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.QW New life Itself... Trent high life itself, richly varied, makes all of us into something new. The joining of a rich heritage with new new personalities, both students and fac ulty, this l9S6-57, has created a new Trent high .... 3 Magazine campaign 100m I f 195 50' N on Candy O An expression of courtesy... Your Llfe You, Trent hifh today, are the sum of many oersonalities fused into a colorful PaHOTHma of Student life.. Everyone enjoys noon lunches... Th 5? Ww- in full swing. . . What has been done before r is our valued heritage... Our lives as we live them today shall be the heritage of another generation.. Trent high, you have given us a set of values. The ideals and beliefs and the faith for which from time to time we must cease our activities to give us time to remember this heritage and to foresee our futures.... Stud ents h I O ls l l l lneward bound 99 -9' x. tu-' t Lg gf, ff' kv , 393 .HW M 'Ev 'lilvf T2 ...Nm num wh, V49-,.,1 wiwmffmpm-,M H-um-rw Q df Wm. 9+ gggiffxiisg Those Who Make You What You Are Voices you remember, Trent high school, your voices! Jubilant, triumphant voices of victorious athletes, happy, carefree voices of singing youth, serious and quiet voices of the student...- Voices come into focus when we look back--and with each voice comes a picture--a picture of you, Trent high school-- . a picture of us, your students.... These are the voices you know--pictures you know--for you have seen and heard them all in their myriad colors.... Right now, you are the most important element in the lives of all of us, Trent high school--an indelible part--indelible and permanent and good.... This, then, is your life, Trent high school--your life as we helped you live it this happy eventful year of 1956-57. Voices you remember...and we remember...This Is Your Life! This Is Our Life! Dedication L3 5 J gf gg, rg., ,-,..::1i'?"'-'mSA11- -. -4,-Q.. dfzg' qs,-p-rwvs V H 'ws e n F1 1 q.'q ,L ., " ,,,--- ---- ---' '--of-1j "'. A V 13 ,ggi nf:-A 1,-' '. V " M., , , 1 " it" .,v ,,.. .- -11, HA X . . .- . ' - ".g4-7931. n , . . . ' g ' 'Sf' 3' '53-' " , , -maj-'Z-.12 ' ,-3: ,gf ,. , , V Shfkmsx. il . . . .WL . v Jr, A-rM,.,.. V, , I. ' 'ufeiw - Q ' . I'-,.'::2s.-is Q - - -'-Av-f, ' "FSH'fu'-:.v.,+..-"5xs:1yq:w.-,..1.,:--.:1-.'-9'-- f'! jq:p::g5-hrgly . ' - "':1-- ' " ' ,-fl ,461 .P -wf' , - - .1 4-' --f:-'- +L' e f-' ..:-3:17. :rl-1-f - mfg. -- ' "":k- -.R,..,- 14:.f."-xg--'hr-1" .JP ' ' 4 , Q ' ' Y' u 7 I L U fo f We ,dy "' ' ""'3s,, 1'.,,1. f .f x ' V N V A 1 gh nv , ,. . 4 1,61 7 f ' arf "' ' 1. QC . 4 4,1 ,- - I ' V . -' QW y- 'A .:,x:- ,f X 4,-- 1-,, ' .rw - y . , " , ' .Jia ef . f' 4 ' 2-F, F' df . ' ,f' A-gf w 4' 'fl f . H x ff' ' ,- fy -, ., " Uv 4' ' ,r,.141 , 'M' 8 ,J 3 Q f 571 L J J N1 e WY JJ: f Q 5 , 7 1 J f ' , L ,Q X f c I f f f 1 v 1 , 'Ty' I 1, -1' f ff " I 4 ui iv S' 1 f- A ly -0 4-,Q if-.-V. ,A .Fry-clung ffgwnfr ly, ' 157 pf ' eff ,, -e-Q-:w'lf1Qff" V W? us. .,H.2Ji'f, "fs-H -' J 2'i1f,f,.f"""'Y1v., . A flfil.- .rw - ' ' ' ' A2-55511 N. :Q1,,: A3,,g:. ' - ' I. - 4.1 3. L-,X ' M' .. 11-F' - '-1 f . V .'-"WA "'.1f . 'S ,, V fx , A., -,,,,,....-.. -..---x , , 1 .1-- ,,-" N-, -m V, ,ga 7:-. 4 ,f x 1' V 'lg N I.-':' , 1 1 N, , 'A I 1 '41 11 1 Nev- 'xf-x"x 'x x 'XHXNX Wi C,-,-..--1111, --. Q- 5 Q--,', A vo1ce you know, Trent h1gh school a. vo1ce we all know that of Owen 'Chrls' Ch.r1s'topher.... A part of you for four years an 1nd1v1dual who has g1ven of h1s 1211116 and energy unendlngly 1n both the classroom and on 'the sports scenes.... Our coach, Chr1s, for h1s devo'l:1on to you TI-IS 'bo us to hm we dedlcate -bhls 1957 Wa.rr1or.... L N414 1-. E-11 14.2 4. - 5, 3 -52 ' , 'rf if A f ' ' -- 1 , . ,,,- -1 4. Q , --' 4 . P TR 1 fi . . Q,-. ' '4 ' Z' V 1 L af 'S ff J Mi- . - , -.. 1' gig I Y'-. ,- fl .7 H, , I ZA? , f I," .1 T, I H .3 K, 'PIE Q -- -- gi. " - , ' ' ' ni-55 if WERQ1. . ig- S1 12 'I "FLW 4 -5 ' 5 8 . - 8 . I. Q, -f. 1 I ,Mn ,Y -:ELLA ,. 4'-5if'1'. "N m, . . :Eff ' ' "- - , -, TIT ' 1 ' t'x.f-,. . . --4 ,, 9 ,,,. - ,. Pegg- ,,vq4,4.