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-2 . 1 .J x 1 .f. Q, -ff it Eff: 23? f' 1:1 ' I ,V ' 5 , I 1 , ig p .253 "S, , ' .13 Q,--.. .- , 1 in-,-A.. g Q- ""' , 'z iff-Ni .F JA.. ... N4 A -a ny x..f1x ,s,,L. , ,-.4 is sm - J, .f ,Av ' -Nr , . fu, ,-.. -H 5. Uv V .,w,9fy1 .U-if'-M--qi, .-' , -vf ' 4 . , f . k,:5,,3 ' .' 1, sfasfqwg, -gf-.1 EU: I 3 f:!g,:LxueA:'.:3-,55:,-.2-vwf... ,.. .-..... -. ' ' Z ' 1 'L IN X 1. ' afvgzijga-I-' 35 ': that ' 'QQQ 4. 'Q 3 25, 5 E QE E Q N ' 5 5,.'K-Lt? Ni f J 2 . EMKA it I r P Axsuu vnu mssmeu noun nn Punto Yuuauux S i S1 cgi wma Remain uns mann I FOREWORD . . . by Thorvald . . . I cry the news of the Vikings. I am the news- hoy, but I do many things. Sometimes I work in the composing rooms: sometimes I report from the office, sometimes Iwrite from athletic contests. I am at all places at all times, for Iam represent- ative of the students of Toronto High School. What they do l dog what I am, they are. I rejoice with them in their happinessg I keenly feel their sorrows. . . . My name is Thorvald. . . Come with me now and I shall show you what has been done at the Viking Press this year--at what the 1953-'54 press- men have been working--at what they have been playing. . . Our tour shall begin with an overview of the Viking Press, and then we shall pass through the many phases of school personalities and activ- ities. . . Read with me now, the table of contents, below, and we shall be ready to begin .... Administrators TABLE OF CONTENTS Writers and Reporters. . 16 f , -1.5 s 'E' S 'r 'O THOR VA LD Behind The Presses Advertiser s .....39 X ,s Ms. 1 I The Viking Press . . . . . . Above the Viking Press. . . The bell which has beckoned the youth of Toronto for fifty-one years. It has peeled methodically for nine o'clock classes: it has sounded joyously the victories. lt has stood courageously against darkened skies: it has weathered storms of every nature. . . Its toll changes with the seasons and sounds over the tree-edged countryside and echos gently from the sloping hills and valleys. . . . Beneath are the press rooms, where hundreds of Vikings have enjoyed their work and laughter: where they have grown from "cubs" to master writers: and where from the windows they have looked out upon the vast unseen panorama which has held their destined futures. . . And so generations pass, but the bell goes on. lts sound will be heard by many more Vikings who in turn will listen and obey, for it stands as a symbol of everything which is past, which is and which shall be--of courage, of knowledge, and of truth ...,.. . Mix V X1 S25 If J QQ? t 41515 My 1 N. fi.-'fx' J 2- 95 QS gil ADMINIST RAT URS Editors Managers ,--' ff Editor . . . ARCHIE N. HILL, B.S. Superintendent Mankato Teachers Beadle College Graduate Study Algebra Typing l And Il World History Executive Managers . . . Board of Education members are the executive managers of the Viking Press. The many im- provements within the press is credited to their foresight and resourcefulness. Pirtured Below Are: flrft To Rightl L. S Ensber 1 k . . g, so er 3 Morris Eastman, Marion Ellis, president: M. W. Thompson, vice-president, and William Mathison. Not shown are Lyle Glazier and Frank Olson, treasurer, University Of South Dakota ASSOCIATE EDITOR. . . RESEARCH EDITOR. . . MRS. MARY GORDON, B.S. W. W. ROBERTSON, B.S. Principal Northern State Graduate Study Beadle College University of South Dakota Post Graduate Study Shop I And H Beadle College English ll And IV Government Sociology Journalism Communications Departmental Editors . . . MUSIC CRITIC. . . MRS. W. W, ROBERTSON Yankton College Nmffa sz -:Q . KATHERINE HARKINS MYRTLE HOGIE HELEN ENSBERG General Be--idle Augustana Augustana General Beadle Grades 1' Z, And 3 Grades 7 And 8 LAYOUT MANAGER. . . When the machinery of the Yiking Press needs repairing, layout manager Pete Emerson, our conscientious janitor, is right there to take over. Pete, very ably handles the duties of the"'1ayout" department--has done so for the past ll years without missing a day. His work might be compared to that of a night editor, too, because a great deal of his work is done long after the press- men have signed "30" to their work. COORDINATING EDITORS. . . Coordinating editors are members of the student council which consists of - ' ' representatives from each class. Stu- , ' lf dentbody president, Mervin Mathison, 7 1 1-"" presides at the bi-monthly meetings. The ' Y ,1' 3 group arranges for school activities including 1 lZ,f the carnival and many of the parties and social jf -fl functions held throughout the school. year. Shown in the cut below are, standing, Cleft to right! Mervin Mathison, President: Glen Hanna, Dale Svennes, and Superintendent Hill, Adviser. Seated, fleft to rightl Sandra Storry, Curtis Oseby, Louene Nelson, Jean Emerson, and Dale Stroschein. 1? of if-1 -si . Y ., ff? ' -zfwm. 1: vs W-ffm ,. .A Qs., ggggk....g,LH3. .. ...A dm.. V .n 'f ' W-mm 1 . 4. , ..,g5.,,,L - . . A ,. . .... ,M f rw.. .M - fvfzf--Q... . a,,.g,..7 ,X-,g - . f-1 . .iffy W -..w,.w-A .L Smklvg as-ffiii:f..i 1 S ,1 mf . A ..5. ...ix K M, , .V .,g,?f,.f., ,S .,,ffg.w.X1QS... 1 K as :wif M' L f- - Lv1'1k.p4N 'sl .2 , . N 'vw -5. ,J EN Q wk K Q QS lf? , ,I if vi A 1 my 3 vfiiw as m J' , ef? ., H ,V ,, x 9 .Kiwi ,Mg ' . w1fi35SS??"' . fgwr .Mama fi, X., y, . f ?5"I,msf' G f ' .Aff 2. .5 V.k- , X - i 32.54. ' fm. . .Njff's ' L7AN..fsef?e5V 'RIYNF ff A . QW k.k. . K5 K , ssmwww aww xNwQ wA- . fl? Ma ,W 5 . , K K s1:QQ?1I , Q . 