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2.-7- ? Jr- U -n r A o( 4 V o r .ff ' -v- ' . ■ v.itK syr JtJ r Xr r VZ ' . ' ' fSKSSBSffmEWgXMS iSi, w. rv ■J ' c ' " ltv ' tx v, « Y " «= . ' ?(Z t K o o 4 : d .o ? - U » - - V i ; «7 y o-ju. J «i - F«0« 2 3. r e xi . ' y xzJ An e,S J . J orewor d lij )f. In this, the 1961 edition of " The Panther, " it is our purpose to pause in the stream of time to chronicle the events of the year past that were of concern to die students and their in- structors, whose voices were heard in the classrooms and corridors of this school. We have endeavored to record, graphically, with truth and sincerity, the achievements, su cc ess es , and failures that were a part of the past year . . . one in a long history. As the years pass and the present fades into history, so also fades our memory. Therefore, it is well to have a record to authenticate the stories of youth that would otherwise dim in the inexorable passing of the years. So, we feel that the time and effon that produced this book is justified if it serves to recall a precious memory ... a moment or an hour . . . a dear friendship, or a recolleaion of the joy and exuberance of youth that was ours in this year of 1961. no GL aaJL Jloa -e y,; ., yj; i- X r ? csDedi ti Lcauon " Ice and snow in upstate New York do not compare with the winters in sunny Southern California. " So de- cided Mr. Irvin Edell during the fall of 1946. This happy choice brought him to Sturges Junior High School. Mr. Edell was born in New Rochelle, New York and moved to Hempstead, Long Island before school age where he attended elementary, junior and senior high school. After teaching in Hempstead High School Mr. Edell entered the Air Corps during World War II, completed his training in Florida where he was also assigned to the Stars and Stripes, die Army newspaper, as a writer and went overseas to serve with the Allied forces in England. In 1945 he received an honorable discharge and began a new career in the advertising industry in New Yory city. In 1946 he realized that teaching was his vocation and returned to teach in Fallsburg, Ne York w here he remained for two years. After spending a year as a contraa substitute in San Bernardino where he had the opportimity to teach in all the junior high schools of the distria Mr. Edell chose Sturges as his school and has been here ever since, teaching eighth grade social living, sponsoring the Pan- ther annual and Sturges Star newspaper and many other student aaivities. Annuals under his sponsorship have won several first place awards in the Columbia Scholas- tic Press Association Contests. In 1958 the Panther won the coveted " Medalist Award, " for the best junior high school annual in the nation. Mr. Edell attended Long Island University and New York University. He holds a bachelors and a masters degree. He has also done post graduate work at Colum- bia University in New York City, the University of Redlands and Qaremont Graduate School. His hobbies keep him busy reading, playing chess, bicycling, work- ing in the woodshop and camping out in the summer- time on extended trips into the hinterlands of Arizona, New Mexico and California. During these trips he ex- pires the Indian cultures of the area. Sturges pupils have long known that they have a real friend in Mr. Edell. Many students have come to realize that his brusque manner serves to hide a loyal and tender heart. It can truly be said that he is never too busy to help a deserving student or fellow man. With great respect and in deep admiration, we the swdents and staff of Sturges Junior High dedicate this, the 1961 Panther, to a great humanitarian and teacher, Mr. Irvin Edell. Pag 5 f«9 . j :3o ' V ' On this campus of Sturges Junior vM High School the leaders of today Q gathered here yesterday. And as it has always been in the past and is now today, the same hopes, problems and desires that confronted their elders when they were students are still being discussed today. Here are some of the places on the campus of Sturges which have always served as gathering points for our students. