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Pres eating COMMISSION... .. THE FRESHMEN CONFIRMATION ...... THE JUNIORS OOMMENCEMENT . .. THE SENIORS BY THE SENIOR CLASS SWEDISH COVENANT HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I I , z I Q 1 V Dedication Having served Swedish Covenant for 28 years, Mr. Elmer J. Anderson has played a vital role in the development and advancement of our institution. Marking the 75th anniversary of the hospital, 1961 also signifies for our assistant administrator a decade of dedicated service as a staff member. His capacity for friendship, his concern for his fellowmen, his interest in the school of nursing, and his devotion to Christ are outstanding in our minds. To you ELMER 1. ANDERSON, as a tribute to your character, we, the Class of 1961, dedicate our Candle. L 4 i K, In Memarium DR. BORCHERT DR. ROBERT LAMBERT BORCHERT, OLDEST STAFF MEMBER IN POINT OF SERVICE, WORKED AT SWEDISH COVENANT HOSPITAL FOR NEARLY FIFTY YEARS. HE RETIRED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE JUST TWO YEARS AGO, WE WELL REMEMBER HIM FOR HIS SELFLESSNESS AND WILLINGNESS TO HELP OTHERS. DR. STIGMAN FOR MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY DR. CHARLES W, STIGMAN PRACTICED HIS PROFESSION AND WAS AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF. SWEDISH COVENANTIS STAFF. GRAD- ATES AND STUDENTS ALIKE SHALL RE- MEMBER HIM FOR HIS KINDNESS AND EAGERNESS TO TEACH. HE CONTRIBUTED MUCH TO THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF MANY PEOPLE. 4 I MRS. ESTHER WIDEN AS WE REMEMBER MRS. WIDEN, WE THINK or THE .IoYF'UI. SPIRIT THAT SEEMED TO SET HER APART--THE CHEERFULNESS, THE wII..I.INc-:NESS TO LISTEN TO OUR PROBLEMS, AND HER EAGERNESS TO ENCOURAGE US WE REMEMBER THE CALMNESS AND PEACEFULNESS THAT SEEMED TO RADIATE--THAT OF A CHILD OF GOD. MAY THE LORD CONTINUE TO BLESS HER WHEREVER HE MAY LEAD kcflections MISS CATHERINE SKANSE THROUGHOUT HER MANY YEARS OF SERVICE TO S.C.I-I. MISS SKANSE HAS BEEN A DEVOTED AND DEDICATED DIRECTOR OF NURSING AND A SINCERE FRIEND TO STUDENT AND GRADUATE NURSE ALIKE. SHE HAS MADE MANY CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE SCHOOL AND HAS ALWAYS ENDEAVORED TO DO HER BEST FOR THE BETTERMENT OF NURSING SERVICE TO PATIENTS. MAY THE LORD CONTINUE TO USE HER LIFE AS HE HAS IN THE PAST. 5 u Purchasing Agent Adminisfratar MR. NILS AXELSON MR. EDWARD L. OLSON Board of Dircctar FIRST ROW-R.A. EORSEERG, P.w. BRANDEL SECOND ROW-MRS. H.E. ANDERSON, E.P. 1SAAcSoN. THIRD Row-H.T. YOUNG, DR. K M. NELSON, REV. D. CEDARLEAF, m..E. MUNSON. FOURTH ROW-REV. P..x. THEORELI. N.G. AXELSON. Mcdlcal Staff FIRST ROW-DR. JURGENS, DR. JOHNSON, DR. HULBURT, DR. J. ORNDORFF, DR. VAN ELK, DR. ELNIER. SECOND ROW-DR. NIC CORMICK. DR. LIFVENDAHL, DR. PESCHIVIAN, DR. NAGEI., DR. E. LARSEN, DR. O. T. RO,BERG.THlRD ROW- DR. BUG-SCH, DR. WYSZYK, DR. HANS, DR. HUTSON, DR. HOGSTROIVI, DR. WEXLER. FOURTH ROW-DR. RENAUD, DR. THORNBLOOIVI, DR. TUNESTAIV1, DR. BERG, DR. KRUNINI. FIFTH ROW-DR. KADOW, DR. FOJCIK, DR. SCHLOTTERBECK, DR. FINK. SIXTH ROW-DR. IVIEDINA, DR. NIARLEY. NIR. SINGHA. DR. ANDERSEN. DR. FITZGIBBONS, DR. PETERSON. SEVENTH ROW-DR. PENN, DR. HIBBERT, DR. LORANT, DR. BERNE, DR. STANIBOLIS, DR. A. JOHNSON. STANDING-DR. ANDREWS DR. STROMBERG SR., DR. WESTLAND, DR. SOIVIALI. ,Acting Dircftar MISS CONSTANCE NELSON R.N., B.s., 1vl.A. ,Assistant Dirsstor ,Nursing Sdumtizw MISS WILNIA PETERSON R.N., B.sc.. NLS N ED Heard af Director FIRST ROWfR.A. FORSBERG, R.w. BRANDEL SECOND Row-MRS. H.E. ANDERSON, E.P. ISAAOSON. THIRD ROW-H.T. YOUNG, DR. K M. NELSON, REV. D. CEDARLEAF, l..E. MUNSON. FOURTH Row-REV. P..1. THEORELI., N.G. AXELSON. ,Medical Staff FIRST ROW-DR. JURGENS, DR. JOHNSON, DR. HULBURT, DR. J. ORNDORFF, DR. VAN ELK, DR. ELIVIER. SECOND ROW-DR. NIC CORIVIICK. DR. LIFVENDAHI., DR. PESCHNIAN, DR. NAGEI., DR. E. LARSEN, DR. O. T. RO-BERG,THIRD ROW- DR. BUGSCH, DR. WYSZYK, DR. HANS, DR, HUTSON, DR. HOGSTROIVI, DR. WEXLER. FOURTH ROW-DR. RENAUD, DR. THORNBLOOIVI, DR. TUNESTAM, DR. BERG, DR. KRUIVIIVI. FIFTH ROW-DR. KADOW, DR. FOJCIK, DR. SCHLOTTERBECK, DR. FINK. SIXTH ROW-DR, IVIEDINA, DR, NIARLEY. IVIR. SINGHA. DR. ANDERSEN. DR. FITZGIBBONS, DR, PETERSON. SEVENTH ROW-DR. PENN, DR. HIBBERT, DR. LORANT, DR. BERNE, DR. STAIVIBOLIS, DR. A. JOHNSON. STANDING-DR. ANDREWS DR. STROIVIBERG SR., DR. WESTLAND, DR. SOIVIALI. OUR SCHOOL 8 -fu. M. -WMM N., up 'w x xx .A ihtx .,,, Eff aa'-11533 :VY l M ' "4-m,,4,,J,, Q, '-so-.,....., 'L i . . .Wi 5? 1 K'??2i,, E nf' if K l-F i 1, PQ W.: f-fam ,.-in Y 1 mi .A-f""""' ,f- ,, .. r f" .,V x .fly , f JL' j 2- , I S S .gil 5, 4 15 - MAl,W K , fer-4-.