anne Ewing, Elaine Gail Peck, Lynda Painter, Marilyn Lavon Grove, Lois Celeste Packwood. Sixth Row: Karen Lynne Kerr, Sharon Lee Kennedy, Donna Jeannine Kohnert, Carol Lynne Law, Diane Imogene Homiston, Judith Carol DeShong. Page 174 CAROTHERS DORMITORY it feo SUED STAFF Resident Counselor BURA VAN HOOVE Student Counselor KAYE DUNNE Student Counselor SARAH HERRING Student Counselor . . CATHERINE ELIZABETH KLEIN - - ADVISORS Linda Lee Burke Antoinette Cangelosi Jeanne Marie Golly Betty Ruth Hagemann, Chairman Sandra B. Harper Amelia Mary Janssen Mary Elizabeth Norwood Katherine Jane Oliver Rose Elizabeth Pharr Katherine Louise Quinn Mary Cornelia Varvel Jane R. Voight Front Row: Jane R. Voight, Sarah Herring, Jeanne Marie Golly, Katherine Colly, Betty Ruth Hagemann, Amelia Mary Janssen, Katherine Jane Oliver, Sandra B. Harper, Kathleen Louise Quinn, Mary Elizabeth Norwood, Rose Elizabeth Pharr, Linda Lee Burke, Mary Cornelia Varvel, Antoinette Cangelosi. Seco, Ca nd Row: Geraldine Virginia Bartosh, Helen Marie Graham, Mary Ann Harris, Nita Kay Krupp, Mary Louise Wranitzky, Nancy Ann Hartman, Linda Lou Stropeni, irol Jane Wilson, Judith Anne Jamison, Michele Gilbert, Francelle Crider, Kaye Dunne. Third Rote: Sandra Kay Foster, Mary Virginia Fenton, Linda Joyce Very, Donna Day Keseling, Maxine Sylvia Moreland, Grace Frances Bertschler, Jerry Lynn Greer, Antoinette Tartaglia, Michal Frances Jones, Marcia Jane Putegnat, Mary Elizabeth Doyle, Sandra Ann Marek, Becky Elizabeth Sekaly, Fleur Annette Christensen, Ruth Ann Lauzon. Fourth Row: Linda N. Syphrett, Trudie Kaye Smith, Diane Eden Sellers, Pamela Joan Sperry Lois Nell Lammert, Helen Marie Snell, Susan Key Pound, Martha Gay Gooding, Carolyn Ann Wofford, Barbara Sue Harry, Barbara Louise Dougherty, Gloria Jean Schlather. Fii ! Rm ?i Do " na L y nn Knerr, Suzanne Van Fischer, Mary Louise Childs, Frances Deleon Till, Joyce Elaine Groogan, Michelle Robin Beer, Rhoda Irene McSpadden, Carol Jean Duran, Dianne Jernigan. Lucina Kay Styron, Ruth Ann Johnson, Katherine Louise Becker, Heather Belle Johnson, Diane Vaughn, Benna Layne Askew, Sheila Ann Barnett, Julie Ann Kite, Ruth Carol Carmichael, Virginia Dell Giesecke. Page 175 r GRACE HALL Episcopal Dormitory for Girls STAFF Director MARTHA GAVIN Assistant MAGGIE L. MOON ADVISORS Jane Louise Aycock Katherine Dexter Hackley, Co-Chairman Cheryl Reid Hilton Patricia Louise Jeffrey, Co-Chairman Martha Lynn Mitchell Lynne Ave Pickering Margaret Elizabeth Pilgrim Ann Burnett Scott Ellen Janice Webb Karin Harlan Wulf Front Row: Ann Burnett Scott, Susan Marguerite Bagby, Lou Ellen Elizabeth Breuer, Marlyne Feet, Cheryl Reid Hilton, Christina Anne Homer, Dirry Eileen Walker, Janice Catherine Freeman. Second Row: Linda Joy Washburn, Linda Lou Crockett, Linnie Carol Evans, Susan Ruth Ferris, Joyce Lynette Hermann, Mary Lynetto Jonea, Patricia Louise Jeffrey, Patricia Elaine Plowman, Katherine Dexter Hackley, Carol Jean Seaman, Cynthia Jane Baird. Third Roa: Jane Louise Aycock, Rosemary Farquhar, Jerri LaVeme Enderle, Lynne Ave Pickering, Cheryl Marie Dunlap, Patricia Jane McBride, Susan Gay Gettier, Evelyn Phillis Johnson, Judith Ann Downs, Ruth Ann Pillsbury, Margaret Elizabeth Pilgrim, Sandra Wrenn McConathy. fourth Roa: Carol Kay Slrader, Karen Janet Cook, Carol Jean Powers, Joyce Elaine Nowotny, Mary Lou Hudler, Paulette Lillian Boedeker, Claudia Rae Fuqusy, Linda Lucille McFcrran, Judith Gayle Parker, Sarah Lee Williamson. Linda Louise Scott, Olga Yvonne Arnold, Nina Jo Roberts, Betty Lou Butler, Maureen Virginia Mclnlyre, Linda Lee Tally, Kay Ruth Langston, Carol Antoinette Westmoreland, Phyllis Roberta, Gail Kathleen Noonan, Mary Lynn Jackson, Kay Breckenridge, Barbara Young, Ellen Janice Webb, Carol Clyde. Pate 176 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY STAFF Resident Counselor Jo ANNE BOYKIN Student Assistant MARY ELLEN ANDERSON Student Assistant ROSEMARY GORMAN Student Assistant . . MARY MASON PULVER ADVISORS Arlin Ann Alexander Cynthia Louise Brantley, Chairman Karen Anne Byrd Alice Ann Eickenroht Mary Margaret Eikel Barbara Carolyn Ellis Margaret Ellen Foran Dixie Ann Gaddis Annette Hardin Jean Ivy Hollingsworth Gay Trabue Nagle Suzanne Sorenson Tacey Susa Taj an Janet Louise Wark SuSu Wilson Elizabeth Ann Wood Front Row: Eikcl, Hardin, Hollingsworth, Eickenroht. Second Row: Sorenson, Wood, Alexander, Ellis, Brantley. Third Row: Caddis, Boykin, Wagle, Byrd,- Tajan, Wilson, Anderson. Wark, Front Row: April Beall, Sue Evelyn Blackburn, Kathryn Nan McLaughlin, Jean Louise Noble, Judy Ellen Crouch, Amy Lucia Goodenough, Sondra Elizabeth Daniel. Second Row: Martha Ann Young, M. Sue Smith, Ellen Marie Oertel, Cherry Antoinette Windtum, Linda Kaye Toles, Palmira Berta Rosales, Susann Goodwin, Linda Del Penman, Brenda Beverly Buie. Third Row: Dorothy Ann Slomchinski, Judy Diane Dorbandt, Mary Kathleen Walker, Orelia Ruth Garcia, Betty Catherine Crominskey, Judy Bess Stewart, Judy (Catherine Bell, Donna Mareen Landry, Sherry Lynn Bryan. Fourth Row: Melody Ann Brooks, Alice Ruth Moore, Anita Louise Prince, Diane Headrick, Louise Adelle Davis, Diana Hayes Reilly, Harriett Ann Durr, Nancy Ann Weaver, Suzanne Bartlett, Kay AJlenby Duke, Phyllis Claire Russell, Eva Nita Moore, Marilyn Ann Berry. Fifth Row: Nancy Elizabeth Becker, Susann Mayrene Newsom, Rose Kathryn Sims, Pamela Forbes Crain, Beverly Joyce Fortune, Susan Jane Hale, Janice Sherrer Lain, Kathryn Mary Austin, Nancy Josepine Dietrich, Laney Clare Mueller, Sharon Marie Owens, Suzanne Reinhart, Vernell Louise Pape. Front Row: Marcia Frances McKee, Kay Thompson, Judith Arlene Lewis, Kathryn Elouise Coyen, Judith Ellen McCaskill, Virginia Ann Teretsch, Patricia Ana Lassalle, Sandra Amelia Demel. Second Row: Carrel! Hildabeth Metzke, Patti Ann Zimmermann, Paula Irene Bohrer, Jane Ann Real, Rita Susan Rische, Kay Jeannette Spring, Vicki Lu Metzler, Kay Clyde Webb, Barbara Kim Lyerly. Third Row: Sandra Joyce Alexander, Elizabeth Lynn Kuykendall, Linda Marie Daniel, Judy Lynn Goodman, Carolyn Rutland, Barbara Sue Brantley, Betty Harriett Whorton, Evelyn Janet Feuge, Carolyn Nell Stewart, Sue Brazelton. Fourth Row: Louise Elizabeth Eriksen, Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff, Elizabeth Anne Williams, Priscilla Kay Finlay, Carolyn Ellison, Judy Darlene Harvey, Carol Angela Colby, Judith Ann Meyer, Virginia Mae Caston, Belinda Marion Wilkinson, Lynne Marie Offerman, Sandra Lynn Peck, Irene Claire Buske. Filth Row: Thelma Joyce Pohl, Marian Elizabeth Holden, Constance Dianne Howe, Mary Virginia Mason, Dorothy Jean Lillard, Julianna Margriet Lang, Kathleen Happ, Pefsr Ann Ragan, Mary Janette Grabbe, Nancy Kay Lortz, Mary Lillian McNeely, Martha Grace Ball, Andrea Pritchard Hallberg, Sallie Vonolia Sheppard. Page 177 KINSOLVING SOUTHEAST STAFF Resident Counselor MARGARET LOUISE BROWN Student Counselor CAROLYN Lois BURGESS Student Counselor SUZANNE KNAPP Student Counselor CAROLYN MARTHA SHORT Student Counselor JANICE UPCHURCH Southeast Corner ADVISORS Janis Ann Berly Paula Craig Marilyn Cunningham Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher Amelia Fleeter Mabel Joy Kokernot Elizabeth Ann Mason Margaret Carter Montgomery Dennise Newberry Martha Jo Phillips Nancy Sealy Mary Ellen Shields Janet Stradinger Bonnie Gay Uhr, Chairman Esperanza Linda Ximenes Lueron Young Front Row: Suzanne Knapp, Carolyn Lois Burgess, Mary Ellen Shields, Marilyn Cunningham, Elizabeth Ann Mason, Janis Ann Berly, Janet Stradinger, Mabel Joy Kokernot, Bonnie Gay Uhr, Amelia Fleeter, Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher, S. Janice Upchurch, Mary Mize Howard, Gretta ADD Garrett, Mary Gay Caven. Second Row: Kathleen Darleen Daniel, Laurits Sue Sorenson, Margaret Ann Janssen, PeDelope Anne Porter, Virginia ADD Trigg, Judith Kay Wueste, Martha Jeao Jennings, Pauline Lenette Lord, Penny Lee Mood, Jennifer Wynn, Judy Pfardrescher, Jane Durden Whitsit, Carol Ruth Henslee, Joan Hill, Juue Hill, Susan Davis, Doris Joan Miller. Third Row: Mary Andrea Ruhl, Karen Helene Jacobsohn, Janice Ann Dellar, Dorothy Jean Roitsch, Sandra Gail Stoddard, Charlene Joy Smith, Jo Karen Jurek, Lee Ann Blair, Mary Allcen Boggs, Patricia Anne Malin, Carolyn Trail, Jill Annette Harris, Linda Carnett, Sandy Sue Shaw, Warrie Lynn Smith, Dana Gay Lindsay. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Carey Chenoweth, Barbara Elaine Maclnerney, Kathryn Lee Brown, Robin Ann Austin, Lynn Carol Turcotte, Mary Jay Roberts, Andrea Rene DeStefano, Helen Sue Smith, Elizabeth Ann Druckhammer, Sue Ellen Creager, Janet Ward, Marian Suzanne Wall, Merilyn Kay Langham, Judy Marshall Ticknor, Ton! Francis Pyka, Jean Gay Rapstine, Lynette Louise Martin, Monte Jo Gayle Thompson. Fifth Row: Sydney Thompson, Jill Bill Hofmann, Carol Joan Richardson, Sandra Lee Henderson, Judith Ann Bagley, Charlotte Kroll, Jamie Lee Andrews, Nan Louise Wallace, Anne Margaret Hanzel, Jean Kay Singer, Edith Lynn Chilcote, Mary Evelyn Potter, Mollye Aleda McDowell, Coralie Elizabeth Davis, Jane Lucinda Stewart, Sharon Lee James, Cartnin Angela Shepherd. Sixth Row: Harriett Wier Van Gundy, Dorothy Gaye Martin, Suzanne Senevey, Alice Merlin Wiemers, Karen Elise Schwanecke, Dana Rose Wortham. Patricia Ruth Nelson, Lee Anne Singleton, Patricia Ellen Allred, Luralee Hodge, Pamela Vanette Calk, Suzanne Alicia Brinkman, Ann Emu Bolton, Margaret Brown, Cynthia Ann Holland, Pamela Melton Brooks, Bcaty Sue Cowley, Diane Pitkin, Sherry Gayle McArdle, Nancy Sue Nelson, Helen Patricia Rose, Linda Jane Thomas, Martha Del Webb, Barbara Hermine Len, Virginia Frances Knolle, Susan Jane Oppenheim, Mary Gray McGee, Mary Elizabeth Bell. Page 178 SHORT CHUICH KINSOLVING SOUTHWEST STAFF Resident Counselor HELEN COFFIN Student Assistant ABBI GLOSSERMAN Student Assistant DINAH KAY HEISER Student Assistant BILLIE GAYLE SCHUMAKER Student Assistant LAURA JANE WINFREY Southwest Corner Bette Maxine Boyd Martha Love Brindley Alexis Joan Brown Tyra Ann Cox Carolyn Jeanne Draper ADVISORS Sandra Hays Jane Gardner Howe Margaret Anne Jones Carolyn Josey Adrianne Ann Kelfer Janet Lee Miller, Chairman Karen Lynn Powell Helen Elizabeth Richards Claire Elizabeth Richmond Judy Kathleen Wax Judith Isabel Wright Front Row: Schumacher, Powell, Brindley, Hays, Kelfer, Brown, Draper, Wright, Richmond, Wax, Miller, Boyd, Richards, Josey, Cox, Howe, Winfrey. Second Rota: Becky Beeley, Sally Pomerantz, Donna Gail Weintraub, Nancy Sue Pye, Anne Louise Melinger, Shirley Ann Smith, Mary Alice Swift, Chris Lynn Lingle, Laurie L. Marks, Susan Pais, Barbara Ann Merrill, Babette Elaine Leonard, Patricia Kay Dolch, Rose Harriet Slipakoff, Sandra Sue Hill, Patricia Jo Caywood, Sara Elizabeth Crow, Jackie Sue Bohuslav, Rose Diane Rosenberg, Roberta Iris Billings. Third Row: Margaret Ann Wood, An n Beasley, Frances Lucille Miller, {Catherine Mary Hall, Mary Adele Hardie, Suzanne Davies, Sunny Gayle Langston, Hazie Chapman, Carol Ann Halamicek, Wanda Sue McDuream, Carol Marie Reeb, Shirlee Suzanne McCulley, Joanne Sydney Rosenberg, Virginia Kay McAfee, Beverly Dale Davis, Diane Sue Shoss, Judy Wish, Patty Ann Cooper, Edythe Jan Musick, Patricia Suzanne Ellis. Fourth Rote: Diane Susan Gray, Jean Royce Merrill, Bunnye Miller, Betty Gail Sparkman, Carol Sue Case, Jane Could Cornick, Laurie Davis, Edith Ann Simpson, Karen Ann Thompson, Kathleen June Mary Perrett, Linda Lou Ripple, Sherry Louise Graham, Susan Kay Cox, Pamela Knox Whitney, Rosemary Vina McBride, Daphne Ann Hart, Marsha Ree Wilson. Fifth Row: Sara Sue Wilson, Donna Lee Faust, Margaret Lucile Koy, Carol Ann Singer, Patricia Ann Minfin, Lesley Hale, Barbara Louise Bearden, Sheryl Cayle Taylor, Connie Jean Alexander, Kathey Elizabeth Stack, Sharon Lee Planto, Carol Ann Bley, Rikka Ann Mayhall, Judith Ann Hunke, Claudia Kay Scheske, Cwenna Sue Lowe, Vicki Vien Vandaveer, Wanda Jeanne Graham, Alicia Ann Gillen, Nancy Ann Neblett, Cynthia Dee Kinzbach, Mary Elizabeth Carr, Helen Coffin. Sixth Row: Sheron Elizabeth Smith, Lucille Aline Elliott, Exeen Marie Morgan, Pamela K. Bundick, Patsy Louise Wenkstern, Sandra Gayle Krezdorn, Kristin Helen Von Kreisler, Jeannie Barcus. Page 179 Northeast Corner KINSOLVING STAFF Resident Counselor NATALIE TOWNES Assistant Resident Counselor MARSHA AMANDA WILKINS Student Assistant DONNA SUE CHRISTOPHER Student Assistant CATHERINE LOUISE FlNERTY Student Assistant REBECCA ANNIE HALLIBURTON Student Assistant RUTHIE ANNETTE HARTMAN Student Assistant MARILYN CAROLE JOHNSON Student Assistant KAREN JANE LEWIS Student Assistant JANETTE OVERTON Student Assistant JUDITH N. PATTERSON Student Assistant JANET PHYLLIS SLOMCHINSKI front Row: Mary Jane Corham, Glcnda Gay Phair, Marilyn Anne Presser, Marcia Ann Goren, Ann Frances Clark, Joleen Pearson, Patricia Diann Benningfield, Mary Katherine Scaly, Elizabeth Rose Greenfield, Joan Phyllis Hyman, Paula Sue Ivey, Sheila James O ' Neill, Penelope Elizabeth McNamara. Second Row: Paula Kay Mayficld, Patricia Ann Tharp, Sandra Kay Nichol, Mary Lee Jackson, Muriel Ruth Yaffe, Gerry Lynn Golden, Josephine Lillian Herring, Janet Phyllis Slomchinski, Diana Mary Dickinson, Shirley Jean Parkhurst, Mary Gail McDaniel, Lynda Schaifer Mann, Patricia Ann Paul, Barbara Ac-elia. Nelson, Linda Elise Sherrill, Mary Ann Matranga, Natalie Townes. Third Row: Bette Joy Walls, Georganne Elaine Hinds, Janell Margaret Magce, Patricia Luella Peacock, Virginia Isabelle Haase, Margaret Helen McGowan, Mable Ann Gunn, Margaret Ann Westergard, Catherine Ann Compton, Ann Elizabeth Woolsey, Cleo Rita Thomas, Mary Jan Marshall, Katbryn Alice Hugo. Fourth Row: Alice Meredith Farrar, Martha Sue Kcrcheville, Nancy Kay Stroup, Alison Kaye Tartt, Lyn Lee Schmidt, Linda Gail Lawrence, Glenda Stark, Barbara Ruth Brister, Nancy Jeanne Anderson, Martha Sue Welch, Diane Fehrenkamp, Carolyn Elizabeth Ciese, Jane Daren Lewis, Rebecca Annie Halliburton, Kitherine Kennedy Weston. Page 180 NORTH WING ' UBS roraa Ran an mil HSSOJ LEW WOK nsos am ADVISORS Betty Sue Appenbrink Betty Lynn Archer Carolyn Jean Brady Ann Frances Clark Catherine Elizabeth Dove Judith Daon Fleeter Marcia Ann Goren Elizabth Rose Greenfield Karen Lucille Gustafson Nancy Kathleen Henkel Kathryn Alice Hugo Elizabeth Hunter Judy Latimer Jordan Mary Ann Matranga Penelope Elizabeth McNamara Kenny Sue Mills Nell Norwood Joleen Pearson Glenda Gay Phair Linda Carole Ridgway Jo Ann Serrano Patricia Anne Stephens Carolyn Jay Stephenson Nancy Jean Sterner Sandra Marie von Werssowetz Lila Ruth Walters Katherine Kennedy Weston Anna Leslie Wood Northwest Corner Front Row: Janice Ann Ballhrop, Cynthia Ann Keeney, Barbara Ruth Hamilton, Sara Kathryn Davis, Nita Lee Moore, Marsha Marie White, Nell Norwood, Sandra Marie von Werssowetz, Olivia Logan Taylor, Kim Diane Bailey, Susan Elizabeth Ryan, Rita Kay Webb, Diantha Dee Dawkins, Ann Helen Becklund, Earnell Beckham, Carolyn Ann Cates. Second Row: Gloria Elma Garcia, Sally Virginia Reed, Charlene Kay Calvert, Carolyn Ann Robison, Betty Sue Appenbrink, Karen Lucille Custafson, Leslie Ann Oakley, Haroletta Kay Post, Carolyn Jay Stephenson, Jo Ann Serrano, Patricia Anne Hunt, Marilyn Carole Johnson, B. Sue Castleberry, Claire Dene Dennis. Third Row: Janette Overton, Julia Ellen Edwards, Donna Sue Christopher, Kay Diane Clark, Kathleen Ruth Purcell, Janet Joan Scott, Suaan Shirley, Sandra Jean Looney, Prudy Kay Ramsey, Linda Lou Waite, Sandra Lee Maser, Natalie Lee Nelson, Nancy Jean Sterner, Carolyn Washburn Mehr, Jamie Jean Harper, F. Louise Tracy, Sandra Lee Moran. Fourth Row: Betty May Quantock, Sunell Rogers, Jo Sharon Roberts, Mary Helen Gilbreath, Patricia Sue Balkman, Barbara Ann Taylor, Susan Jane Harris, Nancy Jean Craddock, Janell Sue Williams. Page 181 MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS! STAFF Manager HELEN NORMAN DEATHE Assistant Manager JAMES OLIVER BRAEUTIGAM BRACKENRIDGE HALL SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES F, G, H Supervisor GEORGE K. PAUL Supervisor RAYMOND W. HILL Counselors Counselors Lewis Clifton Fontno Wiltz McPherson Ledbetter, Jr. Kenneth Charles Leach Albert Francisco Martins Ned Kinkier Handley James Arthur Mabry John Charles Zoller ROBERTS HALL Supervisor HOMER LEE MCGINNIS Counselors u u TTJ j w i, MOORE-HILL HALL Jack Owen Hernngton Ronald Edward Womack Dan B. Williams Alonzo Church Wood, III Supervisor H. PHILLIP HUBBARD Assistant Supervisor LARRY FARISH YORK PRATHER HALL Counselors Supervisor RONALD D. EARLE Ronald Fred Bond Scott Vance Matthews Johnny Walter Gotten, Fall Glenn Burke Musgrove, Fall Counselors William Henry Dunn, Spring Larry Ewing Phillips Richard P. Carr, Jr. William Alvis Kennedy, Fall Douglas Neal Fullilove, Spring Allen Lee Pullen David Dunagan Grimland, Spring Daniel Ray Lazicki Aus ' " 1 Hatcher John Kenneth Scott Jr. Clark Raymond Rutlcdge Charles Michael Hollon Harold S. Sparks, III Travis Gordon White SAN JACINTO DORMITORY A Supervisor ARTIE JOE SPITZER Counselor RICHARD DOUGLAS PERKINS SIMKINS HALL SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES B, C, D . GE()RGE ffl Supervisor EUGENE PAUL STURM Counselors Counselors T rr r, i i T., 1 TLr-J-l " Jeffrey Roland Blank John Frederick Gray John W. Nixon, Spring Steve B. Perkins, Fall Roger G. Darley James Irvine Perkins Charles Taylor Randolph Charles Crawford Foster Phil Jefferson Weaver Front Row: Weaver, Hubbard, Rutledge, S. Perkins, Wood, Hill, Mungrove. Second Row: R. Perkins. Braeutigam, Pullen, Cotten, Martins, Leach, Deathe. Paul. Third Row: Darley, Hollon. Zollcr, Webster. Cray, White, Hatcher, Bond, York, Sparks, Handly. Carr, Ledbetter, Williams, Fonlno. Fourth Row: Womack, McGinnis, Kennedy, Scott, Randolph, Mabry, Esrle, Phillips, Sturm, Lazicki. Page 182 I NEWMAN HALL; STAFF Housemother OSCARINE AYLAND Housekeeper KATIE HOFFMAN Assistant Counselor . .... JEANNE KUBALA OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Upper Class Representative Lower Class Representative Margaret Beaulieu Carol Germaine Collins Myrtis Anne Fraser Mary Ann Havlac, Head Advisor Valene Joyce Koss 2026 Gtudaluft JANET KAY PRICE MARY ANN JERKOFSKY IRMA CORINE CORREA GABRIELLE PRENTICE CONRAD MARY JANE HENDRICKS . CAROLYN LACKLAND SHIELDS ADVISORS Mary Ann O ' Connell Elsie Ramirez Ann Louise Spacek Diana Stenger Mary Linda Stiles, Assistant Head Advisor front fion: Valene Joyce Koss, Diana Stenger, Mary Linda Stiles, Carol Cermaine Collins, Myrtis Anne Fraser, Janet Kay Price, Mary Lark Kaskie, Josephine Alvarado, Elizabeth Ann Lundy. Second Row: Barbara Ann Bender, Catherine Regina Gordon, Judy Ann Wangard, Marie Michelle Vinas, Gabrielle Prentice Conrad, Aliene Mary Taylor, Irene Fernandez, Cecilia Marie Trojan, Janice Anne Hall, Rose Mary Saunders. Third Row: Betty Butler, Patricia Ann Sablatura, Mary Virginia Vance, Maria Ana Nirnez, Janice Marie Morgan, Susan Marie Strickland, Jacqueline Marie Goldin, Mary Ann Dorotik, Vivian Arlene Barborak, Maria del Rosario Perez, Mary Ann Jerkofsky, Oscarine Ayland. Fourth Row: Rose Ann Beseda, Virginia Ann Vajdos, Jane Carole Glade, Linda Anne Gould, Martha Virginia Hendricks, Marilyn Johanna Finger, Shirley Ann Jenkins, Mary Ann Havlak, Mary Alice Garza, Mary Esther Greenberg, Edith Marie Sohrt, Mary Jane Hendricks. Page 183 SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY STAFF Director MRS. F. C. McCoNNELL Head Resident Counselor MARY LEUTWYLER Counselor MADIE MORGAN Counselor IONE COOK Business Manager LILLIAN JENKS HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS President BARBARA LYNN GIBBS V ice-President SABRA ANN MOORE Secretary JAYNE DENISE SEALE ADVISORS I Judith Ann Bowen Dorothy Elizabeth Carr Lois Diane Derouen Sue Annette Douglas Tina Durrett Christie Lee Enderle Jean Melton Flint Carole Dee Foster Frances Marjory Gerlach Barbara Lynn Gibbs Barbara Ann Gresham Sharon O ' Nita Herbert Nancy Julia Hoffman Jane Johnson Sue Ann Lebel Elva Lynne Mann Marilyn Bess Mauldin Sandra Lee Meadows Sabra Ann Moore Cecil Ann Mullins Charlene Palmer Patricia Ann Parrish B. Carolyn Porter Carolyn Ann Scogin Jayne Denise Scale Susan Deranda Shaw Bea Ann Smith Bettye Anna Springer Sue Alyce Stiles Charlene Elizabeth Strader Patricia Jeanne Swahn Ellin Carol Swanson Carolyn Beth Thomas Harriett Kincaid Thompson Jean Louise Wait Charlotte Ann Zimmerman From Row: Smith, Strader, Johnson, Scale, Meadows, Douglas, Cresham. Second Row: Derouen, Shaw, Palmer, Herbert, Swanson, Moore, Leutwyler, Stiles. Third Row: Bowen, Scogin, Durrett, Flint, Parrish, Wail, Cerlach, Enderle, Lebel. Swahn, Thompson, Carr. Huffman. Mann. Foster, Mullins, Gibbs. Page 181 INTER-CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL KXEI1 Tna [ :Cooj JESB OFFICERS President JOSEPH ROBERT CLEVELAND, Campus Guild V ice-President RICHARD RAY RABY, Ed Price Secretary MARY KATHRYN KULCHAK, Halstead Treasurer JOHN MALCOLM McRAE, Royal Parliamentarian THOMAS LEE HUTCHESON, T.L.O.K. Faculty Sponsor MARGARET BERRY (loom 5U1E WOMEN ' S REPRESENTATIVES MEN ' S REPRESENTATIVES ALMETRIS Jimmye Lee Hill Thelma June Miller FELECIA Frances Mel ba Hans Patricia Dell Nance HALSTEAD Janet Louise DiRienzo Donna Marie Schneider PEARCE Carol Kay Jones Lois Marlene Lamb POWELL Mona Kay Flinn Maria Elda Garcia SHANGRI-LA Judith Lee Compton Phyllis Lee Maring Jeanine Nowotny THEODORNE Virginia Lee Dietz Patricia A. Moren VALHALLA Claudia Jane Janis Adeline A. Novosad WAKONDA Diane Dunn Dorothy Anne Haecker WHITEHALL Glenda Frances Fuhrmann Penny Michele Powell CAMPUS GUILD Ely Arzaga William Kelley Tuttle ED PRICE HALL William Woodson Harlow Richard Ray Raby RAMSHORN Donald Wayne Keasler Joseph Ashley Taylor ROYAL Gilbert Wayne Belts John D. Jarrard STAG Alfred G. Canales Marion Lester Dodson, Jr. THELEME Gary Wayne Chason Sam Houston Pressler T.L.O.K. Robert G. Clarkson Hunter Dean Ellinger TWIN PINES Cecil William Bain, Jr. Roger LaRue Fisher VARSITY HALL Prevost Hubbard, III Auberdeen Leroy Watts Front Row: Cleveland, Raby, Kulchak, McRae, Hutcheson. Second Row: Berry, Janis, DiRienzo, Nance, Miller, Fuhrmann, Schneider, Flinn, Haecker, Dunn. Third Row: John David Ovard, Charles Louis Kincannon, Bain, Lamb, Garcia, Mary Ruth Underbriok, Moren, Wilma Dell Council, Maring, Watts, Fisher, Keasler. Fourth Row: William Sumpter Frazier, Earl Cleveland Gaertner, Jr., Chason, Everard Correll Davenport, Hubbard, Ellinger, Clarkson, Pressler, David F. Rhode, Belts. Page 185 2804 Whilis CAMPUS GUILD! OFFICERS President BYRON ALLEN BLACK House V ice-President JOSEPH ROBERT CLEVELAND Kitchen Vice-President REYNALDO GUZMAN Secretary DAVID VICTOR JUAREZ Treasurer J. HOWARD BLACK Historian-Reporter JUAN MANUEL VASQUEZ Dietician WILLIAM NICOLAUS REIMERS, III Komissar SHELTON EUGENE MANGUM, III MEMBERS Larry Gene Arnhold Eulalio Arzaga, Jr. Fredrich Edward Aschbacher Dick Barlow Byron Allen Black J. Howard Black John Freeman Blanton Marion Keith Blanton Winfred McCoy Blanton Armin Walter Blumberg Carl Ferdinand Boehm, Jr. Robert E. Boswell Chester Hughey Brown, Jr. Geosge Stanley Brown William Glen Brown Alfred David Carpenter Kuang-Min Chen Chee Han Ching Joseph Robert Cleveland Darryl Edwin Collier Jefferson Jackson. Davis Roy Harle Deen Charles Roy Donaho John Lowther Edson Homer Stanley Ferguson Michael James Flynn Earl Cleveland Gaertner, Jr. Carroll Lynn Guess Philip M. Guzman, Jr. Reynaldo Guzman Thomas Marion Hagan James Martin Heidelberg, Jr. Garvin Dwayne Holman John Thomas Horn, IV Larry Wayne Huseman Yasuhiko Ikebe Herbert Johnson, III David Victor Juarez Hideo Kashima Richard Lawson Kateley John Herbert Kraft Chester Chia-Ann Lee William Anderson Leitch Edward Jungo-Chao Lin Thomas Nai-Chi Lou Shelton Eugene Mangum, Jr. Kiyoshi Masukawa Theodore Albert Math James Emory Meska Charles Cecil Moore Ronnie D. Nelson Steven M. Neuse Takeo Ono Norvin G. Parr, III Kinchen Collins Pier, III Jose Rafael Quesada Alton Glenn Reesing William Nicolaus Reimers, III Robert Phillip Smith Titus Severn Sigler William Eldon Sims Eddy Albert Spiller Frank Schroeder Stafford Eugene Wesley Stewart Marvin Leif Stromberg Jesse Luke Thompson William Kelley Tuttle, III Thomas Valdez, Jr. Juan Manuel Vasquez Lieh-Chun Wang Front Rou: Ono, Sigler, SpilFer, W. Brown, Collier, Arzaga, Holman, Chen, Nelson, Wang, Leilch, Hagan, Vaiquez, Kashima. Second Row: B. Black, Juarez, Heidelberg, Arnhold, Moore, Gaertner, Stewart, R. Guzman, Stafford, C. Brown, Math. Third Rota: Ching, Reeiling, Meilca, Valdez, Tuttle, P. Guzman, Mangum, Horn, Kraft. Fourth Rote: Reimert, M. Blanton, Lee, Slromberg, G. Brown, Sinn, Parr, Boehm. Huieman, Gue. Fifth Row: Neuse, Cleveland, Flynn, J. Blanton, Smith, Edson, Thompson, Deen, Kateley, Donaho, Lou, Masukawa. Page 186 SROYAL CO-OPERATIVEE OFFICERS President ARTHUR CLEVE YENAWINE Vice-President JOHN D. JARRARD Secretary NOEL Voss SMITH, JR. Treasurer DANIEL D. KUBIN Foodbuyer JOHN MALCOLM McRAE Scholastic Chairman JOHN WAYNE BAIRD Intramural Chairman CHARLES JAMES HICKL Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM DAVID CARR 1916 Speedway John Wayne Baird Ronald Wayne Best Gilbert Wayne Belts Alan B. Chu Michael Francis Collins Robert Joseph Dorotik David Devon Emmert Raymond Clint Farrell Marcus Ben Felcman MEMBERS Charles James Hickl John D. Jarrard Chuck Fan Jeu Jeff Joseph Jones Samuel Edward Knipling Daniel D. Kubin Joseph Reid Kuykendall Michael James Leatherwood Ray Salicdo Martinez Gayland Page McKinnerney John Malcolm McRae Ronald Gene Mueller Cayetano Olivarez Richard Rawley Daniel Richmond Remington Noel Voss Smith, Jr. Zane Arnold Stigall Ray Waldrop Arthur Cleve Yenawine Front Row: Dorotik, Rawley, Chu, Baird, McKinnerney, Olivarez, Jeu. Second Roto: Emmert, Best, Remington, Martinez, Knipling, Kubin. Third Rate: Collins, Mueller, Farrell, Leatherwood, Belts, Smith. Fourth Row: Yenawine, Hicltl, McRae, Felcman. Page 187 IT STAG CO-OPERATIVE OFFICERS Fall Spring GARRY DEAN DOSSEY ROBERTO EDMUNDO BATRES President STANLEY CLAUDE STONE WILLIAM RONOY REAGAN Secretary and Maintainer DOUGLASS FIELDING HOESE CRAIG BOLTON TAYLOR Food Buyer ROBERTO EDMUNDO BATRES WILLIAM LAWRENCE URBAN Treasurer 1910 Rio Grande Roberto Edmundo Batres Clyde Stanley Boose Bobby Joe Bowen Jerry Anthony Brown Paul David Cameron Alfred G. Canales Jose kuis Coro Marion Lester Dodson, Jr. Carry Dean Dossey Larry G. Dossey MEMBERS David Michael Evans William Sumpter Frazier Henry Louis Gomez Anthony Louis Harvey Douglass Fielding Hoese Jimmy Frank Jago Charles Louis Kincannon Glynn Gray Littlefield Gustavo Hector Martinez Henry Timmons Moeller Marshall Morris William Ronoy Reagan Stanley Claude Stone George Robertson Sutherland, Jr. Craig Bolton Taylor Jesse Santos Trevino William Lawrence Urban Victor Xavier Villarreal Michael Maurice Williamson Alexander Ko Yui front Row: Frazier, Gomez, Trevino. Second Row: Reagan, Coro, C. Dosiey, Cameron, Dodson, Littlefield, Hoeae, Batres, Yui. T hird Row: Villarreal, Taylor, Morris, Boose, Williamson, Brown, Urban, Kincannon, Moeller. Fourth Rou: Evans, Stone, Sutherland, Jago, L. Dosser, Bowen, Canales, Harrey. Page 188 THELEME CO-OPERATIVE OFFICERS President LINDEN WAYNE PIERCE Secretary DONALD EUGENE WILLMANN Treasurer JAMES BERTHOL ENGEL Whip JERRY LEROY VERNON Food Buyer DARYL R. ALFORD ICC Representatives GARY WAYNE CHASON SAM HOUSTON PRESSLER Social Chairman RODNEY PATTERSON KAUFHOLD Intramural Manager BILLY RUE KARRH Historian JAMES RICHARD HARDY Fire Marshal DAVID WARREN McKENZiE Faculty Sponsor ELWOOD J. PREISS 612 West 22nd Daryl R. Alford Robert Thomas Binder, Jr. Murray McHenry Boozer Gary Wayne Chason Don Eskew Cowley Hernani Dumlao James Berthol Engel LeRoy Flynn Foster James Richard Hardv MEMBERS Billy Rue Karrh Rodney Patterson Kaufhold Dana Buckley Maclnerney, Jr. Lawrence Edmund Manire David Warren McKenzie Charles Michael McMinn Doyle Allen Nicholson James Ronald Patterson Linden Wavne Pierce Sam Houston Pressler Robert Jack Robinson Horace Lee Spinks James Harlan Stanford Stuart Kendall Strong Richard Wayne Tucker Jerry LeRoy Vernon Donald Eugene Willmann Kenneth Waldie Wunderlich Front Row: Nicholson, Cowley, Alford, Chason, Spinks. Second Row: Patterson, Willmann, Karrh, Manire, Foster, Hardy, Pierce. Third Row: Vernon, Wunderlich, Engel, Kaufhold, Strong, Stanford, McKenzie. Fourth Row: Maclnerney, McMinn, Binder, Pressler, Dumlao, Boozer, Robinson, Tucker. Page 189 1903 Rio Grande CO-OPERATIVE OFFICERS President KENNETH DUANE WILLIAMS Secretary RYCE NEAL WILSON Treasurer NOEL DEE EVANS Maintainer CHARLES LEWIS GRIMES Food Buyer HENRY RALPH KLA WITTER MEMBERS Robert Larry Armstrong Antonio Eugenio Barsallo Byron Glen Bynum Wayne Allen Carmack Michael Horace Casey David Orel Cavner Robert Gillespie Clarkson Everard Cossell Davenport Robert Cecil Davis Hunter Dean Ellinger Noel Dee Evans Charles Lewis Grimes Tom Lee Hutcheson James Robert Kittles Henry Ralph Klawitter Walter Lew William John Macha Dennis Eugene Marshall Umberto Luis Monteverde Joe Allen Polasek John Elrees Porche Allan Burnham Schmitt Ronald Franklin Scholl Larry Preston Shuford John Charls Sitta Bernard Frank Tupa Kenneth Duane Williams Gerald Maxwell Wilson Ryce Neal Wilson Front Row: Clarkson, Ellioger, Monteverde, Armstrong. Davenport, Lew. Second Row: Kittles, Carmack, Shuford, Tupa, Caiey. Hutcheson, Polasek. Third Roto: Evans, Scholl, Bynum, Klatwitter, Macha, .Porche, Barsallo. Fourth Row: Marshall, C. Wilson, Schmitt, Davis, Sitta, Crimes, Garner. Pa(e 190 WINI CO-OPERATIVE OFFICERS President ........ - ................ CHARLES AUSTIN HUIE Housemanager ................ TIMOTHY HASKELL McCoy Treasurer .................. DOUGLAS RAYMOND MADERER Social Chairman ................. CECIL WILLIAM BAIN Food Buyer ....................... JOE DAVID MILLIAN 2800 Whhi ' . Cecil William Bain, Jr. William John Bamberger Dennis David Barrett Jose Rafael Bedolla Kenneth Lawrence Brunkenhoefer William Herold Cantrell Roger LaRue Fisher MEMBERS John Franks Harris Norman Perry Hatfield, Jr. Kaleem Hazer, Jr. Charles Austin Huie James Alvin Johnson Douglas Raymond Maderer Timothy Haskell McCoy Aaron Lafayette Miller, Jr. Joe David Millian Celso Puente Charles Lincoln Raby Fred Ruben Soto Richard Brown Waitt, Jr. Oscar D ' Brent Weir front Row: Huie, Hazer, Fisher, Waitt, Maderer, Miller, Bain, Cantrell, Millian. Buck Rote: Bamberger, Hatfield, Soto, Puente, McCoy, Harris, Raby, Johnson. Page 191 VARSITY HALL; OFFICERS President FERNANDO DOVALINA, JR. V ice-President BOBBY ALLAN GRIGSBY Secretary SIEGMUND RAY SIVEK Treasurer JOHN STANLEY FUHRMANN Dietician WENCHE ROMEO GUEVARA Social Chairman AUBERDEEN LEROY WATTS Detail Manager KARL ROLAND WOMACK 2009 Whltis MEMBERS Ronald Glenn Anderson Michael Wesley Andrews Ronald Edward Barney William Wilford Beaty, Jr. Mark N. Broussard, Jr. Chester Mark Cedars Fernando Dovalina, Jr. Clayton Wayne Ferris John Stanley Fuhrmann Bobby Allan Grigsby Wenche Romeo Guevara Prevost Hubbard, III Louis Elmer Huff, III Michael McFarland Johnson Philip Robert Lerway Thomas Ricks Lindley Ronald Lee McClure Gary Carl Moore Jimmy Dave Riggins Johnny Evaristo Serna Sregmund Ray Sivek Auberdeen Leroy Watts Karl Roland Womack James Morgan Wright Front Roto: Fuhrmnnn, Anderson, Sivek, Cedars. Second Row: Johnson, Grigsby, Huff, Lindley, WIU, Ferris. Rigginl. Third Rota: Dovalina, Womack, Wright, Guevara, Hubbard, Serna, Lenray, Andrewt. Page 192 Si, IB. cai Sim; Hffii rouu IMB ' oiua WOMEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES CO-ORDINATOR ' S COUNCIL Front Row: Berry, Burke, Turner, Moore, Graham. ffacft Rota: Flinn, Hopwood, Council, Lois Marlene Lamb, Baumann, Kesmodel. Alta Lee Baumann Barbara Ann Burke Wilma Dell Council, Chairman Michael Louise Flinn J. Sue Graham Nancy Joyce Hopwood Julienne Marie Kesmodel Celia Lanell Moore Dilzler Yvonne Turner Margaret Berry, Faculty Sponsor Particia Jo Applewhite Frankie Marie Collier Johnnye Earlene Cunningham Gloria Judene Grant Betty Joan Griggs Nancy Ruth Hatcher Jimmye Lee Kiel Margaret Rissia Hopkins Fay Dean Jackson ALMETRIS Arthurene Johnson Carolyn Theresa Jones Leola Johnson Kemp Phyllis Nan Killyon Patricia Lee Val Anne Lynch Patricia Cleo Lytle Joyce Evelyn Massingill Elizabeth Carolyn McAfee, Jr. Thelma June Miller Betty Joyce Moore Evelyn Joyce Neely Mary Helen Patterson Joan Martin Perry Arnell Elaine Stripling Marye Lizabeth Thomas Maria Elizabeth Wagner Carolyn Mellisa Wilkins Joan Arlene Younger Marta Benavides Charlene Estelle Brand Joan Ann Brehm Annie Jane Brown Carole Joyce Burke FELECIA Theresa A. Comiskey Sandra Jean Crosby Margaret Elizabeth Diden Carol Jane Gustine Sharon Ann Haby Frances Melba Hans Nancy Joyce Hopwood, Co-Ordinator Barbara Florence Jacobson Doris Ann Janek Patricia Ann Jurek Patricia Dell Nance Rebecca Ortiz Front Row: Younger, Kemp, Kiel, Masaingill, Wagner. Second Row; Thomas, Johnsoa, Stripling, Cunningham, Grant, Jackson, Collier, Jones, Lytle, Griggs. Third Row; Lee, Applewhite, Neely, McAfee, Perry, Mrs. Duren, WUkint. Miller, Killyon, Hopkins, Lynch. Front Row: Ortiz, Janek, Brown. Hopwood, Brehm, Diden, Nance. Second Row; Jacobson, Haby, Hans, Comiskey, Benavides, Burke. Gustine, Crofby, Jurek. Page 193 HALSTEAD HOUSE KATHERINE PEARCE Front Row: Schuy, Gonzalez, Howard, DiRienzo, Turner, Broussard, Crawford, Wester. Second Rote: Kassos, Bennett, Kiesling, Schneider, LeNoir, Stump, Saenz, Kulchak, Zurovetz. Mary Grace Bennett Grace Belle Broussard Patricia Annette Crawford Janet Louise DiRienzo Angelita Gonzalez Lou Ellen Howard Laura Jeanne Kassos Carolyn Fay Kiesling Mary Kathryn Kulchak Mayrene Louise LeNoir Francisca Herlinda Saenz Donna Marie Schneider Diana Lou Schuy Beverly Kaye Stump Ditzler Yvonne Turner, Co-Ordinator Janis Catherine Wester Dorothy Mae Zurovetz Front Row: Kesmodel. Second Roil ' : Toungate, Bridges, Hoskins, Womack, Linda Marshall, Lemons, Logan, Lloyd. Third Row: Wilson, Courteau, Calle, Lamb, Lu-Nita Marshall, Berryman, Jones, Galle. Doris Arnell Berryman Evelyn Kay Bridges Jeanette Verleen Calle Adrienne Lynn Courteau Gail Harriet Galle Laura Lee Hoskins Carol Kay Jones Julienne Marie Kesmodel, Co-Ordinator Lois Marlene Lamb Nina Lou Lemons Jelina Lynette Lloyd Susan Marie Logan Linda Ann Marshall Lu-Nita Jane Marshall Marilyn Joy Toungate Carol Ann Wilson Martha Jean Womack POWELL HOUSE Adela Amador Mary Pat Barlow Barbara Ann Burke, Co-Ordinator LeAnne Davis Evelyn Ann Dietert Mary Ellen Farrar Mona Kay Flinn Marie Elda Garcia Mary Helen Magee Nita Frances Morgan Annetta Scott Norwood Sylvia Prasatik Carolyn Ann Reeves Judith Lynn Searcy Mary Ann Seidensticker Marianne Slagle SHANGRI-LA Mary Ruth Underbrink Martha Jean Alexander Donna Margaret Bierds Mauretta Luciene Bigley Judith Lee Compton Wilma Dell Council, Co-Ordinator Sharon Ann Duecker Mary Louise Grimm Mildred Nelwyn Hart Barbara Ann Zabcik Alice Faye Heitkamp Julia Kathryn Jackson Cynthia Lee Lackey Phyllis Lee Maring Jeanine Nowotny Bonnie Sue Olive Phyllis Elaine Rolston Ann Louise Whiting Front R ' ni : Morgan, Garcia, Farrar, Amador. Second Row: Norwood, Seidcnsticker, Dietert, Barlow, Slagle, Reeves. Third Row: Searcy, Flinn, Prasatik, Underbrink, Davis, Magee, Burke. Front Row: Nowotny, Grimm, Lackey. Second Rote: Whiting, Alexander, Council, Hart, Olive. Third Row: Rolslon, Heitkamp, Bierds, Duecker, Jackson. Maring, Zabcik, Biglev. Compton. Page 194 THEADORNE VALHALLA: Front Row: Phornton, Crawford, Clements, Lindsey. Second Row: Toepperwein, Fry, Naiser, Koehler, Walther, Moren. Third Row: Heckman, Flinn, Hintz, Oltmers, Caldwell. Diana Jill Caldwell Dorothy Salley Clements Freda Ruth Crawford Virginia Lee Dietz Michael Louise Flinn, Co-Ordinator Lynda Jean Fry Bonnie Marie Heckman Roberta Sue Hintz Norma Gene Walther Judith Elizabeth Koehler Hildegarde Lindsey Bonnie Patricia Mitchell Patricia A. Moren Elaine Elizabeth Naiser Elizabeth Mae Ottmers Patricia Lois Phornton Frances Jean Toepperwein Front Row: Martin, Blackmore, Crawford, Clayton, Nickell. Second Row: Warhol, Koppa, Weisc, Klein, Hart-ell, Graham. Third Row: Sprinps, Chamberlain, McCreless, Novosad, Squier. Cammy Ann Blackmore Frances Faltin Chamberlain Catherine Winifred Clayton Shary J. Crawford J. Sue Graham, Co-Ordinator Mary Elaine Hartsell Claudia Jane Janis Virgie Ann Klein Kathleen Mary Koppa Patsy Martin Virginia Jerrilou McCreless Nancy Lorine Nickell Adeline A. Novosad Judith Ann Schiffer Francine Marie Springs Carolyn Kay Squier Kythleen Jean Warhol Doris Marie Weise WAKONDA Alta Lee Baumann, Co-Ordinator Martha Domitila Botello Irma Evangelina Cavazos Dianne Dunn Virginia Nancy Grace Dorothy Anne Haecker Louise Berlon Haynes Jo Elizabeth Jakle Elizabeth Ann Thompson Vilma Socorro Martinez Joyce Ann Olson Patricia Carneal Penry Patricia Louise Quarles Arleen Elnora Rotter Carlota Salinas Jane Childs Speer Betty Kathleen Stones WHITEHALL Delores Ann Ashorn Mary Jo Battaglia Mary Ruth Birkelbach Judith Murraylin Cole Glenda Frances Fuhrmann Janice Galle Lydia Frances Giddens Rebecca Sue Ihrig Mary Ann Kuykendall Julia Ann Labay Linda Ruth Milligan Lynne Celia Lanell Moore, Co-Ordinator Draida Francisca Padron Sharon Ruth Pedrotti Penny Michelle Powell Deanna Reel Santos Susana Rios Norma Linda Rodriquez Nelida Luzmila Romero Johnette Yoland Schelin Judy Schreck Nona Marie Strange Ruth Whiting Front Row: Grace, Dunn, Olson. Second Row: Speer, Jakle, Martinez, Haynes, Baumann, Botello, Salinas. Third Row: Stones, Haecker, Quarles, Rotter, Penry, Cavazos, Thompson. Front Row: Reel, Fuhrmann, Ashorn, Labay, Moore. Second Row: Rodriquez, Birkelbach, Battaglia, Kuykendall, Schelin, Milligan, Padron. Third Row: Calle, Whitin B , Strange, Powell, Cole, Ciddens, Ihrig, Schreck, Pedrotti. Page 195 Blanton and Andrews Dormitories Page 1% ORGANIZATIONS " A little work, a little play to keep us going . . . " Du Maurier ?. - KflFaj m s A , - . SORORITIES Edited by Kay Bailey and Glenadine Russell Page 197 ALPHA CHI OMEGA The year 1924 marked the appearance of Alpha Chi Omega on the University campus. Displaying a lyre and colors of scarlet and olive green, A Chi this year won the Panhellenic trophy for highest scholarship among the sororities. Bringing further honor to the Alpha Chi ' s, Jane Clements served as Education assemblyman and president of the Student Education Association: Donna Townsend served as vice-president of Cap and Gown and Janet Dahl held the office of vice-president of Alpha Lambda Delta. Other outstanding A Chi O ' s included Julia Kunze, executive officer of Cordettes; Becky Maxey, second year Longhorn cheerleader; Jane Clements and Maynette Cox, Mortar Board; Becky Maxey and Lilas Shelby, Orange Jackets. OFFICERS Fall Spring DONNA KAY TOWNSEND President SUE ELLEN MCCLELLAN SUE BROOKS First Vice-President JOYCE KAY TURNER PEGGY LYNN CLEMENTS . . . Second Vice-President SUE STOCKARD MARY JAN McGREGOR .... Corresponding Secretary . . BONNIE ELIZABETH BAIRD HAZEL JANE CLEMENTS Recording Secretary SUZANNE FISH FALL PLEDGES Margaret Ellen Agnew, San Antonio Martha Sue Alexander, Corpus Christ! Suzanne Baker, Houston Marcy Margaret Besselman, Corpus Christi Lee Ann Blair, Lake Jackson Mary Louise Bode, Austin Dorothy Kimbell Boettcher, Houston Mary Alleen Boggs, Lake Jackson Betty J. Brundrett, Dallas Vicki Sue Calhoun, Wichita Falls Madeline Mercy Carl, Austin Janet S. Claassen, Odessa Paula Colletti, Port Arthur Virginia Kay Faulkner, Denton Mary Sharon Fox, Corpus Christi Marilee A. Funda, Dallas Mary Tedford Griffith, Austin Anna Gretchen Griggs, Jasper Anne Margaret Hanzel, San Antonio Carol Key Hendrix, Dallas Phyllis Ann Hill, Austin Mary Mize Howard, Houston Judi Kay Jackson, Fort Worth Mary Sue Johnson, San Antonio Jo Karen Jurek, Freeport Katherine Anne Kramer, Houston Gwenna Sue Lowe, Corpus Christi Sharon Ann Luck, Houston Barbara Kim Lyerly, Dallas Lorinda Beth Madison, Silsbee Eleanor Joyce Matz, Harlingen Nancy Kay McCullough, Austin Patricia Anne Moore, Houston Sharon Marie Owens, Dallas Shirley Jean Sachtleben, Austin Jean Lorenz Shireman , Corpus Christi Marilyn Sue Smith, Bellaire Carol Ann Steger, Dallas Karen Ann Thompson, Houston Susan Carter Trimble, Orange Camille Leal Watson, Houston Nancy Ann Weaver, Dallas Kay Clyde Webb, Houston Karen Dodd Webber, Odessa Diane Frances Webster, Houston Carole Mae Welhausen, Shiner Gay Wickert, Austin Barbara Kay Wilkins, Galo Judith Elenora Woodall, Sherman Betty Jean Worrell, Colorado City Anna Cretchen Griggs, Jasper SPRING PLEDGES Janet Louise Holden, Rolling Hills, Calif. ' ; Row: Adams, Agnew, Allinc, Baird, Barlow. Second Rom: Besselman, Blair, Bode, Boettcher, Boggs. Third Ron; Bradley, Brooks, Brundrett, Calhoun, Campbell. .-. ' . ' . ' .-. Carl, Chisni, Claassen, H. Clements, Colletti. Fifth Row: Cox, Crowell, Cummings, Dahl, Davis. Sixth Row: Dudley, Dutton, Earhart, Ellingson, Evans. Seventh Row: Faulkner, Files, Fish, Fox, Frick. Eighth Row: Frye, Grace, Griffith, Hallmark, Hanzel. :-.: : . Row: Heinen, Hendrix, Herbert, Hester, Hill. Tenth Row: Hollingsworth, Howard, Howe, Hughes, Jackson. Eleventh Row: Johnso n, Jurck, Keane, Kramer, Kunze. Twelfth Row: Larson, Lewis, Lowe, Luck, Lyerly. Thirteenth Row: Madison, Marshall, M. Martin, V. Martin, Matz. Fourteenth Row:. Maxt , Mi Clcllait, MrCiilloiifth. McKeniic. Meeks. Page 198 MEMBERS Susan Ann Adams, Houston Lynda Marie Alline, Galveston Vivian Athens, Dallas Bonnie Elizabeth Baird, Dallas Sherry Arlene Barlow, Waco Susan Billups, Dallas Catherine Elizabeth Bondies, Dallas Judith Carol Bradley, Waco Sue Brooks, Brownsville Patricia Campbell, Marshall Estha Willborn Chism, Houston Hazel Jane Clements, Huntsville Peggy Lynn Clements, San Antonio Caren Maynette Cox, Fredericksburg Carole Sue Crowell, San Antonio Janice Carol Cummings, Austin Janet M. Dahl, Austin Sandra Lois Davis, Fort Worth Val Jean Dudley, Austin Roxanna Dutton, San Antonio Suzanne Eleanore Earhart, Longview Karen Sue Ellingson, Austin Elinor Louise Evans, Fort Worth Elizabeth Anne Files, Houston Suzanne Fish, Electra Patti Frick, Kingsville Janita Pamela Frye, Crockett Marilu Grace, Wichita Falls Dina Lynn Hallmark, Austin Marty Heinen, Houston Delia Mae Henderson, Refugio Sharon O ' Nita Herbert, LaMarque Priscilla Jane Hester, Houston Helen Hicks, Dallas Jean Ivy Hollingsworth, Port Arthur Bonnie Virginia Howe, Beaumont Betty Karon Hughes, Houston Karolen Keane, San Antonio Mildred Ann Welhausen, Shiner Julia Ann Kunze, Corpus Christi Barbara Jane Lacey, Corpus CViristi Beverly Jan Larson, Seymour Jan Mason Lasater, Dallas Frankie Ruth Lewis, Corpus Christi Barbara Elaine Marshall, Houston Marianne Martin, Dallas Vicki Martin, Robstown Eddie Rebecca Maxey, Austin Sue Ellen McCleMan, San Antonio Kathleen Louis McGinn, Houston Mary Jan McGregor, Corpus Christi June Elizabeth McKenzie, San Antonio Mary Catherine Meeks, Seabrook Betty Jo Menn, Austin Linda Caroline Myers, Austin Rebecca Alice Nelson, Beaumont Karen Lynn Nevola, Dallas Donna Faye Oberpriller, Houston Harriet Elaine Oldham, Houston Charlene Palmer, Port Arthur Martha Jean Payne, Dallas Susan Kay Petet, Dallas Jeanine Marie Sanchez, Brownsville Lilas Janice Shelby, Austin Adrienne Elizabeth Shupee, Austin Weslynn Maryann Simons, Harlingen Judith Ann Sims, Austin Sue Stockard, Houston Martha Clive Strack, Beaumont Gail Frances Streater, Beaumont Becky Sue Sullender, Pasadena Patricia Ann Sullivan, Wellington Sandra Sue Tessmer, Dallas Donna Kay Townsend, Houston Joyce Kay Turner, Houston Lila Dianne Voss, McAllen Janet Louise Wark, Houston Top Rote: Menn, Myera, Nelson, Nevola, Oberpriller, Oldham, Owens, Palmer, Payne, Sachtleben, Shelby, Shireman, Shupee, Simons, Smith, Sieger. Second Row: Stieater, Sullender, Sullivan, Tessmer, Thompson, Townsend, Trimble, Turner, Walk, Walson, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Webster, M. Welhausen, Wilkins, Woodall. Page 199 I ALPHA DELTA PI Delta Chapter, founded at the University in 1906, boasts of beauty, brains, and activities on the campus. Beauties included Sandy Fitzgerald, one of the Ten Most Beautiful; Victoria Cazzell, the runner-up for Miss Austin. Pat Aston was Miss Campus Chest and Lynn Essex was tapped for Angel Flight. Orange Jackets tapped this year were Zane Ann Morgan and Barbara Hurt. ADPi ' s at key posi- tions included Pat Aston, president of Alpha Phi Tau and freshman advisor of the Longhorn Band; Diann Benningfield, secretary of the Union Leadership Committee and an officer in Spooks. Group activities included a party with the Silver Spurs for orphans at the State School and the annual " Guide for Brides, " sponsored by Austin Alums, to raise money for cystic fibrosis. Four Bluebonnet Belle semi-finalists were ADPi ' s Sandy Fitzgerald, Barbara Hurt, Pat Aston, and Zane Ann Morgan. OFFICERS Fall Spring CAROLINE OLSON President PATRICIA RUTH ASTON JUDITH ELLEN GALLAHER . . . First V ice-President LINDA LEE MCPHERSON MARGARET SUE DUTTON . . . Second Vice-President ZANE ANN MORGAN CAROLYN BEATRICE CALVIN . . Recording Secretary JANE ELLIS STEVENS LINDA JEAN BETTELL Treasurer ., CAROLYN RUTH COKER FALL PLEDGES Lillian Cecilia Anderson, Corpus Christi Kathryn Louise Aston, Houston Robin Ann Austin, Houston Sara Florence Baker, Madisonville Mary Deborah Bass, San Antonio Janell Baxter, Weslaco Suzanne Beaird, Longview April Beall, Austin Sue Evelyn Blackburn, Victoria Barbara Erin Burnham, Houston Brenda Gay Caffey, Houston Sue Ellen Creager, Tyler Janet Marjorie Darrow, College Station Marilyn Sue Daugherty, Austin Judith Carol DeShong, San Antonio Dianne Dillon, Tail Sara Lee Dqggett, Dallas Nora Nikki Gober, Nome Faye Ann Hamilton, San Antonio Alice Darthula Hardie, El Paso Daphne Ann Hart, Fort Worth Linda Louise Keim, Dallas Virginia Frances Knolle, Sandia Julianna Margriet Lang, San Antonio Jane Page Little, Longview Dorothy Gaye Martin, Sweetwater Sherry Nona Martin, Hillsboro Rosemary Vina McBride, Houston Judith Ellen McCaskill, Houston Ann Fentress McNeill, Austin Vicki Lu Metzler, Houston Patricia Ruth Nelson, San Antonio Linda Kay Oatman, Austin Mary Oltorf, Marlin Rhoda Nell Peebles, Livingston Jacqueline Lee Prodoehl, Austin A lary Ann Reed, Port Arthur Linda Jane Sager, Cuero Margie T. Sanford, Austin Karen Elise Schwanecke, Houston Jane Bryan Shuford, Austin Elaine Shugart, Dallas Jennifer Eric Sims, Killeen Alary Madeleine Starnes, Austin Ann Carlotta Terrell, Eagle Lake Paula Michele Wecker, Midland Jane Durden Whitsit, San Antonio Joyce Elizabeth Wilson, Daingerfield SPRING PLEDGE Carole Elaine Sing, Pharr Top Row; Allen, Armistead, K. Aston, P. Aston, Austin. Second Row: M. Baker, S. Baker, Bass, Baxter, Beaird. Third Row: Beall, Benningfield, Blackburn, Bowen, Burnham. Fourth Row: Butler, Cezeaux, Coker, Connally, Creager. Fifth Row: Crofts, Cunningham, Daily, Daniels, Darrow. Sixth Row: Daugherty, Davis, DeBerry, DeShong, Diet . Seventh Row: Dildy, D. Dillon, N. Dillon, Dimmitt, Doggett. Eighth Row: Dutton, Ehlers, Essex, Everts, Evetts. . tntli Row: Fitts, Foster, French, Gallaher, Gessner. Tenth Row: Gillespie, Gober, Grannis, Haish, Harrison. Eleventh Row: Hart, Hartley, Holman, Howell, Hurt. Twelfth Ron: J. Jackson, P. Jackson, Jacobsen, Jircik, V. John son. Thirteenth Row: Keim, E. Knolle, Lang, Liudell, Little. Fourteenth Rote: Logan, D. Martin, S. Martin, Massengill, Mc- Bride. Page 200 Judy Beth Allen, Austin Betty Ray Armistead, Beaumont Patricia Ruth Aston, Houston Linda Ann Bacon, Hillsboro Mary Martha Baker, Madisonville Patricia Diann Benningfield, McKinney Linda Jean Bettell, Houston Kristin Bowen, Port Arthur Ruthann Bray, Austin Lasca Butler, Kenedy Beverly Ann Byers, Dallas Carolyn Beatrice Calvin, Dallas Victoria Lee Cazzell, Amarillo Marie Louise Cezeaux, Houston Jan LaRue Chinn, Dallas Carolyn Ruth Coker, Houston Sara Ellen Connally, Baytown Corrie Ann Crofts, Johnson City Carolyn Frances Cunningham, San Antonio Diane Louise Daily, Galveston Gigi Dian Daniels, Seguin Linda Jane Davis, Houston Diane DeBerry, San Antonio Sandra Marie Dietz, Fredericksburg Kathleen Bethea Dildy, Austin Nancy N. Dillon, Austin Deanna Marye Dimmitt, Uvalde Donna Suzanne Drinkard, Fort Worth Jessica Ray Duplissey, Beaumont Margaret Sue Dutton, Bishop Sandra Kay Ehlers, New Braunfels Lynn Roszell Essex, San Antonio Sandee Gail Everts, Belton Diane Kathleen Fitts, Midland Sandra Kay Fitzgerald, Caldwell MEMBERS Sandra Elizabeth Foster, Longview Kathleen French, Woodsboro Judith Ellen Gallaher, Marlin Catherine B. Gessner, Waco Judy Gail Gillespie, Austin Billie Jan Grannis, Del Rio Evelyn Griffiths Grant, Hillsboro Marilyn Bennett Haish, Lake Jackson Dianne Hander, LaMarque Nancy Jo Harrison, San Antonio Suzanne Hartley, Pharr Mary Frances Hays, Dallas Kathleen Elizabeth Healey, Port Arthur Susan Jane Holman, Houston Virginia del Howell, Richmond Barbara Katherine Hurt, Seguin Judy Ann Jackson, Laughlin A.F. Base Patricia Jackson, Mt. Pleasant Linda Lu Jacobsen, Austin Sandra Jean Jircik, Alvin Susan Roberta Johnson, Houston Virginia Lee Johnson, San Antonio Valerie Gayle Knapp, Alamo Evelyn Anne Knolle, Austin Mary Katherine Knolle, Sandia Mary Lee Lankford, Austin Carolyn Kay Lindell, Taylor Heather Logan, Austin Karen Louise Massengill, Fort Worth Joan Ann Matthews, San Antonio Janice Kay McNair, Lufkin Linda Lee McPherson, Wichita Falls Bonnie Merle Messer, Austin Karen Anne Millerick, Corpus Christ! Harriet Marilyn Minis, Dallas Zane Ann Morgan, Seguin Lucy Kay Nolle, Sour Lake Caroline Olson, San Antonio Patricia Jean Page, Dallas Shirley Jean Parkhurst, Orange Paula Lee Patrick, Midland Joleen Pearson, Dallas Catherine Kay Philip, Beaumont Courtney Ray Pollard, Houston Nancy Ann Ratliff, Houston Marsha Gay Rhew, Sweetwater Sherri Louise Ripley, Del Rio Lyn Lee Schmidt, Harlingen Linda Sue Schulze, Mission Sandra Sue Shannon, Austin Laura Ann Shuford, Austin Linda Annette Skelton, Houston Susan Stallard, Fort Worth Jane Ellis Stevens, Lake Jackson Sally Kyle Stone, Houston Judith Rae Summers, Dallas Judith Swetland, Marlin Shirley Ann Terry, Big Spring Rosalie Dianne Theriot, Port Arthur Dorothy Karen Treybig, Bellaire Suzanne Vaughan, Houston Linda Waidhoffer, Houston Susan Elizabeth Whitsit, San Antonio Thomasine Whitt, Gorman SuAlice Williams, Austin Zoe Marie Wilson, Corpus Christi Karen Elaine Winchester, Galveston Mary Lovey Wood, Mission Top Row: McCaskill, McNeil!, McPherson, Melzler, Millerick, Morgan, Nelson, Nolle, Oalraan, Olson, Ollorf, Page, Parkhurst, Pat- rick, Pearson, Peebles. Second Rom: Philp, Prodoehl, Ratliff, Reed, Ripley, Sager, Sanforil, Schmidt, Schwanecke, Shannon, J. Shuford, Shugart, Skelton, Stallard, Starnes, Stevens. Third Row: Stone, Summers, Swetland, Terrell, Terry, Theriot, Vaughan, Wecker, J. Whitsit, S. Whitsit, Whitt, Williams, J. Wilson, Z. Wilson, Winchester, Wood. Page 201 ALPHA EPSILON PHI In 1925, the pearled pin of AE Phi first came to Texas. The gentle lily is the flower, and green and white are the colors worn by Beth Greenfield, secretary of Spooks and of Representative Party, dorm advisor, treasurer of Cordettes; Helena Frenkil, president of Panhellenic, Orange Jackets; Karen Hyman, Education assemblyman, Angel Flight. Hospitality Committee chairman. Orange Jacket: Bluebonnet Belle finalist: Susan Cohen, ROTC sponsor; Judy Wish, outstanding Freshman Council member. The philanthropy project is to sponsor a needy European child. OFFICERS Fall Lois PAULA SHAINOCK . . . BRENDA Lou FRUCHT MARILYN CAROL MOTHNER PHYLLIS GAYLE BRAVEMAN ELLEN KAY FEUER FRANCES ELLEN AFTERGUT Spring President PHYLLIS ANN KLINE . First V ice-President CAROL LEE COHN . Second V ice-President KAREN LEE HYMAN . Recording Secretary ELIZABETH ROSE GREENFIELD Corresponding Secretary . VIVIAN ELIZABETH HOLMAN Treasurer FRANCES ELLEN AFTERGUT PLEDGES Patty Ann Cooper, San Antonio Beverly Dale Davis, San Antonio Janice Ann Dellar, Tyler Daryl Ann Edson, Phoenix, Ariz. Diana Fisherman, Houston Betty Lynn Friedman, Houston Barbara Helen Frumkin, Houston Abigail Gerd, Miami Beach, Fla. Lorraine Ginsburg, Waco Golda Sue Golub, Houston Diane Susan Gray, San Antonio Sharon Frances Greenberg, Tyler Peggy Suzanne Hos en, Port Arthur Rosalind Ann Jacobs, Tulsa, Okla. Rebecca Lee Kahan, Bryan Nancy Jo Kauffman, Galveston Rosalie Ann Kauftheil, Texas City Carol Krauss, Houston Kathy Lyn Leiter, North Hollywood, Calif. Barbara Hermine Leon, Houston Paula Rae Letofsky, Fargo, N. Dak. Judy Wish, San Antonio Top Row: Abrams, Adelman, Alexander, Art. Second Row: Bassist, Beinhorn, Benson, Blum. Third Row: Bock, Cohen, F. Cohn, Cooper. Fourth Row: B. Davis, I. Davis, S. Davis, Dellar. Fifth Row: Dorr, Edelman, Edson, Feuer. Sixth Row: Fisherman, Frank, Frenkil, Frucht. Seventh Roto: Frumkin, Gerd, Ginsburg, Golub. Eighth Row: Gotsdiner, Gray, Greenberg, Hoffman. Ninth Row: Holman, Hosen, J. Hyman, K. Hyman. Tenth Row: Jacobs, Kahan, Kalmans, Kasman. Eleventh Row: Kauffman, Kauftheil, Kline, Krauss. Twelfth Row: Labovitz, Leoo, Lerner, Letofsky. Page 202 Gerry Lee Levin, Galveston Annette Helen Lewin, Houston Terri Beth Mann, El Paso Laurie L. Marks, San Antonio Anne Louise Melinger, Baytown Cynthia Anne Moss, Dallas Ellen Lee Paule, Waco Sally Po merantz, San Antonio Nancy Sue Pye, Houston Lynda Margo Rice, Longview Greta Mina Schoenbrun, Tyler Linda Schwartz, Galveston Suzanne Carol Schwartz, Fort Worth Diane Sue Shoss, Houston Leslie Diane Silberman, Flossmoor, El. Carol Ann Singer, Austin Jean Kay Singer, San Antonio Helen Claire Stahl, Dallas Susan Szafir, Beaumont Susan Lou Tocker, Dallas Melody Rose Tuchin, Fort Worth MEMBERS Carol Sue Abrams, Dallas Cathy Lee Adelman, San Antonio Frances Ellen Aftergut, Pampa Phyllis Alexander, Waco Maxine Art, Shreveport, La. Phyllis Ann Bassist, Austin Sarah Ann Beinhorn, El Paso Dana Dee Benson, San Antonio Lois Ann Blum, Houston Betsy Ann Bock, Dallas Lana Barbara Bormaster, Houston Phyllis Cayle Braveman, Dallas Susan Rose Cohen, Houston Carol Lee Cohn, Houston Frances Pauline Cohn, Austin Ellen Sue Davis, Houston Janice Lynn Davis, Port Arthur Susan Harriet Davis, San Antonio Barbara Susan Dorr, West Palm Beach, Fla. Janice Edelman, Lufkin Barbara Elaine Ellis, Mission, Kans. Ellen Kay Feuer, Havre, Mont. Carolyn Joyce Fisher, Odessa Lesta Paulene Frank, San Antonio Helena Rebecca Frenkil, Hempstead Brenda Lou Frucht, Houston Sherry Marsha Gotsdiner, Houston Elizabeth Rose Greenfield, Houston Sydelle Herman, Port Arthur Sharon Ann Hoffer, Beaumont Adele Sharon Hoffman, Houston Vivian Elizabeth Holman, Houston Joan Phyllis Hyman, San Antonio Karen Lee Hyman, Austin Monte Sue Kalmans, Houston Annette Sharon Kasman, Bay City Marjorie Ann Kay, Houston Phyllis Ann Kline, San Antonio Ha Jean Labovitz, Fort Worth Lynn Evelyn Ladin, Houston Sondra Jane Lerner, Houston Anita Helen Levinson, Dallas Carol Joan Levitt, Midland Linda Gay Lichenstein, Austin Rochelle Lynn, Dallas Lynda Schaffer Mann, Dallas Janet Helen Masters, Fort Worth Beverly Joy Meyer, El Campo Barbara Ann Miller, Houston Marilyn Carol Mothner, Kansas City, Mo. Phyllis Susan Ravel, Austin Elaine Lee Rice, Longview Francine Riemer, San Antonio Celia Ann Roosth, Tyler Leah Ann Samuelson, Houston Barbara Jean Scharlack, San Antonio Susan Harriet Schwartz, Austin Lois Paula Shainock, Houston Ann Rachel Sherwin, El Paso Dorothy Jean Simon, Houston Susan Marie Solomon, Dallas Judith Louise Traiber, Houston Mary Sue Viner, San Antonio Nancy Joan Wiener, Dallas Judy Lee Wohlner, Omaha, Nebr. Nancy Ruth Wolf, Corpus Christi Top Row: Levin, Levinson, Levitt, Lewin, Lichenstein, L. Mann, T. Mann, Marks, Masters, Melinger, Meyer, Moss, Mothner. Second Row: Paule, Pomerantz, Pye, Ravel, E. Rice, L. Rice, Roosth, Samuctson, Schoenbrun, L. Schwartz, S. H. Schwartz, Schwartz, Shainock. Third Row: Sherwin, Shoss, C. Singer, J. Singer, Solomon, Stahl, Szafir, Tocker. Traiber, Viner, Wish, Wohlner, Wolf. Page 203 S. C. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA .(safe I ' With her red and buff roses, Epsilon Delta of Alpha Gamma Delta came to the University on May 11, 1940. Recognition came to AGD this year with first place in Dads ' Day attendance for the second year and fall pledges winning Dime ' s Day collection. Pledges gave many hours at Austin Cerebral Palsy Center in addition to parties sponsored by the chapter as part of the international altruistic project. AGD ' s serving on campus were Gail Gabriel. Panhellenic president; Sylvia Grider, Texas Union financial vice-president and Orange Jacket and Mortar Board treasurer; Mary Haynes, Union Music Committee chairman; Anne Adams, University Religious Council secretary; Sharon Thurmond, Mu Phi Epsilon historian; and Patti Perry- man, Becky Becknell, and Dixie Gaddis. Spooks. OFFICERS Fall Spring MARY JULETTE HAYNES President CORINNE BYBEE PATRICIA ANN PERRYMAN . . . First V ice-President LANA GAIL BARNARD HELEN LYNETTE SAMPLE . . . Second V ice-President .... MARY PATRICIA SHARPE SUE VIRGINIA FINLEY Recording Secretary . . . SHARON MARIE THURMOND CORINNE BYBEE Treasurer . . SUE VIRGINIA FINLEY FALL PLEDGES Carolyn Ann Aaron. Athens LouEllen Elizabeth Breuer, Richardson Irene Claire Buske, Shiner Rita Ann Cetera, Alta Loma Martha Jane Dunlap, Azle Louise Elizabeth Eriksen, San Antonio Margaret Fisher, Dallas Corice Anne Galloway, Austin Peggy Ann Griffis. Waco Shirley Jean Harris. Austin Sandra June Sheridan Lynn Herrington, Clarksville Christina Anne Homer, Monahans Mona Lisa Jones, Corpus Christi Carol Ann Mussey, McAllen Paula Marie Noser, McAllen Mary Evelyn Potter, Tyler Lynn Ann Roberts, Austin Lee Anne Singleton, Fort Worth Melicent Marie Tlucek. Houston Diann Williams, Austin Wittig, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Norma Sue Inman, Houston Linda Jarrett, Waco Lydia Ann Melcher, Port Lavaca Enoyse Verna Wimberley, Amarillo Top Row: Aaron, E. Adams, Z. Adams, Alrff. Second Row: Barnard, Becknell, Breuer, Buske. Third Roie: Butschek, Bybce, Clark, Colera. Fourth Row: Cross, C. Dunlap, M. Dunlap, Edelen. Fifth Row: Edmiston, Eriksen, Fell, Finley. Sixth Row: Fisher, Gabriel, Gaddis, Gallow ay. Seventh Row: Gaston, Glass, Grider, Griffis. Eighth Row: Haley. Harris, Haynes, Herrington. Ninth Row: Homer, Hunt, Ing, Jones. Tenth Row: Kennedy, Kercheville, Leverett, M. Mel- cher. Eleventh Row: Moses, Mussey, Neef, Norris. Tu-elfth Row: Noser, Owens, Ferryman, Peterson. Thirteenth Row: Potter, Reynolds, Roberts, Robison. Paie 204 MEMBERS Elizabeth Anne Adams. Galveston Zilla Katherine Adams, Austin Kendra Lynn Aleff, El Paso Lana Gail Barnard, Austin Nelda Kay Becknell, Idalou Deanna Jean Butschek, Houston Corinne Bybee, Houston Diana Marie Clark, San Antonio Priscilla Read Cross, Dallas Jane Maurine Duckett, Tyler Carolyn Sue Dunlap, Azle Donna Jean Edelen, Fort Worth Sharon Dianne Edmiston, Floydada Florence Jean Farmer, Fort Worth Roberta Marie Feil, Dallas Sue Virginia Finley, Uvalde Gladney Lynn Flatt, Austin Gail Gabriel, Tyler Dixie Ann Gaddis, Cotulla Carol Margaret Gaston, Houston Laura Ellen Glass, Austin Sylvia Ann Grider, Pampa Judy Ann Haley, Oakwood Mary Julette Haynes, Brooklyn, N. Y. Glenda Margaret Hunt, Austin Reta Jane Ing. Waco Alta Ann Kennedy, Dallas Martha Sue Kercheville. Del Rio Marion Leverett, Overton Victoria E. Witherspoon, Austin Jyme Adene Mathews, Austin Mary Belle Melcher, Port Lavaca Mary Virginia Moses, Austin Sally Ann Neef, Houston Frances Ann Norris, Houston Cynthia Jo Owens, Austin Patricia Ann Ferryman, Tyler Carol Ann Peterson, Austin Judith Alice Reynolds, Houston Carolyn Ann Robison, San Antonio Barbara Ann Roscher, Austin Susan Jane Rush. Pasadena Rosemary Russell, Austin Helen Lynette Sample, Beaumont Janice Schumann. San Antonio Mary Patricia Sharpe, Austin Carolyn Marie Shaw, Pettus Martina Dickson Smith, Lubbock Glenda Stark, Garland Kathleen Rae Stewts, Pasadena Mary Lucille Throgmorton, Bellaire Sharon Marie Thurmond, Austin Jane Marie Tisdale, Austin Jeraldine Theresa Walker, Denison Mary Lu Walton, Houston Linda Joan Wells, Austin Carol Louise Wharton, El Paso Rebecca Ann Wheeler, Winnsboro Margaret Jane Winckler, Houston Top Row: Roscher, Rush, Second Roto: Throgmorton, Russell, Sample, Schumann, Sharpe, Shaw, Singleton, Smith, Stark, Stewts. Thurmond, Tisdale, Tlucek, Walker, Walton, Wells, Wharton, Wheeler, Williams, Winckler, Witherspoon, Wittig. Page 205 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., was founded in 1908 on the Howard University campus; the local Delta Xi chapter was established in May of 1959. The Ivy Leaf Club is the organization of young ladies aspiring to become members of the sorority and is not a pledge class. Members in service to the campus are Doris B. Morton, Graduate assemblyman; Anitha Mitchell, Orange Jackets; Joyce Massingill, Anitha Mitchell, and Gloria Grant, Spooks. Members elected to other honoraries were Anitha Mitchell, Alpha Epsilon Delta and Zelna Broadus. Sigma Alpha Eta. OFFICERS Fall Spring ZELNA VIRGINIA BROADUS Basileas ZELNA VIRGINIA BROADUS ETTA JEAN MAYS Grammateus ETTA JEAN MAYS JOYCE EVELYN MASSINGILL Tamiochos JOYCE EVELYN MASSINGILL CAROLYN MELLISA WILKINS .... Anti-Basileus .... CAROLYN MELLISA WILKINS FRANKIE MARIE COLLIER Dean of Pledges FRANKIE MARIE COLLIER FAYE JEAN JENNINGS Advisor FAYE JEAN JENNINGS IVY LEAF CLUB FALL MEMBERS Jimmye Lee Hill, San Antonio Fay Dean Jackson, LaMarque Irma Jean Rogers, Giddings Charlie Mae Spencer, Odessa Bobbye Jean Stevens, Galveston SPRING MEMBERS Norma Ruth Adams, Dallas Carolyn Briscoe, Houston Joan Beverly Combs, Marshall Judy Elaine Wilson, LaMarque Jo Mertred Franklin, Dallas Beverly Ann Hatcher, Dallas Janet Marie Means, Austin Top Row: Broadus, Collier. Second Row: Grant, Griggs. Third Row: Hill, Jackson. Fourth Row: Jennings, Kemp. H I I Row: Lee, Massiiigill. Sixth Row: Mays, Miller. Stventh Row: Mitchell, Montgomery. Page 206 L MEMBERS Zelna Virginia Broadus, Victoria Frankie Marie Collier, Fort Worth Gloria Judene Grant, Houston Betty Joan Griggs, Galena Park Jolene Scott Hall, San Angelo Leola Johnson Kemp, Houston Jo Frances Marie Lee. Houston Joyce Evelyn Massingill, Houston Etta Jean Mays, Houston Thelma June Miller, San Antonio Anitha T. Mitchell, Dallas Velmanette Montgomery, Houston Mary Simpson, Dallas Marye Lizabeth Thomas, Dallas Agnes Sue White, Longview Carolyn Mellisa Wilkins, Houston Lett lo Right: Rogers, Simpson, Spencer, Stevens, Thomas, White, Wilkins. Page 207 ALPHA OMICRON PI The 1962 Panhellenic trophy for the most improved scholarship among sororities was awarded to Alpha Omicron Pi. Other honors have been added when Carolyn Draper and Judy Wright were tapped for dorm advisors. New initiate, Gay Gar- ner, joined Judy Wright and Virginia Castille in Spooks. Co-chairman of Pan- hellenic Rule and Conduct Committee is Mary Jo Delk; while Nancy Robb is co- chairman of the Judge Committee of Varsity Carnival. AOPi ' s Ruby Fund and Frontier Nursing Program are synonymous with service. This year ' s philanthropic program included a visit to Austin ' s School for the Deaf. OFFICERS Fall Spring ELIZABETH RUTH JOHNSON President SANDRA FORSYTH CONNIE Jo ROCK V ice-President BEVERLY GAY BROWN KATHLEEN ISABEL BIVINGS . Corresponding Secretary . KATHLEEN ISABEL BIVINGS ETHEL EDNA WIEST Recording Secretary ETHEL EDNA WIEST SANDRA FORSYTH Treasurer LYNN ELLEN OWEN FALL PLEDGES Diane Adair. Austin Kim May Angell, Dallas Rebecca Bob Barton, Austin Ann Ervin Bolton. Jacksonville Betty Anne Brannon. Fort Worth Brenda Ann Brown. Jasper Ann Elizabeth Carson, Houston Emory Lynn Chadwick, Houston Carol Angela Colby, Austin Arlene Geneva Dietz. Dallas Lee Evangeline Emory. Austin Priscilla Kay Finlay, Austin Lucy Gay Garner. San Antonio Wanda Jeanne Graham, Texas City Jeanette Elizabeth Lesikar, Austin Mary Maurine McElroy, Austin Linda Lee Mason. Austin Jackie Elaine Mauldin. Austin Mary Camille Minor, Overton Joyce Elaine Nowotny. Need ille Carol Ann Preusse, Rosebud Pamela Roberts, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGE Toni Lynn Cooney, San Antonio Top Row: Adair, Anpeli, Banta. Second Row: Barton, Bivings, Bollon. Third Row: Brannon, Broman. B. G. Brown. Fourth Row: B. A. Brown, M. Brown, Burns. Fifth Row: Byrne, Carson, Castille. Sixth Row: Chadwick, Colby, Crawford. Seventh Row Delk, Did . Draper. Eighth Row: Ellis, Finlay, Forsylh. Mntlt Row: Garner, Graham, Gross. Pa|e 208 aroyn v Cii- l Pan- OR5TTH BROKS Bimcs IffiST OlB KUO us City Austin Ktin on Ai MEMBERS Diana Banta, LaPorte Kathleen Isabel Bivings, Dallas Anna Kingsley Brace, Austin Margaret Claire Broman, Austin Beverly Gay Brown, Dallas Monetta Mabeth Brown, Austin Sherrie Ann Burns. Dallas Jamie Kate Byrne, Goliad Virginia L. Castille, Austin Kathleen Crawford, Houston Mary Jo Delk, Houston Carolyn Jeanne Draper. Tyler Sharon Lee Ellis. Fort Worth Sandra Forsyth. Longview Beckie Lou Gross, Galena Park Mar) ' Elizabeth Janssen, Corpus Christi Elizabeth Ruth Johnson, Newgulf Margaret Jean Lay, Fort Worth Mary Minette Naquin, Beaumont Lynn Ellen Owen, San Antonio Nancy Kay Robb, Galena Park Connie Jo Rock, Texas City Rebecca Mary Thrasher, Austin Ruth Maxine Villarreal, Austin Martha Ann Watson, Corpus Christi Ethel Edna Wiest, Houston Judith Isabel Wright, Bellaire Top Row: Johnson, Lay, Lesikar, Mason, Mauldin, Minor, Naquin, Nowotny. Second Row: Owen Preusse, Robb, Roberts, Rock, Thrasher, Watson, Wiest, Wright. Page 209 ALPHA PHI From the Halls of. Ivy which first surrounded Alphi Phi Sorority at Syracuse, New York, in 1872, Omega chapter came to Texas in 1920. This past year has seen many honors bestowed on Alpha Phi, first place trophy in Varsity Carnival, the first place trophy in Dime ' s Day. Serving on the Education Council are Judy White, vice-president. Spooks tapped Kay Sorden while Orange Jackets gained Michelle Puzin who is also on the Y Cabinet and secretary of Representative Party. Myrlan Cox and Bettye Azadian were elected assemblywomen and Karen Cushman and Sara Ross serve as secretaries of SEA and ACE respectively. Honorary groups find Susan Benbow in Kappa Epsilon as secretary. Judy Asel in Theta Sigma Phi and Gamma Alpha Chi and Lucina Styron in Alpha Lambda Delta. Ten Most Beautiful Bunny Ball was also chosen for Angel Flight, whereas Judy White serves as a Bluebonnet Belle. This year Omega Chapter sponsored Monica Andersson from Sweden and pledged her. OFFICERS Fall Spring SANDRA CAROL THOMAS President IDA MARIE KLEIN DOROTHY JOAN DOSHER .... First Vice-President MICHELLE ALICE PUZIN MARY KATHLEEN SPENCE . . Second V ice-President . . KATHLEEN FENLEY MOORE KATHLEEN FENLEY MOORE .... First Treasurer JOANN YVONNE KUNZ NANNETTE GENE JARRELL .... Second Treasurer NANCY LOUISE BROWN FALL PLEDGES Monica Anita Anderson, Atvidaberg, Sweden Judith Ann Asel, Austin Marsha Lee Baines, Austin Bunny Ball, Jacksonville Martha Grace Ball, Bryan Marilyn Annette Bane, Dallas Jackie Sue Bohuslav, Austin Betty Catherine Comiskey, Houston Jean Anne Crawford, Austin Sara Elizabeth Crow, Dallas Carolyn Lee Davidson, Port Lavaca Lora Lynn Davis, Dallas Frances Moore Dibrell, Galveston Harriet Ann Durr, Pasadena Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff, Austin Mary Esther Garner, LaMarque Jan Kathryn Glithero, Columbus Ronda Janice Johnson, Muleshoe Artie Sue Lane, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES Pamela Bennet, Waco Helen Jan Grain. Robstown Virginia Isabelle Haase, Nixon Martha Sue Hamilton, Dallas Mary Lee Jackson, Raymondville Top Row: Allen, Allred, Andersson, Austin. Second Role: Azadian, Baelhe, Baines, B. Ball. Third Roiv : M. Ball, Bane, Benbow, Bergquist. Fourth Row: Bernhardt, Berry, Black, Bohuslav. Fifth Row: M. Brown, N. Brown, Coffman, Comiskey. Sixth Rout: Cox, E. Crawford, J. Crawford, Crow. Seventh Row: Cushman, Darrah, Davidson, Davis. Eighth Rote: Devins, Dial, Dublin, Durr. Ninth Rout: Eads, Eildins, Egelhoff, C. Fetter. Tenth Row: S. Fetter, Flint, Gill, Gillan. Eleventh Row: C. Glass, Glithero, Cribble, Kurd. Twelfth Row: Jarrell. Johnson, I. Klein, Koch. Thirteenth Row: Kunz, Lane, Leopold, Livingston. Pace 210 Ann Hahn Livingston, Clarinda, Iowa Janice Kaye Longacre, San Antonio Cheryl Lowery, Corpus Christi Marcia Frances McRee, Port Arthur Elizabeth Anne Oaks, Houston Rebecca Ann Oden, Amarillo Carol Sean Powers, Dallas Wanda June Samuell, Houston Carmen Angela Shepherd, Dickinson Mary Aileen Short, Austin Kathryn Louise Simons, Austin Sheron Elizabeth Smith, Lufkin Laurits Sue Sorenson, Bellaire Linda Lou Stropeni, Texarkana Lucina Kay Styron, Stanford, Conn. Linda Jane Thomas, Houston Pauline Jane Travis, Beaumont Patricia Ann Wiles, Dallas Betsy Browning Williams, Austin Sharon Lee Kennedy, Galveston Nancy Lou Koch, Houston Rena Joe Patterson, Rio Frio Suzanne Cory Slade, Dallas Betsy Ruth Wood, Corsicana MEMBERS Barbara Jean Allen, Austin Judith Ann Allred, Midland Barbara Elaine Austin, LaMarque Bette Jane Azadian, Houston Jane Anne Baethe, Baytown Dianne Colgrove Baker, Midland Charlotte Ann Bell, Beaumont Mary Suzan Benbow, Odessa Karen Arloa Bergquist, Austin Anne Currie Bernhardt, San Antonio Dorothy Eleanor Berry, College Station Mary R. Birdwell, Austin Betje Black, Corpus Christ! Mabel Ann Brown, Gatesville Nancy Louise Brown, Gatesville Janice Mary Chadwell, San Antonio Carmon Luell Coffman, Texarkana Myrlan Cox, Morton Emily Josephine Crawford, Austin Karen Ann Cushman, Seguin Mary Alice Darrah, San Antonio Carolyn Michael Devins, Baytown Barbara Jane Dial, Houston Dorothy Joan Dosher, Hobbs, N. Mex. Linda Jo Dublin, Brownwood Carol Jane Eads, Austin Dana Eddins, Bryan Carolyn Lee Fetter, LaMarque Sally Ann Fetter, LaMarque Jean Melton Flint, Corpus Christi Betty Jean Gill, Beeville Greta Gillan, Houston Carolyn Edna Glass, Texarkana Martha Jane Glass, Texarkana Gretchen Elizabeth Cribble, Lufkin Thetis Foust Hilliard, Morton Maryellen Hurd, Texas City Nannette Gene Jarrell, Texas City Vanna Lee Jessen, Austin Marte Sumners Kellogg, Houston Ida Marie Klein, Tomball Sonja Rose Klein, Spring Elizabeth Anne Koch, Austin Joann Yvonne Kunz, Galveston Marie Leopold, San Antonio Joan Mahony MacLaughlin, Dallas Marilyn McCandless, San Antonio Margaret Helen McGowan, Houston Mary Jean Mclntyre, Austin Kathleen Fenley Moore, Houston Marilyn Jean Moore, Texarkana Carolyn Ramsay Moritz, Dallas Alpha Ann Muenzenberger, Corpus Christi Sharon Ann Myers, Palestine Patricia Luella Peacock, Austin Martha Marie Pittenger, Austin Suzanne Prince, La Feria Michelle Alice Puzin, Houston Dana Eddins Reed, Bryan Sarah Ann Redfield, Austin Dorothy Caroline Remy, San Antonio Marilyn Anne Rice, Dallas Frances Brandreth Ritter, Austin Virginia Kay Robertson, Vernon Sara Ann Ross, Corsicana Sally Christine Seiders, Austin Elizabeth Irene Smith, Austin Mary Katherine Sorden, Austin Mary Kathleen Spence, San Angelo Patricia Spiars, Austin Marjorie Lee Stansfield, Galveston Tacey Susan Tajan, Houston Sandra Carol Thomas, Eagle Lake Dorothy Thompson, Amarillo Carolyn Jean Van Aken, Corpus Christi Janice Jane Vogel, Wichita Falls Mimi Kay West, Gatesville Ida Katherine White, Houston Judy Ann White, Houston Top Row: Longacre. Lowery, McCandless, McGowan, Mclntyre, K. Moore, M. Moore, Moritz, Muenzenberger, Myera, Oaks, Oden, Pea- cock, Pittenger. Second Row: Powers, Prince, Redfield, Remy, Robertson, Ross Samuel!, Seiders, Shepherd. Short, Simons, E. Smith. S. Smith. Sorden, Sorensoa. Third Row: Spence, Stansfield, Stropeni, Styron, L. Thomas, S. Thomas, Thompson, Travis, Van Akcn, Vozel. West I. While ] White, Wile., Williams. Page 211 ALPHA XI DELTA COLONY The Alpha Xi Delta ' s have come a long way since their organization on the campus in the fall of 1962. When the sorority was established there were only five actives all trans- fers from other schools. By the spring of 1963. 42 new actives proudly wore the quill. The spring pledge class of Alpha Xi Delta was the largest of any sorority and they were the only Greek group to hold formal spring rush. The Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi will re- main a colony until the fall of 1963, when they will become nationally affiliated. At pres- ent, the girls have no sorority house, but the building site will be 2508 Rio Grande. The house- should be built by the spring of 1964. Among the Alpha Xi ' s who have been especially active on campus in ' 62- ' 63 are the follow- ing: Virginia Pippen, co-chairman of Round-Up Dance Committee; Mary Burns and Judy Stewart, Alpha Lambda Delta; Connie Eaton, semi-finals of the Bluebonnet Belle contest; and Linda Reneau, Mademoiselle College Board. In intra murals, the Alpha Xi ' s placed third in touch football, bowling, and basketball. Perhaps the best known activity of the newest sorority on campus was Sing Song, in which they placed third singing, " Hey, Look Me Over. " OFFICERS Fall Spring KATHERINE ANN HIATT President KATHERINE ANN HIATT DIANE PETTIGREW RYAN V ice-President SHARON LEE ASHTON CATHERINE JENKINS Recording Secretary CATHERINE JENKINS GAIL ANNE BECK Corresponding Secretary GAIL ANNE BECK HEIDE ROESLEIN MEISTER Treasurer HARRIET REBECCA RODIER VELNA RAE THURMAN Social Chairman . SUE ANN ALDREDGE MEMBERS Patricia Lynn Gronemeyer, Chicago. 111. Katherine Ann Hiatt, West Covina, Calif. Phyllis Ann Kirtley, Union, Ky. Heide Roeslein Meister, St. Petersburg, Fla. Virginia Ann Pippen, Tallahassee, Fla. SPRING PLEDGES Alga Yvonne Arnold, Menard Carol Elizabeth Borsch, Dallas Martha Jane Carnes, Brownwood Thais Frances Castellanos, Houston Lois Ann Elliott. Houston Mary Lou Farrar. Dallas Diane Marek. Dallas Ellen Frances Marsh, Port Arthur Melba Joan McBrayer. Pasadena Rosalind Ann McMillan, Yorktown Marjorie Lee McNaughten, Corpus Christi Adrienne Anne Miller. Piano Sharron Elizabeth Potchernick, Austin Kathleen Ruth Purcell, Longview Linda Mauri Putnam. Midland Evelyn Irene Scarlett. Austin Claudia Scheske, Gonzales Carol Jean Seaman. Midland Joan Marion Setzer, Beaumont Karen Elaine Willis, Dallas Marianne Louise Zimmerman, Greensboro, N. C. Top Row: Aldredge, Ashton, Ayer. Second Row: Beals, Beck, Blake. Third Row: Blankenship Bley, Bohrer. Fourth Row: Buck, Burns, Cheeves. Filth Row: Chiinn. Dietrich, Dittmar. Sixth Row: Dunn. Evans, Ewing. Seventh Row: Fehrenkamp, Fly, Ciese. Eighth Row: Geisler, Goodwin, Gray. Ninth Row: Gronemeyer, Grove, Hiatl. Tenth Row: Hitt, Hotchkisi, Hudson. Eleventh Row: Hughn, lacluon, Jenkins Page 212 FALL PLEDGES Sue Ann Aldredge, LaMarque Sharon Lee Ashton, Houston Suzanne Elaine Ayer, Houston Patricia Lorraine Reals, Dallas Gail Anne Beck, Dallas Marilyn Elizabeth Blake, Houston Bonnie Bethany Blankenship, Mexia Carol Ann Bley, San Angelo Paula Irene Bohrer. San Antonio Barbara Sue Brantley, Dallas Nancy Ruth Buck. San Antonio Mary Joan Burns, Amarillo Lucy Cheeves, Austin Patricia Lee Chunn, Houston Nancy Josephine Dietrich, San Antonio Karen Ann Dittmar, Harper Sharon Ann Dunn, Houston Connie Joan Eaton, Dallas Nancy Lee Enen, Rome, Italy Linnie Carol Evans, Dallas Mary Anne Ewing, Phillips Diane Fehrenkamp, Houston Karen Marie Fly, Houston Carolyn Elizabeth Giese, Winnie Mary Ann Geisler, Beeville Susann Goodwin, Nederland Bennie Ruth Gray, Baytown Lindsay Diane Grove, Keller Elizabeth Ann Hitt, Midland Janet Hotchkiss, Dallas Martha Ann Hudson, Mexia Caroline Susan Hughes. Dallas Jane Jackson, Dallas Catherine Jenkins, Houston Jerrilynn June Kane, Munday Kathryn Elaine Keyser. Houston Eloise Marie Kraemer, San Antonio Elizabeth Lynn Kuykendall, Grand Saline Patricia Ann Leasure, Houston Sue Ann Lebel, Dallas Rikka Ann Mayhall, Houston Carolyn Ann McDaniel, Dallas Frances Lucille Miller, Port Arthur Becky Gene Noblitt, Richardson Laura Sue Parks, Goliad Wilma Jeanette Pittard, Dallas Jane Ann Real, San Antonio Linda Lou Reneau, Springfield, Va. Harriet Rebecca Rodier, Richmond, Calif. Dianne Pettigrew Ryan, Pasadena Judy Bess Stewart, Houston Maidee Laura Thompson, Dallas Velna Rae Thurman, San Antonio Alicia Antoinette Tieber, Dallas Carolyn Kay Walls, Brownwood Judith Ann Watson, Bay City Martha Sue Welch, Jasper Sarah Adele Zimmerman, Houston COLONY Tap Row: Kane, Keyser, Kirtley, Kraemer, Kuykendall, Lebel, Mayhall, McDaniel, Meister, F. Miller, Noblitt, Parks. Second Rote: Pippen, Pittard, Reat, Reneau, Rodier, Ryan, Thompson, Thurman, Tieber, Watson, Welch, S. Zimmerman. Page 213 CHI OMEGA ' j . _ Iota of Chi Omega, founded on the UT campus on May 31, 1904, nine years after the national establishment at the University of Arkansas, is proud of her many accomplishments and honors. In campus activities, Judye Galeener, A S assembly- man; Sally Lehr, Orange Jacket president; Martha Lanier, Cordette president; Pat McClure, Theta Sigma Phi president; Ann Mobley, delegate to Chile and Sweet- heart finalist; Georgia Gillis, Spook Spirit; Carol Sue Witt, sophomore CBA secretary. Dani Bailey, Penne Percy, and Janet Rink were selected as three of the Ten Most Beautiful. Beyond UT life, Iota saw Penne Percy selected Maid of Cotton, Sharon Rountree appointed NSA regional chairman, and Lou Ann Walker elected TISA secretary. r OFFICERS fall Spring DINA JOAN EITELMAN President MARY EVELYN MERRITT PATRICIA JEAN MCCLURE V ' ice-President SALLY ANNE LEHR PATRICIA G. HUSTON Secretary JOSEPHINE TODD DOROTHY ANN MOBLEY Treasurer JUDYE ANN GALEENER GENNY RODGERS Pledge Trainer SANDRA PAUL LOVE FALL PLEDGES Rebekah Sterling Alexander, Fort Worth Ann Bast, Sweetwater Eleanor Bankston Beyea, Dallas Vickie Jo Billion, Dallas Martha Anne Blount, Dallas Cathi Cameron Brown, LaPorte Carol Linda Cain, Dallas Virginia Bevin Chappell, Dallas Mary Elizabeth Coats, Harlingen Marta Lee Davidson, Winters Suzanne Davies, Dallas Jan Dennis, Tyler Cheryl Marie Dunlap, Denver, Colo. Nancy Eleanor Elick, Bellville Georgia Ellen Gillis, Junction Mary Kathleen Holden, Dallas Claudia Alexander Jackson, Dallas Judy Johnson, Houston Dana Gay Lindsay, Houston Pauline Lenette Lord, Houston Karen Irene Lyons, Mercedes Mary Jan Marshall, Corpus Christi Helen Marie Mitchell, Houston Penny Lee Mood, Cuero Toni Gayle Murrell, Dallas Caryl Denise Nelson, Dallas Martha Jeanne Purcell, Houston Toni Frances Pyka, San Antonio Susan Jean Rigsby, Dallas Terrell Elizabeth Russell, Houston Martha Neil Shaw, Brownwood Beverly Diane Snyder, La Feria Mary Sue Speed, Temple Penny Anne Speier, San Antonio Kay Jeannette Spring, Longview Mary Elizabeth Stripling, Nacogdoches Patricia Sue Thigpen, San Angelo Cleo Rita Thomas, Big Spring Judy Marshall Ticknor, Fort Worth Gladys Rhea Traylor, Mercedes Virginia Ann Trigg, Corpus Christi Florence Ann Vaughan, Galveston Martye Voss, Waco Elizabeth Allison Walsh, Baytown Peggy Joan Watts, San Antonio Carol Ann Weber, Beaumont Patricia Ann Wilson, Austin Margaret Ann Wood, Midland Sandra Leigh Young, Freeport SPRING PLEDGES Ilameta Carr, Big Spring Kitty Kincaid, Abilene Susan Polk Taylor, San Antonio A L Top Row: Abbott, Alexander, Anderson, Baggett, B. Bailey. Second Row: D. Bailey, Bann, Bast, Bennett, Beyea. Third Row: Billion, Blount, Boyd, B. Brown, C. Brown. Fourth Row: C. Cain, N. Cain, Chappell, Childress, Clark. Fifth Row: Coats, Crenshaw, Davidson, Davies, Dennis. Sixth Row: Dryden, Eitelman, B. Elick, N. Elick, Erskine. Seventh Row: Fincher, Fischer, Fiser, Forbes, Galeener. Eighth Row: Gillis, Gump, Hamilton, Hardwick, Harrington. Ninth Row: Hasha, Hatch, Head. Hedge, Holden. Tenth Row: S. Hughes, Huston, Hutchings, Jackson, James. Eleventh Row: H. Johnson, J. Johnson, Kaufman, Kolius, Laird. Twelfth Row: Lanier, Lee, Lehr, Lieck, Lindsay. Thirteenth Row: Logan, Lord, Love, Lyons, Marshall. Fourteenth Row: Martinak, Maxcy, McClure, Mcllheran, McNcill. Page 214 Mary Elizabeth Abbott, Houston Joan Allen, Houston Sharon Lee Anderson, Dallas Susan Baggett, Austin Barbara Sue Bailey, Austin Dani Ellen Bailey, Weatherford Susan Francis Bann, Texarkana, Ark. Judith Claire Bennett, San Antonio Barbara Jean Blount, Dallas Bette Maxine Boyd, Corsicana Sarah Leigh Brazil, Port Arthur Barbara Ann Brown, Dallas Nancy Jane Cain, Dallas Camille Carpenter, Dallas Beverly Jean Childress, Beaumont Ann Frances Clark, Sweelwater Frances Annette Cochran, Lubbock Carol Ann Cole, Dallas Bonnie Crenshaw, Austin Georgi Elizabeth Davis, Dallas Cindy Dryden, Robstown Rose Mary Eidman, Brownsville Dina Joan Eitelman, Austin Betty Susan Elick, Bellville Sandra Kay Ellington, San Antonio Ruth Ann Erskine, Midland Sally Pat Fincher, Austin Barbara Bea Fischer, Houston Margaret Anne Fiser, San Antonio Norma Lynn Forbes, Austin Judye Ann Galeener, Houston Marilyn V. Gump, Dallas Patricia Gale Hackerman, Austin Margaret Ruth Hagood, Bellaire Marcia Jane Hamilton, Dallas Mary Ellen Hardwick, Odessa Nancy Kay Harrington, Longview MEMBERS Lynn Elizabeth Harwood, Dallas Helen Kay Hasha, Houston Christine Ann Hatch, Austin Charlotte Head, Houston Gayle Seay Hedge, Dallas Margaret Susan Hobart, Dallas Gail Hocott, Houston Janet Hughes, Houston Suzanne Jane Hughes, Brownsville Patricia G. Huston, Houston Trudy Hutchings, Houston Meredith Peggy James, Bellalre Helen Jane Johnson, Victoria Kay Ann Johnson, Houston Karen Sue Kaufman, Beaumont Martha Madclein Klein, Harlingen Catherine Anne Kolius, Houston Martha Laird, Port Arthur Carole Elliot Langdon, Houston Martha June Lanier, Houston Carolyn Mace Lee, Mineral Wells Sally Anne Lehr, Austin Jerry Ellen Lieck, San Antonio Teddy Jean Logan, San Angelo Sandra Paul Love, Dallas Jeanne Martinak, Dallas Jeanne Frances Maurer, Dallas Beverly Ruth Maxcy, Dallas Patricia Jean McClure, Dallas Missy Mcllheran, Weslaco Jane Lauchlin McNeil], Dallas Carolyn Washburn Mehr, Houston Mary Evelyn Merritt, Dallas Martha Evelyn Mitchell, Mt. Pleasant Dorothy Ann Mobley, Kilgore Jane Ann Nelson, Dallas Linda Kay Nesbit, Mesquite Ki-iina Gail Morris, Houston Nellie Jane Ostler, Dallas Sandra Lee Parker, Dallas Judith Peavy, Garland Penne Ann Percy, Waco Janet Ellen Perdue, Houston Martha Jo Phillips, Harlingen Nancy Arlene Phillips, Tyler Beverly Jane Prokop, Houston Mary Manson Pulver, Harlingen Sissy Richards, Cuero Janet Louise Rink, San Antonio Linda Lankford Robinson, McKinney Genny Rodgers, Austin Nancy Susan Rogers, Fort Worth Sharon Sue Rountree, San Angelo Jeanne Louise Sears, Dallas Carol Jean Shafer, Harlingen Katherine Marie Skinner, Houston Cameron Smith, Dallas Sheron Sue Smith, New Braunfels Nanette Stokes, Sonora Jan Stradinger, Houston Judith Ann Swarm, Austin Helen Sandra Taylor, Midland Josephine Todd, Houston Bonnie Gay Uhr, New Braunfels Lou Ann Walker, Dallas Mary Gayle Weber, Cuero Mary Agatha Welsh, Corpus Christi C. Jean Williams, San Angelo Sandra Jean Williams, Midland Janie Elizabeth Williamson, Bay City Carol Sue Witt, Beaumont Lueron Young, Harlingen Mardi Dean Young, San Antonio Top Row: Mehr, Merritt, H. Mitchell, M. Mitchell, Mood. Murrell, C. Nelson, J. Nelnon, Norri, Ostler, Percy, Perdue, Purcell. Pyka, Rigsby, Rink, Robinson, Rodgers. Second Row: Rountree, Russell, Sears, Shafer, Shaw. Skinner, C. Smith, S. Smith, Snyder, Speed, Speier, Spring, Stokes, Stradinger, Stripling, Thomas, Ticknor, Todd. Third Row: Traylor, Trigg, Uhr, Vaughn, Voss, Walker, Walsh, Watts, C. Weber, M. Weber, C. Williams, S. Williams, Wilson, Witt, Wood, L. Young, M. Young, S. Young. Page 215 Xtt DELTA DELTA DELTA ? II " f BBHI ,- IJHHIi Mf-. In 1912. when her colors of silver, gold, and blue and her flower, the pansy, first ap- peared on the University campus. Delta Delta Delta began to build a reputation of service and honor. Tri Delta is proud of the many stars in her crescent for the past year including: Cindy Brantley, Orange Jacket; Marshall Watson, Spook; Susan Pound, Commander of Cordettes; Judy Jean White and Liz Kendall. Angel Flight; Jan Thomsen and Wendy Kel- logg, cheerleaders; Pam Burnett, freshman cheerleader; Judy Jean White, A S assembly- man. A first place in Sing Song and a second place in Aggie Sign contest are among group honors. The Tri Delta pledge class gave a party at Christmas for children at the State School, and the actives gave a party for orphans in Austin. Each year the sorority awards a scholarship to a deserving University student. OFFICERS Fall Spring CHRISTY Jo BROWN President JUDITH GAY BLANTON JUDY JEAN WHITE Executive Vice-President HARRIET ANN PFEIFFER MARGARET ANNE RUDDER Recording Secretary JANIS ANN BERLY CAROLYN CONNOR Corresponding, Secretary KAREN KAY OWENS VIRGINIA ALLEN . . Treasurer. . . KATHERINE MARY BOWERS Carol Anne Allen, Temple Andrea Lynn Anderson, Beaumont Jeannie Barcus, Austin Deborah Anne Blandy, Austin Shirley Joyce Bowen, Houston Priscilla Ann Brown, San Antonio Pamela Kay Burnett, Dallas Susanna Currie, Mart Claire Suzanne Delph, San Antonio Yvonne D ' OIive, Baytown Kitty Ann Eckhardt, Fort Worth Patricia Ann Fleming, Lufkin Judith Bell Foreman, Beaumont Janet Forrest, Waxahachie Carol Ann Haggard, Fort Worth Julia Nalle Hartman, Baytown Susan Elizabeth Henderson, Midland Julie Leulla Herring, Abilene Luralee Hodge, Del Rio Lela Ann Jahns, Fort Worth Carol Ann James, Bellaire Linda Lou Kellogg, Bellaire Kathleen Kieffer, Offutt AFB, Nebr. Cheryl Virginia King, Fort Worth Kay King, Arlington PLEDGES Priscilla Ann Kyner, Fort Worth Babette Elaine Leonard, San Antonio Barbara Elaine Malick, Houston Mary Vance McClelland, San Antonio Narcie Lee Moore, Marshall Narcissa Lee Moore, Marshall Marsha Jane Murray, Austin Nancy Ann Neblett, Houston Barbara Ann Peel, Corpus Christi Carolyn Pence, Bellaire Valenta Jean Pinkner, Texarkana Aubrilyne Preston, Cleburne Ann Catherine Rakestraw, Bay City Sheila Rae Reeves, Houston Janyth Rae Rozell, Fort Worth Mary Ellen Shields, Hebbronville Suzanne Shippee, Houston Sue Steele Simmons, Houston Marcia Jean Simms, La Jolla, Calif. Nancy Jane Smith, Austin Suzann Smith, Corpus Christi Mary Margaret Walters, Edinburg Suzanne Warren, Austin Emily Marshall Watson, Beaumont Linda Ann Wright, Abilene ' ' - Top Row: C. Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Archer. Second Row: Arnold, Barcus, Barrett, Bates. Third Iti ' ir: Beesley, Berly, Blandy, Blanton. Fourth Row: Bowen, Bowers, Brantley, Bridges. Fiftrt Row: Brooks, P. Brown, Burt, Byrd. Sixth Row: Carroll, Cauthow, Christian, Clewis. Seventh Row: Collins, Connor, Craig, Cunning ham. Eighth Rota: Currie, Delph, D ' OIive, Ducgcr. Ninth Row: Easley, Eckardt, Fitzpatrick, Flem ing. Tenth Row: 1. Forrest, Gill, Crceves, Haggard. Eleventh Row: Harrington, Hartman, Henderson, Herring. Twelfth Row: Hodge, Howe, Jahns, James. Thirteenth Row: Jones, Kellogg, Kendall, Kief- fer. Fourteenth Row: K. King, Leonard, Lyle, B. Malick. Page 216 Virginia Allen, Houston Nancy Etta Andrews, Graham Nancy Ruth Archer, Brady Sara Mae Arnold, Tyler Suzanne Calvert Barrett, Corpus Christi Mary Margaret Bates, Lufkin Sandra Ann Beesley, San Angelo Sherry Virginia Benn, Midland Janis Ann Berly, Houston Judith Gay Blanton, Port Arthur Harriet Burns Bonnet, San Antonio Katherine Mary Bowers, Tucson, Ariz. Bette Lois Boyd, Austin Cynthia Louise Branlley, Port Arthur Gloria Ann Bridges, Baytown Penelope Brooks, Hillsboro Christy Jo Brown, Amarillo Elizabeth Ella Brown, Port Arthur Barbara Burt, Fort Worth Karen Anne Byrd, Port Arthur Sallie Sneed Carroll, Austin Alice Cauthorn, Juno Roxy Anne Childs, Abilene Jerrie Teel Christian, Dallas Carol Ann Clewis, Austin Carol Diane Colfry, Dallas Kathryn Corinne Collins, Bay City Carolyn Connor, Daingerfield Paula Craig, Houston Marilyn Cunningham, Garland Linda Diane Decker, Dallas iMEMBERS Diane Dodson, Dallas Janice Dougall, Houston Mary Stuart Dtieger, Baytown Marilyn Anno Dulanoy, Midland Billie Janelle Easley, Corpus Christi Jessica Ellen Edwards, San Antonio Mary Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Austin Virginia Ann Forrest, Waxahachie Peachie Virginia Gill, Beaumont Caroline Gowdey, Dallas Dorthea Janelle Greenwood, Austin Susan Greeves, Beaumont Shirley Ruth Cuyler, Crystal City Judith Adele Hagood, Fort Worth Sue Harrington, Houston Jane Gardner Howe, Houston Sara Jane John, Garland Margaret Anne Jones, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Kendall, Wichita Falls Kathryn Ann Krueger, Dallas Mary Elizabeh Logan, San Angelo Patsy Ann Lyle, Tyler Kathleen Diane Malick, Houston Elva Lynne Mann, Baytown Ann Mae McCully, Washington, D. C. Judy Kay McGee, Hereford Susan Virginia McGee, Amarillo Amanda Ann McKinney, McKinney Judy McMillan, Houston Judith Louise Meyer, Dallas Cazzie Madelyne Miller, Dallas Jenny Ann Moody, Del Rio Laurie Jean Morse, Lewisville Laurie Jean Muldoon, San Antonio Helen Kay Neeley, Dallas Anne Lawton Nevitt, Glendale, Ariz. Kate Anne Oliver, Waco Catherine Emelia Olsen, Houston Karen Kay Owens, Austin Terry Jon Park, Houston Harriet Ann Pfeiffer, Galveston Susan Kay Pound, Marshall Mary Idalee Raffaelli, Texarkana Judith Elle Rea, Lake Jackson Virginia Ann Robinson, Dallas Bonnie Elaine Rodgers, Fort Worth Marilyn Rouse, Austin Margaret Anne Rudder, College Station Robin Lea Sollars, Tulsa, Okla. Suzanne Sorenson, College Station Sue Alyce Stiles, Schofield Banks, Hawaii Jan Thomsen, Amarillo Peggy Cecile Treadaway, El Campo Ruthie Vaughan, Port Arthur Donna Laurie Vollmer, Mercedes Jill Waters, Fort Worth Judy Jean White, Midland Mary Frances Whittenburg, Amarillo Alice Anne Wilkinson, Houston Nancy L. Wilson, Houston Susan Lynn Wilson, Dallas Jamie Ann Wright, Houston Patricia Wallis Wright, Abilene Top Raw: K. Malick, Mann, McClelland, McCully, J. McGee, S. Me Gee, McKinney, Miller, Moody, Narcie Moore, Narcissa Moore, Morse. Neblett, Neeley, NevitI, Oliver, Olsen. Second Row: Owens, Park, Peel, Pence, Pfeiffer, Pinkner, Preston, Raffaelli, Rea, Reeves, Robinson, Rouse, Rozell, Rudder, Shields, Shippee, Simmons, Simms. Third Row: N. Smith, S. Smith, Sollars, Sorenson, Stiles, Thomsen, Vollmer, Walters, Warren, Watson, White, Whittenburg, Wilkinson, N. Wilson, S. Wilson, J. Wright, L. Wright, P. Wright. Page 217 DELTA GAMMA HI The DG ' s set sail this year to win many honors. Their VC Concession of Bali Ha ' i brought them a second place. Dressed as Scottish Lassies they won second place in Sing Song for their rendition of " Comin ' Through the Rye. " Projects for the group included the Ugly Man Contest for Campus Chest which was co-spon- sored with the Belts and for which they won first place. Another first came for the winning of intramural football. Many DG ' s shined this year such as: Susan Harris, Ten Most Beautiful; Marion Holbrook, co-ordinator of Freshman Council; Suzie Stein, freshman cheerleader; Sandy Hays and Jane Morton, Orange Jackets; Barbara Gresham, Jeanne Swahn. Pat Myers, Sara Jo Curlee, and Marion Hol- brook, Bluebonnet Belle semi-finalists; Sandy Hays, president of Spooks; Jane Mor- ton, co-chairman of Challenge; Arlin Alexander, Liz Wood, Barbara Gresham, Jeanne Swahn, and Sandy Hays, dorm advisors; Sandy Johnson and Jeanne Swahn joined Sara Jo Curlee, Susan Harris, Diane Scoggins, and Marcia Simpson in Cordettes. OFFICERS Fall Spring MARTHA ANN HANSEN President FRANCES KAY COMBS SUSAN ANN BURTON First V ice-President . . CAROLYN KATHRYN BENTON FRANCES KAY COMBS Second V ice-President .... ELIZABETH ANN WOOD MARY LYNN TUCKER Recording Secretary PENELOPE BURLESON PENELOPE BURLESON . Treasurer . PAULA HODGE FALL PLEDGES Kay Lee Andrews, Corpus Christi Cynthia Duval Baskette, Dallas Donna Victoria Brooks, Houston Brenda Beverly Buie, Stamford Dorothy Elizabeth Carr, Dallas Kathy Wright Challanger, Beaumont Hazann Chapman, Austin Mary Jill Chapman, Greenville Clare Frances Culbertson, San Antonio Rowena Ruth Curlee, Sour Lake Diane Elizabeth Dowling, Houston Pamela Carol Eiland, Fort Worth Elizabeth Lee Fry, Abilene Sarah Ursula Goerner, Houston Martha Katherine Goode, College Station Helen Rose Hackgarth, Waco Jill Annette Harris, Amarillo Billie Kay Haynes, Baytown Joan Hill, Houston June Hill, Houston Sandra Lee Johnson, Austin Linda Moore Kelly, Midland Carolyn Marie Keyes, Harlingen Kaki A. Kohler, Houston Sunny Gayle Langston, Dallas Susan Jane Lyle, Dallas Patricia McCabe, San Antonio Judith Ann McEntee, Bellaire Cheri Lynn Medlin, Lamesa Merrily Huey Moore, Irving Laney Clare Mueller, Hempstead Shirley Ann Niehaus, San Antonio Mary Patricia Ollison, Austin Laura Lynn Price, Waco Barbara Gayle Rabensburg, Houston Rita Jean Richardson, Dallas Drorthy Ann Rothell, Austin Barbara M. Sandy, Houston Frances Helen Seifert, Weimer Gail Sheffield, Baytown Kathey Elizabeth Stack, Dallas Suzanne Allain Stein, San Antonio Carolyn Nell Stewart, Dallas Betty Carolyn Templeton, Cooper Marian Suzanne Wall, Fort Worth Janet Ward, Del Rio Sandra Kaye Whitt, Waco Martha Ann Wingo, Silverton Sandra Faith Worley, Taylor SPRING PLEDGES Mara Jo Raines, Palestine Betty Katherine May, Austin Top Row: Alexander, M. Anderson, Andrews, Arm- strong. Second Row: Barnett, Basket te, Bengston, Bon ton. Third Row: Bonin, H. Chapman, M. Chapman, Combs. Fourth Row: Craddock, Culbertson, R. Curlee, S. Curlee. Fifth Row: Daniels, Darphin, Davis, Dowling. Sixth Row : Dixon, Duaek, Ellison, Evans. Seventh Row: Goerner, Coode, Cresham, Hall. Eighth Row: Hanscn, J. Harris, S. Harris, Haynes. Ninth Row: Hays, Joan Hill, June Hill, Huffaker. Tenth Row: James, Jamison, M. Johnson, S. Johnson. Eleventh Row: Jones, Keyes, J. Kitzmiller, Kleir. Twelfth Row: Klipple, Langston, Lyle, McCabe. Thirteenth Row: McDonald, McEntee, McHale, M. Moore. Page 218 Arlin Ann Alexander, Dallas Merilee Joan Anderson, Baytown Sharon Lee Anderson, Houston Linda Sue Armstrong, Dallas Carolyn Jean Bailey, Dallas Shelia Ann Barnelt, Dallas Lorna Pearl Bell, San Angelo Bette Ann Bengston, Austin Carolyn Kathryn Bcnton, Fort Worth Betsy Ann Bonin, Houston Kay Breckenridge, San Antonio Lynda Lee Brinkman, Schertz Penelope Burleson, Austin Susan Ann Burton, Arcadia, Calif. Frances Kay Combs, Dallas Nancy Jean Craddock, Baytown Sara Jo Curlee, Sour Lake Vicki Sue Cutbirth, Bellaire Denis Lynn Daly, Houston Deborah Ann Daniels, San Antonio Jane Elizabeth Darphin, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Davis, Houston Kathryn Anne Dixon, Houston Diane Audrey Dusek, Dallas Margaret Lucile Ellison, Killeen Elizabeth Wilbourn Eriksen, San Antonio Melba Louise Evans, Houston Barbara Ann Gresham, Baytown Janette Hall, Kaufman Martha Ann Hansen, Houston Susan Jane Harris, Houston Sandra Hays, Dallas Paula Hodge, Baytown MEMBERS Marion Diane Holbrook, Dallas Gloria Jane Horton, Garland Judy Lynn Huffaker, Greenville Janet Claire Hunt, Baytown Janne Elizabeth Isely, Austin Anne Marie James, Houston Pamela Jamison, Houston Mary Helen Johnson, San Antonio Martha Lynne Jones, Baytown Nancy Ruth Joor, Houston Jere Ann Kitzmiller, Deer Park Martha Lee Kitzmiller, Deer Park Nancy Ann Kleir, Houston Helen Lorraine Klipple, College Station Suzanne Knapp, Bakersfield, Calif. Riki Krt ' dorn, Austin Andrea Loustaunau, San Antonio Carolyn Marie McDonald, Waco Ann Aloha McHale, Dallas Dianne Miller, Houston Theo Marsh Minturn, Houston Laura Anne Moore, San Antonio Philena Jane Morton, Austin Patricia Louise Myers, San Antonio Carolyn Nance, Dallas Diane Cecile Neely, Dallas Sheila J. O ' Neill, San Antonio Lou Parks, Houston Olivia Anne Patten, Austin Kristin Ann Pauly, Paris Nancy Pohl, Austin Carolyn Porter, Dickinson Mary Beth Price, Dallas Lynne Marie Raschke, Three Rivers Sylvia Ann Raschke, Three Rivers Nancy Camille Raycraft, Houston Barbara Rae Renfro, Fort Worth Marcia Allen Roos, San Antonio Clenadine Russell, Kilgore Emrys Ann Ryder, Austin Linda Ellen Schnalterer, Bellaire Diane Marsha Scoggins, Houston Marilyn Frances Schultz, Alexandria, La. Paula Nelle Schwippel, Houston Linda Louise Scott, Dallas Marcia Ann Simpson, Irving Judy Ann Smith, Wichita, Kans. Susan Smith, Houston Susan Joan Sneed, Houston Carol Levon Strom, Snyder Carol Ann Stubbleficd, Dallas Patricia Jeanne Swahn, Richardson Barbara Ann Taylor, Dallas Sallie Louise Tatum, San Antonio Mary Lynn Tucker, Austin Peggy Ellen Underwood, Bowie. Joan Gayle Vance, Houston Barbara Ann Vernon, Dallas Barbara Watts, Austin Kathryn Leroyce Westoff, Edna Suzanne Wiseman, San Antonio Margie Taylor Williams, San Marcos Elizabeth Ann Wood, Dallas Eva Kay Worrel, San Antonio Judy Gae Wynn, Austin Betty Lou Zazvorka, Corpus Christi Top Row: Morton, Mueller, Myers, Nance, Ollison, Parks, L. Price, M. Price, Rabensburg, L. Raschke, Raycraft, Richardson, Roos Second Roto: Rothell, Russell, Ryder, Sandy, Schnatterer, Schultz, Schwippel, Scott, Seifert, Sheffield, Simpson, Sneed, Stack. Third Row: Stewart, Strom, Swahn, Templeton, Vance, Vernon, Wall, Ward, Wingo, Wood, Worley, Worrel, Wyn- i " ynn, Zazvorka. Page 219 DELTA PHI EPSILON - The girls of Delta Phi Epsilon enjoyed a year of many activities, participation in intramurals, the Dephers placed high in all entries. Community service projects included a " Night Bite " for cystic fibrosis, and a talent show for an old folks home. D Phi E is proud of many of its outstanding members on campus; Pearl Fein- gold, Fine Arts assemblyman; Terry Feinstein, Lyn Gold, Karen Schneider, and Dani DeBrow are Freshman Council advisors; Alexis Brown, Rita Fagelman, Sharon Plantowsky, Spooks; Muff Singer, a Cactus Goodfellow, a Bluebonnet Belle, Freshman Council co-ordinator, a member of Orange Jackets, Angel Flight; Micki Kranz, Lois Bell, Pat Kahn, Orientation leaders. OFFICERS Fall Spring CHARNA E. BULBA President .... BEVERLY ANN ABRAMSON SANDRA FAYE LUSKY V ice-President .... KAREN SUE SCHNEIDER LINDA NELL HYMAN Recording Secretary .... BARBARA SUE STERN ESTHER ANNETTE HORWITZ . . .Corresponding Secretary MAIDA SINGER BEVERLY ANN ABRAMSON . . Treasurer . , RITA KAPLAN FALL PLEDGES Margie Ann Appledorf, Houston Lynda P. Doner, Galveston Carol Jean Greenberg, San Antonio Lois Roberta Heller, Houston Irene Hershorin, Dallas Barbara Lee Horvich, Dallas Karen Kaplan, Houston Sandra Helene Landau, Colorado City Susan Marsha Lebo, Austin Beverly Julia Levine, Dallas Shirley Jo Lewis, Dallas Michaele Bess Lockhart, Houston Judy Carol Miller, Houston Marilyn Cookie Neuman, San Antonio Joanne Sydney Rosenberg, Dallas Phyllis Elaine Rosenfield, Austin Diane E. Rosenthal. Washington. D. C. Evelyn Diane Shakno, Dallas Phyllis Lynn Shay, Dallas Ynette Sharole Siegelman, El Paso Gwenda Faye Wizig, McAllen SPRING PLEDGE Judith Ann Rosten, El Paso Top Row: Appledorf. Bell, Brown. Second Row: Bulba, Chapman, Cohen. Third Row: Epstein, Fagelman, Farbman. Fourth Row: Feingold, Feinstein, Framer. Fifth Row: Friedman, Cold, Heller. Sixth Row: Hershorin, Horvich, Hyman. Seventh Row: Jones, Kahn, R. Kaplan. Eighth Row: Karchmer, Klein, Kranz. Ninth Row: Landau, Leho, Levine. Page 220 MEMBERS Beverly Ann Abramson, Dallas Lois Ilene Bell, Waco Phyllis Anita Brooks, Corpus Christi Alexis Joan Brown, San Antonio Charna E. Bulba. Galveston Judith Chapman, Shreveport, La. Henrietta Davis Cohen, Cleburne Betty Sue Dochen, Austin Daveley DuBrow, Houston Betty Lou Epstein, San Antonio Rita J. Fagelman, El Paso Carol Sue Farbman, Flushing, N. Y. Pearl Feingold, San Antonio Terry Joan Feinstein, Houston Fillis Carol Framer, Galveston Harriet Ray Friedman, Houston Rosalyn Claire Gold, Fort Worth Esther Annette Horwitz, Beaumont Linda Nell Hyman, San Antonio Top Row: Lusky, Massin, Mayerson, Miller, Neuman, Plantowsky, Rosenberg. Second Roa: Roth, Schneider, Schwartz, Shakno, Siegelman, Smitli, Stern, Wizig. Eva Michele Jones, Houston Pat-Lorraine Kahn, El Paso Rita Kaplan, Houston Kerry Ellen Karchmer, Houston Ina Rae Klein. Houston Michele Kranz, Dallas Sandra Faye Lusky, Houston Michele Rae Massin, Houston Barbara J. Mayerson, Corpus Christi Sharon Ann Plantowsky, Galveston Beth Louise Raden, Dallas Sharon Zeverly Roth, Houston Sharon Jane ' t Rubin, Dallas Phyllis Ruth Schwartz, Galveston Maida Singer, Fort Worth Charlene Ruth Smith. Austin Barbara Sue Stern, Houston Lois Abbey Wainer, McAllen Rebecca Ann Wilson, Laredo Page 221 DELTA ZETA Delta Zeta lamps have glowed brightly lighting the way for her members since her founding in 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and on the University campus in 1924. High- lighting the year for the Delta Zeta ' s were the many activities of her members. Kay Morrow served as Associate Editor of the Cactus. Members of Angel Flight are Kay Solomon, Execu- tive Officer; Nona Conroy, Administrative Services Officer; Sandra Wilcox, Scherrie Watson, JoAnn Walter, Mary Lee Freeman, and Patty Bogart. Mimi Janssen was tapped for Orange Jackets. Spooks are Betty Butler, Barbara Merrill, and Sandra Faircloth. Deanna Alleman was selected a member of the Leadership Seminar and was chairman of the Union-Faculty Committee. Bonnie Buckellew. Alpha Epsilon Rho: Libby Becker, Phi Beta Kap- pa; and Louise Everett and Naomi Woods, Alpha Lambda Delta led the honorary lists. Mimi Janssen and Carolyn Schroeter are Texas Stars, and Anita Holt is president of Tau Beta Sigma. OFFICERS Fall JUDITH MARIE DAVIS President NANCY KATE RENFRO First V ice-President . . SCHERRIE LEE WATSON Second V ice-President . CAROL JENEAN HILL Recording Secretary. . KAREN FOGG Corresponding Secretary , Spring . . . KAY LYNN MORROW . . NANCY Jo CAMPBELL KAY CARLTON SOLOMON . . JOAN ELAINE KAINER . BETTY CECILE BOBB FALL PLEDGES Bonnie Elizabeth Bennett, Austin Marilyn Ann Berry, Corrigan Betty Lou Butler, Wharton Yvonne Coleman, Austin Cherly Darlene Cruse, Houston Penelope Jane Curtin, Baytown Dorothy Deann Dow, Seminole Judith Ann England, Waco Sandra Gwen Faircloth, Dallas Mary Michelle Fallon, Austin Le ' anne Rheiner Gilbert, Austin Sue Lynn Glidden, Houston Lesley P. Hale, San Antonio Diana Dale Haskinson, Houston Francey Margaret Hesterly, Corpus Christi Sandra Sue Hill, Houston Susan Odem Jackson, Corpus Christi Sandra Johnston, Glidden Marsha Ann Kimbro, Austin Donna Mareen Landry, Marshall Leslie Lee Lentz, Austin Beverly Earle ' Lewellen, Plainview Karen E. Lovinggood, Houston Shirlee Suzanne McCulley, Houston Nancy Lou McLemore, Alvin Sandra Ann McManners, Pasadena SPRING PLEDGES Patricia Annette Bogart, Houston Catherine Ann Compton, Houston Jo Ann Johnson, Austin Nancy Kay Rowland, DeLeon Janell Sue Williams, Beaumont Top Row: Adams, Adrian, Albers, Alleman. Second Row: Becker, Beckley, Bennett, Berry. Third Row: Bird, Bloomquist, Bobb, Bodden. Fourth Row: Boyle, Brown, Bryan, Buckellew. Fifth Row: Butler, Campbell, Coleman, Conroy. Sixth Row: Crawford, Cruse, Curtin, David. Seventh Row: Davis, Dixon, Duckclt, Eaton. Eighth Row: England, Faircloth, Fallon, Fogg. Ninth Row: Fowler, Freeman, Fritz, Gayle. Tenth Row: Gilbert, Glidden, Goodwin, Hagemann. Eleventh Row: Hammett, Hardy, Harper, Haskinson. Twelfth Row: II, at!,. Hesterly, Hill, Holt. Thirteenth Row: Hopkins, Jackson, Johnston, Jones. Fourteenth Row: Kainer, Kelly, Lambert. Lamm. Page 222 Barbara Ann Merrill, Houston Eva Nita Moore, Dallas Ann Elizabeth Moseley, Dallas Edythe Jan Musick, Baytown Sandra Kay Nichol, San Antonio Frances Marian Northcutt, Dayton Annetta Scott Norwood, Houston Martha Jane Nugent, Houston Janet Collier Paggi, Austin Susan Pais, Houston Margaret Ann Parker, Pasadena Patricia Ann Parrish, Goliad Beverly W. Patterson, Dallas Judith Pfardrescher, El Campo Cheryl Ann Pfluger, Pflugerville Ruth Ann Pillsbury, Fort Worth Toni Jo Powell, San Antonio Gloria Jean Reaves, Dallas Linda Lee Rogers, Victoria Deanna Schroeter, Austin Betty Gail Sparkman, Waco Jimmie Kay Thompson, Port Arthur Mary Blanche Vineyard, Galveston Pamela Frances Ward, Austin Betty Elaine Withrow, Mexia Naomi Ruth Wood, Houston m mf Carol Louise Adams, Dallas Jan Kathleen Adrian, Houston Cheryl Ruth Albers, Houston Deanna Alleman, Baytown Elizabeth Alice Becker, Austin Sharon Beckley, Austin Judith Ann Bethel, Odessa Betty Sue Bird, West Columbia Elizabeth Anne Bloomquist, Beaumont Betty Cecile Bobb, Houston Merilyn Kay Bodden, Port Arthur Josephine Louise Boyle, Dallas Patricia Elizabeth Brewer, Austin Janet Barrett Brown, San Antonio Judith Lynn Bryan, Austin Bonnie Ruth Buckellew, Temple Nancy Jo Campbell, Pittsburgh, Pa. Nona Jean Conroy, Dallas Frances Elizabeth Crawford, Perryton Mavis Lyle David, Waco Judith Marie Davis, Salt Lake City, Utah Sandra Lee Dixon, Austin Fayc Duckett, El Campo Emily Jane Eaton, Dallas Mary Louise Everett, Beeville Jerilynn Ann Fister, Dallas Karen Fogg, Baton Rouge, La. Nancy Richter Fowler, Austin Mary Lee Freeman, Seminole Janet Laverne Fritz, Bishop MEMBERS Loyce Jeannine Fuller, Lampasas Janice Alma Cayle, Angleton Sharon Lee Goodwin, Corpus Christi Betty Ruth Hagemann, La Grange Ladonna Lois Hammet, Austin Carole Elizabeth Hardy, Houston Norma Sue Harper, Houston Susan Neal Harvick, Austin Pamela Jane Heath, Dallas Ann Reed Heffington, Austin Carol Jenean Hill, Houston Mary Sydnor Hodgin, Upperville, Va. Anita Louise Holt, Spearman Jo Lynne Hopkins, Fort Worth Sarah Jane Hubert, Fort Worth Amelia Mary Janssen, La Grange Nancy Carolyn Jones, Houston Joan Elaine Kaincr, El Campo Karen Ann Kelly, Midland Caroline Maxine Lambert, Corpus Christi Martha Louise Lamm, Krum Anne Lancaster, Corpus Christi Patricia Ann Lesikar, Bay City Carol Ann Massengale, Austin Barbara Ann Massey, Houston Lena Jo Massey, Teague Suzanne Mauk, Houston Nancy Ruth Maurer, Shrcveport, La. Mildred Corine McDaniel, Houston Dolores Kay Monday, Kaufman Georgia Lee Monroe, Fort Worth Kay Lynn Morrow, Houston Sharon Joyce Muth, Houston Timothy Ann O ' Sullivan, Pasadena Judith Lynn Perkins, Liberty Stephanie Lynne Price, Houston Nancy Carolyn Pugh, Austin Rosemary Ramsey, Temple Nancy Kate Renfro, Bay City Carolyn Patricia Riba, Austin Martha Patricia Riggs, Amarillo Sara Elizabeth Rix, Beaumont Sunell Rogers, Sulphur Springs Sheila Jane Ross, Lake Jackson Judith Ann Sanner, Houston Carolyn Schroeter, Austin Sandra Louise Simmer, Houston Charlotte Ann Smith, Sulphur Springs Kay Carlton Solomon, Marshall Kenna Janelle Stowell, Houston Carolyn Anne Tull, Houston Patricia Van Dorfy, Houston Mary Virginia Van Fleet, Fort Worth Jo Ann Marie Walter, Houston Scherrie Lee Watson, Dallas Mary Josephine Weber, Austin Marilyn Ann White, San Angelo Sandra Sue Wilcox, LaMarque Kalhey Jean Yousko, Houston Top Row: Lancaster, Landry, Lentz, Lewellen, Lovinggood, B. Massey, Mauk, McCulley, McDaniel, McLemore, McManners, Merrill, Moore, Morrow, Moseley, Musick, Muth, Nichol. Second Row: Northcutt, Norwood, O ' Sullivan, Parker, Parrish, Patterson, Perkins, Pfardrescher, Pfluger, Pilhbury, Price, Pugh, Ram- Bey, Reaves, Renfro, Riba, Riggs, Rix, L. Rogers. Third Roto: S. Rogers, Ross, Sanner, D. Schroeter, Smith, Solomon, Sparkman, Stowell, Thompson, Van Dorfy, Vineyard Walter Ward, Watson, Weber, White, Withrow, Wood, Yousko. Page 223 GAMMA PHI BETA Gamma Phi Beta ' s crescent and pearls first were seen on the University campus in 1922. With many records of service to the University, Gamma Phi ' s holding campus offices are Barbara Tosch, Secretary of the Students ' Association and assistant managing editor of the Daily Texan. Vicke Caldwell A S assemblyman. Carol Earl, Jo Roberts, and Margie Carr are tapped for Spooks; Barbara Tosch and Vicke Caldwell for Orange Jackets. Scholastically outstanding are Barbara Tosch, Mortar Board; Jamie Bavouset, Susan Davis, and Veneta Turner, Alpha Lambda Delta. Martha Tipps, Candy Berry, Cornelia Spinks, Vicke Caldwell and Barbara Tosch, Theta Sigma Phi. Carolyn Coe was the recipient of the Jesse Jones Scholarship. Susan Campbell attended the Texas Student Leadership Seminar in Chile. Cordettes tapped Susan Murrell, Ann Morgan, Margie Carr and Julie Sorrell. Diane Douglass was a Bluebonnet Belle semi-finalist. OFFICERS Spring Fall CANDIDA KAY BERRY President CYNTHIA LEE SHOPTAW MARY KATHLEEN WEAVER .... First Vice-President VALARIE SCOTT CAROLIE ANN BAITY Second V ice-President CAROLIE ANN BAITY MARTHA TIPPS Secretary CAROL DIANE DOUGLASS ADA Lou HARTMAN Treasurer MARY JOANN BLAZER FALL PLEDGES Jane Louise Aycock, Texarkana Jamie Ann Bavouset, Wichita Falls Brenda Valintine Baxter, Houston Linda Diane Brown, Henrietta Sandra Lou Burnett, Abilene Margie Ann Carr, Dallas Carolyn Ann Caruth, Austin Julia Ruth Clarke, Houston Carolyn Lee Coe, Grand Prairie Coralie Elizabeth Davis, San Antonio Susan Davis, Houston Edna Carolyn Dillard, Borger Paulette Joann Dornak, Houston Patricia Suzanne Ellis, Midland Jane Elizabeth Frank, Austin Mary Jane Gorham, Bloomington Jean Burwell Grebing, Dallas Cynthia Dee Kinzbach, Houston Martha Jane Klerekoper, Houston Sally Ann Mathis, Winnsboro Mary Gray McGee, Houston Kathryn Nan McLaughlin, McAllen Carrell Hildabeth Metzke, New Braunfels Mary Elizabeth Montgomery, West SPRING PLEDGE Wilda Lou Campbell, Houston Top Row: Anderson, Aycock, Bavouset, Blazek. Second Row: Bogan, Bone, Bowers, L. Brown. Third Row: Burnett, Barbara- Campbell, Betty Campbell, Carl. Fourth