- .. ,,L,,',v,-,H .P Thr ough Work And Laughter .. This year our students come from all parts of the community, both town and country, and teachers, and have poured into the stream of Trent high life rich diversity of talents and abilities... Living together we have developed a unity with one common denominator: That life can be made better through the love of work and laughter and through the imaginative reaction that life binds us together.... Your Band Provides Rousing Peppy marches...dreamy waltzes...thrilling overtures--this is the music that flows through TH halls as the bandplays on...Happy, carefree voices of singing youth...voices that form a fitting background for this parade of memories .... Clarinets: Karen Reed, Mary Ann Blankenfeld, Sharon Jans- sen, Shirley Husaboe, Ardis Nelson, Marilyn Hoyer, Ione Fulton. Alto Saxophone: Jalanne Baldwin, Barbara Youel, Patricia Whipkey. Baritone Saxophone: Faith Scherff Bells: Shirley Olson. Tuba: Barbara Kruger, Lewis Rave. French Horn: Anna Marie Fulton, Vivian Carlson. Alto Horn: Joan Rasmussen, LaVonne Youel. Flute: Dorothy Koer- lin, Beverly Youel. Cornets: Wayne Whipkey, Larry Jorgen- son, Jimmy Blankenfeld, Leland Whipkey, Gerald Peterson, Ronald Whipkey. Trombone: Larry Meyers, Ronald McGee, Roger Amdahl. Drums: Barbara Madetzke, Verla Blankenfeld, Ramona Peterson. Director: E. E, Arnold To the left is versitile Lanny Baldwin, majorette... Background To Student Life Marching Band Q?35i'5'MVy f' ' iZ2f'fz:1i?,'5, 338553556 fi?"Q1fi gf 15105 :X - ' f.?5?'Qi E.5'::'Q3 ff Sextettes 'Q' Careful not to flat. . .Reach that note . . .Blend your voices. . . .All makes for clear harmony. .. . Goldie Haakinson, Laura Snoozy, Sharon Janssen, Sharon Carlson, Lyla Card above in the freshmen sextette .... Marilyn Hoyer, Ione Fulton, ShirleyHusaboe, Joan Rasmussen, Shirley Olson, contest group... Glee Clubs And Soloists Bring Clear words...Work for smooth parts...N0w without books.... Voices of 21 boys bring harmony to your halls.... Back row: Wayne Amdahl, Dennis Reed, Curtis Nelson, Gerald Haak, Roger Amdahl, Donald Stegemann, Gary Olson, Melvin Scherff. Middle row: Wayne Whipkey, Wendell Nelson, Alfred B pl Rave, Ronald Utech, Chuck Nelson, Alvin Scherff, Arnold Al- oys 4 ee berts, Mrs. Swenson, director. Front row: Darrel Alberts, Arlyn Tammen, Chris Nelson, Gary DeC1erk, William Husaboe, Larry MacDonald .... Your voices, Trent high, and ours.... 3 or W iaff An' A 1., if A ' r 5. c c ,, GL., G my Gir!s Glee. . W Qfclffff ' O L H- Everyone A sing....Do re mi fa.. Don't flat ...h o l d that note. ..All i n tune? Music Grade Suloists Flute solos .... clarinet solos .... occasional sour notes .... practice, practice, practice .... 12 are super- ior at grade music contest .... Back row: Anna Fulton, Patty Whip- key, Lavonne Olson, Gwen Peterson. Middle row: Bruce Baedke, Rhoda Fulton, Virginia Peterson, Sandra Reed, Marlene Jorgenson,Sue Larson, Curtis Eng. Front row: Leland Whip- key, Ronald Whipkey, Ronald McGee, Gerald Peterson, Larry Meyers .... Back row: Vivian Carlson, Barbara Kruger, Lorraine Carlson, Sharon Carlson, Shirley Olson, Marilyn Hoyer, Verla Blanken- feld, Shirley Stockel, Joan Rasmussen, Ardis Nelson. Middle row: Barbara Madetzke,Kathy'Madetzke, Ramona Peterson, Shir- ley Husaboe, Sharon Janssen, Karolyn Scherff, Ione Fulton, Go1die.Haakinson. Front row: Eloye Brandsma,Dorothy'Koerlin, Laura Snoozy, Kathryn Rasmussen, Mrs. Swenson,directorg Bar- bara Youel, Faith Scherff, Jalanne Baldwin, Lyla Gard.... More voices--happy voices--those of the girls' glee club, a top-ranking musical group.... Through Your Halls yur.,,WR35q3,.s.s,W,i53g-' ' k . X, ,. A G3-TY Declefk Wayne WhiPk9Y Wendell Nelson William Husaboe Quarter Back Left End Left Half Center Another Football Season Chris Nelson Right End Darrel Alberts Manager Q in over one W E Strategy-"?i,Lflnes0 are we Lyons-"W rriors.--' ai - 'I a 1956 5 Donald Stegemann Wayne Amdahl Ronald Utech Arnold Alberts Right End Right Half Center Left Half l 4 ,u lmss:fwsz . ,Q , of 4 e . MEM, , . , , ,,, . , ww 7 A Ni Alvin Scherff Left End Roger Amdahl Center Arlyn Tammen Manager Melvin Sgherff Right End MMk.75,,R,g,,.,mw,W.- www V Y ' Y W. G A J iWfWT35,fQi.NZj :gf z ,957 f.,:f,,,55 Yr ' w 5?5w'IpT:fM,vg Jie., V Weg'i'i Wwewwv Eff We Q he -1e5a2feMmfF2f f .A ,www www 3, 3 - V V ig, h,,15,,,gga:g:4A 9 KM s 2 . .,f.A.u.wN .4,1r.,s,f,,,. ?FQfwuewXrejfhW2wwx -. .,..,.. Mwfwif iw A ,.,v,w-CU, V I: gagrf .mi,5s, Wm NYE ehQQwQs?emg kmmagmesaakefv C 4 ia ? f 42 -X- 'X- 'X' -X--X -JH? Warriors' Life Is Exciting Life' Nerve-wrecking overtimes...Sioux Valley and district tourney... Canova, Verdi, Mt. Vernon .... 30 games... 120 laps... Kneeling: Owen Christopher, coach and Alfred Rave, manager. Standing: Wayne Whipkey, Charles Nelson, Roger Amdahl,Gary Olson, Gerald Haak, Dennis Reed, Curtis Nelson, Wendell Nelson .... Differences of one or two or three points meant triumph...losses too in these basketball Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Colman Egan Rutland Beadle Colman Elkton Beadle Rutland Toronto Verdi Canova Egan Egan Hartford Franklin Sinai Baltic tilts .... 