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Dedication. . . . . . . . . De na Freita s Martha Ward Graduates ......... Thumb Music...... Sports Highli TABLE OF CONTENTS a nd CARDINAL STAFF Debbie Carvalho Lynn Cuccia nail Sketches .... ................ Ieff Landon Sandy Spooner Loy Gordon Band - Patti Hart Chorus - Dan Gupton Clifford Perez Paul Lowe Debbie Hibdon Dan Coombes Martha Ward Tere sa Cavier Ben Gupton .aounnan ...Q Alan Lowe Dan C oombes ghts ............ ............... Debbie Lacroix Shelly Murray Time Machine ...... Ioan Taylor Mike Carney Debbie Hibdon Martha Ward Dan Coombes Dick Lambert Linda Cardoz a can---an-na-an Nancy Petty Donita Taylor Sandy Spooner Tom Steele Horoscope..... ...... ... ..... ........ Superl Photo Donnella Rainey Sue Hemenway atives..t....... Debbie Larrabee Suzan Edwards Mike Pacheco Pages .......... Raymond Ainger Iohn Spooner Farewell .......... . Val Gleason Ian Landberg Carleen jones Art Work . . . Iudy Stanger Virginia Gollnick Mitchell Millar Martha Morton Da launa Tanner Debbie Carvalho Marla Iones Dena Freitas 4-...'......- Ierry Ladd Skip Sykes Kathy Madsen Michelle Berglund Ieanie Wilson Doreen Otterson Loy Gordon i. Lynn Cuccia Edwina Leonardo De na Freita s Iim Ponciano Dan Coombe s Ieff Landon Dick Lambert Doug Waggoner Bill Weinrich qnnnnoeuoa- Dick Lambert Sandee Farish Kelly Boyd aouuoonuonn Virginia Gollnick Da nny Cooper Barbara Mendel Susan Bond Earl Smith Na ncy Erne st Page 1 2-4 5 6-12 -16 -19 -26 -39 -42 43 44 v w 1 v DEDICATION This year we sincerely dedicate our C a rd i nal to the memory of Mr. MaybertA. "Bert" Brush. Mr. Brush lived in Willows for seventeen years. He was Superintendent of the Willows Union School District from 1951 through 1967 and Assistant Superintendent of the Willows Unified School District during the 1967-1968 school year. Mr. Brush graduated from Humboldt State College in Arcata, California. He was a teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools for thirty-nine years. Each of us encountered Mr. Brush at least once in our school experience. He was a man we all looked up to, respected, and admired. "His life was gentle, and the elements so mix'd in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, This was a man!" - William Shakespeare l. 2? is if W D Nfiilbewgiy EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATE S Ainger, Raymond Amaro, Iohn Bailey, Gene Baker, Brad Barrera, Linda Bartalini, Paulann Belcher, Gary Bell, Phillip Benamati, Debra Berglund, Kenny Billington, Suzanna Bolinger, Frank Boyd, Kelly Burrows, Leora Carney, Mike Cardoza, Linda Carvalho, Debra Carvalho, Iohn Carvalho, Mike Cavier, Teresa Cawthra, Howard Ceccon, Diane Ceccon, Pat Cooper, Danny Conner, Ron Coombes, Dan Cuccia, Lynn Danley, Alan Danley, Melissa Deniz, Paul Dunlap, Scott Edwards, Suzan Ehorn, Ierry Ell, Laurie Ernest, Nancy Parish, Sandee Fox, Robert Pransen, Maureen Freitas, Dena Gallegos, Arthur Gollnick, Virginia Gordon, Loy Goyhe netche , Marce lle 1968 Gupton, Ben Gupton, Dan Hall, Mike Hammons, Iim Hargrove, Stella Harmon, Vicki Hart, Patricia Hemenway, Sue Hibdon, Debra Hill, Rodney Holmesley, Greg Johnson, Pamela Iohnson, Perry Iones, Marla Iones, Tony Iuney, Ronnie Kennedy, Yvonne Klaus, Cynthia Knight, Linda Lacroix, Debra Lacroix, Raymond Lacroix, Richard Ladd, Ierry Lambert, Richard Landon, Jeff Larrabee, Debra Larrabee, Georgia Leonardo, Edwina Llewellyn, Iudy Logue, Fred Lopez, Peter Lowas, Monika Lowe, Alan Lowe, Paul Mallory, Linda McGarr, Marilyn Mitchell, Richard Mitchell, Sue Montz, Wayne Morton, Martha Murray, Shelley Opper, Germaine Otterson, Doreen Pacheco, Mike Paul, Mike Perry, Iohn Perez, Clifford Petty, Nancy Peters, Ernest Pfyl, David Pike, Randy Ponciano, Iim Pool, Steve Popp, Susan Prewitt, Tom Rainey, Donnella Roberts, Connie Rumiano, Iohn Rutledge, Randy Samuels, Charlotte Sellick, Julie Sharpe, Shari Smith, Dianna Smith, Earl Smith, Robert Spooner, Iohn Spooner, Sandra Sta nbrough , Debra Stanger, Iudy Steele, Tom Sykes, Skip Tanner, Dalauna Taylor, Brad Taylor, Donita Taylor, Ioan Valk, Gary Waggoner, Doug Ward, Martha Waters, George Weichers, Gerald Weinrich, William Welborn, Iim Wharton, Bonnie White, Frank Wickman, Dan Wiest, Paul Williams, Daniel Williams, Nathaniel Wilson, Iim y 4 . Winkler, Mark Wright, Randy Na. PN Y 5 rw W. ,A Sv .,., .,.. M, Hmm f SQTIZQENT MB? GFFEQQZRIS 1E?i'3'?'-1125553 Kenley fDff.I'lh8Z1.X'0 Debbie Larrabae: Dara GGCKMYPQEPS Treasurnr Smzretary Vicawilmwidmxt Mi?