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the same problems, the same places, the same teachers, the same sun, the same grass, the same buildings, the same campus, but another generation c ampud ipi football Q i ueen Climaxing a hard fought gridiron season, lovel y Jo C rol Rnhh was crowned Sturges Football Queen of I960. She was sponsored by Richard Benites. Her court consisted of 1st princess, Virgie Harris; 2nd princess, Elvia Lazano; and 3rd princess, Betty Danley. Po s t Located on the corner of 8th and E. Street, built over 60 years ago, Sturges Junior High School has witnessed both earthquakes and flood, and in its 47 rooms tens of thousands of students have lived out the drama that engulfs the 3 -year span of junior high school in each of our lives. Initially this location housed San Bernardino High School, but when the new high school was erected at 18th and E. Street in 1915, this location became known as " the prep, " and its purpose was to prepare 7th and 8th grade students for high school. The earthquake in 1923, which did so much dam- age to Southern California, damaged " the prep " so badly that it was no longer considered safe to use. Also, at this time, the State of California inaugurated the junior high school in its education program and Sturges Junior High School was selected as a pilot study. To qualify for this distinction as the first junior high school in California, it was necessary to add a 9th grade to the 7th and 8th grade curriculum. With the building destroyed, the board of education rose to the occasion by employing the use of struaures and facili- ties of two elementary schools, the basement of the YMCA, some bungalows of the Conrad Technical School, while an abandoned bakery building was used as a gym. Thus Sturges made its appearance on the educational scene of California and San Bernardino. Bonds were soon voted toc! the present buildings that now comprise the campus of Sturges Junior High School were constructed. Since junior high schools were a new concept in the educational field, it was very difficult to obtain competition in the field of sports, and the nearest junior high school in the area was located in Pomona. Sturges was not only the first junior high school in San Bernardino, but also the largest junior school for many years. Its namesake, David B. Sturges, was an early educator in San Bernardino, and the academy he operated for many years in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th century on 4th street, had as its graduates many members of the board of education. The distinguished alumni of Sturges is proficient and outstanding in many fields. Among them was Erny Pinkert, Ail-American football player; Chuck Rod- riguez, Medal of Honor winner in Korea; Raymond Contrearas, outstanding artist, whose brief career was terminated at 23 as the result of an incurable malady, and of course many lawyers, doctors, teachers and pro- fessional people received their early education at Sturges Junior High School. Pag9 9 wm mtmm ' mm THE ROYAL COURT The 1961 Annual King and Queen contest was brought to a successful close when Bob Lowe and Renee Schwan were crowned king and queen by last year ' s royal couple, Sandra Clark and Bill Christelman. Their court consisted of John Skaggs and Diana Ragland, first prince and princess from the ninth grade. Cunis Lewis and Lani Smily from the 8th and Dan Worswick and Darlene Gambio were chosen to represent the 7th grade. Crown bearers were Jam Fonare and Mike Powell. ROBERT LOWE RENEE SCHWAN f 4 fe - Si. J KX VO Sl !SvX 0, s T Carl A. Thorsell Dean of Boys LAURENCE C. COOK PRINCIPAL Mildred P. Mayer Dean of Girls y fdmlnldifaclon Sturges Junior High School Teachers — 40 Administrators — 3 Secretarial Staff — 5 Custodial Staff — 9 Cafeteria Staff — 8 Students — 963 7th Grade— 341 8th Grade 316 9th Grade— 306 Dedication Year — 1924 Class Rooms — 39 Clubs — 15 P. T. A. Membership — 515 San Bernardino City School System Senior High Schools — 5 Junior High Schools — 11 Elementary Schools — 37 Classroom Teachers — 1259 Administrators — 88 Pupil Enrollment — 32,677 School Distria Population — 114,000 School Budget (1960-61)— $15,108,437 Clifford J. Mattox Assistant Superintendent F. EUGENE MUELLER Superintendent of Schools Pofl II Dr. Donald R. Wheeler Assistant Superintendent SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS Promoting interest in different fields of science is the purpose of the yearly Science Fair at Sturges. Winners from the Sturges Science Fair are entered in the Inland Science Fair where they compete with other Science Fair winners from