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fl. .7 --1.-Q--,mv-f--V-1 - -7 -' -ry 'g '-' -----vm v-----YV. W---Y---N v - f -Y-w - --V - -Y -..f,,-,-'+n- --qw--ff. Y... ,V .Q I . W ' l,- ,. X '1 M Q 1 1 , 5? IA my r , g r g ,,x 4.15. if .3-Q15 T ', L fPf'k W. nf- , . 1.Q.l1ZE?q'Af-f ' '.4', I , g QWH, I n . '?+1 '93f-iE:'5'??iJ- . , :'v:n,e' f f , fr V -5' 'I' 5 - 1 im , 1-A icky ' ' ' . -P? iR1'T 'f- 1 - . 5-.i:b4'5l4l4,f.ff-136 I k ' 1 J ' n- .- , 4 -xr-:.,x15-'iv 'I -. - N, , n ' - ,- L Q54 ':.,fK' .fE.T.a5'15v. H? ' ' , 1, :Fad-.H T., . K. V I . ,gf ASK,-'ni :ii '-1 - ' 153, 1 V 4:' , . .ilbw-n'9a.:a 1- ' . ' -' 4' - ' ' 1 ,.,,..,, , a 5: . :pg -,.4...,, . ' '. 1-- ' : -,--c L ..., K nf' .- iv. ',-Fla-gf.: Ffh, , ' iii.-1' ' X -71 ' ,. ' r.- . ,., . ' Q .., r- if,-,f 312. . fin ' . 'ua Y 'L- m,' ', .- 41 , f ' Q.. Ms ,..gx-I -f f nr ' Aa' . 'J' ,,,. , -,.v.-. X. . xii 3. Lfiqyb. . 11. 'r r- 'Ti4.i f4 5 , . 'f' gg 1 -' - f 4 PC 45' ':Q15'i.l . fl . - ykyrl A i, 'rw V .- iv.. . 'f 1 '-1- f'.Ia?f 1 v ' pc: 71 '. 'I I x . , T' , M., .-., fgwj, Spa. ' Pifffjii-1 f,T'1w f . 4 'I v o A ' . 4 .fr,..- ,.4, . Q 1 5 1 6 1 J -s. 'Q n wr 434 7'--Q,gf:3fH'ff.,' '11 '.' L12 j . 'A ' :V A 1 -1-1 Q hlglzfi, ', 'f , A f 1 .cf 1' 'gyfx 'ljfh-,w ga' f QP .-,r,,1,e. 4,, - v '+iQ. ,fjc'. 5 .- 5-1-1-,J . ',x: .'f , - gin H .' A- ,.,4-.ryrw , --.4 ' . 'y.7?5L :.fF'.fu , ggt5'.y':x,.ts,, ,inf ZZ. . , Tgid' . '.'a' ': ..gx'.'-.:m. -Y -W. - .45 3'?f'.- ' Q: we ' , if?-' V5.1 . V, ,.l ' . ' v ,. 'F vans? 4 .L t in 9 I' .- . Q , 4 . -. , ,ef ' 'W , . . , Q . , . k. , . h , V . :Q 0 ' jun . Q I . ,. Y , , - I . 'Q If 4 , . ' . 1 b 'Y . A . ..- ' ,1 SF' Q . , .- .1 ' . . V 4 ' 1. - A ,v . I . V A . I- -,N ,. l ' , . ' fy, 1- .gif -14 A 4 ' v v, , '- 1. b A N, ,- . , V I y 4 41. gui,-4uL 'j . a ' pf, . . , . ' ' h ,QF 4' . 'k?fY: ' , ' 1 Q gg- ' I' 1 .J ifxx' :ff ,pig - V f ' L' ,A 4 4 , THE HHGUS H3143 UKLEEHUMEE UUEEEEE EUR WOMEN CHIUKHS-IH NEN OOO NNEION NE NfNN,N'E NEENSNNENOEN ENEO NENN NO ONE fi NOEOOEENENE NNO ENNNEOE 1NOENNOEEENE EONO SSN ONS NE -ENNNO OOEEEOE EE ENOE EE EEENE EEEOPONOEONEN H3 OOEN3 ENE NENNE EONNNONNNNENJE E NNN NNO NNNNNNO ENE ESNOE. O ENENN NNO EO -NEN31 E OEOEEE NE OEOEONEE ENS IONO NEEOOO - I f I fr, 2 l f X Q if x A -, . r ' Qi 1 XY x ,th fx .Hgh is at Ni i f E, Q A ,S . it 1 I ,. L Q . 1 . Q , ,K ag -u M K 'mei The Administration Buiidinq is the center of campus lite. The auditorium, class rooms, the post office, and the administrative oiiices are located here. Up its broad steps have passed many oi Okiahoma's finest young women. Edna Snyder, editor of the AHGUS, and Boby Miiier, assistant editor, have iound their re- sponsibilities demand the talents oi Margaret Bourke White, Cordell Huii, General Mac- Arthur, and Henry Morgenthau. President Nash and a group ot Freshman students conferred one bright iaii morning on weighty mat- ters concerning the traditionai Freshman-Sophomore Day. Their green caps, name cards, and mis- mated stockings indicate their status. Wing., f Ruthie Reames took this picture oi the porch oi Anthony Halt one rainy mornina. This residence hail has the distinction ot being the headquarters tor remodeling personalities and appearances. 1' t I Mary Robinson finished her Work toward an AB. degree in Chemistry at mid-year and joined the Curtiss Wright Company as an engi- neering cadette. While in school, she was Well known tor her activities in club and col- lege affairs. Mary Was president ot Pi Zeta Kappa and a member ot Sigma Delta. She was chosen Miss O. C. W. in her senior year. Every College has Christma ., , Y the morning the day that we go home tor the holidays is one of our most cherished traditions. s customs that develop through the years Singing Christmas carols earl in '? 1. Sunday morning is leisurely with late breakfast, the Sunday paper, and church. Mrs. M. A. Nash acted as honoree for her daughter, layne, at a shower given by the faculty in her honor. Our lavoriie ride on a Warm iall day is home ilfirouqli Grinisley Gardens. Long shadows fall across the rolling arass, leaves rusile under ilie horsess feet, and then are carried up by ilne wind and drift away. The sound of voices comes from the iennis Courts and over all is ilfiai leelina of oonienirnent that comes only at late evening on an Oklahoma lndian Summer day. Ann Giddings is one oi those girls Whom magazines call a leader , She was always in the center oi any college or class aitair. Her activities varied from lunior Carni- vals to music festivals. She excelled in chemistry, sports, and an assortment ot activities. Ann tinished her work at mid-year and has gone to Austin, Texas, as a Curtiss- Wright engineering cadette. Her home is Anadarko, and her A. B. degree is in Chemistry. Fine Arts Hall 1'N3T.., Nellie Sporlcs is our oldest residence- holly thus it is iittinq thot it should house our youngest students. Here qreenfcotpped Freshmen iirst become ioiniliotr with oll the introcoroies oi College lite ond recover from the tirst bout with honiesiclcness. ln clue time they qrow up to be little sophomores. X X i,3t,I lilo Addams Haii has several distinc- tions that are proudly pointed out by the sophomores, one of the most important being the sun deck. Here any degree ot