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L F i if xr 1 E 2 5 N WW! 77 ,AIFNWV e I 1, iff: x .lf 'A ' ' ' f fy 'QBQ H W 4' f m "'i"" wT31"4'f"w. .., 1 m ' .,.Q'. fwiH5W3543':'mywQ Qi A A an my ffl 1 -' N ' -'Q:',f5-W. W, l 5 " W -M5 1. ' 1 . 4501 zz ' IQ -TA H i'f'J . ' -A - V A V S ,rf 2 H Y ' ' yfwff ,i X , , Q V .-5 . N A ,J ,- kifwi g T, , v lfjziggag ., M y V ' ' A' , , " f, f , - , I I , Y ' - 1- H fvgj-53,1 "Q A , AU 'V74 0'-"Z", ,W ff, A ' Q we 3, M Y . L, '- ' . X A f-'rv6 A,-,V ,ap I' ' ' " A 'y644f ,gm , , fn' r-ff-4, 3 W-.H+ y El ,,., SL QV 20 V V, is . : , 1 f,f,i5,7wgrfVil , Ng f . ' V ' 0 . 41: JV ,V ' M954-QJXQ ' , -JAQM9 .AJ 5, , , P' 0 , . ' ' ' QW 9 wwf? ,VQJ -4. -V5 3 35 -,Q I 4. 0 g H K f M p ,W W YA ,JCZJMI Zigi! , ,?""07. ,, f 0 0 Z ' .owl W '7 4 . , A , W G I V A in ' A , '5' ' my 4 ' lk? ,f .. x x Q M Y 1 lp 4 . A, , V I W4 1 ., -4090 2 A f Q 'fw ,.,A., .. , f M ' , 'bfi ' ' ' V'-'Y I A, 1. 1,--,..Y, al , , A .N .Q-.,' 1' Y -N 'Q 9:5 ' K r V - A- 1 , ,f .21 , yi. if f 'H f'-Jf1"iQ3fE- ' f A , . ,' ' 51 X 1 0 . , J M ' L ?" ' , ' T f 6? ' ' J' J 'i ' 4 1 ll . fd A . Qljg 5' I V ' I , Q 4' ,.4f7P21f7v1!,4,g,,z! , 5 0' 'W77' ' 35: ' ' A 15 W V- ' - ' 'A ' ffffl JJ " . ' ' 1 R 5 ' ,H ff iii ' .Ab gif ,v - Q fn '34 -fm! Alxqy A 2,44- , ' ,A -, V .f- . ' 0 Y . 21 . L' f 'miie ,, ' J ' X V , f . - .. 1 ' , M4 . , V ' ' , , f "Y Y. .1 , 3,g'4F2'iA gv ' f 1 I , Ll A. - Y ?,L4f,1'4 . 5 A , If 1- ig,--351: , -' V41-Q ' fy if Q . W W . . 0, ' V 5 ,J 'V , N p?f .g ,., M xk,:-fgai M i 1 x ,Z f , , fi, A. i - Wk-ff. f V A V f , ' 4, Jr I I ,..,,,o oi, X4 ww ff- 12 ' ' . A ' -f wif - fm . f-rw er- -' . , Tmdg A Q . ' ' kim I R , 1 , X .. q ' ' f 1 ' . 4 ff 'his ta-Wgfv' :Q 1-','i--Veg '-' L My ' '5 ' "'aT,,fg'Q5i5 ' y Dwafpf m fiffl-.' 7H , .W mx Og 'fx gi' i A , A K X V any- uv, , if ' , ' f - :il,ff-A-.14fv5'1f9Fgwg1g.w5ii 9 ,. . t' 4.1 ,fy f wwffgttiigtilfmt . vvijff Toronto Seniors T M are Happy to Present The Funtennlal Editlon fwu fl of the W ff , ' VIKING S53 - 1956 Toronto High School - Toronto, South Dakota 'L-'jx Q .- 'JT' W. f f T' X if 4 C fgjciivf' ' X 5 4' Y A 'V Here's the Program J, -R f-1" - to High's A' O 4, I ' ng 6 K e r v 0 A Y Admlnlstratlon Classes of Talent' trophy. O I . King and Queen, Duane Mathison and Susan Emer- son sophomores rule over the gay affair. L - 'Y Activities . Sponsorsi 23 'g marrmba as Toronto s en try IU the Parade of Talent contest Last year's princess, Eilene Martinson, ascends the throne to crown her suc- cessor. Diann Lunden Plays the The novelty stand proves a popular concession at the Funtennial. Gary Thomas provides gay music on his trombone for t h e c o 1 o r ful festivities. Mrs. Howard Bruflat is at the piano. X'o.w9 The Funtennial if eadlines School Yea r As students of Toronto Public Schools, we are given access to many things: Work, which consequently leads to wisdom and knowledgeg fun, derieved from diverse sources, basket- ball games, class plays, music programs. And the main feature of all, the all-school Fun- tennial. which gives access to both work and fun. Weeks ofintense planning goes into each Funtennial. Royalty tickets must be made, novelties bought and booths set up. Many emotions are involved in the fun-fest. First anticipation, then joy, triumph, and happi- ness for the students chosen to reign over the festivities . . . Excitement andjubilation for the spectators, and contentment over the suc- cess of the jubilee by the faculty and stu- dents. Follow us now to the land of glee, ex- citement and magic as we reminisce through the '55-56 school year of work and pleasure which was headlined by the Toronto Public School Funtennial. MQ-ff-ME Q-fff. f