the surrounding communities. MATH MARATHON WINNERS „ Competition is keen for the privilege of competing in the annual city-wide contest for outstanding mathematics students. Each junior high school is represented by twenty- four students who are selected on the basis of ability, accuracy and speed. They vie for honors in four main events: Leap Frog, Mad Hatter, Oialk Talk and Terminology. Games involving special problems are an added attraaion at the meet. o I. J Po0« 12 ■f 3 J (y X. j i J . .r y i6 X J J ' I . John AJbrecht Warren Atwood Dorothy Berry Clifford Copeland Donald Davis Graee. e,Lpng B.S., M.A. B.S. B.S.A.E. BA., M.A. . B.S B-A- dfiAjW- 6 O Irvin Edell B.A., Mj . Bernard Fas Joseph Fleischman FredeiickJox. BA., M.A. B.A. B . Dale Harvey Louise Holt A. BA. Opal McDaniel Ross Miller Ygmon Milliken Mareart Montcomery Donald Moore Rebecca Moore BM B.A. B.A. ,, B . B.A. BA. M.A. Patricia Muir Blake Neal Ernest Nevares Camille Nobile Nicholas Norton Roben Perkins Bj . B.A. B.A., M.A. BA, MA B.S. BA., MA Marie Weller % Qiarles Wright Frederick Wulfing BA BA., M.A. 0Tl Norma Parker Librarian Sylva Holland Barbara Stevens Nurse Audrey Carruthers Principal ' s Sec Jean Davis Librarian Sec. Kay Howard Att Sec Janice Nelson Clerk Typist Kay Woods Dean ' s Sec. Freda Scott Temple Yates Orval Walden Bide. Suoervisor Robert Gomez Charlotte Martinez v fi? Ronald CAcuna Charles Acosta " " " " Senior L lc add David Anderson Donna Adkins Barbara Allen Lydia Alviso Linda Apodac« Shirley Anthony Mary Arias Ernie Armendariz Salvador Arratia Kenny Bayless Vincent Bellue Joyce Bolitha Richard Benites Ronald BlakeljL V i|] iryBQC iegra Ml Pag 15 Manuel Calleros Dorothy Campbell Connie Ginela Patty Capelle Ruben Carrillo Charles Carter Grace Carter Betty Castillo Dolores Castro Daniel Chapparo TonyChatman Linda Chaudioi David Chavez Herman Chavez Pat Chavez Bob Chester J. O. Chisom James Clover Diane Cole Sandra Corbin Valerie Cosner Earnest Cramer Dale Cranford Donna Crawfor Donna Qoss Terry Cucllar Jim Cummins Wendall Curran Clair Dacheux Ken Dailey Pat Daley Betty Danley Celia Davis Robert Davison Wilma Dean Juan Deiena Dennis Dember Jef fery DeWeese Phillip Dobbs Emily Dominguez Porf iria Duran Roberta Eiam 1 m. J Beatrice Fabela Margaret Feldmeir Rosemary Fiegel Gloria Flores Joe Florez Jennie Flynn Richard Franco Navon French Linda Frisly Robert Fuseler Carols Garcia Rose Marie Garcia ■... 17 Karen Gibford Eugene Gleason Fred Goldstein Dolores Gomez Dolores Gomez Frances Gomez Peter Gomez Richard Gomez Eliva Gonzales Mary Gonzales Milton Gonzales Leonard Goodloe Donna Goodson Darline Graff Donna Gudmundson Manuel Gurrero Jerome Guth Pearl Gutierrez Arthur Hardger Bobby Harmon Vincent Harris Virgie Harris r , Randell Heft m Carlene Heimbecker Dolores Hernandez ih Ronald Hildebrandt Pag IS linda Himes Kenneth Horn Peter Hornath Brenda Huckabaa Stephanie Hudson Jerry Ingram Maryjacobo Linda Timinez f 1 - " ' if,. % ' S MK ' M 1? iM -J , ' i-uSk- ..- t ' 1 , .J i S Af Carolyn Jones Barbara Jordon Willie Juare Patricia Kaye Ronald King Kenneth Bartholow Charlesetta Kellough Tamara Kern Brian King David Kutson Linda Lacy Ronnie Lara James Lawerance WalaceLebeck LonnaLebert Carol Lenfesty Frank Lewis Johnny Little Robert Long Erlinda Lopez Ruth Lopez Yolanda Lopez Elvia Lozano 1! Frank Luna Lucionne Lundberg Sid Martin Freddie Mays Greg Mazon Linda McCoy Ethel Mae McGee Mike McGrath Joyce McPhail Kay McPherson Nicky Melchor Slavador Mendiola Rachel Mendoza Thomas Michelson Charles Miles Duane Millar Manuel Molina Gene Moore Judy Moore Richard Morales Ronnie Moreno Ronnie Morris E ennis Mortensen Connie Mosley Josie Mosqueda Chris Mouiis George MuUins Steve Myhro Sherilyn Neel Armando Nieto Cathy Nieto Anna Nunez Arnold Oberg George Oberg Irma Ochoa Joe Ortega Linda Ortega Vivian Ortega ErUndaOrtez Jim Owen Margaret Owens Gloria Padilia Bill Page Dick Parkhouse John Parmenter Gracie Parnell Gilbert Para Rachel Payan Xavier Paz t « ic .Avie Peanie Gordon Pelton Ernestina Pena Robert Perez | Sarah Perez Faith Potter Eriicit i ' owcli fag 21 Karen Powell Yvonne Powell John Power Bob Pytlak Marie Qui Huis Louie Quiroz Virginia Quiroz Diane Ragland JeanRatliff Linda Ray Terry Resendez Johnny Reyes PatRippetoe Jo Carol Robl RudyRobles Alfonsf RiKineucz Gabriel Rodriguez Andy Resales Jimmy Ryan GailSadlar Bob Saenz