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 - Class of 1966

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Y x-15' dawn 1 Hiffi ' V , F. . 3? 'fl , 3? 3, .Z - , A if" 3 x ,I .lv ........,,...., ....,,..f,................. .9- 'f 1 -.,, 'QQ . -. '-4 ..,5,1, 'yer' 1 , 1 i x x N v K 2.1 ,- ----,,' ' N""' "I .J .f 1 966 p1ANT"'E-E1 r' Edited bg THE L SENIOR! CLAQQ Q OF mee, Qpuugwlhf High Qdwolz Qpdugvifle, Tewwssw , .. . . .-n-ru-rn 1 .. va-free, .. . ..,,, H' n nun..--.n-......n un...--.--.......... .........-.nn-..-n ..--n--nn .- .................... ...... ........................... ...... ............................. .............. .............- --.....,,.. .. Editor in Chief - - Assistant Editor - - Business Manager - - Sports Editors - - Organizations Editors Classes Editors - - Activities Editors - - Photograph Editors - Sponsor - - Typists - - - - Ioe Cate Richard Wimberley - - David Winsett - - Donald Dillon Phil Rowlett Carl Paschall - - - Patt Winsett Carol Chandler Carleen Crossno Ronnie Norwood - -Kathie Chandler Mike Evans Ronnie Charlton Danny Watts - Ronnie Sammons Kenneth Brewer Larry French ' ' Judi Foust Part Hudson Iudi Boothe Judy Geurin Jimmy Lowe - - Durward Weaks Entire Annual Staff Dedicatiow WAYNE DURWARD WEAKS, IR. We, the Senior Class of 1966, wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. Weaks for the faith and courage he has displayed in guiding us through our last three years at Springville High School. , .Zabel '66 f Fi'1i'zi? ., +111 f ..:.'-d -" gi 5 H : mg.. 1.53. .. gag mg, gs.-ein-f"h,i.zi'a,,xo .ig -- -af. .wgwt SPONSOR Kenneth Judith Joe f 5 'nt W kin A W '1 .. 1' -if 'L 5 . W , . t Wf N 2... 4 2 Carol David and Carleen Donald Ronnike C. , "'225ff1i. f .li ng QU' 'live 4. 5... 1. I , if . .iA , S o ,, Mike Judy F. Larry ., fx,il'1aag112.: 1 1. EQ 11 fl, N,,L W , a X 911 .a . fvsz f ' pnrfiwiiff ., , M favi I+. - A ' ' f K. ,,. , , P3-I H- -Timmb' Ronnie N. M hh can vm Q. xy , '- K athie ff 1, Judy G. . ni -f '-WW u Y t 'v f, , we . . . Wghizgv . 'kv' L-, , Phil Ronnie S. Richard David and Pat W. Mr. James L. Cate, Principa1gMr. J. W. Adams, Assistant Principal O. D. ROGERS MARIE CATE DURWARD WEAKS English 9-12 Commercial Business Ed. English '7-8 Social Studies BETTY WHITEHEAD DON WYATT Home Economics Science Social Studies P, E, 8a Basketball HELEN BLACKWOOD ANNA MAE COX CLAUDINE THOMPSON lst Grade 2nd Grade 3rd and 4th Grade HESTER HANCOCK SUE UNDERWOOD 4th and 5th Grade 5th and 6th Grade Janitor Cooks Bus Drivers SITTING L-R: Judy Geurin, President: Mr. Durward Weaks, Sponsor: Ronnie Sammons, Vice President: STANDING L-R: Donald Dillon, Historian: Pat Hudson, Secretary: Richard Wimberley, Treasurer: Pat Winsett and Carl Paschall, Reporters. Mfssdass Mr. Class PATT HUDSON CARL PASCHALL Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior and Class Officer 4 Who's Who 2 Basketball Chapter Degrees: Class Officer 1, 2, 4: Letter 2, 3,4 Letter Club 2,v3, 4 Yearbook- Glub 1,2, 3,4: Basketball 1, 2, 3,4: Paper Typist Staff 2, 3,4: FTA 3,4: Yearbook-Typist: Who's Who 2, 3, 4, Miss Sophomore Class, Miss Junior Class, Miss Senior Class: Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 IUDITH BOOTHE Glee Club 1, 25 Who's Who 1, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter Club 1, 2 Beta Club 3,45 Yearbook - Typist and Photographer 45 FTA 3, 45 FHA Junior and Chapter Degree 1. KENNETH BREWER Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer 35 Basketball 3, 45 Letter Club 45 Year- book Typist 4 .TOE CATE Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter Club 2, 3, 45 Who's Who 45 Yearbook - Editor-in-Chief CA ROL CHANDLER Yearbook - Assistant Organization Editor 45 Cheerleader 1, 35 FTA 3,45 Basketball 45 FHA 1, 2,3,45 Letter Club 2, 3,45 4-H 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior and Chapter Degree 3,45 FHA 1, 2, 3,45 Class Reporter 35 KA THIE CHANDLER Yearbook Class Editor, Letter Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball lg FHA 1, 2, 43 FTA 3,4g Class Reporter 3, 41-I Club ' 1 2' FHA Junior and Chapter Degree RONNIE CHARLTON Basketball Manager 3,45 Yearbook Typist 4 CARLEEN CROSSNO FHA 1 2, 39 Junior and Chapter De- gree: Who's Who 4g Glee Club 1, 4, Yearbook - Assistant Organization Editorg 4H Club 1 DONALD DILLON Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter Club 2, 3, 4: Class Historian 4, Yearbook Sports Editor, 41-I Club 1, 2, 3, 4 C MIKE EVANS Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Yearbook As- sistant Class Editor, Glee Club 1, 25 4H Club 1, 2 JUDY Fousf H Y Glee Club 1, 2, Yearbook - Pho- t08raPher: FHA 1,4, Class Officer, Qss f Q 3, 4H 1, Junior and Chapter, Bas- ketball Manager 4g Letter Club 4, Who's Who, 1 H. rllf 4 - A. f A ,, il ,,, f f A is . 