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0 .4 oW06' 'W' .f 75? I 'Q 'il 0 so 1 v Q-aff--1 f 0. 1 fs W0 , up N 3 f7 0. ,ff 0 04 ff.-Q'o'b, S 4 4 W QQ!-X 0 I P, , xvgfuo NSN XX -7,43-,,, ll, 1 f , b ' :. !,!'q ' ' x ' 1, lx Ill QX H- 1 I 'I 1 1 . 5 'nl -'A' 'I n !' l'H'5 Y ' ' f' 1 I'hl'f1 xutzff U wutv lu- 'K ' ' 4 ' Ill: K 1 91 I ! 1 III4 ' 1 - .4 I xx. I' Jill 'N M F 1 U x, '-fits' Vxnx ' 4,119 xlt' l 1 ' ll 1 II 1 F 'I vllisl X 1 n I I x f:,fW K , ff' ' ' sr ll' 6 ff' ff YQ! fff! I X.'x X Y! S., :fmt ! I .,,Z gr! x 1... W 1 I qs ' I pil xl ll I II ' I I 1 I mp. u ' ' 1 fl -' 1+ I ','5':2F'I4K+'q 'I 'flu' Q y 'I' ' ilfrsw. W. ' - 5 'I I 'M V IN H ' 1 5-'UI '-.t 'l N N 5 , s TRACY UNION HIOH SCHOOL TRACY, CALIFORNIA Volume 27 LW., 1 -x '- TL -' X Ew Q W la cya 655 U23 ai Qc 'Z lf 95 Q sw 011 WEE UN l ' S l lx Ny lx i .N N lk l fj ly l run : w o nn LQ, As each grain of sand sif+s Through k p b l h gl our ro ervia our- ' g ass, anolher day in our high school lives has passed. Through +his looolc we aflernpl lo recaplure many of lho high spols in fhe ferrn. The record of our classes, games, N dances and clubs is found on each well-filled day ol 'rho N calendar year. May you reminisce as you Turn 'rhe pages N from Seplember lhrough June. - l I, X g a l -Wil ga? WW ff JQEMQ is elf Z g Z l i 1 I 1 Q l , We sfudenls ol Tracy High School are highly privileged +o have a N if lacully ol 'reachers whose unliring ellorls are pul forlh for our sole benelil. There is nol one of lhis group who does nof deserve , a high degree of gralilude: however we feel lhal There is one who 4 is oulslanding in her abilily lo undersfand silualions from The X sinnplesl To lhe mosf perplexing. Miss Hawley is lo mosl of us a symbol ol courage, lhe courage lo lace lhe daily laslcs: charily, fhal qualify lhal is expressed in her willingness lo overlook our lraillies: and slick-fo-if-iveness, a frail she has ollen fried 'ro impress upon her sludenls. We shall always hold you in high esleem, Miss l-lawley. l f . V - 4 xr4,4 . 9 3 fl KATHIE DUNN HENRY McCRORY Ediior Associaie Edifor BERNICE PARISH VERA BAKER TED BYRNES MIKE CALLIZO ROBBIE COUCH Advisor Feafures Photography Ari' Business Manager BILL DICKERSON MILDRED FURTADO WYNONA HANCOCK HENRY LOPEZ ALFRED TALLEY PhoIography ArI FeaIures Photography Sporfs 6 P Efinli yearl pool: oTTers a challenge To iTs sTaTT. Upon This relnTively small porTion oT Th -nludenl Tnody resTs The honor and also The olJligaTion oT assernpling a worThy record OT The year. The Tavorable reacTion oT The enTire sTudenT body rnusT always be considered. We mu-,T also glrive Tor originaliTy TTaT The boolcs may noT become sTandardized Trom year lo year, Qriginalily was a major reguiremenT TelT by The sTaTT. We have Tried To nnalxe The bool: pleasing in every way as well as uTilize an original Theme. View each evenT oT The school year chronologically. We oT The EI Porlal STaTT sin- r erely hope ThaT you will Tind grc-aT pleasure in reviewing The year's acTiviTies, orman Venablc, Snaps Mr. Wesflalre - We THE STAFF couIdn'f qei alonq Shirli Warren, Ar? wiihouf you. Drawinq The division paqes 5 r Eli Sky 5608 'Q 25591 W ' W 2 AUGUST 4 30-Opening Day Assembly. SEPTEMBER 3-Freshman Welcome Dance. GCTOBER 1 I-Acalanes foofball game and rally. 2-C ' 6-S . NOVEM I9-Senior Play- ' i 22-26-Thanksgiving ' . ll , Vafffe EQ 5203? 'lm X W. W. CROW Principal and DisTricTSuperinTenden1 O I I We, as inTelligenT and undersTanding ciTif Zens, enioy an inTerchange oT inner we.ilTh, appreciaTe The many school acTiviTies, und welcome This yearbook. ln liTe we deal wiTh Three kinds oT bookw: books oT power, oT inTormaTion, and Those To be ashamed OT. The book oT power inspires, encourages wholesome ThoughTs, and nrouues new hopes and aspiraTions. The book oT in- TormaTion oTTers relaTed TacTs and laws Tor Their inTerpreTaTion. The oTher kind of book porTrays liTe in iTs meanesl' aspecT, ' El PorTiil' is a book oT power, oT inTormaTion, oT imagina- Tion. lTs pages porTray in logical sequence our school and our acTiviTies as They have uniolded ThroughouT The year. We musT eliminaTe The dusT and debris Trom our brains iT we are To become acguainTed wiTh ourselves, iT we are To know our undeTor' mined powers or if we are To resolve our prej- udices and misinTormaTion. ln This manner our opinions become dynamic and our ideas Trann- Torm Themselves inTo acTion. The TundamenTal purpose oT a high school should be The disciplining oT powers leading To good iudgmenT, reTined TasTe, habiTs oT in- dusTry, self conTrol, and service To' Tellow men. 'TET PorTal unTolds a True and inTeresTing picTure oT The Training given Through high school relaTionships. Miss Parish, TaculTy ad- visor, and The EI PorTal sTaTT, are To be com- mended Tor providing This vivid descripTion oT human relaTionshipsin Tracy Union High School, The adminisTraTion is happy To be assof i.iTeil wiTh our Tine l3aculTy and STudenT Body. M-si ma, fw W, F. COSTELLO BERT B. BANTA WM, KOSTER IRVIN PETZ LESTER H. KROHN President of The Board Clerk I0 Q I I bcliffyc Huff Hur: umm? H11 gwvhnrvi -lChiEfVf:fT1f'II' mf Hu' Tmgy Uruimu High Schrnd Sfudeni Body during fha pm? yem ww. We wwrkmq Ou? mf guyernmerwi, Hwreby qiyirwq rnove',?umiz:rw1',.m wppmfumiiy MJ Make flrilkf in wrcqfxrwizimq mei puT1ir1q Imfw .ndiwrs ro: hmm prwrwmplon uf Amom.m ,lervmx mcy. Emfrmurvhulkav df iiylflcu ,Hur mvmy fum uppwrM1rm11c'. for fha dcvclwprnenf of Qlhbli Hum mf re'.pc:rMibfIify, NCUVJQI' ,l'wlp,1nmrfw1her qrmfl fhfifrif lor fmiiu, SfLJ4'JCI1f qczyerrw men? proyideuffrmfumlN.i1u41 Hmm in wlvinh There: in im up q,wrfL1rwify?r1lfmrr1 rrwreumbrmi A - DEANS HH' WNV JM F '1'f-'lg' mf LEA a. Moons, ow. ofBays,.1nd LEILA E. fuses, Dean of Girls THELMA DOUGLAS DOROTHY SLAYTON Sacrefany Guidance and Affendance fXr1we mx1r1 dorvmnmcy on A ocul, MMC, mad rmfiormf Wevef. Siudenf qoyemmem? operw ka rmfuml wkny M oroadem under--,inrwdlnq H'wmuql'v podimq H10 experl :Amen nm! kmowledqc or X1 VILJVTMJGI ufVw?uJQr1f-.. Huw M-yn and qirfn uf um -.dwol Hue fl'1iwyeLarll1iJ.a qomd fmmdn Honfor'fL1r'Hwerudymwemeni in effecilve every Jkay Hyinq. LEILA RIGGS, UPWU714 9111 le FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Tom