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CARDINAL l-M-3 Published by the STUDENT BODY of STEVENSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Stevensville, MichiganT» SOU)II CLASS III 1942 in memory of those days we spent together at dear old S. II. S. Doroth Austin Dorothy Fe ilet- CLASS N r old Ft she i Etaanrr HtNiom Patch 't 'nt r , Page twoFACULTY MISS SAJBAN Primary Grades Girls' 4-H Club Girls' Athletics MISS GARDNER Bachelor of Science Intermediate Grades MR. MALLETT Junior High Jr. High Athletics MR. SHEARER MRS. MYERS MISS ZOERHEIDE MR. BARKMEIER Bachelor of Science Principal Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science Superintendent Music Home Economics Commerce Science Mathematics Athletics Language History Social Science Glee Club English Physical Training Page threeU THE SERVICE of On the opposite page we list the students and graduates of Stevensville High School now in the Service of the United States Page fourOtto Helwig—Navy Vincent Schoenfelder—Navy Clayton Edmonson—Army Warren Schulz—Navy Martin Mischke—Army John Deja—Navy Alvin Kuball—-Army Lester Siewert—Army Earl Schulz—Army Chester Mischke—Army Andrew Deja—Army Lee Gast--Air Corps Victor Hass—Navy Ernest Smith—Army Frank Deja—Navy Clarence Reimer—Army Joseph Klackle—Marine Air Corps LeRoy Baugher—Army Franklin Gaul—Military Police Charles Getz—Army Raymond .Reznicek—Army Edgar Mischke—Army Robert Schoenfelder—Army Paul Ludwig—Navy Alan Ueck—Army Air Corps Lenord Siewert—Army Edwin Geipel—Army Frank Posch—Army Jack Dehring—Army Edgar Lockwitz—Army Gerald Hass-1 Army Joseph Bodjack—Army Albino DaDan—Army Harold Markwald—Army Emil Catania—Army Donald Mummaw—Army Air Corps Henry Schulz—Army Air Corps Laddie Raba—Army Walter Huebner-—Army Austin Cupp- -Marines Helmut Pioske—Marines Maxwell Elsasser—Army Norman Ott—Army Jerry Lakosil—Army Richard Fritz—Marines Raymond Engler—Army Harry Edmonson—Navy Charles Huscher—Navy Armondo Catania—Army Amel Ott—Army John Strouse—Army Alvin Siewert—Army Walter Schulz—Army Clifford Jonatzke—Army Maynard Bodjack—Army Arnold Getz—Army George Kreiger—Army John Balia—Army Leo Klemm—Army John Swikowski—Navy Robert Jefferis—Navy James Carr—Army Marshall Fritz—Marines Victor Haka—Army Air Corps Gerald Howard—Army Air Corps Gordon Ott—Army William Shearer—Army Air Corps Lawrence Deja—Navy Herbert Novotny—Army Charles Engler—Army Franklin Klackle—Army Reserves Ewalt Fausak—Army Air Corps Myron Cupp—Army Air Corps Frank Cupp—Army Air Corps Arnold Schulz—Army Arthur Raab—Army Jordon Jung—Naval Reserves Grover Mielke—Army Air Corps William Posch—Army Marshall Ott—Army Paul Schulz—Army Walter Raab—Army Harold Ott—Army Leon Mielke—Army Harold Fisher—Navy Frank Krajacic-—Army Ernest Siewert—Army Anthony DaDan—Army Louis Seeley—Army Ralph Kolberg—Army Page fivePage six CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose CLASS COLORS Navy Blue and WhiteLEONARD PIVONKA "Pedro" A strong-backed chap With a good keen mind, A combination You rarely find. VIRGINIA TOTZKE "Gin" Our Valedictorian Friendly and true. Has a teaching Career in view. STANLEY GEIPEL "Geip" Stanley Geipel Tall and lean, Likes to monkey With machines. DORIS MACHAN "Twin" She's one of the twins Her name is Doris She always sings In the Glee Club Chorus. LESTER GEISLER "Bud" Lester Geisler Is his name. His personal traits Have brought him fame. ERVIN MARKWALD "Erv" He's a tall And friendly lad, A finer one Could not be had. CAROLYN KOLBERG "Shadow" We call her Shadow You probably know, This pretty girl In the second row. RALPH SIEWERT "Schmidt" In basketball He was a star. Even though our team Didn't get far. VERVAINE KOLBERG "Cutie" She drives a "Mercury” This charming lass, The quietest girl Of the Senior Class. JANE BYERS "Jane" A sweet little girl A pleasant smile, To be her friend Is really worthwhile. ROBERT KUBALL "Doc" He played the lead In the Senior Play, This mite of a lad We're proud to say. SHIRLEY OTT "Ootie" Always jolly And full of fun. She's won the honor Of Salutatorian. DONALD ROTHERMEL "Speed" Here's manager Bud Of forty-three. Another lad To sail the sea. DORA MACHAN "Twin" She's the other twin And lots of fun, Her music career Has just begun. RICHARD WILEY "Dick" A