Im! fl K , M 'X fk.. M V X 15 f ,n 4 -3 fig ,sg 2. We Dedicate W h' B ok to ArchieN Hill . I IS O , , , Because of the important role he has played in school functions, and in the life of every student of Toron- to Public School, we proudly dedicate the 1956 Viking to Superintendent Archie Hill. Superintendent Hill's ingenuity is behind every school activity and it is his acuteness and zeal which en- ables Toronto to gain the distinct honors awarded it in the three years he has been with us. Every student of Toronto is in some way indebted to this admirable teacher. He performs each deed for his pupils in such a manner that they often pass unobserved and the due recognition is not received. With this in mind and with the deepest gratitude and admiration, we dedicate this yearbook to Superin- +A.-mlnnf I-H11 Y Q ARCI-IIE N. HILL, Superintendent ELEANOR PRZYMUS, Principal Mankato Teachersg General Beadle Sioux Falls College, Graduate Study Graduate Studyg South Dakota State South Dakota State, Vocal Music University of South Dakota Junior High English, English I, II and IV Typing I and II Business Management I and II Q od I 0 o Facu aul ance, nsplratlon THOMAS, Morningside College C. E. GOLD, Valpariso University Music, Shop wmv University of South Dakota Biology. Algebra, World History American Government famwaaumm G s XX Q ' f K X . x .l .Hex BERNICE SMITH ax Primary Grades xfw Sourh Dakota Snare General Beadle x .N ,, -- - ni: K idx '- xr -rg , 34 xii, Nu A, . r,, 1 'Q X . x f-C,k , f , -f-.Y ' 1 Xgx-,251 1' I ,. X .X Q . x Y X X , Sz. 'lx ' JA F x, V' V ARDITH HAMPTON Q" Intermediate Grades Southern Stare Teachers College rg, ki. , Ek ,XX-ivy W .. , . N .N,x. Xi. I X ROBERT C. THUROW Grade and High School Athletics Grammar Grades South Dakora State General Beadle 9 r L YW K' Board Gives Conscientious Support ADOLPH KLAPPRODT President School board members are an impor- tant part of Toronto schools, a definitely needed group. Many new opportunities and improvements are brought about through their co-operation and helpfulness. Each year new features are added by their conscientious and enthusiastic ef- forts. This year their main project was sponsoring the noon lunch program. 10 MARVIN THOMPSON Vice -President MORRIS EASTMAN Member Adds New Features Each Year FRANK OLSON Treasurer L. S. ENSBERG Clerk REUBEN JORGENSON Member I 1 L. O. SEVERSON Member 11 Student Council Arranges Activities . Each classhas representatives in the council, the student governing organization. Student body president, Eugene Pletcher, presides at the bi- monthly meetings. The group arranges for school activities including the Funtennial and many of the parties and social functions held throughout the school year. Shown above, standing, left to right, Eugene Pletcher, president, Robert Hanna and Diann Lunden. Seated, Barbara Thurow, sec- retary and treasurer, Carol Martinson, Sandra Sommervold, Donna Kautz and Nancy Nelson, vice-president. Hungry at Noon? See Mrs. Quickstad When it comes to feeding the students of Toronto you can be sure that Mrs. August Quickstad is on the job to fulfill her duty with the utmost of skill and ability. Janitor Pete is Right on A the Job . When anything needs repairing our very able janitor Pete Emerson is right there to take over. Pete has been the janitor for Toronto schools for the past 14 years. A friend to all, he does much to keep us as comfortable as possible. "WSP 1 gig! H N In S 5 , A 'S+ 1, Q QE 1 k k K Ti Q , . ,L Qt Y ig 2 i i f in J . Wh 'We iw M M iw Q Seniors: Live, L ove and Laugh NANCY JOY NELSON Band 45 Chorus 3g Declarn 35 Glee Club 3,4g Quartette 4g Royalty Member 4g Sextette 3,4g Senior Play 4g Softball 3,4g Soloist 3,43 Student Council 43 They Went That-A-Way 35 Vice- President3g Viking4g VikingHi-Lite3,4g Viking Varieties 3,4g Transfer, San Diego Helix High 3. 