Maffhews, vice-presidenfg Pafsy Selna, secrefaryg Melvin Nickerson, Treasurer: Henry McCrory, presidenf I2 J ,QFL We Mean It! Industrious Newcomers FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Joe Gonsalves, Richard Lawrence, Lloyd Isbell, Marvin Healey, Kenneth Hill, Bob Hayes, Bill Keaton, Tony Gamino. SECOND ROW: Johnnie Leiba, Ted Johnson, Harold Hulbert, Rosalie Grandinetti, Mary Ann Enqle, Earl Deen Hall, Yvonne Gray, Monique Elissaqary, Lucy Gonzales. THIRD ROW: Melville Hamil- ton, Charles Garcia, Laiuana Edrinqton, Ellen Jurado, Marv Ann Fertuna, Gail Lander, Nancy Fuller, Darline Greer, Manuel Fields, Clinton Gritteth. FOURTH ROW: Louis Kosman, George Koenig, Jess Gutierrez, Elizabeth Fairbanks, Reba Hall, Iris Helrn, Mary Garris, Patricia Farmer, Jay Gaylor, Richard Fernandes. FIFTH ROW: Clarence'-Free' man, Charles Halford, Roy Gillispie, Alice Laccoarce, Inell Gentry, Faye Ferrera, Beretha Grant, Dale Fields, Bob Gaylor, SIXTH ROW: Douqlas Keller, Mr, Hart, Q 1 'T YRLES GARCIA irst Semester President -fvf . i.,f'- Q if I ,Q I 1 MARY ANN ENGLE First Semester Vice-President A - f I, ' ' , N I X 1' .N ' Q f Q in 'I 'f ,. ' 11' 4 ' TONY GAMINO FAYE FERRERA MAX MCCLELLAN CHARLES GARCIA NANCY RACHFORD LORETTA VENABLE First Semester Fir!-t Semester Second Semester Second Semester Second Semester Second Sernesrar Secretary Treasurer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer J FIRST ROW, left lo right: Janice Pimental, Betty Richards, Cora Miller, Nancy Rachford, Delores Lewis, Beverly McCuistion, Gladys Maddocks, Geraldine Machado, Eleanor Leonardo. SECOND ROW: Thomas Pearce, Carole Morris, Delia Maxwell, Joyce Patterson, Jewell Quigley, Winnie Marlow, Louise Lopez, Mary Ellen Rippin, Roberta Mach, Marlene Paine. THlRD ROW: Ronald Pope, Bob Peterson, Dwayne Lockwood, John Mitchell, Renzo Menconi, Leon Mitchell, Henry Otlenstroer, Richard Robbins, Pete Ritter. FOURTH ROW: Jose Lopez, David Marcyes, Bill Mancebo, Leon- ard Mello, Phil Martin, Ronald McLaughlin, Wayne Marchant, Gary Park, Max McClellan. FIFTH ROW: Robert Mehring, Robert Martinez, Ralph Munoz, Ed- ward Oviedo, Manuel Ramirez, Donald Mallory, Felix Munoz, Miss Dunton, Mrs. Tucker, Guy Paris, Ronald Rippin, I4 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ben Curran, Gerald Cundifl Edna Briggs, Marie Dell'Osso, Dolores Darrow, Martha Dobbins, Darlene Darrow, Patricia Costa, Dorothy Davis. SECOND ROW: Higinio Cuellar, Richard Boat man, David Coykendall, Mary Ann Darr, Betty Bryant Olivia Ambrix, Juanita Cooper, Teresa Devlin, Pa' Deni, Clara Bieth. THIRD ROW: Abel Alvillar, Donn' Brinkman, Dale Brinkman, Wilhemina Crist, Bobbie Brannon, Shirley Beroldo, Peggy Clark, James Eccle stone, Pinky Carter, Louis Bassi. FOURTH ROW: Rai Brown, Jack Chandler, Dan Beltran, Clifford Ayala Donald Bowen, Kenneth Crow, Charles Croxton, Lindy Bacchetti, Daniel Campos. FIFTH ROW: George Clev er, Wesley Brown, Manual Andrade, Bill Denny, Mr O. Hagen. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Zern, Bobby Suttol Elma Roblnett, Nancy Soares, Earnie Robinson, Wallac Stelten, Earl Wolte, Dwight Sharpe, Jack Ruscoe SECOND ROW: Alan Wible, Bob Strong, Roy Vanon Douglas Sanders, Lee Young, Anthony Vierra, Ale Rodriguez, Elon Williford. THIRD ROW: Harol Wineinger, Rolland Seegers, Johnny Serpa, Richar Souza, John Satller, Dorothy Rubbert, John Wea: Bobby Wilkins, James Saenz. FOURTH ROW: Geral Rodgers, Teresa Silva, Chloie Simpson, Ruble Suttor Mary Yagi, Barbara Talley, Mary Tomlinson, Eleanc Vogt, Virginia Toon, Bonnie Van Landingham. FIFTI ROW: Mr. Chapman, Marie Simas, Alica Souza, Jani Thompson, Loretta Venable, Pat Stormes. 1111.41 Blorlr ,Y FIRST ROW, left Io riqhI: Marg.-1reI Salinq, Ida Greene, Bernice GarrioII, Janice Milani, Irene Carcelero, DoroIhy Shupe, KaIie Abelar, Marie Maxwell, Onalee Lowes. SECOND ROW: Dorofhy Townley, EveIyn Newbury, Rosie Flores, Coseffer Lindsey, Pdf SmiIh, Anronia Laguna, Rena Zilli, Marqery Monnich, THIRD ROW: Kafherine Obad, Jane! Mil.-1ni,LoueIIa Beyeff, Miss Adams, Lorerfa Pedro, Irene Heard, Shirlee Sousa. an .Aa PYP' X 9: A. W' S ,f V i I'- 4 A I, 5 If av,- , v , . A ,- , FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS FIRST ROW, IeH Io right CoseIIer Lindsey, hisforiang DoroIhy Shupe, sporfs manager, Louella Beyefr, secretary, Ireasurer. SECOND ROW: Marqarer Salinq, vice-president, Onalee Lowes, president SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS FIRSI ROW, Ieh Io right: Cossrrer Lindsey, vicefpresidenfj DoroIhy Shupe, sporh manager, Kafie Abelar, secreraryr rrearurer SECOND ROW: Marqard Salinq, president Onalen Lowes, hiiforian. bf Cf M 9 M' is if -v ' ' U9 ' agix' 'a ' f 1 hr TF 'Ni 1 US , .vs if9,'s I if jf - Aqevvffgl A 'N .X 9 V. ,' .. Iv.NmXw V . Q ,whit 'Q '5 5 -g 2 ir? 1 H S W q as-T X ANDREW KORBA Coach The i948 edilion of The Bulldogs opened rhe season al home againsl Paflerson, losing by one point I4-I3. The nexl game al lvlarfinez saw lhe Bulldogs run all over The home Team, only To loe lied by a lasl' minule Touchdown and conversion. 7-7. The Acalanes Dons lhen visifed Tracy and deparled wilh ea ZOAI3 viclory over The green and gold loy virlue of 'rwo very bad brealcs againsl 'rhe Bulldogs. ln The lirsl Valley Oalc League game, wilh Ceres, Tracy lorolce inlo 'rhe win column, buf good, wifh a 28-7 Triumph. 'il' DON MITCHELL DICK HUTTON MELVIN NICKERSON K T oph Winner Manager Weeks Cup Winner Ummm, Sf1f1f1Vr1 phayvrf Hfwmi irw H10 Bllmfrwqx frnr 1110 fwlfrwwirwq lfvuquf- HM, fxrwrf VND vin HH nrqhf H10 ima? Tmry ffrulrf rim wfa'.fm6-411110. 'WW fm imprvffmf qfmmrr M111 0rilCC'1ri'P mm Om Hrwme 11014 roved ver r10we and 0-ffifin , F1 Y fl :rm wm ee ua armf. - . ffwr HV: mmf league qfxmo H10 Crwsfello' Kfwrlfm qrrmp jrmrneyorf iff Lrvinqmffwn, whore Hwy ffumpCf111wC VVrw3wv'. l3f7, in rl very irwuqfw rwrmfrivf. Mfmirvra rfrmf: fm Tmfy for Www firm! qramr I lvy?116r1wiq1w apirifed BL1HC1f'wQK,,wI'1O worn qmrlu Q uf the wefnmnl and were Qiven rl rnuilh Mme Q 1 f1HywvOvffrrT70lrW1hF31fl'.f116xIf, 34-7. COACH HOWARD COSTELLO Ed Peru U01 almosi qefs away in the Oakdale End Torn Maffhews U51 picks up A few more qame. Oiher Tracy men in Hue backqround are yards afier snaqqinq a pass in the opener John Simas 1301, AI Talley 151, Ray Bullard 121, aqains1PaNerson. Georrzv Boqdii 1351. Harlan Enqlf-lrinq U71 wM,Js V X ' is 1 if 9' x S ,fs 19 , lf :fi-:gf 3 . - kk .. . Q12 y 1 52,5 ..., : V.. , MV N V la x f' Q 3 , ' Mb., . Www-r'W'0 W Bob Couch ll lj rarnbles for some yardage in fha Oakdale game wifh Qhe aid ofAr1 Serpe UH' in Hue foreground, ' A' ,ia 4 X 'E Q Hgh, Q-1: M, A A an J. Y? Q CN, AQ '5 'S .XM g ,. ' 4 vw 'rl 523 I. ' w '1- Ewf ' X 1 , v x f ERRY BLAIR ROLLAND I eff . 