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University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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3 .,-X. W . , .. THE HOU Published by the lunior Class OKLAHOMA COLLEGE FOB WOMEN Ohickasha, Oklahoma C. DAN PROCTIER, B. A., Ed. M., Ed. D. A MESS GE FHUM THE PHESIUE T Each year about this time you receive a copy of the ARGUS. As usual, it is high class in every respect, and you show it with pride to all your friends. It contains pictures of many familiar campus scenes which you have enjoyed during your years in Oklahoma College for VVomen. But do these constitute 0. C. VV. to you? Does the seventy-five acre campus, beauti- fully landscaped, with more than two million dollars worth of buildings and equipment mean O. C. VV. to you? The answer is obvious and was best expressed by St. Paul, For the things which are seen are temporalg but the things which are not seen are eternal. Unless your presence here has been rewarded with something which cannot be seen, something on which you cannot place a dollar sign, then U. C. VV. has not accomplished its purpose. It will not have kept faith with the fathers and mothers who permitted you to come here, until it provides the atmosphere and the environment in which the desired pattern of Christian attitudes and wholesome habits is the normal one to follow. Kunkel and Prentice have found that 59.6 per cent of all people listed in VVho's VVho hold degrees from small liberal arts colleges. The best constructive thinking toward the solution of the great social, political, and economic problems of a post war world must come from former students and graduates of such institutions. Therefore, to you as stu- dents and graduates of the Oklahoma College for Women I would say, as Mordecai said to Esther, VVho knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this. SENIUH CLASS CLASS Ol I 1C1CRS Mm Hrcmis . lfiuxcns H.-mms . . DoRo'1'HY Lian Hicimrxx . -l.xN1c15 W'1l.K12Rsox . f Prcsidcnt President Scci'ct:1i'5' I l'l'2lSll1'l'1' lfurly in October, 194-1, thc Scniors chusc Miss Mary Cziruthcrs ind Mi Cecilia Arinstrong as sponso1's. An 1l11iOl'111211 tczl was hcld in th hm J in Austin 111111 lzirlor in Uctohur. Un Novcinhcr S, 1944, tht Stnloix prcscntcd un 21SSCl1l151y progrziin, Bc Un Thc 131111 Ur You Cut Xvorksf' The A11l1ll111 Tinscl 151111 sponsored hy tht- Senior Qliss n givcn Ut-ccinhcr 16, 1944. Other Scnior uctivitics wcrc Cup int C10 Day, 1'gZ1CC2l12lll1'C2ltC, :xml Cminiicnccnicnt. KIARGARET RICH IGH lilafxknnx . . . Tulsa li. S. in YOcatiOnal Hmm- lfconomics Alpha lifil l.OLilsr2 CUUVER SIMPSON .... . Harlow B. S. in Vocarionzil Home lfcOnOmics Alpha lfta IDUROTHY NORTHAM . . . . Dc Kalb, Texas li. A. in Spanish De Gamma Ve, Spanish Club l4lILEliN SHOCKLEY .... Tulsa ll. BI. lzfl. ll. S. ll., Y. VV. C. A., l11t6l'nz1tiO11:1l Relations, S. A. l. AIYRTLE HAT1f1L1.D .... . Cement B. S. in Commcrcc NOR1x1,x STRAA111 HUDSON . . . lfnid B. S. in C0l1lIIlL'1'L'6 Ii.'xTHRYx12 SU: PL'Rx'E.xR .... Ho.-Xlcstcr li. in LlOllllllCl'CC llc Si Ta, Beta clilllllllil MARJORY HL'GL'L12v .... Beaver B. A. in Chemistry C.-xkiu l,l'flf Rorcuiza .... Hobart li. A. in Clicmistry lin' Si 'll:i, ll:u'qi1ctuL'l's Rvrii lin xi ..... Tulsa ll. .