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T. MALESKA PRINCIPAL LEAF '6' STITT JUNIOR HIGH SCH OOL 40! West 164 Street New York 32, N. Y. Louise J. Lefebvre Leo Goodman Alexander Levine Samuel L. Gutterman ASSISTANTS :0 PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATORS ALEXANDER LEVINE LOUISE J. LEFEBVRE EUGENE T. MALESKA .. y SAMUEL L. GUTTERMAN LEO GOODMAN OUR GUIDANC OUR CLERKS COUNSELORS e ELEANOR H. STARK IN MEMORY APRIL 17, 1957 MISS CLAIRE WISHART LUCILLE A. ESTHER GINSBURG SCHLESINGER MRS. LOLA M. MR. RICHARD GADDIS KACHALSKY g+-;mhA , , . g CONTENTS PAGE ADMINISTRATORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 YEARBOOK STAFF . . . . . . . . . . . . . A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL . . . . . . . 6 NINTH YEAR TEACHERS . . . . . . . . . . 7 ALUMNI ACES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 GRADUATES . . . . . . . i . . . . . . . 9 SENIOR HONOR LEAGUE . . . . . . . . . . 36 LITERATURE AND ART . . . . . . . . . . 37 WE WORK AND PLAY TOGETHER . . . . . . . 55 BOOSTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 STITT SCHOOL SONG . . . . . . . . . . . 72 I GOOD LUCK GRADUATES! 3 ytarbook Staff LITERARY RANDA MOSCOVITZ ART Editor CHERRIE SKERRITT Editor ELEANOR BAMBERGER 7-427 BARBARA BELL 9-313 VEDA BAGLEY 7-216 WINFRED BENDINER 9-304 ROSE CASEY 7-427 ROMYER COFIELD 8-411 ALICE DELANEY 8-201 D OROTHY DAVIS 8-314 MIRIAM FOUNTAIN 7-427 CARL EDELMAN 8-404 MEREDITH FRIDIE 7-427 CHARLES GOODEN 8-411 RICHARD GARDNER 9-221 ELAINE GOODMAN 7-427 BARBARA GOWAN 7-427 ELLEN GUIONS 8:411 SANDRA HARRIS 9-304 ANITA HAAS 9-304 SYBIL IRBY 9-325 ANITA KRAUS 9-313 LUTHER JOHNSON 9-325 WILLIAM MIRANDA 9-304 MICHELE JOHNSON 9-325 SAMUELNEAL 8-411 SANDRA JOHNSON 8-314 MARGO REID 9-325 MARGIE LANE 9-321 NANCY ROTMAN 8-411 CATHERINE MORENA 9-325 DAVID SCHNELL 8-314 GLORIA MASSEY 9-325 CAROL STATHIS 7-427 MICHELE QUINN 7-427 JAMES TOOP 8-314 MARCIA ROSS 7-425 CgARLOTTSE VAN SLYKE 9-321 'LESLIE SEFF 9-417 L A WEIN TEIN 7-427 BEATRICE WOODALL 9-403 B EATRICE VAN AALTEN 9'325 ADVERTISING STEVEN FLEHINGER Editor LINDA BORUS 7-216 BELLA FRANKFELD 9-304 CAROL KRAMER 9-304 ROSALIE LEMUS 9-304 STEVEN MENDELSON 9-304 SONIA NUSSBAUM 7-216 PATRICIA PRICE 9-325 KENNETH SONDHELM 7-427 LINDA SONNENFELD 9-304 PETER STEIN 9-304 SUSAN WACHSBERGER 9-304 We wish to thank those teachers who so graciously helped in preparing this book, partic ularly Mrs. Schwarz who collected and edited the Knocks and Boosts, and Mrs. Maistelman who assisted our typists. 4 TYPING BETTY GOLDEN PATRIC 1A RAINEY Editors FACULTY ADVISERS PHOTOGRAPHY AND FINANCES MR. MORTON JACOBER LITERARY AND ADVERTISING HANNAH BIRDSALL 9-221 LINDA CARLTON 8-314 RENNY CASTINER 9-325 ELEANOR CHAMBERS 8-314 SANDRA CUTTING 9-325 MYRTLE DAVIS 9-321 TEARGES HANKERSON 9-325 CHARLOTTE HEIN 8-314 PAT JUDAH 9-325 MARJORIE KAUFMAN 8-314 CHERYL MILLS 8-314 KAREN SIGMON 9-321 MOYA SMITH 9-221 PHOTOGRAPHY ALVINO SPRAUVE 8-404 EVA STORM 8-314 C LARENCE JOHNSON SHIRLEY TERR 9-304 ELMER MARRERO SARA VILLA 9-325 JAMES PEACE JACQUELINE WILLIAMS 9-325 MARVIN SCREEN HARRIET WILSON 9-221 WINSTON VARGAS ART 8-314 8- 104 8-117 8-429 8-104 MR. ALEXANDER TRIFON MRS. MENTA TURNER kh Mmayt ?mm 011! Principal Dear Boys and Girls, R As you glance through your year book, you will see pictures and descriptions of many of the wonderful events that have taken place this year at Stitt. Field day, 'the book fair, the Operetta and talent show, club activities, the intervisitation project with J. H.S. 115, and the fine assembly programs - these are only a few of the highlights of the busy months now behind us. But there is one golden thread woven through this tapesty of days. It is best exemplified by our theme: TOGETHER WE WORK AND PLAY. And the mostimportant of those five words is the first. Time after time Ihave been proud of the way you have worked together as a team on the different activities in which you have engaged. You have learned the most important lesson of life, the lesson that the greatest satisfaction comes from working with others toward a common goal. A poem of mine expresses this feeling better perhaps than any other message I could think of giving you. It reads as follows: Who wanders in will look on more than school. For here the young teach action to the old. In every room the ancient Golden Rule Becomes alive and stands as only gold. They need no rule, these children black and white, Who sit together, walk with arms entwined; So close to God, they still reflect His light; Not yet the dust of years has made them blind. The emotion that inspired those verses may have been a trifle ex- aggeratedgw but I do hope that the poem will serve to help some of you remain as you are in your very best moments -images of the Spirit that created all of us, regardless of race or nationality or creed. I take this opportunity to thank the staff of the Year Book for the ex- .cellent work they have done under the leadership of Mr. Jacober. Finally, on behalf of the entire faculty I extend my warmest congratu- lations to the graduates and their parents. EUGENE T. MALESKA , Principal V? m S E IL E PZ R YWAV AE m T M AR MM ER MM S.E T U DA LE MA NL RM MB S.H S.A R0 AA N B E I RC R M SW J E MS M E . S L M m K E R M N m m S M R N K T P. $ $ C H G R A c E 7 S U B H L R C T E F N S B K A E .J m c R s. m . m M R m M M . A m T MR E L S Y A m 3R RE MY AT ML mm mE mm LR Mm .m UE BK CA .T , S.W SS S .U . RP R M an m2 R M M RR M M M g z z 3 c ALUMNI ACES Graduates of 1957wi11 have far to go to reach the heights of some of our famous former stu- dents. ' All of Stitt was thrilled to learn that one of our first graduates has become a world famous opera star. Maria Meneghini Callas has sung in opera houses all over the world, particularly La Scala in Milan, Italy. This past winter she made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera House here in New York City and was also seen by millions of people on the Ed Sullivan Show on television. . . . . Another musical personality who attended Stittis RichardStuart Flusser. He is the director of the "After Dinner Opera" Company which has received excellent reviews and toured Europe in 1956. Mr. Flusser is now associated with the Phoenix Theater ..... Elizabeth Palmer who was graduated in 1939 is now Dr. Elizabeth King ..... A teacher of. Art and Music at J. H.S. 139 is Andrew Donaldson, who once attended Stitt. . . . . Another Stitt graduate is Robert Schwartz a banker at the Amalgamated Bank ..... A popular record of the past season was "I Promise To Remember" sung by The Juniors. This song was written by James Castor who left Stitt in 1954 to attend The High School of Music and Art. He also led the singing group..... Another successful singing group on records andin films is The Teenagers, all of whom went to Stitt. The boys are Frankie Lymon, Joe Negroni, James Merchant, and Sherman Garnes. Two graduates from the class of 1955 have already made us proud. John Williams has won a scholarship to study drums at the Julliard School of'Music. Edward Culbreath has made Arista at the High School of Performing Arts and plans to become a music teacher..... Everyone at Stitt is rooting for the speedy reCoverys and return of Mrs. Anita Fraser Du Boulay. She has spent a large portion of her life here atStittas both student and French teacher. For a while, Mrs. Du Boulay actually lived in France and taught English there. We are all waiting to see how many of 1957's graduates appear in this column in future years. It's up to you. amuss Indy EDDIE MAE ADAMS, 9-402 Girl With a smile. ROSALIND ALEXANDER, 9-417 When it comes to acting she's the best She's sure to pass any screen test. WILLIE ALFORD, 9-402 A quiet guy; always Shy. GLADYS ALICEA, 9-414 Sandy hair, big brown eyes When she smiles she draws the guys. JAMES ALKINS, 9-403 Math whiz LUANA ALLAMBY, 9-111 She can write and read Will surely Succeed MICHAEL ALLAMBY, 9-325 Super Boy. He can lift a ton; A nd sure is nice to everyone. JAMES ALLEN, 9-416 The Professor LEONA ALLEN, 9-403 C ute, saucy, and never bossy. HENRY ALSTON, 9-413 Handsome OSCAR ALSTON, 9-433 Buddy CASTO ALVAREZ, 9 -32.1 C assanova of '57 LAWRENCE ANDERSON, 9-321 A friend indeed BETTY ANDREWS, 9-111 