+Mp,1...4, f L-nh-'14 I xf" ' 'UNKN' ,Acting Dircctcr MISS CONSTANCE NELSON R.N., as., lVI.A. q Assistant Dircctcr Nursing :Education MISS WILMA PETERSON R.N., asc., NLS N so MISS JOSEPHINE FLETCHER R.N., B.S.N. INSTRUCTOR MEDICAL NURSING MISS ALMA JOEL R.N,, Ia.S.N. INSTRUCTOR SURGICAL NURSING MISS RUTH ERICKSON R.N., B.S,N. INSTRUCTOR OPERATING ROOM Zzvulfy yLSS RLEBECCA DAVEY MRS. EVELYN JOHNSON MRS. DACE FRISS CLINICBAL' iN!T?R4UCTOR itI:Il'lING CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR ?:LlTN'IcE?AiTINSTRUCTOR MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING OBSTETRICS OPERATING ROOM Zzculiy DR. RALPH LOWELL DR. PETER PERSON B.S., IVI.A., B.O , PI-I.O. Ia.TI-I., PI-I.B, IvI.A., ED.O INSTRUCTOR INSTRUCTOR ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY REV. ALFRED J. JOHNSON MRS. MAGDALENE ROSENE MR. CARL MC MULLEN CHAPI-AIN R.N., PH.B., IVI.A. B,A., Nl.S. INSTRUCTOR INSTRUCTOR INSTRUCTOR APPLIED CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES SOCIOLOGY CHEMISTRY DR. E. JAMES KENNEDY MR. TIMOTHY JOHNSON MRS. MARY CARLSON B.S,, PH.D. B.S. B.S., M.S. INSTRUCTOR INSTRUCTOR DIETETIC5 MICROBIOLOGY ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY NUTRITION LABORATORY Nursing Sereiee Af. MISS CLARA OLSON ASSISTANT DIRECTOR IN-SERVICE EDUCATION Supervisors If' ,f MISS VIVIAN CHINANDER MISS LUCILLE BACHMAN AND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR S VICE DR. I-IuI.BERT NURSNG ER HEALTH SERVICE I MRS. LUCILLE STROMDAHL. EVENING SUPERVISOR MISS JOYCE HOUCK AND MISS DARLENE WILKE EVENING SUPERVISOR AND NIGHT SUPERVISOR LEFT TO RIGHT-MRS. ESTHER FRANZEN, DIRECTOR OF RESIDENCE-MRS. VEL.VA PETERSON- AND MISS RUTH YOUNGBERG flau :Mather lutcrns A busy and sometimes frustrating life is that of a housemother, but we are grateful for the conscientious and willing job being done by our three "mothers away from home" . We, the seniors, remember Mrs. Franzen and Miss Youngberg from "probie" days and were privileged this year to become acquainted with Mrs. Peterson, the newest member of our dorm family. and kc idents if 2, 5 2:1 14 FIRST ROW-DRS HERBERT NIEDINA, BOHUIVIILA SEGOVIA. JOSEFINA JUVIDA, IVIELITA NIARLEY, AND KIRSTEN BRONS. SECOND ROW-DRS. GEORGE RAHEB, CARLOS SEGOVIA, TOH BIN l.llVI, JOHN C KULIS, lVI.D., IVIEHNIET SOIVIALI, AND RAUI. OLAVE. SERVICE GUILD OFFICERS CCLOCKWISED F. BOOKER, l.. ANDERSON Nl. ANDE SON H v R , l.. AGERUP, E. IVIUNSON, F. ERICKSON, G. JOHNSON, NI. FERNSTROIVI, G. KITTELSON. GIFTS, GADGETS, and GOODIES The Coffee Shop seems to be an essential part of our hospital. Instrumental in pre - paring the tempting snacks are the faithful members of the Covenant Women's Auxiliary. 293553. nikifidfrif. 5. AW ervicc Guild Established and maintained by the Service Guild, the Gift Shop is an added luxury to patients, their relatives and friends, and hospital personnel alike. We will remember these pink -pinafored ladies of the community for the annual Freshman Welcoming tea, the delightful birthday remembrances we received, and their zeal in making our hospital and school more attractive. 15 Safer lfigilaut. . . Truly we must first speak of the willing- ness of our chaplains to yield personal matters and time to comfort a bereaved family or to speak with an inquiring patient about the Savior. Rev. johnson, as chaplain, not only ministers in the hospital, but also taught us Christian Principles as freshman students. We think of Chaplain Nelson and his fine work on the Religio -Medical Conference. R. 5 W REV. HAROLD R. NELSON, ASSISTANT CHAPLAIN WITH NIRS. DONNA PALIVIBERG CREV. ALFRED J. JOHNSON PICTURED ON PAGE 12, NURSING OFFICE SECRETARIES-CAROLYN ELGE, MARIE KINNEY, AND ELAINE KVALE. INFORMATION DESK-RECEPTIONISTS- MISS. B. SNIITAL AND MRS. F. BOOKER COMMISSION He wore a crown of thorns that I Might wear a crown of light, And so in deep humility I'll wear this cap of white. And somehow may His light shin Through me from day to day, That those entrusted to my care Will find the living way. Alice Mortenson e forth Sfrcslzmcu BOTTOM-L. DISNEY, E. LARSON, G. MEADE. MIDDLE-D. VOGEL, K. CHENEY L.. WESTBERG, K. KLANK, P. JENNINGS. TOP-R. NICHOLAISEN, K. HANSON, IVI. SANDIN, J. ANDERSON. BOTTOM-JEAN ANDERSON, o. sc:-aux.-rz, B. ERICKSON, R. vANDERARK, M. AMUNDSQN. Top-M. LINDWALJ. R. ANDERSON M. GLASSER, v. STOFER, J. GAsPAR1Nl, B. PLANKxs, E. ECKERT, R. REXROAD. Qrcslzmvu BOTTOM-C,DlAL, N BERGLUND, S.LlNDBLOIVl, B WHITNIER. IVIIDDLE- A. CREECH, D. HOPPER. TOP-J. IVIILBOURN, S. WOLTER, K. BLOHM, L. FINZEL, L. BLOOD. BOTTOM'-NI. LUNDEEN, D. JOHNSON, B. GREEN, G. HOLTON, P. WOLFE. TOP-S. CORNELL, Nl. JOHNSON, G. BONNEIVIA, V. SHARPE, D. CARPENTER! Nl. RUIVIBALL. ursiug Art lfaborafvry x MRS. CHASE GETS HER FILL WHILE MISS DELORES JOHNSON SUPERVISES N - T 'Hixxfrf T ,wi GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH THE SKEEETON IN THE cn.osET. JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. LEARNING BY Dome, ,wwf LAUNDRY---THEIRS IS A NEVER ENDING JOB.. MRS. DIXON, HEAD OF HOUSEKEEPING. LINEN ROONI--KEEPING EACH WARD SUPPLIED Dietary Department DIETITIANS-LEFT TO RIGHT-IVIISS DELANA, MISS NAKANIURA, MISS RUDINE FAITHFUL KITCHEN EMPLOYEES COVENANTVS LATEST IMPROVEMENT-THE DINING Room Physica! Therapy ...PATIENT READJUSTMENTS OUR REWARD ,-4 'v wxx, ,wmfq i vxE I .::,. F ' I :'-- . il. M A K 5. . M ,. Q f up W 1' THERAPISTS-IVIISS NIELSON, IVIISS WALDENSTROIVI, IVIR. EDWARDS, IVIRS. BANG. Occupational Therapy . . . HELPERS WITH HANDICRAFTS MISS JEAN LEVINE, THERAPIST, OVERSEES WORK OF PATIENT. USING THE SIDEBARS IVIRS. HEWITT DISPLAYS CRAFTS FASHIONED BY OLD FOLKS. Wm XX sk K3 ii fo S! 3? .Y ,M rs MRS. K. KRAUS, SUPERVISOR Operating Know In our eight weeks of operating room training we learn to assistthe doctor during many varied surgical procedures besides acquiring a thorough and useful knowledge of sterile technique. Such terms as "sponge", "kelly", "retractor", and "lap" fill the air as green -clad figures work intently in the tense and stimulating atmosphere characteristic of this department. THE RIGOROUS TEN-MINUTE SCRUB. MISS R. ERICKSON, LEFT, INSTRUCTING STUDENTS. 