Row: Carlson, Carr, Coe, Copcland. Fifth Rota: C. Davis, S. Davis, E. Dillard, M. A. Dillard. Sixth Row: Douglass, Duncan, Earl, Ellis. Seventh Row: Freasier, Gorham, Harris, D. Hartraao. Eighth Row: N. Hartman, Haynes, Hudkins, Kinzbach. Ninth Row: Klerekoper, Lawrence, Leach, McDanlel. I ' ' -nth Row: McGee. Mclnnis, McLaughlin, Metzke. Eleventh Row: Monkhouse, M. C. Montgomery, M. E. Mont gomery, Moreland. Page 224 Elizabeth Ann Moreland, Austin Patricia Ann Murfin, Houston Donna Kay Partridge, Munday Lynda Lou Pettigrew, Jacksboro Jane Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Houston Mary Lillian Purnell, Richardson Judy Carolyn Rice, Nacogdoches Mary Jay Roberts, Pearsall Nina Jo Roberts, Wichita Falls Carol Colgate Romano, New Orleans, La. Pamela Schneider, Dallas Michael Shelton, Tulia Carol Ann Stone, Dallas Gloria Jane Story, Fort Worth Marilyn Janet Stracik, Angleton Sandra Lee Swanland, Houston Emma Dean Thomas, Abilene Rosanna Routt Thomason, Brenhara Veneta DuAnn Turner, Austin Maureen Jean Walsh, Austin Laurie Alden Waters, Houston Cheryl Kay Whitaker, San Antonio Kathryn Eileen White, Pasadena Pamela Knox Whitney, Houston Grace Elizabeth Zirjacks, Victoria MEMBERS Sandra Gayle Anderson, Austin Carolie Ann Baity, Garland Mary Luada Barnhart, Corpus Christ! Judith Ann Bennett, Dallas Candida Kay Berry, TuUa, Okla. Gladys Joanne Blakeslee, Austin Mary Joann Blazek, Liberty Brenda Jo Bogan, Austin Carolyn Ruth Bone, Texarkana Beverly Anne Bowers, Dallas Mary Brooks Brewton, Hunt Jeanne Wray Brown, San Antonio Carolyn Lois Burgess, Nacogdoches Carol Marie Cowan, Houston Victoria Bush Caldwcll, Houston Barbara Lucile Campbell, Corpus Christi Betty Lillian Campbell, Corpus Christi Susan Lee Campbell, Houston Nola Mai Carl, New Braunfels Carol Lou Carlson, Fort Worth Christina Ann Clendcning, Corpus Christi Diane Cohen, Wichita Falls Annie Laurie Copeland, San Antonio Martha Ann Dillard, Dallas Mary Susan Dillard, Dallas Carol Diane Douglass, Dallas Judith Kaye Duncan, Rusk Carol Eugenia Earl, El Carnpo Sandra Michealle Evola, Houston Gwendolyn Jean Fletcher, Garland Karen Hill Frank, Austin Jan Carol Freasier, Sherman Frances Marjory Gerlach, Livingston Elizabeth Ann Hargrove, Dallas Barbara Dianne Harris, Pasadena Ada Lou Hartman, Corpus Christi Darla Jean Hartman, Corpus Christi Nancy Ann Hartman, Victoria Sylvia Ann Haynes, Wichita Falls Patricia Ann Hewitt, Houston Betty Louise Hieatt, Dallas Mary Kathleen Hudkins, Dallas Bonita Jo Johnson, Austin Sandra Lee Lawrence, Houston Jane Ann Leach, Pasadena Judith Ann Line, El Campo Deirdre Catherine Malkcmus, Austin Marion Martin, Dallas Ellen Jeanne McCaughan, Corpus Christi Mary Gail McDaniel, Harlingen Nancy Lynne McDonald, San Antonio Mary Barbara McFarlaml, Amarillo Amy Lyn Mclnnis, Sweeny Michael Allison Mizell, Texarkana Laura Clegg Monkhouse, Houston Margaret Carter Montgomery, Angleton Ann Morgan, Lake Jackson Susan Zemrna Murrell, Houston Joan Parker, Houston Anita Louise Preston, San Antonio Merla Lew Riddle, Mt. Pleasant Judy Carolyn Roemer, Port Lavaca Joan Marie Schilo, San Antonio Janet Joan Scott, Houston Valaric Scott, Houston Sharon Elaine Shelton, Wichita Falls Linda Elise Sherrill, Dallas Cynthia Lee Shoptaw, Dallas Ruth Marie Sillin, Pasadena Julie Francine Sorrell, Austin Mary Cornelia Spinks, Houston Julia Ann Steed, Dallas Sharon Stolz, Dallas Martha Tipps, Wichita Falls Barbara Jean Tosch, Bonhain Elizabeth Evelyn Towles, Houston Jean Townsend, Dallas Judy Tucker, Austin Sarah Janice Upchurch, Corpus Christi Jane Ramsey Voight, Houston Sharon Anne Waitc, McAllen Penney Lee Walters, Houston Mary Kathleen Weaver, Mobile, Ala. Elaine Lee Williams, Fort Campbell, Ky. Top Row: Morgan, Murrell, Partridge, Pettigrew, Pfeifier, Preston, Riddle, M. Roberts, N. Roberts, Schilo, Schneider, J. Scott, V. Scott. Second Bow: S. Shelton, Sherrill, Sillin, Story, Stracik, Thomason, Tucker, Turner, Voight, Walsh, Waters, Walters, Whitney, Zirjacks. Page 225 KAPPA ALPHA THETA . ,, Among Theta ' s active on campus this year is Susan Ford who received the Dads ' Day Award as Most Outstanding Girl Student. Susan is president of YWCA, a member of Mortar Board and the Texas Union Board of Directors. Other prominent Theta ' s include Glee Ingram, treasurer of the YWCA and a member of Orange Jackets; Susan Shaw, president of Alpha Lambda Delta; and Ethel Wiley, treasurer of Spooks. Jane Cornick was chosen Most Outstanding Freshman Council member. Ellen Elkins and Linda Steinhauser represented the University in the Maid of Cotton contest and Tracy Lewis placed second in the Best Dressed contest. OFFICERS Fall Spring ANN BRYANT KNICKERBOCKER . . President ETHEL LOWDON WILEY ALICE OLIVIA FORD V ice-President TRACY LYNN LEWIS DEANNA DORCHESTER . . . Corresponding Secretary PATRICIA ANNE FORD LYDIA BLAIR Recording Secretary JUDITH ARVIN ADAMS NANCY PORTWOOD MONDAY . . Treasurer.. ..BARBARA EUGENIA WEDDINGTON FALL PLEDGES Elizabeth Allen, Galveston Rebecca Beeley, Houston Mary Elizabeth Bell, Victoria Judy Gale Blackaller, Uvalde Betty Adele Bordages, Houston Gay Carroll Caldwell, Midland Juliet Gorham Carnahan, San Antonio Richey Christian, San Antonio Louise Clarkson Connally, Houston Jane Gould Cornick, Austin Carolyn Jane Deshon, Saratoga, Calif. Carolyn Dudley, Houston Patricia Wright Engleman, Edinburg Jacqueline Ann Ford, Alexandria, Va. Alatia Plowman Francis, Dallas Byrd Fuertes, Dallas Gretchen Ann Green, Midland Catherine Mary Hagerty, Austin Suzanne Henderson, Victoria Jill Elaine James, Dallas Donna Ament Jessen, Austin Susan Kendall, Fort Worth Jennie Gail LaFont, Plainview Anne Figgatt Lovell, Austin Mary Kathryn Lynch, Houston SPRING PLEDGE Cherry Stayton, Austin Top Row: Adams, Alien, Anderson, Atkinson. Second Row: Bailey, Bcclcy, C. A. Baker, C. S. Baker. Third Row: Blackaller, Blair, Bordage, E. Browning. Fourth Row: J. Browniflg, Caldwell, Carnalian, Carpenter. fifth Row: Christian, Clark, Cochran, Cole. Sixth Row: Connally, Cornick, Denman, Deshon. Seventh Row: Dorchester, Elkins, A. Kloeter, A. Ford. Eighth Row: 1. Ford, P. Ford, S. Ford, Francis. Ninth Row: Fuertes, Fuller, Green, Hagerty. Tenth Row: Hansen, Harris, Hazlewood, Henderson. Eleventh Row: Ingram, James, Jensen, Jessen. Twelfth Row: Johnson, Joseph, Kendall, Kern. Thirteenth Row: Kokernot, LaFoot, La Rue, J. Lewis. Pajc 226 Louisa Perry Mahone, Austin Coleene McCracken, Corpus Christi Jean Royce Merrill, Houston Virginia Harris Meyers, Houston Susan Elizabeth Morris, Dallas Anne Stout Newton, San Antonio Heather Stanchfield Peterson, Houston Susan Rowan Philbin, Fort Worth June Pipkin, Amarillo Lurana Elizabeth Ritter, Galveston Betsy Lucindy Roberts, Henderson Elaine Seewald, Amarillo Nancy Ann Sharp, Houston Kathryn Nell Shelton, Austin Carol Geraldine Smith, Dallas Gerri Clark Smyser, Dallas Bettye Ann Stewart, Lake Jackson Julie Ann Terry, Beaumont Diana Welder Thomas, Sinton Mary VanDyne Thuss, Dallas Kristin Helen von Kreisler, Austin Pamela Wavell, Corpus Christi Barbara Eugenia Weddington, Dallas Daisy Clark Whitridge, Houston Alice Merlin Wiemers, Dallas Judith Arvin Adams, Beaumont Judith Ann Anderson, Houston Susan Clare Atkinson, Houston Ethel Jane Austin, Frankston Martha Grace Bailey, San Antonio Carroll Ann Baker, Edinburg Caroline Susan Baker, Corpus Christi Evalyn Antoinette Bicknell, Dallas Betty Bivins, Longview Lydia Blair, Houston Ellen Marshall Boddy, H enrietta Elizabeth McCutcheon Breath, Corpus Christi Emily Bryant Browning, San Antonio Joan Whitelaw Browning, San Antonio Clara Lou Butcher, Midland Emily Elizabeth Byars, Tyler Judith Camp, Pecos Shawn Adele Carpenter, Corpus Christi Mary Kay Carothers, Sulphur Springs Rosemary Cherry, Lubbock Elizabeth Sanford Clark, San Antonio Nancy Carolyn Cochran, Lubbock Nancy Kay Cole, Houston Elizabeth Lee Creveling, Corpus Christi Elisabeth Hayes Davol, Austin Lynn Denman, Houston Deanna Dorchester, Austin Barbara Edwards Durst, Fort Worth Emily Shannon Dyke, Marshall Elizabeth Ellen Elkins, Dallas Jane Flaitz, Houston Amelia Forman Floeter, Houston Judith Daon Floeter, Houston MEMBERS Clare Elizabeth Foran, Corpus Christi Margaret Ellen Fnran, Corpus Christi Alice Olivia Ford, San Antonio Patricia Anne Ford, San Antonio Susan Chappell Ford, Lubbock Frann Fuller, Beaumont Judy Cutches, Fort Worth Mary Allen Hansen, Navasota Cordelia Carol Harrington, Dallas Constance Ann Harris, Houston Orra Christine Hartfelder, Dallas Julianne Hazlewood, Fort Worth Billie Sue Henna, Round Rock Carol Glee Ingram, Midland Virginia Marie Jenson, San Antonio Cynthia Louise Johnson, Fort Worth Anne Thornton Joseph, Austin Carolyn Alexandria Kern, McAllen Ann Bryant Knickerbocker, Houston Mabel Joy Kokernot, Victoria Perry Ellen La Rue, Corpus Christ! Linda Katheryn Lee, Dallas Jenny Lou Lewis, Longview Mary Linda Lewis, Dallas Tracy Lynn Lewis, Amarillo Lynne Millett Lowry, Austin Jean Bigham Lykes, Houston Lula Belle Maddox, Palacios Patricia Ann Martin, Laredo Mary Dyanne McCurry, Austin Virginia Hull McKimmon, Dallas Linda Mae Millspaugh, Ozona Nancy Portwood Monday, Houston Merrie Carol Muir, San Antonio Kate Wyatt Myer, Houston Nancy Jane Nelson, Wichita Falls Cynthia Beach Newton, San Antonio Dorothy A. Newton, Houston Branch Louise Northrup, Austin Mary Taliaferro Paddock, Fort Worth Linda Ann Patterson, Houston Charlotte Jean Peay, Midland Mary Patricia Perry, Houston Mary Jane Pratscher, Houston Judith Ann Rager, Dallas Judith Ann Roberts, Sherman Ann Robinson, Plainview Sara Ann Sanborn, McAllen Celia Ann Scott, Fort Worth Susan Dcranda Shaw, Amarillo Elizabeth Pringlr Shipley, Lake Jackson Cecelia Ann Small, Austin Patricia Jane Smith, Houston Linda Jane Snow, Laredo Myra Ann Stanley Amarillo Linda Wheat Steinhauser, Austin Lida Picton Suttles, Houston Susan Richardson Syers, Ingram Martha Ann Taylor, Fort Worth Edna Frances Terry, Dallas Mary Helen Thomas, Austin Bette Barton Vaughn, Tyler Mary Annette Vessels, Denver, Colo. Mary Ware, Corpus Christi Alice Rebekah Wilcox, Dallas Ethel Lowdon Wiley, Fort Worth Diane Ford Wommack, Austin Top Row: M. Lewis, Lovell, Maddox, Mahone, McCracken. Merritt, Meyers. Millspaugh, Monday. Morris, Muir. Nelson, A. Newton L. [Newton, Peay. Second Row: Peterson, PhHbin, Pratscher, Ritter, B. Roberts, J. Roberts, Scott, Sharp, Shaw, Shelton, Shigley, C. Small, S. Smith r. smith, bmyser. rA wfenfers ' ' " w S o t m n m ey k SteWart ' SyeTS ' Ta y lor E - Terry, J- Terry, Thomas, Thu ss, Vaughn, Vessels, von Kreisler, Wavell, Weddington, Wiley, Page 227 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The key of Kappa Kappa Gamma, first seen at Monmouth College in Illinois in 1870, came to Texas in 1902. This year has seen many honors fall upon the Kappa ' s. Jane Allen was tapped for Spooks, Genie Brackenridge, Janet Miller, and Patty Stephens were tapped for Orange Jackets; Ann Brown was elected vice-presi- dent of Orange Jackets; Phillis Johnson was named the " Most Beautiful Freshman " and also elected as a freshman cheerleader; Pat Spence was tapped for Angel Flight, Genie Brackenridge was tapped for Cordettes. Among the members of Alpha Lambda Delta were Barry Beck and Libby Scott. OFFICERS Fall Spring HARRIET GARDNER WILLIAMS President SUSAN CLAIRE MOORE MOLLY SHULMAN First Vice-President .... MARY HELEN STRAUSS SUSAN CLAIRE MOORE Second V ice-President JANET LEE MILLER JOSEPHINE WELDER Recording Secretary . . JAN MARIE LA MASTER ELLEN MARTHA CLARKE Corresponding Secretary . JEAN HOUSTON DANIEL KAREN TELLEPSEN Treasurer THERESA Doss FALL PLEDGES Jane Allen, Lufkin Kathryn Mary Austin, San Antonio Darcus Barry Beck, Amarillo Janice Sue Blank, Odessa Susan Kathleen Boyd, Jacksonville Edith Lynn Chilcote, Tyler Richard Charlene Cline, Amarillo Lynn Coffee, Houston Dana Wingfield Conolly, Corpus Christi Jean Holland Graver, Dallas Charlotte Anne Florence, Kilgore Linda Garnett, Houston Ann Gerrard, Victoria Susan Gay Gettier, Richardson Paula Mary Greenlee, Lubbock Ruth Elaine Hancock, El Campo Susan Wells Hartman, Victoria Evalie George Hawes, Fort Worth Cynthia Ann Higginbotham, DaDas Penelope Hight, San Antonio Marilyn Ruth Hill, Roswell, N. Mex. Carol Linda Holzapfel, Dallas Martha Jean Jennings, Houston Evelyn Phillis Johnson, Galveston Prudence Drew Mahaffey, Texarkana Patsy Lee McCafferty, Houston Malinda Dunlap McCall, Fort Worth Mollye Aleda McDowell, Dallas Bess McFadden, Dallas Kathleen Sue McNeil, Corpus Christi Patricia Ann Munn, Midland Mary Michael Oles, Amarillo Anne Orton, Dallas Margaret Elizabeth Paulson, Dallas Martha Van-Cott Price, San Antonio Paula Rae Rattan, Dallas Ethel Ann Read, Longview Alice McDermott Red, Houston Mollie Lucinda Rehmet, Sherman Penelope Schwer, Austin Elizabeth Ann Scott, San Antonio Nancy Coleman Scott, Midland Suzanne Senevey, Fort Worth Patricia Gay Smyth, Cleburne Frances Spivy, Texarkana Barbara Lynn Stone, Fort Worth Kathleen Ames Tyler, Austin Helen Elizabeth Van Wagoner, El Paso Joan Margaret Williams, Richmond Jennifer Wynn, Houston Top Row: Allen, Austin, Bartholomew, Beck. Second Row: Blank, Brackenridge, Ilrinil ! , Buchek. Third Row: Bush, Butter, Cage, Callaway. Fourth Row: Chilcole, Cline, D. Collins, Conolly. Fifth Row: Curtis, Dorsey, Florence, Folbre. Sixth Rote: Garnett, Gerrard, Gettier, Green. Seventh Row: Grcenlee, Hancock, Hargis, Harper. Eighth Row: Harrison, Hawes, Hight, Holzapfel. Ninth Row: F. Hudson, Jennings, Johnson, J. Jones. Tenth Row: Jordan, La Master, Linn, Mahaffey. Eleventh Row: McCafferty, McCall. McDowell, McNeil. Twelfth Row: J. Miller, Moe, M. Moore, Morris. Thirteenth Row: Odom, Oles, .Orton, Powell. Page 228 Sara Bartholomew, Dallas Rilla June Boroughs, Dallas Mary Imogene Brackenmlge, Taylor Martha Love Brindley, Temple Ann Connor Brown, Austin Nancy Louise Buchek, San Antonio Tennie Marie Bush, Midland Bette Lee Butter, Longview Beverly Louise Cage, Eagle Pass Helena Spencer Callaway, San Antonio Ellen Martha Clarke, Lufkin Teresa Blythe Clark, Austin Dorothy Lee Collins, San Antonio Margaret Eleanor Collins, San Antonio Patricia Compton, Corpus Christi Jane Carolyn Cowper, Big Spring Alice McKallip Crawford, Beaumont Carolyn Crooker, Houston Margaret Lynn Curtis, Amarillo Deanna Daniel, Austin Jean Houston Daniel, Austin Virginia Nelms Dorsey, San Antonio Theresa Doss, San Angelo Bonnie Folbre, San Antonio Marian Carolyn Graham, Chicago, 111. Patricia Ann Green, Beaumont Barbara Velma Haag, Midland Laurie Lee Hargis, San Antonio Bobbie Ann Harper, San Antonio Carol Harrison, Dallas Letitia Lewis Hartman, Victoria Mary Terry Haun, Fort Worth Louise Carr Houston, Austin Delmar Elizabeth Hudson, Fort Worth MEMBERS Francis Hill Hudson, Fort Worth Sharon Kimbcrley Hurst, Longview Sara Robbie Ivins, Houston Diana Day Jones, San Angelo Janet Ann Jones, Amarillo Sarah Anne Jones, Houston Judy Latimer Jordan, Palestine Katherine Elizabeth Kaderli, Austin Ellen Kroney, Dallas Jan Marie La Master, Houston Jessica Ann Ledbetter, Hondo Elizabeth Erin Linn, Port Arthur Elizabeth Swann Marsh, Tyler Anne Dalton McClendon, Tyler Anne Marie McCullough, Houston Katherine Heather McFarlin, San Antonio Virginia Kay McLaughlin, Plainview Mary Jane Maxfield, Wichita Falls Janet Lee Miller, Houston Martha Louise Miller, Midland Arabella Jester Miner, Groves Elizabeth Victoria Mobley, Houston Helen Elizabeth Moe, El Paso Marta Elizabeth Moore, Tyler Susan Claire Moore, Dallas Linda Jan Morris, Hillshoro Dennise Newberry, Dallas Kathryn Phoebe Odom, Beaumont Marjorie Kay Peebles, Houston Karin Elizabeth Peterson, Georgetown Marian Rather Powell, Houston Nancy Long Presnall, Flossmoor, III. Annetta Mae Purman, Odessa Jackalyn Rainosek, Odessa @ ' P -Kjfe ik fefJl n Carrie May Robertson, Houston Frances Ronshausen, Port Arthur Jann Elizabeth Rowley, Dallas Suzanne Kay Rucker, Jacksonville Brooke Bennett Rumsey, Travis AFB, Calif. Ann Halbert Ruth, Corsicana Gail Schlesselman, College Station Billie Beryl Schroeder, Austin Nancy Sealy, Midland Molly Shulman, Austin Katharine Anne Spence, Austin Mary Patricia Spcnce, Austin Helen Mae Spencer, Edinburg Patricia Anne Stephens, Dallas Beverly Ann Stevenson, Port Arthur Mary Helen Strauss, Houston Luciiane Strozicr, San Antonio Jean Barrow Talbert, Tyler Mary Jane Taylor, Lubbock Karen Tellepsen, Houston Lera Thomas, Houston Miley Frances Tucker, Beaumont Dorothy Morris Varner, Houston 0 Mabel Duncan Weigel, Austin Sally Eleanor Weinert, Beaumont Josephine Welder, Beeville Patricia Rave West, Jacksonville Jeriann Whitcomb, Houston Diane Hunt Wilder, Austin Harriet Gardner Williams, Dallas Catherine Jane Wilson, Lubbock Suzanne Womack, San Antonio Mary Heather Wren, Austin Linda Gibbons Wyatt, San Antonio Top Row: Peterson, Rattan, Read, Rainosek, Robertson, Ronshausen, Rowley, Rucker, Ruth, Schwer, E. Scott, N. Scott, Scaly, Senevey, Shulman. Second Row: Smyth, K. Spence, M. Spence, Spencer, Spivy, Stone, Taylor, Tellepsen, Tyler, Van Wagoner, West, Whitcomb, H. Williams. I. Williams, Wynn. Page 229 PHI MU Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Phi chapter was host for State Day of Texas. For the third year, Phi Mu won Best Sorority in the Aggie Sign contest, this year featuring Fred Flint- stone and dinosaur Dino. Outstanding members include Vicki Hunter, Spook of the Year; Emily Lamon, Orange Jackets and winner of TWPA scholarship; Elizabeth Doremus, Alpha Lambda Delta and finalist in Miss Austin contest; and Kay Walton, outstanding woman bowler. Gamma Alpha Chi members include Bennie Clinton, Emily Lamon, and Patsy Martyn; Tau Beta Sigma, Bennie Clinton; and Beta Alpha Psi, Emily Boehm. Alumna Laurabeth Fallin is Assistant Dean of Women; Lois Baird Trice, professor of English; and Esther Jane Wood Hall, professor of Pharmacy. OFFICERS Fall LAURA JEAN FENNO President . . EMILY ANN LAMON V ice-President Jo VAN HURD Secretary . . ALMA LOUISE ROBINSON . . . Treasurer . . Spring . VICTORIA LEE HUNTER LYNN NEWMAN HADAWAY .... EMILY ANN LAMON .... EMILY ANN BOEHM BENNIE JEAN CLINTON Panhellenic Representative NANCY Lou SWIFT PLEDGES Margaret Alice Brothers, Archer City Marilew Cunningham, Austin Elizabeth Lyons Doremus, Houston Rita Jean Ellis, San Antonio Mary Carrington Gowen, Austin Margaret M. Kutac, Schulenburg Wilda Rae Lowden, Austin Patsy Ann Martyn, San Antonio Lucy Key Price, Texas City Mary Claire Russell, Austin Barbara Gail Stone, Austin Mary Ann Strawn, Austin Susan Elizabeth Wagnon. Austin Elizabeth Harris Walling, Austin Karen Kay Walton. Austin Martha Susan Winstead, Austin Rosemary White, Austin Janet Joyce Zrubec, Granger Top Row: Boehm, Brothers. Second Row: Bugg, Clinton. Third Row: Cunningham, Doremus. Fourth Row: Ellii, Fenno. Fifth Row: Gowen, Griffith. .S ' M Row: Hadaway, Hitchcock. Seventh Row: Humphries, Hunter. Eighth Row: Hurd, Kutac. Ninth Row: Lamon, Lancaster. Page 230 MEMBERS Emily Ann Boehm, San Antonio Jane Carol Bugg, Houston Bennie Jean Clinton, Dallas Laura Jean Fenno, New Braunfels Barbara Zoe Griffith, San Antonio Lynn Newman Hadaway, Athens, Ga. Nina Catherine Hitchcock, Houston Diana Daye Humphries, Austin Victoria Lee Hunter, Fort Worth Jo Van Kurd, Houston Emily Ann Lamon, San Antonio Lana Claude Lancaster, Hamlin Madeleine Lorraine Peppel, Austin Alma Louise Robinson, Beaumont Carol Ann Searight. San Antonio Nancy Lou Swift, Wichita Falls Pauline Tollefson, Groves Top Row: Lowdon, Martyn, Peppel, Price, Robinson, Russell, Searight. Second Row: Stone, Strawn, Swift, Tollefson, Wagnon, Walling, White, Zrubek. Page 231 PI BETA PHI -+ Texas Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi boasts of many outstanding honors. Linda McDaniel was elected Cowboy Sweetheart. Miss Austin is Jeanne Amacker. Anne Walters was chosen Scheherazade Queen and Cecile Autrey and Anne Walters were selected for Ten Most Beautiful. Pi Phi Orange Jackets are Jan Jopling, Helen Houston, and Bea Ann Smith. Michelle Guillot is a distinguished member of Mortar Board. Jan Jopling served as A S assemblyman and was secretary of the University YWCA. Portia of Law School is Macey Hodges. Kay Bailey belongs to Cordettes, Susan Fowler and Eden Van Zandt are members of Angel Flight, and Stephanie Buchanan serves on the Texas Union council. For the third straight year the Pi Phi pledge class, together with the Phi Delta Theta pledges, won the Wood Gathering contest for the Aggie bonfire. OFFICERS Fall Spring MICHELLE GUILLOT President MARY JANE RILEY LINDA GILBERT V ice-President CECILE CURLIN AUTREY CAROL ANN BRINSMADE Recording Secretary CAROL ANN CORY RACHEL CORNELIA MERRIMAN Corresponding Secretary RACHEL CORNELIA MERRIMAN DOROTHY MARGARET KEY . . Treasurer . CARROLL DAY GILMER PLEDGES Dachiell Harding Ahlschlager, Dallas Nancy Lila Alexander, Dallas Nancy Holden Allen, McAllen Linda Black, Austin Susan Virginia Bleakney, Olmito Carolyn Clifton Braselton, Fort Worth Patricia Brinsmade, Mexico, D. F. Jane Lucile Chipley, San Antonio Catherine Cocking, Dallas Joan Elizabeth Cory, San Antonio Patricia Florine Crady, Houston Madelyn Doherty, Houston Marilyn Doherty, Houston Sara Kathryn Douglas, Dallas Mary Nell Feldt,. Houston Anne Leslie Fenstermaker, San Antonio Kathleen Anne Fisher, Jasper Joanne Geyne, Pachuca, Mexico Virginia Sue Graham, Celina Susan Louise Grow, Dallas Cristia Fay Guess, Dallas Ann Eldridge Hall, Abilene Elizabeth Clay Johnson, Fort Worth Sally Irene Knox, Seattle, Wash. Jane Honey Lemon, Fort Worth Jo Marie Lilly, Fort Worth Susan Mattiza, Corpus Christi Marilyn Mays, Austin Alicia McCullough, Houston Katherine Erin McKenna, Dallas Martha Minter, Abilene Helen Hardy Murchison, Waco Roberta Jean Nelson, Houston Charlotte Gibson Peters, Beaumont Nancy Susan Pitzer, Breckenridge Judy Robinson, Houston Elizabeth Anne Sauer, Houston Claire Morey Searcy, San Antonio Kathy Stephenson, Baytown Barbara Hill Swope, Beaumont Josephine Tucker, San Antonio Jo Ann Vincent, Bryan Linda Louise Walker, Houston Ruth Anne Walters, Dallas Mary Ann Weiss, San Antonio Anna Frances White, Houston Margaret Dunn Whitley, Houston Lousanne Orr Wise, Tyler Dana Rose Wortham, Bryan Dorothy Ann Wyatt, San Antonio r - i Top Rote: Ahlschlager, Alexander, N. Allen, Amacker, Autrey. Second Row: Bailey, Baker, Bell, E. Black, L. Black. Third Row: M. Black, Bleakney, Braselton, Brockschmidt, Buzzini. Fourth Row: Chipley, Clements, C. Cocking, C. Cory, Crady. Fifth Row: K. Doherty, Madelyn Doherty, Marilyn Doherty, Donovan, Dooley. Sixth Row: L. Douglas, S. Douglas, Driscoll, Dudley, Edmundson. Seventh Row: Feldt, A. Fenstermaker, M. Fenstermaker, Ferguson, K. Fisher. Eighth Row: M. Fisher, Fowler, George, Geyne, Gilbert. Ninth Row: Gilnwr, Graham, Grow, C. Guess, R. Guess. Tenth Row: Cuillot, Mai Hakki, Hale, Hall, Hamilton. Eleventh Row: Heath, Hitchcock, Hoover, Hot- kins, Houston. Twelfth Row: Howell, Inglish, Jones, B. Jop- ling, J. Jopling. Thirteenth Row: Josey, Kahn, Kean, Kerr, Kline. Fourteenth Row: Knox, Lemon, Lorctte, Mallett, Martin. Page 232 Leila Louise Allen, Calvert Ann Allison, Graham Jeanne Richcj Amacker, Beaumont Cecile Curlin Autrey, Waxahachie Kathryn Ann Bailey, LaMarque Jeannelte Selman Baker, Houston Barbara Ann Beardmore, Houston Anita Louise Bell, San Antonio LaTrelle Bcrkman, Austin Cretchen Christine Bickel, Dallas Elizabeth Frank Black, Midland Martha Manila Black, Austin Carol Ann Brinsmade, Mexico, D. F. Sally Belle Brockschmidt, Houston Stephanie Jane Buchanan, Hot Springs, Ark. Lucy Jo Burnett, Dallas Joan Eleanor Buzzini, San Antonio Susan Chiles, Austin Nancy Clements, Dallas Myra Jane Cocking, Dallas Michael Jean Colton, San Antonio Anne Cooper, Alice Julia Corley, Austin Carol Ann Cory, San Antonio Kathleen Doherty, Houston Catherine Jean Donovan, Fort Worth Mary Ellen Dooley, Beaumont Ann Douglas, Dallas Alice Ann Driscoll, Austin Julia Aurelia Dudley, Comanche Joanne Arnold Edmundson, Houston Martha Fenstermaker, San Antonio Gay Ferguson, Dallas Martha Dalrymple Fisher, Fort Worth Caryn Fogarty, Dallas Gail Walcott Forsythe, Dallas MEMBERS Susan Fowler, Houston Carmen Wren Fulton, Shreveport, La. Nancy Fuson, Dallas Jane Elizabeth George, Brownsville Linda Gilbert, Austin Carroll Day Gilmer, Houston Glenda Grubbs, Fort Worth Rollin Ann Guess, Dallas Michelle Guillot, Dallas Nancy Hale, Houston Elizabeth Hamilton, Palestine Linda Lois Heath, Austin Judith Ann Hitchcock, Sweeny Margaret Susan Hoover, Houston Nancy Ann Hoskins, Houston Helen Elizabeth Houston, Kilgore Sue Colgin Howell, Bryan Ava Nell Inglish, San Antonio Mary Lee Jones, Dallas Betty Ann Jopling, Paris Jan Jopling, Paris Velma Jane Jordan, Austin Jan Jopling, Paris Carolyn Josey, Houston Susan Jane Kahn, Little Rock, Ark. Nona Katherine Kean, Fort Worth Mary Ann Krrr, Fort Worth Dorothy Margaret Key, Dallas Susan Isabel Kline, Savannah, Ga. Mary Lynne Lasater, Tyler Carol Glee Lorette, Odessa Moselle Archer Mallett. Houston Suzanne Frances Martin, Midland Melinda Claire Maves, Dcnison Cnrolvn Ann McCall, Dallas Elizabeth McCroslcey, Corpus Christi Linda Brage MrDaniel, San Antonio Carol Ross McGown, Houston Rachel Cornelia Merriman, Houston Polly Ann Miller, Austin Susan Reeme Moore, Dallas Carol Sue Morris, Marshall Virginia Alma Nelson, Midland Patricia Kay Parker, San Antonio Susan Avery P.hinney, Austin Patricia Julian - Porter, Midland Priscilla Jane Porter, Bryan Linda Marjorie Prentice, Austin Mary Jane Riley, San Antonio Anne Wright Rogers, Dallas Nancy Lee Rogers, Fort Worth Marian Seward Rubey, Houston Suzanne Sandlin, Houston Martha Elizabeth Sealy, Fort Worth Mary Katherine Sealy, Fort Worth Cwyn Wimberly Shook, Dallas Bea Ann Smith, Midland Gail Addison Smith, Lubbock Jane Douglas Smith, Dallas Charlene Elizabeth Strader, Houston Mary Sue Strube, Fort Worth Clytie Harris Thomas, San Antonio Lucy Elaine Toland, Dallas Jeanie Tunstill, Fort Worth Julie Margaret Ullrich, Dallas Eden Van Zandt, Fort Worth Betty Lea Walker, Houston Mary Jane Walton, Houston Camille Webb, Vernon Judith Ann Windrow, San Antonio Kathryn Wynter Wood, San Antonio Patricia Arrington Woolen, Columbus SJ !22 lS-2 Top Row: Mattiza, Mayes, Mays, McCall, McCroskey, McCullough, McDanie], McKenna, Merriman, Minter, Moore, Murchison, R. Nelson, V. Nelson, Parker, Peters, Pitzer, Patricia Porter, Priscil la Porter, Second Ron: Prentice, Riley, Robinson, A. Rogers, N. Rogers, Rubey, Sauer, Sandlin, M. E. Sealy, M. K. Sealy, Searcy, Shook, B. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith, Stephenson, Strader, Strube, Thomas. Third Row: Toland, Tucker, Tunstill, Ullrich, Van Zandt, Vincent, B. Walker, L. Walker, Walters, Walton, Webb, WeiM, White, Whitley, Windrow. Wood, Woolen, Wortham, Wyatt. Page 233 SIGMA DELTA TAU Tau Chapter, Sigma Delta Tau, has had several girls elected to positions in stu- dent government since the fall semester. Loyce Katz, an active worker in Repre- sentative Party, was nominated unanimously for the office of A S assemblyman, which she received in the fall elections. Barbara Grevsky was elected as secretary of the senior class in CBA. Genie Solka was elected secretary of the junior class in CBA, and also was elected secretary of the CBA Council. Myra Stein was chosen chairman of the Representative Party platform committee. Tau Chapter continued its philanthropic program by volunteering its services at the Austin Cerebral Palsy Center. Loyce Katz served as president of Spooks. OFFICERS Fall Spring. SHIRLEY LOUISE RACUSIN President ROBIN GALE PASTERNAK CELESTE CAROL BIRNBAUM . . . first Vice-President . . . CELESTE CAROL BIRNBAUM ROBIN GALE PASTERNAK .... Second Vice-President .... ADRIANNE ANN KELFER JUDITH ANN BERMONT Recording Secretary MYRA ELISE STIEN HELAINE WAYNE Corresponding Secretary . ROCHELLE VEE STEINBERG BARBARA ELAINE GREVSKY Treasurer . . . CAROLYN SANDRA HARRISON FALL PLEDGES Roberta Iris Billings. Houston Linda Beatrice Duval, Houston Marsha Diane Fenton. Detroit, Mich. Barbara Diane Friedman, Shreveport, La. Celia Picard Gellman, Austin Amy Betsy Geppert, Dallas Marilyn Gerber, Houston Linda Rae Hechtman. Dallas Gail Ellen Hirschhorn, Houston Frances Kulick, San Antonio Marsha Dianne Maltz, Houston Patricia Helene Nathan, Houston Paulette Dana Nebrat, Corpus Christi Roberta Gay Presser, Houston Cheryl Elyse Price, Baytown Rose Diane Rosenberg, El Campo Nina Lee Schwartz, Dallas Judy Orin Segal, Coral Gables, Fla. Rose Hariett Slipakoff, Houston Carolyn Sue Stoller, Dallas Harriet Ann Susser, Corpus Christi Ilene Marcia Weinberger, San Antonio Rosalind Sylvia Weltman, Corpus Christi Ruth Susan Wernick, San Antonio Resanne Mollie Whiteman, Beaumont Martha Jane Wizig, Waco SPRING PLEDGE Linda Sue Stein, Houston Top Row: Bermont, Billings, Bernstein. Second Row: Brookncr, Druker, Dural. Third Row: Fenton, Fisher, Fox. Fourth Row: Fnihling, Gellman, Geppert. fifth Rote: Gerber, Gochman, GoreD. Sixth Row: Grersky, Hechtman, Katz. Seventh Rote: Kelfer, Korn, Kulick. Kifhih Row: Liu, Maltz, Mizrahi. Ninth Row: Morgenstern, Myers, Nebrat. Tenth Row: Paine, Pasternak, Plolsky. Page 234 MEMBERS Judith Rosialynd Baron. Sioux City, Iowa Judith Ann Bermont, Coral Gables, Fla. Celeste Carol Birnbaum, San Antonio Hariett Elaine Bornstein, Corpus Christi Barbara Claire Brookner, Wichita Falls Stephanie Chernikowski, Beaumont Elaine Kaye Collins, Houston Deborah Joan Druker, Skokie, 111. Ann Fridel Eisenstein, San Antonio Carol Feld, Houston Myra Helen Fisher, Rosenberg Janelle Maxine Fox, Dallas Judy Ann Fruhling, Brownsville Sandra Sue Galoob, Longview Barbara Joan Gochman, Austin Melanie Jane Goldstein, Houston Marcia Ann Goren, Houston Barbara Elaine Grevsky, Houston Carolyn Sandra Harrison, Odessa Sara Jo Hirsch, Marshall Loyce Ann Katz, Amarillo Adrianne Ann Kelfer. San Antonio Natalie Korn, Corpus Christi Vickie Liss, Houston Lillian Mizrahi. Cairo, Egypt Carol Jean Morgenstern, Houston Susan Jane Myers, Amarillo Lynn Paine. Baytown Robin Gale Pasternak, Pasadena Dianne Lynne Plotsky, Austin Shirley Louise Racusin, Corpus Christi Carol Joy Ranen, Atlanta. Ga. Sharon Gaines Robins, Houston Nancy Ann Rosenberg, Corpus Christi Joyce Faye Rosenheim, Corpus Christi Alene Louise Ross, Houston Janet Raye Schapira, Me Allen Susan Beth Scharlack, San Antonio Barbara Shapiro, Corpus Christi Eugenia Solka, Corpus Christi Leah Sonja Stalarow, Pasadena Myra Elise Stein, Birmingham, Ala. Rochelle Vee Steinberg, Omaha, Nebr. Janet Lee Stern, Austin Geraldine Joyce Stoller, Dallas Helaine Wayne, Bellaire Bette Kaye Weiner, Omaha, Nebr. Louise Maureen Zelen, Houston Row: Presscr, Price, Racusin, Ranen, Robins. R. Rosenberg, Schapira. Scharlack, Schwartz, Segal, Shapiro. and Row: Slipakoff, Solka, Stalarow, Stein, Steinberg, Wayne. Weinberger, Weiner, Weltman, Whiteman, Wizig, Zelen. Page 235 ZETA TAU ALPHA ZTA has added to every phase of campus life during the past year. Phyllis Vigna was named one of the Ten Most Beautiful on campus and was chosen Best Dressed Co-ed. Sharon Sibley was elected freshman cheerleader, and Jessica Darl- ing was varsity cheerleader. Eddie Watts served as co-chairman of Varsity Carnival. Jessica Darling partici- pated in the Chilean Exchange program and the Zeta ' s sponsored Guvnor Elisabeth Roman, a foreign student from Finland. Jessie Gilmer served as president of the Texas Union. Martha McKinley, Fran Preston, and Carol Edmonson were committee chairmen. Ann Nichols was elected Education assemblyman. As Sweetheart of UT for 1962, Jessica Darling reigned as Cotton Bowl Queen for the New Year ' s Day classic. OFFICERS Fall Spring HELEN SUZANNE McCRUM President CYNTHIA DELL STOLZ JANE MARCELLE JONES Vice-President NANCY LEE CONNER MARTHA CLIFFORD MAYS . Corresponding Secretary . CATHERINE DALLAS BAXTER EDNA MABEL WATTS Recording Secretary MARY ANN FAICKNEY CAROLYN CAY MCCLEARY Treasurer DOROTHY JANE JANECEK FALL PLEDGES Barbara Louise Bearden, Dallas Ann Beasley, Houston Suzanne Marie Bechtold, Houston Donna Lynn Boone, Fort Worth Sarah Frances Burcham, Austin Diane Kay Busby, Midland Malley Myrthe Dirks, Paris Judith Ann Downs, Dallas Jean Ellen Ferguson, Fort Worth Sherry Louise Graham, Richardson Paula Jean Haffke, Fort Worth Katherine Mary Hall, Beaumont Mary Adele Hardie, Midland Cheryl Kay Hilbun, Sugarland Pamela Jennings, Laredo Maryanna Rose Jesse, Austin Lynda Bird Johnson, Austin Roberta Berni ce Kent, Austin Mary Florence Koch, Kerrville Mary Carr Mansfield, Pasadena Marialice Martin, Laredo Sharon Kay Martin, El Paso Marty Jo Mayo, Taft Kathleen Aubrey McCuistion, Beaumont Linda Jeanne Milburn, Odessa Doris Joan Miller, Dallas Nancy Eloise Moorhead, Austin Cynthia Jean Pierce, Midland Diana Hayes Reilly, Fort Worth Karen Judith Ruble, Fort Worth Jacqueline Scott, Raymondville Sandy Sue Shaw, Lufkin Sharon Ann Sibley, Abilene Susan Ann Sloan, Midland Warrie Lynn Smith, San Antonio Sarah Lee Sturgis, Laredo Mary Alice Swift, Houston Vicki Jo Taylor, Coleman Virginia Ann Teutsch, Dumas Sydney Thompson, Sherman Carole Frances Tice, Dallas Harriett Wier Van Gundy, San Marcos Henrietta Catherine Weaver, Donna Kathy Ann White, Midland Theo Nancy Wilkes, Austin Cherry Antoinette Windrum, Houston Andrea Patton Wood, San Antonio Linda Ellen Wright, Dallas Sandra Lea Wright, Bastrop Top Row: Acers, Archer, Bearden, Beasley. Second Row: Brannon, Burcham, B. Busby, D. Busby. ' , . ' . Row: C. Calkins, J. Calkins, Cockrell, Conway. Fourth Row: E. Cooper, M. Cooper, Cromack, Darl- ing. ' ; Row: Davis, Dawson, Dirks, Downs. Sixth Row: Faison, Ferguson, Fisch, M. Graham. Seventh Row: S. Graham, Hall, Hardie, Higgins. Eighth Row: Hilbun, Hogan, Hopkins, Janecek. Ninth Row: Jennings, A. Johnson, C. Johnson, Joiner. Tenth Row: J. Jones, Koch, Lawrence, Mannas. Eleventh Row: S. Martin, Mason, Maxwell, McCleary. Twelfth Row: McCrum, McCuistion, McNamara, Mil- burn. Thirteenth Row: Monk, Mouser, Musselman, Parker. Penelope Elizabeth Acers, Austin Carolyn Marie Archer, Austin Catherine Dallas Baxter, Austin Edith Ellen Beall, Nacogdoches Linda Louise Bocock, Corpus Christi Saundra Lois Boone, Fort Worth Martini Lucretia Brannon, Houston Barbara Carol Broesche, Houston Blaire Busby, San Antonio Carol Ann Calkins, Wichita Falls Judith Lee Calkins, Wichita Falls Nancy Elizabeth Callaway, Lufkin Joan Cockrell, San Antonio Nancy Lee Conner, Midland Sally Leigh Conway, San Antonio Margaret Keith Conwill, Bandera Earl Fae Cooper, San Antonio Marianne Cooper, Beaumont Virginia Ruth Graver, Texarkana Nancy Lind Cromack, Brownsville Betty Rush Cunningham, Fort Worth Jessica Royece Darling, Houston Rebecca Ruth Davis, Ballinger Carol Ann Dawson, Dallas Cecilia Camille Dehlinger, Abilene Mary Marsha Dingle, Freeport Susan Dunlap, Dallas Carol Ann Edmondson, Mathia Mabel Alicia Edwards, Fort Worth Mary Ann Faickney, Angleton Linda Jeane Faison, Texarkana Carole Sue Fisch, Crowell Vicki Carole Futhey, Corpus Christi Jessie Adele Gilmer, El Paso Mary Ella Graham, Odessa Rebecca Jo Hashop, Corsicana Cynthia Ann Hebert, Houston MEMBERS Alane Higgina, Austin Jay Dene Hill, Corsicana Mary Ethelyn Hill, Dallas Dorothy Ann Hogan, Dallas Virginia Kay Hopkins, Pampa Dorothy Jane Janecck, San Antonio Armead Howard Johnson, Waco Carol Ann Johnson, Abilene Janet Johnson, Corpus Christ! Carrie Patricia Joiner, Orange Alma Virginia Jones, Dallas Harriet Jane Jones, Abilene Jane Marcelle Jones, Pecos Carolyn Cage Kellam, Austin Judith Faye Klein, Austin Judith Faye Lawrence, Dallas Jerry Ann Lee, Greenville Gail Ann Mannas, Houston Elizabeth Ann Mason, Austin Mary Glenn Maxwell, Abilene Betty Gail Mayo, Taft Martha Clifford Mays, Austin Margaret Graham McCall, Victoria Carolyn Cay McCleary, Victoria Helen Suzanne McCrum, Dallas Martha Lee McKinley, Marlin Penelope Elizabeth McNamara, Houston Rose Marie Monk, Abilene Carolyn Poole Moore, Austin Mary Ann Mouser, Houston Jo Lynne Musselman, San Antonio Lori Ann Nichols, Houston Sharon Patricia O ' Shea, Houston Nancy Lynn Parker, Center Charlotte Kemp Patton, Houston Diane Elizabeth Phillips, Ozona Mary Carol Picket!, Fort Worth Frances Preston, Newgulf Alice Ann Rainey, Houston Terry Jean Real, Kerrville Mickey Reed, Austin Claire Elizabeth Richmond, Bryan Esther Mary Roberts, Dallas Mary Lou Roshton, Houston Mary Ada Rosson, Midland Cinda Sue Sands, Houston Betsy Martha Schwarz, Houston Ellen Elizabeth Sikes, San Angelo Carol Ann Sims, El Paso Geraldine Coleta Smith, Marshall Mary Katherine Smith, Houston Cynthia Dell Stolz, Houston Patricia Sue Sullivan, Fort Worth JuAnna Swank, Victoria Susan Elizabeth Swift, Houston Alice Gay Thames, Beaumont Betty Lou Thomson, Corpus Christi Jerry Lou Traughber, Corpus Christi Phyllis Vigna, Amarillo Martha Jane Wade, Orange Janet Gail Wallace, Austin Jayne Alice Wann, Dallas Edna Mabel Watts, Corpus Christi Judy Kathleen Wax, Houston Joan Weilbacher, San Antonio Katherine Kennedy Weston, Beaumont Mary Jo White, Austin Berta Nell Wilborn, Anahuac Sunny Wilkens, Houston Ann Louise Wilmer, Dallas Clelia Lisette Windrum, Houston Esperanza Linda Xintenes, San Antonio Top Row: Patton, Picket t. Pierce, Preston, Real, Richmond, Roberts, Gunvor Elisabeth Roman, Roshton, Ruble, Scolt, Shaw, Sibley, Sikes. Second Row: Sloan, G. Smith, M. Smith, W. Smith, Sturgis, Sullivan, Swank, M. Swift, S. Swift, Taylor, Teutsch, Thames, Thomp- son, Tice. Third Row: Traughber, Van Gundy, Vigna, Wade, Wann, Wax, Weaver, Weston, K. White, Wilborn, Wilkens, C. A. Windrum, Wood, L. Wright, S. Wright. Page 237 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Fall Spring GAIL GABRIEL President HELENA REBECCA FRENKIL MARY MANSON PULVER V ice-President PATRICIA WALLIS WRIGHT CAROLYN ANNE TULL Secretary BARBARA DIANNE HARRIS NANCY Lou SWIFT Treasurer . JAN JOPLING FALL MEMBERS Senior Junior MARY CATHERINE MEEKS Alpha Chi Omega EDDIE REBECCA MAXEY NANCY N. DILLON Alpha Delta Pi SUZANNE VAUGHAN HELENA REBECCA FRENKIL Alpha Epsilon Phi HELENA REBECCA FRENKIL GAIL GABRIEL Alpha Gamma Delta JANE MAURINE DUCKETT KATHLEEN CRAWFORD Alpha Omicron Pi NANCY KAY ROBB JANICE MARY CHADWELL Alpha Phi CAROL JANE EADS MARY ANNE EWING Alpha Xi Delta ALICIA ANTOINETTE TIEBER MARY MANSON PULVER Chi Omega SHARON SUE ROUNTREE JERRI TEEL CHRISTIAN Delta Delta Delta PATRICIA WALLIS WRIGHT GLENADINE RUSSELL Delta Gamma MARION DIANNE HOLBROOK KAREN SUE SCHNEIDER Delta Phi Epsilon ALEXIS JOAN BROWN CAROLYN ANNE TULL Delta Zeta SUZANNE MAUK JANE ANN LEACH Gamma Phi Beta BARBARA DIANNE HARRIS JANE FLAITZ Kappa Alpha Theta ETHEL LOWDON WILEY BOBBIE ANN HARPER Kappa Kappa Gamma JANE CAROLYN COWPER NANCY Lou SWIFT Phi Mu MADELEINE LORRAINE PEPPEL MARY JANE RILEY Pi Beta Phi JAN JOPLING LOYCE ANN KATZ Sigma Delta Tau MYRA HELENE FISHER MARY ELLA GRAHAM Zeta Tau Alpha CAROLYN CAGE KELLAM SPRING MEMBERS Senior Junior EDDIE REBECCA MAXEY Alpha Chi Omega JULIA ANN KUNZE SUZANNE VAUGHAN Alpha Delta Pi JUDY GAIL GILLESPIE HELENA REBECCA FRENKIL Alpha Epsilon Phi MAXINE ART JANE MAURINE DUCKETT Alpha Gamma Delta MARY EVELYN POTTER NANCY KAY ROBB Alpha Omicron Pi MARY Jo DELK CAROL JANE EADS Alpha Phi VANNA LEE JESSEN MARY ANNE EWING Alpha Xi Delta ALICIA ANTOINETTE TIEBER SHARON SUE ROUNTREE Chi Omega ELEANOR BANKSTON BEYEA PATRICIA WALLIS WRIGHT Delta Delta Delta DEBORAH ANNE BLANDY GLENADINE RUSSELL Delta Gamma MARION DIANNE HOLBROOK ALEXIS JOAN BROWN Delta Phi Epsilon Lois ILENE BELL SUZANNE MAUK Delta Zeta DIANA DALE HASKINSON BARBARA DIANNE HARRIS Gamma Phi Beta CAROL Lou CARLSON ETHEL JANE AUSTIN Kappa Alpha Theta JANE GOULD CORNICK JANE CAROLYN COWPER Kappa Kappa Gamma MARTHA LOVE BRINDLEY BENNIE JEAN CLINTON Phi Mu ELIZABETH LYONS DOREMUS JAN JOPLING Pi Beta Phi SUE COLGIN HOWELL LOYCE ANN KATZ Sigma Delta Tau MYRA HELENE FISHER CAROLYN CAGE KELLAM Zeta Tau Alpha BLAIRE BUSBY Page 238 LITTLE FIELD FOUNTAIN FRATERNITIES Edited by Wharton Cole r a ACACIA FACULTY HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE, Professor of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN Professor of Psychology HARRY L. KENT, JR., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering ARLIE RAY McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism DAVID SHANNON PRICE, Graphic Designer, Office of Advisor to University Publications JACK A. SCANLAN, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering G. STEELE, Director, Texas Union OFFICERS Fall Spring RONALD LEE TATHAM Venerable Dean RONALD LEE TATHAM JAMES GEORGE DRAWERT Senior Dean HOWARD REED YOWELL JOHNNIE JENE HERING Junior Dean JOHNNIE JENE HERING ROBERT JAMES LOWE Secretary HENRY HORACE HILL SHELTON WYLIE ROYCE Treasurer SHELTON WYLIE BOYCE SARA FRANCES TAYLOR, Housemother JUDY ANN WHITE, Alpha Phi, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES James Moyes Allen, Bay City Donald Roy Anthony, LaMarque Jerry Arthur Beck, Houston Roger Layne Brandt, Pasadena John Victor Cantrell, Dallas Ronnie Guy Carr, Crystal City Charles Franklin Cobb, Longview Jerry Michael Duddlesten, Jackson, Miss. George Wentworth Eiband, Crystal City Corwin Ray Fargason, Plainview Walter Martin Hall, Fort Worth John Patrick Halpin, Houston David Andrews Harris, Sweetwater Jesse David Harris. Jr., Lamesa Robert Brent Harris, Austin Rufus Fred Harris, Pettus John Randolph Heinen, New Braunfels Frank Cole Hoffer, Dallas Parris Homer Holmes. Rosenberg George Edward Joseph Allen Jennings, Pasadena Dennis Wayne Kile, Bellaire Thomas Dale Knight, Gruver Michael R. Lawless, Baytown Dudley Wayne Malone, Muleshoe William McMillan, III, Houston Harold Elwood Moore, Jr., Alexandria, Va. Robert B. Moses, Dallas William Monroe Nash, Houston Paul Page, Jr., Carthage James Andrew Pate, Santa Rosa, Calif. Douglas Campbell Postle, Houston George Alfred Ragle, Plainview Glenn Hamlink Ring. Houston Kenneth Alwyn Roberson, Petersburg David Edward Rupley, Fort Worth Ellis Lee Smith, Baytown Joseph Goodloe Sneed, Jr., Dumas James Irving Tims, Cleveland, Miss. Wolfe, Houston SPRING PLEDGE David C. Morgan, San Angelo Top Row: Allen, Anthony, Baird, Barker. Second Row: Beauchamp, Beck, Box, Boyce. Third Row: Brandt, Britton, Bruton, Cantrell. Fourth Row: Carr, Castor, Chappell, Cobb. Fifth Row: Craig, Crosby, Daltoo, Daniel. Sixth Row: Dodrill, Drawert, Duddlesten, Dunn. Seventh Row: Eiband, Entzminger, Fargason, Floyd. Eighth Row: Gibson, Graham, Griffin, Guetersloh. Ninth Row: Hall, Halpin, D. Harris, J. Harrii. Tenth Row: R. B. Harris, R. F. Harris, S. Harrii, Heard. Eleventh Row: Hering, Herrington, Hill, Hoffer. Twelfth Row: Holmes, Jennings, Justiss, Kile. Thirteenth Row: Knight, Lipscomb, Long, Lowe. Page 240 MEMBERS Alan Bruce Baird, Houston Barrett Harrison Barker, Abilene William Bryan Beauchamp, Goose Bay, Labrador Edward Donald Box, Fort Worth Shelton Wylie Boyce, Houston Charles Mark Britton, Corpus Christi Fred Nelson Bruton, Throckmorton Ralph Johnson Castor, Jr., Houston David Franklin Chappell, Fort Worth Jerry Mack Cox, Levelland Robert Maurice Craig, Houston Hugh Anthony Crosby, Kountze John William Dalton, Houston Thomas Morris Daniel, LaMarque William Lee Dodrill, Fort Worth James George Drawer!, Fort Worth David Aden Dunn, Orange Lindell Baker Entzminger, II, Houston Burtis Franklin Floyd, LaMarque James William Gibson, Dallas Doug Claude Graham, Plainview James Michael Griffin, Houston Ronnie Milton Guetersloh, Levelland Robert Michael Gump, Dallas Steve Wilson Harris, Austin Thomas Reginald Heard, Snyder Boyd Wayne Henry, Elgin Johnnie Jene Hering, McGregor Jack Owen Herrington, Clarksville Henry Horace Hill, McGregor Larry Glen Justiss, Mt. Pleasant Gregory Owen Lipscomb, Houston Lowell Edward Long, LaMarque Robert James Lowe, Houston Gerald Mack Machen, Breckenridge Charles Robert McConachie, Austin Stanley Clifton McDonald, Austin Alonzo Perry McWilliams, Plainview Michael Walter Merriman, Throckmorton James Colin Murphy, Austin Dwain Lawson Newman, Odessa Edwin Franklin Pierce, Plainview Floyd Wesley Richards, Jr., Amarillo Ronald Stephen Ripps, Las Vegas, Nev. Janes Owen Rush, Texas City Edwin Grant Scott, Dallas Frank Frosythe Smith, Jr., Amarillo Marion David Standridge, Teague Charles Leslie Stewart, Wills Point Ronald Lee Tatham, Levelland Daniel Adrian Taylor, Houston Donald Harrison Taylor, III, Houston Lowry Lamar Tims, Jr., Cleveland, Miss. Gary Owens Todd, Fort Worth James Madison Williams, Fort Worth Howard Reed Yowell, Dallas A C A C I A o lY Top Row: Machen, McConachie, McDonald, McMillan. Merriman, Moore, Moses, Nash, Newman, Page, Pierce, Ragle, Richards, Ring. Second Rota: Roberson, Rupley, Scott, E. Smith, F. Smith, Sneed, Standridge, Stewart, Tatham, D. H. Taylor, J. Tims, L. Tims, Williams, Yowell. Page 241 ALPHA EPSILON PI FACULTY JACK SPUND, Psychologist, Testing and Counseling Center OFFICERS Fall Spring JOE MAYER VICTOR Master ROBERT LAWRENCE LEBOW MICHAEL NORMAN GOODMAN First Lieutenant Master .... DAVID GUSTAV EPSTEIN ROBERT LAWRENCE LEBOW Second Lieutenant Master ROBERT PAUL PEREL RONALD MORTON SERBER Scribe DAVID GREENFIELD STUART FROST BAUM Exchequer SHELBY DAVID GOODMAN ESTER NORMAN, Housemother FALL Robert Alan Berry, Dallas Steven Craig Chodorow, Waco Murray Fred Colton, Dallas George Robert Friedman, Houston Gerald Robert Goodman, Houston James Gary Lempert. Port Lavaca Alan Ronald Leonard, Harlingen Stanley Marvin Levin, Texas City Joel Simon Lissauer, Dallas Frank Jon PLEDGES Gary Steven Markewich. Houston Robert Allen Miller, Houston Stanley Barnett Novy. Waco David Bernard Schneider, Texas City Lawrence David Schwartz, Dallas Norman Stanley Smith. Waco Benjamin Statman, Dallas Bernard Morris Stoller, San Antonio David Bernard Turkel, Houston Zuzak, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Benjamin David Rosenberg, El Paso Kenneth Yale Rosenzweig, Houston Top Row: Baum, Berry, Chodorow. Second Row: Colton, Dreyer, Epstein. Third Row: Fox, Friedman, G. Goodman. Fourth Row: J. Goodman, M. Goodman, S. Goodman. Fifth Row: Greenfield, Harris, Kapiloff. Sixth Row: Lebow, Lempert, Leonard. Seventh Row: Levin, Lissauer, Maicnon. Eighth Row: Markewich, Miller, Nathan. Math Row: Nodler, Novy, Radoff. Page 242 MEMBERS Stuart Frost Baum, San Antonio Sanders Guest Beckman, Houston Jerome Albert Bell, Houston Gerald Wayne Benson, Dallas Howard Paul Dreyer, Houston David Gustav Epstein, Temple Lawrence Sheldon Fischman, Austin Richard Alan Fogel, Dallas Philip David Fox, San Antonio Kenneth Roy Glaser, Dallas Jerry Kapner Goldberg, Houston Jacob Y. Goodman, Oil City, La. Michael Norman Goodman, Houston Shelby David Goodman, Houston David Greenfield, Temple Jerry Alan Harris. Waco Melvin Hoffman, Hillsboro David Phillip Kapiloff, Houston Jerome Michael Kopel, Dallas Robert Lawrence Lebow, Houston Michael London, Austin David Alan Ziegler, Houston Allan Jay Maierson, Houston Martin Robert Nathan, Houston Lee Aaron Nodler, Houston Robert Irving Nozick, Austin Robert Paul Perel, Victoria Henry Victor Radoff, Houston Stuart B. Robbins, Austin Abram Rosenberg, El Campo Ronald Morton Serber, San Antonio Edward M. Siegel, Dallas Erwin Robin Skibell, Dallas Gerald Robert Smith, Waco Irwin Harry Steinhorn, Houston Stanley Sutkin, San Antonio Donald Harry Swango, Dallas David Milton Taub, Houston Jerry Joe Taub, McAllen Joe Mayer Victor, Houston Warren Irving Weiss, Galveston Terry Paul Wizig, McAllen Lawrence Wayne Worth, Houston Top Row: Robbins, A. Rosenberg, Schneider, Schwartz, Serber, Statman, Stoller. Second Row; Sutkin, Swango, D. Taub, Turkel, Victor, Weiss, Worth, Ziegler, Zuzak. Page 243 ALPHA TAU OMEGA FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English W. PAGE KEETON, Dean, School of Law H. MALCOLM MACDONALD, Professor of Government ERNEST WINFIELD WALKER, Professor of Finance FRANK HARPER WARDLAW, Director, University Press OFFICERS Fall Spring EMMETT EDRINGTON MOORE Worthy Master ..... ' .. WILLIAM JAMES GALBREATH JOE DODSON CLAYTON Worthy Chaplain . . EDWARD GEORGE REYNOLDS, JR. WILLIAM ARTHUR TEAGUE Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer EMMETT EDRINGTON MOORE TIMOTHY HAYES SMITH Worthy Keeper of the Annals ROY BASCOM SMITH STEPHEN WITHROW JOHNSON Worthy Scribe . GEORGE WYDAHAM SMITH JESSIE STILES, Housemother Jasper Henry Arnold, Houston Merwin Gordon Beavers Jr., Austin Leslie Kurt Berkes, Houston Fredrick Joseph Boone, Houston Patrick Graham Cooper, Dallas Jack Martin Cox, Breckenridge John Henry Crooker, III, Houston Tolbert Marion Dalton, III, Dallas Jonathan Walter Davis, Dallas Wilfred James Dean, McAllen Joe Marion Dixon, Dallas Bill P. Dunham, Austin David Vernor Frederking, Houston William Howard Kendall, Dallas Joe Phillip McElhaney, Corpus Christi FALL PLEDGES Charles Wayne Melton, Houston Don Marshal Mills, Pampa David Michael Murray, Temple William Thornton Oliver, Refugio Russell Kennon Quin, Edinburg Charles Peyton Ripley, Mercedes James Mattison Seale, Beaumont Robert Clinton Smith, Dallas Vernard Grimes Solomon, Marshall Rudolph Harroll Stevens, Jr., Lake Jackson Roy Lee Truitt, Jr., Houston Gary Jay Vincent, Baytown John Amon Weaver, Snyder Dean A. White, Houston Wallace Bond Wilkinson, Jr., Dallas James Harrell Wilson, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Richard Douglas Blakney, Fort Worth Lee Richard Branum, Houston Ernest Melvin Coy, Bellville Robert Eugene Myers, Longview Top Row: Arnold, Barnett, Barr. Second Roio: Beavera, Bell, Boooe. Third Row: Boorman, Briggs, Cooper. Fourth Row: Gotham, Cox, T. Dalton. Fifth Row: E. Dais, J. W. Davis, Duggan. Sixth Row: Dunham, Figari, Frith. Srvrnth Row: Galbreath, Haines, Hennessey. Eighth Row: Herren, Johnson, Kendall. Kinth Rota: Knoi, Martin, McElhaney. Tenth Row: Melton, Mills, Moore. Page 244 MEMBERS Albert Donald Abbott, Houston Willis Sherman Adcock, Austin Fred Norman Ankenman, Houston William Thomas Archer, Brady John Bryan Barnett, Marlin Curtis Allen Barr, Houston James Harold Bell, Houston James Albert Boorman, III, Houston Lawrence Patrick Boyle, Austin Brooks Gayle Bradford, Angleton Clarence Vaughn Bray, Port Arthur Larry Bateman Briggs, Houston Carl Melvin Carter, Port Arthur John Sutton Calhoun, Houston Bubbard Scott Caven, Houston Joe Dodson Clayton, Tulia Thomas Wayne Cook, Edinburg Franklin H. Comiskey, Houston Christian Malford Cotham, San Antonio Charles Randolph Curson, Angleton Dewey Morrison Dalton, Dallas John L. Danner, Childress Edwin Theodore Davis, Baytown John Lindsey Davis, Austin James Wright Denison, Houston Robert F. Douds, Austin Arthur Alexander Duggan, Littlefield Thomas Alan Dyke, Houston Arthur Coleman Eads, Dallas Robert Dwain Fields, Edinburg Ernest E. Figari, Beaumont Hugh G. Frith, Childress Tommy Wayne Fleming, Childress William James Galbreath, Houston William Lyman Haines, Killeen Jay Henry Harris, Houston Peter John Hennessey, II, San Antonio Thomas Hood Herren, Houston James Barry Holton, Dallas Farrile S. Young, Jr., Houston Stephen Withrow Johnson, Dallas James Eric Kaindl, Dallas Victor Scott Kneese, Dallas Jack Caldwell Knox, Seymour James Frank Krivan, Uvalde Alonzo Leonard Lacey, Corpus Christ! Robert Harold Layman, San Juan Gordon David Martin, Beaumont Charles Oliver McBride, Houston Frank Douglas McMordie, Fort Worth Robert A. Miller, Dallas Emmett Edrington Moore, Dallas James Bertram Morris, Jr., Midland Emmett Leigh Morrison, Houston Gary Eugene Morrison, Austin Norman Francis Newton, McAllen James Stark Ostler, Dallas Joseph Stephen Penner, Freeport Edward Lee Pennington, Phillips James Ray Phillips, Angleton Robert Ray Poston, Austin Charles W. Price, Austin Louis Michael Ratliff, Littlefield Edward George Reynolds, McAllen Henry Philip Schaefer, Schulenburg Robert Rowland Schutz, McAllen Robert Perry Shapard, Dallas Wiley Joe Shaw, Troup George Wyndham Smith, Houston Jim Russell Smith, Houston Pliny Cleland Smith, Houston Roy Bascom Smith, McAllen Timothy Hayes Smith, AmariLlo James Ronald Stovall, Dallas Richard L. Stewart, Beaumont Phillip Mike Symons, San Antonio William Arthur Teague, Houston Thomas Tucker Toland, Dallas Warren Frank Tracy, Houston Top Row: Murray, Ostler, Phillips, Quin, Reynolds, Schaefer, Seale, C. Smith, R. C. Smith. Second Row: R. B. Smith, Solomon, Stovall, Toland, Tracy, Tru tt. Weaver, White, Wilkinson, Wilson. Page 245 BETA THETA PI " " ,1 -a- J. FACULTY CARSON McGuiRE, Professor of Educational Psychology THOMAS WHITEHEAD SHEFELMAN, Assistant Professor of Architecture JOE PARKER WITHERSPOON JR., Professor of Law OFFICERS Spring ROBERT STILES PATTERSON President JOHN CLARK HURST JOHN CLARK HURST First V ice-President EDGAR COVEY NASH, JR. STONEWALL JACKSON FISHER . . Second V ice-President . . RICHARD STAFFORD DONOGHUE JOEL STEPHEN BARBER Third Vice-President WILLIAM PATRICK McLEAN JOHN OLDRAHM DAVIS Treasurer JOHN OLDRAHM DAVIS ZULA LlGON. Housemother FALL PLEDGES Frederick Marcus Addington, Dallas Arthur Charles Ballard. Temple Charles Henry Bintliff. Texarkana William Jefferson Brock. Alice William Edward Burndrett. III. Dickinson Colin McCain Campbell. Dallas Joseph Alden Clarke. Lufkin John Cochran Frampton. Houston Norton Basset Hargis, Jr.. San Antonio Barry Jan Hruska. Waco James Lawrence Hull Jr.. Wichita Falls Edwin Clark Inglish. Dallas James Walter Jackson, Wichita Falls Milton Phillip Jenkins, Palestine Alfred Morse MacDaniel. San Antonio Edward Meador Montgomery, Palestine Charles Vaughn Patterson. Taylor Hugh Clinton Pendery. Dallas Robert Irving Pettis. Waco Carl Ray Polk, Lufkin Ronnie Stephen Smith, Tyler Robert Bruce Stuart. Dallas Malcolm Evans Wiltse, Henderson Jim Price Wise, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Stanley Francis Hupfeld, III. Dallas Percy Lawayne Isgitt, Houston Jim Conrad Lederer. San Antonio William Duncan Muir. Dickinson Top Row: Addington, Anderson, Atkinson. Second Row: Ballard, Barber, Baty. Third Row: Burndreit, C. Campbell, H. Campbell. Fourth Row: Clarke, Davenport, Disch. Fifth Row: English, S. Evans, Foster. Sixth Row: Hanover, Hargis, Harris. Seventh Row: Hicronymus, B. Hruska, L. Hruska. Eighth Row: Hull, Hurst, Inglish. Ninth Row: Jackson, Jenkins, Jordan. Tenth Row: Kirkman, Lane, LeFlore. Page 246 Andrew George Anderson, Jr., Houston Lawrence Fred Atkinson, Fort Worth Charles Black Aycock, Fort Worth Joel Stephen Barber, Houston Donald Eugene Baty, Houston Ronald Wayne Blake, Wichita, Kans. David Giller Cade, Jacksonville, Ind. Henry Villard Campbell, III, Lampasas Thomas Eugene Cook, III, Palestine James Ross Crawford, Austin David Thomas Davenport, Dallas John Oldrahm Davis, Lufkin Samuel Dotson Dibrell, Seguin William John Disch, III, Austin James William Dodson, Pittsburgh, Pa. Richard Stafford Donoghue, Houston James Simpson Dyer, Fort Worth Michael Thomas English, St. Louis, Mo. James Allen Evans, Fort Worth Samuel Hall Evans, Fort Worth Kenneth Wayne Ferguson, Waco Stonewall Jackson Fisher, San Antonio David Edwin Foster, Palestine John Funk, Houston MEMBERS Judson Curtis Gee, Houston William Gibson Hanover, Lufkin Joseph Wilmon Harris, San Antonio Hoppy Eric Heidelberg, Midland George James Hieronymus, Jr., Galveston Charles Antony Hotchkiss, Wichita Falls Leon Makkie Hruska, Waco John Clark Hurst, Lufkin Richard Larry Jordan, Austin John George Kirkman, Jr., Houston Marvin Thomas Kubin, Texas City Thomas Murray Kyger, Fort Worth Sam H ouston Lane, III, Fort Worth John Frederick LeFlore, San Antonio Robert Richard Lende, Summit, N.J. John Luther Lenker, Jr., New York, N.Y. Nathaniel Harris McClamrock, Shreveport, La. James Robert McKissick, Abilene Donald Harris McLaughlin, Houston William Patrick McLean, Ponce, Puerto jlico Benjamin Reagan McLemore, III, Longview Arthur Edwin Moers, Jr., Houston Joe Ed Morris, Jacksonville John Gordon Muir, Jr., Dickinson Edgar Covey Nash, Jr., Houston James William Norman, III, Austin Othell Walker Ogden, Andrews Michael Robertson Parker, Livingston Robert Stiles Patterson, Taylor Michael Reynolds Pearson, Dallas Ralph Ray Peterscn, Houston Alan Wade Pettis, Waco Edward Woolery Price, San Antonio Rufus Tate Ramsey, Houston Alvord Beretta Rutherford, San Antonio Richard Merle Scott, Wichita Falls John Kinsler Shaw, Austwell Lloyd Michael Shellhorn, San Antonio William Nick Sikes, Jacksboro Michael William Simpson, Tyler William Thomas Speller, Tyler John Allen Treadwell, San Angelo Kenneth Deen Starnes, Jr., Dallas John Damian Walz, Houston Desmond Allen White, Houston Jack Howard Wiggington, Jr., Houston Charles Michael Zeeck, Wichita Falls f . " - Top Row: McLemore, Moers, Montgomery, Morris, Muir, Nash, C. Patterson, R. Patterson, A. Petti . Second Row; R. Pettis, Scott, Shellhorn, Simpson, Stuart, Treadwell, Walz, White, Wigginton, WJltse. Page 247 ft fc A % FgnMH _ CHI PHI FACULTY JAMES PERRY BRYAN, Board of Regents of The University of Texas OFFICERS Fall Spring WILLIAM CALVIN ROYLE Alpha JOHN LEONARD CARLSON JOSEPH MILLER KENWORTHY, III .... Beta CRESTON HENRY FUNK, JR. MICHAEL ADSIT SCOTT Gamma WINSTON KEITH SETZER JERRY MAC DUNAGAN Delta JOHN MARKHAM GREEN STEPHEN LEE SCHEFFE Epsilon JIM BOB HODGE PATSY ANN GARDNER WELCH, Housemother CAROL Lou CARLSON, Gamma Phi Beta, Sweetheart PLEDGES Russell Lee Allen, Dallas James Franklin Atteberry, Fort Worth Richard Stuart Barr, Austin Ludy Thompson Benjamin, Jr., League City Charles Oliver Buckner, Houston Robert Charles Cole, San Antonio Michael Kyle Fagin, Austin William Edwin Hall, Dallas Barry Lynn Harrell, Houston Kenneth Lynn Heider, Corpus Christi William Grant Hilburn, Jr.. Austin Jim Bob Hodge, Amarillo William Thomas Hooper, III, Austin Richard Marvin Ivy, San Antonio Bureson Bink Williams, Joseph Marco Lostracco. Angleton William Terrell Love, Del Rio Vernon Marshall Mabry, Houston Paul Joseph Maddison, II, Houston James Robert Martin, Dallas Charles James Moses, West Richard James Perrone, Austin Terry Walter Peterson. Houston Samuel Potter, Jr., Dallas James Richard Reinauer, Hereford James Reid Sharpless, Baytown Thomas Hall Thompson, Dallas Edward Anthony Verner, Houston Jimmy Rhea Walker, Austin Jr., Smithville Top Row: Ager, Atteberry, Ball. Second Row: Balthrop, Barr, Benjamin. Third Row: Bishop, Brecht, Buckner. Fourth Row: Butler, Campbell, Carlson. Fifth Row: Coldwell, Cole, Dilworth. Sixth Row: Dunagan, Fagin, Terrell. Seventh Row: Funk, Gibbs, Green. Eighth Row: Hall, Harrell, Heider. Ninth Row: Hilburn, Hodge, Hooper. Tenth Row: Ivy, Kenworthy, Koth. Eleventh Row: Lostracco, Love, Mabry. Page 248 MEMBERS Roger Quentin Ager, Liberty Jack Johnson Ball, Fort Worth Granville Harold Balthrop, Dickenson Thomas Armistead Bishop, Uvalde Douglas Arrington Boyd, Panhandle Robert Hunt Bowman, Baytown Howard David Brecht, Fort Worth Russell Gladwin Burwell, Stephenville Lawrence Ford Butler. Fort Worth Darryl Glenn Campbell, Arlington John Leonard Carlson, Fort Worth Colbert Nathaniel Coldwell. El Paso Collett Broyles Dil worth, Jr., Austin Jerry Mac Dunagan, Midland James Ervin Dunaway, Houston Jack Earl Ferrell. Dallas Creston Henry Funk. Jr., San Antonio Eugene Austin Gibbs, Lufkin John Markham Green. Dallas Joseph Miller Kenworthy, III, Dallas John Brett Kieffer, Omaha, Nebr. Joseph William Kosh. Hempstead William Worley Lace, Fort Worth Thomas Cope Newman, Fort Worth James Boswell Newton. Jr., Rockdale Hal Corbin Normand, Jr.. Fort Worth Charles Edward Oltorf, Marlin John Thurmond Payne, Houston Lewis Forsythe Pennock, Austin Joseph Houston Rentz, Houston William Calvin Royle, Lufkin Stephen Lee Scheffe, Houston Michael Adsit Scott, Midland Winston Keith Setzer, N-ederland Robert Clinton Siddons, Austin John Howard Sucke. Ill, Austin William Fredrick Wallace. Houston James Walter Ward, Dickenson Herbert Armstrong Wells, III, Dickenson Laban W. Wingert, Elmira. N. Y. Top Rote: Martin, Mosee, Newton, Normand Oltorf, Payne, Pennock, Perrone, Peterson, Potter, Reinauer, Rentz, Royle. Second Koto: Scheffe, Scott, Selzer, Sharpie!!, Siddons, Sucke, Thompson, Verncr, Wallace, Walker. Ward, Williams, Winger!. Page 249 DELTA CHI OFFICERS Fall Spring RICHARD LEONARD CORSO A GARY HOWARD MAYER DONALD C. AHNGER B BRYAN IRVIN FUGATE W. ALLAN CRAIG C ELVIN BURNETT PIPPERT, JR. JAMES HARRY Ross D ALAN NEIL KIPNIS GARY HOWARD MAYER E MICHAEL Luis RACHLIN ROXIE MOORE, Housemother SUZANNE SENEVEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sweetheart PLEDGES James Roy Butler. Seymour Paul Joseph Giddens, Cleveland Heights, Orfio Johnny F. Harrell, Jr., Wichita. Kans. Wayne Wesley Hill, Fort Worth Warren Davis Jinks, Dallas Augustus Chester Ludlam, III, Wichita Falls Carl Duffield Mclver, Austin Charles Morgan Pearre, III. Weslaco Elvin Burnett Pippert. Jr., Houston Michael Luis Rachlin. Austin George Buell Shepherd. Austin John L. Tolleson, Sisterdale James Arista Young, Houston Anwar George Zraikat, El Paso Top Row: Ahnger, Baldwin. Second Row: Butler, Corso. Third Row: Craig, FrancU. Fourth Row: Giddens, Gustafeon. ' ; , Row: Harrell, Hill. Sixth Row: Joseph Kipnii. Seventh Row: Ludlam, Lynn. Eighth Row: Mayer, Mclver. Pate 250 MEMBERS Donald C. Ahnger, Spring Valley, 111. Frank L. Baldwin, Jr., Ingleside Richard Leonard Corso, Houston W. Allan Craig, Houston Herbert E. Evans, Fort Worth Walter Clyde Francis, Paris Bryan Irvin Fugate, Kingsville Robert Gilmore Gaskins, Lakewood, Ohio Charles Richard Gustafson, Houston Lawrence Anthony Joseph, Jr., Burbank, Calif. Alan Neil Kipnis, El Paso Doyle Darwin Knight, Abilene Sherwood C. Lynn, West Columbia Gary Howard Mayer, Houston Otis L. Parchman, Luling James Harry Ross, Corpus Christi David St. Clair, Seymour John Franklin Weeks, Austin Michael A. Wiley, Dallas Left to Right: Pearre, Pipptrt, Rachlin, Ross, St. Clair, Wiley, Young, Zraikat. Page 251 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON an FACULTY WILMER LAWSON ALLISON, Tennis Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics DANA XENOPHON BIBLE. Athletic Director Emeritus, Intercollegiate Athletics THOMAS P. HARRISON, Professor of English JOHN STEPHENSON LUDLAM, Lecturer in Marketing Administration OFFICER fall Spring MARK EDWARD TREDENNICK . . . Housemanager . . . MARK EDWARD TREDENNICK SAMMIE B. FARRIER, Housemother FALL PLEDGES James Stanley Ardrey. Dallas William D. Bray. Austin David Carruth. Dallas Raymond Holton Cook, Baytown David Kelley Coonrod, Austin Platt Walker Davis, III, Houston Carl Russell Faught, Houston Edward Scott Fehr. Austin Guy Cade Fisher. Jasper William Elton Fitch, Houston John Longan Hauer, Jr., Dallas Charles M. Hibbetts, Austin Edward Sherwood Johnson, Belton Robert Horace Kern, III, McAllen Charles Victor Manes, Washington, D. C. Dan Leonard McClean, Houston James McManus. Jr., San Angelo Jon Michael Millington, Nixon William Bart Pate, Alpine Robert Michael Peoples, Austin James Anderson Ray, Houston Burtis Stephen Rice, Jasper Dan Bernard Roach, Houston Barry A. Rose, Houston Michael Siebenhuner, Wutzburg, West Germany David Brian Stanley. McLean. Va. Ronald Edwin Tigner, San Antonio John Underbill Tonetti, Fort Worth James Daryl Verbois, Jr., Houston George Vernez, Yuerdon, Switzerland George M. Waggoner, Deer Park Lawrence Riley Williams, Graham Mark Crawford Wilson. Beaumont SPRING PLEDGE Joseph Martin Conely, Galveston Top Row: Arbaugh, Ardrey, Becker. Second Row: Berly, Boykin, Bryson. Third Row: Carruth, Casey, Cauthorn. Fourth Row: Cook, Cowan, Cox. Fifth Row: Daniel, Faught, Finley. Sixth Rom: C. Fisher, Fitch, Griggs. Seventh Row: Hancock, Haragan, Harrison. Eighth Row: Hibbetts, Howard, Hutchison. Ninth Row: Johnson, C. Jones, C. Jones. I ' inli Row: Kamrath, Kern, Knight. Eleventh Row: Koerner, Logan, McClean. Page 252 George Edward Allison, Jasper Charles Houston Arbaugh, Sweetwater Richard Arthur Becker, Abilene Patrick C. Bellamy, Houston James Frank Berly, III, Houston Edward Marshall Boykin, Abilene Thomas Lee Boyle, Dallas Andrew Jackson Bratton, Barksdale A.F.B., La. Glen Vick Brown, Dallas Jeff Bell Bryson, Corpus Christi Shelby Tim Casey, San Antonio Tommy Drew Cauthorn, Del Rio Don Merle Cooper, Port Neches George Michael Cowan, Galveston John Y. Cox, Mexia Wynne L. Creekmore, Jr., Houston Britt Talley Daniel, Temple Mark Hanna Finley, Austin John Clark Fisher, Jasper Joseph Jefferson Fisher, Jasper Wade Garney Griggs, Jasper S. Tevis Grinstead, Houston Phillip Diggs Gully, Jr., Corpus Christi Lee Everette Hancock, Jasper Patrick William Haragan, Houston Charles Denson Harrison, Austin MEMBERS Byron Wilson Hodge, Del Rio James Fred Hofheinz, Houston Robert Morris Howard, Irving Thomas Raymond Hurst, Houston John A. Hutchison, III, Abilene William David Jenson, Austin Gary McCall Jones, Houston Dan Pearson Jones, Austin Gary Thornton Jones, Houston John Robert Kamrath, Houston Charles William Keller, Austin Carl Baker King, Houston Bruce Reed Knapp, Austin Frank Joseph Knapp, Jr., Houston Robert Edward Knight, Odessa Gustavus A. Koerner, Houston John Wiley Link, Houston Mickey Jim Logan, Austin Marion Embree McDaniel, Jr., Houston William Henry Moody, Del Rio Rodney Woods O ' Rourke, Houston Dabney Glen Park, Jr., Houston John Woodrow Pate, Alpine John Brock Pevateaux, Houston Frank Marion Putman, Jr., Houston James Hogg Rogers, Austin Millard Gordon Rountree, Jr., Waco Dan William Ryan, Galveston James Henry Sayles, Abilene Charles Davis Scarborough, Abilene Thomas Perry Scott, Coleman Andrew J. K. Smith, Houston Albert Harrison Stafford, III, Edna Carl Joseph Stephanow, Houston Malcolm Boyd Street, Graham Dunklin A. Sullivan, Centerville Bruce Cameron Taylor, Dallas James Owen Taylor, III, Del Rio J. Robert Taylor, Houston John Thomas Thorngren, Austin John Garrett Treanor, Abilene Mark Edward Tredennick, Meriden, Conn. Philip Coy Walden, Long Beach, Calif. John Ernest Walker, Galveston Jim Albert Watson, Rotan Woodrow Wilson Weir, Moab, Utah Richard Samuel Williams, Pecos Joseph Bruce Willis, El Campo Henry K. Woodward, Del Rio James Michael Woolen, Houston Robert William Wuest, Seguin Top Row: McManus, Park, J. Pate, W. Pate, Peoples, Pevateaux, Ray, Rice, Roach, Ryan, Scarborough, Siebenhuner. Second Row: Stafford, Stanley, Street, Tigner, Tonetti, Tredennick, Verbois, Vernez, Waggoner, L. Williams, R. Williams, Woolen. Page 253 DELTA SIGMA PHI C FACULTY JAMES OLIVER BRAEUTIGAM, Assistant Manager Men ' s Residence Halls OFFICERS Fall Spring PATRICK WARD CAMPBELL President PATRICK WARD CAMPBELL RONALD BUFORD PRUITT V ice-President RONALD BUFORD PRUITT JAMES BYRON ROBB Secretary JAMES BYRON ROBB DENNIS PETER TISHLIAS Treasurer DENNIS PETER TISHLIAS JAMES MCCOLLEM BOLDING Sergeant-at-Arms JAMES McCoLLEM BOLDING VERA ALLEN, Housemother CHARM AYNE MARSH, Alpha Phi, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Earl Joseph Bergeron, Galveston Thurston Joseph Bland, III, Austin Michael C. Byrd, Seguin Donald Anthony Cole, Austin George Doyle Cole, Austin Darrell Jeri Edwards, Marshall Charles Evan Gustof, Floresville William L. V. Hale, II, Austin William Bentley Hitchcock, III, Washington, D. C. Lloyd Marshall ' Jard, Houston Terry J. Kivlin, Austin Richard Cullen Noble, Houston William Peter Oppel, Pasadena David Stewart Taylor, Houston Henry Larry Wernli, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Terry Lynn Bond, Freeport Thomas Everett Foyt. Mumford Daniel Edward Herron. Houston Jerry Randell Hill, Austin George Gus Lowrance, San Antonio Jeffrey Neal McDonald, Austin John Albert McLean, Jr., Laredo Jerry Michael Patterson, Lamesa Top Row: Bell, Bergeron. Second Row: Blair, D. Blind. Third Row: T. Bland, Byrd. Fourth Row: Davis, Edwarda. fifth Row: Hau, Hale. Sixth Row: Hitchcock, Jard. Seventh Row: McAfee, McElvogue. Eighth Row: Moore, Noble. Page 254 Henry Newton Bell, HI, Bastrop Harold Roy Bentley, Austin Bobby J. Blair, Austin David George Bland, Jr., Austin James McCollem Bolding, Athens Bill W. Bownds, Lubbock Patrick Ward Campbell, Paducah Aubrey Ronald Cartlidge, Austin Bernie Rodney Davis, Paducah James Wesley Haas, Jr., Stamford Robert Lee Henderson, Mercedes Wesley Hardy Hocker, Portland George Lloyd Huffman, Marshall Frederic Lawrence Hurd, Spartanburg, N. James Guidry Jeter, Marshall Robert Wayne LaBounty, Austin Harvey Edward Little, Winters Paul Randell Maddock, Fort Worth William L. Mathes, Crane MEMBERS Jimmy Joseph McAfee, Houston Ronald Edward McElvogue, Marshall James Wilbern Moore, Alvin Edward Charles Nytko, Chicago, 111. Calvin Chapman Owens, Medford Lakes, N. J. John Wesley Paul, Dickinson Triomas Irving Pearl, Upper Saddle River, N. J. Ronald Buford Pruitt, Austin Harry Dan Reed, Austin Christopher Michael Rehder, Austin James Byron Robb, Dallas Ernest Vinson Scheihagen, El Paso William Benton Sullivant, Gainesville C. Terry Ralph Tippit, Austin Dennis Peter Tishlias, Dallas Samuel Franklin Vale, Rio Grande City Clinton Ray Werner, San Antonio Robert James Whitmey, Austin Arlan Claude Woods, Gladewater William Mellville Zehner, Fort Worth Left to Right: Oppel, Paul, Robb, Scheihagen, Tippit, Tishlias, Werner, Wernli, Zehner. Page 255 DELTA TAU DELTA FACULTY KENT WHEELER KENNAN, Professor of Music OFFICERS Spring SAMUEL CHARLES GIESEY, JR. ... President CHARLES STEVENSON LEEPER NORMAN ARTHUR BOYD Vice-President WILLIAM JAMES SMITH JOHN HARVEY HUDSPETH Treasurer JOHN HARVEY HUDSPETH PHILLIP ALLEN LEONARD Corresponding Secretary LLOYD WILLIS BIRDWELL, JR. PETER MICHAEL LOWRY . . . Recording Secretary .... KEITH BERNARD REED, JR. SOPHIA DNEPROFF, Housemother Fall FALL PLEDGES Bud E. Alldredge, Sweetwater Howard Amason Allen, Roswell, N. Mex. Girvice Ward Archer, Jr., Kerrville Robert Clayton Baldwin, Austin Ronald Davis Bandy, Lubbock Carroll Stanley Barbour, Cotulla Edward Ralph Barren, Austin Barney William Bray, III, Paris Richard Neal Buchanan, Paris William Dan Burleson, Killeen Stephen Leroy Carter, Amarillo John Robert Cone, Lubbock Thomas Trimble Currie, Jr., Houston Don Clifford Davis, Amarillo John Jay Driscoll, Jr., Galveston Leon Elton Ferrell. Rankin George Gates Fowler, Jr., Bartlett Samuel Russell Graham, Austin James Booker Graves, Austin Rodney Meredith Green, Austin Billy Roy Gulledge, San Marcos Roy Maxwell Hall, Jr., Newark, Del. Darrell Hughes Hamric, Dallas Allison Gale Hasselmeier, Galveston John Alexander Willoughby, William Ward Herries, Dallas Bernard Ray Hollenshead, Hillsboro William Bade Ingram, Midland Robert Charles Ittner, Midland Daniel Ray Lazicki, Austin Walter Robert Leeper, Midland John Landrum Loftis, III, Houston Fred Welch Lowe, Waco Donald Porter Mayborn, Dallas Thomas Michael Mays, Grand Prairie Michael George McCollum, Dallas William Eugene Mitchell, Houston Richard Raymond Peterson, Austin Roy Edward Pfiester, Jr., Fort Stockton John Quinn Rounsaville, Jr., Dallas Bruce Monarch Smith, Jr., Harlingen David -Patterson Smith, Amarillo Gerry Allan Solcher, San Antonio George Myron Spear, Bakersfield, Calif. Edward Cramon Stanton, Houston Diron Vester Talbert, Texas City James Richard Watts, San Antonio Ronald David Weaks, Stamford William Frederick Weissert, Dallas III, Abilene George Madison Berry, Austin John Conner Emerson, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Neil Hugh McLaurin, Port Arthur Michael John Fourticq, Houston Robert Stephen Hillis, Tyler Top Row: H. Alien, Anderson, Archer, Barbour. Second Row: Birdwell, Bradley, Bradshaw, B. Bray. Third Row: Bryson, Buchanan, Burleson, Carter. Fourth Row: Cochran, Davis, Dietz, Evans. Fifth Row: Ferrell, Fowler, Gamblin, Gieser. Sixth Row: S. Graham, W. Gross, Gulledge, Hamric. Seventh Row: Hardy, Hasselmeier, Herd, Herries. Eighth Row: Higgles, Hollenshead, Hudspeth, Hughes. Ninth Row: Hunter, Ingram, Ittner, A. Jones. Tenth Row: Keasler, Krieger, Lawson, Lee. Eleventh Row: W. Leeper, Leonard, Loftii, Lowe. Twelfth Row: Lucas, Mayborn, Mays, Mimi. Thirteenth Row: Moseley, Nunneley, Odam. Pfiester. Page 256 Richard Wayne Allen, Austin Thomas Richard Anderson, Port Lavaca Richard C. Barnes, Dublin Kindell Wayne Bates, Stamford Phillip Foster Benson, San Antonio Lloyd Willis Birdwell, Jr., Dallas Norman Arthur Boyd, Houston James Howard Bradley, Jr., Hereford Reagan Franklin Bradshaw, Lufkin William Terry Bray, Austin Thomas Wilder Brown, Galveston Barry Lee Bryson, Houston Otis Fielding Cochran, Stamford Paul David Constantine, Waco Michal Barry Gotten, Austin Dan Murchison Craddock, Dallas Preston Gary Craig, Austin Charles W. Cromwell, Stamford John W. Dietz, Waco Robert W. Dowd, Austin Michael Ray Eledge, Austin Gerald Monty Evans, Houston Bobby Frank Gamblin, Stamford Samuel Charles Giesey, Jr., Midland Leon Norrod Graham, Austin Terry Duion Gross, Galveston William Dudley Gross, Austin James Virgil Hammett, Jr., Lampasas Judson James Hardy, Galena Park Edwin S. Harris, Waxahachie Harvey Tevis. Herd, Midland Patrick 0. Higgins, Austin MEMBERS Jon Michael Hill, Houston Michael John Hinton, Amarillo John Harvey Hudspeth, Atlanta Richard Ellsworth Huffman, Austin John Desmond Hughes, Houston Robert C. Hunter, Abilene Richard Wealdey Ince, Austin Ronald Gene Jackson, Austin John Holmes Jenkins, Beaumont Alfred Blakley Jones, Jr., Hallsville Herbert Ray Jones, Midland George Walter Jordan, Corpus Christ! William Carroll Keach, Robstown Michael Edward Keasler, Grand Prairie Richard Page Keeton, Austin Byron David Kingrae, Springtown Ralph Edd Krieger, Abilene Lamar Eugene Lawson, Port Arthur William Ellisworth Lee, Houston Charles Stevenson Leeper, Midland Phillip Allen Leonard, San Antonio Peter Michael Lowry, Austin Charles Michael Lucas, Houston James Donald Mayo, Taft Melberne Dale McGill, Houston Robert Hicks Mclntyre, Austin James Luther Mims, San Antonio Walter S. Moseley, Jr., Ralston, Nebr. John L. Murchison, Waco James Morris Muse, Paris James N. Newberry, Levelland David Dean Nunneley, Midland John William Odam, Abilene Robert Earl Penn, Midland Ned Price, Jr., Austin Stephen Walker Radford, Texas City Keith Bernard Reed, Jr., Dallas Curtis Ray Rivers, Dallas Robert Alan Ross, Austin Jan S. Roush, Houston William Crocker St. Clair, Midland Marion Sanford, Jr., Lubbock Lawrence Shannon Smith, Dallas William James Smith, Sacramento David Michael South, Midland Joseph Campbell Sparks, Austin Samuel Sparks, Austin Stephen Maurice Stack, Midland Stephen H. Suttle, Uvalde Richard Hylton Sutton, Jr., Dallas Charles Dan Talbert, Texas City Clarence Albert Tatum, Dallas Michael Rayburn Thompson, Roswell, N. Mex. Courtney Mack Townsend, Paris Robert A. Venable, Amarillo Joe Bill Watkins, Llano Robert Graham Watts, San Antonio Leo Horace White, Jr., Austin David Neal Winkles, Abilene James Harbert Wooten, III, Columbus Robert I .outturn Wynne, Houston Tommy E. York, Amarillo IT . Top Rota: Price, Reed, Rirers, Ross, Rounsaville, St. Clair, D. Smith, W. Smith, Solcher, South, J. Sparks. Second Rota: Spear, Sutton, Thompson, Watkins, J. Watts, R. Watts, Weaks, Weissert, White, Willoughby, Winkles, Wooten, York. Page 257 DELTA UPSILON FACULTY CHARLES T. CLARK, Associate Professor of Business Statistics KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology PARKER CLINTON FIELDER, Professor of Law BENJAMIN HOWARD HIGGINS, Professor of Economics R. GOMMEL RoESSNER, Professor of Architecture DARRELL K.. ROYAL, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics KORNELIUS J. WALRAVEN, Assistant Professor of Finance OFFICERS Fall Spring EDGAR DANIEL BAILEY President KING COLVILIE HOERMANN ROBERT DEAN EARP V ice-President EDGAR ALLEN MILLER JIMMY LAWSON STEVENS Treasurer THOMAS WESTBROOK GLASS JAMES QUAY SNELL Secretary TIMOTHY DRATH HEINS JOHN MACK ORR Chapter Relations GLENN CURTISS MCADAMS MRS. J. D. BELTON, Housemother FALL PLEDGES John Young Allen, Houston Robert Middleton Askew, Amarillo Sam Clyde Barnard, Dallas Cheevers Moran Barry, III, Dallas Ronald Lynn Burke, Amarillo Richard Nye Butler, Rusk Melvin Wayne Cooper, Lockney James William Evans, III, Sherman Joseph Edwin Grace, Brazoria William Webster Green, Amarillo Homer Allen Hill, Jr.. Amarillo Andy Jacobsen, Jr., Austin Albert Owen Killingsworth, Dallas Robert Earl Luna, Garland Gary Lee Ratliff, El Paso Keith Edward Regnier, San Antonio Philip Ray Ruzicka, Dallas Stanley Alton Shaw, Austin Barry Snell, San Antonio Robert Alan Williams, Alva. Okla. SPRING PLEDGES John Richardson Allen, San Antonio William Clyde Groves, New Orleans, La. Lee Haynes Mathews, Lufkin Forrest Calvin Roan, Jr., Austin Randy Roy Shope, Waco Top Rote: J. Y. Allen, Barnard, Barry. Second Row: Behrens, Burke, Butler. Third Knv: C. Carr, J. Carr, Charleta. Fourth Row: Cooper, Craft, Earp. f it ' h Row: Glaii, Harwell, Heflln. Sink Row: Helm, Hill, Hunt. Seventh Row: Jacobaen, Larson, Luna. Eighth Row: Mann, Mi-Adams, McMahan. Ninth Row: McN.ry, Miller, Mitchell. Page 258 MEMBERS Edgar Daniel Bailey, Rusk Charles Byron Behrens, Houston David Henry Bell, Houston Charles Dickey Carr, Dallas Julliard Vernet Carr, Jr., Dallas Philip Calvin Cezeaux, Humble William Addis Charless, Jr.. Amarillo Robert Lee Collier, Driftwood David T. Connally, San Angelo James Albert Cox, Jr., Longview Randal Robert Craft, Jr., Garland Robert Dean Earp, El Paso Larry Jack Edgeman, Odessa Charles Marshall Finney, Dallas Donald Michael Gerrard, Cisco Henry Oren Getchell, Silsbee Thomas Westbrook Glass, Ode ssa John David Grissett, Midland Bruce Stone Haggerty, Warwickneck, R. I. Donald William Haley, Davenport, Iowa Joe David Haralson, Wichita Falls Anthony Lee Harwell, Houston James Alan Haynes, Tyler Dennis Garfield Heflin, III, Houston Timothy Drath Heins, Dallas King Colville Hoermann, Seguin Eugene Lewis Hunt, Dallas Eldon Lewis Jones, Houston Harold Glenn Jones, Jr., Abilene Gerald Bevan Larson, Dallas Gary Leland Levering, Oceanside, N. Y. James David Mann, Amarillo Glenn Curtiss McAdams, Jr., Gordonville David Cecil McMahan, Garland William Houston McNary, Midland Edgar Allen Miller, Dallas Michael George Mitchell, Austin John Mack Orr, Dallas Norman Dean Oswald, Dallas Thomas William Prescott, Jr., Anahuac Donald Ray Redman, Burkburnett Van Worth Robinson, Tyler Jack Lee Royal, San Antonio Robert Thomas Ryan, Seguin Charles Robert Seaver, III, Austin Vernon Lee Shelton, San Antonio Marshal McWilliams Smylie, Dallas James Quay Snell, Houston Sterling Norman Sorrell, Laredo Jimmy Lawson Stevens, Amarillo Walter Grenville Tibbitts, Dallas Lahroy Alward White, Jr., Amarillo Sidney Lynn Williams, Amarillo Randolph Clark Zuber, Amarillo Tap Rote: Orr, Hntliff, Redman, Regnier, Ruziclci, Shaw. Second Row: Smylie, B. Soell, Stevens, Tibbitts, White, R. Williams, Zuber. Page 259 A KAPPA ALPHA FACULTY CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Supervisor, Track Program DANIEL A. PENICK, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages, Tennis Coach Emeritus JOSEPH ROYALL SMILEY, President of the Main University OFFICERS Fall Spring FRANK AVERY MITCHELL, III JAMES LEEPER HAWLEY, JR. EDWARD BRADFORD PICKETT JOE MURRAY BAILEY WILLIAM GEORGE WILSON JOHN WILLIAM HARRIS, JR. JOHN WILLIAM HARRIS, JR IV ROBERT FLEMING SEE, JR. JOHN SINCLAIR HARTMAN V JAMES EDGAR GOODNIGHT DOROTHY WORRELL COM . Housemother BEVERLY JEAN CHILDRESS, Chi Omega, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Barry Alan Applewhite, Fort Worth Richard Jewett Asel, Austin Douglas Burleson Basey, Austin Robert Lawrence Beckham, Robstown John David Bell, Dallas Don Clayton Chapell, Dallas Mark Wade Choate, II, Richardson Walter Louis Cook, Jr., Atlanta Clyde Carlton Copeland, Jr., Mineral Wells John Howard Dean, San Antonio Jay Howard Dinwiddie, Houston Durwood Keith Dodson, Honey Grove Rickey Don Eschman, San Angelo Robert W. Fain, Dallas David Cobble Francis, Austin Emmet Reid Galbreth, II, Sherman Don Michael Camel, Fort Worth Don Wendel Carrett, Grand Prairie Charles Rea Gordon, Houston Thomas Stephen Graham, Austin Phillip Leon Harris, San Antonio Donald Whitesell Hartman, Silsbee Richard Bailey Hearne, Dallas Churchill Wiley Jones, Marlin Guilford L. Jones, Big Spring John Paul Jones, San Antonio Robert Vance Lebkowsky, Big Spring Ronald O. Luster, Harlingen Phillip H. Mabry, Austin John Mullis Maresh, Houston Donald Leigh Markette, San Antonio Thomas Alonzo Martin, III, Austin William Ernest McBroom, Jr., Vernon Karlan Michael McKay, Dallas William W. Merrell, LaMarque Richard Glen Miller, Dallas Denman Moody, Jr., Houston Kit Arthur Nienhueser, San Antonio Joe Christopher Rude, III, Austin Todd Witherspoon Slaughter, Memphis, Tenn. James Robert Smith, Dallas Grady Kent Stowe, Vernon David Lewis Webb, Odessa SPRING PLEDGES Jimmy Don Gerganess, Grand Prairie Maurice Leon Oliver, Vernon Top Rim : Applewhite, Ascl, Bailey, Ballew. Second Row: Barrier, Beckham, J. Bell, Brandenburg. Third Row: Bridges, Bruns, Byrd, Campbell. Fourth Row: Carr, I. Case, Chapell, Choate. Fifth Row: A. Coffey, J. Coffey, Cook, Copcland. Sixth Row: Cresswcll, Dean, Dickinson, Dinwiddie. Seventh Row: Dodson, Eschman, Fain, Fielder. Eighth Row: Francis, French, Galbreth. Camel. Ninth Row: Carrctt, Gordon, Goodnight, Graham. Tenth Row: Gumm, Hall, Hanson, J. Harris. Eleventh Row: D. Hartman, J. Hartman, Harvey, Hearne. Twelfth Row: Herring, Hightower, Howze, C. Jones. Page 260 Ralph Williamson Alspaugh, San Antonio Clifford Atkinson, III, Houston Joe Murray Bailey, Austin Dawson Dwayne Ballew, Dallas Alvis Layton Barrier, Mineral Wells Francis Folsom Bell, Dallas Malcolm James Bell, Jr., Houston Allen Eugene Brandenburg, Dallas Joe Mack Bridges, Sundown Joseph Henry Bruns, Austin Clifton Byrd, Jr., Houston Charles Harvey Campbell, Seguin Richard Pendleton Carr, Jr., San Antonio George Dewar Case, San Antonio James Howard Case, Dallas George Edward Clark, Breckenridge Alan Eugene Coffey, Dallas Jerry Cutler Coffey, Dallas John Robert Cope, San Angelo Frank Herlin Cox, Austin Ronald Roy Cresswell, Dallas Wilson Gordon Dickinson, Amarillo Ronald Siddall Driver, San Antonio David Warren Dusenberry, Dallas Benny Eugene Edwards, Big Spring James Edgar Fielder, Lockhart Albert Henry Fink, Dallas Jon Grant Ford, San Antonio Walter Daniel Ford, Austin William Allen French, Big Spring Max Gallimore, Crosbyton James Edgar Goodnight, San Antonio Russell Randall Grace, Fort Worth Hix Green, III, San Antonio Charles Clayton Gumm, Fort Worth John Allen Hall, Jr., Weatherford Brian Peyton Hanson, Rantool, 111. John William Harris, Jr., San Antonio Joseph Hill Hart, Austin John Sinclair Hartman, Silsbee Ralph Christian Harvey, Wichita Falls James Leeper Hawley, Dallas James Stewart Hearne, Dallas William MEMBERS Sidney Ashton Heatly, Jr., Austin John Anthony Herring, Vernon Thomas Buckner Hightower, Liberty Harmon Harold Howze, Grand Prairie Hanson Kelly Ireland, III, Midland David Bascomb Johnson, Garland Norvel Killion, Jr., San Antonio Lowell Henry Lebermann, Jr., Commerce Kemp Maer, Jr., Houston Don Ross Malone, Vernon William Keene Marshall, Austin William Thomas McDonald, Jr., Bryan John Dee McStay, Vernon Paul Steele Merrill, Garland Joseph Michael Metschan, Austin Albert Whitehead Meyer, Midland Frank Avery Mitchell, III, Wichita Falls Wallace E. Moore, Jr., San Antonio Richard G. Munzinger, El Paso Monroe Ben Nowotny, San Antonio William John Patton, Austin Banyan Wyle Payne, Houston Edward Bradford Picket!, Liberty Richard Edmund Pickle, Garland Jerry Robert Reed, Austin Joel Henry Robuck, Dallas Carl James Ryberg, LaMarque Michael A. Sanders, Center John Boaz Sartain, Dallas Robert Fleming See, Jr., Dallas Philip Cruce Shadwick, San Antonio Covan Rodney Shultz, Midland Alan L. Sleeper, Dallas Frank M. Smeal, Dallas Robert Draper Sohn, San Antonio Peter Stultz, Longview Gary Eugene Tedford, Garland Barry Allen Thompson, Fort Worth Herchel Marvin Timmons, Jr., Austin Robert Earl Walker, Breckenridge Charles Newton Warren, San Antonio Raymond Mike Westwood, San Antonio Richard Grain Williamson, Houston George Wilson, Wichita Falls Top Row: G. Jones, J. Jones, Killion, Lebkowsky, Luster, Mabry, Maer, Maresh, McBroom, McKay, McStay. Second Row: Merrell, Metschan, Meyer, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Munzinger, Musick, Nienhueser, Payne, Pickett, Robuck. See. Third Row: Shadwick, Slaughter, Sleeper, Smeal, Sohn, Stowe, Timmons, Walker, Warren, Webb, Westwood, Williamson, Wilson. Page 261 KAPPA SIGMA FACULTY HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN, Swimming Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics ERNEST R. HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech FRANK HALLAM LYELL, Associate Professor of English STUART A. MAcCoRKiE, Professor of Government EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Assistant Dean of Student Life HARRY HUNT RANSOM, Chancellor, The University of Texas OFFICERS Fall Spring TIM ALLEN Grand Master HENRY ADOLPH SAUER ROBERT DANIEL SPELLINGS . . Grand Procurator LEWIS LEE HENSLEY RALPH THOMAS CRAVENS Grand Scribe MICHAEL RAY ROOKE ROBERT ALLEN GARDNER Grand Master of Ceremonies . . MARK LAFAYETTE HART ROBERT MELBURN HOPSON .... Grand Treasurer .... ROBERT MELBURN HOPSON MRS. FRED M. VAUGHAN, Housemother John Franklin Austin, III, Houston David Eugene Bell, Fort Worth George Mitchell Boyd, II, Corsicana James Michael Bryant, Weimar Richard Wof ford- Chowning, Fort Worth Ralph Willis Clary, Cisco Kenneth Ross Cropper, Fort Worth Robert Warren Crouch, Gladewater William Kenneth Davis, Jr., Houston George Arthur Donnelly, III, Midland Pat Andrew Flynn, Houston Anthony Gardner Harris, Fort Worth Timothy John Herman, Galveston Michael Anthony Hood, Fort Worth Robert Boyd Hudspeth, Houston Charles PLEDGES Robert Andrew Ibsen, Arlington Raymond Ernest Lee, III, Houston John Carter Llewellyn, Fort Worth Thomas Durwood Manford, III, Austin Philip Cebern Musgrave, San Antonio Joseph H. Parks, Houston Richard Edward Rainwater, Fort Worth William David Ralston, Jr., Corsicana John Gentry Stuart, Fort Worth David Charles Tabaracci, Jr., Galveston Fred Purnell Thomas, Houston James Ivan Thornton, Jr., Fort Worth George Milner Vetter, Houston Harry Brown Walters, Houston John Patrick Williamson, Sour Lake William Winter, Clebume Top Raw: M. Allen, T. Allen, Austin, Bell. Second Row: Beery, Blair, Borgers, Boyd. Third Rote: Brainard, Bryant, Butler, Clary. Fourth Row: Cravens, K. Cropper, M. Cropper, D. Davis Fifth f Row: W. Davis, Denny, Donnelly, Farmer. Sixth Row: Flynn, Gardner, Goldstein, Gunter. Seventh Row: Harrell, Harris, Hart, Hensley. Eighth Row: Hill, Hood, Hopson, Howell. Ninth Row: Ibsen, Johnson, Kline, Kralj. Tenth Row: R. Lee. Llewellyn, Longley, Manford. Eleventh Row: Manley, McCarroll, Musgrave, Parka. Fage 262 MEMBERS Michael Herbert Allen, Houston Tim Allen, Oklahoma City Malcolm G. Baker, Houston Roger Baker, Houston Charles Herbert Bankhead, Dallas Steven Lee Beery, Houston William Shelton Blair, Dallas Robert Bernard Borgers, Fort Worth Robert Hall Brady, Houston Daniel Reed Brainard, Dallas Kae Louis Brockermeyer, Fort Worth Duncan Tellef Butler, Houston James Vincent Carroll, III, Houston Thomas Dabney Chambers, Fort Worth Charles Robert Chaney, Cleburne John Robert Cochran, Jr., Fort Worth Herschel Frank Connally, Waco Ralph Thomas Cravens, Arlington Michael Dale Cropper, Fort Worth Daniel Stone Davis, Midland Kleber Jennings Denny, Fort Worth Fred Buford Dickey, Jr., Fort Worth Herbert Eldridge Dickey, Fort Worth Robert Ballou Farmer, Austin John Harrell Feldt, Houston David Denoyelles Franklin, Dallas Robert Allen Gardner, Houston Lon Michael Goldstein, Fort Worth Joseph Clifford Gunter, HI, Fort Worth Robert L. Harrell, Fort Worth Mark Lafayette Hart, Fort Worth Charles Oscar Hartenstein, Jr., Seguin Ludolph William Heiligbrodt, Bay City Lewis Lee Hensley, III, Henderson Daniel Harbert Hickey, Dallas James Edwin Hill, Jr., Houston Robert Melburn Hopson, Houston Joseph Sharber Howell, III, Grand Prairie Thomas Paul Jacomini, Houston Jon Averill Johnson, Van Horn John Kinney Kane, Houston William Carroll Kelly, Jr., Freer Robert Carter Kline, Fort Worth William Gordon Knox, Austin Nicholas Kelsey Kralj, Galveston Robert Harper Kroney, Dallas Junius Maurice Kyle, III, Orange James Grider Lee, Shreveport, La. Gary Erroll London, Oklahoma City, Okla. Joseph Kenneth Longley, Austin Julian K. Lyles, Jr., Austin James Nelson Manley, Houston James Molloy McCarroll, Fort Worth Fred Charles Meyer, Devine Alan Huntress Minter, San Antonio Richard Wesley Moncrief, Fort Worth Dan McMillan Moody, Houston James West Patterson, Houston Robert Lee Pettit, Fort Worth Phillip Hamilton Pritchett, Dallas Stephen Douglas Pritchett, Dallas Jack Cecil Provine, Fort Worth Charles Edgar Putman, Cleburne Philip Leonard Robbins, Jr., Natchez, Miss. Hamilton Paul Rogers, Jr., Fort Worth John Dickson Rogers, Fort Worth Michael Ray Rooke, Fort Worth Jerry Don Rucker, Dallas Walter Gayle Sands, Overton Henry Adolph Sauer, Jr., Houston James Frederick Scott, Austin George Young Siddons, Jr., Fort Worth Stephen Royall Smiley, Austin Robert Daniel Spellings, Fort Worth Stephen Marshall Steen, El Paso Steve Douglas Strickland, Abilene Jack Greer Taylor, Jr., Houston John L. Toone, Dallas William Sidney Vaughn, Bay City Robert S. Wade, El Paso Thomas Kyle Ward, Lake Charles, La. Charles D. Warren, Pampa Wade Hoyt Whilden, Houston Robert Allen White, Fort Worth Allen Tucker Willis, Austin William Dale Wittliff, Blanco Top Row: Patterson, Pettit, Provine, I ' Rainwater, Ralston, Robbins, Rooke, Rucker, Siddons, Smiley, Spellings. Second Row: Steen, Tabaracci, Thomas, Thornton, Toone, Wade, Ward, Warren, Walters, Whilden, White, Winter. Page 263 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FACULTY CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON. Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical and Health Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON, Professor of Chemistry ROBERT GEORGE ROGERS, Teaching Assistant in Government RHEA HUGHSTON WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Physical and Health Education OFFICERS Fall Spring RODMAN EDWARD GORMAN High Alpha RODMAN EDWARD GORMAN JOHN BINGHAM MARTIN High Beta . . . DOUGLAS MACARTHUR SIMMONS JAMES SNOWDEN MADDUX, III . High Gamma WARREN WILLIAM MARTIN JOHN BURTON KENDRICK High Tau DAVID WALTER ECKMAN JAMES BENJAMIN BYNUM High Delta JAMES BENJAMIN BYNUM ELIZABETH MAYNARD, Housemother JUDITH ANN ASEL, Alpha Phi, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Jack Belmon Bishop, Seymour Ben Rogers Bl air, Jr., Lake Jackson Howard Alan Borg, Fort Worth Marion Lee Brandes, South Houston Glenn Carl Buchan, Austin Robert Ames Chisholm, Houston Harold Vaughan Coates, Houston George Mallory Collins, Jr., Dallas John Walter Grain, Austin Joe Richard Damron, Amarillo Kenneth Winfred Dominy, Orange David James DuBois, Houston Robert Burns Dunkin, Harlingen Richard Gary Fratcher, Houston Bob Allen Fryhover, Sherman Frederick James Gaido, Houston Thomas Lloyd Gauldin, Honey Grove Herbert Richard Gentry, Jr., Austin Stephen Lee Goodnight, Dallas Douglas Alexander Haldane, Pasadena Robert Mark Harris, Jr., Austin Clarence Buford Harrison, Jr., Tyler Charles Marvin Kelso, Jr., Taft David Jerry Lynn Laws, Seymour Ralph Edward Lehr, Austin Jack Edward Love, Jr., Houston James Patrick Malone, Houston Michael Taylor Matsler, Floydada Richard Dixon Maxwell, Corpus Christ! William Sherry Thomas Mayhall, Austin Robert Carl McDaniel, Amarillo John Douglas McGalliard, Spur Carl Barnes Mitchell, Bellaire James Lee Moss, Columbus John Richard Porter, Houston Laurance Lannen Priddy, Fort Worth Loren Lee Purvines, Panhandle Norman Haden Ransleben, Corpus Christi Harold Knipp Reddick, Jr., Arlington David Franklin Reichert, Austin Joel Gartman, Saegert, Austin Robert Dwight Simpson, Amarillo Trenton William Wann, Bellaire Edward Larry Wells, Longview Vernon Ray Womack, Waco Ronald William Wright, Grover Allen Young, Austin SPRING PLEDGES David Raymond Brown, Sidney, N. Y. Richard Nawn Neal, Houston Grafton Morton Cooper, Amarillo Claude Brockman Prestidge, Dallas Harvey Radner Eanes, III, Beaumont William Bennett Russ, Austin Jimmy Floyd Weatherall, Amarillo Top Row: Bishop, Blair, Borg, Brandrs. Second Row: Buchan, Bynum, Carr, Chalmers. Third Row: Chisholm, Coates, Collins, Cotham. Fourth Row: Crain, Damron, Davis, Dominy. Fifth Row: Douglas, Dubois, Dunkm, L-tiuiian. Sixth Row: Fcrmier, Fratcher, Fryhover, Gaido. Seventh Row: Gauldin, Gentry, Cnndnighl. Gorman. Eighth Row: Haldane, Harrin, Harrison, Hogge. Ninth Row: Johnson, Jones, Keener, Kelsu. Tenth Row: Kendrick, Kirkpalrick, Laws, Leavitt. Eleventh Row: Lehr, Love, Maddux, Malone. Twelfth Row: ]. Martin, W. Martin, Matsler, Maxwell. Thirteenth Row: D. Mayhall, W. Mayhall, McDaniel, McGalliard. Page 264 MEMBERS John Wheeler Barger, College Station James Benjamin Bynum, Amarillo John Dyer Carr, San Antonio Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr.. Houston William Robert Gotham, Marlin Pat Ward Davis, Dallas Ronald Erwin Douglas, Dallas David Walter Eckman. Houston Robert Paul Fermier, Houston John Milton Ferrell, Houston Rodman Edward Gorman, Houston James Hubert Hogge, Amarillo Hubert Dee Johnson, Jr., Dallas Jerry Wayne Jones, Longview Alford Rural Keener, Jr., Marlin John Burton Kendrick. Denton Robert George Kirkpatrick, Houston Gary Lee Lawson. Austin Keith Arnold Leavitt, Sweetwater James Snowden Maddux, III. Beaumont John Bingham Martin, Pampa Robert Edward Woodson, Warren William Martin, Lake Jackson David Temple Mayhall, Austin Johnny Mack Moseley, Sherman Robert Turner Norwood. Mineral Wells Charles Patrick O ' Ferrell, Forth Worth James William Owens, Texas City George Priestley Parker. Jr., Dallas Sam David Parker, Orange Anthony Voss Pfannkuche, Austin Morris Marcus Reese, Cotulla Herman Edward Scheiblich, Marlin Douglas Ray Schwarz, Fort Worth John Caleb Sewell, Jr., Dallas Douglas MacArthur Simmons. Austin William Jasper Sowers, Jr., Austin Rex James Spivey, Austin Frank Beeler Stahl, Jr.. Midland Larry Duncan Thompson, Fort Worth Timothy Donald Von Dohlen, Goliad Roger Sherwood Walker, Midland Carter John Ward, Fort Worth Houston Top Row; Mitchell, Norwood, Owens, S. Parker, Porter Priddy, Purvines, Ransleben, Reddick, Reese, Reichert. Second Row: Saegert, Scheiblich, Schwarz; Sewell, Simmons. Simpson, Sowers, Spivey, Thompson, Von Dohlen, Walker, Wright, Young. Page 265 PHI DELTA THETA J f - L | FACULTY THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Professor of English CHARLES TILFORD McCoRMicK. Professor of Law ROBERT WELDON STAYTON, Professor of Law OFFICERS Fall Spring ALFRED EARL WHITE, JR President JAY HENRY PAR K CHARLES THOMAS NEWTON, JR V ice-President HOWARD PRESSLEY HALLAM PATRICK CUNNINGHAM OXFORD . Recording Secretary JOHN BOSWORTH BRENT SAMUEL POUNDERS BURFORD, JR. ... Rush Captain . . . SAMUEL POUNDERS BURFORD, JR. NELSON KING SMITH Treasurer MICHAEL SHANE BRENAN MRS. CHARLES EUGENE WARD, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Rolland Craten Allen, III, McAllen Fred Robert Armstrong, Victoria John Lawrence Berkman, Jr.. Austin William Albert Blackwell, Cuero James Ellis Bobbitt. Midland George Everett Brooks. Jr., Houston Winfield M. Campbell, Dallas Stanton Pyburn Champion, Houston Fred Paul Clark, Baytown Peter Richard Coneway, Harlingen Raymond Wright Davidson. Jr., Wharton William Henry Dwyer, III, Houston William Joseph Goodwin, Longview Francis Patrick Hadlock, Marshall Rodney William Haire, Dallas Alan Bennett Harp. Houston Fred Jay Heyne, III, Houston David Carlock Hull, Jr., Longview James David Jefcoat, Jr., Dallas Clyde John Bennett Johnson, III, San Antonio Robert Calvin Johnson. Jr., Dallas George Foster Jones, Jr.. Dallas Pete Spencer Lammons, Austin James Arthur Lavender, Dallas Robert Louis Marshall, Dallas Carl George McCaslin, Jr., Hereford David Frank Nichols, Atlanta John Calvin Oliver, III, Austin Douglas Harvey Rogers, Dallas Daniel Godfrey Seitz, Jr., Pharr James William Stewart, Jr., Baytown John Webb Storms, Houston David Randall Summerlin. San Antonio James Charles Suttles, Houston John Hall Thomas, Austin James Earl Thompson, Jr., Dallas Leonard Alexander Vaughn, III, Dallas John McClelland Waid, Midland SPRING PLEDGES Carl Ira Fuhrmann, San Antonio Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr., Houston Jack Studebaker Kitchen. El Paso Donald Ferdinand Mayer. Grand Prairie Top Row: Adleta, Allen, Barnhill. Second Row: Baum, Berk man, Blackwell. Third Row: Blakeney. Bobbitt, Brenan. Fourth Row: Brent, Brooks, Campbell. Fifth Row: Car-others, Champion, Clark. Sixth Row: Coneway, Cowden, Dorrell. Seventh Row: Dwyer, Eifler, Fletcher. Eighth Row: Cay, Gifford, Goodwin. Ninth Row: Greenhill, Hadlock. Haire. Tenth Row: Harp, Herndon, Heyne. Eleventh Row: Hull, Jefcoat, C. Johnson. Page 266 I MEMBERS Thomas Lafferty Adleta, Dallas Stanley Arch Ault, Houston Charles Richard Barnhill. Highlands Alan Carl Baum, Austin Marvin Robert Blakeney, Dallas Walter Eden Bloxsom. Austin Michael Shane Brenan, San Antonio John Bosworth Brent, Houston James Perry Bryan, Jr., Houston Samuel Pounders Burford, Jr., Dallas John Allen Carmichael. Beaumont John Henry Carothers, Houston James Coley Cowden, Midland Robert Bynum Dorrell, Houston Bruce Allen Duncan, Corpus Christi Gus Kearney Eifler, III, Austin Robert Henry Espey, Dallas Robert Dennis Fletcher, Jr.. Lubbock William Madison Furrh, Elysian Fields John Duncan Gay, Houston Estel Gene Gifford, Amarillo Joe Robert Greenhill, Jr., Austin Marvin Harris Greenwood, Houston Howard Pressley Hallam, Dallas Robert Gaston Hallam, Dallas James Neal Heath, Jr., Athens Newlin C. Herndon, Jr., Houston Ronald Howard Jacobe, Houston Barlow Lee Jones. III. Houston John Robbie Jordan, Austin Peter Alan Kemp, Dallas Rodney Thomas Kirkham, Dallas Robert Payne Lancaster, Dallas Peter Bolin Mahaffey, Jr., Corpus Christi Durwood Mahon, Lubbock Howard Wright Mays, Jr., Austin Richard Tracy McCarroll, Austin William Edward Mclnnis, Wharton Charles Allen Monaghan, Beaumont Charles Thomas Newton, Jr., Austin Benjamin Rush Norvell, Beaumont Knox Dillon Nunnally, Midland James Rufus Odiorne, Jr., Johnson City Hubert Oxford, III, Beaumont Patrick Cunningham Oxford, Beaumont Jay Henry Park, Dallas Hermes Edward Payne, Jr., Elgin Charles Benjamin Richards, Jr., Waco James Irvin Riddle, III, Houston James Maurice Robinson, Fort Worth David Allen Smith, Lubbock Nelson King Smith, Houston Thomas Fitzhugh Soriero, Houston Louis Wilson Storms, III, Houston Micajah Stokes Stude, Houston Andrew John Swenson, II, Stamford Alan Richard Taylor, Houston Walter Jennings Taylor, Lubbock Robert Lee Thornton, III, Dallas Thomas Lafayette Thornton, Dallas Frederick Eugene Turner, Dallas Alfred Earl White, Jr., Tyler James David Whiteside, Lubbock Byron Lee Willeford, Austin Cl ft Top Row: R. Johnson, B. Jones, G. Jones, Jordan, Kemp, Mays, McCaslin, Nichols, Nunnally, Odiorne, Robison, Rogers. Sfcond Roto: Seitz, N. Smilh, Soriero, J. Storms, Summerlin, Suttles, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Vaughn, Waid, White, Willeford. Page 267 PHI GAMMA DELTA p ' -- ' FACULTY FREDERIC DUNCALF, Professor Emeritus of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP, Special Instructor in Physical Training for Men WILLIAM SAMUEL LIVINGSTON, Professor of Government DONALD RAY MIGHELL, Student Life Staff BERRY McCLURE WHITAKER, Director Emeritus, Intramural Sports for Men OFFICERS Fall Spring ARTHUR MICHAEL BOWER President THOMAS WILLIAM OLIVER JOHN DERR PATTERSON Treasurer DONALD RAY RECTOR LAURENS ALLEN HALL Corresponding Secretary JOHN C. TREADWELL WILSON KEE MASON, III Recording Secretary THOMAS O ' BRIEN HARBISON FAIN McDouGAL, JR Historian. WILLIAM HENRY FENOGLIO MARY PRYOR, Housemother FALL PLEDGES John Chellman Allman, Annandale, Va. Michael Allen Andrews, Fort Worth Frank Anthony Boni, Houston Michael Rodgers Boxwell, Dumas Ernest Harvey Cannon, Madisonville Frank Farrell Davis, Midland Kenneth Samuel DeLorenzo, Houston William James Donovan, Fort Worth William Gammon, III, Austin Raymond E. Hankamer, Houston Ray Wayne Harris, Fort Worth John Michael Kelley, San Antonio Roy Paxton Lowery, San Angelo Robert Wirt Paddock, Fort Worth Luther Daniel Prescott, Fort Worth Robert Newton Ross, Houston Thomas Allen Stockton, Bryan Huntington Spann Swanson, Navasota SPRING PLEDGES Alfred Joseph Keller, San Antonio John Steven Norman, Fort Worth Top Row: Allman, Andrews, Arrell. Second Row: Beckworth, Black, Boni. Third Rote: Bower, Cannon, Clark. Fourth Row: Currie, Dalton, Davis. Fifth Row: K. DeLorenzo, Donovan, Emmerton. Sixth Row: Falk, Fenoglio, Fielder. Seventh Rou: Fisher, Ford, Franks. Eighth Row: Fulgham, Greenwood, Hall. Ninth Row: Hankamer, Harbison, Harris. Tenth Row: Helm, Henderson, Herberger. Eleventh Row: Hillin. Holford, Kelley. Page 268 Marion Corry Adams, Jr., Houston William Scott Adams, Fort Worth Ralph Lavon Arrell, Abilene Jay Currie Bechtol, Amarillo Lindley Gary Beckworth, Jr., Gladewater Donald Clinton Bishop, Brownfield James Milton Black, Port Neches Arthur Michael Bower, Jefferson Dan Aubrey Burgess, Nacogdoches Emmett Duke Carlisle, Athens James Weldon Clark, DaJlas Jim David Currie, Amarillo Donald Michael Dalton, Houston Joseph Paul DeLorenzo, Houston Albert Lelond Derden, Austin Eugene Joseph Dozier, Fort Worth John David Duncan, Richardson Harry Stryker Emmerton, Houston Ben Russell Eppright, Jr., Austin Edward Hammel Esquivel, Austin Arnold Charles Falk, Houston William Henry Fenoglio, Houston Richard Aubrey Fielder, Lockhart William Comstock Fisher, Houston Frederic Earwood Fields, Austin William Waring Flannary, San Antonio Kenneth Bowen Ford, Jr., Houston Walter Scott Fortney, Palo Pinto Lawrence Franks, Nacogdoches Jackson Thornton Fulgham, San Angelo Allen Randell Geiselman, Houston John Allen Genung, Wichita " Falls James Wayne Gilbert, Beaumont Richard Shriner Glassett, San Angelo Herbert Edward Graham, Houston MEMBERS Dean Marshall Greenwood, Austin Laurens Allen Hall, San Antonio Thomas O ' Brien Harbison, Wichita Falls Regan Cartwright Helm, Houston John Henry Heller, Tyler Thomas McDowell Henderson, Houston Roy Alphonse Herberger, Midland Donald Ashley Hillin, Midland Jack Dallas Holford, Austin Lenoir Moody Josey, II, Houston John Joseph Kemendo, Dallas Roger Knight, Jr., Madisonville Robert Ragsdale Lanier, Amarillo B. Mills Latham, Amarillo Robert Waldo Little, Dallas Winfield Hugh Looney, Houston Nolan Berkeley Marye, Houston Wilson Kee Mason, III, Beaumont Walter Williams McAllister, San Antonio Tom Scott McCorkle, Jr., Dallas James Harvel McCuistion, Beaumont William Cameron McCullough, Dallas Fain McDougal, Jr., Cuero Edward F. McFarland, Midland William Alan McNeil, Beaumont Robert Wayne Mighcll, Dallas Michael B. Milam, Austin John Mann Morgan, Jr., Houston William Hugh Munn, Midland David Rupert Murph, Fort Worth Edward Nash, Jr., Kaufman Thomas Hall Nelms, Houston Fred Kenneth Newberry, Jr., Dallas Thomas William Oliver, Houston William Athern Paddock, Fort Worth John Derr Patterson, Dallas Roger W. Pipkin, Beaumont Raymond Coy Poage, Houston Kenneth Wayne Powell, Austin Venable Bland Procter, Victoria Shannon Harrison Ratliff, Eldorado Edgar Wayne Ray, Houston Donald Ray Rector, Wichita Falls John Joseph Redfern, Midland Richard Woodward Riley, San Antonio Leo Clark Roan, Fort Worth Roy Eugene Rushing, Alice Rodney Wayne Satterwhite, Midland Charles Eugene Seay, Dallas George Edward Seay, Dallas Alfred Lewis Sheppard, Odessa Jack David Sides, Jr., Dallas William Haynie Sides, Abilene Charles Wetherill Simons, Dallas Milton Clark Smith, Tyler Robert Arnold Spears, San Antonio Robert Monroe Speed, Midland Thomas Henger Stewart, Dallas Douglas Barry Stone, Portales, N. Mex. David Locke Stone, Portales, N. Mex. William King Thomson, Austin John C. Treadwell, Austin G. Marvin Watson, San Antonio William R. Weaver, Corpus Christi Charles Richard West, Dallas William Darrcll Willerson, San Antonio Knox Tacquard Williams, Austin Thomas Grant Wright, Temple John Hurschel Young, Fort Worth Top Rote: Little, Lowery, McCorkle, McCuistion, McDougal, McFarland, Morgan, Murph, Nelmg, Paddock. Patterson, Redfern. Second Row: Riley. Roan, Ross, Rushing, Satterwhite, Speed, Stewart, Stockton, D. L. Stone, Swanson, Thomson, Treadwell, Young. Page 269 - ' 9 J PHI KAPPA PSI FACULTY WILLIARD HUGHES BRENTLINGER, Associate Professor of Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Mathematics EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor Emeritus of Economics JOSEPH LINDSEY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education Gus M. HODGES, Professor of Law CALEB PERRY PATTERSON, Professor Emeritus of Government JAMES R. ROACH, Associate Professor of Government W. T. TUCKER, Professor of Marketing Administration OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Professor of Government OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN LYLE WEST G. P WINSTON THOMAS JONES TOM ALLEN CONNALLY V.G.P JOHN SAMUEL HILL MICHAEL DIXON NEELY A. G MICHAEL DIXON NEELY PATRICK ALLEN MOORE B. G JAMES HENRY SMITH CHARLES DAVID RAY P CHARLES DAVID RAY FAY JONES HUSTON, Housemother Gary Eugene Barbies, Houston Michael Andy Bargainer, Baytown David Robert Bickel, Houston, John Theodore Burdine, Dallas Richard Michael Cameron, Houston Craig Lawrence Clark, Houston Robert Marvin Crawford, Mineral Wells Ian Laurence Cupaioli, Dallas Roger Wayne Cutchin, Fort Worth Preston Clark Davis, San Antonio Daniel Henry Eikenberry, Chariton, Iowa William Driver Francis, Austin Ferral Duayne Freeman, Tyler William Victor Garrett, Houston Robert FALL PLEDGES Henry Alexander Gilstrap, Amarillo Thomas Howard Hill, Austin Arthur Thomas Hoffson, Washington, D. C. Michael Eugene Holt, Odessa Don Johns, Jr., Kerrville Peter Jackson Link, Dallas Thomas Gene Macrini, Galveston Robert Lawrence Owens, Dallas Gary Wade Schur, Odessa John Wayne Stark, College Station Frank Thomas Stokes, Houston Gordon Edward Vaught, Jr., Baytown Robert Christopher Von Doenhoff, Rusk Daniel Lloyd Walker, Nacogdoches Norman Watson, Jr., Midland James Lee Bailey, Austin James Allan Recce, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Charles Howard Wood, Dallas Lawrence Joseph Simpson, Rankin Robert David Stallings, Midland Top Row: Allison, Arnctt, Aihcroft. Second Row: Barbies, Bargainer, Bass. Third Row: Bell, D. Bickel, S. Bickel. Fourth Row: Burdine, Cameron, Cobb. , , ' ' ' Row: Craig, Graver, Crawford. Si th Roto: Culpepper, Cupaioli, Cutchin. Seventh Row: F. Davis, Dcmler, Eikenberry. Eighth Row: Eschle, Fitch, Freeman. Ninth Row: Gilstrap, Graydon, Guynes. Tenth Row: Henderson, T. Hill, Hoffson. Eleventh Row: Jacob, Jeffries, Johns. Page 270 MEMBERS William Thomas Allison, II, Houston Jerry Dale Arnett, Houston Enos L. Ashcroft, III, Sulphur Springs James Andrews Bartlett, Beaumont Milton James Bass, Austin James Keith Bell, Dallas Stephen Douglas Bickel, Houston John Riley Biggs, Houston William Charles Cobb, Austin Tom Allen Connally, Houston John Raymond Thomas Craig, Houston Thomas Howard Graver, Midland John Cecil Culpepper, Jr., College Station Field Ferrar Montgomery Davis, Jr., San Antonio Robert Carl Demler, Jr., Port Arthur John Phillip Eschle, Groom William Pilcher Fitch, III, San Antonio Geoffery Gait Graydon, Austin Stephen Joe Guynes, Grand Prairie William Roy Haden, Dallas Robert Austin Hatcher, Dallas Carroll Forrest Henderson, Tyler John Samuel Hill, Liberty Jack C. Invin, Dallas Kenneth Ray Jacob, Austin James Carley Jeffries, Austin Robert Randle Johnson, Richmond Winston Thomas Jones, Dallas Rodney Ennis Kelley, Weatherford Richard Hudson Kelsey, Midland James Herman Kerr, III, Houston Samuel Everrard Kinch, Austin William Harold LaFont, Plainview Robert Bruce Langston, Houston Vernon I. Lay, Jr., Austin Penn Van Renseler Livingston, Mexico City Edward Wilson Locheed, Jr., Houston Joel Brady Locke, Fort Worth Frederick James Mackie, III, Houston Thomas Clifford Mankin, Bonham Robert Sealy Masterson, Beaumont William Edward Matthews, Houston Richard Doss Millsap, II, Austin Patrick Allen Moore, Corpus Christ! Thomas Martin Moore, Dallas Michael Dixon Neely, Amarillo Gerald Bankhead Ormand, Odessa John Daniel Palmer, Columbus, Ga. Robert Lynn Patterson, Shreveport, La. Geoffrey Rex Pauling, Midland Charles David Ray, Dallas Terry Wilson Rogers, Fort Worth Robert Eugene Ross, Odessa Alva Ray Sims, Houston Charles Ray Sirmons, Baytown Dan Selwyn Smith, Iraan James Henry Smith, Houston Paul Robertson Stabler, Jr., Dallas Roger Cecil Thornhill, Joplin, Mo. John Lyle West, Cleveland Gordon Edd White, Cleveland Basil Glenn Wilkerson, Jr., Odessa Top Row: Kerr, Link, Locheed, Locke, Mackie, Macrini, Millsap, P. Moore, T. Moore, Ormand, Owens, Palmer, Patterson, Rogers. Second Row: Ross, Schur, Sirmons, J. Smith, Stabler, Stark, Thornhill, Vaueht, Von Doenlioff, Walker, Watson, West, White, Wilkcrson. Page 271 PHI KAPPA SIGMA FACULTY STANLEY A. ARBINGAST, Professor of Resources JOE ALLEN BAILEY, Instructor