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PM PUBLISHED BY TI-IE STUDENTS OF TRACY UNION I-HGH SCHOOL TRACY . CALIFORNIA '44 TRACY oN'Ofv -JN U in 2 4 1 YY 25 YJ, Senior lilo tto Wonut fffort Kring! Succeu bedication We, lhe sludenls of Tracy Union High School, dedicale fhis annual lo our fellow srudenls and alumni who have given so much above and beyond Jrhe call of duly fhaf lhey will reiurn no more. Our grafifude and deep apprecia- lion go 'ro +hese honored dead who proudly gave lheir lives 'rhaf freedom may live. Our fellow sfudenfs and alumni have made su- preme sacrifices-may we keep fai+h wi+h fhem. To us from lailing hands lhey lhrow fhe lorch. Be ours lo hold il high! If we brcalr lailh wilh Those who die They shall nor sleep. lhough poppies blow ln nafivc fields. S pfihdi al 14 euage The El Por+al comes To us as a piciorial his'rory of rhe adminisirarion, faculfy, sfudenfs and +radi+ions of Tracy Union High School. We are deeply indebied ro 'rhe faculiy advisor, Miss Thomas, and fo 'rhe El Porral sfaff for iheir unriring eliforfs in +he developmeni of rhis well organized and accuraie wriH'en record. The cenrral 'rheme of El Por+al is bofh 'rimely and opporlune. The ferm Freedom draws our rhinlcing back +0 'rhe Declaralion of Independence: We hold rhese Trurhs 'ro be self-evident fhar all men are creared equal, fhar +hey are endowed by rheir Crealer wirh ceriain unalienable Righis, rhaf among These are Life, Liberry, and 'rhe Pursuir of Happiness. Thai +o secure rhese righfs, Governmenrs are insrifured among men, deriving iheir iusr powers from 'rhe consenf of 'rhe governed. The idea of freedom is so much a parf of our American life and 'rradirion +ha+ we had come ro fake ir for granred uniil a greaf world crisis shocked us info faking a new view of rhe fenefs of our Narional Fairh. School life and +he school curriculum in Tracy Union High School reflecr a defer- mined desire for Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Self-govern- menr, and Freedom +o preserve 'rhe Righ+s of Man. These principles become a realify in The individual lives of all of us. We hold 'rhe Bill of Righrs 'ro be significanr in rhe lives of rhe siudenfs. The ideals of folerance and brofherhood find an expression in fhe social life of rhe young people. Siudenfs are encouraged fo parficipafe in social acfiviiies and in The acrivifies of sfudenf self-government Srudenrs learn fo accepr responsibiliry and will carry fhis 'rraining in+o +he communify, in'ro rhe S+a're, and info fhe Na+ion. Freedom is nor generally undersrood because we 'rhinlc ser'ousIy of i+ only in ifs absence, or when if is endangered. I+ occurs ro us Ihaf we are no' free when we are resfrained from doing somelhing which we wanl' Io do. Freedom is reIa?ive Io our purposes and desires. We simply 'ralce if for granfed when we have if and we iight for il when il is almosl or enlirely gone. The world Ioday is aflame in Ihe grealesl and moslr coslly Iighf lor Freedom 'mal man has ever imagined. Our friends. sons, and brolhers are Iighling, bleeding, and dying in order Ihal men and women may be Iree. During Ihe war be-Iween 'rhe Sfares ABRAI-IAM LINCOLN, in his second inaugural address, expressed greal and beauliiul words which are applicable Ioday. Wi+h malice Ioward none-wilh charily lor ali--wifh firmness in Ihe righl, as God gives us fo see 'rhe righl, lei us sfrive on ro finish Ihe work we are in-'ro bind up Ihe Naliorfs wounds-'ro care lor him who shall have borne Ihe baffle, and lor his widow, and his orphan-Io do all which may achieve and cherish a iusl and Iasling peace among ourselves, and wilh all Nalionsf' The earnesr desire in Tracy Union High School is Ihal Ihe above senlimenls may become a realify among Ihe people and nafions of Ihe earlh. Koard of 71-aa teeA JOHN L. MULLALLY Presidenl in 'V' BERT B. BANTA Clerk WILLIAM F. COSTELLO ---' WILLIAM KOSTER IRVIN M. PETZ Rf? -Q. fix' Dux. i P.- ff lx Y 4' ,f-TH 1 A I, , N K. ' ' L N Y J 24, ,kg ajlplxdhrl AAWK ' wr . 2 ' h A ff ' X fi -f A xv' xr ? iq . , 4 fl x - fa-I 10 ag, 1 -.K 167' ., Q- I ? 'i ,f ,jf 2 'sxvii ,s as ff' N-ai ANNABEL DRENTH EMMA M. BAUMGARDNER RENA CROSS THELMA DOUGLAS CHARLOTTE DOWN A E A 5 C C A f A . Q, 3: 5' - '. : ' AB .,,.,,V.. ,. , ' fri MARJORIE M. DUNTON WALLACE L. ENGLUND GRACE FINE MARY E. HAWLEY EDWARD LYON A.5 BS, A8 VA A5 AB L:'3'. 5 Q'-fs VH, A-' ' 'J-3 FEM rf, ' E: 5' P'g 'f l l f'- E'f1'5' Dfzgaf .' 1 H s':'. cm.4f41.,. . . ,Q an BILL CASTRO BOARD OF CONTROL F I Pres den? Top Row: Mrs. Riggs, Pereira, Rhodes, Braun, Hedrick, Albans. Second Row: Eagerblaae, Tho pso Mar Anastasia, Rerri, Frericris, M, Vlahos, Corbeff, McDonald, S. Vlahcs. Third Row: Mrs. Down Sfude v Booy JERRY MANCEBO Officers: Spring Secretary, Billie Crouchg Sorirg Vice-Presidenf, Richard Holcornbg Sprirg eg de SDI, Q pres dem Mancebog Fall Preside'r, Bill Casfrog Fall Vice-Presiderii, Rorald Fochag Fall Secrefary, Ka ry Kra se Treasurer, Jimmie Nicholso'. Student AJ vciation The fall semesfer sfarfed off wifh a bang, under fhe leadership of Bill Casfro. War sfamp sales fo 907, of fhe school's enrollmenf won for us fhe Minufe Man Flag which we lcepf flying fhroughouf fhe year, We were honored by informafional fallfs by Lf. Paul Allen, U. S. N. R., and C. S. Clarlc, Chief Specialisf U. S. N. R. The sfudenf body wif- nessed fhe dramafic Baffle of Brifain broughf fo fhem by Chief Specialisf C. S. Clark. We also enioyed many noon dances and rallies fhrough fhe leadership of fhe following officers: Bill Casfro, Presidenf: Ronald Focha, Vice-Presidenf: Kafhryn Krause, Secre- fary, and Jim Nicholson, Treasurer. r The Board of Confrol and Scholarship Sociefy sfarfed fhe Spring Semesfer wifh a bond selling campaign. They proved fhemselves capable by selling fhe fofal sum of Sl0,000 worfh fo fhe communify. Officers for fhe second semesfer were Presidenf, Jerry Mancebot Vice-Presidenf, Richard Holcomb' Secrefary, Billie Crouch, and Treasurer. Jim Nicholson. The Taclcy Day fheme was fhaf of a Carnival, The sfudenfs enioyed