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l niftj - = 6AJ f c»wtc - A fcw ' ity ce 7Y o: A- 0 ' } - ' • ' i , v ' l .Sz - p I X .l . -t- ' ' ■ ' ■ St. Joseph ' s Alumni Killed in Action Capt. Gerald Marnell ' 37 Palau Lt. Albert Kinderknecht ' 41 Anzio Lt. Victor Grabbe ' 40 Friuice Lt. Emil Hartman ' 36 Italy Lt. Virgil Giebler ' 40 Luzon Clement McGlone ' 42 Lt. Frank Gengler ' 40 Germany Lt. Robert Kessenger ' 36 Lt. Firman Susank ' 37 Germany Lt. Clarence Weigel ' 39 Leyte Sgt. Richard Shelton ' 43 Leyte Lt. Vergil Sanders ' 38 Arizona Esprit de Corps A school is its faculty and student-body, and the ideals which are the guide and inspiration of both. The ideals of St. Joseph ' s College and Military Academy are embodied in its Esprit de Corps. Esprit de Corps is a living spirit, generated by a love for the school, nourished by obedience to its laws and regulations, perfected by a perfect coordination of things material and immaterial which go into the art of building men for God and Country. Here student and instructor join hearts and hands to accomplish tasks which would be impossible to an individual; here by word and example, all work towards the ultimate goal in all education: to train the soul, mind and body to fit the boy to perform, in the highest manner possible, his duty to God, self, country and fellowman. C ftAit JU Qo i pA. 9l: THE FACULTY Rev. Terence Moffat, O.F.M. Cap., President. History, Business Law, Religion Rev. Mathew Pekari, O.F.M. Cap. Dean of Studies, History, Constitution Rev. Adrian Conrad, O.F.M. Cap. Physics, Radio, Electricity, Aeronautics. Rev. Bernard Nickel, O.F.M. Cap. Treasurer, Religion Rev. Denis Tartar, O.F.M. Cap. English, Latin, Religion. 2: Rev. Hyacinth Grabbe, O.F.M. Cap. Mathematics, Music. fpn. .t t . i .Ai.Ca ■ Rev. Timothy Gottschalk, O.F.M. Cap. Music, Latin. Rev. Ludger Wuenschel, O.F. M. Cap. Chemistry, Physical Geography Aeronautics, Religion. Rev. Aidan Lucko, O.F.M. Cap. English, Economics Rev. Cornelius Heim, O.F.M. Cap. Mathematics, Religion Rev. Ronin Schreiber, O.F.M. Cap. English, Latin. M fi, 9 Rev. Paulinus Karlin, O.F.M. Cap Dean of Discipline, Ethics Mr. George Gatschet Commercial. Mr. Frank Windholz Librarian, Spanish, English. Mr. Sylvester Palmer Coach, General Science, Agriculture. Mr. Ed Davis Mechanical Drawing, Shop. lO Z pAd de 6on p4. 9l: THS CORPS Cadet life Is regulated by the Four Standards: Religious, Academic, Military, Social. In this section we invite you to make a pictorial tour of a day in the life of an average Cadet, from reveille to taps. 12 13 14 N r N Vx - - ' i S cVAaV o Vt ,tstait lle - V - ' „ cot? Yv» ' iVU ' .et « otv tS. - ' ' at o vc.e : to S -.%e»t vi s oi vttvgt° A » 1st PLATOON 1st Row: Betthauser J.. Kenehan R. Coyle F.. Badzik V.. Belleau N., Traschler F. Eager W., Carson Gerhardt C. Dorzweiler A. 2nd. Row: Schmidt J., Furge Keenan F.. Madden T., Koehl Hoefs D.. Sherlock P.. Wasinger J. 3rd. Row: Palen W. Hauser E.. Fish D., Trimer J. Hickel J.. Weis- gerber T., Haselhorst E. Conrad J., Davis J. D.. T.. T., COMPANY 4 CO. A. STAFF Guidon Bearer, Cadet Donald Mentlick: 2nd Lt. Gilbert Betthauser; 1st Lt. Marne Karlin, Co. Commander: 2nd Lt. Francis Unrein: 1st Sgt. Joseph Andollna. 2nd PLATOON 1st. Row: Weisner A., Pitner D. Staab J.. Wilhelm M.. Doll K.. Arnold E.. Schumacher N., Berland J.. Beyer W., Staab B. 2nd. Row: Bell E., Miller A., Schmeidler G. Brungardt E., Schmidt G.. Erbert B.. Haremza R.. Karlin C.. Pfeifer J. 3rd. Row: Meier F. Carmody J. Hagerty D.. Herklotz E.. Neu J., Boos F.. Kenehan J., Young P., Dreiling W. COMPANY 8 CO. B. STAFF 1st Lt. Robert Locke, Co, Commander: Gaidon Bearer, Cadet Gerald Keehn; 2nd Lt, Norman Karlin; 2nd Lt. Gregory Herr- man: 1st Sgt. George Walters. 