25 ANESTHETISTS-IVIISS ZWISSLER, MISS BRUGER, AND MISS HERLIHEY. Che Darfur 'Framing Graumi THE LABORATORY LAB TECHNICIANS fL.EF'T TO RIGHTJ B, BENSON, S. LANDAU, E. BOWIVIAN, RECEPTIONIST, J. FOSTER, C. CANINE AND E. ROTET. I x xy: 'A ' Q M .Axewgw H DR. J. B. NIC CORIVIICK, PATHOLOGIST CONSULTING MEDICAL ILLUSTRATOR MORTON BLATT, LEFT. A Af? ax BLOOD BANK-MRS. F. EDSTROM AND Miss E. EWERT. ,Amztzwzy Visualized X-RAY DEPARTMENT DR. S. R. CLONINGER AND DR. W.F. HUTSON, OUR RADIOLOGISTS, IN CONFERENCE. X-RAY TECHNICIANS CCLOCKWISEJ P. STROIVI, J. COLEIVIAN, C. DURYEE, R. CHAIVIBERLAIN, AND K. ROTHER. MR- CARL I-INDSTROM MR. PHILIP PETERSON COMPTROI-I-ER DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING MR. RAYMOND WISLER PHAR NIACI ST CENTRAL SERVICE CLEFT TO RIGHTJ CAROL HOLNIQUIST, NIRS. SWANSON. MRS. OVHARA, MRS. RAPP. 28 Ku mass Office D. KROHN, A. ANDERSON, I. YOUNGSTROM NI. IVIATSON, H. ROSENGREN Nl. WIRSEN, IVI. JOHNSON, AND S. ELSNER ENOCH LUNDSTRONI, NIGHT WATCHNIAN 29 1 Z migm X .qi DAvm ANDERSON, RECEIVING CLERK. Nl,-S ,-ARSEN' CARPENTER CREW IN BOILER ROOMN J. WARBINSKI, V. ANDERSON, O. STROIVIBERG, R. JOHNSON, AND J. CROOK ELECTRICIANS-V. KINIONT, N. PORTOKALIS, G. NORDLING. PAINTERS-WALTER DAHLGREN, CHARLIE JOHNSON, AND ALFRED BORUTSKI. ALBERT CARLSON AND OKE OSTRONI W-""1 :lf K 535 5535 N HJALIVIER ERICKSON AND JOHN BUCK, ELEVATOR OPERATORS . fi f ,Wy Ns-4149 M ,L ij: M' 'g 1 M Wufsfiifii J' av' Hegiuuings DO WE LOOK PROFESSIONAL? HERE CONIE THE GIRLS IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER-MOTHER WIDEN V' PROBIE DAZEVI WAND WHEN I WAS A STUDENT..." "FIGHT FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE" THE NIGHT BEFORE FINALS HEY IVIOIVI IVIVI A NURSE! CONFIRMATION And, as the path of duty is made plain, May grace be given that I may walls therein, Not like the hireling, for his selfish gain, With backward glances and reluctant tread, Making a merit of his coward dread-- But, cheerful, in the light around me thrown, Walking as one to pleasant service led, Doing God's will as if it were my own, Yet trusting not in mine, but in His strength alone! john Greenleaf Whittier Zhi funiar KNEELING-B. LINDELL, B. JONES, S. REIHART, H. LARSEN. STANDING-K. AIVISLER, J. WEIGT, S. LATHROP, L. DUNN. FRONT ROW-N. LINDBERG, I. KAIVIPHAUSEN, C. PETERS. BACK ROW-A. IVIOLLER, E. WETZSTEIN, J. JENSEN, C. JOHNSON, Nl. JOHNSON, S. SHEPARD. Che junior W FIRST ROW-N. JACOBSON, J. OHRN, K. JOHNSON, B. MOORE. SECOND ROW-D. GUSTAFSON, A. UPSTROIVI, G. NIATSON, N. JOHNSON, E. CARBY. SEATED-G. WELCH, C. NELSON, K. DENSE, J. WESTBERG, K. BINGHANI. STANDING-NI. NIYHRE, L. CONRADT. NOT PICTURED-RHODA DROTTS. J R3 ,ailiif 35 Surgical Elloors MRS. IRENE ANTILLA CRIGHTD, HEAD NURSE, AND ASSISTANT MISS GRACE EL.L.EFSON. kecazfery 1300111 Now in its second year of operation our recovery room, well equipped to administer routine and emergency post -operative care to the surgical patient, has done much to improve the efficiency of our hospital. Student nurses spend a week here giving care under the supervision of experienced staff nurses. On 3 NORTH, a busy surgical floor, the rattle of a cart bringing another patient from O. R. is not a strange sound. The laughter and also the cries from the pediatric section of the floor are other familiar and well -remembered sounds. ENTERTAINING A STAR PATIENT IN THE PEDIATRICS DIVISION MRS. EMMA SARRING, SUPERVISOR OF' RECOVERY ROOM 38 i.m-nd xA Dressings to change, an IV to check, and a wealth of new and interesting things to learn are encountered daily on 3 SOUTH. Here, we also learn to deal with the apprehension of the patient, both pre -and post -operatively. MISS ESTHER TORNHOLNI CLEFTD, HEAD NURSE, AND MRS. CAROLINE SHOEERG, ASSISTANT HEAD NURSE. MISS JOEL DENIONSTRATING THOSE AWESOME CHEST TUBES. 'VJUST A NIOSQUITE BITEIV' 39 Nclsan flu!! Our attention centers on nursing care of the orthopedic patient during the six -week period we spend in Nelson Hall. Instruction includes clinical demonstrations and practice in applying orthopedic appliances, caring for the patient in a mst and personally experiencing some of these procedures. NELSON HALL 3. z'dSgEMAA'L'S"Ag-QNQBA-OOM' HEAD Miss FLETCHER DEMONSTRATING MC C ' ' T NT MRS- MARION THE STRYCKER FRAME FOR TURNING ONNELL--NELSON HALL 2. PARA,-YZED PA-I-,EN-rs 40 IVIRS. ALISON CLARK, HEAD NURSE-- twzergcrzvy 1600114 The emergency room--where a well -organized and prepared team await the unexpected. Broken bones, bites, or bruises--all hours of the day or night help is available to take care of these misfortunes, This proves to be an exciting and challenging two weeks in the student's experience. MISS ADELINE LARSON, SUPERVISOR gpviw, -H -My Qsm,z',.4 I 'Vx 4 if ' 'F f liilfiiigsrizzf' jx.. .im ere, n' if ' ' :E M 22, M 1' Q le T 2 'X 7 539 MISS PATRICIA ANDERSON, SECRETARY AND RECEPTIONIST 1 A PLACE TO PASS THOSE LONG AND