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E vnlcuw 'ggi ,avg ww if CQQEW M J' Q3 6X 5 t -I J X' W? ix EMM ,Mm 5 ? Liz, 2 5 Q QL Mx E Wg 'QW X NX SAV EP ae in ii a 'b 'Q F ... ,,. , , , . . . I fiffW'Ax? Mp 5 ' X 5 f Q " ,Rim Wynn aa ff sy lossew it fQ1'Nj 4 mimi HM6WM MM-BQ X Hy Y. fi E F, is r . 1 1 L X lf 11091 PUBLTSHEIQI BY THE ASSUEIATEII STUDENTS HF THAEY UNIITN HIEH SIIHHITL THMIY, EALIFHHNTA g , K Vw WY,,, A,.,,,Y. , l"'4X ,XX X I,-ai "' an--V -,M X X id A . ,WWWWI vw, , .-f,,,V lwlifd., ,,,,,Q W X X X XXX UW e build tbe ladder by which we climb." X X X X X X R Ju ICIAI ne, Y - V --Y fd-M21 'Dear ,Diarij ve, Use class of 4l have reaclleol our final goal 'were iaTraciHi. Vifk A stored. memories of accomtalislxmenl and :ioctl li-mes., we leave. ve llalw x suclw. memo-ries wills us for our future 1 lives, anal. we are oonfiolenl 'Use classes xl following us will 'malse lleeir ow lux memories as we leave. W as will-f. fe 'rel llxal we close our ml 3 lmoolxs anal Fforare for life aLeaJ,,L7lwf V lie is neil lo Come no one knows, lp-,Lf , wills. llse Sgmlaol of wlxal Tfacirfi sfangl K, for we all ale? forwanl wafk umlimme Y, assurance . 1 AFa1'ew.?ll clea1'Tfaci!Hi. 9 U J " lv-e senior class of 37' Mr- Z m ,ff .fn A VN-. ' r fg p 1 I M.. T 'gif I -v ,.. -4. 17 xwwmyff ,Y N v .QQ it '-1 7 ...H "i..x..J'M it an -4, 5 - .x5- IE , 9- , I ff by I0 f'N " fs T:?.ijluj. P :gy-v-v 4, L.: f Q' 2- ,l Q ug, an N' 4 Fas l' gr ' I4 WX I was ,,-5' .lg Env. N. 5 4,3 xi " -, I8 x in EIL ecli cation f tlwis Page 1' ve ieflica e Um leefesf of feeling fo 1' Senior 0Jf"Vi50'1'5. Suck? T, noe am-1 I-yell: will nevefl: f tfen. ck1'b.rFi110, ara. If r. Lien, and ar. new Uwis tribute of QPP1-eciafi f 4l'. 1- 5 eniora in lVler1 Whe Werlfi Per Uur Welfare These are the guardians of our opportunities. Working harmoniously with our principal, they help io mafze our school the hne place it is. A Message Prem Uur Principal f'llS "El Portalu is a permanent 1940-41 diary of all those things which malce up our complete Tracy Union High School program. Throughout its pages, we recognize pictures and activities of our many friends. ln the years to come, we will examine it carefully in order that we may recall pleas- ant memories of all those who participated. This diary portrays a school unified in administration, sincere in purpose. democratic in procedure, and filled with those ideals so essential to a great democracy. Cur heritage-free speech, freedom of expression, the right to worship, and the right to vote-did not come to our nation without a struggleg however, they form the illar of our school edifice of real independence. Our school maintains througff social organization that harmony and affectation so essential to liherty, and even life itself. Vxfe learn here to huild our lives together, creating correct adolescent attitudes and hahits of citizenship which carry naturally and easily into functional adult citizenship. VVe provide ractical, usahle information in terms of student understanding and actual life necessities. We stimulate the student to more effective group action. courageous thought and initiative, correct hahits of studying and thinlcing. We endeavor to maintain a discipline of teamworlc, a discipline which prizes and develops the resourcefulness, initiative, and responsihility of each individual, a discipline which directs the egorts of individuals toward social goals which all have a choice in choosing. We demonstrate in school the power of honest discussion, fair play, and loyal support for leaders who are elected to posts of responsihility. Xfve try to suhmerge selfish desires to malce others happy. Uur school truly hecomes a dynamic force ever on the guard to promote and protect our liherty. It is fitting and proper that we pause each year at the time of organiza- tion of "El Portal" and re-examine our aims and purposes in order that we may rededicate our efforts. The integrity and initiative that are fostered here in this unfolding life may come to fruition in service to the human race. Miss Drenth and the Journalism staff have given a large hloclc of their time and energy to the production of this diary, and we who read its pages do so with a thorough understanding and appreciation of their efforts. l6l TH STEES ,lui I ' " XX ummm ll C US'l'lfl.I.O XX7lI.I.l,XM IXUSTHR IRVIN N, P1-1'l'z Ikon -lflx lim: JOHN l..Nl'l,1..x1.1.Y PRICSII Jl'N'I' IG:-im' IE, I5.fXN'l'A VI .IQRK XVM'Nli XV. QiROXX'.1X. IS.. M. A. I'lCINf'll,.'Xl, KNIT IDISTRIK "I' Sl fVIfIQlN'l'liNlJliN'I' Those Who Taught Us All Wo Hoow Dear Diary. Uur faculty was led hy Principal VV. VV. Crow. The year of '41 completed his sixth year at Tracy High. We students will rememher Mr. Crows leadership with a feeling ol great admiration. ln the ollfice with Mr. Crow, one will rememher Miss Ann Blunrlell, the secretary. Rememher those tardy slips, and her voice over the loud spealcer. Mrs. Leila Riggs was vice-principal, hesides having typing and shorthand classes. She turned out many hrilliant students. Her typing worlc was shared with Miss Annabel Drenth. who helped the El Portal stall so very much this year. No one can forget her place as adviser of the school paper, the S 51- A. ln the commercial Field. Mr. Elclen Facer put forth great ellorts on the hoolclceeping and Jr. Busi- ness students. Do you rememher, Seniors, how Mrs. Grace Fine drilled you in gram- mar? Wasnyt she perfect? You Freshmen couldnlt possihly forget a trying hut worth while year of English with efficient lhliss Dorothy Nissen. Miss Charlotte Rhines, new this year, made our assemhlies something to he proud ol, taught Sophomore English and the well lcnown 'Si Sin. Mrs. Emma Baumgarclner will he rememherecl again this year as director of a very suc- cessful Senior Play, and for her English and safety worlc. hive can't forget the huslcy voice of Mr. Edward Lyon, especially his world history students. He made our operetta a success. Rememher those awful noises out hy the music huilding. That was Mr. Robert Schulenlaurgls Udo ra mem class Ustrilc- ing up" the hand. Qther memories: the man who always had a jolce, rememher, Mr. Kenneth Westlake. The lah room gave roof of his scientific achievements. Mr. Norman Lien taught mechanical diawing, hiology, and haslcethall, and came around each morning with the yellow slips-how could we forget him? ln the gym, one will rememher Miss Alice Anderson with her Mlqom Tom", and Mr. George Dickerson with his cheery tall: and smile. Miss Meme Ziller taught the girls the Fine art of homemalcing and hoys, coolcing. Mrs. Rena Cross directed the cafeteria and taught quite a few of us to sew. No one can lorget Miss Mary Hawleys teasing, and of course, she wouldnyt let one forget his mathematics. Mrs. Ann Eclmiston taught her art with a leasant word for everyone. Mr. Lea Mooreys history class provided fun and? lcnowl- edge, too. The man who taught the hoys how to use the hammer was Mr. Harvey Miller, now Hsolderecln into our minds. Rememher the lihrary and Miss Marjorie Danton, 'Kmais ouiu and Hsempern. Two more newcomers were Mr. R. Stanley Hill and Mr. Wallace Engluml in Ag. and farm me- chanics. Memories: no matter what the years may hring, there will always he those precious memories ol our dear teachers in Tracy High. I l f-Student Body. 8 0 CG if f- M .54-1 'inf' A JN . xg S , , ,F ,g- , FW W up ef 'c 9 Y - . if m- - Tim' , Wk 'f' L .ef I N25 A . H. , Hg: , l 1 .gf 'p -Qs' T .HX ju 'U , -. Z. fi: ' L, w -.1-ix '27, iw , V 'ff 'fd' . , x Q, W. ,. . E N.., 1 bv M . 42 ' -if W1 ' gg fi 1, L .,, S4 Mr h'2 ! k 3. 1, A, 1 W W ' k x V ' 114 in 51 ' .gf , 5, s .M.f-,. Img W Lx -.Aw f f 4 iw 3 s QQ 'AM ,iii ., , ,.,,,. . ,Am ix 2' I A SMR fi Q Q, ,V .Q EQ, K Y- X J 5:3-A 5 , a , ! My ..., V, , . . . 'lixlz-Ill:-:I-Hwlv-lx 5l'I'I'5l. wwf- K-nlnmu 1-xllf-H, .nl Inggjc-rQ Ill luxw-Nlaln-I Fllxnn U4-:vlgv TXIMNIHIIIN-1 l4l1l'4'l'l.lIl Ihfprxillxurmx-I lun-I Inrgv. Rm' llnrxv-x Hx-fl l7.ulw'vrw, Sxxlrxg-XX'1lxnln.x Vsulxmmxlc-r Vmrmx IM-Nt l,mvLlr1g4f1l,uly: Pm-I Pnl--I1 grmlh Iilllluf-ll1', Us-Nl xlululwr--xlfnrzwlx NIUILIH I.-un lwluvl In lun- M1-Nl-l'.uul SKI!-AL 'ill lllmlx Iyw-vxullnlllx' Vinh-N-ulxl-1 IT'-I Vlvlv, lwlm Wfvlmnll '51-XI ,xrlwlxwxlunrlf-v If-nnllvnu lam NI'-.Hun x 1 NI I X In- In Xllulllu In nu N mu :Ln luv' In In 1 llnwl 9+-mv ul' Ilnllmr-l"Iplnl.n xv"-In-x Inn U-,xlilnlz Z ,X D Cl Diari, midi OS 615598 OTC IS C7771 o omores., 'D J Q we aa.-n fools Back P1-ouzlfi Xl N anoffmer far of accomplishment. 