a moving pice fure in fhe morning. Compefifions befween classes and organizafions during fhe affernoon complefed a successful day. Mrs. Riggs had charge of sfudenf finances. Mrs. Down acfed as sfudenf body advisor. She also arranged fhe many fine assemblies. Q C'laAA eA C' 4.44 M1944 The year of one fhousand nine hundred and forfy-four has af lasf rolled around. The meelc and mild freshmen, who enfered high school four years ago, are now high and mighfy seniors. We enfered high school wifh I44 members and have gradually diminished fo 7I. The Case of fhe Vanishing Seniors will be complefed on Wednesday nighf, May 24, I944, af which fime fheir four year ferm will be complefed. All seniors are saying nighfly prayers for fheir so called sheep slcin. Every year fhe Senior Class is allowed fo give a formal dance, and as usual each year fhe senior class fries fo ouf do fhe senior class before Them. If is quife nafural fhaf Our Senior Class will ouf do all ofhers. The Senior Ball was held on April ZI, I944. With 'rhe sfrains of summerfime floafing fhrough a gym cornplefely fransformed info blue slcies, whife frellises, silver roses and vines, we danced fo fhe music of Bob Gray. Officers for fhe firsf semesfer were: Presidenf, Kennefh Wesflalce: Vice Presidenf, I-Ielen Mello: Secrefary, Jerry Mancebo: Treasurer, Donna Nicholson: Board of Confrol, Mary McDonald, Neal Sisson. Wifh fhe class Moffo I-Ionesf Efforf Brings Success in mind during fhe finals, fhe Senior Class came fhrough wifh flying colors: colors being blue and whife. Officers insfalled for fhe spring semesfer were: Presi- denfs, John Coylrendall, Eva Rocha: Vice Presidenf, I-Ielen Muller: Secrefary, Irene Sciacqua: Treasurer, Donald Chris- fian, and Board of Confrol, Pauline Eagerblade and Ronald Focha. Two of fhe class officers for This semesfer have gone info fhe armed services. John Coylcendall wenf info fhe Army and Donald Chrisfian joined fhe Merchanf Marines. Eva Rocha replaced John Coylcendall as presidenf. The advisors for fhe Class of Vanishing Seniors were. Mr. Moore, Mrs. Fine, Mr. Miller and Miss Thomas. Commiffees for fhe Senior Ball were: Decorafion, Inez Rose, Billy Casfro, Kenny Wesflalce, Thelma Draper, Eva Rocha, Evelyn Furfado, Maxine Levin, Leona Nichols, Marie Valhos, Doris Deaver: Favors, Donna Blinco, Niclry Margros. Donna Nicholson, Joyce Pofferz Bid, I-Ielen Muller, Pauline Eagerblade and Wilma Corbeff. FALL OFFICERS KENNETH WESTLAKE HELEN MELLO President Vice Presidenf JERRY MANCEBO DONNA NICHOLSON Secrefary Treasurer SPRING OFFICERS JOHN COYKENDALL HELEN MULLER Presidenf Vice Presiden? IRENE SCIACOUA DONALD CHRISTIAN Secrefary Treasurer 9 5 114 f ARLENE ALVAREZ Commercial Home EQ. Bioclf MT' MARY ALVES Commercial ART BASTIAN MalIwcrv1a'icS Band VERJILDA BEITENCOURT Commercial I3a d DONNA BLINCOE CommerciaI Board of Confrcl ANTOINETTE BOGETTI Commercial .? iI 'i. LINA BROWN I i -, Commercial an Beard cf Conlrol .. .fm f I A 9 ' VIOLA BULLARD .:Z, ' - Lv Social Sludies ' Q Q Maioreffe an I, W . - M N ff-' BILL CASTRO X , L 5 . -l I-Iislory ' It ' Q' Wcclcs Trophy . DoLoREs CHAPMAN iff! I-Iislory Debale 3 ,ml WELDON CHURCH 'af' ' Science K is-Ashe ,. ' Shop , : qs qi 'I ' DON CHRISTIAN '. N Science I7 I Foolball f 'hid ui. llblh , WILMA CORBETT ' ' . - '.., Z Commercial fl' ,f-A Q If , if -V ' , 1 Qs 2 JOHN COYKENDALL Q.. jiiw ' Q 5' Science Q' , I EVELYN CREASEY ---- ,W', fr Science BILLIE CROUCH Ccfwrercial Q F Sludefl Body Seifclary , Q I S ' , I ANGELO oAvANls '-td 1, fy' Speech' I If , ,, ,. x Foclbair DORIS DEAVER I1 I C ' 'ff A 'f' ii fi cmrrf:-rcial THELMA DRAPER Eroifcermq Sladcel Bed, Se:re'ar, PAULINE EAGERBLADE Corrn-ercial DORIS ELIASON Commercial RONALD FOCHA gc MM .X . I SIUO'3 3:21, Vhe rfmwgh-' MARTHA FOX I'IIS'CV, JEANNE FRERICHS Czwffefde DOLORES FRIEDRICH An EVELYN FURTADO Cfxrffrsrf 3 B cck T Presrce-+ DOROTHY FURTADO Comm:-rzia' MAXINE GARY C0'W'f:fz31I RINA GIANNINI Ccffmcfc-QI BETTY GEORGE Ccmmf:rciaI BIQQII 'T Sccrdarf DOROTHY GERLACH Muslc Majorerfe FLOYD HANSEN Aff Footbah HELEN HANSEN Silence EUNICE HILL Qgmfr-3rQIaI RICHARD HOLCOMB Mafhemafics Sfude-r+ Body Vice Pfesidcn' BETTY HOLLINGSHEAD Sdence DOLORES HOPKINS Ccmrrefcial Drama EARLENE HOPPING COFTTVYWQVQIGI JEAN HOYT Comrfofifa Dame KATHRYN KRAUSE Science Sfudenf Body Secffraff TOMMY LAURISON MafImef'1af?Le Band MAXINE LEVIN EPQIVTGEVIHG Band Q1 ,ui I 26' 2 , AIM 1 Al' Tb ,gow '3 ' x A s ...L '01 43 'Q - T 'MII fo-'S rf: CECILIO LOPEZ IJIi 'f 'i'-f' 5 2.23 .J ' 1 Q 75 .fin 2 JERRY MANCEBO Mawerravfci Smoev BCG , P'esT'Jc ' NICKY MARGAROS Art E pi H51 Suif' EDWARD MARLOW Shop Pefer B. Kyrc Trophy GEANNE McCALEB I-Iisfory KATHRYN McCLEARY CommercIeI Block T MARY McDONALD Aff EDISON MCLEOD Science Band GRACE McLEOD Science Block MT' 5 DOROTHY MEDEI ROS Commef:IaI BIocI14'T HELEN MELLO Commercial BIocIr T FRANCES MITCHELL QwmmmgI,3I HELEN MULLER Sciefwce E w CSM. pV'f:IU'2 ROBERT MURRILLO S' ww I3f15If1fIbnII LEONA NICHOLS sew? IJIa'fff3 Q DONNA NICHOLSON ifflflffz 2 Jxmsv NICHOLSON gfuziff Big' BETT! .PEREIRA Band EVA ROCHA Comm-erclal Yell Leader PEGGY PROUT Science Blcclc T INEZ ROSE Arf El Porfal Edifor LILLIAN ROSE Home Economics EI Portal Shaq MARY ELLEN SALING Home Economics IRENE SCIACOUA Maflwemafics Scholarship Secrelary STELLA SIMPSON MARY SILVA Commercial Music Maloreffe NEAL SISSON Shop MARY ELLEN SMITH Home Eccrvowics LAURA SOUSA Aff El Porfal Sfalf ELSIE TERRY Commercia Band LORRAINE THEALL Herve Ecvcrriis Drarra KENNETH WESTLAKE Meflwemalics Senior Class Presidenf MARGIE WILKINS Home Econcmlca MARIE VLAHOS Commercial CSF. Preside-nf HARPER RANDOLPH Sporls Shop JOYCE POTTER Aff Sn: : ,mi 3, BILL rox PresidenT EARL WOODWARD Vice President SecreTary Trea surer BOB HEDRICK PresidenT PHYLLIS WATSON f Vice PresidenT ' SecreTary Treasurer anior C1446 The TirsT Tormal dance of The year, The Junior Prom, was held on The evening oT Dec. I7, I943 in The high school gym beTween The hours oT 9:00 and I:OO. The Theme was Dreamship, and was appropriaTeIy carried ouT in blue