-X. in Spanish Sigma llc-lm, l 1'i-ucli Club, Spanish Club Al.-XXINI-Q Cl.XAXIl'lilfl.l, . , . . . Gutliric ll. KI. in Xumlzi Pi Zcrzi Kappa, Sigma Alpha lorzl, l'rcsi4lc-ut of Intel'- Cburrli Council, Baptist Stuilc-nt lvnirm, Y. YV. C. A.. XVbo's Wvlw Among Stuclcuts in ,'xlllL'l'lL'IlIl Colleges mul Cr1ix'c'I'sitirs KIARG.-XRli'l' RYAN ..... Arfliiioru H. A. in Art Sigma llc-lm, Art Club, lfilifoi' of ARCLS '43-'-l--l Xl.-'im' -Ixxiz XVILES .... Ardiuorm- B. A-X. ui l'.l1Q,'llSl1 liclw Su, Clii UL-ltzl lllii, l,lfL'l'2lT1lk' IJoRu'I'iii,xxxix H.-xvmcx . . . Klzuigum li. A. in Bl1ll'llCI11ZlflL'S :Xlplm lfrxi, Cup 'ii Bells. Llilfllflllf Club, Uzulcc' Club lmls Xi!-QRYKJY . ...... Cliivknslizi ll. of Klusic l'lllllL'2lflUll lli Zn-tai liuppzl BI.xuc:.'.Ri-.'i i'i: ANNA Hiiximicizsox .... licggs li. S. fzi Yofzltifmzil lluuu- Iii-uiiuiuivs :Xlplm lfrzi .ffl THX QQ R I Afvm 42. '. - l JZ'- . Y: bg o ft Bbw' if .loixx Hromis Rixwuxos . . . Tuttle ll. A. in History Pi Clanuna Klu, Uv Clanima Ve, International Rela- tions, Y. YV. C. A., Trend Stall, Bliss O. C. VV. '44, lVho's lVho Among Students in American Colleges and lfliivs'1'sitics lglZ'I I'Y .lo llliNNIi'I l' ..... Brolccn Bow li. A. in lllathematirs Al.-XRTH.-X Hi-xMni.izToN ...... Tulsa ll. S. in Foods and Nutrition Pi Z1-ta Kappa, Alpha lfta, Y. VV. C. A. Mun' Hiiuix RoAosTRL'A1 ..... Pryor B. S. in Home lfconomics Alpha lfta. Y. VV. C. A., Silver Spurs, lntcr-Church Llounvil .IL xii likowisk ....... Chickasha li. of Klusic Fducation Pi Zcta Kappa Cokixxiz Hiiokick ..... , Tulsa ll. of llusic Education Phi Klu lR.Xl.K slrxic Sl'NDliRI.AND .... Chiclcasha li. S. in Home Economics Alpha lfta XVINIFRIED 'ITRNLSR .... . . Chickasha ll. A. in llathematics Spanish Cluh JANICIE XVILKIZRSON . . . . Holdcnvillc B. S. in Coxninc-rue 1-ff 1 w - 1 - v w lie S1 la, Beta Cvannna, Spanish Lluh, X. W. L. A., Literatac, Student Government, 'llrcasurer Senior Class AIJXXINIE IVIIQRCER . . . . . . lfnitl ll. A. in Art Sigma Us-lta FLoRP:NcE PEPPARU . .... Tonkawa B. A. in English Chi Delta Phi, Y. VV. C. A., VVho's XVho Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and lfniversities, Pi Zeta Kappa, Silva-1' Spurs, XX7lIlllCl' of Nash Award NORM.-X IQITH HENDERSON . Little Rock, Arkansas li. S. in Home Economics I,ETICI,X C.-xsTko . . . . Panama City, Panama B. A. in Klatheniatics Biology Club VIRGINIA IJENYER . . . . . Chandler B. RI. in Piano Presitlc-nt Sigma Alpha Iota, President Pi Zeta Kappa. Y. YV. C. A., VVho's VVh0 Among Students in American Colleges antl llniversities Nomm KNIGHT ....... Blanchard B. S. in Home lfconoinics Alpha lfta Hlfl.l2N RIZI.1.liR ..... Chickasha B. A. in French lfrvnch Club President lg, F 'V 'Qi ' -W eve M Iiiaxixiz NVILLIAMS ..... . Ryan B. S. in Home Economics Alpha lfta, College Quartclt Yiacixia CARTER ...... Chickasha B, of Nliisic lfiliication PEGGY SHORT . . . ..... NI angum B. S. in Physical lfdiication Dc Gamma Ve, P. F. Xl., Seals, Cap ,ii Hells l'lI.IZ.-KR!