Capabilities unlimited RONALD ANTELO, 9-111 Mr. Dependable THEODORE APOSTLE, 9-403 Information, Please! ISMAEL ARENAS, 9-414 Ismael, Ismael, we're calling your name, Someday you'll be called to the Hall of Fame. RAMON ARENAS, 9-321 Don Juan l0 MARCEL ARONHEIM, 9-313 "Goofs" all day But otherwise okay HENRY AUSTIN, 9-313 A s a joker he's just great A student he's always late. MARGARET AUSTIN, 9-313 Personality and looks galore Who could ask for anything more. ROBERT AUSUBEL, 9-304 The dictionary he carries with pleasure His grammar cartoons have become a treasure. ARTHUR BACON, 9-413 Smooth and Sassy JOYCE BAKER, 9-321 The quiet one. CLARA BARBER, 9-325 "Lend me your comb" WILLIAM BARBER, 9-416 The quiet fellow JAMES BARNES, 9-413 A good friend. JOHN BARNES, 9-121 He'll stand up for what's right B at he tries not to fight. ADDIE BARROS, 9-416 D reamy EMILY BAYNE, 9-221 E mily is a mystery gal Although quiet she has her pal. BARBARA BELL, 9-313 Barbara Bell is really kean Gay and witty she always seems. LARRY BELL, 9-413 Good WILLIAM BELLEFOND; 9-417 Is quite intelligent we all agree Will hardly get a D. WINFRED BENDINER, 9-304 No one in English excells Winfred , Like father, like daughter both well read. BEATRICE BENIMA, 9-313 Nice and clever, naughty never! MAVIS BEST, 9-329 Mavis is popular With girls as well as boys, She has charm as well as poise. l l HANNAH BIRDSALL, 9-221 Hannah is always of good cheer About ambition, we'd like to hear. FAYE BLAKELY, 9-121 A well dressed girl, Always in a whirl. ANGELINA BLANCO 9-417 At Spanish Angie's a whiz She's sure to pass each and every quiz. LAWRENCE BLAND, 9-121 Friendly and sociable too, Lawrence is the friend for you. TONY BOISSEAU, 9-414 Dependable C ARMEN BOU, 9-416 Sugar and spice. NILSA BRACERO, 9-121 Nilsa dances very well, In every way she is just swell. MELVIN BRIGHT, 9-413 He really is EDITH BRINKLEY, 9-116 She can write and read; She will Surely succeed ALBERT BRINSON, 9-221 Good looking and "boss"dresser. ANTHONY BROADWAY, 9-221 "Lots of fun"says everyone. BENJAMIN BROWN, 9-402 Happy go lucky is he. JOHN BROWN, 9-402 A walking store. MYRNA BROWN, 9-321 Myrna Brown is from our town Sweetest girl that can be found . TRUDY BROWN, 9-111 Good things come in small packages. WILLIE MAE BRYANT, 9-403 If this girl will take advice, She Will think not once, but twice. CHARLES BUNDY, 9-402 "Indomitable. " CLIFFORD BYRD, 9-433 He'll go higher in life. 12 DONALD CAMERON, 9-402 Mr. Basketball of knowledge. We wish some day he'd go to college. HENRY CAMILO, 9-433 Book monitor. EVA CAMPBELL, 9-321 Our Chatterbox. ISAIAH CANTEEN, 9-413 Refined RALPH CARTAGENA, 9-121 A playful boy. He laughs for joy. CORA CARTER, 9-116 A heart as good as gold. RENNY CASTINER, 9-325 Tries hard in everything. JOSE CEDENO, 9-433 Bamba. JOYCE CHAMPION, 9-116 C hampion! ! ! ANNETTE CHARLEY, 9-416 How's the air up there? MELVIN CHERRY, 9-325 "I wasn't the only one talking.- " JANIE CHRISTIAN, 9-304 L. S. M. F. T: Laughter, Songs, Music and Fun:Troub1e. JERILYN CHRISTIAN, 9-325 F u11 of joy, full of fun; A 150 liked by everyone. BARBARA CLAYBORNE, 9-416 Star Reporter. BARRY CLARK, 9-416 T rue and steady His word is always ready. LOUISE CLARK, 9-402 Loses pencils and books; But never Will she lOSe her looks. VIVIAN CLARKSON, 9-329 Vivian is the girl who's so shy and petite, And we all think she's awfully sweet! LEVI COBB, 9-402 Full of fun, full of laughter. 613 ROGER COBBS, 9-111 A perfect gentleman. SARAH COCKEREL, 9-321 Quiet but neat She's very sweet. THOMAS COLEMAN, 9-417 On aviation he has his eye, We wonder if he'll ever fly. ROGER COLEMAN, 9-402 Sweet daddy bow. FREDERICA COLLIER, 9-304 I'm not a "know-it-all. " DIANE COTMAN, 9-116 The poet of 9-116 LLOYD CRAFT, 9-414 D oing school work is his game, Being friendly is his aim. JACQUELINE CRAIG, 9-403 Short, cute, and really neat, A 5 our friend she can't be beat. NETTIE CRAWFORD, 9-221 Nice and clever Naughty ? Ne ver ! PEDRO CRUZ, 9-111 Cool calm and collected. DOROTHY CULP, 9-111 Neat, and sweet, her voice can't be beat. GRACIE CUSBERTS, 9-116 Keep on smiling! SANDRA CUTTING, 9-325 Madame Einstein. PHILIP DAISLEY, 9-413 Young in heart. EVERETT DANIEL, 9-414 Everett Daniel the freckled faced boy, Is fun to be with and full of joy. BARBARA DANIELS, 9-414 Very neat, always in style Usually has a pleasant smile. JO-ANN DANIELS, 9-414 Laughing and joking like a bubble Sure get the class in plenty of trouble. ARTHENE DARDEN, 9-417 She is sweet we all agree, Someday a nurse she hopes to be. VICTOR DAVILA, 9-433 The Quiet one. JAMES DAVIS, 9-111 Little guy with big ideas. JOHNNIE DAVIS, 9-221 You can count on Johnnie for a cordial smile, To help a friend he'll walk a mile! LINWOOD DAVIS, 9-321 He can really stand his ground Nicest boy that can be found. MYRTLE DAVIS, 9-321 Myrtle Davis can always be found Walking around Without a frown. WILLIAM DAVIS, 9-433 School service. DONALD DEFEBIO, 9-111 F or him to laugh is no task. SYLVIA DE LA PAZ, 9-416 Every inch a lady. MARIANO DELIZ-, 9-402 Practicing basketball is his scheme, 9 When he comes to school, it is a dream. TYRONE DILLARD, 9-321 A cat from way back. ALLEN DONATH, 9-111 Handles his work with kid gloves. MICHELE DORSEY, 9-121 B etter late than never. HARRY DURAND, 9-313 Always making a plea "Teacher, please, it wasn't me. " CAROLEE DURR, 9-402 Cute, and sweet; just can't be beat. JAMES DURR, 9-433 Daddy Longlegs. RALPH ECHEVESTE, 9-325 Mr. Celebrity. ' DAVID ENTZMINGER, 9-313 David isn't very shy In fact, we think he's quite a guy. BETTY EPPERSON, 9-116 Very smart and has a good heart. I5 JOHN EPPS, 9-417 Is so slim and so tall, .15 a natural for basketball. NYVIA FEBUS, 9-416 Will reach her goal. SHIRLEY FENTON, 9-116 Professor,.she knows her stuff. MARIE FERNANDEZ, 9-416 Neat and sweet can't be beat. MICHAEL FIELDS, 9-416 Little fellow with big ideas. SANDRA FIGUEROA, 9-111 Dream girl. SAM FINKELSTEIN, 9-325 What do you want from my life ? STEVEN FLEHINGER, 9-325 Walking dictionary JOYCE FLORENCE, 9-416 Neat and sweet. THOMAS FOGG, 9-403 Sure can sing, ready for a fling. ANGELO FONSECA, 9-121 From California Angelo came. Our girls will never be quite the same. CAROL FORD, 9-116 Nice and sweet - and always neat. EDWIN FORTUNE, 9-413 Honest. CLAIRE FRAENKEL, 9-325 C ute and nice and knows her studies. BELLA FRANKFELD, 9-304 Les Jeunes filles dans une line. MILDRED FRAZIER, 9-329 The most popular girl in our class We all agree on this fine lass. DOROTHY FREDERICK, 9-116 Healthful and quiet every day Let's hope she stays that way. CAROLE FURLOW, 9-329 A little mischievous, full of fun She adds the spice for everyone. GEANIE GAINERS, 9-417 Stranger in our midst. DAVID GALLEY, 9-433 Studious. CONNIE GAMBLE, 9-111 A particular Miss. JANICE GARDNER, 9-417 She's always ready with something nice to say, Just remembering her adds lots to every day. RICHARD GARDNER, 9-221 Here's a boy, funny as can be On this point we'll all agree. JOHNNIE MAE GARVIN, 9-416 Full of laughter, full of glee On this point we all agree. JOHN GATSON, 9-433 The car designer. ALFONSO GAYMON, 9-414 Al Gaymon is always late, I wonder if he'll be on time to graduate. THOMAS GERSON, 9-417 Scout and scholar in every way, He will never, never stray. JOHN GILES, 9-416 The perfect gentleman. SANDRA GILFORD, 9-111 For fun, Sandra's the one. GREGORY GINYARD, 9-111 Give him the beat for a Rock' n ' Roll treat. JOHN GNAT, 9-221 To the dictionary he will go For all those meanings he must know. BETTY GOLDEN, 9-221 Speech is silver Silence is golden. CURTIS GOLDSBERRY, 9-121 He gives me candy, he gives me gum, I think he's just a perfect churn. YVONNE GOMEZ, 9-116 A loyal friend to the end. ROBERT GONSALVES, 9-111 "I wasn't late the bell rang early" JUSTINA GONZALEZ, 9-414 Very nice, always gay Hopes to be a nurse some day. I 7 LUIS GONZALEZ, 9-416 Mr. Innocent. PHILLIP GOODWIN, 9-402 A nice boy and sings well too. GAIL GOTTLIEB, 9-313 Cute and saucy and very bossy. EVELYN GOTTSCHALK, 9-313 Evelyn Gottschalk is really nice Charm and looks make one look twice. BEVERLY GOULD, 9-313 For Student Council she's the best Always passing every test. FRANK GRANT, 9-433 T he Mathematician. CASSANDRA GRAY, 9-325 Sent by Jocko to tell the