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The Candle published by H1e Senior Claw of Swedish Covenanf Hospifa! School of Nursing Chicago, Illinois 1954 "And when He putteth forth His own sheep, He goeth before them and the sheep follow Him for they know His voice." John 10: 4 66 79 n aa f8l0f5 fu . ' Sv 54 fi if 4 lf? K gp 3,44 YM if, 4. mwwiikf awww ,.,, 1' J., vw 4 6? ' 2 x fn, f 'ia 4+ ?orewo d . . . Another yeztr has pztssed att Swedish Clovenzint Hospital, ll year filled with llllllly hztppv events, next-r to he forgotten ment- ories and cherishecl lrientlships: zu yeztr than hits brought us to our goal . , . that daly when we proudly don our Uwhitesf' receive our pin, :ind reztlile our drezun has Colne true. 'In this, :another CI.-XNDl.li, we hope you will fztteh at glimpse ol' the rihrzznt lille ut Swedish Clorensuit Hospitul. You will see students husy zu work . . . students gaining knowledge ol' the mysteries ol' the ntedicztl world . . .students spending leisure hours in the dormitory. You will see our instructors, doctors. hospital personnel . . . this and more :ts you turn the pages and l"Ul,l,0XV 'l'lll'l l"OO'l'S'I'EPS ol' the stu- dents in their work zunl zutivities. SXVEDISH KIOVENXNT HOSl'I'l'.-Xl, XVQ 1-01110 H1101 10 lac 111i11is11'1'1'11 111110 11111 10 111111- is1er." SCHOOLOI1'NVRSINCL XX'C111x' 11lll 1'11g1'1' slcps 121116 llS 10 Olll' 1lOIllL' 10 '11111111' 1lIJ2ll'I 111111 1651 2lWK'1l11C,U 10 A111111 wi111 011111 011161 Olll 1111118 111111 i0ys, 111111 10 1C2ll'11 10 11110w 111111 51-we H1111 111-11011 E NELSON ll.X'l,1. Y N1 "It is LLOOK1 101' 1110 111111 1 1111x'c 1lCL'll 11111i1'1c11, 111111 1 Illiglll 1C'2l1'1l 111y s11111111's." llOVEN,XN'1' HON11iOlf KIICRCJY "1 1111117 111111 y01111g 111111 110W 11111 O1f1, ycl 111111: I 1101 501111 the l'1g'1llCOllS 1'01's1111c11 IIOI' His scccl begging, l11'111111." 1,12 V1 1.151 ,1 ,ppt gf,- ,H ft "1 bedication . . . . . because of your loyal service to our School ol' Nursing . . . your active interest in our class . . your participation in our activities . . because you have been nurses . . . a friend to each ol us individually . . because of your unselfish spirit . . . your Cahn, gen and devotion to Christ which is an inspiration to all . and because you are a very vital part of our school this volume. 21 wise counselor and patient helper to student uine Christian testimony . . . we lovingly dedicate lionvred Step ffm IQ OZ, Our 14 mini t ator ' r. .fdxelion The teaching ol Saint Paul, "And now abideth laith, hope, charity, these three, but the greatest ol' these is c'harity,'l established lor all time the principle that our inward spiritual lile ntust be joined by some outward expression ol lile toward one's fellow nien. lt was thus that ciare ol' the sick was introduced early in the Christian era as one ol' the special duties ol people who had dedi- eated their lives to God. Today, providing care lor the sick continues to be as Vital it "calling" as it ever has been. In this world ol' darkness and sickness it ollers a niost challenging ministry which allords perhaps the best opportunity for witnessing ell'et'tix'ely to our lellow nten. It was this that lflorence Nightingale 1'CCOgIll7Sd when she wrote "ll we do not have the true religious feeling and purpose, hospital lile, the highest of all things with these, bectoines without them at inere routine and bustle. And a very hardening routine and bustle." WM 'Ml Jdwdon 010' licwpital Koard lffm' um' -- Dr. l. NY. .'XlKil'lkSUll, Nh. Nils XY. .Xxelmm Xllx. llilmm' 'I'c11g,wnll, Nlr. lum- ill'Ci IXUINIIIZIII. Rev. ,X. Clzmlml Iulmnmn Row two: Rm. .Xrxicl W. .Xlclcn, Mr. liric XX'nll- grcn. NIV. lilmcr .Xmlc-rwn, Mr. EIIIIUI' lI2ll'lJCl'. NIV. Paul XY. IQIIQNIIYDIII. N111 Ray- moml Nclmn Xl1'.s.s1A11g W NIV. Roy c12ll'I5Oll. Rev. Dwight Elving NIR. IQLNIICR ,XNDIQRSON ,l4l't'4l.KLllH'I', linarrl Ill lir'r1r'welr'21c'1' 4l.sx'1.slnr1l In flu' flflmizzixlmlm' r W Y 000 I Ron' om' - Dr. lf. li. Nagel, Dr. ylurgens. Dr. .X. Cl. Peterson. Dr. R. li. lilnier. Hou' Iwo - Dr. li. l'. Berg. Dr. S. lYysLyk. Dr. XY. D. vlillOl'lllJlIl0Ill. Dr. F. Johnson. Dr. .X. If. 'l'llOlllCL7. Hou' lllrwf' - llr. XY. Yanlbuine. Dr. S. XYeiss. Dr. .X. Kaclow. Ron' four - Dr. Il. Cl. Sprecher. Dr. l. Ciernon, Ilr. R. l-Irikson, Dr, li. Hilmlxerl. Dr. XY. li. Strolnberg, Dr. O. 'IQ Swensson. Dr. R liorrlierl. Dr, ll, Jeffries. Row' .vix-Dr. H. Siglllllllll, Dr. C. N. Ural, Dr. Cl Stigniau, llr. H. Wallin. llr. li. llans, Dr. l.. Killilsen, llr. R. XVesllancl, Dr lfinlx. To our doctvmf . . . Our sincere thanks lor your guidance and leaching, while we were "green prolJationers" when the medical world seemed very mysterious and new: when as juniors in surgery you so often overlooked our hlunclering ways and niislakesg anal, as seniors, lor the lilIlCS you stopped to explain the reasons for a niecliealion given, a treannenl. clone, or the causes and syniptonis ol a disease . . . lor all this and iuueh more we oller our appreciation. Dr. II. jurgens . . . Chairinzni oi Niemlifal Stall. "For his heart was in his work and the heart giveth grace to every art." Not jIif'ill7'f'df Dr. W. O. .-Xekley, Dr. E. S. Braden, Ill: G. Bradley, Dr. E. Breed. Dr. A. Z. Klliapnmn, Dr. B. Cushman, Dr. R. .L Davis, Dr. YV. Iirslelmen, Dr. W. Qlenson, Dr. T. Johnson, Dr. lf. Kelola, Dr. Al. F. Krunnu, Dr. R. A. l.if'vemlal1l, Dr. E. Line, Dr. H. CI. IN1cil1raney, Dr. li. Oliver, Dr. l.. M. Olson, Dr. H. S. Parker. Dr. R. Pesehman, Dr. M. Pijan. Dr. Ii. Pnlmanl, Dr. N. Roherg, Dr. O. 'l'. Rolmerg. Sr., Dr. j. H. Robinson, llr. CL. I.. Rosene, Dr. A. Ruggie. Dr. .X. Sklllflklhli Ur. K. Sfherihel. Dr. P. Selilollerheck, Dr. H. Slllilil, Dr. li. Slenhouse, Dr. XV. B. Sll'0llllJCl'g. llr. R. '1allJotl, Dr. ll. S. lexlor. Dr. Yallauey, Dr. K. Yehe. Dr. I... Wallner, Dr. F. Walters. Dr. A. 51. Heigen. Dr. li. j. Wexler. Dr. F. XVhitsell, Dr. R. Willy. Dr. S. Franzhlau. Dr. A. Hamann. Dr. H. H. Hamlin, Dr. R. Head, Dr. G. Holmes. 10 Rolierg, Run' five- Dr. li. .X. Millar, Ur. E. Larsen. Dr. W. Hulson, Dr. NI. Iironian, Ilr. li Our fxternA Selmer Berge O O O D0 you remember when they came? . . they were almost as "green as prolJies!" But they became orientated much faster, ol' course! Not, only have they reeeiyecl training here, hut have given much ol' themselves: those times while on lirst call they had to he awakened to run dutifully to E. R. only to see a "minor sup- erlieial scratch ol the left cheek" . . . hut we nurses certainly appreciate their promptness and eheerfulness in times ol' emergency. They have also become friends ol' us all: and we admire their warm Christian spirit. XVe pray the Lorcl's richest blessings on them fW'1"'t1'CUf't'1' as they graduate and hegin their internship in l Clonrortlia College. .X.l3. Calxin College, ILS. various hospitals. W Northwestern l'nix'ersity, NLD. Northwestern l7niversity. NLD. Gerald Van Xronclonk Northwestern Alttnior College Hope College. AB. Northwestern l'nixersity. NLD Frank Bland John R. Bennett University ol' Akron, ILS. Northwestern University, MJD. Wheaton College. ILS. Nortllwestern University, Nl.l1. 