58 HH' Trent 52 Elkton 54 43 +++ Trent 55 Verdi 53 31 Trent 47 Colton 66 50 Trent 49 Sinai 50 86 Trent 63 Mount Vernon 62 41 Trent 65 School for the Deaf 80 54 Trent 32 Verdi 40 53 i444'Trent 47 Franklin 54 71 -H-H' Trent 59 Chester 66 74 514+ Trent 59 Rutland 47 58 53 50 45 + Sioux Valley Tournament 63 'H' Ganova New Years Tourney 57 44+ Elkton Invitational 57 t+t+ District 17 Tournament V7 by rx.: --f2- P . '- ' 'M 55363553 i? il ,,Z, :,i . . , xv . L li f ss. 'fn 5 ...X f 'S . 22, X348 Le . 2 'fe iw . I if ., ff if wah. Q 4 t 2 lf 5' Q5 eg, w 2 'ii f 4 - Curtis Nelson Gary Olson C en-lg er FOI'W3.I'd Dennis Reed Gerald Haak Forward Forward m Q 'I 523595?E':?.:i315255252C--'f'E':I::E:fi'E'EfIE:S:I3ffI'f 4 ' .E :Ef?":35ff5' ' ,- :I ,. Q .. , , .- 325271 .'f'IZEEj,, - if fa . .- Qefewfffqfe new-Zeng ezf .3 ,g .2-1 rf-: 1 jawn' in 'f:liE41G2,ff'...51. K W, v' -,-Q. - ' 1mLI3s?2?veQg59:?h3- 5 .sf fm F WZ 4 . 'Sie or Q we . gt nk r ,gf 1 flag W ,,,, Q E W W .- .Q 'W w . 5 V g + , Wwaxwi A fzszge: E. A. ix 52, 1, if X "' 3 e .X 1 5 ff if My fin i, . . ?Q?hElwiwQe .Q,, .... W. " - erzgs. .fe-Q' , Q. -,-. ".".: "" 'hW:EHKf?MWWlQ5 ig '--:- f .',,,' , ,. 52545 A ll ee Q 1 , W -. MW 1 .5 Q?fbef5'i.1z 6 5 5'fW"'3e2fi QL i.iiX"y ' - wewtw New - ,, I I 'bfgiiijfi 'f Q W' 951' t w M. H ,ill M fmiQ' nga ewwwifi'-eaaewfae ' mmwweaaap .r p X 5 N .Q Q , X ff1.1'eeQi 3 ,flip . 2 . U E 3 2 eb Q X if eg g ,M Q? gage? .,.., .,,. new. y , Q of-31925 .beige S leg:-F30 V ,-:g- 5-je --g":,..e. i'e'1fiieg':fig g::i:,"-.1- ,5 eei..,?,i3j',,?4.v .. 7131. ew w? ,wx v fpgmieg 2 H K? We wwf Qs. YQ , i S Nts, iii: .JAH s i m: If' fvC.z'fie? ' 1 Wendell Nelson Guar d Charles Nelson Guard Cheerleaders Show Plenty 0f Action... Arrowhead... War- riors .... G0, 30, g0,,,LoraineGarl- son, ArdisNelsom lone Fulton and Vivian Carlson.. Inthusiastic yell leaders .... S' .. 'Z E. Zi 2 , 3 . Z . sz if it Q. .. :U 5 A ' vi 7 . 5. wg- - 1. Q 1 7" N in 5 z V ' 1 V 4 : f fi 4, , ' 'op 1 U I ' 97 N I I ff, vs, , if ? , z Curtain raisers for the Warrior A games...future first- fivers in Your Life, Trent high school .... Little Warriors-. Back row: AlvinScherff, MelvinScherff, Ronald Utech, Wayne Amdahl, Chris Nelson. Seated: Arnold Alberts, William Husaboe, Larry MacDonald, Gary DeClerk, Larry Jorgensen and Coach Christopher.... , Ba ketball Highlights Basketball stars of tomorrow these grade youngsters... Early starters mean cage aces later...Back row is Loren Whipkey, Gene Alberts, Larry Meyers, Gerald Peterson, Roger Carlson. Seated: Jimmy Blankenfeld, Norman Haak, Ronnie Whipkey, Coach Chris, Lamoyne Brandsma,Marlin Utech, Ronald McGee. Kneeling: Stanley Husaboe, Allen Gunvaldson, Reginald Haakinson, Clarence Rave, Leland Whipkey, Ron Feuerhelm.... I BP I 18 A , f , ,Ls ' A r A I ..,. , ....,,., . 1 EQ .Wm imma, ,Mew Elli e M i . WW Miss -S qs 'A 1 3 ,Av Q 9 ix N V cl 4 , K. 1 2 S 5 K 4 V M fi. N .M 1 L Q S Q all W1 ii ' . . 1' 'inf V1 f we -553' K V .S 7 4 5 5 3:1 d ' if AV ' 7 fi 1 Q I , A " gl AQ. U gy f iz, - G I A jf 5 'VI 2 ' ,lf ' , 2' " Y' View ' " '-I . 1 :Q ' 4, ' ' '1 " N , . A ' as Q. . gg Ymyk U g I A K A. is M1 I ., , I X 3. 5' is A A , ' L - - , ,as " 3 '2- .. . A : 7 ., X . ' - a 4 K I , . , n 5. A V , S Aa, 5 1 L, V 2 . 'Z -- 2 g :""W' - ai I f We ' S i . Q , f E ll 2 'BL 2 1 i E'Wbm,F e '- we 3 Z3 5- ' f igkf S 'kg 1 36 , , . 4 , N f Q, V Q , V 5... k ,S w 8., V, 2. .1 , L, 4, wggylwyi I ,Q .f Q 6 X q , N, H ,WWW t P V 1 .X A t, , 2 .4 I' 3' -' Y 1 ee e,5, w N M .. L f , Ly , fe f B S2 Wi i J 2 ' ' Q i 1 , W f. f' E use A : A , i S 2 7' imfflu 1,5 Q? f SNMQ awning . NYE , 'WSE iff Q 1- '1 sf- - A -::.. : : I Nl: W ' -V f ' , 2723 5 1 Y A , WX' if " Zi ff A 7,2 I W , ,. . E' 3 jggfgj Mf??' Q32 fl 5?'HfE!Vm,'?1 f S 'rs q ' I isi,:4,,5 Cf, fl , 'z ---' , That first cage victory with Mount Vernon...Work hard... Your Life, Trent high, provides for diversified training .... Back row: Coach Shirley Gulbranson, Shirley Husaboe, Vivian Carlson, Joan Rasmussen, Ardis Nelson, Dorothy Koerlin... Seated: Barbara Madetzke, Barbara Kruger, Marilyn Hoyer, Jalanne Baldwin, lone Fulton.... Winter Life In T H S... Move that fouling...eye that basket... Back row: Ramona Peterson, Barbara Youel, Katherine Rasmussen, Shirley Stockel, Loraine Carlson,Faith Scherff, Kathlene Madetzke and Coach Shirley Gulbranson. Seated: Eloye Brandsma, Goldy Haakinson, Lyla Card, Shirley Olson, Cheerleaders: Karolyn Scherff and Sharon Carlson.... '57 ivivwiwr scen65"' Hearffwarming P3-us ls junior C action- - ' 19-SS Play eqva Your Voices Sound, Too, In Speech, Mortifying their father...son being a kleptomaniac...mother falling in love ...This characterized in Ready Made Family by the following: Arnold Al- berts, Roger Amdahl, Mrs. Margaret Swenson, director, Jalanne Baldwin, Gerald Haak, Ronald Utech, Judy Feuer- helm. Sitting: Ardis Nelson, Karen Krue ger, Joan Rasmussen, Dorothy Koerlin, Barbara Madetzke.... 