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 - Class of 1957

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A ..... Q V N, .4 ::'.+.x:5-.f..:w - ' . , , ,gf.,y,xgg:g:1gMf.,7,,-4-fr-ax f-:vvggff--L -.. W L , ,.., .... W.. -., .. .XL r 2 'SQ '- .f Rafi mg -Q KLM ww A-av? 'UFS Q Y : Q1 4 , vlizlishi. i:3..:gfg I" .5 fffv,-J, ,fr ff' -:gk-,I Eg' . ' .J if f is ,xg fagfggsf ,M-,efgs A, 'Q xi, Ev.,--E!Ef 1.32312 5 M.-if -'aff 92 'U 1. EF 21. I 1 hirfdin n Mr. Robert Van Houte, the 1957 Tiger is yours. Yours, because you have so faithfully dedicated your past seven years of time, energy, and experience to make our school what it is today.. In our future, we know that the guidance and understanding we have received from you will serve as a beacon light. We extend to you our gratitude and wishes for the best in life, and our "Thanks". Principal Social Problems Geometry Band Mathematics Algebra Science Physics World History U. S. History Speech Soc, Problems Boy's P.E. English Chorus Girls P.E. Agriculture Shop World Geography English unglish French Journalism Library Homemaking Biology Office Prac. Typing Bookkeeping Gen. Business SECRETA RY CAFETERIA WORK Olive Wowds a'0 IANITOR lliam Sande BUS To Right: rs, DRIVERS David Raynalds, rd, and Art Wolfe wiikivwsx WM? mn s- W m' A ' fixxtii ' fi? 'WIN W FRESHM N YEAR The senior class of 1957 entered Stanfield High School with 50 members. Our class officers were: President ----- Thelma Diggins Vice-president - - -Helen Rachor Secretary-Treasurer-Lola Jean Harris Our advisors were Mr. Raynalds and Mr. Lund. Lola Jean Harris was our candidate for Carnival Queen and Pat Walchli was her escort. Student council representatives were Batti Poffenbarger and Daryl Corey. SOPHOHORE YEAR We started this year with only 28 members. Our class officers were: President ------ like Espinola Vice-president ---- Gail Stewart Secretary ------ Joyce Hastings Treasurer ------ Dennis Franks Student council representatives were Lola Harris and Ben Houk. Sharon Grogan was secretary of the Student Body. Our Advisors were Mrs. Cleveland and Mr. Hansen. JUNIOR YEAR We entered school in the fall of 1955 with 55 members. The class officers were : President ------ Ben Houk Vice-president - - - John Buseick Secretary ------ John Graham Treasurer ------ Carol Gifford Sharon Grogan was treasurer of the Student Body, and our student council representatives were Arlene Lewis and Mike Espinola. The advosors were M. Haun and Mrs. Pugh. Arlene Lewis was our Carnival Queen candidate and John Buseick was her escort. Sharon Grogan was Spring Festival Queen. The class sponsored a Junior-Senior Prom and a Junior-Senior banquet. The theme of the prom was nCherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.' SENIOR YEAR We, the mighty seniors, began our last year in high school with 30 members. The class officers were: President ------- Lauren Potts Vice-president ----- Pat Walchli Secretary ------- Joanne Otis Treasurer ------- Daryl Corey Mike Espinola was Student