1st PLATOON 1st. Row: Jones R.. Winter C„ Wasinger M„ Dnrkin C. Wolfe R. Poser F., Klosterman H., Unrein M., Dinkel V.. Knhn R. 2nd, Row: Bieker G.. Kippes D,. EiehelbOTKer J,. Pfeifer W„ Wilk C„ Wasinger G,, McAfee M, Murray T Feltes A. 3rd. Row: Schamacher L, Walteia F.. Christy J„ Bransardt I. Pfan- nenstiel F.. Gottsehalk E.. Taney E., Arnold H.. ' Disses W.. Walten E. 2md PLATOON Ut. Row: McCarthy P., Dreilinx N,. Dome M.. Sherlock H,. Klaus E.. Jac- obs N,. Linenberser R.. Haselhorst M.. Schreck J„ Zwenser F, 2nd- Row: Dreilin G,. Mermia C„ Wiesner D,. Denning M,. Dillman J, Fahey H,. Brown I . Koemer K., Karlin E., Toepfer L. Srd, Row : Schoenthaler C. Schmeid- ler J,. Pfeifer W., Haas R,. Clart M.. Staab N.. Gassraan A.. Dxiedaiak J,. John J,. Hancock P. 1st. Row: 1st PLATOON Harkness R., Feist C, Geibler V., Schmidt R., Ekey J., Dechant J., Rohleder L., Hutchison H., Speier M., Wasinger L. 2nd. Row: Mullen M., Staab J., Bell L., Farrell W., Heri J., Karlin I., Volpe L., Unrein R., Rohleder V., Simmons V. 3rd. Row: Casbere A., Watts W., Reidy D., Herl L., Karlin M., Rupp D., Van Haverbekc J., Pfannenstiel J., Weigel D., Yount F. 2nd PLATOON 1st. Row: Torer R., Schmeidler J., Fuerch J., Wasinger J., Krone A., Heinen J., Kreutzer P., Unrein V,, Schmeidler E., Waner T., Staab W. 2nd Row: Unrein R.. Basgall A., Pfannenstiel L.. Weisgerber H., Jacobs R., Wittman C, Walters D.. Orth H., Kuhn A., Orth C. 3rd. Row: Gerstner E. Weber L., LaFever H., Pfeifer C, Herrman E., Toepfer V., Weishaar D., Coolahan E., Weigel K., Urban P eOMPAMV C ■ ° ' ■ioU ' K ' ' d v.t- 20 - r 1st. Row: Rhodes E.. Sandmeyer R.. Kuhllman C. Pipa C. Fazendin G., Kaiser T.. Beilman R., Leiker S., Redetzke C. Gofney C. Clark F. 2nd. Row: Smith D.. Kampmann O., Peduto D.. Moerschel R.. Fleck- enstein F.. Brungardt T.. Kampmann D.. Batykefer R.. Dreiling F., Fluker J.. Westbrook J. 3rd. Row: Geibler H.. Dreiline D., Herrman H. Pfeifer D.. Weber D., Peirano C.. Theilen J.. George D.. Smith T., Rupp J. 8ANV BAND STAFF Staff Sgt. Francis DreiJing: 2nd Lt. Joseph Snyder. „t vtn = ) con- ' .- s« ne»n SUP ' l fL O S ' liet. pe DM ' ,„c»»- 21 ON PARADE STAFF Editor In Chief David Downes Assistant Editor .. William Smith Business Manager Lloyd Steinke George Walters Donald L. Dreiling Department Editors: The Corps Martin Mullen Elvin Bell Francis Keenan Military - -Lt. Virgil Gross Francis Flanagan Vincent Lacy Sports Dean Dreiling Clayton Schoenthaler Music Joseph Snyder Robert Sutter Academics Oscar Kampmann Gregory Herrman Forensics .- David Downes Biographies: Material -Lloyd Steinke Robert Locke Darrell George Writingf; Editing.-David Downes Martin Mullen Snap Shota Charles Winters Art Department Frank Fleckenstein John Berland Faculty Advisor and Photographer Fr. Ludger. 24 C6 pAd de Go iypA. 9l: Schedule of 1944 We They Quinter 6 7 Wakeeney 27 7 Plainville 13 6 Ness City 41 13 Russell 19 ■■ LaCrosse 28 Hays Hi 7 41 Jetmore 13 14 Sylvester Palmer, Coach Clayton Schoenthaler Manager 26 VARSITY SQUAD Co-Capt. Elmer Gerstner Quarterback Lettered 3 years-Senior Co-Capt. Dean Dreiling Halfback Lettered 3 years-Senior 27 l- - ' WSMSSIBsmimm M SCi- - t KHi ' j L K Mk H i f $ 1 Roland Torer End Lettered 1 year-S enior J -Tn- tM ( ( AxJ-i Julius Pfeifer Guard Lettered 1 year-Senior Vincent Lacy ,Guard Lettered 1 ye r-Senior Francis Zwenger Halfback Lettered 2 years-Senior Ray Batykefer Fullback Lettered 1 year-Senior 28 Joe Staab Halfback Lettered 1 year-Soph. Donald Dinges End Lettered 1 year-Junior in Carmody End Lettered 2 years-Soph. I -m Thomas Purge Guard Lettered 2 years-Soph. Robert Kuhn Center Lettered 2 years-Soph. Joe Andolina Tackle Lettered 1 year-Junior 29 Joe Dzieaziak Quarterback Lettered 2 years-Soph. Donald Pitner Tackle Lettered 2 years- Soph. Henry Arnold Guard Lettered 1 year-Junior i £ is ' ■Wr Lloyd Brungardt Center Lettered 1 year-Junior Ferdinand Walters Tackle Lettered 1 