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RXllLEiSll?iiLlfXiiLE2QiLl1 X LEXf2IXSiNiiiiRIl1TXYSIiSl,V 1 THE ARGUS MAGAZINE Published hy 'che JUNIOR CLASS of the Oklahoma College for Women Chiclxasha, Oklahoma May, l93lI- f f 0 ' 0 f f f 74 lvl. A. Nash, B. A., M. A., LL. D. PresidenT' Hi The TirsT session oT The Oklahoma College Tor Women was held in l909-IO. The school had been esTablished as a resulT oT The Teeling Thar There should be in This sTaTe a school, exclusively Tor women. AT ThaT Time, Tour years oT preparaTory work were oTTered, as well as work leading To a college degree. The years have broughT many changes: There are now Twelve beauTiTul modern buildings wiTh prepara- Tions under way Tor The building oT Three more during The coming summer. The college has earned recogniTion as one oT The ToremosT women's colleges oT The counTry. lT has grown in size, enrollmenT and presTige, during The pasT TwenTy years. The TirsT dormiTory To be builT was one uniT oT Nellie Sparks Hall. Since ThaT Time an addiTional wing has been added. The l-lealTh EducaTion Building is one oT The mosT modern in Oklahoma. IT has every TaciliTy Tor The physical developmenT oT young women, including gymnasiums, a swimming pool, bowling alley, social rooms and so on. Nellie Sparks Hall HealTh EducaTion Building ve: ' 5 12:23, ss, X The AdminisTraTioru l-lall ConTains The oTTices oT The OJ o. 3 3 5 . -O- 7 Q1 -O- o 1 ff' Q Q1 U7 U1 'S o o 3 ff' 54 1 OJ '1 14 OJ 3 fl OJ E 91 -1- o Z . E 3 -1 3' cu -Fxx SSN QXSRSR oldesT oT The louildings, iT has gaThered much charm and O' cn nu C -I- X4 -T- IJ' '1 O C nO J' -O- D' cn N4 rn oi 5 U1 ou I O. OJ Q N4 LO 'T ou o no U7 1 U1 'O 0 T2 . 1'1 O 3 oi -Q- TQQQR The head oT The oval drive. Z2 54 ff 1 + SouTheasT Hall is one of The newer dormiTories builT in The residenTial sTyle. Twelve girls and a hosTess malce Their, home here. ln The rear is The beauTiTul SancTuary, a lovely wooded TracT conTain- i ing an ouTdoor TheaTre. NorTh l-lall, anoTher oT The smaller dormiTories, is a cornTorTable residence Tor approximaTely TwenTy sTudenTs, usually oT Junior sTanding. i l l Soufheasi' H-alli NorTh Hall 4 l . i i 1 l l K 2 1 f f f fl f 3 3 P AusTin Hall, named To honor The laTe George W. AusTin, conTains 32 14 The deparTmenTs of TexTiles and cloThing, Toods and nuTriTion, arT, chemisTry, physics and biology. 1 ln addiTion There is a large parlor C where many oT The social aTl:airs oT The college Take place. Z ? Z 5, 7 Z 7 if Z gc . Z X 47 M 54 . . Willard Hall houses approximaTely one hundred and TiTTy Freshmen and Sophomores The dining W f room also accommodaTes sTudenTs from SouTheasT Hall and Senior Hall Senior Hall is one oT The mosT modern and beauTiTul OT The residence halls. Senior sTudenTs and second sernesTer Juniors are The privileged occupanTs. This hall also conTains The suiTe oT The dean of women X M lf fe 4 Willard Hall Senior Hall ' if VF? ff . i u. ,- it f vi si 'L YL ' NJ! 'R ,gf 2 T-DK. , The Fine ArTs Hall conTains The sTudios oT The Tine arTs TaculTy, pracTic:e rooms, a small aucliTorium and The Cap n' Bqlls TheaTre. In The Home lvlanagemenT House The home economics maiors have an opporTuniTy To prove The pracTicabiliTy oT Their Theories. This is a modern Tive-room bungalow convenienTly arranged and TasTe- Tully decoraTecl. The college lnTirmary locaTed nexT door is as adequaTe in iTs way. Here are locaTecl Two wards, a dieTary lciTchen, and The aparTmenT oT The college physician. The presiclenT's house is oT especial inTeresT because oT iTs household. The graciousness and charm oT Mrs. Nash enclear her To all, while Don, Norman, Mary Jane and Carl are Triends oT every sTudenT. Infirmary and Home ManagemenT House PresidenT's Home L. ' . .i s'f'l'Nr:smf. D .r if Nix . STUDENT GOVERNMENT DOROTHY WINCHESTER. JANE DILLING, Secrefary ALMA HESS, Treasurer Presidenf Rufh Pellow, Louise Oudger, Mildred Whalen, AIIoerIa Weber, Margery Bu+Ier me Y. W. C. A. CABINET Doris Thaggard, ReIa LEE ELLEN HARRIS, Presidenf EMMA LEE GODBY, Vice- DOROTHY HELEN SMITH DORIS COMBY, Treasurer Baucher, Wilma Armshrong Presiderfr , Secrefary , HeIen Jane Modrall, Maud Dews Ar1's and Sciences T ,rt ' A 1 1 XX X J , , Rik ,f .X Y. . 