'Uma co-mrlefe Gootnerafian of four tliviluaf classes I-was male Unis F sifnfe. 've Lave all w and 14.1.4 ma enjova uf r . NJ T rx SEL .1 'C uniofs rcs mon , T2 YOU- 0 Jed 0 OUT 010 J , 0-'nl Seniors cl F 1 fk A f C FL F1'CSB1'l fem. 2 1'2GO1' T --Tk. , ,f Sfunlenf BQJL We T119 Senior JAMES ABBOTT MARY ALLEY STEVE ARNAUDO DOLORES BARYLETT HAZEL K 'I h Homo Ee. Commercial Commercial Home Eg, '9 " Drama Foofbdll en worm su, Mgf. sum T. 5 fm e if' Eh: s. MXKE BORRAS CATHERINE BORTHWICK BETTY BRAZH. JULIA CARUOZA Shop Home EC Home Ea: Home Ec Fooibali Block T Musuc Block T Sec FRED BORRAS Shop v BETTY BOLTZEN Commercial .a 'if' TONY CA RDOZA Shop Fooiball I 'cf V Y V LUCILLE COLU PALMA COTUGNO NORMA DEL PRETE LAWRENCE DEL SOLDATO EUN'CE DEWHIRST Home E: Spanish Hisiory Commercial CONMGYCFAI MANUEL DUTRA ' swam Body Pm. Opwffd Lend U21 Class Uf '41 BILL EAGAN RUTH ENSLEY MARJORIE GEHLKEN Glu-MAN GILLETT RINA GIOVACCHINI BOB GIVEN Hinory HWOYY Music A , Home Ec. 1 Science Block T, Block T. Scholarship ' Band gl,-,cg 1'- ig E gf K 1 'ii X . ig DAVID GLOVER HELEN GOMEZ MARE GOODRICH GLADYS GORDON .noi-:N soumzr JIM ensenwooo V Home EC- Commefcial Commercial Aqriculiure Music Maihomahcs Swag", BUdY Sec' Scholarship Scholarship Siudenf Body Pru. ED IE H RRY R Y RV HAZEL JORGE HELEN WALLACE QROW D A A A 'HA EY C b 1 JOEGE ARTHUR KAKU Maiivc-mahcs Science Hnsiory Ommefcli Commercial I . Operoifa Lvad Block T. Foofbali Seniof PIAY Opereffe Land Engmurmg cm Z7 GU Unward EVELYN KENNER WANDA KINDER ELLEN KNAW PETER DSOOYMAN TOM LEDGETT RAYMOND LOPEZ Home Ec. . ' Commercial Agriculiure Science Scuonce GI:-e Ciub Commercla Music B,,,L,fb,ll Blocl: T. 'Y JOHN LUCAS P LAVINA LUCAS Agriwhme JIM MCARTHUR PHILlSci'AcKINNIS BRUNO MARC,-HN' VlCYOgIA MAil?HALL :ence ommercm Cornmurcial Music Commercial Bateman Agriculfure Block T i GEORGE MASUWYA Aueust mzzmru Jw -Magus: rem Murcueu W'L""NA 'Aww 'Au"'NE Hman? Science , Engineering C ' I Commercnl MIME ' ' luhghn sown Senior Play ommercm Senior Play Clhhdl is U43 Forward, Seeking, HARLAND PATTEN L CHARLES PEREIRA GEORGIA PETERSON V FRED PICCHI G DY5 PQE1' MARY ROMRQ Scionco Higfory Science Engineering Co . ,Cid Hama Ee. Tracl: Baslolball I Polar B. Kyne Trophy Q . T, Scllollrllnlp A A . fl SHIRLEE RANDALL CLARENCE RANDOLPH EVERETT RATHJEN DOROTHY REECE RUSSELL REECE EAN RHODES Commercial Science Scisnca Music Agncuiquf, Commercial Sonior Play Baseball Pluofogrnphy Selulalorien Opunlh Lud HlLDA ROSE JOSEPH ROSE ALLEN ROYER MARION RUDKIN GRACE SCHALCHLI HELEN SERPA Aff Agricullurs I Maihomaficx Music Commercial Hom: Ee, TYPJW AVON Foofball Senior Play Salulalorian Music Oporrfh had 1151 Calling, - Uppurtunil l S iw- DOROTHY SHAW MABEL SILVA ' PEYTON Wm-4 , Commme, Commerm, Mmmmm, Mervm sones '-Ag::mZfZxfA CHARLOTTE SPANGU Clfderia Scholarship Sfudenl Body V, Pres, Cammelclal mack T commnem ADRMNNE STEWART JIM SUTTON ELPHIA SWEENEY CAROL SVNAK JACK 'HLLQTSQN EMM, TORRISQN ' Muhomdiu Shop Music Commercinl Comm.,-c3.l Agriguhqgg Foofball - Senior Play Edifor El Parfal FQQQLMII Opgrqhg Lggd' LESLIE TUSUP ALLAN WONG JEAN YAMASAKl ,HM Y AK! NORMA JEAN UNDSEY Journalism Science Ari En e 9 C , Scholarship Scholarship Block T. Pres. r V cforian ummm? Q l'6l SE IUHS MAKE HISTUHY Dear Diary, ONIGHT l am going to write down some of the gay memories l have ol' our last Senior Farewell Party. l stood on the threshold of Ufuturen for a few seconds, rang the bell of Hdestinyn, and wallced uncertainty into the re- ception hall. My First impression through the maze of green and gold confetti and balloons was a riotous group of people, each intent on having the best time ever before malcing his farewell to dear old Tracy Hi. I was lirst greeted by gentle Marion Rucllein, spelling wisard, Mary Pombo, and petite and charming Ntarjorie Gelzllzen. Edging my way through the masses into the ballroom, l was confronted by the ideal maid, Elphia HEffieH Sweeney, who directed me to the checlcing room. Our delightful twins, Helen and Hazel Iorge welcomed me with their winning smiles and tlirtatious eyes. Leaving my wraps with the twins, with almost regret, l turned and shouldered my way toward the main staircase. Robert Given. dressed in tails. approached me as l reached the top. Not until I heard my name being an- nounced into the ballroom did it dawn on me that bashful Bob was the herald of the party. ' The first couple to greet my eyes was the wwe want to be alone" twosome of Hilda Rose and lim Nledlin. Brother foe Rose was not far away flirting with gently objecting lWarie Goodrich, however still lceeping an eye out for his sister. Hilda. unaware of this, danced blissfully on, pausing only to greet llarlanrl Patten, who was heading for the nearest door to the checlcing room. ln his mad scramble he almost lcnoclced down little Mani1.el Dutra, who was doing his best to get to the corner where lean Rhodes and Fred Picclii were standing. They were discussing Vvilmina Palmiter, who was conspicous in a strapless red satin formal adorned with a gold belt and blaclc velvet poppies. Xvillie was jitter-bugging with Mike Borras, who loolced as stolid as an lndian, and moved his feet in a rhythmic war dance. Their fruitless ellort to stay on their feet caused Gladys Poet and Laura Sousa to double up in hysterical laughter. Nearby, Victoria lwarshall was the center of a group of admirers. ln the closest corner sat Philip "Lulu" McKinnis, very much bored with the events of the evening because of a certain brunette sophomores absence My attention was then attracted to Everett "Tiger" Rathjen. who was hurrying to the refreshment booth where Fern lxtitchell and Evelyn Kenner sat pouring out Hawaiian punch to August Mazzanti and latin Goulart. John's eyes were on the near little Figure of Dorothy Reece, whonwas sitting on the sidelines eating up the efforts of lim Greenwood, second semester student body president, to amuse her. Dotys chum, Georgia Peterson, was thinliing of l'7l Gordon and loolcing with longing eyes at the haclcs of Tom Leclgett and Carol Synak where they sat hehind a large fem. Even as she tallied, Carol was noticeahly conscious of the side glances Gil Gillett gave her as he sat morosely watching the couples dance hy. Trying to see what he was loolcing at on the crowded floor, l pushed aside a balloon to see lim Abbott and Sliirlee Randall. l was rather surprised to see them together. Last time l heard, they had hrolcen up again. Rather warm from the over-crowded room, l wandered out on the ter- race to meet the jubilant Eunice Dewhirst and Les Tusup. Could they at last he getting heyond the good-friends stage? l wonder if thereys an engage- ment on the olting. Spealcing of engagements, there were Dolores Bartlett, Katherine Borthwiclz, and Gladys Gordon in a huddle, prohahly discussing their ahsent Fiances. Feeling out of place, l entered the hallroom again where my eyes settled on the small form of Mabel Silva, rapidly talcing down in short- hand the lyrics of the music played. An interested spectator of lVlahel's was Mel Soares, who never could get ahove MCH in that trying suhject. He quiclcly got over his interest when the gong rang out announcing dinner was served. However, Dot Shaw and not Mabel was the luclcy girl who sat hy and held the hand of ml-'yronen Soares. With whetted appetites the whole crowd made a dash to the fragrant tahles formed to malce the numeral H41U. l hastily clamhered to a seat he- fore one of the rowdy seniors would lcnoclc me aside. Alasl too late, hig Steve Arnaudo upset me in his attempt to heat lames Sutton to the nearest seat hy "Red" Del Prete. Norma, in the meantime, was flashing her person- ality smile at Fred Borras. He was doing his hest to attract Wanda Kinder, who was wearing that "Ch where are you, Franlc?H loolc on her face. My glance toward the end of the tahle sought the faces of Skinny McArthur and laclz Tillotson, who were hecoming decidedly tipsy on the innocent-enough punch that was heing served. Pauline Patriclz. head chef, was directing Ruth Ensley, Betty Brazil, Helen Gomez, and Hazel Bettencourt to help Bill Egan. who was too, too hashful to reach across the tahle for hutter and consequently ate his hread dry. Coy glances from Lucille Colli and Nlary Alley went un- noticed hy Bill, who was however, hlushing profusely. lean and lim Yam- asalzi sat at one end of the table tallcing disgustedly about the Jim had re- ceived on his report card, poor laid. An interested evesdropper was Tony Cordoza, who wished hy Jupiter he had received even one "B" on his card. Laughing to myself, l tumed my head away just in time to notice Ed Harry standing sheepishly hy Ellen Knapp. She is comparatively new to Tracy High, so was standing hy, rather hewildered. Naturally gallant, Sir U91 Gatlahad Ed Harry jumped to the rescue of the maiden in distress. Allen Royer and Emil Torrison escorted smiiing Grace Schalchti and shy Norma lean Lindsay to their seats. Each of the hoys was fighting for the girls, attentions. and hoth were astounded when they deserted them for the more desirable Peyton Smith, who was telling one of his famous jokes to an audience of Allen Wong, Adrienne Stewart, and Wallace Grow. 