'I if: JOHN 3' I R S -as-wa 5 V -R 'i 3' pcrfeci' run. 5 .6 , W ,wif 3 31? Q Q. ig . I fj- it r W' W' -.v N -vs 0, 5 fh Cc J L- , 'M AH five snr-ming boys from Qekdale seem quife upsci affor Jerry Fc-num zips Hwrougiw ihvm VDN NICVERSON ART : ' iw., 'eww W u 2,355--, 53 s iixzxi M RE:Q'g .S,5.7aW,'Rix f V A n CALDERGN RICHARD DENGATE JERRY FERFKERA RRY B 'd 90' 01 bY N , ., -:il . This diving Cc-rcs man didn? gnf Odis Marlow Hi, buf his pal did fo spoil an oihcrwisc- Managers Bill Mancebo 1821 meals two opponenfs head-on as he picks up yardage in fhe Ceres game. FRANK READ, LLOYD ISBELL This Modeslo Panlher was broughl down by lhe combined eflorls of Manuel Andrade U71 and Bill Mancebo 1821. 65' Jon FIRST ROW, leff lo riqhl: Bill Denny, Joey Correia, Troy Anderson, Roberl Baca, Bruce Slockfcn. SECOND ROW: Bill Mancebo, Bob Gillelle, Myron Crow, John Kemp. THIRD ROW: Perry Smilh, Ralph Munoz, Jess Gulierrez. 22 lf.:-.6-., 'SJ Q 'sf 1 , i r. l f 5 RICHARD HART EDWARD THOMAE Coach Coach Coaches lhomae and l-larl :lar-led lhe season wilh only lhree relurninq lellermen and The iob ol inslalling a new syslem, lhe 'illl lormalion. They succeeded despile dillicullies. The Bullpups were a hard-playing oullil and improved wilh every game. They scored 52 poinls, while allowing 42 againsl lhem. More imporlanl lhan lhe scores and viclories was lhe lacl lhal lhe smaller and inexperienced boys were given a chance lo represenl Tracy High on lhe gridiron. Several members ol lhe squad showed plenly of po- lenlial abilily and may be quile im- porlanl lo lulure varsily learns. FIRST ROW, lull lo riqhl: Dale Shupe, Manuel Andreas, Pele Wrighl, Mike Rodriquez, Roberl Goodell, Charles Garcia, Manuel Salinas. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Anduio, Manuel Ramirez, Glen Shipley, Pal Ellis, Anfhony Vierra, Tony Gamino, Charles Selna. THIRD ROW: Smiley Gonzalez, Frank Lima, Burfon Quigley, Angel Cuellar, Bill Fisk. 0 a6'aaAntbalL D BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, leff fo right: Bennie Byrd, John Saffler, John Serpa, Bill Keafon, Joe Grandinelfi. SECOND ROW: Clarence Freeman, Slanley Darr, Dwayne Weir, David Coykendall, James Blackard, Jay Phillips. THIRD ROW: Lee Miller, Coach Miller. C BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left Io righlz Lee Miller, Coach Miller. SECOND ROW: Charles Morris, Bill Suifon, Charles Richards, Arrhur Alves, Rabid Peferson, Kennelh Crow, Dick Robbins, Ronald Crandall, Sam Malfhews, Jerry Hepiner. L' z6'a.4AQt6alL ffmu, FIRST ROW, Iefi Yo righiz Bobbie Brannon, Marie Borba, Jo Ann Furrer, Shirlee Sousa. SECOND ROW: Ilene Casfro, Louella Bevefi, Marqaref Salinq Kafie Abelar, Irene Carcel- ero. THIRD ROW: Ona- ee Lowes, Barbara Wid- mer, Roselyn Kniqhr, Mrs. Slayfon. Candle Iiqhf insfallafion Planninq Girls' Ieaque Luncheon FIRST ROW, lei? fo riqhf: Pefe Wriqhi, Ben Curran, James Bun- ner. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cross, Sam Maf- H-ews, Barbara Widmer, Mrs. Danner. THIRD ROW: Delores Lewis, Marlene Lemos, Alice Souza, Jane? Milani, Anna Pelleqri, Kennefh Crow. FOURTH ROW: Don Huck John Braas, Tom Mafihews. Ouflininq Junior Red Cross Drive Off to counfv meerinq in Sfocldon 25 'PW I' l l l LYON is Ve Y C0nfU5lnQ 70 Tom Mailhewi 609' Jack Friedrich gives son a liHle advice cially when fhere are two preily qirls involved. 40 .1 . FIRST ROW, leff lo riqhl: Frances Kelly, Eloise Ellioif, Helen Haynie, Billee .Jean Jones, firsf semesler secreiary, Pairicia Drake, firsf semesler vice-presidenlg Henry McCrory, Max McClellan, Louis Kosman, Tom Pearce. SECOND ROW: Pafricia Smifh, Rosemary Gwerder, second semesler presidenfg Hazel Tilsworlh, Roy Tinder, second semesler vice- presidenlg Harrier? Wilson, Melvin Nickerson, first semesler presidenf, second semesler secrelaryg Wing Lee, George Koeniq, Mr. Lyon, Henry Lopez. NOT SHOWN: Wayne M,archan1,Gary Park. ,J Jvww SEORGE KOENIG, TOM PEARCE ROSEMARY GWERDER, ROY TINDER HENRY MCCRORY, PAT DRAKE Freshman Debaie Team ' Upper Division Debafers Championship Upper Division learn I 5- J- San Francisco Novice Tournarneni Winners: Gary Pork, Declamafiong Louis Kosrnan, Debafeg Mr. Lyon, Coachg Max McClellan, Debafeg Wayne Marchanf, Oraiory, Oakland Tournumenf: Billee Jean Jones receives awards in radio .md declamafion. Ripon Fira? Place Debaie Winners, standing: Mr. Polefii, Ripon coach, Pa? Drake and Henry McCroryg Harrie!! Wilsong Mr. Lyon, Tracy coachg Hazel Tiisworfh receives Sweepstakes Trophy for Tracy speakeis. Seaiedz Gary Park, Wayne Marchanf, Louis Kosrnan. N13 W-I .7 '9' Firsl School Personnel lnslilule held in Tracy, November 22, 23, 24, l948. Speakers, lefl lo righl: Bonaro Wilkinson Overslreel, Harry Al- len Overslreel, Growing Through Knowledge , W. Wayne Crow, Principal Tracy Union High School, John R. Williams, San Joaquin County Superinlendenl of Schools, Dr. Wm. R. Odell, Superinlendenf of Oakland Cily Schools, Wil- liam Larsen, Mayor of Tracy. BETTY ADAMS FONNIE BARTHOLOMEW EMMA M. BAUMGARDNER CHARLES S. CHAPMAN HOWARD COSTELLO Physical Educalion Agricullure English Shop Physical Educalinn, Coacl' RENA CROSS MARGARET DANNER MARJORIE M. DUNTON WALLACE ENGLUND MAXINE FAIRCHILD Homemaking Homemaking Latin, Library Agricullure Typing GRACE FINE MARILOU FISHER ELLSWORTH HAGEN ORDEAN HAGEN RICHARD HART English Physical Educalion Science English, Journalism World Hislory, Coach 28 MARY E. HAWLEY ANDREW KORBA EDWARD B. LYON LEO L. MICHAEL HARVEY E. MILLER Mafhnmaficx Science, Coach Drama, Glee, Debafe Driving Shop, Muchanicai Drawing, Coach LEA B, MOORE MARY ANN NANCARROW ROLAND 6. OBERT BERNICE PARISH LEILA E. RIGGS Hisiory, Economic Geography Spanish Band, Orchesha English, EI Porfal Commercial DOROTHY SLATON EDWARD THOMAE M. CORRINNE TUCKER ELAINE J. VITCENDA KENNETH H. WESTLAKE Guidance Physical Educafion, Coach Mafhemaiics Ar? Science, Phofoqraphy, EI Porial Uwcj o Srila W 0900 EQ 5556 v G5 Ng Q51 A f ! Zvlhf T 17 DECEMBER IO-Junior Prom. 20-January 2, Chrisfmas Vacafion. JANUARY - Game and Rally. - II Game. - ' ' bly. FEBRUARY 3-lns+alla+ion of Sfudenf Body Offi 21-Sophomore Hop. 