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[UnnMnowIfRtini ' iirvlK I • ill ,: j ii 4 (Tin Vtg ' iLfl i ' ,7 m- mr We ' ve all had the experience before. It used to happen a bit more when we were freshmen, but it still happens often enough. You know the feeling, you ' re somewhere — at work, on vacation in Florida, at your grandmother ' s house in Buf- falo — anywhere, and while talking with someone the subject of school comes up. And the person you ' re speaking with will invariably ask you the question you cannot answer. They ' ll ask you what is Temple like?!! And you sit there for a few moments, not knowing what to say. Speechless. It ' s happened before and is a familiar feel- ing, but you still break into a cold sweat whenever it happens. Finally, you try to explain. Well, you say. Temple is sort of . . . it ' s . . . ah . . . well, it ' s . . . it ' s big. Yeah, it ' s big, real big. Okay, you ' ve gotten that far, now where do you go? So you stumble a bit more and then say that it ' s big and . . . ah, in the city. Yeah in Philadelphia. North Philadelphia. Bad area, but nice campus . . . especially in the spring. What next? You ' re undecided. Do you mention the Bell Tower or the financial crunch? The history or the apathy? The plans or the reality? There ' s so much to explain, where do you start? Well, you could start with some statistics: With almost 37,000 enrolled students. Temple is one of the largest univer- sities in the country. The school offers a variety of degrees, from medicine to law to recreation, to journalism, to music. Temple has five campuses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, including one in Center City. And Temple ' s Rome, Italy campus offers interested students a chance to study abroad. Back home at the Main Campus at Broad and Montgomery, Temple is the largest single employer in the North Philadelphia area. The school colors are cherry and white and its nickname is the Owls. Okay, you ' ve bored your listener with a list of meaningless statistics, but where do you go now? What about the real Temple? What about all the things that make this school, if not unique, then at least different from St. Joe ' s, Villanova, or even, (vech), Penn? What about the subways, the busses, the parking lots, (or lack of)? What about the SAC cafeteria. Canteen, and the trucks, the professors, students, faculty, and staff? What about Reber Hall, Gladfelter, Curtis, Johnson, Hardwick and Peabody, Park Mall, Columbia Avenue and Broad Street? What about Johnny Ring, the Temple Hospital, the Temple News and the Temple Alumni Review? What about the Harvard on the Delaware? What about the hundred of other things that make Temple University Temple University? How do you explain it all? You probably just don ' t, because Temple really can ' t be explained. It ' s got to be experienced to be understood. And even then, experience does not guarantee understanding. A few weeks into the beginning of the Fall semester, we received a phone call up in the Templar office on the fourth floor of SAC. Sue Kraus, our editor answered the phone. The caller, a woman, said that she wanted some information about the founder of the school. Surely a strange request, but whenever people have some obscure question they want answered, thev always seem to wind up calling the yearbook. Well, Sue said, she only knew about as much as anyone else — the " Acres of Diamonds " speech, and things like that. At least, the woman said. Sue could tell her the founder ' s first name, couldn ' t she? Sure, it was Russell. Hmmmm, the woman muttered under her breath, sounding a bit perplex- ed, Russell Temple, that sure is a funny sounding name .... That probably doesn ' t explain Temple University any more than anything else, but it ' s a funny story all the same. n 1 11 J • - af . 1 ! S»Ai .v.. i J jSg;- ' ■ f ' 1 , ' « ' - ' ¥ ii: - J . " : ' 4% .!-. ■ A fr 1 1 11 H ' »«. mm f- f £ 213 fi 1 ' fc t g » jylur Spf i. ' 1 nitltllllMBIB; fjUBBMlM; ' 1 mm nm vMSWi IJ@HBBHIK 1 IlilH nu.,,MHKH|f pBKBVia; mill iiiiilpHaH! pIMMIBMK h mill fliri||BHBHI IpaSBHV iiiiii iim|HHnH; PHHB r, — 11 II liiiiilHnH 1 |il!l|pVP 1 WM 1 i " ■ Zi »lr " 3 P S4auiL t LE L l I 95HIH JH ■ 4 11 i n y. Mfi ' ? W, zjoelcome fn t R ot) CI c t f on stciTDeot Lif TDORHQ Lfpe seoioRS 54 corr2nQcir2icatfor3s IZO spoRts 184 pfnfs H i m MMm m " " tmrn nt i . tMM v CAMPUS George Huganir Secretary ames U. L.ogan V.P. for Financial Affairs and Teasurcr 18 UNIVERSITY OFFICERS 19 20 STUDENT SENATE 25 CAMPUS 20 STUDENT SE 25 ■RALLY 20 STUDENT S 25 BAND 26 28 OITicers — l-r — Joseph McDermott, Michael Eng, Kaye Deppe, Angela Patrick PRE- LAW SOCIETY 30 1 Seated l-r: Donald Busk) , Robbi Ziv, Alan Shore — president. Standing l-r: Denise DiGiorgio, Mark Limanni. POLITICAL SCIENCE MAJORS ASSOC. 31 HfliPViW If JaSiH ■ " Pi , ' ' p . " 9 H - JP 1 1: - m L ' j i HiHIHV i B " t JI Bji ■ M IhP j B m 1 » •4« wBUUfi k. ' Af., Hr ' tJBT .1, 4 A m i ' A ' Si. pH I S " f -1 ; 1 i Si , » - " V ' M ' Sk. 1 .4- 34 P K H 1 li l ..I H E l E n 91 Pw R I 1 3 ■ 1st row l-r: G. Osborne, Farah, P. Kurtz, L. Harkins, J. Viera, G. G. Moore. 2nd row l-r: D. Tinley, J. Dorsett, L. Parr, M. Humphries, P. Moore. 3rd row l-r: T. Curcio, J. Shekekta, C. Curcio, G. Coslo, M. Mesko. Missing: B. Heim, M. Agnew, B. Kaplan, G. Kue, M. Conrad, J. Whittaker. ! 35 i I 38 U CLA % CENTER FOR THE DISABLED i 39 % ' .• T ' ■ 1 ' - a. . 1 1 i| KARATE CLUB I i MUSLIM STUDENTS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL SPEECH AND HEARING I L tiJ i I KOREAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 45 DMEN IN COMMUNICATIONS INC. i_ -_j-;!!?-A3:: Standing: H. Morgan— V.Pres.. Seated 1-r: L. Daly, B. Tatlock, C. Phelan, T.C. Birch. Kneeling !-r: L. Daly, M. Falsetta, Janet Farrell — Pres. Missing: N. Carabedian, M.A. Olszwski, C. Weirman, C. Taylor. 46 NC, 1st row: l-r — S. Senders, G. Monek, K. Mayfield, S. Magner, M.A. Bass. 2nd row: l-r — V. Frieberg, A. Gentr . A. Rossanese, R. Les ' Pere, R. McArdle, C. Stoops, A. Leitzel, M.A. Amith. .3rd row: l-r — D. Pfeffer, C. Jenkins. B. Finn. D. Carter, N. Guth. 4th row: l-r — F. Everett. L. Berko, M. Jacobson, D. Seidei, C. Brown. SENIOR NURSING CLASS OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 47 ■ffj t- - •:: T. AMBLER Temple Universitys Ambler Campus, in contrast to the Main Campus location in North Philadelphia, is set on 187-acre8 of beautiful coun- tryside in Upper Dublin Township, north of the ci- ty. Although its facilities have often been criticized as being inadequate, many of Amblers 2,300 students can obtain a variety of degrees without ever having to supplement class time at the Main Campus. And a free bus service is available for those who have to commute between the two cam- puses. Ambler has its own radio station, WRFT, newspaper, the " Medium, " dormitories, student government intramural program, and a variety of other services, making it an almost totally self- sufficient campus. k L_ t 1 " 1 ! fi m tintrbJ , .