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THE PIONEER TOLLESTON HIGH SCHOOL GARY, INDIANA 1952Every play owes its success, or failure, to its story, its producers, directors, and actors. The very production of the play it- self is assured by its backers, or its "an- els”. Such a play is about to be presented. The story of the play is one that never loses its appeal, for it is about real live people and the situations in which they find themselves. The play is divided into acts portraying the life of a high school student as it was lived from the freshman year to the seniorLis tea as producers of the play are Super- intendent of Schools Charles Lutz, Assis- tant Superintendent Dana Whitmer, Principal James Standley, and Assistant Principal Henry Rowland. Directing the play are the teachers of Toll- eston and the parents whose children are the story and the stars. The backers, or "angels” of this produc- tion are the Board of School Trustees, Assis- tant Superintendent Ralph Muller, the citi- zens of the Tolleston community, and the citizens of the City of Gary.COMMUNITY The Tolleston community has progressed greatly in the last few years. Although many of the old buildings are still in use, new ones are being added steadily, The Tolleston Centennial was a gala affair held for one week in July. During this week there was much excitement with parades, street dances, fire- works, pageants presented every night, and picnics. All of the women hod to belong to the "Sisters of the Swish" and the men to the "Brothers of the Brush” or else they were penalized in the "kan- garoo court" held several times a week. That a wonderful week to remember! Three churches which a majority of Tolleston students attend are Sacred Heart Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Other churches in our community attended by our students are Tolleston Christian Church, and Calvary Lutheran Church. The Pudd Plant which was constructed just a few years ago produces automobile parts. Although the Dari-Maid is patronized by a large percentage of high school students, other members of the community find it an enjoyable eating place. "Tah, Rah, Rah, Boom, Te-ay!" Sacred Heart Church St. John’s Lutheran ChurchTolleston Dari-Maid Westminster Presbyterian Church“Rlue Riders of Tolleston !” The amusements of the school are enjoyed by both the students and the teachers working together. The Donkey Basketball game which was held in Memorial Aud- itorium in February proved to be a rip-roaring game. The Dari-Maid has always been a favorite eating place for Tolles- ton students at lunchtime as well as after games and dances. When the lunch hour rolls around, the boys’ gym was used as a lunch room for the boys. In order to boost the team’s mor- ale, enthusiastic girls made posters not only for the sectionals but also for season games. The old building was given the new look w hen the painters redec- orated all the rooms. The Tolleston basketball team was jubilant after becoming Gary’s “Sectional Champs’’ for the first time. Again this year the mixed chorus joined with the concert band for the annual spring concert. SCHOOL “that’ll YOl have??’’ "Ummm, Good!!!’’ 6 Km Ardent artists!’ "The sky’s the limit! i» Pulline the heart strings! It was nothing, Coach! "Music bv the angels and lyrics by the Lord!"Guidance Tolleston High School was the first school in Gary to originate the guidance and extra-curricular program. As a matter of fact, Tolleston, since 1948, has been the only Gary high school to conform to the state ruling of fifty- five minute periods. This resulted not in a longer school day but a shorter one — to the eternal blessing of both students and tea- chers. Each Monday, during the Guidance hour at 2:30, fresh- men and sophomores remained in their home rooms to discuss topics useful to them in their school and social lives. Occasionally speakers and movies helped to sup- plement discussions. Juniors and seniors spent Wednesdays in their home rooms. Their discussions were based on such topics as controlling their emotions, going to college, and secur- ing and holding jobs. "Our Guidance leaders?” 8HOME ROOM ACTIVITIES After three years of the homeroom system innovation, students and teachers alike have appreciated its merits. During this homeroom hour, the last hour of the school day, the teachers have had the opportunity to meet with the clubs which they sponsor, give make-up tests to students who have been ill or who need help, or catch up on regular class work. The students have liked the homeroom system since they were able to attend cfub meetings of their choice, get extra work or help from the teachers, or spend the hour studying. Naturally this has been a decided advantage, for it permitted active participation in school activities leaving after school time for part-time work, study, or leisure. "Ready! Aim! Fire!" How much longer, Seamstress? We should never show our age 9Synopsis of Scenes ACT I ADMINISTRATION — PAGE 12 ACT II CLASSES - PAGE 22 ACT III PUBLICATIONS - PAGE 58 ACT IV MUSIC - PAGE 64 ACT V AUDITORIUM - PAGE 72 ACT VI ACTIVITIES - PAGE 78 ACT VII SPORTS PAGE 94ADMINISTRATION Mr. James W. Standley, Principal; Mr. Henry Rowland, Ass’c. Principal. The administration of the Gary School Sys- tem consists of five members of the school board; Mr. John Davies, Mr. Arlie Premo, Rev. J. Claude Allen, Mr. Emery Radanish, and Mr. Joseph A. Luckey to whom falls the res- ponsibility of establishing school policy which is ably enforced by Superintendent Charles D. Lutz, and his two assistants Mr. Dana Whitmer and Mr. Ralph Muller. To Mr. James W. Standley and Henry Row- land, principal and assistant principal of Toll- eston, fall the task of carrying out board pol- icies within Tolleston School and creating harmony and cooperation between teacher, par- ent, and the community. Mr. Ralph Muller, Ass’t. Superinten- dent; Mr. Charles D. Lutz, Superinten- dent; Mr. Dana Vhitmer, Ass’t. Super- intendent. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. John Davies, President; Mr. Arlie Premo, Reverend J. Claude Allen, Mr. Emery Badanish, Mr. Joseph Luckey. 14SECRETARIAL FORCE High School Office Staff Miss Joan Kish, Mrs. Doroty Gaski, Mrs. Elaine Denta. Mrs. Gladys McCroskey, school nurse, tended to the cuts and bruises, administered tuberculosis patch tests, gave hearing tests, and kept track of the ills and ails of the en- tire Tolleston student body and its neighboring grade schools, W ashington, Ivanhoe, and the Ivanhoe Project. To Mrs. Ida Magioudis, school welfare worker, fell the huge task of keeping tab on the attendance records of the students, of having conferences with students and parents, and issuing work permits to those students finding remun- erative- employment. The high school office staff was composed of Mrs. Doro- thy Gaski and Miss Joan Kish, who replaced Mrs. Elaine Denta in February. They had the job of making out the pro- grams for the students and keeping records of the school’s finances. In the grade school office Mrs. Bette Korwek and Miss Dolores Slys took charge of the enrollment, requisitions, and the distribution of lockers. WELFARE DEPARTMENT Grade .School Office Staff Mrs. Bette Korwek, Miss Dolores Slys. Nurse Welfare Director Mrs. Gladys McCroskey Mrs. Ida Magioudis 15FACULTY Science Miss Edith Wallace, Mr. Orville Fisher. English Mrs. Mary Jeffries, Mrs. Martha Dilley, Mrs. Virginia Moffatt, Miss Julia Baran. 16Social Studies Miss Anna Marsh Mr. Charles V ise Mr. Donald Little As fitting directors of such a great play, the teachers have given unstintingly of their knowledge and time. They have taught during regular class time and in spare time if nec- essary. They encouraged their stu- dents to want the most of life and tried to prepare them for their de- sires. Almost every teacher in the high school was sponsor or chaperone for school organizations. It was difficult to say whether teacher or student w'as more seriously inter- ested in these extra-curricular ac- tivities. Many of our teachers were excel- lent examples of the meaning of school spirit. They not only preach- ed its meaning but lived it by atten- ding pep sessions and athletic events. Although teachers’ meetings at Tolleston School were not burden- ous, problems were many. The maj- ority of problems centered not a- round what they could do for them- selves but what more they could do for the students to make more successful lives for them, to make "stars” of them. Mathematics Miss Virginia Comeford Mr. Edmon Goforth Librarian Miss Evelyn McCoy Fine Arts Mr. Edmund Bielski, Band Dir- ector; Mr. Irvin Elser, Art; Miss Charlotte Domroese, Music; Mr. John Zucker, Ass’t. Band Direc- tor. 17FACULTY Physical Education Coach August Roto, Miss Doro- thy Madole, Coach Joe Vance. Dramatics Miss Evelyn Jones Mr. Mitchell Gerbick Military Science Sgt. Clifford C. Monroe, Sgt. Clinton D. Phillips. Industrial Arts Miss Joan Huffing ton, Miss Phi 1- omena Beck, Miss Virginia Miles, Mr. Patrick DiPaola, Mr. Earl Flick, Mr. William Hayes. 18PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION The Parent —Teacher Association, or P.T.A., as it is more familiarly known, played its usual pan of estab- lishing an understanding of parents, teachers, and students all working to- gether for the same goal. The P.T.A. sponsored and partici- pated in many service projects. One such project was a round table discus- sion on the merits and demerits of the homeroom system. The panel leading the discussion consisted of Mr. J. S. Standley, principal; Mr. Henry Rowland, assistant principal; several teachers, and students. One of the biggest projects of the year was the series of leadership mee- tings, held once a week from January- 23 to February 13. Jst Row: Mrs. T. Little, Recording Secretary; Mrs. D. Keeney, President; Mr. E. Goforth, Mrs. C. Yagelski, Vice-President; Mrs. E. Karr, Corresponding Secretary. 2nd Row: Mrs. M. Lazar, Mrs. F. Posko, Mrs. W. Hill, Treasurer; Mr. H. Rowland, Ass't Principal; Mrs. A. Uanthal, Mrs. H. Fleming. 19ADVISORY COUNCIL Officers Mrs. Albert Hult, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Tracy Britt, President; Mrs. Ralph Daniels, Program Chairman; Mrs. Alvin Wanthal, Ass’t Secretary. The purpose of the Tolleston School Advisory Council, which originated in 1937, is to work with the principal in contributing helpful ideas for the well- being of the school. Meetings of the council were held the third Monday of every month at the Dari-Maid. To finance their annual project of giv- ing a gift to each graduating senior, members of the council and teachers contributed recipes for a cook book that was sold to Tolleston housewives. Also during the year, members of the Advisory Council made a tour of the nearby Standard Oil Company in Whiting, and visited the Olson Rug Company of Chicago. Mrs. G. Malis, Mrs. Floyd Dawson, Mrs. S. Kostelnik, Mrs. R. Daniels, Mrs. T. Britt, Mrs. A. Mult, Mrs. E. Smith, Mrs. J. Helwig, Mrs. J. Bean, Mrs. J. Jasiak, Mrs. S. Malings, Mrs. J. Bielski, Mrs. I. Elser, Mrs. A. Wanthal, Mrs. F. Saager.BAND BOOSTERS The Band Boosters was organized to help promote band activities. Boos- ters chaperone band trips, assist in making arrangements for the annual band spring concert, and distribute tickets for said concert. By holding bunco parties and raf- fles, the members have been a great financial aid to the band. Band Boosters are parents of past and present band members, and, as such, their interest and loyalty are unfailing. Officers: Mrs. Albert Hult, Vice-President; Mrs. Ed- mund Bielski, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Paul Borman, President; Mrs. Edward Kucinski, Corresponding Sec- retary. 1st Row: Mrs. 0. McFarland, Mrs. E. Kucinski, Mrs. A. Skifano, Mrs. F. Bella, Mrs. T. Britt. 2nd Row: Mrs. E. Jacoby, Mrs. L. Firpo, Mr. F. Bielski, Mr. 0. McFarland, Mr. A. Novak, Mrs. D. Blankinship, Mrs. E. Bielski.Class Officers: Jerry Korwek, Vice-President; David Kaminski, Treasurer; Shirley Carter, Secretary; Mary Ellen Kisylia, President. Patricia Rauswell Vladimir Rektesh FRESHMAN Peggy Rowen Anthony Calwhite Shirley Carter Adela Chapa Jerry Charochak Arlene ChestovicFtf Donald Civilette Charles Coates James Collins Patricia Corey Gary Cunningham Helen Davis Raymond Degeneffe Richard Dobis Stanley Dobis 24 rvShirley Geller Carole Gibbon Patricia Gillan Duane Downey Ted Dry gas Dorothy Dujmovich Phyllis Edwards Joyce F.ngstrom Robert Evans ' 25Theodore Cuba Dorothy Hamady Gerald Hammons Marlene Hargan Dolores Haro Sam Haymon Richard Heck Theodore Hofschneider Minnie Holmes Constance Huycke Mattie Irby Jerry Janda Donald Jaroscak Flida Kaletta David Kaminski George Kazanas Robert Kendt Willie Kidd Mary Ellen Kisylia Marilyn Korhel 26 Jerry Korwek Julie Koves Frank Kozielski Donald Kramer James Krecik Robert Kucinski 4JU (Mary Ann Kuzma Patricia I.abash Paula Larsen James Lemon Angeline I.epyesh Donna Lohse William Lopez Karen Luttinen Robert McFarland Robert McGee William McLaughlin John Malenshek Carl Marcyjanik Robert Mattie Jerome Medved Patricia Miller Shirley Mizerak Carmella Montorsi Jo Anne Moreland Christ Naidoff Marjorie Nawrocki Dorothy Nestorovich Raymond Novicki Clifford Olszewski Patricia Osika Sharon Osika 27 "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.”Sonja Osika Sandra Palmateer Benjamin Ploszoj Eugene Ploszoj Donald Pluto Rosemary Popa Sylvester Prude Vincent Pupillo Sharon Richmond Dorothy Romanowski Robert Rosser Michael Rowzkowski Gerald Ruschak Sandra Sandusky Allan Sassman Shirley Sawochka Carol Saynak Wilma Shrader William Shukitis Dorothy Sierkowski William Simons Terry Slakes Joann Slys Diane Someson Ronald Spencer Robert Spolyar Joyce Spurlock 'And then hePerry Stout Sonya Suleman Martin Sum Patricia Sum Shirley Thomas Herbert Tolman Marcella Tomko Angela Urycki Anna Vandermolen Veronica Vernarsky Ruth Vician John Wachowski Patricia Tall Janet Wanat Theodore W anthal Andrew Wargo Crsula Watson Geraldine Wierzba Richard Wierzba Ronald Williams Anthony Yokshas Patricia Zaborowsk Milo Woldahl l.ois Wolter Joseph Yaros Robert Zakutansky Ronald Zukowski "Hey wait for me!! ’Anthony Cieslak Marlene Clark LaVeme Coates Carol Conner Gerald Aimutis Dolores Balluch James Bartal Beverly Benner Robert Berry Roberta Berry Geraldine Berta Doris Binzen Natalia Bobillo SOPHOMORE Class Officers: Ronald Pushka, Treasurer; Doris Binzen, Secre- tary; Thomas Wilk, President. Virginia Bono Mary Ellen Borman Bonnie Bowen John Boynak 30 Perry Costidakis Richard Czazasty Dolores Danko Minnie David Paul Devitt I 4' jGerald Divijak Patricia Dixon Michael Fabian Geraldine Fedorchak F.lenore Fleming Florene Foremski Martha Fuller John Giordano Marianne Glad Mary Milton Alice Hodorek Leona Holtz Ann Holub Carol Jacoby Donald Jancovich Loretta Jasiak Myron Jaworsky Millie Jones 31Arlene Kaboff Leo Kainrath Germaine Kalina Vanda Kamza David Kaplan Mary Lou King Corrine Klimzak John Klinger Fvelyn Kokinda Jo Ann Kosac Ronald Kramer Eli Kvachkoff Gerald Lach Carol Lanter Kathleen Larson Christ Lazo Alice Lepp Eugene Leto Irene Levy Mary Ann Lindsay The height of ambitionMarilyn Lisek George I.owe Frances Maljs Robert Morse Mary Mostello Dorothy Mounce Carol Mutchinsky Richard Malis Lawrence Marino Richard Martin Ann Martinez Lawrence Manis Edward Molder Elizabeth Monacy Darlene Muzek Jo Ann Nelson James Newcome Helen Nickovich Virginia Nobles Irene Nowakowski 33Karen O’Brock Alicia Ocasio Phillip Oresik Mary Ann Ozug Loretta Pa win ski Jo Anne Pawlicki Diane Pinkerton James Pixley Ronald Pushka Eleanor Puzas Nancy Rappatta Norma Ratliff Martha Renn John Richmond Gerald Roach Donald Rocker Phyllis Rogers Shirley Sadowsky Shirley Salmi Lena Sapino Patricia Sarbenoff Robert Sassman Margaret Sebben Jo Ellen Serbin Raymond Serocka Herbert SmithRoy Snodgrass Charles Steams Richard Thompson Terry Tieman Silvio Toigo "In spring a young girl’s fancy turns to love.’’ David Towers Pauk Trella Terry Troutman Theodore I'nrue Donald Yandermolen Carmella Yespo Robert Yicceli Shirley Vainours Robert Ward Frederick ’Batson Arlene egman Gene Sheet Flora dicker sham Richard S ild Thomas U ilk Petty Wisz Smith S'ixon Rozanne Wolucka Raymond Yagelski Mary Ann YardsJUNIOR Joseph Shakes, President; Edward Wallace, Vice-Pres- ident; Barbara Seydel, Secretary; Edward Yudt, Treasur- er. Della Borden Kenneth Brabazon Jeanette Brown Louis Brugioni Kathryn Bulza George Canales Yvonne Chapa Delores Chavez Barbara Collins John Danch Mary DeLaughter Sylvia Detert Theodora Diamond Keith Downey Phyllis England Arthur Equihua John Erler Cheri Evans Joan Fabian George Felton Delores Ferguson Arlene Fink James Fox Elaine Frankm Carol Galster Richard Gaczkowski Gladys Geruska William Geruska Angelo Giacomin Donald Harris Richard Hatch Rosemary Hendricks Phillip Hoskins Barbara Hydo Joseph Inzerillo Richard Jankovich Doris Joseforsky Milton Kemper Donald Kendt Patricia Kisylia Louise Klotz Theresa Knipp Doris Kobe Shirley Koepke Doris Koruga Lillian Kostelnik Kathleen Kuczka Josephine Kuizin Raymond Langbehn John Leboskie Joseph Leto Charles Libich Shirley LiedtkeNancy Mokol Allen Murphy John Narcy James Nawrocki I.loyd Novak Norma Ocasio Arlene Olszewski Marcine Paterson Fred Little Eugene Lohse Lillian Lopeka Juanita Lopez Archie MacDonald David McCord Gwen Marshall Jack Marshall Florence Mayuiers James Mazeikas 38 Donald Pavic Donald Pavlick Marilyn Perry Daisy Ragon Paul Repar Barbara Reyes Doris Richeson Ruth Romanchek Donald RoskoJudy Roth Cecilia Satanek Dorothy Scheid Gerry Scheub John Sebben Barbara Seydel Joseph Shakes Joan Shaw Harold Shrader Wayne Simmons Charles Vanage Richard Vician Sharon Vittetoe Edward Wallace Joann Snciderwine Jerry Snyder Elaine Sohovich Regis Tomko William Wallace Linda Wanthal Donald Way Roberta Wierzba Joseph Wilczynski Richard Wilk Robert Wilson Arlene Yards Edward Yudt 'Jumping Juniors.' 