'J -gszgs.6es:-Nsaweri ' 2 .fr ,. .,. :Q-V wt flilfiw 5,1 A W t sa K A wg, 4QgQi:lx,w,xxyX gig? X X NM .X f2MYg3r'iQQf3"f A wi, A , , X S K if i- mwgiwm , Q rw , ' s l X i ws 5 f i K i ,,,, Al, 'l all Zswyxg Q W? A i r 1 A 1 N N . , 3, ff X022 , , f 'X writ N W Q 1 I Q ex fi' X, . mg- - - as Ei W3 L e i' 9 Q LA RRY FRENCH Yearbook Assistant Activities Editor, Typist 4 JUDY GEURIN Yearbook - Photographerg FHA 1, 2: Junior and Chapter Degree, Glee Club 1, 2,3,4g FTA 3,45 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officers 1, 2, 3, 4, Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Who's Who 1,47 Miss Spring- ville High 4 ' IIMMIE LOWE Basketball 3,49 Yearbook - Typist RONNIE NORWOOD Yearbook - Typist 4g 4H Club 1 PHIL ROWLETT 2, 3.4: Yearbook Assistant S-port Editor: Class Officer - Sergeant at Arms 43 Who's Who 4: 41-I Club 1 RONALD SAMMONS Yearbook Activities Editorg Class Officerg Vice President 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter Club 1, DANNY WA TTS RICHARD WIMBERLEY Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook - Assistant Editor, Class Officer 1, 2,4, Who's Who 1,4, School Paper 1, 2, 3,44 Mr. Springville High 4 41 tv 0422 ,, H DA VID WINSETT Beta Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter Club 2, 3, 4 Yearbook - Business Manager, 41-I 1 If L an PATT WINSETT Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Junior and Chap- ter Degree, Letter Club 2, 3, 4, FTA 3,4, Beta Club 1, 2, 3,4, Yearbook - Organization Editor, 4H 1, 2, 3, Vol- unteer Girls State 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Paper Staff 1, 2, 3,4, Miss Qpfmguzm IU DY GEURIN Q Wluvs WM MOST ATHLETIC Phil Rowlett Patt Hudson MOST COURTEOUS Richard Wimberley Carleen Crossno MOST STU DIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Richard Wimberley Judy Geurin MOST POPULAR Phil Rowlett Judith Boothe BEST PERSONALITY BEST ALL AROUND Richard Wimberley Judith Boothe E Just lmagiw Joe Cate looking like "Lerch. " Judi Boothe acting civilized. Ken Brewer not giggling in class. Carol Chandler without something to say. Ronnie Charlton . . . "Just imagine Ronni Kathie Chandler short and chubby. Donald Dillon with the teachers on his sid Judy Geurin with straight F's. Mike Evans without an imagination. Carleen Crossno with somethingito say. Larry French as a ballet dancer. Judi Foust without David. David Winsett without Judi. Patt Winsett tall and blonde. e Charlton e. Phil Rowlett with the same girl two nights. Patt Hudson staying at home. Carl Paschall without his curls. Ronnie Norwood being a flirt. Jimmy Lowe being at school. Ronnie Sammons owning a tuna factory. Richard Wimberley speeding. Mr. Weaks without the Seniors. Juniors speaking to the Seniors. Seniors not fighting among themselves. r SITTING L-R: James Rushing, President, J. W. Adams, Sponsorg Roger Coleman, Vice Presidentg STANDING L-R: Barbara Van Patten, Secretary: Sharon Allen, Historian, Jacque Wimberley, Reporter. Missdass Mu. dass SHA RON ALLEN JAMES RUSHING Louise Beasley Roger Coleman Robbie Harber Barbara Hughes Bertha Kate Clendenin John McDavid Leroy Merril Mary Nell Cox Barbara Paschall Carol Sanders Roger Singleton Eddy Snow Barbara Van Patten Paulette Vinson Jerry ward Mary Ward Sharon Warren Jacque Wimberley Gail Wimberley SITTING L. to R.: Donnie Evans, President, Mrs, Cate, Sponsorg Jackie Crouch, Vice President, STANDING L. to R.: Josephine Sanders, Treasurer: Bobbie Kay Wimberly, Reporterg Brenda Hainley, Reporter, Johnny Clary, Secretaryg Linda Scarborough, Song Leaderg Mike Hudson, Song Leader BILLY BEASLEY PATSY WYNN Carol Adams Phil Camp Roger Camp