-, _ m j ' ' ' V ' r H ilte VI ' 1 Bt H. ' y - M ii wX H ... .■• R « k ' T •i »T?! K -J T iiit,incont[3j n in Nonkj leaulilulcraivP norlbltlieci ' l beeDcriticid ,mblers 2,3«ll| grees will i al the Mainl availaHe lorl MhetwocamJ ilion, WRFTI cries, sluJentJ i(ia arietv«1 il totail ,mA ' v • ij4? -- :M ■? ' . 1 - ..: .C !i t t ' ii T -zii, ' ;• - r- " - TYLER M ' . The Tyler School of Art, donated to Temple in 1934 by Stella Elkins Tyler, allows up to 600 students bachelor and masters degrees in both fine arts and art education. For students who want to specialize in the more creative aspects of the educational process, Tylers offers programs in such areas as painting, sculpture and photography. Located only eight miles north of the Main Campus, Tylers low student- i ' acull) ratio allows the development of close personal relationships between teacher and pupil, something essential in a good artistic education. " IH S. M: I i Temple University TUCC " Temple Universitys Center City campus, better known as TUCC, (pronounced tuc. or tuck), is located in the old KYW television building at 1619 Walnut Street in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. Donated to the school in 1973 by the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, many of the existing studios in the building were left intact when it was ren- novated, and therefore, although TUCC offers classes from almost every college and school in the university, the emphasis is definitely on communication and theatre. In fact, one of Temples three theatres. Stage Three is located in the basement of TUCC, and among the productions staged this season were Lillian Hellmans Another Part of the Forest and Shakespeares As You Like It. Although TUCC is o ien to any and all Temple students, il does cater more towards the older student who is returning to school either to just take some courses or in search of a degree. Classes are scheduled throughout the day, making TUCC con- venient for all those living and working in the city. ■ I TU Cinematheque - 1978 k 1 k ■w£m ' iSacle " o»- I MORGANS CREEK. " Ki . : Mts Dassin ' s RfP Ff ■i MUM WMSTROMCMX ALFREDO Al ltaoo _ SvmntoHie ptfirav _ E ' - ' »»« ! »» « .caiKxJ lie ' umcLE SSi ' SnT miQSSm ■ ».=? . : 1 IHi ' ■ ■ $m MANY MORE! 1 ■ ■ m Jttr CI ' ' £o 1 22l ' 9 1 ' III - ' 1 ' L( S - ' ' SIk?. lKHti,i t. ALLIED HEALTH I Located even further north than Main Campus, The Allied Health Campus trains students in fields related to health care and services. Pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists — each of these and more are represented by the 385 students that attend Tem- ple at the Allied Health Campus. 55 56 I |[ - ' , «.g|M9 57 ■«©EJ«» ' ■ K ' W What ' s Happening At Temple o Unfortunately, the Grateful Dead did not appear at Temple University during the 1977-78 school year. Instead, Mary Travers performed before a not-very-large crowd in the Mitten Hall Auditorium. Temple ' s football team was not invited to play U.S.C. in the Rose Bowl, or Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl, or even Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. Instead, the team went to Tokoyo to play Grambling in the Mirage Bowl, losing in the final seconds of the fourth quarter in the process. Temple students didn ' t even march down Broad Street and on to City Hall demanding the end to a war. Instead, they huddled together under the Bell Tower, wear- ing " IF YOU DON ' T GIVE US THE LOOT, WE ' LL GIVE YOU THE BOOT " buttons, and asking Harrisburg for money. In other words, it was another typical season at Temple University, North Broad Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 19122. Typical simply meaning that some things went right while others went wrong. Some projects, conceived with grand intentions eventually turned to dis- mal failures, while other, more modest proposals developed into huge success. Now if there does exist any kind of sure-fire formula for a successful Temple University program, it is that the more mundane and everyday the event, the more popular it will be. Continuing programs such as the Popular Film Series, sponsored by the Department of Co- Curricular and Leisure Programs are consistently successful, usually playing to packed houses in both SAC and the dorms. Films such as " Tommy, " " Cuckoo ' s Nest " and the premier college showing of " Rocky " were immensly popular during the school year. On the other hand, the Crossroads Cafe, a self professed cure for the Temple University Blues, met with about as much enthusiasm as the Swine Flu Vaccine program and was forced to close its doors during the very same week as the old Trocadero Burlesque House in Center City. The Owls basketball team was a source of pride for Temple this winter, easily taking the Big Five championship for the second time in as many seasons and gaining a berth in the National Invitational Tournament. Unfortunately, because the team ' s first game was played during the Spring break down in Texas, many of us had to find out about that disappointing first round loss the next day in the morning paper. Even the dormitories had their own bit of unscheduled excitement as, for the second time in six months, the Philadelphia Fire Department was summoned to quell what amounted to a small inferno in Johnson Hall during the first weeks of December. Dorm students were forced to evacuate their rooms as firemen fought the blaze, and it was fortunate that the weather had not yet turned cold. And the fire even made the eleven o ' clock news! Speakers at Temple University this year included some well-known celebrities, past and pre- sent. They included Shere Hite, author of the best-selling study on female sexuality, " The Hite Report, " comedienne Joan Rivers who spoke on a variety of topics including Hollywood and her new movie " Rabbit Test, " ex-Black Panthers Bobby Seale and Eldridge Cleaver, (seperately), and folksinger Mary Travers who spoke on " Music and Its Effects on Society " before her December concert. And no section on Student Life would be complete without at least a short mention of the day to day crisis that so engrossed Temple students during the Fall semester. As our most honorable legislators dawdled their time away in