bops, That in this book she's really tops. PRESTON GREEN, 9-433 Smoothie. GLADYS GREGGORY, 9-416 Littie Miss Muffet. JAMES GRESHAM, 9-433 He tries. RICHARD GRIFFIN, 9-402 Cheerful, happy and gay Cooperates in work and play. LAWRENCE GROSE, 9-403 With a joke and a rhyme He's always on time. ALBERT GUIDICE, 9-325 A nice guy everyone seems to like ANITA HAAS, 9-304 Always a whiz In a French quiz. RICHARD HAIRSTON, 9-111 The big-little fella. YVONNE HAMILTON, 9-329 A cooperative gal, by all admired But many times by the devil inspired. RUTH HAMMOND, 9-416 Delightful to know. TEARGES HANKERSON, 9-325 He's real smart all the way. B ut he finds time to laugh and'play. NORMA HARDAWAY, 9-121 Has a nice personality, She is the girl, with a lot of hospitality. RENEE HARRIS, 9-402 Always neat; oh, so sweet. SANDRA HARRIS, 9-304 The gleam in your eye. BETTY HARVEY, 9-121 In Chewing gum, she is supreme, In her eye, there's a friendly gleam. BERTHA HATCHET, 9-414 Long and tall but always neat She's a friend that can't be beat. GWENDOLYN HAWKINS, 9-313 Gwendolyn is full of fun She is liked by everyone. LINWOOD HAYES, 9-221 Linwood Hayes Always in a daze. ROBERT HEITZ, 9-121 Robert can take a joke, Doesn't pay back with a poke. DmALD HENDERSON, 9-433 Nice and quiet. MILDRED HENDERSON, 9:329 Mildred in swimming grew braver and braver We're sure she'll be a "Senior Life Saver" OSCAR HENDERSON, 9-413 Quiet ROBERT HENDERSON, 9-433 Basketball champion CELIA HENE, 9-417 Running, running all the time, Just to keep the class in line. JUDY HICKS, 9-329 With mischief spelled out on her face, Our miss Judy will really place! CYNTHIA HIGH, 9-321 Cynthia High will pass for low Never a worry, never a woe. EARL HILL, 9-416 On the scene with the movie machine DELORES HILLER, 9-116 Sometimes serious, sometimes gay, But We like her either way. ANTHONY HILLIARD, 9-433 The comedian! l9 JOAN HIRSCH, 9-313 Quiet and wise to Success she will surely ri: SAUNDRA HODGE, 9-403 Her voice is sweet and mellow She'll appeal to a very nice fellow. HARVEY HOGGARD, 9-414 Nice and short, a jolly little elf, Amuses his friends and even himself. ETHEL HOLLAND, 9-329 Though Ethel's stature is not very tall, Good things come: in packages small! THOMAS HOLLAND, 9-121 Is so full of Spice, Always giving good advice. MARIAN HOLLEY, 9-121 She always comes to school, And dresses real cool. CAROLYN HOOKER, 9-313 A lovely girl is Carolyn Hooker We all agree she's quite a looker SUSAN HOPKINS, 9-121 Sometimes absent, Sometimes late, She is the girl we all appreciate. JOYCE HORNE, 9-416 Pretty eyes. RUBEN HOWARD, 9-111 A slick one MARY HOWELL, 9-116 She's very cool and calm; Take my word she won't be harmed 1EARNEST1NE HUDSON, 9-221 Earnestine's name begins with an E She's sure to shine in the Clothing Industry FRANK HUDSON, 9-402 An intelligent guy; With the girls he's never shy. PENELOPE HUDSON, 9-403 Penny is so very small; But her personality towers above all. RITA HUDSON, 9-313 Rita Hudson is so nice She must be made of sugar and spice. SARA HUGGINS, 9-121 Sara is very kind, When it comes to clothes she dresses fine. ANNETTE HUGHES, 9-417 She may lose her pencils and her books But she'll never, ever, lose her looks. ANNE HUGHEY, 9-221 Anne's a girl we like a lot PerSQnality is what she has got. CHARLES HUMBER, 9-321 Stitt's actor JOYCE HUMBER, 9-403 15 sweet and kind; Another like her would be hard to find. SANDRA INMAN, 9-313 We love to see that girl around Because her smile never lets us down. SYBIL IRBY, 9-325 She's sweet and neat And can't be beat. VALERIE JACKSON, 9-403 Valerie Jackson is cute and nice; And always eager to give advice. BARBARA JENKINS, 9-116 Barbara is bright; She's always right. JANET JENKINS, 9-321 Janet Jenkins doesn't need advice She always manages to be very nice KENNETH JENKINS, 9-413 Barrel of fun. LOUISE JOHN, 9-403 Pretty clothes and a cute little nose. FRANKLIN JOHNSON, 9-413 Clever JUDITH JOHNSON, 9-416 Dependable KEISTER JOHNSON, 9-433 G. 0. Representative LEON JOHNSON, 9-221 Curly hair and snapping eyes To get into trouble, he's too wise LUTHER JOHNSON, 9-325 The Jack-of-all-trades. MICHELE JOHNSON, 9-325 She's very sweet and never nippy, That's our girl, little Mickey. ELLEN JONES, 9-304 Short and sweet, Can't be beat. JACKIE JONES, 9-433 Class service JEAN JONES, 9-116 Full of grace and full of fun; She is liked by everyone. Zl JERRY JONES, 9-413 Good citizen JUDITH JONES, 9-403 Sweet and neat, She can't be beat. LEROY JONES, 9-403 Leroy is small. Shy? Not at all. MARJORIE JONES, 9-414 To her, school work is precious as gold Would you think she were rocked and rolled. PATRICIA JONES, 9-403 To primp is Patricia Jones sport; Nevertheless, she's a very fine sort; ROBERT JONES, 9-111 A man of mystery. WAVERLY JONES; 9-402 "Casanova" PATRICIA JUDAH, 9-325 She's cute and sweet and never hurries She does her work and never worries. JOAN KAHN, 9-403 Joanie is a lot of fun, She is liked by everyone. MWROE KAHN, 9-313 Monroe Kahn is often seen In the halls with his V. 1. machine. SALAMON KAMINITZER, 9-417 Le petit garcon. NINA KAND, 9-221 Good in math A bright future in her path. CARRIE KELLY, 9-329 A sunny smile, a pretty face, Here comes Carrie, she'll set the pace! VERA KENNEDY, 9-116 This girl's marks are never 10w; To any high school she can go. WILMA KENNEDY, 9-402 It's Wilma, with the pretty gray eyes. ALBERT KILLIAN, 9-403 Albert's work is quite fine, Though not yet an Einstein. SHIRLEY KIMBLE, 9-416 Shirley Kimble very handy with the thimble. KERWYN KING, 9-121 A most engaging personality. MAUDE KING, 9-111 She has zip, bounce and pep CAROL KRAMER, 9-304 9-304 Picasso ANITA KRAUS, 9-313 Her face 'n figure make a hit But her conduct could improve a bit. BARBARA KNOWINGS, 9-121 Barbara is tops in chewing gum, In math, she sure can add a sum. MARIA KUMME, 9-417 Is a friend to everyone; And also is a lot of fun. BARBARA LAMBERT, 9-321 Barbara Lambert is always late Comes graduation, she'll meet her fate. MARJORIE LANE, 9-321 Marjorie Lane is full of fun And is known by everyone SUSIE LASTER, 9-402 Sweet, neat, and always in her seat. RUBY LAWYER, 9-414 Always a friend when you're in need. IRMA LAZAR, 9-221 Cute and sweet Just can't be beat. EVANS LEAKE, 9-321 Evans Leake is really swell In his work, he rings a bell. MIGUEL LEBRON, 9-414 Quiet and fine, tricky too; Often doing what he shouldn't do. ACKLAND LEE, 9-313 Call him preacher so they say But in our books, he's okay. JEANETTE LEE, 9-111 Much credit for one who tries hard. JOAN LEHRBERGER, 9-417 Science and Math she's the best, She's sure to pass every test. ROSALIE LEMUS, 9-304 Our treasurer is a peach; Hearts and pockets she does reach. JEANETTE LEWIS, 9-321 Sweet as sugar GLORIA LITTLE, 9-111 Nice and sweet, can't be beat. R$A LOPEZ, 9-321 Well mannered and Demure PAUL LOWE, 9-413 Intelligent SONJA LOWENSTEIN, 9-417 Longfellowi's apprentice. ROBERT MCBAY, 9-325 A crusader who crusades through the lunch room. DOROTHY MCBRYANT, 9-111 Every inch a lady MAXIM MCCORD, 9-121 He's the boy who's full of joy. DELORES MCCOY, 9-304 She's the Real McCoy! WALLEY MCCRAY, 9-116 Nice and bright, never wants to fight. JANICE MACK, 9-416 SWeet and conscientious JOAN MACLIN, 9-417 Her face always has a'glow, If she's sad, you'll never know. MARIA MALDONADO, 9-116 Have you heard the latest? Maria is the greatest! JAMES MALLOY, 9-414 He does his work with extreme care, Especially When Mr. Goodman is there. JOSEPH MARGONE, 9-417 Little Boy Blue JOHN MARSH, 9-321 Nice in conduct and work JANET MARSHBURN, 9-313 Janet's clothes are up to date Her sense of humor is just great. FRED MARTIN, 9-403 A friend to all. KATHLEEN MARTIN, 9-321 Kathleen Martin is very cute too Nicest little bopper thatxwe ever knew. NELSON MARTINEZ, 9-221 Behind Nelson's peace and quiet Is a sense of humor that's a riot. SYLVIA MARX, 9-417 In Typing, English, and French too, Sylvia is Sure to come through. GLORIA MASSEY, 9-325 Very classy, that's our Miss MaSSey. PRESTINE MATTHEWS, 9-111 Music box YVONNE MATTHEWS, 9-414 Yvonne Matthews the quiet type; But does her work with all her might. ANTHONY MAXWELL, 9-402 "Mark Anthony" RUTH MAYO, 9-111 Soft spoken and oh! so sweet JOSEPH MENCHACA, 9-414 With a mind on work, not play; He'll