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ST. MATTHEW’S CONSHOHOCKENDEDICATION ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES GRADUATION HIGH SCHOOL PENNSYLVANIADEDICATION In 1 858, a little peasant girl, the sainted Bernadette Soubirous, received a message from our Blessed Lady: "I am the Immaculate Conception." She was likewise given a mission to "Go, tell the priests to build a chapel here in my honor." In answer to that command, a Chapel rich as a casket of precious jewels, superb in its robe of white marble, with slender spires thrusting high in the air the Cross of Salvation, has risen in Mary's honor. Still more precious are the graces that have been given, the cures that have been wrought, the conversions that have been effected in the name of Mary Immaculate under the title of Our Lady of Lourdes. To her we humbly and gratefully dedicate these pages and the prayers of the Faculty and students of Saint Matthew's High School.LEADERS THE MOST REVEREND J. CARROLL McCORMICK, D.D. Titular Bishop of Ruspae and Auxiliary Bishop to His Excellency, Archbishop O'Hara THE MOST REVEREND JOSEPH McSHEA, D.D. Titular Bishop of Mina and Auxiliary Bishop to His Excellency, Archbishop O'HaraTHE RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR EDWARD M. REILLY, J.C.D. Superintendent of Schools THE REVEREND JOHN J. GRAHAM, D.D. Ass sfanf Superintendent of Schools THE REVEREND FREDERICK J. STEVENSON Assistant Superintendent of Schools June 8, 1958 Dear Graduate: As you go forth from St. Matthew's High School, I pray God that you may attain to even greater blessings in a world filled with a galaxy of glorious opportunities and fraught with a variety of hidden challenges. Recognize your dignity as a graduate of your Alma Mater, holding high the banner of her lofty ideals. Develop a spiritual aristocracy among yourselves, always being elite in mind, in heart and soul. God grant that you may ever be worthy of your name, loyal to your Government, true to your Church, Catholic Americans of whom we may well be proud, privileged men and women who deserve your privileges by meeting your responsibilities, fulfilling your duties, serving God by being better than others, leaders of men and children of God. Be faithful to your Divine Master, to your State, to yourselves and you will be numbered among the Saints. Sincerely yours in Christ, (Rev.) Walter Laut PRINCIPALOUR FACULTY m 0 || ’’ m i§§ :h •••• v-x-y- viV; §® 1 . P AVfs- : - SI -v ■ i i The Reverend Walter W. Laut Principal The Reverend Joseph A. Schnorr_______________________ Religion The Reverend Joseph T. Schuster _____________________ Religion Sister Louis Gonzaga, S.S.J. English Sister Euphrosine, C.S.B. _____ Biology, Physics, Geometry Sister Helen Regina, S.S.J__________________ History, English Sister William Joseph, S.S.J_____..____________________ Latin Sister Mary Gregory, C.S.B. ________________ Spanish, Latin Sister Agnes de Sales, S.S.J. ... _____ Mechanical Drawing, Clerical Studies Sister Miriam de Sales, S.S.J. _____________ ...... Business Sister Aloysius Gonzaga, S.S.J_______________________ French Sister Mary Maxima, C.S.B............... . Home Economics Sister Rita Aloysia, S.S.J________________________ Mathematics Sister Marie Dorothy, S.S.J................. English, Music Sister Mary Davidica, C.S.B.................. Latin, English Sister John Baptist, S.S.J______________Chemistry, Biology Mr. William Dugan ........................ Religion, Civics Mr. William Brannau ........................ World History, National Problems Mr. Aaron Zajac .....................Algebra, World History Mrs. Margaret Drake English, Business Mrs. Helen Casper ________________________ Basketball CoachOUR FACULTY As our days at St. Matthew's grow fewer and fewer, we, the Class of 1958, wish to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of our faculty—past and present. We have learned to appreciate the unselfish devotion of our teachers who have put forth every effort for our moral, intellectual, and physical education. Their only purpose has been to mold us into straightthinking Catholic ladies and gentlemen. It is our determination to make their efforts a success. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sister Agnes de Sales, S.S.J., Sister Helen Regina, S.S.J. and Sister Mary Gregory, C.S.B. The Rev. Joseph T. Schuster and The Rev. Joseph A. SchnorrSister M. Euphrosine, C.S.B. and Sister M. Louis Gonzaga, S.S.J.Sister Mary Davidica, C.S.B. and Sister M. John Baptist, S.S.J. Mr. William Brannau, Mr. William Duganand Sister Miriam de Sales, S.S.J. Mrs. Maragaret Drake Sister M. Maxima, C.S.B.., Mr. Aaron Zajac and Sister Aloysius Gonzaga, S.S.J.DAY of DAYS! Class Ring - e 'b.t S P I c E I N The LAW catches Up w"h Sm'.tty 0 u R L 1 V E S Jec wants to know who "' W who evented rep Installation of Senior Class Officers—Class Representatives await their turn. Father Laut confers insignia of office on James Mullen, President. Students pledge co-operation. Campaign over! Time out to relax and rejoice!SENIORS — 1958President TAMES VtNCENT MUIEEN "Dixie" Si. Anthony FootbaW . . . basebaW Pius X G ee C ub cause? rise again? Academic Dramatics . . . Rebe v itb a Wbo said tbe South won't . . Coo tenor . . . V o ent man on tbe Vine t i Vice-President RICHARD BERNARD EVAN "Rich" Our Mother of Sorrows Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . SAMASCRIPT . . . Dramatics . ■ ■ Thoughtful ... A real "St. Matthew" convertible . . . Grease monkey Remember the butler in "Nellie Keily"? ■ ■ ■ Treasurer MARY ELIZABETH McCAEE "Maty" St. Matthew Business Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Band . . . BasVetbaU . . . SAMASCRlft . . . Co-opera-Vion 007o . . . Pleasing personality . . . One ol the tamous six ... A good scout . . . Secretary JOHANNA G. McGUIRE "Jo" St. Gertrude Business Melodines . . . Quiet, but friendly . . . Believed in fun and study each in its proper place . . . One of the "reliables" . . . Steng. slave . . .JO PkV'A AvZ_ 0 |SAA.R E "lonV Academic ... IsNeXodVnes ... Band ... c% ... V r force B ue ... VNVvcre can ge ur f re aV.ab e gXassei?'' Can anyone CV»a CVva? ... CoWege ... r e ans wV a she says. . . . »sNa XV CV' or ► r W-O GEORGE MVxevs C XI f £VS.C.P. PT . - . . Mv ays w W' Vvand or r de 'J ostR Cd ' or c Heart HeVp' g r e nds w H care. Academic Voung ®t to g’we a SeVects W's 1 9 5 8 R E P R E S E 1ST T A T I V E SDANIEL RUSSELL ALLERTON "Boat'' St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Basketball . . . Sometimes frustrated in the pursuit of happiness . . . "Boat" has a heart as big as his grin. JOSEPH A. ANDRZEJCZYK "Yo Yo" St. Mary Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Basketball . . . Manager . . . Will someone invent a zippered coat . . . The brain in P.O.D. . . . The minimum 3 lb. lunch. CAROLINE BARNOSKY "Carl" St. Mary Business Cheerleader . . . Melodines . . • The MIRROR ... I'm in a rut! . . . Stock in a gum factory? ... St. Matt's Betsy Ross . . . Impatient for the bell. CASIAAIR J. BLASZCZYK "Kaz" St. Mary Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . SAMASCRIPT Staff . . . Accordionist . . . Know the latest record? . . . Future professor of biology . . . An attentive student. KENNETH LEE BAKER "Kenny" St. Eleanor General Editor of the MIRROR . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . Dramatics . . . School reporter of Times-Herald . . . Twinkle toes plus a talent for the piano. r FRANCIS M. BIRCH "Franny" St. Mary General Football . . . Basketball . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . Clockwatcher . . . Easy on the eyes . . . It's in the basket . . . Quiet disposition unless aroused.JOSEPH A. BLASZAK "Curly" St. Mary General Kept watchful eye to see that his K.P. turn didn't come too often . . . Knowing smile . . . Dislikes being taken for a Freshman. FREDERICK E. BROWN "Fred" St. Gertrude General "Honest, I didn't do it" . . . Has unique habit of changing stairs . . . endures even the most trying experiences—even English. LEONARD M. BRYOSKA "Lenny" St. Mary General Another Mechanical drawing whiz . . . Friend of whom at third lunch? . . . Gives the impression of being quiet. FRANCIS A. BURNS "Nedzie" St. Mary General Pius X Glee Club . . . color guard . . . Glee Club will miss his tenor . . . "Who's A. J. ?" . . . Keeps an eye on the weather. After a morning of hard work, the seniors relax at their favorite period.BERNARD AUGUSTINE CANNON “Bennie" St. Katherine Academic Football Manager . . . Basketball manager . . . Glee Club . . . Wayne's gift to St. Matt's . . . Refused to get excited at any time. URSULA MARIE COSTELLO “Bonnie" St. Matthew General "Going my way?" . . . Another stock holder in the "gum" factory . . . Warning question "Do you know your English?" . . . Always willing to lend a helping hand. NOEL MARIE CARROLL "Noel" St. Matthew General Choir . . . Basketball . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Favorite student in P.O.D.? . . . Always co-operated in school activities. ALBERT LAWRENCE CUSTER "Larry" Epiphany Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Expert mechanic ... He took school good naturedly, keenly alert for any humorous aspects . . . Thoughtful . . . Willing to help. RALPH ANTHONY COSCIA "Costa" St. Matthew Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Who me, Sister? . . . Conshohocken skyline appealed to Ralph—thinking of getting in the construction game? CARMELLA Dl SANTO "Mel" Holy Savior Business SAMASCRIPT . . . Band . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Basketball . . . Enthusiastic drummer . . . Full of chuckles . . . Loves those Band trips.ROBERT F. DLUGASZEWSKI "Bob" St. Mary , Academic Football . . . Basketball . . . The quiet type, perhaps? . . . Trig. Whiz . . . Stock in the A P? JOHN ANTHONY DROZD "Nohn" St. Mary Academic Football . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . Captain of MIRROR gridders . . . Can be serious, but not often . . . Quite a lad. RAYMOND MICHAEL DUFF "Hondo, Jr." St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Accordion . . . Ever notice his curly locks? . . . Another mechanical drawing devotee. ANNA MARIE EDWARDS "Nancy" St. Matthew Academic Choir . . . Melodines . . . Band . . . Dramatics . . . Willing helper . . . The other "May I help you, please?" WILLIAM J. FARRELL "Sonny" St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Easy does it . . . "Pull with whom in Upper Merion?" JEREMIAH WILLIAM FREAS "Jed" St. Matthew General Football . . . Rough and ready . . . Will be missed on the field. center ROSALIE AGNES FUSCO "Roe" St. Cosmas and Damian General The Greeks have a word for a certain type of driving . . . Bubbling over with good humor. JOAN MARIE FOLEY "Joanie" St. Matthew General Choir . . . Melodines . . . Band . . . The MIRROR . . . Co-Storekeeper . . . Agreeable and generous chauffeur . . . "The" Pepsi Cola girl . . . When do we eat? . . . "Sail Along, Silvery Moon." 1 I THOMAS VINCENT GALIE "Schroder" St. Matthew Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . Dramatics . . . Basketball . . . Happy go lucky . . . Cicefo's friend . . . Wake up little Suzy . . . Where's that key? C 0 KClO — Q+ 2 KCL ON DECOMPOSITION Paul Hyer, John Drozd, and Gerard Pierce are interested in a little problem of their own. HELEN JEAN GARDOCKI "Helch" St. Mary General Melodines . . . Band . . . Dramatics . . . What you don't know won't hurt you— unless you mean English!! . . . "Tell Me Why." DAVID MICHAEL GIBSON "Hoot" St. Philip Academic Dramatics . . . The MIRROR . . . SAMA-SCRIPT . . . Another Rembrandt ... A transplant from Audubon . . . Another quiet man. iTIONS IZxtH SO,—»ZhSO NaOH+HCL- SINCLE REPLACE 1ff DOUBLE REPI Sister Euphrosine explains the mechanical advantage of a single movable pulley to Carl Joseph, Mark’ Quinn, and Albert Montemayor. ROBERT M. GLEBA "Tree" St. Mary General Piux X Glee Club . . . Football . • • Pipes! . . . Always the innocent, look . . . A powerful gridder . . . "Anytime." MARIE CECELIA GROHOSKI "Ree" St. Mary General Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . SAMASCRIPT . . . Band . . . Basketball . . . Let's have a party?? . . . Typical woman driver . . . Wants ticket to the—Moon!x' W I I' JAMES NORMAN GUCKAVAN •• i: " Jim St. Anthony Academic North Catholic's contribution to St. Matt's . . . Appears to be the shy, reserved type . . . Who knows? . . . "Undecided." I I I JOSEPH R. HANNUM "Dicker" St. Gertrude General Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Basketball . . . Arthur Murray's rival . . . Ambition to conduct Glee Club. MARGARET M. HAINES "Peggy" St. Augustine Business Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . SAMA-SCRIPT . . . Nice to know . . . Trim and neat . . . Flying high with the Air Force. WALTER M. HAUK "Nordie" St. Matthew Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . Football Manager . . . Physics Scholar? . . . Binnie's partner . . . A good scout . . . "It's Later Than You Think." WILLIAM J. HANNA "Monk" St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Waddy's business rival . . . "Just one more chance?" . . . "The Joker." JOHN PATRICK HIGGINS "Hunt" St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Cha Cha Champ . . . The wee man—but be careful! . . . One of the boys.JAMES G. HILDEBRAND "Jimmy" St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Football . . . Basketball . . . Friend of the friendless . . . May I borrow your car to take-home? PAUL VINCENT HYER "Lou" St. Matthew Academic Kinahan Club . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . Dramatics . . . Second only to Einstein . . . "Frankness is a virtue" . . . Provocative grin . . . The sleuth in Nelly Kelly. JACQUELINE PATRICIA JACQUOT "Jackie" St. Gertrude Business Melodines . . . SAMASCRIPT . . . Villa-nova fan? . . . "I'm hungry!" . . . Qualified as a punctuation teacher . . . Note the '57 Ford. 'I r ? EDWARD LAWRENCE JANKOWSKI "Lazarus" St. Mary Academic Tall, silent type ... A pleasant smile, when it is turned on . . . But, why "Lazarus"?CARL WILLIAM JOSEPH "Flat Top" St. Anthony Academic Glee Club . . . Dramatics . . . SAMA-SCRIPT Staff . . . "Jiminies" ... A onetime curly locks ... A good fellow to know . . . Usual objective—North Lane. . . . Baritone. MARIE JOSEPHINE LOCHETTO "Re-Re" St. Joseph General Band . . . Melodines . . . Basketball . . . Dramatics . . . Pleasing personality . . . Sharp dresser . . . Photogenic . . . Everything is black. KATHLEEN A. KELLY "Cass" St. Gertrude General Basketball manager . . . Melodines . . . Choir . . . The MIRROR . . . Considerate and thoughtful . . . Truly a friend in need . . . "Let's Go to the Hop." MARY ANN MACK St. Mary General Melodines . . . SAMASCRIPT . . . The MIRROR . . . Ex-Connoughtown maiden . . . Miss Penn Fruit . . . Passion for Pizza . . . "Wait for me!" RICHARD LEWANDOWSKI "Rich" St. Mary General Pius X Glee Club . . . Reynold's partner in crime . . . "Open the windows!" . . . Cool Ivy League dresser. KATHLEEN ANNE MALLON "Kathy" St. Philip Business Basketball . . . Melodines . . . Cupcakes and pizza . . . Loves those 100 word dictations . . . Interesting outside activities.JAMES J. MARKS "Sneezy" St. Mary General Football . . . Basketball . . . Frequent visitor to Blackhorse . . . Why? . . . Looking for Stay-Put for his hair . . . Favorite study—M.D. ■ THOMAS LAWRENCE McFADDEN "Tee" St. Matthew Academic Football . . . Basketball . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . Tall and lanky, but easy on the eyes . . . Ardent student of the Spencerian Era . . . Favorite subject—Mechanical Drawing! BARBARA JEAN MAZIARZ "Barb" St. Mary Commercial Choir . . . Melodines . . . Food Fair employee . . . Bye-the-Way fan . . . Often visits the Library—unusual? . . . Studious and generous. ALBERT EUGENE MONTEMAYOR "Panch" St. Matthew Academic Kinahan Society . . . Dramatics . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . Latin Lover . . . Scourge of the Debating group . . . Did you ever hear him laugh? CAROL ANN MICHALSKI "Irish" St. Mary Commercial SAMASCRIPT Artist . . . Generous with time and talent . . . Jolly import from New York . . . Colgate smile . . . Oh! those long distance phone calls . . . Loves that India Ink! JOYCEANN MULHOLLAND "Joy" St. Matthew General Cheerleader . . . Melodines . . . Peppy cheerleader . . . Short and sweet . . . Loves surprise Bookkeeping Tests . . . Partial to bananas.EVELYN McKEEVER "Evelyn" St. Matthew Business Loves those Bookkeeping tests . . . But the Stenog. dictations!! . . . Always agreeable and willing to assist. GERARD W. PIERCE "Gerry" St. Matthew Academic Pius X Glee Club . . . Dramatics . . . Memories of the Smokers' Club? . . . Difficult to catch his mood . . . Plymouth's A-1 Caddy. JOHN JAMES NIBLO "Nibs" St. Gertrude General Pius X Glee Club . . . The Glee Club will miss his tenor . . . Don't be deceived by that guileless look . . . Always the gentleman. ELIZABETH M. PRIMAVERA "Betty" St. Matthew General Choir . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . "Deep in the Heart of Texas" . . . Nose for clothes ... An authority on bows . . . Gracious manner. GEORGE L. O'DONNELL "Skipp" St. Joseph General Pius X Glee Club . . . Skipp brought a ray of sunshine into our lives in his junior year . . . He's the picture of contentment, since! JACQUELINE PUPECK "Jackie" St. Francis of Assissi General Melodines . . . Anyone kept score on the hair dos? . . . Quiet and thoughtful . . . Pleasant smile.BARBARA JOAN QUIGLEY "Barb" St. Matthew General Melodines . . . Band . . . Shy, reserved type in class . . . But, "We're Getting to Know You!" MARGARET MARY QUINN "Margie" St. Matthew Academic Choir . . . Band . . . More than meets the eye . . . Quiet one of the class, but in the cafeteria! . . . Collector for the needy. MARK FRANCIS QUINN "Markus" St. Matthew Academic Kinahan Club . . . Pius X Glee Club . . . General Motors enthusiast . . . Regards forensics less wearing than football. Operation Windows! We were - accomplishment. very young and very proud of ourREGINA MARIE REMAR "Jeanie" Our Mother of Sorrows Commercial Choir . . . Melodines . . . Class poet . . . "What's the intention of this month?" . . . Smiling Jeanie. - - • WILLIAM E. REYNOLDS "Bill" St. Matthew General Pius X Glee Club . . . Flashes an "Ipana Smile" . . . Another of our tenors . . . For the latest in clothes, consult Bill. MARY ANNE ROKOSZ St. Mary General Melodines . . . Connaughtown commuter Service with a smile ... As quiet as she is earnest. CAROL ROMANO "Carol" St. Matthew Academic Choir . . . Melodines . . . Loves that Acme checking . . . Often seen on the West side . . . Frequent trips to Dreamland. JOAN ESTHER ROMANOUGH "Pocahontas" SS. Cosmas and Damian Academic SAMASCRIPT . . . Band . . . Class artist . . . Never turns anyone away with a sad heart! . . . Villanova fan.ROSALIE ANN ROSSI "Rose” St. Matthew Business Choir . . . Melodines . . . Band . . . Pleasant manner . . . Eager to help . . . Is 65 her favorite number? ELIZABETH ROWE "Betty" St. Matthew General Anything for a laugh . . . Miss Food Fair . . . Bookkeeping whiz . . . GERALDINE SCHIMPF "Gerry" St. Philip General Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Basketball . . . Band . . . "My Fair Lady" . . . Calm, cool, and collected . . . Baby-sitter par excellent! CATHERINE AGNES SHINNERS "Cathy" St. Matthew General Choir . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Basketball . . . Band . . . Popular among the underclassmen . . . Where, oh, where did the pony tail go? . . . f |ow we have acjVanced to the "stained glass" window stage.EILEEN JOAN SMITH "Leenie" St. Matthew Academic Basketball . . . Choir . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Band ... St. Gabriel's competitor? . . . Not exactly the loquacious type . . . Always ready for mischief. BARBARA ANNE STANISZEWSKI "Barb" St. Mary Commercial Melodines . . . Nice to know . . . Obliges with a smile . . . Soft spoken . . . Dependable. STEPHEN FRANCIS SMITH "Smitty" Our Mother of Divine Providence Academic Glee Club . . . Dramatics . . . SAMA-SCRIPT ... No trouble with "Smitty's" hair-do this year!!! . . . Congenial to a point . . . Ardent English student? PATRICIA MARIE STEAD "Pat" St. Philip General Short and sweet . . . Mr. Brannau's "Sleepy Time Gal" . . . "Wow, what long finger nails!!!" . . . Fun loving type. DEANNA FAITH SPENCER "Dee" St. Matthew General Dramatics . . . Betty's shadow . . . Loves T-bone steaks . . . Giggles . . . "How does my hair look?" REGINA ANN TAMMARO "Jeannie" St. Cosmas and Damian Academic Cheerleader . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . "Live wire cheerleader" . . . Crazy about Latinl ... If it's for S.M.H.S., she's for it.’ GERALDINE MARY TANCINI "Gerry" St. Cosmas and Damian Business Choir . . . Melodines . . . Dramatics . . . Basketball . . . "Is my hair turned up?" . . . The Shorthand whiz. ANDREA TORRES "Dea" St. Matthew Business Choir . . . Melodines . . . Band . . . Hers is a Colgate smile . . . Where's the food? . . . Louie Armstrong's rival. ELIZABETH THERESA TORRES "Betsy" St. Matthew Business Choir . . . Melodines . . . Band . . . Toots a cool French horn ... To keep the record straight, Betsy favors Pepso-dent! MARYANN ROSE TUREK St. Mary Business Melodines . . . Never ruffled . . • Hasn't revealed her chief interest . . . Friend of all. Carmella DiSanto is happy to show that A-l's plane soared into the stratosphere, but whose plane interests Marie Grohoski?JOAN KEY WELCER "Joanie" St. Mary Business Melodines . . . Cool, calm, and collected . . . Tireless worker . . . Cooperative. DOROTHY B. WILKINSON St. Mary Academic Melodines . . . Choir . . . Band . . . Dramatics . . . SAMASCRIPT . . . Basketball . . . Believes that music has charms . . . College bound. WALTER D. WILLIHNGANZ "Willie" St. Philip Academic Dramatics . . . Basketball . . . Last but not least to join Class of '58 . . . Flair for words . . . Versatile . . . Remember "O Holy Night"? MARION RUTH WOOD "Marion" St. Matthew Business Enjoys life . . . Contagious smile . . . Conspicuous for her long curls. MARIE HELEN WOODWARD "Marie" St. Helena Business Choir . . . Melodines . . . SAMASCRIPT . . . Dramatics . . . Band . . . My father said . . . Typing Specialist . . . Obliging and dependable . . . Villanova rooter. "Josie St. Mary Business Mr. Brannau's quiz kid . . . Never worried; never hurried . . . Always ready for dismissal.SENIORS T H E Y S E T T H E P A C E Each morning after prayers is heard throughout St. Matthew's "I pledge allegiance to the flag . . . one nation under God with liberty and justice for all." 1 Father Schnorr endeavors to make clear to his students by explanation and illustration, one of the common proofs of the existence of God.These Latin III students had better look to their laurels! Sister William Joseph doesn't look happy!!! Is Richard tripping over that construction? Is there an English probe around the