'Stinky-Poou Harvey came into the picture hy demonstrating to a group of girts just how he carried the han over the line in his one and only touchdown. Lavina Lucas had rend- ered her purse to he used as the foothaii for the occasion. The haclctieid was composed of Dave Glover, Arthur Kaku, George Masitmiya, Raymond Lopez, and Iohn Lucas. Dainty Palma Cotugno was so dismayed at the riotous tum of events that she quicldy tied into the hallroom, where Helen Serpa was singing "isle of Capriu. Russell Reece, extremely annoyed hecause of a certain Senior girls inattention, grahhed his wraps from the coat room, stam- med the door, and left. Charlotte Spangler was so startled she peeked around one of the pillars and said half aloud, "What struck him? Ready to leave the hanquet room, the guests sauntered out, hut as I happened to glance over my shoulder, I was amused to see Peter Kooyman, and Iohn Lucas still relaxing in their chairs. Bruno Marc'hini, also noticing this, hurried hack to aslc the two hoys to join him. it was now twelve-thirty, and the guests were starting to leave. As my eyes scanned the rather empty haliroom, Betty Boltzen was seen putting on her coat with Clarence Randolph assisting her. This was a rather disturhing sight, hut I had teamed tonight that every unexpected thing could happen. The haliroom was empty now, all hut one person--Cliarlie Pereira. He was donning his coat and hat, hut as he was doing so he glanced hack once more. The spacious hail was a clutter of hrolcen hailoons and colorful con- fetti. The whole scene looked rather dejected as though it too, realized the significance of the occasion. With a telltale careless wave of his hand, Hchuctcu turned around, straightened his shoulders, and stepped out into the night. Thinking everyone had left, I too made my way out of the hall and started home. Lawrence Det Sotdato spolce to me at the foot of the steps and hailed me a taxicah. The First student-hody president of our class was very courteous in helping me into the cah and closing the door. He hid me farewell, stating that the past four years and tonight were memories never to he forgotten in his mind. As my taxicah rolled away from the han, and I was on my way home, I tried with much difficulty to avoid the very memorable days of the past, and to tool: into the future, which I hoped would he Fitted with happiness for each memher of the ctass of 341. I l -The Senior Class. I9 STUDENT BUUY ICXI .l. lfX'liN'l'S Xxllll'l'v11r'v llf-l Nmlclulo us Ill-ml nl our sluclr-nl lmurlv. 4-llimwllllv .assf-mlalivs xvvrs' ullvllrlml lmy' lllc' slll- l1'lllS. fx lQl'il cil'lJSS l1l'UQl'illIl XYEIS In-Ill flurllmg llu- Nalliunzul Rf-fl flross XXN-L. ,Xu nxwml ussc-mlmly was prvf st'IIlt'll lll'ill' lllc' 1-ml ul lllc' s1'lm'slc'r. llllwr sluclc-nl lmcly UlllK'1'l'S wvrc' lk-ys ' . . . . " lun 5lIlllll, X'lf'l'Ill'1'SIlll'lllI lxlllfll' f :nucl- rirlr, sl-r'n'lf1l'y': mul ,lim Ale-cllill. lrcwlsf ll'1'l', 5lrs. Riggs uclvisvcl llmv slllflvnl lmmlxy auml Miss lQl1lIlt'S was in vlmrgc- ll' llll' l'XIN'l'llX' ill'l'illlQC'll ilSSi'llll5lX' IJFO- Qhlllli. SPRING l'lQUC1lQ,fXlNlS ,Xlls-r am Illll5l'I'!4SIX'l'llISlilllillI0ll1'C'l'i'- lmwlly llu- IIPXYSI5lAlllQUlllI'l'l'SlUiJliOY1'lA. llln-3' xwra- .lim flr'c-1-llxwmcl, prvsiclc-nl: llum l.c-clgm-ll, x'iw-fpr'vsicl1'lll: llvggy lfyzun. surn-la1l'y1:mcllim lxlvcllin. lrvus- urc-ri .X sp:-vial HN-lllllly wus mllf-fl . 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PM . . llllllllllillllbll Slll'l'l'lll'S, lXX'U ilXX'ill'Cl KISSUIII- lull:-s, iuslullnllmm ul sluclvnl lmfly nl- ll1'4'lAS, illlll liISl ill illllll1lX'l'fllIlilSS1'lIll7ly. xX'llIr'lI1'llfll'fllllt'S1'llUUlX'K'ill'. llplwl lllwrrp, llflll l llllf l-rs-'lvllp Run' xlls llluus, xlvfllm, .mll llmulrll ll llflllfvrllllf-11' X X llll ulll.ul.. .null .rmllx xllfllllw frrmllfv Nflllmg lllllfwls--lull Run ll-'lg--ll xl:-lllm .null lm-1-rlxxnml lunw-1 ll.-ll, xlus, llrgg-4 lm-l lfxlm, lull l 1' lllmvfl, llwml nl llfflnlwflgll-Hp R-fu 1 l --llg-'ll Xlwlnm l l.u1vsv'u, flu-1-lnxxm-fl l lrllf-In llulxlsuvlu -:ml Nmllll S:'fHrl:lRH1I' llu-mln l lx.-Ill xlfululw- Ill-I Sulelulu, .xml lx 1l-f xmlm lllmll Run" Xlnss ltllmf-s, l.f-1-. Nuns.: llvlf-asv-I1 lff -:'f 1- Nlls lllggs. .xml l lulm llwll-Im RHI: llvmvlyl-ll llf-lll.. l'XHl1lf'v' Xxlulllu-ul llluxxll lluulv llllel lXIllrrl.lIl, CLASS UP '42 ,Xmulllu'luwullllulmlm-1n'anlnm1 llll'Ill1' ul Nur l,lISl. lllilllf' sllulm-:mls illl0INll'll . y . llu- ,llmumr lrum mul muluym-cl an vcry lmlwnsmml' l'YC'IllllQ. l,USlIlOlll'Cl lug' llu llu c'pulvmu'. llu' llrum wus lllmlly lu-lrl on ,lauumry lf. IOII, llc-rm Supiro. lmis 1-iglwl picwc- ul'c'lu-sim, mul lm SHIQCI lmln5lfu'lQlor1playa-rllurllmvgaalanr-xx-11 mg. fllluwrs lm' iluk lxrsi svlllvslc-r wvn llvlly lXlllI'lJl1f', prc'sulm'nl3 llurlmrn IM l'rc'llus, xiw-pr:-ficlvlnlg ,Xuclrm-x' Sfllillll' lc-rlc-. Sl'VI'l'liII'f'I mul llu'lrc'f1sl1rm-r, l Doro- llmv Xvurllunrl. ln llu- '4l'1'Ullfl Sl'llll'Sl4'l', llu' .luniurf slnrlc-cl ull lUl'illSl'II1UlIl'f'. ,lqlu-y SIIOII' mu-cl llu' niglml smluuml play' Ullrivl lxlllSll' UH l4lXlH'llilI'X' 11. IOII, Sl'l'UlIll svnu'sl1-rollu'm-rs won' .lim Alnrlin, prvsi- elm-nl: Mmuxvl l'llIAliIflll. x'i1'm-p1'c'sirlc'l1l: Nilllikf' Xllulllfl ww-:'vlnrx" mul lilm 1 . - , . llnl llurlu, lr'mus1lu'1', llllzfwrx--lwfl Rum lluvllu-lu xlzw lfluuuvx T-lr XXV:--llnlw, xllx l'w.u1ll1m.ul1ll1-'I' fulwl xlullm, llwllwrrz Ruff Nlllllwnlrxllu Txlxllplxx Xxvwllluul '44lm1l1l-'llw Xllmrul lllll llrvllfy .mul l lu l'n' Q v ii" ,QQ il. I EL!-ISS UF '43 .,- ,.' . X. ., IIIIIIIIIH IIIIIIIIX III HIIIII In IuIIwIII III1'II'ilIIIIlIIlI 5mIIImINII'I' IIIIII, Iwlml IIN' 5IIIaIIIvIIIIII'I-4 IIIIII IIN' Iirsl sc'IIN'sII'r IIN- IIIIII xx'IIs IN-III ml I'I'IJI4IliII'X' ll III II. IXVIIIIX' I II-plm' III 5Im'I4ImI. IIINI IIIX m'IIN-QIIII IIIIIYI-II Im' IIN- I-VIIIIIIIQ ,X IIIIIIIIIIII' IIIVIIII' was r'III'I'iI'II mII III IIN' III'rIm'IIIimIs. IIIIIIIIIIIIH IIN' 4I'IIIIl'I Im' IIJill'I'2IIillII'I IIII' vm INQIIIIIIIIIII' EIIIII I'xIN'IIIy I III'II mIl In IIN- SHIIIIHIIIHII' IIIINA. 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IIN mIufu.1lml1 xxx-rv mf1rI4 up ul g.nIx mIorrcI mrf mc- , ,.. fhllbll fllllI QHKIHIX CHINIX 1lIl1II I xxx-rv suImI 111 vu 4 1 IIN- SIIICICHIN foopcmImcI xx IMIXHIU lI1c1r IIIIKN MINI IH FQIINHI , F IIIIIIVIN ,lf-my Nl lIi'llISI ,Iim Nl1I1oI Ia1Iw, xic SIIHIISHII QNIAIIIIIIII wr W- I Nu , l III1 I I 1 11 XII Xl 11 X1 I1 I vw XI: I x n XII XIIIIII XIII1 Iv XII flIIfr Inu-I XI: III nlI1 IX ll nv IQ 1: IQ Nw I ru Inu In Il H Ilm :lv mel Uv' , II I XXMIIJL. J Z' 3.3 WSG an ,ins t lx 1 5 'xx-I I W1 A A 15, '81, 5...-f Kwefdrfw' N.: fi qulvll' A WX? 4,91-'slab Vi U 23"-?'4 5 Tl Cl cfivifies r'Diari, one of Une nicest fixings will I"-3Ti5"H in coming vers is Une ke maui Mlfivifies 10910 TGTSCG of It 11165 ll! L which waive Fa-rficifafeol. Sf fk 6 feezm, .,f1,,.1.,.,m. f long wiflw our sfuflious '15 'fo V0 ie orrn if L f ma, 4 ff fs, we I-wal Une OPP u 1 ' one frulqi! enferfainincj asf- 901' OW ao: J fke a join an 5 avafiu. Ve ,neu me fan ing fmjes evermore, clear client wha U-Lose -vm-I f've Oki? of our live become mere memories of P sf A 'C "Stu 811 S 'Q E s.. QF S n " 4 liv- Ha .. EL PUHTAL STAEE BEAEHES GU!