Johnny Clary Jackie Crouch Betty Dortch Donna Evans Johnny Farmer Brenda Hainley Richard Hay Mike Hudson Jeanette Keith Nancy Norwood Kathy Sanders Josephine Sanders Brenda Walters Linda Scarborough Bobbie Wimberley Margie Pinson Wilmuth Winsett . MG-k vr'Y'N'fRv K msnsyezz l.VV 2- f, .f f-,mv if h,A vw, ,K ww w V55 af-11 Qgx 5 aff. ,, . , AQ: ff . ' f SITTING L. to R.: Jacky Paschall, Presidentg Mrs. Betty Whitehead, Sponsor: Martha Beasley, Vice Presidentg STANDING L. to R.: Rhonda Taylor, Secretary: Reggie Hughes Reporter. Mm. Class Mass Class I IACKY PASCHALL MARTHA BEASLEY Janice Allen Virgil Bishop Brenda Bom ar Teddy Coleman Malcolm Geurin Ralph Hart Reggie Hughes Mitchell Evans Dean Medlock Robert Medlock Charles Sanders Tommy Ward Luke Sanders Alton Watson Wilma Saylor Judy Wynn Barbara Sorrell Billy Dortch Rhonda Taylor Ronnie Singleton Pichzre No? Available l Picfure Noi Available n SITTING L to R. Donna Walters, Presidentg Mr. Rogers, Sponsor Terry Ward Vrce Presrdent Brenda Maddox Secretary. Mm. C0085 LARRY HUTSON Miss Class ALICE WINSETT Billy Adams Billy Bomar I erry Crouch Billy Evans Glenda French David Holland Lyle Fa Fave Virgle Lowe Brenda Maddox Sue Marcus Cathy Wi nsett Linda Wynn Cheryl Van Patten Neil Martin Norma McBride Marie Patterson Elizabeth Pinson Patricia Powell Ronnie Sanders Dale Singleton Gail Singleton Donna Walters Terry Ward Robert Wilson Debbie Wimberley SITTING L. to R.: Edward Stephenson, Presidentg Mr. Don Wyatt, Sponsor: Michael Wirnberley, Secretaryg STANDING L. to R.: Linda Hainley, Vice President: Dennis Hopkins, Reporterg Mollie Beasley, Treasurer. James Adams Paul Carney Mollie Beasley Miss Class Eddie Dortch Vernan Beasley Barbara Evans John Bivens Linda Hainley Keith Brewer Jerry Hart Joan Hart Dennis Hopkins David Keith Martha Merrell Cathy Morton Kathy Norwood Claudia Saylor George Saylor Pete Saylor Eddie Stephenson Melissa Sullivan Rebecca Taylor James Weldon Robert Wimberly Michael Wimberly Mm. C1085 I x Norm an McPherson Marita Medlock Peggy Moore Wayne Pinson Lester Riggins Frankie Rowlett Donna Sanders David Sexton Sharry Singleton Russell Smith Louise Sullivan Marylo Stephenson Billy Taylor Kenny Walters Richard Wells Mas. Snell Roovw 's Donall Wright Kay Clary David Patterson David Bomar Randy Bomar Charlene Booth Debbie Bradshaw Mark Carney Lynda Cook Stevie Crouch David Drye Doug Evans Marianne Evans Peggy Evans Wanda French Gail Hainly Leisa Jackson I ack King Roseanne Madden Rhonda Medlock Kitty Moore Robert Myers Steve Norwood Betty Odom Don Parker Anthony Sanders Debra Sanders Philip Sanders Suzanne Smith Mary Jo Vinson Lynn Warren Johnny Wynn Landy Clary Linda Beasley Vicky Bomar Eddie Booth Lou Caldwell Eronna Calloway Dalph Camp Debra Cantrell Beverly Cook Billy Cox Rhonda Crouch Steve Dillon George Drye Joy Rose Easley Ricky Evans Steve Farmer Doyle French Joe French David I-lasting Barbara Keith Joyce King ' ,Piciure Martha Patterson 1 N f Mas. Heston, I-lam-coclds Room , Piehrre - Nor 0, Available Jimmy Myers Rickey Newberry Teresa Riggins Lanny Smith Roger Sullivan Sharon Sutton Gerald Wagster Michelle Warren Keith Watkins Steve Wynn Room Debra Booth Danny Brockwell Billy Brown Karon Caldwell Rickey Carter Jennifer Cook Larry Dortch Elwood Evans Michael Evans Walter Evans Patricia French Shelia French Steven Goode Joel Hastings Betty Sue Keith Randall Lambert Bobby Lowe Kenneth Lowry Sandra MacPherson Reginia Moore -is Picture Larry Williams No' ow's 'Available Genice Biven Ricky Boothe Charles Brown Steve Brown Joel Calloway Sue Clary Janice Dortch Brenda Evans Billy Forrester Bobby Forrester Mikael French Teressa French Donnie Hastings Rebecca Holland Danny Holley vfmiiwf' , gl N5 'S Room gre- X ., I wx 'L ' h , .V , w I Ava. Sig, ,935 K 'M-. ro: 'mass 457-1.5 "FF"-wx-'fr 11:75:12 " B'-Iii "V" Douglas Hutson Steve Lowe Jimmie Madden Kathleen Martin Harvey McCaig Rita Odom Kathie Parker Janet Sanders Gail Scarborough Merriann Swor Bonnie Wilson Robin Winsett Janice Wynn Robbie Kinnick Mas I-Mew 's Room Robert Williams Tim Williams Teresa Arnold Cynthia Bain Patricia Beasley Mike Bomer Martha Booth David Brockwell Rita Brown Doug Dixon Jerry Drye Terry Drye Donna Evans