'Ill 'l2'8,Q 0050q R Y Z i?2a,1 IIE I Bound of, ffrnffwl, im . A at x Q 5 T ,J ,,.-- 'PT fi . za lb? 644' 75 FIRST SEMESTER BOARD OF CONTROL SEATED, left lo riqhf: Irene Heard, Barbara Widmer, Paul Anderson, Roselyn Kniqhl, Darlene Huffman, Jack Fried- rich, Rosemary Gwerder, Tom Mallhews, Henry McCrory, Palsy Selna, Helen Haynie, Onalee Lowes, Louella Beyell, Donna Cocanour, Dick Robbins, AI Talley, Dick Hullon, Lorella Venable. STANDING: Mrs, Baumgardner Mrs. Riggs. The calendar year '48349 marked an imporlanl slep in The hislory of Tracy Union l-liqh School sludenl' governmenl. The groundwork was laid on a syslem ol aclual sludenl conlrol ol nearly all phases ol high school aclivilies, especially sludenl discipline, The lirsl semesler Board ol: Conlrol under The leadership ol Presidenl l-lenry lVlcCrory, de- veloped a well-rounded conslilu- lion embodying all lhe principles ol sludenl qoyernmenl. 32 JUDICIAL-SECOND SEMESTER LEFT TO LIGHT: Bill Blair, proseculing allorneyg Roselyn Kniqhl, sludenf courl judge, Waller Davie, iuslice courl iudgeg Wanda Marlin, bailiff. NOT SHOWN: Palsy Selna, head courf recorder. LEG ISLATIVE-SECON D SEMESTER CONGRESS SEATED, left fo riqhl: Barbara Widmer, Al Talley, Wesley Brown, Rosemary Gwerder, Barbara Borba, Henry McCrory John Braas, Clifford Roberfson, Louella Beyefl, Marqaref Saling. STANDING: Paul Anderson, Derifh Pearce, Mrs. Riqg xacuizb EXECUTWE-SECOND SEMESTER SEATED, lofi lo riqhl: Rosemary Gwerder, secrefary of employmenlg Barbara Borba, student body secrelaryg Jack Friedrich, presidenlg John Braas, vice- presidenfg Henry McCrory, secrelary of sfaleg Melvin Nickerson, lreasurer. STANDING: Robbie Couch, secrelary of enlerlainmenfg Mrs. Baumqardnerg Dave Bagley, xecrefary of eniorcemenlg Bill Blair, prosecufing allorney. Marie Dell'Osso, Anna Pelleqri. This new consliluliori was lhe ref sull ol counlless hours ol noon meelinqs and niqhl worlc by lhe Board ol Conlrol. Under lhe leadership ol second semesler presidor1l,Jaclc Friedrich, 'rhe syslem wenl info ellecl. The lhree deparlmenls ol qovernmem' -execulive, leqislalive, and iudi- cial were ser up and luriclioned successfully. The year wilriessed lhe loundalion ol sludoril govern menl. Ils real success will be defer- rriined in lhe years lo come. I fri? 'W' Q P em i Y 4555 . A iwfieezss e'l',f'f I --'-- : ,I I A -I ,f , er 'A V ww , T45 1' ' 51 if I I PERRY SMITH First Semesfer Presidenf ALFRED TALLEY Second Semesfer President 34 FERRY ALLEN Firsr Semesfer Vice-President EVELYN MARTIN Second Semester Vice-President wife ex W' 1. I M--we , lE7?Tw iiiil. ' I I, ,,. ' we me eu 1 ' , 1 ' i 'ff L GILBERT VIERRA Firsi Semesfer Secrefary PHYLLIS HERNDON Second Semesier Secrefary -.. r,,gf5,,ii?:am, ' syn fa gf I I r 'fr Le-, r , we -L, 3,- ,agffj , , ' giqeisgsh ' 534' 5553 4 W , j , 4 .4 f ' ' , . , ,,. .V JOAN GREGSON FirsfSemes1er Treasurer JANICE MILANI Second Semesier Treasurer Prom Decoraiion Commiffee Loreffa Pedro, Junior Yell Leader UnderwaIer Fanfasy Hungry, Huh? Jerry Allen Francis Bacchefti Gail Baumqarlner Bill Blair Alberl Boqefli Marie Borba Duane Bourque Arie Bridges Cloyce Brooksher Ted Byrnes Merqaral Calderon Sue Campbell Patricia Carder Al Cardoza John Carranza Marie Caller Elsie Caslro Al Clover Dola Cole Belly Cooke Ronald Crandall Myron Crow Melba Croxlon Donald Darkenwalcl Bobbie Davis Mary Davis Belly Dempsey Ken Dewhirsl Billy Dickerson Palricia Drake Jack Dynes Pal Ellis Richard Engle Bill Enqsfrand Joyce Farmer Don Faufl Dorolhy Flelcher Marlene Galli Florence Garcia Bernice Garriofl Teresa Gonzalez Ida Greene l I 1. :D -K 17 ,, .5 32 04' af' 5 - Q A- 1-vs K . - by l P 4 . -v 'sr we 'G xi W sv' 'UV' Joan Gregson Sieve Gruber Carl Hall Helen Haynie Irene Heard Phyllis Herndon Rolland Herrold Norman Hill Donald Huck Barbara Hullon David Jameson Billee Jean Jones Emi Kalo Anlonia Laguna Francille Lawrence Wing Lee Louise Long Josephine Lopez Adeline Machado Elyan Main Ed Marlin Evelyn Marlin Marcelo Marlinel Sam Malfhews Shirley Mayberry Jerry McGee Carmen Mello Jane? Milani Janice Milani Margery Monnich Alberl Moreno lgnacia Moreno Rose Neves Evelyn Newbury Veronica Nielsen Linnea Noack Vincenf Osorno Charlolle Parker Pall Paflerson Lorella Pedro Sfephen Pellegri Mary Peoples Ed Perez Alvin Parry Tony Perry Eleanor Pelerman Waller Pelerson Roger Rehn Karla Richards Dean Riclrels Della Rieder Manuel Rocha Manual T. Rocha Rhoda Rodgers Joyce Nerqer Rose Roberl Rowe Manual Salinas Greta Sanders Edwin Serpa Mary Lucille Serpa Roberla Shepherd Virginia Shirlsy Dale Shupe Dorothy Shupe Larry Silllvan Caroline Silva Leroy Simonich Mary Simons Palricia Smifh Perry Smifh Shirlee Sousa Bruce Slocklon Carol Slormes Allred Talley Roy Tinder Troy Tifsworlh Dorolhy Townley Gilbarf Vierra Virginia Villalovox Shirli Warren Wanda Whaeler Eloise Williams Billy Winsinqer Eloise Yalas ik, L Q N . ii if V7 lfjrn 'Qr!f a if r 'if l ffikw Q, M 5 1 Xx X 5 -if 4 l A J fi' 'K' 4-5, ,-N '15 ,f 'l . iw 4' l 6 ae 78 46' alL VICTORIES Paflerson, 38-32: Esca lon, 34-277 lvlanleca, 44 287 Ripon, 32-30: Living gfon, 27-IS: Paller-nn, 36-27, Ceres, 50-43. LOSSES Ripon, 26-223 Sonora, 44-22: Oakdale, 34-33g Ceres, 28-l'?g Sonora, 26- 2Ig Oakdale, 57-24, l lLlQl'1SOf'l,4O-341 Escalon, 45-443 Manfeca, 46-42, Hiiglwson, 42-34, Living- slon, 62-42, TOTALS Won 7, Losl ll, 598 655. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Morris, Jay Phillips, Bill Sufion, Manuel Ramirez, Burfon Quigley. SECONI ROW: Nick Alexiou, Lee Younq, Myron Crow, Donald Darkenwald, Bob Peferson. This year's version ol llie B baskelball learn proved lo be a liard playing oullil flwal gol some load breaks al llie wrong limes. Tlie leam was one ol flue smallesl in llie league, loul did guile well againsl llie slrong opposilion. All llie Valley Oak leams were on aboul llie same par, willi every leam, excepl Oakdale, losing al leasl four games. Oakdale, llie league clwampion, was lucky lo deleal ll'ie Bullpups 34-33 in one ol 'rlieir meelings.Tl1e members of llie squad received plenly of valuable experience, and llwey slwould greally benelil Tracy Varsily feams lo come. 6111543 A vii- ,mx -Z3- ..v 139 .Q 9' L., S N 1 Coach Thomae Lloyd Isbell, Manaqer Arle Bridqes 1291 makes a field goal Bob Pelerson 1371 iumps for lhe ball aqainsf Sonora. In the backqround are in fhe Oakdale qame, Ready and wail- Crow 1321, Morris 1221, and Pelerson inq are Myron Crow 1321, Arle Bridqes 1371. 1291, and Bill Sulfon 1261. 38 U 48 n,lL VTCTORHS Rionn, 36 26' ll.. alan 37 IT: Siimira, 39 35 Manlera, 43-30, Ripon, 53 43j l9.illrw.rir1, 46 44' - 5, CMH, 4-T Y7' llmrlvuwn, 46 4?' lvialrin, 4l P7 Manlw a 5721- Hiiah l LOSSFS Pillrfrwri, 4h ligf Oni dale, 54 441 Cen--1, 45 351 l,ivingulun, 453lj Sonora, 39 23jOnlrd.'xl-1, 46 277 l.ivinq'.lwrw, 56 Tb Cr-rut., 40-33. TOTALS Wriri l?, lr'-,T H, ,Wi ffO, Coach Miller Tom Marfhewx, Martine? Trophy Winner Carl Hall, Free Throw Champion Coach Harvey Mill-er's Varsily baslcelball Team finished The season wilh a beller Than average record of I2 wins and 8 losses, placing fourrh in The Tinal league slanding. The Bulldogs played Their besl ohcensive game againsl lvlanleca al Tracy, winning 52-ll. The besl defensive game was played, also, in Tracy againsl Ceres, when The visilors were held To 2 poinls during The enlire Tirsl half. Tracy won 4427. The Free Sho? Trophy went To Carl Hall with a .643 percenlage, Tom Mallhewc moved lo he The rnosl oulslandirg player, winning The lvlarlinel Trophy and The OUT nlnnding Player Award ol The Gusline Tournarnenl. .mfh Q arlax Richards, Manaqer Las! minuie huddle Mirchell U1 scores a bucket against Ripon. Tom Maffhews IST can be seen in The background. 39 JERRY FERRERA JACK FMEDRICH CARL HALL 'N Tom Matthews 151 and John Varela flll qo afhr a feboum . Ohe Oakdale game, Jack Friedrich UQ is in Hue backqroun Qp, 'i: fy Riff? l - ,A - iam A TOM HILL TOM MATTHEWS DON MIYCHELL RR R f R d R NK. x 1 1 R fm, R5 QR, -ww H M 5 A MTR M. 653.5 J' ' R Ed Pere: fbi flips a Qulck one ic Carl Hall HI aqannf Oakd .R . ., .,.V R, f - ,,A,, R, ll GEORGE MIZU NO ED PEREZ WALKER PETERSON A gm Y R ,l l R R .gikfw KRW bf- H . ' .lk .QQ ' ' J -4 R ' ' PW . 'll' if . 4 ' - swf M R R R f R f' A, ...,:Ql...:n: .,..h .,..: 'R A S . ,QII D - nj. I NL V, kk ,- -ff' - l' ':s5:Q?EE-E55l:R:.5f51'3' ' 55' ---. - -- : -R :,9.'5' .r1-5,2 :fi EQ' ix 7, !3' R I, 'j5'5- l BZ' ' ' - ' , E L ff . 5 . f 'QW , ' . l it R 35,5 Mavfhewx l5l lakex io on me backboard in fm Rincn fin. 0 Tracy men are Don Milchell U31 and Carl Hall HH. CUFFORD ROBERTSON JOHN SIMAS JOHN VARELA Planning slraleqy for Oakdale game Malihews 153 shoofs from ihe side as John Varela fl walls under The bdskef. Sophonwre Hop Swiherldnd Sophomore Yell Leaders ,, ':a '- ' H' f V1 X it The Anqel and ihe Devil Meafball wiih his brown derbv Aifernoon off Girls?? s.. fv- Q qfv SMILEY GONZALEZ DENA KOURETAS ELAINE NIGG Firsf Sem:-sher President Firsf Semesier Vice-Presidenf Firsf Semesfer Secrefary DOROTHEA MQCRORY ALICE PETRIG DONNA MCNAIR Sr-cond Sc-mesher Prnsidr-ni Second Semesfer VicevPresiden1 Second Semesfer Secrefarv W YJ N. rf PATT MARKS First Sernesfer Treasurer NELL OUIGLEY Second Semesier Treasurer Svpfw FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Sfanley Darr, James Blackard, Marlene Lemos, Joey Johns, Joey Correia, Donna Cocanour, Frank Lima, Bernice Alegre, Jill Elissaqaray, Frank Amesca, Frances Grunewald. SECOND ROW: Genevieve De Cosla, Theresa Caslro, Bobbie Jones, Calherine Belcher, Alice Greene, Belly Elems, Roberla Doughfy, Corinne James, Frances Hanson, Eumid Freeman, Frances Kelly, Roberl Douqhly. THIRD ROW: Sieve Coddinqlon, Ben Byrd, John Kemp, Marlene Clifford, Dena Kourales, Lois Ann Kenner, Frances Kennedy, Belly Helm, Louise Helm, Wilma Dick. FOURTH ROW: Bill Fisli, Roberl Goodell, W. A. Duckworlh, Troy Anderson, Frank Jurado, Dolores Abelar, Lupe Carranza, Teresa Calderon, Louise Bellporl, Dorolhy Darlrenwald, Jackie Anaslasio, Clara Bastian. FIFTH ROW: Wayne Beyefl, Joe Grandinelfi, Richard Denqale, Ari Alves, Bob Gillelle, Billie Granados, Flora Cooper, Mildred Birlrhahn, Wynona Berq, SIXTH ROW: Dwiqhf Devlin, Marvin Lehman, Donald Bianchi, Curlis Hullon, Kennelh Carler, Darla Croxlon, Smiley Gonzales, Joann Furrer, Charlofle Guyon, Pal Healey. SEVENTH ROW: James Bunner, John Johnson, Leo Genlry, Derriel Hayes, Nick Alexiou, Mike Erceq, Jay Dunn, Joe Burch, Pal Campbell, Ray Goodson, Wesley Dana, Mr. Korba. 'li p. B' IK ,4'.. 12' I I ,ax ,qv -,- .5vPfw .T awe, ' ' - ' rf'- . I , Arena: ,Q I ,J 'imma 'I .1 AF . ,, -v If FIRST ROW, left fo riqhlz Alice Pelriq, Donna McNair, Ruble Sulfon, Bonna McNair, Romona Popeioy, Kay Robinson, Donna Taylor, Pal! Moon, Mari Karen Wasrner, Elain Niqq, Dorolhea McCrory. SECOND ROW: Belly Lonq, Pal? Marks, Florence Obad, Kay Palferson, JaneI Raflo, Jean Salller, Deriih Pearce, Naomi Richison, Hazel Tilsworlh, Joene Toon, Ilene Toon, Joan Wiley. THIRD ROW: Bob Polls, Billy Williams, Pele Wriqhl, Nell Ouiqley, Glenn Shipley, Anna Pelleqri, Chrisfine Van Winlrle, Sally Ranqel, Darline Reqo, Gynelle Mobley, Maxine Villalovoz. FOURTH ROW: Leroy Lindsay, Charles Richards, Alfon Pallerson, Harriel Wilson, Jesse Salas, Dwayne Weir, Donna Jean Wolf, Melba Shellenbarqer, Laura Jean Wheeler, Helen Richardson, Lois Miller, Dorolhy Pain, Barbara Walsh, FIFTH ROW: Euqene Yarnachi, Wilbur Vierra, Roberl Melcall, Roberl Milliqan, Donna Simpson, lreva Willilord, Jay Phillips, Ralph Munoz, Auqusf Ramirez, Bill Sulfon, Bob While, Mrs. Nancarrow. SIXTH ROW: Richard Villeqax, Ray Younq, Jimmy Shaw John Varela, Charles Selna, Clarence Yamauchi, Ed Whilworlh, Charles Morris, Joe Torres, Mrs. Fairchild. SEVENTH ROW: Don Tucker, Burfon Ouiqley, Jay Malfson, Manuel Mesla, Wayne Mallory, Bob Sandidqe, John Simas, Clyde PilIs, Mr. E. Haqen s sg 2, BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS, leff fo righf: Jane! Milani, Anfonia Laguna, Linnea Noack, Miss Fisher, Margery Mon- nich, Miss Adams, Phyllis Herndon, Della Rieder, Dorofhy Shupe, Janice Milani. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS, lef? fo righi: Margery Monnich, Dorolhy Fleicher, Evelyn Newbury, Shirlee Sousa Marie Borba, Irene Heard, Linnea Noach, Phyllis Herndon, lda Greene, Lorerfa Pedro, Antonia Laguna, Palricia Smiflu, Dorolhy Shupe. HOCKEY CHAMPIONS-FIRST ROW, left lo righf: Mary Louise Serpa, Eleanor Pelerman, Anfonia Laguna, Emi Kato, Dorolhy Shupe, Lorelfa Pedro, Ida Greene. SECOND ROW: Marie Borba, Dorolhy Fletcher, Margery Monnich Dorofhy Townley, Shirlee Sousa, lrene Heard, Phyllis Herndon. std 4 di I '5' . I 4 it xf 4 '14 .L P! 41' '!'1g!'1lll-- I fig Ii, 'fam fuk' . tx ii k Ni . QQ K-smw N-.R ,g .M H-Q-.hkscm All Q11Mmnn1111l -snltllliii An iii ii f Q19 --'.rPrHrfr -..aa4,4a .'..,f.a M , W D UI Q IVIARCI-I IO-Oralorical Confesr. I I-Gusfine Tournamenl. I 8 -Boxing Finals. 25-Spring Play Angel S'rree+. APRIL I-Taclcy Day. 8 I I I2 22 29 30 -C. S. F. Dance. -I 8-Easfer Vacafion. -F. F. A. Grand Nalional Showing a+ Cow Palace. -Senior Ball. -Spring Play FigI1I'ing Li'rIIes. -Valley Oak League Track Meef a+ Ivlanleca. MAY 6-Manieca Baseball Game. I3--Music Concert 20-SeniorTea. . IIE! 44,4 y 'T We 600625 X Wm? A 6 005 5 .5--1 FFICERS-FIRST ROW, lefl fo riql1l:P, Selna, B.Widmer, M. Monnich. SEALBEARERS-FIRST ROW, Iefl lo riqhl: L. Beyell, H. McCrory, SECOND ROW: H. McCrcry, L. Beyeff, P. Smith. B. Widmer. SECOND ROW: R. Knight, P. Selna, R. Gwerder. FI K. V. M V. P. P. 48 RST ROW, Iefl lo riqhl: M. Engle, E. Kalo, P. Drake, W. Hancock Dunn, D, Huffman, A. Bacchelfi, M. Serpa, P. Carder, B. Cooke Weaver. SECOND ROW: B. McNair, B. Widmer, M. Borba, E. Elliofl, .DeIl'Osso, B. Shaw, M. Birkhahn, E. Nigg, N. Quigley. THIRD ROW Baker, D. McNair, J. Gregson, E. Pelerman, W. Marlin, C, Morris Selna, P. Clark, R. Gwerder, R. Kniqhf, B. Elems. FOURTH ROW Healey, D. Kourelas, D. Cocanour, H. Wilson, C. James, D. Pearce D. Simpson, D. Darlwenwald, L. Bellporl, K. Obad, F. Kelly. FIFTH ROW: W. Lee, P. Smilh, M. Nickerson, L. Kosman, G. Rodgers, B. Borba, O. Lowes, L. Beyefl, I. Caslro, E. Furlado, R. Zilli, A. Pel- legri, A. Giannini. SIXTH ROW: R. Young, G. Boqelfi, D. Milchell, J. Friedrich, H. McCrory, S. Sousa, M Monnich, A. Dodsworfh, M. Maxwell, M. Simons, E. Newbury. SEVENTH ROW: P. Campbell, T. Byrnes, K. Dewhirsl, G. Shipley, K. Crow, Mrs. Riqgs, L. Venable, W. Davie, A. Vierra, A. Talley, J. Bunner, I. Williford, Mr. E. Haqen. 5CllDfdJLtlIli THE STAFF ANGELINA BACCHETTI MARY BERTOLOTTI IRENE CARCELERO MARIE CARTER BETTY COOKE EDWINA FURTADO HELEN HAYNIE ELVAN MAIN SAM MATTHEWS MANUEL T. ROCHA 49 Ld' Lion's Club Conlesl Winners, March l0g lopic, Uniled Exlemporaneous Conlesl Winners, November l7. Lefl fo Nalions-Safeguard of Human Liberly. Lefl lo riqhf: Mel- riqhl: Rosemary Gwerder, lhird place, Pal Drake, second vin Nickerson, firsl place, Pal Drake, second place, and place, and Henry McCrory firsl place. Henry McCrory,?l1ird place. -.wear-, 091114 Christmas Trlmmings, December I7. STANDING, lefl to righl: Helen Masloris, Melvin Nickerson, Nancy Rachford, Helen Haynie. SEATED: Ronald Crandall, Bob Couch, Bob Sfronq, Lorella Venable, Bill Tovlnley. cl Z 3 3 5 . 5 Roy Tindc-1 as Mr, Manninqham and Billee Jean Jones as Bella. Melvin Nickerson-Inspector Rouqh The Casf The, Z ' ' ' Mari Karen Wasmer and Pa? Ellis-fha leads The Cas? The Liffle Family Block '17 WIFE FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Dick Hutton, Pete Wriqht, Joey Correia, Bob Couch, Terry Blair, George Boqetti, Dave Baqley, John Wells, Art Serpa. SECOND ROW: Bill Sutton, Charles Selna, Ken Yasui, Harlan Enqlekinq, Robert Milliqan, Walter Peterson, Al Cardoza, Virqil Elems, Jay Mattson. THIRD ROW: Bob Sandidqe, Pat Ellis, Henry Mc- Crory, Charles Morris, Jay Phillips, Charles Richards, Carl Hall, Tom Hill, Gilbert Vierra, George Mizuno, Dale Shupe. FOURTH ROW: Derriel Hayes, John Varela, Lloyd Isbell, Nick Alexiou, John Serpa, Melvin Nickerson, John Goodell, Bob Peterson, Stanley Darr, David Coykendall, James Blackard, Bill Keaton. FIFTH ROW: Tom Matthews, Don Darkenwald, Kenneth Crow, John Simas, Bob Gillette, Lee Younq, Arle Bridges, Sam Matthews, Arthur Alves, Tony Gamino, Mr. Costello, Bill Mancebo, Manuel Salinas. WINNERS OF THE BOYS' BLOCK T BOXING FINALS FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Jay Gaylor, Joe Grandinetti, Joe Correia, Smiley Gonzales, Mike Rodriquez. SECOND ROW: John Simas, Odis Marlow, Jimmy Dowell, Don Mitchell. Ed Serpa. This hard fought contest between Smiley Gonzales and Manuel Salinas decided the winner of the Feather Weiqht Championship. J Bn ' ln Che heavy-we' and John nqhf division Ed Serpa Goodell were boih in There fiqhfinq for fhe championship. Joey Correia and Dale Brinkman mix if up in their bouf in the Banfam Weiqhf Class. Smiley Gonzales. winner of the Ou?- sfandinq Boxer Award. John Simas and Auqusi Ramirez are cauqhf durinq one of fhe excifinq momenis of iheir sluqfest. The iwo Mikes, Erc baffle fo' eq and Rodriquez, I fhe Liqhfweiqht fifle 53 Jade wwf .Junior Tacicy Day group .Time ou? for lunch . Birds of a feafher Prize winners--Tuiiulah, ihe Tube of Prell The Jesfer, and The Pirafe Al, my how you have changed!! Where is your magic carpe+7 Buffons and Bows Where was +he poker game, fellows? Minnie Ha-Ha, Red Wing, and Pocahonfas. Kamal i -1 1 1 .r W --ww' - .. ' 4.1 f I -.f ..,..,..- ' nl: uzrur. '11 ., fn i I f V. is 'Mi' P 1 in I ' sf FIRST ROW, Iefl Io riqhl: Ed Marlin, Sam Matthews, Bob While, Jay Phillips, Joe Calderon, Ed Marlin, Jay Phillips, Mrs. Baumqardner mappinq Manuel Andrade, 8iIl Blair, SECOND ROW: Evelyn Newbury, Helen Masloris, Eloise Elliofl, our second semesler acfivifies. Mary Ann Darr, Mrs Baumqardner, Bonna McNair, Delores Cosla, Marlene Lemos. NOT SHOWN: Helen Haynie, Joe Gwerdrer. Qnivblq. 