-XL HIS year as it has heen in the past, a group of Senior Students were organized as an EI Portal staff. This stall? worlced untiringly throughout the year in order to reenact events and activities for the Tracy High student hody. The statli have recorded all im ortant events in this hoolc and are proud to have served their high school. Mr. Emory Boughton, Pliracy photographer, helped the El Portal stall a great deal. His patience and the greatly needed photography worlc have been regarded as all important. The stall also expresses appreciation to the photography and art departments of the school for their line cooperation. We hope that this Udiaryy' will help to lceep your memories of Tracy High ever-alive. GIRLS' LEAGUE During the First semester, the Girls' League gave a Girls' Treat Dance which netted the organi- zation 5B16.61. This money was used to help give the annual Girls, League Luncheon, which was held at noon again this year, on March 18,1Q4l. The girls attended in great spirit, and cooperation among them was something to he quite proud of. The Senior Tea, given for the mothers of the Senior students was also given hy the Girls' League. on May 22, 1941. The candle-light ceremony at which retiring fall olticers tumed over their worlc to their successors, was very heautifully done. The otllicers for the two semesters were: Dorothy Reece. Marie Goodrich, presidents: Eunice Dewhirst, Shirlee Randall, vice-presidents: Hazel Jorge, Hilda Rose, secretaries, and Helen Serpa, Helen Jorge. treasurers. SEHULAHSHIP SUEIETY Boasting a large group of interesting memhers, the Tracy Scholarship Federation had a very suc- cessful year. A California Scholarship Federation Central Region Convention was held on March 29, at Turloclc. Three delegates form Tracy were sent. They were Peggy Ryan, Thelma Koster, and lrene Sciacqua. The annual trip, this year to Stanford University, was talcen during the sprin . A All memhers of the Federation received cards which entitled them to special privileges. GH?- cers for the year were Peggy Ryan, president, and Jim Yamasalci, secretary-treasurer. tft Portal Staff--Top Row: Carol Synalc. Editor: Leslie Tusup, Boys' Sports Editor: Eunice Dewhirst, Asso- ciate Editor: Dolores Bartlett. Business Manager: Tommy Ledgett, Snaps Editor. Photography: and .lean Rhodes, Associate Business Manager. Second Row: Harland Patten. Associate Boys' Sports Editor: .lim Mecllin, Associate Snaps Editor: XNilmina Palmiter. Girls' Sports Editor: Lawrence Del Soldato. Photography: and Jean Yamasalti, Art Editor. Bottom Row: George Masumiya, Associate Art Editor: Marie Goodrich, Activities Editor: philip McKinnis. Associate Activities Editor: Shirlee Randall, Features Editor: llenri Silva, Photography: and Miss Drenth, Adviser. Uirts' League Officers, Upper Group--Top Row: Reece, Serpa, Miss Dunton, Randall, Poet, and Goodrich. tiottom Row: Rose. Sousa, Dewhirst. Jorge. Ha.. and Jorge. ll. Side Picture: Goodrich. spring president und Reece. fall president. Loim-r Group, Scholarship-Top Row: Wong, Junqueiro, Westlake, Tusup. llillzen, Smith, Mc-dlin, and Urow. Second Row: Brown, J.. Brown, H.. Urilzaldo, Del Soldato, Dewhirst. Peterson. Murphy, De Freitas, and Dail Porto. Third Row: Miss Hawley. Kihlae. Randall. Rudluin. W., Hansen. Reece. Gehllzen, Muller. und Ciovacchini. Fourth Row: Yamasalui. J.. Schachterle. Rudlcin, M., Corbett. Rhodes, Kirltman, Kerr, Ryan, Bowman. Alhano. Patrick, and Sciacqua. Bottom Row: Woman, Crouch, Koster. Silva, Gordon. King, Uarrison, Vwtamer. Pereira, Yamasalci. M., Vegias. and Villanueva. Not Present: Coylcendall, Crouch. A., Uoan. Coulart. J., Krause. K.. Martin. J.. Pomlao. and Vlahos, M. Side Picture: Yamasalci, secretary, and Ryan, president. 1 0' U 'J 2 an 'fe Q " UN MAH", HIGH SPUT UE DRAMA SE Stl lRRURlNG present world conditions. H.lune Mad", the annual Senior Play, was presented November 15, IQQO. Talcing the leads were Vxfilmina ljalmiter and .lim Medlin. youthful sweet- hearts, and Shirlee Randall and .lim Greewood cast as Vxfilminays parents. Comedy characters were Gerald lVlcl.eod, the hired man: Elphia Sweeney, the maid: and Carol Synalc. a twelve-year-old pest. Others in the cast were Hazel Jorge. Georgia Peteison, Tom l.edgett, Philip Mcliinnis. Harland Pat- ten. and Allen Royer. Mrs. Baumgardner supervised the play, which drew a full house. SPEECH STUHE TS ETIVE lvlemhers of the Senior dramatics class presented the one-act plays, Hcvold Feathers" and 'Thanlcs Awlullyu. "Riders to the Sea" and "Ile" were enjoyed hy the Xvomens Club members. For Costume Day, "Not Quite Such a Goosen and "Over the Teacupsu were presented. These plays were directed hy Mrs. ltiaumgardner. Members of Mr. l.yon's Freshman drama class presented several plays for the Parent-Teachers and class meetings, XVinners ol' the tour puhlic spcalcing contests were Peggy Ryan and Jim Greenwood, annual no-30 Cluh: Helen Hansen and John Castro, Freshman-Sophomore: Dorothea Reeve and Audrey Schachterle, California Banlcers: and Jim Yam- asalii, ltrst, and Audrey Schachterle and .lim Greenwood. tied second, in the annual Tracy l.ion's Club Qratorical Contest. SEHUL H AN THLETIE ST EE A terrilie pace was set with the ltrst editions ol the Scholar and Athlete. Xvith the exception of about six old memhers, the weelcly school paper had a complete new stall. The entire class cooperated well, and turned out a very sucessful paper. High point olh the season, was the trip to San Francisco to visit the Chronicle and the Stoclc Exchange on March zo. 1941. Joined hy Mr. lVloore,s economics class. the grou was talcen on guided tours through hoth estahlishments. Later they attended a matinee and gathered at Girards French Restaurant lor an enjoyahle dinner. 5 EETY EUU EIL Safety Education classes had as a main theme "Reducing Cost and Suffering lay Saving Human Lives and Eliminating Accidents!! Freshmen, Sophomore, and .lunior students Covered various phases. The Safety Council helped coordinate school safety, participated in assemhlies, and visited the trattic court at Stoclcton. Upper Group, Senior ploy: Synalz, l.i-dgett, Jorge. Peterson, Greenwood, Randall, Palmiter, lxledlin, Patten, lx'li'Kinnis, Royer, Mel.:-od, and Sweeney. Alirldle Group, S. 5' rt. Stuff-lop Row: Basoln, ltrmvn, lxlilfliil, .l., hlcliinnis, l.:-rlgelt. and tlwusup. Seronil Row: Miss Urenth, Rhodes. Randall, Palmiter, llewhirst, Patten, and Nedlin. Bottom Row: Knapp. Malone. Goorlrieh, Synal, Bartlett. Martin. lf.. and tfdwarcls. Side Pi:-ture, lligliesl lil Portal Sales--Palf miter, Marlin, and Rhodes. l.ou'er Group, Safety Council-Top Row: Reeve, Pmasolo, Mrs. Bauingardner, lfrates, Rucllcin. Hel Prete. and Nevin. Bottom IQUIPI foot, Xvarner, Gianelli, l'unl4liauser, Goularl, Ryan, Barhiwa. and Soares. Side Picture: Goulnrl, president: Soares. chairman of cars. i 1 I,-4 51 i 2 'x Q X .1 Y . '5' T' , ww . wk. 4' .. 2 Q , E? GLEE EL B NDER the direction of Mr. Lyon, there were about twenty-Five members of the Glee Club who participated in numerous programs of interest during the year. Among the more important perform- ances of the Glee Club were a program for the District P. T. A. meeting and the operetta "Up ln the Airn. The Glee Club fumishecl most of the chorus and some of the principals and soloists for I STHUMENTAL MUSIC "Progress,-the motto of our band was in evidence throughout the year. The sixty-seven piece marching band was led by head majorette, Dorothea Reeve, who was assisted by Mildred Neves, Stella Simpson, and Dorothy Gerlach, with Walt Cleary as clever clown actor. This group won second place in the majorette contest sponsored by the Stoclcton American Legion, February 22. Un October 12, the entire band tool: their annual trip to Palo Alto to see Stanford and Santa Clara play football and observe their bands perform. the operetta. Two spring concerts were given, one Education Nveelc, and one Music Nveelc. The follow- ing students were selected to talce part in the San Joaquin Valley Music Festival at Stoclcton for Orchestra: Dorothy Reece, June Garrison, Betty Brazil, Dorothy Bowman: for Band: Jim Greenwood. Bill Eagan, Audrey Schachterle, Eugene Bartlett, Bud Lehman, Robert Stoclcing, Marion Rudlcin, James Monroe, Tony Cardoza, and Bob Wigginton. From April 6 to 9, the California Western Music Education Conference Band and Orchestra accepted Tracy students. Those who were selected lor this high honor were Qrchestra: Betty Brazil, Bud Lehman, Dorothy Reece, and Marion Rud- lcin: for the Band: Jim Greenwood, James Monroe, Audrey Schachterle, and .lim Yamasalci. The Tracy High School Orchestra was very well balanced. This group made several trips to hear the San Jose State College Symphony Orchestra. The group was heard at the school plays and for the operetta. The lnstrumental Quintet was composed of Harriet Vxfamer, pianog Dorothy Reece, lirst violin: June Garrison, second violin, Dorothy Bowman, cello, and Marion Rudlcin, flute. This group played over twenty-Five programs throughout the year. The Dance Band, a newly organized group this spring had as its members Shirley