in Speech AL EVANS BIRDWELL, Lecturer in Marketing Administration and Business Statistics LLOYD LORING CLICK, Dean Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER, Associate Professor of History DR. HARRY L. KLOTZ, Physician, Student Health Center JACK WALLACE LEDBETTER, Assistant Professor of Business Law CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN, Assistant Director, University Development Board ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Life RAY HARROUN WRIGHT, II, Teaching Assistant in Mathematics OFFICERS Fall Spring LAURANCE COLEMAN MOSHER, JR Alpha . . . PHILIP HARLAND SHRADER, JR. ALLEN COBBLE RAY Beta JOHN ROBERT MATNEY MICHAEL DAVID MIZELL Pi RALPH WERNER KNEBEL CLARENCE WHARTON COLE Tau CLARENCE WHARTON COLE RANDALL LEE HAMMONS, JR Iota MICHAEL DAVID MIZELL MAURINE RUE, Housemother CAMILLE KAY SPURLOCK, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES John Robert Arnold, III, Levelland Robert Elliott Boswell, Kingsville Joe Tom Bouchier, Post Charles Edwin Cooke, Fort Worth James Leon Farris, Big Spring Francis Warren Fees, San Antonio Stephen Lawrence Floore, Fort Worth Allen Wayne Funderburg, Brownwood Moody Hamilton, Midland Delbert Ivan Hawkins, Monahans Michael Clay Herrman, Gilmer William Frank Lenzer, Richardson Merle Harrison McGinnes, Jr., Moody James Edward Miller, Waco Frederick Donald Parce, Harlingen John Alan Parr, Houston William Manly Parrish, Jr., Marlin Charles Daniel Penick, Austin William Edward Rogge. Austin Arthur York Sembera, Houston James Ray Sutterfield, Otey Samuel John Trevino, III, Mission Thomas Lee White, Jr., Monahans Charles Joseph Zubarik, Goldsboro, N. C SPRING PLEDGES Leslie Clark Acker, Post David Allan Dittfurth, Baytown Top Row: Binklejr, Bouchier, Chamberlin. Second Row: C. Cole, Cooke, Cowell. Third Row: Croxson, DeHart, Earnest. Fourth Row: Fees, D. Flatten, G. Flatten. Fifth Row: Floore, Hamilton, Hammona. Sixth Row: Harris, Hawkins, Herbster. Seventh Row: Knebel, Massey, Matney. Eighth Row: McGinnes, Mizell, Moaner. Ninth Row: Nockolds, Parce, Parr. Pace 272 MEMBERS James Hall Baker. San Saba John Ford Binkley, Denver, Colo. Al Evans Birdwell, Houston Roland McKendree Chamberlin, Jr.. Houston Robert Louis Coffey, Freeport Clarence Wharton Cole, Houston Richard Rosser Cole, Houston Herbert Walker Cowell, Houston John Richard Croxson, West Hollywood, Fla. Michael Robert DeHart, San Antonio Thomas Michael Earnest, Austin George Gunter Edgerton, Kingsville Donald Hubert Eller, Pharr Rick Peter Fisher, Beaumont Daniel Vincent Flatten, San Antonio Gerald Vincent Flatten, San Antonio Randall Lee Hammons, Jr., Pasadena Robert Louis Harris, Houston James Richard Herbster, Houston Floyd Norman Hodges, San Antonio Ralph Werner Knebel, Austin Ray Harroun Ronald William Massey, Austin John Robert Matney, Austin Paul Dana Mclnnis, May Michael David Mizell, Dallas Hugh Gibbs Mood, Austin Laurance Coleman Mosher, Jr., Pasadena Coleman Nockolds, Houston Stanley Monroe Poer, Monahans Allen Cobble Ray, Rusk James Glenn Reeves, Houston Terry Dean Rexroad, Pampa Oliver Albert Schwausch, Walburg William Clarence Scurry, Jr., Dallas Philip Harland Schrader, Jr., Dallas Jerry Mike Smith, Pasadena William Gibbs Spiller, Houston William Charles Spruell, Little Rock, Ark. F. Theodore Terry, Jr., Houston David Alan Traynor, Austin Dain Paul Whitworth, Austin Tompie Robert Whitworth, Austin Wright, II, Dallas C 5 Top Row: Parrish, Penick, Poer, Ray, Reeves, Rexroad, Rogge, Schwausch. Second Row: Sembera Shrader, Spiller, Terry, Traynor, Trevino, White, Whitworth, Zubarik. Page 273 PHI KAPPA TAU mm FACULTY BOBBY L. CRUTCHFIELD, Special Instructor in Physics, Assistant Director, International Office OFFICERS Fall Spring GARY EVERETT BUSHELL President WILLIAM CLYDE HARRISON CHARLES HAROLD BORUP, III Vice-President OTTO LEWIS HAWKINS GARY CRAWFORD GODFREY Treas urer HENRY MURRY JONES WILLIAM CLYDE HARRISON Secretary GUSTAV DONALD JUD RICHARD WILLIAM FOOTE E.C.M.A.L ROBERT BRENTWOOD Bux MRS. BEN BARR, Housemother SUSAN LEE CAMPBELL, Gamma Phi Beta, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Robbie Raggio Barnett, LaMarque Sam Anthony Canzoneri, Houston Thomas Jefferson Carris, Dallas Claude Robert Cloninger, Beaumont Joseph Sidney Fletcher, Fort Worth Kyle James Gideon, Coleman James A. Kalil, Houston Craig Alan Kress, Fort Worth Donald Edward Mason, Odessa Robert Eugene Menger, San Antonio Charles Edward Miller, Dallas Charles Christian John Willard Moore, Austin Patrick Frank Moore, El Paso Jack Alonzo Oliver, Vernon Samuel John Gary Pitt, Sweetwater James Pate Shearer, Booker Henry Joseph Sherrer, Bay City John Herman Sherrer, Bay City David Rex Siever, Houston Charles August Steubing, Houston Robert Michael Swayze. Dallas Larry Leon Tharp, Beaumont Wenck, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Joseph Byron Branton, Austin Joseph John Fruia, San Antonio Top Row: Barnctt, Boddcker. Second Row: Bushcll, Bux. Third Row: Canzoncri, Carris. Fourth Row: Deaver, Footc. Fifth Row: Fruia, Gideon. Sixth Row: Godfrey, Harris. Seventh Row: Harrison, Hawkins. Eighth Row: Kress, Mason. Ninth Row: Matlock, Monger. Page 274 MEMBERS Ronald Gene Allen, Austin Don John Bennett, Houston Gammon Cretin Boddeker, Austin Thomas Dean Boesch, Midland Jerry William Boggess, Dallas Charles Harold Borrup, III, San Antonio Thomas Michael Boyle, Houston Gary Everett Bushell, Austin Robert Brentwood Bux, Dallas Donald Richard Deaver, Memphis Robert David Ernst, Syracuse, N. Y. Charles Adkins Finnell, Holliday Fred Hulen Fisher, Clarksville Richard William Foote, Houston Alan Gary Fryar, Dallas Jack Felton Furrh, Jr., Fort Worth Gary Crawford Godfrey, Jacksonville Harry Vinson Hammond, Dallas Edward Murray Harris, Jr., Houston William Clyde Harrison, Dallas Otto Lewis Hawkins, Livingston Robert Wayne Hughes, Nocona Henry Murry Jones, Houston Gustav Donald Jud, Galveston Michael Lydell Lowe, Houston John Robert Matlock. Houston Scott Gordon Moore, Dallas Allison Keith Mustin, Austin Robert Lyle Payne, Austin David Peter Phillips, Austin Sammy D. Sapp, Dallas Michael Wayne Turner, Dallas Olney Gray Wallis, Llano George Alan Wells, Houston Gary Word Wilson, Temple William Ernest Winkler, Houston rfffc Top Rota: J. Moore, P. Moore, Pitt, Shearer, H. Sherrer. Second Row: J. Sherrer, Siever, Steuhing, " Tharp, Turner, Wenck, Wilson. Page 275 PHI KAPPA THETA r ) M _ _J k Tf ' m M MM OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN GEORGE ENGLER President JOHN GEORGE ENGLER JOHN MARVIN YOUNG V ice-President JOHN MARVIN YOUNG ANDREW JOHN GALLERANO Secretary ANDREW JOHN GALLERANO MARTIN JOSEPH CROSS .Treasurer MARTIN JOSEPH CROSS WILLIAM GEORGE BARTZ, JR. . . .Sergeant-at-Arms . . WILLIAM GEORGE BARTZ, JR. EDWENA CRUTCHFIELD, Housemother DIANE COHEN, Gamma Phi Beta, Sweetheart PLEDGES John Wayland Buchanan, San Antonio Valerian Albert Cernosek, Schulenburg Gerald Dorsey, Corpus Christi Earl Kenneth Keene, Jr., San Antonio Robert Patrick McGuill. Refugio Mark Alan Muelkr, San Antonio Michael Robert Murray, Corpus Christi John Ziek Pickens, San Antonio David Lee Sullivan, Refugio Michael Keaney Sutherlin, Indianapolis, Ind. Thomas Raymond Watzlavick, Schulenburg Phillip Marvin Westergren, Corpus Christi Top Row: Barclay, Buchanan. Second Row: Cernosek, Cross. Third Row: Engler, Crcenberg. Fourth Row: John, Keating. Utrti Row: Keene, McGuilt. Sixth Row: L. Mueller. M. Mueller. Paf e 276 I MEMBERS Sterling Edward Barclay, Corpus Christi William George Bartz, Jr., San Antonio Martin Joseph Cross, Austin John George Engler, Jim Thorpe, Pa. Andrew John Gallerano, Houston Michael Ellis Greenberg, Texarkana Donald James Haase, Gillett James Anthony John, Brownsville John Edward Keating, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Victor Chase McCrea, Midland Lee Moritz Mueller, San Antonio Joseph Christopher Ransom, San Antonio Edward Eloy Roussett, Brownville Samuel Adrian Westergren, Jr., Corpus Christi John Marvin Young, Refugio Left Co Right: Picken?, Ransom, Sullivan, Walzlavick, P. Westcrgren, S. Westergren, Young. Page 277 PHI SIGMA DELTA f V -5-f OFFICERS Fa Spring DAN ADOLPH FLECKMAN Master Prater Louis WOOD ENGLANDER Louis WOOD ENGLANDER . . . Vice-Master Prater. . PERRY STOTLAND FLECKMAN MAURICE MARCUS Corresponding Secretary STANLEY MORTON KAUFMAN ALLAN JOSEPH ALPARD Recording Secretary MELVIN LEHMAN RONALD DAVID DAVIS Treasurer RICHARD Louis SIMON MADELENE B. PATTON, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Mark Jay Brookner, Beaumont Michael Deutser Copland, Houston Jeffrey Alan Falk, Dallas Lewis Alan Feinberg, Texarkana Daniel Isaac Felsenthal, Longview Barnett Alvin Greenberg, Beaumont Robert Elliot Jacobson, Austin Harold Henry Kahn, Beverly Hills, Calif. Murray Alvin Klein, Houston Jonathan Laye, Cedarhurst, N. Y. Harold Michelson London, Houston Donald Freeman Marcus, San Antonio Roger Lee Shoss, Houston Robert Stahl Totz, Houston Richard Stephen Tucker. Beaumont Ernest Pyle Werlin, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Gary Mark Braueman. Dallas Gary Neil Gross, Dallas Daniel Robert Kirshbaum, Tyler Stephen Lee Rosenthal, Dallas Ned Wolchansky, Fort Worth Top Row: Alpard, Anton, Bender. Second Row: Bercu, Brookner, Copland. .: " Row: Davit, Dworkin, Englander. Fourth Row: Falk, Fein berg, Fehenthal. Fifth Row: D. Fleckman, P. Fleckman, Gray. Sixth Row: Greenberg, Jacobson, Kahn. Seventh Row: Kalmans, Kline, Laye. Eighth Rote: Leff, Lerman, London. Ninth Row: M. Marcus, Pye, Rapfogel. Page 278 MEMBERS Allan Joseph Alpard, Wharton David Hardy Andres, Dallas Bennett Stanley Anton, Abilene Michael Steven Bender, Houston Steve Loyd Bercu, Dallas Allan Morton Berg, Dallas Robert Phillip Brockstein, Houston Edward Robert Bullman, Da llas Stephen Morris Cohn, Houston Ronald David Davis. Houston Alan William Dreeben. Dallas Dan Israel Dworkin, Quincy, Mass. Louis Wood Englander, Waco Lawrence Franklin Feldman. Houston Dan Adolph Fleckman, Port Arthur Perry Stotland Fleckman, Port Arthur Malcolm Jacob Gerber, Houston Michael Jacob Gray, Orange Irving Max Herz, Galveston Raymond Lyle Kalmans, Houston Jerry Paul Katz, Fort Worth Stanley Morton Kaufman. Houston Harvey Lynn Klein, Houston Steve Marvin Kline, Houston Frank Samuel Ladin, II, Houston Marshall Allen Leafier, Fort Worth Leonard J. Leff, Houston Melvin Lerman. Wharton Bruce Arlen Lipshy, Austin Lee Carl Maltzman, San Antonio Maurice Marcus, San Antonio Stanley Earl Marcus, San Antonio Barnett Gary Menscher, Shreveport, La. Mark Lester Paull, Houston Herman Walter Pye, Jr.. Houston Steven Gerald Rapfogel, Fort Worth Robert Aaron Rashti, Fort Worth Richard Ellis Rosengarten, Los Angeles, Calif. Raymond Neil Rosenthal. Newport Beach, Calif. Lawrence Spear Sartorius, Houston Arthur Louis Schechter, Houston Larry Lynn Schoenbrun. Tyler Steve F. Schwartz, Fort Worth Richard Brock Shamberg, Corpus Christi Barry Lee Silverman, Longview Irwin Stanley Silverman, Lubbock Richard Louis Simon. Houston Allan David Sleekier, Dallas Larry Steve Steinberger, Fort Worth Robert Wainger, Temple Robert Henry Waldman, Dallas Fred Kahn Westheimer, Houston Michael Alan Zinberg, San Antonio Left to Riglil: Rosengarten, R. Rosentlial. Slmss. B. Silverman, Simon, Sleinbcrger, Tolz, Tucker, Werlin, Zinbcrg. Page 279 PHI SIGMA KAPPA a. -: FACULTY FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Professor of Educational Psychology, Assistant Dean, College of Education HAROLD L. BRADLEY, Head Basketball Coach FRANKLIN LANIER Cox, Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Services PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER, Director, School of Architecture KARL K. KLEIN, Associate Professor of Physical Training for Men OFFICERS Fall Spring MURRAY RANDOLPH RAY President MURRAY RANDOLPH RAY TIMOTHY CLARENCE JOHNSTONE . .V ice-Presi dent . TIMOTHY CLARENCE JOHNSTONE NOLAN AUBREY MOORE, III Secretary NOLAN AUBREY MOORE, III JOE RILEY ALLEN Treasurer JOE RILEY ALLEN JAMES FRANKLIN KINCL Inductor EVERETT L. ANSCHUTZ MARY TINSLEY, Housemother LINDA XIMENES, Zela Tau Alpha, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES David Harlan Andrews, Houston George Bacarisse, Houston Robert Glenn Dawe, Irving John Daniel Gingrich. Galveston Richard Earl Green, Sweetwater Gregory Louis Gregg, Wichita Falls Roy Hawes, Galveston Carl Vonard Hill, Houston Edward Llewellyn Hughes, Dallas Jerry Owen Jones, Dallas Jan Michael Klinck, McAllen Michael Ross Lewis, Wichita Falls Max Dean Marquis, Brownsville John Moody Monroe, Houston Kent Lowell Noyes, San Antonio Homer Wade Owens, Austin George Erik Peterson, Jr., Houston Roy Keith Poth, San Antonio Danny Lee Shobe, San Antonio William Harmon Simmons. Jr., Houston Clyde Elton Sloan, Baytown Elmo Alien Speckels. Corpus Christi John Henry Sturgis, Austin Michael Thompson, Houston Don Clay Wilson, Brownsville Richard Nel son Winter, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES James Daniel Ellis, Harlingen Robert Steven Kriss, Dallas Top Row: A1IQ. Andrews, Anschutz. Second Row: Armstrong, Bingham, Gates. Third Row: Cox, Dawe, Doggett. Fourth Row: Drolla, Green, Hetherington. Filth Row: Hill, Howell, Hughes. .SM J Row: Johnstone, Jones, Kim-1. Seventh Row: Klinck, Lewis, Matlock. Eighth Row: Monroe, Moore, Morrow. Ninth Row: Owens, Peterson, Phillips. Page 280 ill L... y ;- ; Br n MEMBERS Joe Riley Allen. Houston Everett Leroy Anschutz. Jr.. Austin Thomas Alan Armstrong. Houston James Thomas Bergen. Austin William Harrell Bingham. Jasper Steven Justin Bradley, Dallas Jon Gerry Cafes. Austin Terell Marion Cookston, Dallas William Michael Cox. Dallas Phillip Douglas Creer, Austin Paul Randolph Doggett, Houston John Casper Drolla, Jr., Fort Worth Kenneth Earl Gilbert. Waco Jack Ronnie Grant, Houston Lawrence L. Griffin, Austin Jam es Clifton Hay. Ill, Corpus Christi James Melton Hetherington, Marlin Billy Douglas Howell, Austin Frank August Hueter, Jr., New Braunfels Harvey Herbert Hueter, New Braunfels Timothy Clarence Johnstone, Elsa Charles William Yett. Harry Llewellyn Kent. Ill, Austin James Franklin Kincl, Austin David Rennie Koepp. Waco Robert Eugene Matlock, Jr., Dallas Gerald Nelson Matthews. Wichita Falls Nolan Aubrey Moore. III. Wichita Falls Larry Conrad Morrow, Texarkana Charles Sylvester oak, Corpus Christi Delbert Claude Phillips, Abilene William Burt Pittenger, Austin Murray Randolph Ray, Dallas Francis Douglass Shear, Fort Worth Jack Wilson Smith, Marlin Joseph Edwin Strawn, Jr., Dallas Timothy Jan Stinson, Wichita Falls Guy Irving Wade. Houston James Vernon Walden, Austin Neal Avery Watt. Austin Wayne Thomas Weber, Fredericksburg Thomas Franklin Witten, Dallas Thomas Russell Wood, Wichita Falls Austin irwx ' 4akrt Top Row: Poth, Ray, Simmons, Smith, Speckels. Second Row: Stinson, Thompson, Walden, Walt, Weber, Wilson, Winter. Page 281 PI KAPPA ALPHA f c Ift FACULTY L. T. BELLMONT, Professor and Director Emeritus of Physical Training for Men LAURENCE D. HASKEW, V ice-Chancellor, The University of Texas System CAPTAIN ROBERT E. HAYS, JR., Assistant Professor of Air Science HARVEY R. HERBST, Assistant Professor of Speech OFFICERS Fall Spring RONALD GORDON ROSEN S.W.C. . RAYMOND LEWIS SCARBOROUGH, JR. JAMES RAY SHAFER l.M.C JAMES ALBERT CHANDLER CHARLES WILSON LINDSEY, III . . . . Th. C. ROBERT DAVID NOWLIN KARL ANTHONY WRIGHT Pledge Trainer DONALD ALLEN GRAHAM TIMOTHY MICHAEL COFFEY .... Rush Captain . . LLOYD HENRY BOUDLOCHE, JR. OLIVE P. EADES, Housemother BARBARA TAYLOR, Delta Gamma, Sweetheart PLEDGES Robert Larry Adams, Houston Ephraim Alfonse Arredondo, San Antonio Randal Allen Bailey, Huntsville Daniel Andrew Barkley, Gruver Fred Terry Barlow. Jr., Waco Michael Curtis Barrett, Sherman Carroll Patrick Bartosh, Austin Stephen Scott Blair. Big Spring Carl Henry Bohn, Houston Ronald Bayne Ealy, White Oak Edward Leon French, Sherman Jim Tom Haynes, Lubbock Frank Michael Jordan, Liberty Michael Francis Kothmann, Castell John Howard McVaugh, El Paso Troy Don Moore, Hereford Allister Kelly Morris, Jr., Baytown Joe Pat Wicker, Walter Neal Mullins, Jr., Tatum Michael Kent Nichols, El Paso Dex Eugene Ott. Amarillo George Wright Parkhurst, Fort Worth William Ernest Phillips, Houston Lenard Earl Reeves, Pasadena James Eldon Savage, Houston John Ernest Schade. Edna Kenneth Douglas Scott, El Paso Stephen Rayner Smith, El Paso James Lee Stewart, Dallas Ralph Thomas. Houston Doug Howard Thompson, Marshall Jerry Ray Tindel, Alvin Robert Eugene Tyler, Sabinal John Dee Vaughn. Jr., Houston Joseph Lee Warner, Austin Roswell, N. Mex. Top Row: Adams, Alvis, Arrendondo, Bailey. Second Row: Barkley, Barlow, Barrett, Bartosh. Third Row: Bohn, L. Boudloche, M. Boudloche, Brown. Fourth Row: Cadenhead, Coerver, Coffey, Dahse. Fifth Row: Dewey, Ealy, Forrester, Foster. Sixth Row: French, Hale, Haynes, Holman. Seventh Row: Hudson, Jeane, Jordan, Kothmaon. Eighth Row: Lake, Lindacy, Malcdon, McVaugh. Ninth Row: Meador, Mitchell, Moore, Mullins. Tenth Row: Nichols, Norman, Nowlin, Odom. Eleventh Row: Ott, Parkhursl, Parsons, Pasimore. Page 282 MEMBERS James Eugene Alvis, Austin Lloyd Henry Boudloche, Jr., Baytown Michael Boudloche, Baytown Gary Dale Brown, Hillsboro Ben Chandler Cadenhead, Brownwood James Albert Chandler, Houston John Emmett Chandler, Houston Arthur John Coerver, Houston Timothy Michael Coffey, Fort Worth Thomas Nendall Crowell, San Antonio Byron Paul Dahse, Fort Worth James Clay Dewey, Amarillo Staley Faulkner, Denton Robert Donald Forrester, Amarillo Perry Tindall Foster, Calvert Michael Roy Gibson, El Paso Ray Sims Goodman, Jr., Denison Donald Allen Graham, Tulia Charles Richard Hale, Nacogdoches Paul Kenneth Herson, Jr., Dallas Frank Warren Hilliard, Arlington John Keith Holman, Houston Joe Travis Hudson, Madisonville Charles Donald Jeane, Houston Robert Stephen Lake, Fort Worth Charles Wilson Lindsey, Fort Worth Elick Neal Maledon, Jr., Longview Guy Edward Matthews, Mont Belvieu Donald Paul Meador, Amarillo Karl Anthony Wright, Mike Addison Mitchell, Amarillo Ronald Walter Moore, Austin Emmett Kent Morgan, Big Spring Douglass Finley Norman, Houston Robert David Nowlin, Dallas Fred Anthony Odom, Gilmer Charles Clinton Parsons, Houston Walter Gerald Passero, El Paso Paul Ray Passmore, Dallas William Hoyt Pilkilton, Dallas Donald Albert Porter, Corpus Christi Louis Frank Ridings, Jr., Amarillo Ronald Gordon Rosen, Fort Worth Raymond Lewis Scarborough, Jr., Houston James Ray Shafer, Austin Robert D. Simpson, Fort Worth Jerry Walter Stewart, Dallas Vaughan O ' Neal Stewart, Kilgore Cecil Albert Thompson, Jr., Houston John Andrew Thompson, Fort Worth Ronald Jerome Waska, Houston Tom Lee Waterston, Dallas James Ray Williams, Austin James Michael Wilson, Fort Worth Rabun Thomas Wilson, III, Austin James Marvin Windham, Jr., Livingston William Gratz Woodford, Hereford Joseph Norman Workman, El Paso David Michael Worley, Big Spring Fort Worth Top Row: Phillips, Pilkilton, Reeves, Rosen, Savage, Schade, Shafer, Simpson, Smith, J. L. Stewart, J. W Stewart, Thomas, C. Thompson. Second Row: D. Thompson, ;. Thompson, Tindel, Tyler, Vaughn, Warner, Waska, Waterston, Wicker Williams I. Wilson Work- man, Wright. Page 283 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FACULTY HARRELL ESTES LEE, Associate Professor of Journalism JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS, Professor of Law OFFICERS Fall Spring MICHAEL HENRY ERSKINE . .Eminent Archon LARRY JOE O ' NEILL LARRY JOE O ' NEILL Eminent Deputy Archon SAM SKILLERN LEAKE GEORGE SEARCY WATSON . . Eminent Treasurer. . . DON MAITLAND PATTERSON DON MAITLAND PATTERSON . . Housemanager VAL EARL MCFARLAND, II ALNA GEOFFREY JACKSON . . Eminent Recorder .... ALAN GOEFFREY JACKSON BONNIE MURPHY, Housemother SUSAN JANE KAHN, Pi Beta Phi, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES James Chivers Barnes, Missouri City John R. Cook, Breckenridge Daryl Sterling Crocker, Corpus Christi John Walter Daniel, El Paso James Douglas Davis, Houston Lynn Rogers Eason, Houston Rodger Dorman Gaulding, Dallas Hal Collins Graham, Wichita Falls Frederick Parker Gregg, Houston Ben Emmitt Hill, Jr., Dallas Donald Gene Johnson, Houston Samuel Leslie King, Alice John Richard Kirby, Harlingen Edwin Howard Lanford, Jr., Fort Worth Joe Edward Lea, Jr., El Paso David Leake, Dallas Alcide Frederico Longoria, Jr., Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Kendrick Henry Minten, Falfurrias Hugh Foster Montgomery, Houston John William O ' Boyle, Jr., Dallas Gary Michael Pearce, Houston Virgil Albert Pate, Abilene James Beauford Reeder, Midland Owen Roe Revell, Austin Hugo William Schoellkopf, Dallas Walter Powers Scott, Port Neches Dennis William Seibert, Houston Jay S. Tillinghurst, Garland Marvin York Vick, Madisonville Bryan Richard Vifquain, Dallas George Wesley Works, III, Dallas Angus Gilchrist Wynne, III, Dallas Eugene Owen Young, Borger SPRING PLEDGES John Richard Rolater, Fort Worth Terry Austin Willis, Gilmer Top Rote: Allen, Baldwin, Barnes, Brindley. Second Row: Brown, Carnahan, Cook, Crocker. Third Row: Daniel, Davis, Denman, Draper. Fourth Row: Eason, Ehlers, Erskine, Feuille. Fifth Row: Fontenol, Garrison, Gaulding, Gowan. Sixth Row: Graham, Cranberry, F. Gregg, Grere. Seventh Row: Hcndren, Jackson, Johnson, Lanford. Eighth Row: Lea, D. Leake, S. Leake, Lee. Ninth Row: Longoria, McFarland, Mclntosh, Minter. Tenth Row: Montgomery, O Boyle, O ' Neill, R. Parker. Eleventh Row: W. Parker, Pate, Patterson, Peterson. Page 281 MEMBERS Louis George Allen, Weatherford Robert Basil Baldwin, III, Houston Hanes Hanby Brindley, Jr., Temple John Timothy Brown, Corsicana Thomas Allen Bunkley, Jr., Stamford Dwight Eugene Burdick, Jr., Stamford George Southgate Busiek, Dallas Gayle Bragdon Carnahan, Houston Steve Thomson Cochra i, Houston William Edwin Denman, Richm ond, Va. Patrick Shelton Dismukes, Houston Cecil Vanoy Draper, Austin James McQueen Easterling, Corpus Christ! Melville Virgil Ehlers, Travis A.F. Base, Calif. Max Emmert, III, Houston Michael Henry Erskine, San Antonio Robert Alexander Fainter, Austin Frank Feuille, IV, El Paso Murphy Louis Fontenot, Dallas Joseph Hardie Freeman, Corpus Christ! William Micheal Furman, El Paso Homer Garrison, III, Austin Bruce Garland Gaylor, Midway John Roland Gowan, Graham William Robert Cranberry, Corpus Christ! Dick Hoskins Gregg, Jr., Houston Robert Charles Greve, Houston William D. Grigsby, Amarillo Fred Carl Groos, San Antonio Philip Adrien Hendren, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Alan Geoffrey Jackson, Laredo Chesley Wiggins Johnston, San Antonio Sam Skillern Leake, Dallas Samuel James Lee, II, Angleton William Dale Ledbetter, Houston Van Earl McFarland, II, Houston Winston Wayne Mclntosh, Austin Ivan Bass Yerger, Jackson, John Gregg Middleton, Liberty Arnold Powell Milton, Longview David Smith Minter, Sherman John Everett Mussleman, Jr., Albany Daniel Duncan Neblett, Jr., Houston Lane Newbury, Dallas Larry Joe O ' Neill, Rapid City, S. Dak. Patrick O ' Rourke, El Paso Robert Foster Parker, Houston Warren Dennis Parker, Eagle Lake Don Maitland Patterson, Tulsa, Okla. John Jacob Patton, Tyler Billy Mack Payne, Conroe William Edmond Penland, Jr., Corsicana James Douglas Peterson, Corpus Christi William Edward Pickens, Skidmore John Louis Pierce, Navasota John Edward Schmid, Austin Alan Clifton Schoellkopf, Dallas John R. Schuehle, Hondo Charles Afton Schulz, Jr., Temple Joseph Louis Segrato, Houston David Fuller Stevens, Dallas Bernard Oscar Stone, Jr., Beaumont George Lee Streckmann, Dallas Jarrett Cooke Swanson, Jr., Navasota Robert Peel Thomason, Houston Gordon Cole Thompson, Houston James Arthur Tillinghast, Garland Roger Lee Tolar, San Antonio Edwin Walters Torian, Houston Bobby Shannon Tyler, Fort Worth Alfred William Uhlig, El Paso Jack Douglas Waller, Sunray Charles Wyatt Walters, Houston George Searcy Watson, Dallas Hoy Newton Wells, Jr., San Antonio Miss. Top Roa: Pickens, Pierce, Reeder, Revell, H. S. hoellkopf, Sclmelilc, Schulz, Scott, Scibert, Stevens. Second Row: I. A. Tillinghast, J. S. Tillinghast, Uhlig, Vick, Vifquain, Waller, Walters, Watson, Wells, Works, Wynne, Young. Page 285 SIGMA ALPHA MU FACULTY IRWIN SPEAR, Associate Professor of Botany OFFICERS Spring JERRY DONALD SCHWARTZ Prior GARY ALLEN HERMAN LAWRENCE NOLAN STERN Vice-Prior JEROLD YALE PRAGER JOE CHARTOFF Exchequer RONALD DAVID KARCHMER MARVIN STUART KOGUTT Recorder, JAY EDWARD COHEN EDITH GOMPERTZ, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Leonard Bruce Abrams, Corpus Christi David Eaker, Dallas James Howard Fichtenbaum, Dallas Michael Stephen Fogel, Dallas Edward Englander Jacobs, Waco Michael Barry Karchmer, Corpus Christi Richard Wayne Lambert, Dallas Sid Levine, Houston Larry Jay Maltz, Corpus Christi Stephen Herman Mehl, Fort Worth Zaki Mizrahi, Dallas Phillip Jay Paine, Bay City Steven Jacob Schwartz, Galveston Steven Lee Segal, Dallas Arthur Skibell, Lubbock Steven Jon Sterling, San Antonio Jerry Lee Weinstein, Fort Worth Sheldon Alan Wills, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES James Steven Adler, Dallas James Louis Bock, Austin Richard Prinz, Fort Worth Robert Harold Shalette, Dallas Top Row; Altsuler, Estroff, Fichtenbaum. Second Row: Friedman, Ciller, Ginsburg. Third Row; Goldman, Hendclman, Jacobs. Fourth Roto: M. Karchmer, Kogutt, Kupcrman. Fifth Row: Lambert, Levine, B. Levy. Sixth Row: S. Levy, Mallz, Marknwitz. Seventh Row: Mchl, Mizrahi, Nachman. Eighth Roto; Neumann, Paine, Rubin. Mnth Row : Saikin, J. Schwartz, S. Schwartz. Page 286 MEMBERS Arnold Kent Altsuler, Omaha, Nebr. David Edward Bird, Waco Joe Chartoff, Lubbock Jay Edward Cohen, Houston Martin William Cohen. San Angelo Henry Michael Davis, Corpus Christi Cal L. Donsky, Austin Alan Lee Eisenberg, Dallas Arthur Joe Epstein, Dallas Harris I. Estroff. Lakeland, Fla. Linmer Benney Feiner, El Paso Gerald Arthur Freid, Dallas Max Samuel Friedman, Dallas Melvyn Eugene Ciller, Dallas David Michael Ginsburg. Austin Ronald Jay Goldman, Fort Worth Allen Lee Hendelman, Fort Worth Gary Allen Herman, Austin Morton Lee Herman, Fort Worth Ronald David Karchmer. Corpus Christi Barry Marshall Kleinman, San Angelo William Morton Knobler, Austin Marvin Stuart Kogutt, Bay City David I. Kuperman, Breckenridge Ronald Errol Levinson, Houston Ben Michael Levy, Dallas Steven Arthur Levy. Dallas Robert A. Markowitz, Houston Richard I. Miller, San Antonio George Jack Nachman. Dallas Marvin Leon Nebrat, Corpus Christi Gerard Herbert Neumann, El Paso Jerold Yale Prager, Wichita Falls Steven William Ritzwoller, Fort Worth Jack David Rubin, Fort Worth Harvey Jay Saikin, Houston Allen Phillip Schuster, Fort Worth Jerry Donald Schwartz, Houston Robert Stuart SkibeH, Lubbock Stephen William Smolkin, San Antonio Lawrence S. Sondock, Houston James D. Stein, Hempstead Lawrence Nolen Stern, Fort Worth Michael Stephen Wilk. Lubbock Shelby Allan Wyll, Dallas Charles L. Zelazny, Dallas Left 10 Rig ' i R. Skibell, Stein, Sterling, Stern, Weinstejn, Wilk, Wills, Wyll, Zelazny. Page 287 SIGMA CHI ;T X FACULTY STANLEY PHISTER FINCH, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering HUGH LYON McMATH, Professor of Architecture OFFICERS Fall Spring DARIUS DUDLEY OLDHAM Consul DARIUS DUDLEY OLDHAM JOHN FRANK KILE Pro-Consul RALPH MICHAEL YATES DOYLE EDWIN FLATT Quaestor ROBERT MICHAEL JELINEK MICHAEL LAWNER PATTON Annotator DOYLE EDWIN FLATT EDWARD DOUGLAS JOHNSON Magister BILLIE FRANK POLK PERSIS HENDERSON, Housemother NANCY JANE NELSON, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Billy Jack Brown, Corpus Christi James Raymond Bryant, Denison Damon Richard Capps, Mason Kenneth D. Carr, Corpus Christi Gregg Leonard Carter, Elsa James Winslow Coulter, San Antonio William Lamar Fly, Victoria Robert Calvin Franks, Baytown Robert James Greenwood, Temple Wilson Southwell Jaeggli, Corpus Christi Patrick Donald Kelly, Dallas Robert Edward Kelly, Houston William Lee Knighton, III, Dallas William Anthony Koby, Houston Richard Allen Launey, Corpus Christi Robert Michael Looney, Houston James Monroe Loyd, Jr., Victoria Scott Vance Matthews, Midland Larry C. McWherter, Victoria Jack Richard Mowrey, San Antonio Jerry Wayne Oliver, Freeport Robert Lindell Ramey, Kingsville Walter Thomas Russell, Jr., Wills Point Charles Rankin Steadman, Houston Joseph Alan Tennant, Houston Rufus Elbert Thompson, Morton Kenneth Gregory Todar, Waco William Thomas Youens, Jr., Columbus r SPRING PLEDGES Ephriam Alfonse Arredondo, San Antonio Michael Wallace Block, San Antonio Richard Robert Burroughs, Corpus Christi William Dandridge Clifford, Fort Worth Wayne Michael Cook, Kingsville Christopher Stephen Hart, Austin Stephen John Radcliffe, Houston Joseph Ashley Taylor, San Francisco, Calif. Top Row: W. Anderson, B. Brown, Bryant. Second Row: Burch, Bussey, Carr. Third Row: Carter, Cogan, Coulter. Fourth Row: Crawford, Davit, Dickey. filth Row: Flalt, Fly, Franka. Sixth Row: Goldman, Greenwood, Hallman. Seventh Row: Henderson, Hightower, Jaeggli. Eighth Row: Jelinelc, Johnson, Jondahl. Ninth Row: Juncket, P. Kelly, R. Kelly. Tenth Row: Kile, Koby, Launey. Eleventh Row: Looney, Loyd, Marsh. Page 288 MEMBERS Chester Lee Allen, Corpus Christi David George Allums, Houston Benno deMenil Anderson ' , LaMarque William Lee Anderson, LaMarque Brook Alan Baker, Perryton William Stanley Barnes, Austin Henry Buford Barr, Beaumont James Arthur Besselman, Corpus Christi Armin Schlick Boettcher, East Bernard William Robert Bolger, Longview Robert Roy Brandes, Houston Charles Van Winkle Brooks, Dallas Floyd Wayne Brown, Corpus Christi Barton Woodward Bruce, Baytown Robert Paschal Buford, Tyler Paul James Burch, Harlingen William Edward Bussey, Longview John Penney Cogan, Jr., Houston Newton Mitchell Grain, III, Houston John Scott Crawford, Houston Rod William Croom, Temple Robert Earl Davis, Harlingen Walter Johns Deney, Palestine Bobby L. Dickey, Palestine Robert Parton Dunn, Tyler Robert Marcus Dussler, Jr., Houston Dennis Ray Farley, Temple Leo Edward Faubion, Odessa Doyle Edwin Flatt, Longview Oscar Howard Frazier, Stephenville Timothy Ray Goldman, Temple Herbert Clyde Gormley, Killeen Preston Snyder Hallman, III, Fort Worth William Albert Harrison, Houston Carl Marshall Hartt, Palestine Joe Douglas Hastedt, Columbus Frank Fitch Henderson, San Antonio John Buckner Hightower, Austin James Abraham Hill, Austin Robert Melvin Howe, Beaumont Patric Dean Hudgens, Houston Richard Eugene Hulbirt, Corpus Christi James Joseph Jaros, Toledo, Ohio Robert Michael Jelinek, Beaumont Edward Douglas Johnson, New Orleans, La. James Holder Jondahl, Harlingen Leonard Nelson Juncker, Beaumont William Carey Kennedy, Jr., Austin John Frank Kile, Houston A. W. Knolle, Sandia Richard Lewis Logan, Big Lake James Scott Mann, Baytown George Howell Marsh, Jr., Austin Robert John Marshall, Jr., Temple John Hammack McMillan, Wichita Falls William George McMillian, Marble Falls. Bunion Bradley McWilliams, Bellaire Donald Roy Meredith, Houston Edward Joseph Mooney, Longview Harold Brett Morris, Waco Joe Allen Myers, Beaumont Hubert Turner Odom, Jr., Victoria Darius Dudley Oldham, Beaumont Michael Lawner Patton, Beaumont Billie Frank Polk, Austin William George Poole, Austin John Alton Posey, Jr., Freeport Charles Allen Pratt, Longview Wayne Joseph Prosper!, Houston John Carver Richards, II, Cuero Thomas Franklin Roberts, Jr., Killeen Don James Rooney, San Antonio Fredrick Albert Rose, San Antonio William Bonner Rubey, Houston Richard Howell Rushing, Dallas George Henry Sauer, Waco John Howard Sharkey, Dallas Alan Moore Smith, Midland Everett Gregor Smith, Midland Horace David Smith, Palestine Joe Charles Smith, Corpus Christi John Lloyd Smith, Houston James William Speights, Houston Lindsey Garland Spivey, Waco Robert Nottingham Tracy, Jr., Encino, Calif. Ronald Lee Van Meter, Beaumont James David Warwick, LaMarque Don Dewey Westlace, Harlingen William Willerson White, Beaumont Ralph Michael Yates, Laredo John P. Zogan, Houston Top Row: Marshall, McMillan, McMillian, McWherter, McWilliams, Mowrey, Myers, Odom, Oldham, Patton, Polk, Poole. Second Row: Posey, Ramey, Roberts, Rose, Russell, A. Smith, J. L. Smith, Steadman, Thompson, Todar, Warwick, White, Youens. Page 289 SIGMA NU fa f JlT FACULTY CLARENCE EDWIN AYRES, Professor of Economics VERNON TRUETT SCHUHARDT. Professor of Microbiology KEITH P. YOUNG, Professor of Geology OFFICERS Fall Spring CARL ALBERT NENTWICH . Eminent Commander . MARQUIS EVERETT WHITTINGTON MARQUIS EVERETT WHITTINGTON Lieutenant Commander ARTHUR RHEW DOOLEY, JR. FRANK GREGORY WHITE, JR Recorder JERRY EDMOND CHILES MIGUEL ESPINOSA Treasurer MIGUEL ESPINOSA ROBERT MERLEE DOBY, JR Reporter BYRON FLANARY EGAN MRS. FLEMING NEWTON, Housemother LINDA BRAGG MCDANIEL, Pi Beta Phi, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES James Whitney Aird, San Antonio Thomas Edward Allen, Temple Charles Russell Bradley, Jacksonville Walter Lee Bradley, Corpus Christi Ronald Barry Brown, Waco Benny Jack Chilcutt, McAllen Edward Carl Clancy, Galena Park William Calvin Clift, Kerrville David Craig Durham, Sterling City Eugene Holland Flewellen, Dallas Rohert Lynn Hawkins, Corpus Christi Tommy Luftos Husbands, III, Waco Phillip Gray John, Midland Adolph Joe Junek, Jr., Temple Tommy Dale Keene, Vernon Alexander James Kisselburgh, III, El Paso Marvin Christopher Kristynik, Bay City Ross Moore Lynch, Corpus Christi James Francis Martin, Dallas James Lee Maxwell, HI, Wichita Falls Leo John Peterson, III, Austin James Gratham Roach, Corpus Christi Perry Vernon Rushing, Robstown Michael Thomas Scott, Wichita Falls Roland Lee Sparks, Anahuac Fred William Sultan, Houston Kenneth James Tschoerner, Temple Ferdinand Vollmer, San Antonio Edward Tarry Watkins, Jr., Houston Robert Steve Wilson, Overton Ted Evans Wimberly, Houston Kenneth Edwin Brooks, Texas City SPRING PLEDGES Jeffrey Alan Long, Houston Johnce Eugene Hall, Corpus Christi Top Row: Abcrnalhy, Aird, Allen, Barnard. Second Row: Blackwood, C. Bradley, W. Bradley, R. Brown. Third Row: Carluck, Caslleman, Chilcull, Chiles. fourth Rom: Clancy, C. Clift, W. Clift, Cooper. Fifth Row: Doolcy, Durham, Egan, Espinosa. Sixth Row: Flewellen, Fossler, Fry, Givens. Seventh Row: Hart, Hawkins, Hawn, Hurley. Eighth Rote: Husbands, Jarrell, John, Junek. Ninth Row: Kercheville, Kristynik, Kulinna, Lawhon. Tenth Row: Lynch, Lyngo, Maxwell, Michels. Eleventh Row: Moore, Nelson, Ncntwich, Oatcs. Page 290 MEMBERS Louis Courtney Abernathy, Houston James Lawrence Bernard, jr., Corpus Christi Ken Bentley, Abilene Paul Michael Blackwood, Corpus Christi Frederick Samuel Brown, Austin George Lewis Brucks, Hondo George David Carlock, Honey Grove Michael Shea Castleman, Midland Vincent David Cater, San Antonio James Thomas Chapman, Austin Rankin H. Chapman, Austin Jerry Edmond Chiles, Fort Worth Charles Wilson Clift, III, Kerrville James Gary Cooper, Port Neches Richard M. DeGuerin, Austin Robert Merlee Doby, Fort Worth Arthur Rhew Dooley, Beaumont William W. Dunlop, Austin Byron Flanary Egan, Dallas Miguel Espinosa, Cuernavaca, Mexico William B. Finan, Beaumont Douglas Earl Fussier, Kerrville John Ed Fry, Abilene John Paul Gamel, Lampasas Frank Madison Gilstrap, Arlington Robert Thomas Givens, Laredo Deene Gott, Austin Roy Matthews Grassedonio, Houston Don Brooks Greer, Longview William Nesbit Hall, Laredo Ollin B. Hamilton, Piano Hal Lomax Hankinson, Houston Warren Bryan Hart, San Antonio William Hewit Hawn, Jr., Corpus Christi Jack Lewis Hearrell, II, Gladewater Kimball T. Hillencamp, Jacksonville David C. Holland, Beaumont Charles Vaughn Huffstutler, Texarkana Lawrence Foster Hurley, Fort Worth Michael Stephen Jarrell, Austin William A. Jordan, San Antonio Joe Beaty Kercheville, San Antonio C. Jay Kulinna, Houston William Griffith Lawhon, Houston Oscar Eugene Lynge Jr., Piano Mart E. McMillan, Tyler James Thomas Mitchell, Houston John Spiegel Michels, Winnetka, 111. Robert Warren Miller Jr., San Antonio Steve L. Moore, Corpus Christi Wallace Harper Nations, Austin R. Norman Nelson, Jr., Dallas Carl Albert Nentwich, Macdona Michael S. Dates, Fort Worth Derrell Martin Oliver, Muleshoe David Raymond Parker, Corpus Christi James Hoke Peacock, II, Jacksonville Charles Talmadge Phillips, Lake Jackson Sam Madison Powell, Waco Thomas David Reynolds, Wichita Falls Frank Richey, Houston Dick Roberts, San Antonio James W. Robertson, Houston Jed Rosenthal, San Antonio Robert Page Ross, II, Austin Robert Allen Sewell, Fort Worth George Owen Slaughter, Jr., Austin George Dave Talley, Jr., Tyler William Joseph Teague, Odessa Dan Travis, Denton Jerry Davis Voyles, Bay City Robert William Wachsmuth, Port Neches Donald 0. Walker, Whitewright Robert D. Walker, San Antonio Robert Alexander Weatherford, Camden Alexander Weil, III, Corpus Christi Frank Gregory White, Jr., Houston William James White, Mission Marquis Everett Whittington, Sherman John Michael Wight, Stamford, Conn. Will Wills, Encino, Calif. Frank M. Wilson, III, San Antonio Charles Cowan Womack, Jr., Houston Tl dun Top Roto: Parker, Peterson, Powell, Reynolds, Roach, Robertson, Rosenthal, Ross, Scott, Slaughter, Sparks, Sultan. Second Row: Travis, Tschocrner, Vollmer, Waehsmuth, D. Walker, Walking, Weil, F. White, Whittington, Wight, R. Wilson, Womack. Page 291 SIGMA PHI EPSILON FACULTY CLYDE RICHARD KING, Assistant Professor of Journalism FILLMORE HARGRAVE SANFORD, Professor of Psychology BYRON DEAN TAPLEY, Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics JAMES RAYMOND VIRAMONTES, Assistant Basketball Coach OFFICERS Fall Spring CURTIS ALFRED McCLURG President MICHAEL LEROY BOYD MATTHEW ANDREW LANDRY . . V ice-President DONALD LYNN WHATLEY DAVID HOMES DIAL Comptroller ROBERT LAFAYETTE ADAIR, III HARVARD KEITH Nix Recording Secre tary HARVARD KEITH Nix THOMAS TAYLOR WINN . . Corresponding Secretary THOMAS TAYLOR WINN ADDIE MONTGOMERY, Housemother RACHEL CORNELIA MERRIMAN, Pi Beta Phi, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES John Powell Ash, Bastrop Robert Lee Bell, Dallas Richard Bolten Bender, Fort Worth John Findly Blocker, Dallas Stephen William Blount, San Antonio David Earl Bradley, San Antonio Jack Thomas Cartwright, Jr., Del Rio James William Cox, Dallas James Gilmer Dickson, Lake Jackson Richard Edward Dullnig, San Antonio Clarance Fielding Early, Brownwood Charles Roger Gipson, Lake Jackson Jack Doneley Gray, Fort Worth Gary Permon Hammer, Dallas Kenneth Owen Hicks, Dallas Thomas William Landers, III, Longview William Lane, Austin William Thomas Loesch, Houston Jimmy Don Logan, Monohans John Marable Lomax, Houston William Ronald Mahoney, Dallas John Thomas Meier, San Angelo Conrad John Netting, San Antonio Daniel Thomas Nicholson, Lake Jackson James Michael Owen, Longview William Bennett Palamountain, II, Dallas William Morgan Pruitt, Richardson Robert Eggleston Ramee, Jr., Alice Daniel Alexander Roper, Dallas Bruce William Schnitzer, Fort Worth James Douglas Sharkey, II, Dallas Lewis Hershel Sheriff, Jr., Dallas William Albert Shirley, Jr., San Angelo Carl David Stautz, Austin James Joseph Teeling, Dallas Charles Sloan Teeple, Dallas Clinton William Uhr, Jr., San Antonio Wallace Barry Van Winkle, Orange Jon Allen Vogler, Midland Charles Richard Wallace, Arlington Robert Kenneth Wamsley, Dallas Richard Thorp Weber, Austin Clifford Warren Wood, Crockett SPRING PLEDGES James Eddy Burk, San Antonio Henry Joseph Koenig, Cuero Richard King Nordquist, San Antonio Donald Ray Northcutt, Crockett Glenn Edwin Staats, New Braunfels Top Row: Adair, Anderson, Ash, E. Bell. Second How: R. Bell, Bender, Blocker, Blount. Third Row: Boyd, Bradley, Carlwright, Chaddcrdon. Fourth Row: Cole, Dial, Dickson, Drumwright. Fifth Row: Dullnig, Dunning, Early, Hammer. Sixth Row: Hicks, Jackson, Jones, Landers. Seventh Row: Lane, Lay, Lehmann, Lindsey. Eighth Row: Loesch, Lomax, Mahoney, McClurg. Ninth Row: Meier, Miller, Netting, Nicholson. Tenth Row: Nix, Olivier, Palamountain, Paul. Eleventh Row: Pruitt, Ramce, Red, Roper. Page 292 Robert Lafayette Adair, III, Dallas Edwin M. Anderson, San Angelo Edwin Gilbert Bell, Longview Michael Leroy Boyd, Houston James Robert Chadderdon, Houston Edward Keith Chunn, Houston David Bras Cole, Stephenville David Weldon Cook, Austin Jerry Donald David, Dallas David Hombs Dial, Palestine H. Sterling Drumwright, Cisco Jack Raymond Dugan, Fort Worth Thomas M. Dunning, Dallas Samuel David Ellison, Austin Howard Jay Farr, Houston Joe Fisher, III, Beaumont Kenneth Carl Fletcher, Dallas Gordon Houser, Austin James Horace Jackson, Dallas Philip James John, Jr., Florsville Jack B. Jones, Jr., Del Rio Terry David Kahn, San Antonio Charles Arthur Knutson, San Antonio Matthew Andrew Landry, Wichita Falls MEMBERS Russell F. Lay, Houston Jerry Spruce Lehmann, Eden Marion Lindsey, Houston Curtis Alfred McClurg, Austin Robert Fry McCullough, Midland Gaines Gilmore Miller, San Angelo David L. Nichols, Austin Harvard Keith Nix, Richardson William Parr Olivier, Dallas Nolan Paul, Richardson Harry Douglas Pruett, Austin Charles Vincent Red, Angleton Paul Raymond Snow, Austin Ronald Kent Stobaugh, Hot Springs, Ark. Al F. Tasch, Jr., Taft Joe Samuel Taylor, Jr., Austin James Rodney Thomas, Carthage Michael Emmett Thrash, Denver, Colo. Martin Vavra, Del Rio Robert Lee Waggoner, Longview James Robert Waite, San Antonio Stephen Alan Wakefield, Fort Worth Robert Elliott Watts, Jr., Austin Donald Lynn Whatley, Lewisville Thomas Taylor Winn, San Antonio Top Row: Schnilzer Sliarkey, Sheriff, Shirley, Tasch, Taylor, Teelinp, Teeple, Tliomas. Second Row: Uhr, Van Winkle, Vavra, Vogler, Waggoner, Waite, Wainsley, Walls, Weber, Whatlcy, Winn. Page 293 SIGMA PI COLONY OFFICERS Fall JAMES TURNER GARNER, JR Sage ROBERT WAYNE TODD First Counselor . . LEOY ALBERT STOCK Second Counselor GARY ALLEN ROBBINS .... Third Counselor. JAMES ALBERT McKiNNis . Fourth Counselor . Spring JAMES TURNER GARNER, JR. CARL HOFMANN MONEYHON . . JAMES ALBERT McKiNNis RICHARD MICHAEL CONNER . ROGERS E. GARRETT Top Row: Bellamy, Conner. Second Row: Cox, Cuclney. Third Row: Danicli, Dillard. Fourth Row: Garner, Garrett. Fifth Row: Machery, McFarlanc Sixth Raw. McKinnis, Miller. Page 294 PLEDGES Louis Robert Anderson, Denison William Newton Bellamy, Lampasas John Wesley Bowers, Jr., Houston Richard Michael Conner, Rosebud George Wayne Cox, Andrews Joseph ReDon Cudney, Andrews Keith Wayne Daniels, Fort Worth Richard Ray Dillard, Odessa James Turner Garner, Jr., Brownwood Rogers E. Garrett, Waller Randolph Lee Hall, Jr., Montgomery, Ala. Connie Lowell Humphus, Saginaw Douglas Earl Macherey. Dallas John Russell McFarlane, Brownwood James Albert McKinnis, Corpus Christi Robert Sterling Miller, Austin Carl Hofmann Moneyhon, Mason Gayle Raymond Newcomb, Caldwell William Norvill Puckett, Odessa Gary Allen Robbins, Corpus Christi Harry Howard Sockol, Brownwood Leroy Albert Stock, Houston Robert Wayne Todd, Richardson COLONY Left to Right: Moneyhon, Newcomb, Puckett, Robbins, Sockol, Stock, Todd. Page 295 TAU DELTA PHI FACULTY HYMAN JOSEPH ETTLINGER, Professor of Mathematics ft m OFFICERS Fall Spring LANE FRANK HARRIS Cousin MICHAEL MARC BLEND MICHAEL PHILLIP NUSSENBLATT Vice-Consul ARNOLD MAYER ROSEN STEPHEN LAWRENCE LEVINE . . . Quaestor STEPHEN MICHAEL HENRY ALLAN HIRSCH FRADKIN Scribe .... HOWARD LAWRENCE BERNSTEIN HAROLD MAX ROSENTHAL . . Members-at-Large . . . LEE EDWARD HARTMAN, JR. MRS. MANN SILBERSTEIN, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Nathan Stephen Axelrod, Houston Jack Bell, Dallas Geoffrey Bergman. Houston Stanley Jay Bernstein, San Antonio Elliott Morton Bossin, Houston Nathan Allen Chavin, El Paso Herbert Kent Danziger, Helena, Ark. Larry Alan Ellis, Dallas Stephen Samuel Ezon, Houston Richard Samet Friedman, Austin Steve Neal Haberman, McAllen Donald Loren Herzberg, Houston David Simon Horwitz, Houston David Allen Kboudi, San Antonio Kenneth Michael Jacobs, Houston Barry Lionel Jagoda, Houston Herbert Irwin Leiman, Houston Lee Michael Mendelovitz, Houston Martin Edward Morris, Houston Joseph Bert Olian, Bryan Joel Robert Sachs. Houston Joel Michael Singer, Houston Harold Samuel Sulsky. Tyler David Harris Swiff, Galveston David Samuel Wolf, Houston SPRING PLEDGE Shawn Siegel, Philadelphia, Pa. Top Rote: Axelrod, Bell, Bergman, Hermann. Second Rout: H. Bernstein, S. Bernstein, Birnbaum, Blend. Third Row: Bow in, Brencr, Cane, Danburg. Fourth Row: Danziger. E. Eastman, R. Eastman, Edclman. Fifth Row: Eisenstein, Ellis, J. EZOD, S. Ezon. Sixth Row: Kill- k, Fein, Fradkin, A. Friedman. Seventh Row: R. Friedman, Gardner, Ginsberg, Goldberg. Eighth Row: Habcrmaa, Hart man, Herzberg, HorwiU. Ninth Row: D. Kboudi, J. Kboudi, J. Klein, I . Klein. Tenth Row: Kurtz, Laufman, Leiman, Lerner. Eleventh Row: Lcventhal, Levine, Lewii, Lipkin. Page 296 MEMBERS Iving Barenblat, San Antonio Mark William Hermann, Houston Howard Lawrence Bernstein, San Antonio Michael Birnbaum. San Antonio Michael Marc Blend. Dallas Marvin Leo Brener, Houston Ronald Warren Cane. Great Neck, N. Y. Ronald Dennis Cohen, Houston David Stuart Danburg, Houston Edward Lee Eastman, San Antonio Ronald David Eastman. San Antonio Ivan Maurice Edelman, Baytown Abram Morton Eisenstein, San Antonio Joel Joseph Ezon, Houston Larry David Fallek, McAllen Edward Kalb Fein, San Antonio Alan Hirsch Fradkin, Galveston Alan Stanley Friedman, Victoria Marion Bernard Gardner, Seguin Sidney Sol Ginsberg, Tyler Charles Ned Goldberg, Uvalde Lane Frank Harris, Waco Lee Edward Hartman, Jr., Houston Stephen Michael Henry, San Antonio Jay Allen Kanter, San Antonio Joseph Kboudi. San Antonio Joel Harvey Klein, San Antonio Keith Edward Klein, San Antonio Larry Arnold Klein, San Antonio Ronald Kurtz, San Angelo Jerry Ramon Laufman, Houston Bernard Arnold Lerner, Baytown Victor Leventhal, Dallas Stephen Lawrence Levine, Dallas Paul Anthony Lewis, Houston Jerome Carl Lipkin, Dallas Ronnie Byron Margolis, Kansas City. Mo. Barry Phillip Middleman, San Antonio Stuart Murray Nelkin, Houston Michael Phillip Nussenblatt, Galveston Maurice Samuel Olian, Bryan Ronald Edmond Pearlman, San Antonio Robert Sheldon Pickelner, Houston Alfred Gerald Platt, Houston Stephen Lawrence Reichek, Houston Thomas Malcolm Roosth, Tyler Arnold Mayer Rosen, Dallas Harold Max Rosenthal, Houston Marvin Rubenstein, Houston Mark Jay Sideman, San Antonio Paul Stephen Simons, Austin Arnold Barry Skor, Dallas Jerome Melvin Smith, Tyler Ephraim Staborowski, Laredo Jay Richard Stanley, Dallas John Bruce Stoliar, Houston Edward Arthur Stone, Houston Maurice Weiner, Baytown Marshall Irvin Yaker, El Paso Robert Elliott Zimmermann, San Antonio How: Margolis, Meiulelovitz, Middleman, Morris, Nelkin, Nuasenblatl, J. Olian, Pearlman, Pickelner, Reirhek, Roostl:. Ho nnd Ron : Uubetistrin, Sideman, Simons, Singer, Skor, Smith, Sianley, Stone, Sulsky, Swiff, Wolf, Yaker, Zimmcrmanr. Page 297 TAU KAPPA EPSILON FACULTY RiNALDO A. BACON, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering JAMES T. HOOD, Assistant Professor of Accounting ROBERT L. SUTHERLAND, Professor of Sociology 01 TIGERS rail Spring JIMMIE TOOLE NOBLE Prytams DAVID WILSON JOHNSON K. STEVE SULLINS Epiprytanis. K. STEVE SULLINS KILIAN WALTER FEHR Crysophylos CHARLES RANDALL BONER CHARLES RANDALL BONER Grammateus DENNIS ARTHUR MANN KENNETH WOLFE TROBAUGH Hypohetes EDMOND HOWARD LAWRENCE HATTIE ADAMS, Housemother CYNDI ANN ROBINSON, Alpha Phi, Sweetheart PLEDGES Eddie George Bush, Fort Worth Michael Wayne Gate, Irving Theodore John D ' Andriole. Fort Worth John Haven Davis, Killeen William Thomas Dickey, Midland Michael Wayne Fahrenthold, San Antonio Willard Lee Golightly, Irving Gary Loren Greene. Houston Carl Henry Hickerson, Austin William Horace Hickox, III, Phillips Jeffrey Rolland Houle, Las Vegas, Nev. Dennis Arthur Mann. Dover, Mass. Harold Eugene Selvey, Florence Justin Burnett Thompson. Houston Clarence LeRoy Wilson, Fort Worth Lanny Dennis Wren. Longview Top Row: Boner, Brison. Second ROM: Buali, Calhoun. Third Row: Camp, D ' Andriole. Fourth Row: Davis, Duval. Fifth Row: Felir, Colightly. Sixth Row: Greene, Hickerson. Seventh Rote: Hickox, Houle. Eighth Row: Hubbard, Johnson. Ninth Row: Lawrence, Mann. Page 298 ut Kenneth Hewes Barricklo, Houston Joe Becton Biggs, Austin Gary Lynn Blevins, Taylor Charles Randall Boner, Austin James William Brison, Irving Thomas Reynolds Calhoun, Midland Thomas Merrill Camp, Dallas Charles Augustus Duval, Littlefield Kilian Walter Fehr, Austin David Bergan Gracy, Austin John Aubrey Hornbuckle. Austin William Lane Hub bard, Dallas David Wilson Johnson. Midland MEMBERS Werner Ned Keidle, Fredericksburg Larry Frazier Laughrun, Galveston Edmond Howard Lawrence, Richmond, Va. John Rustin McAdams, Fort Worth William Hurst Miles, Bogota, Columbia Donald Foster Neblett, Dallas Jimmie Toole Noble, Wichita Falls Vaughan Brian Nowlin. Vernon Ronald Paul Rhoten, Fort Worth K. Steve Sullins. Littlefield Charles Elmo Todd, Vernon Kenneth Wolfe Trobaugh, Brunswick, Ga. James Leland Webb, Biloxi, Miss. Left to Right: McAdams, Neblett, Noble, Rlioten, Thompson, Trobaugh, Webb, Wilson, Wren. Page 299 THETA CHI FACULTY ARTHUR HENRY MOEHLMAN, Professor of History and Philosophy of Education OFFICERS Fall Spring ELDON RAY BALL President PHILIP MAURICE ARAGE JAMES WILLIAM SPENCE .... V ice-President WILLIAM HENRY BAUER, JR. ROLAND FRANCIS STREIT Secretary THOMAS NEAL TRIMBLE GREGORY PETER WENE Treasurer WILLIAM HENRY BAUER, JR. PHILIP MAURICE ARAGE Marshal. . . . ROBERT MATEER HARRISON, JR. ALMA LASITER, Housemother FALL PLEDGES Reuben Michael Allen, Fort Stockton Larry Lynn Bailey, Houston William Henry Bauer, Jr., Port Lavaca Robert Joseph Braden, Waco Richard Lloyd Jamison, San Antonio Arthur Robert Oakley, III, Houston James William Provins, Mansfield Ramon Ruenes, Brownsville Thomas Neal Trimble, Port Lavaca SPRING PLEDGES Thomas Michael Castle, San Augustine Edwin Walter Haas, Victoria David Wayne Rhodes, Rosenberg John Charts Sitta. Rosenberg Top Row: Allen, Arage. Second Row: Bailey, Ball. Third Row: Bauer, Braden. Fourth Row: Harrison, Hickenon. Fifth Row: Jamison, Knox. Sixth Row: Oakloy, Provint. Page 300 Philip Maurice Arage, Victoria Eldon Ray Ball, Odessa Robert Mateer Harrison, Jr., Port Lavaca Lester Brooks Hickerson, Rye, N. Y. Hugh David Knox, Galveston James William Spence, Houston Roland Francis Streit, Odessa Gregory Peter Wene, Weslaco Left to Right: Rucnes, Spenre, Slreit, Trimble, Wene. Page 301 THETAXI FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK, Professor of Business Law FRANKLIN BEAUMONT JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering ARCHIE WAUGH STRAITON, Professor of Electrical Engineering OFFICERS Fall Spring WILLIAM ELAM MABRY President WILLIAM ELAM MABRY HARRY MEADE FLAVIN V ice-President HARRY MEADE FLAVIN DAVID ARNOLD PULLEN Treasurer DAVID ARNOLD PULLEN JAMES LAWRENCE HALL Rush Captain JERRY KAY WILLS KENNETH JAMES REHLER Pledge Master KENNETH JAMES REHLER GLADYS R. LEIGHTY, Housemother SANDRA Lois DAVIS, Alpha Chi Omega, Sweetheart FALL PLEDGES Paul Preston Bozeman, III, Groves Lewis Edward Cade, LaPorte Michael James Callahan. Jr., Orange William David Caldwell, San Antonio Landon Rupert Chambers, Houston James R. Chankin. San Antonio Verne Louis Conrad, III, Austin Harry S. Crowder, Houston Bobby Joe Cummings, Killeen Stephen Edward Driscoll, Midland Jason Robert Ennis, Houston William Elijah Ewing, III, Houston Charles Dossie Hamilton, Jr., Lake Jackson Larry John Honea, Dallas John Michael Hooper, San Antonio Richard Lawrence Howell, Killeen Richard Albert Kirsten, LaMarque Robert Henry Lampee, Jr., Houston Robert Smith Mabry. San Antonio Robert Ardney McLarty, Winsboro Robert Earl Owens, Jr., San Antonio Mathew Robert Patton. Killeen Wesley Hollis Pearson, Jr., Austin Herbert Kenneth Rigsbee, Jr., Austin O ' Barr Henry Rost, Austin Michael Franklin Shands, Killeen Monty Lynn Shapland, Killeen William Darrell Smith, Beaumont Leo George Weber, III. San Antonio Danny Lee Wood, Killeen Willis Raymond Woolrich, III, Houston SPRING PLEDGES John Robert Emerson, Dallas Phillip Ray Montgomery, Brownfield John David Wray, Dallas William Ozie Wray, Dallas Top Row: Bell, Bozeman, Braud. Second Row: Cade, Callahan, Caraway. Third Row: Chambers, Chankin, Coil. Fourth Row: Conrad, Crowder, Cummings. Fifth Row: Davirs, Davis, Dobbs. Sixth Row: Driacoll, Ennis, Ewing. Seventh Row: Flavin, Forstrr, Fruechtenicht. Eighth Row: Hamilton, Hargrave, Hoger. Ninth Row: Hooper, Howell, JODCS. Tenth Roto: King, Kirsten, Lampee. Eleventh Row: Lynch, R. Mabry, W. Mabry. Page 302 MEMBERS Wilson Collom Bell, Big Spring Robert Davis Booth, Baytown Victor Ernest Braud, III. LaMarque Donald Lee Caraway. Waxahachie Vernon Lee Coil, Dallas Will Sullivan Davies, Jr., Dallas Michael Lynn Davis, Big Sandy Curtis Edward Dobbs, Dallas Harry Meade Flavin, Houston Robert Arthur Forster, III, Beaumont Stephen Gary Fruechtenicht, Dallas Norman Ernest George, Tyler Joseph Fant Grant, Jr., San Antonio James Lawrence Hall, San Angelo Robert Larson Hargrave, Baytown James Carl Heger, Weimar William Edward Jones, Santa Ana, Calif. Thomas Wayne King, Gonzales Vincent Michael Lynch, Dallas William Elam Mabry, San Antonio Robert Avery Young, Jr., James Murphy Mash. Andrews Rockney Dee Fletcher. Leakey Otho Raymond Plummer, Beaumont Robert Patrick Plummer, Beaumont David Arnold Pullen, Dallas Kenneth James Rehler, San Antonio John Leslie Rounsaville, Jr., Robstown John Dennis Rowland, III, Uvalde David Martin Shelby, Gonzales Jeffrey Davis Simpson, Dallas Roy McLean Skipper, Crockett Stacey Harl Smyre, Baytown Michael Wayne Spuhler, Baytown William Bennett Stampes. Ill, Dallas John Carl Stromberger. San Antonio John Collins Trube, Bellaire John William Turner, Jr., Dallas Andrew Wesley Whitaker, Baytown Donald Ray Wills, Beaumont Jerry Kay Wills, Beaumont Sour Lake op Row: Mash, Owens, Fatten, Pearson, Fletcher, O. Plummer, R. Plummer, Pullen, Rehler, Rigsbee, Rounsaville, Rowland, Shands. econd Row: Shapland, Shelby, Skipper, Spuhler, Stromberger, Trube, Turner, Whitaler, D. Wills, J. Wills, Wood, Woolrich, Young. Page 303 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President LAWRENCE ANTHONY JOSEPH, JR Delta Chi V ice-President DICK HOSKINS GREGG Sigma Alpha Epsilon Secretary KLEBER JENNINGS DENNY Kappa Sigma Treasurer D. MIGUEL W. ESPINOSA Sigma Nu Senior Fraternity Junior STEVE WILSON HARRIS Acacia . FRANK FORSYTHE SMITH, JR. ROBERT PAUL PEREL Alpha Epsilon Pi HOWARD PAUL DREYER THOMAS HOOD HERREN Alpha Tau Omega HUBBARD SCOTT CAVEN JAMES WILLIAM DODSON . ' Beta Theta Pi SAMUEL HALL EVANS JAMES BOSWELL NEWTON Chi Phi CRESTON HENRY FUNK, JR. ROBERT GILMORE GASKINS Delta Chi FRANK L. BALDWIN, JR. MARK HANNA FINLEY Delta Kappa Kp.iilon TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN SAMUEL FRANKLIN VALE Delta Sigma Phi TERRY RALPH TIPPIT CHARLES STEVENSON LEEPER Delta Tau Delta MICHAEL ELEDGE EDGAR ALLEN MILLER Delta Upsilon DONALD WILLIAM HALEY BRIAN PEYTON HANSON Kappa Alpha JAMES LEEPER HAWLEY JAMES MOLLOY MCCARROLL Kappa Sigma ROBERT ALLEN WHITE JOHN BINGHAM MARTIN Lambda Chi Alpha TIMOTHY DON VON DOHLEN CHARLES THOMAS NEWTON Phi Delta Theta JOHN ALLEN CARMICHAEL DONALD CLINTON BISHOP Phi Gamma Delta ROBERT ARNOLD SPEARS JOHN RAYMOND CRAIG, III Phi Kappa Psi WILLIAM ROY HADEN JAMES HALL BAKER Phi Kappa Sigma JAMES GLENN REEVES GARY EVERETT BUSHELL Phi Kappa Tau SCOTT GORDON MOORE JOHN MARVIN YOUNG Phi Kappa Theta ANDREW JOHN GALLERANO MELVYN LERMAN Phi Sigma Delta STEVEN LLOYD BERCU JACK WILSON SMITH Phi Sigma Kappa WILLIAM HARRELL BINGHAM TIMOTHY MICHAEL COFFEY Pi Kappa Alpha RONALD JEROME WASKA JOHN ROLAND GOWAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT BASIL BALDWIN, III MORTON LEE HERMAN Sigma Alpha Mu HARVEY JAY SAIKIN WAYNE JOSEPH PROSPERI Sigma Chi LEONARD NELSON JUNCKER MICHAEL SHEA CASTLEMAN Sigma Nu ROBERT WILLIAM WACHSMUTH ROBERT FRY McCuLLouGH Sigma Phi Epsilon JAMES HORACE JACKSON JAMES ALBERT McKiNNis Sigma Pi Colony WILLIAM NORVILL PUCKETT JAY ALAN KANTER Tau Delia Phi CHARLES NED GOLDBERG DONALD FOSTER NEBLETT Tau Kappa Epsilon THOMAS REYNOLDS CALHOUN ROBERT MATEER HARRISON Theta Chi LESTER BROOKS HICKERSON THOMAS WAYNE KING . Theta Xi . . DONALD RAY WILLS Top Row: f. Baldwin, R. Baldwin, Bercu, Bingham, Bushel], Calhoun, Castleman, Cruthorn, Caven, Coffey. Second Row: Craig, Denny, Dodson, Dreyer, Eipinosa, Evant, Finley, Funk, Goldberg, Cowan. Third Row: Gregg, Han.on, Harrii, Hani on, Herman, Hcrren, Hicker.on, Jacluon, Jo.eph, Juncker. Fourth Row: Kanter, King, Leeper, Lerman, Martin, McCarrolI, Miller, Neblett, Ncwlon, Reere.. Filth Row: Saikin, F. Smith, J. Smith, Tipplt, Von Dohlen, Warhsmuth, Waika, White, Willi, Young. Pace 304 ORGANIZATIONS Edited by Tom Daly Page 305 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS The American Association of Architectural Engineers was founded so that all architectural engineering students could group together to discuss issues with prominent men of their field. From Row: Hendren, Terry, Calbraith, Wheeless, Fox, Spencer, Sagarik, Cruz, Wolf, Mangum. Second Rou : Falkenberg, Abraham, Popkin, Hanson, Schodek, Buckner. Third Ron-: Life, Kueck, Nichols, Oxford, Hendrickson, Ashland, Friedrichs, Woytek. OFFICERS President I ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ... PHILIP ADRIEN HENDREN BRAD A. POPKIN .... JOHN NORWOOD SPENCER . DOUGLAS WEEMS HANSON, III FRANKLIN BEAUMONT JOHNSON Edward Abraham Maurice Irving Ashland Oran Silas Buckner, Jr. James Ray Cruz Wayne I. Falkenberg Gerry Lee Fox Roger Warren Friedrichs Homer David Galbraith MEMBERS Douglas Weems Hanson, III Philip Adrien Hendren Robert Lucas Hendrickson John Gilbert Kueck James Lawrence Life Robert Ernest Mangum, Jr. Ben H. Nichols Joseph Nicol Patrick C. Oxford Brad A. Popkin Malinee Sagarik Daniel Lewis Schodek John Norwood Spencer Willis Patrick Terry, Jr. Lawrence Allen Wheeless Richard Steve Wolf Arthur H. Woytek Page 306 AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION The purpose of the American Finance Association is to provide fellowship wherein any interested student may have an opportunity to become more familiar with the current trends and problems encountered in the world of finance. Left to Right: Kirkwood, Rosen, Laughlin, Newto OFFICERS Fall TURNER NICHOLS NEWTON .......... President JOE ACKER LAUGHLIN ........... Vice-President PATRICIA GAIL KIRKWOOD .......... Secretary RICHARD LEWIS LOGAN ............. Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary WINSTON C. BEARD .............. Faculty Sponsor Spring JOE ACKER LAUGHLIN STANLEY WILLIAM ROSEN PATRICIA GAIL KIRKWOOD WINSTON C. BEARD Ernest J. Altgelt, III Edgar Wayne Angle Mark Hall Beers James Howard Bradley, Jr. (11) Barry Lee Bryson Robert Charles Bush James Ray Caskey Robert Edward Caveness George Stuart Chesley William Waring Flannery Richard Lloyd Garver Thomas James Geren MEMBERS Joseph Maner Graham Dan Henry Hanke William Carey Kennedy, Jr. Patricia Gail Kirkwood Joe Acker Laughlin James Russell Law Norris Weston Lipscomb Mickey Jim Logan Richard Lewis Logan Dorothy Myers Turner Nichols Newton Rudy Ramirez Robert A. Roberts Stanley William Rosen Michael A. Sanders B. Marion Scivally John Dennis Shearer Terence M. Swift Allan Glenn Taylor Chester Allen Thames. Jr. Earle Gary Troop. Jr. Neal Avery Watt Bryan Holland Wimberly Ronald Lynn Wyatt Front Row: Bryson, Wimberly, Troop, Sanders, Swift, Graham, Hanke, Rosen, Angle, Kirkwood. Second Rote: Ernest Winfield Walker, Chesley, Caveness, Thames, Altgelt, Taylor, Watt, Geren, Carver, Scivally Third Row: Bush, Beers, Beard, Ramirez, Law, M. Logan, Wyatt, Caskey, Laughlin. Page 307 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS The purposes of The University of Texas Student Chapter of American Institute of Architects are service to the School of Architecture and preparation for the architectural profession. Front Row: Shull, LaNier, R. Robinson, McRae, Daniels, Hilker, Bohnert, Cisneros, Watson, Breig, Newman. Second Row : Johnson, Mabry, Langdon, Smitb, Murray, George Mallory Collins, Supulver, Davis, W. Hughes, Carlson, Stewart, Pevcto. Third Row : Swallow, Minter, Campos, Williams, Indorf, Hoipkemeier, Snyder, Hartman, Gotten, Acker, Klein, Hoptoo, Philip Douglas Creer. Fourth Row: Daly, Reuter, Skelton, W. Cook, Jarrard, Hall, Cox, Hintner. Fall OFFICERS Spring . THOMAS BRADEN DALY BILLY J. Cox, II . . . . PINNA LEE INDORF OMAR RICHARD CAMPOS RICHARD PROCTOR SWALLOW Faculty Sponsor RICHARD PROCTOR SWALLOW JOHNNY W. GOTTEN President . . RONALD T. CANNAMORE Vice-President PINNA LEE INDORF Secretary . , THOMAS BRADEN DALY . . Treasurer . Lexa M. Acker Milton F. Babbftt Reuben Edward Bohnert Ernest Richard Breig Omar Richard Campos Ronald T. Cannamore Harold Gehard Carlson Antonio Cisneros, III Edwin Allan Cook William G. Cook Johnny W. Gotten Billy J. Cox, II James Patrick Grain Thomas Braden Daly Gerald W. Daniels, Jr. John Marvin Davis Lisimahas John Govates James Davenport Hall MEMBERS Darla Jean Hartman Thomas Charles Hilker Evan Dale Hintner Mona Kay Hoipkemeier Alfred Charles Hopton Edward Llewellyn Hughes Wallace Leon Hughes Pinna Lee Indorf Claude Burton James, Jr. John David Jarrard David Carl Johnson Keith Karl Klein George Tucker Langdon, Jr. Royce Eugene LaNier Daniel E. Leary Robert Smith Mabry John Malcolm McRae David Smith Minter Robert J. Murray Dave E. Newman Larry Joe O ' Neill John Peveto, II Walter H. Reuter, III Max Alan Robinson Richard Waid Robinson, Jr. Phillip Lloyd Shoop, Jr. Wayne Maxwell Shull John Frederick Skelton, III James Arthur Smith, Jr. Jeri Lynn Snyder Artie Joe Spitzer James Harold Stewart, Jr. Sidney Richard Supulver James Kenneth Watson Jeanne Keith Williams AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is dedicated to the advancement of chemical en- gineering in theory and in practice, and the maintenance of high professional standards among its members. OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM HUGH MCDOUGALD DOUGLAS STEVEN PRENSNER . . . . LARRY ALLAN HOLMES NlX O ' BRIEN BODDEN . . . . DAVID LANG HOFFMANN . KENNETH BRUCE BISCHOFF MEMBERS Jorge F. Acosta Jim Choyce Allison Angus Lane Anderson James Lofton Anderson Louis Robert Anderson William Lee Anderson Sand A. R. Ashgar, George Henry Backlius Patrick Edward Baggett Granville Harold Balthrop Thomas A. Bankston R. Walter Barkley Graham Kerr Barnes A. Michael Barr Larry James Beauregard Lewis John Berniard, IH William David Berry Mien Joseph Biedermann Tuny D. Blauvelt Nix O ' Brien Bodden George Eugene Bones, Jr. Joe Tom Bouchier James A. Boy-d James Howard Bradley Charles David Brandle, Jr. Edward Charles Brink, Jr. Franklin Watkins Brock, Jr. James T. Buckley Joseph Crowe Burnett James William Burroughs Rae Russell Burton Larry Roger Butts Jose Luis Cavazos James Roy Chaka Steven Parker Coburn Don Merle Cooper William Lee Cox Herbert Kent Danziger Edwin Theodore Davis, Jr. Melvin C. Deutsch James Clifford Dixon Rhew Dooley, Jr. Rhodney Hays Duncan Robert Wayne Easlcy Donald Stewart Eden Wallace Eldon Embrey Ralph Tillman Ferrell William Patrick Ferrell Edwin Mauriee Flint Frank Michael Floyd Louis Jerome Franklin, Jr. WillUm B. Freeman Robert H. Frias Vernon Warren Friday Luis H. Garcia Clay Cruesbeck Daniel Stratton Gwinner William Henry Hale, Jr. David Boiling Hallmark Randall Lee- Hammons, Jr. James Kenneth Haney Ronald Earl Hanmmd Douglas Patrick Harrison John Sim-lair Hartman Larry Gerald Hay nee James Michael Hill Richard Emmet! Hixon, Jr. David Land Hoffmann Laurence Calvin Hoffmann Bernard Ray Hollenshead Richard Neill Hollensliead Larry Allan Holmes Patric Dean Hudgens David Carlock Hull. Jr. Richard Wright Hunter Ban Ben Hutsell Robert Gorham Huokey Thomas Wilbert Hutton Steffcn Jacobsen Ernest Gus Jahnke Wai Jean Janecek Douglas Harold Jantz Nathan Carpenter Jennings David Wilson Johnson Edward Douplas Johnson, Jr. Robert L. Johnson Carlton R. Jones Gary Dwayne Jones John Frank Kile Robert Lloyd King, II Byron David Kingrea Darrell Andrew Kleypas 5am Edward Kniplinc John Karl Ktibelka Clum-Ki Kwan Clilton F. Landry Fred W. Lawton George Hinojosa Leal, Jr. Wilt McPhcrson Ledbetter, Jr. James Travis Lee, Jr. Terry Gilbert Leifeste Walter Lew Raymond A. Lewis Joel Brady Locke Thomas Benton Lyda Robert Nelson MacCallum Wiley Ray Macune Xavier Hector Madrid Rafael B. Marquez William L. Matties Kenneth Wayne Mayes, Jr. Gary Douglas McCain William Hugh McDougald Richard Eugene McGuire Karl Clarence Meredith Leonard E. Molirmann, Jr. Martin Portis Moreland Edward Robert Moss Richard Charles Murphy F. Oliver Nieklin Barry Kent N ' orling Delbcrt Max Ottmers, Jr. John Thurman Payne Don West Pfenning James Barney Phillips Robert Franklin Ping Richard Lee Pitzer Robert Lee Polvado Robert Allen Pratt Douglas Steven Prensner Kenneth Randall Priem Gary Dennis Ragan Ronald James Renz Dennis Fred Ripple Jerry D. Sacks Miehael J. Sampson Fritz Ramirez Schenk William Walker Srhertz Victor Hank Schleider Jerry Donald Schwartz Michael Nye Schwendeman George Cook Seaman Edward Charles Sebesta Douplas Maurice Selman Gerald L. Shannon James Edward Shannon Alfred John Siepmund Gary Joe Smalley Edgar Newman Smith, Jr. Roger Wayne Spiller Ben Edward Spivey John McGuffin Steele Robert Harold Steelhammer Max Julius Steinhauser, Jr. James Dale Stewart Yelahondahally S. Suryanarayana William Richard Swearingen Drue T. Talley John Palmer Terry Ramesh Tliadani John Thomas Thorngren William Gayle Todd Riley Miles Toler Thomas Ni-al Trimble Steven Dale Trostle Anthony M. Truchard Gustavo Oscar Verpara Banda George M. Waggoner Larry Ray Walker Benny J. Wallace Charles Reauregard Wallace William Allan Ware Donald Holman Warren Glenn August Weiss Robert Charles Welch Warren Dexter White John Wayne Wittliff Thomas Albert Wolters, Jr. Robert Morris Woodall Jamts Victor Woodrick Tony Grady Woods Glenn Alex Work Oscar Zamora William Melville Zehner John Michael Ziebell Front Row : McDougald, Bodden, D. Hoffmann, Holmes, Prensner, Lyda. Second Row: Chaka, Toler, Brandle, Suryanarayana, Balthrop, Sacks, Landry. Third Row: Lew, Lee, Hill, Steinhauser, W. Anderson, Allison. Fourth Row: King, Wolters, Zamora, Barkley, Dixon. Page 309 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The primary purposes of the ASCE student chapter are to give the Civil Engineering students oppor- tunity to participate in a working organization, become better acquainted with fellow students and faculty and to observe the scope of their profession through the use of various films and lectures presented by qualified people. Front Row: Lew, Guerrero, Young, Sylvester, Khatoun, Stewart. Second Row: Williamson, Hall, Rosenblad, W. Urban, Bowers, Alford, Robert Charles Titerle. Third Row: Martinez, Atkins, Johnson, Collier, Graeber, Smith, Dansby, Roberts. fourth Roto: Leyendecker, Sullivan, Al-Rashid, Williams, McMeans. Fifth Row: Denny, Doyle, Blevins, Naugler, Weaver. OFFICERS Fall Spring PETER CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS President EDGAR V. LEYENDECKER EDGAR V. LEYENDECKER V ice-President RALPH E. BOWERS ELMON BILL STEWART Secretary ELMON BILL STEWART KLEBER JENNINGS DENNY Treasurer ROBERT LORING HALL A. ANTHONY TOPRAC Faculty Sponsor A. ANTHONY TOPRAC Thomas Lewis Alford Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid Jorge Americus Donald Elliott Arthur William Dean Atkins Thomas Benjamin Bell Donald Lee Blevins Ralph E. Bowers Patrick Elmer Boyt Tom M. Broad Jerry Young Carothers John Moore Cleveland Howard Ernest Collier Jesse S. Covarrubias Charles Vaughn Dansby Guillermo DeAlba Kleber Jennings Denny Charles Edgar Doyle James Henry Duke MEMBERS Robert Henry Espey Zahi Hanna Faranish Harvey Allen Graeber Jose Maria Guerrero Robert Loring Hall Lee Perkins Herndon Larry Duff Hibler James Thomas Houston Gary Neal Johnson Youssef Khatoun David Luther Legg Thomas Kent Lew Edgar V. Leyendecker Clarence Lee Littlefield Russell Charles Long Guadalupe J. Martinez James R. McMeans Lawrence Munsie, Jr. Benjamin Morrison Naugler Michael Wayne O ' Neill Clifford Neal Prescott Joe Everett Reed Joseph V. Repa, Jr. Gerald Lynn Roberts John Lyndon Rosenblad Willard Mac Smith Elmon Bill Stewart Joe Larry Sullivan Viron Dale Sylvester Clifford Wayne Tennison John Rudolph Tushek Lloyd Victor Urban Walter A. Urban Graeme Douglas Weaver Peter Christian Williams James Robert Williamson William Glen Young Page 310 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Fall Spring HARRY LLEWELLYN KENT, III Chairman DONALD HARRIS MACLAUGHLIN HAROLD HEWIN WALLING First Vice-chairman GERALD BOYD WEEDEN DONALD HARRIS MACLAUGHLIN Second Vice-Chairman JAMES FRANCIS SULLIVAN NATHANIEL HARRIS MCCLAMROCH, III .... Treasurer NATHANIEL HARRIS MCCLAMROCH, III MARK HANNA FINLEY Recording Secretary WILLIAM ANTHONY PARKAN JAMES FRANCIS SULLIVAN Corresponding Secretary MARK HANNA FINLEY BYRQN ELLIOTT SHORT Faculty Advisor BYRON ELLIOTT SHORT MEMBERS Joseph Bryan Adair Jim H. Akin Harvey C. Allsup, Jr. Donald Gene Anderson Henry Howard Baade Edgar Daniel Baily George Franklin Baker Daniel Valentine Bartosh Robert Lee Bass Jimmy Mack Bilger Robert E. Boswell Robert Hall Brady James David Briggs Norman Howard Brock David Edward Bronaugh Robert James Brown Maxallen Lee Bruce Robert Allan Brune, Jr. Jack N. Burkholder Isauro M. Cairo Alexander Campbell, Jr. Thomas Hale Canfield Herbert Paul Cheesman Gary Dale Cody Art John Coerver Jerry Culler Coffey Curtis Clarence Conrad Harvey Louis Covington Herbert Baldwin Cryar, II Milton Hutton Culley, Jr. Herbert Issac Cunningham, Jr. Jack Burton Currie Samuel Preston Doughty, Jr. Wayne Edison Eades Ali S. El ' Ahmadiyyah Al Lee Eyster Mark Hanna Finley Walter Clyde Francis George Frank Franzen Reynaldo Garcia Marion Benard Gardner, Jr. Lewis E. Gardner Carlos Alberto Garza-Gongora, Jr. James Howard Gentry Robert Pat Gilliam William Edward Gilson Terry Edwin Gish Floyd Goodrich, Jr. Tom Dudley Graham Dennis L. Grass Claude Morris Green, Jr. Donald S. Griffith David Grissom German D. Guerrero Phillip Dipps Gully, Jr. Leonard Allen Hale Shari Lee Hallauer Eddie Arnold Halter Roper Wendell Harlow Robert Mark Harris, Jr. James Alton Hawkins Lloyd Glenn Hedppeth Gerard o James Hellmund Robert Jack Herring Robert C. Hesse Frank A. Heuter Charles Ewinp Hickox, Jr. James Edwin Hill, Jr. James Herbert Hinderer Charles Wayne Hodges James Carry Hollis Carl Glenn Hood Henry Lundy Honland Charles E. Huff David B. Johnson Ronald Henry Johnson John Thomas Jones, Jr. Joseph Loren Jordan Milan M. Kadlecik Dale Howard Kangas Robert Charles Kelly Harry Llewellyn Kent, III John Douglas Kinkade James F. Kind Lawrence Leo Klinger Charles Logan Knapp Ralph Werner Knebel Raymond August Kneblik Lenroy Anthony Koehler Rolf Sverre Kolflat Jerry Robert Lacy Jack Fergerson Lands, Jr. Johnnie Reed Lay Chang Hwan Lee Roscoe Lee Sid Emmett Lindsey Glynn Gary Littlefield Jimmy Jack Lofland Fred Faylor Lyle Donald Harris MacLaughlin George Dennis Madden Harold Marvin Marchant Henry Ford Mares, Jr. Edward Martinez Carl Gilbert Matthys Perry C. Maxwell Nathaniel Harris McClamroch, 111 Make McDermott, Jr. Kenneth Gerald McEntire Robert Adalbert McLaughlin John Hammack McMillan Charles E. McQueary Anton Charles Merka Paul Steele Merrill Robert Wayne Mighell Thomas Gene Mikeska Gaines Gilmore Miller Ralph Severne Miller Marvin Henry Monken Ben Allan Montgomery James Patrick Moore, Jr. John David Morell John B. Morgan Ray Muzyvia James H. Nail, Jr. William Monroe Nash Billy Mac Nichols Jack C. Gates, Jr. Richard Eugene Ober Carl Bailey Oehler Delbert Clarence Overstreet, Jr. Russell Elliot Painton Charles Randall Parish William Anthony Parkan Charles Clinton Parsons James Ralph Partin Malcolm Conley Perry Raymond Wayne Persky Louis Elliott Pflughaupt William Alexander Pickard Flournoy Sanders Pierce Linden Wayne Pierce John Alton Posey Thomas Jefferson Powell Enrique Ramirez, Jr. Ricardo R. Ramon Knut Oluf Reistad G. Grant Roane Henry Rollins, Jr. Hugh Mac Ruggles Bob Ewald Schultz Henry Robert Sebesta Jesse Jack Sedwick Duane D. Sherman Richard Adolph Sievers Bruce William Simister Harris Duane Simpson Jerome Melvin Smith Paul Raymond Snow Rucll Floyd Solberg, Jr. Jimmy L. Stevens William Richard Stockwell, Jr. Roger Elwood Stuart James D. Stuyck James Francis Sullivan Thomas Calvin Sumrall Yelanondahally S. Suryanarayana Carl Robert Sward Eric Rufus Tanner Cecil Martin Teller Samuel Pepper Tharp Byron Edwin Thompson James Joseph Vaccaro John Andrew Walker Harold Hewin Walling Carter John Ward John Weldon Warner George Henry Waterman Gerald Boyd Weeden Donald Craig Wernert Olin Eric Weiss Charles Daniel West Robert Miles White Charles Joseph Whitman David Warren Wieting Roger Wayne Willmann Bill R. Wittner Leopold C. Zertuche, Jr. Front Row: Bruce, Finley, Sullivan, Gish, Burkholder, Graham, Short, Griffith, McClamroch, Weeden, Jones. Second Row: McEntire, Hellmund, Brock, West, Oehler, Koehler, Sward, Nail, Brown, Guerrero, MacLaughlin. Third Row: Moore, Willmann, Lay, Kinkade, Harlow, Currie, Warner, Kind, Bronaugh, Knebel, Teller. Page 311 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY The purpose of Ashbel Literary Society is to further the study of good literature, to recognize high standards of scholarship in the field of English, and to promote friendship among its members. Front Row: Callaway, La Rue, Deanna Dorchester, Johnson, Nelson, Gilmer. Second Row: Folbre, Fiser, Ferguson, Hargis, Trice, Monday, Conway, Miner. Third Row: Martinalc, M cNeil], Fleeter, Richmond, Mehr, Kaufman, Welder, Elkins, Houston, Sra Bartholomew, Shook. OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor LAURIE LEE HARGIS GAY FERGUSON . . . . SALLY LEIGH CONWAY NANCY PORTWOOD MONDAY . . . MARGARET ANNE FISER . Lois BAIRD TRICE Cecile Curlin Autrey Martha Lucretia Brannon Helena Spencer Callaway Ellen Martha Clarke Sally Leigh Conway Elizabeth Ellen Elkins Gay Ferguson Margaret Anne Fiser Judith Daon Fleeter Caryn Fogarty Bonnie Folbre Carroll Dav Gilmer MEMBERS Margaret Ruth Hagood Laurie Lee Hargis Julianne Hazelwood Helen Elizabeth Houston Meredith Peggy James Cynthia Louise Johnson Karen Sue Kaufman Perry Ellen La Rue Mary Lynne Lasater Jeanne Martinak Jane Lauchlin McNeill Anne Dalton McCIendon Fife 312 Carolyn Washburn Mehr Arabella Jester Miner Nancy Portwood Monday Virginia Alma Nelson Nellie Jane Ostler Claire Elizabeth Richmond Carol Jean Shafer Gwyn Wimberly Shook Lucy Elaine Toland Josephine Welder Marv Heather Wren BAPTIST STUDENT UNION STAFF Director KEN SAUNIER Associate Director BILL GLOVER Assistant Director JANE WELLS Left to Right: Saunier, Snyder, Anderson, Bownds, Mabry, Sylvia Hulsey, Glover. OFFICERS President BILL W. BOWNDS Promotional Vice-President WILLIAM ELAM MABRY Enlistment Vice-President RICHARD STANLEY SNYDER Christian Growth Vice-President HELEN CLAIRE ANDERSON Christian Ministries Vice-President SHIRLEY ANNE McGuiRE Faculty Sponsor LYMON CLIFTON REESE .r i Front Row: Gloria Marie Townsend, Jeanne Wray Brown, Helen Claire Anderson, - Eunice Parker, Edna Louise Walenta, Sylvia Hulsey, Lana Mae Watkins, Sandra Louise Walters, Cathy Lynn Culbertson, Donna Jean Mabry. Second Row: Bill W. Bownds, Ken Saunier, William Elam Mabry, Joy Kay Hancock, William James Moore, Martha Ellen Blair, Ronald Edwin Carlyle, Alma Louise Robinson, David Charles Carlyle, Carolyn Ruth Bone, Richard Stanley Snyder, George Ellis McBride, Phil Dowell Strickland, Bill Glover. Third Row : Henry Bertrand Mistrot, Michael R. Lawless, Robert Wesley Dunn, Michael Philip Barnes, Donald Rosa Patterson, James Robert Brewtoo, John Malcolm McRae, Paul Andrew Burkwall, Roger Barry Lawhon, Joseph Pierce Sullivan. Page 313 CAP AND GOWN Cap and Gown is an organization for senior women. It sponsors a series of programs on topics of interest to its membership, maintains a small loan fund, and with the Silver Spurs, co-sponsors the traditional convo- cation Swing Out. Front Row: Seiders, Draeger, McNeil, Chadwell. Second Row: Shaw, Campbell, Hargis. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Faculty Sponsor Margaret Lucile Ellison Sylvia Ann Grider Marilyn June Adams Martha Jean Alexander Nancy Thrift Aston Susan Frances Bann Mary Patricia Barlow Mary Suzan Benbow Nancy Bergman Karen Arloa Bergquist Judith Marie Bonnell Carol Ruth Brooksaler Catherine Elaine Burger Susan Ann Burton Jamie Kate Byrne Susan Lee Campbell Judith Jeannine Capps Page Cariker Janice Mary Chadwell Sara Sue Cool Wilma Dell Council Elisa Savilla Davis Margaret Jane Davis Margaret Ann Dean Davia Suzanne Dublin Mary Elizabeth Doyle Carolyn Draeger Linda Kay Eagle Donna Jean Edelen Dina Joan Eitelman Laura Elizabeth McNeil Dorothy Ann Mobley Sally Seiders CAROLYN DRAEGER . . DONNA KAY TOWNSEND . JANICE MARY CHADWELL LAURIE LEE HARGIS . . . SUSAN LEE CAMPBELL HELEN MARGARET FLINN Carolyn Marie Shaw Beth Thomas MEMBERS Betty Susan Elick Karen Sue Ellingson Margaret Lucile Ellison Ruth Ann Erskine Carolyn Farmer Kaybeth Fisher Betty Jean Gill Jeanne Marie Golly Mary Elizabeth Goodey Barbara Elaine Grevsky Sylvia Ann Grider Martha Hanson Laurie Lee Hargis Bobbie Ann Harper Margaret Ann Harrell Mary Julette Haynes Dinah Kay Heiser Delia Henderson Mary Jo Hendrix Josephine Lillian Herring Lou Ellen Howard Delmar Elizabeth Hudson Deryl Ann Hull Patricia Huston Kay Ann Johnson Carolyn Kite Elizabeth Anne Koch Lois Ness Lammert Dorothy Louise Laves Page 3U Lyn Lipscomb Andrea Loustaunau Henriette Rose Macha Donna Maurity Laura Elizabeth McNeil Marleen Gay Meigs Betty Jo Menn Annis Marie Minyard Dorothy Ann Mobley Janice Marie Morgan Linda Jan Morris Cecilia Ann Mullern Lynda Painter Marjorie Kay Peebles Ann Peterson Marian Rather Powell Jane Ramsey Carrie May Robertson Iris Jean Rohde Susan Gayle Rossman Margaret Anne Rudder Helen Sample Janet Raye Schapira Nancy Elizabeth Schlegel Billie Gayle Schumacher Janice Schumann Jeanne Louise Sears Sally Seiders Carolyn Marie Shaw Beth Anne Shocket Virginia Ann Shrader Avery Marie Sinclair Stephanie Kerr Smither Eugenia Solka Mildred Lav-erne Spitzenberger Carolyn Kay Squier Patricia Ann Stockert Beulah Ophelia Taylor Charlotte Dee Taylor Penny Ann Terrell Barbara Ruth Thomas Beth Thomas Sandra Carol Thomas Jo Ann B. Thompsen Lillie Mae Thompson Sara Jo Thompson Donna Kay Townsend Miley Frances Tucker Yvonne Turner Mary Cornelia Varvel Mary Ann Vozella Patsy Ruth Warfield Josephine Welder Patsy West C. Jean Williams Harriet Gardner Williams Heather Wren LOS CHARROS RODEO CLUB The purpose of the Los Charros Rodeo Club is to promote the interest of the students in good horses and in the sport of rodeoing. OFFICERS President RICHARD EDGAR WHEELIS V ' ice-President GLENN EDOUARD SEUREAU Treasurer HARVEY JORDAN TURNER Recording Secretary Jo NELL LUCE Corresponding Secretary MARY KATHARINE REDMAN Faculty Sponsor EDWIN BOOTH PRICE Faculty Sponsor MICHAEL GARIBALDI HALL John Alva Adams Sandra Joyce Alexander Daniel Lee Alford Tommy R. Appling James Frederick Baldauf Richard Ellis Bean Carol Brooks Bellomy Jim Winston Carr Frances Annette Cochran Felix Robert Collard Georgeann Denney Shirley Ann Dinhobl Julia Aurelia Dudley Alfred Cornelius Edwards, Jr. John Ed Fry MEMBERS Nikki Nora Gober Frazier Irwin Corel Harvey Allen Graeber Henry Zeylon Holly, Jr. David Kilman Daniel Robert Kirshbaum Larry David Knapp James Liveeten Teri Lynn Lovell Jo Nell Luce Peggy Frances Lyda Ralph Severne Miller Arthur Robert Oakley, III Gary Michael Pearce Carrol Wayne Pilgrim Herbert Jay Rabinowitz Donna Jo Rae Mary Katharine Redman Lee Seureau Glenn Edouard Seureau Francis Des Riviers Sorrel, Jr. George Henry Stanford Mary Linda Stiles Harvey Jordan Turner Martha Ann Watson Richard Edgar Wheelis Jeriann Whitcomb Thomas L. Whitcomb Rex Gerald Wilson Jimmy Charles Wray Page 315 THE CHORAL ORGANIZATIONS MORRIS JAY BEACHY Director, Choral Organizations A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS President DANIEL B. CORBIN Secretary-Treasurer RILLA JUNE BOROUGHS Social Chairman ROBERT BARNOLA EGAN Historian ROXY ANNE CHILDS Publicity Manager RICHARD EDWARD McGiNTY Betty Lynn Archer Martha Kay Batnber Rilla June Boroughs Reba Suzanne Boyd Daniel Royce Boyer Jean Elizabeth Caffey Roxy Anne Childs Carol Ann Clewis Patrick Graham Cooper Daniel B. Corbin Frances Elizabeth Crawford Betty Sue Davis Gary Lee Ebensberger Edwin Alton Echels Robert Barnola Egan Thomas Scogin Ellzey Joe Dale Francis Elton Eugene Galbraith Carol Ardclle George Barbara Lynn Gibbs Martha Jane Guynes Esther Annette Horwitz Edward Baxter Howk Glenda Margaret Hunt Mary Elizabeth Janssen MEMBERS Charles Donald Jeane Martin Lynn Jones Gordon W. King Carolyn Ann Lacy Jan Mason Lasater David Lee Lawrence Jacquelyn Ruth Lewis John F. Lubben, III Leonard Alan McCormick Richard Edward McGinty Susan Jane McKay Sharon Lorraine Meacham Billie Bess Medaris Shaaron Merie Melcher William Fowler Miller Liska Janell Moody Robert Edward Moore Richard Perkins Murphy James Burt Neeley Alden Taylor Perry John Walter Post Linda Delle Ray Sandra Jean Rayburne Jan Marie Rice Raymond Lewis Scarborough, Jr. Kathryn Jill Schutze Arthur W. Skidmore Jimmie Leon Stewart David Stinson Michael Carl Stotine Francis William Sweeney Bruce A. Swihart Antoinette Tartaglia Sheryl Gayle Taylor John Larry Terrell Claire Janet Timmons Mary Ann Tunnell Helena Maria Weber Front Rote; Schutze, Melcher, Medaris, Bamber, Rice, Caffey, Tartaglia, Homan, Meacham, Clewis, Rayburne, Gibbs, Boroughs, Taylor. Second Row: George, Lasater, Moody, Childs, Weber, Horwitz, McKay, Tunnell, Boyd, Ray, Hunt, Guynes. Janssen, Lewis, Timmons, Davis. Third Row: Ebensberger, Post, Scarborough, Egan, Stinson, McGioty, Murphy, Moore, Corbie, Cooper, Howk, Swihart, Lawrence, Terrell. Fourth Row: Echels, McCormick, Lubben, Miller, Sweeney, Galbraith, Etizey, Stewart, Neeley, Jeane. Sloune. Skidmore, Francis, King, Boyer. Page 316 LONGHORN SINGERS OFFICERS President DONALD N. HIGGINBOTHAM Vice-President WALT LAUNEY Secretary DIANE AUDREY DUSEK Business Manager FRANCIS WILLIAM SWEENEY Librarian RUSSELL VANN LEHRMAN Blazer Chairman CHARLES COWAN WOMACK, JR. Publicity Chairman JOHN KNOX BOWLING, JR. Alumnae Secretary SUZANNE SORENSON Historians CORICE ANNE GALLOWAY CYNTHIA SWANSON Thomas Axel Anderson Michael David Arteberry Ronald Dean Balsley Priscilla Ann Bean Betsy Ann Bonin John Knox Bowling, Jr. Monetta Mabeth Brown Nancy Ruth Buck Barbara Lucile Campbell Betty Lillian Campbell Reynolds Newman Gate Carol Ann Chadick Robert Lee Clark Patricia Jane Clements John H. Coats Nancy Jean Craddock Harold Bat Dement James Ivan Dornoff Diane Audrey Dusek Shelba Dean Easley Connie Joan Eaton Bonnie Ebest Amelia F. Floeter Janelle Maxine Fox MEMBERS William Edward Gaddy Corice Anne Galloway Katherine Dexter Hackley Carol Ann Hagg William Horace Hickox, III Donald N. Higginbotham Bonnie Ann Homan Mickey Crawford Hubbard Charles Lee Jordan Ben B. Judd, Jr. Dale Howard Jurgens Milton Duane Keele Carole Gene Knowles Walt Launey Russell Vann Lehrman Beverly Earle Lewellan William Wade Miller Nolan Aubrey Moore Don Mosley Carol Sue Moughon Michael Francis Pavitt Annetta Mae Purman Lynne Marie Raschke Sylvia Ann Raschke Edward George Reynolds, Jr. Jean Worth Rogers Vivian Rose Rosales Barbara Ann Roscher Susan Beth Scharlack Kay Nell Shelton Mercedes E. Dee Shields Suzanne Sorenson Cynthia Swanson Francis William Sweeney Phillip Mike Symons Betty Carolyn Templeton Diane Tobola Leonte Eulogio Vasquez Richard Brown Waitt, Jr. Carolyn Kay Walls Cassandra Louise Weathers Donna Gail Weintraub Katherine Kennedy Weston Terry Mack White Charles Cowan Womack, Jr. Leonard Adrian Woosley Dana Rose Wortham Randolph Clark Zuber DANIEL ROYCE BOYER Director, Longhorn Singers Front Row: Bonin. Roscher, Walls, Knowles, Moughon, Shields, Balsley, Miller, Womack, Keele, Jurgens, Clark. Second Row: Craddock, Rosales, Homan, Sorenson, Weintraub, Weston, Clements, L. Raschke, Shelton, Hackley, Brown, Rogers, Buck, Scharlack, Fox, Cbadick, Galloway. Third Row: Higginbotham, Jordan, Lehrman, Reynolds, Dement, Anderson, Launey, Judd, Symons, Sweeney, Vasquez, Hickox, Cate, Bowling, White, Moore, Coats, Dornoff. Fourth Row: Pavitt, Arteberry, Easley, Ebest, Hagg, Betty Campbell, Eaton, Purman, S. Raschke, Barbara Campbell, Wortham, Templeton, Dusek, Lewellen, Bean, Weathers, Waitt, Caddy. Page 317 MADRIGAL SINGERS Christmas Concert at Laguna Gloria. Left to Right: Cibbs. Ticmann, Tabola, Earnest, Kerley, Neill, McCrory, Immcl. Stiles, Stewart, Goss, Roberts, Curry. Nancy Anne Poole Curry John David Earnest Barbara Lynn Gibbs Susan Marie Goss Ralph Conrad Immel Cordelia Lorraine Kerley Janis Marilyn McCrory John William Neill Frank Dean Roberts Jimmie Leon Stewart Sue Alyce Stiles Elizabeth Diane Tabola Thomas Edward Tiemann MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President JIM SANDERS Vice-President KEARNEY EDMISTON, JR. Secretary-Treasurer PAUL TIMOTHY ELLIOTT Membership Chairman RONALD DEAN BALSLEY Librarian GERALD L. SHANNON Manager HENRY CHARLES WOBUS, JR. Historian . BARRY ARTHUR SCHLECH GARY L. EBENSBERGER Director, Men ' s Glee Club Robert Edwin Anderson Ronald Dean Balsley Martin Barrera, III John Wilson Beasley Roy Wade Bost Jim H. Bowlin Richard P. Carr, Jr. Keith Tulloss Childers Richard Robert Collier James Edward Dobkins Claude Vernon Duplissey Kearney Edmiston, Jr. MEMBERS Paul Timothy Elliott Lawrence Edmund Gilbert John Allen Gosselink John Harold Hiatt William Horace Hickox, III Earl Stephen Hines Charles Lee Jordan David Arthur Jordan Robert Wade Kniselley Robert Stephen Kriss Weldon Louis Kuretsch William Omar Logan, Jr. Carl Gilbert Matthys David Lawrence Meredith Robert Reid Rogers Jim Sanders Barry Arthur Schlech Gerald L. Shannon Walter Warren Shuller James William Spence Leonte Eulogio Vasquez George Wells Henry Charles Wobus, Jr. Front A 1 " !- ' .- Ebensberger, Elliott, Balsley, Collier, Sanden, Kniselley, Anderson, Vuquez, Krisi, C. Jordan, Linda Rosett, Accompanist. Second Roa: Rogers, Hines, Shannon, Duplissey, Bowlin, Hiatt, Kuretsch, Bolt, Beasley. Edmiston. Third Row: Spence, Meredith, Gosselink. Carr, Schlech, Jordan, Gilbert. Logan. Page 318 SOUTHERN SINGERS 4 Hi Fronf flow: Pursley, Adams, Hayden, Gentoliza, Alma Lou Robinson, Accompanist, Serrano, Ryan, Brooks, Hanncy, Fikes, Hamilton, Stewart, Neff. Second Row: Tonahill, Farrar, Tisdale, Weathers, White, Wynn, Crosby, Salinas, Joor, Blair, MrAfee, Ericson, Callaway, Ebest, Hesse, Richards, Edmiston, LJghtfoot, Walsh. Norma Ruth Adams Gretchen Christine Bickel Martha Ellen Blair Jackie Sue Bohusav Dona Virginia Brooks Sheri J. Callaway Linda Valois Crosby Bonnie Sue Ebest Marilyn Gay Abnor Darlene Adair Betty Jane Allwright Carolyn Dena Anderson Jane Coates Anderson Amy Solit Antonelli R. Walker Barkley Deanna Dunagan Bell Margarette Ann Bell Anne Currie Bernhardt Dorothy Eleanor Berry Nancy Sharon Berry Martha Marilla Black Robert Bernard Borders Michael Everett Broyles George Medows Buford Carol Linda Cain Nancy Jane Cain Diana Jill Caldwell Joe Calvillo, Jr. Frances Seamon Carter Valerie A. Clark Linda Gayle Cole Frankie Marie Collier Carolyn George Cowden Jesse Jose Cruz Margaret Lynn Curtis Jessica Royece Darling Sharon Dianne Edmiston Susan Esther Ericson Alice Meredith Farrar Janice Fave Fikes Carmen M. Gentolizo Barbara R. Hamilton Patricia Ann Hanney Sarah Lu Hardy Marilynn Sue Dean Linda Diane Decker James Olen Denton Margaret Elizabeth Diden Jerry Glynn Die Virginia Lee Dietz James David Dodd Mary Ellen Dooley Sterly Glen Dossmann Mary Elizabeth Doyle Lloyd Russell Duke Richard Edward Dullnig Lansdale Dyer Nancy Eleanor Elick Janie Marie Elkins Linda Jane Eaison Eld ' on Dwane Faries Linda Kay Fisher Michael Stephen Fogel Charlotte Marie Fourroux Sidney Wayne Frost Edward Michael Gill Abigail Carol Glosserman Mary Elizabeth Goodey Billiemae Gray Sarah Blanche Green William Webster Green Mary Paula Greenlee MEMBERS Mabel Beatrice Hayden Cheri Hesse Nancy Ruth Joor Margaret Ann Lightfoot Alyce Ann Liles Linda Lee Mason Elizabeth Carolyn McAfee, Jr Karen Kay Neff Bettv Ruth Pursley Phyllis Richard Claudette Jane Richards Alma Louise Robinson Patricia Irene Ryan Jo Ann Serrano Elisa Delis Salinas Charlotte Louise Stewart UNIVERSITY CHORUS MEMBERS Donna Maria Gregory Ina Florence Grier Betty Joan Griggs Lyndell Ruth Groninger Louana Gutierrez Susan Jane Hale Lynn Elizabeth Harwood Jo Ann Hedrick John David Herzog John Samuel Hill Margaret Susan Hoover Barry Jan Hruska Sylvia Ray Hodges Matt Cordell Hughes Kathryn Alice Hugo Robert Andrew Ibsen Margaret Ann Ivy John James Johnson Fred Lee Johnston Marian Gayle Jones Sharon Jones George C. Kenady, Jr. William Gordon Kennerly Alfred Ward Kennon Dean Gaines Kilpalrick Donna Sue King Rodney Thomas Kirkham Maudie Ann Kolb Marilyn Janice Kostka Ruth Ann Lauzon Hildegarde Lindsey Ann Hahn Livingston Joe Kenneth Longley Eugene Lopez Arlene Joyce Matthey Mary Jean Mclntyre James Perry McKinley Penalope Elizabeth McNamara Renee L. Merrem Barry Phillip Middleman Carl Barnes Mitchell Frank Avery Mitchell, III Helen Marie Mitchell Michael Scott Moehlman James Charles Moeser Velmanetl Montgomery Douglas Warren Moore Ann Morgan Helen Elizabeth Morgan John Hughston Nabors, Jr. Patricia Ann Nowell Sharon Ann O ' Crowley Suzanne Paden Janet Collier Paggi Penne Ann Percy Karen Elizabeth Peterson Jane Marie Tisdale Mildred Mars Tonahill Janet Mary Walsh Cassandra Louise Weathers Jeanne Alice White Carolyn Mellisa Wilkins Judy Wynn Susan Joan Peterson Dorwayne Phelps Charles Tafmadge Phillips Mary Elizabeth Pinkney William George Poole, Jr. Claire A. Porter Stephen Douglas Pritchett Kathleen Louise Quinn John Bryan Quisenbcrry Elizabeth Johnston Rhoden Susan Ann Richardson Judy Carolyn Roemer Irma Jean Rogers Linda Lee Rogers Carole Jean Rollins Rorfald Gordon Rosen Sheila J. Ross Jerome Dixon Sampson Karen Lee Shannon John Howard Sharkey Kay Vinson Sheldon Mary Edyth Shmoldas Katherine Marie Skinner Mary Kay Smith Milton Lloyd Smith Susan Joan Sneed LaVoyce Floyd Snow Ann Katherine Springfield FRANK DEAN ROBERTS Director, Southern Singers Linda Carolyn Stettner Bcttv Stewart Virginia Almira Stringer Susan Alice Sullies Frances Jean Toepperwein Marye Lizabeth Thomas Sheila Ava Toole Mary Sue Viner Arthur Wilber Webber Jeriann Whitromb Patricia Ann Niles Carol Sue Witt Leonard Adrian Woosley Linda Ruth Wyatt CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization offers the college community the opportunity of learning the truth about Christian Science. Students seek to live their faith by applying their understanding of God to their daily needs. Fall Front Row; Finer, Meister, Harper, Hamilton, Eason, Karlskind. Second Roto: Schleeter, Lazarus, Coleman, Stafford, Munson, Weber, Lindsey. Third Row: Durrenberger, Vance, Kadjar, Bishop, Moore, Munson, Hotcbkiss, Person, Filbert- OFFICERS Spring BOBBIE ANN HARPER President DIANE LAZARUS Vice-President . EVELYN EARL COLEMAN Secretary . . . ELWOOD LAWRENCE MUNSON Treasurer . . . BARBARA R. HAMILTON Member-at-Large EMILY MURRAY STAFFORD . . Advisor. . BOBBIE ANN HARPER EVELYN EARL COLEMAN BARBARA R. HAMILTON JOHN MILTON VANCE CHARLES WILLIAM HOTCHKISS . EMILY MURRAY STAFFORD Sherry Virginia Benn Park E. Bishop Evelyn Earl Coleman Edward Paul Durrenburger William Dudley Eason, Jr. Salisbury B. B. Filbert Neal B. Finer Madelyn Helen Gerdes Marguerite Alice Gerdes James Sterling Gower Neil Edwin Gower Barbara R. Hamilton MEMBERS Bobbie Ann Harper Charles William Hotchkiss Randolph Dabney Hurt, Jr. David Mirza Kadjar Neil Brent Karlskind Dianne Lazarus Hildegarde Lindsey Judith Ellen McCaskill Heide Roeslein Meister Nancy Marie Mills Norman Wesley Minter Suzanne Jean Moore Betsy Friesner Munson Elwood Lawrence Munson David Bob Person John Foster Pettit Kristen Ann Schleeter John William Turner, Jr. John Milton Vance Roger Sherwood Walker Mary Josephine Weber Mary Whittenburg Clarence LeRoy Wilson, Jr. 320 CROW ' S NEST CLUB The purpose of the Crow ' s Nest Club is to provide housing and dining facilities for NROTC midshipmen and to promote interest in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Work Manager Food Buyer Faculty Sponsor OFFICERS GEORGE RICHARD BETTLE THOMAS MAX MICKELSEN HAROLD GILBERT LUTZ RUDOLPH VINCE WALDEMAR KRUEGER JAMES EARL LANGLEY LIEUTENANT WILLIAM B. LOVELL, USN George Richard Bettle Larry Joe Billa Luther Richard Blayney Dennis Foster Brandon Don Wallace Brown Troy Ray Caffey Roland Harvey Commons William Lynn Docekal Scott Charles Follett Robert Louis Gartner Henry Amos Harper, Jr. Gerald Dale Hilbert Russell Cory Hill Jon Holzapfel Jeffrey W. Hurt John Marshall Jarratt Phillip Wayne Johnson MEMBERS Lloyd Eugene Jordan. II Charles Thomas Key Ben Allen Krause Rudolph Vince Waldemar Krueger Matthew Warren Kuykendall, II I James Earl Langley Gerald C. Lund Harold Gilbert Lutz Arthur Neal Mangham Roger Albert Marien Thomas Max Mickelsen Wayne Earle Miers Jess Tandy Mills, III John Thomas Montford Kenneth James Moore Edward Joe Polasek, Jr. Douglas Campbell Postle Jerome Lee Powell Allie Jack Ralston Robert Newton Ray James Steven Ryder James Herrell Sanders. Jr. Charles Samuel Snell Duane Martin Starr Jack Vernon Strickland. Jr. Thomas Joseph Tomaro Donald Anthony Tortorice Michael Lewis Waldron Allen Scott Watkins James Thomas Watts Richard Earl Wauson. Jr. Roger Lee Wharton Joseph Oscar Wilson Front Row: Tortorice, Langley, Mickelsen, Bottle, Lutz, KrueRer. Second Row: Strickland, Starr, Miers, Follett, Tomaro, Commons, Ralston, Ryder, Docekal, Billa, Brandon. Third Row: Wharton, Ray, Mills, Hurt, Holzapfel, Watts, Jordan, Sanders, Moore, Lund, Gartner, Marien, Hilbert, Brown. Fourth Row: Snell, Waldron. Fijlh Row: Polasek, Mangham, Montford, Watkins, Kuydendall, Postle, Wilson, Blayney, Caffey. Johnson, Krause. Powell, Wauson, Key. Page 321 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The purpose of Disciples Student Fellowship is to offer students an opportunity of study, fellowship, service, and worship during their academic years, in order to nurture and deepen commitments made to Christ and His Church. It encourages students to share their faith and their doubts with others in a Christian Community. University Christian Church Chapel OFFICERS Fall Spring Supper al Retreat House Paje -322 WILLIAM CARL WOLTER WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK President WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK LINDA KAY HUCKABAY y ice-President SHERRIE ANN BURNS ZELMA LORRAINE MCMAHON Secretary RICHARD GUNNAR KLEMMEDSON RICHARD GUNNAR KLEMMEDSON Treasurer GEORGE RALSTON COGSWELL .... GEORGE RALSTON COGSWELL SHERRIE ANN BURNS URC Representatives NORMA JEANE CROW WILLIAM NORVELL PUCKETT, JR. ROBERT EDWIN ANDERSON Ecumenical Council Representatives BARBARA RUTH THOMAS . , SANDRA JEAN WARD SANDRA JEAN WARD Spur Editors BEN DAVID SANDIDGE DON WALLACE BROWN Worship Chairman BETTY KATHLEEN STONES WILLIAM CARL WOLTER Service Chairman WILLIAM WALLACE ROGERS, JR PATRICIA SUZANNE ELLIS Recreation Chairman JOSEPH WILLIAM BARBISCH, JR MICHAEL HALL HENNEN Enlistment Chairman HAROLD FLOYD WILLIAMS MARGARET ANN SAVAGE Food Chairman LINDA KAY HUCKABAY AUREL EMERSON SMITH Historian BARBARA LYNN GIBBS BEN B. JUDD, JR. BARBARA RUTH THOMAS Church Relations Chairmen MARY ANN DAVIS CLYDE STANLEY BOOSE Program Chairman DON WALLACE BROWN MARVIN CAMPBELL LEWIS Publicity INSTITUTE OF AERO-SPACE SCIENCES The purpose of the lAeS is to bring engineering students into a more direct contact with the technical aspects of the aero-space field. It also brings about a closer relationship between the engineering in- dustry and the college student. OFFICERS President CARL GILBERT MATTHYS V ice-President MORRIS ROOD BURTON Corresponding Secretary SQUIRE LEE BROWN Recording Secretary BOB EWALD SCHUTZ Treasurer CHARLES E. BLUM Faculty Sponsor JOHN CONRAD WESTKAEMPER MEMBERS John Edwin Allen James Lee Bailey Jack Jarrett Barneburg Ronald Wayne Best Jeffrey Roland Blank John Freeman Blanton Charles E. Blum M. Michael Briggs Thomas Alan Briggs Huey Wayne Brodnax Squire Lee Brown Norris Rood Burton Randal Robert Craft, Jr. Russell Lynn DaMetz Frederick Rodgers Dent, III Robert Diaz, Jr. Michael C. Byrd Roy Lee Crum Russell Lynn Dametz John Edwin Davis Steven Harold Davis Daniel Edward Douglas James Raymond Holecek Frederick William Kanter, Jr. Charles Deward Easterwood Burton R. Enquist Walter Bruce Gillette Dean Guadalupe Gonzales John Franklin Greer James Wesley Haas, Jr. Calvin Leroy Hagood, Jr. John Frederick Haley, Jr. Dennis Wayne Haverlah Herman Lewis Hellman, Jr. Ernest Richard Hernandez Frank August Hueter, Jr. Larry Dean Kemp Larry Lynn Kinney John H. Krueger Edmond Howard Lawrence Joel Simon Lissauer Howell Wesley Mann Carl Gilbert Matthys Sam Terry McCormick Wilbert Mynar Douglass Finley Norman Francis Bernard O ' Donnell, Jr. John Mack Orr Milton Beverly Porter, Jr. James Owen Rasor David E. A. Reichenau John Gary Renick William Curson Rochelle Tracy Allen Scanlan FRESHMAN MEMBERS Jodie LaFayette Kennedy Robert Frank L ' Roy Joe Norace McKinney Joe Allen Nelson, II Fred Clayton Niemann Albert Fred Schkade, Jr. Charles William Schubert, Jr. Stanley Alton Shaw David Lee Shull John William Sifford, Jr. James Raymond Smith James Don Snodgrass David Stephenson Aubrey Lee Stratton Bob Ewald Schutz Curtis Wayne Sebera Gobporn Senalug Terry Van Simons Alva Lynn Smith Michael Lynn Smith Elgene Campbell Spencer William Randolph Stapper John Hurst Temple Edward Norberto Tinoco Raymond Turner Charles Warren Turner Kenneth A. Wayland Kenneth Earl Westmoreland Marvin Edward Willard Randolph Wood Charles Ray Thomas Ronald Melvin Thompson Charles Gene Voorhees Michael Gordon Walsh James Robert Watkins, Jr. Richard Lee Wilkison Richard Nelson Winter Front Row: C. Turner, R. Turner, Sifford, Douglas, Voorhees, Schubert, Stratton, Shull, Gillette, J. Davis. Second Row: Willard, Preston Thomas Faykus, Bailey, Lawrence, Schkade, Blanton, Wayland, Thomas. Haverlah, Shaw. Third Row: Gonzalez, Wood, Haley, Craft, Mann, Stapper, T. Briggs, Easterwood, Donald Arthur Dyer, Blank, Hernandez. Fourth Row: Mynar, Spencer, James Rodney Thomas, M. Briggs, Stephenson, Renick, Best, Sebera, Porter, Orr, Walsh, J. Smith. Filth Raw: Westkaemper, Matthys, Burton, Blum, Brown, Schutz, Westmoreland, Tinoco, Snodgrass, DaMetz, Haas, Lissauer, Robert Wayne Courier Page 323 LAREDO CLUB The Laredo Club is organized to encourage Laredo students to further their education in a higher institute of learning; to afford its members an opportunity to better acquaint themselves and unite into a body useful on the campus; and to foster social relations with other persons and organized groups on the campus. Front Row: J. Cavazos, A. Garza, S. Chapa, Henry, Botello, M. Benavides, M. Chapa, Lawson, Barrera, Cantu, W. Dickinson. Second Row: E. Florea, G. Cavazos, I. Cavazos, Saenz, Shields, Stenger, Pappas, J. Villarreal, Vega. Third Row: F. Flores, Rodriquez, A. Benavides, Mireles, C. Cardenas, Duran, Longoria, Castaneda, Vasquez. Fourth Row: Garcia, Robinson, Cantu, M. Gonzalez, Criado. Dovalina, Adame, V rela, H. Villarreal. OFFICERS President . JOSE Luis CAVAZOS Vice-President MARIO J. JESUS GONZALES, JR. Recording Secretary DIANA STENGER Corresponding Secretary DEANNA LOUISE LONGORIA Treasurer ANTONIO CANTU Faculty Sponsor GEORGE I. SANCHEZ Homero Adame Martin Barrera, III Alma Maria Benavides Marta Benavides Martha Domitila Botello Antonio Cantu Carlos G. Cardenas Pete Castaneda, Jr. Guillermo Javier Cavazos Irma E. Cavazos Jose Luis Cavazos Mirella Rita Chapa Sylvia Chapa Antonio Criado, Jr. John Ysidro Dickinson, III William John Dickinson MEMBERS Fernando Dovalina, Jr. Cecilia Margarita Duran Irene Fernandez Roberta Ann Fernandez Ernesto M. Flores Francisco Juventino Flores Ramon Antonio Garcia Alvaro Garza Mary Alice Garza Carlos Alberto Garza-Gongora, Jr. Bertha Carmen Gonzalez Mario J. Jesus Gonzalez, Jr. William Nesbit Hall, Jr. Mary Helen Henry Patricia Jean Lawson Deanna Louise Longoria Brigido Hector Mireles Jo Alice Moglia Joseph Robert Munoz Carlos Oliveira Ricardo Daniel Palacios Sarah Nieves Pappas Nelda Irene Pena Robert Rex Robertson, Jr. Norma Linda Rodriguez Francisca Herlinda Saenz Mercedes E. Shields Diana Stenger Humberto Jose Varela Juan Manuel Vasquez Juan A. Vega Humberto Villarreal, Jr. Jose Angel Villarreal Fife 32 LONGHORN FLYING CLUB, INC The Longhorn Flying Club was organized to provide an opportunity for students and staff to fly as safely and sanely as possible with as little expense as possible. OFFICERS Fall Spring LOGAN VICTOR THOMAS President FRANKLIN WILLIAM BRIZZOLARA WILLIAM DAVID FREEMAN V ice-President REEVES W. WESTMORELAND REEVES W. WESTMORELAND Secretary DALE NICK DYNIS ARNOLD KENT ALTSULER Treasurer TIMOTHY HAYES SMITH BOBBY L. CRUTCHFIELD Faculty Sponsor BOBBY L. CRUTCHFIELD Tommy Adleta Clay Willis Allen James Orval Allen Arnold Kent Altsuler M. Brent Arthur Russell Morris Barefield Dennis David Barrett John Edmond Bartlett Alfred Edward Bence Robert Roy Brandes Franklin William Brizzolara Barry Lee Bryson Adrian J. Butler Gary Murrel Butler Sam F. Collins Lon Worth Cottingham James Harold Dean Richard De Geurin Curtis Henry Dettman Wilson Gordon Dickinson Dale Nick Dynis Robert Barnola Egan David D. Emery Burton R. Enquist Charles Thomas Etheredge Dr. Darrell B. Faubion Charles Carey Frawley Paul S. Freeman William David Freeman Marie Marschall Fuller Graham Galloway MEMBERS Dan Slay Gillean Steve Lee Goodnight Jack Doneley Gray Robert T. Gregory J. Kent Hackleman J. Douglas Harrell Reagan Cartwright Helm James Edwin Hill Billie M. Holbert James Edwin Holmes Henry Lundy Howland Frank August Hueter Robert H. Hyatt George 0. Jackson Thomas Paul Jacomini Robert Calvin Johnson Joe Eckley Kirk Peter Brpce Kline Robert Edward Knight Albert C. Knoerr Victor A. Kormeier Roy Krezdorn Robert P. Lancaster Royce Eugene La Nier William Griffith Lawhon Donovan Allan Leistico Fred Robert Lentz John Thomas Malmberg James Robert Maxfield Jack H. Mayfield Howard Wright Mays, jr. C. A. Duncan McFarland Richard W. Moncrief Thomas Martin Moore Benjamin Rush Norvell Homer Wade Owens Louis Christopher Page Frederick Donald Parce Tom B. Pederson Jimmy Phillips, Jr. Edward Royce Pope Kenneth Hugh Price Lucy Burford Reed Robert Charles Lee Robertson Edward Washington Rose William Bonner Rubey Nancy C. Scott James Henry Sears Charles Eugene Seay Francis Douglas Shear Eugene Franklin Smith Timothy Hayes Smith Paul Robertson Stabler Logan Victor Thomas Joseph Scott Trudo William Sidney Vaughn Robert Michael Warner Herbert Weigl Reeves W. Westmoreland John Gregg Williams David Paul Woodfin Page 325 LONGHORN STAFF Director VINCENT RAIRDEN DINING Assistant Director PHILLIP ARLEN MANNING COUNCIL President KENNETH C. NIETENHOEFER First Counselor EUGENE EVANS RHEMANN Second Counselor JOE GENE AUTRY Third Counselor JAMES JOSEPH MAGEE Fourth Counselor . . . MICHAEL DAVID SANDGARTEN MEMBERS VINCENT RAIRDEN DINING Director, Longhorn Bands Arland Lee Actkinson James Luther Adcock Mark Woods Allen Roger William Allen Judith Elaine Allwright Forrest Alex Andrews Kathryn Louise Aston Patricia Ruth Aston Joe Gene Autry Judy Lynn Baumann Joe H. Bearden Earnell Beckham James Henry Belt Howard Lawrence Bernstein J.,Howard Black Alan Paul Bloebaum Joan Ann Brehm Charles Richard Brinkley Roy Durwin Brooks Grace Belle Broussard James Thomas Cain Eugene Allan Calvert George Albert Carpenter Nancy Elaine Carrington Nelda Lajean Chaffin James Craig Chamberlain Donna Lou Clark Linda J. Reed Clark Frances Anne Cleveland Bennie Jean Clinton TT " IT Top Row: Actkinson, Adcock, M. Allen, Allwrignt, Baumann, Bearden, Beckham. Belt, Bernstein, Bloebaum, Brehm. Second Row: Brinkley. Brooks, Broussard, Cain, Carpenter, Carrington, Chaffio, D. Clark, L. Clark, Cleveland, Clinton. Third Row: D. Coers, M. Goers, Coffee, Cole, Comp, Conner, Corbett, Costlow, Coward, Craigen, Crow. Fourth Row: Cudney, Dahlstrom, K. Davis, Day, Dem, de la Garza, Dietz, Dittman, Doyle, Durnlao, Elliott. Fifth Row: C. Ellis, Eramer, Enderle, Escamilla, Everett, Ford, Fuhrman, Garrett, Gell, Gibbs, Gladd. Sixth Row: Class, Coldwire, Goodrich, Coalin, Gracey, J. Green. Grimland, Grosse, Hail, Hammett, Hanby. Page 326 BAND Donald Vernon Goers Marilyn Janette Goers Carol Jane Coffee Richard Ray Cole John Jefferson Comp Richard Michael Conner James Jay Corbett Lynn Edward Costlow Alvin Charles Coward Clyde Melvin Craigen Norma Jeane Crow Joseph ReDon Cudney Farrell Gale Cunningham Joe Frank Dahlstrom Kay Davis Lois Darlene Davis Harry Bob Day Jimmy Robert Deen Adolfo de la Garzo Carl Dial William Michael Dietz Clarence William Dittman Charles Clay Doyle Hernani Dumlao Marcia Fay Elliott Charles Lyman Ellis James Elmo Ellis John Robert Emerson Kathleen Elizabeth Emmer Jerri La Verne Enderle Joseph Philip Escamilla Elsie Ellen Everett Charles Frederick Fagg Alan Wayne Ford Janet May Fountain Malcolm Jean Fox William John Fuhrman James Louis Funderburgh Richard Neil Funk Billy Jack Garner James Turner Garner Rogers E. Garrett Alan Everett Cell Lawerence Louis Germer Gary Clinton Gibbs Nevel Thomas Gladd Thomas W. Glass Michael Rollins Goldwire Gary Wayne Goodrich Doris Nell Goslin Leslie Lynn Gracey John Roy Green Richard Walter Green Barnett Alvin Greenberg David Dunagan Grimland Larry Walter Grosse Ernest Jay Hail Mary Ann Hammer Reagan William Hammett Walter Dana Hanby William Louis Hanks Louis Max Harelik Larry Neil Harrison Robert Mateer Harrison Bobby Don Hart Charles M. Henry Newton Aylmer Hightower Charles Erwin Hodde Nancy Lou Holcomb Mary Louise Hollingsworth Anita Louise Holt William David Howard Robert William Hutchison Edward Thomas Imparato Nick Michael Ingram Arthur Furman Isbell Laurence Calvin Jackson Amelia Mary Janssen Margaret Ann Janssen Charles David Jones James D. Joy Anthony Hubbard Kallus Karolen Stella Keane Natalie Kendall Larry Joe Kennedy Glenn Wallace Kennedy James Preston Kirksey Allison Clay Kistler Terry J. Kivlin Barry David Knight PHILLIP ARLEN MANNING Assistant Director, Longhorn Bands ' 1 T ' -. rt-. ' Top Row: Hanks, Harelik, L. Hartiion, R. Harrisoi , Hart, Henry, Hightower, Hodde, Holcomb, Hollingsworth, Howard. Second Row: Hutchison, Imparato, Isbell, Jackson, A. Janssen, M. Janssen, Joy, Keane, L. Kennedy, Kirksey, Kistler. Third Row: B. Knight, T. Knight, Kowert, Latham, Laughlin, Lawrence, Leal, R. Lee, Leifeste, Leonard, Lesesne. Fourth Row: Lewis, Lindahl, Lohr, Longwood, L ' Roy, Magee, Joe Marburger, John Marburger, Marsch, Martinez, Mayer. Tijth Row: McAfee, McCrone, McFarland, McLaughlin, Melcher, Middleton, C. Miller, J. Miller, Mills, Moneyhon, Motley. Sixth Row: P. Mueller. Nietenhoefer, Parma, Patterson, Pearce, Pearson, Peel, Pilgrim, Pitts, Planto, Puckett. Page 327 LONGHORN BAND KENNETH C. NIETENHOEFER President Thomas Dale Knight Allan Paul Koeppe Bruce Arthur Kowert James Robert Latham David Dudley Laughlin Edmond Howard Lawrence Carlos David Leal Michael Joseph Lee Ronnie Hugh Lee Terry Gilbert Leifeste Thomas Walton Leonard Cherrye Carroll Lesesne Rodney .High Lewis Gary Lewis Lindahl John Michael Lohr Sherry Ann Longwood Robert Frank L ' Roy George Howard Luttrell James Joseph Magee Joe Ben Marburger John Daniel Marburger Alfred Joseph Marsch Fernando Martinez Woodson Robin Matthews Jack Abbott Mayer William McDuffie McAfee Randa Nell McCollough Susan Jean McCrone John Russell McFarlane Melvin Ralph McLaughlin Lydia Ann Melcher Robert Mac Middleton Griffith Lea Miller James Royce Miller Nancy Marie Mills Carl Hofmann Moneyhon Michael Tilden Motley Mark Alan Mueller Peggy Nell Mueller Kenneth C. Nietenhoefer Wayne Russell Ocnaschek William John Parma Patricia Gayle Patterson Penelope Jones Pearce David Boice Pearson Harry Herbert Peel Margaret Elizabeth Pilgrim James Charles Pitts Sharon Lee Planto Richard Austin Price William Norvill Puckett Glenda Juanita Rainwater John Edward Rash Stanley Eugene Rauhut Sandra Jean Rayburne Kenneth Sherman Reaves Carol Marie Reeb Irene Louise Reeb Arthur Allen Reed Pat Reed Eugene Evans Rhemann Robert Mayo iiichards Richard Lee Robinson Pamela Sue Roden Jose Samuel Rodriguez Marie Eugenia Rodriguez Michael Ray Rolan Bobbie Neil Roper Helen Patricia Rose Claudia Louise Sanders Michael David Sandgarten Margaret Ann Savage Virlie Kay Sayers Albert Fred Schkade David Lawerence Schmidt Carolyn Schroeter Rick Steen Schwettmann Sarah Virginia Searight Curtis Wayne Sebera Leah Raye Sexton Carolyn Marie Shaw Diane Sue Shrader Roland Joe Sierra Donnie G. Skiles Herschel Bernard Smartt Edgar Newman Smith Donna Marie Smoot Harry Howard Sockol Beverly Ann Spillar Charles Edward Spivak Robert Paul Stanton Charles August Steubing Walter Ray Strein James Cullen Stringer Leslie Wayne Sullivan Robert John Summers Phyllis Sue Swaim Carolyn Jane Swerk Alan Roger Tanner Betty Jean Taub John Larry Terrell Emma Deen Thomas Velna Rae Thurman John L. Tolleson Charles Gene Voorhees Chester Gregg Wallace Carol Ann Walters George Haskill Ward Walter David Watkins Simmy Tess Welch Emory Clark Whipple Frank Edward Williams Sandra June Wittig Sandra Kay Woll Gary Lynn Wood Norman S. Wood Lanny Dennis Wren Ronald William Wright Top Row: Rainwater, Riuhut. Reaves, C. Reeb, I. Reeb, A. Reed. P. Reed. Rhemann. Rodcn, M. Rodriguez, Rolan. Second Rote: Roper, Rose, Sanders, Sandgarten, Savage, Sayers, Schkade, Schmidt, Schwettmann, Searight, Sebera, Third Roto: Sexton, Shaw, Shrader, Sierra, Skiles, Smith, Smoot, Spillar, Spivak, Stanton, Steubing. Fourth Row: Strein, Stringer, Sullivan, Swaim. Swerk, Tanner, Taub, Terrell, Thomas, Thurman, Tolleson. tilth Rota: Voorhees, Wallace. Walters, Ward. Welch, Whipple, Williams, Wittig, Woll, C. Wood, N. Wood, Wright. Page 328 CAROL AND IRENE REEB Duet Featured Twirlers ' CAROLYN JANE SWERK Featured Twirler BOBBY DON HART Drum Major JOSEPH REDON CUDNEY Assistant Drum Major BAND COUNCIL Left to Right; Joe Autry, Second Counselor; Mickey Sandgarten, Fourth Counselor; Ken Nietenhoefer, President; Joe Magee, Third Counselor; Gene Rhemann, First Counselor. TEXAS STARS IP Jf Left to Right: Donna Marie Smoot. Karolen Stella Keane, Penelope Jones Pearce, Amelia Mary Jansscn, Carolyn Schroeter, Sherry Ann Longwood, Velna Rae Thurman, Marilyn Janelte Goers, Emma Deen Thomas, Patricia Ruth Aston. Page 329 The 1962 A M game LONGHORN BAND ' 7962 Tulane game Page 330 KAPPA KAPPA PS I The purpose of Kappa Kappa Psi is to promote the existence and welfare of the college band, to culti- vate at large a wholesome respect for its activities, to foster closer relationships between college bands, to honor outstanding bandsmen with membership, and to provide a pleasant social experience for its members. Fall OFFICERS Spring CURTIS WAYNE SEBERA President LAWRENCE Louis GERMER LAWRENCE Louis GERMER Vice-President BRUCE ARTHUR KOWERT BRUCE ARTHUR KOWERT Secretary CHARLES CLAY DOYLE RONNIE HUGH LEE Treasurer RONNIE HUGH LEE VINCENT RAIRDEN DINING Faculty Sponsor VINCENT RAIRDEN DININO Joe Gene Autry Joe H. Bearden Alan Paul Bloebaum James Craig Chamberlain Donald Vernon Goers James Elmo Ellis Billy Jack Garner Rogers Elmer Garrett Lawrence Louis Germer Thomas Westbrook Glass Bobby Don Hart James Luther Adcock Charles Clay Doyle Charles William Fagg Richard Neil Funk Arland Lee Actkinson Malcolm Jean Fox David Dunagan Grimland MEMBERS Allan Paul Koeppe Bruce Arthur Kowert Joe Carrol Lawrence Michael J. Lee Ronnie Hugh Lee James Joseph Magee Joe Ben Marburger John Daniel Marburger Travis Charles Meitzen, Jr. James Royce Miller FALL PLEDGES Edward Thomas Imparato, Jr. Anthony Hubbard Kallus Larry Joe Kennedy Garv Lewis Lindahl SPRING PLEDGES Charles H. Henry, Jr. Terry J. Kivlin Terry Gilbert Leifeste Kenneth Clarence Nietenhoefer Delbert Clarence Overstreet David Boice Pearson Kenneth Sherman Reaves Eugene Evans Rhemann Jose Samuel Rodriquez James Allen Sanders, Jr. Curtis Wayne Sebera James Larry Scott James Shelby Sharpe Gary Lynn Wood George Howard Luttrell, Jr. Don Grugett Skiles Gerald Michael Walker Chester Gregg Wallace, Jr. Woodson Robin Matthews Melvin R. McLaughlin Michael David Sandgarten Front Row: Class, Coern, Meitzen, Sebera, R. Lee, Kowert. Germer, Nietenboefer, Sanders. Second Rota: Fagg, Walker, Sidles, Miller, Magee, J. D. Marburger, Garrett, Funk, Chamberlain, Kennedy. Third Row: Imparato, Koeppe, Ellis, Doyle, Bearden, Rodriquez, Adcock, Rhemann, Sharpe. Fourth Ron: Wallace, Autry, Kallus, Pearson, M. Lee, Luttrell, Garner, Lindahl, J. B. Marburger, Wood. Page 331 TAU BETA SIGMA The purpose of Tau Beta Sigma is to honor outstanding women in the band and to stimulate campus leader- ship, to foster a close relationship between college bands and to cultivate a wholesome respect for their ac- tivities and achievements, to act as a service organization to the local band, and to provide a pleasant social experience for all engaged in college band work. Front Row: Holt, Davis, Hollingsworth, Coers, McCollough, Taub. Reeb. Second Row: Clark, Allwright, Emmer, Cleveland, Beckham, Aston, Rayburne, Clinton. Third Row: Crow, McCrone, Smoot, Sexton, Janssen, Pearce, Brehm. OFFICERS President ANITA LOUISE HOLT Vice-President KAY DAVIS Secretary MARILYN JANETTE GOERS Treasurer MARY LOUISE HOLLINGSWORTH Parliamentarian . . . LEAH RAYE SEXTON Marilyn Janette Goers Ina Louise Cooper Kay Davis Mary Louise Hollingsworth MEMBERS Anita Louise Holt Penelope Jones Pearce B. Carolyn Porter Sandra Jean Rayburne Leah Raye Sexton Carolyn Marie Shaw Beverly Ann Spillar Judith Elaine Allwright Patricia Aston Earnell Beckham Joan Ann Brehm Welda Lajean Chaffin Linda Reed Clark PLEDGES Frances Anne Cleveland Bennie Jean Clinton Norma Jeane Crow Kathleen Elizabeth Emmer Doris Nell Goslin Amelia Mary Janssen Karolen Keane Randa Nell McCollough Susan Jean McCrone Irene Louise Reeb Donna Smoot Carolyn Jane Swerk Betty Jean Taub Page 332 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Lutheran Student Association is to confront its members with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, with His Church and His Call to discipleship; to bear witness in the academic community to the Gospel as confessed by the Lutheran Church; to afford means whereby students may deepen and express their faith and carry witness into the ecumenical world. OFFICERS President BOBBY J. BLAIR V ice-President , . LILLIAN ELISE IRONS Secretary CAROLYN ANN SCOGIN Treasurer JAMES F. BUROW Sponsor REVEREND GUSTAV KOPKA, JR. REV. GUSTAV KOPKA, JR. Sponsor Religious Activity MEMBERS Kenneth Albers Ronald Gene Becker Ann Helen Becklund Carolyn Ann Berg Janet Louise Berg Larry Joe Biggers Bobby J. Blair Carl Ferdinand Boehm, Jr. Duane Frueh Burow James F. Burow John Allen Canuteson Karen Ann Dittmar Douglas Charles Erickson Mary Ellen Farrar Evelyn Janet Feuge Timothy Ray Goldman Richard Harry Haschke Anne Hess Lillian Elise Irons Erick Kanter Werner William Klier Weldon Louis Kuretsch Lois Nell Lammert Fred William Langner Karen Louise Massengill Tana Mae Miller Carolyn Kay Munson Gary Joe Nelson Delbert D. Oehler Laura Jane Pfenning Ralph Wayne Ponfick William Edward Rogge Barbara Ann Roscher Nathan Wayne Schiller Nelson Louis Schiller Charles Schmidt Carolyn Ann Scogin Joan Marion Setzer Carolyn Marie Shaw William David Smallwood Clementina Stein Sharon Ann Van Amburg Wayne Douglas Walther Diane R. Wang Sylvia A nna Wehmanen Lutheran Student Foundation Page 333 ORGANIZATION OF ARAB STUDENTS GREATER TEXAS CHAPTER The functions of The Organization of Arab Students is to provide interest in Arab affairs and to es- tablish a better understanding between Americans and the Arab World. It is the feeling of the Arab students at The University of Texas that mutual understanding is the most effective way to world peace. Front Row: Salamab, Zaghmout, Quraidis, Kay Ann Johnson, Evelyne Najla Tanous, Joudah, Ruth Anne Walters, Swailem, Thabit. Second Row: Maari, Maajil, Daffae, Pobaisliy, F. Saad, Zawawi, Isa, Khalaf. Third Row: Doghaither. Fourth Row: Chaddar, Tikrity, Ajrouah, Qutub, Athel, Baiz, Sobaiai. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Social Chairman . . Sports Chairman . . Advisor . AHMAD HASAN JOUDAH MANSOUR ABDULRAHMAN SEHAIMI ISMAT FUAD MASRI NAWFAL NOURI IZZAT HISHAM FAWZI QADDUMI YOUSSEF NAIM ASSIR . MIKDAM MOHAMMAD AL-HEBEEB . GAIL A. RATLIFF MEMBERS Saud K. Abu Kish Mohamed Abu Nian Ahmed Adsani Othman Ahmed Solaiman Akil Abdullah All Ajroush Bader All Al-Hamoud Mikdam Mohammad Al-Hebeeb Othman Al-Rawi Fayez Anan Youssef Nairn Assir Saleh Abdulrahman Athel Mohammed Ibrahim Baiz Saleh Bakhraibah Abdullah Bakr Bakr Karim Ben Shakroun George Bordcosh Mohamed Buarmah Moutaz Chichakli Ali Daffae Mohamed Noaman Dahman Sobhi Dailami Ibrahem Darrab Abdulaziz Reshaid Doghaither Mohammed Ata Elyas Saleh Fahhad Mohamed Ramez Fakhouri Zouhair Fakhouri Abdulraof Gado Ahmed Jamil Ghaddar Ghazi Glaidan Abdulrahman Guapori Zeid Gwaired Abdulaziz Gwaiz Mikdam Habeeb Yousef Hamdan Abd Aziz Mohammed Hokail Thamer Hosaini Mohamed lesa Mohamed Abboud Isa Nawfal Nouri Izzat Hisham Jamjoum Ahmed Hasan Joudah Nabil Jundi Sulyman Kadhi Abdel Daim Katami Khaled Yousif Khalaf Omar Hashim Khalifati Ali Khan Abdul-Ilah-Yousif Khashab Youssef Khatoun Saleh Kraidis Maan Lababidi Mahmoud Lababidi Abdulla Hames Maajil Mohamed Deeb Mahdi Page 334 Mounir Ali Mahdi Nabeel Mahmoud Khalid Kadhum Makiya Abdul Mashhadi Ismat Fuad Masri Sabih Masri Sami Matar Abdulaziz Medbil Abdulrahman Melaibari Abdullah Moagel Mohamed Mofadda Abdullarif Mogren Abdul Mahdi Mahmood Mosa Sadib Jawad Mosawi Asad Nasr Fayes Nasser Abdulmohsen Nasseri Abdulaziz Odah Anwar Abdul Jabbar Omar Mahmoud Omari Omran Omran Hisham Fawzi Qaddumi Saleh Ibrahim Quraidis Ahmad Hassan Qutub Abdulaziz Raktan Talat liilu in Mohamed Rashid Nasser Rashid Soleman Saleh Robaishy Faisah Abdulla Saad Mahmoud Abadr Saad Mohmoud Sahtout Sami Salam Ibraham Salma Micl, ill. ih Ibrahim Salamah Mansour Abdulrahman Sehaimi Moayyad Shafik Edward Sayigh Sami Shama Haitham Sharaf Abdulrahman Abdulla Sobaiai Hamad Solaim Ghazi Sultan Mohammed Swailem Burhan Tayara Abdullah Tassan Ahmed Otham Thabit Abdullah Thonian Abdulrahman Thonian Sammi Sherif Tikrity Abdulaziz Torky Kamel Totah Hassan Tulbah Tafia Mohammed Zaghmout Saleh .nnil Mouaffag Abbas Zawawi REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY The purpose of the Reagan Literary Society is to further the enjoyment of literature of all kinds and to promote a spirit of fellowship among women at the University who are interested in literature. OFFICERS President CAROL LAVON STROM Vice-President BARBARA ELAINE GREVSKY Secretary MARIAN RATHER POWELL Treasurer SANDRA JEAN JIRCIK Projects JOANNE ARNOLD EDMUNDSON Sponsor MRS. CLAUDE HILL Leila Louise Allen Mary Martha Baker Judith Ann Bermont Harriett Elaine Bernstein Bonnie Crenshaw Janet M. Dahl Alice Ann Driscoll Joanne Arnold Edmundson Marcia Ann Goren Barbara Elaine Grevsky Judith Ann Hitchcock Sandra Jean Jircik MEMBERS Mary Lee Jones Nancy Ruth Joor Susan Jane Kahn Adrianne Ann Kelfer Carolyn Kay Lindell Margaret Ann Matlock Carolyn Marie McDonald Bess McFadden Kathlee n Fenley Moore Pat Moseley Sheila J. O ' Neill Kristin Ann Pauly Rosemary Eileen Pitts Marian Rather Powell Alice McDermott Red Lyn Lee Schmidt Marilyn Frances Schultz Linda Elise Sherrill Molly Shulman Carol Lavon Strom Carolyn Jean VanAken Barbara Watts Diane Frances Webster I if Front Row: Moseley, Pitts, Grevsky, Strom. O ' Neill, Sherrill. Second Row: Powell, Baker, Jircik, Matlock, Allen Schmidt, Kahn, Edmundson, Moore, VanAken, Red, Shulman. Page 335 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The purpose of The University of Texas YMCA-YWCA is to provide the opportunity and stimulus for people of all faiths to explore the relevant questions facing students. In this endeavor the Y seeks to be a bridge between the University, the community, and the church. YMCA OFFICERS YWCA DICK WELDON SIMPSON President SUSAN CHAPPELL FORD RUBEN STANELY BROWN V ice-President ELLEN TAYLOR SHOCKLEY LAWRENCE EDMUND MANIRE Secretary JAN JOPLING RONALD DELL STORY Treasurer . CAROL GLEE INGRAM STAFF YMCA Executive FRANK L. WRIGHT YWCA Executive ANNE B. APPENZELLAR Program Assistant MARIAN DICKINSON YMCA Board Chairman HUGH A. ECKOLS YWCA Board Chairman . . MRS. RALPH E. PERSON COUNCIL Dorothy Lee Adams Thomas Richard Anderson Chester Arthur Briggs, Jr. Ann Connor Brown Ruben Stanley Brown Mary Kathryn Buss Victoria Bush Caldwell Don V. Caplinger Carolyn Ruth Coker John R. Cope Jane Carolyn Cowper Susan Chappell Ford Florence Jean Farmer Oliver Samuel Heard Barbara Katherine Hurt Carol Glee Ingram Jan Jopling Sue Ann Lebel Kenneth W. Longacre Jack Edward Love Ann Mallett Lawrence Edmund Manire Kay Ruth Martin Laura Elizabeth McNeil William Gene Moll Steven Neuse Michelle Alice Puzin Judy Rager Dawson Stafford Schultz Ellen Taylor Shockley Dick Weldon Simpson Bea Ann Smith Stanley Claude Stone Ronald Dell Story George Terry Timmons Jo An Vincent Freeman Lee Waynewood John Franklin Weeks John Henry Young Page 336 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President ALICE ANN MARSHALL (I) Membership Vice-President CAROLYN CONNOR Programs Vice-President MARLENE GAY MEIGS Secretary KAREN ANN CUSHMAN Treasurer DONNA KAY TOWNSEND Reporter JUDITH JEANNINE CAPPS Faculty Sponsors BERNICE DELL FELDER FRANKLIN PARKER MEMBERS Marilyn June Adams Margaret Ellen Agnew Phyllis Alexander Helen Claire Anderson Mary Ellen Anderson Nancy Jeanne Anderson Doris Elaine Andreason Nancy Etta Andrews Betty Ray Armistead Delores Ashburn Vivian Athens Sallye Lou Atkinson Carolyn Jean Bailey Robert Frederick Balderston Elizabeth Gertrude Banks Susan Frances Bann Mary Patricia Barlow Geraldine Virginia Bartosh Mary Margaret Bates Carol Beavers Doris Arnell Berryman Marcy Margaret Besselman Betty Sue Bird Nancy Spears Blackmon Betty Cecile Bobb Vivian Ann Bogart Gladys Jean Bohac Mary Elizabeth Bonnell Harriet Burns Bennett Catherine Elizabeth Bondies Kristin Bowen Robert Arthur Boyd Barbara Ruth Brister Sue Brooks Carol Ruth Brooksaler Barbara Ann Browne Zelda Kay Bryant Catherine Elaine Burger Linda Elizabeth Burke Linda Lee Burke Mary Kathryn Buss Karen Anne Byrd Carol Ann Calkins Carolyn Beatrice Calvin Patricia Campbell Judith Jeannine Capps Marinel Cerwinski Janice Mary Chadwell Carolyn Virginia Chandler Mary Virginia Chandler Robert Chambers Chappell Fleur Annette Christensen Hazel Jane Clements Peggy Lynn Clements Joan Cockrell Laura Lee Cockrell Carmon Luell Coffman Carolyn Connor Earl Fae Cooper Margaret Parkes Cope Eileen Ann Copley Linda Carroll Counts Adrienne Lynn Courteau Kay Crawford Shary Crawford Linda Lou Crockett Dixie Norraine Crofts Linda Valdis Crosby Janice Carol Cummings Karen Ann Cushman Elizabeth Vinson Dabney Virginia Beth Dagerath Janet M. Dahl Myra Lynn Daugherty Anne Carol Delaune Georgeann Denney Brenda Joyce Devers Carolyn Michael Devins Brenda Jo Meisner Doic Janice Dougall Eugene Britt Doughtie Sue Annette Douglas Carolyn Draeger Mary Emily Dudley Carol Jean Duran Roxanna Dutton Carol Jane Eads Susan Diana Eagle Suzanne Eleanore Earhart Donna Jean Edelen Ann Fridel Eisenstein Karen Sue Ellingson Lynn R. Essex Edna Evans Elinor Louise Evans Virginia Kay Faulkner Suzanne Fish Virgil Edmond Flathouse Sandra Kay Foster Gail Gabriel Crystal Ann Candy Janice Gayle Elizabeth Ann Gibbs Betty Jean Gill Abigail Carol Glosserman Katherine Golly David Bergen Gracy Susan Greeves Ina Florence Grier Mary Elizabeth Griffin Mary Tedford Griffith Alicia Guerra Marilyn V. Gump Mable Ann Gunn Halbert Weldon Hall Janis Lee Haney Annanelle Hardt Ernest Felix Harris Barbara Sue Harry Suzanne Hartley Marian Evis Hartman Mary Elaine Hartsell Helen Kay Hasha Jeannette Helmcamp Delia Henderson Josephine Lillian Herring Sarah Herring Priscilla Jane Hester Helen Hicks Judith Kathalyn Hicks Phyllis Ann Hill Marilyn Beverly Hilley Roberta Sue Hintz Margaret Susan Hobart Carol Sue Hoffpauir Nancy Lou Holcomb Thomas Cole Holland Beth Freeman Holliday Joyce K, Horton Penelope Houdek Rita Valjean Howard Walter Lee Howard, III Linda Kay Huckabay Kathryn Alice Hugo Sylvia Hulsey Glenda Margaret Hunt Karen Lee Hyman Lillian Elise Irons Linda Lu Jacobsen C. Diane Jernigan Vanna Lee Jessen Elizabeth Ruth Johnson Janet Johnson Kay Ann Johnson Jane Marcelle Jones Barbara Ilene Josephson Elizabeth Ann Junek Rebecca Lee Kahan Jerrilynn June Kane Patricia Ann Keller Dorene Miyo Kenmotsu Margaret Faye Kern Bettye Jeanelle Klutts Kathy Knutson Judith Elizabeth Koehler Joann Yvonne Kunz Carolyn Louise Kylberg Carolyn LaCour Sue Ellen LaGue Julia Ann Labay Carole Elliot Langdon Judith Ann Lanier Bennie Dale Lansford Jorene Buckley Lawrence Linda Gail Lawrence Sondra Jane Lerner Marion Leverett Margaret Ann Lightfoot Carolyn Kay Lindell Edna Mae Lindsey Mary Elizabeth Logan Susan Marie Logan Josephine Elizabeth Lord Carl James Lovett Patsy Ann Lyle Joan Mahoney MacLaughlin Gail Elizabeth Mackey Linda Jo Maier Bobby Jo Mann Lynda Mann Terri Beth Mann Carolyn Sue Manuel Martha Broom Marr Alice Ann Marshall (I) Patsy Martin Vicki Martin Mary Ann Matranga Suzanne Mauk Paula Kay Mayfield Gail Helen McBride Sue Ellen McClellan J. Logan McCown Nancy Kay McCullough Barbara Kay McDougall Mary Jan McGregor Amy Lynn Mclnnis June Elizabeth McKenzie Rhoda Irene McSpadden Carolyn Washburn Mehr Marlene Gay Meigs Lynda Gayle Melton Barbara Jean Mika Sam A. Milam, Jr. Marcie Miller Barbara Ann Milstead Mary Lynn Moeller J. Jane Moody Marilyn Jean Moore Patty Sims Moore Suzanne Jean Moore Zane Ann Morgan Brenda Jean Morrison Cecil Ann Mullins Ann Emeline Nelson Marlene Kay Nelson Nancy Netsch Lori Ann Nichols Renda M. Nowell Donna Faye Oberpriller Sharon Lane Ogg James Carroll Osborne Betty Ruth Oyervides Charlene Palmer Martha Elaine Patrick Jeanie Payne Armin William Pfenning Gloria Peterson Susan Kay Petet Rosemary Eileen Pitts B. Carolyn Porter Mary Erin Porter Virginia C. Pratt Suzanne E. Prince Prudv Kay Ramsey Martha Gail Rape Mary Katharine Redman Linda Sue Reedy Patricia Ann Reeves Carol Rich Jane Rich Claudette Jane Richards Sharon Kay Riehey Linda Porter Ridout Judy Rhyne Mary Eloween Riebe Martha Patricia Riggs Lois Ann Robertson Lynn Elaine Robertson Patricia Murray Robertson Donna Marie Rogers Marcia Rae Rogers Tom Jonathan Romberg Sara Ann Ross Susan Gayle Rossman Louise Claire Rubinstein Joyce Ann Rudberg Margaret Anne Rudder Mary Claire Russell Emrys Ann Rider Sandra Ann Sanders Sandra Lynn Sansom Arra Lou Sawyer Sharon Kay Schulze Janice Schumann Ann Burnett Scott Jennie Lee Scull Susan Seaman JoAnn Serrano Barbara Jo Sheffield Patsy B. Sherrill Ann Kachel Sherwin Adrienne Elizabeth Shupee Ruth Marie Sillin Jan Ann Simpson Avery Marie Sinclair Priscilla West Singer Janet Slomchinski Suzanne Sorenson Mary Kathleen Spence Pamela Joan Sperry Mildred Laverne Spitzenberger Marjorie Lee Stansfield Glenda Stark Lynette L. Stauffer Julia Ann Steed Carolyn Jay Stephenson Mary Dale Stitts Sharon Stolz Martha G. Strac k Suzette Strode Linda Ann Sullivan Patricia Ann Sullivan Cynthia Swanson Charlotte Dee Taylor Robert Dale Taylor, Jr. Sally Ann Taylor Penny Ann Terrell Barbara Tezel Alice Gay Thames Barbara Ruth Thomas Lou Carolyn Tompkins Donna Kay Townsend Carolyn Anne Tull Coylene Turlington Joyce Kay Turner S. Janice Upchurch Michal Rose Urban Carolyn Jean Van Aken Lynn Marie Van Eman Mary Cornelia Varvel Diane Vaughn Dorothy Lee Vaughn Mary Sue Viner Lila Dianne Voss Wilma Jean Wages Mary Corene Wallace Janet Louise Wark Linda Joy Washburn Joella K. Evans Waters Sharon Faye Welch Janie L. Westbrook Margaret Ann Westergard Cynthia Barry Willard Susan Lynn Wilson Gail Irene Wimberly Nancy Ruth Wolf Martha Jean Womack Jill Woodward Pamela Wright Linda Darlene Yandell Front Row: Townsend, Connor, Capps. Back Row: Meigs, Cushman, Felder, Marshall. Page 337 SYMPHONIC BAND J. FRANK ELSASS, Director, Symphonic Band Front Row: Menchaca, Perez, Davis, Broussard, Jensen, Edward William Guinn, Jr., Veazey, Mason, Allen, Sandgarten. Second Row: Matthey, Funk, Fultun, Freeman, Adkins, J. Jopling, Giffen, McMillan, Zayic, Long. Third Rota: Raymond Lee Schroeder, Jones, Fuhrmann, Norma Louise Hasty, Ward, Pitman, Taylor, Ellis, Howard, Weger, Cain, Gregory, States, Hollingsworth, Scott, Wren. Fourth Row: Ragsdale, Lyndon Eaves Laminack, Busche, John Coma O ' Neill, Heard, Fahrenthold, Rayburne, Michel, Hanks, Cox, Cantrell, Summers, Forrester, Stanton, Goodwin. Fifth Raw: Wright, Cervenka, T. Garcia, Harrell, Carpenter, C. Garcia, Comp, Miller, Lopes, Allen, Dahlstrom. Back Row: Samuel George Cross, Rainwater, Wheat, Fleming, B. Jopling, Garrett. OFFICERS President JAMES THOMAS CAIN Vice-President CHARLES ORLANDO VEAZEY Secretary-Treasurer SANDRA JEAN RAYBURNE Reporter ARLENE JOYCE MATTHEY Manager CHARLES DOIRON FLUTES Patricia Wright Engleman Carol Giffen Jan Jopling Cynthia Emily Long Judy E. McMillan Geraldine Lee Zayic OBOES Jane Allen Sharon Naomi Mason James Sandford Michael David Sandgarten Margaret Frances Taylor ENGLISH HORN Charles Orlando Veazey BASSOONS Barbara Grace Busche John Reed Heard Paul Burdett Ragsdale B-FLAT CLARINETS Bennie Marie Adkins Anna Kingsley Brace Grace Belle Broussard Eugene Allan Calvert Norma Jeane Crow Kay Davis Frederick Dudley Freeman Glenda Frances Fuhrmann Roy Fulton Richard N. Funk Mary Frances Jensen Robert Roland Jones, Jr. Robert V. Lee Arlene Joyce Matthey Jose Rene Menchaca Maria del Rosario Perez ALTO SAXOPHONES Mary Louise Hollingsworth Melvin Douglas Scott Evelyn R. States Bob Lewis Wren Page 338 FRENCH HORNS J. Michael Crawford Charles Lyman Ellis Bertrand E. Howard Grover Allen Pitman Jerry Taylor Kelly Mac Ward TRUMPETS AND CORNETS Evelyn Mildred Branning James Thomas Cain Carroll Gwynn Cantrell Don Dwight Cox Charles Doiron Vade Giles Forrester Gordon Richard Goodwin Donna Maria Gregory Stacey William Hager William Louis Hanks Nick M. Ingram Lee Meyer Kohlenberg, Jr. Joseph Roger Michel Michael Ray Rolan Robert Paul Stanton Robert John Summers Stephen Floyd Weger TROMBONES George Albert Carpenter Frank Thomas Cervenka John Jefferson Comp Juan Francisco Fraustro Carlos Cavazos Garcia Teodoro Garcia Billy Arvil Harrell Griffith Lea Miller Robert Busha Wright, Jr. BARITONES Michael Wayne Fahrenthold Sandra Jean Rayburne TUBAS Mark Wood Allen Joe Frank Dahlstrom John J. Lopes PERCUSSION Forney Withers Fleming Rogers E. Garrett Betty Ann Jopling Glenda Juanita Rainwater John Robert Wheat TEJAS CLUB The Tejas Club was organized in 1925 for the purpose of promoting good fellowship and scholarship. Membership is extended by the unanimous vote of the members. OFFICERS Fall Spring RICHARD JOHN VAN STEENKISTE President RICHARD JOHN VAN STEENKISTE EDWARD ROBERTSON HEWLETT V ice-President WILLIAM FRANK ERMEL TOM CODY GRAVES Secretary ROBERT MURRAY KENDRICK JOHN BROOKS BRADLEY, JR Business Manager JOE HURLEY CUNNINGHAM, III JAMES ALLEN SANDERS, JR Social Chairman JAMES ALLEN SANDERS, JR. Henry Howard Baade, Jr. David Charles Barnard James Sparkman Blaylock Russell Eugene Burns John Rowland Cook Joe Hurley Cunningham, III Richard Walker Dugan William Frank Ermel Lawrence Lewis Germer Julius Glickman Tom Cody Graves John Brooks Bradley, Jr. Max Brown, Jr. Ruben Stanley Brown Squire Lee Brown MEMBERS Tom Will Gregg, Jr. William Winslow Harrison Louis Chris Heinemeyer Edward Robertson Hewlett Carl Travis Johnson Robert Murray Kendrick Glenn Burke Musgrove Thomas Oran Neeley James Gus Nixon William Alexander Pickard NEW MEN George Pardue Bunch Ronald Dale Earle Donald Lee Jones Ellis Wynn Presson Eugene Reeder James Allen Sanders, Jr. Curtis Wayne Sebera James Shelby Sharpe Charles Michael Spain Phil Dowell Strickland Richard John Van Steenkiste James Michael Wheeler Jerry Wayne Whitten Perry Dwayne Whitten Larry Joe Kennedy John Daniel Marburger Kenneth C. Nietenhoefer Larry Ewing Phillips ju-Jl Ct Top Row: Baade, Barnard, Bradley, M. Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown, Bunch, Burns, Cook, Cunningham. Second Row; Dugan, Earle, Ermel, Germer, Graves. Harrison, Hewlett, Johnson, Jones, Kendrick. Third Roto; Kennedy, Musgrove, Nietenhoefer. Nixon, Phillips, Reeder, Strickland, Van Steenkiste. J. Whitten, P. Whitten. Page 339 ACTIVE CLUBS Not represented in this section Academic Achievement Discussion Group Amateur Radio Society Americans for Democratic Action American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers American Marketing Association American Meteorological Society Association for Childhood Education Association of Study and Investigation Parapsychology Athenaeum Society Bevo Bowmen Campus Crusade for Christ Canterbury Association Chi Alpha Chi Gamma Iota Club de Mexico Commercial Arts Student Association Cooperative Blind Students ' Association Curtain Club Derrick Club Deseret Club Ecumenical Council Eulenspiegelverein Forty Acres Astronomy Club Gamma Delta Graduate Group Hellenic Circle Hillel Foundation, B ' nai B ' rith Hogg Debating Society Home Economics Club Insurance Society Inter-Club Council International Folk Dance Club Law Bachelor ' s Clubbe Library School Student Organization Longhorn Christian Fellowship Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association New Frontier Club Newman Club Pge 340 Physical Education Majors Representative Party Rio Grande Valley Club Russian Conversation Club Social Welfare Club Society For the Advancement of Management Society of American Military Engineers Southwestern Rocket Society Student Art Club Student Association Graduate School Social Work Student Leader Endorsement Club Student Party Student Peace Union Texas Association of German Students Texas Association for Community Planning, Research, and Education Texas Club Texas Unity Party Unitarian Club United Student Fellowship University Chess Club University Club University Czech Club University Religious Council University Socialist Club University Speleological Society University of Texas Archeological Society University of Texas Fraternal Council University of Texas Geological Society University of Texas Gymnastic Club University of Texas Karate Club University of Texas Men ' s Bowling Club University of Texas Parachute Club University of Texas Society for Abolition of Capital Punishment University of Texas Young Americans for Freedom University of Texas Young Democrats University of Texas Young Republicans Wesley Foundation Westminster Student Fellowship NORTH " ROTC MILITARY Edited by Wayne Shull Page 341 : DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE The Army ROTC exists to develop officers for the United States Army, to provide a corps of well-educated, well-rounded leaders for an Army that would need to expand with lightning speed in a national emergency. With this in mind, the Army ROTC has been designed to develop the qualities of Today, the A students by_ 2 America. The Depart University in ] ficers for the U A wise an conflict may This same t lenges of our and to face this campus " part of his col college trained men. ' fered to 155,000 armng all over | lished at the mmissioned of- COLONEL HERBERT EVANS BROWN Professor of Military Science that armed ! ' nal incident. Jr6 meet the chal- a better citizen rough the ROTC " on 5n. The Army ROTC gives a student a broad understanding of the functioning and prob- lems of our national government, a knowledge of our nation ' s defenses. Upon graduation the Military Science graduate is better equipped to step forth into the world and take his rightful place among the leaders of his community. STAFF Front Row: Captain Horace Richard Jordan, Captain John Harlow Mcl ntosh, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Paul Higley, Lieutenant Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore, Colonel Herbert Evans Brown, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lee Huffakcr, Major Roger Joseph Lilly, Captain George Donald Young. Second Row; Sergeant First Class Ernest William Harrison, Sergeant First Class William Reese Helm, Staff Sergeant Wayne Ray Lovelt, Master Sergeant Carl Everett Walker, Master Sergeant Jack Bryan Dickerson, Master Sergeant James Willie Farmer, Sergeant Duncan Coffield Perkins, Sergeant First Class Raymond Leonard Roegner. Page 342 GROUP STAFF ned to no. 55.000 I over it lie arntd ntian I ' m pies prob- lion ' s ate is Front Row: David Isadore Kuperman, Edwin Allan Cook, Gustavo Hector Martinez. Second Row: George Frank Oatman, Jr., Glen Burke Musgrove, John Taylor Farr, Gerald Anthony Semrod. DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS lot - Front Row: David George Allums, Dan Henry Hanke, Raymond Miller Hawkins, Colonel Herbert Evans Brown, Robert McNeil Beasley, Edwin Allan Cook, John Taylor Farr, Jack D. Holford, Donald Albert Porter, Jr. Second Row :. Gregory Owen Lipscomb, David Henry Harms, Gustavo Hector Martinez, Larry Calvin Nelson, Steven Michael Neuse, Malcolm James Bell, Jr., James Howard Koehn, William Allen French, Kynn Monroe Cole. Third Row: Vernon Warren Friday, George Frank Oatman, Jr., Timothy Burton Eldred, Harold Ray Crutsinger. Not Pictured: John Allen Cook, Gary Crawford Godfrey, Wayne Maiwell Shull, James Walter Westbrook. Page 343 ENGINEERING The mission of the Engineer Corps is to increase the combat effectiveness of the Army by aaLr of general engineer work such as bridging, demolitions, fortifications and cons intenance of roads, buildings and air fields, and to per- form combat missions when required. BATTALION STAFF Front Roto; Jack Dallas Holford, Larry Calvin Nelson, Louis Christopher Page. Second Row: Rene J. Baeten, John Duncan Osburn, Don Morris Deffebach, Robert Bruce Mazzare. A COMPANY RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Ronald Paul Rhoten, Jack Kenneth Dahlberg, David Lee Collins. Second Row: Robert Louis Herndon, James Perry Weiler, Philip Robb Wing- borough, Rex McKay Hansen. Front Row: Genie Bracken ridge, Vernon Warren Friday, Mario Jesus Gonzalez, Joe David Ibanez, Jr., Edgar Daniel Bailey, Phillip Lloyd Medellin, Jess Leland Stanford, William George Egelhoff, Donald Hughes McElhone. Second Row: Ronnald Edward McElvogue, Richard E. Fletcher, HI, David Lee Collins, John Richardson Allen, James W. Mize, Jr., Kenneth Ray Smith, Dan Noble Gardner, Charles F. Darling, Jr., Carroll Stone Kirkpatrick. Third Roto: Frederic Antony Bruton, Daniel Ray Lazicki, James Howard Gentry, James Sterling Hawthorne, Edward Lee Wbitworth, Richard Rawley, George Warner Dawson, William Ray Harper. Fourth Row: John Franklin Greer, Richard Dixon Maxwell, Thomas E. Lane, Ernest Reid McAnaliy, Robert Thomas White, John U. Miller, Diemer Lockart Fife, Jr. Fifth Row: Doc Carlton Pair, Calvin Tapp, III, George Wayne Cox, Barry Russell Gay. Ernest Flores Camargo, John Michael Kelley, Robert Pressly Bryarly. Jr., Joseph Gordon Snmncr. Jr. Sixth Row: Neil Radell Latimer, William Olan Stevenson, Clay Willis Allen, III, Kenneth Waldie Wunderlich, James Wesley Simpson, Richard Steele Davenport, Charles William Farnham, Jr. Page 344 B COMPANY QUARTERMASTER The Quartermaster Corps provides the individual fighting man with the food he eats, the clothes jB Wraafe. the petroleum necessary to mm SBu jfM the equipment and supplies he v neeaMt5r success in battle. BATTALION STAFF Lejt to Right: Jack Layne Harper, Robert Lindsey Tyson, Dan Henry Hanke, Robert Lane Carleton. C COMPANY COLOR GUARD Henry Newton Bell, III, Phillip Allen Leonard, Floyd Wesley Richards. Jr., Carroll Stone Kirkpatrick, Richard Steele Davenport, William L. Hale, II, Maurice Marcus, George Denton Dailey. Front Row: Orrin Kepler Grove, Thomas Allen Bunkley, Jr., Gerald Edward Schroeder, Charles Ned Goldberg, Lawrence Seymour Sondock. Second Row: Morion Lee Herman, Elmer Lee Hackebeil, Jr., Timothy Haskell McCoy. Carroll Slanlpy Harbour, Stanley Allen Lack. Third Row: Marvin Rubenstein, Patrick Welman Duke, Thomas p reston Sartwelle, John Stanley Ellis, Jr., John Wayne Stark, Jr., Joe David Millian. Fourth Row: Robert Leslie Appling, Jr., John Keith Baker. Stephen Lawrence Reichek, James Charles Barbour, Patrick Graham Cooper. Fifth Row: Neal Avery Watt, James David Mann, Jerry Terrell Dennis, III, George Anderson Elder, Jr., John Stanley Brown, George Dewar Case. Sixth Row: Randolph Gates Berry, Kaleem Hazer. Jr., Roy Randolph Guess, James Franklin Gladson, Jr., Jon Allen Vogler. Stephen Fuller Austin, Bert Nathaniel Wiseley. Page 346 ! ' . , Lfel D COMPANY front floio: David Henry Harms, Albert William Green, Jere McDonald Teed, Anthony Charles Jung, Gary Lynn Wood, Hoy Newton Wells, Jr., Terry Paul Wizig, Bart Gary Menscher, Waller William McAllister, III. Second Row: Howard Lawrence Bernstein, Hollis Randolph Sanders, Jr., Lee Bryan Whitten, Jr., Donald Robert Artis, Jr., Homer Wade Owens, John Paul Jones, Felix Raul Garza, Jr., Davy Dean Ling. Third Row: George Jack Nachman. Robert Elliott Zinimermann, Robbie Raggio Barnett. Anthony Post Eastmond, Tl.omas Stephen Graham, Bobbie Mac Shaffer, Ira Joe Klaus, John Garland Flowers, HI, John H. Coats. Fourth Row: Frank Fitch Henderson, Joseph Wilmon Harris, Conrad John Netting, Robert Arnold Spears, Larry Wayne Huseman, James Cade Jackson, Victor Darrell Blakeway, Dean Marshall Greenwood. Fifth Row: James Rufus Odiorne, Jr., Patrick O. Higgins, Collett Broyles Dilworth, William Anthony Beavers, Larry Howard Long, John Frederick LeFlore, Hayden Edward Boland, Ronald Fred Bond. Page 347 TRANSPORTATION The Transportation Corps is responsible for the movement o people and material and pro- transporta- and trucks for service icr and ter- rain anywhere in the world BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: James Walter Westbrook, August William Smith, Jr., Robert McNeil Beasley, Eldon Lewis Jones, Diane Marsha Scoggins, Walker Weir Wilson. E COMPANY BEST COMPANY Left lo Right: Rei McKay Hansen, Timothy Burton Eldred, Lyle Albert Bra field, Wayne Maxwell Shull. Front Row: Harold Ray Crutsinger, Kenneth Richard Hendrix. John Paul Burke, Jr., Edward Monty Kilian, Jerry Ramon Laufmaa, Walter Herbert Dunlap, Jr. Second Row: Thomai Oswell Brightman, Forreit Worth Wagner, Raymond William Aleman, Hernami Dumlao, Roiario Jose Lopez, Walter Lee Bradley, John Underhill Tonetti, Gregory Peter Wene. Third Row: William B. Rues, Raul Santa Ana, William Gammon, James Gary Johnson, Robert Steve Wilson, Jimmy Curtis Webb, Gordon David Martin. Fourth Row: James Gary Veazey, Robert S. Wade, Joseph Alfred May, Vernon Otto Marlcworth, John Franklin Austin, III, Michael Jan Brown, James Perry Weiler. Fifth Row: Gary Ray Bauerkemper, Gerry William Reams, David Lee Shull, William Crocker St. Clair, Adolph George Hajovsky, Laurens Allen Hall. Page 348 F COMPANY Front Row: Timothy Burton Eldred, Malcolm James Bell, Wayne Maxwell Shull, David Michael South, Rex McKay Hansen, Lyle Albert Brasfield. Second Row: Stonewall Jackson Fisher, III, William Albert Shirley, Robert Glenn Vittetoe. Albert Owen Killingsworth, Clinton Ray Werner, Richard William Kreiter, Third Row: Jan Durant Costilow Keith Lionel Dunson, Donald Martin Musick, Rodney Wayne Satterwhite, Worth Robert Miller, Ross Moore Lynch, Jr. Fourth Row: Winston Keilh Setzer, Fred Robert Lentz, Gerry Allan Solcher. Gary Lawlor Gill, Randolph Lee Smith, Victor August Kormeier, Jr. Filth Rout: John Baskin Harper, Ralph Lavon Arrell, Dan William Ryan, Herbert H. Friar, Louis Lane Martinez. Sixth Row: John Harvey Hudspeth, Norton Basset! Hargis, Boyd Marcus Johnson, Frank Willard Heineman. Russell Thorn, Page 349 MILITARY POLICE The officers and soldiers who wear the cross pistols have a great responsibility. The Military Police are charged with the enforcement o a amj ofdgrStraffic con - trol, physical security, vice control, prison- , r j y. T5K - - ' Sljv ' r er of War Installations fHL. Confinement L fl jm facilitiesSoA summary of the oun s of this branch is aptly put in their motto, " Service to the Command. " BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: Gregory Owen Lipscomb, Edward Murray Harris, Raymond Miller Hawkins, Edward Washington Rose, Robert Allen Ledbetter, Kathryn Ann Bailey. G COMPANY From Row: Kathryn Ann Bailey, Edward Woolery Price, James Howard Koehn, Lamar Euiene Lawson, Victor Amadale Driscoll, Francis Douglass Shear. Second Row: Sterling Clinton Burke, Jr., Chee Han Ching, James Charles Pitts, Dennis Wayne Beany, Kyle James Gideon, Walter Robert Leeper, Moody Hamilton. Third Row: Richard Manuel Martinez, Don Fredrick Vaccard, William Louis Mauthe, Michael Franklin Shands, Thomas Richard Wheeler, Jr.. Christopher Wayne Wiley. Fourth Row: Robert Monroe Speed, Henry Larry Wernl, George David Carlock, III, William D " id Ruckman, Walter Ray Strein, James Homer Hard, Jr. fi th Row: Jerry McMen Isbell, Laurance Lannen Priddy, Auberdeen LeRoy Watts, Louis Eugene McCarter, John David Meador. Page 350 or the sillily, iththe i con- prison- inowt of this Smb H COMPANY Front Row: Kathryn Ann Bailey, John Clark Hurst, Tommy Warren Kemp, Aubrey Lesley Price, Leo John Peterson, James Russell McGoodwin, Stephen Michael Neuse, Rogers Robert Maloan. Second Ron: Philip Robb Winsborough, Edward Paul Durrenberger, Richard Norman Hansen, Dan Selwyn Smith, Jack Kenneth Dahlberg, Jr., Richard Turpin Brooks, James David Walsh. Third Row: Joseph Cannon Whittington, Jr., James Louis Bock, Durwood Keith Dodson, Kenneth Edwin Rolston, William Paul Brandon, Robert Lee Borer. Fourth Row: Clay Perry Drummond, Robert Patrick McCuill, George Poe Morrill, Walter Neal Mullins, Jr., Richard James Perrone, Jerry Randall Barnhill, David Wesley Garner. Fifth Rum: Watson Marmaduke Howell, Jr., Waller John Gueldner, III, Terry Joseph Kivlin. Michael Ross Bullard, Craig Edsall Bartlett, Avery Clarence Koelher. Page 351 CORDETTES OFFICERS SPONSORS Front Row: Genie Brackenridge, Engineers; Sondra Alma Halliday, Group Staff; Kathryn Ann Bailey, Military Police. Second Row: Nannette Gene Jarrell. Confederates; Rebecca Ruth Davis, Quartermaster; Diane Marsha Scoggins, Transportation; Laura Jayne Mings, Rangers. ACTIVES PLEDGES Front Row: Sonilra Alma Halliilay, Julia Ann Kunze, Rebecca Ruth Davi, Come Ann Crofts, Nancy Jo Harrison, Jo Ann Serrano, Susan Key Pound. Second Row: Jan Thomsen, Marcia Simpnon, Carolyn Frances Cunningham, Elizabeth Rose Greenfield. Third Row: (Catherine Roberta Stewart, Nannette Gene Jarrell, Frances Preston, Patti Friclc. Front Row: Katherine Mary Bowers, Sue Harrington, Sara Jo Curlee, Diane Marsha Scoggins. Second Row: Belle Lois Boyd, Linda Ellen Wright, Kathryn Ann Bailey, Judy Kathleen Wax. Third Row: Genie Brackenridgc, Barbara Katherine Hurt, Elizabeth Ann Morris, Janet Louise Wark, Mildred Ann Welhausen. Page 352 RANGER DRILL COMPANY Front Row: Laura Jayne Mings, Robert Roy Baines, Wencesalo Rodriguez. Jr.. H. Kent Hemingson, Michael Vance Killough. Second Row : Monroe Wayne Jones, Donald Earl Casey, Jr., Geoffrey Russell Ferguson, Vernon Lee Coil, Henry Glaeser Dove, John Thomas Roberts, Julius L. Germane. Third Row: Jerry Morgan Hixson, Alvin White, Jr., Egon Richard Tausch, David A. Davidson, Robert Alexander Booker, Louis Christian Umlauf, Allen John McMillen. Fourth Row: David Arnold Pullen, Dan Loren Rogers, Nathan Stephen Axelrod, Samuel David Ellison, James Larry Taylor, Douglas Earl Macherey, Robeit Thomas Binder, Jr., Virgil E. Finley. Fifth Row: Ronald Edwin Carlyle, Jim Frank Schmidt, Sandy Emberi, Henry David Barton, Leland Aramons, Craig Lawrence Clark, II, Stephen Edward Driscoll. R.O.T.C. BAND From Row: William Wallace Rogers, Jr., Joseph Philip Escamilla, William Thomas Mayhall, James Curtis Oberwetler, Robert William Hutchison, Robert Graves Wier. Alfred Joseph Marsch. Second Row: Jerry Ted Vavra, Joe Sidney Green, John Patterson Rohrer, Fred Allen Vesperman, Richard Craig Tannahill. Third Row: Edward William Guinn, Jr., James William Carter, III, James Addison Landers. Alan Wayne Ford, Marvin Edward Willard, Samuel Jerome Dealey. Fourth Row: Ralph Wayne Bailey, John Larry Terrell, Rankin Dee Glover, Ricky William Ellis, Thomas Lee Wharton, Victor Leuenthal. Page 353 DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE STAFF Front Row: Major Dana Burton Cashion, Muriel H. Plasky, Captain Dale Calvin Reed, Eva V. Farley, Commander Herbert W. H. Dankert. Second Row: Lieutenant Junior Grade Robert Eugene Knacbel, Lieutenant Commander Eugene Albert Vanderbeck, Lieutenant Gordon Paul Sprague, Jr., Chief Yeoman Robert Glcnwoou Smith. Third Row: Chief Fire Control Technician Willard D. Cober, Master Chief Gunners Mate Lawrence William Bowen, Chief Quartermaster Robert Henry Harris, Chief Storekeeper, Joseph Leo Alfred LaCharitc, Sergeant William Cavanagh Rose. The University of Texas is one of 53 Universities having Naval ROTC Units on campus. Since September, 1940, thousands of students have received commissions as Ensigns. United States Navy, or Second Lieutenants, United States Marine Corps. The NROTC Unit is composed of two types of students. Regular Midshipmen are selected on the basis of nation-wide competitive exami- nation and interview for entry into the Regular program which is designed primarily to procure career type officers for the Navy and Marine Corps. Contract Midshipmen are selected by the Professor of Naval Science at the University on a basis of local examination and interview for entry into the contract program which is designed primarily to procure Reserve Type officers for the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve. Midshipmen receive valuable training during the summer months when they embark on cruises of 6-8 weeks ' duration. Textbook knowl- edge is supplemented with practical seamanship and knowledge gained on Naval Air Stations, Marine Corps Bases, Destroyers, Submarines. Carriers, and Cruisers located from San Diego, California, to Sasebo, Japan. FALL MIDSHIPMAN STAFF SPRING Collier, Harold Gilbert LuU, James Earl , ' to Rifht: John Hammack McMillan, George Anderson, Jr.. George Richard Belt)? Charles Edward Bonney. Left tv Right: Thomas McMurry Broad, Robert L Langley, Roger Albert Marien. Page 354 Ul luktt re esaini- w and itionand i Marine i kiwi- Midshipman 1 c John Engler gives orders as Officer of the Deck to Midshipman 4 c Roger Wharton who is acting as helmsman for the miniature sized radio controlled ship in the forefront. Sweetheart of the Midshipman Battalion: Miss Linda Betty Salm. SENIORS Front Row: Andrew Ce Second Row: Hugh Len Third Row: William Bl Jeorge Anderson, Jr., Roger Albert Marien, James Earl Langley, Robert Lee Collier, Roger Ervin Crooks. i Gray, Thomas McMurry Broad. Harold Gilbert Lutz, John George Engler, Charles Edward Bonney. lewett Chenault, III, James William Dodson, Louis Edward Spradlin, Ranilell Keith Whaley, Eric Rufus Tanner. Page 353 COLONEL GEORGE WILLIAM PORTER Professor of Air Science DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps Program was established at The University of Texas in July, 1947. This program, offered by the Department of Air Science, is designed to select and prepare University students to serve their country as Commis- sioned Officers in the Air Force. Air Science cadets are given ex- cellent training in leadership and Air Science. Attendance of a Sum- mer Training Unit enables them to experience living and learning on an Air Force base. When called to active duty, AFROTC gradu- ates become pilots, navigators, or technicians in their specialized field of study. STAFF Front Row: Jo Ann Hammer, Nancy Jo Tiemann. Second Row: Captain Robert E. Hays, Jr., Captain William T. Adams, Staff Sergeant Robert Donald Stephenson. Third Row: Staff Sergeant Robert Nolan Parsons, Staff Sergeant Marvin E. Turnip- seed, Technical Sergeant Harry E. Wachsmann. Page 356 GROUP STAFF t Front Row: James Michael Hinkle. Second Row: Larry Jack Edgeman, Robert Lee Clark, Charles Marshall Finney, David Bras Cole, Clarence Wharton Cole, Kennert Allen Pfeil. Third Row: Hebert Weigl, Jr., David Ciller Cade, Felix Waymon Ferrell, Jr., Max Moritz Marosko, Jr., Vaught Motley Bryant, Carroll Morton Chambers, Roger Lee Poston. ORANGE WINGS Page 357 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. SQUADRON ONE SQUADRON TWO er Louis Janszen, Jr., Paul Faris Gilbert, Cai AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. SQUADRON THREE Front Row: David Alan Traynor, Thomas Oliver Proffitt, Hilmer William Swenson, Jr.. James Larry Hollis. Second Row: Carroll Morton Chambers, Lloyd Edward Allen, Steven Harold Davis, Warren Davis Jinks, Gerald Russell Flatten, David Anthony Bomba, Timothy Jan Stinson, Ralph Edward Lehr, Ronny Lynn Knight, John William Jones, Ronald Gene Tharpe. Third Row: Michael John Forticas, James William Evans, John Edward Hillier, Louis McClellan Ayers, Jr., Thomas Lloyd Gauldin, John Earl Cuddeback, Lawrence Erick Kanter, Stanley Alton Shaw, Raymond Morin, Abel Ortega Vidaurri. Fourth Row: Joe Richard Damron, Paul Joseph Guldens, Jamrs L. Coffey, John William Halsell, Jarrell Dean Holloway, Henry Alton Gray, William Terry Parker, Gregory Gerard Choban, William Darrell Smith, William Wallace Morris, III. Fifth Row: John Alfred Hopkins, Charles Richard Reeder, Herschel Edgar Hansen, Eugene P. Strum, Michael Allen Cliilders, Clifford A. Katz, Robert Jack Robinson. SQUADRON FOUR Front Rote: Vaughn Motley Bryant Jr., Randall Harold Boyett, Patrick Knight, Mark Hayden Nugent. Second Rota: John D. Fulton, Randolph Lee Hall, Jr., Benjamin Jacob Horst, Leo Alexander Andron, II, David Carroll Hudson, Charles Edward Cramer, Jr., Charles Victor Manes, Wayne Douglas Walther, Jack Cecil Provine, Kenneth Travis Summers, Leo George Weber, III, Kenneth Charles Schauer. Third Row: Hershell Louis Barnes, Monard Lamar Kinman, Jr., John Eltos Dudley, Thomas Michael Apple, Roberto Refugio Garcia, James Allison Johnson, Jr., Clyde Weaver Ricks, Glenn Andrew Welsch, Anthony Ralph Sancho. Robert Edward Kelly Jr. f " urth Row: Reynolds Newman Cate, Tom J. Dooley, Michael Howard Bailey, Gary Wayman DeWalt, Giles E. Bradford, III, Harold Knipp Reddick, Tabor Rodger Stone, Terry Mullins Ward, Albert Wayne Detjen, Larry Kent Weiss, Paul Melvin McCarty, Jr. Fifth Row: Ron Cole Longwood, Cornelius J. Calnan, William L. Blakey, Bobby Lynn Braun, Gene Estel Gifford, Robert Patrick Roy, Robert Elliott Boswell. Page 359 ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS Commander NANCY ELIZABETH SCHLEGEL Executive Officer KAY CARLTON SOLOMON Operations Officer ELIZABETH ANNE KOCH Administrative Services Officer CAROLYN CAY McCLEARY Comptroller BELLA MAE HENDERSON Informations Officer JUDY JEAN WHITE Historian Liz KENDALL Liaison Officer ERMINIA PlNlNA NORROD Faculty Advisor CAPTAIN ROBERT E. HAYS, JR. MEMBERS Nancy Schlegel, Commander, presents Arlin Ann Alexander with pledg e pin in fall tapping ceremony. Arlin Ann Alexander Bunny Ball Janis Ann Berly Nona Jean Conroy Cecelia Camille Dehlinger Sandra Kay Ehlers Lynn Essex Susan Fowler Linda Ruth Harvey Delia Mae Henderson Priscilla Jane Hester Karen Lee Hyman Liz Kendall Elizabeth Anne Koch Carolyn Cay McCleary Emily Neece Nancy Jane Nelson Anne Lawton Nevitt Erminia Pinina Norrod Nancy Elizabeth Schlegel Muff Singer Kay Carlton Solomon Suzanne Sorenson Mary Patricia Spence Karen Tellepson Eden Van Zandt JoAnn Marie Walter Judy Jean White Front Row: Schlegel, Solomon, Nor- rod, Alexander, Tellepson, Singer, Hyman, Sorenson. Second Row: Ehlers, Essex, Harvey, Kendall, Fowler, Dehlinger, Walter, Van Zandt. Third Row: Henderson, Koch, Ball, Berly, White, Hester, Spence, Con- roy. Page 360 ATHLETICS " It is circumstances and proper measure that give an action its character and make it either good or bad. " Plutarch Longhurn victory scene ' - ' M i r; r A PVI m JL. -. " v . - ' ,.. , , : raa ATHLETICS Edited by Bill Crook and Nan Werner Page 361 Left to Right: EDWIN WERNER OLLE, Assistant Athletic Director, DARRELL K. ROYAL, Athletic Director. ADMINISTRATION MRS. ]. M. GRIFFITH Food Service Supervisor DR. STANLEY W. CASNER Team Physician Left to Right: DOROTHY IMOGENE KEYS, Senior Secretary, RUTH ESTELLE GOLD, Executive Assistant, BLANCHE G. RHODES, Administrative Secretary. p,, e 342 LAN LEMUEL HEWLETT, Counselor to Athletes, is proud of the academic achievements of his stu- dents as he admires John C. Treadwell ' s All Ameri- can Academic Award. Le t to Right: ORLAND L. SIMS, Assistant Sports News Di- rector, JONES RAMSEY, Sports News Director. Left to Right: ALBERT HARRIS LUNDSTEDT, Assistant Business Manager, EDWIN WERNER OLLE, Business Manager, ALBERT R. ROCHS, Assistant Business Manager. ATHLETIC COUNCIL Left to Right : Norman A. Boyd, Lynn W. Me Craw, Myron Begeman, Wallace H. Scott, Jr., Joe B. Frantz, John B. Holme, John P. Thompson, Roland G. Roessner, Joseph Ken- neth Bailey. Page 363 DAVID CHRISTOPHER GALBREATH CHARLES EDGAR DOYLE, III TRAINERS FRANK EDWIN MEDINA, Head Traine First class instruction makes a good trainer. JOHN WAYNE PHELPS CLINTON B. THOMPSON SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS TEXAS 25 OREGON 13 TEXAS 34 . .. TEXAS TECH TEXAS 35 . . TULANE 8 TEXAS 9 . .. OKLAHOMA 6 TEXAS 7 . ARKANSAS 3 TEXAS 14 . RICE 14 TEXAS 6 .. SMU TEXAS 27 . - BAYLOR 12 TEXAS 14 . .. TCU TEXAS 13 . . A M 3 TEXAS _ LSU 13 1 962 FOOTBALL The 1962 version of Darrell Royal ' s Texas Longhorns proved to be the most controversial and most sue- cessful team of his coaching career. Playing the defensive game Royal loves, the ' 62 Horns came from behind week after week to compile an impressive 9-1-1 record, capture the Southwest Conference crown out right, and end the season as the nation ' s number 4 team. In their opener against Oregon, the Longhorns gave Texas fans an early indication of things to come as they came roaring from behind to trounce the Ducks 25-13. Easily overpowering their next two opponents, the Steers journeyed to Dallas to post their fifth straight win over the Sooners and gain top rating in the nation. Then came Arkansas and once more the Horns came from behind to slap a shocking 7-3 defeat on the Razorbacks and maintain their number 1 rating. But the following week the Rice Owls used Texas ' own strategy and pulled out a 14-14 tie to topple Texas from first to fifth in the nation. The next three Satur- days saw the Horns squeak past Southern Methodist to regain the conference lead, unleash a fierce passing attack to crush Baylor, and grind Texas Christian in the mud. Then, one last time, the Horns surged from behind to defeat the Aggies 13-3 and post their first undefeated season in 39 years. The end was bitter, however, as the Longhorns fell to Louisiana State in the Cotton Bowl for their only loss of a great season for the Oranse and White. Front Row: Duke Carlisle, Marvin Kristynik, Johnny Cenung, Tommy Wade, Anthony King, Joe Dixon, Jim Hudson, Ernie Koy. Second Row: John Phelps, Tommy Ford, Brett Morris, Cene Gifford, Pat Culprpper, Tim Doerr, Ray Poage, Harold Philipp, Bobby Nun is. Jerry Cook, Charles Buckalrw, Lanr linker. Third Row: Bill Ermel, Hix Green, David McWilHams, Clarence Bray, Marvin Kubin, Rodney Kelley, Bo Price. Johnny Treadwell, Perry McWilUaiM, Jim Besselman. Clayton Lacy, Roy Jones. Fourth Row: Frank Bedrick, Bobby Gamblin, George Brucks, Kenneth Halm, George Bass, Olen Underwood, Scott Appleton, Lee Hensley, Gordon Roberts, Slaley Faulkner. Back Row: Km Ferguson, Tommy Phillips, Tommy Lucas, Buddy Fulls, Ben House, George Sauer. Sandy Sands, Pele Lammon . Charle Talbrrt, Tony Crosby. Page 366 COACHES AND CO-CAPTAINS Longhorn Co-Captains Pat Culpepper and Perry McWilliams. DARRELL ROYAL Head Couch nnd Athletic Director Left la Right: Darrell Ro ,il. Bub Soliulxc. Bill Ellington, Russi ' ll Cnff,.,., Jim Piitimn. Mik. Cam]il., ' ll. Jam,-- T. J..n.-.. Cliarli-y Shira. Page 367 JOHN C. TREADWELL ALL-AMERICAN Unanimous All-American honors belong to Johnny Treadwell, senior guard, who was also honored by selection to the All-American Academic, All-Southwest Conference, and All-Southwest Conference Academic teams. Johnny ' s crushing blocks and bruising tackles also earned him the Houston Post ' s distinction as the Most Out- standing Southwest Conference Lineman, and his own teammates chose him as recipient of the Hook McCullough Most Outstanding Player award. His fierce line play on offense brought praise from both coaches and spectators, and his aggressive defense quite often put him in the opponents ' backfield when they least wanted to see him there. Johnny finished his Longhorn football career in the style of the champion that he was by gaining recognition as Out- standing Lineman of the 1963 Cotton Bowl Classic and earning the right to play in the post-season Hula Bowl. Johnny Treadwell is introduced to President Kennedy while attending the Army-Navy game. Page 368 OUTSTANDING LONGHORNS SCOTT APPLETON, Tackle All Conference, most selections Several second team and third team All-American honors .- - ' V TOMMY FORD, Tailback All-Conference, most selections RAY POAGE, Fullback Hula Bowl Team ' s top rusher UPI third string All-American Time All-American fullback TOMMY LUCAS, End All Conference, some selections PAT CULPEPPER, Linebacking Fullback Co-Captain Swede Nelson Sportsmanship Award All-Conference Academic All-Conference " Wild Card " on some selections All-American Academic, the Earl Blaik Scholar- ship Award D. X. Bible Team Spirit Award (voted by team- mates) D. Harold Byrd Leadership Award (voted by teammates) Page 369 ERNIE KOY, Wingback Southwest Conference " Sophomore Back of the Year " LETTERMEN PATRICK J. CULPEPPER Senior End A. PERRY McWILLIAMS Senior Center JOHN C. TREADWELL Senior Guard RAYMOND COY POAGE Senior Back JERRY CARLTON COOK Senior Back TOMMY RAY LUCAS Senior End MARVIN T. KUBIN Senior Guard JOHN ALLEN GENUNG Senior Back BUDDY FULTZ Senior End ROBERT P. NUNIS Senior Back XAS GENE ESTEL GIFFORD Senior Back HAROLD BRETT MORRIS Senior Back THOMAS E. PHILLIPS Senior Tackle TOMMY CLINE FORD Junior Back EMMETT A. CARLISLE Junior Back GORDON SCOTT APPLETON Junior Tackle TOMMY VIRGIL WADE Junior Back CHARLES DAN TALBERT Junior End Page 370 WALTER CAYCE SANDS Junior End GEORGE L. BRUCKS Junior Guard TEVft DAVID L. McWILLIAMS Junior Center Y. - STALEY FAULKNER Junior Tackle KENNETH W. FERGUSON Junior Tackle GEORGE TURNER BASS Junior Guard GORDON L. ROBERTS Junior Tackle BOBBY FRANK GAMBLIN Junior Guard HUGH ANTHONY CROSBY Junior End IF v ; t JAMES A. BESSELMAN Junior Tackle CHARLES B. HOUSE Junior End CLARENCE V. BRAY Junior Center A til I KNOX DILLON NUNNALLY Sophomore End OLEN UNDERWOOD Sophomore Guard ERNEST MELVIN KOY Sophomore Back CLAYTON LACY Sophomore Tackle JOE MARION DIXON Sophomore Back HAROLD PHILLIPP Sophomore Back JAMES CLARK HUDSON Sophomore Back ANTHONY KING Sophomore Back TIMOTHY MICHAEL DOERR CHARLES OTIS BUCKALEW Sophomore Back Sophomore Back RESERVE LETTERMEN Kenneth Edwin Halm Lewis Lee Hensley Charles Wesley Price HIX GREEN Sophomore Back WILLIAM FRANK ERMEL Senior Managerial Award Page 371 ROY A. JONES II Junior Managerial Award LANE ZUNKER Sophomore Managerial Award Cook (38), Koy (23), Jiunnally (88), Talbert (89), and Carlisle (11) in hot pursuit of fleet- footed Mel Ren ro (20) . Sandy Sands (85) and Pat Culpepper (31) head off an Oregon back, Bob Berry (IS). HORNS DROWN DUCKS IN ' 62 DEBUT, 25-13 The first half was all Oregon as the Webfeet, led by sleek Mel Renfro, piled up 6 points and 236 yards while holding Texas to 71 yards and a first quarter field goal by Tony Crosby. Encouraged by their 6-3 halftime lead, the Ducks came back to capture a ' Horn fumble and turn it into a touchdown. Trail- ing 13-3 after the conversion, Texas finally came alive to score with a touchdown by Jerry Cook and a two point con- version on a pass from Johnny Genung to Charles Talbert. Texas ' next scoring situation arose when tackle Jim Bessel- man pounced on a Duck fumble at the Oregon 5. Two plays later Ray Poage pushed across the goal line; a Genung to Joe Dixon pass added the two points after touchdown. Forcing Oregon to punt after the kickoff, Texas went in three plays for six points on Genung ' s pass to Cook. Late in the fourth quarter, Texas Sophomore Ernie Koy dropped back to punt from the Texas 40. A high snap from center sent Koy racing back to his own 20 where he calmly picked up the ball and boomed it 70 yards to keep the Ducks at Bay. Texas held for the rest of the half, and the game ended 25-13 with the Duck dominated first half well remedied by a twelve minute, second half, Texas scoring spree. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts, Average Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Oregon Scoring: TEXAS Crosby, 38 yd. field goal; Cook, 5 yd. run; Poage, 5 yd. run; Cook, 7 yd. pass from Genung; OREGON Hill, 38 yd. run; Renfro, 2 yd. run. Conversions: TEXAS, Genung pass to Talbert; Genung pass to Dixon; OREGON, Corey, placement. Attendance: 50,000 Place: Memorial Stadium, Aus- tin, Texas Time: Saturday, Sept. 22, 1962 7:30 P.M. OREGON TEXAS 17 8 135 123 14-29 9-17 174 114 309 237 6-35.1 8-42.5 2 2 70 64 3-0-16-625 6-0- 7-013 Ray Poage (33) and Ernie Koy (23) get a Red Raider and six points. . v. if Jerry Cook (38) follows blocking of Charles Talbert (89) and Ernie Koy (23) through a gaping hole in the Tech line. STAMPEDING STEERS RIP RAIDERS 34-0 The Raiders started the game with one of the weirdest moves in recent football history by returning the ball from the 3 to the 15 on the opening kick-off and then punting 47 yards to the Texas 38. This strategy move, intended to keep the ' Horns ' deep in their own territory, was almost fatal. From the 38, quarterback Johnny Genung engineered the team to the Tech 3, where a fumble stopped the Longhorn team. The stop wasn ' t for long as the Longhorns forced the Raiders to kick; four plays later Poage crossed the goal for a tally. Tony Crosby converted. Poage went over for another score in the second quarter, and magic-foot Crosby kicked again to bring a 14-0 lead at half- time. The third quarter was a punting demonstration by both teams, but then came the romping fourth quarter. Jerry Cook, Tommy Wade, and Hix Green were tally men for the Steers in the fourth. Crosby again supplied the extra points on two out of the three tries, making the final score, Texas 34 Texas Tech 0. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts, Average Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Texas Tech TEXAS TECH 7 71 11-18 91 162 11-36 20 TEXAS 24 323 5-6 54 377 6-47 3 35 7-7-0-2034 0-0-0- Jerry Cook (38) throws a crushing block to set Ray Poage (33) free for ft good fain. Scoring: TEXAS Poage, 10 yd. run; Poage, 1 yd. run; Cook, 1 yd. run; Wade, 3 yd. run; Green, 15 yd. pass from Wade. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, 4 placements. Attendance: 42,000 Place: Jones Stadium, Lubbock, Texas Time: Saturday, Sept. 29, 19627:30 P.M. Page 373 STEERS FLOOD GREEN WAVE, 35-8 Texas started the game by scoring the first time they got the ball; Jerry Cook rammed across from the five, and Tony Crosby kicked the conversion. Minutes later, Texas ' Ernie Koy ran a Tulane punt back through 66 yards of downfield blocking for another touchdown. Tommy Ford ' s thrilling 94-yard punt return was brought back by a penalty to end the half, 13-0. Sophomore Charles Buckalew set up the third Texas tally on a dazzling 59-yard run, followed by Pat Culpepper ' s plunge for six points and Johnny Genung ' s keeper for two. In the same period Buckalew added a 6-pointer, and Crosby ' s kick made it 28-0. At this stage the Greenies oiled their " shotgun " offense, and passed their way 71 yards to their lone touchdown. The run for two points was good. The final ' Horn surge, led by quarterback Wade, covered 56 yards in nine plays with Wade keeping for the score from the six. Crosby ' s extra point ended the scoring as the Long- horns sent the Green Wave of Tulane out to sea, 35-8. m Harold Phillipp (35) evades the Green Wave with the aid of Charles Buckalew (41). Ernie Koy (23) drives against Tulane. Duke Carlisle (11) maneuvers against Greenie tackier. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts, Average Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Tulane TULANE 15 72 13-27 173 245 8-26.9 34 TEXAS 15 241 6-15 74 315 6-33.0 1 55 13-0-15-735 0-0- 0-8 8 Scoring: TEXAS Cook, 5 yd. run; Koy, 66 yd. punt return; Culpepper, 1 yd. run; Buckalew, 1 yd. run; Wade, 6 yd. run; TULANE Davis, 20 yd. pass from Melton. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, 3 placements; Gunung, run; TULANE Miller, run. Attendance: 50,000 Place: Memorial Stadium, Aus- tin, Texas Time: Saturday, Oct. 6, 19627:30 P.M. Ernie Koy (23) breaks into the open for a 66-yard punt return and a Texas touchdown. b ' n f y m Besselman (62) and teammate play " Geta an Okie. " HARD FOUGHT GAME BRINGS 9-6 VICTORY OVER O.U " It was a hot sultry day in Dallas. " Before a sell-out crowd of 75,500 in the Cotton Bowl, the Texas Longhorns downed Oklahoma in a tension filled game by a score of 9 to 6. All the scoring took place in the second quarter with the rest of the game turning into a punting tug-of-war led by Texas ' Ernie Koy. Barefoot Tony Crosby kicked a field goal after the recovery of an Oklahoma fumble and the Horns went out in front 3 to 0. Another Oklahoma fumble in the Sooner end zone gave Perry McWilliams a chance to boost the score to 9 to 0. The try for a conversion was unsuccessful. Two passes from Oklahoma quarterback Ronald Fletcher to Lance Rentzel resulted in a touchdown for the Sooners with only 44 seconds left in the first half. Johnny Treadwell blocked the extra point try. The remainder of the game was a back and forth battle for possession of the ball with neither team scoring again. When the final whistle blew, the Scoreboard showed the score: TEXAS 9 OKLAHOMA 6. The beginning of the end of " The Big Red. " STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts, Average Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas O.U. Scoring: TEXAS Cros by, 26-yd. field goal; McWil- liams recovered fumble in end zone; O.U. Rentzel, 34-yd. pass from Fletcher. Attendance: 75,504 Place: Cotton Bow], Dallas, Texas Time: Oct. 13, 19632:00 P.M. Duke Carlisle (11) finds himself all wrapped up. O.U. TEXAS 6 12 71 198 4-12 3-11 99 21 170 219 11-38.9 10-44.0 2 2 50 70 0-9-0-09 0-6-0-06 Pat Culpepper (31) , Johnny Treadwell (60) and Scott Appleton (70) (hidden) execute the " Play of the Year " as they jar Porker back loose from the ball at the Texas goal line. Tommy Ford (24) crashes into the Hog end zone for the winning touchdown with 36 sec- onds left to play. NUMBER ONE HORNS STUN HOGS, 7-3 Following a gigantic Friday night pep rally attended by a record breaking 10,000 fans, the mighty Longhorns tripped the upset-minded Arkansas Razorbacks 7-3. The first half scoring consisted of a lone field goal by Porker Tom McNelly. The second half saw more of the same stubborn defensive play until very late in the fourth quarter. With only 8 minutes, 13 seconds left to play and trailing 3-0, Texas began the seemingly impossible on its own 15. Duke Carlisle passed once to Tommy Lucas and twice to Sandy Sands to set up first and 10 on the Texas 47. With the crowd scream- ing " Go! " , ' Horns ' Jerry Cook plunged for two yards to solve a fourth and one situation with a first down. After a startling near-interception, Johnny Genung successfully tossed to Charles Talbert on a desperation fourth and four try. Displaying cool courage with only seconds left to play, the Horns drove to third and goal on the Arkansas three. From that point, Tommy Ford crashed across the double stripe for the most deafening touch- down in football history with only 36 seconds remaining on the clock. Tony Crosby added the point to give the Horns a 7-3 victory in one of the greatest battles ever witnessed in Memorial Stadium. Jessica Darling contemplates the ' Horns predicament at the Rice game. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Arkansas Scoring: TEXAS Ford, 3 yd. run. ARKANSAS McNelly, 41 -yd. field goal. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, placement. Attendance: 64,530 Place: Memorial Stadium, Aus- tin, Texas Time: Saturday, Oct. 20, 19627:30 P.M. ARKANSAS TEXAS 12 13 149 120 6-13 8-13 66 84 215 204 7-34.8 6-43.8 1 2 60 0-0-0-77 0-3-0-03 376 Tommy Ford (24) follows the blocking of Ray Poage (33), Tommy Wade (17), and George Bracks (66) into the Rice end zone. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Rice Scoring: TEXAS Ford, 3 yd. run; Cook, 9 yd. run; RICE Piper 49 y,d. run; Graham, 18 yd. pass from Kerbow. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, 2 place- ments; RICE Kerbow, 2 placements. Attendance: 73,000 Place: Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas Time: Oct. 27, 19628:00 P.M. RICE TEXAS 14 11 212 199 2-25 7-19 107 79 319 278 8-32.0 8-34.3 1 5 40 0-7-7-014 7.0-0-714 SPIRITED OWLS MATCH MIGHTY ' HORNS, 14-14 Putting their No. 1 rating up against a 10-year losing streak in Houston, the Texas Longhorns could manage only a 14-14 tie against a winless but fired up Rice University team. The Owls struck first on a 49-yard run by P aul Piper. Following a successful con- version, the Owls led 7-0. But coming from behind was nothing new to the Long- horns, and they soon put Tommy Ford across the goal line with two minutes still remaining in the half. Tony Crosby ' s conversion made it 7-7. Late in the third quarter, Ford took an Owl punt and raced it back 55 yards to the Rice 9-yard line. On the next play Jerry Cook covered the remaining distance, and Crosby ' s conversion made it 14-7. But just as the ' Horns seemed to be headed for another victory, the Owls took to the air as Randy Kerbow passed 18 yards for the second Owl score. Then Kerbow added his second all important conversion of the night to make it 14-14 and a long way back to Austin for the ' Horns. Culpepper (31). Cook (38), Lucas (SO), Mclfilliams (61) and Gamblin (65) prepare to pluck an Owl. . ' Tommy Lucas (80) snares a pass in the midst of the Ponies. Tommy Wade (17) having his problems with the Mustangs. STEERS TAKE PUNT DUEL FROM PONIES, 6-0 In a gallant effort to protect their half-game lead over second place Texas in the Southwest Conference race, the Southern Methodist Mustangs fell victim to fifth ranked Texas before 51,000 fans in Memorial Stadium. Following a continuous exchange of punts between Texas ' Ernie Koy and S.M.U. ' s Danny Thomas in the first quarter, Steer back Duke Carlisle took a Mustang punt on his own one-yard line and raced it back 49 yards to ignite Texas ' first scoring drive. Ten plays later saw Tommy Ford plunge into the end zone for the only score of the day. The only other Texas scoring threat was cut short by a Pony inter- ception just before the half. The second half was more of the same Koy versus Thomas. A freak block put Koy out of action in the third quarter, but Senior Bobby Nunis, replacing Koy. ably carried on the punting duel, and the Horns held on for the 6-0 win to move up on top in S.W.C. standings. A ' o match for Bevo! STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts, Average Fumbles Lost Penalties (yards) Texas S.M.U. S.M.U. 8 86 7-21 65 151 12-36.8 35 TEXAS 13 176 8-10 73 249 10-36.0 1 30 0-6-0-06 0-0-0-0 r Scoring: TEXAS Ford, 4 yd. run. Attendance: 51,000 Place: Memorial Stadium, Aus- tin, Texas Time: Saturday, Nov. 3, 19622:00 P.M. Page 378 Tommy Wade (17) pitches back to Tommy Ford (24), who in turn pitches back to Wade, who throws a 54-yard touchdown pass to Tommy Lucas (80), STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas Baylor BAYLOR 18 63 20-37 235 298 7-31.4 1 10 TEXAS 25 242 11-24 195 437 4-27.3 1 37 0-14-7-627 6- 0-6-012 Scoring: TEXAS Lucas, 54 yd. pass from Wade and run; Sands, 14 yd. pass from Wade; Cook, 8 yd. run; Wade, 1 yd. run. BAYLOR Trull, 1 yd. run; Ingram, 18 yd. pass from Trull. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, 3 placements. Attendance: 30,000 Place: Baylor Stadium, Waco, Texas Time: Saturday, November 10, 19622:00 P.M. Master of the Mustang. HORNS BOMB BEARS, 27-12 Baylor scored first on a one yard plunge by Don Trull, but Texas ' All American guard Johnny Treadwell crashed through to block the conversion kick making it 6-0. Then Texas quarterback Tommy Wade took to the air, and before the half ended, he had thrown a 54-yard bomb to end Tommy Lucas and ' another 14- yarder to end Sandy Sands to riddle the Bear defense with 159 yards passing and two Texas touchdowns. Tony Crosby ' s conversion made it 14-6 at half. ' Horn halfback Jerry Cook rumbled across from 8 yards out for the third Texas score, and Crosby ' s kick was good again. Baylor also scored in the third quarter on an 18-yard pass, but again failed on the extra points try with a running attempt. In the fourth quarter, it was Wade himself who finished the day ' s scoring on a one-yard plunge as Texas caged the Bears 27-12. Johnny Genung (14) is wrapped up by the Ponies as Ray Poage (33) looks on. terry Cook (38) moves in the mull ' HORNS SHUTOUT HORNED FROGS, 14-0 It was sweet revenge for the Texas Longhorns as they avenged their only loss of the 1961 season by trouncing the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs 14-0 on the muddy field in Fort Worth ' s Amon Carter Stadium. The Longhorns completely dominated the contest as they held the Frogs to only 71 total yards and did not allow them outside their own 34. The scoreless first half was a series of frustrations for the ' Horns as they drove three times inside the Froggie 25 yard line only to be stopped by a stubborn Frog de- fense. Early in ' the third quarter however, big Ray Poage bulled into the end zone to end 12 touchdownless quarters against the Frogs. Tony Crosby ' s conversion made it 7-0. Seem- ingly unmindful of the waterlogged turf, it was again Poage who drove 8 yards for the second Texas touchdown in the fourth quarter and shoeless Crosby who added the final point. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas T.C.U. T.C.U. 7 42 5-12 29 71 8-37.6 2 38 TEXAS 16 216 3-12 36 252 5 -35.0 2 48 0-0-7-714 0-0-0-0 Scoring: TEXAS Poage, 1 yd. run; Poage, 8 yd. run. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, 2 placements. Attendance: 42,393 Place: Amon Carter Stadium, Fort Worth Time: Saturday, Nov. 17, 1962 2:00 P.M. Ray Poage (33) smashes across the Frog goal line. Anthony King (20) displays fine Texas form. - ' . . Poor Aggie! ' HORNS HOLD FIGHT ' N ' AGGIES, 13-3 A fourth quarter spurt pushed the bowl-bound ' Horns to a hard won victory over Texas A M Leading for the first three quarters, A M set the score at 3-0 with a field goal, and kept it there with a fighting defense. Late in the first half, Tommy Wade piloted Texas into scor- ing territory in 8 plays and 55 seconds, but the gun sounded as the Longhorns drove to the A M 20. A fired-up Longhorn team came on in the second half, but the third quarter effort was hampered by two fumbles. Finally, to the relief of ' Horn fans watching on national television and in sunny Memorial Stadium, Texas took the ball and moved. Climaxing a 60-yard drive with Johnny Genung quarterbacking, Cook ran 10 yards for the pay- off. Crosby kicked the extra point, and Texas led the ballgame. Texas scored again as Ford went off right tackle and over the goal line; Crosby ' s kick was wide. The victory over a fierce Aggie eleven gave the Longhorns their first undefeated season since 1923 and their first outright Southwest Conference championship since 1952. STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas A M Scoring: TEXAS Cook, 10 yd. run; Ford, 1 yd. run; A M Clark, 20 yd. field goal. Conversions: TEXAS Crosby, placement. Attendance: 57,000 Place: Memorial Stadium, Aus- tin, Texas Time: Thursday, Nov. 22, 19622:00 P.M. Page 381 A M TEXAS 9 19 155 145 1-9 12-20 15 147 170 292 7-31.7 5-30.8 1 4 34 0-0-0 -1313 3-0-0 - 3 STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Passes Yards Passing Total Offense Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Texas L.S.U. Scorin g: L.S.U. Field, 22 yd. run; Amedee, 23 and 34 yd. field goals. Conversion: L.S.U. Amedee, placement. Attendance: 75,500 Place: Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas Time: Tuesday, Jan. 1, 19632:00 P.M. L.S.U. TEXAS 17 9 126 80 13-21 8-22 133 92 259 172 9-44.0 8-47.0 2 15 44 0-0-0-0 0-3-7-313 Johnny Genung (14) rolls out against stiff Tiger defense as Ray Poage (33) and Jerry Cook (38) lead inter- ference. TIGERS SLASH STEERS IN COTTON BOWL CLASSIC, 13-0 Clayton Lacy (63) leaps high in futile attempt to block LSU field goal. Sporting a flashy 9-0-1 record for their eighth appearance in the New Year ' s Day Cotton Bowl, the Texas Longhorns fell victim to the rough Louisiana State University Tigers by a 13-0 score. The seemingly flawless Tigers corralled the Horns from the start and did not once allow the Steers inside the Tiger 25- yard line. The only Texas scoring threat came in the second quarter when Texas drove to the Tiger 30. At that point, how- ever, the Chinese Bandit defensive unit stopped the Steers, and Tony Crosby ' s 32-yard field goal attempt on fourth down went wide. The lone score in the first half came off the toe of Tiger Lynn Amedee with only 8 seconds remaining in the half. His record 23-yard field goal made it 3-0 at intermission. Steer halfback Jerry Cook opened the second half by fum- bling the kickoff on the Texas 37, and only three plays later Tiger quarterback Jimmy Field scampered 22 yards for the only touchdown of the day. Amedee ' s conversion made it 10-0. The Horns still could not muster a prolonged offensive effort, and L.S.U. provided the final score with a 37-yard field goal, another Cotton Bowl record. The only bright spots of the day for the Orange were Ernie Koy ' s tremendous 48-yard punting average, and the selection of Longhorn All-American guard Johnny Treadwell as out- standing lineman of the 1962 Cotton Bowl. Horns put the stop to Jerry Amedee (21). iffSP WT Pi TlB ST " ; ' H t .- ' ' f 1962-63 BASKETBALL SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS NON-CONFERENCE GAMES Texas 77 Howard Payne 53 Texas 71 East Texas State 38 Texas 81 Tulane 72 Texas 66 L.S.U. 75 Texas 65 Oklahoma State 69 Texas 62 California 70 Texas 46 Stanford 72 Texas 63 Denver 52 Texas 40 Texas Western 45 Texas 88 Trinity (Tex.) 54 CONFERENCE GAMES Texas 54 H Rice 49 Texas 69 R Arkansas 63 Texas 76 H Baylor 38 Texas 78 R Texas Tech 58 Texas 73 H T.C.U. 56 Texas 70 R Texas A M 59 Texas 77 H S.M.U. 62 Texas 90 H Texas Tech 76 Texas 75 R T.C.U. 59 Texas 83 H Texas A M 73 Texas 92 R S.M.U. 76 Texas 77 R Rice 59 Texas 99 H Arkansas 86 Texas 48 R Baylor 55 N.C.A.A. Texas 65 Texas Western 47 Texas 68 Cincinnati 73 Texas 90 Oklahoma City 83 Page 383 Assistant coach, Jimmy Viramontes and Coach Bradley give time-out advice. HAROLD BRADLEY Head Basketball Coach Top Row: Assistant Coach Jimmy Viramonlci, Trainer Clint Thompion, Steve Carter, Tommy Nelms, Ron Week. Mutt Heller. Jimmy Purycar, Manager George Craddock. Coach Harold Bradley. Second Row: Larry Franks, Joe Fisher, Jack Dugan, Mike Humphrey, John Paul Fulti, Harvey Holliman. Third Rota: Jimmy Clark, Jimmy Gilbert, Dick McCarroll, Jim Bob Smith. Page 384 ALL-SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE JIMMY GILBERT LETTERMEN MIKE HUMPHREY JIMMY GILBERT Guard, Senior MUTT HELLER Forward, Senior JACK DUGAN Forward, Senior RON WEEKS Guard, Senior MIKE HUMPHREY Center, Junior JOE FISHER Forward, Junior JIM BOB SMITH Guard, Junior JIMMY PURYEAR Guard, Junior LARRY FRANKS Forward, Sophomore l JOHN PAUL FULTZ Center, Sophomore JIMMY CLARK Guard, Sophomore RESERVE LETTERMEN Steve Carter Harvey Holliman Tommy Nelms MANAGERIAL AWARDS George Craddock, Senior Herbert Evans, Junior Steve Kline, Sophomore STUDENT TRAINER Clint Thompson Page 385 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES A sophomore studded Horn team opened the season against Howard Payne with a 77-53 win. High scorers, Jimmy Clark, 16 points, and Mike Humphrey, 13 points, led the Longhorns before 4,500 fans. With contributions from all members of the Longhorn squad, Texas next downed East Texas State 71-38 at Gregory Gym. Guards Gilbert, Clark, and Smith rotated duties, and forward Joe Fisher led in scoring and rebounds. In the first of two Louisiana games, five Horns hit in the double figures to hold Tulane 81-72. Besides their Scoreboard superiority, Texas cagers led in rebounds and field goal percentage. In the second game of the trip, hard knocks plagued hopeful Longhorn hardwooders. They fell to the LSU Tigers 75-66 after holding the lead for almost three-fourths of the game. Gilbert pumped in 9 field goals, but LSU ' s 31 completed free throws in 44 tries was the winning edge. Back in Gregory Gym, the Longhorns grabbed the lead in the first half of the game against Oklahoma State ' s Cowboys. But OSU ' s ball control and Texas fouls made the difference in a hard fought contest Texas ' second straight defeat, 69-65. A trip to the West Coast proved to be more disaster as California clipped the Horns 70-62 and Stanford won 72-46. Longhorn basketballers celebrated the holidays by beating Denver 63-52 in the opening round of the Sun Bowl Tournament in El Paso. Texas Western, with other ideas about holiday cheer, handed the Orange and White a 45-40 loss in the next night ' s championship game. An improved defense and a good field percentage kept Texas in the lead for much of the game, but too many fouls and too few rebounds were the undoing of the future SWC champs. December ended with a poor record of 4 wins and 5 losses. Sandwiched between finals and the resumption of Conference play, the Texas-Trinity game brought another win and the season total to 5 wins and 5 losses. Sophomore John Paul Fultz was high scorer with 19 points. Clark lays one in Heller ties it up Fults hooks for two Dugan scores Ptfe 386 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE GAMES Following their disheartening pre-conference showing, the Longhorns opened Southwest Conference play in Gregory Gym against the Owls of Rice University. The game turned out to be a tense victory for Texas as the lead changed hands 18 times before Jimmy Gilbert ' s four free throws in the final 72 seconds wrapped it up for the Horns 54-49. And from this slim victory emerged one of the greatest Long- horn teams ever to participate in Southwest Conference basketball competition. Taking to the road, the Horns journeyed to Fayetteville where they submarined the Arkansas Razorbacks with 12 of 14 freethrows in the closing minutes for another close 69-63 victory. Sophomore Larry Franks dropped in 11 of 12 free throws plus four field goals to lead the Texas scoring. Returning to Austin, the Steers completely demolished Baylor 76-38 as big Mike Humphrey hauled in 15 rebounds for the top single game performance of the season while also pouring through 21 points for his varsity high. Then journeying to Lubbock to meet Texas Tech, the Horns handed the Red Raiders their worst defeat in Con- ference play in their own Coliseum 78-58. Puryear, Gilbert, Heller, Humphrey, and Fultz all scored in the double figures as the Longhorns came into their own as an out- standing example of teamwork. This win, coupled with A M ' s loss to SMU, put the Horns on top of the Con- ference. After the bout with finals, the Steers came rearing back to trounce TCU 73-56 in Austin as Puryear, Gilbert, Humphrey, and Heller all scored in the double figures. Then it happened. Completely ignoring an Aggie three- year home win streak and the fact that Texas had not beaten A M in College Station since 1955, the Longhorns stopped the Farmers ' plow 70-59 as little Jimmy Gilbert scorched the nets with 23 points. Not far behind Gilbert was Puryear with 19. With six straight Conference wins to their credit, the Horns returned to Austin to complete the first round of Conference play. And complete it they did running through SMU 77-62 and Tech 90-76. In both contests, Texas teamwork was evident as five men scored in double figures each time. Once again the rampaging Horns donned their traveling uniforms to meet the Horned Frogs of TCU, and once again they trounced the Frogs, this time 75-59. The TCU win left the Horns with a 9-0 Conference record, but even such a record was little respected as the Steers once again clashed with the Aggies in Gregory Gym. This one was for all the marbles, and the Longhorns evi- dently knew it as they slashed the Farmers 83-73 before some 8,000 fans. Sophomore Larry Franks took a per- sonal interest in destroying the Cadets as he wore the nets thin with 24 points, the season ' s individual high score for the Longhorns. Traveling once again, the Orange five methodically ran through SMU and Rice by scores of 92-76 and 77-59 re- spectively. The win over the Mustangs together with Rice ' s loss to Tech put the Horns in the Southwest Con- ference throne room, and it seemed to be smooth sailing through the last two Conference games. Smooth sailing it was, as the Steers smashed Arkansas 99-86 for their 13th Conference win and their high score of the season. This victory also broke the old Southwest Conference record of 12 wins in one season set by SMU. So only lowly Baylor remained between Texas and an unprecedented 14 Conference wins without a loss. And so the Horns journeyed to Waco to meet the mediocre Bears to put the finishing touches on their spotless Con- ference record and defend what was at that time the nation ' s second longest winning streak. But suddenly the Horn teamwork disintegrated, and before the disbelieving eyes of some 4,200 fans, the Bears tacked on a stinging 55-48 defeat to Texas ' record. Not a single Horn scored over 10 points. N.C.A.A. Winning the Southwest Conference title gave the Long- horns a much desired second shot at Texas Western who had handed them a very controversial loss earlier in the season. To prove their point, the Steers pounded Texas Western 6547 to gain a berth in the NCAA regional tournament at Lawrence, Kansas, and a shot at the nation ' s top team in the form of the Cincinnati Bearcats. Taking on the awesome Bearcats as though they were merely another Conference opponent, the Longhorns kept them reeling until the final whistle as they carved a niche of respect for the Southwest Conference. The game, which was only to be a " mild scrimmage " for the highly touted Bearcats, proved to be a heartbreaking 73-68 loss for the Horns. The Orange quintet remained in conten- tion until the final 18 seconds, as they scored more points than any other team had been able to muster against Cincinn ati all year. Page 387 Everybody ready , Let ' s go I Cot the ball! Not discouraged by their loss to the Bearcats, the Long- horns bounced back as the true champions that they were to win third place in the Midwest Regional Tournament with a 90-83 win over Oklahoma City University. As if try- ing to leave a final reminder of what real teamwork is, the Longhorns had six players in the double figures as Jimmy Gilbert led the scoring with 17 points followed by Franks, Humphrey, Puryear, Heller, and Dugan. Up for two Hook ' em Let ' s go again. . . . Horns. One more point to . Victory! Page 388 1 963 TRACK Triangular at Houston .. .. Second Place Border Olympics at Laredo _ Fourth Place West Texas Relays at Odessa . Fourth Place Quadrangular at Corpus Christi .. .. Second Place San Angelo Invitational Third Place Texas Relays at Austin . No Listing Dallas Invitational . .... Second Place Kansas Relays at Lawrence - No Listing Drake Relays at Des Moines. Iowa . .... No Listing Triangular at Austin . First Place Southwest Conference Meet at Fayetteville. Ark. _ Fifth Place 1 963 VARSITY TRACK T. J. FROGGY LOWORN, Head Track Coach Coach Froggy Lovvorn, after eleven years under Coach Clyde Littlefield and two years as head coach, finished his coaching career at Texas this spring. His team had a relatively successful season but only managed a fifth place in the SWC meet. Rex Wilson made an outstanding showing all season, placing first or second in nine out of eleven meets this spring. James Cooper, Charles Giesey, Loy Gunter, and Charles Jordan contributed much to the Longhorn success this season. With nine returning lettermen and a SWC championship freshman team, next season holds many promises. Front Row: Mike Cray, Danny Fleckman, Larry Rhodei, Larry Libby, David Colley, John Eschle, Coach Lovvorn, Bob Crourh, Mike Dalton, unidentified, Gary Chisholm. Sack Row: Rex Wilson, Charles Rodgers, Steve Guynes, Bob Spellingi, Jerl Franklin, Charlei Ciesey, James Cooper, Lawrence Gilbert, Charles Barnhill, Loy Guntrr, Tom Waterslon. Page 390 LETTERMEN CHARLES R. BARNHILL DAVID L. COLLEY JAMES G. COOPER DONALD MICHAEL DALTON JOHNNY P. ESCHLE SAMUEL C. GIESEY LOY M. GUNTER HERBERT R. JONES CHARLES L. JORDAN LARRY G. RHODES CHARLES H. RODGERS ROBERT A. SEWELL ROBERT D. SPELLINGS REX G. WILSON RESERVE LETTERMEN John Betin James A. Brown Gary T. Chisholm Robert W. Crouch Jess Jerl Franklin Lawrence E. Gilbert John W. Greer Steven J. Guynes Kenneth R. Hendrix Boyd Henry Larry L. Libby Carlton E. Stowers David N. Winkles James L. Wommack MANAGERIAL AWARDS Dan Fleckman, Senior Mike Gray, Junior Richard Olsen, Sophomore Frank Endres, Sophomore Page 391 Jim Womack gives a fine leap in the broad jump. Rice ' s Glenn Darby edges out Bob Crouch in the 440 yard relay. The ' Horns took second with a 41.4. Rice clocked a 41.3. Bubba Jones leads off the 440 yard relay. 1 963 TRACK SUMMARY CHARLES BARNHILL second place . .440 yd. dash JIMMY BROWN second place ..shot-put DAVID COLLEY first place .... 100 yd. dash first place 220 yd. dash first place 220 yd. dash .Triangular at Austin .... 48.2 ...Triangular at Austin . 50 10% . Triangular at Houston 9.9 .Triangular at Houston ... 22.0 . Triangular at Austin .... 22.1 JAMES COOPER second place . . 100 yd. high hurdles second place . . 120 yd. high hurdles second place ..330 yd. inter, hurdles second place ..330 yd. inter, hurdles JOHNNY ESCHLE first 2 mile run first 2 mile run first 2 mile run . Border Olympics 14.6 .West Texas Relays 14.6 .Dallas Inv 40.1 .Triangular at Austin 37.8 .Triangular at Houston . 9:19.9 .Dallas Inv. Meet 9:23.7 .SWC Meet . . 9:31.6 JERL FRANKLIN second high jump Triangular at Austin ... 5 ll 1 CHARLES GIESEY second javelin Triangular at Houston . 199 1% second javelin West Texas Relays 2022 second discus West Texas Relays . . . 159 6V second javelin Quad. Corpus Christi . . 2064 second discus Quad. Corpus Christi 157 11% second javelin Dallas Inv 186 9M fourth javelin Drake Relays 1971 second javelin Triangular at Austin . . . 215 10 LOY GUNTER first mile run Triangular at Houston . 4:22.5 second 880 yd. run Border Olympics 1:53.3 first mile run Dallas Inv 4:17.1 first mile run Triangular at Austin . . . 45:18.6 first 880yd. run Triangular at Austin ... 1:51.3 second 880 yd. run SWC Meet 1:56.5 STEVE GUYNES third pole vault second pole vault fourth pole vault . Border Olympics 14 2% . Triangular at Austin .... 13 .SWC Meet 14-0 BUBBA JONES second broad jump . second broad jump . first 100 yd. dash third 100 yd. dash CHARLES JORDAN second shot-put third javelin first javelin fourth shot-put .Triangular at Houston . 21 10M: .Border Olympics 2211 .Triangular at Austin 9.8 .SWC Meet . . 9.6 .Triangular at Houston .. 50 7 .West Texas Relays .... 1892 .Dallas Inv 1882 .SWC Meet 503% LARRY RHODES second 880 yd. run BOB SEWELL second 120 yd. high hurdles REX WILSON first 120 second 330 first 120 first 330 first 120 second 120 first 330 first 120 first 330 second 120 first 120 first 330 first 120 second 120 third 120 yd. high hurdles inter, hurdles . yd. high hurdles inter, hurdles . yd. high hurdles yd. high hurdles inter, hurdles . yd. high hurdles yd. inter, hurdles yd. high hurdles yd. high hurdles inter, hurdles . yd. high hurdles yd. high hurdles yd. low hurdles , JIM WOMACK third broad jump . Dallas Inv 153.9 .Dallas Inv 14.9 .Triangular at Houston 1 ... 14.4 . Triangular at Houston .... 39.1 . Border Olympics 14.5 . Border Olympics 37.8 . West Texas Relays 14.5 . Quad. Corpus Christi 14.4 . Quad. Corpus Christi .... 38.5 , San Angelo Inv 14.1 . San Angelo Inv 38.6 . Texas Relays 14.4 .Dallas Inv 14.6 .Dallas Inv 39.7 .Kansas Relays 14.1 .Triangular at Austin 14.4 ,SWC Meet . . 14.0 .West Texas Relays .... 214 4 Page 392 TEXAS RELAYS University, college, and high school track stars swarmed the campus in preparation for the 36th Annual 3-divisional Texas Relays. As the glorified circus got underway, the excitement rose. Rice ' s Fred Harson broke the Texas collegiate record as he cleared 16 ' 1 " in pole vault; this earned him the Meet ' s Outstanding Athlete Award. The College division was captured by Texas Southern as they once again swept six of the baton relays. Results in the University division were: Charles Rogers hands off the baton to Larry Rhodes in the 2 milt; relay. Texas placed second with a 7:34.7. EVENT WINNER TIME Four-Mile Relay Nebraska 17:10.3 Two-Mile Relay Ohio University 7:30.8 440- Yard Relay Baylor 41.3 Shot-Put Texas A M (Danny Roberts) 59 ' 3% " 120- Yard High Hurdles Colorado (Jim Miller) 14.3 100- Yard Dash Omaha (Roger Sayers) 9.6 Discus Throw Texas A M (Danny Roberts) 164 ' 4y " High Jump TCU (Jackie Upton) 6 ' 7 " One-Mile Relay Colorado 3:12.2 Distance Medley Relay Ohio University 10:11.1 Sprint Medley Relay Oklahoma State 3:24.1 Broad Jump McMurry (Bill Miller) 25 ' Oy " 880- Yard Relay Rice 1 :27.1 OPEN DIVISION 440-Meter Hurdles Kansas State (Rex Stucker I 52.5 480-Yard Shuttle Hurdle Relay Texas Olympic Club 59.0 3000-Meter Steeplechase ' . Houston (Geoff Walker) 9:17.7 Special Women ' s 100- Yard Dash Snyder (Janice Rinehard) 11.8 Special Women ' s 440-Yard Relay Texas Track Club 50.7 1500-Meter Run Texas Olympic Club (Preston Davis) 3:53.3 Jerry Thompson. One-Mile Run Emporia State (John Camien) 4:02.6 Invitational 100-Meter Dash Omaha (Roger Sayers) 10.6 Colin Ridgeway, from Lamar Tech, exhibits fine form as he clears 6 ' 7 " for a fourth place. ... :: ' SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET The Baylor Bears walked away with the Southwest Conference crown for the second consecutive year when they racked up 64 1 5 points, scoring heavily in the second, third and fourth columns, to outpoint runner-up Rice by ten even in this 48th running of the SWC carnival. Texas, with a meager 28 points, slumped to fifth behind A M and host Arkansas. This was the worst finish for the Longhorns since they took a fifth place in the conference running in 1921. Co-Captain John Eschle was the only one to conjure up a gold medal. Eschle legged the two miles in 9:31.6 to win over A M ' s defending conference champion, E. L. Ener. Bubba Jones ran a 9.6 to place third in the 100 yard dash. Loy Gunter fell behind Baylor ' s Rex Garvin to take second in the 880 yard run with a 1:56.5. Rex Wilson placed third in the 120 high hurdles with a fourteen flat. Varsity division scoring was as follows : Rex Wilson goes over the first flight of hurdles in fine form to place third in the 120 Highes. Charles Jordan strains as he hits 50 ' 3-3 4 " in the shot-put for fourth place. EVENTS WINNERS Shot-Put Danny Roberts, A M Broad Jump Dick Perry, Arkansas 440-yard Relay Baylor TIME . 57 ' 9 " 24 ' 10 " . 41.0 One-Mile Run Mickey Wade, SMU 4:20.5 440-Yard Dash Wayne Windham, Rice 47.3 100-Yard Dash Billy Foster, SMU 9.4 120-Yard High Hurdles Bob Johnson, SMU 13.9 880- Yard Run Rex Garvin, Baylor 1 :56.0 220- Yard Dash Billy Foster, SMU 20.2 Pole Vault Warren Bratlof, Rice 15 ' 6 " 330 Yard Intermediate Hurdles . . Bobby May, Rice 37.1 High Jump Jackie Upton, TCU 6 ' 6 " Two-Mile Run John Eschle, Texas 9:31.6 Mile Relay A M 3:10.7 Bubba Jones finishes third in the 100 yard dash (9.6) and Charles Colley places sixth. 394 1 963 BASEBALL SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS Texas 2 _ Sam Houston Texas 4 Oklahoma Texas 6 Oklahoma Texas 12 ' Texas Lutheran Texas 5 . Texas A M Texas 7 . SMU Texas l._ TCU Texas 6 ' Minnesota Texas 6 Minnesota Texas 2 Baylor Texas 3 Rice Texas 6 Illinois Texas 15 North Dakota Texas 6 St. Mary ' s Texas 5 TCU Texas 9 TCU Texas 8 . SMU Texas 8 SMU Texas 5 Rice Texas 9 Rice Texas 12 Texas A M Texas 5 Texas A M Texas 4 Texas A M Texas 5 Baylor Texas 8 Baylor COLLEGE WORLD SERIES Texas 8 Southern California Texas 2 Missouri Texas 6 Penn State Texas 8 . Arizona 5 2 5 5 3 3 15 5 3 2 1 11 3 4 5 1 WILLIAM LAMAR BETHEA All- American, First Team All District 6 Team All Southwest Conference MICHAEL RAYBURN THOMPSON Ail-American, First Team All District 6 Team All Southwest Conference Page 396 GARY ERROLL LONDON All Southwest Conference All District 6 Team CHARLES ARTHUR KNUTSON All Southwest Conference ROBERT WILLS MYER, JR. All Southwest Conference All District 6 Team FRANCIS FOLSOM BELL, JR. V JAMES W. CLARK JOHN CALVIN COLLIER CHARLES 0. HARTENSTEIN EDWARD ELOIS KASPER ROBERT EUGENE ROSS [ -ft to Right: Dan M. Gardner, Senior Managerial Award; Robert S. Merriman, Junior Managerial Award. David Warfield Burleson William Edwin Denman RESERVE LETTERMEN Lawrence T. Franks Billy Douglas Howell Walter Lewis New Page 397 Jarrell Bankhead Ormand Michael Emmett Thrash BASEBALL BOUNCES RIGHT TEXAS 2 SAM HOUSTON STATE 5 Opening their 1963 season against Sam Houston State, the Longhorns found themselves on the short end of a 5-2 score after 10 long innings of play. Trailing 2-0 since the second inning, the ' Horns tied it up in the ninth but then let the game slip through their fingers in the tenth on a series of errors that gave the Bearcats three runs and the victory. TEXAS 4 OKLAHOMA TEXAS 6 OKLAHOMA 2 Repeating their 1962 performance against Oklahoma, the Longhorns broke into the win column for 1963 by sweeping a two game series from the Okies. Bob Myer, aided by five Sooner errors, gained his initial win of the season by pitching a seven hit shutout in the first game. The second game was more of the same as the Steers turned another batch of Okie miscues into six runs and then held on for a 6-2 win. However neither game brought any response from the still dormant Texas hitting attack. TEXAS 12 TEXAS LUTHERAN 5 Four bewildered Texas Lutheran pitchers ran head on into the Texas hitting attack as it thundered forth from its winter rest with a 20 hit bombardment. Leading the assault was Sophomore Butch Thompson who hammered out a home run, two doubles, and a single in an indication of things to come, while Ed Kasper, Bill Bethea, and Ron Bandy all had three hits. In the process, Bob Myer coasted to his second victory of the year. TEXAS 5 TEXAS A M 5 Once again proving that anything can happen when the Longhorns meet the Aggies, the Southwest Conference opener for both teams went on record as a 5-5 tie. In the seesaw battle that went 11 innings, Texas collected seven hits including Thompson ' s second four bagger of the year, while Bob Myer. went the full route only to see the game called because of darkness. TEXAS 7 SMU 3 Texas posted its first southwest Conference win as Thompson wrapped it up in the seventh with a towering three-run homer. Good hitting also came from shortstop Bill Bethea and pitcher John Collier who each went two for two. Although Thompson ' s assault of the fences continued, there was still no response from All-American Chuck Knutson ' s big bat. TEXAS 1 TCU 3 Before an overflow crowd of some 1500 fans, the TCU Horned Frogs posted their tenth consecutive victory and dimmed Texas hopes of repeating as Southwest Conference champs with a decisive 3-1 win. The Steers managed only five weak hits as their Conference record slipped to 1-1-1. TEXAS 6 MINNESOTA 15 TEXAS 6 MINNESOTA 5 The Golden Gophers of Minnesota opened their 1963 campaign with a 15-6 mauling of the Texas Longh orns. The Steers collected nine hits in absorbing the loss including two each by Ron Bandy and Butch Thompson. Thompson ' s second hit was a three run homer that brought his season total to four. The second game saw the Steers erupt for six runs in the second and then hold off the Gophers for a close 6-5 win. The ' Horns were able to muster a total of nine hits as Knutson went three for four and posted his first extra base hit of the season with a double off the cliff in right center. TEXAS 6 ILLINOIS 1 Blasting out of their hitting slump with a vicious 13 hit barrage, the Steers over- whelmed the University of Illinois in a non-Conference game. Senior Gary London led the attack with three hits while Bethea, Kasper, and Bell were close behind with two each. Gaining the win, pitcher Bob Myer gave up only six hits while managing a double of his own. TEXAS 6 ST. MARY ' S 3 Stunning the Rattlers of St. Mary ' s University with five runs in the first and another in the second, the Longhorns held on for the next seven innings and their third consecu- tive non-Conference win. Shortstop Bill Bethea greeted the Rattlers by slamming the first pitch of the game to the cliff in center for a double, and minutes later Butch Thompson brought both Bethea and Kasper, who had walked home with his sixth circuit clout of the season. In addition to his three run smash, Thompson got two more hits to lead Texas hitters. TEXAS 15 NORTH DAKOTA 11 Once again Texas bats boomed as the Steers outhit non-conference opponent North Dakota. The Horns salted the game away with seven runs in the eighth, and then held off a four run North Dakota rally in the ninth. Folsum Bell led Texas hitters with three singles and a triple, while Chuck Knutson had three singles and a double to add to Texas ' total of 19 hits. TEXAS 2 BAYLOR 3 With its hitting attack faltering again, the sluggish ' Horns absorbed their second Southwest Conference loss, this one at the hands of the Baylor Bears. Texas managed to push two runs across in the first on singles by Kasper and Knutson, but for the next eight innings could muster only three hits as they saw their lead dwindle and finally disappear. With a lowly 1-2-1 SWC record Texas started their drive to the top. Page 398 WAY FOR ' 63 LONGHORNS TEXAS 3 RICE 2 In a tense battle for survival in the Conference race, the Steers came out on top as Junior Charley Hartenstein won a hard fought pitching duel from Rices Frank McKeown. With little help from Texas ' hitters who could manage only six hits between them, Hartenstein scattered the Owl hits to give Texas the victory. TEXAS 5 TCU 4 TEXAS 9 TCU 5 Avenging their initial 3-1 loss, the Horns came thundering back to take what eventually proved to be the two most important games played by either in Conference competition. Bob Myer gained the 5-4 win on Friday, as Bill Bethea slammed out three hits while slugger Butch Thompson drove another three-run clout out of the park. The second game brought about the long awaited boom of faltering Chuck Knutson ' s bat as he sent a letter-high fastball screaming over the left field fence some 370 feet away for a three-run homer. Third sacker Ed Kasper also terrorized Froggie pitchers with a single, a double, and a triple in five trips to the plate. TEXAS 8 SMU 1 TEXAS 8 SMU 5 With the aid of Bob Myer ' s six-hit pitching and four unearned runs, the stampeding Steers continued their surge toward the Conference title. Myer, in one of his best outings of the year, struck out ten Mustangs and was never in serious trouble. Kasper, Thompson, Bandy, and London all contributed to Texas ' total of 10 hits with two apiece. A cloud- burst on Saturday turned SMU ' s Armstrong Field into a small gulf and forced the post- ponement of the second game until Monday. This left Texas, with four games to make up, in second place with a 5-2 Conference record, one full game behind A M ' s 7-2 record. On Monday, heavy rains again forced postponement of the second game until Tuesday. The rains did little to dampen the spirit of the surging Orange however, as they moved into first place on the strength of their 8-5 win and the Aggies loss to TCU. Shortstop Bill Bethea pounded a two-run homer over the left field fence to stretch his official hitting streak to nine games, while Kasper, Bell, and Thompson all chipped in two hits apiece. TEXAS 5 RICE 4 TEXAS 9 RICE 5 Not to be denied, the stampeding Longhorns nudged the Rice Owls 5-4 to move a half game ahead of second place TCU and A M. Coach Bibb Falk ' s fourth candidate for second base, basketballer Jimmy Clark, provided most of the Texas offense in the first game as he sl ammed a homer over the left field fence for the go-ahead run in the second and singled in the winning run in the eighth. Catcher Gary London ' s three-run double ended a 4-3 Rice lead in the sixth inning of the second game, and boosted Texas to their tenth straight victory. Assisting in the 18 hit attack on Rice pitching were Kasper with four hits, and Bethea, Thompson, and London all with three. TEXAS 12 A M 2 In a replay of their 5-5 tie earlier in the season, the Steers successfully defended their first place stature with a 12-2 thrashing of the Farmers. Bill Bethea went 3 for 4 as he hit safely in his nineteenth straight Conference game. In the contest, Texas batsmen banged out a record-tying nine doubles. TEXAS 5 A M 10 TEXAS 4 A M 2 Faced with four games in four days, and having to win three of them for at least a tie for the Conference crown, the Steers chose to do it the hard way by absorbing a 10-5 loss on Friday. The loss saw shortstop Bill Bethea go hitless for the first time in 20 Conference games. However, they returned on Saturday to plague the Cadets with three hits including a two-run homer. The split left Texas in need of both ends of a rained-out two game series against Baylor to be made up in Waco with a Monday double-header. TEXAS 5 BAYLOR 1 TEXAS 8 BAYLOR 2 Facing the highly respected Baylor Bears, and exhausted from the weekend series in College Station, the Longhorns climaxed their continued assault on the Conference crown by sweeping a double-header from the Bruins. In the first game, Charlie Hartenstein came through in the clutch to pitch fabulous two-hit ball only two days after his 10-5 loss to the Aggies. Meanwhile Ed Kasper paced Texas hitters with two singles and his first varsity home run a well-timed 320 foot two-run clout that iced the game away in the ninth. In a race against the setting sun and fatigue, the Horns took the seven inning nightcap with a six-run seventh inning highlighted by Bill Bethea ' s grandslam home run. Bob Myer, with only a day ' s rest, came on in the fifth and gained the win. The two game sweep saw injured Gary London retaliate with five hits for eight tries, while shortstop Bill Bethea went 3 for 7 to finish the season with a .397 batting average and the Southwest Conference batting championship. And Bibb Falk, the " Great White Father " of Texas baseball, won his sixteenth Conference title in 21 years. Tuesday saw TCU defeat Baylor and thereby claim half the Conference crown, but since Texas had already taken two of three from the Froggies, the Horns owned the right to a berth in the NCAA playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. Page 399 BIBB A. FALK Head Baseball Coach NCAA COLLEGE WORLD SERIES The Texas Longhorns, fighting like giants to the very end of the tournament, tied Missouri, the number one " ranked " team, for third place in the College World Series. The Horns axed the University of Southern California in the first game 8-3. Myer came on strong in the last five innings, striking out seven straight Trojans in the final three innings of the game for an NCAA record. Texas had 8 runs on 11 hits and committed five errors. Confusion at first base allowed the run which gave Missouri a 3-2 victory in the second round of the series. Hartenstein had the crowd spellbound with his masterful chunking as he walked just one and struck out eight. Three of the four Texas errors made all the runs scored off Hartenstein unearned. Bouncing back in the do-or-die game, the Horns, under the pitching of John Collier, advanced to the fourth round of play by defeating Penn State 6-4. Collier, pitching a near shutout until the bottom of the ninth struck out 13 and walked 2. All runs off Collier ' s 10 inning performance were also unearned as Texas wound up with 6 runs off 7 hits and five errors. Arizona stopped Texas ' comeback bid as the Longhorns fought with all their might to overcome a disastrous beginning. Texas threatened until the very end, but the once-seven-point-lead was simply too much to overcome as they narrowed it to an amazing 8-10 score. Myer, the starting pitcher, simply ran out of gas in the second as he was credited with giving up eight runs. Bethea came in for one man while Hartenstein, with only one day ' s rest, rapidly warmed up in the bullpen. Hartenstein pitched his heart out the rest of the game as he allowed only two runs and struck out 8. Texas had 8 runs on 5 hits and committed 4 errors. The game dropped them out of the ' 63 College World Series, but the consolation prize, a tie for third place in the Nation, was well earned and an accomplishment of which to be proud. Front Row: Alan Sleekier, Steve Crutchfield, Gene Ross, Ed Denman, Jimmy Clark, Steve Radcliffe, David Burleson, Coch Falk. Second Rote: Chuck Knutson, Ron Bandy, Bobby Masterson, Bill Bethea, Charley Hartenstein, Bob Myer, Gary London, Butch Thompson, Larry Franks. Third Row: Kenneth Moursund, Buddy New, Michael Masterson Sheppard, Jerry Ormand, Dick Peterson, John Collier, Mike Thrash, Russ Poling. fourth Rota: Billy Howell, Ed Kanper, Robert Merriam, Folsom Bell, Danny Gardner. tti Pa ( e 400 CROSS COUNTRY GOLF SWIMMING TENNIS Page 401 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY T. J. FROGGY LOVVORN, Head Coach Coach Froggy Lovvorn ' s cross country team opened the season with a tie for second in the Jamboree Meet at Stillwater, Oklahoma. Steve Strickland, the senior standout for the ' Horns, took a third with teammate Larry Rhodes taking fourth. The biggest win of the season was at Dallas. Strickland, Rhodes, and Gary Chisholm took, 1, 2, 3, to give Texas a 21 point lead over second place SMU. Traveling next to Houston and College Station for the triangular and dual meets respectively, the Longhorns lost two in a row. Powerful University of Houston beat Texas and the Houston Track Club as Chisholm moved up to second best of the Texas runners. In a SWC test, A M beat the Longhorns 25-30. Forty-seven entries made up the field of the U.T. Invitational at Zilker Park. University of Houston again grabbed top place, and Texas could manage only a fourth. In drizzling rain at College Station, four teams battled for the Southwest Conference Champion- ship. Texas runners placed third with 54 points. Strickland took a fourth, Chisholm sixth, Loy Gunter barely edged Rhodes as they placed eleventh and twelfth, and Charles Rodgers took twenty-second to round out the five scorers. A M came in first with 47 points, Arkansas was a close second with 49, SMU was fourth. Gary Thornton Chisholm LETTERMEN Larry Gene Rhodes Stephen Douglas Strickland John Betin Loy Melton Gunter RESERVE LETTERMEN Harvey Tevis Herd Charles Henry Rodgers David Paul Wiegand Lift to Right: Suirldancl, Rhodes, Chisholm, Gunter, Rodgers, Betin, Wirglnd. VARSITY GOLF CONFERENCE PLAY TEXAS 1 TEXAS 6 TEXAS i TEXAS 4 TEXAS 5 TEXAS 2M TEXAS 5i BAYLOR 5 RICE A M 51 0 ARKANSAS 2 TEXAS TECH 1 SMU 31 2 TCU 1 2 HARVEY PENICK Coach CONFERENCE STANDINGS First Place TEXAS A M Second Place BAYLOR Third Place TEXAS Fourth Place . TEXAS TECH WIN 3iy 2 .251 2 .241 2 LOSS 10% 161 2 181 2 VARSITY LETTERMEN Allen Randall Geiselman William Hugh Munn Oscar Newell Goode James Carlyle Thompson Texas versus Texas A M Page JOS HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN Head Swimming Coach 1963 SWIMMING Starting the season at the Conference Relays at Dallas, the Texas Longhorns nosed out the Aggies for the runner-up spot behind SMU ' s defending champion Mustangs. The next two meets were dual meets against Oklahoma and Baylor in Austin. The Horns fell to Oklahoma 50-45, but not before Jay Smith had set school records in both the 200 and 500 yard freestyles. The Orange came back strong however, as they thoroughly trounced Baylor ' s Bears 83-10. Taking to the road, the Horns ' next two opponents fell in order as Texas outsplashed Eastern New Mexico 63-32 and Texas Tech 56-38. Returning to Austin, the Orange tankers humiliated their arch rivals from College Station with a 64-30 defeat. Spear again broke his own record in the 200 fly while Jim Graves broke the record in the 500 yard free- style. Gordon Beavers also took first spot on the boards to aid the Texas cause. Then traveling to Waco, the Horns again dunked the Baylor Bears 49-24. At the AAU meet in Dallas, the Steer swimmers captured fifth first places. Beavers took first in both diving events, as Spear set a meet record in the 200 butterfly. Andy Smith contributed the fifth first as he won the 200 yard individual medley. Back in Austin for a dual meet, the SMU Ponies edged past the Horns by inches in several events and won the meet 57-38. Beavers and Spear again took blue ribbon places in their events, and Spear again broke the record in the 200 yard freestyle. Playing host for the Southwest Conference Championship meet, the Longhorns posted a strong second place finish behind powerful SMU as they totaled 155 points to the Mustangs ' 17 2- Spear and Graves led the Orange as they set conference records in the 100 and 200 yard butterfly, and the 200, 500, and 1650 yard freestyle events respectively. Beavers swept both diving events for the second year. Closing out the season in the NCAA Championships at Raleigh, N. C., Beavers took 4th in one meter and 6th in three meter diving while Spear took 5th in the 200 yard butterfly. RESERVE AWARDS Russell Morris Barefield Anthony Post Eastmond Charles Earl Griffith MANAGERIAL AWARD Michael Byrd Front Rote: Phil Kline, Gordon Beavers. Second Rou: Andy Smilh, Richard Worthington. Bob Hatcher, Gail Kloesel, Rusty Barefield. Third Rota: John Chumney, Assistant Coach; Frank Stokes, Jim Holton, Chuck Griffith, Tonr Eastmond, Mike Byrd, Manager. Fourth Rote: Carroll Henderson, Jim Graves, Jay Smith, Mike McKinley. Coach Chapman. Page 40-! LETTERMEN ALL-AMERICANS ROBERT AUSTIN HATCHER JAY DICKEY SMITH JAMES BARRY HOLTON GALE EUGENE KLOESEL PLINEY CLELAND SMITH RICHARD DANE WORTHINGTON JAMES BOOKER GRAVES PHILIP SHERWOOD KLINE RALPH MICHAEL McKINLEY FRANK THOMAS STOKES Page 405 GORDON MERWIN BEAVERS One and three-meter diving GEORGE MYRON SPEAR 100 and 200-yard butterfly CARROLL FORREST HENDERSON 100 arid 200-breastroke WILMER LAWSON ALLISON, Head Coach 1 963 TENNIS SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS If the gloomy pre-Southwest Conference matches were to be any prediction of play to come. Longhorn netters might have packed their rackets for the season. Opening against the NAIA team champions, Pan American. Texas fought hard only to be defeated 6-0. Sandwiched between two ties to cross-town St. Edwards Uni- versity was a 6-0 loss to star-laden Trinity University. Chuck McKinley, the nation ' s top ranked amateur, defeated Jack Kamrath as the other Longhorns met with a similar fate. Texas battled next against the powerful University of Corpus Christi at Penick Courts. But again the ' Horns came up with a loss, 4-2. Texas traveled to Louisiana to finally get in the win column by defeating LSU 6-0. But the total for the trip ended in a draw as they lost to Tulane. 