Harrisburg, Temple, along with the other state-supported schools, Penn State and Pitt included, faced the very real possibility of having to close their doors for lack of funding. Because it had already borrowed from the banks against money that was supposed to be coming from Harrisburg, Temple was, at one point, paying almost $5,000 a day in interest alone. After a delay of almost two months the money was finally voted to the schools and Temple was again ab le to open its doors for the Spring semester, but there is still left in our collective mouths a bad taste when we think of those tens of thousands of dollars needlessly wasted during those long weeks of indecision .... All in all, then it was a good year for some of us and a bad year for others. For most though, it was probably just so-so. A typical year. But that, my friends, is what is known as the " Tem- ple Experience. " :57AI iiiiiiii iji ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ARDWICK 66 67 Ihafr f m I ,i.J U J.1 11 M M rf I The Funk and Wagnall ' s Standard College Dictionary defines the word dormitory as, " (a) large room with sleeping accommodations for many persons, " and, " (a) building providing sleeping accom- modations, especially at a school, college, or resort. " Granted, this is an adequate enough description, but it ' s still pretty dry stuff. Ob- viously, Messrs. Funk and Wagnall themselves never spent any time living in an actual dormitory, and if they did, you can be sure it wasn ' t in any of Temple ' s residence halls. Now, if there existed a book entitled the Templar Yearbook Dic- tionary of the English Language, the word dormitory would carry with it a definition something like this: " An arrangement in which the maximum number of students are forced to live in the minimum amount of space with the least degree of privacy and the lowest quality of food. " In order to survive in the residence halls here at Temple, a student must literally develop a series of talents which he or she might never have dreamed could possibly be mastered. These talents include: lear- ning to study while one neighbor is blasting Earth, Wind, and Fire at maximum volumn orY his 60 watts per channel stereo, and the other is giving a party to which half the football team has been invited. Other talents needed to survive include the ability to eat, chew, and swallow food without tasting it, and taking showers without getting wet, for those special winter mornings when hot water is scarce. But of course, as with most things, there is a bad side to balance out the good side of the dormitories. For example, constantly having to show one ' s I.D. to the guard at the front door does get a bit annexing, despite the necessity of this safety precaution. And after only a short while of living in the halls, it begins to seem as if 2 3 of one ' s waking hours are spent waiting for elevators. So in other words, the dorms aren ' t just a long and unending series of good times. But although there are some aspects of residence hall living that may at first seem disagreeable, it really isn ' t as bad as some mav be led to believe. And at least it ' s better than commuting .... ' iPK ' JKg 71 ill 72 1 1 L W H B k- M ' i ■B l ■ r r- I f 7 ■ J 74 75 76 V " ;, f vT % 4i ¥ n .■ ' .• - .■ ( 4 ■ ■, -t - ? t ' : . I i i i J m$wx ' w V 1. • Afti 1 « J ' f Uf ' ' T ;,A Wm 1 « .i v_ -z " v ♦■ ' . « ' . P " W ' - ijc yS 1 JRte ' ' ' r (| B i . H B ' . BPI 3 J iM i V P H-i t7! t 1 1 1 jS T atA H k ... ,:.;l H HHi V ' St vflB H , Ai MBMiHI ■ffi Br fc 1 ! i » 1 Fr U yrrn, 82 83 f( r l I I ' m ' t i»ntW " i- W-f-, ■■£ ' ■■■- ' ■ - fjf- I ' M 88 89 m. n in 90 I» I . ll a t (. 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Kim MacNamara BS David MacRorie BA Andrea Maddrid BA 125 Susan Magner BS Walter Maguire BA Karen Magyar BA Joseph Maher BA Lisa Mahoney BS Kathleen Malone BS Joe Maloney BA Julia Mansfield BA David Mapp BA Susan Marcantonio BS Ann Marcagevicius BA Joy Margolis BS 0 V Karen Marks BS Ruth E. Marks BA Michael Marrone BA 126 II Irisaida Martinez BA Steven Marsh BS Judith Massi BS Jaquelyn Massott BA Lois Master BA Angelo Mattie BA Paul Mattingly BS Robert Mattleman BA Regan Matus BA Angelo Mauri BA Ofelia Maury BS Henrv Lee Mav BS F9 ' (f i % ' ! Scott Mayer BA Diane Maza BA Cheri Mazur BA 127 Daniel McCormick BA Michael McCollough BS William McDaniel BS Joseph McDermott BA Dominic McDowell BS Mildred McGriff BS Marian E. McGorry BS Kevin McHugh BS Cathleen Mclnerney BA .•4 1 W W m m Joseph Mazur BA Christine McCarthy BA Raymond McClure BA : - V 1 in Charles Mcintosh BA Sharon McKay BS Barbara McLean BS Meg McPeak BA Clarice Meade BS Elizabeth Meanev BA C Brenda Mears BS Tom Mere BA Robert Meinhold BA I Michael Menta BS Helen Merichko BA Catherine Mertens BA Barry Mescolotto BA Abraham Meth BA Mindv Mevers BS Adelia Middleton BA Joan Middleton BS Debra Mikell BA k L 129 Fran Miles BS Josie Miller BS Edmond Minardi BS Stephani Minniti BS Wendy Mirkin BA Jeffrey Mitchell BA Johnetta C. Mitchell BS Ron Molotsky BA Steve Mondros BA Gloria Monek BS Louis Montanaro BA Joseph Montone BA w Joyce Moore BS Lorrie Moore BA Marv Moore BA 130 Annie Morley BS John Morrison BA Cvnthia Morrow BA ,L t I Diahann Mosley BS David Moss BA Jeanne Moss BA Sieve Mostovyk BA Barbara Moultrie BS John B. Moultrie BS Adrienne May BA Dorothy Moy James Mov BA Theodore Moy BS Patricia Mundy BA David Mueller BA 131 Bernard Mulholland BS Sean Mullen BS Deborah Muller BA Emilio Munez BA Elaine Mungrin BS Janet Murgia BA ■py Mindy Myers BA Robert Myers BA Bohdam Mykijewycz BS I John LaForce BS Thei-Hen Lai BS Deborah Landers BA Tangerine Lauver BS Margaret Lawrence BA Maggie Lawrence BS s 132 i Rcniga Goodwin Lee BA Susan Lees BA Cheryl Leider BS Marcia Dee Leimberg BS John Leiltneyer BS Irasema Lejarza BA Rita Lerario BA Jacqueline Lerner BA Marcia Leventon BA Linda Levin BS Ruth Levin BA David Levinson BA Lauranne Levy BS Sherry Leyvin BS Grace Lewis BS 133 Kathy Lewis BS Robert E. Lewis BA Manuel Lezcano BA Maryanne Liberati BA Alan Lichtenstein BS Ronald Lichtman BA John Liebel BA Mark Limanni BA Gilbert Limeberger Irene Linck. BA Paillette Linely BA Paul Link BA -i J !?i |W f Loretta Lipan BS Joseph Liperi BS Pauline Lipschultz BA 134 Bonnie Lipton BS Arleen Lilman BA George Lillel BA Erica Little BS Frank Lizzi BA Cheryl Ann Lloyd BA r iki. Marcus Locust BS Valeri Loev BS Elizabeth Lolii BS William Longo BA Theresa Longshore BS Edmond Losco BS Bernice Louden BS Ellen Loverdi BS Claire Lozowick BA .«■•.»