Tennessee High School - Cadmea Yearbook (Bristol, TN)

 - Class of 1941

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q'-2 C' -Q ' iii! I ,TJ WMP! I 4 Q 3' ' ' V 9.2 , ff X , W , A 77 I lg Xi ' ' X I7 ..- ' f Z, 1 I? W if! If , CD4 " I 15 ,, Q I, 40. 2 Q CQM, Cf A 'C6icllfi 'Ag i c 'fl j 7 I X X fd" Qxqyxlkl Sfhousl 'W-MSQSWX ZZ? F Ymook unmma fif. 'ff 33 si 3 5 an iq, I W f 1 ., , , , , 'hr ' , i i? X Xi X I . n i i PUBLISHED ANNUALLY AT BRISTOL TENNESSEE HIGH SCHOOL BILLY TURNER Editor CHARLES REPASS Business Manager IOE COMES Advertising Manager Q . lfL'C Llflfb . . . . in the CADMEA is to give the Seniors of 1941 or tgngible, precise, complete picture of 1ite gs we hgve experienced it gt Tennessee High. Between the covers of the CADMEA tor 1941, We sincere1y hope thgt the reorder wi11 envision those dectrest memories of Au1d Lctng Syne. 0lfL0'C Mas. FRANK W. DeFRIECE who through her untiring efforts has made Tennes- see High a better place in which to learn. Her work as chairman of the school hoard has been outstand- ing, and it is to her that we dedicate the 1941 CADMEA. lfl 6l4fL0'CLdlfIfL ELIZABETH HICKS FERGUSON 18981940 Alfrlend ATec1cher AGu1de il' IHE SCHQQL il' El6flflfLl.L1l.J!'CH!l.Cll IOHN H. ARRANTS, A.B., M. S. SUPERINTENDENT Hiqh School Teacher and Principal at Bledsoe County High School. hliqh School Teacher at South Pittsburg, Ten- nessee. County Superiritehderit, Meigs County, Ten- nessee. City Surierintenaerg, Seuth Pittsburg, Terrnesf see. Supervisor of Elertgentary Schools, State De- partriierit of Education. Teacher Elementary lffiuoafizn, Stare Teach! ers Cillege, l.l'irfreesEx,rz, Tennessee. City Sug H t Brisil, Ter.:.esse-of Pf9 ,Tam X I wk! N I. D. EGGERS, B.S.. M.S. PRINCIPAL Principal of Elementary Schools, lon r County, Tennessee. Teacher arxcl Assistant Principal ol Elkhorn Di trict l-liah School, Switchloack, West Vir f Teacher at Princeton Hlqh School, Prin West Virginia. Assistant Principal ot Tennessee High S Bristol, Tennessee. Sh l Bit' Principal of Tennessee l-liqh c oc, Tennessee. BILLIE BAXTER, A.B. HISTORY Stonewall Iackson, Universi- ty oi Tennessee. Pet Like: Travel. Pet Dislike: To lose a basket- ball game to Kingsport. GENEVIEVE R. CALDWELL. B.S.. M.A. ENGLISH and MATHEMATICS University oi Tennessee, King College. Pet Like: Bunting's Chocolate Milk. Pet Dislike: lnCorreCt English. MILDRED CHAPMAN SECRETARY TO PRINCIPAL Virginia lntermont College. Pet Like: Music, blue eyes. Pet Dislike: Loud noises. PEARL WALLACE COWAN DIETICIAN Sullins College, Agnes Soott. Pet Like: Creamed Potatoes. Pet Dislike: People who take two straws. ED ESSE A.B. Civ S COACH King College. Pet Like: None. Pet Dislike: None. OSBORNE FOUTCH, B.S. COMMERCI L Tennessee T Pet Like: I or C' ita s. Pet D tg ils. BESS E. BROCE, B.S., A.B. ENGLISH Sullins College, King Col- lege, University of Beson- Con, George Peabody College, lohnson City State Teachers. Pet Like: Radio. Pet Dislike: tNonei. HALLIE CARSON, A.B. and A.B. in L.S. LIBRARY Emory and Henry College, Emory University, Univer- sity of Michigan. Pet Like: Pied Roses. Pet Dislike: Smart Alecks. FRANCES E. COMBE, B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, GIRLS University of Tennessee. Pet Like: Photography. Pet Dislike: Long fingernails. ANNIE NEELD DRYDEN. A.B., M. A. FRENCH, SPANISH, MATHEMATICS Bryson College, Columbia University, University ot Tennessee. Pet Like: Football games. Pet Dislike: Biting fingernails. SARAH FORTUNE, B.S. HOME ECONOMICS Maryville College, University of Tennessee. Pet Like: Good food. Pet Dislike: Playing basket- ball. WALTER GARLAND, B.S. INDUSTRIAL ARTS lohnson City State Teachers. Pet Like: Fishing and Travel. Pet Dislike: None. Page lO GEORGE G. GILLINGHAM, A.B.. M.S. HISTORY, ECONOMICS, SocIoLoGY Maryville College, University of Tennessee. Pet Like: Economics. Pet Dislike: Bad weather. MARY RUCKER MARNEY. B.S. MATHEMATICS lohnson City State Teachers, Parmville State Teachers. Pet Like: Violinists. Pet Dislike: Blues singers. MARGARET O. NININGER, A.B., M.A. ENGLISH Virginia lntermont College, University of Tennessee, Columbia University. Pet Like: To step on starter and have motor "purr". Pet Dislike: Having to hurry. G. MARION SADLER, Ir.. A.B., M.A. ENGLISH Duke University. Pet Like: English Literature. Pet Dislike: Mathematics. ELMER E. SOLOMON. B.S. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, CoAcH, PHYSICAL DIRECTOR or BoYS Milligan College, Vanderbilt, Iohnson City State Teach- ers, Duke University. Pet Like: Athletics. Pet Dislike: Athletes who break training. NEIL H. WRIGHT, B.S. BAND AND GLEE CLUB Vanderbilt, Peabody Col- lege. Pet Like: Classical music. Pet Dislike: Sour notes. ' Page l l MAURINE HAWKINS. A.B. TYPING AND ENGLISH Carson - New an College, Universit I nnes ee. Pet Like: a ' I P ' : w o Say "Why? ' MILTON E. MILLER, A.B. DIVERSIFIED QCCUPATIONS Georgetown College CKy.D. Pet Like: Banana pudding. Pet Dislike: Lazy people. EVERETT L. ROWE, A.B. PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS Western Kentucky Teachers, University of Kentucky. Pet Like: Fishing. Pet Dislike: litterbug music. DELLE SMITH, B.S., M.S. BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY University of Tennessee, University ot Virginia, Columbia University, Mountain Lake, Virginia Biological School. Pet Like: Horses and Cats. Pet Dislike: Lack of Scientific attitude. NANCY STERETT, A.B.. M.A. LATIN Western Kentucky State Teachers, Peabody Col- lege. Pet Like: Chocolate Candy. Pet Dislike: Chewing gum and violent perfume. REVELEY OWEN. A.B. GEOMETRY AND TRIGONOMETRY Emory and Henry College, B. M. W. C., Sullins Col- lege, Columbia Univer- Sity. Pet Like: Football boys. Pet Dislike: Selling tickets. CPicture not Shownl. 61611 CW 33 M ff .qanU""'Mv a""". ,,-'- ki J? , .JQFHD FIV h N B W . ,,,. f f x . ...1?4-X. 1 'M -ff Q' of fuk' l . v Q tm at f ' - '0 ! wg .x xy "" AV -nu- f - f e Zz QQ? ' f f' 8 3 wx QV 1,7 iffy' f 'Q fit. 5 ' EDWARD ARNOLD POLYTECHNIC B ys H1Y 40 41 Astronomy Club 39 40 Commercral Club 40 41 Audubon Soctety 37 38 Brble Club 40 41 French Club 30 40 GORDON CuR'r1s ARNOLD IR STATE Operetta 37 30 Astronomy Club 39 40 Dtversrfted Occupa trons Club DOROTHY ASHBURNER STATE Alchemrst Club Home EC Club Transferred from lsaoc Lztton lnhqh School Nashvtlle Tenn ANN CATHERINE BANE COMMERCIAL Crvrcs Club 37 Commercral Club 40 41 A1chem1stC1ub 40 41 HENRY MCKINNEY BARKER POLYTECHNIC and STATE Treasurer Student Body 40 Cheerleader 40 41 lunror Class Play lumor Crvrtan Club Alchemrst Club Astronomy Club T Club MAROON 6- WHITE 39 41 JAMES BARKER POLYTECHNIC A1chem1stC1ub Presldent 40 lumor Ctvrtan Pres1dent 40 Ser qeant at Arms 41 MAROON G WHITE Football 40 Astronomy Club 40 41 CLASSICAL C1v1Cs Club 37 Home EC Club 38 41 Grrls l'11Y 30 41 CAD MEA 41 Al hemrst Club 40 41 Glee C tb 37 41 Speech C111 33 40 Latrn Club SAM HAROLD BEARD CTASSTCAL Advertrsrnq Manager CADMEA 38 Speech Club Pres 38 Treas 37 Pres Astronomy Club 39 ANN ALLEN BIRDWELL POLYTECHNIC Glee Club 36 41 B1ble Club 40 41 Home EC 41 Commercrol 39 40 ALMA LEE BIXLER GENERAL l-lome EC Club Transferred from Southeastern H1qh School trort Mrch JANE REEVE BOOHER CCMMERCIAL Commercral Club Audubon Club Cvlee Club 38 39 Dramattcs Club IULIA ERIS BRADDOCK STATE Speech Club 37 40 Glee Club 37 40 Dramattcs Club 37 41 lntrarnural Councll 40 Secretary Guls Athletrc Club 41 A1 Chemrst Club 40 41 Page 14 IULIA GERTRUDE BAUMGARDNER ' : C ' 'I A' 7 'lu ' '11 . 5 ' , De- CHARLES Sco'r'r BRAY STATE AIVICS Clul, Preslrlerlt "H: Al"l.f1ItIisl Cuz? fi '-105 l-If'Il"l' "gli 'Yflg Spf-Hell 'fnlixl 097405 A',If'iIIrf,I1 Clul "3 ' . IAMES IACKSON BREEDING CLASSICAL resident ,i"iCS Clui C67 Audubon ur: 7 Alflwemist Clul: 'Lg Crkgcl 37-10q lunicr V, BQ 'el-5 Q: 'u'ziCr CIVUCIII C " " ' CI an CI I 'C Treusur I '4 ' ' WILMA CHARLOTTE BREEDLQVE CLASSICAL and COMMERCIAL C 1 ls V TIGCSIIRI II 'IIICS K PEGGY LUCILLE EROGLIN COMMERCIAL CoInIneIC1CIlClul3 40 4l Glee Club 57 CIVICS Clul 28 40 Audulw n Somety 38 'U Nl E WILLIAM KARL BROWN STATE IVICS Clur 7 D O Club 40 4 3' CORINNE ALICE BUTTERWORTH CLASSICAL Home EC Club Q7 38 Glee Cub 37 38 Bond 38 4l Speecn Clu 38 4l French Clur, 39 41 Secretary and VICe PIeSIden1 Grls H Y f'0 41 Cl P 5"-"'f' fo----av' Rd'-' EMALEE CALDWELL CLASSICAL E JQGU SCI H I and lunICI C SS S Speeclf lul Treasurer 10 e C f 5 4l Frenc PIQSI ent Fun Snfnscr 4V 4 lunwr DI SECT tary unl Re C SS -J PoLLIE CARNAI-IAN POLYTECHNIC 'mst UII S VIVIAN CARRIER lUNIOR IIMMY CASS GFNERAL DOUGLAS COOKMAN CATHER CLAQNICA and P LYTECHLIC WILLIAM BENSON CATHER STAT 4V 4l 5' P I Cv l " Cl l 8 A 3l:Ill A ' sKlJGll99lI CI Cluz s0f4l, Serle 2- t-A ms 597 , e 0-4I. ,lllDE'Il"fIf'l0I '40-'4ly CiI.' Hi-., . .L I 5 Glen Clulfg llUIll"' ' 04 ' EC, Clullg DIC II fluln. ' C , ' . ' -' 5 'C '. 'ff Clule 077 ll. -2 M xg-4 C",,f'3g'.. '-'l, if IA in Y l , A , 'K W C' Lornze Clc eg .J . C .:, 79-'Cp Gle "lui, '29-'4l7 Hi-l. 'fu-' g ln Club, .I C ,, 'J-Qi: . N- -'Cyp Ce l: 'CI ,d fu-'4l. 3,22 Clull 'EQ' ,Kilim ' Cui '40-'-117 C' l ' Plz-Y HI-Y 40--if 3. C. Clgil, , IR. QL.: 21-1.1413 A114 ' 'lm 'f.g:, 27:54-1, ire l5 ax DoRo'r1-:EIA LUCILLE DECK STATE Drama rcs Club 39 40 Glee Club 37 41 Commercxal Club 40 41 ClNlFS Quo 38 Speech Club 40 French Club 39 41 ALTA BEATRICE DENTON DTATE Home Ec Club 40 Audubon Club 38 Glee Club 3 37 D 4 41 French Club 39 40 Crvtcs Club 37 CLARENCE EUGENE DISHNER GENERAL Alchemtst Club Crvlcs Club Audubon Club MARY FLoRENcE DovE STATE O 40 41 Ctvtcs Club 38 IEAN PORTER DU'r'roN POLYTECHNIC Glee Club 37 41 Speech Club 37 38 Drama rcs Club French Club Alchernlst Club Home Ec Club H Y 40 41 Treas 41 Operetta 40 41 ELEANOR FRANCIS EPPERSON CLASSICAL CADMEA 40 4 Glee Club 38 Dramatrcs Club 39 V Pres Soph Class 39 Grrls l-l1Y 41 Operetta 37 41 Cheerleader 39 41 T Club 39 41 Speech Club 39 40 French Club 39 41 Al chemtst Club 40 41 MAROON G WHITE 39 40 Page 18 DUKE DAVID CorrEY PoLYTEcHNrC and STATE Presldent Vce Presrdent Sentor Class Presrdent Vlce Presrden Student Body Pre-sldent Alchermst Club Presrdent Astronomy Club Vlc Preszdent lunlor Class Band 36 37 Football 37 40 Basl et ball 40 l'11Y 4041 Latzn Club 41 Kru Klub 41 IOSEPH LEsL1E Comms IR POLYTECHNIC CADMEA 40 41 Vtce Prestdent Sub Freshman Class Pres1dent CIVICS Club 38 Astronomy Club 38 41 Alchemrst Club 40 41 Latln Club 39 40 Presldent lunror Clvnan Club 39 41 VIRGINIA ESTELLE COPPINGER STATE Glrls Athletrc Club Grrls 1'l1Y Dramattcs Club Secretary Semor Class Alchermst Club Home EC Club HERBERT IACKSON DAVIDSON GENERAL Alchemrst Club 39 Astronomy Club 39 40 Clvrcs Club 97 French Club 38 41 HELEN DUT'10N DAY STATE Glee Club 37 41 Speech Club 37 39 Dramatlcs Club 37 39 Home Ec Clul 38 39 Enqllsh Club 37 38 Ctvtcs Club 38 O 4 BETTY DEEORD GENERAL Transferred from Ashland Kentucky 1 I 'Il:ntyJA -: D. 101141. 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,Sw 1 3 . . 1 1 , 1A6'1 1AOf1 gl ,, 1 1 7 11 1 . D. .1 -1 7 11 1 . : ' 1 1 . . 