7.. fix iw ,f if gf 64 Pi if if if 72 nc if! ff 54 ff 51? 75 ff 79 74 SQ siSliQllESL-2llKiS.SiKQ so-wgrsswsw -. . skx-. Mwxw. NX. Me.. fo Arfs and Science Facul'ry HOWARD TAYLOR Ph. D., M.A., LL. D. Dean of The College BROUN MAYALL A. T. FLINT JOE J MILLER I B.A. M.B.A. Reqislrar Professor of Commerce Professor of Malhemahcs JULIA LEE I-IAWKINS ANNA LEWIS MAY PULLERTON M. A, Ph. D. Dean of Women Professor of I-lislory Asslslanf Professor of Associale Professor of Psychology and Philosophy Malhemallcs I EDITH HAMMOND CORRINE BELL Ph. D. M. A. Professor of Chemlslry Assisfanl' Professor of and Physics Psychology JEFFIE YOUNG LILLIAN E. FISHER M. A. Ph. D. Associa're Professor of Associale Professor of I-llsfory Hisfory HAZEL FROST LAUREL E. DAVIS MARY R. BELL M.A. M.A. M.A. Associale Professor of Associafe Professor of Professor of Classical Clofhing and Texliles Foods and Nufrilion Language and Lileralure ANNA K. BANKS MARGARET A. ELLIOTT RUTH VJILLIS PRAY M. A. M. A. Ph. D. Professor of Home Assislanl Professor o' Prolessor ol: English Economics English Direclor of lhe Deparlrnenl ol: Home Economics JULIA MclNTYRE M, A. Associale Professor ol: Foods and Nulrilion REBECCA l-l. MASON M. D. Professor of Public l-leallh and College Physician .. .Xw.....c . . ...M.A.-s.x MILDRED L. JOHNSON M. A. Prolessor ol French CAROLINE LAIRD M.A. Professor of Er-glish ROSE MARY CARLE M. S. lnslruclor in Commerce MARY KATE MlLLER M.A. Associale Professor of Physical Educalion JULlA LEE l-lAWKlNS M. A, Dean ol Vfofion In MARY L. GIVENS M.A. Associale Professor ol: French MARGERY HAWLEY M.A. Assislanl' Prolessor ol Physical Educalion VERLETTA HEARN B.S. lnslrucfor in Horne Economics HENRIETTA FREY M. A. lnslruclor in Physical Eclucalion f X f 1 f 5 f f 7 Q r ly 44 uc N XX 72 Wax X .X .L 71 TEENS The Library. Blanche Hawks, librarian: Elsie Sullens, cafaloguer, and Mele Sager, assisiani library caialoguer, in aHendance. , ,Q Q if, Z ff 1 4 -s:.s-as as .W -xsweqev has .swamp .QXXMS Many sfudenfs Find 'ihe Science Deparfmeni offers an opporiunify 'for inieresfing individual research. ' Dancing is one of +he mos+ enjoyed of 'rhe various phases of fhe Physical Educaiion program. 1. -S' Dr. Anna Lewis, is largely responsible for +he es1'ablishmen+ of fhe College Museum. H' is especially noie- worihy for Hs obiecfs and documenfs per- faining 'io Oklahoma. A meal serving class in lhe Deparlmenl' of 43.0- 1 Foods a ncl Nufrilion. Aclivilies in fhe Modern Language Depari- menls are noi' confined +o 'rhe class room. Wk' 'uk Sf' ivy A class in clraping al work in a labora+ory of 'l'he Texfiles 4 f? ' l and Clolhing Deparfmenl. ' 74 52 :Z X ,f l 254 i ,MO 0 3. V? .V rv Z ' X T I 3 l, 1 74 l Q2 l 7 7 , l Mos'I' inleresfing experimenfs are carried on in 'I'he l Psychology Depar+men+. Of especial no+e are fhose Q, concluded in conneclion wifh 'lhe Nursery School. X i I X 'i.. Xiff11T?TT XSiSY23SXN -e M-...L-J ARGUS MAGAZINE STAFF ALBERTA WEBER, EdiIor LESLIE REYNOLDS, Eine Arfs EdIIor JANE MATI-IIS, Assisfanf Edifor DOROTHY HELEN SMITH, Senior EdIIor LORENA DAESCHNER, ArI Edifor JANE DILLING, Lfjrerary Edifor IVIALESE BLACK, Sporfs Edifor IVIARGUERITE IVIOHRBACHER, Sociefy EdIIor Iii TREND STAFF FRANCES WISE, Edifor LESLIE REYNOLDS, Sociefy Edifor SINCLAIR HARNESS, Business Manager JEANETTE HUTCHESON, Exchange Edifor LUCILLE IvIacKENZIE, Fealrure Edifor FINE ARTS I X A J pw 4 FRANCIS DINSMORE DAVIS, B,A. 7 Dean of Fine Aris f 512 f, ,. MARJORIE DVVYER LOUISE WALDORF CLARICE TATMAN MADELINE RITZ B.M. M.M. M.A. M.A. Professor of Musical Assisfanf Professor of Assisiani Professor of Associafe Professor of Ari Science ' Violin Speech ELISE MacCLANAHAN MABEL ARDIS MURPHY GLADY COX Professor of Voice B. M. B. M. lnsirucfor in Piano Insfrucior in Voice ANITA MOORE CLARIBEL BUFORD CORINNE NASH iM.A. BAIRD Assisfani