suntan may he achieved from a delicate gold to a rich dark red, depending upon the discretion and persistence of the sun bather. lane Addams Hall Dormitory iite is o wiid scrormbie oi study, term popers, ond the usuoi home Chores. To iiqhteh this dork picture there ore the tom sessions, the boxes from home, B. S. R. Cbeiore suqor rotiomriqi, cmd the impromptu ieosts thot beqm with CI box oi Crackers cmd cr jor oi peoriut butter cmd go on irom there. In Iane Addams parlor iqiicm X Nancy Wade and Mary Io Tapp with their dates take oft for a cadet graduation dance at the Country Club. ln civilian lite, proper bridge parties call tor a great deal of preparation. In dormitory lite they simply accumulate when someone can tind a deck of cards and a few vac-ant inches on a bed. Here tour have gathered, and the in- evitable has happened. .nfmm- Vera Fisher cmd Betty Gciult with CI visiting ccmine friend on the porch at Lawson. Lawson Hall LaVerne Briley will receive an AB. degree with a major in Speech. She has done excellent work as an actress in important roles in college stage productions. LaVerne expects to use her busi- ness experience, acquired in the Bursar's oitice, in a secretarial capacity after graduation. Her home is in Mangum. ways Well groomed and attractive in appearance. A senior from Pauls Val- ley, Blanche is active in Alpha Eta. Martha Ann lones is another senior who has done excellent work in the college plays. She expects to receive her A. B. de- gree with a major in Speech. Maj lives in McAlester, and her favorite sport is swimming. She plans to teach speech. Maxine Grissom plans to be- come a librarian after receiv- ing her A. B. degree in English. Max collects books and en- joys taking pictures and going to the movies. l-ler home is in Hollis. Blanche Knight is specializing in Voca- tional l-lome Economics. She is al- Hill'- Betty Lou Mead is an English maior trorn Wood- ward. While in College, she was on the hockey team and has been inter- ested in golt. Betty also has the reputation ot be- ing a formidable bridge opponent. 7 Rowena Chastain will receive a B. S. degree specializing in vocational home economics. In addition to loeing Well versed in all branches ot that broad field, she plays an excellent game ot golf. Rowenas home is in Collinsville. Canning Hall Dorothy Pultz ot Tuttle is a foods and nutrition major who hopes to loecorne a dietitian. She likes to play qolt, take pictures and dance, but her real love is her collection ot phonograph records. On the campus Elizabeth Carniicael is known as l-lappy . She finished her Work toward a deqree in Horne Economics at the close ot the iirst semester and is already settled in the teaching profession. This picture was taken at the Home Manaqement House while Elizabeth was acting as hostess. 'NN Home Management House l JK. Thanksgiving Dinner in Nellie Sparks Dining Room Nellie Sparks Hall S Robertson Hall Hazel Wade Kiphart is majoring in Art. She's especially interested in painting and interior decoration. She has been president ot the Art club during her senior year. HaZel's new home is in Bartlesville. Frances Snyder Hartin is majoring in ioods and nutrition and will re- ceive a B. S. degree in Home Eco- nomics. Frances' home is in Tuttle. Her diversions are swimming and reading. She expects to join her husband in Florida this summer. lane Wanstreet, St. Louis, will complete her work for an A. B. deqree with a major in History. She is qreatly interested in the collection of books on history and his- torical fiction that she hopes to build into a Comprehen- sive library. lane was one at the non-home economics students who elected to live in the home management house. For amusement, she likes to play solitaire. Billye lo Robinson, a Commerce major, Whose home is in Hobart, is a member oi the Tri D Club. Billye lo hopes to become a good secre- tary some day, but in the meantime her heart has qone to North Africa with a former W. and B. cadet. Anthony Hall li? -:': ' President's Home Margaret Ryan, a soph- omore Art major, is adept at line lettering. Marylyn Ann Thompf son and Dorothy Sacra Concoct some myste- rious solution in the Chemistry lab. From Marylyn's expression one might suspect her oi being a little doubtf tul as to the outcome. Ruby Hudson has suffered little from li sickness during her college career since G asha is her home. She is a History major is entirely at home in the library. Y UUEEN I gzw, Dae cam, my mary Hginrson MISS 0. C. W THE CARNIVAL QUEEN M44 xgrecfa Sue Cfoom 1 1 A spacious swimming pool provides reloxor- tion dnd exercise tor tlfiose members of the student body who en- joy swimming os or sport. Mony hours 'dre spent molcinq tine swimmers out ot timid little ilooters. ,, A ,wykftyr q,'.'