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1801 North Broad Street | Philadelphia, PA 19122 | Copyright 2011 | Enrollment 27,197 | August 2010-May 2011 VOLUME 87 002 Contents ■ a Contents 003004 OpeningOpening 005From the first day we set foot on campus, to when we finally walk down the aisle to collect our diplomas, we are often consumed with thinking about the big picture. Am I taking the right classes for what I want to do? What am I going to do when I graduate? While it is important to look at things from a greater perspective, it is just as important to look more closely at what we are trying to accomplish. It is then that we can see these large tasks are easily achieved by breaking them down into smaller pieces. In the words of Bob Dylan, "What looks large from a distance, close up is never that big." Temple University prepares us from day 1 to take things in small steps, from up close, with guided programs and courses. From the 134+ bachelors programs offered, every one of the 27.197 students can find something that fits into their own big picture. Receiving direction from knowledgeable faculty and staff makes the process even easier. On the following pages, we’ll take an up-close look at what it means to wear the Cherry and White and call Temple University home. It is not just the university as a whole, but each individual student that makes this place unique and special. Continue on to see the real Temple University, Up Close. - Jared Vanderzell Editor-in-Chief 006 OpeningThe trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up. --Chuck Palahniuk Opening 007Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story. -- Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald 008 Opening  Opening 009"At the end of undergraduate life, memories of class, projects and long nights studying surely linger and have helped you grow. But, it is the time that you have spent living on your own that has helped shaped you into the person you are today." 010 Student LifeGlassblowing is a thriving, yet unknown, major to many students at Temple. This year, the Tyler School of Art supported a 24-hour Blow-a-Thon in November to raise money to bring visiting artists to Philadelphia. Photographed bv Sarah Anderton. Senior Kevin Bergey puts down the Economics books, spending time to practice his juggling on Beury Beach. The lawn in front of Beury Hall, affectionately known as "Beury Beach," is a favorite place for students to relax from their courseload during the warm, sunny days. Photographed by Sarah Anderton. 012 Student LifeBrandon Huber, a Junior Horticulture student atthe School of Environmental Design on Temple’s Ambler Campus, grew two impressive pumpkins this fall at Meadowbrook Farms, where he is employed. The largest of these weighed in at 667 pounds. Huber plans on trying to break the current record of 1725 pounds during next year's growing season. Photographed by Sarah Anderton. Student Life 013at temple Saturday mornings are not usually the peak time for college students to be out and about on campus. Saturday mornings in October are even less so. But on October 30, students and neighbors alike could be seen lining 16th Street in North Philadelphia for blocks behind the Student Pavilion. With temperatures dropping into the 30s, the anticipation was high for President Barack Obama’s last-minute visit to Temple University. Accompanied by candidates Joe Sestak, Dan Onorato, Governor Rendell and Mayor Nutter, Obama worked to encourage the 1,500 students who packed the building to get out and vote. After the first students were let in following six hours of waiting on the street, the Pavilion quickly filled up with students excited to see the President. "Are you fired up?" Obama asked the crowd, who responded with cheers. He challenged the crowd to encourage others to vote: "What I need this weekend is 20,000 doors knocked on by all the volunteers who are here today." Two nights before, Temple University brought out another big-name politician to rally for Joe Sestak’s U.S. Senate campaign - former President Bill Clinton. Hundreds of students and faculty, Democrat and Republican alike, braved chilly winds to congregate at the Bell Tower to hear the former President speak. Clinton stayed after his speech to shake the hands of the students, including sophomore journalism major, Raymond Boyd. "Getting to shake the hand of my favorite president, Bill Clinton, was an absolute honor and getting to do so at Temple made it even more special,” remarked Raymond. Temple also works to bring other events to campus, such as the Sustainability Fair in early November and the semiannual concerts at the Liacouras Center. On October 16, Main Campus Program Board brought Passion Pit, K. Flay, and Black Joe Lewis to campus as part as the Campus Consciousness Tour. This fall, Temple also hosted an episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews and a taping of an education special for A E with television star Tony Danza. - Sarah Higgins 014 Student LifeHomecoming always proves to be entertaining with a concert to close the week. This year students packed the Liacouras Center for K. Flay and Black Joe Lewis opening for Passion Pit, an electro pop band from Massachusetts. Photographed by Lauren Petrie. "Are you fired up?' President Obama and former President Bill Clinton both stop at Temple University seeking support for the Democratic Party. Many Temple students who attended were excited to see and shake hands with such influential men. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH HlGGINS. Student Life 015Hot or cold - rain or shine - Temple students bare all to keep the crowd pumped up as Temple football went 8-4 for the season. PHOTOGRAPHED BY CARL WOLF STUDIOS. 016 Student LifeThe arrival of Homecoming 2010, presented by Main Campus Program Board, brought with it a weeklong celebration of events around Temple’s campuses to commemorate the autumnal festival of spirit. Students, alums, members of the faculty, proud parents and other members of the Temple community came together throughout the week to proudly represent their two favorite colors, Cherry and White. Events of this year’s Homecoming commemoration included Tee's for Temple U, the Office Decorating Contest, Football Frenzy: Flag Football Tournament, PostSecret Live with Frank Warren, the Fifth Annual Homecoming Pageant, the Tailgate Party, the Homecoming football game and the concert starring Passion Pit and featuring Black Joe Brown and K Flay. MCPB’s presentation of PostSecret Live with Frank Warren proved to be enlightening, inspiring, and heartwarming to the crowd that packed the Baptist Temple to listen to "the most trusted stranger in America’’ talk about how he started PostSecret, an ongoing community art project, in which people from across the nation anonymously mail their homemade postcards containing their best kept secrets. Fellow Temple students showed their courage and trustworthiness in their peers by sharing their deepest secrets and arousing the emotions of everyone in attendance. Homecoming weekend proved victorious for the Temple Owls in their win over Bowling Green University. With over 23,000 in attendance at Lincoln Financial Field, the Owls showed their vigilance on the field as they battled to a one-point victory over the Falcons. During the halftime festivities, MCPB crowned the Homecoming King and Queen of the 2010 Court. A big congratulation goes to Malcolm Kenyatta and Hallie Sabino for being chosen to represent the Cherry and White as king and queen! Both embody leadership and role-model qualities fundamental in representing Temple as a whole and inspiring those younger than them to do the same. MCPB’s production of Temple’s 2010 Homecoming was filled with excitement and school spirit that the student body will look forward to for years to come. Got Spirit? Yes we do! - Kaitlin Maloney Student Life 017HANGOUTS With Temple's student body totaling over 35,000 students, there are always people around campus. But where do students hangout? Temple’s main campus has over 60 buildings for students to spend time between classes, not to mention the numerous outside locations to catch some rays when the weather is nice. While the options for hangout locations are endless, some seem to be more popular than others, such as the Student Center, the Tech Center, Liacouras Walk, Paley Library and the Bell Tower, to name a few. The Howard Gittis Student Center, more commonly know as the SAC, is noticeably the most popular hangout spot for students on campus. Upon entering the SAC, one will notice chairs filled with students, while others are wandering around doing everything from browsing jewelry vendor tables and club bake sale stands to napping before the onset of a night class. However, the SAC offers so much more than just seating for sleepy students. The Student Center also contains the Temple Bookstore, a game room, the Reel movie theater, a food court, the Underground and study areas equipped with wireless Internet connection. Junior public relations student, Kira Ibanez, says "I like going to the SAC between classes because there are always so many people there; you’re bound to see someone you know." Another popular place for students to spend time is the Tech Center. Temple’s Tech Center features 700 computers for student use, 13 breakout rooms for group study, a Starbucks cafe and several plasma TV's. The Tech Center is always full of students hanging out and doing homework, even in the wee hours, as it is open 24 hours. I frequent the Tech Center. There’s always an open computer to check my e-mail between classes, plus I can hit up the Starbucks for a hot chocolate on my way out. What could be better? - Tom Angiorlis, Senior 018 | Student Life While the indoor amenities that Temple offers are nice, some students prefer to spend time outdoors while on campus. There is plenty of green space where students can relax on campus including the Bell Tower, Liacouras Walk and the lawn outside of Gladfelter Hall. Liacouras Walk, which contains Maxi’s restaurant, 7-11 and MasterWok, is a convenient place to grab some lunch and eat outdoors. People are always passing through the Bell Tower area, which makes it a prime spot for peoplewatching, while the lawn at Gladfelter Hall has new adirondack chairs which make it possible for students to lounge outside with friends. Lexi Clauss, a senior nursing student at Temple, likes hanging out on Liacouras because there is always something unique going on. "During the school year, Liacouras is the place where everything happens. Spring Fling is hosted there and other cool things like break dancing competitions or live music are always happening." - Laura Johnston 24 7 students can be found around campus, running to and from class or leaving the library late at night. However, simply hanging-out keeps many students sane. Students can always be found in the SAC, the TECH Center, Starbucks, Maxi’s, study lounges and Beury Beach during early fall and spring. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Sarah Anderton. Student Life 019Around 8 am, the Septa station bursts with commuter students spilling out of train after train. Temple started as a night school with no on-campus housing, and still today, many students commute to campus. Photographed by Sherin Koshy. 020 Student LifeDid you know that up to 21 u of all Temple students commute to class daily? While this daily traveling | ritual may seem like a hassle, there are actually many benefits. The city of Philadelphia, and its suburbs, offers students endless possibilities and reasons for commuting to | campus. Since college is expensive, it should come as no surprise that one of the main reasons students chose to commute is to save money. On-campus housing can cost over $4,000 a semester, while boarding fees can be over $ 1,500 a semester. For these reasons, many students opt to live at home to save some extra cash. While this is one option, others may select to live in the city, but away from Temple’s campus. Some students choose to live in South Philly, Center City, Old City, Fish Town and Northern Liberties, to name a few. The reasons for living at a distance from school are as diverse as the neighborhoods in which students choose to live. Some like the social or employment options that are more prominent in these regions, while others like the unique culture of these neighborhoods. While there are numerous reasons to commute, they all have one thing in common: travel. SEPTA, Philly's public transportation system, plays a large role in commuting. Many students who reside in the city but away from campus use the subway to get to class. Temple offers a University Pass to students, which is a transit card that allows them unlimited rides on both the Broad and Market Street subway lines, at a 10% discount to all students. This pass also applies to all trolleys, buses and regional rail trains, which make traveling to all parts of the city, and even the surrounding suburbs, possible for students at a low cost. SEPTA provides schedules and maps for all its users on its website, making it convenient for students to plan their trip. Another option for commuting students living in the city is biking, which was recently proven to be the quickest way to get around in the city. Biking eliminates the need to wait for a train or bus, and also minimizes the time spent in traffic. Not to mention, it’s free! Tom Golanoski, a senior commuter, chose to live at home to save money on rent. Every day, Tom commutes to Temple’s main campus via the regional rail from Abington. Tom says he usually spends his time on the train reading and actually credits his commuting experience as being a positive influence on his punctuality. Tom explains that, "I live my life by a train schedule, but it has made me more on time with everything.” Tom’s experience shows that while some may see commuting as a bother, it certainly comes with a number of benefits. - Laura Johnston Student Life 021at Tempi HiTji r Though Temple plans to add more on-campus housing, there are currently many options for the majority of students that live off-campus. Kardon-Atlantic, University Village and Oxford Village are among the most popular. Photographed by Aashita Batra. 022 Student LifeFreshmen Juston Dougherty, computer science major, and Caitlin Pontoski, undecided liberal arts major, spend time doing homework in one of the many study lounges in White Hall. Few moments can compare to the moment your freshman self places a key into the doorknob...and slowly turns. Hidden behind the wooden door, your home for the next nine months awaits you. You realize that your life has changed, and that you are now a college student living in a residence hall. The bed, desk, closets, and bathroom all receive your personal touch, and your experience with residence life begins. Residence halls Johnson Hardwick, White Hall, 1940, Peabody, 1300, Temple Towers, The Edge and Elmira Jeffries become new homes for those beginning their college experiences. Your Resident Assistant, or RA, lives alongside you and other students. They are trained and willingto help duringthe transition period and throughout the coming semesters. Opportunities for social and cultural growth are everywhere. Icebreakers, floor meetings and organized trip days are posted on the walls. You are adjusting to your new environment. Fast forward a couple years and you are touring apartments off campus or in the city. Most Temple students are only guaranteed housing up to their sophomore year, so now livingoff campus begins. Everyone is ready to sign the lease, buy furniture and begin their newest adventure with friends made along the way. The location around Temple University may be different, but parts of the resident life experience remain the same throughout the college years. New friends are made, challenges arise, bills are paid and independence is tested. At the end of undergraduate life, memories of class, projects and long nights studying surely linger and have helped you grow. But, it is the time that you have spent living on your own that has helped shaped you into the person you are today. - Samantha Anderson I Student Life 023TEMPLE 20 20 2020 seems far away, but students are experiencing the changes now as Temple's campus starts undergoing renovations for the Temple 20 20 plan. The plan separates Temple's campus into four regions and each region has at least five renovations oi additions. The significant changes that students can notice around campus now include the "Signature Building" being built where the Student Pavilion stands now, as well as new residential living space on the corner of Broad and Cecil B. Moore. The renovations taking place at Pearson and McGonigle are also noticeable, but few students know what to expect from these changes. The executive summary of the 20 20 Framework Plan calls for 15 developmental goals. Some of these include increasing greer space, improving overall pedestrian experience, decreasing surface lot parking while maintaining or minimally increasing current parking quota and providing 2,000 more residential beds. "The purpose of this Framework Plan is to provide a clear and executable vision for the development of Main Campus over the nexl 10 to 12 years," states the executive summary written in May of 2009. Temple is looking to become "a destination campus, identified by a unique landscape." In an effort to achieve this goal while reducing Temple's environmental "footprint", the 20 20 plan tries to use existing structures and landscapes to build upon. For instance, the Student Pavilion facilities that are being replaced by the Signature Building are relocating to the top of Pearson and McGonigle. Perhaps the most interesting changes students may notice include a new open grass area where Barton Hall currently sits. This new space is described as redefining Temple’s "identity through significant gathering and play space." Another new residential living space named "Northern Gateway Tower” is projected to take the place of Peabody Hall, Temple’s first on-campus dormitory. - Lara Taylor Strayer 024 Student LifeStudents are witnessing Temple’s changes for the future first hand and renovations from the Temple 20 20 Framework Plan start taking place. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Sarah Anderton. Digital Rendering courtesy of the Framework Plan committee and OLIN. Student Life 025City life for a Temple Student can mean a lot of things. Whether it means Center City shopping trips with a group of friends on Walnut and Chestnut Street, bar hopping during evenings in Olde City making memories they will warn their children about, or strolling along South Street enjoying a night on the town and a classic Philly cheese steak, Temple students are sure to have an array of options at their disposal. Whatever city life means to a student, it can be found in the surrounding areas of Philadelphia here at Temple. Endless memories can be made in the city of Philadelphia, while also broadening students' horizons to the history of Philadelphia and the elements of the city that keep it alive. With over a dozen museums to visit in the Philadelphia area, history can be found around every corner. Some of the most notable museums include the National Liberty Museum, the Franklin Institute and the world-class Philadelphia Museum of Art. Another element that keeps the city moving is sports. Between the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Union, College and high school teams, the city has its fair share of sporting events in which to indulge. Also, Philadelphia offers an assortment of yoga, pilates, zumba, spinning and other fitness classes available downtown. Additionally, there are plenty of marathons and walks in which anyone can participate. Popular events include the Philadelphia Ing Run, the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon, and dozens of walks and races for different causes like breast cancer and youth diabetes. For the artsy soul, there are a number of film festivals, poetry clubs and gatherings, spoken word sessions, and music venues. There are conventional settings such as the Walnut Street Theatre and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, and there are also nonconventional settings where people can meet in coffee shops and allow creative juices to start flowing from within. - Sequoia McBall 026 Student LifeAmanda Veins, sophomore painting major, keeps an eye on the antics of juniors Lewis Galli and Ben Forbes in Love Park during the holidays. Love Park is a popular place for students to enjoy themselves all year round. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH ANDERTON. Student Life 027Temple University was founded not only to be a school for diversity and intellectuality to intertwine, but also one to provide community service to its surrounding residents. Over the years, students from Temple have participated in numerous volunteer opportunities ranging from youth education and special needs services to healthcare, advocacy and care for the homeless. The Temple University Community Service Association provides various programs from multiple schools on campus to improve our society as well as offer immersion trips over break to learn about social issues in other countries. Since Temple University leads and supports a group of public schools around the Main Campus as part of the Partnership Schools Program, it has been our responsibility to improve the foundation of learningand teaching in those schools. Back in October, the Philadelphia Strings Project was founded by the Boyer College of Music and Dance for volunteers to give local elementary and middle school students music lessons who have limited financial backgrounds. Also, Temple's School of Medicine started a program around the same time to help overweight kids lose weight with the help of special physical activities and support from medical school student mentors. In the beginning of December, the Temple Ambler campus called for volunteers to help needy families and individuals who wanted to file their yearly income tax returns for free as part of VITA, an annual community service event involving accounting. Students who volunteered did not require tax experience, but through experience, they were able to support their surrounding communities and meet with top accounting industry employers in the nation. During the holiday season, opportunities to shovel snow for the elderly or donate clothes and food to the homeless and needy were available for any student who wanted to help the community. The Grandma’s Kids 2nd Annual "Pictures for Presents” Toy Drive was active throughout January for donors who wished to give during the holiday in return for a drawing from a child. Other volunteer opportunities for the school year are always available on the Temple University Community Service Association website. - Julisa Basak 028 Student LifeGamma lota Sigma helped restore an historic gateway to Fairmount Park by building nature trails, weeding out invasive plants, and cleaning up the area with the West Mt. Airy Neighbor Streetscapes Committee. PHOTOGRAPHED BY IhO NGUYEN. Student Life 029Dancers showcase their talent in this performance put on for the student body. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF BHPhOTOS. Danny Janklow (alto sax), Danny Jonokuchi (trumpet) and Casper Van Wick (tenor sax) perform in the Jazz Band Senior Showcase. Photographed by Sarah Anderton. 030 Student LifeTHEATER DANCE MUSIC Ear" and "A View from the Bridge”. Temple’s orchestra set the scene for Sweeney Todd and the music could not have been better suited for the production. The orchestra has several concerts, the first one being the Temple University Symphony Orchestra. The Boyer College of Music and Dance has many challenging and prestigious programs including choral conducting, voice and opera. The lighting is dim and the theater has an eerie vibe as the curtain opens for Sweeney Todd. This production was done by Temple's very own theater members. Not only did the members of the theater organization do an excellent job performing, but Temple’s orchestra accompanied them beautifully, making the play one to remember. The 2009-2010 season marks the 42nd anniversary of Temple Theater. Sweeney Todd was the theater’s first production this year. They have several other upcoming productions, including: “The Belly”, “Big Love”, “A Flea in Her Doctorates in dance are also offered. Several dance shows are also being held at Conwell Dance Theater on the fifth floor of Conwell Hall. The first performance by GeoDance on February 13th synthesizes dance, geologic lecture, music and spoken word. . Brittany Roig Rob Kahn stars as Sweeney Todd in the student musical theater production of Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF THE THEATER DEPARTMENT. Student Life 031Temple’s Campus Recreation, a division of Student Life, provides students with safe, high-tech facilities for students to practice recreational activities of all types. The IBC Student Recreation Center, Student Pavilion, Geasey Field Complex, Pearson Hall, and McGonigle Hall are the recreation venues that students and staff have become accustomed to over the past years. The Temple University Fitness Center, located at the corner of Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue on the second floor of Avenue North, is the newest addition to the realm of recreation possibilities available to the Temple University community. Temple University Fitness (TUF) is a state-of-the-art, 20,000 square foot facility that that houses more than 160 workout stations, including 110 cardiovascular machines (35 with built-in entertainment consoles) and more than 40 weight machines. With the addition of TUF, Campus Recreation now operates more than 30,000 square feet of dedicated fitness space. Student Recreation offers nine intramural sports, twenty-three sport clubs, racquetball, aquatics, and group fitness programs. Participants can choose from cardio, toning, combo, yoga, Pilates or spinning. TUF offers fitness orientations by appointment to allow students and faculty to meet one-on-one with staff members to learn about offered fitness options. In addition to the newly added TUF Center, Temple is also renovating and upgrading its existing fitness centers by adding a third floor to the complex of Pearson and McGonigle Halls. This new space will be dedicated to student activities, fitness and retail shopping. Temple’s Fitness and Recreation initiatives have expanded greatly due to the addition of the TUF Center and its renovation of Pearson and McGonigle Halls. Students have taken full advantage of the new opportunities with which they have been presented due to the newly added state-of-the-art facilities. - Kaitlin Maloney 032 Student Liferecreation dkli1444 Senior Michael Klotz uses the outdoor track as a way to keep in shape, as well as a means of blowing off some steam after a long day of classes. PHOTOGRAPHED BY JARED VANDERZELL. Student Life 033■ J I«1 ■ at temple Here at Temple, students are offered an endless variety of food. The selection around campus gives students the opportunity to enjoy anything from a cinnamon pretzel at Auntie Anne’s to a falafel at Ali’s Middle Eastern. Culinary choices surrounding our campus are unlimited and students take great advantage of the options. The food plans and Diamond Dollars offered by the university includes food services from the Louis J. Esposito Dining Center and the Valaida S. Walker Dining Court in the Howard Gittis Student Center, along with many other vendors. The newly constructed Fresh Grocer located at Broad and Oxford Streets also gives students the opportunity to purchase groceries using their Diamond Dollars. At every corner are plenty of options to satisfy any craving - the Bagel Hut on Montgomery or the food row on 12th street. Numerous food trucks are also stationed around campus; some only accept cash, but the deals they serve up are hard to beat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It does not matter where you are around Temple because you will always find somethingto save your hunger or quench your thirst! - Gabriella Pirozzi Senior Leo Serrano finishes off a quick bite to eat between classes in front of Ali's Middle Eastern food stand. Photographed by Julisa Basak. 034 Student LifeCollecting his change, freshman Neil Grewal prepares to eat another delicious meal from Richie’s Deli. Photographed by Julisa Basak. Freshman students, Danyce Edwards, criminal justice major, and Dominique Wells, a social work major, grab smoothies at the SAC before cold weather sets in for the end of first semester. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH ANDERTON. Student Life 035The Shops at Avenue North provide a convenient location for students who are looking for a quick bite to eat, stop at the bank or even work out. PHOTOGRAPHED BY MlKE REVAK. Mj □ UTJ around campus Nightlife at Temple University is something that many students enjoy on campus. Since Temple is in a big city its surroundings provide activities for students to do off-campus as well as on-campus. On campus, Temple University has a movie theater called The Pearl Movie Theatre at Avenue North. This movie theater is located right on campus on Broad Street, which makes it easy for students to reach. Some of Temple University’s organizations also travel as a group to see a certain movie that pertains to their organization. Another place that is a big spot for nightlife near campus is Old City. Old City has many restaurants and theaters for students to try. There are restaurants for many different ethnic cuisines. Many people go to Old City to enjoy a night out with their friends or to just get away from campus for a night and enjoy themselves. There are many theaters in Old City that Temple students are able to attend; students often receive a student discount. Throughout the year, there are various plays that run in Old City as well as Center City. Going to plays and enjoying the city lights at night are some of the many attractive aspects of the city of Philadelphia. There are countless venues that provide students a chance to get off campus and enjoy everything that the city of Philadelphia has to offer. - Briana Claiborne 036 Student LifeSpencer Hogans, a junior advertising major, helps make ends meet by working part time as a bartender at the Draft Horse. Photographed by Sarah Anderton. Student Life 037"Whether a Temple student decides they want to go to Guatemala or Spain, India or Egypt, they will find a program that fits them and will enhance his or her college experience. Temple students are all across the globe right now, exploring and embracing new cultures as part of a fulfilling learning experience. 038 AcademicsSophomores Kelly Murman and Andrew Lovely hang out around main campus. Photographed by Sarah Anderton. The Founder’s Garden offers students a quieter part of what little nature Temple's campus offers for students to study or read. The bust of founder. Russell Conwell marks the place where he is buried in the Founder's Garden as well. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH Anderton. 