1. 5 sf .. SQ. Sta gs-QQZQ: .- Sw - . fx f-ff-Q-Q.. , wg? :. f. ayasxfg S. , . x X S xi? Q 9 .- Xi 3521 ,yikv .1 5 :JM- Q ., :M zx. if X Y mr- .M Q- , 1 SP1 Q U News editors for the Viking Press are the '54-'55 Seniors. The class chose, "Not The Evening But The Dawn," as their motto: silver and blue as their colors: and the red rose as their flower. Seniors Serve As News Editors . . . DALE A. STROSCHEIN. . Basketball ....... Class Plays. . Hi-Lite Staff. . Softball ...... Student Council. . Track ...... Vice-President. . Vicking, Editor. . MARY L. NELSON. . . Class Plays .... . . 3,4 Girls' State .... .... 3 Hi-Lite Staff .... . . 2,3,4 Royalty Attendent. . . . 2,3 Secretary ...... . 2,4 Softball .......... . . 3 Vice-President ....... . . .3 Viking, Associate Editor ..... 4 1,2 . 1,23 123 RAYMOND V. HICKS Basketball ...... Class Plays ...,. Royalty Attendent. . Softball ....... Track ..... Viking Staff. . 1,2 3,4 . . 2 2,3 2,3 . 4 DALE G. SVENNES. . . Basketball. . Class Plays. . Mixed Chorus. . Softball ...... Student Council. . Track ...... Viking Staff. . . REBECCA F. SCHNOOR. . Class Plays ....... Hi-Lite Staff .... Royalty Attendent. . Vice-President. . . Viking Staff .... wk . .:.a ,-:.:'2E?': f:-:- f4?"'w3N2?W 'SYXVS' -:ti - 1 ' -A P .L - f 1 flllllll . , , V g if i in- W - Q ' .-. . J 'T -if L-f W P B GLEN E. HANNA. . . Basketball ..... . 1.2.3-4 Class Plays . . . 3.4 Hi-Lite Staff. . . . 3 Royalty Attendant. . Softball. . . . . . . Student Council. . . Track ..... N. . Viking Staff. . . MARLYS J. WESTLEY. . . .... 3 . . 2,4 ...Z , 4 MERVIN V. MATHISON. . Basketball. . . . . . . . . 1,Z,3,4 Boys' State. . . . . . 3 Class Plays. . . . 1,Z,3,4 Hi-Lite Staff. . . 3,4 Mixed Chorus. . . . . 4 President ....... . 3,4 Royalty Attendant. . . . . . . 1,4 Softball ...... Student Body President. . Student Council ...... Track ...... Viking Staff. . . Class Plays ...... 3,4 Hi-Lite Staff. .. 2,3 Secretary. . . . .3 viking Staff. . . .4 - .1,Z,3,4 ..4 ..1.4 ...Z ...4 GLEN HANNA MERVIN MATHISON RAYMOND HICKS News Editing . . . Nt MAR Y NELSON s..w.,.. fi ,ff REBEICFA SCHNOOR XX s Q . 4 .Q-5' X, X DALE SVENNFIS DALE STR OSCHEIN +3 be MERLYS WESTLEY Igk if ,Init 1 m y '-. fAcross The Top, Left To Rightl Evelyn Konold, Mary Klapprodt, Sandra. Storry, Louene Nelson, Loretta Lunden, and Barbara Vik. fLower Photos, Right Page, Everett Kannegieter And James Pletcher. fBe1owf Mar ins At 10 And 75 After School Session For Officers E And No Mistake s . 'QW Y gsm C lass Prexy Everett Kannegxeter X 5, we 'Wi-q....n .l Yi' 'sv 'X .af sg, 6' X ,f-V ix fa vk xr X QQ, 3 1 V - N, NN JI. 4ix",xt, -.x 15 N XX-,xlqxxi I ,QV X X X ff 'Q Nr' M H ' S ' Q s S 3"...s Sta Wnters Sponsor J , Q Vcrrled ACflV1f19S , r npr . 'sv f Junior classmen, who represent N-fe staff writers for the Viking Press, if have sponsored many activities dur- N ef f ing the '53-'54 school year. :'- Class activities for the event- ' . filled year began with the presenta- P - - A tion of the three-act play, "If Mother sr J Only Knew," which had a two night SS run in October. Six of the "staff writers" were members of the band, and most of them have participated in chorus work. A11 the girls were members of the Hi-Lite staff. Climaxing the activities was the Junior-Senior banquet held in May. Mrs. Mary Gordon, THS English teacher, served as adviser to the class. fTop Photo, "Take off those clothes immediately!" Scene from Junior play. flsower Photo! Principal Gordon also acts as Junior class adviser. . --Q Y e s -ix 'rn- 353 N Kiwi Q Raimi . x . . 'sg 5. 'MMw,,,..+--""""' A f 5,4 R ETS 'r T is af' t 3.5 . .V Y, "WMD QT. I 9'-H-'rf' X 5 iv 2. si E Rpt, N 1 N 5 ,ff rite w QM t H Q 5 7' t, xg Q 1 r e 8 ,cf 5 E, J ,,5 I J ' Rei 5 Kiwi? N' of 3 ,M ffttifpjgs f as mu , -Lit Sophomores Complete Year of Reporting . . . Viking Sophomores have served as general reporters in preparation for their more irnportant duties as upperclassmen next year. Class members have contributed their talents to school activities: one of its members, Robert Hanna, serving on the first five of the Viking basketball team. The other boys served as substitutes in many close games. The Viking Hi-Litestaff box lists the Sophomore girls in respon- sible positions. Class'sponsor was Mr. W. W. Robertson. wi' , . a MMA.. 4 LEFT COLUMN: Drummer Shirley. Larry Schnoor. Robert and Shirley discover new places in World History. RIGHT COLUMN: The assembly is crowded at times. Shirley's research gets a critical check. ,gl N sit-vii' Hb:-if . . i .- . ' ff- -lzizw-3 X. X .:'-'ffri .f 3:1 ii- -5553-I'l'g.'-, A Ziff ' i f .ilitfii 'Q cgrf 5 f :,,,g,.'j,g.j.'.L,A:g v .511 .,ff.f,, rrjziffi Gift: 5 '95, T"Ty!j::: v::::: f,j,1,' 21... 23111 .- .1 . J. . . . ACROSS Ttlhl TOP flfft To Right, Larry Srhnoor, Shirley Thompson, Luther Mathison, Sally Thompson, Curtis Osvby. 