11 if , 1 -1 1 1 -1 1: 1 1 1 1 1 .f - Roy LEE FAIDLEY COMMERCIAL and MANUAL ARTS Civics Clulf '36-'37, Cornniercial Club '36, '38, Kru Klub '39, '41, Boys' lli-'I' '39, '41, Se-rqeanteat-Arrns '40, President '40'41, Ser- qeantat-Arnis Senior Class '41, Track "19'fl0, Varsity Football 'ft'!'40, lunxor Varsity Baske'la11 '38, '40 LYDIA Fmuus STATE Girls' Hi-Y, Secretary '41, French Clull '39, Alchemist Club '40, Glen Cluli '37, NAQMA EUEAUNE FAULKNER CLASSICAL and STATE Glee Club '36-'38, French Club '39-'41, Alchemist Club '40-'41, T Cluh '38-'41, Girls' Athletic Club '40-'4l. ALLEN THOMAS FELTY CLASSICAL and STATE Football 98340, Basket-ball Manager '41, Alchemist Club, Bas- ket-ball '39, Audubon Society '37, Boys' Hi-Y '40-'41, T Club '40, Kru Klub '40, Commercial Club '37, BE'rsY FERGUSON STATE CADMEA '40-'41, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Speech Club, President Home Fc Club President Girls' Athletic C .Ib Secretary Girls HIY Secretary Students Council 40 4l Tenns Team Captain Iunior Basketball Team President Secretary French Club lntramural Manager 40 41 T Club DramcIt1cs Club ERNEST Moon? Fxsr-:En CLASSICAL and COMMERCIAL Operetta 39 40 Boys l-liY 40 41 Glee Club 39 40 Com mercial Club 40 41 it BILLY FLEMING STATE Band 41 lLn1or Civitan 1 lumo ball 39 Drama ics Club 40 GEORGE ALLEN FLETCHER CLASSICAL emis CUC Frerch Cue 'V Pe :I nt A chemist Chl IC A IAMES S FRANKLIN GENERAL Civics C ul ERNESTINE GARLAND COMMERCIA L Enrrrr GIESLER COMMERCIAL ARTHUR LEE GILLEY POLYTECHNIC L 4 41 art r Varsity Basl-'et '37-' , ' ' ' I Cub '40-'41, , .' " A Alch ' t .I ', I 11, 'ice I Si . ,:LYITYllV:!Ci'll Cuz. '40, Civcs Gluzq Au'i:::,:n Cluz, '32, 7 '. all 1 f0: lfr' Kai. 0' - Surge- ."1"iL.II'I'.S, S-3r.L,: Q 51:5 V 2 ef5.i:er.t Bcys HIY '-QQ. 1 P 17 CI' WILLIE DAVIS HYDER STATE AIlIlC1Ic' Clul MARGARET JENKINS COMMERCIAL 1-1Cme EC Club BAscoM IOHNSON CLASSICAL cmd POLYTECHNIC NANCY IANE IOHNSTON CLASSICAL 17 dmc: DOROTHY GRIMES STATE G u P Ielffw DORIS HAGEY CLASSICAL Frencln Club 9 4 VFFPTG I e'11 JIIS Y 41 ADIIEA 41 Spdmsh Clul' I-Xlcb 1'I'11S1 C14 O D HAMRICK IR Cheerleader 40 1uIIICI C1V11GTl Clul EUGENE LEE HARKLERQAD COMMERCIAL cmd STATE C1V1CS Club 38 Audubon SOC191Y 38 CommerC1cIl C' Ib 39 41 otbcll 38 39 F 311C1 dncq I 40 0 S 1-1 Y 0 CHCIIIIS1 C1111 Aubudou Cluu 40 41 CADMEA Club 39 41 IVHXROON G WHITE 40 41 Speech Club 39 40 Drcmcmcs 39 40 Glee Club 40 Ldtm Club 39 41 Alchermsl Club 40 41 Iumor Red QIOSS 40 41 Curls HIY 40 41 DQNNA RUTH KESNER STATE Glee Clue CCmmeIC1cxl Club BILLY N KEs'rNER POLYTECHNIC cmd STATE Debdtmq Club 35 36 V1cePIeS1derI1 AlChemIS1 Club 39 MA ROON G WHITE 39 41 Boys HIY 40 41 Astronomy Club 40 41 Pdqe 18 CHARLES Roy HARRIS STATE SOCIGTY 38 39 Alche-mISt Club 39 40 Iumrr Cwxtdn Bdsketbcrll 39 41 ELIZABETH ANNE HARRQP CLASSICAL 40 41 Clee Club 40 41 1'1IY 40 41 DICIITICIIICS Alchemlst Club 40 41 ALBERT DEWEY KING IR CLASSICAL and STATE Pre-sICl nt Freshman Class VICQ Presrdwn Sophomor Class Marraqmq Ednar MAROON AND H1TE 39 40 f1ItCr 40 41 Al Sludsnts Clul 9 41 lurIICr Class Play 39 NANCY JANE KING CLASSICAL Secretary SubFrf2shmen 37 Secretary Fre-shm n 39 Secretar Iumor Class 39 Speech Club 36 40 S Cretary 40 Dramatxcs Club 41 Band 3 41 Alchemrst Club 40 41 Lam Club 3 T Club 8 41 MAROON AND 'WHITE 39 41 GILBERT KYLE GENERAL Caplam Football Boys HIY V1CC13I63S1C1'3I1lb9H1Of Class Kru Klub REBECCA LISANBY CLASSICAL HIY 39 40 VICQ Presldenl 40 Treasurer Iumor Class Treas urer Se-mor Class Band Sponsor Secretary Latm Club 39 40 Assrstant Manager of Intramural COLlHC1l 39 Iumor Class Play 39 PAY LONG GENERAL GIGS- CIIIIQ 37 KATHRYN IRENE MARTIN COMMERCIAL CC-mmerCIa1 Club lumor Class Play Ops-relta 41 CourICIl 38 41 Paqe 19 P935 ,gag SAM Woons MARTIN GENERAL DAVID WAUGH MASENGILL CLASSICAL V1C9PIGS1dSUl Freshman Class 38 CIVICS Club 38 Dramaucs Club 38 39 Band 38 41 Lalm Club 39 40 MAROON AND VVHITE 39 41 luruor CIVIGH Club 39 41 Presrdent 39 VIC Presrdent 40 T Club 39 40 Tum r Class Play 39 P Qsldent Iumor Class 40 A1ChemIsl Clulr 40 Presmlerzl 41 Al1Slul ms MURRELI. MAE MAssEY COMMERCIAL Glas Clul' 36 37 CIVICS Club 37 8 Comrrlprmal Club 9 41 GIrls Athleuc Club 40 41 ROBERT LEWIS MAUK POLYTECHNIC V f113r SJ r As ronamy Cru RUTH MILBURN STATE s C EDNA KATE MILLARD CQMMERCIAL I . ' , . 7 - CY ' , I Q : ' , 'N ff' 7E.', ' -' 7 1 L 'Q ' . ' , ' , I .,I.- , , . C - C 'I 7 6 ' 7 Y , , I I , I. I Q , I , .385 I ,7I, I , I, I I. I I ,9I,4II Q Il, 4' lx X . I . I I A X ,..--'1'j1"'fT:" X -A ?'9Z..fif I ' 3,I'i'. :If :ff 1 . X. -j.,3:-,Ili I , I. I . ,.I . I. I . . , I , I. I .C , I 1 I -I . JM-'Vg " C'.'.-'35 ,Q 4 'V 4 I1 1 -I . IC, e if-sri I ' HCKQ FC. Clgzzg Alihemr t lulpq ElhlQ Clubq Drzrrrial s 1 A G1-se Club 29. W BEN ROBERTS MCEWEN POLYTECHNIC Alchemrst Club Astronomy Club lumor CIvItan Club 40 Band CHARLES MATTI-IEW MCEWEN IR CLASSICAL and POLYTECHNIC Speech Club Treasurer 38 VIcel3reSIdent 39 Presrdenl 40 Treasurer 4l Astronomy Club 38 Band 37 4l French Club 39 4l WILLIAM F MACMILLAN CLASSICAL AlChem1St Club 39 40 Speech Club 40 Astronomy 39 40 Operetta 40 lumor Play 39 Lahn Club 40 CHARLES QUESINBURY MCNEW CLASSICAL and POLYTECHNIC HIY Band French Club Astronomy Club STANLEY McNEw STATE MARY ALICE NETHERLAND COMMERCIAL Glee Club 37 41 Dramatrcs Club 37 38 Speech Club 38 Grrls HIY 40 41 D O '40 4l Page 20 WILLIAM PINK MITCHELL PCLYTECIINIC CIVICS Crux 7 S eech Clul French Clu GoRnoN CowAN MONTGOMERY STATE perel 38 9 MARY KATI-IARINE MORGAN STATE l.a1In Clu AlCk9TF1Sl C14 Grrls l-l1Y Volley ball KATHERINE ALICE MORTON COMMERCIAL CIVICS Club 37 38 Audubon Club 38 39 Commercral Club 3 4l Athletmc Club 40 4l Grls H Y 40 4l MILDRED MCCARY POLYTECIHINIC lntramurar Councxl Auoluoon Club Volleyball EVELYN LUCILLE MCCLELLAN CLASSICAL Lahn Club 39 41 C:1rlS I-l1Y 40 4l lntramural Councul 37 40 Afhlehc Clulc 40 4l Home EC Club 38 39 M " C'L'3gp QI b. O Lab-'3. '91, ' . .4 , h Y 1 I ' ' - A.. l 5 I. l 1 . . A ,333 EDNA ELAINE OWEN STATE Glee Club '40-'41p All Students' Council '40-'41p Intramural Council '407 Vice'President Athletic Club '417 French Club. RALPH HERBERT PEARMAN GENERAL Boys' HIAY '40-'41. CHARLES BARNETTE PETERS, IR. CLASSICAL, POLYTECHNIC, and COMMERCIAL President Freshman Class: Secretary Sophomore Classg Iunior Civitan Club: Alchemist Clubq Vice-President Iunior Classy lunior Class Play '39q Commercial Club '40p Astronomy Club '40g Audu- bon Club '37g President Sophomore Class '38. HERBERT PETERS POLYTECHNIC lunior Civitan Clubg Cheerleaderg Speech Clubg Dramatics Club. NANCY ELIZABETH PYLE CLASSICAL and STATE CADMEA 40 41 Glee Club 37 40 Speech Club 39 40 Home Ec Club 39 41 Alchemist Club 40 41 Dramatics Club 41 Iunior Class Play 40 Latin Club FRANKLYN RAMSEY CLASSICAL Audubon Club Glee Club 37 38 Civics Club 38 39 Commer cial Club 39 40 Operetta 37 38 CHARLES SAMUEL HEPASS CLASSICAL and POLYTECHNIC Audubon Club 39 CADMEA 40 41 French Club 9 41 Prnsi dent 39 Vice Presrdent 40 Astronomy Club 39 41 Boys 1-11Y Treasurer 40 41 President 41 Alchemist Club 40 41 Vice Presi dent 41 Tom RILEY STATE Football 36 39 T Cluo 38 40 Kru Kiul 3:9 Treasurer Civics Club 36 MARTHA KATHERINE ROBERTSON CLASSICAL sf- Club 37 1 I S Frerrc Cub IU matics Club 40 CRAIG MIDDLETON ROCKETT CLASSICAL efct u 37 IC9 resi ent a in u J French Clul 40 41 l APJONT AND 'I-TIT Band 39 Astron rnv Clul 40 41 WILLIAM H SAYLES CLASSICAL STATE and POLYTECHNIC u n ur n 41 A h nts u r n rn! 39 Basret 41 E I IOSEPH EARL SI-IUPE POLYTECHNIC ard STAT L1 1 Page 21 .J 'r -' 5 I' ' -' 1 ' J ' C, ' '397 G1-4 "'-'45 Orcletra '38-'41p - h 1 '39-'41q D - Spoel C1 11 -'41, V ,-P S 'al '41p 1. 1 . Cl li "9-'41g . 1' -' 5 lf Cf . .- VW. E '35-'41g ' -'41g Aud ILC Cl '. C95 Civgcs Club Pre ch Club '39-' g lc. er. t Cl 13 '40-'41g AS' Q :nj Cllr, '28 'S 7 H- -ball '39-' 5 Cys' HI-'I' '39-'41, Sec efiry '43 Fluruilr C1 1,7 A1-:lf-r:.Ist Clulg Boys' 1-1fY. LILLIAN SLAGLE COMMERCIAL IVICS Club 7 38 udubon Club +8 9 A In u 39 40 WARREN LEE SLAGLE CLASSICAL POLYTECHNIC and STATE CADMEA 40 41 Band 37 41 ASIrOn my Club 9 40 Fren 1 Clu 39 41 1 Clue 40 41 lumer Class Plav 38 Op re-Ia 40 1un1or Varsuw 'J 38 Orchesdra 39 40 KARL THOMAS SMITH STATE C MEA I PI S1Q16'1 SenI C ass 1 Vre PIOSKFXI1 Student COuncI1 41 Presldeni 1unI r Class 40 Treasurer Sopho Inore 38 1farSIy Foorball 38 40 'Xfarsuy Baslcetlall 38 41 T Club 38 41 COInInerc1a1 Club 40 French Clul 9 TQHHIS Team 40 41 Operella 41 D O 40 41 LUCILLE ROBERTS SMITH CLASSICAL French Club T9 40 Dramaucs llub 48 S0 r ul XAN RI-IEA SMYTI-IE STATE PTPS1C1P111D O Club 40 41 CONLEY HALE SNOW POLYTECHNIC CNICS Club if French 39 40 Boy I-1IY 40 41 Operetla ROBERT SOUTHERN SOLOMON CLASSICAL POLYTECHNIC and STATE CADMEA 40 41 1unIOr C1vItan Club 39 41 Band 37 40 TWII1 Inq Ma or 40 41 Basket ball 1VarSIty1 40 41 French Club 39 41 Aud I1 Cn lul 8 39 Alcln 1'T11S1 Club 39 40 C1V1CS Club 37 38 FLORA ALVA SPICER CLASSICAL CADMFA 40 41 gee Club 37 38 aun Club 39 41 chemIsI Club 38 Home EC Club 39 PIesIc1ent CommercIa1 Club 40 Secrc ar5 Semar Class 40 Treasurer 41 GIrls H Y 40 41 EARNEST LEE STOTTEL CLASSICAL POLYTECHNIC and STATE Band 5 41 saudem Drector 40 41 MAROON AND WHITE 39 4 Laun Club 39 41 Speech Club Pre-sIdeni 41 Astronomy Clu 58 41 Alchermst Club Audubon Club KATHERINE EMERSON SWINEY STATE G1 e Club Curls HIY 40 41 MARY ELIZABETH TALBERT STATE G1 e Club 8 31 Home EC Cub 39 Cornmerual Club 39 D O 40 41 ELIZABETH SUE TATE COMMERCIAL and STATE Transferred to B T 1-1 S 1938 Cheerleader '40 41 Cornmerczal Club 39 French Club 40 41, Dramatrcs Club 39 Page 22 C' 1 ' 'Z ff 7 A 'L I 'L -'fg lcier ISI C1 1, F 1J'. A' pm 1'1' -' 7 " 1 4' yu ,E-'T 'vp 'AD '40-'fl ' .1 'Or 1 '4 3 ,.- 3 1, i ' V' 'C -' 7 - ' 0 'Q -'lug C5110 C1 1 '37-'387 Opere11a 38: Spanish Club '41, S' 'QT ' 'O -' p S' ' '- ' -' 5 A L '39 ' A'-'y"l '-'y1.' '-'qAl- 'S-'lzvi' A' ' 'z LILLIAN CATHERINE THOMAS COMMERCIAL Civics Clull '37-'38g Audubon Club '38q Glee Club '40-'4l7 Com Inercial Club '39-'407 Vice-President '40g Girls' Hi-Y '40-'4lp Girls Athletic Club '40-'41. FRANK THOMAS STATE Hi-Yp Basket-ball: D. O. MARY FRANCES THOMPSON CLASSICAL Girls' Hi-Y '39-'41, President '407 Glee Club '38-'415 Drarnatics Club '39p Latin Club '39-'41p All Students' Council '40g Intramural Council '39g T Club '39: MAROON AND WHITE '39-'4l. Lucy TOWNSEND STATE Home EC. Club '40-'41p Latin Club '40-'4ly Alchemist Club '40, fad '4lg Glec Club '40-415 Operettct '41p Girls' Hi-Y '40-'41, Q WILLIAM EDWARD TURNER CLASSICAL, POLYTECHNIC and STATE CADMEA 39 41 Editor 41 Band 35 41 First Chair TIC-mbon ist 40 41 Speech Club 37 40 Iumor Civitan Club 39 41 Presi dent 40 Alchemist Club 40 41 Ereich Club 39 41 Astronomy Clu 38 41 JUNE WAMPLER STATE MAROON AND WHITE 40 41 Commercial Club 39 41 Home Ec Club 40 41 Bible Club 40 41 ALICE LOUISE WATSON STATE Glee Club 35 39 Latin Club 39 40 D o 40 41 ROY WEBB STATE Diversified Occupations Club ELLEN KING WI-IITAIIER STATE Dramatics Club 36 40 Speech Club 39 40 Alchemist Club 39 40 Audubon Club 39 Glee Club 36 41 Home EC Club Presi dent 40 lunior Red Cross 39 40 Commercial Club 39 40 Girls 1-l1Y 40 41 All Students Council 40 IOI-IN WHITAXER STATE Indus Iial Arts FLOYD A IBUDDYJ WILLIAMS In CLASSICAL and STATE CADMEA 41 Sr h Clu Presifl nt 40 Dramati s ivics Clur 39 Lain Club 39 4 'lrcdsdr r 39 40 r 40 All Stul nts C unc1l 40 JIMMY WILSON STATE CADMEA 41 P sid It F snm n Clo s 40 TCub 3840V PS16FS"Dl"l"'I Cass dent All Students C uncil 40 Vice Presiden B ,fs FIY 0 Page 23 - f 7 - : - , i . , k, I I , -, I b' -' . I 1 I A 1 ' . - 5 - . t . . 1 5, , ' 1 - : - - - - 1 I ' I - 1 ' I . . Q, I . , i. I , . . , 5 D V . , . ' 1 ,eec S e ' 7 C Club '40g C" ", 'cp 1 .I ' O-' ly . - 'e 'O -' gO1ere1ta . i A re , Z ., I ' 5 lG'6l rel C 'S '35-365 Cheerleader '38-' 5 l I, 'C -' 7 ice- re d It C, .CAC e Cl 335 Presi- .I 'C "7 '- 'f' t C" '4. MARY FRANCES WINGARD STATE CIVICS Club 37 38 Audubon Club 38 39 Glee Club 40 41 IANE Er.rzAnE'rH WOLFORD CLASSICAL and STATE Gxrls HIY 39 41 French Club 39 41 Secretary 39 Glee Club 36 38 Speech Club 37 38 BAsn. IRWIN WYATT STATE Alchemrst Club 39 40 HIY 39 41 GORDON ZORY STATE Operetta 36 COHlIIlGIC1Gl Club Pxeszdent Speech Club 41 lumor Play 39 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALL DUKE COFFEY ALVA SPICER REBECCA LISANBY ARTHUR GILLEY CoLoRs Blue and Prnk Morro Trust Thyself Every Heart Vrbrates to Our h1gh school days are ended now The sounds ot locker door and bell Ot Classrooms mus1C games and plays Of all those th1ngs we know so Well Are gone but In our hearts rernarns A Splfll loyal steadfast true The Splfll of the Vrkrngs brave Who boldly conquered tear and bl1ght Who never let the1r Courage foul SPRING Preqrdent KARL SMITH Vrce Presrdent DUKE COFFEY Secretary VIRGINIA COPPINGER Treasurer ALVA SPICER Sergeant at Arms ROY FAIDLEY FLOWER Rose That lron Strrng CLASS POEM But ever embattled for the rlght We lrke them rnust never lose The Slqhl of greater thrngs that stay Through tempest peace or leverrsh strrfe When other thlngs have passed away So let us ever hold most dear Our Courage and our wlll to do And Carry wrth us as We leave That V1k1Hq sp1rIt ever true MARY FRANCES THOMPSON 40 Opexetta 40 Page 24 . ,.., D . . t , I ' A 1 ' I A . , . , . , . . , I I 2 - I , . , LLC , so - A E A A A GILBERT KYLE L ,WL - CWC so Af, Q I O . . I . I I Ti- , 7 , , . auf 1IZ4f1zme11f 0 Me C-I1144 0 I We the Semors of Tennessee I-hgh School of the c1ty of Brrstol of the county of Sullrvan of the State of Tennessee rn the Un1ted States of Amerlca 1n the year of our Lord n1neteen hundred and forty one berng of good health and sound mmd do hereby declare thrs to be our last w1ll and testament rn the form followrng FIRST To our krnd faculty we leave our deepest gratrtude for your ard and