St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA)

 - Class of 1953

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St Matthews High School - Samascript Yearbook (Conshohocken, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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 • • • • • !! ••••••• • • • • • • • P u rposely , e V av ov ed a dei'wVwe c,vead, vie e o . i0 - ■ v eme. u- l vxcv.. W e Vr e i Vo make 3YVY Vve slory oi - 9S? yv e a VcV w?, vpaes X'eYe XVtXe 0i acUvVues vWv Vi«ve ; A Xo 0 t uamm% as c vv-U V Ve Yv e WVAVtL axvd V e Kexrve foreword ( ' I % | « 4 % « % ' % AarvKt Boccut, Agjves Coyjvi Jo fjv Do ft a IV If ' EJLIAAf DOLAS 'f fffJffA Zeo VAHI? eteetjv Zes jvsei Detter Zeppha EftATVCT S A aX ARX U JVf'AR£ AfcrCALL Do ftf- t t JWctZVa ma {a Az JJZA BETTI Mc Ta METE V LORETTA McTamney Marie Miles Elizabeth Miloh Elore vce Mourns A w Murphy Alice O 'Cowor Elizabeth (Jlimh Marta wive Rafferty JOAJVIVE RlCCHIE Joseph Romasco Eaul Sigg L , V. j L O. [' ', MR. JOSEPH A. COLANTONIO Band Instructor MR. MICHAEL DELL’ANCELO Instructor in MusicWhether as carolers preceding the Solemn Mass of Christmas, or rehearsing for Forty Hours or Holy Week ceremonies, the Girls’ Choir, under the direction of Sister Marie Dorothy, presents a superb performance.Father Murphy's weekly religion instructions are eagerly looked forward to by the seniors. Juniors pause to consider more material for their vocation bulletin board. imvimrii RETREAT—1953 The Reverend Richard Ham, M.M.. Retreat Masterft ?thh°onSChvTnf "drirethe fr±,°f their labor- Bradley, James Hyer, Patrick Gibbons, Vincent Forgione, Will,am Colas, Robert McNamara, and Ann Wolper. Mr. Heavey and the seniors have a solution for our In the laboratory. Sister National Problems. John Baptist’s senior chem- ists prove through actual ex-These senior office workers business world. perimentation, theories and properties of the various ele- ments.Anthony Picard operates the micro-projector for the benefit of Sr. Gertrude Bernadette’s sophomore biology class while Anthony M a n z i identifies slides. LA CROISADE occupies the attention of the junior French students. As future scientists, the laboratory opens up for the juniors a vast new world of knowledge.It behooves these students of English II to speak well or the tape recorder, under Mr. Miraglia’s guiding hand, will bring all errors to light. lUOM'l Freshmen library day finds library aide, Mary Fabiani, efficiently assisting her companions in selecting and checking out books.Freshmen Latin students, under the direction of Sister William Joseph, take pride in their latest project. Art I as demonstrated by Henry Wlordarski holds no terrors for these happy looking freshmen.Father Schuster and Marianne O’Brien both look happy over the latter’s success in the “Voice of Democracy” contest. After the Catholic Author Luncheon at the Bellvue-Stratford, Marie Miles, Agnes Boccuti, and Marianne O’Brien look on as Maria Augusta Trapp autographs her latest book. w V Right: George Romasco “briefs” the Forensic League group. Seated, left: John Pilcicki, Robert McNamara, Joseph Romasco, John Serratore. Standing: Anthony Picard, James Hyer, Francis Kolimago. Dramatic Club and their moderator, Mr. Miraglia, plan the Variety Show for Award Day.“Music Math St. Matthew’sCharms” All Qirl WandService With J Smile SECRETARIAL GROUP—Left to right: Florence McGonigal, Rosemary Crowe, Father Schuster, Jane Quinn, Ann Murphy. SAMASCRIPT TYPISTS Upper left, standing: T. Leonard, J. Ricchie. A. Boccuti. Sitting: H. Lesinski. E. Milon. and M. Miles. SAMASCRIPT STAFF—Above, left to right: F. Maziarz, B. Golas, J. Collins, J. Doran, R. Roden-baugh. LIBRARY AIDES—Phyllis Decker, Lou McTamney, Loretta STAGE HANDS—Standing: Jerry Richardson, Ray McTamney, Marie Miles, Gertrude McCarrick, and Agnes Rodenbaugh, Eddie Lavan, A1 Schlosman. Kneeling: Boccuti. Francis Messmer and Peter Lepera.Cecilia McAleer and Elearior Luther arrange bulletin board. Vocation bulletin board interests junior girls.CATHOLIC AUTHOR LUNtHfDN 1ClubBLUE MOON BALL—“Ticket, Please!" Juniors talk it over. “The Day Is Done! They trip the “light fantastic.'CHARLES HEAVEY ROSEMARY CROWE Head Coach Captain LEO WISNIEWSKI Line Coach Ever ready to cheer the Blue