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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1956 volume:

P THE THCDMASONIAN 1956 Published bythe SENIOR CLASS of THOMAS BUSINESS COLLEGE a Waterville, Maine FOREWORD The Thomasonian is a Recapitulation of the school year 1955-56 and is the result of an elected staff and the local merchants. We have attempted to summarize, in literary and pictorial form, the outstanding events of this past year, in a manner that may help the grad- uating class retain pleasant memories of their associations with Thomas Business College. L ,, gin C4HHenmrg Q9f B , x. ZANE D. CRAY The students of Thomas Business College wish to have this yearbook in the memory of Zane U. C ray. We were all very happy to have him be a part of last year's student body. Also we are very happy to have known him as a fellow student. CLASS ODE To the classrooms down at Thomas, To the place where friendships dwell, To the meetings with the friends we love so well, To the teachers and their clsses, And the lessons which they taught, And the magic of that name which cast a spell. Yes, the magic of old Thomas, And the charm which it possessed, All our teachers and our classes at their best. We will serenade four:Col1ege When friends and guests shall meet. And it long will be remembered as the best. CHORUS We'll go from our school Like the ships at sea Sailing far Our College will shine A dear memory Shining star. Fifty-six's class is off on its own, Dangers threaten wherever we roam, Thou, a beacon to guide us on, Light us home! Offer a toast to the school We hold dear, Youiwho have guided our footsteps here, Still watch over us, far or near. T. B. C. Leo Paul Arsenault The Main Room 1 4 Ee:2. .q.:!4'.11L. mm wx my R www M 5 xy. 4,44 xr shin ,ie PW 1 ...... 11... ..........- : V ,.,. 1 L' '2: fafii.'. 'I ' ' 2- rzr 1 1 :ga ,sr Harvey S. Wheeler Cost Accounting A Auditing Income Tux llzxthenlzxtics FACULTY john L. Thomas, Sr Principal Miss Mary Etta Bashier Shorthand Typing Language Skills John L. Thomas, jr., B. A., LL B Business Law Bnsinrzss Munugur Illf-Ul'll'lUd.i2lilC Accounting Corporation Accounting l 4 THOMASONIAN STAFF .-W, First Row: Roland Hllaml, Marvin Bolduc, Gcorgc Vachon, Richard Tnlboiz. Second Row: Nancy Hunter, Florence Recd, Anne Pillsbury, lXIarlenc Bcst, N oreun McCorm- ick, Rachael Hcrard, Clcnna Denis. Third Row: .loc Adams, Rodney Michaud, Francis L:1Pointc. Maurice Gilbert, Carl Rollins, Roberta Chase, Robert Pcllcrin, Nancy Violcttc, Philip F oster, David Paradis, Arthur Blais- dell, Clifton Walter, John Libby, Carroll Harding. TI-IOMASONIAN STAFF Editor Marlene Best Assistant Editor Richard Talbot Associate Editor David Paradis Business Manager Francis LaPointe Advertising Managers Glenna Dennis, Joseph Adams Assistant Business and Advertising Manager Robert Chamberlain Sales Manager George Vachon Senior Class President Carroll Harding Sorority Reporter Nancy Violette Sports Editor Charles Hurd Art Editor Marvin Bolduc Social Events Reporters Roland Huard, Carl Rollins Staff Reporter Nancy Hunter Hustler Reporter David Paradis Class Prophecy Philip Foster, Robert Pellerin Undergraduates Reporter Noreen McCormick George's Column Anne Pillsbury Class Will Arthur Blaisdell, Clifton Walter SENIORS g W 4.5 n , E fx t I I ffm ' ,...... N f.,.w'f1 , :gk I I I I ffiffffi THE To ROAD SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS CAREERS g'jQTff Pw gf klf 2 E ffiifff SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Francis La1Pointc, Alilflltllil Best, Ca1'1'oll H:u'cling, Robert Pcllerin. Glau of 1956 Pregident Carroll Harding Vice President Robert Pellerin Treasurer Francis LaPointe Secretary Marlene Best GZQ44 af i956 AROLYN BERRY Lynn Got to meet Jackie Waterville, Maine Junior Accountant Co-operative Memberg Chi Phi Sorority Member. BIARLENE LOUISE BEST Mike Ottid Waterville, Maine Executive Secretarial Co-operative Member: Board of Directors CSecretary '55Jg Hustler Staff Reporter and typist '54, '55g Thomasonian Staif QAssociate Editor '55, Editor ,56jg Secretary of Senior Class '56g Chi Phi Sorority Member fllresident '55, Secre- tary '55Jg Usher at Commencement '55g Harvest Supper Committee '54g Spring Banquet Committee '56. ARTIIUR DONALD BLAISDELL AMD What did he say Albion, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Co-operative Member QBoard of Directorsg Assistant Treas- urer '55-'563 Co-Treasurer '56jg Thornasonian Staff CClass Willl. XIARY ALICE CAREY Alice iCGee77 Waterville, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Co-operative Memberg Chi Phi Sorority Member. SYLVIA CLUKEY nsyln Can I copy it Waterville, Maine Secretarial Co-operative Memberg Chi Phi Sorority Member fChap- lain '55Jg Harvest Supper Committee '54, BIARILYN COREY Marr-2ll Ciwhyll Waterville, Maine Secretarial Co-operative Mernberg Chi Phi Sorority Member CChap- lain '55J. PIIILLIP BARTON FOSTER Phil Sure you are Augusta, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran - Army W Cpl. Co-operative Member fBoard of Directors, Co-Treasurer '55-'56jg Thomasonian Staff CClass Prophecy '56J. BLYNN P- GALUSIIA 4sBlyn,Lu Clinton, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Co-operative Member CBoard of Directors, President '55Jg Editor-in-Chief Hustlerg Spring Banquet Committeeg Spring Outing Committee. Korean Veteran - sfsgr. U.S.A.F. MAURICE L. GILBERT 6 GG 7 7 Winslow, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran - Army - P.F.C. Co-operative Member fBoard of Directorsg Assistant to the Second Vice President in Charge of Purchases '55g President '55, '56jg Thomasonian Staff CYear Book Cap- tionsbg Spring Banquet Committeeg Chairman of the Har- vest Supper Committee '55, RALPII RUSSELL GILISIAN Ralph Yea but Fairfield, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran - Army - Sgt. Co-operative Member. J ACQUELINE GODDARD Jackie Got to leave now Waterville, Maine Junior Accounting Co-operative Member: Harvest Supper Committee, '54. CARROLL WYOODRON' IIARDING, JR. Ike I don't know Albion, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Co-operative Member CBoard of Directorsg First Vice President in charge of Sales '55, '56Jg Thomasonian Staff, Senior Class President '56, MJ' Qc:-T ROBERT II. LANE llBobl! Oakland, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran Co-operative Memberg Thomasonian Staff CSenior Picturesj- FRANCIS ALBERT LuPOINTE Fran What the heck Skowhegan, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran - Navy - Storekeeper 2 f c Co-operative Member CBoard of Directorsg Co-Treasurer '55g President '56Jg Hustler Staff '54, '55g Harvest Supper Committee '54g Thornasonian Staff QBusiness Manager '56Jg Senior Class Treasurer '56, JOANNE NIVISON HJON Is that rite Waterville, Maine Secretarial Co-operative Member CVice President of Sales '54jg Chi Phi Sorority Member CVice President '54, President '55Dg Harvest Supper Committee '543 Spring Banquet '55. NOREEN INI1-CORINIICK Short Stuff Fabulous Farmington, Maine Secretarial Co-operative Memberg Chi Phi Sorority Member. FRANCIS E. NIONAIIAN Hambone Oakland, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration War Veteran Co-operative Member. ROBERT WVILLIAINI PELLERIN Bob Could be Waterville, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran - U.S. Air Force P.F.C. Co-operative Memberg Thomasonian Staff QClass Prophecylg Vice President Senior Class. FLORENCE G. REED Flo Buggie Fairfield, Maine Special Secretarial Course Co-operative Memberg Chi Phi Sorority Memberg Hustler Stalfg Thomasonian Staff. CARL NEWVELL ROLLINS Lefty What did you say Unity, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Co-operative Member CBoard of Directorsg Second Vice- President in charge of purchases '55, '56g Second Vice-Pres- ident in charge of sales '55Dg Thomasonian Staff QSocial Events Reporter '56Jg Spring Banquet Committee '55g Harvest Supper Committee '55. GEORGE E. VACIION George How do you know Waterville, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration World War II Veteran and Korean War Veteran - U. S. Army -A Sgt. Co-operative Memberg Thomasonian Staff QSales Managerj. TIIELISIA 'WOODBURY Thelm What a D.S. Albion, Maine Secretarial Co-operative Memberg Chi Phi Sorority Member, CSecre- tary '55, Treasurer '55jg