Professor of lnsfrucior in Ar? B.O, Piano lnsfrucfor in Speecn RUTH GARDNER BALL I HELEN LaVERNE COLLAR HILDA J. BUTLER B.L.l. BM. BM. Assisiani' Professor oi lnsirucror in Piano Assisiani Professor of Speecn Voice i X Astigiirxi. X i A W5 W x Many campus affairs are enhanced by 'l'he appearance of 'Phe orches+ra, conducied by Elias Novikow. They presenied a mosi' beauiiful Spring Program. The v iolin quar'reHe, direcied by Miss Waldorf, consisfs of Buela King, Barry The vocal Clanahan h Dorsey, Norris Louise Lola Wells, Kalhleen and Mary Helen Scogin, pianisl. Av ' xiii +rio direc+ed by Miss Mac consis+s of Pauline Darnell Geraldine Shifleif, Chiaqui+a Ma'Hhews BCCOTTI panied by Marie Seikel. A scene from TwelHh Nigh1', one of 'Phe 'firsl' of lhe maior produc'I'ions of 'I'he drama+ic ar? program of The year. 'il' l f f X fi For some years if has been +he ,5 ff cus'rom for +l'1e Glee Club 'lo ,4 z 14 an f 'TZ I 4 if . presenf a Chris+mas program. Under +l1e direciion of Miss Hilda V Bufler 'rhe programs have become Zi 52 one of ihe mosi' loved of +l1e Z college fradiiions. M 16 4 ,, Q5 fff QA I The Vagabond Singers under +l1e direc- fion of Miss Hilda Bufler include Leah Sanger, Anna Mae McConnell, Mollie Herring and Emilie Ellis, accompanied by Dorofhy Griffin. H81 A drawing and piainiing class a'I' work in one of fhe siudios of 'll1e Ari Depar'rmen+. 1 'K THE CLASSES Ss Qs 4997 TTRSLIEES ff T' 1? 113 TSSCLQ illl1SllN S .L fwwi ' rf' l 4 INEZ ELAINE ALLARD Grandlield B. S. Home Economics VELMA HAGA BELL Verden B. A. Social Science ELLEEN BOLLENBACH Kingfisher B. A. German AZALIA BROWN Chiclcasha B. A. Psychology RACl-l ELO CAVETT . Loyal B. S. Home Economics PAULINE CORZINE Chickasha B. A. Spanish SENIORS WILMA BABB Poleau B. S. Home Economics LUCILLE BLEIGI-l Oillon B. S. Home Economics MADELINE BOX lvlanilou B. A. l-lislory AZALENE BROWN Chiclcasha B. S. Physical Eclucalion JESSIE PAULINE COLL Muskogee B. A. Erench RAlvlAl-l BELL DRISKILL Oklahoma Cily B. S. Home Economics EUNlCE BALLINGER Se-iling B. S. Home Economics AEEA CLARE BLEVINS Buffalo B. S. Home Economics EULA GENE BRAND Ninneliah B. S. Home Economics BEATRICE CASTLEBERRY Anadarlqo B. S. Commerce DORIS NADINE COMBY Chiclcasha B. S. Physical Educalion LUCILLE SLUSHER ELLEDGE Chiclcasha B. S. Home Economics SKXN1TiQ.Lffl? ,Q .gg QSSRLXLRQggisiiiExif.NW,oxWQ.s-Q. ms. .L sammy. ESQSXNRNNNX XXXXX X X X N EMILIE DE HAVEN KATHRYN E. FINK VIOLET EESLER ELLIS Lawlon Verdem Tulsa B. A. B. S. B. A. Ari Home Economics Enghsh VELMA A. FRENCH ALMA ELECTA BERNICE ERY Chkiasha ERIBLEY Erededck B.S. Nhami B.S Commerce B. A. Home Economics Psychology LUCILLE GANN MAXINE GILCHRIST MARIE GRAHAM Ninnelcah Mangum Bryan' Texag, B.S. B.A. B.M.E. Commerce Psychology DOROTHY GRIFFEN MARY LEE I-IANES SINQLAIR HARNESS Ringling Erick Clqickagha B.hA.E. B.hA.E. BUS. Commeme BQNAHELAVERNE KATHRYN HARNS LEEEUEN HARR5 HARPER Royse Cily Oklahoma Cify Rush Spdngs B-5. B-A- B. S, Home Economics Biology Home Economics HELENE VIRGINIA CMA MAY HASTON MARY BETH HAYES HART Jesler Chickasha Cfhickasha B.S. B.S. B.S. PhydcaIEducaHon Phy9caIEducaHon Physical Eclucalion I I I SENIORS I MATTIE LOU HELEN HERRING MOLLY HERRING HAYHURST Prague RIngIing ' NInneI4ah B. A. B. M. I B. S. I IISIory Home Economics g ALMA HESS JUNE HOLLAND ALICE HUCHTEMEN I Comanche Chickasha El BGHO g B. A. B. S. B- A- EngIIsh PhysicaI Educahon BiOIOqy ' DQRQTHY LQUISE ELORENCE REE CATHERINE A IRWIN HELEN KEILE LEDBETTER GQIQIDQ Muskogee Duncan B, A, B. S. B. S. English Home EconomIcs Home Economics DQRQTHY REVA LINN ESTELLE MANIRE QI-IRISTINE Verden OIcIahoma CI+y I A LINDQUIST B. S. B. M. E. Qlqgckasha Home Economics B. M. KATY BELLE QAZELLE MURIEL McVEY I MCCASLEN McCAUGHTRY CIWICIWSIW6 Blair Chickasha B- A- B. A. B. S. BIOIOQY psychology Commerce A ELIZABETH ' FRANCES KATHLEEN WALLER MILLER CLAUDIA FAY A MYERS Gallafin, Tennessee MOORE Chickasha B. S. Chickasha B. S. Physical Educafion B. A. Commerce English N N .... Elia..:EETEFNKNXNQSSSFS1552525 'Rx- ff:FfNNXYfffTifSSQXXXSNQQSNRXSYFXSRNSS5555 NX ti35221iXR XQSXff3?S XffflNNlffllXiQ N f.NRSKNEE?1EiQSlN?TE?llllllli Q. . f 1111 Q .. .... X M... .. ...cW,..,X.,c..c...Www. .. . . .. X-X -XX MX. - .. XR. XxxN.Nxxxs..xx..N f.1.:AXw x-X.