-ITH NANCE 1'l0L'I.ES .... lluskogee B. A. in English Seals, Racquvteers, Literatae, Chi Delta Phi, Phi Psi, Y. XV. C. A. lI.xRli,YN HAM ....... Hcnryctta H. ll. in Piano Q Club, Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary Y. VV. C. A., Assistant lfditor of ARGVS '-l-l, Vice Prcsitlc-nt of Junior Class .PPLOREXE FFROGDEN ...... Chickashzi B. S. in Home Economics Pi'0sidc'i1t of Alpha Eta llaziii. Hi'c14.'x1aY ...... Chickasha li. S. in Holm- lfcrmoinics Alpha lfta -ligxx AIARIZE Hixcmifx' . . Oklahoma City B. A. in History i liitc-rnatioiial Ri-lations, Rziuqm-tue-i's, Y. VV. C. A., Pi cillllllllil Alll fjDIil,I. fNI1'L'1.1 R15 ..... . Mincu B. S. i11 Co111111c1'cc Dc 111111111111 X1' 1,1'1's1111'11t, P1'1's1111'11t 111 111-111 C11111111111, 'rc-111'11 Qw1lI15 1JOR11'l'11Y 1,151i 11lL'K.X1.1N . . . DlI1A2lllf 11. A. i11 S111-0011 Pi Z1-111 K11111111. 1'1'1-si11e11t of Cap ,Il Bells, P11-si111'11t 111 L1-111 P111 1'1f2l. Y. NV. C. A., XV1111's NV1111 :X1111111g S111- 111'11ts i11 :X1111-1'i1'1111 C0111-gcs 111111 l'11iv1'1'siti1's NI.-114115 SL'11'1 l' . ....... X11111g11111 11. S. i11 Home 1f1'01111111i1's Dc- 111111111111 Yc, Pi 20121 Kappa, :X1111111 1'11'2l, 11. S. lf. qxR1-111 1211111111111 ..... . Ijllfllllf H. KI. in 131111111 Sigma 171-1111, Sig11111,-111111111 Iota 1l'.XNI'l'.fX A1.1.1s11x ..... L'1111lg11r1' 13. A. 111 Spanish 1111111411 Club SPIE L'.x11'1'1211 ......... Tulsa 11, A. i11 1'sy1'1111111gy 111111 P11i111s0p11y Pi 1111111111111 N111, 1,111 Psi P1'csi111-111 1RISL'Il.l,,X Ifux 1J11fY .... . c,1iCf'Ill' 11. A. i11 1f11g51is11 C111 1J1'1111 11111, 1,1 Zvfzl K11pp11 XI1111: 1111171' 11111111-is ..... 1'I11111'y1-1111 11. 5. i11 Q'OII1II1t'I'L'l' , . . . . . . 81211121 1Jl'1fil. 1I'l'Sll1lAI1f 111 51-111111' L111ss, 1111s1111'ss X11111- - 1 . . . , 131-1 111 -1-1 A1401 S. 11118111655 K1111111g1'1' 111 QI11111111' k121Sa, XXVIII!! XXv1lIl gX1111111g 51111111113 111 :X1111'1'i1':111 K1ll11l'Q'k'S 111111 l l1lYl'I'SlTlk'S av-1 'li mi . F joy Tri CYN KIQCARTER Goonxoucu . . Lawton D B. A. in ZXIIlfllC1llZlflCS '1'1-lm DE.-xx l'lIlZI.D . . . Chickuslm B. A. in Art :X1'tCl11h, Silver Spurs l'l1l.EEN FEZLER . . . . H aileyvillc B. S. Phys. lid. Sigma Delta, P. lf. ll. Club, Cap xl' Bells CoI,Lr2r2x LANGSTON . Heavener BIARGIE HICKS VVILSON . . . Hollis B. S. in Commerce LIUYCE CA.x1P14El.I. .... . Chickasha A. B. in lfnglisll l.itc1'atac, Chi Delta Phi lS.Xl4EI. li0I2STlER ...... Lone lVolf li. A. in lxI2lflli'lll1lflCS AL:cL's'r1Nl2 C.fxA1mxE1.1. . . . Aundarko ll. ll. in Volts PERLE RRY ..... VViehita, Kansas li. ll. in Violin lfin Hi Club President, Pi Zeta Kappa, S. A. l., lnter- Church Council, V945 lllay Queen, lVho's VVho in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. ANN H L'GH ES ....... Henryetta li. BI. Ml. Sigma Delta, S. A. l., Pres. of Student Goveinxnent, Pres. of the junior Class '-l-l, Nash Award AIARY JEAN SHEARN . . . . lXIcAlester R. M. Ed. S. A. I. JEANNE NIOREAL' ..... Oklahoma City B. A. Spanish Tri D, Spanish Club AIILDRED Q3DELL SMITH ..... Chiclcasha B. A. in Psy. and Phil. Phi Psi DoRoTHY REDDING .... . Chickasha B. S. Physflfrl. Seals, Silver Spurs, P. ll. KI. Club THE JUNIUH CLASS CLASS O FFICFRS PEGGY NKJRTH . . . President NIARIE FINNIGAN . . Vice-President NIARY LEE BROYVER . Secretary rl1HEI.3IA DoYLE . . Treasurer The Junior Class ol' '45 began the year with the Annual -Iunior Carnival, which incident- ally was a great success. Our next responsibility was the publication of ARGITS--the col- lege yearbook which you now have in your hand. Then along came the traditional Junior- Senior Prom-what