-me Facskzew ifient 6 il 35321228 E, ilismnliy fipoamr Qzma. E'w:i.i.aa .iluzam EfLiiw,2s.r'fis 'lkfebbim 5j23wval2'2Q Mr. loiner track star neat clothes 10 speed bike tattoos "That's what they all say" Mr. Gannon HAM "get quiet" coffee writing "Have a happy" Mrs . Reifel "Mr. McGillicuddy" shoes "Park" top math Chico classes Mr . Hughes tough ties "hang up" Iohnny Cool Batman Roger Ramjet Mr. Daley "idear" red checks Phys. Ed. Major horn rimmed glasses English rules THUMBNAIL SKETCI-IES Mr. Cutshall A.L.M. tapes "quien sabe" mimeographed papers wine-colored jacket tape recorder Mr. Stuart Four Sketches great director super band good-natured Dixielandc, Mr. Allread pleasingly plump Dixie Doodles Ride of Paul Revere trumpet great glee Mrs. Dages pink slips bookworms fines helpful walking encyclopedia Mrs. Marvel "can it" young people art colony "coin on your palm" Marvelous Mr. Nord blondie tough draft status lA basketball "who? what? when? where? why?" 5. Mr. Lemky sports car swats baby blue eyes anti short dresses "spit out your gum Mrs. Spence "See" typewriter absence slips lunch count freckles Mrs. Waggoner shorty Prisoner of War wide grin re ckle s s driver adviser Mr. Wright cowboy hat laps tournaments "Like I said. ." kids around Miss Freitas red hair fishing Chico chick fangs swinger O J D C 5 , Q LOVVIN' IN TI-IE VVIND BARITONE NTI-FLAT SAXAPHONE OISY BASS CLARINET UI-I! DRUMS RUMMY FLUTE S LWAYS -C-OCFING-OFF-SCUSAPI-IONE OUDER-TI-IAN-NEEDED-TROMB ONES XCELLENT DIRECTOR EVE R-READY-TRUMPE TS ING-A-LING BELLS WKWARD-TENOR-SAXAPHCNE EEDY-CLARINETS IVIINUS 31 f37D I-IOPELESS CASES 7m The Sycamore Elementary Band played twelve engagements during the school year. We first displayed our talents on November 3 , l967, by marching with the high school band at the Willows-Corning football game. Among the selections played were , "Climb Every Mountain" , "Dixieland Parade", and "On Wisconsin". By request our kind, humble ,generous , and altogether great band con- sented to play for our supporters, the P.T.A. This event took place on November 9 , l967, and most of our unlearned songs were played. The December calendar had two fun Christmas events in store for the band. First of all for the kiddies Cyes, we're thinking of you teachersl we had a Christmas parade with Santa Claus to get the season off to a jolly start CHO! HO! HOU Next came the Christmas concert with beautiful carols for everyone . Ianuary and February came with lots of events. To be exact, sixteen fun-filled sessions of practice, practice, practice! As the old saying goes, " Practice Makes Perfect". Only, in our case, an EXCEPTION has been made. " Practice Does NOT Make Perfect". March came roaring in like a lion with two gorgeous concerts by thirty-seven gorgeous people and twelve different gorgeous melodious instruments. One of the fantastic, almost unrealistic, concerts took place in Chico on March 16, 1968, at the Chico Music Festival. You missed it? Too bad. We played some great songs, such as "The Winds of Change" , "Sarabande and March" , and "Four Sketches" . Our other concert was the Glenn County Music Festival held right here in Willows KWOWU . If you had heard the concert, you would have known that it was even better than 8. when we played in Chico. CAnything was better than that.D There were seven different bands from Glenn and Colusa County. First We played a massed-band number, "The Star Spangled Banner" . The last selection was also a massed-band performance of "Born Free". Talk about beautiful! For Lamb Derby in May We played selected songs from Walt Disney themes. Last but not least, We shall play songs of our choice for graduation. We sincerely thank Mr. Stuart for all his help, patience , and efforts in teaching us a little music. BAND OFFICERS PRESIDENT .....o.. .... D ebbie Larrabee VICE PRESIDENT . . . .... Dan Coombes SECRETARY o.oc....,..,.. .. . . Martha Ward TREASURER ........,........0.... Iohn Rumiano STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE. . .Loy Gordon 9 . WHAT'S A PEP BAND FOR? "Oh, hail the mighty Cardinals, Hail the red and white ..... " These familiar words are what you might hear upon arrival at one of the school's sports games. This is none other than the rooting section singing. But where would the rooting section and cheerleaders be without the Pep Band? LOST! That's where. Our great singers would be off-key, the songs would be slow and dragged-out, and the cheerleaders wouldn't have any music for their routines unless Mr. Ioiner and Mr. Hughes played for them on their trumpets Cand We don't Want that, do We?J . Yes , the school needs a Pep Band and this year's has done an outstanding job, thanks to the good help of Mr. Stuart. ickkickickvkicicukiricic OUR DIRECTOR Mr. Stuart, our band director, has helped us considerably this year. He is regarded by many people as an excellent director. But, in our opinion, he is just full of a little humor Kvery littlel , flying batons , and a gum collection. KDARNU Of course , it takes all of these things to make an excellent director, and We are very proud of him. C g f' fi? 10. EIGHTH GRADE BAND PERSONNEL CRUMMY-FLUTES Martha Ward Melissa Danley Yvonne Kennedy REEDY-CLARINETS Debbie Larrabee Linda Cardoza Connie Roberts Deb Stanbrough Virginia Gollnick Iulie Sellick Georgia Larrabee NOI SY-BASS CLARINE T Edwina Leonardo ANTI-FLAT-ALTO SAXAPHONE, Tom Steele AWKWARD-TENOR SAXAPHONE Skip Sykes NEVER-READY TRUMPETS Brad Baker Iohn Rumiano Iim Wilson Patti Hart Doreen Otterson Lynn Cuccia Linda Mallory Jerry Ladd Randy Rutledge Monika Lowas Donnella Rainey Patricia Ceccon Diane Ceccon Howard Cawthra Greg I-Iolmesly Wayne Montz LOUDER-THAN-NEEDED TROMBONES Dan Coombes Robert Fox Ierry Ehorn BLOWIN' -IN-TI-IE -WIND BARITONE Scott Dunlap ALWAYS-GOOFING-OFF SOUSAPHONE Ron Conner DUI-Il DRUMS Loy Gordon Bonnie Wharton Teresa