and White to victory are our peppy cheerleaders: CHEERLEADERS — Left: Constance Pergine, Margaret Ronan, Florence Grablewski, and Bridget Torentta.JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS — Right: Marie Kucharewicz, Patricia Russell, Florence Surmiak, and Irene Turek.KOBRYNSKI McCALL BRUNI HISSNER MULROY WELCER MALONEYJANET McTAMNEY ANN DAVIDSON Coach VINCENT MIRAGLIA JOANNE RICCHIE LOUISE MATTEO AUCE O’CONNOR LORETTA McTAMNEY FLORENCE MORRIS ANN MURPHY JANE QUINN JOAN DOBRY MANAGERS—Left to right: D. Borkowski, R. Bradley, T. Ostapowicz. ANN ORGANISTA CATHERINE BOSCOAnother group S.M.H.S. gir's in the F«alk- BAND MOTHERS — Mrs. O’Connor. Mrs. Sally, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, and Mrs. Stemple.Class Officers PRESIDENT Edward L. McCall St. Matthew Your noble heart is Hied with ire. For all your toil you never tire. VICE PRESIDENT John D. Farrell St. Philip Here rests his head upon the lap of earth, A youth to fortune and to fame unknown. SECRETARY Ann C. Murphy St. Gertrude Her eyes are like A butterfly’s gorgeous wings. TREASURER Agnes M. Boccuti St. Joseph Frisky as a lambkin, busy as a bee, Thai’s the kind of girl, people like to see.Eleanor P. Blanche St. Augustine Her thoughts—a flock of butterflies. She has a merry love of little things. Timothy P. Blong St. Matthew A good sword and a trusty hand! And his laugh is so breezy and bright. Margaret A. Brandt St. Matthew For all she does is slay at home And knit and darn—and let ’em roam. Regina L. Bradley Sr. Francis IFhere more is meant than meets the ear. Thus night oft sees me in thy pale career. Rita T. Camione SS. Cosmas and Damian I read, dear friend, in your dear face. Your life's tale told with perfect grace. Donald K. Cannon St. Gertrude The man needs neither towers Nor armour for defense. George J. Cassidy St. Matthew He has not speech He has but only thunder for his voice. Lawrence H. Corrigan St. Matthew My mother and father are Irish, And I am Irish too.Joseph L. Costello St. Gertrude He goes on Thursday to the church, And sits among the boys. Agnes P. Coyne St. Matthew I saw her upon nearer view A spirit, yet a woman too. Elaine M. Coyne St. Matthew I come no more To make you laugh. David W. Craig St. Matthew He is such a wanderer in his thoughts. That no one can keep pace. Rosemary H. Crowe St. Philip Her hair was dark, her foot was light. And her eyes were big and bright. Dolores A. Davidson St. Matthew Be not the first by whom the new are tried Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.John J. Doran St. Matthew Born comrade of bird, beasl and tree And unselfconscious as the bee. John M. Early St. Francis Oi all the boys that I ever saw, The goodliest boy was he. Vincent L. Forcione St. Helena Honor and shame from no condition arise; Act well your part, there all the honor lies . . . Catherine H. Fox St. Matthew No common weapons in her hands are found Like gods she fights, nor dreads a mortal wound. Sarah E. Gavin St. Matthew Blare of trumpet and roll of drum. The day of my fancy has come. Patrick C. Gibbons St. Joseph He did nothing in particular. But did it very well. William A. Golas St. Matthew Sudden he viewed, in spite of all his art. An earthly lover lurking in his heart. Ronald R. Greco 55. Cosmas and Damian Hard he labored, long and well; O'er his work his dark hair fell.Juliana H. HErNESSEY St. Philip A narrow compass; An yet there dwelt, All that's good, and all that's fair. Albert G. Hissner St. Philip The evil that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones. Theresa M. Hoy St. Francis But yet, if strong her arm and heart, Her courage may do more than art. James P. Hyer St. Matthew His conscience isn't troublesome, Of joy he has a double sum. Patricia M. Jacquet St. Matthew Where nothing save the waves and I, May hear our mutual murmurs sweep. George J. Johns St. Francis And I were like the leaf. Green pleasure or gray grief. Marjorie A. Kelly St. Phillip Not that I fear to stay, But love to go. Walter J. Kobrzynski Sacred Heart Slight as thou art, thou art enough to hide From where I dwell—upon the hither side.Walter A. Kurish St. Mary Early make your tongue obey; Always know what it will say. Theresa J. Kurkowski St. Mary The smiles that win. the tints that