St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD)

 - Class of 1957

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St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1957 volume:

Presenting X3 X . ,ll f f I fe xxx ff W T 5? ',-Z...-1-.. gp-P V kr? f x" X Xx XXX lllllx ff!! i fi The XX N fx I SE 0 ,J Pubhshed By THE WOLF STAFF St Lau rence I-hgh School S1 Lawrence South Dakota STAFF VD TOR Donna A6 oers Exelyn Herman CO EDITOR Laxln N1V!11ms 'X erle Ienner Ray Horn Roger Grouan Jamce Bertsch Duke Testerman SDOQTS EDT kR Y mce lhmman Don ZldU'JI'1Ch Ired Qhgmueller B ob Choate lxay X erduot 'Nlarles Vut 5 Duane Elyea X ', 5 1 NX F 0 X N X fZ,9 xx x. ! XXX xx x NX ,Ii-ex xli-. F X G of F F" X 5 I A Q 'N- ? nf Xi 'fffaooe W If 1 A N ,, Of QEDIOATION I-JPZZZJP CIIIOI' We Dedlcate This Annual To Our Parents -H-HJ:--lcn 4 MR. X. FULSOM B S University of South Dakota Algebra Geometry Business Math Chemistry General Science American Government xv ,E I. Fggfd-I 'Y MR. KEN TIMMS B.A. Huron College American History World History Typing Coach - S MR. W. L. CARBERRY B. A. University of Iowa M. A. University of Minnesota Health and Safety Hygiene lnte rnational R ela tions W orld Geography MRS. LEONA SAMSON English, Music Speech and Journalism B. A, Huron, S. D. Summer School Session University of Minnesota Summer School Session Aberdeen Normal Correspondence Work Arizona State College W MRS. EVANGELINE DENNIS Primary Normal Training, Moulton, Iowa Northern State Teachers MRS. HELEN ANDERSEN Intermediate 'eg-9 University of Wyoming General Beadle State Teachers Black Hills State Teachers MR HERBERT JOHNSON Band Director MRS. C. THIEL Southern State Teacher's College Northern State Te-acher's College Junior High School 225 Q! 4-vu: x pf 'lx . A 4... 0,1 Y- 5.4 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Colton, -Mr. Sessions. Mr. Rock,fX1r.StuChn1ann,fX1r. Ik-slerman. ,f - . 'F ! s ' S ' N, A 2 -s J ,V -N2 pf up 7 Cu FRED FANNING i S. A R K I L A M ,, U o N R I C P E f Q ww 'M Jr-.NICE BERTSCH Ian EVELYN HERMANN nEVie.n "Dynamite comes packages." Glee Club , , , , Mixed Chorus , Octette , , . Quartet , , , Sextette ,,,. Mixed Octette, , T1'i0...... Soloist ...... Queen Candidate , Librarian ,,,, Girlsl State Alt , , Annual Staff , , , Paper Editor , , Declamation , . Junior Play . . Senior Play ,,,, D. A. R. Candidate insmall l,Z,3,4 ...Z ,.3,4 .3,4 ...4 ,,,,3,4 ..Z,3.4 ....1 ,l,3,4 ...3 ..4 ,3,4 ,3 3 , .'.4 -vu-V li study interferes with good times I'll cuz the studyffu Glee Club ..... Quartet. , . Octette. . . Sextette ,,,, Mixed Octette, . Trio , ,,,, Pianist, , , Librarian , , Annual Staff , , Paper Staff , , Junior Play , , Senior Play , , , All School Play , , Basketball ,,,, Cheerleader , , , Secretary of Council . , , . Vice Pres. of Class, "-our i' FREDERICK OLIGMUELLER "Fred" "W hy not live fast, love hard, when you die young anyway," Basketball , Softball , , Track Junior Play Senior Play Iviarshall Boys State Annual Staff 4 ..1.Z,3.4 .......1-l,3- 11 Banquet Waiter Class President Student Council Librarian B P A 4 ELBERT TESTER MAN "Duke" "lf women are life death? Basketball .... Softball . . . Track .... Junior Play . . Senior