year-Soph. Gene Dreiling Fullback Lettered 1 year-Soph. 30 gM msasmBasmmm « f ' -1 .3. .» , ;t : M rsH ffmi Ikfilli 1 1 fri:i lii j l rilJ •%x; IB .A — — T ' T «r ' IP 1 1 ' 1 I ' f f . ' J I fc i ' I X s H MJBJWljJJB P ■ ' ■ F 3 g J Front Row L. to R. : Albert Basgall, Joe Dziedziak, Elmer Gerstner Ray Batykefer, Roland Torer, Richard Unrein. Back Row L. to R. : Thomas Furge, Clifford Feist, Jack Renner, John Carmody, Joe Staab. Front Row L. to R. : Back Row L. to R. Verne Simmons, James Karlin, Robert Haas, Robert Harkness, Ed Walters, Erving Kroemer. Donald Rupp, Richard Kenehan, George Fazendin, Robert Kuhn, Jerry Keehn. ,lf Iff fl-l ' f ff : , i tt- ' • • 31 Clifford Feist Schedule We LaCrosse 32 Plainville 27 Russell 11 Quinter 31 Ellis 25 Hays Hi 17 Plainville — 40 Wakeeney 20 Russell 14 LaCrosse 31 Quinter 41 Hays Hi 25 Ellis 48 Wakeeney 42 32 Elmer Gerstner Roland Torer Ji vo yK ' To- ' Albert Bassrall Jack Renner Thomas Furge cfvctT rusic fl rtRS 35 Weslbrook Peduto Gafney Flanagan Smith Sutter Snyder o e T § T • Q • • J • . 1 siBil ■I ' H ■BB Bs Vincent Lacy Carl Gafney Marne Karlin Robert Sutter Donald Peduto David Downes Thomas Koehl John Christy Bud Flanagan s A X Q U A It T € T D. Smith O. Kampmann E. Sutter D. Peduto J. Snyder J. Westbrook C. Gafney J. Thielen T tt u M P E T Q U A R T e T 37 Mullen Madden 38 39 Rifle Club Drum and Bugle Corps 40 Badzik, Vincent ' 44- ' 45 Coached B football squad. Vince had the urge to play football but due to the fact that he wasn ' t here long enough, he did the next best thing by being the coach of the Invincible Badzik B team. He has a good start, so keep it up Vince. Batykefer, Raymond •43- ' 45 Football 1, Basketball 2, Band 1, Glee Club 1. Ray, the kinky-haired kid from Pittsburgh, Pa., with the full moon face and the pop eyes, has made a name for himself in the Kaydet backfield. The grapevine has it that since his near tragedy last summer, the quarterback had only to yell, Fire and Old Hot Foot really took out. Bell, Elvin ' 43- ' 45 Track 1, Glee Club 2, Crack Platoon 1, Forensics 1, On Parade 1, Choir 1. Bell, (the Elvin was ob- viously hung on him during the first year of his life be- fore he was able to take care of himself) belongs to the heavy cruiser class, mounting two fourteen inch fists from heavily armored turret-shoulders, with an overall length of 72 inches, displacing about 190 pounds. He is a nice easy-going guy, never has been known to start a fracas, but once he is started he works like an artist. He loves classical music — when played by his favorite pianist. Belleau, Nels ' 44. ' 4S Nels Belleau, of the girl- ish blush and the dimpled smile, joined the class his senior year. He is the quiet, studious type, but shows flashes of impishness when the occasion warrants. A solid, silent, dependable guy, (local girls take notice) who believes that hard work is the sure road to success, he should make his mark in life. Berland, John •43- ' 45 On Parade 1, Dramatics 1, Crack Platoon 1. A man of careful de- cisions, Bury made up his mind to return to St. Joe ' s this year by flipping a coin. His greatest delight is to learn that Palco walloped Plainville in anything. Hav- ing done yeoman ' s service as clerk in the school canteen he hopes to enter the U. S. Navy and perhaps become a yeoman storekeeper first- class. Betthauser, Gilbert ' 41 - ' 45 Cheerleader 1, Band 1. The general popularity of Gib Betthauser is attrib- uted to two things — a charming personality and a streamlined black Pontiac. He modestly declines the title The Errol Flynn of Hays, but if driven hard will admit it. Drafted by popular acclaim to be cheer- leader of the Corps he h s done a very creditable job. It has been cattily remarked that his nasal appendage has made unnecessary the use of a megaphone. Gib is a good officer and a good