Board of Directors CAssistant Secretary '55D. PAYSON COREY GEORGE HPOP1, Mox Nix Waterville, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Korean War Veteran - Army - P.F.C. Basketball Team '52-53 for Thomas Business College. PATRICIA GRACE JUDSON upatss Unity, Maine Junior Accounting Hustler Staff Reporter '55g Thomasonian Staff '55 CUnder- graduate Editorj. CLIFTON REGINAL WVALTER Abe Is that right Anson, Maine Higher Accounting and Business Administration Co-operative Member QBoard of Directors, Co-Treasurer 56Dg Thomasonian Stai CClass Will '56J. CLASS PROPHECY As Phil Foster was leaving the Unemployment Bureau he met Bob Pellerin, an old classmate at Thomas Business College, who was also going in to collect his 82250. As would be the case, the topic of conversation was about the old school days in 1956. Bob: Do you remember the old days when we had to work? Well, some of the old class members have pretty soft jobs now. Blynn Galusha is now a free lance mattress tester and Francis Monahan, who also left us at mid-year is passing the time of day as gate tender at the Bronx Zoo. Phil: Did you read in the paper where Senator Gilman set a filibuster record in the senate. He talked for 184 hours without a pause. Sylvia Clukey is in the South Pole as ambassador to that newly formed country. She says she is rather cool to her position though. Bob: Alice Carey is now an ace reporter for Confidential Magazine and George Vachon is in Eugope as a foreign correspondent for Esquire. Arthur Blaisdell has also done quite well. He owns his own pool room in Albion. Carl Rollins resigned his position at T. B. C. to become Arthur's number one janitor. Phil: Our own Bob Preble is in Spain now. He is that country's favorite Bull Fighter. Bob's motto was 'if you can't beat em, join em'. Roberta Chase carries the banner of the U. S. to the Olympics this year. She will compete in the track and field events. Joanne Nivison also is a member of the team. She will compete as a member of the wrestling team. Bob: Marilyn Corey is here in Waterville. She is employed as a typist at the 'Fast Buck Finance Company'. Marlene Best is now a re- ceptionist at the V. A. in Togus. She acquired that position to be near Joe. Florence Reed has her own T. V. show for the kiddies. It's called Ding-Ding School. Phil: Big Bad Clifton Walters is a first Sergeant in the Marine Corps. I just pity those poor recruits. Cliff's former business partner, handsome Francis LaPoi,nte is out in Hollywood as an understudy for Rock Hudson. Bob: Pat Judson is now a model at a famous New York agency. An- other of the girls, Jackie Goddard, is out west breaking in wild pinto ponies. Thelma Woodbury can be seen, live from New York, on the Hit Parade, where she is a singer. Phil: Bob Lane is in Africa on a safari. He is after wild animals for the Farmington Zoo. That was quite a feat that Maurice Gilbert per- formed. He rode this year's winner in the Kentucky Derby. The horse was at quite a disadvantage carrying 365 poundsf' Bob: Carroll Harding is in South America as a missionary. Life is quite dangerous among the headhunters, but not for Fearless Carroll. Payson George is an instructor at his own school for the ballet in New York. Phil: I think the old class has done rather well. I imagine that the graduating class this June will also have a few bright stars which will also illuminate the name of Thomas Business College. Bob Pellerin Phil Foster EW X Xl-2 f ,H 'LD 4 1 J 4 My JW qw M74 A0'5 fw ,IWW W , VM 4. fvfifg? QL, A734 M 71 W W W W W W W W E W W W W W W W W 2 W W 3 E W W W W W W W W W W W W 5 -021011-022-7 02-010101-01-0 9 N I H R P bww 0 B Rd, 0 U -Um W md 0 0 Y T3 0 H H 0 g C 0 0 in 'm r lp 'QI f 0 . t 0 0 D 0 0 6 0 0 P I U N P 6 m m n 0 W W 0 0 0 W W 0 W W 0 W W W W ,V 0 W W W W W 0 V W 011-01 C0-1101 S 5 5 5 5 5 9 S S E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 S 5 S 9 MAPLEHURST GREENHOUSES As Noam' as Your Tcleplionc Dial TR 2-7061 Allglwlill Road Waterville Member F. T. D. WVliit0 'llop Callus 'l'wo-Way Rzulio Scrvim-v STEDMAN'S COACH 81: TAXI SERVICE Service is our Specialty llotvl Elmwood Dizml TR 2-13042 Waiivmvillc, Maim- M. G. MORISSETTE 8a SONS Local zmml Nailnionwiclc Moving :mtl Stomgv ADMOR'S CLEANERS and DYERS Higliesl Quzilily Clezuiing 72 Elm Street- NVz111e1'villc Y . , U Di:-L1 TR 2-2741 01- 2-2742 Shoe Rcbuilclingg - Hut lilockiiig 12 Valley ,fX:i?gTllg1Mit!'l2Lllg0l', Mc. H36 Main Strom Upper Main Stu PVGSQIUO Isle Dial TR, 2-7162 VlfLLll0l'VlllC MULLEN'S JEWELRY STORE Fziirliclcl Diaimomls lVzLtcl10s .lcwcl ry Grcetingzg Czircls liisuro With GEORGE J. DOYLE llisimuicfu ol' all liimls UO Malin Sl-root, Wamliurville Dial TR 2-95131 Compliments of BIAINE IIATCIIING EGG SERVICE Augusta Road Wa'tervil1e 5 9 5 Q S 5 5 S S S E 5 9 5 E 5 5 S S 9 5 9 5 Q ' -01 102 C740-'61 61lZfv02 Q Q 5 2 E 5 Q Q Q 3 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 9 5 Q 9 9 VVll0l'0 the Best is Billlglllv for Less Dial TH 2-5634 Cfomplivnmzls QI' LEO'S AUTO SALES Used Cars Bijllglllr and Sold DRAPEAU'S 'l'1'mlc-5 - Terms Appliances X Furrxiture VVholeszLle - He1,z1,il 208 College Ave. Waterville 132 Marin Street Represented By Waterville Maine Leo amd Gerald Rzrueourt, Props. Com plimenls QI' HART'S PIE PLATE RESTAURANT Tailors, Cleaners LQ Dyers Repzririug and Alterzrtions on Ladies' and Monks Garments Home Cooked Foods Dial TR, 2-7721 C. .ljlllllihp 'Fla' 22 Marin Street, Wzmterville, Me, Waterville Maine Compliments of Keyes Fibre Company Molded Pulp and Fibrous Plastic Products WATERVILLE MAINE S 5 5 5 S 9 S 9 5 9 S 9 5 5 9 6 S 5 9 5 9 5 S Q 9 5 9 5 L, Compliments of 'l'llE DIADIOND DIATCII CORIPANY Oakland Plant Maine Timber Unit Oakland Mailie FRANK'S MARKET 94- College Avenue lim er K Ale Quality Meats To M Lke Out Groceries Conzpliizzwzls QI' RED STAR LAUNDRY I0 South Street Dizil TR 2-7121 lV2LllCl'VlllG, Me. C07ll11l'Il7Ill'IIl8 of ALBERT O. PIPER, D.D.S. Zlo Main Street, WzLl,erville Dial TR, 2-9520 LEO DIAMBRI 140 Main Street liiglit, Lunches, Spagglietti anal Heine Made lee Cream Where Tlionms Business College Students Enjoy lAIl1Cl1 R. L. BRYAND Neon Laboratories 233 College Avenue Dial TR 2-5072 - 2-7-llll Signs ol' All Kinds Conzplinzrfuls of PARK'S DINER Where Qiuililiy, Service :incl Cleanliness Prevziil Main Street Waterville 5 L0 2-0 20124. S 5 S Compliments of 2 3 S Q 5 C. F. IIATIIAWVAY CO. 3 3 5 5 9 - 5 9 5 g LIBERTY CLEANERS L1' W f b of 5 Your exclusive Stu,-Nu Cflczuwl' SUP8-lERDE5IIC1?IlrElig1g11ggJRY 2 in Marino Q S 74A Elm Sweet S Y 4'.v': :ful lflxvz C' ' g Lxli L Qu lilllj L1 no xii L ost WING'-Villv, Maine 3 Q Call TR, 2-7502 Diul TR, 2-5461 5 5 5 5 5 Y 3 THE UNIVERSAL OIL CO. S FlRESTONEl' ROLLINS-DUNHAM CO. 5 5 llomo N Auto Supplies 3 'llEX:XC 70 I Izu'clwzu'o S Gasoline, Motor Oils lilolisowawes - Applizmcers 2 5 lflozitiug Oils 5 Chu' Wawhiug Lllbriczuion 29 1f'i-out Street, Diiil TR, 2-5511 5 - Corner ol' Elm :incl Western Avo. 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UQ, 'KN Q-05 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 f'on1plimz'115ls of' DONALD R. POULIN, O. D. OPTQ JM ETH IST 34 Silver Street Doyon Building DIAL TRINITY 2-8914 POST OFFICE SQUARE ESSO SERVICENTER ll.. J. Dunn Veriliefl Esso LllDI'lI'il,lZlO11 Atlas Tires anal liatteries Motor 'Pune-up-Rourl Service Dial TR 2-8225-42-9727 Waterville R laine 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 S E COIll,Pl'fIlL1'IllS QI' COHLIIHWILCIZ-IS Qf 5 MATHIEU'S BARBER POOLER'S PINE TREE STORE . SHOP 5 Q Elm Street Q 5 W ulerville Marine NVa,terville E Q 3 5 BEN'S MEAT MARKET Q DES an GENE'S 5 5 MARKET 166 Main Street Fairfield 5 E Dial GL 3-sms 3 E l3li Marin Street Q lpui1.Hcld Nluiue l'lzLl, lflll! BEST lol' Less 5 VVe Buy :uid Sell Native Beef 5 9 2 S Q Tvpewriterw ,hiding M-Lelliues ' J ' A A L ' C0lIl11U7ILL'1Ll-S QI' Repairs - Sales e Rlentzmls 5 Q Umm Fm.uit,ym.C RENAUD'S JEWELRY STORE S Renaucl Guite, Prep. 9 Q F. E. BRILLARD Q 5 S l28 College Avenue Waterville Mimi Sweet' lvatcwlue E 5 T11 2-72210 Open 9 to 9 5 5 Q 9 3 COTTLE'S', Q A Main St. 8: Spring St. - 5 5 E 5 Q SUPER-DIARKETS 5 s 5 Waterville, Maine wwwy 5 S S 9 S 9 S Q 9 5 5 9 5 S S S E S S 9 5 9 S 9 9 S 5 elm? Compliments of E CRESCENT 11oTEL Q Q Catering to Banquets and Weddings both Large and Small 3 E BUFFET DINNER EVERY