6-0. In their only other non-con- ference match later in the season. Texas bested the University of Houston 5-1 in Houston. Southwest Conference play began with a promising 5-1 win over TCU in Fort Worth. Against Baylor, Texas took a 6-0 sweep with Kamrath again playing the No. 1 singles. Hal Sparks, and Jerry Walters took the No. 1 doubles position. The Longhorns walloped A M, 6-0 to take the mid-season conference lead. A 6-0 win over the scrappy Texas Tech Red Raiders furthered the Texas cause. Then trouble hit in the form of SWC champion contenders, Rice University. Texas ' Walters took the first singles match, but Kamrath, Sparks, and John Heath fell to the Rice netters. In the doubles matches, Texas took the first one to help even the play. The pressure was on for the second doubles match as Texas and Rice each took a set. But the third had to be postponed because of darkness and was won by Kamrath and Heath the next day. Texas thus kept its one set lead over Rice. To beat Rice for the title, Texas had to sweep SMU in their postponed meet. They did and ended the season 32-4 to take their thirteenth conference title. Left to Right: Kamrath, Maticn. Willerson. Allison. Laurence Albert Becker. Heath, Spark ' . Wallers. Pace 406 LETTERMEN i JOHN BRUCE HEATH Captain RESERVE LETTERMEN Peter John Hennessey Michael Rhodes Lawless Charles Arthur Lutz MANAGERIAL AWARD Frederick Albert Matson, III . JOHN KAMRATH JERRY LYNN WALTERS HAROLD ST. CLAIR SPARKS, HI DARRELL WILLERSON, JR. Page 407 OFFICERS President JOHN PATRICK CULPEPPER V ice-P resident RAYMOND COY POAGE, JR. Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES ARTHUR KNUTSON Sergeant-at-Arms JAMES WAYNE GILBERT MEMBERS Tim Allen Jim Choyce Allison Ralph W. Alspaugh Gordon Scott Appleton Ronald Davis Bandy Charles Richard Barnhill Charles H. Bankhead George Turner Bass Martin Earl Beaty Merwin Gordon Beavers Thomas F. Belcher Francis Folsom Bell. Jr. Baylus Earls Bennett James A. Besselman William Lamar Bethea Clarence Vaughn Bray James Allan Brown George Louis Brucks Charles Otis Buckalew David W. Burleson Emmett A. Carlisle Gary Thornton Chisholm James Weldon Clark David Colley John C. Collier Jerry Carlton Cook John Allen Cooke James Gary Cooper Johnny Walter Gotten Michal Barry Gotten Hugh Anthony Crosby John Patrick Culpepper Talmage Ray Cunningham Charles Randolph Curson Donald Michael Dalton Jerry D. Davis Jerry M. Desmond Joe Marion Dixon Timothy Michael Doerr Jack Raymond Dugan William Carl Ehman William Frank Ermel Johnny Phillip Eschle Staley Faulkner Kenneth Wayne Ferguson Joe Fisher, III Kenneth Wayne Fisher Dan Adolph Fleckman Tommy Cline Ford Lawrence Turner Franks James E. Fults John Paul Fultz Bobby Frank Gamblin Allen Randall Geiselman John Allen Genung Samuel Charles Giesey Gene Estel Gifford James Wayne Gilbert Oscar Newell Goode. Jr. Carroll Deene Gott James Booker Graves Hix Green Loy Melton Gunter Steven Joe Guynes Top Row: Alspaugh, Appleton, Bass, Beity, Beavers, Besselman, Bray, Brown, Brucks, Buckalew, Burleson, Carlisle. Second Roto: Chisholm, J. A. Cook, J. C. Cook, Cooper, J. Cotten, M. Cotten, Crosby, Culpepper, Cunningham, Curson, Dixon, Doerr. Third Row: Dugan, Ermel, Eschle, Faulkner, Ferguson, J. Fisher, Fleckman, Ford, Fults, Gamblin, Cenung, Ciesey. Fourth Row: Cifford, Gilbert, Cott, Green, Gunter, Guynes, Heath, Henderson, House, Houston, Hudson. Page 408 ASSOCIATION Charles 0. Hartenstein. Jr. Robert Austin Hatcher John Bruce Heath John Henry Heller Carroll Forrest Henderson James Barry Holton Charlie Benefield House James Thomas Houston James Clark Hudson William Michael Humphrey Herbert Ray Jones Charles Lee Jordan Terry David Kahn John Robert Kamrath Edward E. Kasper Richard Page Keeton Anthony King Philip Sherwood Kline Gale Eugene Kloesel Ralph Werner Knebel Charles Arthur Knutson Rodney C. Koenig Ernest Melvin Koy Marvin Thomas Kubin Clayton Lacy William Ross Laughlin Robert Allen Ledbetter Gary Erroll London Thomas Ray Lucas James Scott Mann Greg Newton Martin Robert L. Masson Ralph Michael McKinley Alonzo Perry McWilliams David Lee McWilliams Harold Brett Morris William Hugh Munn Glenn Burke Musgrove Robert Wills Myer, Jr. Walter L. New Robert Patrick Nunis Knox Dillon Nunnally Derrell Martin Oliver H. Edward Padgett Harold Marvin Philipp Thomas E. Phillips John McPherson Pinckney Raymond Coy Poage, Jr. James Kenneth Puryear Larry Gene Rhodes Gordon Leigh Roberts Larry Frank Roden Charles Henry Rodgers Robert Eugene Ross Walter Coyce Sands John Edward Schmid Robert Allen Sewell Vernon Lee Shelton Jack Davis Sides David Taylor Skinner James Robert Smith Jay Dickey Smith Jim Russell Smith Pilney Cleland Smith Thomas Theodore Smith Harold S. Sparks, III George Myron Spear Robert Daniel Spellings Frank Thomas Stokes Carlton Eugene Stowers Stephen Douglas Strickland Dunklin A. Sullivan Charles Dan Talbert Ronald Byron Thomas James Carlyle Thompson. Jr. Michael Butch Thompson Ronald E. Thompson Michael Emmett Thrash Terence Colquitt Todd John C. Treadwell John Turner Neil Unterseher Olen Underwood Tommy Virgil Wade James C. Wallace Jerry L. Walters Ronald David Weaks William Darrell Willerson Rex Gerald Wilson Richard D. Worthington Robert Paul Wyatt Robert Darrel Yoder Tommy Escridge York p W i Top Row: Jones, Kahn, Kamrath, Kasper, Knebel, Koy, Kubin. Lacy, Laughlin, Ledbetter, London, Lucas. Second Row: A. McWilliams, D. McWilliams, Morris, Musgrove, New,- Nunis, Nunnally, Oliver, Philipp, Phillips, Poage, Puryear. Third Row: Rhodes, Roberts, Roden, Sands, Sewell, J. D. Smith, J. R. Smith, Stowers, Strickland, Sullivan, Talbert, J. Thompson. Fourth Row: Thrash, Todd, Treadwell, Underwood, Unterseher, Wade, Wealcs, W-llerson, Worthington, Yoder, York. Page 409 -- - .- - - " -lit;. Front: Thomsen, Kellogg, Darling, Maxey. Back: Nowotny, Lowe, Melton, Northington JAN THOMSEN DAVID KNIGHT NORTHINGTON EDDIE REBECCA MAXEY Jl ROBERT JAMES LOWE WILLIAM ALLEN MELTON Head Cheerleader BF.N MONROE NOWOTNY JESSICA ROYECE DARLING LINDA LOU KELLOGG FRESHMAN SPORTS SUZY STEIN Freshman Cheerleader PHILLIS JOHNSON Freshman Cheerleader Freshman cheerleader not pictured: PAM BURNETT GB CRIS GUESS Freshman Cheerleader Page 411 SHARRON ANN SIBLEY Freshman Cheerleader FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRESHMAN AWARDS Bud E. Alldredge Richard Douglas Blakney Michael Rodger Boxwell James Edward Brooks Robert Wayne Casseday Joe Michael Chernosky Johnny Lee Cook Thomas Trimble Currie, Jr. William Jake David Leslie Alfred Derrick Charles Morgan Echols Fred Allen Edwards Larry Gene Faulk Joseph Tittle Galiga Robert Kimberly Gaynor Barney Lewis Giles Howard Lynn Goad Joe Clarence Hague Philip Leon Harris Robert Dale Harris Michael Eugene Holt Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr. Stanley Francis Hupfeld, III Dwain A. James Clyde John Bennett Johnson Robert Wilson Johnston Michael King Ronald Paul Landry Richard Allen Launey Lloyd Arthur Lawrence, Jr. Thomas Austin Ledbetter Leon Allen Meek, II Robert Eugene Myers Tommy H. Nobis Michael O ' Brien Jerry Wayne Oliver Luther Daniel Prescott Richard Bartlett Putman James Graham Roach David Michael Roan Jackie Lloyd Roberson Ronald Stephen Smith Thomas Allen Stockton John G. Stuart Dudley A. Suggs Diron Vester Talbert John Patrick Williamson Ted E. Wimberly FRESHMAN MANAGERIAL AWARD Alfred Cantu Billy Vogt Closing their seventh consecutive season with a .500 average or better, the Texas Yearlings finished the ' 62 season with a 3-2 record. Texas still hasn ' t lost a freshman game by more than one point since 1957. The Shorthorns received their first taste of college football on October 11 in Memorial Stadium when they faced the powerful Baylor Cubs. With the help of Phil Harris and Leslie Derrick the Texas team overcame Baylor ' s 6-0 halftime lead by boosting the score to a Texas 12-6 lead in the third quarter. Baylor took little time getting back into the scoring column. The extra point on the Scoreboard gave them the one point advantage (13-12) which proved to be enough. On October 26 the Shorthorns went to Houston to play ball and came back with their first victory of the year. The game was tied 14-14 in the fourth quarter when Jake David tossed a pass to Tom Stockton for nineteen yards and the winning touchdown. The Yearlings received their second one-point defeat of the year on November 2 in a rickety S.M.U. stadium. Fullback Tommy Stockton scored the Texas touchdown with a four yard drive three minutes deep in the fourth period. S.M.U. Colts took the limelight in the fourth quarter with their 80 yard touchdown drivfi assisted by two timely 15 yard penalties to score the winning touchdown. In an impressive battle here on November 9 the Texas Shorthorns spotted the T.C.U. Wogs 7 points and then came back to defeat them 17-7. End Bob Cassiday scored the first Yearling touchdown when he grabbed a 23 yard pass from Mike Boxwell. After a 42 yard field goal the Yearlings made the final tally on the ground when Jack David plunged over from the one to make the score, 17-7. The Yearlings headed for College Station on November 21 for their season windup against the A. M. Fish. Posing their rushing team against A. M. ' s passing team the Shorthorns came out with a distinctive 22-8 victory. This was the eighth game in a Texas ' Freshmen victory string over the A. M. Fish. Having concluded such a fine season, the Yearlings give every indication of being a big boost to the ' 63 Texas Longhorns. SCORES Texas 12 Baylor 13 Texas 21 Rice 14 Texas 7 SMU 8 Texas 17 TCU 7 Texas 22 . . A M 8 ROBERT CLAYBURN SCHULZE, Coach Pajc 412 . FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN AWARDS John Robbins Bush Platt Walker Davis David Craig Durham Daniel Henry Eikenberry Robert Charles Ittner William Daniel Nicholson Paul Peter Olivier John Howard Robinson Ellis Lee Smith Jay Orville Wright, Freshman Managerial Award RAYMOND VANCE MAYES, JR., Coach Texas Shorthorns versus Aggie Fish. SCORES Texas 80 Del Mar 89 Texas 80 Wharton J. C. 68 Texas 57 Rice 53 Texas 54 Baylor 58 Texas 55 TCU 74 Texas 62.. A M 66 Texas 57 Lon Mcrris 88 Texas 77. .-. . Victoria College 70 Texas 62 TCU 63 Texas 59 A M 61 Texas 57 Rice 63 Texas 48 Baylor 50 FRESHMAN SWIMMING ' FRESHMAN AWARDS William Floyd Alsup Lee Richard Branum Richard W. Chowning Carl Henry Hickerson Sam G. Kidd Gary Allen Littlepage Vincent Moyer Ronnie Earl Rogers William Reginald Smyth James Christopher Spillane Michael C. Byrd, Freshman Managerial Award HENRY CHAPMAN, Coach Front Row; Gary Littlepage, Vince Moyer, Sam Kidd, Bill Alsup, Reggie Smyth. Back Row: Coach Chapman, Dickie Chowning, Carl Hickerson, Jim Spillane, Lee Branum, Ronnie Rogers, Mike Byrd. Page 413 FRESHMAN TRACK The Texas Yearlings, led by do it all sprinter Steve Sansom. won the frosh division of the SWC meet with 63 points, to second place SMU ' s 47. Sansom, a Greenville hurdler, took both barrier events and a second in the javelin to earn 14 points for his day ' s work. Richard Romo brought the ' Horns to the victory path by winning the mile handily in 4:20.7, Ken Sunderland of Texas added a third. Chuck Frawley, the Yearlings ' top 880 man, rounded the two laps in 1:54.9 for another first for Texas. Besides a fine showing of Yearling power at the SWC meet, they have broken 11 of the 26 university all time freshman records this year. The freshman four mile relay team of Frawley, Yates, Sunderland and Romo broke the National Collegiate Freshman record of 17:19.0 with a 17:11.0. The distance medley relay team of Bill Strong, Frawley, Romo and Sunderland likewise broke the National Collegiate Freshman record of 10:00.5 with a 9:57.0. Richard Romo, running in the meet of champions at Houston, June 8, clocked the fastest time ever recorded for an American, freshman division, in the mile. His time was 4:05.6. This has been one of the most powerful teams Texas has coached in many years and the Longhorns can look forward to next year with great anticipation. FRESHMAN AWARDS Michael H. Ardis Phillip G. Baerreis Craig E. Bartlett Fred P. Clark Claude R. Cloninger Thomas T. Currie Charles Carey Frawley Billy S. Gilbreath Jack Donald Hart Michael Hall Hennen Thomas D. Keene Thomas Austin Ledbetter Michael G. McCollum John W. Perry, Jr. Richard Romo Edward S. Sansom Larry L. Steele William R. Strong Kenneth Sunderland Ronnie V. Yates Alwin Charles Coward. Freshman Managerial Award T. J. LOWORN. Coach Front Roui: Coward, Hnllii McMilan, ll.i.-rr. N, McCollum, Strong, Coach Lovrorn, Ardii, Frawley, Hirt, Yalei, Carlrr Llewelyn. Second Raw: Romo, Gilbrcalh, Richard Lawson, Clark, Saniom, Bartlett, Hennen, Kcene, Ed Beck, Sundrrland. I ' agc 411 FRESHMAN BASEBALL FRESHMAN RESULTS YEARLINGS 2 AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL 2 YEARLINGS 5 McCALLUM HIGH SCHOOL 6 YEARLINGS 6 WHARTON COUNTY JC YEARLINGS 5 BAYLOR 7 YEARLINGS RICE 5 YEARLINGS 8 AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL 1 YEARLINGS 11 BLINN JC 1 YEARLINGS 2 RICE YEARLINGS 10 TEXAS A M 8 YEARLINGS 4 BAYLOR 1 YEARLINGS 3.. . TEXAS A M 5 FRESHMAN AWARDS Forrest P. Boyd William Jasper Garden John Robert Cope Raymond Robert Dulak George Stanley Gideon Melton Lee Good Joe Clarence Hague Ralph Douglas Johnson Robert C. Raley Letcher Ward Summers Robert Ellis Wells Reginald Gladish Young Gordon Lee Lakey, Freshman Managerial Award TIM ALLEN, Coach Front Row: Garden, Clarence W. Stuermer, Jimmy Wilson, Cope, Gene Waddle, James E. Willingham, Young. Second Row: Allen, Bob Vittetoe, Raley, Good, Michael O ' Brien, Boyd, Johnson, Wells. Third Row: Hague, Phil Johnson, John E. McBride, Summers, Ralph G. Kemp, Dennis Seibert, Dulak, Lakey, Gideon. Page 415 FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY FRESHMAN AWARDS Charles Carey Frawley Jack Donald Hart Michael Hall Hennen Richard Weldon Lawson Richard Romo John Wallace Sutherland Ronnie Vonkoy Yates T. J. LOWORN, Coach 5 Left to Right: Yatea, Hart, Romo, Lawson, Hennen. FRESHMAN GOLF HARVEY PENICK, Coach FRESHMAN AWARDS Darrell Lynn Davis William -Eugene Mitchell Charles Jefferson Eskridge Ralph Dennes Worsham FRESHMAN TENNIS FRESHMAN AWARDS Richard Edward Dullnig James Sterling Hawthorne Kenneth A. Wickett David Allen Young Frederick Albert Matsen, III. Freshman Managerial Award WILMER LAWSON ALLISON. Coach Left lo Rifhl: Hawlhorno, Wirkrtt, Dulling, Younf. Plgr 416 f. =rtl f ' . GREGORY GYMNASIUM J ffiffflffl I INTRAMURALS Edited by Bill Crook and Nan Werner Page 417 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS PARTICIPATION TROPHY TRAVELING TROPHY Left to Right: Kay Worrel, Delta Gamma; Kathy French, Alpha Delta Pi; Carol Searight, Phi Mu. Left to Right: Kay Worrel, Delta Gamma, THIRD PLACE; Virgie Klein, Co-Ops, FIRST PLACE; Jackie Rainosi-k, Kappa Kappa Gamma, SECOND PLACE. FACULTY COMMITTEE Kay Holm Petersen, Chairman Mary Lou Anselin Shirley Ann Bird Karl K. Klein SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY and BEST MANAGER AWARD Carolyn Hewatt Shiela O ' Gara A. A. Rooker Rollin A. Sinninger Rhea Hughston Williams INTRAMURAL STAFF Director SHIELA O ' GARA Associate Director CAROLYN HEWATT Assistant Director EVELYN P. LOW Secretary PEGGY JONES CARTER Left to Right: Lucille Miller, Alpha Xi Delta. SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY; Carol Searlght, Phi Mu, BEST MANAGER AWARD. Page 418 MANAGERS-FALL SPORT-MANAGERS Alpha Chi Omega SUSAN PETET, BECKY NELSON Alpha Delta Pi JAN CHINN, KATHY FRENCH Alpha Gamma Delta LINDA WELLS, PEGGY WINCKLER Alpha Kappa Alpha ETTA JEAN MAYS Alpha Omicron Pi MARY JO DELK, PEGGY LAY Alpha Phi KAY SORDEN, MARGARET McGOWAN Alpha Xi Delta KAREN FLY, LUCILLE MILLER Carothers Dormitory RHODA McSPADDEN Chi Omega MARTHA PHILLIPS, PEGGY HAGOOD Co-Ops VIRGIE KLEIN, DELORES ASHORN Delta Delta Delta CORRINE COLLINS, NANCY NEBLETT Delta Gamma DIANE NEELY, KAY WORREL Delta Phi Epsilon MICKI MASSIN, YNETTE SIEGELMAN Delta Zeta JANET FRITZ, SUNELL ROGERS Gamma Phi Beta VALORIA SCOTT, SANDY BURNETT Kappa Alpha Theta CAROL MUIR, DAISY WHITRIDGE Kappa Kappa Gamma LINDA WYATT, JACKALYN RAINOSEK Littlefield Dormitory DIXIE GADDIS Newman Club CALA SHIELDS, JOYCE MATTHEY Phi Mu CAROL SEARIGHT Pi Beta Phi GAIL FORSYTHE, NANCY HOSKINS Scottish Rite Dormitory MARY LOU FARRAR Sigma Delta Tau SANDY GALOOB, DINY PLOTSKY Zeta Tau Alpha . . BECKY DAVIS, CHINKY JOHNSON, ALANE HIGGINS, CAROL DAWSON Front Row: Peggy Winckler, Alpha Camma Delta; Becky Davis, Zeta Tau Alpha; Valerie Scott, Gam ' ma Phi Beta; Susan Petet, Alpha Chi Omega; Jere Kitzmiller, Delta Gamma; Martha Phillips, Chi Omega. Back Row: C arol Scaright, Phi Mu; Mary Jo Delk, Alpha Omicron Pi; Nikki Rylander, Kirby; Virgie Klein, Co-Ops; Janet Fritz, Delta Zeta. MANAGERS-SPRING TOUCH FOOTBALL ORANGE BRACKET Front Row: Kay Worrel, Delta Gamma; Sandy Burnett, Gamma Phi Beta; Diny Plotsky, Sigma Delta Tau; Joyce Matthey, Newman Club. Second Row: Janice Galls, Co-Ops; Alane Higgins, Zeta Tau Alpha; Virgie Klein, Co-Ops; Jackie Rainosek, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: Peggy Hagood, Chi Omega, Peggy Winckler, Alpha Gamma Delta; Nancy Neblett, Delta Delta Delta; Daisy Whitridge, Kappa Alpha Theta. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: WINNER GAMMA PHI BETA, Kathy Hudkins, Stacie Stone, Cynthia Shoptavr. Second Row: Brenda Baxter, Merla Lew Riddle, Sally Mathis, Lou Barnhart, Susan Dillard, Martha Dillard, Valorie Scott, Dianne Douglass, Carol Romano, Jean Fletcher, Mary Gray McGee. Third Row: RUNNER-UP KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Karen Tellepsen, Jackie Rainosek, Jan La Master, Evalie Hawes, MolHe Rehmet, Erin Linn, Kay Peebles, Liz Mobley, Suzanne Womack, Anne McCullough, Frannie Ronshausen, Harriet Williams, Jann Rowley. Page 419 Front Row: WINNER DELTA GAMMA, Lynne Raachke, Pat Myers, Ann Wingo, Carolyn Benton, Pam Jamison, Vicki Brooks. Second Row: Barbara Sandy, Diane Dusek, Betsy Bonin, Sunny Langston, Jill Harris, Betty Fry, Jere Kitzmiller. Third Row: RUNNER-UP DELTA DELTA DELTA, Nancy Neblett, Judy Meyer, Kathy Malick, Sue Herrington, Patsy Lyle, Diane Dodson, Kay Bowers, Corinne Collins, Nancy Andrews, Kay Olsen, Linda Wright, Jan Rozell. BADMINTON SINGLES Left to Right: Eva Johnson, Independent, SECOND PLACE; Becky Tyner, Independent, FIRST PLACE. ARCHERY ' . ' . ' Right: Joann Thompson, Independent, WINNER; Roberta, Alpha Omicron Pi, RUNNER-UP. Pamela DOUBLES Left to Right: Jan Grannis, Becky Tyner, Independent, SECOND PLACE; Glenadine Russell, Martha Hansen, Delta Gamma, FIRST PLACE. BASKETBALL ORANGE BRACKET front Row: RUNNERS-UP WHITEHALL CO-OP, Becky Ihrig, Julia Labay, Frances Ciddens, JoAnn Stiles, Shirley Pankratz, Johnette Schelin, Mary Ann Kuykendall, Judy Cole. Back Rout: WINNERS LITTLEFIELD, Joy Pohl, Jo Williamson, Sarah Williamson, Margaret Koy, Linda Daniel, Janice Lain, Dixie Caddis, Mary Jane Williamson, Judy Bell, Judy Couch. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: RUNNERS-UP GAMMA PHI BETA, Susan Davis, Jane Pfeiffer, Margie CUT, Valarie Scott, Jran Fletcher, Cynthia Shoptaw, Mary Jane McGee, Martha Dillanl. Page 420 Baek Row: WINNERS-ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. Thelma Miller, Charlie Mae Spencer, Betty Griggi. Gloria Grant, Bnbbye Stevens, Beverly Hatrhrr, Ella Mays. VOLLEYBALL ORANGE BRACKET - Front Row: RUNNERS-UP WHITEHALL CO-OP, Frances Giddens, Becky Ihrig, Janice Calle, Julie Labay, Johnette Schelin, Dolly Ashorn. Back Row: WINNERS NEWMAN HALL, Mary Ann Havlak, Joyce Matthey, Margaret Davis, Rose Ann Beseda, Shirley Dinhobl, Edith Sohrt, Linda Stiles. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: RUNNERS-UP PHI MU, Zoe Griffith, Carol Senright, Bar bara Stone, Rita Fenno, Janet Zrubek, Margie Kutac. Back Row: WINNERS ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, Becky Becknelt, Jerry Walker Anne Adams, LouEllen Breuer, Dixie Caddis, Martha Dunlap. TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES SHUFFLEBOARD SINGLES Left to Right: Mickie Collins, Kappa Kappa Gamma, RUNNER-UP; Martha Neil Shaw, Chi Omega, WINNER. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Left to Right: Ann Whiting, Co-Op, RUNNER-UP; Marsha Dingle, Zeta Tau Alpha, WINNER. Left to Right: Doris Janek, Barbara Jacobson, Independent, RUNNERS-UP; Patricia Nance, Carole Burke, Independent, WINNERS. Page 421 GOLF SWIMMING WINNER: Kay Walton, Phi Mu. Front Row: RUNNERS -UP Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mary Strauss, Jackalyn Rainosek, Terry Clark, Liz Mobley, Ann Ruth, Mary Mike Oles. Back Row: WINNERS Kappa Alpha Theta, Carolyn Dudley, Susan Syers, Louise Connally, Daisv Whitridge, Mary Helen Thomas, Susan Philbin. Not Pictured: Kay Peebles, Kathryn Odom, Brooke Rumsey, Prudence M ahaffey. FENCING BOWLING Left to Right: Pam Whitney, Gamma Phi Beta, THIRD PLACE; Sheila Barnett, Delta Gamma, THIRD PLACE; Kathy Diion, Delta Gamma, SECOND PLACE; Eva Johnson, Independent, FIRST PLACE. DECK TENNIS DOUBLES Left to Right: WINNERS Alpha Chi Omega, Susan Petet, Karon Hughes, Linda Myers, Janet Dahl. POSTURE Front Rote: RUNNERS-UP Chi Omega, Molly, Pulver, Pat McClure. Back Row: WINNERS Alpha Chi Omega, Joyce Turner, Donna Towntend. Front Rom: THIRD PLACE Jane Page Litte, Amy Ceppert, Suie Hujhes, Mary Ann Strawn. Back Row: FIRST PLACE Diane Snyder, Marta Davidion, Virlie Kay Saver.; SECOND PLACE Sue Greater, Carmen Shepherd, Ronda Johnton. Pa ( e 422 _ TENNIS DOUBLES SOFTBALL ORANGE BRACKET Left to Right: Gayle Hedge, Tudy Griffin, WINNERS; Barbara Harry, Anne Dclaune, RUNNERS-UP. SINGLES Front Row. WINNERS NEWMAN, Shirley Dinhobl, Georgene Knock, Pat Reininger, Marge Prasatik. , Second Row: Gala Shields, Joyce Matthey, Marilyn Finger, Linda Styles, Martha Hen- dricks, Teresa Roberto. Back Row: RUNNERS-UP LITTLEFIELD, Mary Jane Williamson, Katie Aston, Joy Pohl, Pam Crone, Dottie Lilliard, Dixie Caddis, Linda Daniel, Janice Lain, Suzanne Bartlett, Jill Crabbe, Alice Eichenroht. WHITE BRACKET .. Front Roto: WINNERS Alpha Gamma Delta, Carolyn Aaron, Anne Adams, Lydia Ann Melcher, Lee Singleton, Melicent Tlucek, Peggy Winckler, Jerry Walker, Dinah Ford, Enayse Wimberly, Lee Ericsen, Linda Wells Corao. Back Row: RUNNERS-UP PHI MU, Bennie Clinton, Rita Fenno, Margie Kutac, Patsy Martyn, Kay Walton, Sue Wagnon, Janet Zrubeck, Jo Van Hurd, Carol Searjght, Vicki Hunter, Rosemary White. UTSA Left to Right: Jan Chinn, Alpha Delta Pi, RUNNER-UP; Judy Jordan, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WINNER. PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL Left to Right: Lillian Kosh, Strike and. Spare; Lou Clark, Basketball Club; Linda Loveless, Turtle Club; Nancy Hoffman, Racket Club ; Anna Brace, Canter Club ; Jackie Baggett, Ponna Club; Denny Newberry, Orchesis. Page 423 CANTER U.T.S.A. POONA Left to Right: Sharon Fox, Deanna Stoone, Mitten Rubey, Richard McMakin, Branch Northrup, Frances Preston, Jose Karachi, Becky Nelson, Anna Brace, Barbara Stone, Marion Bell, Rita Fen no, Carol Fox, Lynne Myers. Members Not Pictured: Judy Terry, Humberto Cantu, Kim Boettcher, Judy Osmun. Front Row: June Burke, Jackie Baggett, Tanya Mann, Colleen O ' Connor. Back Row: Pat Ryan, Grace Zirjacks, Judy Bowers, Molly Hornsby. Member$ Not Pictured: Cindy Floyd, Carol Searight. TURTLE RACQUET Front Row: Carol Ann Voltz, Charlotte Hooper, Pat Riggs, Kitty Kincaid, Terry Steves, Shirley McGuire, Edie Lyles, Cris Haueisen, Carol Earl. Back Row: Janet Fels, Peggy Foran, Pat Davidson, Linda Ruth Loveless, Jane Voight, Jan Miller, Beverly Brand, Sylvia Raschke, Carol Halamicek, Janet Slavens, Bobbie Tate, Lou Cash. Members Not Pictured: Kay Worrell, Peggy Hagood, Fran Norris. Front Row: Becky Tyner, Kaye Monk, Elsie Everett, Jean Merritt, Tudi Griffin. Back Row: Lynne Buskirk, Nancy Hoffman, Bonnie Renick, Genie Pan noil, Betty S. Appenbrink, Marlcne Flor, Pam Sperry, Marion Powell, Judy Jordan. ORCHESIS STRIKE S SPARE Front Rom: Ray Childen, Lillian Kosh, Bill Winkler, Carolyn Fisher, Carolyn Giese, Jan Bzura, Nancy Hotkina, Janice Galle, Linda Blackstone, Virginia Wells, Pam Russell, Gay Gunzel, Jan Hinds, Linda Mason, Celene Lanham. Sack Row: John Krueger, Johnny Gabriel, Stanley Stumhoffer, Edward Tinoco, Ray Landers, Dolph Diddy, John Guinn, Bill Gray, Ronny Malloch, Bill Coursey, Larry Biggera. Charles Woods, Terry Sledek, Dick O ' Dell, Hugh Starrelt. Member Not Pictured: Darrell Martin, Sandy Liles, William Harrison, Robert Bucalow, Carol Cenzer, Kathryn White, Joyce Rudberg, Fillis Framer, Kay Walton, Robert Gartner. Page 424 Front Row: Charlene Cooper, Barbara Joan Gochman, Liz Davis, Penny Acers, Denny Newberry. Middle Row: Carol Ann Sims. Lorrie Beal, Judy Ticknor, April Beall, Dolly Dippel. Back Row: Janet Darrow, Rita Fagelman, Eileen Stilson, Betsy Schwartz, Jeanne Amacker. Mrmhm Not Pictured: Lynn Gallagher, Lolly Morales, Martha Reed, Sarah Mazfield. INTRAMURAL SPORTS FOR MEN STAFF Director Emeritus BERRY McCLURE WHITAKER Director ALBERT ALBIN ROOKER Assistant Director ROBERT N. HIGGINS Administrative Secretary EMILY S. DUNBAR Secretary ANNE S. WINSTEAD FACULTY COMMITTEE Kay H. Petersen Mary Lou Anselin Shirley Ann Bird Carolyn Hewatt Shiela M. O ' Gara Albert A. Rooker Rollin A. Sininger Rhea H. Williams SENIOR MANAGERS 1962-63 Left to Right: Morion Lee Herman, SIGMA ALPHA MU; Thomas M. Mickelsen, NAVY; Ronald Errol Levinon, SIGMA ALPHA MU; James Preston LePage, BLOCKER. I JUNIOR MANAGERS, FALL SEMESTER UYMNAM JUNIOR MANAGERS. SPRING SEMESTER GREGORY GYMNA5IUM Front Row: John McGuffin Steele, Walter Neal Mullins, Donald Wallace Brown. Back Row: Anthony Charles Jung, Charles Cowan Womack, Jr., Kristinn Ingi Hansen. Front Rota: Robert Wade Kniseley, John Franklin Austin, Jerry Lee Weinstein. Back Row: Ronald Fred Bond, Gerry William Reams, Raymond Lee Johnson, Byron Flanary Egan. Page 425 TOUCH FOOTBALI KAPPA SIGMA CHAMPIONS Front Row: Jim Vincent Carroll, George Mitchell Boyd, John Carter Llewellyn, Tim Allen, Thomas Kyle Ward. Bach Row: Malcolm Baker, Gary Erroll London, Robert Daniel Spellings, Charles Herbert Bankhead, Joseph Sharber Howell. KAPPA ALPHA PSI RUNNER-UP Front Row: Cleo Jenkins, Walter Earl McDonald, Freeman LaSalle Andrews, William Edward Morris, Claude Elredge Monroe. Back Row: Fred Lee Jefferson, Joe Henry Thorpe, Thomas Saines Gillis, Marcellus Young, James M. Kerl, Robert Alexander Booker, Howard Eugene Jefferson, Percy Singleton, Jr. CLASS B KAPPA SIGMA CHAMPIONS Front Row : Mike Ray Rooke, Lon Michael Goldstein, Charses Edgar Put man, Tom Ralph Cravens. Back Row: Charles Dean Warren, Mark H. Hart, Wade H. Wilden, John Harrell Feldt, William Carroll Kelly, Steven L. Berry, Robert Allen Gardner. NAVY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Lloyd Kenneth Perkins, Kenneth Charles Windham, Don A. Tortorice, Philip Wayne Johnson, James Steven Quinn. Back Row: Roger Lee Wharton, Louis E. Spradlin, Rudolph Vince Krueger, Scott Charles Follett, Charles Thomas Key, Warren Neilson Lipscomb, Jr., Jon David Holzapfel, David Clarence Neubauer. SWIMMING ALPHA TAU OMEGA CHAMPIONS Front Rota: Emraett Leigh Morrison. Patrick Graham Cooper, Franklin H. Cominikey. Back Row: William Arthur Teague, Warren Frank Tracy. Page 426 DELTA TAU DELTA RUNNER-UP Front Rote: Richard Page Keeton, Edward Ralph Barren, Herbert R. Joan. Back K.IIC: Joe Bill Watkinl, Charlei Mike Lucat, Roy Maxwell Hall, Joltph Campbell Sparks, BASKETBALL CLASS A Xmh , PtTCT DELTA TAU DELTA CHAMPIONS Front tow: William Crocker St. Clair, Leon Elton Ferrell, Joe Bill Walking. Back Row : Joseph Campbell Sparks, Patrick O. Higgins, Michael R. Thompson, Charles Michael Lucas. NAVY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Charles Thomas Key, L. E. Spradlin, John Michael Beidel. Back Row: Harold G. Lutz, Scott Charles Follett, John Michael Mason, Thomas M. Broad. i (tab PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPIONS Front Row: Donald Ashley II ill in, Roy Eugene Rushing, Thomas Henger Stewart, John Hurschel Young. Back Row: Joseph Paul DeLorenzo, William Scott Adams, David Locke Stone, Robert Monroe Speed. ARMY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Clifford L. Thompson, Herbert E. Evans, David Dean Ling, John Allen Cook. Back Row: James Franklin Gladson, Timothy Burton Eldred, Oscar Newell Goode, Hermes Edward Payne, Douglas Read Connally. WATER BASKETBALL DELTA TAU DELTA CHAMPIONS Front Row: Charles S. Leeper, Marion Sanford, Robert Louthan Wynne. Second Row: John Walter Dietz, Joe Bill Watkins, David Dean Nunneley, Bruce Monarch Smith, Allison Gayle Hasselmeir. Back Row: John Harvey Hudspeth, Ralph Edd Krieger, Robert Graham Watts, Charles Michael Lucas. NAVY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Don A. Tortorice, David Garner Wilbourne, John S. Ryder, Timothy Drake Moore. Back Row: Gerald C. Lund, Jon David Holzapfel, Jesse Luke Thompson, Warren 10- Neilson Lipscomb, Jr., Henry Amos Harper, Harold G. Lutz, Charles Thomas Key, B7 VOLLEYBALL CLASS A IRANIAN STUDENTS CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Paegh Frank Chaveleh, Assad Iranpanah, James Mark Pape, Henry C. Arevalos, Mansour Duke Nikkhah, Ata Ollah Safai, Hossien Kazemi. PHI GAMMA DELTA RUNNER-UP Left to Right: Leo C. Roan, Dean Marshall Greenwood, Tom William Oliver David L Seone, Richard H. Carnahan, Leland M. AJIred. DELTA TAU DELTA CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Leo Horace White, William James Smith, Sam Sparks, David Michael South, Patrick O. Higgins, Joe Bill Watkins, Butch Cockran. ARMY RUNNER-UP Front Row: Jack Layne Harper, Bill Paul Brandon, Ken Waldie Wunderlich. Second Row: Edward Woolsey Price, Jack Holford, Charles Ned Goldberg. Back Row: Captain George Young, John Frederick LeFlore, Mike Ross Bullard, David Kingrea. BOWLING CLASS A PHI DELTA THETA CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Raymond Wright Davidson, Andrew John Swenson, Howard Pressley Hallam. PHI SIGMA DELTA RUNNER-UP Left to Right: Bennett Stanley Anton, David Hardy Andres, Stanley Morton Kaufman. CLASS B THE UNBEATABLES CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Tommy Reid Tomlinnon. Reuben R. Lorffler, Thomas Oliver Meadows, Leonard H. Hill. p TEJAS CLUB RUNNER-UP Lett to Right: Don L. Jones, Eufene Reeder. Tom Will Gregf, Jr., Travii C. Mritirn. Lawrence Louis Germer. SOFTBALL-SLOW PITCH CLASS A PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPIONS Front Kou;: Walter Scott Fortney, Tom Henger Stewart, John A. Genung, Jack A. Collins. Second Row: Wayne E. Ray, M. Leland Allred, John Joseph Redfern, Ken B. Ford. Back Row: Ed N. Esquivel, Richard Charles Campbell, Ken Wayne Powell. ARMY RUNNER-UP Front Row: David George Allums, Dean Marshall Greenwood, Dan Ray Lazicki, Dan Nobles Gardner, Thomas Edward Lane. Second Row: Captain John E. Mclntosh, Anthony Charles Jung, Larry Calvin Nelson, John Allen Cook, Hermes Edward Payne. Back Row: Claude Edward Hempel, Gerald Anthony Serorod, Ronald Fred Bond, Jerry Morgan Hixson. CLASS B PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPIONS Front Row: .Leo C. Roan, Tommy H. Nelms, Rodney Wayne Satterwhite, Herbert E. Graham. Back Row: Ferrell Frank Davis, Frank Anthony Boni, Robert R. Lanier, Jackson Thornton Fulgham, Knox T. Williams, Roy Eugene Rushing, Winfield Hugh Looney, H. Stryker Emmerton. SOFTBALL-FAST TCH CLASS A PRATHER HALL RUNNER-UP Front Row: Ernest William Gragg, Robert Doil Burgess, Sam Lynn Ward, Tommy Eugene Lane, Tommy Ray Actkinson. Back Row: G. Edward Bradford, Richard Felipe Cortez, William W. Niver, Robert Portner Kohler, James Weldon Pope, Monroe Wayne Jones, Ron Steven Goldberg, Sam Walter Jetton, Thomas C. Cook, Jack Duff Lusk. PEM CLUB CHAMPIONS Front Row: Tommy Cline Ford, Tommy Ray Lucas, Ronnie E. Marrs, Augustine Castillo. Second Row: Daniel Earl Schroeder, Armando Chapa, Richard Stark, Ned Cole. Back Row: Clinton Thompson, Edward DelaRosa, Robert Lewis Smith. Page 429 PHI KAPPA SIGMA RUNNER-UP Front Row: Randall Lee Hammon, Jr., Ralph Werner Knebel, William C. Spruell, Robert L. Harris. Second Rout: Roland McKendree Chamberlin, James Richard Herbster, James Leon Farris, Ollie Albert Schwansch. Back Rout: John R. Croxson, Thomas Lee White, Leslie Clark Acker, Michael Robert Dehard. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS A Left to Right: Boris Orlin, Sigma Alpha Mu, RUNNER- UP j Ken N. Persenaire, Independent, CHAMPION. DOUBLES CLASS B Left to Right: Abel Paredes, Newman Club, RUNNER-UP; Randall Lee Hanunons, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma, CHAM- PION. CLASS A Left to Right: Robert Irvin Pettis, Alan Wade Penis, Beta Theta Pi, RUNNER-UP; Walter L. New, Robert A. Roberts, Misfits, CHAMPION. CLASS B Left to Right: John Harold Ayers, Raymund Arthur Paredes, Newman, RUNNER-UP; William Keith Kirkgard, Hal Francis Rachal, Beta Theta Pi, CHAMPION. GOLF SINGLES GOLF DOUBLES I, fit to Right: Jerry Mike Smith, Phi Kappa Sigma, RUNNER-UP; William Morton Knob- ler, Sigma Alpha Mu, CHAMPION. l.rft to Right: John Clyde Tomlinion, David Lee Duncan, Independent, CHAMPIONS. Left to Right: John Robert Cochran, Charles Herbert Bankhead, Kappa Sigma, RUNNERS-UP. PHI GAMMA DELTA CHAMPIONS Front Row: Jack A. Collins, John A. Genung, Robert Went Paddock, Michael Rodgers Borwell. Back Row: M. I. eland Allred, John Henry Heller, Jame H. McQuistion, Richard W. Riley. ' KAPPA SIGMA RUNNER-UP Left to Right: George Mitchell Boyd, Joe H. Parks, Charles Dean Warren, Mark L. Hart, Tom Ralph Cravens, Robert Kim Gaynor, Tim Allen. WRESTLING ' Left to Right: 123 Pound Class, Richard King Nordquist, Sigma Phi Epsilon, CHAMPION; William Duncan Muir, Beta Them Pi, RUNNER-UP j 130 Pound Class, John Penney Cogan, Sigma Chi, RUNNER-UP; Ronald Paul Rhoten, Tau Kappa Epsilon, CHAMPION; 137 Pound Class, Thomas W. Brown, Delta Tau Delta, CHAMPION; Thomas Wayne Cook, Alpha Tau Omega, RUNNER-UP; 147 Pound Class, Harry Her- bert Peel, Tau Kappa Epsilon, RUNNER-UP; Monroe Ben Nowotny, Kappa Alpha, CHAMPION; 157 Pound Class, William Lyman Haines, Alpha Tau Omega, CHAMPION; Richard Wayne Allen, Delta Tau Delta, RUNNER-UP. Left to Right: 167 Pound Class, Jerry R. Reed, Army, CHAMPION; Thomas Alan Dyke, Alpha Tau Omega, RUNNER-UP; 177 Pound Class, Arthur Michael Standrige, Unattached, CHAMPION; Carl Baker King, Delta Kappa Epsilon, RUNNER-UP, Not Pictured; 191 Pound Class, William Grant Hilburn, Chi Phi, CHAMPION; Charles Wayne Melton, Alpha Tau Omega, RUNNER-UP; Unlimited Class, Tim Hayes Smith, Alpha Tau Omega, CHAMPION; John C. Treadwell, Phi Gamma Delta, RUNNER-UP. Page 431 TENNIS SINGLES CLASS A Left to Right: William Davis Jordan, Beta Theta Pi, CHAMPION; Nicolas Juan Perez, Goodall Woolen, RUNNER-UP. DOUBLES CLASS B Left to Right: Bates Lowry Hoffer, Newman Club, RUN- NER-UP; William Lewis Friedman, Sigma Nu, CHAM- PION. CLASS A Left to Right: Donald Brooks Creer, William Lewis Friedman, Sigma Nu, CHAMPIONS; John Mike Beidel, Harvard Glenn Ayers, Navy, RUNNERS-UP. TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS B Left to Right: John Quinn Rounsaville, Don Clifford Davis, Delta Tau Delta, CHAM- PIONS; Robert Elton Allison, Jr., Danny Keith Raley, Blacker, RUNNERS-UP. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Left to Right: Dennis Everd Gresham, Stephen Lawrence Smith, Unattached, RUNNERS-UP; Allan Morton Berg, Donald Freeman Marcus, Phi Sigma Delta, CHAMPIONS. Left to Right: Stephen Lawrence Smith, Un- attached, CHAMPION; Jerry Wharton Rodgers, BSU, RUNNER-UP. OPEN TOURNAMENTS Page 432 M BADMINTON SQUASH e t to Right: Charles Morgan Holbrook, Unattached, CHAM- PION; High Jonathan Starrett, Unattached, RUNNER-UP. Left to Right: Riley Mile Toler, AIChE, RUNNER-UP; Harold Rogers, Unattached, CHAMPION. GYMNASTICS HORSESHOE SINGLES FENCING f Left to Right: John Leslie Rounsaville, Theta Xi, RUN- NER-UP; Monty Lynn Shapland, Theta Xi, CHAM- Left to Right: Alfred Joe Hernandez, Unattached, RUN- NER-UP; Ned K. Handly, Brackenridge Hall, CHAM- TEAM FREE THROW INDIVIDUAL FREE THROW Left to Right: Fred Ray Culberson, Don Whiteman Creager, Terry Austin Willis, Tommy Royce Robertson, Richard Donald Ruggles, Coodatl Woolen, CHAMPIONS. Page 433 Ronald Thomas Reitmeier, Unattached, CHAMPION. WHITAKER LEADERSHIP ROW WOW ORGANIZATION ALL-YEAR TROPHY WINNERS L. E. Spradlin NAVY NOWOTNY SPORTSMANSHIP Front Row: CHAMPIONS: H. Phil Schaefer, ALPHA TAU OMEGA; Fred E. Davis, BRUNETTE; L. E. Spradlin, NAVY; Billy R. Karrh, THELEME. Rack Rmt: RUNXER5-UP: William C. Si. Clair, DELTA TAU DELTA: Charles Shirley. BLOCKER: Dan N. Gardner, ARMY; Dan B. Williams, ROBERTS. BEST ALL-ROUND ATHLETES Lett to Right: Tommy R. Robertson, GOOD- ALL WOOTEN; John M. Beidel, NAVY; Daniel D. Kubin, ROYAL. Not Pictured: Thomas E. Cool, BETA THETA PI. John M. Beidel TEXAS COWBOYS SPORTMANSHIP PARTICIPATION TROPHIES Bill; R. Karrh I ' ll to Right: IIMI..- David Whittntdr. PHI DELTA THETA; Fred E. Da Gardner, ARMY; Charlei Jame Hickl, ROYAL. Page 43 ( BRUNETTE: Dan N. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR MEN Faculty Director A. A. ROOKER Secretary NED K. HANDLY UTSAM was organized for the purpose of promoting interest and participation for outstanding athletes in sports not sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics. There are many men with outstanding skills and abilities in various sports who would not otherwise be afforded an opportunity of continued participation. The Association is comprised of various sports clubs, each having its own director and faculty sponsor, is spon- sored by the Department of Intramurals Sports for Men and has been approved as an official campus organization by the Dean of Student Life. The 1962-63 season was the best year for UTSAM participation since it was created in 1946. Ten clubs were active and all groups had impressive records. The Handball team won the National Intercollegiate championship in Miami, Florida. National Champions in Class A doubles and were runners-up in Class A and Class B singles. The Bowling Sports Club finished second in the Texas Intercollegiate Bowling League and sent a team to Chicago for the Intercollegiate Match Games Championship. The Badminton Club had a very good season placing high in four tournaments and sponsored an International Badminton Tournament that included twelve players from Mexico City and the former world ' s champion from Thailand. The Volleyball team made a good showing in the National Volleyball Association Intercollegiate Tournament placing seventh and being eliminated by the Santa Monica College championship team. BADMINTON CLUB BOWLING CLUB Student Director FRANK R. RAY Sponsor MARION L. JOHNSON Student Director CHARLES E. WOODS Sponsors SERGEANT MARVIN TURNIPSEED SERGEANT ROBERT N. PARSONS Front Row: Marion L. Johnson, Ronald L. Cabe, Carl N. Rennert. Back Row: Charles M. Holbrook, Frank B. Ray, Donald E. Ryan. Not Pictured: Eugene E. Kluth, James H. McKenney. FENCING CLUB Student Directors NED K. HANDLY EDWARD W. TINOCO Sponsor KENNE D. GILMORE Left to Right: Charles L. Hollas, Gerald A. Semrod, Adrian L. Bludeau, Jerry Lee Davidson, John Richard O ' Dell, Charles Edward Woods, Sergeant Robert N. Parsons Sergeant Marvin E. Turnipseed. GYMNASTICS CLUB Student Directors DAVID K. NORTHINGTON MILAM M. KADLECIK Sponsor DARREL K. WILLIAMS Le l to Right: Alfred Joe Hernandez, Jr., John Hal Vandever, Nod Kinkier Handly Lt t to Right: Larry M. Cobb, Charles F. Cobb, Jr., David K. No Pahnke, Gary Wayne Bowman, Milan M. Kadlecik. Douglas L. Cone. Not Pictured: Charles C. Laneham, III, Charles J. Southard. .n, L. Doi.pla- HANDBALL CLUB Student Director ROBERT A. ROBERTS Sponsor KENNETH W. TYSON VOLLEYBALL TEAM Student Directors CURTIS E. DOBBS HOSSEIN KAZEMI Sponsor JERRY FRIESEN Front Row: Boris Orlin, Lee Michael Mendelovitz, Charlea E. Blum, Abel Parades, Raymund A. Paredes. Back Row: K. W. Tyson, Will M. Ollison, Leslie E. Pennington, Robert A. Roberts, Kenneth N. Persenaire, Harry Dillashaw, William M. Brenner, Michael Edward Bonine, Clifford B. Woodward, Bert A. Floyd, Jr., Jon Warren Graves, Robert S. Pickelner. Front Row: Jerry Friesen, Assad Iranpanah, Ata Ollah Safai, Hossein Kazemi, Faegh Chaveleh. Back Row: Curtis E. Dobbs, William K. Tuttle, Henry G. Arevalos, Mansour Nikkhah Robert Earl Bailey. Not Pictured: John E. Schmid. SOFTBALL CLUB Student Directors JAMES R. HERBSTER RANDALL L. HAMMONS Sponsor ROBERT L. HENDERSON Front Row: Randall Lee Hammons, Ronald David Weaks, James Leon Farris, Ronald Eugene Marrs. Back Row: Robert L. Henderson, James Richard Herbster, Lewis Lee Hensley, Charles W. Melton. WRESTLING CLUB Student Director JAMES C. BARBER Sponsor JAMES NELSON MOWRY WEIGHT LIFTING CLUB Student Director CARLOS AVILA Sponsors TERRENCE C. TODD ROY JACK McLEAN Left to Right: William L. Hainei, Joe C. Rude, Robert A. Beverly, Jime C. Barber, John P. Cogan, Richard A. Ford, M. Ben Nowotny, Thomas W. Brown, Richard A. Nordquiat. Front Rota: Charle Thomai Koch, Michael David Gore, Jim my Joe McAfee, Dick Philips, William Lee Knighton. Back Rom: R. J. McLean, Michael Robert Dehard, Ben Ellis Lockett, Carlos Avila, Cecil Lee Newton, Jr. Page 436 ACADEMIC " Every man has two educations that which is given to him. and the other, that which he gives to himself. " Rickter Sunset lichirtd the University HONORARIES HM SENIORS mam JUNIORS mm SOPHOMORES mam FRESHMEN BARKER H STORV HONORARY, PROFESSIONAL, SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS Edited by Zane Ann Morgan Page 437 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS Fall MIKE CLIFTON CLUNIE DONALD CLIFFORD WARD WILLIAM JACKSON DOUGLAS PHILIP VALDOR PUTSCHE JOHN KNOX BOWLING, JR. . . PAT WINSTON McCUTCHIN . . ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE . President . Spring DON R. McCULLOUGH . Vice-President WILLIAM JACKSON DOUGLAS . . . Secretary JOHN KNOX BOWLING, JR. . . .Treasurer WILLIAM EDWARD DAVLIN .Faculty Sponsor ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE Alan Scott Jean William Brown Walter Hart Henry Newton Bell Douglas A. Boyd Mike Clifton Clunie Michael Dan Corley William Jackson Douglas Larry Edward Agan Fred Charles Beseler Eugene Frank Boemer John Knox Bowling, Jr. Barry Arlice Brooks Robert P. Buford James Howard Case, Jr. William Edward Davlin Robert Carl Demler, Jr. Wenche Guevara William Ward Herries Warthen Royce House FACULTY MEMBERS Ernest Alonzo Sharpe HONORARY MEMBERS John Bonner McLane Rocco Revisore Rodger Smith Joe Wilkinson MEMBERS James Lawrence Hull. Jr. Gerald Arthur Lowe Pat Winston McCutchin Philip Valdor Putsche James Eugene Sanders Marion David Standridge Donald Clifford Ward Stan Weinburg Billy Witliff FALL PLEDGES George Douglas Duwe William Ronald Gilmore James Nelson Gsell William Edward Hall King Colville Hoermann Lawrence Foster Hurley- Rudolph Kidder John Robert Matlock Don R. McCullough Jeffery Lynn Millar James W. Owens Dick Roberts Jesse Albert Root, Jr. John Dennis Rowland, III Thomas Vaughan Sanders SPRING PLEDGES Barry Jan Hruska Ronnie Kurtz Caleb Jackson Pirtle Michael Phillip Teter John Herschel Vaughan, II Jerry Mathis Weaver Larry Martin Wood ALPHA DELTA SIGMA is the national professional advertising fraternity for those majoring in and interested in advertising as a career. Membership is awarded to those who successfully complete a semester as a pledge after invita- tion to join is extended. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA attempts to bridge the gap between classroom theory and professional practice. The Paul J. Thompson chapter was founded at the University in 1928. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA was originally founded at the University of Missouri in 1913. Pige 438 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS President LINDA RUTH LOVELESS V ice-President PHILIP MARION SHARP Secretary ANN REED HEFFINGTON Treasurer ALLAN JARRELL SOFFAR Reporter JOHN C. TREADWELL Historian WILLIAN VIRGIL TILLERY Faculty Advisor ANTONE GARDNER JACOBSON Edwin McCullough Anderson Jan Anne Baethe Alan Carl Baum Johnny Bliznak Alan Paul Bloebaum David Fain Bode James Allen Boger Charles Kendrick Cash John Wesley Dorman Abram M. Eisenstein Allan Hirsch Fradkin Don Hatchett Ann Reed Heffington Marvin Stuart Kogutt Jerry Spruce Lehmann Mary Louise Lehmann Kenneth 0. Albers Allan Joseph Alpard James Lawrence Barnard. Jr. Michael Shane Brenan George Pardue Bunch Robert Brentwood Bux Thomas Reynolds Calhoun Charles Harvey Campbell Norma Jeane Crow Edward Joseph Dwyer Justin McCord Elliott. Jr. William Fitch Wilson Jan Garrett Russell Randell Grace Robert Samuel Greenwood MEMBERS Melvyn Lerman Linda Ruth Loveless Mildred Elaine Lowry John Bingham Martin Daniel Ted Matthews Frederick Louis Merian William Keith Miles Charles Woodrow Monday, Jr. Wallace Everett Moore. Jr. Mary Kay Mount George Everett Mumme Kay Frances Patten Richard C. Rockwell Arnold Mayer Rosen Harry Max Rosenthall FALL AND SPRING INITIATES Donald Loren Herzberg Douglas Leslie Horton John Robbie Jordan James Frank Krivan Michael R. Lawless Michael Andre Lenoir Stephen Arthur Levy- Jack Calhoun Long Kenneth Lee Long William Frank Looney Roger Glynn McCary Frederick Albert Matsen. Ill Jack A. Mayer James Luther Mims, III Anitha T. Mitchell J. Edward Rosenthal Jimmy Douglas Schmidt Philip Marion Sharp Paul Stephen Simons Allan Jarrell Soffar John Bruce Stoliar David Burk Strong Stanley Earl Thawley Tommy Alton Tiller William Virgil Tillery John C. Treadwell Calixto Cedric Valle. Ill Robert Earl White William Darrell Willerson Susan Woodbridge Wilson Randolph Clark Zuber Philip J. Montalbo James M. Muse Edmund Lowe Nichols Stuart Murry Nelkin Charles Oltorf Warren D. Parker Larry Ewing Phillips John Richard Porter Phillip Leonard Robbins, Jr. Jerry Wharton Rodgers Thomas Malcolm Roosth William W. Schuessler Larry Spier Shelby Allan Wyll Stephen Hoyt Young ALPHA EPSILON DELTA is the national honorary pre-medical society which has as its aims the binding together of students with the same interests, the encouragement of scholastic excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental work, the crystallization of any movement for the good of the student and the bridging of the gap between students and the medi- cal and dental schools. To be eligible, a student must have a personality suitable for medical work, must have maintained an average of 2.0 grade points in at least 45 hours of work, 15 of which must be taken at the University. The student must also possess those qualities which will make him an outstanding physician or dentist in the future. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA was founded at the University of Alabama in 1926, and established at The University of Texas in 1929. Page 439 1 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS Fall Spring SUSAN DERANDA SHAW President VICKI SUE CALHOUN JANET M. DAHL Vice-President JUDY KATHERINE BELL JUDITH ANN SIMS ... . . Secretary-Treasurer DONNA J. MAYBRY m PRUDY KAY RAMSEY Historian APRIL BEALL HELEN MARGARET FLINN Faculty Sponsor HELEN MARGARET FLINN SfT HONORARY MEMBER Helen Margaret Flinn MEMBERS Elizabeth A. Adkisson Janice C. Cummings Estelle C. Jares Esperanza M. Rodriquez Tess Allred Carolyn F. Cunningham Bonita Jo Johnson Sharon Rountree Marilyn Sue Arnott Janet M. Dahl Karolen Keane Susan Helene Rowland Dorothy Baltzer Sara K. Davis Maxine R. Lamkin Diane Eden Sellers Judyth Faye Barton Lynn Derman Beverly Jan Larson Mary P. Sharpe Jane Barnes Mary Marsha Dingle Tracy Lynn Lewis Susan Shaw Barbara J. Barnett Roxanna Dutton Katherine C. Magee Jennifer E. Sims Shirley Bloch Barbara C. Ellis Marlene E. Magee Judith Ann Sims Katherine M. Bowers Peggy W. Fallin Vilma Martinez Bea Ann Smith Cynthia Brantley Diane K. Fitts Laura Clegg Monkhouse Brenda G. Stansell Joan Ann Brehm Helen Marie Graham Nancy Jean Monroe Barbara Stern Patricia A. Brown Dorothy A. Haecker Phyllis L. Morgan Mary Linda Stiles Eran Bugge Nancy Hale Linda C. Myers Virginia A. Stringer Carol Lou Carlson Ladonna L. Hammett Elaine Elizabeth Naiser -Rebecca Sue Sullender Sallie S. Carroll Barbara D. Harris Dorothy A. Newton Dorothy M. Svrcek Carolyn Ann Gates Rose Ann Hart Joan Parker Carolyn J. Swerk Lajean CJiaffin Martha Sue Hendrickson Susan Key Pound Alison Kaye Tartt Ann Frances Clark Beverly G. Hill Frances Preston Linda Waidhofer Kay Diane Clark Jo Lynne Hopkins Prudence Kay Ramsey Marilyn Ann White Molly K. Collins Jane G. Howe Jo Ann Rawlins Patricia A. Wiles Tammy Bird Cooper Sandra Hudlow Letha Kay Ray Ann Louise Wilmer Francelle Crider Judy Jamison Diane Rivers Judith I. Wright FALL INITIATES Jamie Ann Bavouset Estha W. Chism Mary Ann Jerkofsky Sandra Lee Maser Grace Broussard Norma Jeane Crow Julia Kunze Sharon Ruth Pedrotti Madalyn R. Butcher Mary L. Everett Carol Jane LeCrone Carole Romano Patsy J. Byfield Jacqueline Hammer Mary Gail McDaniel SPRING INITIATES Diane Adair Susan Davis Sherry Jean Lawyer Sharon Rae Patricia Ann Athey Margaret Ellen Deacon Mary L. Neely Elizabeth Ann Scott Cynthia Jane Baird Judith Ann Dombrowski Donna J. Maybry Sallie Vonolia Sheppard April Beall Elizabeth Lyons Doremus Barbara E. Malick Lee Anne Singleton Barbara Louise Bearden Linnie Carol Evans Susan J. Mattiza Emily Jean Stanford Darcus Barry Beck Kathleen Wilson Fanner Lydia Ann Melcher Judy Bess Stewart Mavis Velta Belisle Kathy Jean Ferguson Sally Adair Mettfalf Gail Diane Stockman Judy Katherine Bell Martha Katherine Goode Judith Ann Meyer Patricia Kathryn Sulak Barbara Ann Bender Diane Susan Gray Marjorie Herr Moore Joan Marlene Sundbeck Molly Boggs Gail Charlene Gross Virginia Lou Moyers Charlotte Ann Thompson Evelyn Mildred Branning Celinda Hall Helen Hardy Murchison Laura Lea Turbiville Jonnie Elinor Breaker Rexene Ann Hanes Nancy Ann Neblett Veneta Du Ann Turner Mary Joan Burns Shirley Jean Harris Janie Elaine Nicewander Sandra Jean Vickers Alice Letitia Cabe Dorothy Annette Hibler Jean Louise Noble Fern Laura Von Stein Vicki Sue Calhoun Mary Frances Hill Myra Ann Osborn Carol Ann Walters Carol Gene Carll Luralee Hodge Sandra Paulette Panzarella Donna Gail Weintraub Maureen Cassidy Ruby Marquita Hooks Vemell Louise Pape Janet Kaye Welsh Jacqueline Gay Cobb Ann Elizabeth Howell Patricia Gail Patterson Belinda Marion Monroe Wilkinson Louise Clarkson Connally Charlotte Huntley Gloria Faye Peterson Naomi Ruth Wood Judith Ellen Crouch Lynda B. Johnson Judy Ann Phillips Geraldine Ruth Zayic Kathleen Darleen Daniel Katherine Ann Kramer Martha Jeanne Purcell ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA provides stimulation, development, and recognition of scholarship among first-year women at The University of Texas and encourages further high scholastic attainment throughout the remainder of their Univer- sity life. Freshman women maintaining a grade average of 2.5 in fifteen semester hours or 3.0 in twelve semester hours during their first semester, or a grade average of 2.5 in thirty hours are eligible for membership. 440 - BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS REX CRUSE, JR. DAVID EDWARD ST. CLAIR ANN ELIZABETH JENNINGS CORINE THOMPSON 5. EDWARD LEE SUMMERS ( JAMES W. GIESE JL FACULTY MEMBERS Earl Dean Bennett Thomas Earl Gossett, Jr. Bruce W. Roberson James W. Giese Charles Henry Griffin Glenn Albert Welsch Robert Lee Grinaker HONORARY MEMBERS W. M. Aikman Walter R. Flack John Ralph Mulvey John B. Allred L. H. Fleck Jay A. Phillips Clark Walker Breeding Robert J. Hibbitts Robert L. Phinney Earnest Coley Breeding John Raymond Jordan Hatcher A. Pickens 1 Walter C. Burer Tom W. Leland Ralph W. Rager C. H. Cadenhead Homer L. Luther Earl F. Snow Gay Carroll 0. H. Maschek Arthur C. Upledger C. H. Cavness R. L. McVey M. E. Webb E. Lynn Crossley Clifton H. Morris Frank L. Wilcox Marquis G. Eaton Bouldin S. Mothershead Velda Viola Woods MEMBERS J. T. Ball Robert Donald Forrester Carl Nentwich Emily Ann Boehm Jacqueline Adele Franz William Burton Phillips Charna E. Bulba Judy Ellen Gallaher Alfredo Rincon Jack Richard Butler David Dale Gibson Don Shane Robinson Roger Campbell Linda Marie Gaede Ronald Gordon Rosen Van William Carson Alvin Joseph Golden David Edward St. Clair Judy Chapman Bobby Allen Grigsby Ronald Glenn Schweers Clarence Wharton Cole Ana Catalina Guerrerro John Rudolph Seibold Richard Counts Dan Henry Hanke Kervin Bennett Shearon Ben Russell Cox Robert Louis Harris Henry Sour Nancy Linda Cromack Milton Bryan Healer Benjamin Dwight Stephens Rex Cruse, Jr. Victor B. Jaeggli Richard Burl Stilwell Wagih Gadalla Dafashy Ann Elizabeth Jennings George Edward Strandtmann Jack Raymond Dugan David Kuperman Edward Lee Summers Ronald Dyer John Terrell Laws Corine Thompson Charles M. Eckert James Don Loudermilk George Searcy Watson Ellen McAngus Ezell James Robert Maxfield, III Jewel Ann Whittenburg Dan Adolph Fleckman Kenneth Joe McCall James Williams Karen Fogg Jack Mitchell Mabry David Wolverton SPRING PLEDGES Walter George Austin, Jr. Richard Shriner Glassett Edwin Joe Peters Roberto Edmundo Batres Rufus Fred Harris Hal Francis Rachal, Jr. Ronald Gene Bumpus David C. Holland John Allan Raphael Joe Chartoff Robert Reon Irish Bruce Martin Rosen Billy Lee Davenport Clarence Duane Jeter Donald Paul Shirley James Wesley Deskins Ronald David Karchmer Charles Weldon Smith Harry Dillashaw, Jr. Matthew Andrew Landry Stanley L. Vinson, Jr. Kent Thomas Fields Byron Arthur Lax James Walker Woolley Johnny Mack Marrou BETA ALPHA PSI, honorary and professional accounting fraternity, strives to promote the study of accounting ac- cording to the highest ethical standards, to encourage fraternal relations between professional men, instructors, and stu- dents. To develop moral, scholastic. and professional attainments of its members. Students who have completed six semester hours of advanced accounting with at least a 2.0 grade point average in V advanced accounting and all other courses completed at The University of Texas are eligible for membership. BETA ALPHA PSI was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919, and the Theta chapter was founded on the Uni- versity campus in 1924. Page 441 fl BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer .... R. CLIFTON ANDERSEN DOROTHY AYRES EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH R. Clifton Andersen Jim G. Ashburne Joseph Kenneth Bailey, Jr. Perry Oscar Barber William Bernard Barrett Virginia L. Bean Winston C. Beard Peter Dunne Bennett John Strock Bickley Jack William Cashin Aaron Hamilton Chute Richard Bailey Counts Alonzo B. Cox Franklin Lanier Cox Edward William Cundiff Alfred George Dale Lester Luni Colvert Henry H. Dewar Dorothy Ayres Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr. Wayne F. Aguren Edward J. Blakely Robert Loring Bracht Patricia Byars Manny Monroe Carter Carole E. Clemmons Barbara Faye Cotharn Richard Bailey Counts Ben Russell Cox Rex Beach Cruse, Jr. Don T. Decoster Charles S. Dempsey Harry Dillashaw George M. Dolansky Maggie H. Fountain Herbert Lester Fowle. Jr. Billie M. Gannaway David D. Gibson FACULTY MEMBERS James Wesley Deskins James Clay Dolley J. Anderson Fitzgerald James W. Giese Alvin Joseph Golden Charles Henry G riffin Gene Kerry Jones James Rudolph Kay Charles Richard Klasson Elizabeth Lanham Edmund Clayton Lynch Francis Barns May George Hillis Newlove William B. Phillips Charles Lee Prather Bruce W. Roberson Robert E. Seller HONORARY MEMBERS S. Marcus Greer A. G. McNeese, Jr. H. J. Stark ADMINISTRATIVE MEMBERS Arthur J. Edwards Maebess Edwy Matthews STUDENT MEMBERS Alvin Joseph Golden Ned Allen Green David Allen Kay Richard Glen King David I. Kuperman Douglas Bowman McCulley Bennie B. McNew Judy Erlich Margolis Nancy Carole Neumayer Carol Johnson Oswald William Dale Parsons William Burton Phillips David Guy Pope Roxana Proctor Joe Nelson Prothro Albert Johnny Reznicek David E. St. Clair Irwin Allen Shapiro C. Aubrey Smith Everett Grant Smith Burnard H. Sord William Robert Spriegel William F. Staats Alfred F. Steiert Harry Walter Stephenson, Jr. John R. Stockton Charles Wallace Taylor Junius H. Terrell David Caldow Townsend Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Carl J. Thomsen Gus Wortham Edwin Werner Olle Charles Herman Sparenberg Garland Ray Shelton Robert Elkins Sikes John Henderson Smither Bruce Arnold Spacek William F. Staats Roger Edmond Stephens Gene George Stoever Gary Lawrence Thurman Harvey Jordan Turner George Searcy Watson George Arthur Weber John D. Wells James Ewing Williams, Jr. Marilynn G. Winborne Terry Joe Witt Albert E. Wolff Austin Pretiss Young, III Robert Benny Zahoroski Sandra Gayle Anderson Frederic Allen Bittner James Howard Bradley, Jr. Charna Etta Bulba Robert Charles Bush Van William Carson Judith Chapman John Wayne Davenport David Hombs Dial John Copley Donovan Ann Elizabeth Jennings Matthew Andrew Landry John D. Menke Hal Francis Rachal, Jr. Edgar Wayne Ray, Jr. Judith Ann Roberts Wilfrid Few Rylander James Eugene Sanders, Jr. Stanley Livingston Vinson, Jr. John Bob Wilkinson SPRING INITIATES Dan Adolph Fleckman Karen Fogg Linda Marie Gaede Judith Ellen Gallaher Ben L. Gebhardt, Jr. Bobby Allan Grigsby Charles William Grissett Dan Henry Hanke Gary Samuel Hoffman David C. Holland JUNIOR MEMBER Joe Chartoff To encourage and reward scholarship and to foster high ideals in business, are the purposes of BETA GAMMA SIGMA, the national honorary scholastic business administration fraternity. Members of the senior class whose scholarship is sufficiently high to rank them in the upper ten per cent of their class are eligible for election, and in addition, jun- iors in the upper four per cent of their class may be chosen in the last semester of their junior year. The activities of BETA GAMMA SIGMA include recognition of students who graduate with honors and selecting the outstanding freshman and sophomore students for scholarship awards on the basis of grades. Founded at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin in 1907, BETA GAMMA SIGMA came to the University campus as the Alpha chapter in 1922. I ' .iU " 442 CHI EPSILON OFFICERS Fall LARRY JESSE KILGORE President RICHARD STEVE WOLF V ice-President EUGENE FRANKLIN SMITH Secretary PETER CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS Treasurer WILLIAM BURL LEDBETTER Associate Editor of the Transit Spring . . . RICHARD STEVE WOLF KISHOR MEHTA . . CHARLES THOMAS KOCH . . WAYNE BYRON INGRAM JOHN LYNDON ROSENBLAD LYMON CLIFTON REESE Faculty Advisor LYMON CLIFTON REESE Leland Barclay Ned Burns Raymond Fillmore Dawson Werner William Dornberger Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht Joseph P. Dannenbaum J. C. Dingwall William Emmett Bolch, Jr. Maurice Elroy Bronstad Romert Isaac Carr, Jr. Larry Earl Farmer Richard W. Furlong Larry Jesse Kilgore Joe Overton Ledbetter William Burl Ledbetter Tom M. Broad Kleber Jennings Denny William Dean Atkins Thomas Benjamin Bell George Max Carter Kynn Monroe Cole James Robert Darnell Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid Maurice Irving Ashland FACULTY MEMBERS Earnest Frederick Gloyna Leonard! Ferdinand Kriesle Frank D. Masch Hudson Matlock Walter L. Moore HONORARY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBERS Charles Albert Machemehl Charles Arthur Morgan Thomas Oran Neely Calvin Clyde Patterson Gerald B. Peck Ervin Sewell Perry Tom Davidson Reynolds Spruell Alton Russell, Jr. ALUMNUS MEMBER Clyde Edward Lee HONOR CHAPTER MEMBER Simon Freese UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Youssef Khatoun Michael Wayne O ' Neill Elmon Bill Stewart FALL PLEDGES Robert Henry Espey Osman Ismail Ghazzaly Wayne Byron Ingram Charles Thomas Koch Charley Dewey McMullan Kishor Mehta SPRING PLEDGES Howard Ernest Collier Floyd Arthur Haskett, Jr. Philip Herndon Carl William Morgan Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac Robert Davis Turpin Howard T. Tellepsen Nathaniel Parker Turner, Sr. Stanley Paul Sauer James Albert Saylors W. C. Schoeller Cecil H. Smith Eugene Franklin Smith Robert E. Smith Clovis S. Vaughn Yousef Aziz Yousef Peter Christian William? Richard Steve Wolf M. Salah E. Badawi Nossier John Lyndon Rosenblad Daniel Lewis Schodek William Chris Shilling William Lee Young James Thomas Houston Georges Vernez The purpose of CHI EPSILON is to place a mark of distinction on the Civil and Architectural Engineers who have distinguished themselves by high scholastic records and personal leadership. Character, scholarship, practicality, and sociability are the four principles which form the basis for the selection of members. Membership in the national honor society is limited to those senior and junior students who have maintained high scholastic averages. Page 443 ETA KAPPA NU OFFICERS Fall THOMAS GRAY GODFREY ORAN BRIGHAM WILLIAM EDWARD TEASDALE WILLIAM ERVEN SAYLE JIMMIE McRAE HORTON EDWIN CARL LOWENBERG . President . . . . Vice-President .... . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Faculty Sponsor . . Michael E. Austin Arwin Adalbert Dougal William Charles Duesterhoeft, Jr. Samuel J. Dwyer, III Bob Meredith Fannin Raymond B. Allen Raymond William Bohls, Jr. George Lafayette Cardwell. Ill William Harold Carter B. K. Cooper Edward Lee Cousins Otto M. Friedrich Graham D. Galloway John Wesley Bailey Oran Brigham Walter Ray Fuchs Thomas Gray Godfrey Robert George Hajovsky Albert W. Baird David Anthony Biedermann Leighton Baugh Brown John Paul Craig Marvin Gaines Bloomquist John E. Boehl Leighton Baugh Brown Milton T. Buchanan Billy Dan Carroll Joseph Thomas Cordaro FACULTY MEMBERS Burns Newman Gafford Robert Fonda Gribble William H. Hartwig Elmer L. Hixson Roy Rankin Krezdorn Alfred Hall LaGrone MEMBERS Graduate Members Charles Floyd George, Jr. David Grissom Carleton William Heller Magne Kristiansen Parker Mixson Loeffler Gayle Patrick Martin R obert Marshall McClure Frederick W. Patrick Stevens David Ramsey Undergraduate Members Charles A. Harlow Jimmie McRae Horton John M. Hughes Robert Leicht Lindner Willis W. Luttrell FALL PLEDGES Mario Jesus Gonzalez Mohammed A. Gwaiz Richard Ellsworth Huffman Daniel G. Mackey James Morgan Mclntire. II SPRING PLEDGES Billy George Franklin Mario Jesus Gonzalez Robert W. Hanks Guy Walter Haynes James Joseph Magee David Temple Mayhall Donald Eugene Miller Spring ORAN BRIGHAM . . JIMMIE McRAE HORTON JOHN M. HUGHES MICHAEL K. MASTEN CHARLES M. RICE EDWIN CARL LOWENBERG Edwin Carl Lowenberg Charles Harold Roth, Jr. Harold Wood Smith Archie Waugh Straiten Thomas Norman Whitaker Robert Maurice Riley Arthur Edward Schulze Ben Garland Streetman Roy L. Sullivan Joe Mayer Victor Joe Tee Watt Alton Wayne Whitney Darrell Roy Word Michael K. Masten Howard Nixon Roberts William Erven Sayle William Edward Teasdale Fred Walter Thies Marion Bruce Oneal Charles M. Rice Jackie Lee Stone James W. Whiteley James Howard Nation William Eldon Sims Jess Leland Stanford Donald Ray Taylor Earl W. Tiedt Robert Wallace Young The purposes of ETA KAPPA NU are to stimulate and reward high scholarship among electrical engineering students; to serve as an integrating and motivating force in electrical engineering departments of colleges; to serve the engineer- ing division and college at large; to aid members after graduation; to foster closer co-operation and bring mutual ben- efits to students, teachers, and others in the profession; and to advance the profession by contributing services of last- ing value. ETA KAPPA NU elects its members from the male students of the junior and senior classes pursuing courses that lead to a bachelor ' s or equivalent degree in electrical engineering. Unimpeachable character and undoubted ability as evi- denced by scholarship is required. The Texas Chapter of ETA KAPPA NU was founded in 1928. The University of Illinois was the site of the national founding in 1904. Pje 444 FRIARS OFFICERS Abbot . . . Schrivener Almoner . . WALTER TOM HENSON LEON NORROD GRAHAM JAMES HUDSON DUDLEY Charles T. Clark John Connally William A. Cunningham H. C. Englehardt FACULTY MEMBERS Gus M. Hodges Ettore H. F. Infante Albert P. Jones Wales H. Madden, Jr. Calvin Cleave Nolan Jack Bethel Brown Michal Barry Gotten James Hudson Dudley William Fielder MEMBERS Julius Glickman Leon Norrod Graham Walter Tom Henson John Patrick Culpepper FALL INITIATES Arthur Louis Schechter George Richard Bettle John R. Cope SPRING INITIATES Gregory Owen Lipscomb Fred Faytor Lyle, Jr. Shannon Harrison Ratliff Arno Nowotny Edwin W. Olle John G. Steele Ben F. Wright Magne Kristiansen Lowell H. Leberman. Jr. Oliver Barr McClellan Maurice Samue l Olian Larry Lynn Schoenbrun Dick Weldon Simpson Ronald Glen Steinhart THE FRIAR SOCIETY confers the honor of membership upon the twelve or less most eligible men chosen from each senior class or higher. THE FRIAR SOCIETY was founded at the University in 1911. Page 445 OMICRON NU OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Editor Faculty Sponsor D. KAY KING .... CAREN MAYNETT COX FLORA ANN NORRIS JANE DOUGLAS SMITH MARY ALICE PAYNE BILLIE BISHOP DAVENPORT Dorothy Fehlis Aycock Paula Janet Chalupnik Billie Bishop Davenport Caren Maynett Cox Mary Katherine Huff D. Kay King Jane Ann Leach Rose Marie Balagis Ariane Barnes Sharon Jane Booth Mildred Marie Apel Virginia Lee Dietz FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Anne Eppright Ann Marie Erickson Florence Petzel MEMBERS Patricia Diane Mayhall Flora Ann Norris Catherine Emelia Olsen Mary Alice Payne FALL INITIATES Patricia Ann Donaghe Alice Ann Driscoll SPRING INITIATES Sandra Kay Ehlers Mary Evelyn Merritt Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Betty Carolyn Porter Jane Douglas Smith Lynnda Landon Thompson Jeannine Wood Lou Ellen Howard Mattie Belle Medlin Carol Lavon Strom Kathleen Diane Malick Marilyn Rouse OMICRON NU is a national organization which has for its purpose the promotion of scholarship, leadership, and re- search in the field of home economics. Membership is based on scholarship, character, and the promise of future achieve- ment and is limited to twenty per cent of the senior class and ten per cent of the junior class who have completed seventy- five hours of work. A 2.0 average is required as a minimum. Membership is extended in the form of invitation. The Texas Upsilon chapter of OMICRON NU was founded in 1924. Michigan State University was host to the original chapter, founded in 1912. Fife 446 PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS President CAREY CARTER THOMPSON Vice-President MARJORIE B. REDDICK Secretary ROBERT E. GREENWOOD Sonya Anne Arellano Rambie Le Briggs Patricia Henneke Brown James Wayne Christian Mary Anne Massengale Culpepper Ella Kathleen Clements Davis James Vernon Grevelle Sam Lerert Guyler Billie Joyce Hale William Russell Hardin Linda Ann White Allison Howard Michael Arno Kenneth Wayne Behannon Alan Paul Bloebaum Sally Belle Brockschmidt William Eric Bucknall Foy Leon Campbell. Jr. Jack Loring Cargill, Jr. Jay Clarence Davis Carolyn Draeger Ronald David Eastman Elisabeth Wilbourn Eriksen Carolyn Farmer Susan Chappell Ford Martha Cathey Baker Susan Read Baker Elisabeth Alice Becker William George Egelhoff Elizabeth Ann Hargrove Ann Reed Heffinaton CLASSES OF 1962 Joyce James Kinsley William Blanton Howard. Ill Judith James Louise Butts Correll Jordan Bobby Wayne LaBouve Nancy Baker Maxwell Jerry Richard Meyers Margaret Louise Rockwood Porter Joe Thomas Powell Nancy Duncan Powell CLASSES OF 1963 Janice Carolyn Cowan Furman Nicholas John Giannukos Billie Kathleen Goodwin Marilyn Virginia Gump Katherine Augusta Haack John Wells Holcombe Claude Wendell Horton, Jr. Maureen Jane Stedifor Linguist Kenneth Lee Long Robert Louis Lyle Michael Mosesman Dan Leon Nicewander Gretchen Mae Niebuhr ELECTED AS JUNIOR MEMBERS Owen Bryan Holland Raymond Lewis Johnson Dennis Gene Kovar Philena Jane Morton Mary Josephine Parker Jeffrey Warren Roberts Jack Wyndall Rogers, Jr. Joseph Emil Pulkrabek. Jr. Janice Ann Whitehead Randle Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Harriet Schoch William Carl Shockley. Jr. Anna Lee Scofield Smith Linda Elizabeth Smith Leta Evelyn Taylor Kenneth Ray Van Doren Robert Beal Wilcox Marilyn Janelle Preusse Dorothy Jane Martin Purifoy Robert Henry Ray Gail Jacoby Reams James Fredrick Rounsaville Sara Ann Sanborn Sally Schnering Shelton Ruth Ann Short Paul Stephen Simons Aloysious Felix Tasch Lawrence Hadley Thompson Delbert Ray Wagner Carol Jane Wilson William Thomas Wingo, Jr. Janet Karline Shaw Rogers Barry Eugene Schwarz Rex Gale Stanford Allen Ottah Thiher, Jr. Teresa Ann Webb Gary Lynn Wood PHI BETA KAPPA is the leading honorary society of America in the field of arts and sciences. Members are taken from the highest ten per cent of the candidates for a Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, geology, and physics from any graduating class. PHI BETA KAPPA was founded at William and Mary College in 1776. The Alpha Chapter of Texas was founded in 1904. Page 447 PHI BETA KINSOLVING OFFICERS President CAROLYN JAY STEPHENSON Vice-President JANET LEE MILLER Secretary JO ANN SERRANO Treasurer LILA RUTH WALTERS Reporter SHARON LEE ASHTON Sponsor MARSHA WILKENS Jane Karen Lewis CHARTER MEMBERS Judith N. Patterson Nancy Jeanne Anderson Betty Lynn Archer Sharon Lee Ashton Barbara Lou Babione Jan Anne Baethe Patricia Sue Balkman Earnell Beckham Barbara Ruth Brister Mary Beth Burnside Patsy Jeanne Byfield Carolyn Ann Gates Ann Frances Clark Kay Diane Clark Peggy Marie Cooke Marianne Cooper Carol Marie Cowan Deni Lynn Daly Kathy Davis Kathy A. Dixon Carolen Jeanne Draper Margaret Anne Dunn Julia Ellen Edwards MEMBERS Louise Everett Sharon Kaye George Catherine Gessner Nancy Hale Barbara Dianne Harris Nancy Lynette Heater Jane Gardner Howe Mary Hyder Jane Isenhower Judy Latimer Jordan Kay King Lana C. Lancaster Jane Karen Lewis Linda Ruth Loveless Sandra Lee Maser Mary Ann Matranga Janet Lee Miller Kenny Sue Mills Laura Clegg Monkhouse Judith N. Patterson Linda Rae Plambeck Linda Mauri Putnam Sandra Ralston Prudy Kay Ramsey Linda Carole Ridgway Francine Riemer Jo Sharon Roberts Lyn Lee Schmidt Jo Ann Serrano Linda Elise Sherrill Carolyn Jay Stephenson Charlotte Louise Stewart Nancy Kay Stroup Becky Sue Sullender Allison Kaye Tartt Patricia Ann Tharp Claire Janet Timmons Lila Ruth Walters Marilyn Ann White Patricia Ann Wiles Ann Louise Wilmer Judith Isabel Wright Pat Wallis Wright Janice Ann Balthrop Patricia Diann Benningfield Julia Ann Brown Mary Marsha Dingle FALL INITIATES Diane Virginia Grobe Dinah Kay Heiser Carol Jane LeCrone Mary Gail McDaniel Leslie Ann Oakley Janet Renee Orts Joleen Pearson Rebecca Tyner Jane B. Allen Dani Ellen Bailey Barbara Louise Bearden Mary Alleen Boggs Bette Maxine Boyd Jacqueline Gay Cobb Louise Clarkson Connally Kathleen Darleen Daniel Margaret Ellen Deacon Carol Ann Edmondson Gloria Elma Garcia Diane Susan Gray SPRING INITIATES Sandra Hays Luralee Hodge Cynthia Ann Holland Lynda Bird Johnson Katherine Anne Kramer Pat Lawson Carolyn Ann Loocke Barbara E. Malick Susan J. Mattiza Shaaron Merie Melcher Helen H. Murchison Nancy Ann Neblett Susan J. Oppenheim Jerilee H. Parker Nelda I. Pena Karen Lynn Powell Martha J. Purcell Elisa Salinas Elizabeth Ann Scott Lee Ann Singleton Patricia Anne Stephens Harriet Watt Donna G. Weintraub Janie Lucille Westbrook PHI BETA KINSOLVING is an honorary organization whose regular members must be Kinsolving residents who are eligible for membership in one or more of the scholastic honoraries recognized by the University at the Honors Day pro- gram or the Dean ' s List. PHI BETA KINSOLVING was founded on the University campus in 1961. Pge 448 PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS President EDGAR ALLEN MILLER Vice-president FREDERICK ALBERT MATSEN Secretary-Treasurer FREDERIC WEIGL Historian PHILLIP SIGMON BIALEY, JR. Junior Advisor STEPHEN LESTER JONES Senior Advisor ALFRED EARL WHITE Faculty Advisor ARNO NOWOTNY Paul Gainer James Pinkney Hart George Lawrence Arnold Kermit Raymond Baese Stanley Charles Beyer Kenneth Logan Buis Thomas Reynolds Calhoun William Taylor Clark, III John Edwin Crosby, III Edwin Theodore Davis, Jr. Marion Lester Dodson, Jr. Johnny Banister Alexander Michael Wesley Andrews Barry Alan Applewhite Girvice Ward Archer, Jr. John Howard Bannister, II William Anthony Beavers John David Bell Eugene Austin Biegert Ronald Edwin Biendseil James Clinton Bones, Jr. Joe Tom Bouchier Michael Keith Brame Mark Jay Brookner Richard Turpin Brooks Nathaniel Austin Brookshire Billy Ben Butler Edward Carl Clancy Miles Gregory Clayton Claude Robert Cloninger Richard Lawrence Cohen Dean Frazier Damon Joseph Eugene Darveaux John Haven Davis Samuel Jerome Dealey Henry Drew DeBerry, III Leslie Robert Demetri Jerry Glynn Die Robert Joseph Dorotik Henry Glaeser Dove Harvey Radnor Eanes, III James Daniel Ellis Merlin Chapman Findlay, III Eugene Holland Flewellen, III David Robert Fransen Joseph Frederic Frisz Thomas Arthur Goltz Gary Wayne Goodrich David Lee Gregg Gary Neil Gross MEMBERS-AT-LARGE William Micheal Mebane HONORARY MEMBERS Arno Nowotny Theophilus Shickel Painter FALL INITIATES Gary Leonard Duke David Fulton Eanes John William Green Charles Lawrence Hollas William Benjamin LaLonde William Ross Lawler Larry Howard Long John Attrill Mackintosh James Robert McCombs Donald Norton McGif fin SPRING INITIATES Ralph Rudolph Haack Frank Patrick Hadlock John Baskin Harper Barry Lynn Harrell Donald Whitesell Hartman Allison Gale Hasselmeier, Jr. Kenneth Edward Hawker, Jr. John Clark Heideman Fred Adlam Helms Kenneth Ray Hessel Rupert Cox Holland John Robert Holmes Earl Winfield Howard Robert William Hughes Arthur Furman Isbell, II Robert Charles Inner Donald Roy Johnson Harold Leonard Johnson Patrick Ray Jones Charles Marvin Kelso, Jr. James Everett Key, II David Dilley Knowles Glenn Thomas Kubena Phillip Wayne Lacy Richard Weldon Lawson Richard Kent Lennington Thomas Walton Leonard John Caspar Leopold William McDuffie McAfee John Allen McMillen James Robert Martin Jerry Lynn Matlock Wallace Brand Mendelson John Willard Moore Paul Richmond Moore Virgil Wesley Moore Watson Lee Moore David Lawrence Murphy James Norris Neill John Mack Orr Robert Lee Sutherland Ralph Micheal McKinlay Sam Charles Naifeh Donald Henry Owings John Brock Pevateaux, Jr. Jerry Wharton Rodgers Hayne J. Sheffield, Jr. Ivan Edward Taborsky James Willard Walker, Jr. Joe Bill Watkins Lynn Allen Noack Samuel Potter, Jr. Jerome Lee Powell Richard Edward Rainwater Arthur Ramirez Charles Edward Riese John Howard Robinson, Jr. Richard Donald Ruggles James Benton Rylander, Jr. Charles Alan St. Clair Robert John Samuelson Richard William Scamell Albert Fred Schkade, Jr. Charles Lloyd Schmidt Bruce William Schnitzer Clinton Charles Schuhmacher Rick Steen Schwettmann William Henry Shields Leslie Harold Simons Charles Waller Smithers, Jr. James Arthur Spinks, III Benny Earl Springer Glenn Edwin Staats Philip Earl Stephenson James Cullen Stringer Kent Ray Stryker Collier Matlock Sublett Edwin Eugene Terry Robert Stahl Totz Robert Charles Tull Wilburn Crockett Underwood William Allan Ware Andrew Jess Watson Glenn Andrew Welsch Ernest Pyle Werlin Thomas Lee Wharton Kenneth Waldie Wunderlich Ronnie Vonhoy Yates W. B. Jerry Younger PHI ETA SIGMA is the national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshmen men who, in the first semester or the equivalent of that, maintain a scholastic average of at least 2.5 points per semester hour in at least twelve hours of work. Freshmen failing to qualify their first semester may become eligible at the completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours of work if they maintain a 2.4 average. PHI ETA SIGMA was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923 and at the University in 1931. Only fall 1962 and spring 1963 initiates are listed. Officers are elected from the 1961 and 1962 initiates. Page 449 m PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS Fall CHARLES ORLANDO VEAZEY . GLENDAL BERTON LAMINACK JOHN COMA O ' NEILL JOHN COMA O ' NEILL JAMES THOMAS CAIN . Spring President KELLY MAC WARD . . V ice-President EDWIN ALTON ECKELS Secretary EDWARD BAXTER HOWK Treasurer MICHAEL DAVID SANDGARTEN .Alumni Secretary STEPHEN FLOYD WEGER Charles Edward Brookhart E. William Doty- James Thomas Cain Charles Adrian Doiron Sterly Glen Dossmann John David Earnest Edwin Alton Echels Burton Reinhold Enquist Richard Neil Funk Edward Baxter Howk Edward Cameron Garza John Read Heard Bruce Gerald Brewer. Jr. Samuel George Cross Joe Frank Dahlstrom Jerry Glynn Die Charles Lyman Ellis FACULTY MEMBERS J. Frank Elsass Kent Wheeler Kennan Nelson Gray Patrick Paul Amadeus Pisk James Clifton Williams MEMBERS Matt Cordell Hughes Glendal Berton Laminack Robert Vernon Lee Alfred Joseph Marsch Harry Alonzo McDonald Richard Edward McGinty John William Neill John Coma O ' Neill John Colwell Owings David Edgar Parker Gorver Allen Pitman Thomas Barteldes Reynolds Michael David Sandgarten Allan Burnham Schmitt David Hill Stinson Robert John Summers Bruce A. Swihart Charles Orland Veazey Kelly Mac Ward Stephen Floyd Weger Leonard Adrian Woosley SPRING PLEDGES Eldon Dwane Faries Gordon Richard Goodwin Larry Jackson Leonard Alan McCormick George Stephen Mannix Griffith Lea Miller James Bert Neely David Jerry Taylor Robert Charles Tull Norman S. Wood PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA is an honorary music group. Membership is limited to those who have a 2.0 grade average or better in music courses, and a 1.0 average in all other courses. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA was founded nationally on October 6, 1898. The Texas Chapter was founded on May 11, 1924. P.gc4SO RHO CHI Fall WILLIAM EDWARD DIETZE BILLY WAYNE WOODWARD ALEX HERMAN FRANK PETER COSGROVE . ALEX HERMAN ROBERT GRAVES BROWN . OFFICERS . . . . President . . . Vice-President. . . Secretary-Treasurer . .... Historian .... . .Faculty Sponsor . . . Fellows Sponsor Spring . . . LARRY GENE DOSSEY . GERALD ALLEN GARZA ROBERT GRAVES BROWN ALEX BERMAN ROBERT GRAVES BROWN Carl Clarence Albers John Autian Alex Berman Robert Graves Brown Henry Mathew Burlage Frank Peter Cosgrove John Emerson Davis Elizabeth Ann Armstrong Brenda Nan Barth James Wayne Black Thomas Franklin Burks Noel Thomas Curb Earl Weldon Anderson Larry Gene Dossey Daniel Curtis Mario Alberto Gonzalez FACULTY MEMBERS Jaime N. Delgado Er Hung Djao Paul Frank Geiger William Francis Gidley Gunnar Gjerstad Wallace Lewis Guess Esther Jane Wood Hall Frederick Valentine Lofgren MEMBERS William Edward Dietze Gerald Allen Garza Carey Wayne Golaz A. J. Kapadia Man Mohan Kochhar FALL INITIATES Julia Ellen Edwards Rebecca Jo Hashop SPRING INITIATES James Allen Ladner Donald B. Meyers Joseph Ruben Moreno William Rust Nevill, Jr. Herbert F. Schwartz, II William Johnson Sheffield Leon Otto Wilken, Jr. Lee Frank Worrell Wilbert Arvid Poison Kiran-Jaswantlal Randeri Micheal Byron Rodell Sidney Alan Rosenbluth Billy Wayne Woodward William Wayne Voelter Leighton Selman Whitsitt Joe Fred Whitfield John Thomas Willett RHO CHI is composed of undergraduate students of pharmacy who are in the upper twenty per cent of their class and have maintained an average of " B. " Candidates must also have completed sixty per cent of the curricu- lum. Page 451 SIGMA DELTA CHI OFFICERS Fall Spring MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN President RICHARD JOHN VANSTEENKISTE RICHARD JOHN VANSTEENKISTE Vice-President WILLIAM RENICK BARNES BERNIE RODNEY DAVIS Secretary BERNIE RODNEY DAVIS ROBERT NELSON RHODES Treasurer ROBERT NELSON RHODES C. RICHARD KING Faculty Sponsor C. RICHARD KING Norris G. Davis Joe Bertram Frantz Olin Ethmer Hinkle Robert Thomas Armistead Eldon Ray Ball William Renick Barnes Richard Ray Cole Bernie Rodney Davis James Leslie Davis Fernando Dovalina. Jr. William Dudley Eason. Jr. Charles Stanford Eskridge. Jr. Thomas Edward Foster Ben Hayden Freeman James Gordon Gibson. II Leon Norrod Graham Thomas Patrick Barry. Ill Henry Lee Ezell FACULTY MEMBERS C. Richard King William Irvin McReynolds Harry Estill Moore DeWitt Carter Reddick MEMBERS Claude Michael Gruener William W. Hamilton, Jr. David Kirby Helton Wesley H. Hocker Roy Alexander Jones. II Sam E. Kinch. Jr. Larry Lee Harvey Edward Little William Lynn Little Gerald Arthur Lowe Peter Micheal Lowry Gary Howard Mayer David Michael McNeely James Boswell Newton SPRING PLEDGES Clyde L. Hopkins L. Erick Kanter Alan Scott Paul Jennings Thompson Leigh White Maurice Samuel Olian James Frederick Paschal George Robert Phenix Billy Marvin Pumphrey John Criss Reagan Robert Nelson Rhodes Jesse Albert Root. Jr. Rogers James Seymour Roddy Frank Stinson Carlton Eugene Stowers Richard John VanSteenkiste Charles Richard West Bill Douglas White Huey McNealy Juan Manuel Vasquez SIGMA DELTA CHI is the national men ' s professional journalism fraternity. Members must be at least a second semester sophomore, intend to make the field of journalism their career, have demonstrated proficient work in jour- nalism courses and have a " C " average in other courses. New members are voted into the organization with the ap- proval of three quarters of the membership. The Texas Chapter of SIGMA DELTA CHI was founded in 1913. DePauw University was the site of the original chapter which was initiated in 1909. Ptge 452 TAU BETA PI OFFICERS President FRED FAYLOR LYLE, JR. V ice-President ROSCOE LEE Corresponding Secretary HOWARD NIXON ROBERTS Recording Secretary CHARLES E. McQUEARY Treasurer HENRY ROBERT SEBESTA Cataloguer ARTHUR EDWARD SCHULZE FACULTY Leland Barclay Myron Louis. Begeman Leonard R. Benson James Pershing Billingsley Kenneth Bruce Bischoff Kermit Earl Brown William Junius Carter Clark M. Cleveland John P. Craig Roy Rochester Craig William A. Cunningham Arwin Adelbert Dougal Venton Levy Doughtie William Charles Doesterhoeft, Jr. Carl J. Eckhardt Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht Charles Allen Ford Robert Neil Austin John Wesley Bailey Nix O ' Brien Bodden Raymond William Bohls, Jr. Oran Brigham, Jr. Norris Rood Burton George LaFayette Cardwell, III William Harold Carter Martin Emile Chenevert Edward Lee Cousins Ronald Vaughn Davidge Frederick Rogers Dent, III Robert Wesley Durie Larry E. Farmer Wallace Thomas Fowler Otto Martin Freidrich, Jr. Walter Ray Fuchs Norman Earl Garner William Lash Garrard, Jr. William Dean Atkins Patrick Edward Baggett Albert Washington Baird David Anthony Biedermann Jimmy Mack Bilger Charles Etheridge Blum Burns Newman Gafford J. H. Gaines Carl Gatlin Ernest Frederick Gloyna Kenneth Eugene Gray Robert Fonda Gribble William T. Guy, Jr. William Walsh Hagerty Cyrus Oscar Harbourt William H. Hartwig David Mautner Himmelblau Ettore H. F. Infante Frank Weldon Jessen Franklin Beaumont Johnson Charles Henry Karnes Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Alfred Hall LaGrone Joe Overton Ledbetter Jack Lenhart Edwin Carl Lowenburg Lawrence Riedling Mack L. Hudson Matlock James Dorr McFarland John J. McKetta, Jr. Percy Hugh 1 Miller Walter L. Moore Sylvain J. Pirson Harold John Plass, Jr. Harry Harrison Power Howard Frederick Rase Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger Charles Harold Roth Charles Elmer Rowe MEMBERS Thomas Gray Godfrey Floyd Goodrich, Jr. David Grissom Alton Robert Hagedorn Robert Hajovsky William Henry Hale, Jr. Charles Alton Harlow Bobby Merle Hickman Larry Allen Holmes Charles F. Huff John Marw Hughes James Roe Joiner Larry Jesse Kilgore Selmer Standley King William Robert Klingman Magne Kristiansen Roscoe Lee Vernon A. Lee FALL Richard Edwin Douglass Wayne Edison Eades Charles Lewis Grimes Edward Arnold Halter Jimmy Ray Hamilton Charles Ewing Hickox Jr. Robert Leicht Lindner Parker Mixson Loeffler Thomas Benton Lyda Fred Faylor Lyle, Jr. Gayle Patrick Martin Carl Gilbert Matthys Make McDermott, Jr. Roy Travis McLamore Charles E. McQueary James Thomas Mitchell Michael Wayne O ' Neill Frederick William Patrick Ervin Sewell Perry Milton Beverly Porter, Jr. Robert Seeling Poston Carl Newton Rennert Dennis Fred Ripple Howard Nixon Roberts PLEDGES Youssef Khatoun Charles Thomas Koch Willis Walter Luttrell Jr. Michael Masten James Morgan Mclntyre, II Richard Sidney McLaughlin Jack A. Scanlan Robert Samuel Schechter Byron Elliot Short Harold Wood Smith Archie Waugh Straiton Jesse Neils Thompson Milton John Thompson A. A. Toprac Robert Davis Turpin Matthew Van Winkle E. Joseph Weiss John Conrad Westkaemper Douglass James Wilde Eugene H. Wissler Baxter Frank Womack Fowler Redford Yett Shao Wen Yuan Van Worth Robinson Spruell Alton Russell, Jr. Don Richard Sanders William Erven Sayle James Albert Saylors Arthur Edward Schulze Henry Robert Sebesta Ruell Floyd Solberg Eric Rufus Tanner William Edward Teasdale Ramesh Thadani Fred Walter Thies Anthony M. Truchard Joe Mayer Victor Harold Hewin Walling Ronald Edward Watson Olin Eric Weiss Darrell Roy Word William Joseph Yanta John Lyndon Rosenblad Allan Burnham Schmitt James Gerald Srygley Jackie Lee Stone Marian Romane Thompson Robert Charles Welch George Eugene Bones Jr. James Herbert Hinderer Louis Elliot Pflughaupt Kenneth Earl Westmoreland Tom McMurry Broad Jimmie McRae Horton James Barney Phillips Charles Alexander Wheeler, III Leighton Baugh Brown Richard Ellsworth Huffman Knut Oluf Reistad James Whitely Squire Lee Brown David Bascomb Johnson Charles Myron Rice Peter Christian Williams George Max Carter Robert Morris Woodall SPRING PLEDGES Howard Michael Arno Edwin M. Flint Charles Arthur Morgan Elmon Bill Stewart Richard Harley Batchelder Billy George Franklin James Howard Nation Earl Westine Tiedt Marvin Gaines Bloomquist Dennis Michael Giuffre Barry Kent Norling Edward N. Tinoco John Elmo Boehl Robert Warren Hanks Raymond Wayne Persky Iverson Gayden Thompson Leighton Baugh Brown Philip A. Hendren James Barney Phillips Bernard Frank Tupa Milton Thomas Buchanan Robert Jack Herring Harry A. Richardson, Jr. Thomas Raymond Urbanek Harold Maynard Burton Richard Neill Hollenshead James Edsel Risinger Geroge Henry Waterman Billy Dan Carroll Larry Dean Kemp Edward W. Rose, III David W. Wieting Ben H. Caudle William John Macha Daniel Lewis Schodek Robert Alan Williams Carroll Winston Chapman James Joseph Magee Ronald Franklin Scholl St. Clair Peyton Yates, Jr. Harvey Louis Covington Nathaniel Harris McClamroch Ben Edward Spivey Frank L. Young James Robert Darnell, Jr. William Alex McNeil Jess Leland Stanford William Lee Young Mark Hanna Finley Donald Eugene Miller Y. S. Suryanarayana TAU BETA PI is the national honorary engineering society whose undergraduate members, representing all engineering 1 branches in the College of Engineering, are selected from the upper twenty per cent of .the senior class. The seniors are chosen from the scholastically eligible men on the basis of all arounc activities, and interest, exclusive of engineering. Ac- 1 tivities include teaching a slide rule course for beginning students. and maintaining the TAU BETA PI bookshelf in the Engineering library. I The Texas Alpha chapter of TAU BETA PI was founded in 1916. Lehigh University was host to the original chapter which was founded in 1885. Page 453 1 TAU SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS Fall LEXA MORRIS ACKER MILTON F. BABBITT . . . MAX ALAN ROBINSON DRURY B. ALEXANDER Spring . Chapter Master DANIEL JULE TALLEY . Chapter Scribe MILTON F. BABBITT Chapter Recorder MAX ALAN ROBINSON .Faculty Sponsor DRURY B. ALEXANDER Drury B. Alexander Martin S. Kermacy FACULTY MEMBERS Hugh Lyon McMath Thomas Whitehead Shefelman HONORARY MEMBER Alan Y. Taniguchi MEMBERS Lexa Morris Acker Milton F. Babbitt Douglas J. H. Cardinal Isaac Martin Maxwell Larry Joe O ' Neill John Clyde Robinson Max Alan Robinson Daniel Jule Talley OUTSTANDING JUNIOR MEMBER Thomas Braden Daly SPRING INITIATES Ronald T. Cannamore James Davenport.Hall William A. Gerrard Cook Daniel Edwin Leary TAU SIGMA DELTA is the honorary Architecture fraternity for seniors, and is open only to seniors who have main- tained an over-all scholastic average of 2.0 and have distinguished themselves in the field of design, planning, and engineering. TAU SIGMA DELTA was founded at the University of Michigan in 1913 and the Mu Chapter was established at the University in 1931. Pile 454 THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS Fall PATRICIA JEAN McCLURE President . . NANCY THRIFT ASTON Vice-President . NONA MARIE STRANGE V ice-President BARBARA JEAN TOSCH Secretary. . . DOROTHY LOUISE LAVES Treasurer . . SUE ELLEN COOPER . . .Archivist . . Marye Durrum Benjamin Jessamon Dawe Marie M. Fuller Mary Adelaide Gardner Mary Margaret Frazier Judith Ann Asel Nancy Thrift Aston Candida Kay Berry Judith Jeannine Capps Carolyn Sue Coker Mary Patricia Barlow Jean Elizabeth Caffey Patricia Irene Eddishaw Spring PATRICIA JEAN McCLURE . . . ELISA SAVILLA DAVIS . . NONA MARIE STRANGE . . BARBARA JEAN TOSCH DOROTHY LOUISE LAVES . SUE ELLEN COOPER FACULTY MEMBERS Frankie Mae Welborn Lindsey Amy Jo Long Carolyn Jane Malone Jo Caldwell Meyer Marian Pendergrass Michael Leigh Peck MEMBERS Sue Ellen Cooper Elisa Savilla Davis Mary Jo Hendrix Cynthia Pendergrass Keever Dorothy Louise Laves Patricia Jean McClure PLEDGES Joan Elaine James Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Theresa Kaye Northcott Mary Cornelia Spinks Emily Mae Stafford Bert Kruger Smith Helen Tackett Wanda Sue Watkins Afton Taylor Winn Laura Elizabeth McNeil Jan Marilyn Schieffer Nona Marie Strange Margaret Annell Todd Barbara Jean Tosch Martha Tipps Victoria Caldwell Timmons Lou Ann Walker ' THETA SIGMA PHI aims to unite in bonds of fellowship University women who are now studying journalism, to confer honor upon women who distinguish themselves in their profession, and to accomplish definite achievements as a group in the field of letters. Members are of junior standing and must have maintained at least a " B " average in journalism and a " B " aver- age in other courses. Leadership, high character, and such desirable traits as would indicate success in journalism are other factors that are considered before a candidate may become a member. The Xi chapter was established in 1919 at the University. The University of Washington was the site of national founding in 1909. Page 455 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS STUDENT CHAPTER Fall OFFICERS Spring ELLSWORTH PROUTY CONKLE, JR President JEANNINE BAZER WOOD MARY JANE ASTON Vice-President ALICE ANN DRISCOLL JEANNINE BAZER WOOD Recording Secretary MARCIA JANE HAMILTON ROSEMARY COCHRAN Corresponding Secretary ROSEMARY COCHRAN STANLEY J. SADLER Treasurer STANLEY J. SADLER ANNA BRIGHTMAN Sponsor ANNA BRIGHTMAN Anna Brightman FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Farmer Jones Charles Weldon York MEMBERS Martha Jean Alexander Deanna Alleman Barbara Ann Ambrose Mary Jane Aston Elizabeth F. Black Betsy Ann Benin Robert P. Brochstein Judy Burke Rosemary Cochran Ellsworth Prouty Conkle, Jr. Juniors Barbara Burt Judye Anne Fernandez Virginia Bailey Schutze Maynett Cox Doris Lynne Cramer Alice Ann Driscoll Jane Flaitz Judith Adele Hagood Marcia Jane Hamilton Sue Harper Thetis Foust Hilliard Patricia Jackson Karen Agopian Johns Cynthia Ann Keeney Marte Kellogg Mary Faye McCall Mary Evelyn Merritt Catherine Emelia Olsen Barbara Rae Renfro Ann Robinson Carla Katharine Ruff NEW MEMBERS Sophomores Caroline Susan Baker Gladys Joanne Blakeslee Alice Beryl Carss Sandra Lois Davis Karal Kay Gray Patricia Gale Hackerman Paula Sue Ivey Warren Ma rtin Bonnie Merle Messer Bonnie Jean Miller Timothy Ann O ' Sullivan Stanley J. Sadler William Dale Schutze Betty Charlene Sweet Martha Louise Tiemann Carolyn Joyce Huber Treat Barbara Jean Vessels Eloise Zane Walters Sue Ann Wheelis Jeannine Bazer Wood Marcia Jean Putegnat Mildred Anne Redd Nan Standish Werner Mickey E. Witt The AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS is an honorary fraternity for those students having a 1.75 average in designated courses and a professional interest in interior designing. Front Row: Driscoll, Con, Wood, Jackson. Second Row: Tiemann, Vessels, Merrill, Alleman, Aston, Walters, Hamilton. Third Row: W. Schutze, Sadler. Ambrose, Sweet, Flaitz, Burke, Alexander, Bonin, Treat, Conkle, Brochstein, York. Pane 456 ALPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS Fall Spring GRANVILLE HAROLD BALTHROP Master Alchemist RICHARD JAMES JOHLE DON WEST PFENNIG Vice-Master Alchemist DAVID CROSLEY JONES GLENN ALEX WORK Treasurer GLENN ALEX WORK GARY DWAYNE JONES Recorder ROBERT HAROLD STEELHAMMER NIX O ' BRIEN BODDEN Reporter CHARLES RICHARD MURPHY ROYSTON M. ROBERTS Faculty Sponsor ROYSTON M. ROBERTS Robbin Colyer Anderson T. Van Auken Gilbert Haven Ayres Philip S. Bailey Kenneth B. Bischoff FACULTY MEMBERS Richard Fuchs Norman D. Hackerman Lewis F. Hatch Henry Rudolf Henze David M. Himmelblau Rowland Petit Stanley H. Simonsen Charles G. Skinner MEMBERS Lee Anderson Granville Harold Balthrop Graham Kerr Barnes Eugene Thomas Beynon, Jr. Benny Garell Blount Nix O ' Brien Bodden Charles David Brandle, Jr. Robert Bruce Burns Stephen Parker Coburn David Alfred Copeland Terry Duane Copeland Isaac Dwaine Eubanks Ramsey Wayne Farley Ralph Tillman Ferrell Edwin Maurice Flint Robert H. Frias Donald James Haase William Henry Hale, Jr. John Henry Harrison Charlie Hedgcoth, Jr. Larry Allan Holmes Thomas Wilbert Hutton Richard James Johle David Crosley Jones Gary Dwayne Jones Milton Duane Keele Darrell Andrew Kleypas William Rober t Klingman Clifton F. Landry Allen Grady Lane James Travis Lee, Jr. Thomas Benton Lyda William McDougald Edward Knox Mellon, Jr. Edward Robert Moss, Jr. Charles Richard Murphy F. Oliver Nicklin William Mann Ollison Charles Avon Owens John Edward Panzarella Don West Pfennig Douglas Steven Prensner Ronald James Renz Jerry Ellis Rosson Robert Harold Steelhammer Robert F. Stubbeman Ramesh Thadani Ralph Burton Turner George Martin Waggoner Benny J. Wallace Robert Morris Woodall Glenn Alex Work Benno du Menil Anderson Philip Sigmon Bailey, Jr. A. Michael Barr Stephen Parker Coburn SPRING INITIATES Clarence Ben Ferguson Charles Harold Freeman John Lee Irvine Carlton R. Jones Darrell Andrew Kleypas Wiley Ray Macune Jack Emile Pirson David Bertrand Poteet Bobby Gene Sims James David Theis, Jr. ALPHA CHI SIGMA membership is composed of men intending to make some branch of chemistry their life work. Membership is by invitation. Top Row: Anderson, Balthrop, Barnes, Bodden, Brandle, Coburn, D. Copeland. Second Row: Johle, D. Jones, G. Jones, Kleypas, Klingman, Landry, Lee. Third Row: Lyda, McDougald, Moss, Murphy, Panzarella, Prensner, Thadani, Work. Page 457 Fall PATRICIA RUTH ASTON HELEN BEA SWENSON JUDITH TUCKER JANELL ANNETTE HOUCHINS SARAH FRANCES FERGUSON ROYCE Z. LOCKART . OFFICERS ALPHA PHI TAU Spring President PATRICIA RUTH ASTON . V ice-President HELEN BEA SWENSON . . . Secretary JUDITH TUCKER . . . Treasurer JANELL ANNETTE HOUCHINS . . . Reporter MARGARET CLAIRE BROMAN Faculty Sponsor ROYCE Z. LOCKART Susan Ann Adams Evalyn Anna Adamsen Donna Ruth Algeo Linda Darnell Allen Patricia Ruth Aston Stephen Fuller Austin Janet Louise Berg Mauretta Lucienne Bigley Kathleen Bivings Sue Evelyn Blackburn Gail Ann Blissitte Margaret Claire Broman Beverly Gay Brown Betty Jo Brundrett Nancy Ruth Carlisle Ann Elizabeth Carson Gilbert Vasquez Castillo Patricia Joyce Chelf Benny Wayne Childers Janice Sue Christopher Barbara Anne Coates Elizabeth Davis Dee Ann Deisher Lois Diane Derouen Evelyn Ann Dietert Karen Ann Dittmar Edward Thomas Doran Jenny Kathleen Dove Quirino Escamilla, Jr. Judith Farrar Sarah Frances Ferguson Adrian Rhae Fowler Frances Satyra Fulton Marilee Funda Fredella Anne Gibson Albert Glenn Gonzales Mary Janette Grabbe Sharon Frances Greenberg Leopoldo Facundo Guerra Daniel Luna Guerrero Marilyn Ruth Hill Janell Annette Houchins Judith Renee House Thomas Wayne Huber Judith Ann Hunke Maryellen Hurd Jane Vivian Ingardia HONORARY MEMBER Charles E. Lankford MEMBERS Fay Dean Jackson Shirely Ann Jasper Martha Jean Jennings Armead Howard Johnson Glenn T. Johnson Elgin Joe Keller Donna Day Kesling Stacy Charlotte Klutz Patricia Ann Leasure Karen Jaynie Lewis Deanna Louise Longoria John H. Luthrell Barbara Elaine Maclnerney Katherine Cinderella Magee Michele Rae Massin Maureen McBride Mary Gail McDaniel Betty Janette Meyer Donna Gale Mogle Marsha Jane Murray Jo Lynne Mussleman Carol Ann Mussey Jane Covington Neagle Ruth Janet Nichols Rebecca Ortiz Sandra Charlyne Pape Dianne Parker Linda Sue Payne Pamela Ann Phillips Leora Lura Pomrenke Patricia May Raesener Peggy Ann Ragan Joseph Christopher Ransom Judy Carolyn Rice Helen Elizabeth Richards Cheryl Darlene Roberts Sheila Jane Ross Diana Rotman Carlota Salinas Mary Ann Seidensticker Barbara Sharon Smith Mary Louise Starkey Janet Lee Stern Nell Elizabeth Stevenson Susan Marie Strickland Alice Kathleen Stuart Helen Bea Swenson Linda Kay Teague Linda Marie Daniel SPRING PLEDGES Virginia Dell Giesecke Freddie Kathleen Graham Robert Bruce Thomas Rosanna Routt Thomason Elizabeth Ann Thompson Jimmie Kay Thompson Judy Tucker Lynn Carol Trucotte Katherine Turman Nancy Hsia Twiner Betty Jo Uhlig Wallace Garry Van Winkle Maria Elizabeth Wagner JoAnn Marie Walter Doris Marie Weise Karolyn Kay Weiss Simmy Tess Welch Carole Mae Welhausen Marsha Marie White Mary Jo White Larry Jack Williams Mary Jane Williamson Kathryn Anne Withers Betty Jean Worrell Louis Edward Young Johana Huff ALPHA PHI TAU, a Pre-Medical Technology fraternity, was organized only three years ago in 1959 by Dr. Charles Lankford at The Uni- versity of Texas. Since that time, ALPHA PHI TAU has grown tremendously in enrollment and scope. The group provides information about technical training schools and stimulating programs concerning related fields. Excellent scholarship is encouraged by special awards to the outstanding member in each class. ALPHA PHI TAU has as its goal the establishing of better public relations to let it be known the service rendered by the Medical Technologist. Front Row: Ferguson, Houchins, Tucker, Aston. Second Row: Jennings, Klutz, Swenson. Third Row: Dittmar, Neagle, Bigley, J. Thompson, Carson, Brown, McBride, Grabbe. Fourth Row: Allen, Young, Payne, ChcH, Leasure, Carlisle, Thomason, Weiss, Magee, Farrar, Meyer. Fijth Row: Kesling, Blissitte, Mussclman, Gibson, Rotman, Hurd, Ragan, Cuerra, White, Algeo, Walter. Sixth Row: Richards, Bivings, Adamicn, House, Uhlig, Stevenson, Castillo, Seidensticker, Dietert, Fulton, Rois, Starkey, Raesener. Stvcnth Row: Gonzales, Guerrero, Keller, Pomrenke, Roberts, Massin, Longoria, Fowler, Coates, Johnson, Williams, Broman, Phillips. Page 458 DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS Fall Spring HERSCHEL EUGENE BAIN President DON MILLIARD KELLY DON BILLIARD KELLY Senior Vice-President. . . ARTHUR ALEXANDER DUGGAN CHARLES A. ELLIOTT Junior Vice-President JERRY RANDALL SIMS JAMES PHILLIP DAVIS Secretary JAMES ALBERT BOORMAN, III JOHN GRAHAM GARDNER, JR Treasurer TROY MAX LEGG JOHN STEPHENSON LUDLAM Faculty Advisor JOHN STEPHENSON LUDLAM Jerry Lynn Adams James Carroll Aston Herschel Eugene Bain Ernesto Contreras, Jr. Clarence Wharton Cole Garry S. Creath Durward Lee Curlee John Randolph Curry Jim B. Davis James Phillip Davis William Paul Davis Ben De La Rosa John T. Dorbandt Gary Lloyd Dowis James Peden Dowis Arthur Alexander Duggan Lester Ernest Eisenbeck Charles A. Elliott Charles B. Foyt John Graham Gardner, Jr. Norman Earnest George William Bennett Germain David Madison Gilbreath John Y. Gober Coley Lee Hampton Edgar Gerald Harden MEMBERS Thomas Patterson Hicks Robert C. Hugley Jurgen Alfred Jack Larry Ray Jones Henry Murry Jones Cecil J. Kearney Don Hilliard Kelly Earnest Leon Knight, Jr. Paul N. LaVerlu Troy Max Legg Jack Webster Lester, Jr. Davy Dean Ling Walter C. Long Samuel Winston Love, Jr. James A. Lynaugh Scott G. Moore Larry Wendell Murphree Robert Stewart Nelson Thomas Dan Osburn Anthony Thomas Petrick Benjamin A. Reid Thomas Ross Robertson William Robert Sandford Roger Allen Sater Verle Leslie Schultz Don Thomas Schwartz John Kinsler Shaw Douglas MacArthur Simmons Jerry Randall Sims Fred Herold Smith Fred B. Steves Robert Clive Stokes William Ross Trigg Freddie Wayne Turner James Gary Veazey Howard Wayne Ward Richard Eilert Weitzel, II Donald Roy Wilson William Edgar Young, Jr. Carl Irving Addison, Jr. Joe M. Bashara, Jr. James Michael Bettis Bennie Walter Bock, III James Albert Boorman, III Eddie M. Boykin George David Chandler Harold Ray Crutsinger Robert Carl Demler, Jr. William Harris Garner Thomas James Geren FALL PLEDGES John Newell Gilbreath Jack Ronald Grant Gene Lester Harbers John Paul Lawson Dan Fred McKenzie Patrick John Nowotny Philip Valdor Putsche Kenneth Lyndon Shiller Jerrell P. Squyres William Virgil Stephenson Ronald Gene Tharpe David Hunter Thomas Benjamin Lyn Trotter Robert Wayne Turner Sam Houston Tuttle Jim Aloysius Wade Frank Gordon Whitehead - Joe Robbins Ayres Joe H. Bearden Charles H. Bones E. Tim Casey Paul L. Cole Paul R. Doggett Jon Forrest Dullnig David Leon Dyer Clifton L. Francis Hugh G. Frith SPRING INITIATES Ben L. Gebhardt, Jr. Robert Eldon Harbers Vernon Albert Hargrave John Mack Harmon Anthony Scott Karsokas Robert William Kriet Albert Scott Morris, III Jeffery Charles Nesrsta Samuel Inman Pittman Charles David Saunders Francis Des Riviers Sorrel Steve A. Tail John Lewis Van Osdall Terry Weston Williams DELTA SIGMA PI is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice. Membership is by invitation only. Front Row: W. Davis, J. P. Davis, Elliott, Bain, Kelly, Curlee, Ludlaui. Second Row: Lynaugh, Hugley, Crutsinger, Smith, Gober, Reid, Sater, Dorbandt, Steves, Lester, Buorinan, Sims, Buykin, Thomas, Garner, Grant, Geren, Putsche. Third Row: Shiller, Gilbreath, L. Jones, Love, Petrick, Robertson, De La Rosa, J. Dowis, Squyres, Ling, Curry, Bock, McKenzie, Harden. Fourth Row: Bashara, Trotter, Schwartz, Ward, LaVerlu, G. Dowis, Osburn, Hampton, Knight, Simmons, R. Nelson, Long, Schultz, Nowotny, Whitehead, Legg. Fifth Row: Young, Demler, Hicks, Eisenbeck, Creath, Gilbreath, Duggan, Trigg, Sandford, Kearney, Stokes, Murphree, Moore, Tharpe, Adams. Sixth Row: Harbers, Weitzel, Wade, Bettis, Wilson, Chandler, Lawson, Addison, Tuhle, Turner, Stephenson. Page 459 GAMMA ALPHA CHI OFFICERS Fall NANCY THRIFT ASTON SHARON LEE ASHTON ELISA SAVILLA DAVIS KAREN LEE SHANNON EMILY ANN LAMON GRETCHEN ANALETIA LEWIS DIANE MILLER ALAN SCOTT . Spring President ELISA SAVILLA DAVIS . . V ice-President SHARON LEE ASHTON Secretary-Treasurer EMILY ANN LAMON . Pledge Trainer KAREN LEE SHANNON Editor DOROTHY LOUISE LAVES . Assistant Editor JUDITH ANN ASEL Publicity SALLY BAGGETT . . Faculty Advisor ALAN SCOTT H. Karen Kincheloe GRADUATE AND ALUMNI MEMBERS Janis Kneblik Leali R. Mauke Joanne Williams Deanna Alleman Judith Ann Asel Sharon Lee Ashton Nancy Thrift Aston Elisa Savilla Davis Sondra Alma Halliday MEMBERS Karen Agopian Johns Carrie Patricia Joiner Emily Ann Lamon Sandra Lee Lawrence Gretchen Analetia Lewis Dianne Miller Janet Renee Orts Joan Marie Schilo Karen Lee Shannon Patsy B. Sherrill Vicke Caldwell Timmons Jeanne Alice White Mildred Marie Apel Sally Baggett Judith Jeannine Capps Bennie Jean Clinton Ellen K. Feuer FALL INITIATES Sherrill Lou Goodwin Dorothy Louise Laves Patsy Ann Martyn Jane Irene Paganini Linda Lou Reneau Margaret Janis Smith Susan Marie Solomon Geraldine Joyce Stoller Alicia Antoinette Tieber Virginia Beth Dagerath Nancy Linda Day Glenda Margaret Hunt SPRING PLEDGES Mary Sue Lawson Patricia Jean Lawson Patricia Lee Midyett Linda Annette Skelton Connie Junell Trammell Judith Ann Webb GAMMA ALPHA CHI is a national advertising fraternity for women with an active interest in advertising and a " C " scholastic average. GAMMA ALPHA CHI was founded at the University of Missouri in 1920. The Alpha Nu chapter was established at the University on October 15. 