and whiTe. STreamers enTwinecI The ceiling, and The hall was decoraTed wiTh anchors and IiTe-saving devices, while on The IeTT was a beauTiTuI shining crescenT moon. As each couple enTered, on a True-To-IiTe gangplanlc, They were given a passport ReTreshmenTs were available during The evening. AT The bow of The ship was The or- chesTra conducTed by Bob Gray. Everyone aTTending had a mosT enjoyable evening and The dance was acclaimed by all, a success. AnoTher imporTanT evenT OT The year was The selecTion oT class rings. The class was represenTed by Bill Fox, Frances Rehn, Marie SanguineTTi, Richard Bromell, and Joe Robinson. The Tinal selecTion was an oblong sTyle wiTh iniTiaIs and I945 inscribed on ei+her side on back. On The very Top is The TradiTional Bulldog wiTh Tracy under- neaTh. The class TeIT They were very Iuclcy To be able To geT rings as The meTal and labor is scarce. These rings will be someThing Tor each graduaTe oT The class oT 45 To remember The cherished Times and good Triends oT Tracy Hi. The Junior Class was under The leadership of The Tollowing Teachers: MRS, DOWN, CHAIRMAN MISS MADISON MRS. BAUMGARDNER MR. WESTLAKE The Tollowing are The Tall semesTer oTTicers: PRESIDENT . , . , , BILLY FOX SECRETARY , ., HVIRGINIA SUTTON VICE PRESIDENT EARL WOODWARD TREASURER . . JOE ROBINSON BOYS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL . , BOB HEDRICK GIRLS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL , VIRGINIA DeMARIA GIRLS' LEAGUE , , . ROSELLEN FRERICHS The Tollowing are The spring semesTer oTTicers: PRESIDENT. . ..... ., .. BOB HEDRICK SECRETARY MARILYN NOACK VICE PRESIDENT PHYLLIS WATSON TREASURER ELSWORTH ENSLEY BOYS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL . GEORGE ALBANO GIRLS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OE CONTROL . FRANCES REHN GIRLS' LEAGUE . ,..,,,...., ,,..,.,,,, , . . ,. ,. DOROTHY THOMPSON VIRGINIA SUTTON JOE ROBINSON ' MARILYN NOACK ELswoRTH ENSLEY Top Rowzxfe , CVE, 2, Q 1 ' fx fx n J'- L .,'v '.Ii . ,f f: 1 'fe':'s:'. Second Row: Alu Ee C ' f2':f:' 1-,: :' C1- Third Row: ,. Q12 few-A 'fizx' Fzcfci' f',. :' fi' Top Row: Hffcliik D., Rea Lines Jffez Lee, E U'-319, Second Row: Hrsff, Fe 'Qre Efceg Vffffzf' Ensjn, Huber? Mft. DC1m,Third Row: Da Pcvc Jzrryi' Lee h.,f'6GC Dani 9, HC ' Lf1..'Y',',' Umm Top Row: Rhodes, Mf'de w:, Mf Mahon Omovtz, R',c'r'c:'w Rr: New Second Row: Mr, VJ S'iLfA Phe pi, Rehn, Noacif, Nfwrgw Me 0, Third Row: rV1:ZQ P1 1,-1 MQW' Rosh, R965 PQHQ 1. Top Row: Wzcc.-.a'a Te. 3' Vfzff Wccfw' Vercla S-Que. Second Row: Vere. S ' Vla ef Te Sraw, Mrs, 5iu'3ar 'e'. Third Row: Wa's:w Syggr S, S' 53.5, W,-.R xyf, ., LAWRENCE PEREIRA ,..-va I6 FALL OFFICERS HOWARD ALCOCK PresidenT BETTY CROXTON Vice President RUTH VENABLE SecreTa ry IMOGENE LINDEMAN Treasurer SPRING OFFICERS JERRY SIMAS PresidenT LAWRENCE PEREIRA Vice Presidenl JERI PEREI RA SecreTary IMOGENE LINDEMAN Treasurer Soplwnwre C1444 An alIEimpOrTanT dance Tor This class. The Sophomore Hop, was held on The evening OT February 4, I944, wiTh an aTTendance OT abouT 300 sTudenTs. Due To The nearness OT The holiday. The Theme was VaIenTine's Day. The gym was appealingly decoraTed wiTh red and whiTe sTreamers sTrung low from wall To wall. Large red hearTs and miniaTure Cherub-Iilce cupids were placed aT eiTher end. Music was Turnished by The very laTesT recordings. One OT The mOsT inTeresTing dances OT The Hop was The Number HearTs. Each boy and each girl was given a number and Then The boy and girl wiTh The same number were parTners Tor The dance. The Tollowing commiTTees worked hard To make Their dance TirsT raTe enioymenT: PROPERTIES Music DECORATIONS HOWARD ALcOcK ROBERT SEAGRAVE RUTH VENABLE BILL MIZE GLENN WISE EMMA LOU RICKMAN RUTH MARKS W'NN'E MCOBSON IRMA FUNKHOUSER THOMAS WILLIAMS STANFORD KIBBE MARLIN CARTER JERRY SIMAS IMOGENE LINDEMAN BETTY CROXTON JERI PEREIRA The Sophomores under The direcTion of Miss Hawley IcepT up Their TradiTion OT decOraTing The AudiTorium Tor BaccaIaureaTe service. Since The beginning OT The year The class OT 46 has had IOOZ sTamp and bond sales excepT The very TirsT monTh. OTTiciaI salesman Tor The year was Imogene Lindeman. The Sophomore Class was under The leadership OT The Tollowing Teachers: MISS DRENTI-I, CHAIRMAN MR. PEMBERTON MISS I-IAWLEY MR. SCI-IULENBURG The oTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were as Tollowsc PRESIDENT , .,,,, HOWARD ALCOCK SECRETARY , . ,,,, VRUTT-I VENABLE VICE PRESIDENT ,, ,BETTY CROXTON TREASURER BOYS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL GIRLS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL GIRLS LEAGUEH, ,,,.,,,., ...... ,,,,,, . , , , .. ., The OTTicers Tor The spring semesTer were as Tollows: PRESIDENT . .. ,. ,. ,JERRY SIMAS SECRETARY VICE PRESIDENT LAWRENCE PEREIRA TREASURER BOYS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL, GIRLS' REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD OF CONTROL .,., IMOOENE LINDEMAN .. ,, .TOMMY ALBANO , ,,.,.,... RITA ANASTASIO CARLOTTA I-IAUSCI-IILDT ..., ,.., .,.,, J E RI PEREIRA IMOG-ENE LINDEMAN , .. ..,.,., .OERRIE BRAUN ,, SYLVIA VLAHOS Top Row: .. f'-:ee - 'Q A ,,,, 2, , ,Q,-,, -,,, ,. .f'E f.TQ Ag. Azfeldifd E 4 Second Row: E 1 2 , Stir' .,,f 4,,,,, L., ,-....-.