2,31 SEEK! 0195 we 0 at Cr what CURTXS F-S5531 S- Stateaog aw! Ng? Body u XfL'3,4.g'S Uncyefgla A3 Stucizkxav Ag ba ' Qke X0 ' , Wen t' Baskex. qi, M0 U ggba , fgneal ZQ11 Coilncix ?la'J A' ' Si 12:3 A Ptesidiim. 1geS CLA' genxoi I fggall V-Ce' . xlaile tgxesideni 3 'asuie' A" 3 Vnung I . 112, U X KZ' , v WHS' ni-We ' Viking BARBARA JEAN THUROW Class Play 39 Driver's Education 3g FHA 3 Vice-President 33 Physical Education 3g S' Council 45 Viking 49 Viking Hi-Lite4gTrz Beadle High 4. . . . Find The Essentials of Happiness ANDREW LARRY SCI-INOOR :tball2,3,4g Chorus2,3g Royalty Member 4g Jr Play 49 Softball l,2,3,4g Sportsmanship 313g They Went That-A-Way 35 Track l,2, Viking4g VikingHi-Lite Staff l,2,3,4g Vik- larieties 4. ROBERT LEE HANNA Basketball 1,2,3,4g Public Opinion Player's A- wardg Chorus2,3g Counci14g Royalty Member 3g Softball 1,2,3,4g Class President 35 Senior Play 4g Track 1,2,3,4g They Went That-A-Way 33 Viking 45 Viking Hi-Lite Staff l,2,3,4g Viking Varieties 4g All S SH Sfe-idefaf Sf-?fI15ggYJEAN T 3.12 Girlig gig? Us 2121381334 4, EZSQIWPSQN ' Cr e .' fl 1 If,eXretreetify and :git H1-L?gabfn.3: 62514: Che V-ef1'Thaf-' Som'-21 easwer duo' 3 gclllb er' Iklflg 1,2 3 Se'?' Quartl:2' ' ffe 1 2 ' Vfllffdi " Swim 'Hof P1 me ,3,4: Vikgfltorianqfgf in ligei: g V3l'jeQie.:1gl1g ,3,4.' otto Keynotes Funtennial, Year . . . SELMA JOYCE THOMPSON Chorus 35 Declam 35 Glee Club 1,'2,3,4g Presi- dent lg Royalty Member 24 Saluratorian 45 Sen- ior Play 45 Sextette 43 Softball 1,2,3,4g Soloist 1,2,3g Student Council lg Treasurer lg They Went That-A-Way 3g Viking Editor 4g Viking Hi-Lite 1,2,3,4g Viking Varieties 2,3,4. KS .2 v3 I, A swag cw? '22 Sami LL '33 313: ,igul Q' 2 A., crxoigftei-, 5231 13.46, qwxviiv erleaaetq Quacg3 41 So:-PCXN M ieties 25' Qi M' Qirwl may flirting W' Pxaxj A., Xfzng ,A-' COXXQ . ng HY A-. Vw 4. 'f lyjflf WAYNE MARVIN THOMPSON Basketball 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3g Council 3 alty Member lg President 44 Senior Play 41 ball l,2,3,4g They Went That-A-Way 3g 1,2,3,4g Viking 49 Viking l-li-Lite l,2,3,4 ing Varieties 4. Variety Makes C sswork Interestin 3 Fun, too Various student activities necessarily require an income and ex- penditure of money. Students are given the responsibility in part of keeping records, Curtis Oseby and Wayne Thompson assumed this job this year. Any samples today fellows? Typing news stories, stenciling and mimeographing for the school paper are correlated with business educa- tion courses. Here headliner Sallie Thompson and editor Shirley Thompson look over a stencil ready for the press. "Skippy", THS seniors' piggy bank, reposed in the office all year receiv- ing contributions from pennies to quarters. Money collected was used on senior skip day, hence , the name, - V ,s sl ri 9 ,,N,ajhgW ,- my 14 xl I L4-'Ji 1,,mG 14 A W1 255. , 'M,r.,. vsti- htm -firqmmma t r 'wi sei - . .:' , , lr f r 7 flat firi-figs . Q29 -sf , , r rr, A A ,,..M : , ,, I 4 trt.L:, w A r V ,tp J' 'f??ziJ.?5, ' 3 L, , ,si - .r,,....,,, gr. MW. M, I ,K ,E TV g pg ' ,k::::,.V,: H: as I my 5 j A V , We A "r"f':::gt'4eiQ2:fi . as-me -.1L,, :'ej-,. -.. M. f z h ,55g,?g.L,q4,'3k:3ifl4Q3.:,3f::,z,,165 A. , , K 2 ,fs J ' .t we A H" if 'if ' xif "" 7 .- -A . , s I z 'sa-5-'t Mr . x .r '- v sert .... AL ',-L f ' k. f,,,m,.es.ts.,.r.i, , r f J , , :K .V ,V J- .kkk . Lk in American government gives us a better under- standing and appreciation of how our nation runs. Larry Schnoor and Robert Hanna find interesting clauses on a copy of the Consti- tution. Shorthand was added to our course of study this year. Below: Wylla Hicks transcribes, as "boss" Nancy Nelson dictates. egg ff' ie : 1. 