Play . . . All School Play . Annual Staff . . . President. , . Marshall .... Librarian .... Student Council . . Secretary ,,,, Treasurer .... Banquet Waiter , . Sextet ..... Octette , . . Glee Club .... Quartet . . . . ,Whatis l,Z,3 ,l,Z,3 ..1.Z . ...ll ..Z .2 . ..3 Council Treasurer. . . . B.P.A.,,... ,no I 1 QQ" .4 Q, X X XX ROGER GROGAN 'Roger' Laugh yourselves to stxtch Basketball Softball Jumor Play Semor Play Class Treasurer Marshall Candldate Annual Staff Lxbrarlan Banquet Waller B P A 'ffl M LLERLE J1-INNER "Jenner" "Live it up, you can't get out aliv anywayj Basketball ,,,,, Softball ....... Junior Play ,,,, Senior Play ,,,, Boysx State Alt. , . . Annual Staff ,,,,, Co-Editor of Annual Banque! Waiter, , . Class President . . Student Council . . . B.P.A .,......... .. Librarian . ..... l' DONNA FAE AALBERS D onna A woman muh a few words does n t haue to take back Basketball Glee Club Tno Sextette Nlxxed Chorus Nllxed Octene Quartet Gxrls State Paper Co edxtor Annual Edxtor All School Play Jumor Play Semor Play Lxbrarxan .. . 1.2.3. ws. - , LAVINA W ILLIAMS ' Lavxna School does hll the gap be tween 'nghts Basketball Annual Staff Paper Staff Sextette Quartet Glee Club Mlxed Chorus Junlor Play Semor Play Lxbrarxan I ,B .3 MARLES VITTERS "Marlyf' 'lWhile her companion slept she toiled through the night." 4 Cheerleader . ...... 3. Student Council ..... , 4 Queen ........... 3 Glee Club. . . .1,Z.3,4 Annual Staff , ..... 4 Paper Staff . . . . 3 Junior Play . . . . 3 Senior Play ........ 4 All School Play .... Z, 3 Secretary of Class .... 2 Basketball , , , , 1, Z, 3, 4 Librarian ,,.,,,,, Z Sweetheart Queen . . . 3 ROBERT CHOATE "Bob': .-in archangel slightly damaged. Basketball ,,,,,,. ,.,,, 1 Softball I , , , .1 Junior Play U . I , 3 Senior Play . . .... .4 Librarian , , , 1, Z, 4 Cvlee Club , . . 3, 4 Sextet , . . . , 4 Octeue ...... . . 4 Class President , , . 3 Class Secretary . . . 4 Quartet ,,.... . . 3 Annual Staff . . . . . 4 Banquet Waiter. . . .Z Student Council . . , . 3 B. P.A, Member , , . . 4 JANICE ELAINE THLEMAN "Jan" "Blushing ia the VlRTUE." Huron ,... Aberdeen , , Paper Staff, , Glee Club, , , Annual Staff. . . Student Council. color of Sextette .... . - Octette. . . Librarian. . . 'EZ' KA She may be Junior Play Senior Play Annual Staff Queen, . . Clee Club . i w ERDLC 1 Duffy' little but on MY ..,....l,Z,3, Class Vice-President .,... I a ,Ln-' , qv' ,V n- ,- l 63 5 1. IX .,, . , g- , if -.4 A" xl, kv hw, J I.. , ' .2-., ,s'. 'w,. , 5. ,5 1. V' ' '. sf-'A 'qu Xi, A 'Q ,v .u-4 I 4. . .2 . .,. . . -. 'Z 1' fit ,'. if Q .,u. --'Q Q f' ' ","P l' ing.. rfb 5 . 1 4, ,,,- EARL RAY HORN "Horn 'l've found rny weakness WOMEN. Basketball .......,.... Softball , Track ,,,,,A . , Student Manager . , . Z. Banquet 'Naizer , , . , Glee Club ,,,, Mixed Chorus A , Ocreue ,,,A,, , Sexrerre ,,...... Paper Sports Editor , , Annual Staff ,,.,, . All School Play, . Junior Play, . , Senior Play , , - Librarian , . ' - DUANE ELYEA fNot picturedl Highmore . . .,..,.., . , Miller . . DONALD KLAPPERICH MDMA, "Some girls may be rundown but I still get a charge out of chem. Basketball. I . 