corner, or has their English teacher at long last aroused a little interest in the "Mother tongue"? Is it possible that the U.N. is unaware of our Problems of Democracy classes? All Mr. Brannau's students need is a little encouragement from that august assembly. No longer do variables, constants, sines, and cosines sound like a foreign tongue. Casimir Blaszczyk's demonstration shows that Sister Rita Aloysia has cleared up any misunderstanding.Very tantalizing odors escape from Sister Maxima's department on the days when the future Betty Crockers bake cake, after cake, after c-a-k-e! Under Sister Miriam de Sales' watchful eye, Joseph Hannum explains Deanna Spencer's entry. Who can say that there are not future exexecutives in Mrs. Drake's Office Practice group? Are J. Blaszak and L. Brzoska going into partnership?JUNIORS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Joseph Barnyock, Joseph Vishio, Joseph Nowak, Edna Ward, Patricia Gallagher, and Maryanne Jelesiewicz.We get another slant on American History as Patricia Burns indicates to Walter Ratkowski. What is puzzling Albert? Chemistry should not put furrows in one's brow!Literal equations! F. Arnone and C. Koldys are waiting for Sister Rita Aloysia's approval. What's delaying R. Carr?How to cut a fine figure, figuratively and literally, is the aim of these young garment designers. In preparation for the Christmas program, this junior division of the Glee Club sings lustily "It's Christmas in Killarney." Robert Goldberg at the piano.SOPHOMORES c R u s A D E F 0 R P R E S T 1 G E REPRESENTATIVES ASCENDING, left to right: Michael Campbell, Mary Ann Cefaratti, David Fondots, Patricia Ford, Michael Wilson, Joanne Wallace, James Pieklo, and Elaine Mooney."Darkness over Rome"—Is Rita Williams attempting to dispel the clouds by her explanation? At least, the girls are interested in her answer. Sandra Cardamone, Robert Goldberg, and John Hamaday are proving that given lines are parallel. Who is the girl volunteering assistance? Tenses of infinitive used with indirect discourse explained by Jacqueline Dougherty and Margaret Carney. «"urvb ifIt's early in the year, but these interested sophomores will, no doubt, give evidence in their exams of Sister Mary Gregory's hard work. Ah! Biologists ... It is to be hoped that that elusive paramecium "swims into their ken." (A passing bow to the shade of Keats.) With Sister Helen Regina at the helm, this English II group seems quite confident that gerund and participial phrases will no longer confuse them.Sir Roger de Coverley, that good old Knight, lives again for these juniors as Constance Koldys recounts his naive prejudices. "Les etudiants" of French I who cannot presently visit Paris have captured the spirit of that gay city in their improvised street caf£. Their smiles tell us, "C'est si bon."FRESHMEN DESCENDING, left to right: Anthony Wolfe, Marie Vishio, Charles Petruzzo, Marylou Quinn, Gerald Hamaday, Andrea Dippolito, and Beverly Bain-bridge.Sister Marie Dorothy instructs those future Glee Club members, Melodines, and Choir in the art that "hath charms" to . . . well, it depends!Day of Doom! Sister Maxima returns test papers!! Mary Pagnotti seems reluctant, but there are others who seem to wish the ordeal over. All the mystery and the cunning of the art of grammar are once more (and will be again) graphically explained to these freshies. Roseann DiGregorio and Francis Gamza demonstrate their mastery of algebraic signs, etc. Mr. Zajac clears up a point for Catherine Jenski.Captain John Drozd shakes hands with opposing team's co-captains. TEAM'S RECORD S.M.H.S. 0 S.M.H.S_______ 0 S.M.H.S. 0 S.M.H.S.......12 S.M.H.S_____ 6 S.M.H.S. 6 S.M.H.S....... 0 S.M.H.S. 18 S.M.H.S. 0 S.M.H.S. 30 St. Joseph 27 Malvern __________ 7 Allentown ........ 6 Reading .......... 7 St. Jos., Cam. ...... 0 Kenrick 19 Salesianum ...... 22 Gloucester . . 26 Conshohocken . 6 Nativity _________12 Hildebrand receives last-minute instructions. The art of quick thinking is demonstrated by Lochetto.HP Bob DiRico makes a long pass. For whom is Higgins waiting? Di Donate has a sure hold on the old pig-skin!Bob DiRico scoots around end, as Neve and Higgins move in to help. Andrejczyk does a job.Jim Hildebrand appears headed for a stone wall. Will John Higgins clear the way? It's a lot of work!! ... But it pays off!Flu takes toll! Hannum smears Salesianum.Heads or tails? St. Matt's warms up.Jump shot by McBreen.Jack Lukowski scrambles for ball against Kenrick. Hildebrand makes lay-up. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Lepera Ed Hanger Julian Pin Mike Wilson Martin Stalone Leo Kelly Mike Campbell Fran Higgins Jack Knaecke George Schools Bob Bowman KNEELING: Don Stemple Coach Bowe Manager ST. MATT'S RESERVES-Hope of the Future.SENIOR MIRRORETTES Geraldine Tancini Kathleen Mallon MANAGERS: Kathleen O'Brien, and Kathleen Kelly Eileen SmithVARSITY TEAM Will Connie be able to pass her guard? Lay-up shot by Mary O'Byrne.Stay with her, Eileen! Jump ball for Connie Koldys and visiting opponent. Mary Ellen takes a firm stand before that ball.Rose Ann takes a shot—Connie and Mary on edge! FIRST ROW: Mary Maher Joanne O'Donnell Patricia Travegline Carroll Ehlinger Carol Foster Marie Jordon SECOND ROW: Sandra Casavecchia Mary Ann Cefaratti Susan Dagliesh THIRD ROW: Nancy Clark Jane Spanish Anita BobenreithSAMASCRIPT 1 Lest we forget . . . PLANNING THE LAYOUT EDITOR: Carol Michalski LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Grohoski, Richard Evan, Dorothy Wilkinson, Joan Romanough, Casimir Blaszak, and Thomas McFadden.STAFF 1958 'iKiiuiii TYPISTS: M. Mack, M. Woodward, C. DiSanto, M. McCall, J. Jacquot, and M. Haines. Doesn't David agree with Carol's suggestion? mis 1 The pause that refreshes . . .5$ John Pasqualini, Martin Stalonc. Robert Goldburg. Gibson, M. Mack, A. Dippolito, K. Kelly, P. Zollo, B. Cardamone, J. Muscatello, M. Canon, M. Freas, . Costello, scan school paper.EDITOR: Kenneth Baker; CO-EDITOR: David Fondots Associate Editor, David Gibson, explains layout to: Mary Lou DeSantis, Mary Fineran, Charlotte Pienkos, Priscilla Kobuszewka, Patricia Shipman, Felicia Jemionek, Florence Connelly, Eileen Lepera, Louise Nicolai, Lawerencine Mazzoli. CONTRIBUTORS: Elizabeth Chiccarine Salvatore Boccuti Michael Campbell Leona Horchak Sandra Bronchello Margaret Carney John Hamaday seem to enjoy their work.HAPPY MEMORIES OF DAYS THAT ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN: Mary McAvoy CHAPEL AIDES: Catherine McAvoy, Kathy Urban, Lucy Stryminski, and Patricia Zollo. LIBRARY AIDES: Carol Ehlinger, Judy DiGugliehmo, and Connie Gleba. Always gracious MRS. A. McNALLY, Secretary.MERE — “BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY” Each lunch period is brightened by the smiles of Mrs. Riker, Mrs. Marwood, Mrs. Kathleen Kelly permits no smudges on Father Riley and Mrs. McAvoy. Schuster's desk!CO-OPERATION PLUS Is there a "special" on, or is it the pleasant manner of the sales "ladies" that attracts the crowd? Always ready and willing. BOTTOM ROW: Judith Stanley, Marie Vishio, Patricia Sheehi, and Nancy Varone. TOP ROW: Elaine Cardamone, Mary Ann Girardi, Mary Ann VanZutphen, Carol Zadroga, and Dorothy Vandevira.KINAHAN SOCIETY On December 7 St. Matthew's was host school for an Original Oratory Tournament. Mark Quinn and John Hamaday registered the entrants in the tournament. Debaters on their way to St. Joseph's Prep: John Hamaday, Gennaro Ciaverello, John Costa, and Joseph Bielecki. Participants in Original Oratory Tournament—RONALD GALARUS has the attention of Albert Montemayor, David Fondots, Gennaro Ciaverello, David Galie, Paul Hyer, and Joanne Wallace.GLORIA INEXCELSIS DEO St. Joseph: Kenneth Baker; Blessed Mother: Margaret Haines; Shepherds: C. Blaszczyk, G. Pierce and 'Christmas in Killarney Narrator: Albert MontmayerSEVEN "I Can Get Married Today" as sung by Genesis: David Fondots; Willie: Walter Willihnganz; and Mr. Genesis: Kenneth Baker.TEEN Mrs. Baxter: Rose Ann Rio; and Jane: Adele Brooks. Mr. Parcher declares himself! Mr. Baxter; Mrs. Parcher: Regina Tammaro; and Mr. Parcher: James Mullen.THE REV. JAMES J. MARLEY Senior Student Officers meet informally with the Retreat Master. RETREAT Holy Week 1958SENIORS DISPLAY FASHIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Foley, E. Primavera, K. Kelly, M. Rokosz, M. Mack, M. Lochetto, and D. Spencer. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Mulholland, Patricia Stead, Rosalie Fusco, Ursula Costello, Barbara Quigley, Geraldine Schimpf, and Catherine Shinners. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Grohoski, Elizabeth Primavera, Catherine Shinners.JUNIORS At long last Mother may relax and daughter takes over!1958 SPRINGFESTIVAL Senior Serenaders; Walter Willihnganz sings "Blue Moon" Accordion Ensemble; directed by Mr. Joseph Surmiak. Lourdes; Dorothy Wilkinson portrays the Blessed Mother, Elizabeth Primavera, Bernadette.FASCINATION Beside the Chinese gong: Eileen Smith, George O'Donnell, RoseAnn Rio, and Bernard Cannon. William Hanna and Joan Romanough pause to pose! At least three are considering the depth of the "water.Rev. Walter Laut PATRONS The Most Rev. John F. O'Hara, C.S.C., D.D. The Most Rev. J. Carroll McCormick, D.D. The Most Rev. Joseph McShea, D.D. Mr. and Mrs. G. Bainbridge Casimir Blaszczyk Rev. Joseph Basovsky Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Baker Catherine Blewett Rev. Thomas J. Blessington, O.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. John Bakula Mrs. Timothy Blong Rev. James Burgoyne Nora Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Blong Jr. Rev. Edward Conran, J.C.D. Mr. and Mrs. B. Baldyga Mr. and Mrs. F. Bobenrieth Rev. Joseph J. Daley Mr. and Mrs. B. Baldyga Bob and Larry Rev. Thomas Delaney, O.S.A. Mrs. Anna Balbier Elaine Boccella '57 Rev. George Delia Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baldyga David L. Bocchino Jr. Rev. Anthony Doyle Mrs. Regina Barnocchi Salvatore Bocchino Rev. Joseph E. Grady Sophie and Catherine Baran Elizabeth Boccuti Rev. Sebastian Jerzak Pat Baranowski '57 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Boccuti Rev. Thomas Kelly, D.D. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baranowski Elaine Boccella Rev. Leo MacGinley, D.D. Benny and Sons—Barbers Butch Boccuti '60 Rev. James McEnery Reds Barbone Madelyn Boccuti '57 Rev. Charles McGovern Albert J. Barkafski Mrs. S. C. Boehm Rev. James McGrory Mr. and Mrs. Felix Barnosky Mr. and Mrs. J. Bokoski Rev. George Murphy, J.C.D. Mrs. George Barr Mr. and Mrs. J. Bolger Rev. Alexander Sawers Ann Barr Mr. and Mrs. J. Bolger Rev. Victor Strumia, D.D. Mary Diane Barr Conrad F. Bond Edward J. Abbott Marguerite M. Barrett Mrs. Mary Bonkowski Mr. and Mrs. E. Abrams Basile Decorators Mr. and Mrs. J. Boniecki James Adams Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bateman Catherine Booth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Albanese Frank Bateman Mr. John Booth Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Albanese Dick and Joe Bate Ann Booth Mr. and Mrs. Philip Albanese Mrs. G. Bath Mr. and Mrs. C. Botto Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Michael M. Bawovniak Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Botto Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alexander By-the-Way's Dinette Miss Margaret Botto Raymond Alexander Charles J. Beale Mr. and Mrs. J. Borusiewicz Henry Alexandrowicz Mr. and Mrs. J. Beal Gloria Borowik Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alexandrowicz Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Beck Harry K. Borman Lee Allan '58 Donna L. Beecher '57 Mrs. Anna Borkowski Allen's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Becker Dolores Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allen Paul F. Beener Mrs. Charles Borkowski Mrs. George M. Allman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Berkezchuk Richard A. Borkowski Almo Radio Co. Angelo Bello Mr. Frank Bogdanski Ambler Beverage Co. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bellito, Jr. Mr. Stephen Bogdanski Ambler Drug Co. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bello Mr. and Mrs. Bartley Bokoski Ambler Fashion Shop Benedict and Berts Dorothy Bokoski '56 The Ambler Gazette Harriet Bencloff Mr. and Mrs. John Bosack The Ambler Gazette Benedetto's Jewelry Shop Mrs. Michel Bosco Ambler Liberty Sporting Club Bert's Village Shop Miss Cass Bosco Ambler News Agency Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Bernstiel Frank Bossock Wm. Amman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Best Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bowe Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anasiewicz Betty's Children's Shop James M. Bowe Phyllis Andre '56 Bethward Manor Nursing Home Mr. Martin Bowe, Sr. Mrs. Rose Andreoni Antoinette Bevivino Mr. and Mrs. James Bowe Joan M. Andrzejczyk '57 Mr. and Mrs. Beyer Thomas Bowe '52 Miss Marie Andrzejczyk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bielecki Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bowe Mrs. Stefania Andrzejczyk Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bielawski Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Bowe Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Andrzejczyk Chester Bielawski, Jr. Edward Bowe Anne Murray Salons Big John Cafe Judith and Robert Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Antonelli Bill Frederick's Auto Repair Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowe Elizabeth Angeny Stanley J. Birch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman Mrs. Carmen Angle Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Birch Miss Ann Boyce Mrs. Patrick Angle Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bisbing H. C. Boyle Leota Arllen Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bland Sylvia Boyle Marge Armstrong Mrs. Wm. Black Mrs. M. Boyle Jay Auch Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Stanely Aungst Mrs. Frances Blake John P. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Augustine A. M. Blanche Sr. Jane Bozewicz '54 Carl J. Aumann A. M. Blanche Jr. Jane R. Bozewicz '54 Mr. and Mrs. John Aunsworth Mrs. Annette Blaszczak Mrs. E. Brodric Carmen Aversano Mr. Blaszczak Mrs. Bradley Mrs. Cecelia B. Avery Joseph Blaszak Dorothy and Elizabeth Brandt Mr. Frederick C. Avery Sr. Mr. Richard Blasy Mrs. Mary K. Brady Gerald Avery Mrs. Leo Blaszczyk Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Braun John Bacchi Mr. Leo Blaszczyk Jack Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Leo Blaszczyk Mr. and Mrs. Raymond BrandtDr. Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bradley Branis Gas Station Mr. and Mrs. Brass Sr. Frank Brass Jr. Bill Bradley Mrs. J. Brennan Mrs. Agnes Brendlinger Mrs. M. Brennan Mrs. William Bresnan Betty Breslin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brett Mrs. Joan Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Sile Bronchello Sandra Bronchello Adele Brooks '63 Mrs. Benjamin A. Brooks Jr. Mrs. Michael Brown John Brown Mrs. Irene Brown Ralph Brown Kathleen Brown Mrs. Frank Brown Janet Brumbough Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bruno Ann Bruno Josephine Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bruno John R. Bruno, M.D. Rocco Bruno '57 Mrs. Mary Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bryngelevish Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Brzoska John E. Bunt Rev. James Burgoyne Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burke Mr. and Mrs. J. Burnoskey Mrs. Joseph Burns Mr. and Mrs. John J. Burns John A. Burns '56 Tex Burns '46 Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burke Mr. and Mrs. Leo Burk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burt Marion Burt Joseph Burns Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Burns Burt's Television Service Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burton Mary Burke '59 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burton Mr. J. Burzacki Frances and Art Buseck Mr. and Mrs. John Buswick Bruce Butler '68 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Butler James Bynon Mrs. Ann Cabot Catherine M. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Caikowski Barbara and Charles Caikoski Caldwell's Cigar Store Mr. and Mrs. John C. Campbell Richard Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Camburn Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Campbell Anne Campbell Mrs. Alan Campbell John J. Campbell Mrs. John Campbell Mrs. John Campbell Jim Campbell Mrs. Dorothy Campbell Bernard A. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Cannon Frances Cannon Mary Lou Cannon Mr. and Mrs. N. Cappelletti Joann Capone Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Cappelletti Mr. and Mrs. Peter Capinski Joseph A. Capone Mrs. Mary T. Capone Carr Brothers Mr. and Mrs. William Carr Samuel Cardamone '56 Mrs. Thomas Carney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carney Mr. and Mrs. J. Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cardamone Thomas Carney Jane A. Carroll Carol and Marlene Janet Caramenico '56 Eleanor J. Cardamone Michael A. Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Francis Carr Miss Margaret Carlino Mrs. Russell Carson Mr. and Mrs. Pat Carlino Louisa Carney Elaine Caramenico '61 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carroll Raymond Carr Mr. and Mrs. R. Cardamone Mr. Joseph V. Cardamone Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Cardamone Mrs. Agnes Cardamone Mrs. John Carolenuto Mr. and Mrs. John Carlino Joseph Carpineto Mrs. J. T. Carroll Mrs. Catherine Carr Carl '58 Marie K. Carroll Mrs. Mary Carpineto Pvt. David G. Carroll Katherine M. Carroll Mary Elizabeth Carroll Caseys Home Bakery William Casey Helen Cassel '56 Mrs. Dominic Casinelli Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cashore Mary D. Casey Anne G. Caton Roe, Jane and Catherine '56 Edward J. Cavanaugh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cavanaugh "The Cavaliers" Mr. and Mrs. P. Guerre Chaley, Jr. Charles Hicks Store Charles Hair Styling Donald Champagne William Cherry Ches-Pen Don-Nuts Frederick Chesky, III Chicks Baum Gardens Mr. and Mrs. Chiccarine Bette Chiccarine Mr. and Mrs. Frank Christof Adolph Christensen, Contracting Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Chylack Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ciaccia A. H. Ciccaroni-Wm. Galluzo T. Ciccarone, Shoe Rebuilding Mr. and Mrs. Stanely Cieciorka Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Clayboss Claire's Mr. and Mrs. John M. Clark J. Donald Clark Mr. and Mrs. William Clark Edward F. Clark Mrs. J. Donald Clark Mr. and Mrs. John J. Clark Julia E. Clinton Mrs. Elizabeth Cody Charles Cody J. and R. Coffee Corner Mr. Edward Coheen Joan Collins '56 Eleanor Colburn Mr. and Mrs. John Colluci Colonial Pharmacy Dolores G. Colona '47 Sgt. and Mrs. William T. Cole Mrs. Mary Connelly Conshohocken Hotel Mrs. Adline Constable August J. Conicello Charles and Connie Shop Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Connelly Charles Connell Dr. Jane Connor, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Connors Conshohocken News Agency Conshohocken Plywood Co. Charles J. Conroy Conshohocken V.F.W. Post 1074 James Coonan Gene Cooper Sherod M. Cooper, M.D. Miss Christine Cooper Miss Ida Mae Cooper Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cook Gloria Corcoran '57 Francis Cory George C. Corson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Corrigan Mrs. Rose Coscia Joan Coscia '57 Mr. Anthony Costello John Costello Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Coscia Catherine Costa S. Anthony Coscia Mae Costello Miss Catherine Costello Joseph L. Costello Daniel Costello Mary Costello J. B. Costello Joseph A. Costello Mrs. Anthony Costello Margaret Costello Frances Costello Tony Costello Josephine Cowman Mrs. Mary Cox Mrs. Daniel F. Coyle Mr. Daniel F. Coyle Rev. G. Francis Craven Mrs. George F. Craven Mr. and Mrs. James CravenMr. Raymond Craven Donald F. Craig Mrs. Craft John J. Craft Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cressman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cross John and Anne Cross Mr. and Mrs. James Cross Mr. and Mrs. James Cullen Mrs. Harry Cunningham Curly-Top Drive In Mr. and Mrs. David Custer Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cusack Larry Custer '58 P. Castratan Mrs. Anna Custer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Custer Helen Marie Czarnecki Mr. and Mrs. Dominic D'Addona Peter Da Grace Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dale Mrs. Mary Damato Mr. and Mrs. J. Matthew D'Ambrosio Patsy D'Amico Mr. and Mrs. Carmen A. Danella Mr. and Mrs. Peter D'Angelis Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D'Angelo Frank D'Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Frank D'Angelo Mr. Joseph D'Angelo Mr. and Mrs. William Danitz D'Annunzio Bros. Anne D'Apuzzo Mary Lou D'Apuzzo Miriam D'Apuzzo Nicholas D'Apuzzo Nicholas D'Apuzzo Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Davidson Mrs. John Davidson Mr. and Mrs. James Davis James J. Dawson James Byron Dean Jennie and John De Angelo Mr. Alphonso De Franco Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Del Buono Carry Del Conte Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dellaterza DeMarco's Bar Mr. and Mrs. John Dempsey Mr. Richard Dempsey Mrs. Pauline DeNendo Mr. and Mrs. George Denezi Michael T. Dennis, Sr. Mrs. J. L. Dennison A. J. DePallo Mrs. Mildred DePallo Mrs. Joseph DePaul Mrs. John DePaul Theresa and Rose DePaul Mr. and Mrs. R. DeRico Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiSantis Mr. and Mrs. Silvio J. DeSantis Francis J. Desimone James Desimone Mrs. Joseph Deturler Mr. and Mrs. William Deuber Mrs. Elizabeth DeCicco Mrs. John DiDonato Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Diesinger Mrs. Eva Diesinger Mrs. Margaret Diesinger Mr. and Mrs. A. DiGulielmo Jim and Judy DiGuglielmo Mr. and Mrs. M. DiGrazio Mr. and Mrs. John DiGregorio Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiGregorio Dan DiMedio Cass DiNino '57 Mary Dinsmore Andrea C. Dippolito Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dippolito Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dippolito Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dippolito Joseph DiRico '57 Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiRico Mr. Sarah DiRico Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiSanto Jr. Charles DiSanto Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas DiSanto Rose Anne DiSanto, BKHS Rose Di Scanno Genieve Dobbin Mrs. George Dobbin Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dobry Doc and Bert's Hogieland Mr. and Mrs. Armand Dodsworth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dolan Frank Dolanski Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dolewa Mrs. Anna Domijan Mr. and Mrs. John Donaghy Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Donahue Sr. Miss Dorothy Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Donnelly Anna Marie Donovan Mrs. Emma Donovan Mr. and Mrs. James Donovan Mrs. Margaret Donovan Mr. Paul Donovan Mr. Thomas Donovan Mr. A. D'Orazio D'Orsaneo Meat Market Dougherty's Pharmacy Mrs. Eleanor M. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. F. Dougherty Mrs. John Dougherty Officer M. Dougherty Doughnuts '61 Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Doughty Miss Carolyn Douglas Mrs. Walter Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Drake Philip Drapikoski Mr. and Mrs. W. Drislane Tom Dross '57 Mr. John Drozd Vincent Drozd Mr. and Mrs. S. Drzymalski Mr. Peter Duchinski Mrs. Helen Duckworth Mrs. Jean K. Duda Mr. and Mrs. John Duff, Sr. John R. Duff, Jr. '55 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dugan Joseph P. Dugas Mrs. Josephine Dugas Mrs. Loretta Dugas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duncan Walter J. Dunlevy Sophie M. Durbas Charles Durga Mrs. Jenny Duva Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dylba Ray Earle Ray Earle Raymond H. Earl Francis Early Jim Echert '56 Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards George F. Edwards '57 James P. Edwards Paul Edwards Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards William E. Edwards Jr. '46 Mrs. Joseph A. Ehlinger Ernest F. Ehlinger Florence G. Ehlinger Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ehlinger Mr. and Mrs. John Ehrmann Dr. Eisenhouth Dr. D. R. Eisenhuth Gerald F. Eliff John P. Eliff Sr. Joseph P. English Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Entenman Mr. and Mrs. Otto Enteman Benjamin Erwin Marcella Erwin '57 Mrs. M. Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Esposto Mrs. Fred Essigg Andrew Evan Jr. Andrew Evan Sr. Richard Evan Mary Evan Mrs. John Evan Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ewing Rock Fabrizzio Peggy Fair '56 Mrs. William Fair Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. G. Farrell Irene Farrell '56 Mrs. James Farrell James P. Farrell Jr. '57 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Farrell Sr. Mr. James W. Farrell Mrs. James W. Farrell Lois Farrell '57 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fazio Joan Fazio Mr. and Mrs. Sal. Fazio Mr. and Mrs. V. Fazio Vincent Fazio Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fedele Mrs. Mary Feeney Dr. J. B. Fein Adam Ferraioli Mrs. Margaret Ferrier Helen FertaI Sanual Field Mr. and Mrs. A. Filanowicz Helen Fineran Mr. and Mrs. P. Fineran Mary Fineran Mrs. Edward Fineran Betty Ann Finnin Mr. Charles P. Finnin Mr. and Mrs. C. Fiorentino John A. Fischer Florence C. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Fitzpatrick Joan Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Carl Flack Fleming Motors Peter Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Bruno G. Flocco Mr. and Mrs. Vincent FloccoFlourbowl George Floyd George W. Floyd Mrs. Floyd Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Foley John B. Foley Mr. and Mrs. John Foley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Foley Julia H. R. Foley Julia H. R. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Julius Fomalont Mrs. Anthony Fondots Elizabeth Fondots Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fondots Miss Rita Fondots Yippy Fondots '45 Claire Ford Mr. and Mrs. John Ford Sr. Patricia Anne Ford Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ford Reba F. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Paul Foreman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Foster Jr. Mrs. W. Foster Sr. Mr. Anthony Frabezio Mr. and Mrs. David Frankenfield Frank and Joann Franny's Beauty Shop Fran Tone Beauty Parlor Mr. and Mrs. R. Frazer Edward C. J. Freas Gus Freas Jacob Freas Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freas, Jr. Mrs. Margaret Freas, Sr. Mrs. Russell S. Freas Mrs. Walter Freas Mr. and Mrs. William Freas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Frederick Mrs. Carmella Frederick Eleanor Frederick Elaine Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Frederick Freed Bros. Motor Co., Inc. Grace I. Freehafer Freshman Class D-l Freshman Class D-2 Morris Fried A Friend A Friend Helen C. Fritz James J. Fritz '57 Helen Frosty John L. Frye, D.D.S. Dr. John L. Frye Katherine Fulginiti Mrs. Mildred Fulginiti Susan Fulginiti Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fusco Rosalie Fusco '58 Samuel Gabin's Hardware Joseph J. Gadzicki Frank Galante Mr. and Mrs. Galarus Ronald, Albert, and Michael Galarus Mr. and Mrs. Helen Golas Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Galette Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Galie Boleslaw Gardocki Helena S. Gardocki Thomas Gardocki, D-2 Galie's Store Mrs. Galie's Groc. Store Mr. and Mrs. Peter Galie Mrs. Gallegher Mr. and Mrs. J. Gallagher Marie A. Gallagher Mary Gallagher '51 Mrs. Robt. E. Gallagher Anthony Gallo Gallo's Steak Shop Francis C. Gamza Frank W. Gamza Henry J. Gamza Stella Gamza Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gansz Mr. and Mrs. Ganzel Dottie and Phil Gardocki Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gardocki Mrs. Joseph Garnett Mrs. P. Garvey Laura Gaskin Marie C. Gauger '54 David Gaul Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gaul Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gavin Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gavin Mr. Johnny Gaynard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Danitz Paula Gebicke Dr. and Mrs. Earl Gedney General Gift and Novelty Co. M. H. Genkins, M.D. Mrs. Gerstlauer Eileen Getzfread '57 Mary R. Getzfread Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giblin Helen D. Gibson Helen M. Gibson John N. Gibson Richard J. Gibson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Robt. A. Gibson Mr. Joseph Giera Mary Ann Gigliotti Walter E. Gilinger Gleba Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gleba Stanley J. Gleba '56 The Glenside Jewelers Margie Glenzinger '55 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glenzinger Mr. D. J. Glymy Mr. and Mrs. Jos. A. Goldbeck Gold Seal Meat Mkt. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Gontram Mr. Joseph A. Gontram Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. James Greenday Norman R. Greene, Sr. Mr. Frank Grola Diane M. Gramacki '60 Dorothy C. Gramacki Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gramacki, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gravinese Mrs. John R. Gray, Jr. John Gray Mr. and Mrs. James E. Granger Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gravinese, Jr. Philip Gravinese John R. Gray John R. Gray, Jr. Mr. A. Greco, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Greco Nina Greco '56 Otto Griegel Mr. and Mrs. Griffer Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grill Grohoski Brothers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grohoski, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grohoski, Jr. Marie Grohoski '58 Mr. and Mrs. John Gross Mrs. Katherine Gross Ernie and Mary Gruber '54 James Guckovan Martin H. Guckovan, Jr. Mr. A. Guld Mr. E. Guld Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gussoni Dr. and Mrs. Martin F. Guckavan John C. Guckavan Margaret M. Guckavan Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gunning, Jr. Galanti Furniture Co. Joseph Golas, Jr. Mrs. Pierina Galie Mr. and Mrs. J. Geary Mrs. Arthur Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Walter Glogowski DiGiacomo Guisseppina Kay Grimes Mr. Joseph Giera The Gift Gallery Mr. and Mrs. A. Giradi James A. Golcher Mr. and Mrs. W. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gordon Jack C. Graham W. T. Grant Peggy and Flossy Grablewski Mr. C. Grablewski Mrs. Robert Gramling Helen Grzywacz '56 Mr. and Mrs. W. Hadfield Mrs. Mary Haines Mr. and Mrs. Leslie N. Haines Mr. Joseph Haines James Haines '55 Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Haines, Jr. Peggy Haines '58 Mark Haines '55 William Haines '59 Mr. and Mrs. W. Hainski John Halbert Mr. and Mrs. John J. Haley Mr. and Mrs. F. Haley Mr. and Mrs. J. Hamaday Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Hanes Mrs. Louis E. Hanger Mr. Louis E. Hanger Mr. and Mrs. F. Hanley Hanna and Dorothy '61 Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Hanna Margaret M. Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Hannum Mr. and Mrs. George Hentz William A. Harbourne Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Harkins Joseph Harper '48 Mrs. James Harper Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Harper Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harper Norris H. Harrington M. Harris—Home Furniture Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Harrison Mrs. Gertrude Hassonlouisanne Hauk '51 Walter M. Hauk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hauk Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Hayes Barbara Hayman Mrs. Eliz. W. Hayman Mr. and Mrs. F. Hayman Rita Hedden Mr. and Mrs. H. Helbling Helch '58 Mr. and Mrs. John Heleniak Helen's Beauty Salon Helen and Phyllis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hemcher Mr. and Mrs. H. Hemsley Mr. and Mrs. H. Hemsley Doris and Jack Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hewitt Sara R. Hickey Agnes Hickey Mr. and Mrs. T. Higgins John Higgins Rose and Francis Higgins Joseph Hildebrand Frank Hill John Hill Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hine Mrs. J. C. Hoffman, Jr. Dot Holmes '54 Mrs. Elizabeth Hollowniczky Mr. and Mrs. George Horn P.F.C. Robert Hoy '56 Mrs. M. Hoynes Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hudson Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Hughes Mr. and Mrs. J. Hunsicker George Hurchallo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurst James P. Hyer '53 Mr. and Mrs. E. Hylinski Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hylinski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph lacovetti Mr. and Mrs. Michael laquinta Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ingram Mr. and Mrs. G. Interrante Gasper Interrante Mr. and Mr. Joseph E. Irwin Anthony Isabella Mr. and Mr. Arthur E. Jackson Mrs. John Jacquet Mrs. Robert Jacquet Mrs. Florence Jacquet Leo Jacquot Mr. John Jacquot Mrs. Ida Jacquot Jampo Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Peter Januzelli Theo. Janiuk Mrs. C. Jankowitz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jankowski Roger L. Jarry Mike Jarmoluk Mr. Edward Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. John Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jelesiewicz Edward Jelesiewicz '57 Mr. and Mrs. Felix Jemionek Joanie and Pat Jockey Joe and Sal's Cocktail Bar Rosemary Johns '57 John Bros. John Bros. Johnny and Carol John and Theresa Johnson's Press Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson William J. Jones Margaret Jones Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jones Joseph A. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Joseph Laura Jost Alex Jost Mr. and Mrs. M. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Joyce James J. Junod Jr. '56 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kane Mrs. Caroline Karas Mr. Leonard J. Karas Mrs. A. Karnieki Mrs. A. Karnieki Mrs. L. Kasopsky Dorothy Katewsz '55 Robert E. Katz, M.D. Dr. David and Dr. Eugene Katz William H. Kay Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kazmierski Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Kearney Frances Kearns Mr. John F. Keefe Roesanne Keeley Mrs. Clara Kenna Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Keenan Margaret Keenan Joseph Keenan Kathyrn Keenan Margaret and Katherine Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Philip Keeney Mr. and Mrs. John Kehoe Mr. and Mrs. William Keller Charlotte Kelley '55 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kelley Elizabeth A. Kelley Eleanor Kelley Mrs. Jane Kelley John J. Kelley Sr. Patricia Kelley Philip J. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kelley Miss Audrey Kelly Bruce Kelly Charles F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kelly Edward J. Kelly Francis P. Kelly Mrs. George J. Kelly Jr. Helene Kelly Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelly Kathleen Kelly '58 Kathryn M. Kelly '57 Lawrence J. Kelly '51 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kelly Luke J. Kelly '56 Mr. and Mrs. Luke J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kelly Mrs. M. Kelly Pat Kelly '54 Rita D. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly Mr. Thomas Kelly Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Kelly Mrs. T. V. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kelly Mrs. McKeon Mary Kerstan Mr. and Mrs. George Kerper Nancy Kerper Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kessler Mr. William Keyser Mr. Howard Keyser Margaret Kieby '60 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kiely Mr. and Mrs. J. Kilcoyne John Kilgallen James Kilgallon Mary Kilgallon Mr. and Mrs. Michael King Rev. John P. Kiniry Jeff Kingsly Lewis Kirk Paula Klebe Mrs. Elsie Klein Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Knoll Jr. Knoeller's Garage Larry Knoeller Kobe '57 Miss Margo Kobus Priscilla Kobuszewska Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Kobus Miss Cynthie Kobus S. Stephen Kobuszewski D. Bruce Kobuszewski L. Craig Kobuszewski Koffel Industrial Products Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Kolb Dorothea W. Koldys, '52 Mr. and Mrs. Watson Koldys Mrs. Alice M. Koldys Walter Kolimago Mr. and Mrs. John Koman Mr. Walter Koniewicz Donald R. Koontz Alice Kopenski Benj. Kopenski Steve Kirocic John Korszniak Mr. and Mrs. John Kosek Mr. and Mrs. Teo. Kosek Frank A. Koster Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Koster Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Kovacic Mr. and Mrs. Chester Koza Mr. and Mrs. Horace Krebel Mr. and Mrs. John Kriebel Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Krockmae Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Kruzel Mr. and Mrs. Krzesiak Mr. and Mrs. Kuesel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kulak Karen and Janet Kulikowski Miss Barbara Kunder '57 Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Kunaszuk Mr. and Mrs. Luke Kusek Mr. John Kushla Mr. Walter Kushla Millie C. Labor E. M. Labowskie, M.D. Mrs. Wande Lachacz L. O. LaCoste Ladies Auxiliary of Ply. Fire Co. Lafayette Apparel Shop Lafayette Hill Shoes Lafayette Hardware Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lambert John Lambert '59 Mr. and Mrs. J. LangleyAnn LaPenta Michael J. Laputka John Lare '48 Janie Lare Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lare Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lare Dennis Lare Jim Lare '50 Margaret Lare Martin Lare '57 Theresa Lare Larry Surmiak, Accordion Teacher Alfred Laskey Hal Lasky Mr. and Mrs. Richare LaSota Marie Lattanze Mrs. A. LaValle Sol Laverty Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawler Mrs. Joseph Lawler Lawrence and Bobbie Mr. E. Lchrick Alfred Leach Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Leadbeater Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Leary Miss Marie L. Leary Rosalie P. Leary Mrs. Frank Leddy Sr. Leist Leis, Real Estate Mrs. Jennie Leister Mrs. Robert Leister Marie and Francis Lenczewski Grainie Lenzi Leo Bostick Grocery Store Dorothy C. Leonard '44 Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Lepera Peter A. Lepera '53 Eugene Lepore Mr. and Mrs. J. Leslie Mr. and Mrs. John Leslie, Jr. Dorothy Leszczynska '56 Mrs. Aurelia Lewandowski Joseph Lewandowski '59 Mr. and Mrs. J. Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Lewandowski Mary Ann Lewandoski Shirley and Ted Lewandowski Violet Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. John Lewandoski Marie Lewandowski Richard Lewandowski Doris Lewandowski Stanley Lewandowski Walter Lewandowski Kevin Ledger '56 W. Edwin Lightkep Lindenwold Tailors-Cleaners Lindenwold Tailors-Cleaners Helen E. Lingenfelter Sophia Lisowska Mrs. Rose Litewka Mr. Stefan Litewka Fred Lochetto '54 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lochetto Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lochetto George Lochetto '60 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lochetto Marie Lochetto '58 H. J. Loeper Mary Logan Mr. and Mrs. James J. Logan Mrs. L. Lorenski Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lough Mr. and Mrs. P. Lough John Loughridge, Realtor Dr. Loui, M.D. Loyal Order of Moose 283 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ludmann Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lukens Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Lukens Mr. and Mrs. John Lukowski Jack Lukowski '59 James Louirie J. A. Lynch, Realtor Lynch's Texaco Station Lynch's Texaco Frederick Lytel Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Lyczkowski Ellen Quinn Mack '53 Mrs. Mary Mack Mary Ann Mack '58 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mackiewicz Adam Mackiewicz Emma Maffei Pat and Mary Maguire Mr. and Mrs. James J. Maguire George J. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Francis Maguire Alice Maguire Mrs. Edward J. Mahaney Mr. and Mrs. Jos. P. Mahoney Kathy and Mary Maher Mr. and Mrs. William J. Maher Mallozzi's Market Mrs. William S. Maltman Thomas Maloney Mary Maloney Mrs. John Maloney Mr. and Mrs. J. Mallon Mrs. Katherine Malley Mr. Patrick Malley Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Malley Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Malley Frank Malley John Maloney Mamie and Claire Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Manoppello Mr. and Mrs. James Maniscalco Mr. and Mrs. John Manchor Mary Jane '51 Mary and Barbara Mary Anna Shop Mrs. Mary H. Marwood Edith C. Marwood Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Marwood "Marty" Mr. and Mrs. Jos. P. Martinelli Mr. and Mrs. H. Marsella Mar's Shoe Repair Marchak's Lumber Yard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marino Mario Barber Shop Albert Marinari Robert Marinari Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Maresca Marcie's Beauty Salon Michael Marchak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Markley Mrs. F. Mariniola Mrs. Sarah Marks Michael J. Martinelli Martin Century Farms Mr. and Mrs. J. Martynuik Maryann and Bunny Joseph Mash Antoinette Mashett Chick Mashett Mr. and Mrs. Felix Massaniso Joseph Mashett Anthony Mashett Mike Masciantonio Raymond J. Matricardi Andy Matteucci Mary Jane Mattson Frances I. Maxein Mr. E. J. Maxwell Mr. E. J. Maxwell Tess Maxwell '59 Mrs. J. Mazzoli Stanley Mazurek Walter Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Maziarz Stella Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Maziarz Mrs. George Maziarz Anna Maziarz '61 Mr. and Mrs. John Mazur Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maziarz Frank Maziarz '59 Franny Maziarz Cecilia McAleer Thomas McAllister, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. McAllister Mary McAvoy '60 William McAvoy '57 William McAvoy '57 Mrs. Ida M. McAvoy Catherine McAvoy '61 Mr. and Mrs. James McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. McCall Peggie McCall '55 Edward McCall '53 Sue McCann James P. McCann Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy Mary McCarthy Tim McCarthy John McCarthy '57 Mr. and Mrs. Jos. McCarrick Kathleen McCarrick Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McCarrick Mr. and Mrs. Jos. McCauley Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey Catherine McCloskey A 3c F. McCloskey '57 Mr. Bill McClure John H. McCormick Francis McCue Elsie McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Edw. McCusker James A. McDade Celeste McDermott '59 Mr. and Mrs. Francis McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McDermott Mr. and Mrs. F. A. McDermott Mr. and Mrs. McDwire Francis V. McDonald Rev. James V. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Jos. R. McDonald Matilda McEvoy Mr. and Mrs. James McEvoy Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. James McFadden Mr. X. McFadden Mr. D. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Jos. McGann Daniel McGee Mrs. Marie A. McGee Patricia Ann McGee '56 Markle Radcliffe McFeeline Mr. and Mrs. C. McGinn Edward McGonigleMr. McGonigle George G. McGonigle, Ph.G. Mrs. Austin McGrail Dr. Austin McGrail Mr. and Mrs. J. McGrath Mr. Paul McGuigan Edward A. McGuigan Ted McGuire Johanna McGuire '58 Mr. and Mrs. Jas McGuire Julia McGuire Mr. and Mrs. T. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. John McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Paul McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Robt. McKeage Mr. and R. McKeage Karl McKeever Mrs. Barbara McKeever Mrs. Emma McKeever Mr. Charles McKeever Patricia McKnight '56 Josephine McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. J. McLaughlin McLaughlin Family Mrs. J. McLaughlin Mr. J. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. William McMahon Mr. and Mrs. James McMullen Mr. and Mrs. James McNamara Helen McNeelis Dr. M. N. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. James McTamney Mr. and Mrs. John McTamney Jimmy McTamney Janet McTamney '55 Mr. and Mrs. James Meaney Ann McDwire Mr. and Mrs. J. McLaughlin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mellon Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Mellon Grace McMenamin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Melogram Mrs. John Mercaldo Mrs. D. R. Mervine Francis J. Messnier Mr. and Mrs. J. Messmer, Jr. Frank Messmer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meszaros Meger's Grocery Store Mrs. Robert Meyers Mrs. J. Milakeve Francis D. McHugo Mr. and Mrs. Harry Milito Harry Milito Joan Millhouse Charles Millhouse Mr. and Mrs. F. Miller Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Miller Mrs. E. L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Miller Catherine Mills Mr. and Mrs. George P. Minnis Catherine Minnis Dr. and Mrs. Paul Miraglia Dr. and Mrs. Paul Miraglia Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mischenko Victor Mitsch '59 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mitsch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michalski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Minio Mickey Mocarski Mickey Mocarski Joseph Modestine '55 Mosel Florist Frank Moleski Anna Molina Louis Monaco Louis Monaco, Jr. Monroe Motors Co. Joseph V. Monahan Gerry Montemayor '55 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Montemayor Mr. and Mrs. Victor Montemayor Mr. and Mrs. Albert Montemayor Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Monastero Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monette Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monacelli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Montemayor Mr. James J. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Moore Gladys H. Moorhouse Mr. James J. Mooney Mrs. James Moore Anthony Moore Mrs. James Moore Mr. and Mrs. Edw. F. Moore, Jr. Mr. Peter Moore Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moore, Jr. Wm. A. Moore, Inc. Carol Moran Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morrione Moribito Baker Co. Wilson C. Morris '49 Antoinette Morrione '57 Mrs. Marion Moser Don Moser '58 Moser Glass Works Alice Mosser George Moser Mr. and Mrs. Warren Moyer Violet D. Mrozek Mrs. John A. Mueller Mrs. M. Mulholland Maureen and Collen Mullen Mrs. Joseph J. Mullen Kathleen Mullen '60 James Mullen '58 Mr. Joseph J. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mullen Terry and Timmy Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Mulligan Theresa Mullin Eileen Mullin Mrs. Margaret Mullin Martin Mullin Mr. John Mullin Mrs. Mulkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. E. Munro Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John R. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John E. Murphy Mr. Martin Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Victor Murawski Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Murphy John L. Murphy Jr. Mary Muscatello Judy Muscatello '60 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mushrock Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mushrock Mr. and Mrs. John Muskus Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Myers Yorel and Enna Nager Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Nagle Mrs. George Nagle Frank Namiotkiewicz Maryann Namiokiewicz Mrs. Namiokiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Namiotkiewicz Nancy's Laundromat Nancy and Tony Nardi's Market Mr. and Mrs. Walter Narwicz Mr. and Mrs. A. Narwick David and Dorothy Narwicz Mr. and Mrs. William Nash Nelson Dairy Mr. Alan Neri Theresa Neri '57 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Neve Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Neve Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Neville Mrs. Ethel M. Nevins Mr. and Mrs. F. Ney Margie Ney Mrs. Lucienne Niblo Mrs. Thomas Niblo Mr. Ceaser Nicolai Mr. and Mrs. John Noecker Mrs. Elizabeth Nolan Mr. and Mrs. William Nolan North Penn Bus Lines Notaris TV Mrs. Anne Novelli Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Novak Mr. and Mrs. Chester Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nowak Mrs. Nellie Nowak Jane Nugent '58 Sara M. Nugent E. L. O'Brecht Susan O'Brecht Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Brien Bernie Murray '45 William H. Murphy Mr. George A. Murphy O'Brien Funeral Home Mrs. Katherine O'Brien Marianne and Cordelia O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. C. H. O'Byrne Alice C. O'Connor Francis P. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connor Mary Kay O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O'Connor Bernard O'Donnell Frank A. O'Donnell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Donnell Frank A. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Donnell Mrs. F. A. O'Donnell Helen O'Donnell Helen O'Donnell '49 James O'Donnell John O'Donnell Mary O'Donnell '49 Pat O'Donnell '57 Old Elm Shoppe Mary Olmino Mr. and Mrs. Chester Olszewski Mr. and Mrs. J. Olzewski Mrs. Alfreda Olszta Dr. Henry J. Olszta Mrs. F. J. O'Malley Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Omar Miss Agnes M. O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neill Mrs. James O'Neill Mrs. Ann Opelski Frank Opelski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Opelski Mr. George OpelskiMr. and Mrs. Frank Opelski, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Organsky Mr. and Mrs. John O'Rourke Marion O'Rourke William F. O'Rourke, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Oscar Margaret Oscar Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orler Stan Oscapinski Mrs. Anna M. Ounsworth Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Pagnotta Donna Mary Pagnetti Mary Pagnotti Algise Pagnotti Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pagnacle Pat and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Palikowski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Palikowski Mr. and Mrs. Francis Palacio Mrs. John S. Palermo Frank Palermo Palermo's Market Gerry Palikowski S. Parker Mr. and Mrs. John P. Paskel Mr. and Mrs. John Pasqualini Frederick A. Pasqualini '57 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pasquini Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Pasquini George M. Pasceri Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Paugh Benedict Pauline Gertrude Payne Mrs. Pat Payne Mrs. Thomas Peacock Joanne A. Pecharo '57 Peoples Drug Store Hazel Pernet James J. Perseo Mary A. Perseo Wm. Perseo Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Perna, Jr. Peroni Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Perchke Pete and Lonnie's Cold-Cuts Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Petruzzo Mr. Michael Pettine Mr. and Mrs. John Petrec Sr. Mr. George Petrec Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pettine Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pettine Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Pettine Carl Pettine Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Philipps Phil's Taylor Shop Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Piasecki Harry Picone Mr. and Mrs. C. Pienkos Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pienkos Charlotte Pienkos Theresa Pier Bernard Pieklo Alex. Piermani Sons Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pierce Jr. John Pierce '56 Donald Pierce '57 Airman and Mrs. J. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pierce Sr. Cossie Piergrosssi Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Pilecki Mary and John Pilcicki George T. Pilecki Bernadine Pilcicki Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Pilcicki Joseph (Stew) Pilcicki Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pincavitch Wm. L. Pishock Jane Pishock Mr. and Mrs. S. Pishock Pama Ria Pizzeria B. Ploskon Anne Whalen Plover Anna Podgurski L. T. Pohle Mrs. Helen Pohle Thomas Pohle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Polomski Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Polkowski Marilyn C. Polkowski '56 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Polkowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Max Polomski Mrs. Julia Polomski Mrs. Veronica Polomski Irene Polomski '60 Margaret E. Polkowski Mr. Walter Pope Pope and Kathy Portion Control Meat Co. Peggy Rose Porrecca Mrs. A. J. Porrino Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Powel Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Powers James J. Powers Elvis Presley Michael DiPribula Mr. and Mrs. Charles Primavera Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Primavera Tom Prolopchuk '52 Mrs. Irene Proietto Provident Bank Trust Mr. Alex. Prusinowski Edw. Prusinowski Stanley Prusinowski Jos. Prusinowski Mr. and Mrs. Edw. J. Pruskawski Mrs. Willard Pryar Mr. John Przydzial Mrs. Geo. Pufko Joseph Pufko Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pultorak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pultorak Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pulli Mrs. Angeline Pulli Mr. Frank J. Pupeck Mrs. Mary Pupeck Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pupek Paul Pupeck '62 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Purcell Mrs. Joseph Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Purcell Joseph Puzyn '59 Mr. and Mrs. John Quarry Mr. and Mrs. John S. Quarry Sr. Dolores Quigley Mr. and Mrs. W. Quigley Wilfred Quigley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius J. Quinn Bruce E. Quinn Dorothy M. Quinn '52 Elsie Quinn '57 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Quinn Jr. John E. Quinn '50 Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Quinn Mrs. Peter Quinn Councilman Radaszewski Mr. and Mrs. George Rafferty Mary K. Rafferty Miss Maryanne Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rakowski Mrs. Sophie Rakowski Mrs. Sophie Rakowski Ralph '60 Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rath Jr. James Rath Jr. Jerry Rath Mr. and Mrs. Felix Ratkowski Mrs. Anna M. Rattigan Francis Rattigan '59 Fleming-Raugh, Inc. Ray's Electrical Appliances Mrs. Florence Rees Rose M. Refsnider Regan's Quality Shoes Mr. and Mrs. James Regan Mr. and Mrs. George J. Rehe Kay Rehiel Alex Reilly Miss Anna E. Reilly Mr. Jos. A. Reilly Joseph C. Reilly Mrs. Marian Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Remar Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Repper Bill Renolds '58 Miss Rosemary Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Reynolds Vincent Respczcski Richard and Peggy Mr. and Mrs. James Ricchie Rich-North Catholic Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Ricliter Richard's Electrical Appl. Sally Richards Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richardson A 2C Jerry T. Richardson '53 John Richardson '58 Mr. and Mrs. Benj. T. Riles Carol Rimmer '57 Miss Ann Rinker Mr. and Mrs. Jos. L. Rinker Mr. and Mrs. John Rio Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rio Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rio Mrs. Madeliene Ristine Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Risiekinger Rittenhouse Kennels Joan Roberts '56 Trudy Roberts Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts Mr. and Mrs. I. Rodeback Raymond Rodenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers Jean and Dot Roehner Maryanne Rogalski Mr. and Mrs. John Rokosz Mr. Arthur Romanough Joan Romanough '58 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Romano Mr. and Mrs. Victor Romano Mrs. Robert E. Rome Mr. and Mrs. James Ronnan Stanley Rooklin, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Roop Mrs. Josephine Roselli Mr. and Mrs. Jules Rosenberg Mrs. Fred DiRoseta Rosie's LuncheonetteMr. and Mrs. Charles Rossi James Roynan James Roynan Jr. Mary Roynan Mr. and Mrs. George Rue Marie G. Ruggiero Ruggiero's Barber Shop Vincent D. Ruggiero Mr. and Mrs. J. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Russo Mrs. Jeanne Russo Mrs. Mary Russo Rosalie Russo '59 Sara Russo '56 Beverly Russell '55 Dolly Russell '57 Margaret Ruth Mr. Chester Rutkowski Chester Ruthkowski Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rutter Anne M. Ryan Mrs. John Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Ryan Frank Rydel Leonard Rykowski Victor L. Rykowski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rykowski Gloria R. Sabatini Mr. John Sabella Mrs. Marie Sabella Mrs. Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. John Salamone Mary Sally '55 Domenica Salvi Franceseo Salvi Mary A. Sammons Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Samtmann Samuel Sands Benny Sanfelice Jr. Harry Santagnelo Mrs. Angeline Santoni Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Santoni Mr. and.Mrs. Damiano Sassi Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sauter Rev. Alexander Sawers Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Sclafani Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scardino Mr. and Mrs. John Schank Dennis Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. George J. Schaffer Mary Ann Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Schank Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scharff, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Scharff Gerry Schimpf '58 Pfc. John Schimpf Mr. J. Schimpf Mrs. J. Schimpf Pat Schimpf '56 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schlosman Sylvester Schmigel Mrs. William Schneider Joan Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Schofield Peggy Schools '56 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schrack Mr. Thomas Schrader, Sr. Mrs. J. B. Schreiber, Sr. David C. Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Ignatiur Schultz Gene Schulze Mary Schulze Rita and Dorothy Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Schulze Mrs. Carl Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Leon Schwartz E. J. Schwieiss Mitchell Scott Sealview Plastics, Inc. Benj. DiSebastiano Francis E. Serrao Mr. and Mrs. John Serratore Walter Shaeff, Jr., Funeral Director Catherine H. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. James Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Warren Shaffer, Jr. Caroline Shalater Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shaw Shearer's Dairies Mr. and Mrs. Warren Shaffer, Sr. Mrs. W. Sheehi Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Sherry Mr. and Mrs. John Shertz Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Shiffler Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Shinn Joanne Shinners '54 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shinners Francis Shinners '56 Mr. and Mrs. Shipman Pat Shipman '60 Marcella Shirlaw Agnes Shiverick Harry Shych Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sigg Mrs. Nora Sigg Paul Sigg '53 Theodore Sikorski Mrs. Anna Simencini Joanne Simoncini '57 Mr. and Mrs. Vico Simoncini Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sinnk Mr. Joseph Sigg Sr. Helen Victor, S.S.H. June Sitek J. F. Skilton Thomas Sloan Martin Slovak Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Slysz Mr. and Mrs. James Smart Mrs. Alice Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith Mrs. Henry Smith Maureen Smith '55 Mrs. Nellie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Smith Rosemarie Smith '56 Stephen Smith '58 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith Anthony Smolezynski Sneezy and Emily Mr. and Mrs. Sniegoski Mr. and Mrs. Sniegoski Mrs. Mary Snow Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sokoski Sophomores C-4 Mrs. Michael Soppick, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Sortino Mr. and Mrs. D. Sosnowy Marlin R. Souders John Sowinski Wanda Sowinski Mrs. Wm. Spangler Mrs. Anna Sparano Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Spanish Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Speaker Mr. and Mrs. Russel Speelhoffer Mr. and Mrs. Gus Speidel Mrs. Joseph Sparango Mr. Joseph Sparango Peter Speranza "Spike" '60 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spina Sportsmen's Paradise Charles E. Sprenkel Marie Starkhouse Dolores Staley Julia Staley Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Staley Mr. and Mrs. J. Staniszewski Mr. Michale Stanislawski John T. Stanish '52 Jackie Stanish '53 Mrs. Dorothy Stanislawski Mr. Wm. Stanley Mrs. Wm. Stanley The Corner Store Mr. and Mrs. Alva Stead Joan M. Stead '57 Mr. and Mrs. D. Stemple Mr. and Mrs. E. Stemple, Sr. Edw. Stemple, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stemple Edw. Sinsmen Raymond Stocchi Helen C. Storm Mr. Benelda Storti John Storti '60 Mr. John Storti Mr. and Mrs. John Storti Samuel N. Storti Mrs. Charles F. Straub Margaret Streeper Donald P. Streeter Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Strohm Anne Stromberg Edward Stromberg Mr. and Mrs. F. Stromberg Dolores Strozeski '55 David Campbell Mr. and Mrs. V. Stubinski Mr. and Mrs. B. Stuczynski Mr. and Mrs. S. Strzalkoski Joseph A. Suchecki Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sukaiski Mrs. Anna Sugden Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sukaiski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sullivan Geraldine Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Jos. T. Sullivan Joseph Sullivan '56 Miller J. Sullivan Richard Sullivan '59 Robert Sullivan '59 Sunny Slope Milk Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Surmiak Susie and Rip Mr. and Mrs. A. Sietcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Swalla Loretta Swalla '56 Theresa Swetkowski Watson Swalla Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Swetkowski Mr. and Mrs. Leon Swetkowski Mr. and Mrs. Edw. J. Swift Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swift Mr. and Mrs. R. SzczepuraMr. Joseph Szymanski Walter Anthony Symanski Carl S. Szmigiel Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sztubinski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sztubinski Mrs. A. Talone Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sztubinski Mr. and Mrs. James A. Talone Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Talone Mrs. Leonard Talone Charles Tammany Mrs. Armand Tammaro Mr. and Mrs. D. Tancini Dorothy Tancini Mr. and Mrs. George Tancini Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tancini Misses Rita and Nancy Tancini Mr. and Mrs. Leon Tarloski Theresa Tarlowska Mr. and Mrs. Zigmund Tarlowski Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tattow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Taylor Mr. Harry T. Taylor Ruth C. Taylor Frank T. Tebo Mr. and Mrs. J. Techman Mrs. Jos. Thomas, Sr. Joseph F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. D. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Thorne C. D. Tice Lumber Corp. Mr. and Mrs. John Tiernan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Timbario Titus Family Mr. and Mrs. John Tole Mr. and Mrs. C. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. J. Tompkins Mary Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. W. Tompkins Margaret Toorish Mr. and Mrs. A. Torres Betsy Torres '58 Toto's Mrkt. Sons Town Cab Town Valet Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Towson Mr. and Mrs. James Traill Mr. James Traill, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Micael Trangosia Mr. and Mrs. A. Trasatto Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Travagline Traveline Bros. Madeline Trifiletti Father B. Trinity Triplex Shoe Store Mr. and Mrs. A. Trofa Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Turek Eleanore Turek '56 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turtle Irene B. Turek Sherman Tweedy Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Tyrpin Isabel Carr Tyson Edward Urban Francis Urban Kathy Urban Stanley Urban Mr. and Mrs. H. Vandegrift Howard Vandegrift Mrs. J. Vandegrift Catherine Vandevere Carrie Vandevere Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Vandevere E. G. Williams George Williams Mrs. Helen Williams Catherine L. Varallo Margaret V. Varallo Vernon Shade Music School Albert Vishio Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vishio James C. Vitabile Elinor M. Voelker Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Volpi Adolf Von Hake Mrs. Mary Wachowski Earl M. Wagner Wagon Wheel Trading Post Nettie B. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. George Wallace Mr. Samuel Wallach Wally's Grill Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walsh James Walsh '54 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh Walton Gift Shop Walt's Flowers Mrs. Sam Warburton Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ward J. A. Warrell Stella Warner Mrs. Cecilia Wassell Mr. and Mrs. Waters Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Watkins Mrs. Dolores Watson Mrs. Rita Watson Mrs. Mary Watson Sara Watson Mr. and Mrs. Wcislo Jane N. Weafer Joe Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weber Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weber Ralph and Bruce Weber Dr. Stanley P. Weissman Mr. and Mrs. Francis Welcer Richard Welcer '53 John T. Welsh John Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Jos. A. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Wertz Liz Wertz '57 Mrs. Weston West Side Market West Side Market Leroy A. Weygand Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weygard John E. Whalers Ruth Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Witaker Whitemarsh Atlantic Mr. and Mrs. F. White Jim White '56 Mr. Joseph S. White Margie A. White Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. White Mrs. Walter Wilczynski Wilder's Shoe Store Mary Ann Wilkinson '56 Jimmy Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. V. Wilkinson Edmund K. Williams Mrs. Helen Williams Mr. and Mrs. Louis Williams Mrs. Mollie Williams Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Willihnganz Walter Willis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilmer Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Wilson Kathleen Wilson '55 Vincent Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wimmer Mrs. Arthur Winters Diane Winters Joseph Wloszcyna Chester Wodarski Jennie Wodarski Mr. Stanley Wojtos Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wolfrom Mrs. Alan C. Wood Madonna Wood '53 Margaret Wood Mrs. Sophie Wood Mr. and Mrs. William Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Emil Wosczyna Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wosczyna Mr. Thaddeus Wosczyna Edward Woyden Jim Wright Jr. Joanne Wright '57 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wright Louise W. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wroblewski Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wudarski Joseph Yarosinski Chas. R. Yocum George Young Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Zadroga Zadroga's Market Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zadroga Mrs. Helen Zadroga Cecilia Zagorski Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Zakreski Mr. and Mrs. John Zaleski Ray Zaleski Mr. and Mrs. Ray Zaremski Mr. and Mrs. John Zaro Aaron Zajac Mr. and Mrs. Julian Zbyszinski Margaret Zbyszinski '56 Mary H. Zebrowski Joan W. Zebrowski The Zimmerman Family Helen Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zeltner Mr. and Mrs. Zincaro Marlene L. Zinni '57 Mr. and Mrs. A. Zinni Anthony Zinni Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zinni Theresa Zinni '54 Alfred Zisk Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Zisk Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Zollo Harry Zolko Mr. and Mrs. T. Zoltowski Mr. and Mrs. John Zoltek Jean Zukowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zummo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Zummo Mr. and Mrs. S. Zurowski Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Van Zutphen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Van Zutphen George V. Zug Mrs. Mary Zygmunt We, the Class of 1958, are most grateful to our patrons for their friendly interest in SAMASCRIPT.T-T Tv 0 •j r Tl 9£ 5® % •: ; •c3 ?.C'. ‘V --vKi «,yV frwvr - ifiSaQi ‘‘'WV ittj gsss £ i 3« .»j • .» v - iSSfe© ■« wss r ?J aw £££$£ t i Be? w £ i t »»_ Ml ££ V«.V oow w »j: i . pocw w . V 0£? tlf! Kgg! jsycjSi rrr + fSlJSHlNfi! 30 •

Suggestions in the St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) collection:

St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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