'l'o those who remain . . . may next year be filled with nmeh learning, experience and wisdom lrotn our Cod. ,5I'IIf!'Il -- lfranlx lilancl, littgene Brztssettr. Hans NVessel, Selmer lierge. llonaltl Smith .Slrmrling - .-Xrthtn' De Boer. Cieralcl Yan .Xronclonk A On ga an 15 -4 ,..., , Wm, x -ffw,.ww ...fn-te-Q CATH ERIN E SKAN SE University of Minnesota School of Nursing, R.N. University of Minnesota, BS. N. Ed. Director, School of Nursing and Nursing Service Professional Adjustments I and II 010' bzrectv Wu ,Jing . . . lllherever you go you will be needed. As nurses we are moved to deep concern for our fellowmen and sense our duty to give to others the services and skills of our profession. Our responsibilities are as great as our opportunities for service. For the members of the Class of I954 we pray God's wisdom and guidance as you carry these responsibilities. And may your service be given in the Spirit ol our Lord who said, "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto tnen-" Catherine Skanse 12 The jlaculty . . . "Time wa., guide our Step " Hl'Vl.S'Il0lIl ix Ihr' f1Tllll'l!lIll lhing: llI1"I'lfl0lif' gel 1ui.s'rl0n1.' and zvilh all llzux' gfffiing' gr! H7lIllf'I',S'fllllIll'Ilg.ll Y si mg?-..u-Q.. ' Cllurza R. Olson Swt-tlislt flthtllillll llmmitftl Stlnml ul' X ' lllg, RA. Sllllt' 'licz1t'l1t:t's Clullt-gc, Kirkwillt-, Mn. Nursing Servin- rwing Spcttiztltit-s Elizabeth Bennett ing, R.N. lvlliilllbll Collt-gc, ILS .,... Xllilltllllx, Physio trgx, Nlit't'nlxinltmgy Nlztrgarct, Gztlmler livztmtutt Hospital Sclwol of Nursing, R.N, XUl'lllhC5lCI'Il l'niu-rsily. BS ,.., Nursing Arts, l'llIll'lllllLUltlgy 13 Assistant Dil1't'l0l', Sclmol ol Nursing and Swctlisll Ilmcnztnt Hospital Stltonl of Nurs Ethel I-Ierhst lhiversity of Wisconsin School of Nursing, RY llniveisity of NVisconsin, l3.S. Medical Tccllnology fiUlll'S2. XVesley Hospital Clinical Instrmtox' Constance Nelson Swedish Covenant Hospital School of Nurs- ing. RN. lllllVCl'Slly of filllfilgll, ILS.. P.H.N. Director of Health Service. Public Health, Sociology Elsie E. Nelson Swedish Covenant Hospital School of Nurs- ing, R.N. Mansfield State 'l'c1tcI1c-rs College, Pennsyl- vania Stale University Assistant Director ol' Nursing Service Take just hold of Z'l7SfT'LlFli0HZ let her not go." Prmt. -I I1 ""'t-jew. l'c'lcr P. Pvrson Nh lhixcrsiti of Cliiaaigo. l.' Noi llllKCSlCl'll l'IliX4'I'SllY. NIA. I'syrllology ll1Il'Nlll'll l IHXLISIIN. lil. IJ. Xlorlli Park College lfziciilrv "The fear of the Low! is the bfgirming of lrnozulrfrlgff Lillian lleclven Prof Nlzirilyn lVli'lill0llll Nlvllioclisr llospilzll School of Nursing, R,N., Sioux City, Iowa Nortliwcslciii l'nivcx'silv BS Nlomingsiclc College. BS. Y ul Il: kk C H1 fl North Park College. . . Clinical! A Ulm fu 'O Lge 'Hu ll c.llCIIllSll'l lIlSll'llL'l0li ' l5 Donald M. Xvlflillflllll liuivcrsily of Illinois. 15.8. N1bl'llllSL'SlCl'll l,vlllYCI'Sllf', NLS. NOI'lllWCSlCl'Il Vuivcrsiiy. lll1.lJ. Cllzlirmalll, Division oi Sciclxfcs North Park Clmillcgn-...Illia-111 istrs '54 no6Ie row of men Aluzll wall: Jeneatln the Atam. " "Get wisdom, get 1mderstan1ling,' foiget it not . . .' Prov. 4.'5 Dr. I". Il. johnson . . . Surgivzil Diseases HC2lllllllCSS is the Cll2ll'2lC'lL'l'lSllC of strength." Noi pictured Dr. R. Dr. H. Dr. A. Dr. D. Dr. A. Dr. A. Dr. D. A. C. McC1'aney C. Peterson S. Texlor . . J. lYeigen . . F. Thoinell M. Pohanl . Davis . . . Rye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. H. C. Sprecher . . . Proctology "lf lhere's ri virtue in the world for which we should aim, it's cheerfulnessf' Dr. G. I.. Roselle . . . Obstetrics "Stars do not shout, they shine." . . Dermatology ' DCUHHIOIOSY Dr. lj. R. Fink . . . Immunization , . Ncurologl' Allergv 4121112 vf the n'fWl-mm "Everyone who knows him likes him . . Chest Diseases . Medical Diseases 16 "I ajljllierl mine hear! to know, and lo search, and to seek out 'LUlSI10HZ,IlTlIl the reason of things." Eccl. 7:25 Dr. NV. B. Strotnherg . . . Surgical Diseases "Who mixes reason with pleasure, and Dr. O. 'l'. Roherg jr .... Surgical wistlotu with mirth. Diseases 'XX pleasing personality is a great asset" Dr. G. F. Hihhcrt . . . Gynecology "Wisely and surely he trcatls his way." I7 Dr. R. A. Lifventlahl . . . Gynecology "The walk of one who would not sttnnhle in the clark." Dr. L, M. Olson . . . Obstetrics "XVise to resolve, patient to l'CfOl'lll.' Dr. 13. A. Millar . . . Orthopedics "He puts his worries into a pocket with a hole in il." Dr. M. R. Broinun . . . Microbiology 'Nou have known hiin by the morri- ment that sparkles in his eyesf' "Study L0 show thyself apjwoved unto Gorlg a ZUO'l'!C7Illl1l that neeflelh not K0 he ashamed, rightly divifling the word of ll'1lllI.U H. M. Slgllltlllil . . . Orthopcrlifs "He will find an way or make it," 18 Il Tim. 2 lv Dr. J. T. C. Gernon . . . Urology "Determination will carry you fur. 1-'21 v 'QV w H. 9 if ', ,fn 2 sg "' A , 35 CM 9011! I'rexider1l - Eileen Melieever EILEEN MQKEEVER . . . Bradford, Illinois "lXf'Iac,' "Some think llle worlzl is mmle for fun and frolirj, and so do I." Psalni 18:2 C7444 Ufficer CONSTANCE JOHNSON Chicago, Illinois "Connie" 1 Sllffhi noble in every lllllllglll and every deed. john 3:30 ELN.-X PETERSON . . Serrelury - Constance Johnson - Paxton, Illinois "Pete" Cares come, cares go, so why care? i II rlillll. l:7 Class molto - In His Steps Class werse - 'A,-Xncl when He putteth forth His own sheep, Ile goeth before theni and the sheep follow Hint: lor they know His voicef' jolm 10:4 Class song - "He leadeth me! O blessed thought! O words with heavenly comfort fraught! XVhat e'er I do, where e'er I be, Still 'tis God's hand that leacleth ine. Refrain He leadeth nie, He leadeth me, By His own hancl He leadeth me: His faithful follower I would be, For by His hand He leacleth me. And when my task on earth is done, Vlhen, by Thy grace, the vic:Iory's won, E'en death's fold wave I will not Hee. Since God through jordan leacleth nie." Class Colors - yellow and forest green Class flower - yellow rose 20 Treasurer - lilna Peterson VIVI.