coastguardsman He plans to be, His only wish To sail the sea. Page seven "Not the end, but the beginning"The school term had opened again and twenty-seven frightened Freshmen gathered at the door of S. H. S. Finally one of the class boldly opened the door, the large corridor lay before us. Not knowing what would happen next, we timidly marched to the Study Hall and took seats next to each other. A large and very proud class, there were Vervaine Kolberg, Shirley Ott, Donald Rothermel, Stanley Geipel, Dora and Doris Machan (we still can't tell them apart), Carolyn Kolberg, Lester Geisler, Virginia Totzke, Bonnie Grieffendorf, Robert Kuball, Margaret Loshbough, Virginia DeFord, Marshall Ott, Norman Ott, Lillian Spitzer, Barbara Misich, Ervin Markwald, Mary Kitchen, Ralph Siewert, Anita Doroh, Azalene Hodder, Walter Neal, Gertrude Spitzer, Viola Mischke, Raymond Wutzke, and Ruth Rosenhagen. We organized and elected Shirley Ott, president; Vervaine Kolberg, vice-president; and Stanley Geipel, secretary-treasurer. We received and returned a party by the Sophomore class and the year ended with the annual picnic at Indian Lake. Our second year was here and this time we did not hesitate but proudly accepted our position as Sophomores. When the roll was called we found Lillian Spitzer, Bonnie Grieffendorf, Ruth Rosenhagen, Mary Kitchen, Viola Mischke, and Walter Neal had left us. In their places were Jane Byers, Clara Gorske, and Dale Baugher, leaving us 24 members. The officers this year were Shirley Ott, president; Vervaine Kolberg, vice-president; and Carolyn Kolberg, secretary-treasurer. The following year more changes had taken place in our lineup. We found Margaret Loshbough, Anita Doroh, Jane Byers, Barbara Misich, Clara Gorske, Marshall Ott, Norman Ott, Gertrude Spitzer, and Raymond Wutzke gone and Leonard Pivonka, Vernon Beckman, and Diane Bubanovich had joined us. Our officers were Lester Geisler, president; Donald Rothermel, vice- president; and Vervaine Kolberg, secretary-treasurer. We received class rings and presented our class play "The Ghost of Roaring Pines." We also gave the Seniors a formal banquet, leaving us with empty pockets! Seniors at last! Roll call this year left us without Azalene Hodder and Virginia DeFord. Jane Byers came back to Alma Mater, joined by Richard Wiley from Chicago. We made a change in the calendar of the school—we took our "Annual Skip-day" in the Fall. Our senior play was "Worrying Willie." Gas rationing makes it impossible for us to take a trip, but we are raising funds to have a good time even though we have to walk! Page eight...and HILL We, the graduating class of 1943, being of undetermined minds, as usual, do hereby will and bequeath the following, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-three. First, we leave to the faculty all of our merits that we so deservedly received. Second, we leave to the Juniors our reserved seats in the last rows in Study Hall. Third, we leave to the Sophomores our sincere hope that they will have funds and the gas to take their senior trip when the time arrives. Fourth, we leave to the Freshmen our good behavior habits and we hope they won't forget them during their summer vacations. Fifth, we leave to dear old Alma Mater our sincere hope that the future classes will improve in subjects and good behavior where we so poorly have left off. Individually, we bequeath our most worthy characteristics, as follows: Ralph Siewert's athletic ability to Heinz Pioske. Jane Byer's shyness to Catherin Pallas. Shirley Ott's speed in typing to Thomas Wach. Robert KubalTs technique in Jitterbugging to Jane Pivonka. Vervaine Kolberg's natural curls to Gladys Denmark. Donald RothermeTs five-by-five figure to William Faust. Stanley Geipel's tall stories and height to Gerald Totzke. Ervin Markwald’s saving ability to Carl Shulz. Virginia Totzke's interest in government classes to Doris Kettlehut. Carolyn Kolberg leaves her regrets to all the girls in S. H. S., for she's taking that senior boy with her. The Machan Twin's ability to sing to Minnie Pooch and Lorraine Ott. Richard Wiley's stature to Wayne Higgle. Lester Geisler's tardiness to Donald Siewert. Leonard Pivonka's intelligence to LeRoy Spitzer. Page nineWe are now in the