ANXIOUS IVIOIVIENTS. "COULD YOU ASK FOR ANYTHING ELSE." 41 ii 1 1, W I ik 'T ,411 Srprcssian Of Our fave r- Oh tcfrics During a thirteen -week period on fourth floor, student nurses learn prenatal and postnatal care of the mother as well as care of the new -born infant. The bright and refreshing atmosphere, sparked with excitement and, sometimes, touched by sorrow, makes duties especially pleasant and rewarding. IVIISS MARIE ISAKSON, SUPERVISOR AND IVIRS. NONA MICHAEL, ASSISTANT. IVIRS. NIINNETTE LEVIN, NURSERY HEAD NURSE. unv- L af,..,iM, ml Q! I i x 'kr IVIISS FRIDA GREGOR, NIGHT SUPERVISOR. IIJUST ASK US HOW TO BATHE A BABY OR IVIAKE FORMUALAIV WEIGHING IN AT . i 1 WHAT LIES BEHIND THOSE BARS 00 Three months seemed like a long time to spend in a new and somewhat fearful nursing situation, but time passed quickly at Cook County Mental Health Clinic. Here, as we talked with patients, our own problems became insignificant in relation to many of theirs. Perhaps this period of learning will be the most useful as we continue to deal with people. THIS IS THE WAY FO "PSYCH" I 44 wuuty OUR HOME AT COOK COUNTY "Contagion" with all of its handwashing, gowning, and unseen microbes was a six -week course well spent. Each of us will remember Mrs. Bell, our instructor, who 50 effectively taught the principles of communicable disease nursing. TEDDY DOESN'T REALLY NEED A RESPIRATOR. 45 NO, NOT A CAGE, AN ELEVATOR! W . avifdyy it mum? MM1, VVYOUVRE STILL TICKING. " Hlzildrcu 'S Our three months spent at Children's Memorial Hospital were memorable times. Besides learning much from the excellent classes on childhood conditions, we developed many new skills in caring for children. Much of our time was spent feeding and playing with our young patients. "LET'S PLAY HOUSE, OK?" 'VNININI GOODIV' Memorial Off duty hours were filled with many activities. Care studies and studying were interwoven with reading, cooking snacks, and fun-filled trips to the zoo and conservatory. CATCHING UP ON THE LATEST FROM BACK HONIE. RETURNING ASSIGNMENT SHEETS ARE MISS BERTEAUX, MISS JONES MRS. STENBERG CMISS RUEJ, AND MISS MANN, TIME OUT EOR RECREATIONI I junior ,Mcmarics WE'I.I. START DIETING TOIVIORROWI I A gui! , , J' If I i 'I I J .-filii4,f:.ii- W A if ...... .g,s,1..:r.5,- 5 K 4 1 ' 41 ' G-ld '- G T: . I A-M -5 aww H ' W if V , il: I ,, Q " IS THE PATIENT ASL.EE'F"! I GUESS THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO START. NOW, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? AT LEAST WE BEAT OH NO, YOUR SIDE IS AND NOW, FOR THE THERE'5 ONE IN THE SUMMER CROWD. SHORTER THAN MINE. NEXT WITNESS... EVERY C,-A551 COMMENCEMENT God is in every tomorrow, Planning for you and for me, E'en in the dark I will follow, Trust where my eyes cannot see, Stilled by His promise of blessing Soothed by the touch of His hand Confident in His protection, Knowing my life -path is planned. 49 Anonymous I 6fllSS 5710 wer CHRYSANTHEIVIUIVI Glass Holars BRONZE AND WHITE Hlass ,Malta Glass Verse ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him." Iflass Sang Colossians 3: 17 WE THANK THEE, LORD, THY PATHS OF SERVICE LEAD We thank thee, Lord, thy paths of service lead To blazoned heights and down the slopes of needg They reach Thy throne, encompass land and sea, And he who journeys in them walks with Thee. We've sought and found Thee in the secret place And marveled at the radiance of Thy face, But often in some far -off Galilee Beheld Thee fairer yet while serving Thee. We've felt Thy touch in sorrow's darkened way Abound with love and solace for the day, And, 'neath the burdens there, Thy sov'reignty Has held our hearts enthralled while sewing Thee. We've seen Thy glory like a mantle spread O'er hill and dale in saffron flame and red, But in the eyes of men, redeemed and free, A splendor greater yet while sewing Thee. Show us the paths in which Thou wouldest lead To blazoned heights or down the slopes of needg For both alike encompass land and sea, And he who journeys in them walks with Thee. Calvin W. Laufer so U16 zudvr 611155 U! 1961 EUNICE M. BENSON PONOKA, AI.EIERTA, CANADA 'ITHou WlL.T SHEW ME THE PATH OF LIFE-IN THY PRESENCE IS PuI.NESS OF .Iov-AT TI-Iv RIGHT HAND THERE ARE PLEASURES EoREvERMoRE. I' VIRGINIA R. BENSON CHICAGO, ILLINOIS IITAKE HEED TO THE MINISTRY WHICH THOU HAST RECEIVED IN THE LORD THAT THOU F'UL.F'lLl. IT. ll MISS JOSEPHINE FLETCHER CLASS SPONSOR KAREN J. AKERLUND ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -IAND YE ARE CHRIST' S-AND CHRIST IS GOD'S." MARY E. BALBACH GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN NAND WE KNOW THAT AI.I. THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE GOD, TO THEM WHO ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE." 55 F. JOYCE BURKE EAST GARY, INDIANA 'VAND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, THAT BEFORE THEY CALL, I WILL ANSWER-AND WHILE THEY ARE YET SPEAKING, I WILL HEAR." ESTHER V. CARBERRY ST. ANSGAR, IOWA IITI-IAT I IVIAY KNOW HIM, AND THE POWER OP HIS RESURRECTION AND THE FELLOWSHIP OP HIS SUFFERINGS, BEING MADE CON- FORIVIABLE UNTO HIS DEATH." CAROLYN E. CHRISTOPHER Mc PHERSON, KANSAS VVCAST THY BURDEN UPON THE LORD, AND HE SHALL SUSTAIN TI-IEE-HE SHALL NEVER