1,2 1 Softball ..., 1, 2 s All School Play' I I V Junior Play' I Senior Play I A Marshall D . Glee Club . . Quartet ..... Banquet Waiter, . . . Student Council . . . . Z 3 Librarian, . . . Annual Stafx, , B.P.A. .. LLKC ,, 59, ,A r 'KL -v I Lk ' ' 1 -11- We, the class of l957 of St. Lawrence High School, county of Hand, and of the State of South Dakota, being of sound mind and body after four strenuous years, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as our last. and best will and testament. JANICE THEIMAN-Wills her "Sessions" in the assembly to anyone who can stand them. NLARLES VITTERS-Wills her ability to blush to Mr. Timm: KAY VERDUGHT-Wills her natural curly hair to Kathy Ross. LAVINA WILLIAMS-Wills her ability to go steady to Kathy Ross and also her late nights and dances. DONNA AALBERS-Wills her ability to get along with all the teachers to Larry Fanning and all her good times in Aberdeen to Rosie. EVELYN HERMANN-Wills her ability to go steady to Connie Selke and for the rest of the girls to leave Russ alone while she is at college. JANICE BERTSCH-Wills her late nights and dances to Marilyn Grogan and ability to skip school to Aridth Cotton. DUKE TESTERMAN-Wills his 'HAYS' and ZERO'S to Mrs. Samson to give to his many girl friends left. ROGER GROGAN-Wills his old Chev. to St. Lawrence as it has been here 4 years and it couldn't get along without it, and also his good points to anyone who needs them. MERLE JENNER-Wills his "LONG" legs to Gary Kulm, and his ability to play basketball to his brother, FRED OLIGMUELLER-Wills his leisure time to the freshman boys. DON KLAPPERICH-Wills his ability to get along with the History teachers to all the poor freshmen. RAY HORN-Wills nothing, cause he needs everything he has, BOB CHOATE-Wills all his late nights and early mornings at the station to anybody who wants them. DUANE ELYFA-Wills all his girl friends to Doyle Westby. To the Juniors we will our ability to run the school and our warm desks next to the radiators. We will to the Sophmores our ability to get out of school. Our will to the 1-'reshmenis our ability to get along with the teachers, especially the History teacher. The Senior Class as a whole wills their brains, patience, and HEYS, to the teachers because we arc- through with them, Also our good time on our SHIP DAY to the rest of the school. The Senior boys will the girls tothe rest of the high school boys because of our belonging to the Bachelors Protective Association, The Senior girls will their cosmetics and ability to break up the Senior boys om the B.P.A. to the rest ofthe girls in S.L.H.S. because we know it won't t!!. . eric 'Q 5 . S 'Z 7'1" V., gl tm Ka, .1 0' Il 9 .i-'xl N-. tyre. Dann? H .g MRL r, X . ,K X 1 A. t A W '4 if 1 5 Q :gif ff: 1 -' 1'- ezg, iii f -.xXx f -is of '- ,gr Senior Prophecy We, the Jr, class of 1957 have looked into the crystal ball and this is what we see taking place in 1965. ROGER GROGAN has finally retired from the National Guard and is making trips to Wessington in his old Chev. LLARLES VITTERS is now attending Huron College with her husband and they are raising little Timmys on the side line. Ngw living on a farm east of St. Lawrence and raising little Vits. is KAY VERDUGT RAY HORN has taken over the job of Supt. of