040 Academics cxTemple University’s main campus is a dynamic place with various events happening all the time. From fundraising bake sales by service-oriented organizations to Friday afternoon rapping sessions at the Bell Tower to visits by Bill Clinton and President Obama, Temple University Main Campus is anything but boring. The location of Temple’s main campus is one of its greatest assets. Located just two miles from Philadelphia’s center city, students can access the heart of the city by hopping on a bus or traveling south on the Broad Street Line. In addition, the campus' North Philadelphia location is in a neighborhood where many Temple students live scattered throughout. Many people enjoy the interesting urban dynamic that living in North Philadelphia adds to their everyday lives. For the athletes, Temple has sports teams to accommodate any level of athleticism and commitment, by offering not only division A athletics, but club teams and intramural teams as well. A quality time is guaranteed for all those participating in sports at Temple, regardless of what the division may be. Main campus also offers increasingly popular (and higher quality) on-campus residence options for freshmen and select upperclassmen. In fact, a new residence hall is in the process of being built on the corner of Cecil B. Moore Avenue and North Broad Street. This new residence hall will not only have one thousand new beds and offer campus dining options, but will have retail stores on the outermost section that lines North Broad Street. Whether a student prefers relaxing on colorful Adirondack chairs on "Beury Beach,” seeing plays in Tomlinson Theater, or attending basketball games in the Liacouras Center, main campus offers options that are sure to accommodate any student. -Annmarie Hansen Academics 041school of art There is rarely a time when Temple’s art school is vacant of students. Tyler School of Art’s 24 7 accessibility allows for its students to work on assignments and projects at any time they need to, and this availability allows students to get things done at their own pace. The newly constructed building is filled with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced, constructive teachers that accommodate students to learn and create. Not only does Tyler have thirteen different departments but it is also connected to Presser Hall, sharing the building with Temple’s music students. The cafeteria, which is one of the first things visible when first walking into Tyler, is the main common area for Presser and Tyler students. Sometimes one can hear a group of people harmonizing as they practice a song. In addition to being Bored, and looking for something to do? Tyler always has its doors open for students to walk in and view art work around the building - a free art gallery for Temple students. PHOTOGRAPHED BY AUSTIN BaRNHARDT. The new Tyler building brought a new patch of grass to main campus, and students can always be found taking advantageoftheopenspace. PHOTOGRAPHED BySarah Anderton. connected to the music school, Tyler will have another addition in its own back yard in 2011. Temple's new Architecture building will be next to Tyler and Presser Hall in the open green that can be viewed from the cafeteria and long green hallway. The building, colorful and modern in its appearance, has a great amount of open space that is constantly utilized by students. The walls and floors are occupied by student work, whether it be by ceramics, paintings, installations, jewelry, and much more. This is a great way for students of different programs departments to be aware of what is going on outside of their own department. The displayed work throughout the building act as mini exhibitions for visitors and future students. - Eunice Yu 042 AcademicsAcademics 043 The Boyer School of Music and Dance at Temple University allows students to study music and dance within the setting of a large research university. They can combine their education in music or dance with other university programs and use the location of Temple to their advantage, especially when it comes to finding popular and prestigious venues in which to perform. Boyer’s dance department is consistently ranked high amongst other dance schools throughout the nation. Graduates dance for prestigious companies and some have even started their own companies. Boyer gives students a unique opportunity for combining their talents in music and dance with other academic disciplines within the university. In addition, it is necessary for Boyer students to take courses within the university so that they have a well-rounded college experience. People who graduate with music degrees from Boyer can be found performing around the world for various orchestras. In addition, many graduates take on teaching positions in music departments throughout the Philadelphia School District. - Annmarie Hansen Boyer has specialized sites for music and dance instruction, rehearsal and performance, smart classrooms, computer labs and music libraries, all located on the Main Campus of Temple University. OTOGRAPHED BY SARAH ANDERTON. The dance department at Temple exhibits twelve to fifteen performances every year. As a result, the choreographing skills of students and faculty can be displayed for those who attend these performances. In addition, the Temple community receives a wonderful chance to experience professional arts in action.Speakman Hall is home to both the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the Fox School of Business and Management. Here, students have access to some of the best resources in their respecitve industries. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SHERIN KOSHY. As an undergraduate student in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM), there are two major programs, Sports and Recreation Management and Tourism and Hospitality Management. Although the choices for study in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management are limited, their programs are well designed, and offer many opportunities. One of the unique opportunities STHM offers its students is their internship program. Sports and Recreation Management students are given the opportunity to work with professional sports teams in the Philadelphia area. Some of these teams include the Phillies, the Flyers and the Eagles. Tourism and Hospitality Management Students are also given the chance to complete an internship during the course of their undergraduate studies. Tourism and Hospitality Management students are able to complete their internship with such organizations as Walt Disney World, the Pennsylvania Convention Center and Hyatt Hotels. Another opportunity that is offered through the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is the possibility to study abroad. While it is not required in STHM curriculum, like the internship, it is available to all those who wish to take advantage of it. STHM has study abroad programs in Rome, Austria, England and South Africa. While it is clear that the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management provides its undergraduate students with numerous options while studying at Temple, such as their National Laboratory for Tourism and E-commerce, scholarship opportunities and multiple internship opportunities, the most important thing STHM provides is employment opportunities to 100% of it's graduating students. - Laura Johnston 044 AcademicsWith over 6,500 students, 160 full-time staff and 50,000 alumni, the Fox School of Business at Temple University is the largest in the greater Philadelphia region. Fox offers a wide range of opportunities such as 13 majors, 11 minors, numerous study abroad opportunities and student professional organizations. Fox also provides its alumni with the opportunity to further their education with graduate programs and PhD curriculums, or helps them transition into the business world with internships and a strong network of professionals. Jason Kadelski, a senior accounting major, says he chose Temple’s Fox program because it offered a transfer program that allowed him to keep all his credits from his local community college. While this was of convenience to Jason, his Fox experience turned into so much more. Jason says that his favorite part of Fox is the resources such as their new technological installments in Alter, the network of professors and alumni and the internship opportunities. Timon Miller is also a senior Fox student with a major in management information systems (MIS). Timon came to Temple as a Philadelphia native after his uncle, a Fox alumnus, recommended the MIS program. One of the positive aspects of Fox, Timon notes, is the ability to build relationships with his professors, as the student teacher ratio is favorable. Although Temple is known for its diverse students and their respective interests, there is a curriculum for everyone. The Fox School of Business is an extension of this, with its wide array of programs and opportunities. Whether one is interested in studying International Business in India, joining Temple Toastmaster’s student professional organization or taking a course in Entertainment Law, the Fox School of Business makes dreams a reality for all of its students. - Laura Johnston Most certainly, there is no better time to be a Fox student, as the new $80 million, state-of-the- art business center. Alter Hall, recently opened in 2009. Alter Hall offers incredible new amenities including eight floors of classrooms and offices. 26 interactive breakout rooms, two student computer labs and a Capital Market Trading room complete with stock ticker. PHOTOGRAPHED BY M IKE REVAK. Academics 045 busniess and managementThe School of Communications and Theater is the third largest school in the university and is ranked among one of the largest and most wide-ranging schools of communication in the nation. Being a student in this school, one will receive knowledge that is needed to succeed in the communications and media industry. Since this industry is very competitive, the School of Communications and Theater provides hands-on experience and many opportunities for students to showcase their talent and get their "foot in the door." Throughout the fall semester, the Theater department puts on various plays; two plays that were very this year were Sweeney Todd and The Belly. Students, staff, and residents of the Philadelphia area came out to see these performances and it gave the students of the Theater department a chance to showcase their talent to the community of Temple University and to the public. Chris Frangicetto, a Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media major, received an excellent opportunity with one of Philadelphia’s radio stations to perform live on WRFF Radio 104.5 on October 1, 2010, with his band, Cheap Seats. This opportunity was an excellent way for them to break into the industry. This goes to show that Temple students in the School of Communications and Theater gain the information and knowledge that is needed in order to achieve their desired career goals and be successful in the real world of the communications media industry. The School of Communications and Theater gives students the chance to gain experience with the different organizations and programs on campus and within the School. TUTV, Temple University’s new student-run television station debuted this year and is broadcast on cable as well as online from the Kal and Lucille Rudman Media Production Center in Annenberg Hall. This television station gave SCT students a chance to gain experience with running a television show and gaining skills regarding the process of broadcasting. The projects that SCT provides for students helps immerse them into the field. Projects such as Sweeney Todd and TUTV allow students to display their talent and capabilities to the 046 Academics Temple community. - Briana Claiborne Students and faculty can edit audio and video pieces and transfer video to various formats in the Post Production Lab or the TECH Center. Annenberg Hall also includes three fully-equipped studios for educational use, including videography. television direction and broadcast performance.EngineerinS •Architecture 3 College of Engineering Administration Office of the Dean Graduate Studies Research 328 Development Alumni Affairs 333 Recruitment 4 Co-Op Temple's School of Engineering and Architecture offers degrees that train students for both professional jobs as well as for graduate programs that students may choose to pursue in the future. The school, which says in its mission statement that it is "mindful of its obligation as an environment for the creation of knowledge and encourages basic and cross-disciplinary applied research by its faculty and students,” intends to give students a well-rounded education that will prepare students to solve some of the problems that exist in the real world. It carries out this plan by aiming the focus of many of its students’ projects on the environmental and economic sustainability issues of the campus. The exciting news for the school this year is the new addition that is now in progress.The new building will be on 13th street next to Presser Hall. This building isgoingto be part of the new "Arts Quad" thatTemple is creating. The Quad will include buildings from the Tyler School of Art, the Boyer School of Music and Dance and the School of Communications and Theater. In addition, this 45,000 square foot, $10 million building will allow the School of Architecture to grow, not only in size but also in the number of students that will have the opportunity to become a part of this highly selective program. It will also provide more room for the engineers to expand because they will be able to take over the space that is currently occupied by the architecture program. The fact that the school is growing in size and enrollment is clearly a testament to its quality. Soon, the school will be producing more well-educated and conscientious students than ever before. - Annmarie Hansen GE OF engineering and architecture Academics 047Although Temple itself is not a liberal arts school, students, such as Undeclared sophomore Andrew Lovely, who are in the College of Liberal Arts manage to have a diverse and challenging college experience. Photographed sy Sarah Anderton. liberal arts Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts allows students to study the diverse array of topics that the field of liberal artdj encompasses. The location of Temple allows CLA students to seize the opportunities for applied learning experiences. Thesl opportunities present themselves through internships with non-profits or unique courses such as a Geography and Urban Studies class where students actually visit a jail in order to study drugs and crime. The school maintains small class sizes, allowing for intimate, discussion-based classes that are not usually commonplace in large research universities like Temple. Classes in the department of social sciences are held in Glatfelter Hall and humanities classes are held in Anderson Hall. Together, these gray high-rise concrete buildings rise above the rest of Temple’s campu$| proudly displaying the Temple T on the top floors. Each floor of these two buildings takes on a personality of its own, decorated and filled with items that represent particular departments. One can recognize that the eighth floor is home to the English department because of a picture of Shakespeare that is displayed, or catch a minute of a discussion on Hinduism in order to realize that the sixth floor of Anderson Hall is dedicated to the study of religion. The College of Liberal Arts is also an asset to the university as a whole because it has many academic programs that can accommodate the academic interests of students who are in other schools or colleges. It provides students who study biology] or business with the opportunity to attain a Spanish or writing certificate. Likewise, CLA allows its students to receive certificates in the fields of business or media. This creates a collaborative process between the College of Liberal Arts and the university. - Annmarie Hansen■ 048 AcademicsScientific research and educational developments have played crucial roles in the advancement of creating today’s technologically advanced United States. The College of Science and Technology (CST) consists of six departments and three centers for advanced research and education. The departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Informational Sciences (CIS), Earth Environmental Sciences (EES), Mathematics and Physics employ over 170 full-time faculty members who instruct nearly 3,000 undergraduate students in over twenty Bachelor's degree programs. CST offers eleven graduate programs that lead to the Doctoral or Masters degrees. October proved to be a newsworthy month for CST on a national level. Chemistry graduate student, Ali Eftekhari-Bafrooei, was chosen to receive the inaugural William G. Fateley Student Award, the top Coblentz Student Award given by the Coblentz Society. Eftekhari-Bafrooei was honored at the annual Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Society Conference in Raleigh, NC. In other news, mathematics professor John Allen Paulos’ most recent addition to ABC news column "Who’s Counting” contemplates a fascinating new paradox that suggests that summer months may be associated with an increased likelihood of boy births. Through renovation of existing buildings and construction of new laboratories, in addition to establishing new degree programs to broaden the scope of scientific graduate education programs, CST’s reputation as a world-renowned institution for science and technology research and education will become even more prestigious in the near future. - Kaitlin Maloney In the coming years, the College of Science and Technology plans to hire 30 new faculty members to improve research productivity and increase research funding. Sophomore environmental science student Kelly Murman is shown with equipment found in Barton Hall. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Sarah ANDERTON. Academics I 049Temple University Center City is the adult education destination in Center City. TUCC's goal is to serve the credit and non-credit education needs of area corporations and their employees and to provide enrichment opportunities for Philadelphia area residents, as well as Temple students. PHOTOGRAPHED BY KATHRYN WAR8URT0N. CD ow campus 050 AcademicsThe setting of Temple University's Center City campus is its biggest asset. West on Market Street are high-rise buildings that are the home of many of the big businesses that are located in Philadelphia. East on Market Street is a lot of historical Philadelphia, with building such as Constitution Hall that have immense significance for our country and that tourists flock to Philadelphia to see. The fact that Temple’s Center City campus is downtown also means that there is more diversity in the ages and stages of life that’s its students are in. Working people in all different careers come to Temple Center City in order to advance their career or develop new skill sets. They can also add different perspectives to class discussions. One Center City student recollects an older woman giving a "grandmother’s perspective’’ when discussing a social issue, that really changed the dynamic of the conversation. Temple University serves to enhance the leaning experiences of both traditional Temple Students as well as people in the Philadelphia area, who choose to take classes there for fun or function, credit or no credit. Whatever the reason one has for coming to Temple University Center City, they are sure to have a full and dynamic learning experience. - Annmarie Hansen Stepping out of the City Hall station of the SEPTA Broad Street and Market-Frankfurt lines, one can look around and see Philadelphia’s iconic City Hall, and ornate building with a statue of William Penn on top. From this place, one can look to 1515 Market Street and see the concrete building adorned with the Temple T in order to see where the Temple Students that attend Temple University Center City. This is the building that is a sort of mini-university in and of itself, complete with modern classrooms and a small tech center. I Academics 051Tom Falcone, a senior landscape architecture student out of Media, Pa, looks back on his four years as a student on Temple's Ambler campus and describes how Ambler became such an important part of his life. Why choose Landscape Architecture? Once I got to the college level and had been doing the yard work business for a few years, it suddenly became apparent that I loved being outside and not only loved working with my hands and enhancing the environment, but I also loved designing outdoor spaces in my head and interacting with people to create those spaces. The major allows you to interact with people on a constant basis, changing and giving advice, as well as taking advice. It is a major that always give you the opportunity to learn. Plus, the feeling and opportunities of changing someone's space for the better, and potentially their lives with your design, is something that I feel is necessary to do any chance you can get! What was it about Ambler that made you want to go there? With the state recognized arboretum on the campus, I knew I had an educational privilege that many other schools were lacking, and the pictures and designs that were shown to us during the presentations proved that the professors and faculty knew how to successfully teach the curriculum and do it in a four-year style as opposed to five years as other schools do (saving lots of money)! I felt that the suburban feel to the campus would be a great place to learn the transition from being a high school student, to college student, to eventually a young, independent adult. The intensity of a city campus was not the most appealing to me, and I wanted a campus where one could feel as though they were a part of a campus community, not a student with a number over their head. How does the Ambler campus help you to succeed? The campus is an educational tool in itself, something I know for a fact many other campuses around the United States fail to do. In other universities, students literally wake up in the morning, walk to different buildings on the campus, maybe grab food from a vendor, and then go home. They never stop around the campus and take a look at what is actually there. As a registered arboretum, the campus itself is a template for design that we as students have the opportunity to observe and play around with. There are several gardens throughout the campus, some of which were designed by the faculty of the campus. Many of the staff and professors have actually been in the field before and know the challenges you will face and present them to you. The campus provides students with programs that mentally test your abilities as a designer, such as participating and creating an exhibit for the International Philadelphia Flower Show every year. Most importantly, the atmosphere of the campus is so conducive to learning because of the highly active passion that students have for environmental design and improvement. - Mike Revak 052 AcademicsTemple University Ambler proviedes the benefits of a large research university and the advantages of a relaxed, small-college atmosphere. PHOTOGRAPHED BY MlKE REVAK. Academics 053Temple’s Health Science Campus is a unique hub for students to gather and collaborate with other students in their field. Thd Health Science Center is available to all students following a health science curriculum, including students of the College of Health Professions, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Medicine and the Kornberg School of Dentistry. Health Sciences provides faculty and students with a place to engage in research activities as well as gain hands-on lab experience in their state of-the-art facilities. These facilities also include a combined library with literature pertaining to the health sciences. Perhaps the main advantage of the campus is the opportunity for students to access partnerships with Temple University’s health systems, and engage in service to help the general public in Philadelphia. As stated in their mission statement, the College of Health Professions’ goal is to “prepare future generations of professionals through an intellectual environment that incorporates interdisciplinary collaboration, critical thinking and innovation, instilling a commitment to ethical practice and life-long learning.” The College of Health Professions contains a number of programs including Nursing, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy and Communication Sciences Disorders. One of the many unique opportunities thal the students in the College of Health Professions have is being part of an organization called The Intergenerational Center. Thid group consists of health professionals and health sciences students of all ages and backgrounds that are committed to addressing critical concerns and creating opportunities for lifelong civic engagement. Using what they have learned in the health sciences curriculum, members can help the local community through both volunteer and paid positions. The School of Pharmacy, the School of Medicine and the Kornberg School of Dentistry are primarily concerned with gradual level programs; however, they do offer tracks for undergraduate students to follow in order to place themselves in the position of gaining a graduate level degree in their field of interest. Undergraduate students can prepare for programs including Pharmaceuticals, Medicinal Chemistry, Orthodontics and Transplantation Medicine. All of these degree programs contain a unique curriculum combining both classroom instruction and hands-on lab or clinical experience. The Health Science Campus at Temple University provides students with endless opportunities such as internships, study abroad programs and volunteer work. Students wishing to pursue a career in the health field need not look any further than Temple's Center for Health Sciences. - Laura Johnston 054 AcademicsThe Health Sciences Center is home to the College of Health Professions, the Kornberg School of Dentistry, the School of Medicine and the School of Pharmacy. Students and faculty take advantage of a combined library for collaborative study, partnerships with Temple University Health System and opportunities to engage in the North Philadelphia community. Photographed by Sherin Koshy. Academics 055LONDON Jillian Wilson and JoAnna Cassidy eating frozen yogurt at Portobello Market in London. PHOTOGRAPHED BY JESSICA McGLONE. 056 AcademicsTusciana, Italy Students paint and draw from observation the ancient buildings and castles, this one in particular paese del Lazio. Photographed by Eunice Yu. Tunisia Students participate in an excursion allowing them to explore a mountain oasis in Tunisia, Africa. Photographed by Eunice Yu. Academics 057Stonehenge is among the popular places for Temple students to visit when they are studying abroad in London. PHOTOGRAPHED BY JESSICA McGLONE. Michelle Aweekly. 058 Academics Right: Senior Ryan DeRobertis stands atop the Great Wall of China during his visit to Beijing, China. As a history major, DeRobertis thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity for a first-hand lookathistory. PHOTOCOURTESY of Ryan DeRobertis.STUDY ABROAD Students at Temple are given the chance to see the world during their undergraduate studies through various study abroad programs. Temple's Tokyo, Oviedo and Rome campuses make studying abroad particularly easy because there are actual Temple campuses at these locations. Students can pay the same tuition and receive Temple credits at a school that flies Temple flags and has some of the same professors that they could find in Philadelphia. If a student does not want to go to one of these locations, they are welcome to find an outside study abroad program and work with the school to make sure that the credits they receive will transfer. Alternatively, they could participate in Temple's exchange program with other universities in Germany, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico. With all of these options, students are sure to be able to find a program that is best for them not only based on where they want to go, but also on what they wish to study. Another common study abroad experience that students choose to do is a summer study abroad program. Temple offers at least one of these in almost every continent. These programs suit students who have the desire to travel the world, but must stay in Philadelphia in order to complete specific requirements for a major. Going abroad in the summer allows students to experience a new place, but also take additional classes that they might not have had time for during their four years as undergraduates. Whether a Temple student decides they want to go to Guatemala or Spain, India or Egypt, they will find a program that fits them and will enhance his or her college experience. Temple students are all across the globe right now, exploring and embracing new cultures as part of a fulfilling learning experience. -Annmarie Hansen Academics 059While in West Virginia, honors students spend an evening spelling words with light and long camera exposures. PHOTOGRAPHED BY MAGGIE PEARSON. Maggie Pearson displays har painted pumpkin at the Honors Pumpkin Decorating Night. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Annmarie Hansen. Members of the Honors Activity Board (HAB) pose outside after their annual Murder Mystery Dinner that they put on. Photographed by Annmarie Hansen. 060 ■ Academics■ ■ w in w n wprogram The Honors Program at Temple University serves to intellectually engage high achieving students and place them in similar company to make the most out of the college experience. The program serves many functions in order to accommodate all of the needs of its students. When it is time to schedule classes, Honors students look to the program to help advise them academically. When students have a break between classes, the Honors lounge becomes a place where students can relax and are sure to encounter familiar faces, whether they are from the small honors classes or from the living learning community in '1300.' 1300 includes dorms for freshman and apartments for upperclassmen. Although the faculty members associated with the Honors program are some of the finest in the university, the most important people associated with the program are, according to the director, Ruth Ost, the students themselves. That is why Honors organizes many activities that are meant to enhance the college experience. Whether it is a fun, social event organized by the student run Honors Activity Board (HAB) or a trip to Kentucky with the Honors Appalachia Experience, events associated with the Honors program are sure to improve the lives of Honors students and sometimes the lives of others along the way as well. The Honors program also serves to provide students with different career and networking opportunities. Ruth Ost has countless stories of Honors students who found jobs through the program. Ost tells about one student she was able to find a job for after striking up a conversation with a person on a train who was looking to hire people. She was able to put them in touch with an Honors student who had the perfect background for the job. She says that she feels privileged to help her students and has fun pairing up great students and great faculty. The Honors Program provides Temple’s finest students with a ’home base’ where they can stop by to see advisors anytime. Students coming from every background make themselves at home in the close-knit and powerful Honors community. - Annmarie Hansen Academics An often overlooked place for studying, the Founder's Garden provides a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for students to complete their classwork and take a nice break from the indoors. Photographed by Sarah Anderton. 