Hayes, vocal: Barbara De Freitas, piano, Bob Wigginton, drumsg Bob Stoclcing, tromboneg Laurie Monroe, comet: Gene Hedriclc, cornetg Jim Greenwood, saxaphone and Doris Theall, saxaphone. lfpplff Group, clilfc Rolf: llenlce. MCCHICL. Mr. l.von. NCISOH, Mello, and SPVOTIII Row: Juclrs, Duvanis. Stuit, Pacheco, Theall, Goulart, Groll, and Ferrara. Bottom Row: Sciacqua, Bullard, Nvnrner. Hayes, Pimentel, Rocha, Kenner, and Boyles. Side Picture--'Operatic Leads: Torrison. Rhodes, Dcwhirst, and Grow. Afiddle Group, Band-'Top Row: Nlonroe, Sasser, Cabral, Goulart, Routt. Laurison. Peterman. B., and Sasser, M. Second Row: Theall, Avilla, Ratto, Peterson, Goodrich, Duarte, Peterman, R., and Thorn- ton. Third Row: Sweeney, Muller, Krause, Schachterle, lrons. Giovacchini. Westlake. and Vxfomian. Fourth Row: Gehllcen, llillzen. Hunt, F., Cooper, Greenwood, Latin, Silveria, and Mello. Fifth Roux: l"inl:, N., Whitt-, Lehman, Bartlett. Monroe, l... Jnnqueiro. Coylcendall, and Siemiller. Sixth Row: Eliason. Friedrich, Cargay. Finlr. J., Mclx-od. Van der Meer, Brown, and Stoclcing. Seventh Row: Hansen, Kirltman, lines, Yamasalti, Edwards, Crouch. Wligginton, and Nevin. Bottom Roi:-: Simpson, Gerlach. Reeve, Neves, Reece. Rudlzin, and Mr. Schulenburg. Members of Concert Hand not present: Eagan, Carson. Cleary. Crouch, Dal Porto, Groll, llarvey. Holcomb, lthurralde, Levin, l.ucas, Patriclc, Pereira. Sutton, and Terry. Side Pictures-f Upper, Maioretles: Neves. Reeve, Cverlach, and Simpson. I.ou'er, Dance Bond: Xvigginlon. Greenwood, Hedrich, Stocking, Monroe, Theall, De Freitas, and Hayes. V l.ou'er Group, Orclieslrn-Top Row: Dal Porto, Rudlcin, M., Schachterle, Eagan, Bartlett, Lehman, Cooper. Monroe. Nevin, Wigginton, Rudlrin, W., Peterson, and Stoclcing. Second Row: Creasey, Rose, Asels, Garrts. Brown. Simpson, Dc Freitas, Oliver, and Mr. Schulenburg. Bottom Row: Corbett, McLeod, Neves. Gerlach, Bowman, Theall, Brazil, Garrison, and Reece. Side Picture-Quintet: VVamer, Bowman, Rez-re, Garrison. and Rudlzin. vii,-1 his 1- ,. ns.: A ,,N4 3 V K fff1 z"24-A 5 , ' V, . . 1 fwasu. .,,. A A , . K '- . . ,LN ' I ' f W, . . H , ' '-i-- .. " . 5 fl fa 5' fx :ME 6? 4 hJ..fff vi 14 "Kumi Qui' 7,7 'N' "9'f'f'.fr , 1 l5,K4,,, V, fc. "gf- ' .yf'L',h'.5fQ ' c - f Q? w5q:.:+ Q , . fpyr-'s',.:. 3-T4 L ivy ' , .41 -r Lf Q J pfffgsf. ,. 7, 55 gf If yi .uf K. 'pn ,,1V.Mag. L, , ,Q ff vu ,W A A cs ,- , Y . . . . I ,J--.,g, , k:f?f'if X 4 gig A, " suit' 41, yt. pu GIRLS' RLUER T ARLY in the fall term, a numher of girls were initiated into the Girls' Block T Society at a luncheon meeting. Qn Costume Day the Lettermen Society and the Girls, Bloclc T comhined in their worlc hy presenting the noon dance and the Gingham and Jeans Dance in the evening. Decorations for the evening consisted of hates of hay distrihuted along the walls ol the gym and horse collars hanging over the rails. Prizes were awarded for the hestloolcing dancers, most talented dancers, and spot dancing. Hloclc T olticers for the entire year were Jean Yamasalci, president: Laura Souza, vice-president, and Julia Cardoza, secretary-treasurer. LETTERMEN SUEIETY To he a memher of this organization a person must have earned a Varsity or J. V. letter. The Lettermen Society held its annual Bloclc T hoxing matches March I4 and 21, with the proceeds going toward the hoys' Pzloclc T injury fund. They helped to sponsor the Costume Day dance. Ollicers for the year were Jacl: Tillotson. president: Bill Eagan, vice-president: Philip lVlcKinnis. secretary-treasurer :and Richard Rose, sergeant-at-arms. FUTURE FARMERS Vxfith the motto "Learning to eo, doing to learn, learning to live, and living to servef, the Future Farmers of America are trying to practice hrother- aood, honor rural opportunity and responsihility, and develop those qualities of leadership a farmer should possess. The F. F. A. hoys carry their own farming projects, and enter competitions with boys from other agriculture de- partments in Central California. The Future Farmers competed with very good results at Lodi, Turloclc, Davis, and San liuis Ohispo. Teams were entered in dairy judging, live- stoclc judging, poultry, dairy products judging, horticulture, and ifami mechanics. During the summer of 10.40, several animals were shown hy Manuel Furtado and Casey Kooyman at the County and State Fairs. Besides talcing a num- .aer of prizes on livestoclc, lvlanuel Dutra was awarded the Safeway Trophy lwor Showmanship. For the second time, the Tracy Chapter qualilied hoys for the State Farmer degree. Those qualifying for this high honor were Man- uel Dutra, Casey Kooyman. Bud Basolo. and Manuel Furtado. Other activ- ities included the Greenhand initiation at Brentwood, one here, a scrap iron drive, a theatre party, and the Father and Son Banquet. Upper Group, Girls' Block T-Standing: Poet, Bcttencourt, Reece, Cardoza, Marshall, Palmiter, Randall, Sweeney. May, Von Der Heide, Goodrich, and Gianelli. Kneeling: Sousa, Naylor, Ryan. llartletl, Synalv, Reeve, Xvorman, Percival, and Yamasalci. Side Picture: .lean Yamasalzi, president. Rliifclle Group, 1.1-Hernien Society--Top Row: Torrison, ll., lieggitt, Picclii, Grow, Patten. Yan llugen. van der Rleer, Arnaudu, lxlarloxv, and Given. SPVOIHI Row: rllorrison, lf., Stocking, Freeze. lzmwin, Randolph. lxliller, Vvallace, lxlartin. Kelly. and Mr. Diclccrson. Third Row: lmus, l.edgett. lleclriclz. Yamasalci, llarry, Ortega, llillcen. llunt, R.. lllercli. and Sourheclz. Fourth Row: Nevin, Tillotson. RlcKinnis, Pereira, lawrence, lrunkliouser, Focha. Sutton. Cardoza, and Tlieall, Hollom Row: Rose, .l., lfrlwarils. Padilla, llunt, lj.. Cooper, Harvey, Rose, R., Castro. Siemiller, Bartlett, Eagan, and rlqexeira. Side Picture: lxlclfinnis. secretary: Eagan. vice-president: and Tillotson, president. l.ou'ar Group, Future Furnit-rs-Top Row: Mr. llill, Bollzen, Pelerman. Rose, .l.. R'lcl.r-ml, Torrison, U., Smith. 'l'orrison, and Mr. Egan. S1-crirzrf Row: ltasolo, Goulart, Reece, Simas. lunrjueiro, 'llc-rrill, llarris. lllbI"ui'S, illlll KRYOH, 7l"ltl'I' IQUIIH' llilfhliltt. .jXlVl'S, IQOOYYDEIIT, Xl.. fzftllilllllj, KROITIUS, IIDII IJllitflK', lfuiloin Row: Avila, Furtado, Kooyman, llillten, Rose. R., Uulra, and lxlncliailo. Sith' Picture: l"urtiuln, vice-president: Dutra, president: Kooyman, secretary: and Rose, treasurer. ,.- vV I -1 1 W 'lx llllll If' I I,ll'HX 1111 H1111-1l1X1111'N ' IU111 Nmxu Xxln-11' 1.1 1111111 lamb' 'Y Nui f7111l1 511111 V11 41" KN!! l lun I1 1 Vlxllnlm-11 1I1'1'w. as nn' p.1I1'111li-111. pull' ul 114-11 ' II11- Il.1r1-111. UI' IQUUHY 1111111 111111 1,111 - 1 P11 lwlv FIINIVF. 111 1311-1 Ilnv' Imulllvx. I' XXVIIIHIII' -4 1, ,111 ll R111 I 11 N 411111111 1114-1I1111g1g111g I 111 lwvr ull' lll111' N mlw. KDS Sports Y fDear 'Diarif X 0, oLaL," XX 60' 3T8C11f OYTLA1 if 3 wr, ami X xxvifk a. L U1 Ulu ms if o i went for ,Lf of au r.Wa 1 X W Q Tm iw P7'00f DE the LOL L o choo awe sporfs Um' uakouf Une s . cl mm ami wife twoul of ' e Vive Ha, f aol oHT1'o.cLHi once more.Ve v nomic forTra.cLHi , ami in Lasse: will male o. the following a E X5 Uma fufure we fo :Lateral i . E 'L 0 114' 'Hooters xp K5 X R Xffww X FUUTBI-XLL PENING the 1940 scedule, Coach Diclcersonys third at their helm, the Tracy Bulldogs met the Martinez Panthers hefore a large opening night crowd on the local held, and finally turned haclc their heavier opponents 12 to o. Coming haclc after a scoreless tirst half, the Bulldogs unleashed a sustained drive of 64 yards that culminated in Captain Fred Picchts plunge to Tracy's lirst score. After failing to convert, the Bulldogs played through a scoreless period of ahout twenty-Five minutes. It was not until the game was all hut four minutes spent that the Bulldogs were ahle to start their second touchdown drive. The locals had advanced from their own 46 to the visitors 24, when the gun threatened to halt their march. XV ith only seconds to go, Richard Rose, in for Frank Texeira, hrolce loose and traveled the twenty-four yards to the score. The game ended as Tracy missed the conversion. MARTINEZ 12-O SEPTEMBER 20 ANTIOCH 7-25 SEPTEMBER 27 Traveling to Antioch, the Bulldogs met some of the stitlest opposition of the season. Antioch stopped practically all the Tracy oltensive tactics in the hrst halt, and also put over a touchdown for themselves which made it 7 to o at the half. A hectic second half saw the Antioch team score three times while Tracy drove seventy-two yards to do their only scor- ing of the night. Fred Picchi carried the pigslcin into