5.5 1 W if ,y 1 Highlight of every junior': year is the play its class put: on each fall. This class o jovial juniors presented the play, "Whittlin"' last October Spring brought the annual jun- ior-senior banquet. Juniors shown to the left, top Marvin Kruse, Gordon West- ley, Diann Lunclen and Richarc Glazier. Bottom: Larry Nel- son, Carol Martinson, Eugene Pletcher and Jean Emerson. Play, Banquet Top Year for These junlorgti , ,. , 1 1--r, lj' , . Z ,I'7 an ' , 4 ,fy 1 er ff ' ,ff , I. f -, J, 1 Daileys' cafes. nmwzairwzls C0 f--,,nnuln I8 W pw U Schoo1's out and these eager Vikings await 1 ' a post-school "Coke" session at Joyce and ip 1 1.19 1, it if ., " 'J' f 7 rl -1 4 1 ' L M i AlbA,,!b, U7 A , I C 2 :Z ,M V I' ,Q 9 , 4' M 'M A! V' 5 1' 'az' ,?'Lff7 ZA' Lf 4' f f 4 ' v alt,-f ,lfi':fq'- ,rt v i,Il ' If 4 , Z ,127 1 opp? kv 5, , Lf. A ,,f, bf Q: Y -' , 27711 ara, f?r4?:l Ml' ff? .y -014 All juniors at Toronto choose typing as part of their curriculum. Marvin, Dick and Larry practice to obtain more skill at typing shown in the left picture. Pictured at the right are lean, Carol and Eugene. F71-q,a W isa: fegiiix A Versatile C ass -These 9 Sophomores The sophomores, among other things this year, contrib- buted two cheerleaders: other members are active in other phases of school life: music, journalism and sports. Top row: Susan Emerson, Eugene Sommervold, Patricia Dailey. Middle row: Joann Bergjord, Rose Westley, Janet Hicks. Bottom row: Sandra Sommer- vold, Duane Mathison, Arlyce Horner. V": V i fiflff - - - 'L ff I I ,ms 1 'F Q.: 'Q English work requires a good back ground in funda - mentals. Here Janet and Susan diagram sentence F for Mrs. Pryzmus' English II class. ' QYVX X34-'Ut yi QXIA A K ,ft xml M J ' N-A - fm I 'D .ltojn I uf I ' ff f3f""Al Lufub' f. M .4,. V L ...- L 1..- K.. K, 4.. A certain amount of labdratory work goes with every science class at THS. Sandra, Rose and Arlyce work with the scope as part of the biology require- ments. I9 cfcufrfff Here They Are: The 7 Frolicsome Freshmen if CQ 'U Shop is taught to all freshmen and sophomore boys and offers know- ledge in creating many crafts. Dale, Chip, Donnie and Sophus are shovm working under the watchful eye of their instructor. J . 1 if ' .df Seven freshmen contribute to the en- largement ofschool spirit at THS, Top row: Dale Kruse, Diann Jorgenson, Sophus Mathison, Charles Dailey. Bottom row: Vincent Pletcher, Donna Kautz, and Donald Klapprodt. 20 Algebra is the first step of ma the matics in high school Here Donna and Diann illustrate an algebra problem for the rest of the freshmen. We X -.f-, CC x Q Students from the fourth grade and up starred as the Vi-Kids, the grade basketball team, this year. Back: Duane Eastman, Bobbie Vernlund, Tommy Shadeward, Gene Estenson, David Westley, Allyn Martinson, Roger Jorgenson, Front: Wayne Ne ls on , Harold Erickson, David Sorenson, John Mersh, Mr. Thurow, Coach, Sharp in their cheerleading outfits, these four girls gave added color to the grade basketball season. Back: Joan Bergjord, Judy Storry, Janet Bergjord, Bonnie Svennes. Soon They'II Take Gur Places-These Grammar Students Grade school days will soon be left behind for these good-natured grammar room students Back- Sharon Rye, Tommy Shadewald, Bonnie Kautz, Bobbie Vernlund, Janet Begjord Roger Jorgenson. nlvliddle- Carol Kruse, Billy Horner, Judy Storry, Gene Estenson, Bonnie Svennes, David 'Westley, Allyn Martinson: Front: Mr. Robert Thurow,teacherg Joan Ber 'ord J k' l ' gj , ac 16 Jeg um, Mary Ellen Rye, Karen Dailey, Brenda Westley. 