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Jn the I960 SAMASCRIPTthe spirit of ST. MATTHEW S HIGH SCHOOL CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNSYLVANIA as reflected ... 3THE SUM OF ITS PARTS THE SPIRIT OF ST. MATTHEW'S- You can behold it among the reverent adorers in the hush of the school chapel or in the alert faces of students in busy classrooms. You can hear it in the unrestrained shouts at a pep raflly or in the creditable performances of our talented actors and musicians. You can look for it and find it everywhere and in everything because at St. Matthew’s it is the SPIRIT that really counts! Spiritual JutellectualCultural Social Qraduatlon 5O Q grant that we may In the Offertory of the Mass, one drop of water is placed in the chalice to be mingled inseparably with the wine. The water symbolizes our poor enfeebled humanity; the wine, the divinity of Christ. In the co-mingled substance, Christ and the Christian are mystically united at the Consecration. Christ becomes one with us so that we in turn might become one with Him. Our aim in life must be to resemble and reproduce the life of Christ within ourselves. If Christ is to become truly alive in our modern world, He must become alive, really and truly in each of us, the members of His Mystical Body. By incorporating Christ in all our actions, by resembling Him in all things, by living a virtuous life in union with Him, we shall aid Christ to draw all things unto Himself. May each of us, inspired by the ideals instilled in us during our stay at St. Matthew's, grow up in Him, "unto a perfect man, unto the measures of the age of the fullness of Christ." May each of us "in all things grow up in Him who is the Head!” It is to Christ, the Head of the Mystical Body, and our life, our wisdom, and our strength, that we humbly and lovingly dedicate the pages of the I960 made partakers of Mis divinityPcrpetuators of HIS EMINENCE JOHN CARDINAL O'HARA, C.S.C., D.D. Archbishop of PhiladelphiaTHE MOST REVEREND JOSEPH M. McSHEA, D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia Titular Bishop of Mina Christ’s growth within us THE MOST REVEREND J. CARROLL McCORMICK, D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia Titular Bishop of RuspaeEarnest administrators who formulate the best THF. RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR EDWARD M. REILLY, J.C.D. Superintendent of Schools THE REVEREND JOHN J. GRAHAM Assistant Superintendent of Schools THE REVEREND FREDERICK J. STEVENSON Assistant Superintendent of SchoolsWhat, but divine originality, eternally compassionate love and infinite mercy, could have moved the Eternal Father to send upon earth, in the Person of the physical and historical Christ, His Son begotten from all eternity to deliver us poor, powerless, wretched sinners from the bondage of sin? First enthroned in the Manger Crib of Bethlehem, then reigning from the gibbet of Calvary’s Cross and, forever thereafter, to be enshrined in the hearts of those He came to liberate, is the Royal mission of Christ! It was not enough for Him to come down upon the earth and to become like unto us in all things save sin, but in His infinite bounty', He destined us to be an integral and real part of Him in His Mystical Body. Without us Christ is not "all Himself’; with us He is the real total unity which inspired Paul to cry out for us: "I live, now, not I, but Christ liveth in me.” When we divest ourselves of our sinful selfishness and don the garment of divine grace, then we become a member, whole and entire, of that Mystical Body, and we can echo the words of Paul: "For me to live, is Christ. REVEREND WALTER LAUT, Principal in education for us iiOUR FACULTY 1959-1960 The Reverend Walter Laut The Reverend Joseph A. Schnorr The Reverend Joseph T. Schuster The Reverend Edward T. Dziadosz Sister Louis Gonzaga, S.S.J. Sister William Joseph, S.S.J. Sister Mary Praxedes, C.S.B. Sister Rose Immaculee, I.H.M. Sister Miriam de Sales, S.S.J. Sister Helen Regina, S.S.J. Sister Euphrosine, C.S.B. Sister Therese Immaculee, I.H.M. Sister Rita Aloysia, S.S.J. Sister Agnes de Sales, S.S.J. Sister Mary Maxine, C.S.B. Sister Aloyisus Gonzaga, S.S.J. Sister Marie Dorothy, S.S.J. Sister John Baptist, S.S.J. Sister Mary Sharon, C.S.B. Mrs. Catherine Terpeluk Mr. Thomas Defosse Mr. Edward Givnish Principal Religion Religion, Latin Religion English Prefect of Discipline, Latin Latin, English National Problems, U.S. History, World History Guidance Counselor, Business U.S. History, English Physics, Geometry', Algebra Business Mathematics Librarian, Mechanical Drawing, Clerical Studies Home Economics, Health, Guidance French, English Music, Religion Chemistry, Biology Spanish, English Physical Education General Science, Geometry, Algebra Economic Geography, Business Arithmetic, Health, Physical Education Mr. Raymond Norton National Problems, World History Mr. David Tomlinson English, Algebra, BookkeepingSISTER LOUIS GONZAGA. 5.5. J. SISTER WILLIAM JOSEPH, 5.5. J. SISTER MARY PRAXEDES, C.S.B. REV. JOSEPH SCHNORR MR. RAYMOND NORTON MR. EDWARD GIVNISH "Dedicated teachersSISTER MARY MAXINE, C.S.B. MRS. CATHERINE TERPELUK SISTER MARIE DOROTHY, S.S.J. SISTER MARY EUPHROSINE, C S B SISTER ROSE IMMACULEE, I.H.M. who inspire, educate and 14MR. THOMAS DEFOSSE MR. DAVID TOMLINSON SISTER JOHN BAPTIST. 5.5. J. SISTER AGNES de SALES, 5.5. J. SISTER THERESE IMMACULEE, I.H.M. SISTER HELEN REGINA. S.S.J. SISTER MARY SHARON, C.S.B. direct us in every phase 15of our devebpment REV. JOSEPH SCHUSTER REV. EDWARD DZIADOS SISTER MIRIAM de SALES, S.S.J. SISTER ALOYSIUS GONZAGA, S.S.J SISTER RITA ALOYSIA. S.S.J.PERSONNEL efficiency plus FRIEND IN NEED. No latter what the circumstance r the occasion may be, Mr. VConnor is ever willing to end a helping hand. NO MARGIN FOR ERROR. Nor no moments for leisure are allowed as Mrs. Alma McNally goes about her endless secretarial tasks each day. CALM BEFORE THE STORM. Mrs. Mary Marwood, Mrs. Madeline Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Elizabeth i ey, and Mrs. Margaret Riker steal a breath between lunch periods prior to an invasion by the next group of famished students.Our spirit reflected SPIRITUALLY 19'O JESUS, I OFFER THEE ALL . . . M The perfect beginning of each day is the offering of all we do to God through the pious recitation of the Morning Offering. GLORY TO THE NEWBORN KING. Elizabeth Chiccarine, Susan Carroll, and Eileen Gallagher prepare the crib for the Christmas season for what is the Christmas Spirit but the Spirit of the Christ Child Who even forgot He was God in order to help us. KNIGHT OF THE ALTAR. Before serving Mass, Roger Mattson assists Father Dziadosz with the chasuble. Faithful altar boys serve daily Mass before school and weekly Mass in the auditorium every Wednesday.Saint Matthew’s is a Catholic School. As a Catholic school it works to educate us in truth and virtue. It dedicates itself to turning out students who not only fully realize the natural side of their nature, but who are also constantly aware of the spiritual part of their being, thus preparing them to act as better citizens both in this world and the next. MOMENTS THAT VIVIFY. Dorothy Donnelly and John Hama day, like many other students, steal several minutes from their lunch period to avail themselves of more precious moments with their Eucharistic Lord. TABERNACLE OF GOD. Chapel aides Kathleen Thorne, Linda Gianetti, and Carol Wright prepare the altar in the school chapel where Holy Mass is offered daily. FRIENDLY ADVICE FROM THE PRINCIPAL. Our problems may not be very pressing ones, but we do have them. Decisions likewise have to be made by us, and we often stand in need of guidance. Above, John Salamone converses with Father Laut whose wise counseling and genuine interest in each of us make him a frequently called upon advisor by our student body. 21RETREAT recollection and introspection As is customary at Saint Matthew’s, our annual three day retreat was held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week. Father James Meehan, our retreat master, was a powerful motivating force in making this one of the most spiritually rewarding retreats ever. Because of his intimate understanding of youth, his conferences offered a great deal of food for thought and practical advice. We have emerged from this retreat as members ALL ABOUT HEROES AND HEROINES. The students of B-I listen attentively while Susan Dalgliesh reads the lives of some teen-age saints to them during the spiritual reading period. Lather James H. Meehan. Retreat Master SAINTS WITHOUT WRINKLES. After the closing exercises of the Retrea some seniors stop to chat with Father Meehan. EGO Tf ABSOLVO. To see a long line waiting by the confessional was no uncommon sight during the retreat Many students waited for hours to receive the counseling of Father Meehan. 22WE CROWN THEE WITH BLOSSOMS. David Fondots, senior class president, crowns our Blessed Lady in the name of all of us with a specially prepared crown of fresh flowers. MAY CORONATION Jiv. Me, Me Maria May is Mary’s month. As a sign of our devotion to Mary, we adorned her in flowery splendor and proclaimed her our lovely Queen of May in an impressive outdoor ceremony. ANOTHER GARLAND FOR MARY. Garlands of "Aves” are wafted heavenward as the senior class representatives lead the pious recitation of the rosary. A PLEA AND PLEDGE. In the act of Consecration, we implored Mary’s maternal protection on ourselves and our loved ones. We pledged to stay close to her Immaculate Heart by living as worthy children of a heavenly mother. BLESSED BE GOD. Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament brought the devout ceremony to a close.Our spirit reflected INTELLECTUALLY 25RELIGION crown of our curriculum Learning, accepting, and—most important—living our precious Faith is the very essence of our Catholic education at Saint Matthew’s. Through the study of the Divine, we discover the infinite love of God for us. Religion becomes for us an integral part of our daily action and experience, inspiring us to Christian virtue, and preparing us for leadership so that someday we may see the sweet mystery of union with Him verified in ourselves and in every member of His Mystical Body. BE PREPARED. Barbara Travers and Thomas Porrecca receive instructions from Father Dziadosz concerning the articles necessary for the administration of the Sacrament of Extreme Unction in the home. 26 I HE CA I HOLIC VIEW-POINT. I hesc freshmen broaden the scope of their religious education by reading and discussing the articles in the "Catholic Standard Times" during Sister Marie Dorothy's religion class each week.THE MASTERS VOICE. Pope John XXIII's plea for a return to truth, unity, and peace will soon be heard by these juniors as Father Schuster places a recording of the Holy Fathers first encyclical, "Ad Petri Cathedram,” on the disc. CAN I BELIEVE IT? As her classmates look on with varied expressions, Mary Fin-eran apprehensively reaches for her term paper from Father Schnorr. Mary is hoping it at least merited Father’s "nihil obstat." VENI, VENI, EMMANUEL. William Watkins, Julianne Martinelli, Michael Moore, and Mary Ellen Hanna solemnly watch as Annmarie Manfredi lights the first of the four candles on the Advent wreath commemorating the forty centuries of anticipation before the birth of the Saviour. 27GETTING TO KNOW YOU. Alter Sister Helen Regina has briefed them on the proper forms for making introductions, Thomas Moore and Peter Marino don’t seem to have any trouble getting acquainted. ENGLISH mastery of our mother tongue Ideas don't have to clamor for release from mind to paper in our English classes because composition techniques and vocabulary' drills are frequently on the agenda. Chaucer's pilgrims become alive for us, and Milton’s poetic paradise is once again regained through the study of literature. Our native language is indeed expressive—the fruit of thinking souls. GRIN AND HEAR IT. Michael Wilson certainly believes in having sufficient reference material for his latest bi-weekly theme! TSK! TSK! TSK! Robert Moore is of the predicate nominative, but Mr. approach. dismayed by Carolann Wright's diagramming Tomlinson is definitely enjoying their serious 28ON AIR WAVES. David Galic and Anthony DcFusco, winners of the "What Columbus Day Means to Me” essay contest, acquaint the student body via the PA with their literary masterpieces. TODAY'S SPECIAL. TRY THESE! Sister Louis Gonzaga "accentuates the positive” pronunciation while Gilbert Bain-bridge, Salvatore Boccuti, and Milton Trofa carefully observe and imbibe. LEND ME YOUR EARS. These "gentle Romans" listen in rapt attention to the words of Antony's oration on the death of Caesar. From the looks of his classmates, it can plainly be seen that Anthony Demi to’s presentation must be great.GOT IT—I THINK! Anne Gordon seems to be showing up the boys as she finishes her algebra problem before Joseph Licata and Joseph Logan in Mr. Defosse’s class. EASY AS ROLLING OFF A LOG. A logarithmic problem seems unusually interesting to this seventh period trig class, or is it Joseph Marinari who is attracting all that attention? ON YOUR MARK! It’s moving day in Sister Rita Aloysia’s Algebra II class as the students prepare to change their seats after receiving the results of their latest test. Both Mary Lou D'Apuzzo and Francis Gamza claim Jo Ellen Obrecht’s seat which she seems very reluctant to surrender. 30HE'S NO SQUARE. Judith Talese watches very attentively as Anthony Timbario demonstrates the proof for a geometric theorem. Unobserved. Joan Skilton and Joseph Sclafani continue working their problems at the board. MATH our answers always check Math class is that time of the day when we really have to cudgel our brains. The study of numbers and figures presents a mixture of fun and frenzy as we advance from simple linear equations during our freshman year to complex three-dimensional objects as seniors. We trust that what is now a scholarly challenge will help us someday in solving adult problems. SOLID THINKING. So that they may have a better understanding of Solid Geometry, Nancy Clark, Joseph Sloss, and Thomas Pohle carefully examine figures concealing the many mysteries of math which Sister Rita Aloysia’s patient explanations will soon disclose.SCIENCE forecast for tomorrow Dissecting—with some amount of disapproval— the worm and the frog, we become biologists. Innocently uniting hydrogen and nitrogen, we probe the changes in matter as amateur chemists. Delving into matter in its relation to energy transforms us into physicists, inexperienced, too, perhaps, but no less genuine. Strange, fascinating, complex, unbelievable, but rarely impossible— such is our scientific world! YOUR VACUOLE IS SLIPPING. As Mr. Defosse explains the composition of a cell to the General Science class, Vivian DeGregorio, Kathleen Donovan, Judith Duda, and Lucille DeVitis identify the various parts by means of helpful flash cards. MIXED INTERESTS. Sister John Baptists chemistry students are all eyes and ears on the sodium experiment—that is, with the exception of John Kelly, whose interest seems to have been momentarily distracted. 32CARBURETORS, BUT NO CRANKS. Michael Campbell explains the functions of the ”carb" to Margaret Carney, Sandra Cardamone and Frank Aptacy, while Charlotte Pienkos, John Hamaday, Edward Sosnowy and David Galie show a partiality to air pumps. HEALTH FOR LONGER LIVING. As Mr. Givnish instructs a group of boys on man’s physical make-up and its needs, a side bulletin board subtly admonishes them that, regardless, "dust” they someday will be. SEMI-PERMEABLE MINDS. These sophomores seem both pleased and intrigued with Sister John Baptist’s experiment on osmosis. 33NOT ALL ANCIENT HISTORY in the World History class! Discussions take on a new glow when moderated by our well-informed and versatile teacher, Mr. Norton. TWIXT TWELVE AND TWENTY. Many problems assail the young, but the students of Sister Maxine’s Guidance classes are well prepared to meet the challenge. Christine Coscia and Mary Ann Botto can testify to this. YOU BE THE JUDGE. Any one of these juniors will tell you that Sister Rose Im-maculee can really make the "Story of America" come alive. 34mwn THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE. Sister Rose Im-maculee purposes to instill into the students of her National Problems class the tremendous weight that is carried by one vote. Familiarizing themselves with the voting machine are Charlotte Picnkos, Kathleen McFadden. Patricia Shipman, Dolores Lewandowski, and Jane Spanish. SOCIAL STUDIES we covet the world When we look back over the hours we’ve spent in World History, U. S. History, and National Problems, (some students now take Economic Geography for good measure!) and recall the lands we have discovered, the battles we have won, and the laws we have promulgated, we feel we know more about the world than we do about ourselves. Could this be because we find world affairs and politics easier to figure out than we do ourselves? THE 700 WONDERS OF THE WORLD. Kathleen McKenna is all set to go on a tour —an imaginary one—during Economic Geography class!HAVE HOPES; WILL TRAVEL. Benjamin Erwin, Barry Mullineaux, Marie Sclafani, Kathy LTrban, and Leo Streletz of French II are given a lesson "a la carte” by Edward Mazurek. GOOD LUCK, REMBRANDTS! Phyllis Dziedzina, Roger Mattson, Fred Philipps, Monica Hylinska, Helen Omar, and Joseph Sclafani display for the French I class their drawings of "La Matson.” QUE BONITA ERES! As her classmates look on with admiration, Julia Bocchino models her exquisite mantilla. It came directly from Spain and is valued at 800 pesetas! 36LANGUAGES we learn how to conjugate and converse At St. Matthew’s, foreign nation explorers discover the life and customs of strange lands, bringing fascinating adventures. Some of them engage in the study of Caesar's conquests in Gaul and the orations of Cicero; others experiment in Spanish delicacies, and the fun and frolic of the traditional Christmas "pinata.” French adventurers marvel at the imposing castles and cathedrals as depicted in their reading, and, on wings of imagination, may even take a side-trip to join a group of merry-makers at the Mardi Gras. All of these language lovers scrutinize conjugations, twist their tongues for correct pronunciations, probe word derivations, investigate histories, and emerge, finally, with a far greater appreciation of the "Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man.” CICERONIAN DAZE. As usual, Sister William Joseph comes to the rescue. This time it's Margaret Carney who seems to be struggling through a difficult passage in that famous statesman's orations. THE "GALL" OF THE ROMANS? We can't pin the blame on them this time! Father Schuster informs his Latin II students that the Celts were responsible for this move. 37PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Competent and efficient best describe the future secretaries trained by Sister Miriam de Sales. The "A" papers which Mary Alice Cannon and Carol Foster are posting make this very evident. OMMERCIAL SUBJECTS strictly business Accuracy in typing, speed in transcribing, proficiency in operating office machines —these are the aims of all prospective secretaries. With an eye focused on the future, they diligently work toward their goal, striving to reach the apex of success. This combination of effort, industry and Christian standards molds them into reliable business leaders for today's commercial world. SIX'COtUMN WO K H(IT wauua A WOKK SHUT VST IT BALANCE? As incredible as it may seem to Bernard John« n and chard Miller, Mr. Tomlinson asserts that debits e y ?dits if the entries to the ledger are correct.iiiiisssiitfi. YOURS TRULY. Senior stenographers are caught in an atmosphere of earnest concentration as they "take a letter" dictated by Theresa Tarlowska. ROMAN WAS NEVER LIKE THIS. Three new members of the junior class, William Gaul, Robert Gaughan, and Robert Bruce, former students at Roman Catholic High School for boys, take advantage of the co-educational opportunities offered at St. Matthew’s and gladly accept the help which Mary Ann Bonkowski. Marie Brandt, and Mary McAvoy are so graciously giving them in the Office Practice class. DOUBLE REACTION. What could have been the problem proposed by Samuel Logan in Clerical Studies that required the combined efforts of Raymond Tomczak and Edward Fritz in order to arrive at a solution?HOME ECONOMICS pattern for the future GOLD MEDAL WINNER. Anita Bobenrieth beams proudly and she has every reason to do so. The successful results of her examination, based on homemaking knowledge and attitudes, have won for her an award pin making her the Saint Matthew’s Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. CHARTING GOOD HEALTH. Joanne Lewan-dowski and Janice Donovan discuss nutritional standards in food preparation and proper service of meals before a class of junior home economists. from class- room to lab AT "HOME ON THE RANGE." The members of Home Economics I put to practice what they have just been taught in theory.Marketing, making, mending, and managing are only a few of the feature doings of Home Economics. Under conditions they will encounter when they manage a home of their own, the students meet and solve the everyday problems of "housekeeping” and even those extra special occasions of "entertaining.” FUN WITH FABRICS. Anita Bobenrieth leads a discussion with the members of the senior Home Ec class on the types of materials which the dolls are wearing. CUTTIN’ UP. Ann Kane takes a final look at her pattern before attempting to cut into her material. SEW WHAT! There seems to be quite a bit of fun and satisfaction in sewing from the expressions of these senior girls. They are busily making costumes for the annual spring musicale. 