-, .Ii 'I-'- ' Acfl, 'Third Row: A A- 5 gf:-f' Lf: f- 'K , ,, l,,,.,- JA ,I Top Row: lxrnx Hu . Hwffv L-vw ' Gown V1-fffw, Second Row: H-,ff Lge I, Fe e'd2z Vine Lv. Fx. Third Row: Md Scrnofcufw L 'iowa' '-ive viva Gvfr ' Lev-f2'e' K- ' F- a:x'. Fourih Row: Fcwvde' Ga fawrzff 5f Q' He,f: ':' fr pq. . ,E pil, , Top Row: Vfvfn' Orai, Nu' pf-rqwwg M'rr ff pw 'Q' Nuff' Rec-3. Second Row: M753 Hawfry p'Tf- ?'1 Mlm MLNQH New-f Ma 'f0H' pf:-3 Quhe. pefez. Third Row: Pf-ff-fa P615-f' REL' Wi' Nfifl Nf: fj-'v -rf' 'A Xla'f Pffp rAmff'f Pf-swf, Top Row: Si ff' S'eA Ewa 99.6- ' S-VN. Second Row: VJ E S-va':'f1-Q S'-se M55 D : ' Sfrfca S' -955 53:2 Firsf Row: Zi1'f3'1f:a Tr-ffl! Srgf,-,gfw xfi 3F 5 Ven Se? NV. CONNIE ROCHA PresidenT LEONA WEAR Vice Presideni JOAN NOACK Secrefary Treasurer WILLIAM VENABLE Presidenr MAURICE DELGADO Vice PresidenT GENE NELSON SecreTary Treasurer 71-uleman 61444 The class oT '47 sTarTed Their freshman year wiTh a disTincT advanTage despiTe The TacT ThaT They enTered school aT a Time when The UniTed STaTes was learning To do wiThouT Things iT had always considered essenTial. The group noT only Tilled The balcony. buT had more boys Than any oTher class. ln These days ThaT really means someThing. For The TirsT Time Treshman boys had come inTo Their own, There being aT The mosT nineTeen senior boys. The freshmen enTered a school aT war. Changes had been made in The curriculum To speed graduaTion and To meeT The requiremenTs of The Army and Navy. A course in maThemaTics was required oT all enTering sTudenTs. In accordance wiTh The all ouT Tor vicTory program of The school no Time was Taken from classes Tor The annual Freshman-Sophomore Play Day. On Friday evening, SepTember 3, I943, The Freshmen aTTended Their TirsT High School dance given in Their honor by The Sophomores. The boys, noT being bashTul in The leasT, acTually aslced The girls To dance. Following cusTom, The class gave Their Freshmen ReTurn Dance on November IZ, I943. IT was acclaimed a greaT success by all who aTTended. Feeling sure ThaT They could do more Tor The war eTTorT Than iusT buying sTamps The class volunieered Tor The sale of The sTamps. Each noon, every day oT The weelc, volunTeer salesmen from The Treshman class successTully sold sTamps To oTher Fresh- men, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and TaculTy. For The TirsT Tive monThs oT school The Treshmen averaged 8632 oT The class buying sTamps. The oTTicers presiding The Tall semesTer were Connie Rocha, PresidenT: Leona Wear, Vice President Joan Noack, SecreTary7 Alexander Enos, Treasurer: Bill FreiTas, Board oT ConTrol. The second semesTer oTTicers were President William Venable: Vice PresidenT, Marice DelgaTo: SecreTary, Gene Nelson: Treasurer, Norma Crouch: Board of Cone Trol, Gene Periera and Anna lv1arTi. Freshmen advisors are Miss DunTon, chairman, Miss Parish, Mrs. O'Reilly, and Mr. Lyon. ALEXANDER ENOS NORMA CROUCH Top Row: Fwefzi NF-'1: : gc lbw' P e'c Jf i'. Sec- ond Row: Erie 31, f-' f' fwfr' C20 C351 Q, Etzri:-1 2, w' 'fm C :ff ,, Third Row: Zvi, fi::e : Ffzefi' Ci' 1 A- .1 IJH' Cvczze 21--ff. .- '. Fourfh Row: Sf-fin 'liz - 3911522 C'e'2: Aw, .., rg f,,4 ,, Top Row: ,'. : Hes' C- H' Hr 'Jan F ff' 3721 ez Second Row: Mr, iff' L-,.if:f,r T. Lzauz. ey, saqcr GW-' Fwgmcei. Third Row: Guigr- Men Fmvier i.PliC 1jC'QUy, ltbfbi, Fa':'gi. F ourH1Row:Har'en B. i1rQ,vC'Q', Huck Hia' Ffa' 'rc' 6 :'aui', M. LCQCZ. Top Row: Pwiiesv Nffyr N1-ff surf, Pa'ff sin Nicnf 122 Second Row: M,f2r',SV1epherd MfFad3f:', Pt-fz Pa 'fer Misa DJ 'Tf. Third Row: Dcfdfa. OFM' V-AfLf-'fl MCC '. peorc M-av p '- 'L Fourrh Row: P995 C351 NH'- :'C' Mine, Pwr? Mu Nceiv 'A':3':i:i1,M:K'-n.. Top Row: VJ. T': e: N'J ':' XY! 2'dI'2 P 'e' Rc:-e s:', Vi'E'C': V!-Fe We Qi Second Row: V' Pair Riff: ee S ee::e', P,:fr J, W 'a e, Wiiiis Se ..ef: Trimmer. Third Row: SJ 'fa' SEGQQ:-C Suggs, Wes'Qrr Ri? Wea' Ycxg Rccgew E. Tniwa' Boffom Row: Rfkei T : 'ii' T,.i -. igre VVa , R. NVi::f S'e': , Riii V.'3 'E, iff UIFIP I C3 if v' V- Y ' I , X A 491 -i ei 2,4 5 . ri' 47 - -u V 9 - im vw fl JK i f 24133213 77 A i fltf Portal fwfr EL PORTAL STAFF PICTURES Top picfures: K. Wesllake, Simpson, Draper, McLeod, Nicholson, Ei'ason, I, Rose. BoH'om piclures: Mr. Wesflake, Jacobson, Seagrave, Miss Thomas, Hopkins, Sous Margaros. L. Rose. ING? present Leona Nicholsl EDITOR, , , INEZ ROSE ASSISTANT EDITOR .. STELLA SIMPSON BUSINESS MANAGERS ,MJIM NICHOLSON EDISON McLEOD ART WORK .. , . , LAURA SOUSA NICKY MARGAROS, LILLIAN ROSE FEATURE ARTICLES .,,, THELMA DRAPER DOLORES HOPKINS BOYS' SPORTS , KEN WESTLAKE, JR. GIRLS' SPORTS , . . LEONA NICHOLS HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER ,WDORIS ELIASON ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS ...... ., .. RALPH GONZALES, ROBERT SEAGRAVE, WINNIE JACOBSON FACULTY ADVISORS CALADORA THOMAS KENNETH WESTLAKE Ar Ihe beginning of Ihis school year, due Io lack of supplies, discon+inuance of Ihe journalism class and 'rhe increased Iempo of a war-lime school schedule, Ihe idea of a school annual was very doublful. This year wilnessed many changes in Ihe acrivilies of Ihe school. The armed forces have 'Iaken many of Ihe older boys. To all Ihese boys in The services 'rhe enlire slall wishes Io express Iheir sincere grarilude for The wonderful job Ihey are doing. The EI Porfal Slalf alrer being esrablished, has worked diligenlly Ihroughour Ihe year Io make Ihis year's annual a success. The srall wishes Io 'rhank Miss Thomas for her parience and greally needed help as an adviser. They also wish lo acknowledge The fine work of Mr. Broughlon and Mr. Wes+lake, who again look charge of Ihe pholography. They wish Io express appreciarion Io Miss Drenfh for her able assisrance, Io Ihe class advisers for Iheir splendid co-operalion, and Io members of 'Ihe srudenl body for Their valuable assislance. The El Porlal has been published 'rhis year because everyone, Ieachers and srudenfs alike, helped. ,JN 2I C nf f V V' Vrrf IJ n III r rrswcrm' Hr gyff Z IITC, G FIQ C F VOL' ' C, Nm. CGFFIC I IJ Q Q f JLL HAI IREASUREP Ever, ,ear 5 In I u 'X I J SIFLI A QIIVFN N Lhasa srorfors C Imdweo 5 EXIT v VS AN JREF SLCRE REAC FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS 'ATI-IPVN VRA SE PPI HOL NGSHEAD DON JA N CFIOLSON NCRMA DOOLITTIE ,or Q mum ,r IIIIS year :I was vc curckr a wa' vuy mcclv occ ca on arCI'1 GL VICIFL S IOGSWIO CVGQVTI GS OGSSC Cl FQVV N vv I U Q asrer 0 f we CFL' IIT V c gram raf 'arc 'NG I. L3 L L. WCC L ro Iiaeff e3oI,eI vr UOF V7 Lf .NIC Sa etq dwrwra CO 5 fl a Q vv evo Coanczl 'U rv v, I4 'I 5 UJx.'W J ICFI Ivrs ORQIII Home ma rw Wof sarvgc wwfr Qookfes an Ice rc r vs Iwarw EasIern desmgn on FIILFIG 'I maIoru K Lo and Ierme IIVQ Sc Q L, LMI S V WC f HL V 'WMU IIwrou I Iee D GFI IUGVI PQ LOpI Ju o Sl o Vat. aff' HQ' firii '::ff'Si1l'l' 225 Q5 3 CiI:f. fa fcrg 'r5'I:: FC',I3'5' 'I:'. I'5 Q 'FZQ'Q arg- gr, :Seng .