Body President and Patti Poffenbarger was Secretary. The student council repro-- sentatives from our class were Sharon Grogan and Ben Houk. Sharon Grogan was one of the Oregon delegates to the National Student Council Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Our advosors were Mrs. Sanders and Mr. Van Houte. The class was honored with many royalties, with the girls getting their share of Girl of the Month. Butch Corey was crowned 'King Wintern at the Girls' League Dance, Arlene Lewis was chosen Homecoming Queen by the football boys, while Patti Poffenbarger and Lauren Potts were crowned King and Queen of the Cupid Hop. Three senior boys were chosen for the Cayuse All Conference football team: Butch Corey, Ben Houk, and Pat Walchll. CLASS IIFFICER LAUREN Pofrfrs X PAT WALCHL1 Class Vice Pres. 4 Class President 4 Letter 1 2 3 4 man n n 1 Cupid Hop King 4 Baseball l 3 4 Carnival Court 1 Fggtball 4' ' King Winter Court 2 Band 1,2,3,4 JOANNE OTIS Tiger Add. Manager 4 Pgp Band 2,5,4 Football 1,2,5,4 Director 5 Drum Mojor l Basketball 2,5,4 Thegpigng 2,3,4 Head Majorette 2,5,4 Captain 4 Student Body Play King Winter Escort 5 Baseball 4 Cheer Leader 4 Class Secretary 4 G.A.A. Executive Council 4 1 F.'r.A. 5,4 Pep Club l,2,5,4 Girls League l,2,5,4 Volleyball Manager 5 Annual Staff 4 J SHARON GROGAN Butch Corey Band l,2,5,4 T Football 2,5,4 Pep Club l,2,5 Pres. 4 Basketball 4 Girls League l,2,5,4 eq ,P Baseball 1,2,5,4 Student Body Sec..2 x All Conference Football Student Body Trea. 5 BEN HOUK Team Student Council 4 Student Council l Student Body Play 2,5 Football 1,2,5,4 Letterman's Club Thespians 2,5,4 Basketball 2,5,4 Pres. 2 F. T. A. 5, Trea. 4 Manager l Thespians 5,4 Cupid Hop Princess 1 F.F.A. l,2,5,4 Journalism 5,4 Pep Band 2,5, Director 4 Baseball l,2,5,4 King Winter 4 Eastern Oregon Honor Band 5 Letterman's Club Class treasurer 4 Volleyball l,2,5,4 Thespians 2,5,4 Football Co-Captain Girl of the Month 4 Student Body Play 1,2 Homecoming Princess 5 Class President 5 Queen, The Queens Ball 2 Student Council 2,4 Spring Festival Queen 5 Band 2,5,4 All Northwest Band 4 All Conference Football Team 4 ARLENE LEWIS Volleyball 2,3,M, Student Council 3 Glrls League 1,2,3,M, Officer 3,M Thesplan 3,M Treasurer M Tiger Bus. Manager M F.T.A. 3,3 Secretary 3 Girl of the month M Student Body Play 3 Band 1,2,3,M MIKE ESPINOLA PATTI FOFFENBARGER Student Body President M Cheerleader M Class President 1,2 Band 1,2,3,M F.F.A. Officer 1,2,3,M Pep Club l,2,3,M Student Council 3 Girls League l,2,3,M Klng Winter Court 3 Band l,2,3,M Pep Band 2,3,M Football 3,M Baseball 1,2,3,M Letterman's Club Audio Visual Aids 1,2 Treasurer 2 Student Council 1 Student Body Secretary M Student Body Play 2,3 Thespians 2,3,M F.T.A. 3,M Cupid Hop Princess 2 Cupid Hop Queen M Pep Band 2,3,U -P Pep Band 2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3,M W Chorus 3 Homecoming Queen M J Sextet M Carnival Princess 3 , M Eastern Oregon Honor Band 3 Eastern Oregon Honor Band 3 ' sf Music Festival Soloist l,2,3 