..: 135 Lois Luciani BA Chak Sum Lui BA Eileen Luk BA Margo Lunkin Paul Lustiger BA Valerie Luzi BA Marianne Lynch BA James Lynn BS Marcia Lyons MS Mohan Kabadi BS Joseph Kaho BA Kathy Kangas BA Hanson Kannie BS Gary Kantor BS Lynn Kaplan BS 136 I Robert Kaplan BA Mark Karney BA Arline Axelrod Katz BS Barbara Gail Katz BA Mareau Kazan BA Karen Kearney BS Marianne Keenan BA Sandra Kellar BA Sahron Kelley BS William Kelley BS Christopher Kennedy BA Edward Keyser BS Joy Tan Sock Kheng BS Terri Kilroy BA Kevin King BS 137 Debra Kitchen BA David Klein BA Victoria Komarnicki BA Jean S. Konowalczyk B.A. « " ii? % .-»■ - m i i . ' i IT L J 1 w 1 W ' lM Paul Kingsy BS Warren Kirchbaum BA Debra Kister BS Michael Klein BA Jeffrey Kleinbart BA Joyce Peitzman Klemic BS Linda M. Klinger BA Edward Kordalski BA Alan Korn BS Eric C. Korn BA Zenon Kos BS 138 Sam Kossoff BS Ashok Kothari BS Tara Kowalczvn BA lein B, Sharon Kozlow BS Sue Kramen BS Harvey Kramer BA Suzanne B. Kramer BS Anne Kress BS Roehelle Kuby BS Michael Jack BS Joanne Kuczewski BS Manuell Kushner BA Cleonia Jackson BS John Jackson BA Therest Jackson BA 139 Mondy Jacobson BS Barry Jaffe BS Gary Jaffe BA y a 1 j ui . Pi Lj nf ' T..,..,l: Toby Jaffe BS Harold James BA Richard James BS Carolyn Jarmon BS John Jedwabney BA Carmen Jengo BS Cynthia Jenkins BS Mary Jenkins BS Tina Jenkins BS David Johnson BS James Johnson BA Lougenia Johnson BS I 140 Moses Johnson BA Trideena Johnson BS Yvonne Johnson BS Sharon Jonas BA Arthur Jones BA Denis Jones BS Janet Jones BS Regina Jones BS Trudv Jones BS Gari Julius BA William Junod BS Lorraine lanello BA Deborah lavarone BA Adegbola Ige BA Cordelia Ingram BA 141 Vince lanota BS Peggy Issel BA David Haas BA Joseph Hannigan BA Anthony Hanson BA Susan Harding BA Dorita Hager BS Azeb Hailu BA Jacqueline Hamilton BS ] David Hardy BS Marlene Hardy BS David Hargan BA Sindy Hark BS Betty Harmon BS Betty Harper BA 142 Evelyn Harris BS Juanita Harris BS Lorraine Harris BA Olivia Harris BA Cynthia Harvey BA Carol Haskins BA K M L—ii K HHI J ' 4 Clarence Hayward BA Lester Haywood BA Christopher Hawkins BS Kenneth Hazelett BS Janie Heard BA Margaret Heinemann BS Bonnie Henderson BA Mary Ellen Henderson BS Krista Hengst BA 143 Beverly Henry BS Mary Henry BA Judith Hepp BA Marci Herring BS Maureen Hickey BA Harry Higgins BA idlKiiii ( i Edward Hill BA Debra Himmelstein BS Patti Hinderliter BS Paul Hinderhoffer BS Calvin Hodgdon BA Frank Hoffman BA v,l««? T Neil Hollander BS David Holloway BS Walter Hopewell BA 144 Leslie Hopkins BS Robin Hornstein BS Philip Horowitz BS ri mi Daniel Horsey BA Eileen Hosgood BS Norma Hosier BA Robert Howey BA Michael Hryshchyshyn BA Mei-Feng Hsu BS Kathleen Houck BS Thelma H. Houck BS Ronna Houston BA William Houston BA J. Craig Howe BA Theda Hovd BS 145 Joanne Hull BA Jennifer Hunt BS Randy Hupka BA Dorene Hurt BA Michael Hyman BA Andrew Hynson BS Charles Gale BA Joseph A. Galie BA Vickie E. Galla BS Clare Gallagher BA Vincent Gallo BA James Gapsis BA Fabio Garcia BS Joseph Gardiner BS Thomas Gargulio BA 146 Thomas Gary BS Theodore Gasiorowski BS Giisztav Gasper BA I Hattie Gates BS Lawrence Geary BA Tana Gehert BA Judith Gerben BS Stephen Gershberg BA Patricia Gerstle BS Marie Gileno BS Richard Gilmore BA Rosemarie Ginkewicz BS Frank Giunta BS Deborah Givens BS Joy Glass BS ? t 147 Martin Glatz BA Gail Gaisin Glickman BA Julie Gold BA David Goldberg BA Molly Goldberg BS Robin Cara Goldberg BA Beverly Golden BA Ralph Golden BS Barry Goldman BS Lorraine Goldsborough BS Judith Goldschmidt BA Cliff Goldstein BA y l Ferdons Golsorkhi BS Harriet Gomon BA Channie Goodman BA ,1 148 James Goodwin BA Joseph Gorbsky BA Patrick Gore BA Kenneth Graham BS Sanlissa Graham BS Jeanette Grant BA L f Daniel Grauman BA Lydia Gray BS Susan Greely BS Abbie Green BA Howard Green BA Richard Green BA $ ' Roger Green BA Brian Greenberg BA Denise Greenberg BA 149 Philip Greenberg BA Randi Greenberg BS Belinda Greenspan BS Scott Greisler BA Gerald Gribling BA Louis Grisoglio BA Carl Gross BA Catherine J. Gross BA Arthur Grossman BS , Robert Grotz BA Charles Groves BA Allen Gruber BA Niel Guberman BS Dorris Guyton BS Michael Fadelsak BS 150 Henry Farcus BA Rosemary Farley BS Janet Farrell BA ; I Dominic Fedele BS Grace Fee BA Murray Fein BA " rrn : i vt , i William Falone BA Theresa Fanlacone BA Aflab Faqir BA Pamela Faulkner BA Robert Faunce BA Joan Favuzzi BA Lance Feldman BS Robin Feltoon BS John Fenningham 151 Lisa Ferrara BA Robert Field BA Mark Fields BA Sandra Anne Fields BS David Figenshu BA Verna Fillis BA John Finnegan BA Jon Fisher BA Martina Fineman BA Bonny Finkelstein BA Barbara Finn BA I Maria Fisher BS Michael B. Fisher BS Helene Fishman BA 152 Allan KIciscliker Edward Fleiss BS Jim Fliiis BA Philip W. Flood BA Lloyd Flores BA Larry Flovd BA Marilyn Ford BA John Fortson BA Niel Fow BA Rhonda Fowler BS Elaine Foy BS Angela Frachetti BA La Java Francis BS Mary Freal BS Jean-Marie Frederick BA 153 Kevin Free BA Sandy Freedman BA Linda Freeman BA Charles Friedenberg BS Alan Friedlender BA Lynn Friedman BS il y Cindy Frock BA Suzanne Frommer BS Rose Fuchs BS Patricia V. Funaro BA Ronald Eaves BA William Edelman BA Marion Eiland BS Siona Eilender BA Gerard Einhaus BA 154 Chervl Eiss BA Albert El let BA Barbara Elliot BA Carl Ellis BA Mvra G. Ellis BA Lee Eslinger BA Sandra Eubanks BA Kenya Evans BA Francine Everett BS Charles Dakin BS Daniel Daly BS Duane Daley BA Doris Daniels BA f Sl fi ' Stephen Escher BS Virginia D ' Ambrosia BA 155 Mark Daroff BA Kevin Davis BA Theresa Deans BS IR» ■ Pl n , _sk Lilly Dege BA Rafael De Leon BA Patricia Delmar BA David Del Negro BS Paul De Mara BA Lawrence Diamond BA James Di Die BA Ron Di Nofa BA Donald Dinsmore BS Helen Dixon BA Rich Ha Do BS Joseph Domanico BS 156 »► ' Kalliy Donahue BA Phyllis Donahue BA Lynn Carey Douglass BS Janet Dozier BS Caryn Dresnin BS Susan Drozdowski BS Jackson Dudley BS Necline M. Dudley BS Janice Callaghan BS Fay Campanella BA John Cameron BA Delores Capers BS Ralph G. Caprio III BA Frank Carano BA Rosa Carballo BA 157 Charles Carlin BA Donna Carter BS Josephine Carter BA t V 1: i I Isabel Caruso BS Ralph Catalano BA Ruth Caudrado BA Andrea Cavallo BA Molly Cawan BA Joseph Cerone BA Anthony Chamberlain BA Helen Chapman BS Cherie Charlock BS V Rita Charlock BS 1 Margaret Chatman BS Arlyn Childs BS n t ■ 158 Thomas Cipressi BS Anthony Ciriglo BA Joe Ciurlino BA John Clark BA Barbara Cloyd BA Jean Cochrane BA Audrey Cohen BA Debbie Cohen BA Lori Cohen BS Nina Cohen BS Robert A. Cohen BA Louis Colagreco BA Ronald Collis BS Ruthie Conner BS Diane Connor BS 159 k V Stephanie Conquest BA Brian Conway BA Adrienne Cook BA Denise Corimer BA Gerard Costello BA Dale Elizabeth Cottman BS T- 1 ' Vl Margaret Cotton BS Barbara Council BS Michael Coyle BA Lee Crews BA Angela Crimi BS Cynthia Crocker BS »5! m Estelle Crossley BA Charles Crusemire BA Philip Curran BS 160 Dorothy Czudak BA Yvonne Bach BA Chris Bachler BA Phyllis Bagley BS Jamie Bagnell BS Luanne Bair BS Angela Baker BA Carol Baker BA Paula Baker BS m Shahram Banayan BS Lynne E. Banker BS A. Victor Banks BA Linda J. Banks BS Renate Banks BA Renata W. Baras BA 161 Marie Ann Barbetta BS Boris C. Barcliff BA Marie Barich BA Gary Baron BS Sandra Baron BS Karen Barr BA Barry Barron BA Robert Barth BS Mary Ann Bass BS L Karen Batterman BS Rochelle Batties BS Steven Battilana BA 1 Est 1 H i I 1 I : Ai. ...