Gloria Sainz Rachel Samaro Yolanda Samaro Pricilla Sapion Charles Satcher Alfredo Sauccdo Patsy Sautcdu TerrieScarpi Renec Schwan fogs 22 ' 5 ' mrl f ! • -n Mike Sechrest David Seifried Ellen Shelton Larry Shepard Charles Simpson Richard Sims Johnny Skaggs Mary Smart Eileen Smith Jessie Smith Renail Smith Sharon Smith Terry Smith Terry Spinks Jay Stanovich Bob Steiger Herb Sturat Mary Ann Sullivan nHIi ' Donna Sumstine Jack Szczesiak Robert Thompson Daphne Torrence John Torres Martin Torres William Tribble Richard Trower Susana Trujille Theresa Triyeque Pag 23 Gabino Tucker Larry Turner Charles Venters George Walton Earl Walker Saralyn Warren Darline Wease Patricia Weeks Jerry Westmoreland Jack Westphall Josephine Wierenga Clifford Williams Jackie Wilson Jimmy Wilson Jeannie Wong Margie Yasay Grace Ybarra Gary York John York Josie Zamudio CAME Allana Bodenhammer Donna Brewster John Bricker Idelle Brown Edie Burnside Rosie Cairns Po9« 24 net WM i iM Miw«y.y a. ' Louis Goforth Sandy Favela Rosemary Fiegel Peter Horvath Sandra Jenkins Mike Miranda Frank Morales BobMoseley Ernest Powell Diana Ragland Connie Revis CmzRubio Jimmy Ryan Nancy Smith Fernando Tagle GaryTempia Daniel Terry Tom Whitehill ■-_. • € SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS Pictured above from left to right are Jay Dan- ley, Karen Gibford, Paula Cooper, Pat Rippetoe, Richard Sutherland, Fred Goldstein, Barbara Allen, Jon Parmenter, Marian Woodward, and Esther Goldstein. These students from the seventh, eighth and ninth grades are the win- ners in the various categories of the science fair Their projects were entered in the Inland Scien Fair to compete with students from San Bernar dino and Riverside Counties. he e J ave Vised keir Ivne Wl eli OUTSTANDING NINTH GRADERS Pictured below are students who were selected by the student government class and faculty on the basis of scholarship records, citizenship and participation in community affairs to represent Sturges Jr. High this year. Jon Parmenter James Lawrance David Hazard Fred Goldstein Rose Garcis «!r»«SiC- - »C 4 y • ' " , j f 4 3 . ' : . ' .L , k l A J -!s j J :k . C iantk nx ' C s f ry 0f " D e f Peg 27 dQ Bn tiT i. )i n v ' xNiiSL ill . — ..._ . L. C? ' I 4t 1 £ iH| ©J? P w i « ro;vi j } .f vc ci y K F ilf »p Hr k : ' ' iL A rrrni)» P«0« 2« iiiM h Pa9 29 ' ' . .. i: ' ieUii.. :£ ' n :5 Ai-zc t ; " .w V -. ' z- eventn AiLf i wt a i t f ) f f f --Jcv (?0 1 f ? P ' C)pw j oej-o ffi D i r 1 Hpflg K F 0t M t ic(,7 ie I Qoi- m Ci 15 f • {los e - ■■fi T- pA - ' ■« r- fs i; l c ;■ V ; t u d iiL i ■- ♦. ' . 1 -M) i ' i V iy](; op :i ' f " ' j . i ' To -1. fca 32 f »f © mjT) a 9 ; - Pag 33 e f ' e f ri O :5 u i- f o P Fas 14 ' ' i .- t sy . o . , i ' ' SV STUDENT GOVERNMENT CLASS Student w overnmen t The student government class composed of eleaed student body officers and seleaed students, under the direction of Mr. Vernon Milliken meets every seventh period in room 9. The class makes up the executive board of the student council and it is divided into committe es which plan and carry out student aaivities. Some of the activities sponsored by the student government class during the year are, five skating parties, the football queen dance, magazine drive, student store, 9A football dance, outstanding student awards, scholarship awards, and student council workshops. : m!m Student Kjovernmeni Off ' icer5 Faith Potter, president; Gary York, vice- president; Diana Ragland, secretary; Margie Yasay, treasure; Jay Stanovich and Sid Martin, traffic commissioners; representatitives from the 8th and 9th grades — Rosemary Fiegel, Judy Lewis, Steve Alva; David Hazard, the manager of the student store and his assistant, Gary Tempia, compose this group. Page 35 fee 36 ZJne ZJi rue Spirit of a idt ndimad This year ' s Christmas Program, " The True Spirit of Christmas, " was well accepted by the students, faculty and parents of Sturges Junior High School. The program opened with four students, Sharon Smith, Phyllis Davidson, Jon Parmenter and Gary York in front of the church arguing whether they should go to see the church pro- gram or go to a friend ' s party. After much dis- cussion they enter the church to see the church program. Aa II showed us the nativity scene, re-enacted in front of the chorus, which the students saw. Joseph and Mary were played by Jerome Guth and Karen Gorman. Fred