be a successful artist someday. STEVEN MENDELSON, 9-304 Curley EMELDA MEYERS, 9-417 Popularity plus is her style, Because she has a winning smile. RUTH MILES, 9-121 Has a great big smile, It stretches about half a mile. EMMA MIMS, 9-329 Our pretty class veep, a charming smile, To know her is certainlv worth While ! DAVID MINTON, 9-413 Shrewd WILLIAM MIRANDA, 9-304 My friend Irma. BARBARA MITCHELL, 9-403 Profound philosopher of life; Will make someone a good wife. BERNELL MITCHELL, 9-321 Bernell Mitchell hardly makes a sound She knows her work the whole year round THOMAS MITCHELL, 9-121 Thomas' hair is full of curls, No wonder he gets all the girls. RENARD MOBLEY, 9-221 Mobley has a winning voice To be a singer is his choice. JANICE MONTAGUE, 9-414 Sister Sookie We call her she's Very bright; To work With her is a pure delight. EDDIE MOORE, 9-313 Always getting out of class Even though he has no pass JOAN MOORE, 9-414 Fashion plate of 9-414 With asense of humor that's really keen EIENVENIDO MORALES, 9-121 1 Is a boy who is rather shy, To do his best he will always try. JOHN MORALES, 9-433 School service SALVODOR MORALES, 9-433 Most likely to succeed CATHERINE MORENA, 9-325 You never know what she's thinking. OWEN MORENO, 9-403 OWen isn't very shy, We think he's quite a guy. BRENDA MORGAN, 9-313 Brenda, Brenda is so SWeet Everyone likes Brenda, she can't be beat JAMES MORGAN, 9-402 In and out, and around about RICHARD MORGAN, 9-414 Very quiet, kind of cool; Believe me sister he's no fool. JAMES MORRIS, 9-111 Tarzan YVONNE MORRIS, 9-403 Lecturing seems to be her art; We'll remember her when we part. GLORIA MORRISON, 9-416 I'm sorry RANDA MOSCOVITZ, 9-'304 Acting is her piece of cake, The drama prize she'll always take. JOYCE MOTON, 9-416 Dimples JULIAN MURCHISON, 9-403 Better late than never; But better still, never late. PEARL MURPHY, 9-329 The outstanding student of our class she proved to be Our President, liked by all, it's plain to see! NELLIE MURRAY, 9-321 Our bookworm 26 GILEAD NACHMANI, 9-417 It's a woman's world JOHN NASH, 9-433 Little John MARIA NEGRON, 9-402 Good things come in small packages. JAMES NELSON, 9-413 Sleek and sharp MARK NEWTON, 9-304 Combing hair he liked the best, He's got so much, he needs a rest. ADRIAN NICHOLS, 9-121 Could be tops in his schoolwork, If he often didn't Shirk. LESLIE NOAH, 9-414 Arise my lady for you are a star You brighten the corner wherever you are. THEORDIS NORTON, 9-321 Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou? TOMMY OGNIBENE, 9-304 The Crew Cut! CARMEN OLIVIERI, 9-329 A dillar, a dollar A ten o'clock scholar? TANYA ORTIZ, 9-304 El Greco of 9-304 JACQUELINE OSTROFF, 9-403 In French Jacky is the most. About this she can surely boast. MARGARET PABON, 9-121 Roses are red, Violets are blue, No one can be sweeter than you. JESUS PAGAN, 9-121 Laughter is his meat. BARBARA PAIGE, 9-313 Barbara Paige is always gay Cute and bright in every way. BARBARA PARKS, 9-416 In and out, around and about. BERTHA PATISTIDE, 9-417 Nice and sweet, Justcanrt be beat. AMY PATTERSON, 9-402 Cool, cute and collected. HENRY PATTERSON, 9-402 Basketball is his speed. REGINA PEEBLES, 9-121 Is very generous, She always has something to give us. HELEN PENDER, 9-221 In Spanish she sometimes flops; But in sewing she's always tops. CHARLES PERDUE, 9-325 Mr. Basketball-can't be beat. JUDITH PEREZ, 9-121 Judith is very sweet, Always trim and neat. DIANNE PETERS, 9-221 A lovely girl we all agree Has a smile we love to see. RUTHANN PETERSON, 9-116 Friendly and kind; Her studies are always on her mind. NIKOLAJ PETROVIC, 9-403 High and Mighty ROBERT PETTY, 9-321 Our man of jazz GEORGE PICKERING, 9-403 "What am I doing now, teacher !" BERNICE PICKETT, 9-321 A girl's best friend KENNETH POOLE, 9-403 Appears to be quiet, Behind the scenes--a riot. JOSEPH PORTER, 9-413 Born leader PATRICIA PRICE, 9-325 Sugar and Spice - She's really nice. MARGARET PRITCHETT, 9-414 Margaret Pritchett is the wondering type She does her work and does it right. LEROY RAINEY, 9-416 When it rains, he shines PATRICIA RAINEY, 9-221 A secretary Pat wants to be She'll do her job most cheerfully. BERTHA REED, 9-329 Play it as a kitten we all say, We would miss her, if she wasn't this way! MABLE REESE, 9-221 That's my Queen, Mabeleene HERBERT REID, 9-402 The "wpu1g1-be" comedian MARGO REID, 9-325 Lots to talk about. ELIZABETH RICH, 9-417 La petite jeune fille. ADA RIVERA, 9-116 She may change her mind, but she's always kind. JULIA RIVERA, 9-414 Real quiet, dresses neat What a personality that can't be beat. ARTHUR ROBINSON, 9-321 Roamer of the halls HORTENSE ROBINSON, 9-416 Private Secretary JOHN ROBINSON, 9-417 The joker. PAUL ROBINSON, 9-417 Our basketball champion is so fine, He makes the basket every time. THEODORE ROBINSON, 9-402 ' He's always drawing his masterpieces. MYRNA RODDICK, 9-329 Sweet and demure is this young lass, Good luck her way can't help but pass! SAIDA RODRIQUEZ, 9-221 So petite, and very sweet HERBERT ROGERS, 9-111 Dr. Jive ADA ROLON, 9-414 Cool and calm and very sweet Late everyday because she'll over sleep. MERCEDES ROLON, 9-121 Mercedes is never late, In her school work she's up to date. SYLVIA ROSENFELD, 9-417 Winged Mercury PETER ROSENOW, 9-221 Peter rolls a first-class R At talking to Mobley he's a Star. ROBERTA ROUNTREE, 9-221 Singing lark of 9-221 RUTH RUDDER, 9-313 In Social Studies she's a whiz Getting high marks in every quiz GERALDINE RUDOLPH, 9-313 Ve'ry thdughtful and sincere We think Geraldine is quite a dear. FELIX SALCEDO, 9-433 Always helpful NONA SAMPSON, 9-414 Her handwriting is pretty neat She's the girl you'd like to meet. MARTHA SANTIAGO, 9-414 A mind that's always in the skies With some knowledge, and pretty eyes. PATRICIA SARRELLA, 9-116 Nice and sweet, oh What a treat! CAROLE SAUNDERS, 9-329 A bundle of energy, vigor and Vim, She's the gal Who'll really catch him! MARION SCHINDLER, 9-403 From Englandtlshe did stray; I am glad she came to the U.S.A. MORTON SCHWARTZ, 9-313 Good in Science, Good in Math A bright future is in his path TYRONE SCOTT, 9-321 Tom Thumb MAJOR SEABERRY, 9-403 Reminds us of a certain actor Could his hair be a factor? LESLIE SEFF, 9-417 A journalist he hopes to be, We hope his name in print we'll see. RITA SHELIBOW, 9-417 Messenger of the gods. HESTER SHEPARD, 9-321 She's full of fun and pep And she is really hep. KAREN SIGMON, 9-321 Champion artist IRMA SILLS, 9-329 Quiet and sweet is this gal, She won't have trouble finding a pal! PATRICIA SIMMONS, 9-121 Pat is cute, kind and SWeet, Playful, jolly and always neat. FLORENCE SIMON, 9-417 Science is her very best, Someday she'll make a great success. JOANNE SIMON, 9-403 Joanne is ready with a smile Her classmates always to be guile. CODA SIMONS, 9-413 Keeps his promise CHERRIE SKERRITT, 9-221 Cherrie, Cherrie, Oh so merry. BARBARA SMITH, 9-414 The best dresser ever found And lots of fun to be around HUXLEY SMITH, 9-414 His voice is like a tugboat's horn, But in that voice there is no scorn. JAMES SMITH, 9-402 Rather shy, but a regular guy. JOAN SMITH, 9-416 "But I left the house at 20 after. " MICHAEL SMITH, 9-304 "Any money for the Times?" MOYA SMITH, 9-221 Moya Smith may not be tall But in charm she beats them all. NORWELL SMITH, 9-414 Pee Wee, we call him, he's not so tall, Doesn't seem he'll ever grow at all. VALERIE SMITH, 9-111 Soft spoken and calm. LAWRENCE SOLOMON, 9-304 Wise King Solomon LINDA SONNENFELD, 9-304 A shy and sensitive lass is she, As loyal a friend as ever can be. WANDA SOUSA, 9-329 This cutie with bright eyes and beautiful hair Is fun to be with - but boys "beware. " WERNER SPLETTNER, 9-325 Still saving his lunch money for a motor scooter. BESSIE STARKS, 9-121 Bessie is a friend in need; Always ready to do a good deed. PRINCE STEEL, 9-414 With a nice personality and lots of curls A crazy dresser who likes the girls. REX STEELE, 9-221 Always inSpired to sing When the class is doing another thing. PETER STEIN, 9-304 All girls are fine With Peter Stein. CARLOTTA STENBAR, 9-116 How she can sing! EILEEN STENBAR, 9-414 Absent a little here and there But with her friends she's always fair ALFRED STEPHENS, 9-116 Someday she'll be a member of the City Council. How she can deliver a