-KN ANDERSON Clliicugo, Illinois ll1'r smile ZUIAIIX he l:e1'ps llmnz. IRILNE ARNELI. . . Glenwood, lllinoih l'll'U71I ll l1'lil1f .s'p1u'l: will lmrn 11 mighty flame. HELEN CARLSON . . . Iron Mountain, Michigan Szuecft, SIi7II'!'l'l? 111111 of Il friendly 1111111112 C.AXROI,YN CO1 .IZNLXN Erie, Pennsylvzinizi S1111 l111s fl 111111111 fm least of Zllfm fTIil'7Id.S. DOROTHY DUHBS . . Indus, Minnesota Blonde, twinlrling 1 ff The Cla A o I9 4 1 1X'7ivn rlends, l11fr l7f'l'.W1III1lll3l Psalm 57:4-5 "Rene" Malt. 6:33 l,S2lllIl 16:11 ' many llzing-.s', not the Psalm 32:8 "Dolphin" md iH'esisI11l1l1v. Psalm 32:8 21 DOROTHY l'Il7I.'I'BERC . . Chicago, Illinois HI'IOI'ILOIll2lI'l If smiles TUUIY' footslepsy, .x'l11"cl lmwf wf1l,':f'fl LlT0'llI'lCl lllc world. Joshua I :SJ VERLYIY HUIIIMAN . . Hlauszi, Nelmmskzi 6'Cnz" I'Villi1zg zvorlczfr with a wllllllllg way. Phu. 120,21 CAROL AIOHNSON . . Chicago, Illinois Sllt?,,Y flfllllly and 511619 mfnl, lm! lies! of all Sl'I6'.S' swzfrfl. Phil. 4:07 VIRGINIA JOHNSON . . Princeton, Illinois MCIIIIIIICH . . . -SlII',.S' not ll flower, .s'lm.s' not H pearl, SlIGlS jus! nn fzll-rzrozrrzd girl. Jenner, l:5 The C1444 IZVELYN IQNCQIILOKI . . . cilllifllgll, Illinois "Iix'ic" A smzny 11'i.sf1o.s1il1'o12 to mnlrlf hw' sznzny lmlr. Col. l: Ill GOLDIE IVOOY . . . Kzilznnzxloo, ixllflllgiill Her zum' lx lllff way of flfflrfrmllzflllmz. Epli. 2:8-SI EDN,-X FRANCIS . . . Royal Oak, Nllflllgilll UECIIICTH II"l1r1l1'w1'7' is fvoftlz doing' is worlli doing 1 well. Proxy 515,15 EIISIE H.-XI.I,.X . , . cillllfllgii, Illinois XI llllflpy jilfzf, fl llflppy ,lf'fll'l. I Cor. lifllljll 0194 NlI1,DRl1llJ K1il,l.ER . .. Home, Kansas "Millic' Her zurws arc' ways of p1ef1.sar1tr1e,s.s, hm' pnlhs, patlls of pvflcff. II Cor. 4:7 1Xl1R1AlXl K1,1N'1l . . . R0c'kl'ord, Illinois "lXf'lc1I1z1' Short fmrl .S'!I1lf1f73'V, rltlrnr'lf11c and llllflfly. Isa. 41:10 1i1,SA KNUIJSEN . . . Luclinglon, Michigan A I'1lC'l'1'f'Ill heart mzlkrfllz brighl Iliff way. I Cor. 15257-,578 NANCY KRISTOFFERSIQN . . cllllfllgil, Illinois "Kris" jus! rr Hl'lIj'U of .S'll1I.5'lll.IIl'. 11 Cor. 5215 XUDREY NIOll'l'HAAN . . Grzmd Rapids, lxlllllllgilll 'I-Xud' Suzislrimf mnlrs along zufllf her. Phil. 3:10 JOYCE NYS'1'ROlXI . . . Czlclillzif, Micliigzm "l'lj' .lIisrl11'f'f lurks in the drpllfs of her 1111113 eyes Prov. 325,13 IOYCE PARKIQR . . . Clruncl Rapids, Miciliigzm "Si:i' fJT'6'l'f107l'llIg Tlllifll lzrzrnzlmf II1IA.W'1II-ff. Psalm -16:10 LUIS PE'l'liRSON . . . Seattle, lV2l51llllgl0l1 Hklcsc' llvlilllllillg fx hm' Zl'Ilj',' jJlr'u.w111t is lim' .mzflff Psalm 37:-1,5 BARBARA THAYER . . . Chicago, Illinois 'iliarlf' Quiet, blll f1111 of j1'1e1111111'11:ss and 11I01lg1Il. Jer. NANCY THOMSON . . . Chicago, Illinois "To1nn1ie" She sp11r1c1es Z-II so 771117131 ways. Phil. 3:10 DOROTHY VANDER VEER . . Grand Rapids, Michigan "Dot" f167'l1f16 ways 111111 f1111'11es.s 111 face 111'e 1111tzu111'd szgns of 11111111111 g1'111r1:. Isaiah 26:3 M,-YIAILDA YVIENS . . . Mildred, BIinncsoLa "Ti1,' A good 1'111111111111111111 111 31311511 111111 IIOI'I.S677.Sl?. 151111111 26:3 CIMA o 5 ILZIQ PULINS . . . Chicago, Ill. l1's 111'1'1f 111 be 7'lllfU'l'U1 11111611 y1111'1'1f 1111111r111ly 11i1'1:. John 15:5 MARILYN STARK . . . X'Va1'1'en, Miimcsota "Starklcy' l'lI11Il16T'!?'T .she 11111 111115 11111111 1111111 so 11111111 1f11.se. Psalm 19:111- EVELYN ROHRBACH . . Royal Oak, Michigan "I,ynski" T1111:111111e - s11e 1'1111 11111111315 5111 1111 ll g1gg1e. Psalm 28:7 C,-XROLYN SNVALIN . . . Pomeroy, Iowa 1117113131 111 1111111 111, d1f11'g111f111 111 1:111111,1. Roni. 8:28 Senivr Cla A Hi to y Dear S. C. H. My how you've changed! The first time we saw you 'way back on September ll. l95l, you looked quite different to us than you do now. You seemed very strange and unfamiliar - even a little bit frightening. lYonder how we looked to you - green probies, thrilled with the thought of beginning nurses' training, but very confused by it all. lt seemed a welcome relief after the hurry and scurry of the day to gather together that first evening for the big and little sister party. The friendliness and assurance of our big sis's certainly did much to allay our fears and make us feel welcome in our new home. NVe were soon to learn that in order to become nurses we had to know more than how to give a good backrub. Anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology, psychology, and many other "ologies" were soon whirling around in our heads in hopeless confusion. In the midst of all this. we went on the floors for the first time to polish up on our newly acquired skills of unit cleaning and bedmaking. Soon we were testing our abilities of giving baths and backrubs. NVere it not for the watchful eyes and ever present instruction of our supervisors we never would have learned those complicated procedures. The Christmas holidays provided a welcome break from the grind of work and classes. NVe wondered a little what our first Christmas away from home would be like, but soon discovered that with all the teas, parties, and holiday "doings" there was plenty of "spirit for everybody." Our next hurdle was the giving of medicines - "the right medicine to the right patient at the right time." Our memories of learning to give shots are somewhat painful but we willingly suffered these minor irritations to improve in skill. Finally, the long awaited day arrived when we marched proudly down the aisle to receive our caps. We felt self-conscious at first and were somewhat awed by our new responsibilities, but were glad to exchange the title of "green probies" for freshmen. XVith this new distinction we started our special services of diet kitchen, central supply, surgery, and obstetrics. Rotation lists from then on were eagerly awaited from week to week as we wondered who would be the next to embark on some new service. X'Vhat a thrill to see our names there! Spring came early that year when we new freshmen proudly presented our first party on March 20. Everyone seemed to enjoy the performance given by the S. C. H. "'l'hespians", especially the talent shown by our "Shene sifterf' Summer vacations passed all too rapidly and soon we were accepting the privileges and responsibilities of "big sisters" and juniors. Being in charge on l'Nfs' really made us feel important - especially when we knew the supervisor was never far away. The pangs of separation were felt in February l952 when the first nine pulled up stakes at Swedish Covenant and settled down at Children's Memorial Hospital. Henrici's restaurant in the llferchandise Mart played host to our junior-Senior Banquet in April. The highlight of the evening was the challenging and thought provoking message brought by President T. XV. Anderson. Soon after this Cook County Hospital claimed our nine adventurers who began their studies in psychiatric and contagious diseases nursing. Our senior year started with a bang as we met to discuss such important matters as uniforms, class colors, verse, and song. It didn't seem possible that we were already seniors! XVe finally got around to holding our "summer picnic" on Oct. 28 in the comfort of the recreation room. The evening started out in a lighthearted mood, but ended in a serious vein as we gathered around the piano and turned our thoughts