Cynthia Goode Donny Green Kathy Grooms Dennis Kuhn Junior Mead Bobby Myrick Barbara Parker Janice Rowlett Cherly Sanders Phyllis Sanders Rebecca Sanders Ricky Sanders Charlotte Singleton Jane Smith Danny Stephenson Mark Swor Thomas Wilson Bofafdwb OFFICERS President - - - - Richard Wimberly Vice President - - " ' ' Judy Geurin Secretary - - - - Parr Winsetr Treasurer - - - - - David Winsett Reporter - - - ' Judi Boothe Song Leader - - - - - - - Part Hudson Sponsors - - - ---------- Mrs. Marie Care Mr. Durward Weaks ' Qmim Ogg? Fr- mgfhl co "HE ...pea ""v-fDl- 252' 5'F'La 11715 92a','d-xp? r-,hw 520311 'CB'-reg: wr--,'3""' IDCDCDH: 552' 1: 930019 m"3.'-Jo 4155? W 'U 5819: sfo-ZH H2102 .-fm... 'D 5 Fxzm :SPE 0 EI 'Sing cn JD' 3, 555 oweci fn-r--,-. 2 XE mg' U- 'fvgvm Egr- ZW.-Q FIQL ng-mE. ,E',cD.':rk4 sbfgcqg Z 59355. M4 D m ,93- 1-11255 4259 lv-I-I BHS. gr Nf HP I " cms 5. G. 1 x Hmmm "Let us lead by serving others Futwwl-I 06 ' FIRST ROW L, to R., Rhonda Taylor, Phot.g Martha Beasley, Song L. 3 Patsy Wynn, Parl.: Janice Allen, Repr.g Brenda Hainley, V. Pres.: Mrs. Whitehead, Advisorg Sharon Allen, Pres.g Wilrnuth Winsert, Treas.g Donnie Evans, Sec., Mary Ward, I-list.: Bobbie Kay Wimberley, Song L. SECOND ROW: Part Winsetr, Judi Boothe, Kathy Sanders, Josaphine Sanders, Brenda Bomar, Barbara Sorrell, Carol Adams, Brenda Walters, Carol Chandler, Linda Scarborough. THIRD ROW: Wilma Saylor, Kathy Norwood, Margie Pinson, Betty Dortch, Part Hudson, Judi Foust, Judy Wynn, Jeanette Keith. FutuwTeo.cl1efes I' 1, Imax' FIRST ROW L, to R.: Kathie Chandler, Repr.g Judy Boothe, Sec., SECOND ROW: Sharon Allen, Carol Chandler, Jacque Wimberley, Gail Wimberley, Mrs. Cate, Spor1.g Parr Hudson, Barbara Van Patten, Robbie Harber, Mike Evans. Senior, 4-I-I lst ROW: Martha Beasley, Sec.g Brenda Hainley, Pres., Donnie Evans, V. Pres., Linda Scarborough, Rep.g Janice Allen, Song L., Mike Hudson, Song L.g 2nd ROW: Brenda Bomar, Barbara Sorrell, Bobbie Wimberley, Rhonda Taylor, Charles Sanders, Mike Evans, Alton Watson, 3rd ROW: Mitchell Evans, Johnny Farmer, Richard Hay, Malcomb Geurin, Dean Medlock, and Teddy Coleman. GlwCUub Xanax .ex 2 Q2 4 "QL, Q W Juniofu 4-I-I OM: eamaewuj 'Y' u 4-I-ICM: Lattwzfdub STANDINGL. to R.g Joe Cate, David Winsett, Ronnie Charlton, Don Dillon, Mr. Wyatt, Phil Rowlett, Carl Paschall, Kenneth Brewer. SEATED: Gail Wimberley, Barbara Hughes, Sharon Allen, Mary Nell Cox, Robbie Harber, Carol Chandler, Kathie Chandler, Judy Geurin, Patt Hudson, Patt Winsett, Judi Boothe, Louise Beasley, Patsy Wynn, Donna Evans, Barbara Van Patten, Jacque Wimberley. .4-"4" Editor-1n-Chief - - Rlchard Wimberley Senior Editor - - - - David Winsett Junior Editor - - - Sharon Warren News ---- ---- P att Hudson Jacque Wimberley Gail Wimberley Special Features Sports - - Circulation - Advisors - - Barbara Van Patten Mary Nell Cox Bobbie Kay Wimberley - - Judy Geurin Louise Beasley Sharon Allen - - Mike Evans Robbie Harber - - Patt Winsett Judi Boothe Katie Clendenin - - Mrs. Marie Cate Mr. Durward Weaks LasbWiMfau11fTesfameab Judi Boothe, do hereby will and bequeath my quite personality to Linda Scarborough Kenneth Brewer, do hereby will and bequeath my palm tree painted and mono- grammed Christmas presents to anyone who will have them. Joe Cate, will and bequeath my brains, good looks-, ability to harmonize, and my "Get out of here" to Johnny Clary. Carol Chandler, will my ability to touch the backboard to Sharon Allen. Kathie Chandler, will my ability to gossip to Jacque Wimberley. Ronnie Charlton, will and bequeath my ability to drive to Roger Coleman. Carleen Crossno, will my ability to clean my locker once. a year to anyone with a junky locker. Don' Dillon, will and bequeath nothin' to anyone, taking all I can with me! Mike Evans, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to remain overweight to Pud Rushing. Iudi Foust, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with David to his little sister for she will need it. Larry French, will my ability to go to the store to anybody who can go without getting caught. Judy Geurin, do hereby will and bequeath my weight to Donna Evans. Patt Hudson, hereby will and bequeath my ability to trip