speech! DOROTHY STEPHENS, 9-329 Full of spirit, good will and pep. This attractive miss is really hep! TREVOR STEPHENS, 9-433 Good athlete GLORIA STERN, 9-417 If you're ever in deep trouble, Come to Gloria on the double. THOMAS STEWART, 9-417 Drummer Boy. EMMA STITH, 9-121 A serious, faithful worker. GERALDINE STORY, 9-329 Geraldine joined our class a little late, But with us all she seems to rate! JANE STOVELL, 9-321 Jane Stove11 is our Cherry Right from Bermuda, she's really merry. SAMUEL STOVELL, 9-121 A very dependable boy. HELEN STRATOS, 9-416 Helen of Troy NORMA SUAREZ, 9-414 Norma's absent almost every day When she comes she is ready to play. EVELYN SUCHER, 9-417 She's very smart'and a150 sweet, There's no one that can quite compete. BRENDA SUITT, 9-329 ' Brenda comes to school looking like an angel. But under her halo, she is a regular gal. FREDERICK TAVARES Boy, he's short and oh so sweet, He's our boy who can't be beat. 32 iSHIRLEY TERR, 9-304 Liberace of 9-304 SANDRA TERRELL, 9-321 If you want to know a girl and a cute one, too Sandra Terrell is the one for you JACQUELINE TERRY, 9-325 Where fore art thou not in class? TYRONE THOMAS, 9-221 Is a monitor after the gong In gym always willing to play ping-pong. JOHN THOMASON, 9-413 The answer to a prayer. ANN TORRES, 9-325 Miss Silent Secretary. CARMEN TORRES, 9-221 In Spanish class she is the best But in English? You rhyme the rest. VINCENT TOSSONE, 9-111 "Information Please. " BEATRICE TRENT, 9-403 Good at heart and will always do her part. CHARLES TURNER, 9-414 He's very very tall; He'll be good playing Basketball. LOUIS UFRET, 9-111 He's nobody's fool He'll be great in high school 9 HENRY VALENTIN, 9-304 "But Mrs. Singer, I didn't do it!" BEATRICE VAN AALTEN, 9-325 Beatrice is nice and oh so sweet, To be with her is quite a treat. CHARLOTTE VAN SLYKE, 9-321 Charlotte Van Slyke isn't very coy She gets along with every boy. FELIX VARGAS, 9-414 Kind ofgrouchy yes indeed; A good scolding is all he'll need. JAMES VEAL , 9-402 A Star is Born SARA VILLA, 9-325 Neat and sweet and never slow, That's Why we voted her Secretary of the G. O. HOWARD VOLLWEILER, 9-313 Reading and History are such a chore Too bad for him school is such a bore. 33 SUSAN WACHSBERGER, 9-304 A champ at math; facts- strew her path. JANET WALCOTT, 9-111 Small quantity big quality HAZEL WALLACE, 9-403 Sweet and neat, And loves to eat. BRENDA WALKER, 9-313 When Brenda gets that brush in hand You can bet the work will be grand. THEODORE WALLS, 9-403 Bay of smiles. BEATRICE WARNER, 9-403 Sweet and kind And quite refined. RGEER WATKINS, 9-304 The Clark Gable of 9-304 RAYMOND WATSON, 9-416 Mr. Arthur Murray SYLVIA WATSON, 9-313 A lovely girl we all agree She has a smile we love to see. CYNTHIA WEIR, 9-304 Private Secretary PETER WEISSMAN, 9-304 They say that blushing has gone out of style But just watch Peter for a While. ARLINE WELNER, 9-313 Playing and laughing are her ends This girl doesn't lack any friends. MARJORIE WHEELER, 9-329 On Margie Wheeler we could always rely, A truer friend, no one can deny! CATHERINE WHITLEY, 9-121 Catherine Whitley likes to talk; When told to stop, she'll just balk. ROBERT WILLET, 9-414 Willet, Willet longs to sing; Maybe he'll be another Bing. ANTHONY WILLEY, 9-111 Samson CAROL WILLIAMS, 9-116 She's always on the go. DENA WILLIAMS, 9-111 Quiet charm and a bright smile. JACQUELINE WILLIAMS, 9-325 Cute and neat, she's our girl Boys, she'll put you in a whirl. KENNETH WILLIAMS, 9-221 In Science he is always ready. Guess with whom we goes steady. ROBERT WILLIAMS, 9-413 Good boy. GEORGE WILSON, 9-416 Gorgeous George HARRIET WILSON, 9-221 Many jobs has Harriet Exce1s in all, you can bet. SAM WILSON, 9-304 "I wasn't late; the bell rang early. " KONSTANTIN WOLKOW, 9-111 "What did I do? " ALFRED WOLKOWITZ, 9-304 The goddess Love may be blind, But Alfred's treasure she helped him find. JUDY WOMACK, 9-417 A lovely girl we all agree, She has a smile we love to See. MEREDITH WOMACK, 9-414 A smile that's really Just devine; Nothing but school work on his mind. BEATRICE WOODALL, 9-403 C001, calm and conqued. BENNIE WOODARD, 9-413 Innocent DONALD WOODARD, 9-121 Very much alive, Full of jive. BARBARA WRENN, 9-321 A quiet girl and a nice one, too Barbara Wrenn knows what to do. CAROLYN WRIGHT, 9-325 The gleam in her eyes! VERNON WRIGHT, 9-433 Little man JEROME WYNN, 9-433 Always reliable DELORES YOUNG, 9-416 A Demure Miss. FRANKLYN YOUNG, 9-416 He'll never grow old SHIRLEY YOUNG, 9-414 Shirley Young SWeet and nice Gives her friends real cool advice. OLGA ZACHOS, 9-121 Is always sweet and shy. You can't upset her, no matter how you try. AURELIA ZAYAS, 9-416 Madam President PAUL ZIMMER, 9-313 A fellow we like a lot Personality is what he's got. RONALD ZUKOR, 9-321 Class Comedian SENIOR HONOR LEAGUE 1. STEVEN FLEHINGER 9-325 2. LUTHER JOHNSON 9-325 3. BETTY ANDREWS 9-111 4. CLAIRE FRAENKEL 9-325 5. GAIL GOTTLIEB 9-313 6. SANDRA HARRIS 9-304 7. CELIA HENE 9-417 8f PATRICIA JUDAH 9-325 9. MARIA KUMME 9-417 10. IRMA LAZAR 9-221 11. ROSALIE LEMUS 9-304 12. SYLVIA RCBENFELD 9-417 13. EVELYN SUCHER 9-417 14. SARA VILLA 9-325 15. SUSAN WACHSBERGER 9-304 16. JACQUELINE WILLIAMS 9-325 17. BEATRICE WOODALL 9-403 36 XX Xx Xxx -H00Ker 37C 5 575; b.WalKev- MY L ITTLE B ROTHER While I sit here writing this poem My little brother starts to roam. He sings and laughs and makes lots of noise. Oh, why did they have to make little boys 7 ? ? He reads comic books and Robin Hood Instead of doing homework like he should. He runs and jumps and plays with his toys, Oh, why did they have to make little boys ? ? ? He walks around the house with a gun and holster Someday his face will be on a "wanted" poster. His room is messy with games and toys Oh, why did they have to make little boys ? ? ? He tells jokes that are seldom funny And tries to cheat you out of your money, When you walk in his room, you trip on toys, Oh, why did they have to make little boys ? ? ? Now as this poem comes to an end i ,, I can tell ou he is a wonderful friend , , - 1 , For there can never be another ,. , ; . jJi Like my own sweet little brother. I, t V y ' 1g t l". 74.: 4 ll f $ K , hyu. e h, f Beatrice Van Aalten, 9-325 t :1 x " , . 0; W an RUSH AROUND Why do people rush about, As thOugh life's span had run out? I've seen them fall and bump and scrape And then come out in terrible shape. Why do they run from place to place As if in the contest of the human race? Our jets, boats, and cars perform to the letter, But still we try to get them better and better. Fast as lightning same of them go, h t3 '; ' As if they were going to miss life's 3 1 show. X Man has found no time for rest, , ,' Everything he has must be the best. y Steven Flehinger, 9-325 W BROTHERHOOD What is brotherhood? It is not people apart. It's people working together. In spirit and in heart. Where is brotherhood ? Deep in the hearts of the people, It is like the church bell. Ringing in the steeple. It is like a bouquet. One type of flower never satisfies, It takes all blended together To catch one's eyes. What is the hope of the world? Brotherhood the shining light. It comes from the hearts of people. And will Shine through darkest night. Roger Watkins, 9- 304 DISCRIMINATION IN THE SOUTH The Negroes in the South have the right, To live anywhere and work, day or night, The right to vote and speak their piece, Because we all know segregation must cease. In Birmingham they have called a bus boycott, And that is one thing I like a lot. We must do more than show remorse, We will win this argument without force. There are still things to be carried out, Like putting the Ku Klux Klan to rout. These are the things we should strive for, And when peace will live forever more. Carl Edelman, 8-404 39 THE BEAR CUB One day I met a bear cub, while walking through the zoo, I was friendly, he was friendly and kind of cute too. He looked up at me from his cage, With a pair of coal black eyes, As if to say please take me home, Although he realized, Someday I'd have to give him up, And make him leave my home, And send him to the country farm, Where he'll forever roam. Cynthia Weir, 9-304 WATER M W Flowing, flowing, flowing in the cool WW Wwing freely like - -- ner breeze, t