glow. But tell of days in goodness spent. Edmund C. Lavan St. Matthew Singing in the school choir. Makes his heart rejoice. Marie E. Leahy St. Matthew Now strike the cornet again A louder yet, and yet a louder strain Theresa M. Leonard St. Gertrvde A mind at peace with all, A heart whose love is innocent. Peter A. Lepera 55. Cosmas and Damian His beard a foot before him. His hair a yard behind him. Helen M. Leszczynski St. Mary And this maiden lived with no other thought. Then to love and be loved. Eleanor G. Luther Ovr Mother of Sorrow She was a quiet little lady, IT ho hardly spoke at all.Cecilia A. McAleer St. Gertrude And in place of her wild, delightful ways, A quaint precision rules her days. Florence C. McGonigal St. Matthew Still would touch the strain prolong. She called on Echoes still, through all the song. Robert J. McNamara St. Matthew To mount his realm is a toil, to be sure. But the fire there is bright and the air rather cool. Elizabeth M. McTamney St. Gertrude Your unsophisticated eyes Are full of beautiful surprises. Loretta M. McTamney St. Gertrude She holds her little thoughts in sight. Though gayly they run and leap. Francis J. Maziarz St. Mary My mind to me a kingdom is— Such pleasant joys therein I find. Francis J. Messmer St. Matthew Do I hunt for trouble? Mayhap now it's true. Upon certain occasions, that’s just what I do. John P. Michanowicz Sacred Heart His mouth is a grin with the corners lucked in And his laugh is so breezy and bright.Marie A. Miles St. Anthony Her fair ness, wedded to a star. Is whiter than all lilies are. Elizabeth L. Milon St. Matthew 0, and proudly stood she up; Her heart within her did not fail. Sarah A. Mitsch St. Anthony If ith a smile of gentle goodness, Like the lovely laughing water. William A. Moore St. Matthew Give me your mirth. It bores me when you weep. My loves cannot touch. They're buried deep. Florence M. Morris St. Gertrude How the merry laughter trips From her red and rosy lips. Dorothy J. Moser St. Matthew Her laugh is like a singing brook. That bubbles as it passes. William J. Nolan St. Matthew I ear no foe, I fawn no friend, I loathe not life, nor dread my end. Marie P. Nugent St. Matthew Speak now and I will answer. How shall I help you, say.Alice C. O’Connor St. Matthew Her heart is like the fair sea shell. There's music ever in it. George M. Pasceri St. Joseph A kind and gentle heart he had. To comfort friends and foes. Michael J. Pearson St. Patrick O Peace! and dost thou with thy presence bless Soothing with placid brow our late distress. Ann D. Pearce St. Matthew With half-shut eyes ever to seem. Falling asleep in a half-dream. Jane M. Pishock St. Matthew Disaster on disaster come. Has always marched behind a drum. Margaret E. Polkowski St. Gertrude Merry Margaret as a midsummer flower, Gentle as falcon or hawk of the tower. Elizabeth J. Quinn St. Matthew Brisk as a bee That settles on a summer rose's petal. Ellen M. Quinn St. Matthew A hollow reed against her lips She played a soaring strain. Rosemarie K. Ranieri Mt. Carmel Life was to her one sunny whole. Made up of visions fancy wove. Stella A. Ratkowski St. Mary The music in my heart I bore. Long after it was heard no more. Robert L. Ratoskey St. Mary Give me your mind. And I will give you mine. Ronald J. Ratoskey St. Mary And 'tis my jaith that every flower. Enjoys the air it breathes. Joanne M. Ricchie SS. Cosmas and Damian You’ve a manner all so mellow That it cheers and warms a fellow. Jerome S. Richardson St. Matthew How he forgets his hour of pride, When she sits smiling at his side.Patricia A. Riley Sr. Matthew She was a phantom of delight If hen first she gleamed upon my sight. Barbara A. Roberts St. Matthew Her cheeks are tike the blushing cloud. That beautifies Aurora’s face. Raymond F. Rodenbaugh St. Matthew “To arms, to arms!" the fierce Raymondo cries. And swife as lightning to the combat flies. Elizabeth A. Rogers Sr. Patrick She holds her little thoughts in sight She is so circumspect and right. Joseph S. Romasco SS. Cosmas and Damian But never a doctor there was so wise. That could with his learning an answer devise. Dorothy A. Rowinski Sr. Matthew And sometimes in the silence she Would mumble a sentence audibly. Mary Jane Schaffer Sr. Helena She’s not at all