1960. Front Row: Solomon, White, Davis, Aston, Laves, Lamon, Goodwin, Reneau. Back Row: Alleman, Capps, Shannon, Halliday, Apel, Stoller, Feuer, Sherrill, Smith, Clinton, Miller, Lewis. Pgc 460 KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS Fall Spring ANNIS MARIE MINYARD President ANNIS MARIE MINYARD LILLIE MAE THOMPSON V ice-President LILLIE MAE THOMPSON MARY SUZAN BENBOW Recording Secretary MARY SUZAN BENBOW GLORIA ELMA GARCIA Corresponding Secretary EMMA JEAN SEEKER MARILYN BLACKSTONE GOLAZ Treasurer MARILYN BLACKSTONE GOLAZ RAYMA WATSON KARACOSTAS Reporter RAYMA WATSON KARACOSTAS CELIA DELGADO Sponsor CELIA DELGADO FACULTY MEMBER Esther Jane Wood Hall Mrs. Henry Matthew Burlage Mrs. Gunnar Gjerstad ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Dorothy Jane Lidiak Marie Betzner Morrow Martha Rodriquez Glenda Noah Baltzer Margaret A. Beaulieu Mary Suzan Benbow Rosemary Gorman Deanna Marye Dimmitt Julia Ellen Edwards Sue Virginia Finley MEMBERS Marilyn Blackstone Golaz Mary Louise Grose Janet Claire Hunt Ima Dell Irvin Rayma Watson Karacostas Sylvia Esther Laurel FALL PLEDGES Annis Marie Minyard Barbara Ann Nowlin Beth Anne Shocket Emma Jean Seeker Leah Raye Sexton Peggy J. R. Snow Lillie Mae Thompson Gloria Elma Garcia Sharon O ' Nita Herbert Susan Marie Ahlers Jane Reed Dillard Jacqueline Annette Hammer SPRING PLEDGES Dora Celene Lanham Leslie Ann Oakley Sharon Ann O ' Crowley Maria Josefa Perez Rosa Omelia Trevino Jeanine Anne Watson KAPPA EPSILON is the national honorary fraternity for women in pharmacy. The candidate for membership must have a passing grade in every subject as well as a " B " average in pharmacy. Membership is by invitation. The Xi Chapter was established on the University campus in 1943. The University of Iowa was the site of the original founding in 1921. Front Ron ' : Karacostas, Sexton, Colaz, Edwards, Grose, Beaulicii Second Row : Minyard, Thompson, Nowlin, Gorman, Garcia, Baltzer, Seeker, Snow. Page 461 KAPPA PSI OFFICERS fall spring ARTURO ACUNA Regent RONALD CLINTON EDWARDS ROBERT LINDSEY TYSON Vice-Regent JOHN RUSSELL CARSON JAMES SHELDRID NIX Secretary ROBERT LINDSEY TYSON BENJAMIN MARK HARRISON Treasurer BENJAMIN MARK HARRISON TEODULO CARLOS VILLARREAL. JR. . Historian ... . OTIS KEITH DUNAVANT Carl Clarence Albers Robert Graves Brown Henry Mathew Burlage Frank P. Cosgrove John E. Davis Jaime N. Delgado Er Hung Djao Gunnar Gjerstad FACULTY MEMBERS Paul Frank Geiger Wallace L. Guess Frederick Valentine Lofgren Luther Ray Parker HONORARY MEMBER Henry Rudolf Henze Herbert Frederick Schwartz Leon Otto Wilken Billy B. Wiley Lee Frank Worrell MEMBERS Arturo Acuna Earl Weldon Anderson John Charles Anderson Joe Gene Autry James Herbert Bates George Roger Bean Paul Don Borsellino William Clyde Brownlow John Russell Carson James Towson Coleman Adolph Ernest Crixell Otis Keith Dunavant Bernay Franklyn Dusek Ronald Clinton Edwards Ronnie Joe Elliott Kenneth Duane Ellis Jose Galvan James Beall Garner Darrell Alton Griffin Joseph Haley Hall Ronald Lee Hall Benjamin Mark Harrison Timothy Alden Hayes James Geffrey Hubble Enrique Jimenez Jerry Jerel Jones Michael Eugene Kennemer Ray Barton Lee Charles Harry Leinbach, Jr. Weldon Anton Neuendorff James Sheldrid Nix Darrell David Rayburn Jimmy Dave Riggins Robert Wayne Saunders Davis Lee Scoggins Michael William Simpson James Lee Smith Robert Arnold Smith Ernesto N. Soto Robert Lee Soza Charles Tyree Stewart Joe Mack Tarpley Sam Joseph Trevino, III Robert Lindsey Tyson James Vera Teodulo Carlos Villarrea], Jr. Gary Mack Weaver James William White Leighton Selman Whitsitt Ivan Ernest Willard Darrell Monroe Ballard Sterlin Eoff Barton John C. Collier James Wesley Easley. Jr. Don Hallmark Barry Andrew Henslee Terrell Wilson Jones Anthony Lanagan Roger Barry Lawhon FALL PLEDGES Charles David Lock Herbert E. McDougall, Jr. Dan Edward Miller John George Poutra, III David Anderson Prewitt Joe Michael Turner George Ronald Williamson Rowland Lawrence Winn Bobby Gene Crisp Clif W. Drummond SPRING PLEDGES Edwyn Irving Goldberg William David Lackey James W. Winkle Lee M. Wolehansky Ira Leland Young, Jr. KAPPA PSI PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY membership is composed of men with active leadership, sterling charac- ter, and good scholarship. Top Row: Acuna, Autry, Bates, Bean, Borsrllino, Carson, Coleman, Dunavant, Ducclc, Edwards. Second Rote: Elliott, Ellis, Galvan, R. Hall, Harrison, Jimenez, J. Jones, Kconemcr, Lee, Nix. Third Row: Riggins, Saunders, Simpson, J. Smith, R. Smith, Soto, Stewart, Trevino, Tyson, Villarrcal, White. Page 462 PHI DELTA CHI Fall OFFICERS Spring JAMES WILLIAM BLACK, JR President JAMES CHARLES TEMPLIN AL SANDER V ice-President NORMAN A. GOUND DOUGLAS BRYAN PAIR Secretary JESS W. WEST WILLIAM WAYNE VOELTER Treasurer JAMES MALCOLM BERRY JESS W. WEST Prelate FRANK A. DALEO RICHARD LYLE WALLSMITH Correspondent JOE FRED WHITFIELD WILLIAM JOHNSON SHEFFIELD Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM JOHNSON SHEFFIELD MEMBERS Jimmy Arden Anderson James Malcolm Berry James William Black, Jr. Joe Edd Callaway Frank A. Daleo Robert Carl Demler, Jr. Garry Dean Dossey Fred Andrew Ebel Kearney E. Edmiston, Jr. Jimmy M. Foy Norman A. Gound Billy Don Gray Robert Harold Gunn Robert George Hackbardt J. B. Hensler George C. Kenady, Jr. James Charles Maass Charlie Thomas Novosad Douglas Bryan Pair Al Sander Bob L. Simpson Bill R. Spain Monte Jerome Staha B. E. Sweet James Charles Templin Geurt Levi Tilma Max Dwayne Tully William Wayne Voelter Richard Lyle Wallsmith Jess W. West Joe Fred Whitfield James Puttnam Yeates FALL PLEDGES John L. Batey Jimmie Caleb Brown Otto Dwight Compton, Jr. Ben Mike Ethridge Louis Chris Heinemeyer Charles M. Henry, Jr. Larry Wayne Huseman James Alvin Johnson Jack Duff Lusk Louis Lane Martinez Timothy Haskell McCoy Gerald David Perry Joe W. Riley James Bascomb Ross James Durham Sweeten Richard Allison Timmons Louis Jacob Wernet, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Lyngle Dudley Barnes, III John Brooks Bradley, Jr. Willis Lemuel Bugg Clarenie Jefferson Cariker Joe C. Edwards Everett Allen Hodge Paul Ray McKinzie Jack R. Neeley Leo Anthony Rizzato, Jr. Jan Newsom Schmidt David Lloyd Wasicek Alfred Gus Wendland PHI DELTA CHI is the national professional pharmacy fraternity maintaining a house on campus. Members are selected for this professional fraternity from those men that are enrolled in the College of Pharmacy. PHI DELTA CHI came to the University campus in the form of the Lambda Chapter in 1905. The University of Michigan initiated the organization in 1883. Front Row: Foy, Kenady, Gray, Callaway, Gound, Pair, Hackbardt, Maass, Spain, Edmiston. Second Row: Dossey, Whitfield, Sander, Sweet, Yeates, West, Hensler, Anderson, Gunn, Tully, Simpson. Third Roic: Daleo, Black, Berry, Novosad, Tilma, Voelter, Sheffield, Dernier, Staha, Templin. Page 463 PRE-PHARMACY CLUB President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor . . . Student Co-ordinator OFFICERS CLIFFORD WARREN WOOD MICHAEL DUKE ELLIS VESTA SUE DUDGEON WILLIAM J. SHEFFIELD . JAMES WILLIAM BLACK, JR., Phi Delta Chi FACULTY MEMBER William Johnson Sheffield Bennie Marie Adkins Henry Orien Ager, III Bonnie Jane Arrington William Dwight Bartlett Eugene Austin Biegert Ellis Preston Carmichael Jimmy Rex Gotten Douglas Ernest Coursey Harry Bob Day Vesta Sue Dudgeon Michael Duke Ellis William John Fuhrman Ben Eugene Jacob John Herbert Kraft MEMBERS Rosario Jose Lopez Fernando Martinez Larry Lee Mays Edward Victor Michna Nina Carol McConnell Calvin Wayne Oliver Henry Anthony Pavliska Linda Dell Penman Albert Perez William Henry Peterek Norma Linda Rodriguez Robert John Samuelson Aileen Short Rene Solis Wallace Clark Spencer Robert Lee Staats Emily Jean Stanford Jerry Lee Symns Teodoro Trevino, Jr. Sandra Ann Tucker Margaret Suzanne Vera Ray Douglas Westerlage Wayne Myers Wiley Earl Williams Dan Richard Williams Clifford Wayne Wood Jay Orville Wright Carol Ann Halamicek NEW MEMBERS Marie Eugenia Rodriguez THE PRE-PHARMACY CLUB was established on the University campus on September 19, 1962. The re- quirement for membership is to be registered in the School of Pharmacy with less than 30 semester hours. Front Row: Fuhrman, Dudgeon, Stanford, Penman, Arrington, Short, McConnell, Tucker, N. Rodriguez, Vra Second Row: Coursey, Sheffield, Samuelson, D. Williams, Westerlage, Martinez, Trevino, Wood, Day. Third Row: Biegert, Ager, Wright, Pavliska, Oliver, Ellis, Staats, Kraft, Black. Page 464 SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS Spooks and Silver Spurs entertain children at Christmas Mortar Board tapping Alpha Phi Omega members assist at Registration Orange Jacket tapping Texas Cowboys and Silver Spurs lead Pep Rallies on Campus Page 465 ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS Fall Spring GLENN BURKE MUSGROVE President RUBEN STANLEY BROWN RUBEN STANLEY BROWN First Vice-President MICHAEL ALAN WILEY DAN NOBLES GARDNER Second Vice-President CLIF W. DRUMMOND JAMES CROZIER BROWN Treasurer JAMES CROZIER BROWN GARY VERNON CAIN Recording Secretary LARRY LEE JOHNSON DANIEL LOUIS TREVINO Corresponding Secretary ALAN YALE SCHAEVITZ ROYCE CHARLES LAMBERTH Reporter ROYCE CHARLES LAMBERTH PHILIP ABBOTT CHRISCO . . Historian CHAD FREEMAN CREAGER ADVISORY COUNCIL Glenn Edward Barnett, Faculty Keith Kohn Cox, Alumni Bert Engelhardt, Alumni Daryl Ray Alford Lloyd Edward Allen, Jr. James Charles Barbour Russell Morris Barefield Lee Ray Basore Dan Edward Beckelman. William David Berry Michael Edward Bonine Joseph Lee Boring Michael Charles Bosler George I. Bournianoff Eddie Bradford James Howard Bradley John Brooks Bradley, Jr. Samuel David Brady Robert L. Breckenridge, Jr. Loyd Goerge Brooks James Crozier Brown Ruben Stanley Brown Pat Bryan, III George Pardue Bunch James Darwin Burney Howard Young Butler Gary Vernon Cain Jim Winston Carr Kenneth Randolph Castleman Frank Thomas Cervenka James D. Chrisco Philip Abbott Chrisco Robert G. Clarkson Clarence Wharton Cole Don Dwight Cox Gerhard J. Fonken, Faculty H. L. Gaskin, Scouting Frank Hilton, Scouting C. C. Nolen, Faculty Arno Nowotny, Faculty Colonel George William Porter, Faculty MEMBERS Chad Freeman Creager Robert Allen Crenshaw William Edward Crook Archie M. Groom Harold Ray Crutsinger Robert Hamilton Cuyler. Jr. Thomas Braden Daly Gerald W. Daniels, Jr. Gerald Lee Daugherty Donald Richard Deaver Daniel Baldwin Dodson Charles Clay Doyle Clif W. Drummond Marvin Weisse Ellis James Theron Fergus, Jr. Rowland Bruce Foster George Gates Fowler, Jr. Dan Nobles Gardner Wilton William Garner John Newell Gilbreath Tom Cody Graves Donald Scott Griffith David Gray Hall Frank C. Harris John Lee Henry Robert L. Herndon William A. Hiers, Jr. Douglass Fielding Hoese Robert David Hoover Michael A. Hopper Larry Lee Johnson Bailey Rhea Jones Monroe Wayne Jones James Horace Justice James Robert Kamrath Larry Joe Kennedy Allison Clay Kistler, II Thomas Dale Knight Robert Portner Kohler, III Jerome Michael Kopel Royce Charles Lamberth Clinton A. Lenoir Paxton K. Littlepage Bobby Lee Lloyd Thomas Robert Long Milton Neil Martin, Jr. Richard Manuel Martinez George H. McCall Robert Patrick McGuffin James Luther Minis, III Leonard Edward Mohrmann, Jr. James Wynn Moyers Glenn Burke Musgrove Robert James Naas Robert Stanley Neel Jack Childers Dates, Jr. John William Parker C. 0. Patterson Thomas Calvin Patton Larry Ewing Phillips William Lucas Pickles James Arlen Pyle Elwood J. Preiss, Faculty John G. Steele, Alumni Baltazar Ramos, Jr. Thomas Frank Rhodes Robert Patrick Roy James Allen Sanders, Jr. Alan Yale Schaevitz Norman Jerry Scheel John Kenneth Scott, Jr. David William Seals Charles Thomas Snowdon, Jr. John McGuffin Steele Roy Taylor Stockman John Henry Tomlinson Daniel Louis Trevino Jerry Lynn Turner Robert Lindsay Tyson Paul Van Slyke Kenneth Ray Vestal Gayle Charles Wald Samuel Lynn Ward James Thomas Watts Kenneth Allan Weda Larry James White Jerry Wayne Whitten Michael Alan Wiley Dan B. Williams James Ewing Williams, Jr. James Michael Williams Marion Glenn Williams, Jr. Olan Dale Williams Kenneth Lee Wise Richard Bennet Zey Elmer Y. Zilch, Jr. The APO ' s present the World ' s largest Texas Flag at the Aggie game on Thanksgiving Day. 466 FALL INITIATES Dennis Ellsworth Alvoid Cecil William Bain, Jr. James Henry Belt Paul Henry Bianchi Eugene Frank Boemer Ronald Fred Bond Roy Durwin Brooks Charles Earl Burney Chester Mark Cedars James Roy Chaka Paschel Lee Church Ronald Carol Groom Richard Steele Davenport Jerry Glynn Die Seg D. Elp William Edward Gaddy John Armand Garcia Armin Gerhard James Franklin Gladson, Jr. William Dennis Gray Walter John Gueldner, III Raymond Henry Haggard, Jr. James Richard Hardy Christopher Stephen Hart Fred Adlam Helms Daniel Edward Herron Harold Wayne Hill Laurence Calvin Jackson Donald Lee Jones Michael Joseph Jones Lloyd Eugene Jordan Curtis Lin Junge Robert Jerome Kern Robert William Leveridge Robert Frank L ' Roy Lawrence Hamilton Manire William Wallace Manning Dan Howell Marshall, II Charles Michael McMinn James David Mitchell Carl Hofmann Moneyhon Kenneth L. Porter Keith Oriel Reeves Donald Wayne Schuelke David Lee Shull Aurel Emerson Smith Larry Michael Speir William Russell Surles Kenneth Howard Wanamaker SPRING PLEDGES Registration is one of APO ' s biggest and most useful projects for the University Tomme Ray Actkinson Robert W. Burcalow Paul Andrew Burkwall Billy Errol Buxton Phillip Mack Caldwell Eugene Richard Crowell Fred Edward Davis Stephen Harold Davis Samuel Pierce Doerr Fred W. Hester, Jr. James Everett Key, II Jerry Ismat Fuad Masri James Gilbert Parish Mark Wayne Perrin Charles Prunny Sidney Clarence Ramsey, III Michael Henry Roten Raymond A. Ruutle, Jr. Wayne Macwell Shull Fred Edward Sommers, III James H. Stewart, Jr. Michael J. Thomas Allen Ziese ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national service fraternity with membership open to ex-scouts registered in the University. To become members, the pledges of APO must pass through a period of pledgeship during which a certain measure of service must be rendered. The three phases of service rendered are service to the campus, the community, and service to the nation as participating citizens. The guiding principles of the fraternity are Friendship, Leadership, and Service. Alpha Rho chapter of APO was established on the University campus in 1933. The initial chapter was formed on the Lafayette College campus, Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1925. Front Row: Trevino, Breckenridge, J. Brown, Gardner, Weda, Justice, Musgrove, Deaver, P. Chrisco, Lamberth, Cain, Drummond, Dodson. Second Row: Moyers, Brady, Bonine, Alford, Wiley, Gilbreath, Turner, Boring, B. Jones, Bradford, Cedars, Creager. Third Row: Allen, Daugherty, Clarkson, Pyle, D. Jones, Vestal, Seals, Church, Helms, Kichard Nawn Neal, Bunch. Fourth Row: Kopel, Gates, Littlepage, M. Williams, R. Grooms, L ' Roy, Gray, Gaddy, Stockman, Kohler, Hardy, Basore. Fifth Row: Steele, Fergus, Castleman, Griffith, Mims, Garcia, M. J. Jones, D. Shull, Cox, J. Chrisco, R. Brooks, Mitchell, Porter. Sixth Row: O. Williams, Haggard, Gueldner, Bain, Watts, Davenport, Belt, Manning, Moneyhon, Kamrath. Seventh Row: Scott, Marshall, Speir, Chaka, Smith, Die, Leveridge, Mohrmann, Brian William Schenk, Jackson, J. E. Williams. Eighth Row: Herron, Barbour, Harold Lonnie Harper, II, Bianchi, Hill, Bond, Gladson, Kern, Boemer, Schuelke, Snowdon. Page 467 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS Commander JAMES MICHAEL HINKLE Executive Officer JAMES WARNER KELLOGG Operatio ns Officer JAMES LEWIS GREEN, JR. Administrative Officer CLARENCE WHARTON COLE Comptroller FRANK MACKINDER SALLEE, II Information Officer BARY BEN HUTSELL Faculty Advisor CAPTAIN ROBERT E. HAYS, JR., USAF HONORARY MEMBERS Lieutenant Colonel George W. Porter, USAF Captain Robert E. Hays, Jr., USAF Robert Dalton Bassetti Robert E. Boswell Randall Harold Boyett Robert Lee Clark Clarence Wharton Cole David Bras Cole Larry Jack Edgeman Charles Marshall Finney Daniel Vincent Flatten MEMBERS Gene Gifford Paul Faris Gilbert James Lewis Green, Jr. James Michael Hinkle Bary Ben Hutsell Walter L. Janszen James Warner Kellogg Samuel Ernest Leifeste Max M. Marosko Mark Hayden Nugent Gerald Britton Parnell Kennert Allen Pfeil Thomas O. Proffitt Charles Richard Reeder Frank Mackinder Sallee, II Herbert Weigl, Jr. George Burdette Wright, Jr. Glen Porter Doss Thomas Reginald Heard FALL PLEDGES James Larry Hollis Patrick Knight Eugene Paul Sturm Aaron Valenzuela Bobby Lynn Braun William Glen Brown John Henry Cissik Thomas Mike Cogburn Robert Hamilton Cuyler, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Felix Wayman Ferrell, Jr. Carr Lynn Guess Randolph Lee Hall, Jr. Michael Boone Lovelace Brian Donald Moore William Wallace Morris, III Richard Conrad Swanson Hilmer W. S. Swenson, Jr. Gary Kieth Tannahill Michael Frank Trahan ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is open only to outstanding cadets of Air Force ROTC by invitation. Front Rota: Sallee, Kellogg, Hinkle. Creer.. C. Cole, Hulsell. Second Rote: Valeniuela, Knight, Parnell, Gifford, Gilbert, Marosko, Reeder, Dosi, Heard. Third Rote: Nugent, Wright, Leifeite, Jantzen, D. Cole, Flatten, Sturm. Page 48 MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Treasurer . . . Historian . . . Secretary . . . Reporter . . . . Sponsors . . . Margaret Berry Dorothy L. Gebauer Helen Hargrave Sue Correll James Nancy Thrift Aston J udy Schleyer Blanton Hazel Jane Clements Caren Maynett Cox Carolyn Draeger Judith Gay Blanton Ann Connor Brown Carolyn Sue Coker Helena Rebecca Frenkil Judye Ann Galeener Pamela Jane Heath Barbara Katherine Hurt Carol Glee Ingram FACULTY MEMBERS Thelma Lockwood Etelka S. Lynn Margaret Peck Lucy Rathbone Joanne M. Ravel MEMBERS Susan Chappell Ford Sylvia Ann Grider Michelle Guillot Bobbie Ann Harper SPRING INITIATES Jan Jopling Laura Jeanne Kassos Loyce Ann Katz Ida Marie Klein Emily Ann Lamon Sally Anne Lehr Sandra Paul Love Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Mary Evelyn Merritt JUDY SCHLEYER BLANTON CAROLYN DRAEGER SYLVIA GRIDER PARTICIA J. McCLURE SUSAN C. FORD BARBARA JEAN TOSCH THELMA LOCKWOOD D. N. MORGAN NANCY RICHEY Nancy Richey Helen Tackett JoAnn Thompson Joan Farquhar Warburton Gail Helen McBride Patricia Jean McClure Laura Elizabeth McNeil Kay Sutherland Barbara Jean Tosch Sabra Ann Moore Philena Jane Morton Theresa Kaye Northcott Jo Ann Serrano Lilas Janice Shelby Ruth Ann Short Maida Singer Leah Ann Weaver MORTAR BOARD is the national honorary society for senior women of American Universities. The Visor Chapter was formed on the University campus in 1923. The Cornell University hosted the initial chapter which was started in 1918. At the close of the spring semester not less than five nor more than twenty-five members are chosen for membership on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service by the unanimous vote of members and advisors. A grade point average of 2.0 is also required. Front Rota: Ford, Blanton, Egyptianella, McClure, Sutherland. Back Row: McBride, McNeil, Toach, Grider, Dreager. Page 469 ORANGE JACKETS OFFICERS President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Contact Chairman Contact Chairman Sponsor SALLY ANNE LEHR . . . . ANN CONNOR BROWN JAN JOPLING . . PHILENA JANE MORTON- HELENA REBECCA FRENKIL SANDRA PAUL LOVE . SHIRLEY ANN BIRD Ann Connor Brown Stephanie Jane Buchanan Mary Kathryn Buss Victoria Bush Caldwell Carolyn Sue Coker Jane Carolyn Cowper Jessica Royece Darling Diane M. Dodson Helen Claire Anderson Bette Maxine Boyd Genie Brackenridge Cynthia Louise Brantley Sandra Hays Beverly Gail Hill Barbara Katherine Hurt Karen Lee Hyman Amelia Mary Janssen MEMBERS Margaret Sue Dutton Helena Rebecca Frenkil Judye Ann Galeener Bobbie Ann Harper Helen Elizabeth Houston Carol Glee Ingram Jan Jopling Loyce Ann Katz FALL INITIATES Laura Jeanne Kassos Mary Kathryn Kulchak Emily Ann Lamon Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Eddie Rebecca Maxey Mary Evelyn Merritt Janet Lee Miller Anitha Theresa Mitchell Sabra Ann Moore Zane Ann Morgan Sally Anne Lehr Sandra Paul Love Philena Jane Morton Lois Nell Nelson Lilas Janice Shelby Maida Singer Carolyn Soffar Leah Ann Weaver Lynda Painter Karen Lynn Powell Michelle Alice Puzin Sharon Sue Rountree Jo Ann Serrano Bea Ann Smith Patricia Anne Stephens Barbara Jean Vessels Joyce Frances Zwager Julia Ann Brown Barbara Carolyn Ellis Elizabeth Anne Files Mary Jane Gorham Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Marion Diane Holbrook SPRING INITIATES Rita Jane Ing Hariadene Johnson Nell Kathleen Martin Matie Belle Medlin Kay Lynn Morrow Susan Key Pound Dorothy Caroline Remy Susan Deranda Shaw Tacey Susa Tajan Jane R. Voight Mary Lovey Wood ORANGE JACKETS is composed of those girls of the sophomore and junior classes who are considered most representa- tive. Eligibility is based on scholastic standing, qualities of leadership and all-round ability. The organization has no spe- cialized field of work and is active in many projects of the University. Members are especially prominent in helping with campus elections and other such activities. Members are chosen by invitation in the form of " tapping. " which takes place in the fall and spring. ORANGE JACKETS was founded on the University campus in 1923. . front Rote: Morton, Brown, Lehr, J opting, Frenkil, Love. Second Row: Morgan, Hyman, Brackenridge, Smith, Stephens, Singer, Serrano, Kassos, Coker. Third Row: Houston, Darling, Miller, Brantley, Hays, Katz, Mitchell, Kulchak, Galeener. Fourth Rote: Merritt, Zwager, Buss, Hill, Weaver, Painter, Boyd, Hurt, Puiin, Vessels. Fifth Row: Ingram, Cowper, Marsh, Anderson, Powell, Moore, Rnuntree, Jantsen, Shelby, Lamon. Page 470 PERSHING RIFLES Fall DAN HENRY HANKE OFFICERS Spring Commander HERBERT E. EVANS MICHAEL VANCE KILLOUGH MICHAEL VANCE KILLOUGH Executive Officer BERT NATHANIEL WISELEY DONALD ROBERT ARTIS, JR S-l OSCAR NEWELL GOODE, JR. ROBERT LOUIS HERNDON S-2 ANTHONY CHARLES JUNG HERBERT E. EVANS S-3 ROBERT LOUIS HERNDON ROBERT LANE CARLETON S-4 CLAUDE EDWARD HEMPEL PALMER THOMPSON SCHWEPPE . . . Information Officer . . . PALMER THOMPSON SCHWEPPE Colonel Herbe rt E. Brown, USA HONORARY MEMBERS Captain John H. Mclntosh, USA John Richardson Allen Leland Ammons Donald Robert Artis, Jr. Stephen F. Austin Carroll Stanley Barbour James Charles Barbour Craig Edsall Bartlett Randolph G. Berry Robert Thomas Binder, Jr. Victor Darrell Blakeway Ronald Fred Bond Robert Lee Boyer Thomas Oswell Brightman Michael Jan Brown Frederic Anthony Bruton William David Caldwell Robert Lane Carleton John H. Coats William Harold Cooper Jack Kenneth Dahlberg, Jr. ARMY ROTC CADETS Herbert E. Evans David Wesley Garner James Franklin Gladson, Jr. Oscar Newell Goode, Jr. John Frederick Gray Johnce Eugene Hall Dan Henry Hanke William Ray Harper Howard Hillman Hasting, Jr. Claude Edward Hempel Robert Louis Herndon Larce McElroy Holder, III Boyd Marcus Johnson Raymond Lee Johnson, Jr. Dick Thorp Jordan, Jr. Anthony Charles Jung Michael Vance Killough Stanley Allen Lack Daniel Ray Lazicki Richard Manuel Martinez Donald Hughes McElhone Phillip Lloyd Medellin Worth Robert Miller Conrad John Netting Cayetano Olivarez John Duncan Osburn Joseph Howard Parnell, Jr. Charles Morgan Pearre, III Bobby Joe Phillip William Wallace Rogers, Jr. James Harley Ruth Gerald Ed Schroeder Palmer Thompson Schweppe Michael Franklin Shands Stanley Claude Stone Jerry Ted Vavra Auberdeen Leroy Watts Thomas Richard Wheeler, Jr. Christopher Wayne Wiley Bert Nathaniel Wiseley James Joseph Alford AIR FORCE ROTC CADETS Richard Keck Cook Jarrell Dean Holloway, Jr. Hayden Edward Boland John U. Miller SPRING PLEDGES Paul W. Moore William Olan Stevenson Michael J. Thomas James Perry Weiler Philip Robb Winsborough Front Row: Hempel, Gray, Bruton, Herndon, Carleton, Evans, Hanke, Killough, Coats, Wisely. Second Row: Jung, Artis, Martinez, Pearre, M. Brown, Vavra, Watts, Phillip, Hastings, Ruth, Susan Cohen, Sponsor, Third Row: W. Miller, R. Johnson, Austin, B. Johnson, Holder, Bond, Cook, Netting, Jordan, Coode. Fourth Row: Binder, Olivarez, Shands, Brightman, Holloway, Allen, Parnell, Wheeler, Lack, Gladson. Page 471 ROYAL SPIRIT COMMITTEE Chairman WILLIAM ALLEN MELTON Elizabeth Anne Adams Daryl Ray Alford Kathryn Ann Bailey Cecil William Bain Robert Alan Berry Bette Lois Boyd Genie Brackenridge Robert L. Breckenridge James Darwin Burney Donna Sue Campbell Frank Thomas Cervenka Chad Freeman Creager Marilew Cunningham John William Dalton Jessica Royece Darling Bernie Rodney Davis Arlene Geneva Dietz Martha Anne Dillard Elizabeth Lyons Doremus Carolen Jeanne Draper James George Drawer! Clif W. Drummond Carolyn Dudley Alan Lee Eisenberg Louise Elizabeth Eriksen Rita Jay Fagelman Sandra Gwen Faircloth Charles Adkins Finnell Charlotte Anne Florence MEMBERS Sandra Elizabeth Foster Maria Elda Garcia Mary Esther Garner Nikki Nora Gober Doug Claud Graham, Jr. Cristia Fay Guess Patricia Gale Hackerman Priscilla Jane Hester Robert James Huston Evelyn Phillis Johnson Linda Lou Kellogg Virgie Ann Klein Mary Kathryn Kulchak Royce Charles Lamberth Sandra Helene Landau Artie Sue Lane Marshall Allin Leaffer James Gary Lernpert William Lynn Little Karen E. Lovinggood Robert James Lowe Yvonne Charmayne Marsh Eddie Rebecca Maxey William Allen Melton Wayne Earle Miers James Luther Minis, III Mike A. Mitchell Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Glenn Burke Musgrove Patricia Louise Myers David Knight Northington, III Monroe Ben Nowotny Robert Earl Owens Phillip Jay Paine Sam Houston Pressler Kenneth Alwyn Roberson, Jr. Sharon Gaines Robins Raymond Neil Rosenthal William Calvin Royle James Allen Sanders, Jr. Margaret Taylor Sanford Larry Scott Sharron Ann Sibley Carol Geraldine Smith Warrie Lynn Smith Suzanne Sorenson Suzanne Allain Stein Patricia Anne Stephens Jack Vernon Strickland, Jr. Susan Szafir Jan Thomsen Richard Brown Waitt, Jr. Peggy Joan Watts Fred Kahn Westheimer Diann Williams Martha Ann Wingo Judy Wish The ROYAL SPIRIT COMMITTEE functions mainly to promote, build, and prompt school spirit through the joint work of the various campus organizations and groups. Representatives are chosen from fraternities, sororities, co-ops, service organizations, and other groups interested in increasing school spirit. I Front Row: Landuu, I.ano, Garner, Sormiton, CiinninRlinm, Dic-l , DraptT, Walts, Fnircloth, I.ovincfioiid. Second Row: Darling, Fagclman, Lowe, Stein, C. Smith, Dudley, Sibley, Bracken ridge, Sanford, Foster, W. Smith, Bailey, Boyd, Kellogg. Third Rom: Melton, Paine, Johnson. Marsh, Williams, Dorcmus, Florence, Montgomery, Gober, Hester, Garcia, Kulchak, Rosenthal, Northinjlon. Fourth Row: Musgrove, Huston, Owens, Wailt, Alford, Lcaffcr, Ccrvcnka, Sanders, Berry. Filth Row: Miers, Strickland, Royle, Mims, Eisenberg, Brcckcnridse, Lempert, Drummond, Bain. Little, Davis, Graham, Drawer!, Roberson, Creager. Page 472 SCABBARD AND BLADE OFFICERS Fall Spring GARY LYNN WOOD Captain ROGER ALBERT MARIEN ROBERT LAYTON COLLIER First Lieutenant ROBERT LEE CLARK ROBERT LEE CLARK Second Lieutenant FRANK FITCH HENDERSON MARIO JESUS GONZALEZ First Sergeant DAVID PETER COTELLESSE FACULTY MEMBERS Captain William T. Adams, USAF Colonel Herbert E. Brown, USA Lieutenant John Gregory McDermott, USNA Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Huffacker, USA MEMBERS ARMY Edgar Daniel Bailey Edwin Allan Cook Robert Layton Collier Rudolph Vince Krueger Robert Lee Clark Clarence Wharton Cole Robert Roy Baines, Jr. Marion Bernard Gardner, Jr. Charles Edward Bonney David Peter Cotellesse Robert Dalton Bassetti David Bras Cole Glen Porter Doss Felix Wayman Ferrell, Jr. Daniel Vincent Flatten Gene E. Gifford William George Egelhoff Mario Jesus Gonzalez James Earl Langley Harold Gilbert Lutz, Jr. Eldon Lewis Jones Steven Michael Neuse NAVY Roger Albert Marien Louis Edward Spradlin AIR FORCE Larry Edgeman Charles Marshall Finney Paul Faris Gilbert James Michael Hinkle FALL PLEDGES John Frederick Gray Frank Fitch Henderson Hugh Len Gray Kenneth James Moore Daniel Vincent Flatten James Lewis Green, Jr. ARMY NAVY Victor A. Kormeier Nickie Lee Laird John Hammack McMillan William George McMillian AIR FORCE Bary Ben Hutsell James W. Kellogg SPRING PLEDGES Thomas Reginald Heard Michael Lawner Patton John Michael Mason Gary William Schoen George Jack Nachman Michael Frank Trahan John Duncan Osburn Don Vaccaro Wayne Maxwell Shull Gary Lynn Wood Sam R. Stanbery Kennert Allen Pfeil Thomas 0. Proffitt Alfred Joseph Marsch David Arnold Pullen Charles Samuel Snell Donald A. Tortorice Max M. Marosko Mark Hayden Nugent Robert Michael Warner David Garner Wilbourne Mansel Monroe Wood SCABBARD AND BLADE is the national honor society for outstanding cadets and midshipmen from the Army, Navy. and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps of junior or senior rank. Nominees are selected by the active members on the basis of their leadership potential, academic standing, and interest in their respective programs. The purpose of SCAB- BARD AND BLADE is to further the interest of the military service by promoting better understanding and co-operation be- tween the armed services. The National Society of SCABBARD AND BLADE was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904. The Texas Chapter, G Company, 8th Regiment, was founded in 1949. Front Row: J. Gray, Egelhoff, Wood, Collier, Clark, Gonzalez, Langley, Moore. Second Row: McMillian, McMillan, Marsch, Krueger, Snell, Henderson, Bonney, H. Gray, Kormeier. Third Row: Cole, Cotellesse, Hutsell, Tortorice, Finney, Kellogg, Marien, Hinkle, Gilbert. Page 473 SILVER SPURS OFFICERS Fall Spring LARRY LYNN SCHOENBRUN President RAYMOND COY POAGE, JR. ARTHUR LOUIS SCHECHTER V ice-President DAVID ISADORE KUPERMAN LEON NORROD GRAHAM Secretary ROBERT ALEXANDER MARKOWITZ EDWARD BRADFORD PICKETT Treasurer TOMMY ESCDRIGE YORK GARY DENNIS AGUREN Executive Council LEON NORROD GRAHAM RAYMOND COY POAGE, JR Executive Council ARTHUR LOUIS SCHECHTER JOHN C. TREADWELL . . Executive Council . . LARRY LYNN SCHOENBRUN Jack Russell Maguire HONORARY MEMBERS Calvin C. Nolen Richard S. Pryor MEMBERS William Lynn Aaron Gary Dennis Aguren Wayne Fredric Aguren John Robert Cope Thomas Nendall Crowell John Patrick Culpepper William Claude Davidson, Jr. Samuel Dotson Dibrell James William Dodson John Allen Genung Gene Estel Gifford Jerry Cutler Coffey John George Engler Bobby Frank Gamblin Johji Roland Gowan David Gray Hall Michael Shane Brenan George David Carlock Joe Chartoff Donald Michael Dalton William Edwin Denman Alan William Dreeben Julius Glickman Leon Norrod Graham Dick Hoskins Gregg Robert Charles Greve Mike Austin Hatchell Oliver Samuel Heard Walter Tom Henson Thomas Buckner Hightower Magne Kristiansen David Isadore Kuperman Marshall Allin Leaffer Lowell Henry Leberman, Jr. Bert Gentry Lee Gregory Owen Lipscomb Robert Alexander Markowitz Ferdinand Charles Meyer Edgar Covey Nash Robert Stiles Patterson James H oke Peacock, II Edward Bradford Pickett FALL ROWELS John Sinclair Hartman Harvey Tevis Herd Samuel Everard Kinch, jr. Melvyn Lerman Tommy Ray Lucas George Jack Nachman Clyde David Pomeroy Sam Madison Powell SPRING ROWELS James Simpson Dyer Michael Ray Eledge Larry Franks James Edgar Goodnight Michael Gray Hix Green James Clark Hudson William Carroll Keach Maurice Marcus William Gene Moll Raymond Coy Poage, Jr. Ellis Wynn Presson Arthur Lcftiis Schechter Larry Lynn Schoenbrun Jim Russell Smith Kirkland Gideon Smith Marion David Standridge Charles Dan Talbert John C. Treadwell Richard Dane Worthington Tommy Escdrige York Walter Cayce Sands Michael William Simpson Tommy Virgil Wade Peter Christian Williams David Rupert Murph John Everett Mussleman Knox Dillon Nunnaly Robert Fleming See Ronald Lee Tatham Marquis Everett Whittington SILVER SPURS is an honorary service organization for men which was founded at The University of Texas in 1938. New members are chosen by the group for scholarship, leadership, and personal achievement. SILVER SPURS is responsi- ble for the upkeep of Bevo, as well as performing other University services. it (i ' - - Front Row: Powell, Kuperman, Gregg, Cope, Treadwell, Nachman, K. Smith, Gifford. Grere. ' Second Ro a: Hartman, Markowitz, Hall, Lerman, Leaffer, Poage, Camblin, Pickett. Third Row: Wade, Cowan, Pomeroy, Culpepper, Schoenbrun, Willianu, W. Aguren, Engler, Lipicomb, Heard, Simpson, Peacock, Worthinfton, Dodaon. Page 474 SPOOKS OFFICERS Fall Spring LOYCE ANN KATZ President SANDRA HAYS GLENADINE RUSSELL V ice-President TYRA ANN COX DONNA FA YE OBERPRILLER Service MARY KATHERINE SEALY TYRA ANN COX Spirit GEORGIA ELLEN GILLIS BARBARA JEAN VESSELS Secretary ELIZABETH ROSE GREENFIELD ETHEL LOWDON WILEY Treasurer. KAREN LYNN POWELL PATRICIA DIANN BENNINGFIELD Contact GAY TRABUE NAGLE BONNIE NANCY CRENSHAW Historian CAROL EUGENIA EARL PATRICIA ANNE STEPHENS Royal Spirit Chairman JUDY KATHLEEN WAX SANDRA PAUL LOVE Foreign Student Chairman . . . BARBARA CAROLYN ELLIS ORA AILEEN BENNETT Faculty Sponsor. ORA AILEEN BENNETT MEMBERS Nelda Kay Becknell Patricia Diann Benningfield Genie Brackenridge Alexis Joan Brown Virginia Louise Castille Tyra Ann Cox Bonnie Nancy Crenshaw Corrie Ann Crofts Carolyn Frances Cunningham Deni Lynn Daly Lois Dianne Derouen Carol Jane Eads Carol Eugenia Earl Delores Earls Barbara Carolyn Ellis Rita Jay Fagelman Jean Ann Faulkner Diane Kathleen Fitts Margaret Ellen Foran Dixie Ann Gaddis Gloria Judene Grant Elizabeth Rose Greenfield Annette Hardin Connie Ann Harris Sandra Hays Victoria Lee Hunter Jo Van Hurd Joan Phyllis Hyman Loyee Ann Katz Karen Ann Kelly Sandra Paul Love Joyce Evelyn Massingill Kenny Sue Mills Betty Joyce Moore Kathleen Fenley Moore Donna Faye Oberpriller Patricia Ann Ferryman Sharon Ann Plantowsky Susan Key Pound Karen Lynn Powell Mary Beth Price Linda Carole Ridgway FALL PLEDGES Jane Allen Roberta Iris Billings Margie Ann Carr Sandra Gwen Faircloth Lucy Gay Garner Georgia Ellen Gillis Jamie Lee Andrews Becky Beeley Barbara Gail Boggess Julia Ann Brown Betty Lou Butler Patsy Jeanne Byfield Patricia Jane Clements Virginia Sue Graham Amy Lucia Goodenough Anne Margaret Hanzel Mary Adele Hardie Nancy Carol Holman Charlotte Kroll Barbara Ann Merrill Anitha Theresa Mitchell Helen Hardy Murchison Elizabeth Carolyn McAfee Gay Trabue Nagle Jo Sharon Roberts SPRING PLEDGES Sara Elizabeth Crow Sara Lee Doggett Judith Ann Dombrowslci Mary Esther Garner Mary Tedford Griffith Jill Annette Harris Margaret Rissia Hopkins Donna Ament Jessen Margaret Lucile Koy Judy Carol Miller Martha Jeanne Purcell Clair Lyn Reeder Glenadine Russell Mary Katherine Sealy Mary Ellen Shields Adrienne Elizabeth Shupee Mary Katherine Sorden Rochelle Vee Steinberg Patricia Anne Stephens Barbara Jean Vessels Judy Kathleen Wax Ethel Lowdon Wiley Judith Isabel Wright Mary Jack Zi mmerman Joyce Frances Zwager Susan Elizabeth Wagnon Emily Marshall Watson Ilene Marcia Weinberger Theo Nancy Wilkes Judy Wish Rose Diane Rosenberg Phyllis Elaine Rosenfield Gr.eta Schoenbrun Frances Spivy Carolyn Nell Stewart Karen Kay Walton Ann Louise Whiting SPOOKS is a service organization composed of three girls from each sorority and ten girls from the independent section of the campus. Members are chosen in the fall and spring from the girls in the freshman and sophomore classes that show great leadership potential for campus affairs. Front Row: Oberpriller, Crenshaw, Wiley, Love, Ruuell, Katz, Coz, Benningfield, Stephens, Vessels, Bennett. Second Row: Price, Ferryman, Fagelman, Brown, Brackenridge, Castille, Wright, Steinberg, Greenfield, Grant, Earl, Crofts, Faulkner Derouen, Weinberger. Third Row: Massingill, Shields, Hanzel, Garner, Earls, B. Moore, Hunter, Wai, Sealy, Cunningham, Kroll, Wilkes, Zwager, Ellis, Hardin. Fourth Row: Gaddis, Allen, Becknell, Hurd, Zimmerman, Holman, K. Moore, Eads, Wish, Mitchell, Gillis, Hyman, Hardie McAfee Daly. Fifth Row: Nagle, Watson, Wagnon, Fitts, Ridgway, Sorden, Graham, Merrill, Faircloth, Carr, Billings, Shupee, Hay. Page 475 TEXAS COWBOYS OFFICERS Fall Spring . . . GEORGE RICHARD BETTLE CHARLES GIESEY . . . TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN .... DAN ADOLPH FLECKMAN LENOIR MOODY JOSEY, II Camp Cook LENOIR MOODY JOSEY, II WILLIAM DARRELL WILLERSON, JR Foreman . . GEORGE RICHARD BETTLE Strawboss . . LLOYD H. BOUDLOCHE, JR Horsewrangler RICHARD ALAN FOGEL Shotgun . . MEMBERS Baylus Earls Bennett George Richard Settle Jack B. Boone Lloyd Henry Boudloche, Jr. Clarence Vaughn Bray Jack Bethel Brown Tommy Drew Cauthorn James Gary Cooper Michal Barry Gotten Preston Gary Craig Cal Lind Donsky Robert Bynum Dorrell Louis Wood Englander Michael Henry Erskine Johnny Eschle Dan Adolph Fleckman Richard Alan Fogel Tommy Cline Ford Charles Giesey Brian Peyton Hanson John Bruce Heath John Henry Heller Gary Allen Herman William Davis Jordan Lenoir Moody Josey Richard Page Keeton Charles Arthur Knutson Marvin Thomas Kubin William Harold LaFont William Taylor Lee, Jr. Robert Richard Lende Bruce Arlen Lipshy Harold Gilbert Lutz William Edward Matthews Alonzo Perry McWilliams William Allen Melton Frank Avery Mitchell, III John LeGory Murchison Carl Albert Nentwich Benjamin Rush Norvell Monroe Ben Nowotny Darius Dudley Oldham Donald Albert Porter, Jr. Ned Price, Jr. Shannon Harrison Ratliff Raymond Neil Rosenthal Curtis Wayne Sebera Robert Allen Sewell Sam Sparks Ronald Glen Steinhart Walter Jennings Taylor Alfred Earl White, Jr. William Darrell Willerson Marion Corry Adams, Jr. Andrew George Anderson, Jr. Gordon Scott Appleton Steven Lloyd Bercu FALL INITIATES Emmett A. Carlisle Hubbard Scott Caven Kleber Jennings Denny Howard Paul Dreyer Miguel Espinosa Morton Lee Herman Edward Elois Kasper Robert James Lowe Kenneth C. Nietenhoefer Marion Sanford, Jr. Charles Richard Barnhill Scott Charles Follett William James Galbreath SPRING INITIATES Lawrence Louis Germer Larry Hall John Hurst Ernest Melvin Koy Curtis Alfred McClurg David Lee McWilliams John Middleton Patrick C. Oxford Joe Bill Watkins Members are selected for COWBOYS on the basis of leadership, ability, campus accomplishments, and scholastic stand- ing. To be eligible for membership a student must have completed at least his first year in the University. The COWBOYS came into existence in 1922 when the need for a men ' s service organization, dedicated to an ideal of service on the campus, became apparent. It has since been one of the most coveted honors in the University. Front Rout: Boone. Fleckman. Second Rou: Elpinoti, Nentwich, Price, Englander, Cauthorn. Bennett. Roienthal, Caven, Herman, Lowe, Adami, Boudloche, Willeraon. Third Row: Steinhart, Ford, White, Matthewi, Eschle, Bray, Watkins, Dorrell, Craig, Gotten, Linda B. McDaniel, Sewell, Hanson, Nowotny, Brown, Joaey. Hunt, Calbreath, Barnhill. Hall. Middleton. Oxford. Fourth Rote: Settle, Heath, A. McWilliam., Nonrell, Enkine, Lull, Cieiey, Cooper, LaFont, Kaiper, Nietenhoefer, Koy, Melton, Knution, Oldhim, Cermer, Denny, Carli.le. Appleton, D. McWilliami, McClurg, Follett. Page 476 -rr= - : rfuriv | hr | S Ti-54 ' , " Jl F - W ' " " ?? : H ' FEW " ' ' ' ' - ; - " - " W ! . , ' c- ' , % ; . Opfc M t " 1 V -, ' v ' ' V ' - " - s -- i V 1 10 TO vNE " b . WML - GRADUATES AND SENIORS Class of ' 63 Page 477 FAHMY, SAMIR BIBAWY, Cairo, Egypt Accounting FROMHAGEN, HANS-JURGEN, Hamburg, Germany Sociology GALLOWAY, GRAHAM, Stamps, Ark. Electrical Engineering GARNER, NORMAN E., Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, TBII, 2g, HET, 2FE GRIFFITH, BARBARA ZOE, San Antonio Mathematics, t M HALLIBURTON, REBECCA ANNIE, Moulton English HINTON, HUGH FRANK, Dallas Latin-American Studies, 2AII, Y, Union Committees, Student Party HOEPKEN, MARVIN EDWIN, New Braunfels Mathematics, Lutheran Student Association HORNUNG, WARREN GEORGE, Cost Anthropology, Longhorn Christian Fellowship, Wesley Foundation, Archaeological Society, Linguistic Society, International Club HYDE, C. BRODIE, Fort Worth Business Administration JIMENEZ, JOSE GUADALUPE, San Antonio Architecture, Sphinx JOHNSON, DALE P., Liberty Accounting JONES, LAWRENCE LAIN, Seminole Business Administration JOUDAH, AHMAD H., Gaza, Palestine History, Organization of Arab Students KILGORE, LINDA ELAINE, Groesbeck Journalism, 02 , TAX, All Campus Advisors, Spooks LAUGHLIN, JOE ACKER, Baytown Business Administration, American Financ% Association iMBURANA, UDOM, Bangkok, Thailand Biology , DOMINGO F., Chiclayo, Peru Engineering, International Club INCOTT, CHARLES RONALD, Wichita Falls i, H2 ;FFLER, PARKER MIXSON, junction l trical Engineering, H2, TBH, HKN Page 478 GRADUATES AE-HOSSAINY, EFFAT AE-MALLAH, Kirkuk, Iraq Education ARMISTEAD, ROBERT THOMAS, Corsicana Journalism AVILA, CARLOS, Dallas Physics, 2 112 BARNES, JOHN EDWARD, Port Arthur Architectural Engineering BENNET, DAVID HUGHES, JR., Dallas Physics, 2112, BK BOSTWICK, ROBERT ORVILLE, Austin Management BROWN, GEORGE STANLEY, Roanoke, Va. Astronomy, Graduate Club BRUTON, FRED NELSON, Throckmorton History, Acacia COGSWELL, GEORGE RALSTON, Dallas Library Science DAFASHY, WAGIH GADALLA, Cairo, Egypt Accounting, BA DEMLER, ROBERT CARL, JR., Port Arthur Pharmacy, 4 K , 4 AX, Student Government Committees, Longhorn Singers, University Chorus DERRICK, DONALD HUGH, Burton Chemistry DROLLA, JOHN CASPER DODT, JR., Fort Worth Law, 4 2K, Discipline Committee, Scabbard and Blade, Student Govern- ment Committee, AROTC, Track, T Association EMANUEL, VICTOR LLOYD, Houston Government, Young Democrats ESKRIDGE, CHARLES SANFORD, JR., Austin Journalism, 2AX, Daily Texan EUBANKS, ISAAC DWAINE, McCamey Chemistry, AT, ! AT, AX2, American Chemical Society U _ f= J GRADUATES LOWTHER, GLYNDA MARIE, Port Arthur Accounting MCDONALD, ROBERT BAYARD, Lytie Financial Management MIKHAIL, KHALIFA FAHMY, Alexandria, Egypt Chemistry MIZRAHI, LILLIAN L., Cairo, Egypt French, 2AT, Exchange Student MONTEITH, DWIGHT OLIVER, JR., AraariUo Electrical Engineering, IRE, Society for the Advancement of Management, Student Government Committees, TSPE, CBA Council MORGAN, CHARLES ARTHUR, Pine Bluff, Ark. Architectural Engineering, XE MUECKE, HERBERT OSCAR, Austin Mathematics, BK, I H2 MURPHREE, LARRY WENDELL, Dallas International Business, A2II, International Club NAKAMURA, NAOSHI, Yonashiro-son, Okinawa Micro-Biology NICHOLSON, SAMUEL NEWTON, Camden, S. C. Education Administration, t AK, Kellogg Fellowship NISBET, ALEX RICHARD, San Angelo Chemistry, AT NOWOTNY, MONROE BEN, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, KA, IIET, H2, Cowboys, AIME, TSPE, Cheerleader, UTSAM OLSON, DAVID SCOTT, Kenedy Chemistry PATTERSON, KAREY HELEN, Houston Journalism, ZTA, Harriet Cunningham Fellowship, Founders Award PEREZ, FRANCISCO R., El Paso Romance Languages, AX, 2AII, IIA , Teaching Assistant PIERCE, EDWIN FRANKLIN, Plainview Economics, Acacia RAWLINS, JOHN ARCHER, Edinburg Physics, 2112, BK, Honor Roll REDFERN, JOHN JOSEPH, III, Midland Statistics, 4 rA SCHLEICHER, DONALD W., Seguin Mathematics, A J IJ SCHULZE, ARTHUR EDWARD, Richmond Electrical Engineering, HKX, TBII, AIEE SHELTON, GARY FRANK, Dallas Zoology SHIPPER, KENNETH E., Freeport Chemistry SMITH, MILTON LLOYD, Austin Education SONE, DAVID, Fort Worth Business Administration SUESSMUTH, ALBERT CHARLES, JR., Houston Library Science TAYLOR, LETA EVELYN, Garland Linguistics, BK TERRELL, JUNIUS HEWITT, McCall Creek, Miss. Accounting THADANI, RAMESH, New Delhi, India Chemical Engineering, AX2, TBII, HXE, f AT, H2, A J), AIChE TIBBITTS, WALTER GRENVILLE, III, Dallas Public Administration, AT TIYAPORN, SUPOTE, Chiengmai, Thailand Environmental Health Engineering WIETING, DAVID WARREN, Grapeland Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, AIME WIETING, MOLLY STARK, Kilgore English WILEY, MICHAEL ALAN, Dallas Geology, AX, A n, J H2, Young Republicans, Geological Society WILLIAMS, GWILYM HOWARD, Bedford, England Physics YOON, JONG SK, Suwon, Korea Genetics YOIISEF, YOUSEF AZIZ, Alexandria, Egypt Environmental Health Engineering, XE, SB, Arab Students Page 479 SENIORS ANDERSON, JUDITH ANN, Houston Government, KA6 ANDERSON, MARY ELLEN, Weslaco Elementary Education, ACE, SEA ANDERSON, SANDRA GAYLE, Austin Personnel Management, T+B, AAA, 2IE, Br2, Freshman Council ANDERSON, THOMAS RICHARD, Port Lavaca Electrical Engineering, ATA, AIEE, IRE, Y, Christian Faith and Life Community ANDERSON, VELDA LORRAINE, Lyford Spanish, ZAII, HA ANDERSON, WILLIAM LEE, LaMarque Chemical Engineering, -X, AXZ, AIChE, Freshman Track ANDREASON, DORIS ELAINE, Galveston Elementary Education, H I , IIA6, Canterbury Club ANDREWS, NANCY ETTA, Graham Physical Education, AAA, SEA, Freshman Council Advisor, Upper- class Advisor, Union Committees, Assembly ANGLE, EDGAR WAYNE, Sealy Finance ARELLANO, OSCAR SANCHEZ, El Paso Pharmacy ARMISTEAD, BETTY RAY, Beaumont Elementary Education, AAII, Longhorn Singers, University Chorus, SEA, ACE, Varsity Carnival ARNHOLD, LARRY GENE, Houston History ARNOLD, RICHARD FRED, Gilmer Architectural Engineering ASHORN, DELORES ANN, Houston Elementary Education, Intramurals, SEA ASTON, NANCY THRIFT, Houston Journalism, rI B, 824 , KTA, AAA, TAX, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Upperclass Advisor, Junior Fellow ATKINSON, SALLYE LOU, Houston Elementary Education, Speech Therapy, ZTA, SAH, NBA ATKINSON, SUSAN CLARE, Houston E iMisK, KA6, Newman Club, Young Democrats N .-ZreSaiN, NINA JANE, Austin " AjJriiY, ARVILLE THOMAS, Saginaw - HisfcrVr ' Y, ROY DANIEL, Houston Administration Page 480 ABNEY, JOHN BECK, Edinburg Accounting ACKER, LEXA MORRIS, Post Architecture, TZA, Sphinx, AIA ACUNA, ARTURO, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, K , LPhA ADAMS, JAMES EDGAR, JR., Uvalde Government ADAMS, MARILYN JUNE, Texarkana English, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, SEA ADKINS, LIEUEN ROGER, Austin English, Ranger Staff, Daily Texan AGUIRRE, JOSE ROLANDO, San Benito Accounting, Young Democrats AGUREN, WAYNE F., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, BrS, Silver Spurs, CBA Council, Round-Up, Society for Advancement of Management, Freshman Council Advisor, ASME, University Club, Outstanding Student ALEXANDER, MARTHA JEAN, Austin Interior Design, AZ, Cactus Staff, American Institute of Interior Design, Newman Club, University Religious Council ALFORD, DARYL R., Corpus Christi Radio-TV, Music, A H, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Theleme, Curtain Club, Yo ung Democrats, Royal Spirit Committee ALKADI, SELEMAN A., Dammam, Saudia Arabia Engineering Route to Business Administration, Organization of Arab Students ALLEMAN, DEANNA, Baytown Interior Design, AZ, TAX, Union and Student Government Commit- tees, Freshman Council Advisor, Home Economics Club, American Institute of Interior Design ALLEN, JANETTE ERWIN, Kerrville Art Education, Commercial Art Students Association ALLISON, LINDA WHITE, Sonora History, Ar, AAA, BK ALLUMS, DAVID GEORGE, Bellaire Personnel Management, 2X, Scabbard and Blade, Royal Spirit Com- mittee, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student ANDERSON, JAMES LOFTON, Houston Chemical Engineering, AIChE _ CLASS OF 1963 AWBREY, STUART ALAN, Austin Social Studies AZADIAN, BETTE JANE, Houston Retailing, A 1 , Assembly, All Campus Advisors, Upperclass Advisor, Fresiiman Council, Union and Student Government Committees, CBA Council BAETHE, JANE ANNE, Baytown Pre-Medical, A , AAA, AEA, Freshman Council, Cap and Gown, Young Republicans BAGGETT, JACKIE RAY, Eastland Physical Education, PEM Club, Poona, UTSA Council BAIN, HE RSCHEL EUGENE, San Antonio Business Administration, A2II, American Marketing Association BAIRD, ALBERT W., Ill, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN BAIRD, GLORIA ELAINE TREAT, Austin Elementary Education BAKER, JAMES CORBIN, Amarillo AFB Chemistry, Student Government Committees, Society for Advance- ment of Management, Young Republicans BALTHROP, GRANVILLE HAROLD, Dickinson Chemical Engineering, X f , AXZ, AIChE BANN, SUSAN FRANCES, Texarkana, Ark. French, XJ2, SEA, Cap and Gown BARBER, JOEL STEPHEN, Houston Business Administration, Ben BARBORAK, JAMES CARL, Moulton Chemistry BARCLAY, STERLING EDWARD, Corpus Christi Transportation, f K6, AN " A, Newman Club BARKER, SAMUEL TIMOTHY, San Antonio Micro-Biology BARLOW, MARY PATRICIA, Wichita Falls Journalism, SEA, Cap and Gown, Daily Texan BARNARD, DAVID CHARLES, Austin Business Administration, Tejas Club BARNEBURG, JACK JARRETT, Austin Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS BARNES, WILLIAM RENICK, San Antonio Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan BARRENTINE, PAUL STANLEY, Canton Pharmacy BARRIER, ALVIS LAYTON, Mineral Wells Pre-Medical, KA, H, Y, Student Government Committees BARTOSH, GERALDINE VIRGINIA, Taft Spanish BASORE, LEE RAY, Austin Art, A J S1, Commercial Art Students Association BATES, MARY MARGARET, Lufkin Elementary Education, AAA, SEA, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist BAUCUM, JOE E., New Boston Government BAUMANN, HAPPY EDWARD, Baytown Economics BEARDEN, JOE H., Austin Insurance, KK , Insurance Society, Longhorn Band BEAULIEU, MARGARET A., Galveston Pharmacy, KE, All Campus Advisors, LPhA BECKER, ELISABETH ALICE, Austin Mathematics, AZ, AAA BEIDEL, JOHN MICHAEL, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Mathematics, Intramurals, NROTC, Royal Spirit Committee BELL, DAVID BRUCE, Beaumont Psychology, ATA, Y, CBA Council BELL, EDWIN GILBERT, Longview Government, 2 i E BELL, HENRY NEWTON, III, Bastrop Industrial Relations, A2 f , AA2, ANA, Society for Advancement of Management, American Finance Association, American Marketing Association, AROTC Rangers BELL, JAY STEPHEN, Odessa Accounting BELL, WILSON COLLOM, Big Spring Accounting, 63 BENBOW, MARY SUZAN, Odessa Pharmacy, A , KE, B Kinsolving, LPhA, Cap and BERGQUIST, KAREN ARLOA, Austin Micro-Biology, A4 , Freshman Council, Y, Cap Page 481 SENIORS BLOEBAUM, ALAN PAUL, Austin Zoology, AEA, i H2, KK , I BK, Longhorn Band, Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile, Oustanding Student BLUDEAU, HERBERT LESLIE, San Antonio Economics, Young Democrats BLUME, MIRIAM BOLEYNN ROBERTS, Dallas German BODDEN, NIX O ' BRIEN, Austin Chemical Engineering, AXZ, TBII, J2XE, AIChE BODE, DAVID FAIN, Austin Pre-Medical, AEA, Longhorn Singer, Honor Roll BOEHL, JOHN ELMO, Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBII, AIEE, Engineering Fellow BOEHM, EMILY ANN, San Antonio Accounting, I M, BA , Newman Club BOHNERT, REUBEN EDWARD, Comfort Architecture, AIA BONE, CAROLYN RUTH, Texarkana Elementary Education, r l B, BSU, SEA, Union Committees BONNEY, CHARLES EDWARD, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade BOOSE, CLYDE STANLEY, Sweetwater History BOURNE, ELWANDA SUE, Alvarado Sociology, Whitehall Co-Op, Co-Ordinators ' Council, Social Welfare Club, Union Committees BOWERS, VERNER LAVALLE, JR., College Port Finance BOWLIN, JAMES HUGH, Port Neches History, Freshman Council, Longhorn Singers, Men ' s Glee Club BOWLING, JOHN KNOX, JR., Dallas Journalism, English, AA2, Longhorn Singers, Freshman Council, Round-Up, University Chorus, American Marketing Association BOWMAN, WALTER CLARKSON, JR., Harlingen Architecture, 2K, AIA, AAAE, Honor Roll BOX, EDWARD DONALD, Fort Worth Eltctrical Engineering, Acacia, AIEE s .(BQfcT, PATRICK ELMER, Devers " V Ci il Engineering BRADFORD, BROOKS GAYLE, Angleton ' ' e ATH, American Finance Association IDFUTE, JAMES MAURICE, Austin Administration AJ Page 482 BERLY, JAMES FRANK, III, Houston History, AKE, Freshman Basketball BERRY, PHILLIP PAUL, Gainesville Electrical Engineering, AIEE BERRY, RANDOLPH GATES, Amarillo Economics BERRY, WILLIAM LARKIN, Gilmer Pre-Medical BETTS, GILBERT WAYNE, Daingerfield Accounting, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Royal Co-op BILGER, JIMMY MACK, Palo Pinto Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, TBII, ASME, Engineering Council BIRD, BETTY SUE, West Columbia History, AZ, SEA, Cap and Gown BISHOP, THOMAS ARMISTEAD, Uvalde Accounting, X , Royal Spirit Committee, Freshman Council Ad- visor, Student Government Committees BIZZELL, BOBBY GENE, Frankston Engineering Route to Business Administration, Union Committees, Intra- murals BLACK, BETJE, Corpus Christ! French, A 1 , nA4 , Union Committees BLACK, JAMES WILLIAM, JR., Swansboro, N. C. Pharmacy, AX, PX, LPhA, Pre-Pharmacy Club BLACKARD, MORRIS, Austin History BLAIR, BOBBY J., Austin Marketing, AZ4 , Lutheran Student Association, American Marketing As- sociation BLAKE, KENNETH RANN, Houston Physics, H2, 2112 BLANK, JEFFREY ROLAND, Los Angeles, Calif. Aero-Space Engineering, A4 fl, ASME, lAeS, TSPE, Simkins Hall Counselor BLIZNAK, JOHNNY, Victoria Zoology, Pre-Medical, AEA ' T9 l " ' _ CLASS OF 1963 BRADLEY, JAMES HOWARD, JR., Hereford Finance, ATA, BFZ BRANDES, D. DAVID, East Bernard Business Administration BRANDLE, CHARLES DAVID, JR., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AXZ, JJXE, AIChE BRASHER, MOLLY FRANCES, Weimar Spanish, 2AII, I BK, AAA, IIA BREIG, ERNEST RICHARD, San Antonio Architecture, AIA BREWER, KAREN NOEL, Pasadena English BREYMANN, GUS H., Schulenburg Government, Young Republicans, Student Government Committees BRIDGES, WILLIAM CARLTON, Tyler Mathematics, Society for Advancement of Management BRIGGS, JAMES DAVID, JR., Nome Mechanical Engineering BRIGGS, THOMAS ALAN, San Antonio Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS BRISTER, BARBARA RUTH, Lampasas English, SEA, t B, Kinsolving BRITTON, CHARLES MARK, Corpus Christi Advertising, Acacia BROADDUS, PATRICK FOLEY, Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association, Young Democrats BROADUS, ZELNA VIRGINIA, Victoria Speech Therapy, BSU, Panhellenic, International Club BROCKSCHMIDT, SALLY BELLE, Houston French, IIB I , AAA, HA , t BK, Bored Martyr BROOKS, BARRY ARLICE, San Angelo Retailing, AA2, American Marketing Association I. ) i BROOKSALER, CAROL RUTH, Dallas Spanish, SEA, TSTA, German Club, Hillel Foundation BROWN, BETTE JUNE, Krum English BROWN, JOHN HARTLEY, Austin Business Administration BROWN, JOHN TIMOTHY, Corsicana Industrial Management, 2AE BROWN, MABEL ANN, Gatesville History, A t , Cap and Gown, Freshman Council BROWN, RUBEN STANLEY, South Houston History, A f n, Tejas Club, Y, Student Government Committees, Out- standing Student, NSA-TISA BROWN, SQUIRE LEE, San Angelo Aero-Space Engineering BROYLES, PAUL JAMES, Dell City History, XA, Union Committees BRUMLEY, ROGER ELLIS, Nacogdoches Psychology, German Language Association BRUMMETT, JOHN DAVIDSON, Austin Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management BRYAN, PAT, III, Graham Insurance, A b$l, Insurance Society BUGG, BILLY RAY, Troup English, AAZ BUNCH, MILDRED ELIZABETH, Artesia, N. Mex. English, AAH, Daily Texan, Christian Faith and Life Community, Wesley Foundation, Union Committees BUNTING, HENRY ALBERT, III, Uvalde Electrical Engineering, 83, Interfraternity Council, AIEE BURGER, CATHERINE ELAINE, Seguin Elementary Education, SEA, NEA, ACE, Cap and Gown BURGHEIMER, CARLENE RAE, Kansas City, Mo. Elementary Education, Freshman Council, Union Committees, Up- perclass Advisor BURKE, JOHN PAUL, JR., Lubbock History, International Club, Newman Club, Young Democrats BURKE, LINDA LEE, Baytown English, AAA, SEA, Upperclass Advisor BURKHOLDER, JACK N., Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, ASME BURLESON, DAVID WARFIELD, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Bas Page 483 SENIORS CAMPBELL, MORGAN S., Galveston Accounting CAMPBELL, PATRICIA, Marshall English, AXfi, Union Committees, SEA, A Cappella Choir CAMPBELL, SUSAN LEE, Houston Plan II, English, r B, AAA, Spooks, Student Government Commit- tees, Outstanding Student, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile, Goodfellow CANALES, ALFRED G., Corpus Christi Pre-Law, Spanish, Rio Grande Valley Club, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Y, Model U.N., Student Party CANNAMORE, RONALD TRUETT, Austin Architecture, Sphinx, AIA CAPPS, JUDITH JEANNINE, Houston Journalism, 6Z I , TAX, SEA, Cap and Gown, Kathleen Bland Scholar- ship, George Brackenridge Scholarship, Round-Up, Daily Texan, BSU, Y, Young Democrats CARDENAS, JOHN LOUIE, San Antonio Industrial Management CARDENAS, TERESA IMELDA, McAllen Spanish, Southern Singers, Newman Club CARDINAL, DOUGLAS J., Austin Architecture, TZA, 4 HZ, Sphinx, Assembly CARLTON, ROBERT LANE, Austin Business Administration, Freshman Council, Y, BSU, Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Union Committees, Pershing Rifles CARLSON, JOHN L., Fort Worth Architecture, X t CARNAHAN, GAYLE BRAGDON, Houston Finance, ZAE CARPENTER, SHAUN ADELE, Corpus Christi Commercial Art, KA6, Union Committees, Commercial Art Students As- sociation CARR, RICHARD P., JR., San Antonio Industrial Relations, KA, A n, Longhorn Flying dub, Men ' s Glee dub, Prather Hall Counselor CARRIZALES, FAUSTO, Mission Pharmacy, LPhA CARROLL, BILLY DAN, Gatesville Electrical Engineering, TBII CARTER, MANNY MONROE, Dallas u ((tional Trade, BF2, International Association of Students in Eco- Commerce 3NALD REED, Dallas , Athenaeum, Young Republicans JAMES HOWARD, JR., Dallas i Administration, KA EY, MICHAEL HORACE, San Antonio pchology, Union Committees Pit 484 BURNS, RUSSELL EUGENE, Leland, 111. Pre-Law, Business Administration, Tejas Club BURROUGHS, JAMES WILLIAM, Shreveport, La. Chemical Engineering, t ' K , AIChE BUSH, ROBERT CHARLES, Houston Finance, 4 H2, BFi, American Finance Association BUSS, MARY KATHRYN, Austin Elementary and Special Education, Orange Jackets, Freshman Coun- cil, Student Government Committees, Young Democrats, Y, SEA, TSTA, Christian Faith and Life Community, Bluebonnet Belle Nomi- nee, Challenge BUTLER, GARY MURREL, Sulphur Springs English, Longhorn Flying Club, Symphonic Band BUTLER, HOWARD YOUNG, Odessa Government, A4 n BUTLER, LASCA, Kenedy History, AAI1, Student Govern ment and Union Committees BYRD, GARY JEFFERSON, San Saba Pre-Medical BYRNE, JAMIE KATE, Goliad Pre-Law, History, AOIT, Newman Club, Los Charros, Laredo Club, Cap and Gown, Challenge, Young Democrats, Model UN CAIN, MARGARET MEADERS, Glen Rose Micro-Biology, KA8 CALHOUN, STANLEY RICHARD, Anson Industrial Management CAMPBELL, CHARLES HARVEY, Seguin Pre-Medical, KA CAMPBELL, FOY LEON, JR., Dallas English, BK, H2 CAMPBELL, GEORGE PERRY, Nacogdoches Zoology, ATJ2 CAMPBELL, HENRY VILLARD, III, Lampasas History, B8IT, Freshman Council, American Marketing Association CAMPBELL, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Psychology, KA6 (D Q L i - tiMfti. ofl 4T 4 ' : CLASS OF 1963 CASKEY, JAMES RAY, Winters Finance, American Finance Association CAUTHRON, JAMES LEE, Tyler Commercial Art, Commercial Art Students Association, Art Students League CAVENESS, ROBERT EDWARD, Palestine Finance, American Finance Association CHADWELL, JANICE MARY, San Antonio Elementary Education, A , Education Council, Assembly ' , Panhel- lenic, Cap and Gown, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Semi- Finalist, Upperclass Advisor CHANDLER, CAROLYN VIRGINIA, Jacksonville Elementary Education, SEA, NEA CHAPMAN, JUDITH, Shreveport, La. Accounting, A E, BA , AAA, BrS CHAVELEH, FAEGH FRANK, Tehran, Iran Mechanical Engineering CHENAULT, WILLIAM B., Ill, Houston Psychology, Government, A M2, Union and Student Government Committees, Varsity Debate, Oratorical Association, Radio Club, Freshman Council, Athenaeum, Young Republicans CHOVANEC, CHARLES HENRY, Fayetteville History, Czech Club CHRISTENSEN, FLEUR ANNETTE, New Braunfels Latin, SEA CISNEROS, ANTONIO, III, Fort Worth Architecture, AIA CLARK, ROBERT LEE (II), Danbury Mathematics, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Singers CLEMENTS, HAZEL JANE, Huntsville History, AXfi, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Assembly, SEA, Student Government Committees, Education Council, Upperclass Advisor, Intra- murals, Outstanding Student, Silver Spurs Award CLEMENTS, PEGGY LYNN, San Antonio Spanish, AXH, Freshman Council, Y, SEA CLEVELAND, JOSEPH ROBERT, Dallas Physics, H2, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Campus Guild COATS, JOHN H., Austin Business Administration, Pershing Rifles, Longhorn Singers COCKRELL, JOAN, San Antonio Elementary Education, ZTA, 2AH, SEA, ACE GOERS, DONALD VERNON, Dickinson English, KK , Longhorn Band COFFEY, JERRY CUTLER, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, KA, Silver Spurs, Flash Card Committee, ASME, Discipline Committee, Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee, Goodfellow COFFMAN, CARMON LUELL, Texarkana Elementary Education, A , SEA, Student Government Committees COLBY, LYNN LEE, Houston Accounting, Newman Club COLE, CLARENCE WHARTON, Houston Accounting, K2, BA , AJ A, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Cactus Staff COLE, DAVID BRAS, Stephenville Government, 24 E COLE, NANCY KAY, Houston Elementary Education, KA9 COLE, PATRICIA RUTH, Stamford Speech Therapy, ZAH, Upperclass Advisor COLEMAN, JAMES TOWSON, Mabank Pharmacy, K COLLEY, ROBIE GENE, Dallas Psychology COLLINS, ELAINE KAYE, Houston Physical Education, -AT, Orchesis CONNER, JIMMY LARUE, Austin Micro-Biology, Weightlifting Club CONNOR, CAROLYN, Daingerfield English, AAA, SEA, Freshman Council CONTRERAS, ERNESTO, JR., McAllen Accounting, AZII, Newman Club COOPER, DON MERLE, Port Neches Chemical Engineering, I2XE, H2, AIChE COOPER, INA LOUISE, Mexia Mathematics. TBZ, Longhorn Band COOPER, SUE ELLEN, Dallas Journalism, 82 I COPE, MARGARET PARKES, San Angelo Elementary Education, SEA, ACE CORTEZ, LIONEL MAURO, JR., San Antonio Government Page 485 SENIORS ' TCT COTTINGHAM, JOHN PHILIP, Mexia Mathematics COUNCIL, WILMA DELL, Kerrville History, Cap and Gown, Freshman Council, Shangri-La Co-Op, Co- Ordinators ' Council, Speleological Society COWLEY, DON ESKEW, Amarillo Mathematics, Theleme Co-Op, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Round-Up, Union Committees COX, BILL J., Denton Architecture, AIA COX, CAREN MAYNETT, Fredericksburg Interior Design, AXU, OX, American Institute of Interior Design, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Mortar Board, Upperclass Advisor, Student Government Committees, Goodfellow COX, MYRLAN A., Morton Commercial Art, A J , Cap and Gown, Assembly, Commercial Art Stu- dents Association, Art Students Association, Upperclass Advisor CRAFT, DIANA GAYLE, El Paso Home Economics, ZTA, Home Economics Club CRANDELL, BRUCE WILLIAM, Houston Psychology, Westminster Student Fellowship, International Club CRAVEN, EMILY ANN, Waco Sociology GRAVER, THOMAS HOWARD, Midland Art, K CRAWFORD, LUCY KATHLEEN, Houston Elementary Education, AOII, Freshman Council, Panhellenic CRAWFORD, WOODROW WAYNE, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, i KT, IRE CREAGER, WILLIAM FERROL, Ranger Marketing, AAZ, American Marketing Association, AROTC CREATH, GARRY S., San Angelo Transportation, A2II, ANA, CBA Council, Young Republican Club CRENSHAW, ROBERT ALLEN, Raymondville Accounting, A n, HS CREWS, FRANK TRIBBLE, JR., Amarillo Law, A4 , Associate Justice of Student Court, Student Bar As- sociation, Honor Roll CREWS, PAUL C., JR., Houston Architecture CRIDER, ALLEN BILLY, Mexia English CROSBY, LINDA VALOIS, Houston Elementary Education, SEA, Southern Singers, Student Government Committees CROMACK, NANCY LIND, Brownsville Accounting, ZTA, BA , Young Republicans, Honor Roll, Interna- tional Association of Students in Economics and Commerce CROUCH, EUGENE LOUIS, Lockhart Petroleum Land Management CRUTSINGER, HAROLD RAY, Wichita Falls Engineering Route to Business Administration, A2II, A$Q CRUZ, JAMES RAY, Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Student Engineering Council, New- man Club CUBLEY, HAROLD DEAN, Scurry Electrical Engineering CULPEPPER, JOHN CECIL, JR., College Station Law, t K , AA, Assembly, Law Review, CBA Council CULPEPPER, JOHN PATRICK, Cleburne History, Friars, Silver Spurs, Football Captain, Football, T Association, Outstanding Student CUNNINGHAM, JOE HURLEY, III, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, A I2, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band CURRIE, JACK BURTON, Paris Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, ASME CURRIE, JAMES DAVID, Amarillo Speech, rA, AEP CURRIE, NANCY CAROLYN, Troup Home Economics CURRY, CHARLES NATHAN, Waxahachie Government and History, Ili)A, A6, Freshman Council CURRY, JOHN RANDOLPH, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration CUSHMAN, KAREN ANN, Seguin Elementary Education, A , SEA, Education Council, Cap and Gown, Union ' " -tttees BATH, VIRGINIA BETH, Coupland ish,TAX, SEA ifcTON, JOHN WILLIAM, Houston Finance, Acacia IFORD, ROBERT MARVIN, Brazoria trial Management, Society for Advancement of Management P. 8 e 486 CLASS OF 1963 DANIELS, GIGI DIAN, Seguin Retailing, AAII, Freshman Council, Un ion and Student Government Com- mittees DARRAH, ROY PAUL, Kansas City, Mo. Meteorology, American Meteorological Society DAUGHERTY, MYRA LYNN, Kilgore Elementary Education, NEA, TSTA, Disciples Student Fellowship DAVENPORT, EVERARD CORRELL, Del Rio History, Young Democrats, Student Government Committees, Inter- Co-Operative Council, T.L.O.K. Co-Op DAVID, MAVIS LYLE, Waco Elementary Education, AZ, University Chorus, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown DAVIDSON, PATRICIA ITA, Houston Elementary Education, Newman Club, Turtle Club, Cap and Gown DAVIG, JAMES H., Victoria Accounting, AZII, Society for Advancement of Management, Intra- murals, Young Republicans DAVIS, ELISA SA VILLA, Wichita Falls Journalism, 62 , TAX, Daily Texan, Public Affairs Reporting Pro- gram, Union Committees, Cap and Gown DAVIS, JAMES LAWRENCE, JR., Houston Petroleum Land Management, 4 A8, Petroleum Landman ' s Association DAVIS, JUDITH MARIE, Salt Lake City, Utah Mathematics, AZ DAVIS, MARGARET JANE, Houston Elementary Education, Newman Club, Union Committees, Cap and Gown DAVIS, ROBERT CECIL, Edna Pharmacy, T.L.O.K. Co-Op, APhA, LPhA DAVIS, SUSAN HARRIET, San Antonio Sociology, AE4 DAVIS, WILLIAM PAUL, Alpine Marketing, A2JI, American Marketing Association DAVIS, WILLIAM PRATHER, JR., Waco Economics DAVLIN, WILLIAM EDWIN, Marlin Advertising, AA2, American Marketing Association, Speleological Society All DEAN, JOHN THOMAS, Tyler Transportation, ANA, CBA Council DEAN, MARGARET ANN, Brownwood Art, Upperclass Advisor DEAN, SANDRA LEE, Argyle Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Union Committees DEASON, SWITZER LEON, Aransas Pass International Trade, International Association of Students in Eco- nomics and Commerce DE BERRY, DIANE, San Antonio Chemistry, AAII DEFFEBACH, CAROLE JANETTE, Houston Social Studies DEFFEBACH, DON MORRIS, Ranger Electrical Engineering, A J n, ROTC, AIEE, SAME DE FEE, DAVID LEE, Houston Psychology, J KT, S X, American Finance Association, Freshman Council, Young Democrats, Representative Party, Honor Roll DENNY, KLEBER JENNINGS, Fort Worth Water Resources, K2, XE, ASCE, Intramurals, Interfraternity Council DESCHNER, EUGENE EVERETT, Gonzales Petroleum Engineering, AIME DEWEY, JAMES CLAY, Amarillo Finance, IIKA, American Marketing Association DIAZ, ROBERT, JR., Miami, Fla. Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS DIBRELL, SAMUEL DOTSON, Seguin Speech, B6II, Silver Spurs, University Co-Operative Board of Directors, Varsity Debate, Operation Brainpower DICKEY, BOBBY LYNN, Palestine Personnel Management, 2X DICKINSON, WILLIAM JOHN, Laredo Accounting, Laredo Club DIETZ, JOHN WALTER, Waco Industrial Management, ATA DILLON, NANCY N., Austin English, AAII, Reagan, Panhellenic, Discipline Committee, Varsity Car- nival DIMMITT, DEANNA MARYE, Uvalde , jA Pharmacy, AAII, KE, X J Sweetheart, College of Pharnia g eetheart, LPhA DISCH, BILLY JOHN, III, Austin Mathematics, B6II DODRILL, WILLIAM LEE, Fort Worth Personnel Management, Acacia Page 487 SENIORS DUGGAN, ARTHUR ALEXANDER, Littlefield Business Administration, ATS), A2II, CBA Council, Goodfellow, Freshmai Council, Intramurals, Y, Union and Student Government Committees DUNLAP, KENNETH RAY, Dallas Chemistry DUNNING, ANN ELIZABETH, San Antonio English, Union Committees, Young Republicans DU PRE, DANIEL FLINT, Dallas DURAN, CAROL JEAN, Dallas Secondary Education, SEA, Union Committees DURAND, HERBERT KYLE, Buna International Trade, International Club, International Association of Students of Economics and Commerce DUSEK, DIANE AUDREY, Dallas English, Ar, Longhorn Singers, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Coun- cil Advisor, Union Committees DUTTON, MARGARET SUE, Bishop History, AAII, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Student Govern- ment and Union Committees DUTTON, TONY RANDOLPH, Brady Plan II, 2AII EAGLE, LINDA KAY, Dallas Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club EASTMAN, RONALD DAVID, San Antonio Plan II, TA , HZ, BK, Junior Fellow, Goodfellow, Challenge, President ' s Advisory Cabinet, Interfratemity Council, Student Govern- ment Committees EBY, KAY READING, Dallas Journalism EDELEN, DONNA JEAN, Fort Worth History, English, AFA, Cap and Gown, SEA, Reagan, Student Government Committees, Young Republicans EDMONDS, ROGER COOPER, Dublin Psychology, Union Committees EDMUNDSON, JOANNE ARNOLD, Houston Plan II, LIB , Reagan, Freshman Council EDWARDS, ELIZABETH, Austin Elementary Education EDWARDS, JULIA ELLEN, Houston nacy, KE, PX, LPhA, Pharmacy Fellow, University Symphony Or- fa, Freshman Council 1, ROBERT BARNOLA, Dyess AFB onomics, A Cappella Choir ilS, SANDRA KAY, New Braunfels --Economics, AAII, Angel Flight, Home Economics Club, Union , nittees fclTELMAN, DINA JOAN, Austin Bnglish, XJJ, Bluebonnet Belle, Discipline Committee, A Cappella hoir, Freshman Council ' Page 488 DONNELLY, GEORGE EDWARD, Baytown History DONOVAN, JOHN COPLEY, Austin Industrial Management, SX, 2IE, BF2, Society for Advancement of Management DORCHESTER, DEANNA, Austin English, KA6, Ashbel, Upperclass Advisor DORMAN, JOHN WESLEY, Ennis Zoology, Pre-Medical, AEA DORRELL, ROBERT BYNUM, Houston Finance, 1 A6, Texas Cowboys, Interfratemity Council, Intramurals DOSSEY, GARRY DEAN, Groesbeck Pharmacy, 4 AX, Pharmacy Fellow, Stag Co-Operative DOSSEY, LARRY GENE, Groesbeck Pharmacy, PX, H2, LPhA, Pharmacy Fellow DOUGLAS, RONALD ERWIN, Dallas History, AXA DOUGLAS, THOMAS BOYD, Austin Business Administration DOVALINA, FERNANDO, JR., Laredo Journalism, English, Laredo Club, Young Democrats, Student Party, Daily Texan DRAEGER, CAROLYN, Houston French, AAA, ITA6, IIA J , BK, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, Upper- class Advisor, SEA, Poona, Challenge, Union Committees, Outstand- ing Student, Marjorie Darelick Award DRAWERT, JAMES GEORGE, Fort Worth Accounting, Acacia, Royal Spirit Committee DU BOSE, GARY LYNN, Baytown Psychology DUDLEY, JULIA AURELIA, Comanche Government, IIB , Los Charros, Union Committees DUDLEY, VAL JEAN, Austin Child Development, AXI2, Home Economics Club DUGAN, JACK RAYMOND, Fort Worth Accounting, 2 ! E, BA , Varsity Basketball, T Association CLASS OF 1963 ELDRED, TIMOTHY BURTON, San Antonio Business Administration, AROTC, American Finance Association ELICK, BETTY SUSAN, Bellville English, Xfi, Freshman Council, Newman Club, Union Committees ELKINS, JANIE MARIE, Rosenburg English, Honor Roll, University Chorus ELLINGSON, KAREN SUE, Austin Elementary Education, AXJ2, SEA, Education Council, Lutheran Student Association ELLISON, MARGARET LUCILE, Killeen Speech and Hearing Therapy, AF, 2AII, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Union Committees, Freshman Council ENGELHARDT, HUGO TRISTRAM, Houston Philosophy, Newman Club, Young Americans for Freedom ENGLANDER, LOUIS WOOD, Waco Business Administration, f i;A, Texas Cowboys ENGLER, JOHN G., Jim Thorpe, Pa. Government, i K9, NROTC, Interfraternity Council, Newman Club, Discipline Committee, Student Government Committees, Silver Spurs ERMEL, WILLIAM FRANK, Seguin Pre-Law, A M2, Tejas Club, Football Senior Manager, T Association ERSKINE, RUTH ANN, Midland Home Economics, Xfi ESCHLE, JOHNNY PHILLIP, Groom Accounting, I K , Texas Cowboys, Varsity Track, T Association, Cross Country Captain, Track Co-Captain ESPINOSA, MIGUEL, Cuernavaca, Mexico Industrial Management, 2X, Interfraternity Council, Club de Mexico, Newman Club, Discipline Committee ESTES, JOHNNY FRANK, Eldorado Electrical Engineering, AIEE ESTES, MARTHA LYNNE, Pasadena Elementary Education ESTESS, JUDY GAY, Amarillo Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, Longhorn Singers EUBANKS, CHARLES AUBREY, Odessa Psychology l EVANS, GERALD MONTY, Houston History, ATA EVANS, RAND BOYD, Baytown Psychology EVERETT, OREL RUIZ, Corpus Christ! Pharmacy EVETTS, JUDY JANE, Belton English, AAII, IIH , Upperclass Advisor, Cactus Staff, Student Re- lations Board FAGG, CHARLES FREDERICK, Dallas Zoology FALKE, GARY ALBERT, Austin Finance FARANISH, ZAHI HANNA, Nazareth, Israel Civil Engineering, ASCE, TSPE, Newman Club, International Club, Union Committees FARIES, ELDON DWANE, Brownwood Art, Education. XA, University Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Art Stu- dents Association FARMER, CAROLYN, Austin Mathematics, German, pBK, AAA, A I A, German Club, International Club, Cap and Gown FAULKNER, NINA F., Houston English, AAA, Spooks, Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile FENTON, LEWIS, JR., Houston Business Administration FERGUSON, JOHN ROBERT, III, New Boston Engineering Route to Business Administration FETTER, CAROLYN LEE, LaMarque Office Administration, A , Ilfin FEUERPFEIL, KARL FREDERICK, Austin Aero-Space Engineering FEUILLE, FRANK, IV, El Paso English, AK FIELDER, JAMES EDGAR, Lockhart Pre-Law, KA, Y, Freshman Council FIELDER, RICHARD AUBREY, Lockhart Accounting, I ' FA FINLAY, THOMAS LARRY, Fife Economics, Government FINLEY, JAMES DANIEL, III, Aransas Pass Physics, Mathematics, 8X, I BK, 112, H2, Longho Fellow FINLEY, MARK HANNA, Austin Mechanical Engineering, AKE, TBII, IITZ, ASM-, Council, Student Government Committees, Wrestli dent Co-Op Association Page 489 SENIORS FINLEY, NANCY CARLISLE NEWTON, Dallas Chemistry, AAA, Cactus Staff FISCHER, JOHN JAY, San Antonio Geology FISHER, BARBARA WOOD, Austin Dramp, A , Curtain Club, Round-Up, Texas Ranger Staff, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board FISHER, GENE RAY, San Angelo Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE FISHER, KAYBETH, San Angelo Elementary Education, ACE, All Campus Advisors, Cap and Gown FLECKMAN, DAN ADOLPH, Port Arthur Accounting, 2A, Bri, Goodfellow FLINT, JEAN MELTON, Corpus Christi Marketing, A , Upperclass Advisor, American Marketing Association, Royal Spirit Committee FLORES, ALFREDO LORENZO, San Antonio Economics, Newman Club, International Club FLOYD, FRANK MICHAEL, Baytown Chemical Engineering, AIChE FORBES, ARTHUR COLE, JR., Pasadena Accounting, Y ' oung Republicans FORBES, NORMA LYNN, Austin Mathematics, Xfi FORD, ALICE OLIVIA, San Antonio English, KA0, Upperclass Advisor, Y, Orange Jackets, Freshman Orientation Leader FORD SUSAN CHAPPELL, Lubbock Plan II, Latin, KA8, AAA, HZ I , t BK, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Y, Union Committees, Assembly, Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile, Junior Fellow FOSTER, CHARLES CRAWFORD, Corpus Christi Government, II2A, Student Government Committees, Freshman Orienta- tion Advisor, Simkins Hall Counselor FOSTER, THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio Journalism, Daily Texan, Young Republicans FOWLER, JAMES DAVID, Fort Worth Government, Discipline Committee, Model UN, NSA Delegate, Daily Texan FOX, GERRY LEE, Austin Architecture, AAAE, Engineering Council, TSPE FOX, JANELLE MAXINE, Dallas English, 2AT, Longhorn Singers, Freshman Council FOYT, CHARLES BERNARD, Austin Accounting, l i:K, A II FRANKLIN, VIVIEN LEIGH, Wimberly Political Science, Y, Young Democrats, Student Government Com- mittees, Freshman Council Advisor, Christian Faith and Life Com- munity FREDEMAN, MARY CARMEN, Port Arthur Psychology FRENCH, WILLIAM ALLEN, Big Spring Engineering Route to Business Administration, KA, Y, ROTC, Student Government Committees FRIEDMAN, HARRIET RAY, Houston Elementary Education, A E, ACE, Freshman Council FRIEDRICHS, ROGER WARREN, Goliad Architectural Engineering, AAAE FRIEMEL, PAUL DEAN, Roger Petroleum Engineering, AIME, TSPE FRUCHT, BRENDA LOU, Houston Elementary Education, AE I , Freshman Council, Union and Student Government Committees, Royal Spirit Committee FUCHS, WALTER RAY, Thrall Electrical Engineering, 1IKN, TBII, IRE FUHRMANN, JOHN STANLEY, Hereford Mathematics FUNK, WALTER BURTON, Houston English GABRIEL, GAIL, Tyler Secondary Education, Social Studies, ATA, Panhellenic, President Smiley ' s Advisory Cabinet, Union Committees, Freshman Council Ad- visor CADDY, WILLIAM EDWARD, Sweeny English, A " M2, Longhorn Singers GALBRAITH, H. DAVID, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE GALLAHER, JUDITH ELLEN, Marlin filing, AAH, BA , BDS, Student Government and Union Committees (LLOWAY, BETTY JOY, Stamps, Ark. Administration, AROTC Sponsor, Texas Stars, Union Committees :iA, EDWARD HAROLD, Brownsville r CIA, JOSE MARIA, Corpus Christi ZbWogy A- A Page 490 . ' .. CLASS OF 1963 GARCIA, TEODORO, Corpus Christi Music, Education, t.MA GARDNER, JOHN GRAHAM, JR., Winters Finance, 211 GARDNER, THOMAS LLOYD, Livingston Pharmacy, LPhA CARVER, RICHARD LLOYD, Richardson Finance, Curtain Club, American Finance Association GARZA, ALVARO, Laredo Accounting, Laredo Club, Newman Club GARZA, MARTHA LAURA, Brownsville French, Spanish GARZA-GONGORA, CARLOS ALBERTO, JR., Laredo Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Laredo Club GATTIS, CAROLE JEAN, Amarillo English GAYLE, JAN, Angleton Elementary Education, AZ, SEA, Freshman Council, Student Government Committees, Representative Party GENTOLIZO, CARMEN M. F., Austin Special Education, Southern Singers GENUNG, JOHN ALLEN, Wichita Falls Pre-Medical, t Y Silver Spurs, Football, T Association GERACI, VINCENT CHARLES, Austin Aero-Space Engineering, JAeS GERDES, STEPHEN CHARLES, Austin Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management GEREN, THOMAS JAMES, Groesbeck Finance, AUII, American Finance Association GIANNUKOS, NICHOLAS JOHN, Houston Pre-Medical, I H2, i BK GIBBONS, JOHN LEE, Edinburg Business Administration n y i h fe GIESEY, S. CHARLES, Midland Zoology, ATA, Track, T Association, Texas Cowboys, Track Co-Captain GILL, BETTY JEAN, Beeville English, A4 , Union Committees, Freshman Orientation Advisor, Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor, Round-Up, SEA GILLIAM, MARTHA ANN, Dallas Bacteriology GINSBURG, DAVID MICHAEL, Austin Pre-Law, 2A.M, A Cappella Choir, Honor Roll GUIFFRE, DENNIS MICHAEL, Houston Chemical Engineering, TBII, I H2, Newman Club, Intramurals GIVENS, ROBERT THOMAS, Laredo Accounting, 2X GLASS, JUDITH HENRY, Rails Applied Organ GOBER, JOHN Y., Galveston Retailing, A-II, American Marketing Association GODFREY, THOMAS GRAY, Jacksonville Electrical Engineering, TBIT, HKX, MIi), AROTC, Scabbard and Blade, AIEE, IRE, SAME GOFF, CHARLES FREDERICK, Lake Jackson Engineering Route to Business Administration, AXA, Interfraternity Council, AIEE, Texas Ranger Staff GOFF, RUTH LAVERNE WITT, Freeport Elementary Education, NEA, ACE GOLAZ, MARILYN BLACKSTONE, Austin Pharmacy, KB, AAA, LPhA, Pharmacy Fellow, Lutheran Student Association GOLDBERG, CHARLES NED, Uvalde Marketing, TA f , Student Government Committees, Freshman Council, Interfraternity Council, Union Committees, Goodfellow GOLLY, JEANNE MARIE, San Antonio Home Economics, Freshman Council, Union Committees, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Club GOMEZ, ROSARIO, Hebbronville Child Development GONZALEZ, ENRIQUE S., Harlingen Accounting, Young Democrats GONZALEZ, RAUL, JR., Weslaco Government, Pre-Law, Newman Club, Young Democrats Team, Rio Grande Valley Club GOODEY, MARY ELIZABETH, Weslaco Music Education, Cap and Gown, Southern Singers GOODMAN, JACOB Y., Oil City, La. Accounting, AEII GOODWIN, CHARLES BENTON, Port Neches Pharmacy Page 491 Drill SENIORS GREVSKY, BARBARA ELAINE, Houston Business Education, ISAT, IIS7IT, Reagan, Student Government and Union Committees, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Cap and Gown GRIDER, SYLVIA ANN, Pampa Latin, ATA, US , Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, All Campus Advisor, Union Committees, Goodfellow GRIFFIN, MARY ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education GRIFFITH, DONALD SCOTT, Richmond, Va. Mechanical Engineering, A M2, ASME, Engineering Council, Union Committees, Freshman Council Orientation Advisor GRIGGS, BETTY JOAN, Galena Park Music Education, AKA, Y, University Chorus, Young Democrats GRIOSBY, BOBBY ALLAN, Houston Accounting, ISA , BFi) GRIMES, CHARLES LEWIS, San Antonio Engineering Science, TBII, Engineering Fellow GROSS, ROBERT OLV1N, Bonham Geology, I ' K, MI , Geological Society GROVE, MARILYN LA VON, Houston English GRUENER, CLAUDE MICHAEL, Freeport Journalism, 2AX, Jesse Jones Scholarship, Boyce House Memorial Scholarship, Daily Texan GUERRA, FRANCISCO JAVIER, San Juan Pharmacy GUERRERO, ANA CATALINA, Weslaco Accounting, BA , Rio Grande Club, International Club GUERRERO, JOSE MARIA, Rio Grande City Civil Engineering, ASCE GUILLOT, MICHELLE, Dallas History, IIB I , Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Goodfellow GUMP, MARILYN VIRGINIA, Dallas English, X12, II A , i BK, Reagan CUNN, JAMES EDWARD, Corpus Christ! Architectural Engineering GUYNES, MARTHA JANE, Abilene French, IIJM , A Cappella Choir jGUZlCK, CHARLOTTE FAYE, Bay City M Kduralinn. Curl, (in Cluli, An StdrnN Association, Union Com- V mtfrees GtyAlZ, MOHAMED A., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , , ElicWal Engineering, TBII, +112, HKX CKBARDT, ROBERT GEORGE, McAllen nacy, I AX Page 492 GORMAN, RODMAN E., Houston Government, Pre-Law, AXA, Texas Ranger Staff, ROTC, International Club GORMLEY, HERBERT CLYDE, Killeen Accounting, 2X, Honor Roll GOULD, KATHRYN JEAN, College Station Music Education, Symphonic Orchestra GOVATOS, LISIMAHOS JOHN, Corpus Christi Architecture, AIA, Hellenic Circle GRACY, DAVID BERGEN, II, Austin History GRACY, LAURA BAADE, Austin Elementary Education GRAHAM, DOUG CLAUDE, JR., Plainview Business Administration, Acacia GRAHAM, JOSEPH MANER, Kilgore Finance, American Finance Association, Insurance Society GRAHAM, ROBERT HARRISON, San Angelo Marketing CRAMMER, JOHNNY RICHARD, Woodville Engineering Route to Business Administration GRAVES, JACK THOMAS, Midland Transportation, AXA GRAY, FRED JOE, Carthage English, Young Republicans GREER, EDWIN REGINALD, JR., Dallas Economics, AXA GREGORY, CAROL JOAN, San Antonio English GREMM, BARBARA ANN, Dallas Nutrition, Home Economics Club, Newman Club GREVE, ROBERT CHARLES, Houston Pre-Medical, Zoology, 2AE, Silver Spurs, Representation Party CLASS OF 1963 HADAWAY, LYNN NEWMAN, Athens, Ga. Speech Therapy, 4 .M, Panhellenic, Spooks, Student Government Commit- tees, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HAGEMANN, BETTY RUTH, La Grange History, AZ, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, All Campus Advisor, Union Committees HAGMAN, GARY LEWIS, Weatherford Business Administration, Pre-Law HAIRELL, MELVIN LLOYD, Yoakum History HALBOUTY, MICHEL ROBERT, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE HALEY, JUDY ANN, Oakwood Elementary Educatio n, Upperclass Advisor, Uni on Committees HALL, JOHN ALLEN, JR., Weatherford Engineering Route to Business Administration, KA, Student Govern- ment Committees HALL, ROBERT LORING, JR., Anahuac Civil Engineering, ASCE HALL, RONALD LEE, Mansfield Pharmacy, K HALLIDAY, SONDRA ALMA, Galena Park Radio-TV, AEP, TAX, Cap and Gown, Cordettes HALLMARK, DAVID BOLLING, Waelder Chemical Engineering HAMILTON, ELIZABETH, Palestine English, IIB I , Varsity Carnival HAMILTON, JIMMY RAY, Bridgeport Petroleum Engineering, TBII, IIET, AIME HAMILTON, MARCIA JANE, Dallas Interior Design, XA HAMMANN, WILLIAM ROBERT, JR., Houston Marketing, 2X, American Marketing Association HANKE, DAN HENRY, San Antonio Accounting, BHi, BA , f IIZ, American Finance Association, Pershing Rifles, Distinguished Military Student, Arthur Young Fellowship o n m- " ' - bJ ' - V HANNER, KARL MARION, San Antonio Personnel Management, Union Committees, Newman Club, Young Demo- crats, Challenge, Freshman Orientation Advisor HANOVER, WILLIAM GIBSON, Lufkin Business Administration, BHII HANSEN, MARTHA ANN, Houston Mathematics, AI Upperclass Advisor, Poona Club, Freshman Coun- cil, University Religious Council, UTSA HANSEN, REX McKAY, Houston Finance HARAGAN, PAT WILLIAM, Houston Mechanical Engineering, AKE HARBERS, ROBERT ELDON, Yoakum Business Administration, Insurance Society HARBISON, PATRICIA LOU, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, KAB, ACE, SEA, TSTA, Young Democrats HARDWICK, MARY ELLEN, Odessa Elementary Education, Xfi HARGIS, LAURIE LEE, San Antonio Elementary Education, KKT, IIA9, AAA, 2AII Ashbel, Cap and Gown, Freshman Council, Y HARGRAVE, ROBERT LARSON, Baytown Finance, BE HARMON, SUE, Corpus Christi Speech Education HARMOND, DOROTHY JO, Sweeny Micro-Biology HARMS, CHARLEEN THOMPSON, Austin Home Economics HARMS, DAVID HENRY, Austin Statistics, AROTC, Ranger Drill Team HARP, WILLIAM RUSSELL, Baytown Accounting HARPER, BOBBIE ANN, San Antonio Spanish, KKF, AAA, 2AH, Christian Science Organization, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Panhellenic HARPER, JOE WAYNE, Austin Pharmacy HARPER WILLIAM GIBSON, Houston Zoology HARRELL, BILLY ARVIL, Austin Music Education, KK , Longhorn Band, Sympho Orchestra HARRELL, GLYNDA MARIAN, Groom Home Economics, All Campus Advisor, Home Union Committees, American Marketing Associa Page 493 SENIORS AROTC, Ranger Drill HARRIS, EDWARD MURRAY, JR., Houston Business Administration, 1 KT, AROTC HARRIS, GERALD MACK, Dallas Business Administration, Union Committees, Team, Speleological Society HARRIS, ROBERT LOUIS, Houston Accounting, WC2, BA HARRIS, STEVE WILSON, Austin Pre-Law, Acacia, Interfraternity Council HARRISON, BENJAMIN MARK, Dickinson Pharmacy, K , LPhA HARRISON, ROBERT MATEER, Port Lavaca Pre-Medical, ftX, A A, Longhorn Band, Interfraternity Council HART, BURNETT WILIE, Glen Rose Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Management, Freshman Football HARTIN, JANETT CAROL, Krum Business Education, Secretarial Studies, Los Charros, Upperclass Advisor HAWKINS, JAMES ALTON, Tyler Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Intramurals HAWKINS, RAYMOND MILLER, Huntington Government HAYDEN, MABEL BEATRICE, Austin Music, A26, NEA, Southern Singers HAYNES, DAVID POLK, Houston Journalism HAYNES, MARY JULETTE, Brooklyn, N. Y. English, ATA, Freshman Council, Spooks, Freshman Orientation Leader, Union Committees, Newman Club HAYS, MOLLY FRANCES, Austin Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Archeological Society HEATH, LINDA LOIS, Austin History, OB , AAA, Y, Los Charros HEDGE, GAYLE SEAY, Dallas Physical Education, XS2, Upperclass Advisor, PEM Club, UTSA, AAHPER, TAHPER HEGER, JAMES CARL, Weimar Finance, HS HEIMANN, MARILYN JANE, Austin Zoology, Lutheran Student Association HEINEN, MARTHA LEE, Houston Fashion Design, AXfi, Union Committees HEISER, DINAH KAY, San Antonio Elementary Education, f B Kinsolving, Outstanding Student, Orange Jackets, All Campus Advisor, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees, SEA, ACE, Freshman Council Advisor, Royal Spirit Committee, President Smiley ' s Advisory Cabinet, T.T.T. HEITKAMP, ALICE FAYE, San Antonio Mathematics HELTON, WILLIAM MELVIN, JR., Houston Psychology HENDERSON, DELLA MAE, Refugio Latin-American History, Government, AX12, Bluebonnet Belle Semi- Finalist, Orientation Advisor, Union Committees, Cactus Staff, Ten Most Beautiful, UT Sweetheart Nominee, Varsity Carnival Queen Nominee HENDERSON, JAMES BENDER, JR., Houston Government HENDERSON, THOMAS McDOWELL, Houston Government, 1 ] ' A HENDREN, PHILIP A., Albuquerque, N. Mex. Architectural Engineering, -AE, TBII, AAAE HEN DRICKS, JOHN WAYNE, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, AIEE HENDRIX, JANET KAY, Dallas Sociology, Social Welfare Club HENDRIX, MARY JO, Smithville ism, Hi) ' ! ' , Daily Texan, Cap and Gown, Public Affairs Reporting RY, BOYD WAYNE, Elgin Education, Acacia, PEM Club, TAHPER WRY, REMMEL WILLIAM, JR., Nursery Pre-T}ejtal fj,EJ IRY, ROBERT ERNEST, Dallas ance, Insurance Society, American Finance Association, Union rrtittees Page 494 CLASS OF 1 963 HENSON, WALTER TOM, Dalhart Law, Acacia, f AA, Silver Spurs, Friars Interfraternity Council, Round-Up, Student Government and Union Committees, President ' s Advisory Board, Varsity Carnival, Swing Out HERBSTER, JAMES RICHARD, Seabrook Industrial Management, 1 K2, Society for Advancement of Management, Intramurals HERGENS, SOPHIE RUTH, Houston English, Cap and Gown, Union Committees, Young Republicans HERING, JOHNNIE JENE, McGregor Industrial Management, Acacia, Union Committees HERREN, THOMAS HOOD, Houston Government, Pre-Law, ATS2, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Carnival, Freshman Council Advisor, Operation Brainpower HERRING, JOSEPHINE LILLIAN, San Antonio Spanish, SEA, Cap and Gown HERRING, SARAH, Cotulla Elementary Education, SEA, Cap and Gown HICKS, THOMAS PATTERSON, Muleshoe Business Administration, A2JI, CBA Council HIGGINBOTHAM, DONALD N., Waco Business Administration, Longhorn Singers HIGHTOWER, JOHN BUCKNER, Austin Psychology, 2X HINKLE, JAMES MICHAEL, Venus Social Sciences, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student HITCHCOCK, NINA CATHERINE, Houston Business Administration, M, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment HOCKER, WESLEY H., Portland Journalism, A2 l , AX, Daily Texan, Young Democrats HODGES, CHARLES WAYNE, Wichita Falls Mechanical Engineering, ASME HOFFMAN, ADELE SHARON, Houston English, AE I , Upperclass Advisor, Honor Roll HOLLAND, THOMAS COLE, Odessa History, SEA HOLMAN, DAVID CALVIN, Weslaco Radio-TV, Curtain Club, Young Republicans HOLMES, LARRY ALLAN, Pearland Chemical Engineering, TB1I, JJXE, AT, AX2, AIChE, Intramurals HOOVER, MARGARET SUSAN, Houston English, 1IB 1 , Orchesis, Discipline Committee, Canterbury Association HOPKINS, CLYDE LEON, III, Austin Bacteriology, Journalism HOPKINS, JOHN ALFRED, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, AFROTC, Twin Pines Co-Op HORTON, CLAUDE WENDELL, JR., Austin Physics, BK, 4 Hi; HORTON, JON DALE, Dallas Electrical Engineering, IRE HOUDEK, PENELOPE, Houston Elementary Education, SEA, ACE HOWARD, LOU ELLEN, White Deer Home Economics, Home Economics Club HUBBARD, H. PHILLIP, Midland Business Administration HUGHES, WALLACE LEON, Austin Architecture HULTQUIST, LYNDALE, Ganado Secretarial Studies HUNNICUTT, GARLAND GAIL, Crane Mathematics HUNTER, RICHARD WRIGHT, Raymondville Chemical Engineering, AIChE HUNTER, ROBERT COLEMAN, Abilene Plan II, ATA, H HUNTER, THOMAS WAYNE, Texarkana Accounting Page 495 SENIORS HURST, JOHN CLARK, Lufkin Pre-Law, B6II HUTCHINSON, CAROLYN JANE, Iraan English IBANEZ, JOE DAVID, JR., Rio Grande City Chemistry, SAME, AROTC, Symphonic Band INGRUM, ROBERT EUGENE, Angleton Economics, OAE IRONS, LILLIAN ELISE, Austin Elementary Education, SEA, ACE, Luthern Student Association IVY, MACKLYN CLOIS, Fairfield Pharmacy JACKSON, PATRICIA, Mt. Pleasant Interior Design, AAII, Home Economics Club, A.I.D. JACKSON, PATRICIA ANN, Lake Jackson Home Economics, Education, SEA, Union Committees, Home Eco- nomic Club JACKSON, ROGER SHELLEY, Macomb, 111. Government, tFA JAGO, JIMMY FRANK, Austin Chemistry, Stag Co-Op, Intramurals JAMES, JOAN ELAINE, San Antonio Journalism, Daily Texan, Union Committees JAMES, ROYAL PARKS, San Antonio Personnel Management, IIKA JANOSKY, EDWARD JOSEPH, JR., Holland Accounting JANSZEN, WALTER LOUIS, JR., Corpus Christi Engineering Route to Business Administration, International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce, Young Republicans, AFROTC, Round-Up, Arnold Air Society, Lutheran Student Association, Union Committees JARNAG1N, SIDNEY S, Houston Accounting, B6II JASEK, LEON VACLAV, Austin Chemistry, Czech Club, German Club, Newman Club JENKINS, ROBERT FERRELL, Houston Real Estate, ZX JERNIGAN, C. DIANNE, San Antonio Elementary Education, NEA JIMENEZ, ENRIQUE, Eagle Pass Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Laredo Club JOHLE, RICHARD JAMES, Houston Chemistry, AXZ, " tAT, Union Committees JOHNSON, CARL TRAVIS, El Paso Business Administration, A S2, Tejas Club, American Marketing Association JOHNSON, ELIZABETH RUTH, Newgulf Mathematics, AOII, SEA, Cap and Gown, Symphonic Band, Freshman Council Advisor JOHNSON, GARY NEAL, Elgin Civil Engineering, ASCE JOHNSON, HEATHER BELLE, Houston Psychology JOHNSON, KAY ANN, Houston Elementary Education JOHNSON, LINDA LEE, Fort Worth Psychology JOHNSON, MARY HELEN, San Antonio Accounting, Ar, Freshman Council, Society for Advancement of Management JOHNSON, WILLARD EDWARD, College Station Aero-Space Engineering, I H2, lAeS, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Orange Wings J0IffSTON, JERRY BROOKS, Austin nting JOHNSTON, ZELMA JEAN, Fort Worth Science JQINSR, " CARRIE PATRICIA, Orange , ' Ratfip-TV, ZTA, AEP, TAX, Union Committees S, DAVID CROSLEY, Ballinger Page 496 CLASS OF 1 963 JONES, ELDON LEWIS, Houston History JONES, FRANKLYN DEAL, Fort Worth Insurance, Insurance Society JONES, JANE MARCELLE, Pecos Elementary Education, ZTA, Ashbel, Union Committees JONES, JANET ANN, Amarillo Elementary Education, KKr, Freshman Council, Union Commit- tees, Royal Spirit Committee JONES, JERRY JEREL, Crystal City Pharmacy, K , LPhA JONES, JOIE PIERCE, Abilene Mathematics, BK, HZ, Junior Fellow, Freshman Council, Interna- tional Club, Derrick Club, Wesley Foundation, Young Democrats, Stu- dent Government and Union Committees JONES, ROBERT STANLEY, Georgetown Biology JONES, SUSAN ZABEL, Austin Art JORDAN, KENNETH WAYNE, San Benito Pharmacy, LPhA, Wesley Foundation, Rio Grande Valley Club JUAREZ, DAVID VICTOR, San Antonio Accounting JUNGMAN, HAL NICHOLAS, La Coste Industrial Management, Society lor Advancement of Management, Newman Club JUSTICE, JAMES HORACE, Little Rock, Ark. Mathematics, 4 HS, A M2, Junior Fellow KARM, SANDRA JO, San Antonio Chemistry, AAA, Newman Club KEASLER, RAYMOND LAWRENCE, Jefferson Chemistry KELLER, PATRICIA ANN, Baytown History KENADY, GEORGE C., JR., Aspermont Pharmacy, i AX KENDALL, RICHARD PARKER, Pasadena Mathematics KENNARD, BRITT RODNEY, Temple Marketing KENNON, ALFRED WARD, Cleburne Geography, Young Democrats, Newman Club, University Chorus KERLEE, DEANNA DEEN, San Antonio English KIDD, BARBARA ANN, San Antonio Interior Design, Home Economics Club KIDWELL, KAREN BETH, Tahoka Government, History KILGORE, GEORGE RICHARD, Kerrville Mechanical Engineering KINCANNON, CHARLES LOUIS, Corpus Christi Economics, Y, Young Democrats, Stag Co-Op KING, D. KAY, Houston Nutrition, OX, Home Economics Club KING, JANICE MARIE, Temple Micro-Biology, Speleological Society, Racket Club KINKADE, JOHN DOUGLAS, Harlingen Mechanical Engineering, ASME KIRKSEY, BETTY PROVINCE, Harlingen Elementary Education, KA6, ACE, TSTA, SEA, Young Republicans KITZMILLER, MARTHA LEE, Deer Park Secretarial Studies, AF, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Coil KLEMMEDSON, RICHARD GUNNAR, Fort Worth V Electronics, Mathematics, IRE, ASME, Disciples StuderJ F. KLINGMAN, JULIA RAE, Austin Home Economics, Education KLINGMAN, LOUIS WILLIAM, Dallas Electrical Engineering, SAME, IRE Page 497 SENIORS KLIPPLE, HELEN LORRAINE, College Station History, AT, Turtle Club, Y, Union Committees KNIGHT, PATRICK, Wichita Falls Mathematics, AROTC, Arnold Air Society KNOLLE, EVELYN ANNE, Austin Plan II, AAIT, TIA t KNUTSON, CHARLES ARTHUR, San Antonio Personnel Management, i l E, Varsity Baseball, T Association Texas Cowboys KOCH, CHARLES EDWARD, Galveston History KOCH, CHARLES THOMAS, Floresville Civil Engineering, TBII, XE KOEHLER, LENROY ANTHONY, Cibolo Mechanical Engineering, ASME, lAeS, Newman Club KOEHLER, MARY M., Austin English, A fi, Newman Club KOEHN, JAMES HOWARD, Fort Sam Houston Economics, Pershing Rifles, Distinguished Military Student KOENIG, BERT, Houston Accounting KOKEL, KENNETH ARNOLD, Temple Accounting KORMEIER, VICTOR AUGUST, JR., Austin Accounting, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade KORNEGAY, HORACE THOMAS, JR., Elgin Architectural Engineering KRUEGER, JOHN H., Corpus Christi Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS, Strike and Spare KRUEGER, KATHRYN ANN, Dallas Interior Design, AAA, ATO Sweetheart, Bored Martyrs, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees KUBIN, MARVIN THOMAS, Texas City Physical Education, B9II, Varsity Football, T Association, Texas Cowboys KULICK, GILBERT DAVID, San Antonio Plan II, TA i , t l , Model UN, Young Democrats, Freshman Council, Y, Hillel Foundation, Honors Program KUPERMAN, DAVID I., Breckenridge Accounting, 2AJI, BF2, BA , Assembly, Distinguished Military Stu- dent, Student Government Committees, Goodfellow KUTACH, JEROME MICHAEL, Victoria Architecture, AIA KWAN, KEN MELVIN, San Antonio Pharmacy KYLE, CAROLYN FRANCES, Itasca Home Economics LABOUNTY, MELINDA ANN SMITH, Austin Home Economics, AZ, Orchesis, Home Economics Club, Freshman Council, Union Committees LACY, JERRY ROBERT, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Intramurals LAMBERT, CAROLINE MAXINE, Corpus Christi Home Economics, AZ, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Union Com- mittees LANGLEY, JAMES E., Kinder, La. Russian, MIi:, Russian Club, Intramurals, NROTC, Outstanding Midship- man, Scabbard and Blade, Honor Roll LA RUE, PERRY ELLEN, Corpus Christi English, KA6, Y, Ashbel LAVES, DOROTHY LOUISE, Tyler Journalism, English, - t , TAX, Daily Texan, Cap and Gown, Hillel Foundation, Union Committees LAW, JAMES RUSSELL, Collegeport Finance, American Finance Association LAWRENCE, JORENE BUCKLEY, Lockhart Eloinontary Education kpWRENCE, SANDRA LEE, Houston " - irnalipm, r t B, FAX, Union Committees, All Campus Advisor ,_ 3N, MARY SUE, Dallas i-SK , VERNON I., JR., Austin Jeum Land Management, K , Petroleum Landsman ' s Associa- ' V Page 498 CLASS OF 1 963 LAYMON, ROBERT HAROLD, San Juan Personnel Management, ATO LEACH, JANE ANN, Pasadena Home Economics, r B, OX, All Campus Advisor, Cactus Staff LEARY, DANIEL EDWIN, Austin Architecture, AIA, TSPE, AAAE, Newman Club, Engineering Coun- cil, Architecture Council, Sphinx LEE, BERT GENTRY, Austin Mathematics, I BK, I H2, Silver Spurs, Junior Fellow, Goodfellow, Varsity Swimming, Freshman Council Advisor, Discipline Com- mittee, Student Government and Union Committees, Boeing, Book, and Hogg Scholarships LEE, JO FRANCES MARIE, Houston Government, A KA, Y, Young Democrats, BSU LEE, RAY BARTON, Texarkana Pharmacy, K , LPhA LEECH, CARROLL TIM, Hermleigh Architectural Engineering LEEPER, CHARLES STEVENSON, Midland Plan II, ATA, 2AII, Interfraternity Council, Freshman Council LEGG, TROY MAX, Afton Accounting, Ai)II LEHMANN, JERRY SPRUCE, Eden Pre-Medical, Economics, Z t K AEA, OXE LEIFESTE, SAM ERNEST, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE, Arnold Air Society LEOPOLD, MARIE, San Antonio Interior Design, A t LERNER, SONDRA JANE, Houston Elementary Education, AE I , NEA, ACE, Freshman Council LEWIS, MARY LINDA, Dallas Plan II, KA6, Freshman Council, Royal Spirit Committee LEYENDECKER, EDGAR VALNEY, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, Engineering Council LIGHTFOOT, MARGARET ANN, Decatur Secondary Education, SEA, Southern Singers, Union Committees l a iB LINDELL, CAROLYN KAY, Taylor Elementary Education, AAII, NEA, SEA, Reagan LINDNER, ROBERT LEICHT, Midland Electrical Engineering, TBII, IIKX LIPSCOMB, LYN L., Garland Education, NEA, Freshman Council, Cap and Gown LITTLE, ROBERT WALDO, Dallas Accounting, J FA LITTLEPAGE, PAXTON K., Mart Business Administration, A MI LLOYD, BOBBY LEE, Pasadena Statistics, A M2, Union Committees LONG, KENNETH LEE, Roscoe English, AEA, i BK, MI , Junior Fellow LONG, THOMAS ROBERT, Houston English, AEP, A i S2, Speleological Society LONGNECKER, CYNTHIA ANN, El Paso English LOOCKE, CAROLYN ANN, Wharton Secretarial Studies, IK2II, American Marketing Association LOUDERMILK, JAMES DON, Brownwood Accounting, BA LOUSTAUNAU, ANDREA J., Cos Cob, Conn. Russian, AF, Russian Club, Freshman Council, Scholarship to Russia LOVE, JUDITH CAROLYN, Austin English LOVELESS, LINDA RUTH, Denton Psychology, Pre-Medical, AAA, AEA, 1 B Kinsolvi Council, Turtle Club, UTSA, Goodfellow LOYD, DAVID HERON, JR., San Angelo Physics LYDA, THOMAS BENTON, Austin Chemical Engineering, AXZ, TBII, J2XE, AIChE Page 499 SENIORS LYLE, ROBERT LOUIS, Fort Worth Physics, I BK, H2, Junior Fellow LYNGE, OSCAR EUGENE, JR., Piano Plan II, ZX MAASS, JAMES CHARLES, Malone Pharmacy, 1 AX MABRY, WILLIAM ELAM, San Antonio Plan II, 6E, ZAII, t HZ, Royal Spirit Committee, Freshman Coun- cil Advisor, Discipline Committee, BSU. Student Government Com- mittees, Assembly, Outstanding Student MACHA, HENRIETTE ROSE, Rosenberg Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Newman Club MACKEEN, RALPH CLIVE, Texas City Mathematics, I HZ MADRID, XAVIER HECTOR, Houston Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Newman Club MAER, KEMP, JR., Houston Physics, KA MAIER, LINDA JO, Houston English, SEA, Spooks MALLETT, MOSELLE ARCHER, Houston Art, IIB I MALONE, DOUGLAS RODNEY, Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE, IRE, AIEE MANGUM, ROBERT ERNEST, JR., Mt. Pleasant Architectural Engineering, ROTC, AAAE, SAME MANUEL, CAROLYN SUE, Baytown Elementary Education, NEA, ACE MARKOWITZ, ROBERT A., ' Houston Sociology, Pre-Law, ZAJI, Silver Spurs, Discipline Committee, Student Government Committees, Goodfellow MARQUESS, JAMES ROY, Temple Marketing, AZII, American Marketing Association MARSHALL, ALICE ANN (I), Austin Social Studies, IIA , AAA, SEA, Freshman Council, Cap and Gown, Education Council, Outstanding Student MARTIN, PATSY NANGA, Normangee Physical and Health Education, SEA, PEM Club, Turtle Club, Education Council MARTIN, WILLIAM ROGER, Dallas English MARTINEZ, GUSTAVO HECTOR, Eagle Pass Accounting MARYE, CAROLE FENOGLIO, Houston Elementary Education, KKT, Upperclass Advisor, Longhorn Singers MASSEY, BARBARA ANN, Houston Secretarial Scudies, AZ, Y MASTEN, MICHAEL K., Valley View Electrical Engineering, TBU, HKX, AIEE, Engineering Fellow MATLOCK, RONNY JAMES, Garland Physics, AIEE, IRE, Freshman Council, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Ed Price Co-Op MATRANGA, MARY ANN, Hitchcock Elementary Education, IIA9, t B Kinsolving, Cap and Gown, Up- perclass Advisor, SEA, Newman Club MATTHEY, ARLENE JOYCE, San Antonio Music Education, ZAI, Newman Club, Symphonic Band, University Chorus MATTHYS, CARL GILBERT, Wharton Aero-Space Engineering, TBII, ZFT, Men ' s Glee Club, ASME. TSPE. I AcS MATTINGLY, CHRISTINE MARGARET, Galveston English, SEA, Newman Club MAXWELL, NORRIS KNOX, El Paso Social Sciences ELL, WALTER JOHN, McAllen lure , GARY HOWARD, Houston m, Psychology, AX, ZAX, Daily Texan " W, DAVID LYNN, Temple ' ment :ARE, R. BRUCE, Raymondville Engineering, ATA a ufi .: CLASS OF 1 963 McASHAN, JOHN BRASHEAR, Austin Psychology McBRIDE, GAIL HELEN, Del Rio History, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Student Government and Union Committees, Texas Ranger Staff, Canterbury Club, Goodfellow McCALL, KENNETH JOE, McAlIen Accounting, BA McCALL, MARY FAYE, McAllen Interior Design, AID, Business Wives Club McCLEARY, CAROLYN CAY, Victoria English, ZTA, Angel Flight, Student Government and Union Committees, Cactus Staff, Ashbel, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist McCRUM, HELEN SUZANNE, Dallas Mathematics, ZTA, Freshman Council. Union Committees, Tumle Club McCUISTION, JAMES HARVEL, Beaumont Petroleum Land Management, l rA McCULLOUGH, SHARON G. C., Fort Worth Home Economics, BSU, Home Economics Club, Student Govern- ment and Union Committees McCULLY, ANICE MAY, Washington, D. C. Elementary Education, AAA, Y, Freshman Council, Racket Club McCULLY, JOHN DANELS, JR., Austin Mathematics, Philosophy McCUTCHIN, PAT WINSTON, Mesquite Advertising, AA2, AEP McDANIEL, MILDRED CORINE, Houston Chemistry, AZ McDERMOTT, MAKE, JR., Cameron Mechanical Engineering, TB1T, TITS, ASME, University Club, Engineering Council McDOUGALD, WILLIAM H., Port Arthur Chemical Engineering, AX2, J2XE, A M2, AIChE, TSPE McENTIRE, KENNETH GERALD, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, ASME, NSPE McGUIRE, SHIRLEY ANNE, Dallas Mathematics, BSU, Turtle Club, Southern Singers, Union Com- mittees McINNIS, AMY LYNN, Sweeny English, r l K, SEA, Longhorn Singers, All Campus Advisors McINNIS, DON BARRY, May- Finance, Speleological Society McJOHNSON, JUDY ANN, San Antonio Secondary Education McKINNEY, AMANDA ANN, McKinney Sociology, AAA, Union Committees McMAHAN, GEORGE OTJANIEL, Lockhart Psychology, Curtain Club MCMILLAN, JOHN HAMMACK, Wichita Fails Mechanical Engineering, 2X, 4 } Z, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC, ASME McNAMEE, ANITA DARLENE, Higgins Business Education McNEELY, DAVID MICHAEL, Bryan Journalism, 2AX, Daily Texan McNEIL, LAURA ELIZABETH, Houston Journalism, H2 1 , Mortar Board, Daily Texan, Cap and Gown, Y, Student Government Committees, Athenaeum, Jesse Jones Scholarship, Texa- Women ' s Press Association Scholarship McNEILL, WILLIAM ALEX, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TB1I, IIT2 McNUTT, ERNEST PAUL, Freeport Accounting McSPADDEN, RHODA IRENE, Odessa History MEADOR, DONALD PAUL, Amarillo Social Sciences, IIKA, HZ, Challenge MELTON, WILLIAM ALLEN, Dallas Radio-TV, Head Cheerleader, Texas Cowboys, Daily Tfcxan, Royal Spirit Committee, Intramurals, Student Government anVT Union Com- mittees, Freshman Council, Goodfellow, Southwest Ccmifereoee Sports- manship Committee MENN, BETTY JO, Austin Interior Design, AXS2, Home Economics Club, Fje rniran Union Committees, Cap and Gown MERIAN, FREDERICK LOUIS, Yoakum ' Zoology, Pre-Medical, AEA Page 501 SENIORS MERREM, RENEE LYDIA, Weimar Music Education, 2AI, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, Honor Roll MERRILL, PAUL STEELE, Garland Mechanical Engineering, KA. ASME MEYER, IRENE FRANCES, San Antonio German, History. A 1 A, International Club, Texas Association German Students MICHELS, JOHN SPIEGEL, Winnetka, 111. Geology, SN of MILLER, BARBARA FOUNTAIN, Dallas Spanish, r i B, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Union Committees MILLER, JAMES ROYCE, Burkburnett Mathematics, KK . Mir, Longhorn Band, Hogg Memorial and Dwight Book Scholarships MILLIGER, LARRY EDWARD, Llano Botany, Biology Club, Intramurals, Spelunkers Club MINYARD, ANNIS MARIE, Jasper Pharmacy, KE, Freshman Council, BSU, Pharmacy Fellow, Out- standing Junior Woman in Pharmacy, Cap and Gown MITCHELL, STEPHEN KEITH. Houston Physics, -MIS MIZE, WILBUR ALLEN, Crosbyton Pharmacy MOELLER, MARY LYNN, San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA MOHRMANN, LEONARD E., JR., Austin Chemistry, A t n, J H2, Disciples Student Fellowship, AIChE, American Chemical Society MONROE, WILLIAM ALLEN, Houston Geology, Geological Society MOORE, BARBARA WARE, Fort Worth Mathematics MOORE, KRIS K., Frost Mathematics MOORE, MARJORIE D., San Antonio Art History, AAA, Art Students ' Association MOORE, NICKY LYNN, Dale Geography MOORE, ROBERT EDWARD, Fort Worth Plan II MORELL, RICHARD LOUIS, McAllen Electrical Engineering, IRE, Newman Club MORENO, DENNIS, San Antonio Mathematics MORGAN, JANICE MARIE, Houston English, Newman Club, TSTA, Union Committees, Young Republicans, Cap and Gown MORRIS, GORDON ROBERT, Austin Petroleum Land Management, Society for Advancement of Management, Newman Club, Speleological Society, Petroleum Land Management As- sociation. MORRIS, LARRY LOUIS, East Bernard Mathematics MORRIS, LINDA JAN, Hillsboro Special Education, KKT MUECKE, BILLYE MAY McADAMS, Austin English, AAII, Y, Freshman Council, Union Committees MULLINS, CECIL ANN, Brownwood English, 2AII, Upperclass Advisor, Southern Singers, University Chorus MUNDEN, GLENN RICHARD, Marshall Accounting MURCHISON, WILLIAM POLK, JR., Corsicana History, Varsity Debate, Oratorical Association, Union Committees, Longhorn Band, Freshman Council, Young Republicans, Athenaeum MURF1N, WILLIAM ROBERT, Houston Chemistry, Ai)l(, Longhorn Singers, Society for the Advancement of Man- agement MURPHY, CHARLES RICHARD, Sheridan hical Engineering, AX2 _ " JRRAY, ROBERT JAMES, Dallas jchitecture, AIA SGROVE, GLENN BURKE, Breckenridge rical Engineering, Pre-Law, AX, A S2, AIChE, Tejas Club, PC, SAME, Intramurals, Student Government and Union aitlees, Baseball Manager, T Association, Pershing Rifles, Elk ' s ilarship, Outstanding Student CLASS OF 1963 MYERS, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, Austin Accounting NAGY, ROBERT HOWARD, Houston Pre-Law, American Marketing Association NASH, EDGAR COVEY, JR., Houston Government, Pre-Law, Bfln, Cheerleader, Silver Spurs NATION, JAMES HOWARD, Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBII, " Mli, AIEE NEEL, ROBERT STANLEY, Wichita Falls Government, A t S2, Freshman Track NELSON, DON BAXTER, Gushing Chemistry NELSON, MARLENA KAY, Alvin Elementary Education, NEA NELSON, NANCY JANE, Wichita Falls English, KA6, 2X Sweetheart, Bluebonnet Belle, Sweetheart Nomi- nee, Varsity Carnival Queen, Angel Flight, Freshman Council, Up- perclass Advisor NEUMAN, PETER NOAH, Austin Chemistry NEUSE, STEVEN MICHAEL, New Braunfels Latin-American Studies, Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile, Scabbard and Blade, Freshman Council Advisor. Campus Guild Co-Op, University Co-Op Board of Directors, Goodfellow NEVITT, ANNE LAWTON, Glendale, Ariz. Elementary Education, AAA NEWDING, CHARLES AUGUSTUS, III, Galveston English, German, Mli:, Honor Roll NEWMAN, DAVE E., Houston Architecture NEWTON, JAMES BOSWELL, JR., Rockdale Drama Design, X , AX, Interfraternity Council, Texas Ranger Staff, Freshman Council Advisor, Curtain Club, Round-Up, Varsity Carnival NEWTON, TURNER NICHOLS, Cameron Finance, American Finance Association, Honor Roll, CBA Council NG, TON QUON, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE NICEWANDER, DAN LEON, Atlanta History, BK NICHOLS, LORI ANN, Houston Elementary Education, ZTA, Assembly, Union Committees, Education Council, SEA NIETENHOEFER, KENNETH CLARENCE, Hondo Engineering Route to Business Administration, KK , Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Singers, Cowboys, Intramurals NIX, JAMES S., Long Branch Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Pharmacy Fellows NIXON, JAMES GUS, Fort Worth Government, KK , AI fl, Tejas Club, Texas Student Leaders Seminar to Chile, Longhorn Band, Student Government Committees NOLTE, LUCY KAY, Sour Lake Business Education, AAII, IIJ2IT, Union Committees NORLING, BARRY KENT, Randolph AFB Chemical Engineering, TBII, I ' AT, fiXE, HS, AIChE, TSPE NORRIS, FLORA ANN, Austin Home