a dance, it was really a send off for the Seniors of '45. Between the above mentioned tasks we had fun and went to Class. ARGUS STAFF XYIRGINIA PIERCE .... Editor IJORIS KENYKJN . . Assistant Editor :XIARY XVALIQER . . . Seniors KIARTHA XV,fxI,KER .... Snaps TIiELNlfX IJUYLE . Business Manager MISS M,'xDEI.IxE RITZ . . Adviser 5 1 W r r w FF' Lt Ya ,XY 3. T 3 4 ,ff I A N F' ,VNC i' -- fr? ly-'w THE SUPHUMUHE ELASS The Sophomore Class of '45 Proyed to be the one most alive. They wrote new songs, They gave an assembly. And their 'ASweetheart Dance was really a dilly. They tied with the Frosh in the big Contest. And no one Could decide which was the best. But whether they Win or go down in the light They still sing the song That for them is just right. S-O-P-H-O-NI-O-R-E 73 CLASS OFFICERS CJHARLENE CI.ARK ..... . President ELIZABETH VVILSON . . Secretary and Treasurer MARGARET CTRIFFIN, DORIS GRIFFIN Cheer Leaders v ' n .Ah , 5 ,,- Q' 3, as v- I w 4 J :ss W., FHESHME EL SS CLASS OFFICERS ELIZABETH NIEIR ....... President Jo DEAN VVHITICARE . . Vice President XVILLA SLOAN . . . . Secretary MARQHETA F1LEs ..... . Treasurer PATT CASH, PHYLLIS GAYLE YOUNG, ELAINE PERRY, -IOYCE STEVVART . . Cheer Leaders Alive with vigor and a sense of class loyalty, the Freshmen of 1945 earned the admiration of all. Their Queen reigned at the junior Carnival, their Ballad for O. C. VV. Won the annual Cabbage Theater. The Freshman Ballad for O. C. VV. typihed the true Freshman spirit. Spring came and the Freshmen gave a Spring Formal for the school with Green and VVhite predominating. O. C. VV. saw Green and Yvhite in all its glory with the Freshman Class of 1945. , 1 1 4 J N ai 1 W L J 1 w L , 4 ACTIVITIES STARS FROM TI-IE ARTISTS COURSE IN INFORMAL MEETINGS WITH CCW STUDENTS ANNA KASKAS said farewell to a group of admiring students be- fore she boarded her train for her Ilv?Xf Cllgaglilllellf. The first number of the Artist's Course saw :1 crowded Auditorium. All seats not reserved for students were filled with townspeople. .IAN STRUTHKRS, whose lec ture, Fish and Chips, openec thc season, gIl'HCiOllSly autographcc progr:11n,s. VIQLOZ AND YOLANDA met the stu- dents informally after their program. The Trapp Family Singers endeared theni selves to everyone on the campus. Argentinita and her troupe spent several days on the Campus. During their stay they entertained patients at the Borden General Hospital. Virginia Dvliyvi' is zz favorite student artist :it orgzili. Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary Klnsic fra- ternity, were hostesses for 21 reception honoring Bliss Anna Kziskas. The Nativity scene from the Glen- Clubs' Aimual Christmas Pl'Cgl'?1IN. .Ioan Rawlings took the part of Klziry, while little Robert Lloyd XVhite II, played his first role as the Christ Chilcl. THIS COLLIQGIC GLEIC CLUB TH If ROMANY TRIO XYELNIA c7FFICIER AIARY Lmz BROXVIZR CQEXEVIEVIQ NLNN BXRIBARA BIILLS, .ACCOIlll7ZllliSf MRS. XYIRGINI.-X .ANDERSON Director IHI LOLLEGF CHORUS lll nu I I I F ll fl ll ll llllnl lllil naar 3. I ill. H 1 1 X TI I If CONDUCTING CLASS l'I 1 Ii COLLI-X SIC QUARTFT Ifluyxlxlz XV1L1.1,xA1s BENNIE PATTERSON XYIRCINI.-X PIERCE CEXYEN flROVE xlli.