friend. Pfeifer, Albert •41- ' 45 Big Al, the walking radio antenna has no trouble at all in keeping his head in the clouds. A firm believer in the old axiom, Never do tomorrow what you can do today, Al left us early in the year to do his bit in Uncle Sam ' s Army. Good hunting, buddie. Davis, Jack •43- ' 45 Glee Club 1, Crack Platoon 1. Jack, our smiling pyro- maniac from. Tucson, who had no trouble keeping the home fires burning has learned (by careful coaching of local authorities) to be more careful as to where he throws his cigarette butts. Meticulous in dress and or- derly in manner, Jack is only too ready to help a friend in need. No matter where he goes, if Jack manages his life as he did at St. Joseph ' s, the outcome will be inevit- able. Doll, Kenneth ' 44- ' 45 Hailing from the thriving metropolis of Speai-ville, Ken arrived looking like an en- cyclopedia vendor with a satchel full of books. After declining many offers from the Saturday Review of Literature, he settled in order to grant the members of the fairer sex the privi- lege of dancing with a Dolly with the book in his pocket. Studious and industrious, Ken will no doubt graduate in the upper tenth of his class. 43 Downes, David ' 41 - ' 45 Glee Club 4, Choir 4, Dra- matics 2, Basketball 1, On Parade 1, Octet 1. Dave Downes, of the equine smile and galloping gait, has for some unbe- known reason picked up the moniker Horse. He has lived up to his favorite slo- gan Get on the ball by be- ing top student and a fine Cadet. Good Luck, Major. Dreiling, Dean ' 41. ' 45 Football 3, Basketball 1, On Parade 1, Class President. Dean is a man whom we can consider tops in every- thing he does, always ready with a smile or a word of advice, Deany has proven himself as an officer and a friend. A good student of marked athletic ability,, we wish you good luck in your career and we will be with you in whatever you do. Dreiling, Donald ' 42- ' 45 On Parade 1, Band 3, Drum and Bugle Corps 1. Don, our happy-go-lucky Lothario, who in his three years at St. Joe ' s establish- ed a great name for himself in the field of wine, women and song, will not soon be forgotten. Donny Haas one chief interest in Hays, the outcome of which we shall leave to the deductive mind of the reader. Soon enter- ing a career in the Navy, we wish you smooth sailing and please learn to swim. 44 Dreiling, Francis •41 - ' 45 Band 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 1. Fra-Fra-Francis who is in- clined to carry his triple tonguing a little too far, is considered the ace of t he dance floor. He has acquir- ed for himself a reputation of cutting a mean rug with both bicuspids and lower extremities. Au r e v o i r Frankie, you were a swell pal. Dreiling, Wilmer •41 - ' 45 Crack Platoon 1. Big Wilmer, big, big, Wil- mer — who matches brains with brawn with ease, is of the type which is referred to as, quiet and industrious. ' He is the answer to the school ' s prayer for a model Cadet. So long Will and when you till the soil, cut a worm for me. Flanagan, Francis ' 42- ' 45 Choir 3, Glee Club 3, Band 3, Swing Band 1, Octet 1, On Parade 1, Dramatics 1. Bud, another outstanding Cadet officer, who has done much this year and in the past for St. Joseph ' s Music Department, is leaving af- ter finishing this school year to enter the seminary to study for the priesthood. Many years from now, Stinky will still be remem- bered for his outstanding qualities of leadership and winning personality. 