to our spiritual needs. january, l95i. came and with it the thrill of knowing this was "our year." .X visit to President Anderson's home on the 25th of February proved enriching as we saw colored slides of Europe and enjoyed an evening of fellowship together. Banquets were really in style this year with the first one held at the Spinning Wlheel on the 2nd of April planned by the Student Council. The Junior-Senior Banquet was enjoyed in the pleasant atmosphere of Nielson's Restaurant. The inspiring program which the juniors had planned so well for us will not soon be forgotten. On june with the alumni were hostesses at their annual banquet in honor of the seniors. It gave us rather a strange feeling to realize that soon we would be called alumni as well. XVe want to take this opportunity to thank our class advisor, Mrs. John Bennett, for all her understanding and patience during these three years. Her friendly interest in our class has meant a great deal to each one of us. And so, S. C. H., we soon will be leaving you, but the rich experiences which you have given us, and the friendships we have made are valuable possessions which we shall always cherish. 25 Senivr CIMA Will Wle, the members of the l954 graduating class of Swedish Covenant Hospital, being unable to hnd anyone to declare us of sound mind and memory, but convinced of the fact our- selves, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. I, Vivian Anderson. will my interest in engineers to 'liurid Rafos. I, Irene Arnell, will my sophisticated manner to Lois "Frog" Jolmson. I, Dorothy Dobbs, will my apparently indifferent attitude toward the male population to Dace Smidchens. I, Evelyn Engblom, will my extrovert personality to Irma Johnson. I, Goldie Fooy, will my teaching ability, especially mathematics, to Shirley Browne, our college graduate. I, Edna Francis, will my well-organized, business-like manner to Mary Anderson. I, Elsie Halla, will my accordian playing talents to Alta Marks. I, Dorothy Hultberg will my tiny tootsies to Margery Moe. I, Verlyn Hultman, will my journalistic tendencies to Barbara Anderson. I, Carol Johnson, will my previous navy interests to Marcia Jenson. I, Constance Johnson. will my proper hair length to Patty Kopulos. I, Mildred Keller. will my artistic talent to Esther Wilhelm. I, Elsa Knudsen, will my weight chart and the E. R. scales to Carol Swanson. I, Eileen Nlclieeyer, will my boisterous giggle to Sue Rudecn. I, Audrey Moulhaan, will my interest in 0. R. to Peggy Ann Holm. I, Joyce Nystrom, will my borrowing tactics to Joan Harnesk. I, Elna Peterson, will my demure ways to Nancy Johnson. I, Lois Peterson. will my studious attitudes to Beverly Johnson. I, Ilze Pulins, will my indispensible accent to Ann "Lucy" McQuilkin. I, Evelyn Rohrbach, will my frequent hospitalizations to Miriam Freeman in case her ulcer starts bothering her. I Marilyn Stark, will my trips to see only one person to Gretchen Lindfelt. y y I Carolyn Swalin, will my Nelson Hall interests to Carol Hamstra. I, Barbara Thayer, will my letterwriting to Marilyn Scott. I, Nancy Thomson, will my versatility to Shirley Connaway. I, Dorothy VanderVeer, will my quiet reserved manner to Pat Anderson. I, Matilda Hliens will my ability to live up to the motto "early to bed, early to rise" to Lela Christensen. XVe, Helen Carlson, and Miriam Klint will our musical abilities to Ruth Ann Jacobson, Patricia Moxon, and Jean Mattison. XVe, Nancy Kristollersen and Joyce Parker, will our North Park interests to Sally Erickson. XVe, Carolyn Coleman and Virginia Johnson, will our sewing abilities to Glenda Hoffman and fil2ICC Swanson. Last, but not least we, the graduating class, will the meticulous hfth floor lounge to whoever will follow our foot steps. Signed: CLASS OF 1954 26 uniol-A . . . 'bne mile to go" Row one - Margery Moe, Lela Chl'iSI.Cl1SCIl, Mary Anderson Row two - joan fl2ll'IlCSk, Miriam l"rcc111a11, Nzuuty johnson, 1'z1t1'ici21 Moxou Row lllrezf - Glemla flfllihlllllll, fQl'2lC'C SWHIISOII, A11i111 Mourer Class Ujfirrfrs Peggy Holm .... .... 1 Secrclary Ducc S111id1ihc11s . . ...... Tl'6Il.SllI'ffl 102111 NIz1t1is011 .... l'ic'e-Pres1'dw1l Shirley Co1111z1wz1y .... ..... P 'T6i'.Yil1f'IIl Row one - Carol Swanson, Patricia Anderson, Lois johnson, Marilyn Scott, Barbara Anderson Row two - Sally Erickson, Ann McQ'uilkin, Gretchen Lincllcli, Esther X'Vilheln1, Shirley Browne Row one - Ruth Ann -laciobson, Alia Marks, Susan Ruclcen Row two - lvlarcia -Icnscn, 'lurid Ralos, Irma Johnson, Carol Hainstra, Patty Kopulos, Beverly johnson, Kathleen Arnold 'RFQ .Q,w....m ma ' 1 ulaman . . . Class oflirmzs' Dorothy liricsoll ., Ann lilisc liric-ksou Nloycc Ringslzncl . . . lVi11il1'ecl hlzncolmson "Two mile to go" I'resfzIf'r1I Viz 1'-l"rr'.s'i1lf'l1l Treasu rm Row om' - .Xrlc-ne Pelcrson, Mary Hotchkiss, Kzltlmleen BOSINZI, Marilyn Mol, 1.oi5 Cooper ,Row two - .XIIIICIIC Nelson, Sylvian Scluuiclt, Sl1i1'lcySl. Cllz1ir,'I'lu-o .Xnn klolmson, Carol IUllllSlJlI '91 m '3' M W,A,j'Df.f an Row one - Helen Henning, Bette Kling- ler, Gunvor Holniquisl, Faith Lind holni, jean XVesterlJerg, Eleanor Nelson, Marilyn l.ceL Row two - Vivian Hoyt, Conslzincte Scic elman Row one - Anita Pullcn, Ruth Long- nizin Row Hun - Joyce Ringslzul Marion Younkcr, Hare! Hill: .-Xuclrey llelcl- er, Marjorie HfJllllCllllSt, Halen I.incl- rolli, Nancy LCC llolinson, -lonn .-Xnclerson we How om: - Carolyn Calloway, Carol Rolenni liow lwn - Wlinifred -Izicolison, Alunelte Strong, June Kullgren, Vernal Peter- .3 son, Shirley Scherer, Hzlrlmzirzi Mziuk, .Lf Izinice Liljegren, Yvonne Hunter, lllllllllf Sturdy 1' SE QW ,W I 'lv Z ....,...4. if 1 Come with cw on af tour through Swedi h Co enant New ital k'Muy l lu,-lp you, plc-asc?" uF1'2lCIlll'Cd l'2lClilI5f'u EII1Cl"gCIlC'y mom, wlwrc :mything can lluppun. L V -1-U Y rv Y LL ,. 1---paugzfil-1, Xliss Nfllilliir BIO0llllllliSl, zlssislzml lltllhd Illll'SL',-Q"iVL'S 1'cpm'1 to nluch-nl nurse Nancy Thoms "ls your soda good, Murilxn 32 Q Wfvs-..,N Nec-cl licllm with llimx' Il'l'llI lm- pcrsP .Mk Him Iflo1'c'11c'1' Iluglblcll in thc mvclicznl iliJl'Ell'y. "CloiiU' Inc-Luk." The fuilvc- shop spcmliwim-cl lui tlu- Clowiizllit XX'0i1iL-118 .Xllxiliary Mr. XX isle-r, our IJIIZIIWIIZIKXISI. ,Xl- wzlys gixu your INCCiii'2lliOll with an smilc. 33 Em :,-- , :gsm . 'Eif- .M UH U K1 af? ' T , v M V. ':'A xt .ST - x We move to Aecond floor X c'hcc1'x' 11111011 to ll Imspilul 100111. Miss X'i1'gi11iz1 -jr1l111m11. Hvzlcl N111'wo11 2 South. r'l1cc'ki11gc'l1:11'1s with l1c1'z1mislL1111. Nlim Yi1'gi11iz1 sm lI:11'oli11v llvckc-1'l, llczlcl NL11'wu11 2 Xn1'1l1. UNH'- Omlu MINI mx 'lxslgnnum 15' "Dc: I have lo cl1'111k tl11x Ntull. lllll'ii'i 31 Y We 71 take the ele atvr to third Ivor Nliss Iislllvl' VIQUVIIIIUIIII. llvalml Xurw on I? Sillllll. Illllkillg "lHllllllNn with ITIL Kulfmlzl. 