Goldstein and Joe Guierman were the shep- herds. Mike Sechrest, Kent Mitchell and Ralph Crabtree acted the part of the kings. Bob Lowe was the narrator. Act III shows the four stu- dents outside the church dis- cussing the meaning of the program they have just ob- served. The chorus was direaed by Mr. Robert Scott and the band by Mr. George Reed. Mr. John Vitek and Mr. Dale Harvey wrote, directed and staged the play. Mrs. Jeanine Lownds helped with the costuming and Mr. Charles Wright built some of the scenery. Pofl 37 FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Student (council Each social living class elects one student to represent the class at all student council meetings. Here the representatives plus the student government class, plan the various school activities. The representative then reports the aaions of the student council to the students who elected him. SEMESTER COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES tamp L iuo ip Sponsored by Principal Laurence Gx)k, and organized in 1944, the Sigma Phi Sigma Stamp Club is one of the oldest clubs in Sturges Junior High School. Currently boasting 25 members, the club strives to serve the school and promote an interest in stamps, thereby increasing members ' knowledge of the world and its people. Of ice p. tli racuce Office practice is an elective offered to eight and ninth grade students under the direction of the deans, Mr. Carl Thorsell and Mrs. Mildred Mayer. Students are selected on the basis of aptitude and citizenship. They are taught regular office routine, filing procedures, use of the stu- dent file and proper use of office tele- phones. junior cientidtd The Junior Scientists, sponsored by Mr. Donald Moore, meet every Wednesday after school. Weekly programs feature a discussion of current science news and reports on particular scientific topics. j ji ' At J-lr i eme ier J4au ulonltors } Mji m. iti onuofd It is the duty of the hall -monitors to keep the transfer of one thousand students from one class to another as smooth and efficient as possible. J . This year ' s hall monitors are arranged under traffic commissioners, Sid Martin, Jay v • Sjanovich and the advisor, Mr. Camille Nobilc L i - yV V. J Second Semester J4att tl lonit Pag 40 orA I. . ?c 2- ;£- ( oin i iub The Copper-heads (right), a coin club sponsored by Mr. William Fox, meets every first and third Tuesday of the month in room 121. The history and geographical origin, techniques of assembling and classifying a coin col- lection are studied by the members. Auaions and trading makes member- ship profitable as well as entertaining. WaJ Walker. Any smdent who is interested in mathematics may join the Mad Mathers, (below) a club sponsored by Mrs. Louise Holt. Qub aaivities include challenging problems, games, puzzles and trips to interesting places. Composed of approximately thirty-five students under the direction of Mr. Reed the Sturges orchestra performs at many school functions during the year. • t ' p - O J ' ljJU . . y ii J ere There are fifty students in the Sturges Band. Directed by Mr. George Reed, the band participated in the Highland Avenue Parade, Indio Date Festival Parade, Spring Festival, National Orange Show and played as a concert band in the Spring Contest. This year ' s band, led by Lucionne Lundberg, had as majorettes Darlene Manning and Linda Lacy. The Sturges Junior High School Band has won many prizes in competition with other schools. This year ' s band is led by Lucionne Luodberg. Po8« Wo i e«, «,«i and Steam sponsored by Mr. Harold Krohne, the Model Railroad and Steam Club is composed of students interested in the steam locomotive. Many interesting meetings were held to study and discuss colorful aspect of American History. The club meets every Monday after school in foom. 114. J Sponsored by Mr. Charles W. Wright, the stage crew constructs, paints, repairs and assemblies scenery and props in the first period woodworking class. I)uj)ing plays they change stage scenery, mc t the rigging and manage the stage r each produaion. Courtesy and service are the two by- words of this selected group of students. With their assistance, well balanced, nutri- tious hot -lunches are served by the cafeteria staff at Sturges. 