NIGHT- 31.50 All you can cat. 3 Entertainment Every Night in Lounge 5 Gordon Gilbert, Chef A. T. Beeke-ii, Prop. E E Waterville, Maine Dial TR 2-2736 5 - 5 Be sure e Insure With J. P. GABON RICHARD F. CARON State General Agent Massachusetts Casualty Insurance Co. Life, Health and Accident, and Group Q 2 Blue Cross -Blue Star Hospital 8: Surgical Insurance S 2 65 Temple Street TR 2-2613 Waterville, Maine ' . S BILODEAU'S BODY SHOP ELMER L. MARSTON A111 o Pitllltlllg AUCTION ENR 5 Holly N Fender Work Q Covering the St-:llc ol' Maine 9 I Tia, 2-8289 5 3 1'l2l,llOXV0ll Slil'QCl' xVlllSlOXY Qlllarlgg Sfygpl, Xvzllteyvillp 2 B 5 Q E i ' S For Sewicl-, llepollllability, 5 ll-llll Quality, Call CYRILE C' RENY 85 CO' . . . S E DEXTER DRUG STORES Pllllllblllg. lfleilllllg it Oil lilll'1lcl':i ' Incorporated A.ll1CI'lCll1l SlfiL1lli2l,l'll lfixllllr-s '0'w0 4 Q . I TR. 2-5233 Q 5 2 cilllllllll Avolllle Winslow H ' v . ., . - 45 lXlllg St. W LLtQl'V1ll0, Me. Q Q Dial TR. 2-93-lil 5 x Q 2 ! CLASS WILL Marlene Best wills her fondness of Mercury cars to Joey Adams. Arthur Blaisdell wills his tardy record to D. Paradis. Arolyn Berry leaves her fine points to Joan Dow. Alice Carey wills her job at the hospital to N. Violette. Roberta Chase wills her bashfulness to Ann Pillsbury. Sylvia Clukey wills her typing ability to J. Deschaine. Marilyn Corey wills her shorthand speed to G. Denis. Phillip Foster wills his sense of humor to C. Hurd. Blynn Galusha wills his head of hair to E. Wing. Payson George wills his auditing set to R. Michaud. Maurice Gilbert wills his weight to Joan Dow. Ralph Gilman wills his absent record to M. Bolduc. Jacquelyn Goddard wills her flirting ways to Jo Ann Oakes. Carroll Harding wills his charms to G. Plante. Patricia Judson wills her smile to R. Quirion. Robert Lane wills his knowledge of automobiles to Richard Russell. Francis LaPointe wills his riders to school to anybody coming that way Noreen McCormick wills her intimacy with John, Jr. to any ambitious girl Francis Monahan wills his ability in accounting to C. Reny. Joanne Nivison wills her hair-do to N. Hunter. Robert Pellerin wills his mature ways to R. Huard. Florence Reed wills her quiet ways to M. Dostie. Carl Rollins wills his Janitor job to John Libby. CC. Rikkubsj George Vachon wills his seriousness to R. Chamberlain. Clifton Walter wills his height to Jo Ann Oakes. Thelma Woodbury wills her good times at T. B. C. to J. Dow. Arthur Blaisdell Clift Walter OUR FACULTY The faculty of Thomas Business College is composed of a group of well informed personnel, all with vast amounts of experience in 'their particu- lar Held. The founder and director of the Institution is Mr. John Thomas, Sr. He has been active in both the 'teaching and practical fields, and is now the guiding force behind the school. Unfortunately, lie is occupied with his outside work to a considerable degree, but he will always take the time to aid any of us in our scholastic problems. We, of the graduating class, have found him to possess a wealth of practical knowledge. It goes with- out saying, we look to him when we are faced with an imposing problem. Miss Mary Etta Bashier is second in seniority. Her patience is only exceeded by her abilities as an instructress in Spelling, Shorthand, English and Typing. Over her period of thirty-three years, she has assisted count- less students on their way to various business fields. Her contribution to the good will of Thomas Business College is an asset that cannot be cal- culated. Mr. Harvey S. Wheeler is third in the line of seniority, with seven years of teaching here at Thomas Business College. He has introduced the principles of accounting to many students, and at the same time gave them a good working knowledge of business math and principles of business. His specialty are the courses in Intermediate Accounting, Cost and Audit- ing. We believe that Mr. Wheeler is the backbone of the Thomas Business College as far as the accounting is concerned. His outstanding asset- is his attitude of helpfulness on any problem that the students encounter, regardless of the time or effort required on his part. The Law courses are conducted by Mr. John Thomas, Jr., a task for which he is Well fitted. IWe have received the practical aspects of law as Well as the theoretical. Mr. Thomas received his training at Colby College and Boston University School of Law. He has been a member of the State Legislature and is a Trustee of the Waterville Public Library. In summation, the faculty is srnall in number, but comprehensive inthe knowledge and abilities that they possess. We, the Senior Class, are sin- cerely appreciative of all of their efforts and accomplishments, and will attempt to follow the standards that they have established. We hope that all of 'these instructors will be with T. B. C. for an ex- tended duration, so that many more students may benefit from their philosophy of business and human relations. llq44L THE TYPING ROOM i' 4' 'I E i 5:- -5-'55 ' ...-'-f 5-f 55 U ,9 '5'55'5 5 Q L A N 1 I E X 6 f 1 iii UN DERGRADUATES Front Row: Richard Esty, Charles Hurd, Thomas Bragdon, Marvin Bolduc, Richard Talbot, Roland Huard, Richard Russell. Back Row: Herbert Ii1ll'iCl', Anthony Joseph, Joe Adams, Leo Cote, Charles Rcny, David Pznrzi- dis, Melvin Dostie, Eugene Couture, Eugene Wing, Germain Plante, Joseph Desclinine, Rod- ney Miehuud, Dwight Sparrow, Raymond Quirion, John Libby, Robert. Clnnnbcrlain. THE UN DERGRADUATES My name is Noreen McCormick. I'm a student in an educational in- stitution. I'm a dumb cluck! The time is now. The place? You name it! My story begins at 9:00 A.M., September 6, 1955. I had been assigned to duty at Thomas Business College. My job? Learn something! 9:05 I registered. 9:10 It was a tough assignment, and I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I rounded up a group of fellow dumb clucksf' This Wasn't easy. I had to be sure that they were after the same thing I Was. Namely - TI-IE FACTS! 9:15 The dumb clucks met in the main room. We decided to call ourselves The Undergraduates. We hoped this would fool the teachers and enable us to get what we came for without their knowledge of it. 9:20 They told us where to go. This was their way of telling us that they knew what we were here for. 9:25 We were shown around the school. Being the undergraduates, we took particular notice of everything that might help us to get the facts. 12:00 We were excused for the remainder of the day. Tuesday, September 7, 1955. 8:35 Accounting - Mister Thomas, the UNDERGRADUATES Front Row: Annu Pillsbury, Rachael I-Icrarrl, BilI'lJZ1l'i1i Bcssey, Janet Poulin, Glenna Denis. Back Row: Eluinc Sziwtcllu, .lo Ann Oakes, Nancy Violcttc, Nancy Hunter, .loan Dow, Lor- raine Eaton, Joyce Parlcliurst. teacher of this class, began by giving us a short talk of the procedures to be followed. Each student is to arrive at 7:00 in order to complete the gossiping before class time. He then proceeded to talk about accounting, while we, the undergraduates, talked about him. 9:15 Typing-We were getting somewhere now. We met the only female teacher at Thomas- Miss Bashier. More facts. She began by telling us about the typewriter, and how it should be used. Then showing us where to place our hands, she counted to ten, while we made a sad at- tempt to pound the keys with each count. I will admit there was a good deal of grunting, but I think It was entirely unnecessary of Mister Thomas, Sr., to stop classes and make a thorough search of the school. Who ever heard of pigs going to school??? We were getting the facts. Miss Bashier concluded her class with these Words: Never trouble trouble, 'til trouble troubles you. More facts! 9:55 At last, a chance for the undergraduates to discuss the situation. Out come the cigarettes! On with the lipstick! While in another corner, the boys are discussing the facts! Did you see that cute blond? Did I! Their heads go together. Out come the combs! 10:05 Time for Shorthand. Again, we are greeted by Miss Bashier. In spite of her most interesting talk on the history of shorthand, she had trouble getting the attention of the students. The girls were more in- terested in Nipper Wing, the only boy in the class! 10:55 A sad moment. The end of shorthand and Nipper . Oh well, Jo Ann Oakes needed some lipstick, and her hair was a mess. She could use this break. 