-.- Am Gail Baumann BA Bradsford Beadle BA Robin Becker BS 162 William Becker BA Nathaniel Beckham BS Christine Bede BS ,1 Peter Bertolno BA Yolanda Best BS Linda Betlejeski BA r i i Nancy Bekofske BA Steven Belchatowski BA Louis Bellman BA Debra Benjamin BA Theresa Bennett BA Kimberle Bennington Ellyn Berger BS Liz Anne Berko BS Lisa Berry BA 163 Theresa Birch BA Lameter Bivins BA Edward Blasko BS Joe Blaszcyk BA Steven Blawsky BA Jack Bleiman BS Marsha Bloch BA Robin Ann Block BS Anita Bloom BA Antonette Bomentre BS Moheen Bonakdarpour BA Terri Bonzhuf BA Carol Boonin BS Gary Boyer BA Richard Boynes BS 164 I James Brady BA Maria Branche BS Joel Braverman BA Roberta Brainerd BA Stan Brecher BA Mary Ellen Breen BA Sunny Breenberg BS Gerard Brennan BA Donald Brennen BA Linda Breyan BA Spencer Broad BA Donna Bromberg BA Amos Bronner BA Stephen D. Broomfield BS Frederick Brown BA 165 Jeffrey Brown BS John Brown BS Juanita Brown BS Nancy Brown BS Thomas Brown BS Gary Browndorf BS Debra Brownfain BS Susan Brucker BS Mark Brunken BA Joyce Brunson BS Iris Brutmann BA Robert Bryan BA K Deborah Bryant BS Jackie Bryant BA Sandra Buchbaum BA 166 Nancy Bucher BA Belinda Buras BS Tom Brnakis BS Rosalyn Burton BS Wesley Burton BA Richard Buser BS Donald Busky BA Frank Butera BA Audrey Butler BS Eva Butler BS Stephen Butler BA Robert Butryn BS M - li Patrick Bygott BA Renee M. Bynum BA Benjamin Abalos BA 167 Gene Accetta BS Helen Adams BS Ellen Adier BS II Richard Agard BA Mushtaq Ahmad Ph.D. Venetta Aladethun BA Mike Albrecht BS Judith Kaslow Albright BA Janis Albuck BA Claire Alessandroni BA I. Alexander BA Celestine Allen BA V ' ff I I Michael Allen BA Jametta Alston BS Jennie L. Amato BS 168 Doris Anderson BS Harry Anderson BA Sandra Andrews BS Diane Armstrong BS Constance Arthur BA Jeannette Aquilone BA ■ 1 Veronica Andrews BA Oksana Andrijwskyj BA Mark Antonis BA Thomas Aquilone BA Donald Avort BA 169 conQFiQcirji- catfoos I I H HiiPiB TEMPLAR :J ?8 FIRST ROW: John Skillan, Maryanne Maloney SECOND ROW: Ailleen Greenberg, Lee Farber 172 K 78 " FIRST ROW: Maryann Lubarski, Rich Marini, Susan Kraus SECOND ROW: R.C. Beyer, Lori Cagaje vski 173 WRTI €:vlec«s dWHfl I - , ■ lews t xonrinues at _;ol- Temple University is proud to call WRTI its own. Broadcasting at 5000 watts, WRTI has the distinction of being the only jazz station in the Philadelphia area. The eighty plus students that work at the 29 year old station work not only on the air with news, sports, and music, but behind the scenes writing and setting up daily programs. Their jazz programming and thorough coverage of news and sports events has made WRTI one of the top-rated FM radio stations in Philadelphia. 174 175 1 The Temple University News, published four times a week during the regular school vear and twice-weekly during the summer, is the university ' s primary medium of communication. Although budgeted by the university, the News is an independent student voice, with no content controls other than those imposed by the student editors themselves. More than just a student activity, the News is an invaluable training ground for all students — not only journalism majors — interested in communications. Students plan, write, edit and typeset each edition according to deadlines and standards that exist in any professional publishing organization. With a circulation of 11,000, the newspaper reaches Temple ' s four cam- puses — Broad and Montgomery, Ambler, TUCC and Tyler. But the News ' scope can hardly be termed provincial. It reports on city, state and national affairs that affect the university and its community. The paper also goes beyond straight news events to analyze and investigate impor- tant issues. Last year, its investigation of unhealthy and hazardous conditions at Temple Hospital prompted attention from other city media as well as from state and national health agencies. Its investigations of flaws in Temple ' s security system and student judicial svstem caused administrative and faculty committees to study and correct the problems detailed in the News. The paper also maintains separate sports and entertainment departments to balance its news content. The News offers compreh ensive coverage of all Temple athletics and ' regularly reviews plays, movies and concerts, both on and off the cam- -Rich Leiby 178 Mark Whittaker Barrv Rosenblatt 179 Tom Walsh Sid Kirchheimer 180 Bob Kapler Dave Cauldwfll L-A 182 I „i , Above SteN e ol Below Greg Hamilton Joel Zeiger f 183 OUR BIG FIVE Ricky Reed Marty Stahurski Sports Illustrated " Player of the Week " February 27, 1978 Coj Coi Yea 166 of Coach Don Casey East Coast Conference ' ' Coach of the Year " and Tim Claxton Wah Montford Bruce Harold 187 2 188 PUnlHMi TUMFWIS D=DD pcmo 2 TWNRlfTT CDDD NIGHT DR I UE 5RFELY 1977-78 TEAM ROSTER 4 Keith Parhatn 10 Neal Robinson 11 Brent Tillman 21 Ricky Reed 22 Tim Claxton 23 Tom Reynolds 24 Chuck Wiley 30 Bruce Harrold 31 Cory Highland 33 Ken Rozier 35 Ron Wister 43 Marty Stahurski 44 Walt Montford DENOTES LETTERMEN 189 h I 190 t 191 1 91 1 ■BW S- ' m. BASKETBALL TEMPLE 75 Kings 60 90 West Chester 79 84 Assumption 66 63 Dayton 52 80 Dickinson 56 80 Biscayne 58 69 Manhattan 59 95 Buffalo 66 55 Virginia 66 74 Auburn 73 80 Bucknell 69 81 Pittsburgh 74 81 Villanova 73 68 Navy 59 66 Syracuse 91 75 LaSalle 82 89 Hofstra 83 88 Drexel 70 74 Penn State 64 72 St. Joseph ' s 65 85 Rider 66 75 St. John ' s 65 72 American U. 67 71 Pennsylvania 56 81 St. Francis 67 99 American U. 80 71 Lafayette 70 72 LaSalle 73 58 NIT at Texas 72 I ' V Sillinp Caplaii Cliufk Madisi Easl Coast Conference Playoffs 192 ; , «« -« : »» !f . ■» ■« ' Sitting (left to right): Tim Claxton, Keith Parham, Co-Captain Marty Stahurski, Head Coach Don Casey Co- Captain Ricky Reed, Tom Reynolds and Ken Rosier. Standing (left to right): Head Manager INeil Bress, Joe Billings, Chuck Wiley, Neal Robinson, Ron Wister, Walt Montford, Cory Highland, Bruce Harold and Manager Rick Madison. 