39SENIOR Emilia Aznar G. A. A. Girls’ Club Social Club Home Economics Club Barbara Anschutz Social Club Beverly Barnett Girls’ Club Social Club Millie E. Baron Social Club Art Club Girls’ Club G. A. A. Geraldine Babacz Girls' Club G. A. A. Social Club Home Economics Club Dorothy Becker G. A. A. Library Club Home Economics ClubCLASS Joseph Beroardi Phyllis Binge G. A. A. Social Club Home Economics Club Patricia Bortolini G. A. A. Council Girls’ Club Christopher Borman Concert Band Latin Club Social Club Pioneer Staff - 1951 Christopher Borman Robert Bonta Student Council Pres. Freshman Class Pres. Football Social Club Rozanne Blaney G. A. A. Council Latin Club Sec. Science Club Sec. Social ClubBarbara Brown Pioneer Staff Dramateers G. A. A. Social Club Lon Carich Latin Club Vice-Pres. Mixed Chorus Boys’ Glee Club Social Club Grace Carriere G. A. A. Council Junior Class Sec. Spanish Club Sec. Social Club Kermit Bryant James Bukur D. M. S. T. Sophomore Class Pres. Dramatics Club Student Council Library Club Football Social Club Social Club Class Officers: President, Alfred Gruber; Vice-President, Eugene Wilczynski. Arlene Christy Social Club Elizabeth Cimino G. A. A. Girls' Club Tolly Times .Social Club Beveriy Cole Cheerleader Mixed Chorus Pres. G. A. A. Social Club Richard Coons Social Club Plastic Club 42Ora Davis Vivian Daniels G. A. A. Pres. Girls’ Club Social Club D. M. S. T. Boys’ Glee Club Social Club Gladys Dennison G. A. A. Social Club John Dobrolecki Social Club Class Officers: Treasurer, Robert Thompson; Secretary, Sandra Paige. Marvin Downey Concert Band Treas. Spanish Club Treas. Dramatics Club Social Club Elaine Feder Latin Club Pres. Student Council Sec. G. A. A. Council Social Club Maxine Field Modem Miss Club Girls’ Club Richard Fleming Social Club Plastics 43Betty Gotsos Girls Club Social Club Anthony Foremski Library Club Plastics Ricardo Girgenti Art Club Latin Club Social Club Dorothy Ann Glinis U Home Economics Club Library Club Girls’ Club "How to be Valedictorian in one easy lesson!" Robert Grennes Albert Gruber Alfred Gruber Edward Guba D. M. S. fi T. Social Club Concert Band Football D. M. S. T. Social Club Senior Class Pres. Basketball Capt. Cross Country D. M. S. ti T. Football Social Club Sophomore Class Treas. 449 Carol Harrington Home Economics Club Pres. Sophomore Class Sec. G. A. A. Council Latin Club Betty Hallman Girls’ Club Social Club William Harbison Library Club Social Club Donald Hamady Boys’ Glee Club Social Club Library Club Science Club "Intermission.” Joan Harris Kenneth Haskett Home Economics Club D. M. S. T. Girls’ Club Library Club Social Club Art Club Judith Heck Betty Helwig Art Club Sec. G. A. A. Library Club Tolly Times Social Club 45Carolyn Hepner David Hill Thomas Hill Alberta Holub Home Economics Club Social Club Library Club Sec. Girls’ Club Rudolph A. Hudecek Student Council Vice-Pres. Football Manager Social Club Radio Club Football Track Lettermen’s Club Social Club Sylvia Hydo Home Economics Club Concert Band Sec. Girls’ Club G. A. A. Home Economics Club Girls’ Club Social Club G. A. A. Dorothy E. Jacobsen Joan Johnson Betty Kacmar G. A. A. Treas. Library Club Social Club Girls’ Club Science Club G. A. A. Latin Club Girls’ Club 46Girls’ Club Art Club Baseball G. A. A. Council Tolly Times Editor Girls’ Club Vice-Pres. Latin Club Social Club G. A. A. Dorothy King Social Club Tolly Times Girls’ Club G. A. A. Elsie M. King Carol Kisylia Girls’ Club Camera Club Pioneer G. A. A. Junior Class Pres. Dramateers Girls’ Club G. A. A. 47Lawrence Klinger Social Club John Koches Basketball Baseball George Koepke Social Club Adam Komisarcik Sophomore Class Vice-Pres. Student Council Football D. M. S. T. "The Firehouse Five plus Three." Delores Kopchak Art Club Girls’ Club Social Club Louis Kwell Catherine Lazo Donald Lee Peter Leon Social Club Rifle Team Football Girls’ Club Social Club G. A. A. Football D. M. S. T. Simon Leon Geraldine Lewandowski Phil McAdams Football Camera Club Social Club Girls’ Club Art Club Stanley Lynn Cross Country Boys’ Glee Club Student Council Social Club Social Club Marie Malocha Mary Jean Maloney Edward Martin Louis Martin Home Economics Club G. A. A. Council Dramateers Social Club Tolly Times Social Club Girls’ Club Girls’ Club Latin Club Spanish Club Dramateers Social Club 49Frances Milenkoff Mixed Chorus Library Club Art Club Louis Martinez Freshman Class Treas. Spanish Club Loy Martin Spanish Club Girls' Club Radio Club G. A. A. Delores Mathis Girls' Mathis Social Club An Club Jerry Martis Cross Country Social Club Louise Modolo G. A. A. Council Latin Club Girls’ Club Dramateers Glenn Nelson Social Club 50Isadorc Nenios In Memoriam Ronald Newcome Football Lettermen’s Club Gloria Olszewski Home Economics Club Girls’ Club Social Club G. A. A. Sandra Paige Senior Class Sec. Spanish Club Pres. G. A. A. Sec. Girls’ Club Mary Lee Petit Student Council Cheerleading Social Club G. A. A. Joseph Panchisin Latin Club Social Club Dorothy Pavloff Home Economics Club Sec. Mixed Chorus Trcas. Library Club G. A. A. Eugene Pete Baseball Boys’ Glee Club Social Club Latin Club D. M. S. k T. 51James Pishkur John Poremski Student Council Social Club Jerry Richmond Football Track Student Council I-ettermen’s Club I mm Thomas R. Pry D. M. S. T. Social Club 52Richard Ricketts D. M. S. T. Social Club James A. Rukas Social Club Joan Ross Spanish Club Dramateers Cheerleader Katherine Rudovich Library Club Pres. G. A. A. Council Student Council G. A. A. Rosemary Sargent Library Club Social Club G. A. A. 53John Sawochka Student Council Football Thomas Shurman Social Club Latin Club Baseball Martha Smar Betty Stearns Junior Class Vice»Pres. Spanish Club Reporter Junior Safety Council Sec. Dramateers Girls’ Club Pres. Art Club G. A. A. Delores Skolak Home Fconomics Club Social Club Girls’ Club G. A. A. Delores Slys Home Fconomics Club Social Club Girls’ Club G. A. A. Mary Steams Ann Steininger Art Club G. A. A. Girls’ Club Treas. Social Club G. A. A. 54Gertrude Tobolski Girls’ Club Social Club Robert Valentine Social Club James Such Social Club Robert Thompson Senior Class Treas. Library Club Vice-Pres. Social Club “Now what's wrong?” Senior Class Vice-Pres. Pramateers Student Council Social Club Social Club Joan Turza Home Economics Club Girls’ Club G. A. A. Harold Valette Cross Country 55Sheldon Wolfe Cross Country Basket ball Social Club Track John Wolucka Boys’ Glee Club D. M. S. T. Social Club Latin Club Jack Woods Student Council D. M. S. T. Social Club Jess Woods Social Club 56 Social Club Concert Band Social Club Football TrackSenior Life Around June many seniors begin chinking a- bout baccalaureate, convocation, and commen- cement. Some can’t wait while others begin to reminisce about their high school careers. They begin to think about the proms, G. A. A. ban- quets, and military balls. They also think about the many dances, football and basketball games which they attended during their four years of high school. Thinking about the teachers, they decide that maybe some of them weren’t so bad after all. They think about the students left in school - - the freshmen, the sophomores, juniors. They wonder if they will lose contact with many since some will go to college, others to work while still others will be getting married. For almost everyone, high school has been swell, but now it is time to go out into the world, ith a tear in their eye they received their dip- lomas ready to seek their fate in the world. 5-PUBLICATIONS tPIONEER Copywriters Barbara Brown, Ruth Romanchek, Joan Shaw . Editor and Business Manager Jerry Snyder, Patricia Woodworth Co-Editor and Co-Sponsor Keith Downey, Martha Di 1 ley The Pioneer, the yearbook of Tolleston School, has grown from a cardboard-hacked edition to a highly classified book. Its staff strives constantly to improve the book and to keep in mind the essentials of a good yearbook. A good yearbook depicts through the pictures, and their records, a day by day account of a school year from beginning to end. This account should include not only social events and organizations but also classroom ac- tivities and studies; not only school affairs but also those of the community, particularly as they affect the school. Devoting its time "merely” to the make-up of the book, the staff worked tirelessly and end- lessly to put out a yearbook of which Tolleston and the Pioneer staff could be justifiably proud. Photographer Mr. George Keneson „ fyOSponsor Mrs. Shirley Rotenburg STAFF Photographer • Art Editor Fred I.ittle Donald Pavlick Designers A Mounters Allen Murphy Jack Marshall Designers A- Mounters Edward Yudt Raymond YagelskiSponsor Athletics Sheldon Volfe Alfred Gruber Typists Bette Pahkanen Joanne Sneiderwine Miss Anna Marsh TOLLY Copywriters Jo Ann Kosac Mary Jean Maloney Janice RappattaReporters Leona Holtz Carol Lanter Gwen Marshall TIMES Mimeograph Operators Elizabeth Cimino Elsie King Janice Rappatta Jane Keeney Mary Jean Maloney Josephine Kuizin Lena Sapino Elizabeth Cimino Kathleen Larson Josephine Kuizin Like all newspapers the Tolly Times, Toll- eston’s school paper, reported the news and kept everyone informed on what was going on and when. A favorite column with the students of the school was the one in which they were able to voice their opinions and "gripes.” Often these worthwhile opinions resulted in action benefit- ing everyone. To keep in touch with outside news and events the exchange editor kept a lively cor- respondence