'nn-F ACROSS THE TOP: flseft To Rightl Geraldine De Wall Robert Hanna, Wylla Hicks, Wayne Thompson, Coral Gilbertson, .gg-,p X an X lu? 1 w ll K ln .i if 'Lib All Set For A Hayride Party. Wylla Compounds A Biblogy Que stion. Officers Discuss Class Problems. flseftl Where Are The Frogs ? That's Biology Class. TOP TO BOTTOM: Who Has The First Note ? Adjectives Modify Nouns And Pronouns. President Carol And Her "Cabinet" J I , , as I s r t Q - mllvi. K x 4 fs of i TOP: flseft to Right, Gordon Westley, Dick Glazier, Marvin Kruse. RIGHT: Larry Nelson, Mae Dearborn. i wf r i ff,,"d"' ' 'il ' Je f , ' V o . Q .... p gs.. A,r,x rr, e 1 A s iii' :asv "JS-.i ' hn fxffr- "' "-'- ,, at bf ' gi I w 'N ,gficfaigfr C ' , s A :.:-+-,g- 1-3-.px L- V . ' f M ""f'-..m-"5 .fr f 551' I fr 55::3fn,.'gg?,m 9.5.3 K " "' ""' . ...QSM Arif A. ' if . 6 . r jf O ' 1. 1' . . i g., 5. F rosh Prove Worth As Copyreaders . . . Copyrieaders for the Viking press are ten Freshmen who have established them- selves on the press staff. Though not always in the headlines, the classrnen have acquainted themselves with the many aspects of high school life. Particularly active in all Viking activ- ities, they have not slighted their subjects They were first to place a student, Mae Dearborn, on the "A" honor roll. Carol Martinson has since achieved this dis- tinction. , ffia hx TOP: fL.eft to Righty Jean Emerson, Laddie Hanson, Eugene Pletcher LEFT: Carol Martins on Diann Lunden. This Way, Iean. Thxs Happens Every Ynar tw SE R Curt Goi On This Too , an 1 9 ' N ,. SY ,Q LL N - S Y' L .s-:D Q.. My , W :fit ' of 5,59 R V ' - 2 awp .r X M ' H Y' s K 'N X K lx ,jf if r X, ihk ' ., , , . I it 1- J I O. K av f x X g r ff r D .i,,... - '. K is-fl "' SN md .an xi :Ea-F, gk iw g my V. S K " V' K in .eQ,,.r.g K,-., 'Q' an W' .TT R 1 4 I S R ,X f to f X ' X s 5 is .. f Grammar Pupils Are Capable 'Legmen' . . . Seventh and eighth grade students have been preparing themselves for the duties which lie ahead of them as high school students. Many of them have already proved themselves to be capable musicians, athletes, and "reporter-s." fThorvald queries what was so interesting to look at in the center picturel. TOP ROW: Rose Westley, Barbara DeWa11, Susan Emerson, Patricia Dailey, JoAnn Bergjord, Sandra Sommervold, and Arlyce Honor. SECOND ROW: Vincent Plether and Dianne Jorgenson. THIRD ROW: Donna Kautz. FOURTH ROW: Sophus Mathison, Charles Dailey, Donald Klapprodt, Duane Mathison, and Dale Kruse. Where's Oslo ? Pat and Vince discuss book reports. Harmonica club session l?'J"'Q" J 2, VK 'T' . ,, -' . K . . me A., : pf 4 A -' iq' "' .V ,, f ' 'Q e 'O fs. K -. ,s K ,R L, :Q w D Xe Q E so j or N Q c i 'Q' 6 2, ' Sv? V 'E i" if -an-Tfgf Q A N .,,, n , ,f ' i inie - i T. ,f e 21 :- i 1 5 4 is ed as V' .X . .. . -'i' ' - if - 3 ,W ?M.H5 eg qbbA ibq ffig p pig pu E 1 it " vm 'fi or X ff N.. ag. ' s in .. lllllll +53 r' -"" X :V Q Qi ft fs ri fs is fp at E X -Q., K N SQ NT.. A E p x, A gr, Eighteen Cubs Continue Work . . . Eighteen cubs continued on their way of class work and reporting under the supervision of Miss Hogie. The middle picture illustrates the alertness which characterizes the eager group. Individual pictures are of, TOP ROW: fLeft to rightl Joan Bergjord, Janet Bergjord, Bonnie Kautz, Patricia Ellis, Karen Dailey, .Tudy Storry, and Bonnie Svennes. SECOND ROW: Cleo Westley, and Karen Moe. THIRD ROW: Jacqueline Jeglum, and Judith Smith. FOURTH ROW: William Horner, Roger Jorgenson, Allan Martinson, Robert Vernlund, David Westley, Eugene Estenson, and Carol Kruse. Your question, Billy ? Hickory Stick banquet. Decorating is fun l f X if' A 'i vs. wwf V' x Q 5 5 X I R, F Q.-df 'ii X 3 P f Sak e it ii ff lb as mi' 'I ini' Q Q.. K S 0' I' ' if I f 'Q 0 V I "uf: .h. Zv 2, J :"'. ' ...J V.,. r ot i' ' , x so 1 A f H gg' Y' - I! X t g kisss' ,ri 9 . X Rr ,js 6,5--A 5 i f , I K- gf .. .Q j i' "-' , S 2-lime s y i .. R I' Thx s S ,loi D V i A Little Cubs Start Reporting . . . Little Cubs busy themselves getting acquainted with the machinery of the Viking Press. Their h enthusiasm and laughter have added much to the 'ii personality of the Viking Press. -In .sf .,' TOP ROW: fLeft to Rightl Duane Eastman, Elaine DeWa1l, Brian Bergjord, Lonnie Danielson, Harold Erickson, Betty Horner, and Gary Westley SECOND ROW: Roland Ellis, Joelle Dailey, Keith Sorenson, Eunice Bergjord, David Sornmervold, Sharon Smith, and David Sorenson. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Friestad, Linda Robertson, Mary Horner, David Ellis, Sally Bergjord, Deanna Friestad, and Ruth Budahl. We're A1lHere! rr .J O' I ,,.....W gi' Wg""'T ,4.... ,.i-0-' I J ,kfev-T www M -- fe Q... Q..- WT MW. .a-M' 1 1' ,....