193 OWLS GOT EVEN I f 5 194 1977-78 was, shall we say, an . . . in- teresting season for the Temple University football team — both on and off the field. As a matter of fact, their final record, 5-5-1 (better than many expected, and not quite as good as others had hoped), was the only thing mediocre about the team. Season highlights included a 42-0 win over Drake University during which the Owls amassed a total of 477 offen- sive yards, breaking a 50-year-old record. Low points included the Bicenten- nial 76-0 defeat at the hands of the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. The Mirage Bowl, played in Tokoyo Japan was also a disappointment as the Owls lost to Grambling College in the last minutes of the fourth quarter. The team also kept itself in the public spotlight with it ' s off-the-field activities. First, Quarterback Terry Gregory publicly walked off the team after being demoted to third string. Next, Coach Wayne Hardin came un- der attack from the Temple Universi- ty News for his decision to permit defensive tackle Colin McCarty to play on the squad after being con- victed by the UDC of attacking a member of the Alpha Chi Rho frater- nity in December of 1976. The News, in a scathing editorial from it ' s Oc- tober 25th issue, labeled his decision " a castration of justice, " and called for all Temple students to boycott Owl games until McCarty was remov- ed from the squad. As the team was averaging only a bit more than 4,000 people per game at the time, this re- quest may have seemed a little silly to some .... And then there was the whole ques- tion of whether or not Temple could — or should — even support a " big time football program. " Expected to lose between three and four hundred dollars a year, the program was scrutinized even more carefully this year by both students and faculty as Temple ' s financial situation became increasingly more tenuous. But, as always seems to happen, the program — and the football team — somehow withstood the pressure and made it through yet another year. Interesting season . . . interesting. 195 1977 FOOTBALL RECORD TEMPLE 20 Southern Illinois 24 42 Drake Pittsburgh 76 6 Delaware 3 16 West Virginia 38 27 Southwestern Louisiana 20 17 Cincinnati 17 24 Rutgers 14 7 Penn State 44 38 Villanova 15 32 Grambling 35 VVN 196 I P wu uuu«u«ia«»w «HS 197 I I 198 1977-78 TEAM ROSTER a 7 Rnh Biik.r. ( 11 Tink Muriihy. (, ll 10 Tony HonitalihiiN. yl 11 Joe KoHuli, S " 12 Briiin Hriximrll. QH •IS PotCor.y.yB 14 Bill Wuyluvili ' h.r •15 ' IVrry (irfpory. ( B Ih Jim (;yli ' . I)B •17 Wrs S irnii ky. K •18 Casev Murphy. P 19 Mikr Duffy, l)B 20 George Beni on, RB •21 Boh Sulla. I)B 22 Lou Bozzelli. I)B 23 (ihurleH f orrigun, ' R 24 Chris Forniriari, 1)B 24 JoeShemur. RB •25 Anthony Andernon. RI 26 Dan Allen. DB 27 Gary Byrd. DB 28 Zarhury Dixon. RR 29 BillPoielli.RB •30 MarkBriKhl.RB 31 Charlie Williamx.DR 32 MallMrArdle. DB 32 Bonald Walker. RB •33 W iley Pills. RR 33 Sam Shaffer. DB •34 Rioh MeCoy.DB 35 Mikel.inahan.RB •36 Tonv Siminitus. DB •37 Mike Hoher. Fl. 38 John Belli. DB 39 Larry Longo, SE 40 John Bohack, DB 41 Cliff Dai.ey. RB •42 Duke Joyner. FL 43 Brent Hardensline. DR 44 Robert Keels. DB 45 Gerald Lueear. WR •46 Chuck Gill. DB 47 Tom Gallagher. LB 48 Roherl Stark, DB 48 Jim Lauhaeh. DE 49 Mike Fuoro. LB 50 Ken Fisher. C 52 MikeStranahan, LB 53 Kevin O ' Donahue, DE •54 MikeCurrio.LB 54 Don Peters. C •55 Sam Sakoeius. DE 56 Dave DeBeok. LB •57 Tom Modafferi. LB 57 John Gallagher. OL •58 Frank MeCarlhy. DE •59 DougSamsel. C •60 Joe Nedley. C 60 Ken Streieh. LB 61 Bill Olson. OG 61 James ( urran. OL 62 Brett Egan. LB 62 Joe Marzarella. OL 63 Barry Collins, C 55 Chris Stinger, OG •66 Bruce Gordon, LB 66 Ross Mongiardo, OL 67 BobHeffner.OG 67 Robert Taylor, LB 68 Filz Benson, OT 69 PaulBlom,OT 70 Doug Hayes. OT 71 Rich Garza. OG 72 Jack Searfoss. OT 73 Don Garden. OL •74 Jim Masker. OG •75 Bob Verrelle. DT 76 PhilProhaska.OT 77 Ted Bosnjak, OT 78 Phil Canelos, OT •79 Bob Brewer, OG 79 Tom Smith, DL •80 JimCoyle.DE 81 Roosevelt Walker, WR •82 Joe Dugan, TE 83 Steve Goldberg, SE •84 Steve W alson, SE •85 Curt Parvin, TE 86 Anthony Millhouse, FL 87 Dave Carroll. DL 88 Dre» W esnak. TE 89 Tony Madden. TE 90 Tom Borgese. DL 91 Rich Decker. DT 92 Ed Blake. MG 93 Ron Gilliam. MG 94 Colin MoCarly, MG •95 Selh Demberg. MG 96 Terrv Markin. DL 97 Mike Kessler. DL 98 Elliott Artis, MG 99 John Sauerzopf. DT • DENOTES LETTERMEN 199 WRESTLING TEAM ! I, 200 WRESTLING TEMPLE l8t Coast Guard Invitational 36 Glassboro 6 7th Look Haven Tournament 20 Oklahoma 22 20 Pittsburgh 21 27 Bucknell 13 29 Swarthmore 12 36 Drexel 6 37 Pennsylvania 11 18 Hofstra 17 40 Columbia 4 27 Rutgers 14 14 Syracuse 21 38 West Chester 5 32 Franklin Marshall 17 6th EIWA Championships I ii A B S][jP = k 9 I r 201 ' ' iim ' «ti ] m- im»m:i - i f i Fror Bad Ton ' -d " ' ;- . 202 K u — ;i. i Front row (left to right): John Akins, Steve Palis, Mitch Vance, Steve Lawrence, Butch Camphell and Dan Greco. Back row (left to right): Assistant Coach Vic Marcucci, Joe Russo, Tony Mantella, Carmel Morina, Duane Daly, Tony Ferrante, Jack Coughlin, Paul Morina and Head Coach Jerry Villecco. 203 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Basketball Roster Susan Carey Sheree Davis Mary Decker Pam Derderian Denise Glenn Sandy Jackson Yvonne Jones (MVP) Karen Kimbrough Joan Kling Faye Lawrence Lea Melamed Judy Sherwin Elfreada Smith 204 BASKETBALL TEMPLE 40 University of Pittsburgh 77 61 East Slroudsburg 58 54 Pittsburgh 64 86 Lafayette 69 53 University of Delaware 81 40 Cheyney State 83 66 Villanova 76 88 University of Pennsylvania 66 64 Lincoln (junior varsity) 48 86 Holy Family 24 50 Lehigh 36 79 LaSalle 93 94 Kutztown 68 72 Ursinus 42 102 Glassboro State 75 69 West Chester State 90 58 Trenton State 71 70 East Slroudsburg State 72 73 Kean 83 63 St. Joseph ' s 102 205 206 207 1978 VARSITY BASEBALL ROSTER Beck, Jim Bona, John Denip9ey, Pete DeRafelo, Rich Doherty, Mike Duffy, Mike Enoch, Gary Fil9on, Pete Fulwider, Dave Garofalo, Joe Genuardi, Jim Hallman, Jay Henderson, Mike John9on, Rod Kepple, Doug Lavery, Dave Laverty, Dave Lougheed, Boob Merkle, Wayne Mignogna, Art Myers, Dave Neggebrugge, Paul O ' Neill, Shawn Robinson, John Schiavo, Brian Slick, Dan Simmons, Tim Swilley, Jim Welsh, Matt DENOTES LETTERMEN 208 209 SOFTBALL ROSTER Terry Brookshaw Susan Brown Cindy Cohen Sheree Davis IVIary Decker Vickie George Shirley Hamilton Helen Hiller IVIary Kurek Faye Lawrence Ann Metz Ronni Meyer Kim McClay Karen Samsel Debhie Sanders Denise Schott Jill Sherman Sue Smith Jane Thompson Donna Young Probable Starters 210 I SOFTBALL TEMPLE 1 