45 Fleckenstein, Francis ' 43- ' 45 Band 2, Drum and Bugle Corps 1, Dramatics 1, On Parade 2. Fleck, the boy with the overactive thyroid, who is living proof of what too much iodine in the diet can do to a man, has established for himself the title, The Walt Disney of St. Joe. Fleck ' s flair for design should combine well with the decorating of the countless wedding cakes produced at his father ' s bakery. So, Fleck, sell the cakes and pies to whomever you like, but re- member Secretary Morgen- thau always gets the roll. Frigon, Philip ' 43- ' 45 Phil, the blushing protege from Wichita ' s wine-cellar, may have that stoplight face but is always ready to go. His readiness to indulge in any activity will always make him a friend welcomed by anyone. Uncle Sam ' s Navy took Phil from us at Easter and we wish him the best of luck. George, Dorrell ' 43- ' 45 Choir 1, Glee Club 2, Band 2, On Parade 1. Dorrell is a short, bearded musician, whose boylike dic- tion makes any countenance relax. Though small in sta- ture, Dorrell by his keen personality has made many a heart flutter. He has serv- ed St. Joseph ' s in many ways, one of which was sell- ing the nations crave (cigar- ettes) at the school canteen. His familiar warning, Thirst call will never be forgot- ten at St. Joe. Happy land- ings, Dorrell. 46 -2Li3A V Gerstner, Elmer ' 41- ' 45 Football 3, Basketball 1. Prolific Pauncho, the walking bulldozer, success- fully quarterbacked the Kaydet team on to a vic- torious season this year. Well liked by all Cadets not only for his athletic prowess, Pauncho ' s ability to win friends and hold them, too, will assure him of a success- ful career. Glebler, Harold •41- ' 45 Band 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 1. One of the biggest assets in St. Joseph ' s Music De- partment is Happy Harry, who makes with the hot licks on the baritone. Look- ing like a violin player with his flowing mane, Child ' s happy-go-lucky grin has been known to melt the hardest of hearts. Best of luck to a good pal. Herrman, Gregory ' 41 - ' 45 Debate 1, On Parade 1, For- ensics 1, Rifle Team 2, Class Vice-President. Greg, our local social re- former, is a stern advocate of the Spartan system of training which consists of a twenty-four hour work day. Equally at ease on the soap- box as well as the dance floor, Gregor ' s outstand- ing ability as an officer and a student will leave a gap which St. Joseph ' s will find hard to fill. 47 Kampman, Oscar ' 43- ' 45 Band 2, Drum and Bugle Corps 1, On Parade 1. Oscar malnutrition per- sonified Kampman, with the brains of an Einstein, has proven, it is vaguely hinted, that the earth is square. Outstanding in the fields of science and mathe- matics, Ozzie ' s niche in the Hall of Fame is secured. Karlin, Arthur ' 41- ' 45 Basketball 1. Another one of those out- standing fourth year offi- cers, Artie has found it profitable to follow in his brother ' s footsteps. Favored by mother nature with an impish smile and pleasing manner, Artie will rank high in St. Joseph ' s Who ' s Who. So long Artie and how ' s about turning that little black book over to us when you leave. Karlin, Mame ' 41- ' 45 Glee Club 2, Rifle Team 1, Octet 1. Quick witted, smiling, ever faithful Marne, who careens across the prairies on his sputtering Harley-Davidson, commanded the outstanding Company of the Battalion this year. Suave in manner, mild in disposition, Marne plans to enter a career in Agriculture, a job which he knows best. We bid you a fond adieu and don ' t fall off the tractor. 48 Karlin, Norman ' 41- ' 45 Norman, our elusive offi- cer from the home town of Hays, is a hard and industri- ous worker. His shadowy form haunted the corridors in his regular 0. D. prowls. A good student and Bat- talion officer, Norman ' s broad shoulders sustained the burden of his duties. His quiet manner and ways will be missed amidst the hustle and bustle of St. Joe ' s. Keenan, Francis •43- ' 4S Dramatics 1, Crack Platoon 1, Rifle Team 1. Red, with his toothsome smile, flaming red hair, and Josh Billings ' humor, lost no time in establishing himself as Great Bend ' s Biggest Booster. Possessing a subtle wit, subtle as a 60 ton tank, Livinski has made a habit of winning friends and in- fluencing people. Kenehan, Richard ■43- ' 45 Basketball 1, Rifle Team 1, Crack Platoon 1. Dick, (Smash -My-Bones), Kenehan, St. Joseph ' s noc- turnal prowler has contrib- uted largely to the success of the Cadet Busy B bas- ketball squad. Possessing those admirable qualities of brains and good looks, we wish him the best of luck in the gaining of his wings. 