St. Lawrence High School and has finally graduated with high honors Dallas Westby and Larry Fanning. DONNA AALBERS is now working in Grand Central Station as a teletype manager, LAVINA WILLIAMS is now living in Miller taking care of Porter's Gas Appliance Company while her husband is in the Air Force. JANICE Tl-IIEBLAN is now living on a farm and raising little Sessions while her husband is flying a jet. JANICE BER TSCH is assistant manager to her husband, who is manager of Stobbs Service Station and is not raising kids: DUANE ELYEA is now manager of the I. C.C0rr1pany Store in Miller. Playing center for the Globe Trotters is all star, MERLE JENNER. EVELYN HERMANN is now attending college while her boy friend is finishing high school. DONALD KLAPPERICH has graduated from old S. L, H, S. and is still chasing his millions of girl friends. FRED OLIGMUELLER is now the Chief of Police of Miller and is trying to get revenge on who ever picked him up, DUKE TESTER IVLAN is now a forest ranger and is divorced for the third time while trying to decide which one he wanted. Having taken over the management of the Standard Oil Station, BOB CHOATE is still trying to find the girl who stole his dog. , 3 .g i , -df A '11-.-'N Y "KAY" l ' ., .- A -., 1 ri 'Bi A Y y HFRED.. ...f an G I Q-U N, A "DUKE" Q " "BOB" '? "now" "RAY" Y fn. 1 I "1 V., 1 wg , , YJ- .- "ROGER" "EVI-E" "DONNA" MERLE "I..AVINA" "JANNY" "JAN x x I i NDEIZGIZADQ nl' xv U C ' L I I 'V ,fir X I I I F Y 4 DALE CARTER .3 JUDY ANDERSEN Secretary JA M55 SNY DE R ,,. - f . Kx M! Al Class -J i , ' N O' . RY' .- RUSS MONROE .4 A r - , - NORMA AALBERS MARILYN GROGAN -, un , R " .3 If s President MARVIN SESSIONS ALBERT VITTERS Vice-President JEAN HORN BETTY ARBOGAST on 'C' 'Y . .sn 'C I 1 R, DON DAV no ,Q A 9 X W ,. i..,f- KEITH SNODGRASS Treasurer GARY FANNLNG 4. sd IT NX K S K C ll fx ,,.f9 W l .,.. ,V ,4,- I- ,- r.i", ' mn ,,'5' '.,.,,tq ' " 'f.. , A...x,,,' ' ., Class of '59 CHUCK BEANER BOB EI-YEA . A .. 4- '-f -n xf C Os NE NL IK EE G K A R Y A! Q Y' A vfff .- .Q f 'fd , , 5+-. .xx i, 441-1 EDDIE DAVID SESSIONS VITTERS ' '3' , 4 wa 'fill Y b 'X Vx ' Q. BOB ' HORN I 'fin 7 PEARL DIRKSON DON BEANER 'IP Q so ! x,-' 1 ix :A 5 DEAN! OLIGMUELLER Y'-Q JUDY RI-IDIGER Class of '60 LARRY I-'ANNLNG x ' ' z XX I N ' o ROSY JERRY KLAPPERICH MONROE ,a- DALLAS IQ X wx-:STBY F-' ,ml ,ET-1, MARILYN SNODGRASS ARLENE JOHNSON V' JOE. BAHR I TI EA RT FIRST ROW: Chuck Davis, Peggy Nelson, Ethal Duncan, Betty Aalberl, Coralee Rediger, Shirley Gortmaker, John Vitters, Denny Kulm. SECOND ROW: Mike Klapperich, Jack Magness, Jay Jones, Donna Monroe, Karen Gortmaker, Donnie Bahr, Duane Hai-gens, Dale Davis. THIRD ROW: Ned Nelson, Jim Aalbers, David Glanzer, Carroll Westby, Scotty Kane, Tommy Cotton, Jerry Vitters, Gary Sessions, Curtis Westby, Mrs. Andersen. FIRST ROW: Betty Skinner, Ronnie Testerman, Slyvia Elyea, Carolyn Rediger, Roy Andersen, Sharon Elyea, Billy Skinner. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Thiel, Shirley Maile, Virginia Verdugt, Rex Lanz, Ronnie Bertsch, Judy Syring, Linda Snyder, Joyce Oligmueller. THIRD ROW: Gary Bonebright, Judy Aalbers, Robert I-largens, Sharon McCue, Betty Monroe, Carol Andersen, Richard Testerman, Carolyn Bingham, Clifford Vitters. M IG OH v-xi FIRST ROW: Lester Moeller, Karen Marshal, Kevin Davis, Kathy King, Jimmy Carter, Rosemary Cortmaker, Teddy Gjertson, Dianne Parrnely, Buddy Aalbers. SECOND ROW: Carol Davis, Kathy Hall, Muriel Clegg, Sally Syring, Diane Chalcraft, Anita Gortmaker, Robert King, Dianne Dague, Catherine Crownhart, Sharon Marshal, THIRD ROW: Mrs, Dennis, Leanna Lanz, Warren Westby, Dennis Johnson, Dennis Fanning, Ricky Clegg, James Glanzer, Robby Hall, Joey Fanning, Eddie Watkins, Stephen Dennis, Marlene Fanning, Lynn Bonebright. """':"' Q. fu' f QQ, I-'IRSI ROW: l.r-ster Moeller, Karen Marshal, Kevin Davis, Kathy King, Iirzzrnv Carter, Rosemary Liortttanker, Teddy lljertson, Dianne- Ilarrrtely, Buddy Aalbers. SHCOND ROW: Carol Daxis, Kathy Iiail, Muriel Clegg, Sally Syring, Thane Klnalcrazt, Anita Cortrnaker, Rotfertl'liI1iz,fJianr,'.er1ne Cro'-xnhart, Sharon Marshal. ' I:-17?-L Nlrs Iw'r,ri-,I.eanna1an.f,.'-ftrrr-r..xg-s'm,f"-r'.1G,Ile-',r.11-rarrinig, Picrx Clegg. lanes f,ar'.frr, Ein , 'Qt-y I-fir'.nt1g,Er1fii, nat.-: s,b1er1.r:1.fJ-'x:.i:, Ivmi Htl Nrig nf- POIZTQ nDONn 2 4 L- 5 ' l 1 RAY HORN V' I X Student 1 Manager 3 R , - I ,fvf 3' X 1 M W . "FRI-ID' "DUKE" ipa- "MERLE" Coach "KEN TIMM" FRONT ROW: James Snyder, Gary Kulm, Duke Iesterman, Fred Oligmueller, Jerry Monroe, and Duane Oligmueller. BACK ROW: Ray Horn, Student Manager, Albert Vittera, Marvin Sessions, Russel Monroe, Merle Jenner. Gary Fanning, Donald Klapperich, Dennis Monroe, and Coach Kenneth Timm. "MARV" 4, y- j 'H-.J 'N JOYCE OLIGMUELLER L- f fe waves ,W ., 5 ' J Hi Q, -4 ' f 1 ' 'E "JUDY" "BETTY" "M.ARLY" "JAN' . A ,,. ,xl N V, I f K N nw :.. K F 1? 14f"r I V ' ,Q ' xf Q X' 9 . A J CAROL ANDERSEN DONNA MONROE PEGGY NELSON Cheerleaders 6 O :gf-A 1 Wh ,, A Merle s Vitters 7 Betty Judy Arbogast Andersen FR - . ONT ROW. Jerry Monroe, Larry Fanning, Gary Kulm, Gerald Weutby, James Snyder, Bob Horn, and Duane Olig mum. llc r . BACK Row! Clifford 5-In-IGH. DL-Vid Viiterl. Roger Jenner, Keith Snodgrass, Dennis Monroe, Merlin Grimm Edwin Sessions, and cnncn Kenneth Timmg. ' Lawrence 70 Sunshine Lawrence 57 Ree Heights Lawrence 31 Harrold Lawrence 46 Orient Lawrence 49 Wessington Lawrence 46 Wessington Lawrence 36 Wolsey Lawrence 46 Bonilla Lawrence 81 Sunshine Lawrence 55 Cavour Lawrence Z9 HH1'I'O1d Lawrence 52 Tulare BEADLE COUNTY CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Lawrence 40 Wolsey Lawrence 51 Tulare Lawrence 36 Wessington received Consolation Trophy Lawrence 39 Yale Lawrence 58 Bonilla Lawrence 47 Orient Lawrence 91 Ree Heights Lawrence 48 Hitchcock Lawrence 58 Yale Lawrence 41 lriquois DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Lawrence 60 Blunt Lawrence 57 Highmore fri an 2 Q ' -Q Y 4 - 1 Ronnie Testerman, Gary Bonebright, Robert Hargens, Ronnie Bertsch, Rex Lanz, Richard Testerman, Roy Anderson, and Billy Skinner. Coach. Ken Timm, Ba ketball f, 1 i,'5,'n .-Vv' ' FIRST ROW: Chuck Davis, Dale Davis, Mike Klapperick, Gary Sessions, .Terry Vitters, Denny Kuim, SECOND ROW: Scottie Kane, Donnie Bahr, Duane Hargens, Coach, Ken Timm. Jay Jones, Jack Magness, and Jimmy Aalberl qs Hw- 49 so --I NV! NES' ,W 32 ' Q I ae E i gk 2. 