.' ' 14, qty 4 ,L,WLt,r ,,.3 ' M1 Physical Education Building Both spring and fall find many girls on the campus golf course. Ruth Morris' confident attitude is Well-justified as is the admiration her game is receiving from Betty lane Wilkes and Mary Posey. Forming a graceful arc above the diving board, Eileen Carletti, junior Physical Education major, is caught by the camera in the O. C. W. swimming pool. Alice VanValkenburgh is one of our best golfers. She also plays fine tennis. Here she concentrates on putting while Marjorie Swartz pre- pares to tee off. The recreational facilities of the college gym are always available to the student body. Activities and sports sponsored by the Physical Education department play an important part in the campus life. In the fall the sport is hockey. Games wax fast and furious in class and match contests. The advanced swimmers try their skill at figure swim- ming. Several of them have worked hard to earn their Red Cross Water Safety in- structor's ratings this spring. Archery, one oi the oldest sports, is CI iorvoriie with the modern college qirl. N-,WWNWM A Worm sunny Clay, winter or spring, fills every Tennis Couri with Whiie-Clod players. F , i 3 12 A Q . Dorothy Lucas, president of the Freshman class, was here and there and every- where on the Big Day. Martha and Mary VVa1ker were important players on the Freshman team and helped hold the Sophomores to a 1-U score. Freshman-Sophom ore Day Anna Grace Angel Baird, Sophomore president, and Perle Eby, class nomi- nee for Carnival queen. The hockey game was hard-iought and tull of excitement and suspense. The gallery was composed ot loyal supporters of looth classes, and their enthusiasm added to the general din that hangs over the campus Freshman-Sophomore Day. The Sophomores commandeered the college tarm Wagon and Shorty and drove their queen about in great style. Dorothy Lucas, Freshman president, and Freda Sue Croom, class nominee tor Carnival queen. Zeda Hetley is doing her bit for our boys in uniform with her knitting needles. This picture ot Laverne Conn would make a good Coca Cola ad. The Col sees many a theme reach completion and is the scene ot much last minute cramming. On l'lalloWe'en Eve Canning Hall had an impromptu Tacky Party. The Costumes Were entirely homefgrown and were wondrous to see. tif, E lH ELUB PATRONESS SPONSORS MRS. l. C. AMBRISTER MISS EVELYN HASSEBROEK MISS MAY FULLERTON MEMBERS BEVERLY CARPENTER BILLIE IO GRISHAM RUTH ANN MASON MARY HELEN DURGAN KATHRYN HAYES lOAN NEELY PERLE EBY RUBY HUDSON lEAN STEINBERGER HELEN LOlS PLAKE BOBRIE IOSEPH NANCY WADE TOY ERAZIER BETTY WEATHERLY PLEDGES DOROTHY MYERS Nancy Wade, a major in history, is president of the Ern Hi Club. She is very tiny and dark and loves to dance. Nancy is trorn Houston, Texas, and gathers friends like a Woolly dog does burrs. U CLUB PATRONS SPONSORS MR, AND MRS. M. E. HUMPHREY MISS MILDRED FLICKINGER DR. AND MRS. M. R. WILLIAMS MISS LOUISE WALDORF MEMBERS NANCY KERN BAWDEN MARILYN HAM MARYLYN THOMPSON MARIORIE DAFF ORN BETTY RUTH HITCHCOCK ALICE VAN VALKENBURGH IEETA ELLIS MARY MELTON BOBBY WARKENTIN PEGGY GODFREY MARY ANNE ROSS MARY SUE WILLIAMS BETTY HALL PAULINE TATE VIRGINIA WYLIE BETTY FRANK YOUNG PLEDGES IOAN ROSS NELL SMITH MARGARET STANFORD MARY LINN TRAMMELL Virginia Wylie hopes to go into U. S. O. or Red Cross recreation work after she receives her B. M. degree in voice this spring. As a background tor her ambition, she starred in O. C. W.'s l942 De- fense Show and has made many successful ap- pearances as a singer throughout the state. Virginia is president ot the O Club, a member ot Sigma Alpha Iota, and ot Pi Zeta Kappa. Her home is in Marlow. BESIT ELB PATRONS SPONSORS MR. AND MRS. FRED STEPHENSON MISS HELEN CHAMBERS WYNEMA ARMSTRONG HOLLY IEAN BADGWELL CARRA LEE BOUOHER BARBARA BOWERSOCK NATALEE BROVVN MAXINE BULLOCK DOROTHY LEE CAEEEY IOAN CALMES IUDY CONRAD IMA IEAN DARENDINGER MARY IO EIGLEY DORIS IEANNE PORTWOOD GENA DENE WIMBISH IERRY FRYE LOUISE GRANLEE WINNIDELL GRAVITT IOAN HARTER MARIORY HARVEY ELOISE HENDRIX LOUISE HENDRIX MARTHA ANN IONES BOBY MILLER IEANNE PORR MRS. ANNICE BOYD MEMBERS ELLA IEAN POWELL LOUISE PRATT MARGUERITE PRENTISS MARY IECK RHODES CARMEN ROEL DOROTHY SACRA LOU NETTIE STRICKLAND MARTHA WALKER MARY WALKER MELVA LOU WILKINS IANE WRIGHT PLEDGES LENORE STREET Winnideil Gravitt, president of Be Si Ta, is majoring in History. AII Canning HaII has had a second hand course in history this year as Winnie has re- hearsed for her pro-serns . Her presence is felt in an amazing number of campus affairs, but her name has continued to pop up on every one of the Dean's honor roIIs. Winnie deariy Ioves her record piayer, her kid brother's Ietters Cwith encIosureSI, and hot fudge sundaes. TRI D CLUB PATRONS SPONSORS MR. AND MRS. BOYD GILKEY MISS ANITA MOORE DORIS CUNNINGI-IAM MARY LOU CRAHAM CHARLOTTE CARR BOBBIE HARVEY IANIE FOREMAN Senior Doris Cunninqhom is vice-presi- dent of Tri D. She is o Commerce mojor who hors held o responsible position in the reqistrcrr's office during her junior olnd wr yeors. Doris, one of O. C. W.'s pe-ppiest iittie biondes, Comes from Atton, Okiorhomcr. MRS. W. B. ANDERSON MEMBERS ELVA HOOSIER HELGA KAISER IOY MCCARTER IEANNE MOREAU EVELYN NIMERICK BILLYE IO ROBINSON GLORIA SNIDER PLEDGES COLLEEN MOORE ELIZABETH WILSON EEHE SA ELUB .4 w PATRONS SPONSORS DR. AND MRS. A. CHOOUETTE MRS. GENEVIEVE STACK MEMBERS GRACE LOUISE ALEXANDER IERRIANNE FORD FRANCES BAILEY IOAN HUBBARD KAYE BARCHET SIOUX HUGHES DOROTHY IUNE BUTLER IUNA KNIGHT BETTY IO CHILES MISS CLARICE TATMAN W'ANDA SLOAN EVELY N STORK BETTY IO TALLEY MARY IO TAPP MARY IANE WILES PLEDGES MARY GENE WILSON MARION WHEELER KATHRYN COUNCIL SHIRLEY WHITWELL ALICE NASH MELBA LEE CLOW