Cavier DING-A-LING BELLS AND TYMPANI Patti Hart ll, X QE Pj 'P :WMM 9 CHORUS This year the seventh and eighth grade chorus participated in a variety of programs throughout the school year. The first performance of the Sycamore Chorus was at half-time during the Willows-Corning high school football game . The chorus sang for the Willows P.ToA, , and during the school Christmas program the chorus presented three selections. The group sang for the Willows Kiwanis Club and in March they traveled to Chico to perform in the Chico Music Festival where they received an "excellent" rating. The chorus sang as part of the Sycamore School program during Public Schools Week and concluded their year's activities by singing at the Willows Spring Music Concert. The chorus would like to thank their accompanists, Karen Greene and Susan Bond, for their assistance . A special debt of gratitude is paid to Mr. Arvel Allread for his effort and patience throughout the year. This year's Sycamore chorus included: Leora Burrows Stella Hargrove Germaine Opper Laurie Ell Vickie Harmon Susan Popp Dena Preitas Sue Mitchell Shari Sharpe Ben Gupton Martha Morton Charlotte Samuels Dan Gupton Ioan Taylor 12. ,:,E' 3545: ' ?iT4 ! if , E f 1, S, SF' 7 A ' : ff ' N ff! af' , Q X X 'N 3. x yi Q i 5 13 ININAIVN , H 'l 1 5 ,f YNY'!'Vr .GQ FOOTBALL The 1967 football season was a victorious one for the Sycamore Cardinals football team Our year of 3 wins and l loss started out with the Cardinals' victory over Elk Creek by the score of 28 to O. During the season we played both Orland and Elk Creek, beating Elk Creek twice and Orland once. This year, Sycamore had a very good and fast working team to represent the school. Our team included: Cliff Perez Alan Lowe Iim Ponciano Paul Lowe Dan Wickman Iohn Perry Ierry Ehorn Paul Deniz Frank White Iay Carvalho Mark Winkler Dick Lambert Dan Coombes Ole Meland Doug Waggoner Iim Fisher Brad Taylor Iohn Spooner Mike Carvalho Randy Rutledge Ben Gupton Mike Pacheco Mike Carney Pete Lopez Loy Gordon David Pfyl Ieff Landon Harlon Sevier Mike Hall Bill Weinrich Mr Wright, our coach and P.E , teacher, contributed a great deal of time work, and skill to the team to lead us to our victories. 14. BASKETBALL The Willows Cardinals had a successful season with a record of 10 wins and 5 losses 3 losses coming in tournament competition. The Cardinals participated in two tournaments in one day, one in Colusa and one in Orland. In each the Cardinals placed third. Later on in the season, the Cardinals' team won a consolation trophy in competition with 12 other teams in the Willows 20-30 Club Tournament. Also the cheerleaders and rooters won a sportsmanship trophy in that tournament. The Cardinals' team won about four of their games in the final minutes of action. ln the three games this season the rivalry between Willows and Orland was continued as Willows squeezed by the Orland Tigers by not more than three points in each game Our coach, Mr. Wright, deserves much credit for his time and dedication to the team. Team Score Team Score Highpoint Man Cardinals Elk Creek 8 Alan Lowe Cardinals Elk Creek 22 Dan Wickman Cardinals Orland 37 I.Ponciano and P Deniz Cardinals Live Oak 20 Iim Ponciano Cardinals Oroville 43 Iay Carvalho Cardinals Williams 24 Paul Lowe Cardinals Anderson 32 Dan Coombes Cardinals Orland 37 Dan Wickman Cardinals Princeton 22 Alan Lowe Cardinals Arbuckle 29 Iim Ponciano Cardinals Princeton 21 Alan Lowe Cardinals Los Molinos 33 Iim Ponciano Cardinals Orland 22 Jim Ponciano Cardinals Corning 29 Iim Ponciano Cardinals Faculty 28 Michael Hughes Members of the 1968 Cardinal basketball team werez Mike Carney Iay Carvalho Dan Coombes Paul Deniz Dick Lambert Ieff Landon Peter Lopez Alan Lowe Paul Lowe Mike Pacheco Managers: Mike Carvalho Mark Winkler Cliff Perez John Perry Iim Ponciano Tom Steele Doug Waggoner Bill Weinrich Dan Wickman I1 Wflf EIGHTH GRADE VALENTINE DANCE The Valentine Dance was held on Friday, February 16, 1968, from 8:00 until 10:30 P.M. , at the Sycamore School Cafeteria. The decorations were put up by the eighth graders on the day of the dance , Chaperones were Mr. and Mrs. Lemky, Mr. and Mrs. Ioiner, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes,Mr. Gannon, and Mrs. Carlson. By drawing numbers from a box, prizes Crecordsl were awarded to Ioan Taylor, Paul Wiest, and Lynn Cuccia 0 After these prizes were given, there were drawings for King and Queen. This yearis reigning royalty were Bob Smith and Donita Taylor. Music was provided by the Time Merchants: Iohn Spooner on drums, Alan Lowe with his tambourine, Paul Lowe playing lead guitar and Mike Pacheco on rhythm guitar and doing the lead singing. Refreshments were brought by Debbie Larrabee and the Cardinal Cheerleaders Mr. Lemky furnished the punch and ice cream. TOURNAME NT DANCE Our second dance of the year was held after the Willows 20-30 Club Basketball Tournament of March 2 , 1968, The Cardinal Cheerleaders, Dena Freitas, Debbie Carvalho, Sandy Spooner and Suzan Edwards, planned and organized a fine dance and party. Live music for the evening was again provided by our own Time Merchantsi Mrs. Ethel Edwards, Mrs. Bill Freitas, Mr. Albert Gannon, Miss Carol Freitas, Mr. and Mrsr James Ioiner and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hughes chaperoned the event. 