Economics, OX, IIA6, SEA, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Honor Roll NORRIS, HUGHIE THOMAS, JR., Baytown English NORROD, ERMINIA PININA, Corpus Christ! Micro-Biology, Angel Flight NOVOSAD, CHARLIE THOMAS, Wallis Pharmacy, AX, LPhA NOWELL, RENDA M., Arp Elementary Education, SEA NOWOTNY, JEANINE, New Braunfels Home Economics, Education, Home Economics Club, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Co-Ordinators Council NUGENT, MARK HAYDEN, Austin Business Administration, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society NUSSENBLATT, MICHAEL PHILLIP, Galveston Accounting, TA4 O ' CONNELL, ANNE, Dallas French, ZTA, IlA f , Young Republicans Pace 503 ... A SENIORS OEHLER, CARL BAILEY, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME OLDHAM, DARIUS DUDLEY, Beaumont Pre-Medical, ZX, Interfraternity Council, Cowboys. Sing Sons OL1VEIRA, CARLOS, Laredo Pharmacy OLLISON, WILL MANN, Austin Chemistry OLSEN, CATHERINE EMELIA, Houston Interior Design, AAA, OX, Freshman Council, Spooks, A Cappella Choir, AID, Cap and Gown OLSON, CAROLINE, San Antonio Plan II, Biology. AAI1, AAA, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Stu- dent Government and Union Committees O ' NEILL, JOHN COMA, Victoria Music Education, J MA, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band O ' NEILL, LARRY JOE, Rapid City, S. Dak. Architecture, ZCAK, T A, Sphinx, AIA, Los Charros ORTIZ, RICHARD R., San Antonio Pharmacy OSBURN, JO ANN, New London Business Education, AX12, 111211, 1 B Kinsolving OSBURN, THOMAS DAW, New London Engineering Route to Business Administration, AZII, American Mar- keting Association, Society for Advancement of Management, Intra- murals OVERTON, JANETTE, Palestine History, Cactus Staff, Upperclass Advisor PACKARD, FRANCIS DOUGLASS, Austin Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management PAINE, HARRIETT LYNN, Baytown Business Education, ZAT, IiniT, CBA Council, Discipline Committee, Freshman Council, Student Government Committees PAIR, DOUGLAS BRYAN, Stephenville Pharmacy, AX, LPhA PANNELL, REBECCA JANE, Austin Elementary Education PANZARELLA, JOHN EDWARD, Humble Chemistry, AXZ, I HZ, Newman Club PARKER, DAYTON, E., Crosbyton Pharmacy, Pharmacy Fellow PARKER, ROBERT PHILLIP, Longview Plan II PARKS, FRANCES LOU, Houston Plan II, AF, Freshman Council, Student Government and Union Committees PARKS, RICHARD BRIAN, Houston Accounting, Society for Advancement of Management, American Finance Association PARRISH, MARTHA JEAN, Bellaire Interior Design PARSONS, CHARLES CLINTON, Houston Mechanical Engineering, IIKA, ASME PATRICK, JOHN RAYMOND, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, KA , Freshman Council Advisor, NSA PATTERSON, JUDITH NEAL, Amarillo Psychology PATTERSON, ROBERT L., Shreveport, La. Petroleum Engineering, " tK PATTERSON, ROBERT STILES, Taylor Government, B0n PATTON, EDWARD NASH, JR., Rotan Petroleum Engineering, AIME PAUL, GEORGE K., Houston Architectural Engineering, AAAE PEACOCK, JAMES HOKE, II, Jacksonville Plan II, -X, Silver Spurs, Intramurals, Round-Up, Honor Roll, T.T.T. PEARSON, JOLEEN, Dallas Speech Therapy, AAII, 2AH, B Kinsolving, Upperclass Advisor PEDEN, JOHN ALTON, Van Petroleum Land Management, ISA, Petroleum Landman ' s As- ciation Pag; SOt 1 o Jr 1 : , CLASS OF 1 963 PEEL, ROBERT STEPHEN, Austin Government, Economics PERDICHI, JOHN VIRGIL, Waco Studio Art, Newman Club PERSKY, RAYMOND WAYNE, Bartlett Mechanical Engineering, TBII, ASME PETERSON, CAROL ANN, Austin English, ATA, Student Government and Union Committees PETERSON, JAMES DOUGLAS, Corpus Christi Real Estate, ZAE PETTIT, ROBERT LEE, Fort Worth Transportation, K2 PFENNIG, LAURA JANE, Austin Sociology, Lutheran Student Association PFLUGHAUPT, LOUIS ELLIOTT, Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBIT, HT2, H2 PHELPS, DOR WAYNE, Houston History, University House Council PHILLIPS, DELBERT CLAUD, Austin Russian, J 2K, Russian Club, Intramurals PHILLIPS, DIANE ELIZABETH, Ozona English, ZTA PICKLES, WILLIAM LUCAS, Houston Physics, A M2 PING, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Dallas Chemical Engineering, AIChE PINKNEY, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Music Education, Westminster Student Fellowship PIRSON, JACQUES EMILE, Austin Chemistry, AX2 PITT, STEPHEN PATRICK, Cedar Hill Physics PLEMONS, TERRY D., Henderson Physics, ZII2, Intramurals, Speleological Society FLETCHER, ROCKNEY DEE, Leakey Accounting, 93, Intramurals POLK, BILLIE FRANK, Austin Plan II, ZX POLSON, WILBERT ARVID, San Antonio Pharmacy, PX, Pharmacy Fellow POMEROY, CLYDE DAVID, JR., Pasadena Engineering Science, A 1 2, Silver Spurs, Union Committees, Challenge, International Club, Goodfellow, Young Republicans, Model UN POOL, PHILIP RAY, Carthage Finance POOLE, WILLIAM GEORGE, JR., Austin Mathematics, 2X POUNCEY, SARAH HELEN, Austin Physical Education POWELL, LYNDA HORTENSE, Houston Spanish, Young Democrats, Union Committees POWELL, MARIAN RATHER, Houston Mathematics, KKr, Cap and Gown, Y, Atheneum, Reagan POWERS, RICHARD CURRIE, Dallas Philosophy, Westminster Student Fellowship PRATSCHER, MARY JANE, Houston English, KA9, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Council Advisor, Dis- cipline Committee, Union Committees, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee, Varsity Carnival PRATT, VIRGINIA C., Kaufman Elementary Education, NEA, Freshman Council PRENSNER, DOUGLAS STEVEN, Pearland Chemical Engineering, TBII, AXS, AT, JJXE, H2f, PRICE, AUBREY LESLEY, Gladewater Industrial Management, AROTC PRICE, EMORY JACKSON, San Angelo English, Honor Roll Page 505 SENIORS PRICE, RALPH THEODORE, Austin Mathematics PUGH, NANCY CAROLYN, Austin Elementary Education, AZ, Freshman Council, Reagan PULVER, MARY MANSON, Harlingen Government, English, XJJ, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Student Government Committees PUTMAN, CHARLES EDGAR, Cleburne Government, Pre-Medical, K2, AEA PYE, H. WALTER, Houston Retailing, 2A QUEBE, RAYMOND JOSEPH, Galveston Economics QUIRK, MARY BURNS, San Antonio Business Administration RABY, RICHARD RAY, Raymondville Psychology, Zoology, Inter-Co-Operative Price Co-Op Panhellenic, Council, AFROTC, Ed RAMSEY, ROSEMARY, Temple Special Education, AZ, Union Committees, Round-Up RANGER, STEPHEN HAYES, Fort Worth Economics RAPE, MARTHA GAIL, Hempstead Elementary Education, Speech Therapy, SAH, SEA RASCHKE, LYNNE MARIE, Three Rivers German, Af, t B Kinsolving, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Coun- cil, Student Government and Union Committees RASH, JAMES L., Sulphur Springs Physics, Union Committees RAST, ALLAN LAWRENCE, San Antonio Mathematics RAY, DENNIS, Victoria Zoology RAY, MURRAY RANDOLPH, Dallas Pre-Medical, -KSK, AEA REAGAN, JOHN CRISS, Quitaque Journalism REAGAN, PATRICIA ANN, Temple Chemistry REAMS, GAIL JACOBY, Houston Physics, 2H2, II2, BK REDMAN, DONALD RAY, Burkburnett Accounting, AT, A ' tO, Union Committees REDMAN, MARY KATHARINE, Saint Jo English, Union Committees, SEA, Los Charros REED, ELDON F., Cleburne Mathematics REED, ELIZABETH ANN, Houston Mathematics REEDER, EUGENE, Austin Industrial Management, Tejas Club, Freshman Orientation Advisor REESE, HARRY DOUGLAS, HI, Orange Retailing, Union Committees, Round-Up, American Marketing Association, Westminster Student Fellowship, Young Republicans REMMERS, ALFRED FREDERICK, JR., San Antonio Government REMMERT, BRUCE EDWARD, Bellville Personnel Management, Y, Society for Advancement of Management, Lutheran Student Association, Young Democrats REYMONDS, CARL RAY, Stanton Mathematics DS, EDWARD GEORGE, JR., McAllen Management, ATfi, Society for Advancement of Management ANN, EUGENE EVANS, Austin Education, KK , Longhorn Band JOE BILL, Austin DES, ROBERT NELSON, Van lism, 2AX, Daily Texan, Gail Borden Scholarship, Intra- als, Honors Program Page 506 CLASS OF 1963 RHYNE, EVA JUDY, San Antonio Home Economics, SEA, Home Economics Club, Young Republicans RICH, CAROL, Austin Elementary Education, SEA RICH, JANE, Austin Elementary Education, SEA RICHARDS, CLAUDETTE JANE, Hallettsville Elementary Education, SEA, Southern Singers RICKEY, FRANK W., Houston Chemistry, SX, Young Republicans RIDGWAY, DONALD NELSON, Pearsall Pharmacy, LPhA, Pharmacy Fellow RINCON, ALFREDO, Baytown Accounting, BA , Young Democrats RIPPLE, DENNIS FRED, El Campo Chemical Engineering, TBII, SiXE, i AT, H2, Engineering Fellow, Newman Club, Freshman Council, AIChE, Engineering Council ROBBINS, STUART B., Austin Business Administration, AEI1, Freshman Council ROBERTS, ROBERT A., Dallas Finance, A l fi, American Finance Association ROBERTS, ROY LEON, New London Finance, Union Committees, Intramurals ROBERTSON, CARRIE MAY, Houston Elementary Education, KKF, Cap and Gown ROBINSON, ALMA LOUISE, Beaumont Music Education, f M, BSU, International Club, Southern Singers, Uni- versity Chorus ROBINSON, RICHARD WAID, JR., Dallas Architecture, AIA ROBINSON, ROBERT REX, JR., Spur International Business, International Association of Students in Eco- nomics and Commerce, Laredo Club, Newman Club ROCK, CONNIE JO, Texas City Advertising, AOII, PAX, Spooks, Orientation Leader RODECK, BILLIE CLAIRE, Houston Elementary Education, Union Committees, Southern Singers RODGERS, GENEVIEVE W., Austin History, XSJ RODGERS, ROGER DAN, Galena Park Electrical Engineering, 2 J E, NROTC RODRIGUEZ, CELSO C., Corpus Christi Mathematics, Rio Grande Valley Club, Chess Club, Karate Club ROGERS, LEAH FRANCES, Austin Costume Design ROHDE, IRIS JEAN, Houston Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Cap and Gown, Co-ordinators Council ROMBERG, PEGGY FREEMAN, Austin Elementary Education ROSAS, HOMER OSCAR, San Antonio Accounting ROSE, FRED A., San Antonio Accounting, DX ROSEN, ROBERT ALAN, Pine Bluff, Ark. Pharmacy, LPhA ROSEN, RONALD GORDON, Fort Worth Accounting, IIKA, BA , AZII ROSENBLAD, JOHN LYNDON, Georgetown Civil Engineering, H2, TBII, XE, ASCE ROSENTHAL, RAYMOND NEIL, Newport Beach, Calif. History, t i;A, Cheerleader, Texas Cowboys ROSS, SARA ANN, Corsicana Elementary Education, A , SEA, Upperclass Advisor ROSSER, VIRGIL OLIVER, III, Graham International Trade, Latin-American Studies, ATA, Club, Los Charros, International Trade Club, Youn ROSSMAN, SUSAN GAYLE, Texas City Spanish, HA , ZAII, SEA, International Clul Freshman Council, Union Committees, University ng Page 507 SENIORS RUBEY, WILLIAM BONNER, JR., Houston Government, ZX, Longhorn Flying Club RUDDER, MARGARET ANNE, College Station Home Economics, AAA, SEA, Upperclass Advisor, President Smiley ' s Advisory Cabinet, Home Economics Club, Discipline Committee, Fresh- man Council RUGGLES, MORRIS SMITH, Longview Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Intramurals SACKS, JERRY DENNIS, Round Top Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Lutheran Student Association SAENZ, HULBERTO, San Antonio Government SAENZ, MARIA DEL CARMEN, Alice English ST. CLAIR, DAVID E., Seymour Accounting, AX, BA4% Br2, Society for Advancement of Management SANCHEZ, ROSAURA ARTEAGA, San Angelo Spanish, ZAII, Upperclass Advisor SANDBERG, JOEL JERNQUIST, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME SANDERS, JAMES EUGENE, JR., Nacogdoches Advertising, AAZ, Honor Roll, Union Committees, Round-Up, Men ' s Glee Club, Union Executive Council SANDLIN, THOMAS E., Wortham Physical Education SAPP, SAMMY D., Dallas Mathematics SATER, ROGER ALLEN, Manhattan Beach, Calif. Accounting, AZII SAUNDERS, JERRY WAYNE, San Angelo Government SAYLE, WILLIAM ERVEN, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, IRE, Twin Pines Co-Op SCALLAN, CAROL ANN, Austin Accounting SCHAPIRA, JANET RAYE, McAllen English, 2AT, Cap and Gown SCHILO, JOAN MARIE, San Antonio Sociology, r t B, FAX, Union Committees SCHLEGEL, NANCY ELIZABETH, Austin Special Education, SEA, Newman Club, Angel Flight, Cap and Gown, Freshman Council, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist SCHLEICHER, JOAN CONRAD, Seguin Elementary Education, JIA6, SEA SCHLEIDER, VICTOR HANK, Rockport Chemical Engineering, AIChE SCHMIDT, JIMMY DOUGLAS, Houston Pre-Medical, Zoology, AEA, Freshman Assembly SCHMITT, ALLAN BURNHAM, Dallas Engineering Science TBII, MA Sinfonia, AIEE, TLOK Co-Op, Long- horn Band SCHODEK, DANIEL LEWIS, Rosenberg Architectural Engineering, XE, AAAE, Engineering Council SCHOLL, RONALD FRANKLIN, Dallas Engineering Science, TBII SCHULDT, ERBEN JOSEPH, Galveston Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management SCHULTE, CAROL JEAN, Austin Home Economics, AZ, Young Democrats SCHULZ, WAYNE ELROY, San Antonio Mathematics SCHULZE, SHARON KAY, West Point Elementary Education, SEA SCHUMACHER, BILLIE GAYLE, Hunt secretarial Studies, Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor, American keting Association, Cap and Gown :HJJMANN, JANICE, San Antonio Education, AI ' A, Freshman Council, Union Committees, jlicran Student Association IUTZ, BOB EWALD, San Antonio Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS Pile 508 1 o ( % : . J - [ u - J L - . CLASS OF 1963 SCHWARTZ, PHYLLIS RUTH, Galveston Elementary Education, A t E, ACE, Royal Spirit Committee, Freshman Council SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM BLAND, Austin World Resources, International Business SCHWAUSCH, OLIVER ALBERT, Walburg Physics, K2 SCHWEPPE, PALMER THOMPSON, Austin History, Ae, Athenaeum, AROTC, Pershing Rifles, Young Re- publicans SCOTT, ANN BURNETT, Dallas History, AZ, SEA, All Campus Advisor SCOTT, CHARLES EDSON, Brownsville Chemistry SCOTT, EDWIN GRANT, JR., Dallas Pharmacy, Acacia SCOTT, MICHAEL ADSIT, Midland History, X t , Young Republicans SEAMAN, SUSAN, San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA, Newman Club SEARS, ERNEST SIMON, JR., Houston Psychology SEARS, JEANNE LOUISE, Dallas Home Economics, Xti, Freshman Council Advisor, Student Govern- ment and Round-Up Committees, Y, Ashbel, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Challenge SEBERA, CURTIS WAYNE, San Antonio Aero-Space Engineering, KK , Longhorn Band, Cowboys, Tejas Club, lAeS SEIDERS, SALLY CHRISTINE, Austin English, A t, Spooks, Freshman Council Advisor, Reagan, Cap and Gown SHAFER, CAROL JEAN, Harlingen English, Government, XII, Ashbel, Student Government and Union Com- mittees, Y, International Club, German Club SHAINOCK, LOIS PAULA, Houston English, AE 1 , Discipline Committee SHARP, PHILIP MARION, Castroville Zoology, AEA, Newman Club, Young Republicans SHAW, CAROLYN MARIE, Pettus Mathematics, ArA, TBZ, Longhorn Band, Panhellenic, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown, Orientation Advisor SHAW, ROBERT LOUIS, Overton Psychology SHEARON, KERVIN BENNETT, JR., Houston Accounting, BA SHEFFIELD, BARBARA JO, Menard Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, Inter-Co-Operative Council SHERMAN, DWAYNE DARVALL, Yorba Linda, Calif. Mechanical Engineering SHILLER, KENNETH LYNDON, Caldwell Marketing, AS IT, American Marketing Association SHOCKLEY, ELLEN TAYLOR, Denton English, Y, Upperclass Advisor, Student Party, Young Democrats, Union Committees SHORT, CAROLYN MARTHA, San Antonio Government, Newman Club SHRADER, VIRGINIA ANN, Austin Mathematics SHULLER, WALTER WARREN, Palestine Accounting SHULMAN, MOLLY, Austin German, KKP, Reagan SIMMONS, BOBBY DAN, Dallas Engineering Route to Business Administration, CBA Council, lAeS SIMONS, PAUL STEPHEN, Austin Pre-Medical, TA J , H2, AEA, 4 BK SIMPSON, TOMMIE ADRIAN, Bay City Accounting SIPTAK, JOHN EDWARD, JR., Caldwell Zoology, Newman Club SIRCY, OTICE C., Wichita Falls Pre-Medical, Men ' s Glee Club Page 509 SENIORS SIRMONS, CHARLES REAGAN, Baytown Pre-Law, Economics, t K , Pre-Law Association SITTER, LESTER DEWEY, McLean Pre-Law, 2X SKELTON, LINDA ANNETTE, Houston Journalism, AAII, TAX SMALL, CECELIA ANN, Austin Plan II, KA6 SMILEY, STEPHEN ROYALL, Austin Pre-Medical, K2 SMITH, ALVA LYNN, Frost Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS SMITH, AUGUST WILLIAM, JR., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, AROTC SMITH, FREDRICK HAROLD, Hawkins Engineering Route to Business Administration, AZIT, Society for Advancement of Management, Intramurals SMITH, GENE M., Baytown Zoology SMITH, HUGH PETRING, Brownsville Spanish, XFI SMITH, MARGARET JANIS, Groves Office Administration, TAX SMITH, MARY EVELYN, Falfurrias Art SMITH, MICHAEL LANE, Huntsville History, Pre-Law Association, Young Democrats SMITH, PATRICIA JANE, Houston English, KA6, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Ashbel, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees SMITH, ROGER WAYNE, Fort Worth Pharmacy SMITH, SANDRA BRUCE, Cameron English, Government SMITH, WILLIAM JAMES, Sacramento, Calif. Accounting, ATA, Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee, CLASP SNOW, PEGGY JEANNE, Austin Pharmacy, KE, LPhA SOFFAR, ALLAN JARRELL, Houston English, Pre-Medical, t H2, AEA, Student Government Committees, Athenaeum, Hillel, Young Democrats SOFFAR, CAROLYN, Freeport Plan II, frB Kinsolving, Student Government and Union Committees, Y, Orange Jackets, International Club, Model UN SORREL, FRANCIS DES RIVIERS, JR., Wharton Marketing, AZII, American Marketing Association SPEARMAN, WILLIAM LESLIE, JR., Houston Physics SPENCE, MARY KATHLEEN, San Angelo Elementary Education, A 1 , 2AH, SEA, Cap and Gown SPENCER, ELGENE CAMPBELL, San Angelo Aero-Space Engineering SPENCER, JOHN NORWOOD, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE SPERRY, PAMELA JOAN, College Station Biology, Biology Club, Racket Club, SEA SPILLAR, BEVERLY ANN, Uvalde Elementary Education, TB2, Longhorn Band SPITZENBERGER, MILDRED LA VERNE, Stephenville Elementary Education, SEA, ACE PiyEY, BEN EDWARD, Corpus Christi mical Engineering, TBII ' IVEY, WILLIAM EARL, Houston edical , MONTE JEROME, Hallettsville iacy, AX ANDRIDGE, MARION DAVID, Teague ' ertising, Acacia, AA2, Silver Spurs, Student Government and Committees, Daily Texan, Round-Up, Representative Party Page 510 CLASS OF 1 963 STANLEY, MYRA ANNE, Amarillo Elementary Education, KA9, Union Committees STANSFIELD, JVIARJORIE LEE, Galveston English, A , AAA, SEA, Y, Union Committees, NEA, TSTA, Reagan STANTON, GERRY ELBERT, Houston Accounting STARK, CHARLES RICHARD, Austin Physical Education STAUFFER, LYNETTE LOUISE, Alamo Elementary Education STEARNS, GAIUS EDWIN, Austin Transportation STEGEMUELLER, CAROLYN FLORENCE, Washington Accounting, Cap and Gown, Lutheran Student Association STEIBER, MARY PATRICIA, Crowell Mathematics STEINHAUSER, MAX JULIUS, JR., Flatonia Chemical Engineering, AIChE STENGER, DIANA L., San Antonio Spanish, 2AII, IIA I , Upperclass Advisor, Laredo Club, International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce, International Club, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Model UN, Honor Roll STEPHENS, BENJAMIN DWIGHT, Seagoville Accounting, BA , Young Democrats STEPHENS, JAMES HOWARD, Big Spring Architectural Engineering, J HZ, AAAE STEPHENS, JAMES MACON, Corpus Christi Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management STEPHENSON, WILLIAM VIRGIL, Stanton Statistics, AZII STERN, FRED ROBERT, Houston Mathematics, Acacia, Lutheran Student Association, lAeS STERNER, NANCY JEAN, Garland Mathematics, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Council, Strike and Spare Club STEVENS, JIMMY LAWSON, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, AT, ASME, lAeS STEWART, BILLY WAYNE, Austin English STEWART, CHARLOTTE LOUISE, Sweeny Music Education, J B Kinsolving, Southern Singers STEWART, JERRY WALTER, Dallas Architecture, I1KA STEWART, KATHERINE ROBERTA, Tucson, Ariz. English, AAA, Freshman Council, Cordettes, Upperclass Advisor, Student Government Committees STEWART, MARION THOMPSON, Austin Physical and Health Education, FA, PEM Club STILWELL, RICHARD BURL, Houston Accounting, J H2, BA , Freshman Council Advisor STOCKERT, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio Office Administration, Cap and Gown, Union Committees STOCKING, DON ALLEN, Amarillo Economics, Young Republicans STOKES, ROBERT CLIVE, West Columbia Industrial Management, A2II, Society for Advancement of Management STOLIAR, JOHN BRUCE, Houston Pre-Medical, Philosophy, TA f , AEA, Freshman Council Advisor, Orientation Advisor, Student Government and Union Committees, Young Republicans STOLZ, SHARON, Dallas English, r B, SEA, Freshman Council, Union Committees STONE, ARTHUR ELLIS, Richardson Architecture, AIA STONE, DAVID LOCKE, Portales, N. Mex. Finance, l rA STONE, JACKIE LEE, Taylor Electrical Engineering, H2, HKX, TBII, IRE, Union STOUT, EUGENE CLYDE, Houston Personnel Management, Society for Advancement Young Republicans, Intramural Page 511 SENIORS STRAYHORN, EDDIE JOE, Snyder Physical Education, Tennis, T Association, PEM Club STRIEBER, MAMIE HELEN, Dayton, Ohio German, History SUCRE, JOHN HOWARD, III, Austin History, X ! , Curtain Club, Young Americans for Freedom SULLIVAN, LINDA ANN, Bryan English, SEA, Student Government Committees, International Club, Reagan, Westminster Student Fellowship SWANSON, ELLIN CAROL, South Houston Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SWEENEY, JERRY WAYNE, Dallas Business Administration SWETLAND, JUDITH, Marlin Special Education, AAII, Canterbury Club, Council for Exceptional Children SWIFT, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Houston Speech Therapy, ZTA, 2AH SWIFT, TERENCE MICHAEL, Tyler Finance, American Finance Association, Insurance Society TAJADDODI, FAR1D YAGHOUBIAN, Teheran, Iran Electrical Engineering TALLEY, DRUE THOMAS, Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering TANDY, ROBERT MILLS, Austin Zoology, J H2, Speleological Society TAPP, HOLLIS RAY, Mabank Physics, Mathematics TARBET, DAVID BLALOCK, Dallas Philosophy, Canterbury Club TAYLOR, ALLAN GLENN, Austin Finance, American Finance Association, Young Republicans TAYLOR, BEULAH OPHELIA, Austin Elementary Education, Cap and Gown TEAGUE, HENRY GALE, Baytown Accounting TEASDALE, WILLIAM EDWARD, Burnet Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, H2, AIEE, IRE TEED, JERE McDONALD, Pampa Pre-Medical, 4 rA TELLEPSEN, KAREN, Houston Mathematics, KKF, NROTC Sponsor and Sweetheart, Angel Flight, Round-Up, CLASP TEMPLE, JOHN HURST, Houston Aero-Space Engineering TERRY, EDNA FRANCES, Dallas Mathematics, KAft, AAA, Union Committees TERRY, WILLIS PATRICK, JR., San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE TETER, MICHAEL PHILLIP, Austin Physics, 6K THAWLEY, STANLEY EARL, Austin Pre-Medical, AEA, Longhorn Singers, Honor Roll, Round-Up Committees THOMAS, BARBARA RUTH, Dallas English, NEA, Disciples Student Fellows hip THOMAS, CAROLYN BETH, Dallas Linguistics, Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor, All Campus Ad- visor, Y, Cap and Gown, Union Committees THOMAS, JAMES RODNEY, Carthage Aero-Space Engineering, 2 I E, lAeS, Arnold Air Society THOMAS, SANDRA CAROL, Eagle Lake Hsh, A4 , Los Charros, Royal Spirit Committee, Upperclass Advisor, 1)A, Cap and Gown, Union Committees, Goodfellow 40MPSON, CLINTON B., Austin Physical Education, PEM Club, Student Trainer {THOMPSON, JAMES ANDREW, Lancaster Cotamercial Art, Commercial Art Students Association 10MPSON, JOANN ELISABETH, Nederland ysical and Health Education, PEM Club, TAHPER, AAHPER, 1 Gown Page 512 CLASS OF 1 963 THOMPSON, LAWRENCE HADLEY, Tyler Physics, SIIZ, HS, BK THOMPSON, MARLAN ROMANE, Austin Petroleum Engineering, TBII, AIME, Engineering Council THOMPSON, SARA JO, New Braunfels English TIEMANN, MARTHA LOUISE, La Grange Home Economics, Interior Design Q J$ N L V; TILLINGHAST, JOSH SCOTT, Houston Mathematics, Young Republicans TILMA, GEURT LEVI, JR., Lubbock Pharmacy, J AX, LPhA TIMMONS, CLAIRE JANET, Houston History, AAA, t B Kinsolving, Upperclass Advisor, Model UN, A Cap- pella Choir, Student Government Committees, Westminster Student Fellowship, Honor Roll TINOCO, EDWARD NORBERTO, El Paso Aero-Space Engineering, SFT, TBII, lAeS, TSPE, Engineering Council, Intramurals, Newman Club, Varsity Fencing TIPPS, MARTHA, Wichita Falls Journalism, r t B, 62 , Daily Texan, Freshman Advisor, Orientation Ad- visor TISHLIAS, DENNIS PETER, Dallas Accounting, A2 , Union Committees, Royal Spirit Committee, Freshman Council TODD, MARGARET ANNELL, Kilgore Journalism, 82 t , Daily Texan TOLAND, LUCY ELAINE, Dallas English, IIB , Ashbel, Y, Student Government and Union Commit- tees TOLAND, THOMAS TUCKER, Dallas Industrial Management, ATJJ, Flying Club, Society for the Advancement of Management TOLER, RILEY MILES, Kilgore Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Engineering Council TOMLINSON, JOHN CLYDE, JR., Longview Petroleum Engineering TOSCH, BARBARA JEAN, Bonham Journalism, r t B, AAA, 62 I , Students ' Association Secretary, As- sembly, Outstanding Student, Goodfellow, TSP Board, Daily Texan, Student Government and Union Committees, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, T.T.T. TOWNSEND, JEAN, Dallas Elementary Education, r B TRACY, FLORA LOUISE, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Mathematics TRAYNOR, DAVID ALAN, Austin History, Government, K2, A9, AFROTC, Orange Wings TREADWELL, JOAN LA NELL, Dallas Elementary Education, AZ TREADWELL, JOHN C., Austin Chemistry, Zoology, Pre-Medical, t rA, AEA, J H2, Football, T Associa- tion, Scholastic All-American Football, All SWC Guard, Silver Spurs, Honor Roll, Outstanding Student TREADWELL, LLOYD HUGHES, Garland Physical Education, PEM Club TROOP, EARLE GARY, JR., San Angelo Finance, American Finance Association, American Marketing Asso- ciation, Young Republicans TUGGLE, VANCENE ELLIOTT, Austin Advertising TURICCHI, RALPH WENDEL, Victoria Business Administration, Newman Club TURLINGTON, RUBY COYLENE, Austin Elementary Education, SEA TURNER, DITZLER YVONNE, Houston Secretarial Studies, Freshman Council, International Club, Cap and Gown TYSON, ROBERT LINDSEY, Coleman Pharmacy, K , LPhA, AROTC, Disciples Student Fellowship TYUS, BOBBY GENE, Mexia Mathematics UDSTUEN, THOMAS LOUIS, Dallas Architecture VAN EMAN, LYNE MARIE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Cordettes VAN STEENKISTE. RICHARD JOHN, La Feria Journalism, SAX, Tejas Club, Daily Texan, Y, Tex ers Seminar to Chile, Young Republicans Page 513 SENIORS WARD, HOWARD WAYNE, Kilgore Accounting, 2AII WARFIELD, PATSY RUTH, Fort Worth Elementary Education, ACE, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown WARFORD, TOMMY GENE, Ranger History W ATKINS, VICKI JUNE, Perryton English WATSON, JANET EILEEN, Texarkana Mathematics, Union Committees WATSON, JENNIE LOUISE, Odessa Elementary Education, ACE WATSON, PAT HEMBEG, Dallas Mathematics WATSON, RAYMA JEAN, Galveston Pharmacy, KE WATSON, SCHERRIE LEE, Dallas Business Education, AZ, IIOII, AT Sweetheart, ASH Rose Queen, Angel Flight, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Ten Most Finalist, CBA Council, Student Government and Union Committees WATT, NEAL AVERY, Austin Finance, I ' SK, AROTC, American Finance Association WATTS, ROBERT ELLIOTT, JR., San Antonio Transportation, 24 E, AXA, American Marketing Association WEARS, RONALD DAVID, Stamford Zoology, ATA, Basketball, T Association WEAVER, GRAEME DOUGLAS, Toronto, Canada Civil Engineering, ASCE, TSPE, Assembly, Engineering Council, Union Committees WEAVER, PHIL JEFFERSON, Fort Worth Zoology WEAVER, SARAH PEYTON, Longview Psychology, Canterbury Club, University Religious Council WEBER, MARY GAYLE, Cuero History, Xfi, Head Cheerleader, Royal Spirit Committee WEBER, MARY JOSEPHINE, Austin Costume Design, AZ, Christian Science Organization, Home Economics , HERBERT, JR., Austin xyale o ' rology, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, American S! Meljeerological Society ' , tWr H ROBERT CHARLES WILLIAM, Lake Charles, La. Engineering, +H2, AT, JJXE, TBII, AIChE, Engineering Intramurals i, SHARON FAYE, Austin Therapy, 2AH Page 514 VARVEL, MARY CORNELIA, College Station Elementary Education, IIA6, SEA, ACE, Upperclass Advisor VAUGHN, DIANE, Tyler Elementary Education, SEA, Young Republicans VERNON, JERRY LEROY, Red Oak Architecture VICK, NORMAN ALFRED, Fort Worth Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Student Government Committees VILLARREAL, TEODULO CARLOS, JR., Corpus Christi Pharmacy, K , Newman Club VINER, MARY SUE, San Antonio Elementary Education, AE J , Freshman Council, Union Committees, Uni- versity Chorus VOELTER, WILLIAM WAYNE, Te mple Pharmacy, AX, PX, LPhA, Pharmacy Fellow, Intramurals VOpRHIES, CHARLOTTE DELHAYE, El Campo Sociology, Newman Club, Social Welfare Club, Union Committees VOZELLA, MARY ANN, San Antonio Marketing, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, American Marketing Association WALKER, LOU ANN, Dallas Journalism, XH, Daily Texan, Student Government, Union Committees, Round-Up, Freshman Council Advisor, Orientation Advisor, TISA, NSA Delegate, Goodfellow WALKER, ROGER SHERWOOD, Midland Electrical Engineering, AXA WALLACE, EDWARD LEE, Port Lavaca Secondary Education, Chemistry, Mathematics, A4 fi, Intramurals WALLSMITH, RICHARD LYLE, Luling Pharmacy, i AX, LPhA, Orientation Leader, Professional Fraternities Council, UTSAM, Freshman Football WALTON, MARY LU, Houston Zoology, AFA WARD, DAN SEWELL, Jacksboro Engineering Sciences, NROTC, Pershing Rifles, Longhorn Singers M CLASS OF 1963 WEST, CHARLES DANIEL, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, BSD, Union Committees WEST, JOHN LYLE, Cleveland Pre-Medical, ' frK , Discipline Committee, Student Government Com- mittees, Model UN WEST, PATRICIA RAYE, Jacksonville Elementary Education, KKI Cap and Gown, Bored Martyrs WESTBROOK, JAMES W., Abilene Government, Pre-Law, Varsity Debate, Oratorical Association, AROTC, Rangers, Young Republicans WESTBROOK, JANE LUCILLE, San Angelo Elementary Education, SEA WESTERGARD, MARGARET ANN, Washington, D.C. Elementary Education, TA, SEA WHALEY, RANDELL KEITH, Adrian Mathematics, Karate Club WHARTON, CAROL LOUISE, El Paso Plan II, AFA, AAA, Junior Fellow, Union Committees WHEELER, CHARLES ALEXANDER, III, Temple Engineering Science, TBII, A M2, IRE, Union Committees WHITCOMB, JERIANN, Houston Interior Design, KKT WHITE, BILL DOUGLAS, Dallas Journalism WHITE, JUDY ANN, South Houston Elementary Education, A l , Acacia Sweetheart, Ten Most Beautiful, Bluebonnet Belle, Education Council, Freshman Council Advisor, Upperclass Advisor WHITE, JUDY JEAN, Midland History, Government, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, Orange Jackets, Round- Up, Angel Flight, Assembly, Discipline Committee, Goodfellow WHITE, MARSHA MARIE, Texas City Medical Technology, A4 T WHITE, STEPHEN TRAVIS, Houston Accounting, 4 H2, A t n, Intramurals WHITE, WILLIAM WILLERSON, Beaumont Mathematics, -X WHITEHEAD, FRANK GORDON, San Antonio Accounting, A2II WHITLOW, SUANNE KAY, Edna Biology, SEA, Biology Club WHITSIT, SUSAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Mathematics, AAII, Orange Jackets, Outstanding Student, Round-Up, Union Committees, President Smiley ' s Advisory Cabinet, Freshman Council WHITTENBURG, JEWEL ANNE, Amarillo Accounting, BA , EPS WIEDERSTEIN, RONALD WAYNE, Schertz Physical Education, PEM Club WILLARS, DELIA, San Antonio Mathematics, Rio Grande Valley Club WILLETT, JOHN THOMAS, Alvin Pharmacy, Pharmacy Fellow WILLIAMS, HARRIET GARDNER, Dallas Mathematics, KKr WILLIAMS, KENNETH DUANE, Alice Aero-Space Engineering WILLIAMS, PETER CHRISTIAN, Houston Civil Engineering, XE, f HS, TBII, ASCE, Assembly, TSPE, En- gineering Council, Engineering Fellow, University Club, Silver Spurs, Union Committees WILLIAMS, STEVE FRANK, JR., Winnsboro, La. Accounting, A MJ, Society for Advancement of Management, Intra- murals WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL MAURICE, Odessa History WILLIAMSON, RICHARD C., Houston Mechanical Engineering, KA WILLS, JERRY K., Beaumont English, 6S, BSU, Union Committees, Intramurals, German Students ' Association WILSON, CAROL JANE, Fort Worth Zoology, AAA, AEA, t BK WILSON, ZOE MARIE, Corpus Christi Home Economics, AAII WINFORD, PHYLLIS JEAN, Houston Elementary Education, SEA, Freshman Council, Univ WINFORD, REX BIDDY, Odessa Economics, Government WINFREY, LAURA JANE, Houston Sociology, Social Welfare Club Page 515 SENIORS WINGERT, LABAN W., Elmira, N. Y. Architecture, X WINKELMAN, WAYNE, Schulenburg Mathematics, Intramurals, Union Committees WINKELMANN, MERLE LADELL, Brenham Mathematics, Lutheran Student Association, National Council of Mathematics Teachers WINKLER, ERIC LEE, Giddings Biology WOERNER, CLIFFORD JOSEPH, Houston Russian, Russian Language Club, Varsity Rifle Team, AFROTC, Speleo- logical Society WOLF, RICHARD STEVE, Snyder Architectural Engineering, XE, AAAE, TSPE, Engineering Council, ASCE WOOD, GARY LYNN, Burkburnett Economics, BK, H2, OXE, KK , Scabbard and Blade, AROTC, Longhorn Band, Intramurals, Di Nino Achievement Award, Chicago Tribune Award, Honor Roll, Freshman Council, Jodie Thompson Memorial Scholarship, Goodfellow WOOD, JEANNINE BAZER, Mt. Pleasant Interior Design, OX, AID WOOD, STAYTON, A., Texarkana Psychology WOODLIEF, ELLAMAE SHELDON, Austin Home Economics Education WOODS, BRADLEY M., Midland Physics WOODWARD, BILLY WAYNE, Beaumont Pharmacy, f HZ, PX, LPhA, Pharmacy Fellow WORTHINGTON, RICHARD DANE, Houston Zoology, Silver Spurs, Varsity Swimming WOYTEK, ARTHUR H., Seguin Architectural Engineering, A n, AAAE WREN, MARY HEATHER, Austin History, KKT, Y, Ashbel, Union Committees WRIGHT, JAMES TURNER, Bastrop Accounting WRIGHT, PAMELA, Taft Spanish, NEA, Union Committees, Young Republicans WYATT, ROBERT PAUL, Dallas Business Administration, Track, T Association WYATT, RONALD LYNN, Placedo Finance, American Finance Association YAKER, MARSHALL I., El Paso Psychology, TA4 , Union Committees YEAKLEY, LESTER MARVIN, Austin Physics YETT, CHARLES WILLIAM, Austin Finance, J SK, Interfraternity Council YORK, TOMMY ESCDRIGE, Amarillo Business Administration, ATA, Football, T Association, Silver Spurs YOUNG, WILLIAM GLENN, Austin Civil Engineering ZACEK, GEORGE EDWARD, Needville Electrical Engineering, Newman Club, AIEE ZAMORA, ALONSO, JR., Brownsville Accounting, Newman Club, American Marketing Association ZAMORA, SANTIAGO A., San Antonio Pharmacy ZANDER, ARLEN RAY, Shiner Physics, H2, Junior Fellow, Student Government Committee, In- tramurals, Cactus Staff yi, LOUISE MAUREEN, Houston ;ntary Education, SAT, Freshman Council, University Chorus, Orchesis ' LER, DAVID ALAN, Houston Pre-Medical, AEII |R, KENNETH LARRY, Houston Art, Art Students Association (ER, RANDOLPH CLARK, Amarillo Pre-Medical, AT, AEA, Young Republicans, Longhorn Pige 516 i ' r fe | JUNIORS Class of ' 64 Page 517 T ff: O Baldwin, Roland Chris, Odessa Ball, Eldon Ray, Odessa Ballard, Arthur Charles, Temple Barker, Barry H., Abilene Barnes, Michael Philip, Tyler Barnett, John Bryan, Jr., Marlin Barr, Curtis Allen, Houston Barrera, Martin, III, Laredo Barton, Carl Arthur, Carthage Batts, Martha Elizabeth, Abilene Baum, Stuart Frost, San Antonio Beard, Marvin F., Austin Beauchamp, William Bryan, Goose Bay, Labrador Beckham, Robert Sidney, Denison Beiber, Sharon Frances, Crockett B ell, Anita Louise, San Antonio Berry, Dorothy Eleanor, College Station Beseler, Fred Charles, Temple Biedermann, Allen Joseph, Waco Birdwell, Lloyd Willis, Jr., Dallas Blair, William Shelton, Dallas Blake, Marilyn Elizabeth, Houston Blalock, Sammy Eston, Perryton Blanquart, Michelle Therese, Casablanca, Morocco Blazek, Mary Joann, Liberty Bodenhamer, John Daniel, Corsicana Bohls, Carl Emil, San Antonio Boice, Arthur Henry, Kilgore Bonine, Michael Edward, Abilene Bowen, Judith Ann, La Marque Bowers, Judith Eileen, Baytown Boykin, Marshall Edward, Abilene Boyle, John Patrick, Houston Bozarth, Martha Jean, Pasadena Branch, Douglas Eugene, Pampa JUNIORS SECOND- YEAR LAW Joseph, Lawrence Anthony, Jr., Dallas FIRST-YEAR LAWS Cook, J. Rowland, Dallas Leinbach, Charles Harry, III, Austin Ormand, Jarrell Bankhead, Odessa Priddy, Laurance Lannen. Fort Worth Scarborough, Charles Davis, Abilene Wilson, William George, Wichita Falls JUNIORS Abernathy, Louis Courtney, Houston Abraham, Edward, El Paso Adair, Darlene, Wichita Falls Adams, Elizabeth Anne, Galveston Adams, Judith Arvin, Beaumont Ager, Roger Quentin, Liberty Ahlrich, Carolyn Louise, Lake Jackson Albe, Frank, San Antonio Alder, Linda Sue, Marshall Al-Hossainy, Hidayat Ullah Hossain, Baghdad, Iraq Altsuler, Arnold Kent, Omaha, Nebr. Alvoid, Dennis Ellsworth, Dallas Amacker, Jeanne Richey, Beaumont Amaimo, Janice Ann, Beaumont Andersson, Monica Anita, Anidaberg, Sweden Andres, Joe Francis, -Dallas Ansley, William Fred, Fort Worth Anz, Reginald Dean, Fort Worth Appenbrink, Betty Sue, Galveston Arnold, Sara Mae, Tyler Arzaga, Eulalio, Jr., Killeen Aston, Patricia Ruth, Houston Attaway, Kathryn Janelle, San Angelo Aven, Travis Ray, Tyler Baade, Henry Howard, Boling Baggett, Sally, Ozona Bailey, Larry Lynn, Houston Bailey, Shirley Mae, Baytown Baines, Marsha Lee, Austin Baines, Robert Roy, Jr., San Antonio Baird, Bonnie Elizabeth, Dallas Baker, Mary Martha, Madisonville Baker, Revenor Cornelius, Tyler Baldwin, Frank L., Jr., Ingleside Baldwin, Robert Basil, III, Houston Layne, Pasadena ' Brecnfr Howard David, Dallas Briggs, Larry Bateman, Houston Bjriggs, Margaret Louise, Nome Bkner, Barbara Claire, Wichita Falh owder, Sandra Kay, Graham " KM. Beverly Gay, Dallas Page 518 " CLASS OF 1964 Brown, James Crozier, Waco Bryan, Judith Lynn, Austin Bryant, Gaylia Jean, Plainview Bryson, Barry Lee, Houston Buchek, Nancy Louise, San Antonio Buchanan, Sara Jo, Georgetown Buckellew, Bonnie Ruth, Temple Bunch, George Pardue, Artesia, N. Mex. Burch, Paul James, Harlingen Burks, Judith Anita, Dallas Burns, Carla A., Sherman Burns, Frederick Grant, Austin Bushel], Gary Everrett, Austin Butler, Lawrence Ford, Fort Worth Bybee, Corinne Ellen, Houston Byrd, Clifton, Jr., Houston Byrd, Weldon Chapman, Austin Caddel, Robert R., Austin Caffey, Jean Elizabeth, Abilene Cage, Beverly Louise, Eagle Pass Cain, Gary Vernon, Fort Worth Caldwell, William David, San Antonio Calnan, Neil, Houston Calvert, Charlene Kay, San Antonio Campbell, Jimmie Clarence, Italy Canfield, Thomas Hale, George West Cangelosi, Antoinette, Stafford Canterbury, Faye Maxine, Waco Cantu, Robert Pete, San Antonio Carlock, Carl Thomas, Henderson Carlyle, David Charles, San Antonio Carrera, Ana Maria, Rio Grande Carson, Ann Elizabeth, Houston Carson, John Russell, Cuero Casey, Shelby Tim, San Antonio Castleman, Kenneth Randolph, Bogata Castor, Ralph Johnson, Houston Cauthorn, Alice, Juno Cauthorn, Tommy Drew, Del Rio Cavanaugh, Rachel Ann, Lufkin Cerwinske, Marine!, Houston Cezeaux, Marie Louise, Houston Chaka, James Roy, Newgulf Chernosky, Lillian Carol, Dallas Chovanec, Judith Marie, Fayetteville Chovanec, Thomas Edward, Fayetteville Christie, Margaret Anne, Austin Cirilo, Rosa Lee, Houston Clark, Eugenia Sue, Chandler Clarkson, Robert Gillespie, Austin Clayton, Catherine Winifred, Arlington Cloud, Ronald Leith, Houston Cockrell, Laura Lee, Austin Coe, Jimmy Earl, Conroe Coe, Patsy Ann, Houston Goers, Marilyn Janette, Dickinson Coffey, Alan Eugene, Dallas Coker, Carolyn Sue, Austin Cole, Richard Ray, Forney Collier, Howard Ernest, Georgetown Collins, Carol Germaine, Houston Collins, George Mallory, Dallas Combest, Alice Margaret, Fort Worth Comeaux, Roy Valery, Jr., Baytown Compton, Catherine Ann, Houston Cone, Douglas L., Lovington, N. Mex. Conroy, Nona Jean, Dallas Cook, William Richard, Van Horn Cooper, Earl Fae, San Antonio Cooper, James Gary, Port Neches Cooper, Marianne, Beaumont Cope, Jo Ann, Dallas Corbett, James Jay, Alvin Cory, Carol Ann, San Antonio Costilow, Jan Durant, Alice Coulter, Valerie Marguerite, Houston Cox, Delbert Milton, Floresville Craig, Robert M., Houston Crawford, Freda Ruth, Austin Cresswell, Ronald Roy, Dallas Crist, Nancy Lou, Dallas Criswell, Victor Ira, Eastlands, Crofts, Corrie Ann, Johnson Crosby, Hugh Anthony, Kountzty Page 519 T Dooley, Arthur Rhew, Jr., Beaumont Dornak, Georgia Ann, El Campo Dorsey, Gena N., San Antonio Douglas, Sue Annette, Dallas Dowis, James Peden, Childress Doyle, Mary Elizabeth, Weimar Driscoll, Alice Ann, Austin Drumwright, H. Sterling, Cisco Duddlesten, Jerry Michael, Jackson, Miss. Dueger, Mary Stuart, Baytown Dugan, Richard W., Edinburg Duke, James Henry, Jr., McAllen Dunagan, Jerry Mac, Midland Dunavant, Otis Keith, Portland Dunn, David Aden, Orange Dunne, Phillip Kevin, San Antonio Durbin, Carolyn Kay, Houston Dyer, Donald Dexter, Grand Prairie Earle, Ronald Dale, Fort Worth Earls, Delores, Austin Early, C. Fielding, Brownwood Earnest, Thomas Michael, Austin Eason, William Dudley, Jr., Greenville Easterwood, Charles Deward, Snyder Edington, Rita Haas, Kerrville Elliott, Mertie Ruth, Odessa Ellis, Rita Jean, San Antonio Emerson, Robert Ragsdale, Tyler Emmer, Kathleen Elizabeth, Wink Emmert, David Devon, Ennis Emmett, Joseph Charles, Dallas Engelke, Bennie Lee, Austin Essex, Lynn Roszell, San Antonio Estes, James Robert, Amarillo Etheredge, Carl Eugene, Houston Eubank, Maria Elana, Sherman Evans, Edna, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Evans, Karen Sue, Lane City Evans, Melba Louise, Houston Everts, Sandee Gail, San Antonio Ewing, Mary Anne, Phillips Ezon, Joel Joseph, Houston Page 520 JUNIORS Crosby, Sandra Jean, Houston Cudd, Carolyn Lou, Houston Curington, Wayne Clyde, Houston Cuthrell, Jack Dies, Leander Dahse, Carolyn Ethel, Weimer Dalton, Donald Michael, Houston Danburg, David Stuart, Houston Darling, Jessica Royece, Houston Darling, William Duane, Dallas Davenport, Charles Pettit, Jacksonville Davenport, David Thomas, Dallas Davidson, Carolyn Lee, Port Lavaca Davies, Will Sullivan, Jr., Dallas Davis, Bernie Rodney, Paducah Davis, Chester M., Jr., Houston Davis, Linda Belle, Raymondville Davis, Lora Lynn, Dallas Davis, Phillip Walter, Dallas Deason, Ruth Marie, Baytown Deaver, Donald Richard, Memphis DeHart, Michael Robert, San Antonio Deis, Paul Rucker, Dallas DeLaRosa, Ben, Vernon de la Rosa, Robert, Jr., Weslaco Dennis, Jan, Tyler Derbes, Harold Joseph, Corpus Christ! DeShong, Judith Carol, San Antonio Dial, Barbara Jane, Houston Dial, David Hombs, Palestine Dickerson, James Robert, Mineola Dickinson, Carol Olivia, El Paso Dickinson, Wilson Gordon, Amarillo Dierschke, Eugene Gus, Rowena Dietz, Sandra Marie, Fredericksburg Dietz, Virginia Lee, Fort Worth Dildy, Kathleen Bethea, Austin Dillard, Edna Carolyn, Borger Dilworth, Collett B., Jr., Austin Dodd, Mary Kathryn, Uvalde Dodson, Daniel Baldwin, San Antonio Dominguez, Yolanda, Mission Donovan, Catherine Jean, Fort Worth CLASS OF 1 964 n O Feldman, Lawrence Franklin, Houston Fergus, James Theron, Jr., Abilene Feuer, Ellen Kay, Havre, Mont. Fields, Rodger Hollis, Edinburg Files, Elizabeth Anne, Houston Finger, Marilyn Johanna, D ' Hanis Fischer, John Henry, Rosenberg Fischer, Joseph William, Rosenberg Fish, Suzanne, Electra Fisher, Harley Max, Andrews Fitch, Bob Lakey, Carthage Fitch, William Pilcher, III, San Antonio Fitzgibbon, Richard David, Austin Fitzpatrick, John Burnett, Marshall Flatt, Doyle Edwin, Longview Flatten, Daniel Vincent, San Antonio Fletcher, Jim Ray, Garland Follett, Scott Charles, Tombstone, Ariz. Fontenote, Sandra Yvonne, Port Neches Foster, Betty Jo, Dallas Foster, LeRoy Flynn, Dallas Foster, Rowland Bruce, Anson Francis, Walter Clyde, Paris Freeman, Barbara Ann, Corpus Christi Freeman, Charles Harold, Grand Prairie Frith, Hugh Gayle, Childress Fry, John Edwin, Abilene Fulwiler, James Lewis, Mexia Galbreath, William James, Houston Galeener, Judye Ann, Houston Gallagher, Susan Ann, San Antonio Galvan, Jose, Mercedes Gambrell, Judy Gayle, Greenville Garcia, Gloria Elma, Kingsville Garcia, Maria Elda, Yoakum Garrison, Homer, III, Austin Gartner, Robert Louis, Corpus Christi Garza, Mary Alice, San Antonio Geren, William Preston, Groesbeck Gibson, James William, Dallas Gifford, Troy Amos, Abilene Gilchrist, James Lee, Houston Ginsberg, Sidney Sol, Tyler Glass, Laura Ellen, Austin Glass, Thomas W., Odessa Godfrey, Gary Crawford, Jacksonville Goerner, Sarah Ursula, Houston Golly, Katherine, San Antonio Gorham, Mary Jane, Bloomington Gowan, John Roland, Graham Graeber, Harvey Allen, Houston Graham, Charles Spencer, Laredo Cranberry, William Robert, Corpus Christi Grant, U. S., Jr., San Antonio Grass, Dennis L., Houston Graves, Thomas Cody, Goldthwaite Gray, Bennie Ruth, Baytown Gray, John Frederick, Dallas Green, John Roy, Uvalde Greenberg, Michael Ellis, Texarkana Greenlee, Mary Paula, Lubbock Greenwood, Robert James, Temple Gresham, Dennis Everd, Comanche Grier, Ina Florence, Lockney Griffin, Sherryl Onzell, Houston Gross, Beckie Lou, Galena Park Grove, Lindsay Diane, Keller Gsell, James Nelson, Houston Guardiola, Gloria, Yoakum Guenzel, Stephanie Gay, Houston Guerra, Alicia, Mission Guetersloh, Ronnie M., Levelland Gunn, Mable Ann, Corpus Christi Gustafson, Karen Lucille, Galveston Guynes, Steven Joe, Grand Prairie Haesly, Patricia Anne, Tyler Hajovsky, Adolph George, Caldwell Hale, Charles Richard, Nacogdoches Hall, Edgar Lamar, Corpus Christi Hall, Jennifer, Waco Hallmark, Don, Breckenridge Hamilton, Henry Kendall, Houstoj Hamilton, Moody Skipper, " " " Hammons, Randall Lee, Jr. Page 521 rt Jtif I- Horadam, James Fred, Victoria Horn, John Thomas, San Antonio Horton, Caroly Kelly, Baytown House, Warthen Royce, Longview Houston, James Dunn, Goliad Howard, Glenn Thompson, Jr., Alice Howard, Rita Valjean, Uvalde Howard, Walter Lee, III, San Antonio Huckabay, Linda Kay, Eastland Hudspeth, John Harvey, Atlanta Hughes, Betty Karon, Houston Hughes, Herbert Scott, Brenham Hughes, Suzanne Jane, Brownsville Hulsey, Sylvia, Abilene Hunt, Glenda Margaret, Austin Hurt, Barbara Katherine, Seguin Hutchison, John A., Abilene Hutsell, Bary Ben, Corpus Christi Hyman, Linda Nell, San Antonio Imparato, Edward Thomas, Jr., Denison Ing, Reta Jane, Waco Inman. Wilford Lee, Amarillo Isenhower, Sue Jane, San Marcos Jacob, Ken Ray, Austin Jacobsen, Andy, Jr., Austin Jacobsen, Linda Lu, Austin James, Carlton Thomas, Houston Janecek, Dorothy Jane, San Antonio Janek, Doris Anne, West Janik, Norbert Louis, Rosenberg Janke, Josephine Elizabeth, Houston Janssen, Amelia Mary, La Grange Jarrett, Linda Jean, Waco Jeane, Charles Donald, Houston Jenkins, Judith Geraldine, Tyler Jennings, Joe Allen, Pasadena , Sandra Jean, Alvin Johnson, Cynthia Louise, Fort Worth Johnson, Hariadene, Waco Johnson, Helen Jane, Victoria Johnson, John Paul, Garland Johnson, Larry Lee, Dallas JUNIORS Haney, Janis Lee, Corpus Christ! Haney, Lucie Renee, Dallas Hanks, Nancy Carolyn, Houston Hargrove, Burnell, Rotan Harp, Alan Bennett, Houston Harper, Sandra, Munday Harrell, Robert Lee, Fort Worth Harris, John William, Jr., San Antonio Harris, Joseph Wilmon, San Antonio Harris, Rufus Fred, Pettus Harrison, Bennett Horace, McGregor Harrison, Mary Kay, McGregor Harrison, William Clyde, Dallas Harry, Barbara Sue, Freeport Hart, Bobby Don, Leander Hartman, Marian Evis, Kilgore Hartsell, Mary Elaine, Cotulla Haught, Kenneth Leroy, Jr., Midland Hawes, Evalie George, Fort Worth Hayden, Charles Edward, Corsicana Hedrick, Jo Ann, Houston Heider, Kenneth Lynn, Corpus Christi Henderson, Frank Fitch, San Antonio Henkel, Nancy Kathleen, Victoria Herbert, Sharon O ' Nita, La Marque Herrington, Jack Owen, Clarksville Hickox, William Horace, III, Phillips Hightower, Thomas Buckner, Liberty Hill, Allen H., Amarillo Hill, James Michael, Mineola Hinds, Georganne Elaine, Houston Hitchcock, Judith Ann, Sweeny Hixson, Jerry Morgan, Austin Hodge, Jim Bob, Amarillo Hogan, Anne, Lubbock Holland, Owen, Bryan, Jacksonville Holley, Ronald Reed, Longview Hollingsworth, Mary Louise, Austin Holsomback, Thomas Newton, Baytown Holt, Anita Louise, Spearman Homiston, Diane Imogene, San Diego, Calif. Hopwood, Nancy Joyce, Giddings Page 522 CLASS OF 1 964 Johnson, William Randolph, Dallas Jones, Barbara Flick, Austin Jones, Bartow Lee, Houston Jones, Carlton Roy, Houston Jones, Coye Mac, Wichita Falls Jones, Donald, Marshall Jones, Donald Lee, Fort Worth Jones, Eva Michele, Houston Jones, Gary Dwyane, Wichita Falls Jones, Jack B., Jr., Del Rio Jones, Roy Alexander, II, Paducah Jopling, Jan, Paris Josephson, Barbara Ilene, Snyder Kamrath, John Robert, Houston Kane, Jerrilynn June, Munday Kasman, Annette Sharon, Bay City Katz, Clifford A., San Antonio Katz, Loyce Ann, Amarillo Kaufman, Karen Sue, Beaumont Keeney, Cynthia Ann, San Angelo Kendall, Alger Hugh, Jr., Karnes City Kendrick, John Burton, Denton Kendrick, Robert Murray, Gatesville Kenmotsu, Dorene Miyo, Rio Grande City Kennedy, John Randall, Blum Kennedy, Maurice Graves, Freeport Kennedy, Nancy Barbara, Coleman Kercheville, Martha Sue, Del Rio Kern, Margaret Faye, Houston Kerns, Bobbie Estelle, Grapevine Kerr, Mary Ann, Fort Worth Kimbrow, Johnny Mack, Midland Kinard, James Cearley, Abilene Kincl, James Franklin, Austin King, Thomas Wayne, Gonzales Kinney, Mary Claire, Big Spring Kirchner, John Edward, Pasadena Kirk, M. Joanna, Odessa Kirtley, Phyllis Ann, Union, Ky. Kisselburgh, Alexander James, III, El Paso Kitzmiller, Jere Ann, Deer Park Klein, Ida Marie, Tomball tit 03a Klier, Werner William, San Antonio Kline, Robert Carter, Fort Worth Kloster, William Edward, Dublin Klutts, Bettye Jeanelle, Rockwall Knebel, Ralph Werner, Austin Knudson, Kathryn Sue, Hamilton Koehne, Philip Martin, San Antonio Korn, Natalie B., Corpus Christi Kosh, Joseph William, Hempstead Kosh, Lillian Elizabeth, Hempstead Kovar, Dennis Gene, Taylor Kowert, Bruce Arthur, Fredericksberg Kramer, John Heinrich, Austin Kramer, Matthias F., Austin Kuhn, Woodrow Robert, Jr., Houston Kunz, Joann Yvonne, Galveston Kurtz, Ronnie, San Angelo Lammert, Lois Nell, Meridian Lamon, Emily Ann, San Antonio Lampkin, Roger Neal, Austin Lancaster, Lana C., Hamlin Landers, James Raybum, Longview Langner, Fred William, Seguin Lanier, Martha June, Houston LaNier, Royce Eugene, Dallas Lansford, Bennie Dale, Houston Last, Carole Jean, Beaumont Lawhon, William Griffith, Houston Lawrence, Judith Faye, Dallas Lawrence, Linda Gail, Dallas Leatherbury, John Raymond, Jr., Fort Worth Leavitt, Keith Arnold, Sweetwater Lebel, Sue Ann, Dallas Lee, James Travis, Munday Lemon, Jane Honey, Fort Worth Lerman, Melvyn, Wharton Levin, Susan Ellen, Gary, Ind. Levine, Beverly Pearl, Clute Levine, Samuel James, Houston Levine, Stephen Lawrence, a! Lewis, Raymond Arless, I Lichenstein, Linda Gay, A ' Page 523 McCabe, Patricia, San Antonio McClelland, Mary Vance, San Antonio McClurg, Curtis Alfred, Austin McCollough, Randa Nell, Panhandle McConachie, Charles R., Austin McConnell, Janette Sue, Italy McCune, Julia Helen, Bryan McDermott, Rita Muriel, Winnie McDougal, Fain, Jr., Cuero McEIhone, Donald Hughes, Las Vegas, Nev. McFadden, Fred Lee, III, Dallas McGee, Judy Kay, Hereford McGee, Kathryn, Mineola McLean, Danny Ray, Waskom McLemore, Ethelyn Jonelle, Valley Mill McMillian, William George, Marble Falls McNamara, Penelope Elizabeth, Houston McPherson, Travis Dean, Dublin McRae, John Malcolm, Vicksburg, Miss. Meadows, Thomas Oliver, Midland Medellin, Phillip Lloyd, Laredo Meehleib, Willard Henry, Corpus Christi Meigs, Marlene Gay, Baytown Melcher, Mary Belle, Port Lavaca Melton, Jerry King, Henderson Melton, Lynda Gayle, Austin Melton, William Edward, Austin Meredith, David Lawrence, Kerrville Merriman, Rachel Cornelia, Houston Merritt, Mary Evelyn, Dallas Meyer, Betty Janette, Katy Meyers, Pamela Ann, McAllen Middleton, Marvin Jim, Amarillo Midyett, Patricia Lee, San Antonio Her, Carol Dean, Corpus Christi Miller, Eugene Pierce, Ozona Miller, Michael Ermon, Temple Mills, Don Marshal, Pampa Mills, Linda Kathryn, Rockport Milne, Terry Dale, Warner Robins, Ga. Mings, Laura Jayne, Austin Pige 524 JUNIORS Liss, Victoria S., Houston Listen, Philip Wolz, Houston Little, William Lynn, Winters Livingston, Ann Hahn, Clarinda, Iowa Logan, Heather, Austin Logan, Mickey Jim, Tucson, Ariz. Long, Walter Clavel, Houston Looney, William Franklin, New Braunfels Lowe, David Charles, San Antonio Lowe, Robert James, Houston Lozo, Fredric Burgess, Houston Luce, Jo Nell, Rock Springs Luckenbach, Everett Alexander, Killeen Lunde, Alfred N., Galveston Lynch, Vincent Michael, Dallas Mabry, James Arthur, Fort Worth Mabry, Robert Smith, San Antonio MacKie, Frederick James, III, Houston Maedgen, Bryan James, Midland Magee, Conway Stone, Jr., Claremont, Calif. Maledon, Elick Neal, Jr., Longview Malone, James Patrick, Houston Maltz, Larry Jay, Corpus Christi Maness, Dale Dwayne, San Antonio Marlow, Sharron Elizabeth, San Antonio Marsh, Yvonne Charmayne, Dallas Marshall, Linda Ann, San Antonio Martin, Gordon David, Beaumont Martin, John Bingham, Pampa Martin, Marian Sue, Tyler Martinak, Jeanne, Dallas Mason, Donald Edward, Odessa Mason, Keith Garnett, Midland Mason, Sharon Naomi, Paris Massey, Richard Leon, Houston Matlock, John Robert, Houston Mauk, Suzanne, Houston Maxey, Eddie Rebecca, Austin May, Mary Martha, Longview Mazzare, Carol Ann, Fort Worth McAfee, Jimmy Joe, Houston McBride, Fredricka Dee, Houston CLASS OF 1 964 Minter, Martha, Abilene Minter, Walter Ray, Freeport Mitchell, Carl Barnes, Bellaire Mitchell. Michael Addison. Amarillo Moe, Hele n Elizabeth, El Paso Moers, Arthur Edwin, Houston Monday, Nancy Portwood, Houston Monk, Rose Marie. Abilene Moody, Jenny Ann, Del Rio Moody. Judith Jane, Austin Moody, Liska Janell, Austin Moore, Charles Cecil. Dallas Moore, James Patrick. Jr., Dallas Moore, Marilyn Jean, Texarkana Moore, Nolan Aubrey, Wichita Falls Moore, Sabra Ann. Dallas Moore, Wallace Everett, Jr., San Antonio Morgan, Joseph Franklin, Lewisville Morgan, Zane Ann, Seguin Morris, Joe Ed, Jacksonville Morrow, Kay Lynn, Houston Moseley, Patricia Jo, Houston Moses, Mary Virginia, Austin Moss, Stephen Bradley. Vernon Mouser, Mary Ann, Houston Munns, Robert Edward, Little Rock, Ark. Musselman, Jo Lynne, San Antonio Myers, Patricia Louise, San Antonio Nachman, George Jack, Dallas Napier, Jack Raymond. II, Angleton Neitsch, Nancy June, Gonzales Nelson, Ann Emetine, Uvalde Nelson, Samuel Charles, Ector Newell, Lillian Frances, Piano Nix, H. Keith, Richardson Nockolds, Coleman, Houston Northcotr, Theresa Kaye, Houston Norwood, Mary Elizabeth, Waco Novosad, Adeline A., Richmond Nowlin, Robert David, Dallas Nowotny, Patrick John, New Braunfels Oberst, Velda Jean, Canyon Oden, Rebecca Ann, Amarillo Orts, Janet Renee. Hearnc Owens, Karon Kay. Austin Paganini. Jane Irene, Austin Page, Patricia Jean. Dallas Painter, Lynda Flo. Fort Worth Palasky, Addie Kay, San Antonio Parce, Frederick Donald, Harlingcn Parish. Charles Randall, Weslaco Park, Terry Jon, Houston Parker, Charles Allan, Gainesville Parker, Kenneth Wayne, Belton Parker, Nancy Lynn, Center Parks, Joseph Henry, Houston Parnell, Gerald Britton, Richardson Patterson, Elena Helen, Big Spring Patton. Michael Lawner, Beaumont Paul, Nolan C., Richardson Peacock, James Richard, Houston Pearson, David Boice, Kirbyville Peay, Charlotte Jean, Midland Pena, Alberto Luis, Laredo Pena, Nelda Irene, Laredo Pennington, John Edward, Palacios Perez, Loreto, Itasca Perry, James Bruce, Plainview Perry, Malcom Conley, Mertens Pettis, Alan Wade, Waco Pettis, Robert Irving, Waco Phelps, Mary Frances, Laredo Phillips, Rosina Rae, Pasadena Pierce, George Boyd, San Antonio Pirtle, Caleb Jackson, Kilgore Pittman, Samuel Inman, Corpus Christi Pitts, Rosemary Eileen, Dallas Pledger, Cynthia Ann, Beaumont Plummer, Robert Patrick, Beaumont Poer, Stanley Monroe, Monahans Polk, Margaret Eleanor, Bay Ci ' Posey, John Alton, Jr., f Poth, Roy Keith, San Art Page 525 JUNIORS Rogers, Belt; Ernestine, Vernon Roman, Gunvor Elizabeth, Helsingfors, Finland Roper, Mary Donelle, St. Louis, Mo. Roscher, Barbara Ann. Austin Rosenbaum, Donald Gene, Rosenberg Rosengarten, Richard Ellis, Los Angeles, Calif. Rosenthal, Harry Max, Houston Ross, Charles David, Port Arthur Ross, Daniel Lloyd, Carthage Rothbauer, Edwin Louis, Austin Rowland, John Dennis, III, Uvalde Rowley, Jann Elizabeth, Dallas Royle, William Calvin, Lufkin Ruth, Ann Halbert, Corsicana Ryan, Dianne P., Pasadena Ryder, Emrys Ann, Austin Sallee, Frank Mackinder, II, Houston Sample, Helen L., Beaumont Samuels, Mary Sheila, Houston Sanders, Martha Ann, Harlingen Sanders, Sandra Ann, Pasadena Sandlin, Suzanne Sparger, Houston Schaefer, Henry Philip, Schulenburg Schenck, Dale Henry, Longview Schnatterer, Linda Ellen, Bellaire Schulz, Charles Afton, Jr., Temple Schwartz, Don Thomas, Houston Scogin, Carolyn Ann, Alleyton Scott, Jack Moore, Jr., Frisco Seffel, Joel Stanley, New Braunfels Serrano, Jo Ann, Galveston Setzer, Winston Keith, Nederland Seymour, Rogers James, Galveston Shannon, Gerald L., McAllen Powell, Phyllis Dianne, New Boston Preston, Anita Louise, San Antonio Prichard, Norman Ray, Houston Priddy, James Ronald, Fort Worth Pruett, Elaine Rae, Houston Pumphrey, Billy Marvin, Winters Purnell, Mary, Richardson Purvines, Loren Lee, Panhandle Pyle, James Arlen, Pasadena Quinn, Kathleen Louise, Houston Raffaelli, Mary Idalee, Texarkana Ragain, Tolbert Hugh, Houston Ragan, Gary Dennis, Dallas Ransleben, Norman Haden, Corpus Christ! Rath, Dorothy Paisley, San Antonio Reader, Margaret Elizabeth, Jackson, Miss. Real, Terry Jean, Kerrville Redfield, Sarah Ann, Austin Reeb, Irene Louise, Corpus Christi Reed, Arthur Allen, San Antonio Rehler, Kenneth James, San Antonio Rentz, Joe H., Houston Rexroad, Terry Dean, Pampa Richards, Floyd Wesley, Jr., Amarillo Riebe, Mary Eloween, San Antonio Rinard, Steve Meade, Breckenridge Rink, Janet Louise, San An tonio Risinger, Sharon Anita, Dallas Rix, Sara Elizabeth, Beaumont Robbins, Philip Leonard, Jr., Natchez, Miss. Roberts, Pamela, San Antonio Robertson, James W., Houston Robertson, Patricia Murray, San Angelo Robertson, Virginia Kay, Vernon Robinson, Don Roger, Jasper Robinson, Harriette Ann, Gladewater Robinson, Linda Lankford, McKinney Robinson, Robert Jack, Red Oak Rockwell, Richard C., Tyler Rodnite, Vincent Joseph, San Antonio Roe, Donna Jo, Rock Springs Rogers, Alfred Ellis, Ranger ;Sh, Karen Lee, La Feria SKSvor, Kenneth, Paducah Shelby, David Martin, Gonzales llhorn, Lloyd Michael, San Antonio lerman, Carroll Lee Roy, Atlanta irrer, Henry Joseph, jr., Bay City v ierrer, John Herman, Bay City Page 526 CLASS OF 1 964 Shocket, Beth Anne, San Antonio Shockley, George Everett, Jr., Tyler Siddons, Robert Clinton, Austin Sikes, Ellen Elizabeth, San Angelo Simmons, Douglas MacArthur, Austin Simpson, Jan Ann, San Angelo Simpson, Marcia Ann, Irving Simpson, Michael William, Tyl er Skelton, John Frederick, III, Irving Skiles, Donnie G., Richardson Slavens, Janet Hana, San Antonio Sleeper, Alan L., Dallas Smith, Carolyn Ann, Houston Smith, Cecil Sidney, San Antonio Smith, Frank Forsythe, Jr., Crystal City Smith, Jay Dickey, Baytown Smith, Jimmy Ray, El Paso Smith, John Lloyd, Houston Smith, Mary Kay, Houston Smith, Nancy Jane, Austin Smith, Roy Bascom, McAllen Smith, Sandra Sue, Godley Smith, Terry Lynne, Austin Smylie, Marshall M., Dallas Sneed, Susan Joan, Houston Solbrig, Meridel, New Braunfels Solomon, Kay Carlton, Marshall Sparks, James Elliott, Victoria Spear, George Myron, Bakersfield, Calif. Spencer, Patricia Ann, Houston Springs, Francine Marie, Seguin Sprowl, Myrna Kay, San Antonio Spuhler, Michael Wayne, Baytown Stampley, Patty Lou, Austin Stanley, Jay Richard, Dallas Stark, Glenda, Garland Starrett, Hugh Johnathan, Irving Steele, John McGuffin, Port Arthur Stein, Myra Elise, Birmingham, Ala. Stephenson, Carolyn Jay, Galveston Stern, Barbara Sue, San Antonio Stevens, Jane Ellis, Lake Jackson Stewts, Kathleen Rae, Pasadena Stilts, Mary Dale, Uvalde Stobie, Jeanie Ruth, Fort Worth Stone, Sally Kyle, Houston Stowers, Carlton Eugene, Abilene Straube, Joseph William, San Antonio Strickland, Phil Dowell, Abilene Stropeni, Linda Lou, Texarkana Stubblefield, Barbara Georgene, Palacios Sturdivant, Virginia Jo, DeKalb Sullivan, Patricia Sue, Fort Worth Summers, Judith Rae, Dallas Supulver, Sidney Richard, Fort Worth Sutherland, Robert Warren, Houston Sutton, William Ralph, San Antonio Swearingen, William Richard, Houston Tant, Robert Lee, Cranfills Gap Tatham, Ronald Lee, Levelland Taylor, Joe Samuel, Jr., Buda Taylor, Margaret Frances, Corpus Christi Tedford, Charles Jeffrey, San Antonio Thames, Chester Allen, Jr., Kenedy Thomas, Bruce Carl, Corpus Christi Thomas, Marye Lizabeth, Dallas Thompson, Dorothy, Amarillo Thomson, Tommy Louis, Muleshoe Thomson, William John, Tyler Thorn, Gordon Lee, Jr., Dallas Tillery, William Virgil, III, Carthage Tindall, Harry L., Corpus Christi Tindel, Jerry Ray, Alvin Todd, Josephine, Houston Tomlinson, Carole Edyna, Houston Toole, Sheila Ava, Hemphill Torres Palacios, Julio Ivan, Guayaquil, Townsend, Craig Arnold, Baytown Trahan, Michael Frank, Orange Trevino, Samuel J., Ill, Mission Trimble, Susan Carter, Oraogi Trousdale, Lana Rose, Sarf An Truchard, James Joseph, " Page 527 JUNIORS Welsh, Clarence Aubrey, Houston Westergren, Phil Marvin, Corpus Christi Weston, Katherine Kennedy, Beaumont Weynand, Maxine Ann, San Antonio Wheeler, Rebecca Ann, Winnsboro White, James Harrison, San Antonio White, Thomas ' Marion, Houston Whitten, James Michael, Odom Whitten, Jerry Wayne, Dallas Whitten, Perry Dwayne, Dallas Whittenburg, Mary Frances, Amarillo Whorton, Mary Katharine, Rule Wigington, Guy Leroy, Wichita Falls Wilborn, Berta Nell, Anahuac Wiley, Ethel Lowdon, Fort Worth Williams, Dan Batchelor, Fort Worth Williams, Francis Lynn, Nederland Williams, Janell Sue, Beaumont Williams, Jeanne Keith, Dallas Williams, Jo Carole, Corpus Christi Williams, Marion Glenn, Jr., La Marque Williams, Paul Irvin, Edinburg Williams, Robert Alan, Alva, Okla. Williams, Robert Kincaid, Dallas Willingham, Myrle Yvonne, Abilene Willis, Charles Richard, Angleton Willis, Pegi Ann, Tomball Wilson, Arthur E., Jr., San Antonio Wilson, James Michael, Fort Worth Wilson, Nancy L., Houston Wofford, Carolyn Ann, Temple Wogstad, Robert Victor, San Antonio Wohlner, Judy Lee, Omaha, Nebr. Womack, Martha Jean, Denison Wommack, James Leslie, Douglassville Mansel Monroe, Abilene Lovey, Mission Zabcnk, Barbara Ann, Temple Zdzvorka, Betty Lou, Corpus Christi , Charlotte Ann, Cuero nerman, Marianne Louise, Greensboro, N. C. Virgil LeRoy, Houston P.gc 528 Tubbs, Charles Gordon, Post Tucker, Judy, Austin Turbiville, Frances Eugenia, Llano Turner, Frederick Eugene, Dallas Turner, Michael Wayne, Dallas Tuttle, William Kelley, Dallas Uhlig, Alfred William, El Paso Valle, Calixto Cedric, III, Rio Grande City Vance, Lyle Reed, Corpus Christi Van Slyke, Paul, Dallas Vasquez, Leonte Eulogio, McAllen Vergara Banda, Gustavo Oscar, Pueblo, Mexico Very, Linda Joyce, Richardson Vessels, Annette, Denver, Colo. Vigna, Phyllis, Amarillo Villarreal, Jose Angel, Laredo Villarreal, Victor Xavier, Eagle Pass Vincent, Jo Ann, Bryan Voight, Jane R., Houston Voigt, Robert Thomas, South Houston von Werssowetz, Sandra Marie, Gonzales Wages, Wilma Jean, Austin Wagner, Shelby Loren, Victoria Wald, Gayle Charles, Brenham Walden, James Vernon, Austin Waldrop, Joe Pat, Pasadena Walker, Darral Gene, La Pryor Walker, Donald 0. Whitewright Walker, Donald Roy, Orange Walker, Jeraldine Theresa, Denison Walker, Robert Earl, Breckenridge Wallace, Mary Corene, Kingsville Ward, Sandra Jean, Dallas Warren, Charles Dean, Pampa Weathers, Cassandra Louise, Houston Webb, Rita Kay, Gatesville Weddington, Barbara Eugenia, Dallas Weiner, Bette Kay, Omaha, Nebr. Weiss, Garry Gene, Houston Weiss, Mary Ann, San Antonio Wells, James Lynn, Austin Wells, Walter Clark, Bellaire . r .-. : ,..,-.,..- r,- . , I . ' : v 5 c s SOPHOMORES Class of ' 65 Bauerkemper, Gary Ray, Houston Baumann, Judy Lynn, San Antonio Bayless, Jackson Thomas, Jr., Austin Beadle, Sheila La Verne, San Antonio Beckham, Earnell, Wink Becklund, Ann Helen, Dallas Becknell, Nelda Kay, Ida Lou Beesley, Sandra Ann, San Angelo Beinhorn, Sarah Ann, El Paso Bell, Donald Barton, Odessa Bell, Lois Ilene, Waco Benningfield, Patricia Diann, McKinney Berly, Janis Ann, Houston Bernhardt, Anne Currie, San Antonio Bernstein, Howard Lawrence, San Antonio Berry, Marilynn Kay, Littlefield Bertschler, Grace Frances, Galveston Beseda, Rose Ann, Wharton Bethard, Uhlus Wayne, Daingerfield Beyea, Eleanor Bankston, Dallas I ii I l,i. Larry Joe, San Antonio Billings, Warren Neal, Del Rio Bivings, Kathleen Isabel, Dallas Bixler, Martha Elizabeth, Dallas Blackwell, James Lee, Overton Blackwell, William Albert, Cuero Blakes, Madelaine Helen, Dallas Blank, Janice Sue, Odessa Blank, Susan, Houston Bock, Betsy Ann, Dallas Bock, James Louis, Austin Bohanon, Janene Charlyn, Cisco Bond, Ronald Fred, Texas City Boner, Charles R., Austin Bonifield, Fredda Pauline, Big Spring Boothe, Sandra Nell, San Antonio Borsch, Carol Elizabeth, Dallas Bouria noff, George Ivan, Corpus Christ! Bowen, Bobby Joe, Jacksboro Bowers, John Wesley, Houston Bowman, Gary Wayne, Houston Boyce, Shelton Wyle, Houston Page 530 SOPHOMORES Acers, Penny Elizabeth, Austin Adams, John Alva, Houston Adams, Zilla K., Austin Adrian, Jan Kathleen, Houston Aguillard, Margaret Murray, Houston Albers, Cheryl R., Houston Aldredge, Sue Ann, La Marque Alexander, Phyllis, Waco Algeo, Donna Ruth, Fremont Allen, George Louis, Weatherford Anderson, Ralph Hulen, Houston Anderson, Sharon Lee, Dallas Anderson, Thomas Axel, La Marque Angell, David Michael, Austin Anthony, Donald Roy, La Marque Arbaugh, Charles Houston, Sweetwater Archer, Carolyn Marie, Austin Archer, Nancy Ruth, Brady Armstrong, Linda Sue, Dallas Armstrong, Thomas Alan, Houston Artis, Donald Robert, Jr., Abilene Askew, Benna Layne, O ' Donnell Autrey, Judy Sharon, Yoakum Ayres, John Richard, Houston Bailey, Barbara Sue, Austin Bailey, Michael Howard, Killeen Bain, Cecil William, Jr., San Antonio Baker, Jeannette, Houston Balkman, Patricia Sue, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. Ball, Bunny, Jacksonville Ballard, Darrell Monroe, Perryton Ballard, Jo Nita, Periyton Bane, Marilyn Annette, Dallas Barbour, James Charles, Cotulla Barkley, Daniel Andrew, Gruver Barnes, James Chivers, Missouri City Barnhill, Charles Richard, Highlands Barton, Sterlin Eoff, Jr., Longview Baskette, Cynthia Duval, Dallas Bass, Willard Randolph, Hunt Bast, Ann, Sweetwater Bauer, William Henry, Port Lavaca CLASS OF 1965 Boyd, Bette Maxine, Corsicana Boyd, Gary Wilson, Austin Boydstun, Barbara Kaye, Houston Brackenridge, Genie, Taylor Bradford, Eddie, Sweetwater Bradley, Judith Carol, Waco Bradshaw, Gary Leo, Ranger Brannan, Patricia Moore, Crystal City Brantley, James William, Fort Worth Breckenridge, Robert L., Jr., Austin Brehm, Joan Ann, Cibolo Brewton, James Robert, Mineral Wells Brindley, Martha Love, Temple Brinkman, Lynda Lee, Schertz Brooks, Dona Virginia, Austin Brooks, Loyd George, Houston Brooks, Penelope, Hillsboro Brooksaler, Doris Marian, Dallas Brown, Alexis Joan, San Antonio Brown, Barbara Ann, Dallas Brown, Garry Dale, Mertens Brown, Julia Ann, Fort Worth Brown, Monetta Mabeth, Austin Brown, Priscilla Ann, San Antonio Brown, Sharon Dee, Houston Bryant, Louis Edward, Iraan Buchanan, John Wayland, San Antonio Buck, Nancy Ruth, San Antonio Buckley, James T., Beaumont Burg, Carolyn Ann Darlene, Austin Burke, Ronald Lynn, Amarillo Burkwall, Paul Andrew, Beaumont Burton, Joan Frances, Katy Burton, John Kenneth, Sinton Busby, Blaire, San Antonio Bush, James Earl, Waco Bussey, William Edward, Longview Butler, P. Linda, Odessa Byers, Gertrude Elizabeth, McLean, Va. Bynum, James Ben, Amarillo Byrd, Karen Anne, Port Arthur Cain, Nancy Jane, Dallas n Calhoun, Thomas Reynolds, Midland Canzoneri, Sam Anthony, Houston Capps, Damon Richard, Mason Cardenas, Blandina, Del Rio Carlisle, Nancy Ruth, Baytown Carmichael, Ruth Carol, Kerrville Carpenter, Sarajane, San Antonio Carr, Charles Dickey, Dallas Carr, Ilameta, Coahoma Cash, Beverly Jane, Tyler Casson, Wayne Arthur, Houston Gate, Reynolds Newman, San Antonio Gates, Carolyn Ann, Monahans Gates, Jon Gerry, Austin Chadwick, Emory Lynn, Houston Chalfont, Alan Charles, San Antonio Chalmer s, Presley Howard, Jr., Houston Chapa, Pedro, Jr., Hebbronville Cherry, Thomas Davies, College Station Chiles, Jerry Edmond, Fort Worth Christner, John Drue, Oklahoma City, Okla. Chunn, Patricia Lee, Houston Cissik, John Henry, McGregor Clark, Ann Frances, Sweetwater Clark, Donna Love, Spearman Clark, Jarnes Weldon, Dallas Clark, Kay Diane, Dallas Clements, Judy, Alvin Cleveland, Frances Anne, San Antonio Coates, Barbara Anne, San Antonio Coats, Patricia Lee, Harlingen Cobb, William C, Austin Cocke, William Gary, San Antonio Cody, Danna Carlene, Fremont Coe, Carolyn Lee, Grand Prairie Coil, Vernon Lee, Dallas Cole, Byron Eugene, Dallas Coleman, Robert Edwin, San Antonio Cone, John Robert, Lubbock Connally, Sara Ellen, Baytown Conrad, Verne Louis, III, Austin Cook, Gary Bryant, Austin Page 531 , Deen, Donna Claire, Sumter, S. C. Delk, Mary Jo, Houston Denman, Lynn, Houston Denman, William Edwin, Richmond, Va. Dennis, Sandra Jean, Dallas Derouen, Lois Diane, Galena Park Dewees, Ronald Hood, Austin Dickerson, Patrick Lee, Houston Dietz, Louis Edwin, Fort Worth DiRienzo, Janet Louise, Dallas Dittmar, Karen Ann, Harper Dixon, Sandra Lee, Austin Doerr, Samuel Pierce, Alvin Doggett, Paul R., Houston Donnelly, George Arthur, III, Midland Dougall, Janice, Houston Dougherty, Barbara Louise, Groves Draper, Carolen Jeanne, Tyler Drummond, Clif W., Hamlin Dublin, Linda Jo, Brownwood Duke, Gary Leonard, Cypress Duncan, Charles Arthur, San Angelo Dykema, Kristine Clair, Dallas Eakins, John Charles, Dyess AFB Eaton, Connie Joan, Dallas Edelman, Ivan Maurice, Baytown Edmiston, Sharon Dianne, Floydada Egan, Byron Flanary, Dallas Eikel, Mary Margaret, New Braunfels Elliott, Janice Ann, Breckenridge Elliott, Justin McCord, Jr., Bellaire Elliott, Lois Ann, Houston Elliott, Paul Timothy, Burleson Ellis, Sharon Lee, Fort Worth Embesi, Sandy, Houston Enderle, Christie Lee, Houston Entzminger, Lindell Baker, Houston Epstein, David G., Temple Evans, Jerry Dee, Victoria Ewing, William Elijah, Houston Fallin, Peggy Wynell, Austin Farrar, Judy, Irving Pgc 532 SOPHOMORES Cook, Charles DeVere, Waco Cook, Robert Royston, Friendswood Cooke, George Edwin, Corpus Christi Cooper, Melvin Wayne, Lockney Copeland, Clyde Carlton, Mineral Wells Cossey, Thomas William, Wharton Cotera, Rita Ann, Alta Loana Gotham, Christian Malford, San Antonio Cothran, Martin David, Georgetown Cowan, Phil Ray, Houston Coward, Alwin Charles, San Antonio Cowden, James Coley, Midland Cox, John Yeldell, Mexia Cox, Tyra Ann, Fredericksburg Craddock, George Lee, Austin Craddock, Nancy Jean, Baytown Crawford, Ann Creviston, Kingsville Crawford, Frances Elizabeth, Perryton Crawford, Kenneth Clarence, Cleburne Creager, Chad Freeman, Huntsville Creager, Don Whiteman, Fort Worth Crenshaw, Raymond Don, San Antonio Crider, Francelle, Mexia Crook, William Edward. Houston Crow, Norma Jeane, Irving Crutchfield, Steve Gott, McAllen Cummings, Janice Carol, Austin Cunningham, Carolyn Frances, Sap Antonio Cunningham, Johnnye Earlene, Goliad Dahl, Janet M., Austin Damron, Joe Richard, Amarillo Daniel, Britt Talley, Temple Darrah, Mary Alice, San Antonio Darrow, Janet Marjorie, College Station Darse y, David Michael, Midland Darst, James Albert, Clarkwood Davis, Fred Edward (II), Center Davis, Inis Inez, Grand Saline Davis, Janice Lynn, Port Arthur Davis, Linda Jane, Houston Davis, Michael Lynn, Hawkins Dawkins, Diantha Dee, McCamey CLASS OF 1 965 Faulkner, Virginia Kay, Denton Faykus, Preston Thomas, Garwood Felder, Fred Eugene, Jr., Palestine Fenly, Cathryn Lyndell, George West Fenton, Mary Virginia, Midland Ferguson, Edwina Roudillon, Nacogdoches Fetter, Sally Ann, La Marque Finnell, Charles Adkins, Holliday Fisch, Carole Sue, Crowell Fischer, Barbara Bea, Houston Fisher, Myra Helene, Rosenberg Fisher, Radney Lee, Sudan Fitch, William Elton, Houston Fitts, Diane Kathleen, Midland Fitzpatrick, Mary Kathryn, Austin Flowers, John Garland, III, Austin Floyd, Marilyn Jo, San Pedro, Calif. Flynn, Pat Andrew, Houston Ford, Patricia Anne, San Antonio Foreman, Judy Hall, Houston Forister, John Gene, Austin Forster, Robert Arthur, III, Beaumont Foster, Barbara Louise, Austin Fourroux, Charlotte Marie, Texas City Fowler, Nancy Richter, Austin Fowler, Susan, Houston Fox, Mary Sharon, Corpus Christi Framer, Fillis Carol, Galveston Francis, Joe Dale, Silverton Freeman, Frederick Dudley, Lufkin Frenzel, Edward Louis, Elgin Friedman, William Lewis, Dallas Fruechtenicht, Stephen Gary, Dallas Fry, Morris Aaron, San Marcos Fulton, Frances Satyra, Dayton Funk, Creston Henry, Jr., San Antonio Gaddis, Dixie Ann, Cotulla Gallagher, Gay, Fort Worth Galle, Gail Harriet, Corpus Christi Gannaway, Virginia Ann, San Antonio Garcia, Eloy Pilar, Port Lavaca Gaston, Mary Edna, Dallas Gentry, Wilda Lee, Killeen Gessner, Catherine B., Waco Gibbs, Eugene Austin, Lufkin Gibbs, John Garland, Marlin ' Gibson, George David, Grand Prairie Giese, Carolyn Elizabeth, Winnie Giesecke, Virginia Dell, Angleton Gilbert, Leanne Rheiner, Austin Gill, Peachie Virginia, Beaumont Gillan, Greta, Houston Gillaspy, James Lawrence, Temple Gillis, Georgia Ellen, Junction Gochman, Barbara Joan, Austin Gold, Bary Allan, Houston Golden, Gerry Lynn, Dallas Gonzales, Lazarus, Jr., San Antonio Goodman, Shelby David, Houston Goodnight, James Edgar, San Antonio Goodwin, Sharon Lee, Corpus Christ! Goodwin, Sherrill Lou, El Paso Grace, Marilu, Wichita Falls Grace, Virginia Nancy, Phillips Graham, Helen Marie, Houston Grant, Gloria Judene, Houston Graves, Michael Clark, Dallas Gray, Benjamin H., Houston Gray, Michael J., Orange Green, John Markham, Dallas Greene, Gary Loren, Houston Greenfield, David, Temple Greenwade, Bryan Palmer, Brenham Greer, Jerry Lynn, Harlingen Gresham, Barbara Ann, Baytown Griffin, John Wade, Pasadena Griggs, Wade Carney, Jasper Grimes, Howard Hill, Midland Grobe, Diane Virginia, Houston Groves, Thelma Carol, Spearman Gross, William Dudley, Austin Guinn, John Pollard, Austin Guynes, Twila Elizabeth, Borger Guyton, Bed Paul, Midland Page 533 Hitchcock, John William, Houston Hitt, Elizabeth Ann, Midland Hocker, Edwin James, Jr., Pflugerville Hogge, James Hubert, Amarillo Hoke, Walter Ford, Bryan Holcombe, Herbert Dowe, San Marcos Hollingsworth, Jean Ivy, Port Arthur Holman, Susan Jane, Houston Holzapfel, Carol Linda, Dallas Hopkins, Jo Lynne, Fort Worth floskins, Nancy Ann, Houston Howard, Rebecca, Uvalde Howell, Gary Frank, Houston Howell, Sue Colgin, Bryan Howell, Virginia del, Richmond Howze, Harmon H., Grand Prairie Hudkins, Mary Kathleen, Dallas Hudson, Francis Hill, Fort Worth Hudson, Martha Ann, Mexia Hughes, Caroline Susan, Dajlas Hulme, Patricia Ruth, Houston Hunt, Eugene Lewis, Dallas Hurst, John Dale, Yorktown Huston, Robert James, Richardson Ivey, Paula Sue, Elgin Izard, Elizabeth Jane, Dallas Jackson, Alan Geoffrey, Laredo Jackson, Fay Dean, La Marque Jackson, Mary Lee, Raymondville James, Anne Marie, Houston Jamison, Judith Anne, Houston Jamison, Pamela, Houston Jamison, Richard Lloyd, San Antonio Jenkins, Catherine V., Houston Jenkins, Sandra Lee, Killeen Jensen, Edgar Verner, Jr., San Antonio Jerkofsky, Mary Ann, Corpus Christi Jessup, Margaret Ann, Dallas Johnson, Carol Ann, Abilene Johnson, Cassia Nell, Austin Johnson, Evelyn Fay, Dallas Johnson, Glenn, Port Arthur Pgc 534 SOPHOMORES Haas, James Wesley, Jr., Stanford Haase, Virginia Isabelle, Nixon Hackebeil, Elmer Lee, Jr., Rutersville Haines, William Lyman, Kil leen Haish, Marilyn Bennett, Lake Jackson Hall, Janette, Kaufman Hall, Randolph Lee, Maxwell AFB, Ala. Hamilton, Charles Dossie, Lake Jackson Hancock, Lee Everette, Jasper Hankamer, Ray E., Houston Hanley, Joseph David, Dallas Hanna, Daryl Kirk, Houston Hansen, Kristinn Ingi, Austin Harmon, Winona Frances, Hawkins Harper, Jamie Jean, Longview Harris, Barbara Dianne, Pasadena Harris, David Andrews, Sweetwater Hart, Christopher Stephen, Austin Hart, Rose Ann, Gilmer Hartley, Suzanne, Pharr Hartman, Darla Jean, Corpus Christi Hartman, Nancy Ann, Victoria Hatch, Christine Ann, Austin Hatfield, Norman Perry, Jr., San Antonio Hawkins, Otto L., Jr., Livingston Hawn, William Hewit, Jr., Corpus Christi Hays, Sandra, Dallas Hazer, Kaleem, Jr., San Antonio Hearne, Richard Bailey, Dallas Helgeson, William Theodore, Clute Hermann, Joyce Lynette, Brenham Hermann, Nancy Jean, Taylor Hernandez, Gloria Stella, Austin Herndon, Robert Louis, Fort Worth Herries, William Ward, Dallas Herron, Dan Edward, Houston Hester, Priscilla Jane, Houston Hicks, Kenneth Owen, Dallas Hieronymus, George James, Jr., Galveston Higgins, Alane, Austin Hill, Jimmye Lee, San Antonio Hines, Earl Stephen, Burkeville CLASS OF 1965 Johnson, Rebecca J., Austin Jones, Bailey Rhea, Sweeny Jones, James William, Diana Jones, Katherine Ann, Irving Jones, Lynn Randall, Hughes Springs Jones, Margaret Ann, Dallas Jones, Michal Frances, Hamilton Jones, Mona Lisa, Corpus Christi Jones, Sammy Ronald, Austin Jopling, Betty Ann, Paris Jordan, Frank Michael, Liberty Jordan, Rosemary, Gladewater Juncker, Leonard Nelson, Beaumont Junek, Adolph Joe, Jr., Temple Jurek, Patricia Ann, Pasadena Justiss, Larry Glen, Mount Pleasant Kahn, Pat-Lorraine, El Paso Kalmans, Monte Sue, Houston Kamrath, James Robert, Houston Kaufhold, Rodney Patterson, Dickinson Keese, Paul Garland, Houston Kelfer, Adrianne Ann, San Antonio Kelly, Karen Ann, Midland Kelly, William Glenn, McKinney Kennedy, Larry Joe, Austin Kennedy, Sharon Lee, Galveston Kerr, James H., Ill, Houston Key, Karen Suzanne, Dallas Kilgore, John Michael, Baytown Kilpatrick, Dean Gaines, Houston Kincaid, Jerry Ronald, Big Spring Kincaid, Kitty, Abilene King, Samuel Leslie, Alice Kinman, Monard Lamar, Jr., San Antonio Kiper, Bette Jean, Old Ocean Kipnis, Alan Neil, El Paso Kirkham, Rodney Thomas, Dallas Kirshbaum, Daniel Robert, Tyler Kitchen, Kenneth Wayne, Bellaire Klein, Joel Harvey, San Antonio Klerekoper, Martha Jane, Houston Knerr, Donna Lynn, Houston iuJjirfifiy H9 619 -,, A $ m y A Knight, Thomas Dale, Gruver Knolle, Mary Katherine, Sandia Knostman, Gary James, Bellaire Kohnert, Donna Jeannine, Houston Kolius, Catherine Anne, Houston Korthauer, Kenneth Royce, Burton Kovac, Karl Bernard, Kyle Kraege, Hilma Jean, Yorktown Kralj, Nicholas Kelsey, Galveston Kristynik, Marvin Christopher, Bay City Krzywonski, Geraldine Elaine, Austin Kulchak, Mary Kathryn, Alice Kunze, Julia Ann, Corpus Christi LaGrone, Suzanne, Dallas Lambert, Joseph Donald, Galveston Lamberth, Royce Charles, San Antonio Lamm, Martha Louise, Krum Land, Glynis Sue, Beaumont Landig, Patricia A., Houston Langham, Robert Stephen, Jacksonville Lanham, Dora Celene, Silverton Lauzon, Ruth Ann, Angleton Law, Carol Lynne, Belton Lawler, William Ross, Austin Laws, Jerry Lynn, Seymour Lay, Margaret Jean, Fort Worth Leal, George Hinojosa, Jr., Concepcion Lebkowsky, Robert Vance, Big Spring Lee, James Griden, Shreveport, La. Le Flore, John Frederick, San Antonio Lehr, Ralph Edward, Austin Le May, Linda Markeen, Irving Leslie, Robert Victor, Dallas Levene, Michael Robert, El Paso Leventhal, Victor, Dallas Levitt, Carol Joan, Midland Levy, Ben Michael, Dallas Levy, Steven Arthur, Dajlas Lewis, Jenny Lou, Longview Lewis, Karen Jaynie, Fort Worth Lieck, Jerry Ellen, San Antonio Life, James Laurence, Fort Worth Liggett, William Richard, Irving Lindgren, Pentti Kay, Austin Little, Linda Ruth, Gatesville Loftis, John Landrum, III, Houston Logan, Teddy Jean, San Angelo Long, Norman Lynn, Houston Page 535 T lift fyrr. ttiffcJ|B U ' P2 . fi y McAdoo, James Douglas, Texarkana McBrayer, Melba Joan, Pasadena McCafferty, Patsy Lee, Houston McCall, George Hulet, Jr., Harlingen McClintock, Martha Zoe, Austin McCIure, Sherry Lynn, Anahuac McCorkle, Tom Scott, Jr., Dallas McCormick, Sam Terry, Kingsville McCrone, Susan Jean, Arlington, Va. McCullough, Georganne Wendell, Pharr McDonnell, Michael Lynn, Lewisville McDowell, James Melville, Dallas McFarlane, John Russell, Brownwood McGinnes, Merle Harrison, Jr., Moody McGinness, Susan Kay, Alvin McHale, Ann Aloha, Dallas Mcllheran, Melissa, Weslaco McLaurin, Dwight Oliver, Austin McLean, John Albert, Jr., Laredo AFB McLemore, Nancy Lou, Alvin McMakin, Richard A., Arlington, Va. McManus, Jimmie, Jr., San Angelo McMillan, Judith Edna, Houston McMillan, Rosalind Ann, Yorktown McMillan, William, III, Houston McMillin, Barbara Louise, San Antonio McNeil, Donna Jean, Corpus Christi McPherson, Allen Keith, Midland Meadows, Sandra Lee, Waco Mebane, William Michael, San Antonio Mehr, Carolyn Washburn, Houston Melcher, Shaaron Merie, Bryan Metschan, Joseph Michael, Austin Miers, Wayne Earle, San Antonio Miller, Cazzie Madelyne, Dallas Miller, Dan Edward, Fort Worth Miller, Edgar Allen, Dallas Miller, Janet Lee, Houston Mills, Jan Elizabeth, Mineral Wells Mitchell, Martha Evelyn, Mount Pleasant Monkhouse, Laura Clegg, Houston Montgomery, Frederick Elmer, Jr., Austin Moore, John Bell, Austin Moore, Merrily Huey, Irving Moreland, Maxine Sylvia, Dayton Morgan, Joyce Louise, San Antonio Morgan, Robert Cochran, Longview Morgenstern, Carol Jean, Houston Morris, John Howard, Houston Fate 536 SOPHOMORES Long, Russell Charles, Van Horn Longoria, Alcide Federico, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Longwood, Sherry Ann, San Antonio Looney, Sandra Jean, Houston Lostracco, Joseph Marco, Angleton Lovinggood, Karen E., Houston Lowery, Cheryl, Corpus Christ! Lozo, Carolyn Maurine, Nixon Luster, Ronald Ogilvie, Harlingen Lyons, Karen Irene, Mercedes MacQuigg, Robert Abbott, Dallas Maddox, Lula Belle, Palacios Magee, Katherine Cinderella, Dilley Magee, Richard Eldridge, Jr., Pasadena Majewski, George Frederick, Tenafly, N. J. Manferd, Elliott, Houston Mann, Dennis Arthur, Dover, Mass. Mann, Elva Lynne, Baytown Mann, Howell Wesley, Pasadena Mann, James Truman, Edgewood Mann, Terri Beth, El Paso Mannas, Gail Ann, Houston Marchant, Ernestine Ellen, Mercedes Marek, Sandra Ann, Waco Marks, Nancy Ann, Wichita Falls Marsh, George Howell, Jr., Austin Marshal], Alice Ann, Austin Marshall, Dan Howell, II, Holliday Martin, James Clyde, Baytown Martin, Marianne, Dallas Martin, Pamela Ann, Houston Martinez, Catharine Margaret, Rotan Martinez, Richard Manuel, Del Rio Martyn, Patsy Ann, San Antonio Maser, Sandra Lee, Galveston Massengill, Karen Louise, Fort Worth Mather, Joan Ellen, San Antonio Mauthe, William Louis, Uncertain Maxwell, Philip Kent, Dallas May, Joseph Alfred, Kerrville Mayer, Don Ferdinand, Grand Prairie Mayes, Melinda Claire, Denison CLASS OF 1 965 Mosteller, Jimmy Harold, Austin Moughon, Carol Sue, Houston Mowrey, Jack Richard, San Antonio Mullins, Walter Neal, Tatum Musick, Donald Martin, Houston Myers, Susan Jane, Amarillo Nagel, LuEllen, Fredericksburg Nagle, Gay Trabue, Houston Nichols, Benjamin H., Atlanta Nichols, PauL Sullivan, Dallas Nichols, William Terry, Dallas Nicholson, Doyle Allen, Dickenson Nixon, Charles William, Houston Nixon, Dennis Edward, Corpus Christi Nixon, Joycelyn Stevenson, Fort Worth Noonan, Gail Kathleen, San Antonio Nordquist, Richard King, San Antonio Norman, Douglass Finley, Houston Northcutt, Frances Marian, Dayton Norwood, Robert Turner, Mineral Wells Nunnally, Knox Dillon, Midland Oakley, Leslie Ann, Texas City Oatis, Lloyd B., Dallas O ' Connor, Michol Mary, Houston Odom, Donald P., Jr., Houston O ' Keefe, Judy Ann, Houston Olive, Bonnie Sue, Baytown Olson, Richard Myers, Dallas Ormand, Terry Lynn, Odessa Orr, John Mack, Dallas Ortman, Dennis Edward, Houston Ostler, Nellie Jane, Dallas O ' Sullivan, Timothy Ann, Pasadena Ott, Dex Eugene, Amarillo Owen, Jacquelynn Doris, Alvin Owings, Donald Henry, Houston Packwood, Lois Celeste, Richardson Page, Paul, Carthage Palmer, Kermit Lloyd, Houston Pape, James Mark, Caldwell Pardue, Kathy Diane, Dallas Parker, Robert Foster, Houston Parker, Sam David, Orange Parkhurst, Shirley Jean, Orange Parr, John Alan, Houston Parrish, Patricia Ann, Goliad Parsley, Davfid Leslie, Georgetown Partridge, Donna Kay, Munday Passmore, Paul Ray, Dallas Patten, Olivia Anne, Austin Patterson, Jerry Michael, Lamesa Patterson, Wendell Allen, Sweetwater Patton, James Wayne, Tyler Patton, Matthew Robert, Killeen Payne, Jack Riley, Tyler Payne, John Thurman, Houston Payne, Judie Ann, Dallas Peacock, Priscilla Jean, Austin Pearson, Wesley Hollis, Jr., Austin Peck, Robert Glen, Dallas Pederson, Thomas Bradbury, McAllen Peel, Barbara A., Corpus Christi Penick, Charles Daniel, Austin Peoples, Robert Michael, Austin Perez, Marie del Rosario, Laredo Perez, Maria Josefa, San Diego Perez, Susan Mary, San Antonio Peschka, Lana JoAnn, Austin Peterson, Erik Georg, Jr., Houston Peterson, Heather Stanchfield, Houston Phair, Glenda Gay, Houston Phillips, Larry Ewing, Harlingen Phillips, Nancy Arlene, Tyler Philp, Catherine Kay, Beaumont Pickering, Lynne Ave, San Antonio Pillsbury, Ruth Ann, Fort Worth Pippert, Elvin Burnett, Jr., Houston Pitzer, Nancy Susan, Breckenridge Plambeck, Linda Rae, Houston Polasek, Edward Joe, Jr., St. Louis, Mo. Polozeck, Jimmy Dale, Beeville Polser, Aubrey Henry, Jr., Lewisville Pope, Walter Allen, San Antonio Porter, Priscille Jane, Bryan Porterfield, William Reeder, Fort Worth Post, Haroletta Kay, Dallas Powell, Karen Lynn, Lake Jackson Preston, Frances, Newgulf Preusse, Carol Ann, Rosebud Prewitt, Edwin Ward, Jr., Temple Price, Patricia Lynn, Palestine Page 537 T m Rountree, Sharon Sue, San Angelo Rowland, Nancy Kay, DeLeon Rubey, Marian Seward, Houston Runnels, Pollard Rhode, III, Terrell Rusche, Sylvia Lorraine, Fredericksburg Rushing, Roy Eugene, Alice Russell, Robert Traylor, Mt. Pleasant Ryan, Patricia Irene, Houston Ryan, Susan Elizabeth, Talco Sample, Donna Sue, Lewisville Sandgarten, Michael David, Austin Saunders, John Monroe, Baytown Savage, Jim E., Houston Scheffe, Stephen Lee, Houston Schmidt, Charles Chester, Fredericksburg Schmidt, James Chester, Boerne Schmidt, Lyn Lee, Harlingen Schoellkopf, Hugo William, III, Dallas Schorp, Cheryl Faye, San Antonio Schuehle, John R., Hondo Schwartz, Susan Harriet, Austin Schwippel, Paula Nelle, Houston Scoats, Mary Helen, Bryan Scott, Linda Louise, Dallas Scott, Nancy C., Midland Sealy, Nancy, Midland Seaman, George Cook, Midland Sects, Lynn Dale, Haskell Segal, Steven Lee, Dallas S ekaly, Becky Elizabeth, Galveston Sellars, Ronald Kay, Houston Sellers, Diane Eden, Orange Serold, Arno Clarence, San Antonio Sewell, John Caleb, Dallas Shannon, James Edward, Houston Sharpe, Mary Patricia, Austin Shaw, Robert Evan, Jr., Wichita Falls Sheffield, Hayne J., Jr., Humble Shepard, Sarah Ann, Hale Center Sherrill, Linda Elise, Dallas Shields, Mercedes Emma, Laredo Shirley, Susan, Houston Short, Garrie Lynn, Wichita Falls Shults, Gail Clare, Arlington, Va. Shupee, Adrienne Elizabeth, Austin Silvus, Susan Ruth, Houston Sing, Carole Elaine, Pharr Singleton, Don James, Pasadena Skipper, Roy McLean, Crockett Page 538 SOPHOMORES Provine, Jack Cecil, Fort Worth Puckett, William Norvill, Jr., Odessa Pugh, Judith Elizabeth, Seagoville Quantock, Betty May, Houston Rabensburg, Barbara Gayle, Houston Raesener, Patricia May, Llano Raines, Mara Jo, Palestine Ransom, Joseph Christopher, San Antonio Rea, Judith Ellen, Lake Jackson Reagan, William Ronoy, Jacksboro Reams, Gerry William, San Antonio Reddick, Harold Knipp, Jr., Arlington Redman, Gerald Dee, Odessa Reese, Morris Marcus, Cotulla Reeves, Delma Doyle, Littlefield Reneau, Linda Lou, Springfield, Va. Riba, Carolyn P., Austin Rice, Burtis Stephen, Jasper Richardson, Susan Ann, Houston Richardson, Thomas William, Houston Rigsbee, Herbert Kenneth, Jr., Austin Ripley, Sherri Louise, Del Rio Ritter, Jerry Lynn, Wichita Falls Roberson, Lois Ann, Jacksonville Roberto, Teresa Mae, Austin Roberts, Cheryl Darlene, San Antonio Roberts, Jo Sharon, Lyford Robinson, John Thomas, Ranger Rogers, Anne Wright, Dallas Rogers, Gary Lee, Austin Rogers, Irma Jean, Giddings Rogers, Sunell, Sulphur Springs Rogers, William Wallace, Breckenridge Rogge, William Edward, Austin Rohde, Dorothy Dianne, Hitchcock Rompel, Lois, New Braunfels Roos, Marcia Allen, San Antonio Roosth, Thomas Malcolm, Tyler Resales, Vivian Rose, San Antonio Rose, Georgia Anne, San Antonio Roshton, Mary Lou, Bellaire Ross, Sheila Jane, Lake Jackson I CLASS OF 1 965 Slaughter, George Owen, Jr., Austin Smart, James Dock, Florence Smith, Bea Ann, Midland Smith, Edgar Newman, Carrollton Smith, Geraldine Coleta, Marshall Smith, Glen Hilton, McAllen Smith, Jack Wilson, Marlin Smith, James Henry, Houston Smith, James Robert, Houston Smith, Theresa Anne, Houston Smith, Timothy Hayes, Amarillo Smyth, Patricia Gay, Cleburne Sneed, Mary Jane, Dallas Snell, Helen Marie, Lampasas Sohn, Robert Draper, San Antonio Sohrt, Edith Marie, Glen Flora Sorenson, Suzanne, College Station Spacek, Ann Louise, Granger Speir, Larry Michael, Austin Spence, James William, Houston Spencer, David James, Dallas Spencer, Helen Mae, Edinburg Spratt, David Byron, Pilot Point Stansbury, Thomas O ' Dell, Houston Starr, Duane Martin, Wake Village Stein, James D., Hempstead Stewart, Jesse Murel, Rising Star Stewart, Jimmie Leon, San Angelo Stigall, Zane Arnold, San Gabriel Stilson, Eileen Claire, Houston Stischer, Libby Ann, San Antonio Stockman, Roy Taylor, Sweeny Stokes, Nanette, Sonora Strader, Charlene Elizabeth, Bellaire Stradinger, Janet Elizabeth, Bellaire Streater, Gail Frances, Beaumont Street, Malcolm Boyd, Graham Strickland, Jack Vernon, Jr., Frankfurt, Germany Stripling, Arnell Elaine, Houston Stroup, Nancy Kay, Irving Stumhoffer, Stanley Robert, Brenham Stuyck, Gerald Paul, Houston tiJtt Styron, Lucina Kay, Stamford, Conn. Sullivan, Patricia Ann, Wellington Sullivan, Patrick Timothy, Dallas Summers, Kenneth Travis, Denison Suttles, James Charles, Jr., Houston Swank, Jo Anna, Victoria Swenson, Charles Clayton, Kenedy Swenson, Hilmer W. S., Abilene Swerk, Carolyn Jane, San Antonio Tackett, James Polk, Merryville, Tenn. Tartaglia, Antoinette, Houston Taylor, Sally Ann, Austin Taylor, William Peyton, Fort Worth Terraso, Michael Finn, Houston Thaxton, Leta Ann, Austin Thomas, Howard Michael, Bellaire Thompson, Cecil Albert, Jr.-, Houston Thompson, Michael Rayburn, Roswell, N. Mex. Thompson, Oland Dale, Houston Thurman, Velna Rae, San Antonio Thurmond, Sharon Marie, Austin Tice, Carole Frances, Dallas Tieber, Alicia Antoinette, Dallas Tindall, Cecile Elizabeth, San Antonio Tisdale, Jane Marie, Austin Tomlinson, John Henry, Dallas Townsend, Joan, Woodville Travis, Dan Francis, Denton Trimble, Thomas Neal, Port Lavaca Truitt, Bryant David, Houston Tschoerner, Kenneth James, Temple Tubb, Gary Wayne, Bellaire Tunstill, Jeanie, Fort Worth Turner, John William, Jr., Dallas Tyra, Raymond E., Midland Tyson, Elizabeth, Alvin Uecker, Jerald Howard, San Antonio Uhr, Bonnie Gay, New Braunfels Uhr, Clinton William, Jr., San Antonio Ullrich, Julie Margaret, Dallas Underbrink, Mary Ruth, Goliad Vance, Donna Fay, Alexandria, Va. Van Dorfy, Patricia, Houston Vargas, Martha Elizabeth, Eagle Pass Vavra, Jerry Ted, Schulenburg Vera, Margaret Suzanne, San Antonio Vivian, Lynn Neil, Edcouch Voss, Martye, Waco Waddell, Kareen Anne, Baytown Page 539 White, Marilyn Ann, San Angelo White, Robert Miles, Fort Worth White, Rosemary, Austin Whitesides, John Lindsey, Jr., San Antonio Whitman, Charles Joseph, Lake Worth, Fla. Whitman, Kathleen Frances, Needville Wiest, Ethel Edna, Houston Wigginton, Jack Howard, Jr., Houston Wight, John Michael, Stamford, Conn. Wilkerson, James Neill, Tyler Williams, Harold Floyd, Hamilton Williams, Olan Dale, Gilmer Williams, SuAlice, Austin Williamson, Jo Antoinette, Menard Wills, Sheldon Alan, Dallas Wilson, Glynda Sue, Coleman Wilson, Lee Eugene, San Antonio Wiltse, Malcolm Evans, Henderson Winchester, Karen Elaine, Galveston Windham, Kenneth Charles, Corpus Christi Witt, Carol Sue, Beaumont Wofford, Alice Dorothy, Alice Wolbe, Ellis Gilbert, Atlanta, Ga. Wolfe, John Colwell, Groves Wolfram, Marilyn Sue, Houston Wolk, Marsha Carol, Navasota Womack, Charles Cowan, Jr., Houston Womack, Clovis Maurice, Borger Womack, Ronald Edward, Texarkana Wood, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Wood, Mary Carolyn, Harlingen Woodward, Susan Helen, Dallas Wright, Jamie Ann, Houston Wright, Larry Swan, Memphis, Tenn. Wright, Ronald William, Gruver Wright, Susan Kay, Fort Worth Wrobleski, Regis Jerome, Texas City Wynn, Judy Gay, Austin Yarborough, Helen Lee, Corpus Christi Young, James Arista, Jr., Houston Yowell, Howard Reed, Dallas Zacour, Dennis, El Paso Zamora, Oscar, Brownsville Ziebell, John Michael, Austin Ziegler, Barbara Jean, Weatherford Zinberg, Michael Allan, San Antonio Zirjacks, Grace Elizabeth, Victoria Zrubek, Janet Joyce, Granger Zunker, Lane Arvid, Seguin Page 540 SOPHOMORES Waggoner, Clinton Norman, Houston Wait, Jean Louise, Houston Waitt, Richard Brown, Jr., Middleton, Mass. Walker, Jimmy Rhea, Austin Walker, Judith Carol, Kerrville Wallace, Margaret Angela, Columbus Wallace, Roy Dale, Houston Wallace, William Fredrick, Houston Walls, Bobby Jack, Orange Walter, JoAnn Marie, Bellaire Walters, Ruth Anne, Dallas Walters, Sandra Louise, Dallas Walther, Wayne Douglas, Rowena Ward, Betty Carol, Devine Ward, George Haskell, Jr., Plainview Wark, Janet Louise, Houston Waterston, Tom Lee, Dallas Watkins, James Robert, Jr., Fort Worth Watkins, Walter David, Amarillo Watson, Bonnie Lee, Houston Watson, Robert Norman, Jr., Midland Watts, James Thomas, Fort Worth Wax, Judy Kathleen, Houston Weaks, Thomas William, Dallas Weatherall, Jimmy Floyd, Amarillo Weaver, John Amon, Snyder Weber, Wayne Thomas, Fredericksburg Webster, Diane Frances, Houston Weige, Dorothy Jean, Holland Weiss, Larry Kent, Killeen Welch, Martha Sue, Jasper Welch, Simmy Tess, San Antonio Wenck, Charles Christian, Houston Werner, Clinton Ray, San Antonio Werner, Nan Standish, Aiken, S. C. West, Miami Kay, GatesviDe Westelage, Ray Douglas, La Marque Westheimer, Paulette Mae, Houston White, Agnes Sue, Longview White, Jana Bette, Galena Park White, John Riley, Temple White, Larry James, Baytown .. ,:: r - -J ! LI ' I 1 . ; M - . - - ' ' ' .ixi ty " - . . , t- " " 1 " ' - . f-N;; r-, : -W--. rr=. - cz. o H v! " - - 7. " FT- A " FRESHMEN Qass of ' 66 Barbies, Gary Eugene, Houston Barbour, Carroll Stanley, Cotulla Barcus, Jeannie, Austin Bardin, Kenneth, Jr., Dallas Bargainer, Michael Andy, Baytown Barnard, Sam Clyde, Dallas Barnett, Linda Dell, Fremont Barnett, Robbie Raggio, LaMarque Barney, Ronald Edward, Fort Worth Barr, Richard Dennis, Bay City Barry, Cheevers Moran, III, Dallas Bartels, Robert Michael, Temple Bartels, Wilbert Walter, Arlington Bartlett, Craig Edsall, Dallas Bass, Mary Deborah, San Antonio Baxter, Janell, Weslaco Beaird, Suzanne, Longview Beall, April, Austin Bean, Richard Ellis, Houston Beard, Linda Kay, Rosenberg Bearden, Barbara Louise, Dallas Beare, James Douglas, Longview Beasley, Ann, Houston Beasley, John Wilson, Dallas Beck, Darcus Barry, Amarillo Beck, Jerry Arthur, Houston Beckham, Robert Lawrence, Robstown Beeley, Becky, Houston Behrens, Kenneth H., Converse Belisle, Mavis Velta, Dallas Bell, Jack, Dallas Bell, Mary Elizabeth, Victoria Bellamy, Janee Brown, San Antonio Belt, James Henry, Weimar Bender, Barbara Ann, Houston Benedict, Helen Virginia, Leander Benjamin, Ludy Thompson, Jr., League City Bennett, Pamela, Waco Benson, Eleanor Sky, Austin Benson, Paula Diane, San Benito Bentley, David Dow, III, Peekskill, N. Y. Bergen, Wanda Elaine, Houston 542 FRESHMEN Acker, Leslie Clark, Post Adair, Diane, Austin Adams, Anna Marlene, Fort Worth Adams, Karen Kay, Buckholts Addington, Fred M., Jr., Dallas Adkins, Bennie Marie, Terrell Ager, Henry Orien, III, Dayton Ahlschlager, Dachiell Harding, Dallas Alexander, Rebekah Sterling, Fort Worth Alford, James Joseph, Caldwell Allen, Clay Willis, Houston Allen, James M., Bay City Allen, John Young, Houston Allen, Reuben Michael, Fort Stockton Allison, Robert Elton, Jr., Woodville Alsup, William Floyd, Odessa Amado, Julio Ernesto, Panama City, Panama Anawaty, Peggy Bahia, Bellaire Anderson, Angus Lane, Gainesville Anderson, Richard Leslie, Baytown Anderson, Robert Edwin, Bryan Andrews, Davis Harlan, Houston Andrews, Jamie Lee, Freeport Andrews, Michael Allen, Fort Worth Appledorf, Margie Ann, Houston Ardis, Michael Howard, Odessa Arnold, Vance Michael, Gilmer Arrington, Bonnie Jane, Galveston Arthur, John Joe, Pampa Aston, Kathryn Louise, Houston Athey, Patricia Ann, Austin Atkins, Patricia Ann, Los Alamos, N. Mex. Austin, John Franklin, III, Houston Austin, Kathryn Mary, San Antonio Austin, Vicki Lou, Abilene Axelrod, Nathan Stephen, Houston Ayer, Suzanne Elaine, Houston Baerreis, Philip George, III, Dallas Bailey, Randal Allen, Huntsville Baker, Glenn Barclay, Waco Ballard, Mark Evan, Hearne Bannister, John Howard, II, Midland CLASS OF 1 966 Bergeron, Earl Joseph, Galveston Bernstein, Stanley Jay, San Antonio Berry, Marilyn Ann, Corrigan Berry, Robert Alan, Dallas Betancourt, Winnie Loraine, Dallas Bethea, Lona Katherine, Houston Bexley, Bill Jack, Jr., Temple Bickel, David Robert, Houston Biegert, Eugene Austin, San Antonio Billings, Roberta Iris, Houston Billingsley, Olen Clifton, Austin Billion, Vickie Jo, Dallas Binder, Robert Thomas, Paris Bishop, James Edwin, Houston Blackaller, Judy Gale, Uvalde Blair, Lee Ann, Lake Jackson Bland, Thurston Joseph, III, Austin Blandy, Deborah Anne, Austin Blount, Charles Eugene, III, Midland Blount, Martha Anne, Dallas Bfount, Stephen William, San Antonio Blurton, Jerry Halbert, McKinney Bode, Mary Louise, Austin Boehm, Carl Ferdinand, Jr., Goliad Bogart, Vivian Ann, Midlothian Boggus, Dennis Lynn, Houston Bohn, Carl Henry, Jr., Houston Bohrer, Paula Irene, San Antonio Bohuslav, Jackie Sue, Austin Boland, Hayden Edward, San Antonio Bolton, Ann Ervin, Jacksonville Boone, Frederick Joseph, Houston Borg, Howard Alan, Fort Worth Bossin, Elliott Morton, Houston Bolts, Gerald Monroe, San Antonio Bouchier, Joe Tom, Post Bowden, Harry James, Brady Bowen, Janne Warren, Alexander, Va. Bowman, John Denton, Houston Boyd, George Mitchell, II, Corsicana Braden, Robert Joseph, Waco Bradley, Charles Russell, Jacksonville Bradley, James Dunbar, Jr., Austin Bradshaw, Patsy Nell, Weslaco Brady, Patrick Bernard, Jr., Houston Brand, Donald Dwight, Garland Brannon, Betty Anne, Fort Worth Brantley, Barbara Sue Elizabeth, Dallas Braselton, Carolyn Clifton, Fort Worth Braselton, Sue, Nacogdoches Braswell, Don Merlon, New Boston Breazeale, John Richard, Lincoln AFB, Nebr. Brighlman, Thomas Oswell, Comanche Brinkley, Charles Richard, Kermit Broline, Eric N., San Antonio Brookner, Mark Jay, Beaumonl Brooks, George Everell, Jr., Houston Brooks, Melody Ann, La Feria Brooks, Pamela Melon, Houston Brooks, Roy Durwin, Houston Brown, Billy Jack, Corpus Christi Brown, Brenda Ann, Jasper Brown, John Slanley, Rolan Brown, Kathryn Lee, Galveston Brown, Linda Diane, Henrietla Bryan, Sherry Lynn, Graham Bryanl, James Raymond, Denison Bryarly, Roberl Pressly, Tulsa, Okla. Bryson, Yvonne Joyce, Richardson Buchan, Glenn Carl, Austin Buckner, Charles Oliver, Houston Bundick, Pamela K., Bloomington Burford, Raymond Wallace, Jr., Dallas Burnham, Barbara Erin, Houston Burns, Mary Joan, Amarillo Burns, Peggy Ann, Houston Busby, Daine Kay, Midland Bush, Eddie George, Fort Worth Bush, John Robbins, Lampasas Butler, Betty Lou. Wharton Byrd, Michael Clark, Biloxi, Miss. Bzura, Janice Marlene, Fargo, N. Dak. Cade, Lewis Edward, La Port Caffey, Troy Ray, La Mesa, Calif. Page 513 Christian, Richey, San Antonio Church, Paschel Lee, Houston Clancy, Edward Carl, Houston Clark, Connie Emilie, Freeport Clark, Fred Paul, Baytown Clark, Martin Winston, II, Marshall Clark, Robert Edward, Crystal City Clayton, Miles Gregory, Corpus Christi Clements, Patricia Jane, Brownwood Clift, William Calvin, Kerrville Cline, R. Charlene, Amarillo Coats, Mary Elizabeth, Harlingen Cobb, Charles Franklin, Longview Cobb, Jacqueline Gay, Dallas Colby, Carol Angela, Austin Coleman, Bonnie Jean, Austin Colletti, Paula, Port Arthur Combs, Joan Beverly, Marshall Cone, Fred Lee, III, Wichita Falls Coneway, Pete Richard, Harlingen Connally, Louise Clarkson, Houston Conner, Richard Michael, Rosebud Cook, Forest Dale, Austin Cook, Ray Holton, Baytown Cook, Walter Louis, Atlanta Cooke, Carol Diane, Dallas Cooke, Charles Edwin, Fort Worth Cooney, Toni Lynn, San Antonio Cooper, Herbert Braxton, Baytown Cooper, Patrick Graham, Dallas Cornick, Jane Gould, Austin Cotropia, Joseph Paul, Hearne Couch, Karen Kay, Houston Courteau, Adrienne Lynn, Galveston Covey, Carol, Austin Covey, James, Jr., Plainview Cowan, James Edward, Jr., Mineral Wells Cowan, Marylea, Dallas Cowart, John Lawhon, Dallas Cox, Jack Martin, Breckenridge Cox, Susan Kay, Hedley Crabb, Ben Harvey, Crosby Page 544 FRESHMEN Cagley, Jon Michael, Terrell Caldwell, Gay Carroll, Midland Calhoun, Vicki Sue, Wichita Falls Callahan, Michael James, Jr., Orange Campbell, Carol Ann, Dallas Campbell, Colin McCain, Dallas Campbell, Linda Gail, Houston Candelaria, John Arthur, El Paso Cantrell, John Victor, Dallas Cantrell, William Herold, Dalhart Garden, William Jasper, La Marque Carl, Madeline Mercy, Austin Carlson, Peggy Louise, Houston Carnahan, Juliet Gorham, San Antonio Carr, Ronnie Guy, Crystal City Carris, Thomas Jefferson, Dallas Carruth, David, Dallas Carter, Frances Seaman, Houston Carter, Gregg Leonard, Elsa Carter, Juddi Allen, Harlingen Case, Carol Sue, Houston Case, Nancy Elaine, Dallas Castleberry, Betty Sue, Dallas Caudill, Ann Marie, Port Isabel Caywood, Patricia Jo, Houston Cedars, Chester Mark, Stephenville Cernosek, Valerian Albert, Schulenburg Cervenka, Frank Thomas, Granger Chadwick, Theresa Irene, Beaumont Chambers, L. Rupert, Atlanta, Ga. Champion, Stanton P., Houston Chankin, James Roland, San Antonio Chapell, Don Clayton, Dallas Chapman, Hazann, Austin Chapman, Mary Jill, Greenville Chappell, Virginia Bevin, Dallas Charba, Jerome Paul, Flatonia Chenoweth, Elizabeth Carey, Houston Childers, Benny Wayne, Sugarland Chipley, Jane Lucile, San Antonio Choate, Mark Wade, II, Richardson Christensen, Aneda Elizabeth, Austin CLASS OF 1 966 Craigen, Clyde Melvin, Austin Crawford, Jean Anne, Austin Crawford, Jean Vicki, Houston Crawford, Robert Marvin, Scottsdale, Ariz. Crawford, Shirley Juanell, Sonora Creager, Sue Ellen, Tyler Criner, James Philip, Houston Crow, Sandra Kay, San Antonio Crow, Sara Elizabeth, Dallas Crowder, Harry Sheill, Jr., Houston Cruse, Cheryl Darlene, Houston Cudney, Joseph Re Don, Andrews Culbertson, Clare Frances, San Antonio Cupaioli, Ian Laurence, Dallas Currie, Susanna, Mart Curry, William Lee, La Paz, Mexico Curtin, Penelope Jane, Baytown Dailey, George Denton, Alice Da Metz, Russell Lynn, Alice Dana, Gracey, Dallas D ' Andriole, Theodore John, Fort Worth Daniel, Kathleen Darleen, Kountze Daniel, Linda Marie, Abilene Daniel, Sondra Elizabeth, Gladewater Danziger, Herbert Kent, Helena, Ark. Dathe, Richard Arthur, Jr., Dallas Davenport, Richard Steele, San Antonio Davidson, Marta Lee, Winters Davies, Suzanne, Dallas Davis, Beverly Dale, San Antonio Davis, Diantha, Baytown Davis, James Douglas, Houston Davis, John Haven, Killeen Davis, Laurie, Houston Davis, Louise Adelle, Bryan Davis, Nancy Darlane, Austin Davis, Susan, Houston Davis, William Franklin, Itasca Dawe, Robert Glenn, Irving Day, Harry Bob, Harlingen Dean, Lois Ellen, Dallas Dean, Michael William, Argyle De Berry, Henry Drew, Austin Dellar, Janice Ann, Tyler Demel, Sandra Amelia, Needville De Stefano, Andrea Renee, Hearne DeWalt, Mary Louise, Pasadena Diamond, Roger Allen, Pasadena Diaz, Victor Alberto, Jr., San Antonio Dickey, Frank Angelo, Mesquite Dickson, James Gilmer, Freeport Dietz, Arlene Geneva, Dallas Dietz, William Michael, Cibolo Dillard, Richard Ray, Odessa Dillon, William Sheriden, III, Kilgore Dinwiddie, Jay Howard, Houston Dirks, Malley Myrthe, Paris Dodson, Durwood Keith, Honey Grove Doggett, Sara Lee, Dallas Dolch, Patricia Kay, San Antonio Dolezal, Donald Creech, Graham D ' Olive, Yvonne, Baytown Dombrowski, Judith Ann, Denver, Colo. Doner, Lynda P., Galveston Donnell, Leslie Bruce, Graham Dorotik, Mary Ann, Rowena Doss, Carol Lynn, Belton Dove, Jenny Kathleen, Panhandle Downs, Judith Ann, Dallas Doyle, Charles Edgar, III, San Antonio Driscoll, Stephen Edward, Midland Druckhammer, Ann, Houston Drum, Raymond Phillip, Dallas Du Bois, David James, Houston Dudgeon, Vesta Sue, Tahoka Dudley, Carolyn, Houston Dudley, John Eltos, Comanche Dulak, Raymond Robert, Jr., Corpus Christi Dullnig, Richard Edward, San Antonio Duncan, Rhodney Hays, Mount Vernon Dunlap, Martha Jane, Azle Dunn, Sharon Ann, Bellaire Durham, David Craig, Sterling City Dwyer, William Henry, III, Houston Page 545 Ferguson, Jean Ellen, Fort Worth Ferguson, Kathy Jean, San Antonio Ferrell, Leon Elton, Rankin Fichtenbaum, James Howard, Dallas Finlay, Priscilla Kay, Austin Finley, Virgil E., Aransas Pass Finney, Oliver John, Dallas Fisher, Gloria Evelyn, Bay City Fisher, Guy Cade, Jasper Fisher, Margaret, Dallas Fisher, Michael Bernard, Midland Flake, Martha Helen, Houston Flewellen, Eugene Holland, III, Dallas Floore, Stephen Lawrence, Fort Worth Florence, Charlotte Anne, Kilgore Fly, Karen Marie, Houston Forrest, Janet, Waxahachie Fortune, Beverly Joyce, San Antonio Foster, Deanna Louise, Houston Fox, Leslie Starr, Houston Francis, Alatia Plowman, Dallas Franke, Richard Earl, Houston Franklin, Jo Mertred, Dallas Franklin, John Mosley, Rockdale Fratcher, Richard Gary, Houston Frawley, Charles Carey, Amarillo Frederick, Robert Lynn, Richardson Friedman, George Robert, Houston Frumkin, Barbara Helen, Houston Fryhover, Bob Allen, Sherman Fuhrmann, Glenda Frances, Hereford Furstenwerth, John Louis, San Antonio Futrell, Troy Edward, P ' lorence Caddis, Rhea Jeanne, Houston Gaertner, Earl Cleveland, Jr., San Antonio Galbreth, Emmet Reid, II, Sherman Galloway, Corice Anne, Austin Gann, Clifford Parks, Trinity Garcia, Orclia Ruth, Houston Garner, Lucy Gay, San Antonio Garnett, Linda, Houston Garrett, Don Wendell, Grand Prairie FRESHMEN Ealy, Ronald Bayne, Longview Eanes, Harvey Radnor, III, Beaumont Eaton, Emily Ann, Houston Eaves, Donald Buford, Austin Eckhardt, Phyllis Roberta, Houston Eden, Donald Stewart, Houston Edson, Daryl Ann, Phoenix, Ariz. Edwards, Alfred Cornelius, Austin Edwards, Darrell Jeri, Marshall Edwards, William Michael, Austin Eiband, George Wentworth, Crystal City Eiche, Barbara Allen, Tyler Eikenberry, Daniel Henry, Chariton, Iowa Elick, Nancy Eleanor, Bellville Ellet, Charles Robert, Fort Worth Elliott, Lucille Aline, Baytown Ellis, Joseph Scott, Laredo Ellis, Larry Alan, Dallas Ellis, Patricia Suzanne, Midland Enck, Sandra Kay, Austin Engstrom, John Timothy, Garwood Ennis, Jason Robert, Houston Erpillo, Umberto, Dallas Evans, David Joseph, Texas City Evans, Linnie Carol, Dallas Ezon, Steven Samuel, Houston Fagin, Michael Kyle, Austin Faircloth, Sandy Gwen, Dallas Falcon, Vidal, III, Corpus Christi Falk, Jeffrey Alan, Dallas Fallen, Mary Michelle, Austin Fargason, Corwin Ray, Plainview Farquhar, Rosemary, Burnet Farrar, Mary Lou, Dallas Farris, Juaneva Kay, Austin Faust, Donna Lee, La Marque Fees, Francis Warren, San Antonio Fehrenkamp, Diane, Houston Feinberg, Lewis Alan, Texarkana Feldt, Mary Nell, Houston Fenstermaker, Anne Leslie, San Antonio Ferguson, Geoffrey Russell, Austin fit 4ii CLASS OF 1 966 Garrett, Gretta Ann, McGregor Garza, Dorothy Ann, Austin Gathright, Thomas Elbert, Jr., Houston Gauldin, Thomas L., Honey Grove Gaulding, Rodger Dorman, Dallas Gayle, George Shelton, Houston Geisler, Mary Ann, Beeville Cell, Alan Everett, Dallas Gerber, Marilynn, Houston Gerrard, Ann, Victoria Geyer, Harry Clifford, III, San Antonio Gibbs, Elizabeth Ann, College Station Gibbs, Gary Clinton, Odessa Gibson, David Lee, Denton Gibson, Fredella Anne, McAllen Gibson, Gary Eugene, Conroe Giddens, Paul Joseph, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Gideon, George Stanley, Bellaire Gideon, Kyle James, Coleman Giesecke, Richard Edward, Marble Falls Gilbert, Michele Virginia, Harlington Gilbert, Ray Lee, Waxahachie Gill, Elizabeth Marie, Bogata Gillen, Alicia Ann, Lampasas Gipson, Mary Frances, Haskell Gish, Terry Edwin, Fort Worth Gladd, Nevel Thomas, Fort Worth Glithero, Jan K., Columbus Gober, Nikki Nora, Nome Colder, Sharon Lee, Austin Goldin, Jacqueline Marie, Houston Golub, Golda Sue, Houston Gomez, Patricia Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Gonzalez, Ramon, Rosenberg Gooding, Martha Gay, Fort Worth Goodman, Judy Lynn, Dallas Goodnight, Stephen Lee, Dallas Goodrich, Gary Wayne, Shreveport, La. Goodwin, Susann, Nederland Goodwin, William Joseph, Longview Gordon, Catherine Regina, Richardson Gotsch, Wayne Edward, Edinburg ZA 2 ft Goyen, Kathryn Elouise, Houston Gracey, Leslie Lynn, Dalhart Graham, Hal Collins, Wichita Falls Graham, Samuel Russell, Austin Graham, Thomas Stephen, Austin Graham, Wanda Jeanne, Texas City Gray, Georgia Gail, Bellaire