post-war age and everyone has prospered 100 per cent. We are privileged to come to your homes tonight from our own fireside through the medium of the two-way television and radio hook-up. I have asked all of the '43 class members to be standing by for an interview this evening. In this way we may be separated by hundreds of miles but once we communicate with each other, we will be in each other's homes on the television screen. "This is Leonard Pivonka speaking, as the master of ceremonies for the class reunion. This? reunion is not only brought about to show what our class members became, but because we of the '43 class are all proud that we have done such a splendid service to ourselves and country since we left school in '43. "As the first member I will contact Ralph Siewert. Come in Mr. Ralph Siewert,—Come in on Channel 3—Come in. "Mr. Ralph Siewert, better known as 'Schmidt'; please tell us of your doings since '43." "I am now the owner of a 700-acre airport which is used for private planes only. Incidentally, I have fifty hangars, and four planes of my own. I am also an instrutor in flying. I received my biggest experience in flying after I had enlisted in the Army during World War II and became an "Ace." "Tell us 'Schmidt', do you miss the good old days of school?" "Yes, I do, for the reason that we cannot play basketball anymore and see our class members personally. However, even though I don't see my friends personally, I see them quite often through the help of television and radio." "I want to thank you very much and give to you and your family the best regards from all the other class members." "Signing off—channel 3,—Come in channel 4, are you receiving me? Come in Lester Geisler, come in." "I am now Lester Geisler, Mayor of Derby, Michigan. I know I didn't pay attention to it while at school, but the last two mayors were crooked so I am going to give the poeple of my town a break and do all I can for them while I hold my office. Besides being a mayor, I also own a 500-acre fruit farm and a 40-acre dairy farm, and have many hired hands. I am in the best of health and still as jolly as ever. Oh yes! Got an Army and Navy "E" award for pro- ducing so much food after and during the war. I give my regards to the rest of the class." "Thank you Les and there goes to you." "Calling Shirley Ott on same channel, come in." "Hello everybody, I haven't much to say because 1 started a career of a bookkeeper and after two years was married. I now have to tend to the business of being a housewife." Page ten"Corning on the screen now is Jane Byers." "Good evening fellow class members. Ever since I started teaching at the University of Michigan, I have had very little time for myself. During my summer vacations I go to school, although 1 also spend some leisure time at my cabin resort in Canada." "We are very proud of you Jane and are very glad you reached the height of your ambition." "Now let's see, oh yes, we almost forgot that long-legged guy, Stanley Geipel. Come in Geipel." "Hello Geip. Are you still trucking on the highways or now on the dance floor?" "Hi gang! I’m still trucking, and in a big way, in fact, I have the biggest trucking company in the U. S. The business is just booming now. Now you know that I meant what I said when I told you what I wanted to be. Well, I have to leave you now, a call from Ohio concerning one of my truck garages is coming through. So long, you guys and gals!" "Well, well if it isn't Vervaine Kolberg, fancy meeting you over at Geipel's place." "Yes, you see I've been his stenographer for seven years and now I am a housewife, but I come and give Stan a help whenever one of his girls go on a vacation. You know how it is." "I understand, well from what I hear Markwald must be making very much money from Stan Geipel, for I heard that Ervin Markwald owns the Standard Oil Company of U. S. Is this true Ervin? Come in." "Yes, Len, you're right, and I must say that Stan is my steadiest and best customer. He gets his stuff pretty dam cheap, because he is also a good pal of mine, and we work on a co-operative system. He trucks my stuff, while he uses it, so its about fifty-fifty." "I think you two have a darn good idea there, it just goes to show that we are sticking