Mary lo Tapp is president ot Eche Sa and is one ot the outstanding Art ma- jors. She is a consistent honor roll student from Marlow, Oklahoma. You can always Iind Mary Io in the midst oi any fun. Among her hobbies she includes horseback ridinq and a col- lection ot pitchers, some of which she has made herself. DE GAMMA VE IL B PATRONS SPONSORS MR. AND MRS. I. W. BIRD MISS DOROTHY TULLOSS MISS MABEL MURPHY MEMBERS BERTA ARROCHA LOLA LEE IOLLY IUDY OSTEEN SARA ATKINS MILDRED LAMBETI-I ANNA MAY PLEASANT ANNA GRACE ANGEL BAIRD LOUISE LEONARD HELEN PRATHER IUANITA COGSWELL ODELL MCCLURE MARIE SCOTT MARY LOU CONSTANT MARIORIE MCCOLLUM PEGGY SHORT DORIS FORD WANDA MCKEAG GLORIA WINTERMUTE PLEDGES IMOGENE DARE D. IUNE IOLLY WANDA KNIGHT GERTRUDE RIDER Although we caught Anna May Pleasant thoroughly at home in the chemistry department, she is a foods and nutrition major, in reality. However, should the aqe ot vitamins and concentrated ioods ao much further, our future cooks will have headquarters in the laboratory rather than the kitchen. Anna May is presi- dent ot De Gamma Ve. She likes the dramag We shall remember her as the court clerk in Ladies of the lury . SIGMA DELTA CLUB PATRONS SPONSORS MR. AND MRS. I. W. OWSLEY MISS IEFEIE YOUNG BETTY ACKLEY RUTH ARRINGTON RUTH BAUM OVIS BAXTER MAMIE IRBY BLACK MARIORIE BUCK KORAN BURNETT EILEEN CARLETTI FRANCES CHEADLE BETTY BYRL CLARK MERYE COOK FREDA CROOM MEMBERS BEATRICE FRANZ ANNA MARGARET GIBSON LAVERDA IUNE GRAHAM PAT HENDRICK EULEMA HODGES ANN HUGHES MARGARET HUGHES ARLENE IAMES CHARLOTTE LINDSAY IOAN LONG MARIANNE MONROE MARY IO MCCLURG LO RETHA CRICKENBERGER IULIETTE MCNEESE THELMA DOYLE PATRICIA NIPPS DR. MARY R. BELL VIRGINIA PIERCE DONNA EVELYN PHILLIPS MARY POSEY IEANNE PRICE MAXINE PUCKETT RUTH ROBINSON IODY RYAN MARGARET RYAN ANNABELL SMITH EDNA SNYDER DORIS TEANEY VIRGINIA TEETERS VIRGINIA VAUGHAN MARY ALICE WARD PLEDGES MARY MARGARET HILL IUANITA LEE DOROTHY LUCAS CONNIE EITZSIMMONS DOROTHY VANN One ot the CoI's most taithtut customers is Mary Posey. Mary O. ttor OIiviaI is president oi Sigma Detta and the Inter-cIub Council. A Commerce major from Durant, she is an ardent amateur photographer. Mary Iikes to swim and to pIay qoIt, but at the top ot her Iist oi iavorite sports is sIeepinq! Ladies ot the Iuryf' a comedy by Fred Ballard, was one oi the outstandina productions oi the Drarna Department tor the current year, Miss Frances Davis directed the cast which consisted ot Mrs. Ciaribei Buford Baird, who played the iead, Miss Ciarice Talman, and students chosen from the Speech classes. Vaudeville, lr. played to capacity audiences in the Little Gym. Pledges of the different social clubs, dressed in their best formals, sang and danced. The biggest song hits of the moment were the best liked part of the variety program. i942 lUNlOR CARNIVAL Happy Holiday Was the theme that the Iunior class chose for the 1942 Car- nival. The crowd that thronged the gym had a distinct military flavor. Many a G. l. nickel fell into the lunior till as college girls danced, sang, ran concessions, fried hamburgers and swam in circles for the entertainment of the customers. The Big Gym Walls were lined with concessions of different kinds Whose main purpose was the painless extrac tion of pocket change. Before the crowning of the queens, the floor was cleared and all was made ready for the Big Show. The Silver Spurs always speak lirst tor the Gym Lounge which they thoroughly Work over for the occasion. Bridles, saddles, Indian blankets, spurs, and other miscellany used with a Generous hand create an atmosphere ot Glclahoma rodeo combined with a touch ot the Old West. Hamburgers and Coca-Cola are served by young equestriennes done up in satin shirts, ranch pants, and decorated with rodeo gadgets. Virginia Woerz, senior from Ardmore, received her degree in Home Economics at mid-year. She is teaching in Stringtown now. Virginia enjoys read- ing and is especially fond of the works of early American writers. Music Education major Betty Io Stanford is planning to teach after she receives her degree. just give Betty Io a box of stationery to make her happy. Stigler is her home. Nina Io Wright receives her degree in Vocational Home Economics and plans to teach after gradua- tion. She is a Pi Zeta Kappa and an Alpha Eta member. Nina lo is from Ninnekah. She did her practice teaching at Rush Springs. Alice Krieger is another Vocational Home Econom- ics major. She particularly likes to sew and to read. Hiking is her favorite outdoor activity. Alice lives in Hobart. Although Ruthie Reames is an English major, she has taken an active interest in Speech activities. She plans to go into radio work upon graduation irom college. She has done excellent work as an amateur photographer. Ruthie lives in Homestead. Our Student Government president is Winnell Aubrey, a Vocational Home Economics major from Tulsa. One of Winnie's special interests is pot- tery. Most ot her spare time is spent in the ceramics laboratory, when she isn't standing in a receiving line. Merye Cook, from Okmulgee, will complete her work on a Physical Education degree this spring. This semester she has been teaching Physical Education in the Chickasha Iunior High School. She is an adept swimmer and enjoys horseback riding. Merye spends much ot her spare time at the piano. She has composed a number ot songs, both popular and classical. Virginia Ahrens, ot Chickasha, will receive a B. M. degree in Piano. While in college, org-an has been one ot her greatest interests. Virginia and Angelene Collins co-starred in one of the loveliest ot the Senior recitals. .ani . 