-...mcg If R ' iN RRliRYSRil.lliilliS ll YES?ETmRXYNXNX NXNKEE1iiTi.i'LE?5 N S S KNNXN Nffflff '.'.Xx xk.kx. 1 ,k.N, 2iTEYNQXQQSTTL.fi1lf5.ETXY2fXffflElf.'.ff.iYR XNXNX I RUTH VIRGINIA RUBY CORDELIA GENEVA ANNE SMITH SMITH SMITH I Chickasha Chiclcasha Chickasha B. S. B. S. B. A. i Physical Educalrion Commerce English ELDA AMELIA CLARA WILLIE SHEPARD SCHIEMANN SCHUMACHER Chickasha Rush Springs Qkarche B. S. B. M. B. S. Commerce Home Economics MARY ELIZABETH IVA MARIE SAENZ JOHNETTA JULIA SALLEE Pocri de AguacIuIce, ROGSTAD OIcIahoma Ci+y Panama Chickasha B. M. B. A. B. S. BioIogy Commerce BEELER ROBERTS EDNA HAZEL REED JUANITA ELIZABETH BracIIey Chickasha RAY B. A. B. S. PauIs Valley PsychoIogy Home Economics B. S. I Home Economics DOROTHY MARY JO OWEN ETHEL BERNIECE PITCHEORD Chickasha OLIVER Chickasha B. A. AnacIarIco B. S. Ari B. S. Home Economics Commerce NELLIE OAMUNDA THELMA NEWLAND CORDIE LUELLA O'LEARY HeIena NELSON Chickasha B.A. Ninnekah B. S. Spanish Physical EcIucaIion Commerce B. S. . . ' J SENIORS MARY JAYNE DOROTHY EERN WILSON STAPLES WINCHESTER Hollis Chickasha Mangum B. A. B. S. B. A. English Commerce English VIRGINIA WILLIAMS MILDRED WHALEN MARY BELLE Leacler, Minnesola Buffalo I WOOLSEY B. S. B. A. Shawnee Commerce Spanish B. M. E. MAVORINE MAR-Y GRACE ALDENE VAUGI-IN WELDON WALLACE EI Reno Chiclcasha Chiclcasha B- A- B. A. B. A. ' Enqlish Malhemalics l'lIS+Ory' ' ' I 1 . RUTH DICKSON JEWELL MARIE DORIS THAGGARD TORPEY THOMAS Elmer EI Rena Chiclcasha B. A. B, A, B. S. I-lislrory Speech CCVTIFTIGFCS PHYLLIS TRENDLEY Frederick B. A, Biology JUANITA TARPLEY Andarlco B. A. , Malhemallcs XX RANK X X:iiiQQllIn.Elil1IQlIlXll?5L1ll?S.ll2NEi5SlIl1QliQXRNiQllLlil1ll1iii1QTlEEE1lSRN RXX l Nll1liXN x 12253iiT QR5lIEiiERilil f,l'iliiKXf?iTfffglQ1liLNQlQL1s Q' B X' W I Q JUNICRS FIRST ROW: Sarah Jane Slaplelon, Mabel Eslella Burke, Wilma Armslronq, Lavone Hull, Hope Elizabelh Bailey, Hazel Wilmolh, Jean C. I Floyd, Thelma Burnell, lla Mae Medlock, Lahoma Buller, Ruby Neher, Relia Dolan. J SECOND ROW: Lois McConnell, Evelyn Troull, Norma Milchell, Flora McCormack, Dolouise Rhyne, Virginia Hill, Jessie Deering, Lola Wells, Viola Combs, Harriel Carler, Pearl Lucas, Eleanor Tucker. THIRD ROW: Eloise Penoi, Juanila Slamback, Ella Mae Graves, Pearl Buller, Leola Harris, Alice Lucile Slreeler, Mavis Dallon, Leah Sanger, Maleese Black, Lorena Daeschner, Dorolhy Hawes, Merle Mayes. ' FOURTH ROW: Beryl Brush, Kalhryn Cummings, Irene Clark, Nagould Sprowls, Noreen Bailey, Kalherine Pickell, Helen Rhoades, Lucy Boake, Bellie Zimmerman, Hazel McCalla, Willie Belle Carler, Doris Rudolph. FIRST ROW: Rulh Pellow, Marie Calaway, Margarel Calaway, Eslher Kennedy, Evangeline Moorehead, Mildred Armilage, Chiquila Mallhews, Anna Lee Moore, Ona Reicl. Belly Harper, Ella Mae Banks, Rulh Myers, SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Oehlerf Rulh Gould, Aileen Browder, Jane Dillinq, Dorolhy Helen Smilh, Marie von Meryeldl, Blanche Miller, Virginia Fesler, Ada Fenwick, Mildred Franklin, Armenla Wallace, Slella Belle Moyer. I THIRD ROW: Opal Sudheimer, Frances Dysarl, Nola Burba, Serena Mae Rellner, Billie Parsons, Marie Seikel, Ellen Hill, Helen Fawcell, Marquerile Mohrbacher, Leslie Reynolds, Jane Malhis, Olella Riller. I FOURTH ROW: Cleona Smilh, Aubrey Rodgers, Doris Tucker, Claudine Adsil, Velma Olive, Mabel Louise Huchlemann, Leola Maloy, Helen Jane Modrall, Thelma McGibbon, Dorolhy Johnson, Alice MacLean. 