together even if we aren't in school anymore. I am now calling in two opera stars. You probably know who I mean." "Hello, yes, you guessed right its us, the Machan Twins. Our dream has finally come true. We are now both in a new opera in New York City. It has been a great deal of fun getting this far and now that we are on top it's still better." "I'm glad you feel that way, and if we have some time left we all would like to hear you sing. So keep in touch with us. Well, let me see, it's hard to remember everyone, here's one and he's a big one in aviation, although he's small in stature—Robert Kuball." "Hello Kids!! I like to call you all 'kids' cause it makes us all feel younger you know just like in school. I am now an aeronautical engineer in the biggest plane factory in the world, like my job and I'm happy to be what I am." "Bob, if it weren't for you America would never be where it is in aviation. We thank you greatly for it." Page eleven"What do you know, we have another teacher in the bunch! Come in Virginia Totzke." "Hello, I'm a teacher at Western State University, and still going to school to become an official here. I also teach about aeronautical instruments for blind flying." "Well, I guess if we want to learn blind-flying we can get instructions from you, and then try them out on Ralph Siewert's field." "Ho, Ho! We now are getting into the wetter part of life for Donald Rother- mel is coming on." "Aye, Aye, Sirs. I mean, Hi Pals. I'm now Rear Admiral of the United States Navy, and was said to be one of the best who ever sailed the seas. I never believed it, but that's what they said. Say, if you guys still want to see things you'd better join the Navy. Well, 1 better quit, otherwise you'll think I'm giving a commercial. So long gang." "Thanks Bud; comes now, Richard Wiley, a captain of the U. S. Coast Guards, come in Rich." "Hello! There isn't much for me to explain because you are all quite familiar with the works of the U. S. Coast Guards. I worked my way up from the bottom in this business and finally got up high enough to take it easy. So, if you guys go yachting we're all on hand to rescue you. So long." "Well, I guess with a man like you in that service we don't have to worry about not being rescued or about other dangers. Now let me see. Who did we leave out? Hm-m, no one that I know of except Carolyn Kolberg and myself. She's right here so I'll let her tell you about herself." "Hello gang, this is your pal 'Shadow' or don't you remember my nick- name anymore? I have been a beautician for a few years but I didn't get any farther because of my marriage. I'm now a housewife, and sometimes a book- keeper so you see this keeps me busy. I see the time is getting short so I'll let Len tell you a few things of himself too, here Len, tell them about yourself." "It seems I have talked enough already, but I guess it wouldn't be fair for me not to tell you about myself. I have ten big clothing stores in Chicago and vicinity. When I first started, I had only one store on the west side of Chicago, which was my dad's, but with a bit of advice from him, and planning of my own, I finally got what I wanted. Well, our time is just about up, so enough of that. "As you see this class of '43 was a very prosperous one, and I believe you will agree with me, for what they have told you themselves can prove my statement. "I have a signing off signal from the switchboard operator of the Blue Network, so to all listening in, we, the Class of 1943 of Stevensville High School, now leave you for an indefinite period." Page twelveTOP ROW: Eugene Bodjack, Thomas Wach, Cletus Bechman. James Johnson. Richard Fnusak, Donald Siewert. Robert Sorget, Kenneth Fritz. LeRoy Spitzcr. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Myers. Jeanne Mongreig, Catherin Pallas. Mildred Jewell. Eleanor Siewert, Leona Sorget. Carl Schulz, Bert Klackle. SEATED: Virginia Ott, Dorothy Schaefer. Doris Kettlehut, Trescella Jewell. Peggy Katsulos. Dorothy Pooch. Luise Davis. ABSENT: Vernon Beckman. Melvin Huebner. Name Nickname Hobby Destiny Jeanne Mongreig "Jeanne" Rifles Dramatic teacher Catherin Pallas "Kate" Jitterbugging Math, teacher James Johnson "Johnson" Sleep Army Air Corps Donald Siewert "Pop" Wasting time Army Kenneth Fritz "Kenny" Sucking finger Marine Corps Vernon Beckman "Wormy" Hunting Radio star Carl Schulz "Doaks" Galien Globetrotter Peggy Katsulos "Peg" Dancing Secretary LeRoy Spitzer "Spitzer" Hunting Mechanic Cletus Beckman "Butch" Hunting Army Dorothy Pooch "Pooch" Sports Secretary Virginia Ott "Ginny" Sports Secretary Trescella Jewell "Sally" Singing Carnegie Hall Richard Fausak "Fuzzy" 31 Chevie Graveyard Eugene Bod jack "Skukie" Algebra A shot at Hitler Thomas Wach "Wach" Farming Forest supervisor Robert Sorget "Bob" Swiping ribbons A date with Kate Eleanor Siewert "El" Dancing Beautician Mildred Jewell "Mil" Singing Singer Melvin Huebner "Meb" Politics Military strategist Bert Klackle "Bert" Girls Raising kids Dorothy Schaefer "Dot" Collecting pictures Photographer Doris Kettlehut "Doris" Driving tractor Beautician Luise Davis "Babe" Reading Teacher Leona Sorget "Oan" Movie Stars Secretary Page thirteenFIRST ROW: Gladys Denmark. Eldonna Dehring, Stella Totzke. Stella Hoge, Lorraine Bednar, Martha Zelko. Jane Pivonka. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bnrkmcier. Jeanette Dehring. John Kronos, Walter Philips, William Ott, Fred Jung Jr.. Heinz Pioske, Norman Schaefer. ABSENT: Steve Misich. Franklin Rothermel, Robert Stacy. Name Nickname "Bed- Hobby Destiny Lorraine Bednar springs" Horseback riding Secretary Eldonna Dehring "Flurry" Playing piano Secretary Jeanette Dehring "Jen" Singing Band leader Gladys Denmark "Shortie" Horseback riding Horse stable Stella Hoge "La" Dancing Secretary Fred Jung "Junior" Archery Engineer Steve Misich "Steve" Guns Cop John Kronos "Chink" Girls Model husband William Ott "Crip" Dancing Bachelor Heinz Pioske "Heinie" Architect Bachelor Franklin Rothermel "Goof" Ping Pong U. S. Navy Robert Stacy "Bobie" Model airplane Draftee Norman Schaefer "Schaefer" Basketball Farmer Stella Totzke "Stel" Writing letters Secretary Martha Zelko "Lucky" Jack Nurse Jane Pivonka "Frenchie" Schmidt Housewife Page fourteenTOP ROW: Wavne Rij:jfle. William Stacy. Melford Ott. Gino DaDan, Donald DeMorrow. William Siewert, William Faust. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Zoerheide. Gerald Totzke, Marion Mielke, Norma Radde, Lorraine Ott, Minnie Lou Pooch. Donald Ruettcr. SEATED: Clarcne Davis. Joyce Kutz. Shirley Rochau. Irene Shiero. Jean Sounart. Anna Ver«ot. ABSENT: Donald Bartz. Name Nickname Hobby Destiny Lorraine Ott "Lor" Collecting pictures Teacher Clarene Davis "Ween" Writing letters Office work Shirley Rochau "Rosy" Dancing Office work Norma 'Radde "Norma" Fancy work Office work Marion Mielke "Mimi" Fancy work Office work Jean Sounart "Alice" Music Music teacher Irene Shiero "Irene" Roller skating Office work Anna Vergot "Ann" Collecting stamps Office work Joyce Kutz "Rusty" Roller skating Office work Donald Bartz "Don" English Driving trucks Donald Ruetter "Ruetter" Dating girls Model husband Gerald Totzke "Bud" Eating Farmer Melford Ott "Bib" Loafing Tramp William Siewert "Whimp" Loafing General William Faust "Bill" Saturday nights Flying Cadet Gino DaDan "Tricky" Model airplane Who Knows? William Stacy "Bill" Football Big shot Wayne Riggle "Riggle" Railroads Fireman Donald Demorrow "T" Girls Dog catcher Minnie Pooch "Pooch" Teasing Old maid Page fifteenimi nun T SEATED: Tommy Deering, Fred Ruthsatz. Isla Brecht, Fred Brecht. Clyde Mueller. Artis Harris, Patricia Riech. Myron Mielkie. Betty Johnson, Evelyn Bahus, Alice Bahus, Nancy Loikets. MIDDLE ROW: James Mueller, Rinnert Albright, Gordon Mullett, Nora Kemp, Jumes Kemp. Donald Anderson, James Wishnrt, Alice Jorgensen. Donald Lucker, Burburu Woods, John Dcering. TOP ROW: Miss Sajban, Kenneth Dehring. Jo Anne Prudek. Ellen Jonatzke, Florence Urban. Robert Bartz. Donna Ruthsatz. John Grabowski. John Florian. Willard Markwald. ABSENT: Jacquelyn Zick. Sharon Anderson. Jo Ann Fusko, Dale Powell. Lorraine Schneck. SEATED: Bernice Dehring. Clarabell Schultz. Beverley Siewert, Doris Lucker. Donna Lee DeMorrow. Jo Ann DeMorrow. Ann Marie Jorgensen. Mary Ann DeMorrow. SECOND ROW: Jack Anderson. Reginald Schedler, Bobby Davis. Lee Davis, Mary Jane Soben, Ully Strutmunn. Jumes Rudde, Arthur Davis. Miss Gardner, Jerry Fiedler. TOP ROW: Bob Bahus. Billy Pennington. Thomas Mielke, Lowell