-P Qffffhg 452 'X 5 1 , imfv my 1, aff . Yfahrmx :wsu nf he, BEHI D THE PRESSES At Work At Play 2 4? IQ ,,." iv., .J Ei' a s is . ,E KX v. if ' Eff Q: , ACROSS THE TOP: fL.eft To Right, E. Kannegieterf D. Stroschein, G. Hanna, L. Nelson, R. Hann. Vikings End Season Strong . . . Z4 Though news stories not often recorded victories for these Viking cagers, the the team played well under strong com- petition and show great improvement toward the end of the Z5 game season. Their work provided the details for many banner stories. Shown Above Are: STANDING: fL.eft to Right, M. Eastman, Coach, W. Thompson, D. Svennes, I. Pletcher, M. Mathison and C. Oseby. KNEELING: R. Hanna, G. Hanna, D. St h' ' ' rosc len, E. Kannigieter, and L.. Nelson. N X.. af xx Starting line-up for the '53-'54 Cagers shown below are: fL.eft to Rightl R. Nelson, Guard E. Kannegieter, Guard D. Stroschein, Center G. Hanna, Forward R. Hanna, Forward M. Eastman, Coach , wiv , wi 'k' S were On the ' d the V1 mg Their . d wmg Hear an t hope. When the deadllnecvgij ti-1259 cheer1eaderS nezjl-tlogained added Short end of the S iasm were effusive and C011 vitaliiy and enthus se of the ir efforts- zest an Shown To The Right Are: fL.eft to Right, Wylla Hicks, Carol Martinson, Sandra Storry, and Evelyn Konald. d intereSt becau K 3 23 Lugmbi' f T KK :Z fifl - 'Sig 5 ,gl .. ' -i ii y ,og y fig, gif- E f ff - n 1 Q: N I M ' Q vi' in , kfwmfkgiewfftf ff' ' "YN f .'k1 :2fff5.s5ff'? ' - l.e. TOP TO BOTTOM D. Svennes G. Westley M. Kruse L. Schnoor I... Mathison C , 157- . Ji ii ' l TOP TO BOTTOM: V xi" " Center " M. Mathison " ' J. Pletcher ,fu i 5 C. oseby "' e ' Right E. Pletcher W. Thompson Winning fifth percent of their games played were the Viking "B's" who played the prelims to all "A" games. These Viking cagers, seven of whom are underclassmen, show promise of future THS victories when they find their spots on the regu- lar line-up. Pictured below are, BACK ROW: fL.eft to Right, Coach Eastman, M. Kruse, E. Pletcher, L.. Schnoor, G. Westley, and I... Mathison. FRONT ROW: M. Mathison, D. Svennes, C. Oseby, I. Pletcher, and W. Thompson. 3 3 girl, Vi-Kids Assume Athletic Roles . . . Vi-kid basketball team is composed of boys from the inter- mediate and grammar grades. The boys, in their new suits of white satin with orange and black trim, proved to be fine representatives of the Toronto Grade School. Coaches for the team were two Seniors, Dale Stroschein and Mervin Mathison. Pictured below are, standing, fl..eft to Rightlt Mervin Mathison, Allan Martinson, Roger Jorgenson, Eugene Estenson, Sophus Mathison, Dale Kruse, Billy Horner, and Robert Vernlund. Seated: David Westley, Duane Mathison, Donald Klapprodt, Vincent Plether and Charles Vi-kid rheerleaders, formed the nucleus for the TGS cheering sertion. Shown fl.cft to Right, are: Patricia Dailey, Barbara DeWall and JoAnn Bergjord. as -.. n Q, 7, I1 Qf' q nln v JY-D x R' ' 455 I! ' -1 ' X Lvfgg x NX X XX Dailey. x 1 fa AQYBNTO lf ' ' Pzxxslfi F if Softball Offers C . Marlins on. . 5 ab0Ve' dt 3, Emerson n 'S pmure yqapvfo ' Thomvso ' d C,-,xy soirbau Chisel: to Righn M' C Gxlberfson' 5' W Hacks. D- Um alex ROW: QL 1,und2n'B"ilx::QxPQ0n, 1- Dewau' l ' s. . L. Nelson. ' Konold. FRONT ROW' 5. swfflf and E Softball offered a diversion from press room routine when school opened last fall. Games were played with teams from Astoria, Brandt and Goodwin. Boys' Softball C BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: lub members are pictured below. fLe-ft to Right, L.. Schnoor, L. Mathison, E. Fletcher NI . Mathison, D. Stroschein, D. Svennes, G. Ha nna, and E. Kannegieter. L. Hanson, R. Hanna, C. Oseby, R. Hicks, W. Thompson, G. Westley, M. Kruse, and L.. Nelson. EH, 9 Diversion . , fy . -wx? nf g ll New Uniforms Inspire Band Members . . . Highlighting THS band activities for the year was the purchasing of new uniforms The group played at all home basketball games and sponsored a concert in the spring. Band members are, standing, fl..eft to Right, . Shirley Thompson. . Larry Nelson. . . . Bass Drum . Trombone X A J iili Q L Jean Emerson. . Eugene Pletcher. . Sandra Storry. '. . . Everett Kannegieter . . Archie N. Hill. . . Seated: Evelyn Konold. . Loretta Lunden. . Carol Martins on. . Louene Nelson. . . Barbara DeWall. . Mary Klappr odt. . . . 'NG 1' Z Wm! 5 V6-7 Qc! , P .r . 3 .fini 4- . . . Baritone . . . Trombone . . Snare Drum . . . . . Bass . . Director . .Saxaphone . Saxaphone . . Clarinet . . Clarinet . . Trurnpet . . Trumpet 4 f , f , Ll l I f f MIXED OCTETTE Members, Left, are: fI..eft To Right, Mervin Nlathison, Diann Lunden, Shirley Thompson, Jean Emerson, Sally Thompson, Wylla Hicks, Larry Nelson, and Everett Kannegieter. l l 4 -I if g -I1 f 29 -,-1-f Girls' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club organized early in the fall with Mrs. Ruth Robertson as its director. The club offered many fine selections at various occasions during the year. Pictured , above are, BACK ROW, fLeft to Rightl Diann Lunden, Sandra Storry, Carol Gilbertson, Evelyn Konold, Mary Klapprodt, Jean Emerson, Loretta Lunden, Wylla Hicks. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Robertson, Jerry DeWall, Carol Martinson, Sally Thompson, Shirley Thompson, and Barbara Vik. The SEXTETTE was made up of the Junior girls. Shown grouped around the piano in the picture below are, fLeft To Rightl Barbara Vik, Loretta Luden, Evelyn Konold, Mary Klapprodt, Sandra Storry, and Louene Nelson. .rs MM. fv- 55? F 5 x 8.-e X or' xf a':. l . I O s l 'l " "U no I 0 u H.: Oo. 1 V500 'f'-1-ze.: , qu, 'Quo Q' 4 Q r y ,Hr I -" Vocal Groups Maintained MIXED CHORUS personnel made its first appear- ance at the school Christmas program in December. It also entered the music contest at Brookings in April. Members of the group include, BACK ROW: fLeft To Rightl Raymond Hicks, Larry Schnoor, Luther Mathison, Dale Svennes, Glen Hanna, Everett Kannegieter, James Pletcher, Dale Stroschein, Mervin Mathison, Eugene Pletcher, Gordon Westley, Wayne Thompson, and Larry Nelson. MIDDLE ROW: Marvin Kruse, Diann Lunden, Jerry DeWal1, Sally Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Louene Nelson, Barbara Vik, and Laddie Hanson. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Ruth Robertson, director: Carol Martinson, Sandra Storry, Carol Gilbertson, Mary Klapprodt, Evelyn Konold, Jean Emerson, Loretta Lunden, and Wylla Hicks. For Viking Personnel . . . SOLOISTS who represented Toronto at the Milbank music contest held February 10, were: Everett Kannegieter, Baritone: Larry Nelson, Tenor: Carol hiartinson, Soprano: Jerry DeWa1l, Alto: and Carol Gilbertson, Mezzo Soprano. N'1FlbA1llG Viking Players Complete F uI1 Season . "If Mother Only Knew," Junior class play and "The ' Monkey's Uncle,"-Senior class play, were produced by the Viking players this season. Many of the players also participated in declamation in the fall Shown below is the cast of the Junior play which 41 ll Gordon, directing. ' 4 STANDING: fLeft To Right, l Barbara Vik ....... . . I l ' Larry Nelson. . . . . 1 l Mary Klapprodt. . Loretta Lunden. . I SITTING: Marvin Kruse. . Louene Nelson .... . . Eugene Pletcher. . . . . Everett Kannegieter. . . Evelyn Konold . . . Sandra Storry. . . James Pletcher. . . . . . . was held October 15 and 16, -1953, with Mrs. Mary . Gladys Gooch Dr. Jeffry Gooch . . . . . Mother . . . .Betty Lou Wilbur Maxwell . . . .Aunt Mary .Hurcules Nelson . . John Maxwell . . . . Connie . . . Bernadine . .Brains Burke ,, W i 42 ff' ,, fe J Qi. N K , - . D 1 A IQ' ,Q- sz A .XLR M DECLAM entrants, in which all divisions were represented, were, BACK ROW: fLeft To Rightl Sally Thompson, Loretta Lunden, Mrs. Gordon, Coach, Evelyn Konold, Mary Klapprodt, and Louene Nelson. FRONT ROW: Jerry DeWal1, Everett Kannegieter, Sandra Storry, Eugene Pletcher, and Laddie Hanson. "The Monkey's Unc1e" was the Senior class play held in April. The cast, left, included the Seniors and three Freshman girls, Jean Emerson, Diann Lunden, and Carol Martinson. BACK ROW: fI..eft to Rightl Dale Svennes ..... Milo Higgins Dale Stroschein. . Peverly Carter Raymond Hicks ...... Billy Bob CENTER: Glen Hanna.. . . . . Mary Nelson. . . . Mervin Mathison. . . . . . All . Sam Higgins Bonnibel Piper Gary Abershaw Marlys Westley. . . . . . . . . .Aunt Dosie Rebecca Schnoor. . . .Nlinnie Mae Hefferfield FRONT: Diann Lunden. . Jean Emerson. . . . . . . . . Carol Martinson. . . . Mrs. Durwood Dufrayne . Rhonda Yates . Lili Dalzell A Spotlighted to the left are Ld three Rreshman girls, Jean Emerson, Diann Lunden, and Carol Martinson, who took im- portant parts in the Senior play. Y -ar,-if '21-fl ' LY i i- """W or 71 ig A Y - ,fi-Af' Y 'P ! , W v ,, ,- ,v 'N on, Chief Publiccrtionss Are Paper and Yearbook . . . -Q-1--' :css TOP LEFT: H'-L- - T ABOVE: FQ txte Editors Mary Klapprodt and Louene N 1 alure Editors Shirley Thompson and .L e son. LOWER L - Adiqser Mary E. Gordon. oretta Lunden' EFT. Editor Louene At Work, Viking Hi-Lite, student edited and produced newspaper, is one of the chief publications of the Viking Press. Staff members belong to the SDHSPA and of Quill and Scroll, national journalism organization. Published every three weeks, the Hi-Lite serves as a source of re- porting and interpreting news to the school and commun- ity. 4 Shown in the cut below are: STANDING: fL.eft to Rightl Wylla Hicks, Evelyn Konold, Shirley Thompson, Carol Gilbertson, Jerry DeWall, Sally Thompson, Sandra Storry, Mary Klapprodt, Loretta Lunden, Louene Nelson. SEATED: Mrs. Mary Gordon, Adviser, Dale Stroschein, Mary Nelson, Mervin Mathison, and Barbara Vik. M W Ami xlllllkll Will! ll ,-ff' r"-A ,E .fvg 1 11-v 7' -i 4 - , A 4 f , rv' ,W f Viking Hi-Lite typjsts Mefvin Mathison And TOP: M Mary Nelson. rs Mar E , ' Y - Gordo t h n gohi'ommeog'aPh machine. T M: Reporters Sally hompson, Je,-ry Dewall Wyua Hicks, and Viking Press news editors with the help of "Thorvald," their mythical, ever-present newsboy, are responsible for gathering and editing the material contained in this book. The group belongs to the SDHSPA and attended the annual convention held at State College, Brookings, on October 3. Shown in the lower photo are, fLeft to Rightl STANDING: Rebecca Schnoor. . ...... Grade Editor Glen Hanna .... ....... S ports Editor Ray Hicks .... . .Associate Sports Editor Archie N. Hill. . . .... .... A dviser SEATED: Dale Stroschein. . . .... Editor Marlys Westley. . . . . .Class Editor Mary Nelson. . . . Associate Editor Mervin Mathison. . . . . Feature Editor Dale Svennes. . . Business Manager -,,,-p ,,s.-1 .f-f"'t -,,,--- F .4-f' , , -,,,-. -,..f-' .4-v --Z-, ,,..f-f ,....f- -,.f ,J-"' ,..-1 i 'in'-'-,,- ....,.f-"-' 4- T . .Saopi Columinst ndra Sforry and RPPOHPF Barba Vik. ra BOTTON1: Evel Konold Ag The Sjigpp .K Si Xxx 1 if QQ, . ..