'E , 1 -1 t .x The Glee Club A tradition at O. C. W. is the annual Christmas proqrain presented by the Glee Club directed by Miss Dorothy Tulloss. ln the tableau, the Madonna was pore trayed by Elizabeth Carmichael with Baby loe Conrad as the Christ Child. Mary and Martha Walker, lrnoaene Gite tord, and Betty Frank Young were anqels. Another teature ot the proararn that is looked lorward to each year is the read- ing ot the Scripture by Mrs. Claribel Buf tord Baird. This year leeta Ellis acted as acolyte. qfiflat The Qrchesira direcied by Mr. Elias T. Navikow. M a I y l a ri e Richey, Ariqcf lene Collins, Maxine Campf bell, Leata Rariliih, Perle Eby, E l o i 5 c Corley, and S a I ah Alice Daniel play LIU lHlpOflCIl'll part iii the Slririfg section al lhc archeslra. One ai ihe most celailiil eeciiaiis ai any orchestra is lhe percussiah section. Dorothy Lee Hickman plays lhe lqeiile drum wilh verve and ehihusiasui. The qitted cellist, Maurice Eisenberg, and a qroup ot adrnirinq college students during his V V I visit on the campus early this sprinq. Anqelene Collins is a senior who has won wide recognition because ot her lovely voice. She will receive a B. M. degree, Anqelene hopes tor a career in opera. Here she is re- hearsing with her accompanist, Zelda Heiloy. Anqelones horno is in Oklahoma City. The Chorus, directed loy Miss Dorothy Tulloss, is open to all students interested in music. Nadena Vtfaller, who receives her B. M. degree in piano' hopes to use ha. talents to good Gd, Ruth Dobson, a Speech niaior irorn Lone Wolf, has had irnportant roles in rnany ot the col son. nnernbered lor the excellent work she did in Letters to Lucerne . The Sunday concert that concluded the Sprina Music Festival was qiven by rnernhers ol the Qrchestra, Glee Club, and. Chorus under the direction ot Norval Church. The sololsts tor the afternoon were Perle Eby, violinist, Anqeleno Collins, soprano, and Virginia Vaughn, pianist. vantaqe in the U. S. O. Her horne is in David- ' lege plays. She will be especially well re- f i , is iii. L . L I, ,f,.w'- , Margaret Schenk, one of Miss Embree's most faithful assist- ants, is a Commerce major. Her most enviable charm is her poise. Margaret's home is in Hitchcock. Dorothy Lee Caffey, a Voca- tional l-lome Economics majcr, is president of the senior class. Matey continually craves C coke and spends part of her time each summer attending rodeos. Her favorite pastimes are reading and horseback riding. Dorothy Lee comes from Mangum. Mrs. Helen Qlson will complete her Work on a Social Science degree this spring. Her home is in Chick- asha. Oleta Kelley from Foss is working for a B S degree in Vocational Home Economics She plans to teach next year. Oleta likes koclaking. S lmogene Harmon is majoring in Home Economics. She plays a very good game of tennis and was on the hockey team. lmogene lives in Alex. lva Lee Fowler Brown will graduate with a degree in M u s ic Education. She is a memloer of the Glee Club and sang in the Gay Nineties octet. Her home is Verden. THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB is open to any student interested in cur- rent affairs. Its aim is to create an inter- est in history with emphasis on interna- tional affairs at the present time. Qnce each month a guest speaker is invited to hold an open forum. Nancy Wade is president, and meetings are held in the home of Dr. Anna Lewis, sponsor. CONTILIUM ROMANUM, the Latin Club, is composed of students interested in the study of Latin. Meetings are held twice a month. The purpose of the organization is to further an interest in the study of cfassical languages and to encourage familiarity with Roman life and social customs. Helga Kaiser is president, and Dr. Mary R. Bell is sponsor. THE BATCDN CLUB membership includes girls who wish experience in musical leadership. The life and works of famous conductors are studied. Virginia Wylie is president, and Mr. Novikow is sponsor. THE ART CLUB has met together this winter on alternate Mondays to wrap bandages in the Red Cross rooms. A lorief meeting of social and educational nature has followed. Hazel Wade Kip! hart is president. Miss Madeline Ritz, Miss Anita Moore, and Miss Cora Ken- reigh are sponsors. it wings x .Q W xii 5-f TS-n.. rnade up of Virainia Wylie, Helen Harvey, Elaine Williains, and Dell Roberts. lt is directed by ine Tate acoorripanies the qroup. STGMA ALPHA IQTA was host ai a reception tor Mr. Ernest Hutcheson tollowina his Concert. This was one ot the rriany activities ot a musical nature sponsored by ihis oraaniyaiion. Anqelene Collins is the presiolent, and Miss Elise MaCClanahan, Miss Lois Esniioii, Mis. Virginia Anderson, and Miss Corinne Nash are sponsors. THE COLLEGE QUARTETTE is Miss Elise MaCClanahan. Paul- ff? ff! th-.g The Personality Clinic, althouqh established some years aqo, has made qreat strides because ot the presence ot a tull