your pa IISHCQ as we have traveled th long road of educatlon SECOND To our beloved sponsors Mrss Baxter Mlss Gwen Mr Sadler and Mr G1l lrngharn our srncerest appreclatron for the help you have grven us durrng our many tr1als and trrbulatrons as Senrors THIRD To the Freshmen and Sophomores we leave all the wrsclom that we have ac qurred 1n our four years FOURTH To the Iunrors our personal be queaths We Emalee Caldwell lean Dutton and Nancy Iohnston wrll our talent to exerclse our vocal chords to Anrta Smrth and Dorrs lane Leonard I Dorothy Ashburner bequeath all my heart to Lon Lllley hoprng he wrll treat rt klndly I Karl Smrth bequeath my smooth l1ne that w1ns the college glrls to Stuart In gram I Herbre Peters wrll my secret way of slrpprng out of school to lack Harrls hop mg he can get away w1th as much as I have I Cormne Butterworth leave my ab1l 1ty to get my man and hold hrm to Geraldrne Stansberry We Iohn Wh1taker and Allen Felty w1ll our alarm clocks to Warren Phrlhp D1 so he won t be as late to school as we have been We Evelyn McClellan Edna Owen and Mrldred McCary wrll to Lourse Hunt Mary Io Crenshaw Wrlma Owen Dorrs Neal and Ina Frazrer our athletlc abrhtres We Peggy Broglrn Pollle Carnahan Kath er1ne Swlney and Bascom Iohnson be queath our excess werght to Ruth Mottern Frances Shankel and Donald Umberger hoprng rt w1ll keep your dlsposrtlons as good as ours We Dons Hagey Lydra Farrls and Alva Sprcer do W1ll to Sarah Grrmes our sweet drsposrtrons I C H Snow bequeath my long eyelashes and my GDIIIIY to Ilrrt wrth all the glrls to Charles Neal We Mary Wlngard Betty deBord Irmmy Cass Charles Repass Billy Mrtchell and Herbert Davrd son havlng an abundant share of sllence bequeath a portron of 1t to Syaftey Moore Page 25 and Buddy McGhee We Gordon Arnold Iohn Paul Senter and Lee Harkleroad wtll to Wrmpy Gray our funny books to be read rn Study Hall We Ioe Combs Brlly Kestner Lee Stoffel Stanley McNeW and Crarg Rock ett berng the mastermrnds wrll our knowl edge to any Iunror who wxll study I Davld Masenglll bequeath my good looks to Rob ert Boyd I Katherrne Robertson w1ll my talent as a trddler to Vrrgmra Lee Templeton We Irmmy Breedmg Charles Peters and Bobby Solomon leave our reserved seats at the Rat House to Cary Gray and Brlly Ruth erford I Ben McEwen bequeath my ab1l1ty to toot the trumpet to Clayton ODell We Gordon Montgomery Warren Slagle and Marvln Hawk wrll our cameras to Elmer Rex rode and Sam Lee We Nancy Krng Mary Frances Thompson and Albert Krng be queath our ways of wrnnrng frrends and rn tluencrng people to Frances Harkle-road We B1ll Sayles and Brlly Turner havrng what IS known as a sc1ent1f1c attrtude bequeath rt to Eugene Donaldson and Iohn Furge We Mary Dove Iune Wampler Murrell Massey Mary Elrzabeth Talbert and Edrth Gresler W1ll our grggles rn Iudges classes to Lourse Warren Elmor Bowery Iane Allen and LOUISG Royston We Helen Day and Ruth trful ha1r to Sara Wolford and Mary Ruth Vance We Betsy Ferguson and Duke Cof I y wrll our many othces to Iules Smythe We Davrd Parrlsh and Brlly Flernlng seerng the humorous Slde of lrfe leave our wrt to Patsy Patnck I Betty Harrop leave my ever present srnrle to Iohn Reel so hrs drmples wrll be seen I V1rg1n1a Copplnger leave my knack tor makrng eyes at the men to lean Campbell We Frank Thomas and Iamre Barker leave our technrque wrth the femmes to Herbre Rrordan and Brlly Ham rner We Edward Arnold Charles Bray Charles Harrrs and I E Shupe leave to Charles Crockett Doug Leach I T W1ll1ams and Charles McCary our ablltty to mxsbe have 1n Study Hall wrthout gettrng caught We Lucy Townsend and Mary Katherlne Morgan do hereby w1ll our ab1l1ty to stand up for our behefs to any good debator We Nancy Pyle and Iulra Baumgardner leave our klnd and helpful attrtude to Lynnre Burnett Sara Vance and Reba Bouton All the rest of us leave our empty worn pocketbooks to the Iuntors who should start flllrng them now for next year 9 I ' I I I I I I - 1 1 A 1 ' I 1 1 ' : ' I . ' ' - 1 l 1 I I 9 I ' l I I l I I I I 1 a ' I , : , . ' - , 1 1 I I , I I ' I I I ' I I I I l I I ' I ' -1 . I ' I I I I I - ' ' ' l ' - Kesner, will our secret of how to have beau- . - Q ' ' c , A . 1 ' - I ' ' 4 I I ' I I I I ' l ' I I . - - - , ' I ' ' l I 4 ' I l I I I I I I I . I I I 1 ' - I l I I I - . I ' I A ' 1 1 - - l I 1 , ' I I I I I I ' . , . . , I ' f - , I I - A fill! 746 JIM ZIAZ X, IL I TE Nove 11ber 3 lQi8 De rr SUS19 From your last letter I qot the 1dea that lllG hotne town IS st1ll eeeperetmq w1th Cuprd Th1s IS the th1rtee1 h stra1qht yea tor Dons Haaey and B1lly Cox Cupld 111ay be slow but he certa1nly IS sure' I went to the Modern Art Exhtbtt her last week and whom should I see there but George Fletcher and Buddy W1ll1a111s I talkmq to them I d1scovered that George has been studylnq abroad and that Buddy s 111 Madame They told nre too that Albert Kuta IH the ed1to1 ol Madame November 4 lVIy apoloales lor stoppma so abrdptly but Eleanor Epperson called and asked me to lunch w1th her You probably know that she has the danc111q lead 1r1 a 11ew 111us1cal openmq the l5th ot th1s rnonth Wh1le we were eatmq W1lma Breedlove carne IH w1th the lay deecee SISTQTS known to us as Nancy lohnston Ernalee Faldwell and lean Dutton W1lITlU has the lead ID th 1nos' popular drarna of the season and th cr1t cs are rav ma about her excellent work Nancy Etna gf l e and lean are starnna on a rad1o pro grarn w1th Irlerbte Peters Band wh1ch tea 1re Ben Wlclfwen on the Cornet The pro urarn IS sponsored by Laundry SQFVICG In corporated ot wh1ch Bllly Turner IS DTQSI dent Connne Butterworth dec1ded she would rather lead a band leader than a band I had a letter lrorn Rebecca l.1sanby last week You knew that she 1S a nurse at the ldraest hosp1tal IH Ch1caao d1dnt you? She countrys leadlna woman doctor had 1ust taken a pos1t1on at the sarne hospttal Ch dear I auess I rn1aht Just as well I1n 1 h th1s because here comes Mary Frances Thompson w1th Lucy Townsend and Nancy lima Mary Frances IS llterary cr1t1c ot Madame and V1rq1n1a Coppmaer IS her sec retary Nancy and Lucy have recently pubhshed th If second books Nancy has wr1tten a novel ent1tled DGV1d and Lucys IS a non t1ct1on work England Forever Ill wr1te to you as soon as I have an op POTIUIIIIY but please don t wa1t too Iona be-tore you answer th1s Love BETTY Paae 26 I - f L 1 K y ' or , . . , ' . ' ' ' tt ' ,lr tt 3 I . ' I 1 ' ' . I1 ' the B. Williams whase Wark appears Sa Often said in the letter that Betsy Ferguson, the 1 . 's ' A .' , ,.' -, I l. I' Q , ' I -I I . 1 , ,J , . I L ' . Y Vi . 9 ik 1' l I I , e ' 1 o V l ' X, Page 27 ...il 11- lfLlfLLO'C Cfdeiai The Iunlor Class of l94l has done much to add to hte at Tennessee Hlgh In a Colorful assembly program last Fall the class oft cers and motto were mtroduced 1n formal style Banners rn the class colors blue and gold were proudly drsplayed and when these banners were reversed the school colors maroon and Whlte were shown Clrttord Goldsmlths What A Llfe was presented as the Iumor Class play and followed by the lunlor Senror party whrch was heralded as one ot the outstandxng events of the year The class has mam hall Fall OFFICERS Spnng IULES SMTHE Presrdent CARY GRAY CARY GRAY Vxce Pres1der1t CHARLES NEAL ALENE LOGAN and BILLIE lo SHERwooD Secretanes IACK WINDERS MARION COLVARD Sergeant at Arms WARREN PHILLIPPI CoLoRs Blue and Gold Morro Work Wart and Wm Fnownn Yellow Rose I voted to use the money in their treasury to place a portrait of Mr. Eggers in the ANDREA ADAMS IANE ALLEN VIRGINIA. BABB Lois BEATY EVELYN BLEv:Ns RUBY BOLLING REBA BoU'roN 'I' V ROBERT BQYD 9 ELEANOR Bowznv is LYNNIE BURNETT IEAN CAMPBELL BnucE CAMPBELL WILMETH CARRIER MARION COLVARD MARY Io CnENs1-:Aw CHARLES CnocxE'r'r EUGENE DoNALDsoN LEWIS DULANEY INA FRAZIER STELLA FRYE ALFRED GoDsEY Page 28 CARY GRAY SARAH Gnnvxns BILLY HAMMER FRANCES HARxLr:RoAn MARTHA HAvr:Ns BILLY HILTON CHARLES I-IQRNH MARTHA I1-:AN HULSEY LOUISE HUNT STUART INGRAM BETTY IANr:s LYLE IONES , ke? W Lwuvxfu if bug .QA See 3- Kuo, CSM-K Hop: KELLER IACK KELSO DOUGLAS LzAcH Doms IAN: LEONARD MARY EL1zAs:TH LESLIE ALENE LQGAN LoN LILLEY EVELYN LoGcANs Page 29 ij L LOUDY M4141 Y RITA MARKLAND PEGGY MARTIN GARNE1' MCCALL Louis: MOORE R. E. MCCLELLAN WAYNE MCDONALD 1311447 uw-4 'K-ARLMCGHE ALLQ4. CHARLES NEAL 744'--U MYEA NETHERLAND BOBBY N1cAn PRESTON O'DELL DORIS NEAL X . CLAY on PATSY PATRICK f r K Iorm REEL HUGH Pos'r CoNLEY Rzcr-:Anus -IAc1-r RINGLEY BILL RINGLEY HERAIE RIGRDAN PAUL RIPLEY Page 30 Lou1sE ROYSTON BILL Ru'r1-xnnronn FRANCES SHANKEL BILLIE Io SHEnwoon ANITA SMITH GEHALDINE STANSBERY TED STAUFFER Don STICKLEY VIRGINIA TEMPLETON CLAUDE SWINEY GENEvxEvE THOMAS MARY Run-1 VANCE SAnA VANCE CLYDE WAMPLER DOUGLAS WATSON LOUISE WARREN LOUISE WIDENER I. T. WILLIAMS MWJLMQL IAcx W1NnEns A , BILLIE WININGE11 Purge 31 SAnA WoLronn Row One: B, '.VAYLA::3, D. HARLEY, D. TJAUK C. SESTER, B. NICHEL3. Row Two: A. OIELL., B. CAMIRRELZ., I. E1'c:f1LE.5 COLIEPECRL, I, I-:ILLAHQ F-.. :EBOI-II, i'fJA2I, Q I P1A.r.1F1C1Z, I. E"FFOVv', B. 'TLAI-111. Row Three: I. RUCPLEH, M. HCI-NE, F. Ifmccx, B. fO::E: li. I. I.'fC"1,E1.LA:1 E. Smrra, Row Four: C. YJIII'-YD?-., I.. F1.EEr4O!1, B. "'1fI1,:.I-E..'L.i, F. ?.FII,'F, ff ."IIr:OI.I, IEATHE1 Qi. k'UI'i'EQ'r', H. 'QDI-AY E' Iwi: PYIE, A. ARNOL1, G. PEN1-1.E'rOr:, If f1MI'I'Ii T-. IEM1-::r1.'. Row Five: K. HOOv:.1, A. H1Ir:1,Ii, ii. BAIIEE-., I. AN: ER. Ou, M.YOrf1I-1: I,iEr:rOr-:,MI.C,rAmAw1I,T.1z..' Dwi Erz, lRYI,e,' QI.1:I'II NIRQ, MARNEY, MRA. i,lA1.1.wE1I. Row Six: T. SNAP? ZT. fNIAHI'I P. I'ERc51'.O':, '. f:v",C'J.ECICJ.lQ R. IffO'I"I'E:--1, F. HILLJI F. 1l141r:::EII, IE. ?QORI:e+':'. I' I"f' M11'A::, IVJPIVE1-, I, Fi-"I.1I':'T, f'?fA':CI E, HI'-.'5EY Ei. I'A"'.:Et'TE, i?AY.', .'.'YA'I"I', LAMREZ-T, INfEAf,O'W.l. Fall OFFICERS Spring BILL TOM WAYLAND .. L President IAMES ANDERSON DICK EASLEY VIceePresiderIt AUDREY MEADOWS DORIS MAUK Secretary WILMA COMERFORD CAROLINE SENTER Treasurer CHARLES BAKER BILL NICKELS S GTTJGCIIIIYCTT-ATIIIS fl f LAWRENCE CARRIE? i0 10111026 CXXHAC4 X ,1e'3 !,1 C1 Y,'e.fllllCill Cf'!Cl,i.f Fall OFFICERS Spring MARY IANE POWERS Presidfmt VIJIOE QEIENLQIIAIIJ DOTTY CARMODY VICQ-Presidfmi I3L'i:s'z REYNOLDS VIRGINIA FRANKLIN Secretary BZTHTY RUTLI REEL ALLEN IVIUMPOWER TIQQISIIIOT CSE!!-.HLES IVIOORE RAY MCCROSKEY Sergeant-OtffXIIIIs HAL LITTLEPORD Row One: F. LAFZE, P. NIc1f:E1.5', '.'.'Of::.v.'AEi ' F , ..: fziv 1.1, I. PO:-JE11. I f"F.!PC'I'fE, 1 Row Two: IJ. KESTNEP, R, COPr:E:.:., Lf. CALsfO':r: FILETCEEEH, '.'.'::.:Ox, 2.1. EI.Q...E- Tl, OIE.:. B. FFANCISCO, FLEENOE, S. FA'.'CET'TE, I, 3Eff.'.Z'fZA'C. Row Three: A, LICKEE, I. ROCK, 3. PszILLIrs', F. HICU' LI. 'MAFTEF-., I. PEEL. lf. FZJHEL, f.f HYATT, YU. 2'g1,t.:i::, Lf. MILLER, M. F, LICCIIIOEKEY, L, PATTON, L. 3:I'.':11,.. G. ','UII:EI1Ae3EI- Ei. Yf1I'::11IE Ei, IZA2-.21.w'sEe, F-I. STIC:-:':'1'. Row Four: L, LONG, B. R. REEL C. flIaOv.'I'Os.In, I. STONE, EiEI.TOr:, If. I. Ugzzafz, G. IJOLI-E EZ. LZTIKEPFCHI. QvEr.NI1IN, R. BLEVINS, C. MOORE, I. ELWAPIQ.: f, BI.EvIr:.g, N. YvOI.I.I.1, I. 232-'fain P, IIIOIf?fEI.I, 3 LONG. Row Five: R, AUSTIN, N, HALL, E. IJIILIIIIIIN, M, PAIN J, SCOTT, CS, I-Aw, A. DAv:::f,I:, I3TEI1IIEII,:OII, QT. I.EI:I'OII, M. BHAO, M135 STEHETT, I. DI-.OaZE, MII. FONTS!! C fI!.AfjI.If, ?.'fI,'.' IIA'JXICIFI.', I. III'1.f., I IiI':II1.E, ML5. i'LI1':'IINI., II. BIHEE, R. BLEVIN:-I, I. KIIMNIEH. -3 ,,..