-rg rWaff'f:I' fi FQ' i3N31'er graze aver' 'nga If C'32' 'Q S, +1 Igie ,Sa 'ms' 'ee er4,gr F. an IB gras: 'Q Paar: 'ef 5:I f. If-I3 ar: 25,5 'Q 'Bree c3I f. I3 iI arg' :cgi 'Q we scifi IICISI GC ra' SCJ' vc cfaiig ':I TI 5 If. TILA fc i,Ia Ira FI,-fr: WIT Wg War. f'f -'H ' :ff'I7a'I'n' Ivaf 'II' 'Ia-'J afI If: aQ'Iv'Ifq,. Tm! ww: .--we :if:eIe11 Le 'Q ai-1 QI 'rawfp: aIIcr Ja ff,I'IES. FII- nr IW- C. I. Ii. : 11 'I'IIUi'f-'I I' 're Born IDrIv- v.'H7Cr waf, v,-rv CLZCZSSIILJ, TIM: zIIIIfier1 IL: 'ru ,qw wsu: II Quia' r'I':'f-W NIL er' VIC: I5 LQJ Qmq I.4g-.-' S:-Q 1 fa I 2 I I'Qf1p r-r Dr Jw Giraca. , I lle Y - Ire Lfrul SCQQ-Iv L.-I1 IQ CIVQC Ira of IvIIi, I4a'fI'v I d on a very '.uc:Q,sUI vgar. Ia: QIIFCQ-rz were IAI PRES DENT UPF E V '-OS :QEH S' ,f I- J MICE FFF: ISENI 'IIIL'ff-I I II.'5EI ICE VPS 'DFNI I' LI ' I .IQTXIFM I-QPQLS 7 TIII I : I ' . I , a S ISO 7 I S 2 ' ' L -f 'f We GMI J I, I. a I1 5 It Q ba 5. I I I1 If' M' 161944 III IIIIQ III IIE IE 15.7 , a If I - 3r'id In sur! I , uIQrf, ra' bfi cI172I.Qn f.: II1Q 'SIL-, I . I -I yi FI? Q cIa,sdI r Q' bcIdp1a'Ig. fx ore' I J 1 '4 'ff II I dI a , I - ff'.II1- TC ' I' , CII, IJr'Iy Iored ,FDS V+ ' I 'Iwc ,z gr. IVIILS Ha' Ia, 'Ira F,V grim: 1,:51 ISI a .cry :Vue ICQ, IIWQ 3 H II - , r' frxQI' Q'-I Q1 -aoij zz, I-Uri. Baan Jifcrir 'r' sgwqi sy V Z FI' , , ,.I CcseIa . I1 I IJ' Q f J X- 'fiber fa. 2a7cIed QQ, a Iwo a'I fee. K o Sag, Faavf F-ff: fwf,-af , '.f.I,,- 51, ,fam Fx. Qrkim 'maps ,or 'war II -2 qIw acdjervs Jw Ima 'rarma ffr' 11, mam- :Ser II Iad or Tr: ::aIIIJfIrf'rnI. IHS IIN.: ac':1I'Io aI IQSI,,Q, fICIIIIIy I- ni ace: V. Ii, if Trac, .iqfn I1 'QI O at Iv -1 mia 'Q-rg-fi1'aiIw' Q InTI'31W5r1i r.3J.q1:'I:n IES aff - 'I Q bu es. Id- Igfv.,-', C ' I I-'wx 1' Q I:I,iyw,' amz 'I :opiIr,nIr- acid ,5 id re- :wQm,- rms: II: I ,war 'r::IL-'J 'imfr3w, ifrmca rrq if 4 :I- Lg- Ifqin, ' ::'IlQ, erin -f 'i'W'Q.i Q5 riiavizi f:J j: ri IQ: 'I A Gmi Ire :,g,5',fr ',1 I'w fI f ,- lv: 5' 'r 'rf zi.. :g,a'i 'Q r:I,I 3 -,IVIMTS FJII ' I, , izar' xr' '- 1 p: i::cI7' E' Cc'ICFl ', .,,H ,-'., , W4 ,. ' , ff ,VM C. S. F. Top Row: 5117 F- ' Second Rowzf Wzez' 3 -ee 3-21 2' fx. , -i'1'f1 e D': ':' ff: Se' iii Third Row: C SL: 3: ', F , , ., J X. 'V,,, :,., .W,, f1':: : Fourfh Row: 1 QU: 'f1C '. 9 'Z ':-': Sfill- C,,.' L..- 1- HELEN MULLER GIRLS' LEAGUE Top Row: MHS D- ' ' P-4ar 0', Frerkhs, Second Row: VS: FM,-Mfr, PM- i2'A'C' SdV'fjLivFFf'T- Nfvm ye Pfam, Cgrsz M13 Ozzie. Third Row: SW: NLT: i, Draoff V vi K'i:.,l'2 HcMvfgeHQi3 Nf' 1 -1' Dtniiff Q. MARIE VLAHOS K, pm, KQTHRYNF KRAUSE ::'N'1 nf-S :f- SAFETY COUNCIL Top Row: Le. Se 1' CTL? Lge: ?-f'5.3i- ' :e':'Q'. Boffom: Cffz WILMA CORBETT ed Crow Wfh Mrs. O'ReTlry as advisor The Junlor Red Cross has done much To help The neeoy and TC cneer servfce men. Many gfrls lcnlTTed slx lnch squares Tor aTghans and made qarmenTs. Under MTss T-lawley's d'recT'on games QT all Vnds, cross-word buzzles and Tig saw buzz es were qarherec and cuT Togemer TC senc To The Army and Navy hospITals. Mfss Thornas neloeo The ar' s'udenTs 'nale over Three hundred Chr2sTmas cards for ccnvalescfo servlce men T: send To any one They wTsheo. ColorTul glass lars were :3aTn'ed for vases and covers 53' car'oen cools were mace. UPOGV M Baurnoaro ' ' ' o nTs rnao arToo s o e fi c TT ouar re y a T T c cTTrcer clccfco ounce n Reo oss ac vTTTes were T-lelen Muller res: denT Rosalre Phelps vc o oenr sf a SmTTn secreTary Mela Erceq Trea urcr DoroThy Gerlach reoorT r BeTTy Geo ge assTsTanT reoorTer Q10 Kloclz 7 Block T SocTeTy oT T943 44 sTarTed ou :Ts year wrTh a meehnq To acquaTnT The qrrls boTh regular and new members wTh Tne Tolowrnq oTTucers PRESTDENT EVETYN EURTADO SECRETARY BETTY GEORGE VTCE PRESIDENT KATT-TRYN KRAUSE TREASLJRER PEG PROUT lmmed1aTely plans were made Tor The rnTraTron oT The new members Eva Rocha Vlola Bullard and DoroThy Mederlos The Block T Luncheon ThTs year was a huge success Many grrls aTTended re cerved a nrce lunch and were enTerTauned very well The Theme was EooTball and decorahons were carrled ouT accordrngly February snsTallaTuon was held and The new oTTrcers Toolc Theur oTTlce They were PRESTDENT ARLEAN ALVAREZ SECRETARY EVA ROCHA VTCE PRESTUEN BETTY GEORGE TREASURER TT-TELMA DRAPER New members were lnez Rose KaThryn McCleary Josephme BeTTencourT T-Telen STurT Lucille EurTado Lucy Campo DoroThy Mrze Angle DuTra and Mela Erceg BoTh Terms were vcry saTrsTacTory wTTh The co operahon oT all concerned The danccs and programs qlven were ooTn Tnancaally and socnally successTul Zettel-man A Socfety The l.eTTerman s Soc e y under The leadershrp and Traunrno oT Coach Rogers and Mr M l r succeeded rn ouTTTng on Two org box no maTches Thrs y ar The prelrmr rue w re l rnoa Marc '944 n he hgh sch ReTerce was PvT Pcrerclr puooe were Dr Power Sq WhTTe and Mr MaThews Trme Kccoers we e Mr Grow M Wes alc anno ncer was Ken WesTlal4e Jr The o w nT Three rounos each rouno rw m nuTes w h one mrnure resT perroos The vcr Glove f rc nn ran wcre d ubsT r ourrng Tr' Cw F acn L. u The Troo ac e a T T-f nn M e he crowd ol rc Ucf' GC J L L WW rs. T4 'ers orecfcn sTu le , T le c r boolc T s nd To nosuwals. A' The 'lcse o he TM' y 'er We Quia for 'ne enT' err had been Tlllea, he M sea a'To 'Yfle Cr : ,p '- ' Ye-yresll T'l3r7,ll ,'.,, ' l , s e' T , e' r ' ' K . , u n A T , , l T Z T T k . , , . . . 5 0 T ' T T 'T l ' ' ' J . Ire, ' N ' T ' A , ' e . ' '- na '-5 e hed E ' y, h I7, T T TT I T oo' gym. Q I or JS A S! +I ' Y . . X Mg T r . T r, + e' N uT - . bys'e T 'e 'T T' T wTnners cT The Trals were CfGSG'W'6d wf'h oolden q'oves wmle The losers received fl 1 1 5. RJ -s'r oT coca :oa rec' oeer anc: o fT qc -- scT aTs ' ' ',Ter rffggfcn. Tre cr mfg: Tec: 'r suscenie T-T TE e Ge' ' and Toqea rjclred o T hy ffnrer. E a'l, Cc r Rcgers C'Ci3 'G T: fs' ,eans - 7 BTI Az .Tf A cneereo. Trc- elhcc-re of The 54,5 Bei' 'Tlx 3: Dresden' Bll Cas ro' Vce R es' lc TT Rcnad Ee hr ard E-cr'4'ar, Treaaurc-r fm TJQ' cscn. RED CROSS Top Row: E' QL '. C 3: .F f '. Bo++om: 'f .HL HELEN MULLER LQ., .,,, . GIRLS' BLOCK T Top Row: Mi: Ca :,. Sfmt, Mfa Mazilsz' SM' dvi Dui MCC Gay, L Fufwui, Second Row: Bw' 'even' Meodfcp 'Ae ' EMO? A famz, Kffxuf: Draofff. Third Row: 3.Mff1 Rccra. Fourth Row: Res' Pfam. Fiffh Row: Sf-'rw E. Hfwzz ARLEAN ALVAREZ Paw PM-'ldffrf EVELYN FURTADO Sziffx PHA 1'- LETTERMANS SOCIETY Top Row: B'-'ff Q' 1 ' Qin' Swv Gif . 