Mallett, Vernon Mueller. Albert Blaha. Steve Anderson. Keith Miller. Walter Jorgensen. Tommy Soben. Ralph Markwald. Darwin Dehring. ABSENT: Carl Teifke, Richard Johnson. Paul Fritz, Lee Huff. Ronnie Huff, Gerald Burreson. Page sixteenTOP ROW: Junior Vergot. Robert Ball, John Gilson. Floyd Hucko, August Albright, Joseph Hus, Alan Radde, William Mielke. Marvin Sounart. SECOND ROW: Lynn Riggle. Jerry Huebner. Dwayne Krueger, Evelyn Wach, Joan Kronas, Patricia Bodjack, Jean Siewert. Kenneth Ott. Oscar Ziemba. THIRD ROW: Delores Miller. Margaret Stratmann. Violet Blaha. Betty Markwald, Jeanette Ott, Evelyn Klackle. Virginia Kubath. Gladys Mueller. Lloyd Mallett. BOTTOM ROW: Irene Kuball. Gladys Kolberg. Jane Fritz, Doris Hornus. Loris Mallett. Delores Bandel. Flora Kemp. ABSENT: Jerry Faraone. Kenneth Woods. Donald Shiero. TOP ROW: Lloyd Mallett. Jean Siewert. Junior Vergot. August Albright. William Mielke. Ralph Siewert. Coach. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Huebner. Dwayne Krueger, Floyd Hucko. Robert Ball. Oscar Ziemba. ABSENT: Jerry Faraone. Kenneth Woods. Kenneth Ott. Page seventeenDEFENSE COUNCIL STUDY HALL TENSE MOMENTS SECOND YEAR TYPISTS BUDDING CHEMISTS Page eighteenPLANS Page nineteenTOP ROW: Anna Vergot, Jcun Sounart, Jeanette Ott, Patricia Bodjack, Eldonna Dehring. MIDDLE ROW: Jane Yers, Clarene Davis, Doris Machan. Dora Machan. Lorraine Ott, Miss Sajban. SEATED: Minnie Lou Pooch. Dorothy Pooch. Eleanor Siewert, Catherin Pallas. Virginiu Ott. Jane Pivonka. 4-n run TOP ROW: Dolores Bendel. Marget Stratmann. Clarene Davis, Gino DaD«n. Donald Siewert. Eldonna Dehring, Jane Fritz, Betty Markwald. Jeanette Ott. SECOND ROW: Loris Mallett. Thomas Wach. Steve Anderson, Bill Mielke. Kenneth Ott. Allen Ruddu, Albert Blaha, Irma Sajban, Mary Jane Sabin. SEATED: Oscar Ziemba, Ralph Markwald. Lee Davis. Vernon Mueller. Darwin Dehring. Robert Bahas, Lowell Mallett. ABSENT: Ralph Hoge, Carl Tiefke. Donald Krieger. Page twentyTOP ROW: Jean Sounart. Jane Pivonka. Jeanette Dehring, Stella Totzke, Vervaine Kolberg. Jane Byers, Dora Machan, Doris Machan. SEATED: Donald DeMorrow. Clarene Davis. Lorraine Ott, Miss Zoerheide, Eldonna Dehring, Minnie Lou Pooch, Donald Ruetter. ABSENT: Carolyn Kolberg. The Home Economics class consists of fifteen members, two of which are boys. The boys joined the class at the beginning of the second semester. The first part of the year we studied "home management." It was very interesting and we agreed that it was a step toward making us better home- makers in the future. We have just completed a course in First Aid. Our instructor was Mrs. McDonald of Benton Harbor. The second semester was filled with fun and work. Everyone was anxious to work in the kitchen. It had been remodeled and equipped ready for use. We cook about twice a week. We are looking forward to a unit on family relations which will conclude the work for the year. Page twenty-oneT°PR°W: Eldonna Dehring. Jeanette Dehring. Mildred Jewell, Catherin Pallas. Leona Sorget Eleanor Siewert. Dorothy Schaefer. Treacella Jewell. Doris Kettlchut. Anna Vergot. MIDDLE ROW: Stella Totzke, Mrs. Myers. Stella Hoge, Joyce Kutz. Marion Mielke, Norma Radda. Lorraine Bednar. Shirley Rochau. Jean Sounart. SEATED: Peggy Katsulo. Dora Mnchan. Doris Machan. Shirley Ott. Vervaine Kolberg. Virginia Totzke. Luise Davis. ABSENT: Carolyn Kolberg. TOP ROW: Fred Jung. Lester Geisler, James Johnson. Carl Schulz. Vernon Beckman. William Ott. MIDDLE ROW: Norman Schaefer. Mrs. Myers, Kenneth Fritz, Richard Wiley. Thomas Wach, Stanley Ceipel, Gino DaDan. William Siewert. SEATED: Robert Kuball. Robert Sorget. Ralph Siewert. Donald Rothermel. Eugene Bodjack, William Faust. Cletus Beckman. ABSENT: Leonard Pivonka. Gerald Totzke. Donald Bartz. Page twenty-twoOn February 19, 1943, the auditorium of Stevensville High School was filled to capacity with parents, friends, and strangers to see one of the best plays that has ever been given by a Senior Class, "Worrying Willie." The play was a comedy that kept the audience in stitches of laughter until the end. THE CAST Willie Lamb...... Mary Lamb ....... Mary Smith ...... Birdie Bryant.... Natcha Sparks.... Dan Lion......... Eastwood Lamb .. Lotta Lamb ...... Stewart Lamb .... May Lamb......... Hamilton Lovejoy Katherine Fish... ....Robert Kuball ...Doris Machan Vervaine Kolberg ......Shirley Ott .Carolyn Kolberg ....Lester Geisler Ralph Siewert ..Virginia Totzke ..Stanley Geipel .......Jane Byers ..Leonard Pivonka ....Dora Machan Page twenty-threeTOP ROW: Donald Ruetter, Cletus Beckman, Donald DeMorrow, Gino DaDan. William Siewert, Coach Shearer. MIDDLE ROW: Manager Donald Rothermel, John Kronos, Vernon Beckman, Carl Schulz, Donald Siewert, Robert Sorget, Robert Kuball, Manager. SEATED: Norman Schaefer. Lester Geisler, Bert Klackle, Stanley Geipcl, William Ott, Ralph Siewert. Eugene Bodjack. ABSENT: Ervin Markwald, Melvin Huebner. Leonard Pivonka. Donald Bartz. In many respects this year 1942-1943 will remain in the hearts of this year's squad of the wonderful athletic years at Stevensville High School. With only a trifle practice sessions before the basketball season opened with a very hard-fought game which came out 30-26 after two overtimes with the Cards on top. Shearer's squad looked ragged when their neighbor Bridgman took the game 43-32. Eau Claire with a fast outfit outplayed the Cards, and Berrien Springs in the last seconds won a 19-17 edge on the Cards. Then Bar- oda's strong team gave the Cards a run with a 41-26 edge. After vacation Stevensville came back with a one-point margin on the St. Joe Ponies at the whistle, and taking Galien in a easy victory 23-18. We then ventured over to Baroda to meet the Bulldogs in the second encounter. The Bulldogs came on top again with a 39-28 ending. New Troy came out on top and Galien fell for the Cards again 24-18. Eau Claire, New Troy, Berrien Springs, St. Joe Catholics, and Bridgman took the Cards in hard-fought games. This ending the season by a far from good average with four wins and 11 losses. We had a good defensive team but the low scoring put the Cards on the losing side. Page twenty-fourSCHEDULE 1942-43 Date Team S.H.S. Opp. Nov. 24 Edwardsburg 30 26 Dec. 1 Bridgman 32 43 Dec. 8 Eau Claire 20 29 Dec. 15 Berrien Springs 17 19 Dec. 18 Baroda 26 41 Jan. 7 St. Joseph Catholic 23 20 Jan. 15 Galien 23 18 Jan. 19 Bridgman—Postponed to March 5. Jan. 22 Baroda 28 39 Jan. 26 New Troy 21 28 Jan. 29 Galien 24 18 Feb. 2 Eau Claire 23 32 Feb. 12 New Troy 20 28 Feb. 16 Berrien Springs 47 32 Feb. 19 Vandalia Canceled—No Gas. Feb. 26 St. Joseph Catholic 33 39 Mar. 5 Bridgman 23 35 Then came tournaments. With gas rationing and tires scarce, the State Tournaments were canceled but the Area Tournaments were played. We met the St. Joe Catholics for the third time. The Catholics took the Cards 26-20 in a hard-fought game. This ending the season, the Annual Class Tournaments and the "Will Be” and "Has Been" games were next in line. The Class Tour- naments came out with Seniors taking the Freshmen 70-22, and Juniors taking the Sophomores 20-17. The Seniors took the championship over the Juniors 29-20. The "Has Beens" beat the "Will Bes" in a 27-26 victory. Winding up the season the P.T.A. gave both squads a very delicious meal at Holly's Grill and bid farewell to the Seniors, Siewert, Geipel, Geisler, Pivonka, and Markwald. The Seniors give the best luck to the next year's team leaving Bodjack, Huebner, Ott, Schaefer, and Klackle to bring about a very successful season. eM-ail Ga idLi! Page twenty-five K'ot ys Xl . Page twenty-six fio p fiusiy. UaV Page twenty-sevenTOP ROW: Fred Jung. Jr.. Ralph Siewert. Eugene Bodjack, Stanley Geipel, Bert Klackle. Donald Siewert, Gino DaDan. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Barkmeier. Adviser. Jeanne Mongreig. Assistant Editor. Robert Sorget. Catherin Pallas. Peggy Katsulos. Miss Zoerheide, Adviser. SEATED: Virginiu Totzke, Vervaine Kolbcrg, Eldonna Dehring, Jeanette Dehring. Stella Hoge. Lor- raine Bednar. ABSENT: Ervin Markwald, Melvin Huebner, Leonard Pivonka. Editor, Carolyn Kolberg. The Staff was organized at the beginning of the school year, with Leonard Pivonka as editor and Jeanne Mongreig assistant editor. The rest of the staff members were then selected and plans for the "Cardinal" to be printed once a month were underway. Next year there will be an absence of a few staff members but new mem- bers will step in to take their places. The students who are