St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA)

 - Class of 1957

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St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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f J' f' f.v1 1, k llll al H M x K 5 X it ,A ,H ,,m,,m, ll .Q . l Q. .. fwwwwwemxlwwgwwubxwwwwwww 'MQ 5: .I ,-Bl, i , ,f :X , ,, Vyfy ., fa 4 ,I Q ,fs V xx ,A ,L A ,Z W -Exim A-, , J. .a: 4,s- A 'lll'ffl If ' 'I la. rl N f r 4. f1" Hr, ..- --ual., . -vu -O... Q. ,turn llP0"l r 3 I . .--- Q-d'i""e V Q "X3"'- W, x Agfa if 5 ,QXAEW H16 -S' ai Jfxfi s HOHOCFQA 'S G ...Q J' I- "' Q: Z nn O O - . OW o 1957 SAMASCRI PT Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS of St. Matthew High School coNsHoHoc:KEN, PENNSYLVANIA S I ? I ff T. M Q A 1 T T H E S C H O L , ' ,- 13 J? ,IQ , --'Q 22 4 yur: as Q. B, ig l O Alma Mater, Pride of each heart, Our voices arise, Your praise to impart. To the old we say adieu, And greet with joy the new. Yet in our memories dwell, The virtues that you Have taught so well. CChorusj A . Alma Mater, St. MaTthhew's High, Alma Mater, Sing to the sky. Syrnbol of beauty, Joy of everyone, I Hope of our youth, Surpassed by none, Our loyalty Shall always last As it has ln years gone past! Our faith in you, We'll nevers lose As we greet the New Saint Matthew's. ALMA MATER in llg 5 il: 391 I ,mp W 4 1' DEDICATION As The TursT graduaTung class oT The ST lVlaTThevv l-lugh School To have spenT a Tull year un our beauTuTul nevv buuldung we deducaTe Thus TrubuTe OUR LADY OF GRACE The paTroness of our school chapel Luke a Tender moTher she has guuded us Through all our school days of vvhuch vve have only happy mernorues BuT Thus year was sorneThung specual because youTh craves The nevv and The beauTuful and we had ThaT un The brughT unTarnushed aTmosphere of our Tune modern hugh school buuldung STull under The benugn unfluence of Our Lady of Grace we bud fare vvell To our Alma NlaTer vvuTh relucTance and regreT To Those who made Thus pasT year so memorable our Pruncupal FaTher LauT our Teachers our cornpanuons we bud a graTeTul adueu May our beloved LADY OF GRACE conTunue To pounT The Way Through happy blessed years To TruTh BeauTy and Knowledge even To The Journey s end I I I I " I l - ' I I I I ' ' I I I I I I ' 3. 5. 'fl 0RS Ag 1233 W , 9 -5 .Q 4, , 5 an 4 Q x if 5 F 4 . 6 i E C.S.C., D.D. ji FOR CHRIST JOSEPH MCSHEA D D Tlfular Brshop ofMrr1a and Auxiliary Bishop to Hrs Excellency Archbfshop O Hara THE MOST REVEREND J CARROLL MCCORMICK D D Trfular Bishop of Ruspae and Auxflrary Bishop fo Hrs Excellency Archbishop O Hara l THE MOST REVEREND 'Q 'QMLW' IN I ,ff ff" Q, 2 'Q Z 5 2, .f""-M, fl' 'ff Y. 3 , 7 ja: 'Mn M3554 I ev W EM-'62 3 I Z' P' iw 4 . I '9 als'-I Q53 L iv 6.3 Xkgrgl L' f who I 4" rg., x 1 b'fl a Ng! .Q ' ' z-uf 44 A Z2 nm. ,4 4HmlfllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllIIIIIII HliliIInbllilliIllIlAIHInI1mnlu11111u1lm1ma1uumum44141444 of C 5 Y P' x9 ua o X956 195 19614 V11 'S' 19611 OSEP6' OVOST 9101, 661 66lf 0111 10 S 9,0 575 'P OU O C4 IQIO 1 S1-9666 1466 +4 V16 1 , S187 19441194 OSS 16-S' S 11 me A977 'Q 50 574905 N5 S a 1 019 Q 191.9166 GPFCOP S Pe 191 S1876 44 71626711 FG! 1 1 1 1911644 4411144 0611 s SIS75 5 415 S 41- ec 077fC6f Ofewffv 7-97547 44" 4 S5 ofbe cooo IC 6755944 P17 4107 4 abefbe Sf 7 'P 41915 OOPO M' S 77946 4405! f 7519 59 U S PS6Q!O 1911 4 eb fS76' O11 410778 S 1111 44 011 446 MWZZAQ44 A1 11 44 OS 95' C7004 7 fO 4419 C620 62910 S 7 I' C1600 Or! 69 for SIQIO 1If1 0016 11036 oac Q0 01fec 677 I 6 . 417619 Z4 U7 1 11 1111 41141561 76 .J I S 619 1 1 1 1 11 1 111115811 ' 5 .Z SC PG! 1 1 11 '90-77 16 44 1 f-YG N34 , SS-4 .11111.111111.1.1111..1. Pef' '17, Fngfbb I 44. C' Q SS! 1 fleocfi fbfarbfv 5 7 44 4 , .S-4 11111111 ..11.1..1111 1 11 1111 11 11118s4 ss 3 5 44. 'O f , C .8 11 1 44016607 fbs, S 'ne 44 ff Cf .8 11111 11 1111 1111111 1 11S,oeo1Sfg f' 677 'P - 'P 474, S51 5097574 ffbfor S6 . 4 JS 61-3.4 4 6 161117 '944.'4IC'V590S QS.-A 11111 111111111111111 1 11 1 44 ff A 'Q 7 S 4444 44,C..11 fv 6 We F . 4 S! , SS1 111111111111111 1111 11111111 1 1 1 144 f nba S544 f,S.11111 1111 1111111111 1 1111111111 6 A b SS 44.'9'444'V4,C,8 1111 11111111111111111.111 11111111 1 ' 511111 Q 6 S 1944.-f N3 1111111111111 1 1111111 1111 11 S' S P11 of 5- 1 11442111 4 C441 1111 11111111 1 11111 1,11 11 1"Q Obs . 664414 1- 11 19 '1s1 'QC 6 'Q J 5 'V OW 1 8 O' ' for . 441 O f O 11 111.1 11 1 11111 11111 4 ssflsfanf 8 O'O11ecfof 1.14 v mm lIIumulm IIlIllnum.......-5 Zigi ZWMW ifwfwff: fZ.2'..CfJ7f1.4..v4 Ad 'fd' MVA.. 0 1 1-cud -MAJ ' ' 1 y'4.4.1:,,,6,,M...w.1z...fN4.,,..4.,.,J 47' 411 THE REV JOSEPH T SCHUSTER THE REV LQUIS GIQRGI MR WILLIAM DUGAN MR WILLIAM BRANNAU I MR JOSEPH COLANTONIO NIR ANGELO ESPOSITO FAC U LTY Sisfer M 5 sier ff! Sister M.. S sier M, ,am de Sa ea Hema'-'Q f s S - S Gregor, CS E Heins Reg 'nf g ' 4 pa-New W! A-Q7 'VW 15 M Sisier M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Ciare Xawer S.S.J. Agnes de Saies, S.S.J Euprircsirie CS B. Louis Gorizaga, S.5.J. Wiiiiarv Joseph SSJ Ssfer M Joiwfi Bapws' S S J. Sisier M, AABXHTWS, CS 5. Sisfer Marie Dorcfiwy, SSJ. Sisier M. Rita Aioysa S SJ, INSTALLATION OF STUDENT OFFICERS P IM I35mmQLI 'qw Dmfff-If IFDHWIF ':'L'.C"lf5 I' -' uv' ,..f""' 1 ... . Ii V" Ce da' HERE AND THERE l f'i,,4f Eff Qi ff M' 7... , ,, ,J,ffK' , v ' 4 .,.,f"" ,, ZW? - ,V ,,,f"'f"'f " x ' 'I D, ,,.1"' Q-,f-"4 Q' 7, ,, 1 J "' I ff , 2 5' , "f ' . ' f 'U 44 ' is J 'if - W A. V , 6 0, If 9 V , r. ,Q , 4 E Re-seared W' 'W a up U I ci irerem rrgry hcr W. in1X Out of bounds -but out of nowhere came The long arm of The law! Open air study club? v 'Q AROUND S M H S Sister Wrlrlam 'oseph and Pasquale have an Important conference Operation Clean Up'Sen1ors rexert to Freshman chores as 1 2: ,ix v .-4.- +- .-4 .4 -..- -..... .4 ,L ,lwfwff V , ,Q , N ,, , ,, W',f.5i4'a ' Ay,5,4,Wmvs:wc14 H2 - .wi W?y?Z1ZyM,0qgix H-4.,e4Zfv,, H. .wwf , 1 f ' ,af A'fgf?'f'5f3?' I' W QQ. -.... ...f, 4..- -4. 1957 JEROME M MULROY BERNARD TOTH J9f'Y Berme Dnvme Provldence Mon-,er of Sorrows Pfesldenf Vrce Presadenf An all round guy iernfuc grndder Connaughwwn bound a ark 73 lucky Humber' Anyone and easy on 1he eyes tops on paper want a rldeo Glee Club enthusiast route keen wn Glee Club CATHERINE DI NINO JOANNE T SIMONCINE Cass Slmmy S1 Mahhew St Mallhew Secrera ry Treasurer Llvely and gay A fnend to all Rocket Olds Top fouler and val Adds her tones lc the chow Band uable guard comuc characier Hear Accompamst for the Melodmes fha' YfUmPel' Melodmes Cl"0"' J. 1 . ' 1 . x l L .Q ' ' N H ,, . ,, - - - . . . tll, d X I. lv' , W. A 4' ' 15'f 5 4 Nm 1147554 n N H - N - . H u . , , , . . . SENIOR THERESA D ALTOBRANDO Terry SS Cosmas and Damoan Short of stature bug of heart a kmd word for everyone Toots a lucoruce stuck In the band Choir FRANCIS X LEPERA Fran SS Cosmas and Damnan Who could nt be? typewnter trouble hughway hazard Bandstand member Acme employee frrendly dlsposutuon Glee Club I957 JOSEPH R DI RICO oe SS Cosmas and Damnan Versatule football player Glee Club wnll mass has bass As Class Repre sentatove Joe enforces regulatnon Reserve BARBARA WLOSZCZYNA Barb St Mary Where s the food? Jeanette s shadow Mrss Neatness of 1957 Coke and puzza trend Chour and Melodmes Mrrror co-edntor Twmkle toes l l 'iz' t , 23 . I ,, H HJ ,, . . . Melodines. I I I Outstanding member of the 322 Medieal SENIORS 1957 PATRICIA J BARANOWSKI P JOAN M ANDREJCZYK 5,a:f,y DONNA A BEECHER Jam St Matthew S' Ma Melodme and Chonr member Sama ry scrlpt Short Invely and quick with 5ee5aw WOYTYBF1 Likes a Chevy can be spoffed Smgmg 3 melody a smule A Chevy schoolbus Choir Experuenced Cashner Easy smlle Connaughtowns genlus lm 'U L0 e Wlfh WOYIU BIondae'9'P MADELYN T BOCCUTI St Anthony ELAINE P BOCCELLA CHARLOTTE A BORKOWSKI SS Cosmas and Damian Transplanted from Lansdale EIsnes Hcharn partner an cnme "Would you look?" Melodunes Loudest cheerleader Roll that PIZZB dough' SI Mary samascnpi Hwherejf my Iocker kevojj Mnrror Associate Edntor Melodmes Sfeak Shop We I'ke Mambo Chour It's a pleasant smnle when she turns nt on' Typical woman dnver' 1: F , I I Tl-f5'A, If ,I f' mira' " jr j,f1LeSw'L5t .' n ff ff -1, . . . , , - . . . If 1 - . , , . V 11- ' 4 ff fi . i . , . , ' SMHS 1957 ROCCO BRUNO Rock ELIZABETH A BRADLEY Sr Augustana MICHAEL CAPALDO Betty Anne Al I Mike St Augustune Ways a SI-me never a frown Our Lady of Mt Carmel Ho that Iune' Boy that Melodmes Chour Band 'f'9' RB'SeS 'he colors CIBY IUY CIBY Gas statuon attendant Sarnascrupt Smules but not often Guess what9 An Oufsfandmg Volfe 'n OU' Glee Staff free rndes for Norrlstown Indubltably' Lets dance Club, PUUCIW IWI95 E resldents own band'7 Mont Admurer of Cannons CYO d0U9I"'U'5 gomery Co strung band Glee Club ANTHONY CONTE T n SUSAN A COLLINS Sf Jisllphs ue S Phllhps Deep vosce w nz nn POD TONY CUVIIS protege pool room Everythnng us real George e Shock favoflfe qUe5"0n WI"aT "me Qulet Woman Homework? 