--- 64.464 I4 CiL0lfL lhe Senror Class of lC'4l under the leader-shtp of two capable pres1dents Duke Coffey and Karl Smuh has made remarkable progress One hundred twenty four of the one hundred twenty stx Semors are ptctured 1n th1s annual To fmance 1ts act1v1t1es the class has sold Curtts and Crowell publtcatlons ptcture show t1ckets and operetta t1ckets The class of 4l the largest Semor Class Tennessee l-hgh has ever known has ln 1ts membershtp many outstandmg people has led tn dT1V9S for school sp1r1t and the colorful Iurnor assembly program was an lnsplra t1on to all the other classes The class play What A Lrfe was recewed as one of the best stage presentatlons at Tennessee Hxgh durrng the year and the Iun1orSen1or party was more successful than any other class party has been m recent years The Sophomore Class thls year has one hundred twenty three members of whlch flfty nme are boys and srxty four are gtrls The outstandlng class act1v1ty was the presenta t1on rn assembly of a program commemorattng the one hundred f1ft1eth annlversary of the organlzatton of the Southwest Terrltory The pageant was recexved so well by the student body that 1t was repeated before the Parent Teachers ASSOC1Ul1OH andthe Iunlor Red Cross One hundred ftfty f1V9 Freshmen make up the largest class 1D Tennessee l-hgh The CIIIU of most of the Freshmen IS to be Sophomores and to wreak vengeance on next years Freshmen The Freshman Class presented a program of V1rg1n1a lntermont talent ln assern bly Th1s last class IS 1D a sense the least The Sprmg prestdent Vxctor Obenshaln stands only four feet n1ne and one half 1nches and welghs nmety three pounds L The lunior Class of fifty-six boys and fifty-one girls has been the "life of the party". lt Page 34 6? Wy, Mtg win 9 -Q! Ji CIMA Front Row: HENRY BARKER, Associate Editor, ALBERT KiNG, NANCY KING, and LEE STOEFEL, Associate Editors. Row Two: WAYNE MCDONALD, Circulation, EVELYN BLEVINS and lUNE WAMPLER, Typists, FRANCES HARKLEROAD, Ex' change, ANDREA ADAMS, News. Row Three: EMALEE CALDWELL, News, lNlARY FRANCE.: THoMPsoN, Sports, GLORIA BAC!-IMAN, Features, BiLL1E HAMM, News, NANCY lOl-INSTON, Alumni. Row Four: STUART INGRAM, Sports, lAMIE BARKER and BILLY KESTNEE, Manaqinq Editors, LEwis DULANEY, News, CRAIG ROCKETT, Literary, DAVID PAASENGILL, Sports. Sponsor Miss BROCE. MAROON 6 WHITE Maps out plans for next issue H WA' 670011 Ll! Une ol the inost important oi the rnany student organizations is the MARQQN 51 lNl'llTlf. lt publishes a iirstfrate, nionthly school paper, and the MAHCON G WHlTE stati members re- ceive Tennessee l-liqh's only available journalistic training. The paper is ii- nanced throuah the sale of student activity tickets, basketball conces- sions, and through the Book Store. EDITOR ALBERT KING Paqe 38 Row One: KARL SMITI-I, Sports, BETSY FERGUSON, Sports, JULIA BAUMGARDNER Literary BUDDY WILLIAMS Art NANCY PYLE, Literary, REBECCA LISANBY, Literary, and BILLY NIcI4ELs, Sports Row Two: EMMA HAMRICK, BILLIE CRILDRESS, DORIS HAGEY, ALENE LOGAN ALVA SPICER BETTY I-IARROP and ELEANOR EPPERSON, all Typists. Row Three: MR. SADLER, Sponsor, CHARLES REPASS, Business Manager, lOE COMES Advertising Manager BOBBY SOLOMON, Advertising, WARREN SLAGLE and IIMMY WILSON, Snapshots and MR FOUTCH Qprfisor Q A 6 6611 J l4fL I4 4 Z ln presenting the CADMEA for l94l, the Cadmus Club en- deavors to picture life at Tennessee High in such a Way that it will not be soon forgotten. The task has been difficult, and the staff sincerely hopes that the reader will find portrayed within these pages the true beauty and happiness in the life of a stu- dent of Tennessee Hiqh School, a VIKING. s EDITOR BILLY TURNER Page 39 Row Row Row Row Row ALCHEMIST CLUB MIss SMITH Sponsor PRESIDENTS Fall NANCY KING Chem. I CARY GRAY Chem. ll Spring VVIMPY GRAY Chem. l DAVID MAsENGILL Chem. Il One: KING, GRAY, DONALDSCN, CoMRs, THoMRsoN, FARRIs, lANEs, NVINDEPs, GRAY, UMRERGER. Two: FAULIQNER, ALLEN, MILRLIRN, PYLE, HAGY, Z-XSHBURNER, BAUMGARDNER. Three: HARRIs, CRE::sHAw, PATRICK loHNsToN, ERRERsoN, CAMPBELL, CARNAHAN, HARROP, TOWNSEND. Four: KELso, IJICCLELLAN, TURNER, PETERs, Miss DELLE SMITH, l-IAMRICK, KING, IVIASENGILL, MAUI4, HARKLEROAD. Five: lNf2F?AM, RIORIIAN, RICHARIHI, DILSHNEF. OVER-RIPE HENFRUIT The Alchemist Club, organized by the chemistry Class of l929, attempts to bring into the classroom interesting outside material which parallels current Work. Bi-Weekly programs in- clude scientific news, chemical biographies, outside speakers, and model demonstrations of chemical processes used in American factories. HO-HUM! THIS WORKING WORLD The membership of the Diversified Qccupations Club consists of students who divide their time between school and work. Gpportunity is given the student to Work in the field in which his talent lies. This work gains credits toward graduation. Row One: -IVARFEN, X. SMYTHE, SMITH, FtUTHEREoRI:, C, REXROLE, lvllft, lNflILLER, BouToN, WATSON, BOOHER, VANCE, PREELs. Row Two: D. VVATSON, I. RINGLEY, E. RExRoL'E, 'f1IoMAs, BROWN, MILLARQ, MoN'rGoMERY, STCEEEL, NETHERLAND, LES!-IE. DAY, MCCARY, MOTTERN, MooRE, DOVE. Row Three: 3, RINGLEY, RAMSEY, ARNoLQ, CASS, CATHER, lIM WARREN, LEACH, KVEBB, MYRA NETHERLANII, D. O. CLUB MR. MILLER L L Sponsor OFFICERS Fall XAN SMYTHE President KARL SMITH Vice-President IJIARY RUTH VANCE Sec.-Treas. Spring XAN SMYTI-IE President KARL SMITH Vice-President lVlARY RUTH VANCE Sec.-Treas. Paqe 40 ALL STUDENTS' COUNCIL MR. EGGERS Sponsor OFFICERS Fall IIMMY WILSON President DUKE COFFEY Vice-President BETSY FERGUSON Secretary " HENRY BARKER Treasurer - Spring DUKE COFFEY President KARL SMITH Vice-President BETSY FERGUSON Secretary MARION COLVARD Treasurer Row One: MR. EGGER::, BARKER, WILsoN, FERGUSON, COEFEY. Row Two: CATRER, A. KING, GRAY, THOMSON, N. KING, tllll,lPf'tEi2l'I, Iv'lCDONAI.If, BRAIIIIOCIC, FRANKLIN. Row Three: BOYD, FAIIILEY, ROCKETT, NIcHELs, STCKLEY, ','.'III'I'A1EI+, fliiiciiff, POWER. Row Four: VWTAYIANTD, KYLE, BREEUING, SMYTHE, TURNER. CREAM OF THE CROP The AllfStudents Council is the student qovernnient of Tennessee Hiqh. Membership is made up of presidents of all school orqanizations. The Council arranges assembly proqranis and ofiiciates in activities which concern the entire student body. BIBLE WORKERS The Bible Club was organized by students interested in studying the Bible and furthering religious activities in the school. The club has done excellent work in preparing chapel pro grams and presenting them every Tuesday. Row One: CATI-IER, MILRURN, 'JJII-JEEARGER, l.fOOF'E ELLER, 2. I-.E::oLL, '.'.'IEsor:. Row Two: BIRQWELE, REEL, YJAMPEER, '.'.'ARPE::, VA::Hcc1c, EAeR:.:::, EE:EgE:.fAI:. Row Three: E, ARNOLII, Miss BPocE, MILRUIQJ, BAsHAI,f, LE::Tc 'jLAYr.fA::, laws Miss BROCE Sponsor OFFICERS Fall BILL CATI-IER President IIMMY WILSON Vice-President GRACE VVINEBARGER Sec.-Treas. Spring LOUISE MOORE President BILL CATHER Vice-Preszderg BUTR MILEURN Secy.-Treas. Page 41 COMMERCIAL CLUB Miss HAWKINS and MR. PCUTCH, SpCnsOrs. OFFICERS Fall f ALVA SPICER President ANITA SMITH Vice-President ELLEN WHITAKER Secretary SARA VANCE . Treasurer SAM LEE SergeOnt'at:Arrns Sprinq ELINOR BOWERY President EVELYN BLEVINS Vice-President SAM LEE ,L L . - Secretary LEWIS DULANEY Treasurer EDWARD ARNOLD Sgt.-at-Arms Row One: WHITAKER, SRICER Row Two: BOWERY, A. SMITII, VANCE, LEE. Row Three: ALLEN, KEsNER, BROCLIN, BLEvINs, BANE, YTVAMPLER. Row Four: C. PETERE, YJVIDENEFK, CARRIER, FRAZIER, NEAL, DECK, LOCCANs, MARTIN, THOMAS, MASSEY. Row Five: DIILANEY, .ZkE?NOLD, lVlAFiKLAND, PATRICK, COP!-FINGER, MR. POIJTCII, GLOVER, Miss HAWKINS, CREN:1IIAw, ZORY, GRIMEIVQ, MORTOIJ, HARRISON, WARREN, MOORE. TAKE A LETTER The Commercial Club is designed tO help students interested in business administration Or secretarial wOrlc. Members learn much abOut their ChOsen VOCOItiOns through demonstra- tiOns Of business rnachines and field trips. T STANDS FOR TENNESSEE The T Club is a type Of hOnOrary sOCiety, its membership Consisting sOlely Of students whO have earned T's in athletics, rnusic, Or public speaking. Row One: SMITH, C. CRAY, COLVARL, SLAGLE, TURNER, SOLOMON, TATE, CARRIER, ZINT, BUTTERWORTR. Row Two: l-lARRIs, COFFEY, SMYTHE, POsT, LIsANEY, BREEDLOVE, STANsEERRY, FAULKNER, MEADOWS, C. MCEWEN. Row Three: FELTY, NTCGHEE, LANE, KYLE, PLEMING, SMITH, B.MCEwEN, G'DELL, HUNT, NEAL, WILSON. Row Four: MCNEW, HAMHICK, H. PETERs, TIIOMAs, C. NEAL, FAIDLEY, LIACCLELLAN, CALDWELL, MASENSILL, N. KING, PATRICK, BARKER, EPPERSON. T CLUB The T Club has nO Officers. Page 42 FRENCH CLUB P L Miss DRYDEN Sponsor PRESIDENTS Fall CRAIG ROCKETT BETSY FERGUSON IIMMY BREEDING Spring IACK WINDERS EMALEE CALDWELL Row One: BREEDING, HARKLEROAD, ADAMS, l-lULsEY, BUTTERWORTH, FERGUSON, CAMPBELL, HAGY, SAYLES, Row Two: CALDWELL, IANES, lVlCDONALD, SMITH, BLEVINS, TWVOLFORD, FARRIS, DAVIDSON. Row Three: FLETCHER, FLEENOR, CLARK, TATE, SMITH, ROBERTSON, FAULKNER, SHANKEL, KELSO, HENRY. How Four: PARRISH, DUTTON, EPPERSON, Miss DRYDEN, DECK, KING, SNOW. How Five: MITCHELL, SOLOMON, TURNER, WINDERS, MCEWEN, SLAGLE, MCNEW, REPASS, THESE FURRIN ERS French Clubs are organized in each French class. ln addition to studying the language, students learn something of the people, customs, history, and art of France through research reports. This year the French Clubs gave a French banquet Which Was enjoyed by all and Will probably become an annual affair. FRY MINE SUNNY SIDE UP The Horne Economics Club is a member ofthe Sullivan County Councilg Rebecca Lisanby Was vice-president of the council. A Club fellowship fund finances a Home Ec. course for three foreign girls. The members have given clothes to the Red Cross to be sent to Britain, have adopted Santa Pals, and have helped the Needlework Guild. Row One: F. LANE, FURSE, SHERWOOD, LOGAN, CARMODY, PROFFITT, Pl-IELPS, MAUK, XVHITAKER, STICKLEY, FAUCETTE, FLEENOR, FRANCISCO, FRANKLIN, HICKS, Row Two: HORN, SIMCOX, GRAY, LISANBY, HUNT, BAUMBARDNER, HAVENS, CAMPBELL, REESE, '.'UILCOx, YAYOODARD, FIIJEIEH, VVARREN, VJOLFORD, HARSHBARGER. How Three: ROBINETTE, KESNER, PYLE, ASHBURNER, BACHMAN, BAEHAM, BRAY, PROFEITT, POWER.s. Row Four: LESLIE, MARTIN, WARREN, LEONARD, KELLER, EIXLER, CAMPBELL, ROCK, AUSTEN, BULLOCK, FLETCHER, 'lnEMPi.Ef TON, TURNER, MUNDIE, ELLER. Row Five: CORRELL, BEIDLEMAN, KESNER, CRAWFORD, REEL, TOWNSEND, MCKEED, VBVIDENER, LOGGANS, COMBE, SWINEY, BOYD, SMITH, BEATY, ARNOLD, PATTON, MISS FORTUNE. HOME EC. CLUB Miss FORTUNE Sponsor PRESIDEN TS """' Fall NANCY STICKLEY l VIRGINIA FRANKLIN ll MARION HOGSETT lll ELLEN WHITAKER .. lV PEGGY NICKELS . ll Sprinq ELIZABETH REPASS l ALENE LOGAN ll VIRGINIA FRANKLIN lll BETSY FERGUSON IV SARA K. FAUCETTE ll Page 43 IUNIOR CIVITAN MR, FoUrcH Sponsor OFFICERS Fall BILLY TURNER President BOBBY SOLOMON Vice-President ROBERT BOYD , Secretary IIMMIE BREEDING , ,Treasurer CHARLES PETERS Sqt.-at-Arms ALENE LOGAN Sweetheart Spring TOE CoMBs President BOBBY SOLOMON Vice-President ROBERT BOYD Secretary TIMMIE BREEDING ,Treasurer TIMMY BARKER Sgt.-at-Arms ALENE LOGAN Sweetheart Row One: C. PE'rERs, BREEDING, BOYD, LOGAN, SOLOMON, TURNER, Ttflrw, Tctvrcri, Row Two: ' .',' IrIr,ER:1, ll. BARIIER, FORMING, l, BA!-I-QER, PO.1'I', ii. l3E'i'IER,'. Row Three: HARRIs, ttflAsENGI1.i., NICAR, COME? RIORLAN, IAIAMMIEP, HAP-IRICIC. BUILDERS OF CITIZENSHIP The lunior Civitan Club stands for aood citizenship In the home, school, and community. Members must average SOQQ5 scholastically. Among the lunior Civitan projects have been the dedication of a flaa and tlaq-pole, the publication of football proqrams, the helpinq ot Santa Pals, and the donation oi S25 toward buying a school movie projector. MR. PRESIDENT, I MOVE The Speech Club promotes speech work in lines such as debating, oratory, extempore, Qleclamation, and atterfdinner speaking. Members have entered National Forensic Leaque and lnterstate Forensic League tournaments, and the club has presented a weekly radio pro- gram Over WQPl. Row One: BAKER, MCEWEN, KING 'vAvvII.LIAMS, DRIVER. Row Two: F, IDYLE, BOAZ, TBPAY HAMBICQ4, BABE, N. PYLE, LT4ALliOt,'N. Row Three: TTR, ifmi-v.'Et.: HITETI, i, ITALIIWEII, H7"I'I'ljt-V.'OliTll, l'IiOMP-oN, BAUMGARDNER, IAVVEIITAKEH, CLOVER, Row Four: l.iAI:MII.iA:-1, Pxvri' T. VAI'CI::':'E, l.'iEA:w.f.'.' B, lAI:c:I:I"I'E, li4j7"fEl'l"I. MRS. CALDWELL Sponsor OFFICERS Fall BUDDY WILLIAMS President TOM DRIVER Vice-President NANCY KING Secretary CHARLES MCEWEN Treasurer CHARLES BAKER Sat.-at-Arms Spring LEE STOFFEL L A President CRAIG ROCKETT L Vice-President EMMA HAMRICK Secretary BUDDY WILLIAMS Treasurer BILL FAUCETTE Sat.-at-Arms Paqe 44 LATIN CLUB MISS STERETT SDOUSOT OFFICERS Fall LEE STOEEEL President DUKE COEEEY VicefPresident MARY F. THOMPSON Secretary NANCY KING Treasurer MISS STEHETT Sqt.fat:Arms M Spring DUKE COPEEY President EVELYN MCCLELLANY e Vice-President NANCY I. TOHNSTON Secretary MARY F. THOMPSON Treasurer BASCOM TOHNSON Sat.