with other exchange editors in and around Gary. Since a self-supporting, growing newspaper is always in need of new and better equipment, the Tolly Times staff found it necessary to raise money for such equipment. Through two dances, "The October Cotillion" and the "Leap Year Frolic" the staff was able to purchase a new mimeograph stand combination and a file cabinet. Editor Jane Keeney 63Act IV MUSIC CONCERT TRUMPETS Background: M. Downey, R. Grennes, A. Yokshas, G. Cunningham, R. Vicceli, B. Hydo. Foreground: S. Suleman.' The Tolleston Cencert Band, a very active group of musicians, this year, as every year, had a very full schedule. Fifty-one of the band's members participated in the annual Northern Indiana Solo and Ensemble Contest which was held at Merrillville High School, Merrillville, Indiana. One of the requisites of music is enjoyment. The band ac- complished this doubly on the two "field" trips to Hines Mem- orial Hospital in Chicago, and to Parramore Tuberculosis Sani- tarium in Crown Point, Indiana. Both patients and band members were made happier by the excursions. Highlighting the many months of tedious practice were partici- pation in city parades, graduation exercises, and the annual spring concert, an event long anticipated by parents, members of t’jc b»nd, and students in school. FRENCH HORNS B. Narcy, E. Sohovich, M. Borman, P. Kienzynski. BASSES Standing: D. Downey, E. Puzas. Seated: L. Kienzynski, H. Shrader, J. Snyder.BAND TROMBONES F. Cemiak, J. Richmond, D. Pavlick, L. Novak, L. Pawinski, L. Bella. PERCUSSION K. Downey, J. Blankinship, K. Sirkoski, R. Martin, D. Pav- ic. DIRECTOR Mr. Edmund Bielski FLAG TWIRLERS 1st Row: M. Hilton, C. Jacoby, M. Kisylia. 2nd Row: M. Borman, S. Hydo, N. Ratliff.SAXAPHONES F. Bella, N. Ratliff, R. Martin, H. Ri- bar, B. Shakes, J. Shakes. FLUTES D. Haro, C. Jacoby, C. Atchison, S. Thomas. CLARINETS 1st Row: P. Devitt, R. Kucinski, C. Borman, S. Hydo, J. Zavacky. 2nd Row: C. Firpo, S. Osika, K. O’Brock, M. Hilton, D. Muzek, R. Dobis. 3rd Row: M. I.ucco, M. Hargan, S. Richmond, C. Hydo, R. McFarland. "Practice and more practice and even more practice."BARITONES I.. Marino, V. Bektesh, C. Vanage. OFFICERS John Zavacky, President; Joseph Shakes, Vice-Pres- "Tune-up tine!" idem; Sylvia Hydo, Secretary; 'Marvin Downey, Trea- surer. 9GIRLS' CHORUS 1st Row: E. Puzas, D. Joseforsky, G. Berta, M. Borden, R. Sargent, B. Hallman, S. Liedtke, V. Babcock, P. Dixon, D. Scheid, A. Lepp, C. Bailey, M. Lisek, D. Binzen, R. Berry, P. Baus- well. 2nd Row: M. Mostello, L. Sapino, J. Serbin, E. Cimino, B. Cole, K. Dunn, E. Fleming, V. Bono, C. Mutchinsky, N. Rappatta, D. Nestorovich, B. Seydel, M. Clark, L. Coates, P. Brennan, M. Buncich, 3rd Row: V. Vernarsky, K. Luttinen, E. Monacv, A. Hodorek, S. Wain- ours, P. Corey, G. Tierzba, S. Barfell, P. Miller, C. Montorsi, E.Felinski, J. Spurlock, C. Vespo, M. Sebben, A. Chapa, J. Engstrom, A. Garbus. The Girls’ Chorus, high school girls, met as a daily class. Their accomplishments were pre- sented in a spring program at Tolles- ton and at the Music Festival, given by the Gary Schools. Also during the year, various mem- bers of the chorus participated in the Northern Indiana State Band, Orches- tra, and Vocal Association held at Merrillville, Indiana. A social event, not at all in the line of duty but a financial aid, was a No- vember dance called "The Jack and Jill Jean Jump.” Officers B. Cole, President; C. Harrington, Vice- President; I. Levy, Treasurer; E. Cimino, Secretary. 70BOYS’ GLEE CLUB Sponsor Miss Charlotte Domroese Officers K. Brabazon, President; R. Vilk, Secretary; D. McCord, Treasurer; E. Yudt, Vice-President. The Boys’ Glee Club, a group of boys who like to sing and whose voi- ces blend so well together, were again responsible for giving pleasure to the whole school. On Christmas the boys shared their voices with everyone by singing the familiar Christmas carols. Again at Easter time the peace of the religious season was expressed through a program of Easter music. 1st Row: S. Wixon, B. Narcy, W. Wallace, E. Vasquez, P. Trella. 2nd Row: A. Murphy, F. Little, E. Wallace, E. Yudt, D. McCord, R.Janco- vich. 3rd Row: L. Carich P. McAdams, D. McCrovitz, E. Leto, J. Wil- czynski, 4th Row: D. Hamady, H. Rachford, K. Barbazon, E. Martin, R. Wilk. 71 ‘ » V AUDITORIUMDRAMATICS Five plays were presented in the 1951- 1952 season of the dramatics department. Four of these plays were comedies while one was a mystery. The plays were "Family Circle," "Our Miss Brooks," " e Shook the Family Tree," "You Can’t Take It With You," and "Murder in Rehearsal." Just before the Christmas vacation, the beautiful and inspiring Christmas pageant was presented for the sixth annual year. "It happens every spring!" "Watch for your cue!" "Lights! Camera! Action!"■ A great responsibility rested with the students in the audio-visual department. They operated the movie ma- chines and were in charge of ordering all films used by all departments of Tolleston. On the audio side were tape recorders, wire recorders, recording machines, and a beloptican machine to operate and keep in tip-top condition. This year a new policy in which one operator for each hour any of the audio-visual equipment was used, was instituted. Each year there has been an increasing number of stu- dents interested in learning to become operators. Al- though most of the operators were boys, many girls were expressing a desire to learn the "trade” ... a useful vocation. "Put a nickel in it!!" "Mechanical Masters!" AUDIO-VISUAL "Scotch tape does everything!!!"DRAMATEERS The Dramateers is a dramatics organ- ization, which, this year, consisted of nine members who have had three or four years of dramatics. In order to qualify as a "Dramateer", one must have had a leading role in several plays presented in the auditorium. To signify membership, students in the organization purchased pins with the Dramateer emblem. "Gifted Gerbick gets brazen Brantner!” Mr. Gerbick’s 8:20 dramatics class."Music up and out." RADIO CLUB 1st Row: D. Pluto, S. I.eon, R. Hude- celc, J. Wolucka. 2nd Row: R. 'ierzba, E. Puzas, M. Smar, L. Martin. 3rd Row: Mr. Mitchell Gerbick, E. Monacy, V. Nobles, A. Lepp, B. Seydel, B. Haggard, M. Lisek. Radio may not be the all popular medium that it was, but it still plays a large role in the life of each individual. Interested students at Tolleston were taught the fundamentals of radio and the importance, therefore, of public speaking. To make it an entirely original project and to teach another imponant angle of ra- dio, students were required to author their own scripts. In active participation the Radio Club appeared six times on the Pepsi PepClub over station WWCA. The members have felt that the club helped to inspire their imaginations, improve their grammar and their writing ability, to build up poise and assurance, and to interest them in a professional future. "Begin on page three."Second Year 7«. L. nZu t p±aU- ’■ R°«, y’ R- lerd". P. oodw0,nh °n' K- Do n “y L. Martin. SPANISH "Time out for lunch!” Offrcers: 1st Row: L. Wanthal, Social Chairman; M. Paterson, President; R. Romanchek, Treasur- er; P. Woodworth, Vice-President. 2nd Row: A. Fink, Secretary; Mrs. Mary Jeffries, Sponsor; M. Smar, Publicity Chairman. 80The Spanish Club, an organization of students who pursue the study of Spanish as one of their subjects, fulfilled its role as a good neighbor by endeavoring to maintain a closer relationship between this country and our neighbors to the south. Another reason for the Spanish Club was to give the members a better knowledge of Spanish and Mexican literature, government, language and customs. Putting to use their acquired knowledge, the "Spaniards” gave playlets and speeches in Spanish. 2nd Row: J. Shoes’fi'£ ™sj , S. Smhai F Fo • Yards’ E- Puzas, £ hZ?' 1'1' B- Seydel A H a , ‘ M°nac '' W- Usek, G. Canaj 5 °re ’ Fink 81Officers: E. Feder, President; M. Glad, Vice- President; D. Koruga, Secretary; J. Kuizin, Social Chairman; J. Vilczynski, Treasurer; T. Diamond, Reporter; R. Gaczkowski, Publicity Chairman. Second Year Members: 1st Row: J. Kuizin, J. Tilczynski, D. Koruga. 2nd Row: R. Gaczkow- ski, M. Glad, T. Diamond. Row J • Panchisin, J• J. Keeney Third Year Members: M. J- Maloney. H. 2nd Row: R. Blaney, v- 82 Tr° ::Z- F. M.lis P HreonM .L M ino iK Ly M Funfr A' Row:'rTp T J-H-5S. «• “»-• I-K°SaC' R' R' ' The 1951 52 Latin Club, enjoying a member- ship of fifty, was the largest Latin Club at Toll- eston for the past six years. As usual the aim of the club was twofold: eo gain a more thorough knowledge of Roman life, customs, and language in order to under- stand better the practical and cultural value of Latin; and to interest our fellow students. For the interest of the students were the sales of Christmas cards, in addition to the Christmas party and the "Snow Frolic”, which were of in- terest to the entire student body. 83STUDENT COUNCIL Officers: Mr. E. Goforth, Sponsor; R. Hudecek, Vice-President; J. Shakes, Pres- ident; J. Rappatta, Secretary; J. Fox, Treasurer. Every Tuesday and Thursday, during the home room hour, 2:30 P. M., the members of the Student Council met. These members represented the student body and were elected by each home room. The contributions of the Student Council were many. Quotations dealing with school spirit were purchased and placed in classrooms. To add to the attractive- ness of the school grounds, shrubbery was bought. Af- ter a great deal of effort a school name sign was pur- chased and placed on the new wing of the school buil- ding. As a finishing touch to a long run and a successful year, the Student Council members treated themselves to visiting the Tribune Tower and Swift’s Packing Com- pany in Chicago. "Aname at last!” 84 1st Row: F. Wickersham, J. Nelson, J. Yaros, S. Carter, S. Mizerak, D. Binzen. 