9 ' 99, QN ' Mr Michael, Safe Drivinq lnslrucfor . Q DRIVING CLASS-FIRST ROW, lefl Io riqhlz Dorolhy Townley, Shirley Mayberry, Billee Jean Jones, .loan Gregson. SECOND ROW: Jerry McGee, Dorolhy Shupe, Bobbie Davis, Carol Slormes, Belly Dempsey, Mr. Michael, Velma May, Della Rieder, Beffy Cooke, Grefa Sanders, Flora Brown, Louise Long. 55 5120- KM FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Gail Tinder, Kay Robinson, Donna Taylor, Earl Deen Hall, Marie Simas, Eleanor Leonardo, Mary Ann Enqle, Delores Cosla, Mary Yagi, Geraldine Machado. SECOND ROW: Wynona Hancock, Florence Obad, Shirley Mayberry, Ruble Sulfon, Cesarina Colli, Palricia Farmer, Elizabelh Fairbanks, Mary Brown, Louise Helm, Mary Peoples. THIRD ROW: Elvera Varela, Robbie Couch, Helen Masloris, Theresa Silva, Chloie Simpson, Wanda Wheeler, Pal Lynn, Marlha Sasser, Delores Serpa, Charlolle Guyon, Carolyn Hudson, FOURTH ROW: Elvan Main, Bob Couch, Roqer Rehn, Doy Wheeler, Dale Fields, Mr. Lyon, Eslella Brannon, Roena Thomison. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Gregson, Rolland Seeqers, Mary Peoples, Vincenl Osorno, Stanley Samuelson, Wilbur Vierra, Gladys Maddocks, Ed Vinson, Pal Ellis, Melville Hamillon, James Bunner, Gail Lander, Clarence Freeman, Dornlhy Shupe, Sue Campbell, Beverley McCuislion, Ray Younq, Mr. Oberl, Charles Croxlon, Burlon Quigley, Belly Elems, Roberl Rowe, Marvin Lehman, Georgia Schalchli, Roberl Polls, Jose Lopez, Eslella Brannon, Roselyn Kniqhl, Joie Johns, Donald Rippin, Cora Miller, Dale Shupe, Smiley Gonzales, Laverne Rowe, Yvonne Gray, Alfred Clover, Manuel Andrade, Dena Kourelas, John Carranza, Shirlee Sousa, William Ducksworlh, Elsie Caslro, Darline Huffman, Jay Phillips, Richard Lawrence, Bobbie Brannon, Irene Heard, Bobby Pelerson, Shirley Beraldo, Frank Jurado, Donald Bowen, Charlolle Guyon, Eumid Freeman, Anlhony Vierra. Band LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirlee Sousa, Darline Huffman, Irene Heard, Charlolle Guyon The Band, Orcheslra, and Glee Club have been larger and more aclive lhis year lhan hereloiore. The highlighl of lheir aclivilies came May I3 in lhe form of The Third Annual Spring Concerl. Forly members from lhe lhree groups look parl in an immense music feslival in Turlock on March 26. The Orcheslra played for lhree school plays, lor lhe Fireslone Company Open l-louse, and lor Teachers' lnslifule. The band played lor lhe ioolball games, lhe rallies, for Open l-louse Nighl, and for a parade in Sloclclon and lor one in Tracy. Z LEFT TO RIGHT: Pai Ellis, Jill Elissagary, Monique Elissagary, Mr. Oberf, Mary Ellen Rippin, Roberi Rowe, Donald Tucker, Corinne James, Wynona Berq, Roselyn Kniqhl, Joie Johns, Donald Huck, Glen Shipley, Berry Elms, Francis Hanson, Kennelh Crow, Barbara Borba, Douglas Sanders, Hazel Belcher, Pal Healey, Linnea Noak, Alfred Clover, Georqia Schalchli, Laverne Rowe, Louise Long, Dwiqhf Devlin, Frank Amescua, Belly Lonq, David Marcyes, Theresa Casfro, Barbara Neves. 0 L LEFT TO RlGHT: Taylor Reed, Perry Smilh, Tom Hill, Kennelh Crow, Ronnie Pope, Alan Wible, Pal Ellis, Wesley Dana. jmck One of lhe refurninq lellerml NOT SHOWN: Ronnie Crandall, Perry Smifh, pracfices before game. Al Tally and Odis Marlow. Varsify hurdler, Melvin Nicker- Jack Friedrich hiqh iumpsv On fheir marks and ready fo go are Ray Bullard, Bruce Sloclrlon, son, warms up on a high hurdle. Jerry Ferrera walls for his Q -' f 'W 5 xgs :'4evFs:fT2f,.gP'F' . Lfimgesw X 7 ' ' Aa FIRST ROW, lefl' lo righl: Troy Anderson, Manuel Andrade, Frank Lima, Melvin Nickerson, Roberl Melcalf, Manuel Salinas, Wilbur Vierra. SECOND ROW: Bob Gillelle, W. A. Duckworrh, Alfred Talley, Frank Jurado, Joe Grandinefli, Bruce Slocklon, Ray Bullard, Anlhonv Vierra, Arlhur Alves. THIRD ROW: Jack Friedrich, John Wells, Terry Blair, Joe Calderon, Myron Crow, Burlon Ouiqley, Eumid Freeman, Jerry Ferrera, Felix Munoz, James Bunner, Coach Ed Thomae. NOT SHOWN: Roberl Milliqan, Odis Marlow, Ken Yasui, Rolland Harrold, Mike Rodriquei. F-INST ROW, lah fo riqhl: Ayrnon Hall, manaqerg Jay Phillips, Jesse Salas. John Goodall, manaqer. SECOND ROW: Albert Moreno, Mr. Hari, Henry Offenslroer, Ed Parei, John Braas, Dale Shupe, John Varela, Bill Kealon, Roberf Goodell, Jess Gufier- rez, Dean Rickels, Bennie Byrd, Jay Malfson, Bob Couch, Vincenf Osorno, AI Cardcia. Ray Orleqa, Tony Gamino. Since The baseball season will conlinue aller +hi:g prinling, il is nol possible lo give an aller-season reporl. Coach Richard 6'fum6alL i'3Q llarl's baseball nine will lace The loughosl schedule in years. 05' Tu' i Despile lhis, he has high hopes lor 'rhe learn. Coach l-larl pre- fr g X COACH MCHARD HAM dicls lhal The learn will win al leasl lwo-lhirds of lheir iiileen X-.. -fi games and linish no lower lhan lhird in lhe Valley Oalc League. , The Bulldogs seem lo be above average in fielding, and lheir hillinq is improving. The besl hillers al fhis lime are Perez, Orlega, Salas, and Osorno. Aymon l-lall and John Goodell are lhc lwo able managers. Miqhry JohnIBraas qels se! for a las? one, Ray Orfeqa keeps his bafiinq averaqe up by This hif bv Perez paved the way lor Tracv Jay Phillips raps ou? a sharp hif, qeffinq a single. vicfory over The Anlioch nine. - . . z . n ..s Bulldogs wail for fheir Ourn al bar AI Moreno scores a run for Warming up in pradica is Vincani Osorno has fo iump back Oo avoid an against Anfioch. Tracy in lhe Anfioch qame. Dale Shupe. ingide ball, 59 J. J. d.. , as Jwmff, vs A Sine-.5 ' Q u Good Producer Close Shave Alberl Boqelli-Senlinel Bill Wineinger-Secrelary Donald Huck-Treasurer Wallace L. Enqlund-Adviser We are Ready Ba-a-a- FRESHMEN AND SOPHO- MORE MEMBERS: FIRST ROW. Iefl lo riqhl: Gerald Cundiff. Dale Brinkman, Charles Hal- ford, Joe Gwerder, Jack Chand- ler, Donny Brinkman, Guy Paris, Jay Gaylor, Dwiqhl Sharp. SECOND ROW:Anll1ony Vierra, Clarence Yamauchi, Ed Whil- worlh, Louis Bassi, Leonard Mello, Phil Marlin, Bob Gaylor, Clinlon Grilfilh, Roberl Polls, THIRD ROW: Rolland Seeqers, Harold Wineinqer, Donald Rio- Din, Georqe Clever, John John- son, Lindy Bacchelli, John Simas, Charles Morris, Curlis Hullon. FOURTH ROW: Jav Mallson, Euqene Yamauchi, Wayne Mallory. Kennelh Car- ler, Don Bianchi, Derriel Hayes, Bob Sandidqe. Pele Wriqhl, Clyde Pills, Mr. Barlholomew. When Do We Eal? Showrnen Fowl Whal Beef! ,alt Q, ilu UNIOR AND SENIOR MEM- 1ElS, FIRST ROW, lull lo iqhfz Larry Sillivan, Don Huck, om Hill, Avmon Hall, Leroy imonichr lilly Wincinqsr. SEC- FND ROW: Mr. Enqlund, AI- in Perry. Dunno Bourque, Man- el Furhdo, Jerry McGee, Paul Anderson. THIRD ROW: Dick hmllfon, Goorqa '!of1aMi, flvon Pollcqri, Alberi loqelfi, Joo Tuccori. , . AL. r- - Mfr, .2 qi- ' 'R fi' fm 4 rig 33 Vfhil N , Paul Andersen-Presidenl George Boqefli-Vice-Presidenl Slephen Pelleqri-Reporfer Fonnie Barlholomew-Assislanl Money Maker F. F. A. Picnic Lillle Grunl Trophy Winner Wriqhf al Home Pride and Joy Adviser Hard Worker Friends 54 HE YW , Y , i Y' X ref CLIFFORD ROBERTSON 35 : 7 HQ., igsl we wi .. ., I is r Q in -'Qs Q '..