2l dents in the intermediate room heiped make the Funtenniai a success. They appeare ' energetic zeai to the various concessions on the midway , Back rov tty Horner, Duane Eastman, Saiiy Bergiord, Eunit Richard Thorson, De anna Friesta Westiey . These eighteen stu ram and contributed their herg David Sorenson, B6 He Daiiey, Ruth Budahi, oid, Kohn Marsh, and Gary on the prog, Miss Ardeth Hampton, teac Betgiord. Niiddie row: Haroid Erickson, Ioe Keith Front row: Kathy Friestad, David Sommerv Grade Youngsters Add H SCho0l Life applness tc Dr' lmary Pupils add glee and j0Yful ness T0 th h Sor enson . Fifteen Bernice Peter Sosmith tea - ren ' Cherg Ray Newmaion, Marilyn geanne Mersch . e Cha 1 L - FIOUI row. Iestman, Barba, Bflan Bel-gjgcd O01 atrnosph oreen Daileyniggnielson Zelsstricia H324 Back row, M ' Y Kruse' L, Y Klap us. Midd' rs. 0 lflda Tex pfodt Bl-e le IOW. 1 ,I nda Westle . , . Y, I' es ar son a ' Hd Io Yce Sorenson e Cy E 116 . en Martmsgn l Q ,t v ur , ,- lm ,- gu an , 2 fm. an W1 , - ,, W M it 'H sg QQ' ' ' ega My 3553 f:!S3i'?g? , 5 m 3 'Ffh N W' - : '35?-- 'Vip gzgnsifiif' 8 K 1 Q' 49- if me li 4 7 532: if 'Q 1- H 5 3? W . mi Sv -fig Ts. 92 5 K ASPN Wil? -fl Q -S , A ..., v W My ii I 3 Q V '- .. , " 'S . ". 2. V3 f '1-.' A . --"- Hf" W IVI v,. ., gi A- . ,-:- W " H T, I7' A-22-af wi 2+ "M ' ' , A , ffgg 1 V - H VV ,jf 5 I L. V L A ':L L' H . , L' Q ' , LVVL 5 ,I " ' V' ' H - bh W mfllf A g 1:11-WM-fi. 2 ' . ,".,L -KN..- -Q wi ws: I V f -A ' .Q ,, 1 x " - ' .V ' 2 ' - r Nf'li:'m.f..-f i T-'2'.Zt't:5"A" ' 'fri , if -W L4 A 'Y " 7, . 1' f- H If " -ff MNH A'-k ' -f f, Rx , ' . , 0' ' ' ' L " V Wil. f - "L -fin -1' A ' .yn H M ,L izijf 'n TJ Q, K 3 VV, K A , 4" - ffl t ' "4 ,R Ek ' ' 5 ef Y J i w -1' ' - A My V K if ' - P' ' i 4 " ' f 1 . . ,., , ,, , I, . t A - W'A' I . , 1 , , ' ' ' 1 9-Iv f H 3 E . ' ' A I . 3 kg ,WV ,ig I yy , 2 Us - Y Amp - - rg HY 4? ff? ,, f 5' 2 'WCW' 'V XV ,f aff 'Q , , ' f 3 W , wg W -- , ., ' ' Q -w -' ' 7: :K ij, af Q 1 K 1. 4' 3? V6 I., 3+-f f me i ---N' '- if L H I Nr V'k' mera caught these sortuan-.- e The 1 mg Ca Westley, Curtis Oseby, Wayne uwu-v--1--, ' Vincent Pletcher, Donald KlaPDT0Ul, we----f L Schnoor, G0rd0l1 any ow Robert Hanna, Duane Nlathrson, Q and Sophus Mathison. Robert Thur , Eugene Somrnervold, Dale KIHSC . . , 9 gt I-et S Have a G Softball ame of t out the girls are ' are the seasons for softball. Not only the boys participate in this spor ' the activity Front row: Janet l-licks, Sandra Somrnervold, l Back row- Donna Kautz, Fall and spring also given the opportunity to take part rn . Shirley Thompson, Jean Emerson, Wylla Hicks, Diann Lunden, Rose West ey. . .-1..,.a Hnrner, Nancy Nelson, Carrol Martinson, IoAnn Bergjord, Susan Emerson, " --' rrrnw Band members increased from six to nineteen this year, Individual lessons were given to each member, An organized band was started in February. Students have demonstrated a great deal of interest in band work. Instrumentalists include, back row: Gary Thomas, instructorg Dale Kruse, Vincent Pletcher, Duane Mathison and Curtis Oseby, Middle row: David Westley, Shirley Thompson, Nancy Nelson, Susan Emerson, Carol Martinson, Dianne Jorgensen and Thomas Shadwald, Seated: Cleo Westley, Robert Verlund, Sandra Sommervold, Jean Emerson, Diann Lunden, Allyn Martinson and Karen Dailey. Music, Too, Sounds Through the Hall of TH Z ffw Zf fff f Thesextette,whichmadeitsfirstappear ance arvrking vafier- f Life153235tE,fffF5S7WgeSJ5fi1'I?aiff?5L'f?3SfsZEif?33f3Fh23?SSZ?1' 0 f f ' T and Sally Thompson. ' ff, f ati t Z ., Z V ' W! W 47 f Entering, thc district music contest at Brookings and performing for the Christmas program were some of the various activities