3- wh HQQQWL Life-'. Kffd. Second Row: MH' ' if 'femc' VJ:-3' are CC,P':'3i Mfff. TJ :sr Ft: f'.'.Tl'1ird Row Damn' T, A550 Cain' F511 Head? Ri CJ',C' Fourfh Row: G. A ifrg Lef' D- Rfb -. S4 C' 'f' Lee. my cfxsrno ,mn .A , . 0 l. Band Chrlsrrras boxes, 2. Spherlca. Trig, 3. Mechanical Drawlng, 4. Fffsf Aid, 5. Canning. 6. Bend Posfers. 7. Reference Work, 8. Typing. 9. Red Cross Scrap Books, lO. Shop, Uictol-9 C'vrpA lnrougn preparafory courses and exlra currlcular acllvllles The Vlclory Corps organized ln Oclober ls conlribuling lo The war ehforl. The physical filness program for boys enlerlng service Includes commando lrainlng, callslhenics, and compelllive games. Pre-lnduclion courses for boys ln Aeronaullcs. Malh. and Code, and defense lobs Tralnlng lor girls enable lhem lo serve elllclenlly. Pracllcally all sludenls ln school parllcioale ln some ol lhe many exlra curricular acllvllles Hdolng Thelr bl+ by lhe purchase of War Sfamps. crop produclion, parl limo worlc, scrap drlves or Junior Red Cross. As a resulf of Thelr work 'nany books magazlnes. llcwer ccnlaners, hundreds of cross word ouzzlez and carloons are senl +o l-lammond l-lospllal, Modeslo. lor fhe use of wounded servlce men. V Ma? le'fcrs are sem eac' week 'c our serxfce mer cverseas and a news, Chrsfmas l6H6' was sen' lc al. former susan? wncse names are on +he Rcl ol l-loner. Q.. YM trument Ulllwic The band acT'v'T7es Tor 'h': year have been cur- 'a ed cecause 'ransc3rTa'cr- was unavaiiace 5'G pecacse mam sencr S'uCl5'Li have 'or-ed The armed ferces. The caho played :er 'wo home games and on 'umerous pa'rioT'c cccasicrs including The CEQA' :afar QT The IVlfruTe Mart Flag bond ral yr. A rrzough 'ne sand was nc' as large as Tn ore- viCuS years, 'hey were wil ing ard ready To par'ici- :pa'e i' afl ac'iv'T'es. The lv'afcreTTez nciuded DorThy Gerlaclf Leona Nicho s, Winrie Jacooson. Vicla Baiiard was Drum IvlaioreTTe. The band suTTered a greaT loss wifh The grad- uaTion oT lasT years seniors. lvlr. Schulenburg says The sTuoenTs who have Taken Their paces have done a Tine job. The band is loolcing Torward To The reTurn oT normal Times when They will be able To Travel To ouT oT Town games and revive Their annual Trip To The bay region Tor a college TooTball game. All The sTudenTs have realized The siTuaTion and morale has noT diminished. The dance band included: fxlTo Sax.-Geane Garrison, Richard Holcomb. Tracy AnasTasio' Tenor Sax.-Frances Rehn, KenneTh WesTlalcet Trom- bone-Edison McLeod: TrumpeTs-Richard King, Russel Hayden: Piano-KaThryn Krause: Drum- Bill Levin' VocalisT-BeTTy Pereira: Bass Violin- Dolores Chapman. This group played Tor numerous school dances. Some oT The bands new pieces This year were Glenn Miller's arrangemenT oT The Volga BoaT- manfl Drums in My T-le-arT, Dark Town STruTTer's Ball, STormy WeaTher, NighT and Day. The band has also learned many popular paTrioTic songs. The band senT oaclcages To all The ex-band mem- bers in The service. LeTTers were received Trom The boys expressing Their graTeTulness. ln order To pay Tor These The band sponsored several noon dances. BAND FIRST PICTURE-Firsf Row: 'f .- 1 CV: U F' :sus Second Rowzf'-.23 Bu:-5 v' '3:f l'2 5,' 231 I-':N:' Lg:-fr SECOND PICTURE-First Row: P.:-'- f r 7'-: . A 2'c-3. Second Row: -f S. ' K, ' 5' -s Third Row: 52' Ja' ': 5' - ' i' w' Fourth Row: -'J--5' - 'A L 5 1' ':. Fiffh Row: 'J 5' f- THIRD PICTURE ff'--' . '- FOURTH PICTURE-Firsf Row: T '-'T Tr- ' 3' .' Second Row: F-F . -4.1 f FIFTH PICTURE-Firsf Row: S. .- 3- 2 f' Second Row: 5. E ffzz-. 9 - Third Ro-1.E: : ' ' ': '-'- - - Fourfh Row: ,-'- S'-'w 1 ' - L' - Fifth Ra.. i. -- -. -- C .- SIXTH PICTURE-Firs9 Row' V ' Second Row' 'J- H. 1 Third Row: .- . I-' stu' - ' Fourrh Row 2- : Soplai ticated Swing ?or Uictorq Cr June 3, T943 We Swhg Bard, wifh +he aid of rhe drama class +he girls' gym dasses, and fha arr deoarrmenf, pur on a program- Sophis+ica+ed Svfng Tor Vfcroryf' One program in +he afrernoon was our on Tor rhe High School. Admission was a War Sramp. The nighf performance was a week larer wifh admis- sion war bonds or sfamps. I+ was +his program +ha+ puf Tracy High over The Top Tor The Minufe Man Hag. The Swings+ers were Alfo Saxophones-Jean STRUNG ENSEMBLE Chaorrar, Fukher, G. McLeod Sfuir Pasqua Genazh. DANCE BAND A a fasic E. McLeod, Hcicomb, Levin, Garrison Wc-s'alco, Jacocson, Rehn, Krause, Pereira. Garrison Tracy fxnas'asc' Tenor Saxacnores- Doris Theaf, Frances Rehn' Bar one Saxoonones- Roberf Slroclcng, Kennis Jones' Ciariners-Kenny Wesrlake, Hexen Muller Rchard Hdcomb' Trum- pelrs-Gene Hedrick, Laurie Monroe, Lee Dunn' Trombones-Edison McLeod, Harold Brown, ArnoTo Vander Meer' Bass--DoTores Chapman: Piano- Karhryn Krause' Drums-Jack Nevin' Vocahsfs- Beffy Pereira, Geane McCaleb, Karhryn Krause. Leader, direcror and everyfhing else-Mr. Schulen- burg. SOLOISTS E. McLeod, L Rose Wezrialre Muher, Hofcrrc Ga' MAJORETTES Suhard. Gr:-r aah, NichoTs, Jacocscc, 96 S-.A K vs Speech YQEGLKCV .-ffffg 'Fc Qx'em -ffa'xiJ1c:n':ir if waz Dwi , 66'i6Ck. 'Qs Cmoman QF Larkh cleced. GTETGV sewers me ci were ' W1 CUE 'WA ATQVVCBVT LQQ'-in avi 'VC f E' : fff c 2. be6ate gh .-.eff 2336 ,4:e ': 'Q 'W Q 'rugs ':Jff1 'e s Y' Freffc Sa' Efvi 'xx 2.32. Dues .wife 'cd '.-wh Viftii ra Q fx' 3 Nzdgic F:s ve5 D: :vet Cwecfvaf 533-C Wawg eiebec L M. f,:iQf'ff 3, Eg.. fn-5. Jr. ff-JRR' pg , ..,.,.., J. SPEECH DEBATE TEAMS Top Row: VJ f Sf- A L 'A'-ww' . Second Row T f'f'A W. Mm- Svawm - Third Row: Mn L,fQn,Jaf r QC' D. Mir- We 'F 1 ,,'n GLEE Top Row: .5 PH: 5115 P5 C-' S'af.' H rw L:-wwf 'V1'.L Second Row: 3-'cf' R E'-:Ac V, f Pc-f -1 Ma ff 3' Fi-fz B-af' DQf:,.Third Row:DC Cc Mitre. F1 'H' Sue H 4106511 F'fA'if'1s Rx Rffr'-1 3 MCKwr Dv.: G 'eric 'P .215 WFP a smai J Qfcuo than L WMP icmc' fff fdces. Lffef 'P We ferns ifferl 'fitaigi cj 'Q' maVfc Q grow' 'af frfnfr 'P fx, Q-Aziw' gn We ,-frzfefixzi 5: 2 .