-at-Arrns Row One: STOFFEL, THOMPSON, COFFEY, KING. Row Two: EEATY, LEONAHD, TEMPIETON, LONG, IOIINSON. Row Three: ROCKETT, TOWNSENE, TOHNSTON, SPICEH, R. E. McC1.ELI,AN. Row Four: BEARD, WILLIAMS, E. iflcCI.EL:.AND, MISS STERETT, i.fAcMII.LArr, HIC-HIC-HIC C! ll The Latin Club, a class organization, calls "time out" to enioy Cicero Without too rnuch undue translation. Especially featured are the Roman holiday customs, which the club in- corporates into its own proararn. ln this rnethod, Cicero is taken in small doses, painlessly. HAR-R-R-R-D-D MEN! The Kru Klub is composed ot boys who have earned their letters in football, basket-ball, or track. lt has encouraged large-scale student participation in school athletics. Row One: CARFIEP, VI. GRAY, PAIDLEY, KYLE, RILEY, CAMPBELL. Row Two: C. GRAY, SMITH, E. WYATT, COFFEY, 'JJAYI.ANE, GILLEY, COLVAPL, I ','oI.cz,Ic:: Row Three: Coach Es:EP, ZMYTHE, STZCKCLEY, rl.tiQMA.2, C, '.'.'YATT, TSE.:-T, PAP!-I. Pl Y, TffcNEv.', KRU KLUB MR. SOLOMON and Mn. EssEn Sponsors The Kru Klub has no officers. Page 45 Row One: REPA533, COFFEY, MCEWEN, NIcIcELs, KESTNEH, Row Two: ITEAHII, F'rcI:E1"r, lN'lAcl'vl!r.'.AN, BAHKEP, Camas, orFEI., 'l'URNER IS MARS INHABITED? WHY? ASTRONOMY CLUB MISS OWEN , L Sponsor OFFICERS Fall CHARLES REPASS L L, President DUKE COFFEY L,LVice-President CHARLES MCEWEN Secretary BILL NICKELS Treasurer BILLY KESTNER Sat.-at-Arms Spring CHARLES REPASS President DUKE COFFEY Vice-President CHARLES MCEWEN Secretary BILL NICKELS Treasurer BILLY KESTNER Sat.-at-Arms The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to promote interest in mathematics and astron- omy, and to prepare students for the study of astronomy in college. Durina the year, the club presented an interesting chapel proqram consistinq of movies dealing with astronomi- cal subjects. SHAKESPEARE DRAMATIZED ALSO The members oi the Dramatics Club have studied and produced one-act plays. Play pro- duction has also been studied. Row One: HAvE:::, A LEHOAD, CHILDRESS, BURRQW, l',lcl2or:ALri. Row Two: PURSE, , I ssrorrf, CFEFJSHAVJ, BEATY, HUNT, BRA:gvocs:. Row Three: BUG:-LE I-l1LLAE-Ii, ltA.I.4M, BAcHi.sA:: FLEENQR. Row Four: MH. LII I AIA, CLARK, IENEQINS, l.lIs,5 STERETI DRAMATICS CLUB MR. GILLINGHAM and MISS STERETT I ,L Spgngofs OFFICERS Fall BILLIE CHILDRESS President IANE BURROW Vice-President WAYNE MCDONALD , Secretary FRANCES HARKLEROAD Treasurer MARTHA HAVENS Sql.-at-Arms Spring WAYNE MCDONALD President BILLIE CHILDRESS LVice-President WILMA COMERFORD Secretary lEAN BUCKLES Treasurer Paqe 46 IUNIOR RED CROSS MIss HAWKINS Sponsor OFFICERS Fall WAYNE MCDONALD President DAVID MASENGILLA A Vice-President --I GLORIA BACRMAN I Secretary M W NANCY I. IOHNSTON Treasurer '1 .- Spring WAYNE MCDONALD President A DAVID MASENGILL-3 Vice-President GLORIA BACHMAN Secretary f NANCY I. IOHNSTON Treasurer fi Row One: CARMODY, COFFEY, MCDONALD, BACIIMAN. 'f"'Jf - Row Two: BULLOCK, PROFFITT, STICKLEY, ADAMS, COPPINGER. 1' 7 If Row Three: MARKLAND, Hicics, LYNCH, SENTER. JQ-7 K y Row Four: Hooics, Miss HAWKZNS, IOHNSTON, THOMPSON, MASENGILL? , P WE SERVE The Iunior Red Cross has been outstanding in the Red Cross, Tubercular, and lnfantile Paralysis drives. The objective of this organization is to make Tennessee Hiah 10096 in help- ina those who are needy. GEMS OF THE GYM All qirls' sports at Tennessee High are under the Jurisdiction ol the lntrainural Council. This year tournaments were held tor the girls in basket-ball, volley-ball, pinaepona, toulfpitchina, and baseball. Row One: FAUCETTE, COPPINGER, FERGUSON, COFFEY, Miss CCL' E Row Two: HUNT, MOTTERN, OWEN, MCCLELLAN, NEAL, ITCGEGT INTRAMURAL COUNCIL T T Miss COMBE Sponsor OFFICERS Fall BETSY FERGUSON President EDNA OWEN E Vice-President VIRGINIA COPPINGER Secretary GLADYS COFFEY Treasurer Spring BETSY FERGUSON President VIRGINIA COPPINGER Secretary GLADYS COFFEY Treasurer Page 47 BOYS' HI-Y MR. MILLER Sponsor OFFICERS Fall ROY FAIDLEY PrGS1d9UT IIMMY WILSON ViCeePresident BILL SAYLES Secretary CHARLES REPASS Treasurer DAVID PARRISH Sgt.-at-Arms i Spring CHARLES REPASS President ARTHUR GILLEY Vice-President BILLY KESTNER Secretary DOUGLAS CATHER Treasurer ' ' M' ' ' I CARY GRAY Sgtfat-Arms Row One: it"7s.ERF'n-Ir, CQHAY, fTA:s,z, CATIIER, REvA.:.z, flAYl.EI', FAILTLEY, '.'.'I1.,eoN, C CRAY, Gll.l,EY. Row Two: SSIWIIE, KYIE, Ei'FlCKI.EY, ARNOLII, 53. MCNEW, H. KE:sr::ER FELFY, B. l.'tvYA'I'T, SNOW. Row Three: Mr-. trlrr.:ER, PARRISH, 'l'IrOMA:z, NIIAI., CT. MCNEW, FRIIER, IIAHKIEROAII, PEARMAN, COEEEY. CHARACTER BUILDERS The Boys' and Girls' Hi-Y Clubs have as their obiective the Creation, maintenance, and extension throughout the school and Cornrnunity oi a high standard oi Christian Character. The Boys' l-li-Y has had several banquets, has taken Santa Pals, and has rnade a donation On the sChOOl rnovie projector. The Girls' Hi-Y has been CI "Big Sister" tO Freshman girls, and has filled stockings for underprivileged Children. Both Hi-Y Clubs have taken leading parts in the Tuesday Chapel programs. Row One: f.f,'-.rr 1211,-ttixljtl. Row Two: L::ANRY, FERGUSON. Row Three: IKYIEI, Ee,EEi:.OvE, lr.lOFGAF-1. Row Four: EAT'Iv1G.l'-.E,LNEF, ADAMS, HAGEY, BASE. Row Five: CPICEEA ff. VANCE, MCDONALIQ, '.i."o:.EOR1f, NEAL, IMICCLELLIXTI. Row Six: fr:ear:.-TOS, TOv.'::sENE, ERRERSON, CARNAHAN, SWINEY, SHERWQOE, COREQJSER, lfCR'TOr:, '.'y'HITAKEF. Row Seven: QTALqwE:L, FAEFIS, D:T'rOr:, LOGAN, lEARIcLErOAL, KING, FIARROP, THOMAS, NETHERLANO. GIRLS' HI-Y MRS. MARNEY Sponsor OFFICERS Fcxll MARY F. THOMPSON President REBECCA LISANBY Vice-Pres. BETSY FERGUSON Secretary WILMA BREEDLOVE Treasurer Spring REBECCA LISANBY President DORIS I-IAGEY Vice-President LYDIA FARRIS Secretary JEAN DUTTON Treasurer Page 48 TCllZ.i!'ZcZ How One: GRAY, CARSON, Domi, FAIOLEY, Russia:-, CE-AXAFFOP-Q 'If:r.1r:z:'m::, Ei:i1f45ef:zaOr:, EQYL. Row Two: NICKELIS, KELSO, OVEHMAN, FHA!-ICIJCO, Iizmofs, STONE ifAvz1,:Or:, Ozvzxg.. Row Three: HILTON, BAKER, AILEY, MAcl'.11:,1AN, YEHGTTSON, Fdvr, IO::i:.:, f,1Ef.'vAv'I?IGII'I'. ,- ,- OD-1Z ci ,7 6 Li l 0 l Z' Z Z f . Row One: CALHOUN, PITARTIN, GHME5, Email, PPQFHTT, Tlzfsazegmz., LAY, 'A:.1'1:z:1., Eizrxvf Qrgvzs IJCQAQL, O JTON, DUTTON, BEAQDOCK, KOOr:Tz, EVTHERFQFQ-. Row Two: WINGARD, BZHDWELL, TUHJEH, E51m.zrAA::, Fmwtz:-51, Pgszrsuz-, , . f,:'IFI-IECE CgA'fr.1Ar: lfA'JIZ.'LTl, TON, CAMPBELL, MAPTIN, SMITH, MCfPO.:1ft5Y, F?A"icL1::. Row Three: ADAMS, Kisses, EEAPROP TrzO:f1zf:pOr: TOw:::-5:12, Zfrlrzxaiz-Y, CO, EOY1, If VANCE, LOGGANS, FAUCETTE, Hzvtsiramz, HANE, TAR. "'f113H'Z'. How Four: THOMAS, OV.'EN, FEr:z:L:, ROm:PT.1O:r, ff:4:Trz, H1::,:'5'f, .'.'s111'A.4.L1 I, 'f'1 'ff' H-' QA':'fa5n, E-,nuff SWINEY. Q J-.1 X A - . J v ' A ' I 4-4 Row One: SOLOMON, BEWLEY, M. BARKER, K. BARKER, LISANBY, CALDWELL, KING, TURNER, STONE, ANDERSON, DRIVER, STOEEEL, IONES, lNGRAM. Row Two: OVERMAN, KELSO, MCEWEN, MCGHEE, INAASSENGILL, C. OlDELL, DAVIDSON, MEADOWS, STANLEY, PHILLIPS, REYNOLDS, B. ALLEY, LONG, STEVENSON, HELTON. Row Three: MR. VVRIGHT, SLAGLE, FLEMING, C. MGEWEN, KUHNERT, NICKELS, PYLE, Hooks, LEGGETT, HASHBARGER, RocIcETT, BAKER, BUTTERWORTH, HILTON. Row Four: BOYD, MCCAIL, MCCLELLAN, TONES, A. OlDELL, STANSBERY, M. OlDELL, FERGUSON, POST, HENRY, FRANCISCO, CLAYMAN, MACNTILLAN. 61111644166 ll The Music Department ot Tennessee High School consists oi an orchestra that plays light classical music, an a capella choir, and a 60-piece band that marches during the football season, and turns to concert music in the Spring. On Friday, December l3, the orchestra, the choir, and the band appeared in a joint concert. The music was Well rendered and well re- ceived. On the night ot March l4, the operetta "Cn ln A Blue Moon" was presented to a capacity audience. Both the band and the choir entered state-wide competition at lohnson City, The purchase Ot new musical instruments and the growth of Student interest in music suggests that the Music Department will possibly make progress next year equal to or greater than the advancement made this year. BAND STAFF " "ll ll-1 BEN MCEWEN Sergeant, Trumpets Q. 'lii BILLY TURNER Sergeant, Trombcnes in WARREN SLAGLE , Sergeant, Clarinets l GARNET MCCALL Sergeant, Basses A HUGH POST Sergeant, Drums STUART TNGRAM Field Manor l BOBBY SOLOMON . . . ., . Twiriinq Mater PHYLLIS BEWLEY, NTARGARET BARKER, l NEIL H' WRIGHT KATHERINE BARKER L, . . LLLLL . . LLLL Maiorettes LEE STOFFEL Director of Tennessee EMALE5 CALDWELL' REBECCA I-ISANBY -- SPOUSOTS Student Director of Tenries Band Choir and Orchestra see High School Band Page 50 fm y G d 1., LVM 1-ix'-f 'Y I fr, Q if 1 -.W up Row One: R. CARRIER, CAMPBELL, C, WYATT, W. GRAY, B. WYATT, COFFEY, STICKLEY, R. FAIDLEY, K. SMITH, KYLE, GILLEY, C. GRAY, A. FELTY, PARRISI-I, COLVARD, V. CARRIER. Row Two: G. FELTY, WAYLAND, NIcIcLEs, IONES, ERAY, BLEvINs, LESLIE, SKINNER, I-tAoY,R. SMITH, LAMBERT, DONALDSON BARKER, HAYES, WINDERS, BREEDING, BIEEE, HARKLEROAD. Row Three: ADAMS, CONNER, S. FAIDLEY. CUZAII4 cjcfollga!! The football season of 1940 was one of the most successful that Tennessee High School has enjoyed in the past decade. Playing against the Strongest teams in this section, Coach Solomon's boys came through a ten-game Schedule with Seven victories and three defeatsea record that has not been equaled in the memory of the present Student generation. Under the leadership of Captain Kyle, the l940 Vikings turned in victories over Ionesboro, Teachers' Freshmen, Erwin, Elizabethton, Knoxville Central, Morristown, and Virginia. Only Knoxville City, Kingsport, and Iohnson City were able to defeat the maroon-clad warriors. In no game did Tennessee go scoreless: and when the final count was in, the Vikings had run up l87 points to their opponents' 70. Certainly Coach Solomon was not mistaken when he said, "This is the best football team I have ever coachedffthe best by two touch- downs." Andes---lest we forget it --these Vikings gave Virginia her seventh straight licking, 28-O. Page 53 Top: COACH SOLOMON Bottom: COACH ESSER BRUCE CAMPBELL VIVIAN CARRIER DUKE COFFEY MARION COLVARD Flllf 'Ink Fulltzack Right End Center ff CAPTAIN GILBERT KYLE llalfl ack ILT Zllfeflllell The most remarkable feature of l94O's football squad was the balance which characterized the team as a whole. Through ten difficult games, it was one for all, and all for one. The boys blocked, tackled, kicked, and passed as a unit, not as indi- viduals. ln every game they displayed that all important spirit of cooperation which is the basic factor in the makeup of any good football team. Tennessee High Schools l94U football squad was not built around the play of any one individual star: it was an efficient machine made up of some dozen and a half stars. A strong line, an able backfield, and ample reserve power were the essentials of the l94O sauad. 1941 will see the Vikings without the services of this years rnost reliable men. Lost to the team are Captain Kyle, Bud Gilley, Karl Smith, Cary Gray, Duke Coffey, Basil Wyatt, Marion Colvard, Chink Faidley, Allen Felty, and All-East Ten- nessee Fullback Vivian Carrier. This does not mean, however, that Coach Solomon will be entirely without material upon which he may build. Vtfarren Phillippi, who was not eligible rn l94U, and Don Stickley will Captain the l94l Vikings. Other returning letterrnen are Dave Parrish, Charlie Wyatt, Vtfirnry Gray, Bill Tom Waylarid, Bruce Campbell, and Clyde Smith. Page 54 ff i ai W an W Wm, 3 ,z..,, 'W ,A TL Q L I 417 ,I W 'K f-O 'ff' Wm 'V 'VX' ,Z on, RIGHT: The staunch Viking iorward wall holds lohnson City back from the double stripes. BELow: Captain Kyle shakes hands with Captain Lance ot Elizabethton before the first whistle sounds. RIGHT Asovia: Varsity Squad qoes through its paces. RIGHT: Cheerleaders Patrick, Wilson, Barker, Epperson, and Tate lead the Crowd in peppy Cheers and salutes. Paqe 56 RIGHT: Bond Sponsors Lis- onby ond Coldwell proud- ly exhibit the Moroon ond White. BELOW: Sniiih leods running critoolc oiqoinst lohnson City l-lilltoppers. ,1 QfL'C'C6 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Ioneshoro Teachers' Fr. Erwin Knoxville fity lohnson City Elizobethton Knoxville Centrol Kingsport Morristown Virginia -.V vff. nijfii. Gite, , ,ee I sr1rii1I,- to help detect fflzrristz Page 57 1 6.4 A ec0'c September 9 Tennessee ran up the curtarn on the 1940 season 1n Munrcrpal Stadrum wrth a crushrng 600 vlctory over the feeble toothless T1gers from Ionesboro September 13 Playmg twrce wrthrn the week the V1k1ngs rnvaded the collegrate ranks to hand lohnson Cxty Teachers Freshmen a sound spanklng to the tune of 12 O September 20 Runnrng therr stnng of vrc torres to three the maroon clad boys season by admrnrsterrng Erwln a l96 defeat September 27 