Nthurgling, rus .. ' the clear, cool water, , eezing the water Freezing the water God's forsaken north W Freezing the water to - Beautiful but cold, clear but bitter Only the sun can turn the ice back to water mw Flowing, clear, cool, crisp, merry water. W Alfred Wolkowitz, 9-304 W W RRuoDea 9-3;; d so gaily e blows W 40 '73 It was during my summer vacation at Shadow Lake that I was really lost for the first time in my life. The day was a wet, muggy one and was ideal for salamander hunting. Immediately after lunch, three friends and myself started off for "Salamander Road" eager to explore the woods in search of salamanders. We crosseda creek aware that there was no path to follow; only the direction of the creek to look back upon. After one hour the four of us had col- lected about eighty salamanders, which was pretty good. We were about to turn around and go back when we discovered we did not know in which direction to go! Howard, the oldest, told us to retrace our steps, but that didn't do much good. By this time .we were frightened to death. We had been gone two hours and hadn't the vaguest idea how to get home. All of us started to scream at the top of our lungs, but to no avail. It was growing cold and getting late. We were constantly walking, hoping to see the creek. Finally, after what seemed days, we heard the voices of our parents not far from where we were. How glad we were to see them! We rushedinto their arms, glad that they arrived just then. We crossed the creek and went home. What a day! A ' t1 adventure had turned into a terrify- ff? t3 X THE STRANGER O ce a land so far away, ,. here people were poor and sad, C e a stranger with happiness, wake the people glad. C. dressed differently in every way, , , he looked, I must admit. t to most people he was not queer; His costume for this occasion was fit, '4 The people in town all whispered and chattered, "What, is this thing a man?" "How funny he looks, " they all exclaimed, $5; 91 IiSuczh as we've never seen in this land. " ngggmgwa His pani'c'lvlaljll uaggy, is hirt was torn, igggwgit And he Ed on his -" d, The solew . r es could not be seen, a. l ' r e cantata; ave looked poorer, 'tis said. But still he seemed so very happy And the people took him for a friend, They gave him shelter, food, and drink And his clothes they tried to mend. As time went on, they loved him more, The people were so happy and gay. He was always joking and making them laugh, I And they dreaded his departing day. But the time soon came and as he left He could see the people's tears, For he had made them very happy, Happier than they had been in years. Who was he ? I can not say; Perhaps a king with a crown. A genius? A fool?. A thief? Or was he simply a clo 1 Irby, 9-325 .7515 GHAmes a BELL NO SOAP Not long ago, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Carson moved froi'n Omaha, Nebraska to a rented house on Long Island. They were happy to find a home, because of the housing shortage. One day while Mr. Carson was out, Mrs. Carson busily prepared dinner. The doorbell rang and she wondered who could be paying a visit. She opened the door and found a well-dressed young man smiling proudly. "Are you Mrs. RonaldCarson, former- ly of Omaha, Nebraska?" "Yes, " she replied, want to know?" "Ofcourse you saw the Sudsy Soap Pro- gram on television yesterday. " "Why no," answered Mrs. Carson. The young man smiled again, "Well, I have good news for you. You have won the weekly grand prize--two railroad tickets to Omaha, Nebraska." Mrs. Carson gasped and said, "Do you really mean it?" "Of course, " Then the young man added, "If you don't care to accept the prize, Sudsy Soap will hold another draw- ing next week. " "but why do you Mrs. Carson replied excitedly, "By all meansI'll accept the prize. Only the other night my husband and I were talking about moving back. He is not satisfied with his new job here. "I'll return later this evening with your tickets. " A few days later, the young man stood on the platform saying goodbye to the Carsons. He stood outside the train window, smiling and wishing them a happy journey. "My boy," Mr. Carson called to him, "you have been very kind and helpful. I wish there was some way of showing you our gratitude. " "Oh, but you already have. " "What do you mean?" asked both of the Carsons in surprise. "You see my family and I have searched everywhere for a house on Long Island. Now, thanks to your moving, we have found one. Ohlby the way, Mrs. Carson, when you get back to Nebraska don't waste time looking for my brand of soap. You won't find Sudsy Soap anywhere. " Albert Killian, 9-403 DENTISTS CHAIR I sat in a chair and fell asleep, I had a dream that wasn't so meet. Itwas sitting there in the Dentist Chair, I bit my nails and pulled my hair. The Dentist opened my mouth and looked inside, He asked me what kind of food I abide. I couldn't answer, I was too scared, I would scream and holler if I dared. No, I couldn't move; my bones said no, I'd run straight home if I could go. He looked at me and made a sorrowful sigh, He said, "Your teeth are going to die!" My eyes popped out, my nose did run, I was a scared son of a gun. My legs started to tremble, my feet wanted to fly,- I was so scared I could die. Then at that moment I did awake, And resolved Better care of my teeth to take. Dorothy Davis, 8-314 PEOPLE People are different wherever you go Just as different as your head and your toe, Some are quiet and quite reserved, Some are noisy and like to make themselves heard. But wherever you go you will probably find, When you get to know them they're bound to be kind. Winfred Bendiner, 9-304 B-Paige. c138 x THE DAY THAT I WOULD LIKE TO RELIVE In everyone's life and in mine there have been days that were happy, average, and disappointing. The day that stands out the most in my life is my eighth birthday tMay 17, 195W. This was the day thatl was going to become an American Citizen. My mother and grandfather told rne that this was the most wonderful present anyone could receive. I didn't know, too well, what that meant, but I know that I was very proud and happy, even though I would rather have had something with which to play. What child of eight years wouldn't? As I grow older I understand much better what this means to me. In France where I was born, and lived for five years during Whorld War-Two, there was con- tinous fighting and no one knew whether he was safe, or was going to be killed at any moment. So you see why I'm so happy tobe in the United States, where everyone is treated alike, everyone stands for the same thing, and everyone has the op- portunity to become what he or she wants. If I could turn back the calendar to May 17, 1950 and relive that day, I would be too proud and too happy to become an 'l American Citizen again, for I know the real meaning much more clearly, now, than when I was only a child of eight. Beatrice Van Aalten'9-325 M f; usflu 9-353 M453 E II V f C THE YEAR Autumn's gone, winter is near, We will soon celebrate a happy New Year. Playing in the snow and having much fun, We can do this after school work is done. Holidays will come and Holidays will go, Soon school will be over, isn't that nice to know? Spring will end, Summer will begin, So we can start this poem all over again, Read this over a couple of times, And see if your opinion, is the same as mine. Joyce Humbee , 9-403 QK bx YOU'RE SPRING You're sweet as honey Light as dew You're soft as a feather Who are you? You're truly wonderful to everyone Because you bring them so much fun. You bring the flowers bright and gay You bring us joy in every day You also bring the birds that sing. Now I know who you are, You're Spring. Sharon Randolph, 7-216 THE MOON The moon is shining white, He lives up in the sky. He comes out only at night, I sometimes wonder why, For, in the morning, he is gone, To rest and wait for night, When once again, he will come, To fill the sky with light. Carol Stathis, 7-427 at You think of the wonderful things summer broughtrgo , k ,, Hazel Wallace, 9-403 e v y: . . - Q h? A CHRISTMAS JING LE Gaily colored ribbon Lying on the floor, Wrapping Christmas packages 15 never quite a chore. Silver colored tinsel Hanging on the tree, Turkey in the