'S 'lo Glee Club WBYCIW Y0U" Bngger half of Mutt and Jeff Pleasant Slepll and agreeable compamon GLORIA A CORCORAN Glow St Matthew Cute blonde wuth a flashung smile Norse maker Fancy cooknes Wanted a hand heater for cold days Band Samascrupt Staff o n o o I I L33 . gi I ll ll . ll ' ll ' . . . Id ' . . . . , ' H - ,I ' ' . ,Q l , Q D 'fl in th . ' ' ' member. w X K lk, , ,, ,, s I 1 Us ,, ,, ,, 1. ' , , . . . ,, H' . I Th ' Q ' - - -H . . . . . ' ' H . . JOAN COSCIA Jon: St Matthew Quuet but heaps of fun Flashlng smule Our answer to Harry James Casss aude at pnano the soprano sectnon of Choir Strengthens THOMAS M DROZDZIEWICZ Tommy St Mary Bulletnn board artnst Future archutect Dnd you get the trng'9 One time stage hand Artrst for MIRROR Glee Club SENIORS -1957 VINCENT J DEL CONTE Chent 5, Joseph RITA M DI CIURCIO Everybody s frnend Ex butcher SS Cosmas and Damnan Drum enthusaast Versahle football KeePS em QUBSSIY1 Basketball SWF' player Fifth period typing mechamq Likes drum STICKS Dud you do your homework? Band EDWARD J DUGAN Eddie St Francis Often seen walkung toward Maple Whuz un Mech Drawung Football The quuet one' Street DONALD A DUKERT Duke St Joseph Ambmon Mechamcal Engnneer Joes Prep ex scholar One famous boys from Ambler Club Cool dresser of the G ee I we ,, 5 . x X ' Q J Q 1 , t- ' X J I ' A T 5 f ' Q- f I f L tg f . Ellf lfll g ..... H H GEORGE EDWARDS George St Matthew Cooperatuon plus nose for news edltor of Mlrror Glee Club Tnmes Herald Reporter sports newscaster Ambmon newspaper ne LOIS E FARRELL St Matthew Terrnfoc Cheerleader Hanrdressnng ca Snster Louoss typust Rack up another charge Carols sude luck Samascrupt SMHS 1957 MARCELLA ERWIN Marcy S1 Anthony rm Twas rn our Jumor Year she flrst a peared partual to 37 Fords P Sl Mallhew JENNY K S Paffnef d3f1C'n9 fan Hottest 49 Merc around Dnfferent expert flour sufter Is that my bus? glrl af every dance everyones buddy Has that umque haurcut Cool dresser Glee Club JAMES J Franz S, Ma,,,,ew PETER J GALJE Pete Kang of the Acme noted for has 5, Manhew grim smrle How tall? man of many names Onl burmng Ford Hot and cold honor student College bound Napoleonic haurdo Eager beaver Youth councrl Forensncs 0 0 0 0 X I A . x 1 J l ' , 1 t , Z I 5 X .1 ,J H II ll ' IIJ' ll , . . . ' ' I ll ll ' . H 1, .1 b l I . I . ' .l . . I H H . , , . I l"F . , l 5 t J I . Nsnw IILOII ' ,I , I, 'I ' ll . I I . . . . A . . - . D ' I. V ll ll Il . . . ' ' ' ' - . . ' '. 1 ' l . SENIORS 1957 Q if EILEEN C GETZFREAD Gefzy St Gertrude JOHN D GAMBONE Johnnie Baseball fan Just made the bus Joannes bodyguard Whos gomg to take the dash towels home thus week' Samascrlpt Staff SS Cosmas and Damran After school worker at Acme popu lar wlth certarn underclassmen of Dodge Cool dresser Football Glee Club MICHAEL F GRECO Grecr MATTHEW C GIORGIO "Wersel" SS Cosmas and Damuan Holy Savuor Tall, dark, and handsome Trng Never a dull moment Where's "Grecn" after school? Glee Club Jumor entrant "one of the boys" Samascrnpt Staff all the world loves a lover PO D whuz'P Hugh scorer on basket ball team Football Basketball Baseball FERDINAND J GIGLIOTTI Jlggs SS Cosmas and Damnan A transfer from Conshy Hugh One cf our pep rally speakers Brannaus pet"'7'P Prefers blondes Glee Club JESSE N HELENIAK Hjessn Sacred Heart Ambmon to become a lawyer drnves a '55 Chevy bass In Glee Club Mechamcal Drawtng'P One of Homske's Qang 'tr ' 'll' I ' ri, 4 ' ' '.'f.H- ' - ..l..Mr. K N l I . , 1 I -. ' , J x L ROSEMARY T JOHNS St Eleanor Commuter from Collegevulle Always laughmg Hold that busll Future dress desugner Expert C00kl9 mnxer Melodmes JOHANNA E HYLINSKI Jo St Mary What a new Dodge9 Never wnthout Charlotte Long nanls"' Melodrnes Chour Assocnate Edutor of MIRROR SMHS 1957 MARY C HICKEY Hickey St Augustme Byrd lover Bookkeepvng devotee? Ardent Vnllanova rooter those long week ends Pnxne Blonde bombshell EDWARD A JELESIEWICZ a St Mary When I feel ambltuous I he down tnll the thought passes Thmkmg too hard retards my bram no retardatuon' 56 gndnron star KATHRYN KELLY Kitty St Matthew Sulence IS Golden POD expert Always on tnme'P College bound Great sports fan Chou Melodlnes JEANETTE T JEMIONEK e St Mary Oh for a trnp to Hawau Famous for ten page letters Lnves on the funny slde of lufe Future lady In whnte Chonr Melodmes O O O 0 h , . . . . ' . . . "oh, I , af M ' ' I ' 'f I , 't ' A X I y I ' . I 3 L J y " U q IIJ tn , , ll ll ' - ' , .... . , , . , SENIORS - 1957 HARRY S KOBUSZEWSKI Kobe JAMES C KELLY St Mary GEORGE P KRAJNIK 6 C J P d f C h Mother of Sorrows am ammer rr e o onnau Sl Gertrude town those far searchrng eyes 9 Swedsburgs grft to St Matts sharp Member of Summons a Month Club H W""'1"'19 Smlle Pfefefs blondes dressef QU'el but "We ff'endlY employee at the Food Farr future Wald" fha' fed l49l"Y' Green mumble 52 F'-Wd Hof 0 engmeer mechanrcal drawmg whuz MGYCUVY football Honor Student bass m Glee Club JOSEPH S KUNECK O6 BARBARA J KUNDER Moyhe, of Sonows MARTIN D LARE Barb Murph 5 M Dnves cool Ford Class clown Y ary gas statron attendant Mechanr Sl Manhew A bug gurl wrth a bug smrle Always C3llY 'mfllned Glee Club Expew fyplsf age caddy H01 fe3dY W'fl" 5 l1elP""9 hand Save Fofwafd Look 'n handos Chrysler Tarantella former me fo'-'V' M"'f0f fYP'Sl guard on St Matts Grad Team 5 My ,Q IQ' , 5 1 X, 'I - l A ,, ,, HK 'll I l ,, rf - . A . f - I ' , , , . . . ' .... . . . ' R d . . . - ' 1 l - V' L 1 l . 1 l A 45? f75'f'Q'e M HJ N N " u 'N - H H . . ' ' ' ,, U rl -' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' H n U- - - . . . I i . . . SMHS 1957 JOSEPH J MAHER OE MARY ANN LEWANDOSKI Mmme St Gertrude Lover of good musuc never wuthout Blue Eyes patron of Bell Samascnpt Staff JOHN J MCCARTHY Johnny WILLIAM T MCAVOY 5, Ma,,,,,,w I Vnrtuoso tenor Has pnde and goy 41 ord Tacnturn Gee New presndent of the 8th avenue gang Club Plymouths best caddy Upholds tenor sectnon Glee Club St Matthew Sf Genevieve V Vlctor' Import from Erdenheum Out of gas agam Joe? Former St Joes Prep sl Joseph 56m65Cf'Pf Glee Cl'-lb Intellectual look Vouce of Democracy DAVID MCELWEE Dave S1 Phullnps Naval Reservust Anchor Clanker Joan Steads Tax: Servlce Ambmon to fly Bass ID Glee Club o c a 0 l 1 ' E 2 J l lm HJ ,, - er".'.. . ' Joanne . . . Mad about Mercs . . . Miss entrant , . . Glee Club . . . Forensic, :X Q 2 V ev Y . ll 1 llB'Hll . . I . ll ll ' -" ' F " .l .U .l ' . . . I ' ,,,. SENIORS 1957 DAVID P MCTAMNEY Dave DANIEL J MCGEE st Gertrude ANTOINETTE A MORRIONE Flbber Tom St Manhew Hot Rod Ford Smokers Club How savior crew cut avnd slap collector The tall man s favome WEST 5'de Qang M00FllI9ht Gambler Personallty plus sense of humor perxod Lunch tenor un Glee Club Glee ClUl-9 Yenof favonte color? Kelly green basketball team Band 1 NANCY J NEVILLE St Matthew THERESA P NERI RICHARD D OCONNOR T Pro Marksman Whos absent? I eme I mught come up tonnght P 55 COSVTIBS and Daman Her safe threat lm gomg on a duet' S' Gemude I date unknown A good frlend pleasmg srme General favorite one of the famous Those bug brown eyes MBY ' twnns a lot of halfback on any turn your class rung? Samascnpt team spvrnt plus Football Basketball Glee Club 1. ff , 4 . I , 3 l , ' " K .ff A ' . ' . ' ll ' Il ...hy... ' ' ' " ' Trig?? Oh, Yes! . . . Manager of the 'S H 24 . ' 1 . A 5 1 D ' I ,xr i, tn . 