St Helena High School - Silverado Yearbook (St Helena, CA)

 - Class of 1936

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St Helena High School - Silverado Yearbook (St Helena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 19 of 76
Page 19 of 76

St Helena High School - Silverado Yearbook (St Helena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 18
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St Helena High School - Silverado Yearbook (St Helena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 20
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Page 19 text:

I Adolph Magrl w1ll my abllxty to keep on the good s1d of Mr Crearv and my ab1l1tx to keep the bllls pald and the books straxght to the mcommg treasurer I Melun Marshall w1ll my ablllty to run the 880 to my brother Llttle Blue beard and my deep aff ctxon for Nxck to Marshall S ars provided Galleron consents I Elwood McCabe w1ll my hery top knot and my prowess on the trumpet to Carl I-'lllker and my famous mlle long speeches to any freshman wlth a l1 yars mind I Maryorxe McM1llen w1ll We Wxllle and my qulck temper to Dorothy Young I Alfred Perazzo w1ll my ab1l1ry to get xnsects ln my eyes wh1le runnlng to Don C0551 and my marvelous performance n the Alto to Ed MacDonald I Olga Perazzo w1ll my flgure to Alma Sculattx and my 1ntense knowledge of U S H1story to ack Nagel I Rose Pogg1 x lll my ab1l1ty to keep my mouth shut at the proper IIITNZ and my l1st of good lookmg saxlors to Marg ret Mercler I Mary Reb1ch w1ll my four palrs of tenn1s shoes to NIISS Hahman and mx Slnglllg talent to St lla Galll I I-Ienry Rutherford w1ll my very fine op1n1on of myself to Douglas I-Iobson and my stubbornness to Eddle Beroldo I Ida San B1ago w1ll my dxgnlty to Mr Debely and the knack of bemg popular 1n a crowded bus to Madelme Alexander I Elmer Sard 111 w1ll my secret method of burnmg out lathe bearings to Mr Rannells and mv endurance on the same m1ch1ne to Ben Mattxuzzx I Andrew S1gnorell1 will my fame as a he man wxth a harry chest and my reputatlon as a lady k1ller to Donald Chant I Rae Stand1ford w1ll mv pretend d a1r of mjured rnnocence to Fay K1dd and my endurance rn a squeakmg rockmg chalr to Florence Gar1bald1 I Earl Stetson w1ll my hatred for the gals to Laurle Wood and my fame and sklll as edrtor of the orxgmal publlcatxon The abber to Albert POHII I B verly Street w1ll my twenty seven dogs all rabld of various slzes breeds and colors to M155 Sugars I Vffally Tw1chell w1ll my Ford to Mr Creary my ab1l1ty to use l:1g words to oe De Lazzer and my gestures to Russell Small I Francls Wagner w1ll mv abllxty to wear snappy clothes to Lorrame Keller my weed llke height to Rev Standxford and my coldest shoulder to Roy Chavez I John WHISOII w1ll my S ar to Mandy my strength to Mr Woodworth and my abxllty to get my way to Mr Sandborn I Ethel Zumwalt w1ll ohn Watson to whoever wants lnm wrth the CXCBPIIOH of Gmger Gooden p ge filter . , I, .. . I I ll ' v. w. ' .. ' Q U . - 9 I ' 1: - r- - as K - 7 0 D v - H 9 - I 1 I ,I ' . . v . . ,, . . ,, 4 Q ' ' a . . . . ,, . . ,, . v fs , . V . 9 a . IN , o . . X i . . v a s . . - J . . 9 7 NI I L 21 . . . . I ' s a , . . A . 7 7 7 7 7 ' 7 7 9 7 75 7 . 7 "' 7 ' I . . . , I e . a a ' v 1 , v 9 Q y y . . . . . . ,, J ,, . . , , . 0 . 7 - . 3 . . 7 ' 7 7 7 9 v , ' 1 I , - v a , v - . . Q . Q e , . ' CC r 77 v 7 7 7 ' 7 ' 7 1 Y f 7. . . . 7 s a 71

Page 18 text:

CLASS WILL I Zack Anderson w1ll my ab1l1ty to get by cuttmg class s to Smrtty and mx pull wlth M1ss Lull to Gerald Boshoff I Marre Barberr mll my tenn1s prowess to whoever wants rt my red bows to Ray Marshall and my ablllty to srng Wahoo to Mule Magrt I Clarence Barry w1ll my three wh1slcers to the beardless Sophomor s mv Studebaker to Mr Mattson and my abrlxty to smash test tubes and pupp t heads to Ramona Palmer I Bob Bergendorff wxll my Appolohlce appearanc to soctety my abxllty to raise cam ln Engltsh to B111 Pattml and my high jumplng slclll to Paul Engell I Mxlce Bertolucct w1ll my dynamrc speaklng personalxty to Pete Nagel my slowest motron btg s1x to the future yell leader and my banjo yes to Dwtght I-Iarrrngton I Roy Chavez w1ll my great love for Frances Wagrmer a faded and much lClSS6d plcture of her and last but not least a lock of her haxr all to the Fresh man Class I Andr w Del Bondto wrll my fightmg prowess to Charles Aquxstapace my way wlth glrls to Rohert Thomas and my man sxz d VOICC to Kenneth Taplln I Rma Della Maggrora w1ll my dancrng to Lols Schnexder my attractron for the opposlte sex to Paulme Alexander and my bolsterous p p at games to Mrss Lull fectron for a certaln dark complextoned g1rl to Sherwo d Cormsh I Vlfgll Galleron w1ll my curly shrny black loclcs to Warren Young and my fast wanmg hold on Mary ane to Lrttle Bluebeard I Edlth Gaylord Wlll my lady lrlce reserve to Mary ane my ease Wlfh French to Margaret Mercter and my pull wrth Mxss Voorhees to I-Ielen Mae I Attrllo Ghrrengheh w1ll my ponderous glrth to Dallas Heldberg my F1 rce blaclc beard to some poor asplrmg freshman and my slcrll at puntmg to Bob Gallton I Vrrgtnra Gooden w1ll my experrence lll holding many boy frlends to Barbara Booth my slenderness to Helen Ma rtens and my llsp to Grant Calrns I Nelson Granzella w1ll my suave personal1ty to Matt Zoph and my yen for notoriety to Leroy Hollls I Helen Mae Hanrahan w1ll my experience as a sob SISI r to Stella Gallr my fondest affectton to Mr Mattson and my burning passron for Elwood McCabe to Freda Brehm I Dorothy I-Ioprnan wxll my ever present smrle to Rose Gtolettr and my p aches and cream complexion and my sure fire reducmg dtet to Betty Stoclcw ll I Dorothy Hurd w1ll my volley ball Skill to Rose ODonnell and my Ama zonlan physrque to Rma Cont1n1 I MacDonald will my knowledge of polxtrcal tactlcs and the one remammg fragment of my once glotlous campalgn platform to the future presxdent and the low down on my consplracy wxth Mr Creary to the Student Body ruff Q , Y. . , . I: . y, Y , . ., y. . . , - - ' re 79 - , 7 ' 9 9 U I 3 - ,f . , e , Q . E . V2 . 7 . . , . , . .a . . . . M Q - - - te - as - , e 3 Y O 5 1 9 9 ' xo . . . . f 5' , 9 . . - . D . , - , c . , . . , . . . . , . . . , . 6 . ' I, Oliver Eisen, will my gentlemanly conduct to Byron I-Ieclcard, and my af- 7 A ' 9 l 3 . 9 ' J QQ ' ,, , . , . - . J , . , . , . . ., , . 7 2 , . , . . . , . . . . . v 'S v ' 3 5 A ' , 9 s l ' l '3 .2 ' s ' ' 7 s s 9 ' . Joe 3 . . . . . . 9 aka 'o nleen

Page 20 text:

CLASS HISTORY The class of 36 held IIS first meetmg durlng the fall of th year 1932 We had as our advlser Miss Sab1na Morosolx Durmg the beglnnmg of our h1gh school careers all of us were a l1ttle slow 1n talclng an act1ve part 1n Student Body matters bemg more or less afra1d of th upper classmen however our fears were soon abandoned and we qulclcly fell ln step wlth the rest of the school Our chlef soclal event of the first year was the Freshmen Return whlch was gxv n to the school an appreclatlon of the delxghtful Freshmen Receptlon The Freshmen Return was a masquerade and was really one of the outstandmg socxal functlons of the year Our athletlc abllxty was recognlzed durmg the sprmg when we made a splendld showlng ln the lnterclass traclc meet Our Sophomore year was comparatwely calm However we drd have at th helm of our class a very capable and energetlc presldent Adolph Magrx All through the year we showed a gr at deal of class and school sp1r1t The Sophomore Hop was our major soclal event of the year and turned out to be qulte successful At the first annual school p1cn1c durlng our Sophomore year we agaln showed our prowess ln athletlcs by comlng ln a close second loslng to the mxghty umors Ar the end of our Sophomore year we were left wlthout an advlser due to the fact that Mlss Morosolx res1gned her pos1t1on from the faculty of the St Hel na Hlgh School We 1mmed1ately elected Mr aclc Rannells a very capable person respect d by the ent1re class He held th1s pos1t1on throughout the remalnder of our hrgh school days Durlng our unlor year we recognlzed the rmportance of bemg upper classmen Many of us held responslble Student Body posrtlons and reallzed that the Stud nt Body government really rested upon the shoulders of the Senlors and umors However our ch1 fproblem of the year was the flnancmg of the un1or Prom After a great deal of worry the members of the class flnallv scraped enough money together and held quxte an elaborate ball for the departlng Senlors Towards the be gmnmg of the second semester many un1ors could be seen proudly dlsplaymg recently bought class rmgs whlch proved to be the nvy of the ent1re school I athletxcs we were champrons wmnxng both the mterclass track meet and the con tests held at the school p1cn1c Senlors at last' We had finally reached the last step of our happlest days 1n hlgh school career True we had our happlest days xn hrgh school durrng th1s year but wlth xt we had our small troubles We were most actrve durlng our senlor year takmg part IH practrcally all affalrs and settmg an example mor or less for th rest of the school In Aprxl we were g1ven a dehghtful ball the Jumor Prom by the class of J7 The Senlor Sneak proved to be a blg day the party havmg gone to Ho Bergs where everyone enjoyed hrs share of swlmmxng dancmg and a great many other actlvltles Our last and most successful soclal event of our four years was the Senlor Ball It was financed by the profits from the sale of candy every noon throughout our senlor year The ball 1tself was qulte an elaborate affalr and can truthfully be sand to be one of the finest ever had for several years In athletlcs p ,gc 5 xlcc , . . . C . 9 . . Q ' - - a 9 . .P c . . to . , - , . ,., 3 7 , J - Y . . 7 . . . .. . Q . , C . . .. . 6 , e J . C . U 9 9 ' , . . 7 . . . . ' 9 ' 7 , re , e . , , 91 ' CQ ' 79 ' ' a , Y af i'

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