'l'imc' lu bill signin. - .1 - .. V Q- R ,H Xlrs. Ruth lilznml. llcaul Nunn' on .1 iXHl'Ill. Num' llll vml lUllUllUIN1JlfIl'l'S. "ll's just thc Iilllc Immun ltlllfll llml nmkvs ilu- gunna- wm'lIm'I1iIm', lhc- llllla' In-lplul wurcl ul IJl'1llNl'. ilu- small :mal mln-wx Nlllllll V1 64 te tricafl bepartment Miss Esther M. Carlson, Obslclrictul Supervisor "Lows her world of newborns." Mrs. Emma Sarriug, Hczncl Nurse ol' the Nursery. 'ilflis chin is jusi like mimi!" "Setting up" for anotlicr Mlnlcsscfcl cvcntf' 2 3 5 'A he Upemting Zoom Bliss Ruth Rosen. Operating Room Supa-rxisor. "Sc'z11pel, spongcs, tics, Plcxlsn-." "Scrubbing in." 77 I on Nall I 111111 lol' leIlowsl11p 111 II11- sunm' S0l'll' Miss l'z1l1'if"z ' . -1 ' il ll Pullcn ll1 111 lX111sL ol Nnlsrm Il1ll TX c'l11'c'1'i.11l llL'2ll'I is :1 good 111c'clic'i11c' " Xlisw Xnrvvll Rmllv. llcml llIt'll1'l1lll. vxplzxining ilu' mwv xlunn t1ll'l x, llmnlln' llxmiclxcm, l,llNSll2ll vl'llL'l'1llJlSl. X lillln' 1l1'1wwiuLg will lu-lp." ' ' m 1 Xlixx Nlzuifm SCIXLIIIX. Ocmulmlirmzll 'II1umpis1. l'2lYlllg, - Ll goucl ,J2lSllllli'. W, .xlllbll,llJllllS1JIl.0lll' lluslnilzll Cllmlmlzlill. illillg In lwlp willl :mx Ibl'lJlllt'Ill. M-..-Q J , 1+ , V , if .xv Sllll wo1'sl1ip1JL'1s. YVQ got ,C111! Scvcu sopl1isl.ic'zxlccl SC11i01AS?! Chow line. Upfsidc-clown! ""1'was the night before Cl1l'iSllI1llS A tense llllblllflllf Going m111c:wl1crcP klll x fig fn 'A gr una 3 A Q19 kj --..... ' bww' ii fn the C'laAArvom I,C'Lll'l1i11g how to Vllllllgi' ll mlgicxal flu-ssing. "Now, jusl what um 'I mp pcm-cl to bc- looking lm' and whcrc is ill!" f,LLf1lillSLfS at workvln-wuur! Ilic-relics lznlr. -f when lun! I2 . . . 1111w 11111 111' 1-11'1' 1111'g1?1 111 111 21 51lll11'lll lllll'SC Il 11113 is ll1llC'11 lll01'K' 1111111 -11181 21 11ie1'1- 111' 1111111:11i111. 11's 11111111' 111' llllllly things . . . 111r1'1'1' 1'1111i11g 1'111ss1's, 111115, i11l1'11si1'1' s111111'i11g, ICZIIAS, 11111111rsi1'1111ess, "11111l1'1'11ics ill 1111' sl11111111'11," 1l11L1 1111111111-sa 111'w Cx11111'i1'111'1rs. 11111 11111111 1111111 111is. 11111' 11111 111621115 111'11i1r1'C11111111 . . . wc 1111111 1111111111111 111111w11-11g11 111111 s11i115 w11i1'11 111-111 11111111- 11111'si11g 111111'c 1111111 Zlll "eig'111 1111111' 11111' 11111." XYQ 111111? 11'111'11C11 111 1111111'1'1'i11lc si1'11111'sm, 211111 1111' i11111111'111111'1r 111 111:111i11g 1111111 111 11111111 211111 s11111. XV1- 1'11111i11' l112ll i11 111'11c1' 111 111111' 1111 1'es111111si11i1ily, WLT 1 111-011 3111112111119 1111111 11111 l,111'11. '1'11is in wllx' LII 11111 131111 111' six 11111g 11111111115 w11'1'1' l1l2lI11i1ill1 111 1'111'ei1'1' 11111' 11111 111111 111111111 111 XVCZII' il. "7l1e AtepA 0 a gvvd man are ordered 61, the IOF4 " 93,111- 11,11 sv 1 .H 11 1 1 J , .'.., 4 ""' fi 1. 1 o o o dffzl at onA ' ' ' " wllilizttirm, we learned zilmut at .-Xt Clhilclren's hlCI1lOl'l2ll llrmspitdl, our Inst, . tlillerent lielcl in metlitiine - Petlizitrics. Remember those classes, becoming ' ' ' ' " ll Rl and all those other zlcquztintecl with such terins :ts 1,l'..lt, L.l.li., . .., l' es lt was lun Q11 leztwt most ol' the timej to take care ol' the tiliilclliootl c iseas .. . ., little angels and to liortn 2llXlll2llllI2l1lCCS with students lrmn other liospitzils. The mztin building at Cl.M.H. Feeding our laces again. 'lRx'er trv to keep little hows like . . , - ' No electric washer here. these on 'romplete betlreslr Relaxing in the dorm. Giving them plenty ol' t.l.ci. '5 .XlilL'l' "Kids," filllli' Cook flflllllly llospilzll. :uid llll'L'c' 1111m11ll15 ul' Pswl1i:111'v Zlllil fiflll- tugimu lliscziscs. Il sL'c1111-cl 11s il wc wc-rc 11111-x'1'1' wzlsliing' our 1 ll2lllllS ill Ucifllllllgfl :incl lflflilllfl :md 1111l111'ki11g cluurs i11 Ulkynli. Blll il was ll very ilitzilwslillg zllliilizllimi, :md proved to lm:- 2lll0lllL'l' big SIC!! i11 l'K'2lC'lllIlg our goal. Stepping out alla-1' luncli. Our hlllllllifu for 1l11'cc l1lOIllllS. Hlqillllhf' lllflllillly, lll'2ll' xIoyc'c.' Ona- ul' our lllillll pzirlivs 111 County. AX 'Trmllivc lilllilnu i11 I-ll2. hXVllL'l'l' llicrcfn ll will tl1Q1'1"a :1 way." Mm'i11glJ:1c'k lo Clm'c'11:111I. e 45 5 A1 A 2 X .oahf nw N Iicl11ig'l11 c'1':1111111i11g! Yule fest! You 11211116 it! Home ol' llo1'1'o1'. Shower 111z1iclcf11s, 'lvllkillg' it easy. yllfkllgk' l'l'0!ll lmme. Nou1'isl1i11g liquids. flood to the lust li flli Yfgx a .,. '- A 1 .x A 31:2 N ' 'Qgg .ag -xp ggi 1 95? V, 4533 'az' V w i 'In The han. A, iii sl Vivian Anderson . . , .1-ls.s'f.s'lr111l Iidiloi Verlyn Hultinzln .. . ' A Evelyn Enghloin . . . . . .Assislnnt IJ1l.YIi7II'S.Y mfzziager Edna Francis, .... ...... 1 Szzxiziffxs Mazinger Carolyn Clolenizin . . , . .Cf!-Pllllfflgiliflflfly rfflitm' Matilda Hleins, .. NVe are happy that we, the class of 195-l, can signin present the Czincllc, alter much thinking, planning, and hzircl working. VVe hope that il. will not, only be a source ol' reininiscing for students and gl'2lLlll2lICS, hut will also he Il source of inspiration for Chrislian girls who are thinking' ol' enrolling in our School of Nursing. 48 ................,..l'.a'1I0r . . .C'0- llUfUU'J'!I7l1Y 1'f1'1'I0r P9 . Gandle 945 i i llll .5 K,-fy Studen t Council lfmzii - llzirhznzi Xinlcrsmni. lluwlliy llnllhi-rg. Nanny Ihunisnn,K.1'1lu'Sxx:iiiwni1 limi: A Dlllhlilf YLlIllii'liYL'CI'. Iiuhlia- lfnuy. Siu' Rlllil'4'Il, Dtbllblilf Nlnlhullznni, Shirlcy Cimiinnvzn 'Ihu Snulunl Cifnnnil. :ni ulcclcil l'1.'lH'cN1'Ill2lli11ll ni lhc slinivnl Inniy wi'h liznnhy znhismis, iairrx un thx' Qchoul xnlivilics. 'lhc higiliigill ni thc Swcclish Kimi-nznil zxclixilic-s this pun' uns thc iiUl'lll2li iHIlllIlIi'i "While llzipf' hc-ld an lhc Old Spinning Wheel. .-Xnmiig thc nlhvl znlixilics was :I 'lhainksgixing lizixlwl gin-n lo ai in-wh l':nnih, inn' lllllllllli Cihrislinzls 'l'czi. znnl rnlhlx hirllnizn' lc-als. .Xlnng lhc spoils linu iw haul "inn nights," lcnnis lUlII'l11lIlll'lll5 znnl hziwlmll. ll is Zliill llnnngh Slnmlcnli Cloillicil than XXL'l1li4L'1Ill ucllw lnlcrul in thu Slnihnl Yniws Mwuulirni. EI6 and Cap Staff l.. to lx, Nliriznn l"ic'c-iinin, Pill Nlnxun, silililj fiilllllllhlly. xiilliilllil' Moc. Ilznml Sixznismi. Blllillllll Xinlc-rwn him ki 11 :cn nnl ink h'nnlx lill'Ull2,illllll lhc wan' lu hulp nw l'L'CLIIlllll'l' lhc' cxrilc- 0 li I llicw lllIl'iL'S ixilh :nm-s hu' in-iw 1 - 'I I 5 A . 1 nn-nl of g'iI'1 cmnrixiniis lm-inn lhs lzncxl nuiu :nunnil Snulish ilmcinnil Illhllillli. qnnl gniiln' na in ilvxulimnil liltlllsilli. " im :uni Cup," thc slniicnl pzipm-lp is il Illllil hn :ill S,C1.ll'c-Is, i in H Urder my AtepA in thy word " NVRSIQS' f1HR1S'111.XN FELLOXVSHI1' '1 INIIC FOR N1li1D1.'X'1'ION AND PRXYICR - "'l'l1f' 1.0111 ix nigh 1111111 111011 llml will 1111011 llim. 111 all lfltll' full 1111011 Him in 1'1'11H1." 