18., ,rf A.-.M The dance was a great success and the students had a great time. Everyone had fun and even the chaperones forgot their ages and became "teens" again. The Time Merchants used their talents to play good music and give the dance a swingin' mood. As the last of the music ended, all agreed on the fine time they had. GRADUATION DANCE The Graduation Dance was held at the Murdock Multipurpose Room on Iune 6, 1968 following the eighth grade graduation exercises. The Time Merchants supplied live music for the evening's entertainment. Parents and teachers of the graduation class Were invited to attend. 19. l 619 I-Z9 5 G3 QB 63 69 1 Qf C19 69 f?f3E::'E::'E:IE'- "E:EI"' if-:-:Ill Ill lil ll l-:-- -I ii5lE'E3::'::':.':".:":.:': 35:5 nw 5552ss:s:sa::::af:::s':::+:------:- Fi Ill llll ,u 1 ilA'ili'u"nIl'l A O O O O T IP! 9 . 3. N srger S79 H M- 'cocoa STOP QE Arif 0 ez . W ft, oooooooo 20. THE TIME MACHINE George Waters, the Polygamist Mad Scientist, came rushing out of Bill Weinrich's Hardware Store after buying nuts and bolts to finish his Time Machine. As he passed Deb Carvalho and Susan Popp'sPet Shop, he slipped on a banana peel which was left by one of their monkeys. Iim Hammons, Martha Morton, and Randy Pike bellowed out with laughter at the scientist's fall. He finally reached his doorstep where the Mrs. Mad Scientists, Deb Lacroix and Iulie Sellick, opened the door to greet him with a request to go to Cool Hand Perez's Wentz Market for an order of John Rumiano's cheese . That night the Mrs. Mad Scientists went to the Wrights' to play bridge with Randy and Edwina for a few hours. On their way they picked up Tom Steele, Frank Bolinger, and Richard Lacroix. While they were gone, Mr. Mad Scientist saw his chance to take a trip in his Time Machine. As he was working busily he accidentally picked up two bystanders, Gertrude and Hecliff, who were transported back into time While on their jouney Mr. Mad Scientist watched them through his audio- vision screen. As time turns, we see deputies Alan Danley and Tom Prewitt walking through a town as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, in B. I. Gordon's Saloon, Sexy Sandy Spooner, Bare Midriff Billington, and Loose Lips Larrabee were putting on their song and dance act. At the card table , Lazy Horse Lambert, the Indian chief, Killer Coombes, Card Pusher Ainger, and Winner Waggoner were enjoying a poker game when Gertrude walked in. Zl. g "Do ya all wanta have a beer?" asked the only Lady Bartender west of the Mississippi, Flirter Freitas. "Oh, no, I don't know," Gertrude replied puzzled. "Where are we?" "This is Dry Gulch Country, pardner! " piped up Patti Hart, a sensational dance hall girl. "Do you want to play poker, buddy?" asked Kenny Berglund. "Sure" , answered I-Iecliff. "Come on, then." shouted Rick Mitchell. "Play with us. This is David Pfyl in the white hat, Iim Wel burn in the orange tie, Gary Belcher in the purple pants, and Dan Cooper in the pink polka-dot socks." "Glad to make your acquaintance. Howdy!" Gertrude soon became bored with the poker game and decided to take a look at the town. She saw the sign, "Connie Roberts, SeamstreSs"across the street and decided to investigate. While crossing the street, Iimmy Sain laid down his coat for Gertrude to cross the mud puddle. Bystanders Donnella Rainey, Charlotte Samuels, and Sue Hemenway were watching with envy, when Iudy Stanger and Virginia Gollnick came up and invited them to the barn dance that night. at Melissa Danley's homestead. The musicians were Iohn Spooner on the jug, and Alan Lowe expertly handling the fiddle, while Robert Fox was calling out the numbers. Suddenly Peach Puff Pacheco, the town ruffian, stumbled into the dance . Gossip Goyhenetche was the first to see him and quickly spread the word to Marilynn McGarr, Sue Mitchell, and Stella Hargrove. Peach Puff Pacheco was making quite a racket, when the idol of all women, cuddly Iay Carvalho, and three of his friends, Ron Conner, 22. Ierry Weichers, and last but not least, Potato Pickin' Ponciano, told old Peachie to "Cool it" for a while. Gertrude and Hecliff Walked in and all faces turned toward them. Loud- mouth Sandee Parish yelled out, "Who are you?" Gertrude and I-lecliff were pretty embarrassed, but nothing was said and the dance Went on as before 0 Ernie Peters came up to Gertrude and asked for the pleasure of the next dance . "l'm sorry, but I don't know how to dance 0 " Overhearing this remark, Danny Wickman, Mike Carvalho, and Pete Lopez rushed to her and offered to teach her to dance . The caller interrupted her reply by announcing that the dance was over. After the dance Miss Marla Iones, the school teacher, introduced herself to Gertrude and I-lecliff. Before Gertrude could get away, she found herself listening to Miss Iones's problems with her students. "Every day Cynthia Klaus and Donita Taylor end up getting the Worst whippin' north of the South Pole!" "Miss Iones, could you tell me Where the hotel is? l'm very tired," interrupted Gertrude . "Yes , turn right at Bob Smith's Blacksmith Shop and go past Sheriff Deadeye Carney's office. lt's right across the street from Debbie I-Iibdon's General Store," replied Miss Iones. "Thank you," said l-lecliff as he walked off with Gertrude . When they entered Skip Sykes's hotel, the clerk, Doreen Otterson, checked them into the different rooms, 250 and 252 , Where they would be staying. 