SUFFER THE RIGHTEOUS TO BE IvIOvED,u CAROL R. CROIVILEY cuLvER, INDIANA III KNOW THAT, WHATSOEVER GOD DOETI-I, IT SHALL BE FOREVER- NOTHING CAN BE PUT TO IT, NOR ANYTHING TAKEN FROM IT." CATHERINE E. ERB ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 'IAND THE LORD SHALL GUIDE THEE OONTINUALLY, AND SATISFY TI-IY SOUL IN DROUGI-IT." if MARILYN R. HUGHES REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA HMY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR THEE-FOR MY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESSJ' JUDITH A. JOHNSON MINNEAPOEIS, MINNESOTA 'vI.ET THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH AND THE MEDITATION OF MY HEART, BE ACCEPTAELE IN THY SIGHT, O LORD, MY STRENGTH AND MY REDEEMERJ' CYNTHIA A. FORREST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS HHE THAT OVERCOMETH, THE SAME SHAI.I. BE CI.OTHED IN WHITE RAIMENTJ' ETHEL. N. FRANSON GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN 'VTHAT IN AI..I. THINGS HE MIGHT HAVE THE PREEMINENCEJI NIARJORIE L. JOHNSON LINDSEORG, KANSAS UI CAN DO AI.I. THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENETH ME." JANET E. JONES PITTSFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA "AND WE KNOW THAT ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER POR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE GOD, TO THEM THAT ARE THE cAI.I..ED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE." LOWAYNE F. LARSON CHICAGO, ILLINOIS IICOMMIT THY WAY UNTO THE LORD-TRUST ALSO IN HIM-AND HE SHALL BRING IT TO PASSJI ELAINE L. MARSCHNIAN MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN WAND GOD IS ABLE TO MAKE ALL GRACE ABOUND TOWARD You-THAT YE ALWAYS HAVING ALL SUFFICIENCY IN ALL THINGS, MAY ABOUND TO EVERY GooD. 'I E. JOYCE PETERSON ANDERSON CAMRCSE, ALBERTA, CANADA IITHOU WILT SHoW ME THE PATH OF LIFE-IN THY PRESENCE IS FULNESS OF JOY-AT THY RIGHT HAND THERE ARE PLEASURES FoREVERMoRE." ASTA K. RAFOS CHICAGO, ILLINOIS III THANK THEE, AND PRAISE THEE, o THOU GOD OF MY FATHERS, WHo HAST GIVEN ME WISDOM AND MIGHT." YVONNE N. OLSON RED WING, MINNESOTA vIFoR THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT oF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS HATH MADE ME FREE FROM THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH.'I PHYLLIS M. PALMBERG AURORA, NEBRASKA IICALL UNTO ME, AND I WILL ANSWER THEE, AND SHEW THEE GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS, WHICH THOU KNCWEST NoT.'I PATRICIA A. SANDBLOOM PUERTA LA CRUZ, VENEZUELA 'VFOR HE SHALL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER THEE, TO KEEP THEE IN ALL THY WAYS." ANITA J. SPENCER CHICAGO, ILLINOIS VVTHE LORD IS IVIY STRENGTH AND IVIY SHIELD-IVIY HEART TRUSTED IN HINI, AND I AIVI HELPED-THEREFORE NIY HEART GREATLY REJOICETHJ' PATRICIA A. RASIVIUSSEN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 'IIN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATHSJ' MARGARET A. ROLOSON WORTHINGTON. OHIO WTHOUGH HE FALL, HE SHALL NOT BE UTTERLY CAST DOWN-FOR THE LORD UPHOLDETH HIM WITH HIS HAND." DIXIE L. STEEL ALEIA, IOWA "AND LET THE PEACE OF GOD RULE IN YOUR HEARTS, TO THE WHICH ALSO YE ARE CALLED IN ONE BODY-AND BE YE THANKFUL. II KAREN IVI. VAN STEENWYK ROCKFORD. ILLINOIS VVBUT SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS-AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU FAITH E. WEBER NILES, ILLINOIS IIGOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH, A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE." RUTH E. WEST NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA 'VNIY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR THEE-FOR NIY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESSJ' JEANlEANE'NWIIIZlIlcl-IEGAN A D H v ESNTO YOU Tl-TEREFORE WHICH BELIEVE I-IE IS PRECIOUS." SANDRA M. WISTROM CROSSLAKE, MINNESOTA VVBUT THE WISDOM FROM ABOVE IS FIRST PURE, THEN PEACEABLE, GENTLE, OPEN TO REASON, FULL OF MERCY AND GOOD FRUITS, WITHOUT UNCERTAINTY OR INSINCERITYJI 56 Kcligiaus Activities Hammittcc LEFT TO RIGHT-JEANIE WHITE, DIXIE STEEL, ESTHER CARBERRY, GINNY HOLTON, AND MISS REBECCA DAVEY. 1. To provide an environment for effectual Christian fellowship. 2. To create an awareness of our needs and the needs of others. 3. To gain an appreciation of missions, both home and foreign. 4. To develop skill in mechanics of service in aj prayer bj Bible study cj witnessing. 5. To broaden the scope of our socio -spiritual relationships. 