062 Academics WObviously, Temple students spend a great deal of their time studying. Temple provides a wealth of resources for its students and does not lack in its study facilities. The first and perhaps most notable study facility at Temple’s main campus is the Tech Center. Whether noon or 2 a.m., the 24-hour center (except Friday and Saturday nights) is always buzzing with students hard at work. There are over 700 computers, 13 breakout rooms for group study and specialized labs for video editing, recording, graphic design, music composition and more. It also serves as a spot for socializing, as is evident by groups of friends chatting and students on facebook. For those who have trouble focusing on schoolwork at home, the Tech Center provides a location that facilitates creativity and productivity. Another hot studying spot on campus is the library. It is not quite as high-tech as the Tech Center, but provides a much quieter and study-intensive setting. People can be found with their faces in their books in cubicles on the upper levels. If students are seeking a more convenient outlet for studying, each residence hall also provides wireless study rooms where residents can retreat to get away from the distractions of their apartments or rooms. If one is looking for something a bit more intimate, Temple professors are required to hold weekly office hours and are generally extremely receptive to students visiting them during these hours. So, if you need a little extra help and attention, professors’ office hours are always another option! - Becky Kerner Academics 063Getting involved with organizations on campus gives students the opportunity to further their learning with academic based organizations or enjoy their hobbies and interests in their spare time. 064 Organizations_ K GIRLS R®CK! CELEBRATING '■ £ flfeUANCt Of BLACK WOMEN Sunday Novem.bor 7 BLAC G!RI R0C CElEBRAl ! ••: "RKUM BLACK WC Sundo MovomC- a 7c I — I ►This is Templar's 87th published yearbook for graduating seniors, and the staff at Templar spend about six months of the school yearbook writing, photographing, researching, interviewing, and designing to complete it. Hired in the first few weeks of the school year, staff members start working right away to capture events and activities around campus, while soon-to-be graduates sign up for their senior portraits. Overall, the yearbook highlights people, events and activities in the five different sections including: Student Life, Academics, Organizations, Sports and People. Features on Homecoming, seniors, greek life and faculty are all written and photographed for a book that documents college life. Every year, once the book has been completed, Templar submits the book to the American Scholastic Press Association, and Templar has been awarded four 1st place titles and one 2nd place title in the past five years alone. 066 OrganizationsFor more than 60 years, AMSA has been involved in assisting pre-medical students with all endeavors relating to admittance to medical school. AMSA achieves this through the support of peers and faculty, education, and community service. AMSA strongly encourages pre-medical students to actively contribute to the community. By joining AMSA, pre-medical students are exposed to all of the aspects of medicine, such as health care and relationships with patients and health professionals. The organization seeks to assist its members in becoming well-rounded physicians. AMSA annually participates in various walks including the AIDS Walk, Autism Speaks Walk and various others. Organizations 067STHMStiidfn' Association The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Association is a group of motivated students from both Tourism and Hospitality Management and Sport and Recreation Management majors. Their mission is to promote a fulfilling undergraduate career, expose all aspects of the tourism, hospitality, sports, and recreation fields to its members and provide the right tools and tips to be successful in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and respective industries. They strive to achieve a better understanding of the industry through peer mentoring and preprofessional activities. General assembly meetings feature speakers with insight into their career paths. Students become acquainted with one another through social outings and volunteer opportunities. 068 OrganizationsI BUSlJte, of Business INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION I School I lox I WIHMI1 TIU.H International:-; v . Association Organizations The International Business Association enhances the professional development of students with an interest in the study of International Business Administration. One of their focuses is expanding their awareness of the present phenomenon of the global economy. Their fundamental goal is to properly prepare members for high-quality employment opportunities around the world. Moreover, they stress the importance of social development and interaction in order for members to build a network of contacts that will serve them throughout their professional careers. Members meet students from all over the world and learn about foreign business practices and customs. They are given the opportunity to listen to and network with corporate speakers that share secrets of success in foreign ventures. Members also interact with international student groups and share advice about study abroad programs. Internships and coop positions are also offered through the IBA. 069Eta Sigma Gamma, the National Health Education Honorary, has had a rich history of contributions to the profession of health education and health promotion. They enhance the professional development of students through involvement in health education activities on Temple's campus, provide leadership and advocacy opportunities, and recognize academic achievements within the College of Health Professions. In addition they engage in network experiences with health professionals and fellow Gammans. 070 Organizations Babel Babel works to reestablish poetry as an important form of literature through the avenues of performancewhich include Slam, Spoken-Word, and Performance Poetry. Numerous times throughout the school year, Babel puts together an event called Babylon, an art showcase featuring dancing, spoken word, singing, and a performance by the members of Babel. Organizations 071MainCampusProgram Board Main Campus Program Board (MCPB) is an organization that coordinates events on campus for students to attend. They are devoted to planning and developing events for Temple University's main campus community. MCPB is a huge part of student life. They organize events such as Welcome Week, Homecoming and Spring Fling. During some of these events, concerts take place that include performances by various celebrities. In the past, artists have included Keri Hilson, The Dream, Wale and Passion Pit. Students come out to these concerts every year to enjoy a fun night out with their friends and to see a wonderful show Not only do they organize events on campus, but they put together off-campus events as well. Some of these off-campus events consist of shows on Broadway, trips to Six Flags, shopping malls, New York City and other out-of- state areas. These trips allow students of Temple University to experience the life outside of Temple’s campus. MCPB has organized many events that students love to participate in and experience. This year, MCPB has continued to enliven student life on main campus. Without a doubt, they are sure to have more exciting events up their sleeves for the near future! 072 Organizations jSigmaLambd, Upsilon The Gamma Chapter of Sigma Lambda Upsilon Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. encompasses Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Bryn Mawr College and St. Joseph’s University. Founded on December 1, 1987, SLU’s goals are Sisterhood, Academic Excellence, Cultural Enrichment, Leadership and Service to Campus and the Community. Temple ommunityGarden as a rairiy new organization on campus, lempie community Gardens’ main goal is to connect the people of the community with their city, land and life. They provide lesson plans on entrepreneurship, horticulture, and healthy living. They have also created a garden for students to get their hands dirty and grow! Organizations 073 MuslimStudentsAssociation JL USND The main purpose of the Muslim Students Association is to provide a healthy environment for the spiritual, academic, and social development of the Muslim students on campus. They also look to educate the non Muslims on campus about Islam through various programs. m Weekly gatherings such as the congregation sermons and group prayer, studies of Islam’s scripture and community service are merely some of the resources that the Muslim Students Association offers to its members. 074 Organizations'hfPanhellenicAssociation The Panhellenic Association is an organization that advances four of twenty-six on-campus organizations of the National Panhellenic Conference and their commitments to personal growth by underwriting initiatives that launch and sustain women leaders. Organizations 075 All incoming freshman go to orientation during the summer before their first semester at Temple. While students are there, they have an upbeat and engaging team of Temple upperclassmen to help guide them through the orientation process called the Owl Team. Students can apply and are subsequently selected to become a part of the Owl Team. Once an official Owl Team member, students start training in the early summer and summer orientation sessions start at the end of June lasting until the end of August. During orientations, Owl Team leaders facilitate small group discussions and icebreakers as well as introduce students and parents to the services, programs, resources, and involvement opportunities available at Temple University. 076 Organizations Darwin's Theory of "Survival of the Fittest," can basically sum up the history of Temple Bhangra. Many people have tried to create a Bhangra team at the university, but have failed; until a group of talented and hard-working students banned together, creating the formula for success. Thus, coming this far has been an accomplishment in itself. The current Temple University Bhangra team is rebuilding from the tragic car accident which resulted in the death of 2009-2010 Captain Kammim Ragoopath. The team strives to rebuild the team to be better than it ever was before. TU Bhangra is now preparing to create a name for itself via the Kammini G. Ragoopath Bhangra Scholarship, and as they enter the mainstream Bhangra circuit. Organizations 077LIFT's mission is to alleviate poverty in communities by engaging college students in an effort to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States. LIFT recruits and trains a diverse corps of undergraduate and graduate students who make a rigorous and sustained commitment to service while in school. Student advocates work side-by-side with low-income community members, first helping them address immediate needs (e.g. employment, housing, health care, public benefits and or education), then providing comprehensive, long-term support designed to help families break the cycle of poverty. I Simultaneously, student leaders gain the direct exposure, insight, and compassion necessary to be lifelong advocates for systemic change on poverty policy, regardless of the professional path they ultimately pursue. 078 OrganizationsTHEl-FMPI fN ews In addition to the large print distribution, The Temple News has progressed with the times and is now also on the web, providing access to all stories they have had in print. The new element of bringing the news to the web is also interesting because they offer information that is web exclusive. This material includes slideshows with multiple images of events, something there simply is not space for in the print newspaper. They also have a Multimedia Department which produces weekly news and local interest stories in audio and video format that have streamed on The Temple News website. In addition, they produce a long-form documentary each semester about issues relevant at Temple and its surrounding areas. They recently started a partnership with TUTV to show some of the weekly content, as well as to premiere all of their documentaries. The Temple News has been the paper of record for the Temple University community since it was first printed as Temple University Weekly on Sept. 19, 1921. The award-winning student publication, editorially independent of Temple, now publishes every Tuesday, covering Temple issues that affect students, faculty, alumni and the surrounding community. The Temple News distributes 8,000 printed copies, free of charge, to the university’s five primary locations in the Delaware Valley including Main Campus, Center City, Health Sciences, Ambler and the Tyler School of Art. TTN also has its own blog community, Broad Cecil, which was launched in September 2007. In November 2008, the paper's website was honored with the 2008 National Online Pacemaker Award and has also won the print counterpart, a National Pacemaker Award, both awarded by the Associated Collegiate Press. In 2009, the paper's dedicated staff won eight Keystone Press Awards. Organizations 079Delta Phi Omega's purpose is to foster unity among South Asian women, build community awareness and gain a greater understanding of oneself and others. The sorority aspires to instill leadership traits excel in all academic endeavors, encourage an active relationship between the sorority and its respective university, and to do so with the utmost compassion, dignity, and fortitude. 080 Organizations Looking for an organization focused around uniting its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship? Delta Zeta is a Temple sorority that works to stimulate its members in their pursuit of knowledge and promotes the moral and social culture of its members. Members have several events with which they are involved. Around the holidays, the group raises money so they can "adopt" a family and provide the family with funds to buy dinner, presents and gift cards for other needs. Around Valentine’s Day, the group holds the Helping Hearts event, where they sell paper hearts for SI each. Last year they managed to raise nearly $1,000; this money was donated to a local philanthropic organization, PA School of the Deaf. Delta Zeta also decorated the school with the colored hearts. They are also involved with The Turtle Tug, a tug-of-war contest where Delta Zeta raises money to help send a child to the Painted Turtle Camp, a camp for terminally ill children. Another fun event the group holds is Mr. Delta Zee, an entertaining pageant where they crown a male Temple student Mr. Delta Zee. w Organizations 081Promoters of Animal Welfare is a non-extremist animal welfare and rights organization on Temple University’s campus. The mission of PAW is to incite animal activism in the Temple community through positive methods of uu pa outreach such as humane education and conversation, discussions, and workshops. PAW hosts special events and activities designed to shed light on animal welfare issues, and promote animal-friendly lifestyles. 082 OrganizationsStudent Organization for Caribbean Awareness provides a forum through which the grievances of Caribbean students can be voiced, as well as encourage the unity of Caribbean people at Temple University. They also promote inter-cultural understanding and friendship between Caribbean and non-Caribbean students, faculty and staff. SOCA promotes cultural, social, educational and political awareness through sponsoring many programs and speakers. S Sf Organizations 083Ed2010 is a magazine journalism organization on campus. It started in New York City as a national community of magazine editors and aspiring students trying to understand the business. However, there are now chapters across the nation, including Ed2010 Temple University. At Temple, Ed2010 meets with other journalism students, photographers and magazine lovers alike. The executive board brings in speakers, editors, designers, reporters and other industry moguls to shared advice and anecdotes, one-on-one with students. Ed also works with other student groups on campus to host events involving magazines, fashion and journalism. In February, they got together with Student Activities to plan and host a Free Food Fun Friday. "A Night on the Runway" included a fashion show with Wilhelmina Models, a runway competition, a photo shoot, a T-shirt design competition and an information table about interning with fashion magazines such as Teen Vogue. Organizations 084Insomnia Theater is an all-inclusive theater group that gives students an opportunity to lead their peers and collaborate on various theatrical projects where they are able to work creatively and make connections within Temple University and the surrounding community. They do this by putting together a series of short plays into one cohesive show in 24 hours, twice a semester. Shows are written, casted, directed, rehearsed, designed, teched, memorized in just a mere 24 hours! Some other annual events include various community outreach programs, acting, directing and writing workshops and collaborative projects with other Temple student organizations. Organizations 085Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Incorporated was founded on December 18, 2004 at Temple University based on the principles of dedication, determination, and dignity. Since then, they have expanded to the University of Sciences in Philadelphia and have grown to over fifty brothers. Their mission is to promote brotherhood, preserve Asian-American culture, raise Asian-American awareness, and help their brothers reach full potential. Through community services, recreational activities, social events, and personal challenges, Delta Chi Psi guides its brothers to become dedicated, determined and dignified individuals. 086 OrganizationsALPMAEESimjSiPHI Alpha Epsilon Phi's mission is to foster lifelong friendship and sisterhood, and community service, all while providing a home away from home for is "Multa Corda, Una Causa," or "Many Hearts, One Purpose." academics, social involvement its members. Their open motto Organizations 087All fraternities and sororities on Temple's campus participate in the Temple University Greek Association (TUGA). The purpose of TUGA is to establish, maintain, and invigorate the Greek community and to promote, assist, and improve the University and the surrounding community. TUGA brings together all of the Greek councils for community service, unity events, social activities and leadership training. Some of TUGA’s events include Greek Week, the Greek Showcase, annual service events and large-scale fundraisers for various philanthropies. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Activities or the TUGA President. 088 OrganizationsThe Irish Step Dance Club spreads a love of Irish Dance to a multitude of different people at Temple University. Anyone is welcome to learn about the culture and meaning behind the moves and music of Irish Step Dancing. They are the liaison between the world of Irish Dance and those who have never experienced it before, have experienced it a little, or are fluent in the dance. They dance in many different performances held on campus throughout the year. Annually, they host a Free Food Fun Friday at the Student Center around St. Patrick’s Day to spread Irish culture and dance. Organizations 089The mission of Temple Invisible Children is to raise awareness and empower students at Temple to create real and lasting change for invisible children in Uganda as well as nations all across the globe by implementing sustainable jobs and advocating for education. It is a chapter of the national organization. Invisible Children Inc., which works to end the war in Northern Uganda, restoring peace and rehabilitating the children that have been abducted and forced to fight in combat. Organization African udents The Organization of African Students helps to promote and maintain African cultures, African awareness in this community and unity among African Students. They also discuss important issues facing Africans today and the struggles and advantages of being second generation Africans in America. They have an annual Mr. and Mrs. Temple African Pageant as well as an annual soccer tournament in collaboration with other organizations. 090 Organizations Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded on January 13,1913 on the campus of Howard University by 22 outstanding women devoted to scholarship, sisterhood, and most importantly public service. The Epsilon Delta Chapter was chartered on Temple University's campus July 24, 1960. These ladies are a sisterhood of college-educated women that base their programs on their Five Point Programmatic Thrust: Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, and Political Awareness and Involvement. As young women they are a collective strength to promote academic excellence, to provide scholarships and to provide support to the undeserved. Organizations 091YoijngFrifndsOfTrffHouseBooks Tree House Books is a non-profit organization on a mission: grow and sustain a community of readers, writers, and thinkers in North Central Philadelphia. Young Friends of Tree House Books is a group of Temple students working and fundraising to help keep Tree House Books running. Packed with books and homemade art, Tree House is an after-school meeting spot for local children to explore learning in fun, creative ways that encourage a lifelong relationship with education, reading, and each other. Plus, in the process, our kids get to know their own creative potential, the value of their creations, and that they all have a place as members in the community. 092 OrganizationsTemple mprovClub The Temple Improv Club was established in 2006, but really began taking off in 2008 and has been rapidly growing with new members ever since. In the beginning of the semester, the club usually has 35-40 people who come to dabble in what the club has to offer, but once the semester becomes more hectic, there are a group of 15-20 regulars. “A regular meeting on Monday nights consists of playing warm up games for about 45 minutes to maintain focus," President Emily Diego explains. ‘‘Then, we play short form improv games which are typically fast-paced, fun, and silly. Eventually we work our way up to long-form structure, which is more character based, it may involve a series of scenes relating to the same topic or character, and it takes longer for the plot to unfold." Organizations 093I ,ELS_. Society r P.S. Society establishes a network for students to gain insight on potential occupations within the field of politics. Trips to various political sites such as the United Nations in New York or the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. help students develop a better understanding of the workings of these institutions and the responsibilities of the employees. They also welcome speakers to campus who work in the field of politics in order to enhance internship and job opportunities in the field. 094 OrganizationsRho Lambda honors those women within the sorority community who have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership and service to their Greek community and their sororities. They are women who have furthered the ideals and principles of the Greek community throughout their years of sorority affiliation. Rho Lambda also participates in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk and volunteers at soup kitchens. Organizations 095g The Vietnamese Student Association at Temple University, aka Temple VSA, is an organization dedicated to increasing cultural awareness and unity on and off campus. Temple VSA consists of different people from all walks of life adding diversity and creativity to the organization who share a common interest in the history, preservation and development of the Vietnamese culture. Their goal is to coordinate many cultural, social, and educational events that focus on the celebration and exposure of the Vietnamese culture. Temple VSA hopes to provide the necessary communication between those of different backgrounds to build cross-cultural bridges and cultivate acceptance and understanding. 096 OrganizationsGolden International H.or Society Golden Key is an academic honour society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines. With more than 25 years of rich tradition, Golden key remains committed to scholarship, career development, leadership and service. Our Mission defines who we are; our core values provide us guidance in executing our activities; and our history reminds us that more than one million members are counting on us to shape the future » through our strategic planning process. The National Society of Leadership and Success is an organization that helps students discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers lifechanging lectures from the nation's leading presenters and fosters a community where likeminded success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. NatiqnalSociety . JDfLeadership ANn.Sur.CFSS One can achieve his or her dreams with proper support and focused action. The Society helps students realize their dreams and change the world in the process. Organizations 097Alpha Kappa Lambda is a fraternity at Temple dedicated to "Men of Character Committed to Making A Difference." AKL is built and centers around five cornerstones: Judeo-Christian Principles, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty and Self Support. Being a member of this organization teaches men that the commitments outlined in the Fraternity's Ritual are not remote ideals pertaining only to life within the fraternity, but areas of discipline for daily life as well. The brothers support one another in living out these principles. Through Alpha Kappa Lambda, men with different backgrounds but similar ideals unite with a common purpose: to foster excellence in scholarship, leadership, individual growth and involvement in community service. As a result, the organization is involved with several annual events and programs including These Hands Don’t Hurt, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Adopt a School through the Berean Presbyterian Church, Liacouras Gift Drive in the fall semesters and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Annual Block Party. 098 OrganizationsHonorsActivitiesBoard The Honors Activities Board consists of a group of students who plan events for the Honors Program here at Temple University. They strive to promote an intellectual community that ensures the Temple Honors community takes advantage of all the opportunities the program has to offer. HAB promotes friendship amongst Honors members, while encouraging an environment of diverse interests and mutual respect. Various social events, community service opportunities, professor seminars and other activities are held throughout the school year, giving students the opportunity to become more involved in the Temple and Philadelphia communities. Recent and annual events that the Honors Activities Board has planned include the Oreo Stacking Contest, Murder Mystery Dinner, Honors Ball, Pumpkin Stocking Decorating and the Autism Walk. Organizations 099SocietyForHuman ResourcesManagement The Society of Human Resources Management is an organization the increases awareness and interest in human resources as a major and as a profession. It serves its members by establishing networking opportunities with various human resource professionals and making members marketable employees by assisting them with obtaining relevant internships and or part-time and full-time jobs. 100 OrganizationsThe brothers of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. strive to uphold the ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance because they believe that by doing so, their future may become a more promising one. Through leadership, the brothers serve as role models and mentors in their communities and break down barriers between different ethnic groups, thus contributing their time and effort to attaining a better and brighter future for all. They also participate in community service events such as Be the Change and SOS Children’s Village. Organizations 1011 "Temple Smash" is Temple University's first and only televised variety show, produced by students for students establisnea in March 2009. Taped in front of a live sruaic a uc.ence at Annenoerg Han, me snow features a collection of talent acts including original sketch comedy, musical groups, dancers, stand-up comics, short films and morflj Senior Timothy Harris is this year's director of Temple Smash and "looks forward to continuing to make it stand out as one of Temple's most unique and well-produced shows." “The mission of the show is to showcase the diversity of university talent, provide students with an alternate platform for expression, serve as an extracurricular outlet for students interested in learning about broadcast media, develop a synergy between SCT departments, and better unify the Temple student body as well as the Philadelphia community through the program's content," states the Temple Smash website. Creator Producer Scott Mcclennen is a senior Film and Media Arts student, "eager to lead Temple Smash and shape the production into a long running series and a staple of Temple's School of Communications and Theater." 102 Organizations Students for Environmental Action work to improve environmental awareness among students, faculty, and staff and to pressure the administration to implement changes on campus that will accomplish the targets outlined in the President's Climate Commitment. SEA hosts events during, and including, Earth Week, Recyclemania and Sustainability Week. Organizations 103Temple's Student National Medical Association (SNMA) MAPS chapter is dedicated to students who want to attend medical school in the future. SNMA provides students with informational meetings and various community service events throughout the academic year. Meetings include speakers from medical school admissions, MCAT test prep companies and professionals. SNMA MAPS also collaborates with the SNMA chapter at Temple University School of Medicine with a mentor program, where members can interact with medical students for advice about reaching their goals. 104 OrganizationsAlpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African-Americans, and here at Temple, the brothers choose to follow in the steps of their founders. They strive to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities. The fraternity’s vision includes stimulating the ambition of its members, and preparing them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual, as well as to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood. Lastly, the fraternity wishes to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status. Organizations 105Temple University’s sports program is made up of 22 men’s and women’s programs that compete with an intense level of pride and passion. Legendary coaches and dedicated players make the Temple University sports programs incredibly successful and a thrill to watch. 106 SportsTEMPI.'] PENN RELAYS rt " «4AT52009-2010 junior Ben White throws to home. White finished the 2010 season pitching a total of 93 strike outs. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. :flW 4 :fil n As the Temple University baseball team took the mound in late October this year for the annual Cherry White Fall Classic, they looked to carry the lessons of the previous season with them. In the four-game scrimmage that is the culmination of fall practices, Team White, led by redshirt-sophomore Steve Visnic who had a game three shutout win, swept Team Cherry. This past spring, the Owls finished with a 14-37 overall record, and 10-17 in Atlantic-10 play. With key wins against Niagara, Rhode Island, George Washington and Richmond, the team was able to capitalize on the returns of five starters. Despite losing both games of the Liberty Classic held at Citizens Bank Park, the Owls rebounded to take the key final series against St. Bonaventure in mid-May. Supported by 18 returning letter-winners, Ryan Ferguson, Adrian Perez and Ben White were named to Philadelphia's All Big-5 baseball team. Ferguson, a senior from Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, led the team in batting with a .328 average, 40 RBIs, 23 walks, and .410 on-base percentage. Perez, a senior shortstop from Woodlands, California batted an outstanding .326 in 45 starts this season, with three homeruns in A-10 play. White also made the Big-5 All-Academic team and is seventh on Temple’s all-time strikeouts list after garnering 94 Ks this season. This spring, the Owls will look to the leadership of captains, senior Ryan Ferguson and redshirt-junior Steve Nikorak, to lead them to a hopeful A-10 title at Camden's Campbell's Field. With plenty of room for improvement, these recent close games at the Cherry White Fall Classic display a promising team for the upcoming season. - Sarah Higgins 108 SportsThe 2010 Temple Owls softball team was led by head coach Joe Dipietro who is also an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Force in the National Pro Fastpitch League. Dipietro and the Owls posted a 19-30 overall record and an 8-12 record in the Atlantic Ten Conference in 2010. The Owls also played a solid 10-10 at their home field located in the Ambler Sports Complex. The Owls coaching staff is rounded out by graduate assistant Jenna Best and assistant coach Laura DeZolt, who once played under Dipietro at LaSalle University. 2009-2010 sophomore Christine Schlichter prepares to catch a hit to the outfield. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The 2010-2011 Owls squad was young indeed with only one senior on the roster, pitcher outfielder Kristen Marris. Marris, a senior geology major, was a catalyst when it came to getting on base. She batted a stellar .290 in 42 games played in 2010. She also boasted 40 hits, which was the second highest on the team to go alongside a .377 slugging percentage, which also ranked second on the team. Even though the 2010-2011 Owls only had Marris as their lone senior, the team boasted a strong group of seven juniors. That strong junior core consisted of 1B DH Sumer Ploskonka, an accounting major; 3B 2B Rachel Knable, a sociology major; OF Melissa Robbins, a kinesiology major; OF Samantha Schoell, a mechanical engineering major; OF Alysse Pujol, a film and media arts major; OF Christina Sykora, a physical and health education major; and SS 2B Meaghan Marley, a kinesiology major. SOFTBAL The Owls softball team will look to continue their upward swing. They posted 15 wins in 2009 and improved to 19 in 2010. With solid coaching, the stellar play of Kristen Marris and an emerging group of juniors and young talent, there is no reason to believe that the upward swing will be ending anytime soon. - Raymond Boyd Sports 109Head coach Eric Mobley leads the men’s track and field team at Temple University. Mobley has been in charge of the men’s track and field program as well as the women’s program for two seasons. Mobley was successful in leading the men’s team to a fourth place finish at the Atlantic Ten Indoor Championships in 2010 and to a third place finish at the Atlantic Ten Outdoor Championships. Mobley coached a Temple record, sending ten athletes to the NCAA East Regional. Josue Louis gracefully clears the bar in the high jump at the Haverford Invitational. Louis was a top finisher with a height of 2.03m. Louis Parisi jumps out to the front of the pack. Parisi was part of the 4x400m relay team at the 2010 Penn Relays, where the team came in fifth. Photographs courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The men's track and field team is made up of 14 seniors. The senior class includes middle distance runner Eric Conklin, jumper Miles Dryden, sprinter Derrhyl Duncan, javelin Chris Durante, sprinter Emmanual Freeland, middle distance runner Clarke Hunt, thrower Bob Koegh, sprinter Tariq Lee, distance runner Mike May, middle distance runner Louis Parisi, distance runner Eddie Penetar, long sprinter Josh Shumberger, pole vaulter Brian Smith and middle distance runner Aaron Taylor. Achievements certainly did not come at a premium for the 2010 men’s track and field program. Conklin was named to the President's Honor Roll. Dryden followed up an impressive campaign by being named to the Temple Athletic Director's Honor Roll. Duncan took part in the 4x400m relay team that took fifth place at the Penn Relays. Durante was named to the Temple Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Freeland was the top finisher in the 100m dash at the Greyhound Invitational. Keogh was named to the President's Honor Roll. May broke the school record in the 5000m run with a time of 14:38.39 at the Villanova Invitational and was named to the Temple Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Parisi was a member of the 4x400m relay team that placed fifth at the Penn Relays and was named to the Temple Athletic Director's Honor Roll. Penetar and Smith were named to the Temple Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Taylor was also a member of the 4x400m relay that placed fifth at Penn Relays. With a solid core of athletes and a great coaching staff, the sky is the limit for the men's track and field program. - Raymond Boyd 110 SportsAlso leading the women's track and field team, Eric Mobley has led the Owls to many successes in his first season in charge. He coached the women to a number of personal best finishes and fourth place in both the Atlantic Ten Conference Indoor and Outdoor Championships. Mobley coached a Temple record, sending ten athletes to the NCAA East Regional. The remainder of the coaching staff is also shared with the men's team and consists of Matt Jelley, Shameka Marshall, Mark Johnson, Aaron Ross, Tony Mihalich, Reava Potter, Tim Boeni, Cadeau Kelley and Marquise Stancil. The 2010-2011 women's track and field team will once again strive to excel under the leadership of Eric Mobley and will boast a core of eight seniors. The senior class includes distance runner Jen Berman, hurdler Shadaya Bennett, jumper Abigail Blomeke, hurdler Brittany Clybourn, sprinter hurdler Assata Cowart, distance runner Briana Linneman, long sprinter Tashima Stephens and sprinter Paris Williams. This group was not short of accomplishments in 2010. Bennett ran in the 4x800m relay, which placed first at the Atlantic Ten Championships. Cowart came in first place at the Atlantic Ten Championships in the 400m hurdles. Linneman was named to the Temple Athletic Director's Honor Roll. Stephens broke a meet record in the 4x400m relay with a time of 3:41.56 and was also a part of the first place 4x800m relay that took first place. Williams was the top finisher in the 400m dash with a time of 54.71 at the Atlantic Ten Championships. This astounding display of success from Temple’s senior core, along with the expertise coaching of Eric Mobley, will undoubtedly keep the women's track and field team competitive for years to come. - Raymond Boyd Above: Assata Cowart leaps over a hurdle at the Penn Relays. Cowert came in with a time of 60.46 in the 400m hurdles. Left: Senior Melissa Gale clears the bar during the pole vault at the Penn Relays. Photographs courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. Sports 111 The women's crew team finished the fall season successfully with the women's first Varsity 8 placing first in both season ending meets. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CARL WOLF STUDIOS. GO 0 E o The Lady Owls capitalized on a momentous season last spring, boasting third place in April at the Atlantic-10 championships on the Cooper River in Pennsauken, New Jersey. It was the Owls' best finish since 1998. Led by seniors Bailey Chick and Mary Webster on the all-conference first team, and Nicole Wagner on the all-conference second team, the team was able to tie St. Joseph’s University for third behind Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The Owls turned in strong performances at various meets throughout the season, notably the Keuper Regatta in Flesmere, Florida. The team was able to take gold in the Varsity 8, Junior Varsity 8, and the Varsity 4 races. At the Bergen Cup Regatta on the Schuylkill, the Varsity 4 boat garnered a silver medal and the Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8 and Freshman Novice 4 earned bronze medals. Strong winds on the Schuylkill prevented the Temple boats from advancing to the Grand Final at the Dad Vail Regatta in early May. Despite the heartbreaking finish, the Owls looked forward to progressing into the 2010-11 season. In fall 2010, the women competed in the Navy Day Regatta and turned in at 11th place at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta at the end of October. The men’s and women’s teams also competed in the Row for the Cure event on the Schuylkill River on October 10, raising over $400 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Varsity 8 took first place and JV 8 came in secor,d- - Sarah Higgins 112 SportsThe Temple University men's crew team began the season on a high note after travelling to San Diego to compete in the San Diego Crew Classic. After gaining 4th place in the heats, the Owls rebounded to beat host school University of California San Diego by 4.6 seconds to capture the finals. The team also turned in strong performances as the hosts of the Murphy Cup, where they came in second, and the Bergen Cup, where they earned three gold medals. In early April, the Owls were ranked 19 in the US Rowing Top 20 poll, led by seniors Pat Curran, Brendan Cunningham and Tom Masterson. The Owls took the 19 ranking into the Knecht Cup in Collingswood, New Jersey, where they won the title. They next competed in the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta, where they earned a gold medal in the Varsity 4 boat and the Junior Varsity 8 boat. The Varsity 8 boat fell to Florida Tech to earn the silver medal. After fighting heavy winds at the annual Dad Vail Regatta on the Schuylkill River in early May, the men’s crew team was able to secure gold in the Freshman Novice 4 boat and a bronze with the Junior Varsity 8 boat. Thanks to a successful season by the crew team, the Philadelphia Inquirer named senior Tom Masterson the crew's Academic All-Area Performer of the Year for the second year running. Masterson was also Temple’s male student-athlete of the year in 2009-10. This year, the Owls have already fared well at the Navy Day Regatta, Head of the Schuylkill and Princeton 3-Mile Chase events. At the Navy Day Regatta, the split squads turned in 4th and 8th place finishes and the Second Varsity 8 boat took 6th place. They took 9th place at the Head of the Schuylkill competition, and at the Princeton meet, they finished 14th. - Sarah Higgins ' Members of the men's crew team take to the water to practice for their next meet. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Stuoios. Sports 113Senior Patrick McLaughlin performs admirably in a show of strength on the parallel bars. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. Senior Logan Fiery impresses judges as he swings over the high bar in this difficult event. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The Temple men’s gymnastics program has come to be known as one of the top gymnastics programs in the nation. In February of 2011, the team was ranked number 11 in the nation. The Temple men’s gymnastics team is led by one of the country's most legendary gymnastics coaches, Fred Turoff. Turoff, a native of Philadelphia, was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame for his success as a gymnastics coach back in August of 2009. Turoff has coached the Owls’ gymnastics team for 35 years and entered his 35th season with a stellar career record of 391-171, which yields an impressive career .696 winning percentage. The 2010-2011 men’s gymnastics team includes seven senior members. The seniors are Adam Al-Rokh, a four time academic All-American, Scott Bloomfield, a 2010 second team All-America Scholar Athlete selection, Blake Collins, a 2010 Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-Area team selection and a 2010 first team All-America Scholar Athlete selection, Logan Fiery, a 2009 second team All-American Scholar Athlete, Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, a 2010 All-America Scholar Athlete selection, Jeff Zack, who posted a career best 14.200 on floor in 2010 and Patrick McLaughlin, who overcame a devastating injury during the 2009-2010 season to return to the Owls this previous season. He was also named the Philadelphia Inquirer Academic At Large Performer of the Year in 2010. The gymnastics team got off to a hot start in 2011, posting a first place finish at the Navy Open on Saturday, January 22nd. After several more stellar showings the team was ranked number 11 in the National Rankings on February 8, 2011. With the strong leadership of the Owls’ senior group, the promising young gymnasts and the leadership of a Hall of Fame coach, the men’s gymnastics program is a force to watch out for in coming years. . Raymond Boyd 114 SportsLeft: Co-captain Kathryn Ho, senior, displays her skill and hard work as she works the unevenbars. Right: Averyludice executes a stellar performances on the balance beam. Photographs courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The Temple women's gymnastics program is led by head coach Aaron Murphy. Murphy has been at the helm of the Owls for five seasons. In 2009, Murphy received the honor of being named the ECAC Division 1 Coach of the Year while leading the women's gymnastics team to an all-time school best 3rd place finish at the ECAC Conference Championship. Aaron Murphy certainly has a history rooted in Temple University. Before being named the head coach, Murphy served as an assistant coach for the women’s gymnastics team for four years and one year as an assistant for the men's program. Murphy was a 2001 graduate of Temple University and was a four year letter winner as a member of the men’s gymnastics team. The 2010-2011 women’s gymnastics team is led by a group of five senior athletes. The seniors include Katie Canning, who was named a 2010 First Team USAG All-American on balance beam, Kathryn Ho, a co-captain and one of the team’s most stellar performers on uneven bars, Chelsea Lapent, who received an ECAC Coaches’ Choice Weekly award in 2010, Chelsea Troutman, a 2010 USAG All-American unever bars first teamer and team cocaptain Marissa Oxenford. The women’s gymnastics team got off to an impressive start early in 2011 and things are continuing to look up for the team as a whole. . Raymond Boyd _The 2011 Temple women's tennis team took to the courts for the first time this spring when they traveled to New Hampshire in late January. The Owls faced their host, Dartmouth, and fell to the Big Green 2-5. The Lady Owls then squared off against Southern New Hampshire and picked up a convincing 7-0 win over the Penmen, their first win of the spring 2011 season. The Temple women’s tennis team has been selected to finish third in the 14-team Atlantic 10 women's tennis conference. Temple is led by returning seniors and 2010 All-Conference second-team selections Josephine Bergman and Theresa Stangl. The Cherry and White returned six letter winners from a team that went 11-11 overall in 2010 and finished with a tie at third place at the Atlantic 10 Championship. Temple also has two former letter winners back from injury and welcomed five newcomers to round out a talented squad. The two players Senior Theresa Stangl posted a stellar 16-11 record in singles play last season Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. that returned from injury were seniors Christine Clermont and Elyse Steiner, who served as co-captains this season. Josephine Bergman, Lucie Pazderova and Theresa Stangl made up the rest of the senior class. Temple faced some other powerful non-conference opponents early in the season. The Owls saw two other ivy league schools as they faced Penn and Columbia early on, while hosting Syracuse in early March and traveling to Penn State shortly after. The Templar wishes the graduating seniors and underclassmen the best of luck in their futures and upcoming seasons. - Kaitlin Maloney 116 SportsSenior Andrey Morozov awaits the ball during a practice session Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The Temple University men’s tennis program is led by head coach Steve Mauro. Mauro is in his fifth season as the head coach of the program. Mauro has been revitalizing the men's tennis program ever since he took over the team five years ago. He led the team to an impressive 17-8 record in his first season at the helm. That season marked an improvement over the previous season’s win total by 14 games. Mauro has coached five men’s tennis players to All-Atlantic 10 honors in his time as head coach. He has compiled a 36-47 record and has proved to be a dedicated and thorough recruiter, bringing in tennis players from eight different countries around the world. Mauro’s 2010-2011 team included two senior athletes, Andrey Morozov and Stanislav Stekolshikov. Both of these tennis athletes are prime examples of Mauro’s international recruiting prowess. Andrey Morozov is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia while Stanislav Stekolshikov hails from Tallinn, Estonia. The 2010-2011 team included six international athletes. The team captain for this year was junior Filip Rams. This was a role he also served in the year before. The Men’s tennis team looked stellar in 2011. They posted an impressive win over Drexel University in the Owls’ home opener at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center. They also rallied from behind to earn a great victory over Georgetown. The men’s tennis program at Temple University will continue to strive to improve under the leadership of Steve Mauro and Filip Rams. - Raymond Boyd Sports 1172010 sophomore Cody Calafiore challenges his opponent for possession of the ball. Calafiore tied with teammate Tyler Witmer for most goals and assists this season, each with 5 and 4, respectively. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The Temple University men's soccer program is led by head coach David MacWilliams. MacWilliams has been at the helm for the cherry and white for 11 seasons. In his fourth season on the sidelines, MacWilliams led the Owls to 13 wins, the most in a single season for the men’s soccer program, and for an encore, led the group to double-digit wins again the next season. This was the first time back-to-back double-digit win seasons had been recorded since the 1986-1987 season. MacWilliams has over 20 years of coaching experience under his belt and a lot of that is rooted right here in Philadelphia. Before becoming the head coach of the Owls, MacWilliams was a standout regional all-American soccer player at Philadelphia University, a professional soccer player for both the Philadelphia Fever and the Philadelphia Fury and head coach of the Philadelphia Kixx. The coaching staff is rounded out by assistants Trevor Singer and Pat Hannigan. The men’s soccer team is comprised of a group of three seniors including goalkeeper Bret Mollon, midfielder Jared Harris and midfielder Max Kinderwater. Mollon played in and started 19 games for the Owls in 2010. He achieved a stellar goals against average of .90 and recorded six shutouts in the season. Harris played in 18 games for the Owls and started in each one while recording seven shots on the net. Kinderwater played in 17 games, starting six of them while recording four assists on the season. The team also received stellar seasons from junior midfielder Tyler Witmer, who was tied for the team lead with 14 points and recorded three game winning goals and sophomore midfielder Cody Calafiore who also had 14 points and recorded one game winner. The Owls finished with an overall record of 8-9-2, but with a talented young core and the leadership of Dave MacWilliams, things should indeed keep improving for the better. . Raymond Boyd 118 SportsThe women’s soccer team wrapped up their 2010 season on October 31st in a 7-0 loss against Charlotte. They finished the season with a record of 6-12-1, including 1-7-1 in Atlantic-10 Conference play, marking the program’s most victories in consecutive seasons since 2001 and 2002. Helping to lead the team was junior Niki Conn, who also earned her second straight Atlantic-10 All-Conference Honorable Mention in the process. Conn, who led the team with a career-high 10 goals, became the first double-digit scorer since 2001. Conn also compiled a career-best 24 points this season, good for second best in the conference along with her league-leading total of 87 shots attempted. Also making an impact on the field were the Yurkovic sisters, Allicia, a junior, and Kate, a sophomore. The two sisters kept their statistics consistent through the season, each putting up five goals and four assists, with the exception of Kate tallying three game-winning goals. Taking charge of the Owls’goal-keeping responsibilities was junior Tara Murphy, who started 11 games this season. Murphy would finish the season with 59 saves, allowing 21 goals, good for a 1.85 goals against average and a 0.738 save percentage. The Owls find themselves ending the season with the departure of nine seniors and a junior. In addition, the Owls also are without a head coach due to the resignation of David Jones, who managed the team for the past eight seasons. Over this time, Jones and the Owls had an overall record of 38-95-14. _ Mike Revak Sophomore Jackie Krostek looks to maneuver past the opposing defender. Krostek has two goals and three assists for the season. PHOTOGRAPHED BY MlKE REVAK. 119 SportsJunior Collin Wallace and senior Jessica Antosz prepare to block an opponent's pass. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The Lady Owls on the volleyball team faced a tough schedule during this 2010 season. The Owls, members of the Atlantic 10 Conference, ended the year with a record of 4-25. With victories over La Salle (2), Rider and Long Island, the Owls dropped their Senior Day game against Fordham University. Congratulations to seniors Jess Antosz, Cayleigh Ashman. Ashley Carr, Ariel Pierre and Jovana Radojevic, and best wishes in their future endeavors. Senior Ariel Pierre has been named to COBRA Magazine's All-East Region Team for the 2010 season. Pierre ranks fourth all-time in digs at Temple and finished her career with an impressive 1,563 digs. She was named to both the 2010 Temple Invitational All-Tournament Team and the 2010 Tar Heel Classic All-Tournament Team. After sixteen seasons as the head coach of Temple Volleyball, Bob Bertucci resigned following the 2010 season. With 315 wins at Temple, Bertucci leaves as the coach with the most wins in program history. A 32-year coaching veteran whose teams have made numerous trips to the NCAA Tournament Bertucci led Temple to seven A-10 regular season titles. In his 16 years at Temple, Bertucci's teams posted 20 or more wins nine times and earned four automatic NCAA Tournament bids, advancing to the Sweet 16 in 2002. His career record of 667-383 included coaching ten All-Americans and 59 all-conference selections in his career. The Templar wishes Coach Bertucci, graduating seniors and underclassmen the best of luck in their futures and seasons. - Kaitlin Maloney 120 Sports[cI U The Temple golf program is led by head coach Brian Quinn. Quinn was a four year letter-winner in his time as a student at Temple University from 1987 to 1990. Quinn was a professional golfer for 16 years. He won 17 tournaments and played in the Asian PGA, the South African PGA and the South American PGA tours. Quinn is also the director of the BQ Golf Academy in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. In his time at the helm, Quinn has returned the Temple golf program back to prominence and they are indeed a force to be reckoned with on the course. The Owls are also led by Assistant Coach Bob Woll. The 2010-2011 golf team consists of three seniors: Mark Edmondson, Joseph Kim and Andrew Mason. In 2010, Mark Edmondson earned an Atlantic Ten Golfer of the Week Honor and was named to the Temple Athletic Director's Honor Roll. In 2010, Joseph Kim was named to the Temple Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Andrew Mason was also named to the Temple Athletics Director’s Honor Roll and was named to the 2010 All-Conference Team. Freshman Steve Burak tied for 66th place in the prestigious Adams Cup of Newport with a 83.79,75 for a combined total of 237 (+21) and finished tied for 41st place in the Hartford Hawk Invitational with a 77, 80 for a combined total of 157 (+13). Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. Temple placed 14th overall in the Big Five Invitational in 2010 and were led on that day by freshman Connor McNicholas, who finished 12th amongst the golfers that competed. Temple golf will continue to flourish under the leadership of Brian Quinn. The team constantly strives to improve during the year and continues to grow in every tournament. A strong roster of competitive golfers will continue to keep the golf team competitive for years to come. . Raymond Boyd Sports 121A member of the Temple fencing program advances in a duel against a skilled opponent. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios Freshman Teagan Kilpatrick looks on as one of her teammates prepares for another match. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios The Temple fencing program is coached by legendary coach Nikki Franke. Franke is a Hall of Fame coach and has been in charge of Temple fencing for 38 seasons. Under the leadership of Franke, the Temple fencing program has posted an astounding 601-158-1 record. Frankke is synonymous with Temple fencing considering that she has been at the helm since the program came into existence in 1972. In that time period, she has led the Owls to 35 postseason appearances. Nikki Franke became a member of the International Sports Hall of Fame back in 2002. The Temple fencing programs consists of four seniors: Audrey Barroso (Sabre), Alyssa Lombardi (Epee), Samantha Pascarelli (Sabre) and Grace Wu (Epee). In 2010, the fencing team hosted the 31st annual Temple Open. The competition annually draws fencers from across the country to McGonigle Hall to determine who is best. The Owls defended their home admirably. Barroso won the title in sabre and freshman Epiphany Georges took the title in foil as the Owls fell just one weapon shy of completing the three-weapon sweep. The sweep was almost completed as two Temple Owls, freshman Chantal Montrose and junior Jill Bratton, finished second and third respectively in epee. Dominance such as this has become the norm for Temple fencing. Dedicated and talented athletes, along with the legendary expertise of Franke, make the Temple fencing team a dominant force year in and year out. The rest of the coaching staff for the Temple fencing team consists of Assistant Coach Bradley Baker and Director of Fencing Operations Ashley Kincaid. - Raymond Boyd 122 SportsThe Temple University lacrosse program is led by head coach Bonnie Rosen. Rosen, who hails from Bala Cynwyd, PA has been at the helm of Temple’s lacrosse program for four seasons. Rosen led the Owls to the 2008 Atlantic 10 regular season championship and to a record settingfifth Atlantic 10 tournament title. She was also named the Atlantic 10’s coach of the year that season. In October of 2010, Bonnie Rosen was honored by being inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame, an honor that adds to the number of legendary coaches at Temple University. Rosen coaches a 2011 team that boasts four seniors. The seniors are Alexandra Shapiro, Jennifer Homka, Nicholle St. Pierre and Ann Stouffer. Shapiro started all 17 games for the Owls in 2010 and earned All-America Honorable Mention from the Jewish Sports Review. In 2010, Homka started in 12 games for the Owls and was named to the Temple Director’s Honor Roll. Stouffer started all 17 games for the Owls while having a stellar 2010 campaign. She scored 10 goals and had 7 assists. She was also second on the Owls in ground balls with 36 and ranked fifth in the Atlantic 10 averaging 2.12 per game. She was named to the Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-Area Team, the Atlantic 10 All-Academic Team and the President’s Honor Roll. Going into the 2011 season, the Owls were predicted to finish 4th in the Atlantic 10 by a vote conducted by the league's eight head coaches. Under the leadership of hall of fame coach Bonnie Rosen and with the talent at their disposal, the lacrosse team will certainly strive for much more than 4th place. . Raymond Boyd Senior Jennifer Homka cradles the ball past the desparate attempt of a Delaware defender. Photographs courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios.Junior David Walters runs steadily to push the cross country team to a championship repeat at the IC4A Championships in Van Courtland Park. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. Freshman Brian MacNab pushes past an opposing runner, putting forth all his energy to reach the finish line. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. The Temple University men’s cross country program is led by head coach and Philadelphia native Eric Mobley. Eric Mobley and his staff lead not only the men's cross country team, but also three other programs at Temple including the women’s cross country team, the men’s track and field team and the women’s track and field team. Eric Mobley's men’s cross country team included a group of four seniors. The seniors were Eric Conklin, Clarke Hunt, Mike May and Eddie Penetar. In past seasons, Eric Conklin and Eddie Penetar were named to the Temple Athletic Directors Honor Roll and Mike May was named Temple’s first male cross country all-conference honoree. All four of these senior athletes compete in cross country and also in outdoor track and field and indoor track and field. The 2010 men's track and field program boasted a stellar season overall. They finished in 8th place at the Atlantic 10 Championships, 14th at the NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regionals and repeated as the champions at the IC4A Championships in Van Courtland Park in the Bronx, NY. At that event, Mike May finished in first place in the last race of his career to lead Temple to the victory. Under the tutelage of Mobley and his staff, the Temple men’s cross country program promises to remain competitive for years to come. . Raymond Boyd 124 SportsLeft: Sophomore Katherine Frank was named to the 2009 Temple Athletic Director's Honor Roll and is seen here in the midst of a tough race. Right: Senior Tashima Stephens battles through fatigue to pass an opponent. Stephens competes for both the cross country team and the track team. PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF Carl WOLF STUDIOS. The women's cross country team here at Temple University is led by head coach Eric Mobley. Mobley is the head coach of not only the women's cross country team, but also the men's cross country team, and both the men’s and women's track and field programs. Eric Mobley is a native of Philadelphia and attended Central High School. The 2010 team boasted a group of six senior athletes. The seniors on the team were Shadaya Bennet, Jen Berman, Assata Cowart, Briana Linneman, Rebecca Mims and Tashima Stephens. These athletes not only represent Temple as cross country athletes but also compete in track and field. The women's cross country team also saw great contributions from the strong freshmen tandem of Sarah Rutter and Stephanie Dorantes. These two freshmen finished as Temple's top runners on several occasions. The two young talented runners promise to be crucial staples of the women's cross country program for years to come. The Owls finished their 2010 season by finishing in 17th place at the ECAC Championships in Van Courtland Park in the Bronx, NY. Under the leadership of head coach Eric Mobley and with a promising young crop of runners, the women’s cross country team will look to continue having strong performances for years to come. - Raymond BoydThe Temple University field hockey program is led by sixth year head coach Amanda Janney. Janney graduated from Wake Forest in 1999. She coached two seasons as an assistant at The University of Pennsylvania prior to taking over the Temple field hockey program in 2005. The Owls boast a stellar 56-47 overall record since Janney took over the program. During her tenure as coach, 26 Owls have made it to All-Conference, four have won Player of the Year Awards and one an All-American honor. When Janney took over in 2005, she led the Owls to their first winning season since 1992 and the program has only improved since. In 2007, Janney led the Owls to their first ever regular season Atlantic Ten Conference title and helped to achieve what has become regarded as the most successful season in program history. In 2009, Janney led the field hockey team all the way to the Atlantic Ten Championship game. The Owls lost that game to Richmond and the loss drove their 2010 campaign. The 2010 field hockey team clearly had unfinished business. Other members of the coaching staff include Beth Riley and Kelsey Nickles. The 2010 team was led by a talented group of four seniors: midfielder Katey Delaco, defenseman Kylee Yetter, forward Taryn Nichols and goalkeeper Sarah Dalrymple. Dalrymple was a catalyst for the Owls defense in 2010. Prior to the start of the season, Dalrymple trained with the United States National Team at the Olympic Training Center over the summer. When asked about the impact that experience had on Dalrymple, her head coach stated, "I believe her confidence is high. She has been a great leader, and now that the dream of making the Olympics is a realistic possibility for her, her demeanor and intensity during training sessions has changed." This new intensity certainly showed itself during the season as she played in and started all 21 games for the team. She posted an impressive 1.63 goals against average with 95 saves on the season and six shutouts. Dalrymple finished fourth in the A-10 in saves, fifth in saves per game, and tied for first in shutouts and third in goals against average. While Dalrymple solidified the Owls’ defense, the offense was stirred by the play of junior forward Bridget Settles. Settles had a breakout season as a sophomore in 2009 and certainly followed that up in 2010. Entering the season, Amanda Janney said, "I think she is going to be a nightmare for other defenders," when referring to the 126 SportsSenior Sarah Dalrymple has been one of the biggest keys to the field hockey team's success in recent years. Dalrymple played all 21 season games, leading to six shutouts. Photograph courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. junior forward. Settles backed up her coach's expectations. She came in fourth in the A-10 in points, fourth in goals and fourth in goals per game. The Owls were 3rd in the A-10 in scoring average and that had a great deal to do with Settles' play in 2010. The Owls finished with a 9-12 overall record and a 4-3 conference record. They were able to continue their quest for an A-10 title by making it to the A-10 Conference Playoffs, which were hosted at Temple’s Geasey Field. The field hockey team was unable to finish their quest and was defeated in the first round. Although this was the case, the field hockey team will continue to thrive and march toward their goal. The roster is still made up of a number of talented players who will ensure that Temple is competitive in the A-10 for years to come. - Raymond Boyd Sports 1271 I41 :f‘l n As the 2010 Temple Owls stepped onto the Edberg-Olson practice field at the beginning of the season, they had somethingto prove. With a heartbreaking loss in the EagleBank Bowl the previous December, a Heisman candidate in sophomore running back Bernard Pierce and favorites to win the MAC, the Owls practiced with unmatched determination and dedication. The Owls looked confident in September, starting off the season with an impressive contest against Villanova at Lincoln Financial Field for the Mayor’s Cup. A close game throughout, Owls fans were praying the game would sway their way unlike the 2009 loss to the Wildcats. Temple prevailed and carried off the Mayor's Cup for the first time. They also garnered important Mid-American Conference wins against Central Michigan and Connecticut before travelling to Happy Valley to take on intrastate rivals, Penn State. Looking to get off the bubble and gain a national ranking, the Owls kept pace with the 20th ranked Nittany Lions before falling 22-13. October started with a win against Army in West Point, NY, and after a loss to Northern Illinois, the Owls won four straight, including the Homecoming game against visiting Bowling Green University. The defense stepped up against Buffalo and Akron, shutting out both teams 42-0 and 30-0, respectively. After a convincing win against Kent State, the Owls could not carry the momentum into the home stretch and finished out the season with losses to Ohio and Miami. Despite their impressive opening to the season, the injuries of key players Peanut Joseph and Bernard Pierce were too much for the team to overcome, and the Owls could not reach their second-straight bowl berth. Joseph, who started seven out of ten games this season, suffered a season-ending injury to his right knee in November and had to have surgery to repair it. Pierce, who was touted as a potential Heisman Trophy candidate, suffered a hamstring injury early in the season that plagued him for the remainder of the schedule. Despite being named as the MAC Freshman of the Year in 2009 and honored as the MAC Offensive Player of the Week in September, Pierce only had 728 yards on the season. This season the Owls averaged 25 points per game, and accordingto OwlSports, averaged 21,000 fans in attendance at Lincoln Financial Field. Although the team could not secure a bowl this year, both the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Mid-American Conference recognized their individual successes. In late November, a school-record eight Owls were named to the All-MAC first-team. Senior DB Jaiquawn Jarrett, senior NT Elisha Joseph, senior OL Darius Morris, sophomore RB Bernard Pierce, junior DE Adrian Robinson, junior TE Evan Rodriguez and junior DT Muhammed Wilkerson all gained honors. Sophomore RB Matt Brown, senior LB Peanut Joseph and senior WR Michael Campbell all earned All-MAC second-team honors. In January, the Philadelphia Inquirer named eight Temple players to their Academic All-Area team, including Jarrett and Joseph. Senior TE Vaughn Charlton, sophomore DB Justin Gildea, sophomore PK Brandon McManus, junior WR Rod Streater, sophomore OL Martin Wallace and sophomore OL Stephen Yuan were also named to the Academic All-Area team. Next season, the Owls will look to change their momentum and capitalize on the veteran leadership they will have. With talented recruits and a schedule highlighted by a home matchup against Penn State, Temple will build on the lessons learned from this season and look to improve for the next. - Sarah Higgins 128 SportsSenior Jeff Wathne warms up on the sidelines as he readies himself for a punt. Photograph COURTESY OF CARL Wolf Studios. Running back Matt Brown evades a tackle as he runs up the field. Brown had a stellar 2010 season and was a second team All-Mac Honoree. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Carl WOLF STUDIOS. Sports 129Left: Qwedia Wallce. senior guard, easily dribbles past her defender as she drives up the court. Right: Maneuvering around the the attempted blocks of the opposing team, junior guard Satoria Bell takes a shot at the basket. PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF CARL WOLF STUDIOS. Sports 130Third year head coach, Tonya Cardoza, leads the women’s basketball program at Temple University. Cardoza took over for former head coach Dawn Staley and has done a fantastic job of not only continuing the success of the program, but also building upon it. Tonya Cardoza has led the Owls to consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances in both of her first two seasons at the helm and the team was certainly in good shape at the time of Templar’s publication, making a 2011 NCAA Tournament berth an extremely realistic possibility. Cardoza has taken the Big 5 by storm, bringing home its Coach of the Year award in both 2009 and 2010. She is off to a fast start in her head-coaching career. She has already built up a strong 46-19 record in her first two seasons. Cardoza came to the Owls after spending 14 years as an assistant under the hall of fame coach, Geno Auriemma, at the University of Connecticut. In her time with the Huskies, Cardoza helped bring in five national championships to the program. She has brought that winning pedigree to Temple University and it was quickly evident during her rookie season when she led the team to an upset over 13 Xavier, making her the first rookie head coach in program history to defeat a ranked opponent. Prior to taking the job at Connecticut, Cardoza played professionally overseas and before that at the University of Virginia. At the time of publication, the women's basketball team was in the midst of yet another incredible season. The overall record was 20-6 with a perfect 11-0 conference record. The team was also riding a stellar 13 game winning streak, which had just been extended by an incredible win over George Washington. The Owls won 89-36. The Owls played perhaps one of the most incredible games in team history. The team posted six players in double figures to stay undefeated in the Atlantic 10. They reached 20 wins for the eighth consecutive season and won the game by the second largest margin in team history. The game was perhaps in question for about the first minute or so and was indeed the epitome of domination. The 2011 roster consisted of three seniors. The seniors were guard Qwedia Wallace, forward Danielle Brinkley and forward Marli Bennett. In addition to stellar play from the seniors, the Owls also had fantastic production from Shey Peddy and Kristen McCarthy, two juniors who were 1st and 2nd respectively for the Owls in scoring. There does not seem to be an end in sight for this program's success. They have a great group of juniors that will undoubtedly do big things in 2012 as seniors, great senior leadership, a fantastic head coach and tons of talent. This team is becoming synonymous with March Madness and considering the state of the team at the time of the book’s publication, the team will certainly have made it to the big dance in 2011 as well. - Raymond Boyd Sports 131Left: Junior Juan Fernandez, guard, takes a show. Fernandez has emerged as a great leader for the men's basketball team. Right: Ramone Moore takes a quick breather before play resumes. Moore had a breakout junior season for the Owls in 2011 following his A-10 Sixth Man of the Year Award in 2010. Photographs courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios. 132 Sports I In front of a crowd of 9,509, the Owls outhustled the Hoyas and never trailed during the game. With three seconds in the game, sophomore forward Rahlir Jefferson drained two free throws to clinch the Temple upset, 68-65. The Wild Cherry section stormed the court to celebrate Coach Fran Dunphy’s 400th career win and the return of the Owls to the national rankings. Junior guard Ramone Moore, who scored 30 points in the contest, was subsequently named Big Five Player of the Week for his effort. On February 1, the Owls took down LaSalle University for Coach Dunphy's 100th win as Temple's coach. Senior forward Lavoy Allen, in a monumental feat, became only the fifth Owl in school history to earn 1,000 career rebounds. On February 7, junior forward Scootie Randall was named the Big Five Player of the Week, and the very next week, Ramone Moore earned the same award. One day later, however, junior center Micheal Eric suffered a season-ending patella fracture in practice. The Owls, however, would not let Eric’s injury curb them, and they came out on Februrary 17 against a talented Richmond squad, winning 73-53. Taking full advantage of their home-court advantage, Moore scored a game-high 24 points, Fernandez made all but one shot fora season-best 20 points and Allen and Jefferson had a game-high seven rebounds each. At the time Templar went to press, the Owls won 20 straight games at the Liacouras Center and are ranked 23rd nationally. They will look to secure a four-time Atlantic 10 title in March and a bid to the NCAA tournament to avenge last year’s first-round loss. Consistent with the true team effort the Owls have put forth, four players have averaged double-digit points per game: Ramone Moore, Juan Fernandez, Lavoy Allen and Scootie Randall each contribute greatly to the Owls’ triumphs. ESPN marched their way up North Broad Street to put Temple basketball on national television in mid-December, pitting the unranked Owls against the 9 ranked Georgetown Hoyas. As the first of two finals study days wound down, the anticipation on campus revved up, with fans lining up hours before tip-off. With over 65,000 fans having watched the Owls and their successful 2010-11 run, it is no secret that the saying on the Wild Cherry’s shirts rings true. “I Think You Hear Us Coming’’ aptly describes the Temple community that is swelling with pride for this team. - Sarah Higgins Sports 133The feeling of crisp air flowing through winded lungs, the sound of squeaking sneakers on the hardwood floor and the counting down of the clock until time expires. These experiences are highly accessible to all athletically inclined and interested students, even those who are not part of Temple’s Division I athletics. There are twenty-three club sports available and four of those are offered in both men’s and women’s teams: badminton, bowling, cycling, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, indoor rock climbing, karate, lacrosse (men’s and women’s), paintball, powerlifting, roller hockey, rugby (men’s and women’s), snowboarding, soccer (men’s and women’s), swimming, taekwondo, tennis, ultimate frisbee and volleyball (men’s and women’s). Members of the rugby club swarm an opponent during a match in an effort to strip the ball. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF TEMPLE RUGBY CLUB. The Temple ice hockey team takes to the ice in the midst of a game at the Flyer's Skate Zone. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CARL WOLF STUDIOS. Club sports vary in range and nature. Some clubs are very competitive and frequently compete against other schools in the region, area and nation, while others are more recreational in nature. Some clubs require undergraduate status to participate, while others allow both graduate and undergraduate students. It is more than likely that the more competitive teams will hold tryouts to determine the team roster, while the less competitive teams welcome walk-in participants. Students seeking both high and low competition levels, a tight-knit team atmosphere and the thrill of the chase of victory should acquire more information about the range of athletic activities that Temple’s club sports have to offer. - Kaitlin Maloney - A SoortsThe snowboarding club at the base of Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. In January, about 200 people joined the club on their excursion up to Canada to hit the slopes. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH ANDERTON. The Temple Paintball Club begins a game by firing away. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF TEMPLE PAINTBALL Club. Sports 135The Diamond Gems cheer on the basketball team from the Sidelines. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CARL WOLF STUDIOS. The Diamond Gems take to the court to entertain the crowd at the Liacouras Center. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Carl Wolf Studios. Focused athletes, hyped-up fans, spirited cheerleaders and the peppy Diamond Band surround Temple University football and basketball game-days. However, in addition to these traditional elements of collegiate spirit squads, Temple has the privilege of having its own dance team, the Diamond Gems. Every time the football team takes the field or the basketball team enters the court, the Diamond Gems are right beside them, pumping up the crowd and performing dance sequences between quarters or during time outs. The ladies of the Diamond Gems are coached by Megan Teesdale and practice three times a week in order to keep up with the Owls they cheer for from the sidelines. Vigorous practices involve learning new choreography (taught by the coach, captain and outside choreographers), as well as conditioning with the Temple Athletics strength coach. The Diamond Gems are the current fourth place team after competing in their first-ever national championship at the Universal Dance Association College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship, held at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in January 2010. After coming to Orlando, Florida, over 85 dance teams from across the nation competed in this prestigious event. The Diamond Gems competed in the Division 1 Hip Hop Category and finished in fourth place. The Diamond Gems were the only team in their division who had not previously competed at this competition. The mission of the Diamond Gems, as part of the Temple University Spirit Squad, is to entertain, energize and inspire at designated Temple athletic contests and promotional events. The Gems perform at all home football games, men’s and women’s home basketball games, pep rallies and many Temple University and Philadelphia events and promotions. The Diamond Gems will continue to add flair and chic attitude to cherry and white sporting events throughout the fall and winter seasons. . Kaitlin Maloney 136 SportsLeft: The cheerleaders entertain the student body on Liacouras Walk during homecoming. PHOTOGRAPHED by SHERIN KOSHY. Right: The cheerleaders get the crowd going with a great timeout performance at the Liacouras Center. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CaRL WOLF STUDIOS. The Temple University cheerleaders are the heart and soul of the basketball and football programs here at Temple University. They cheer with absolute passion whether within the confines of the Liacouras Center or in the midst of harsh winter conditions at Lincoln Financial Field. The cheerleaders are led by coaches Matt Echevarria and Emily Burster. The highlight of the season for the 2010-2011 squad came January 16th in Orlando, Florida. The cheerleading squad competed in the College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships held at ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex. The Temple cheerleading squad was one of over 100 teams that competed from all corners of the United States. The team competed in two categories: the Division 1 All Girl Category and the Girls 4 Partner Stunt. The team finished seventh overall while competing in Florida. Coverage of the event and the team’s performance can be seen at www.varsity.com. The members of the nationals team were Melissa Orons, Tara Lassiter, Chelsea Brooks, Alyssa Mericle, Alexandra Spurgeon, Ashley Phung, Kelli McGugan, Elizabeth Nemeth, Alexa Szal, Lauren Bayer, Rebecca Rodriguez, Danielle Brasch, Darcy Stackhouse, Devon Hollenden, Caity Sitosky, Amanda Crimi, Colleen Fries, Tina Franzosa, Bunnie Weeks, Elizabeth Schumm, Amy Fiore, Valerie Smith and Katie Mulray. After their triumphant performance in Florida, the team returned to the Liacouras Center to perform their nationals routine in front of an energetic crowd during halftime of the men’s basketball game versus Charlotte on January 26, 2011. The team continues to cheer for both the football and basketball programs and will continue to strive to compete on the national stage with the hope of bringing more attention to Temple University cheerleading. - Raymond Boyd SportsThe Temple Band prepares to bring the music during a football game at Lincoln Financial Field. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CARL WOLF STUDIOS. 138 SportsAlthough the Temple Owls may get more attention on the playing field than off of it, the “Pride of the Cherry and White” power the crowd and the athletes through every competition. In section 117 of Lincoln Financial Field in the fall, the Diamond Marching Band can be found syncing up with the student-led Cherry Crusade and the rest of the student section to cheer on the football team. The 2010 halftime performances were highlighted by the band’s engaging melody of Lady Gaga’s hit songs. Entertaining the crowd with rousing renditions of the Temple fight song, the Diamond Band is a staple throughout the contests. As the football team closed out their season, the men’s basketball team opened theirs at the Liacouras Center, accompanied by the omnipresent pep band. Cheering on the defending Atlantic-10 champions, the Diamond Pep Band traveled all over the surrounding region and the country representing the Cherry and White. This season, the Diamond Band traveled into the Hawk's Nest of St. Joseph's University on January 29, as the Owls took on the Hawks at the Palestra in West Philadelphia. While rollout posters, cheers and competition were waging, the band’s chorus of "Fight for the Cherry and White” was enough to spur the Owls to victory over their Big-5 rival. The band will also accompany the team to Atlantic City for the annual A-10 tournament and to the NCAA Tournament in March. - Sarah Higgins Sportsr lete Patrick McIaughun MEN'S GYMNASTICS Major: Kinesiology Hometown: Shrewsbury, PA :: Favorites :: Book: Bible Movie: Miracle Song: "Who Am I" -Flyleaf Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza Other athletic activity: Soccer What aspects about playing for Temple do you like best? The unified closeness, drive and pride my team shares with one another. I like feeling that my home is right on Broad Street in McGonigle Hall. What is one thing you could not live without? Love, for without love, I would have a sad and hopeless reality. Kristin Harris SOFTBALL Major: Geology Hometown: The Colony, TX :: Favorites :: Book: 1984 - George Orwell Movie: Rocketman Song: "King Rat" - Modest Mouse Food: Any kind of bread and guacamole Other athletic activity: Wiffle-ball baseball H What is one interesting thing that Temple fans may not know about you? I have three sisters and three brothers, and we live in four different states. What is one thing you could not live without? Food! I am literally always eating something, and a lot of the time it is junk that I shouldn’t be eating. 140 SportsTemple University is fortunate to have a number of dedicated senior athletes that help to lead the athletic programs to tremendous success. The Senior Spotlight's feature four Temple seniors that all play ■6-r v. influential roles on their teams and who all embody incredible dedication to their sport. Check out the Senior Spotlights to get to know these four dedicated Temple Owls. What is one interesting thing that Temple fans may not know about you? I love sailing and being on the water. What aspects about playing for Temple do you like the best? Playing for Temple has allowed me to build strong friendships, play the sport I love in a competitive environment and shape my character. Meridith Crowell WOMEN'S SOCCER Major: Biology Hometown: Lansdale, PA :: Favorites:: Book: The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseim Movie: No. Reservations Song: "Fly Me to the Moon" - Frank Sinatra Food: Mom's chili and meatball sandwiches Other athletic activity: Volleyball Chelsea Troutman WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS Major: Kinesiology Hometown: McAlisterville, PA :: Favorites:: Movie: Despicable Me Song: "Dream Big" - Ryan Shupe and The Rubberband Food: Peanut butter Other athletic activity: Tennis What aspects about playing for Temple do you like the best? I love being able to represent Temple by doing something I love to do. What is one interesting thing that Temple fans may not know about you? In middle school, I was on the track and field team and won regionals in the high jump. Sports 141As the backbone of the university, the administration leads students, faculty and staff alike in the pursuit of a higher standard of education, with focus on teaching, research and service. 142 AdministrationFrom The President 1. Temple has seen some drastic changes under the 20 20 plan, how do you feel about these changes? I am excited to see several new buildings and improvements envisioned in the Temple 20 20 framework taking shape on campus. The most important thing about all of these developments is that we are not just building for the sake of building. These new structures are necessary to support the needs of our students and faculty and will strengthen the academic and research activities on campus. The campus transformation that will take place over the next few years will also be a source of great pride for graduates of Temple, even though they will not personally have had the opportunity to enjoy them as students. The campus will signify Temple’s continuing commitment to excellence to future generations a commitment that is ever present across the university. 2. How do you relate to the students of Temple? What helps you to understand the needs of an individual student in order to enhance the learning process? My goal is to ensure that every Temple student has the opportunity to learn and grow to their full potential through rigorous academic work, enriching social and cultural activities, and engagement with the local community. I have many wonderful opportunities to work with Temple students and to talk to them about their experiences. I work especially closely with the representatives of student government, who serve as outstanding ambassadors for their peers in bringing issues to my attention. We are also so fortunate to have tremendous student services staff and academic advisors, deans and many others who work more closely with students on a daily basis and who keep student needs at the forefront in all they do. Serving our students is a total team effort here at Temple, and I am delighted to have such committed professionals constantly focusing on improving the educational experience of Temple students. 3. If there is something that we should know about you as a President from up close, what would it be? Rather than focusing just on the president, what I would really like every Temple student to know about is the many other wonderful people who make Temple such a great place for our students to live and learn. Of course, at that top of that list is the faculty and staff, but there are many more you might never see or know about. From the Board of Trustees to countless volunteers who provide counsel to the deans through the Boards of Visitors of each school to the thousands of Temple alumni across the world who donate their time and financial support to the university’s activities, there are so many people who make your education possible. I see this dedicated cadre of supporters at work every day and can tell you that they are all committed to your success as students and as graduates. 4. Is there anything you wish to say to this year’s graduating class? I certainly want to congratulate all of the members of the graduating class. I know how hard you have worked to complete your studies and earn your Temple degree. I also want to wish you all the very best for the future as you take what you have learned here and apply it to meaningful work. Lastly, I want to thank the Class of 2011 for the impact the class has had on the spirit of the Temple community. I hope you will stay connected to Temple and the many friends you have made f MM flM Ann Weaver Hart here and that you will return to campus many times in the years ahead. gji I Vm' yV H President 144 AdministrationUniversity Administrators Anthony Wagner Executive Vice President, CFO Treasurer Peter Jones Senior Vice President Michael Scales Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of University Housing and Residential Life Theresa A. Powell Vice President for Student Affairs Stephanie Ives Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Administration 145As their journey through college comes to an end, seniors are able to put behind them all the time they spent studying, and start preparing to apply their skills and knowledge for the future lying aheadBrook A. Abboud Joyce Abdel-Meseh Safiyah Abdul Malik CHawonuola Abiona Francis 8. Ablaza Polina Abramson Julia C. Achilles Blair M. Ackerman Caitlyn M. Adams Lana D. Adams Tamir E. Adams-EI Ibtesam M. Addahbly Julia R. Adden Adetokunbo 0. Adeagbo Oyinkan 0. Adedeji Oyinkansola Adenugba Adebola M. Aderinto Tomilade Adeyemi-Wilson Radhia L. Afil Benjamin J. Agbayani Alexis E. Agelan Lateefah Agunbiade Samantha A. Ahern Bilal U. Ahmad Rowaida H. Ahmed Waqas Ahmed Tugba Akgun Skye A. Akins Esther A. Akintoye Mahdi Alali Moulay Larbi Alaoui Chanel 0. Alexander Stephaney Y. Alexander Abdulaziz Aljasem Nicholas F. Allegrim Nikki S. Allen Noelle S. Allen Jori L. Allen-Wilcox Ijeoma Amobi Brianna R. Anderson Uchechukwu K. Anidi Yana Anokhina 148 SeniorsAnne R. Antoine Dorothea C. Antrom Christina M. Anzaldo Margaret E. Appleyard-Smith Raquel T. Arcangel Jessica L Argondizza Katrina A. Ariola Matthew T. Arose Imran Arthur Tomas Artner Justin R. Aspenleiter Pirenam Atefeibu Ali I. Atif Clarence G. Augustin Grorvahny V. Augustin Nicholas A. Auman Anna G. Aupperle Amaury Avalos Zeynep Ayaz Victoria A. Ayeni Tasha Azor Koffi Azorbly Jackee K. Bacchus Bilal Badruddin Brittany M. Bagnati Laura A. Bailey Liana M. Bailey Lydia T. Bailey Erinda Bajo Lauren N. Baker Rosenie R. Balde Deanna M. Balerno Nishan R. Banerjee Allison K. Bankhead Therese E. Banks William J. Bannar Christopher C. Banten Julia D. Barberes Amanda C. Barefiekl Jade M. Barnes Rebekah L. Barnes Keyanna R. Barnett Seniors 149Jaime Barona Matthew Barrel! Kristyn Barrett Stephen T. Barrett Daryl A. Batoff Ife A. 8attle Craig E. Baumbach Elise T. Bautista Rachel L. 8axter Shannon A. Baxter Ellis Beamon Staci L. Beck Jennifer L. Beddall Anna Bedeau Ina Behaj Alger Belin Jamal H. Bell Olawale A. Bello Simtsola Bello David N. Belt Nicole M. Benedetto Ashley E. Benner Ashante G. Bennett Joshua M. Bennett Marti T. Bennett Shadaya Bennett Brian T. Benns Konswella A. Bentley Lee D. Berger Kevin P. Bergey Tarra K. Bernadm Susan L Berry Baiba Berze Allison D. Best Malika H. Bethea Brittany Biaesch Shawn C. Bibby Sarah M. Billett Markita Billups Maureen F. Bilotta Chade C. Biney-Amissah Luke A. Bingaman 150 SeniorsKoch D. Btor Jessica R. Bishop Christine E. Bistlme Julia E. Black Amanda L Blase Michelle M. Slash Lubin D. Blay Dana B. Blechman Abigail L Blomeke Nana A. Boateng Aimee E. Bogan Andrew E. Bollinger Karen M. Bonanno Caridad C. 8onaparte Lasha Bonner-Fmcher Gal R. Bordo Christina M. Boschetti Brittany Boswell Tanya Boswell Eileen A. Bowden Thomas G. Boyou Karen E. 8raciszewski Nick J. Braciszewski Jacquelyn R. Brack Eric Langston Major: Political Science Age: 021 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Who was your best professor? Dr. Andre Key has to be my favorite professor. He taught an intro course in African American Studies; AND he cancelled our final, and I was a freshman and I thought that was the best thing EVER. What do you plan do after you graduation? I will be attending Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where I will attain my Masters Degree in Organizational Development. V Seniors 151Colleen M. Bradley Jarrell E. Bradley William F. Bradley Annie J. Brady Erin M. Brady John Brady Amanda C. Branco Danielle E. Brasch Afua M. Brefo Ashley L Brennan Jenna L. Brewer Christina Bridgwater Christine A. Bnght Courtney D. Bright Andre A. Brijadder Danielle C. Brinkley Tiana T. Britton-Davison Brooke S. Brobbey Patricia L. Brogan Caleif L. Brooks Timothy J. Brooks A)or Brown Brittany N. Brown Denise M. Brown Lauren H. Brown Matthew W. Brown Vmesha L. Brown Shana J. Brown-Lieberson Carmen R. Browne Breia J. Brownley Jaclyn C. Bruder Chiara M. Brunori Tiffany Bryant Maria Bucciarelli Erin S. Buchanan Samantha L. Bucher Alex C. Buligon Phoonamsing T. Bumma Jacmta D. Burgess Lindsay M. Burgess Patrick R. Burgoyne Benjamin Burnham 152 SeniorsCaoimhe Butler Shonnay B. Butler Lindsay L. Byrne Cassandra M. Cain Klajdi Cake Amanda G. Campbell Catherine E. Cannon Thomas Cappa Julian S. Carey William T. Carley Christopher W. Carney Trang 0. Carr Phalon H. Carreno Johnny Cartagena James H. Carter Janeile A. Carter Kenneth M. Carter Stephanie R. Carter Meagan D. Carty Melody Carvalho Maureen E. Casey Colleen Casper Madeleine S. Cassell Annette Cazley Regine Celius Daphmr Cesar Kyutaek D. Cha Cheuk Ho Chan Victoria Y. Chan Jill E. Charles Jane-Adrienne Charles-Voltaire Ari Chariestein Carletta D. Chase Taisha T. Chatman Minh K. Che Mully Chea Shaquioa S. Cheatham Cai Young Chen Huiyin Chen Jing Chen Wenfeng Chen Kruthika Chittiappa Seniors 153In Ho Cho Kyuhong Cho Justin J. Choi Lok-Hin Choi Lola L. Choi Meimei Choi Steven Chotalal Sarah Christman Matthew W. Chromiak Julia Chung Wen J. Chung Christina M. Ciammaichelli Victoria L. Cianciulli Brandon C. Ciaudelli Diane K. Cilino Oumou Cisse Jordan Seth Claffey Jason E. Clark Karon J. Clark Amanda L. Clarke Ariana N. Clarke Kevin P. Cleary Aigner E. Cleveland Rachel Clunie Brittany Clybourn Kerri Ann Coffey Samara J. Cogan Emily S. Cohen Chelsea E. Coia Danielle S. Colbert John P. Colbridge Melissa Cole Melissa S. Colelli Asia M. Collmgton Kenneth B. Collins Sean T. Collins Eric M. Conklin Alexandra M. Conners James P. Conners Nicholas J. Contrno Margareth I. Contreras Alexandra P. Cook J 154 SeniorsPerry Copes Kellie A. Corcoran Stefame L. Cordoue David W. Cornish Aiana T. Corvino Joshua S. Costello Anna L Couturier Alexander J. Cox Charlotte A Crater Jeletha A. Crawford Kimberly A. Cnte Tori Crumble Lucy V. Cruz Maria L Cruz Yamile Cuevas Michelle L. Curry Stephanie A. D'angelo Ryan M. Dadalski Benjamin Dailey Peter C. Dailey Kunal K. Dalai Nicole L. Dalrymple Amanda R. Datton Thomas M. Daly Gwendolyn H. Damiani Anitha M. Daniel Daffeney Daniel Joshua S. Daniels Keiana L. Daniels Gleb Danilchenko Jarred T. Davidson Steven M. Davidson Jataja L. Davis Jillian J. Davis Keith A. Davis Martha I. Davis Philysha M. Davis Tyrone L Davis Wale F. Davis Lindsey De Haan Francisco De La Pena Michael W. Deagler Seniors 155Amie M. Dean Marcus T. Dean Jonathan T. Deck Nicole T. Deetz Lauren Defilippis Katey J. Deiaco Ashley D. Dejesus Reinakto Dejesus Meghan Dejos Rudy V. Deluca Mark Demsko Jr. Daniel L Dench Konnne P. Dennis Ryan A. Derobertis Nirja M. Desai Ian S. Desantis Chanelle C. Desir Grace P. Destefano Beth Devece Stacey Di Matteo Samantha J. Diamond Melissa Diaz Glenn G. Dickerson Laura E. Diggjns Anthony lee-Dienesman Age: 022 Hometown: Newtown, PA Major: Philosophy Why did you choose Temple University? A major factor in my decision was that I wanted to be in the city where there is more available in regards to recreation, people, events, and places. I was also fond of Temple's affordable tuition rates for in-state students. Temple University offers many different cuisines on its campus. What is your favorite place to eat? If I want healthy and light, Tai's Vietnamese is an awesome choice. Richie's is a classic...can't go wrong there. 