11:05 Math, and a new teacher. However, Mister Wheeler needed no introduction as most of us knew that he was the assistant principal. Because of this, we paid strict attention to him. fWhen he was looking, that is.J 11:55 We were informed by Mr. Wheeler that this was our noon hour. Be back at 12:30 , he said. There was some more groaning, but Mister Thomas had gone home for dinner. 12:30 English, and the shyness wears off. In this particular class there seemed to be a great number of comediens. But, obviously , Joan Dow produced more laughs with her mumbled comments. Her favorite seemed to be How about that! 1:15 This was our study hall. Since it was the first day of school, we sat quietly and studied. The girls studied the boys, and the boys studied the girls! 2:00 We were excused for the day. March 25, 1956. Time has passed, and so far we have, too! We've had our good times here at T. B. C., but most important of all, we realize that we're getting what we came for. We haven't reached our goal yet, but thanks to the patience, friendliness, and knowledge of our teachers and of T. B. C. itself, we know that one day we'll leave this school with the facts To Mister Thomas Sr., and to the faculty, we say thanks , for giving us this opportunity to gain knowledge and for giving this knowledge to us. Noreen McCormick I- X Ambition Pet Expression Remembered For CSS Known as Wea Name live in Miami To Better Believe It You Jacket .z : D- O ,Z s-4 A an :I : .ce E 41 .E 4 : c. U U1 3 P1 6 F' C e 'S 41 with Mike To be with Ronnie Gotta meet Jackie at H01 blushing Ronnie Lynn rv Arolynn Bei' o Q or my single , S 0 I do next What il Her laugh R len Bobbie Bessey, Bnilmrn ': CI L1 .- U11 6 L: E A in 3 if .- - H -'I O .E .. E CJ 'U -4 L' T5- C :Z .,- .-. - :- E D :J O '1 :J .Z LII 4 5 EJ O - ,- Q 'T' -1 5 r-4 4 +- ... I2 C Q L'- O 'T' v-1 fs. g, fd U. 5 C 9. .- Q. IL' - as F 5 U CJ :: 'F' - fs :L C4 G 9 -:J .:: .12 E c 9 ... .. o Ac I'-1 QE 5 .2 5: .-T ,- ci J fn Q ,-. Q G' L73 fl .- 1 Q VJ VJ P .- 'J - W an 591 Z SP 2 ...- 2 .. cn 25 , Z 2:0 E --1 -. 5-4 .-4 C ,- - O ,- ,- ,- O Q9 ,, D :- G ..- 6 C V :- fi .-4 6 : -c 1: e LQ ,-. .5 -.. rf: V? Ev' 2 ,- vs 3 F-1 -. C 5: F1 :- E O O :J C U .Q -5 ,- - r--4 Vi fe X OIHIHV T 'homzls Bragdon, 'l ..- ,,. .23 :JS :lm F'-A :- .. ... 30:3 ': Ol? E-'G N LE Q... -, .- O5 531, Q,- ir' .23 VJ o V. P-4 - 'T' . ,I'. :- - CU .. :: LL- :yan 41,-L E .- - .- Q2 -1-4 an Q. ..:: Sha 2:1 ...., 4.72 'F 5 Pt 'E A2 IT :JCR if br: ,-ri ,- .- O 4. ,- ,- Z 4. C 'J Q :. 41 S . .- ,-'L' 4. 3 ,- -1 C. -- -4 - E U1 s. If -. .2 - -L. u C- E an c u: ,- - - 51' 5 U '11 5 4- 51' U -G O rw r-4 'IS va cz .-2' o FI CJ m C1 .:: O E .. o 5: .-.- E-:S -..- nw: 14 Cf: +ve- 9:1 XJR- ,,.. .- W. C. 0 LJ Di?- :Q F5 Q.- VJ Ebb .QE 17.2. go -I -: Gu: 1 L' '30 .-,- 11-'Z' L. .26 F112 Tv ,- TG .-,-.. E136 E5 PZ 'T'- .md IQ!-n Nm bn 25' 5-1 563 Q i-9 -J .- mi EE ,. 32' -GE ri'-1 C. DD 241 -- -- 3: img 3--E 1725!-C VJ 5. ff 5 'C-0 E .E -':: ar: 2: ,- ,--J EP -5 : E. -I- QB 52:0 EE -Ii, o QE UTI Qu E in , :ii Us-.T Qs is 'Sc OU C an 9 5 -. an .Q 'U U r: 9 5 ?E :- I h.. -if ,- C L 1 G' 5 ti 3 cz -I G ..- ID M F- ri ,- 'I 1? Qc gie 'll Reg R. Dcschaine, Joseph Cr. Dr. :incl P 7-1 5.1 -4- 19 U Q :n 3 Q. m - - 3. wr O ..- .. ti. I E .. O ... . You Laughing lking ll T Bebe Glenna enis, D t girl h Find the rig eak . 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POIRIER Dcilliists GALUSI-IA'S i11 Clinton Gi'm:u1'i0s, llzLl'clwzu'v, Clotliingg Dial IIA I3-352l Uorrzplirrzffzzlx QI' MICHAEL M. NAWFEL lleiitist- Dial TH, 3-322-l 24 UUIIIIIIOII Strcut Wul10rvillm L-VOIIIIIUIIIVIZIS Qf' KENNEBEC BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY Louis J. 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TR 2-5519 5 9 0:00003 TT E -E 'F' : 3 : 'F 'Ji .Q S 'N Q E 5 : i CA' .Q S H0201 1761 WATTS' PAINT STORE CROWN AUTO BODY on o 3 5' cr: G 1? 4: E Z fi :E 5 O 'U Qowcawocaa Dial TH, 3-3226 Waterville, Nlaino S . S Q E 6127 Q-0101 5 cfomipffmmzs Qf J. E. MCCORMICK an SON 5 l LUCIEN J. PELLERIN iXgl'lCllll,lll'il,l lIH1Jl0IHClllS 3 D.M.D. R0l'i'igcl'at01's X Farm F1'0cZ01's Q mil '1'1zi2-9363 Q Q GS Sllwl' 5'1'f'f e' Wlllmlvlllc Sil,IlQ2Q0l' Avcnilc W alfcrvillc - Dull 'rica 24242 9 MAINE'S BEST LOBSTER POUND C077l1Jl'li'lIIl'Ilf-S of The only place in 0C11l3l'2l,l Maint' 5 whore lobstvm-s are kept and Q 5 R, E, EMERY cooked in their own salt water. 5 , , 1 7 . . X ' e. . We Supply 5 112kMiUblvRV1C1ff lflolcls, Parties, BZ1.11qll0l7S and Q Outings S Q Hmllklcy Malmo Donald J. Ra11c:ou1't, Prop. Q 77 Collcgo ,-XVOIIIII' Waterville Q Q Dial TR, 2-67 1 5 5 9 Q 6602-05 ff-027 JOSEPH MOTOR CO f,l0lIIPlIilIII'llf8 QI' 5 E 5 f 2 , 1 IP 5 C O Q 5 9 Q Q G4 2 ' O s F1 2 5 Q Drive a Desoto before you decide Silver Street Wat.ervillu, Mo. TR 3-3373 Dial TR. 2-511-3I f'N-Qiigxqn 496 Q-7Q0W0?'0120'fL76'2 6 100' if 20 0 -05 'A00' 411. Compliments of FAIRVIEW WINE COMPANY of Gardiner, Maine Bottlcrs of California Leader and California Leader Vintage Wines THE GALAHAD PRESS GIGUEREUS CFaLil'lield Publishing C0.j BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Printers for 70 years 1 192 Main Street Dial TR, 2-4i02l H6 Blain St. Fzmirfield, Maine Tcl. GI, 3-74713 Compliments of MANAGER 8: CLERKS A dk P SUPElilSIARKET 29 College Avenue Waterville, Maine COME SEE! COME SAVE! 9 5 5 5 S Q S 5 5 9 5 9 S E 9 S 9 S 9 5 5 S 9 5 9 9 '01f02 '-0Pf0'1i0W'0'1401L02f0N01'-01 S S S 5 5 5 5 5 S 5 S 9 S S 9 5 9 5 5 9 S S 3 S S S 9 - Sew and Save - YARDGOODS CENTER Complete Line of Woolens - Velvets - Yarns Novelty Fabrics - Drzrperies Slipcover Fabrics Samples on Request Ed. Vloclek, Prop. 5 Silver St. Dial TR 2-21 IS W zrterville All Work Cash THOMAS E. SUTTON Agency Underwood Typewriters Slll1ClStl'2l,I1Cl Adding lVl2LCllll10S 2 Bridge Street Auguste, Marine Sales Service Supplies COIIT-1Il'Il'I7lC'Il-l s QI' LEO A. LEGAULT MAINE FOOD PLAN INC. Corner ol' Marin X Common Sts. WVaterville Maine 'I' li 2-5558 GALLERT SHOE STORE Buy Your Shoes :Lt G1Lllert.'s 51 Klein Street lVzLterville 20401 9 5 5 S 6 5 5 5 5 9 5 5 S 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 S 9 GRONDIN'S Certified Dry Cleaners Roy Bros. Props., Dizrl TR. 2-S132 'YM Tieonic Street Wal Orville Conzplinzcnls QI' F. E. TOULOUSE, JR. D.D.S. fl0'l7l11H?I1.Cl1l8 QI' ARTHUR F. 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Art Upllolsterer 3 Dizil TR. 2-6571 Q l5l Main Street, lVul,erville 40 Clinton Avenue lVzmlei'ville 5 Q SPRING BROOK ICE and fl0llIPH'IIl.lf'Ill-9 Qf FUEL COMPANY Q lee - Coal - Bottled Gus 2 Fuel and Rianige Oil SAMSON FISHER, M- D- 5 I2 Sanger Avenue Wziterville 5 Vonzplinzzfrzls QI' f'0 lI9lf 'f 'fN Qi' LaVERDIERE'S FAIRFIELD LUMBER CO. REXALL S 5 Summit Street l uirlielLl DRUG STORE ' llizll ill, 3-7322 l77 Allllll Street Wziterville 5 5 S S 5 5 2 Q 9 5 E 5 9 5 5 5 5 9 S S S S S .S 201'-0'2'0 G0N0'1C0N-014-01'0'1 402101 f-74020 61626802 WN'-0150?-01 10'1f0H0W Q7 -1-0-Y-7'-0'4'0WC0P02l21 S 9 5 5 S 5 5 9 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 2 5 5 5 5 5 E 3 5 HUSSEY HARDWARE CO. Thu Store of 50,000 Items 10-12 Bzmgor St., Allgllstu, Mo. Dial 3-8404-3-8465 00 .0v5f014'17W '0N-0161610 C0l7Z1Ili'I7Z,ll'llfN Qf R 85 G TYPEWRITERS Distrilmtors for Rl JYAI, 'l'YPliIWR,lTICRS Supplies, Sales, Sf'l'Vll'C 433 lfV2l,l,l'I' Sfroul ' AllgllSll2L, Maine LEOPOLD RIARSIIALL Building Contractor 19 Chadwick Street Winslow, Maine TR 2-2538 FLO'S GREENHOUSES 1813 Silver Strom-tl Dial TR, 2-85113 fl0IlIfI,l lIl!'IIfN Q! EVELYN CARDIN l,u.1,lios' Quality M01'cfl1:1,mlisc- Bll5ll1lJl'l'SUl. F. 'l'. IJ. lji ' ' - --- :Ll lll. Z-in rl -12 Malin Siweoil, Wzmluwillcr Compliments of ELDIWVOOD IIOTEI, Hospitality and Fine Food Richard L. Webber, Mgr. Dial TR 2-5531 c!-0' 3 f'0?7I1Il'l.7lll'IlfN QI' 3 K 5 MERRILL an MAY0, INC- f'0,,L,,1m,,l,,,f.S Q1- S WlR,'l'l'lMORlC FIQEIJS l 9 Q fll'Ql.lll, Flnur, Sugar :xml Salt- ' HAROLD A- LABBE Q 9 6 5 1112.1 'rn 2-5505 5 5 Wzmlmwillv Nlillllll? 3 Q 5 5 5 9 E NORTH WAYNE TOOL CO. 5 5 D. B. DONNELLY Q AILLIIIll.lll'lfl1l'0l'S ol' tho Q H Y . U I ua - S Hllitutlo fhzmif l11I10 l'l2Ll'LlW?J.l'0, Paunts amd OilS Q S Ag1'ic'l1ll,11ml lllflgc-cl Tools g Q Dial illl3-lili3l ' 1 :n,irliclrl Maxine Uzmklauul Mzninv 5 Q Q 9 Q C'o1rl11li'11zm1lls Qf' '1 'Y Sf 1l'S QI 5 . ov1D F. POMERLEAU GORD7EN'S BATDIO ,SERVICE Q M. O. Cllolclcu, 1 mp. ' M. D. . 