4 I I reid: 1 SXSXTXSRKSTIXEELRSRNEZE55115.111lRiQ lRQEESlENNX ILiTiN ee e L J XsQ SSSRQ L1lliiiiiQREEiS1llii NS N R SOPHOMORES 30.03 FIRST ROW: Pauline Darnell, Margarel Johnson, Louise Fealey, Margarel Darby, Lucille MacKenzie, Mary Calherine Crisinell, Marie Barrelf, June While, Berlha Cunningham, Henriella Wilkens, Vivian Lloyd, Mabel Walker. SECOND ROW: Amy Alice Bouher, Alda Nell Slone, Lois Frosi, Maxine Richardson, Viriama Rose, Kalherine Baehr, Dorolhy Willingham, Ella Brewer, Emily Smilh, Mary Rose Fillinger, Iva Lee Moore, Ruby Holden. THIRD ROW: Nancy Mclnlosh, Louise Siddens, Aleene Chamberlain, Vernelle Bigger, Vallene Holsled, Dorolhy Ohrl, Jane Hillon, Jeanelfe Hulcheson, Frances Wise, Elizablh Smilh, Dorolhy A. Smilh, Dorolhy Fenslermacher. FOURTH ROW: Geneva Eskridge, Kalherine Kennedy, Dorolhy Surber, Marlha Minor, Lucille Babb, Kalherine Davis, Rela Boucher, Emma Lee Godbey, Theresa Beck, Bernadine Sulherland, LaVerda Ogle, Grace Ogle. FIRST ROW: Rebecca Sullivan, Mary Lou Lalham, Ann Scoll, Mariorie Ealon, Clara Heins, Nancy Jane Crose, Mary Hall, Johnaphene Briscoe, Louise Keilh, Effie Will, Gerfrude Finch, Lucille Miller. SECOND ROW: Syble Greer, Thelma Malone, lone Bird, Mary Hughes, Myrlle MacKay, Mercedes Hines, Florence Carrell, Mary Schulz, Lucerne Sowers, Ada Brooks, Phyllis Sneed, Elizabelh Lamirand. THIRD ROW: Rubey Cook, Ella Eloise Kilpalrick, Mildred Pally, Maxine Johnslon, Ellen Holman, Faye Smilh, Irela Jump, Dovie Bowden, Goldie Blair, Jean Comby, Glady Blair, Emma Louise Briffain. FOURTH ROW: Flora Jelks, Elaine Hurl, Pearl Taylor, Josephine Cronin, Joice Turkell, Lorna McMahan, Lucille Parlon, Lavonne Fuller, Rowena Rae Kimble, Alice Marie Weber, Lois Nelle Cobb, Reia Cafes. FIFTH ROW: Elsie Schmidl, Kalhryn Emerson, Louise Parlon, Beulah Dorsey, Mary Helen Scrogin, Elizabelh Williams, Jo Ellen Bowers, Margarel Johnslon, Lucille Rose, Belly Wilson. 1351 L1 N I I FIRST ROW: Dorolhy Mahone, Dorelhea Chiles, Rulh Meek, Ruby Hudgins, Mary Elizabelh Boolh, Irene Rallill, Pauline Frances Smilh, Helen Lee Fosler, Alma Brock, Janie Love Lee, Elma Brock. , SECOND ROW: Jewell Corbin, Davalene Ball, Lola Dailey, Calherine Boake, Verna McCallum, Kalhryn LaMasler, Dorolhy Margarel Cocke, Belly Malheney, Jim Winchesler, Mabel Graye Allen, Elva Lucile Reed, Mary K. McGinley. THIRD ROW: Juanila Wallon, Kalhryn Reynolds, Hazel Phillips, Ora Mae Fox, Louise Leonard, Bernice Rogslad, Melba Farley, Blanche Beavers, Lucille Reed, Margarel McNeese, Margarel Bringelson, Frances Slevens. FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Louise Bouher, Dorolhy O. Smilh, Olivell Bliss, Mary Frances Reid, Margarel Chrislner, Charlyne Brooks, Alba Lawyer, Margarel Nance, Virginia Pollard, Jim L. Jamison, Vera Pearl Gulshall, Frances Erlewine. SECOND ROW: Belly Ed Pelers, Elsie Jarvis, Rulh Spivey, Frances McGill, Margarel Lillell, Polly Lynda Morehead, Mariorie McVey, Gladys Belcher, Flora Allord, Hellie Bird, Maurine Neeley, Lucy Parks. THIRD ROW: Winilred Green, La Verne Beck, Earnesline Willingham, Evelyn Ray, Elizalaelh Hursl, Doris Clemenl, Joycle Moorehead, Wanda Lake, Anna May McConnell, Dolorus Williams, Virginia Seamancls, Venela Kyle. FOURTH ROW: Lucille Wheeler, Rulh De Armon, Keilha McCoy, Nina Gilluly, Eddaiobolo Jolly, Velma Lee French, Mary Louise Cook. Mabel Sue Cook, Helen Green, Kalhryn Harmon, Mary Eula While, Gladys Brooks. FIFTH ROW: Dora Reid, Edna Thain, Geneva Monlgomery, Una Gibson, Anna Von Paxlon, Margarel Douglas, Margarel Logan, Margarele Hardegen, Rubye Clinlon, Shirley Buller, Eleanor Slrunk, Helen Sigl. 3? I'.111 X iff.1111l'.lTiXNXYSTiTIXXY3QSQXETTFTTFXQSS lifiQ1QQNXX N X23RN , Y,-wr., I P, I n I I 9 Q C f v .I I I SillZE3IRXXNSIRX XN iLiN FIRST ROW: Heltie Belh Norman, Virginia Thompson, Kalhryn Knisely, Maggie Jo Bell, Nell Owen, Blanche Kenworlhey, Lena Mae Webb, Caroline Hendon, Lorraine Medlin, Louzelle Spradling, Lucile Medbury, Frances Belh Monlgomery, Louise Kile, Gladys Van Buskirk. SECOND ROW: Ada Toole, Mildred Hickman, Bernella Pelree, Mary Gaylord Boolh, Kale Wilkinson, Jane Fesler, Virginia Thweall, Frances Armslrong, Janie B. Major, Iris Miller, Dorolhy Dean Ricker, Rulh Davis. THIRD ROW: Alyne Lanier, Lucille Bolling, Donnilla Blaine, Allene Elliol, Norma Pool, Louise Waldrep, Dorolhy Jokisch, Berniece Kennedy, Mahrea