over the foul line to any- one clumsy enough to do it. Jimmy Lowe, hereby will and bequeath my ability to skip school to anyone who can get away with it. Ronnie Norwood, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to study in study hall to anyone who may want it. Carl Paschall, will my lack of ability, know-how, and energy to play basketball to Jackie Crouch. Phil Rowlett, will my ability to get in and out of trouble every five minutes to Pud Rushing. Ronnie Sammons, being of almost sound mind, will and bequeath all my good looks and personal charm to all the Senior girls. Richard Wimberley, do hereby will and bequeath my next-door neighbor, Patt X Winsett, to an ice man in Siberia. David Winsett, being a Beta student, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to sneak a smoke anytime and any place to the teachers. Patt Winsett, happily will and bequeath my howling next-door neighbor, Richard Wimberley, to anyone living in Africa. Coaclds Q DONALD WYATT Competing in athletics is a privilege that only a selected few ever attain. One should therefore feel proud to be a part of any type of athletic program. All ath- letic programs are designed to accomplish many different goals, no one being more important than the other. Athletics should help you to develope socially, emo- tionally, physically and mentally. You develope socially by meeting and compet- ing against many different young adults of your own age. You obtain your emo- tional development by learning to cope with the many different situations that oc- cur during a season. Athletics help you to develop mentally by keeping your body and your mind in good working condition. Being physically healthy is a prerequisite to proper mental development. Last but not least of the goals of athletics is that they are also designed for fun, health, and entertainment. I sincerely hope you have accomplished some of these things from taking part in athletics. If you have, ath- letics has been good for you and you have, been good for athletics. Qmwgy T!wLad5Pantlww BOTTOM ROW L to R: Janice Allen, Sharon Allen, Gail Wimberley, Donna Evans, Wilmuth Winsett, Robbie Harber. TOP ROW: Sharon Warren, Judy Geurin, Barbara Sorrell, Carol Adams, Linda Scarborough, Katie Clendenin, Coach Don Wyatt, Barba ra Van Patten, Carol Chandler, Judy Boothe, Pat Winsett, Pat Hudson, Judy Foust, Mgr. Vwwrtg WIMBERLEY CLENDENIN ADAMS UpawLCommA A LLEN EVANS SCARBOROUGH VAN PATTEN WINSETT ALLEN The Paatiwcs BOTTOM ROW--L TO R-- John McDavid, Joe Cate, Phil Camp, Jacky Paschall ftransferredj, Bill Beasley, Carl Paschall, James Rushingg TOP ROW--Ronnie Charlton Mgr. , Jimmy Lowe, Dickie Hay, David Winsett, Coach Don Wyatt, Phil Rowlett, Donald Dillon, Kenneth Brewer, Roger Singleton, Mgr. , Not Pictured--Johnny Clary, Jackie Crouch, Virgil Bishop, Alton Watson. Boys' Vwwfbj UpazwLCommA CLARY BEASLEY - BREWER CROUCH MCDAVID C11 RHONDA TAYLOR PATSY WYNN MARTHA BEASLEY BARBARA HUGHES MARY NELL COX LOUISE BEASLEY fu. Hfglv Basketball. Teams BOTTOM ROW--L TO R-- D. Walters, N. McBride, S. Marcus, M. Beasley, G. French, E. Pinson, TOP ROW--C. Winsett, P. Powell, G. Singleton, B. Maddox, C. Van Patten B. Evans, R. Taylor, K. Morton. BOTTOM ROW--L TO R'--L. LaFave, K. Brewer, D. Hopkins, V. Beasley, M. Wimber- ley, E. Stephenson, J. Weldon, P. Carney, TOP ROW--D. Singleton, B. Bomar, R. Wilson, N. Martin, J. Crouch, L. Hutson, B. Evans, B. Adams, V. Lowe, D. Paschall, J. Hart. LILES PARIS DAIRY INC. Producers, Processors, and Distributors FINE DAIRY FOODS 4 i f f, ' , fs, 4 4' X - A s wx v - .ab -G QI "vT'- '-3 303 Caldwell Ave. 702 East Main St. Paris, Tennessee Huntingdon, Tennessee Telephone 642-1626 Telephone 986-4596 HILL GROCERY RUSSELL PHARMACY Oakland Phone: Servgjescription Se rviccilegahty 642-3952 Paris, Phone: 642-1101 Tennessee Paris, Tennessee HAYES MCCARTNEY'S CONSTRUCTION PRODUCE COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee BON-TON CLEANERS Compfjfmts JOE D. TAYLOR, O.D. for that "Extra Touch of Beauty" CASEY AND MCFADDEN 311 West Wood St 210 North Popular Phone: 642-9331 . Paris, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee LAKE VIEW COURT Cafe-Station On U. S. '79 Adjoining Paris