kitchen, For Mary, Sue, and me. Hear the sleigh a-jingle, Going through the snow. "Christmas time is lots of fun, Says everyone I know. Karen Sigmon, 9-321 SUMMER'S ENDED Summer's ended How did you spend it? Did you go to camp Dressed informally like a tramp? Or did you stay at home and sweat? Or did you have fun with friends you met? Or did you work and earn some dough Which you spent freely at the show? Or did you save it like a miser For hopes of spending some day wiser? Did you go to the pool at times ? And are you sick of our silly rhymes ? Now here is one of my own Let's not start to weep and moan, Winter's coming as you know - -- . This poem's about the frost and snow, When summer goes and winter sets in We'll have to face it with a grin. When nights grow long and days grow short "- 47 K.6xcr700 .9512: PARENTS All of our parents always try, To be very good to us, Try not to get them angry, And do not make a fuss. Parents are so lovable, They are so good and kind, Don't expect them to be perfect, For no one is, you'll find. When your parents tell you something, Do what they say to do, Don't tell them that it isn't fair, Make them proud of you. All parents should be treated well, You may be one some day, too, Every parent does his best, To bring happiness to you. Elaine Goodman, 7-427 I'd like to be a parent, If only for a day, To show that sometimes parents, Can be wrong in many ways. It isn't that they don't love us, Or try to be mean, But they're often so oldafashioned, It makes you want to scream. For instance, we like music, That has a little beat, And we think Rock 8: Roll Can sweep you off your feet, But as you tip-toe over To the record you have chose, You are suddenly reminded, That your father wants to doze. In this and many other ways, Our parents get our goats, And yet as I mention this I think I ought to note, That without our parents We would not be here today, To point out all their errors, And criticize their ways. Randa Moscovitz, 9-304 NO CHANGES MADE "Gee! I hope it turns out all right, " whispered Joyce to herself as she hurried- ly combed her hair. She hated to admit it even to herself, but she did hope that Mom and Dad wouldn't act as they usually did at her parties. Joyce had tried again and again to dis- cuss the problem tac tfully with them, but gosh! How are you going to tell your own parents that you think they act much too young for their age ? Couldn't they be dignified like other parents ? Must they be silly and foolish, constantly trying to act like teenagers? How are you going to tell your dad how silly it looks when he acts like a fifteen-year old and dances with your girl friends ? Well, no matter how hard it was to tell them, it had to be told in exac tly two hours. She was not going through another night of embarrasment! Firmly and erectly, she walked into the living room, where she stood looking at them for a moment. They looked perfect- ly normal now, Dad reading the paper, Mom sewinga seam in her dress. Why did they become teenage rebels at a party? "Mom. . ..Dad could I talk to you a moment?" Dadput downhis paper and Mom looked up. "Well, here goes," thought Joyce, "It's ., . . it's about the party tonight, " she stam- mered. "You're. . .You're not going to act like you usually do at parties are you?" "Whatdo you mean?" they both seemed to ask with their eyes. Joyce decided to blurt it out, "I mean you're not going to go around telling those girls about what you wore when you were our age, are you Mom? In short you're not going to act one third you age are you?" Joyce looked at her parents' faces and saw on them truly hurt expressions. Then they looked at each other and almost in unison said, "No, Joyce, no we won't." "Well, " Joyce though as she served the punch, "so far, so good. Mom and Dad haven't said a word. I hated to hurt them yso, but I had to. " 49 Just then her closest friend approac ed her eagerly and quickly, with a question mark written all over her face. "What happened to your parents tonight, Joyce?" she said. "What do you mean? asked Joyce won- deringly. "Well, they were always so much fun, not like the other parents, but young and lively. Tonight they look different. What happened ?" This hit Joyce like a bomb. "Oh. . .oh nothing at all," Joyce quickly answered, and in another lmoment she was near her parents, explaining and apologizing. What a fool she had been. She didn't want to change her parents. They were great just the way they were. Randa Moscovitz 9 -304. Ianwnlnauiiiiiiiiiim I , , I k3 '!u H N X MM WWI ' HI ' . 1-5; ,2 "7 .:-:-?;7,.; , ,. kk T B-GOULy 13km, 50 "$Go'r'rscunw. 93.3 l l V 'WFX' ' 7.4? , ' 1 gy 5I 939 you Imow a gay naIbe Jack 8 realiget W12 eve yone cells da do Inez- P QR 176 can do 121s dreaming 1 any place, W 7 I y, With an offo In hotberoWOI-Id loo 01: his face. r 1;? lye hardly e ez- think 0 ear y at all 5: But for day fee jog, bet, 11 ca lead us all. be is 112 school he tea 8 all day e:- ays at entio what is eaclzeJ-s say 1718 fatb has told'ln catch up 1' 8012001 "You end 112 12 1-1:? eioga fool. " ost rybody be told him to stop dream: g all the tube 11 better thin 32g about our to eat dzme. " just all of this, 12d dayodz- With e for ca don 't ow at you Ibiss Albert 13111 , 940; DREAMER THE DAY 3 5 saw? o - n '- K ;?? E'GOTTSCH . """ Hanna! -' Ilmlu IlilI-i mum, i $. ..; 9'0 o... .. co... 0.. I C 8rhhez VYXGJWQI" 5515 Qandra El!f0rd 3W Ifowqrod, Vo hMeHlCr 95,5 Barbara. 59 55'5 5091 70 6075:17an 3543 53 VIDA EN C OLOMB IA . I .' ' La c1udad en que nac1 es Bogota, yla capital de Colombia, una Republica de Sud America. Me gusta mucho visitar ese ciudad, pero perfiero vivir en los Estados Unidos. La vida en Colombia era buena. Como ana iba a la escuela que se 11ama"Liceo Pasteur. " En las clases nosotros X , 4, hablabamos Slempre en eSpanol estudiaba matematica, e1 - .1 x eSpanol, y tamb1en e1 frances, la historia y la geografia de Colombia. 0 I 'v I La v1da era may tranqLula para los ninos, y yo tenia . l muchas am1gas, pero era men051nteresante que la de aqui. I !v I Tenia siete anos cuando llegue a los E.E.U.U. Desde aquel tiempo yo vivo en Nueva York. Me gusta mucho aqui, y espero continuar mis estudios en la Universidad para obtener I un diploma de profesora. Un dia regresarg aColombia pero, espero pasar mi Vida en este pais. Sonia Nussbaum 7 -2 l 6 L'eite, passg je suis allge au Canada pour apprendre la . ' . . frangais. J' a1 demeure avec une fam111e frangause. Ils n'avaient pas d'enfant dans notre maison, mais dans la . s . . . ma1son pres de chez nous 11 y ava1t p1us1eurs enfants. MES Quand c'gtaitpossible on allait se baigner dans la maison - plein a ir, Laweant. On a joug au tennis, au badminton et au softball. Jusqu's 11h kn frangaisL Ils avaient . . . . I toutes les vues amer1ca1nes. J'a1 alme Ea beaucoup. I w I o c J'a1 eu p1u51eurs am1es, a qu1 J' ecrls souvent. C aque lmanc e e mercre 1 $01r 1 Y ava1 une vue en VACANCES g g Anita Haas 9-304 54 xi A J$wwa$2uawwmwww magww STITT'S BASKETBALL TEAM IN ACTION "SEVENTH GRADE CHAMPS" TUMBLING IN THE GYM SHOW RAY FELIX OF THE N.. KNICKERBOCKERS COMES TO VISIT THE WILLOW PATTERN PLATE FROM MISS WEILL'S BROTHERHOOD PAGEANT the thing ah :3 we aw: wangg: IN OUR SHOPS V . I . SQUAD OUR BAND reading clinic S T N E R A P E M O C L E W Junior High Schools 115 and 16h Manhattan present D O nhzrviczoifahou 195621.957 Districts 12, 13, 1h Truda W611, Assistant Superintendent 64 Af STlTTS ?BOOSTERS COMPLIMENTS of YOUR PARENTS ASSOCIATION JOINTHEPTAJOINTHEPTAJOINTHEPTAJOINTHEPTAJOINTHEPTAJUINTHE 66 BOOSTERS Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Febus Mrs. Sadie McDuffie Mrs. Helen Apostoloff Mrs. Irene Cephas Stanley Ricketts Mrs. B. Massenburg Mrs. Frances Williams Carrie Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Martin Lotte Sonnenfeld Alex Sonnenfeld W . Sondhe 1m Samuel Neal Charles Gooden Mrs. Love Powell Mrs. Louise Bess Tony Maccarato Milton Baldwin Mrs. Jeanette Walker Mr. 8: Mrs. Tommy Robinson Mrs. Ester Adams Mrs. Olivia Edwards Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Miranda Dorothy Chisholm Mrs. Jack Bauer James Wayde Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Lemus Mr. 8: Mrs. B. Price Mrs. E. Wolkqwiinsz Margo Reid