Trenton State 6 Trenton State 3 21 Penn 7 Penn State 1 1 Penn State 2 7 Ursinus 3 3 Delaware 4 Delaware 1 9 West Chester 5 16 West Chester 3 1 Montclair 5 Glassboro 2 1 East Stroudsburg 1 East Stroudsburg 2 11 LaSalle 9 9 LaSalle Rutgers 3 211 r r CREW ROSTER Name Aitken, Doug Bergmeister, Kurt Bollard, Rick Breen, John Carfrey, Bill Cutler, John Czerpak, Marianne Daley, Tom Dalton, Bill Delaney, Ned Gallagher, Tim Greenling, Boh Horrocks, Russell Jennis, Dave Kappra, Brian Kirchner, Don Landry, Marc Magyar, Karen McGowan, Tom Mulholland, Bernie Murphy, John Schaefer, George Shanley, John Shiles, Keith Wargo, Larry Weintrauh, Joel Williams, John •Denotes Lettermen 212 I 2J3 214 1978 CREW TEAM ROSTER Ailken, Doug Bergmeister, Kurt Bollard, Rick Breen, John Carfrey, Bill Cutler, John Czerpak, Marianne Daley, Tom Dalton, Bill Delaney, Ned Gallagher, Tim Greenling, Boh Horrocks, Russell Jennis, Dave Kappra, Brian Kirchner, Don Landry, Marc Magyar, Karen McGowan, Tom Mulholland, Bernie Murphy, John Schaefer, George Shanley, John Shiles, Keith Wargo, Larry Weintrauh, Joel Williams, John ♦DENOTES LETTERMEN •I 215 i VOLLEYBALL ROSTER Julie Bond Gladys Boone Maureen Connolly Sandra Jackson Peggy Kane Ann IMetz Maureen O ' Callaghan Jeanne Patrick Frances Richardson Helen Seweryn Sue Smith Denise Twiggs Audrey Young I 216 RECORD Tournaments: 14 wins 3 losses Dual Season: 12 wins Glosses Regional Championship: 5 wins 1 loss Third Plaee Finish 217 POETRY IN MOTION ROSTER Dunston, Edith Enderson, Beth Evans, Kenya Fujita, Kinii Johnson, Beth (MVP) Lenyo, Maryanne IVlatteo, Lisa McElhiney, Karen Pierson, Karen Porter, Anne 218 _j •IT ' H ■ 1 m ai| -J! ■ •»3AI ■ 1 219 WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS TEMPLE 106.70 Pittsburgh 132.85 120.70 Springfield 129.40 128.70 Penn State 146.79 129.15 West Chester 124.05 119.50 East Stroudsburg 109.30 Cornell 119.45 129.25 Massachusetts 132.75 126.8 Trenton State 119.5 121.6 Bryn Mawr 56.45 121.6 Penn 87.1 EAIAW Championships 7th place finish TSZ " ' lilB I WftlUlBIHl ■U.U U J U U ' J u g " " " spS 1 Froi Assi Tra 220 i h Front row (left to right): Head Coach Fred Turoff, Walt Kenney, Skip Zimmer, Joe Passalaqua, Mike Silverstein, Blaine Clothier and Jon Schafer. Middle row (left to right): Manager Melanie Todd, Frank Speeder, Keith Avery, Roh Tagge, Bill Bamher, Bern Francke, Beau Plessner, and Assistant Coach Chris Vasiliou. Back row (left to right): Assistant Coach Mark Cuyjet, Dave Badner, Tom Daley, Kermit Pannell, George Younger, Joey Villarosa and Trainer Tom Freenock. 221 GYMNASTICS TEMPLE 181 West Chester 155.80 199.40 Lon§; Island 73.50 187.30 Pittsburgh 180.45 196.70 Springfield 176.55 196.75 Army 195.65 183.05 Southern Connecticut 210.20 193.60 Navy 189.45 199.00 Syracuse 198.70 178.30 Cornell 164.70 184.50 Massachusetts 186.95 197.05 Penn State 211.95 4th EIGL CHAMPIONSHIPS 222 KODAK SArtTV FILM tOftS 223 B«.2I BOCDKU » » »♦« 4ia % p SWIMMING ROSTER Boyoe, Paul Datko, Brian ♦Driscoll, Mike Hamilton, Craig Kelly, Greg Lewis, Vince Mohancey, Peter Morris, Chuck Quarry, Tom Sulzer, Curt Swinehart, Alan Tocco, Doug Wierick, John ♦DENOTES LETTERMEN ( 224 i SWIMMING TEMPLE 64 Rutgers 61 American Univ 52 Lehigh 61 Rider 38 Ford ham 40 LaSalle 57 Bloomsburg 50 Columbia 68 West Chester 36 Penn State 51 Villanova 39 Drexel 69 Classhoro 43 Syracuse 57 50 61 52 75 73 58 63 25 77 62 73 42 70 225 ! SWIMMING TEMPLE 74 Lehigh 8th Phila. Board of Officials Meet 83 LaSalle 65 Bryn Mawr 83 Widener 68 Penn 112 Immaculata 112 Swarthmore 47 East Stroudsburg 42 Trenton 57 Delaware 54 Drexel 46 West Chester 66 48 53 44 63 39 68 84 71 74 77 85 226 66 SWIMMING ROSTER Bates, Beth Canlwell, Jane Ann Czarnecki, Gail Hahn, Marie Heinzel, Lucy Henry, Carol Hilferty, Patricia LaSala, Paula Mangan, Teresa Mclntyre, Heather McLaughlin, Michele Miller, Gabbi (MVP) Morelli, Anne Mulder, Sue Rose, Debra Russell, Ann »«. .•i-... -»«ej.-«- - . ' -..„iv. 227 Ji 1978 TRACK TEAM ROSTER Armstrong, Marc Baxter, Bob Boyle, Brian Brooker, Kevin Brown, Jeffrey Bryan, Bob Bryant, Mike Butler, Ron Casey, Steve Cranney, Bill Davies, Keith Dixon, Zachary Ferm, Henry Gordon, Guy Grossman, Art Gusst, Jeff Haugen, Einar Horowitz, Dan Hurd, Tom Kaufmann, Jon Kennedy, Jon Kildea, Tom Krum, Brad Mattera, Mark McErlean, Jim Meisel, Gary Miller, Hamp Mitchell, Arthur Moore, Kevin Murphy, Ed Pascall, Roger Pavlikowski, Mike Ploucher, Ray Raetz, Paul Richlin, Bob Rodier, Dennis Saint Clair, Kevin Shields, Charles Thomas, Daves Thomas, Rick Walsh, Joe ♦DENOTES LETTERMEN 229 CROSS-COUNTRY TEMPLE 43 West Chester 18 22 Trenton State 33 42 Lehigh 19 47 Bucknell 16 36 St. Joseph ' s 23 24 American Univ. 34 30 LaSalle 26 35 West Chester 22 31 Drezel 24 28 Seton Hill 27 17 W. Textile 44 230 GOLF TEAM TENNIS TEAM 231 VARSITY Luanne Bair Denise Bianchini Teresa Brookshaw Cheryl Campbell Kathie Daley Eileen DeHope Beverly Grove Mindy Jacobs Kathy Labella CaroISue Liga Teresa Nottle Kathy Powers Carol Sauppe Karen Weaver JR. VARSITY Lisa Chichearo Ruth Fisher Patti Critsko Carol Henry Adrienne Jones Linda Kent Karen Krout Stacy IVIcHugh Wendy Mertz Beth MIkvy Sandra Singleton Lindsey Spear Michele Thrasher Coach: Tina Sloan, Manager Statistician: Debra Holland 232 i FIELD HOCKEY TEMPLE 1 St Joseph West Chester 5 2 Swarthmore 2 Lafayette 3 2 Montclair Ursinus 5 1 Trenton 1 4 LaSalle 1 Princeton 3 Kutztown 1 Rutgers 3 Penn 4 9th Regional Championship 233 i TENNIS ROSTER Bogg8, Mark Bond, Allen Feinstein, Jon Greg;ory, Nick Litterst, Bob Naftulin, Larry Oreamuno, Felipe Osborn, David Rosentzweig, Mike Rolholz, Rami Sebastian, Omar Solomon, Gary Waintrup, Dan Denote8 Leltermen I 234 235 236 TENNIS ROSTER Debbie Chosed Mindy Kanoff Pam Nevaril Carol Peitz Debbie Sanders Elaine Synnestvedt Jeanette Tomeavage JR. VARSITY Barbara Alexander Michelle Barton Kim Cousler Vickie George Wendy Goldenberg Jannine Houpt Mary Jurek Lea Melamed Donna Molinaro Eva Ranieri Judie Wolfe Mary Kay Yost Coach: Miki Debaise Manager: Yvonne Jones ,flii ' !i r ; ' TENNIS TEMPLE VARSITY 5 Beaver 5 Villanova 3 Swarthmore 4 Glassboro 3 5 Bryn Mawr LaSalle West Chester 4 1 5 St. Joseph ' s Trenton East Stroudsburg Widener 2 3 2 5 1 5 4 237 i fummm ' - I II f sfi FENCING VARSITY RECORD: 14 wins 5 losses J. V. RECORD: 11 wins losses 238 Women ' s Fencing FE NCING ROSTER Adams, Joyce Collins, Virginia Cottman, Dale Davis, Harriet Depken, Diane Lawrence, Donna Leun, Maureen (MVP) McCormack, Yasmine Short, Kathy Slater, Helen Syrnick, Maureen Coaches: Nikke Franke — Head Jennette Starks — Asst. Front row (left to right): Barbara Pauer, Dennis Ford, Robert Hendry, Bennie Reyez and Ian Roberts. Back row (left to right): Coach Allen Kelley, David Yao, Marshall Medley, Wayne Knopka, George Scott and Greg Hasyn. 