Landing State Park Phone: Paris, Tenn. , Paris Landing 642-0348 On Beautiful Kentucky Lake C. T. WILLIAMS Owners JUNE WILLIAMS C omplirn ent s of W. F. BALCH 8. SON Box 48 SMITH ELECTRIC COMPANY 515 Washington Street Phone: 642-0622 Paris, Tennes gZ151j1Se,s s C ompliment s C ompim ents of PARIS CITY REBEL POLICE FORCE PACKING Ch. f COMPANY F. F. WELLS, JR. CHRISTOPHER AND UNION INSURANCE CHARLTON Custom'Dozer Work Paris, Tenness "We appreciate your busines Phone: 593-3470 Phone: 642-5614 KROGER LIOEIESIEIZXICE gfgcfir 5122235 24-Hour Wrecker Service East Wood St. Phone: 642-1933 Paris, Tennes Paris, Tennes CHENOWETH IMPLEMENT COMPANY Paris, Tennessee fll.I.IS Cl-IIILMERS I , IIAKVOI IIVIIION ' IIIWAUKII I. 0.1.1- HUMPHREYS LUMBER YARD 302 N. Market St. Paris, Tennes Phone: 642-4812 C omplim ents of RlCE'S STORE 1311231279 PARIS ?2:5,12222g FURNHURF Phone: 642- 5618 APPLIANCE Washington and Brewer Headquarters for Nylon Carpeting Phone: 642- 2810 Compliments of THE MITCHUM BULL DURHAM'S COMPANY RESTAURANT Paris, Tenness Specializing in "Fine Cosmetics family for 50 years ' style Complim ent s meals. of Compliments of McDOUGAL'S SUPER-MARKET LEE GREER FOODLINER Mineral Wells Avenue Mineral Wells Avenue Paris, Tennes Paris, Tennes WHITEHALL FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Member of Flarflax Wire Service 24 Hour Service 7 Days a Week Phone 642 -5472 Paris Tennessee SORRELL'S CAMP Phone 593- 3662 Big Sandy Tenne s see PERRY AUTO PARTS 301 W. Wood PHIL LIPS 5 Phone LION 642-3730 SERVICE STATION 302 W. Wood Phone 642-4416 Paris Tennessee CENTRAL ELECTRIC SERVICE TV and Radio Repair Appliance Repair Phone 642-5913 Paris, Tennessee JOHN L. DOUGLAS Sporting Goods 106 E. Washington Street Phone 642-5533 Paris, Tennessee BUCHANAN RESORT Route 1 Springville T enne s s e e 9 Phone JEWELERS 64Z'2828 The Quality Diamond Store of Paris Credit Is Free Paris Tennessee BROWN GROCERY MARKET 208 N. Brewer CITY Phill?-9944 CAFE 123 112 N. Brewer Phone 642- 9886 Paris Tennessee "Fine Cleaning" VOGUE CLEANERS Paris, Tennessee Phone 642 - 5861 STAR UPHOLSTERY 414 Tyson Phone 642-2981 Paris Tennessee GOLDSTEIN'S Leader in Ladies' Fashions GIBSON SEED Field and Garden Seeds Implements and Popular Street Hardware Paris, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee HENRY FARMERS CO-OP Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Tires, Oils, and Greases Paris, Tennessee C ornplim ent s of SULLIVAN'S DRUG COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Compliments of COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Downtown East Wood Tyson Ave. Paris, Tennessee Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HENRY CO. FARM BUREAU, INC. 406 N. Popular St. Phone: 642-9082 Paris, Tennessee Compliments of TENNESSEE LIQUIFIED GAS Curtis Doty, Manager C omplim ents of TRUMAN MURPHY PARIS GIN COMPANY Paris, Tennessee KIMBEL LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building "It's a pleasure Supplies to do your ginning" 342 E. Washington Phone: 642-3441 Paris, Tennessee FRY DRUG CO. Phone: 642-6151 Paris, Tennessee C omplim ent s of PARIS HARDWARE Ilgiftsll Paris, Tennessee BAXTER CLARK "Where your money buys the most and the best" Beauty Rest Compliments Mattresses of by Simm ons CARTER SALES AND SERVICE Paris, Tennessee gl! Gnbq Al 5941 f ' 51 Shiga DF PCPPGF U 1' I F 1 BOTTLERS SHELTON'S FOOD Nu-gi e Sun-Crist aris, Tennes Golden Cola Dr Pepper CRESTLINE FINANCE COMPANY OF Highway 69 South Phone: 642-4911 Phone: 642-9050 Paris, Tennes C omplim ent s of BOARD OF PUBLIC UTILITIES Paris, T A I L Moons AND ANDERSON GROCERY ' MORTICIANS Parish, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee B 827 Phone: 642 -4351 ox Phone: 642-3131 A , OIL COMPANY 0 PIERCE AND CAIN BURNETTS SHOES RR4 Oil P rocluct s On the Square ' fl? 3 fi? ,t4 an 0 all . : 3 .. 