2nd Row: R. Hudecek, J. Rappatta, K. Downey, Mr. E. Goforth, R. Romanchek, J. Roth, K. O’Brock. 3rd Row: J. Shakes, C. Firpo, J. Sawochka, J. Bukur, R. Bonta, J. Fox, M. Jones, P. Osika.SOCIAL CLUB Sponsors Marcia Owings, Fdmond Goforth The Social Club is exactly what its name professes to be. Every Tuesday, from seven to nine p. m., for a nom- inal fee, every student in high school was able to dance to his heart's con- tent. A welcome treat from the work day, students were given the oppor- tunity to meet each other on strictly a social basis. Social amenities were observed and and new dance steps were learned to the music of the best orchestras — via recordings on the nickleodeon. These recordings were purchased through the fees of the members and auspices of the Student Council, the school gov- erning body, in charge of the Social Club. "Where are the men??" 85Sponsor Miss Olive Leskow "The Shuttersnappers”, as the name connotes, is a photography club. It was organized for the purpose of offering a new hobby to students and to meet the growing demand of interest in photog- raphy. The club played its part in teaching to its members the basic principles of photography as a hobby or as a profession. Club members not only snapped pictures but also learned to develop them and to enlarge them. All Shuttersnappers had a field day photo- graphing girls entered in the annual "queen” contest. From the pictures they chose the girl most photogenic, and she was crowned at a Val- entine Dance. CAMERA CLUB Foreground: J. Snyder, Secretary; S. Leon, Trea- surer. Background: P. England, President; A. Murphy, Vice-President. 1st Row: S. Leon, L. Tanthal, E. King, P. England, J. Snyder. 2nd Row: A. Murphy, J. Marshall, F. Little. Photogenic Queen, Ann Steininger. 86LIBRARY CLUB Officers C. Hepner, Secretary K. Rudovich, President D. Becker, Treasurer. Sponsor Miss Evelyn McCoy A club newly organized last year was the Li- brary Club. The twenty-five active members, meeting once a month, were primarily interested in bettering the library facilities. To acquaint the faculty with the books, maps, recordings, and other material now available in the library, a tea was held. On the social side of the agenda was a hay- ride and a Lil Abner and Daisy Mae dance. A very commendable plan was the one to send books to the children of Europe; thus each mem- ber of the Library Club was able personally to plav a part in the rehabilitation of Europe. 1st Row: A. Holub, V. Nobles, E. Monacy, R. Sargent, D. Becker. 2nd Row: H. Rachford, B. Helwig, C. Hepner, A. Foremski, K. Rudo- vich, D. Slys, D. Hamady. 87RAIDERETTES 1st Row: B. Martinez, L. Miller, G. Zavada, A. Martinez, R. Povinski, J. Zavada, D. Glenn, G. Berta. 2nd Row: M. Ragon, J. Benka, J. Klinger, H. Karr, P. Hyde, M. Series, K. Brooks, M. Korhel, J. Guist, V. Stevens. 3rd Row: E. Puzas, J. Berry, P. Drake, A. Garbus, C. Gib- bon, R. Hudlow, N. Dennis, L. Dulla, Miss J. Baran, Sponsor. Sponsor Miss Julia Baran "Diabolical Circle." In hopes to boost the school spirit the cheerleaders started Tolleston’s first organized cheering block, the Raiderettes. The girls adopted the outfit of blue jeans, blue sweat shirts, white sail- or hats, and white gloves. The girls succeeded in their initial objective, to give the school spirit a lift. During the football season, the Raiderettes worked very co-opera- tively with the cheerleaders and the concert band to present effective programs. 88 ’Rub-a-dub-dub-whoo-ee!!!" "Tense moments!!"GIRLS’ CLUB Senior Group E. Aznar, M. Baron, B. Steams, L. Kaurich, A. Steininger, K. Rudovichk J. Keeney, G. Olszew- ski, B. Barnett, R. Carpenter, B. Cole, E. Cimino, S. Hydo, D. Becker, M. Malocha, D. Glinis, M. Smar, B. Gotsos, D. Mathis, B. Hallman, D. Kopchak, E. Kacmar, J. Rappatta, C. Hepner, D. Slys, S. Paige, J. Heck. The Girls’ Club, an organization of junior and senior girls with the com- mon interest of problems pertinent to teen-age girls, had speakers, lectures, and discussions dealing with their teen-age problems. To become better acquainted with one another and to learn the social amenities, the Girls’ Club sponsored several social events. As usual the Lake County Confer- ence of Girls.’ Clubs proved to be the medium through which ideas were ex- changed and inspiration given for the forthcoming year. Junior Group Y. Chapa, G. Bonick, S. Detert, P. Woodworth, B. Seydel, J. Kuizin, K. Bulza, S. Koepke, G. Marshall, P. Kisylia, J. Fabian, L. Kostelnik, A. Olszewski, D. Richeson, E. Frank, B. Col- lins, J. Shaw, R. Tierzba, J. Roth, D. Koruga, T. Diamond, D. Ragon, D. Chavez. Officers: P. Kisylia, Junior Social Chairman; A. Steininger, Treasurer; K. Rudovich, Secretary; L. Kaurich, Vice-President; B. Steams, Pres- ident; C. Harrington, Senior Social Chairman. 89HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Officers: S. Paige, Vice-President; C. Harrington, President; D. Pavloff, Secretary-Treasurer. 1st Row: S. Paige, C. Hcpner, D. Slys, C. Harrington, D. Becker, B. Steams, F. Cimino. 2nd Row: G. Olszewski, D. Pavloff, M. Malocha, Mrs. Philomena Beck, E. Aznar, S. Hydo. "Tea for two??" A comparatively new organization, the Home Economics Club, was added to the roster of Tolleston organizations. Meeting in the home economics room, members of the club naturally discussed interior decora- ting and learned the fine art of cooking, an art not restricted to only the feminine set; for the club included one masculine member. To put into practice a few theories, the club held a "Chinese Ball." At this affair dragons lurking along the walls of the ballroom were evidences of the colorfulness of the Orient in an interior decorating scheme. 90DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE TACTICS Officers Lt. Colonel W. Aimutis, Honorary Lt. Colonel P. Woodworth, Major A. Mur- phy, Captain F. Little, 1st Lt. R. Gacz- kowski, Captain J. Marshall, 2nd Lt. J. Wolucka, 2nd Lt. G. Aimutis, 1st Lt. K. Haskett, Acting 2nd Lt. G. Roach, 2nd Lt. D. Way, Acting 2nd Lt. G. Scheub, 2nd Lt. J. Leto, Captain D. Pavic. Rifle Team D. Pavic, F. Little, R. Serocka, G. Divi- jak, R. Baron, D. Rocker, W. Aimutis, A. Murphy, G. Aimutis, J. Hargens, P. Costidakis, D. Way, J. Frier. Drill Team D. Rocker, W. Wallace, G. Canales, R. Kramer, G. Scheub, L. Marino, Sgt. C. C. Monroe, D. Pavic, D. Way, J. Frier, C. Marcyjanik, G. Roach, B. Narcy, G. Lowe, F. Little, J. Marshall, A. Mur- phy, M. Waldahl, R. Gaczkowski, J. Leto, G. Aimutis, A. Cieslak. The D. M. S. and T., originally recognized by the initials R. O. T. C., is, of course, a national military organization for boys in high school and college. Boys receive training in handling men, instructing, and in taking nec- essary orders. It is upon ability to meet the above requirements that rank is given. Once a month the Tolleston unit and its hon- orary colonel, Miss Pat Woodworth, had a per- sonal military science and tactics inspection. In the spring all high schools with D. M. S. and T. units participate in the annual federal inspection held on the Tolleston football field. At this time medals were awarded and the "honor” school named. Tolleston was the only school to be thus designated. 91 .t 7st Pi»too„t Off,®”0"; »• fi'ij R A1 T»"y. r Sf°ur, k.JxJ tl1’ . P?;' nukur T.’Jr?0" t'ad'r0 0’ W , pc, ’«■ . c. 0 b - B. ir F 1 i-t. ir; . UfTnf i Ko 'lslci o «cb, "T;,;- «00iC •? . V. • D”“W. ;??»p4 LN”°y. f3? £ 2nd Platoon, "A” Company R. Tomko, B. Snyder, G. Ruschak, C. Marcyjanik, T. Hecker, W. Shukitis, T. Jamski, R. Wool- wine, Captain J. Marshall, Company Commander; J. Krecik, H. Steams, R. McGee, C. Tucker, E. George, D. Hoskins, C. Felton, J. Hill, Lt. K. Haskett, Platoon Leader; G. Canales, Pla- toon Sgt.; P. Costidakis, Company 1st Sgt.;J. Wierman, J. Jurasevich, C. McGee, R. Sassman, E. Kozlowski, W. Gibson. 92. Comply • - «V D. P TLCmV D. «ay,Lt . g. OWM » "I t. «ft » U „ t O Mo«»cVtt»u P.Detno, - .«B Company V ug 1’ P. Tr “ ’ Hatgens. •n. 1 . c l«'uie’ Czazas7• Lo«e' , » atgo, A« c Batson, • Waiun, 2nd Platoon, "B" Company L. Marino, E. Alsup, A. Sassman, E. Kvachkoff, R. Bruno, R. Serocka, Lt. J. Leto, Platoon Leader; R. Zakutansky, G. Cornell, R. Grennes, R. Pushka, M. Jaworsky, A. Cieslak, G. Roach, Platoon Sgt» R. Kramer, J. Boynak, P. Oresik, W. Simons, C. Hecker, T. Tietnan. 