Barnard, Margarel McCuIley, Louise Dodd, Elinor Hopkins. - FOURTH ROW: Mary Oglelree, Marlha Brady, Dorolhy Holcom, Jan Erwood, Mildred Smilh, Mildred Jacobs, Louise Heller, Carmen Daugherly, Mary Lee Mousner, Lorene Walker, Bernice Field, Alha McCaughlry. FIFTH ROW: Frances McLean, Arlela Preslon, June Franklin, Mina McDonald, Slella Jean Young, Jeanne Carmichael, Jewell Brown, Ava Lee Brewer, Frances Brown, Toy Lee Wilson, Jimmie Branum, Dorolhy Kirchner. SIXTH ROW: Nevada Powell, Pearl Mollesheard, Dorolhy Ann Flelcher, Mary Elizabelh Nickel. FIRST ROW: Odelia Dauberl, Daisy Kelly, Florene Kurlze, Carrie Byron, June Cox, Maxine Hunler, Kalhryn Slanley, Zola Holmes, Palsy Howsley, Dorolhy Crulchlield, Elizabelh Woodruff, Marjorie Long. SECOND ROW: Mildred LeRoy, Bealrice Gray, Jane Boone, Billie Marie Nix, Mary Evelyn Goodson, Eunice While, Glenna Kobel, Margarel Jane Edwards, Elizabelh Parroll, Eleanor Carler, Rulh Norlhcoll, Maryella Farley. THIRD ROW: Gerlrude Miller, Peggy Ellen Reed, Hazel Fosler, Arlhur Lory Morris, Abbie Lee Parrish, Louise Lancasler, Mary Virginia Hill, Juanila Duesler, Rulh Ann Nuernberger, Margarel Smilh, Rubye Nuernberger, Blanche Bailey. - FOURTH ROW: Mary Anne Henderson, Alice Cary, Maxine Hopkins, Mozelle King, Elizabelh Slrawn, Margarel Abboll, Dorolhy Tucker, Paulyne Ward, Hazel Annadown, Willa Maude Sims, Avanelle Summers, Louise Bingham. FIFTH ROW: Jean Norlh, Kalheryne Noble, Doris Miller, Margarel Wieser, Mary Louise Veach, Louise Lindsay, Sally Jo Malheney, Lucile Tyler, Dorolhy Gisl, Eileen Friel, Jane Wilder, Geraldine Shillell. PCYOC LQRIRXXNRNKNS y FIRST ROW: Jennie Rose Mcllvoy, Cora Kerireiglw, Ruili Miller, Helen Slieels, Lorraine Donnellan, Vera Mae Walden, Gerlrude von Gulker, Marie Hill, Lucy Mae Yarnell, Muriel Rapp, Alia Mae Cowling, Twila Kelly. SECOND ROW: Kaflwerine Hari, Maude Bea Ficklin, Hefiie Lou Crane, Wilma June Weslbrook, Virginia Inqle, Mary Wilson Thompson, Norris Louise King, Mary Yauger, June Jones, Gracia Bailey. THIRD ROW: Irene Boyer, Bonnie Bell Builer, Doroilwy Moyer, Josepliine Milclwell, Odella Bynum, Tommye Eaker, Vera Mae Bynum, Elva Tobias, Wilma Burba, Florence Willis, Tessie Mae Walker, Helen Puckeli. FOURTH ROW: Kallwerine Piilman, Joyce Hilclw, Anna Srnilli, Pauline Nabors, Goldie Hughes, Irene Franklin, Opal Brown, Arline Garner, Doris Rodolplw, Hope Adams, Juanila Wilkerson, Valeria Adams. FIFTH ROW: Elma Smiflw, Helen Smillri, Olioma Whilworllm, Cliarlolfe Bridges, Josephine Allierion, Leuly Clwesnul, Cleo Rensnaw, Ernesiine Haley, Barbara Sanderson, Glenna Belle Hammer, Faye Samples, Nadine Blackburn. I 'V I fb. I SQNQRLIQQ Q11,1I-QAKAI?llT1ENiRiI3iQ7iiNNSSSXSliiii1I.l1ET X X xxx sc Q ic Qlsliiii 4 ii... ,lliliialix A f s XX ,Q S N X NENE1?lTlifiTT 'saa zfviitssfriq X aaa' Xaaxaasa as a'X' wwf al'a 1 aaake r HONOR HYPATIA Hypalia is an honorary scholaslic socieiy for candidales for Jrhe A. B. degree. Facully members who sponsor The group wear ihe covered key of Phi Befa Kappa and recognize in 'rhe young Hypalias The same high scholarship as Thai of Jrhe naiional fraferniiy. Mem- bers elecred in May, I934, are Pauline Coll, Elleen Bollenbach, Aileen Browder, Lois McConnell, and Jane Maihis. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delia is a naiional fraler- niiy organized To honor siudenis who disiinguish lhemselves in iniercollegiale forensic acliviries. Members are Sin- clair Harness, Jessie Dearing and Claudia Faye Moore. Miss Clarice Tar- man is sponsor. ORGANEAHONS GREEN MASKERS Green Maskers are chosen from +he acrors in Jrhe College Theaire who have shown oulslanding abiliiy and perfor- mance. Members on Jrhe campus ai presenl' are Miss Frances Davis, Miss Clarice Tafman, Mrs. Claribel Baird, Miss Ruih Ball, Maleese Black, Rulh Torpey, Leah Sanger, and Alma Fribley. PHI EPSILON Phi Epsilon members are chosen from 'rhe music maiors of ourslanding abilify. Members now on The campus are Doro- Jrhy Griffin, Dorolhy Linquisl, Mollie Herring, Eslelle