G.A.A. M Bengal Staff M Bengal Staff M aguw CLARK DALLMAN Basketball 3 Baseball 3,M Letterman's Club CLARK DALLMAN Basketball 3 CFROL GIFFORD Band 1,2,3,M Pep Band 2,3,M Class Treasurer 3 F.T.A. President 3,M Girls Leaugue 1,2,3,M Candidate, Umatilla Fair Court VERL PRATT Football 1,2,3,M F.F.A. !,2,3,M Highest Corn Yield Per Acre In State, M Letterman's Club MARTHA MORGAN RAYMOND CHRISMAN Baseball 1,2 Football 5,4 Letterman's Club Girl of the Month 5 Girls League 1,2,3,4 Historian 4 Pep Club l,2,5,4 Secretary 4 Add. Manager., Bengal 4 F.T.A. 3,4 Tiger Staff 4 G. A. A. 4 Chorus 5,4 LOLA JEAN HARRIS Carnival Princes s l Homecoming Princess 2 Pep Club 1,2,a,4 Girls League l,2, Thespian 2,3,4 Chorus 5,4 Sextet 4 Student Council Class Treasurer Class Secretary Tiger Staffg Asst. Edo 5 Editor 4 2 2 1 DENNIS NEEDLES BEVERLY POLLICK JOHN GRAHAM Madras 1,2 Pep Club 2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 F.F.A. Secretary 4 Girls League 2,3,4 Letterman's Club Baseball Manager 5 F.T.A., Sec. Trea. 5 Christmas Play 5 Fbotball Manager 4 Thespian 5,4 Class Secretary 3 St. Council Reporter 4 Chorus 5 St. Body Play 3 Bengal Bus. Manager 4 Student Body Treasurer 4 5,4 MARILYN HURD ALBERT SEIBEL JOYCE HASTINGS Chorus 3 Football 1,2,5,4 Glass Secretary 2 Journalism 4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Volleyball 2 Pe Club l 2 3 4 Baseball l,2,5,4 King Winter Escort 2 p I I l Girls League 1,2,3,4 F.F.A. 1,2,5,4 Band 2,:s,4 Treasurer 4 gg ,- Pep Band 2,5,4 Letterman's Club f ' Pep Club l,2,3,4 QW' , jf Girls League l,2,5,4 f O' Y V Pep Club Vice Pres. 4 77: 4 rv K," Ziff' Zgif Q : .ygg 1 l W A '7 ull 1,4 W fl 'ATV .fi LYNN PHIPPS CAROLYN DAVISON Baseball 2 Pep Club l,2,5,4 Band l,2,3 Girls League l,2,3,4 Pep Band 2,5 Cupid Hop Princess 3 Letterman's Club Carnival Princess 4 Girl of the Month 3 Bengal Editor 4 G.A.A. 4 BOB FLORENCE Fbotball l,2,5,4 Letterman's Club F.F.A. 2,3 Volleyball A Second Place For Soil Basketball M Conservation Speech 2,3 G.A.A. M Student Body Play 3 Girls League 1,2,3,h Pep Club l,2,3,h Band 1 3 X ,.,f-.aligk am, . , ..: 9 go se" Si Hz -V XX A fi H4 y. :HB 1 umnrs Third row, left to right, Tim Carr, Normie Evans, John Houk, Walt Wolfe, Chuck Grogan, John Gordon, Paul Forrey. Second rowg Charles Lacey, Tow Stsmate, Zora lore, -Tear: Gifford, Naomi Billings, Callie Eeise, Audrey Seibel. Front rowg Ken Pollick, Beverly Sutton, Lois Stewart, Lennas Wyllie, Naomi Bloom. President Walt Wolfe f Vioo President Nomie Evans 'gi , GK! ! Secretary-Treasurer Callie Heine " student Council John noun Qi Q Naomi B111 ings 1 I x X r X I 1- e 7 JM. l 411IUlIlUI'l35 4 L. 1 5, gl 4 Y ,col ' Third row, left to right, Ben Schatz, Bev Woods, Bert Graham, Sharon Davison, Carl Banker, Roberta Porfenbarger. Second rowg Darlene Hastings, David Brown, Pat Corey, Gary Abel, Carol Pratt, Jeanette Pearce. Front row, Ira McCauley, Wanda Sutton, Larry Platt Judy MoKague, Claude Otis, Charlotte Gilkey. az,-seal President wXE5lifj I fff Bert Graham Treasurer 'Q?ig!wACi:?6?1g??' Wanda Sutton 52.W!ff?, vice President PEZ! ,ffff " David Brown Secreta M , Roberta Poffenbarger W W fe Student Council Judy McKague Carl Banker I Iv' Q.