perfo d b h ' ' rme yt e Girls Glee Club. Pictured above are, Back row: Diann Lunden, Joann Bergjord, Donna Kautz, Sallie Thompson, Patty Dailey, Diann Jorgenson, Middle row: Shirley Thompson, Arlyce Horner, Jean Emerson Barbara Thurow Susan Emerson Nanc Nel , , A y son. Front row: Janet Hicks, Sandra Somrncrl vold, Carol Martinson, Rose Westley, Wylla Hicks, Mrs. Eleanor Pryzmus, director. Instrumentalists, Glee Club, Ensembles Perform k f iff ' lwvw W :L Af' 2 J -1 f I E Trio members who made several appearances arc: fl. to r.J Diann Lunden,Carol Ma t' . 1 N ' ' r 1nson,Jean Emerson, The trxrcc girls are juniors. s s f r g , THS Journalists stole attendance honors last fall at the South Dakota High School Press Association convention at South Dakota State College. Here the group receives last minute instructions from their adviser, Archie Hill. Later in the day, the group learned that its publications, the school paper and yearbook, had both received All-State awards , coming within an eyelash of taking a second sweepstakes award from the contest, Vikin Hi-Lite: Tops Statewide, Nationally, Internationally V ik i n g Hi-Lite editor, Sh ir 1 e y Thompson, left. Her paper has taken three All-Ame rican ratings in the past two years in addition to an international Honor Achievement A a wa r d. Associate e d i t o r , Diann Lunden, is at the right. ""'--M, ,, These busy Hi-Liters take time out from their notebooks and typewriters long enough to pose for th picture, Juniors and seniors comprise this group. Seated: Sallie Thompson, Jean Emerson, Car Martinson, Diann Lunden,Shirley Thompson. Standing: Wylla Hicks, Nancy Nelson, Wayne Thompso Barbara Thurow, Robert Hanna, Curtis Oseby and Larry Schnoor. Fr e sh m e n a n d sophomore class m e m b e r s contribute their writ- ing ability to the Viking Hi-Lite, too. Seated with Shirley Thompson, editor, are Janet Hicks, Rose West- ley, Joann Bergjord, Eugene Pletcher . Standing Sandra Sommervold. Diannlorgenson, D o n n a Kautz, Duane Mathison, S u s a n Emerson, Patricia Dailey, E u g e n e Sommervold, and Arlyce Horner. The Viking Staff Signs '30' to Another ri fi' Yulnn! G . r :KW ,me glgg, mvulii -rman um!!-U" '-3' A... :ww ' ,,-r. Bff' , ,fur- ":::n,Ind,,Jes Y-veg i 1 i 3 5 Li----" i -5.::': 10511 111'-"-, .-----'-" Q3 Jw"""l -""" ,ur 1-WS ,,,..-- wgus-'W' , - f 7 ' if L ,.N Assignment Shirley Thompson interviews world famous musician Fred Warring at the South Dakota Education Association conventibn last fall in Huron. Shirley served with the All-State news staff, a group ofthe top 10 high school journalists in the state. This 1956 Vikin is one of the headline fe g at' ures ofthe senior class. Editor Sallie speaks for the group when she says, "It was really a lot of fun." Seated next to editor Sallie Thompson are Wylla Hicks, art editorg Robert Hanna, Shirley Thompson, photo- grapherg Larry Schnoor. Standing: Nancy Nelson, Associate editorg Barbara Thurow, Business managerg Wayne Thompson and Curtis Oseby. Gordon ." 'The PIay's The Thing' 'Whittlin' Was Fall Production Junior classmen presented the comedy play "WhittIin' " in October. The Viking camera snapped these poses: Mother Uean Emersonj: "If you have nothing else to do you c an hold my yarn for me. Docflzugenej Pletcherjz "Anything you say mother". Reflections: Diann Lunden ' IN X S, ' i f 3 5? f Dick: "I think you need just a dab more lipstick, The entire cast assembled between acts for a shot. Back row: Mrs. Przymus, directorg Eugene Pletcher, Carol Martinson, Gordon Westley, Front row: Jean Emerson, Dick Glazier , Larry Nelson,Marvin Kruse and Diann Lunden. Mrs. Przymus a d ds a little mor e makeup on C a rol Martinson who played the