Manire, Jane Dilling and Miss Mildred Flickinger. Miss Mabel Murphy is sponsor. KAPPA OMICRON PHI Kappa Omicron Phi is a nalrional hon- orary home economics fralernify or- ganized ior ihe purpose of furihering Jrhe besi inlreresls of Home Economics. Members are Lucille Bleigh, Alberia Weber, Florence Keile, Cleona Smilh, Helen Jane Modrall, Margarel' Mohr- bacher, Eunice Ballinger, Ramah Driskell, Rachell Caveil' and Muriel Youmen. Alma Brock and Elma Brock are pledged 'io lhe socieiy. Members in ihe facully are Miss Anna Banks, Miss Hazel Froslr, Miss Julia Mclniyre, Miss Laurel Davis and Miss Verlellra Hearn. SCJCIETY 4 il? SXXNXQEEEXXNNKXSXEQTSXX X M1 Q QTXEEQTRTSlSQ N NX5RNNXKN 1 4 J The following girls were se- lecled by lhe sludenl body for especial honor because of lheir endearing qualifies. The May Queen is chosen from lhe Senior Class and presides over Jrhe May Feslival. The lvlosl Popular Girl may be a member of any class while lhe eleclion of Jrhe Freshman Queen is a parl of The acliv- ilies of Freshman-Sophomore Day. . rm: i S TN XM 7 f fe f ff ! Q X 1 Z Z Z Z 7 Z5 7 2 M M 7 az L 3 , Z f 5 Z I af I Q , 2 42 W if 12 fd Z2 2? QC 5: 5: ff 74 if V X 7 ff f Z Q' W ? gc M W X f Z x, , 91' 6? 71 I -1.3.5 ,fl7I'CI tr VGJJ C F .JNUCII YS-X511 XLg.x f X iff x.xX L X NIEXX?NNN?iTfRfiT.ii5 TX 1Q'ffEIT Z 2 SSRN 7 RN 6 74 111133 .x 9 Wiw z L 2 ? 7 IXQTTQXSN XX RYA M 3 YQEITI f QR 9 2 7 ,ff 9 5 f f X, ,ff 5 f X X W fl f V f I ' f 0 ff! I f IJ., 'Ile fflflle lr fill f C f F X 1 F 1Aeo,lf11e11 Queen 5 N NXNXiNRSX KNXi?liiiiilll L.L, X. Qffiif-'f . .TNsffffll-fi XEf?5f5i x QTIYIXXN VW WWW x.X. ...Xx xX.x . . vw M .. . . x TEN N., X! 7 f , 7! 5 ? f, if ff 7 ,f 7 QXXRXQQXQ x-Xxx.. .X X.... hx SQ ffRETSE5T. FT? FXTETTEXS5T?fif5iEXNFIXYITI X fifTYTTNYTTYT5EN XYiR?NXY f if? 7 J Z2 '71 Vw: 14 f f ff Q? ZZ Ly: 2? 5:4 93 22 1 X , Q yy QQ? cmd fgguff gkuey Qfzoaf Zpuda X X X.X.. X X.XN X x.L..XXX.xx .X,.XNXX.x... X x.Nx XX X X.XxxX .. X XX X Xxx. .X XXLX X xx.. Xx.X XX x... -X X xxxx ,X Xin xXL..x X XX Q X X Xxxx 5 xl - X k Xx k K XX A N RXYXQXIXXA X QNX-X'SwSxX QQNAXXQKNXXQMXXXXXX1-XX-AANXQAXAQXRXXXXSXNXQXXXXXQSQXXXXX-XXXXQNXXXXX XXX Y ...X xx XX XXXX ,X-X - WX XX Xb ...pqpw , .. 'Mir i 0W.CNl 61:5 EM HI FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Marjorie Dwyer Miss Gladys Cox MEMBERS Kaflweryn Harris Eloise Crossom Pauline Darnell Margarel'Jol1nson Margarel Darley Jane Hillon June Cox Margaref Hardeqan Dorofhy Kirchner Dora Reid Kaflwryn Sfanley Arlela Presion Eleanor Carler Lucille MacKenzie Elizabefh Miller Maxine Hunler Armenia Wallace Doroflwy Ohrf Ella Belle Good Margaref Townsend Mary Pauline Cole PLEDGES Jim L. Jamison Louzelle Sprading Elinor Hopkins Ada Frances Dauglnfrey f Peggy Ellen Reed Louise Siddons Mary Anne Henderson Margarer'Nance li lllqly ' l 'If ll illlll l III l. lm. FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Anna K. Banks Miss Hazel Frosl MEMBERS Francis Armsfrong Jo Ellen Bowers Mary Gaylard Booflwe Olga Barrel? Margaref Clwrisfner Larraine Donnellon Josephine Edwards Jane Fesler Margaref Harris Jewel Syble Herndon Mariorie Lang Janie B. Maior Cecile Mclnloslw Doris Miller Doroflwy Helen Smilh Doroflwy Surber Lealw Sanger Virginia Tl'1weaH' Rufh Torpey Bernice Trammell Phyllis Trendley Margarel' Wieser Beafrice Terrel PLEDGES Jewel Corbin Dorofliy Cruiclwfield Allene Elliof Margarel Liflell Clwiquila Mallwews Keillwa McCoy Ruflw Spivy Bea Veaclw Marie Von Merveldf Lucille Wheeler Kale Wilkinson Helen Wilson Elizabefh Woodruff NSN?XSXSREESXQQQXNEXTEXXYTTQITEERLSEEQ1RNNiSNXNNYXSXkSXXYXX NN TRI D FACULTY SPONSOR Miss Anifa Moore MEMBERS Alma Hess Alba Lawyer Jonaphene Briscoe Helen Lee Fosfer Lorena Daescliner Mary Ray Dorollwy Waldrup Eileen Friel Lucille Tyler Nancy Jayne Crose Berniece Oliver Mary Hall PLEDGES Norma Poole Ada Toole Mozelle Palfy Bernice Dempsey KN NN NFIENIXTZST S EiiWENXR5I5iNRRXSE1SYTl NmN Xxx NN xdwxmk Xilili-if iw X'Xi IQQRQIIEESXLISYTQXXTTXNEESYSQXS BE SI TA FACULTY SPONSOR Miss Rullw Gardnar Ball MEMBERS