- .5 Q his The Viking carnival, held November 6, was a gala affair. Booths of various kinds were set up to sell the usual carnival concessions. The main feature of the carnival was the colorful cor onation. High school royalty included: BACK ROW: flseft to Rightl Curtis Oseby, Sallie Thompson, Eugene Pletcher, Dianne Luden, Mervin Mathison and Rebecca Schnoor. FRONT ROW: David Ellis, James Pletcher fKingl, Loretta Luden fQueenl and Sharon Smith. - CENTER: Ruth Budahl. if Viking Carnival Was Gala Affair . . . J TOP LEFT: flaeil To Rightl Sallie Thompson and Arlyce Horner. TOP RIGHT: Teachers Myrtle Hogie and Helen Ensberg. E Grade Royalty, Left, Are, BACK ROW: Larry Nelson, Duane Mathison, Robert Vernlund, fPrince'l, Judy Storry fPrince-ssl, Barbara D4-:Wall and Patricia Dailey. FRONT ROW: David Somervold, Roland Ellis, Joelle Dailey and Mary Horner. CENTER: Ruth Budahl, . SCHOOL TO APPEAR IN .IUBILEE PARADE Carol Martinson, Miss Toronto of 1954, will appear in Watertown's Dia- mond Jubilee Parade June 23 and 25. Miss Martinson won her title by win- ning over eight other aspirants in a "Choose Miss Toronto Contest" held May 4. The girls were judged on the basis of talent and appearance. A corsage and a trophy were presented Miss Martin- son. Her big honor will be appearing in the Jubilee Parade riding in a 1954 Oldsmobile 99 Starfire two-tone green convertible. Her attendants will be Barbara Vik, who received runners-up, Patty Dailey, who won third place, and members of her class. QV... VIKING VARIETIES ADDS COLOR TO SPRING ACTIVITIES Viking Varieties, a faculty sponsored program of drama and music, added color and zest to the closing months of school. Appearing for the first time in their new orange and black uniforms, the THS band provided the musical pre- lude to the show. The Pest Guest, a 50-minute comedy, was offered by the faculty with the assistance of four high school students: Jerry DeWall, Loretta Lunden, Everett Kannegieter and Curtis Oseby. Also appearing on the Varieties were Diann Lunden and her marimba. Vocal selections bv Helen Ensberg in- cluded "Morning" and "The Greatest Charm." --.Vl- Grade Cagers Second In County Tournament Runner-up honors were bestowed on the Toronto Vi-Kid cagers as they came out second in the Deuel County Grade Tourney at Clear Lake March 17. The team won from Goodwin 27-23 in the semi-finals. Gary took the cham- pionship by beating Toronto 37-17. Coaches for the Vi-Kids were Dale Stroschein and Mervin Mathison. V EVELYN KONOLD IS CHOSEN ALL-STATE STAFF NOMINEE Evelyn Konold, a THS junior, has been chosen to represent Toronto High School as an All-State Staff nominee. The contest for this honor was between Evelyn Konold and Louene Nelson, also a junior. Ten South Dakota high school journalism students will be named to the staff. These student re- porters will cover regular news assign- ments for South Dakota newspapers at the SDEA and SDHSPA convention next fall. 4 f l I l l l I l i 1 I I Viking Press News 1 Toronto High School May 21, 1954 Graduation Exercises Held for Eight Eight seniors donned caps and gowns and received their diplomas from THS Thursday, May 20. Speaker of the evening was Prof. Stanley Sundet of State college who spoke on the topic "Today's Unfinished Task." Valedictorian was Mary Nelson and Salutatorian was Mervin Mathi- son. Baccalaureate services were held at the Blom Prairie church Sunday, May 16, with Rev. Mathison of Clear Lake delivering the sermon. The members of the Class of '54 are Glen Hanna, Raymond Hicks, Mervin Mathison, Mary Nelson, R e b e c c a Schnoor, Dale Stroschein, Dale Sven- nes and Marlys Westley. lv...- Pressmen Take Interest In Track Events Track in Toronto High School took its place in the activities of the school along with the other sports. In the '54 season, 18 'boys reported for the sport. The team did not par- ticipate in any regularly scheduled track meets. The grade tracksters participated in all the events at the Deuel County Track Meet at Clear Lake May 10. Alva.- Mrs. Mary Gsrdon Honored- In appreciation for her many years of teaching at Toronto High School, a special recognition day was held fori Mrs. Mary Gordon May 12 in the high school assembly. She was pre- sented an appropriate gift 'ty the stu- dents and faculty members. Mrs. Gordon completed her ninth year as principal, English, journalism and dramatics instructor. Next year she will teach at Gary. During her years here, she has done much to improve the school system. The school newspaper, Viking Hi-lite which she has advised for many years, has received first place honor ratings consistently in Quill and Scroll and SDHSPA contests. Her declam stu- dents have brought the school many honors. Her class plays have always neared perfection. ' Commenting on Mrs. Gordon's leav- ing Toronto, Supt. Hill said: "Mrs. Gordon has always been a master teacher. Her excellent work in the classroom and in extra curricular ac- tivities could be surpassed by very few. Her iniiuence has spread far and her work will be long remembered." .IUNIORS HONOR NEWS WRITERS AT BAN QUET "A Moonlight Garden" was the theme of the junior-senior banquet held at the Blom Prairie Church in Toronto April 30. Everett Kannegieter, junior ,class president, served as master of , ceremonies. The theme was carried out ' in the program, invitations, place cards and decorations. ' The program consisted of a Welcome ,by Everett Kannegieter, Repsonse by ,Mervin Mathison, Speeches by Supt. 5A. N. Hill, Mrs. Mary Gordon, Loretta Lunden and Louene Nelson, a solo by 1 Miss Helen Ensberg and a song by the waitresses. Mrs. Mary Gordon supervised the ,planning of the banquet. , ....,V...i Tourneys Determine k Ping-Pong Champs l V THS ping-Dong champs for the year lwere Evelyn Konold and Mervin Mathi- son. Tournaments were held in April lto decide the winners. Runners-up yhonors went to Carol Mathison and 1 Everett Kannegieter. l Everyone in school participated in the tournament. .kvl The annual high school picnic was held at Lake Kampeska at Water- 'town Wednesday, May 19. V Girls' wGlee Club rated excellent in lthe Region III Music Contest held at l Brookings April 6. 