5 l5lcct1'ic'ul K Rcl'1'ig01utio11 S Q Supplies 6 Q l'1'ol'vSSim1z1l liuilnliug 5 Xvnjgl-Villp Nhliinv flak Stl'CCl- 'Fil 3 S Q 5 5 5 S 5 5 SMITH 85 COMPANY fl0IIl1JHIlllfILf8 QI' lnvvslnlvuls :mil licul lflstzmlv W. S. PILLSBURY 8a SONS Q Q 3 llizll 'l'R 3-3330 Dial TR, 2-5181 5 I93 lYl2l.lll Stn-vt Wz1,l.01'villcs 4 S 9 5 X S For lireacl At Its Best Q l I Always Buy ' 5 C0'nzplz:n1m1,ls Q1 H r X ' Gag 9 WSQME-wk S Q MICHAUD JEWELRY STORE ,2I,'..?AR'?J'EC.- 9 DIAMONDS wA'1'cfHEs WW Q S .,.. j Bram. gfggzs E 57 Marin Street Dial TR, 2-56451 L-5 7 .,.T7E-fff 'u V 3 5 HARRIS FAMILY BREAD 5 Q 1- A S Uonzplzfnlmzis of WALTER J. P. DAY Q E TRAVEL BUREAU 3 5 R. H. MooDY, o.D. U Q 0 h, V Foreign and lJOll1CSllU S ptomutl 'bl Planes - Sli02l1HHl1lI7S S A l ' . BL' Q',-sw 'll 148 Matin Strcel Wan!-urville 205 I llli,?lll,ixgiN 2-M3-L l ull l 3 9 A 5 Q 2 I ,'o121l1J!1f111mzl.w QI' Q S , . , R h Q 9 DUNHAM'S OF MAINE 5 5 .. 5 5 Qumirly in Arms mm- lil? lflllifif .,-- gl? 5 lfl'l 'l Fla- F-WW IQA. ' 3 Since 1887 fu . ,,,A. :Q 4 Q Q D - A I --A. . X1 5 Wzmt4'l'villrr Mauna REDINGTON CO. 5 FUNERAL HOME 5 5 mm-I-villf-, Mp. cllllltllll, An-. 5 5 Q S 5 3 E S Compliments of S 3 FEDERAL TRUST COMPANY E 33 Main Street Waterville, Maine 5 5 Q A Friendly I nstitutionn 3 5 E Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation E 2 'ISU IAS : Wx 0 faq 40 1 4-.... f 15520 CO-OPERATIVE -- BOARD OF DIRECTORS Front Row: Nancy Hunter, J oo Adams, Maurice Gilbert, Francis LaPointc, Rodney Michaud, Carl Rollins, Glcrmu. Denis. Back Row: Roland Huard, Charles Remy, David Parudis, Philip Foster, John Libby, Clilion Walter, Arthur Blaisdcll, Marlene Best, Robert Chamberlain. CO-OP The Thomas Business Co-operative is now in its tenth year of operation. It was founded in 1946 by Mr. Ford A. Grant, who at that time Was the assistant principal of the school. Its primary purpose is to give the stu- dents actual experience in organizing and operating a corporation, as well as being the backbone in most of the school social activities. Any full time student may become a member of the Co-operative by paying a twenty-five cent membership dues. The members elect a board of directors to represent the Co-operative and to manage certain school functions, such as the school store, newspapers, suppers, dances and what- ever problem that may arise. The Co-op's official business is the running of the school snack bar from which the majority of the funds are derived. Since the Co-op is a non- profit sharing Co-operative, dividends are paid to the members of the en- tire student body, in the form of gifts to students who are sick, wedding gifts to newly married students, a Held day during the last week of school and many other social functions. The first big event of the Co-op this fall was the sponsoring of the Har- vest Supper. This was held in the American Legion Home on College Avenue, and was considered by everyone to have been a huge success. Last Spring the Co-op sponsored a Spring Banquet which was the first of its kind in three or four years. Last June, a spring outing was sponsored by the Co-op at Bangs Beach. It was a misty day but everyone had a wonderful time. Similar events are being planned for this spring. It has been a privilege to be a member of the Co-operative, and I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Wheeler, our advisor, the board of directors, and the members of the Co-operative for all the co-operation that I received. Francis A. Lapointe, President PRESIDENT, CO-OPERATIVE : Left: Frzumis LaPointe, 1956 prosiduntg right: Maurice Gilbert, 1955 president. HUSTLER STAFF Front Row: Nancy Hunter, Janet Poulin, Jo Ann Oakes, David Purrulis, Arolynn Berry, Florence Recd, Noreen McCormick. Back Row: Roland I'lil121l'il, Chzu'lcs llcny, Nancy V iolettv, John Libby, cil'I'Il1!lll1 Plzmtc, Ray- mond Quirion, Anne Pillsbury, Rodney Micliuucl, Gln-111111 Denis, Marvin Bolduc. THE HUSTLER The Hustler - the undying spirit of T. B. C. What is the I-Iustlern? What is done by the staff? VVho is responsible for the publication? These are some of the questions your writer will attempt to answer. The HustlerN is a school paper, printed monthly for the reading en- joyment of the student body and other interested persons. The functions of this paper are to keep everyone informed as to current and future school activities, to stimulate student participation in 'these activities, to provide a media by which students may express an opinion on subjects of interest, and to keep abreast of the latest gossip. All students are urged to submit material for this publication. Starting as far back as 1947 when the paper was making its debut, the first problem was the selection of an appropriate name. The students submitted many titles from which the Hustler was chosen. This has proven to be a Very appropriate title - there is always a hustle to meet the publication deadline. The contributors who have worked on the staff include Elaine Ezhaya cover sheets 1955, Marvin Bolduc in 1956. Joanne Nivison, Patricia Jud- son and Joseph Duguay took care of the gossip. For this there always seemed to be plenty of material. Miss Judson and Miss Nivison took care of sales. Replacing them now are Miss Noreen McCormick and Nancy Violette, and on gossip, Arolynn Berry and Rodney Michaud. Reporters at large are Nancy Hunter and Janet Poulin who have kept the paper up to date on current and social events. Sylvia Clukey was in charge of the Cartoons and Jokes section in 1955, now being done by Roland Huard in 1956. The typists for '55 were Glenna Denis, Ann Pillsbury, Arolynn Berry, Jo Ann Oakes. In '56 all remained except Miss Arolynn Berry, and Ann Pillsbury. Miss Berry transferred to a different section of the staff. We also added two new typists, Roland I-Iuard and Florence Reed. The mim- eographing in 1955 was done by Glenna Denis and David Paradis. In 1956 additions were made to the mimeographing staff. A school assembly was held and the problems of compiling a paper were discussed. Many stu- dents at this time volunteered their services. The school spirit rose to a new high. Germain Plante, Charles Reny, and Raymond Quirion were elected for mimeographing. With a dead line set for the 15th of each month, the material was compiled and given to our competent typists, and then to our proof readers John Libby and Germain Plante for check- ing and then back to the bee hive, set to go to press. The paper also has a due date and must reach the students by the 21st of each month. In this way the students know just when to look for their paper. The paper con- tains the following: Cover, poem of the month, jokes, quizzes, puzzles, gossip, coming events and whatever the students wish to submit that they think is worth while and of interest to the readers. The proceeds are used to build a better paper and the surplus, if any, is turned over to the Co-op. The Hustler is under the control of the Board of Directors of the school co-operative. Due to the cooperation re- ceived in the latter part of the year, a considerable amount of equipment and supplies have been obtained which will enable future members of the staff to produce a better paper. Your Editor wishes to say thanks, to all those who have been a part of the staff. I have enjoyed working with you. The experience, and the cooperation received is worth much to anyone who heads any organiza- tion. I also wish to thank those who have given help here and there when necessary in order to make the HHUSTLERH a better paper, por- traying the spirit of T. B. C. David C. Paradis, Editor-in-chief x5 ig,A .., f Q www r,x..+.g ,fl .. . x f jf, ' 1,41 7.4.