240 u ' - ■ _ fl 241 : ' . i LACROSSE TEMPLE VARSITY 12 Kutztown 3 16 Trenton 3 21 Swarlhmore 3 9 Penn State 11 10 West Chester 14 4 Ursinus 19 13 Lafayette 8 12 Penn 10 18 Montgomery 6 19 Classboro 17 25 Delaware 18 242 LACROSSE Susan Brigham Kathy Daley Barbara Duffey ♦Beverly Grove (MVP) Jannine Houpt Mindy Jacobs Martha Maehl Cindy Mathes Mary Jo McElhiney Teresa Nottle Maureen O ' Callaghan Bernioe Starosla Peggy Wild Barbara Wilson Mary Yakutehik SECOND TEAM Diane Ashton Luanne Bair Patricia Covvhey Eileen DeHope Colleen Edwards Ruth Fischer Wendy Goldenberg Yvonne Jones Stephanie Joyner Jody Levinson Loretta Lipan Stacy McHugh Beatrice Sloan Tammy Slusser Elaine Synnestvedt CO-Captains of each squad Coaches: Tina Sloan-Green, Head Miki DeBaise, Assistant 7 ' l 1 243 NOBODY DOES IT BETTER... 1977-78 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SOCCER TEAM Front row (left to right): Tom Cassidy, Ed Purvis, Nick Maxin, George Lesyw, Bill Talley, Jim Gibson, Gary Skrobiak. Middle row: Mike Gorni, Joe Steffa, Bill Eiding, Steve Reice, George Schwartz. Jack Dietz. Back row: Head Coach John Boles, Jack Whitehead, Mark Thomas, Kevin Fulmer, Carl Garlitos, Bill Sautter, Jack Kraft, Greg Young, Scott Land, Manager Cecil Chiwanga, Asst. Coach Bob Hunter. f .-J :.— Hr 1®-4 ' : V9 ' « ■|; V.- ' M ■ ' ■ WL Il 246 SOCCER Pete Leaness Invitational Tournament — Champion East Stroudsburg (L: 0-2) West Chester (W: 5-1 ) Rider (L: 0-4) Pittsburgh (W: 3-1) Villanova(W: 4-0) Hofstra(W:7-l) LaSalle(W:2.1) AmerieanU. (L:0-1 OT) Trenton State (W: 1-0 OT) Drexel(W:6-l) St. Joseph ' s (W: 4-1) Penn State (L: 0-5) Rutgers (W: 9-4) ♦American U. (L: 0-1) James Madison (W: 5-1) Rider (W: 1-0 40T) East Coast Conference Easter Section playoff ECAC Soccer Championships, Southern Division (winner) 247 BOWLING TEMPLE 24 Montgomery County 2 14 Shippensburg 12 13 Maryland 13 23 Montgomery County (MD) 3 17 Maryland 9 17 East Stroudsburg 9 21.5 Shippensburg 4.5 14 Penn State 12 22 Drexel 4 21 Bloomsburg 5 26 Drexel 10 Penn State 16 21 Bloomsburg 5 12 East Stroudsburg 14 " Temple won the EPMIBC title 248 2 12 13 3 9 9 4,5 12 4 5 ROSTER Lori Chenkin Cindy Cohen (Capt.) Barbara Council Rosalind Jones Linda Kopfinger Beth Mostovoy Barbara Munroe (MVP) Sally Roush Coach: Jayne Attanasio 249 TE ROSTER Wendy Goldenberg Rollin Haf fer Helen Hiller Margaret Kane Cathy Meaney Cheryl Normandeau Denise Scholt Karen Weaver Connie Werynski (Men) Kerry Luhin 250 TEMP BADMINTON RECORD LE 4 Penn S Chestnut Hill 2 Georpe asliington 3 3 Hood College 2 5 Albright 3 I rsinus 2 5 Cheyney Stale 5 SwarthiTiore 4 Drexel 1 1 West Chester 4 5 Brooklvn - 251 mMmmMMm A FLEA IN HER EAR 254 " Captivating . . . and a positively scenic triumph, " was how the Temple News described the Fall production of Georges Feydeau ' s " A Flea in Her Ear " in Tomlinson Theater. Jere O ' Donnell, playing dual roles as both Poche, the rubberybodied porter, and the straight-laced and dignified Monsieur Chandebise was superb. Other characters included Janet Morrison as Madame Chandebise, Warren Kelly as Camille, and Brenda Peyser, as the wife of the hotel owner. The laughs came in bunches in this drawing room comedy which was directed by Dugal Mac Arthur and set in the early 20th century. 255 -— saa»j 256 H 258 4 H 259 Once again, Temple ' s Theater Department racked up an impressive list of productions during the 1977-78 season. Among the plays put on by students and faculty was Lillian Hellman ' s " Another Part of the Forest " (Feb. 22-26, March 1-5). Bernice Bronson ' s adaptation of Chaucer ' s " Canterbury Tales " highlighted the Children ' s Theater Spring season, and Dylan Thomas ' beautiful " Under Milk Wood " (Feb. 13-17) was produc- ed by students from the First Year Graduate Acting Program. And Randallab continued to offer produc- tions written and or directed solely by Temple students. i , 260 f -i ;,; ' r ' . fci - AS YOU LIKE IT Oct k I 262 I) Temple ' s Stage Three Theater was the setting for a Fall 1977 production of William Shakespeare ' s " As You Like It. " Among the cast members for this mid- October event were Caryn West and Michael Ray- mond, Warren Kelly and Bruce Miller— all third year Acting Graduate Students. !a ' 263 264 This Property Is Co Aet tv© A 265 t 31 I 7 i 267 Children ' s 1 268 Theatre 269 n n nn n n a •w s 4_ir3is ■ ' . H Wi iiii 272 Top Row (left to right): R.C. Beyer, Maryanne Maloney, John Skillan, Lori Gagajewski Bottom Row (left to right): Lee Farber, Howard Simpson, Susan A. Kraus, Aileen Greenberg Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Managing Editor Student Life Editor Sport Editor Copy Editor Photo Editor Associate Photo Editor Cover Design Contributing Artist Contributing Photographers Susan A. Kraus Aileen Greenberg Maryanne Maloney John Skillan Maryanne Lubarski Richard Marini Lee Farber R.C. Beyer Lori Gagajewski Michelle Goldberg Doug Scott Thad MacNamara Cindi Carniecki Zohrab Kazanjian Stephanie Paulo Charlie Shearer Louis Grisoglio Tony Chamberlain 273 f J ■ ntf 4r " t - flK m t " j ,1 3£ fi yv ' £ OUL TAKCliCHDNCe i ' k " A: t- INV Tf DM " " " - 1 F " lltCUHMmns ' I } y Ofi O -r ' r ' rv rnrtWXM ; -% il it ' m H mPHKr m I H II ■ . [ A 1 Ir . H ' mim:m m m D.J1-C _. 1 fc; 1 J % W i sJ ■ " ■• -%-?5c i: -iT ' i « y ■ . m 1 ' JS vtN 0»% V ■■ ' ■ ■ 11 r m 1 s ' i l Si ■■• l 1 1 i • ' ifti 1 II B 5 1 1 E IKE " tt t , ra i A -m. ;JS Throughout my life, I have always disliked endings, and ending this yearbook— and this year at Temple— is no excep- tion. But end they must, and before they do, I ' d like to thank several people without whom this book would not be in your hands. They are: Lee Farber, for printing all night and still being able to make us laugh; Ben Kulikowski, for working like a regular staffer even though he wasn ' t; Bruce Aarons, for knowing his alphabet; Howard Shapiro, for being our ad- visor and our friend ; Dr. Leroy Carl, President of the University Publications Board, for his moral support and interest; and vice President James Shea, for paying our bills. But most of all, the Templar ' 78 staff would like to thank the students of Temple University, without whom Temple would not exist. A year in your life has passed. I hope that this book will, in the years to come, help you to relive this portion of your life in a pleasant way. ■J U , ' V- :J , . ' -2 Susan A. Kraus Editor-in-Chief, Templar ' 78 L fnter ' collecjicile press, inc. .gicite ? I _

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