93President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Miss Dorothy Madole Sponsor Rozanne Blaney Social Chairman Grace Carriere Publicity Carol Harrington Basketball Mary Jean Maloney Baseball Lillian Kaurich Katherine Rudovich Indoor Sports Outdoor Sports One of the largest organized groups at Toll- eston is the G.A.A., boasting a membership of 275 girls. The objectives of the G.A.A. are to train girls in enjoyable leisure time activities and to develop a democratic spirit by learning to work and play in groups. An outstanding event of the year, the initia- tion of new members accomplished both objec- tives in providing a social event and in having the older girls act as "big” sisters for the younger girls. It was the task of the "big” sister to help the initiate become acquainted with the other students in high school. Closing the year was the G.A.A. formal ban- quet. It was at this time that awards, trophies, and letters were given to the girls earning them for having best fulfilled the objectives of the Girls’ Athletic Association. Elaine Feder Captainball Louise Modolo Speedball Patricia Bortolini Volleyball 96G.A.A. ACTIVITIES Proud!!'» ••Mad»10 Chairs»0 97SENIORS 1st Row: C. Harrington, S. Paige, G. Garriere, R. Blaney, A. Steininger, M. Smar. 2nd Row: J, Keeney, S. Hydo, B. Cole, E. Cimino, P. Binge, M. Malochka. 3rd Row: D. Slys, F. Milenkoff, G. Olszewski, M. Baron, C. Hepner, B. Brown, E. Kacmar. 4th Row: M. J. Maloney, L. Martin, J. Harris, B. Steams, E. King, L. Kaurich, K. Rudovich, L. Modolo, J. Ross, D. Becker. "Why in my heyday "Christmas in the air!”JUNIORS 1st Row: B. Seydel, A. Fink, B. Hydo, G. Marshall, P. Kisylia, S. Koepke, F. Sohovich. 2nd Row: J. Shaw, P. Woodworth, J. Kuizin, E. Frank, S. Detert, G. Bonick, K. Bulza, N. Ocasio, 3rd Row: K. Kobe, F. Satanek, R. Tierzba, F. Mayuiers, N. Mokol, L. l.opeka, M. Oel.aughcer, C. Galster, A. Olszewski, L. Klotz, Y. Chapa, 4th Row: A. Yards, C. Evans, P. England, M. Paterson, L. Tanthal, B. Collins, G. Geruska, R. Romanchek, C. Bailey. "Sink it, Joanie, sink it!"SOPHOMORES 1st Row: V. Babcock, E. Fleming, A. Lepp, A. Martinez, C. Lanter, G. Berta. 2nd Row: B. Haggard, M. Lisek, J. Serbin, C. Vespo, K. O’Brock, M. Hilton, A. Kaboff, C. Jacoby, P. Rogers. 3rd Row: J. Pawlicki, L. Pawinski, G. Kalina, F. Malis, N. Bobillo, F. Foremski, S. Salmi, M. Yards, N. Ratliff, M. Borman, D. Binzen, P. Brennan, G. Fedorchak. "That, no lights??" 100SOPHOMORES 1st Row: D. Pinkerton, D. Mounce, K. Larson, A. K'egman,S.Vainours, Y.Tolman, P. Sarbenoff, 2nd Row: F. Tickersham, J. Kosac, E. Kokinda, M. Fuller, I. Nowa- kowski, E. Pusas, A. Hodorek, M. Glad, L. Sapino. 3rd Row-: B. Bowen, R. Berry, R. Dixon, M. David, S. Sadowsky, M. Buncich, N. Rappatta, C. Mutchinsky, D. Muzek, E. Monacy, V. Nobles, J. Nelson. "Let me at it!” 101FRESHMEN 1st Row: J. Moreland, D. Nestorovich, M. Kisylia, P. Miller, C. Montorsi, S. Geller.S.Suleman, M. Kuzma. 2nd Row: P. Gillan, H. Davis, L. Borausky, P. Edwards, G. Wicrzba, S. Osika, S. Mizerak, D. Dujmovich, P. Bowen. 3rd Row: A. Guba, M. Tomko, A. Lepyesh, C. Huycke, A. Garbus, C. Gibbon, M. Hargan, H. Flournoy, U'. Shrader. 102FRESHMEN 1st Row: S. Thomas, D. Someson, J. Slys, R. Raio, D. Haro, S. Liedtke, S. Osika, P. Labash. 2nd Row: P. Wall, J. Spurlock, D. Sierkoski, A. Chestovich, P. Sum, C. Saynak, L. Wolter, R. Vician, G. Wierzba, S. Osika. 3rd Row: M. Nawrocki, C. Gregory, S. Palmateer, R. Popa, M. Grennes.C. Feder, J. Frank, S. Carter, K. Luttinen, E. Felinski, U. Watson, P. Osika, D.Belec. “Good Catch!”Sponsor: Miss Julia Raran "Yea, Blue” was a familiar cry at every game. Those five dashing girls in blue responsible for that cry, gave life and inspiration to everyone watch- ing a game. They made the boys play- ing feel that they were not playing in vain--- win or lose. CHEERLEADERS Varsity: Front to Rear: D. Hamady, M. Petit. Rack Row: B. Haggard, B. Cole, J. Ross. 104 In the past year a great deal of in- terest in cheerleading and in school spirit was stirred up. Each student of the school had a personal interest in the cheerleaders, for the students themselves chose their cheerleaders .....and backed them up. Reserve: A. Martinez, C. Montorsi, G. Marshall, J. Spur- lock. "T-O-L-L-F.-S-T-O-N !!!"Coach August Boto 1st Row: R. Greones, T. Wilk, J. Inzerillo, E. Vasquez, J. Bukur, R. Bonta, J. Nawrocki, H. Shrader. 2nd Row: J. Korwek, J. Hill, D. Tow- ers, C. Koches, F. Watson, L. Martin, R. Hill, C. Vanage, D. Kaplan, Student Manager, Boach Boto. 3rd Row: R. Vicceli, R. Morse, A. Kom isarcik, J. Richmond, R. Grennes, S. Leon, J. Zavacky, J. Sawochka, G. Lowe. 1st Row: R. Reinhardt, A. Wargo, A. Calwhite, W. Shukitis, N. Flour ney, W. Lopez, H. Tolman, V. Bektesh. 2nd Row: T. Guba, R. Zukow- ski, Student Managers; C. Naidoff, R. Zakutansky, A. Regans, D. Kam- inski, H. Hightower, B. Goodwin, R. Kendt, Mr. F. Elkins, Coach. 3rd Row: R. Wierzba, D. Jaroscak, J. Korwek, J. Charochak, C. Coates, W. Knight, J. Wachowski, C. Olszewski, S. Prude. Student Managers Simon Leon, David Kaplan. FOOTBALLJohn Zavacky Edward Cuba Ronald Newcome Eugene Rumford The Tolleston football team, while not completely victorious, was a rugged, hard-fighting team—fighting hard a- gainst each defeat and harder for each victory. Although the boys and Tolleston School were unhappy at the transfer to Horace Mann School of Coach Edward Herbert, who had coached them so well and loyally for eight years; they were fortunate in obtaining as their new coach, August Boto, a former graduate of Tolleston. After attending Tolleston High School, Coach Boto went on to Tulane Univer- sity in New Orleans, Louisiana; Miss- ouri State in Springfield, Missouri, and the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. John Sawochka Robert Bonta Richard Wilk James Nawrocki Peter Leon Adam Komisarcik Richard Hill Before coming to Tollcston, the new football mentor taught two years at St. Charles, Missouri, a suburb of St. I.ouis. Good luck and success. Coach Aug- ust Boto and the team of '52 SCHEDULE Tollcston Opponents 0 Lew Wallace 6 6 Emerson 18 13 Horace Mann 6 14 Whiting 20 12 Bishop Noll 33 0 Hammond Tech 7 6 Froebel 0 "We want a touchdown!” William Aimutis Silvio Toigo Arthur Equihua Jerry Korwek Angelo GiacominBASEBALL X-COUNTRY Baseball 1st Row: V. Pupillo. 2nd Row: F. WiIk, R. Shurman, P. McAdams, R. Kaufman, J. Bartal, G. Lach, F. Watson. 3rd Row: J. Nawrocki, Student Manager, A. Equihua, K. Scheub, J. Newcome, J. Koches, R. Morse, E. Pete, A. Giacomin, Coach J. Vance. X Country 1st Row: G. Canales, H. Valette, A. Gruber, J. Leboskie, R. Yagelski, C. Libich. 2nd Row: T. Hofschneider, G. Hammons, D. Kendt, G. Lach, S. Wolfe, P. Trella.Reserves 1st Row: G. Canales, R. Yagelski, D. Pavlick, C. Libich, R. Morse. 2nd Row: F. Hanson, E. Vasquez, R. Ward, R. Wilk, P. Trella, J. Blankinship. Coach Edmund Devitt Student Manager Angelo Giacomin. Freshmen 1st Row: V. Bektesh, D. Kaminski, M. Sum, H. High- tower, G. Charochak. 2nd Row: N. Floumoy, A. Re- gans, G. Hammons, W. Simons, H. Lopez, R.Zukowski. Alfred Gruber James Mazeika Put it in, Jim!' The Tolleston basketball team started off the 1951-52 sea- son on November 29, in a rather bad way. The first game was lost, and the team was just an average team that played an average ball game. James Bartal After the Holiday Tournament the boys began perking up and playing good ball. Out of the next thirteen games played, they won nine, lost four. This year Tolleston played in only one overtime game--— a- gainst Valparaiso on January 15, when they lost by one point. Tolleston went on to win the Gary Sectionals but lost to Valparaiso in the regionals. After playing all season games and the tournament sectional and regional games, the team ended up with a season record of fifteen wins and nine losses. 110 John LeboskieGerald l.ach John Koches Sheldon Wolfe Arthur Equihua Charles Libich Lloyd Novak Tolleston 37 Edison 44 Tin 24 39 50 42 36 34 33 Valparaiso 35 Horace Mann 47 Emerson 50 Rensselaer 47 E.C. Roosevelt 38 49 Lew Wallace 51 38 S.B. Washington 35 41 E.C. Washington 68 51 Hammond Tech 31 56 Winchester 45 Tournament Tolleston Opponents Holiday Tournament 38 Lew Wallace 48 Sectional 40 East Gary Edison 39 72 Horace Mann 42 30 Froebel 29 37 Gary Roosevelt 35 Regional 45 Valparaiso 47 SCHEDULE Regular Season Opponents 46 31 Froebel 48 Hammond 48 Bishop Noll 47 Hammond Clark 46 Gary Roosevelt 35 Whiting 27 34 34 42 39 111With fifty-nine seconds to go in the fourth quarter, Roosevelt had the ball and needed only two points to tie the score. Tolleston gained possession of the ball and retained it for the four remaining seconds of the game. Tolleston became the 1951-52 Gary Sectional Champion! Although Tolleston had played in seventeen previous sectionals, this was the first time that Tolleston had won one. In the Regionals, in Hammond, Indiana, on the follow- ing Saturday, Tolleston was pitted against Valparaiso of Valparaiso, Indiana. The Raiders got off to a very slow start. However, by displaying the same poise and coolness with which they won the sectionals, the Raid- ers came within two points of qualifying for the evening game. The loss was heartbreaking, but all of Tolleston was proud and grateful to the team and the coach for making a dream come true . . . GARY'S SECTIONAL CHAMPION! 