1 'f ' . I ' 11 ll Il I ll ' ll f ll . . T ' ' ' . - NR' ll I ' ' ' ' -.H - ,Q , . D I . ll t I ' v ' ' D . H . l I SMHS 1957 JAMES F ODONNELL Beef ROBERT M OCONNOR 5, Matthew Bo Frequenter of Whrteys Luncheonette SI Genmde Acme Baggage checker Wheres my Smooth dancer Army Reserves locker IWY9 favorlte son Mechanical Drawmg Whuz Football Star Glee Club Basketball ANN M OMINSKI Ann: STELLA c OLSZEWSKI sf Josjph Stas S' Mary Shorthand whuz'P Georgua bound Lucky gal Sharp Lover of pe,-fume M stands fgf Never late' Monday mormng blues Mercury' Future Florence Nughtmgale -IUUIOY Year enlfam Assoclate edutor of MIRROR PATRICIA A ODONNELL a St Matthew Mnstress of the lockers Honor student Benny Goodmans compet1tor'9'9'9 but Slster rusnng forward Forensvc Chour Melodunes EDWARD G ORZECH Eddve St Mary Flattop What new excuseo Smokers club Im a lonely hug' Glee Club O O O O , Q z 'W Q l I - ' 1 , , I ' I . A Bs I Si , Y, H bu I up ,rr , . I I I I 1 - I I ' . . A I rl .ll ' SENIORS -1957 JOANNE A PECHARO FREDRICK A PASQUINI ss Cosmas and Damran CONSTANCE P PETRECCA Fred Conme SS Cosmas and Damlan l tell You Why we d'dnl 90 m' SS Cosmas and Damnan term mud term Gnves a mce beat lpana smile Hes rn the army now' on the Clrum fabulous Me Quiet Dad you say that? Cool punk packet Fathers odmes CIWOIF Pastry Taster Ambntlous Nice Pontrac Varsrty football Gee to know Sisters Girl Frrday C ub DONALD J PIERCE Don JOSEPH RUSSELL PIAZZA JR 5, Manhew BERNARDINE C PILCICKI Yatza Q Obi B h Bea uret :gang y t e way SS Cosmas and Damran JV Football varsny Manage' St Mary Sports mmded Grve me that ball Glee Cl'-fb Sulence rs golden Presudent of Safe Mechamcal Drawnng Whrz'7 college Dnvers Club? smart dresser bound Football Glee Club future V I P of Grant s Melodrnes Chorr 'I i N 4 'J I1 . 9' I 2 , I s ,sg I I r. ' , HJC., 11 ll I ll - 41 . "l'I ' ' - 'd, . ' ' . H - H A u ' . ,. ,. I- ,, .,, ,,. ,, . . I ' I I ' ' . . . ' '. 4 I ' I ll - 1 ll I . K . Q ' 1 21' 1 ? It M 3 1 Q , 4 fl- , . K i I ' 4 ' r, ,, H ,, . - . ,, N . ,, . H . . I l . . . . . . - . , . SMHS 1957 ? CATHERINE T PlLEGGl 1 W Cathy JOSEPH A PILCICKI 5, Joseph CAROL A PULTQRAK 09 A bl D d Carole S M m er Import ay reamer t ary Keeps post offnce busy Old lash S, Mary Honor Student and scholar College loned gurl Saved by the bell prague passlon for plzza bound Quuet but cheerful Telegrams from Af,,,ca'n'J'J Skilled bUYCl"ef 53ma5C"Pf Slaff Assocuate Edntor of Murror Honor Glee Club 0 No not Long John Sllver' ELSIE M QUINN St Anthony JOANNE D PULTORAK BRIAN P RICHARDS St Genwde An escapee from Lansdale Catholuc 5, Manhew Damty and petlte Madelyns slde Busy typust at Davns's Crazy about kuck Expert babysntter "Oh, "Tman locks" Conservatuve dresser green Oldsmobnles What fume ns nt? I forgot my locker key"' SMHS orator Voice of 'Friendly Persuas1on" Polka fan Democracy Winner Future lawyer Glee Club O I O O if ,fl-lfl , A f fi ' t A wg ,iw-'V A, W , , ' ffl f .Q , f Q- ,f ,, M1 K ,,,, .V wfv.,gfigi ' W , , Y , Q- ,,'f,,Wi,,gy ,, 'Z f ng-Tw - V ,f ,Culpa ll 11 X I HJ 'H l H I H . R Il . . . " , ' ," a 9. SENIORS -1957 CAROL T RIMMER St Helena JUDITH M RILEY MERCEDES R RUSSELL Snlence IS golden Keeps the post Judy office busy Neat and prum Doll' 5' Mallhew Pretzel fuend Melodmes Sam sl Manhew R 1 Studnous" Well some ascnpl Slaff Band Chour Melodunes tlmes' Who me Snster" Love that Merc Fashion Model Typncal woman dnver Lovely One Thoughtful and oblugung JOAN M STEAD St Phlllp FRANCIS J SIRCHIE EUGENE S TOMCZAK Scrafch e Favornte expression Hey Gene walt for me Cute luttle gurl with Sl Manllew a bug smile a pleasant companuon Sl Maw That baby blue Olds Why Soph TYPINQ Wl1'1 lpana Smlle of-more 9,159 Commander at Noms dream car enthusnast BelAlr accor Army Reserves Janitor at the Drlve d'0n PlaYef Glee Club ln Glee Club I JOHN v. WALSH Honey, St. Matthew Mechanical Drawing wizard . . , "I can'1 wait until 2:45," . . . Fast typist . . , Footbail . . . Glee Club. MARLENE L. ZINNI Sf, Matthew Penmanship pius? . . . Scratch's cousin . , . Fayette St. hiker . . . "When is 'sometime' two words?". . . Samascript, S.M.H.S. 1957 ELIZABETH A. WERTZ UUZH Sr. Matthew JOANNE T. WRIGHT HJOH "ShaII we dance?" . . . Navy bound . . . "Hichey, what happened to the SI' Manhew CO0I'Ie5?H ' ' ' MeIOd'ne5 ' ' ' CIIOII' Popular with underclassmen . . . "Let's go get some pizza!" . . . Chauffeur for band drums . . . Cheerleader captain. Sao WHO S WHO CA R A OL Jgpxwlohrfor Student PATRICIA A. O DONNELL National Merit Scholarship Finalist BRIAN AHER Vo' P- RIC JOSEPH lllZfofC. 'ce O"De-m HAPDS N P Honor srUdlli,COPA Offac Winner ocomest Sfafe Finalisjg Contest E5SaY fl 1,1 R 0 w zme and Nw lou:-f runs Hzrozcxglz fine roujlzesf Jag 4 ' i "..4"a!f ! 'ff?1-r.. A's,o T .. 90 'l S I O V il f. I -f':x5f:.f f,.5f z.':koLff 1, f'-"ff Q- ., . HI' 1 I ll I I lrooz IE ucz I 'lI'IIIIl"N1aCbeUw' I MEMORIES OF '57 .X Father Giorgi explains that the whole case of supernatural religion hinges on The possibility of divine Revelation, K i U N :NSN- I George Krajnik "balls" himself out of a problem in logarithrns as Sister Riva Aloysia siands by ready to lend Yhe helping hand, wr -J. 9' L- "x ,..,,...Q Q., WL MECHANICAL DRAWING is the language of industry. Here Sister Agnes de Sales points out some of the intricacies of a problem to Joseph DiRico. This subject is as valuable a tool as is mathematics in teaching a student to think. It has the added feature that it disciplines the hand as well as the mind. ---gf ls Joseph Piazza questioning or correcting James Farrell's figures? It is to be hoped that when these students are "somebody's stenog," there will be no misuse of some- time and sometimes. rg?" ,Fd-,, I 2 i it -S1 , ,ft- mn? .au "Too many cooks"-not appli' cable here. These muffin makers look quite efficient, but it's the taste that tells, sg wp. f" M ga A :L in ."w. Ststcr Maxtma Supervises F21ta'5 omclet-but what ts Marcella watching? ps N' 'fwfF,' in c xii' - vrle - Ah! The muffins are a success, or so we assume from the satisfied look on the faces of the cooks. ln Sister William Joseph's office practice group supposed to look. all eyes-or nearly all-are looking where they are "'- Sister Euphrosine's physicists are interested in finding the co- efficient of linear expansion. l i 5 At the left, Joseph Pilcicki, Jeanette Jemionek and Carol Pultorak work out Moments of Force experiment. Simple machines prove interest- ing to the gentlemen on the right. l fr' an I - .-a-441. 11" X! qi Q ,,, rust: , ,i Some "National Problem" apparently holds A-I spellbound as Mr, Brannau discourses on its solution. DMN af . 'qw 'gg' 'Y' ii' TCHES h ther HWS ts trual balances and all 1 Zo these fU'U'e al statemef' dl solved Y Zzarcfgokkeepmg wtll be rea :Y H "managers, CR One glance and we know these typists have advanced beyond a-s-d-f-g. I 3, 3 P This class is said to be one of the best. In many instances this statement has bee n verified. Witness their cooperation with the fa c u l t y, their scholastic achievements, and their par- ticipation in various school activities. "To you . . . we throw the torchg be yours to hold it high!" Here under Father Schusters careful tutelage these young theologians receive the answer to their problems Barbara Maziarz, Kenneth Baker, and Casimir Blasz- czvk, show that A Tale of Two Cities has dramatic possibilities. i,i i.i . , , i i All W itil 5 w Saw Language arts have always brought the priceless value of cultural background for the educated pe rs o n. A knowledge of a language is a knowledge of a people, of their ideasg and understand- ing ideas is the purpose of all education. Carl Joseph observes Richard Evan and Geraldine Tancini illustrate the use of the relative pronoun. A Los Senores Smith, Cannon and Montmayer "patiently" await their turn at the board. Finding the roots of a quad- ratic equation can be a major performance as some of the more serious of Sister Rita Aloysia's students seem 10 indicate. ,JP 'tg Ai ln Sister Helen Regina's class, Carl Joseph explains the geographical aspects of American History as Nicholas Pergine indicates locations. W.- .D f -Gila 'KQV' Y" P '1 MOLECULES NEVER WEAR OUT Sister John Baptist's chemistry students are intrigued by this experiment ln l957 faculty and students of St. Matthew's have been made aware of an outstanding Soph- omore class. Many of these students have been actively in- terested in scholastic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. If "coming events cast their shad- ows," then great things can be expected when these sopho- mores attain "seniorhood." .lf I ,t ,4 5 'Q . 8 Q K xi WSE 1 Not difficult to see what Dolores Duff is explaining to her classmates in Sister Helen Regina's class. ig 2 From these two views of Sister Clare Xavier's French I, can you decide who the future members of the French Academy will be? Raymond Carr looks per- turbed. Why the puzzled look, Raymond? Something wrong? Daniel Coyle and Maryelleri Gibson seem satisfied. I ln the Civics class Carol DCQEV awaits orders from Mr. Dugan. Wg -'49 FX AX, If biology meant only looking at slides, reports would hold no terrors! A look at this group in lmmduqriori to Mechanical Drawing and one under- stands why they are Sister Agnes de Sales' pride and l0vl CLASS OF 1960 .2 14 'bf-" REPRESENTATIVES Clockwise: John Torres, Patricia Elm, Raymond Brandt, Anne Stromberg, Ann Clark, Joseph Maranari, Rita Pergine, George Graff. When St. Matthew's High School opened its doors, September, 1956, two hundred ten eager applicants held the lucky number. No one will question the assertion that getting accustomed to a new school is not easy, but after a few weeks of rules, regulations, and upper- classmen, everyone had found his nook and set- tled down to the busi- ness of being a student in St. Matthew's High School. Under Sister Hermancias watchful eye Dorothy Donnelly John Hamaday and Jacqueline Dougherty are mastering Latin fundamentals In Shakespearean language, all the mysteries of grammar will be "resolved," when Sister Marie Dorovhy has completed the course in English I with this group. sfvq--q Il -dl -il i Sister Agnes de Sales may discover some hidden Coror, da Vinci, or even a Raphael among vhese young an sludenfs. 