-XNXE NESBIITH Accompzmist Wllss I'fI,1sE M,fxcC1,fxNAHAN Ui rccto 1' :X su-nc from HLll'Zllg,S XVi1'c, prvscntccl by stu- Llvnts of tlw l,l'2llNilflk' Art Dvpz11'tIm'nt. SlIlU'C'l'S who 21030111 mnicd the Glcc Club in a r- I progrzun prvscrltccl at Fort Sill. TH IC COL! ,ICC IIC URCHICSTRA THIS COLLEGE S1Nl ONlC'l 1'A if Yo ARGUS would be complete without a I a picture of the justly famous annual Hal- l0we'en party at Canning Hall. Lawson Hall, mantlecl in winter garb W 5. Mme af ,u w n v iddvc receives 21 warm XYCICOIHC. Freshmzlxl-Sophomore Hockey Game llllllfbl Q llmxll, hrst lug aunt of TIN fill. Procccmls the Akers. L':1p'n Bells Rallygaml 21 g so v I!-ef XL .Q- gg TASH AWARD ANN HUGHES Dr. KI. A. Nash, former president of Oklahoma College for YVomen and now Chancellor of the State Regents for Higher lfducation, offers at the end of each semester a twenty-five dollar cash award to an outstanding student of Oklahoma College for VVomen. The purpose of the award, established in 1943, is to honor a typical Hoklahoma College for VVomen'l girl. The criteria for the selecting of this girl are as follows: Cab Good standing in her academic work. Chl Interest and participation in recreational activities, plays and games, physical education, and healthy living. feb Attendance, participation, and interest in Sunday school, Church and religious activities. fdj Pronciency in the social ameni- ties, adjustment to society, alertness to social fundamen- tals, adiniration and respect of friends and acquaintances. A shady spot is welcomed by enthusiastic riders on a warm day. N 1 J ' Q 5 'l Grimsley Clzmlen, best place on the cam- pus for a snow fight. Drifts are deeper Zlllfl the snow is wetter. lrl'C'Sl11U2lIl Class in the big gym uguatine Campbell zuul her eo orful costume are an asset to an 7I'0U'l'2l1Il. 2- Ping Pong doubles in the game room. Swimming Classes are a part of the Phys- ical Education program for all Freshmen 5 Bowling, El popular sport on a rainy day. A good seat in riding has its beginning in the ring. ,f f-My class in the big Gym is dismissed and the girls hllI'1'V down for :1 quick change and rush to their m-xt class. Ifilvcn Fczlc-1' and Dorothy Rc-ddixmg are expvrts at tumbling Student riders make Z1 tour of the falnpus. The pause that refreshes Rivalry is keen between classes in the Intramural Sports Tournament. RESIDENCE HALLS Szzruh Alice Dzulic-ls :mel lxI2lXlIlC llerccr, stmlc-nts in il class of furnirurm- rc-novation, put the llnislming touclws on an antique chair. M. 4 9 K Hallowa-'cn is celebrated with :1 formal llinner in the I't'SlKll'IlCC hall dining romus. llarie Scott pours at thc' Home I lxIZ1IlZlgCI11CI1f open house . 'C w ,f I. xx 3 il iff? 'I l Q NN fn, 1 ?2V'5 QQs4Q'W4iU Q 4-,iwff 4'-4' ' 'NN ,ff -ww.. M, -W Kliss Yvaldorf with a group of enthusiastic photographers. Seniors entertained thc student body at a Tinsel Ball during the Christmas season. Rh-inhcrs of the Orchestra cclc- hrzitc their directofs birthday with a kid partym DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS 'I' R IC N ID STA If If VVANDA Suux XvALDA Dowm' THELM.-x Dewi. PATTY H rnsux KIISS lklfxfz KI . . . Editor . Assistant Editor Ii . Business KIHIIHQCI' . . Society Ifclitor l'Rl'HY . . Sponsor 'R' 2 we AL A542 if f s ga? Y. 5 ,Q P. I.. M. LLUR DANCIC CLL' BS ALPHA FTA INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CAPN BELLS I SIGIXIA ALPHA IOTA SILVER SPURS SPANISH CLUB PI ZICTA KA P PA BAPTIST STUDIQNT Lixlox :im My lX'l'IfIi-CHURCH COUXCII CHI DELTA PHI LITIQRATAI- PHI PSI S'1'lfDl'fN'I' GOYIERNM ICNT B ICTA GA K I K I.