49 Lacy, Vincent ' 43- ' 45 Glee Club 1, Choir 1, Dra- matics 1, Football 1, On Par- Aade 1. A x:i Looking as if he were A poured into his trousers and forgot to say when Big J Vince Lacy, the boy with the neon chevrons, has been, for the past two years, carrying- on a correspondence with a mysterious Madame X, who, our secret operatives tell us, Vince keeps locked in the attic of the Lacy Mansion. The proud possessor of tal- ents too copious to mention, Dickey Boy has built for himself a vast record of achievements, not only in academics but also in ath- letics. Klosterman, Herbert ' 44- ' 45 Leaving Cleveland ten years ago for Hays, Herbie finally arrived last Septem- ber, slide-rule in hand and ready to start work. After the authorities had diverted his boundless energies into the proper channels, Flash set about breaking all the school ' s existing records for vim, vigor, effervescence and vitality. Locke, Robert ' 4I- ' 45 On Parade 1, Dramatics 1. Smiling Bob Locke, the Battalion ' s Woman ' s Home Companion, will never find himself in want of a good soft cushion on which to roost, for Mother Nature provided that luxury years ago when all of Big Stud ' s personality went to his head. Graced with Na- ture ' s own curly hair and a stun-my-optic-nerve smile, if Bob has as large a future ahead of him as he does be- hind his life will be a long and successful one. 50 Mullen, Martin •43- ' 45 Glee Club 2, Choir 2, Dra- matics 1, Forensics 1, On Parade 1, Crack Platoon 1. Marty Mullen, the Pitts- huvp- bookworm who gives one the impression that he is still in the winged stage, has devoured his way through the library and mess hall. He possesses a keen sense of humor and is able to take as well as give. A good Joe. Pfeifer, Julius ' 43- ' 45 Football 1, Rifle Team 2. Julie, perennial 1st year Latin student, who is torn between two loves, the seminary and ?, has not at this writing announced his choice. A powerful sub, Julie backed up the Kaydet var- sity football team through a successful season. Good luck and here ' s hoping your choice is a good one. Neu, James ' 44- ' 45 Jocular Jim, the dashing Don Juan from Des Moines, Iowa, has left a trail of broken hearts strewn along the highway all the way from New York to San Francisco. Serving not only as a Cadet, Jim also doubled as a Holly- wood press agent for the mythical, ancient glamor girl, Lulu Lamoo. Genial and industrious, Jim was a lot of fun this year. 51 Pipa, John •43- ' 45 Glee Club 1, Crack Platoon 1, Band 1. Mother,! Mother,! here comes the revenuers, hide the still, ! cried Johnny Pipa, St. Joseph ' s parodox of the Calvert Distilling Company. Cool, calm, quick witted Pepy is strong on the grey matter. Comprising half of the Davis-Pipa team, Johnny will have no trouble in acclimating himself to the mores of civilization. Riquelme, Alexander ' 42- ' 45 Track 1, Rifle Team 1. Well snatch my sombrero, if it isn ' t Alexander G. Ri- quelme, the poor man ' s Paunchb Villa. Capable and efficient, Shadrack is the diligent type of Cadet who always sticks to the job un- til it is done. Shad ' s big smile and heavy caliber shoes will leave an imprint in St. Joe ' s. So long, Shad. Posey, Francis ' 43- ' 45 Crack Platoon 1. Posey, the red-headed rebel from Maryland possess- es the traditional temper, but keeps it well under con- trol. Smiling and content- ed, Francis is a veritable whirlwind of action once he gets started. Planning to settle down in about 