441. 1, P " i b 5 6 ll IM llllllllllliillllvl .. 4...-. E-EE'--' -,--F qi -31 . 'll -mi! A-1 Library Aides-Mary O'Donnell, Mary Anne McTamney, Julia Grzywacz are happy fo assist these young 1ravelers in the "realms of gold." In World History Joseph Bielecki, Joseph Bello, Henry Alexanderwicz lchairmanf, Mary Ann Bonkowska, and Elaine Carda- mone conduct a panel discussion. Topic: THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. V 3. ,lr 5. Did Richard Campbell and Marie Costello plan this "get together" of the "Father of His Coun- try," the "Great Eman- cipator," the American Eagle, and - Napoleon Bonaparte? If in November these "freshies" can handle x's and t's with such assur- ance, there need be no concern when the final exam arrives! ,-lun, HQHJ Qt . Q '- . M' - . juz,-rw J,,,,-an ' ,M WW- ' .WWK-f"f ,, ,,, Q 1 WW MW,7,,,w4-5521, M M,,,.W , f , Www' " f f ,if ,f,,f.,,A W 1. " WM af ou- ,Q mv- fav Q8 0 ' X D' Q ' W E 5 ' as .kj .fl l SENIOR gl f X' 'E -QB , ,, fa' 'fi f ir' ff '94 .5 -f ff? fl ' . ' . 9' . fi I fi x . 4 vw Q-f 'ASQ WALSH fig, f 4 MIRRCRS AX 1' X IVAN' 56:1 X J 1 5' V 5 .A Q p fx. ff Q N M' 1 JG fx si 'I Lme Coach BORKOWSKI Q .Ra ygd 33. F- V " ji VR.. T. PU-11" , ur .. 3 Q43 o CONNOR OKC' 0140 3,4 2- BZ 0990 Bob blasting through for "six" OUR RECORD S.M.H.S. , I3 Kenrick , 7 S.M.H.S. 13 St. Jos. Prep ,, H13 S.M.H.S l9 Allentown , I9 S.M.H.S. H 6 Reading Cath. ,,,,, ,, 6 S.M.H.S.,, , ,H33 Malvern Prep. ,, I3 Ed Dugan gets up steam J i Qll L Sli' ?-v 3 L f 7 W ls m f ovroemm. ,, X L , P 5 u "V Q P I I ,--- f': M 3 " Q - aa Brother Dick flying to the rescue I ol 2? U Two Joes in a pose D vewnd 1 mm ,I 7 Us Q f Q lime fa S 'I Z "haf S N f X Ma" 0 0 I Q ? Q6 QM 'xi The "bench" eyes a bug play S 5 . , D 'A K . K 1 .x-' 1 ' .'r,- t , lv- -in gm an- N .,. . - - I lqzh run G' 1 " ' b ' ,. Y 4 Fw 1 - "' 3, W ,Q fw'1 - ,HL ,. - ' n ' 5' O X l i A V! ,fi . L 1-H V X S, U- , 4aV"a' , ' qou. QXQW , nu S 1 13 . X K E X I 5 E --L ii ix -1 '?f- . b ff - v 7 , , ' P t .4 I "1 - 'E' 1,4 A v , - . 1 , wr ' - 1 if T4 Q f al rf' W wg No a ets readxf for 9 Lxnxe wp i f Hands off says Eddue iv nts all m ne .Q 19 ,,, df? -.. 2-f-AM K ""-. 'N The fmhful four . ' ' 1 ' ,, x , V 4 ,xv z A U . ' Xi - . i 'sl 3 c-- x I 3 im! Q! ll ll ' f H-1 ' i U I il- I X 4' 6 'X 'g:. x I O Q ' A J v .er ,W , rf 4 :Y 1 , ' l I W ' .f " K kg-- ',,, 7 I ' : .gm ',vG T fs- ', A x x ' Ng- ' ff, V xy -TQ, fu v '- I ' ' imff 'Ki ,A . ' . 'flw V' , I .A 4, ' ' x, , 'K A A A I CQ,m Q N-- , .w.,. ,- R 3-,S , .Yrs ww- . ,L ly. fi. xx X f ,Zz r ,F f J f 1 N g! is ,, rf! Yi W WZ ,fe - "M -v - V-l5wv-v-fHmfk,.Mum-.n...t..,, Co-Captains Jelesiewicz and Bob O'Cormor before Kenrick game. Giorgio and DiRico lower the boom on Aiienfown player ,w ,1 E 4 Sf x fiff 5 , .- END OF THE TALE S,M.H.S. ,, 6 Salesianum S.M,H.S. .20 St. Jos. S.M.H.S. , 13 Gloucester S.M.H.S. H13 Pottsville , S.M.H.S. ,, 7 Conshohocken Mk 27 ,, 7 7 , 2 7 BobbY 5 num ees daYu9h' as Han picks N5 1ar9"' 1- . ff-ww -,,. H ff My ww' 'T' il ki p , ,Q 'lf 55'-flk ' a' ...F Q ,Qx vi' f 1-KH, Q Q. in I - X 42 I 4 Q 2 ' 'jwelgzfl E L ,..1f.U W , '-,.,, ' ' , .A,.. no-,,p ,.....9 Pugskm on the loose calls for some piggy-back riding. A iob well done Wi .5 sf... Q ' Y I is-I . li l I x 4 I Qi, 'll' 0'- ,. Let's have a good fake, Yatza, 46 x on iwo - Break! ' fx-4,1-I X' 'K 3 ln l"5 flnale Rlp 5575 UP Yafdage a9a'n5' Con5l"'Y Yatza goes all the way to pay dun ln the Allentown comes! VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Clockwise-Maryann Jelesiewicz, Regina Tammaro, Elaine Boccella, Joanne Wrighf, Lois Farrell, Carol Baronsky, and Joyce Mulholland. MIRROR CAGERS BARNYAK GIORGIO COACH BRANNAU BOB O'CONNOR BIRCH WELSH H3 ,- 1 . 4 Ev xl 1, I U Q3 Q, b X -in L I X M WH H...- Bobby Di Rico appears to have a shoulder grip on his Kenrick opponent. fe, f f X, f K,,, lx C., Matty smiles with the foreknowledge of a sure two-pointer. Oh! if only all Matty's smiles meant two points! S.M.H.S. CAGERS 1957 season passed with an un- impressive record of 'five wins against fifteen defeats. However, a team small in stature but gigantic in determination brought glory to its finish by upsetting Conshohocken 44-37 for the Borough Championship. Another bright spot which one day will show its merit is the fact that the Varsity was com- posed of only two seniors. Valuable experience was garnered by an array of Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen, who rounded out the Jay-Vee and Varsity teams. John Welsh, a sophomore, and Frannie Birch, a junior, each tallied over 200 points for the season. These two with Joe Barnyock will be the backbone of next year's squad. Two pair of shoes have to be filled since Bob O' Connor, Captain, and Matt Giorgio, the team's highest scorer, depart via the Cap and Gown route. ,Anim ffm? Alf! Nifmh X s Q La ff H W? , A if '.,mWl wf,4- . ,M X , r x Q Y N 5 , .3 LZ W: l v , A , .4 A I A, 5 I 1 1 Tm 5 s, E ra 6 41- x XXX . X.- 'QNJ3 -vx 954 'Q K tx '4 -W fa Y! 5 "N-uv N 14 ,Jef W . , ff., if 35, e 4 ak? x 4- W gf S 5 N' Q1 K xr W wW, -fM'f' M' Qu ff a - Pg 2, Aa ul UAH 'mg T2 f QKKQ' Q' if Q 1w?4, Lw 1 Z l V1 'IN 'N Our managers, Antoinette Morrione and Kathleen Kelly, seem happy over the score. Battle over and time to relax . . . we won! 7? gg, N t C J.V. CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Mary Ann Giradi Alfreda Wudarski Rita Pergine Elaine Cardamone ! YYYx,EfXx if 1 5 9 ,S hi NY' - 6 H fi A Qt ' MX 73 Qi 6 A W f E nw . TZ - 115.1 - f Q94 Q X X M,- NEWSPAPER 0 FJ '-1 RETREAT 5 E 41" CHOIR 1957 X51 FE QD SCIENCE C ,ffl ,,D I N Ii DEBATE Emma G60 DRAMATIC x E : L -W X f .- XY 5 Q ' fl Q 1, f , 4 '-I SEL 'F' fi . X rn ,,,, 1 N I' Y i, N E ar 5 A I f' B E v ' . 2 1 E. ' FF UW! E-X . J J Q .. .4 , ' I i' 24 6' if ' w1sg?'7 l -A I r , '11 5" ' A ' IU ' Wil - 5 'll nf C? GLEE CLUB YEARBOOK at DANCES ST. MATTHEW'S ALL-GIRL BAND SAMASCRIPT STAFF 5 SAMASCRIPT typisis - lefvz Theresa Neri, Lows Farrell, Patricia Baranow- ski, Marlene Zinnl ard Elaine Boccella. Were ir nor for vbese "Drivers," 'he 1957 SAMASCRIPT migh? have been only a dream! -+ Gerzfread Joseoh Pircick: Mar. A. Lewardcwski and 'Wchae Greco pcfder a 'Naycw D'Ot New Josepn Maher, Trofnas Drczc responsibfe for arf work: Ween MIRRQR iw. A3 3 QV' TYPISTS- B . emardme Pilcickiv Joan And I reyczykf Barbm 5 Kunder, Y. uh 1150- LJ , 38 , I, .I -- 'L Q-C" ,JA fi K netie Jemiorwek EDITORKAL STAFF'sea1ed: Chadone Borkowski, lea Thomas Drozdziewlcz, Stekie Olszewski, Caro! Pmorak. Standing: ' nne Simoncink, Anioinene Morricne and KaYhNeen David Gubson, Joe Kelly. Q. ,Q-'tw 3 if , , ROUNDUP -L..1 EDITOR- George Edw CO-EDUORS: Barbara xx! ..L.J Q' Q E X E ' A I M I, w" Qt, Q ml fs' Do you need help? Ask our O Connor. Prom Commntee at work at ease' KINAHAN Sister Miriam de Sales and Brian Richards, President of the Kinahan Forensic Society, welcome the Rev. Francis Schulte and Sister Marie Paul, officers of the local chapter. Competitors in Original Oratory Tournament On November 3, 1956, ST. Matthews High School was host to C.F.L. of Greater Philadelphia forthe Original Oratory Tournament. A ln the National Catholic Forensic Grand Tourney, Joseph Mastromatto finished third, and captured the trophy for Oratorical Declamation. SOCIETY in 4 9 - Brian Richards, third time winner of Voice of Democracy contest, enioys receiving a Fifty Dollar Bond, for a first place district award. N Joseph Mastromatto poses with school and personal trophy, received at Reading in interscholastic competition. Joseph placed second in oratorical interpretation at the Monsignor Wachter Declarnation Tournament 1x,! X -7 Will the gentleman from Harrnonvtlle yield? Behind the scenes ofthe National Forensic Tournament ' 2 lg l s ll lf, fi 1 Waltz of 1he Flowers - Corps de Ballet 1,1 l L7 I2 AX, ,f f, . 