41TECHNICAL SKILLS we do it ourselves BRAIN' BRAWN, BLUEPRINTS. From the determined expressions on the faces of these mechanical drawing students, you can i 'Jin they're going to build their own—be it a house or a helicopter! PICTURF. IS WORTH 1,000 WORDS. Gerald Burt, an lassman, realizes this, and that is why he demonstrates technique of threading a film to freshmen, Charles Priam! David Orler. Because our education is a well-rounded one, we learn many practical skills in addition to our more serious studies. Our cameramen bring the coffee houses of Cavalier days into our very midst; our artists keep our bulletin boards attractive and make Tracy Hall even more inviting on social evenings; our home-nursing students can tell a temperature when they see one. From knowing just where to find it in the library to building houses on paper—it makes us proud to be able to do it ourselves!WHO SAID WE DON'T HAVE A DISPENSARY! These girls can t promise to furnish you with free aspirins, but they certainly know their business about home nursing after a most profitable introductory course given to them by Sister Maxine. "TEEN ANGELS." The artistic genius of Jacqueline Pinelli, Anne Maziarz. and Alice Rakowski is responsible for these lovely celestial creations which beautified our outdoor display this past Christmas. INFORMATION. PLEASE. Sister Agnes de Sales gives some helpful hints to Joanne Wallace and James Ward concerning the correct use of the card index. It will facilitate matters when it comes to writing the next term paper.CLUBS intensify our scholastic interests As welcome as the dismissal signal is to some students, so welcome is a NINTH period to others. Members of the various clubs spend precious after school minutes amassing increased knowledge in those subjects in which they are particularly interested. SIGHT-SEEING. Under the direction of Sister Euphrosine, Barry Mullineaux, Leo Streletz, Thomas Pohle, Benjamin Erwin, and Edward Mazurek use a Wilson Cloud Chamber to observe the track of alpha particles and cosmic rays. J’AIME LE FRANCAIS. So the expressions on the faces of these monsieurs and mademoiselles denote. CHA! CHA! CHA! These senoritas bonitas, Jacqueline Pinelli and Joanne O’Donnell, show off their talents in rhythmic Spanish dancing. MATH IS NO MYSTERY. Not for Joseph Bielecki anyway, as he points out the solution of a difficult problem during an afternoon session of the Math Club."THERE'S NO ART to find the mind's construction in the face." James Pultorak seems to be pointing out to sophomore representatives: Patricia Mundy, Helen McMahon, Roger Mattson, Agnes Coccio, and John Kelly. GOOD MORNING. Our senior representatives Elaine Cardamone, Dennis Clark, Pat Ford, Robert Goldberg, Rita Pergine, Wayne Mattson, Anne Stromberg and Martin Stalone, brightly greet each other as they proceed to their daily posts. NO HURRY. Just a quick glance at what these junior representatives, Anthony Demito, John Kilgallon, Marie Jordan, Susan Dalgliesh, James Ward, Louise Nicolai, Mary Lou D'Apuzzo, and David Moore are doing in the three minutes allotted them to get to their posts. GETTING TO KNOW YOU. It didn’t take too long for our freshman representatives, Mary Jane Botto, John Botto, Grace Bello, Raymond Fonte, Joseph Logan, Barbara Lepera, Mary Frances Torres and Charles Sarto to become acquainted with the pages and pages of do’s and don’ts which make up our school regulations. Selection our election Held with as much enthusiasm, but not so widely publicized as the national elections, is our own election of representatives. These responsible students are elected on good behavior for a nine-month term. In accepting the badge, the representatives undertake the duty of maintaining order and upholding the ideals cognizant of Saint Matthew’s.WAYNE MATTSON — Highest scholastic average in the academic course over the four years was merited by Wayne. CUM LAUDE. Joseph Marinari. Thomas Pohle, Felicia Jemionek, Margaret Carney, Mary Jane Wisniewski, Wayne top ten students MBITTOUS SOPHOMORES. Helen McMahon, Anne Tole, John Kelley, Judith O’Rourke. Joanne DiGiacomo, Phyllis Dziedzina, Frances Pilcicki. Anthony DeFusco roan Skilton. and Agnes Coccio. 46Mattson, Theresa Tarlowska, Priscilla Kobus, Lorraine Bakula, and John Hamaday. in each grade THERESA TARLOWSKA —The highest scholastic average in the commercial course over the four year period was earned by Theresa. ASPIRING FRESHMEN. Mary Frances Torres. Michael Moore, Kathleen Thorne, Bettyanne Capriotti, Mary' Jane Botto, Joel Sukalski, William Watkins, Charles Rossi, Veronica Wyrwas, and Barbara Bullock. 47Our spirit reflected CULTURALLY 49JOANNE DIGIACOMO DAVID GALIE The versatility of David Galie, president of the Kinahan Society, demonstrated in his participation of almost all phases of forensic activity, earned for him the honor of being the first to receive the newly instituted Kinahan medal. AMONG THE TOP THREE. Representatives of the Kinahan Society happily survey the results Experienced orators and fresh-new speakers combine to give the Kinahan Society a glittering past and a bright future. Above they demonstrate their abilities in an original oratory tournament held for those in the Philadelphia Catholic Forensic League. GLITTERING PAST. The Senior Debating Team of the Kinahan Society traveled to distant as well as local tournaments in the past 1959 1960 season. Applying the principles of argumentation, our debating team merited honors at Fordham University, King’s College and St. Joseph’ s College. Joseph Bielecki, John Hamaday, David Galie and Bernard Moore display the Philadelphia Catholic Forensic League Second Place Debate Trophy along with their certificates of merit. 50of the original oratory tournament which marked them in third place. ANTHONY DEFUSCO Anthony can be termed an orator in the true sense of the word. His original speech on the Constitution won for him the third place Bronze Medal in the American Legion Orators Contest. ROBERT GOLDBERG KINAHAN SOCIETY toward a more articulate Catholic laity BRIGHT FUTURE. The eagerness and keen interest of the new members of the Kinahan Society are the source of great expectations for fruitful years to come. The newcomers provide an attentive audience as William Watkins records his declamation. REGISTER HERE. PLEASE. On February 13, I960, St. Matthew’s was host to sixteen high schools of the Catholic Forensic League of Greater Philadelphia in an Original Oratory Tournament. 51MEET THE PRESS. Sister Praxedes. moderator of the MIRROR, explains some technical terms associated with the newspaper world to her staff. First row: Jo Ellen Obrecht, Mary Jane Botto, Margaret Carney, Judith Muscatello and David Fondots. Second row: Felicia Jemionek, Joanne Wallace, Carol Yurcaba and Wayne Mattson. TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. Jo Ellen Obrecht and Mary Dougherty, co-editors, check a final draft before submitting the article for publication. AT ST. MATT’S EVERYBODY READS THE MIRROR. While Leona Horchak, another hard-working member of the staff, distributes copies to this freshman section, the different articles create different reactions among the readers. 52__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________focus OH ....... ■ .I .... Omi’I Hiu I "Hit The Oe,k" va. •. s I current events THE MIRROR Sl. Matthau‘a H«h in. IV Happy Thanksgiving Amid writing, revising, and the clicking of typewriters, the staff of the MIRROR faithfully edits the news and describes the activities of Saint Matthew’s. Whether it concerns sports coverage, humor, past data, or coming events, the MIRROR’S four THE PRESSURE IS OFF! Felicia Jemionek, editor-in-chief of the MIRROR is at ease and smiling once again as she looks with satisfaction at another finished copy. Students To Stiff Hit Thr Dfek’ Rehearsals In Full Swing "llli t»K- Orel.- • threw-at mmlral t«mrdy •» In Tracy Mill on IVember I, 2. and X urn rcriird with gn»l W •hutlatn. wntdu the • ludmt b-idr Practice- trtakan. Inyan In Vjyon bet. are dtmted by Reserve Writer Y.rt and Mm Obatodt Cram Store Marie IVrothi. head of •hr mink drjianmm'. n In iU|r id thr mun«l « « hr Patron Drive ■i 4 7Stjz '? rrrv J - , , la •" Richard t .rnoWI end hi _____________,______J FUmk Aptac-y a «‘V inrib Mark VI dtk and Petri la Sheri « Loo Len Martin. RlU Prejpnr and Pi trill Hboctnr • Lmdnfa. Darid Kmkm a unto, nod IVtrr Smith • «•' Kathryn Orton. Marie Brttry (imr|r DT.Imio. Wiynr Mmmi and Makar! Ford atm yjett In minor ndra Thr play fcnh ntth kto. tower owner and Bllgr Smith, a renin ail Thr Ocay ccnnpll a»ea ItrwK to Smith' pin idl to tea and Irattog hk tor to hind law l ac nnw a rich an ctallie mwn thr mta torn In tranh of her leaden man Alter I Villanora Press Conference iiititt Nun Civtn • M-ational Talk •Srh.H.1 Spirt ’ Am) Vo« . . . Dan O’Brien (Completes Reeruit Training i otr Members I name ta toh ike pee— pewe’eu . TWi ara Wayne MaW-n. katke.a ( rkan. Uirn W Paflite. trikU Iranwi. etoar, W« tto-e.. Wary IkaiUt., |a IIW. tnWerk. Journalists Attend Annual pages unfold it to us.Popular Loo Loo Martin, proprietress of a coffee shop on the docks, meets Bilge Smith, whom she becomes enamored of at first sight. Her happiness is shortlived because, as the navy orders it, Bilge is sent on a cruise. Loo I.oo'sells the coffee shop and, together with her friend Lavinia, goes in search of Bilge. Intent on finding him, Loo Loo gives a lavish party for all the Smiths in the navy. Here Lavinia discovers Junior (herLoo Loo (Pat Shee-hi) sings the blues after losing Bilge (Richard Campbell) a second time. EVERYBODY HAPPY? Not Bernard! He seems to be taking his work very seriously. SHIPBOARD ROMANCE. Junior (David Fondots) has fallen under the spell which Lavinia (Rita Pergine) has so successfully cast once again. THE 20’s ROAR AGAIN. These FLAPPERS brought them to life in a song and dance routine of the era.YOU’LL LOOK GREAT UNDER LIGHTS! Father Kline assures Charles Noska of this as he £ives 1 another eyelash or two. BOARD STIFF. After being pursued by police. Junior (David Fondots) emerges from his hiding place, safe—and fr-r-r-ozen. TEA FOR THREE. Charlotte (Kathy Urban), Toddy (Adele Brooks), and Allen (Charles Noska) are observing all the graces of Loo Loo, their charming hostess. WII Soups 1S Muriatic hes Beefhqgpr 25 Hnl Doq |(] ukc T nna?bow°RTY SECOND STREET. Amidst thunders of applause for a splendid performance, the cast of "HIT THE DECK” 57A CRADLE SONG. Depicted here is our humble version of the First Christmas. While heavenly choirs sing hosanna, poor shepherds bend in lowly adoration before the Holy Infant. TWINKLE TOES. Our dainty ballerina. Jacqueline Pinelli, danced her way into everyone's heart at the Christmas program. 58 CHRISTMAS SILVER "BELLES." A medley of Christmas favorites was offered by the Melodines. Artistic conducting was done by Rita Pergine.SYMPHONIC SOUNDS. Our concert orchestra, expertly conducted by Mr. Carl Suppa, delighted us with a variety of musical scores from traditional carols to popular Christmas favorites. ’tis the season to be jolty "Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly—Yes, we did deck the halls, and trim the trees, and sing the carols, and spread the joy, the glee, and the peace of Christmas. The high point of the Christmas season at St. Matthew’s was the Christmas Concert on the last day of school prior to our Yule vacation. The Orchestra, two groups of Melo-dines, and the Pius X Glee Club provided the entertainment. The climax of the performance was the ever-inspirational tableaux depicting the Nativity of Our Lord. MEN OF GOOD WILL. The junior and senior boys of the Pius X Glee Club, conducted by David Halloway, added to the gala affair with their festive tunes. 59WHAT COMES FIRST—McCAULLEY OR McCAUL-LAY? Bernadette Varallo and Mary Anne Jampo, our business managers, expertly handled the responsibility of alphabetizing and typing the long list of our faithful patrons. PRETTY AS A PICTURE. The artistic arrangement of lay-outs in the yearbook was planned by Patricia Ford. A finished page came only after every picture was properly cropped and sized. NOW LET ME SEE! Jacqueline Dougherty, editor-in-chief of the I960 Samascript, browses through exchange yearbooks for ideas. On meeting days, Jackie was the first to arrive and the last to leave. If anyone gave unselfishly of her time and talents in the publication of this book, it was our loyal editor-in-chief.MANY HANDS—AND MJNDS—MAKE LIGHT-ER WORK— So the Samascript staff agrees and knows. Seated are Charlotte : Pienkos, Sandra Cardamone, Anita Bobenrieth, and Irene Polomski. Standing: Mary Jane Wisniewski, Robert Goldberg, Richard Campbell, Wayne Mattson, and Marie Costello. A room filled with candy wrappers . . . and pictures . . . paper stacked tables . . . work . . . frantic days . . . pencil smudged faces . . . adjournment at five . . . the chaos at deadline time . . . mountains of layout sheets . . . more work ... an intense love for a yearbook . . . all this too is found here within the covers of the I960 Samascript. Cherish it always . . . for we shall. SAMASCRIPT preservation of cherished memories SOMETHING WORTH WAITING FOR. Lorraine Bakula attaches the last page to the dummy of the yearbook while Theresa Tarlowska holds the "final copy" box, ready for shipment. These faithful co-editors sacrificed entire week-ends to work on the annual whenever deadlines were approaching. It is no wonder then that they hardly can wait until the "Samascript” is published. 61CONCERT ORCHESTRA GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING. Our masterful violinists blend their dulcet tones to produce an enchanting melody. MUSICIANS ARE MADE—NOT BORN. How? Begin with young, enthusiastic students; add two parts of the finest instruments and two parts of diligent and intense practice; stir with accomplished instructors; and beat with the baton of a gifted conductor. Presto! One superbly organized orchestra emerges. Of course, it isn't quite so easy, but the months of strenuous rehearsals are certainly worthwhile when on that long-prepared-for day, the students can proudly display their talents and reap the applause which they so genuinely deserve. TOP BRASS: The trumpets and trombones give our orchestra spark by really making the music resound. 62SWEET AND LOW. The deep-strung and soothing music of the cellos contributed largely to the audience’s listening pleasure. AFTER THE CURTAIN CLOSES. No need to ask if Sister Marie Dorothy, our music instructor, was pleased with the performance of the orchestra. After all those months of arduous practice, the results were most gratifying. 63ua iffd aj] LOVELY TO LOOK AT AND LISTEN TO. The Melodines, all decked-out for spring, charmed the eye and delighted the ear their harmonious strains. WHEN WE WERE SWEET SIXTEEN. Patricia Sheehi dreams and reminisces while John Kelly serenades her. WHEN GRANDMA WAS A GIRL. Our select songsters, the Serenaders, bring back to mind memories and melodies of the '’Gay Nineties” by their rendition of old favorites. 641 G c THEY'LL DO IT EVERYTIME. Year after year, the Pius X Glee Club steals the show with their singing. Above, their mood is solemn as they sing, "I’ll Walk With God.” Below, they switch to clownish antics during their rendition of "Dry Bones.” MY FAIR LADY. Mary Fineran stands in the limelight with her escort Raymond Brandt as the entire music department sings and plays selections from "My Fair Lady.” This was a fitting finale for a gala and festive evening, because we, too, felt we could have sung and "danced all night." 65Our spirit reflected SOCIALLY 67MOTHER-DAUGHTER NIGHT even our interests DINING BY CANDLELIGHT. Among those seated at the main table are our guests of honor Mrs. John Kelley, English instructor at Conshohocken High School, Sister John Miriam of the Trintarian Order, and Congresswoman Mrs. Kathryn E. Granahan. Spotlighting the evening was a fashion show staged by the senior girls from the Home Economics department. LONG DISTANCE? Mary McAvoy’s ensemble, a stunning sheath with a matching jacket, is just right for travel or for that special date. Roberta Andre, in a smart dress sheath, awaits her turn at the booth. are related SUITED TO THEIR TASTES. Ann Campbell, Marie Brandt, and Angeline DelPopulo display their creations. Nothing but fine tastes are depicted in each one's choice of pattern and fabric. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Loretta Angle proudly displays her becoming outfit. Lawrencine Mazzoli, carrying an umbrella, appears prejudiced as to her fashionable navy-blue suit's weatherability. (She soon found out—it poured that night!) 68MATT-TEEN. Even our regulation school uniform is fashionable when worn properly. Pat Mundy models our own "blue and white." FASHION LINE-UP. Claire D’Angelo, Anne Marie McCarthy, Patricia Timbario, Kathleen McFadden, Geraldine Simoncine, and Roberta Andre pose with a professional air as they model their own lovely home-tailored fashions. OH, PROMISE ME. This scene recalls memories for Mothers and creates dreams for daughters. Ann Kane, Barbara Casinelli, Marie Higgins, Anne Stromberg, Mary McAvoy and Diane Felton form a pretty bridal party for the lovely bride, Mary Ann Bonkowski. SMILE PRETTY. Frances Shivick and Barbara Cox are looking ahead to those delightful summer days. Puffy sleeves add an air of lightness to Barbara’s chic frock, while the billowy folds do the same for Frances’ skirt. FOR SUN AND FUN. Starting their vacations early are Joyce Licwinko and Ann Kane. Both Joyce’s three-piece ensemble and Ann's sheath are just ideal for travel-wear.FATHER-SON NIGHT men about sports AN APPROPRIATE START. At the outset of the evening, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered by Father Laut in Tracy Hall. Many availed themselves of the opportunity to receive Holy Communion during this Mass. MEET THE SPORTS CELEBRITIES. Seated among our own faculty members are the guest speakers for the occasion. Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed hearing Red McCarthy, sports editor of The Times Herald, and Jack Ramsay, basketball coach at Saint Joseph's College. ATTENTION, SPORTS LOVERS. These Dads and lads sit in wrapt attention as they listen to what the guest speakers have to say. "RIGHT BY MY SIDE." Mr. Edward Givnish, our basketball coach, stands in the center with Jack Ramsay. To their right stand Mr. John Campbell and son, Richard, and Rev. Walter Laut. Mr. John Graham and his son John stand to the left of the JUNIOR DAY our class ring ...the symbol of love and loyalty SACRED TRUST. Father Laut blesses the rings before distributing them to the students—another impressive reminder of our fidelity to God and to our school. RADIANT RECEPTION. Mary Maher beams after having been presented with her class ring. Primarily, our class ring serves as a reminder of fidelity to school ideals. Beyond this, it calls to mind the memories and traditions of happy high school days; of the classes we attended; of the activities in which we participated; of the friendships we shared—all in all, of the wonderful time we had growing up. In the future, our class ring will serve as an inspiration and encouragement, and it will be a guide in keeping us loyal to God, to our school, and to ourselves. CIRCLE OF MEMORIES. Edward Bowe and Patricia Zollo sit inside the ring which the juniors had made as part of the decorating scheme for the Ring Day Dance. LOOK AT MINE! Connie Gleba, Mary Maher, Phyllis Koman. Anthony Demito, Joseph Connelly, and Joseph Borkowski look admiringly at their long awaited rings. 71DREAM DANCING. The luminous com stalks and pumpkins make a nightmarish atmosphere prevail—but on the bleachers only. These couples seem to be enjoying themselves immensely at the Halloween Hop. QUEEN FOR A DAY. Royalty reigns as Nancy Clark dances with the senior class president, David Fondots. Nancy had been chosen Sweetheart Queen by a majority ballot of those present at the Sweetheart Swing. DANCES promotion of social graces YOUR AUTOGRAPH, PLEASE. Members of the decorating committee for the Sweetheart Swing give a finishing touch to the giant valentine that hung in the logi that evening. The girls from left to right are: Charlotte McCarron, Agnes Coccio, Joanne DiGiacomo, Dorothy Zukowski, Lorraine Santangelo, Nancy Best, and Elizabeth Thurston.AH NO, JIM—NOT THIS TIME! Eugene Kenny seems reluctant to give up this dance with Andrea Dippolito when James Ward hopefully interrupts. HALLOWEEN HOP COMMITTEE. These smiling juniors were responsible for the attractive decorations at the Halloween Hop: Pat Zollo. Jackie Pinel-li, Andrea Dippolito, Hanna Koldys, Kathy Urban, Marie Jordan, Mary Maher, Sue Dalgliesh, Alice Rakowski, and Anne Maziarz. CHRISTMAS COTILLION. Several couples stop to admire the gaily decorated tree at the "Snowflake Serenade" an annual dance sponsored by the girls' sports teams.PROM one enchanted evening FAIRY TALE COMES TRUE. What had Cinderella that Mary Fineran hasn’t? Only the pumpkin carriage has been substituted! SIDEWALK TO SHANGRILA. These couples know what a wonderful evening is in store for them so they beam in happy anticipation. TWO, PLEASE. Charles Cooper obtains a prom key and booklet for Barbara Casinelli from two of our gracious chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty.Surroundings of fragrant corsages, rainbow-hued gowns, swaying palms, and soft music enraptured us as we entered beneath the orchidladen arches into our "Bali-Hai.” Long after the final melody drifted away and the glittering volcano emitted its last spark, memories of ■ an enchanted evening remained. WELCOME BACK TO ST. MATT’S! Father Laut greets Mary Ann Bonkowski's date, James Farrell, a former graduate of Saint Matthew's. IT WAS A PERFECTLY LOVELY EVENING. That’s probably what Roberta Andre said as Henry Alexandrowicz helped her on with her stole after the prom was over.Out spirit reflected PHYSICALLYHEAVE HO! Interested in slimming your waist line? Try this exercise. ’Tis a shame Mary Anne Carrotl can’t make it. PHYSICAL EDUCATION To have “a sound mind in a sound body”—that’s probably the main reason for our bi-weekly phys ed classes. Besides performing gymnastics, we also learn the fundamentals of various seasonal sports, have friendly competition in intramurals, enjoy folk dancing, and are made to realize the true meaning of sportsmanship. For some of us, however, slipping out of a uniform into a gym suit in a mere seven minutes is the biggest achievement of them all. UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN. This sixth period senior girls’ gym class seems to be enjoying this exercise. The aches and pains, moans and groans, will come later. THIS BALL COUNTS. Bernadette Varallo poses her 4’ 11” frame in a manner that is sure to achieve its purpose —a home run is in store!STRAIGHTEN LP AND FLY RIGHT. Phys ed classes were really rough at the beginning. Our attempt at calisthenics was crude, and the detentions we received for forgetting our gym suits or sneaks were cruel. (Post Scriptum—the expressions on our faces give us away. We really had a ball!) ? lb WHO’LL BE FIRST? James Kilgallon and Joseph Leary race for the end of the bat while their teammates look on with high hopes. and fun MAKING HEADWAY. It may be easy to stand on your head, but to hold that pose until the photographer gets good and ready—THAT’S equilibrium! Joseph Dempsey has plenty of it.SENIOR SAINTS. Front row: R. Bowman, J. Bello, G. Schools, J. Knaecke, R. Schulze. Second row: G. Lochetto, M. Wilson, M. Sta-lone, D. Clark, C. Cooper, J. Storti. TOSS-UP! Captain DENNIS CLARK and Co-captains MIKE WILSON and CHUCK COOPER meet Conshy Co-captain prior to annual battle. 80LOOKING FOR SOMETHING? GEORGE SCHOOLS is followed by the eyes of a Conshy defender on his way to setting up one of seven touchdowns that were scored in the win over Conshy (44-12). THE FIGHTING SAINTS HEADS UP, FRIARS! TONY MOORE displays some of his power for Malvern Prep in picking up the first down as MIKE WILSON attempts a cleanup block. PLEASED OR DISPLEASED? Head coach Ray Norton and line coach Albert Hissner anxiously survey the action on the field. A-F FOR EFFORT. ROGER MATTSON (80), a fine sophomore end, exhibits an all-out effort against Malvern in catching a pass. 81TEAMWORK. MARTIN STALONE, aided by JOHN PASQUALINI succeeded in blocking Pius X’s attempt for an extra point. UMPH! GEORGE LOCHETTO has that extra bit of drive to stretch for a pass that helped him score one of his two touchdowns against Conshy. JOHN PASQUALINI Fullback WHAT NEXT? JOE BELLO, looking unconcerned after picking up Pius X’s fumble, is about to be aided by CHUCK COOPER. 82 ALLEY OOP! ROBERT HILDEBRAND is all up in the air over his chance to display his running ability in the Malvern contest. SAINTS’ LETTERMEN To Coach Norton was entrusted the laborious task of shaping an "11” that would function smoothly on all cylinders—one which would be hard-hitting, fast, and aggressive. The "Saints,” fired by the holdovers of last year’s squad, forged ahead this season to win 7 games against 4 defeats. Despite a plague of injuries, they displayed a fighting spirit and drive that any coach would envy.HANDS OFF! ED HANGER is shown here just before bowling over McDevitt tackier on way to first down. WHOA, BOY! MIKE WILSON slows down a McDevitt ball carrier after his interception of a Saint s pass. PAYOFF! BOBBY SCHULZE, assisted by CHUCK COOPER, scores in the first quarter in our win over St. Joseph’s, Camden. GUNG HO! BOB BOWMAN, CHUCK COOPER, and MARTIN STALONE displayed some fine gang tackling for GEORGE SCHOOLS and the referee that enabled the Saints to overcome Conshy. JOHN DEL CONTE Guard 83RESERVES, EYES FRONT! The Saints' bench looks with intent and concern toward the decision of the official in the game with St. Joseph's Prep. Season closes with 7 wins — 4 defeats WE THEY Allentown Catholic 12 6 Conshohocken 44 12 St. Joseph Prep 26 20 Bishop Kenrick 2 26 Reading Catholic 6 25 St. Joseph’s Camden 20 18 Notre Dame 19 7 Bishop McDevitt 38 7 JSTativity B.V.M. 7 13 St. Pius X 35 19 Malvern Prep 7 33 TROUBLES, RICH? Thomas Ford and Richard Campbell, Saints' managers, seem to be having difficulty in keeping track of yardage gained. 84Qreat men on the gridiron Climaxing another successful season, a traditional banquet was held in Tracy Hall on December 15. Trophies were awarded to outstanding football players, and varsity letters were given to junior and senior squad members. Charles Cooper receives a trophy as the most outstanding lineman from Charles Primavera on behalf of the Knights of Columbus. A trophy for outstanding leadership on and off the playing field is presented to Dennis Clark by Grand Knight Charles Primavera of the Conshohocken Knights of Columbus. Coach Ray Norton and the outstanding athletes stop to admire the handsome large Lions Trophy which Saint Matthew’s has retired by virtue of its victories in the annual championship games with Conshohocken High School. George Lochetto, our outstanding halfback, stands proudly with the coveted WNAR trophy which Father Laut has presented to him. George has also received the Robert O’Connor award for being the Saints’ most courageous athlete. 85BASKETBALL SCORING CHAMP. Eugene Kenny, the Suburban Catholic League Scoring King, gets set to drive for another two points. court action St. James P.S.D. St. Joseph’s Prep Malvern Prep Bishop Shanahan Lansdale Catholic ♦Bishop Egan ♦Reading Central ♦Bishop Kenrick Bishop McDevitt ♦St. Pius X ♦Bethlehem Catholic ♦St. Katharine’s ♦Bishop Shanahan ♦Lansdale Catholic ♦Bishop Egan ♦Reading Central ♦Bishop Kenrick Bishop McDevitt ♦St. Pius X ♦Bethlehem Catholic ♦St. Katherine’s Conshohocken High School ♦Suburban Catholic League SMHS OPPONENTS 38 78 54 72 57 59 53 72 58 46 59 60 52 79 60 49 69 82 80 65 46 47 62 75 68 29 70 57 60 63 56 76 64 68 57 74 85 53 58 52 71 85 81 37 63 57 86TWO FOR JIM. Jimmy Cowman hooks in left hand hook against Lansdale. THE SAINTS' HOOPSTERS. Standing: John Galie. Michael Campbell, Thomas Moore. Joseph Borkowski, Mr. Edward Givnish, Coach, Robert Zimmer, Thomas McGuire, Roger Mattson, Anthony Girardi. Kneeling: Thomas Wilson, James Cowman, Eugene Kenny, Michael Wilson, George Lochetto, Joseph Dempsey. 87GRAB IT, GEORGE. Joe Dempsey and George Lochetto battle for rebound against Conshy. ’ DUNK THE BALL, BROWN.” Mr. Givnish gives James Brown instructions as JV players Shiverick, Connelly and Bowe look on. 88 ___________________________________________________________________________ DRIVE, JIMMY, DRIVE. Jim Cowman drives past Conshy player for a field goal. TWO FOR TOMMY. Soph Tom Wilson hits jump shot against Kenrick. BIG BUZZY. Joe Bor-kowski fires jump shot for two against Bethlehem Catholic. Improvement and more improvement with a view into the future could best describe the hoopsters of Coach Edward Givnish. Improvement can be seen by looking at the better record they had this year. The view into the future? Ben Kenny, our junior sharpshooter! TAKE IT EASY, BOYS. So Jim Cowman seems to be saying while Tom McGuire and Mike Wilson try for rebound. FOI L! Eugene Kenny is fouled while attempting left hand hook shot. DO IT AGAIN, GEORGE! Although only 5’ 8" tall, George Schools out-rebounded taller opponents all year. GRAB THAT BALL! Mr. Givnish and John Kilgallon, manager, watch anxiously during the Landsdale game. 89O, CAPTAIN! OUR CAPTAIN! Vivaciously spirited, Rita Pergine serves as an inspiration to her fellow cheerleaders in spurring our team to victory. Our peppy pepsters AMPLIFYING SPIRITS. These pretty misses, the varsity cheerleaders, are the backbone of our cheering section. 90 S-S-S-S-Saints! Echoing the cry of the Varsity cheerleaders, the J.V.’s play no small part in urging the home team to roll up the score. ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION! And when they do catch the players’ eyes, the team readily understands the message: Pyramid to Victory!ATHLETICALLY YOURS. Standing: Mary Lou Quinn, Patricia Mack, Joann O'Donnell, Mary Maher, Mrs. Catherine Terpeluk. coach, Marie Jordan, Elizabeth Mallon, Susan Dalgliesh, Carole Foster, Carroll Ehlinger. Kneeling: Sandra Cassavechia, Jane Spanish, Elizabeth Walsh, Joanne Lorenski, Patricia Timbario, Patricia Travaglini. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL the high and low of it REACH FOR THE SKY. Nobody gets the rebounds from Mary Maher. With two Kenrick guards on her, she still manages to get her shot off. IF PAT CAN’T DO IT, BETSY CAN. Pat Timbario is grounded, but Betsy Walsh comes quickly to the rescue.TAKE IT EASY ON THE BALL, GIRLS! We need it for the rest of the game! Just when Bishop Shanahan thinks they have the ball, Mary Maher whisks it away. OUT OF MY WAY! Marie Jordan, our team's high scorer, breaks again. Bishop Shanahan's guard doesn’t have a chance to stop her. JOANNE GETS ANOTHER REBOUND. While Pat and Betsy anxiously await the ball, Joanne hesitates for a second before she decides between them. 92SMALL BUT SMOOTH. Sandra Cassevechia, smooth-working senior forward, banks one off the boards for “two." BASKETBALL OR BAI.LET? Tall Mary Maher doesn’t usually have to out-jump her opponents. She manages to get her taps with ease and grace. The girls’ version of court play had a far more prosperous season than the boys’. Mrs. Terpeluk should have a repeat next year when the heart of the Saints’ attack returns. SMHS OPP. St. Pius X 43 34 St. Katharine’s 47 15 Reading C.C. 48 46 Lansdale Catholic 33 29 Bishop Kenrick 26 43 Bishop Shanahan 43 41 St. Pius X 47 35 St. Katharine’s 37 17 Lansdale Catholic 39 28 Reading C.C. 31 57 Bishop Shanahan 40 32 Bishop Kenrick 28 38 CONGRATULATIONS, J.V. S! Patricia Mack accepts the trophy from Father Laut which the J.V.’s had earned this past season. Their title? Why, they were the Suburban Catholic League’s Junior Varsity Champs! OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRL ATHLETE. Elizabeth Walsh adds our latest trophy to our Hall of Fame as Mrs. Terpeluk. Coach, and Sister Maxine, Moderator, look on. Elizabeth has been named the outstanding athlete from among the senior girls.SAFE??? The camera being much quicker than the eye would have called John Pasqualini safe in beating this tag which has not yet been made against Bishop Kenrick. bats, balls, and BASEBALL business This year was one of the best years in our school’s baseball history. Under Coach Ray Norton’s watchful eyes, the Saints ran up a fine league ledger. Bad breaks cost our team the league championship in losing two important games by one run margins. Nevertheless, we were proud of our Varsity Nine. DIAMOND POLISHERS. Top row: T. Ford, manager, J. Pinelli, M. W?lson, J. Cowman, R. Norton, coach, F. Higgins, J. Bielecki. Middle row: G. Marincola, R. Schulze, G. Graff, A. Moore, T. Wilson, G. Schools. Bottom row: J. Pasqualini, A. Giradi, D. O’Brien, J. Connelly, J. Shiverick, R. Miller. 94___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ONE OF THE BEST. In the person and pitching form of Chubbs Pinelli we have had one of the league's very best pitchers over the past four years. SEASON RECORD WE THEY Lansdale Catholic 1 9 Bishop Shanahan 8 1 Pius X 8 0 Saint Katharine’s 16 0 Reading Central 4 2 Bishop Kenrick 8 0 Lansdale Catholic 2 3 Bishop Shanahan 24 3 Pius X 2 4 St. Katharine’s 8 0 Reading Central 0 5 Bishop Kenrick 0 1 ANOTHER HIT. The batting form displayed by Jim Cowman in this picture enabled him to be the Saints’ leading hitter. O-U-T! Gregory Marincola, Saints' first base-man, exhibits tbe form that spelled "out” for many league baserunners. BACK IN TIME. George Schools was able to get back to first base in plenty of time to beat this throw in the Bishop Kenrick game before stealing second base.This spring St. Matthew’s inaugurated its first track season. Interest and effort were very evident throughout the year. The quality of this activity enabled the cindermen to make a creditable showing in both the Philadelphia League Championship and'the Pa. Catholic Interscholastic State Championship meets. While not winning either meet, we are confident that with the large number of returning men, we will have a successful season next year. WATCH OUT! LEARY IS LOOSE! This is the cry of the Freshman Mile Relay Team. Running left to right are M. Kilgallon, W. Watkins, J. Leary, and M. Anders. Notice Leary is about to air-condition Anders' right foot. TRACK for speed, spring, and stamina OBSERVE CAREFULLY. James Kilgallon and Robert Hildebrand show deep interest as Coach Tomlinson points to John Vishio's pass of the baton to Joseph Logan. This versatile group runs all relays besides the 100, 220, and 440 events. UP AND OVER. William Packer's many hours of practice had been rewarded with his fine showing at the PCIAA championship. Bill also makes the hurdles he uses in practice. 96THE SAINTS CINDERMEN. Standing: Joseph Leary, William Watkins, William Packer, Mr. David Tomlinson, coach, Edward Hanger, Robert Hildebrand, and Michael Kilgallon. Kneeling: Henry Wright, Marshall Anders, James Kilgallon, Charles Primavera, Paul Harper, John Vishio and Joseph Logan. 1 Tc MM JUMPIN’ HARPER. Here Paul is photographed executing a broad jump. Harper shows great determination in this test of speed and jumping ability. VERSATILE? YOU SAID IT! Edward Hanger is showing Packer, Hildebrand, and Wright the form he uses in throwing the shot put. Ed also throws the javelin, the disc, and he runs in many sprints when called upon. INITIAL FERVOR. Robert Hildebrand is warming up for the Furlong Event. 97Our spirit reflected at GRADUATION 99 ovs E N I O R 0 F F 1 C E r Vice-President b GEORGE W. LOCHETTO "Junior” St. Anthony Academic Wounded football hero . . . imperturbably complacent . . . always early at his post. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Representative 3. President DAVID C. FONDOTS "David'’ SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Pleasantly authoritative . . . laudable Latin linguist . . . musician par excellence. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Forensic 1, 2; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Mirror t, 2, 3, 4; Representative 2, 3. RONALD J. ADE "Ronald St. Anthony Academic Daydreams in a world of mechanics and hot rods . . . unperturbed . . . always first . . . especially out of school. FRANCIS A. AGOSTINI "Frank’’ St. Philip Academic Product of the Prep . . . C.P.O. . . . one of the gang. Dramatics 3, 4; Bowling 3. HENRY J. ALEXANDROWICZ "Henry” St. Mary Academic Cool Corvair . . . neat dresser . . . opposed to the nicotine habit. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Forensic 1, 2. AURELIA M. AMENDOLA "Re” St. Philip Academic Brooklynite . . . addicted to psychiatry . . . vim, vigor, vitality. Melodines 4; Dramatics 4; Orchestra 4; Mirror 4.Secretary THERESA M. TARLOWSKA "Theresa” St. Mary Commercial The dictator's voice in Stenog. class . . . wears her secretarial badge religiously . . . makes 100 when she tires of getting 99's. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3; Dramatics 4; Representative 3; Samascript 4; Forensic 1. Treasurer RICHARD M. CAMPBELL "Rich” St. Joseph Academic Aliases: Buffalo Bill and Bilge Smith . . . magnetic personality ... the spirit of St. Matt's. Basketball 3; Baseball 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 3, 4; Basketball Manager 2, 4; Mirror 2, 3, 4: Representative 2; Samascript 4. ROBERTA M. ANDRE "Bobbie” St. Philip General Effervescent . . . takes her calls at Marcy's . . . Miss Peepers. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3; Dancing 1. LORETTA M. ANGLE "Lori” SS. Cosmas Damian General Sketches during spare time . . . petite features . . . demure. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS A. APTACY "Frankie” St. Mary Academic Music Man . . . Dragon Ford . . . armored truck service. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4. GILBERT F. BAINBRIDGE "Gil” St. Anthony Academic All-American delivery boy . . . agreeable personality . . . sportive Dramatics 4; Baseball 3, 4.LORRAINE M. BAKULA "Lorraine” St. Mary Commercial "Darling Lorraine" . . . pretty and poised . . . "have license, can’t travel.” Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Forensic 1; Samascript 4. JOSEPH J. BELLO "Joe" SS. Cosmas Damian General Joy boy . . . popular over PA ... red jacket club. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Bowling 3. ROBERT J. BETCHYK "Bob” St. Matthew General Comedian . . . happy go lucky . . . steady thumber to Norristown. VERNON H. BEYER "Vern” St. Genevieve Life of Riley .. . member of the 200 club . . . cool colors. Glee Club 3, 4. JOSEPH J. BIELECKI "Joe” St. Mary Academic Disciple of the intellectual life . . . chess champ . . . conquers without fighting. Representative 3; Debate 2, 3, 4; Forensic 2, 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; Baseball 3. ANITA M. BOBENRIETH "Ecky” St. Matthew Academic "Among My Souvenirs” . . . gives Betty Crocker competition . . . coy charm. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Samascript 4. SALVATORE A. BOCCUTI "Butch” St. Joseph Academic Ace on the diamond . . . one of the fabulous Continentals . . . immune to barbers. Baseball 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN T. BONKOWSKI "Dolly" St. Mary General Does she or doesn't she? . . . "Are you for real?" . . . prefers white Impalas. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Choir 1, 2, 3. ROBERT A. BOWMAN "Egghead” St. Matthew Academic Blushing bud of innocence . . . punches in at 307 every morning . . . pump jockey. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2. JOHN M. BOYLE "Jack” St. Anthony Academic Often in hot water . . . active in C.Y.O. . . . 200 Club. Dramatics 3, 4.MARIE T. BRANDT "Ree” St. Matthew "Shames me!" . . . loves to dance . . General service with a smile. RAYMOND G. BRANDT "Hankie” St. Gertrude General Man about town . . . future Fred Astaire . . . personable guy. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 2, 4; Bowling 3; Representative 1. JOHN C. BRUNO "Johnny” SS. Cosmas Damian As precise as a sliderule through Cicero. Glee Club 3, 4. . faculty garcon . Academic . suffered MARGUERITE V. BURNETT "Rita” St. Philip Academic Coquettish . . . always in a hurry . . . during change of classes the time is just Wright! Melodines 1, 2. THOMAS A. BURNS "Tommy” General Card shark . . . golf enthusiast . . . always good for a laugh. ANDREW A. CALAMARO "Andy” Academic . cool, calm, and collected . . . life is a lark. St. Mary St. Anthony Pixie popular JOSEPH A. CALAMARO "foe” St. Joseph "Tell Her For Me" . . . multicolored car . . Football 1, 2; Stage Crew 2. ANNE M. CAMPBELL "Anne” St. Joseph "T.G.I.F." . of chatter. Melodines 1. St. Joseph "Hi, fans!" . handy in the kitchen??? . MICHAEL R. CAMPBELL "Mike” General fender bender. General amusing line Academic hidden intellect . . individualist. Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Mirror 2: Representative 2. ELAINE J. CARDAMONE "Rocky” SS. Cosmas Damian "Anybody have some gum?" tele-prompter. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1; Forensic 1; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Representative 4. Commercial . . coiffures by Charles . . . 103SANDRA A. CARDAMONE ''Sandy” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Off to Bryn Mawr ... a determination that spells success . . . who challenges whom in P.O.D.? Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Samascript 4. MARGARET A. CARNEY "Margie” St. Joseph Academic Order's her first law . . . avid reader . . . Jack Benny of our music department. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Forensic 1; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Mirror 4. MARY ANN E. CARROLL "Mary Ann” St. Matthew Commercial Pint-sized package of dynamite . . . very active imagination . . . famous for her malapropism. Basketball 1; Melodines 1, 2; Choir 1, 2. SANDRA R. CASAVECCHIA "Casey” SS. Cosmas Sc Damian General "Well blow me down!" . . . never a worry, never a care . . . will try anything once. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA F. CASINELL1 "Barb” SS. Cosmas Damian General "You're too much!" ... a tiny appetite . . . never without that Ford. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. MARYANN T. CEFARATTI "Cef” SS. Cosmas Damian Commercial Peaches and cream . . . flirtatious eyelashes . . . cousin trouble. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Representative 2. t MARY ANN H. CHRISTOF "Chris” St. Anthony Commercial A unique giggle ... as neat as a pin . . . has that Ivory look. Melodines 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4. ANNE J. CLARK "Nancy” St. Matthew Academic "By George, there goes number 11!" . . . peanut butter cup fiend . . . summers by the sea. Basketball 2, 3; Melodines 1; Dramatics 4; Bowling 3; Choir 1, 2, 3: Representative 1. DENNIS M. CLARK "Barrels” St. Matthew Academic Combination of mind, muscles, and imagination . . . inspiration on the gridiron ... Ivy Leaguer. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3- FLORENCE C. CONNELLY "Flossie” St. Matthew Academic "Pretty Blue Eyes” . . . always looking for the alumni . . . "Oh, this hair!” Basketball 3; Melodines 1, 2, 4; Dramatics 4; Bowling 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Mirror 1, 2.CHARLES B. COOPER "Chuck” St. Gertrude General Rugged in stature . . . operator par excellence . . . advocate of the pigskin. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. JOHN S. COSCIA "Bull” SS. Cosmas Damian General lover of leisure . . . popular mechanic . . . wields a wicked comb. Football 1; Glee Club 3, 4. JOSEPH G. COSTELLO "Joe" St. Matthew Academic "Where's my gym suit?" . . . pharmacist's mate ... the quiet man??? MARIE R. COSTELLO "ReRe" St. Genevieve Academic "Good Glory!" . . . artist at work . . . counts her blessings. Melodines I, 2, 4: Mirror 2, 3, 4; Representative 3; Sama-script 4. BARBARA J. COX "Barb" St. Gertrude General "Oh, well!" . . . cautious at the wheel . . . keeps Father Dziadosz busy. CLAIRE T. D'ANGELO "Claire" SS. Cosmas Damian General Yellow rose of St. Matt's . . . watch that bowling score . . . grins and shares it. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3; Samascript 4. BEEHIVE OF ACTIVITY. Ticket for the dance? Any more subscriptions for the Standard and Times? Everyone on roll today?—the things we accomplish during a single activity period are remarkable! 105PAUL E. DECKER "Cash" St. Matthew Academic Latin's a revelation with a pony translation . . . Phila. hangout . . . hot roads and railroads. Glee Club 3, 4. ERICA H. DEGER "Erica" St. Joseph Commercial Delayed action . . . voice unruffled by emotion . . . classic beauty. Melodines 1. JOHN J. DEL CONTE "Jack” St. Joseph Academic Keeps barbers from getting rich . . . Ambler High fan . . . "Write it out, Del Conte!" Football 1, 2, 4. ANGELINA C. DEL POPOLO "Angie" St. Joseph General Good will ambassador of Ambler . . . outward sunshine, inward joy . . . Bob, bob, bobbin' along. Bowling 3. BARBARA A. DETWILER "Barbara” St. Matthew Commercial "Oh, how 1 hate to get up in the morning!" . . . keeps Lanvin in business . . . Mrs. McNally's right hand. Melodines 1, 2, 3. BERNADETTE R. DiLULLO "Bern" SS. Cosmas Damian General Quiet as a mouse??? . . . fragile—handle with care . . . loves to read, especially in religion class. DOROTHY C. DONNELLY "Dottie” St. Gertrude Academic Blue becomes her . . . loves drum practices, especially during class . . . helps WIBG remain number one. Dramatics 4; Forensic 1; Orchestra 2, 3, 4. JACQUELINE B. DOUGHERTY "Jackie" St. Gertrude Academic Professional air . . . college catalogued . . . "Samascript today, staff!" Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic 1; Mirror 3, 4; Samascript 4, Representative 3. DIANE M. FELTON "Diane" St. Joseph General Sweet n' petite . . . "Say one for me" . . . winning way.MARY E. FINERAN "Reds” St. Matthew' Academic Red hair—sailors beware . . . can always be seen at La Salle's mixers ... no strain, no pain. Basketball- 1, 3; Melodines 1, 2, 3. 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Mirror 2, 3. PATRICIA A. FORD "Patty” St. Matthew Commercial Miss Versatility . . . Christian Dior's competitor . . . charmingly personable. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1. 2, 3; Representative 2, 4; Samascript 4. EILEEN J. FREDERICK "Eileen" St. Matthew Commercial The finger of suspicion points to her . . . Anne Marie's side-kick . . . pedestrians, beware. Melodines 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3. EDWARD F. FRITZ "Drifter” St. Matthew General Religion quiz kid . . . "Not me. Father!” . . . time keeper at the Fellowship House. Basketball 1; Baseball 1. DAVID M. GALIE "Crockett” St. Matthew Academic Appreciates his own jokes . . . 20th century Cicero . . . our favorite of the Forensic League. Glee Club 3, 4; Forensic 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY V. GAMBONE "Tony” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Quiet, but dangerous ... oh, those curls . . . headed for Pierce School. MARY ANN C. GANSZ "Maggy” St. Philip Academic Gets the Willies ... has her own communication system with Peggy . . . anchors away. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 2; Dramatics 4; Bowling 3. RICHARD J. GIBSON "Rif?” St. Gertrude General Hot mere . . . "I'll fix it!” . . . high pressure salesman. MARYANN T. GIRADI "Mare” SS. Cosmas Damian Commercial Favorite record—"Dennis the Menace” . . . cheers the boys to victory . . . curls set by Mother Nature. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4.MARY ANNE GLYMP "Mary Anne” St. Anthony Commercial "Are you insecure?" . . . hobby—collecting prom keys . . . 1960’s contribution to the world of comedians. Melodines 1; Bowling 3. ROBERT A. GOLDBERG "Bob” St. Matthew Academic Likes Philadelphia girls . . . A P executive . . . "I’m in everything up to my neck!” Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Mirror 3, 4; Representative 1, 4; Samascript 4. DIANE M. GRAMACKI "Dee” St. Mary Commercial Impeccable neatness . . . hopes to get a garnet ring . . . Prima-donna. Melodines 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4. GEORGE J. GRAFF "George” St. Philip Academic "What room's detention?" . . . plane conscious . . . "She loves me, she loves me not!" THOMAS F. GRAVINESE "Grav” St. Matthew General "See me!" . . . distinctive clothes . . . Anthony's best salesman. Basketball 2; Baseball 1, 2. PHILIP H. GREGER "Chip” St. Philip General P O D. wanderer . . . English bard . . . moonlight and roses. 108 CUTTIN' UP. Although the florescent paint on the cornstalks didn’t glow, these pumpkins looked grand at the fall dance. Toothy creations grinned at us from their places on the bleachers, making the evening all the more enjoyable.ANTHONY J. GULD "Tony” St. Genevieve General "Who needs English?" . . . good things come in little packages . . . occult ambition: billionaire. JAMES W. HALLMAN "Jim” St. Patrick General Railroad fan . . . perfect absence certificate . . . bottom man on the totem pole. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3; Bowling 3; Cheerleader 3, 4. JOHN R. HAMADAY "John R." St. Mary Academic "Give me a break, kid!" Hebrew scholar . . . apostle of Pythagoras. Glee Club 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; Forensic 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY JANE HARPER "Mary Jane” St. Gertrude Commercial "I wasn't chewing, honest" . . . nervous giggle ... let the little girl dance. Bowling 3- NORRIS W. HARRINGTON "Bill” St. Joseph General Will Bill . . . mechanical drawing ace . . . every road is a racetrack. FRANCIS H. HIGGINS "Skip” St. Philip General "Lend me your English notes” . . . fast man on typewriter keys . . . "May I carry your books, Sister?" Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 3, 4. MARIE C. HIGGINS "Ree” St. Matthew General Lives on the sunny side of the street . . . That's the way the cookie crumbles . . . Angie's partner in crime. Melodines 1, 2, 4; Choir 1, 2. DAVID C. HOLLOWAY "Dave” St. Joseph Academic "I got a new record " . . . Gene Krupa's understudy . . . soft-spoken Don Juan. Glee Club 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4. LEONA R. HORCHAK "Leona” St. Mary Academic "Another Physics demonstration?" . . . indispensable asset to the band . . . associated with the theater. Melodines 1; Mirror 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN JAMPO "Bobbie" St. Anthony Commercial Drives the "bus” to Ambler . . . that Halo look . . . has a way with toddlers. Melodines 3; Bowling 3: Samascript 4.l-ELICIA C. JEMIONEK "Felicia” St. Mary Academic Tennis fanatic . . . nose for news . . . "That's not what the book says, Father.” Melodines 1; Bowling 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Mirror 2, 3, Editor-in-chief 4. BERNARD O. JOHNSON "Pete” St. Anthony General English major ... a friend to all . . . "Drop dead!" Football 2; Dramatics 3, 4. ANN R. KANE "Angie” St. Gertrude General She loves gym . . . Dorsey's double . . . "Isn't that right, Miss Kane?" Melodines 1. NEIL J. KELLY "Kel” St. Matthew Academic "Got a pen?" . . . Mr. America '60 . . . "What, me worry?" Glee Club 3. MARGARET M. KIELY "Peggf St. Genevieve Academic Latin scholar?? ... St. Joseph College's number one rooter . . . "have lifeguard license—will save.” Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Bowling 3. JOHN W. KLIAMOVICH ■'johnny” St. Mary General "Mack the Knife" . . . bouncy w'alk . . . drums up business JOHN J. KNAECKE "Jack” St. Mary General Impish laugh . . . Cooper's comrade . . . reserved seat in detention. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. PRISCILLA A. KOBUS "Priscilla” St. Mary Commercial Silence is golden . . . shorthand whiz . . . shoulder length tresses. Melodines 1, 2; Bowling 3; Mirror 1, 2, 3, 4. LUKE E. KUSEK "Lukey" Epiphany of Our Lord Academic Top-notch tractor driver . . . Gambone's bowling buddy . . . absent during hunting season. Football 1, 2; Dramatics 3, 4. for Connaughtown's Fire Company with Turek. V I1 W A HI ■ ©GEORGE A. LESHER "Monk” St. Philip General Mr. Norton’s mark . . . only 8 minutes and 10 seconds 'til the end of this period . . . does homework at the Creamie Freeze. Football 1, 2. GERARD J. LEVINSKI "Liv” St. Gertrude Academic Mountain climber ... "I didn't even get a chance" . . . golden throat tone. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3; Bowling 3. DOLORES H. LEWANDOWSKI "Dolores" St. Matthew General Watch those stop signs! . . . Montgomery Hospital's right-hand man . . . Peruvian mission supporter. JOHN S. LICWINKO "John” St. Mary General Classroom catnapper . . . hot Ford stationwagon ... "I left my homework on top of the closet!" JOYCE A. LICWINKO "Joy" St. Matthew General Her own dress designer . . . what's in the thermos? . . . 85’s her number. Dramatics 1. SAMUEL R. LOGAN "Sam” SS. Cosmas Damian General Sun Ray's head pharmacist ... 5 o'clock shadow . . . "Do you want to run it?" A WEIGHTY PROBLEM. Edward Mazurek wonders why Thomas Gardocki never made the football team!JOANNE M. LORENSKI "Joanne” St. Joseph Commercial Uses her locker as a beauty salon . . . Sonja Henie's competitor . . . lightly loquacious. Basketball 4; Melodines 2; Bowling 3. FRANCIS C. LUCAS "Frank” St. Mary General "How are the boys up at Lou’s?" . . . amicable . . . "How about a lift?” JOSEPH A. MARINARI "Joe” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Hot Chevy, cool caddy . . . small in stature—big in accomplish- ment ... in opposition to Webster's Dictionary. Math Club 3; Bowling 3; Chemistry Club 3; Representative 1. WAYNE D. MATTSON "Wayne" St. Matthew Academic "I didn’t study a thing!" (HA! HA!) . . . star gazer . . . bass lessons or class? Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4; Representative 4; Mirror 4; Samascript 4. LAWRENCINE M. MAZZOLI "Larry” Unpredictable . . . last to arrive, first to leave . . . gift of gab. Melodines 1; Mirror 1, 2, 3. LITTERBUG. You just can't have a locker large enough to suit Adele Brooks’s needs. Besides, why is that one odd-numbered locker owner on the corridor among the evens who have precedence on the 22nd?MARY C. Me A VO Y "Mary” St. Matthew General Easy to get along with . . . that natural look ... "I hope it rains." Basketball 1, 2, 3; Dramatics X, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3. JAMES J. McCABE "Jim” St. Matthew General "Big Jim" . . . reserved manner ... all homework typewritten. ANN MARIE McCARTHY "Ann Marie" St. Matthew General Day dreamer . . . partial to '58 Chevys . . . mild Irish rose. Melodines 1, 2. KATHLEEN B. McFADDEN "Kathy" St. Gertrude General Bill adjustor . . . shares her pastries . . . whimsical. Melodines 1, 2, 3. MARY ALICE McGEE "Maggie" St. Matthew Academic Twenty-two skidoo . . . qualified teen tipster . . . vanishing voice. Melodines 1, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Mirror 1, 2; Dramatics 4. SANDRA J. MILAKEVE "Sandy" St. Gertrude Commercial "How many shorthand tests did you pass?" . . . diminutive miss . . . Beverly's accomplice in crime. WILLIAM J. MILES "Bill" St. Francis of Assisi Academic Untimely comments . . . "Talking Miles? Write it out!” . . . "Why!!! Not." RICHARD A. MILLER "Chicky" St. Matthew General Smooth operator . . . Albert's man . . . run-away tap dancer. BARBARA M. MISCHENKO "Bahs" St. Mary Commercial "Oh man, not again!" . . . that wicked green Ford . . . intriguing half tones. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4. 113BENJAMIN R. MONASTERO "Reds” St. Mary General "What do you mean, man!" . . . sharp dresser ... "I love Lucy." EILEEN B. MULLIN "Eileen” St. Anthony Commercial Class wit . . . contagious smile . . . cutest when she blushes. Basketball 4; Melodines 1; Bowling 3. JUDITH A. MUSCATELLO "Judy” St. Joseph Academic Favorite candy—rootbeer barrels . . . fabulous matchmaker . . . "Any practices today?” Melodines 1, 2, 3; Dramatics 4; Bowling 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Forensic 1; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Mirror 2, 3, 4. BERNARDINE V. NARWICZ "Bern” St. Mary Commercial Typical woman driver . . . beauty is her business . . . Air Force recruiter. Melodines X, 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE P. NOLAN "Dapper” St. Matthew General "Where's the brakes on these ice skates?" . . . Father Kline's right hand . . . A P stock boy. Glee Club 3; Stage Crew 3, 4. CHARLES G. NOSKA "Chuck” St. Genevieve Academic Foul weather gym enthusiast . . . another new muzzie? . . . No-o-o-s-ka. Glee Club 4; Math Club 4; Dramatics 4; Science Club 4. Academic "She's too tall, but that’s DANIEL M. O’BRIEN "Danny" St. Matthew ROTC bound . . . oilburning Merc okay." Baseball 1; Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3; Bowling 3; Science Club 3. DENNIS C. O BRIEN "Denny” St. Matthew Academic Wilkinson's meat man . . . A-3’s porter . . . See Sammy around ?” Football 2, 3. FRANCIS N. O’CONNOR "Oak” St. Matthew Academic Low note . . . Chief Sitting Bull . . . always on time. Glee Club 3, 4; Math Club 3; Dramatics 3, 4. PATRICIA P. ORGANISTA "Par St. Matthew General Who s taking me home today?" . . . Sister Agnes’s mailmfl" . . . tangerine hair. Choir 2.JOHN C. PASQUALINI "Wiener” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Walking locker . . . frequent guest at the main office . . . opponent of punctuality. Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. RITA A. PERGINE "Rita" St. Matthew Commercial "Guess who was down my house last night?” . . . poodle champ . . . everybody's dancing partner. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Representative 1, 3, 4. JAMES J. PIEKLO "Jim" St. Mary Academic Corny jokes . . . Harmonville's paper boy . . . Cape Canaveral. Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 3; Stage Crew 2; Representative 2. CHARLOTTE M. PIENKOS "Charlotte” St. Mary Academic "My daddy bought this for me" . . . buys her records at Bargain City . . . roving mind. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Mirror 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3; Samascript 4. ANTOINETTE L. PILCICKI "Toni” St. Mary Commercial "When do we eat?" . . . secret, after-school life . . . proficient with those keys. Melodines 1, 2, 3. JULIAN P. PINELLI "Chubbins” St. Matthew General Mr. Norton's buddy??? . . . baseball's his business . . . great sketcher. Basketball 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. OH! THERE GOES THE BELL! We thought it couldn’t be done—to get dressed for gym in three minutes.St. Genevieve JOSEPH V. PLAKIS "foe” Academic Science before English . . . University of Hard Knox . . . "Charlie Weaver." THOMAS L. POHLE "Tom” St. Anthony Academic Spelling champ . . . motion without commotion . . . future scientist. Glee Club 3. 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Science Club 4. VERONICA M. POLKOWSKI "Ronnie” St. Mary Commercial Never late . . . promotes Miss Clairol . . . thoroughly thrilled at lunch time. IRENE R. POLOMSKI "Irene” St. Mary Academic Perspicuous??? . . . expressive hands . . . knack for confusing teachers. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Bowling 3; Mirror 2, 3, 4; Samascript 4 MARYANN R. PORRECCA "Maryann” SS. Cosmas Damian General Sweet femininity . . . party doll . . . young at heart. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1. 2, 3. BEVERLY T. PULTORAK "Bev" St. Gertrude Commercial She's got rhythm . . . winsome . . . Sandy's shadow. RICHARD J. QUINLAN "Dick” St. Joseph Sister Louis Gonzaga's chauffeur . locker key addict. Basketball 1. General . a real trickster . . . DONNA M. RAKOWSKI "Donna" St. Mary Commercial Glamor galore . . . Lady of Shalott . . . collects her daily mail in homeroom. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4. St. Matthew LAWRENCE C. RILEY "Larry" Very ivy . . . likes flashy hubcaps in 2 years in 3 cars. General drove 100.000 miles I 16CAROL ANN C. ROSANBERRY ''Carol” St. Genevieve Commercial Uninhibited spirit . . . has a pleasant voice . . . Flourtown’s flower. Melodines 1, 2; Bowling 3. MICHAEL A. RYAN "Mike” Epiphany of Our Lord General Crazy laugh . . . dangerous at the wheel . . . ardent fan of Mickey Finn. JOHN J. SALAMONE "John” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic "How much time before the bell?" . . . always ready and willing . . . hottest Impala in town. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Football 3. GEORGE F. SCHOOLS "George” St. Matthew General Prefers a Clark bar . . . outstanding athlete . . . promoter of elegant men's fashions. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4. ROBERT G. SCHULZE "Bob” St. Anthony Academic Holds stock in Howard Johnson’s . . . Mickey Mantle of St. Matt's . . . likes printed shirts and plaid jackets. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA A. SHIPMAN "Pat” St. Matthew Commercial Loathes odd-even, even-odd tests . . . superfluous shoe supply . . . Smith Brothers gives her fast relief. Melodines 1, 2. FRANCES R. SHIVICK "Frannie” St. Mary General Quiet . . . expert flour sifter . . . favorite flavor—IFIC. Melodines 1. GERALDINE M. SIMONCINI "Gerri” St. Matthew General Easy on the eyes . . . golden giggles . . . favorite subject— gym. Basketball 1; Melodines 1, 2, 3. 4; Bowling 3; Choir 1, 2, 3. CHESTER S. SITEK "Chet” St. Mary General A big bad Buick . . . West side clown . . . argumentative. Glee Club 4. - 117JOSEPH C. SLOSS "Joe” St. Matthew Academic Sometimes shy, sometimes rowdy . . . dormant scholar . . . makes a good sailor. Glee Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4. DIANE J. SMF.RECKI "Dee’ St. Matthew General "Look, hon!” . . . colossal clutchbags . . . always reading. Dramatics 4. EDWARD J. SMITH "Smitty” St. Gertrude Academic Quiet manner until he gets going . . . likes his crew cut short . . . perpetual grin. Glee Club 3, 4; Bowling 3. PETER M. SMITH ''Smokey" Holy Family Academic Clutch Cargo's favorite fan . . . import from Roman . . . private bus line. Dramatics 4. EDWARD D. SOSNOWY "Snowy” St. Mary Academic Chief executive from Connaughtown . . . always on honors . . . slaves with Sloss and Smith in the Physics lab. TOLL GATH. Kathy Urban balances her gym suit, violin, huge handbag, and a mountain of books as she searches for a few quarters to purchase a ticket for the athletic dance from John Storti. Carol Zadroga and Pat Zimmerman, who have already made their purchases, look on quite amused. JANE M. SPANISH '■Janie” SS. Cosmas Damian General Big brown eyes . . . always embarrassed . . . people are funny. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling 3. MARIANN T. SPARANGO ’’Mariana” St. Anthony Commercial "What's your trouble?" . . . practical dreamer . . . was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Bowling 1. MARTIN L. STALONE "Pope” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic "It's only a cough drop!" . . . has interest in Conshohocken Federal Savings Loan . . . "tough" dresser. Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2; Glee Club 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Bowling 3. JOHN A. STORTI "Johnny” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Plays a hot sax . . . walking advertisement for Gillette's . . . a way with girls. Football 1, 3, 4; Basketball I; Baseball 1, 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Bowling 3. ANNE C. STROMBERG "Anne” St. Joseph Academic Dream girl . . . voluminous vocabulary . . . has the problem every girl wants—boys! Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Representative 1, 4; Samascript 4. fl CHARLES I.. TAMMANY "Charles” St. Gertrude Academic Quiet and reserved . . . detests sneaky red lights . . . operates taxi service to West Conshy. PATRICIA A. TIMBARIO "Pal” St. Philip General Mischievous eyes . . . tres chic . . . amiable athlete. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Melodines 1, 3, 4. RAYMOND C. TOMCZAK "Ray” St. Mary General "Shut the window, there's a giraffe cornin' in" . . . prefers faculty's parking area . . . top-flight mechanic. WESLEY G. TOMMASSELLO "Wes” St. Genevieve General Never out of trouble . . . lives in Flourtown Bowling Alley . . . even has his father interested in Mechanical Drawing.JOHN J. TORRES "Jack” St. Matthew Academic V.I.P. at Grant's . . . always has Air Force shine on his shoes . . . a typical caballero. Football 2. PATRICIA A. TRAVAGLINI "Pat” SS. Cosmas Damian Academic Marcy's special . . . touch of spring . . . fashion right. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3. MILTON J. TROFA "Rick" St. Joseph General Overdue—overdue make-up . . . plenty of pains in Phys. Ed. class . . . infatuated with his Ivy jacket. Glee Club 3, 4. FRANCIS J. TUREK "Franny” St. Mary General Connaughtowns own junior fire chief . . . handles messenger service at school . . . cultivated taste for loud shirts. BERNADETTE C. VARALLO "Bernie” St. Anthony Commercial An attractive smile . . . cropped coif . . . sugar 'n' spice and everything nice. Bowling 3; Samascript 4. JOANNE M. WALLACE "Joanne” St. Gertrude Academic Miss Ingenuity . . . always willing to do more than her share . . . serious without, but jolly within. Math Club 3; Dramatics 4; Forensic 1, 2, 3, 4; Representative 2; Mirror 4. ELIZABETH M. WALSH "Betsy" St. Philip General When Irish eyes are smilin' . . . star light, star bright . . . carrot-colored curls. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling 3. RALPH E. WEBER "Ruffles" St. Matthew General "Does that dog bite. " ... in partnership with Mike during tests . . . week-end warrior at Willow Grove. Football 1. CATHERINE R. WHITAKER "Cathy” St. Anthony Academic Witty . . . always has an answer . . . anyone for fifteen page letters ? Melodines 3; Bowling 3; Dramatics 4. RITA M. WILLIAMS "Rita" St. Matthew General "You name it; we have it!" ... the voice . . . those enviable eyelashes. Melodines I; Dramatics 4; Choir 1, 2, 3-MICHAEL J. WILSON "Mike’ St. Anthony Academic Dynamic on the field . . . cloak and dagger boy . . . triple trouble with Weber and Wright. Football 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Representative 2. MARY JANE WISNIEWSKI "Mary Jane” St. Mary Commercial Slim, trim blonde . . . oh, that French twist! . . . walking advertisement for Ipana. Melodines 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Samascript 4. JOHN WRIGHT "Jack” St. Matthew General "Well, why not?” . . . Miquon’s pride and joy . . . the outdoor type. Baseball 1, 2. ALFREDA S. WUDARSKI "Freda” St. Mary Commercial Bi-weekly meetings on Tuesdays . . . uses her megaphone only as an ornament . . . battling hair colors. Melodines 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROL A. YURCABA "Cookie” St. Matthew Academic Always up on current events . . . Dorothy's double . . . has a way with words. Dramatics 4; Chemistry Club 3; Mirror 4. CAROL A. ZINNI "Carol" St. Matthew Commercial Feminine and refined . . . laconic . . . last, but by no means least. Melodines 1, 2. THE GARDEN CLUB. Its exclusive membership is reserved for those who frequent detention.IN THE END IS OUR BEGINNING. Father Laut celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the spiritual intentions of the graduates. KEEP ME LORD, JUST FOR TODAY. Attired in the traditional cap and gown, 174 graduates join in the singing during the Baccalaureate Mass. 122COMMENCEMENT JOYS. Father Laut reads the recipients’ names of the awards for excellence in studies and extracurricular activities while Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles B. Mynaugh, Commencement speaker, makes the presentation. COMMENCEMENT We go forth SALUTATORIAN. David Fondots, class president, delivered the salutatory which was written by Jacqueline Dougherty. VALEDICTORIAN. David Galie, president of the Kinahan Society, rendered the valedictory which was composed by Lorraine Bakula. niThroughout the four years of our academic sojourn at Saint Matthew's, we have been taught to discover and to develop, to foster and to exploit our talents and abilities for greater service to God and to our fellow man. Equipped spiritually, intellectually, culturally, socially, and physically, we look back over the years with appreciation and to the future with confidence because of THE WHOLE which we have received from our stay at Saint Matthew's. 124PATRONS HIS EMINENCE JOHN F. O HARA, C.S.C., D.D. THE MOST REV. J. CARROLL McCORMICK, D.D. THE MOST REV. JOSEPH McSHEA, D.D. Rev. Walter Laut Rev. James F. Burgoyne Rev. Fr. Feely Rev. James M. McGrory Rev. John Halbert, M.M. Rev. Francis X. Herron Rev. Thomas P. Nolan Rev. John J. Stucznski, C.M. Dr. Delmar J. Donald, M.D. Dr. D. R. Eisenhuth Dr. James J. Fritz Dr. and Mrs. John L. Frye Drs. David and Eugene Katz Dr. Robert E. Katz, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Chester Klimcewicz Dr. Joseph F. Leary Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Limbert Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Lytel. M.D. Dr. George G. McGonigal, B.Sc.Ph. Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Miraglia Dr. K. S. Nagahaski, D.D.S. Dr. Henry J. Olszta Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Pletcher Dr. Stanley J. Rooklin Dr. Melvin Rosen A-l Class A-2 Class A-3 Class A-4 Boys A-4 Girls Mr. and Mrs. E. Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Adams Mrs. H. Gloria Adams Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ade A friend A friend A friend A friend A friend A friend A friend Mr. and Mrs. Francis Agostini Mr. and Mrs. Philip Albanese Dolores Alexander Jess Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Leo Alexander Mary Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alexander Master Robert Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alexandrowicz Mr. and Mrs. H. Alexandrowicz Mr. and Mrs. Ann Alfonse Mr. and Mrs. John Alfonse Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Francis Altieri Mr. and Mrs. George Aman Mary Ambirg Mrs. Angels Ammendola Aurelia Amendola Mr. and Mrs. Albin Amendola Mr. and Mrs. C. Augustine Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Anders Mr. and Mrs. Ray Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Andre Roberta Andre 60 Phyllis Andre '56 Joan Andrejczyk ’57 Miss Mary Andrezejczyk Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Andrzejczyk Mr. and Mrs. John Angelilli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Angelichio Mrs. Carmen Angle Anne. Dolores and Jack Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Aptacy Frank A. Aptacy ’60 Mr .and Mrs. B. Arena Mr. R. Arndt Mr. Julius T. Ashton Mrs. Robert Auslermehle Mr. and Mrs. George Azar Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bainbridge Lorraine Bakula ’60 Mr. and Mrs. John Bakula Joseph Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Bronislaw Baldyga Mr. and Mrs. Balkiewicz Bob Ball Mrs. Mary Blazano Mr. and Mrs. Pete Balzano Mrs. Mary Bambreik Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Banach Pat Baranowski Mr. and Mrs. John Barker Mrs. Regina Barnocchi Mrs. Regina Barnosky Mr. and Mrs. Felix Barnosky Mr. and Mrs. George Barr Mrs. Robert Barr Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Barrett Miss Marguerite Barrett Millie Bartlett Dick and Joe Bate Bill Beatty Mrs. Emma Beaver Mrs. Mildred Beecher The Bel-Airs Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Bellerjeau Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Bello Grace Bello Mr. and Mrs. John Bengen Mrs. Theresa Bennke Ronald A. Bergman Mr. and Mrs. Gefte Bernstiel Mr. Eugene Bernstiel Kenneth Bertram Betty Best Mr. and Mrs. Harold Best Nancy Best Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Betchyk Marlene Betchyk Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Bersaglia Mr. and Mrs. Bevivino Salvatore Bevivino Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bevivino Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Beyer Vernon Beyer ’60 Mr. and Mrs. C. Bielawski Bob and Rich Bielechi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bielechi Joseph Bielechi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bimson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Birch Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bitting Mr. and Mrs. William Black Mrs. Francis Blake Mrs. Grace Blake Mr. and Mrs. Ray Blake Leo Blaszczyk Mrs. Carl Blessiny Liz Blong ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blonsky Mr and Mrs. Leo Bloszcyk Anita Bobenrieth Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Bobenrieth Mr. and Mrs. Armand Boccella John Boccella Mrs. Angeline Bocchino Betty Bocchino Mr. Joseph Bocchino Mrs. Joseph Bocchino Betty Bocchino Julie Bocchino ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bocchino Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bono Robert Boone Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bocchino Thomas Bocchino Mr. and Mrs. Edward Borens Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Bork Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. John Borkowski Salvatore A. Boccuti '60 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Boccuti Mr. and Mrs. S. Boccuti Alice Bodbilski '59 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bogdanski Mr. Frank Bogdanski Lew Bogdanski Stephen Bogdanski Edward J. Bokoski 125Joseph Bolognese Mr. and Mrs. John Boniecki Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bono Miss Hope Ann Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borkowski Mr. Felix J. Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. J. Bosack Mr. and Mrs. Charles Botto Mr. and Mrs. John Botto, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Borzelleca Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Borzillo Mr. and Mrs. John Botto, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Botto Miss Margaret Botto Mary Anne Botto Mrs. Blanche Bougher Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bowden Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bougher Mr. Edward V. Bowe, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Z. Bowe Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Bowe, Jr. Master Michael Bowe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bowe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman Robert Bowman, Jr. ’60 Mr. and Mrs. James Bower Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Boyer Mr. Francis Boyle Mr. Francis Boyle, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Bradley John J. Bradley', Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Brady Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bragdon Mr. and Mrs. William Bragdon Mrs. Charles Brandt Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt Mrs. Mary Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brass, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Braun Mr. and Mrs. Brennen Miss Betty Breslin Mr. and Mrs. William Bresnan Mrs. Joan Brewer Frank Bronchello '68 Sandy Bronchello '60 Mr. and Mrs. Sile Bronchello Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown Mrs. Frank Brown Mr. Fredrick Brown Mrs. Irene Brown James Brown Kathleen Brown '56 John J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown Ralph Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brown Mr. and Mrs. Aurthur Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bruno Joseph and Arthur Jr. Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bruno Mr. Joseph A. Bruno Roco Bruno ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bruno Joseph Bry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bryant Leonard Brzoska Bob Buek, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Buek Barbara Bullock Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Bullok Rebecca and Tom Bullock Mr. John Bury Mr. Paul J. Burke, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James Burnett, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Burns Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Burnhcter Mr. Pierce Burnheter Mr. and Mrs. Burnheter Mr. and Mrs. John Bumosky Francis Burns George C. Burns Alic John A. Burns ’56 Mr. and Mrs. John Burns Patty Burns '59 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Burns Phil Burnstein Mr. and Mrs. John Burt Mrs. Robert J. Burt Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Buseck Thomas H. Buseck ’79 Butch Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butera Gus Butera Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Butler B-l Class B-2 Boys B-2 Girls B-3 Class B-4 Class Miss Catherine Cahill Andrew Calamaro Anna Calamaro Joseph Calamaro Sandra Calamaro Mr. and Mrs. Victor Calamaro Mr. Don Calchico Mr. and Mrs. John A. Callahan Mrs. Clara Callahan Mr. and Mrs. John H. Callahan Francis Callarei Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Camarda Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Camasso Mrs. Agnas Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Alan Campbell Anne Campbell David P. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John C. Campbell Mr. John Campbell Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Campbell Miss Kay Campbell Mrs. Matthew J. Campbell Mr. Matthew J. Campbell Mr. Micheal R. Campbell Richard Campbell Rita Campbell Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Campellone Mr. and Mrs. Veron L. Candy Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Constabel Harry Caparo Barbara J. Capone Joanne Capone Mr. Joseph Capone Mary Capone Mrs. Anna Cappellt Mrs. Mary Cappelletti Mr. and Mrs. Nazzareno Cappelletti Mr. and Mrs. Armand Caprietti Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caputo Grace Caputo Louis Caputo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cardamone Mr. Eleanor J. Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cardamone Mrs. Josephine Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. R. Cardamone Samuel Cardamone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carfagno Mr. and Mrs. John J. Carlino Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Carlino Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carney Mary Louisa Carney ’59 Mr. Joseph Carpentio Carol ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Carr Mr. and Mrs. William H. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Carracappa David G. Carroll ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Carroll Sr. Miss Marie K. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Carroll Sr. 126George C. Carson Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Cashore Mr. and Mrs. James Carson Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cartee Mary McCarthy Mary Ann and Arthur Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caruso Mary D. Casey William J. Casey Nora Casinelli ’50 Carolyn Cassel 6l Mr. and Mrs. George Cassel Mrs. Helen Cassel Helen Cassel ’54 James A. Cassiday Mr. and Mrs. Frank Casselunova Mrs. Mary Castellano Miss Lillian Catagnus Cathy ’58 Mrs. Anne Caton Edward J. Cavanaugh, Jr. Mrs. Mary Cefaratti Mr. and Mrs. Donald Champagne Mr. and Mrs. Edward Champagne Mr. and Mrs. George Charland Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chassey Mr. and Mrs. Cipriano Chavarria Mr. and Mrs. Don Chendorain Mrs. James Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chiccarine Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chiriano Todd Chiriano Mr. Frank Christof Mrs. Helen Christof Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Chilberti Mrs. Mary Chlewinski Mr .and Mrs. Herman Ciaccia Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cianci Nancy Cianci Mr. Charles Cicchetti Mr. and Mrs. Cicchetti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cicchetti Mrs. Louis Cicchetti D. Ciccorone Mrs. Carmella Ciccotti Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ciccotti Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ciliberto Mrs. Pauline Ciliberto Anthony Civello Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Civello Margaret Civello Dennis Clark ’60 Eileen Clark ’62 Francis Clark '55 J. Donald Clark Mrs. J. Donald Clark Mr. Francis J. Clark Mrs. Francis J. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John M. Clark Muriel Clark ’59 Josephine Ann Andrea Clayboss Mr. and Mrs. Leo Clayboss Julia E. Clinton Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Coccia Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Coccia Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Coccio Mrs. John Cook Mr. and Mrs. Michael Colanzi Mrs. Florence R. Collins Mr. and Mrs. John Collins The Misses Margaret and Elizabeth Collins Mr. William Collins Mr. and Mrs. John Colucci Mrs. Angelo Colussi Mrs. Bruno Colussi Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Dominic Conicelio Mrs. Dominic Conicelio John Conicelli Florence Connelly ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Connelly Mrs. Ad line Constabel Mrs. John Coonan Mr. and Mrs. William Coonan Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cooper Sr. Miss Ida Mae Cooper Gloria A. Corcoran ’57 Dominic Corredetti Dorothy Correnty Roberty Correnty Victor Correnty Vincent Correnty Mr. and Mrs. J. Coscia Master Jackie Costanzo Mr. and Mrs. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Costello, Jr. Catherine Costa Frances Costello Mr. John Costello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Costello Joseph A. Costello Joseph G. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Leo Costello Margaret Costello '59 Mary V. Costello Ursula M. Costello Mrs. Cowman Barbara Cox ’60 Mrs. Mary Cox Patricia Cox Mr. and Mrs. John J. Craft John J. Craft Mr. and Mrs. James H. Craven John Craven Mr. and Mrs. George Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cressman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cressman Charles Cronin David Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cronin Rose Cronin ’58 Mr. and Mrs. James Cross Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cross Maryann Cross ’59 Franklin Cuce Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cuce Mr. and Mrs. James Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Frank Custer Mr. Edward Czarmecki Mr. and Mrs. John Czapla C-l Class C-2 Class C-3 Class Mr. and Mrs. D’Addona Mr. and Mrs. Dahm Mrs. Mary Daily Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D’Alesandra Mary Kay Dalgliesh ’59 Patti Dalgliesh Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dalgliesh, Jr. Susan Dalgliesh ’61 Madeline R. Daly Mrs. Mary C. Daly Miss Daly Mr. and Mrs. Carmen A. Danella Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D’Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Pat D’Angelo Mr. Anthony D'Annunzio Mr. John D’Annunzio Mr. Joseph D’Annunzio, Sr. Jeanne D'Apuzzo Mary Lou D'Apuzzo ’61 Mrs. Nicholas D’Apuzzo Mr. Nicholas D’Apuzzo Mr. and Mrs. William Darrow Joe E. Dave James Davidson Mrs. M. Davidson Dorothy Ann Davis J. H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William Davis Mr. and Mrs. John DeAngelo Edward A. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Decker 127Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Decker Paul E. Decker ’60 Phyllis M. Decker, R.N. Stella M. Decker Mrs. Mary Dectino Mrs. Florence Deegan Mr. and Mrs. Louis Deegan Mickey D'Elia Mr. Ronald C. Deering Mrs. Ronald C. Deering Thomas L. Defosse Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeFusco Anthony DeFusco Erica Deger Mr. Thomas Deger Mr. and Mrs. Nunzie DcGrazio Elizabeth and Margaret DeHaven Mr. Fred Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DelBuano Anna Marie DelConte Mrs. Mary DelConte Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DelConte Vincent J. DelConte ’57 Mr. P. Delliponti Peter J. Delliponti, Jr. Alex DelPopolo Andrew DelPopolo Angelina DelPopolo Helen Del Popolo Peter DelPopolo Mrs. Beatrice DeLuca Mr. Ray DeLuca-Mr. G. DeLuca Mary DeLeo Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dellaterza Mr. and Mrs. Francis DeMarco Samuel W. DeMedio Virginia DeMedio ’60 Mr. and Mrs. John Dempsey Mrs. Elizabeth Dempsey Mr .and Mrs. Richard Dempsey Mrs. Mary Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Denczi and Family Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. William Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Dennison Anthony J. DePallo John Derre Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeRosato Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeSantis Mary Lou DeSantis ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. DeSantis Rita DeSantis Mr. and Mrs. Silvio DeSantis Francis J. Desimone Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dctwiler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Detwiler Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Deturo Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Deturo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Deturo, Sr. Miss Millie Deturo Joan Deuber ’59 Mr. and Mrs. William Deuber Larry Devaney Martha E. Devereux Mr. and Mrs. Harry DeVito Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Devitis Susanne Devitis Lucille Devitis Mr. and Mrs. Albert DiCiurcio Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DiDomenico Mr. Anthony DiLullo Bernadette DiLullo Mrs. Margaret DiLullo Pia Digandomenic Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. DiGiacomo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiGiacomo Carmel DiGrazio Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiGregorio Miss Vivian DiGregorio Mr. and Mrs. Adam DiGugliemo Judy Diguglielmo Joseph Dihle Rose Dijoseph Mrs. Kathryn DiMarino Mrs. DiNardo Miss Catherine DiNino Mrs. Mary Dinsmore Mr. and Mrs. F. DiNino Mrs. Mary Dinsmore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiPasquale Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiPaolo Don DiPaolo Lucy DiPaolo Mr. and Mrs. Mario DiPaolo Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dippolito Mr. and Mrs. Sabitini Dippolito Joseph DiRico ’57 Robert DiRico ’59 Mrs. Sarah DiRico Mr. Dolanski Mrs. Eleanor Donahue Mr. Joseph Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Paul Donahue Dorothy Donnelly '60 Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Donnelly Bob Donovan ’54 Denise Donovan Mrs. Emma Donovan Mr. and Mrs. J. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Harry Donovan Mrs. Margaret Donovan Mr. Thomas Donovan Mr. and Mrs. William Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Frank D’Orazio Dorothy and Marie ’59 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Doty Doug P.W.H.S. Mrs. Edward F. Dougherty, Sr. Edward F. Dougherty, Sr. Mrs. Eleanor M. Dougherty Miss Eleanor Dougherty ’56 Elsie Dougherty James A. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Dougherty Mary I. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Dougherty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. S. Doughty Mrs. William J. Downing Mr. Bill Drislane Mr. and Mrs. John Drozd John Drozd ’58 Priscilla Drozd ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Drzymalski, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Drzymalski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Drzymalski Peter Duchinski Roberta A. Duda Mr. and Mrs. John Duff Mr. and Mrs. John P. Duff Mrs. Mary Duff Mrs. Mary Duffy Mr. Joseph Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dugas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duncan Mr. and Mrs. John Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Durkin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dziedzina D-l Class D-2 Class D-3 Class D-4 Class Mr. Frank H. Eaves William E. Edwards, Jr. Ernest F. Ehlinger Mr. Ernest Ehlinger Florence G. Ehlinger Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Ehlinger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elmo Mr. and Mrs. John Eliff Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elmo Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Elmo James Eliff '61 Frank X. Ennis Mr. and Mrs. C. Entenman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Esposto Ben Erwin '61 Mrs. Marcella Erwin 128Marcella Erwin '57 Brian Eyes Marlene Fabrizio Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V. Falconiero Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Faljone J. Farrell Mrs. Mae Farrell Mr. and Mrs. James P. Farrell James P. Farrell, Jr. ’57 Joseph W. Farrell '59 Miss Joan Fazio Mr. and Mrs. S. Fazio Mr. and Mrs. George Fazio Charles J. Fehd Ida Felice ’61 Mrs. Henry Felice Mr. Henry Felice Diane Felton '60 William Foster Felton Marie Felton Thomas Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ferrier Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ferrier Mr. and Mrs Alex Filanowicz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fineran Mrs. Edward Finneran Betty Finnin Charles Finnin Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Fiorentino Florence Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel D. Fisher Thomas Flanagan Mary Flaney Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Flanigan Barbara A. Flanigan Martin J. Flanigan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Flannery Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Flocco Theresa Foley Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Foley Miss Joan Foley Mr. and Mrs. John J. Foley Anna M. Foley Joan Foley ’58 Mr. Anthony Fondots, Jr. Mrs. Ann Fondots Yippy Fondots '45 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fondots David C. Fondots Mr. and Mrs. James Fondots, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ford Thomas J. Ford Miss Joanna Ford Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ford, Sr. John J. Ford III '61 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ford Grace Marie Ford Michael and Carole Foster Mr. and Mrs. William Foster, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Foster, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fulginitti Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fulmer Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fulton Mr. and Mrs. James Fulton James C. Fulton Mr. Joseph Fulton Felix A. Fragale Frances and Ronald Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frankenfield Mrs. J. Freas, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Freas Jerry Freas Mr. and Mrs. Walter Freas Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Freas Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freas, Jr. Eleanor Frederick Elaine Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Frederick Carmel la Frederick William Frederick, Jr. William Frederick Dominic Frederick Anthony Frederick Jack Freedman Mr. Leon Freed Mary Anne Friel '59 Mr. and Mrs. James Fritz Mrs. Helen Frosty Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Gabotka Gail and Dorothy Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gaines Albert Galarus '59 Ronald Galarus '59 Emma Galanto Catherine Galette '59 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Galie Mrs. Pierina Galie Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gallagher Eileen Gallagher Janie E. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gallagher Mrs. Angela Gambale Mrs. Marie Gambale Mrs. Ann Gambone Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gambone Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gambone, Jr. John Gambone '57 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gambone Pasquale Gambone Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Gambone Miss Sue Gambone Theresa Gamell Henry Gamza Stella Gamza Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Gansz Mary Ann Gansz '60 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Garbacz Mrs. Edna Garber Mr. and Mrs. Edward Garbacz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garber Boleslaw J. Gardocke Helina S. Gardocki Josephine Gardocki Thomas Gardocki Robert Edward Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Garthwaite Mr. and Mrs. Garvey Mrs. Agnes Gavin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gavalier Mr. David Gaul Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gavin Mr. and Mrs. William Gaul Agnes Gehringer Charles Gehringer Mrs. Loretta Gehringer Mrs. Joseph Gennaro Mary V. Gentile Mr and Mrs. Herbert Geofrey George Eileen Getzfread '59 Mrs. Joseph Getzfread Mrs. John Getzfread Mr. and Mrs. Nunzio Giandonato Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibbin Mr. Jack Gibbons Anne M. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson Miss Maryellen F. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gibson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gibson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gibson Mr. Joseph Giera Mr. and Mrs. Giera Mrs. Elizabeth Giles Charles Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giradi George J. Gitti Chet Gleba Frank G. Gleba Robert M. Gleba '58 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gleba Barbara Glenzinger '59 Margie Jane Glenzinger Mrs. Margaret Glenzinger Mrs. David J. Glymp Mr. David J. Glymp Mary Anne Glymp '60 129Mrs. Agnas Golas Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goldberg Isadore G. Goldstein Speedy Gonzalus Mr. James Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon Mrs. Margaret Gordon Mr. Wm. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gormtey Laura Gorski Syd Gotkin Mr. and Mrs. Chester Grablewski Mrs. John Grablewski Lorraine Grablewski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grablewski Mr. and Mrs. George J. Graff Raymond B. Graff Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Graham Jack Graham, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gramacki Diane Marie Gramacki 60 Casimiri Grangivlio Joannie Granese Mr. and Mrs. F. Gravinese Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gravinese Sophie Gravinese Mr. John R. Gray, Sr. Mr. John R. Gray, Jr. Mrs. John R. Gray, Jr. Robert Gray ’62 Gianni Greco Nina Greco Mr. Ronald R. Greco Edward, Janet, James Greer Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Greger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Gregorek Mrs. A. Gregonis Mr. Otto Griegal Mr. and Mrs. William F. Grill Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grohoski Mr. and Mrs. John Gross, Jr. Mr. Cathrine Gross Helen Grywacz Walter Gryzwacy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gsinall Mr. and Mrs. Guarino Mary Grace Guarino Mr. Anthony J. Guld Mrs. A. Guld Anthony Guld, Jr. Loretta Guld ’59 Mrs. Albert Haffner Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hagan Lamonte R. Hallman Mary F. Hallman Pfc. Charles L. Hallman John R. Hamaday ’60 Mr. and Mrs. John Hamaday Mr. and Mrs. George Haney Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Hanger Frank A. Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hannum, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. B. Hannun Joseph Hannum '57 Margaret M. Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hanna Mr. and Mrs. William Harbourne Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harkins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Harkins Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Harper Mrs. Jennie Harper Mr. Joseph Harper Mary Jane Harper '60 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harper Mr. and Mrs. Norris H. Harrington Maryann Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hartman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Hartshorne Ralph Harris Anne M. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Hauk Mary Hayman Mr. Stanley Hayman Mary Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hayes Mr. and Mrs. John Heliniah Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hemcher Alfred Heimowitz Alfred Hermowitz Mrs. Thomas Henry ’56 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hertrich Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Heywood Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hezbling, Jr. Miss Agnes Hickey Sara R. Hickey Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Heckman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hicks Elsie Hildebrand Frank H. Higgins Francis H. Higgins Gerald A. Higgins Marie Higgins Marion F. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Frank Higgins Mr. and Mrs. T. Higgins Paul R. Higgins George F. Hi land ’54 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hiland Mrs. Louis Hilbert Mrs. Regina Hilbert Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hille Mr. Bill Hilmen Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hilton Mrs. Charles Hirron Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hinderschied Mrs. Ellen Hitner Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holmes, Sr. Edward G. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hornshi Mr. and Mrs. Chester Houseal Mr. and Mrs. William Hovell Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howat Robert Hower Frank Hrankowski Mr. and Mrs. Russel Huber E. Tressa Hudson ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Hudson Jean Marie Hunsicher ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hylinski Johanna Hylinski Mr. and Mrs. John Hylinski Mr. and Mrs. William M. Iannozzi Master Michael Iaquinta Mr. and Mrs. Felix Imbastaro Mr. and Mrs. George Imof Mr. and Mrs. Gasper Interrante Miss Ann J. Irwin Mr. John Irwin Jennie Isabella Mr. Anthony Isabella Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Iwanowicz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jablonski Mrs. Anna James Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jansen Mrs. Charlotte Jankowitz Edward L. Jankowski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jankowski Pvt. Leonard S. Jankowski Mrs. Charlotte Jankowitz Alfred Januzelli Francis Januzelli Mr. and Mrs. Jemionek Joanie and Pattie Joan and Pat Joanne ’54 Joe and Dee ’ 59 Mrs. Edna Jones Joseph Jones Mr. Gerald Junod Mr. and Mrs. James Junod Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Junod Marie Jordan ’61 Mrs. Joseph Jordan Mr. Joseph Jordan Miss Teresa Jordan ’59 Joseph Jarosinski ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jarosz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Jowes Joyce ’60 Mr. and Mrs. David Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kane Mrs. Loretta Karver 130Joanne Kasitz Mrs. Pearl Kateusz David and Eugene Katz Mr. and Mrs. Kearney James Keeley Mr. Edward H. Keenan Mr. Joseph A. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Frances X. Kehoe John M. Kehoe Sarah Keller Robert Kelley Mrs. J. Kelley Mr. J. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. George Kerper Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Kelly Charlotte J. Kelley ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kelly Mr. Edwin J. Kelley Mrs. Jane A. Kelley Mr. James F. Kelly Mr. John J. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kelly, Sr. Miss Margaret Keenan Mr. Edwin J. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kelley Miss Elizabeth A. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelley Kathleen Kelly Katherine Kelly ’57 Miss Marjorie Kelly ’53 Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kelly Mr. William Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kenna Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kessler Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenworthy Mr. Kesswick Mr. and Mrs. John Kilcoyn Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kiely Mrs. James Kilcoyne Mrs. Kirkpatrick Mary Kliamovich John Klismovich Mr. and Mrs. Knilszner Miss Sandra Lee Knowblock Anna Marie Kniezew'aki Priscilla Kobus 60 Stanley S. Kobus ’59 Mr. Stanley Kobus Mrs. Stanley Kobus Timmy Kobus Mr. Roy Koch Mr. and Mrs. Watson Koldys and Family Constance Koldys Maire Koldys '54 Mr. and Mrs. John Koman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kopczynski Mrs. Jerome Kopensky Mrs. Polly Kojek Mrs. Blanche Korszniah Mr. John Korszniah Phyllis Korszniah Suzanne Korszniah 62 Mr. and Mrs. John Kosek Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kosek Walter M. Kosh Daniel Kostiok Helene Darby Kostuik Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kostoni Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. Cluster Koza Mr. and Mrs. John Koziol Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Koziol Mr. Stanley Kozowski Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kriebal Mr. and Mrs. John Kriebel Mr. and Mrs. Russel Kriebel Mrs. Jean Knaeke Pat Knaecke '59 Mrs. James Krier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Komorowski Kolb Family Paul A. Krause Dorothy Karas '61 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Karas Mr. Tom Kissinger Mr. and Mrs. John Kerstan Mrs. S. Kasopsky Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kropp Miss Mary Krzesniak Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kuesel Charles and Mary Kulak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kulilowski Mr. and Mrs. A. Kunaszuh Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kurish Mrs. R. F. Kuryllo Mr. and Mrs. Luke Kusek Mr. U. Labor Mrs. Wanda Lachacz Carolyn M. Lachenmayer Mr. and Mrs. LaCoste Mr. and Mrs. William Lafferty Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaMelza Mr. and Mrs. Tony Landes Mr. and Mrs. Roy LaPenta Mr. and Mrs. John LaPenta, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaPenta Mr. Dennis Lare Mrs. Margaret Lare John Lare ’48 James Lare ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lare Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. LaRuffa Mr. and Mrs. John LaRuffa Mr. and Mrs. John B. LaRuffa Hal Lasky Anthony LaValle Sol Laverty Dorthy Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Lawless Mrs. E. Lawless Harry Lawton Tommy and David Lawles Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawles Mr. 3nd Mrs. David Leaky Rosalie P. Leary Marie L. Leary Mrs. Joseph F. Leary Joseph F. Leary, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lebold Mr. and Mrs. B. Herbert Lee David Leflar Jacob and Lefty Mary Lou and Peter Leister Billy Leister Betsy Leister Barbara Leister Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leister Dorothy Coonan Leonard '44 James Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Lepera Arlene Lepak Pete Lepera ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lepera Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lepak Mr. and Mrs. George Lese Mr. and Mrs. George A. Lesher Constable T. Lesinski Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Lesinski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lesinski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leva idowski Mr. and Mrs. Howard Levins Jessy Levinski ’60 Joseph V. Levinski Miss Theresa Lewandowski Ted and Shirley Lewandowski John Lewandoski Mary Ann Lewandoski Mary Lewandoski Mr. John Lewandowski Dolores Lewandowski Mrs. John Lewandowski Chris Lewis Jean Licata Dorothy Licwinko Mrs. Dorothy Licwinko 131Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Liewinko Mr. and Mrs. John Lischer Charlie Liskiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Livezey Josephine Lochetto Mrs. Herbert B. Looker Daniel P. Logan Mr. Daniel Logan Francis Logan and Family Mr and Mrs. James J. Logan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Logan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Long Mrs. Sara Lohr Robert Lloyd Joanne Lorenski '60 Kay Lorenski Mrs. L. Lorenski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lothowski Mr. and Mrs. James Lough Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lough Miss Kathleen A. Lough Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lough Andra Lo ’61 Frank Lucas Lenny Luccanie Mr. and Mrs. George Lucey Mr. and Mrs. James K. Lucey Mrs. Lusky Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lyczkowski Mrs. Mary Lyczkowski James A. Lynch Mrs. Lynch Mary Lynch Mr. and Mrs. John MacDonald Miss Florence Mack Helen Mack Miss Mary Ann Mack '58 Mr. George S. Macort, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Maher Edward Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Magee Mr. James Maguire Mary Maguire Mr. Pat Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Warren Magyar Charles J. Malanowshi Miss Anna and Mary Malina Mr. and Mrs. N. Malistina Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mallon Mrs. Frances Mallozzi John Maloney Mary Maloney Thomas Maloney Richard Malosky Mr. and Mrs. S. Manchor Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mancini Angela Marie Maniscalco Mr. and Mrs. James Maniscalco Mrs. John Manzi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manzi John Joseph Manzi ’56 Stanley Marchak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marchak Mr. and Mrs. Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Marchese Frank M. Marchok Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Marcolina Kathern Markham Mr. and Mrs. Frank Markley Mr. and Mrs. Markowski James Marks ’58 Patsy Marks ’59 Albert Marinari Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marinelli Joseph Marino Mr. and Mrs. A. Martinelli Mr. and Mrs. Michele Martinelli Mr. and Mrs. Yonie Martinelli Mr. and Mrs. Mario Martineze Edith C. Marwood Mr. and Mrs. John Marwood Mrs. Mary H. Marwood Mariann and BiU Mary Ann '61 Maryann and Joe Maryanne and Pat Maryanne and Sammy Mary Ann and Todd Michael Masciantonio Mrs. Anthony Mashett Miss Antoinette Mashett Mrs. Joseph Mashett Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mashintonio Mr. and Mrs. G. Mashintonio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Massino Mrs. Mary Mason Robert Mason Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Matticola Mrs. Margaret Matija Maryr Jane Mattson Wayne Mattson ‘60 Agnes T. Maxwell ’$9 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Maybut Anna D. Maziarz '61 Mr. and Mrs. George Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maziarz Margaret Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaus Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. John Nazur Mrs. L. Mazzoli Frances McAleer Catherine McAvoy '61 Mrs. Ida M. McAvoy Mary C. McAvoy '60 William T. McAvoy ’57 Anne McCabe Miss Cathy McCabe Mrs. James McCabe Mr. James McCabe Mary- McCall Piggie McCall '55 Mr. John A. McCann Mr. and Mrs. John F. McCarrick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCarrick Miss Patricia McCarrick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCarron Mr. John J. McCarthy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McChesney Mr. and Mrs. William McCloskey Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McCormick Celeste McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Francis McDermott Mr. and Mrs. George McDermot Mr. Thomsa McDonald Mr. and Mrs. James P. McEvoy, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. McEvoy Miss Matilda McEvoy Mrs. Joseph McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McGarrick Ann McGee Charles E. McGee Mrs. D. McGee Mary Alice McGee '60 Mary E. McGee Margaret M. McGee Mrs. Marie A. McGee Barbara and Jimmy McGettigan Mr. Donald McGill Mrs. Elizabeth McGill Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. McGill Ed McGonigal Gertrude McGonigle Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath Margaret T. R. McGrory Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGuigan Paule McGuigan Miss Alice McGuire Mr. and Mrs. James McGuire Johanna McGuire ’58 Mr. and Mrs. John McGuire James P. McGuire Pat McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGuire Ted McGuire Francis D. McHugo Francis McHugo Anthony McKaffee Mrs. Sarah McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McKeever Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKeon Patricia McKnight '56 132Miss Betty McLaughlin Mrs. J. McLaughlin Mrs. John J. McLaughlin Miss Grace McMenamin Mr. and Mrs. George J. McMonagle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James McMullen Mr. and Mrs. J. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. James McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McNeilly Agnes McNultry Charles McRae Mr. and Mrs. J. McTamney Mr and Mrs. James McTamey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James McTamney, Sr. Mrs. Mary B. McTamney Mr. and Mrs. John McTamney John McTamney Mr. and Mrs. James Meany Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Medunic Mr. and Mrs. William A. Meisle Mr. and Mrs. Albert Melahioie Francis Meldrego Mr. and Mrs. James Mellon Burgess and Mrs. James J. Mellon Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Mellon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Melograna Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mercaldi Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Messinger Mr. Francis Messmer '53 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Messmer, Jr. Miss Joanne Michalski ’63 Miss Dorothy Michalski ’$9 Mr. and Mrs. John Michalski Mrs. John Milakeve Mr. and Mrs. Carl Militio Mr. and Mrs. Francis Miller Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Neill Miles Mr. and Mrs. William Miles William Miles, Jr. Helen Milewski Mrs. Mary Milewski Miss Katherine J. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Milon Catherine Minnis Mrs. George Minnis Mr. and Mrs. George Mischenko Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell Chester Mocarshi Thomas Mocarshi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Modestine Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moles Mr. Frank Moleski Lillian Molinari Miss Mary Jane Monacella Gerald Monacella Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monacella Mr. and Mrs. Tolerine Mona cello Mr. and Mrs. Paul Monaco Mrs. Anne Monaco Mr. Louis Monaco, Sr. Louis Monaco, Jr. Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Monastero Mrs. Helen Montemurro Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Montipello Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Moore Mr. James J. Moore Michael Moore Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Moore Mrs. Charles Moore Donald E. Moore Tony Moore ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moore Mr. and Mrs. William Moore Mr. and Mrs. William A. Moore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Moore Mr. and Mrs. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morcllo Mr. Charles Mosakowski Mrs. Margaret Mosakowski Don Moser 58 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Moser Mr. and Mrs. George Mosser Mr. C. J. Mudry Shirley Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Mulholland Mrs. Helen Mullen Mrs. John Mulligan Eileen Mullin Francis Mullin Mr. John Mullin Mrs. Margaret Mullin Mrs. James Mundy James Mundy Pat Mundy Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Murphy Bill Murphy Mr. and Mrs. George A. Murphv John and Helen Murphy Jake Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John R. Murphy Mrs. Margaret Murphy Judy Muscatello ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Pat Muscatello Mr. and Mrs. Peter Muscatello Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mushrock John Myers Mr. and Mrs. John Myzar Mr. and Mrs. George Naegel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nagel Mr and Mrs. George Nagle Namiothiewicz Family Ann Nanasko Mrs. M. Narke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Narkiervicz Florence Narkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Narwich Bernadine Narwicz '60 Mr. and Mrs. Alfonse Narwicz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Nasielski Joseph J. Neugent Anthony Nieve Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Neve Mr. and Mrs. James J. Neve Mrs. Ethel Nevins and Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ney John Niblo '58 Mr. and Mrs. John Noecker Mrs. Elizabeth Nolan John and Joseph Nolan Mrs. Robert T. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond John Norton Mrs. Mary Nosek Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noska Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Novak Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Novak Mrs. Stella Novak Joan Novakowski '59 Mr. Joseph J. Nugent Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Nulty Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Nuzzo Miss Maria Obert David Obrecht Mr. E. L. Obrecht Mr. and Mrs. James D. Obrecht Jo Ellen Obrecht Susan Obrecht Miss Cordelia O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. O’Brien John J. O'Brien Kathy O’Brien '59 Miss Marianne O’Brien Neil C. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Herbert O'Byrne Mary O’Byrne Mr. and Mrs. N. J. O'Conner Alice O'Connor Francis N. O'Connor ’60 Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connor Francis P. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. M. Ocrymowicz Mr and Mrs. Daniel O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Donnell Mrs. Frank A. O'Donnell Eleanor and Sarah O'Donnell Joseph O'Donnell Patricia and Mary O’Donnell Rita and Bernard O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O'Donnell, Jr. Edward Olesky 133Mr. and Mrs. Julius Olivetti Mr. and Mrs. Chester Olszewski Mr. and Mrs. James Olszta Mr. and Mrs. F. J. O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Homer Omar Mrs. James M. O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. James N. O’Neill, Jr. Mrs. Mar)r O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Louis Onorats Mr. and Mrs. Frank Opielski, Sr. Mrs. Organizta Mr. and Mrs. John Organsky Elizabeth Orler Mr. and Mrs. John J. Orler Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orler, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Orler Mr. and Mrs. John F. O’Rourke Miss Marion O'Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O'Rourke, Jr. Mr. WiIlian O’Rourke, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Orzech Edward G. Orzech Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orzech Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Oscapinski, Sr. Mrs. Emily Oscar Mr. and Mrs. J. Osinski Mrs. Fay Osowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Osowski Mrs. Anna M. Ounsworth Mr. and Mrs. John I. Ounsworth Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pacher Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pacher Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pagliaro Algise Pagnotti Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Pagnotti Donna Marie Pagnotti Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pagnotti Mar ’ Pagnotti Mr. and Mrs. Pagnotti Francis C. Palacio Miss Rena Palacio Mr. and Mrs. Albert Paladino Anita and Frank Palazzo Peter Palazzo Mr. Palermo Mr. and Mrs. Francis Palermo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palermo, Jr. Mr. James Palermo Rose Palermo Mrs. M. Palumbo Mr. and Mrs. R. Paugh Gerry Palikowski ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palikowski Mr. and Mrs. Larry Paris Mr. and Mrs. John Paskel Mrs. Teresa Pasquali Mr. and Mrs. John Pasqualini Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Pasquini Frederick A. Pasquini '57 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pasquini Pat '61 Pat '60 Patches Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peacock Joseph Pelatti Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pergine Mrs. Caesar Peroni Mr. James Perseo Joseph Perseo Mrs. Mary Perseo Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peschke George Petrecz Charles Petruzzo Mr. and Mrs. William Petruzzo Millie and Betty Pettine Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pettine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pettine Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Pettine Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Piasecki Joseph Piazza Mr. and Mrs. Edward Picardi Robert Picard Mr. Charles Picard Mrs. Kathleen M. Picard Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pieklo James J. Pieklo Charlotte Pienlos Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pienkos Mrs. Francis Pienkos Theresa Pier Mrs. Alfred Pierce Gerard Pierce Miss Kathleen Pierce Mr. William Pierce A. Piermani and son Mr. and Mrs. Alex Piermosi, Jr. Mrs. Robert L. Pierson Mrs. Helen Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phipps and Family Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phipps, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Philipps Mrs. Pike Mrs. A. Pilcicki Bernadine Pilcicki Edward and Catherine Pilcicki Mr. Joseph Pilcicki Paul Pilecki Mr. and Mrs. F. Pileggi Ralph Pilomenio Mr. and Mrs. Julian Pinelli Julian Paul Pinelli Mrs. Julia Pinelli Jane M. Pischock Mr. and Mrs. S. Pishock, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pistilli Mr. and Mrs. A. Pizzo Joseph Placendo Joseph Plakis ’60 Joseph Plakis Ann Plasko Mr. and Mrs. John Plower William Pohle Mr. and Mrs. Walter Polac Mr. and Mrs. Adam Polkowski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Polkowski Marilyn C. Polkowski '56 Margaret E. Polkowski ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Polkowski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Polomski Irene Polomski ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polomski Josephine Polomski Mrs. Julia Polomski Mr. and Mrs. Max Polomski Mrs. Veronica Polomski Mr. Anthony Pondrea Maryann Porrecca Margaret Rose Porrecca Thomas Porrecca Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Porrecca Mrs. A. J. Porrino Wally Post Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Powd Mrs. Anna Powers James J. Powers Mr. and Mrs. John Powers Marie A. Powers Michael Powers ’61 Miss Maureen Prendergast Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pribula Mr. and Mrs. John Priest Eugene W. Prentz Mary Lee Printz Mr. James Prestel Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Primavera Elizabeth Primarvera ’58 Mr. and Mrs Joseph Primavera Alex Prusinowski Mrs. Helen Proiette Mrs. Adelle Pyzbyszewski Mr. and Mrs. Chester Przybyszewski P. T. Mrs. Harmon Pulcinella Margaret Puleo Miss Beverly Pultorak ’60 Mrs. Charles Pultorak Dianne Pultorak Mrs. Irene Pultorak Miss Joanne Pultorak Mr. Joseph Pultorak Mrs. Joseph Pultorak Mr. and Mrs. J. Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pzcy 134Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Quigg Mr. James Quigley Mr. W. Quigley Mrs. W. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. John T. Quinlan John T. Quinlan, Jr. '52 Richard J. Quinlan '60 Carolyn L. Quinn Elizabeth J. Quinn '53 Joe Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Quinn Mark F. Quinn, Jr. '58 Margie Quinn Mae Racicot Walter and Anna Radaszewski Mr. Radazewski Philip Radick '61 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Radick Chap Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. George J. Rafferty Alice and Stanley Rakowski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rakowski Mrs. Sophie Rakowski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rakowski Miss Nancy Ramsey '51 Miss Rose Rapposelli Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ratkowski Mr. and Mrs. Felix Ratkowski Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rayfuse Miss Helen Read Mr. and Mrs. Silvio Reade Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Reed Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves Mr. and Mrs. James J. Regan Mr. Leo Reilly Mrs. Lillian Reily Mr. and Mrs. Remer Mrs. Joseph F. X. Reuss James Reynolds Rosemary Reynolds Mrs. W. E. Reynolds W. E. Reynolds III Mr. W. F. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ricci, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James Ricchie Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richardson Jerry Richardson John Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richter Mr. and Mrs. Ciaig Rigg Mrs. Margaret Riker Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Riley Mrs. Elizabeth Riley Mrs. Riley Ann Rinker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Rinker Rosann Rio '58 Mrs. Madeline Ristire Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ritrovato Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rockett Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Roding Mrs. R. Rodenbough Mr. James L. Rogers John and Mar)' Rolosz P. Rolli Carol Romano '58 Mrs. Mary Romano Mr. and Mrs. Peter Romano Robert Romano Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Romonough Miss Joan Romonough Mrs. Mary Rome Vera Romendio Mr. and Mrs. James Ronnan Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Roop Miss Joanne Rosa Miss Rita Rosa Mrs. Josephine Roselli Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rosica Mrs. Margaret Rossi Rosalie Rossi Jerry Roth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roth Mr. and Mrs. John J. Rowe Anne Roynan Mr. and Mrs. James Roynan WiIlian Roynan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rubert Mr. and Mrs Charles Ruby Francis J. Ruggiero Mrs. Ellen Ruser Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. Ruser Francis Rusgiers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russell Mrs. Albert Russo Mrs. Jeanne Russo Mr. and Mrs. John G. Russo Rosalie A. Russo '59 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ruth Mrs. Mary Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah P. Ryan Joan Ryan Mrs. John J. Ryan Mr. John J. Ryan Johani Marie Ryan Michael Ryan Ralph Ryan Mr. and Mrs. William Ryan Leonard Rykowski '61 Mrs. Stella Rykowski Mr. Walter Rykowski Walter Rykowski '59 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rykowski Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Rykowski Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rypczynski Mr. and Mrs. Haleena Saddic Elmer Sague Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salafoni Mr. and Mrs. Emma Salamone Mr. and Mrs. John Salamone Salkowski Family Mr. and Mrs. Guido J. Salvati Benjamin Sanfelice, Jr. Lorraine Santangelo '62 Charles Santangelo and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Santangelo Mrs. Gus Santino Anthony Santoni '61 Mr. and Mrs. Domenick Santoni Jeanette Santoni '59 Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Sardo Mr. and Mrs. William Sarvey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scandone Mr. Wm. F. Scanlen Scenna Domenica Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schaeffer Miss Mary Ann Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Watter Schank Mr. and Mrs. John Schank Mr. Francis X. Scharff, Sr. Miss Julia Scharff John Schimpf '54 Mrs. John Schimpf Pat Schimpf ’56 Peggy Schlosman '59 Mr. and Mrs. A. Schlosman Gus and Bob Schneidern Mrs. William Schneider Peggy Schools '56 George Schools '60 Thomas J. Schrader, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Schultz Gene Schulze David Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schulze Rita and Dorothy Schulze Mary Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Emil K. Schwir Mr. and Mrs. Leon Schwartz Mrs. Mary Schweias E. J. Schwius Pamela Scilovati Marie Selafani '61 Mr. and Mrs. William Selafani Harry Seltzer Mr. and Mrs. George Anthony Serratore Mr. and Mrs. John Scrwatka Steven V. Sethopper III Julia M. Shaeffer '59 Mr. and Mrs. George Shaffer Joan M. Shaffer '59 135Mrs. Shaw Mrs. Barbara Shearon Mr. and Mrs. W. Sheehi Marion Shepherd Julia M. Shaffer 59 Joan M. Shaffer 59 Mr. and Mrs. James Shaffer Hugh Sheridan Mrs. Della E. Shires Mrs. Agnes Shiverick Bernice Shivick Frances Shivick 60 Mrs. Stephen Shultety Miss Susan Shultety Mr. and Mrs. Sigg Paul Sigg 53 Herman Signore Mr. and Mrs. Signorini Miss Joanne Simoncini Mr. and Mrs. Vico Simoncini Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sinnk Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sirchio Mr. and Mrs. Benny Sivik Mr. David Skilton Mrs. David Skilton Joan Skilton 62 Mr. John Skilton Mrs. John Skilton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Slamszewski Mr. Joseph Sloss Mrs. Rose Sloss Mr. and Mrs. Henry Slryminski Mrs. Anne Smith Mr. Douglas Smith Mrs. Hyacinth Smith Mrs. Patricia M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith, Sr. Mr. Peter M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Smith Mr. Philip J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith, Jr. Rosemarie Smith ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Smolczynski Bernard Smondrowski Joseph Smondrowski Mrs. Sophia Smondrowski Mrs. Helen Snow Mary Snow Mr. and Mrs. John Snizavich Mrs. Sophia Sobatka Josephine Soppick Mr. John Sosnowy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spanish Mr. Francis Sparko Mrs. Joseph Sparango Mr. Joseph P. Sparango Speaker Family Mr. and Mrs. Russell Speelhoffer Peter Speranza Marion Speranza Nicholas Sperlunto Carol Spina Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spina H. C. Spratt Mr. Charles Sprinkel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stalone Miss Irene Stalone Miss Sarah Stalone Dolores Staley Joseph Staley Mrs. Alice Stanish Mr. and Mrs. John Stanish Miss Maryanne Stanish Dorothy Stanislawski Joan Stead 57 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stemple, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stemple, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Stemple, Jr. Raymond Stemple Mr. and Mrs. William Stevens Cecil Stienbery Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Stingle Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stiteler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stocchi Mrs. Helen C. Storm Mr. and Mrs. John A. Storti John and Robert Storti Mr. James Straine Mr. and Mrs. Charles Straub Mr. Leo Streletz Anne Christine Stromberg Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Stromberg Edward Gustar Stromberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strycharz Mr. and Mrs. V. Stubynski Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stuchinski Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Stuczynski Marlene Stuczynski 59 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stuczynski Mr. Joseph Sugalski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sukalski Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sullivan, Jr. Mr. Joseph C. Sullivan Mrs. Joseph C. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Sullivan Joseph T. Sullivan, Jr. 56 Richard J. Sullivan ’59 Robert J. Sullivan ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Summeril Mr. and Mrs. George E. Sunning, Jr. Mrs. Charles Suplee Stanley Surmiak Mrs. James Swan Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Swedkoski Marie E. Sweeney Theresa Swetkowski Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Swift Mr. and Mrs. James A. Swift Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Sykes Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Szuwala Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sztubinski Mr. and Mrs. James Sztubinski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tacoviete Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tadeo Rosemary and Harold Taft Sarann Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Talese Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Talone Mrs. Leonard Talone Mrs. Armand Tammaro Mr. and Mrs. George Tancini Mrs. Nancy Tancini Miss Rita Tancini Mrs. Sarah Tarlowska Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tarloski Theresa Tarlowska ’60 Dianne Tarlowska ’63 Dorothy Taverna Charles Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Peter Terpeluk Mrs. P. Testa Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thompson, Jr. Mrs. F .en Thompson Mrs. oeorge J. Thomson Kathleen Thorne Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Thorne Mr. Thomas L. Thorne Elezabeth Thurston Mr. and Mrs. John Tiernan Tillie ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Timbario Lena Timer Mr. David Tippett James Titus ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Titus Joe Titus ’59 Reed Todd Miss Ann Tole Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tole Mrs. Lillian Tole Mrs. Mary J. Tomarelli Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tomczak Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tomczak David Tomlinson Anthony Tommassello Wesley Tommassello Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tompkins George R. Tompkins ’59 136Mrs. Mary Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Toole Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Torres Mr. and Mrs. John Tosta Catherine M. Toth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Towson Mr. and Mrs. James Traill Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trani Marjorie Clark Traister ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Trasato Mrs. Anthony J. Travaglini Elizabeth Travaglini Barbara Nan Travers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Traves Madeline Trieiletti Mrs. William Treeper Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Trofa Milton Trofa Larry Troilo Mr. Albert Truesdell Mrs. Albert Truesdell Miss Barbara Turek Bernice Turek Eleanor Turek '56 Francis and Margaret Turek Maryann Turek 58 Mr. and Mrs. William Turek Mr. and Mrs. Albert Turksma Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turpin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Urban Mrs. Helen Urban Kathy Urban Mrs. M. Vandegrift Mrs. Carrie Vandevere Miss Catherine Vandevere Mrs. Helen Vandevere Mr. William Vandevere Mr. and Mrs. Dirk VanZutphen Mr. and Mrs. Edward VanZutphen Catherine L. Varallo Mrs. Theodore Vawter Mrs. Rose Vemachio Mr. and Mrs. Frances A. Vishio Mrs. Helen Volz Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wachowski Mr. and Mrs. R. Wahamaker Helen and May Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Walker Mrs. E. A. Walker Ted Wallace Joanne Wallace 60 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh, Jr. Mrs. James Walsh Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh, Sr. Patricia T. and Karl Ward James J. Ward 61 Edna A. Ward ’59 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ward Doris Ward J. A. Warrell Franny Waters ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Watters Mr. Robert Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Watkins Mr. Martin Watson Mr. and Mrs. L. Watson Charlotte A. Watson Miss Charlotte Watson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson Eleanor and Ralph Weber Mrs. Charles Webster Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weidamoyer A1 Weldon Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Welsh Peggy Ann Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wcrkiser Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wethey Mr. and Mrs. Wethey Edward Wethy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Whip, Jr. Catherine R. Whitaker ’60 Patricia R. Whitaker Patricia Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Whitaker Mrs. B. White Mr. Wm. A. Whiteside Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilczynski Mr. and Mrs. John Wilczynski Mrs. Bertha Wilczynski Mary Ann Wilkinson ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James C. Williams Mrs. Helen Williams Mr. Elbridge William, Sr. Mr. William Williams Mrs. John Williams Mr. and Mrs. James Williams William Williams Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilmer Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson Michael Wilson Geo. H. Wilson George Wimmgr Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wenner Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Winters Mary Jane Wisniewski ’60 Mr. and Mrs. J. Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wloszczyna Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wodarski Raymond Wojtecki Miss Angela Wolek Mrs. John Wolek Anthony Wolf James Wood, Sr. Mrs. Alan C. Wood Miss Marion B. Wood Mr. James Woodward Marie Woodward Mrs. Wosczyna Mr. and Emil Wosczyna Mrs. Joseph Woyden George and Robin Woznicki Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Woznicki Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright Joanne Wright '57 Mr. and Mrs. George Wright, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Wright, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wrubleski Alfreda Wudarski Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wudarski Mr. Francis Wyrembek Miss Stephanie Wyrembek Mr. and Mrs. Walter Yakonich Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zadroga Francis Zadroga Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Zadroga Henry F. Zadroga Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Zadroga Jesse and Helen Zadroga Miss Cecilia Zagoriski Aaron T. Zajac Mr. Edward Zaleski Mrs. John Zaleski Mr. John Zaleski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Zaleski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zangrone Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zaremski Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Zarnecki Mrs. John Zboinski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zero Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zero Mr. and Mrs. John Zeock The Zimmerman’s Mrs. Genicve Zimmer A. F. Zinni Mr. and Mrs. A. Zinni Mrs. A. F. Zinni Mr. Anthony Zinni Carol A. Zinni ’60 Marlene L. Zinni '57 Robert A. Zinni '52 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Zollo Mr. and Mrs. Pat Zollo Patricia A. Zollo ’61 Richard Zolko Mr. and Mrs. E. Zukowski 137Anthony T. Zummo Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zurowski BUSINESS PATRONS Abbotts Dairy Al’s Mobile Gas AI’s Produce—Shopping Cart Ambler Beverage Company Ambler Drug Company Ambler Fashion Shop Ambler Furniture Company Ambler Gazette Ambler Laboratory Ambler Penn Jersey Auto Store Ambler Savings 8c Loan Association Ambler Toy Box Anthony’s Men Shop A. 8c T. Dress 8c Sportswear, Inc. Bechtel’s Dairies Benedetto’s Jewelry Shop Benny Sons, Barbers Beschofs Garage Betty’s Beauty Shop, Ambler Big John’s Cafe Bowers Motors, Inc. Bowe s Esso—Edward V. Bowe Brandenburgh’s Stationery Store, Ambler Braun Brothers Brown Brothers’ Contractors, Inc. Butler Pike Supply Company Carl’s Diner Casey’s Home Bakery Casino Studio, Ambler Cathy Ann's Beauty Salon Cee Dee Window Co. Charles Chips Charles Hair Styling Chic and Vic Chicks Baum Gardens Contractor, Adolph Christensen Emil J. Ciavarelli’s Funeral Home Claire's Shop Conshohocken Fruit Market Conshohocken News Agency Conshohocken Plywood Co. Conshohocken Police Department Crane’s Hardware Dave’s Barber Shop DeSantis Beverages Dougherty’s Pharmacy Earnhurt’s Atlantic Service Fazio Ford Frank’s Cleaners Frank Bates Men’s 8c Boys’ Shop Franny's Beauty Shop Flourtown Cleaners General Gift and Novelty Co. General Constructor, Mr. George Holland Giannini 8c Greco Assorted Products The Gift Gallery, Ambler The S. A. Gill Variety Center, Ambler Gil linger Esso Service Glamour Beauty Salon Goettner’s Perfection Bakery Gold Seal Market Gorman Welding 8c Manufacturing W. T. Grant Co. Giauinese Builders Grohoski Brothers Harris Furniture Co. Helen's Beauty Salon Hilton Pharmacy Imhof's Restaurant Felly Jemionek, Tailor John’s Barber Shop John Brothers Joe’s Bar J. D.’s Cold Cuts John’s Luncheonette Kiddie City K. of C., Conshohocken Council N. 1603 Leven Brothers Lienhardts Bakery Lindenwold Tailors Cleaners LeRou School of Dancing L. R. B. Bowling Academy Loughead’s Sunoco Service John S. Lynch, Jr.—Lynch’s Texico McLaughlin Beverage Adam Mackiewicz, Realtor Main Line Janitorial Supply Co. Malanowski 8c Ciccotti, Builders Mallozzi’s Food Market Mario’s Barber Shop Mary Anna Shop Joseph A. Mash, Esso Station John Mitchell Jewelers Ladies Auxiliary, Plymouth Fire Co. Metropolitan Life Insurance Agent E. F. Moore, Inc. E. F. Moore, Sen-ice Department Miller’s Driveway Paving Monroe Motors Co. The Montgomery Arms Hotel Mullen's Grocery Store Nac’s Sandwich Shop, Ambler Nicholas Hair Styling, Plymouth Valley Nicholas Hair Styling James Notaris Radio and TV, Ambler Old Elm Shoppe Oaks Fabricating Co. O’Brien Funeral Home Paciell’s Grill Peacoch Garage Pep Cigar Store, Ambler Peroni Bros. Market Pete’s Upholstery F. M. Phillips and Company Phil’s TV 8c Radio Service Piekarski’s Gulf Station Pike Record Shop Pilecki’s Flying A Plymouth Cottage Restaurant Plymouth Fire Co. Perseo’s Lunch Quaker Chemical Products Corporation Mr. John J. Brady—Quaker City Life Ins. Co. Ray’s Tavern—Fine Foods Redmond Show Store Red’s Cleaners Regan Quality Shoes, Ambler Romano Wholesale Fruit Co. Compliments of Romano Bros. Rosenberger’s Dairies, Inc. Rose's Luncheonette The Rose Valley Delicatessen, Ambler Rotellie’s Store, Ambler Roxy Drug Store Sadowski Grocery Sam Glass Agency Charles Santangelo 8c Sons, Fuel Oil Matthew Santangelo Concrete Co. Walter Shaeff, Jr., Funeral Director, Ambler Sherry’s Shirley’s Market Shopping Cart Shore Bros. Sperlunto’s Luncheonette St. Cosmos 8c Damion Fraternal Lodge Sunny Slope Dairy Tancini’s Tire Mart Tastee-Freez, Ridge Pike Tempera’s Mansion House Terminal Lunch The Spot Toto’s Market Town Cab Co. Town 8c Country Appls., Inc. Travaline Bros. Vic’s Mahogany Rail Vince’s Barber Shop, Ambler Wagon Wheel Inn Wm. N. Wallace Jeweler Wallach’s Food Market Wally’s Grille Walts Flowers Webster 8c Sons, Plumbing 8c Heating Wingers Ice Cream F. W. Woolworth Co., Conshohocken Wright’s Auto Motive The Wyndham Hotel, Ambler Ray Zaleski General Mdse. Zalik’s Hotel 138% YiARIOOK S TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"THE WHOLE IS AS GREAT AS THE SUM OF ITS PARTS HIM! ! tl) 11 iiilliillliiiif :j:Tffffffff 

Suggestions in the St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) collection:

St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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