-"""" wwf' .,.-4 gov' 44" ,mf ,pf 'gf' I"-fr" l""..r"" rd-g"""' rr' 'ff' 1 ,:-if 'll -un -I cuff Twx QN QQ we gl Iflzshlllfn Fourth Row, left to right, Carole Martin, Ruth Billings, Bob Crow, Mel Rachor, John Stamate. Third Row, Vicki Cooper, Ann Potts, Norene Voss, Mike Grogan, Ray Cox, Betty Walchli. Second Row, Donna Forrey, Della Green, Harriet Baker, Pat Brown, Mary Crow, Emma Lacy, Joanne Davison. First Rowg Patty Jo Tartar, Andrew Kangas, Phyllis Bur nett, Janet Otis, Mike Brown Sandra Snyder, Kay Apple- gate, Sharon Gaymon, Jim Wyllie. 'President Pat Brown Vice President Jim Wyllie '-as Secretary Treasurer Ann Potts " Student Council Vicki Cooper Q7 "sr'?"' Representatives Mike Brown .4iTfy'- A 5 iillq: 1 xx "Quai Q I X ew! I I 9 tx U 3- ' q 44 ..', V is s 4 1 , tr' .K Q- : N 4' JUNIGR HIGH SGHDGL SIXTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE f ,K x V Q if M..-.H H STUDENT COUNCIL Standing left to right, Ben Houk, Patti Poffenbarger, Beverly ffollick, Mike Espinola. Seated left to right, Judy McKague, Vicki Cooper, Naomi fillings Walt Wolfe, John Houk, Sharon Grogan, Carl Banker, Mike Brown. Treas. Sec. B P e a v t e t r 1 1 y P o P f o f 1 e 1 n 1 b c a k r S e I' UFFICER Vice.Pres. Pres W M a 1 1 k t e W E o s 1 P f 1 e n o 1 a CARNIVAL COURT lst couple, Mike Grogqa,and Pat Brown freshman candidates. 2nd couple,Judy McKague and Gary Abel, sophomore can- didates. 3rd couple Caroline Davison and John Graham, senior candidates. Top couple Queen Audrey Seibel and her escort Walt Wolfe, junior candidates. The Carnival was on November 3, 1956. ...-of ' . tx A, X v, , L K ' , ff? ,- ffl -sf fi WT K "4Qf"..x if x ' ' if in f ,W xx fi? c w 1. I 'i 12 if A fc' LL. Q3 l Fa ., :A I EXW' fi- I I HOMECOMING COURT Queen Arlene Lewis was crowned at the halftime of the Umatilla Stanfield Football game on Nov- ember lO. She was the senior candidate. Her court was, Naomi Billings, junior candidate3Judy hcKague, sophomore candidate, and Donna Forrey, freshman can- didate. The girls were chosen by the football team. x A ,ff 1 ...a 477s q., ,B x ,, ROYALTY KING WINTER'S COURT King Winter ras crowned at the Girls League Christmas Dance. Standing left to right are: Paul Forrey, junior oandidateg Carl Banker,sophomore candidate, King Butch Corey, senior candidateg Jim Bergen, freshman candidate. CUPID HOP COURT Senior candidates Lauren Potts and Patti Poffenbarger were crowned King and Queen of the Cupid Hop at the half-time of the Boardman-Stanfield basket- ball game on February 16. The court was as follows from left to rightg King Lauren and Queen Pattig Tom Stamate and Naomi Billings, juniorsg Claude Otis and Joyce Smith, sophomoresg and Ray Cox and Norene Voss, fresh- men. The Cupid Hop Dance was after the game. Publi ation Lola Jean Harris, Zora Fore, Arlene Lewis. gtanding from left: Marilyn Hurd, Carolyn Davison, Jerry Bowman, Martha