0. One girl each period on Tuesdays Thursdays is assigned to the office. Eacfi girl selected for this job works one period a week in place of her regular gym period. They run errands between buildings, de- liver messages to various teachers and locations. These girls are alj fctourteous, gracious and, above all, wij g to lend a and at any time . « ' ' Xos Picaros " (the rascals), sponsored by Miss Baez is a club for any student in- terested in Spanish. Its purpose is to pro- mote interest, knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of things with a " Spanish Accent. " The dub meets every Monday after school for a short meeting in room 2. The year ' s program included a Mexican dinner prepared and served by the club members, a Christmas party with a Spanish | inata, and a Span! one of iJtK local theater J« jJ Z s} ' S ' - it J Ji unior JptlmlAtA In its second year on campus, the Junior Optimist Club, sponsored by Mr. Bernard Fas and Principal Lavur- ence Cook, has continued its fine reputation for service and social work. This club is exclusively for boys and encourages them to band together for the purpose of develop- ing optimistic beliefs, loyalty to par- ents, loyalty to country, devotion to school work, and respea for order. ' Ji Pag i L allf-c omia i auet Organized in January 1959, the Sturges Junior High School Cadet Corps, directed by Clifford E. Copeland, is the only Junior High School Cadet Corps in San Bernardino. Cadet corps members are taught rifle marksmanship, hunting safety, map reading, first aid and drill. The aim of the cadets is to develop leadership and self disclipine. Cadets are not only aaive in school assemblies, but also perform services for the city. One of the most popular projeas is the raising of the flag every Thursday morning. In vehicles furnished by the U3. Army Reserve cadets move out for a week-end encampment. Cadets look forward all year to the annual spring bivouac at Deep Creek Camp where they have an opportunity to put into practice the various things learned during the year at school. Pag c ort7d jji While the Cadets statid at attention, the flag is raised to the stirring music provided by the music depanment. This event occuring each Thursday morning has become a Sturges tradition. Sid Martin Jqo Parmenter Capt. Sid Martin and 1st Sgt. Jon Parmenter, student leaders of the Cadet Corps were selected for their outstand- ing leadership ability. Fa0» 47 i B 4 prrC, f f ' i KAjV ' B ? ■ -( ;t r 111 rumor Serving as referees and helpii;g with girls physical education classes are the girl junior coaches supervised by Mrs. Helen Rush and Miss Dorothy Berry. Dressed in their white turned V ibie L iuo The Sturges Bible Club, sponsored by Miss Rebecca Moore, meets every Wednesday after- noon in room 105. Members of this club meet not only to read and understand the Bible, but to have an opportunity of meeting students with similar interests. Games and two outings a year are other activities. ached gym suits. These 9th gr! and demonstrate o other girls. The gjt for their dependabil ' 91 J . .o leadfijftceaises ( rocedujfls fdT the V p r coachd are|j hosen J d skill tl rmus Jf p f rumor oacheA i Ninth grade boys who show depend ability, enthusiam and skill in various sports, are chosen as junlior coaches. These boys assist Mr. Wulfing and Mr cJLatln Club The " Classica Societas " membership is composed of students of Latin who wish to share educational and social aaivities in this subjea area. The meetings are held the second Monday of each month in room 106 under the direaion of Mr. Lee. J eL Otketi The Help Others Club, sponsored by Mr. Carl Thorsell, I ean of boys, pro- motes deeper understanding between various cultures at Sturges. Project 120 Projea 120, a science club sponsored by Mr. John Albrecht, meets weekly in room 120. This club is open to all sm- dents who are willing to take patt in science aaivities. All club members -are expected to do reading, research and investigations that will be of interest to others. Projea 120 is chanered by the Sci- ence Club of America and takes an active part in promoting the Sturges Science Fair. Po8« 49 LIBRARY WORKERS Students who work in the library assist the lihrarian, Mrs. Norma Parker, and assistant, Mrs. Jean Davis. Their duties are working at the desk, check- ing books in and out of the library, assisting other students to find books and materials, and replacing books on the shelves. With over 8,000 books on our shelves