5, s 4 YW I' r. f Melodines . f d Medley. 'rested by Carhenn e D'Nf'1O, sin ' n .xg 5 R 9 a Chfisvmas Prlncupals in The Crib Tableau were Joseph Di- Rico and Gloria Corcorar as Sr. Joseph and Our Lady. ? 'r P I CATHOLIC BOOK WEEK dd-Wiiznofwu .7 5.5! -Ql- T-Q - A cross section of D4 champion contributors to Book Fund Drive examines the Book Display All roads led to the library during Catholic Press month, February, 1957. On display there were all types of literary productions which the students were free to examine, peruse, and even order for their personal use. Through the cooperation of the faculty and the generosity of the student body, approximately twenty-five new books were added to the library. lnformation and stories concerning the religious lite for boys and girls proved to be favorites. Historical novels took second place. The Spanish group donated the latest Spanish Dictionary. Likewise sport stories as well as mystery tales found a permanent place on our library shelves as a result of our Book Drive. ,ui Sa A.-' : f'-'H If Li! 'R VOCATION WEEK 1957 x L Fff qxfz . '.x. 24' During VOCATION WEEK ihe studems were afforded an opportunity for a close up of the sacred vessels and vestments used at MASS and BENEDICTION. 'NLM O ?f"r Vw- 96-'Fi ,... p'WC'FJaV, mannefzmfs dressed in the Habw s oi me Relugnous mosx widely A-- -.., ' w Vcsvwcms. Used ar Mags The chabce and gxbcrmm flu, vm- gwfx of the dass of I 1' Q f , , i X-1 5 inf 751 , , ,,, K 1- K3-txyx -1s" ' 5 ....'N-JL, J V' I known in me Archdiocese -.weve gem vo Sain' Janne.-.'g Hwqr Scfcc c. we .fawcL,s CO'V"'vV"E'S ,gl -X X STUDENTS' ANNUAL RETREAT Students assemble n Tracy Hall tor Holy Mass MY LORD AND MY GOD' Throughout the year the realization of our purpose in late has been impressed conducted each day by Father Schuster Father Giorgu and the Sisters Every Wednesday Holy Mass which is attended by the student body is celebrated by our Principal Father Laut Since the latest directive on the reception of Holy Com munion it is now possible for the stu dents to receive Our Lord every day Vocations was the sublect of a talk given by Father Powers Paulist to the IUHIOF and senior boys Later the Rt Rev Ms r Francis J Furey DD rector t St Charles Seminary spoke at a general assembly in which he stressed the prac tical means ot recognizing and corres pond ng with a vocation to the religious life At the annual student retreat in Holy Week given by the Rev Edward Thomp son all exercises were held In Tracy Hall These graceladen days were con cluded on Wednesday morning with Mass conference Papal Blessing and Beneduction 17 - T 5 A 1 4 T J s I at 'l, , ztsfws j' V i . I V " l upon us daily. Classes in religion are . E I , xt I .I l ' , , . I - ti 3 ' 'Q H . U . ? . A I I D l l . , . . g. ' . , . ., o . . , I . . . . . Af- I , , , Favher Thompson chats with senlorswlohn Gambone, James Farrell, Francis Sirchie and Fred Gigglioni. ,..------..: "'q lc'- 1 1,,-! vu, lf' 'ss .vu 5 at I' K' 4'. : : 'ng :cf R I I I 5 I 1 I ' n J 'lu R , ,' x v 1 5 : ,' 'X ln' 'Q n ff-5 '----1' "5 I x 1 0' -Q r. -1 51111111135 111 .' Q- .rf N 'Q- l X rr ,f 192 l l 'K l 3 , On the last day of Retreat, all the sludents received Holy Communion. 'QD MAY PROCESSION -1957 A -ilu-ML N ,, li.. x .-- A 1 ff Q,,, d mms: VM. N 'vwfufd Gu fwrsT ,var uw 'mf I S' '."a'Y'S F5e"w-f LP.V sums 'L fiztfsw., 'm cm, tv, MONO'-vvq C ' E-self! 'drum-' Aden C, Cass K I ,, krffy Nmc Jwr, 'v'xL!rC, Ou' Lv J. ,f' My mu' 1 m.tY'Lu' ,, , - -f-, gp fav- Ir ' '13, -'f,,m 1 f '7fA1' J' 1-fiffwviw ' V ' f3f,1f4:Qg,3L,,35-if A I f'A:"fqfdM1 fm-ak W WN fn r, MW' , ,.,, 44. ,. ax , , ., , 1 , .3f,j?3 im:w .1'i'-- ., ,nam A L . ,, " ' M -, 2' f 'U--vi-'f 1 '?5WesQ:4f531V2p' .2 fp , , . , ,M 1' 1 , f A .. ,www 4-1.. ,.,A. , W, ,gap , , 2 'A' V2-..4 J-, ,. ,, ,L X W "WND, 4 -,,..,.,.,. N. . - ,iw , ,Civ,kn.Zi.-ywn ,. Pe:ess+one'1oTfacy Hai' and Benedmngn WE REMEMBER MAY IO, 1957 pq, R T 92' X - J 1. ,Q s, 4 1 ' n I Jr A' , T - v DQ L . J E... 1957 65515 f Qfefil si Kp , Egg, -an D86 V -L QW? 'J milrxiqp' "l1"li'd!i lQ"g'u..- hh: i Q lj ,Q Q ' 'wr-rf-.-"'1'-M 1 1 J -ffl I ' f ,:44.,r,,,i35f4-- 4Qm5L4,:Q if z CLASS OF 1957 SALUTATORY Wrvrer: Joseph A. Pilcickr Speaker: Peter J. Galne A x V T r I s VALEDICTORY Writer: Antoinewe Morrione Speaker: Brian P4 Richards x W HONOR STUDENTS Johanna Hylmglfi and Pairrcia O'DorwnelJ examine their diplomas P :Ax 23 FJ A DuDonato Mr and Mrs Elwood Duesunger Eleanor DuEuluus Vurtcertt DuEuluus and Mrs Anthony Dulullo Fred DuNuno Ed DuNuno Mrs Mary DuNuno Domenuc Dupaolo Mr and Mrs DuRaseto Jeanne DuSanto 56 Mr and Mrs Anthony DuSanto Jr Mr and Mrs Bent DuSebastuano Mrs Loretta Dlugaszewslcu Joan Dobry 53 Patty and Joan Doherty Alex Daleva Anne C MacDonald Mr and Mrs Danuel Donahue Jr Anna Marue Donovan Mr and Mrs Thomas Donovan Paul Donovan Mrs Sue Donnelly Mrs D Donnelly Elusabeth R Doran A DOrazuo Cleaner Wulluarn V Dorsaneo CarolynL Douglas Florence Dougherty Cougherty s Pharmacy Mr and Mrs John F Dougherty Mrs EleanorM Dougherty Eluse Dougherty Mr and Mrs W Dougherty Mr and Mrs B M Dressler Mr John Drozd Mr and Mrs Muchael Drozdzuewucz Mr and Mrs Dryslewsku Peter Duchunslcu Joseph Duda Mr and Mrs A Dudas Mrs Jean Duda Roberta Duda Mrs Helen Duff Mrs Mary Duffy Joseph P Dugan Edward Dugan 57 Anne Dugan and Mrs Edward Dugan Mr and Mrs George T Farrell Jack Farrell 53 Mr and Mrs Jarnes P Farrell Margaret Fazuo Mr and Mrs S Fazuo Mr and Mrs V Fazuo Mrs Mary Feeney Duane Felton Mr Wulluam Felton Mrs Wulluam Felton Adam F Ferrauolu Margaret Ferruer and Mrs Robert Ferst Samuel Fueld and Mrs Stanley Fulanowucz Charles Gambone J HenryJ Gamza Theresa Gamell Mr and Mrs EdgarJ Gansz Mr and Mrs Phulup Gardocku Dottue and Phul Gardocku Mr and Mrs Walter Garraty Mr and Mrs Edna Garber Garfano S Stephen Garonsku V and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George Garrett D J Garvey Wulluarrt Gaul Wm J Gavun James Gavun and Mrs Vuncent Funeran and Mrs Joseph P Funeran Helen Funeran Louus Funlcelsteun Florence C Fusher Mr and Mrs John Fuscher Mr and Mrs J Futzpatruek James P Futzpatruck Anthony Flack ShurleyJ Flack Rev CharlesJ Flanagan Mr and Mrs Vuncent A Flocco Flourtown Atlantuc Statuon Mr and Mrs Francus Foley Mr and Mrs John Foley Mr and Mrs Joseph Foley Julua H R Fo ey Mrs A Fondots Mr Anthony Ruta Fonclols Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Foremost Da Fondots Jr Phulup Ford Thomas Ford urues c Ruta and Jerry Forker Mr and Mrs Dr and Mrs S Forlune A J Fornace Joseph E Geary Margaret E G ary Paula Gelucke Haurdresser George s Restaurant Surf Cuty N J George and Brudget 55 Samuel R Gerhart Mary R Getzfread Mr and Mrs Joseph Getsfread Johr'uJ Gefsfread Jr Mr and Mrs John Getzfread Mr and Mrs Francus Getzfread Mr and Mrs Nunzuo Guandonato Ruchard Gubson Jr Anne M Grbson John Gubson Helen D Gubson Mr and Mrs T Gublun Mr and Mrs Anthony G radu Gurls of D A Glady s House Mr and Mrs Stanley Gleba Stanley John Gleba 56 Gleba Brothers Margue Jane Glenzunger 55 Mr and Mrs R Glenzunger Mr and Mrs D J Glymo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs George Charles Dugan Andrew A Dukert Thomas Duncan Edward Dybucz Martun G Early Ede Mr George Edel Wulluam Edwards 46 Paul Edwards 48 James P Edwards Mrs Mary C Edwards Jonathan Edwards Leo S Ehlunger Mr and Mrs Johu'uF Ehrmann Dr D Roy E John Elutf Mr and Mrs Mr nd Mrs Elmo Famuly Mr and Mrs usenhuth Josepn G Ellus Joseph Elmo Edward Funneran Mrs Margaret Faur Peggy Faur 56 Mr and Mrs Frank Fantunu Mr and Mrs Charles Farrell Mr and Mrs Donald Farrell Mr and Mrs Wulluam Foster Mrs Robert Fournuer Four Fruends Mr and Mrs Thomas Fox Fran and Jerry 55 Franny s Beauty Shop Bull Frankenfueld Mr and Mrs Davud Frankenfueld Freas Luncheon G H Freas lnsurance Mr and Mrs Jerry Freas Jr Mary Ellen Freas Mrs M Freas Mr and Mrs Russell Freas Katharune Fulgunutu Susan Fulgunutu Mr and Mrs Arthur Fulmer J W Fraun s Furnuture Averett Furruers Mr and Mrs Anthony Fussco Gabun s Hardware Mrs Penuna Galue Mr and Mrs Peter Galu Mrs Galue Mary Gallagher 51 Mr and Mrs E J Gallagher Anna T Gallagher Mr and Mrs Wm Galette Marue Gallagher Mrs Gallager Mrs Robert E Gallagher Mr and Mrs J Garnbone Gambone Brothers Mrs Charles P Elteruch Empress Hosuery Mull Empress Hosuery Mull Joseph Englu h Sr Mary Ruth Englush 54 Robert Entenman 55 Mr and Mrs John Eprught Mrs M Erwun Ruchard F Etes Edward Evans Mrs A Evans Mr and Mrs R Everlofth Mr and Mrs Wm Ewung Mr and Mrs