230 l The next day, Sunday, Gertrude and Hecliff attended church. There they met Parson Iohn Perry. He introduced them to Miss Nancy Petty, the Sunday school teacher, who was usually reading out of the Bible to her delinquent Sunday school attenders, Paul Deniz, Steve Pool, and worst of all, Lynn Cuccia whom she kept after class. They also met the Gupton Twins, Dan and Ben, and Ole Meland, choir directors. After church the congregation dashed outside to see the hanging of Porky Pig Mike Paul, Guilty Gallegos , Monster Montz, Sawed-off Smith, CEarll , Ricochet Rutledge, and Tex Sevier. The executioner, Lyncher Landon, was making last-minute adjustments on his gallows. After the hanging Iim Fisher, the undertaker, drove up in his black wagon and took the dead bodies to Boot Hill. He also picked up the grave diggers, Ierry Ehorn and Jerry Ladd. The Bounty Hunter, Rod Hill, came looking for the bandits, but was too late . I On the 1:00 p.m. stage, driven by Phillip Bell, and Raymond Lacroix, arrived Dalauna Tanner, Suzan Edwards, and Roy Fisher. Roy and Dalauna were going to open a new General Store. Bonnie Wharton, Iohn McKay, and Suzan left on the stage for San Francisco. Later on that day, Ioan Taylor and Shelley Murray took a lunch to the telegraph operators , Scott Dunlap and Howard Cawthra. On their way back, they met Martha Ward, Linda Barrera , Kelly Boyd, and Monica Lowas, the Gossip Circle of Dry Gulch. The Gossipers told them that Miss Patricia Ceccon's prize mare had run through the barbed-wire 24 ., fence of the wealthy cattle rancher, Deb Stanborough, and had broken its leg Dr. Paul Wiest borrowed Gunsmith Linda Gardoza's rifle to shoot it. Georgia Larrabee, Ronnie Iuney, Mike Hall, and Teresa Cavier, were spectators at the shooting. Georgia turned purple with green dots, while the other three turned white as ghosts. By this time, Gertrude and I-lecliff had had quite a day, so they went back to town in a Bartalini-Rent-a-Buggy. - They went through the hot, desert-like part of Dry Gulch. When they were half way home, the two most wanted criminals, Pam and Perry Iohnson, robbed them and took their buggy. They left and made Gertrude and I-lecliff walk back to town. When Gertrude and I-lecliff got to where they could see the town of Dry Gulch, they met Toothless Brad Taylor, l-lomely Holmesley and the Courthouse lawnkeeper, Sprinkler Winkler. They were three week-end gold panners with their seven donkeys and tools coming back from the hills. They asked Gertrude and I-lecliff if they wanted a lift. They said they did, and were back in town by 6:00 p.m. At 7:15 p.m. Gertrude and Hecliff went to a town meeting, where Congressman Fred Logue was giving a talk on the women who were against allowing more dance hall girls in Dry Gulch. Among these prejudiced women were Nacy Ernest, Maureen Fransen, Shari Sharp, Iudy Llewellen. By this time, Paul Lowe, one of the bachelors of Dry Gulch, yelled out, "What's wrong with that? They're fun to have around!" "There's plenty wrong with that!" yelled out Laurie Ell and Vicki Harmon. 25. .A f w N L "They flirt with our menfolk! " added Leora Burrows and Dianna Smith. Soon the meeting was getting out of hand, so Gene Bailey and Tony Jones ran up front and helped the congressman conduct it properly. Debbie Benemati and Linda Mallory suggested that if more Women would be coming, more men should be invited, too.Finally the men decided they didn't need any more saloon girls , and that was that. Everyone left for home, and Gertrude and Hecliff went to the hotel. The next day Gertrude and I-Iecliff got up early and Watched the children go to school. Two second graders, Gary Valk and Than Williams, ran past them with Iim Wilson, a third grader, chasing after them. Gertrude and Hecliff chuckled when they saw three little girls, Linda Knight, Dianne Ceccon, and Yvonne Kennedy, Walking down the street holding hands. They also saw Germaine Opper, Brad Baker, and Iohn Amaro skipping to school. Soon Gertrude and Hecliff decided they were hungry, so they went to the dining room of the hotel and had breakfast. Frank White, one of the Waiters , asked what they would like . Hecliff gave the orders and they had a most enjoyable breakfast--until Gertrude bit into an egg shell. The other Waiter, Ieff Fisher, apologized and the cook, Dan Williams, cooked her another egg. When they were through eating , Gertrude and I-lecliff left to take a S walk. Meanwhile, back in present time , Mr. Mad Scientist was fooling around Cas usuall with the controls. He accidentally hit the wrong one, and--POOFUHP Gertrude and I-Iecliff disappeared from the street! 