20 years Posey will just sit on the porch of the old planta- tion, drinking mint julips and watching the rest of the world go by. y T i4.a Schoenthaler, Clayton •41. ' 45 Football and Bosketball Manager 4, On Parade 1. How can so much noise come from such a little boy, was the first question asked when Blackie first arrived at St. Joe ' s. Holding the position of a first class, A number one, football and basketball manager, Pete did much in keeping the boys on the team in tip top shape. So long Blackie, you ' re short but sweet. Staab, Walter •41 - ' 45 Walt, though quiet and re- strained, has been known to cut loose when the occa- sion warrants. Holding down his military duties with forti- tude, Walt is a fellow who sees his duty and does it. Good luck, Walt and here ' s hoping you have a bumper crop this year. 7 Aavc m as Steinke, Lloyd ' 41. ' 45 Crack Platoon 1, On Parade 1. It is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye to Lloyd. Well equipped with brains, pep, and vigor, Lloyd has contributed large- ly to the success of Compa- ny C. this year. He spends most of his time in the Senior Club Room and is always repairing something in it. He has been dreaming of buttons since the day he came and on waking up found it wasn ' t a night mare. Pin them on good, Lloyd. fM4 » A ill kll Ill UIl g»u Sutter, Robert ' 41- ' 45 Band 4, Glee Club 4, Choir 4, Swing Band 1, Dramatics 1, On Parade 1, Octet 1. Barrelhouse Bob Sutter, Chicago ' s droop of the Loop, has been considered a musi- cal prodigy from way back and he doubles on the clari- net and wears a size 37 suit. Planning a career in music, Bob is sure to hit the top. Torer, Roltind ' 43- ' 45 Football-1, Rifle Team-1, Basketball-1 Little Dynamite, who minds the school day nurs- ery, (Sec. D. Co. B). won for himself the reputation of being hotter than a pis- tol on the gridiron. Playing football for the first time at St. Joseph ' s this year, Snooks immediately prov- ed his mettle and played the position of right end with ease and self-confidence. Al- w ays ready with a grin and a cheerful word, Roland soon leaves us to carry on his work (in perhaps a little more subdued manner) at the seminary. 54 Unrein, Francis •41 - ' 45 Another of the knights of the road, Doc has broken all existing records for the Indianapolis speed- way with his Buick coffee- grinder. Reputedly burning naptha instead of gasoline Big Doc believes in reach- ing his destination (the Cily Morgue perhaps) in the smallest possible amount of time. More than adequately filling his position as platoon leader in Co. A, Doc ' s is rated as the best in the school. A successful career is indeed in store for Doc. Unrein, Richard ' 44. ' 45 Basketball-1 Richy, the Schoenchen flash, is another one of the Cadet basketballers. Always on hand with a witty phrase, Richy is a hard worker who is well liked by everyone. Although having a little dif- ficulty with his English, Richy is always able to make himself understood. Auf wiedersehen Richy, we will send you a dictionary. Walters, Geoge •41 - ' 45 Dramatics 1, Football 1, On Parade 1. Stubby, an all around good guy, is St.Joseph ' s contribu- tion to the American stage. Radiating a Pepsodent smile and an I-eat-my-car- rots-every-day head of hair. Stubby also managed the business end of this year- book. We bid you a pleasant goodbye and get along little Stubby, get along. 