Morgan, Joanne Otis Carl Banker, Butch Corey, Pat Walchli, Normie ANNUAL TAFF kfign2oL23E2?Bus. Manager Lola Jean Harris, Editor Lannas Wylie, Asst. Ednmr Sitting from 1eft:: Bob Male, Lennas Wyllie Beverly Pollick Evans. EWSPAPER STAFF Left to Right Beverly Pollick, Business Manager Patti Poffenbarger Circulation man Carolyn Davison Eaitor Martha Morgan, Advertising Manager MLISICIA ACTIVITIE In January tne concert band joined the Umatilla High School band to present two concerts, one in Stanfield and one in Uma- tilla besides presenting the annual spring concert in March. In April the band took part in the Eastern OreB0H music Festival in LaGrande. Audrey S., Terry B., Janet O., Joanne O. Shar0H Grogan Paul Fbrrey Sharon Grogan, senior band student, was chosen from band stu- dents of seven states to play bass clarinet in the All-Northwest Band at the National Conference of Music Educators, Nortnwest Division, at Boise, Idaho, in April. Paul Fbrrey, junior, was chosen to play in the All-State Honor Band in Portland at the Oregon Education Association Convention in March. Paul plays a cornet. MARCHING BAN The band started the year by winning the trophy for the on a triumphant note in August outstanding "B" class band at the East-West Shrine game in Pendleton. Other activities in hich the marching band participated were the Umatilla County w U Fair Parade, the Dress-Up and Round-Up parades, the East-West tl l Shrine game at Walla Walla, The Milton-Freewater Pea Fha va , and All-States Day at Prosser, Washington. I ,WM A :I ri ,. .L 1 ' M T' V I, '-Wz. Ah- 9 ' ' lllili The Pep Band, directed by Sharon Grogan, had a busy year. Besides playing for all home football and basketball games, they played at all out-of-town games. CHORUS Back Row: Lois Stewart, Carol Pratt, Jeanette Pearce, Jean Gifford, Sharon Davison, Patsy Ellenberger, Naomi Billings, Audery Seibel. Front Row: Naomi Bloom, Carolyn Davison Lola Harris, Martha Morgan, Sharon Gerber, Joanne btis, Wanda Sutton, Charlotte Gilkey SEXTET t Patti Poffenbarger, 11018 Harris Callie Heise, Naomi Billings, Lois Stewart. lm Pain'-,FA 1.,",' "HLA ' iv' ixsfffd M, QU X.: Dirk! X fx ui: f":-1 X a pw ' is .xfefyl 12 4 t F is-ti 5 - 1. I 1 1' P 7,97 -QL -?'. cpm. DY 1 wi 'IJ 4355 4.11 Front row: Sharon Grogan, Beverly Pollick, Martha Morgan, Joanne Otis. Back row: Arlene Lewis, Carol Gifford, Jean Gifford, Callie He ise, Patti Poffenbarger. 'Ihe purpose of the Future Teachers of America club is to give students a background of the teaching field. It also encourages students to become teachers. 