-X SICALS CLUB A ,-N T w NA . in . V . 2 km is.--V: - I -4' Mia FRKNCH'CLUB 'A M ZETA WIA '15 QQQ Rug ART'CLUB SOCIETY 9251115 553 Alav Ozzrwz iii 2 2 5: 51, Sv , 2 Q s' Q gocm cfgawfbzgi Him O I' ll OCU2 BOIZQCZHZ Carnival Qzzmfn 1 27? C7-2 J HI BLUE lfoumlenl November 7, l9l7 SPONSORS Bliss CORINNE BELL Bliss ICVELYN HASSEBROEK PATRONESS NIRS. J. C. JQMBRISTER Hemel Lois Flake llziry llelen Durgzm Betty jo VVcathe1'ly Billy Biissy Billie Brock Jackie Schuhert Joyce jones Patti Hudson A W, 2 MEMBERS Billie Hale Betty Nell lfurml Bai-bzu-a Lou Klill Barbara Rohertsmi Klyra Hozitsoii Klzlry 'lihompsmi Perle Eby Norma Grishem SWE Helen Hastings Klzimliiie lnscore lfmily .IIIINCS Sybil cl0Cl'il1Q1C'l' Bonnie Hays Toy lfrzizier Beth Aldrich PLIQDGICS -lime lllclszirlziml lliriam Hastings K I ary R uth D rake Nvilma Coronet Ez: y A Don Nelle Baker joan Bates .Ioan Dyatt Joan lsniert lllary ,lean Bishop joy Jones Barbara Guiles -lo Scheiflier Danny Nliller Suzy Bdgnion Joan Ross Nlary Ann Ross llarilyn Ham MICMBICRS -Ieanne Bloody -lean Selken llary Babb Reba jean Elliott Janelle Daniels Phyllis Gayle Young Pat llurphy Betty Phillips Georgette Storey Janie Hirst jane Ratliff jane Ritter Ona B. VVade Donelda Hight if -Q 7 was , .V i 'Qfi 3 al'a P w Y Helen Harclwielc bloyee Butcher Io Frances Hai-mel Peggy Uyatt Klargaret Acldy lllary Frances XVilli Gail Bainuni Patsy Foltz Anna Stringer Peggy Alormlan Gayle Harper lfvelyn Shearer lllary l,ee llatehei' H. - ,sg lfounmleil November 5, 1918 S PON SOR Miss JUNE Bl.-XRTIN PATRON AND PATRONESS DR, .mn MRS. M. R. XVILLIAMS PI,IiDGlQS Alta Marin' Kizziar Pat Farley Nlargaret -Iune Seivers Naney Ireland Norma Seal Laura Ann Long lllarilyn Reynolds Yvonne Davis ,Io Finefroek Becky Boucher Ada Lee Reed BE SI TA EL B Founded lfehruary 25, 1919 SPONSORS MRS. CEe1z1.1A ARINISTRONG MRS. ANNIQE BOYD PATRGN AND PATRONESS NIR. AND MRS. KIT FARWELL Carra Lee Boucher Hlarguerite Briley Natalie Brown Betty jo Cunningham Charlotte Ann Dugan Louise Granlee Betty -lean Greer Doris Griffin Mzirgaret Griffin Jean Harbor Rlarey Hill Gena Dean Jella Christine Lucas KIICMBICRS Klarilyn Nliller llarguerite Oyerstreet Doris -lean Portwood liatheryne Sue Puryear Lenore Street Nlary VValker illartha NValker l,ou Netti Southall ,Ianiee VVilkerson Ruth VVinibish jerry lfrye Dorothy Saera Norma Aniberg illarie Darwin Patti Dodson Blanche Garonska XVillard Hutehens Betty Keating illary Ruth l,andram VVanda lx'IL'ix'I2l1l1lII1I1Il Kitty lx'IOIll'21lll'l' Betty -lean Pelley Betty Short -Ioy Thompson julaine VVillard PLHDGICS illarian Benton Helen Kinibell llartha Renfro Claudine Hayden Betty VVhitloelc Ann jones llargaret Patton Virginia Lee Warreii Joyce Smith Betty Elliott Charlene Bowman Virginia Block -lo Vaughan Faye Lee johnson lfonnrled Noveinber 2-l, 1919 PATRON AND PATRONESS NIR. .XND MRS. 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Suggestions in the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) collection:

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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