5 The Freshman return party consist- ing of a wiener roast was enjoyed 'by the student bodv and faculty on the .s:hoo1 yard on April 19. l Mary Nelson and Mervin Mathison :have been named valedictorian and i Salutatorian, respectively, of the Class lof '54. Both Mary and Mervin have bee? active in all phases of school act vities. Sandra Storry was chosen by the ,Legion Auxiliary of Toronto to repre- fsent Toronto at Girls' State held at Mitchell. Everett Kannegieter will represent Toronto at Boys' State held Nat Aberdeen. 1 l l 'iv-'--' Ten Have Perfect Attendance- l Perfect attendance records were maintained by ten THS students for the year. Medals were presented at ,commencement to Geraldine DeWall, ,Jean Emerson, Mary Klapprodt. Diann - Lunden, Loretta Lunden, Carol Martin- son, Mary Nelson, Larry Schnoor, Re- becca Schnoor and Marlys Westley. Wylla Hicks had a near perfect record ,having been tardy only twice. A' 1 LEFT COLUMN: Toronto vs. Brandt. Imaginery Invalid. Staying After School Again. CENTER: So What '? Watch That Finger! Little Robertsons. What's Your Hurry, Mr. Hill? RIGHT: "Team ls In A I-Iudd1e." David's Outnumbered. That Pic Got ln. Watch lt. ,.ii' 'Q't 1 T if mf ' L x ij E45 fi.. is F K 1 Y ,..,k K Agrz E - f 1 Wal . ,f K '4 T wr.. , . X -, ,f is if lf Ia. .5 .. . . , , rv is ' ta z My S . ..,.a,,. Q K ..,., r L . Q 1' A if . :,..g..p. dwg, iivfgi , 'E-. 5 E .. 2 K 1 gin J: exif .E in rf! HST 4' iff f K 5' 5.2 MQ 2 . Q . is gg x X 'if' .qw 5 5 5 E if ! k..., A x .,,.-N X, 1 h.. X N X, :X . WWE ,M WT' i si' I A 2 . Q . qqN'g4qn,v.,pgq,ofr1sga A 4 'Nav-AMNEX ix . . Q g .mvwgvrfgwgsg.:mef5iwreRsfG1fM'ifF'iff Yww 5 6 1 ,.,M,2i ,.,..w,x.,.,m,w,, ,q,2,,,N ,, 1 Q , RYE 5 KX 1 ,. X- g A .. Y ..,.Qw,-R, W K- K ,, gg W. -'A- I gg ,gr Q- A m QQLQMQ, , ,, will qs we :SL If KZ! N I ,,.L.,s.f.,s!.,.k.. xx Z if X X A .. E X S . Q Lf .. X ,E 55 X X fy., 1' 8 FNI5 Rel,-,Pe X an h 'wg it M BUQTX L Q .Q x . M0 V.-W .. W--MNMWMUG . X.. ' ., is XX S . L, I N XX S x . ,,.,, X . X X X 4 x X 0,5 w S N 5 tv 5 Gp 9 '5v Q9 . , JL Q. ao? 994' X -1 me We X 0 Q 'v X ef wb'-'59 QQSSQQ ww fvs ov S 0 9 'N 559 j' 65' WV .I X. Q Qs.-1, - i 5 Qfqvf,5g.ix1,f- R5 :sf sg xg- Q 'X' gs SS Q ketlffsfgg, ,A gk 898 ssxix-Q. Q. f , xr C Ikx OVW Q ..Q8:S',S'x' ef e- of 'ex 6' QPF" S-f was N. X . xx? Q' fix? 'J QV iff' h .6 11 2, X 1 2 5? xl xv' ' . 3 s 2, ' 1 '. -fi ,. - any fe. ai- 1 4 gl-.Ui 5 c-N F' Q-'QS NY" X nl' 1- ' , xy W4 P 0 is N 425 19 S of 2 --uf ev Q 4-r+,x.L K 85 Q ix 1- N, ,ja ' xv sg sg' ,aoph ,.-I-xx km Y og' Aijf, g W sf 0-Q S ffwiy 2 .REQ R M KN MXN ' x NM Xkkk W? ' N , H ADVERTISERS - - - W And "Thirty" 'UA ,a 9.---w F , ,,, Y sf TTT' 'T' And THIHTY... Before we sign "thirty" to this, the last assignment of the Class of '54, we wish to extend our gratitude to those who have helped in the making of this yearbook. We es- pecially wish to thank our adver- tisers and boosters for their gen- erous support. We are indeed grateful to Miss Katherine Harkins who created "Thorvald" for us and who supervised the art work. Until the presses roll for another annual staff---good bye, good luck, and "Thirty." LEFT COLUMN: Waiting For Cooler Water. Not So Loud, Marlys. Troubles, Everett ? Favorite Pastime. CENTER: Who Got One Hundred ? RIGHT: Who's ln The Doghouse, Miss Ensberg '? Our Teaohers Off Duty. Don't You Dare Put That Picture In. This Was "Thirty," Too. WALSWORTH i..m.-.,..,r..a A my WALBWOKTII IIOTHERS lnnshnl. la . U S A BANK OF TORONTO Mr. Frank Olson of the Bank of Toronto, who is also Treasurer of the local school district, is shown giving some helpful financial advice to student body president Mervin Mathison. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM TORONTO, SOUTH DAKOTA CQMPLIMENTS OF Sovenson-Hanks Funeral Home MAURICE E. HANKS CLEAR LAKE SOUTH DAKOTA FOR ALL YOUR TRUCKING NEEDS SEE US The Budahl Bros. TORONTO, SOUTH DAKOTA Deuel County Farmers Union Gil Company Gasoline Sc Oil - Farm Machinery - Feeds Phone 2361 Toronto, Clear Lake 81 Brandt, S. D. Clear Lake Plumbing 8. Heating Geneva Kitchens - Westinghouse Laundries - Water Treatment Farm Water Systems - Pump Sz Furnace Repairs Congratulations from - - Midland National Life Insurance Co "Your Home Company" Watertown, S. Dak. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR Grain - Feed - Coal- Seed Grain Cleaning 85 Treating Harvey L. Texley, Mgr. Phone 2391 Toronto, S.D. 1 1 I Everett Kannegieter makes a purchaset from Mr. John Skage of the Farmer's Co- op, one of Toronto's leading business firms. I THOMSEN IMPLEME NT COMPANY SALES SERVICE ".7L'.".u-."'V"' International Harvester Farm Equipment - Refrigeration International Trucks Ray Thomsen, Prop. Phone 34 Hendricks, Minn. BJORNSRUD FURNITURE 81 FUNERAL SERVICE Toronto. S. Dak. Toronto is proud of its fine furniture store. Above is pictured Mr. O. M. Bjornsrud, its owner, RED OWL AGENCY Fruits - Meats - Groceries Larson Bros. Toronto, S.D. Sallie Thompson is shown here with Mr. Milan Larson, of the Toronto Red Owl. Many THS students find the local Red Owl a pleasant place to shop. FAIRWAY FOODS Groceries - Dry Goods - School Supplies Buy 8z Save - L. Ensberg, Prop. Ensberg Fairway Foods is the headquar- ters for school supplies. Here, Loretta Lunden makes a purchase from Mr. L. S. Ensberg, owner of the store and also clerk of the Toronto School. THS students go to Shiny's when they need hardware supplies. To the left is Eugene Pletcher shown buying supplies for the Viking Carnival last fall from Shi- ny Mathison. Phone 2411 Toronto, S.D. SHlNY'S HARDWARE Hardware - Heating - Paints Phone 2481 Toronto, S.D. OLSON'S DEPT. STORE Dry Goods - Shoes Men's dz Women's Wear Canby, Minn. "Where Your Home Beginsl' HENDRICKS FARMERS LUMBER CO. Phone 67 Hendricks. Minn. THE SECURIIY NATIONAL BANK Need A Shave Sz Haircut? Go To The of Brookings O. K. BARBER SHOP Located Under The Logues Corner Brookings, S.D. See You Soon Brookings S.D GEYERMAN'S DAlLEY'S CAFE Fashions of the Hour Meals - Lunches - Confections Brookings, S.D. Toronto, S.D. Read The BROOKINGS REGISTER Twice Weekly So. Dakotats Only Semi-Weekly Newspaper QUICK SERVICE GROCERY Locker Service - Meats Elmer Laurer, Prop. Toronto, S.D. DEXTE R ARTZ Refrigerated Locker Service Filter-Soft Water Service Soft Water Routes Throughout County Phone 767 Brookings, S.D. DAKOTA WAREHOUSE Grain Belt Distributors Gain Belt Cat Phone 925 Watertown, S.D. TRI-COUNTY IMPLEME NT CO. SIVE RSON'S DRUG STORE Sales Sz Service Prescriptions Our Specialty John Deere DeLaval Phone 2891 Estelline, S.D. 'PF10116 26 H9Hd1'iCkS, Mimi CHAS. C. SWE NSON HOFFELT'S DRUG STORE General Insurance Brookings, S.D. , . Phone 45 Hendricks, Minn. RONNING 8. WOHLSTROM RAY'S GARAGE Estelline, S. D. Ford - Allis-Chalmers - New Idea "Your Service Headquarters" Hendricks, Minn. GENA'S CAFE Good Coffee - Meals - Lunches Astoria, S.D. Radio Station K W A T Music Sports Weather News Mutual Broadcasting System 950 On Your Dial Watertown, S. D. "Always the Best in Motion Pictures" MAJESTIC THEATRE J. E. Willson, Prop. Clear Lake, S.D. COAST TO COAST STORES Hardware - Auto Supplies - Paints Clear Lake, S.D. FASBENDER 81 EISNACH, INC. Ford's Sales 8L Service General Repair Sz Garage Service Radios Sz Radio Repair Estelline, S. D. CLEAR LAKE COURIER "Read All The News" Clear Lake, S.D. CLEAR LAKE BAKERY Try Our Pies Sz Cakes Clear Lake, S.D. THE DEUEL COUNTY BANK 'iCongratu1ations" Compliments of GU NDE RSON 8. GUNDERSON Lawyers Phone 115 Clear Lake, S.D DE LUXE CLEANERS DeLuxe Care Means Longer Wear Phone 21 Clear Lake, S D CITY BAKERY "Finest In Pastriesv HOFFELT'S DRUG STORE Phone 2861 Phone 174 Brookings, S.D. Estelline, S.D. Certified Watchmaker KENDALL'S PHARMACY Horological Institute of America Rexall Washington D. C. Prescription Druggists DON'S JEWELRY Phone 4 Brookings, S.D. Estelline, S. D. Don Klabunde COMMUNITY OIL CO. BROOKINGS MUSIC STORE Phillips "66,' Home Owned Phone 551 222 Main Brookings, S.D. "Everything In Musicw Robert L. Madson, Prop. Phone 999 308 Main Ave. Brookings, S.D. RAY'S DRUG STORE Prescription Service Phone 345 Brookings, S.D. You Buy for Less At COAST TO COAST STORES Because We Buy for Less Everything for the Fsrm. Home, Car Brookings, S.D. GRAFF MOTOR SUPPLY Brookings, S.D. PARENTEAU 8. HOFFELT Optometrists Estelline, S.D. DR. P. E. HERMANSON Hendricks, Minn. A FRIEND WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE -BOOSTERS- .-.-. OTTERDAHLS GROCERY Sz LOCKER SERVICE, Astoria, S D CITY MEAT MARKET, Hendricks, Minn. THOMSEN SALES Sz SERVICE, Hendricks, Minn DEGN E PLUMBING Sz HEATING, Hendricks, Minn. HOME BAKERY, Canby, Minn. REXALL DRUG, Canby, Minn. WHITE LEADER, White, S.D. ART DOKKIN TRUCKING, Toronto, S.D. BROOKINGS CLINIC, Brookings, S.D. BEN FRANKLIN, Brookings, S.D. KEITH'S CLOTHING, Clear Lake, S.D. RALPH'S CAFE Sz HOTEL, Clear Lake, S.D. DR. L. G. VANDERBUSH, Dentist, Clear Lake, S.D. LOUCKS-OVIATT-BRADSHAW, Lawyers, Watertown, GAMBLES, Watertown, S.D. G. A. ROGERS, Astoria, S.D. RAY DE WALL, Standard Oil, Toronto, S.D. GAMBLE'S STORE, Estelline, S.D. DR. A. H. MAE, Dentist, Brookings, S.D. SWAN EE HOTEL, Brookings S.D. JACK'S BARBER SHOP, Brookings, S.D. JACKSON 'S JEWELRY STORE, Brookings, S.D. CLEAR LAKE BEAUTY SHOP, Clear Lake, S.D. A. H. LAWRENCE, Dentist, Brookings, S.D. RALPH NELSON, Toronto, GRAYS STUDIO, Brookings, S.D. Complirnents of A FRIEND S F 51 Sw 1 B 5- - 1, 5, 1 3, ,el 5. L ir vi 32715, ' Je? " tif I fi 1 Q 5 . ,L-V if -xv, ". '11, W we, . ,x w ca, 1, ' - A A . Ii ' , ,w W b , . 1 f K . I l . N 4 , 37 K - r U ' ' w. "Q - A 4 . T. LJ- t M ' ' nQM f a iq if 1 Ei F 4 Y' 2 x as fir ff 4 iff' 'PQ'-,I-iaw ,. 1 V Q- - . ' .. 6 2.fQwf1,:'1. Sw ,W ,, Q M. , 5. U , AMW-ii.. ESE ,,.,VE,W as If QM -P . 1 if 1 Is. A 'x A, -X f il i .1 1 1 ,s 1 w is 11 25 L ,QB W 1

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