Alla Clare Blevins Refa Boucher Leslie Reynolds Fern Wilson Pal' Reynolds Mabel Eslella Burlce Lucille Babb Mildred Armifaqe Mildred Whalen Wilma June Weslbroolc Mary Oglelree Clara Heins Marllia Minor Kalrherine Kennedy Helfie Befln Norman Kallnryn Kniseley Louise Kile Emma Lee Godbey Helen Jane Modrall Kafherine Davis Sinclair Harness Nell Owen Lena Mae Webb Blanch Kenworflwy Frances Beflw Monfqomery Caroline Hendon Doroflwy Pilclnford Frances Dysarl PLEDGES Lucille Medbery Molly Medlin Virginia Fesler Frances McGill Tessie Mae Walker Virginia Thompson ' l Bri l Blllll nliiilllllliiiiliteei. ' Sa fi A 6 'r I M M' ECHE SA FACULTY SPONSOR Dr. Edifh Hammond Miss Henrie-Ha Fry MEMBERS Ree Ledbelier Jane Maflwis Alberfa Weber Marguerife Molwrbaclwer Frances Wise Jeannelle Hufclweson Elizabelln Smilli Jane Boone Marqaref Jane Edwards Alrna Brock Elma Brock Frances Slevens Gladys van Buskirk Elizabeflw Bailey Blanche Bailey Vivian Lloyd Louise Waldrep Dorolliy Jokisln Eunice Wlnile Mabel Walker Billie Marie Nix PLEDGES Helen Puckefl Florence Willis Mildred Hickman Elsie Jarvis Nina Gillully Maxine Richardson Elizabellw Parroll qi 1 as Me. DE GAMMA VE SPONSCRS Miss Julia Mclnfyre Dr. Lillian Fisher MEMBERS Esielle Manire Marie Barrel? Mary Belh Hayes Alice MacLean Rebecca Sullivan Mary Cailnerine Criswell Helen Rlwoacles Doris Cornby Jean Cornby Virgarna Rose Eunice Ballinger Nellie O'Leary Rowena Kimble Marie Seikel Hazel Plnillips Hazel Wilmoilw Ruby Srniflw PLEDGES Maxine Hopkins June Fraklin Geraldine Sniilell' Kafliryn Emerson X c.c.s.c Xc,. icisc. c X .kia .ax .ck-Lama QTQQRNTXTETK l S15XXf1i1TTi i XTA XI SPONSOR Helen Collar MEMBERS Mary Jayne Sfaples Dororliy Johnson lone Bird Beeliler Roberfs Ann Blaine Laliorna Buller lla Mae Medlocli Mozelle King l-lenriella Wilkins Callwerine Cummings lrene Clark Caflnerine Harmon Sybil Greer Thelma Malone Clxrisline Thaine Tlnelrna Burnerr Mary Rose Fillinger Edna Tlnaine Alleene Chamberlain Ruby l-ludgins lf' X ir! 4 W!lMlW SIGMA DELTA FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Mary R. Bell Miss Jerlie Young MEMBERS Doroflny Grirlen Irene l-lana Dorollmy Wincliesler Bea Caslleberry Anna Von Paxlon Jane Dilling Jim Trigger Winclnesfer Mary Kallwryn McGinley Virginia lnqle Elizabefh McNeese Lois Cobb Mary l-lelen Scrogin lya Maria Saenz Florence Kiele Kaflwerine Pillman Helen Geiss Vera Pearl Gulsluall Joyce l-lilch Rullw Pellow PLEDGES Claudine Adsir Dorofliy Margarel Coclce Una Gibson Anna May McConnell Lois McVey Barbara Sanderson ii iiiiiii l l llllll ll yiir flllillilu I X rrfw' s K 5 1 l l s + KAPPA Z V FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Clara Boneloralce Miss Louise Waldorf MEMBERS Mary Elizabelh Sallee Janie Love Lee Reva Linn Virginia Jackson Louise Lindsey Marllna Brady PLEDGES Sally Jo Maflieney Anna Lee Moore Belly Ed Pelers Geneva Monlgomery Y i5CNiQSl5SQiNfQ SYlXK5S SXNYXRKSQXQSNQQQSSIQRXQQRSlQQQllSK , -. -Qfiew 4 M l. K M. T 4 . Q, gap I-nm' vi-V .el li,ik?k L A ., qw. 5 W . 8 K , . .P A 4 k -.tx qv, V., 3 ,, A -f , W .HSN . Q' , ,.' '-'-'L 2, ,A -inf 52 sig -iQxrf1V,.,:'5-T ' gf V 'A' , ' f x 1 Q, , 3 X., J ' w 1 Y E ,U f 3 ru X L f. 1 ,, NX .5 . Q W F , V' x.- L ' - 'Q Q M M , t gs 1 ,Aj .r MV L., 5 . SA- s'Q'!-X 'ES-H 5-1, H ,, 1 .,.,. 6 pw. , ' A- fi' '-': --'fi' 3. rs - ' A f Mg. ' if . , 'Q f .. - x - :-..-f9,f- . ' AH ,', 4- ,Q-Q . yin: K I in . m 45' , v as I' N' f Q J if A ,A rf. Fiswde Q W 1' ',,..,.- Q X. i Wg? 5 :W fm . I I I I f W! X5 l I I 1 1 1 1 Y 5 A 'lv L S' fr I F M713 fvay fs,-1'-'J'-'fvf' Pa..,.1,.l..JU, ag,,., . . . ffwf-M5iT'Duf1'1'3Q31f LxLl Qj 1 fxumw-WSW' A lll,,,w'W '7c'w w+f7U4Mf .,q,-,.,,.,,,,L,t,'.J.-A-J 'UW'7LMQf?'Nu,4U,,g l 611-q,Q-.ho-hJ R,..?.1,,,l L,l.,.,,J,AAA4J rf L

Suggestions in the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) collection:

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Argus Yearbook (Chickasha, OK) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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