- i,,.,,k ' 1 M 7 Hale ms' ,Q 61 l Az It HARLAN ENGLEKIN6 BARBARA BORBA MIKE CALLIZO First Semester President First Semesier Vice-President First Semester Secretary First Semester Treasurer DAVID BAGLEY DON MITCHELL RENA ZILLI DICK HAMILTON Second Semester President Second Semester Vice-President Second Semester Secretary Second Semester Treasurer 62 KATHLEEN ABELAR PAUL ANDERSEN ROBERT BACA ANGELINA ANN BACCHI are LN Eff T BACCHETTI RY ANN BERTOLOTTI IBARA BORBA PHA VIOLA BRINKMAN 4,4 9- V DAVID BAGLEY VERA IRENE BAKER TERRY BLAIR GEORGE ANTHONY BOGETTI JOHN BRAAS ESTELLA BRANNON RAY BULLARD LOUELLA MARIE BEYETT IOECALDERON BILL CALLIS MICHAEL CALLIZO IRENECARCELERO Klau,...7949 63 N is Y v :,. 22 um' .- K Af! .H x .3,,.. '.: ,-: mu- . fi , A X, A 1 : J a i 5 .,.. 5 f W - 1 f fffi ,Y .,.,..,. 1 ...Q . ev ., wav A H .Ivy M. WW ' PF -' .s A '4 di :S :?f' ,. V ' A 2 - f i 5 q. zggjmsfg M 2, iig w y ..,., vw V5 1 . V fff , iflii fw' .- i -Q-EW Nw , f 3 Y M Q., , . . ,Y- ' , . ..... X .1 M,-M , .Www ? QL , X ' . -' 4 3 3 fi, Q Q: 'H-5' ' 1 x' v A - ' .ve-:Q U .. .Q , .- ,, i S . .f ..., 3 ,.,., p f A 4 .,.,. ' , . Y i Q 1- , A. V ima x vmigfw My M W V R ' - I. 55' 'W 7 ig. 0 5 W Q x Ni A .f5i,2,f3?Q??g3g A .W 54 1 if . QR .1 f 4 , ' M' W??Qf'W A --ww .iwr w-QW, xxx ' W . Mania M. 4 5 - 3 W - J M x 3?- s . f is 1 Q' gg? A ' .. iii: : lf A Agn 11 A fs. Ax,-, K I-f , 7 3? - ag , ar 1. ,I .: A , I V 'f ' ww ' ,fi Q w..? ...Y N , , Q x ' 5 x 'Q -'hi X ' -,- 1,1 'f rg T. ', A 'sv 1 , it My gr A ig . M.-. 'H -Q r.'K' '53 JERRY ROSIE DORA JACK FERRERA FLORES JOANN FOGLI FRERICHS JACK FRIEDRICH EDWINA FURTADO MANUEL FURTADO MILDRED FRANCES F CLARENCE GABBARD AMY GIANNINI LOUISE GLOCKING PATSY GODDARD JOHN A. GOODELL URTADO ROSEMARY MARGARET GWERDER AYMON N, HALL DOROTHY HAMILTON Edwina FLIY,dd01Hldd Yell Leader The Baqqy Panh Boys Lounqinq on The Tawn Anqels with dirfy faces Liiile Wifch 'Q' Q lid V ii-no . 6 Z Hdrvev Earle Horn Lesrer Horn Meredvfh Hoar Comparinq Ideas Abour Arabian N'qhfs, our Senior Ball Theme Richard K. Hamilion Wynona Lee Hancock Tom Hill 5 if Carolyn Mria Hudson Darline Lavera Huffman Richard Leroy Hufron Dwaine Jay Marquerie Johns Roselyn Julia Kniq Coseifer Lorene Lindsey Roy Lockwood Henry Lopez Onalee Lowes Pafsy Louise Lynn Marqarei Mancel: 66 2.4 L3 Q' ' mx i ,, I if . . W K six i k gl 5 25? .- ,- X , 5, WQWWJ 4 w-Run.. v! TAYLOR REED LAWRENCE ARTHUR RIPPIN CLIFFORD E. ROBERTSON JO ANN ROGERS LA VERNE ROWE MARGARET GRACE SALING STANLEY H. SAMUELSON MARTHA SASSER GEORGIA LOUISE SCHALCHLI PATRICIA ANN SELNA ARTHUR J. SERPA DELORES SERPA MARY SERPA BETTY SHAW EDWIN TERRILL ROENA THOMISON Disc Jockeys Dave and Joe Peasant Woonda! 79 S . gm, f in , f Q ff if , X- 2'Q2. S 1 1X ii C SQ XE , A b u of I 'f'y'W 1, x X 5 fwggdggg , giixeq Q53 1 df SW A - X, .L an . i ws Q .. up 55 Q SEE x K, C x iw img: K V :Mr I Qf,x,3ii . 5 , V Rl T - 5 1 I fi E' tj pi' 'd A , 8 '11 bl I 1 - - ,, , ' i Q u X 4 4 , l .,f I K i 'vf'Nl' f 5 I Q Q,,f as up f .1 ua azfmsilsxg g,5g1s i'1,g'! q 'ff .+ 'x x ' xv- A, . 3 X If s I E? S NM ' vt , .. an vw if 1 nA x F' - .Q . M13 ' v ' 'wi- ,' X.: ,. A 55. .ff 'H-In y ' C35 , W1 W 4, f . ug ,Q W if 'R . -AW 4 X W , A. I ,.. Kd J.,A,,, 3, r s 'f' -ff 5,4 1-- if X -QM' 9 'rf' ' J' f 1 959' W . , ... 9 ' me y A 'W' I 'QQ f k .vm Qfisgl E il I Anyfhinq new today? Too Iafe for dessert Cominq fo fhe slauqhfer Sick? Aqain! ,W 1 The pause fha? refreshes 2 No anis? 1- Exfra! Read all the dirt A7 last! HMM' MR. RIEDER MR. POPE MRS. GARRISON MR. WALTERS MRS. POET MR. POET MR. STEVENSON 72 ddflww Enqmvinqe-Joseph F. Hn mes of California Art and Engraving Co. Printinq4l.ederef. Street and Zeus, Inc. Cove-rsYS. K. Smith Co. Photography-Kenneth Westlake, Emory Boughton AdvisorfBernic:c Parish Le These grains of sand till the hour glass Ending our school year of fun and mirth o more days, weeks, and months to pass N The passing of time has proved its worth ITL., I www aufvqwnfw -Ari A . ' - Q 1 ' 5 '-,il ' Lv' - inm- 1 s . fs . IL. V r. 555 L11 L ., , -La. P .w ,I ' -,.- ' , , .9 Q f R --Q, E n , I wr ,.z if ' +051 A wifi - '-iz. S',qf A . 4, 1 .- V 1.-, A .hh X A '-ff . . ,. 'JJ .AS , .. ,r.+7 IA ...rv .Q I 4-1. ,V ,I ,.- V , I- .4. :rl '. ., I 'www 73 L 1.9 figs? A j,.7,3E'hF.4 , - ,-,-vvsrqw-,f -'. 'T19g 5?F 1 3 L Qi.-lf, Y YI If 'L5 5. ef a ,Eg : i' ,du X' h '1' i 1' ju '1' ' 1 .. 1 'A-1 TQ' if lf--Nu 1 'o vf. I 'I l, . I J 6- 4 911.1 . 5 -. ' , . ' ,I 'Fw'--V VM, - --'ug , N L 1 r . - , I --Bl ff: . ,Hz , ' ' A r Y 1 ' L ' f 4 .4 4 , . : ,- -' 'fu' , ' ' fi,L'1'44'1-f 4i- . Ng, ,W 'I wa, ' E-.www 1453 t Q ' J :g , ',.' -f 1 ' 'f E::.'::- 214. .- .R runtymg .l , ,V ' ff-' ' I Q I '1 ' .4' Ffh . fig! J blfr' i ' 1. 'Ng ' .riff 'F 2 , . ' 5 ,V b+ ,A,,i ' 4 ' 'eq 7 ,H . . .tl 1. . W ' - ,: 'I' - W6 A f Ln: w. . ' ' . ., ' lr' fi 1 '. ff fl' 1 , V . 4 A 5' - 4' E A 5 x , -' 4 .T 'ua' :Tri F s Af' T J4 v 'K NH 0 GO.: 062 o I:?f. if? 0 'GI ' Jr I sf' Qt 'U 95 O N5 0 QQ up 'Ok 9 590 0256 40011 I 0 'K 'sl I 0 C Qkom A '7 ',.,,---- xX ' ., xv . ,, 1 'I uf sg v , If 1lffIfH1llfH If I . .M up X' II IIIHIIIIY All III ',1-, I I ' In In III g, Ih ' ' I 'If' 'I gg 'I' xv I QII I' ' ' 'Il lil , I 1 'N IIIIITIIIIII IITIII . l'l:l ' 'I3:'.lI'1I 'MIX , I ' , .' , Nl '1'xH., ,uv -,NIU 1, l N' , ' ' I I I I IIA. 'I' YIM'-' I' fx IH- I ly II' M I F I . I I I pl' 1 I rv- u I I I Ilg' IU ,Un sf I'fg,I, y, . , I KI .. I II I 'il H' I' I , na I Vi' Wi' F37 11 f - f , 5' ' V-.Q X203 ,. J , Z f1 gf' WZ' 'I l 2' Y In . I 4 ,J .-g ! , . 'gc ff I r H I ' 11.-,. 'il' X V Iyf X 1 'L if 1 Sl -,Z sf? Q. ff 51 QQ I I 1 fa IWIIII y1'I ll. I ' I uh, 1.x I P I X In pf' 1' ,K fl I x I I I . 7 I i r H 'W ..', 1 ilu Z5 '0 Ifqt gr 1 I 4 -N' H' ul,x . li I r,, 3 I' I, I 1 4 X .11 Llt X

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