'Ready Made Family' Final touches given before play...Ronald Utech, Mrs. Margaret Swenson, and the curtain goes up.... ewwfil 2-in ' --5, Speech...dramatics...this is Your Life, too, Trent high school.. Gestures...clarity...pronounciation...charaoterization are given by these declam students...Barbara Kruger, Lorraine Carlson, Verla Blankenfeld, Vivian Carlson, Barbara Youel, Jalanne Bald- win, Joan Rasmussen, Laura Snoozy, Ardis Nelson, Barbara Madet- zke, Mrs. Margaret Swenson, director...Local winners were Barb- ara Kruger, Jallane, Ardis and Barbara Youel...Trent earned the second place position in the district with Barbara Youel enter- regional c ompet it ion .... Dramatics. .. 'An Arizona Cowboy' Cowboy sheriff...courageous cattle puncher...senior humor to Arizona Cowboy...Left are Chuck Nelson, Barbara Kruger, Gary Olson, Curtis Nelson, Wendell Nel- son, Vivian Carlson, Donald Stege- man. Sitting: Ione Fulton, Shirley Husaboe, Marilyn Hoyer, Arlyn Tam- Oli' I a H57 iii All-American Trent Hi Arrow...Tops in National press competition .... Preparing a stencil takes accuracy as well as speed to meet a dead- line...The above picture shows the Arrow staff checking a stencil be- fore running it off on the mimeo- graph machine.... -x n ... c Running the prepared sten- cil off on the mimeograph machine is Joan Rasmussen and Judy Feuerhelm.... Publications. . . The Iournlists Sports editions ... events ... stenciling... N 0 mimeographing.... The Trent Hi Arrow, the school paper, was edited and mimeographed by the journalism class under the supervision g of Archie N. Hill...The Trent Hi Arrow is a member of the South Dakota High School Press association and the National Scholastic .... O -3 Standing left to right are Joan Rasmus- s e n, Ardis Nelson, Barb- ara Madetzke. Seated left to right are Mr, Hill, ad- viser,Dorothy Koerlin, -Ja- lanneBaldwin. Absent when the pictures were takenwas Judy Feuer- helm. n 0 1 Planning layouts...selling ads Officers of the Warrior are as follows: Standing, Gary Olson and Curtis Nelson, business managers...Seated are Donald Stegeman, editor, Shirley Hus- aboe, associate editor.... '57 edition member workers... Warrior staff members from left to right are, standing: Ione Fulton, Kruger, Nelson. son and And Writers 0f Your Life Arlyn Charles Seated Marilyn Tammen , Barbara Nelson, Wendell are VivianCarl- Hoyer.... Pictures ... stories ... headlines ... All a part in making up an annual. The Warrior staff deeply appreciates the cooperation and helping hand of the faculty, the underclass- men, the business establishments, the photo- graphers and the publishers who make this This Is Your Life edition possible.... Standing left to right are lone, Vivian, s Barbara, Da- vid, Wendell, . Charles, Don- ald. Seated are Marilyn, Mr. Hill, ad- viser, Curtis Gary,Shirleya W P Arlyn was ab- 5 sent when the pictures were taken. o e n F2 9 : , 'ST' Vp, f 5QQSRQgMf. QQ, m" , Z 5 45' 'mg se w"f? 5 E Q 'S' .K Q 'Cv F o Preparing for the future are these home ec ll girls... Sewing,,.Cooking... home management... Students are Kath- leen Madetzke, Ra- mona Peterson, Mrs. Clark, instructorg Jalanne Baldwin.... Your Students At Work Familarizing stu- dents Ione Fulton, BarbaraKruger, Wen- dell Nels on with the instrument panel is Owen Christophercf drivers' ed .... Ad- justing...starting, shifting...And away we go in the Olds.. Eclipse... Weather ...Solar system ... Demonstrating this science apparatus are the freshmen... Viewing the instru- ment are Sharon Carlson,Mrs.Swenson teacherg and Alfred Rave,LarryJorgenson These seniorsDonald Stegemann, Vivian Gar1son,Curtis Nel- son attempt prob- lems in psychology.. ..Understanding oth- ers...personalities. ..complexes...fears, liYes, dislikes ..... Learning Ronald Utech, Bar- bara Madetzke, Ar- nold Alberts dia- gram in English 11 class .... Subject.. predicate... direct object... And we have another corrmm sentence.... Margins 10-75 .,. Watch that touch... Then finish it... Typing ll students, Roger Amdahl, 'Joan Rasmussen, Gerald Haak .... Tollive 'X First place taken by the seniors the Pow Wow Parade. 