4' Franz Haun W Q'-J C- Q59' THESPIANS Front row: Paul Forrey, Daryl Corey, Ben Houk, Albert Seibel, Norm Evans, Callie Heise Back row: Lauren Potts, Arlene Lewis, Patti Poffenbarger Audrey Seibel, Sharon Grogan, Beverly Pollick, Lola Jean arris Troupe 41M78 of the National Thespian Society was or ganized in l95N. The purpose of the group is to encourage participation in the dramatic arts. OFFICERS 1956f1957 President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer 1071 I Daryl Corey Lauren Potts Callie Heise Arlene Lewis 1-5 Y U in 'Q' Q fl Fufunz Fmmzns or AMERICA Back row: Verl Pratt, Dennis Needles, Ben Houk, Larry Stillings, Mike Espinola, - Alb t S ib 1 Front row. Mike Grogan er e e , Charles Grogan, Walt Woife, and advisor, Dave Raynalds. muff? XM? LETTERMEN'S CLUB Front Row: Dave Brown, Gary Able, Mike Espinola, Paul Forrey, Ben Houk, Butch Corey. Second Row: Norm Evans, Tom Stamate, John Houk, Carl Banker, Jerry Bowman, Clark Dallman,Denn1s Needleq Pat Whbhli, Third Row: Walt Wolfe,Bert Graham, Sonny Seibel, Ray Chrisman, John Graham, Chuck Grogan. OFFICERS President Pat Walchli Vice President Ben Houk Secretary Treasure Walt Wolfe Advisor Mr. Haun The Lettermens Club adopted a new constitution at the beginning of the year. The boys had supervision over the gym during basketball season. In the spring of the year they held a, "Levi Dance." GIRl.S'I.E AGUE FRONT ROW, Lennas Wyllie, Lois Stewart, Naomi Billings, Beverly Woods, Roberta Poffenbarger, Charlotte Gilkey, Sue martin, Harriet Baker, Joyce Hastings, Arlene Lewis, Vicki Cooper, and Donna Forrey. SECOND ROW: Mary Grow, Ann Potts, Naomi Bloom, Martha Morgan, Joanne Otis, Noreen Voss. Pat Brown, Phyllis Burnett, Patti Poffenbarger, Judy McKague, and Petty Corey. THIRD ROW: Pat Ellenberger, Marilyn Hurd, Carolyn Davison, Sharon Davison, Jeannette Pearce, Carol Pratt, Jeanne Gifford, Audrey Seibel, Callie Heise, and Darlene Hastings. FOURTH ROW: Della Croen, Sandy Snyder, Patty Tartar, Sharon gayT:ni Emma Ea3i,fKag Applegate, Lola Jean Harris, Beverly o c Caro f or and haron Grogan. mm RDW: Betty wannii, Joan Davison, and Janet one OFFICERS v ...-"X FIRST ROW: Secretary, Bev Sutton, Vice President, Lois Stewart, and Advisor, Mrs. Baker. SECOND ROM, Treasurer, Naomi Billings, Historian, Martha Morgan,, and President, Arlene Lewis. PEP own FIRST ROW: Bobbi Poffenbarger, Sharon Grogan,p Patti Poffenbarger, Joanne Otis, Callie Heise, Joyce Hastings, and Martha Morgan. SECOND ROW: Bev Sutton, Naomi Billings, Vicki Cooper, Pat Brown, Janet Otis, Arlene Lewis, Donna Forrey, Darlene Hastings, Joyce Smith, and Pat Ellenbarger. THIRD ROW: Sandy Synder, Judy MoKague',, Beverly Woods, Beverly Polliok, Sharon Gerber, Charlotte Gilkey, Naomi Bloom, Patty Tarter, and Wanda Sutton. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Davison, Carol Pratt, Marilyn Hurd, Delores Smmth, Della Green, Betty Walchli, and Jeannette Pearce. FIFTH ROW: Sue Martin, Audrey Seibel, Patty Corey, Emma lacy, Harriet Baker, Ruth Billings, and Ann Potts. PEP CLUB HISTORY 1956-57 At the first of the year we elected Pep Club Officers. They are: President, Sharon Grogan, Vice President, Joyce Hastings, Secretary, Martha Morgan, and Treasurer, Bobbi Poffenbarger. Our advisor is Mrs. Talus. The Pep Club gave the team good support this year, and they accompanied the football team to the State Football Game at Corvallis. The Pep Club gave the annual Cupid Hop in which the Queen and King were