a gay deceiver. From busy, buzzy bumblebeaver. Albert J. Schlosman Sr. Matthew Harmonious concert rung in every part. While simple melody pour’d moving on the heart.John J. Serratore St. Joseph Bards of Passion and Mirth, Ye have left your souls on earth! Paul J. Sicg St. Matthew And down he sat on a low, low stool. And thrust his long legs out. Bronislaw L. Siwik St. Mary “Over!” the four long years! And now there rings One voice of freedom and regret: Farewell! Francis M. Siwik St. Mary A boy there was and that a worthy one IE ho loved high chivalry, truth, honor, freedom, and courtesy! Alice E. Smith St. Matthew A perfect woman, nobly planned To warn, to comfort, and command. Maryanne A. Stanish St. Mary Flashed she her sunny smiles, Flashed o’er the sunny miles. Clarence C. Strycharz St. Matthew He was a gentle man from sole to crown Clean favored and imperially slim. Margaret A. Tallon St. Augustine In what distant deep or skies Burnt the fire of her eyes?Joseph P. Walsh St. Matthew A cheer and salute for the lineman, The man in front who batters the foe. Stanley E. Wassell St. Mary Along the root, sequestered mle oj life He kept the noiseless tenor of his tvay. Madonna E. Wood St. Gertrvde A dancing shape, an image gay To haunt, to startle and waylay. Henry J. Zimmer St. Matthew His listless length at noon tide would he stretch, And pore upon the brook that babbles by. Richard W.. Welcer St. Mary And all should cry, Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes, his floating hair. Ann E. Wolper St. Matthew The owl is very wise; You see the wisdom in her eyes.CLASS DAY—Seem from “La Traviata." Mr. Brode presents WNAR awards to Joseph Walsh and Ann Murphy. CROW'NER—Patricia Riley and her attendants. Dorothy Moser, Maryanne Rafferty.Zke End of the beginningLeft: THE REV. WM. J. LALLOU S.T.D., Litt.D. Right: Robert McNamara Highest Academic Award i Left: ELIZABETH MI LON Highest Commercial Award Right: JOHN SERRATORE Religion AwardPa Rev. George L. Murphy. J.C.D. Irons Mrs. Anne G. Caton ’35 Rev. Sebasian J. Jerzak Reuben Champagne '50 Rev. Victor A. Strumia. D.D. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cherry Rev. Thomas L. Gaffney Sally Ann Christ ’52 Rev. Anthony A. Dovle Cohen Bros., Inc. Rev. Charles L. McGovern Conshohocken Federal Savings and Loan Rev. Charles L. McCarron Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Coonan Rev. George Delia M. A. Coroua Rev. James V. McEnery Mildred T. Corrigan '51 S Sgt. Philip Coyne '47 Mary F. Coyne ’50 Rev. Joseph C. Tomko Rev. Joseph A. Megna Rev. Francis P. Sokol John W. Coyne ’43 Rev. Alexander C. Sawers Cecilia L. Coyne. R.N. ’45 Rev. Joseph P. McGeever, D.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Coyne Rev. John F. X. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. John W. Coyne ’43 Rev. Thomas P. Kelley. D.D. Mrs. Charles Cressman Rev. Joseph M. Macek Mrs. Helen Crowe, Sr. Rev. Charles D. Collum Harold Currie Rev. Leo J. Letterhouse Donald Czarnecki ’50 Rev. John P. Kiniry Mr. and Mrs. John Davis Rev. Joseph T. Schuster Mrs. James Dawson Rev. James M. McGrory Mr. and Mrs. Edward Decker Rev. John A. McShane, S.S.J. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiSanto, Jr. Mrs. Gloria Adams Joe DeSantis ’51 Claude S. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Armand Dodsworth Dolores Anasiewicz ’51 Anna Marie Donovan ’52 David W. Arndt Mr. and Mrs. John J. Doran Auch Interborough Transit Co. Dougfierty’s Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Baron Mrs. E. M. Dougherty George J. Blake ’36 Mr. and Mrs. F. Downey Mr. and Mrs. Francis Blake Mr. and Mrs. John C. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Milton Blasband Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dziedzina Mr. Salvadore Boccuti Mr. and Mrs. Michael Early John Bolger Jr. ’42 Frances Eckert ’52 Miss Olive Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Edwards Peggv Bono ’55 Mrs. Martha English Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Bono Miss Catherine Entenman ’49 John Borkowski '52 Marty Entenman ’51 Mr. and Mrs. J .Borkowski Michael Erdek ’52 Anna Marie Borzelleca ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Farrell Mr. and Mrs. John V. Botto Jr. ’49 Mr. and Mrs. John Fenelon Thomas Bowe ’52 Marian Fineran ’48 James Bowe William Fineran ’47 Sylvia Bradley ’51 Jim Fleming Caroline S. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Flemming Helen Brady ’52 John J. Fogarty James Fondots ’45 Regina Brandt ’44 Marv Ann Brown ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ford Buddy’s Martha R. Forgione ’51 Ann Buhrns ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frederick Mickey Buhrns U.S.M.C. ’50 Eleanor Frederick Jane M. Burkert ’48 Elaine Frederick Joan Burkert ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Cabin Leo F. Burt Miss Thelma Gabriel James R. Butler ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gamza John J. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gardocki Mr. Thomas F. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gavin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Camaioni Mr. and Mrs. William Gavin A. G. Carney Edward Gear Francis, Elizabeth Carr, '46, ’51 Joseph Carr George W. Cassell George GearJohn J. Gear Samuel M. Glass Agency Stanley A. Gleba. Sr. Gleba Brothers Dolores K. Gleba ’47 Mrs. Margaret Glenzsinger Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon. Jr. ’44 Watson Grahulski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grande Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grohoski Mr. and Mrs. S. Haines Mrs. Neil Hal bedel Miss Marcella Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hasson, Jr. Charles D. Heavey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hemcher Herman’s Dry Goods Store The Highland Shop Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hilbert Mrs. Elsie Hildebrand Margaret Hinsworth ’50 Rita Rovell ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Hoy ’50, ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Hoy Constance M. Hrankey ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Ingles Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jacquet Mary L. Janifer ’52 Lorraine Johnson ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johns Mr. and Mrs. George Johns Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jost Stanley Karcewski Lewis Kasopsky John M. Kehoe Madeline R. K.ehoe Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Kehoe Michael J. Kehoe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John Kilcoyne ’27 Kit Teen Club Mr. and Mrs. Watson Koldys Mr. and Mrs. F. Kolimago Mr. and Mrs. F. Kucharewicz Irene V. Kulpa ’50 Watson Kunda and Sons Alex F. Kurish ’47 M rs. Peter J. Labowskie David J. Leahy ’52 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leahy Miss Marie Leary ’30 Dr. Joseph F. Leary Mr. and Mrs. Jesse S. Leadbeater Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Lebold ’50 Mrs. Leddy’s Cleaners Mrs. Joseph Leonard Mr. and Mrs. William Leonard Mr. and Mrs. George Lesher Walter Leszczyski ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Leszczynski Mr. and Mrs. J. Leszczynski Elizabeth Linfante ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Steven I.itewka Mr. and Mrs. James Logan ’49 Mrs. A. V. McAleer Elizabeth McAleer ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCall Peggie McCall ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McCarrick Catherine McCrudden Miss Frances McCrudden Mr. Joseph McCrudden Mrs. Julia McCrudden Mrs. C. A. McCune Mrs. James McEvoy Mrs. Marie A. McGee ’28 M iss Catherine McGinley Viola McGeeney ’52 William H. McGonigal John A. McGonigal Mary Anne McGonigal '50 Barbara McGuire ’52 Mr. and Mrs. James McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKeon Mrs. Josephine McLaughlin Marie McMorrow Mr. and Mrs. James McNamara Robert McNamara ’53 Mi ss Elizabeth McShane Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. McTamney Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McTamney ’50, ’49 Alexander Mackiewicz Nora Maile ’5Q Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Maloney Mrs. Thomas Maloney Thomas Maloney ’52 Mr. aqd Mrs. Frank M. Marchak Russell Marrello Eleanor J. Matejewski ’50 Lucy Matteo ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Mattei Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maziarz Mr. and Mrs. William Mellon ’46 Mr. and Mrs. James Mellon Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Millhouse Mr. and Mrs. William Miles Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miller Mr. and Mrs. John F. Milon Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. MiraglRt Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Mitsch Mr. and Mrs. Modestine Mr. Frank Moio Wm. A. Moore, Sr. ’23 Joseph Moser ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moser John Mullen ’48 Margaret Murphy ’51 Jack F. MurrayMrs. Nanasko Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. O'Brien James O’Brien ’52 Rosemary O’Brien ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. O’Connor. Sr. Matthew J. O’Conner, Jr. ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’ Connor William O’Donnell ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. James M. O'Neill Miss Joan Opelski ’52 Helen Ozorowska ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Palacio Harold Palmer Mr. George Pasceri Mrs. Pasquarello Pater’s Bakery Mr. and Mrs. John Pearson Marjorie Pettine ’52 Mr. Charles Picard Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pishock Connie Pogue Mr. and Mrs. A. Polkowski M iss Clara Porucznik '49 Jimmie Powers Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Primavera Mrs. Rose Pultrack Mr. Wilfred Quigley Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Quinn S Sgt. Joseph Racicot '49 Mrs. Joseph Racicot Mr. and Mrs. George J. Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rajewski Jerrv Rath ’49 Mrs.' G. E. Rath Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ratkowski Steve Rauth Redmond’s Shoe Store Mr. and Mrs. James Ricchie Lt. Jean G. Richardson A.N.C. ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. J. Richter Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Riker Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rodenbaugh Mr. Dominic Roding Mrs. Anna Rogers Freshmen—Room 12 Mrs. Colette Roeire Francis J. Ruggerio Frank Ruggiero Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rykowski Mary Saboe ’49 Dorothy Saboe ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saboe Mr. and Mrs. James Sally Mr. and Mrs. Louis Salvatore Anthony Santoni Mrs. Joseph Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Schank Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schlosman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schrack Mr. and Mrs. Schneider Erwin J. Schweiss Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Serratore Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sheely Mr. and Mrs. F. Shinners Joseph Sigg Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Siwik Miss Susan Skultety Joseph Smith ’52 Sophie’s Market Stanley’s Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. John Stanish Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stanko Mrs. Frances Stanek Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stanley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stemple James Stemple ’42 Mrs. P. M. Stout Claire and Marie Strycharz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sullivan Mr. Daniel Summerfield Edward Surmiak ’49 Sylvester Szmigiel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sztubinski Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sztubinski Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Tancini Nancy Tancini ’51 Rita Tancini ’51 Mrs. Dorothy Taverna ’49 Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor Terminal Luncheonette Leonard Tornetta Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vasil El%ie Vercoe ’50 Sister Helen Victor ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vislue Alexander Volpe ’47 Wm. H. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Warrell Mrs. Emma Watters Miss Jesse Weber S. Weinraub and Sons Mrs. Henry Weller Mr. and Mrs. John Wells Joseph S. White Lorraine Wienczck ’50 Mr. and Mras. Vincent Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Wodarski Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wolper S.F.C. John J. Wolper F. W. Woolworth Co. Joseph A. Wyrwas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zaleski Mr. and Mrs. Julian Zalik Miss Marianne Zalik ’52 Mr. Stanley Zoetowski Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zulowski  ;y2 V • «A £ m _________s

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