6. To maintain a proper balance of academic, social and spiritual life. 7. To expose students to the enjoyment of a closer walk with Jesus Christ. These objectives are carried out through chapel services, N. C. F. meetings, dorm Bible studies, and prayer groups. SPIRITUAL REFRESHNIENT FOR THE NEW WORKING DAY. TO KNOW HIM AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN OF T D TESTA ILL AN NINETEE HE CLASS MENT AND sixty We, the senior class of Swedish Covenant Hospital, being of sound mind and clear memories, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament and do bequeath the following to the following beneficiaries. l, Karen Akerlund, will my inheritance of the saying, "l hate men!" , to jo Weigt. l, Mary Balbach, will my invigorating pineapple -cottage cheese salad with catsup dressing to Linda Dunn in hope that she may be so invigorated! l, Eunice Benson, will my magical charm with interns to lnga Kamphausen. Good luck! l, Virginia Benson, will my repertoire of compliments to joyce Ohrn. l, joyce Burke, will my solemn, unmischievious, sweet personality to Grace Welch to spark the Class of '62, l, Esther Carberry, will my love for school and ability to work extra in any capacity required to Sally Reihart. l, Carolyn Christopher, will my winning personality and sunny smile to ONE Grace Matson. l, Carol Crornley, will my cool, calm, and collected romance to Nancy Lindberg. l, Cathy Bib, will my moon -light snipe -hunting to Nancy jacobson. i, Cynthia Forrest, will my composure in any situation whether it be on duty or with Gilbert, to Sandy Lathrop. l, Ethel Franson, will my affinity for the ward, especially when working extra, to Alice Upstrom, l, Marilyn Hughes, will my ability to stand upright in surgery under the influence of phenobarb to Marilyn Myhre. l, judy johnson, will my early morning cheer before breakfast to Barbara Moore. l, Marjorie johnson, will my Swedish Covenant blond rinse to Carol johnson for that Kansas glow. l, janet jones, will my ability to pass for white to my little sis, Kathy Bingham. l, Lowayne Larson, will my ability to ace a test with fifteen minutes of study to Lois Conradt. l, Elaine Marschman, will my preference for Wheaton men over hospital personnel to Barb jones. l, Voni Olson, will my future career as the best-dressed Covenant minister's wife to julia Westberg. l, Phyllis Palmberg, will my student uniforms to Rhoda Drotts with the stipulation that they be shortened three feet to suit the latest styles. l, joyce Anderson, will my sink of dirty dishes, my basket of dirty white shirts, my dusty living room to all of those envious junior girls. l, Asta Rafos, will my ability to soothe the old men in Nelson Hall 2 by singing lullabies to Karen johnson, l, Patricia Rasmussen, will my far -sighted contact lenses to Annette Moller! Go West, young lady, go west! l, Margaret Roloson will my professional dignity to the point of withdrawal to Diane Gustafson. 11 Patricia Sardbloom, will my remaining two cases of Gerital Qfor tired bloodj to Marilyn johnson. l, Anita Spencer, will my secret love life to Kathy Amslef- fCOrnplete details on request.j l, Dixie Steel, will my prize assignments to Elaine Carby so that she may obtain an equal wealth of learning experiences. 1, KHYGH Yan Steenwyk, will my flying feet to Sylvia Shepard so that she may carry on in the Nightingale tradition. l, Faith Weber, will my personal copy of 5CCEB1221j316fW2QislQoven5nt Pranks to Helen Larson. Carry on, Nurse! 58 'll this advice to the junior class night owls, "Don't get sterling qualities of forget- l, Ruth West, wr your liver in a quiver!" l, jeanie White will my fulness, il found my lost clothes. . 3 months later. . . all mildewedlj my rigid schedule, Ql'll get up in another hour.j and my driving abilities LGrand Haven, Michigan in 45 minutesj to joAnn jensen. l, Sandra Wistrorn, last but not least, will my organizational ability to Eleanor Wetzstein. We, janet jones and Dixie Steel, will the confusion created by our striking resemblance to Karen Dense and Lois Conradt. We, the senior class, will to Barb Lindell, Cathy Peters, and Nancy johnson the ability to turn mattresses according to nursing principles. Ooops, we forgot to take off the linen! To Miss Fletcher, we will the latest medication for general ills, Miallergrain, discovered by Dr. Orni Akinbak. To Miss Peterson we will, as a last try, completed US citizenship applications. Miss joel, with our envious regards? receives a free years pass to the Tastee -lfreez. To Miss Greider, the most modernfin bamboofislring rods. Good luck next year! To Dr. Hulburt, we leave the following orders. . .24 hours of bedrest with aspirin grg x q. 4 h. with one large bottle Hydros gingerale and a return appointment tomorrow at 10 a. rn. To the freshmen class we leave an opportunity for revenge! And as our last bequest, to our Lady of the Dining Hall, we leave a free pass to an orthopedic clinic for treatment of her congenital absence of clavicles and dislocated hip. if We: the ' ' Junior C1 . upperclassmem ass, predlct the following in the next f. We Years for om- .i..4..4-.- Karen Akerlund . . . is bus'1 . Elsltsplilbigshedka boot gniiglgcinilpgoagas ag gs golf club, Mary Balb h Vi, . . WOT Ing as cheap hel '. an ,ne Ways to Eat L t as haf Joyiglgulienson has again beenpclsn? Promising young doctojsmg? " Eunice Anarticau eEgi1:-S'-rYIg9uSly noted for beE?12eihEYfj16I' husband for arfogliiiwe k for those home d 1-arbgfw is often Seen 1od3St woman missionary to tif ' e IVEFICS in eastern Tengesseelfg through swamps in knej boots Carolyn Christopher . onl five 15 the P1'0l1d moth . 