26. ZQZQZZWZ YE' Sf? SHCrITl'AR:ugff Scomvfusf Capmconwusf HQUQRIUS? PISCES? QRIES? Tnullus Gemnv: CANCER LEO 1? Vmeo Luem? ik .IQLME Ainger, Raymond Amaro, Iohnny Baker, Bradley Bartalini, Paulann Barrera, Linda Bell, Phillip Benamati, Debbie Billington, Suzanna Bolinger, Prank Boyd, Cameron Burrows, Leora Cardoza, Linda Carney, Mike Cavier, Teresa Cawthra, Howard Carvalho, Debra Carvalho, Iohn Carvalho, Mike Ceccon, Diane Ceccon, Patricia Conner, Ronnie Coombes, Dan Cooper, Danny Cuccia, Lynn NICKNAME Mainger Brad Bart Roadrunner Philmore Deb Bawl baby Kelly Yiyi Shorty Smiley Caviar Peewee Deb Job Corps Cackler Dynamite Pecon Ron Con Coombsie Hippie Harry Chiquita 'lil My elevator shoes to Mrs.Waggoner My brains to George Waters My trumpet playing to Mr. Ioiner All my dete ntions and swats to Bob Kiuttu All my detentions to Benny Lopes My marbles , jacks and jump rope to Mr. Wright My pity to the seventh grade My long hair to Mr. Ioiner i My Spanish grades to Mr. Cutshall My voodoo dolls to Maureen Byrd My driver' s license to Donnella Rainey My height to Mrs. Waggoner My height and Corn Flakes to Mrs .Waggone All my notes to Mr. Ioiner i My brains to Scott Dunlap This years eighth grade school spirit to next year's eighth graders My bar bells to Mr. Daley My black hair to Mrs. Gleason My good grades to Teresa Feeney All my pages to Mr. Gannon My brains to Marilyn MCG-arr My muscles to Mr. Daley My figure to Debbie Hanson My name and short hair to Lynn Lederer 28. AMBITION Electrician Electronics Engineer Space Aeronautics E ngineer Interior Decorator Dress Designer Engineer or Electrician Fashion Designer Nurse President Astrophysicist Beautician Beautician Brain surgeon Olympic Swimmer Electronics Engineer Lady Barber Professional Football Rancher Model or Dancer Beautician Policeman Fruit Picker Playboy Photographer Interior Decorator PROBABLE END Dancing Teacher Movie Star Laser Beam House Painter Pencil Sharpener Paperboy Wig Maker Zoo Keeper Farmer Captain Satellite Housewife Gunsmith Girl's Recreation Director Olympic Shot Putter Electron Poodle Clipper Model for Men's Shirts Milkman Place Kicker for Cleveland Browns Window Washer Caught Fruit Picker Supermarket Man Archaeologist 29. PET PEEVE Steve Pool George Waters People who talk about nothing Mike Spurlock Cal Harwell and Michelle Berglund Ierry Weichers Mr. Daley Math Alan Lowe Vulgarians Mr. Nord Homework and tests Big feet Mr. Cutshall George Waters Shin Iim Fisher Ioan Taylor Michelle Berglund Mr. Gannon Debbie Hibdon Mr. Gannon Mr. Daley and his English class NAME Danley, Melissa Danley, Alan Deniz , Paul Dunlap, Scott Ehorn, Ierry Edwards, Suzan Ell, Laurie Ernest, Nancy Farish, Sandee Fisher, Iim Fisher, Roy Fransen, Maureen Fox, Robert Freitas, Dena Gallegos, Arthur Gollnick, Virginia Gordon, Loy Goyhenetche, Marcelle Gupton, Ben Gupton, Dan Hall, Michael Hargrove, Stella Harmon, Vicki Hart, Patti NICKNAME Mis sy Bullwinkle Diesel Tiny Man Eddie Pickles Nan Leigh Fish Fish Foxie Flirt Artie Ginn Gordo Frenchy Guppy Big Foot Mike Tager Raindrops Hart MHA My science book cover to Mr. Gannon My Harley Davidson to Mrs . Reifel My size to Danny Hall My 20 word per minute code certificate to Howard Cawthra My muscles and build to "Man" Alves My short dresses to Mrs. Waggoner All my bad grades to Lynn L. All the gum under my desk to Bonnie Whitmire My hair to Debbie Hansen My brains to Mr. Hughes My crummy English book to my brother My sun flower seeds to Mr. Wright My "crickets" to Brian Landberg My brains to Dianna Smith My clarinet to Mr. Stuart A can of "Ultra-grow" to Mrs .Waggoner My long hair to Andrea Feeney My muscles to Mr. Hughes My knowledge of Archaeology to Mr. Hughes My science scholarship to Mr. Gannon My good shape to Debbie Ward My dictionary pages to Mr. Daley My bells to a dingy teacher 30. AMBITION PRCBABLE END Computer Programmer IBM Card Motorcycle Mechanic Kiddy-car salesman Play football for L.A.Rams Unicycle Stunt man Atomic Scientist Race car driver Bra s s Pounder Cab Driver Model Housewife Airline Stewardess Baggage truck driver Psychiatrist Sycamore School Psychologist Airline Pilot Crop duster Mr. America and Football The before half of the Charles Star Atlas advertisement Engineer After half of the Charles Atlas advertisement Pharmacist Bottle filler for Bayer Aspirin Agriculture Pilot Interior Decorator Mean teacher like Mr. Ioiner Veterinarian Playboy costume fitter Beautician Teacher Bone Digger Shell Answer Man Model or Beautician Airline Stewardess Bubble gum factory worker Pest Control Man Author of sentimental novels Being sued by Mr. Ioiner Snake Charmer Lawyer U.S. Decathlon Champ Red Baron Gardener Beachcomber Square Dance Caller Nervous Wreck Bubble gum chewer 31. PET PEEVE Spelling Tests Ke lly Boyd Ierry Ehorn Georgie Boy Running Bear Deniz Paul Tomas Lowe Mike Pacheco Snobs George Waters Iay Carvalho Mr. Gannon English John Perry Doug and Dick Mr. Ioiner Homework People who get worked up over nothing Marilyn McGarr Ierry Ladd Jerry Ladd Iim Fisher Iohn McKay Mr. Nord People who call me " Horse face" -NAME Hemenway, Sue Hibdon, Debbie Hill, Rod Johnson, Pam Johnson, Perry Jones, Marla Juney, Ronnie Kennedy, Yvonne Klaus, Cynthia Lacroix, Debbie Lacroix, Raymond Lacroix, Richard Ladd, Jerry Lambert, Dick Landon, Jeff Larrabee, Debbie Larrabee, Georgia