time consultant, Miss l-lattie Marie Marsh, and the acauisition ot a new home on the lower tloor ot Anthony Hall. llere are all the latest aadqets lor posture and voice correction. Problems ot face and tiaure are recognized and solved. Every qirl has an opportunity to work toward be- cornina the kind ot woman she wants to he. ff The Piacaueteers Club was organ- ized to turther an interest in tennis and to develop skill in playing the game. Try-outs are held at the boe ginning ot the term. Tennis and ping-pong tournaments are pro- moted by this group, and various members participate in the state ten- nis play days. Louise Granlee is president and Mrs. Genevieve Carter Stack is the sponsor. Cap n' Bells membership is open to all students oi the speech depart- ment. lt provides experience and training in all phases ot play pro- duction. The objective oi the club is to give more students an active part in speech activities. Martha Ann lones has acted as leader this year. The Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet aims to further Christian student activities. lt governs the local branch ot the National Y. W. C. A. Any student With an interest in the Christian youth movement is eligible tor meme bership. Cabbage Theater and the Doll Parade are a part ot their so- cial Work. Marjorie Poncannon is president. Miss Corinne Bell, Miss May Fullerton, Miss lettie Young, Miss Mable Murphy act as spon- SOTS. THE SENICR CLASS OPHCERS Dorothy Lee Caitey, President Mary Posey, Vice-President Marye Cook, Treasurer Winnell Aubrey, Secretary The ERESHMAN CLASS 0EElCEHS are Dorothy Lucas, presif dentg Mary Melton, Vice-president, Mary Lee Brower, secres tary: Louise Granlee, treasurerg and Mary and Martha Walker, cheer leaders. The IUNTOH CLASS CEETCERS are Erances Cheadle, presi dent: Edna Snyder, vicefpresident, Mary lo McClura, secre iary: and Boby Miller, treasurer. The governing beard oi STUDENT GQVERNMENT is composed oi a representative trom each dormitory. The president is chosen by election. The aim oi the association is to promote college loyalty and to help maintain the college ideas. Win- nell Aubrey is president tor the current year. if r'-K K leeta Ellis, Qlclahorna City, will receive her degree in Art. She is especially interested in enqineerina drawinq and hopes to help Win the war with her little compass and T-square. leeta lilies to tell stories on her black coclcer, Queen Anne, ride horseback, and go to dances. Nathalie Giddings, a Vocational Home Economics major, is irom l-lenryetta. One ot her greatest charms is her big brown eyes and long eye lashes, Marjorie Swartz iinished her Work tor an A. B. degree with a major in Art at mid-year and is now a CurtissAWright cadette at Ames, lowa. Marjorie's home is at Cement, and she dearly loves cottee at midnight. Another ambitious homemaker is luliette McNeese. Although she is an English major, she spent tive Weeks in the home manage- ment house just tor the experi- ence . Little but mighty, juliette is one ot our leading horsewom- en. She is from Ponca City. ,,,,...-Q- ' hiaxww 5' 'Ya a 5 Mary Ruth Beall, irom Anadarlco, is 'a Com- merce major. She loves movies and good books. Cne oi her favorite activities is shop- ping, Carmen Mora is another member oi C. C. W.'s Latin-American group of students. She has majored in Commerce and will receive a B. S. degree this spring. Her home is in Puerto Rico, but she plans to remain in the United States after her graduation. 1 A Commerce major, Helen Dunn is from Law- ton. She hopes to increase her record collec- tion which furnishes Lawson Hall With music. Marv lo Lewis Will continue her religious edu- cation Work atter she graduates this spring. She is a Commerce major from Waurika. Her favorite sport is bowling. 1? .,.,,,w LN One of our best amateur photograf phers is Melba White. She is a major in Home Economics, special- izing in dietetics. Appropriately, Melba likes anything edible. Her home is in Dill. Mercedes jones, a Biology major from Tuskahoma, also was graduated at the end of the tirst semester. She then accepted a civil service position in Washington, D. C., but has now returned and is in Lawton with her husband. Marjorie Poncannon is an English major from Ashland, Kansas. She is president ot Y. W. C. A., a member ot Chi Delta Phi, and Pi Zeta Kappa. Although you could hardly call Marjorie garrulous, she likes very much to talk. She is also a good correspondent. Claribel Brown Wagnon is work- ing tor a B. S. degree in Commerce. To her triends she is known as Pussy . She lives in Duncan. Dorothy Downey completed her work on an A. B. degree in Psychology and Philosophy at mid-year. She is a member ot the Q Club and is planning to do secretarial work. Dorothy is a bridge enthusiast, Her home is in Chickasha. . M .vs .sv H .ei 1 , x 'fi SlLVER SPURS is open to any student who is enrolled in horse, back riding. To arouse interest in riding and to plan programs and activities are the objectives ot this organization. Activities consist ot moonlight rides, picnics, spring and tall gymlchana and the annual spring horse show. The president is Edna Snyder and the sponsors are Miss Cora Kenreigh and Mr. Claude Shearer. , . sit il 5 . aw M nnnlnhlvwcnnrnunm .saw k 2 .Q r Lula Miles is majoring in Chemistry and her home is in Pineland, Texas. Une ot her favorite dreams came true this winter when her husband gave her Red Wing , the finest little mare in Oklahoma . . . 