Green, Gretchen Ann, Midland Green, Richard Earl, Sweetwater Greenberg, Barnett Alvin, Beaumont Greenberg, Mary Esther, Texarkana Gregg, Gregory Louis, Wichita Falls Griffith, Mary Tedford, Austin Grimland, Joseph Rush, Grand Prairie Grisham, Michael Ann, Irving Groba, Donald David, Galena Park Grogan, Helen Stanley, Houston Grubb, Jerry Carl, Mesquite Gueldner, Walter John, III, Neosho, Mo. Guest, Henry Grady, Houston Gulledge, Billy Roy, San Marcos Gullick, Bertie Mae, Tomball Guzman, Diana Marie, Corpus Christi Hadden, George Stuart, Port Arthur Hagerty, Catherine Mary, Austin Haggart, Carol Ross, Houston Hahn, Buddie Joe, Sanderson Halamicek, Carol Ann, El Campo Haldane, Douglas Alexander, Pasadena Hale, Curtis Robert, III, Austin Hale, Susan Jane, Harlingen Hall, Ann Eldridge, Abilene Hall, Celinda, Brownwood Hall, Walter Martin, Fort Worth Hall, William Edwin, Dallas Hallberg, Andrea Pritchard, Orange Hamilton, Larry Dean, Bay City Hammer, Gary Permon, Dallas Hammer, John Charles, Edinburg Hammond, Geoffrey Bryant, Houston Hammer, Matthew Morgan, III, Monroe, La. Hancock, Ruth Elaine, El Campo Page 547 (mi I It. f ' Jr Hirsch, John Max, Channelview Hitchcock, William Bentley, III, Washington, D. C. Hodgkiss, Jimmy Donald, Sherman Hoffer, Frank Cole, Dallas Hofmann, Jill Bill, Streeter Hogan, Linda Lyle, San Benito Holcomb, Nancy Lou, Austin Holden, Marian Elizabeth, Brownsville Holden, Mary Kathleen, Dallas Holecek, James Raymond, Austin Holland, Cynthia Ann, Jacksonville Hollis, Jimmy Lee, Galena Park Holloway, Connie Merl, Talco Holman, Garvin Dwayne, Bonham Holman, Lyn Clark, Del Rio Holman, Nancy Carol, Houston Holmes, Parris Homer, Rosenberg Homer, Christina Anne, Monahans Hood, Phoebe Charline, Florence Hooper, John Michael, San Antonio Hosen, Peggy Suzanne, Port Arthur Hoskins, Laura Lee, Midland Houle, Jeffrey Rolland, North Las Vegas, Nev. Houston, Samuel Sykes, Austin Howe, Constance Dianne, Dallas Howell, Helen Patricia, San Antonio Howell, Robert Benton, Midland Hubbell, James Thomas, San Antonio Hudgens, Sherri Anne, Corsicana Hudson, David Carroll, Cameron Huff, Louis Elmer, Salt Lake City, Utah Hughes, Robert William (II), Silverton Hugos, Carolyn Marie, El Paso Hull, David Carlock, Longview Hull, James Lawrence, Jr., Wichita Falls Hunk ' e, Judith Ann, Waco ' % Hurt, Jeff W., Montgomery, Ala. Husband, Martha Helen, Henderson Hutchison, Robert William, Austin Hutchison, Thomas Ludlow, Jr., Austin Hyde, Thomas George, West Columbia Inglish, Edwin Clark, Jr., Dallas Pige 548 FRESHMEN Harbison, James Matthew, Houston Hardie, Mary Adele, Midland Hardy, James Richard, Seminole Harelik, Louis Max, Comanche Hargis, Norton Bassett, Jr., San Antonio Harper, Jack M., San Antonio Harrell, Johnny Frank, Jr., Wichita, Kans. Harrell, Peggy Sue, Luling Harris, Jill Annette, Amarillo Harris, Ray Wayne, Fort Worth Hart, Daphne Ann, Fort Worth Hart, Patricia Ann, Rockdale Haskinson, Diana Dale, Houston Hatcher, Beverly Ann, Dallas Heald, Judy Beth, Weslaco Hearne, William Milbre, Jr., Dallas Heller, Lois Roberta, Houston Helms, Fred Adlam, Bergstrom AFB Hembree, Louis Arthur, Killeen Henderson, Sandra Lee, San Antonio Hendrix, Carol Key, Dallas Henrichson, Preston Edward, Edinburg Henry, Allan Ann, Waco Henslee, Carol Ruth, Houston Hernandez, Ernest Richard, Wharton Herring, Julie Luella, Abilene Herrington, Sharon Louise, Palestine Herrington, Sheridan Lynn, Clarksville Herrmann, Michael Clay, Gilmer Herron, Phillip Byron, Dallas Hester, Thomas Riley, Haskell Hesterly, Frances Margaret, Corpus Christi Hickey, Sharron Louise, Dallas Hicks, Raleigh Robert, Houston Hight, Penelope, San Antonio Hilburn, William Grant, Jr., Austin Hill, Carl Vonard, Houston Hill, Harold Wayne, Houston Hill, Phyllis Ann, Austin Hill, Sandra Sue, Houston Hill, Wayne Wesley, Fort Worth Hillier, John Edward, Jr., Pleasanton CLASS OF 1 966 Ingram, William Bade, Midland Ivy, Richard Marvin, San Antonio Jackson, Claudia Alexander, Dallas Jackson, Helen Virginia, Austin Jackson, Jane, Dallas Jackson, Ross Len, Houston Jackson, Susan Odem, Corpus Christi Jacobs, Larry Don, Magnolia Jacobsohn, Karen Helene, Waco Jaeggli, Wilson S., Corpus Christi James, Jill Elaine, Dallas James, Mary Gleith, Wills Point James, Wiley France, III, Crane Janda, Loretta Marie, Austin January, William Spence, Dallas Jard, Lloyd Marshall, Houston Jenkins, Milton Phillip, Palestine Jennings, Martha Jean, Houston Jennings, Pamela, Laredo Jensen, Mary Frances, Pharr Jessen, Donna Ament, Austin Jinks, Warren Davis, Dallas Johnson, Carol Irene, Port Arthur Johnson, Clyde John Bennet, III, San Antonio Johnson, Evelyn Phillis, Galveston Johnson, Jeanie Beth, Kingsland Johnson, Judy, Houston Johnson, Robert Calvin, Jr., Dallas Johnson, Ronda Janice, Muleshoe Johnson, Ruth Ann, Houston Johnston, Mary Roselind, Houston Johnston, William Ronnal, Brownsville Jones, Carol Kay, Houston Jones, Earl Wayne, San Antonio Jones, George Foster, Dallas Jones, John Robert, Texas City Jones, John Thomas, Jr., Wharton Jones, Mary Lynette, Houston Jones, Michael Joseph, New Braunfels Jones, Patrick Ray, Austin Jones, Terry Dean, Austin Jones, William Penn, Midlothian Jordan, Janice, El Paso Jordan, Larry Michael, Texarkana Jordan, Laurence Randall, Jr., Allbrook AFB, Canal Zone Joy, James David, Austin Junge, Curtis Lin, Baytown Kalil, James A., Houston Kaskie, Mary Lark, La Marque Kauffman, Nancy Jo, Galveston Keene, Tommy Dale, Vernon Keim, Linda Louise, Dallas Kellogg, Linda Lou, Bellaire Kelly, Patrick Donald, Dallas Kelsey, James Robert, Alice Kelso, Charles Marvin, Jr., Taft Kemp, Ralph Gene, Tyler Kern, Robert Horace, III, McAllen Key, James Everett, II, Lake Jackson Key, Lucy Ellen, Texas City Keyes, Carolyn Marie, Harlingen Keyser, Kathryn Elaine, Houston Kidd, Sam Clark, Jr., Tyler King, Kay, Arlington King, Kay Lyn, Lubbock King, Robert Reeves, Houston Kirschner, Charles Wesley, Munday Klein, Virgie Ann, Burlington Klinck, Jan Michael, McAllen Klutz, Stacy Charlotte, Von Ormy Knaak, Edwin William, Jr., Houston Knight, Ronny Lynn, Austin Koby, William Anthony, Houston Koch, Mary Florence, Kerrville Koenig, Sandra Jane, Rosenberg Kohlenberg, Lee Meyer, Jr., New Braunfels Kothmann, Michael Francis, Mason Koy, Margaret Lucile, Bellville Kramer, Katherine Anne, Houston Kress, Craig Allan, Fort Worth Krezdorn, Sandra Gayle, Austin Kriss, Robert Steven, Dallas Krupp, Nita Kay, Amarillo Kubena, Glenn Thomas, Fayettevil ' e Page 549 V Lomax, John Marable, Houston London, Harold Michelson, Houston Long, Gary Thomas, Cleburne Long, Larry Howard, Lockhart Longacre, Janice Kaye, San Antonio Looney, Robert Michael, Houston Lord, Pauline Lenette, Houston Lortz, Nancy Kay, Sweeny Love, Jack Edward, Houston Love, William Terrell, Del Rio Lovell, Anne F., Austin Lowden, Wilda Rae, Austin Lowe, Fred Welch, Waco Lowery, Roy Paxton, San Angelo Luck, Sharon Ann, Houston Ludlam, Augustus Chester, III, Wichita Falls Lunsford, Thomas Mason, Lake Jackson Lutz, William Lan, New Boston Lyerly, Barbara Kim, Dallas Lyle, Susan Jane, Dallas Lynch, Ross Moore, Corpus Christi Lynge, Stephany, Piano Mabry, Donna Jean, Austin Mabry, Phillip H., Austin Maclnerney, Barbara Elaine, Galveston Macrini, Thomas Gene, Galveston Madison, Lorinda Beth, Silsbee Magedson, Helen, Dallas Mahaffey, Prudence Drew, Texarkana Mahaney, Nancy Karen, Graham Mahone, Louisa Perry, Austin Mahoney, William Ronald, Dallas Malick, Barbara Elaine, Houston Malone, Dudley Wayne, Muleshoe Manford, Thomas Durwood, III, Austin Manning, Eugene Robert, Kermit Manning, William Wallace, Houston Markette, Donald Leigh, San Antonio Markewich, Gary Steven, Houston Marks, Laurie L., San Antonio Marney, Pamela, San Marcos Marquis, Max Dean, Brownsville Page 5SO FRESHMEN Kuykendall, Elizabeth Lynn, Grand Saline Kyle, James Norman, Orange Kyser, Vermeil, Austin Lacy, Phillip Wayne, Marshall LaFont, Jennie Gail, Plainview LaLonde, Paul Rene, Buda Lambert, Richard Wayne, Dallas Landau, Sandra Helene, Colorado City Landers, Eldon Ray, Jr., Abilene Landers, Jimmy Addison, Abilene Landers, Thomas William, III, Longview Lane, Artie Sue, San Antonio Lanford, Edwin Howard, Fort Worth Langeloh, Larry Scott, Richardson Langston, Sunny Gayle, Dallas Larson, Cherry Eileen, Austin Launey, Richard Allen, Corpus Christi Lawler, Tracy Diane, Austin Lawyer, Sherry Jean, Austin Lea, Joe Edward, Jr., El Paso Leach, Ronald Doyle, Pasadena Leasure, Patricia Ann, Houston Lebo, Susan Marsha, Austin Lederer, Jim Conrad, San Antonio Lege, Jacqueline Elaine, Austin Lehman, Sheryl Kay, Corpus Christi Lennington, Richard Kent, Arlington Leonard, Babette Elaine, San Antonio Leonard, Thomas Walton, Sweetwater Lesikar, Jeanette Elizabeth, Austin Letts, Lynn Teresa, Victoria Levin, Stanley Marvin, Texas City Levine, Beverly Julia, Dallas Lew, Thomas Kent, San Antonio Lewellen, Beverly Earle, Plainview Lewis, Michael Ross, Wichita Falls Lindsay, Dana Gay, Houston Lissauer, Joel Simon, Dallas Little, Jane Page, Longview Little, Robert Warren, Jr., Waco Llewellyn, John Carter, Fort Worth Lloyd, James Barker, Garland A 5 9 tTtiiAiii _ CLASS OF 1 966 Marsh, John Weldin, Richardson Marsh, Ronald Alton, Charlotte Marshall, Lu-Nita Jane, Nederland Martin, Dorothy Gaye, Sweetwater Martin, James Robert, Dallas Martin, Sharon Kay, El Paso Martin, Sherry Nona, Hillsboro Martinez, Fernando, Harlingen Mason, Linda Lee, Austin Math, Theodore Albert, San Antonio Mathews, Lee Haynes, Lufkin Mathews, Stephen Lee, Austin Mattingly, Joe Patrick, Dallas Mattiza, Susan, Corpus Christi Matz, Eleanor Joyce, Harlingen Mauldin, Jackie Elaine, Austin Maxfield, Loyd Dale, Dallas Mayborn, Don Porter, Dallas Mayes, Kenneth Wayne, San Antonio Mayfield, Paula Kay, El Paso Mayhall, Ricki Ann, Houston Mays, Marilyn, Austin Mazow, Miriam Beatrice, Houston McAfee, Virginia Kay, College Station McAfee, William McDuffie, Oakmont, Pa. McArthur, Harvey King, Jr., Houston McBride, Patricia Jane, Del Rio McBride, Rosemary Vina, Houston McBroom, William Ernest, Jr., Vernon McCaskill, Judith Ellen, Houston McCasland, Kenneth George, Rotan McCaslin, Carl George, Hereford McCollom, Donnette Kay, Corpus Christi McConnell, Nina Carol, Denver City McCord, Judith Ann, Dallas McCullen, Gloria Catalina, Lubbock McCulley, Shirlee Suzanne, Houston McCullough, Alicia, Houston McDaniel, Gordon Keith, Mont Belvieu McDaniel, Robert Carl, Amarillo McDonald, Jere Hugh, Jr., Rosebud McDonald, Marilyn Lucille, San Antonio I McDonald, Robert Lester, Neches McDowell, Mollye Aleda, Dallas McDuream, Wanda Sue, Galveston McEntee, Judith Ann, Bellaire McGalliard, John Douglas, Spur McGee, Mary Gray, Houston McGraw, Larry Mitchell, McKinney Mclver, Carl Duffield, Austin McKemie, William Moores, Austin McKenney, James Hawley, Dallas McLain, Florence Pauline, Spearman McLaughlin, Frances Charlene, Del Rio McMahon, Mary Margaret, Dallas McMahon, Robert David, Cleveland McMaster, Harry Thomas, San Antonio McMilan, Hollis Keith, Eugene, Ore. McMillen, John Allen, Dallas McNeely, Mary Lillian, Bryan McNeil, Kay Sue, Corpus Christi McRee, Marcia Frances, Port Arthur McShane, Michael Bransford, San Antonio McWhorter, Margaret Chalmers, Waco Meacham, Sharon Lorraine, San Antonio Means, Janet Marie, Austin Megason, Travis Lynn, Texarkana Mehl, Stephen Herman, Fort Worth Meier, John Thomas, San Angelo Melcher, Lydia Ann, Port Lavaca Melinger, Anne Louise, Baytown Mendelovitz, Lee Michael, Houston Merrill, Barbara Ann, Houston Merritt, Jean Royce, Houston Merschbrock, Roger Edward, Austin Meska, James Emory, Dallas Metzke, Carrell Hildabeth, Houston Metzler, Vicki Lu, Houston Middleton, Mary Ann, Denison Milam, William Steven, Houston Miles, Robert Witherspoon, Austin Miller, Anita Carol, San Antonio Miller, Charles Edward, Dallas Miller, Ida Bernice, Graham Page 551 - Moyer, Vincent, Austin Mueller, Mark Alan, San Antonio Mueller, Peggy Nell, Flatonia Muir, William Duncan, Dickinson Mullen, Marilyn Jean, Austin Mullican, Hollie Raye, Gilmer Munson, Gary Wayne, San Antonio Murray, David Michael, Temple Murrell, Ton! Gayle, Dallas Musick, Edythe Jan, Baytown Myers, Michael Lynn, Fort Worth Nail, John Hill, Jr., Tyler Neagle, Jane Covington, Houston Neal, Richard Nawn, Houston Neblett, Nancy Ann, Houston Neill, James Norris, Everman Nelson, Caryl Denise, Dallas Nelson, Joe Allen, II, Longview Nelson, Nancy Susan, Ector Nelson, Ronnie Dubert, Dallas Nelson, Susanne, Houston Netting, Conrad John, San Antonio Neuman, Marilynn, San Antonio Newman, Gary Wayne, Poteet Newsom, Susann Mayrene, Den ton Nicewander, Janie Elaine, Atlanta Nichols, David Frank, Atlanta Nicholson, William Daniel, III, Lake Jackson Nickell, Nancy Lorine, Seguin Nienhueser, Kit Arthur, San Antonio Nigliazzo, Marc Anthony, Hearne Noack, Kathryn Marie, Austin Noble, Jean Louise, Brownsville Noble, Richard Cullen, Houston Nobles, Rudy Jack, Diana Nodler, Lee Aaron, Houston Norwood, Annetta Scott, Houston - Nowotny, Joyce Elaine, Needville Oaks, Elizabeth Anne, Houston Oberwetter, James Curtis, Pampa O ' Bryant, Nancy Helen, Galena Park Oertel, Ellen Marie, Houston P.jc 552 FRESHMEN Miller, Judy Carol, Houston Miller, William Wade, Cooper Mills, Nancy Marie, Houston Minor, Mary Camille, Overton Minten, Kendrick Henry, Falfurrias Mirsky, George Joseph, Dallas Mitchell, Cheryl Edna, Houston Mitchell, Helen Marie, Houston Mitchell, James David, Dallas Mitchon, Carol Elizabeth, Austin Mollere, Alan Leonard, San Antonio Moneyhon, Carl Hofmann, Mason Monk, Elizabeth Kaye, Dallas Montalbano, Anthony Michael, Houston Montemayor, Maria Elena, Galveston Montgomery, Edward Meador, Palestine Montgomery, Mary Elizabeth, West Mood, Penny Lee, Cuero Moody, William Berton, Austin Moore, Clara Llewellyn, Lake Jackson Moore, Donald Wayne, Dallas Moore, Eva Nita, Dallas Moore, John Willard, Austin Moore, Marion, Dallas Moore, Narcie Lee, Marshall Moore, Narcissa Lee, Marshall Moore, Patrick F., El Paso Moore, Paul Richmond, Baytown Moore, Troy Don, Hereford Moore, Watson Lee, San Antonio Moorhead, Jeff J., Randolph AFB Morgan, David Carroll, San Angelo Morgan, Exeen Marie, Victoria Morin, Raymond, San Antonio Merrill, George Poe, Beeville Morris, Carolyn Joyce, Dallas Morris, Martin Edward, Houston Morris, Susan Elizabeth, Dallas Morrison, Ronald Gene, Garland Morton, Donna Raye, Dallas Moseley, Ann Elizabeth, Dallas Moses, Charles James, West CLASS OF 1 966 Odom, David William, San Antonio Offerman, Lynne Marie, New Braunfels Oldfield, Douglas Alan, Houston Olian, Joseph Bert, Bryan Oliver, Floyd Louis, Jr., San Antonio Ollison, Mary Patricia, Austin Oltorf, Mary, Marlin Ormand, Jackson Edward, Jr., George West Owens, Homer Wade, Austin Owens, Lex Dale, Aust in Paden, Suzanne, Pampa Paine, Phillip Jay, Bay City Panowich, F ' aithann, Odessa Pape, Vernell Louise, San Antonio Parker, Charlotte Kay, Houston Parker, Margaret Ann, Pasadena Parkhurst, George Wright, Fort Worth Parma, William John, Jr., Belton Parrish, Donald Maltby, Jr., Dallas Parrish, William Manly, Marlin Parsons, Gary Frank, Bonham Pate, Virgil Albert. Abilene Patterson, Beverly Wayne, Dallas Patterson, Mary Helen, Fort Worth Patteson, Pamela Elizabeth, San Antonio Fatten, Jan Elizabeth, Dallas Patton, Thomas David, Rotan Pearre, Charles Morgan, III, Weslaco Peel, Harry Herbert, Pleasanton Pena, Manuel, Mission Penman, Linda Dell, Rochester Perkins, Susan Mae, Piano Peters, Robert Charles, Dallas Peterson, Terry Walter, Houston Pfardrescher, Judy, El Campo Pfeiffer, Jane Elizabeth, Houston Pfiester, Roy Edward, Jr., Fort Stockton Phelps, John Wayne, Houston Phillips, Judy Ann, Poteet Phillips, Pamela Ann, Houston Pickens, John Ziek, San Antonio Pierce, Cynthia Jean, Midland vl Pitt, Samuel John Gary, Sweetwater Pittard, Wilma Jeanette, Dallas Pitts, James Charles, Austtin Pitts, Teresa Eileen, San Antonio Planto, Sharon Lee, San Antonio Porter, Penelope Anne, Atlanta Poston, Lrene Marie, Austin Potter, Samuel, Dallas Presser, Roberta Gay, Houston Prince, Anita Louise, Bellaire Pryor, Frank Edwin, Lubbock Purcell, Martha Jeanne, Houston Pye, Nancy Sue, Houston Pyle, Billy Loyd, Houston Quin, Russell Kennon, Edinburg Quinn, James Stephen, San Antonio Ragle, George Alfred, Plainview Ramee, Robert Eggleston, Jr., Alice Ramey, Robert Lindell, Kingsville Ramsey, Sidney Clarence, III, Houston Randolph, James Collier, Abilene Rath, Vicki Sheryl. Edna Rauhut, Stanley Eugene, Comanche Real, Jane Ann, San Antonio Reaves, Gloria Jean, Dallas Record, Harry Doyle, Dumas Reeb, Carol Marie, Corpus Christi Reeder, Clair Lyn, Austin Reeder, James Beauford, Midland Reese, Marta Rosalia, Austin Reese, William Belew, Waco Reeves, Keith Oriel, Pasadena Reeves, Sheila Rae, Houston Reichert, David F., Austin Reinauer, James Richard, Hereford Reinhart, Suzanne, Carrizo Springs Renick, Bonnie Lee, Killeen Renker, Pam, Austin Reno, Dana Sue, Pasadena Rhodes, Frances Gates, Eagle Pass Rhodes. Susie Gates, Eagle Pass Rich, Connie Sue, San Angelo Page 553 r V Jkt ' k Russell, Walter Thomas, Jr., Wills Point Rutland, Carolyn, Houston Ryan, Mike Algennon, Gonzales Sablatura, Patricia Ann, East Bernard Sachs, Joel Robert, Houston Saegert, Joel Gartman, Austin Sager, Linda Jane, Cuero Sally, Sandra Lee, Childress Sampson, Michael J., Lake Jackson Samuelson, Robert John, Mineral Wells Sansing, Sue Grace, Athens Sansom, Edward Stephenson, Greenville Sansom, Sandra Lynn, Austin Sauer, Betsy Anne, Houston Savage, Margaret Ann, Austin Sayers, Virlie Kay, Austin Scaief, Charles demon, III, Crystal City Scallorn, Sally Jane, Austin Scamell, Richard William, Houston Schade, John Ernest, Edna Scheel, Charles Frederick, Garland Scheffler, Mary Linda, Dallas Scheske, Claudia, Gonazles Schiller, Wayne Fuller, Houston Schkade, Albert Fred, Jr., Giddings Schmidt, David Lawrence, Fredericksburg Schmidt, Donna Carolene, San Antonio Schneider, Cheryl Ann, Falls Church, Va. Schneider, Pamela, Dallas Schnitzer, Bruce William, Fort Worth Schoenbrun, Greta M., Tyler Schroeter, Deanna, Austin Schuerenberg, Charles Elbert, Mesquite Schulz, Dwight Winston, Austin Schulze, David Paul, Wells Schur, Gary Wade, Odessa Schwartz, Linda, Galvcston Schwartz, Nina Lee, Dallas Schwartz, Suzanne Carol, Fort Worth Schwer, Penelope, Austin Schwettmann, Rick Steen, Dallas Scott, Betty Ruth, Temple Page :..-, I FRESHMEN Richardson, Carol Joan, San Angelo Richardson, Rita Jean, Dallas Rigsby, Mary Charles, Sherman Ring, Glenn Hamlink, Houston Ripple, Linda Lou, El Campo Rische, Rita Susan, Houston Risher, David ' Marion, Freeport Roach, Georgina Lela, Austin Roan, Forrest Calvin, Austin Robberts, Ted Alan, Houston Roberson, Kenneth Alwyn, Petersburg Roberts, Betsy Lucindy, Henderson Roberts, Mary Jay, Pearsall Roberts, Nina Jo, Wichita Falls Roberts, William Judson, Gilmer Robinson, John Howard, Grafton, W. Va. Robinson, Judy, Houston Roden, Pamela Sue, Friona Rodgers, Larry Edward, Abilene Rodriquez, Marie Eugenia, Austin Rogers, Robert Reid, Burleson Rogers, Ronnie Earl, Houston Rohrer, David Barbee, Austin Rohrer, John Patterson, Austin Roitsch, Dorothy Jean, La Grange Romo, Richard, San Antonio Rosales, Palmira Berta, San Antonio Rose, Helen Patricia, Baytown Rosenberg, Joanne Sydney, Dallas Rosenberg, Rose Diane, El Campo Ross, Adreain Ann, San Antonio Rosten, Judith Ann, El Paso Rounsaville, John Quinn, Jr., Dallas Rubin, Carolyn Eileen, Houston Ruble, Karen Judith, Fort Worth Rudberg, Joyce Ann, Dallas Ruggles, Richard Donald, Longview Rule, Robert Nathan, Jr., League City Rummel, Joan Ann, Austin Rush, David Lee, Fort Worth Russ, William Bennett, Austin Russell, Terrell Elizabeth, Houston CLASS OF 1 966 Scott, Elizabeth Ann, San Antonio Scott, Gayle Ann, Weimar Scale, James Mattison, Beaumont Scale, Jimmy Ray, Olney Scale, Kathy, Centerville Searcy, Claire Morey, San Antonio Searight, Sarah Virginia, Austin Seifert, Frances Helen, Weimar Sembera, Arthur York, Houston Senevey, Suzanne, Fort Worth Servello, John Phillip, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Shaffer, James Frederick, Baltimore, Md. Shakno, Evelyn Diane, Dallas Shands, Michael Franklin, Killeen Sharpless, James Reid, Baytown Shaw, Martha Neil, Brownwood Shearer, James Pate, Booker Shelton, Kay Nell, Austin Sheppard, Sallie Vonolia, College Station Shipley, James Weir, Waxahachie Shope, Randy Roy, Waco Shoss, Roger Lee, Houston Shrader, Diane Sue, Austin Shull, David Lee, Houston Sibley, Sharron Austin, Abilene Siegel, Shawn, Philadelphia, Pa. Sierra, Roland Joe, San Antonio Sikes, Steven Linal, Austin Simpson, Edith Ann, Dallas Simpson, Patricia Persch, San Antonio Singer, Carol Ann, Austin Singer, Joel Michael, Houston Slaughter, Phyllis Jeanne, Houston Slipakoff, Rose Harriet, Houston Sloboda, Steve Kenneth, Phoenix, Ariz. Slocomb, Will Sam, Odessa Smith, Aurel Emerson, Dallas Smith, Charlene Ruth, La Marque Smith, Ellis Lee, Baytown Smith, James Raymond, Austin Smith, Marilyn Sue, Bellaire Smith, Richard Penland, Houston ft P 4ti 1 Wfi Smith, Robert Clinton, Dallas Smith, Ronnie Stephen, Tyler Smith, Sheron Elizabeth, Lufkin Smith, Trudie Kaye, Dallas Smith, William Bryan, Lake Jackson Smither, Charles Waller, Jr., Huntsville Sneed, Joseph Goodloe, Dumas Snodgrass, James Don, Idalou Snyder, Beverly Diane, La Feria Sockol, Harry Howard, Brownwood Solganick, Harvey, Dallas Solomon, Vernard Grimes, Marshall Sorenson, Laurits Sue, Bellaire Souder, Ronald Eugene, Fort Worth Speed, Mary Sue, Temple Spence, Margaret Suzanne, Brenham Spillane, James Christopher, Houston Spinks, Horace Lee, Houston Spivy, Frances, Texarkana Spring, Kay Jeannette, Longview Stack, Kathryn Elizabeth, Dallas Stanfield, Nancy Lynne, Big Wells Stanford, Emily Jean, Galveston Stanford, George Henry, Houston Stanley, David Brian, McLean, Va. Starkey, Mary Louise, College Station Starnes, Mary Madeleine, Austin Starrett, Raymond Arthur, Irving Statman, Benjamin, Dallas Steadman, Charles Rankin, Houston Steele, Larry Leon, Fredericksberg Sterling, Steven Jon, San Antonio Steubing, Charles August, Jr., Houston Steward, Donna Eileen, Houston Stewart, Alford Marshall, Travis AFB, Calif. Stewart, James Lee, Dallas Stewart, Jane Lucinda, Houston Stewart, Judy Bess, Houston Stoddard, Sandra Gail, Midland Stone, Barbara Lynn, Fort Worth Stone, Martha Dee, Linden Storms, John Webb, Houston Page 555 ft At AJ % Thompson, Maidee Laura, Dallas Thompson, Thomas Hall, Dallas Ticknor, Judy Marshall, Fort Worth Tigner ' , Ronald Edwin, San Antonio Tims, James Irving, Cleveland, Miss. Titerle, Robert Charles, San Antonio Tittle, Jo Lynn, Duncanville Tlucek, Melicent Marie, Houston Tomson, Tommy Joe, Corpus Christi Trail, Carolyn, Kaufman Travis, Pauline Jane, Beaumont Trigg, Virginia Ann, Corpus Christi Troell, Jay Henry, Pleasanton Troell, Leolo Patricia, Pleasanton Truitt, Roy Lee, Houston Tucker, Richard Stephen, Beaumont Tuggle, Terry P., Austin Turlington, David Truett, Austin Turner, Katherine Louise, Groves Turner, Veneta DuAnn, Austin Twidwell, Judythe Loraine, Austin Van Gundy, Harriett Wier, San Marcus Van Hoozer, James Charles, Houston Van Wagoner, Helen Elizabeth, El Paso Van Winkle, Wallace Barry, Orange Vaughan, Flo Ann, Galveston Vaughn, John Dee, Houston Veltman, Minnette Verne, Dallas Vernor, A. C., Bellaire Vick, Marvin York, Madisonville Vickers, Sandra Jean, Jacksonville Vifquain, Bryan Richard, Dallas Vincent, Christine Gay, Bryan Vineyard, Mary Blanche, Galveston Vogler, Jon Allen, Midland Vogt, William Harold, Seguin Volkmann, Anease Elain, Menard Volz, Carol Ann, Waco Von Kreisler, Kristin Helen, Austin Voorhees, Charles Gene, Dallas Waddle, David Eugene, Jefferson Waid, John McClelland, Midland Page 556 FRESHMEN Story, Gloria Jayne, Fort Worth Stowe, Grady Kent, Vernon Strader, Carol Kay, Greenville Stripling, Mary Elizabeth, Nacogdoches Stromberg, Malinda Ann, Austin Stromberg, Marvin Leif, Dallas Strong, Stuart Kendall, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Strong, William Reese, Henderson Strozeski, Michael Wayne, McKinney Stuard, Tommye Earle, Austin Stuart, Robert Bruce, Dallas Stubbs, Jo Frances, Gonzales Sturkie, John David, Houston Sullivant, Sally Kay, Gainesville Sulsky, Harold Samuel, Tyler Summerlin, David Randall, San Angelo Sundbeck, Joan Marlene, San Antonio Sutherlin, Michael Keaney, Indianapolis, Ino Sutton, Delia Jane, Pasadena Swaim, Phyllis Sue, Austin Swanson, Sarah Ann, Fort Worth Swift, Edward Reagan, Bellaire Swift, Mary Alice, Houston Tannahill, Richard Craig, Friona Taylor, Sandra Fay, Freeport Taylor, Sheryl Gayle, Sinton Taylor, Vicki Jo, Coleman Templeton, Betty Carolyn, Cooper Terrell, Ann Carlotta, Eagle Lake Terrell, John Larry, Austin Terry, Julie Ann, Beaumont Teutsch, Virginia Ann, Dumas Thaxton, Robert Hurst, Falfurrias Thomas, Fred Purnell, Houston Thomas, Ralph, Houston Thomason, Rosanna Routt, Brenham Thompson, Carl Wayne, Irving Thompson, Charles Andrew, Houston Thompson, Charlotte Ann, Austin Thompson, Jerry Wayne, Carrolton Thompson, Jimmie Kay, Port Arthur Thompson, Karen Ann, Houston CLASS OF 1 966 Waldron, Michael Lewis, San Antonio Walker, Brenda Fay, Sugarland Walker, Darry Eileen, Houston Walker, Mary Kathleen, Bryan Wall, Judy Ann, Austin Wall, Larry Dwaine, Houston Wall, Marian Suzanne, Fort Worth Walls, Carolyn Kay, Brownwood Walsh, Elizabeth Allison, Baytown Walsh, Michael Gordon, Bergstrom AFB Wangard, Judy Ann, Harlingen Ward, Janet, Del Rio Ware, William Allan, Baytown Warren, Suzanne, Austin Watkins, Edward Tarry, Houston Watkins, Lana Mae, Denison Watson, Andrew Jess, Austin Watson, Camille Leal, Houston Watson, Judith Ann, Bay City Watts, James Richard, San Antonio Watts, Peggy Joan, San Antonio Watzlavick, Thomas Raymond, Schulenburg Wauson, Richard Earl, Jr., San Antonio Wavell, Pam, Corpus Christi Webb, Kay Clyde, Houston Webb, Thomas Warren, Dallas Webber, Karen Dodd, Odessa Wecker, Paula Michele, Midland Weems, Kenneth Edwin, Amarillo Weinsten, Jerry Lee, Fort Worth Weintraub, Donna Gail, Sherman Weiss, Wayne Louis, Sugarland Wells, Edward Larry, Longview Welsh, Janet Kaye, Midland Werlin, Ernest Pyle, Houston Wharton, Thomas Lee, San Antonio Wheeler, Thomas Richard, Marshall Wheeley, Sharon Gayle, White Deer White, Anna Frances, Houston White, Charles Clifford, Jr., Waco White, Dean A., Houston White, Kathryn Eileen, Pasadena ! ft ft Hit J sft White, Mike Harry, Houston White, Thomas Lee, Jr., Monahans Whiteman, Resanne Mollie, Beaumont Whitney, Pamela Knox, Houston Whitsit, Jane Durden, San Antonio Whitten, Ralph Ukler, Tyler Wiemers, Alice Merlin, Dallas Wilbur, Petrena Adella, Austin Wilburn, Carolyn Jean, Big Lake Wilkerson, James Claude, Comanche Wilkinson, Belinda Marion, Dallas Willbern, Betsy Ann, Houston Williams, Betsy Browning, Austin Williams, Burleson, Jr., Smithville Williams, Charles Louis, Menard Williams, Elizabeth Anne, La Marque Williams, Gwen, Dallas Williams, Laura Lee, Freeport Williams, Lawrence Riley, Graham Williams, Shelton Lee, Odessa Williamson, Mary Jane, Poteet Willingham, James Edwin, Jr., Houston Willis, Karen Elaine, Dallas Willis, Terry Austin, Gilmer Willoughby, John Alexander, III, Abilene Wills, Sue Ellen, Fort Worth Wilson, James Harrell, Dallas Wilson, James Milton, Brownwood Wilson, Jimmy Doyle, McGregor Wilson, Judy Elaine, La Marque Wilson, Marsha, Fort Stockton Wilson, Patricia Ann, Austin Wilson, Sara Sue, Hearne Wimberley, Enoyse Verna, Amarillo Wimberly, Gail Irene, Austin Wingo, Martha Ann, Silverton Wise, Jim Price, Houston Wish, Judy, San Antonio Withrow, Betty Elaine, Mexia Wittig, Sandy June, Austin Wixx, Charlotte Patricia, Longview Wizig, G-wenda Faye, McAllen Page 557 FRESHMEN Wizig, Martha Jane, Waco Wolf, David Samuel, Houston Wolfe, Stephen James, Groves Womack, Jack Henry, Waco Womack, Vernon Kay, Waco Wood, Andrea Fatten, San Antonio Wood, Clifford Warren, Crockett Wood, Margaret Ann, Midland Wood, Naomi Ruth, Houston Woodard, Shari Lynn, Pasadena Woodruff, Paul Frank, Corpus Christi Woolrich, Willis Raymond, III, Houston Works, George Wesley, III, Dallas Worley, Sandra Faith, Taylor Worsham, Ralph Dennes, Richardson Wortham, Dana Rose, Bryan Worthen, Virginia Ann, Midland Wren, Bobby Lewis, Stanton Wren, Lanny Dennis, Longview Wright, Donna Gail, Woodville Wright, James Morgan, Odessa Wright, Jay Orville, Arlington Wright, Sandra Lea, Bastrop Wyatt, Linda Ruth, Dallas Wynn, Jennifer, Houston Wynne, Angus Gilchrist, III, Dallas Yandell, Linda Darlene, Austin Yates, Ronny Vonhoy, Austin York, Sherry Lynne, Dallas Youens, William Thomas, II, Columbus Young, David Allen, Austin Young, Eugene Owen, Borger Young, Louis Edward, Fort Worth Young, Reginald Gladish, Jr., Houston Young, Sandra Leigh, Freeport Younger, W. B. Jerry, Big Spring Zayic, Geraldine Lee, Killeen Zemer, Harold Andrew, Texas City Zepeda, Henry, Houston Zepeda, Rudolph Felix, Jr., Houston Zimmerman, Sarah Adele, Houston Zraikat, Anwar George, El Paso FRESHMAN BEAUTIES tt I Ik - . ' I I I ill EVELYN PHILLIS JOHNSON. Pinner Left to Right: Ann Hall, Ann Oaks, Gloria McCullen. Ann Hansel, Evrlyn Phillii Johnion, Beth Boehmer. Pjc 558 INDEX Name Pages Aaron, Carolyn Ann 204, 423 Aaron, William Lynn 474 Abbott, Albert Donald 245 Abbott, Mary Elizabeth 215 Abernathy, Louis Courtney . . 291, 518 Abney, John Beck 480 Abnor, Marilyn Gay 319 Abraham, Edward 306, 518 Abrams, Carol Sue 203 Abrams, Leonard Bruce 286 Abramson, Beverly Ann 220 Abu Kish, Saud K 334 Abu Nian, Mohamed 334 A Cappella Choir 316 Acacia 240, 241 Acers, Penelope Elizabeth 237, 424, 530 Acker, Leslie Clark 272, 429, 542 Acker, Lexa Morris 308, 454, 480 Acosta, Jorge F 309 Atkinson, Arland Lee 326, 331 Actkinson, Tomme Ray 429, 467 Acuna, Arturo 462, 480 Adair, Darlene 319, 518 Adair, Diane 208, 440, 542 Adair, Joseph Bryan 311 Adair, III, Robert LaFayette . . 292, 293 Adame, Homero 324 Adams, Anna Marlene 148, 421, 423, 540 Adams, Carol Louise .... 172, 174, 223 Adams, Donald Earl 161 Adams, Dorothy Lee 336 Adams, Elizabeth Anne .... 205, 472, 518 Adams, Frederick Joseph 280 Adams, Mrs. Hattie 298 Adams, James Edgar 480 Adams, Jerry Lynn 459 Adams, John Alva 315, 530 Adams, Judith Arvin 226, 518 Adams, Karen Kay 173, 542 Adams, Marilyn June .... 172, 314, 337, 480 Adams, Marion Corry, Jr 269, 476 Adams, Norma Ruth 319, 206 Adams, Robert Larry 282 Adams, Susan Ann 199, 458 Adams, William Scott 269, 427 Adams, Captain William T 356, 473 Adams, Zilla Katherine 205, 530 Adamsen, Evalyn Anna 458 Adcock, James Luther 326, 331 Adcock, Willis Sherman 245 Addington, Frederick Marcus, Jr 246, 542 Addison, Carl Irving, Jr 459 Adelman, Cathy Lee 203 Adkins, Bennie Marie 464, 542 Adkins, Lieuen Roger 169, 480 Adkisson, Elizabeth A 440 Adler, James Steven 286 Adleta, Thomac Lafferty 267, 325 Administration 25-40 Adrian, Jan Kathleen . . . . 174, 223, 530 Adsani, Ahmed 334 Ae-Hossainey, Effat Ae-Mallah 478 Aftergut, Frances Ellen .... 202, 203 Agan, Larry Edward 438 Ager, Henry Orien, III 44, 542 Ager, Roger Quentin 249, 518 Agnew, Margaret Ellen 198, 337 Aguillard, Margaret Murray 530 Aguirre, Jose Rolando 480 Aguren, Gary Dennis 474 Aguren, Wayne Fredric . . . .64, 153, 442, 474, 480 Ahlers, Susan Marie 461 Ahlrich, Carolyn Louise 518 Ahlschlager, Dachiell Harding .. 232. 542 Ahmed, Othman 334 Ahnger, Donald C 251 Aikman, W. M 441 Air Force ROTC 356-359 Aird, James Whitney 290 Ajroush, Abdullah Ali 334 Akil, Solaiman 334 Akin, Jim H 311 Akin, Robert Harry 147 Albe, Frank 518 Albers, Carl Clarence 451, 462 Alberg, Cheryl Ruth 223, 530 Name Pates Albers, Kenneth 333, 439 Alder, Linda Sue 518 Alderson, Curtis Jackson 264 Aldredge, Sue Ann 212, 530 Aleff, Kendra Lynn 205 M, -MI. in. Raymond William 348 Alexander, Arlin Ann 47, 172, 177, 219, 360 Alexander, Connie Jean 179 Alexander, Drury B 454 Alexander, Johnny Banister 449 Alexander, Martha Jean 194, 314, 456, 480 Alexander, Martha Sue 198 Alexander, Nancy Lila 232 Alexander, Phyllis 149, 203, 337, 530 Alexander, Rebekah Sterling .... 158, 214, 542 Alexander, Sandra Joyce .... 177, 315 Name Pages Name Pages Alford, Daniel Lee Alford, Daryl Ray . 315 189, 466, 472, 480 . 353, 471, 542 310 458, 530 . 334 Alford, James Joseph . . Alford, Thomas Lewis Algeo, Donna Ruth . . Al-Hamoud, Bader Ali Al-Heeb, Mikdam Mohammad .... 334 Al-Hossainy, Hidayat Ullah Hossain 518 Alkadi, Seleman Al 480 All Campus Advisors 172 Alldredge, Bud E 256, 412 Alleman, Deanna 47, 150, 151, 158, 161, 223, 456, 460, 480 Allen, Barbara Jean 211 Allen, Carol Anne 216 Allen, Chester Lee 289 Allen, Clay Willis, HI 325, 344, 542 Allen, Elizabeth 226 Allen, George Louis 530 Allen, Howard Amason 256 Allen, James Moyes 240, 542 Allen, James Orval Allen, Jane B Allen, Janette Erwin Allen, Joan Allen, Joe Riley 325 228, 448, 475 480 215 280, 281 Allen, John Edwin 323 Allen, John Richardson 258, 344, 471 Allen, John Young 258, 542 Allen, Judy Beth 201 Allen, Leila Louise 233, 335 Allen, Linda Darnell 458 Allen, Lloyd Edward, Jr 359, 466 Allen, Louis George 285 Allen, Mark Woods 326 Allen, Michael Herbert 263 Allen, Nancy H 232 Allen, Raymond B 444 Allen, Reuben Michael 542 Allen, Richard Wayne 257, 431 Allen, Roger William 326 Allen, Holland Craten, III 266 Allen, Ronald Gene 275 Allen, Russell Lee 248 Allen, Thomas Edward 290 Allen, Tim .... 262, 263, 408, 415, 426, 431 Allen, Mrs. Vera 254 Allen, Virginia 216, 217 Alline, Lynda Marie ... 150, 160, 199 Allison, Ann 233 Allison, George Edward 253 Allison, Jim Choyce 309, 408 Allison, Linda White 480 Allison, Robert Elton, Jr 358, 432, 542 Allison, William Thomas, II 271 Allison, Wilmer Lawson 252, 406, 416 Allman, John Chellman 268 Allman, John Chelsea 1 167 Allred, John B 441 Allred, Judith Ann 47, 159, 211 Al lred, Leland M 428, 429, 431 Allred, Patricia Ellen 178 Allred, Tess 440 Allsup, Harvey C., Jr 311 Allums, David George 289, 343, 429, 480 319 . 326, 332 193 149, 278, 279, 439 Alpha Chi Omega 198, 199 Alpha Chi Sigma 457 Allwright, Berry Jane . Allwright, Judith Elaine Almetris Co-Op Alpard, Allan Joseph Alpha Delta Pi 200, 201 Alpha Delta Sigma 438 Alpha Epsilon Delta 439 Alpha Epsilon Phi 202, 203 Alpha Epsilon Pi 242, 243 Alpha Gamma Delta 204, 205 Alpha Kappa Alpha 206, 207 Alpha Lambda Delta 440 Alpha Omicron Pi 208, 209 Alpha Phi 210, 211 Alpha Phi Omega 466, 467 Alpha Phi Tan 458 Alpha Tau Omega 244, 245 Alpha Xi Delta 212, 213 Al-Rashid, Nasser Ibrahim .... 310, 443 Al-Rawi, Othman 334 Alspaugh, Ralph Williamson . . 261, 408 Alsup, Alice Ann 173 Alsup, William Floyd 413, 542 Altgelt, Ernest J., Ill 307 Altsuler, Arnold Kent 287, 325, 518 Alvarado, Josephine 183 Alvis, James Eugene 283 Alvoid, Dennis Ellsworth 467, 518 Amacker, Jeanne Richey .... 46, 233, 424, 518 Amado, Julio Ernesto 542 Amador, Adela 194 Amaimo, Janice Ann 518 Ambrose, Barbara Ann 456 American Association of Architectural Engineers 306 American Finance Association 307 American Institute of Architects . . 308 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 309 American Institute of Interior Designers 456 American Society of Civil Engineers 310 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 311 Americus, Jorge 310 Ammons, Leland 353, 471 Amster, Susan Frederica 147 Ana, Raul Santa 348 Anan, Fayez 334 Anawaty, Peggy Bahia 542 Andersen, R. Clifton 153, 442 Anderson, Andrea Lynn 216 Anderson, Andrew George, Jr. . . 247, 354, 355, 476 Anderson, Angus Lane 309, 542 Anderson, Sharon Lucille 159 Anderson, Benno du Menil 289, 457 Anderson, Carolyn Dena 319 Anderson, Donald Gene 311 Anderson, Earl Weldon .... 451, 462 Anderson, Edwin McCullough 293, 439 Anderson, Helen Claire 161, 172, 174. 313, 337, 470 Anderson, James Lofton .... 309, 480 Anderson, Jane Coates .... 160, 319 Anderson, Jimmy Arden 463 Anderson, John Charles 462 Anderson, Judith Ann 227, 480 Anderson, Judith Rose 160 Anderson, Kenneth Larry 160 Anderson, Lee 457 Anderson, Lillian Cecilia .... 149, 158, 200 Anderson, Louis Robert .... 295, 309 Anderson, Marshall Lee 345 Anderson, Mary Ellen 177, 337 Anderson, Merilee Joan 219 Anderson, Nancy Jeanne .... 180, 337, 448 Anderson, Ralph Hulen 530 Anderson, Richard Leslie 542 Anderson, Robbin Colyer .... 264, 457 Anderson, Robert Edwin 318, 322, 542 Anderson, Ronald Glenn 192 Anderson, Sandra Gayle 225, 442, 480 Anderson, Sharon Lee .... 150, 215, 530 Anderson, Sharon Lee 219 Anderson, Thomas Axel .... 317, 530 Anderson, Thomas Richard .... 257, 336, 480 Anderson, Velda Lorraine 480 Anderson, William Lee 289, 309, 480 Andersson, Monica Anita .... 210, 518 Andreason, Doris Elaine .... 337, 480 Andres, David Hardy 179, 428 Andres, Joe Francis 518 Andrews, David Harlan 280, 542 Andrews Dormitory 173 Andrews, Forrest Alex 326 Andrews, Freeman LaSalle 426 Andrews, Jamie Lee .... 161, 178, 475, 542 Andrews, Kay Lee 218 Andrews, Michael Allen 268 Andrews, Michael Wesley .... 192, 449 Andrews, Nancy Etta .... 154, 217, 337, 480 Andron, Leo Alexander, H 359 Angel Flight 360 Angell, David Michael 530 Angell, Kim May 208 Angle, Edgar Wayne 307, 480 Ankenman, Fred Norman 245 Anschultz, Everett Leroy, Jr. . . 280, 281 Anselin, Mary Lou 418, 425 Ansley, William Fred 518 Anthony, Donald Roy 240, 530 Anton, Bennett Stanley 279, 428 Antonelli, Amy Solit 319 Anz, Reginald Dean 518 Anzelmo, Sam S 345 Apel, Mildred Marie 159, 44, 460 Appenbrink, Betty Sue 148, 159, 172, 181, 424, 518 Apple, Thomas Michael 359 Appledorf, Margie Ann 220, 512 Appleton, Gordon Scott .... 366, 369, 370, 408, 476 Applewhite, Barry Alan .... 149. 151, 260, 449 Applewhite, Patricia Jo 193 Appling, Robert Leslie, Jr 346 Appling, Tommy R 315 The Organization of Arab Students 334 Arbaugh, Charles Houston .... 253. 358, 530 Arbingast, Stanley A 153, 162, 272, 459 Archer, Betty Lynn 172, 181, 316, 448 Archer, Carolyn Marie 237, 530 Archer, Girvice Ward, Jr 256, 449 Archer, Nancy Ruth 217, 530 Archer, William Thomas 245 Ardis, Michael Howard 414, 542 Ardrey, James Stanley 252 Arellano, Oscar Sanchez 480 Arellano, Sonya Ann 447 Arevalos, Henry G 428, 436 Armistead, Betty Ray 201, 337, 480 Armistead, Robert Thomas .... 452, 478 Armstrong, Elizabeth Ann 451 Armstrong, Fred Robert 266 Armstrong, Linda Sue .... 219, 530 Armstrong, Robert David .... 149, 170 Armstrong, Robert Larry 190 Armstrong, Thomas Alan .... 281, 530 Armstrong, Walter Nolle 357 Army ROTC 342-353 Arnett, Jerry Dale 271 Arnhold, Larry Gene 186, 480 Arno, Howard Michael 453 Arnold Air Society 468 Arnold, George Lawrence 449 Arnold, Jasper Henry 244 Arnold, John Robert, III 272 Arnold, Olga Yvonne 176, 212 Arnold, Richard Fred 480 Arnold, Sara Mae 217, 518 Arnold, Vance Michael 542 Arnott, Marilyn Sue 440 Arredondo, Ephraim Alfonse .... 282. 288 Arrell, Ralph Lavon 269, 349 Arrinpton, Bonnie Jane .... 464, 542 Art, Maxine 203, 238 Arteberry, Michael David 317 Arthur, Donald Elliott 310 Arthur, John Joe 542 Arthur, M. Brent 325 Artis, Donald Robert, Jr 347, 471. 530 Arzaga, Eulalio, Jr 185. 186. 518 Aschbacher, Fredrich Edward 185 Asel, Judith Ann 210, 264, 455. 460 Asel, Richard Jewitt 260 Ash, John Powell 292 Ashbel Literary Society 312 Ashburn, Delores 337 Ashburne, Jim G 442, 459 Page 559 Name Pages Ashcroft, Enos L., Ill 271 Ashgar, Saud A. R 309 Ashland, Maurice Inrin 306, 443 Ashorn, Delores Ann 195, 419, 421, 480 Ashton, Sharon Lee .... 167, 212, 213, 448, 460 Askew, Benna Layne 175, 530 Askew, Robert Middleton 258 Assir, Youssef Nairn 334 Aston, James Carroll 459 Aston, Kathryn Louise 200, 326, 423, 542 Aston, Mary Jane 456 Aston, Nancy Thrift 314, 455, 460, 469, 480 Aston, Patricia Ruth .... 47, 200, 326, 329, 332, 468, 518 Athel, Saleh Abdulrahman 334 Athens, Vivian 119, 337 Athey, Patricia Ann 440, 542 Athletics 361-416 Athletic Administration 362, 363 Atkins, Patricia Ann 542 Atkins, William Dean 310, 443, 453 Atkinson, Clifford, III 261 Atkinson, Lawrence Fred 247 Atkinson, Sallye Lou 337, 480 Atkinson, Susan Clare 227, 480 Attaway, Kathryn Janelle 518 Atteberry, James Franklin 248 Aue, Betty Ann 75 Auken, T. Van 457 Ault, Stanley Arch 267 Austin, Barbara Elaine 211 Austin, Ethel Jane 227, 238 Austin, John Franklin, III .... 262, 348, 425, 451, 542 Austin, Kathryn Mary .... 177, 228, 542 Austin, Michaele E 444 Austin, Nina Jean 480 Austin, Robert Neil 453 Austin, Robin Ann 178, 200 Austin, Stephen Fuller .... 346, 458, 471 Austin, Vicki Lou 542 Austin, Walter George, Jr 441 Autrey, Cecile Curlin 47, 48, 62, 232, 233, 312 Autrey, Judy Sharon 530 Autry, Arville Thomas 480 Autry, Joe Gene 326, 329, 331, 462 Aven, Travis Ray 518 Avery, Roy Daniel 480 Avila, Carlos 436, 478 Awards 76-78 Awbrey, Stuart Allen 481 Alexrod, Nathan Stephen .... 296, 353, 542 Aycock, Charles Black 247 Aycock, Dorothy FehlU 446 Aycock, Jane Louise .... 151, 158, 172, 176, 224 Ayer, Suzanne Elaine 542 Ayers, Harvard Glenn 432 Ayers, John Harold 430 Ayers, Louis McClelland, Jr 359 Ayland, Mrs. Oscarine 172 Ayres, Clarence Edwin 290 Ayres, Dorothy 442 Ayres, Gilbert Haven 457 Ayres, Joe Robbins 459 Ayres, John Richard 530 Azadian, Bette Jane 147, 153, 211 B Baade, Henry Howard 311, Babbitt, Milton F 308, Babione, Barbara Lou Bacarisse, George Backus, George Henry Bacon, Linda Ann Bacon, Rinaldo A Baerreii, Phillip George, III Baese, Kermit Raymond Baeten, Rene J Baethe, Jan Anne 211, 439, Bagby, Susan Marguerite Baggett, Jackie Ray 423, 424, Baggett, Patrick Edward Baggett, Patrick Henry Baggett, Sally 47, 159, 460, Baggett, Susan Baglcy, Judith Ann 339, 518 454 448 280 309 201 298 414, 542 449 344 418, 481 176 481 453 309 518 215 178 Name Pages Bailey, Barbara Sue 215, 530 Bailey, Carolyn Jean 219, 337 Bailey, Dani Ellen 62, 215, 448 Bailey, Edgar Daniel .... 150, 258, 259, 311, 344, 473 Bailey, James Lee 270 Bailey, Joe Allen 272 Bailey, Joe Murray 260, 261 Bailey, John Lee 323 Bailey, John Wesley 444, 453 Bailey, Joseph Kenneth 363, 442, 459 Bailey, Kathryn Ann .... 46, 47, 148, 149, 151, 159, 165, 197, 233 350, 351, 352, 472 Bailey, Kim Diane 181 Bailey, Larry Lynn 518 Bailey; Martha G 227 Bailey, Michael Howard 359, 530 Bailey, Philip Sigmon, Jr 449, 457 Bailey, Ralph Wayne 353 Bailey, Randal Allen 282, 542 Bailey, Robert Earl 436 Bailey, Shirley Mae 518 Bain, Cecil William, Jr 185, 191, 467, 472, 530 Bain, Herschel Eugene 153, 459, 481 Baines, Marsha Lee 210, 518 Baines, Robert Roy, Jr 353, 473, 518 Baird, Alan Bruce 241 Baird, Albert W 444, 453, 481 Baird, Bonnie Elizabeth 198, 518 Baird, Cynthia Jane 176, 440 Baird, Gloria Elaine Treat 481 Baird, John Wayne 187 Baity, Carolie Ann 47, 167, 224, 225 Baiz, Mohammed Ibrahim 334 Baker, Brook Alan 289 Baker, Caroline Susan 227, 456 Baker, Carroll Ann 149, 227 Baker, Dianne Colgrave 211 Baker, George Franklin 311 Baker, Glenn Barclay 542 Baker, James Corbin 481 Baker, James Hall 273, 304 Baker, Jeanette S 148, 233, 530 Baker, John Keith 346 Baker, Malcolm G 263, 426 Baker, Mary Martha 201, 335, 518 Baker, Mary Morgan 173 Baker, Revenor Cornelius 518 Baker, Roger 263 Baker, Sara Florence 200 Baker, Suzanne 198 Bakhraibah, Saleh 334 Bakr, Bakr Abdullah 334 Balagis, Rose Marie 446 Baldauf, James Frederick 315 Balderston, Robert Frederick .... 337 Baldwin, Frank L., Jr 251, 304, 518 Baldwin, Robert Basil, III .... 285, 304, 518 Baldwin, Robert Clayton 256 Baldwin, Roland Chris 518 Balktnan, Patricia Sue 148, 181, 448, 530 Ball, Bunny 47, 62, 158, 174, 210, 360, 530 Ball, Eldon Ray 452, 518 Ball, J. T 441 Ball, Jack Johnson 249 Ball, Martha Grace 177, 210 Ballard, Arthur Charles 246, 518 Ballard, Darrell Monroe 358, 462, 530 Ballard, Jo Nita 161, 530 Ballard, Mark Evan 542 Ballew, Dawson Dwayne 261 Balsley, Ronald Dean 317, 318 Balthrop, Granville Harold 249, 309, 457, 481 Balthrop, Janice Ann 181, 448 Baltzer, Dorothy 440 Baltzer, Clenda Noah 461 Bamber, Martha Kay 316 Bamberger, William John 191 Banda, Gustavo Oscar Vergara .... 160, Bandy, Ronald Davis .... 256, 397, 400, 408 Bane, Marilyn Annette 210, 530 Bankhead, Charles H 263, 408, 426, 430 Banks, Elizabeth Gertrude 337 Bankston, Mary Ann 148 Bankston, Thomas A 309 Bann, Susan Francis 215, 314, 337, 481 Bannister, John Howard, II .... 449, 542 Name Pages Banta, Diana 209 Baptist Student Union 313 Barber, James C 436 Barber, Joel Stephen .... 246, 247, 481 Barber, Perry Oscar 442 Barbisch, Joseph William, Jr 322 Barbies, Gary Eugene 270, 542 Barborak, James Carl 481 Barborak, Vivian Arlene 183 Barbour, Carroll Stanley .... 258, 346, 471, 542 Barbour, James Charles .... 346, 466, 471, 530 Barclay, Leland 443, 453 Barclay, Sterling Edward 277, 481 Barcus, Jeannie 179, 216, 542 Bardin, Kenneth, Jr 542 Barefield, Russell Morris .... 325, 404, 466 Barenblat, Irving 297 Bargainer, Michael Andy 270, 542 Barger, John Wheeler 265 Barker, Barrett Harrison 241, 518 Barker, Samuel Timothy 481 Barkley, Daniel Andrew .... 282, 530 Barkley, R. Walter 309, 319 Barlow, Dick 186 Barlow, Fred Terry, Jr 282, 357 Barlow, Mary Patricia 194, 314, 337, 455, 481 Barlow, Sherry Arlene 199 Barnard, David Charles 339, 481 Barnard, James Lawrence, Jr 439 Barnard, Lana Gail 204, 205 Barnard, Sam Clyde 258, 542 Barneburg, Jack Jarrett .... 323, 481 Barnes, Ariane 446 Barnes, Graham Kerr 309, 457 Barns, Hershell Louis 359 Barnes, James Chivers 284, 530 Barnes, Jane 440 Barnes, John Edward 478 Barnes, Lyngle Dudley, III .... 463 Barnes, Michael Philip 313, 518 Barnes, Richard C 257 Barnes, William Renick .... 452, 481 Barnes, William Stanley 289 Barnett, Barbara J 440 Barnett, Glenn Edward 30, 466 Barnett, John Bryan, Jr 245, 518 Barnett, Linda Dell 542 Barnett, Robbie Raggio 274, 347, 542 Barnett, Sheila Ann 175, 219, 422 Barney, Ronald Edward .... 192, 542 Barnhart, Mary Luada 225 Barnhill, Charles Richard .... 150, 151, 158, 267, 351, 390, 391, 392, 408, 476, 530 Baron, Judith Rosialynd 235 Barr, A. Michael 309, 457 Barr, Ben B 153 Barr, Mrs. Ben 274 Barr, Curtis Allen 245, 518 Barr, Henry Buford 289 Barr, Richard Dennis 542 Barr, Richard Stuart 248 Barrentine, Paul Stanley 481 Ban-era, Martin, III .... 318, 324, 518 Barrett, Dennis David 191, 325 Barrett, Michael Curtis 282 Barrett, Suzanne Calvert 217 Barrett, William Bernard 442 Barricklo, Kenneth Hewes 299 Barrier, Alvis Layton 261, 481 Barron, Edward Ralph .... 256, 426 Barry, Cheevers Moran, III 258, 542 Barry, Thomas Patrick, III 452 Barsallo, Antonio Eugenio 190 Bareness, Annette Phyllis 159 Bartels, Robert Michael 160, 542 Bartels, Wilbert Walter 542 Barth, Brenda Nan 451 Bartholomew, Sara 229 Bartlett, Craig Edsall 351, 414, 471, 542 Bartlett, James Andrews 271 Bartlett, John Edmond 325 Bartlett, Suzanne 177, 423 Bartlett, William Dwight 464 Barton, Carl Arthur 518 Barton, Henry David 353 Barton, Josef John 151 Barton, Judyth Faye 440 Barton, Rebecca Bob 208 Barton, Sterlin Eoff, Jr 462, 530 Bartosh, Carroll Patrick 282 Bartosh, Daniel Valentine 311 Bartosh, Ceraldine Virginia .... 175, 337, 481 Bam, William George, Jr 276, 277 Name Pages Basey, Douglas Burleson 260 Bashara, Joe M., Jr 459 Baskette, Cynthia Duval 160, 174 218, 530 Basore, Lee Ray 466, 481 Bass, George Turner 366, 371, 408 Bass, James Roy 151 Bass, Mary Deborah 200, 542 Bass, Milton James 271 Bass, Robert Lee . 311 Bass, Willard Randolph 530 Bassetti, Robert Dalton 357, 468, 473 Bassist, Phyllis Ann 203 Bast, Ann 214, 530 Batchelder, Richard Harley 453 Bates, James Herbert 462 Bates, Kindell Wayne 257 Bates, Mary Margaret 216, 337, 481 Batey, John L 463 Batres, Roberto Edmundo .... 188, 441 Battaglia, Mary Jo 195 Balls, Martha Elizabeth 518 Baty, Donald Eugene 247 Baucum, Joe E 481 Bauer, William Henry 530 Bauerkemper, Gary Ray .... 348, 530 Baum, Alan Carl 267, 439 Baum, Stuart Frost .... 242, 243, 518 Bauman, Happy Edward 481 Baumann, Aha Lee 193, 195 Baumann, Judy Lynn 326, 530 Bavouset, Jamie Ann .... 148, 224, 440 Baxter, Brenda V 224 Baxter, Catherine Dallas 236, 237 Baxter, Janell 200, 542 Bayless, Jackson Thomas, Jr 530 Beachy, Morris Jay 316 Beadle, Sheila LaVerne 530 Beaird, Suzanne 200, 542 Beall, April .... 177, 200, 424, 440, 542 Beall, Edith Ellen 237 Beals, Patricia Lorraine 159, 213, 424 Bean, George Roger 462 Bean, Priscilla Ann 317 Bean, Richard Ellis 315, 542 Bean, Virginia L 442 Beard, Linda Kay 542 Beard, Marvin F 518 Beard, Winston C 442 Bearden, Barbara Louise .... 158, 179, 236, 440, 448, 542 Bearden, Joe H 153, 331, 326, 459, 481 Beardmore, Barbara Ann 233 Beare, James Douglas 542 Beasley, Ann 160, 179, 236, 542 Be sley, John Wilson 318, 542 Beasley, Robert McNeil 343, 348 Beatty, Dennis Wayne 350 Beaty, Martin Earl 408 Beaty, William Wilford, Jr 192 Beauchamp, William Bryan .... 241, 358, 518 Beaulieu, Margaret A 172, 183, 461, 481 Beauregard, Larry James 309 Beavers, Carol 337 Beavers, Merwin Gordon, " Jr 244, 404, 405, 408 Beavers, William Anthony .... 347, 449 Bechtol, Jay Currie 269 Bechtold, Suzanne M 236 Beck, Darcus Barry 228, 440, 542 Beck, Ed 414 Beck, Gail Anne 148, 212 Beck, Jerry Arthur 240, 542 Beckelman, Dan Edward 466 Becker, Elisabeth Alice 223, 481 Becker, Katherine Louise 175 Becker, Laurence Albert 406 Becker, Nancy Elizabeth 177 Becker, Richard Arthur 253 Becker, Ronald Gene 333 Beckham, Earnell 181, 326, 332, 448, 530 Beckham, Robert Lawrence 260. 542 Beckham, Robert Sidney 518 Beckley, Sharon 223 Becklund, Ann Helen 181, 333, 530 Beckman, Sanders Guest 243 Becknell, Becky 421 Becknell, Nelda Kay .. 158, 205, 475 530 Beckworth. Lindley Gary, Jr 269 Bedolla. Jose Rafael 191 Page 560 CONGRESS AVENUE AT SIXTH STREET - DOWNTOWN serving the University and its community for over eighty years Page 561 Name Pages Bedrick, Frank 36S Beeley, Rebecca 179, 226, 475, 542 Beer, Michelle Robin 175 Beers, Mark Hall 307 Beery, Steven Lee 263 Beesley, Sandra Ann Begeman, Myron Louis Behrens, Kenneth H. Behrons, Charles Byron Beiber, Sharon Frances Bcidel, John Michael . . 217, 530 . . . 363, 453 542 259 518 . . 427, 432, 434, 481 Beinhorn, Sarah Ann .... 160, 203, 530 Belcher, Thomas F 408 Belisle, Mavis Velta 440, 542 Bell, Anita Louise 233, 518 Bell, Charlotte Ann Bell, David Bruce Bell, David Eugene Bell, David Henry Bell, Deanna Dunagan Bell, Donald Barton 211 481 262 259 319 530 Bell, Edwin Gilbert ........ 293, 481 261, 397, 400, 408 255, 346, 438, 481 Bell, Francis Folsom, Jr. Bell, Henry Newton, HI 296, 542 245 Bell, Jack Bell, James Harold Bell, James Keith 271 Bell, Jay Stephen 481 Bell, Jerome Albert 243 Bell, John David 260, 449 Bell, Judy Katherine 177, 420, 440 Bell, Lois Ilene 221, 238, 530 Bell, Lorna Pearl 219 Bell, Malcolm James, Jr 261, 343, 349 Bell, Margarette Ann 319 Bell, Marion 424 Bell, Mary Elizabeth 158, 178, 226, 542 .. 292 310, 443 Bell, Robert Le Bell, Thomas Benjamin Bell, Tony 169, 170 Bell, Wilson Collom 303, 481 Bellamy, Janee Brown 542 Bellamy, Patrick C 253 Bellamy, William Newton 295, 357 Bellmont, L. T. 282 Bence, Alfred Edward Bender, Barbara Ann . Bellomy, Carol Brooks 315 Belt, James Henry .... 326, 47, 542 Belton, Mrs. J .D 258 Benavides, Alma Maria 324 Benavides, Marta 193, 324 Benbow, Mary Suzan .... 211, 314, 461, 481 325 . . 148, 159, 183, 440, 542 Bender, Michael Steven 279 Bender, Richard Bolton, II 292, 345 Benedict, Helen Virginia 542 Bengston, Bette Ann 219 Benjamin, Ludy Thompson, Jr. . . 248, 542 Benjamin, Marye Durrum 455 Benn, Sherry Virginia 217, 320 Bennett, Baylus Earls .... 408, 476 Bennett, Bonnie Elizabeth 222 Bennett, David Hughes, Jr 478 Bennett, Don John 275 Bennett, Earl Dean 441 Bennett, Judith Ann 225 Bennett, Judith Claire 215 Bennett, Mary Grace 194 Bennett, Pamela 210, 542 Bennett, Peter Dunne 442 Bennie, William Andrew 154 Benningfield, Patricia Diann .... 150, 159, 180, 201, 448, 475, 530 Ben Shakroun, Karim 334 Benson, Dana Dee 203 Benson, Eleanor Sky 542 Benson, Gerald Wayne 243 Benson, Leonard R 453 Benson, Paula Diane 542 Benson, Phillip Foster 257 Bentley, David Dow, III 542 Bentley, Harold Roy 255 Bentley, Ken 291 Benton, Carolyn Kathryn 218, 219 Bercu, Steven Lloyd 279, 304, 476 Berg, Allan Morton 279, 432 Berg, Carolyn Ann 333 Berg. Janet Louise 333, 458 Bergen, James Thomas 281 Bergen, Wanda Elaine 542 Bergeron, Earl Joseph 254, 541 Name Pages Bergman, Goeffrey 296 Bergman, Nancy 314 Bergquist, Karen Arloa .... 211, 314, 481 Berkes, Leslie Kurt 244 Berkman, John Lawrence, Jr 266 Berkman, LaTrelle 233 Berly, James Frank, III 253, 482 Berly, Janis Ann 47, 172, 178, 216, 217, 360, 530 Berman, Alex 451 Bermann, Mark William 297 Bermont, Judith Ann 234, 335 Bernard, James Lawrence, Jr 291 Bernhardt, Anne Currie .... 211, 319, 530 Berniard, Lewis John, III 309 Bernstein, Howard Lawrence .... 296, 297, 326, 347, 530 Bernstein, Stanley Jay .... 296, 543 Berry, Candida Kay .... 224, 225, 455 Berry, Dorothy Eleanor 47, 159, 211, 319, 518 Berry, George Madison 256 Berry, James Malcolm 463 Berry, Margaret 156, 185, 193, 469 Berry, Marilyn Ann 177, 222, 543 Berry, Marilynn Kay 530 Berry, Nancy Sharon 319 Berry, Phillip Paul 482 Berry, Randolph Gates .... 346, 471, 482 Berry, Robert Alan .... 242, 472, 543 Berry, Steven L 426 Berry, William David .... 160, 309, 466 Berry, William Larkin 482 Berryman, Doris Arnell 194, 337 Berstein, Harriett 159 Bertschler, Grace Frances .... 175, 530 Beseda, Rose Ann 421, 518, 530 Beseler, Fred Charles 438 Besselman, James A 289, 366, 371, 408 Besselman, Marcy Margaret .... 198, 337 Best, Ronald Wayne 187, 323 Beta Alpha Psi 441 Beta Gamma Sigma 442 Seta Theta Pi 24S, 247 Betancourt, Winnie Loraine 543 Bethard, Uhlus Wayne 530 Bethea, Lona Katherine 543 Bethea, William Lamar .... 396, 440, 408 Bethel, Judith Ann 223 Betin, John 391, 402 Bettell, Linda Jean 200 Bettis, James Mirhael 459 Settle, George Richard 321, 354, 445, 476 Belts, Gilbert Wayne 185, 187, 482 Beverly, Robert A 436 Bexley, Bill Jack, Jr 345, 540 Beyea, Eleanor Bankston 151, 159, 161, 214, 238, 530 Beyer, Chester Waldemar 357 Beyer, Stanley Charles 449 Beynon, Eugene Thomas, Jr 457 Bianchi, Paul Henry 467 Bible, Dana Xenophon 252 Birkel, David Robert 270, 543 Bickel, Gretchen Christine 233, 319 Bickel, Stephen Douglas 271 Bickley, John Strock 442 Bicknell, Evalyn A 227 Biedermann, Allen Joseph .... 309, 518 Biedermann, David Anthony . . 444, 453 Biegert, Eugene Austin .... 449, 464, 543 Biendseil, Ronald Edwin 449 Bierds, Donna Margaret 194 Signers, Larry Joe 333, 345, 424 Bicgs, Joe Becton 299 Biggs, John Riley 271 Bigley, Mauretta Lucienne .... 194, 458 Bilger, Jimmy Mack .... 155, 311, 453, 482 Billa, Larry Joe 321, 530 Billings, Roberta Iris 151, 179, 234, 475, 543 Billings. Warren Neal 530 Billingsley, James Pershing .... 453 Billingsley. Olen Clifton 543 Billion. Vickie Jo 214, 543 Billups, Susan 199 Binder, Robert Thomas, Jr 189. 353, 471, 543 Binsham. William H.rrell 281, 304 Binkley, John Ford 273 Bintliff, Charles Henry 246 Bird, Betty Sue 151, 223, 337, 482 Bird, David Edward 287 Name Pages Bird, Shirley Ann 418, 425 Birdwell, Al Evans 272, 273 Birdwell, Lloyd Willis, Jr 158, 256, 257, 518 Birdwell, Mary R 211 Birkelbach, Mary Ruth 195 Birnbaum, Celeste Carol 234 Birnbaum, Michael 297 Bischoff, Kenneth Bruce 453, 457 Bishop, Donald Clinton .... 269, 304 Bishop, Jack Belmon 264 Bishop, James Edwin 543 Bishop, Park E 320 Bishop, Thomas Armistead .... 249, 482 Bittner, Frederic Allen 442 Bivings, Kathleen Isabel 208, 209, 458, 530 Bivins, Betty 227 Bixler, Martha Elizabeth 530 Bizzell, Bobby Gene 482 Black, Betje 211, 482 Black, Byron Allen, Jr 169, 186 Black, Elizabeth Frank .... 233, 456 Black, J. Howard 186, 326 Black, James Milton 269 Black, James Wayne 451 Black, James William, Jr 463, 464, 482 Black, Linda 232 Black, Martha Marilla .. 158, 233, 319 Black, Robert Earl 169 Blackaller, Judy Gale 266, 543 Blackard, Morris 482 Blackburn, Sue Evelyn 177, 200, 458 Blackmon, Nancy Spears 337 Blackmore, Cammy Ann 195 Blackstock, Leo Guy 302 Blackstone, Linda 424 Blackwell, James Lee 530 Blackwell, William Albert 266, 530 Blackwood, Paul Michael 291 Blair, Ben Rogers, Jr 264, 358 Blair, Bobby J 255, 333, 482 Blair, Lee Ann 160, 178, 198, 543 Blair, Lydia 226 Blair, Martha Ellen 313, 319 Blair, Stephen Scott 282 Blair, William Shelton 263, 518 Blake, Kenneth Rann 482 Blake, Marilyn Elizabeth .... 213, 518 Blake, Ronald Wayne : . . . . 247 Blakely, Edward J 442 Blakeney, Marvin Robert 267 Blakes, Madelaine Helen 530 Blakeslee, Gladys Joanne 225, 456 Blakeway, Victor Darrell 347, 471 Blakey, William Leroy 158, 359 Blakney, Richard Douglas .... 244, 412 Blalock, Sammy Eston 518 Bland, David George, Jr 255 Bland, Thurston Joseph, III .. 254, 543 Blandy, Deborah Anne 216, 238, 543 Blank, Janice Sue 228, 530 Blank, Jeffrey Roland 182, 323, 482 Blank, Susan 174, 530 Blankenship, Bonnie Bethany . . 160, 213 Blanquart, Michelle Therese 518 Blanton Dormitory 174 Blanton, John Freeman 186, 323 Blanton, Judith Gay .... 216, 217, 469 Blanton, Judy Schleyer 70, 469 Blanton, Marion Keith 186 Blanton, Winfred McCoy 186 Blauvelt, Tony D 309 Blaylock, James Sparkman 339 Blayney, Luther Richard 321 Blazek, Jody 47 Blazek, Mary Joann 224, 225, 518 Bleakney, Susan Virginia 158, 232 Blend, Michael Marc .... 296, 297 Blevins, Donald Lee 310 Blevins, Gary Lynn 299 Bley, Carol Ann 179, 213 Blincoe, John Forrest 24 Blissitte, Gail Ann 458 Bliznak, Johnny 439, 482 Bloch, Shirley 440 Block, Michael Wallace Blocker, John Findly 292 Bloebaum, Alan Paul 64, 326. 331, 439, 482 Bloomquist, Elizabeth Anne 223 111. .MUM IN i-i . Marvin Gaines . . 444, 453 Blount, Barbara Jean 215 Blount, Benny Garell 4S7 Blount, Charles Eugene, III 543 Blount, Martha Anne 214, 543 Blount, Stephen William 149, 158, 292, 543 Name Pages Bloxsom, Walter Eden 267 Bludeau, Adrian L 435 Bludeau, Herbert Leslie 482 Bluebonnet Belles 52-61 Blum, Charles Ethcridge .... 323, 436, 453 Blum, Loi Ann 158, 161, 203 Blumberg, Armin Walter 186 Blume, Miriam Boleynn Roberts . . 482 Blunk, William David 37, 156 Blurton, Jerry Halbert 543 Bo, Tulio 160 Board of Regents, The 27 Bobb, Betty Cecile 222, 337 Bobbin, James Ellis 266 Bock, Bennie Walter, III 459 Bock, Betsy Ann 203, 530 Bock, James Louis 286, 351, 530 Bocock, Linda Louise 237 Boddeker, Gammon Cretin 275 Bodden, Merilyn Kay 223 Sodden, Nix O ' Brien 309, 453, 457, 482 Boddy, Ellen 227 Bode, David Fain 439, 482 Bode, Mary Louise 198, 543 Bodenhamer, John Daniel 518 Boedeker, Paulette Lillian .... 176 Boehl, John E 444, 453, 482 Boehm, Carl Ferdinand, Jr 186, 333, 453 Boehm, Emily Ann .... 230, 231, 441, 482 Boehmer, Beth 558 Boemer, Eugene Frank 158, 438, 467 Boesch, Thomas Dean 275 Boettcher, Armin Schlick 289 Boettcher, Dorothy Kimbell .... 198, 424 Bogan, Brenda Jo 225 Bogart, Patricia Annette 222 Bogart, Vivian Ann 148, 158, 174, 337, 543 Boger, James Allen 439 Boggess, Barbara Gail 475 Boggess, Jerry William 275 Boggs, Mary Alleen 149, 178, 198, 440, 448 Boggus, Dennis Lynn 54 3 Bohac, Gladys Jean 337 Bohanon, Janene Charlyn 530 Bohls, Carl Emil 518 Bohls, Raymond William, Jr 444, 453 Bohn, Carl Henry, Jr 282, 543 Bohnert, Reuben Edward .... 308, 482 Bohrer, Paula Irene 148, 177, 213, 543 Bohuslav, Jackie Sue 160, 179, 210, 319, 543 Boice, Arthur Henry 518 Boland, Hayden Edward 347, 471, 543 Bolch, William Emmett, Jr 443 Bolding, James McCollem .... 254, 255 Bolger, William Robert 289 Bolton, Ann Ervin .... 178, 208, 543 Bomba, David Anthony .... 158, 359 Bond, Ronald Fred .... 182, 347, 425, 429, 467, 471, 530 Bond, Terry Lynn 254 Bondies, Catherine Elizabeth 199, 337 Bone, Carolyn Ruth 225, 313, 482 Boner, Charles Randell 298, 299, 530 Bones, Charles H 459 Bones, George Eugene, Jr 309, 453 Bones, James Clinton 449 Boni, Frank Anthony 268, 429 Bonifield, Fredda Pauline 148, 159, 174, 530 Bonin, Betsy Ann .... 219, 317, 456 Bonine, Michael Edward 436, 466, 518 Bonnell, Judith Marie 314 Bonnell, Mary Elizabeth 337 Bonner, Charles Paul 31 Bonnet. Harriet Burns 217, 337 Bonney, Charles Edward 354, 355, 473, 482 Booker, Robert Alexander .... 353, 426 Boone, Donna L ; 236 Boone, Frederick Joseph 244, 543 Boone, Jack B 476 Boone, James Thomas 159 Boone, Saundra Lois 237 Boorman, James Albert, III 245, 459 Boose, Clyde Stanley 188, 322, 482 Booth, Robert Davis 303 Booth, Sharon Jane 446 Boolhe, Sandra Nell 530 Boozer, Murray McHenry 189 Bordages, Betty Adele 226 Pa e c 562 Name Pages Bordcosh, George 334 Bore, Howard Alan 264, 543 Borgers, Robert Bernard .... 263, 319 Boring, Joseph Lee 466 Bormaster, I ana Barbara 203 Bornstein, Harriett Elaine . . 235, 335 Boroughs, Rilla June 229, 316 Borsch, Carol Elizabeth 158, 212, 530 Borsellino, Paul Don 462 Borup, Charles Harold, III .. 274, 275 Bosler, Michael Charles 466 Bossin, Elliott Morton .... 296, 543 Bost, Roy Wade 318, 345 Boston, Roger Lee 358 Bostwick, Robert Orville 478 Boswell, Robert Elliott 186, 272, 311, 359, 468 Botello, Martha Domitila 195, 324 Botts, Gerald Monroe Bourland, James V. Bourne, Elwanda Sue . . Bournianoff, George I. Bowden, Edwin Turner 543 163 482 466 162 Bowden, Harry James 543 Bowen, Bobby Joe .... 148, 188, 530 Bowen, Janne Warren 158, 173, 543 Bowen, Judith Ann Bowen, Kristin 160, Bowen, Lawrence William . . . Bowen, Shirley Joyce Bower, Arthur Michael .... Bowers, Beverly Anne Bowers, John Wesley, Jr Bowers, Judith Eileen . . . Bowers, Katherine Mary Bowers, Ralph E Bowers, Verner Lavalle, Jr. Bowlin, James Hugh Bowling, John Knox, Jr. . . 184, 518 201, 337 354 . . . 158, 216 . . . 268, 269 225 295, 530 174, 424, 518 . . . 216, 352, 440 310 482 318, 482 163, 317, 438, 482 Bowman, Gary Wayne .... 433, 435, 530 Bowman, John Denton 543 Bowman, Robert Hunt 249 Bowman, Walter Clarkson, Jr 482 Name Pages 255, 313 241, 482 268, 412, 431 Boyce, Shelton Wylie 241, 530 Boyd, Bette Lois 217, 352, 472 Boyd, Bette Maxine 150, 172, 179, 215, 448, 470, 531 Boyd, Douglas Arrington .... 249, 438 Boyd, Forrest P 415 Gary Wilson 531 George Mitchell, II 262, 426, 431, 543 309 292, 293 256, 257, 363 316 337 228 459 531 . . . 316, 317 . . . 351, 471 . . . 359, 468 253, 459, 518 Boykin, Jo Anne 172, 177 Boyle, John Patrick 518 Boyle, Josephine Louise .... 160, 223 Boyle, Lawrence Patrick 245 Boyle, Thomas Lee 253 Boyle, Thomas Michael 275 Boyt, Patrick Elmer 310, 482 Bozarth, Martha Jean 518 Bozeman, Paul Preston, III 302 Brace, Anna Kingsley 209, 423, 424 Bracht, Robert Loring 442 Brackenridge, Genie .... 46, 47, 48, 71, 79, 148, 150, 165, 344, 345, 352, 470, 472, 475, 531 Brackenridge, Mary Imogene .... 229 Braden, Robert Joseph 543 Bradford, Brooks Gayle 245, 482 Bradford, Giles Edward, III 359, 429, 466, 531 Bowndg, Bill W Box, Edward Donald . . . Boxwell, Michael Rodgers Boyd, Boyd, Boyd, James A Boyd, Michael Leroy Boyd, Norman Arthur Boyd, Reba Suzanne . . . Boyd, Robert Arthur . . . Boyd, Susan Kathleen Boyd, William Paxton . . . Boydstun, Barbara Kaye Boyer, Daniel Royce . . . Boyer, Robert Lee Boyett, Randall Harold Boykin, Edward Marshall Name Pages Bradfute, James Maurice 482 Bradley, Charles Russell .... 290, 543 Bradley, David Earl 292 Bradley, Harold L 280, 384 Bradley, James Dunbar, Jr 543 Bradley, James Howard .... 309, 466 Bradley, James Howard, Jr 257, 307, 442, 483 Bradley, John Brooks, Jr 339, 463, 466 Bradley, Judith Carol 199, 531 Bradley, Steven Justin 281 Bradley, Walter Lee 290, 348 Bradshaw, Gary Leo 531 Bradshaw, Patsy Nell 543 Bradshaw, Reagan Franklin .... 150, 257 Brady, Carolyn Jean 172, 181 Brady, Patrick Bernard, Jr 543 Brady, Robert Hall 263, 311 Brady, Samuel David . . 148, 160, 466 Braeutigam, James Oliver .... 182, 254 Brainard, Daniel Reed 263 Brame, Michael Keith 449 Branch, Douglas Eugene 518 Brand, Beverly 424 Brand, Charlene Estelle 193 Brand, Donald Dwight 543 Brandes, D. David 483 Brandenburg, Allen Eugene 261 Brandes, Marion Lee 264 Brandes, Robert Roy 289, 325 Brandle, Charles David, Jr 309, 457, 483 321 . . . 351, 428 . . . 240, 518 531 440 173, 208, 543 237, 312 . . 148, 177, 213, 543 150, 172, Brandon, Dennis Foster Brandon, William Paul . Brandt, Roger Layne Brannan, Patricia Moore Branning, Evelyn Mildred Brannon, Betty Anne .... Brannon, Martha Lucretia Brantley, Barbara Sue . Brantley, Cynthia Louise Name Branton, Joseph Byron Branum, Lee Richard Braselton, Carolyn Clifton Braselton, Sue Brasfield, Lyle Albert Brasher, Molly Frances Braswell, Don Merton Bratton, Andrew Jackson Braud, Victor Ernest, III Braueman, Gary Mark Braun, Bobby Lynn Braveman, Phyllis Gayle . Bray, Barney William, III Bray, Clarence Vaughn 244, Pages 274 413 232, 543 149, 177, 543 348, 349 483 543 253 303 .... 278 359, 468 202, 203 256 . . 245, 366, 371, 408, 476 Bray, Ruthann 201 Bray, William Douglas 252 Bray, William Terry 257 Brazil, Sarah Leigh 215 Breaker, Jonnie Elinor .... 160, 174, 440 Breath, Elizabeth M 227 Breazcale, John Richard 358, 543 Brecht, Howard David .... 249, 518 Breckenridge, Kay 176, 219 Breckenridge, Robert L., Jr 466, 472, 531 Breeding, Clark Walker 441 Breeding, Earnest Coley 441 Brehm, Joan Ann .... 193, 326, 332, 440, 531 Breig, Ernest Richard 308, 483 Brenan, Michael Shane .... 71, 266, 267, 439, 474 Brenan, Walter P 27 Brener, Marvin Leo 297 Brenner, William M 436 Brent, John Bosworth 266, 267 Brentlinger, Williard Hughes .... 270 Brantley, James William 177, 217, 440, 470 531 Breuer, Louellen Elizabeth Brewer, Bruce Gerald, Jr. Brewer, Karen Noel Brewer, Patricia Elizabeth Brewton, James Robert . Brewton, Mary Brooks . , . . . 148, 149, 176, 204, 421 450 483 223 . . 313, 531 225 Michael Teter and wife, Jackie, shown shopping for their daily grocery needs at one of the friend- ly KASH-KARRY stores near the University Campus. KASH-KARRY GROCERY 3035 GUADALUPE 2401 SAN GABRIEL Page 563 T Name Pages Breymann, Gus H 483 Bridges, Evelyn Kay 194 Bridges, Gloria Ann 217 Bridges, Joe Mack 149, 261 Bridges, William Carlton 483 Briggs, Chester Arthur, Jr 336 Briggs, James David, Jr 311, 483 Briggs, Larry Bateman 245, 518 Briggs, M. Michael 323 Briggs, Margaret Louise 518 Briggs, Rambie Le 447 Briggs, Thomas Alan 323, 483 Brigham, Oran, Jr 444, 453 Brightman, Anna 456 Brightman, Thomas Oswell .... 148, 159, 348, 471, 543 Brindley, Hanes Hanby, Jr 285 Brindley, Martha Love 158, 172, 179, 229, 238, 531 Brink, Edward Charles, Jr 309 Brinkley, Charles Richard 326, 543 Brinkman, Lynda Lee 219, 531 Brinkman, Suzanne Alicia 178 Brinsmade, Carol Ann 232, 233 Brinsmade, Patricia 232 Briscoe, Carolyn 206 Brison, James William 299 Brister, Barbara Ruth 180, 337, 448, 483 Britton, Charles Mark 241, 483 Brizzolara, Franklin William 325 Broad, Thomas McMurry .... 310, 354, 355, 427, 443, 453 Broaddus, Patrick Foley 483 Broadus, Zelna Virginia .... 47, 206, 207, 483 Brock, Franklin Watkins, Jr 309 Brock, Norman Howard 311 Brock, William Jefferson 246 Brockermeyer, Kae Louis 263 Brockschmidt, Sally Belle .... 233, 483 Brockstein, Robert Phillip 279, 456 Brodnax, Huey Wayne 323 Broesche, Barbara C 149, 237 Broline, Eric N 543 Broman, Margaret Claire .... 219, 458 Bronaugh, David Edward 311 Bronstad, Maurice Elroy 443 Brookhart, Charles Edward 450 Brookner, Barbara Claire .... 235, 518 Brookner, Mark Jay .... 278, 449, 543 Brooks, Barry Arlice 438, 483 Brooks, Charles Van Winkle 289 Brooks, Dona Virginia 319, 531 Brooks, Donna Victoria 218 Brooks, George Everett, Jr 266, 543 Brooks, James Edward 412 Brooks, Kenneth Edwin 290 Brooks, Loyd George 160, 466, 531 Brooks, Melody Ann 177, 543 Brooks, Pamela Melton 178, 543 Brooks, Penelope 158, 217, 531 Brooks, Phyllis Anita 221 Brooks, Richard Turpin 351, 449 Brooks, Roy Durwin 326, 467, 543 Brooks, Sue 198, 337 Brooksaler, Carol Ruth 314, 337, 483 Brooksaler, Doris Marian 531 Brookshire, Nathaniel Austin 449 Brothers, Margaret A 230 Broussard, Grace Belle .... 194, 326, 440 Broussard, Mark N., Jr 192 Browder, Sandra Kay 518 Brown, Alexis Joan 47, 151, 172, 179, 221, 238, 475, 531 Brown, Ann Connor 46, 64, 229, 336, 469, 470 Brown, Annie Jane 193 Brown, Barbara Ann 215, 531 Brown, Bette June 483 Brown, Beverly Cay ... 208, 209, 458, 518 Brown, Billy Jack 288, 543 Brown, Brenda Ann 208, 543 Brown, Cathi Cameron Brown, Chester Hughey, Jr Brown, Christy Jo 216, Brown, David Raymond Brown, Donald Wallace 214 186 217 264 321, 322, 425 217 289 291 283, 531 186, 478 Brown, Elizabeth Ella Brown, Floyd Wayne . . . Brown, Frederick Samuel Brown, Garry Dale Brown, George Stanley Brown, Glen Vick 253 Brown, Colonel Herbert Evans .... 342, 343, 471, 473 Brown, Jack Bethel 445, 476 Brown, Jamrj Allan 391, 392, 408 Brown, Jamet Crozier 466, 519 Name Pages Brown, Janet Barrett 223 Brown, Jean William 438 Brown, Jeanne Wray 225, 313 Brown, Jerry Anthony 188 Brown, Jimmie Caleb 463 Brown, Joe E 169 Brown, John Hartley 483 Brown, John Randal 163 Brown, John Stanley 346, 543 Brown, John Timothy 285, 483 Brown, Julia Ann .... 448, 470, 475, 531 Brown, Kathryn Lee 178, 543 Brown, Kermit Earl 453 Brown, Leighton Baugh 44, 453 Brown, Linda Diane .... 161, 224, 543 Brown, Mabel Ann 211, 483 Brown, Mrs. Margaret Louise . . 172, 178 Brown, Max, Jr 339 Brown, Michael Jan 348, 471 Brown, Monetta Mabeth .... 209, 317, 531 Brown, Nancy Louise 210 440 447 216, 531 451, 462 311 290 64, 339, 466, 483 Brown, Sharon Dee 161, 173, 531 Brown, Squire Lee Brown, Patricia A. Brown, Patricia Henneke Brown, Priscilla Ann . . . Brown, Robert Graves Brown, Robert Janes . . . Brown, Ronald Barry Brown, Ruben Stanley . 155, 323, 339, 453, 483 . . 257, 431, 436 186, 358, 468 459 337 227 Brown, Thomas Wilder . . Brown, William Glen . . . Brown, William McLane Browne, Barbara Ann . . Browning, Emily B . Browning, Joan W 227 Brownlow, William Clyde 462 Broyles, Michael Everett 319 Broyles, Paul James 483 Bruce, Barton Woodward 289 Bruce, Max Allen Lee 311 Bruce, Vernon Roger 149 Brucks, George Lewis 291, 366, 370, 40P Brumley, Roger Ellis 48c Brummett, John Davidson 48; Brundrett, Betty Jo 198, 451 Brune, Robert Allan, Jr 311 Brunkenhoefer, Kenneth Lawrence . . 191 Bruns, Joseph Henry 261 Bruton, Fred Nelson 241, 478 Bruton, Frederic Anthony .... 344, 471 Bryan, James Perry .... 27, 248, 267 Bryan, Judith Lynn 223, 519 Bryan, Pat, III 466, 483 Bryan, Sherry Lynn 177, 543 Bryant, Gaylia Jean 519 Bryant, James Michael 262 Bryant, James Raymond .... 288, 543 Bryant, Louis Edward 531 Bryant, Vaughn Motley, Jr. . . 357, 359 Bryant, Zelda Kay 337 Bryarly, Robert Pressly, Jr 344, Bryson, Barry Lee 257, 307, 325, 519 Bryson, Jeff Bell 253 Bryson, Yvonne Joyce 158, 161, 543 Buarmah, Mohaned 334 Bucalow, Robert 424 Buchan, Glenn Carl 264, 543 Buchanan, John Wayland .... 276, 531 Buchanan, Milton Thomas .... 444, 453 Buchanan, Richard Neal 256 Buchanan, Sara Jo 519 Buchanan, Stephanie Jane .... 158, 161, 233, 470 Buchek, Nancy Louise 229, 519 Buck, Nancy Ruth 213, 317, 531 Buckalew, Charles Otis 366, 371, Buckellew, Bonnie Ruth 223, Buckley, James T 309, Buckner, Charles Oliver .... 248, Buckner, Oran Silas, Jr Buford, George Medows Buford, Robert Paschal .... 289, Bugg, Billy Ray Bugg, Jane Carol Bugg, Willis Lemuel Bugge, Eran Buie, Brenda Beverly 177, Buis, Kenneth Logan Bulba, Charna E 220, 441, Bullard, Michael Row 351, Bullamn, Edward Robert Bumpui, Ronald Gene 519 531 543 306 319 438 483 231 463 440 218 449 442 428 279 441 Name Pages Bunch, George Pardue .... 2, 65, 162, 164, 339, 439, 466, 519 Bunch, Mildred Elizabeth 483 Bundick, Pamela K 179, 543 Bunkley, Thomas Allen, Jr 285, 346 Bunting, Henry Albert, III 483 Burcalow, Robert W 467 Burch, Paul James 289, 519 Burcham, Sarah Frances 236 Burdick, Dwight Eugene 285 Brudine, John Theodore 270 Burer Walter C 441 Burford, Raymond Wallace, Jr. 543 Burford, Samuel Pounders, Jr. 266, 267 Burg, Carolyn Ann Darlene . . 531 Burger, Catherine Elaine .... 314, 337, 483 Burgess, Carolyn Lois 178, 225 Burgess Dan Aubrey 269 Burgess, Robert Doil 429 Burgheimer, Carlene Rae .... 174, 483 Burk James Eddy 292 Burke Barbara Ann 193, 194 Burke, Carole Joyce 193, 421 Burke, John Paul, Jr 348, 483 Burke Judy 456 424 Burke Linda Elizabeth . 337 Burke, Linda Lee ... 172, 175, 337, 483 Burke, Ronald Lynn 285, 531 Burke, Sterling Clinton, Jr. . 350 Burkholder Jack N 311, 483 Burks, Judith Anita 148, 519 Burks, Thomas Franklin 451 Burkwall, Paul Andrew 313, 467, 531 Burlage, Henry Matthew .... 240, 451, 462 Burlage, Mrs. Henry Matthew 461 Burleson, David Warfield .... 397, 400, 408 , 483 Burleson, Penelope 218, 219 Burleson, William Dan 256 Burndrett, William Edward, III 246 Burnett, Joseph Crowe 309 Burnett Lucy Jo 233 Burnett, Pamela Kay 216, 41] Burnett, Sandra Kay 151 Burnett, Sandra L 224, 419 Burney, Charles Earl 449 Burney, James Darwin 466, 472 Burnham, Barbara Erin . . 158, 200, 543 Burns, Carla A 519 Burns, Frederick Grant 519 Burns, Mary Joan 213, 440, 543 Burns, Ned 443 Burns, Peggy Ann 543 Burns, Robert Bruce 457 Burns, Russell Eugene 339, 484 Burns, Sandra Lee 174 Burns, Sherrie Ann 209, 322 Burnside, Mary Beth 448 Burow, Duane Frueh 333 Burow, James F 333 Burroughs, James William . . 309, 484 Burroughs, Richard Robert 288 Burt, Barbara 44, 46, 47, 48, 217, 456 Burton, Harold Maynard 453 Burton, Joan Frances 531 Burton, John Kenneth 531 Burton, Norris Rood 323, 453 Burton, Rae Russell 309 Burton, Susan Ann 218, 219, 314 Burwell, Russell Cladwin 249 Busby, Blaire 172, 174, 237, 238. 531 Busby, Daine Kay 236, 543 Bush, Eddie George 298, 543 Bush, James Earl 531 Bush, John Bobbins 413, 543 Bush, Robert Charles .... 307, 442, 484 Bush, Tennie Marie 229 Bushell, Gary Everett 274, 275, 304, 519 Busiek, George Southgate 285 Business Administration Council .... 153 Buske, Irene Claire 177, 204 Buskirk, Lynn 424 Buss, Mary Kathryn .... 47, 336, 337, 470, 484 Bussey, William Edward 289, 531 Butcher, Clara Lou 227 Butcher, Madalyn R 440 Butler, Adrian J 325 Butler, Betty 183 Butler, Betty Lou .... 176, 222, 475, 543 Butler, Billy Ben 449 Butler, Duncan Tellel 263 Name Paget Butler, Gary Murrel 325, 484 Butler, Howard Young 466, 484 Butler, Jack Richard 441 Butler, James Roy 250 Butler, Lasca 160, 201, 484 Butler, Lawrence Ford 249, 519 Butler, P. Linda 531 Butler, Richard Nye 258 Butschek, Dcanna Jean 205 Butter, Bette Lee 229 Butts, Larry Rogers 309 Bux, Robert Brentwood .... 274, 275, 439 Buxton, Billy Errol 467 Buzzini, Joan Eleanor 233 Byars, Emily E 227 Byars, Patricia 442 Bybee, Corinne Ellen .... 204, 205, 519 Byers, Beverly Ann 158, 201 Byers, Gertrude Elizabeth 531 Byfield, Patsy Jeane 440, 448, 475 Bynum, Byron Glen 190 Bynum, James Benjamin .... 150, 160, 264, 265, 531 Byrd, Clifton, Jr 261, 519 Byrd, Gary Jefferson 484 Byrd, Karen Anne 148, 172, 177, 217, 337, 531 Byrd, Michael Clark 323, 160, 254, 404, 413, 543 Byrd, Weldon Chapman 519 Byrne, Jamie Kate 209, 314, 484 Byrom, Donna Katherine 158 Bzura, Janice Marlene .... 160, 424, 543 Cabe, Alice Letitia Cabe, Ronald L. . . Cactus, The Caddel, Robert R. 440 435 164, 165 155, 158, 519 Cade, David Ciller 247, 357 Cade, Lewis Edward .... 160, 302, 543 Cadenhead, Ben Chandler 283 Cadenhead, C. H 441 Caffey, Brenda Gay 220 Caffey, Jean Elizabeth 316, 455, 519 Caffey, Troy Ray 321, 543 Cage, Beverly Louise 229, 519 Cagley. Jon Michael 544 Cain, Carol Linda Cain Gary Vernon . ... 214, 466, 319 519 Cain, James Thomas Cain, Margaret Meaders . . . . 326, 450 484 Cain, Nancy Jane .... 215, Cairo, Isauro, M Caldwell, Diana Jill Caldwell, Cay Carroll Caldwell, Phillip Mack Caldwell, Victoria Bush 319, 195, 226, 75, 531 311 319 544 467 225. Caldwell, William David 336, 470 302, 345, 471, 519 Calhoun, John Sutton 245 Calhoun, Stanley Richard 484 Calhoun, Thomas Reynolds .... 299. 304. 439, 449, 531 Calhoun, Vickie Sue . . 158, 198, 440, 544 Calk, Pamela Vanette 178 Calkins, Carol Ann 237, 337 Calkins, Judith L 237 Callahan, Michael James, Jr. . 302, 544 Callaway, Helena Spencer 229, 312 Callaway, Joe Edd 463 Callaway, Nancy E 237 Callaway, Shcri J 319 Calle, Jeanette Verleen 194 Calnan, Neil 519 Calvert, Charlene Kay 181, 519 Calvert, Eugene Allan 326 Calvillo, Joe, Jr 319 Calvin, Carolyn Beatrice 200, 337 Camargo, Ernest Florei 344 Cameron, Paul David 188 Cameron, Richard Michael 270 Camp, Brooks Lamar 358 Camp, Judith 158, 227 Camp, Thomas Merrill . . . Campbell, Alexander, Jr. Campbell, Barbara Lucile . Campbell. Betty Lillian . . Campbell, Carol Ann .... Campbell, Charles Harvey . . . 299, 357 311 225, 317 ... 225, 317 148, 160, 544 .. 261, 439, 484 Campbell, Colin McCain .... 246, 544 Campbell, Darryl Glenn 249 Campbell, Donna Sue 472 Campbell, Foy Leon . . . ' 484 Campbell, George Perry 484 Page 564 Name Pages Campbell, Henry Villard, III . 247, 484 Campbell, Jimmie Clarence 519 Campbell, Linda Gail 544 Campbell, Mary Elizabeth 484 Campbell, Mike 367 Campbell, Morgan S 484 Campbell, Nancy Jo 222 Campbell, Patricia 199, 337, 484 Campbell, Patrick Ward 255, 254 Campbell, Richard Charles 429 Campbell, Roger 441 Campbell, Susan Lee . . 70, 71, 151, 225, 274, 314, 484 Campbell, Wilda L 224 Campbell, Winfield M 266 Campos, Omar Richard 308 Campus Guild 186 Canales, Alfred G 185, 188, 484 Candelaria, John Arthur 544 Candelas, Jesse 163 Cane, Ronald Warren 297 Canfield, Thomas Hale 311, 519 Cangelose, Antoinette . . . 172, 175, 519 Cannamore, Ronald Truett . . 308, 454, 484 Cannon, Ernest Harvey 268 Canterbury, Faye Maxine .... 173, 519 Cantrell, John Victor 240, 544 Cantrell, William Herold . 191, 358, 544 Cantu, Alfred 412 Cantu, Antonio 324 Cantu, Humberto Soto 358, 424 Cantu, Robert Pete 519 Canuteson, John Allen 333 Canzoneri, Sam Anthony 274, 531 Cap and Gown 314 Caplinger, Don V 336 Capps, Damon Richard 288, 531 Capps, Freddie D 148 Capps, Judith Jeannine . . 148, 167, 174, 314, 337, 455, 460, 484 Caraway, Donald Lee 303 Carden, William Jasper 415, 544 Cardenas, Blandina 531 Cardenas, Carlos G 324 Cardenas, John Louis 484 Cardenas, Teresa Imelda 484 Cardinal, Douglas J. H. . 147, 454, 484 Cardwell, George Lafayette, III . . 444, 453 Cariker, Clarence Jefferson 463 Cariker, Page 314 Carl, Madeline Mercy . . 158, 198, 544 Carl, Nola Mai 225 Carleton, Robert Lane . . 346, 471, 484 Carlisle, Emmett A. . . 269, 366, 370, 408, 476 Carlisle, Nancy Ruth 458, 531 Carl], Carol Gene 440 Carlock, Carl Thomas 519 Carlock, George David, III . . 219, 350, 474 Carlson, Carol Lou . . 47, 225, 238, 248, 440 Carlson, Harold Gehard 308 Carlson, Johnson Leonard . . 248, 249, 484 Carlson, Peggy Louise 544 Carlyle, David Charles . . 158, 313, 519 Carlyle, Ronald Edwin 313, 353 Carmack, Wayne Allen 159, 190 Carmichael, Ellis Preston 464 Carmichael, John Allen . . 153, 267, 304 Carmichael, Ruth Carol 175, 253 Carmichael, Ruth Carol . Carnahan, Gayle Bragdon Carnahan, Juliet Gorham Carnahan, Richard H. . . Games, Martha Jane . . . 175, 531 285, 484 226, 544 428 212 Carney, Michael Harold 163 Carothers Dormitory 175 Carothers, Jerry Young 310 Carothers, John Henry 267 Carothers, Mary Kay 227 Carpenter, Alfred David 186 Carpenter, Camille 215 Carpenter, George Albert 326 Carpenter, Sarajane 531 Carpenter, Shawn Adele .... 227, 484 Carr, Charles Dickey 259, 531 Carr, Dorothy Elizabeth 184, 218 Carr, Ilameta 148, 214, 531 Carr, Jim Winston 315, 466 Carr, John Dyer 265 Carr, Julliard Vernet, Jr 259 Carr, Kenneth D 288 Carr, Margie Ann 224, 420, 475 Carr, Mary Elizabeth 179 Carr, Richard Pendleton, Jr. . . 182, 261 318, 484 Carr, Robert Isaac, Jr 443 Carr, Ronnie Guy 240, 544 Carr, William David ' 187 Name Pages Carrera, Ana Maria 519 Carrington, Nancy Elaine 326 Carris, Thomas Jefferson 274, 544 Carrizales, Fausto 484 Carroll, Billy Dan 444, 453, 484 Carroll, Gay 441 Carroll, James Vincent, III .. 263, 426 Carroll, Sallie Sneed 158, 217 Carruth, David 252, 544 Carson, Ann Elizabath . . 208, 258, 519 Carson, John Russell 462, 519 Carson, Van William 441 Carss, Alice Beryl 456 Carter, Carl Melvin 245 Carter, Frances Seaman 319, 544 Carter, George Max 443, 453 Carter, Gregg Leonard 288, 544 Carter, James William, HI 353 Carter, Juddi Allen 544 Carter, Manny Monroe 442, 484 Carter, Peggy Jones 418 Carter, Stephen Leroy . 256, 384, 385 Carter, William Harold 444, 453 Carter, William Junius 453 Cartlidge, Aubrey Ronald 255 Cartwright, Jack Thomas, Jr 292 Caruth, Carolyn Ann 224 Case, Carol Sue 179, 544 Case, Donald Reed 484 Case, George Dewar 261 Case, James Howard, Jr. . . 261, 438, 484 Case, Nancy Elaine 544 Casey, Donald Earl, Jr 353 Casey, Michael Horace . . 159, 190, 484 Casey, Shelby Tim 253, 459, 519 Cash, Beverly Jane 531 Cash, Charles Kendrick 439 Cash, Lou 424 Cashin, Jack William 442 Cashion, Major Dana Burton 354 Caskey, James Ray 307, 485 Casner, Dr. Stanley W 362 Casseday, Robert Wayne 412 Cassidy, Maureen 440 Casson, Wayne Arthur 531 Castaneda, Pete, Jr 324 Castille, Virginia Louise 209, 475 Castillo, Augustine 429 Castillo, Gilbert Vasquez 458 Castleberry, Betty Sue 181, 544 Castleman, Kenneth Randolph . . 466, 519 Castleman, Michael Shea 291, 304 Castor, Ralph Johnson, Jr. . . 241, 519 Cate, Michael Wayne 298 Cate, Reynolds Newman . 317, 359, 531 Cater, Vincent David 291 Cates, Carolyn Ann . . 181, 440, 448, 531 Cates, Jon Gerry 281, 531 Caudill, Ann Marie ' 544 Caudle, Ben H 453 Cauthorn, Alice 217, 519 Cauthorn, Tommy Drew . . 71, 253, 304, 476, 519 Cauthron, James Lee 435 Cavanaugh, Rachel Ann 519 Cavazos, Guillermo Javier 324 Cavazos, Irma Evangelina 195, 324 Cavazos, Jose Luis 309, 324 Caven, Hubbard Scott . . 149, 245, 304, 476 Ca ven, Mary Gay 178 Caveness, Robert Edward .... 307, 485 Gavin, Mrs. Martha 172, 176 Cavner, David Orel 190 Cavness, C. H 441 Cawlfield, Myra Nolen 24 Caywood, Patricia Jo 179, 544 Cazzell, Victoria Lee 201 Cedars, Chester Mark .. 160, 192, 467, 544 Cernosek, Valerian Albert .... 276, 544 Cervenka, Frank Thomas . . 466, 472, 544 Cerwinske, Marine! 337, 519 Cezeaux, Marie Louise 201, 519 Cezeaux, Philip Calvin 259 Chadderdon, James Robert 293 Chadick, Carol Ann 317 Chadwell, Janice Mary . . 47, 154, 211, 238, 314, 337, 485 Chadwick, Emory Lynn 208, 531 Chadwick, Theresa Irene 544 Chaffin, Welda Lajean . 326, 332, 440 Chaka, James Roy 309, 467, 519 Chalfont, Alan Charles . . 160, 358, 531 Challanger, Kathy Wright 218 Chalmers, Presley Howard, Jr. . . 151, 160, 265, 531 Chalupnik, Paula Janet 446 Chamberlain, Frances Faltin 195 Bob Lytton, graduate Engi- neering student at the Univer- sity, takes a look at a theodolite a surveying instrument. Mr. Robert L. Miller of Miller ' s dis- plays the transit. Engineering Architecture Supplies Photostats Drawing Reproductions MILLER BLUE PRINT COMPANY 108 E. 10th Page 565 Name Pages Chamberlain, James Craig . . . 326, 331 Chamberlin, Roland McKendree, Jr. 273, 429 Chambers, Carroll Morton 357, 359 Chambers, Landon Rupert . . . 302, 544 Chambers, Thomas Dabney 263 Champion, Stanton Pyburn . . 266, 544 Chandler, Carolyn Virginia . . 337, 485 Chandler, George David 459 Chandler, James Albert 282, 283 Chandler, John Emmett 283 Chaney, Charles Robert 263 Chankin, James Roland 302, 544 Chapa, Armando 429 Chapa, Mirella Rita 324 Chapa, Pedro, Jr 531 Chapa, Sylvia 324 Chapell, Don Clayton 260, 544 Chapline, Eugene Paul 160 Chapman, Carroll Winston 453 Chapman, Mrs. Carroll W 161 Chapman, Charles Donald 153 Chapman, Faye Nell 148 Chapman, Hazann 179, 218, 544 Chapman, Henry Wilson . 262, 404, 413 Chapman, James Thomas 291 Chapman, Judith . . 221, 441, 443, 485 Chapman, Mary Jill 218, 544 Chapman, Rankin H 291 Chappell, David Franklin 241 Chappell, Robert Chambers 337 Chappell, Virginia Bevin 214, 544 Charba, Jerome Paul 544 Charless, William Addis, Jr 259 Charros, Los 315 Chartoff, Joe . . 286, 287, 441, 442, 474 Chason, Gary Wayne 185, 189 Chaveleh, Faegh Frank 428, 436 Chavin, Nathan Allen 296 Cheesman, Herbert Paul 311 Cheeves, Lucy 213 Chelf, Patricia Joyce 458 Chen, Kuang-Min 186 Chenault, William Blewett, III . . 149, 150, 160, 355, 485 Chenevert, Martin Emile 453 Chenoweth, Elizabeth Carey . . 178, 544 Chernikowshi, Stephanie 160, 235 Chernosky, Joe Michael 412 Chernosky, Lillian Carol 519 Cherry, Rosemary 227 Cherry, Thomas Davies 531 Chesley, George Stuart 307 Chi Epsilon 443 Chi Omega 214, 215 Chi Phi 248, 249 Chichakli, Moutaz 334 Chilcote, Edith Lynn 178, 228 Chilcutt, Benny Jack 290 Childers, Benny Wayne 458, 544 Childers, Keith Tulloss 318 Childers, Michael Allen 359 Childers, Ray Mitchell 424 Childress, Beverly Jean 215, 260 Childs, Mary Louise 175 Childs, Roxy Anne 217, 316 Chiles, Jerry Edmond . . 150, 159, 290, 291, 531 Chiles, .Susan 233 Ching, Chee Han 186, 350 Chinn, Jan LaP.ue 201, 419, 423 Chipley, Jane Lucile 232, 544 Chisholm, Gary Thornton . . 390, 391, 402, 408 Chisholm, Robert Ames 264 Chism, Esta Willborn 199, 440 Choate, Mark Wade, II 260, 544 Choban, Gregory Gerard 359 Chodorow, Steven Craig 242 Choral Organizations 316-319 Chovanec, Charles Henry 485 Chovanec, Judith Marie 519 Chovanec, Thomas Edward 519 Chow, Elizabeth 173 Chowning, Richard Wofford . . 262, 413 Chrisco, James D 466 Chrisco, Philip Abbott 466 Christensen, Ane da Elizabeth .... 544 Christensen, Fleur Annette . . 175, 337, 485 Christian, James Wayne 447 Christian, Jerrie Teel 217, 238 Christian, Richey 226, 544 Christian Science Organisation . . . 320 Christie, Margaret Anne 160, 519 Christner, John Drue 160, 531 Christopher, Donna Sue 180, 181 Christopher, Janice Sue 458 Chronology . . 101-107, 120, 121, 140-144 Chu, Alan B 187, 345 Chumney. John 404 Chunn, K.lwarcl Keith 293 Chunn, Patricia Lee 213, 531 Name Pages Church, Paschel Lee 467, 544 Chute, Aaron Hamilton .... 442, 459 Cirilo, Rosa Lee 173, 519 Cisneros, Antonio, III 308, 485 Cissik, John Henry . . 165, 358, 468, 531 Claassen, Janet S 198 Clancy, Edward Carl ... 290, 449, 544 Clark, Ann Frances .. 148, 172, 180, 181, 215, 440, 448, 531 Clark, Charles T 258, 445, 459 Clark, Connie Emilie 544 Clark, Craig Lawrence, II 270, 353 Clark, Diana Marie 205 Clark, Donna Lou 326, 423, 531 Clark, Elizabeth S 227 Clark, Eugenia Sue 519 Clark, Fred Paul 266, 414, 544 Clark, George Edward 261 Clark, James Weldon . . 269, 384, 385, 397, 400, 408, 531 Clark, Kay Diane . . 181, 440, 448, 531 Clark, Leslie 159 Clark, Linda J. Reed 326, 332 Clark, Martin Winston, II 544 Clark, Robert Edward 544 Clark, Robert Lee (I) . 357, 468, 473 Clark, Robert Lee (II) 317, 485 Clark, Shirley Marian 172, 174 Clark, Teresa Blythe 229, 422 Clark, Valerie A 319 Clark, William Taylor, III 449 Clarke, Ellen Martha . . 228, 229, 312 Clarke, Joseph Alden 246, 345 Clark, Julia R 224 Clarkson, Robert Gillespie . . 185, 190, 466, 519 Clary, Ralph Willis 262 Clay, John Withers 169 Clayton, Catherine Winifred .. 151, 195, 519 Clayton, Joe Dodson 244, 245 Clayton, Miles Gregory 449, 544 Clements, Dorothy Salley 195 Clements, Hazel Jane . . 47, 49, 65, 77, 147, 154, 198, 337, 469, 485 Clements, Judy 531 Clements, Nancy 233 Clements, Patricia Jane . . 160, 317, 475, 544 Clements, Peggy Lynn . 198, 337, 485 Clemmons, Carole E 442 Clendening, Christina Adrian 225 Cleveland, Clark M 453 Cleveland, Frances Ann . . 173, 326, 332, 531 Cleveland, John Moore 169, 310 Cleveland, Joseph Robert . . 185, 186, 485 Clewis, Carol Ann 217, 316 Click, Lloyd Loring 272 Cliett, Nathan Fred 75 Clifford, William Dandridge 288 Clift, Charles Wilson, III 291 Clift, William Calvin 290, 544 Cline, Richard Charlene 228, 544 Clinton, Bennie Jean . . 230, 231, 238, 326, 332, 423, 460 Cloninger, Claude Robert . . 274, 414, 449 Cloud, Ronald Keith 519 Clunie, Mike Clifton 438 Clyde, Carol 176 Coates, Barbara Anne 458, 531 Coates, Harold Vaughn 264 Coats, John H. .. 317, 347, 471, 485 Coats, Mary Elizabeth 214, 544 Coats, Patricia Lee 531 Cobb, Charles Franklin, Jr. . . 240, 435. 544 Cobb, Jacqueline Gay . . . 440, 448, 544 Cobb, Larry M 435 Cobb, William Charles .. 150, 271, 531 Cobum, Stephen Parker . . 155, 309, 457 Cochran, Frances Annette .... 215, 315 Cochran, John Robert, Jr. ... 263, 430 Cochran, Nancy C 227 Cochran, Otis Fielding 257, 428 Cochran, Rosemary 456 Cochran, Steve Thomson 285 Cocke, William Gary 531 Cocking, Catherine 232 Cocking. Myra Jane 233 Cockrell, Joan 237, 337, 485 Cockrell, Laura Lee 337, 519 Cody, Danna Carlene 531 Cody, Gary Dale 311 Coe, Carolyn Lee . . 151, 158, 167, 173, 224, 531 Coe, Jimmy Earl 519 Coe, Patsy Ann 519 Coen, Donald Vernon .. 327, 331, 485 Name Pages Coers, Marilyn Janette .. 327, 329, 332, 519 Coerver, Arthur John 283, 311 Coffee, Carol Jane 327 Coffee, Lynn 228 Coffee, Russell 367 Coffey, Alan Eugene 261, 519 Coffey, James L 359 Coffey, Jerry Cutler .. 71, 149, 261, 311, 474, 485 Coffey, Robert Louis 273 Coffey, Timothy Michael . 282, 283, 304 Coffin, Mrs. Hehm 172, 179 Coffman, Carmon Lirell .. 149, 211, 337, 485 Cogan, John Penney, Jr. . . 150, 289, 431, 436 Cogburn, Thomas Mike 358, 468 Cogswell, George Ralston 322, 478 Cohen, Diane 151, 225, 276 Cohen, Jay Edward 286, 287 Cohen, Martin William 148, 287 Cohen, Richard Lawrence 449 Cohen, Ronald Dennis . . 70, 75, 147, 297 Cohen, Susan Rose 203, 471 Cohn, Carol Lee 202, 203 Cohn, Frances Pauline 160, 203 Cohn, Stephen Morris 279 Coil, Vernon Lee 303, 353, 531 Coker, Carolyn Ruth 200, 336 Coker, Carolyn Sue .. 455, 469, 470, 519 Colby, Carol Angela 117, 208, 544 Colby, Lynn Lee 485 Colby, Malcolm Young 24 Coldwell, Colbert Nathaniel 249 Cole, Allan Andrew 357 Cole, Byron Eugene 531 Cole, Carol Ann 215 Cole, Clarence Wharton 165, 239, 272, 273, 357, 441, 459, 466, 468, 485 Cole, David Bras .. 293, 257, 468, 473, 485 Cole, Donald Anthony 254 Cole, George Doyle 254 Cole, Judith Murraylin 195, 420 Cole, Kynn Monroe 343, 443 Cole, Linda Gayle 319 Cole, Nancy Kay 227, 485 Cole, Ned 429 Cole, Patricia Ruth 485 Cole, Paul L 459 Cole, Richard Ray .. 149, 151, 167, 327, 452, 519 Cole, Richard Rosser 273 Cole, Robert Charles 248, 357 Coleman, Bonnie Jean 544 Coleman, Evelyn Earl 320 Coleman, James Towson 462, 485 Coleman, Robert Edwin 531 Coleman, Yvonne 149, 222 Colfry, Carol Diane 217 Collard, Felix Robert 315 Colletti, Paula 149, 198, 544 Colley, David L. .. 390, 391, 408, 392 Colley, Robie Gene 485 Collier, Darryn Edwin 186 Collier, Frankie Marie .. 47, 193, 206, 207, 319 Collier, Howard Ernest .. 310, 443, 519 Collier, John C. .. 397, 400, 408, 462 Collier, Richard Robert 318 Collier, Robert Layton 473 Collier, Robert Lee 259, 354, 355 Collins, Carol Germaine . . 172, 183 519 Collins, Corinne 217, 419 Collins, David Lee 344 Collins, Dorothy Lee 229 Collins, Elaine Kaye 235, 485 Collins, George Mallory, Jr. . 264, 519 Collins, Jack A 429, 431 Collins, Margaret Eleanor 229. 421 Collins, Michael Francis 187 Collins, Molly K 440 Collins, Sam F 325 Colnam, Cornelius J 359 Colton, Michael Jean 233 Colton, Murray Fred 242 Colvert, Clyde C 33 Colvert, Lester Ltim 442 Colvin, James H 30 Combest, Alice Margsret 519 Combs, Charles Hinson, III .. 148. 160 Combs, Mrs. Dorothy Worrel 260 Combs, Frances Kay 218, 219 Combs, Joan Beverly 206, 544 Comeaux, Roy Valery, Jr 519 Comiskey, Franklin H 245. 426 Comiskey, Theresa A 193 Comisky, Betty Catherine 210 Commons, Roland Harvey 321 Name Pages Comp, John Jefferson 327 Compton, Catherine Ann . 180, 222, 519 Compton, Charlotte Montgomery . . 150 Compton, Judith Lee 185, 194 Compton, Otto Dwigbt, Jr 463 Compton, Patricia 229 Cone, Douglas L 435, 519 Cone, Fred Lee, III 544 Cone, John Robert 256, 531 Conely, Joseph Martin 252 Coneway, Pete Richard 266, 544 Conkle, Ellsworthy Prouty, Jr. . . 456 Connally, David T 259 Connally, Douglas Read 427 Connally, Herschel Frank, Jr. . 27, 263 Connally, John B 26, 445 Connally, Louise Clarkson .. 226, 422, 440, 448, 544 Connally, Sara Ellen 201, 531 Connally, Tom Allen 270, 271 Conner, Jimmy Larue 485 Conner, Nancy Lee 236, 237 Conner, Richard Michael . . 294, 295, 327, 544 Connor, Carolyn . . 216, 217, 337, 485 Conolly, Dana Wingfield 148, 228 Conrad, Curtis Clarence 311 Conrad, Gabrielle Prentice 183 Conrad, Verne Louis, III 302 Conroy, Nona Jean .. 158, 223, 360, 519 Constantine, Paul David 257 Contreras, Ernesto, Jr 259, 485 Conway, John Lowell 149 Conway, Sally Leigh 237, 312 Conwill, Margaret K 237 Cook, Cary Bryant 531 Cook, Charles DeVere 532 Cook, Daniel Robert 160 Cook, David Weldon 293 Cook, Edwin Allan 308, 343, 473 Cook, Forest Dale 544 Cook, lone 184 Cook, Jerry Carlton ... 366, 370, 408 Cook, John Allen .. 343, 408, 427, 429 Cook, Johnny Lee 412 Cook, John Rowland 339, 518 Cook, Karen Janet 176 Cook, Raymond Holton 252, 544 Cook, Richard Keck 358, 471 Cook, Robert Royston 532 Cook, Thomas Eugene, III .. 247, 429 434 Cook, Thomas Wayne 245, 431 Cook, Walter Louis, Jr 260, 544 Cook, Wayne Michael 288 Cook, William A. Gerrard 308, 454 Cook, William Richard 519 Cooke, Carole Diane 164, 544 Cooke, Charles Edwin 272, 544 Cooke, George Edwin 532 Cooke, Peggie -Marie 150, 448 Cooks, John R 284 Cookston, Terell Marion 281 Cooney, Ton! Lynn 208, 544 Coonrod, David Kelly 252 Cool, Sara Sue 314 Cooper, Ann Lambdin 163 Cooper, Anne 233 Cooper, B. K 159, 444 Cooper, Charlyne 424 Cooper, Don Merle 309, 485 Cooper, Earle Fae 237, 337, 519 Cooper, Grafton Morton 264 Cooper, Herbert Braxton 544 Cooper, Ina Louise 332, 485 Cooper, James Gary . . 291, 390, 391, 392, 408, 476, 519 Cooper, Marianne 237, 448, 519 Cooper, Melvin Wayne 258, 532 Cooper, Patrick Graham . . 244, 316, 346, 426, 544 Cooper, Patty Ann 179, 202 Cooper, Sue Ellen 455, 485 Cooper, Tammy Bird 440 Cooper, William Harold 471 Co-Operatuies 185-195 Co-Ordinator ' s Council 193 Cope, Jo Ann 519 Cope, John .. 65, 146, 147, 153, 162. 261, 336, 445, 474 Cope, John Robert 415 Cope, Margaret Parkes 337 Copeland. Annie Laurie 225 Copeland, Clyde Carlton, Jr. .. 149, 260, 532 Copeland, David Alfred 457 Copeland, Terry Duane 457 Copland, Michael Deutser 278 Copley, Eileen Ann 337 Corbetl, Jama Jay 327, 519 Corbin, Daniel B 31 Page 566 1896 The UNIVERSITY CO-OP 1939 Through the years the Co-op has kept pace with the growing needs of an expanding student body. From paper clips and brief cases to pocket combs and hair curlers, the Co-op has it. Even after students graduate from the University many things are ordered thru mail by ex-students. We welcome your orders and assure prompt service on orders received. ' THE UNIVERSITY CO-OP THE TOGGERY953 1959 PROVIDING BETTER FASTER SERVICE FOR THE STUDENT Page 567 Name Pages Cordaro, Joseph Thomas 444 Corley, Julia 233 Corley, Michael Dan 438 Gorman, Rosemary 177, 461 Cornick, Jane Gould .. 179, 226, 238, 544 Coro, Jose Luis 188 Correa, Irma Corine 183 Corso, Linda Wells 42? Corso, Richard Leonard 251 Cortez, Lionel Mauro, Jr 485 Cortez, Richard Felipe 160, 429 Cory, Arthur Milton 30 Cory, Carol Ann 232, 233, 519 Cory, Joan Elizabeth 232 Cosgrove, Frank Peter 451, 462 Cossey, Thomas William 532 Costilow, Jan Durant . . 148, 151, 159, 349, 519 Costlow, Lynn Edward 327 Costellesse, David Peter 473 Cotera, Rita Ann 204, 532 Gotham, Christian Malford .... 245 532 A ' ame Pages Gotham, William Robert . Cotharn, Barbara Faye . . Cothran, Martin David . . Cotner, Robert Crawford Cotropia, Joseph Paul . Gotten, Jimmy Rex .... Gotten, Johnny Walter Gotten, Michal Barry 265 442 532 272 544 464 182, 308, 408 70, 257, 408, 445, 476 Cottingham, John Philip 486 Cottingham, Lon Worth 325 Couch, Karen Kay 544 Coulter, James Winslow 288 Coulter, Valerie Marguerite . . 174, 519 Council, Wilma Dell Counts, Linda Carroll . Counts, Richard Bailey Coursey, Douglas Ernest Coursey, William David Courteau, Adrienne Lyn Cousins, Edward Lee . . Covarrubias. Jesse S. . Covey, Carol Covey, James Jr Covington, Harvey Louis 311, 453 Cowan, Carol Marie 225, 448 Cowan, George Michael 253 Cowan. James Edward, Jr 544 Cowan, Marylea 173, 544 Cowan, Phil Ray 532 Coward. Alwin Charles . . 327, 414, 532 Cow-art, John Lawhon 544 185, 193, 194, 314, 486 337 441, 442 160, 464 160, 424 i . . 194, 337. 544 444, 453 310 544 . 544 Cowden, Carolyn George Cow-den, James Coley . . Cowell, Herbert Walker Cow-ley, Beat;- Sue Cow-ley, Don Eskew Cowper, Jane Carolyn 267. Cox, Alonzo B. . . Cox. Ben Russell . . Cox, Bill J.. II . . Cox. Caren Maynett 319 532 273 178 148, 189, 486 . 229, 238. 336, 470 442 441, 442 308, 486 71, 199, 446. 456. 469. 486 519 466 Cox, Delbert Milton Cox. Don Dwight Cox, Frank Berlin 261 Cox. Franklin Lanier . . 35, 280. 442 Cox, George Wayne 295, 344 Cox. Jack Martin 244, 544 Cox, James Albert, Jr 259 Cox. James William 292 Cox. Jerry Mack 241 John Yeldell 253. 532 70, 162, 466 ... 211, 486 179. 544 Cox. Cox. Keith Kohn Cox. Myrlan A. Cox, Susan Kay Cox, Tyra Ann . 150, 159, 172. 179. 475, 532 Cox. William Lee 309 Cox, William Michael 281 Coy, Ernest Melvin 244 Crabb. Ben Harvey 544 Craddock. Dan Murchison 257 Craddock. George Lee . . 384, 385, 532 Craddock. Nancy Jean . . 181. 219. 317, 332 Crady, Patricia Florence 232 Craft, Diana Cayle 486 Craft, Randal Robert Jr. . . 147. 155. 259, 323 Craie. Homer Vincent 270 Craig, John Almon 150 Craig. John Paul 444, 433 Craig, John Raymond Thomas, III 271. 304 Craig. Paula 172, 178, 217 Craig. Pre-ton Gary 257, 476 Craig, Robert Maurice 241, 519 Craig, Roy Rochester 453 Craig, W. Allan 251 Craigen, Clyde Melvin 327, 545 Grain, Helen Jan 210 Grain, James Patrick 308 Grain, John Walter 264 Grain, Newton Mitchell, III 289 Grain, Pamela Forbes 177 Cramer, Charles Edward, Jr 359 Cramer, Doris Lynne 456 Crandell, Bruce William 486 Cranfill, Thomas Mabry 266 Craven, Emily Ann 486 Cravens, Ralph Thomas . . 262, 263, 426, 431 Graver, Jean Holland 228 Graver, Thomas Howard 271, 486 Graver, Virginia R 237 Crawford, Alice McKallip 229 Crawford, Ann Creviston 532 Crawford, Emily Josephine 211 Crawford, Frances Elizabeth . . 223, 316, 532 Crawford, Freda Ruth . . 160, 195, 519 Crawford, James Ross 247 Crawford, Jean Anne 210, 545 Crawford, Jean Vicki 545 Crawford, John Scott 289 Crawford, Kathleen . . 209, 238, 337, 486 Crawford, Kenneth Clarence 532 Crawford, Patricia Annette 194 Crawford, Robert Marvin .... 270, 545 Crawford, Shary J 195, 337 Crawford, Shirley Juanell 545 Crawford, Woodrow Wayne 486 Creager, Chad Freeman . . 149, 151, 160, 466, 472, 532 Creager, Don Whiteman 433, 532 Creager, Sue Ellen . . 178, 200, 422, 545 Creager, William Ferrol 486 Creath, Garry Stanley . . 153, 459, 486 Creekmore, Wynne L 253 Creer, Philip Douglas 33, 280, 281 Crennan, C. Mike 149 Crenshaw, Bonnie Nancy . . 148, 215, 335, 475 Crenshaw, Raymond Don 532 Crenshaw, Robert Allen 466, 486 Cresswell, Ronald Roy 261, 519 Creveling, Elizabeth L 227 Crews, Frank Tribble, Jr. ... 152, 4W Crews, Paul C., Jr 486 Criado, Antonio J 324 Crider, Allen Billy 486 Crider, Francelle 175, 440, 532 Criner, James Philip 545 Crisp, Bobby Gene 462 Crist, Nancy Lou 519 Criswell, Victor Ira 519 Crixell, Adolph Ernest 462 Crocker, Daryl Sterling 284 Crockett, Linda Lou 176, 337 Croft, Dixie Norraine 337 Croft, Joseph Wallace, Jr 358 Crofts, Corrie Ann . . 201, 352, 475, 519 Cromack, Nancy Lind 237, 441, 486 Crosminskey, Betty Catherine .... 177 Cromwell, Charles W 257 Crone, Pam 423 Crook, William Edward . . 165, 322, 361, 417, 466, 532 Crocker. Carolyn 229 Crooker, John Henry, IIII 244 Crooks, Roper Ervin 355 Croom, Archie M 466 Croom, Ron William 289 Croom, Ronald Carol 467 Cropper, Kenneth Ros 262 Cropper, Michael Dale 263 Crosby, Hugh Anthony .. 241, 366. 371. 408, 519 Crosby, John Edwin, III 449 Crosby, Linda Valois .. 149, 319, 337, 486 Crosby. Sandra Jean 193, 520 Crosi, Martin Joseph 276, 277 Cross, Priscilla Read 205 Cross, Samuel George 450 Crossley, David Georfe 169 Crossley, E. Lynn 441 Crouch, Eugene Louis 486 Crouch, Judith Ellen . . 177, 420, 440 Crouch, Robert Warren . . 262, 390, 391 Crow, Norma Jeane . . 322, 327, 332, 439, 440, 532 Crow, Sandra Kay 545 Crow, Sara Elizabeth . . 179, 210, 475, 545 Crowder, Harry Sheill, Jr. .. 302, 545 Name Pages Crowell, Carole Sue 199 Crow-ell, Eugene Richard 467 Name Pages Crowell, Thomas Nendall 283, 474 Crow ' s Nest Club 321 Crowson, John Richard .... 273, 429 Crum, Roy Lee 323 Cruse, Cheryl Darlene 222, 545 Cruse, Rei Beach, Jr 441, 442 Crutchfield, Bobby L 274 Crutchfield, Mrs. Edwena 276 Crutchfield, Steve Gott 400, 532 Crutsinger, Harold Ray . . 343, 348, 459, 466, 486 Cruz, James Ray 155, 306, 486 Cruz, Jesse Jose 319 Cryer, Herbert Baldwin, II 311 Cubley, Harold Dean 486 Cudd, Carolyn Lou 520 Cuddeback, John Earl 359 Cudney, Joseph ReDon . . 295, 327, 329, 545 Culberson, Fred Ray 433 Culbertson, Cathy Lynn 313 Culbertson, Clare Frances .... 218, 545 Culley, Milton Button, Jr 311 Culpepper, John Cecil, Jr. . . 271, 486 Culpepper, John Patrick, Jr. . . 65, 366, 367, 369, 370, 408, 445, 474, 486 Culpepper, Mary Anne Massengale . 447 Cummings, Bobby Joe 302 Cummings, Janice Carol . . 199, 337, 440, 5?2 Cundiff, Edward William 442, 459 Cunningham, Betty R 237 Cunningham, Carolyn Frances . . 201, 352, 440, 475, 532 Cunningham, Farrell Gale 327 Cunningham, Herbert Issac, Jr. . . 311 Cunningham, Joe Hurley, HI . 339, 486 Cunningham, Johnnye Earlene . 193, 532 Cunningham, Marilew 230, 472 Cunningham, Marilyn . . 172, 178, 217 Cunningham, Talmage Ray 408 Cunningham, William A. . . 156, 445, 453 Cupaioli. Ian Laurence 270, 545 Curb, Noel Thomas 451 Curington, Wayne Clyde 520 Curlee, Durward Lee 459 Curlee, Rowena Ruth 218 Curlee, Sara Jo 47, 210, 352 Currie, Allison Harrison 161 Currie, Jack Burton 311, 486 Currie, James David 269, 486 Currie, Nancy Carolyn 486 Currie, Susanna 173, 216, 545 Currie, Thomas Trimble, Jr. . . 256, 412, 414 Curry, Charles Nathan 486 Curry, John Randolph 459, 486 Curry, Nancy Anne Poole 318 Curry, William Lee 545 Curson, Charles Randolpy 245, 408 Curtin, Penelope Jane 222, 545 Curtis, Daniel 451 Curtis, Margaret Lynn 229, 319 Cushman, Karen Ann . . 154, 211, 337, 486 Cutbirth, Vickie Sue 219 Cutchin, Roger Wayne 270 Cuthrell, Jack Dies 520 Cuyler, Robert Hamilton, Jr. . . 358, 466, 468 D 441, Dabney, Elizabeth Vinson Dads ' Association Dafashy, Wagih Cadalla .. Daflae, AH Dagerath, Virginia Beth . . 337, 460, Dahl, Janet Mathilda . . 46, 150. 160, 199, 335, 337, 352, 422, 440, Dahlberp. Jack Kenneth, Jr. . . 344, Dahlstrom. Joe Frank . 327, Dahman, Mohamed Noaman Dahse, Byron Paul Dahse, Carolyn Ethel . . 47, 172, Dailami, Sobhi Dailey, George Denton 346, Daily! Diane Louise 158, 161, Ditty Texan, The 166, Dale, Alfred George Daleo, Frank A Dallenbach, Karl M 240, Dalton, Dewey Morrison Dalton, Donald Michael . . 269. 391, 408. 474, Dallon. John William 241. 472, Dalton, Tolbert Marion, HI Daly, Deni Lynn .. 150, 219, 418, 337 38 478 334 486 151, 532 351, 471 450 334 283 173, 520 334 545 201 167 442 463 258 245 390, 5 20 486 244 475 Name Daly, Thomas Braden DaMetz, Russell Lynn Damon, Dean Frazier Damron, Joe Richard Dana, Gracey Danburg, David Stuart D ' Andriole, Theodore John Danford, Robert Marvin . . . Daniel, Britt Talley Daniel, Deanna Pages 165, 305, 308. 454, 464 323, 345, 545 449 268, 359, 532 545 297, 520 298, 545 ..... 486 253, 532 ---- 229 Daniel. Jean Houston ........ 228, 229 Daniel, John Walter ............ 284 Daniel, Kathleen Darleen . . 178, 440, 448, 545 Daniel, Linda Marie .. 177, 420, 423, 458, 545 Daniel, Sondra Elizabeth ...... 177, 545 Daniel, Thomas Morris ........... 241 Daniels, Deborah Ann ...... 148, 219 Daniels, Gerald W., Jr ..... 308, 466 Daniels, Gigi Dian ---- 158, 201, 487 Daniels, Keith Wayne ........... 295 Dankert, Herbert W. H .......... 354 Dankin, Robert Buns ........... 358 Dannenbaum, Joseph P ........... 443 Danner, John L ................. 245 Dansby. Charles Vaughn .......... 310 Danziger, Herbert Kent . . 296. 309. 345, 545 Darley, Roger G .................. 182 Darling, Charles F., Jr ........... 344 Darling, Jessica Royece . . 66, 237, 319, 410, 470, 472, 520 Darling, William Duane ......... 520 Darnell, James Robert, Jr. . . 345, 443, 543 Darphin, Jane Elizabeth ......... 219 Darrab, Ibrahem ................. 334 Darrah, Mary Alice .......... 211, 532 Darrah, Roy Paul ................ 437 Darrow, Janet Marjorie . 200, 424, 532 Darsey, David Michael ............ 532 Darst, James Albert ............. 532 Darveaux, Joseph Eugene ........ 449 Dathe, Richard Arthur, Jr ....... 545 Daugherty, Gerald Lee ......... 466 Daugherty, Marilyn Sue ..... 164, 200 Daugherty, Myra Ann ........ 337, 487 Davenport, Billie Bishop ........ 446 Davenport, Billy Lee ............ 441 Davenport, Charles Pettit ........ 520 Davenport, Dabid Thomas ____ 247, 520 Davenport, Everard Correll . . 150, 185, 190. 487 Davenport. John Wayne .......... 442 Davenport. Richard Steele . . 344. 346 467, 545 David, Jerry Donald .............. 293 David, Mavis Lyle ............... 223 David, William " Jake " .......... 412 Davidge, Ronald Vaughn ........ 453 Davidson, Carolyn Lee ...... 210, 520 Davidson. David A .............. 353 Davidson, Jerry Lee ............. 435 Davidson, Marta Lee . . . 214, 422, 545 Davidson, Patricia Ita ...... 424, 487 Davidson, Raymond Wright . . 266. 428 Davidson. William Claude, Jr ..... 474 Davies, Suzanne ...... 179, 214, 545 Davies, Will Sullivan, Jr. Davig, James H. Davis, Bernie Rodney Davis, Betty Sue .... Davis, Beverly Dale . 303, 520 487 151. 163. 167. 255. 452, 472, 520 316 179, 202, 545 Davis, Chester M., Jr 520 Davis, Coralie Elizabeth 178, 224 Davis, Daniel Stone 263 Davis, Darrell Lynn 416 Davis, Diantha 545 Davis, Don Clifford 256, 432 Davis, Edwin Theodore, Jr. . . 245. 309. 449 Davis, Elisa Savilla . . 174, 314. 455. 460, 487 Davis. Elizabeth Ann 219, 424, 458 Davis, Ella Kathleen Clements .... 447 Davis, Ellen Sue 203 Davit, Field Ferrar Montgomery. Jr. . . 271 Davis, Frank Farrell 268, 429 Davis, Fred Edward 434, 467, 532 Davis. Georgi Elizabeth 215 Davis, Henrietta 221 Davis, Henry Michael 287 Davis, Inis Inei 532 Davis, James Douglas 545 Davis, James Lawrence, Jr 487 Davis. James Leslie 167, 452 Davis, James Phillip 459 Davit, Janice Lynn 203, 532 Davis, Jefferson Jackson 186 Page 568 Qlntoeraitp " where IVY is a specialty . . . Not a sideline. " 2350 GUADALUPE FINER FOODS FOR LESS " 3 Fine Stores to Serve You " EL MAT 504 East Ave. EL CHARRO 912 Red River EL TORO 1601 Guadalupe MONROE ' S " Mexican Food to Take Home " Austin ' s BIG FOUR In Authentic Mexican Food A-BAR HOTEL A FINE RESIDENTIAL HOTEL FOR MEN STUDENTS 2612 Guadalupe PRIVATE PARKING YEAR ROUND AIR CONDITIONING THREE BLOCKS FROM CAMPUS YET THE MOST REASONABLE RATES IN AUSTIN GR 6-5658 Page 569 Name Pages Davis, Jerry D 408 Davis, Jim B 459 Davis, John Edwin 323 Davis, John Emerson 451, 462 Davis, John Haven .. 298, 345, 449, 545 Davis, John Lindsey 245 Davis, John Marvin 308 Davis, John Oldrahm 246, 247 Davis, Jonathan Walter 244 Davis, Judith Marie 222, 487 Davis, Kathy 448 Davis, Kay 173, 327, 332 Davis, Laurie 179, 545 Davis, LeAnne 194 Davis, Linda Belle 520 Davis, Linda Jane 201, 532 Davis, Lois Darlene 327 Davis, Lora Lynn .. 148, 160, 210, 520 Davis, Louise Adelle 177, 545 Davis, Margaret Jane .. 160, 314, 421, 487 Davis, Mary Ann 322 Davis, Mary Jane 172, 173 Davis, Mavis Lyle 487 Davis, Michael Lynn .. 150, 303, 532 Davis, Nancy Darlane 545 Davis, Norris G 452 Davis, Pat Ward 265 Davis, Phillip Walter 520 Davis, Plait Walker, III 252, 413 Davis, Preston Clark 270 Davis, R. Kay 172, 173 Davis, Rebecca Ruth . . 47, 237, 352, 419 Davis, Robert Cecil 190, 487 Davis, Robert Earl 289 Davis, Ronald David 278, 279 Davis, Sandra Lois 199, 302, 456 Davis, Sara Kathryn 181, 440 Davis, Steven Harold . . 323, 359 467 Davis, Susan Harriet .. 178, 20i ' 224, 420, 440, 487, 545 Davis, Ted Gaines 150 Davis, William Franklin 545 Davis, William Kenneth, Jr 262 Davis, William Paul 459, 487 Davis, William Prather, Jr 487 Davlin, William Edwin 438, 487 Davol, Elizabeth H 227 Dawe, Jessamon 455 Dawe, Robert Glenn 280, 545 Dawkins, Diantha Dee 181, 532 Dawson, Carol Ann 237, 419 Dawson, George Warner 334 Dawson, Raymond Fillmore 443 Day, Harry Bob 327, 464, 545 Day, Nancy Linda 460 Deacon, Margaret Ellen 440, 448 DeAlba, Guillermo 310 Dealey, Samuel Jerome 353, 449 Dean, James Harold 325 Dean, John Howard 260 Dean, John Thomas 153, 487 Dean, Lois Ellen 545 Dean, Margaret Ann . . 172, 173, 314, 487 Dean, Marilynn Sue . . 148, 159, 173, 319 Dean, Michael William 545 Dean, Sandra Lee 487 Dean, Wilfred James 244 Deason, Ruth Marie 520 Deason, Switzer Leon 487 Deathe, Helen M 182 Deaver, Donald Richard . 275, 466, 520 Deisher, Dee Ann 173, 458 DeBerry, Diane 201, 487 DeBerry, Henry Drew, III .. 449, 545 Decker, Linda Diane 217, 319 Decoster, Don T 442 Deen, Donna Clair 532 Deen, Jimmy Robert 327 Deen, Roy Harle 160, 186 DeFee, David Lee 487 Deffebach, Carole Janette 487 Deffebach, Don Morris 344, 487 DeGuerin, Richard M 291, 325 DeHart, Michael Robert .. 273, 429, 436, 520 Dehlinger, Cecilia Camille .. 47, 237, 360 Deis, Paul Rucker 520 de la Garza, Adolfo 327 De La Rosa, Ben 459, 520 DelaRosa, Edward 429 de la Rosa, Robert, Jr 520 Delaune, Anne Carol 337, 423 Delgado, Celia 461 Delgado, Jaime N 451, 462 Delk, Mary Jo .. 209, 238, 419, 532 Dellar, Janice Ann .. 178. 202, 54S DeLorenzo, Joseph Paul 269, 427 Name Pages DeLorenzo, Kenneth Samuel 268 Delph, Claire Suzanne 216 Delta Chi 250, 251 Delta Delta Delta 216, 217 Delta Gamma 218, 219 Delta Kappa Epsilon 252, 253 Delta Phi Epsilon 220, 221 Delta Sigma Phi 254, 255 Delta Sigma Pi 459 Delta Tau Delta 256, 257 Delta Vpsilon 258, 259 Delta Zeta 222, 223 Demel, Sandra Amelia 177, 545 Dement, Harold Bat 317 Demetri, Leslie Robert 449 Dernier, Robert Carl, Jr. .. 150, 163, 271, 438, 459, 463, 478 de Monteflano, Bernard Ortiz .... 160 Dempsey, Charles S 442 Deney, Walter Johns 289 Denison, James Wright 245 Denman, Lynn .. 47, 49, 227, 440, 532 Denman, William Edwin . . 285, 397, 400, 474, 532