pay dirt for the Tracy score. OAKDALE 7-o OCTOBER 4 Vxfith a win and a loss hehind them, the Bulldogs went into their league game, and on the strength of an inflexible defense, came out with a 7 to o win over the Qalcdale Mustangs on the local Field. Tracy opened the game hy talcing Ualcdalels kiclcott and going twenty and eighteen yards on the First two plays of the game. Just as it looked as though Tracy was oft to a hig night, the visitors hrought their much heavier line into ettect and held t.he locals scoreless throughout the first period. It was not until the middle of the second quarter that Tracy was again ahle to pen- etrate deeply into their opponents, territory. After a short Qalcdale punt had given Tracy the hall on the visitorys thirty-eight yard line, Texeira passed to lmus for eighteen yards, and four plays later, Fred Picchi gave Tracy their league victory with a touchdown plunge over center. Franlc Texeira circled right end for the conversion that ended the nights scoring. SONORA 0-7 OCTOBER 11 Traveling to Sonora for the fourth game of the season, the Bulldogs were given a light going over hy their opponents. The Bulldogs were outplayed hy the Sonora team on hoth offense and defense. After a few thrusts the Bulldogs managed to reach the Sonora seven yard line, hut they couldn't push it over. The loss of Picchi severly crippled the locals on defense, hut Gene Hedriclc carried on well in the offensive joh. Franlc Texeira proved to he the main factor in the Tracy offensive. SCHNEIDER 52-o OCTOBER 18 The time-honored sleeper play, in its only operation ol? the season. proved to he the sparlc that ignited a 52 to o victory for the locals over Schneider High of Stoclcton. Schnei- der, on our scedule since 1936, has previously gone home with nothing hetter than a 26 to o defeat. It was reputed to have had one of the strongest teams in its history. Tracy FUUTBALL was never threatened and won with the second string seeing the most action. Tracy had 14 points when the lirst half ended, 20 points at the end of the third period, and a total of 32 at the end. MANTECA o-26 NOVEMBER 1 Facin the toughest team in these parts, the Bulldogs tool: on the Manteca Bullaloes. who had not Teen defeated in sixteen games. The Bulldogs, inspired to the last man, played steller hall in the lirst half and held the hig Bullalo herd to one touchdown and a conversion. Being outweighed hy 15 to 20 pounds er man, the Bulldogs came out fatigued hut still with lenty of tight. By crashing through the center of our line, the giant zoo pound Manteca lllullhaclc proved too much for the Bulldogs in the second hall, and they had to yield three touchdowns and one conversion to the traditional rivals. ' CERES 15-12 NOVEMBER 11 The annual Armistice day game proved to he the most exciting game of the season. After the Manteca fracas. the Bulldogs were out for revenge and got it at the cost of the Ceres team. The Green and Gold held the lead throughout the game. ln the fourth quarter, the heavy Ceres team crashed over for a touchdown, which was their second score: hut a lighting Tracy eleven stopped the conversion and thereby ended up near the top in league standings. ST. MARY'S 55-o NOVEMBER 16 lns ired hy the thought of laying their last game in a green and gold suit, a lineup that included nine Seniors ploweg through the St. Marys Varsity, and hrought the 1940-41 loothall season to a close with a rousing 55 to 0 win. The game was less than two min- utes old when Captain Fred Picchi, winner of the Peter B. Kyne Trophy, plunged for the score that was destined to he followed hy seven more lyelfore the final gun. Playing their last game lor Tracy High were Fred Picchi, Jaclc Tillotson, Ray Harvey, lVlilce Borras, Steve Arnaudo, James Sutton, Ray Lopez, Joe Rose, and Ross Leggitt. Name Pos. Age Wt. Class ' Name Pos. Age Wt. Class Arnaudo 'I' E I7 172 Sr. Lopez 4' G I7 120 Sr. Borras 'P' T 18 173 Sr. Marlow 5: T 17 167 Frosh Bowin 3' E 18 142 Jr. Masumiya 'T' C 18 135 Sr. Cross as E 16 145 Frosh Picchi W' F 18 165 Sr Freeze. W. 'H' E 18 141 Jr. Rose. J. 'Hal' G 18 140 Sr. Harvey 'I' Q IQ 152 Sr. Rose, R. M' H 16 126 Soph. Hedricl: 'I' F I7 145 Soph. Sutton 'T' C I7 1 18 Sr. lmus 'H' Q 18 16o Jr. Texeira i"""l' H 17 155 Jr. Lawrence 'T' C 16 150 Soph. Tillotson 'I' H I7 135 Sr. Leggitt 'T' E 18 148 Sr. Torrison il' T 17 165 Sr. l.ongmirc 'F l I IQ 150 Jr. Wallace 'F G I7 145 Soph. at lndicates Numhcr ol Letters. Here or Date Place There Sept. 111 . .....,.,....... Martinez ..,.,., ......... There Sept. 16 .... .........,.,...., A ntioch ,,....,,.......... .......,... H ere Oct. 5 ........... .......,.,,. P ittslzurg J. V ...........,. ........... H ere Oct. IO ....,.... .,...,....,...., 'F Schneider ..,..,....,.,... ........... H ere Oct. 17,.., ............ 'poalcdale ....,.,..... ........, T here Oct. 241 ......... ..,...... 'F Sonora ......... ........... l 'tere Ort. 31 ........, ..,.,,, 4' Manteca ,........,.. ,,....... ....,... ......... ' T' h ere Nov. 7 .....,..... .......... 'F Cc-res ...................,....,............,......., .,,...... ' There 3' Denotes League Games FUUTIEI LL Vrxrulv I'1vrvlIu I I II I Vmu I1 I In- I:--rm! I I .ru mx -7 IIIIILII u r, NIIIIM' I1-Quill, :I hm , I III I I"Il1f', BI-INIIIIIIY' Nm- ,nu V, .m4I II rw-x' N-fm1fI Rm ISM- I II Ir L, Vu. I .1 I-I II W IIIIIH, I II IIIIIIN, Im-xw-lr nu, nvI IIII I n IIIIIIHIH Run In Nu I:r 31.11-Inu XX' II 5lIIIu vm-xv, I . .JXTHIIIIIIKH Y In In r Ivm-, I, II..,,,., ,, 4. ...I flll Iffrpllv Ulll1'l'N Nllrlll N II XX' I CH. III v Il nfl 4-1 ,.,. 13 il I'r I II: Imi, II'-Iv-r III Ixv Tn-pI1y. Ili' 5, X iam CAPT PICCHI F TILLOTSDN -HI I MARLOW- 'IZ I WALLACE- C. BOWIN E. BORRAS T. A lr. R. X. l'1 R. IH- IH. YIM All ll Fl' 1 1 ARSITY BASKETBALL LAYlNC1 through a schedule cut short hecause of the tall flu epidemic, the Bulldog Varsity Baslcethall Team ended the 1940-41 season with six wins and an equal numher of losses, while placing second behind Newman in the Vxfest Side League standings. This season found three Seniors, Jaclc Tillotson, Tom Ledgett, and Philip Mclfinnis wallting into the sunset of their hrilliant careers at Tracy High. Junior, .lim Martin, and Sophomore, Gene Hedriclc, completed the starting line-up for the varsity quintet. Captain, high point man,, and Martinet Trophy winner was Tom Ledgett, who amas- sed a seasonal total of 104 points. Playing left forward, Ledgett, an expert at the set-up shot, was a constant threat to Tracy's opponents, and more than once swung the tide of victory to Tracy with his timely scoring. Compiling 45 points from his position at right guard, was Jaclc Tillotson, for two years a memher of the Varsity. The third Senior on the first string was Philip lVlcKinnis, who, except for a foot injury during the end of the season, regularly Filled the center position on the quintet and tallied a total of 29 points. Last two members of the UFive Baslceteersn were Gene Hedriclc and Jim Martin who were hrought up to Fill in the right forward and left guard positions, respectively. Hedriclc compiled a total of 55 points, while Martin counted 16. Tracy opened its season on the home court against Patterson. Vxforlcing with mechan- ical precision, Tracy's larger opponents completely outclassed the locals and defeated them 55 to 17. The Bulldogs next met Ripon, and hrought haclc a 19 to 9 victory. The season's third encounter was against Newman, who, playing in their home gym, easily routed the Bulldogs in a dull game that ended 40 to 15. The Bulldogs came haclc to start a four game winning strealc hy upsetting the highly rated St. lvlaryls Rams 21-19. Tracy met an invading Gustine Five and turned them haclc with a decisive 50 to 12 win. The half-way marlc of the season was reached in a non-league' game against Escalon. with a 55-52 win. The Bulldogs then avenged themselves hy handing the Panthers a 55 to 17 trouncing on the latter's home court. The four game win streak was hrolcen when St. lVlary's reversed an earlier score, and handed the Bulldogs a 21-19 setlnaclc. Tracy next came home to prepare for a last ditch stand against Newman. Although Tracy held the lead for nearly the whole of three quarters, the visitors rallied gamely and Finally won 57-51. Having lost all hope of gaining First place, the Bulldogs invited Brentwood here for a practice game before accosting Gustine in a hattle to decide second place. Brentwood, hringing down a team that measured 6' 2" in height, defeated Tracy, 45-58. Scoring 4 