112 On February 27, 28, and March 1, the Gary Sectionals were held at the Memorial Auditorium. Who was the ex- pected winner? Froebel, or perhaps Roosevelt. Who was the winner? TOLLESTON ! In Tolleston’s first sectional game, Tolleston played East Gary’ Edison. The game was expected to be a walk away for Tolleston, but the only thing that saved Toll- eston from defeat was proficiency at the free throw line. In the evening game against Horace Mann, the Raiders did a sharp about face from their afternoon game. They hit fourteen out of thirty shots from the field and con- verted twelve out of fourteen free throws. By winning the two games on Friday, February 27, Tolleston qualified for the Saturday games. The first game was against Froebel. A slow and deliberate con- trol game won for Tolleston. The Saturday night game was the play-off for the Gary sectionals. Tolleston was playing for the championship.Abad, Lou Conda Acevedo, Antulio 92 Acevedo, Joseph 36 Acevedo, William 92 Aimutis, Gerald 30, 91, 92 Aimutis, William 36, 91, 107 Alsup, Everett 93 .Anschutz, Barbara 40 Arthur, Ethel 36 .Atehe son, Cinda 68 Aznar, Emilia 40. 89. 90 Babacz, Geraldine 40 (Babcock, Virginia 70, 100 '.abujea, Donald 40 Baii-'y, Carolyn 70, 83, 99 aio, Rose Marie 24, 103 all'jch, Dolores ’tricll, Shirley 30 70 »arnt s, Clara Bell Burnett, Beverly 40, 89 8ar i, Alex Caron, Millie 40, 89 , 98, Richard 36, 91, 92 Hartal, James 30, 108, 110 Bauswell, Patricia flecker, Dorothy 24, 70 40, 87, 89, 90, 98 lektesh, Vladimir 24, 69, 105 Belec, Donna 24, 103 bella, Frank 24, 68 67 Bella, Larry Benner, Beverly Ann 30 Bemurdi, Joseph 41 Perry, Robert 30 lerry Roberta 30, 70, 101 ertu, Geraldine 3(V 79, 83, 100 linge, Phyllis 41, 98 Student Index inkley, Norman inzen, Doris f ancy, Rozanne ankinship, Jerry iobillo, Natalia Jonick, Gayle Bono, Virginia Bonta, Robert Borausky, Laura Borden, Delia 3ordcn, Lula Mae 3orden, Mary Ann 3orman, Christopher [Borman, Mary Ellen Bortolini, Patricia Bowen, Bonnie Bowen, Peggy Boynak, John Barbazon, Kenneth Brantoer, Frank Brennan, Patricia Brown, Barbara Brown, Jeanette 92 50, 31, 70, 84, 100 41, 82, 96, 98 67 30, 100 36, 89, 99 30, 70 41, 84, 105, 106 102 36 41, 70 41, 68 30, 66, 67, 100 41, 96 30, 83, 100, 101 24 30, 93 36, 71 30 30, 70 , 83, 100 42, 60, 98 36 Brugioni, Louis 36 Bruno, Ronald Bryant, Kermit 30, 93 42 Rukur, James 42, 84, 105, 106 Bukur, Richard 92 Bulsa, Kathryn 36, 89, 99 Buncich, Mary Lou Burrell, Donald 30, 70, 101 Clawhite, Anthony 24, 93, 105 Canales, George 36, 81, 91, 92 Carich, Lon Carpenter, Rose Marie 42, 71, 82 89 Carriere, Grace 42, 80, 93, 98 Carter, Shirley 24, 84, 103 Cermak, Frank 67 Chapa, Adele 24, 70 Chapa, Yvonne Chappie, Rose Mary 36, 89, 99 Charochak, Jerry 24, 105 Chavez, Delores 36. 89 Chestovich, Arlene Christy, Arlene Cieslak, Anthony Cimino, Elizabeth Civilette, Donald Clark, Marlene Clark, Nina Coates, Charles Coates, Laverne Cole, Beverly Collins, Barbara Conner, Carol Coons, Richard Corey, Patricia Cornell, Gordon Costidakis, Perry Cuccia, Donald Cunningham, Gary C z aza st y ,R ic hard D nch, John Daniels, Vivian Danko, Dolores David, Minnie Davis, Helen Davis, Ora Degeneffe, Delano Degencffe, Raymond Delaughter, Mary Demo, Paul Dennison, Gladys Detert, Sylvia Devitt, Paul Diamond, Theodora Divijak, Gerald Dixon, Patricia Dobis, Richard Dobis, Stanley Dobrolecki, John Downey, Duane Downey, Keith Downey, Marvin Drygas, Theodore Dujmovich, Dorothy Dunn, Kay Dymanowski, Ronald Dziubla, Raymond Edwards, Phyllis England, Phyllis Engstrom, Joyce Equihua, Arthur Erler, John Evans, Cheri Kay Evans, Robert Fabian, Joan Fabian, Michael Feder, Carol Ann Feder, Elaine Fedorchak, Geraldine Feiinski, Elsie Felton, George Ferguson, Delores Ferguson, Dennis Field, Mazine Fink, Albert Fink, Arlene Firpo, Charles Fleming, Elenore Fleming, Richard Flournoy, Helen Flournoy, Namon Foremski, Anthony Foremski, Florene Fox, James Frank, Elaine Frank, Janet Fuller, Martha Gaczkowski, Richard Galster, Carol Garbus, Anna 24, 103 42 30, 91,93 42, 63, 70, 89, 90, 98 24 30, 70 24, 105 30, 70 42, 70, 89, 98, 104 24, 36, 89, 99 30 42 24, 70 93 30, 91, 92 24, 66 30,93 36 43, 96 30 30, 101 24, 102 43 43 24 36, 99 93 43 36, 89, 99 30, 68 36, 69, 82, 89 31, 91, 93 31, 70, 101 8, 24, 68 24 25, 66 36, 60, 67, 80, 84 43, 66, 69, 80 25 25, 102 8, 70 92 25, 102 36. 86. 99 25, 70 36, 107, 108, 111 36, 91, 92 36, 37, 99 25 36, 89 31 25, 103 4 3, 82, 96 31, 100 70, 103 36 36 25 43 25 36, 81, 99 25, 68, 84 8, 31, 70, 100 43 25, 102 25, 105 44, 87 31, 81, 100 36, 84 36, 89, 99 25, 103 31, 83, 101 37, 82, 91 37, 99 25, 70, 102 Gashtevich, Dorothy Gcller, Shirley George, Eugene Gcruska, Gladys Geruska, William Giacomin, Angelo Gibbon, Carole Gibson, William Giljan, Patricia Gillan, Robert Giordano, John Girgenti, Richardo Glad, Marianne Glinis, Dorothy Goodwin, Barney Goodwin, Da Rue Goodwin, Richard Gotsos, Betty Gotsos, Catherine Green, Mary Lou Gregor, Nancy Ann Gregory, Carol Grcnnes, Robert Grennes, Marlene Grennes, Ronald Gruber, Albert Gruber, Alfred Guba, Audrey Guba, Edward Guba, Theodore Haggard, Barbara Hallman, Betty Jenn Hamady, Donald Hamady, Dorothy Hammons, Geraldine Hammons, Gerald Harbison, William Hargan, Marlene Hargens, James Haro, Delores Harrington, Carol Harris, Joan Harris, Donald Haskett, Kenneth Haskett, Leslie Hatch, Richard Haymon, Sam Heck, Judith Heck, Richard Hecker, Charles Hecker, Thomas Heffner, Roger Helwig, Betty Hendricks, Rosemary Hepner, Carolyn Hesterman, Phyllis Hightower, Hubert Hill, David Hill, Jans Hill, John Hill, Richard Hill, Thomas Hilton, Mary Hodorek, Alice Hofschneider, Theodore Hokenson, Walter Holmes, Minnie Holtz, Leona Holub, Alberta Holub, Ann Hoskins, David Hoskins, Philip Hudacek, Rudolph Hydo, Barbara Hydo, Charlotte Hydo, Sylvia Huycke, Constance Inzerillo, Joseph 25 25, 102 92 37, 99 36 37, 107, 108 25, 102 92 25, 102 25 31 44 31. 82 44, 89 105 92 44, 89 31 31 103 44, 66, 105 25, 103 31, 93. 105 44 8, 42, 44, 62, 110 25, 102 44, 106 26, 105 31, 100, 104 45, 70, 89 45 26, 104 100 26 45 26, 68, 102 31, 83, 91, 93 26, 68, 103 45, 82, 89, 90 45, 98 37 45, 91, 92 31 37 26 45 26 31, 93 92 45, 87 37 46, 87, 89, 90 , 98 105 46 92 31, 92, 105 105, 10? 46, 107 31, 67, 68, 100 31, 70, 81, 101 26 26 31, 63 46 31 92 36 46, 84 3?, 66, 99 68 46, 67, 68 , 69, 89, 90 , 98 26, 102 37, 105Irby, Mattie Jackomis, Nick Jacobsen, Dorothy Jacoby, Carol Jaeger, Donald Jaeger, Harlan Jamski, Theodore Jancovich, Donald Janda, Jerry Janda, Jim Jandrish, Bernadette Jankovich, Richard Jaroscak, Donald Jasiak, Loretta Jaworsky, Myron Johnson, Joan Jones, Millie Joseforsky, Doris Jurasevich, John Kaboff, Arlene Kacmar, Elizabeth Kainrath, Leo Kaletta, Elida Kalina, Germaine Kaminski, David Kamza, Wanda Kaplan, David Kaplan, Sylvia Kaufman, Robert Kaurich, Lillian Kazanas, George Keeney, Jane Kemper, Eugene Kemper, Milton Kcndt, Donald Kcndt, Robert Kidd. Willie Kienzynski, Leonard Kienzynski, Paul King, Dorothy King, Flsie King, Mary Lou King, Orita Kisylia, Carol Kisylia, Mary Ellen Kisylia, Patricia Klimczak, Corinne Klinger, John Klinger, Lawrence Klotz, Louise Knight, William Knipp, Theresa Kobe, Doris Koches, Charles Koches, John Koepke, George Koepke, Shirley Ann Kokinda, Evelyn Komisarcik, Adam Kopchak, Dolores Korhel, Marilyn Koruga, Doris Korwck, Jerry Kosac, Jo Ann Kostelnik, Lillian Koves, Barbara Koves, Hulie Kozieiski, Frank Kozlowski, Edward Kramer, Donald Kramer, Ronald Krecik, James Kucinski, Robert Kuczka, Kathleen Kuizin, Josephine Kuzma, Mary Ann Kvachkoff, Eli Kwell, Louis Labash, Patricia Lach, Gerald Lallos, Richar Langbehn, Raymond Lanter, Carol Larsen, Paula Larson, Kathleen 26 9} 46, 93 31, 67, 68, 100 92 31 26 37 26, 105 31 31, 93 46 31, 84 37, 70 92 32, 100 46, 82, 89, 98 32 26 32, 100 8, 24, 26, 105 32, 83 32, 105 47 47, 108 47, 63, 82, 89, 96, 98 26 47, 82, 89, 98 47, 92 37 37, 110 26, 105 26 66 47, 66 47 47, 63, 86, 98 32 4” 24 , 26, 67, 69, 102 3', 69, 89. 99 32 32 48 37, 83, 99 105 37 37, 99 105 48, 108, 111 48 37, 89, 99 32, 83, 101 48, 89. 107 48, 89 26 37, 82, 89 24, 26, 100, 107 32, 62. 83, 100, 101 37, 89 26 26, 92 92 26 32, 91, 93 26, 92 26, 68 37 37, 63, 82, 89, 99 27, 102 32, 93 48 26,103 32, 108, 111 37 32, 63, 100 27 32, 63, 83, 101 Lazo, Catherine Lazo, Chris Leboskic, John Lee, Donald Lemon, James Lenoir, Alice Leon, Peter Leon, Simon l.epp, Alice Lepyesh, Angeline Leto, Eugene Leto, Joseph Levy, Irene Lewandowski, Geraldii Libich, Charles Liedtke, Sally Liedtke, Shirley Lindsay, Mary Ann Lisek, Marilyn Little, Fred l.ohse, Donna Lohse, Eugene l.opeka, Lillian Lopez, Juanita Lopez, William Lowe, George Lucco, Marilyn Luttinen, Karen Lynn, Stanley MacDonald, Archie McAdams, Phil McCord, David McCrovitz, Darwyn McFarland, Robert McGee, Charles McGee, Robert McKinney, Ralph McLaughlin, William Malenshek, John Malis, Frances Malis, Richard Malis, Robert Malocha, Marie Maloney, Mary Jean Manzanares, Joseph Marcyjanik, Carl Marino, Lawrence Marshall, G wen Marshall, Jack Mart in, Edward Martin, Louis Martin, l-oy Martin, Richard Martin, Ruth Martinez, Ann Martinez, Louis Martis, Jerome Martis, Lawrence Mathis, Daniel Mathis, Delores Mattie, Robert Mayuiers, Florence Mazieka, James Medved, Jerome Milenkoff, Frances Miller, Patricia Mizerak, Shirley Modolo, Louise Mokol, Nancy Mokol, Thomas Molder, Edward Monacy, Elizabeth Montorsi, Carmella Moon, Thomas Moreland, Jo Anne Morse, Robert Mostello, Mary Mounce, Dorothy Murphy, Allen Mutchinsky, Carol Muzek, Darlene Naidoff, Christ Narcy, Benjamin Narcy, John Nawrocki, James 48 32 37, 110 48 27 48. 