156 SeniorsDanah M. Drggs Dante D. Digiamberardino Andrea C. Dillard James Dillion Bernadine M. Diluzio 8ianca R. Dimaio Zachary Dimaio Leah Dinardo John B. Dinicola Michael S. Dinicola Riana L. Dipietrantonio Lacey N. Disalvo Leslie Divincenzo Mark Dlviny Emily M. Dixon Christine Do Stephanie T. Do Olive M. DoLSomse Andrea L. Dombroski Amy J. Dombrowski Zachary J. Donahue Anneatha W. Donaldson Dierdre M. Donatucci Stephen A. Doneson Kang Dongwoo Daniel R. Donnelly Megan M. Donovan Jasmine J. Dottin Matthew J. Dotzman Demeree L. Douglas Gabriella T. Dow Craig W. Doyle Ivana L. Drakes Thomas M. Driscoll Timothy J. Drobniak Silvie I. Drouillard Hillary L. Drucker Nicole H. Drumgoole Jun Ye Du Nina Dubrovin Maiy Kathryn Dudascik Ronald C. Dunbar Seniors 157Jennifer L. Dunleavy Julia E. Dunn Michelle A. Dunst Dat T. Duong Steven T. Duong Chiffon Durer Kelli L. Dulling Corinne I. Durrette Kerry P. Dutka Man E. Dwyer Samantha Earhart Mark P. Edmondson Odera I. Ekwunife Halime I. El-Hajmoussa Darine W. EI Naccache Bryan A. Ellerbe Khaliah A Ellis Dan P. Elly Susan 0. Eluwa Jill T. Elwell Julian T. Emerson Brian Emig Carl A. Emilius Colin A. Emilius Anna J. Emore Kaitlin R. Empht Lindsay N. Emrich Julie Enakovsky Eric R. Enders Erick T. English Sarah E. Erb Chidmma 1). Erechukwu Michael Eric Aylin M. Erinc Mary R. Esola Nikki Esposito Samuel M. Esposito Richard J. Esteves Jerico M. Evans Michelle C. Evans Stephanie K. Everett Chioma Ezenduka 158 SeniorsMark J. Fabbi Kelsey A. Fabian Irim Fadl Quatina Fall Susan Fallon Jieping Fan Mary Kate Fanning Scott M. Farabaugh Marie Faragalli Lauren A. Faralli Michael J. Fares Julian M. Farina Michael J. Fannella Jessica Farmer Dane J. Farrell Katherine E. Farrell Peter 0. Fasanya Adeolu 0. Fasoro Courtney N. Faust George E. Fava Nasreen Fazal Corey S. Fazekas Webster K. Felix Katelyn Fenerty Westley D. Ferguson Lisa A. Ferleger Glenn Fernando Jocelyn B. Ferraro Joanna M. Ferreri Erin P. Ferris Heather H. Fertig Nichole Fields Adam J. Figura Joshua Filomeno Marlee A. Finkelstein Matthew Finn Alexander R. Fiore Rosalia Fiorello James T. Fischer Sara J. Fischer Christian J. Fisher Mary E. Fitzpatrick Seniors 159Michael B. Fitzpatrick Robert F. Fitzsimmons Cassondra E. Flanagan Patricia A. Fleurant Rachel M. Flite Edward M. Ritter James C.R Flomo Michelle Regina Flood Angela Flores Christopher D. Flournoy Mollie Flynn Mandi E. Focht Kevin P. Foley William J. Foley Taiane B. Fon Gabriella L. Fontan Shenell R. Ford Justin B. Fortmeier Lawren M. Fortune Mohamed A. Fouad Jenna L. Fox Ryan M. Frain Jhenelle Francis Christopher R. Francisco Barbara Francois Chelsea M. Frank Matthew S. Frankel AJysha L. Franks Anthony J. Fratto Keisha C. Frazier Adrenna N. Freeman Ilya Friedman Steven 6. Fries Andrew T. Frisch Colin A. Fry Tairell 0. Fulmore Wun Yee Fung Maxwell H. Furman Tarena Q. Gadsden Tekara Gainey Joseph C. Gale Bnan P. Gallagher 160 SeniorsThomas J. Gallagher Tracy L. Galloway Maurice V. Gans Nicole M. Gard Andrew 8. Gardner Brittany R. Gardner Amy E. Gargiulo Terri-Anne P. Garrison Gina C. Gattis Michael J. Gaudim Alana C. Gay Michael Gelfand Brittany M. General Mary E. George Samesh S. George Carrie A. Georgiadis Hind A. Ghazzawi Rachel Ghionni James Giambrone Stephanie L. Gift Rebecca E. Giles Kathryn M. Gillen Jasmine I. Gilmore Erie F. Giuliano Dominique Noel Major: Broadcast Journalism Age: 024 Hometown: West Chester, PA If there was one thing that you would wish to change about your time here at Temple, what would it be? Why and why not? If I could change one thing it would be that I was here for a full 4 years and never transferred. What is your favorite spot to hang out between classes? The tech center is a great place to catch up on assignments and I love that there is a Starbucks downstairs. Seniors 161Sofia Glik David M. Glmski Stacy D. Gtoster Marianne Godfrey Andrew Goduto Carolyn M. Goebel Ruby L. Goldin Sara F. Goldrath Shannon L. Gomes Kannn C. Goode Priscilla I. Gooden Jasmine N. Gooding Laurie A. Goodwin Elizabeth K. Gordon Jamal R. Gordon Marc Gordon Renee D. Gordon Revay Gordon Stephanie M. Gordon Sam A. Goren Olena Gorobets Lindsay A. Gorski Courtney J. Gorup Kimberly Gould Gma Gowans Lissette Goya Nicole E. Graham Tychelle M. Graham Elizabeth N. Granato Lauren A. Grant Kevin B. Grass Lauren E. Graves Jessica P. Gray Giancarto Graziani Timothy W. Greaves Nikki Green Tiffany C. Green Amanda A. Greenberg Philip R. Greway Jennifer M. Gribbin Devin P. Griffin Sherine Griffin 162 Seniors•J Alex Grivnovics Danielle Grossman Sean C. Grove Anthony V. Gindotti Adrian Guilford Ashneet Gujral Priyanka Gulati Stephanie R. Gustafson Daniel R. Gutter Sara L. Haase Andrew R. Haberman Rebecca M. Hagel Lisa M. Haggerty Selena T. Haggins Matthew C. Hailes Christie M. Halczak Kendra D. Halliday Josephine T. Hallowanger Roberto M. Hannibal Kimberly E. Hanrahan Maureen Harding Daria P. Hardy Sharon M. Hardy Ashley E. Hargrove Michele Harhut Jason D. Harper Janna D. Harrington Thomas C. Harrington II Briana K. Hams Eileen B. Harris Kelsie A. Harshman Kim N. Hartsfield-Stokes Amanda E. Harvey Stephanie A. Harvey Raeanne Hathaway Ashley N. Hauck Christopher A. Hawkins Joshua L Hawkins Tykia T. Hawkins Henry Uoyd Hayes Darcel L. Haynes Katrina W. Head Seniors 163Barinder K. Hear Brittany L. Hefner Camri M. Henderson Melanie A. Henderson Rashedah A. Henderson Taylor A. Hendrixson Robyn W. Heniy Jenna Christine Herb Tyler Hercules Steven R. Hernandez Chanel Herron Rayna E. Hewitt Caitlin A. Hieber Dennis M. Higgins Marcda E. Hilaire Ashley M. Hill Mhyeisha N. Hill Marykathryn R. Hillman Chanda D. Hilton Laura A. Hink Kurt E. Hirsch Yonatan Hirt Alexander R. Hoffman Sean Hoffman Nicole D. Holder Ronald R. Holgado Elise S. Holland Porsche D. Holland Manisha Hollmger Ida-Rochelle J. Holloway Victoria L. Holmes Rachelle I. Holt Jennifer L. Homka Lauren M. Hoopes Megan L. Hopkins Brian W. Horan Edward R. Horan Kenneth R. Horan Derrick A. Hord Carolyn J. Horlacher Jillian L. Horn Andrea M. Howard 164 SeniorsJeamne A. Howard Kimberly A. Howard Lindsay M. Howard Chanaira L Howell Lynn Huang John S. Hochenski Ashley S. Hudson Robert M. Hughes Christopher R. Hull Carty Humma Erica J. Hummel Emani M. Humphrey Dania P. Hunt Britta L. Hunter Nicholas E. Hurtado Russell Hurtt John A. Hutelmyer Emily A. Hutz Dang H. Huynh Jina Hwang Ala F. Ibrahim Ishaque M. Ibrahim Apisri leamniramit Katie L. lezzatti Gina D. Imperato Christopher R. Impnano Muyeng Ing Viktoriya lodkovskaya Alexcia Irizarry Cara M. Irizarry Brittany M. Irons Michelle Isel Jason D. Isles Amer 0. Ismael Naser Ismael Adedamola Isofa Chantelle Israel Daisuke Ito Asia Jackson James Jackson Shawn D. Jackson Varughese Jacob Seniors 165 Umme Jaham Fabha Jarin Kevin M. Jaroma Malena Jean Totsie M. Jenerette Brent J. Jenkins Christopher M. Jenkins Camille L Jennett Jisu Jeong Tanvi Jetsey Ting Ting Jiang Xiang Jiang Patrick R. Jochum Katherine S. Joh Alicia A. John Kimberly John Katurah E. John-Sandy Colin Johnson Danielle Johnson Darren M. Johnson Krystin J. Johnson Shaniqua T. Johnson Tenme Johnson Elizabeth Johnston Megha Patel Major: Doctor of Pharmacy Age: 023 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA What is the one thing that stands out among your memories at Temple University? The cultural show at the pharmacy school. It was done for the first time to showcase the cultural diversity at TUSP and it was a great success seeing that the faculty appreciated the hard work we put in. It made it all the more worthwhile. What do you think about all the changes that Temple is undergoing in terms of its expansion for a better education? I think they are great. The new facilities definitely offer a great atmosphere to learn. j 166 SeniorsBriana D. Jones Brittany E. Jones Caryll A. Jones Delores Jones Evin P. Jones Jorie L. Jones Melissa C. Jones Shannon M. Jones Willie W. Jones Klidi Jos.fi Sarah E. Joss Shane Jost Jenny Joy Jozef W. Jozefowski AgiF. Kah Douglas Kahn Andrew Kalb Drew C. Kalbach Katrrn Kalouch Ishmael H. Kamara Sudarshan Kandi Rai Yeon Kang Ruth Kang Yun S. Kang Ankit Kapoor Nicholas E. Kasian Emmanuel Kasongo Aleksander Katsuro Brett C. Kauffman Erjona Kazazi Anana Kearney Tiffany N. Kee Christine M. Keene Candace L. Keeton Kristi L. Kehoe Fatoumata D. Keita Brittney S. Keith Andrea D. Kelley Romaine Kelly Kerri A. Kennedy Rachael A. Kennedy Robert J. Keogh Seniors 167Xanthe Key Ross M. Keyes Tina Khaladze Taahir Khan Marlon Kidiiga Noelle Kiluva Bo Ram Kim Dae G. Kim Hanna Kim Jihoon Kim Joseph Kim Katherine Jin Kim Meerae Kim Paul Kim Sera Kim Stephen D. Kim Sung Eun Kim Yester Kim Youri Kim Veronica Kimble-Williams Rebecca Kiner Joanna King Kassandre King Edward C. Kingsland Elan Kirby Ross L. Kirchgasser Nicholas J. Kirkstadt Brandon Kitchner Benjamin J. Klein Joy K. Kleinfelder Chris R. Kline Thomas J. Knack Zachary D. Knauss Michael H. Koeshartanto Halite M. Koff Daniel S. Koob Satia M. Koroma Jeremy Korteweg Marc S. Koza Matthew L. Kravitz John C. Krawczyk Heather M. Krell 168 SeniorsKenneth S. Krell April E. Kricher Evan M. Krieg Shayna Kritzman Brenton A. Krupa Sasha E. Kryst Peter R. Kuhn Kimberly E. Kulftowski Jennifer V. Kuntz Michael A. Kurinsky Leah Kutner Natia Kvachadze Corey J. L'esperance Sandy La Fabian A. Labat Darnell C. Lacey Saverio Lacroce Benjamin G. Lagos Carol Chi-Yen Lam Cathy Lam Nadirah Lampkin Alexandria D. Lane Ashley V. Lane Molly Langan Eric Langston David M. Lapera Andrew C. Larkin Joshua A. Larkins Brad J. Larrison Amber P. Lathem Jamie R. Laughlin Matthew C. Lawrence Nikki J. Lawrence Jenny Le Pauline Phuong Le Phuong A. Le Shannon R. Leahy Jenny P. Leal Andrew F. Lecointe Barbara A. Ledford Bessie P. Lee Darryn Lee Seniors 169Eun-Mi Lee Joanne Lee Kwangseok Lee Mi Jin Lee Sally K. Lee Yong Bok Lee Talia Leggeri James L. Leh Richard M. Leibovitz Genevieve Lemay Manane Leon Michelle K. Lerner Rebecca B. Lesperance Jon D. Lester Michele Lestochi Micah J. Lettko Allisa R. Levan Rachel G. Levin Cheryl J. Levine Alison 0. Levy Sarah Levy Karl Lewis Shalain J. Lewis Tyesha A. Lewis Hongxuan U Melissa S. Liegner Josh Liken Michael Y. Lim David T. Lin Christopher A. Lins Cortney A. Lipp Nicole A. Lipsky Jessica L. Lista Xiaomeng Liu Yu Jmg Liu Yue Liu Kaitbn M. Uvezey Ariel le N. Lloyd Kai Y. Lo Sarah Lobb Jeffrey C. Lockard Jillian S. Lodise 170 SeniorsCorinne A. Logan Peter Lots Ashley A. Long Natalie A. Long Andrea M. Lord Stefanie A. Lorenz Aidan C. Loughran Tamani M. Love Felix Lubin Daniel Luczka 8ret A. Ludlow Michael Lukas Nicholas E. Lukehart Melissa K. Lupinacci Luane Luu Leonard J. Luvera AnC.Ly Lucky Ly Timothy L Lyons Chung-Reyl Ma Lauren E. Macaluso Jessica A. Maccmi Meredith M. Macdonald Tracey R. Mack Talisha Rippy Major: Criminal Justice Age: 021 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Why did you choose Temple University? I chose Temple University for a host of reasons, the most important being that Temple is an excellent university, and it would allow me to use the knowledge I obtained to excel. The other reasons were based on financial and residential positives. Temple University offers many different cuisines on its campus. What is your favorite place to eat? My favorite place to eat on campus is City View Pizza; I am a pizza fanatic and they have the best tasting pizza in the city. Seniors 171Adam T. Macknight Katelyn K. Macpherson Haadi S. Mahain Emily C. Mahar Jian Zhong Mai William Maignan Monica A. Malinowski Rachel L. Malizia Paresh U. Malkan Kashka F. Mallari Catherine M. Maloney Abhishek Mandal Alexander M. Mandel Erica L. Mandell Michael D. Mander Holly Maneval Mica N. Maniece Nur Mannan Precious Manneh Phillip M. Mannery Blaise L. Mannino Maggie March Christina M. Margiotti Nicole Marinaro Matthew J. Marinelli Megan Marker Melissa A. Markowitz Lyndsey M. Marland Luke J. Marron Lydia H. Marsh Dawn A. Marshall Alicia Martin Iman M. Martin Jordan W. Martin Maxwell C. Massaro John M. Masterson Sibanengi Masuku Shan Mathew Aiko Matsumoto Kathleen Anne Maurone Maria Mavrakis Faimire Maxi 172 SeniorsMatthew J. Mayberry Stephen Mayer Kayla E. Mayhew Shane Mayo Robert Mays Benson K. Mburu Sean C. McAninley Sequoia C. McBall Wilson McCall Kaitlyn M. McCarthy Avonna Y. McCastle-Holmes Scott T. McClenneri Matthew J. McCotgan Megan McConaghy Kasey M. McConnell Kevin J. McConnell Ryan J. McCrary Jeffrey P. McDevitt Jill M. McDonald Niamta McDonald Karen McDougal Erin M. McElhone Emily M. McFadden Kelly E. McGarrigle Maria C. McGonigle Colm E. McGrail Julianna 0. McHugh Frances E. Mclnerney Brittany S. McKeithan Joshua J. McKenna Sydney A. McKinney Lauren R. McLaughlin Richard F. McLean Jeffrey T. McMenamin Ashley McNamara Ryan P. McNeely Jennifer A. McPherson Brittany A. McRae Jeffrey L. McReynolds Steven J. Meade Jessica Meckler Kyle A. Meehan Seniors 173Adrea N. Meitzler Jason G. Melcher Jaclyn Meliett Sarah M. Melvin Melissa G. Menardy Frances Christine Meneses Lawrencia Mensah Rachel L. Mergaman 8rett A. Mermelstein Carly R. Metzger Kellie E. Meyer Jeanine D. Meyers Rudy Mezzy Stephanie N. Miceli Karty A. Michalowski Daniel W. Michelson Corey L. Mtchener Christopher A. Micun Patricia S. Miele Tatyana M. Mikhats Brian C. Mikus Enea Mile Brittany E. Miller Elizabeth Grumer Miller Lindsey M. Miller Matthew J. Miller Scott A. Miller Sarah M. Milliron Sara C. Milner Rebecca M. Mims Theresa T. Mink John B. Minora Shanae N. Mitchell Ujjala Mittal Alexandra S. Mitton Mana Mizitskaya Maria R, Moffa Eyob Moges Adam M. Moteta Melony Monberger Joshua N. Mondonedo Chris Monshizadegan 174 SeniorsJustin A. Montatvo Rebecca E. Montgomery Melissa R. Moon Kellie L. Mooney Brandon L. Moore Daniel P. Moore James J. Moore Marquiz L. Moore Maureen T. Moore Sherae Moore Pablo M. Morachimo Alecia P. Morgan Melody L. Morgan Darius D. Morris Michael P. Morris Patrick Morris Jonathan C. Morton Kerianne B. Morton Austin Mosby Darren A. Moses Brenda Mosley Kenneth K. Mosley Gregory J. Mucchetti Mary Muchiri Marina Mukhin Lindsey Muller Andrew C. Mulligan Caroline B. Mundela Jessica H. Muniz Rosityn 2. Munoz Diana I. Muntean Jaclyn Murphy Jennifer A. Murphy Laurie F. Murray llyana Mushaeva Andrew S. Muszynski Jocelyn C. Myers Benjamin A. Nadell Randy Narvaez-Ruiz Cassandra L. Nary Stacey A. Naughton Julia Anne Naugle Seniors 175Shawn W. Needham Christopher M. Nelson Raquel Nelson Jacquelyn E. Nestor Mariya S. Nestor Monica E. Newell Bryan S. Newman Andrew M. Newpher Arthur R. Ngo Chau T. Nguyen Dmh 0. Nguyen Hanh Nguyen Hong T. Nguyen Kim-Anh N. Nguyen Lan Nguyen Lieu Nguyen Michael L. Nguyen Nathashya L. Nguyen Quyen Nguyen Tiffany Nguyen Vincy Luan Nguyen Kongli Ni Mayling Nil Jacqueline Nitka Suzanne Solbera Major: Psychology Age: 021 Hometown: Washington, D.C. Temple University hosts a variety of events all throughout the year. Which is your favorite event? Why or why not? Spring fling and homecoming because everyone is hanging out and having fun If there was one thing that you would wish to change about your time here at Temple, what would it be? I would have joined the step team and a sport group. 176 SeniorsWilson N. Njiru Bethany E. Noble Dominique Noel Jeremy 0. Norman Jahon G. Norris Kyle W. Norns Holly L. Norton Trena E. Norton Ivory L. Norwood Christopher J. Novak Melissa Nowicki Krista B. Nugent Jasmine Nunez Krystle Nunnally Kamil A. Nuzha Elizabeth S. Nwankwo Doreen K. Nyarko Ashley R. O’brien William O'callaghan Levani Odikadze Francis C. Ogbo Monica Ogonowski Thomas J. Ogonowski Funmi P. Ogunlokun Mary Okorie Onyinyechukwu C. Okorjl Vgonnaya Okoro Steven I. Okoye Jamie A. Olson Caitlyn Olson-Swanson Ogogome Omokuru Uzoma Ononogbu Uchechi A. Onyeyirim Valerie Opaga-Okouma Tammy L Orehek Niela A. Orr Wilfredo Ortiz Courtnee A. Owens Antoine Owens-Davts Stanley J. Omjsu Asya T. Pack Angelica Z. Pagan Seniors 177Jenna R. Page Tara C. Pakrouh Paul A. Palidora Sarah E. Palmer Edward M. Palumbo Fei Pan Nilkanth R. Pandya Cassie Paoli Megan R. Paolini Lunsck Papin Dominick Paradise Juhee Park Jun Hyuk Park Mi Young Park Sooji Park Amanda E. Parker Meghan H. Parkinson Chambraia Parks Jessica L. Passaro Ami P. Patel Darshana K. Patel Daxesh P. Patel Dimple C. Patel Gayatri J. Patel Hasmi R. Patel Hemali B. Patel Kapil K. Patel Khusbu S. Patel Kruti S. Patel Lisa B. Patel Neha M. Patel Nirmal R. Patel Priyanka Patel Sahaskumar H. Patel Tullsi Patel Samiraswar Paul Kristina M. Paulk Antonios S. Paxinos Sara L. Payne Tanisha T. Patfon James E. Peet George D. Pellegrino 178 SeniorsVeronica Peppers Kristenne K. Perelion Edwin Perez Michael D. Perkins Devin M. Perry Dmitry Pervin Heather M. Peterson Jennifer L. Petkovski Carty Petrongola Phung K. Pham Anda K. Phan Brian Phillips Catherine C. Phillips Kevin D. Phillips Michelle L. Phillips Shannon A. Phillips Tiffany D. Phillips Nancy Phung Sonya M. Pickens Ariel Pierre Giulio S. Pileggi Nicole C. Pileggi Sarah L. Pilosi Matthew R. Pisanchyn Samantha A. Pittounicos Khaliah D. Pitts Justine D. Pletnick Agron Pllana Mary Ptoucher Kevin A. Plummer Alessandra N. Plump Anna Podgorny Melissa A. Poe Rosemarie Pohl Gina A. Poindexter Joseph J. Polinsky Elizabeth L. Polk Kassandra M. Pollard Suzanne M. Pontious Brittany L. PooSe Racheal Popoola Christie L. Porter Seniors 179Antonia E. Portotese Jadyn R. Poutton Kiara Poussaint Cammille J. Powell Anthony T. Powell Jr. Michael D. Power Indhu M. Prabhakaran Shaneice L. Praylow Cole D. Price Denise Proctor Ja’nice Proctor Timothy B. Proud Rebecca A. Pruznick Lauren E. Przybyfinski Kelly R. Pucillo Worsley R. Pusey Kristine Quiambao Shannon M. Quiles Lauren A. Quirk Gabriela R. Raczka David C. Radolovic Fonshell R. Ragsdale Labiba Rahman Alexaodru Raileanu Kelly-Jean Rainford David J. Rakszawski Karen P. Ramirez-Borges Sarah C. Ramos Amanda Ramsaran Michelle L. Ramsue Sonalee S. Rashatwar Ann L. Rausch-Aviles Shireen T. Rawson Shawndrea L. Ray Maxime Raymond Janaiya L Reason Karoiine E. Recek Jessica B. Reed Kristen L. Reed Shayna V. Reed Emily D. Reese Kaitlm M. Regula 180 Seniors Daniel C. Reiley Rachel V. Reiss Edelmire Renelus Michael W. Rennard William Rennie Christy M. Renson Daniel F. Reo Maryanne Repella Andrew B. Reynolds Brandon L. Reynolds Britney Rhym Alison M. Riccio Damian C. Riccitelli Brittney P. Richards James M. Richards Kimberley Richards Brittany A. Richardson Kourtnee Richardson Bernadette A. Ricketts Scott N. Riegel Krista Riemenschneider James J. Riggio II Gordon P. Riley Kyle F. Riley labiba Rahman Age: 023 Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh Major: Public Health What is your favorite spot to hang out between classes? I usually go to the library or go to one of the computer labs in between classes, especially the Ritter Hall lab. Why did you choose Temple University? I chose Temple University because it had a great Public Health program. What do you plan to do after graduation? I plan to look for a job in the US or go back to Bangladesh to do my Masters there. If there was one thing that you would wish to change about your time here at Temple, what would it be? I wish I had been more involved in campus activities. ______________________________________J Seniors 181Reginald L. Riley Monica L. Rmdfleisch Talisha Rippy Jessika S. Rivera Rafael A. Rivera Yarinesse L. Rivera Samuel J. R1220 Davina C. Roberson Fnu Robert Ciara Roberts Korin N. Robertson Ciara N. Robinson Ina M. Robinson Lateefah T. Robinson Monique Robinson Tangee Robinson Teshia Robinson Amanda A. Roccato Melanie E. Rodgers Alexander A. Rodriguez Elizabeth Rodriguez Ryan Rodriguez-Boskie Michael F. Rogers Kimberly D. Roldan Keith W. Rollins Tamira D. Rollins Claire J. Roman Ian R. Romano Shawn Ropars Whitley J. Roper Julia C. Rorer Gregory R. Rosci Kevin C. Rose Shamara P. Rose Daniel Rosen Patrick A. Rosenbaum Jasmine N. Ross Tiffany L. Ross Jordan D. Rothschild Amanda Royal Kendra N. Royster Andrew J. Rozwadowski 182 SeniorsAndrew S. Rubin Brian A. Rubio Nyasha K. Rucker Emily Rudick Paul Rudolph Jaelyn Rue Shanice S. Ruffin Joy J. Ruffins Enazshia F. Russell Raenesha S. Russell Tylenma M. Russell Alexis H. Ryan Edward John Sahara Matthew Sacca Jaelyn S. Sadtcano Claude Saint-Cyr Sasha Saintsulne Pearlie E. Sales Elizabeth A. Samarco Sharnise Sanders Michael T. Sanford Fatimetou Zahara Sanoe Chelsea M. Sansone Manali Saraiya Melissa A. Saunders Mone Savage Taara A. Savage-El Poonam V. Savlam Sherron A. Sawyer Lia Scalzo Ashley E. Scarlota Natalie T. Schaffer Brett J. Schapire Danielle U. Scheer Jacob J. Schmidt Katherine T. Schmidt Christine E. Schultheiss Maria U. Schwartz Tara Schwartz Maria J. Sctarrone David M. Scolari Jacqueline M. Scott Seniors 183Janae N. Scott Sharvae Scott Sheryl L Scott Tayfor C. Scott Michelle R. Scotto Tabitha A Seehousen Ashley E. Seeleman Marshall Segel Sarah E. Seidman Ava M. Selya Youngran Seo Leonardo R. Serrano Joanna K. Sessa Annalise J. Setorie Ryan V. Sexton Amy E. Sfara Jade C. Shaffer Reena M. Shanker Zachary R. Shapiro Sherrima Sharif Andrew M. Sharpe Natallia Shastak Jason P. Sheck Ashley P. Shelton Gerrica Shelton Oleg Shemchuk Evan D. Shepard Stuart C. Shepard Abigail M. Shepherd Hiren Sheth Rie Shibata Takamichi Shigenobu Nicole S. Shimkanon Christine L. Shipkowski Lyndi H. Shivak Jessica A. Shive Rebecca E. Shive Jamie E. Shroy Jennifer 1. Siebert Deborah A. Siegel David S. Silberman Kemella Sillah 184 SeniorsGeorge M. Silvestro Matthew P. Sim Christopher G. Simmons Karessa B. Simmons Jasmine S. Simpson Tyler J. Simpson Dytiesha Sims Jonida Sinani Tanya Singh Alyssa M. Sinibakii Tereze N. Sinno Samuel M. Siporin Kan Jon Siu Leung Kristin M. Skiendzielewski Cory A. Slahta Ellen Sloh James M. Sluwar Leisa M. Small Kenyonna 0. Smiley Amy L. Smith Brian W. Smith Carolyn M. Smith Cary A. Smith Courtney L. Smith David L Smith Deandre T. Smith Eric R. Smith Jessie Smith Johanna A. Smith Joshua R. Smith Keisha S. Smith Kimball G. Smith Kyle Smith Michelle M. Smith Montez U. Smith Tiesha M. Smith Tiffany T. Smith Dayna M. Snyder Suzanne B. Solberg Kiarra Soloman Laura D. Solomon Faryt S. Solop Seniors 185Mindy Son Sungkeun Song Rachel D. Sorbo Darlene Soukhaphonh Sara Soukhaphonh Lauren G. Spada Steven M. Spangler Ashlin Spence Marc R. Spevak Kelly A. Spichalsky Brendan W. Spmelli Tiffany N. Spraggins Jasmine A. St Clair Allison M. Stalfa Theresa A. Stangl Jasmine J. Stanley Ivy S. Staten Jay B. Statler Erica Steele Jesse L. Steinberg Elyse J. Steiner Tashima Stephens Miranda A Stephenson Trudy-Ann M. Sterling Nicolette Vakirtzoglu Age: 023 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Major: Psychology What do you plan do after you graduation? After I have graduated, my life will hopefully go like so: get a job (preferably as a psychiatric technician) while working in a research lab, get into graduate school to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology, and from then on have lots of babies while I’m deciding what I want to do FIRST with my degree. Oh, and I also want to travel. Why did you choose Temple University? There was no other option but Temple for me since I look up to my older brother who graduated with a doctorate in Pharmacy here. j 186 SeniorsNicole Stevens Sophia N. Stevens Christina J. Steward Kezia H. Stewart Saadtq Stewart Jessica G. Stigliano Sherelle N. Stiles Gintautas P. Stirbys Rachele E. Stocker William R. Stocker Laura J. Story Ashley F. Straughn-Clark Tyffany C. Stroman Van B. Strother Jamiela S. Stubbs Laura C. Stulmanis Anastasia Styer Chall S. So John I. Suarez Eileen F. Subacus Joseph M. Suchodolski Minnie Minjung M. Suh Lisa Christine Sullivan Tiffany S. Sullivan Shamima Sultana Charfisa 0. Summerville Daniel A. Suraci Hina S. Suri Dhara A. Sutaria Peter F. Swarr Timothy D. Swihart Charles E. Swint Chihito Takagi Laura I. Talarowski Robin E. Tarleton Patrick N. Tatanene Aleywa Taylor Erica B. Taylor Kathleen B. Taylor Kyle J. Taylor Lauren C. Tazza Kenny J. Te Seniors 187Meheza Telou Krishan Thadani Zipporah Z Thelmon Angelina M. Thoman Angela Thomas Angela L Thomas Candace A. Thomas Kamesha Thomas Smitha Thomas Tyeisha T. Thomas Jasmin Thomas-Jackson Maureen S. Thompson Wayne R. Thompson Milika S. Thornton Melissa M. Thorpe Binh M. Tieu Farhiya Tifow Chelsea T. Tiighman Gabriela N. Timothy Robyn Tinney Janaye Tirotto Timothy M. Toal Jr. Bridget Tobin Lisa A. Togbah Jazmine M. Tooles Sean Tou Patncia J. Toy Joseph A. Traino Jennifer Tram David H. Tran Kimberly Tran Linda Tran Thao Tran Trang T. Tran Ammata Traore John J. Travaline Domemck V. Trentalange Richard Trevisani Christina Tripolitis Natasha S. Truitt Jason A. Tucker Wendy R. Tucker 188 SeniorsScott M. Tully Momoh S. Turay Jonathan D. Tutelman Matthew Tutelman Yechiel M. Twersky William Tyus Frances 0. Udukwu Stella N. Ugoh Alexander Ukoh Odudu I. Umoren Shanice Upshur-Spratley Latifa Uqdah Belgica Urena Avery N. Urusow Anthony J. Uy Brittney J. Vail Nicolette K. Vakirtzoglu Taylor Van Nest Jared J. Vanderzell Devona S. Vanlue Heather N. Vanselous Zachaiy Vantrieste Ivette Vargas Rency M. Varughese Amy L Vaughn Bradley A. Vavra Jocelynn M. Vega Jennifer A. Velez Stephanie Velez Diana Venezia Karen M. VercegJio-Etvir Nikole E. Vernamonti Maria N. Verros Tara Villanveva Laura A. Vitale Julianne Vito4a Robert A. Voigt Michelle L. Voli Marc A. Vollo Amber R. Volponi Pooja P. Vora Elizabeth A. Vozzy Seniors 189Tung Son Vu Xa T. Vu Thanh P. Vuong Carrie A. Wagner Michael F. Walker Shaqwedia M. Wallace Ashley E. Wallin Andrew E. Walls Ashley B. Walters Allison 0. Walton Matthew S. Wandler Fei Fei Wang Raymond Wang Sung Kai Wang Yichao Wang Lauren E. Ward Megan C. Ward Gary Ward II Tazmyah D. Warfield Porshcia M. Washington Tiffany C. Washington Katarzyna M. Wasilczuk Maxwell J. Wasserman Palakiyem Watoussim Terell R. Watts Ericka M. Way TempesttA. Webb Melinda S. Wegielewski Thomas E. Weintraub Daniel M. Weisbein Samantha Welbeck Susannah Welbeck Mandi L. Welsh Sarah Y. Wen Kevin P. Wendowski Aonor Wesley Collin J. Wessier Gloria J. West Kara A. Wexler Brian P. Wheeler Chelsea L. Whelan Kyle P. Wherrity 190 SeniorsChristina J. White Kayla J. White Pasha Whitehead Usa M. Wilk Glenda A. Wilkerson Seth M. Wilkerson Alexandra Williams Ashley Y. Williams Chanel Williams Fallon R. Williams Kara A, Williams Kimberly N. Williams Lauren Williams Leah Williams Megan K. Williams Paris A. Williams Sheena M. Williams Sherita M. Williams Suhaiylah W. Williams Tomica Williams Crystal A. Wills Ashley M. Wilson Ashley N. Wilson Breanne Wilson Jared Vandenell Major: Risk Management Age: 023 Hometown: Lancaster, PA Who was your best professor? The best professor that I had at Temple, and coincidently my most challenging, was Dr. Barbara Manaka. The sign of a great professor is one who challenges and pushes you to achieve more than you thought possible; and that is exactly what she did. Temple University offers many different cuisines on its campus. What is your favorite place to eat? Whenever I'm getting food on campus, 90% of the time it is from Richie's. Best mozzarella sticks around, and there isn't a bad thing on the menu. The other 10% is usually Starbucks. J Seniors 191Corey S. Wilson Marcus A. Wilson Shavona C. Wilson Steven W. Wilson Kasra Z. Wilusz Marissa M. Wmeburg Tanisha M. Winfield Kurnta K. Winoto Katherine M. Witmer Timothy J. Wittenberg Beverly J. Wojciechowski Eric M. Wojciechowski Rachel M. Wolkiewicz Renee A. Woodburn Tara D. Woods Jasmine N. Woodson Emily C. Woodward Brian C. Worthington Gregory A. Wright Steuart C. Wright Jibo Wu Justin M. Wusinich Patricia L. Wyatt Kali S. Wyrosdic Adria Wyszynski Rachel A. Wyszynski Huishu Xu Leila P. Yague Karen Yam Gracia K. Yamba Jeanie Yang Siwavi A. Yemey Robert Yerkov Dong Woo Yoon Ahemd M. Youssef Obah M. Youssouf Justine E. Yu Yuan Yu Ladan G. Zaim Morgan A. Zalot Pejman Zamani Anastasia Z. Zawierucha 192 SeniorsAJiison B. Zelle Qian Zhang Xiao 0. Zhang Hulling Zhao David A. Zheng Roxanne Zhilo Luoqmg Zhou Zexiu Zhou Elizabeth C. Ziegler Peter M. Zoltowski Ashley Wilson Major: Public Relations Age: 021 Hometown: Queens, NY What do you plan do after you graduation? I plan to work in my field of public relations with a full time job. I also plan on going to get my masters in public relations after 6 months and then start going to school at night after work. I would like to become an adjunct professor and teach public relations in the future as well. What is the one thing that stands out among your memories at Temple University? The one thing that stands out among my memories at Temple University would be the dorm life. I met new and interesting people as well as people that I probably don’t ever want to talk to again. It was all a great experience overall and I enjoyed it. Seniors 193Parent Pride Ads allow Patrons to dedicate special mementos to Temple University’s 2011 graduating class. Friends and family personalize keepsakes of love, support and encouragement for graduates to cherish during their time of distinguished achievement. 