333333.Tssstzissi1,52203.Sssg2.1eZ1??fiiYS5.15s2121fssgzszlsgefs--at Gil, in asglsgljgluand a nursing Careez. eglilglg that all importanctlzaillgies has just hung u lil Switzerland and owns hir O15 F0l'i'eSt is living with hugs d has answered qi Cl: shingle as 2 seamstress inlivqn Ski resort, Ethel Fransonan , allenge of frontier nursing. el' Community, Marilyn Hughes iv-C-O-'O-' 59 Judith Johnson is producing live Johnson and Johnson products. Marjorie Johnson is still trying to decide what to do with her Bachelor of Science degree. Janet Jones has taken Mrs. Stromdah1's place as P. M. supervis or. Lowayne Larson has postponed wedding plans again to study at University of Chicago--Did she say pre -med? Elaine Marschman is now raising her three children according to theories learned at Children's Memorial. Yvonne Olson spends her spare time painting murals on the walls of the pastor's study. Pat Rasmussen is the only midwife in rural areas of Nebraska. Joyce Anderson and Andy are working for an even dozen with four boys and four girls--are they all twins? Asta Rafos is nurse for an opera company, working extra as beautician. Phyllis Palmberg is giving nursing care to Nebraska farm animals. Margaret Roloson we've lost track of --but did she go to Alaska? Pat Sandbloom is finally making plans for that June wedding with her Vlfheaton man. Anita Spencer is teaching piano at Cook County Hospital. Karen Van Steenwyk hopes soon to open her own charm school. Faith Weber is sending her three children faithfully to KYB Club every Sunday. Ruth West listens faithfully to WMBI from sun-up to sun-down. Jeanie White is organizing NCF meetings for male nurses. Sandra Wistrom is still working at Sh.riner's Hospital, and we understand, often gets mistaken for the kids. Dixie Steel is now serving as OR supervisor. Did she really like OR? 60 Nurses' Hharus WE SING HIS PRAISES Meeting weekly for practices, the Nurses' Chorus serxes as an enjoyable outlet from the tense hospital situation. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter season find the chorus presenting several evening concerts in Chicago -area churches. Highlighting the year is the banquet at the Svithiod Club given by the hospital in honor of the chorus. Mr. E. Clifford Toren graciously gives of his time to conduct the group which is accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Arthur Nelson. MR. E. CLIFFORD TOREN DIRECTOR l 61 MRS. ARTHUR NELSON AccoMPANlsT fudcu! aunfil MEMBERS CLOCKWISE ARE-MARGARET ROLOSON SANDRA WISTROM, KAREN AKERLUND, RUTH VANDERARK, MARY BALBACH, ESTHER CARBERRY VIRGINIA BENSON, MISS CONSTANCE NELSON CADVISORJ, PAT SANDBLOOM, AND JEANIE WHITE. Student Council, capably directed by Mary Balbach, is one of the most active student organizations in the school. Some of the activities for which it is responsible are the monthly birthday teas and the Spring Banquet. The farewell party for Mother Widen and the all -school picnic were enjoyed by all. A beautiful new portable TV can be found in each floor lounge--purchases of the Student Council. The initiation and presentation of the Student Nurse of the Year Award mghiighred the year. l5'ilf and up Staff Keeping in Contact with fellow-students, whether they be at Kids, Cook County, or at our own S. C. H. , is facilitated by our school paper, Bib and Cap. The staff, headed by co -editors, Anita Spencer and Esther Carberry, publish four issues a year, one for each season. This year incoming students received a complimentary copy to better acquaint them with our school life. Miss Wilma Peterson selves as sponsor. FRONT ROW-CAROLYN CHRISTOPHER, ALICE UPSTROM, JOYCE BURKE. CENTER ROW JUDY ANDERSON, ESTHER CARBERRY, ANITA SPENCER, MISS WILMA PETERSON, KAREN DENSE, ANNETTE MOLLER. BACK ROW-CAROL. CROML..EY, KAREN VANSTEENWYK, PAT JENNINGS, KATHY AMSL.ER. 62 Student Num' af thc year 4 N The Student Nurse of the Year Award sponsored by the Student Council will be given each year to a senior girl selected by the student body as an outstanding student nurse. One who is to be considered a remarkable student nurse should be a person who is thoughtful! dependable, congenial and likeableg possesses empathyg is neat in appearanceg has genuine interest in nursing education and gives thorough nursing care- maintains a ood , S scholastic averageg lives a consistent spiritual life and has an optimistic outlook on life. Jeanie White was found to excell in these qualities and thus was named Student Nurse of the Year for 1961. We congratulate you, jeanie, and trust that you willcontinue to continue to manifest these qualities in the years to come. 63 Qt" , 'vw ack SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS- C1.EF'r 'ro RIGHTD MRS. M, ADAMSON-CHIEF' OPERATOR, M. NIULVEHILJ., AND K. BRILI.. MEDICAL RECORDS- NIRS. BERGQUIST AND MRS. YOST MEDICAL RECORD LIBRARIANS- F. TURNQUIST. F. WARNER, AND NIRS. l.. NIC CLIIVIANS-CHIEF' LIBRARIAN. ADIVIITTING OFFICE-MRS. LEANDER AND NIRS. EICHLIN. wvw.J,Mwm.mwuuamnnnannmmfw' .XgN.. ,Q nm. -sf WHO LET THEM OUT OF PSYCHO7 IS IT WORTH A DEMERIT? "I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS IF ONLY IN MY DREAMSVV BUT, GILBERT, HEVD MAKE A CUTE PET PEPSODENT SMILES GUESS WHO7 TO MARKET-TO MARKET. THOSE WEDDING BELLS ARE BREAKING UP THAT OLD GANG OF MINE. WHERE THEREVS DUST- THEREIS ELSIE1 ,...,......, M 'Tx ol-4, THAT FRESH xl DOE-SNIT ANYBODY CARE? MORNING AIR. A! QM. AFFILIATION-HERE WE COME! ACCEPT THE PATIENT AS SHE IS. U1: War THE CHICKENPOX KID! ALL. HIS JEWELS- PRECIOUS JEWELS. K 2 E 1 f 1 4 QQ f Rf 4 ? kgs W ww X Q A 'tw