'U A 3 D' U, PZ Q o Q cn ox E5-i. no 'U DV' 3 o C , 'O -4 45, f-J EJ :U f-3,, SW P QP EH Z EH O o E Q "' 5 Q IT' P1 Z 553 37? H NO Omg U3 '33 ""D" go 2545 li Q X0 9:29, "' H ,--Z Um Z9+u 5 ngq 2 fngg, TUE g sox D350 '03 cn , U1 I 20552 l'I'I-I rDfBOg ox: 'Dv-'mH 'Ubrn ie Q OZ'm +x N E 59214 af EPSI' 014 ' o COMPANY LEACH'S Wurlitzer Pianos and Organs Fender and Gibson Guitars Fine Crystal, China Gifts, Gifts, Gifts Paris, Tennessee WEST TENNESSEE BUSINESS COLLEGE, INC. Accredited Jackson, Tennessee THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 101 N. Brewer Street Paris, Tennessee Phone: 642-5491 McEVOY FUNERAL C omplim ent s of HOME STANLEY ALLEN'S GROCERY Phone: 642- 1441 Springville, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee Highway 69 DINKINS MOBILE- HOMES New or Used Lake Highway '79 East Paris, Tennessee Owners ROBERT and DUDLEY DINKINS Sales Manager MABRON FOUST M. LIVINGSTON 8: COMPANY Phone: 642-4223 Paris, Tennessee TREVATHANS, INC. Paris, Tennessee Operating Trevathan's Walgreen Agency Phone: 642-5811 ARNOLD'S SERVICE STATION Compliments Tire and Brake Alignment of 1345 East Wood NOBLES MEMORIAL REMNANT HOUSE "The House of Fine Fabrics" Z11,iLE:e?V2Z1giIgg5tgf1 Paris, Tennessee Compliment s of WONDER BREAD ,W s AND n Q. . O fl S 'l eg lggm. ., HOSTESS CAKES el lv! .......::':::,.,,,: 0 Compliments of MCKENZIE BANNER McKenzie Tennessee 113 East Wood St. A Phone 642-3973 Paris Tennessee Compliments of REDMON'S EWS BARBECUE B DEPARTMENT STORE Caldwell Avenue Paris Tennessee , Paris Tennessee Compliments of CURTIS H. SUMMERS CO. BARRETT Phone EL 2-2268 - or EL 2-2170 Wholesale .Tobbers Candy - Crum - Sundries Paris Tennessee McKenzie Tennessee LARGE small Q 5 - -1 We Welcome Your Accounts Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS HUTSON'S GARAGE New and Used Parts Pure Gas and Oil Phone 642-5102 642-0969 69 Highway Sguth 8 Miles Ea.st of Paris Paris, Tennessee 79 Highway Good Food - Groceries Gas and Sporting Goods India Everything for the Hunter and Flsherman Fresh Meats - Groceries Open 24 Hours Phone 642-0567 One Visit . . . Convinces "This is the school for me, " is the frequent comment of alert young people who visit our school. Come yourselfg see and compare the spirited tempo of our training, our equipment, and the completeness of our school and courses. "The Best Equipped Commercial School In The State" NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Y. M. C. A. Building Phone AL 6-5637 AUSTIN PEAY STATE COLLEGE A PROGRAM TO MEET EDUCATIONAL NEEDS Teacher Education Liberal Arts Elementary Education - B. S. Arts and Science - B. A. Secondary Education - B. S. General Studies - B. S. Graduate Program - M. A. Pre-Professional Education Medicine Law Dentistry Nursing Pharmacy Medical Technology Engineering Vocational Agriculture Vocational Home Economics MOORE PHARMACY BUTLER SHOE HOSPITAL Prescriptions Men's, Ladies' and Children's Footwear 712 Tyson Ave. Free Parking Paris, Tenn. Ph.: 642-osoo Perle' Tenneeeee COMPLIIVIENTS OF RABBIT CREEK HEREFORD FARMS Phones: 247-5624 - 247-4426 Buchanan, T enne s s ee sKYwAY , PANEL ROOM MUZZA'-L 5 Dining Parties Dancing Banquets 203 E. Washington St. Buffets Phone: 243-9761 Henry, Tennessee, Hwy. 79 Phone: 642-2741 Paris, Tennessee GILBERTS Whole sale and Retail Phone: 642-9781 Paris , Tennes see SAM 8: MARY'S FLOWERS 1103 Dunlap Phone: 642-3631 Paris, Tennessee Compliments of K- 1ii?VOE11IiIEER PARIS PLUMBING Paris Tennessee SUPPLIES ' Phone: 642-3364 Compliment s MURRAY-MCKENZIE WOFFORD'S GROCERY China Diamonds Crystal Watche s Silver Jewelry "The Bride's Store" Phone 593-3358 Paris Tennessee Springville Tennessee KD '-ypfflf IIIIIIW QUEEN FASHION SHOE STORE "Where quality is higher than price. " p ry 'V I LTREAT FOR TASTEQA poop ,OR gnu! Paris Tennessee ' H Paris, TOWER GRILL Tennessee 2 112 Miles East of Paris Paris Tennessee 4 , JACK JONES 6,,m,.,.,,o JIM PU lilll' S I im I FLOWERS fe 2 f 9. 