- 1 - W Q. fi HARVEST SUPPER Front Row: Nancy llunt,e1', Noreen McCormick, Marlene Best. Back Row: Roland Iluarrl, Rodney Michaud, Maurice Gilbert., Glenna Denis, Joseph Adams, Francis Lal'ointc, Carl Rollins. HARVEST SUPPER On November lst, Thomas Business College Co-op staged its annual Harvest Supper at the American Legion Hall. Preparations were made by the committee formed by the president, lVlaurice Gilbert. Members of the committee were Maurice Gilbert, Joanne Nivison, Noreen McCormick, Roland Huard, Jules Savarin. The hall was beautifully decorated with orange and black crepe paper, to symbolize the harvest season pumpkins and corn stocks were distributed around the hall. The traditional supper started at 8:00 p.m. I-Iam was served to at least 150 who attended the gala festivity of the school year. In order that all could attend, postal cards were sent to alumni students. V Entertainment was furnished by Jules Savarin, who was master of cere- monies. Pat Raymond and a few of her students danced and performed gracefully for all that attended. I FIELD DA Y The 1955 Field Day was held at Bangs Beach. Everybody arrived on a real rainy Wednesday morning just waiting to release the energy that had built up dining the school year. The major activity was a softball game played by the seniors and the undergraduates. The seniors won the ball game, but not without a torrid tussle. The game was highlighted by many home runs. The game due to the slippery field was also a sloppily played game. After the game was stopped, a lunch of hot dogs and ice cold soda pop was enjoyed. Don Grenier, a fancy short order cook, acted as the host. The lunch was very delicious and enjoyed by everyone. Several other types of activity were enjoyed after dinner. Dancing was enjoyed by everyone in the afternoon. Frances Berkley and Richard Boutin demonstrated the art of dance. A volleyball game was also played. Oh! What a game. The volleyball was going everywhere but over the net. All in all, everyone had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to another field day in 1956. Carl Rollins gmfmfiig CHI PHI SORORITY Loft to Rigllt: Noreen BlCCO1'l11lCli, Rachel I'lc1':1rd, Sylvia Clukcy, R,0l'll?l'f'I1 Chase, Nam-5' Vio- lettc, Glunml Denis, .lozmmc Nivison, Nancy Hunter, Janet Poulin, Anne Pillslniry, .lo Ann Oakes, Marlene Best, Florence Recd, rllllfllllltl. Woodbury. CHI PIII SORORITY Our sorority at Thomas Business College has been very active this year. New students were invited to join the sorority and initiation of the new members was held at the school, after which refreshments were served in the main room. During the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we gave baskets to two needy families. The students contributed food, money, and gifts to help make this project a success. The baskets were very much appreciated and the happiness we helped bring to the families made it a worth-while task. Installation of ofiicers was held January 11, 1956, in the main room of the college. The table decorations were a centerpiece of white carna- tions and two white candles. There was also on the table a white Bible with markers of White ribbon. The following members were installed by Joanne Nivison, the retiring president: President, Nancy Hunterg Vice President, Janet Pouling Secretary, Nancy Violetteg Treasurer, Jo Ann Oakesg Chaplain, Ann Pillsbury, Guard Roberta Chase. A food sale was held at Arnold's Hardware store on Saturday, April 28, in which the girls made pies, cakes, cookies, and brownies to sell. The food sale was a success and it proved that all the girls were good cooks. The meetings 'throughout the year were well attended. Refreshments were sometimes served after the meetings, and occasionally we Went out- to eat. Our last function was a dinner at the Jefferson Hotel. Everyone had a wonderful time and the food was delicious. Miss Mary Etta Bashier, faculty advisor, has helped to make this a Very wonderful and successful year for us. Thanks for all your patience and helpfulness. Nancy Violette, Sorority Reporter GRADUATION SPEAKERS 'l'l1i1't-y students rtet-t-ivt-tl diplomats :tt extnrist-s lwltl lust spring by Tlionifls Business College at tht- Univterszxlist-Unit:trizm Clmrt-li. Prominent in tht- activities were-, left to right, Attorney I . Harold Dulmorcl, print-ip:tl spe:1lcvx'g l lort-nc-tr S. Kolulovit-li, honor stutlt-nt who alt-liveretl the grzuluattion :ultlrcssg :intl the Rev. Donailrl C. Mcklillttn, pastor ot' tllu U11iversalist-Unitzlriann Church. ' In v 4 V .Ga 62616'1201'01Z'f00' 500' .1155 'Aim K-i07ll,lII'l:IIlI'll,f-S QI' FRANK G. THOMAS 8a SON Plumlming X Ieleating 39 Western Avenue lliul 'l'li 2-Sl I9 lVzLfol'ville f'UlIl1IH?llI'II1-S of TARDIF'S JEWELRY STORE Watervillels Dinmoncl R Sterling llCiLllClll21l'lfUl'S f,l0IIlpUIll.I'llfN of ELMHURST FLORIST 7 l'llll1lll,ll'Slf Stieet, llinl 'l'li 2-8313 lVzLf.e1'villc HAROLD W. KIMBALL CO . 2l Silver Street Wznlferville Maine A llnllniposrrores i Waasi Comgbmzmzy United States Depositary AUTHORIZED TO ACT AS EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Waterville Maine H14 Offices in Central Maine 5 5 5 S 5 S 9 5 5 S S E S 5 9 S 9 5 6 5 5 9 5 9 5 9 9 C022-01'-7'-02 -9 f-0'N01l0'1f-0 '0'1f0N04f01f02C?'0 .ffl 1011-01 -170 5 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 101 2010012710251 1-021-01 C07Il1IIi'IlU'7LfS QI' FRED J. ROSSIGNOL Jeweler 9VG,1'0 here io serve you. 9VzLterville, lVI:mine C07Ii1Jl'f?ll1'ILIS Qf DUBORD 8: DUBORD LAWYERS lV2l.tD0l'Vlll0 Maine C07771Il7i'NLlZIlf-S Qi' PINECREST HATCHERIES, INC. Clinton Avenue Winslow Dial TR 2-2233 lee Cream Fresh Eggs JACKSON DAIRY FARM, INC. UPlLStCllI'lZCLl Dairy Promluetrsl' Homogenized Vitaunin D Milk 213 Marin Street Waterville, Maxine f'0lIl1IfI'Illl'llf8 QI' R. J. ROY, D.M.D. o1cN'r1s'1' I I0 Malin Street llizil TR 2-8-H5 FERRIS ARMS MOTEL Try our Clnweoul Broilerl Steaks Terrance Dining Room Routes No. 201, 100, l l Wzilrerville M nine Dial TR. 2-0720 IC. llikel, Mzmuger DAKIN SPORTING GOODS WzLt,erville liungor 07 Temple Sl.. 28 lirozul Sl. Al'THOHl'l'Y ON Sl'OR,'l'S and CAMERA fiUIIl,1Ill.lII!'IllS Qt' CLARK'S SUNOCO STATION College Avenue 9VzLlei'ville, Me. 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 6'-0'f 'W 202 -201101 WV-01 205 20 420120'-12-0v061276'2201Z'v0161 761 201'-01 6206201 'A 5 PETER'S SERVICE STATION Molmillieaiw N Kerosene Utility Botviiletl liars Fai rliuld Dial ill, 3-99631 I f'o11Lpl-zbzzvzffls of DR. JOHN THURLOW Osteopaitiliicf l.'l1ysici:1,11 C,'11mplin1,c'11ils QI' MICI-IAUD'S SUPER MKT. Onklzuuil, Maine Dial I-IO 5-2132! MARCOUX'S GARAGE GMC 'l'R.UCKS Sales - Service C'c11o1':Ll Repair Wrecker Service xViLlf0l'Vlii0, Blaine Dial TR 2-8742 WV. WV. BERRY 8: CO. Norman W. Beals 170 Main Street Stationery, Rust Craft Greeting Cards, Leather Goods Office Supplies 8a Equipment Sales, Service and Rentals f-iUIllfflllillIf'Ill8 of jOE'S SMOKE SHOP Serving :L Fast- Growiiig Rural Area REED'S REXALL DRUG STORE ity, Marine Tel. 8041 41201204-0-20 4 '-0'10'20-2-72?6-'0'16-10 -0-20f4-'0-2-0120-2-0-20-2fl'2720f2720W 5 5 5 5 S Q S 9 5 5 9 Q 5 5 9 9 5 S 9 5 9 5 5 S Q S 5 Q .S 2012-090' 2002? 2-04 20220220 Charles A. Lawry, President and Treasurer LAWRY BROTHERS COMPANY C 'omplete House Furnisliers and lx-T01't1C1LLlIS Dial GI, 3-6790 ai rfielcl Maine W. A. TAYLOR Whirlpool Washers Dryers X FlOl'Cl1K'0 Ranges 3 South Main Dial TR, 2-8023 l '0?ll,1Il'I II'll'IllS QI' .I oe Il aehey HACI-IEY'S MARKET IVinslow M ainc SULLIVAN ' S Cleaning - Pressing - R,epairing Fine Custom Tailoring Hats Cleaned and Blovked Ready to Wear Clothing 5 Getehell Street, Waterville TR, 2-29 I2 K 'U'lll1IlI:'IIIlfIl-lS QI' JOSEPH A. ROY .Real Estate Broker 3-I Main Street, IVal,erville Dial TR 2-9899 C0'Ill1II7.I71t'Il1-S ol' PETERSON BUICK, INC. l84 College Avenue W'a'Lerville 'FR 2-5583 f,l0lIIf1J1liIIl!'II,lS QI' DONALD J. GURNEY Sand, Gravel, Loam eneral Excavations, Trucking R.F.D. I lVaterVille Dial TR. 2-9512 f'UIHPHl7Il'IlfS QI' CHASE FUEL COMPANY Coal X I-leating Oil S X ll Green Stalnps on all crash and 30 day accounts Bay Stweet W'inslow, Maint' Dial TR 2-5922 L0 '-0 05'-Q. 5 3 S S PICARD BROS. Q 9 I -'!H71,11lf'IlLl'7Lf8 QI' S Q FURNl'l'lfR IC ' Q I S Uamrpets :Incl Linoleum '- C. F. BAXTER . 5 9 K . . , f , , . .. . D.D.S. S l0Lo1uxuouhl,. lol. IR, 2-178h 5 I 3 5 5 5 5 g Cfon1pl'i11z1'nls QI' TI lr ING POST INC 2 . 7 ' 2 WATERVILLE AUTO SALES Wan' Surplus X Sporting Goods Evinrude fjlllflDOB,l'd Motors S 'FORD Aluminum Bouts Q 5 SALES :md SIEIRVICIC Boat 'l'1'IIileI's 5 5 S Q Dm' fl-R 215031 Tl-73 Temple Street E I0 flllZLl'lCS Struct Dial TR, 2-5-H4 Waterville 5 5 2 f'0'IllQ9l'i7?lt'ILl8 of 5 '- LOCKWOOD 8a GORDON 5 5 S ELM CITY TOBACCO :Sa 5 ENTERPRISES CONFECTIONERY Co., INC. - 5 W 'll ' 5 S Smit' ,l,h0zm.C 2Ll'0lNl C Malmo 3 5 Opom House Distl1'ilmI1to1' ol' 5 Q yvimluw D,.iV,, In Sul11'aIH't's Cl1000l1Llf0S Dial TK 2-7671 5 5 3 fv0lIlYJl'i'I7ll'Ilf.S QI' E E MOWRYYS FURBUSH CHEVROLET INC. 5 CREDIT JEWELERS , , 5 5 20 Temlllo Struct lNiLtGl'V1llC 'l'l1u Sto1'0BtlITtll'Uo11liclC11cC Dial TR 2-2716 or 2-7432 Ill ' 5 . 