XXX Q W1 in T Y f 5 1 H A ss.. ye A 5 'Y N iiiw- AW We K 6 Aim, x M Sw nf A fx - fzxiegi, .. X m x fiig ,max gg 4 X :J -, 1,3 L A XX 3 " ' 1 X . XF? Yi 5-rg SJ.: ,id-?'T X ,. ALUMNAE HOMECOMING TEA ME--HYPER? THREE QICLQCK A,M, THE l..OVEL.lEST NIGHT OF' THE YEAR. gl x. E7 THIS IS THE LIFE EVEN NURSES NEED VACATIONS! THOSE DIGNIFIED SENIORSI Ki M' GH M251 is If 7 amile Staff CLOCKWISE-FAITH WEBER, MARGARET ROLOSON AND CAROL CROMLEY CCO-EDITORSD, JOYCE BURKE, MARGE JOHNSON, JOYCE ANDERSON, JEANIE WHITE, MARY ANN BROWN, AND KAREN VANSTEENWYK. NOT PICTURED-YVONNE OLSON AND RUTH WEST. We, the members of the 1961 Candle Staff, sincerely hope that you are pleased with your 1961 Candle. Many efforts have been made this year to give you a bigger, better and more complete records of your days ax S. C. H. In the future may this book not only bring back cherished memories but also stand as a tribute to our Lord jesus Christ whom we Thank Wu, The 1961 61111416 Staff seek to honor and serve. ON cHlcAoo's PARK :Zara-nwssr .,---Aa Ii: iii Conveniently located campus permits living at home-cuts expenses . . . A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE BACHELOR OF ARTS 0 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF MUSIC BACHELOR OF MUSIC EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Education with a Christian emphasis For additional information, write or call Oflice of Admissions IJU 3-27003 . FOSTER and KEDZIE 0 CHICAGO 25 Noam PAQ? We PHOTOS gy I Welcwm' C0 IMMANUEL MISSION COVENANT WEDNESDAY 5210 N. WASHTENAW AVE. PAUL J. JOHNSON-PASTOR CSERVICESJ SUNDAY SCHOOL 9 30 A M MORNING WORSHIP I0 45 A M EVENING 7 30 P NI MIDWEEK SERVICE 7 30 P M CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES FIRST COVENANT CHURCH 6558 ARTESIAN AVE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS EDWIN A. OMAN PASTER TRINITY EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH COVENANT CHURCH WEDNE SDAYS 9230 CRAWFORD CHICAGO, IL..I.. RAVENSWOOD EVANGELICAL MISSION 4900 NORTH DAMEN AVE CHICAGO Z5 ILLINOIS SERVICES SUNDAY 9 30 A M SUNDAY SCHOOL SERVICES I0 45 A M MORNING WORSHIP CHURCH AT STUDY 9 45 A M 7 O0 P M EVENING EVANGEL CHURCH AT WORSHIP I0 30 A M EVENING SERVICE 7 45 P BIBLE STUDY AND PRAYER 7 45 P SUNDAY SERVICES Bible School ....... Morning Worship ....,.. Children's Church ....... Young People's Activities . . Inspiration and Evangelism Rev. D. Thurlow Vaxley, Pastor L0ngbeach 1-5410 EDGEWATER 5:l5PM . 9:45AM .ll:OOAM .ll:O0 AM .. 7:00 PM BAPTIST CHURCH Hollywood and Glenwood Avenue CHRIST IS THE LIGHT 0F THE llll0RlD chicago 26. Illlnols AT THIS TIME MAY WE EXTEND TO YOU Our Sincere Eaugratulations g,,,,,,,,1f,,,,,,,f5 AND AN OPEN INVITATION TO VISIT E715 uNlFoRm cEN'rER W-E""'e" Of New vonx OFFERING YOU AS THE GRADUATE NURSE, CAREFREE-ONE STOP UNIFORM SHOPPING Qcaturing OVER 200 DIFFERENT STYLES, EVERY NEW AND BASIC FABRIC. A COMPLETE SHOE DEPT. OFFERING A WIDE SELECTION OF PROFESSIONAL AND CASUAL SHOES. PER- SONALIZED SERVICE, WITH FREE ALTERA- TIONS. CHARGE ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. Of . Fox HUNTINGTON LABORATORIES. INC -HUNTINGTON, INDIANA- COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF J. EIVIIL ANDERSON Q SON INC. Engineers - Bilders 1809 West Balmoral Ave. Chicago, Illinois Sweden Shep WE COME OFTEN TO 3313 FOSTER AVENUE Xriekseu jeweler 5304 N. CLARK STREET CHICAGO 40, ILLINOIS BUY LOVELY GIFTS CQVENANT gomplimgnts af PRESS EVANGELICAI. RICA. ,,,Lc,11E:1:sLE EDGEWATER MISSION COVENANT CHURCH 5610 N. GLENWOOD AVE. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Edgar - Audcrsau X15 Sfumfral flames Y JIODERN CHAPELS AT YOUR SERVICE SOUTH SIDE 1107 WEST 75TH STREET RA 3-0876 NORTH SIDE 4821 NORTH DAIVIEN AVENUE LO 1 2016 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS nf. 1 -the 7 Orber J o the fe DENIO SERVING GREATER CHICAGO Sun FUNERAL HOMES I 5303 N.WESTERN AVE ....... CHICAGO I 127 N.NORTHWEST HIGHWAYUPARK RIDGE 6 o 0 Bruss Provision Radio Co. Sleel U' Nlanulactoring Co. O I I Ti Swedish Covenant Hospital Scl1oolOt Nursing Alumnae Members Serve AR 2 474 W it ps' ' greg - ' 4 'f?z ll If ll W M li ' l ill North Park Pharmacy Gvmplimvufs vf flu' ow, CH Hospital Coffee Shop Buds Restaurant 8g Delicatessen CALIFORNIA AND FOSTER Bucllong Glass C0mP0nY Central States Maintinance, Inc. 125 N. MARION STREET OAK PARK, ILLINOIS PH -- VILLAGE B-2I65 Illinois Medical Book Co. ffaspital dluipmcnt 60I',t70t'1lfi0l1 Meclical, Dental, and Nurses Books SFESESSRIERS WK 44020 215 WEST CHICAGO AVENUE CHICAGO Io, ll.l.lNo1s UE I-'I MORRISON X XXXXXX LILL CCAL OIL nv' ow QOAV .EQ LOngbeach 1 - 2700 wmplimeuts af The Service Guild Swedish Covenant Hospital With best wishes on your 75th Arlniversarfy John A. Rogus ESTABLISHED 1935 FOSTER FLORAL SHOP 2463 FOSTER AVENUE CHICAGO 25, ILLINOIS Ebgewuier 4-0860 Evugratulatiaus Graduates MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE NORTH PARK COVENANT CHURCH 5250 N CHRISTIANA AVE CHICAGO ILLINOIS ying , Layout Artwork and Pn t Pr d b h Ixllll, 810 w Hlggms Road Z Park Rxdge I111no1s , I Rodney 3-0642 Nr. 7 ' ' ' ' 'ning ouction yte QR N, i x QQ' NORMAN KING COMPANY, INC i . , . .

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