Mrs. Veta Chrlshan Mrs. P. Morena Mrs. E. Wachsberger A. Judah Mr. 8: Mrs. Dornhart Mrs. F. Judah R- Simerlein Mrs. L. Mendel J- Ramsen Vilma Patterson Mary Gilliam QR Eleanor Bamberger Mae Woody k . . Betty's Bake Shop Coleman Pannell Rio Pharmacy Mrs. Price V Mrs. Bessie Fellers Mrs. Ida Samuels .w w mm" Karl Strauss 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Alston 8909""! "3 Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Stubinsky Saundra Bland: 1., "f0. Estee Candy Co. Barbara Richardson "d" Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Shuster Priscilla Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Van Aalten Carol Gilbert JO Ann Croft Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Marol-iri Dolores Byrd Shirley Carson Mrs. Anna Gowan Delores Weir Mrs. Betty G. Gray Charlie Moore C atherine Pratt Bertha Shorter Peter G. Holden Mrs. Essie Sampson Irene Hunter . Ralph R. Carter Mrs. Thomas McBryant Carmen ROdrlqueZ Leroy Thompson Mrs. Marie Davis Luc-1a'Sanchez Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Falkenstein Rita at A1 Guttsman 546110;? Sgnchez Mrs. Elizabeth Morta Mar ann F. Williams rs. ' oone M A y Mr. 8: Mrs. Levi Evans rs. mporo Delapaz Mrs. Katherine Reese Patricia White Emma Campbell Pam Shepherd Irving Br Mrs. Luther Penn J0$1 Sosa Mr. 8: Mrs. Edelman Peter Younger W. F. W. Barbara Childs Mr. 8: Mrs. Barrett Elizabeth Bell Patricia Jackson Cosmo Supply Corp. Cohen Pharmacy Hugo Silberthau Dora Mae Mack Elaine Richter S. M. Gilford Joseph Smith Nathaniel F. Queen Helen A. Rogavin Mary Hopkins John Fahie Mr. 8: Mrs. 0WD. Fish Co. Frank Russ 3379 B'way Corp. 74MA X E He nrietta PARENTS, TEACHERS Associated Food Store Riverside Dairy Eva Storm lectrical House 74MW and N EIGHBORS 68 VTheodis Coles David Ellis Cal Cheek Kenneth Parker Angela Hall Sharleen Holliday Mr. 8: Mrs. Brooks Cooper Helen Jones Danielle Adler Mrs. Elaine Bloom Barbara Griffin Thomas Stewart Mr. 8: Mrs. James Thomas Mrs. Ann Clinton W. R. Lofton Mrs. Pauline Nagler Mrs. Ira Solet Ann Schneider Sunbeam Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Fountain Anthony Kelly Dorothy Becton Mrs. Sarah Cristofar Beverly Lightbourne Georgana Mosley Mrs. Gussie Hawkins Pauline Shapiro 8 Hermine Storm Charlotte Hein Mrs. Ruth Lewis Mr. Hugo Rosenfeld Mrs. A. Kaufman Fred Rosenfeld David Schnell Mr. Brooks Maude Gadsen Ilva H. Harrison Yvonne Diaz Nancy Vilefone Miguel Delgado Joe Rodriquez Iris Rodriquez Reins Cleaners Sam Nachman The Borus Family Sonia Nussbaum Elberon Cleaners Mrs. Elmira Wilson Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Dennis Vernell Wilson Brenda Thomas Laura Sonneberg Robert L. Horn Mrs. L. Weinstein Carol Mason Robert Phillips Joyce Swarm Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Lowenstein Mrs. Natalie Carlton Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Simington Bernice Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Maclin Blanche Hughes Leola Piddie Mrs. W. Glass Louis Rivera Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Daniels Mrs. Thomas 0. Stewart Mrs. H. C. Bromley Mr. 8: Mrs. N. Stathis Mr. 8: Mrs. E. L. CaSey Mr. 8: Mrs. Bellefond Roberto Torres Angelina Santiago George T. Jones Alfred Sucher Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Simon Mr. 8: Mrs. O. Spira Mrs. Katie Moody Lucille King Mr. 8: Mrs. O. Fried Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Lefcourt Christobelle Abrahams Mr. 8: Mrs. G. R. Lee Virma Klattenberg Mrsa H. Katarba Mercedes D. Norman Charles H. Goodman Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Mandel Leon Manasse C. Lewis Margaret Ross A. Hayes Mozella Young. Michele Quinn Stephen Goldfarb R. Theimer Jannie Davis Mrs. Gertrude Howell Higinio Reyes Mr. 8: Mrs. Eddie Maye Mr. 8: Mrs. George Brown Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Daughtry Atty. Isaac G. McNatt Willie Mae Grace Mrs. Gloria Quintana Mrs. Tate Gary Gilchrist Michael McGhee Mrs. Nola Matthews David Jones Helen Kanthal Mrs. Karleen Ingram Lucille Holmes William Russell Jacqueline Ferguson Sandra Johnson Adrienne Mashburn L. Washington Solomon Jupiter Mrs. Ethel Brown Doris Miller Mrs. Nettie Wright William Mitchell Mrs. Catherine Rowe Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Burke Erskine Harper Ada E. Morales Ethel White Celia Robinson Mrs. Day John Lewine Mrs. Hazel Giles Anita Griffith Mrs. Lucille Andersons Mrs. Erma Jones V. F. W. Fish Co. Robert North Louis Smalls Mr. 8: Mrs. V. Bagley Ella Mae Kelly Mrs. Mayme Epps Sandra Williams Mrs. Ellen Sleigh Barry Lundy Eugene Simmons Loretta J. Kinsler Mrs. Helen Ackerman Mrs. Frederica Lawrence Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Glover Frederick Kerezman Mr. 8: Mrs. Langdon Fridie Mrs. Louise Dunn Mrs. Esther Gordon The Sissles Mrs. Lena Perry8 ED. SMALLS CHOiCE WINES 6: Llouons. INC. 2.72 WEST 154TH STREET NEAR 8TH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. FHONE Au. 6-4574 LIC. No. L-SSIB M1141 ' s CANDY STORE 158 w. 140 ST. N.Y. 31, N.Y. THE WECKER PHARMACY 3859 BROADWAY, COR. l6lst. ST. 3ng 3-6677 NEW YORK 32, N-Y' 1014545 B. 5741115 Gunszal dyeing U NDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS 1879 AMSTERDAM AVE. PHONE AU. 3-1535 NEW YORK 32. N. Y. lacy?! geauty Salim 3903 BREIADWAY BET. 163m: 52 1647+: 5T5. WAdsworth 3-9867 MORGAN ART CLEANE 605 W. 158 st. RI ROBERT'S WELL-FIT SHOES, INC. 3809 BROADWAY iQ::EEE:37 NEW YORK 32, N.Y. Cfffgi? ZOL Television 69" Appliance Co., Inc. 3841 BROADWAY Con. ISOTH STREET NEW YORK 32, N. Y. 0300 0450 CASH O LORRAINE 80 R CREDIT Cgllon a nal Qe-llmann FURRIERS 38818ROADWAY Bef. l62nd 0 l63rd 5+5. WA. 84240 NEW YORK 32, N. Y. CHARLES W. HILL E3 2903- 8th AVE i0 SW h-0199 WILL SHOW MOVIES. PIONEER 3871 BROADAY N.Y. 32, N.Y. FREE DELIVERY GRINNELL AUTO. STORAGE 60., INC. 6113 WEST ISBTH STREET NEW YORK 32. N. Y. 14f, yzur Car 7730116" FDR ROAD 5: 0 RVICE CALL: AUDUBON 3-3379 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAROLINA CAFE ALAN 0 IRENE 3 79 5 BROADWAY F0 8- 3963 N.Y. 32,N.Y. ULTRA RADIO TELEVISION - RADIOS - APPLIANCES SALES . SERVICE 3835 BROADWAY BELOW LOEW'S THEATRE HGOTH ST NEW YORK 32. N. Y WA 3.6573 W 1085 ST. NICHOLAS AVE WA 7-3600 NEW YORK 32. N. Y. 70 FULLER'S COSMETICS 3790 BROADWAY SW 5-6707 FINE COSMETICS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY EST. I 906 Cglympia 37011.31; gnc. 3799 BROADWAY REED AND COMPANY 15 w. 38TH ST. N.Y. 18, N.Y. PE 6-6965 AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS GRADUATION JEwELERY gig NEW YORK 32. N. Y. 2l40 f PETER LAMBOS. Pres. AUdubon 3- 22.4, 1V D. GADASIN CO. JEGG'S INC. SENIOR BUTTONS-FELT AWAiDS 3883 BROADWAY ' SNEAKERS T1 c 1550 N.Y. 02, SW 5-3610 UNIONPORT N';' HOBBIES, 015 awNADINESv JAmaica 3-5300 MILTON AVIDON 3931 BROADWAY LO 8-8591 SPECIALIZING IN SPORTS WEAR General Insurance 90-04 161 St. Jamaica 32,N.Y. ERNIE'S SELF SERVICE 3791 BROADWAY NEW YORK 32, N.Y. 1 LEVITT AND ELROD MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 233 WEST 72nd ST. v-V ,--. .. -a .--., FF::5:0-n w V l I - 1.. - - 10--:-- su 7-5705 COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES VEAL REID'STHREE HOUR CLEANERS 2238-7th Ave. 2129 7th Ave. 26h w, 122 St. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 7l 774: WORDS 8V MUS 1C- 07 EUGENE T. MALESKA STlTT SCHOOL 50M 8'. cummm :ane-eez. -l- o d'+l WE PLEDeE To 57th OVR Lev; AL- Ty OVR Scam well . 3' AL- WAv TRRoueu YEARS To BE w MEM- 0- R7, WE'LL KEEP THEYE HAP-PV " -4t+ ' ' I. ' ' + a I WE'RE meD so VER-V fawn TRADE eo HERE, WE L L 4. TELL THE WORLD mTR ONE Mleom c. I ' EEK . HAN. TD S'nTT wHERE 4t 7 7 7 ... +4, ' . Thanh -SmP 5mm LET'S S MS- 31- wlTH K $9.". PHOTO OFFSET BY BEACON SERVICE CO., 72 '''' 189 DUFFIELD ST., BROOKLYN MA 5-6412 '"f '31! . 7.1V. E??ir ink: tinHTI,

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Stitt Junior High School - Laurel Leaf Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 60

1957, pg 60

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1957, pg 20

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Stitt Junior High School - Laurel Leaf Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 75

1957, pg 75

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