Domunuck Fabuanu Duke Faur 5-1 Mr and Mrs Anthony Frederuclc Bull Frederuck s Garage Mrs Carmella Frederuck Elaurte Frederuck Eleanor Frederuck Mr and Mrs Theodore Frederuck Freshmen of D -1 Morrus Frued rruend Fruewd of Mary s Helen C Frutz 'Vlr and Mrs Charles Frcst 'Vlrs Stella Frost Dr J Theresa Fulgunutu Franz Goeth Vlr and Mrs Joseph A Goldbeck Gold Seal Mkt , ' , , . , r. Mr. ' A 'I I U' . , , Mr. . A , , . ' , , ' ' ' Mr. ' ' . . . ' ' ' ' Mr, ' A , . , ' ' , ' ' M . , , . ' , A ' Mr. . . . . . '. ' ' Mr. . Mr. , ' ' . ' Mr. ' Mr. , , , ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr, . ' ' , u Mr, . . ' . e Charles Dross, Sr. Carol Louise Foote Mr, and Mrs, George Glazer , . ' ' ' , ln . . . . ' ' , Jr. r V A I Mr, 4 l I - ' . . ' Mr. , ' ' . Mr. . , , , I Mr. . . . , , . , Mr. . ' . , . Mr. . ' . . . - . . ' -H I ' D ' V J . . Frye Joseph Golas Jr Mr and Mrs Harry Goldberg Sr Mr and Mrs Wulluam Gordon Benuamun Gordon Bull Gordon Laura Gorsku and Mrs Joseph R Go don o and Mary Grablewsku and Mrs C Grablewskt and Mrs GeorgeJ Graft Jack C Graham Mrs Walter Graun Dot Gramacku 56 and Mrs Jos Grarnacku Jr Mrs Robert Gramlung and Mrs J E Granger and Mrs Peter Gravunese and Mrs Frank Gravunese Thomas Gravunese Gray s Grocery Mr and Mrs M Du Grazuo Mrs Catherune Greco Mrs Anthony J Greco Mr and Mrs James Greenday Sara R Huckey Mrs Joseph Hrckey Mrs Mauruce Huckey Pat Huckey 56 Charles Hucks Store Frank H Hugguns Mrs Frank H Hugguns Mr James Hugguns Mr and Mrs Thomas Hugguns Rose and Francus Hugguns Francus Hugguns Elsue Huldbrand Mr and Mrs Lewus Hulbert Joey Huldebrand Mr and Mrs Edwun H Hullegass Mr and Mrs Donald Hune Mrs Jane Hussner Mr and Mrs Lawrence Hussner J M e Mr and Mrs J C Hofmann Dot Holmes 54 Mr and Mrs George Hontz Charles R Hoss Ethel and Bull Hovell Mr and Mrs Hohn F Huber 3rd John M Kehoe Mr and Mrs John M Kehoe Mr and Mrs James D Kelly Connue Kelly 54 Thomas Kelly Mr and Mrs LukeJ Kelly Kathleen Kelly 59 Eleanor Kelley Mr and Mrs James Kelly Mr Ted Kelly Helen Kelly Pat Kelly Mr and Mrs Verna Kelly Mr and Mrs Mrs Wulluam Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs John Kelly Joseph Kelly Kelly Thomas Kel y Charles Kelly Thelma Greudus Norman R Greene S Mr and Mrs Raymond Gregore Ann Gruffuth Mr Wm Gruffun Sandara Gruffuth Mr and Mrs W H Gruftuth Otto Gruegel Mr and Mrs Charles Grohosku Chuck Grohosku 54 Grohosku Bros Mrs Catherune Gross Mr and Mrs Chester Grzywacz Helen Grzywacz 56 Mr and Mrs Thomas Grzywacz MaryJ Hagen Mr and Mrs Leslue M Haunes Mark Haunes 55 John Halbert Mr and Mrs JohnJ Haley J F Haley Machune 8. Tool Gerald and Kathy Harnaday Mr and Mrs John Harnaday John R Hamaday Mr and Mrs Frank Hanley Mrs John Hannugan Mr and Mrs Russell Huber Mr and Mrs Howard F Hudson Mrs Hohn W Huftord Mr and Mrs Francus A Hughes Jean Marue Hunsucker Joseph W Hurtey and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George Huth John Hylunsku John Hylunsku Walter Hylunsku Johanna Hylunsku 57 Mrs Rose Iannu and Mrs Muchael laquunta and Mrs lmhoff and Mrs F A Ingram Arthur E Jackson Mr Arthur E Jackson Jerome Jacquet Mrs Gerald Jacquet Mrs John Jacque-t Mr and Mrs Joseph Jacquet Jampo s Grocery Store Mr and Mrs Alfred Januzellu Nluke Jarmoluk Joseph A Jarosuwsku Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mrs L Hang Mr and Mrs M Harrus HO and Mrs Harrus Ho and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs J Hannon Charles C Hansell Robert Hanna er Hannum me Furn C Wm Harbourne me Furn Co Gerald Harper Wm Barry Harper Norrus H Harrungton Mrs James Harper Dolores Jemuonek Mr and Mrs Felux Jemuonek JD s Cold Cuts 6th 8. Maple Joe The Barber Joe s Auto Body Shop John Bros Furestone Store John Sus and Vunce E .l JO Mrs Frank Johns George Johns 53 Mr and Mrs Frank Kamarowsku Mary E Kane 54 Mr and Mrs J Harrus John Harduman JosephW Harper A8 Paul Harper Rebecca E Hastungs Mr and Mrs WalterM Hawk LouuseanneM Hawk 5A Mrs Anna Hayes Agnes R Hayes Mary E Hayes Mr and Mrs Charles Heaton Herbert Heywood and Mrs Thomas Kane r and Mrs Leonard J Karas ouus Kasopsky Davud K and Eugene E Katz and Mrs WulluamJ Kearney and Mrs Edward H Keenan Joseph Keenan Kathryn Keenan Keenan Famuly Mr and Mrs Phulup I Keeney James Keeley Mary E Kehoe Mr. . . I I I ' Mr. . . Au - A I I Mr. . . . - 5 ' - A ' Mr. . ' ' I - ' l Mr. . ' r r - r A . . Hit ' . , r. ' ' ' A A - A A A Mr. A , I I A Nur. , ' ' . , . r 1 Mr. . ' ' A - I Mr. . ' ' MrIAand MVSI John Gmss Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hylinski Mrs. ANTH M4 Kleltfte A V f Mr,A , ' A - - - A I .I Mr. , - - A - A I Mr. , . . A ,V A A . o. I A A I A I Mr. . . f I ' - MI A I I F. . . hns . . . Mr. . - ' I Mr. . . I I- - Mr. , ' , ' - r - ' M . . . ' I I u ' A ' , Dr. ' . . , . ' I - Mr. , ' ' . I I I Mr. . . . . , , , Madelyn Kelly 59 Mr and Mrs Martun Kelly Mrs Edwun Kelley Charlotte Kelley JohnJ Kelley Mrs Helena Kelly Francus P Kelly LukeJ Kelly 56 Mr and Mrs Lawrence Kelly Dr Joseph E Kelly Lawr nce J Kelly 51 John P Keleher Mr and Mrs Wulluam Keller Margaret Kemery LeRoy B Kemery Jr Aluce and John Kenney Mary Kerstan Dolores Kerns 52 Mr and Mrs JamesJ Kuely Mr and Mrs JamesJ Kulcoyne Mr and Mrs Muchael S Kung Kung 8. Betz Rev John P Kunury Kathryr' B Kurk Danuel W Kurkpatruck M D Mr and Mrs Klebe Kleen Brute Venetuan Blund laundry Mary Kluamovuch Mrs Jean Knaecke Mr and Mrs F J Heckman Mrs Ruta Hedden Mrs Joel Hedlund Mr Joel Hedlund Herman Helblung Mr and Mrs John Helenuak Helch 58 Jesse N Helenuak Stster Charles Helene Mr and Mrs Danuel Hemcher Mr and Mrs J Hennessey Mrs Mary Henderson Mr and Mrs Emanuel Hertruck Muchael C Herbert Mr and Mrs George Johns Mr and Mrs l John Robert Johns 56 WulluamJ Johnson Mr and Mrs Ruchard Johnson Frank Jones Mr and Mrs Carl W Joseph Sr Alexander Jost Mr and Mrs Davud V Joyce Mr and Mrs Joyce Jay Junod Jenny K Mr and Mrs Alfred Januzellu and Mrs and Mrs and M s and Mrs James Mamscalco August Manchro Marcolina John Marmcola ohn Marmcola and Mrs Hubert Moore and Mrs Gerard Moore and Mrs William A Moore Barbara Moore Russ Moor Michael and Loretta Mora Mr and Mrs Walter Moreland Mrs Paul Bertsh Moravek 44 Edrth C Morwood Mr and Mrs Lawrence Morrione Josephine Morris Joseph and Carole Moran Mrs W L Morgan Edward Moser Don Moser 58 Alice P Moser George Moser and Mrs Louis Moser ser Glass ther s Club and Mrs Richard Moulton and Mrs Warren Moyer olet D Mrozek and Mrs Edward Mulligan nd Mrs Charles Mullen and Mrs D J Mulholland Milllam Mulroy Mrs Margaret Mullin Mary J td James Mullen Kathleen and Margaret Mullen Mr JosephJ Mullen Mr and Mrs James Mulroy 54 Stan Mulkiewtcz 56 Ms J J Mu en Mr and Mrs John Mulroy John J Mullen Rev Thom s M Mundy Mr ard Mrs E Munro James Murphy Mrs John Murry Vlr and Mrs JamesJ Murphy Mr and Mrs George A Murphy Bernie Murray 45 Peter Murphy Mr John Murphy Musrcal Bar Judith Mus atello Mary Muscatello Mr and Mrs Edward Myers Cectlia A McAleer Mary and Wm McAvoy 57 Wrlltam M Avoy Ida M McAvoy Mrs J McCabe Mr J McCabe Peggy McCall 55 Mr and Mrs EdwardL McCall Mrs Wm McCall EdwardL McCall J and Mrs John A McCann r nd Mrs Thomas McCarron theleene M-:Carrick and Mrs Joseph McCarrack and Mrs JohnJ McCarthy r and Mrs James McCarthy James J McCarrrck John J McCarthy Mr Gerald McCarrrck Mr and Vlrs William McCarrtck Louise McArthy James McCaulley Mr and Mrs Joseph D McCauley Catharlne McCloskeey Earl L McCoy Mr and Mrs EdwardJ McCusker James McDade 55 rs Mary McFadden Mrs M rue A McGee Dani 'J McGee 57 Patrrcra Ann McGee Mr nd Mrs Daniel MCGGC Mrs Ch s McGinn Florence McGonigal 53 Edw McGonugle McGonigaI s Drug Store Donald J McGonigal Mr and Mrs J McGonn Dr and Mrs Austin McGrail Mr and Mrs John McGrath Mary J McGrath Rev James M McGrory and Mrs Edward A McGuigan E A McGuigan and Mrs John McGuire Paul McGuigan Julia McGuire Ted McGuire Emma Mclieever Mr Chas McKeever Mrs Chas Mclieever Sarah McKenna Margaret McKeon Mr and Mrs John McKernan J Patrncra McKnight The McLaughlin Family Mr JohnF McLaughlin Mrs L McLaughlnn McLaL,ghlen Beverage Mr James McLaughlin Grace McMenamrn Mr nd Mrs John McMenamin McNally s Tavern Mr and Mrs J McNamara John J McNamara H ren McNeelus 4T Mrs H McNeells Joseph A McNeilly Mr and Mrs Chas McPherson Rose McQuaid Caroline McQu td Mrldred MCQU rd 46 Mr and Mis J MeTarnmey Jr Daniel McTamney S Mr and Mrs James McTarnney Sr Janet McTamney 55 Loretta McTamney Elizabeth McTamney Stanley J Nadwodny Mrs George Nagle Mrs Ann Nanaszko Nardis Market r an Mrs an Mrs and Mrs ar' Mrs an Mrs an Mrs an Mrs Walter Narwnch A Narwicz Anthony Nasielski Wnlliam