part of "Ruth Wilson' in the play. X30 'C0od Luclrto 11 Classflf -sygmo J?jf"MI MHZ 1 .T War Ji :limi ,, 2 ,WVWWWQW m,fZE5"'NK OF T099m bwBER FEDERA L H MMM-if 3f3J1j9flLQ' Li on ' Wi'ffWiQZ?'WfW XWJWW I A- QA A aww WM 9 Frank Olson, president of the Bank of Toronto and treasurer of the Toronto School district, offers some financial advice to Sallie Thompson, a THS senior. H. W. ROSS LUMBER CO. Dealer in Lumber, Paints and Buildin Materials John Mersch, Mgr. Phone 2451 Toronto South Dakota BEST OF EVERYTHING T0 A FINE SENIOR CLASS YOUR FACULTY P, B, Emerson, Janitor Sidney Ensberg, IOFT C. E. Gold, High School Ardith Hampton, Intermediate Archie N. Hill, Superintendent Gena Quickstad, Cook Eleanor Przymus, High School Bernice Smith, Primary Gary Thomas, High School Bob Thurow, Grammar HECTOR MOTOR COMPANY - Oldsmobiles - Hector Minnesota BOOSTERS Mr. 8: Mrs. V. Westlund ....... Mitchell Joyce's Cafe .......... .... T oronto Casey's Place ...... . Toronto Sommervold's Garage . . . .Toronto G.T.A. Elevator ...... .... T oronto Gena's Cafe ....... . Astoria Astoria Cafe ....... . Astoria Gambles 8a Groceries . . . . . .Astoria Dorn's Beauty Shop . . . Hendricks Thomsen's Service . . . .... Hendricks Ben Franklin ...... .... H endricks Dr. Gross ........ . . . Gary O.K. Barber Shop . . . . . . Brookings Jackson's Jewelry . . . Brookings Kenda1l's Drug ...... Brookings Hayes Lucas Lumber .... . . Brandt White Leader ....... . . .White ,V C r Compliments of LAW 8. LAW Buy for Less Aho""'Y5 Phone 212 Hef1dl'iCkS Minnesoiu Clear Lake South Dakota X:-:-2' 4 I THE HINDERAKER COMPANY 'H HENDRICKS CLINIC I Grain - Coal - Feeds - Seeds H. Hinderaker, Manager Astoria South Dakota I Hendricks Minnesota I gl fl' X -fix u .L 'A-Q. HAN KS x 1 'W W 0' fe ' E55 W We -FWS: ' FUNERAL HOME 'L' ' :IM o H !,7 Ji'-Lf-s.. . 5 Lvl 'SM MJ' ' iff' Lu-090 d..u.,,M,-,dd I Maurice E Hanks fn . f ' Z-'.xMlUL41 c4wM I O.,,Wcp . L, -Aeovw-.g,. B eouuwg ' - 4041 wufjj W,-9104 ' X 3 ,,44M,J.44g L .S-adn ClearLake scum Dakota X 1 - , 'lL,....5V 3 ' . X ' 9 'CL-1 1 L "KY: . Q N-DSAA 1 ' Ele g y' L " ff NELSON STANDARD SERVICE Gas - Repairs - Tires Phone - 2482 N I B the T o, Soufh D k STANDARD BJORNSRUD FURNITURE and FUNERAL SERVICE T Ph 2421 South Dako DEUEL COUNTY FARMERS UNION OIL COMPANY THIS IS YOURS "Our Profits are your Dividends" Phone 236I T - Clear Lak B cI South Dakota VARIETY FOODS Groceries - School Supplies Dry Goods - Gents Fumishings Buy and Save L. S. ENSBERG, Prop. Phone 24II Toronto, South Dakota SOMETHING NICE F ROM THE SOUTH DRINK IT SATISFIES BROOKINGS BOTTLING COMPANY Brookings South Dakota LARSONS RED OWL AGENCY Quality Foods for Less .Ioe and Milan Larson Toronto South Dakota 1 RED OWI. AGENCY ESTELLINE Beekman Mobile Station Dairy Creme Ed Musolt Berber Shop Farmers Slate Bank Don's .IeweIry BOOSTERS CLEAR LAKE Keith's Clothing Flower Shop PauIson's Drug Moiestic Theatre Gambles CAN BY Skogmos I'IoffeIt's Dnngs Coast to Coast Parenteou and HoI'IeIts Otter Tail Power Co. BRANDT GRAIN CO. "The Farmer's Friend" R. Anderson, Prop. Brandt South Dakota ESTELLINE CO-OP CREAMERY Cash Buyers of Cream, Eggs and Poultry Manufacturers 0fLily Brand Butter ENGEN'S HATCHERY Y M. Engen, Prop. Phone 2331 3:-V Brandt, South Dakota CANBY THEATRE Clnemascope, Wlde Screen The "Best" in Picture Entertainment Wm. Flieder, Owner Estelline South Dakota one 'V ARE sumY'S MRM Huf5""e . Heatin9 ' Poms S T U D I lo Am PHONE 6 o skooxlnes, sou1H DAIETA Phoftez South Ddkom A1 Toronfo L For All Your Trucking Needs THE BUDAHL BROS. You Call We Haul Toronto, South Dakota BOERSMA IMPLEMENT 44 SE -M 43? gilgum urlq w ,.e- is sr 'P ls! COMPAN Y Clear Lake South Dakota JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY See U s For Auto Parts Used Cars Accessories - Painting Body Work Hendricks, Minnesota Phone 121 BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '56 PAUL S STUDIO Hendricks Minnesota SAND'S REPAIR SHOP BLACKSMITH and WELDING Toronto South Dakota CANBY COLOR CENTER G. H. Cummings, Owner Paints, Wallpaper Draperies, Hobby Craft Window Shades Canby, Minnesota Phone I4I HENDRICKS PRODUCE I se7frpf,47, Cash Buyer X of .il CREAM, EGGS AND POULTRY NUTRENA FEEDS Hendricks Minnesota Phone 84 C U I Q I Q O CORNERCAFE For the Finest in Foods Plenty ofparking Space Joe and Dorothy Clear Lake South Dakota l . C ' f ' U THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK of Brookings Greetings to our friends in Toronto Brookings South Dakota FASBENDER and EISNACH, INC. Farm and City Gas 'I Ford Sales and Service Marvel Gas for Heating Refrigeration - Tractor Fuel Phone 287I Estelline, South Dakota in " FARMER'S CO-OP CREAMERY ASSOCIATION Hendricks Minnesota Phone 74 I Compliments of GUNDERSON AND GUNDERSON ESTELLINE COMMUNITY OIL COMPANY Gasoline and Oils Attorneys at Law A-SLELIEIZQ Clear Lake South Dakota Phone Collfcglfor Service Estelline South Dakota . I SCHULTZ HARDWARE slLvERsoN's DRUG sToRE Quality Products Z Always Phone 49 if Hendricks Minnesota P rescriptions Our Specialty Hendricks Minnesotu LENNOX Geneva Kitchens Westinghouse Laundries Water Treatment Farm Water Systems Pump and Fumace Repair CIear Lake South Dakota ERICKSON'S FURNITURE STORE Carpets - Linoleum - Radio Sales and Service RCA Victor TV Hendricks MIHHCSOIU B. 8. J. WHOLESALE l28 Main Avenue Distributors Brookings of South Dakota SCHRAFFT'S FANCY CHOCOLA TES P IIACVOI DIVISION f MIIWAUKII I. lI.S.A. "It's Easy to Deal at Lovre's" LUVRE MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT Brookings Sou-th Dakota F. M. HEINSEN Clothiers and Tailors Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Smart Styles For Everyone Hendricks Minnesota N. 2, -5 -at 1 I 'PPQ nAlLEY's CAFE Meals - Lunches - Confections Toronto South Dakota THOMSON IMPLEMENT l'lElSLER HARDWARE Fam . Home Hardware Appliances Equipment Appliance' Hendricks, Minnesota Ph 34 Esfeuine, south Dakota one SEVERSON IMPLEMENT Pontiac Cars Refrigeration Farm Equipment Intemational Tmcks I Phone l60 Clear Lake, South Dakota ,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,L Butchering and Curing Clarence Norm Nfl tffflf l , 7 CANBY FLORAL AND Sv NURSERY COMPANY RAY'S DRUG STORE Complete Nursery and Landscape Service See Us For Prescription .Service Canby Minnesota Brookings South Dakota xx ' f f X Y ' THOELKE AND ROENECKE ys Super Valu Foods KURTH'S JEWELRY Glenn E. Kurth, Owner Fin' Furniture Phone 74 Watch Repairing Clear Lake South Dakota Hendricks Minnesota See M. W. THOMPSON CONGRA TULATIONS f Ol' THE DEUEL COUNTY BANK i T Clear Lake South Dakota Toronto W South Dakota Fo' the B957 in You Buy for Less at A 9 4' coAsT T0 coAsr stones 5 . 'ily Farm - Home - Car Needs E ' ' if ' Brookings South Dakota THE TORONTO HERALD ,-ro, D. E. Finsand Editor and Publisher Toronto, South Dakota WWAWJNQ . 2 gwwl , ,. . f ' , V' . 1 1' Z,',"H "" 'Wy' Q' rf 4f2I1"hq1",',. LN ' ,, '14 . ' ,,:cA,c.JL if , mmm. in Lf' lm' M We Zz k f 4,6 ,MJ 'wma in C:,.,,.,U2 2 2 ,May , A4444! .1-.A,,.,,,l, L- . MMV W, 3' 4-ov'-M412 ,az-1. 9: yn, 463.1 -7721, 70403 4,40 M WW WM ,5 WM AM MF Jww- 9 Zfww -4 -z:.4.AN Vx- 7:L?3u,,,Q'M fm g,jjjvf,f,4,,f. M44 ff-if l,,wwLfLW . ' jf4w gbl U,filfZ'f? 'WW -793+ - M ug aff W m,,:,.fff, Z PM 'Cv-nw 25 4'-f+4fm6.'. k ' 6""f""'-f f-W1 -wuwlv .AL ,WZMJ ,, 43'-'M gwflg, -409,1 ff-aff'-5 1101 9 ,fy '1 .i M Wu

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