4 o 0 Sophomores' float beau- tif ies the parade . . . . Carnivals, Pow Wow Days royaltyzl chief Gary Olson and princess Vivian Garl- son.... Attendants: Marilyn Hoyer, Donald Stegemann. . . . nw- 5 5 Seventh and eighth stu- dents enter unique unit Fifth and sixth students show school spirit . . Parties Add Color ...Q-Q Trent high's first Harvest Hop was enjoyed by the teenagers in the community i .L gf - 1255 . if f :fl s.gfz::2.,l- . A V41 E K: M 1 ag 'H - '- , iw? ' i , H 'W fi ., -9' 1- ww. A -" -"- ' , -qw A ww .fs if zbnt x . ' " 'gi 2a" - "' " ,X . ees e 1 2 sn The high school sponsored a dinner for the students in Janua-ryaooo n -u-1 ' To Every Phase 0f L ife... Entertainment ... refresh- ments ... fun for one and all ... This year's autumn and winter seasons have h ld . . . e many festivities to make this past school year more nearly complete. It's these social activities that help to enrich the lives of the people that uphold the spirit of a school...- Refreshments oartv complete make every Freshmen sponsored hay- ride for all high school students in Octobep,,,, Fun for people of all ages... Young and old can enjoy themselves at a carnival...This P TA event was held November 15 .... What's a carnival without some con- fetti to throw9u One of the best places to m e e t friends is to at- tend a carnival Merlin Reed, the carnival W e i g h t- SUSSBSF... Throwing dartS is a same we all enjoy.... Your Graduates: Sohd In The Shkvoxbwuwtgf 'r a 46450 Jaw!! Bums MXSW SWB. AQ LU fiat W ions. 0 2343 Fa Powwow Bae , F00 2 Flarligugakg softbaflwtrrior Bt hail' rg6mp0S 5 c . Tren-5 1-hgh Vrvran Carlson Arizona Cowbo Y 43 Arrow staff B . 3 ling 1234, Basketball 12345 Cheer, aaarmnmmaamame club lzargby 33 Glee club 12345 Pep 'Gary 4: T::::wH'pri3ceSB 45 secre' rior siaaff 4...Tgh empos 45 War- QFJ V' fyrq lqrt. I +49-f C A. arrow S aa Hg C w'uoY ' yah, HOPE. :ag Mfg M kri .L 1 I 'hbal 1-,ball 54s 0 Track Q., G 7 Zrs '45 ""f -'l't"""'E I WK Jury .ru".Q3Q,,l9wb143V' M '7'o 'forgef 'fhl 'go---'mall'-l-7 -an n 0 'fx Q Q fl Y Gu fri! rp I. ! X C 3 In ' , V r ' irlrg 507 14 0- A Jffvl-Se 'FI 4 affofiff yvur- " Vave vm T ins Scblodlyear WU a Q P e f as ff As 'Y ab ffo-Mara nz 162 CLfQi1LLe,ZC me vu Lx? E ,pr Q ' we rv Y Nh " fi Hafbharhs MB R , in ' F' Q ra Q 2. B8.5ke-tr V. K f G Q W ' 'idk 'J bog A5 Band 3 Flat.-1'bY V -,,, . .,,, ,..,:,r , a Ari-Zdng COW 'th Ho-Pe an AV. Soft- 1 7 f r' 12345 Fw Reporter 3 -' 'rem- C4 9 all ball BA5 ent Hlgh f 3. F0015 K TT .or 51,9-f H 'Z- N ,ll 125 Trac 10 A-5 warrlu 0: '5,.o0 ba An Vocal Q0 Car Tonight' ioemxz Gets 13116 s ow Threshold 0f Tomorr Donald H Ariz0na Cowboy 45 Arrow Band 25 Bask Stegeman staff 3 etball 12 ' chorus 4- ' 3: B 0 Y , Falth Ho 3: F0 s s Pe and Flarity Ofball 345 PowWbw attendant 45 Softball 125 Tiack 35 T surer 345 T Vs r e a rent High Tempos 4 lee-president 15 Warrior staff . I I 4 k frOm . A ron S110 4- Arizona C0Wbiy2?'Ba:ketba2l Fiiihz . c 9 ' Punklxeaggi 12345 Degizf c1ub1234s Cheer d Flarity 35 4. Secretary HQPS ish 13 Repgrter 943 Warriog Sip grant High iemizg Car Tonight 3 .Wh0GSs staff 49 2al" 1 Q2 '57 jwfi ffaafmf MW mat ,MTW 'ffv-C122 W L endell N ?' . el unfit! All-star athlete 35 Arizon xxxxl boy 45 Basketb a Cow- all 12345 Boys State 35 Fhith,Hope and Flarity 35 Foot- ball 345 Softball 125 Track 35 Trent High Tempos 4- ' 5 Wh , WHPPIOP staff o Gets the Car Tonight? 3..., ,nf S5 . enlorcglgwrdinal A U fQ Q,A A2gSlIver , Arizo Ba na Cowb zingail-51245 BaZl3Ze,:'1i'Arrow st Club 1231 Hope andaiki 1234. Eff 4, Cl b ' P ww B. ' , eclam Sdideiz Plates: afteiiiifz council 34335 Secretai Pep 5 Tent Hi Y 2' Sh Te ' Po , s 4, Warrior t S aff 45 Who Geils the C ar Tonight? 3 jr' W1 mga High Temp f Cvwhvac 1 K ,Q . 54 ff ,KZ Gawzmsung 26.4, ' ' QMQ ,141 Jw, aa, Arizona Cowboy 45 Aaron Slick from 649 ' ,Zi Punkin Crick 25 Basketball 123Ag 'ZA' 4-eff Q-A147 Boys' choruswgg Faith, Hope and- ' lan? JQL Flarity 3- Po ow chief A- Preei- we Airy-4w1 dent 125 goftball 125 smagm wen- Al..-49 Zvi cil 135 Track 35 Trent High Tempos f 'E -Two Ag Vice-president 3Ag Warrior Staff Ag Who Gets the Oar Tonight? 2.... 0 min hmmm Arrow staff 35 s 45 Arizona COVTDOY 43 Basketball 13 B o 'g a' choru Faith, Hope and Flarity 33 Soft' ball 123 Student manager 345 Trent os A-5 Wa.rI'i.0r Staff An.. 5 d ROSE.. 57 flower 'S The Re Shirle 08 Arizona Cowboy 45 Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick 25 Arrow staff Band 12345 Basketball 12345 DAR candidate 45 Faith, Hope an ity 35 Girls' State alternate 35 Glee club 12345 Homemaker of to morrow 45 Pep club 15 student coun- cil 25 Vice-president 25 Warrio staff 4 .... , 441455 f 4,415 WML I Y Husab 1' ' mzmffb'-' My , ffwvo Q gfmu- - 205' at 'MMA' agar' puiwfy ' J J' flrffd David Grav8S boy 45 ArroWHstZ-Maia . O Arizimnachfx-is 45 Filtyllanaggr 155 BOYS . Studf-Im - r Ar ' Flarity- i,TemP0S 43 WENT? Tr0nZ3?15arrior staff " its P Barbara Kruger Arizona Cowboy 45 Arrow staff . B5-nd 12345 Baskerball 12345 Declam N 3j'f Faith, Hope and Flarity 35 sn Glrls' state 35 Gleeclub l club 15 Student Hi h 2345 Pep C0l1ncil 45 Tren S Tempvs 45 Vocal solo 234 rior staff 4.... 