'Z 'Fill F gf-W 'M' ,, ... .. we - . X .. t 1 TT IIT .. . .' ff. f . A Holly lean Badgewell will receive a B. S. degree in Home Economics. Her major is vocational home economics but she hopes to be a buyer. l-lolly's personal weakness is elegant shoes. She is from Clemscott. Ethel News is an English major trom Tulsa. Her hobby is collecting china dogs, and her pet peeve is to have her name spelled 'Eth-y-l . Ethel's roommate, Virginia Anne Newitt, from Pueblo, Colorado, is an ardent tennis and swimming enthusiast. She will receive her A. B. degree in History this spring. ali Beulah Sixkiller is majoring in Vo- cational home economics. She is a Iull blood Cherokee Indian and has made a study of Indian arts and crafts and music. Beulah likes all sports, but she especially enjoys a good game ot basketball or softball. THE BOMANY TBIO, directed by Mrs. Virginia Anderson, is com- posed oi Evelyn Nimerick, Mary Lee Brower and Ernestine Evanson. The accompanist is Mary Frances Anderson. l Vera Fisher is president ot Pi Zeta Kappa, Literatae and the Baptist Student Union. I-Ier major is English, which she plans to teach after graduation. Vera's home is in Okeene. i y A memorable day was the one on which Wynema Armstrong's mother sent her a baked turkey! The poor bird didn't last long when Wynema's friends found out about him. The slightest hint ot Spring is an ade- quate excuse for spending the day at Shannon Springs. IL Lucia Calvo is to receive an A. B. de- gree in English this spring. She is a Latin-American student who came to O. C. W. from Costa Rica. Olita Lovelace, who will receive a B. S. degree in Commerce, is from Chickasha. She likes to go shopping and to dance. With her sophisticated manner, Clita is the Powers model type . A familiar sight on the campus is lody Morrison on her bicycle. lody will graduate with a major in Physical Education. She is outstanding in all types of sportsg swimming is one ot her favorites. Her home is in Enid. Kathryn Cable, another Chickasha girl, is also ma- joring in Commerce. Her lovely complexion is one ot her charms. A Vocational Home Economics major is Eulalia Abeita. She spent six weeks this semester practice-teaching in Ana- darko. She hopes to have a perma- nent teaching position next year. Eulalia's home is in lsleta, New Mex- 1co. Pat Hendrick, also majoring in Home Economics, is one of our most sedate seniors. Among Pat's many talents is that of being the perfect hostess . She is irom Oklahoma City. Another talented senior is Mary lane Richey from l-leavener. She is to re- ceive her B. M. degree in piano but also enjoys playing the violin and cello. Heading her list ot favorite ac- tivities is eating! Carol Iones will graduate with a B. S. degree in Home Economics. She is a member ot Pi Zeta Kappa. Carol spent six weeks in Davis practice- teaching this semester. She plans to teach home economics next year. Her home is in Chickasha. Louise Tucker Waterbury will also receive a Home Economics degree this spring. Louise has a very high scholastic record in O. C. W. She now makes her home in Chickasha, but she was formerly from Apache. This spring Eileen Boysden will complete her work on a Music Education major. She enjoys teaching music and hopes to have a teaching position next year. She lives in Ninnekah. Gail Hefner is working to- ward a B. S. degree in Com- merce. She hopes to have a secretarial position after her graduation. Her home is Chickasha. Dorothy lorski, who is from Harrah, graduates with a AB. degree in Spanish. She received an exchange scholarship from the Univer- sity oi Costa Bica but, due to war conditions, was un- able to accept it. Nothing excites D more than new clothes, unless it is a new antic of her nephews Eileen Elliott completed her work on an A. B. degree in History at the end oi the iirst semester. She is now doing graduate work in Ore- gon. lky has a very use- ful hobby which is garden- ing. Vertie Bell Elliott is getting a B. S. degree in Commerce. She comes trom Minco. Vertie Bell always has a triendly smile and a greet- ing tor everyone. Alta Marie Dalton is an Art major Whose home is in Chickasha. Alta Marie likes ceramics and is an expert with a ball of clay and a pot- tery wheel. She plans to be a draftsman for the duration of the war. Betty Gault finished her work for a degree with a major in Psychology at mid-year. She accepted a government position in Washington and left immediately. Betty is a beautiful horsewoman. While in college she often brought one of her hcrses down from her home in Bethany. Betty, a horse, and her dog Eva were frequently seen on the campus. A class Play Day was sponsored by the Physical Education Depart- ment. Members of the four classes played Various games and took part in different sports. Points were awarded and at the final count the juniors were found to be the Winners. This picture was made at the dramatic moment when the score was announced. lerrianne Ford will graduate with a degree in Commerce. She is a member ot the Glee Club and ot the Eche Sa Club, lerrianne likes very much