Nash Alfred Nert Philip Nerl John Nolan Norrrstown Furniture Co Norrnstown Hat Shop Mrs John Novakowskr Mr John Novakowskt M s Stella Nov k Irene Novak Mr Chester Novak Mr and Mrs Vincent R Novi Mr and Mrs A Novttskt M s Ter 't e Novits r Mr and Mrs R ymond Novitski Miss Julia Novak Mr and Mrs Joseph Novak Lleanor O Brien 5l Mr and M s Edward A O Brian OSH n Funeral Home Rev Joseoh E O Brien Marianne and Cordelia O Brlen Mr and Mrs Dennns C O Brien Mrs ThomasJ O Brien Mr and Mrs C H OByrne Mrs Joseph O Connor Mr and Mrs Matthew O Connor Doc O Connor 54 Mr Jos OConnor Alice O Connor Francis P OCor1nor Alice O Connor Mr and Mrs Matthew O Connor Mr and Mrs C OConnor Gerald O Donnell Patricia O Donnell 57 Mr and Mrs Bernard O Donnell Mrs Lawrence O Donnell and Mrs Bernard O Donnell Mrs Lawrence O Donnell and Mrs William O Donnell J and Mrs William O Donnell S and Mrs F A ODonnell Robert O Donnell Mrs James Olszta Dr HenryJ Olszta Mr and Mrs Joseph Olszewski Frank J OMalley Mrs Joseph Ominskt Ann Omlnski Mrs James O Nerll Mr and Mrs Edward O Neull Mary C O Neill Agnes M O Neill Howard J ONeill M and Mrs J M ONerll J Patricia A Opelski 55 Frank Opeleski Mr and Mrs Frank Opelskn Frank J Opielski Mr and Mrs Michael Opielski Mrs J Organista Betty Orler 56 Marian O Rourke Mrs John O Rourke Mr and Mis Thomas Orzeck Mr and Mrs Francis X McDermott Celeste McDermott Mr and Mrs Francis A McDermott Mrs Mary McDonald Mr and Mrs Stacev McDonnell Ann ltncDewyer Mr and Mrs C McDewyer M nd Mrs A G MCE wee Mrs Pete McElvogue Mr and Mrs James McEvoy Mathrlda McEvoy Mrs Rose McEvoy Mr nd Mrs W E McFadden Mr Joseph McFadden Mrs Marla Neri Mr Toney and Madeline Nerr Et l M Nev ns Mr. , A ' A Mr. , I . Mr. r . ' 4 , . . . ' . ' Mr, . I I ' . . ' A J ' ' I r r. we : ' k' Mr. . 1 , , , a ' ' Mr. , ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' . M I A . v . Q, , ' . r. ' . ' 7 ,56 V n . . , , Mr, , ' Mr. . . A V ' Mo Mr. . . ' - I - I Mo ' Mr. . ' - . - ' Mr. . ' Mfg ' ' Mr. , -- - ' ' ' ' Vt . ' . , ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. a . b A Mr. . ' Mr. . , . - A . ' ' ' Mr. , ' 4 ' , rs ' , Mr. Q . . , I Y , at t , , F. MV. . . . I Thesera and Rosemary Mullen Josephine McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Julius Olivetti . . ' , . ' , Jr. , . r . . . ll V , ' . a . , a , . 1 , . . gl ' ' . ' A . , . 1 I ' r. , . . . ' ' , r. , r- ' I , Mr. d . A A , , r. Mr. d .. . A , I A Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' f a . . . I M . a . MFL -Cl - C ' . Ka ' M . d . ' . . Mr. . ' Mr. d . " ' ' Mr. . . Mr. d . 4 XA , , ' ' . . a . . . , Jr. . r . i ' ' r r . a he , i ThomasJ Nevlns Jr Joseph S Nevnlle and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lucy Nublo John Nnblo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wm J Nevrlle Ernest Neve Jr Harry Neve JamesJ Neve Wm Nevalle ll John Noecker W J Nolan Joseph Orzech Chester Orzech Chester Orzech Mrs Ann Oscar Margaret Oscar Joseph Oscar Emul Oscar Mrs Ernul H Oscar Anthony Oscaprnskn Mr and Mrs John Ostapowlcz Mrs Anna Ounsworth and Mrs John Ounsworth and Mrs Francls Pagnacle and Mrs Francns C Palaclo EdwardJ Paltewscheskey and Mrs Albert Palm Jr and Mrs Louls Palmarozza Ambler Palermo and Mrs Charles Palladrno Mrs Margaret Palmer Frank Palerno Mr Anthony Palermo Mrs Anthony Palekowsku Mrs Agnew Palekowskr Mary Papero Mr and Mrs Arnold Pasqunnu Mr and Mrs John Pasqurnr Theresa Pasqulnu Mr and Mrs George Pascern Mr and Mrs Steve Pasqulnl Joseph Dt Pasquale George Pascen 53 Mr and Mrs John P Paskel Patero Bakery 38 Fayette Mr and Mrs Thomas Peacock Mr and Mrs John Pearce Mr and Mrs J Pearson JosephJ Pecharo Mr and Mrs Alex Pecharo Mr and Mrs Vmcent Peducone Peggy and Frank Frank A Pellegnno Penn Square Dellcatessen and Mrs Nnckolas Pergrne John D Perklnd MD r and Mrs Augustnne Pettune and Mrs Cosmo Pettune llle and Betty Pettnne and Mrs Ernest Pettnne Jr Mr and Mrs John Petrec Rtchard Alyln Phnpps 56 John Phnlllps Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Ralph Phulomeno Francis Phllllps Phuladelphxa Modelrng and Charm School Phnl s Barber Shop Mrs Helen Phnpps Mr and Mrs Joseph Ptazza Mr and Mrs S Plaseckn Mlchael Plcard 56 Loretta and Patrrcta Plcclrrlll Cosmo Plergrossu Mr and Mrs Mauruce Puerce Mr Alfred Plerce Jr 50 Ann Prerce 53 A 3fc and Mrs Joseph F Prerce Mr and Mrs Alfred Puerce Sr John Pnerce 55 DonaldJ Pterce 57 Mrs Mary Puenkos Mr and Mrs John Pllcncku Antoma Pllcrckl Frankle Pllleggl Mr and Mrs Frank Plleggu John Pllclckr 55 Margaret Polkowskr Mr and Mrs Walter Postek Mane Powers Mr and Mrs Charles A Powell Mrs Anna Powers Mr and Mrs Charles Prnmavera Mr and Mrs J Prlmavera Charles A Pnmavera Sr Theresa Prusmowskr Mrs Ethel Pryor Mrs Mary Pugh Mr and Mrs Louls Puleo Mr and Mrs Joseph Pultorak Mr and Mrs Joseph Pull: John Pultorak Frater Kerlc Pultorak Carole Pultorak 57 Frank Pultorak Mr and Mrs Franlf Pultorak Edward Purkowskl George Pupek Paul Pupek Mr and Mrs Walter Pupek Mr and Mrs Edward Pupek Mrs Anna Pupek Mr and Mrs Joseph Purcell Mr and Mrs Jasper Purcell Mr and Mrs Ernest Pycz Quallty Clothlng Store Dolores Quugley Mr and Mrs Wnlfred Quugley Dorothy A Quvnn 52 John E Qunnn 50 Mr and Mrs Aloyslus Quinn Mr and Mrs Eugene Qulnn Mrs Alma Qutnn Mr Justm Qulnn Mr and Mrs Mark F Qulnn Mark F Qulnn Jr Elizabeth Jane Qutnn Johnl Quunlan J Mr and Mrs John T Quunlan Nncholas Racnch Helen and Ed Radaszewskn Mrs Catherune Rafferty Robert Ralrnondo 55 Bruce Rakowskl 55 Mrs A M Rattugan Cathernne R Rath Jerry Rath J Robert Ratowsky 53 Rawlengh Product Ray s Electrucal Applrances Mary Ro e Retsnncler Mr and Mr John Regan Dr H C Relchard Mrs Patruck Reilly Mr and Mrs Joseph Remar Rnant Theatre Mr and Mrs Danlel M Rnchards Betty Rlcct Mr and Mrs John Rao Mrs Madellne Rnstnne Mrs N N Rrttenhouse Joan M Roberts 56 Mrs George D Roberts Mr Raymond Roblnson Mrs D Rodmg Maryanne Rogalskl 56 Mr and Mrs W Rogers Mr and Mrs John Rokosz Mrs Mary Rome Jean Romana Joan Romanough 58 Arthur Romanough Mrs Mary Romanough Mncholas Romano Mrs Grno Roman Mrs Robert Rome Mlcholas Romano Dr Stanley J Rooklln D DS Mr and Mrs Francus J Roop Francls Rooney Rosalie and Margle Mrchael Rosa Mr Charles Rossa Mr and Mrs Jules Rosenberg Ellzabeth Roskos Rosalne and Margre Mr and Mrs George Roth Jr Rotelle s Gr Mr and Mrs John Rowe Harry M Rowland Roxy Dnve In Mary Roynan Anne Roynan James Roynan Kathleen Roynan Mr and Mrs Adam Rozeckl Rudolph Halrstyllst Marte Rugguero Vmcent Pugglero Mr and Mrs Rugguero Mr and Mrs Frank Rugguero Rugglero s Barber Shop Beverly A Russell 55 Gus Ruser and Mrs John Gus Russo an Mrs Joseph Russell Jr and Mrs J A Russo an Mrs Joseph T Russell Margaret Ruth Chester Rutknowsku and Mrs Thomas Ruth an Mrs Norman Rutter and Mrs J R an an Mrs Wm Ryan and Mrs John J Ryan Saboe s Servlce Statlon Mrs Sadowskr Mrs Jack Safko Mr and Mrs Julran Pmellr Mr and Mrs Pmcanth Marranne Plshock 56 Mr and Mrs Stephen Plshock Dons Pushock Jane Plshock 53 Mr and Mrs Edward Pllctcku Pama Rla Pazzena Joseph Placendo Joseph Ploskon Levern T Pohle Polrsh Eagles Presldent Mr and Mrs Frank Polomskn Marnlyn C Polkowsku 56 Mr and Mrs Adam Polkowsku Raphxa Ruccl . ' , , '48 ' ' I f . ' . . ' '52 . . Mr. , . . ' I I ' I I I ' Mr. , , . ' ' I I ' Mr. . I ' ' ' ' Mr. . . I ' 4 I I Mr. . . ' , , ' ' ' I 4 Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. , . . ' ' ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . - ' Mr , ' , ' . . A ,Jr. . . ' , . . , Mr. . - - ' . . Mr. , ' . . ' Mr. . ' . ' . . ' ' ' Mr. ' . ' I I 4 I Mr. . , . A ' I Mr. . ' ' I I Mr. I Mr. . ' . . . ' . I I - 4 I I ' many Russell '57 Y ' ' I Mr. . ' ' ' ' I Mr. cl . , ' ' ' I I Mr. . . . ' ' ' ' 4 Mr. d , . . . I I I . , ,. Mr' . ' ' 4 Mr. . I ' ' fs I Mr. d . ' I I' ' I ' Mr. . , . Ry I Mr, d . . M" ' A V I Mr. . . Dr. , ' , , , . , , , M , . ' ' I ' - Mr. . ' ' ' I Mi ' ' . . . ' ' . . . Mr. , ' , A . , b A . , 4 , r. V- .' , James Rncchue James Ricctardi Richard s Elec Serv Mr and Mrs Joseph Richter Ridgewood Paper Co Mr and Mrs Jacob Rnker Mrs Elizabeth Riley James Riley Mr and Mrs Ann Rnnker Mr and Mrs Jack Rio Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mary Sally 55 am Roy Rirnmer Earl Rineer Ralph Rio Domunoc R40 John Salamone Sam s Auto Service George R Sands Sammuel Sands Benny Sanfellce Jr Dr and Mrs Charles Santangelo Mr and Mrs Henry Sauter Mr and Mrs Mahlon Sawers Jr William F Scanlan Mr and Mrs Frank Scardino Jr Dennis Schaffer Wm Schaffer Building Contractor HarryJ Schank Jr 43 and Mrs John Schank and Mrs Walter E Schank and Mrs J Scharff and Mr J Schimpf o n Schnmpf USM and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Albert Schlosman Edward Schmidt John Schneider Peggy Schools 56 Mr Thomas Schnader Robert G Schulze Emil Schurr Tallors 8- Cleaners Mrs Elizabeth A Schuster Carl J Schwab Cathrine Schwab Mr and Mrs Eugene Schwartz Mr and Mrs James Schwartz Mr and Mrs D SCIlOVaTl Rosemarie Scilovati Dr and Mrs William Sclafanl Mr and Mrs Richard C Scott WnlliamJ Scott Dr and Mrs Earl H Sedney Harry Seltzr Mr and Mrs Hugo Semetti Mr Joseph Sergio Mary Sergio Mr and Mrs John Serwatka Verson Shade School of Music Catherine H Shaffer Mr Joy Rev and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs ce Shaw Thomas James Shaffer Joseph Shaffer Warren A Shaffer Jr Warren Shaffer Sr V Sheehan Helen Sheldon Anna Sheruclc Mr Micheal Sheridan Mr and Mrs John Shertz Mrs Francais Shinners Francis Shinners Jr Grayce Shinners Joanne Shunners JohnJ Shunners Jr . ' r. . I I I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' i s ' ' '51 I I - A Mr. . ' ', , ' I Mr. . ' 5 V' - 4 'T Mr. . ' ' ' ' - - ' Mr. . I S ' Mr. . 