Logue, Fred Leonardo, Edwina Llewellyn, Judy Lopez, Pete Lowas, Monika Lowe, Alan Lowe, Paul NICKNAME W-LLL Suicide All my love to Randy Wright Humpy My A's to Mr. Joiner Rodney Allen My science note books to Mr.Gannon Chopper All my fat to Cindy Bevers Job Corps Johnson My motorcycle to my grandma Jonesy All my fun to Mr. Hughes Ronald McDonald All my F papers to Mr. Gannon Avon Santa Claus Showboat Big' Foot Mouse-Twiggy Geraldine Speed Gus George Fredwreck I Ed Judith Senor Monkey Dink Poopsy My prism to Mr.Gannon Clf he can find ith My M R toe to Donita My laugh to Mr. Wright My feet to Bullwinkle CAlan Danleyl My height to Mrs. Waggoner My manly build to Larry Brawley My baggy pants to Cal Harwell My height to David Gomes My good looks to Janet Enos My notes to There sa Feeney All my money to Mr. Hughes My height to Mrs. Waggoner My ring to my sister My B.O. to Ted Lewis My skin and bones to Trudy My ugly pink warm-up pants to Debbie Hansen AMBITICN To Live Hairdresser Not a Bee Keeper Interior Decorator Pretzel Twister Teacher Rich Playboy Nurse Teacher Town Drunk Farmer Rat Surgeon Pro Football Player Engineer Stewardess Beautician Marine Tie Tennis Shoes Graduate Girls P.E. Teacher Oceanographer Millionaire Forestry Service PROBAB LE E ND Dead Lady Umpire Bee Keeper Seventh Grade History Teacher Pretzel School Board Member Librarian Patient Cross country snow shoe racer Probation officer Shoe Salesman Inventor of the perfect mouse trap Band Aid Dispenser Girl' s P .E . Teacher Married Sky Diver Peanut Vendor Major League Pitcher Welcome Wagon Hostess College Babe Ruth ll Tuna Cannery worker Tambourine Man Toothpick Packer 33 . PET PEEVE Mr. Nord Dan Coombes Albert Ierry Ehorn George Waters Teachers Ieff Landon Writing science pages Mr.Gannon's lectures Homework and George Waters Alan Danley School work Dan and Ben Gupton Science Projects Kelly Boyd Cliff Perez Patricia Ceccon Mr. Ioiner Mrs. Waggoner My little brother Mr. Gannon Cleaning fish Mr. Lemky Suzan Edwards NAME Mallory, Linda McGarr, Marilyn Meland, Ole Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Richard Morton, Martha Montz, Wayne Murray, Shelley Opper, Germaine Otterson, Doreen Pacheco, Mike Paul, Michael Perry, Iohn Perez, Cliff Petty, Nancy Peters, Ernie Pfyl, David Pike, Randy Ponciano, Iim Pool, Steve Popp, Susan Rainey, Donnella Roberts, Connie Rumiano, Iohn NICKNAME Shorty Magoo Roach Pork Chop Mitch Moon Mama Montz Mellow Flapjaw Germ Smiley Mickey Mike Spick Baby Huey Arnold Pififly Spick Trouble ,Inc . Dirty Rat Beak Cheese HEL. My musical ability to Mr. Ioiner My dictionary pages to Theresa Peeney My muscles to you My beauty to anyone who wants it My good looks and coordination to Mr. Wright My good looks to Sharon Green My tennis shoes to Mr. Daley The A on my science test to Mr.Gannon My excess fat to Iulie Sellick My giggle to Carleen Iones My tight pants to Debbie Hanson My fear to Randy Pike My Waist to Mr. Daley My sports ability to Mr. Hughes My cigarette butts to Mr.Gannon My gum to Cal Harwell My late Work to Mrs .Waggoner My legs to Ianet Enos Miss Preitas to Mr.Gannon My English tests to Mr. Ioiner All my love to "Hughie" The English rules to Mr. Daley My dirty tennis shoes to Mr.Daley AMBITION Teacher Actress Ditch Digger Beautician Electrician Good I-Iousekeeper Dump Attendant Beautician Diplomatic Secretary Flower Child Iob Corps Popular singer Pro Baseball Player Pro Baseball Player Beautician Hell's Angels Tramp Auto Mechanic Taco Vender PROBABLE END Music Teacher A Flop Banana Boat Captain Dean of a Girl' s School Soul Brother and Preacher Cook Dumped Weight lifter Mosquito Abatement Director Petunia Picker President Street cleaner Bat Boy Con Man Teacher Principal Farmer of the Year Toll Bridge Collector Robin, the Boy Wonder Anti Protest Forgotten Truck Driver Rickshaw Iockie History Teacher Scientist Teacher Grammarian Playboy Photographer Photographer for Popular Chee se Magazine 35 . PET PEEVE Teachers with bad breath Someone who thinks they are too good Dan Gupton Iohn McKayfMaggotD Berry Baldonado Mr. Nord Flash jim Fisher Mosquitos Broken Popsicles Mr. Gannon Mr.Gannon and Mr. Cutshall Rob Fox Debbie Larrabee Iim Fisher Teachers Vicki Harmon Mr. Nord and Arthur Gallegos B . O . Mr.Lemky's paddle Mr.Gannon's laugh before a te st Mr. Nord Science Tests Kelly Boyd NAME Rutledge, Randy Samuels, Charlotte Smith, Dianna Smith, Robert Smith, Earl Spooner, Sandy Spooner, Iohn Stanbrough, Debbie Stanger,Iudy Steele, Thomas Sykes, Gene Tanner, Dalauna Taylor, Ioan Taylor, Donita Taylor, Brad Valk, Gary Waggoner, Doug Ward, Martha Waters, George Weichers, Jerry Weinrich, Bill Welburn, Iim Wharton, Bonnie Wickman, Dan NICKNAME Rut Put Pete Peanuts Uncle Bob Scooter Q Pooner Papa Iohn Muscles Iu Tom Skip Lelo-Lani Puff Doughnuts Fairy Sego Wendy Ward George of the Jungle Wick Goober Dwaney Barney Meat Head 36. ELL My height to Mr. Hughes My P.E. grade to Miss Freitas My eye lashes to Vickie My hair to Cal Harwell A can of Alpo to George Waters My baton to Lyn Leader My great brain and all my F's to Randy Wright My hair curlers to anyone My curly hair to Virginia Gollnick My fantastic build to Mr. Daley