10 Q.. lx of f . 4 'Q JY Q cf X 1 Q P I 5-lu FIRST ROW: Marilyn Grogan, Evelyn Herman, Donna Aalbers, Rosie Klapperich, Janice Bertsch, Connie Selke, Jean Horn. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Samson, Judy Andersen, Betty Arbogast, Janice Thieman, Norma Aalbers, Arlene Johnson, Pearl Dierkson. THIRD ROW: Kay Verdugt, Lavina Williams, Ardith Cotton, Marles Vitlers. Kathy Ross, Judy Rediger, Marilyn Snodgrass. LEFT TO RIGHT: Evelyn Herman, Donna Aalbers, Janice Theiman, Rosie Klauperich, Janice Bertsch Lavina Williams. Q bg 'K of ,eg fag ,fs VN., 's 4 9, 7- 'Q' BACK ROW: 1955 Queen and King, Marleu Vitters and Fred Oligmueller, Junior Candidates, Marilyn Grogan and Albert Vitters, Sophomore Candidates, Merlin Grimm and Connie Selke, Freshnman Candidates, Duane Oligmueller and Rosey Klapperich. FRONT ROW: Train Bearera, Rickey Clegg and Ted Gjertson, 1956 King and Queen , Duke Tenterman and Kay Our BERYLE VAN DEN BERG Sophomore Queen of 1954 Verdugt, Flower Girls, Leanne Lanz and Diane Parmely. KAY VERDUGT 1956 Carnival Queen of the Senior Class BIIIOI' MARLES VITTERS Junior Queen of 1955 fi.. 'Q T I I . , YT he -WHCGZJPW il 1 Tr W, ., ,A -1 Y LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Fulsom, Mrs. Theil, Mrs, Anderson, Mr. Carberry, Mrs. Samson, Mrs. Dennis Mr. Timm. Faculty FRONT ROW: Eddie Sessions, Duke Testerman, Iwiarvin Sessions, Cliffard Samson, BACK ROW: Janice Bertsch, Janice Thieman, Don Klapperich, Maries Vitters. A 4 3 4 K iv x ., . Q-nr , "J If e MARILYN GROGAN Man Hater Most Bashful GARY FANNING Woman Hater Most Bashful EVELYN HERNLANN Most Conceited Te-acher's Pet ROSIE KLAPPERICH Noisiest 'I'eacher's Worry Biggest Gossip LARRY FANNING Noisiest Te-acher's Worry PEAR l. DIERKSON Most Conn-ite-d DUN DAVlS Boy lhat Looks Most Like lhlvis l'r1-sley RAY HORN Biuef-st Gossip Most Ialented ,IANICI-Q BERTSCH Best Dressed First Person to Get Married Most Ialentcd Pre-tin-st Hands Wh0's Who's DONNA AALBERS Biggest Asset To S.L.H.S. JANICE THIEMAN Most Studious Girl Most Likely To Succeed DUANE OLIGMUELLER Most Studious FRED OLIGMUELLER BestAthlete Most Popular Best Personality Neatest Best Dressed Most Likely To Succeed Most Proud To Be Seen With Most Courteous Most Friendly Prettiest Hands MARLI-15 VITTI-IRS Biggest Flirt Br-sl Athlete Most Popular Wiltim-st Best Dancer Peppiesl JUDY ANDERSEN Most Kissable Most Popular Best Personality Cutest Smile Most Proud To Be Seen Most Courteous Most Friendly DON KLAPPERICH Most Kissable Cutest Smile Wittiest Best Dancer Prettiest Eyes Peppiest KAY VERDUGT Nearest Best Dressed Prettiest Eyes JUDY REDIAGER Prettiest Hair Cutest Figuri- Cutest Smile DUKE lES'I'ERfxLP-.N Prettiest Hair Best Physique Biggest Flirt Most Conceited Teacher s Pet 2 fx AUTG GRAPHQ gal JW' HN ,W A qv? AN MARJ D MORT gm FEN W I N X ..::f:s?f awww, A V I .5 : ,I ,,mlw! '. .:., 7 0 Www, , ,' 5 Af" 1757, '55, ' I ., Q 1 ' EY ff' , :Iv 4 ' ,f f 5 ..,.. -..,N-SYN 4- I -,in :5 - , , n Q .. Z X. . , ff'-. .7 ' " " ' 131' . Q A 4 I AZ - I 4. 'I 'Vrr Ng y' ' ' A , W LL X . f - 3 f EEE? A ' ' ' .. ..... - " rf L ' ' :gifs -f '-qewzsmo' V 1 -tau . 5 lf,,. ' -V .,... ',,g55.1' 5:,- , -Nl . . -'mv Y + H I 1, tm, "Nr h" U' - sith.