5 War- Juniors Star In Many Activities Ready Made Fami1y...p1anning the junior-senior banquet... the Arr0w...noon hour candy sales...the jocular juniors of This Is Your Life...Top row: Karen Kruger, Ronald Utech, Sharon Kruger. Sec- ond row: Barbara Madetzke, Gerald Haak, Ardis Nelson. Third row: Jalanne Baldwin, Roger Amdahl, Judy Feuerhelm Bottom row: Dorothy Koerlin, Arnold Alberts, Joan Rasmus- Senseo! Always Gay, Alert These 9 Sophs Lv' "N ! music... Nine sophomores contributing sports...readings for declam...Top rows Ramona Peterson, Dennis Reed, Barbara Youel. Second row: Verla Blankenfeld. Third row: Wayne Amdahl, Shirley Olson. Bottom row: Virginia Kruger, Darrel Alberts, Kathy Madetzke .... J? Twenty freshies...agile and happy increased the en- rollment...First row: Eloye Brandsma, Chris Nelson Karolyn Scherff, Alfred Rave, Faith Scherff. Second row: Melvin Scherff, Kathryn Rasmussen, Gary Demerk Laura Snoozy. Third row: Alvin Scherff. Fourth rows Lyla Card, Larry Jorgensen, Goldie Haakinson, William Husaboe, Shirley Stockel. Fifth row: Sharon Janssen, Larry MacDonald, Lorraine Carlson, Wayne Whipkey, Sharon Carlson .... 20 Freshmen Add Sparkle l s 8' 6 Young now these early teenagers...leaders tomorroW...Back row: Donald Graves, Ronald McGee, Lamoyne Brandsma, Marcella Olson, Lavonne Olson, Merel Rasmussen. Second row: Jerrilyn Eng, Mary Ann Blankenfeld, Karen Reed, Mary Ann Janssen, Retta Kay MacDonald, Gwen Peterson. Third row: Katherine Baedke, Patricia Whipkey, Anna Marie Fulton, Mrs.Doyle, teach- er, Sharon Fuhs, Jacqueline Olson, Sandra Reed. Front rows Roger Carl- son, Gene Alberts, Ronald Whipkey, Larry Meyers, Lewis Rave Norman Haak. Grades.. .A Necessary Component and play together in their school days .... Back row: Virginia Peterson, Beverly Youel, Diane Graves, James Blankenfeld, Rod- ney Feuerhelm, Loren Whipkey. Middle row: Rhoda Jean Fulton, Louise Lacey, Jerrilyn Weets, LaVonne Youel, Diane Feuerhelm, Marlin Utech, Gerald Peterson. Front row: Stanley Husaboe, Reginald Haakinson, Glar- ence Rave, Allen Gundvaldson, Leland Whipkey, Mrs. Pettit, teacher .... Q 'K ,.f M if These 23 students, your future life, add happiness and glow to today's living. Back row: Larry Solsas, Michael Lacey, Timmy Nelson, Miss Mamie Gretchmann, teacher, Jackie Devaney, Steven Eggum, Arthur Rasmussen, Kenneth Welbig. Second row: Cynthia Eggerud, Charlene Kontz, Lynelle Jensen, Carol Peterson, Larry Fush, Mark Uhden, Janice Allen. Front row: Kenneth Olson, Douglas Graves, Ivan Card, Bruce Olson, Terry Graves, Michael Haakinson, Gehardt Gundvaldson. Delaine Wests and DavidPbw- ers were absent when the picture was taken.... Your Youn l'f I e ' I A happy, lively life includes these 32 intermediate students. Back rows Dianne Solsaa, Lucy Weets, Stuart Olson, Charles Scherff, Marlene Jorgensen, Kathryn Devaney, Douglas Feuerhehm Third rows Judy Rasmussen, Richard Haakinson, Gary Scherff, Rhoda Peterson, Sue Ann Larson, Andrea Peterson, Lois Lacey, Wayne Kontz. Second row: Marilyn Grave, Sandra Schmidt, Dianne Gunvaldson, Vickie Reed, Mrs. Mabel Schoon,teacherg Connie Haakinson, Lois Allen, Nancy Olson, Joyce Carlson . First rows Wendell Utech, Dennis Whipkey, Robert Janssen, Jack Grave, James Eng, Wyman Card, Bruce Baedke, Curtis Eng. Richard Nelson was absent... Initiation...rollerskating...freshmen party...looking ahead...Gary DeClerk, reporter, Chris Nelson, treasurerg Sharon Janssen, president, Faith Sch- erff, secretaryg Karolyn Scherffg vice president .... Dfficers Head Each Glass... Sophomores...Harvest Hop...p1an high school supper...success in parties.. ShirleyOlson,reporterg Verla Blank- enfeld, vice presidentgWayne Amdahl, president, Barbara Youel, secretary- treasurer.... I 1 The junior class presents Ready Made Family...receive rings...banquet plan- ning..Standing: Gerald Haak,treasurer, Arnold Alberts, secretary. Sitting: Ardis Nelson, vice president, Jalanne Baldwin, president, Dorothy Koerlin,re- porter .... PQ ,. 4 J-. . an gr' Seniors...oyster stew skip day...commencement..Chuck Nelson, reporter, Vivian Carlson, secretaryg Donald Stegeman,treasurer, Gary Olson, vice president, lone Fulton, reporter, Marilyn Hoyer, president.... 