7 'S u. " .4 Furniture 5 'QQ-"j'Q"",x1 , Phone 642-5251 400 E. Wood Paris Tennessee JEWELR P . ans' Compliments The Quality Tennessee of Diamond Store of Paris Credit Is Free Phone 642-5551 Paris ,, I ,, Tennessee PARIS SKATIN' CLUB Phone 642 - 9721 Paris Tennessee I Compliments of Compliments of PARIS POST INTELLIGENCER UNION .Q INSURANCE X -L. COMPANY X S' , Ti QP.. Paris, Tennessee - N lf! " Ph : 642-5614 2 - one MILLER'S I. -' R , Paris, STOCKDALES S Tenn. DRY GOODS Big Sandy, Tennessee "The store men 12611 their COMMERCIAL friends about. " PRINTING COMPANY Phone: 642-3865 Phone' 6424440 Paris Tennessee Paris, Tennessee BETHEL COLLEGE McKenzie, Tennes see Co-Educational Fully-Accredited Offering 9 Pre-professional Courses ll Majors - 17 Minors For Additional Information Write Public Relations Office C ornplim ents of RAY SMITH CHEVROLET "Give us a try before you buy. " CHARLES LOWE SKINNER HUDSON BRAD WINSETT Camden, Tennessee C omplim ents of CHARLES STORE Complim ent s Phone: TAYLOE-HANCOCK Paint and Glass Company of 642-9632 Phone: 642-4673 THE TOGGERY Paint-Glass "Fine Men's Wear" W9-11192-PGI' Paris, Tennessee JERRY,S BIG SANDY FEED STORE TOWNE HOUSE RESTAURANT Cu?E?Mig2Zing Stop for Pizza "See us for your needs" MOTOR Besincifii Phone Compliments of 642-5951 Hwy. Q9 MAX AND DORIS BEATON 209 East Wood ' Phone 642-4711 SALES SERVICE Big Sandy, T enne s Phone: 593-3752 Compliments of DRUG STORE HENRY COUNTY Prescriptions Sundries, Dru s g ELLIS Phone: 642-2885 HEATING Ph , COMPANY Compliments 6452281 of 216 West Wood WIMBERLEY GROCERY AND GARAGE Phone: 642-2918 Paris, Tennes Paris, Tenn. Mechanical Contractors Compliments of Congratulations Seniors COVINGTON MOTOR COMPANY PARIS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Chevy Olds Cadillac Paris, Tennessee STANDARD ELECTRIC FURNITURE EXCHANGE COMPANY We stinghous e Appliance s , COMPANY zenith T.V.,S Pans, Tennessee Compliments of HIC-GS AND MATTHEWS LADIES' APPAREL Compliments of TINY'S TRAILER CAMP Paris Tennessee Springville, Tennessee W A Friend, 'I EAST WOOD A CLINIC It's a JOE KENDALL pleasure to East Wood Paris serve Street JOHNSONIUS Tenneeeee at Paris, 8 Tenn. SONS MEALS-PERKINS Comfort Headquarters for over half a century. Phone: 642-0572 Paris, Tennessee Phone: 642-3531 Paris, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF McCain's Resort Earlie C. Ross, Esso Wilson Brothers, Groc. Christine Jones Parish Mrs. Henry E. Morgan Paul Ellis W. A. Derrington Ray E. White Cecil Jackson Ellie S. Hoofman Dwayne Mann J. W. Baucu.m R. K. Butler John McClure Nancy Crews Style Shop Tip Bowden Hudson's Body Shop Mrs. W. C. Leach William DePriest Juanita Hubbard Sybil Smith Hamlet Drug John L. James, DVM Mr. and Mrs. Joe Underwood PENNEY'S P ENNEY Paris, T enne s s ee Complim ents MURRAY WHOLESALE R 5 A J ly Murray, Kentucky ' M C ong ratulati ons Fr om Y our COURT HOUSE OFFICIALS James F. McKee - County Judge E. B. McCutcheon - Assessor of Taxes Sue Tosh - Trustee Ardelle Cole - Circuit Court and General Sessions Clerk Blyrna Dunlap - Register Dorris Coley - County Court Clerk Robert F. Swayne - General Sessions Judge Owen L. Vaughn - Clerk and Master Ralph Fields - Sheriff Kermit Kemp - Superintendent of Henry Co. Schools C. C. Cowell - Road Supervisor PARIS LIVESTOCK RAWLS ESSO SERVICE COMMISSION CURTIS RAWLS Phone: 642-1993 Owner Paris, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee MICHAEL OIL COMPANY DIGGS FURNITURE COMPANY Mobil Gas and Oil "Everything To Furnish Your Horne" "We Sell For Less" Phone: 642-5822 Phone: 642-4824 Paris, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee owen The Most Distinguished Name in School and College fewelry YOUR GUARANTEE OF: Perfect Satisfaction Unmatched Quamy Irving Harris - Bob Gilbreath Dashing Style . Complete Security Tom Yokley - John Harms PARIS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. WW II ff I Ml things gg b tt with Cglge MARTIN BROTHERS ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone: 642-2591 WATSON'S is, P T ' w. L. WILSON'S PHARMACY ONE STOP STORE 1121 Mineral Wells Avenue Phone: 642-0321 Phone: 642-1651 Paris, Paris, T nnessee Te ssee AMOCO SERVICENTER J. L. PORTER, owner "Complete One Ogburn and Ty P 's, Te St son Avenue s nnes see 'f f - "ff '5"f'-'?P341i1rZ37M, vif. ,, ' - . . . 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N Q fifsrx' P Q- Q ' R4 X " .-1? ".3'k'i-'-1 AH-A Ah - A Am- -JN

Suggestions in the Springville High School - Panther Yearbook (Springville, TN) collection:

Springville High School - Panther Yearbook (Springville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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1966, pg 94

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1966, pg 26

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