5 2 Lot us solvu Your gift' lJl'OlJlC1l1S H0142 51215111 HU'00l' Ullkllblld I Dial HO 5-250i S ljlill TR 2-9525 -I-5 Main Strvoi' lVzLlCrvillC 3 5 , 1 401 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Telephone HUdson 7-5121 James Murphy, Mgr. AYOTTE'S MARKET John M. Ayot-te, Prop. Free Delivery Dial TR. 2-7151 Soo your Uzuicly Maude in BEE'S CANDY KITCHEN 1,17 Blain Strool, Wamtorville, Mc. Conzplinzmls qf LEO F. POULIN Building Uonivnwtoi' Dial TR 2-7361 4 West Street XV2LlfG1'V1llC, M4- 8 Fuller S111'oct Winslow, Maine THE LANCEY HOUSE Maine's Finest Hotel Pittsfield, Maine WARE-BUTLER, INC. Lumber LY Builclingeg lXll2l.l'l'l'llLl 14 North S111'l'l'11 Wamlvwillv Dial TR, 3-3371 HARRY J. SMITH CO. GARAGE Wheel AllgllIl1l'1111'S171'lIlfJQ S4'l'Vli'l' R.2L1ll2lil-01' li0pu,i1's-'Power limlw Parris lJi:1.l TR 2-20131 13 Sanger Ave., W:n.torvill4-, Mr-. L. H. THIBAULT .I ICW IC 1 ,ICH lJllLIl10l1LlS Wulf-ln-s Gills l1lllLl'2Llllf001l Wulrli. Ulm-li X .lowolry H.0pzLi1'i1xg 187 Main Sl.roul. Famirlim-lml 5 1 1 S 1 1 9 1 S S 1 1 S S 1 5 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 S 2 f70n1,plzf1m'nls of l!'0nLpIin1vnls ol' Q 5 5 Q . 5 DONALD R. MICHAUD CO. JEFFERSON HOTEL I8 Xvimxr NWN' For t.I1v Fillosl' in Clliuc-so N 5 Anwricfzm Food Q Q Bendix mul Crosley Q S IIom0 :XIJIJIIIIIIICCS DINING ROOM E TR 2-773' Wzltorvillv Nlzminc 5 Q E Ilozm-ml Wzmitilmg Room BOB-IN COFFEE SHOP Q 5 5 5 BUCK'S TAXI l51'ozLkI':LsI,s Dinners Q 3 Lloyd I.. Buck, Prop. I,L111CI1Qs E Day and Night Smlvicc Hot Dogs Hz,m1IJu1'go1's 9 Q ISSJ Main Struct, I4':Lil'Ii0lf,I, Mo. Homo of HM B43 '0f'f'H 3 M. cu, 3-64355 S Q Dial TRI 2-9826 5 I 5 5 6 Y 2 C7mnplinz.1'nls of 3 , UNCLE'S BARBER SHOP Q C0lIl1IliI7llfIL!S of . S Alcido IIQLQIIO, l'rop1'ietor Q S A FRIEND Q IVi11sIow TH 2-5421 Q - 5 3 E S Snmri SIIIKIOIIIS MI lu MI IL bin 14' 3 5 Choose- 5 blmwt FILSIHOHS. Put your savings in LL 5 -'lor spccml occzxsxous Q Q 5 I for ovary occusiolm BIIIIIUILI SILVIIIQS Bunk Q Q - I E SAVIN S BA K Q EMERY BROWN CO. WATERV LL G N 5 , Nh' I Q Wzmtcwillo NILLIIH' II ummm if um + 9 E 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 bi Ei 2 o 42 1-4 :. v 1' 'NND bij .- 5 3 cn K5 I-+ 0 ae' 'E G Q: U1 -1 v- 1 1 H :, :' 4 Q L, 4 : 'cz O ,. 9 ,. - EZ. 5: E' li 7 rf V T 'A ... A M 0 gf Q 2 O I :. E' - C Q 'fe 'F' r-4 5- 2 fm O as CL 4 4 fi: 5 Z 3.1. Lv .:. : ' 1' I' F 'U A E- S E 2 g E T: L7 3' S 5 F I 5' H 5 .6 Z V S, 0 rf- Z' Q: : E' ' 'T 1-01'-01102 2761201 9 9 9 . Q Complzments of 3 Q CASCADE WVOOLEN DIILLS Q 9 9 3 Visit our Mill Store Q 8:30 to 11:30 A.M. 1:30 130 4:00 P.M. Q 3 Monday thru Friday .I 5 2 Oakland Maine Q 9 Q 9 J Q P Pi i KAI I 4 1 P' 1 K i R44 '11 -'1' C 1 H '1' I 9 6 C Cf C i KA! 'I 9 6 I PU! 7 T7 Compliments of C0?r0Wh01'0W 2 FAIRFIELD REGGIE'S STEAK HOUSE 9 UPHOLSTERY SHOP Uzmklzuul Road Wutvrvillo Q . ' '1 , , ., Y 4 , . , Q 3 Lu,11L.1.xl L pl1ul.,1u5 Specializing in 9 l I2 Main Struct I4':1,irlicld Chauicoul Bmllod Steaks 3 9 mill Cl 3-6360 C0II'llJi0tNC Lino of Scan Food 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 F -010110 THE THOMASONIAN The Thomasonian staff was chosen in a meeting of the faculty and senior class officers, each member being chosen for certain attributes. The pub- lishing of a yearbook is a wonderful experience and an excellent lesson in the problems of human relations and business training. Many of the pro- blems confronting your staff are commonplace in the business world and each member of this staff is much the wiser in having had the opportuni- ty of solving these problems for themselves. Our first task was the proper organization and delegation of respon- sibilities. The advertising being one of the most important phases, was assigned to three staff members, who in turn solicited the aid of the student body. A very successful advertising campaign was concluded with the necessary financial backing obtained to insure the yearbook's publication. Other major sections of the yearbook were broken down, and individuals given the responsibility for assembling and editing the material. Natural- ly, a yearbook takes the cooperation of the student body to make it a suc- cess. Most everyone in this school has had one task or another in bring- ing this yearbook to a successful conclusion. Many thanks to those whose assistance made this year's Thomasonian a success. Now that the Thomasonian has reached you, the staff hopes you enjoy its contents, and in the years to come we feel that it will become a treasured possession. The seniors and students are proud of the Thomasonian, the staff hopes you enjoy reading it. Marlene Best, Editor ALL IN A DAY'S WVORK Hi, kids! Did you study for your law test this morning? Me? Oh, I read over my notes during breakfast, that's all. I went to the Haines last night. Just couldn't pass up that movie, it was about a mad monster, very scary. There's the bell. Well, wish me luck in this test. Psssssst. Hey, Jane, do you think it's going to be hard? Mr. Thomas said he was going to make up a good one. Wow, look at all 'those questions. Let me see now, what is a novation? Oh dear, I guess I'll have to skip that one and see if I can think of the answer later. Oh boy, this one is easy, at least I know what arson is. There, at last that group is done, only two more to go. Ahhh, this part is true and false. That gives me a fifty-fifty chance anyway. Now let me see, the first four are all true so I'll put the last one false. They can't all be true, at least I hope they aren't. Oh-oh, only seven more minutes before the bell and I've got five ques- tions left. Darn, these are all case histories. This one's a hum-dingerl If A owed B 81,000.00 and C tells B that he will pay A's debt if A doesn't within thirty days, does the promise have to be in writing to be valid? Explain. I-Immmmmm, I remember reading something like that. I'll put down yes and hope it's right. I haven't got time to think up a good reason so I'll just have to let it go and pray that Mr. Thomas is in a gener- ous mood when he corrects these papers. Gee, I Wish I hadn't gone to that movie last night, I don't know this stuff so well as I thought I did. Oh-oh, there's the bell and I've still got three examples I haven't even looked at, plus those three I wouldn't do. That makes six wrong at least and probably more. What am I going to do if I flunk on my rank card! I just barely passed that last test we took. From now on I am going to stay home and do my homework. No movie is worth what I have just been through. Nancy Hunter WVOULD YOU START AGAIN? To be away from it allf' is a statement often quoted. Away from what - your real self? If this is hard to answer, then let us review a few facts. From which part of your life would you want to start over? Do you have a good reason for wanting to do so? If you do, what are your reasons? Could you, do you think, attain the position that you now hold, reach it again, or do better? Would you be willing to give up what you now have in friends, gains, and possessions? Why do you consider yourself worse off than your neighbor? Do you feel that it is necessary to keep up with the J oneses next door? Is it pride, vanity, or possessions for short-lived happiness? In any event, if all your purchases are charged one week and repossessed a few months later for lack of payment, then is this real happiness or is it being a financial slave, which you yourself used to create a false front to hide your true self from others by trying to keep up with the Joneses. In general, the day when people realize how well off they are in their present circumstances, they will be surprised to find that they do not actually care to start over again. Most people have had their share of ups and downs, and have found happiness in what they already have, be- cause they do not owe their every hour to the financial slave Bill, I believe we have in most cases a great deal to be thankful for, and we should not always be wishing to start over again. When a person has good health, friends, and opportunity for advancement he should con- sider himself fortunate. To