108 49, 86, 105 32, 70, 83, 100 27, 102 32. 71, 91. 92 37, 93 32, 70 49 37, 111 70, 103 37 32 33, 70, 81, 100 8, 38, 61, 71, 86, 91 27 38 38 38 27, 105 33,91,93, 105 68 27, 70. 103 49 38 49, 71, 108 38, 71 49, 71 27, 68 92 27, 92 27 27 33, 83, 100 33, 83, 92 49, 89 , 90, 98 49, 62, 63, 82, 96, 98 27, 91, 92 33. 69, 83, 91, 93 38, 63, 80, 89, 99, 104 38, 61, 86, 91. 92 49, 71 49, 80, 105 50, 98 33. 93 57, 68 33, 83, 100, 104 8, 50 50 33, 92 50 50, 89 8, 27 38, 99 38, 99 27 50, 98 27, 70, 102 27, 84, 102 50, 96, 98 38, 99 92 33 33, 70, 81. 87, 101 27, 70, 102, 104 27, 102 33, 83, 105, 108 33, 70 33, 101 8, 38, 61, 71, 86, 91 33, 70, 83, 101 33, 68, 100, 101 27, 105 66, 71,92 38, 91 38, 105, 106, 108 Nawrocki, Marjorie Nelson, Glenn Nelson Jo Ann Nenios, Isadore Nestorovich, Dorothy Newcomc, lames Newcome, Ronald Nickovich, Helen Nobles, Virginia Novak, Lloyd Novicki, Raymond Nowakowski, Irene O'Brock Karen Ocasio, Alicia Ocasio, Norma Olszewski, Arlene Olszewski, Clifford Olszewski, Gloria Ann Oresik, Phillip Osika, Patricia Osika, Sharon Osika, Sonja Ozug, Mary Ann Pahkanen, Bette Paige, Sandra Palmatcer, Sandra Panchisin, Joseph Parini, Phillip Paterson, Marcine Pavic, Donald Pavlick, Donald Pavlick, Robert Pavloff, Dorothy Pawinski, Leon Pawinski, Loretta Pawlicki, Jo Ann Perry, Marilyn Pete, Eugene Petit, Mary Lee Petrovich, Ronald Pilipovich, Rita Pinkerton, Diana Pishkur, James Pixley, James Ploszoj, Benjamin Ploszoj, Eugene Pluto, Donald Popa, Rosemary Poremski, John Povlinski, Walter Primer, Richard Prude, Sylvester Pry, Thomas Pupillo, Vincent Pushka, Ronald Puzas, Eleanor Rachford, Homer Ragon, Daisy Rappatta, Janice Rappatta, Nancy Ratliff, Norma Regans, Abraham Reinhardt, Robert Renn, Martha Repar. Paul Reyes, Barbara Ribar, Harvey Riche son, Doris Richmond, Jerry Richmond, John Richmond, Sharon Ricketts, Richard Roach, Gerald Rocker, Donald Rogers, Phyllis Romanchek, Ruth Romanowski, Dorothy Ronic, John Rosko, Donald Ross, Joan Rosser, Robert Roszkowski, Michael Roth, Judy Rudovich, Katherine Rukas, James 27, 103 50 33, 84, 101 51 27, 102 33. 108. 110 51, 106 33 33, 87, 101 38, 67, 111 27, 93 33, 101 34, 68, 84, 100 34 38, 81, 99 38, 89, 99 27, 92, 105 51, 89, 90 34, 93 27, 84, 103 27, 68, 103 28, 102, 103 34, 83 62 43. 51, 80, 89,90, 96, 98 28, 102 51, 82 38, 80, 99 38, 67, 91, 93 38, 61. 67 51, 90 67,93 34, 81, 100 34, 100 38 51, 108 51, 104 51, 82 52 34, 101 52 34,92 28 28 28, 103 52 92 92 28, 105 52 28, 92, 108 31. 34, R3. 93 34, 66, 70, 81, 101 52, 71, 87 38, 89 52 . 62 , 63, 84 , 89, 96 34, 70, 101 34. 67, 68, 100 105 105 34 38 38 68 38, 89 52, 105, 107 34, 67 28, 68 53 34, 91, 93 34, 91 34, 100 38, 60, 80, 84, 99 28 92 38 53, 80, 98, 104 28 28 39, 84 , 89 54, 80, 87, 89, 96, 98 53 114Rumford, Eugene Ruschak, Gerald Rutka, N'ancy Sad owsky, Shirley Salmi, Melvin Salmi, Shirley Sandusky, Sandra Sapino, Lena Sarbenoff, Patricia Sargent, Rosemary Sassman, Allan Sassman, Robert Satanek, Cecilia Sawochka, John Sawochka, Shirley Saynak, Carol Schcid, Dorothy Scheub, Gerry Scheub, Kenneth Sebben, John Sebben, Margaret Scrbin, Jo Ellen Serocka, Raymond Seydel, Barbara Shakes, Beatrice Shakes, Joe Shaw, Joan Short, Dolpha Shrader, Harold Shrader, Wilma Shukitis, William Shuman, Ronald Shurman, Gerald Shurman, Thomas Sierkowski, Dorothy Simmons, Delores Simmons, Wayne Simons, William Sirkoski, Kenneth Skolak, Dolores Slakes, Terry Slys, Dolores Slys, Joanne Smar, Martha Smith, Herbert Smith Ozella Smith, Richard Sneiderwine, Joanne Snodgrass, Roy Snyder, Bradford Snyder, Jerry Sohovich, Elaine 106 28, 92 28, S3 34, 1P1 53 8, 34, 81, 100 28 34, 63. 70, 101 34, 100, 101 53, 70, 87 28,93 34, 92 39, 99 54, 84, 10S, 106 28 28, 103 39, 70 39, 91 108 39 34, 91, 93 34, 70, 100 34, 83, 91. 93 39, 69, 81 68 36, 37, 39, 68, 69, 81, 84 39, 60, 89, 99 39, 66, 10S 28, 102 28, 92, 105 108 92 54 28. 103 39 28, 93 67 S4 28 S4, 87, 89, 90, 98 28, 103 54, 80, 89, 98 39, 62 3S 92 8, 39. 60, 86 39. 66. 99 Some son, Diane Spencer, Ronald Spoiyar, Robert Spurlock, Joyce Stearns, Betty Stearns, Charles Stearns, Hugh Stearns, Mary Steininger, Ann Stout, Perry Such, James Suleman, Sonya Sullivan, Charles Sum, Martin Sum, Patricia Thomas, Shirley Thompson, Richard Thompson, Robert Tiernan, Terry Tobolski, Gertrude Toigo, Silvio Tolly, Kenneth Tolman, Herbert Tolman, Yvonne Tomko, Marcella Tomko, Regis Towers, David Trella, Paul Troutman, Terry Tucker, Carl Turza, Joan Unrue, Theodore Urycki, Angela Valentine, Robert Valette, Harold Vanagc, Charles Vandermolen, Anna Vasquez, Edward Vaught, Herbert Vernarsky, Veronica Vespo, Carmella Vicceli, Robert Vician, Richard Vician, Ruth Vittetoe, Sharon Wachowski, John Wainours, Shirley Wall, Patricia Wallace, Edward Wallace, William Wanat, Janet Wanthal, Linda 8, 28, 103 28 8, 28 28, 70, 103 54, 89, 90, 98 35 92 54 54, 86, 89 29, 92 55 29, 66, 102 29, 109 29. 103 29, 78, 103 35 55, 42 35,93 55 35, 107 92 29, 105 101 29, 102 39, 92 35, 105 35, 71, 93, 105 35 92 55 35 29 55 55, 108 39, 69, 105 29 71, 105 93 29, 70 35, 70, 100 35, 66, 105, 106 39 29, 103 39 29, 105 35, 70, 101 29, 103 39, 36, 69, 71 39, 71, 91, 02 29 37, 39, 80, 86. 99 Wanthal, Theodore Ward, Robert Wargo, Andrew Warren, Delmar Watson, Frederick Wat son, Ursula Way, Donald Way, Joanne Wegman, Arlene Westmoreland, Bobby Whcet, Gene Wickersham, Flora Wicrman, James Wierzba, Geraldine Wierzba, Richard Wierzba, Roberta Wilczynski, Eugene W'ilczynski, Joseph Wild. Richard Wilk, Frank Wilk, Richard Wilk, Thomas Williams, Ronald Willis, Dorothy Wilson, Robert Wilson, Howard Wilson,Leonard Winkowski, Lois Wisz, Betty Wixon, Smith Woldahl, Milo Wolfe, Sheldon Wolter, Lois Wolucka, John Wolucka, Rozanne Woods, Jack Woods, Jess Woodworth, Patricia Woolwine, Ralph Yagelski, Raymond Yards, Arlene Yards, John Yards, Mary Ann Yaros, Joseph Yokshas, Anthony Yudt, Anthony Yudt, Edward X.aborowski, Patricia Zakutansky, Robert Xavacky, John Xavada, Robert X.ukowski, Ronald 29, 93 8, 35, 83, 109 29, 93, 105 35, 93, 105, 108 29. 103 59, 91,93 35, 100, 101 92 35 35, 84, 101 92 29, 70, 102, 103 29, 105 39, 80 , 89, 99 43, 55 39, 71, 82 35 108 8, 39, 71, 106 31, 35, 93. 105 29 39 55 35 35, 71 29, 93 56, 62, 111 29, 103 56, 82, 92 35 56 40, 56 60, 80, 89, 91, 99 92 35, 61, 108, 109 39, 99 35, 81, 100 29, 84 29. 66 56 36, 38, 61, 71 29 29, 69, 93, 105 56, 68, 105, 106 29, 105 115Index Administration.................................14 Advisory Council...............................20 Band Boosters..................................21 Baseball......................................108 Basketball....................................109 Boys’ Glee Club............................... 71 Camera Club....................................86 Cheerleaders..................................104 Classes........................................22 Freshman................................24 Sophomores............................. 30 Juniors................................ 36 Seniors................................ 40 Community Life................................. 4 Concert Band...................................66 Cross-Country . . . ..........................108 D. M. S. ft T..................................91 Dramatics......................................74 Faculty........................................16 Football......................................105 G. A. A........................................96 Girls’ Chorus..................................70 Girls’ Club.......................................89 Guidance...........................................8 Home Economics Club...............................90 Home Room Activities...............................9 Introduction.......................................2 I.atin Club.......................................82 Library Club......................................87 P. T. A...........................................19 Pioneer...........................................60 Radio.............................................77 Raiderettes.......................................88 School Life........................................6 Secretarial Force.................................15 Senior Life.......................................57 Social Club.......................................85 Spanish Club......................................80 Student Council.................................. 84 Synopsis of Scenes............................... 11 Tolly Times.......................................62 Welfare Department............................... 15 116 NORTH STATE PRINTING LITHO, INC. HAMMOND, INDIANA Publisher

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