The breaks were bad the luck was hard and Knoxvrlle Crty Hrgh carrred off a heart breaker by edgmg out the ftghtrng Tennesseans 1314 October 4 Wlth three v1ctor1es and one de f at behrnd them the Vrkrngs made therr second Bxg Fxve brd agamst lohnson Clty The Hrlltoppers however carrred off the bacon l9 6 October 18 Boundrng back rnto the Wm column wrth a bang the Vrkrngs turned loose real power to gam a crushrng vrc tory over Ehzabethton 25 6 October 25 Knoxvrlle Central outscored the Vrkrngs but when the smoke cleared away rt was found that the Knoxvrllrans had used an rnehgrble man The game went to Tennessee l U November 1 For four thrlllrng quarters Klngsport and Brrstol fought up and down the freld When the ladres rn the stands came to they found that Krngs November 8 Angry about the Krngsport de feat and hungry for vrctory the frghtrng V1k1ngs came back wrth a rush to avenge themselves on hapless Morrrs town 2812 November 15 V1rg1n1a was all set to hand Tennessee her frrst c1ty defeat rn seven years but the snow freezrng weather and the V1rg1n1a efforts comblned could not keep the Vrkmgs from wrndrng up therr best season rn years wrth a brrllrant 28 U vrctory Page '38 , XZ drew their f1fSt,B?q Five blosd of We port had carried off a thriller, 13-7. - CHARLEs NEAL, BUD CLARK, DAVID PARRIsR, FRANK THOMA STUART INGRAM, BILL SAYLEs, Eorasv Sozcrnorr, KAPI SMITH, SAM LEE, lULEt3 SMYTHE, MAC PHIPPS, CHARLEs HARRIs, 'NIMPY GRAY. Clfzfzny, QMAIIJQZZ ln spite of injuries, ineligibilities, and various other forrns of hard luck, the Viking ball squad carne through the l94l season with a tiny bit of black ink showing in the Out of the thirty-three garnes played, the boys won eighteen and lost fifteen. They l,O55 points against l,Ol6 for their opponents. , The season, however, was re- deemed frorn mediocrity by the brilliant basket-ball the Vikings displayed in their three-game series with Virginia High. The Virginians got off to a good start with a 26-30 victory in the first game of the series, but the 2.2" I Vikirggs carrie back with a 34- Sl win ll'l the second garne. Wherr the third and final Inatch carrie off, Virginia was forced to swallow a crushing Sf-22 defeat. This gave the vifllilfjjf cry Chartipicishic Q fes the C121 ffl '.'.'f'l'y'i fI.fI:' P1159 baske-tf ledger ran ug' JD I X R A .V ,. I , nl ff 7 lrff! T J .Y 'f -f-ff hy- ,J X , f I 1 f 1 . V AJ' . ,f ,ff ' M .iw . " -, ,JW V', .3 ' r V' . -2 X w,w ff W . ' s .r s if b, L4 P, " ,. 1 J ,, . f' .Lf-!tg ' D I bf! -. I . 1 1 U' , , f. .NX X f lil v J 1 1 J: lf, .72 . ff 1 l Ll K Je I1 J x 1 JV 1 r fy VI I vs Y J J! jfq I I J, V 4 if ,f J. lf ,V E if X,-ji J ,X ,f I f 1 w rr Y 6 AY K J! X LETTEILIMEN: :lf ' ' if 1 1 CHARLES npmms, guard' SAM LEE 1 1 Guard Cr-rAPgr:s NEAL, Ce Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec lan YYGI. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn 1 Mary I-luqh s Bluff Crfy Efnory Frosh Blounfvllle Blounfvllle Mary Hughes Knox Crfy CID CID CIN CIY1 an Feb Feb Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn SMITH and PARRISH lead attack aq amst Bradley County Erwrn Bradley County Elrzabefhfon Chattanooga Redlands Fla Knox Central Holsfon Valley Page 60 . 5 ,. . l7 e 22 I . lil . . 40 f , . 3l . 7 .32 ' 30 l . 17 . 7 -4l . 10 . 20 , 25 l . 24 . 32 ' 34 . l2 . 28 ' 15 l . 25 . 32 36 Dec. l4 Tenn. 23 Bluff City . 30 lan. 28 Tenn. 32 lOhT1SOH CNY f 27 . l7,, W .21 f ,ZU l . 3l,2,. .. .59 , . 34 . 192.22 .39 ,22 . lu, ., .32 27 . lO .21 ' .. . 29 . 4. ., .33 232 Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb. Feb. Q46 Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Kingsport Elizabethton Virginia Morristown Knox Central Knox City Chattanooga Bradley County Mosheim OZZOKWOO Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Feb. 28 Mar. 1 Mar. 4 Mar. 13 Totals Tenn. 46 Erwin Tenn. 65 Morristown Virginia Iobnson City Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. 34 Kingsport Tenn. 42 Holston Valley Tenn. 22 Sullivan Tenn. 39 Virginia 1055 34 31 NEAL PARRISH and SOLOMON strive to scalp the Indians Pagofl LETTERMEN Ali PA RI 32 32 31 36 44 36 24 20 1016 2 I IZ r' FI! C056 Off! Ianuary 10 The Knox Htgh Trolans handed the Vlkrngs the1r flrst maJor defeat 29 2l Ianuary 14 Karl Smlth led the Tennesseans over Erwln w1th 17 po1nts The score 40 31 Ianuary 17 The worst defeat 1n years was admmlstered the V1k1ngs by Bradley 4l 7 Ianuary 24 A f1eld goal IH the f1nal mrnutes gave Ellzabethton a 34 32 v1ctory Ianuary 25 The Chattanooga Central Purple V C Pounders outshot the VIKIHQS 36 32 Ianuary 28 Led by Neal the Vrkfngs beat lohnson Clty 32 27 llke profess1onals defeated the Knox Central Bobcats 32 27 February 4 The Vrklngs won a poorly play ed game from Holston Valley by a smgle pomt 33 32 February 7 Klngsport Won a hard fought game as Tennessee went down 36 3l February 10 Playlng 1n the dark hole of Calcutta the VIKIHQS were defeated by the V1rg1n1ans 26 30 February 12 The Morrrstown Hurrlcanes were blown 1nto defeat by the rangy Ten nesseans 44 31 February 12 Knox Central handed the Vrk rngs a bru1s1ng 27 17 defeat February 13 Blll Wr1ght G Co of Knox Hrgh defeated the Brlstol boys 45 22 February 14 Charlle Neal scorrng l7 polnts upset the hlghly touted Chattanooga Central qulntet 37 34 February 15 A f1eld goal rn the closmg sec onds gave Mosehetm a v1ctory over Coach Solomon s boys 36 34 February 18 Neal and Smythe d1v1d1ng 27 po1nts set a hot pace as Erwln was defeated 40 32 February 21 Tvlornstown was snowed under by th Vlklngs 65 32 February 22 The VIKIUQS evened the Crty Serres by defeat1ng V1rg1n1a H1gh 3431 Neal Harrrs and Solomon were hrgh potnt ers for the nlght February 25 The VIKIHQS deflmtely havrng an off nrght were defeated by lohnson Crty 31 36 February 28 Klngsport was a brt too good The score 44 34 March 1 Tennessee put the heat on Holston Valley w1th a brurslng defeat of 42 36 March 4 Commg from lo pomts behrnd the VIKIHQS fell 2 pornts short of a v1ctory and were elrrrunated ID the Dlstrrct Tournament by Sulllvan H1gh 24 22 March 13 Playlng thelr best game of the year the Vxkrngs took the c1ty champ1onsh1p from V1rg1n1a 39 20 Page 62 I A it z 0 ol V February 1-The Vikings, handling the ball ' , ' ' A 4 f 1 Q Top: A smash in volley-ball, KATHERINE MORTCN practices foul-pitching. Bottom: Ping pong doubles, basket-ball teams in action. Insert: Fnxwcss E, COMBE, Director of Girls' Physical Education, lim Cfewlldfleui Among the outstanding girls' sports at Tennessee High, and one in which all may com' pete, is the foul-pitching tournament. Leon Fleenor, a guard, placed first in this tournament, Gladys Coffey second, and Betsy Ferguson third. Other tournaments are held for the girls in volleyfball, ping pong, basket-ball, and baseball. This year the luniors won the laurels in both the basket-ball and volley-ball tournaments. For the first time in the history ot Tennessee High, one of our girls' basket-ball teams defeated the team from Virginia lntermont College in a practice game. Cther activities included in the athletics program for girls are iolk rhythms, tap- dancing, paddle badminton, deck tennis, and the minor sports of bowling and tinikoits. The department provides an active ana an inactive program so that all girls will be able tc participate in physical education without iniury to their health. Page O3 Top: Dams NEAL, Basket-ball Manager, GLADYS COEEEY, Foul Pitching Manager, BETSY FERGUSON explains funda- mentals of softball to Girls' Athletic Club, BETTY BELL Bunrtow and ANN BACHMAN, Ping Pong Managers, BETTY CAMPBELL, Volley-ball Manager. Bottom: lutiior Volley-ball Champs, MARY LEE LYNCH, Official Volley-lxall Referee, Senior Volleyrtiall Team, Runners' up in Tournament. C HJC 6 . lllffgefi Cf, This year there was formed in the Physical Education Department one of the new and outstanding clubs of Tennessee High the Girls' Athletic Club. This club fosters girls' participation in athletics, and organizes and manages all girls' intramural activities. The officers are: Betsy Ferguson, Presidentg Evelyn McClellan, Vice-President: Virginia Copping- er, Secretaryg and Gladys Coffey, Treasurer. The club membership numbers forty-five. The Girls' Athletic Club has helped to make this year one of the best in the history of girls' sports at Tennessee High. This club promises to take its place among the top-ranking organizations of B. T. H. S. Page 64 'I I . n X f,. 9 5 hi: xx 1, 1 , 1,5 , 'X . is 1 5 ' W , -'I 'qt Lf4f'V 5 -7 4v f ' 1 Z -,.f- : P-M .,, 6 iw: I .5,3,,,. Y o , .,,, f Aff ' ik , ' 3,1 I' 3 " In 'Au f A "fx 1 ' it V , H my , if 1 K V -R a2'+h25f,.'usv V I N 'A ,M Q,- , ' ' ' .M-su ,N ' xy ,n uf, Q , ' M' ,, ' 5 .,q c Y 3 3? lf mi 5 4 fl O i 01116 ZILLOZJ 6 !4ll0W -Ml FALL OFFICERS UP A TREE ,et ,ga '-2 SPRING OFFICERS GILLEY, LISANBY, SPICER, COFFEY. NANCY Kms COPPJNGEH, FAIDLEY, SPICER, K. SMITH 7492x6185 IS . . . ? GOOD FOR LUMBAGO MUSICAL MISSES I. BAHKER, KESTNER, B. MCEWEN ELEANOR EPPERSON IOIZNSTON, CALLWELL, DUTTQN 5 WE" YOU SAID IT, TAXPAYER TIME OUT A FRAME-UP PLUG '.,,,,. -v.. .f,. HF S...-Y 1 ,rf-Ed UAH, .r,:...:: f 7 , , Z 'Q-'AZ 2' 'H-t-'7A W!! HAV T 137 ll? karl ou HSA UD V 'li 4,0 ff s to 1,54 941 is "Z7rmtH' S 1 . 1 f .Hu ,LL wllttt V Mr Fouch IS expecttng a call any mo ment from Uncle Sam to Jotn the boys tn the cacky bntches Cra1g Alexander Mtddle ton Bockett Ill hopes someday to become a Unlted States senator ln the basketball game between the Boys H1Y and the Fac ulty Mr Eggers scored the tlrst two pomt Ben McEwen and Warren Slagle represented Tennessee Htgh 1D the annual band cl1n1c Ianuary 22 25 at Ltttle Bock Arkansas Ac cordtng to Cary Gray Dr L B Carrler has been acttvely engaged dunng the past few months tn research work on the horrtble dxs ease lugubntts A snake whtch Theodore Cardwell brought to school wtth htm escaped 1n As sembly MISS Owen hkes to stand at her classroom wtndow and watch stray dogs play1ng on the school lawn Dav1d Parnsh contracted a chrontc case of prnk eye from readtng the Pollce Gazette Don Stlckley s h1tch h1k1ng tr1p to the Sugar Bowl game ended at Johnson C1ty B1lly Turner loe Combs and Albert Klng represented Tennes see Hlgh at Volunteer Boys State last year Iules Smythe Herbert B1ordan Robert Boyd Lyle lones and Iohn Whtte wtll go th1s year Alva Sp1cer chnstened a tlagsh1p of the Pennsylvama Central A1rl1nes at the Tr1C1ty Alrport Doctor Bob Mauk ts worktng tor h1s M A rn Mr Sadlers Enghsh hterature class Ben McEwen plays hrst trumpet tn Erman Vtck s orchestra B1lly Turner was trombone sololst 1n the Peabody Cl1n1c Band last sum mer Mr Sadler goes ID tor av1at1on Mtss Fortune and Mtss Baxter are enthus1ast1c bowlers Mr Gtllmgham sells lnsurance Mary Frances Thompson and Henry Barker are the youngest Sentors Two members ot the class ot l94O Kathryn Htll and Ann Spar gur are engaged Claudtne Herron and Nell Blackley are marned Rebecca Ltsanby doesnt hke to be called Goldte Buddy Wtlhams and George Fletcher asptre to be come arttsts Evamay Furse caught a baby shark at Folly Beach S C last summer Bobert Boyd a bar1tone sang tenor tn Once m cx Blue Moon Marthtna De Frtece former Tennessee Htgh scholar now boards at Sulllns lean Dutton and Dons Mauk have never been ktssed C75 Pat Bepass doesnt l1ke g1rls but they get along all rtght wrth htm Wayne McDonald and Evamay Furse curled the1r eyelashes IH the drsplay w1ndow ot Home Furn1ture Company Nancy Krng sold a B T H S stlcker for a meal t1cket Charles McEwen and Sam Beard are announcers for WOPI Iules Smythe drew the carlcatures tn the front and back ot th1s CADMEA Stx dtt ferent people wrote the matenal on thts F3099 Page 68 f' . n I 4 -N , X, X f I :l' A x ' gs-,J Y: ni 5 43, I R T- X i- 1 ll X 'f A ki S 0 1 c - 1 ' :f ' X xxx . , Vu' f 7 , . W 1 R J -as V ' 'Vx 7 " 6 X' .0 l , . X I V X x -l.n,,.f I ,Q X 4 S 0 f N N I 0 2 4,1 ig" X f t' N f I A my -Ill xt ' -' - - 5.