have another chance when you make a mistake is something to be thankful for the rest of your natural life. As you live your life, you might consider yourself as being an actor in a play on a huge stage - the stage being the world, the universe of God being the audience. When you start over again you might ask, How much do I want out of life? Do I want more than my share, or work on what I already have, toward my speaking part in the play toward final happiness. David C. Paradis SOCIABILITY, COURTESY, AND DONATION OF YOUR TIDIE OFTEN PAYS OFF It is often taken for granted that a slip-shod manner here and there matters little in many situations, and a great many times this may be true. However, this is not likely on the job - not if you expect to be successful. Going to work every day can be a pleasure or a dreaded misery for life. It is to be remembered that to be content in whatever position you may be in, you must be happy and enjoy your work. To enjoy your work, to know what you are doing, and having your fellow workers want you to be a part of their daily happenings is where sociability comes in. The gift of being social is the art of being a friend. Whenever a friend is gloomy and forgets how to smile, be the one to be the good listener and wear the smile. There are many instances where courtesy has been the introduction to a new and better job. Many businesses pride themselves on the courtesy they extend to their customers. Courtesy is often the act of being tact- ful. A tactful person in a business establishment gives a customer a good opinion of everyone working in the organization. Not only does the buyer notice this attitude of friendliness, but it builds good will for the com- pany, and raises the reputation of the firm. Donation of time is one of the most important factors a person can contribute to a business, to a civic or charitable organization. Granted, we should appreciate what we already have, but also, we should strive to improve in the future. As the saying goes, When contentment enters, progress ceases. Being willing, helpful, thoughtful g by giving our time to help our fellow man makes a better world for everyone. To build a business often takes a great deal of time A contributed by many individ- uals beyond the regular hours required by present standardsg each striving and working together for the betterment of the businessg each showing ambition, working forward toward promotion. The essentials of the above are the essence of good business. It is these three products, sociability, courtesy and donation of time, combined with ambition which will increase your potentialities, and in turn will in the future reap you your long awaited success. David C. Paradis TO OUR ADVERTISERS We, the Thomasonian Staff of 1956, sincerely wish to thank our ad- vertisers for their patronage. Without their assistance, both moral and financial, the yearly publication would not be practical. Our sincere thanks, The Thomasonian Staff t f Q Q Z! 'f in XI ,,Q, KV x 4 k m 5 W 5 2 E' WA . .S 'Q Zo ! ' f, jffy 5 , W K. SPORTS AS AN ASSET When you think of sports you may think of a team running up and down a gridiron, a basketball court, a baseball diamond or maybe some other form of athletic structure, but no matter whether it is football, bas- ketball, baseball, or any of the other many sports that we have which are available to us, the same thought is with each individual participating in the contest. You are there with the intention of winning the contest not only for your own self-respect but also for the respect of your own teammates and those of the other team. Just what are some of the advantages of being a member of an athletic team? Let us survey this thought a little more closely. Take any boy or girl who is a member of any school athletic team, just what does he or she get from this team? If you were to stop and analyze this question carefully, you would see that this certain boy or girl would receive many benefltsfrom this participation in sports. A few of these advantages are: you receive training helpful in achieving a good, clean, healthy body, you learn to get along with fellow teammates, you learn to be a good win- ner and equally good loser, you make many new friends 'through com- petition with other schoolsg you learn to take orders and then put them into use. These are just a few of the helpful elements that a good athletic program can do for most any boy or girl in school. The athletic program may also help the school which has its teams rep- resenting it. Being on good terms with other schools is always helpful to the success of your school, town, or city. When your team is participating in a contest with another school, this brings spectators to your town, helping it to prosper. Yes, whether or not we have realized it, a well designed athletic pro- gram in a school is just as important as a well designed academic program. by C. Hurd Wflwumm 1 A we 2 fxf XR X xx M is If ufrxce MHNASSQQ f- 9 N N b K I Q C057 O' accouMMT X N ,Q x GRADUATION Miss Florence Sophia Koialovitch of Waterville, honor student, delivered the graduation address on June 9, 1955, when thirty students received their diplomas at the graduation exercises held at the Universalist-Unitarian Church. Honorable F. Harold Dubord, Justice of the Superior Court of Maine, gave the commencement address. Miss Frances Berkley of Waterville was the soloist, and her selection was The Lord's Prayer by Albert Hay Malotte. She was accompanied by Mrs. Ruth Manchester. The invocation and the benediction were given by the Reverend Donald C. McMillan, pastor of the Universalist-Unitarian Church. The graduation exercises were under the direction of Mrs. Mary Berry Manter of Vassalboro. QM S1275 ,mg as j-3 yi? 55555 fr 5117511 552 - 2 ev, E Q Ewa? 31:13. ...HW L ix m iz gimf W w Em X M M s n .QL it-S ,V .Ax-Away uk at '?g?' . as N11 .es is ,wp xfff' g W A Sw if A 35531 1 g 1 fy mms Q , SERVICE MEN Sz WOMEN 1. 110110111 Channbcrlnin, PRf3g Nzivvg 2. Jnsupll Adams, SfSgt, Air 1'ort'vg 3. Duvitl l1:n':uiis, SfSgt, Air I nrt-vg 11. John Libby, Aflc, Air I m't'c'g 5. Tonnny Brzlgdon, SfSgt, Air i'1Ul't't'Q ti Francis I-A1,P0i1'l1,t', SK2, Nzivyg 7. Hndntly Kliulmutl, BT3, Nnvyg S. Rnyinonrl Quirinn, Cyl., Armyg 9. Lorraine Eaton, Af3c, Air Furcvg 10. Klclvin Dustin, Af3t', Air Forcvg 11. Holzind lluan-cl RM3fc. Nzxvyg 12. Ric1nn'iI Estiy, Sczunun, NIIVYQ 13. Hi:-h:'n'd Russc-ll, Sgt, Klurincsg 14. 111.1114-1't Pullerin, P.I .C., Air Fnrcog 15. Herbert. 1i:n'tivr, Aflc, Air 1 u1't't-g 16. liwiilliliti Dvsrflmiiit-, Aflv, Air Fn1'r:t-5 17. C:l1i.ll'10S Rt-ny, Af2c-, Air Fowug IS. 3I2L1,1l'1t't' tlilburt, l'.l'.C7., Armyg 19. lilngrt-nt Couture, Aflcr, Air Forc-4-g 20. Ralph iiiiI112lI1, Sgt., Armyg 21. Dwight Sparrow, C'Sf2C, Navy 22. L00 Cntr, RM3fC, Nnvyg 23. Tony Josupln, SfSgt, Air I m't:cg 2-1. l':t,ysox1 ticorge-, l'.F.C'. Armyg 25. Phil Foster, Cpl., Arniyg 26. Rub:-1't Lune, Cpl., Arniyg 27. Cliurlcs Hurd, A,f'3r-, Air Force. I M Aggjg-2 v .4 1 J n. w .. J 1 'f ' 1 , ' 6' -, J Tv . L l. 1 0 4 : . . ' li ' ,P ,A 1 V -. A . - ' , .1', 1 . I A' 'ml ,., , 4 . V A -5 .' I -NZ. .S nut- lA .- -. 4- 'ng --1. .- . v..,,,r', -L U' 'v- , -LT fp . A 'H K 'r .5 ,Q H A Aw j ' ' wf.:.1.? '-...'A-'-'- ' 4 Q v:j1.:T'Lb-V . - ' 'Tu'- . A - :...M-.R .l :N .- H ,BV J 11, , .- Y , ,I A V, V '1f'r . L , A , .f 1 ,Q I 1 , ,A , ,, .' -X 1 r '3 . . .,. ' 1 1 5 N '-. I , - r ,l 1 f I I Q 1 +,-- ufm w y 'F .- 1 ,- , ',. ' f f', , . lr , vga.--1 -.wr - J, , -df: 1: 'J n Q w n ww . -', 1 f-iii .ff 2' I, ,ff wjl F

Suggestions in the Thomas College - Thomasonian Yearbook (Waterville, ME) collection:

Thomas College - Thomasonian Yearbook (Waterville, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 16

1956, pg 16

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1956, pg 14

Thomas College - Thomasonian Yearbook (Waterville, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 81

1956, pg 81

Thomas College - Thomasonian Yearbook (Waterville, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 60

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1956, pg 30

Thomas College - Thomasonian Yearbook (Waterville, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 40

1956, pg 40

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