crowned by the President of the Pep Club. '- C-i.A.A. Organized this year was the Girls' Athletic Association with the purpose of promoting athletics for the girls and of getting the awards under a better system October Activity Left to right: Secretary- Judy McKague President- Roberta Poffenbarger Treasurer- Ann Potts Vice President- Zora Fore Cabsentl Sgt. at Arms- Joanne Otis An activity a month was participated in by the members, and these activities included: Camping trip to Pilot Rock October Skating at Pendleton Rink November Bowling at Ordnance December Sledding January Box Social with F.F.A. February Variety show March Bicycling April May Day May Advisor for the association was Mrs. Donna Talus. cum f QUEES PATTI POFFENBARGER, JOANNE OTIS, AND CALLIE HEISE. 1957 B-7 TOURNAM NT BONFIRE RALLY FIGHT! TEAM! FIGHT! ,.1. in 1 H K in if -9221 'ihflf kg, .fm,f',i?. IKM. , bg-it :rr 'Q vii' Q.. Q Q S T A T E FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: Norman Evans, John Gordon, Bert Graham, Albert Seibel, John Graham, Carl Banker, Charles Grogan, Second Row Bob Florence, Tom Stamate, Paul Forrey, Pat Walchli, John Houk, Raymond Chrisman, Front Row: Lauren Potts, Mike Espinola, Daryl Corey, Ben Houk, Mike Grogan. The Stanfield Tigers coached by Franz Haun, came through the 1956 season undefeated. Their first major victory was the winning of the District 7-B and Cayuse Conference Championship They defeated Wallowa 13-7 to win the semi-finals On a cold and foggy field at Corvallis December 2, the Tigers played to a tie with Monroe to become Oregon State Class B Football Co Champions. Stanfield Stanfield Stanfield Stanfield Stanfield Stanfield Stanfield Starfield Stanfield Stanfield Stanfield Joseph Elgin Moro Heppner Pilot Rock Echo Pendleton HBH Umatilla Wallowa Moro Monroe suaysu viii bill!! HHH I Ili!-I QQ!!! QB!!! N58 JU IOR VARSITY Front row: Joey Cunha, David Brown, Gary Abel, Larry Platt, Claude Otis. Back row: Mike Grogan, Tim Carr, Charles Grogan, Carl Banker, Bert Graham, Ben Schatz. Stangield ll !l H ll ll II ll I! Weston Helix McEwen Helix Weston Pilot Rook Pilot Rock Irrigon McEwen Ione Seasons Scores Stangield 59 55 25 ' 42 ' 55 ' 45 U 41 ' 25 ' 25 n 56 ' Lexington Echo Heppner Umatilla Irrigon Ione Lexington Echo Heppner Umatilla VARSITY " Front row: John Houk, Pat Walchli, Albert Seibel, Butch Corey, Ben Houk Back row? Charles Lacy, John Gordon, Walt Wolfe, Raymond Chrisman Norm Evans, Manager, like Brown. Stan field OI Weston Helix McEwen Helix Weston Pilot Rook Pilot Rock Irrigon McEwen lone Lexington Echo Coach Talus Seasons Scores Stangield P , n Boardman Heppner Umatilla Irrigon Ione Lexington Echo Boardman Heppner Umatilla Pilot Rock Dayvllle Weston Stsnfie1d's average points per game 65.8 Opponents average points per game 48 B GIRLS'BASKETB LL TE M HAH TEAM Left to right: Bobbie ?ofPenbarger, Anne Notts, Vickie Cooper, Wanda Sutton, Donna Forrey, Patti Corey, Norene Voss. IIB ll Too Row: Kay Applegate, Joan Davison, Charlotte Gilkey, Mary Lou Crow