points in the final forty seconds of play, the Bulldogs overcame a tiring Gustine quintet to elce out a 55-55 win, and thus attained second place in the West Side League standing: the highest place Tracyys Varsity has held in four years. A 28-20 loss at the hands of Tuol- umne High in a post season game terminated the season on February 1 1, 1941. BASKETBALL B BASKETBALL TARTTNG out the season with a firing squad composed of Eagan, Yamasalci, R. Rose, Pereira, and Monroe, mostly Tettermen Teft from Tast year, the Bees poured it to the Patterson High Bees hy a 29 to 1 1 score. After this win, the Bees dropped their only game of the season with Ripon Indians hy only one point. The championship Bees next dropped the Newman Warriors into the Ioserys column. Practically no competition came from the St. Marys Rams in their two games. Climhing on up the ladder, the Green and Gold de- feated Gustine in a Teague game. Two more wins over Escalon and Brentwood which were non-Teague, and repeats over Patterson, Newman, and Gustine gave the home team a Bee Championship for the first time in quite a few years. The Bees next met the Ripon Limiteds in the C. L F. playoff for schools of our size. Ripon having won their Teague championship, reigned as favorites. Playing on the new gigantic court, the locals were hafHed for the first quarter, hut suddenly they Began click- ing and dumped the Ripon hoys hy a 37 to 30 count. Next came the Tuolumne Bees, a tau squad that had won their respective championship. Starting all Seniors, the Bees got six points to the opponents none, in the first minutes of play. After Tracy suhstitutions were made, the team kept going right along, and at the half time they held a I5 to 9 lead. After a rough and tumble second half, the Green and Gold emerged with victory hy a scant three points. Having heaten two titleholders, the locals were declared Central Califomia Cham- pions. This was the first time any Tracy team had held this honor. The champs were: Bill Eagan, Rich Rose, Jim Yamasalci, Chuck Pereira, Vernon Paris, Ed Harry, Rohert Stocking, George Masumiya, Laurie Monroe, Harper Randolph, Junior Friend, Jerry Will- iams, and Fred Terrill. C BASKETBALL After a fast start, heating everyone they played, the Cee team met the Newman Cee's and were defeated for the Championship for the first time in quite a long while. This team was very experienced and was a fairly hig team. Most of the players had already played Dee or they were hack for another year of Cee, hut hecause of the greatness of the Newman squad, they were set hack and lost out on the championship. The winners of letters were Manuel Dutra, Vernon Paris, Jack Nevin, Rohert Stocking, Laurie Monroe, and Roland Noaclc. D BASKETBALL This yearss Dee team, coached hy Mr. Miller repeated past performances and copped the championship again. This team was one of the hest teams to play Dee han for a Tong time. The team not only consisted of a team of sharp-shooters hut also they were excel- lent on defense. Most of the games were runaways for the local outfit, hut stiff competi- tion was met in a few contests. Junior Friend, Harper Randolph, Wes Thornton, Carl Tthurralde, William Edwards, Rodney Seimiller, and Gorden Van Ness were the letter Winners. LL SHETB Q B HH H. :I 1 vm' w In . .1 -H My I-rw I, lf- xu 1, .1 lu mmf 1. ' ll .I . fn 4 1 I I I N- In-nur 1 x L, lX..r,.1.,l,.l .I X f'7 Q .HA X I 1 J 139 N"KINNiS-G. 1 HEDRICK-'F TILLOTSON-G. 3 YK ' si, x . N - 12 , 1 ix Xx . , , Q , K X fi I V 5 1 1 .Lb ' lil ' A .wh -,. 0 'fffx ,, TZ:- S v P 01.4, A :T5,,E,Ti V , uw , 'Wh-.. Q9 ' ff fw3Wf . Q "Q W AV V M ' K -. f ff' B OWIN -ff X misss c MARTIN-C. 'hanxwxw LL ETB SH B ffl r Cmmp, fm' I lm fwfr fum IIHI.4.mI1,hpm.Ll.- I II VI Hull-'r A1-x'11x,.cluc Flmlxxllg lgwllvnlll Run' lilx Il 5l.nlf-l', fxlurmluc, IMI! mul :Xiu-L l 1 r fmuqf. IM-1' luurnf- f 1 If 1 in-xLvlnI.ull, Hmrn I Il XII Xlnll r I Qilllliffll Irluxxlx, .msl Nlvllllllvl H01 fum Run' XX IIL1- Vim X I Ixullllx Illlllwll -UNI lfurnrlulplm AHSITY BASEBALL UILT around such returning veterans as Tom Ledgett, Clarence Randolph, Philip McKinnis, Charlie Pereira, Bill Eagan, and Laurie Monroe, and rounded out with such roolcies as Gerald Lawrence, Milce Hunt, Harper Randolph, Stanley Lowery, Floyd Han- sen, and Vxfarren Hayhurst, the 1941 Varsity Baseball squad seemed to he of champion- ship caliher when it reported l or spring practice early in March. ln spite of wet weather and renovations to the hasehall diamond, Coach Diclcerson did. however. manage to get the team into sullsiciently good shape to attempt live practice games hel' ore he sent his squad into the First of its six league games. The tune-up games all turned out favorahly for the localsg and, improving with each game, Tracy traveled to Patterson to face the latter in its First league encounter. Although in as good a shape as their small amount of practice could put them, the Bulldogs lcnew he- lorehand that they would he facing one of the county,s toughest teams in Patterson. Though a victory was more than anyone logically hoped for, it was, nevertheless, an unexpected sur- prise when the locals were turned haclc hitless. Even when the Bulldogs were unahle to gar- ner a hit, they did manage, through heads-up playing and natural slcill, to score three runs: the final score heing 12-5. Returning home alter this nearly disastrous defeat, Tracy met Ceres on our home dia- mond ancl, paced hy Laurie Monroe and Milce Hunt, who helted Tracy,s first homers of the season, the Bulldogs turned haclc 5 to 4 the same team that had two weelcs hefore heaten them 7 to 4. Tracy next commuted to Newman, and hlasted a 12 to 9 win out of the Orestimha nine, collecting ten hits from the ollerings of two rival hurlers. Each collecting three hits, Gene Hedriclc and Laurie Monroe led Tracy's hit attaclc. Following this, Tracy ended their road season when they traveled to Gustine. They upset the league leaders hy winning a tight 4 to 3 encounter. Charles Pereira scored on a pass hall in the linal inning and gave Tracy their margin ol victory. With this game, the annual goes to press and leaves Tracy riding on the crest of a two league game win strealc and loolcing forward to a very promising season. TENNIS Loolcing good even though losing 5 matches to 2 in their first meet, the 1941 edition of the Tracy tennis team got under way. The next meet was on the Newman courts, and this saw the Gold and Green losing 4 matches to 1. The next day the Bulldogs traveled to Patterson for a league meet against the memhers of the league. Vxfallace Grow lost in the second singles and Jim Martin and George Masumiya lost in the douhles. Most of this year's team were veterans and ahout half of them will he haclc for another season. Mem- hers of the team were Wallace Grow, George Masumiya, .lim Martin, Jim Yamasalci, Rod- ney Seimiller, Wesley Thorton, Leslie Tusup, and Eugene Bartlett. BUXINE Presented annually under the auspices of the Boys, Bloclc T Athletic Society, the Tracy High School Boxing Show enjoyed one of its most prolitahle and successful productions in the spring of this year. The preliminary houts came to pass on March 14, and the Finals were presented on the following Friday. Running through a program of ten houts, the preliminaries saw Rohert Murillo reach a decision over George Cardoza, Tony Alvarez turn haclc Joe lshida, Bill Jones upset Carl lthurralde, John Castro defeat Ray Lopez, Ray Harvey trounce Rohert Freitas, Martin Sas- ser down Jerry Xvilliams, Ray Nelson K. O. Elmer Bixhy, Norman Vxfallace hatter George Hamilton into suhmission, Ed Marlow overcome Don Davis, and Steve Arnaudo stop Allan Wong in 1: 58 seconds of the second round. With the memories of the preliminaries still very much with them, a crowd estimated at 5oo flooded haclc into the Tracy gym to witness the Final houts on Friday, March 21, IQ41. laengthened hy two exhihition houts, the card of eight Fights contained Bruce Bussey's victory over Eddie Machado, Ecidore Padilla's win from Eugene Bartlett, the verdict of Tony Alvarez over Robert Murillo, John Castross savage K. 0. of Ray Harvey, Milce Huntys impressive victory over Martin Sasser, Ray Nelson's close nod over Franlc Texeira, Gerald l.awrence's draw with Norman Wallace, and Steve Amaudo's three round victory over Ed Marlow. At the conclusion of the evening John Castro was presented with "The Most Due to the had weather and poor traclc facilities for the first six weelcs of practice, Talented Boxers