194 Patrons _ s - vV  BENNETT Congratulations you did it!!! I 196 PatronsMarli, You have made a wondrous journey. You have made us proud as you transitioned from a small, rural town to an urban metropolis, from Northwest 1-A to NCAA Division I, and from a small neighborhood high school to a major regional university. These enormous leaps you have made with style, grace and humility. We are proud of the way you preserved and push through adversities. Your quiet fierceness, so characteristic of the lion-hearted young woman you are, has served you well. Thank you for being such a special, thoughtful, wonderful daughter sister. As you stand at the threshold of your next beginning, I applaud your ambition, tenacity and work ethic. You never wavered in your commitment and l we could not be more pleased with the phenomenal woman you have become. Love Always, Mom and Maya Marli, You were destined to come to this school because you are the epitome of brotherly love (sisterly). You are as strong and pliable as steel, and as Christ-like as an Angel perched on a Temple adored with the Cross. The brightness of your smile will melt the deepest Pennsylvania snow. When most people see a need they ask “what can I do?", but you are already taking care of the need. We are so proud that you are our niece cousin. We are so grateful for the way you treat us with so much respect and kindness. We are so proud of you. We thank you for the many, many exciting, life-changing experiences you have created for us. Romans 8:32 "If God be for us, who can be against us?” Love, Uncle Sam, Aunt Pree, Marcus, Tyra, and Jeff Patrons 197198 PatronsCongratulations Minh! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You fill our lives with happiness and joy. We love you so much and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. We hope you follow your dreams and never give up on them. Love Always, Mom. Dad. Chau. Vinh, Tran v Patrons 199Celebrate Corinne's Corner -Bonne Chance You had a CHALLENGE before you and there was no doubt that you would meet it. In you is a capacity to meet every situation, the WISDOM to know what should be done, and the STRENGTH to do it. Love, Grandma Pop Pop You're greatest accomplishment is more than what you've achieved...It’s what you've become! I’m SO proud! Congratulations! Love Always, Mom Fearless thru the sewer...Anxious to get to the roof...the only way for you is UP. Knew you would and could. Now YOU know! Love, Dad I’m so proud of you! I wish you much success in all you do. Aunt Denise I admire how you work hard to achieve your goals. I’ve truly enjoyed watching you blossom into a beautiful young woman who I love spending time with. Continue to enjoy your life. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Aunt Vanessa This is a great accomplishment and a stepping stone to your future. I’m proud of you. Congratulations on a job well done. Best wishes for your future endeavors. Uncle John You made it! I’m proud of you. You’ll have new situations, but I know you can handle them because you’re a really cool sister cousin. I wish the best for you. Brooke I watched you grow up before my eyes. Who would’ve known I would go from being your babysitter to your big sister! I love you and I am proud of you. Jacqueline I know the journey wasn’t easy but the knowledge and experience will last a lifetime. As you begin on this new voyage, I pray only the best for you. Brandy Peace and Blessings! Rachel, Adisa, Journey, Kamau The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Congrats! Katherine 200 PatronsCongratulations! Laura, Believe in your dreams As we believe in you Follow your heart In everything you do Remember this, as you leave College behind Tomorrow belongs to you It's your time to shine! Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Melissa, Thomas, Kristina, Jim, Aidan, Nicholas 202 PatronsAndrew, Congratulations on your graduation and all your accomplishments. I’m so proud of you. Thanks for being such a wonderful son and making my life so easy. All the best to you always. Love you, Mom, Joe, Chris, Terry, Tina, and Paulie Patrons ■ 203i:i m Congratulations! 204 PatronsPatrons 205I SARAH MILLIRON Congratulations! Sarah, Our Superstar - You did it!!!! Wishing you happiness success in your future. All our love, Mom, Dad, Grandad, Becca, Grandma, Jen, Bob, Aly, Brendan, Ben, Monica, Abby Lexi XXXXXXXOOOOOOO 206 PatronsJasmine, We are so proud of you, and your achievements so far, you have done well. You are exceptional and I know you will go far in life. Continue to put God first in all you do. You have blossomed to be a beautiful young lady inside and out, (YOU GO GIRL!!!!). We like and love you, Mommy, Daddy and your sister Imani. PatronsJared, Congratulations on completing your undergrad studies at Temple University with determination and excellence! You were so busy with classwork, yearbook, and your job at Temple University Hospital, we don’t know how you managed it all! You do seem to "get" that the task ahead of you is never as great as the POWER behind you and that you CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians). In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths (Proverbs). We are reminded by this saying "Your talent is God’s gift to you and what you DO with it is your gift back to God” (Leo Buscaglia) to always be a good steward of the gifts entrusted to us. So, as you continue to give generously, son, we know you will be richly rewarded in life in so many ways. Always be led by the Truth and let God BE God. Trust Him because He loves you even more than we do. We are very proud of you and excited for your future. Welcome to the Rest of Your Life! Blessings and much love to you, Dad, Mom, and John N. 208Patrons 209PATRICIA M WYATT 210 Patrons How can we express the joy that you have brought? The way you’ve enriched our lives and the lessons you have taught. You are our daughter, sister, and friend. With a loving nature that has no end. We are in awe of the woman you’ve grown into. And could not be prouder of what we see in you. From day one you were loved so much, And brought such joy to each of us. As a baby you were always smiling and sunny, You’d giggle and laugh finding everything funny. Who knew such a little tot could bring so much bliss, Audrey was elated to have such an amazing little sis. As a young girl you were shy, but also so sweet. Our precious little one making our family complete. Daddy loved cooking in the kitchen with you, While mommy adored all the artwork you drew. We watched you grow from year to year, Loving you always, our Trisha, our dear. As a teen you were thrilled to become an aunt. When asked to baby sit you never said, "I can’t". Then before we could believe it, so sudden it seemed, You were a grown woman in college, fulfilling your dreams. From Barbie dolls and dress-up play, To the beautiful woman you are today. Trisha, we are extremely proud of you, Today, forever and always, love you- we do! Patricia L. Wyatt, you are a gorgeous, talented, intelligent and sincere young lady. We know that you will do amazing things anywhere that your life may take you. Remember always how much we love you and that we are always here for you. Congratulations to our "baby" girl. We wish you all the success in the world! Love, Mom, Dad and Audrey. Patrons 211H Supporting young people. These companies have taken it upon themselves to do just that in partnering with the Templar Annual to help sponsor the memories contained within this book. Thank you for your support of the Class of 2011. i 212 Corporate Sponsors HIMPennoni Congratulates Temple’s 2011 Graduates Providing Engineering Services Since 1966 Pennom One Drexel Plaza, 3001 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 Ph: 215-222-3000 I Fx: 215-222-0384 PENIMONI ASSOCIATES INC www.pennom.com CONSULTING ENGINEERS 214 Corporate SponsorsTeva Pharmaceuticals manufactures a broad range of quality generic pharmaceuticals, providing you with safe and effective alternatives to brand products, at significant savings. We have earned our reputation and the trust of pharmacists and consumers by building on the foundation of product and service quality. At Teva, we are always looking for diverse, bright individuals eager to make a difference. We believe that the quality products that we market, as well as our outstanding team of people, help to enhance the quality of life for patients throughout the world. 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Or a medicine that could protect against heart disease or stroke. Companies such as GlaxoSmithKline have already made breakthroughs that have saved millions of lives and hundreds of thousands more are living longer and living healthier. So when we say our goal as a company is to help people 'do more, feel better, live longer,' it means a lot more than just another advertising slogan or corporate mission statement. The work we've done in the past has led to some of today's most effective treatments; the research we do now and in the future could find the new medicines for tomorrow's cures. 1$ GlaxoSmithKline www.gsk.com 218 Corporate SponsorsSpring Garden Construction Spring Garden Construction Company Inc. 1811 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 212 Flourtown, PA 19031 215-836-2011 www.springgarden.ee Spring (garden Construction Congratulates the Temple "University Class of 20111 Corporate Sponsors 219Solar Powering Local Union 98 John J. Dougherty is proud to support Business Manager Temple University!! 220 Corporate SponsorsAon Hewitt EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, ACTUARIAL SERVICES AND HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING Aon Hewitt is proud to support Templar Educational Services for fostering the development and achievement of each of its students Aon Hewitt Linking People Strategies with Business Strategies 555 | Lancaster Ave. | Radner, PA 19087-7300 | (610)834-2100 www.aonhewitt.com COZEN O'CONNOR COMMUNITY Cozen O'Connor congratulates the Class of 2011 and our colleague and Chairman of the Board of the Temple University Board of Trustees, Patrick J. O'Connor. Thomas A. Decker Stephen A. Cozen Joseph A. Gerber 1900 Market Street | Philadelphia, PA 19103 215.665.2000 I www.cozen.com The confidence to proceed. 0 COZEN O'CONNOR. Corporate Sponsors 221HATS OFF TO THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY GRADUATING CLASS OF 2011 We’re still for you after you graduate. Whether you’re buying a car, your first home or want to develop a savings plan, consider Philadelphia Federal Credit Union for all of your banking needs. With our full line of financial products and services, WE’RE HERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. The Official Credit Union of Temple University | On Campus Since 1983 For more information or to open an account, visit BetterThanMyBank.com or call 215.934.3500. PHILADELPHIA FEDERAL CREOIT UNION pfcu.com | better, honest.' Young McGilvery. P.C. is a law firm which lias specialized in defense litigation, primarily in the areas of medical and professional liability since 2001. The partners. George L. Young. Jr. and Michael E. McGilvery. are litigators with over twenty five years experience each. Young McGilvery. P.C. currently is composed of two partners and seven associates and has offices in Philadelphia. PA and King of Prussia. PA. Young McGilvery, P. C. extends its congratulations to the 2011 Temple University Graduates! 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DC | Wilmington www.ballardsp4hr.amt McMAHON Congratulations to the Class of 2011 ! full service transportation engineering firm specializing in: Traffic Engineering Structures Transportation Planning Dams Water Resources Highways Highway Safety Transit Data Collection ITS Signals Land Surveying GIS www. memtrans. com Joseph W. McMahon, P.E., CEO Chairman of the Board Member - Temple University Ambler Board of Visitors Corporate Headquaters: Also serving from: Fort Washington, PA Exton, Camp Hill Pittsburgh, PA • Yardville, NJ • Bowie, MD _____215.283.9444 Boston Taunton, MA • West Palm Beach Fort Myers, FL 224 Corporate SponsorsClemens Food Group Our Congratulations to the Graduates With a tradition of quality since 1895. the Clemens Food Group is a family-owned and operated company deeply rooted in its core values of Integrity, Ethics and Stewardship. Begin your career in Agriculture or the Food Business with this dynamic and growing company. For more information, visit www.hatfieldqualitymeats.com and click on the “careers" link. LARRY C. McCRAE, INC. Electrical and Telecommunications Co. (Best "Wishes to "Tempte "University’s graduating Ctass of 20111 Corporate Sponsors 225 UnitedAmerica Indemnity Group. Inc. MH i kTULATD ii TO THE 2011 Graduating Class of Temple University! United America Indemnity Group, Inc. is comprised of Diamond State Group®, Penn-America Group® and United National Group®, whose member companies are commercial property casualty insurance carriers. Diamond Stale united national group For company information or to view career postings, visit our websites at: www.diamondstategroup.com • www.penn-america.com • www.unitednat.com For more information or to submit a resume, email HRJobs@uai-aroup.com The practice of medicine is an art... a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head." —Sir William Osier, Physician Congratulations and Best Wishes, Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2011 Graduates United America Indemnity Group. Inc.. Three Bala Plaza East. Suite 300 • Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 226 Corporate SponsorsGENERAL CONTRACTORS - CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS SINCE 1911 visit iis djkeating.com 9o ny rat fed Temple University’s CL ASS OF C O )eanes Hospital_______ Tic rple UhNtmtv Heikh Congratulations Class of 2011! Continue your excellence with Temple at Jeanes Hospital, a member of the Temple University Health System. We are a community hospital, conveniently located in Northeast Philadelphia. For employment opportunities, visit our website: www.temnlehcalth.oru or for more information about Jeanes Hospital, visit us at www.Jeanes.com Congratulations to the Class of 2011! You Coiqucrcd t he College World. Now Make a World of Difference. You can make a difference at the nation’s fksl private psychiatric hospital. At Friends Hospital, you'd have an opportunity to prcAridefieafingandhopeinaconipretiensive behavioral heattLi setting-from al age groups to spedafaed areas like Eating Disorders. Dual Diagnosis and Crisis. You'll get to develop your skills with guidance from our amazing Mentorship Program, and you'll see your career will take off in an environment of respect, innovation and reward (or hard work. Everyone gets a job. but not everyone gets to make a difference. See the impact you'll make at Friends Hospital. Please visit us at www.friendshospital.com learn more or apply. CONGRATS TO THE CLASS OF 2011! Join a global leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying specialty chemicals and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. We are growing, and always looking for talented, crcativo people to enable us to keep moving forward At Colorcoa we encourage and empower our employees to develop the ideas that help us continue to be a leader in our industry. Our great benefits include: Competitive salary Retirement Savings Plan Progressive training Competitive medical dental vision benefits State-of-the-art technology and lab tools To complete an online application and for a complete kst of open positions, wsit www.colorcon.com aboutfcareers Tuition assistance Bonus opportunities Career advancement On-the-spot pay rewards Cobfcon 415 Moyor Boulevard. West Point. PA 19486. Fax (215) 661-2567 Cdorcon is a drug free workplace EOE Corporate Sponsors 227Temple Bookstore j is proud to support the Templar Annual 215.204.5578 www.temple.edu bookstore the de paul group Judo Bui i dcrs DCVUopers tony DePaui Son w spring mux manor THE OFPAIII. MANAUIMENT COMPANY LT.D.P.S. MATERIALS V DtPAUl HEALTH CARE Spring miu country club - county une Quarry . dockside apartments Highway materials k Blair mill inn 610.832.8000 www.DePaulGroup.com 1750 WALTON ROAD BLUE BELL, PA 19422 L A-1 A-l Specialized Services Supplies, Inc. We at A-l Specialized Services Supplies, Inc. Would like to congratulate the Temple University Graduating Class of 2011 and offer our best Wishes for a prosperous future. A-l Specialized is a global leader in the recycling of Platinum Group Metals from salvage automotive catalytic converters and is an important marketer of platinum, palladium and rhodium to meet the growing needs of consumers. P.O. Box 270. Croydon. PA 19027 www. A-1 Spccializcd.com Dinesh R. Desai Family Fund (NPT) Salutes the Class of 2011! 779 Allison Ct. Moorestown, NJ 08057 228 Corporate SponsorsIt takes more than great companies to build a community... it takes great people. Tnlbane Congratulates the Class of 2011! G. Custom Ultrasonics 9 INCORPORATED Cong iahiGations to the 2011 Q taduatesl Building More Than Buildings. Every Day. Robert E. Blanchard Director of Sales and Marketing Wl Unfcwvy UrrxM Inrp Un o«Y Ertwwmrt Convn Mr SKtif Cmtmm u EdioMri Cmrtm 100 Penn Squore Eo.f, Suits 1040 | PhUodelpMo. PA 19107 T: (267) 256-4S00 | ww»,gilbonc«o.co n Custom Ultrasonics, Inc. 144 Railroad Drive Ivyland. PA 18974 Phone: 215-364-1477 Fax: 215-364-7674 email:bob.blanchard@customultrasonics.com AMPD Associated Master Painters Decorators of Philadelphia, Inc MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS • Representation and participation aj labor negotiations • Representation on all funds inducing: Health Welfare, Apprenticeship, Industry Advancement Program (IAP) and Vacation • Social and Networking Opportunities • AMPD Scholarship • Monthly dinner meetings 36 South 18th Street PO Box 15959 Philadelphia, PA 19103 T 215.568.3070 F 215.568.3115 www.ampclphilly.org u ICON offered a learning atmosphere; a chance to excel and grow. 99 At ICON career aspirations become a reality. At ICON, we attract some of the brightest minds In the industry with our strong reputation for quality and our focus on staff development. That’s why more people looking for a chance to build a career in clinical research are choosing ICON. ICON Clinical Resoarch. a division of ICON pic. specializes in tho planning, management and analysis of Phaso II - IV clinical trials. Opportunities in Clinical Research TO APPLY and for more information on our opportunities and locations, please visit our Web site at: www.iconplc.com. No agencies, please Central Laboratonos I Clinical Rosoarch Contracting Solutions I Development Solutions I Medical Imaging O0O© A Symbol of Excellence CON Oncta RMMrcn •• ■ Equal OppoAmCy Ltrfloyt cormvned to wrangffi 1 OvarMy Corporate Sponsors 229Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen a Pokotilow, Ltd. lntolloclu.il Property, Computer and Information Technology Law Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen Pokotilow, Ltd. Congratulates the Class of 2011 www.crbcp.com Mayfield, Turner, O’Mara, ____Donnelly s McBride_______________ A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION ATTORNEYS AT LAW W. Thomas McBride Kristen L. Worley 2201 Route 38 Suite 300 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 (856) 667-2600 (856) 667-8787 Fax 1617 J.F.K. Boulevard Suite 932 Philadelphia. PA 19103 08002 (215)564-0500 FAX (215) 564-2212 mayfieldturner.com DISTRICT COUNCIL 33 3001 VtMLMUT STREET • PHUOELPHUk. PA 18104 MUNICIPAL WORKERS UNION Congratulations to the 2011 graduating Class of Temple Vniversity www.dc33.org Towers Watson proudly salutes the Temple University Class of 2011 We offer a broad range of career opportunities in employee benefits, risk and financial services, and talent and rewards. To learn more, visit us at towerswatson.com. Towers Watson. A new global company with a singular focus on our clients. towerswntson.com TOWERS WATSON Cw» O 2010 low vwtWK. AJI iqr t rwrwJ. 230 Corporate SponsorsCongratulations 2011 Graduates! NCO is the industry leader in providing results-generating outsourced accounts receivable management and customer relationship management solutions. Customer Care • Collections • Back Office Attorney Network Services • ePayments vNCO 507 Prudential Road Horsham. RA19044 800.220 2274 wwwncogroup com MARANO ELECTRIC, INC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 20 Stonehenge Drive Sewell. NJ 08080 Michael P. Marano Cell: 216-498-3307 Phone: 856-232-4657 Fax 856-232-4807 9 GraybaR works to your advantage Donald M.Wilkins Branch Manager. Comm Data 1550 S Warfield Street Philadelphia. PA 19146 Office (215) 336-22117 • Fax (215) 336-2384 www.graybar.com - Works to Your Advantage (•■••Kiel • ‘ « »•'•'• Michael A. YfaW,K 1 0 _____________ 8S4 421 Site • B$4 21 777 ta. 40t 6 $ W$ ( • Advanced Engineering Inc. inspired Utchwic Electrical Engineering Mtoamou. • tucnotti • UM • » rtOTKTioe 5S61 Pennell Road • Media P -610 361.0700 Supports 0’empfe QXnLue tslty For career opportunities, please visit our website at www.northernhome.org 5301 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128 215.482.1423 GOODMAN DENTAL LAB INC. A Full Service Dental Laboratory ScwitU} HtiC PxV CA VM Joi OvC". 25 If CO tA 'David Dna$ 4009 Brownsville Rd. TtoEVOSE. PA 19053 Phone: 215.355.2954 Fax: 215.355.1311 509 VINE 8THEET SUITC LL200 r MILAOELr HIA. I»A 19106 Emily L Bittenbender Managing Partner 215-025-8900 215-913-5033 CELL 215-925-6270 FX mucnoH com Six Locations for your convenience www.wwadcock.com CwriUtwofS Dale W. Adcock Presidcnt Co-Owner Home Office 2611 Philmont Avenue Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 947 3800X120 FAX (215) 938 0445 CELL (267) 688-443 Corporate Sponsors 231I HOMASP. GALLO Business Manager KEVIN HEFFERNAN Financial Secretary Treasurer STEAMFITTERS LOCAL UNION 420 Proudly Supports Temple University Congratulations to the 2011 Graduates Business Manager Thomas P. Gallo Assistant Business Manager Stephen J. Jackson Vice President Thomas F. Redden. Ill Business Agents Frank Bellosi Harry P Gallagher James P. Gallaghe Christopher J. Mclnemey Brian T. McMahon Michael A. Me He George F. Schools, III James P. Walls, III Financial Secretary Treasurer Kevin Heffeman President James J. Snell Recording Secretary Paul L. Bibeck Executive Board David M. Lentz Kenneth E. Magrann Robert B. McCay Peter J. Mclnerney Funds Administrator Jerry Diviny Inside Guard Michael F. Bremer Finance Committee Martin L. Gannon, Jr. John M. Prendergast James T. Shupe Examining Board George E. Bowman, Jr. Brian Graham James J. Peters Patrick H. Sheridan James A. Tatum Brian K. Walls Organizers Edward L. McGehean. Jr. Timothy J. McGrath 14420 Townsend Road - Suite A - Philadelphia. PA 19154-1028 - Tel.: 267 350-4200 • Fax: 267 350-4299 • 267 350-4225 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Alumni Association Congratulations to the Class of 2011! The Temple University Alumni Association welcomes you into a community of more than 270,000 Temple alumni worldwide! Visit myowlspace.com to activate your alumni account and find details on the many ways you can stay in touch with fellow alumni and connect to today’s Temple. Search for jobs and network Find your regional alumni club Join in shared-interest group activities Be a mentor or find a mentor • Learn about special discounts on insurance • Sign up for the Temple credit card • Browse the events calendar and access the alumni directory • Learn about “One thing for Temple" opportunities myowlspace.com Temple University Alumni Friends Questions? Visit or contact the Office of Alumni Relations. Office of Alumni Relations Sullivan Hall, Suite 100 1330 Polett Walk Philadelphia. PA 19122-6087 Phone: 215-204-7521 E-mail: alumrel@temple.edu Web site: myowlspace.com 232 Corporate SponsorsCongratulations Class of 2011! Corporate Sponsors 233"We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." -Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson 234 ClosingH m r m C Z m P v A ■C re • ll r - nn • c : z z I t4 t ' - • « i: m m »It's the little things that students will miss about Temple. At first, it is all about the big picture getting grades that will drive you forward, finding internships that will be best for your future and connecting with all the right people. Academically, you picked apart books and notes, and studied them closely. Socially, you made lasting friendships, worked closely with professors and learned to work together. Now, the big picture seems to be complete as these different aspects come together, and you take what you've learned to push ahead in the “real” world. Moving towards a future that is no longer the far away dream you had as a freshman can be overwhelming. Suddenly, the search is on for a job and a home the big challenges all students face as they reach for their diploma. The prospect of the future is both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. Continued on page 238 236 ClosingIn the end we are all separate: our stories, no matter how similar, come to a fork and diverge. We are drawn to each other because of our similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect. --Unknown Closing 237However, in a few years, all the little things that made college life what it was, all the small details that went unnoticed at the time, will be the memories that make you smile most when you finally look back. Sitting on Beury beach during the last months of school, ordering at Temple Star during the latest hours of the night, finally finding the perfect place to study and simply laughing over nothing with your friends will be the small but most memorable moments of college life. Now, as you're graduating and taking a closer look at your future, hopefully Templar has created something that will help you look back years from now and look Up Close at 2011, the last year of your undergraduate life at Temple University. - Lara Taylor Strayer Production Manager 238 Closing Closing 239 240 ClosingClosing 241242 ClosingClosing244 ClosingClosing 245A Abboud, Brook A. 148 Abdel-Meseh, Joyce 148 Abdul Malik, Safiyah 148 Abiona, Olawonuola 148 Ablaza, Francis B. 148 Abramson, Polina 148 Achilles, Julia C. 148 Ackerman, Blair M. 148 Adams, Caitlyn M. 148 Adams, Lana D. 148 Adams-EI, Tamir E. 148 Addahbly, Ibtesam M. 148 Adden, Julia R. 148 Adeagbo, Adetokunbo 0. 148 Adedeji, Oyinkan 0. 148 Adenugba, Oyinkansola 148 Aderinto, Adebola M. 148 Adeyemi-Wilson, Tomilade 148 Afif, Radhia L. 148 Agbayani, Benjamin J. 148 Agelan, Alexis E. 148 Agunbiade, Lateefah 148 Ahern, Samantha A. 148 Ahmad. Bilal U. 148 Ahmed, Rowaida H. 148 Ahmed, Waqas 148 Akgun, Tugba 148 Akins, Skye A. 148 Akintoye, Esther A. 148 Alali, Mahdi 148 Alaoui, Moulay Larbi 148 Alexander, Chanel D. 148 Alexander, Stephaney Y. 148 Aljasem, Abdulaziz 148 Allegrini, Nicholas F. 148 Allen, Nikki S. 148 Allen, Noelle S. 148 Allen-Wilcox, Jori L. 148 Amobi, Ijeoma 148 Andericks, Ryan 3, 146, 147 Anderson, Brianna R. 148 Anderton, Sarah 66 Anidi, Uchechukwu K. 148 Anokhina, Yana 148 Antoine, Anne R. 149 Antosz, Jessica 120 Antrom, Dorothea C. 149 Anzaldo, Christina M. 149 Appleyard-Smith. Margaret E. 149 Arcangel, Raquel T. 149 Argondizza, Jessica L. 149 Ariola, Katrina A. 149 Arose, Matthew T. 149 Arthur, Imran 149 Artner, Tomas 149 Aspenleiter, Justin R. 149 Atefeibu, Pirenam 149 Atif, Ali I. 149 Augustin, Clarence G. 149 Augustin, Giorvahny V. 149 Auman, Nicholas A. 149 Aupperle, Anna G. 149 Avalos, Amaury 149 Ayaz, Zeynep 149 Ayeni, Victoria A. 149 Azor, Tasha 149 Azorbly, Koffi 149 B Baals, Brenna 244 Bacchus, Jackee K. 149 Badruddin, Bilal 149 Bagnati, Brittany M. 149 Bailey, Laura A. 149 Bailey, Liana M. 149 Bailey. Lydia T. 149 Bajo, Erinda 149 Baker, Lauren N. 149 Balde. Rosenie R. 149 Baldino, Vincent 243 Balerno, Deanna M. 149 Banerjee, Nishan R. 149 Bankhead, Allison K. 149 Banks, Therese E. 149 Bannar, William J. 149 Banten, Christopher C. 149 Barberes, Julia D. 149 Barefield, Amanda C. 149 Barnes, Jade M. 149 Barnes, Rebekah L. 149 Barnett. Keyanna R. 149 Barona. Jaime 150 Barrell, Matthew 150 Barrett, Kristyn 150 Barrett, Stephen T. 150 Basak, Julisa 66 Batoff, Daryl A. 150 Battle, Ife A. 150 Baumbach, Craig E. 150 Bautista, Elise T. 150 Baxter, Rachel L. 150 Baxter, Shannon A. 150 Beamon, Ellis 150 Beck, Staci L. 150 Beddall, Jennifer L. 150 Bedeau, Anna 150 Behaj. Ina 150 Belin, Algier 150 Bell, Jamal H. 150 Bell, Satoria 130, 131 Bello, Olawale A. 150 Bello, Simisola 150 Belt. David N. 150 Benedetto, Nicole M. 150 Benner, Ashley E. 150 Bennett, Ashante G. 150 Bennett, Joshua M. 150 Bennett, MarliT. 150, 196, 197 Bennett, Shadaya 150 Benns, Brian T. 150 Bentley, Konswella A. 150 Berger, Lee D. 150 Bergey, Kevin P. 12. 150 Bergman, William 145 Bernadin, Tarra K. 150 Berry, Susan L. 150 Berze, Baiba 150 Best, Allison D. 150 Bethea, Malika H. 150 Biaesch, Brittany 150 Bibby, Shawn C. 150 Billett, Sarah M. 150 Billups, Markita 150 Bilotta, Maureen F. 150 Biney-Amissah, Chade C. 150 Bingaman, Luke A. 150 Bior, Koch D. 151 Bishop, Jessica R. 151 Bistline, Christine E. 151 Black. Julia E. 151 Blase, Amanda L. 151 Blash, Michelle M. 151 Blay, Lubin D. 151 Blechman, Dana B. 151 Blomeke, Abigail L. 151 Boateng, Nana A. 151 Bogan, Aimee E. 151 Bollinger, Andrew E. 151 Bonanno, Karen M. 151 Bonaparte, Caridad C. 151 Bonner-Fincher, Lasha 151 Bordo, Gal R. 151 Boschetti, Christina M. 151 Boswell. Brittany 151 246 IndexBoswell. Tanya 151 Bowden. Eileen A. 151 Boyd. Raymond 66 Boyou, Thomas G. 151 Braciszewski, Karen E. 151 Braciszewski. Nick J. 151 3rack, Jacquelyn R. 151 Bradley. Colleen M. 152 Bradley, Jarrell E. 152 Bradley. William F. 152 Bradshaw, Bill 145 Brady. Annie J. 152 Brady. Erin M. 152 Brady. John 152 Branco. Amanda C. 152 Brasch, Danielle E. 152 Brefo, Afua M. 152 Brennan. Ashley L. 152 Brewer. Jenna L. 152 Bnanrascon. Ryan 43 Bridgwater. Christina 152 Bright. Christine A. 152 Bright. Courtney D. 152 Brijadder. Andre A. 152 Brinkley. Danielle C. 152 Bntton-Davison, Tiana T. 152 Brobbey, Brooke S. 152 Brogan. Patricia L. 152 Brooks. Caleif L. 152 Brooks. Timothy J. 152 Brown, Ajor 152 Brown. Brittany N. 152 Brown. Denise M. 152 Brown. Lauren H. 152 Brown. Matthew W. 152 Brown. Matthew 129 Brown. Vinesha L. 152 Brown-Lieberson. Shana J. 152 ! Browne, Carmen R. 152 [Brownley, Breia J. 152 1 Bruder, Jaclyn C. 152 Brunori, Chiara M. 152 Bryant. Tiffany 152 Bucciarelli, Maria 152 Buchanan, Erin S. 152 Bucher, Samantha L. 152 Buligon, Alex C. 152 'Bumma, Phoonamsing T. 152 ! Burak. Steve 121 [Burgess, Jacinta D. 152 Burgess. Lindsay M. 152 Burgoyne. Patrick R. 152 Burnham. Benjamin 152 Butler. Caoimhe 153 Butler. Shonnay B. 153 ■Byrne. Lindsay L. 153 c Cain. Cassandra M. 153 Cake. Klajdi 153 Calafiore. Cody 118 Campbell. Amanda G. 153 Cannon. Catherine E. 153 Cappa, Thomas 153 Carey. Julian S. 153 Carley. William T. 153 Carney. Christopher W. 153 Carr. TrangD. 153 Carreno, Phalon H. 153 Cartagena. Johnny 153 Carter, James H. 153 Carter. Janeile A. 153 Carter. Kenneth M. 153 Carter. Stephanie R. 153 Carty. Meagan D. 153 Carvalho. Melody 153 Casey. Maureen E. 153 Casper. Colleen 153 Cassell. Madeleine S. 153 Cassidy. JoAnna 56 Cazley, Annette 153 Celius. Regine 153 Cerruli, Tony 4 Cesar, Daphmr 153 Cha. Kyutaek D. 153 Chan. Cheuk Ho 153 Chan. Victoria Y. 153 Charles. Jill E. 153 Charles-Voltaire, Jane-Adrienne 153 Charlestein. Ari 153 Chase. Carletta D. 153 Chatman, Taisha T. 153 Che. Minh K. 153. 