-' s T I - n . . I J. Ac X!QA0fC?fCllIL 1 UIIIIUJJCZ V l7A 'J I "Hello, folks! This is your CADMEA photographer talk- in'. You know, the other night as I was looking over the snapshots l have taken this year, the thought hit me that you might like to see them too: and that you might even like to hear the So here 'tis . . "Well, when we came back to our beauti- ful school last September, one of the first things of importance was the dedication of a big flag and flagpole by the lunior Civi- tans. Soon after that, we got lockers, as- sembly programs began, and things really started going." story behind themG "Our best football season in the last decade started off in a big way with pep meetings and sch lxspirit drives. Band stu- dents starte ing ind'vi al lessons, and the band SCI ole reg us up proud on ear." ' 'WE "As the year progressed, we had every imaginable type of entertainment presented in assembly, some educational, some merely entertainment." 3 'Pies Page 69 Win. "You know, we claim to have one of the best educational systems in the state. Some of my snaps should go a long way in proving that claim." "Our Diversified Occupations program was first initiated into Tennessee High three years ago. l believe that this department has made more progress this year than ever before. The D. O. courses afford students the opportunity of working in the field they will probably choose later, and, at the same time, they receive credit toward graduation. D. O. students take two subjects and their work is counted as two others. "Diversified Occupations students work in practically every line. Tennessee High stu- 2 dents mend ailing cars, manufacture cloth' ing, practice secretarial work, and even go in for radio engineering." "The buzz of sewing machines and the crashes of cooking utensils divert our at- tention to the Home Economics department where Tennessee High girls learn how to be- come good wives." Page 7U i 'Crashl Rip! Bang, bangl Noises such as these draw our attention to the wood- working shop, where boys learn how to create objects of beauty from wood. Courses in mechanical drawing and shop are open to all students, but, as a rule, the boys are dominant in these classes." "At the middle of the year when every organization was in full swing, the music department presented the band, choir, and orchestra a Joint concert. On the night of December l3, the 55-piece choir rendered Christmas music. lnterspersed with the choral music was the playing of stirring marches and overtures by the EO-piece Ten- nessee High Band." Page 7l "Most of the rest ot my snaps are class pictures. The braver Seniors found out that they Weren't so brave after all when they started Chemistry and physics. Students whose intellectual tendency lies in a scien- tific line receive upvto-date training and in- struction in modern, welleguipped labora- toriesf' ln vacant per ods students have the opportun1ty of usrnq a hbrary well equlpped Wtth reference books and popular mag az1nes ln Latln classes we studted arannnar and read of the explol s of the For tan heroes ln the BUSINESS D to study French and Spanlsh ln econonncs Class they study government and tlnance Well thats Just about all ot rny snap shots folks Every tlrne l turn throuqh thent partment Tenne see Hugh students recerve mstructton rn typ1nq book keepma and short hand ln another sectlon ot the lang uaqe department students are able l becorne more consc1ous than ever before of the physlcal and 1ncorporeal beauty ot that 1nst1tut1on tor learnrnq we call Tennes see l-hah School Do you? Page 72 KING COLLEGE BRISTOL TENNESSEE VIRGINIA An Excellent Four Year Semor College wxth Hundreds of Alumm ln Bnstol CATALOG ON REQUEST DEAR DIARY Sept 9 Halt the studens reported the other half must have forgotten they ever went to school Sept 16 The Grrls I-I1 Y held rts frrst meetmq watch out for us later Sept 17 Lockers were fmally qrven out Uqh' Sept 11 Classes really got under way today but we are st1ll chanqrnq our schedules Sept 12 The Iumor Crvl ans dedrcated a brq flag pole and flag to the school thls mormnq Thanks we appreclate rt' Sept 13 The Senrors were vrsrtecl by thexr second maqazlne salesman I wonder why Charles P lrkes them? Sept 18 Dont you thrnlc Dot Palr wears the snap PIGSI clothes to school? Sept I9 More new qrrlsl Have you se n Betty and Adrl nne de Bord and Dorothy Ashburnef? Sept 20 By be-atrnq Erwrn 196 Tennessee I-Irqh reached a new level and so dxd Eleanor s skrrt RALPH'S CON FECTIONERY MTE Insure In Sure Corner State Street and Penn Avenue Insux-Gnce Ptalphs Better Popcorn ROBERT M EASLEY FIRE LIFE CASUALTY Un1on Trust Bulldrnq Page 73 0 0 C I y I 1 L y 9 A I 4 S 5 s Q 4 . O . - - I I Whdt anlonq wait we hed. V D ' I A O VIRGINIA INTERMONT AN ENDOWED JUNIOR COLLEGE f I fx l IS V C If STANDARD COURSES fri v O lllNfl 1e11e111l Culurcll C s Q, r 11 ref J r Qs p Illll 1 s11er1u 111 GI N yflrs 1n colleqr Home Econormrs 4 Busrhess cmd Serreturrol Courses 5 A 111e on A11l1cd Art lllClUdll'lCj Costum Desmn llll IIOY DQFOICIIOII drrd CllllIG PO1r111r1q 6 Speech and Drflmcxtrc A11 1 Phys1Ol F"lUFCIllOIl 8 1 usrr P10110 OrCmr1 V rce V1OllIl Theory 9 l-lqh S1'hOOl 1115 11 1 U y 1 1 1 L F se dc l111f1 rzllffry SW1llll 1111 1f11111s trmk l1111111l111q vollrv 111 1O1111l11l new Ddy Students S mol Cuflllfil l lllfllllfl 1'1111s1111c11 l 1940 COIITCIIIIS y lf1l'1'r cmd powder rooms lmqe rlulv mom Wltll kr1o11y pmrf 1'7Gll'1llllG peqfled 1lOO1 lczrqrw stone l11f11lO1'O Gnd 1'f1111fOr1f1l1l1 f111111sl1111qs For Cataloque cmd Full Inlormahon Apply to H C1 NOFFHNGVR Prcsrdcr VIllC,lNlA INTEHMONT COLLEGE Bnstol V11q1111c1 Sept Sept Sep1 2 V11 111C 2 lt 1G111ed DEAR DIARY f fvrrs s111 O11 F110 all day S1 JIS v 130 kA1ll1flFA1v1g 111 W 1 111 lf Yflp O 1 N' ss Ollll l1 s Il ll M1113 1 mfs 111 fl '1l1lf1s11Or11 u 1 l e G pretty lcrroe 0 B 1' llllS FIF TY TWO YEARS OLD YET YOUNG IN IDEAS ll hte beqms dt 40 we ve O twelve yecrr Jump OH lrle cmd fOr thOse younq fOllcs who Wdht thmqs younq We ve the l1VGlIGSl lOsh1Or1s fOr youhq l1fe FOI thouqh we ve served fOur qeherd t1Ohs cmd hdve ctttdmed Our Golden Ahmversdry, We Ore en t1rely m tune wlth the llves cmd needs Of the younqer fOlk cmd Our stocks Ore frlled Wrth lOsh1Ohs expressly fOr them THE H. P. KING COMPANY Page 74 f1c'1'1111l11f1fl l y the S'f.11l1f'111 ASSO '1f111f111 111 Cuilffqes 1' llfl dll '11l11'1 UQ' 11f'1f s tlifx' f,:1j'1 1" kllllfl rffllffq -S, 1111'l11fi111q the U1 1'Jf Ill' ff thf 31:12 11 New W wrk. l. ClGSSl' l 1 Jrfyefzr 1" 'uses f1f11:111'l1111 '11 l?l!llCl '1'e111 111 3fTlll',l f",llf-,es 1115 U 1. 55611-Q. 2. C' I 1 . icu1.ies 1l'1c1fl1 fl. 731' el in th e not lf ll Q 'O ' , ' Ore th 1 1' L ff ' J. fi. 1 - ' , 5. , ' , Q ,, , ' . . rt. F' d V1 H A ' 1, G , ' , e ' , fl ' l ' . . ' .- ' . W. C ,L . ' . ,, NG ,,: ' 1, , O , , . . i S111 ,' I1 ev f1 y s:111lf-1111 A1 11141 , l111sk -1-1111ll, hell lull, qy11111dstiss, hockey, mr. els, lc 111' , ' , ' 111 ,, 1 5, ' ' , 3-l ll. B A ' . -, .O ' ,v , wx' ' V , ' ' '-1 111 , ' ' stud 11111111, 1 ' , , I . ' , I 4, , , , L. . . . 'L , 11' 1 21, . . . . . 4 71 l l fllll lllkfll 1'l111111l 1111101111111 111111yy Sep . 'f V , 111 ' 1 1-15 1111 ls 11y. ll11vr1 ll Vlfllll Over swfll. I1 1 , 3 aus 111 hy 1l1f1 .ll Vim lmlqll YU llmfls 5 ASW? fvllll . I Y CI. ll" . " '1 gl yOu CO 1'Lll 18 lc111y " 1- r 2' ' .f . . M S 1' ' . 1. . 5 1 A su 011. ' 26 H'Hm'm' Vl' lf 'l :Ulm G"""l' lll' l' SV' Oct. 3 l.'.'1 l11111 1'Xl l11s11,11s lil 1111, Jlllf lrlll 1l11l' 1'.fl111t 1111 IIYW sf'l11111l lcfwl-cs l1l:1. wwf-11'1 11- 111l',' l1f11l O1 1-l111'11vf fi-11ffuql1. - I I 11 . . 11 1 . . , ' . . . . 11 11 1 . . I . . 1 A WORD TO SENIORS Many of you are aornq out rnto lrfe Some of you are entermg college Regardless of Whlch al ways remember that you are Judaecl by your ap pearance and nothrna ards your appearance more than clean Clothes LAUNDRY r y DRY CLEANING The Smart Well Dressed Man rs Outfrtlecl ReMINE GOBBLE Inc Paramount Burldrnq DEAR DIARY 4Aw ts O I1 It dealt v I o 7 An h r Bu Monday a C 1 ma 9 Sr lla ss UI IIOW 10 qrtf lfra 15 FIELD S STUDIO BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS Brrstol Tennessee Complrm nts of THE LITTLE STORE 6 8 IO PENN AVE Where Brrstol Saves LEARN IT RIGHT Bnstol Commerclal College Bnstol Tenn Pa rf 75 Q I - I - . I . Ocl. onclerful pep meeting, but I, C. hea u ci. 'We had a nice assernhly prcqr rn I I f 196- , utr 'he early hlsf ry of Tennessee, O t. rt , " I , " I 'H'-Y . , , , , C I D P U L moc Oct. 14 Grrls H1-Y neqrns inniation today. v I I Oct. Heard er iors wi h ve "I. Q." is I io- fri I ul lfo.i1 brochures we wzll sf-e 'ornnrrfw o . I H OCI. Nw Svlxffwl. Yigfyvf-Y OCR. Ilwrrrs ancl hours of Senior 'I. O. 'f'S1:. ' e I of ,, . ,, Conaratulatrons and Best Wrshes tor Your Future DUTTON 6. DUTTON General Contractors WHEN ITS TO BE BUILT OR REMODELED Call 1337W SHELBY STREET BRISTOL TENN R I Mottern Best Wrshes to the Senrors Conqratula tons to Senrors ot 4l Comrnrssroner ot Streets and For a Success George W Vance Publlc Property CQlVllVIlSSlONEB OE ElNANLE DEAR DIARY 16 c IB o o ce t rr lass tt cers o an eu L sem ly 23 w 1 so B port ards Oc 24 Toc a 25 to Knoxvrlle wzth tear Plcrrda ame 30 K D C es t e Lhor s Complrrnents ot BALL BROTHERS Inc F U R N I T U R E Furrow Electric Co Modern Methods of Safe Electrrc Wrrrna and Correct Llahttna Kelvrnator Betrraerators Electrrc Banqes EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL 408 State St Phone 162 McChesney :Sf Lester IEWELEBS Grits for Graduatron Page 76 , . . . 1, . 1 t . Z I wv-w Od. It is Smd H101 "anyone can ltlow it out" t. lay Miss Smith said, "Alt, Cltlistm s lt s come at last." O I' Tum rs mug du d he. C O i ' ' Oct. Band Went ' ' rr. The class COIOIS, H1011 , d Yhf' ClGSS 43119911 iw GS' team and band stayed until Saturday to see U. T.- Oct. . Robertson, I. utton, and f. Crawford ' 1 --' '. I ' l V . , Od- Thin B445 H Y fffflftmfsft G dull m A101 Went to Krroxvrlletlusrrrorrrrrrg to repr err Trlrlessee 't rr lnstitute today. e c . Hiqlx trr the All East Tennessee I u . I I H .1 , . You Are Alwoys Welcome AT MINOR S EYE IT TRY IT BUY IT 1 CHEVROLET MCCLURE MOTORS DEAR DIARY vlY s col ov r 'P W1 1 xut th V 4 1 I qome OV ll ,I VSD kww 1 Wt 1 t ltt ff Wy? qlst Comphmems of KINGSPORT OFFICE SUPPLY co OFFICE EQUIPMENT HOLSTON SMALL Mochmes cmd Supplles LOAN CO Kmqsport Termesse Our Motto Alwoys the Best BRISTOL FLORAL COMPANY 534 STATE STREET BR1sToL Forge 77 I If 5 , . . . . No . - igvyzel Out of chool 4 ' teachers meet- N . 8 'Ne lteot Mor istown -8-12, The new merr inf? A Knmxvlllg- liers of the G. H'-Y had to dress up and I 41 foot , , , race o .e ,. N0 . The Boys HfY goes on CI hay-11:,le to- , night, Oliflxlm, l cfm feel thot hay rominq throuqh. A N H N . A dellqhtful Arnuswwe Du' Pwqmm Wu No , O YUM UO hw Mumtiou cmd VUIQNCQ is presemecl. General ltovlfvll wfxs our lxstirlquislaefl fxl oi out? A to 'nven er te stu any CI . Ie! . ' e , , . H If N f' 1 MOORES MANUFACTURING COMPANY Potato Chlps Peanuts Popcorn Peanut Butter Sanotwlches Canales BUNTING S DRUG STORE Canfhes Soda Koaaks Fllms and Ptmshma Nov 14 DEAR DIARY Nov 15 Builders Of Good Romm ooNaRATU1 ATES Cmtxzemshtp 69-Q32 KW? Q LX QQ P 'NA 9 BRISTOL CIVITAN CLUB The Class of 1941 BRISTOL OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Cttlce Supphes and Eautpment All Makes oi Typewnters Rebullt Overhaul d cmd Repcn ed Moore Street Brtetol Vlramla Phone 700 Pane 74 I I I I I I . . . . Nov. 13 'mxcttlty Ixfsttllltrfl cud Karl Sunil. tfotl. . Vftmrzt :clay fart 'ttallf Stxfzvf T19 'JIVII' um to :wt tc? with :wif tt-1.1-S -'H 'th' licwtlt SV-V5 471 flerfnll! 'x'Uw tfGfIiVIIC11ll1fI timlt Q9 U. 'H A: frlo.. Nov. 18 Yftlf l1avf1:ft xefriverel from 'lf tt'-Ftrs 'v' . 1 . . . M- 4' - -,. , .' . .lla ,tm - 5 .melt Xofu a.a 111111 Iam . , A I 4 'I' Q ' L' P L of THD ff t FYNIVIY mfztti, O11 what fi ,rt -I In 1 IItIYf'1I'F of 'Hur' ,mt ,' hum t1'fdrob:1dff wth hy- ttl MII' 'ui t. JV? ll n n A n Il ,J r -I r-. 0 N M fx E r If . f . Qt It 'J 5. , . . , 3 I I I A I " , J O I M BARR SERVICE STATION Atlus TIIQS ond Bottenes Phone 21241 Elqhth ond Shelby SHANKEL MILLING CO Bnstol Vo Cornphments of FAUCETTE COMPANY Flour Meal and Feed Nov 19 Tomor ows the los doy to ge your on nuol before th democrotrc: Thonksqlvmq entertomrd by the U p Rrver Iuhn e Smqers from Chlcoqo DEAR DIARY Nov 25 Pew' Vtfho has rotten eqqs for S3119 You con smell them now rf you qo neorr the lab ment A qreot d1soppo1ntment to the Semors Nov 29 Thot coke walk m Home EC was the herrtes wasnt rt Noncy Pyle 'NVe even qot e coke CAMEO and COLUMBIA THEATRES We W1sh for You Success ond Hopptness Throuqh the Years to Come Poqe 79 . . . I Nov. 20 In ossemhly this rnorninq we were royolly Nov. 27 -The Iuniors won the volley-hall tourno- . I 3 . , . DQ' . , MQ, . . U I V . ' , ' ' , ,. th AHEAD AT TI-IE FCCT Wa IX Dervort s snmrsmss OUALITYSHUES Pnnvsuvftrrfn Smart Styles Cuality Shoes Properly Fittecl Com liments of PararnountBuild1nq Bristol Tennessee I3 GIBSON CANDY COMPANY E CCNP CTICNERS BRISTCL VA TENN DEAR DIARY c C hapyydy ll Dec 6 7 L Dec 5 c cr W I BOLLING MOTOR CO Courtesy ot Geeefel Reeelfe Tune ue BLEVINS FUNERAL HOME ancl lanitiori Service PCR BCCM ECCNCMY VALUE STEPUPTC Forcl Mercury Lincoln Zephyr STATES MOTOR COMPANY Page 80 ll ll Q I - - P M - - I I , .' . De . 