1 Your Faculty ArcMe N. HiH Superintendent University of South Dakota General Beadle Teachers... ...South Dakota State col- lege...Psychology... Econ- omics...Typing l-ll .... Mrs. Shirley Gulhran General Beadle Teachers r n S th D k t St t ll e ou o a a e co eg Unlverslty of North Dakota ...Girl:u Athletlcs Gen McPha11 School of AUS1C eral BusineSS...Home Econ Instrumental Band Omicsn... Scholarship Ability Mrs. Margaret Morningside college Eng lish ll-lV.. General Sci ence...Vocal Music Uwenl. u Dakota Weseleyn University ...History Dplvers' Edu University of Iowa Home cation... Athletics aa -221 sg. Q Q E Mass Mamie Gretschmann Grade Teachers, Cooks Add Miss Gretschmann attended college at SouthernState Teachers, Northern State Teachers, General Beadle Teachers and South Dakota University...The choice of Mrs. Schoon was General Beadle Teachers college,Northern State Teachers college and Sioux Falls college...Mrs. Pettit took training at Mankato State Teachers co1lege,McPhai1 Music School at Minneapolis, Southern State Teachers college and General Beadle Teachers college...She a 1 s o attended South Dakota University and Northern State Teachers college...Mrs. Doyle had her pro- fessional training at Black Hills Teachers college and atthe University of South Dakota.... ...Heaping platefuls of balanced, tasty foods at noon served by ever-smiling, ever-congenial cooks Elsie and Ella...A big Warrior salute and thank you goes to these two who are as much a part of Your Life, THS, as the students themselves... Mrs. Mabel Schoon M s Gladys Pettit Mrs. Elsie D learning And Nourishment Mrs. Elsie Chri t S X WW-If W . inf Student council discusses problems...activities...projects Jalanne Baldwin, Marilyn Hoyer, Barbara Kruger, Wayne Am- dahl, Lorraine Carlson, Sharon Janssen, Ramona Peterson.. Jalanne served as president of the group... Council, Ianitor, Bus Drivers Add To Your Life .. Busy bringing Children to Around when needed...always school...Has been for many on the job...bus driver... ye1r5,,,Oscar Olson.... janitor...C1iff Haakinson.. THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY COMPLETE LINE FUL-O-PEP FEEDS CUSTOM GRINDING Ez MIXING - HAULING ALL GRADES OF FERTILIZERS PHONE 2351 TRENT SOUTH DAKOTA IN GAS, OIL AND GREASES - Cs f b I f . I ' flW , f' Laws Qflfiflgf FROM J UNIORS TRIKE TO DAD'S TRUCKS AND TRACTOR WE CAN FILL ALL YOUR NEEDS T. J. GRAVES J. F. Anderson LUMBER CQ. ' A 'I DOANE esxgneil FARM BUILDINGS ' lee llog Feeders ' Sherwin Williams Paints ' Complete line of Building Material 8, Supplies Call 2211 Trenf ELMER PENNING - Mgr. REEITS CAFE 1 YOUR PATRONAGE APPRE CIATED PHONE NO. 2382 TRENT SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF 3'z4Rl11fRS 5 T14 T6 BANK f isuik GX 4 X 35.45450 3' ,u,-mn, qv H '11 4 .1-nun-xi 2 -':..K2TZ.:'- 5 'IEMPEL SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO PROTECT YOU FLANDRE AU SOUTH DAKOTA H 6 R fn 14 N S O N ' 5 FURNITURE - PAINTS FUNERAL HOME AND AMRULANOE SERVICE FLOOR OOVERING PHONES: DAY 46711 NIGHT 46681 OR 46531 DELL RAPIDS SOUTH DAKOTA srslf 054 BOTTLINO COMPANY OF SIOUX FALLS Telephone 4-6949 523 E. 14th Street Sioux Falls, South Dakota 'I I l l UISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHS I S T U D I O 5 711 PIERCE ST. SIOUX CITY, IOWA For All Standard Products VARIETY FOODS ROSB URG GROC E RY MERLE D. GRAVE A to ,sk r ,gk SEM' Bulk Agent School Supplies Phone 2361 Trent South Dakota Congraflllations NELSON SALES at SERVICE To The Graduating Class of 1957 LESTE R HARDWARE Parts 85 Service Allis Chalmers Dealer DFI I S MQTQR CQMPANY Dodge-Plymouth Sales and Service John Deere Implements :Jn MCLAREN DRAY SL TRANSFER Daily Motor Freight Service Between Sioux Falls, Trent, Airway Station, Egan, Lone Tree, South Dakota and Pipestone, Minn. Agent For Henry J- Merry and Sons North American Van Lines, Inc. Dell Rapids South Dakota Flandreau South Dakota TUSIA FEED MILL Vis Vita Poultry - Cattle Feeds - Seeds - Grinding Hulling and Cleaning Our Specialty -M ?zMf7n1'f' aww" a .a Mffff' BEN FRANKLIN ST ORE Egan South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota L. L. DUNN Veterinarian ' A - ' A VOY'S DRUG STORE dw 3 ff' . Prescription Druggist ffbmn IH, ,,. X Phfme 36811 Phone 36441 or 36442 Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota Compliments Of DIESONS DR. MAX O. JOHNSON Distributors of Quality Merchandise Shoes-Clothing-Dry Goods Phone 3-6761 Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota PARKS LOOKERS BOYER BRCB. SERVICE 'Rh mum mxxnnxxs --'V 'I i f..f S mms 4 ' S: '--V W7 Phone 4-6901 Phone 2-2411 2" 4 Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota DELL RAPIDS VETERINARY DELLS BAKERY , , Anniversary gl LI C . S Q C NI Wedding Cakes