Zora lenberger Bottom Row: Harriet faker, Mckague, feverly Woods, Delores Smith Patti Jo Tarter, Fore, Uatsy E1- Jovce Smith, Judy , Carol Sue Martin VOLLEYBALL Left to Right: Beverly Sutton, Carol Martin, Audrey Seibel, Callie Heise, Arlene Lewis, Sharon Grogan, Naomi Billings, Bobbi Poffenbarger, Ann Potts, Donna Forrey. Front Row: Delores Smith, Norene Voss, Judy McKague, Rev Woods, Bobbi Poffenbarger, Vicki Cooper, Joyce Smith, Wanda Sutton, Darlene Hastings, Audrey Seibel, Ruth Billings, Patty Corey, Pat Ellenbarger, Joan Davison, Kay Applegate UAII T A M KKBII T E A M HWS SWUIU i lllungrgtggutinns graduating class Fon KN BETTER pg. 5! kg. , PHOTOS - Q 4 S 42 zolr HERMISTON AVENUE xg PHONE Jo 7 63l+6 S 'muon manure: co. rxnnrrrou N Y 5 STARRETT'S nzcon CENTER HERIISTON B R E THE TO!!! snop P:rmL:Ton ,ml BIG maszms mans mn Pmmmrou 'HIT' nas. H.s. an R.P. uonmzm PRNDLETON LOAF nm Joan Ross, .mrgmg PENDLETON TH' Bm PENDLETON FURNITURE co. Pnunmrron BD Bum o.P. Lorunn INS. mnncz PENDLETON Q TUM-A-LUM LUMBER CO. NA 'UZB- MXL.-To GRADUATING 0 CLASS OF 1957. FUIL IIIIIBIR ii 1 -' PLUMBING SUPPLIES BUILDING MATERIALS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PHONI GI -9-5289 STANFIELD, OHIGOI STAN? IELO SHOPETERIA STANFIEID, OREGON PHONE GI9 3285 OERN'5 I BARB ER Sl-IGP FOR THE BEST HAIRCUTS YET STANFIEID , OREG ON PAULSO N E: R GIES LABORATORIES ERNEST L. NUTTER SI-IIEETXS CLCDTI-IIN WE FEATURE EVRRTBING G FOR THE FAMILY WARDROBE CHEMICALS 190 MAIN STREET HERMISTON, oREGoN MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES S P O N S O R S PAPER PROOOOTS A as R DRIVEWIN PENDLETON TULLIS omc: SUPPLY PENDLETON KENNELLG-ELLIS STUDIOS PRNDLETON PHONE AT 24289 PENDLETON AUTO PARTS PENIDLETON 1839 Nj. 7TH AVENUE HANLEY's PENnLEToN RICE-mm EERN1sToN KNIGHTS GRocERY EERNISTON PORTLAND 12' OREGON BILL'S WESTERN AUTO HERMISTON WEICI-IXS VARIETY 6: SUN DRIE5 DILBRUCIE TILL PHYSICIAN EJ SURG IEON Phone GI 9-33l+1 Stanfield f HERMISTON MEADE BUILDING PH. JO 7 665 D D Ac. EAEEIENIE IE LR FQ R REALTOR O ' ' COMMENCEMENT INSURANCE ANNOUNCEM NTS 55 Glaglys Avenue Hermiston, Oregon CLASS JEWELRY - M Phone J07 6 19 DIPLOHAS I I V I WEDDING X 5 ANNOUNCEMENTS SPORTING S E E-- - EQUIPMENT PH. 2595 213 Court ST. 60005 Q9 THE DALLES oREGoN 'II-IE IVIASTER FNGRAVERS 115 S:-Ii. Fourth Avenue - Portland, Oro WS UL ' HHWHWG 'E PENDLETCDN HERMISTCDN MUSE Mu sac HCL! SE C E R l..A.MOORE MAYFLOWER FURNITURE Ml QKWMCQ. ff Q 5 DQTYXS MCKEEXS FURNITURE FURQQIKTURE pymrp ING Y fi-.'7D'.v'11RE "' ,CTQIC SUPPLTVS is SPORTING GOODS NLD. Doty, Owner nies Q-.V Q .ng F.. . Af! PHOTTE 1-+961 ENDLFTON O Phone Stanfield. GI-O-2213, Umafvilla 502 CGLD STORAGE 'VEGETABLEF' MEATS FOOD LOCKERS S TANFI ROHRMAN MCDTGR CCD- The'-e'S a -4 , ? ll your future ' I IN, me JO 7 2291 Herm Hemi STGN 5TMn eN,ARY Rentals Service Easy Terms Offi d S h 1 S ppli 158 Main Street Phone JO 7-5114 MCCQY AND DRQVVN ' OLDSMOBILE C' I HYDRA-MATIC F CADILLAC DRIVE GMC TRUCKS 511 Q. E. 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