1'1Si11Ill 115.18 R1il.1CL101'S .1XCl'llVI'I'IES CIOBIBII'1"I'P11?l 1.. 111 1'.. Nli1d1'ec1 Kcllcr, Verna 1'eIe1'so11, P21111 Kop111us. '1'11iw 1011111111166 seeks to ClllIOl11'2lg'C thc i1111mx'i11g of 1110 "1 i1'i111 1s'l1L'1' 11111011911 ' n S R 111-1'sr111z11 p1'z11'c1' 111111 1511116 study. 111111 the U1ll11lHX1l1g 111 l11c 1'1.1N1llg' 1112110131 l111'1111g11 l1'11c Kl111'is1i1111 l'1l2l1'2lClC!k 111111 wi111cssi11g. 10 L112lIlllC1 1110 lz11L'11ln 111 11111' sl11111-11ls 111 1UX1Ilg sc-111111 -s fs' Cm 11'1 v1'l'2I ' 11111111 1111c1.1sL11.11L. NUIBLB C.1111sI1.111 1Q11mn111I1 1.1111 1111511111 kXL11lIlg'. Xlll.L .1 1115 101' 1':11'io11s K'1lllI'l'1lCS 111111 xouuq peuplcis IlICCl1llQS 111111 N1issi1111111'x 1'I2IXCI' 11211111 0:1111 11'11lIl'Sl12I1. . Q 1 . 511 IJ1'.N1 Nl RSRS CHORI 5 -1,ll'CL'1IJl', Prof. 1161111111111 'I l1I'4'Il. "O 8121.01 1111111 the' 1.0111 Il 111'z1' smzgf: .sing 1111111 !l11f I,m1I ,ull Ihr' rr 5 N 1'1'c1g1'z1111s lJI'L'SClll!'L1 111' Nurscs' C11111'11s 111 111C 151111 ul' 19515 111111 Sl11i11g' of 111111: 0141 1'Cc1j11cs' H11111c ....., 21 11C1112llIY Nlckhoclisl C11111'c11 2? 1111111701 111 Nurses' RCS1L1CIlLIC 1 l111111z11111cl CZovc11:111t Cl1urc11 E 1f:1il11 I'1'cs11ylc1'iz111 f11llll'C1l . 15 lC11gcwz1lc1' fIovc111l11l C1111rC11 21 l'1v1111s1u11 llo1'c112111l f11llll'C11 . 225 Ciuylur C1m'c111111t 1111111111 L1 vm 2 M!!! 3 .sw 'E .X gp " QR? 6 Xlls, C.c'clc'1'Inl1'g. one ol our xmmllln-xx .mu imm l""W'- Xlnil cull: . . womlcl' who ll N lmm In N mug .mllllp Rl-I-I X plum' lu xturlx ,..2ll1ilf'1lIlLl1 l1pwitl1m'wx. xsllirm with lllc' clzlsx Km do -Q, Y g .qw , ,,... uI'4liC'k2lSlljIJ . :md uxxorcf' "Z-A-L-1-1-1-1-ffl-I . . . mghl Illll'SLx'S IJLIVLIKHSL' 1 Onc way lo gc-l :1 ll cl IACSS. 52 olll' fecreativn Room . . . ad place for fun and relaxation Pa th Our cllllxibllllih P2ll'Iy . . . one of Lhe mum x 1 sxhg up our 'AlJlx01,C55iO1llll dignity" behind and haw plpnlx ol lun .md Hlckashlp "And it czunc to pass in those days . . "HQ didlft lbrgcl um!" "Jolly Old SI. Niclmlzxs, In Slllllfllxllillg with Szmlu! :gm your car thib xx 54 9 Ijur ,gyfzvlcblfrl Coclnci Danqjuef ,QM 2, 1954 loinning whcfffg -lAl'l:5flCl,A?, ,gfinoia mul' "Your lricncl is l1L'l'0." "lik okay fellows. wc'Il bc on li Usllillllgh scam-11:ulc" Il s IL xllx hum md ML lg OH ll last Senior Cla A Prvplaecy The scene is a hospital room at the Swedish Covenant Hospital. The year is 2006. In the room we lind the former student, Ella Halla and Elsa Knudsen, who have both fractured their hips. As the scene opens Elsie H. is reading a letter she has received from her former classmate Millie Keller. Elsie: "Oh, listen to this Elsa, lloesn't that sound just like Millie. 'After being here in Bolivia for forty eight years, and reaching the ripe old age of seventy three, I have become just like the people here with only two speeds - slow and stop.' " Elsa: "Oh yes, doesn't that sound just like hcl. Say, isn't lxlfjlllll Klint on the nlission field too?" Elsie: 'AOh yes, but didn't you know her nane isn't Klint anymore. She married a plumber out on the field." Elsa: "A plumber! That ought to suit her line. Remember the time when she flooded the sterilizers batik in O.B ,... Boy, was that funny! There she stood, ankle deep in water and mopping like mad. And all the time the water was leaking down to third lloor. Elsie: "Oh, those fourth floor memories. Remember the time Audrey Mouthaan's boyfriend snuck up the back way and they were overheard talking. Her boyfriend said: 'Hey Aud, do your eyes bother you? Aud told him 'No'. XVell, they sure bother me,' he said. I wonder which one that was - Andy, Rog or Art. She surely had the boyfriends." Elsa: "And who was it Elsie, that we used to call 'the stork? Oh yes. Nystrom. Remember how she used to get called out for sections night after night. I guess they knew she was the motherly type." Elsie: "How many children does she have anyway - eight, wasn't it?" Elsa: "I believe so, but I think Carol johnson beat her. Do you realize she had ten children, fholding up her knottingj and this is the forty-third bonnet I've knit for that familyfl Elsie: "Oh, this cast is tight. Since Marilyn Stark went into retirement they certainly don't have a very good E. R. supervisor. This is my second cast, tool" Elsa: "They did a good job on us in surgery, though." Elsie: "XVe were i11 good hands." Elsa: "Yes, with Evelyn Rohrbach as the anesthetist and Dorothy Hultberg supervising the whole thing, how could we lose?" Elsie: "I suppose eventually they will transfer us to Nelson Hall. They say that Carolyn Swalin will have to retire from her job as supervisor there pretty soon." ' Elsa: "Well, she's had a full life." Elsie: "Oh, here's an interesting little tidbit, Elsa, listen: 'I heard that Carolyn Coleman won her last trophy in a tennis tournament held down in Rio de Jan- iero last monthf Isn't it funny how Carolyn mar- ried that Parish fellow and how they won tennis tournaments together all over the country. and to think she won her last trophy at the age of seventy- three! I wonder whatever happened to Dot Vander Veer, she was always such a tennis fan." Elsa: "Oh didn't you know - she became the physical education instructor out at Westmont College." Elsie: "Oh, really?" fSeveral students go by the doorj Elsa: "Have you noticed how pert these students look? I guess Arnell and Elna Pete really make them toe the mark. How long have they been superintendent and assistant now?" Elsie: f'XYell, nigh unto forty years, I guess. Let's see, who else have they got on the staff here from our class?" Elsa: "XVell, there's Verlyn Hultman, occupational ther- apist at Nelson Hall." Elsie: "And don't forget Nancy Thomson, head of C,S, She always did clean a mean steri-tube. Then there's Goldie Fooy, supervisor on 2 South." l Senior Cla A Prophecy I Elsa: "Dorothy Dobbs is on fourth floor, And I helieve that Ille Pulins is still leaching pharmacology to the prohiesf' Elsie: "And don't forget the housemothers over at the dorm - Joyce Parker and Lois Peterson." fConnie johnson, present supervisor on 2 North, hobbles into the room.j Elsa: "And last but not least - here comes our own Connie johnson, supervisor on 2 North." Connie: "How are you today my clears?" Elsie: "IVell, my cast hurts and I was wondering if you could pad it a little." Connie: 'Wvhy of course, dearie, show me where it hurts." Elsa: "Say, Connie. we were just discussing old times and getting all of the latest scoop on our classmates. Do you know any news?" fConnie takes a letter from her pocket.j Connie: "I just got a letter from Nancy Kristopherson. She and her husband, Ray, are living in Florida now, you know. Yes, I guess Ray decided that he liked Nancy looking like a little colored gal . . . isn't that what he used to call her?" Elsa: "Yes, she used to make us look sick every time she came