QL 3 Pastries - Pies 46151 Send Us a Card , 1 or Phone 36171 Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota FLANDRE AU MOTOR CO. AH G Q HARLAN MOTORS DeSoto - Plymouth Cars Case - Minneapolis-Moline and New Holland Implements Flandreau South Dakota Flandreau South Dakota LoNE TREE STATION Highway 34 - 77 Attorney at Law 3,-x J. O. HOGUE X ---, h X A G Lunc es f C-0 as Groceries ...M T on Egan South Dakota Flandreau, South Dakota A Good Place to Trade 55 .li TEMTES - 1 TLS!! F1 andre au South Dakota FARMERS MUTUAL FIRE AND LIGHTNING INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Flandre au South Dakota FARMERS UNION CO-OP OIL COMPANY Gas - Oil - Grease PARALAND ons AND o1L rw y S lUlCE EGAN MOTORS X Flandre au South Dakota Egan South Dakota DE LLS CLEANERS NELSEN'S FURNITURE Everything to Complete It Pays to Look Neat The Home I: f-" Q' lib 'fr , 'ni Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Unger D L ,lk If Dell Rapids South Dakota Flandreau South Dakota Francis Marie TIESEN LOCKERS BEAUTY SHOP Henry Tiesen, Prop. 'i3'5i?L-4'd, Phone 22141 Custom Slaughterlng ., bb N. 71 or 46522 Processing Curing 'N ' Frozen Foods Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota You Buy for Less At COAST TO COAST STORES Farm - Home - Car Needs FLANDREAU BAKERY Home Like Rolls and Pastries C ST Q N A f 41 Q QA L - . v Flandreau South Dakota Flandreau 7 A South Dakota PIONEER Hy'Line Chicks EKERN HOME EQUIPMENT co. Seed Corn X f, Plumbing Heating 1 Z Francis Delay "W " Home Appliances Phone 6461 Phone 348 Egan South Dakota Flandre au South Dakota EILERS MEAT MARKET Fresh Meat Cut and Wrap for Locker Phone 22661 Dell Rapids South Dakota ROCK GARDEN LUNCH And SMOKEYS DRIVE IN D gig V 4 Dell Rapids south Dakota Compliments Of SIOUX VALLEY TELEPHONE CO. Dell Rapids and Trent Dell Rapids South Dakota Compliments Of DELL RAPIDS TRIBUNE Complete News Coverage Quality Job Printing Phone 2-2951 Dell Rapids South Dakota Compliments of HARRY'S PRODUCE Zipp Feed DELL RAPIDS HosP1TAL Cash Buyers Of N D Cream - Eggs -- Poultry Hides - Wool I Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota ED'S RADIO and T. V. CORNER ANDY'S STANDARD SERVICE Zenith , Motorola Greasing Cars by Charts vfvonuk - M I' J Radios Sz T. V. Not by Chance . Sales and Service A Phil Anderson Phone 46911 Phone 2-2871 Dell Rapids South Dakota Dell Rapids South Dakota RAMSDELL HVIPLEIVIENT FARMERIS UNTON CO,,OP Intemational Complete Line Zip Feed Maytag and Gem Custom Rolling Flandreau South Dakota Egan South Dakota GULBRANSON SERVICE CARLSON INSIIRANCE Mobilgas Farm Loan Mobilqag Batteries Real Estate Tires - Tubes Trent South Dakota Trent South Dakota ELLE FSON IMPLEMENT FLANDREAU I Z , ENTERPRISE John was DEER' Sales 5 ' f ' Q 1 -' ' N PUBLISHING Deere Service f WX ' I ' X 2 COMP ANY Flandreau South Dakota f Congratulations GULBRANSON Sz SONS To International The Senior Class of 1957 Harvester OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY Dealer Canby Minnesota Trent South Dakota Buyers of Milk and Cream Sellers of Sioux Dells Milk and DELL RAPIDS BOOSTERS Butter Dells Cafe Dells Barber and Beauty Shop Jeans Specialty Shop Berg's Men and Boys' Store K. T. Faris Jewelry Gambles Store New Cafe Schmidt Implement Georges Service Dells Theatre Dells Rapids South Dakota X . 1 --- FLANDRE AU BOOSTERS Cheurney Motors Greggs Studios Gambles Store Pontiac Dealer Beatty's Jewelry Haviers Jewelry Beat15r's Groceries Fuller Radio and TV Flandreau Cleaners Tillies Eat Shop Philip A.. Ekern, Hardware Store Moody County Oil Company - Don's Market Ben Franklin Store Faris Meat Market Rolfes Sundries Hilligoss Shoe Shop D-X Service Station ' SQ A . Kwgqlaiitkf ai ' gig Q' ,A fl D . 1 x 'EQ QZUIQ f aT JW Q- W ,5 .Nw RQ QtWWh,Mw WQ? C:-Z'Zi,7,u,T1g9,j,fM WDQML? MMKTW 6W,fZf'Q N35 fx- Q vfwv ' ' . QKQWQM ,EQQ f fiff f imiiwwwyf fl 'fc -fwggi 1 ' ' Wj .Q F 3 M?n? ff M WWC 0 L , P U1 , V 1wmWwUfWf4hwM m+mwWWq pffk - fcfwnsfin UTM J! NM figsff ff My i w ff Viifjfiaf fd? ,Q .V 'i ., 'A -.A, . .Afw NW VM 5-lzvn-7112 1 Tiv bmi . 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Suggestions in the Trent High School - Warrior Yearbook (Trent, SD) collection:

Trent High School - Warrior Yearbook (Trent, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Trent High School - Warrior Yearbook (Trent, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 19

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1957, pg 24

Trent High School - Warrior Yearbook (Trent, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 55

1957, pg 55

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