these students help maintain an or- derly library. SCHOLARSHIP CLUB To qualify for the Scholarship Club, directed and supervised by Mrs. Mayer, dean of girls, a student must accumu- late 34 points a semester. With an " A " counting two points, a " B " four points and a " C " two points, it is only the outstanding student who becomes eligi- ble for membership in this academic club. After receiving the scholarship ribbon for the initial award, the student receives another ribbon for each suc- ceeding award until the final " Big Six " pin is received at the end of ninth grade. Ua Ji 9dcrvt CHESS CLUB The Chess Club meets in room 110 each Tuesday of the year. New mem- bers learn the science of the game from experienced players and from the spon- sor, Mr. Guy Taylor. A continuous tournament is run throughout the year and the standings are published in the school paper. i } f } 6 Cft. f STURGES STAR STAFF - ubli it icuuond a CL56 This year ' s publications class is divided into two groups, one group consisting of 17 students working on the paper, advised by Mr. Dale Harvey, and the annual staff con- sisting of seven students working on the annual, advised by Mr. Clifford E. Copeland. Working hard this year they have put out an improved " Sturges Star, " our monthly paper, and " The Panther, " out school yearbook. Art: J. Guy Taylor Copy and Layout Advisor: Irvin Edell iar and I antltet C aiL Renee Schwan L uncionne Lundber g Betty Danley orA Ida Hardecien Shirley Jiopper ' Arthur_Naguia fog 51 Ellen SheitQo Linda Chaudoin Lynda Overton E 91 MWS . fip y k K ' i - ' r ■M.. I 14; Li . j ' Jf k j K B 1 1 hi Bl Jh v il A very aaive hard workingx group, di- reaed by Mr. Scott, at Sturges tfiis yeiz is the Girls Chorus. Snidents v re sheeted to sing in the jrisg progr;4m and Cjlrid CA oru6 Spring Festival. Their white robes with red bows added a particularly festive note to the Christmas program. i ocal WlixeJ Vocal CnAembie A novel experiment was made this year by seleaing outstanding members of the girls choruses and adding them to the Boys Glee Club. The results were so satisfying that it will probably become a regular performing group in the futuie. The group is directed by Mr. Scott. i i " V Always in demand for singing engage- ments, this group, composed of girls dedi- cated to singing fine music and directed by Mr. Scott has been willing to exert the extra effort necessary to produce outstand- ing performances. Their performances W. udic Sl uraetteA were enhanced by their beautiful red robes. Some of their outstanding memories will be the Jr. High Festival at Eedlands, the Christmas Program and caroling through the halls at school and the Spring Festival. ASouA Ljiee L tub This group, directed by Mr. Scott, was one of the most active at Sturges this year. Through diligent praaicing they developed into a fine singing group. They gave per- formances at the Pomona Jr. High Festival and the San Bernardino High School " Boys Sing. " At Sturges they sang for P.T.A. meetings, school assemblies and became a familiar group at pep rallies singing the school song. Pag 53 Front Row, Left to Right: Margaret Sackrider, Ren,ee Sghwan, Lorinda Britton, Irene Cardenas, Helene Tanner, Sharon Smith. Back Row, Left to Right: Linda Stacks, Mike Sechrest, Jean Ratliff, David Martin Bob Lowe, K nt Mitchgll. On March 18, Sturges was host to the Annual All-City Speech Festival. Students from each junior high participated in cate- gories of original, serious prose and poetry, and light prose and poetry. Of the thirteen students entered from Sturges, twelve earned the superior rating. These were ninth graders Bob Lowe, Sharon Smith, Jon Parmenter, Renee Schwan, Jean RatlifF, and Mike Sechrest; and seventh graders Linda Stacks, Kent Mitchell, Helene Tanner, Irene Cardenas, Lorinda Britton and Margaret Sackrider. Renee Schwan and Jon Parmenter earned special recognition by receiving perfect scores. The students were coached by Mr. John Vitek and Mr. Dale Harvey. V JOHN VITEK ■ktal DALE HARVEY ■. m p i-Vf v v_ f % .,Y . l . A) Dressed in the school colors, red and white, and led by Betty Ami Danley, the Sturges Pom Pons " participated in many parades and help with the pep assemblies. Their routines were praaiced every Tuesday after school. This year ' s pom pons were chosen by Mr. Cook, Mrs. Lownds, and a few of last year ' s pom