My hair goop to Mrs. Waggoner My brains to Mr. Gannon My voice to Mr. Allread My fatness to Cynthia Klaus My short hair to long haired boys My old tennis shoes to Mr. Hughes My weight to Mr. Daley My science grades to Iohnny Amaro My comb to Mr. Nord My athletic ability to Mr. Hughes My speller to Mrs. Reifel My good looks to Valory Gleason My basketball talent to Mike Wolcott AMBITION Teacher Nurse Artist Foreman on Mike Carvalho's Ranch Mechanical Designer Beautician Trashman Professional Boy Watcher Mammalogist Pope World Traveler Secretary Lady Farmer Interior Decorator Banana Grower Naval Officer Pro Football Player Hardware Store Owner Electronics Engineer Automotive Designer Packer Linebacker Hard Worker Beautician Harlem Globe Trotter PROBAB LE E ND Blood Donor Good Will Ambassador Surfer Mechanical Engineer for Ford Motor Co Ping-Pong Champ Mayor Profe s sional Bird Watcher Zoo attendant Pope Hobo Maid Track Queen Paper Hanger Banana Picker Barge Pilot Coach at Fruto Elementary Historian Beep-Beep Toothache Goober Grower Bench Warmer P . E . Teacher Director of Central Intelligence Agency 37. PET PEEVE Ron " Connie" Conners People who talk behind my back People who think they're better than others Iohn Spooner Mr. Daley Mr. Cutshall Mr. Nord Cal Harwell Our hot summers to the Eskimos Blind people with color T.V. sets Coke that doesn'tfizz David Pfyl Cats Mr.Gannon's tests Too much homework Mr. Gannon Dan Coombes Mr. Daley Than Williams Ierry Ehorn Linda Cardoza School Lynn Cuccia Dena Freitas NAME Wiest, Paul Williams, Danny Wilson, Iim Winkler, Mark Wright, Randy NICKNAME WILL Doc My collection of jeweled anvils to Mr. Ioiner Willbart My figure to Mark Feeney Babe All my math papers to Mrs.Waggoner Indian CGeronimoJ All my Weeds to Mr. Gannon Wills Wright My old track shoes to Ernie 38. AMBITION PROBABLE END Rich Playboy Professional Eighth Grader Photographer Playboy Waiter Owner of Playboy Club Sticker-Sticker Mad Scientist Mad Hippie Preacher 39m PET PEEVE Mr. Daley Mr. Daley Ieff Landon Police Jim Welburn U 5? W 5 16, Qi SUPEHLHTXVES I9 K 7 ff! I W ,f MOST LIKELY BEST KOOKIEST TO SUCCAEED DANCERS Rodney Hill Cynthia Klaus I I . - x".' H Dan Wickman Debbie Lacroix Tom Steele Marla Iones lf - Q 5 ' f A ' 'D I . I BEST ATI-ILETE GUM CHEWER BEST DRESSERS My y fswly P' , Q? t -' fy 5 '50, 5 Iim Ponciano Paul Lowe Mark Winkler Edwinna Leonardo Laurie Ell Martha Ward BEST HAIR PERSONALITY DREAMIEST EYES N ' NJ Q :uns X e I Mike Carvalho Mike Pacheco Dan Coombes Sandee Parish Sandy Spooner Suzan Edwards 416 5 5 h 2 A 5 FRECKLES o 0 ' Q 0 0 . 9 ' 0 0 . ' , o 0 . . Danny Cooper Dlana Sm1Tl'1 QUIETEST HOW THLK Raymond Laoro1x Nancy Ernest SWEETEST Alan Lowe v1Ckl Harmon BEST BUILD X., K., Iay Ca valho Ioan Taylor ELI IEST Pete Lopez Dena F eltas CUTEST COUPLE Cllff Perez Debble Larrabee CUTEST SMILE Mlke Carney Shelley Mu ray BLJST-TEPS Dlck Lambert Paulann Bartallm C UTEST NOSE B111 WGIHTICH Susan Popp S , 0 9 . 1 'wmv 42. T va X2 433 + ' yt if w Q fag , ' w 3' 3' , X ' 'A W sg my SWA fm ' X 25, m , . , ,. X fig-M na, 1 H+ ,, 1 3? Wwfwwwmxgf KWWQW N'bf' Q? 2 M4 es: asf J 1 an ff,-L , 5 " U . , ..,. - 552' . Qi, M Binh ... Vi. 145 ...ggi .:.,,. ,Z M lyl-, 3? ,. ,V , , AW ,wk 'Q if -v f .ig XQ Q . , Q? 5 G 9 A, if .... Q sfxiis . .. A uf " -I ' ,,,,, "" ' ' P Q. ' "-""A I :::z:za:a 5: - 1 P "Q I-EE. ' fir? . F Q ' 2-P :5:5:5:s 3'-2:--9 VW? Eff' - , , RV -- ' i t ' Qu? grczfup has T232 fewer' cawiipies Hum Nm cement Well,-we nmuld have lest Sefz mine! by 190 pgimts if Same mi Emu await unit Law? HH? 3ifi'? ' , x ,fm V31 fcalznf arwumwg.. . X Q N.. Q K M.m,,,xN x X X X rw, f Q51 M ff-fffffv ,fm Uni., Dwi 5i2f.z,Z,3,, 1,4 Cfzff y z,Z1a.y?,,,:2 Huh? .xg Kaur lunch is always Z 7 , gl Lam 2 life you're wrsmg f X AA wwss hshwwsn twc thmrma zia sQkQQl turns ma on 5193-if 5-I A f I ,,w-,g- ,-5.-X1 rx-'wi A A.. as vm ' 331- v X.: 1,2 an . Yea, smack? 4-zifusfk Yvsahxl- J. V5.1 li., - R ? Nw' f Am Q ., y .. fb.: , , 4 "' 1 . -Q .Q 4 .1 p'N : -. 'Y N. Y , .4 .. ! : .,- x.,, , . 4 11 , a f -M . ,M , ,, ,gf 2 Q, 444, 'fy f VARE VVF 'LL Farewell, eiqhfln prada-'7s! You are now leaving us and proceeding upward ani'-ough lifeo As we watch you tmp on the euraduation props, we laugh knowing tba' next yea: w-Q shall do the same. As fre skmen. you will sfand preoariously on the ladder of. SUQCPSQV ll,l'lC'-3lT'iEilI'1 as to which step to take nextel We shall try our besi 'Lo fulfill the duties that you did so well , upholding the spirit and honor of our schoolp Farewell and .good leziik l,1'1 the years to come! 44

Suggestions in the Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) collection:

Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 83

1968, pg 83

Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 38

1968, pg 38

Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 27

1968, pg 27

Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 23

1968, pg 23

Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 77

1968, pg 77

Sycamore School - Cardinal Yearbook (Willows, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 38

1968, pg 38

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