hack from vacation." Elsie: "XVhat else does she say?" Connie: "Guess who she saw last month at a carpenter's convention . . . Viv Anderson. It seems that Ernie was president or something. She says Viv looks fine . . . wears her hair in a pug now. And 'l'illie XVeins stopped in to see them two months ago. She and her husband were on their second honeymoon. They said it was more fun than the first one. Isnlt that cute? . . . Guess that's all the news." Elsa: "Say, I wonder whatever happened to Barb Thayer." Connie: "O, she was head industrial nurse at Bauer and Black for years . . .guess she's retired now." Elsie: "IVhat happened to McKeever?" Elsa: "She's still supervisor of the psycho ward down at Cook County. I guess she just had a yen for that line of work." Elsie: "Remember when she was on affiliation down there, and that patient escaped on her. He pried a window har off or something and there was old Mac, chasing him down the hall!" Connie: "Did you know that Virginia Johnson isn't working with Dr. Sigmond in his Orthopedic Hospital anymore?" Elsie: "Is that right . . . I wonder how her knee is. How 111any operations did he do on her knee anyway? . . . Elsa: "I don't know. Do you know that I saw old Helen Carlson's picture in a big New York newspaper! .. . Quite a socialite . . . married a rich doctor, you know." Connie: "Yes, I guess we all had dreams like that." Elsa: "Whatever became of Edna Francis?" Elsie: "O, the last I heard, she took up photography. I guess she liked working in a dark room!" Elsa: "And do you know that Evelyn Engblom is still in Sweden? She went there the summer after gradua- tion and never came back. She sure forgot those tall, dark, handsome men in America fast enough!" Connie: "KVell, girls, I guess I must he getting on if I'm going to finish my rounds." Elsie: "Say Connie, do you know when they will move us to Nelson Hall?" Connie: "Next week, I believe: and do you know they are going to put you in with Mrs. McGrath's grand- daughter? . . . won't that he fun!" Elsa: "Yes, but I wish we weren't going so soon." Elsie: 'AYes, they'll make us get up and everything! Oh! Elsa: "And this is the end." 6116454 60Uel'ldl'lt Sckoofot Mfding gl'Cl6!ll,dfe5 An active Alumnae Association binds the graduates of our school together in the interest of service to others. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month. The programs are in- teresting, informative, and educational. Each year a Homecoming Tea and Dinner are planned which bring many graduats from far and near back to their Alma Mater giving opportunity to meet friends and see progressive changes in their school. Our graduates are hlling places of responsibility in many Helds in almost every state of the union. The Alumnae Association has an active missionary program in addition to their other functions. The first nurse graduated from the Swedish Covenant Hospital School of Nursing in 1900. It is significant that she went to China to serve as a nurse on our pioneer mission field Since that time 874 nurses have completed their course in our school. Out of this number, 52 are serving Christ as medical missionaries in twenty-One different countries throughout the world. Hatii Fr. West Africa Br. West Africa India Nicaragua Alaska japan Sudan Guatamala New Guinea Puerto Rico Ethopia Belgian Congo Formosa Brazil Pakistan Fr. Equatorial Africa Columbia Indonesia Ecuador Nigeria 58 wk XYIIHZ -u lili 'L fll'lllL'l', tml g l'mlms wc' len mmuu Im-nk! ,Xll Iicd up! low Ihls lllllt pig wvnl lo llllzllflllly lull." Hl'KllilIlL' I'rr llu' llillllllll wmv ul lC'1ll'IliIl!,f I mlim! E 39 Guess who! Grads? Ed' our Nlght Xvatchman' Never will forget that banquet . . . and after! Making rounds. Need zi lift? - have some 2 a.m. coffee. Am t love grand! XVe'1'e seniors now! Beach beauties! 60 0 W 0 Compliments of THE MEDICAL STAFF of the DISH CUVENANT HOSPITAL 'I' 'I' 'I' SWE 1052-01 v0'1'0N0N-05102 G0110w0v'0K0'K0'i lllllli INSURANCE At nfnucfn nares NORTH PARK COLLEGE 3 IFor Total Abstainers Onlyl Congrafufaf-es 3 fwyypnrk' The Class of 1954! 5 Q wnr um PAY ron 5 THEAQCIDENTSOF During your Training ot our 5 Y S- Q THUSE WL50 00? sister institution, the Swedish Cov- 5 enont Hospital, you have frequently 5 visited our coimpus. We have en- .lUniper 8-9181 Q S Q25 omv' oz" G B-'filo :F-E EQ., 0530 47, Z '00 Agent for Preferred Risk Mutual Ins. Co. DES MOINES. IOWA L01 ioyed your friendliness ond wish for you every success in the nursing profession. If North Pork coin ever serve you or your friends ogoin, please coll on us. KEDZIE 81 FOSTER AVENUES CHICAGO 25, ILLINOIS '01 '02 Compliments 10210'2l?'7f04Q0'1'0N02'0'P101f-2'0f'401 '01 LESTER E. MU NSON Q Q 5 Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E L7 f-02102202401 Q0v'0N0'210'Pf-01'-01 f0N0w'-02 61'-7102 047'-7 62'-011-02 '-05 5' 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 S gow 50100440210H0N0N0"-0N0'10N7s?1?f0102f0'10147'0'0'01611?W1f0N72?M71?101C0N72?6fL?10l! 5 5 f' r jrinifg lxnizidion gouenanf CILUPCL 5 3 5 COTTAGE GROVE AVENUE AT 74th STREET 5 5 CHICAGO 19, ILLINOIS 3 9 -- - 5 5 5 .I. LA MANTIA, Inc. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Catering to Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Institutions Cold Pack Fruits and Vegetables ALL PHONES CANAL 6-5250 T43 SOUTH WATER MARKET 5 CHICAGO 8 Floor Cleaners-Floor Seals-Insecticide Spray 81 Equipment Liquid Hand Soaps-Maintenance Equipment 8E Supplies Floor Cleaning Problems HYGIENE CHEMICAL CO. John G. Stadwiser MONROE 6-7466 2 648 NORTH DAMEN AVE. CHICAGO 22, ILL. MERRIMAC 7-7IOO RADIO STEEL s. MFG. co. I Builders of Young America's Finest Coaster Wagons E. M. WALLGREN 5 Secretary and Sales Manager Q 6515 WEST GRAND AVENUE CHICAGO 35, ILLINOIS, U.S.A. 7201102101'0'C?20R0I'476K0'101'04'0"02l0N011?s0f20G01r0N710s0"10120110N0'N0'f10P102r0w0"0"-0110 G3 S" HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES 0 9 0 LURIE BROTHERS 2537 MONTROSE AVENUE CHICAGO 18, ILLINOIS Phone JUniper 8-1040 Emi? .K America's HeacIquarIz'rs I L For Food Service Equipment l CHICAGO LLIIIOIS Equipment-Furnishings-Supplies For Hotels, Restaurants, Taverns, Clubs, Churches, Hospitals, Schools, etc. Such As Chinuwore, Glassware, Silverware, Kitch- en Supplies, Kitchen Equipment. EDWARD DQN 8. COMPANY 2201 s. LA SALLE cHLcAoo 16, ILL. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 1-0120201 '01 ERICKSON .IEWELER 5304 N. CLARK STREET LOngbeoch 1-7619 WE INVITE YOU TO NORTHWEST BAPTIST CHURCH PETERSON AND FRANCISCO AVENUES Lloyd W. Dohlquist, Pastor up 77 omlo imenffi of a jrienc! WINNEMAC PHARMACY Hcurry lsenberg, R.Ph. 5046 Lincoln Ave. LOngbeolch 1-3664-5 We Deliver 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 s f02'-0P'0N0" 20105202 M010 19020102 20" 10'-K-01 102101202 104'02'-7'0'2 20261 2011044-9'K0P '05 :'N01l-0w0r'0v'-0'Q0P'-0v'0w01'-02'0"-0'52-01'40'16260 wh 6.4. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 '02f02'02ZW0f02102v0'2f02f02'02'02b0W102'02L0'2'020202f?f7l02L02000000'02s01'02102'0'2'0'2h02'01f02f0202002f7'02'0202'0'2202'02h0WC02 You are invifed fo offend The EV. MISSION COVENANT CHURCH OF IRVING PARK EDGEBROOK Corner Monticello and Berteou Avenue SPOKANE AND LEOTI AVENUES CHICAGO 30, ILLINOIS CWCAGO 18' 'LL'NO'5 during your Nursing School days. Phimp E. Danielson Pastor Public Services: Sunday-9:30 oI.m., 10:45 c1.m., cmd 7:15 p.m. Wednesday-7:45 p.m. ZWICK'S HARDWARE CO. Paints - Janifor Supplies Window Shades Mode io Order 4159 N. Monticello Avenue KEystone 9-8173 Church Phone-lRving 8-0208 Treal Yourself fo The Very Besf SIGNE CARLSON BAKERIES, INC. 1701 FOSTER AVENUE LO I-3973-79 COff1e'iG 7-3470-T 5961 N. CLARK STREET 3340 w, FOSTER AVENUE LO I-6693 CHICA . GO 25' ll'L A Trial Will Convince You BRUSS PROVISION CO. for Chicc1go's Leading 0 HOTELS 0 CLUBS 0 RESTAURANTS ' SCHOOLS - INSTITUTIONS "Know Your Supplier" Coll CHSSCIPSGICS 3-1700 207 SOUTH WATER MARKET udni C02 '020f021-02 20202102 '02-020 '-02'-02102 1020 0200000000102 Y 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 Q4- 1010427 '0'2'0'2401 '0100-W' 6262205401 1-01 1-0P'0'210'-"0"02'0'4' '0"0110N0'l?f0'2'021-OW!-01 ...Q vo 04 A U9 a , e ,A 5 i i Lg 3 . ' V Furnishers of '-E' Q E' Q Beautiful Homes fififiisgggzmgee.g.,.,.,e,:.,g.,.,.g.:.ge-.2e1.:,a.:'fg:fifs1f1ff'f5",j3f5gg.-1.-5.--...EA: 'vlv 1 33 ' ."' ..1 .,-. 1:--fr .'-.. :-gr--'-A Q - . .... ...... 1 ...' . - Reguler Service te Sweden The NEW deluxe V. 1 1 -e"- M- 5- KUNGSHOLM gf from New York to Gothenberg 'e'r M. S. STOCKHOLM ' ' from New York I0 Gethenbefg . and Copenhagen 2 . "" E For Schedules, 'ales end fesefve- lions See YOUV IVUVGI UQGUI Of '-'. ' SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE 181 N. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO 1, ILL. Offices or agents in all principle cities ROCKFORD, ILL. Broadway 81 8th Street EDGAR FUNERAL HOMES Irving W. Edgar 1107-9 W. 79th Street RAd. 3-0876 Elton C. Anderson 4821 N. Damen Avenue LO. 1-2016 mmzrnuvl MISSION COVENANT CHURCH WASHTENAW 8. FOSTER AVES Sigfricl V. Hanson Pastor . . . a friendly church with a warm Christian spirit 67 f-0'2'01s0Ws0'4f0W'02f0P s0N0Ps02f0W010s-7s0'1h02'0W01'? C0N7s01l0'1 '01'04l-01'-05 l0'4'40N04C01f0'2f?L0'1f00'0"1f-0'P'-7 Paul Isaacson Elmer P. Isaacson ISAACSON MOTOR SALES Est. 1923 Sales NASH Service COMPLETE PARTS DEPARTMENT SELECT USED CARS 3020 Broadway Bittersweet 8-1 600 Compliments of olgclfe 'Mew W7i5dion gouenanf CALLFCA Kenmore Avenue 82 School Street A. Cabot Johnson, pastor John Hanson, director ot music Eva Cornelius, director of Christian education "Holding forth the word of life" -Philippians 2:16 Compliments W. EVERETT FOX HUNTINGTON LABORATORIES, INC. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA Congratulations and sincere best wishes to the class of 1954 PORTAGE PARK MISSION COVENANT CHURCH 5959 W. BERENICE AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 0 0 0 BEST WISHES SAUER'S FOOD STORE "Say It With Flowers" FOSTER FLORAL SHOP 2463 FOSTER AVENUE CHICAGO 25, ILLINOIS EDgewater 4-0860 2 2 9 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 C-7'-0I'0f61101W2f-0'N01'0'4'-7G08-00 1014056290"'01'026N?62f01G7l01f0N0N01s01s7L01s0N02L02'01h7h016W61G01'0120'12740110162'02s-7 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2, ?M7V'020000000000000001010s02000000000000000Q 0000000000 O 'h Compliments FIRST DISTRICT CENTRAL CONFERENCE COVENANT WOMEN'S AUXILIARY . . . 5 The Hospital Coffee Shop 000000000000 I E I I I I I I THE LAST WORD IN AMBULANCE SERVICE 000105020000 00 00101 Q "Chicago's Oldest Ambulance Service" Q Drake as. son started operating ambulances in 1900 5 ' Drake Ambulances are equipped with radio-telephone, oxygen and resuscitator, clean linen lon every callj plenty of blankets. 5 ' Careful experienced attendants. 2 5 0 Full insurance coverage. 5 ' Latest Cadillac equipment. '02 00 DRAKE 61 SON Foster and Western Avenues LOngbeach I-6874 69 '01 '01 101901101 4001 01 1101 '01 910000 Compliments of Bruck's Nurses Outfitting Co., Inc. I7 North State St., Chicago Shun 3313 Foster Ave., Chicago IRving 8-0327 0 0 0 W Specialists in STUDENT NURSE UNIFORMS GRADUATION UNIFORMS NURSES CAPES WELCOME to the MISSION COVENANT CHURCH OF AUSTIN 5900 W. IOWA STREET Ruben T. Nygren, Pastor SUNDAY Sunday School, 9:30 Morning Worship, 10:45 Youth Fellowship, 5:00 P.M. Evening Gospel Hour, 7:00 CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATES who are following K T954 , "Candle" .911 ,Md g00f5iQl1Jf5 7, Photographer "Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble" STUDIO Prov. 3:23 70 3356 Foster Avenue 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 as Q01 Q01 1-01101 '-OWI01 L01 101901101 '-015011-0' 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 5 5 09 9 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 S 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 5 5 S 9 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 9 5 9 5 6 '0'P4-01 00405 0 Q-0w0' f?C0"0V0'I Wacom-as W, '0'K0N04101101'0'0'0'K0140240X0' Compliments of J. EMIL ANDERSCN AND SON, INC. INDUSTRIAL BUILDERS CONTRACTORS-ENGINEERS I809-I8II West Balmoral Chicago, Illinois 71 wmmwzmhmfmmwodoxafawfd 20202106 0f02'0'f01 Q01102l0'061t02G0'21011-01'-05101 1020400101-02'0W l ""0"-0N0N02'-0110f0"N-0N0140'11011014-014011011-01'-0'2'-0'110'f0210110'11-0N-0Pf0120'1l0N0'N0"L0N0"1720b!0'110"0'?'. 5 GUSTAFSON 81 LARSON, 6 f g 017119 lfllellfj 29 E. MADISON of a S STate 2-3340 5 " .grienci 5 25W discount to 6 Q students and nurses 5 5 5 5 5 3 Hn Hcknvwledgment . . . 5 We wish to thank: 3 Mr. Ralph Varde, photographer, who'so generously gave of his 5' time to take pictures for the entire book. 5 Mr. Leander Hagerty, publisher, who gave his time and abilities to perfect every part of this book. Our advertisers who helped make this volume possible. 5 The Medical Staff tor their generous gift and cooperation. Our advisors, Mrs. John Bennett and Miss Ethel Herbst, who so readily Q gave both of their time and effort to make the book a success. 5 Q Mr. Nils Axelson and Mr. Elmer Anderson-their encouragement is 3 greatly appreciated. 5 The senior students who so willingly contributed of their time to help 2 in the preparation of this book, especially to Mildred Keller who 5 designed the cover. 3 Since, we as a statt are completely inexperienced in the field of 5 iournalism, we express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to those Q mentioned above, without whose help this book would not be a reality. 5 5 90-como-eaaemiabonmeonouoweazcaeouaafoacamowcowowcaazoalouaaeamaxonowoieouoarowfaafowoafam. 19

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