4 Report cards again, h . J a ! viss . f The lunior Class introduced the characters Smith is qoinq to teach us Chemistry with a Jiq- in their play, "Vt hat A ite." Then the Speech saw puzzle, Club presented their "Personality Parade," . Vtfarren may he seen in his uniform today, De . 10 lust l3 more shoppin days until that rnan lil-I l inf-:nn his lttrnnl unilorrn. rotates rrrtfuntl. . . . I - I I IAMES M BARKER IR Flre and Automoblle Insurance BRISTOL VA TENN STONE LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 5 l 34 Thlrd Street Dec Dec Dec DEAR DIARY C5 I ppaen c 18 t ut Frday s ers y to m ha Dec 17 The Glee Cl b ente tam d us thus rn nq l c IB CH lk s xlxlma Nhlma dates t 0 sa m I H ame m9 Complnnents of Cornphrnents at BASSETT S DAIRY f Qflwcra STORE PRODUCTS Nlnth and State Sts Complnnents at PARAMOUN T AND STATE THEATRES Pa ge Sl . 1 - . 11 Notlnn .ua a ed. De . -lust hinkl Schools 0 1 . . 12 lt wa p anall told e "1 lane . -- u r 'e ' me i Kall Snnth acesnt date anymore", at any rate col- on the assembly program. lege air S. De . . arles i e 'A' p " Billy lan . 13 PIl'lLI1-' the Thixtfverlllt. Neil I y ore? whe e does C, . C ' , I 1 'C . MOORE EARHART COMPANY ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT AND LUGGAGE Ouliltle s of School ond College Tecm s C47 STATE STREET BRISTOL VA BUY Compllmems of H E C H T S BRISTOL Doon 5. LUMBER Co lime Bread cmd Colces Phone 1010 DEAR DIARY Dec Tl C. an 9 l mr mm to lv TCSS1 BUS 10 hls o I 9 QYQI I S an an ear od school om Al s Iualllwmr ' BETTER CLEANING H N W the Beouiy of Your Gor ments our olemmq Methods Wm Do It COmDl1me1'11S Of HOME DRY CLEANERS HOTEL BRISTOL HATTERS CLEANERS DYERS Bflslol VO Tem Phone 1704 I6 Front St Bustol VCI Comp-lxmems of HUFF COOK FUNERAL HOME Inc Pol? 82 Il T I - - - - I 5 I I . . . . . . 20 IG Guls' ond Boys' H1-Y lui jam! 'sscazxx I . Two desi lull-is, 2 iflulcwls, l 1311155 flelrwxy nly. II was CI Cl is scene, It is soid IICIVVP 'ulle I acid lo'llf- All of thc: cmfl mm, rxzlcfm ir been oxie of the most Jig. f 'v-- scenes given 1:1 we Clmeznisfxy closs. ' ol. - R - I . T was realy o cl y cz llul nays. I.. I. I , 5,13 1 Sq ' l EEN Kms hc imd Sullms qlrls W Il our H ld Z, lOlQ'llpIl Whom To '30 my lGIl"'3l- Ian. 13 I 'LVZIIICY vliy Lfr. Sadler is qiwxzq Jo' n -M ,S logde 0 ' X5lIlJUII1f'I lmxts on Lili wmv, coulfl slmf- TI illfj . I 1 ' 1 ' ., po 11. ' to gel Iilfllllod? 9 9 ' I .' , A , -' 3- . , . - I , f. e SULLINS COLLEGE Is fully accredlted and offers best advantages rn preparatlon or Untversrty or for Remuneratrve pos1t1ons The advantages 1n Muslc Art Expresston DTGTHGIICS I-Iorne Econormcs and Secretarral Course are 1n keeplng Wlth the l'11ql'1 l1terary standards Confer W1th us at Sullrns College for rntorma t1on 1n reference to any courses deslred W E MARTIN Pres1dent Ian 14 Nancy Kng and Davd Masenqll st1ll DEAR DIARY an I hop e eryot rs do ng the-lr ast m1n un 22 Exans lun 16 If Cha les P IS gomg to blame somethtng on a grrl he had better not be 1n MISS Owens pr s nce she says thats what Adam d1a t Eve an 23 Exams' Ian 24 Exams A Good Place To Buy D G M Sportrng Goods RCA Radlos Garden Seed HOLSTON HARDWARE COMPANY IZO STATE STREET BRISTOL KELLY AND GREEN Comphmems of 514 Cumberland St Otter You COX WHOLESALE CO The World S Fmest Snapshots Inslst Upon S1lverglo Process Dated Snapshots Page 83 I I I I . . , . . - 'i i i ' I . 21 e v re ' i ' l ' Seem happy Cham the Whore thing. me cramming. It might come in handy. I . r I . I . ' ' ' - v ' I I . . e e 5 " ' ' ' o ." . l . . ' , U . H TI-IINK IT OVER' Your Best Investrnent Next to Educatron Is Your Personal Appearance We Can Help You W1th the Latter BLAKELY MITCHELL COMPANY Comphrnents ot D FURNITURE STORES 607 609 State Street Brrstol 7 Furnrture of Endurrng Quahty For Inv1s1IoIe I'IaItSoI1ng and Shoe Renewrng Take Your Shoes To BOSTON SHOE SHOP ate St BrrstoI Tenn Oppostte Cameo Theatre Phone 1768 DEAR DIARY Ian 27 Report cards cam for the thrrd trme today a we g t to ke y rem tx Ian 30 WeII WOII A Kuta Odrtor ot th IVIAROCN AND WHIIE and B Turf er edrtor ci the CADIVIEA are rn the sarn Eng ISI Fr ugh Algehra and Chem zstrv cIasses Ian 31 The Iunro C-'rv tan Clu certarnIy ,hd have a Iurherous 1 rograln alan t they? VVeII rsnt that wr t we go to sch I r an JwayV Feb 3 'We rnade hydrogen sulphrae m I day' Gtve me fresh an or gzve rn deah Gag 5159 Feb 5 Have you notrced those nrce brg d Irctous deIec aot wrnks Xan has been passrng C N ncy s d1rec1on7 Feb 6 Tohac o aclvertrsernent rn as emhIy Fred Warmg and PennsyIvan1ans unpressed me rn s N 1 th rr pnshbutton program Cornphments ot IF YOU NEED THEM 6009 ADVICE RUTHERFORD FREIGHT LINES IF You DONT EH J L MQGQQD evmmrmsv Incorporated yu Glunol I I d F cd WM "' Bnrsror TENN VA I 532 late S! Pl1one5 Brzslwl 'lbnh EDGEMONT SERVICE STATION Phone I298 BRISTOL TENNESSEL Page 84 , ' U2 St . ' , - lf ' I v ll . e . ' ' . . " ' ah to- nd , e .ew XI , . 'NI A. ' , ,, , ' ' 9 :N ' A . , , . . ' A, . 4 e I , e 1, 1-V S, - , - - t "e ' I ' M ,II in . ., ' 1 I I il ' f' . -- . C ' ' s ., '. I ' it 'I' '- 4, , ' ' I 4 ' ' o!'1tI ta cor L j I. e " ' ' It s o 0 ll I ,, ...,. - ' ,I E 13, I SHELBY HILLS CEMETERY The Madern and Perpetually Kept Memorlal Park Camphmehts Of PIANOS H D CONNELLY Band lnstruments Sheet Muslc ESSO STATIONS Bmol VG 'fem MCCLISTER Music CO h DEAR DIARY QC! Q I St dy q Ha IJ U20 e 3 We Sell WCIYICIIGI Shoes TOT The Enhre Famlly COfTPl1m'5'mS Of BRISTOL HOME TRADE STORE PIGGLY WIGGLY MAPUQN COWAN Manaq r Campllrnents Of APPALACHIAN HARDWCOD CASKET COMPANY BRISTGL T NNESSEE Page 85 . . , .' . . . . . Feb. 7 Mr. E ers announced That we mi h aei Feb. 12 lf Emma Harnnck is qoincg to lc t Inovlnq p1C'UIC marthine so we can have Our iv H1 Fourth . u Hall and disturb us, why d t Shows, she talk liufl enough for us XO he-ar hm? - 4 Q O- me gf, , , , , Feb. 10 Vu una 1 h eat us O - ln .,csket.,.1ll. F b. 1 Miss Smith and kdm Furry, SOD, ti But, remember dearie, Them is more tO come and rim qomq to TA Som? Chfmqps mach? twig, Owl . . 2 , . O ,- V- , L IOE LIPPO V1s1t Our Modern Pountarn Home Made lce Cream and Luncheonette and Pop Corn ROSES 5 10 25c STORES WON T YOU HAV A TAMPA The Largest Selhna Craar rn the South COWAN BROS DEAR DIARY Feb 14 Vrrqmra Rosalmd Copplnqer got Charles Orlando P ters for her Valentme today Feb 17 Nancy I and Brll N Went to the Mauonet ter Show today N Nancy has another far y s ory she can tell Feb 18 Grrls I-'1Y had charge ol chapel toaay Feb 21 The Alchenust Club had the program to thrs momma It was a play whrch qa G us som lr lt on the su ec Fe 22 Oh 34 'tl Feb 25 he chapel today sse ly orn rro r 7 C a del qhtiul ass proqr n s JGGI e enae We beat Vrrc na I l'ns on Cald well Du ton tr o sang D B Ryland 6. Co IEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES Moncler s Grocery GROCERIES MEATS Corner of Woodlawn and Edaernont Free Dellvery Phone 59 Cornplrrnents of Uncle Sam s Loan Ofhce Io Mane Beauty Shop Superror Work a Speoralty General Shelby Hotel Phone ll43 Kmg Rogers GROCERIES MEATS BY A FRIEND Phone 33 900 Frith Street Page 86 I . . . . . ' ,,,- '1 " - " ' b. -- , v Al 'iii H H 9 . U -W U ' E V ' A ' I ' . -HT o . t . - x - t ' rn . ow 'r 1 , ' ' A-, r ,b Feb. 27--Vtfe had anofher picture today. Eu! no 1 V a .rnb tl o W. . r ' ' . ' V. e Mc . The Girl S outs gave i ernbly 91 L5 7- ar . I I . . . I 1 Cornphrnents of Pledmont Servlce Statxon Smlth Floral Co Inc 714 State St Br1stoI Tenn SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Phone 523 Member ETD GIDSOII EIectr1c Ranges and Refrlqerators GOOD HARDWARE Mltchell Powers Hardware Co 880 CS1xty Years ot SQYVICGJ 940 Comphrnents of The Brlstol Grocery Co Inc Bnstol Va OCKET EALTT COMPANY Real Estate Rents Insurance I7 E1tth St Phone 298 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Dlckey Investment Company ERNEST H DICKEY PHONE 90 8V2 Front Street Br1stoI Va Tenn DEAR DIARY Mar 14 Glee Club ard Oper tta odav Ther were nany people out tomqht to th Oper tta Mar 21 Th Sta Ga ers are here aqam' It was the Astronomy Club domq th 1r hlt to rta1n us Mar 28 Maroon and Whzte had ass mbIy We do w1sh you wo Id teII us who Snoopy 15 rt dtd th r wouId t be any mo e snoopmq Arl r4 Apr 10 Apr 15 So Iona My hoe s unt1ed N It 1snt C rn rc: aI CI J qoodl kr q secretary? S hool d1sm1ss d I E t Th CADMEA for I94I IS rg Dear D1ary omg pr Comphments of Robmette Servlce Stahon SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Comphrnents of Watts Bakery Cornphments of Comphments ot S H Kress 6 Co SchooI Morton and Phipps Grocery Where SchoIast1c Ouahty Supphes Are SoId Typewrzter Sales 6 Servlce Co COmp11m nts Of ExcIus1ve ROYAL Representatlve W T Grant Co Phone 746 34 Moore St R L FLEENOR Mqr 44 Stat St Br1stoI Tenn Page 87 .1 . . , .-Va. , , , H H ., . . ' a 1 . . 1 I - ' ' , .' . . . e t A. e p. s i ' . o' ' '. ApriIEooII 1 ' e e . , , Ap. om e I ut had assernbIy. Hum-nxt Mar. 18 Boys H1-Y had chapet, . Need a - oo n . . ff- e " r- z " ' . ' e' ' ente ' . . c ' ' e or as er. . ' e . . . . e to ess. ' u 7 you .. , ' e e n' r ' I . . . . . . , H . ,I . . . I 9 . . . 8 e . ' , . . Mnududf ea? 600 A HE BUILDING OE A SUPERIOR YPARBOOIC REQUIRES THE CLOSEST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF THE PHOTOGRAPHER THE ENGRAVER AND THE PRINTER OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OE EYPER IENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COM PLETE SERVICE IE YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTANDING YEAR BOOK LET US HELP YOU OUR EX PERT SERVICE WILL MINIMIZE MANY OE YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS E NG COMPA nqrcx oocb Plge E8 KING PRINTI NY vers B I inders STOL TENNESSEE Autographs Autographs .,l ' , ,aw17f'sf'-.7 . F h .., V fi:5f'2i::fI.,Q. V.. rr It -.gj,,. ffl 1- 1 A l -1323, A Q., 'WJ 1.---igaaf' 'S:. ' "ff 13 '7' , 57152 ' 'f Zz,-nf, . ., I. ,559-. Li, 1-. J'fff5'7'li! 1 ami . H H-- W -Q: s f x " 1482-. P , V n-:a.2m'v91I' x sf., gf A x FX, gn, f N 3 F K ? ' y ff ' 1. 1' 5' 7 Q L ' , - a t . X 3 as . .,, TW fx 1' Ty lr 4' 0 ' X 1 R . ' ' . f i FE .1 J' 1 5113 Ax KL' 1 Zia -H Af XW M if 'aiC1?i'rU1'fff Q Q my xxiwi if C f f 5,5 XV W ff ,QAM KW ayx U XX, A y W. ffj s+ ff' ' Wg ,""Z' if r 'T Wr A 6-E' NX ,-vw 'E X 1 N 71 W 50 I""'jZZ7 W y X ff X I 5 , A f SJ 'fi f T353 if NJW2 ar mu WNSIIH k N .mf ,f I X .NN rl f 'wi 2 W D A' - l .U, U . 'VU A , f ,- il -U ,A X , I hx.. J 3 K f f fl IQ- n"Al,l" ', I 'W KW 1 , fa 'f , 1 ,. K' 5 ' " A . v .-8.5. , 5 ll Xb I f G lm A' is x , Xl 'rf' -pkg WY V 4 lu fpl ll K Q. qi ,. W.. ..,f f!A vu . 1 ,I x 1 I X, Q Qi? I f, l' " vm I 'L ' gif 7 k' mu 'Q W' I I M W 1 ri' ' X if JF" X 4 453. 0 " ' "jf fl 7' " EL if 'N. ' . fx, f 'f ' M J, X , ,., 'f 1 1. mg" -I 4 px: .r:Ls,5,, ' ,f - f s, 4, Amr' . V V pig!!! 'Z I X at i Ml. xf A g W' " gf' - P... hx? . K I - ' 'Hp lx 2 W2 .. ' N j 1 H--WN, 5 xx. 5 V I' X 41- . X V. ll l',, X - "'- S pf X , . . ' H xt , , ' ---+1-H ff!!! I 'Q ' 'I' X V ' 'V I. X f If Q - X Q X 7 f X I- V ff ' .-'UZ' - f ff , N -1"-44.15 .f ff , lr ' ,ff X X If fi "fx -' K.. 1 f f I yifi I yy X 41? 1-Xiu! Aff - ff ,f 2 WW! ,Z FFVLQJI' '. M? ' 2 ' 4' . ., ,I j :Q -' Y-:xl ' ffl' '. ,Q 'Y ,,'. X 5 ga 'r-'. ,, V ' ' , f ,a " 1 X 1 4 f' ' . f. . '- ' f r la C' Qs' f 'uf' ' 'H 4 ff X ff . . v, u f x '- .N 2. f I 5 . X754 1 4' 3 ur . 1. , X N, I , s 9, 1 Y If 'YQ : "S: 4 If J 'V 'A l 'N V! lf! -Af lj, ff 5 5 , J - ' I fl I, ', . 'Rx I' , . - 1 fi. Jig +- X! -1,1 , I . YV 4 , , , , -, f ' I fl, XX If -.-..'. 'X X A I Vvv, , , "J :ik -. -' ,Qfdfyfiz ".,,:',f Q , ' .f""f ' '- ' , ' I "5""I'fN . 7. "iff + R H. J? - " WN H" " ,QQ 2 ' fi' 0 Q .: H 12' .W .:f'Qf X xx X, 'Ti ' 4, -is WZ X ' ' 'ff-ff. M N .X xxx: 1 t, iv ,lf If G I ' i X1 , A -1 bl' T V , I A Y N . 'I ' X5 ,-.IL-'f' ' I 5

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