4 , r. , , Q I h f . , . ' , . Clu Mr, V . . Mr, . Mr. . . ' I MV 4 Mr, 4 , A Ml' ' Mr. 5. . ' A r l Ml' J li ' . . . i - Ml A pay gchimph '56 Spring Mill Fire C. No. I Jack Toole Mr. . - - l r ' J Mr. . ' A l 1 l ' ' Mr. . ' - ' 1 I I ' I . ' ' Mr. . I . . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . . . ' ' Mr. . . ' I I ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' I I . Mr. . . . , r. . . ' Co. . . . I I Mr. . . ' . . . . ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' ' I Mr. . ' ' M,-I I Mr. . . ' . . . ' Mr. . - 5 - ' - M, IIII . . . . ' . . I I I I . , r. . Mr and Mrs Shipman Shrrleys Market Mrs Shiverick Mrs Reglna Shtvlck Mr Vtncent Shugrue Paul Sigg M and Mrs Nereo Slmoncini Mr and Mrs Vice Sinmoncini George B Simpson Mrs Della Sirchie Mr and Mrs Raymond Strchie Mr and Mrs Edward Snvrck Ann SIWIli 56 Beniamin Slwik 53 Mrs Sarah Skiba Miss Susan Skultety D S B Sm: h Mr and Mrs Stephen Smith Steven Smith Mr and Mrs T J Smith Anthony Smolczynslu Funeral Director Mr and Mrs Joseph Smondrowski Mr and Mrs Peter Smyk Helen Snow Mrs Mary Snow John Sobotko J Joseph Sobotko Mrs Gus Sortlno Mr and Mrs J Spanish Mr and Mrs Joseph Sparango Louns Spielberg Anthony Spino Mr and Mrs Edward Spina Hilda C Spratt SS Cosmos and Damian Fraternal St Cosmos and Damian Society St Cosmos and Damian Society Florence Stachelek 54 Dolores Staley Mrs Julia Staley Jackie Stanlsh 53 Aflc John T Stanrsh 52 Mr and Mrs M Stanlslowski Mr and Mrs J Staniszewski Stanley s Children Shop Mrs Stans Mr Joseph Stanziani Mr and Mrs A Stead Anne B Steinhouser Mrs Joseph Steinhouser Mr and Mrs Donald Stemple Mr and Mrs Edward Stemple S Mr and Mrs Edward F Stemple Jr The Steuber Family Fred Steuber Steuber Steel and Mrs B Statler and Mrs S Stltler and Mrs Stttler and Mrs John A Storti Mrs H len C Storm Mr and Mrs C J Straune Charles F Straub J Charles Streeper Margaret Streeper Mr and Mrs Harvey Strohm Mr and Mrs E G Stromberg Dolores Strozeskn Mr and Mrs Fred Stunack Mr and Mrs Jay Stuart Mrs James Stuba Mr and Mrs B Stuczynski Mr and Mrs Edward Sugalski Mrs Anna Sugden JamesJ Sullivan Mr and Mrs Joseph Sullivan Mr and Mrs Joseph C Sullivan N Talone Mr and Mrs T A Tamary Milne Tammary Mrs Armand Tammaro Dorothy Tancxnt Mr and Mrs George Tancmi Jerry Tancnnn John Tancini Nancy Tancnnl Sl Mr Richard Tancnnl R ta T ncunu and Mrs Vince Tancredi Jr and Mrs Leon Tarloski and Mrs Ztgmund Tarlowski and Mrs and Mrs Frank Tebo Mr and Mrs Terminal Lun Taylor Roscae Teaford John Tenner ch Mr and Mrs C Thomas Mane Thomas Mrs Stanley Thomas Mr and Mrs Daniel Thompson D D Tice Lumber Corp Mr and Mrs Anthony R Timbano T K b and Mrs John Tole and Mrs Stanley Tomczak and Mrs Stephen Tomczak Walter Tomczak and Mrs Anthony Tommassello Margaret G Toorish Mr and Mrs Alfonso Torres Bernard Toth Catherine Toth Clarence Toth Town Cab Co Town Valet Cleaners and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Robert Towson James Trail Robert D Tralster A J Travaglini John Travers Madeline Trlfulettl Rev Bernard Trinity Mr and Mrs Angelo Trofa Hub Truesdell Barbara Turek 54 Mr and Mrs Benlamin Turek EleanoreJ Turek 56 Sophie Turek Sherman Tweedy Mr and Mrs C Tyson Mr and Mrs S J Vagnom Vandgrltt s Grocery Howard Vandegrlft Mr and Mrs H Vandegnft Catherine L Varallo Mrs Mary E Varallo Rita D Varallo Vrllage Variety 8- Hardware Slavics Thomas Sloan Edmund M Slysz Mrs Charles Smith Dr and Mrs Howard B Smith Mrs Hyacinth Smnth Mr and Mrs Joseph Smith Maureen Smuth Nancy Smith Mrs Nellie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith Mr. and Mrs. P R Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Rosemarie Smith '56 Mary A. Sullivan Robert Sullivan '59 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Somme Mr. and Mrs. Stanely Sorrniak Mike Scitera Shoe Repair Mr. and Mrs. E. Swift Mr. and Mrs J A. Swift Mr and Mrs. Ed Swalla Mr Robert Swalnson Mrs. Rita Symanski Carl Szrnigiel Mr. and Mrs Michael Takes Leonard Talone Mr Leonard A Talone Vincent's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vishic Jamei C. Vi'abilO George H. Voelkcr Hans Voelker Mrs. Mary Waldren Mr. and Mrs. George Wallace W. H. Wallace James A. Walsh Jim Walsh '54 Joe Walsh '53 Walt's Flowers Mrs. Waltemyer Mrs. Soris Ward Charles F. Warga J. A. Warrell William A. Warren Rose Marie Wassell '56 Stanley Wassell Mr. and Mrs. Waters Mr. and Mrs. Watson Charlotte A. Watson '51 Janet Watson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson Jow Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weber WE 'S Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weber Richard Welcer '53 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weller Mr and Mrs. C. Wendkos Mrs. Joseph A. Wertz Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wertz William O. Wethey Mr. and Mrs. Leroy A. Weygand Mr and Mrs. John Wezena Pvt. John E. Whalen John E. Whalen Mr and Mrs. Joseph A. Whip Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Whitaker James Harper White '56 Joseph S. White Mr. and Mrs. Hilton R. White Whitemarsh Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. John Wilczynski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Wilczynski Jarnes Wilkinson Mary Ann Wilkinson '56 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Williams Helen Williams Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. William Vlrs. Mollie Williams Mr. William Williams Mr, and Mrs. Frank P. Wilmer Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wilson Vincent Wilson Kathleen Wilson Helen and Lydia Wisiewski Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wethy and Family Witchwood Dairies Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wloszczyna Ted Wloszczyna Mr, and Mrs, Chester Wodarski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wodarski Mr. Daniel Wood Donna Wood '53 Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth Wood Margaret Wood Vlrs. Sophie Wood Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wosczyna George and Wayne Wright Mr. and Mrs. John Wright Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wright Martha Wright '56 Mrs. Mary Wright Mrs. Peter Wtulich Mr. and Mrs. A. S, Wudarski Miss Barbara Wyrwas '55 Barbara Wyrwas '55 Joseph Wyrwas Mr. and Mrs. Sal Yacoyelli Mr. and-Mrs, Robert Yellets John Wyerkes Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Young Ludwig Zaczkiewicz Mr, and Mrs. Stephen Zadroga Cecilia Zagorski M. and F. Zagorski Aaron T. Zaiac-insurance Mrs. John Zaleski 'AO Mr, and Mrs. John Zaro Mrs. Ann Zarzecki Mrs. Raymond Zasenski Zboinski's Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. L. Zbyszinski Maragaret Zbyszinski '56 Mrs. Thos. Zeleski Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zeltner Elsie Ziebirski '55 Mr. and Mrs. P. Zincarr Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zinni Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zinni Theresa M. Zinni '54 Robert Zinni '52 Mr. and Mrs. Theo Zoltovvski Jean Zukosski '56 Jean Zukowski Mrs. Agnes Zurawski Mr. and Mrs. Dick Van Zutphen Mrs. Zygmunt ARE SINCERELY GRATEFLJL TO OUR PATRONS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS -nr wb af We fr .Q-I Qiiw 1 'gm WH: is? W fs X 'R ,ki x. .kk mv-Xu ,Hg .- A Hr- .. , ,,. A f f' ,,w,.9

Suggestions in the St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) collection:

St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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