picked to be on the staff must maintain a definite average to be eligible. Jeanne Mongreig will move up to the position of editor and Fred Jung, Jr., will become assistant editor. The Annual is the biggest and most important job of all! Each member of the staff worked hard to make this Annual everything it should be. They know that every pupil who purchases one will consider it a very precious book, because it holds the many memories of the good times they had at S.H.S., their dear old Alma Mater. Page twenty-eightPnxuiuceAA. cM(MUUjeAu eA Milh laAteA. PetteA. Every drop has the flavor of pure rich cream. The cream is broken up into small particles and does not rise — this assures the full flavor of every glassful. ASK FOR PRODUCERS HOMOGENIZED MILK. WE KNOW YOU'LL LIKE IT. PRODUCERS CREAMERY. Benton Harbor CLARIBEL’S BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVING HAIRSTYLING Claribel Demaske, Manager Bertha Weich, Operator Stevensville Phone: 3-7358 KLEIER’S DRUG STORE Soda Fountain -- School Supplies STEVENSVILLE PHONES: St. Joe 3-7352 Baroda 50F11 Page twenty-nir.eRIMES HILDEBRAND Make this your store ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN HENRY C. GERSONDE CO. THE OUTSTANDING CLOTHING STORE OF ST. JOE Selling Style on the Corner M;CHAEL STROM CLOTHES MALLORY HATS MANHATTAN SH.RTS JARMAN SHOES ST. JOSEPH................................MICHIGAN BRIDGMAN THEATRE We deeply appreciate the patronage of you folks from Stevensville "WHERE YOU CAN HEAR EVERY WORD' Page thirtyTHE HAT BOX DRESSES • HATS • SPORTSWEAR • LINGERIE and ACCESSORIES Styles of TOMORROW — TODAY St. Joseph, Michigan TELEPHONE 3-3171 412 State St. FURNITURE and FLOOR COVERINGS SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN'S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE TROOST BROS. 403 - 5 STATE ST. ST. JOSEPH, MICH. TEACHOUT PASTRY SHOP Birthday and Wedding Cakes Our Specialty 1104 NILES AVE. ST. JOSEPH. MICH. The Home of HART SCHAFFNER MARX SUITS ARROW SHIRTS • STETSON HATS FETKE CLOTHING COMPANY STYLE • DEPENDABILITY • QUALITY 217 State St. St. Joseph, Mich. Page thirty-oneH. O. WILSON, INC. Ice Cream and Carbonated Beverages DISTRIBUTOR — CANDIES and TOBACCOS Open Sundays 9-12 3-6 PHONE: 7971 BENTON HARBOR. MICH. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Remember your friends in camp with a box of WHITMANS CANDIES We will pack for mailing. GILLESPIE'S DRUG STORE ST. JOSEPH, MICH. 220 STATE ST. SANITARY DRY CLEANERS — Sanitone — Phone 3-2565 C. T. FETTERS America's Finest Cleaning 425 STATE ST. ST. JOSEPH, MICH. J. A. CORRIGAN STORE General Merchandise GROCERIES • HARDWARE • DRY GOODS • SHOES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone St. Joe 3-7914 Walter H. Huebner, Manager Page thirty-twoTHE SQUARE DRUG CO. DRUGS • PRESCRIPTIONS • CHEMICALS SPALDING ATHLETIC GOODS PITTSBURGH WALLHIDE PAINT 208 State St. St. Joe, Mich. Phone 3-1861 Petite Sharpe Everything the lady desires — suits, coats, dresses, accessories WE DO OUR BEST TO PLEASE YOU 137 PIPESTONE BENTON HARBOR, MICH. Watches, Rings And Gifts the Graduate Will Appreciate When in St. Joe "Dine and Dance' at MAWHINNEY'S ICE CREAM SANDWICHES Opposite Caldwell Theater Page thirty-three HUBER’S Since 1909SCHNECK'S RED AND WHITE STORE QUALITY FOODS Stevensville, Michigan PHONES: St. Joe 3-7665 Bridgman 50F13 WE DELIVER 3-7272 Once You Try Our Leonard Gas You'll Like It . . . Exide Battery Service Tire Repair and Greasing OTT'S SERVICE STATION DIAL 37261 DIRECTORY LISTING HOUSE OF DAVID GREENHOUSE Lake Shore Drive Ph. 32841 SPEAR STORE —Derby. Mich. —Ph. 3-7462 Groceries, Meats, Tires, Coal, Gas TWIN CITY ENGRAVING COMPANY 208 State St. St. Joseph Ph. 3-1871 RAHN'S SHOE STORE —St. Joe.—Ph. 3-2481 Good Shoes for Less TIP TOP CAFE —St. Joseph STYLE SHOPPE —413 State St., St. Joseph —Ph. 3-3231 Ladies' Wearing Apparel Page thirty-four9acff,i jj u eltof, Sltap, 222 State St. St. Joseph, Michigan GRUEN - HAMILTON - ELGIN WATCHES BERRIEN COUNTY FRUIT EXCHANGE, INC. Stevensville, Michigan "Everything the farmer needs" Dealers in FEEDS • FERTILIZERS • SPRAY MATERIALS and FRUIT PACKAGES and ALL FRUITS IN SEASON. St. loe 3-1223 Bridgman 50F23 Page thirty-tive

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