-.24 'rue 'Q Eh if gm, 3 15295: Eve Rzifa Angel PNA Aff S :fa ff: C :C R-ff F-new PT: -eil L.:.c: Sv: ' 5: N- avi Ffefif Qi' if '9 'ACa'V 'ez T gs R422 J, ff En' QF e' C'Z. flfl.lefic.4 T Q ?oot6a I f , 2, Afff'f M- .4 fy,-1-ff f.:, '3- JSJ- . .. ,J a I., 3, - TL. u -d--, 1,.. - J - -f3 '- ,.- av- Lxfgf? .,-A -F ,-2,-r f- affcf' 5' 3 G, Q'-G A ECl.4iC r, 5.23 ff 'Pg one ', 'Q' s'3Jo fwem :L V. ,QT C ,, , fx , A T , , , ,,. , N53 E CUM x.f:'fCc 3. VVR':'T l'z V: ., 7' - .,-Q -.-,- fx-S - TTCC7 EOLGC -Sf : xJ3f33'CT lfu:'5'cz f. ,gfjyfi .-fzu C 5.23 E 73 Wai' Curr: fc came 5' 'A fiiil' ' 3 , 'fin :Cu gave E1'l'-fi -ECi.SC2 'Q H 'hs 5' . fc cn' 3 . We 5, , acied Qfgfrgr Mctw 'Q er Grid? Tw: 'fz' Give tif: 'P'-F Caiwc ram lcrlyrlwc yarda swing flwe ball A1 zczrfrg 43ff Cf, owl'- lnq rho ball no +0 +l1elHr2ef',fardllr1e Rulz carried 'T Qver qlvrq Tracy a 6-O lead. ln llwe second quarlcr, aflcr a ouslx ol zevfnlg yards an Yell Leaders: T llve llrsl downs. lzoclwa carrfed flue ball over from We zevefw yard Bill Caslro-EN 'f' ' ' . . - - A - Y llne lor 'rue secono score, Clwfld-an added We evra cc A+ 'o end +l'Te scoring al l3AO. SEPT. 24 oc' ' OCT. 8 OCT. 35 CCT. 22 NCI. 5 NOJ. ll NQV. 1? TOP Row: SCORES TRACY TRACY TRACY TRACY TRACY TRACY TRACY TRACY C c .iq ,A.,,.,,, VS. UVERMORE VS, RATTERSC VS l. VF O J. f'KCAT,l: NJ P4 VERVCRE VS SCNORA VS. CAVQACE VS, C VS. M fn, ERES ANTECA l? .K ,C . eq. . -QL-,U psn, T Av 'A f- wr. Km ,gA,-1. Fourth Row: 5 ' CM s :' CES . 5Li': 23.35 :' Edward Marlow 222 7 5 .1 . ' NA .-is Second Row ' Third Row: .'.' Kf' -V ' ' 'A ,..-1, ... , A , , :-,LN 1 I A .IK ' Eli--.ESL-lf K- A T4 asia' 152:51 fllgftfl 'ff jtrff if S .,.Ag,-iw' W. I 1 -fa,--L 'href ,QC . o v A511 ,,', 1 L B 1. us ms ' xi , J 1u ' w:': fi'-swf . X 'X W-v-r-qt-1 I' 1, 1+ Oiias- 'xx A f fl ,. D ' 2' M I., J QQ. 1 Q W..mgm:z zo' ' V '53 f ,. - . . wif , 1 A .. ' ' -wwf 22 1, F. ,, , 5 Ka lee tba!! This year 'rhe Tracy l-llgh Varsily l-loopslers rolled 'rhrough a Thrzll paclced season of sevenleen games losing only one. One of The besl was The lournamenl game wufh Gushne, Gvusllne led all lhe way up lo 'rhe lasl few mnnules of play when lhal never gave up spirll ever presenl En 'rhe leams of Tracy Hu showed ulsellf again and The Bull dogs pulled oul ln fron? lo end The game wilh a lwo polnl lead over Gushne The B leam wenl 'rhrough 'rhe season undefealed Thenr mos? oulslandnng game was wifh Oakdale, and was one ol The bes+ games ever played on 'rhe Tracy Hugh courf Played af Tracy l3rer'ff.'::G Tracy Oalcda fe Manfeca Tracy , Tracy' S:':ra Tracy New-'ar Trai. Trac. Pa -ers: Gus re . Oalcda e SCORES Opponenf Bfenwv 0 Bwrvw 3 Newca Oalroal Marve Paders S+, Ma Scrora Mare Newr Oalrda So':ra Pavers Gay? Oalcda Ka 6641 ecause o d icuirles caused by +he war baseoall srarled Sale lhis year, Lasr year saw seven ol lhe Varsily gradua'e bu' Mr. Rogers says we wil have a fop ho+ch 'learn 'rhis year. The Bulldogs will nor play in a league. oul lhey will have garnes wfrh lhe schools in our league ol years before. They will also probably have a lew games wifh some service learns. If is loo early in The season lo give any proohecy on 'he winner ol 'he baviaq Trophy bul all lhe boys on The squad are frying hard lo rnalce il Their own. The boys ou? for baseball are: Laurence Genlry, George Albano, Bob Mclvlahon, Laurence Bumann, Bob Salice, Greg Perez, l-loward Alcoclc, l-larolcl Lowery, John Riclcrnan, Marlin Fulcher, Bud Nicholson, Mike OlBad, Tony Fuselli, Bob Brooks, Bill Broolcs, Jim Shaefler, Bob Wrighl, Floyd Allamirano, David Garcia, Keilh Fry, Slan- ley Roberlson, Charles Brasher and Roberf l-larry. '--. s Q xxx 2 hli, Burrann, Alcoclc, H cnc Albano Rickman Randolph Davafis, McMahon Genfry Lowery Top Row: CA' H Fr, H ll S -' O Bai V, Second Row: F, . V' lvl r' '.A, If f' P H G Aran Boffomz og fa U D 'W' Sw Koxing The Bloclc T Le++ermen Sociefy boxing shows were slaged in March +his year. ln fhe finals eighf new champs were crowned wirh resulfs as follows: ISO pounds- Francis Mellow decisioned Roberl Sullivan: I7O pounds-Gregory Pereg decisioned Jim Shaffer: IZO pounds-Bill Mize decisioned Mil+on Birlchahn: I3O pounds-Paige McFadden decisioned Pele Abelar: l4O pounds-Harper Randolph decisioned Bill Carson: ISO pounds-Manuel Neves decisioned Richard Hasfief I6O pounds-Franls Colli, a T. K. O. over Richard l-lolcornbf and in +he heavy weighl-Ed Marlow, a T. K. O. over l-larold Lowery. Bill Mize was presenied The Boxing Trophy again +his year for being 'rhe besl all around boxer. Tenni Wilh 'rhe coming ol spring, 'rhe sporl ol Tennis is in The foreground. This year's 'rennis lurnouf was one of 'rhe largesl in fhe record of Tracy High. Due lo circumslances caused by +he war lhe Wesl Side Tennis Lea ue was d's Q I r confinued for fhe durafion. All conlesls were confined +o marches wifhin lhe school ifsell. As This arricle is being wrilren, lhe 'rournarnenl is in lull swing. The mos? lilcely prospecls 'ro receive lhe l, 2. 3 awards are Jim Nicholson, Ray Coylcendall, Richard l-lolcomb, l-larper Randolph and Bill Levin. BOXING Top: Randolph, l-lasfie Noyes, Holcomb, Lowery Marlow Coach Rogers. Boi fom: Sullivan, Mello. Shaef fer, Perez. Birlchahn, Mize Abelar, McFadden. anna., W . TENNIS Baci Row: McMahfn. Kin-1 L v-Cs Mr. Schulenburq E . -., Rardclch. Fronf Row: Holcomb, Wesvlalne NT1l'Cl'cn. Ccylc. Klbbe. G Taclzq b q lne leo even: 35 iaif, Da-, CEQGW abouh 2:l5 c. fn. Marin 3l. D, Sanlwwan won 'ne sr' -guard and oinny race. J. l-lop oushed a ball dom- 'ne :ed vhr a pencil :as'er 'ran 're resf, K. Hansen won a race invo ying ealing Two sooa craclcers and 'her singrg iifvlairzy Doa+s. Winners ol 'ne Ooyii races were: Twoflegged race Mie and Kibbe' saclc race rwarry- wheeioarrow race Davanis ano VVIOOOWGVCJ. Rurh Eornfnsfon 593 Rona o Focha received a oe :or winnng lhe pie ealing con'es'. Ar' Sassor caugn' 'ne greased oig aller '+ ll5G oeer subdued by lilly hale aro o. ,li ily a ill, e.. U01 eq6all All of rhe girls wore anxious lo begin 'rhe voieybal. rournamenl, as il is rho lirs+ sporr played each year. Pxller defealfng heavy compelifion lhe final garne was played befween fhe Junior A learn and 'rhe Se-nior A lean'1lor+he chamoionship. This was played in lhe gym belore an allenlive audience. 