to go walkingfespecially in the rain. Her home is in Shidler. Betty Frank Young and her roommate, Peggy Godirey, may treguent- ly be tound in the Ce- ramic Studio where Betty Frank is high priestess ot the clay vats and the glaze grinder. At the right we have a sparrows eye View ot the Tapp family being welcomed to Canning Hall by Nancy Wade. Cl-ll DELTA Pl-ll is a national honor- ary English sorority. English majors ot exceptional ability are granted membership in Alpha Chi Chapter. Fach semester this organization sponsors a creative writing contest among all the students. Regular lorlnightly meetings are held. The president is Dorothy Vann. Dr. Caroline Laird and Mrs. Margaret Ellioll are sponsors. THE TEE-OFF CLUB is open to all girls inter- ested in golf. Movies, group demonstrations and discussions, tournaments, and exhibition matches tend to keep up their interest in the sport. The objective ot the club is to arouse interest in golf among the students. lean Price is president. The sponsor is Mrs. Genevieve Stack. THE EENCING CLUB was organized this year to encourage interest in that sport and to give an opportunity lor participation. Melva Lou Wilkins is president and Mrs. Genevieve Stack is sponsor ot the group. SOPHOMOBE CLASS OFFICERS are Anna Grace Angel Baird, president: leanne Price, vice-president: loan Long, secretary, Margaret Hughes, treasurer: Natalee Brown and Mar- garet Byan, cheer leaders. THE SACAIAWEA CLUB is composed of girls of lndian blood. Their purpose is to study ln- dian customs and traditions and to gather in- formation which will help keep alive lndian civilization. The club is aitiliated with ltta- hana, the state organization. Koran Burnett is president and Dr. Anna Lewis is sponsor. Pl ZETA KAPPA is a local chapter ot a national religious sorority. lts members are elected upon qualiti- cations ot character and scholar- ship. The organization supports re- ligious activities related to student lite on the campus and provides tor more intimate association ot girls ot like ideals and interests. The presi- dent is Ellen Talbot. Miss Corine Bell, Miss Mae Fullerton, and Miss Evelyn Hassebroek are the spon- sors. The O. C. W. TREND is the college newspaper published by members ot the journalism class. lts chiet purpose is to retlect the activities and thoughts ot the students and taculty ot the Col- lege. Miss Anita Moore is the sponsor. The statt consists ot Dorothy Vann, editor, Elouise Corley, assistant editor, La Horna Miller and Mary loyce Norwood, business managers, and Sara Drake Atkins, society editor. Koran Burnett was business man- ager the tirst semester. Lu Coover Simpson received a B. S. de- gree in Horne Economics at mid-year. She is now in Houston, Texas, with her husband. Formerly, her home was in Waurika. st., if A ' The SPANISH CLUB is open to any student who is interested in becoming acquainted with PanfAmerican cus- toms and who wishes to promote lriendship between the two Americas. Spanish students are especially urged to join in order to become tamiliar with the social lite ot the Spanish speaking people. Marion Wheeler is president. Miss lane Hill Miller is the club sponsor. an ig Lillian Bush will receive an A. B. degree in History this sprina. Miss Bush is particularly interest- ed in tlowers and has a beautiful lf-QM aarden. Her home is in Chick- asha. its I J. 3 X 1 Thelma Doyle enjoys a quiet session with a book. The trusty alarm clock is a part oi the equipment tound in the habitat ot the college qirl. The purpose ot ALPHA ETA is to provide an opportunity to all Home Economics students tor personal develop- ment, tor service to the school and to the community, and tor active participation in improving the home and iamily lite. lt is aitiliated with the American and the Qklahoma Home Economics association. Louise Tucker Waterbury is president and Miss Marjorie Vann is sponsor. HSHQE T LITEBATAE is an English club which all students interested in English may join. Begular meetings are held, at which such topics as creative writing and phases ot literature are studied and discussed. The aim ot the club is to foster original work and to interest the students in the programs. Ethel News serves as president. Dr. Caroline Laird and Mrs. Margaret Elliott act as sponsors. Q Mrs. Vera Cason is worlcing on an A. B. degree in Psychology and Philosophy. Lawton is her home. rnerce. The post oltice has been her headquarters ior the past three years. She is a member of the Sig- ma Delta Club, and her home is in N Anadarko. The SEALS CLUB membership is made . up of girls with outstanding ability in swimming. The members must have passed the American Bed Cross Liie Save ing test and other reauiremenie. The c'ub sponsors several water shows and dem- onstrations during the year. lt is the pur- pose oi this organization to encourage and promote good swimming. Merye Cook is president, and Miss Margaret Maclin is sponsor. Betty Byrl Clark is majoring in Com- The college year of 1943 closes on a sunny May morning with all the flurry of visiting families and friends, graduation gifts, and iareweils. Commencement marks the end of four years of college and the beginning oi a new way of life.

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