Trophyn. the Bulldogs were in poor condition for the First two meets of the year. The limited relay team placed third at Davis in a fifty-Five school meet. The next meet was at Manteca where the unlimited relay team won the event hy twenty-five yards. The limited relay team con- sisted of Wigginton, Patten, Rich Rose, and Castro. Joe Rose, Marlow, Nelson, and Picchi made up the unlimited team. Coach Schulenhurg planned on talcing an 880 yard relay team to the Fresno relays. This team would consist of the four hest men on the team. The team had meets at Turloclc, Lodi, and they had heen worlcing hard all season to place high at An- tioch. ln the Davis and lxflanteca meets no lirsts were gained. One fourth was talcen at Davis from Patten in the Q20 yard dash. Two seconds were made at Manteca from Pat- ten in the 220. and Eagan in the shot put. After more conditioning, the hoys were expect- ed to do much hetter individually. This year,s traclc team was composed of ahout half Seniors and half lower classmen who will he haclc for another year of competition in 19.42. E I UX L-H L B SE l B I pp:-r frrf-np, Xuuwllv I4 I u lvl Y- fm UI' :nu .1 xv. I :lcv 1-u'g1'H .lull 'Ing I 1 ' ' It Xnllli rx ll, ,, nm 'mm 4-XIIAL NI gr. lm 1-rv, 'v 4- .u. I 1PNN1'YX I,Vfl'Irll NIUYIII P .xml ll.-I. .-ml, .xlnlvllu flrvvllfl, HHN ll I 1 , , , nl lxfm nn L XX .nllm 1-, I Illlll v an L Imxrv-ln I-. Nvlvull, .Xrlmlll Nlvnlmx. .mrl Nmllmj HH! hum Run' IMIII4-ll. l.uI1H .lunw H-xru-v, C .1-ll I mm, Hlxxwv, .xml In-lim 4-X lffuw-r fmmp fvnvm I m , . y -- Us xml' . .4 milf . ANIIHIXII, H ' ml Hurlll-H. Hmrulull, Nlwrlllllvl .lllvl Y-lI1mwxLl Hmruunsr-re 'fff '2 LE DGETT-EB. I ' f f 1,5 AND0LPH'C5f ' I V, M k 4. - v, ,' v .JK 11? -n-- I-. L-J Tw .J x xx 1 yv xx E H0 1. ik I 5 . , I is FE HUN T-SB 9- g- 91 vw. , wil'- QI .yvpig W U N L. v ' 1 W + ' 1 HANSEN-R 5 ,,-ms, TL .Z X ,nc ,.. - h '. 1-Lf, ,N . . ' ' J.. .QV , -I MQ .',,',,3.:. A f-' 51'-.iff vjfi- ' ,ff -,. 6359 -.1 If I. LOWERY-LE I ,jffaylf k k 1- '14 H. RANDOLPH F xx. ' un? . Q jx if 1 ll X XY 5 -. Nl 5 'Srl up 421 L' 1 1 K? , " f I Q M M l.A1lRENCE-5.8 fi 33 NNIS-P CA PI MONROE-IB. 1 1 EH I5-TH TE 1'c I I 111" l'111l1 Xlx fl 1'111ll- llmx 11l Nl xl 1 11, 1' '21 ll Il 11 R1111' XX1-Nll.1l11-, Xl11,1H1' l1111l1,1, IIIL I H11 M.. ll' cl! lLIII, N ill! l'l Nl r Xl1lx111111N, ll.1ll1-11, lxl N lllll lllllllf l'111l11 ,. 1 1 I , lNl.11l11w 1 11x 11, 11 II IIN 1111l llmm- l sv, 111 'U 1 x 111 1, 111 111, '1111 1: ,1-1 11- , .15 Q . 11 1' 11 1 1 1. .11 11 Nl 111 , ll.1N1-l1.1ll: :1111l l"1u 11 ll ll L1l1ll Klllllllb 11 111' 1.11 1' 1 2 4 BBLB "T" A B PE BA T WINNERS NE of the highest honors to he hestowed upon a girl in high school is to he presented with a Pendant and Gold T. The Pendant and Gold T are the two highest awards that a girf can earn during her four years on the athfetic field. The earning of these awards is ohtained hy going out for each sport and hy mafcing a farge per cent of HAH teams. The Gold T the highest award, requiring 700 points, was presented to only Five Senior girfs. The Pendant is the second highest award, requiring 600 points, and was presented to three Seniors and two Juniors. GIRLS' BLLEY B LL During the first few weeks of schoof, in each girf's heart was the desire to get started with the first sport of the season, voffey half. New and old students turned out with their respective teams to enter the tournament. With the teams carefuffy selected, the noon games were started. Each day a team would either fail to defeat or would he another step on the ladder towards the championship. With cries of "Kill it", and Hpfay the net", the Junior class of '42 defeated the high and mighty Seniors hy a very small margin. This is the first time the Juniors have had the honor of winning the championship. All of the games showed exceptionally good team work and were all played fairly and squarely. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Every year aff of the girf sports fans foofc forward to the time hasfcethaff will start. This year hasfcethaff has meant more to the Senior cfass of '41 than any other year. Not only hecause they were Seniors, hut hecause they lost fast year,s championship only hy a few points. This year, games proved to he some of the hest ones ever to he played in school for sometime. The Sophomores were the Seniors, hardest opponents. These two teams were scheduled to pfay each other to decide the champions of the hasfcethaff toumament. lt was decided hy each team that three games woufd he played, and the team win- ning the most games would he champs. The first game found the Seniors in the lead at the half, hut at the end of the game the tahfes had tumed in favor of the Sophomores, who had managed to heat the Senoirs hy a two point lead. The second game showed even more sfcifffuf playing than the first, with the Seniors heating the Sophomores hy onfy two points. The most exciting game was the fast one. The Sophomores were ahead at the end with a four point fead, and in the fast two minutes of pfay the Seniors came through with three hasfcets, winning the championship hy two points. PIEPUE Two of the newest, and two of the most exciting toumaments to be held this year were in ping pong and ring toss. The game, ping pong, does not talce excess energy, but re- quires a great deal of slcill, judgment. and ability. The tumouts for ping pong were quite large. After the First round, many more rounds followed until a class winner was found. The final playolls were between winners of each class. The doubles in ping pong, follow- ed shortly after the singles, with rounds played exactly the same way. After a few weelcs, HT G TUS5 A new game to talce the girl sports fans by storm, for the last two years, has been the very well lilced game of ring toss. This game talces a great deal of clever playing. Tour- naments were held this year, and proved to be very exciting to the entries. TENNIS Due to all the had weather. the tennis fans did not get started playing until quite late in the year. The tennis tournament was started around the hrst ot April. with a great many girls entering the climb to the top as winners. Many new racltets were bought lor the girls. The picture of the tennis girls does not show the class winners, but only the run- HADMINTUN The badminton singles were the lirst to be held this year, and were started quite late in the spring. As the tournament went along, players were dropped until a winner was found in each class. The class winners were not yet lznown when the badminton picture was talcen. The picture includes those who were still in the tournament at the end ol the first and second rounds. Badminton proved to be the most popular ot individual sports this year. GIRLS' ATHLETICS ASSUEIATIU An honorary society for the girls ol' Tracy High participating in athletics is the Girls' Athletic Association. lts main purpose is to foster a spirit of good sportsmanship among the girls. the class winners, and winners of the school were lcnown. ners-up. The winners were not yet lcnown at that time. The G.A.A. has a standard ot points by which the girls earn awards. A G.A.A. pin is awarded for 100 points, and the class numeral for 200 points. Then when a girl has 500 points to her credit, she has the honor of receiving a sweater and being initiated into the Girls Bloclc T Society. The Bloclc HT" with one stripe, and the Bloclc HTH with two stripes are awarded when the girlls points have reached 400 and 500. The highest awards are the Pendant and Gold HT" which are given for 600 and 700 points. UHTS SP RLS' EI -,- 1,25 1 'jj QS -7 2 "1-QT A i C i I A 1 -1 : 3 t - W, N1 2 t 12 S' T - .' : -Z f : E EN. .N -5 , rv r L 7 -ff 4 :f.'-1'4 fhlnxrulvx -- lfllxlv-x'. In-rl lull. xllllllllf llmn-'II1 Yun ITV! ilwl--, K-fvlll. ILAIIX ,xllmlmen XXV1-rln.n1 .xml flullv-null'-I. lfvufr Urwlulv, lhryfffrrzlx- lvlfyv Nun Nun.: H.unrl.uH, 1 Yun IN-r llwlrlf-, lxuxlu fum' l'.ml1.,,. 6.11.1 "ll"-IGH: Ifvm Rm: SHML, gxxvwlxrx. Unlrrlulf-r Nvulvmx-'Lu lmvl H'-I lmllunlrl S 2- ' Lx. 1' 42, - A ' wxfiw :XM r 1? Xa 5 . O x sv , K I L h ls 1 1 fm. 'N 1 1 1 ' ' x x Q SDUZA-G. l L, V ll 5 5 BARTL E11-E ii '- - --Q I 'Xl Q-Q , ,. . ff? x a-V 1 .. 1 .vc K ,,f Nw 3 I J UU Z UTJ in P14 :J I, , ,, l'fYl'l' fmlnlv, llmhllw Ivnnu 'llfYf31'I',QlIll'. Umm-lli, lxlur- lllu,, fXl.mlmll, fur :Inf-1. llullll, IJ..l lyorln, lln-I I1-mwllrl. II , flnllnglu-r, llvl I:-mmlrl, fi., .xml llullunl, XY. 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