'lo see +his exciling and final garne you had lo purchase a war saving slanno. The Junior A learn, ailer a hard Fighr, came lhrough lo win lhe rnalch, 'rhereby becoming lhe 44 volleyball champs. TY GOLD T WINNERS Top Row: Mall? Draper Second Row: Mfedoiros Al yare: Prom. Third Row M iv. Madison Krause Search WSYFVWV W nf f VOLLEYBALL L ' r l . '1 E' - 1 Second Row: X! 1 F Third Row: BASKETBALL Top: Cizefc F'Ce'z:' 92: 'zxg Cid: 3'zf-' Second Row: M'a ', W'f:'e XVV' 1:1 D':Z'CiZ let. 'Ne3':'. Third Row: 2'a Z' ?f:C':'. 121- -3' Da'-fe' Tfcye 3:21. BoT- Tom: Jena CTL' Da- iadi Zafe'-e. !v':f 'e, HJ DANCING Top: if ra uze Nicholson, Vahc: Deaver C:rbeTT. BoTTom: Fuvado, George, vt Ka lze tball ThaT The girls are inTeresTed in baskeTball has been shown by This year's TurnouT. The Freshman girls puT The upper classmen on Their Toes alThough They didn'T climb high enough To play in The Tinal game. The Sophomore A and The Junior A-2 are aT The Top oT The ladder ready To spring againsT each oTher Tor The Tinal playoTT. AT The Time of The wriTing we regref ThaT we do noT lcnow The baslceTball champs. The girls This year have shown exTraordinary sporTsmanship in Their TournamenTs. bancing We have carried ouT The good neighbor policy in our dancing This year. We sTarTeo ouT wiTh The Rhumba. When we TeIT in The mood we did The Laconga. We sTarTed To learn The Tango when Miss Morrow leTT. She also TaughT us paTTerns Tor ball roorn dancing. You see wiTh The man shorTage, we danced wiTh paTTerns insTead oT Men!!! OT course we could noT compIeTe a dancing course wiThouT some oT our own iiTTer bug dancing. ....,,-X, 4I Yenni AT The time oT Th's v.frITIng The gfrs are ix' cr:cTi:inq 'enns The 'ourwanicvs have voT ye-T s'arTeo buT The- will be played r 'Pe pear fuue, Tsev' .fl ue rziaveo Q. , Y , , T 'he s'ep laooer rneTnoo in whicn 'ne couples or sire es .'.'1rk'o The 'op bi pea - Y ing The persor on The lisT above. The sfngfe or oouoleg 'nav .work Their way To xhe Top are The class wfnners. These winners will Then play GQEBVVTS' each oThe'. Cornoehlfeh T1 nsnailv very lfeen and The girls have a gre-aT deal oT Tun. , Kadmin tvn BadrninTon is always one oT The rnosT popular individual spcris. IT will be necessary Tor The girls To use yarn birdies This year as They did lasT. The winning girls will show Their slcill by working up The ladder, conquering each couple or person whose narne is above Theirs. In badrninTon alerTness counTs. The back hand is The mosT diTTiculT sTroke. One secreT in playing is To serve well. AT The Time This was wriTTen The school winner had noT yeT been deTermined. TENNIS Top Row: WaTson, Walther Hohnqshead. BoTTom Row Frerichs, Corb0TT, Wilcox Mcffrory. BADMINTON BackRow:L, :1' 31- BoTTom Row rv' 37. ARCHERY 'J' il SOFTBALL Back Row: Q: offmf 9503 03993 C -0- ' r .4 0 AT 3 1' nl ' a 0 -L 3 . 'S , ' u 3- f N A 1- .1 ' ' 1 A14 -' , Z7 .: XL l O Jw Q ?' j' N A f ' sz I K1 X: QD ff, v ,N U ' ,' .v r Y . rg L -1 X EJ IZ- ff L. Aj .Lx - Y V' ' ' 'f C M 3 T1 V U ' I w 1 cu G My M, U, Y. -, N . f .r A N L- 3 . T ., . Q C --y L1 . s f 4 . 3 Q- , 4. 1 1 V Dfw 31 .,,.f We sho? an arrow Info rhe air and If shouid have ianded on Der Fuenrens 'Face 'I or possibly Tojos Hxose being Lhe faces drawn on our rargers. Th's year, En archery, fhe QEFNS are afanmq fo cornpe+e aqafnsr each cfher in 'rne dasses and see who can hir rhcse guys Usmackom more Frequenify, We oorfr expecf io gel anywhere as far as Der Fuehrer and Tojo are concerned, buf iusr ro have fun. Archery oevelopes a good posrure and an accurare cye. You don? have ro be a suoerrnan lo parfcfoare because SWF, rarher fhan s+renq+n, is requrred. gpm 1 Sofcbai. +n75 year, began an +he ffrs+ of +he Vnai ouarrer so ak 'ne me QF-1-Hs 'Proj fr was no' Known who ffQuWo rece7ve 'he honor or oelrq fhe U44 champs. The beqnring af +h?s soar' cofncfdeo rhe hrs' warm wearher and rhe g'rWs enroyec oerq ouo or ooors. Because of inEs very facr a qrea' many peooie Turned ou+ for 'he scer' ana con1ce'T on was keec. Ever 'hose --.' ho oo no' oarrcrpare ac- 'very e'7oy wa'ch7ng. pw ideal gpm The 'rwo individual sporfs which have been played wi h The mosl vigor and ex- cifemenf This year are ping-pong and shuTTleboard. A+ lhis lime Ramona Alvarez and Adeline Avilla are ready To play Laura Sousa and Mary Alves. The winners of The above couoles will play l-lelen Mello and Pearl Rodgers Tor +he chamoionship. Shuffleboard has been played OTT in The morning and aT+ernoon classes. Ann Serpa and Mary McDonald are The winners ol The morning classes while Anfoinelle Boge++i and Priscilla Smilh are The winners ol The allernoon classes. Darls is one of The less s+renuous soorls. l-lelen Sluil beal all conleslanls in This game. Poinf syslem: The Tirsl award is membership in The G. A. A., which requires l00 poinls. An emblem is awarded wilh membership and The girl is Then enlilled To buy a pin. For 200 poinls she receives a chevron which is worn benealh The emblem. When a girl gels 300 poinfs she is enlilled To a swealer and a T, Also she is inifialed info +he Bloclc T Sociely. A T wilh one or Two slrips is given respeclively when 400 and 500 poinls are reached, The Pendanl and Gold T are The highesl awards which require 600 and 700 poinfs. N by molvloum. sPoRTs Avila, Rogers, Alves, Mello Sousa, Alvarez .dyvjj ls I X43 , ,f f Ibyxuvfe yi. G.A.A. Top Row: prfgui F'i- ilu, iss Macnisrn. Boffom: Fur Af f JI! A -f ix R av 7. I . g,Z' Q E 5 ii '2 -1 Hwang 'E 14utog1-aplw

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