pons. They were judged on appearance, marching ability and their sense of rhythm. At least a " C " average must be maintained by all members. { neetteadi erd This year ' s spirited cheerleaders were Carlene Heimbecker, head cheerleader; Renee Schwan, Jackie Wilson, Sharon Smith and Margie Yasay. V Scott was the panther. These girls and the Pom Pons cheered at the games. i a ' jtk ' } i k rwi u ardit f ootbail Football, a sport requiring much enregy and stamina for all participants, allows every ninth grade boy going to Sturges the privilege of trying out for the team. The games won and lost are soon forgotten but the sportsmanship of our team is never forgotten. Mr. Wulfing and Mr. Neal, our coaches, have done a fine job for Sturges this year. 1960-1961 RECORDS Sturges 20 Highland 26 Sturges 20 Golden Valley Richardson 6 Sturges Sturges 47 Del Vallejo 14 STANDINGS Eastern League Highland Richardson Sturges Golden Valley Del Vallejo Western League Arrowview Franklin Railto Fremont Eisenhower Mr. Neal and Mr. Wulfing coached the Sturges football team this year. The football captain was Richard Hinchea Pog» 56 WKHt. V fQ Panthers in Action The Sturges Panthers enjoyed a very suc- cessful season through hard training and aaion such as is pictured here. Pagt 57 9TH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM This year ' s basketball coaches were Mr. Wulfing and Mr NeaL Pag» 59 run II I ' Pictured above is aaion which charaaerized the hard fought season as the Sturges teams marched to victory. The teams were not always viaorious but learned the rules of fair play and sportsmanship in their competition with other schools. ASadhetball Basketball is a very popular sport around Sturges. To get on the team you must know the rules of the game , be fast, efficient and have at least a " C " average. This year, be- cause our gymnasium is being demolished, most of the games had to be played on the outside courts. 8th GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Pofl« 59 TRACK TEAM Track, one of the favorite and main spons at Sturges, requires much energy and especially good sportsmanship. It is under the direaion of gym teacher, Mr. Wulfing. Any seventh, eighth or ninth grade boy may try out for the track team and compete against other teams in track competition. Mr. Frederick Wulfing, this year ' s track coach, and some of the boys from the track team. Gilbert Parra Shot Put --- Uhhhh! Running Broad Jump Up and Over Ernest Powell fog 6J COMPLIMENTS OF STURGES P - T. A. o- J r- - Uynn fm% 42 ' ' ' i ' r ' f} ' i .( , i A ' f j ■s- " J ■A HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR PHOTO NEEDS AL HANCOCK NEW USED - e SA4,fl GRAPHLEX - POLAROID - KODAK - LEICA 598 THIRD STREET SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. TUxedo 44-0293 COMPLIMENTS OF BERGSTROM PHARMACY Dr. Yonekazu Abe DENTIST TUxedo 425136 1135 No. " D " Street San Bernardino, Calif. JXi4UfMfUH ISA 44U Refrigerated Air Conditioned Ample Free Parking in Rear TU 847-120 ' --Featuring PRO SHOP--- 973 N. " E " St. Balls Drilled While You Wait Expert Pluggi ng Custom Ball Fitting by Fred Saul SAN BERNARDINO CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES You ' ve completed another important step in your educational career: a career that has national significance, since never before has education played such an important role in the destiny of our nation. May this year ' s honors inspire you to further achievement. 1 COMPANY SAN BERNARDINO — RIVERSIDE — REDLANDS THE FOOD BANK Friendly Complete Shopping Center Food Lockers Wholesale Meats Variety Store Sporting Goods Gasteria 24822 E. Base Line Phone T.U. 91061 BOB HARRELL OLDSMOBILE 879 E. Street, San Bernardino, California T.U. 4-6848 Compliments of CALIFORNIA INVESTERS Members Pacific Coast Stock Exchange Listed and Over-the-Counter Securities MUTUAL FUND SPECIALISTS 1757 D St. TU. 2-55 59 San Berfiardino, California IDEAL CLEANERS At all our locations in town Suits Plain Dress Plain Skirts Pants Sweaters .98 1.00 .59 .59 .59 ' We Print Everything But Money " .Ar ,, f- ubtl hina Lo. PRINTERS OF " THE STAR ' 345 " I " Street TU 44-2208 San Bernardino, California c KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI TDRONTa 1, ONTARIO LITHO. IN U.S.A. BY YEARBOOK HOUSE ' fft J f r ( 1961 ' " H A ' 4 i

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