198, 199 Chea, Mully 153 Cheatham. Shaquioa S. 153 Chen. Cai Young 153 Chen. Huiyin 153 Chen. Jing 153 Chen. Wenfeng 153 Chittiappa, Kruthika 153 Cho. In Ho 154 Cho. Kyuhong 154 Choi. Justin J. 154 Choi. Lok-Hin 154 Choi. Lola L. 154 Choi. Meimei 154 Chotalal. Steven 154 Christman, Sarah 154 Chromiak, Matthew W. 154 Chung, Julia 154 Chung. Wen J. 154 Ciammaichelli. Christina M. 154 Cianciulli, Victoria L. 154 Ciaudelli. Brandon C. 154 Cilino. Diane K. 154 Cisse. Oumou 154 Claffey, Jordan Seth 154 Clark. Jason E. 154 Clark. Karon J. 154 Clarke. Amanda L. 154 Clarke. Ariana N. 154 Cleary, Kevin P. 154 Cleveland. Aigner E. 154 Clume. Rachel 154 Clybourn. Brittany 154 Coffey. Kerri Ann 154 Cogan, Samara J. 154 Cohen. Emily S. 154 Coia. Chelsea E. 154 Colbert, Danielle S. 154 Colbridge. John P. 154 Cole. Melissa 154 Colelli, Melissa S. 154 Collington. Asia M. 154 Collins. Kenneth B. 154 Collins, Sean T. 154 Conklin. Eric M. 154 Connelly. Dylan 5 Conners. Alexandra M. 154 Conners. James P. 154 Contino, Nicholas J. 154 Contreras. Margareth I. 154 Cook, Alexandra P. 154 Copes. Perry 155 Corcoran, Kellie A. 155 Cordoue, Stefanie L. 155 Cornish, David W. 155 Corvino, Alana T. 155 Costello. Joshua S. 155 Couturier, Anna L. 155 Cowart. Assata 111 Cox, Alexander J. 155 Crater, Charlotte A. 155 Crawford, Jeletha A. 155 Crite, Kimberly A. 155 Crowell, Meridith 141 Crumble, Tori 155 Cruz. Lucy V. 155 Cruz, Maria L. 155 Cuevas, Yamile 155 Curry. Michelle L. 155 D D'angelo. Stephanie A. 155 Dadalski. Ryan M. 155 Dailey. Benjamin 155 Dailey. Peter C. 155 Dalai. Kunal K. 155 Dalrymple. Nicole L. 155 Dalrymple. Sarah 127 Dalton, Amanda R. 155 Daly. Thomas M. 155 Damiani, Gwendolyn H. 155 Daniel. Amtha M. 155 Daniel, Daffeney 155 Daniels, Joshua S. 155 Daniels. Keiana L. 155 Danilchenko, Gleb 155 Davidson, Jarred T. 155 Davidson. Steven M. 155 Davis. Jataja L. 155 Davis, Jillian J. 155 Davis, Keith A. 155 Davis, Martha I. 155 Davis, Philysha M. 155 Davis, Tyrone L. 155 Davis, Wale F. 155 De Haan. Lindsey 155 De La Pena. Francisco 155 Deagler. Michael W. 155 Dean. Amie M. 156 Dean, Marcus T. 156 Deck. Jonathan T. 156 Deetz, Nicole T. 156 Defilippis. Lauren 156 Deiaco. Katey J. 156 Dejesus, Ashley D. 156 Dejesus. Reinaldo 156 Dejos, Meghan 156 Deluca. Rudy V. 156 Demsko Jr.. Mark 156 Dench. Daniel L. 156 Dennis, Korinne P. 156 Derobertis, Ryan A. 58, 156 Desai, Nirja M. 156 Desantis, Ian S. 156 Desir, Chanelle C. 156 Destefano, Grace P. 156 Devece. Beth 156 Di Matteo. Stacey 156 Diamond. Samantha J. 156 Diaz, Melissa 156 Dickerson, Glenn G. 156 Diggins, Laura E. 156, 202 Diggs, Danah M. 157 Digiamberardino, Dante D. 157, 243 Dillard. Andrea C. 157 Dillion, James 157 Diluzio, Bernadine M, 157 Dimaio. Bianca R. 157 Dimaio, Zachary 157 Dinardo. Leah 157 Dinicola, John B. 157 Dinicola, Michael S. 157 Dipietrantonio. Riana L. 157 Disalvo, Lacey N. 157 Divincenzo, Leslie 157 Diviny, Mark 157 Dixon. Emily M. 157 Do. Christine 157 Index 247Do, Stephanie T. 157 Dol-Somse, Olive M. 157 Dombroski, Andrea L. 157 Dombrowski, AmyJ. 157 Donahue, Zachary J. 157 Donaldson, Anneatha W. 157 Donatucci, Dierdre M. 157 Doneson, Stephen A. 157 Dongwoo, Kang 157 Donnelly, Daniel R. 157 Donovan, Megan M. 157 Dottin. Jasmine J. 157 Dotzman, Matthew J. 157 Dougherty, Justin 23 Douglas, Demeree L. 157 Dow, Gabriella T. 157 Doyle, Craig W. 157 Drakes, Ivana L. 157 Driscoll, Thomas M. 157 Drobniak, Timothy J. 157 Drouillard, Silvie 1.157 Drucker, Hillary L. 157 Drumgoole. Nicole H. 157 Du, Jun Ye 157 Dubrovin, Nina 157 Dudascik, Mary Kathryn 157 Dunbar, Ronald C. 157 Dunleavy, Jennifer L. 158 Dunn, Julia E. 158 Dunst, Michelle A. 158 Duong, DatT. 158 Duong, Steven T. 158 Durer, Chiffon 158 Durling, Kelli L. 158 Durrette, Corinne I. 158, 201 Dutka, Kerry P. 158 Dwyer, Mari E. 158 E Earhart, Samantha 158 Edmondson, Mark P. 158 Edwards, Danyce 35 Ekwunife, Odera I. 158 El-Hajmoussa, Halime I. 158 El-Naccache, DarineW. 158 Ellerbe, Bryan A. 158 Ellis. Khaliah A. 158 Elly, Dan P. 158 Eluwa, Susan 0. 158 Elwell, Jill T. 158 Emerson, Julian T. 158 Emig, Brian 158 Emilius, Carl A. 158 Emilius, Colin A. 158 Emore, Anna J. 158 Emplit. Kaitlin R. 158 Emrich, Lindsay N. 158 Enakovsky, Julie 158 Enders, Eric R. 158 Englert, Richard 145 English. Erick T. 158 Erb, Sarah E. 158 Erechukwu, Chidinma U. 158 Eric, Michael 158 Erinc, Aylin M. 158 Esola, Mary R. 158 Esposito, Nikki 158 Esposito, Samuel M. 158 Esteves, Richard J. 158 Evans, Jerico M. 158 Evans, Michelle C. 158 Everett. Stephanie K. 158 Ezenduka, Chioma 158 F Fabbi, Mark J. 159 Fabian, Kelsey A. 159 Fadl, Irini 159 Falcone, Tom 52 Fall, Quatina 159 Fallon, Susan 159 Fan, Jieping 159 Fanning, Mary Kate 159 Farabaugh, Scott M. 159 Faragalli, Marie 159 Faralli, Lauren A. 159 Fares, Michael J. 159 Farina, Julian M. 159 Farinella, Michael J. 159 Farmer. Jessica 159 Farrell, Dane J. 159 Farrell, Katherine E. 159 Fasanya, Peter 0. 159 Fasoro, Adeolu 0. 159 Faust, Courtney N. 159 Fava, George E. 159 Fazal, Nasreen 159 Fazekas. Corey S. 159 Felix. Webster K. 159 Fenerty, Katelyn 159 Ferguson, Westley D. 159 Ferleger, Lisa A. 159 Fernandez, Juan 132 Fernando, Glenn 159 Ferraro, Jocelyn B. 159 Ferreri, Joanna M. 159 Ferris, Erin P. 159 Fertig, Heather H. 159 Fields. Nichole 159 Fiery, Logan 114 Figura, Adam J. 159 Filomeno, Joshua 159 Finkelstein, Marlee A. 159 Finn, Matthew 159 Fiore, Alexander R. 159 Fiorello, Rosalia 159 Fischer, James T. 159 Fischer, Sara J. 159 Fisher, Christian J. 159 Fitzpatrick, Mary E. 159 Fitzpatrick, Michael B. 160 Fitzsimmons, Robert F. 160 Flanagan. Cassondra E. 160 Fleurant, Patricia A. 160 Flite, Rachel M. 160 Flitter, Edward M. 160 Flomo, James C.R 160 Flood, Michelle Regina 160 Flores. Angela 160 Flournoy, Christopher D. 160 Flynn, Mollie 160 Focht, Mandi E. 160 Foley, Kevin P. 160 Foley. William J. 160 Fon, Taiane B. 160 Fontan. Gabriella L. 160 Forbes, Ben 27 Ford. Shenell R. 160 Fortmeier, Justin B. 160 Fortune, Lawren M. 160 Fouad, Mohamed A. 160 Fox, Jenna L. 160 Frain, Ryan M. 160 Francis, Jhenelle 160 Francisco, Christopher R. 160 Francois, Barbara 160 Frank, Chelsea M. 160 Frank, Katherine 125 Frankel, Matthew S. 160 Franks, Alysha L. 160 Fratto, Anthony J. 160 248 IndexFrazier. Herman 145 Frazier. Keisha C. 160 Freeman, Adrenna N. 160 Friedman. Ilya 160 Fries. Steven G. 160 Fnsch. Andrew T. 160 Fry. Colin A. 160 Fulmore. Tairell D. 160 Fung. Wun Yee 160 Furman. Holly 66 Furman. Maxwell H. 160 G Gadsden, Tarena Q. 160 Gainey, Tekara 160 Gale, Joseph C. 160 Gale. Melissa 2. 3 Gallagher. Brian P. 160 Gallagher. Thomas J. 161 Galli, Lewis 27 Galloway. Tracy L. 161 Gans, Maurice V. 161 Gard. Nicole M. 161 Gardner. Andrew B. 161 Gardner. Brittany R. 161 Gargiulo, Amy E. 161 Garrison. Terri-Anne P. 161 Gattis, Gina C. 161 Gaudini. Michael J. 161 Gay. Alana C. 161 Gelfand. Michael 161 General, Brittany M. 161 George, Mary E. 161 George. Samesh S. 161 Georgiadis, Carrie A. 161 Ghazzawi. Hind A. 161 Ghionni, Rachel 161 Giambrone. James 161 Gibson. Zachary 66 Gift. Stephanie L. 161 Giles, Rebecca E. 161 Gillen, Kathryn M. 161 Gilmore. Jasmine I. 161 Giuliano, Eric F. 161 Glik, Sofia 162 Glmski, David M. 162 Gloster. Stacy D. 162 Godfrey. Marianne 162 Goduto. Andrew 162 Goebel, Carolyn M. 162 Goldin, Ruby L. 162 Goldrath, Sara F. 162 Gomes. Shannon L. 162 Goode, Karmn C. 162 Gooden. Priscilla I. 162 Gooding. Jasmine N. 162 Goodwin. Laurie A. 162 Gordon. Elizabeth K. 162 Gordon, Jamal R. 162 Gordon, Marc 162 Gordon, Renee D. 162 Gordon, Revay 162 Gordon, Stephanie M. 162 Goren. Sam A. 162 Gorobets. Olena 162 Gorski, Lindsay A. 162 Gorup, Courtney J. 162 Gould, Kimberly 162 Gowans, Gina 162 Goya, Lissette 162 Graham, Nicole E. 162 Graham, Tychelle M. 162 Granato. Elizabeth N. 162 Grant, Lauren A. 162 Grass, Kevin B. 162 Graves, Lauren E. 162 Gray. Jessica P. 162 Graziani, Giancarlo 162 Greaves, Timothy W. 162 Green, Nikki 162 Green, Tiffany C. 162 Greenberg, Amanda A. 162 Grewal. Neil 35 Greway. Philip R. 162 Gribbin, Jennifer M. 162 Griffin, Devin P. 162 Griffin. Sherine 162 Grivnovics. Alex 163 Grossman. Danielle 163 Grove. Sean C. 163 Guidotti, Anthony V. 163 Guilford. Adrian 163 Guiral. Ashneet 163 Gulati, Priyanka 163 Gustafson, Stephanie R. 163 Gutter, Daniel R. 163 H Haase. Sara L. 163 Haberman, Andrew R. 163 Hagel, Rebecca M. 163 Haggerty. Lisa M. 163 Haggins, Selena T. 163 Hailes. Matthew C. 163 Halczak, Christie M. 163 Halliday, Kendra D. 163 Hallowanger, Josephine T. 163 Hannibal, Roberto M. 163 Hanrahan. Kimberly E. 163 Hansen. Annmarie 66 Harding, Maureen 163 Hardy, Daria P. 163 Hardy, Sharon M. 163 Hargrove. Ashley E. 163 Harhut, Michele 163 Harper. Jason D. 163 Harrington li, Thomas C. 163 Harrington. Janna D. 163 Harris, Briana K. 163 Harris, Eileen B. 163 Harshman, Kelsie A. 163 Hart, Ann 144 Hartsfield-Stokes, Kim N. 163 Harvey. Amanda E. 163 Harvey, Stephanie A. 163 Hathaway, Raeanne 163 Hauck, Ashley N. 163 Hawkins. Christopher A. 163 Hawkins, Joshua L. 163 Hawkins, Tykia T. 163 Hayes. Henry Lloyd 163 Haynes. Darcel L. 163 Head, Katrina W. 163 Hear, Barinder K. 164 Hefner, Brittany L. 164 Henderson, Camn M. 164 Henderson. Melanie A. 164 Henderson, Rashedah A. 164 Hendrixson, Taylor A. 164 Henry. Robyn W. 164 Herb, Jenna Christine 164 Hercules, Tyler 164 Hernandez, Steven R. 164 Herron, Chanel 164 Hewitt. Rayna E. 164 Hieber, Caitlin A. 164 Higgins. Dennis M. 164 Higgins. Sarah 66 Hilaire, Marcda E. 164 Hill, Ashley M. 164 Hill, Mhyeisha N. 164 Hillman, Marykathryn R. 164 Hilton, Chanda D. 164 Hmk, Laura A. 164 Hirsch. Kurt E. 164 Hirt. Yonatan 164 Ho. Kathryn 115 Hoffman. Alexander R. 164 Hoffman. Sean 164 Hogans, Spencer 37 Holder. Nicole D. 164 Holgado, Ronald R. 164 Holland, Elise S. 164 Holland. Porsche D. 164 Hollmger, Mamsha 164 Holloway, Ida-Rochelle J. 164 Holmes. Victoria L. 164 Holt. Rachelle I. 164 Homka, Jennifer L. 123, 164 Hong, Jenny 66, 248 Hoopes, Lauren M. 164 Hopkins. Megan L. 164 Horan. Brian W. 164 Horan. Edward R. 164 Horan. Kenneth R. 164 Hord. Derrick A. 164 Horlacher, Carolyn J. 164 Horn, Jillian L. 164 Howard, Andrea M. 164 Howard. Jeanine A 165 Howard, Kimberly A. 165 Howard. Lindsay M. 165 Howell, Chanaira L. 165 Huang. Lynn 165 Huber, Brandon 13 Huchenski. John S. 165 Hudson. Ashley S. 165 Hughes, Robert M. 165 Hull. Christopher R. 165 Humma, Carly 165 Hummel, Erica J. 165 Humphrey, Emani M. 165 Hunt, Dama P. 165 Hunter. Britta L. 165 Hurtado. Nicholas E. 165 Hurtt, Russell 165 Hutelmyer, John A. 165 Hutz. Emily A. 165 Huynh. Dang H. 165 Hwang. Jina 165 i Ibrahim, Ala F. 165 Ibrahim. Ishaque M. 165 leamniramit, Apisri 165 lezzatti, Katie L. 165 Imperato, Gina D. 165 Impriano, Christopher R. 165 Ing, Muyeng 165 lodkovskaya. Viktoriya 165 Irizarry, Alexcia 165 Irizarry, Cara M. 165 Irons, Brittany M. 165 Isel, Michelle 165 Isles, Jason D. 165 Ismael, Amer 0. 165 Ismael, Naser 165 Isola, Adedamola 165 Israel. Chantelle 165 Ito, Daisuke 165 ludice. Avery 115 Ives, Stephanie 145 J Jackson, Asia 165 Jackson, James 165 Jackson, Shawn D. 165 Jacob, Varughese 165 Jaham. Umme 166 Janklow, Danny 30 Jarin. Fatiha 166 Index 249Jaroma, Kevin M. 166 Jean. Malena 166 Jenerette, Totsie M. 166 Jenkins. Brent J. 166 Jenkins. Christopher M. 166 Jennett, Camille L. 166 Jeong. Jisu 166 Jetsey, Tanvi 166 Jiang. Ting Ting 166 Jiang. Xiang 166 Jochum, Patrick R. 166 Joh, Katherine S. 166 John, Alicia A. 166 John. Kimberly 166 John-Sandy. Katurah E. 166 Johnson. Colin 166 Johnson. Danielle 166 Johnson. Darren M. 166 Johnson, Krystin J. 166 Johnson, Shaniqua T. 166 Johnson, Tennie 166 Johnston. Elizabeth 166 Johnston. Laura 66 Jones, Briana D. 167 Jones, Brittany E. 167 Jones, Caryll A. 167 Jones, Delores 167 Jones, Evin P. 167 Jones, Jorie L. 167 Jones, Melissa C. 167 Jones, Peter 145 Jones. Shannon M. 167 Jones, Willie W. 167 Jonokuchi, Danny 30 Josifi, Klidi 167 Joss, Sarah E. 167 Jost, Shane 167 Joy, Jenny 167 Jozefowski, Jozef W. 167 K Kah, Agi F. 167 Kahn. Douglas 167 Kahn. Rob 31 Kalb. Andrew 167 Kalbach, Drew C. 167 Kalouch. Katrin 167 Kamania, Dhara 66 Kamara, Ishmael H. 167 Kandi, Sudarshan 167 Kang. Rai Yeon 167 Kang, Ruth 167 Kang, Yun S. 167 Kapoor. Ankit 167 Kasian, Nicholas E. 167 Kasongo, Emmanuel 167 Katsuro, Aleksander 167 Kauffman, Brett C. 167 Kazazi, Erjona 167 Kearney, Ariana 167 Kee, Tiffany N. 167 Keene, Christine M. 167 Keeton, Candace L. 167 Kehoe, Kristi L. 167 Keita. Fatoumata D. 167 Keith, Brittney S. 167 Kelley, Andrea D. 167 Kelly, Romaine 167 Kennedy. Kerri A. 167 Kennedy, Rachael A. 167 Keogh. Robert J. 167 Key, Xanthe 168 Keyes, Ross M. 168 Khaladze, Tina 168 Khan, Taahir 168 Kidiiga, Marlon 168 Kilpatrick, Teagan 122 Kiluva, Noelle 168 Kim, Bo Ram 168 Kim, Dae G. 168 Kim, Hanna 168 Kim, Jihoon 168 Kim, Joseph 168 Kim, Katherine Jin 168 Kim, Meerae 168 Kim, Paul 168 Kim, Sera 168 Kim, Stephen D. 168 Kim, Sung Eun 168 Kim, Yester 168 Kim, Youri 168 Kimble-Williams, Veronica 168 Kiner. Rebecca 168 King, Joanna 168 King, Kassandre 168 Kingsland, Edward C. 168 Kirby. Elan 168 Kirchgasser, Ross L. 168 Kirkstadt, Nicholas J. 168 Kitchner, Brandon 168 Klein, Benjamin J. 168 Kleinfelder, Joy K. 168 Kline, Chris R. 168 Klotz. Michael 32, 33, 244 Knack, Thomas J. 168 Knauss, Zachary D. 168 Koeshartanto, Michael H. 168 Koff. Hallie M. 168 Kohl, Kelly 244 Koob, Daniel $. 168 Koroma, Satia M. 168 Korteweg, Jeremy 168 Koza, Marc S. 168 Kravitz, Matthew L. 168 Krawczyk, John C. 168 Krell, Heather M. 168 Krell, Kenneth S. 169 Kricher, April E. 169 Krieg. Evan M. 169 Kritzman, Shayna 169 Krostek. Jackie 119 Krupa, Brenton A. 169 Kryst, Sasha E. 169 Kuhn, Peter R. 169 Kulikowski, Kimberly E. 169 Kuntz, Jennifer V. 169 Kurinsky, Michael A. 169 Kutner, Leah 169 Kvachadze, Natia 169 L L'esperance, Corey J. 169 La, Sandy 169 Labat, Fabian A. 169 Lacey, Darnell C. 169 Lacroce, Saverio 169 Lagos. Benjamin G. 169 Lam, Carol Chi-Yen 169 Lam, Cathy 169 Lampkin, Nadirah 169 Lane, Alixandria D. 169 Lane, Ashley V. 169 Langan, Molly 169 Langston, Eric 151, 169 Lapera, David M. 169 Larkin, Andrew C. 169, 203 Larkins, Joshua A. 169 Larrison, Brad J. 169 Lathem, Amber P. 169 Laughlin, Jamie R. 169 Lawrence, Matthew C. 169 Lawrence, Nikki J. 169 Le, Jenny 169 Le, Pauline Phuong 169 Le, Phuong A. 169 Leahy, Shannon R. 169 250 Indexleal, Jenny P. 169 lecointe. Andrew F. 169 Ledford. Barbara A. 169 Tee. Bessie P. 169 lee, Darryn 169 lee. Eun-Mi 170 lee, Joanne 170 lee, Kwangseok 170 lee, Mi Jm 170 lee. Sally K. 170 lee, Yong Bok 170 Lee-Dienesman, Anthony 156 leggieri, Talia 170 Teh, James L. 170 Leibovitz. Richard M. 170 lemay, Genevieve 170 Leon, Mariane 170 Lerner, Michelle K. 170 lesperance. Rebecca B. 170 Lester. Jon D. 170 lestochi, Michele 170 lettko. Micah J. 170 Levan, Allisa R. 170 Levin, Rachel G. 170 Levine, Cheryl J. 170 Levy, Alison 0. 170 Levy. Sarah 170 Lewis. Karl 170 lewis, Shalain J. 170 lewis, Tyesha A. 170 b. Hongxuan 170 begner. Melissa S. 170 liken, Josh 170 bm, Michael Y. 170 bn, David T. 170 Ins. Christopher A. 170 bpp, Cortney A. 170 lipsky, Nicole A. 170 Lista, Jessica L. 170 bu. Xiaomeng 170 bu.Yu Jing 170 bu. Yue 170 livezey, Kaitlin M. 170 Uoyd, Anelle N. 170 lo. Kai Y. 170 lobb, Sarah 170 lockard, Jeffrey C. 170 Iodise, Jillian $. 170 legan, Corinne A. 171 lois, Peter 171 Long. Ashley A. 171 long. Natalie A. 171 lord, Andrea M. 171 Lorenz, Stefanie A. 171 Loughran, Aidan C. 171 Louis. Josue 110 love, Tamam M. 171 lovely. Andrew 40, 48 Lubin, Felix 171 Luczka, Daniel 171 Ludlow, Bret A. 171 Lukas, Michael 171 Lukehart, Nicholas E. 171 Lupinacci, Melissa K. 171 Luu, Luane 171 Luvera, Leonard J. 171 Ly. An C. 171 Ly, Lucky 171 Lyons, Timothy L. 171 M Ma. Chung-Reyl 171 Macaluso. Lauren E. 171 Maccini, Jessica A. 171 Macdonald. Meredith M. 171 Mack, Tracey R. 171 Macknight, Adam T. 172 MacNab, Brian 124 Macpherson, Katelyn K. 172 Mahairi, Haadi S. 172 Mahar, Emily C. 172 Mai, Jian Zhong 172 Maignan. William 172 Malinowski, Monica A. 172 Malizia. Rachel L. 172 Malkan, Paresh U. 172 Mallari, Kashka F. 172 Maloney, Catherine M. 172 Maloney. Kaitlin 66 Mandal. Abhishek 172 Mandel. Alexander M. 172 Mandell, Erica L. 172 Mander. Michael D. 172 Maneval. Holly 172, 204, 205 Maniece, Mica N. 172 Mannan. Nur 172 Manneh, Precious 172 Mannery, Phillip M. 172 Mannmo, Blaise L. 172 March, Maggie 172 Margiotti, Christina M. 172 Marinaro. Nicole 172 Marinelli, Matthew J. 172 Marker, Megan 172 Markowitz, Melissa A. 172 Marland. Lyndsey M. 172 Marris, Kristen 140 Marron, Luke J. 172 Marsh, Lydia H. 172 Marshall, Dawn A. 172 Martin, Alicia 172 Martin. Iman M. 172 Martin, Jordan W. 172 Massaro, Maxwell C. 172 Masterson, John M. 172 Masuku, Sibanengi 172 Mathew, Shan 172 Matsumoto, Aiko 172 Maurone, Kathleen Anne 172 Mavrakis, Maria 172 Maxi, Faimire 172 Mayberry. Matthew J. 173 Mayer, Stephen 173 Mayhew, Kayla E. 173 Mayo, Shane 173 Mays. Robert 173 Mburu, Benson K. 173 McAmnley, Sean C. 173 McBall. Sequoia C. 173 McCall, Wilson 173 McCarthy, Kaitlyn M. 173 McCastle-Holmes. Avonna Y. 173 McClennen. Scott T. 173 McColgan, Matthew J. 173 McConaghy, Megan 173 McConnell. Kasey M. 173 McConnell, Kevin J. 173 McCrary, Ryan J. 173 McDevitt. Jeffrey P. 173 McDonald, Jill M. 173 McDonald, Niambi 173 McDougal. Karen 173 McElhone. Erin M. 173 McFadden, Emily M. 173 McGarrigle. Kelly E. 173 McGonigle. Maria C. 173 McGrail. Colin E. 173 McHugh. Julianna 0. 173 Mclnerney. Frances E. 173 McKeithan, Brittany S. 173 McKenna. Joshua J. 173 McKinney, Sydney A. 173 McLaughlin, Lauren R. 173 McLaughlin. Patrick 114, 140 McLean. Richard F. 173 McMenamin, Jeffrey T. 173 McNamara, Ashley 173 McNeely. Ryan P. 173 McPherson, Jennifer A. 173 McRae. Brittany A. 173 McReynolds, Jeffrey L. 173 Meade, Steven J. 173 Meckler, Jessica 173 Meehan. Kyle A. 173 Meitzler. Adrea N. 174 Melcher. Jason G. 174 Mellett. Jaclyn 174 Melvin, Sarah M. 174 Menardy. Melissa G. 174 Meneses. Frances Christine 174 Mensah, Lawrencia 174 Mergaman. Rachel L. 174 Mermelstein, Brett A. 174 Metzger. Carly R. 174 Meyer, Kellie E. 174 Meyers. Jeanine D. 174 Mezzy, Rudy 174 Miceli, Stephanie N. 174 Michalowski, KarlyA. 174 Michelson, Daniel W. 174 Michener, Corey L. 174 Micun, Christopher A. 174 Miele, Patricia S. 174 Mikhats, Tatyana M. 174 Mikus, Brian C. 174 Mile. Enea 174 Miller. Brittany E. 174 Miller. Elizabeth Grumer 174 Miller. Lindsey M. 174 Miller, Matthew J. 174 Miller, Scott A. 174 Milliron, Sarah M. 174, 206 Milner. Sara C. 174 Mims, Rebecca M. 174 Mink, Theresa T. 174 Minora, John B. 174 Mitchell, Shanae N. 174 Mittal, Ujjala 174 Mitton, Alexandra S. 174 Mizitskaya. Maria 174 Moffa. Maria R. 174 Moges, Eyob 174 Moleta, Adam M. 174 Monberger. Melony 174 Mondonedo. Joshua N. 174 Monshizadegan. Chris 174 Montalvo, Justin A. 175 Montgomery, Rebecca E. 175 Moon. Melissa R. 175 Mooney, Kellie L. 175 Moore. Brandon L. 175 Moore, Daniel P. 175 Moore. James J. 175 Moore, Marquiz L 175 Moore, Maureen T. 175 Moore, Ramone 132. 133 Moore, Sherae 175 Morachimo, Pablo M. 175 Morgan, Alecia P. 175 Morgan, Melody L. 175 Morozov. Andrey 117 Morris. Darius D. 175 Morris, Michael P. 175 Morris, Patrick 175 Morton, Jonathan C. 175 Morton, Kerianne B. 175 Mosby, Austin 175 Moses, Darren A. 175 Mosley, Brenda 175 Mosley, Kenneth K. 175 Mucchetti, Gregory J. 175 Muchiri, Mary 175 Index 251Mukhin, Marina 175 Muller, Lindsey 175 Mulligan, Andrew C. 175 Mundela, Caroline B. 175 Muniz, Jessica H. 175 Munoz, Rosilyn Z. 175 Muntean, Diana I. 175 Murman, Kelly 40, 49 Murphy, Jaclyn 175 Murphy, Jennifer A. 175 Murray, Laurie F. 175 Mushaeva, llyana 175 Muszynski, Andrew S. 175 Myers, Jocelyn C. 175 N Nadell, Benjamin A, 175 Narvaez-Ruiz, Randy 175 Nary, Cassandra L. 175 Naughton, Stacey A. 175 Naugle, Julia Anne 175 Needham, Shawn W. 176 Nelson, Christopher M. 176 Nelson, Raquel 176 Nestor, Jacquelyn E. 176 Nestor, Mariya S. 176 Newell, Monica E. 176 Newman, Bryan S. 176 Newpher, Andrew M. 176 Ngo, Arthur R. 176 Nguyen, Chau T. 176 Nguyen, Dinh D. 176 Nguyen, Hanh 176 Nguyen, HongT. 176 Nguyen, Kim-Anh N. 176 Nguyen, Lan 176 Nguyen, Lieu 176 Nguyen, Michael L. 176 Nguyen, Nathashya L. 176 Nguyen, Quyen 176 Nguyen, Tiffany 176 Nguyen, Vincy Luan 176 Ni, Kongli 176 Nil, Mayling 176 Nitka, Jacqueline 176 Njiru, Wilson N. 177 Noble, Bethany E. 177 Noel, Dominique 161, 177 Norman, Jeremy D. 177 Norris, Jahon G. 177 Norris, Kyle W. 177 Norton, Holly L. 177 Norton, Trena E. 177 Norwood, Ivory L. 177 Novak, Christopher J. 177 Nowicki, Melissa 177 Nugent. Krista B. 177 Nunez, Jasmine 177 Nunnally, Krystie 177 Nuzha, Kamil A. 177 Nwankwo. Elizabeth S. 177 Nyarko, Doreen K. 177 o O'brien, Ashley R. 177 O'callaghan, William 177 O’Connor, Patrick 145 Odikadze, Levani 177 Ogbo, Francis C. 177 Ogonowski, Monica 177 Ogonowski, Thomas J. 177 Ogunlokun, Funmi P. 177 Okorie, Mary 177 Okorji, Onyinyechukwu C. 177 Okoro, Vgonnaya 177 Okoye, Steven I. 177 Olson, Jamie A. 177 Olson-Swanson, Caitlyn 177 Omokuru, Ogogome 177 Ononogbu, Uzoma 177 Onyeyirim, Uchechi A. 177 Opaga-Okouma, Valerie 177 Orehek, Tammy L. 177 Orr, Niela A. 177 Ortiz, Wilfredo 177 Owens, Courtnee A. 177 Owens-Davis, Antoine 177 Owusu, Stanley J. 177 p Pack, Asya T. 177 Pagan, Angelica Z. 177 Page, Jenna R. 178 Pakrouh, Tara C. 178 Palidora, Paul A. 178 Palmer, Sarah E. 178 Palumbo, Edward M. 178 Pan, Fei 178 Pandya, Nilkanth R. 178 Paoli, Cassie 178 Paolini, Megan R. 178 Papin, Lunick 178 Paradise, Dominick 178 Parcell, Shearl 63 Parisi, Louis 110 Park, Juhee 178 Park, Jun Hyuk 178 Park, Mi Young 178 Park, Sooji 178 Parker, Amanda E. 178 Parkinson, Meghan H. 178 Parks, Chambraia 178 Passaro, Jessica L. 178 Patel, Ami P. 178 Patel, Darshana K. 178 Patel, Daxesh P. 178 Patel. Dimple C. 178 Patel, Gayatri J. 178 Patel, Hasmi R. 178 Patel, Hemali B. 178 Patel, Kapil K. 178 Patel, Khusbu S. 178 Patel, Kruti S. 178 Patel, Lisa B. 178 Patel, Megha 166 Patel, Neha M. 178 Patel, Nirmal R. 178 Patel, Priyanka 178 Patel, Sahaskumar H. 178 Patel. Tullsi 178 Paul, Samiraswar 178 Paulk, Kristina M. 178 Paxinos, Antonios S. 178 Payne, Sara L. 178 Payton, Tanisha T. 178 Pearson, Maggie 60 Peet, James E. 178 Pellegrino, George D. 178 Peppers, Veronica 179 Perelion, Kristenne K. 179 Perez, Edwin 179 Perkins, Michael D. 179 Perry, Devin M. 179 Pervin, Dmitry 179 Peterson, Heather M. 179 Petkovski, Jennifer L. 179 Petrongola, Carly 179 Pham, Phung K. 179 Phan, Anda K. 179 Phillips, Brian 179 Phillips, Catherine C. 179 Phillips, Kevin D. 179 Phillips, Michelle L. 179 Phillips, Shannon A. 179 Phillips, Tiffany D. 179 Phung, Nancy 179 252 Indextokens. Sonya M. 179 torre, Ariel 179 Pileggi. Giulio S. 179 Pileggi. Nicole C. 179 Pilosi. Sarah L. 179 'isanchyn, Matthew R. 179 Pittounicos, Samantha A. 179 itts, Khaliah D. 179 Ptetmck. Justine D. 179 Ptiana. Agron 179 toucher, Mary 179 Plummer, Kevin A. 179 Plump, Alessandra N. 179 Podgorny, Anna 179 Poe. Melissa A. 179 Pohl. Rosemarie 179 Poindexter, Gina A. 179 Polinsky, Joseph J. 179 Polk, Elizabeth L. 179 Pollard, Kassandra M. 179 Pontious, Suzanne M. 179 Pontoski, Caitlin 23 Poole, Brittany L. 179 Popoola, Racheal 179 Porter, Christie L. 179 Portolese, Antonia E. 180 Poulton, Jaclyn R. 180 Poussaint, Kiara 180 Powell Jr.. Anthony T. 180 Powell, Cammille J. 180 Powell, Theresa 145 Power, Michael D. 180 Prabhakaran, Indhu M. 180 Praylow. Shaneice L. 180 Price. Cole D. 180 Proctor. Denise 180 Proctor, Ja'nice 180 Proud, Timothy B. 180 Pruznick, Rebecca A. 180 Przybylinski. Lauren E. 180 Pucillo, Kelly R. 180 Pusey, Worsley R. 180 Q Quiambao. Kristine 180 Quiles, Shannon M. 180 Quirk, Lauren A. 180 R Raczka. Gabriela R. 180 Radolovic, David C. 180 Ragsdale, Fonshell R. 180 Rahman. Labiba 180, 181 Raileanu, Alexandru 180 Ramford. Kelly-Jean 180 Rakszawski, David J. 180 Ramirez-Borges. Karen P. 180 Ramos. Sarah C. 180 Ramsaran, Amanda 180 Ramsue. Michelle L. 180 Rashatwar, Sonalee S. 180 Rausch-Aviles. Ann L. 180 Rawson, Shireen T. 180 Ray, Shawndrea L. 180 Raymond. Maxime 180 Reason. Janaiya L. 180 Recek, Karolme E. 180 Reed. Jessica B. 180 Reed, Kristen L. 180 Reed, Shayna V. 180 Reese, Emily D. 180 Regula. Kaitlin M. 180 Reiley, Daniel C. 181 Reiss, Rachel V. 181 Renelus, Edelmire 181 Rennard, Michael W. 181 Rennie, William 181 Renson. Christy M. 181 Reo. Daniel F. 181 Repella, Maryanne 181 Revak, Michael 66. 239 Reynolds, Andrew B. 181 Reynolds. Brandon L. 181 Rhym. Britney 181 Riccio, Alison M. 181 Riccitelli, Damian C. 181 Richards, Brittney P. 181 Richards, James M. 181 Richards, Kimberley 181 Richardson. Brittany A. 181 Richardson, Kourtnee 181 Ricketts, Bernadette A. 181 Riegel, Scott N. 181 Riemenschneider. Krista 181 Riggio li, James J. 181 Riley, Gordon P. 181 Riley, Kyle F. 181 Riley, Reginald L. 182 Rindfleisch, Monica L. 182 Rippy, Talisha 171, 182 Rivera, Jessika S. 182 Rivera, Rafael A. 182 Rivera, Yarinesse L. 182 Rizzo. Samuel J. 182 Roberson, Davina C. 182 Robert, Fnu 182 Roberts, Ciara 182 Robertson. Korin N. 182 Robinson, Ciara N. 182 Robinson, Ina M. 182 Robinson, Lateefah T. 182 Robinson, Monique 182 Robinson, Tangee 182 Robinson, Teshia 182 Roccato, Amanda A. 182 Roche, Andy 5 Rodgers, Melanie E. 182 Rodriguez. Alexander A. 182 Rodriguez, Elizabeth 182 Rodriguez-Boskie. Ryan 182 Rogers, Michael F. 182 Roldan. Kimberly D. 182 Rollins. Keith W. 182 Rollins, Tamira D. 182 Roman. Claire J. 182 Romano. Ian R. 182 Ropars. Shawn 182 Roper, Whitley J. 182 Rorer, Julia C. 182 Rosci, Gregory R. 182 Rose. Kevin C. 182 Rose. Shamara P. 182 Rosen. Daniel 182 Rosenbaum. Patrick A. 182 Ross. Jasmine N. 182 Ross. Tiffany L. 182 Rothschild, Jordan D. 182 Royal, Amanda 182 Royster, Kendra N. 182 Rozwadowski, Andrew J. 182 Rubin, Andrew S. 183 Rubio. Brian A. 183 Rucker. Nyasha K. 183 Rudick. Emily 183 Rudolph. Paul 183 Rue. Jaelyn 183 Ruffin, Shamce S. 183 Ruffins, Joy J. 183 Russell. Enazshia F. 183 Russell, Raenesha S. 183 Russell, Tylenma M. 183 Ryan, Alexis H. 183 s Sahara, Edward John 183 Sacca, Matthew 183 Sadicario. Jaclyn S. 183 Saint-Cyr, Claude 183 Saintsulne, Sasha 183 Sales. Pearlie E. 183 Samarco, Elizabeth A. 183 Sanders, Sharmse 183 Sanford, Michael T. 183 Sanoe, Fatimetou Zahara 183 Sansone. Chelsea M. 183 Saraiya, Manali 183 Saunders. Melissa A. 183 Savage. Mone 183 Savage-El, Taara A. 183 Savlani. Poonam V. 183 Sawyer. Sherron A. 183 Scales, Michael 145 Scalzo, Lia 183 Scarlota. Ashley E. 183 Schaffer, Natalie T. 183 Schapire, Brett J. 183 Scheer, Danielle U. 183 Schlichter, Christine 109 Schmidt, Jacob J. 183 Schmidt. 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Jamie E. 184 Siebert, Jennifer L. 184 Siegel, Deborah A. 184 Silberman. David S. 184 Sillah, Kemella 184 Silvestro, George M. 185 Sim, Matthew P. 185 Simmons. Christopher G. 185 Index 253Simmons, Karessa B. 185 Simpson, Jasmine S. 185 Simpson, Tyler J. 185 Sims, Dytiesha 185 Sinani, Jonida 185 Singh, Tanya 185 Sinibaldi, Alyssa M. 185 Sinno, Tereze N. 185 Siporin, Samuel M. 185 Siu Leung. Kan Jon 185 Skiendzielewski, Kristin M. 185 Slahta, Cory A. 185 Sloh, Ellen 185 Sluwar, James M. 185 Small. Leisa M. 185 Smiley, Kenyonna D. 185 Smith, Amy L. 185 Smith, Brian W. 185 Smith, Carolyn M. 185 Smith, Cary A. 185 Smith, Courtney L. 185 Smith, David L. 185 Smith, Deandre T. 185 Smith, Eric R. 185 Smith. Jessie 185 Smith. Johanna A. 185 Smith, Joshua R. 185 Smith, Keisha S. 185 Smith, Kimball G. 185 Smith, Kyle 185 Smith, Michelle M. 185 Smith, Montez U. 185 Smith. Shane 240 Smith. 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Stella N. 189 llfcoh, Alexander 189 Umoren, Odudu I. 189 Upshur-Spratley, Shanice 189 Uqdah, Latifa 189 Urena, Belgica 189 Urusow, Avery N. 189 Uy. Anthony J. 189 v ' Vail, Brittney J. 189 | Vakirtzoglu, Nicolette K. 186. 189 Van Nest. Taylor 189 Van Wick. Casper 30 Vanderzell, Jared J. 66, 189. 191, 208, 209 Vanlue. Devona S. 189 I Vanselous, Heather N. 189 Vantrieste, Zachary 189 | Vargas. Ivette 189 Varughese. Rency M. 189 j Vaughn. Amy L. 189 j Vavra, Bradley A. 189 j Vega, Jocelynn M. 189 Veins, Amanda 27 j Velez, Jennifer A. 189 ! Velez, Stephanie 189 j Venezia, Diana 189 Verceglio-Elvir, Karen M. 189 Vernamonti, Nikole E. 189 Verros. Maria N. 189 Villanveva. Tara 189 Vitale. Laura A. 189 Vitola, Julianne 189 ; Voigt, Robert A. 189 j Voli, Michelle L. 189 j Vollo, Marc A. 189 I Volpom. Amber R. 189 Vora, Pooja P. 189 Vozzy. Elizabeth A. 189 Vu. Tung Son 190 Vu, Xa T. 190 Vuoqg Thanh P J,9j) w Wagner. Carrie A. 190 Walker. Michael F. 190 Wallace. Collin 120 Wallace. 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Lisa M. 191 Wilkerson, Glenda A. 191 Wilkerson, Seth M. 191 Williams, Alexandra 191 Williams, Ashley Y. 191 Williams. Chanel 191 Williams, Fallon R. 191 Williams, Kara A. 191 Williams, Kimberly N. 191 Williams, Lauren 191 Williams, Leah 191 Williams, Megan K. 191 Williams, Paris A. 191 Williams, Sheena M. 191 Williams, Sherita M. 191 Williams, SuhaiylahW. 191 Williams. Tomica 191 Wills, Crystal A. 191 Wilson. Ashley M. 191, 193 Wilson, Ashley N. 191 Wilson, Breanne 191 Wilson, Corey S. 192 Wilson, Jillian 56 Wilson, Marcus A. 192 Wilson, Shavona C. 192 Wilson, Steven W. 192 Wilusz, Kasia Z. 192 Wineburg. Marissa M. 192 Winfield, Tanisha M. 192 Winoto, Kurnia K. 192 Witmer, Katherine M. 192 Wittenberg, Timothy J. 192 Wojciechowski, Beverly J. 192 Wojciechowski, Eric M. 192 Wolkiewicz. Rachel M. 192 Woodburn, Renee A. 192 Woods, Tara D. 192 Woodson, Jasmine N. 192 Woodward, Emily C. 192 Worthington, Brian C. 192 Wright. Gregory A. 192 Wright. Steuart C. 192 Wu, Jibo 192 Wusimch, Justin M. 192 Wyatt. Patricia L. 192,210,211 Wyrosdic, Kali S. 192 Wyszynski, Adria 192 Wyszynski. Rachel A. 192 X Xu. Huishu 192 Y Yague. Leila P. 192 Yam, Karen 192 Yamba, Gracia K. 192 Yang, Jeame 192 Yemey. Siwavi A. 192 Yerkov. Robert 192 Yoon, Dong Woo 192 Youssef. Ahemd M. 192 Youssouf, Obah M. 192 Yu, Eunice 66 Yu, Justine E. 192 Yu. Yuan z Zaim, Ladan G. 192 Zalot, Morgan A. 192 Zamani, Pejman 192 Zawierucha. Anastasia Z. 192 Zelle. Allison B. 193 Zhang. Qian 193General Information The 2011 Templar was created and produced entirely by an undergraduate student staff. Its 256 pages are printed on 100-pound matte finish stock paper for a press run of 3,100 copies. It is published by Jostens in State College, Pennsylvania. Jostens representatives, Phil Klein and Dee Skelton, provided much patience and guidance, making this book possible. John DiCarlo, Director of Student Media, served as the faculty adviser. Many thanks goes to his dedication and assistance in producing this book. Cover Designed, photographed and produced by Editor-in-Chief Jared Vanderzell. It is printed on a high gloss litho cover. The size of the book is 9"xl2". Endsheets Designed and produced by Editor-in-Chief Jared Vanderzell and Graphic Designer Zach Gibson. Printed on Snow White stock paper. Photography Photographs taken using Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and Canon EOS Digital Rebel Tli. Senior portraits and most sports photography taken by Carl Wolf Studios, Inc., located at 401 Elmwood Avenue, Sharon Hill, PA 19079. Production Produced using Jostens online Yearbook Avenue and Adobe Creative Suite 4 software. Staff Editor-in-Chief: Jared Vanderzell Production Manager: Lara Strayer Copy Editor: Rajvi Patel Graphic Designer: Zachary Gibson Graphic Designer: Jenny Hong Photo Editor: Becky Kerner Photo Editor: Eunice Yu Student Life Editor: Andrew Moore Academic Editor: Annmarie Hansen Organizations Editor: Danette Coombs Sports Editor: Raymond Boyd People Editor: Dhara Kamania Advertising Editor: Holly Furman Web Designer: Angel Young Senior Writer: Sarah Higgins Senior Photographer: Kathryn Warburton Photographers: Sarah Anderton Mike Revak Julisa Basak Austin Barnhardt Aashita Batra Sherin Koshy Lauren Petrie Writers: Samantha Anderson Briana Claiborne Laura Johnston Kaitlin Maloney Sequoia McBall Gabriella Pirozzi Brittany Roig Copyright Editorial content does not necessarily reflectthe view ofthe University. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Staff can be reached at their office, 243 Howard Gittis Student Center, 1755 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122. (215)204-7299 | www.temple.edu templar | templaryearbook@gmail.com 

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