55 Wasinger, Lubin ' 41 - ' 45 Ruling the 1st Platoon, Co. C. with stern Prussian discipline, Lubin has that rare quality of perform- ing his duty and winning more friends at the same time. Quiet and reserved, Lubin, contrary to popular belief, does stand out in the Corps. Lubin ' s work at St. Joseph ' s has laid a solid foundation for all that life may hold for him. Wasinger, Meridith ' 43- ' 45 Having received an ample supply of Adam ' s Apple from Mother Nature, Doc firmly believes that actions spealc louder than words. (Asli the girls). Being a boy who can take his root beer straight and hold it, too. Doc is a buddy to all. Happy hunting. Doc. Winter, Charles ' 43- ' 45 Glee Club 2, On Parade 1. Garden City ' s loss is your gain. Thus we quote Grem- lin Gus on the day that he first arrived, willing and eager, to take over his du- ties as chief dance chair- man and love-maker of the Cadet Corps. Torn between his two all-consuming pas- sions, Jeannie and flying, he never seems to be able to get his feet on the ground. Maintaining a high standard in academics and the tech- nique of winning friends, Charlie may soon be gone but will never be forgotten. 56 Wolf, Robert ' 44- ' 45 Robert The Wolf of Col- yer, finds it anything but difficult to live up to his name. Another ladies ' man, Bob ' s little black book is bulging with addresses. Call- ing himself the pool and pin- ochle champ of the senior clubroom, Bob ' s position has never been questioned. On the whole a good fellow and a real pal. ' ' M, Zwenger, Francis ' 41- ' 45 Football 1. Looking like the proverbi- al violin player with the long hair, Sammy may be found either on the gridiron or driving one of the local hacks. Sam also gives les- sons on How to win friends and skip Battalion forma- tions. Last but not least, Sam leaves with the good wishes of the Battalion. 57 1 58 59 Z ypAii (h Go 9l: 60 ACADEMICS 61 ft fftieos A. B. C. E rug Store Basgall ' s Grocery Store Baxter ' s Flower Shop Bell Dress Shop W. J. Belleau E. F. Buckley Central Gas Power Co. College Sweet Shop Fred Doll Ben Dreiling Duckwall ' s Store Ekey Studio Farmers State Bank First National Bank Mr. and Mrs. W. Fleckenstein Fort Hays Pharmacy Harkness Pharmacy Hays Building Loan Association Hays City Drug Store Hays Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Hays Flour Mill Hays Hardware Electric Havener ' s Men Boy ' s Wear Home Furniture Co. I. G. A. Store J. C. Penney Co. Jep ' s Super Service A. G. Kaiser Lamer Hotel Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lacy Jr. Mrs. Julia Lacy Mrs. John A. Ladesic Hays, Keoisas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Brookville, Kansas Des Moines, low a Hays, Kansas Hays, Keoisas Wright, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Pittsbiu-gh, Pa. Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Keinsas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kzoisas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Cleveland, Ohio Hays, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas Kaoisas City, Kansas 62 Larza ' ere Bakery Midwest Tobacco Candy Co. Markwell Book Store Master Cleaners Modern Shoe Shop Morrison Jewelry Store Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Mullin New Method Cleaners New s Publishing Co. O ' Loughlin Motor Sales Dan Pfeifer Vinceno Paduto Mr. Charlie Jones Joseph Reefe Rupp Motor Co. S. W. Supply Co. Schwaller ' s Lumber Co. Service Tire Shop Star Theatre Strand Fox Theatre Mr. and Mrs. Louie Steinke Tholen Jewelry Co. Thomas County National Bank Tillotson Barber Shop Vern Webster Jewelry Co. Wiesner ' s Department Store Woelk Agricultural Implements Joseph Yager Gamble ' s Store George Philip Sons Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Pittsburgh, Pa. Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Pittsburgh, Pa. Wichita, Kansas Denver, Colo. Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Colby, Kansas Hays, Kansas Colby, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Atwood, Kansas Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas whose generous contribution made this publication possible II miiuDt 63 a j:j f - i« ;« ' .- - «i%« : , 7 V MoM . 64 rj ' W i : k-. y- y A, r A vx l4 ■ c

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