- . ,fi -9" , .JA ,, I H I '- 'H - .-:I .. ,. t V I """"-'-i- L. ' , .. 'fly '3::3uQun6a4v4-7-vvv-w-. vn-...,, . -. i x ,. ,. , ..,, ,,,,,'f"'A,,w,,, 2 .u-n-ueumgpw.-... t V Y QQ ,,...- .-: W K- L' ffx.:-rm iB9 V FPHQNSV Miller Livestock Auction Co. Managers: Kenneth Knapp, Robert Knapp, Stanley Knapp Auctloners I M Magness Ed Magness Pete Knapp Bonded Llcensed Insured For Your Protectlon Sale Every Wednesday Sheep Hogs Cattle Horses For Hlghest Net Returns And Less Shrlnkage Conslgn Your Llvestock To Th1s Sale Telephones Off1CG ll0 Home 122 Or 39 Mlller South Dakota Atlee Motor Sales Massey Harrls And Mlnneapolls Mollne Tractors And Comblnes Farm Implements ll I. 499 Phone 400 St Lawrence South Dakota ' 1 . . , , : ' , is A fo , 4 X 1 fu-xg 5 ,' I-land County Courthouse Your Offlclal Famlly Mrs Wmrfred Lorenstrorn Superlntendent Of Schools George Wllson Regrstrar Of Deeds A W Schwartz Audrtor Mlller South Dakota The Flrst National Bank The Flrst National Insurance Agency Agents L E Weaver Lou1s Stechmann A C Schroeder Agents A L Kallestad William Sanger Phone 35 Mlller South Dakota Bernard L. COSS ------------------------------------------ Treasurer O O 0 O : . . , ' , . . I . . , St Lawrence Co op Supply St Lawrence Manager Allen Testerman Lumber Hardware Palnt P S Pal Co op Pamts Nelson Lock On Shlngles Phone 78 South Dakota Mlller Compllments Of Prmcess Theater and Mzdway Drzve In South Dakota St Lawx nce Gordon Mcrgness dl Sons Dealers In Llvestock Let Us Know Your Wants Phone 53 South Dakota 0 I- 0 f I l I B . . . 'I'1tS Q -3 Mzller Freezer Plant P E Watts Owner Food Lockers Game Processlng Custom Butcherlng Meat Curlng Phone 270 Gomphm ents Of Armes Lzquor Store CS M11Ier Tap Room Mlller South Dakota AIId61'SOI1 CTGGITIGTY COITIPCIIIY Norbert Zens Proprletor Dlstrlbutors Of Terrace Park Grade A Dalry Products Locker Plant Servlce Gold Meats Phone 12 7 Mlller South Dakota The Sexauer Company Gram Coal Feed Seeds AndGhem1cals Maln Offlce Brooklngs South Dakota Mlller South Dakota Fenn's , "That Good Ice Gream" Mlller Compllrnents Of Ben Franklm Phone l 35 Soutlt Dakota Mlller HGb1Chf s Dept Store Your Home Store Top Values Ano Styles For The Famlly Phone 43 South Dakota Mlller Porters Gas G Applzance For Better Cookrng And Re rlgeratlon Phone 212 South Danota Mlller Hayes Lucas Lumber Co Lumber 'Xflol Coal Bullders Haroware 'Xno Dupont Palnts See Us Before You Bull Vke Wtll Help You Wlth Your Plans Phone 70 South Dakota I 1 LJ I I O , . . , . . 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Suggestions in the St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) collection:

St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 23

1957, pg 23

St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 25

1957, pg 25

St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 6

1957, pg 6

St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 32

1957, pg 32

St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5

1957, pg 5

St Lawrence High School - Wolf Yearbook (St Lawrence, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 23

1957, pg 23

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